Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. ?85?-Whole So. 3507. RED BIRD LINE OF STAGES. IN CONNECTION THE NEW YORK AND ,1AI LROAUC 6 M PA N Y ~^PI^ t A-KANOEMKNTS! TWO DAILY LI.MES! Oil hiiiI r YV U<r lltK ntu.l?r. llllt . the !{<- ) lliril Liue of Stags* will hive'the"vilUsr of White Plains. every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M..and rvery afternoon at 2 o'clock, P. M., end the Railroad Dejiot, City mil. and the Westchestcr Home, comer of Broome street and th-- Bowery, New York, every morning at 8 o'clock, and every afternoon by the 2 o'clock train. Agents are in constant attendance at th<? Railroad Depots, o| whom every information may be obtained, and who will also , I'end to the baiwage I'Ut under their charge. HIRAM DEi-OTtEST, Proprietor. White Plains, Oct. 4thA'84'J. ell lm*ee - KTlt HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship IIIBKRNIA C H. E. Judkius, Esq., Commander, will Jea?e Boston for the above ports on WednesPassnge to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, o2V No 3 Wall street. - THE SPANISH RTEAMER NATCHrmMW K.V.. for HAY ANII, Direct, Don Kratcis Villair, commander.will leave the port ol ^ill II I II I New Vork on Wednesday. Nov. 1st, for Har? J<- . JiiLi?V-j v ina direct. The NATCHEZ has been newly coppered, lelitled with new boilers, and in ponut of elegance and geneial comfort cannot be surpassed. Kor particulars for passage apply to JOHN B. STANHOPE, Aster House, who will accompany the Natchezlon her Trvate ol2toNl*r JOHN R STANHOPE. - ?^ KOR CHARLESTON. KEY WEST, sttttekRS9 HAVANA. NKW ORLEANS, AND .'^ffltll9E*^(}ALVKsf0N, TEXAS.?The splendid steam Shin NEPTUNE, Captain William Rollins?To sail positively on Wednesday, 25th October, instant, at 4 o'clock r M. The uuhealihiness of New Orleans,with other cincumetances, has induced Captain Rollins to delay the departure of the Neptune until the above day, 25th instant. which at the earnest solicitation of many passengers he has assented to with irreat reluctance. The public may rest assured that ait delay will be aubniiited to beyond the day now fixed. The Neptune his been completely overhauled, and if iu perfhot nriler. Passengers may r Iv upon every comf.irt and convenience in her. About one half the number of her benhs are still tluengaged. For passage, for the above ports, in state rooms, cat)ins or stree age, and for freight of light goods or s|iecie for Charleston, apply on board, at the Tobacco luspectiou wharf, foot of Clinton street, E. R., or to olA to?A?ec J. H BROWER, 75 Wall street. - _ TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH OR WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, ^TMiTilfi? Iff connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon and the West The splendid steam packets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAKLKSTON, Capt. K. Bardeu, will leave Charleston every Tuesday, Thursday and Satarday morning, at 9 o'clock, after (he arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah ou the same days at above, atu o'clock P. M., after the arrival of the csri from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted np iu a superior style, and no expense or pains will be s,parqtf to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling pt<>lic. JOHN B. LAK1TTE, Ageut, Kituimmoni' Wharf, Charletton. Charleston^ September, 1843. sl7 2m*r independent"REGCLAR OPPOStA^nJLC3?TION NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY it aL-J-JKJC-TROV?Ti.rc)Ugh Direct, without Landing.-? I 1 lie commodious sunt substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O.Honse, will leave New York from the foot of Robinson street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays'^and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season, atS o'clock in the afternoon. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat has undertone a thorough repair, and ii in first rate order. o26 lm*r | MX SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINK ft^^jU^3?FOR ALBANY, TK.OY, and intermediate IXnaJKJE-LandiuRs?From the steamboat pier, at life foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Diniwir on board. Leaves New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newhurirh, Hampton, rouitUkeepsie. Hyde Park, l,Uuuebeck, 17. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Cossackte and Kinderhook. P*T!i" new low pressure steamer TROY, Ca{>tain A. Oorham, this day, at 7 o'clock in the morning. The new low pressure steamer KMPIRE, Captain 8. R Roe, on Friday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. h or passage, apply to F. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay tree., or on board. Notice.?All Ouods, Freight, Bajtgage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on board the Doats of till* Line,most be at lite risk of the owners of sach goods. . au 16 r PEOPLE'S LINK OF STEAMBOATS ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M ? Tfc Tl i;'. direct?From the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streees, Sunday escepted. The steamboat KNfCKERBOCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John, will Isurej Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at S P. M. At S o'clock P. M.?Landing at Iuterna^diate Place*. Stoini!>oat SOUl'H AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will lcare Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at i o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trnesdell. will ieave l'uesdiry, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at Ave o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegaut State Rooms, and for speed and accommoda* turns are unrivalled on the Hudson. For f'oMRge or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz NOTICE?On will after Monday, Oct. 16th, the boats of this line will leave for Albany at 6 o'clock. P. M. instaad of 7. 0* SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINE Ml . ALBANY AND TKOV direct, without lamling?tlii- splendid low pr?jsure steamboat SWALLOW, (Captain A. MrLeau, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veilings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. Thr Swallow has a large number of state rooms,and for apeed and -iTMnmortations ii not lurpaased on the Hudson. auS ec STATEN ISLAND KERRY, FOOT ?sl?OF WHITEHALL 8T.-The steamboat TC iW jr 8TATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Staten Island, on and after October 2d, aa follows, until further notice :? Leave New York 9, li, J, 3)i, 5X. Leave Staten Island 8, 10, 1, 2%, 3. .Ml freight shipped is required to he particularly marked and is at the risk of the owners thereof REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc.-The MRVj^subscriber continues to transmit money in sums large small, to persons residing in any pah of of Ireland in the same manner as lie, and his predecessor in basiness have done for the last thirty years and more ; also, to any part of England, or Scotland.. Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is ?o besent, and nearest post town, will be immediately traaimitted, and iriid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscribe for persons residing in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. o2l Im'r OEOROE McBRlDE. Jr. M Cedar sjt. FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 1st November?The first class fast sailing packet ship jfikHsOXKIlKD. Captain Rathbone, burthen lOCO tons; will sail ai above, her regular day. Iter accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, an' not surpassed by any vessel in port. Persons wishing to embark should make immedicate application to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. To be succeeded by the splendid packet ship Patrick Henry, t<> sail or the 7t.h November. o/7 ec FOR LI V ERPOOL?Regular "packet of "the 7th WtffS.November?The first class fast sailing packet ship JdiSft&PATKICK HENRY. Cam Delano, burthen 1000 tons, will sail as above, being her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are not surpassed by any vessel in pott. I'vrsons intending to embark should make immfdiite application to the subscriber JOS. McMURRAY, 100 Tine street Ofee Corner of South. FIRST PACKET FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of WMlflFVWtli Octohe.-.?Tlie splendid, fast sailing, favorite JMNMwihip ADIRONDACK, 1000 tons,Capt Hackstaff,will ail positively as above, her regular day Tlie ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, perI .....h..L I... ll i.i - || r..| the advantages to be derived frum fleeting this line in inference to any other, as ilieir great capacity renders them everyway more comfortable mill convenient than ships ofasmaller rlui. Those wishing to secure berths, shouItJ not tail to make eArly application on board, or to W. h J. T. TAP8COTT. At their General l'uia|[? Office, 43 Peck Slip, o27 cor South street. FOR LIVKHPOOL?NKW LINK.-Hegular WMMPV ^ckei of 25th NoTtmber.?The splendid packet JHKMBfeB'ihip ROHCIU8, CaptainiJohu Collins, of 1100 torn, will sail ai above,her regular day. For freight or passaKe.hav ing handsome fyrnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to U.K. COLLINS V CO. I'rice of passage, $75 . 56 South street. The packet ship Sidtloni, Capt h K Cool), of 1000 tons, will succeed the Rose i us, and sailthe25th Decern ber.her regular day. Passengers ma> rely upon the ships of this line sat ting punc tually as advertised. o27 "iii? BLACKBALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVEFfel^var^POOL, PACK KT8?< ?nly rejrular Packet, sailing on JiLtUH&W'r'liieriUy. the 1st ?f N'uv. The reiratkable fast sailinu packet ?hi|? OXFORD, burthen 900 tons, Captain Rathbone, will sail positively as above. her regnlarday. The accommodations of this splendid packet tor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve nieace aud comfort by any vessel afloat Those embarking for the old country will find it to their interest to select this desirable conveyance. For |>assagc, which is Ttry low, and to secnre| the best berths, norly application should be made on board, loot of Beekman st , or to the subscribers. ROCHF., BROTHK.RS in CO,, S5 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. P, S.?The Oxford sails from Liverpool on the 19th of December. Persons sending for their friends can hiwethem brought nul in luf, or in any ol the packet* comprising this magnificent and mit |ti\ll<"' .me, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and IotU of each month. oil r FOR LIVERPOOL?British Shit^-With despatch j#??V ?The well known ?<ry fat sailing British ship .WWUal'HI1 WThH. John Wilson, inaater, having * larga portion of h*r cargo on board, will have immediate iW|>ilch fur the above port. . . , ? . . . . .. Shippers of good* will find the ClwwWr a moil deairable convrvmier, J1 or freight or passage, having my comfrrtahl* accommodaf ions,apply to the subscribers. . _ , ROUIIK, BROTHERS & CO.. 35 Fulton it.. o2lr nrst door to the r niton Bank. KOK LIV K R POOL?Th? New Lin^-KMultr ?<JRJVrarkei imh of November?The fine New York Mint .WMHW'si-ket hip HOT 1'INOUKK, In Burslsy, maatn, I0MI tons, w ill sail at above her regular day. For freight or passage hiving vt-ry superior accommodations, ki ply to the < aptain on hoard, at west side Burling slip, or to XVOODHULl k MIN T URNS, 17 Booth at. ^VThe fine packet shin l.ivenmnl, J. Kldridge, master, IIM t<>ns, will succeed the llottinguer and Mil on her regular diy, Uth OfC?B>b*r. o3t E NE NE ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS. TIIK NEW YOKK HKKALL) 1> regularly filed >u London bv Mr. P. L. SIMMOND8, Ajeiit for the American Papers, British and Foreign Newspaper Office, IS Coruhill, London, opposite the Royal t'.ichanKe, where order* and advertisements will be reoeived. s28tfr GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION OFFICE 18 CORNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE TO MERCHANTS, Commercial News Rooms, Public Li braries, Agricultural Societiea.Oflicvrs of the United States, Printers, Publishers of Newspapers, Stc. P. L. 8IMMONDS, (Jeueraf Aneiit and Commission Merchant, be|<s to acquaint his friends and the American public in geueral,that he is ready to receive orders for the supply ol Newspalters, Periodicals, Stationery, Priming Materials, l-ancy Articles, 4lc. of any kind aud quantity, anu goods of every descrif dav, and to transact business upon the mast liberal terms, provided lie is previously furnished with funds or drafts at either long or short dales, or a reference on some London or Li verpool house for paymeut I*. L. Simmouds will also receive consignments of any description of merchandise to be sold 011 commission, and accept bills nt short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of the bills of lading. Consignments entrusted to his care will meet with everv possible despatch in their disposal, consistent with the interest of the cunsigne*s: an eitensive knowledge of general business coupled with promptitude,attention and judgement, will he trusts enable liiin to give complete satisfaction to all who inay favor him with their commands. Relereuca may be made in New York to James (tardon Bennett, Esq., Proprietor of the Herald, who is personally acquainted with Mr.Siinmouds and the nature and eiteut of his establishment. s2Htl'r to newspaper auents anl) publishers in the united states. T^HOSE excellent Illustrated Newsiiapers, The Pictorial -L Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s 6d sterling l>er qr. Punch at 4s 6d per qr, and all the Loudon and Foreign Newspapers as they appear are regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P. L. 8IMMONDS, Newspaper and Periodical Agent, ib Coruhill, London. Subscriptions in advance, may be paid into the Herald Office, on Mr. Simmonds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, Country and Foreign Journals. s28tf T7AMILIES or gentlemen may meet with pleasant rooms, uid " board for the winter, at this establishment. A suite of rooms fronting on Broadway and Park Place, may be had by early atiplieation. JAMES O. ELLIOTT. October 25th, 181 J. o2S 6t*r athen.EUM hotel HAVING recently undergone thorough repairs aud alterations is now prepared to make arrangements with families aud single gentlemuti, with parlors and bed rooms, with or without board. JOHN UOBSON. October 24th, 1843. o25 3t*ec BATTERY AND PHILADELPHIA HOTEL. THE SUBSCRIBER is now prepared to make arrangements with famili* or single gentlemen, for board during the winter, on tha most reasonable terms. N. B.?The terms for transient boarders remain at the usual price, Si 50 per day. M. l'ETTET, o23 6t?r HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL rrH E undersigned takes occasion to inform his frieuds and -* the public, that the Mansion House is now located in lnquisidor street, No. 67, in the vicinity of th? steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged in the ueatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, Htc. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at the port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and iuconvenience. (21 6mrc WILLIAM FULTON. PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPt: ESTABLISHMENT, EXOHAGE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND V. 'T'HE Subscriber has received a large supply of Voigtlanders' A celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, large and small snen, with achromatic lenses made according to Professor Petzval's calculation. Also a new supply of best plates and chemicals, which he warrants good and sells at reduced prices. The following gentlemen have agreed to act as agents, via? E. White, fcsq., 171 Broadway New York. P. Haas, hsq, Washington. D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. S. Broailbent, Ks i, for the Southern States. Wm. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LALOENHEIM. ol7 3m*r Exchange Buildings, Philadelphia MASSACHUSETTS HAY aYSTERS?16SW Kulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? NAPOLEON COURTIN takes pleasure in informing those ixirsons who have heretofore honored liim with their patronage, aud those who are willing to continue the same favor, that the Massachusetts Bay Oysters have recovered with the cold weather their fresh and delicious flavor so peculiar to them, and which has given them the name of oysters of ('ancale, that his saloon, recently so elegantly fitted up, otters in* most quiet and comfortable accommodations. There will always be lottna in it a choice collection of the following winea, viz: Chablis, Sauterne, Grave, Barsac, Hermitage, sparkling and still Hock, Chamiwgne, Chunbertiu, Pomuurd, Volney, Lalitte, Larroze. Leoville, St. Ju>i<n),4tc , and all sorts of foreign wines aud cordials. He keeps constantly ou hand the above winea, in th? cask or uux, iu|[rurr njui i irsrrrri, oweei ull aaa r ir. Goods purchased from hii C:t?ablishmrnt are sen: !; ( oicnarge to any intt of ihw city. Oysters will be ??it to cner-*s ideuce of purchasers, (if setjuired) luid opened by one of the ;fa Cants o tlie establishments. o3 1:.. *ec ^OTICE.?Gents having cut off Clothiug which they want ^ to dispose of, will, by Itnving their add teas at W. Simpion's k Wilson's old established store. 19 Chatham street, be called on at their residence. All kinds of cast off clothing, witches, musical, mathematical instruments, sextants, quadrants, guns, pistols, guitars, lie., bought and told at No. 19 Chatham street. N. B. All kinds of carpenters'tools bought oU m?r REGULAR LINE OK PACKETS FOR LON J?tR*VDON?Packet ol the 1st November. The splendid, JHWlbwell known, fast sailing and favorite picket ship V I CM OKI A, Captain Morgan, will sail positively a* above, her regular day. This splendid ship has excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, and those about visiting the old countryi would do well to make early Application to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Pack Slip, corner of South street. Who have also regular first class jackets stiling weekly to Liver|>ool, New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Charleston. oct_23ec ???- FOR LONDON?To sail on the 1st November? JfJqfVThe new packet ship VICTORIA,Capt Morgan, J^MKal2(>0 tuns, will sail as above, her tegular day. ller accommodations lor cabin, second cabiu and steerage Cssengers are unsurpassed by any vessel in port, and as a nutnr oflier passengers are already engaged, those desirous of ne{ curing bertha should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, o2lr 100 Pine street, comer of South. OLD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS MnM^KOK LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st NovemberMMllfas?The splendid fast sailing packet ship OXKOKI), <_api. Kalhbone, will be despatchedas above, her regular day. She has su|ierior accommodation for cabin, second cabui and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South tt, near Wall street. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can at all limes be engaged, on the lowest terms, by any of tl<e roKulax packet ships, and craf's furnished for auy amount pavoi'ie at the National aid Provincial Urnk of Ireland, and at all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. o23 r tiff J^TTKlyr KOR HAVRE-Second Lin*-The KlMV*."|P ONEIDA, Jama* tunek, master, will sail on MUulir 1st of November. BOYD k HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Building, yH cc corner Wall and Water stmt*. KOH MARSEILLES?Packet for 1st NovembermHM^TIu" ship COURIEK, Capt. Duggan, copjieiwl and ijllMBBacoppM lastened. Kor freight or i?ssage, apply t<? S BROOM k CO., or to BOYD k HINCKEN. o)2m* No. 9 Tontine Building. 1*3?- KOR NEW OKLEANS?Loii.siLia and New tXjMfW York Line?Positively Kirat Regular facket. To WMMKarail the 31st Oct. The fast sailing packet ahip OCON p-S, Cmpt Jackson, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having handsom* lurnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO, 56 South street. Shippers may rely upon having their goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Shakspeare.,CaPt Alien Miner, will succeed the OCONEE, and sail the 10th Nov. her regular day. o?6r KC>R NEW ORLEANS?First Packet ShipOTTJrVT" sail on Monday the30U| inst ?r|Husage free.?The jBHl^ipleiidid fastsailiug packet ship KKANCIS DEPAU, apt. Sagory, will lie despatched as above, her between decks is very spacious and airy and fitted up ill everyway for the comfort of 2d cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the lowest rates. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application on board the ahip, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street. N. B ?The subscriber has a regular succession of first class hip* for tlit above port by which"pa*?aga ran bt' secured at the lowest rates. f NEW YORK * BOSTON HOUND PILOT. AWEN PRE8COTT, Pilot*, or t*ke* charge a* matter Mid " pilot of vessela boond to New Bedford, over Nantucket Shoals. Boatoti, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck. and O'l HEK l'ORTB. Office at Fnr? k Show's Nantical ?tow, Til Witer strset, comer Ucekmnu. Reference to a numberof metchant* and the severnl insurance Companies in thia city, Boaton. and Portland ivl* Imr BOOTH"AND SHOES.?WILSON kToHN ^^^^ vSON, Snccesnors to John Hatching*, deeeaasd, have on Iwuid and for aale, from the bast manufactories in the country? 100 < a*?'.i Coarse Sewed and reward Boots, men and boys. 100 FIM " " looo Pair Morocco Bnakins. 1000 " l.adiea'Fine tflipjiers. 3(100 " Children's Shoes, virion* colors. fOO 11 Women* and mime* (iaiters. 1000 " India Rubber*, trimmed and plain. Eor ule in lots to auit purchasers, at their more. *r ? ....120 CHATHAM STREET. oppo*ite Rosevelt. N. B.?The *tore being o|>en until 10 o clock in ths evening, gives country merchants an opportunity tu eiamine good* at th?r leisure, *28 lm?m ~ ~.l.ADIKS' ANI) MISSErt' SHOES. CHEAPER THAN EVER. jPrW^LKKK'S OLE) STAND, 419 Broadway, whsre A may be found a complete aasortment of all the different kinil? rulori. lorta Anil nwi. fnr UiIim -l;ij Oaitera, Boota, Uuakina, .Slippera, and walking ahoea. Alao luilia Rubber* and .Yloccaaina.and water pioof oyar ahoe* of the lat>-at *tyle aud faahion; Indira', miaaea' and childrpn'a tiaiter* of all kind* and color*, in the nmr.-at atyl>* and variety oi all aizm and ?uited to all taatet; gentlemen a, boya' and children'* boota and alio**, of French and native calf, cane ind flue, in all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the ahorteat notice, liontlemeo'aorerahoea, and an innumerable aaaortiaent of other gooda, at WALKKR'S, 419 Broadway, corner of ('anal at. N. n.?Head* ol families, by patronizing thii eat ihlialimrnt, will tind a aavmg of iiv to 30 i>er cent.. oi lm*ec BOOT AM) HHOK STOJUC. JtHN KKADY reaiiectfully infitrma hit friend* auu the public, that he ha* commenced buaineaa 111 the above line, at No. M Naaaan atreet. where he will thankinlly receive and faithfully eircnte, all order* b? may be favnrrd with nu lh? meat rnaaooable terma for eaah? (yttt I II I I W YO W YORK. FRIDAY MOR DM. HENHIQUKS, SI William ?treet, respectfully an uouncet to liia friend* and (lie public that he ha* cou st&Ntlv ou hand the following choice brand* of S<-gar?, war ranted genuine and of the lirst quality :? La Norma. w La Cabana. .. Hionda. " Yugenuidad. " Noriega* (of a moat a*|Mrior quality.) C La Kki*rania. E Do. "London He^ar," amall aite. a I'anetrla*, of a inoat suiwrior quality. r Primavera- L be Moya. ?' Ks parte ros. N Regalias (of lh? Norma bmid.) q KingKegalia. ii Queen ao" u Cqballeros. Tnuciim (of the favorite brands of Jurta Huii, [ Kendons and Crut.) " dmnkers'would do writ to call before purchasing eliewhere, e as the tastes of the most futidiou* can always be suited *t thii w e?tahbshment. ol2 lmr* FRENCH CHINA. T< No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs. d ADALKSMK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, his P alway? on hand a large assortment for dinner and tea sets M in plain white and filt French Porcelain, a* well as dinner aud ai drawn all sizes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered ri dishes, sal id bowls, fruit baskets, custards mid stands. U| Also, Tea aud Chocolate Ware, (ireek, French and Am.rican shape. All trie article* are warranted of the beat quality, and to b? 11 sold ou liberal terms, and iu lota to suit purchasers. .27 tim'ec d IXTA'fCHKB.?The largest and most splendid assortment ol P1 ?* Watches in tlia city^ is to be found at the suhscrilier's.? a As he is consbuitly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Sil- tt ver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from thai uianufao- t| turers, iu Kiiglaud, France, nuu Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much leas prices, at retail, thnn any other house in the city, Gold watches as low as (20 to (26 v each Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All b watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. tl Watches, clocks and jewnllery repaired in the best mauner, (| tni warranted lower thmi at any other place in the city G. 0. ALL1CN, importer of watches and jewellery, i o7 lm*r Wholesale and retail. 30 Wall street, up stairs. 1 TO THK PUBLIC. S df>1 AA TO $6000.?Mr. Francis II Crump, Watch .Maker, ^ ?]M V/v 248 (ir.ind?tri>i>( hmra tn inlnrm hi* friends ?ntl fh# I''iblic, that ludeixfiidrut of the Watch business, lie ia prepared to make advances in cash 011 gold and silver watches,diamonds, 81 sjlver tea tela, s|<oons, forks, and every description of (old or <t< silver iu any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any p amount paid for old gold aud silver. Watches of every de t| scription repaired and warranted 24t Grand street. sll3in*r ON KXCllANUK AGAIN ?RF/1'URN TO ThYoLU J, 8TANI). ^ rPH K nndersigned, after a seven years' experience of the evil fj effects resulting from large stores aud larger rents, is happy " to inform his numerous customers and the commuuity general- it ly, that he has effected (thauks to a rnnscieutions landlord) a 2 lease of of his old stand. 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JOHN*)N takes this method of informing |th#i public c that he still affords relief to the afflicted of both setm, and a may he always consulted with the utmost confidence in the c worst enn of recret diseases, or any ol the effecta resulting from the use of mercury, or the inal-practice of quacks. The following eitract of a letter in the possession ol Or. Johnson, clearly ilhuiratee the triumph of knowledge and *i|>erience * over medical quackery, and at the same nine shows the great c necessity in the public discrimination betweeu the regularly e educated physician and the charlatan. ,t Dgan Sin:? 1 put myself under the care of a nostrnm vender when my disease first appeared; he promised to rure me for one dollar. ?nd made but light of my affliction. of improving 1 became worse every day?my appetite failed, I was unable to attend to business, and after spending ?U0, thi? vile imposter !> bad the impudence to tell me he was not a doctor, but merely h sold his stuff. In this ho|>eleas situation a friend hired a car- , riure (not being able to walk at the time) and dro^ftme to your , office, 17 Duan-i street. Yob examined my case and promised , to cure me. Yon have performed your undertaking in a short " time. As I now enjoy perfect health, I think it mydmyto ' those afflicted to make this lUtemeut public through the press, o THOMAS J. THURSTON, J Carpenter, I Monroe st., N. Y. ft mr urin* n.*y t?<* hid O! i>r J. to rr*?YPi)f ill* fiihito di!'ai4? *3/ of iu nom^ro'ia forma. 11 - '2!** fr?ro 7 'rt th# mnrii?K till t*n at 11 RK E NING. OCTOBER 27, V Superior Court. I Bf'fon* f'hief Inatirw Irtnpa. 1 Oct. 26?Th* Public Jidminiitratoi, fVm- M Mitchell, i. Motet V. Beach?This was a cane to recover back tie value of certaiu household and personal property sold v the defendant, but which the Public Administrator Iniius, at trustee for the estate tor the creditor* of Doctor Ith'iii K. Ward, deceased The circumstance* ot the cn*? rea* follow* Dr. Kthau E. Ward resided at No. 113 hambersitreet, where he practised as a physician, and i the course ot hu business became acquainted with loses V Beach, in whole sheet he u*ed to advertise his uack medicines. Tuis casual acquaintance led to an itimacy, and Beacli became a visiter at the Doctor's ouse Whatever etffct the attention* of Mr*. Ward had (ton her guest, certain it is, that when her husband's ealth began t" decline, Ue advanced him about $400, to nabie him to visit Cuba, where ho employe<l himielf nth some success in taking <Uguerreoty po likene*??*. lean while, Beuch visited ut his iiouse, and with hi* chaacteristic benevolence! advanced him one ortwokunred dollar*, a* by hi* own affidavit annnied; he al*o ail an execution of about two hundred dollar* more, yet 'ithout tailing a aiuglc receipt or aaknowledgement lor ny of the sums so advanced. In April, 1842, Dr. Ward ^turned to tki* city, and died in the June lollowing, al'er n illness ot from tour to six week*. When Beach dlsDvered that the Doctor was dying? when in fact he was nable to raise himself Irom his bed?he called upon his ebtor and had an inventory of all the household and erional ettect* of the dying husband, made out by the Imost widowed wile, which iHVrntory hu had taken to leotticeof his Attorney, W. J. H.iskett, who by direc ns prepared n bill of sale, the consideration being the juiol $dt)0, which was intended to cover all money ad ancad, and advertis. ments unpaid. This bill of aale eing prepared with all formality, was pre*ented to ie dying man, who tigned it, and in ordwr to thow that le satisfaction whs complete, Beach desired that irnne rticlr should be handed to him to multe the transfer lull, 'he dying man drew Iroin beneath his feeble head, the iliow which supported it, and delivered it into tke hands f his dinty creditor. 3'hls done, the unlortuuate dn pe ?eathed his last, leaving his widow a beggar. Beach, owover, did not disturb Mrs. War 1 in the possession, ad she continued to conduct her boarding establishment i usual until the Public Administrator demanded the proerty Inr the benefit of i he creditors of the estate. Beach lereuiion interposed and claimed the entire by virtue?f i? bill of sale before mentioned, and finding it impossi le ta hold it otherwise, he directed tb it it should W? sold t public auotion,and the proceeds handed over to himself. ctiDg under suuh directions, Mrs. Ward sent lor Mr. ITillidin H. Jones, tho auctioneer, and placed the sale i his hands, who accordingly advertised it, and on the 1st of April last, sold it out for $843 J4 cents, which he aid into BeaclTrf hands Samuel J. W. Barry, who oarded in the houss, swore that the house was unusually 'ell furnished for a boarding house. There were tilteen joins, lucluling the kitchen, and was carpeted (mm garlit to cellar. There were four parlors, lurnished with 91 as, chairs, centre tables, and the bed rooms were very omfortnble and respectably fitted up. In Juno, 1841, an isurnnceol' $4 MO was effected on them at the Greenrich Insurance Company, which insurance was re-issued t ^9,000 on the 48 h June, 1844, for four months, yet this roperty was sacrificed at public auction for $800, scarce third of its value. But the library, gold watches, rifle, il l revolving pistol, wi re not sold nor included in the ill ot sale, yet no account is had of them, while it is qually certain that they were claimed at the hands of leach by Mr. M. B. Butler, on behalf of tho Public Adlinistrutor, but the reply was, " you had bitter not giro leany trouble, for if you do, I will pounce upon you." uch was the answer given to the demand lor the proerty, by the man who had sacrificed it. The Public Ad linistrator then instituted an inquiry in rotation to the roperty before the Surrogate, and irom the affidavits made elore that functionary we select tw?; the fli st is that of Ir. Barry, which gives a full view of the state ol the de eaard's atfuirs up to the time of his deatk. The second is latof Beach himself, in which he swearsthat theeutire ebt due him by the deceased was about $500, including toney lent, and unpaid advertising bills, which latter he alued at about $100 or 1900 at most, but which by the f&davit of his son, Moses S. Beach, during the trial, mounted to $4473 79 at the ordidury price*. Again lr. J. W. Haskett, who was the subscribing witness to ie bill of sale, swore upon tho stand, that when Dr.Ward ty in thn agonies of death, hu acknowledged, in presence I this witness, to Beach, that he owed him from $1700 to 1800, and wished him to receive tho schedule of the fur iture, and all the house contained in part payment tor ie debt, which, by Beach's own outh, does not amount to ver $000. In reply to a question, Mr. Haskett stated t at leach told the deceased ne did not know how much he wed him, as he had not made out his account. Yet he iad sufficient time to procure an inventory, prepare a iill of sile, nnd to make every thing sure by inserting be consideration money at $600. Without proceeding urther v.e now annex the affidavits:? Affidavit No. 1. SiiRRonsru's OFrict, March IS, 1843. In tht Matter of the Eitute of Ethan A. Ward, dec.? In inquiry made by the public administrator in relation > the property ol the deceased, Samuel J. W Barry eing duly sworn and examined, depeses and says?I was rquainted with the deceased. Ethan A Ward, l.i his lile me, he died in the latter part ot June last; I boarded in tie house with him at the time of his death. He returned l April or May Ust to this city, utter having heen ab M about hk month* in ttw Island at Cuba ; I .now he left furniture in the house, but I do ot know that it was hi* property ; before he rent auay, h>> told roc it belonged to him, and was uu ncumbered. The house was large and furnished through ut; the furniture was good; the houso vaa 113 Chambers treet; the house was large; the furniture decent, good iirniturn. lie told me that the furniture had com Irom iSSOO to $30l*. It was kept as a boarding house; he told no after his return that he had made a great deal of money n Cuba by taking Daguerreotype likenesses. There were wo gold watches at the hou*e; 1 saw the Doctor's, the ne he used to wear, in the possesion of his wife, after his eath, with the chain, which appeared to be gold. I hould think this watch and chain ware worth from $1'J0 o $140. There wa< a lihrary in the house, consisting, 1 heuld think, of Irom sue hundred and fi ty to two hullred volumes. The Doctor always spoke before he went iwuy o f this library as his, and so did his wile. I can arm no opinion of the value of these works. They were :ertainly worth over $100. I know that Mrs. Ward offered 0 sell this liDrary alter tlie dealb ot her husband 1 heard ler tay, since the .! nth of Iter husband, that Mr. Tyler lad soma property in his house belonging to her husband, rom which she expected to realize something I under tood this to be an interest in some patent right to mak* nedicines. SAMUEL J. W. BARRY. Sworn before me this 13th March, 1813. David Ooden. Affidavit No. 'J. Moses V. Beach, a witness sworn and examined by the 'ublio Administrator, deposes and fays?1 knew Dr. jthan E Ward in his life time. I do not know that he i'ft any property. I have no property which belonged to lim at the time of his death in my possession that I know f. I have property in my possession which belonged to lim b? tore 1 bought it ; the property I apeak of is the furlitureof the house No 113 Chambers street. I purchased t of him during his last sickoett, probably a month beore hit death ; it was shortly before his death ; it may lot have been ten days heloro his death ; I cannot fix the ime with certainty I took a bill of sale for the greater [>art ol it, ii not tor the whole ; there was a schedule which I supposed covered nil the property ; I was toid [hat it did include all the property ; il it did not, 1 was told I should luve whatever elsewhere remained. ? Before he went to Cuba l.Ient him money, between two ind lour hundred dollars. During his absence I paid an ixecntion against him lor between two and three hun Irerl dollars ; 1 also let Mrs. Ward have some money doing bis absence to the amount of (rom one to two hunIre 1 dollars. The above sums are ail the consideration I lava paid for the furniture that I new recollect. f never emoved the property from the house. I left it in charge I Mrs. Ward, with an understanding that I could tak* it vhenever I thought proper. When I lent the money to be Doctor I took no security for it; I think that is ny present impression, but on reflection, I think I did ?i<c a mortgage upon the furniture, or some part of it. I o not think thst mo.tgage was ever recorded, but I am iot fure. I think the Doctor also owed me about $100 or i'JOO lor advertising for him be'oro he went away. I do lotknnw whether this has been paid or not. I do not iow recolloct of any other money due to nr.e from him MO*ES Y BEACH. Bworn before mcthia ? day of .March, 1843. David Onotrt. The ca?e will be continued to-day at the opening of the Jonrt, when it it expected that some lurthar testimony rill bo elicited, and that Mrs. Ward, who wat in court iart of the time, habited in deep mourning, will be called 0 the stand as a witness for Moses Y. Beach. The case is conduated by Da?il Graham, J* and :harlesC. Egan, Esqs., for thu Plaintiff; and on the part 1 the defence, by Messrs. Cutting & . Before Judge Oakley. Oct.18?llenjamin Ston? u?. The (iuardian Imurtnee Company In thu case t'e Coart charged the Jury,that hen- was no question of law involved, it was uurelv a natterol fact tor the jury to decide on. The chief and inly question wa?,what mi the actual value of the coffee t the time of the lire. To decide this, it wm necessary o ascertain the quantity in store, and the fair market irice, supposing the coffee to have been offered for ?al? n the day ol tlie lire?the hazard of the rise or fall of the narket, was not at nil to ha considered by the jury. A* espectsthequantity,the jury must take with them?he iflnii of the calculation! on which the plaintiff 's claim, nd on which the defendants stand?and whichever hey considered the most reasonable they weteto adopt; nd as the price allowed on all hands, at the time, is 7} ents, de luding the three per cent uiual in such cases, nd render their verdict tor the full amount, and then the ounsel could make a partition of the sum, apportioning a each otllca the amount which each is to pay; the jury i>ere to take into consideration the charge lor itoiage nd rent, the labor of removing it, and ?uch other propi r harges a* they consider* d reasonable. Thelury returnd a verdict in favor ol the plaintiff, in 93000 damage*,arid centa costa. U. S. ComiitUaloner's Office. Bclore Commitaioner Kipelyo. Oct. 2(1. -The complaint madu by Jam?? ? Burrell, a oy, on b.?ard tho ihip Moi rlt.on, on Iter outward and oni'W ml voyage to and fi om China to thi? port, agunit :?l>tain Beason and thechiel mate, Mr. Wright, wan earl at length to-day, but ao plain wai the atatement of ne boy him??lf, that it w?i evident that there wai not the ligiitent foundation for the charge of cruel and unnaual uniihment* made aganut Hu m On the contrary,it wi Itown that the lad had by a foul itroke, whilo alolt ?c'. ng aail, rut hie eye with lii? knife, and the Captain gin e im a berth in the cabin en I nttended to him nedulouily ntil he waa At to return to duty. The complaint wra lamiaaed without further examination. IE R A 843. State* Court ? In Bankruptcy. I Hnr OK I,i tk. mutter nt 1 ittTnn ??.l >1/1nk. I rupti.?The opposing creditors "Here 1 in evidence their books of the bankrupts to sustain their objection* to the discharge, when an objection by the bankrupt* wai ] male that the boeks were voluminous, and that nothing could hp given in evidence but what wai specitieally sub mitted to the commissioner and copied into his report ol j the evidence. The commissioner having received the ! hook* and marked them, the counsel oi the bankrupts brought the matter belore Juilge Betts, where it na. argued. The counsel ol the creditors insisted that the original books were the best evidence of the ucts of the bankrupts, and that they could not be excluded. That the act vfCongress required " a summary Inuring," and if copies vtnimlMtf a merchant's books, it would lead to intolerable expense and delay; that they were i to reler to the pages and accounts they relied on; that all the books and papers had been called lor to em blr the creditors to select what they held important. The 'udge then laid down a rule, and sent the caae back to the commissioner, where the creditors produced a number ol accounts and ballancrs taken from the books, lists of bills payable, and accounts current, all which a witness swore he had copied out ol the books ol Lallan v Redmond, ut the true dates, and these, the creditors insisted, consti tuted n compliance with the Judge's rule, and put the bankrupts on their guard an to what part of the books were relied on; but tne commissioner ri jectid them all. The counsel for'the creditors insisted that the origiual books were the only legal evidence, but that the extract* were a sulticient compliance with the rule to indicate what u?e was to he made of the book*, and on the reaction by the commissioner, application was made to Judge Belts to reverse the decision, and not to (end hack the rase, hut to rule that the creditors had a right to the origi nal hooks, and were under no obligation to do more than ,h? ,.nrl? ?h..w ruli. H ?ti. I l<? .... .... I. ?.,u .. ..v, His Honor, alter considering the case, delivered yesterday the lollowmgopinion, which isimportant as settling the views of the Court as to tint manner in which the books ol a partv may be used as evidence : ? Edmund Ltjf tn and William lledtnnnd, per cur.? A question is raised under the order ot the Court ot 19.h instant (ante pug. 3o) whether certain exhibits Riving the result ottbn examination of the hooks of the bankrupts by Mr Ward, a hookkeper, and sworn to by him, can he received in evidence, and if so, to what extent. The motion flrst piopjsed to reverse the decision of the com papers aa evidence, but in the process of tne discussion the Counsel disdained offerine the exhibits as evidence of the contents of the books, auti insists he only produced them as indrxes or d da, t>) which convenient reterenco could be had to the partimi lars sought for in the beoks. It ia clear frem the report of the commissioner, that he did not underatund the olfet in this seu?e ? the objection to their ndmissibilit) before him being tnat they were not sworn copies or transcripts ol the t>oeks, b it only statements derived by the witness from them, and that objection was sustained by the commissioner, lie ruling that tinder the previous order ol the Court the original accounts were not thus properly authenticated. I p-rceivn no error in that decision. The ruleof evidence admitting a sworn copy ol a document in evidence in place of the original, goes upon the as sumption that the cepy exhibits exactly the contents of the original, and no more?(4 Starke, 1*H Bar. Al. Ev. E.) and a party can never be allowed t? oiler what the witness considers the substance and efiVct of the originalait equivalent to a or exact copy. The former or der of the Court had in view to regulate the method of putting in evidence the forty volumes of acceunt boohs, so as not to burthen the case with useless costs and cum be rso in e mutter, and therefore directed that the special contrnts riquired in evidence should he designated by the commissioner, and if objected to, that he should pass upon the question ofits admissibility. It would havebeen clearly within the spirit of the decision to receive "worn copies of|the entries from a book in plaae of the particular item, as well as the entire account with any individual or under any particular head of entry. The party calling for the proof need bring in no mora than he deems important, the other party having opportunity to correct with it any explanatory matter to be drawn from the same source. In mme instances the witness seetni to swear to an exact copy in presenting an exhibit. In most cases, however, he qualifies his tes timony by saying they are statements giving the ufleet of the accounts tiuly, or other language to that import. He does not appear to have made a clear distinctionin bisown mind between n copy and a statement representing the substance or tiled ol the original. That has probably led to molt of the confusion and want ol perspicuity in bis evidence on the t-ubject. The counsel for the creditors can otter any of the exhibits us evidence 011 the hearing, which he claims are proved to be transcripts or true co pies; and it will be unnecessary to send the ease back to the commissioner .to look into the proofs again. The Court w ill dispose of the point uoon the evidence as it is presenteJ. The other exhibits not so authenticated cannot he received as evidence of the contents ol tho books, and to that extent the decision of the counsel is aflirmad. But I think the creditors are untitled to ofler in evidence statements or proof sheeta prepared by an expert, and reason upon them as true exposition! of the accounts in the hooks, the accounts themselvts being the facts or pri mary evidence. Tnis is a usual and very convenient method ot investigating anil testing complicate t accounts. A bookkeeper or expert is frequently adduced to testify ta the bearing and < fleet of entries, and indeed courts or Juries could not be expected to comprehend the mercantile transactions ol an involved and extensive character, without inch aid. It would be received on trial in (he face of the Court, and I think it no lex admissible on ex animation out of Court for th? purpose of giving point ami siguificaucy to the entries offered in evidence. The exbi bits then when not offered an confessed copies of entrie* in the book ?, may b? sed as summaries ol those entries, mid for t'ne purpose of demonstrating their results or bearings, and the notes of reference or nunotations ol the witnten stibjained to the exhibits will not prevent the body being received as the entry if sworn to beatrv* copy,nor do*ucli explanatory observations in any way prevent ttie papers being received a* balance Bt?eet?, test statements or other exposition of the entries. I am, there lore, of opi ion the. conuniss>on decided correctly in rejecting .is evidence of the entries in the books, all exhi hut not?worn to be true copies of those entries, but that affixing to a sworn copy notes of connection, reference or explanation, by the witness, would not destroy the cha r acier of the sworn copy to the body of it. 1 am lurtherol opinion th^t it is competent to the creditors to prove by a bookkeeper, by means of statements,proof sheets or other wise,the t fleets and result of any entries in the bamkrunt's books, which are the subject of examination, and that exhibits comprehending such preofare admissible in evi deuce. But it is necessary to give effect to that species of proof that the particular ac-ount or entries should be distinctly and separately in evidence The exhibits cannot be received us establishing (he fact that such entries exist. Whether it be necessary tor this case to go back to the commissioner upon this decision, the counsel for the ere ditors mast judge for themselves. The exhibits, except where proved to be transcripts, or true copies of tho accounts, will not be received by the court as proofs of the entile* in the books: but the original books may be referred to on the argument to veri y the exhibits, unless the entries are so multifarious anil dispersed us to runder the examination onerous and leading to confution. In ?uch case, the party must be prepared with proper transcripts. Motion to overrule decision of the Commissioners denied. As the opinion sustains the views of the creditors, al< though it rejecta the motion, the creditors will go to trial on the evidence of the book and use their transcripts as indicated by the Judge. A motion whs submitted in the same case for the appointment of a special assignee to act for the creditors in place of the generul assignee. The motion was founded on a petition on behalt of creditors to the amount ot $11*2,000, and upwards, stating that theassi ts of the bank i upts were scattered through the States of South Carolina .jn-t Oforgia, and required much more attention tiian ? public officer could heitow, to bring the estate to a clo? without great sacrifice The bankrupts offer ne o'Jec 'iou, and as the only parties interested are tho credl'oi? 'be general assignee of course would not be employe.' against their opinion of their own interest. The special I assignee named by the creditors is among the most re pectable gentlemen of the city, and lender* ample seeu nty. The papers wero submitted to the Court for its ac tion. The trial on the first merita of the case will take place immediately. D. P. Hall and B- K. Hunt, of South Carolina, for credit* ors; Mr. Bonnie and Mr Bliss lor bankrupt*. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Oct 26.? Thomat James vi. Xtlsrn Hete her and Robert Ftnlon?The Court wbs occupied the entire day ih the lumming up of the evidence on both si,lea. The Jury, liter a ahort absence, returned a verdict for the plaintiff in (ISOdamage* and Sctnts coats. Crttu Con ? 1'itnCoU ?#. Shnrpt.?This ca?e waa called nn|.ind a Jury empannelled, hut without examining any witnea-e*, the Court adjourned until to-day, when it will he heard. Sogar Making.?Trie Donaldson I-ouisianian of Saturday states, that the planters in that neighborhood have begun savtr g their sugar crops Mr Kenner, who enjoys the reputation of having the best crop in the vicinity, commenced grinding on the Monday previous. The yield, we inler Irom (he remarks ot the paper is very poor. The Plaque, mine Planter's (iazette of the same date, has ihis paragraph : " The sugar tniils have already begun to work around B*you Uoula. Paul Hebert. Mad. Vaughan, and others, have commenced We understand they are making good sugar. The weather during the week has been highly favorable to the sugar cane. Several planters in Iberville have already commenced making sugar The plant cane is, we believe, pretty good throughout the parish, but the rattoon cane is every where light. We shall soon be able to ju ge of the quality and quantity ol the crop in this vicinity; but tear they will be rather lighter than usual." Traring trp a K a'i.roau?For the third time, the track on the Eric and Kalamazoo Railroad was tornuponihe night of the 13th instant One of the worst features of this transaction, is, the evi- ; dent intention there seetna to have been of destroying the lives of the engineer aid passengers on board. The track was torn up on the embank- ( ment near Sylvania, where the cars would have been precipitated to the bottom with all those on board but for the sinking of the locomotive in the sand. Another depredation, but not of so heinntia m rhnrarlt^r ivih committed Oil the 15th.""7b? ltdo lis gitter. LD. Prlr? Two Centi HnfTaln [Correspondence of the Herald.] Buffalo, Oct. 19, 1H4S Snow and Stormi?Shipmmtt of Uoodt?Tradt at th? IVut ?Pride and Parsnip*. Jameh Gordon Bennett, Ekq ? I arrived here, en route to Wisconsin, from your city, tins morning, per railroad. Twenty-five miles back of this, found three to four inches of snow on the grouud, which tell yesterday during a heavy squall from the west. . The upper lakes, a* well as Krie, have been swept for the last ten days by a succession of severe (quails, accompanied by sleet and hail. No steamers have been lost, but the Illinois, which arrived here on the morning < ! the 17th., reports several sail ashore or seriously damaged. The propellers weathered the whole finely, proving their eicellcnt qualities, both as sail and steam vessels They are no doubt aa saleacralt as traverses the waters of our western lakes. The shipment of goods from the cities of New York, Boston and Albany to jhe upper lakes, from this port, during the past fall season,as well as at the present moment, late h? it is, is equal to that ot any iwo previous seasons, and even greater. The store houses here are lull of merchandise, and have bee? lor days past. There are not steamers enough to take it up, and many purchasers wilt necessarily receive their supplies very laie. These ar?* indications of an increased demand for goods in the far west, and a growth ?f internal commerce through the main artery of business coursing the central portions ot the great Empire State, that show equally the tendency and harmony of ilie great interests peculiar to the eaBt as well as the west They are mutual and inseparable? they spring from and in their turn support each other They operate just as thev should, and jurt as ?|i interests, whether pecuniary or political, civil or religious, ever have and ever wi I, lelt to the control ?>f laws enacted and enforced by great nature, d spite the puny efforts of legislation at variance m uti her most palpable laws. It ib matter of pride and gratulatiou to every observing American, as he looks on the varied interests ot his almost boundless country, and makes the life, the activity, the prosperity, the happiness and harmony of all- Every man movea erect, without restraint, without fear, animated by h?pe and cheered by expectation. His every interest is untrammelled, 'tis all his own, he is at liberty to pursue it with all his might, and this is the very reason why he does. The tqual and exact laws under which he (eels it is his happy tale to live, insure him thus tht'y both leave kirn free, and protect him in ihe enjoyment of that Ireedoni. This is a feature which prevails throughout all nature, when it is unmuzzled by the hand of man; and meet it when and where we will, it is ever harmonious, ever glorious. Hut, as I did not begin this letter with any other object than that of ordering your paper, I will end it, (lest it should be otherwise suspected,) by aaying, it should be the pride and boast of every American, that lie has done, and is yet doing,something to " till up the measure of his country's glory"?to light up her greatness until it thall excite, not only the wonder of the world, but challenge its admiration, too. Youre, respectfully, A. W., Jr. From Santa Fk.?The Western Expositor, published at Independence, (Illinois,) of the 30th ult , announces the arrival tiiere ot ihe traders direct from Santa Fe. The route, it is rtated, is entirely clear from Texas marauders, and there is no obstruction whatever to our commerce in that portion of our sister republic This event is attributed to the arrest of Col. Snively's parly by Captain Cook. It is repor'ed that the intelligence of iheir capture had a powerful influence upon the Mexicans, and that the Americans were now treated with m?re hnanifalifu unH U i n/ln*>aa fhftn thpv h?H PVPT hc^n h#?. fore. Mexico.?The Carolina, which arrived here last evening from Vera Cruz, left that port the lftih of September, and brings nothing new. A private letter, which hits been politely communicated to us, speaks ot the tariff which the government intended to publish, as having occasioned t>ome discontent among the merchants on account of its prohibiting some articles, and the enormous dutieB it lays upon others We suspect this statement to be pr? mature or unfounded, tor we have date* of the 18th September, and neither the opposition journals nor those ol the government mnlie any allusion to the tariff'? N. (ileum* Tropic, Ort. 17. MONEY LENT, LIBERALLY, at the old established stand, iffil (innil street, oa gold and silver watches, plate, jewellery and diamond*, wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical ana mathematical instruments, bedding, and every description of personal property, by LOUIS LEVY. Pawnbroker, o23 1m*m 403 Orand between Kidge and Attorney st. USINKTs.S IS BUSIN ESS.?Therefore if you wish a share ol it you circulate your card* and handbills freely.? To do this in an economical way, call on FOLOtiK Ik SUTTON, at tlit office of the Locomotive Printing Engina, ilS Juhu street, ne,ir Pearl, whfre you can kava all kinds of Printing done 111 the first style, at the lowest caah price*, and do disappointment. C?rds printed at one hour's notice if required <>4 lm#r VALK.NTINE'. htu removed Iiis Engraving and Printing Establishment I'rotn John street, to No. I Beekman street, (Lovejoy's Hotel.) opposite jlie Brick Church, New York.? Wedding, Visiting, Invitation, and Professional Cards eiecutcd iii the first style of the art, as regards the superiority of the engraving, neatness of the printing, and the whiteuess and brilliancy of tne cards. Persons furnishing their own card plates,can have thein printed 011 the most approved and faahionible style of cards, at prices to suit the times. The Ladies and < ien'.lemeu of New York, Brooklyn, and the idjoining cities and towns, are respectfully invited to call and siamine the specimen books, and from a variety of patters cards select to tlieir taste sW lm*r Artificial, and ukuchkv. wholesale mill retoil, cliea|wr thau uiy house in the trade, at T. PRICK'S Miuiofactory. 2IIX Grand street, second block out of tli? BoweJy, south side Prdlers and country milliners would do well to call aod sate thirty cenU on the a liar. Oold and silver head ilmin for halls and parties. olT lm#r 'PO ARCtilTECTS AND bTMLDERB.?The subsenber I would Mpectfully inform hia customers and othrra, that iu consequence of his old stand in Broadway bring burned down, lie has taken the prfinisea No.'135 Crosby afreet near Houston* until such time as the atorea in Broiidwav are rebuilt, and that lie is now prepared to eitute any ordera for Ornamoital Work ujd Carving that may be required, the same as formerly. New Yorl, September <S8th. 1843. JOHN OALL1ER, 20 lm# 115 Crosby s?re?. OASSENuERS?(imug fiom New York, South or to C Kurope, that have to lay in their piovisions for the voyage, ir? invited to call and purchase them of the subscribers, at their cheap cash store, as they can sive from 15 to 15 per cent by so doing, and set as good provisions as can lie purchased elsew here. Captains of vessels and housekeepers also will be nip, lied with all kinds of groceries and provisions at an equal I lavmit. wholesale or retail, at the store, No. 108 South st, near Kill ton Market. E. 8. St H. HARRIS. oS3 I in * r ONT.MvIO BANK DIVIDEND.?Twenty per cent on the capital stoca of this Bank will be paid to the Stockholders I >n the 1st day of November neit, out of the snrplus profit# of [ . In- olFire at CanandaiKua, in li'U of the ordinary semi-anuual dividend due on that day. Stockholders who reside at the East will be paid at the Mechanics' Bank in the City of New York. Albany Stockholders will be paid at the Albany City Bank. Stockholders residing in Utica will be paid at Ine Branch m If tics. Stockholders west of Utira at the Banking House in Cannndaigiia. The transfer books will be closed on the list in stant for ten day*. By order of the President and Directors. H. B. OIBSON, Cashier. Canandaigua, Oct. 5, IWJ. oS to N_I* jr _ A 8H BURTON SAUCE?Kor enriching Soups, Fish, PonlXV try, Meats, Wild Kowl, Game, Jtc. This Sauce is confidently recommended aa the best offered to the epicurean. . . To lie obtained, wholesile and retail, at J. VAN BEN^ .HOTEL'S, 379 BroAdway, corner White street, and wholesale at Mr. BENNETT'8, 196 Kront st, and of the proprietors, OSBORN k TONE, o25 lm*r l?i <'onrtlandt-y ret. VIEW BUCKWHEAT?1000 packages in barrels, half bar^ ' rels. quarters and eighths, packed in a superior manner for rha. a.tnrn*.rti imarkpi ?a choice article anil free from aril Kor ale on lib-ml terms by oi l I in r (?EOH( < E WELLS, lr. 196 Front st. PREMIUM aUKA BhJDS IEADS VT Met>HA W'S PATENT EXTENSION SOFA.-Thia 11 articlu ii so well known to the puhlia, and it* adfwhin have bwit so inconteatibly proved, that the inventor deems it unnecessary to make further comm'ut. II* would, however, l>eg leave to refer to the few following hiihly respectable * tlemen who have these sola* now iu us \ aa to their confuiencs and utility _ Ki-Prriidrot Van Bnren, Kinderhook, N. Y. James R. Whiting, District Attorney, lo. lion. C. C. Cambieleng, di Hon. Seuator Preston, 9. C. ..... ?. ,, 8 tin'l Ward. Esq.. firm of Prime, Ward * v irg, N. Y. Brown, Brothers*Co. 5?" <'ol. Crosby, I?Rev Dr Nott, ^c.ienectady, . , do . , A thousand mow name.could becircn of gentlem.n and lalie. of the tint respectability il it were nsceasary; , t I n need* only to be seen to lie lU own best recommendation, A' I l?r?on? . tn rMirrhn*- sotas. sofa l<'d?teada, reclining i ?hee or rocking c'lairs, are respectfully invited to call at 463 Bi>>|i way. ocond door ah??ve Orand street. B The above sota has been awarded, as premiums, at the various Fairs where it haa been exhibited, one gold medal. thr?e ,ilver medals, and si* diplomaa. 163 Broadway, second door il>ove (fraud street. oi lmBm r > pilHttl AN< :C of a>i order of the Surrogate of the ('<> ??) I of New V?rk. notice is hereby gi v? n to all i>er*ous having claims against John Carrall, late of the city of New York, limit Hlion keener. d?ri>au*tl fo i rvneuf lite aame with tjie rouchm t!i*n?ot to th* tubucribcr; and all i*non? in?l*bt?d to :h<! ar* re<ia#*t*d to tn*ke impi*?li*te JOHN CONWAY, Ei'r. UT VVill??t. Dutwl Now York. Octnhfr II. U41. t?U Im* rre PIOPI'K K-100 CUM* ol eirrt qwUity Knfluh Mhmthmi Cop O jwr, from U to 13os., j??t rrerirrd l?r rrcMit and V. ".rOI,I.IN*'K;0 ? Soiith atrMt CfcLT?M cam Shartina K?lt, raiuM* lor ?hi|V hotr ^"( ftfr tf'* OULINS h CO., nWr ** South IU?M 4K'

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