Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Ekim 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Ekim 1843 Page 3
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T?|? II TNt i4?T DAY Or OEMKftAL TOM THUMB jI lUit An.uiMuttfUiU, and he taUos I.U bunfit, at theiimu lime that no give* the parting baud to ? I is numerous friend*. Barnum has determined to make it a grand holiday (or fannilii* and schools, an I Ua>* advertised to glvethre* performance*, at II A. M.. 3 uud 7| P. M. Th<*e performance* will consist ol the most astonishing experiments in Mfsimri-m. rare bit*, scraps, imiUtiois, k<s-, by Dr. Va)etitinetreinarkable feat* with the toe*, hy Mr. Nellis, Sto Ui. It will hit *een by the bill* und a Iveitisements that Odd. Tom Thumb will appear in full Nxp' leon Costume in the morning, in the a(t?rnoon in ilmt of a Yankee child,and in the evening in plain uiti. ten* dres*. THIS 18 POSITIVELY THE LAST DAY OF tUi; <lnmni')th Bonn*, and the Whiskered f:hild at Pdale's New Yoik Muirum. Now, or never! No one should )'>v> the opportunity of seeirg th< m Mom. Adrian, the greMett magician in the world; the Mechanical Figure*; Mysterious Bay, and the unequalled comic *ingrr, Mr. Collin*, al! give their performance* thl* afternoon at> o'clock, and hulf past seven in the evening- Admission to tho whole is but one shilling. ??- WATCH LOS T ?The person who took charge of u gold watch on laat Mond.iy alternocnor evening, lor an lndividuiil who required assistance, will please direct to A. H. at this office, atating hia address, when the owner will appear, prove his property, and make a satisfactory remuiit ruiion. GCJ- ISLAND OF CUBA MANSION HOUSE, UUINE9?Thi* house for American* i* continued by thw subscriber, and be offers his best services to those who require healthy, qaiet accommodation* in thecountry and nv/nt delightful |iort of toe Island. Stranger* will find hue a large mid [>lv??ant bouse kept in the AmerU wn style, good cei vant* rpeaking English and Spanish, honnn <iiij carriAges and every advantage that can hum tit iuvali.ta or coediiceto the com to it of those who trav 1 for busiuesc or amusement* During the last two years this hou<? ban been viaited by several eminent physicians faom tin IT.iitni States who concur in the opinion that niioy important advantages for persona with pulmonary disorder* are here combined Guines is at the southern extremity of the railiuad, 40 milea tram Havana, to which pljco thwieis daily eoniuiuiiication and but three hour* ride. 8. A. WOODBURY. ??- TtlE CHEAPEST MAGAZINE EVER TUBLt.-ilt D !?The NEW MINOR m monthly paits? fart one for November, containing five original and tu]trrl> atari engravings, and sixty-tour super royal octavo pages of letter press, mostly original matter, on fine white paper price 95 eents, and a liberal discount to agi. nti. For tale, wholesale and retail, by BllliOESS & STRINGEtt, 9v2 Broadway, corner of Ann street. Also tbe Weekly Minor for this day, with a magnificent portrait of Count D'Orsay?Price < J cents. (W9- Country ai.'cnt* sunnliod with anvof the che^n publications at publisher*' prices, and one day in advance of their publication in tbii citv. BURGESS Sc STRINGER. < 0t7- V NEW HO WITT TRANSLATION?Fresh ioin H*>id><lberg ? Published thin day, in laigo new type, price 13} cent*, the Wonderful History ol Peter Schlemibl, by Adalbert Von Chamtsso?translated by William HnwiitTbi? delightful work, for which we are indebted to the husband t.f the translator of Frederika Bremer's popular novel*, i? now for the fir?t time presented in n worthy tiunsi itioti. Of i'a merits, William Ilowitt remarks, in bis preface, dated Heidelberg, 1843:? "How perfect is this story! How (all of the knowledge of human nature ard society? With what delicate tact in the scene w ith Thomas John and bis p>rty in the Park skdehed! The character! ot Rascal, of Kendel, and of Mina are master pieces How admirably too has the author, while quizzing the weakness cf human nature, vindicated its worth in the love of Mina and the noble heart cf B> ndcl 1" So much say? William Howitt, and we think the public will ugtee with him,after reading his new and beautiful vetnion of the ?tory?forming as it does a fitting compunioti to MUs Bremer'* excellent tales. PuSdi-ihed by BURGESS It STRINGER, 322 Broadway, corner of Ann street. (R7- METALLIC TABLET?This is the most perfect article lor the purpose designed ever invented, having the wondprlnl jiower of prcdacing the keenest a .id smoothest possible edge ot the razor, in a tenth part of thn time that is r< quired on a hone, at tbp same time dating n wny v, ith the unpleasant us<? of oil and water. It is the snmu size os (inordinary strop, and as simple in its use. With o ie^f them them^ans is ever athandol keeping razors in perfect order. The first cutlers ol England and Krance lit?ve them in constant use, and recommend them. The del< brated M. Milliken, cutler to the rojal navy, SOI Strand, after using one five years, sent c certificate of its superiority to the iuvi ntor, where Keen he seen, with many others frcm the most scientific gentlemen of this country. O. 8AUNDER*, Inventor and inanufacturei of the Metallic Tablet, 161 Broadway. THALON'S TUBFR06E SHAVING CREAM. The beiiMty ol this article consists in its entire adaptation to the end a.tend?d,.working on the beard like a charm? FnftM,i...r in :l lull mnmprit?. Ita romnniif.nt nflrt* nrnnf the choicest kind, freelrow strong alkalita which have a periicioos tr-mlency, besides being very disagreeable.? Them > ho have ased it, are unanimous in piononncin x U decidedly superior to any Soap they have used, and would not be without it on no account. It ia cheaper than ?nj thing, that it imported, bting sold at the low price ?f S ft d A shillings the jar. G< ntlernfn or? respectfully invited to call and try it< qualities a' the Hair Dressing Saloon, 214 Broad way, opt p ?'*>e S;. Puni's. Phuloii's DuMiu Cream lor the hair, ii one ofthe best articles for the toilet, and ia highly commended by the ladies Tor softening the hair, causing it lo grow dark and gl?s<v,*o that it will usMtme any shape desired by the w i a> nr. S>!d wholesale and retail by Phalon, inventor, 214 Bioacwsy, pnd Braicard k Co , 13 Couit st. Boston. X+- PRlVATB~UI?StA8K?ZIir"CITRE GUARANTEKD?Thu College ef Medicine and Pharmacy of the City <>f New York, established 'or the suppression of quackery, ia now prepared to treat nil disease of a pri vatermute, and oiler to all tboie afflicted with these distress! i g mnUdies advantages not to be met with in any otlipr institution fb this country, either public or piivate Frvitn the constant correspondence, and from private arrant; eim nts, between the member* ol the College and the ni*'Si eminent profespora ol the medical institutions of Europe, all improvements in the treatment of these diseases ere tc rwaided lo them long belore they reach the majority ol the mniK'alprof.-ssionil this country. With such celebrated remelies, together with the combined skill ol the that tkedn-nl m? n ol thic country, the College leel satisfied that the good work thev have und? rtsben, " ?he ii<ippr> saion ol quackery," will receive the p.tronugo it deserves from that portion of the public lequiiing their Sti rviree. Terms for advice, all medicine?, $S Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 07 Nissau ttree . W*. S. RICHARDSON, AVnt. N.B. rat'onts living at a distance, by stating their dlrrB?ee>-'| iicitly in writing, triving all symptoms, together with tho treatment they received elsewhere, II any,can obtain a chest containing all mcdicineg, with full direc iocs .'or use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing tho fljjent of the college, i>o?t raid, enr luring *>. CO'- THE CHINESE HAIR ERADICATOR, IS BY its immense ?ale,eiicitieg the tnvy ol the pt et ended 11 M. D.'r," alias dancing masters, who lin ing that it superre Us (hi ir miserable ti ash, which these charlatans push before the public. This article is the only original preparation lor removing the hair, and all have rprungup en it* reputation. Tropin should beware of these things that inttnda'e the country, draining people's pockets, tor that which n jutui the health and skirl. We warrant the ( hinkso HairEradicator to coutain no "arsenic or poison," but to be |>eriectly harmless and soothing; under i'.a operation the skin boccmna expanded, assuming a delicate, fljrid, appi arance. It will not burn or irritatn the most delicate ekin. To he lound only at 21 Couitlandt street, an 1 w here it will be applied bt fjre purchasing, to con' vince the incredulous QQ- WEAK INVENTIONS OF THE ENEMY.?The Pouiire Subtile,for the eradicating superfluous human hair salely, qnickl) and prrmanently, advances in public estimal.oii pio lata with tba abuse it receives from imitalore, l itis singular chemical preparation has entirely anni' listed tho dangerous and utterly inefficacious compounds in use, and elicited tho envy and malignity of base counterfeiters, wfcoattunptto palm off theii poisonOtis trash by de-ci ying the genuine. Such impotent, yet budfciont (ITnts, only recoil on themselves. The populsiitv imd extensive sale of the Poudre Subtile is not to le retarded by mch miserable shifts; it lias attained the highest pitch el i ublic approbation; it ii alwa'steated before the eyea ol every purchaser, w hen the strongest nod toughest hsir Is seen to raclsb like magic, leaving the skin soli, smooth and delicately whi'e, even on tho lore head; where the superfluous hair has been removed, the Muc in--of the skin vanishes with the hair, leaving it the color of the ai.rroundiug pait* The genuine is to be had no w here rise In N mv York but at t?T Wolker street, one door from Broadway. ?1 per bottle. A&euts?Boston, 2 Milk street; 70 Chesnut street, Philadelphia; My .ra, Now Haven; Dye r, Providence; Carlton, Lowell . Green. Worcester ; Giey, l'oughkeepsie ; Guthrie, Albany; Tousey, Rochester, fco. Wholesale agents, A. R. k D Sands, Kulton street. (??- THOSE IN ILL HEALTH, HEAD THIS!? Wj ui?r In now ?t}ion us, and it tw.ompa requisite that we ibouM prr*. rve oui-kIvm Irom the approach of aicknrn Ho-? many of our population am inhj ct to that irosl to bedreadid of ull diaeaielt, coii?um|>tion. Men, women, CD'' chlllrcn. fall Vletlra, and thon?ani!a follow after v I'houl r?t? rvpiui(j to be aared. And ?et one of the mou (rt.^tivo tr iiwjIm i? at hand, and which if lined in time phii ?8ip lilo?that r?ra?djr ia P?ter?' though Lotengea ? Pieaiar.t 10 th* taate, they can be taken by the mo?t dirtreated. If the are ulcerated or diaeaaed, they aooihothem ao ftieh en eateiit,that the ino?t > fflirted their power anil u?<1uln?aa. Like 1'etera' Vegetable Filla and Smiling Streng hmlng PUater, they havo gained an ' tnvi. bl" reputation thtoiighout the Union. hoi I at N>>. lis Ku'ton ?ti eet. . (ST- ' MY COi.oil I? r X? KtUirfOLY TROUBLE oii.e, inn! I for will (<rininnte in consumption. It keep* cno frum ileeping, and I know not what to i'o Can yon t* 11 me what will 1-elp me/' Thi? wm the lunguxaa of a friend a few daya fince, ft"d I directed him to Dr. Hliftmnr.V; heohtuirrd n Vox of Cough Loiengen, and ia now r< ttorod to perfect health. Ilow utrango that per. loin fiifl' tii g Under n short dry cough thould tamper wi'h themaelvea when the remedy ia to mar at hind.? THey willaave when other meana inil. Ili shermati'a * ur> houac it at 100 Na**au at. Acer 's 'J37 Hml?oii ?tre>ti IS-* Bowety; 77 Ea? Broadwav ; ?6 1 '*0 r.illni, il?,l An.i ? i i.llirDnilil. iiigR, 1'lnladelphia ijj- CO V9TITUTIONAL DKBILITT PKRMA? Nt. I I.Y Cl'Hf.D- The Tonic Mixture prepared by the Nmv Voik College of Medicine end Pnarmaey. it the moat jiown nlttrniRtbener and i&vigorator oi the con iltnt on lit preamt kao? ? t? the intdical ftculiy. It ii extennVi ly pretcllbed in oil cmh or debility produced ^ rril plrtiiiic, with the m?*t trfneflclal ?tt>cla. It will aluo lie found highly b*ti? ficial in all caira of weaklieaa, duaineta of Ihe he<d. ii-rrouacomplying, and all the implement feelin?? attend ng a ahaltered conatitution. Mild in tinglr l*>ltle? (1 eachj in ca>ea containing hall a dorm, $4, carefully parked, and ?ent to all partaofthe Union. W. 8- Rir.HARDfiON, Agent, Offlco and Conaulting Rooma of the College, n7 N aaau at ret. t. 09- riasr division n. r. btats aatillmy. i division ordf.ns h naw yoik, Oct. itt, 1*45. The commisaioaad officers of the division are invited to " a"s?*mbl? in fall uailorni at the Artillery Drill Rooms, I Ceutrr Market, on MONDAY NKXT, at ball pant 9 o'clock, A- M.precisely, for llie purpoae ol callium upon MARSHAL BEIITK AND, and accompanying biru in hi? " visit to the U. H. ship! an I fortifications in the harbor, tl and tho Navy Yard. By order of Major Ocneral Handlord. R. C. Wctmore, Diviaion Inspector. .">( ? .. 1H FIRST BRIUAI'K H. *. BlAlfi AKJ ILLLKl. 7. BRIGADE ORDEKH. ? Nkw You, Oct. 26, 1A43. 1< The abjve division order it promulgated lor the ic- 21 foi mation of the officers of this brigade. BvorJerol BrigHdier General Hunt. D M. Prali, Brigade >lt>J >r and Inspector. FIRST BRIGADE (LIGHT) HORSE ARTILLIRY. ' BRIGADE OKDKRS. Ntw York, Oct. 26, 1843. Tho officers of tbi* brigado will aa?< mble in compliance with division orders nf this date. By order ot Brigadier General Storm*. a Rsbert Brown, Brigade Major and Inspector. SIXTH BRIGADE N V. STATE ARTILLERY. BRIGADE ORDERS. Nrw Yoan.Oct.26,1843. , In compliance with division orders ol this date, the offl- 4 Cera of this brigade will assemble as therein directed. 2 By order of Brigadier General Morris. 3 James l'halen, Brigade Majir and Inspector. 2d 4t Or?- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX- 2 TURK, lor tn? permanent cure of primary and secondary J Syphilis. This po<*enui alterative is guaranteed to re ( move cva17 trace ot venereal poison trom tho canstitu- 3 tion. All persona stillering trom the effects ot mercury 1 nhould use this alterativo without dulay. Sold in large 3 bottles, $2 each, small do, $1; in cases containing half ' dozen, $?, cnretully packed, and asnt to all parts of the j Union. OffiC" and consulting rooms ot th? College of 2 Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. 1 W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. 1 ? ? 2 DOCTOR BLAKE'S COUGH PANACEA? ? Dfab Sir,?A remedy called Dr. Blaha'a Panucen came to my knowledge about six weeks f inee, through an advertisement. At that time I was lulfcring under a heavy 1 cold and cough. It would attect me worst in the morning, when I first arose fr?m my bed, and almost immediately after I had eat?n- I rained a great deal of j el low matter; hnd a constant tightness across try chest; 1 was . very weak, and getting continually worse I tried ra. rioiis medicines which were recommend* d to me, but th< y were of no use whatever. Just then I saw your medicine advertised; I nought two bottles, and lound immeitintii fiiliul (rrt m ite hoalinor nftVc'fl iitmn rn vr Itinera in it* C chucking an<4 removing the cough and tightness, and in a fuw day* the discharge ceased entirely, and my appatile or.d strength amended, and I was ?o<>n enabled to attend to my business as wall as tver; and 1 would rtcoin mend the afflicted to make trial of the same, and then Judgo of it according to it* results. I had forgotten to state thet this cough tial been upon me for live months. JOHN KELLY, N? w Yonir, Oct. ls?3. 346 Broome st. Principal oltico No. 9S6 Bowery; also lor sale down town at Grjham Jc Christie's. No. i, Astor House; in Brooklyn, at Mrs. llayes, 139 Fulton at, and in Newark, at Trippe's, 2S3 Broad street. Ct7- PROFESSOR VELPEAU8 SPECIFIC TILLS, for the radical cure of gonorrhoea, felect and all un c pleassntlditcliergesfiom the urethra. These pills having j heen'tested in every stage oi those distressing complaints, g by the members of the College of Medicine and Pnurina cy of the city of New York, are confidently recommend' ed as the most powerful remedy ever discovered lor oil diseases of the urethra. Sold in boxe?, at $1 each, at the olftceof the Consulting Rooms of the College, 07 Nassau itreet. W. 8. RICHARD90N, Agent. MONK Y MARKET. Frlilnj',Oct. 37?0 Fid. The stock market has presented no great change in its general features to day. Stocks were little more firm. Ohio 6'i rote 2; Kentucky J, Illinois J; Long Island J; Harlem fell J. At the new board the transactions were net large. In domestic bills there is very little doio?. The rotes are as follows Rates of Domestic Bills in New Yoac. Boston, par a X dis Macon, l)a 1\ " Philadelphia ? ? " Apalacliicola, 2 ai(>j dis Baltimore, ? ? " Mobile, la 2 " Virginia, 1 VI " N Orleans, >g a % pm N Carotins, lj? " Nashville, 2 a 2)a dis Charleston \ " Louisville, l}? a 2 " Savannah, 1 " Hi Louis, l,^> 2 Augusta, >7 | " Cincinnati, lj* a 2 " Columbus, ll? l'? " These nre the rates for specie drafts on all points, Mo. bile included, and present a wonderful degree of uni'ormity. The depreciated money of Alabama is rapidly improving, and, with other broken paperjin this market, is quoted as follows A laham.i mmtev II Wall?? 1'ninn Tl.-.nb ru 7 ViHO I'. Sutes Bit lir.tej 35 a3U Southern Life &. Trust 80n85 Tee exchanges on Mobile, it will te obterved, preatnt 7 but little indication of a movement of specie to that qusr- v ler. The largr sums due at tho north for the intereit en !} the State debt, which has been provided lor in advance, have, in this early n'.ate of tho crop*, influenced the rate*. v This it the Reason of the year when exchange! on New 6 York, under batk tule,were usually the highest, and the 1 most irregular. Their extreme uniformity and cheap 11 nrssnrware in licaiive of the complete triumph of the ^ cash system in the hand) of the private house*, whose , ecouornical manner of conducting business, and active cempatitioi, are far prelerable to corporate monopoly. W e recently called attention to the fact that tho OnU- J rio Bank h*d dec'ared a dividend cf 25 percent! The c conductor of that bank, H B Gibson, Eq , a* we understand, removed to Buffalo,and opened a private bank, to be owned by himself exclusively, and to receive hii bills )' from theCoirp'.rolkr, according to the new law. Buffalo ' has long been without a bank, and was the scene of the li utmost Rambling in shinplaslcr concern*. The location of Mr. Gibson among them now, with hi* extraordinary " skill, experience, and wealth, will ensure toBaltilo nil d the facilities that banking can afford, with cut its dangers J and rogueries. The trade of the Brazils his of late been a subject of , som.? public attention, growing out of the approachirg t rmiuation of tha treaty between England and the Bra zila, and the new relations established between the Court ' of France and that of tha Brazils. The United States \ have, while talking about the preservation of their trade j at home, greatly neglected their inte/esta in Ihatquer < ter. In order to understand th? extent of the commerce, ^ we take from ofltsial documents the following table of trade of B.ihia for 194J: ? Imports *xn Ksp.irtj ok tub I'ort or lUnii kbom ?j(i> f. to r.ACH CoriTRY 1 . * 1812, with Tur. Toxmaoe 1 nt?:r- ? ID AMI CLEARED. ^ Z/npoW*. F.rpnrts. 7*V? en'nl T'gt c/'?f. | England 53.246,?I3 1,193.625 19,019 19,285 51 llause Towns 1,7tR,0?;2 865.205 3,382 9,?89 Primia ? 63 2 0 ? 787 U Austrii 63.000 465,787 1,195 C,fi03 ti Sardinia ?5,943 ir.2,!)nt? 919 2,261 . Two Sicilies 10,012 27,213 1,218 405 France 612,060 133,MO 3,('60 1,675 Portugal 326.362 250,143 7,807 4 /;;? > U. States 327,562 15 2)3 4,737 'J 17 : Uruguay 203,013 H.762 7,7!9 4.736 Africa 28,387 168,2(3 2.8HH 3,717 Sweden & Norway 23,905 132,075 1,366 1,481 t ?l>aiu . 37.462 l,2ij 7?>0 173 I Denmark 3,580 21,21)5 1,062 35' Argentine Republic 15,750 7,575 5S7 108 Nelx-rlandt 4,237 12,975 339 200 Other countries 36,375 ? 570 jjg Peru ? ? 721 ? t Tolal 1842 5,115,617 3,515,117 57,411 48,206 \ lt41 5,110,>75 3,438,750 62,737 70,955 ? In these figures are not comprised the impirt and ? * J portof the precious metal;, which amounted in 1813, to < $03,760 of import, and about ,$937,603 of export. The ^ chief articles of import wtre as follswc? *lmount From Franct. Cotton goods, England, 10,800.000 < " France, l,3o9,0?0 ? " Hinse Towns, 28j,60(1 Linens, England, 1,248,000 Woolltns, " 77H.OOO , Si"ks, " 67 000 , " Krnnce, 9s2,000 ( Flour, United States, 1,443,000 * Iron, England, 2SI,0<'0 ? France, ' Portugal, l3i,go? | The principal articles of export wore as follows:? 1 Sugar, England, 4,79,1,(1(0 i ? H^nie Town*, 4338 ooo Iteiy, 'jom.ow " Swtden, 094(00 s Portugal, A9t) 000 w Prntiia, 817,0t*' ( France, 000 CottonWool, E'igl<ind, 1,079 Ojo ^ " Vrxuco, Ufoim These tables, which are otttciil, or# iottmctive. The unfavorable Mate of our trade with the Brazil*, hat been m&tUrof complaint, on the |p t I tho?e lawyer* who compote our legislative council*, and who, b?ing u(telly l<norAnt of the fast* of tbe|c*?p,promulgate h theory which ?uit? their political vie a a. From the Ural tdble, it appear* that there an ivcil at Bjhia, in 184J, a year when the law* oltbe United Stale* were Uai: xatriotive than it, any year ?ince 1918, 'Jtt United Rtnle. vc nrlr, \vhope tonnage wa, 4 7S7, bringing with them an amount of flour worth over $300,000s of thocc jS veatela, five retained to the United State* with cargoea worth 918 000-the remiining 21 veatel* having sold their flour, took in *ugar, liidca, & . and nailed for Huropn. Thu* it apj enra that the United State* flaJ sale for 10,000 barrela of flour, take their pay in Brazilian pro luce, which they aell in the norih o Europe at a profit, and return to the Unit, d Htate* with a cargo of iron from A ??den, perlorraing a triangular voy age. account with Sweden, then, ihowa an excti of import*; immediately the lawyera, and politician*, and their *en?rle?*org?na,cry out, flea what an unfavorable trade we h*ve with Sweden! The c >untry will be ru i ied,unlet* the lawy era tave u*!" Th?y would have tht SwedUh trade Hopped, without thinking,or knowing that by *o doing they *top the Brazil trade al?o; b? ciu?. J aL. a .A1 ?a Ia tt real I niik a .... if 1 ID? AinvriCHU vcum vaimvi |v,iv hi??h nnu mvui, ii 1 i " cnnnot get a freight to Europe; it cannot take freight *" t t luropo an fevortfcU Urn*, ual***, ia dofaull of otk< r iome freight, it cuii go Utio (iottuuburg, and brlug hone baJ of iron. Hence, preventing the inpoit ol iron from I we Jen, directly aopa the export* o( (lour to the Braxilf. 'he reault to the fai mar ia, that be cannot ?eU hia flaur. ut mint pay more Tor hit plough. In order to encourage tie miner Thia ia callari benefitting the plactft:i . Hales at the Stock Ezrhanga. 000 Ohio 6'* 'Jilt HKI tlo *60 51 Si Mill do 1,30 SI,1' 2? Mohawk RU V% HOI) do Mi ?4H 10 do ??0 37H )00 d.< '.I Ir, dn t.tiO 3,14 100 Ky H.mhU 97% f Ilk ?1* t-om 90 100 do ?I0 0750 do script 97H 300 d'> 97S 10 Tr F Ins Co fit 900 IllinnU Hind* :I7J? 10 do bO 100 do 37W 10 N Y Si. Erie IIIt in 100 do *10 37.', JO 1'iter ton RK ?60 55)4 100 N Y 7'* 181(1 lilt-}, 300 Harlem RH 33 1000 A labama 5'* script 72 50 do >3 33Ji 50 L Uland BR b3 52V* 1C0 do tl5 31 50 do tt>0 52;, 1(10 do 33S' 125 do 5?'.i 50 do bl5 33><l 50 do *3 :,2>l 100 do b3 JJ'i iecontl Board. COO Indiana Bd? *60 36M 50 do 33.m MO Ohio ti'? ?i 50 do *3 33H D00 do blO 95 l'JOO Illinois 3#H ti llarlem RU ..till 31'..' 7. I 1.1..,..I WW v?u New York Public Stork Kirhang*. i ItOM I' Staifi'jJ bOll IIC 101(1 do' ?3 37W 1 nfO Ohio (is s30 Hl% 25 slis Fnrm?il..iau 21 \ 1000 do e 81S 50 do blO 'JIS W<0 do bnw 91*, 'i0 do 2I>? ' (MM) do ?30 94 2) Cant'm Co s3 tJbi i 000 do b30 9i ill Mult St Hudson 37)4 100 Kentucky o'? bi? 97?* 25 L Island HK 'j~ I DUO Illinois 6 s 1870 -ik% 51 do I 0110 On 37 50 do SM ' Villi do tlO MJi 160 do i3 5J>4 000 do >111 37 100 .Jo slid 52 >4 000 do sll) 37S? lull do bSO 52 >4 , 0110 do (10 37 S? 2) do b'l 52% \ (100 do -30 36% 200 do bt>0 5?S? 000 do buw 37 k 25 Harlem RR e :>3>| ' 000 do ?3 36J'a 25 to ?3 32% ' 000 do >10 3t'At 50 do bi.w 33't 000 do b30 37 S 200 do iiCO 33,S, 1 000 do b7 3" ft 50 da c 33 1 000 do bl5 31U 150 do >3 33jtf 000 no ?I5 35 M 25 do Wdy 93N* \ 000 do b30 37 >4 75 do c 33)? . Meconil Board. I COO Ohio ti'i lbou U30 94& 10(10 do bl5 95 1 Mtnle of Trade. I Ashes and cotton are tin? same us they wero yesicrJjy. 1 rVe quote pearls at $3 '26. Cotton it Arm. Corn Trade. We have no alteration to make in prices. Illinois wheat riches 1).'> cents a bushel. Genesee flour range* irom $t 6 i.-1 There were in store in Michigan City on the 16th Inst, ivty five thousand bushels of wheat, and there have been 1 hipped, sinc? harvest, lorty one thousand bushels, mak- . ng one hundred and six thousand bushels received at hut place since the close or harvest I At Toledo on tlin '20th, wheat was quoted et tir> certs, orn at 28 cents. No oats in market. Samples from ca- 1 lal and railroad wera limited. farmers show el a dispo ition to hold on, and as it was late in the season, pruba- ' >1 y not much more can be expected. Receipts liy ounal lor Hit* l??t week were, wheat, 2774 iu-h, Hour 7J64bbli, corn 48d0 bushels, oats 3362 bushels, 1 it" d 40 tiiils. The prico of wheat iu Maum?.e was without change in the 21st inst, namely :? 61 <61c; flour, $3 75a4. There I ? but little corn in the nuiki t?lost lalen were made f>t IOo33 coiits. Oats command Irom 2 > to 31 cents. Provlalon Market. I We liavo but little to say with respect to our meat narkets, as they do not vury much Irom our last week's eport. Oi fWh for the week rout we have hal a very large sup. ily. Rock nnd striped bass are telling up to 6 cents the >oun I. In the country market, we notice a Urge supply if shouts, or pig porK, as also iambs and beef, with every rariety of the poultry kind Wild game is very pleuty end at moderate prices? Imuccs for preserving, of extra size, Irom 12t to His the tundred, ana apples ol all kinds from 8i to 16s th<i barrel, n the veritable way, all toils and of the finest quality. Pmcis of I'novmnN* lpi>U'?, hbl $! 00 a 1 50 Lamb,|ierlb 7 a 8 '1TV 111 Iu ? ii J .- ? ? leef, |ier cwt $4 60 aC 00 Lard, |>er lb 8 a ? iai'L oorneii 3 a 7 Muttou . 7 a 0 ilackl'uli R a 10 Onion*, per bunch. C a 8 k*t*, per bunch 4 a ? Parsnips, (>er doz<--37>$a ? lutter, fresh |?r lb-12 a II Porter House t?teak?12>.-* ? tutu-r, firkin, jut lb. fi a 10 Pork, |*r lie . 6 a 7 "rnl>?, dozen 25 a ? Pig*, roa*ters ? ?$1 00 Ihickeni 37,l?a 62^ Potatoes, bushel 37>?' Ilams, H)0 . 2') a J")* Potatoes,swt.busli-Sll.itlal,00 'alves Head,8*.c -2j a ? llliubarb, pr buoch- 5 a 6 jabbaqe, dozen. 50 a 75 Sirloin, lu 10 a 12 'lieese, new 6 a ? Salmon, ?m<>kid ? a 12 Carrots, per bunch- la ? Striped Bass, lb ti a ? Jucks, 1H!X pair. -G2^a 75 Sausages ? a 0 :>Is Ii a 8 Smelts, lb 8 a 9 .Ki<K, S lor ? a 12)? Turnips, pr bunch- 3 a 4 ]re?liCod 4 a 6 Trine, lb ? a 4 ' (Guilders 4 a 6 Turkies 5*. a $1 lees" 75 a$l 00 Veal . 6 a 10 'owls 2 a 3 Philadelphia Cattle Market. Oct. as, 1941.?Beevis?1083 ofl-reil, viz ,01 Virginia, 4 Ouio, and y.iti uiisj Ivarii, including 1SS bend driven n to Mew Yoik Sale* dull lit 3 a 4 for inferior to tair [iialiti*-*; 4J a 4$ for prime, with a few extra primu at $4 6 per 1041 It)*?100 left over. Cow* euil Calve*?380 in market. Sales dull kt 1 st veek'd price*? 30 lo J>2j; Springer*, 1> u ^16; dry cow * I a $10. Shorp #nd Lambs?3060 offered. The market completey oveistocked. Sales dull at 75C a $1 per head for infei iir to fair qualities, 1 2S u f>l f>I) lor prime?300 left over. Ilofi-61O in market. Dull sole at 4f a 4|; extia, $5 >er 100 lb*?100 left over. Married, On Wednesday, Oct -iflib, by the Rev J. J. Lyons, Mr oi?A* N. philltrs to Miss fcithtk pikxotto, both of this "y Died. On tho 3&'.h Inst., Aonts, wile of John Hill, in the 35th , ear of her age- Her remains ware trken to Qleu Cove, L. I) fur interment. On Tbu'sdaf evi-ning, Mrs. A?!* Shi'te, relict of the >:? M jor William Shute, inlhebOth year ol her age. nri icuiam* mil u? inKrn 10 r?. IOWU, n. j.t IUTIUUI* nent. Ol the croup,on thn 6:h in?t. Collin Mortimer Corill, ton of Samuel end Harriet Manchester, of Provicnee. U. I. On Wednesday, -2olh inst, Mr. John Woodward, at the dvanccd age ol 88 year*. Passengers Sailed. Liverpool?Packet ship Warrick?Jonalhui Hunt, Saml II lamilion, New York; Charle* Wella William*, St Louia.Mo; ohu Keller, Zuuch; Saint Lee, Devonshire; Jamei Luiilam, lauchester, Knit; William Jackson, Miss fallen McNauahtea, Liverpool; Edward C Morgan, London; Alfred Atkin. Hull; tniFi Lorkhar*. Kilinbtiigh; William Rodney, Dublin; Griffith >lwyue Griffith, of Pwlhelt, North Wale*; Adolphe Latour, i 'aiia. Foreign Importations. Mai.><i v?Ship Philip I?t?407C hnxesCOO hf Jit qr do raisins 'itch Ik co?1000 hose* I0O0 keg? urapes 264 boxes Irmons 76 do linoiid* T Stalker?2KiO hones ij 1 hf iOO ijrdi) raisins Harbeek I co?2(111 lit'Ks grij>e< 16 frai l almonds MM) bis iOfl qr do raiaiua .aw mice, Murray Si Inn ile?i8i baa do Harmony & Nephew? | J qrcks wine to oriler. I Sr Jaoo lit Ci ha?Schr Kterlina? 12i> b?s 13 lihda susar 230 i igs coffee 42 hlida molasses Dauacomb Brckwith?34*0 bdlea rbacc.o Aymar (c co, MARITIME HERALD7 ! Sailing Day* of the Steam Ship*. FROM LIVERPOOL. PROM AMERICA liberuia, Judkins Not. 1 llritaniiia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Ship Masters and Agents Wrahall esteem it a favor, if Capuuia or VeaaeU will give o Commodore RohkRT SiLVEV.of our News Heet. a IteK>rt of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, tlie teasel* Spoken on their Puss.-ute, a Lilt of their Cargo, and ny Foreign Newspa|iers or News they may have, lie will toard them immediately ou their arrival. Auejita and Corespondents, at home ?r abroad, will alao confer a favor by nding to thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they can btain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully eceived. POUT OK NJKW YORK, OCTOBUll 3S tTN Run *7 I *IO< fl SETS 10 0 UN ??! ? 5 0|hii.hwaTK? 12 0 Cleared. Barque Blacknesn, (Br) Murray, Liverpool, Cook 4t Smith ? trigs Index, (Br) Coilfleet, Halifax. NS. 'l'hos. VViuniett; G. I. Lamar, sjannerinan, Savannah, Dunham V Dimou.?Sclirs ivo. I'otta, Beaity, Jackaouvillc. h la. fc. M. Atwater; Lett la Ipicor, .Molt, llappaliauiiock, A. B. Cooley Sc Co. Anivt'd. fillip Fhilip la(. Fanreo, from MiImi. Htpl. 10, with fruit, to larbeck St Co. Ilaa tiperienced weaterly galea ainre the 4th Hrmth brig St. Margaret, Poole, 28 daya from St. John*, NF. n ballaat, to Stoke.? Ik Anthony. Brig random, Bailey, 14 day* from Macadurac, S B. with nth, io P. J. Faniham. Brig Topaz. Mabee, from r..i?tport, with fi?h, griudatonea, ic io I" I Nnid k Son. Schr K*erli?a, Cooper, (of Boat?n) 2} daya from St. Jago de 'uba. with mirar. Ike. to Dunacnmb tt Be kwith. Stcbr Hope, <li*orge, 24 houra from Connecticut. On Thtinliy, off Point Judith, aaw a ahip with the lost of her main and ii.ien mist?the Iteenne cutter and a pilot boat were aomg to tei nsaist-mee. Sclir Wave, Johnson, 2 day? from Milton, Del. with corn, to "fi'ciir F.. Wood, Blinker, 10 daya from Lubec, with plaster, to J ret i & Vote, SchrCongreta, Holmea, lOdavafrom Plymouth, with fish, to "Jkhr Blue Hock, Baker, 4 daya from Barnatable, with Ash, o master. Srlir Post Boy, fray, 4 daya from Salem, Maaa. with mdte, o nmti-r. . . , _ ... Srlir Clarion, Coleman, 4 day? from Boaton, with mils? lonnil to Albany. ... S,hr Str'iiK<r, Stevena, 4 daya from Boaton, with md?i? lonnd to Albany. , , _ .... . Sc.lir Vintage, Bearse, 4 d?ya from Boston,with mdac?bound "schr'Tuteaa, Scudiler, I daya from Boaton,w ith mdse?bound 'sclirTiffcian, (;ha?e, 3 day* from Boston, wirti mdae, to J. ^Sch* Eicel, Hallett, 3 daya from Boaton, with indae, to S. ^8ehr*Iaitha, Baker, 3 daya from Boaton, with mdie, to the "srhr Koafiiiako, Hinckley, 3 daya from Boaton, with md.e. o m? ler, .... * Srhr S?mt A. f pi>leton, .xcaerioti, irom uotton, wim nui?? oE ii I lUrrick. , ?chr Fancy, Chate, 3 Jays from Boitoo, with mdie, to 8 W. Lewi#, , , Srlir Marietta, Crowfll, J <lav? from Boaton, with milae, to "IfchV Rccjid-, I.aniilev, 3 tl*T* from Botton, with milae, to n Hchr 8|>lfiiJi I, Crowell, S day* mm Boston, with mJ?e, to n*sier. Schr Cornelia, Hallett, J day* from Botton, with md.e, to 'ohn StfTcn. Schr Eunice Cobb, Howet, from New Haven, with mils*, to n*?:er. Schr Convoy, Howee, ?? hourt from New Haven, with md?e, o matter. 1 ftthr Mur IUll. I <Ur* from Cuau, wiiii fl?b. ta tha Tl naater. ?' UtloM, "?? Two barium, unknown. Mailed. |\ r?rkfi ?bip IJvrii'li Mkiddv, Liverpool, and jtl.en. Wind I WSW. on mmmmmmm fJ M*mIU Murine C'orre?|>niidcnr?. nil Office of thi: Khudi I?i.a?ii>f.b,J d?jl XfwrnHT. Oct. 2f, 1843 { lal AiTSttn, Mown, Kalin: Ann Kliiabeth, Hmth.and Colnm- L?w ii?, Berry, Fall Itiver fur Philadelphia; FU>h, Luke. Prot idnpe o or do; Crliptff, WhHdfa, Wnrrfn lor ?l?>; AlU%? Heart. Fall ? , lliver for AI ball v Simmi'. Pullen. Pro* iJ-*nce Inr Fredericks* )urs; r.iml, Keller, Th<>ma*tou lor Alnandrid. N?iilv *1] J' he (lwt lhat ? uli d in d >', rt-tururd ?t!Aiii on .t<*r?iliil of ivftd *a\ wind. *' Arr 2Jth, IVail, llirilmi;. Koklon fur Philadelphia; S-ijadv '1 lock. Simpaou, Micliim, Martha. B>ck, Bardatablr; l lannet. Barllelt. hniKn in; Cniijreaa. Holinea, Plymouth; Jan* Vate.*; \ ile? Lnbec; Industry. ('uanmnn. N?W Be fold; l>el- j.,. phi, Cook, Boston; Hisiuk Sun, I'luimiier.and < Jlob<, Addnmr, Klicabrth. Billiuirs, Salem, and Mechanic. Roberta, K.a?t|>c>rt? jj,. ill for N York: rUrimi. f'nleinan, Boston lor Albany; l.uriiida I *ii Auow, Falet, do lor Fr?*d-ricl%Jnmr; Ort-aii, F.astport lor (o more; Helen <*r*y, Salem for Ptuladtlpliia; Hadiint Willi*. ^||t" Koiirfout; Vigilant. Heath. Provid^ncc, Io load oil f-r N\oik; u itlnl hrott Hi mm of C ? I..* ,l.v . if . Block Island, put pilots on board Catherwood, Doodry, lr<>in j ,, Atlantic Ocean, cf ayd for West port. wiih flOrt *p; alio, Corn"- | ia. Devo'l, South Atlantic, of and for New Bedford, with 400 C(>1 ibis sp. v ir Sid 26th, Anna won, Tliom, Peirl, Apphia, Meridian, Wanlopasso Mavtioner. Company. Florida, Indepeucence, Virjti ia, and a*I the larie Jleet, in all upwards of 80 sail?wind N, nd a (rood breeze. U?iner*l KerorU. ' SriiR S*R*n. Stap'es, for Charleston, in beating down (lie c' l>ay from Taunton, Mast 21st, carried away inast and broke ,"*1 sentre board, and returned for repair* ? Livm'H ?A beautiful klii'> of 15ft tons burthen, called the t Orlando, wat recently launched at Bidi'efori), Mc. She ii of l_j Sue model and of supepnr workmanship, to b? comuiauded by e5, L'apt. J. K. Perkins. \ VVliulemen. WJ Arrat New Brdford 2jth, Cornelia, Devoll, Atlantic Ooean, t Bt Vincent April III, with 100 bbls >p oil on board?sent home Lj 100. Sid from Si Vincent S.-pt (J, Juno, Cook, Westport, on a j,, ruise, 10 up. 2 id nut lat 39, Ion 71 30, saw a Urfc'e ship entirely ,vr luinas'e I, standout NAlso arr. Calh?rwnod, Boodry, Abrolhos Banks, with 800 sp, Aj| ind aid 26th for H'eitimrt Spoke Sept 10, on Abrolhos Bank*. ' ? lame-) Munroe, Strickland, Plymout , '4 mos.'i'HI sp. The J _ \l left Analdaa, Coast of Africa, in May last, and when five O Jays out, 17 men were taken tick with fever; put into Piiuce?? 'aland for medical auiiitmce. when Uobert Wood, David ro| Scott, Hicliaril Wade. John Klislia, Robert t'.d wards, and An- i>U lonio Jackson. d<e I; the rest recovered, shipped more men, and re > tailed azriu in lulv. Arr at Warten 23<l inst. Hiogly, T iwme'id. New Zealand. i n ull 1300 bl>U sp bit do \t)i oil Reports at Bay of Inland* June pi, 1. Montezuma. Baker, NL. MOO wli 3I>0 tp; Inn. Douglasi. do, I 1200; John At Edwaid. Hudson, N B, 12 whaled?all 1 oiiud on truises -r r Arr at Boston 26th, Spartan, Small, Coast of Brazil, with V '00 bhls sp and 811 do hi irk tish oil, of and via Provincetown. |t r Hamilton. 16 day* from Sag Harbor, on a cruise, spoken 13th ill>r Sept, lat 3R 21, Ion 13 30. jVIr M]iokrn. tioi Cohan si'.*, of Philadelphi 1, New Vork for Kio Grande, Oct 13. 1 >f 36, Ion 33?by the I'hilip 1st, at this port. ""o Billow, of New Haven, from NYork lor NOrleaus, Oct 16, ! 01 la' 32 16, Ion 73 3'. "iK Stranger, of Duxhnry, 10 days from Bo ton, Oct 17, lat 31 <0, "lcl ,01161123. fori Funchall, (Br) St Lucia for Greenock, Sept 21, lat 33 40 N, Ion 40 10. I*' Rebecca, Brevoor, Philadelphia for Gibraltar. Oct 11, lat 30, '*?' Ion 68 10. J? "i Co. Iieco, 2 days from Boston for Havana, Oct 13, lat Tj 10, n*c Ion tU 20. ??" Foreign Port*. j/ Caric Havtien, Oct II?In port, Eagle, Drew, from Boston, .> disg; Huron, Uaino i. do via Oonaives, for Bostou, Id#. , pri< JkrkMir, Oct 8?In port, Ellen Perkins, Vensley, fir New 1' Vork, 6or 7 days, mily American vessel. Gonaivi.s, Oct 5?In port, Mazeppa, Colson, for New \oik, o Bth, only American vessM. ? Montreal, Oct 23?Arr Erin, Evans, New Ross, Cld Jane Hastie, Robertson, Glasgow; 21th, < aledoni.i, Ritchie, Livei- II pool. 11 Qi kiikc, Oct 19?f'ld Ileiper, Heamah, Poole: Thetis, Hu- cm till, Ennis; Laura, Whitehead. Dumfries: Sir Francis Bond r> ! Head, Allan, Liverpool: 20Lh. Win I'irrie, Au'new, Belfist; fro Oeen, Quay, Abcrvstwith; PrettilU, Taylor, I'lvmoiuh; Dm- lisl inond, Pearse, Newport: Aurora, Scott, Swansea. Arr 22d, |ui transport Premier No 18, Portsmouth: Elizdieth, Spain; Der- my went. Nelson. Preston; Duke of Cornwall, Conrad, Liverpool; eil 23d, Astrei, Lewis, Weymouth. ( Id 1'i/h, Victory. Llglufoot, 1 L|ierpool: 21st, Sophia. Webster, do; Faside, White, do; Ct .s 1 of London, Hutchinson, Greenock; Tr'ton, R?e?, Cardiicui; ? Rhvdiol, Ridded. Abervstwitb; St Patrick. Webster, Chatham: 2'id, Queen Victoria, Sanderson, Conway; C< crops, Bar- 11 rill, Loudon; Niffer. Woodruff, Southampton; Bn?\o, Brown, AJ Cork; Eli/.', Warwick, Bristol. it a Lake Port?. ,n< BfFFALo, Oct 23?Arr Columbus; Palmer. Titus, and Lext iiigton, Jones, Detroit; Constellation, Hazard, do: Fairport . Davis,; Indiana, Pheatt. anil Fulton. Hart. Toledo; Missouri, lu] Wilkins, Chicago; Perry, Wilkinson, Perrysburih; Lexington, lnJ Antlersou. and Baltic, Drgroot, Detroit; C Walker, Harding, . ' Chicago; N Americi, Callard and Benton, Whillet, Cleveland ',c 2ith, Franklin, Edmunds, Detroit. Cld Buffalo, Allen, and 0,>. United States. W hi taker, Detroit; Pocky Mountain, Curtis, do; a " Alps, Owen, Cleveland; Gazette, Miner, Milwaukie; Dayton, er' Vermillion. "J Home l?ort?. Banuor, Oct 21?Cld Lafivette. Atwooil. Barhadoes. _i Portland. Oct 21?Clu < iazelle. Churchill, Havana; 21th, Centurion, Norris, West Indies; Kate Aubrey, Mobile; Bos- t-s ton. Scab ry. do. J7 Gt.ouct;, Oct 21?Arr Watchman, Thotnaston for New i>. Vork; 22d, Richd Taylor, do f r do: 23d, Spring Bird, Nicker- ^ son, Beserlv for do. W| SAt.t:M. Oct 23?Arr P'ato, Pressey, and Medomak, .Tones, Philadelphia. Sid 2lth, Palestine, for Beverly, to discharge. {er Boston, Oct 20?Ait Tretnont, Sprague, Oonaives; Omar, jjc Keudslt, Port an Prince; Adelaide, Baker, Trinidad; Excelsior, jj0 Woodbury, and Oroziuibo Sargent, Philadelphia: Jly Frank I ill. Hinckley, Albany; Effort, Spear; Benj Bigelow, Be-rse; c Tens. Pillsburv; John Fairfield, Howes; Eliza Aim, Mitchell, ? and Old Hundred, Mitchell, New York. Telegraphed, O W Knight, Safford, from Havana. Signal for a ship, a-htrine and . i.. ? r-i.i H 1 l . . 1...1 1. ... ma Isadora, Holmes Capp Town anil a mki; Moitrt, Reynolds, Alexandria; Mary Chase, Creech, Mobile; Noitli Stir, Nickerson, Fredericksburg; Brookhaven, Puudersoii. New Vork. Arr . 2jtii, Jacob Storey. Hurd, Jeremie; Silenus, Hardy Cape Hay- J lien; Waldo, Bowden,Washington, NO; Tiara, Atwo mi, Chei- < rytlone. Va; Wabaah. Smith, and Hope St Su?on, Winalow, Norfolk; Convert, Skolfnld, Philadelphia: Osc*r, Baker; Ho- L ' nier. Heed; Leaper, Crouell; Convoy, Crowell, and Trader, Nickerson, NVotk. " Taihton, Oct 24?Arr Einperor, Shores, Philadelphia; Ron- " ' cius, PlMNf, NYork. JL Niw Bf.i>toni>, O't 2ri?Sid Mandarin. Nye, Charleston; i F.li7.ibeih, (joogins, Philadelphia; F.Jtra, Overtoil; Experiment, ?.r Alkins, and I'nuioua. Sherman NYork. ? . Providence, Oct 2i ? Arr Lcnitv, Smith, Philadelphia; Cordelta, Lansing. Troy, NY; Spy, Sn itli, and (tein, Difbrow, ' Alb?ny; fcdttor, Davron. and Etna, Terrell, NYork. Sid Jus c J Rusting, Westcott, Philadelphia. ," .Ngw Havk.n, Oci 2(i?Arr I hancellnr, Collins, Anf'C'ia.? . Sid F.uuire Cobb, Howes: Conwai, Hones; Arion. Heath, ??' and Lady Kenwick, Ward, Nlfork; Splendid, Webb, and Kail- _ field, Gould, Albany. rHti.APF.t.riiia, * let 27?Below, a large barque with painted poits. suppo-ed tube ihe Sirih Hand. Derrick. Irorn NOrleins; a inpaail sclir, supitosrd to be the W \ Ca'd?ell, from Mtlag i. T Cld Turk, KldrnUe. Boston; Fzpeleta, A?es, Kingston and x Montego Bay, Ja; Ariel, Or*'g, St John, N*; Louise. (Breni) Wencke, Richmond; J F Crouch, J'omlin, Poughkeepiie; to l F^lizab'tli & Rebecca, O.een. Troy; .1 T ll.Uneld. Thompson; S K Pavnter, Klliugswnrth; Indiana. Corson; Niagara. \ oung; Ami'hitrite, West: Peru. WhC, and Vflom, Wilson. NYork ? Arr in the Schuylkill, Oibril.'ar. Yat?, Delawve side; Mary Elizabeth, CI rk, New Haven; Odd Fell w, Nye, and Ocean, . ' Jarvis, NYork. * PEKSONS IN PHILADELPHIA wishing to have THkl ? NEW YOHK HERALD served renn'arly at theirstor-* and dwellings, every iliy fr>m 2 to t o'clock, will please leave ' J their names and aiMrr ,s with th* Agenu. noi TEH MS: h.n For one j far $7 (10 Bio " m* month* 3 75 vv " three mouths 195 pri " one month H an] " one week 15 With an aildiioi: of 2^ rent, per copy, to the above terms, for ihe Sl'iN'DAV HKKALD. Sii ale roiies f?r s?le every diy, price three ceuts. (?. Ii. ZihBfcll St CO., No. 3 Let'c-r Building, Third street, o38l Alien's for the Hera'd. A MF.K~.TINO of ilie Israelitisof New York, will be held at -* *- I he Broadway House ior the purpose of exnressii a their fp ivmra'hv with ihenobl" and high-mimlcd Bene actor of their | i< elision* Brethren in (5ermauy, tli?* now |<eisecuH*il and nnprisoned Dr. Jordin, of Hurhessefl, and to make provision for J,, ilie support ol his ui fortunate wile and child en on S.iinrdiy ?} the 28th of ' Vtob-r, et li.lfpast 7 iVI.ek, IV *1. It'in I Ihimi EMIGRANT SOCIkTV. ? AQUAIITKKLY M etie* ofc^e Kriuds ?nd Mem tiers of < the Irish Kmmmu Society will he held at Washington " Hall, corner ol Ke.sde atrei*- ail I Uioadway, oil Tuesdty even- ne? in/, the .'list Oc. i ust, at h*lf-.ast7 o'clock 08 IhtMltTa U >*r i(wi>. L. KKtFFt, Secretary. HONOR TO" ~ GENEKAL HKRTKAND. 01.1 17"IRST DIVISION. N. V. STATE ARTILLERY.-Th- " Commissioned Olhreri of the ab"?c L) vision, lli.i* intend ' on Monday nest (bv order of Major (ieneril Ssndford) to ren- na iter homage to the Brave Soldier, and friend of America and Naroleon, tieneral Bertraml,are respeclfully invi ed to call ibis um iliv. Xtnrdav, October 2?th, and examine as|>eciir.en of a neat ?ay Tri color*'! Rosette to be worn on the lull breast as a mark of resi eci to the brave ve'emi As they will only be trade to oider, officers will please rait rp and leave their names at eiily tu-day as possible 1. VAl.K.N l INK, (,| Card V.' graver and Pri.ter, No. I Beekuivi st, LoTejoy s Hotel.opi o.ite the Bnrk ( bnrch. r-j. New Vork, Octol?er27. o28 lt?r VJ POST OH h || K, '( n, .. . New York, October 2Gth, 1813 S r J ENGLISH MAIL?looter llans |*r Ho>.il Ma.I fcteuner HIHKRNIA, which le*?et Bostou on the 1st Novewlier . nut, will be close.] at the Upp. r and Lower I'ost Otli.-rs f ! in the city, on Tues 'ay nest th? '1st inst, at '5 minutes past 3 I? o'clock. I'. M. The inlv.d postage of IB\' cents on each J sini:le letter must be paid. nt T h* I'oat Master desires to c?ll the attention of merchants mid other. forwjrdin* letters to Kuro|ie by this mail, to the fiet MM Oik Hiimlr' I nml Sixty-fiv? L<ettera having titH'ji Retred by I he cvr Adiniialtv Agent n luar l the steamer < aVdouia on her l ist dr? rip from B >ston, and re'ured >o tin" Pint Office in coiueiiui'iice "p< of ihe inland lN>?t?gr 111 said Irt'ers nut bei' g paid to the I'm! cry rimer. 1 he letteri lelVrred to wefe s?r>|H>*<id to lure been sent wo fruin ihi? city. JOHN LOHIMER UHAHA.M, iu . Itr Poit Matter. the ~pos7 uM-'icE, f~ the New York, October ?4th, UIJ. S "CASTRIIM MAIL?Via New Haven Sietmboat and Harti' ford Railroad- On and after Monday niMt. the 3 lit in) taut, until further notice, the above mail will be cloa'd daily (ric.|t 1 8andjys)at thirty minotes i>a t t> n'cloe?, A M. JOHN LORIMER ORAHAM, '"J o'StoJfr Postmaster. J" CHOICE BEEF. tr.i GEO. MONTGOMERY, 31 F?ltoo Market, wecifnlly '?d begs leave to take this method of lemming his thanks for Ep paaf favors, ami giv.a notice to hi< c I'umrn anil the public >ati gc erallv, ft>?t be i? now serving up t^e beef of fifty Tcry ttu? i ffn, f.ricd in the eitensive anil c-lebrated grazing f rin m hra Putn >m ' utility, belong nur to D ?n?-l Drew, Esq nj* 2t*ec lug i II iLLKNUt, FOR p jr. I . \(1 The above will be paid to ihe rery e*perie"ced I <JJ> IVJv/. Indies i'i I ut Olass, at ihe l.ui Kair at N iblo's, it are lliey will furnish w ikraen able to match one Large Bow I and die one Sola' I amp Shade, eihibiteil by Mouvei el St Hrothc s by The >tucle? areto b ?e>'ii ,it No. 3 John siree , nem Bioid- elsi wa\. where ihe leward will be paid mil SIOUVENEL n. BROTHKR8. ,?v P. S.?It i* nnr opinion thit the liurued judgei knew nothiag Kn oflli.-above but n-?s. o281t*in f o Yl RS< AH ROLL'S MEDICATK.D VAPOR BATHS *V 1 Conrtlaud'street, are a safe, certain, and tpiedy cuie for coughs, colds, ??re throat, swelling of the glands, rhsumatism. stiffness of tbe joinu. ague and fever. Open fr ill S A. .VI. till A P.M. Sulphur Hatha re<|oireone hour's notice. oM Iwr ? ??? ______ her rta() THE LADIES' SHOEMAKERS of N-* York- val I Take notice, that the mhtinber, OBAUMII ENNlft, her Black Moioc o Leather Manofoctuier has o|?ne1 a store No. fa*' 23 Jacob itrect where be can accommodate hudown town en,* cut t-Mi era and country merchants to a general i<aor n.ent ol the silk best ' uraicoa Morocco oi8 It * r in VE.V Bl'tKWHt.A'lA 300 tlarr-lt N?w Buckwheat. \ 4<0 hi b!? do do 4?cl 400 q b'? do <io V 3? e.gbthi <lo do -? 300 bif? do do I .< Ko' sale by HOL T ll OWF.N, ^ oM (it is * r 2><> Fiont it corner Beekmtn. " _Oi 1U PKKNTKKs. F't)K SALE ?Two founU of Type. .Viuion and Nouparisl, rP wl.Tchh??e be?r ><"<* ? the New York Hergld. Ai olT * llthllOl&M. mcftl IMi JANTlD?A aaaoad hand light Wi|on, In food iriat .inf ' person ha vine turn * ore to ditpoae of on mailer*'* umw, y Iwnr of purchaser by aMfaaaiug a Imu tu No. 10*> l.nwrr it Office. o3* 'it m FORMATION WAfcTKD?Of Itufa vear* of aae, named Hiidget.?him left her hone hi (hi. rity the tUtli i.flxi Aii*ii*r ^eha? fair featnrev mhuru tmr two bi|?I tpoti i>n liar head. It ia supposed the want on board if me of tUr >tnnik.Hti, a>d ia prob\bly in Albany or I'hila idna. Auy information respecting her will be ino.t thv ky received hv her disconsolate iarent?. Andre*! John ver, No. 1 Oalt at; or Jatne* Kerney,!l2 Stone ?t, New i oik "in It rn 1 (?fU\ i: I \V Mt I) - 'I lie St.ire of |Iih ilit-nilun ?h' IjWvJvJ burifl.ulonaly entered d'lruijr Sunday and 8?n uighr, Set tember 31, and Watch a, Di-'oifnoa, Jewelry I Sil\n wait: to a large nmouut itnleu, for tli? reeoeery of ich the above reward will l?e fi?cn, or a piopo tloiikl' I'linf fur auv part of it ;h Jt?r K StH. S. HOC K WELL, No. 'I A?for llome.^ "ll'k KKWAItl)?StoVn from (tie premise* I3 A un *treet, "J" on the night of 'he itttli iaitant, ?i? different piece* of iver ('.loth vir '.?French blark, blue black, brown, tirecn. h .i r>d mi*, bins wave A and ? coana li'ue. varyinti from i yards each; I piece of Lion Skin, hi ck, 3 varHj; 10 dilfe.piece* ol' hroad< loth. >ucn a* tine drib, grey ranted dark, ck, ilivivble Xrt-eu. Bieen urry mil* d, flaret, fi-ie olive ami vy black varynm from IW to i y.irdi each?About 2 do/en Ve?t Patiernk,-? figured Silk, V.t'euiuaa 4tc ; 1 )anl* k Seri'e in 2 piece*; 8 piece* of ('a??imere<, for pantalooua, npriteil of *t' i|'e? di*(onal< diamoud*,black and light drab, ying from Hi to j yard* each. J (./Ottuii Shirts, Linen Bo^omi 1 second baud Over Coat, small iito 1 black Frock < oat. cut o??t I ut not mad** 1 I -* mill *1 C ami in* re Vest do do do 'a wu brokers and other* vull confer ? fivor hy stnppiu/good# the ?k(ivf (Wcriptmn Tlie above reward * ill belaid lor recovery of the iroods. by fGSt'r flOBT CAMPBELL, 43 Ami st. N. Y < KT--Between Anthony a?d 9j>r|fl| atftvti on iMtrSy night last. 2l?t October, (it luviug been I eft iu a cab) an my cane, \? it** silver top. Vhoever will rtturn it to 379 Broadway, shill be hl^inlly raided. <?2a if r 08T OK STOLEN?A Note for 600 dollars, in favor of J. K. fin ted 17||? August, 1810-?Also, a Book for 3(H) dollnrs, ed 1st July. 1843, ou Chambers streat Sa< tug Batik. Whor will return tli in to 4R Broad *t. will be Iil>eiaily rewarded pa\ meat is ?top|>ed they are of n? use to any but the owner. I persons are cautioned against negociatinc trie same. Jti n m 1'liAYED?Krom tt?e f*at*fe stand, at the fontoi Duare s?, on lit* innrniiitf of the 27th instant, two > llnw Steers with e* on then he ds Ai.y tersou returning th? same, crfurliiiv inform.! ion whet* they may be h uuu, will besuitabl) ' ardcd and all re as >i.ablc e*,?e ses p ml W I H LVEOS, C.'i It*ut N. S. & K. II. lioftfl B r?;e. '(> LET, WITH fcOAHl) ? htiMtaoim front l'a?l r?iour hxndsoif e Bed Rooms, a? 411 Houston stierf ol" lm*r ONDKKSMITll'S INDI AN ( Oirull B \L.M h .sfTerforme I th* ost e*?r-au?*diiiary cures that ever wa? known, ured Mrs. Haines, of Ca^dem, N. J. Her physicnus ((ive ut) as incurable? her phys ci it.s pronenneed it consumption. ?ni[niM, No, lit onmaiidtst, {9. \ on <1 of innmh i of the lung . of (We yean standing. Also. Mr. Marsh, cor >eity and ifi-fiiwicli st. N. V , afflicted with liver <oinplaiut 1 dyspepsia for eight years; and Miss Sarah, Miller, No. V?, 1st! ution How. afflicted with a cough, pain i i the side, r?is* ol* blood and matter, lor se-en yeais, otV and on. Her i hynis gave her up as incurable All ihe?e cure* h ive been | er* ined during this month, October,'11. Any that may doubt above cure4,we invite them to cill upon the proprietor or the ?.ans heteiu stated, and all those li nt doubt the wnuUr ul ofL Vouderstiiilh's Indian Cough Balm has upon thw^e nlllicted 11'!? i.iji. nltipi ?i Mood and mat ?t. raw mi too side, tic lever, night sweats, and all other allectiousof the chest, iks and liver, we invite thtm to cill. J. B.?All those ihat have not the means to procure this ineiuewe will give it to them fro* of charge. i. IS .?Compound Hemlock Plant, for pains or weakness? se 12 tnd ft1.* cents. 'reputed and sold by E. VV. VONDEliHMITH, Sole Proprietor, No lfil (ire*nwictl *t., ?m 11 r Pit yor from ( oortlandt it, N? Y? 11UNTKIU * IN DI-MEVSAK Y UNTKK'S 11KD DROP.?This long tried friend of the unfortunate is daily gainiug populous-, ou account of the vs it perforins, when other remedies nid entirely failed i:i vi it; mi amicirii. I ill-, invai u.ioie meuiciue ivsi-utu inciii in I lit* destroyer If can I" ntU-tiui'il only at the old ettabit'll 11 mil t-ri.ui Dispensary, for the treatment of diseases of a vile nature. Price*I. 3 Division street. N. U.?Consult;Knti?. Albany, No. 5 Mai^pii Lane. It cannot lie nhtainuorth of A)Inn) ; i either can it bo <ibtaincd in Charleston, S. ; ami u counterfeit is nulil all over Boston, Mans. i alt If r LKX) I OK )3Kl,L. |<>( TDK niCLL devotes his personal att'-ntiou (daily, until 10 I'. M ) to the removal ol j'mate disease* in every te. All suffering under protracted cases, rivaled or ul:ceasful!y treated by inexiK-rienced or pretended practitiun i?those laboriiiK under the destructive effects of mercury ol ark nostrums, and all who susjiect the remains of diseost 'king in the system, may consult Dr. 13. always with (X Buar>fr of a cure. persons contemplating marriaite, who have been the stilts of delicate diseases, m*y consult Dr. Bell with honorable nfidence. l'ost paid letters, describing the rase < f persons itl Instance, have his prompt attention. Dr. B.'s treatment tiev I -uses to suspicion, and u well known to b-* sal' sud p"iua Qt. t" Private oifices IT Cedar street, two doors from Urondwa?i > - <? H'r I NO QUACKliKY. OltTY VKAIIS EXPklllr NCK iu riteiuive Hospitals, Sic.?Twcuty-tisht Vears before thr New York public'? ictor Joseph ?vau? has einovrd his Dispensary to No. !ft0 mm ham street, r?fr Peail, where the unfortunate and sfTiiet'd, fectly cured (without txposuie) on the most reasouable ma. Also, the mo?t desper t? ulcers anil eruptions. His meines ?re mild, speedy and fffi'tu al All case* are guaranteed, sure tn find tin' real old Doctor, No WO Cb inam lUHt Attendance daily until 10 o'clock, 1'. M. Advice gtat'S. .'!H If r ; COX'o FURNISHING STORES 15 MAIDKN LANE 310 BRO\DWAY. tk 1. COX have ju'.t received an escillent assortment ol the following articles, winch (hey offer at very low prices r cash:?Solar Y.atnps, "iramloles, Mantel Clicks,Jnp-'niiery, ill Lanteri:*, Caudelabras, Table ' utlery; alio, Kodgrrs & iii's celebrated Table Cutlery, Plated Candlesti' ks, Brand**, 'altera. Cake Baskets, L'rn?,'lea Kettles, Tea Setts and every :u-le of I'l.i'ed Waie, of Mit lfteld and Birmingi am maiiulacre; Block Till Ware, coiHi?tu.|f uf Disli Covers, Hash an J rster Duties, Veils on l)i. hes, Lrus, Jtc. ice Art man Silver VVaie?Dixon Ik Son'* celebrated Britannia are?I'oliihi d fteel Fire Setts?a spliudid assortment of Slielj Id Plated t pergm s. silver Spoon", Forks, Ten Setts Sic., kc , in great variety iistantly on hand, it ran vers will liud it to their interest 40 call *nd inspect their ck previous to purchasing V. 1). Kail and winter strained Sperm Oil, as u ual, at 1) ml' 1 Lane. of ICSOllll'lB t;.k t- i' K I INO.->, FLOOR ()FL n.OTHS, BOOKINGS, toc. HK SI BSCHIBK.HS have now ou hand an extrusiveand choice selection of CariMinits, frrnn a inw priced Ingrain, .he richest and most costly description of Brussels, Saxony, Koyal Wilton, Velvet, Turkey Axminster ?ud i'ai??try t AltPE'l'lNOS. Also, Fl OOR Oil, CLOTHS of the neatest and most splendid I'atterus and C> lora. klso. h reuc and hngiish Buckings. Drugget* Felt CarpetKugsof the richest description. French embossed Table I Piano Covers, Ste. kc., all which will tie sold at prices to I the times, by C. W SMITH k COMPAMV, 2:1 lwis*?c 251 Broadway, opiiosite rheCuv llall. II F.APKST (AHPKT h STAB I. hHM ENT IN THE United latei. No 99 riowery.? ^NDMlStlN (k DOBPS it offer their whole slock ol s|ile-.did new 1 a'terns of auprrii r glish Three Ply l.<i|?-rial, sillerflne, double super coinII Ingrain irpe'.uiK, Brussels, tulteil lieartii hues, ai d indow ?hides, *i| c.f which, having b^en purchased at low ces, for cash, will be sold from 25 to 3D per cent Iu?ex than r other establishment 111 this eitv. Comim n Ingrain Carpeting, 2s 6J per yard. I> ine Ingniu Carpeting, 4< i*r yard. Su|iertir.e do pirva-d Three Ply do from 8s to Us per \aid. Floor Oil Cloths, any width, 4s i<er ysi?. ANDEKSON it UOBBS, No. 91 Botsei., i?12wis*ec 'he first store above Hester st. KHr.NCri7:Alt'~EL LAMPS, i) IE Subs'ribe's b-K to announce that they l.ave just received by tie- Etnera'd, Iowa, 11 if imore anil Argo pack'Is, a large tionol their splendid goods, embracing uiany enti.-?ly nrw I sofl<ul|is. and other arucl-j 11 the li.,e, at low | rit <s, Ml ?ill lie Ion' <1 wcr'hv .it IlifNtiwi, 'he late importations e..hi|tri e in part the lo!I< trkc, vi*:? ?r el L tnps, of 150 n.uU'is. lobe? aiutrd. m dullioii and :icli cut. '0 kinds. 1; ailes, pit er?Landscapes, medallions, pun ted cut, j*r, all v styles, idOO varieties. lo I'orc Inn?V or library and parlor lamps III it res? Broui" and kii', for 2. 3 and I lulits, 20 models, uspeiuions?bronze ai.d Mil', for hajls 4?e ? various styles, do d 1 do lor billiatds, with ouc lamp v, li*htuiK a table |?rfectly. Iiarkets?Uronrenud '^ilt, for one or two lights, 20 models, 'audeiahmt?For 4, 6 aud 8 Ii^lils, rich Kilt ana broule, iessanre, St?: Ike. ill of which wrr? manufactttied tojorder 'ipressly for us, ler th? immediate di^ndion of our agent at Paris, and we can wiihcouttde'ife thit our lamps will give satisfaction in all rs. A. It I AC O N Ik I'.. 1). SAXTON, Agents, B Imei il is'ec 2'i John meet. UK KIKS I' CKt.MU' M <IVAIl|it.u iniip.r, iu>SKI'UTIVF. \ KA US KOR TllK BKST SPKClMfcN* ' 0>K-HAND KKNM \N-SHIP XHIBITKD AT THE KA1KS OK TllK AMERICAN INSTI I DTK. DLL)dMl Ill's CHlUltOltAflllU INSTITUTE, 189 BROADWAY, iposite Jolin strrft, n now open during tie iliV anil evening, r the reception of pupils ami visitor*. Mr. O. l??"K? to utu'r citi*-ii? ol New York and Brooklyn, olil ami young, (m ding the moit inmi'ilti! leuwkd tail ivrprmtnn of uninligiMe hieroglyphics Ithat lie can impart (o a'I who will I'avor II wiili their attcutton for rive or tru lusom oi our hoar each, old, free, and beautiful *t> If ol PENMANSHIP, cuted m a dashing, olf-kaod style, ilia they cannot potnibljr >r lose in their fniiire practice iMr. < . la aware thai huntit who ha?e had their nandt cramped by the old fashioned it-hook a"d trammel'' system of romi'thand writing. wi'l out "humbug" at reading tins advertisement. To turh he old inrr. ly ?i% tint the nil HMM sy?tem (uowivught I III III y schools ie thia city,) hears ahonr the i-inie relation to scientific and certain plan upon w hi?-h Sir. II. impart* tnis ut <til accomplishment in his pvpils, as the slow pro?rrsa of old atage coach of I77G d .e. to the ?|ieed and smooth tnoa of th<* lailroail car of 1343 MUOK KEEPING ,'ln? imiKirts-l br<uch of a mercantile education is taught >11 pirel. practical principles, (uot Hie schoolmaster's iti*ril theory) thereby enabling lha student to take chargf of a ol bonks br double ?i r. n any roil iting-homa in the ci u . , immediately upon completing the Course of instruct:' 1 ! i in41 ilufio i. '1 erms for a thorough course of iastrtic'.. u nerd to Ten Dollsrs. Vor a full emirs-of Slercantile Slid iatnlarv Wrtrinit. Ki*e Dollars, inclu iinf Siatiorery. r>e|>a' Parlors fir Pnva'? Lean in i. Mr. (I. w ill'Hialily vmi< g n'lernen as 1 eachers of Pecmmship in all lis ran. n lichen. Ladies Class, daily, at II o'clock, ?Jentleme? <lurthe <*av .v d evening i2tli?is*?c A^KNuhllS?lining fom New York, Houth or to t more, that hue to lay in their piovmons forthe voyage, invited to call and purchase them ol the subscribers. at ir cheap cash store, aa they can from 1} tot* \*i tent sodoiiig, and get as good provisions as can b? purchased wheie. I aptams of v> hmIs md hoinekee|?r? also will he inlieit with all kill,is of iiroiene* mil provisions ut an equal lux. wh<> rmli" or retail, at tlieatore, No It i South a?, ii*?r IroM Market. L. H. IJH. 1IAHKIS. 2) im*r Mi (>F I'll K FALL FvMllU.NS, AT TIIK. MAOA/IN UK MODES, No. ?0 AfiAI. Ht?> ft. CARD-TO THE LAUIKH UK FASHION.?MADAME BEIIRMAN l>?i? moat nrai?*i-tfullv to inform frienda and rnilnmm that ?l.r !u> rwntnl, bv tli? laat arri liom Carta, lirr Mil and winter faahtona, an I ahe lUttert ,elf that the aaine will 1M1I uiirivallen in the city. The iKma conaiat of Ihr follow in* lull and entne new atyka , nneut, I', %? tteml, and cham?wlilr velvet homo-la, d* . Mim mode mid nuiluil hat?, ot an muiiriiiiwl description, I uliet', mia.ra', nid children'* aiae*. Alao, a t<>m|>lrt? *' ment ol c*i>a and head dii-aaea, Haria rihboua, urtiti.ial Howleather*. and hair ornnmeut* of tor beat aittata lu I'tm lad.une It. aolieita the la.liea to faror hei wnU au ?*rly rail eiainiot for themtelvm laaanin de Vodea t anal *tre?t. o3 Im'r 7fC ? *? ??ry i>niua l.eal Lard in iiu?ri<ir urdrr.foi I alet7 E. K. COLLINS & Co. H>r. | w frnuih atiyt. I FuKTUOUsh FfcMALt FILL**. J llr.Ut fiM-l im- C and eelrhiatcd I'illa, fontf Pi>rlu*>J. ?" * 1' I |*rc*ive. to be olilauied IU lfct? coitair*. &*? I it o? tha U?t culama^luttrth outi ' mmhmmmmii AMUSEMENTS. PAHK THKATRBi THIS EYENI.NO. Oct. jk?will b? portonncd PIZ4RRO. w ? Roll* Mr W?IU?? Putiro Jit Bairr Ll?ir? Mn. SlnaM Cor* Mr?. H. Uuat Tn roncluiV with MV AUNT. Dick DmIi*1I Mr WtllMk Rattle Mr PUcid* rr ???? !?Pu i? ceuta?? l*ll?ry 16 emu. .T>~ Uoor?o|N>ti *t (|u*rtrr to 7. Th* Cnrtaln will n?t ci?l v ?i i|uum ,.?*i l o flock. _ CHATHAM TIIKATKE. _ _ Bo??* ?> eruta Hit UH cent*. NoLe^-TlM Door* will oi?u at hal'-|>aat 6. Curtate will rfal \t 7 o'clock. RENOVATKO ANI> RE-OPF.NED. BENkFIT OF V1K HILL. THIS EVKNINo, Oci*>l*r prriormvBO will com* MWl" - Willi GREEN MOUNTAIN BOY. Jrdcdia Homrlmd Mr Hill Al'rr whirh, KN'OHT OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE. 8y fkro Mr Hill A(trr ? hich, A WIHK FOR A DAY Naflnn Tucker* *; Mr HNI AtlgelliJU* .Mr* Herring To c?or|nde with th? HAHLKUI'I.V AVI) THIC 0?;EAN IMP. jtUTCHKLLH MI.VMIPIC TilICATM. 10. *" THI91VKNINU, OciM?Thr urrlorauilM will COM* mrucr with PRINTER'S DkVlL. ritiwn?4 Mr U*Uh4 Kollowod br THK UKCHttT. Thoinu Mr Hollud Alti-r which MACBLTH. Macb.ih, Mr Mitchell. To conclude with ? Killfell SHOTS. Uuphard Wtlcot ? Mr. Nickioton DT/ l.irclf lu wti>j? L i)|? i Bmn, 13 eruu?I'll, LlK .!?.** Bo***, $4? * ircnnirH Bom, S3. _lL/~ Jonri <ij?u i?t 6S?< tirlum rinn at T CIKC'US -HOWKHV A.MPIIITHKATHKi JOHN TIIVON MANAOEll. 1 riMAUrrr, J, I). ( liiinplii, * l<>?n and Kiiu^itnui Director, Jolui <iotoin iioij? Ma*t*r, Mr. Ninon. Boxm 2i c> lit* I'ii l2>, cent*. Clnldru l > Bot-*, wtira ac* <-om|wm*H li' i'<?ir ?ti irdi*>is, I2V4 c nu krATl'HlJA \ KVI-.NINt;, ()ci2h?To'oranuctwith 11 A.! (illTh.HS OK COLUMBIA. MRS. (ii)SSIN It MRS. AVMAR, will lead the eticr?*r, a<?i?r?d l*y M'iiim Koger*, VVlllmmm, < iirrry S|?nr?r mid IVrry. Mil. william stout, The herculean, ur crtul ,<iid intrrnid Iluneinan and Oyna?i?n, will appear in liii (irrai I>iH>hne Act! M.\3i r.K JllftlN DIAMOND. w ill appear in it variety of hu im it iwijiuiar aonga, danfM, Sun To conclude wuii LUBIN AN I) ANNETTE. IO- Season Tickeu Cur vile it llie boi office, price IS. Doora oi*u at o'clock. I'erforuiiuicra cummuci at T. o?l r AMRKIC'AN ffVUSKUM. " AND PERPKTUAL FAIR. GRAND FAMILY HOLIDAY". BENEHr AND LAST APPEARANCE 0? GENERAL TOM TIUJMH The moil remarkable Dwarf lhar ever lived, being Iirely, Intel* liKent, well formed, and WEIGHING O MLY FIFTEEN POUNDS. THRKE 8PI K. MUD I'EIIFORMANC ESI At II o'clock A M , and 1 and ">% o'clock. P. M. In the foreooon, Tom Thumb ? ill appear in the foil in111 r rv suit of NAPOLKON BONAPARTE I In tin* nl"?nioon lie wil' bo. dressed aa a YANKEK SAILOH ! and ill tin* evening in < laihionab'e die ? of a Gentleman, ?nch us he truly ia. DR. VAI." NTINE. Will ai>|war?t e.?ch performance; also DR. C. P. JOHNSON, the olueat MnitueiUer in Ameiica, who will MAGNETIZE A YOUNG LAD*. and produce many aitcniahing in ANIMAL MAGNETISM ! MR. NE! LIB, BOHN WITHOUT ARMS! will perform many remarkable fe.ata iili liii toea. Mr. SHERMAN, the vocal i?i, and varioua other aitmctioaf* and 100,0(10 Curioailict. Admiaaion to all 2) cento?children under tea yean hall price. o>8 lu PEALU'8 NEW VOHK HlTSBVll, AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broadway, (fmmtttr th* I'itv If all.') COMPETITION DEFIED AND DISTANCED t ALL FOR ONE SHILLING Mr. II. Be> nett, Manager, ci Kair?.J Nlalter Barber, Tile. WHISKERED CHILI) ! From V?rmm>t, oely ?ere . yeara o'd. h .1 a large and buihy pair of NAT UJIAL \VHISKE11S, which were aa large aa uy innn's when he wa? but FOUR YEARS OLD '. Thu ia pr> bibly the most teinarkabla phen"rrenou in the world ! MONS. ADKIH.N THE GREAT MAGICIAN ! will introduce 'he meet aitoniihin* experimenta l? NfcCHO t'ANC V AND THE BLACK ART ever wituctreJ, including one hundred .1 liferent tiicki? akaagtd i at each i eilormanc*. nifiiur r\iiini*n h miuuii r niLmnn, ro inronii th.-ir I liigh-tb'e | erforrau,crs, I.erformiiiK many 'eats iihmm cuted by a human injr THK M\STKRIOUS BOY. HAJAH \ from Persia. postes "" mir?cilou? powers of divinatloa. He Mil niune an" thin* which persons hare in their pockets, at home, or el. when*, and WILL TKLL THK THOUGHTS ! of .my persi i anion? the nudic, re, wulimit asingln mistake The bouts ol l ilt OKtAT MAnTA-DON remuooaljr tins w?ek. IViforniances every evening at half-past 7, and Wednesday and SituriUy afternoon' at .1 o'clock. Admission to the whole 12Si fats. oil grand vocal concert. "* A TOLL" - ALOO>, BROADWAY. MONDAV KVKNINO, October 50*H, I8U-MISSRS MAKV l>. HtiSINA .SUA VV r ?i*?*ct in 11 y announce thst they will. as-us'ed by their brother, Mr. DAVID T. !?MAW, fin' a Grand Voi'il Concert, al the above Siloon, on the above tuning. As ti e ate pasting thromth the city to till engagements hi the south ihe Concert wil >e KOK ONK NIGHT ONLY. The P'orrimnti' will I ej ublish*-d on [^"""Tickets j0 cents?To l-e obt lined at Uia principal Mails Stores, ?nd at the door in ttie? rening. o24 lt*m CONCtlKT. MONDAY Octoler Wih, 1811 ? Third sud Last M'.ME CI,Nil l)A vlOKK a. U and M U N ? J ARTOI. ticfore leaving; for B.istou, o.i Mouday, Oct. 30th, llil. at tha YV.ishii ston Hotel. Di er Mr Timoi. Tickets t'tie Dollar?To be hi > at the Music Stores and H?. tels and ?t the door. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. o!8 3tr # NATIONAL PAINTING. rPHK KVfBARKATIO.N HH THr. PILOHIM FATHERS A trom Deln-liirrn, pointed by Rob**t W Weir for the hotunds rl the Capitol ntv? ashinr' now xhibumg at tl? National Academy of Design, crraer ol" iirosd?ay and Leonard street. The nhibition w ill b' coiilmmd until the 4th i.f November. AiImis?iou i!t cents. Reason Tickets 39 cents. Catalogues 12.', cents. <ieii from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. o28 ?od2t*r O1ON011 C. ANTOONIN1 iiifurnn ih? public that ha lek ' tends 'o remain m tlntti'y during the winter month*, and will hit tim- in giving L'stous in fcirgtng. >11 Notim to b* left at Mr. Oodoui't music store, No. tu'Jt, Biotilway. dM nxltt'i TO MiLUNERd. LYON & KINO. CAUL KINO, th<- ce'eb'aled Tuscan Hut Manufacturer, m 'it resixrilully informs hit kind friends and patrons. that h? hat associated him-elf ?ith Mr Josrph L\o., (lata from urn) anil have rtlab'ithrd t rr> iclvw at No 37 John street, (tindrr the firm of Lvo.i and Km* I wtier* they tia?? a moat splmidid na ortmint of Paris Millmeiy Atic ft, suitihle f r tha ensuing scanon. J lit> allot* at' ck consists of ail elegant aa?ort inrut of Tuscan sti'l Straw llata, rin. >iU Velvets, rich Velvet Kibbont, Lireatrtug and Satin tlitibonds, ail fall colon? Kie.ich ( lowi-rt. Neith-rt; an entire u?w style of Silks, and every other article iu the Miliii rry line. Mraart. L a K. would a'?o state dial the above goods haea be?i jiurrlnstd for r.?.h (dir ct fi> ni the rn Miufscturers) and will be aoltl at a sirmll adrai.eeou coat to thoae who may bai plc.uud 10 faror tlirmi with a call. ?2j I in - r HUM h KINO, 37 John at . N. T. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 120 Chdlltam itrttt, iVrtc York And IIS Kulton street, Brooklyn Aokncv, 311 Bi.mi *r.? 8r*KET, W H OLKSAL K A N 1> RETAIL, TIIK CANTON TKA I O.MI'ANY continue to oflsr ftv tale new and fragrant Tern of every rarlety and stria.? Their aasortment sl-ecially includes the most delicious and powerful grades of Om>n and Ulack Kve.y package beara tha stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein an so thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain nuimpaired iu auy clunate. Their system of iiroaecutmg business is, perha|?, scarcely to be eicelled. It is founded upon the ntmoat regard to tlie rights o( tha customer, especially w ith rwptet to weight and quality,itdunvailed cheapness. All purchasers .ire called upon to return anV articles winch to givs them the utmost satisfaction, which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Conn try merchants, public establishments, heads of fannlita, aud shi|V misters will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from tliis establishment. OE!?Uir?r. Jiva CoKrgr. roasted every day. Orders from all para of the United Bute* rircaMd wttfc prouptitude and despatch. IT/"" The only w.irehouae iu America for the sale of Hoiqua's celebrated Black Ten. s29 lm*a __ DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, OOI BKOADWAY.-Kitiaet:'JfJ 1 "I cheerfully comply witli the requsat of Lieut. M?* lutosh, to testify tnat lie was iuvalidad home as unfit for 4uir, in consenuence of total dtwfuesa and dischajrges frem his e*r : that while in New York, ou his *?)' to Kngland, Jbe placed himself under ne Professional cars ol Drs. Castle totrT.dwarda. Aunata. U-jder Their treatment !ie recovered hi* heu/inf, ssd has returnee to hi* military duty Signed, H McNEVF.N, M.?. 5 org eon to II M. B. Forces, Jumm* ACOUSTIC DKUIS. A anre cnra for incipient deafne**, earache, mi as, bamtipya, or linging *nanda in the mi, collection* of hard fu or ntW tad *e*r?tion? of the organ* Their aconatie oil ha* baaa a |>o> |*Ur reinei'y a* * curative in *11 di*~.taea of the nn lot upward* of tw.tity ymra. Offri* removed to Ml Broadway, earper While *rr?et ol lm*ee pHh PRIVATE TREATISE?Thia little book itaalf ia A diaigned for th? *e w!io repair* aapeedy ud ittrata ear* for certain infection* (ompUmti, and in which the baat and moat eoureomit treatment iu a plaia tnd faithful manner. The price i* tl. The preaeat *dverti*emei<l, howein, i* to (tat* that th* author h.n novi piiblulird the ino?t interacting charter ?that on (lie cansea which render thrse cnmptaiuta *o obatinaw tnd lingi ring?in the form of n tingle letter, which hatuppli"*. 'tee ol e?j*n??, to uiy on- it. Hia reaaoa* for dome till* *ra giveu in th* leiur it*ell', and in thi*. al*o, will be ??* why >o many pertou* ?i<ITer on from mouth to mu*th with a complaint which i* to prona to affect tlie mud ? wall *a faaation* of the body, uid which ia ao ra*ily aad *i.*ediljr eared when once it* natare i* explained. . , Bur leal it (hoald be supposed rhe letter her* r aarrad to pmfraaea more than it really contain*. tiie author MB* to atata, that beside hi* Ions experience, ne liu e?timo?IM Icttafa 0? th? snbjeet of hi* integrity and *h I.I 'rum f"* ?o*t em nent iihysician* in K.nrona to the rnojtenuuept in America, aa 8ir Vatlev Coot?r to Or Molt, of New Vork. Or Phyatah, of Philadelphia and other*; *nd al*<> that he i* permitted to rafer to almoat erery ijhwjelao of emiueune in the city. Dr Ralph would *i*o further *tate, that he i* cotualvd om liMUe* of thi. nature at l.ia private rwidenca, No. M OlWWwich ?tra?'t. at ur hour, and thoae who honor hia with their confidence, <-veu in th* mo*t complicated itat* of dinaa*. will be *urprned at the <-a*e aad imicknaaa with whtah, ia gaavral, ihev will obtain a cnrc. oil la*r CO"PKH?l## ca?r* L imliah Sltea-iugf opp?r,-f very tupartor quality, fruDi 11 to ox, ju*l rrcri ??d aud for ?al* by t. K. COLLlNS it CO . i.Mr VI Sou in *rnw>. pOr>ER-m caaei ol ?itra quality f nglnh slKnijnnl Cop ^ per^froci 14 tuttoi.,i*st rrceired i?r .reeeut *rnv*J*, and oil 'te *jr' ,E. K, COLLINS * CO. M Soath ttiHl*

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