Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., N?. 3186-.-W hole No. 350H. SUMMER AKRANGEMENT NKW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINE DIRECT Vu Nmn, NrwBHumwi'ca.WiNCBTOW, TBKWTOH, UOHDKNTOWN AW? BumLiwoTow. GfiSfiflbiU , . TffRoijdiffjrti*"TmrWrLeaving Sew \ ork daily from the foot of Courtlaudt ?t. Monjiug Liueat 9 a. M.?Mail Pilot Line at r. M. i he Morning Line proceed* to Bordentown, from tl??ue? by ' pbnat to Philadelphia. 1 " Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (opposite to Pliiladelphia) without change of car*. PuM-i.^r* will procure their ticket* at the office foot of (.ourtlaudi itrwi, where a commodiou* lUamboat, will be iu ^if?with baggage crat** on board. ?l)u.idelphia baggage crate* are couveyed from city to city, wihcnt being oprnejby tlie way Each traiu i* provided with a car in which are apartmeut* and dreuing room* ex'/reuly for lit* lailie*' u*e. Returning, ilie line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut atnct. by itaamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from f.'amden, at i o'olock, P. M. 1 ?e line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7W A. M., and i P. M. beiuit a contmuatiou of ihe liuet from New Yorl. olB Vra*m Tied bird mne of stages. IN CONNECTION WITH . THE NEW YORK AND naI I 1 RAILROAD COMPANY. "^^8* fAi.i. a >? haNOEMENTS ! TWO da1lv li - k> On and rfft'T Wednesday, lit!, October, init , the lied ilird Line of Stajse? will leave the village of White Plain* every morning, (Sunday* excepted,) at 8 o'clock. A.M., an<i e?ery afternooi at I o'clock. P. M., aud ilia Railroad IJe|?ot, City 11 all. and the W eatcliester llo'Jie, comer of Broome atrvet and th- Bowery, F rw \ ork, every morning at S o'clock, and every afternoon by the 1 o'clock train. Agents nre in constant attt-udance at the Railroad Deprts, of whom every information may l>e obtained, aud who will all* tU'ud lo the baggage Put under [heir charce. HIRAM DEFOREST, Proprietor. White I'laint, Oct. 4th 'ill. nil lin'ec ,vfcTvvr ARRANOKMKNT. FAHfe AND FREIGHT REDUCED. .MM gm REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROteJtifCB?VIDEN(:E AND BOSTON, via. 8TON 3Z3?3L.INOTUN AND NEWPORT?I'ompoMMl ol' the Ini'.owiiiK nuperior itcaui r?, running in connection with the Stouiugtoii and Boston and Providence Railroad* MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Coraatock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Th*yer. PROVIDENCE. * NARKAOAN9ETT. MOHF.OAN. > One of which wi<l leave New York daily (Sund.iyi eicept?d) from Pier N?. "4 The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Tliayer, on Monday, and ' " Wednesday for 8tonia?tou and Newport, and Friday lor Stonington. The MASSACHUSETTS, Capuin Comatock, on Tue?- , day and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stoning- j ton, Newport .iad Providence. i P;uv:'gej4, ou the nrrival of the steamers at Stoniugton, will be immediately forwarde'l iu the splendid and commodious . Can of the Railroad - i Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will p?oceed iu the steamer Mohegan (in inferior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thna giving them ^opportunity of a bight's rest on board the steam er Massachusetts or Rhode Island, ulid tiien hreakfait on board the Mohegan. ? The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared '.o promote celerity of travel and the comfort aud aeennty of passengers, and not iitrpoesed by any in the United m. Btatea. _/ l-\>r p&Aviga or freight, which is taken at v?rr reduced rates, k: api'l v on board, ut north aide of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or of- /s Cc? if Smnarl Deve.iu, freight agent, on tiie wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers'berths oan be secured on i. board, or at the office of U HARNDEN 8t CO.. No. 3 Wall street ?}. o- NOTICE-CHANGE OK HOUR-On aud after V: Monday, Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam Na- j vigatiou (Company, forming the liue to and Boston via Stonington, will leave pier No. 1, Battery Place, at 4 P M. 1 Ifr-Un nud alter the 10th inst, freight will not be re/- ived mil afr??r lnlf.naif A P \1 ? OA INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSI- w <V-. "?jJ?3?TlUN NIGHT LINK FOK ALBANY U ~ AanJBiLTH()V?Through Direct, without Landing.? The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, * ?'apt.O.House will leave New York from the foot of ltobinsou fsln-rt, ou Mono*]#, Wednesdays and Fridays; and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesday* and Thursdays. and ** will continue these trips for the leuuu, all o'clock iu the alter- _ noon. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. T. 8.?The above boat has undertone a thorough repair, and ia 1 in first rate order. o36 lm*r MlX O'CLOCK EVENING LINE b< iflT^ _VT'f"r ALBANY AND TROY direct, without JEisiaSKail^LUiiding?the splendid low 11 tenure steamboat bi BWALLOW, Captaiu A. McLeau, will leave the foot of ni Courtlandt street every Tueeday,. Thursday, and Saturday th evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. bl The Swallow has a large number of slat* rooms,and for speed t> ad accommodations ia not surpassed oa the Hudson. f0 au8 ec Imq J*m PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOAT* K OR ALB AN Y-Dailr at ? o'clock P. M- , JkJUL 1'hrough direct?From the steamboat pier be- " twen Courtlandt and Liberty ?tree?, Sunday ricepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capl. A. P. St. John, ?. wilt laavei Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening*, at sti _ 'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave a iWhv, Thursday, and Saturday atS P. M. j At 5 o'clock V- M.?Lauding at Intermediate Place*. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Braioari, will le.vve Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 9 o'clock. t Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Tr-.-jdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Eveninc, at lire ,, o'clock. Passenger* taking this Line of Boat* will at all time* arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Car* for tii muiI or wnt. l'lie above boat* are new and substantial, are tarnished with fc eat and decant Bute Rioms, and for speed and acrommoda- A tions an uunvalled on the Hudson. >e For Passive or Freight, apply oa board, or to P. C. Schultz th at 'ne office on tht wharf. s2i r m NOTICE?Ou and after Monday, Oct. 18th, the boats of this tu line will leave for Albany at 6 o'clock. P. M instead ol 7. H XLL-I ~ ST AT EN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT ~ ?THtK?3?OV WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboat ? KJK.STATKN ISLANDER willleave New York ^ and Suten Island, ou and after October 2d, as follow*, until |e lortlter notice :? V - V V..L 11 ?LS i?/ Leave Statou UIaucI S, 10, 1,^,^. All freight shipped is repaired to be particularly marked and ii u Ihf mk of ownm tJOtfr ^ NKW_\0RK AND KINOSTON~~8TKAMTKKIOHT " AND PASSAOE LINE. mM Kor Kingston, anr Delaware and Hudson ^^jy^?Cfna!-s'earoooata EMERALD aud NOR- k "ThTEMHtALD. Captain John Ketcham, will leave New V York, foot of Murray ?trt*t, every Monday and Thursday at 5 ha 'clock, T M. Will le.tve Kingston (Ron!ont liuidiug) every Weduesday ? aud Saturday at 3 <?cloek, P. M. th The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New Vt,:k, fool,of Warreu street, f very Wednesday aud Saturday at i o'clark, P. M. Will leave k jgston (Rondont landing) every Tuesday and r, KriJay at J o'clock, f.\l. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morning at T o'clock. Returning, lr??rj Kiuniitou at 4 J o'clock, same day. Kor freielkt or passage apply on b.iard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW <t CO.. I" ?.2I 3m*r IM Wemt street I* - ~ - >'(IR HAI-IKAX AND I.IVKIIPOOL. TheHoyal Mail Steain Ship HIBERNIA 8|C. H. K. Judkins, Eaq., Commander, will " ^MlunM^le?< Boaton for the abort porta on Weduev * day, Is* November. ) Passage to Liverpool $1M). J Passage to ...... 20. ~ Apply to 1). BRIOHAM, Jr..Agent, 8 o2Sr No 3 Wall street. al _ ?^ _ THE SPANISH STEAMER NATCH- ql for HAVANA, Direct, Don Krai.Villjir %rill lair* lk?nnr? ni New York tin Wn'andiy Nor. 1st, for Ha- n VMM dinct. The NAPCIIEZ litis been J," newly cop|>ered, relitird with new boilers, aud in |>oiint of el*ganceaml Kendal comfort cannot l>e surpassed. ,j Eor particulars for passage apply to JOHN B. STAN- ,,] HOPE. Alter Hoose, who will accom|>any the Naiclier'on her TOjact. o)StoNl*r JOHN K STANllOPE. r-r-r>.? travellers going south ok I WKST-^iirwii honra in advance of the fl >^JlK^WE|SKaU. S. Mail?Tri-\Veekljr Line to Savannah, ? **2din connetion with the Central Hail rood to hi Mnron and the West?- The splendid steam * packet* GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAKLESTON, Capt. Barden, will leava Charleston every Taeaday, Thursday and Sstnrdty morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the W ilmington boat* from the north, arriv- si I us at Savannah the s une day, and will leave Savannah on the same days as above, at 6 o'clock P. M., after the arrival of the tt can from Macon. Tiuvellers will find this to be the cheapen and most expeditions route to the tooth and weat. The above boats are titled k up in a sui?rior atyle. and no expense or pains will be spared to J esisore certainty, comfort, aud esimlilion to the travelling p?fclie. JOHN B. LAK4TTE. Agent. Kituimmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston September, IMS. s!7 ?m?r 1#^ REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Ice.?The ! fefl9^^siil)scrilier continues to transmit money in sums large JBgHglhr <r smtll, to persons residing in any part of of Ireland iu tlie same manner as he, and his predecessor in basineas have done for tlie last thirty years and more ; also, to any part of Euglaud, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (post Paid) to the snbscrihcr, or * personally derositad with him, with the name of th? person or J parsons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be- J Mnt. sud nearest post town, will be immediately trauniitted, aud paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or lor- . Warded to the sesider. " In like manner money, or chims on persons in any part of Ir-land, England or Scotland, can be collected by the mihscriber for perwins residing in any part of the United States or Ca- _ unda, and will be paid to them accordingly. oVM.n'r GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr.? Cedar st. , fon LIVERPOOL -Regular Packet of the ut MMRn^No emU'r?The llr?l clsss laal sailing packet ship >*1 mii/, ( Hpmn minm'iir, uuruiru iinu urns; will mil a? above, her regular d.iy. ol Il?r aceotnmodjtiona fur rubiu, aecond cabin, And ateerage p???eugen, re not urpnaurd by any *c??eI in port. ? Penons wishing to embark iliould make iminedicate application to the Mibacrilier, joseph mcmurray, p 100 Pine afreet. corner of Sonth. ty. To I" mccecded l>V the iplcndid packet aliip Patrick Henry, to ?mI on the 7th November. o*7 ec KOR LIVKRPOOL?Re??l*r picket ol the 7th j w'^JV November?The tint el?l? fut mnilniK picket ?ln[' MMk?|l'ATIII('K HfcNIlV, (J?pt Uelaito. buithen looo tons. y> ill **il ? above, being Iter regular day. " Her aecominodationi for cabin, aecond cabin and ?teerage " peanengen arc not mrpa??ed hy apy ve??el in rort. Per?on> intending to emb-rk ihould make immidiite appli- ' cation to tlie ?ub?ciiber JOS. McMURRAY. IM rine.treet iTH Corner of South. riRirr packyt kor livjtkpdbu-p?cker oi ?i MHM^Mlth Oetnb*'.?The iplendid, fut tailing, fcvoritc I' j&fitigOiip AUIIU>>UA< K. two tont,( apt Hack.HIT,will Mil p >>iti?ely aa above, her regular day. Th* >hiti of this line being all 1000 ton? and npwtrda, per*on? about to embmk Tor the old country, will not Tail to ?ee the advantage* io be derived from telecting thin line in | reference t > any other, at their cipacity render* them every / way mure comfortable and convenient than thin of n ?mall?( v clatt. Tlio.e witlung to tec it re bertha, tlu.ulil not tail to ? make early application on bonrd, or to (. w. It j. t. taphcott. ; At their General I'aita^e Office, 43 Peck Slip, c cur South turn. t E NE NEW LUCINA CORDIAL. oa the ELIXIR OF LOVE. Id older time, among tha Jews, Thai man a wcoud wife might choose? Whose first, by Fate's unkindly doom, No children bore lo bless his home. Afflicted thus, the Roman matron rrajed to Lacing the midwife's patron; hgyptian wives, in such a crisis, ( ailed to their aid the l'riests of Uii( And even now. the meek Hindoo? J Warm aa her cliuie, and tender, too?^ If childless twelve months from Ivor bridal Fli?s weeping to herseuseleas idol, And with raited hand>, in acceuta wild, 1 retitiont tiramah fir a child; For well the knows. Love uhutis to bleM The Hindoo bed of barreuuw*. . 80 much forlore in day* by-pone, 1 And savage customs in our own; But say, eve n uow, does Love's coimnumoa Bless in ovr bind, a slerile nuiou / < No. oft times conjugal felicity, 1 1. ti 11,riu>. 1 __. 1 ..v... Vet may the barren, if they try i Tht meini "iocrew anil multiply," I With "Love'* Elixir" for her frieud, i The childless wile's rrpiuings eud. But not tha nrocreattve power ' Alonb, is this Elixir1* ilower. Consumption'* ills it will prevent, , With vigor clothe thu imi>otcut; . Supnrers a (fleet, whate'er it* dale. Aim all life* functions renovaM; Eruptions from the akin it chutes, Aiid bruig* back beauty and the grace*; 'Tia wouiau'i trust?and ue'ur deceivM lusr From Fluor Altai* it relieves her. And each disease (with proper care, too,) , Her fair and fragile form 1* heir to. These are bat Tin-Tin, who call* tl.vm Actio* ( Shall have item proof iu contradiction, I Letter*?all forms of attestation? < Kroin the iirktu of every uttion; , With grateful missives from all Quarters, Penned by Diiease and Quackery * martyrs. Thouaamls who lay, with fluttering breath, Almost within thejaw* of death; Now in their nightly prayer* re|?eat, i Thank* to Life a friend, in Naaun (tret, And lometime* name* tlie very number? I "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber? Oratlre.-uning of Disease* ordeal, i Cry out for the "Lucina Cordial." I Tenons ordering this medicine from the eoantry, by sending 1 remittance, can have it boxed up and sent to any part of the uiou- Price $3 per bottle, or $24 i>er dcxes. Also for sale at 1 o. M North #th *t. Philadelphia. olO lm*in i BOOTS AND SHOES.?WILSON It JOHN | Successor* to John Mulchings, deceased, ive on hand and lor sale, from the beat mamifvutorie* in the inntrv' ? 100 ( ases Coarse Sewed and Peeved Boots, meu and boy*. 100 " Fine " ' " 000 Pair Morocco Bmkins. 000 " Ladies' Fine Slippers. 000 " Children's Shoes, various colon. I .'00 " Woinens aud uiisses (iaiters. i 000 " India Rubben, trimmed and plain. < Kor ssle in lots rn Illlt lllirrliai^n, ytlk..i,.ln~ lao CHATHam 8t7iEfc7r "otiwciw lUMTTrit. i N. B.?The store being oi>en antil 10 o'clock in the evening, vrs country merchants au opportunity to eiatniue goods at eir leisure, s2il lin*ni I " ^ ' ~*T> I AMI) M IMS l-S'SH?Iks" i 4PW CHEAPER THAN EVER. rTWALKER'S OLD STAND, 419 Brondway. where *- may be found a complete assortment of all the iliffereut lid*, colon, sorts and sizes, for ladies, misses aud children, ailers, Boots, Buskins, Slippers, aud walking shoes. Alio, dia llubbers and Mocc.isius.and water proof ovur shoes of the test ityle aud fashion; ladies', misses' and children's Outers of I kinds and colors, iu the Rreateat style and variety, of all tes and saited to all tastes; gentlemen's, boys' HI children's lots and shoes, of French and uative calf, c mrse md Hue, iu I their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest Hire. U'ntlemeu'sovershoes, and an innumerable assortment 1 other Roods, at WALK KR'S, 119 Broadway, 1 corner of Canal st. I N. B.?Heads ol families, by patrotiiziug this estiblishment, ill Cud a saving of 25 to SO |>er cent. o2 Iin*ec ? BOOT AND" SHOE STORE. PV JOHN READY respectfully infsrms his friends id the public, that he has commenced business in the above je, at No. 99 Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive id faithful!v execute, all orders he may be favored with on the i Mf reasonable terms for r?h iv23r BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERMASfWrtxiL PAt K hTS- < >i,l% regular Packet, sailing on faWriliiesiliy. the 1st ofNov. The remaikable fist sailig pi|M 'hip OXFORD, burthen 91)0 tons, Captain Rath- I me, will sail i>ositively as above, her ivRular ilay. The accommodations of this splendid packet lor cabin, 2d ca- i n and steerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve I en re and comfort by any vessel atloat Those embarking for I ? old couutry will find it to their interest to select this desire- | conveyance. Kor passage, which is vry low, and to secure! I le best berths, early application should be made on board, iot of Beekman at, or to the subscribers. i ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO,, 35 Fulton street. < next deor to the Fulton Bank. i P. 8.?The Oxford tails from Liverpool on the 19th of De mber. Persons sending for their frieuds can harve them brought at in her, or in anv of the packets comprising this magnificent id unequalled .me, sailing from that port punctually on the Ji and 19th of each month. oU r tfg- FOll lTvTTrPOOL?British Ship?With despatch ?The well knowu very fast sailing British ship KOBeC HESTER, John Wilson, master, having a large ortion of her cargo on board, will liave immediate despatch ir the above port. Shippers of goods will find the Chester a most desirable cousyaiice. For freight or passage, having very comfortable accommodaons,apply to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 35 Fulton it.. oiir next door to the Falton Bank. X*3P- PASSAGE FROM CORK-Via Liverpool-Tn ?*yytl>e first spriug ships.?We beg to inform our friends Mafathat during the coming spriug, 1814. we shall have a gular succession of first cl*ss American ships, sailing from , ie above i>ort every week, which will be fitted out in such a anner for second cabin slid steerage iKuiengers, as cannot fail i ensure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. oche, resides there, who will see personally to tlie forwarding I " all our passengers, and will spare neither pains or expense to eet their wishes, and have them forwarded without any delay. I hose sending for their friends will at once see the advantage to s derived by paying in our line. Apply to, or addreas if by Iter |*ost paid, ROCHE BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, or to JAMES D. ROCHfc, 14 Ooree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by ie regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, I3th, 19th and 25th ol rery moith, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 16th. s30r X?g?- KF.Itl'LAH I.INK OF PA' K KTS KOH LON jryVVDON?Packet ol the 1st Novemlier. The splendid, well knowu, fist sailing and favorite picket ship H'TORIA, Captain Morgan, will sail inisitively as above, pr regular il iy. This splendid ship has exce'lent accommodations for cabin, cond cabin and steerage passengers, and those about visiting ie old country, would do well t i make early application to W. *. J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peek Slip, corner of South street. Who have also regular first class packets suling weekly to iverpool, New Oileans, Mobile, Savanuill and Charleston. oct_23?] FOR LONDON?To sail on the 1st November? i MHK TI... .-I?. -I.:.. vi. Totii . ? ? |'K-?n mi' in nimn.vipiniuum, , MMEBr.'OI) tons, will mil iu above, her regular day. Her accommodations lor cabin, second cabiu mid steerage isteiigers are unsu [patted by any vessel in port, and at a uumrr of her passengers are already encwd, those dm rout of se| uriug liertlia should make early application to JOSKPH McMURRAY, , o2lr 100 Pine street, corner of South. OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS flWWK"H LIVERPOOL?Packet of the lit November, a?The splendid Cut tailing packet ship OXFORD, api. Rathhone. will be despatched at above, her regular day he has tti|>erior accommodation for cabin, second cabin and :eerajr? passengers. Those wishing to tecure berths will renin to make early tpplication to JOHN HKRDMAN, ? _ _ , . il South st. near Wall street, n. n?Passage from (Jreat Britain aua Irelaad, via Liver?ol, can at all tunes be engaged, on the lowest terms, by any TI he regular picket ship*. and draf't furnished for any amount tyable at the National ard Provincial Urnk of Ireland, and at I the pjincipnl lowus throughout the United Kingdom, on aplicatiou at aoove. o)3 r ???- FOR LIVKRPOOL-NKW LINK -Kegular Psckvi of 25th November.?The splvudid packet HMaihip HdSCII S. Captain John Coll int. of 1100 tont, ill <ail as above,her regular d,iy. For freight or passage having sudsome furnished accominodatioua.apply on board at Orlmus liarf, loot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS fc CO. Price of passage, f.75. 56 South street. The packet tliip Siddons, Capt K K Coob, of 1000 tont, will j icceed the llosciui.utd sail the 25th Decern her.her n gnlar il.iy. Passeugers may rely upon the ships of this line tailing punc tally as advertised. o97 PACKET FOR HAVRK-Secoud Line?The j *JCTVr'i', ONF.IDA, Jam?t Funck, matter, will tail on BMBMthe 1st of November. BOYD Ik HINCKKN, No 9 Tontine Building, Ol2ec enruer W>ill and W.iter streett. ??&- FOR MARSKILLKS?Packet for 1st November? ! #WyT!.? ship COURIER, Capt. Duggan, copt"?re?l and UMfe?scop|>er fastened. For ft eight or passage, apply ta S BROOM k CO., v orto BOYD k HINCKKN. oil en No. 9 Tontine Building. | FOR SAVANNAH?First Regular Packet with j #3MN> d.jmtch?The first clatt fast tailing ship LANCA- j Hwl^siri II K, Capt Lyo.t, burthen g50 tout, *fll tail as SoveTher regular day. Having very tn|>erior accommodations for cabin, second ea- , in and steerage itassengers, those intending to emlurk should uke immeaiate application on board, f.>ot of Dover st., or to , JOSKPH Mc.ML'RRAY, 100 Pine street, ollr corner of South. i Iff- KOll NKW ORLEANR-Loxjiiut and New . MpJWVork Line? Pnsitiwlv Kirst KetinUr Packet. To rail ll" 3l?t Oft. The t'.ist aailmc packet ship ( " ,,s . < i?i I i' It ton, Will sail aa abixe, li?r ivKiiUr dty. | for freight or ihhhf, baring handsome liimished aceommoi'ioiis, apply on hoard, at Orleani wharf, foot of Watt street, , r to fc. K. COLLINS Ik. CO, M South street. Rhipi*ri may n>ly u|>on having their good* by thii line cor- i ctly measured. Agenta iu New Orleans, Mullen Ic Woodruff, who will "omptly forward all rood* to their address. | The packet ship Khaks|w.t~e. Caot Allen Miner, will mcwd i* OCONKK, anil sni* the 10th Not. her day. r.-36r Kl)Jt NAW. OHLRANH?Kim I'ocket Shin- 1 "" Monday tlie Kith lint or |<us?ue free.?'I he I bM'leiidid fastsailiiig pncketship KllANCIS DKPAl , ! apt. Sagory, will lie despatched at dlum*. her helw?eu deck* rery ipaciout and airy and fitted tip in errry way for the < >mfort of 2d cabin and steerage natM-ngefa, who will be taken the lowest iat*?. Thoae wishing to se.-urc berths will fruit to nuke early application on board the ship, at Murray's harf, foot of Wall sirect, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street. N. B.?The ??lwcrilier ha? a regular succession of first class lips lor llie aliove |xirt by which p.i?snt,'? CM be secured r\t the ?w est rates. o?'> r j NEW YORK w||fy * BOSTON SOUNUPlVoT. vllfl V PUL'SI'llTT Pilnl. l,L? na.tai a.l ' lilolof vMnfli boiiiid to Sft?w LUdlonl, over Nintw^ket 1 ihoalt, Boiton, Portsmouth, Portland, K<nw*b*<!k. and OTH- ' .K p6RT8. Office at Krye It Shaw'i Nautical .tow, Ui \ V.itrr ?tr?'!., corner Beekman Reference to a number of mer- 1 huu and fix- M>?enl Imuranee Compuia* ia thia city, Bm?a, a?d rortlaad JT?* l? W YO YORK, SATURDAY MC AUCTIONSALES. THOMAb BKLL, Anctmnwf. BY BELL fc IIOWAKD. (Sicrtl No. 31 Jinn ttrrrt ami 115 Fulttn ttrret ) SATURDAY, At 10){ o'clock >n the ?ile? rooms. Large sale ofelegant furniture of all description*. Alto, piano fort >, a splendid collection of paintings Aim, tlir furniture ot several, I'tmilie* gmhg upli uisrUeeping ?consisting of marble top Kgypt>au ki.J marb.e top centre re table*, book cases, sofas, pianos, looking (Unci, plated aud (laaa warp, Alao. aone splendid Brussels ?ud ingrain c?rpetings, St". AIm,the entire household turnitiire of a family,removeu from Brooklyn for convenience of sale. Tliu day's sale will In fouud deserving particular attention. Also, * la lie additional lot of superior second hind furnltuM. ind the Dallauce stock of ? carpet dealer, in lot* toiuitpurbIhh. MONDAY. F"urnituro, Gentleman's Furnishing Store, Stc.? \t 10.^ j'clovk orecisuly, at 451 Broad ?av, by oriler of Mr I Kinu, .handsome funi'inre ol' drawing room, parlor and bril room, kitchen utensils, 4cc.j:omi>rmng sola* ond sofa beds, burriiii, iidrbuard, book cum, i.hairi, t>b!e* lookiuii glasses, piano lories, paintings, clock, vuti, cbiuH, bids, bedsteads. main's it's, tic. 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Assignee of JOHN <iOULDIN'<i. late of lloxbtiry, Machinist, and as iiiicIi it don* authorised to claim anil receive pay from thorn' individuilsor companies, in various p.irta of tin* United State*, wha I have mad*, or u?ed, certain improved machinery, invented by laid Moulding, for the manufacturing of Wool, whicn improve- , ments were secured to him by Letter* Patent dated Dec. Uth, ll?6, and 29th July, IBSti; and he lieieby eantion* ?nch individuals and complines against paying any thinac Co any our except himself for the use of Mid improvement*; a* no one el*e can live them * legal discharge for ihe damage, or compensatien, i to *hich *aid thnldiil'i estate it, by law, eutilled for the use i)f the improvements secured to him by the Patent< above named k" COPf.LANI), Jr. Assignee Boston, 9th Oc?. IIH3. of JOHN OOULDINO. !(_/" A* tliese I'ateuU expired on the IJth of December, 1840, 1 nothing u claimed, or expected, for the u*e of the improvement* 1 lince tlmf time nil end lm*r , I MS EASE I), WKAKTN U INPLAMKU EYES. DH. WHKWLKR, Ocnlist. 33 Oreeuwich street, near the Mattery, N. V., respectfully informs the public tliat among :he many hundred* of caae* which he lias many of I them have been o|>erated on by other professors without success, and pronounced by them incurable ; yet in the?e case* he , has never failed to eradicate the disease. and effect a perfect cuiv deapiteof every disadvantage which may have presented ilaelf, and in many instances almost against hope. It ii tin* unprecedented *ncce** in hi* treatment of the various (hitherto ( considered incurable) diseases of the eve, that enable* him with 8iinfluence to refer *urh of the afflicted who may lit" itnac |MUn- i led with him and hi* mild i?ode of treating the disorder* ol

thi* organ. to !! restored iiatient* in the lirst cla** of sotiety, re*| ecting hi* proleetiouaiiie abilities, and hia pre-emint>nt ?kill a* an oculist. Chronic inflammation of the eye lid, or tore aye*, of how- i ver lonf ltninlini, cjn he effectually aud permanently cured . 11ms, specks, fcc. removed and cured without surgical operation. Cataract* removed upon the most modern approved principle* W opthnlmic surgery. STRABISMUS, [Commonly called Squinting) cured in a few seconds, on Oner- 1 leu's celebrated plan, which is free from paiu or danger. [?7" Office hours from g A. M. to I P. M., after wnich hours | lie visit* out door patimiu *27 Im r I ,S I'l.'llSI \\< K"t III order of the Surrogate ..I the ruiin I I ty of New Vork, notice is hereby given to all person* having , laims agaiuit Peter Murphy, Iste of the city of New Vork, , leritleman, deceased, to pr. jeut the same with the vouchers hereof, to lit* subscribers, at the office of Kdinuml H. Derry, 1 No. il Wall street, in the city of New Vork, on or befor* the riKniwaui ua> ul urii. Dated New York, (he 14th day of March, lRll. JACOB HAAVKY, JAM K8 C. BKLL, mis lawfiinr Ailwlninlwton with llw will unwwl, IN I'UKai/ANCIT. of an or?l*r of the Surrogate of the County l of New York, notice if hereby givrn to all |<eraou? having slftlma naaiuar John Carroll, late of the city of Netv York. Jium Shop a?<-i>er, deceased, 'o present the a<iine with the roncliera thereof u> the aubtcriher; and all |?eriom indebted to '.lie eaute, are i*?iue?.>il i,? make wninodi ite Payment. JOHN CONWAY, Ki'r, 117 Willetat Dated Now York. October II. IMI. all Im* rre N OTIC K.?All |?r?ona harmy any lew \l claim again?t Ja* b Pominick, l ite of the city of N. York, butcher, deceited ire req ilea led to |>re*ent the aame with the vourhera thereof, to ;h? inbacnber. at me home No. !11 Mercer atreet. Also, all ;hoa? imlrbtnl to tiir aatute of aaid d>'cena?d, to make payment >efor* tne 20th day of November neit, to ANN At DOMINICK, K*? mJO lo NTII mltttw'Bi RK E >RNLNG. OCTOBER 28, Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Oer.'i*.?P'tn CjII m. William H S\ari>i, u>/i? i/iptart 6jf Aii Guardian.?Thi? i? an action brought by [he plaintitt, who m a jeweller ut No. 89) Bowery, aguimt ;he defendant, who i* a undent at law, and not yet ot ?ge, for ciiniinal connexion with Mrs. Van Oott. hi* wife. The court room wai very deniely filled, both within and without the bur, and the avenue to the door aai <obt*et, tout it wa? a matter ot no umall labor and rouble to >que?-z? to or irom the room ladie? is witDeasen, weie in attendance, and tilled two tow* ol be aide benche'i Among them wa? the unhupp) wifeol [he plrtint d, whole Irtilty and unhallowed love ha* |>laccd her in a situation of auch momontou* conaeqti) tice ;o her lutuic peace and Handing in aociety. A lovely woman ttncken fiom the roll ol the virtuoui ol her *ex? tier huoband'i ihame Sh? Whi plainly dreaied, and had in a itrnw bonnet, trimmed with a yellow nnd crimson velvet ribbon; with a blnck veil, which w*s not worn lown, except at interval*, wlu-n the giueol the crowd ivhh too strongly riveted on her,to watch her conduct ivhile the witnesses on the stand proclbimud her haples s all. Mho watched the proceedings with much anxiety, ind appeared to sudor much front the heal ol theiooni, isiug U> r cambric handkerchiel as a tun David Oruhum, Esq , counsel for the pUinliil', while tie ismiuiilul ol the utereMi ol liii client, nus exhibited Irotn the cowincurii. neiit a df sire to spate, us much us possible, the couit and ha t? miles present, irum the paiu which the gross rectal ol the scenes mid language used, must give to every proper minded person. W believer it wus |xi?sible he hus preferred to call lor the meaning, rather than the literal H-ords, or the undisguised exposition ol the situation of he partlei, when di tected in their guilty intercouise Judge Kent ha* promptly put down every exhibition ol Ruling manitested by the listeners, and has declared hi* intention to clear the court, should iticb a leeling be gain manifested. The lint witness called,wus the sister )f lh? guilty wile. Q? Do you know the plaintiff? A?I do; I am the wile of his brother; I know the plaintitf s xvi'e; she in my own bister; (symptoms nf feel ng among the spectators:) I wns present at the marriage ?f my sister on the 2l?t June, 183J ; she is the present wile of Albert Van Cott; they were married t.y the Rev. VIr. Burrett, Methodist minister, Mostr,oMKH?J. Uaii.i.y sworn? 1 know the plaintiff in his case mid his wile; also the defendant; 1 am acquainted with the plaintiff abiut 14 years, ami with the wile lince her marriage; since that penod 1 have been on irms ol intimacy with the plaintiff, and have visited at lis hottie and he at mine; in the summer of 18*11, the ilanilill rumed at Williamsburg; he went there in 1830; 10 left there in the spring of '4J, with his faintly; I have rr<i<iently stten the defendant, Shurpe, at the house oi he plaintiff; the first lime ?ui in the slimmer of IH41; it uay have been iti the spring; Van Cott and his wife have lot any children; I lir?t met him as a hoarder in the famiy of tne plaintiff'; also a man named Nathan Strong; 1 rrqaently saw them at the house, up to January, 1842. Q?Were you present at any interview between Mr*, /au Cott and Hhnrpe ? if so, tell how when. A?I cannot tell the first time; I used to call there as I tansed, as an intimate friend ; I think it was in the month >1 August, 1H4I ; I cannot fix the precito ddte; I passed n to the house, from the stable where I lelt my horse, by he back basement door, toward* the front basement room where I generally met the family; as I got totho door, it tvas a Jar,and I entered the room; one of the shutter* >f the window was thrown a little back ; it we* about sleven or twelve o'clock in the day ; the other (butter was clos d ; there are onlv two windows ; the door was >nly just 8 jar ; as 1 entered Mr*. Van Colt itarti d from :liu sofa towards her dressing bureau; her dre*s was conliderably crumpled and her hair hair somewhat disordered ; I took a seat by the window which was partially open ; Mr. Sharp was lying on the sola, hi* head resting jn his hand ; he appeared to be very much .agitated ; he looked up tu me with considerable astonishment, and ipoke t? me,and sail he thought it was Van (meaning he plaintiff) ; he was very much cmbarrussed. (The Jourt here ordered that no person be admitted within the >ar unlr*s members of the bar, and that all should take lent*. The room is crowded to a jam.) Q?Deacribe the manner of the defendant as he spoke o you? A?Mil voice was tremulous; he looked up at mo and laid," Why, I thought it was Van be retained hit posiion while 1 remained in the room which was not over en or 16 minute*. H?Hud you any conversation with the partiei 7 A?No. Nothing turtber than to inquire about the amily ; Mr*. Van Cott continued to arrange her hair. Q-Was there any other pet son on the same floor at the inw 1 A?1 think u I entered I met the old woman at the hack casement door. Q?Did Van Cott leava for any place In the fall of that pear 7 A?He di<\ for New Orleans on businesi; he ii a Jeweller ; bo had made two or three previous tour* ot that kiud i he left as late as the last part ol October ; he returned the lollowiug spring, alter February?some lime in March. Q? Did Sharpe ceasu to board in the house ot Mr. Van Cott before the latter left lor thr couth ? A?I cannot tc!l : I saw him there before Vail Cott Irtt. (I?After the departure of Van Cott did his wife continue to keep house 7 A?She did ; and at that period I saw Sharpe there, as I xcasionally dropped in. <1?Weru you there on >Jew Year's Day 1 A?I was. My wife accompanied me; I rpent about twi of the day there and my wife r< m lined there. Q?Was there any incident occurred in the evening or nigatof that day between Mr. Van Cott and Sharpe, which particularly aroused your suspicions 7 A?About IJ o'clock ou that night I retired to bed; the two young ladies whs were living iu the Unnly at the time had previously retired; when I retired with my wjfj wo left Mr. Sharpe and Mrs. Van Cott, and Mr. pell, In the front basement room; Sharpe came in about eleven a'clock; 1 can't say whether he was there in the tarty part ol the evening; Mr. Bell followed soon alter me, up ilairsto bed; I saw him directly after he passed up, I was awake or som-- twd hours; u. to this time *harpe had not come up stairs; mine was the back room, on the aecond Door, and Sharp occupied the room iD fronton the tame Hour; Bell slept with Sharpe; I spoke to my wife about the impi udence of Mra. Van Cott,(overruled;) in the,moi ning I got up and found Sharp** in the basement; Sharpe said lie fult very had; thia was 11 little before eight o'clock; Mrs. Van Cott was there; I do uot recollect any other member of the family being there; hi I came into the room I bade them goo.l morning; Sharpe replied, "I feel like the devil, I did not get to bed until four r.'clock tin* morning; Bell assed Sharpe "what woa the difficulty last night; yon alwayii said you would not go to bed until ifier 1 aid;" Sharpe looked to me an if he had been up all night on a spree, or something like that. Q?Did you ob-ertre the general manner of iotercourie Between Mr*. Van Cott and Sharpe on other OCCMianl, if 10 wnat wa* it? A?1 have seen Sharpe clasp her in Ins arms, and kua tier,and upo such line familiarities; I can't t> 11 how ofiou 1 a w them act so; Mrs. Van Cult del resist some, but not rery stiudily (a laueh in the Court, Judge Kent com maiule I silxnce;) Shatpe continued to board there l1 er heae familiarities, but how long I don t know; I wal lold Sharpe was a afudent at law-, I have invariably found Sharpe at the houso when I called; I called Hometimea at ;?o and at five in the af'ernoon; I called at all hours as I went and returned on :ny professional visits. Q-Duiing how many months or weekididthe familiarity continue to \ our knowledge? A ?I observed more or lesa ol this familiarity forfouror five months. Cioat examined by Mr. Jopnirt?1 am a phyaiciari; I resided at Williamsburg, and used frequently to come to thiacity on prelessmnal anil oth-r business; 1 visited Wm Hewlitt's tainily, (witness objects to hiving his [trlvaie affairs exposed?the court decides the q'lettion to be In ordm ,) tlie children wereill; I caDnotrecollect how long they u ere under my care. Q-H>w often, on an average for a week or a month, were you in the habit ol visiting Van Cott'a house, between the months of June and January spoken of ? A?Atout thieetiima a week; my wile and Van Colt ire cotisina. Q?What ia your present business? A?I am a naval officer in the Custom House. (I-Has Van Cott been in the habit of ,!oing you pecuniary tavois? A?H** hn? two or three time* endorsed my paper. ((-Did Mrs Vanr .tt enjay good health? A ? She dlil, generally speaking; ahe was occasionally ubjK-t fo hysterical fits, or epilepsy, sometime* wiih rery severe spasm",at others not at ail; these would occur i it timva. Q? Had ahe any children ? A?Not to my knowledge. Q-lliw many windows ore there in the front ba?e- , nent 1 A?There are two, ponaihljr three; the home atanda ilone?the family generally sat iu the front basemei t ootn ? (?-Hal Mr*. Van Cott servant at the time when yon :augl,i her in the my terious attitude you apoke of ? A?Y>'i,nn old woman, I do not know her name. Iam K>?itive I iatv u woman there, who I knew to t? ? ifrrant there; ihe wai not one of the young ladies living at ;he house. q?Wa? the loom so light that you could ace persona n toe room I A?Nj. n?arthe r>pin abutter I mght recogni/.i an ac|iiuiutance. Mrs. Van Cott whs walking when I entered. I'he end of the aofa was d reetly near the open abutter. <4?Can ) ou tell whether Mrs. Van Cott waa going in a range Irom the window or the iota ? A ?I cannot tell. It may have been from the window, ind it may have been l'rom tho sofi?tha window and 'ol'a were near, but not in a range. The bureau looking glaaa waa on the back aide ol the room, and the iota on the f.ont aida. (A diagram of tne room ia hare ihown to the witneaa, to enable him to point out the tx?i ion of the aola ) I saw a looking gla?a on the bureau, which atood in a rece?? A lady might aee to drea? bar I Hair; I ow ned |the other ahutter, aa I am not partial to 1 larkncf; I Joommunicated the acone of the front biat- ' m.'nt to Mr. Van Cott in the eaily part of the lummer 1 ifier hi? return, it w?? before I heard lh..t be had anv lift,:alty with hia wile. B-lom Up went to the M>uth,'( < ntimated to him that he had Itetter takn hia wile with inn, a? he had done before. 1 did not tell him my rea- 1 ion a lor uch advice. Q?What timu did the separation between Van Cott 1 ind hia wile take place 1 A?I do not exactlv know; it waa about two month* P liter I mentioned to him the ( ene before deicribed) it waa n tm nmmer 01 1-4:1 <4-Hjw many timeadi I you and your wife viait Mra 1 /?n Cott alter Auguat, 18411 ? A?I do not recollect that we viaited there more than t wo or three time? alter thi?. t q?How manv timea did you take your wife to ko Mra. Pan Cott, after Van Cott had gone aouth T 1 [ERA 1843. A- Once or twice; New War'* mglit win one of the occasion*. Q-On New Year'* night, (lid you extract b tooth for Mr Bharpe after he cauie in, anil break it iu the operation 1 A?I don't r. uit mi't r that 1 tried to extract a tooth that night bharoe did not tell me that it w>? the igon; occumoned by the atump of the tooth which krpi him awake on the night in question. I did not make any inqu.ries about wiiat kept Inm up to late. - now no you know mm abdipe did Dot go up to De<i tbbt night I A ? become I listened, if that will please 7011. (A lsti(h ) Q?Did >ou and your wife after you got into bed con* Teraetogether ? A?We did. I ca?'t recollect on, what. Sho vm about Counsel? Never mind whwt she waa about (A Ut'gb.) - Did your wifo visit the house after that I A?1 do not know?1 ilou't think aliu did. Q - D.d you ever nee Van Cett tbko lib.rties with other women 111 the presence ot hi* wile; did you ever st e him kit* Hny other man'* wile) (A buz ) A?No; 1 don't recollect tbai 1 have. Q ?Did ) ou ever see him exhibit any part of hif wile'j per.on to bin male ineud*, 01 did you htar bun use any ?xpretkion> anout ncr person to males? a?No; I never ?id. ti?Wtio i* Mi?* Waldron, wiiom you have mentioned'! A?She 1* a companion ol Mr* VeliCott. 1 do notknow w hether *ue ha* been received an u companion to Mr. Van Colt aince the separation. Q?Who la Miss Riddell/ A?1 undi rstood Iter to be received ui an adopted datigh ter I do not know that the Riddell* were relative* ot Van Cott Q?Did you evur iee Van Co't ku? or take hold of either ol these girl*? (All eye* were turned to the ladle* on the tide benches?their veiit were, however, diawn tightly down.) A?I bave not, to my recollection. Ho may have had hold of them, but 1 cannot state positively out boldly. (A laugh ) U?Do you recognize thin letter as in your band writing I (A letter is show ii ) A?1 do. Mr. (Iriham-I wish to see that Utter. I have a right to see ItMr. Jordak?Wo withdraw it?it is not yet in evidence. (Letter withdrawn) fcl ? What wai the precise time, in tho Hummer of 1841, wlicu you told Van Cott ol your suspicions! A?In May or June. Mr. Jordan? The Court will excuie us one moment. (A co"Suliation is held on the letter whicn wta withdrawn?the listeners about the table at which we ore seated are making anxious inquiries?"Which is the lai.y?"? "Is that SharpeT'?"This will be a rich trial"? "What pretty girls are these with the black veils?"?the letter is filially shown the witness, and then handed to Mr, Oiuham.; Mr. Jordan read the following letters:? [Letter ol Dr. Bailey to Sharpe, August \64i ] Mr Ukar Sm,? Your |K>lite note ia just rccelvcd, and in reply let me inlorni you that 1 have not spokeu in a diirespectlul man ner m relation to you to Mr. Van Cott; as lor nylli , I know nothing as to your character, pro or con, prior to this ridiculous Ilaro up! I presume they allude to come remarks that I made to Mr. Van Cott in conjitlenct, tin having been told to me by a friend; and 1 expussly stated to him at the time that my object was not tiy any meaus to injure you in repeating to him what 1 had heard. 1 told liitn what my object was, and if you will call on mo this evening, 1 will iepeat,with pleasure, to you word lor word what 1 did tell him, talUfy you why I tuld him, and if you wish, give you my autnor. My conduct toward* you since must saintly you how tar I wan influenced by it, true or f?ia?, and if they art" disposed 10 make use ot it to your disadvantage, it in certainly a breach ot goo.l laith at any rate. I shall tie down town this olternoon, and will stop in at Pine's coffee house, corner of Pine and Nassau street, at 4 o'clock, should it he more convenient lor you to tee me thoie. Your friend, Nkw York, Aug. 3,184i. M.J.BAILEY. | Letter of Vsn Cott to Sharpe, July 184J.J Nkw York, July 23,1942. Dear Billt Yours ot 21st init Came safe at hand and in answer to you I inform you That as concerning your Conduct Always has been that of a Gentleman Towards me and my wife?and the Black Maile will amount to nothing except itiiTo get him self dlsgrased Things are Satteritactory Concerning your conduct Toward* Mrs V C the hole Uame has been put in opperation morn than once before by my Pretended friends with ths only aim To Destroy it Possible the happiness and unity that always has existed between us?by the Etarnal Ood if I once get hold ol sutch friends 1 will send them to hell the place ware they would of (Jot btlore this if it had not been my Charitable Disposition To provide food that has Ceusedd and thair aim is To devowr up if possible thevery means wich has g ven them Life Dear Billey I assure you and I hope that friendship ties that always has existed between us is two strong to be removed without just cause 1 remaine Youis attectionateley O B VAN COTT PS I should Liko you to call and see me as soon as you can conveoientley Q by Mr. Graham?What was (he ege of Mrs. Van Cott at the time ot her marriage? A?She was a mere girl I should say. Q?Did you advise Van Cott belore he went to the (outh as to Sharpe remaining in his house as a boarder/ A?I think I did. H?What did you state to Van Colt in May or June, 184i' A?I told Van Cott that he ought not to admit Sharpe to board with him or visit at hi* house. Q?Alter you had told Vau Cott of these matter*, were you called upon by Van Cott and Sharpe relativw to this? A?I stated to them what wn? the amount of the com 11 icatiou I made te Mr. Van Cott; I guve Mr. Sharpe to understand that I did not charge biro with Hnyciiminal acts, but simply as to my opinion of what t bad seen txke place; Snarpn denied that he bad sat up ulone on the New War's night, and said that Dell and he went to bed together; th? object of the visit of Van Cott and Bharpe to nitwits to let Stnrpe know what communication I had male to Van Cott relative to hin: and Mr*. VattCott; Mr. Van Cott did not say at thut interview that he believed what I told him; a few daj a after that interview I had receive*! wliat I considered a very limtlting letter, which I supposed Sharpe had some hand in, so I called ou Van Cctt to see where Sharps was, and he appeared very much incensed against me; the consequence was that for nearly two months I did not speak to Mr. Van Cott when I met him in the afreet; after the writing ol the letter No I. a reconciliation was effected between myself and Van Co-t(witness de?ires to explain this lettei); I cannot recol lect whether it was at the first Interview. or subsequent!) at Van Cott'a store, I intimated to Va:i Cott that rupreseniHtions hail been made to me alf. cling the character of *hiirpa as to his integrity; the exprestion in the letti r a> to character is in referenco to such repri agitations; i? ha 1 nothing to do with Shfirpe's intimacy with Airs. Van Cott; I tol I .dharpo I would give him my author, but lie did not nsk me. Q-Do you know what Van Ca t ufers to about the " Mack mail," in letter No 3. A?1 do not. Mr. O-itHiN-If you with, we will admit that the ex preuion "black mail," in that letter, refers to Doctor Bai ley. By Mr. JoensM?Was it before the letter about thi lack mail was written, that tou communicated to Van Cott the fcene of the front basement room A?I'hink it was nt one of the two interviews?[Mr Jordan interrupting him: ? Sir, jou can't blind me, I keep my et eopen, and with thia very point in view, answer my question, sir); the witness states that it was prior to the wti'inR of the letter. Mr Jordan reads a portion of letter No. 1, about iliarc ani rt' in timtaintu t>n<4 nuLa -r. ?. ?--i" ' ? U ? Do you think tho communication made l>y yen to Van Cott <> not appuking dmre?perttully of sharps A?Tho ronvertatu n between Van Cott and my nelf iva? not considered by mit mi n matter ol Uiaieapect to Mr Sharp*; it win that of a friend to Van Cott; I (lid not conit drtreepectfnl to t?-ll Van Cott. (J?What do you mean hy the wotda " ridlculoui flare tip?" A?1 Hllnded to thn coldneat between Van Colt and mytelf I do not know whether Sharp* knew of my communication to Van Cott. when I wio?e that letter; I lo not know what he chared me with The " flare tip," was in consequence of Van Cott mentioning to Sharp* what I intended n? a friendly intimation. I think I ile-it royed the let'er?ent to me by Hharpe; it may poimbly he imong my i>ii|M>rs; I confi 8) I do not know any thing certain about the (ate of that letter. Ma. Jo*u?!? ohaervel?Mr- Graham, you can now occupy the next t< n da> a in eominiug your witnenea. Hknmt Brim M?:vr*,iworn ?t re?id<? at Saratoga; I am a watchmaker and Jeweller; I re?td*d at Willinmiburg in the fnil of 1H41, in the hotuo of Van Cott; I wai a clerk inhia employ; I resided thorn from June to November, 1841; I ielt with Van Cott far thn South, n* far no Wxahinit on; wa* absent for eight or ten day; I remained at his hoii??* until December, and lelt before Mr. Van Cott broke up housekeeping. SVirpo waa boarding there when I flrnt went thete in Jtir.e; he continued to board thi-re for some days be'ore Van Cott left; I can't recollect; it was about a work belore, a? he requested me to make out hi* lull; lie remove I Iim trunk nnd movables at the time, and did not return airain before Cott left; wnen i returned irom *va?mni;ioii i iouihi mm at tne home, occupying the ?anie rot mi I did not coatinui- in VanCott'annplny efter I returned; I left in about three woek? for the South. V?n Co'.t invited mo to remain at fii* home on my return from Wanhiugton.aa hi?gue?t Van t'.ott carried on his buiineu hero. We generally left the houae after breakfast,' and returned home in the vening to tea, itont six o'clock, and remained there. \fter my return fioin Wanhington, I spent pretty much ill thed.iy at Van Co!t'? houae. H -Hid yon ever hear Sharpe?prak of Mr*. Van Cott, ind use indecent expreSMont, coupled with her name T A ?I have heard him apeak of Mra. Van Cott in the lumuer mon'hi. q-State what were tho?e oxpretaiona, unleai they ire too gross. A?They are too gross to he repeated literally, I will five the meaning of th?m as well at I can. Q?State them in Tmir?*n way. j\~H? tow m? of hn wi<h, intention, and dwirr, to >iv? ctiminnl Conneilon with fh* woman. It nwd ?tich 'tpreniont on ??v?ral occm!ou? whilr he<id th#T?; ic w?? n?u?lly in *ucU a T?ia on Riind?y?; I r?.colI?c? br?>? di?ti> ct timea. tl -H??? yon ieen Sharps tak? ?ny familiarity* with Mr?. V?n Cottl LD PrlM Two C?nU iA ? Ye?, on one or two tccu?ioin; onco particularly, be cnme up lacing her, and putting toih hit uimi around her neck,drew her to bim; h? would kit* her; the lamiliarl Ilea i oi, w/umii-u iu mf pulling, catching hold Of ! and kiiaing ber. Bbarpe's conveuation to Mra VanCott win light and trifling, uot im mud eat Hit ordinarily remained ht the houkeon Buiid*) Ml d?y Mharpe was always there when I returned to ihe home, uhtibai to ' dinner or tea, on w e? k da> a cr > Ciot? examined b> Mr Joaoan- Lid you gotoaee Mr Sliai |>e 10 colli ct m bill oI t>u?id lor Mr. Van Coll 1 A? Ye?; I drove Mm. Van Colt in u w ngon to a hottw in Grntnuich or Hudacri *?., to wh?re alio laid 8hsrp?'a mother livi d; Mm. Van Cottwmt in while I itmamed u the wag n; Van Cotl did not 'fj anything to me or his wile, in my preaencc, about ashing Mharpe to coma back to I'oardj Vuu Colt t.aid lie did not want him back (Mr. Jordan ubjacts.) 1 do know Sharpe's mother, I never aid in preteuce of Sbarjie's mother that Van Colt wished him to come hack to boatd; I ?uj ogam (warmly) I oarer did. (Mr Jordan?very well sir, to 1 understand you ) Van Coti dirt i.ot intimate to roe, in any way, tbat he e?pecled . harpe to riturn to bis house, I loiged in the kume iuooi ? ith ml.utpc oner or twice, not utuslly ; I did not see Sinn pe carry an) bagpuge awa> ; I only knew 1 I 1 but ?? arpe removed hi a bagguge, by hearing it iron the Him .tPS of tl>e hoUdU. (Mr J?mut> ohj< eta ) Wheu bhuipo aude thete dt ciarat 1011a about Mrs. 1 Van Cott, where did the cc uvmntion tske place 1 < A?In Hum |i<' U: Irfcom, I Wi lit there In invnation. 11 ? Did ) uu ?er declare to bliurpe that > ou would like to ki.ow Mr? Vim l oti ciiBintlly 1 A?No, I never did ?a> Mi> thug of that nalurp. U Did ) 1.11 ev r >ir V?ii Coit ki?sor lma any of the ladiesoi tbi li>in11> in presence ol Uu wile I A? N J, 1 tti ill not (4- DM >ou ever ?ta Van Cott push bis wilu up agsinat 8k- ip< 1 A ?No, I never did. H- Uki ) ou ever ?? Van Cott take hold of hU wife and ta> she had u hundaoinii liuib, or ai.y tbiog else, beiore S bar jib ? (A buxz Judge Kent orders silence ) A ? I never did. CI-Did >ou ever tell Van Cott ot Sharp, 'i pairion for Mia Van'* charms 7 A?I never did; 1 wtntto Saratoga iu August, 1943; I went to Norfolk, Virginia, pieviou?ly Q?Did you and shui pe bave a quarrel 7 A ? We did, about the board hill) I then told him ha rvaa a <! d scoundrel, and he told me I ?u another; I ww going to knock him don u, and would hare done ao) 1 told him h? waa not what he ought to be; the diaput* wm about .lie bill; thin waa a week or two previous to Van Cott '* going away; Sharpe and I did not quarrel cn any ottier uCCUMOn. (Something waa aaid by the witntaa about hii standing a bottle ol wine at dinner, at Van Cott'a houie, on Thankr-giving Day ) Direct examination reiumt d by Mr Graham?Van Cott told Shurpe tbat a? he was going south he did not want any person* in th" house other than the member* of hia own (amity, a. d desired me, in Saarpe'a presence, to make out his bill. Fkapkms Damn, (a Virginia nggci) sworn?I know Van Cott aud In* wile; 1 bave sein Mr. Bharpe;Ihave known Mr. and Mra. Van Coit about seven year*, and I saw Hhurpe about twoycaiango in tbi:street, with Mr. Van Cott. Q?Did you whitewash Mr. Van Cott'* home, No. M Orchard it, in May, 1H4J7 A?I di<t, thu house ia between Orand and Broome; I worked there sis or seven day a, in succession, for ion* uoiii h o( u time cacn day. H -Wh Mr?. Van Cott m the house the whole time I A?Yes, the greater pnrt. 4?Dili jou nee Mr. Sliarpe there? A?Yes, every day; I have known him to be there mil <1 *y, that is, us long as I was there; he used to cone Id by the* hmement door; once became by the hall door; 1 do not know whether he knocked is he entered. Q-Have you heard Mr. Sharpe say any thing, or (log any songs? A?1 did?they were, what 1 call in my language "very mulfy" anil vulgar, indecent words anil songs. Q?How often did he do so? A?Kvery day while 1 was there, either in my presence or before Mr. Cott; he was tunning up and down after Mrs Van Cott; I have seen him come behind her and a pull her up quick to hii person; he used to catch her around the waist. Q? Did you And Mrs. Van Cott and Mr.Sharpe together up Htai rs; u so state the lacta I A?The first time 1 went up to the garre t to aak Mrs. Van Cott at what pait of the house 1 should go to work at, Sherpe and her were then in the front attic room ; 1 went up sottly, as I had on slippers j I heard them laughing, so 1 did not rap ; as 1 was well acquainted with the family I walked right inatid saw her and Sharpe landing together; Hharpe stood on her light side and had her around the waist (intense interest) ; their clothes were in the ordinary condition ; I don't know whether there was a bed there or no; tbey were not on the bed ; I stepped back as I saw the pair together ; 1 spoke to Mrs. Vaa Cott ; Hharpe let go her clothes and dodged behind the door ; the second time was in the rear attic room ; they went upstairs together, and in about fifteen minutes I followed ; the door was thut to (several ol the young ladies here left the court room) ;1 saw through the key hole. ??? , It was all of half an hour before they returned down ktairs. 4-On the flrit occasion, how were their clothes it en you saw them t A?All I ki.o'v was, I xaw hit shirt. (Sensation ) Q-Dul you see Mrs Van Cott and Sharpe at that time A?No, I never did; alter I had finished the home, and during the summer lolloping, I saw them together in the street Ht tho corner ol Divmou and the Bowery; I have accn them out en several occasion*, aa 1 uaed to aell ice creami about thecity. Q?When Van Cott uied to return home, would Sharpe be ut tbehouie 7 A?No; he uied to be miafing; once, I think,he went up stairs when Van Cott camt into the lasument. Cross-examined by Mr. Joans* ?I live now at 117 Waiker street; I lived in my own houae in fortieth street previously ; I win the owner, and built the houae; I told all every ihmg, hone, wagon and all; 1 built on t ItlM lot; I aoid ill* houae to Francis Henry, a colored man; 1 while-washt d, kept hogs, and for tho reat of the summer I rn i'le ire creami,and told tnem in the city. Q ?~>id you tell any kody about Mre. Van Cott and Sharpe and your keyhole scenes 1 A-No; until last spring when tho affair waa tnlartti about tliecity. I do not knjw who enlarged it; the mat I hear d was a gentleman reading a paper about Sharpe .in I Albert V >n Cott; something about an arrest; 1 do not knOAr whnt it was about, but trom what I had seen, I knew tiie paitiea and nil al>out it; I think it was in the Herald newspaper; I did not do any thing about the mat t.rthen,! was called upon by Mr. Van Cott to whitewash aguiti; then lacked John Van Cott what waa the matter between Mr Sharpe and th? young ladiea; I said io him " I thought Sharpe was a had lei ow, because he w s always pinching ami ketcbing Mrs Van t ott." He 'hpn told me that his brother had arretted him; I told him I knew something abmit it; he then told his brother, and he enme lo >ee me nt No 49 O eenwich street, where I lived; I hired the house from Mr AI?op, the soap mailer; I uou,d not handlo the thing when Van Cott cami to me about it; for 1 knew better than to handle any thing beween man and wife; became to see me aeveral times, and I told him that 1 bail seen Sharpe and his wife together in a position; he wanted to know what position; lit I refusi (1 to hnii'lie the position; alter repeated visits, I tot I him the principal parts. Q ?What did he give you lor telling him 7 A?Nothing; he did not offer me any thing. This witness underwent n long cioss-examination by Vtr. Jordan as to the tcene first described by him in the itont attic; the po1 itioti ot the ( air, and bow they acted on delectien A cunsidrrhble time was eccnpied in endeavoring to bring out of ihe witnt st whether Sharpe dodged behind the door or i ot He finally saiil he did not dooge, hut iti nru'il hnrlx Thu u.ii.tiro Hut ail nf ar??. conni<l> r.ible *enantion nmong the spectators; no much to, hat Judge Kent titln saed them, and declared th?t it wu his intention to try this came in n manner leaat calculated to shock the public moral'-, and if any further d?rnont.11 h'mn< wern made, umilnr to that which called foith then? remarks. lie would ch ar the court rx.m ot all peraona but the jury, lawyi rs ergagrd in the cauie. the witneaava und th -r portei*. Thi< had thudeaiied tttect <t checking thcr!l*nmcolul outbreaks. The description ot th* icene in the hack attic room, on tha bed on th- door, w.ia too moss, too in<tecent, to ap( ear in print; we theie'oie omit it, merely reniaiking that oma light di*cr*p?ncie? In drscriptlou has been the reault olthe crOM - i.imliia'lon TheCourt then adjourned to halfpaat ten o'clock to day Sprrlnl Hfialom Before H corder Tnlm.etge and Aldermen Waterman and Martin Kmntr, Oct i7.?The following were among the conviction* in thiaCouit ye*tirlny : ? Charles llmson, a colore I man, lor dealing a quantity of wearing app; ri l, woith ti3|lroin John Roger*, guilty. Penitentialy 0 months. William Simon and O.-orge Logan lor rteallng thr?? ve*t patterns tiom the itore of Kdward Amaux, in Naaaau itrt-et, guilty. Pt-nitentlnry 6 months tach Kmoia (ireni, n coloie l woman, for stealing a pair of hoots froinAbraha.n M Miller, guilty. Penitentiary li* month*. Mai) Dublin, also a colored woman, for stealing a pair >l ladi-?' gal'eri Irom Mr. Miller'* ?tore, guilty. Peniten[ tiary 0 month'*. Arthur El'.ia and James William* for atealing a piece of French cas*i i ere worth $17 50, from Noyet-Sc Morri?, guilty. Penitentiary 6 month*. OeoigeC.lme, for maltreating hi* wife Eva, constantly beating her, guilty. P> nitentiary fl month*. 8?iah Brewer, for atealing from the store of Su ton * Rnndleaa piece of cotton good*, guilty. Penitentiary *i* month*. John Duckrow and John McMahon, tor ?tealing two keg* of white lead Irom Samuel ttchooumakar, guilty. Penitentiary 6 months each. ? ... Peter Detrew and George Wilkin*, far Mealing aome cotton handkerchief* Irom Oamble S?l?, Also a numoer oi (ilk scar's from Samuel Town*, and a tack coat worth t? AO, from Moiria Kaight, guilty. Penitentiary 9 montha I M?l. Mujwtioi or War ?A Urge cPDM^nmrnt of munition* W?r, d< s gned lor the iron steamer dow (>uildicic ut fcrie, arrived her?* yesterday. Among the iirni?ni?nf arc two ot the famous Paixnarn ?nn? wemhiug 312 toon ev?h. Common e?rro?Mi)e? ?r^ nifie bagatelle* c ompared to them. ? i.'vl/ato Com Ail v. Another SRiztniK?Yesterday an invoice of goods, valued at something like $500, whs captured at.d brought to the Custom Houte.?Buffalo Com. Adv. 2bih intt.