Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1843 Page 3
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rt^' THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correajiundence ot the Herald.] PlllLADBU'iilA, Oct.1'28, 1S43. '11 it IVrathrr?'lfie Lidiei?Franklin Institute? H'ttlltice'i Cement? Theatricals?Sheriff's Office? Jarrmt Uiuluirian?Form y, of tin Lamasltr InUlli ffcnctr?Busimts. Jamks Ookdon Hknwett, esq.? Dear Sir:? Tiiia is a most delightful day; the wind northwest, bracing and healthy; and Chesnut street thronged with the gentler sex, numbers of them on u.:. tfr.m tii.' exhibition ot the Franklin Institute, which stiii continues to be ctowded daily ana nightly with all claeaes ot people I wds informed this mornin*. during a short V'?itthere, by Charles B. Gregs, Esq , one ol the gentlemanly and polite managers, that yesterday was the moat productive day to the Institute, pecuniarily, of hov since, tlie opening. This is the more singular, as the day was certainly the most unpleasant. W allace's Concert last night at the Musical Fund was.notso well attended as this talented artist emiuently deserved. During the performance he vks most rapturously applauded, and at the close the shouts of bravo from numbers evinced the great gratification given. The weather, I opine, is the only reason why the room was not crowded. A second Conceit wiil no doubt produce a result so much to be desired, and as a fair reward to one so well entitled as this great performer undoubtedly is. A? I anticipated, tlie National was crowded to see Forres'as Hamlet, which he personated jwith great skill and exquisite taste. I regret this sterling actor is not better supported?it certainly mars the performance much, and detracts from his deserved fame. Without being invidious, and excepting Mr. Ox'ey, who is it most excellent perlormer. and exemplary man, arid our laughter moving Wemyss, I can s v 1 it11?- for the male members of the establishment; thotc I mean who have been placed in prominent patts dining Mr. Forrest's engagement. The wjrthv lrs^es deserve to succeed, and I tlaink it is e-stMiiial that a reform should be in ide in some particulars to ensure "a consummation (sol) devoutly to be wished " While on the subject I must accord just praise to Mrs. Knight, who perforins her parti judiciously, and to Mrs. Lewie, wht> is in many inbtances re?lly excellent. To-night, Richelieu at both houses, with torrest and Macready; Qt the Walnut street, the Virginia Minstrels, being iheir bentfit, and Burton with a great b'll lor hid farewell at the Arch. He has secured the appearance ol ihe " Wild Boy," now exhibiting at the Masonic Hail, to lend to the evening's attraction. He will of course have a bumper at parting. I neglected in mv last to mention that young Vandenhoff elicited praise for the very excellent performance < f Ulric on Thursday night at h* Chf6nut. I am insured that this is only justice to him P is ing Mus charlotte Cushman and Mr. V. on the promenade in Chesnut s:reet, this afternoon, remindtd me I should have said this before. He will appear in the part of De Mauprat to-night, with Maciea'ty at the Cheenut. No rie-v opp.'intments to-day by the new Sheriff The " D lily Forum" now owned by Bela Badger, has been fortunate enough to secure the advertising. 7he priming has been given to Col. Charles Alexander, his pai>er, the " Daily Chronicle," being one ot the official advertising papers. This will he a great pecuniary losstothe " Times" and "Mercury." heretofore the adveriisiug medium of the sherifl's office. The lion. James Buchanan, our State Senator, nn.l ll,- P,.,..,c. I. is mil at Head's Mansion House,South Third street. He lia? b*-en visited by a large number of our citizens, end ihe iinpresmon he has made is decidedly favorable He has considerable strength here? *ome ol the most prominent Democrats in thiscountv preferring him to any other candidate for the Presidency. He will remain in the city for several diiy*. Forney, of the Lancaster Intelligencer, has alao been with us for a day or two?he is ihe firm friend of Mr. Buchanan, and his greatest champion. He was a candidate for the Legislature at the recent election, but the Whig strength being too much iorthe Democrats, he was defeated. He would have been, it elected, a most industrious, able and intelligent men ber. Dailies*) is rather iht, and has beenall the week, the inclemency ol the weather even preventing the usual activity in a retail way. We cauaot expect much, however, of any kind, as the season is loo far advanced. Our merchants epeak confidently ol an early ar.d large spiiuit business. Yours, &c. 0t> Iiifdon IWvu. the colored waiter at the id' l,)hiii U?iied Slates Hotel, who found and *Pi'r?M-riatt-d to his own use, two one thousand dollar birs, which were lout by a gentleman from the wi h, who ciMmiitted yesterday by the Mayor, in defauit of ?$2,000 tail. (Sales of !?tock*~atC*tUl<ulclphla. 8f.c" r\t) Hoahd, Oct. 97. ?100 aliarei Planicri Baukof Tt ini 64; >3411 State 6'*, 1816, old ami'l, lioj; 111 ?t>are? F rn>r?V and Mechanic*'Bunk. 37J: $b00ii State 5'n, cash 6i)J; fSOOO Ito b'?, b 5 d* I fill], $ 1000 IVnu 6'*, l?t July, 8 'Jj State 6'*, new ann'l, l61; $6)0 do 6 s, oil do do, 60; 10 shires Mannfac'a and Mtch'i Bank, 18}; 3 do hcbivlkill Navigation, S6j; BO do New Orleoii* Ou? nmnuiii it 11 prooanie wi? inr.reane.l to 800,000 ton in 191 J. The price wai sustained to nearly the level of the Imported iron, which is of the he?t quality. Tho price ol the Import)(1 iron it now $7 per tin higher than it would ba if a revruuu duty of $1 only were impose I ? !li net! ilit? tux pniil anuu.tliy by the consumers of Ameri? cai' ir"n to the own*r? of the mine* nmount* on the whole production lo $ j, 108,000. Thin tax is averaged upon eve ry plough,tpad?, hoe, and axe, used in the country, and sj far enhance! the cost of producing grain. The physieal a Ivan Rgrsof tlrent Britain in pioducing iron, are such as to defy compHtition. The lo iilition of tho coril, the oic, and tho liaiestono, are such a*to reduce the costel manu facturu by diminishing labor beyon I what is requisite In ar.y other country. In rrUtion to iron, she has the same a lran'af ? over thiscoun'ry, ai has China iti rnlation to t^a. Th" U'tcr m*y be rained In the Unite I States ; bu< ni cn would seriously pretend to compi'ta with China in it* pro iucnon?j yet in a degree, the attempt to compcti with E'lfiKin I in cheap iron if equally lutile The ?t t n, t o do to by levying a tax of $2 000.000 urion the rien pl? for thr pnrpoM of applying it nt n bounty to iron ra<M?rl, ii opprutaire in tha extrpmc, ai wt M a* impel tic It o ily enhancu the profit', and a.Mi to the wraith of the miii t? witi.out in any d?jree improving the condition of th-operatives. , | b* k. 21 Kii ?t Bovnn, Oct 21?80"*harpi Manufne'i and M<*ch'? B iuk. i'J}, '.o tin tlo IP j; $1000 Tenn Bomli, 6'*. lit Jul), 81, Jut-6aCity 6lt>71, |u2; $t90i) Blnte 5'a, 6?'J; lOshares We :erti B>uik, 44; 100 do Kra tit<g Railroxd, 17; *10(10 R'l'in^Kt Bunil*. 6'", 1850, C8?h, 65; $0< 00 dodo,6S; $HHU I ?tin?*i-.-n' Bond*, ft's.twj; I20iharm Oir-rd Bank, 6J; SIS SUr?6'j, 1346, n?w. 6-2}; 10 ahaief Philadelphia D .i.k, ?.*>; '2 do Fanners mid Mechanic*' Bank, 88; $1000 Wilmington lilt 6Y 1853, 84}. LATEST SOUTHERN 8IIIP SKW<. Phii.adci.PHIa, Oct 23?Old Solon, Buckman, NOrlejns; F.liulich, Hi'mington, I tut aim; Oak, Kyder, Boston; Anu Stilie, Wells, Savannah. Bai.tim<rk, Oct 27?Arr Herald. W;itts. Amsterdam; Empire. ilavves, NYork. Cld Leila. Higgins, Havre. Sid Nincy W Sievens, Stevens, NOtlean>; Jabez. Smith. Aiitimn; Emily Kllicott, LtuUerman. La Ouayra; Alexandria, Lewis, Mew York Ai.kjandkia. Oct 26?Sid Nile, Boston. Kiciimom), Oct 26?Arr J A Lancaster, Boston. ^Norfolk, Oct 26?Arr Win Thatcher, Decker, l'liiladrl|diia; Van Bnreu, Seavey, Aiecib'j; Eliza Ann, Fitzgerald, Baracoa; Ana L>, Bedell, NYork. Spoken. Celu, Thatcher, New Vork for Mobile, SOth inst. lat 32 18, bn 71 H. JiKtiin. Shepheard, 1'ort au Trince for New York, 20lit inst. no lat, Sit. Kiven. Foreign Port?. A' t.cibo nodite?In port. Win I'enn, Coleman, of and for B Itunur", to sail 13(la inst. MONEY ill All It KT. Saturday, Oct. aS-OP. M. The atock mirkct waj much butter to-day in feeling and stocks generally rone. Hatlen),[ ; Long laland, J ; Illinois, ] ; Ohio, f ; Kentucky, j. At the new boatd, sales were not largo, but pncea were better. tity of wh^at released from bond under tho low duties WM in London 3oJ,U00 quarter*; Leith, 5X1.000; Newcastie, 00,000; other porta, 170,000?making for the whole kingdom "00,000 quarters. The old free foreign on hand and that on the wjy, it ma estimated would swell the aupply of foreign to 1,003,000 quarteri, or about H,000,000 bushels. We find among our English filea the following statements of the cost ot making pig iron in Scotland : ? Cokt of Makiio Inni im Scotland. CVtf at the rnit'il rate* paid Cat! at low rate*. on black hand. 2 loin law COa', Is. fi< (id. "a. M. 1 " lelui-coul, 10 0 0 l>iI toon black band, c*l> ciiimI, 12 0 IS R 6 ewt. lime utone, 1 I Bowl. U S AV?ue? & conlinuenc't, II H 13 5 Total cont i*r ton, ?1 11 i ?t 1 4 " U. H. cuireucy, $(! CO S'.i 92 The duty on tUia iron imported into the United Statis is %9, being ion per cent, and ita juice in the New Voik market now ia 27 to $99. American pig iron, No. I, is 94 tJ $23 SO. In 1813, the duty on Iho iron waa for the laat two mouths 20 per cent, and for tho firat ten Booths 99 p>r cent,or about f J per ton ; and the import wu 188 tons, ot an nveragecost of $lft 80 ceuts ; on this cost a duty of $9, givas 54 80, leaving at the preient price about $J to cover charges, expenses, and importer^' prod s Now, according to the cphuh, there were produce! in the United States In 1810, 984,903 tons. That Sale* at the Stock Exchange. 5000 U 8 Loan, 6's, *82 115)4 100 N O < i.nnl &. Dka Co2il tirna MYork T'l, 'l** .00 I08S 100 f mitoa Co 231* do fi'a '52 108 II Moh'wkKit :17^? VM do r.V*. '51 ">3'? 2^ do b3t 37 K BH00 do 5'?. '55 10j>* 860 Louii Island Hit 52?* 2500 Ohio ON. 1850 95 30 do b30 53 20 000 do '60 bOO 95 \i 200 do 52fc< 1000 do 95 X 50 do l?) 5'A+ 5000 do . bJ 95 .j 150 do s60 62)? 5(100 do bOO 95 la no do bud 5) 1000 Kv Bond. 98 50 do s3 52V 5000 Indian* Bonds b3 30?i ?oo Harlem KK 3.1J4 50H0 do bf.O 3? 100 do 31 7000 Illinois BoiiiU b3 33'* 50 do b'l 33j4' 5000 do bOO 30>4 100 .1,) a 30 33l, 3000 do ay 100 do 33*i 3000 do <00 37^ 50 da slO S3* 25^shrs B'nk of Com !H, '-4 40 do 33'* 30 Farmers' L'u & Trust 21 50 do >30 33?* Rrcoiid Board. 75 Harlem Kit 34 Vi 50 do s30 3ll<j 350 do l>3 31*. 150 do 30., 25 do 3?% 100 Long Islam! KK 52% Riiw York Public Stock Kxchangt. $2000 U Sti's, I80i cull 1I5H 50 Harlem Kit b00 34 10* 0 II inois 6'n lfl?0 s3ds 38 50 d) s3 33?^ 1000 Ohio6's, 1800 *15 95 50 do b3 S3J, 1000 (lo b7 95li 25 do nw 33 \, 1000 do liio 95'a 100 do ?30 33% 2000 Kentucky C'? cash 9)\ 150 do ?3 3:B* 1000 do slO 98 100 do cash 37% 3000 do Wednesday 90 50 do slO 33J, llKO Illinois 6'*, 1870 b3 37'X 50 do a3 3!) 21100 do 03 3ti? 25 Long Island RR !r)% 2000 do ?3 37? 50 do 52fj, 1000 do 3755 75 d> blO 523i 1000 do btiw 37>? 50 do ?3 52>6 1000 do ?n? 37 3>0 do s30 5?}i ; 50 >h? 1)7 Dock Bk b20 33 75 d. b3 52% 50 do blO 31 100 do ?nw 52J* 20 do 3j 50 do blO 53 20 C&iilou C.o cash M do H5 52V 175 Harlem RR M?2 50 do .f,0 52^ 100 do ?20 J3V? 100 do b30 53 Cotton Crops. The Snvannih Republican of tbe '20th inst. Fays The weather haa put a stop to the further maturing of the Cotton crop in this State. We yesterday conversed with planter* from the interior, who inform usthet the frost. lor a few night.t past, h"3 been very sever*?so much so that all the unmatured bolls have been killed. Col. Young, from Scriven. tells us that on Wednesday morning, he raw ice which had been formed in a bucket attache I to his well, of the thickness ol paper. Foreign Market*. Kinoiton, Jam Sept 39, ls4S. ? Business is very dull. The imports ot Flour, &n. have been very large ; nearly 8'MKj barrels have been imported since the 7th instant, and 8IMH) bbls. the last mouth. Tne market is quite stocked. OllVrs have been ma le at $7 for 3000 to 40#0 bbls. hut refuted. Philadelphia Hour is now gelling at $675. Meal is plenty in market, but dull List sales wer? made at 4 25 to *4 37?, cash. Bread plenty, market dull. Pork, large arrivalslrom Canada and New Orleans?prices asked *17 to $19, no sales. Cora?1800 bag:. Irom New Orleans held ot ?1. In fact all thing! in the market arejslowol sale. Too much hn? been imported, and thesales are very dull. Freights. Theiowas scarcely anything doing in New Orleans oil the 11th inft. Annexed are the quotations? Cotton.per l'i to Liverpool, 16-32 a \ 1; do Havre, 15*10 a lc; do New York, $1 a 2 2ft per bale; do Boston, SI 75 do. Tobacco, per hbd to Cowes. Ike.. 37s 61; d i Lindon, 37s tidj do New Yelk $4 75 a 5; do Boston, $4 50; do Philadelphia. $0 a 6 60. Suirar mid Molasses from the city, $2 60a 3; Flour per bbl 60c; Pork, Lead, par ton, $4 a 4 60. Passengers Arrived. Liverpool?Barque Superior?J Green, Thos Porter, \V J Porter, J Pickering?226 in llie steerage. Gkknada?Brut Star?Kdvv Burnett, C Prey, F I' raser, Miss R Kraser, Geo Shaw. m u7?:. Hon?Brig John n (.iuuner?D Jex, ol Belize; win Schindler, South Carolina. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Barque Superior?I'lhxsslates 10 crates II casks Cumining St Riach?3 skies I cks Harvey & SI agg? IS bars iron I) M Wilson & co?5 lixt Smith, Thurgar fa co?2 bMs A Slater?7!) 11 Walsh?10 Bur'itt St Johnson?211,90'? lire briclts 50 tons coal Williams St liuion?201 platen S Crooks?10 cks W St J T Tapscott?20 Itoche Brothers St co?8 ca?ks 20 b'jjs nails 1 bkl trees '.III cks 1 bbl 1503 sacks salt 2j dozen mats 1 tons iron 1 cra'e to order. St PKTEBtnync? Barque Duchess?100 pkgs ^ewbold k Crults?ij Buriitt & Johnson?1 McCraeken St Livingston?175 pkgs 28 hi" bdls hemn T Korek?33 do Olif do A Greenoush, of Boston? 3 pkgs 175 <lo iron to order. Bri m:, Hon?Brig John II Gardner?$4230 Walter R Jones ?25 c*roons indigo (} St J Lnurie?0 do cochineal B Blanco? S40O J J Lahotiisse?27H toils logwood 100 lofts mahogany $1027 K Coffin?2 bxs tortoise she'l $3600 K Alexander?02 bales sarsaparilli 1 ceroon indigo 1 do cochineal 122 hides James Pedersen. Domestic Importations. Ni'.w Orleans??hip Louisa?35 hhds tobacco Bogart St Kneeland?28 11 S Mahland?III bales hemp 2 do wool Tucker St Cooper?73 do cotton hompson It <Vdams?107 H Bean Si eo ? 13 ics flaxseed 12 bbls 18 kegs lard 42 hhds tobscco Field St Thompson?1 do I St D Mc(jregor?Itti do 2 boxes samples P .1 Krancia?31 hluls tobacco Boorinan, Johnston St ro?3U07 sticks logwood J Jaiiiiereitc?200 hales cotton 2552 tiigs lead Brown Brothers St co?)U bales J H Brown?134 B K Dawson. MARITIME HERALD^ Sailing Days of the Steam Slilps. KFIOM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMKPICA Hibemia, Judkics-. Nov. 1 Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 ....... Nov. 18 hip Olasters and Agents We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Rohf.RT Silvev, of our News Fltwt, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence lhay sailed, the vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newsp.i|>ers or News they may have. He will board them immediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a Invor by sending to this Office all the Mariue Intelligence they can nbtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF SIOW VORK. OCTOBKll ii'J. ICH man t> '8 I moo* SKTS II i ll'R S9 I MiiiM W*TRR 12 31 Cleand Ships Bazaar, Killtam, Canton. M. H. Simpson; Hellespont, Kllis. Havana, Sjiotford, Tileiton V Co; Anton, B.irkinan, ('harleston, Geo. Sutton; Marathon, Johnson, do, A. <'?s?lli ? Brigs Telegraph, (Br) Wills, tieimmla. vliddl'ton St Co: Kenhaw*, Harvey, Net* Orleans, John Ogden?Schrs Adrian, Baker, Monteijo Bay, Ja. John Ojden; Leouidas, Fyinge. Kio Grande, 8. M. Rytinge & Co; Pacific, Davis. Bararnn, Aymar it ('o; Constant, (Br) Tain, Antigua. A. f'ubb ird St Co; Arrel, ( Br) Jones, Bermuda, Miudleton St Co; Amelia, Terry, and Sterling, Adam*. Swanshoro, NC; Alaric, I'nrin-ll, Wilmington. NT. A. B. Cooley St Co; Enarkee, Martin, Franklin, Li. J. Peck; Ki>e. Sneiticor, Baltimore, Johnson St Lnwden. Also, hip Fr'ncis l)epan, Sagory, New Orleans, John Klvsell St Co; bar'ine Bashaw, Howes, Natchez, Miss. do. Arrived. Brilish ship Cosmo, Onterbridge, from Belfast, F.iik , Sept. 23, with mds-, to W. F. Jaqnes. Ship I.onisa, Leavitt, 21 days from New Orleans, with cotton, to W. Nelson. Baroue Superior. Allen, from Liverpool, Auk. 28, with mdte, to Taylor St Merrill. Bar<)we Duchess, Bixter, (of Boston) i7 days from St. Petersburg, with mdte, to order. ISI IK' John U. Gardner, Pedersen, from Belize, Hon.. Oct. 1, with ?|*cie, Stc. to F. Alexander. Brig St?r, Pittman, from Oienada, via St. Kills II days, in ballast, to A. Hubbard St Co. Lrll no American rebels. The Star arrived on the coast in 0 dsys?since which ti,ne she has experienced a succession i f gales from NE. Selir Tangier. Kmir. J) fit in Bermuda. in ball i<(- in NV stn'th, Leedt St Co. Schr Klizabcth, Billinpt, from Kaaiport, with lumlier, to Smilli Si. B viiloii. Schr Mechanic, Roberta, from Eattport, with lumber, to Smith St Leedt. Schr Andromeda, Neviut, 2.! daj"? from Lubec, with platter, to Smith 8t Boynton. Schr Jane Vatet, Yatet, 13 day* from Lnbec, with planter, to Briat St Vo?e. Schr Little .Mary, Davit, II (lay* from rortland, with oil, to W. Uobinson. Schr Mary Maria, Vlmer, 9 dayt from Thomastou.w itli lim", to mister. Selir Pioneer, Moore, 10 dart from Machias, with lumlier, to master. ? Srlir Zone, Craw ell, 4 dayt from Boston, with flatter, to the maatrr. Schr William Wilson, Baiter, 4 days from liotton,with mdte, to master. Schr Elizabeth, Baker, I days from Boston, with mdse, to master. Schr Equity, Francis, 8 days from New Bedford, with oil, to master, Schr Industryi Ctishmau, from New Bedford, with oil, Sic. to matter. Schr Col. SimmoBt, Kith, 2 dayt from New Bedfotd, with oil, to matter. Schr Kilra. Harrit, 2 dayt from New Bedford, with oil, to mister. Schr Charity, Kelly, 8 dayt from Dcniiit. with fith, Stc. to mister. Schr Congrest, Holme*, I dayt from rivmoutli, with Ash, to mssier. Schr Mary Ann, Coi, 2 days from Hartford, with mdso, to matter. Below. Two ships, one banjue, one brig, miluown. Hailed. Ships Sea, Edwards, and Tarolinta, Smith, Liv?rpool; Flizaheih Denison, Post, Mobil*: Spring, Hamilton. Savannah; iiaiquej Navarino, Peabody, Oporto; Bathaw, llowet, Natcher., and others. Ilcrnld marine Correspondence. OrKICK or THK It hook Islander, ) NrwrnitT, Oct 27, 1813. S Arr 2G*h, A'tracan, of Portland, Wippin, from Boston 23d ult lor New Orleans, with an assorted cargo. On the 3d inst. in lat 33 N, Ion ?8 W. in a violent hurricane, wat entirely dismasted, hail declts swept of everything, lost uoth boats, bad all tier ?ater tlove. and shifted caigo. Oil the morning alter the disaster, there wa? not a spoonful o! water 01 hoard, wrr what wa? in a few bureNof c ranberries among the otrgo I4 or ill d?y?, 21 toalt quenched th^if thirit from eating cr.iubernei and what little water they were packed in; on the 9th, a amp hove in tight to the windward. and tliev thought they were ?non to be relieved from their infferingt', nut they were doomed to nitappointment?lifter Handing to nerr that ? mill fuuld bediitine ly teen on her ntiirter deck with tpy gla-t m hind, the brute m command kept the thip away, and ttood on hit course, learng them to their late?all this time a ?ig?al of ditire-t flyi 18 from the Attracan. We sincerely hope the inhuman wretch mav he ditcovered, that, the finger nl scorn may he pointed at him to Im latest breath. On the same day, tue Hafah. foster, Tom Boston for Matanio. hove in tight. i?n?l by whom tliev weie kmdlv tnppln-il with tlu-e c.ukt of water. The S trail took from the A. four of her crew and One patientter. the owner'* son. The A. anchored at J a in, to-day, about H milet r.Nr. I'r m Poi t Judith, when the ciptain cam- un to town in a tithing unack for assistance Previous to litis, howev.r, the had been sJen Irom town, and the cutter Jackson, Cspt I '.onuor, h id promptly gone to her asaittauee. The ? iml blowing from N K. ind a ttorin fathering, it wai deemed advisable on the arrival of the tteamer lolet, Irom Providence. t.i deapatch her to tow her in; and at6 p in, the wan safely suchorrd in our harbor. ?rr- pelaware, Waiie, Philad Ipliia; Caspian, Patters...1. ( all River for do; Pilot, t rowell, S meriet for Albany; W m I'enn, Sauford, New Bedford for NVork. Slri Kowrna, Wilmington, NC. General Record. Vr.iitLt Aihorc.?'Cap'ain Roberta, of the Loyal.(llr) at Baltimore from (Jreen Turile Kay, Abaco, re-purtt that he tpolie \t tea, a tmali boat in which Mere several men, who reported (he probable lott of two thipt, tuppoaed Amrri". in. th il ? ere ishoreonlhe Bahama Bankt. Captain Hlover, of the Windsor I 'attle, at New Orleans, re|*vtt ihat on tho 1Kb mil. off Hole ill the Wall, he taw a wrecking tchr ttamlin< fur New Pron lencc apparently with a deck load of goodt. Probably from ne of tiie above retselt Bstujt'? Wavi. Bottonfrom Msliga, came through the Sirailt of Oibraltar in co. with the Klvira, (Jravet, fur New 'Means; I'onfnlenee, Buley, and Nahinakanu. Tnrker, for New York; Wm A (.aidwell. Homer, for Philadelphia. AsHoitr.? \ large full ligged brig, Hth imt. off Sombrero Kev, wnh wreckrrs alongside. K?.t W?:st, Oct. II.?The Oanza is i-ondemned. and her cargo slopped to i t |iort of ilettination, Baltimore. Ship Rose undergoing repairs, Whalemen. Irin. of NL, .it Hay of Island), no dat?*, about M*y 6th, with 15U0 bt>U oil. lit ?t>. Montesuma, B.iker, NL, .it Bay of I,lands May 21, with JI00 bbla oii. 70 ?|>. Ili-.irJ front ill Keb, Blankeuship, Miiiuican, 13 aiut out, 130 bbls ?p. Spoken ? Oct 20, lat 32. Ion 64, Hope. Stewart. from Pacific Ocenii, of and for NB?oil not reported, had 1600 bbla ?i>?rni iu June. S (token. Arkansas, Burgess, Hence ti>r New Orlerjia, Oct 14, oil I) H Shot Keys?hv the Louisa, at this port. Alia, (Br) Liverpool tor St John, NB. Oct 10, lat 43, Ion 46 ? by tli* Duchess, at this port. A ship with painted ports. standing to the westward, showiiJK a white siKiial with a star iu the centre, signalized Oct II, lat SI 16, Ion (10 iO?by the John R Gardner, at Lhia |>ort. Eliza, (Br) Kingston, Ja. for Halifax, Oct 20, lat 32 13, Ion 78 50?by the name. Blitzeu, (Sw) Antwerp for New York, Oct 16, lat 12 18, Ion ii 46. Kineliue, Pearce, froui Bristol, HI. forllavaua, Oct7,20 mile* K of Havana. foreign Port*. Bfli/k, Hon. Oct 4?In port, Chat Hammond, for NVork, 7 days: VVars,w, Hall, from do, arr 1st. Qi'KHfx, Oct 21?('Id Countess of Durham, Hogg, Woolwich; I rinCa (ieorge. Kriend, Toulon; Wellington, Foster, (lull; John*. Fox, London; <>ood Intent, Whitburn, Fowey; Henry, Johnson, Dublin; liichib icto. O.tnaon, do; Margaret I'oynter, McPherson, Glasgow; Lord Ramsay, England, Bud*watery < ollina. Marshal. Gloucester; William, Unwell, ('ardirt; Consius, Uray, Perth. Home Porta. Bclfiit, Oct?0?Arr Atahtiti, Oilman, N'\ ork. Sid 24th, Borii'O, Durham. Norfolk. i vhiji ?. uct <i?Arr rear i, lliskill, mora, biu sum, Hargrave, Bailey, N Orleans. Portland, Oct 21?Cld Ligouia, Hamilton, Mat*nias; Freighter, BUnchard, Trim.I id. Air Maiy, York, Matanias; Only 1) tighter, Tucker, NYork. Portsmouth, Oct 21?Sill 'I alley.anil, Kuowlton, Savaninh; Mentor, Trofetheu, Norfolk; Black Hawk, Trefethen, Baltimore. Nkh BfRvroRT, Oct 26?Arr European, Lincoln, and Alpliion, Snowman, NVork. Salem. Oct 2A-Arr Plato, Pressey, and Medomak, Jonej, Philadelphia. Cld K H Merrick, Wilkius, NYork; 2tith, Luliec, Campbell, Guadeloupe. Boston, Oct 27?Air Wave. Wild, Malawi?on the 13th iiut. lat 4fl 19, Ion 5i, e?i>erieiiceil a seve e gale from SW to W, carried away fore and main topmasts, with uaila and rigging attached; Richmond, Oibbi, Cionstadt. Put hack, EmmalM.' don, Holmes, lor Cat* Town, with lost of jibboom. having been run into last evening. by an inward bound Eastern srhr? Clil Sidney, Weston, Calcutta; Francisca. (Sic) Vella, Palermo; Casket, Wilson, and Phenix. Prince, Port au Prince; Pamlico, Stoddard, Norfolk, City Point an i Ri hmond; Henry. NicKersou. Wilmington, Del; Rienzi, (late of this port, so d for a whaler. Cook, Provincetowu. \rr 2fith, Mary Frances, Farnham, Cadiz; O W Knight, Safford. Havana; Metamora, Wight, mill Retrieve. Burnliain, Philadelphia; Wellington, Brown, Albany; F.meline, Nichols, llondout; Mail, Nichols, NYork. Pi v.Moi'Tll, Oct 22?Arr Almira, Parker, NY?>rk. Sid 21th, Collyria, (Br) Dart, Maitland, NS; Guide, Holbertson, Philadelphia. Provincetown, Oct 2't?Arr 'Merier,' Mason, New York, of anil for Newluirypoit?oil ltace Point, took a si|uill from the WNW, and blew away loriv.ul, jib, &C?refitted, and sailed again 21th. Nantucket, Oct 2'i?Arr Philadelphia, Thain, NYork. Edoartown, Oct 21?Arr Wra 11 Turner, Rogers, Boston for Apalachicola?in coining up the harbor last evening, tan ashore on Cliabauuidic, having previously lost one of her anchors off East Cnop same ere?has since been got otf, leaking some, and wll go on the railway lor ei; tin in ltiou and repain. Holmes Hole, Oct 20?Arr Wm Penn,Taylor, Philadelphia for Boston, Providence, Oct 2S?Arr Mount Ho|ie, Ilush, Philadelphia Sid Bhrllne, Crosby, Wilmington, NC; Julia, Van Gilder, and Marietta Ryan, Wneld'u, Philadelphia New Haven. Oct 20?Arr L)on Juan, Ha'ding, Boston, to load for West ludie<; Meridian, VYareham. Sid Xady Washington, Thomas, Al'wiy. New London, OclVfi?Arr Smith T little, NHiven (or West Indie;; 28th. Hannah Abigail. Leland. and Factor. Ifinilv Phi adelphUfor Boston. Wind blowing a iile fioin the NE. with a drenching rain. Philadelphia. Oct ill?Arr Sarah Hand, llerrick,; Pltnet. Green, NYork The VV A Cahlwel', from MaUga, is not below, as repotted. C Id St George, Murphy, Salem; Therou, Willeis Sing Sing; Star, Cox, NVork Richmumi, Oct 2?Sid Sun, Stanton, Stoniugton; Catharine Amanda, Teal, Philadelphia. Savavnaii, Oct 2:1?Sid Exact, Johnson, New York; Mary Shield* Caison, Havana; Philura, Doanu, and Margaret, Wculam. NYork. St Au<;i'?tine, Oct 20?Arr and sld, New York, (s) Key West and NOrleans. Mnmi k, Oct 18?Arr Aldrich, King. NYork. New Ohlean), Oct lf>?Sid tairfield. Natchez, Miss. Oct 12?Arr Isaac Allerton, Torrey, Boston. PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA wishing to hate THE I NEW YORK HERALD served regularly at theirstores and dwellings, every diy from 2 to 2 o'clock, will please leave their nai.-.ei and address with th* Agents. TERMS: For one year $7 00 " six months 3 7S " three months .. . 1 95 " one month M " on' week 15 With an ndditin'! of 2)? Cents per copy, to the a'?ove tf rim. for the SUNDAY HERALD. Single copies fur sale everyday, price three cents. O. 11. ZiEBER St CO., No. 3 Ledger Building, Third street, o2A eorl 1 mr A gen's for the Hera'd. HONOR TO GENERAL IJt?U.TRAND. THIRST DIVISION. N. Y. STATE ARTILLERY.-ThCoin'iiinioned Otlirera of the ali"vc Division, th*' intend on Monday next (by order of Major Oener I S - nillord) to r -r. der homage to the Brave Soldier, and friend of America and Napoleon, General Bertram!,are respectfully iovi ed ro call 'his dvy. S-t'irdav, October 2uth, and exanine a specimen ol a neat Tri-colond Rosette to he worn on the left breast as a mark of resrect to the brave ve'cran As they will only be made to o'der, ofHceri will please call and leave their names as early to-dsv as possible VAl.EN'l INE, Card F.i graver and I';inter. No. 1 Beekman si, Lovejoy's Hotel,op, o.ite the Bii' k Church. New York, October 27. o28 lt*r OEATL&MANV- KU K NISHLNCJ SlOttK,' 69 MAIDEN LANE. OVER Coata, from IS to 812 v Sacks' to 1 Frock (Joits 10 ro 14 Tresi ditto to 14 Pants 3 to (I I Vttti * 2 to 4 A ll made of the bm materials, and cuc in ?lie modern srvle. Over Coats made and trimmed troui {8 CU to SIA 0# Pants and Ve-ts ditto ; I 5ti to I "i Persons furni<hinv their ihvii materials cau depend upon hav ing them ni.tdt* iu the best manner. shiits mule up to order alier the latest and most approved French WHIM. Utd't |RMIU of ill descriptions constantly on band Gloves, Hosiery, Cravats, Scarfs, a ispende s Si". <,20 lm*ec VV. COLL'NS. LCOMVviVlN OfcNl I. KMhN'S DRESS. A 1.1. EXTREMES ARE BAD. IT has been tiulysaid that poor goods are hot worth the expense of" making, and Slop in <i!e clothes is Kood cloih spoiled. Etpereuce mint have taught many that there a.-e those who lay it on so thick, that im.necitiO'is not loud,'but deep, generally accompany the first leiding of ihe i> 111 Impressed with these fact-., the undersigned are pursit'ug a inid l'? course, avoiding extravagant profit i on iheo e hand, a id keeping the very iie<t articles on the o'her, which are made up to orderunder tlie sti| eriuteuilencc if as elfi *ient cutters,ail lav competent woikmeii as cau be ound in ihe county. Our Stork lor the winter is now complete, consisting of Super Black, Blue, Olive, Bruwu, and Green Cloths, for Dress and Kmk Co Its. Waterproof Double Milled Cloths, Bevvcrs, T weeds, Sic. f>r Over Ci>ats < a-sin eies in all the new and vuious styles, for Pantaloons, Vesting! in rich Ve'vets, MetinOi, C.ithmerei, Dreoing Robes, Matins, Silks, Sic. With a larne assortment of Kancy Dre;s Ariicles. including Scirfs, Handkerchiefs, Cravats, Glovw, Sus|?nders. (kr. WILLIAM T. JENNINGS & CO., 231 Brradway, oM lm'ec American Hotel, opposite the Fountain. PREMIUM SOFA KfcDSTEALW. NMcGRAW'S PATENT EXTENSION SOKA.?This article is so well known to the public, and >ts advantages have been so incontestihly proved, that the inventor deems it unnecessary to m?ke farther Coinm'nt. He would, however, beg leave to refer to the few following highly re*|iectable gentlemen who have tltese sofas uow in us , as to their conveuiesice and utility El-President Van Buren, Kinderhiok, N. T. .1 11. Whiting, District Attorney, < i. Hon. C. C. Cambreleng, di. Hon. Senator Prvston. S. C. S nn'l VV ird, Esq.. firm of Prime, Ward it \ ing, N. Y. Brown, Brothers 81 Co. do. Col. Crosby, do. Rev Dr Nott, Sc.lrnectaily, do A thousand more names could be given of gen'lentn an<* ladies of the first respectability il it were necessary; i 11 it needs only to be seen to be iisownbest recommen lation. Ai'i^rsons wishing to purchase sofas, sofa bedsteads, reclining i or rocking chairs, are respectfully invited to call at tc.t Bioi' way, second door above Grand street. N. B. The above sofa has been awarded, as premiums, at the various Fairs where it has been exhibited, one gi Id medal, t've silver medals, and six diploinvs IG3 Broadway, second door above (Imud street. o* lm*m BOAT AND OAR ll A/A A R?At lliii establishment can be found every description of Boats that the ingenuity of mau can suggest. Look at what he has done and tlieu judg* ..?* ?l.> i.- .... j. i-;- . - ' ""I* in <.mi iiw. /ii ma eauiimanifienr w? mint the following unrivalled boats, ri* Tl>e Swifisure of Newfouiidlauu; the sixteen Coot sailing l)ioky TroubW; the Komp of Iiurlgtie, and the P?al Pry. The row row hoal* Henry t*fnrk, which won 29 rarea id IS month*; the noble Cimhria; the 0. VV. Chapman; the forty foot racer for the United Statea ihiii Ohio; the barge Kmiires* lor Klorida; the bru* mounted gig Neptune for Tampico Baj, and a lioit of other* eou.illv great OAKS, sWKM'S AND SCULLS?ISO,000 feet on hand; a'ao 2.0?0 I'eot of L-mnl'a celehrtied Sou 11* for a*le. Tint in'.? Bianco of In* buaiueaa la truly worthy of atteution.? I/onU at the price*, only three and four iience a foot. All the scull* for racing dre*s?d by the proprietor* own hand*. Tho?e that wo; the la*t race can now be seen at hi* offii*. Mi*ty boat* always on hand. Vi*it hi* Bazaar* if you deairea treat. A'] work deli?ered free of charge C. L. INOERSOLL, W6,4(Vi and 414 Water and 111 Cl.erry street*?*ole proprietor. oc?t 2>n*f TO ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS.?Thr inbscriber 1 would n-spertfullr inform hi* cuatomer* and others, that iu conae<|ueiice of hi* old *taud in Broadway being huriix! dowu, h? ha* taken the pr<*miMs No. I3S Croaby atreet near Houston, until such time as the atore* in Broadway are rebuilt, and that he i* now prepared to neute ,\uy order* lor Orn 'mental Work and Carving that may lie required, the aame aa formerly. New York, September 28th. 1613. JOHN OALLIKTl, a20 lr?* t ft Croaby afreet BLANIARD'S PATENT STATUE WOOD fc COAL Si;OVKH?or hill*, parlor*, office*, atore* air impost*, he. Kor heauty, ronilbrt and economy are not equalled by any atore in the United State* The** at >ve? *i? * S( ,tne of \Va?huuto'i the Ktiherol our country, *urin?uniing two pedestal*, one lor w oil and the o her for Coal. The urn- lor wood i* cou uructed lor alive and dumb atore combined, and lor a I've stove only. Tli* lire chuntt. r in tha oeje?ml i? ron*t'uced in tuch * manner that the lire, bir ine.tna of a reverialile |ilate or partition tn the store, cauaea the heat to circulate through ihe entire Iwiuht' I the atatue, mug a large and t>.>niiL fnI minting mrlace. Thi'V htve alt > a h it air chamber attache I, eu<l tvrry thing arranged oil the mojt aci ntiric princiije Kot *ener.| Utility tiiey cannot fail to give stti?<Vtcri.Mi. The mhacribvr iii?i ea llw attention of thoae about puicii.iMiig to rail ill') aitiafv' themaelvtu ol the above facta. They can be von hi operation daily ?nd for aale only in the city at ill Grand street, oue door e^it ol Broadway. JAMKS I1IND8. nil I in in (\Hu< f. OK JK.KKK.KSON INSURAM K COMPANY ?Office 18 Wall atreet This company continue their bu uneaa of inaiirauce a^ainat loaa or damage by lire, on gooda, wr.irea and inerchmnliae, and alao ou vcsaela and their car^oea tgaiuat loaa by inlaud navigation DIRECTORS Thotnaa W. Thorne Kliaha Rigga, Thornaa T. Woodruff, fVnjarmn K. RobtPB, John 11. DaviaoD, Krancia IV S**e, Thornton I rice Joarph Allen, John II. Lee, John P. Moore, Mo*e? Tucker, Jamea F. Hnlroea, Caleb C. Tumi, James R. Whiting, Anaon Baiter, Wm. K. Thorn, Joseph Drake, Jrad Haw.ey, John C. Memtt, Thnirn Morrell. THOMAS W THORNK, Pr aidin. HITO. T. I40PK. '*.cr.??.v rnll > > IN PLTRSrANO'of ail order of the ( .unity ? of New York, notice i? hereby givru to all |?raona having chim- againut John Carroll, late of the city of New York, Junk Shop keeper, deceased, to preaent the name with the vouchera thereof to the aiihacriher; and all |>eMotn iudeliled to the eatate, are rwineatcd to inike immediate payment. I at. JOHN CON WAY, E*'r, 117 Wille rrc Dated New Yoik. October 11,1M3. eU 1m* 10 MttWARD.?Btnwed from thoCa*tl* Rt"\i*?l, foot (>f SPlVf Du-tin* iw't, on the mormnic of the 27(h in?t., two Ml Ion Ut Htccri, villi fopti <mi iit-M Kft^s Aaj pyw lt? UtrntD| ill* cMflt or forouhiQg iitfoniutioa vmiv um bm M ?? .I will ro iki irdi A i 1 I v to Kdwtrd f itiraikl? No. l Wasbiogum narkft of w.n. i York, isd K. H> F. I " *' djl f\ HKW AltD ?LObT, i in ill u i ' P ck*t ?jp Iv Book, couUioiuff ab ?ut ttiity Do'Ia'i I he award mil ba paM on U viugital No. It niilitn icvaa*. up till! Io r KtilPlKK 8TKAMBOAT O | (\ R k\\ \ R! -i oti or stolon, i oni iloanidt tbo itnn *7* IH KflftPIVI Iron 01 Sniurday r\>*iiniK. tti' tilt Oet I ifOWH Laithor Wr tinxCaie, witli a covet ot the nine m terial, 11 l?h?| Uttara H I.. Whoever will Iri'ig t^e si\*m to Memro. K. Toidn ^ Sou*, M 1 l 11 Lane, " "I !? p.?i l * mil ifsrnl -m, 11* vidiiioual sum wi iM 111 co >1 ictio 1 of th* thi*f. Th^*H?lVHr??ur?ril trill h? ?? *! . I* t )><? !??? va n* article h m retimed h* ln f | o'clock on Mindiy, the 30.h Octob'r, w hen the ownn will l??y fir tin' Snub. 029 ft *m 01 rvhrfhevV Hid?Tb? ?'or-~oi the ?un?<i'b?rs ?a? Hp 1) V/ Vr \ J burjtl ariously entered during Sunday and S?n ay nitfhr, Senternber 31, and Watch's. PiiniO'ius, Jewelrv and S.hpr win; to a l:ni;r "mount stolen, tor the of which the above 'fwarii will be giveu, or a propouiouate amount for .111 v part of it nj# Jt?r K VS. s. ROCKWELL, No 9 A?foiJioiiw\_ ~MONEV TO LEM?. ABRAHAM I JUKSON, Pawnbroker, No. j? lieade klre t, near Broadway, loatm morev in lar*e or small sunn, as may he repiieil, on Watches, Jewrl?y, Silver M?'?, Dry G 'nds, Weviug Apparel, and personal property of?very de cri

>tion. o29 I in r PARK PLACE HOUSE. I FAMILIES it Keatlemen miy meet with pleasant rooms, md bvud f-.r tlie winter, at this eiubl'shmeiit. A suite oT rooms fronting on Broad *ay an" Park Place, may be had bv early abdication. JAA1ES (J. LLLIOTT. October itoh, 1313. o'l'i 6t*r BOA RUING FItEy ("11 and Am*ricui Boirding Mouse, No 61 Read'1 s'., a re* doors ironi Uroadwjv. Hoarders will liud it an agreeable Inline, at a moderato price. The Kreuch is generally sp ken. Day hoarders i&ktn. o2fi .in * in GENTEEL BOARDING AT MRS. OKUK'S, No. 2 7 Coortlandt SmrtT. SINOLK OR MARRIED (Jeutlemen can b? accommodated with eicelleut Board and comfortable Rooms on moderate terms. Also, a front Parlor and Bed Room on the second floor, furnished or 11 furnish'd. o9 Irn'in BOARD N(i-^ev?r.| furm.hrd robins for (fillletnen aid their wives or ueutlemcn. E,.qune at US Whitest oi'fl lin*r OARDlNO HOI I #E?-M It S (Tar* No. 3 Molt tret, has a vacaucv for a r- tpectable Iran and Ills w ile, anil Ivyo or three single men of good character, where the conuor? of a home can b- obtained. Good retire nee* lequired m pay in advance. n'7 *w*ec rIX> LK'P, WITH liO VUD.a handsome trout t'arlnr? lour J- hantkoine Bed Room, at 411 Houston street. oinim'r HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL 'TMIE an:lersi?tned takes occasion to inform Ills friends and A the public, that the Mansion lloiue is now located in Inqtnsidor *ti>f?-r. No. B7 in the viciuit) of the steamboat landing urn npHnnmn, na?iii? cmnmooious lauiliy aparttnt nu, arranged hi the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passtngers, baggage, Sic. wliu v. ill boird veaaels aftir the villi of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should proenre a passport froiu the Spanish Consul, at tne pott of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconveniruce. i2l tinirc WILLIAM FULTON. V HOICK BEEF. GEO. MONTGOMERY, :tl Kulton Market, re- ectfully begs leave to take this method of le uming liis ihanks for past favois, and gives notice to his O'stomers aud the politic ge> eraHv, that I > is now serving up tbe beef of fifty ve y flue s'eers, fit jed on the extensive ami rel-brtled grazing f<rm ill Putnam County, balongini to D?im*I Drew, Ksn o2#iii*ec RH'tU'El. TABLE I.aIMKS, laboring under disc seecu lia' to thv.r sex, may do well by applying to l)K. VV ATSON, li Hratle -treel, corner Broadway, Mrs. Morion oil ihe ( 'J he best ?erbal reference ?ill be given. I'aonts having children in a lim: riuK slate i>f heiltli, are also respecuully in vit-d to nil. No chaige where treatment is not given. Ur.W is prepared to visit patients in any pirt of the city. oii 8t*evy S ~ GENT hMEN'a C)I I f 1 LTiM 1 GOODS? ~~ JOHN M. DAVIES (te JONES, 106 WlLl.lAM SxRKKT, COItNKR OF JoHN, HAVE received |vr late arrivals, and now kin in (tare,a full assortment ofgoods in t?,eir'line. The, feel contid miCthat their stock is not eipnlleil in this c iv. and their good* will be told low lor cash, Gentleum will lintl a variety of new style of Scarfs, C.ravits, Winter Gloves, Dressing Kobe*, i'ocket Handkerchi- la, fcc. I'uder Garments of every variety, ol English and American manufacture, viz:? Merino Shirt' and llrvets. Lambs Wool J > do Himker Knit do do Hlinkn h'isuuel do do Buckskin do do Plani & Itilihed Silk do do Ladies MerinotkSilk do do Willi a great variety of oth?r styles. Silk Shii's and Drawers, Hibhfd and Plain, rude to order at the shorten notice. ll'siery, Gloves, fcuspem'eri, St"cks, nud evety other article of outlining g?ods. CArs, Oui assortment comprises e?ery style now in use for gentle men you h and chiluren at greatly icduced prices. o26 2mktn on Exchange auain?retUi?n to tileTTlo STAND. THE nndersiki.':;1, hft-r a s 'veu years' experience of the evil etlrcln resulting from large stores and larger reutg, is happy to inform his numerous customer and the commuuiiy generally, that bubaa eifecic 1 (thanks lo a coilscieulioas laudlord) a lease of of his old staud. No. I, (formerly i) Wall street, Mortimer Buildings, corner of New street, mid for many years celebrated by his well known SIGN OK THE GOLDEN FLEECE?? beacon to all who are in quest of good cheap and I fa.-'. i?iiable garments. | I ivivcii m 1119 uiu priiri'us vriiu may hist* misi sikhi ui una daring his wan deriuxA, lie iuvitrs lli.'ir return to the Ol'l Spot, with the assurance of a alrict adhern ice to his well established fame for (kill and punctuality. Of the public geur.rally lie sr.* icitta call, being prepared witli au assortment of fine unJ ierlouib!; cloths, cut'imerj, venting*, tcc. Sic., which he will te happy to make up in the most faithful maimer, and on reasonable cn.irgii. for Cash Only. Tha Mine care aud attention li>ttowed ou making aud irin.miug, as whan the cloth ,s purcln j edofhm. C. B. IJabcock continue* in the cutting <lepai:t men!. CHARLES COX. o2d Sign of the (Mden V|e-ee, No. 4 Wal'I't. J i\ IVT h] o DRAPER AND TAILOR, 6J John street, near WiIIif.rr. 1 contiuuea to make ap <}rntlein:>ns BIMMl of superior workinauthip, ami iu the must fathiouubU style, it hit mm I low pricet. UMUMMB is > "it of lie* anil UMWOtllbllClOU ' inc. should call aud examine hit telect sun t of Kowds hefoie pure hating elsewhere. Atrial will besulhcieut to mrml ' Lh< most ecuuuniical, thai lor beauty of lit, ttylr of workmu ship, and at such extraordinary low prices, this e.-tahlnhn-.^t cannot. be turpassed by any iu the city. tr?" <ieutlemcu furnishing their own goods can have tle*m : made and trimmed?a perfect lit warranted or the nnc of the Roods returned. ni2 lin*ec TERMS CASH. DEPOT ' OF OENTLEMEN'8 EANCY DRESS ARTICLES READY MADE LINENS UNDER GARMENTS, kc.fcr. rpHE Subscriber would call lite attention o? their patrons and J- tiraneeri vi-1tiiiK thit city, to their rich and extensive aatortmrnt of stocks, scarft, crams, gloves, tos|iemlerj, pocki t | haudkeichiefs, dretsiiig towns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, , silk, cotton, Berlin, luicfeskiu and other uuder shins and drawers Their assortment of theubove goods, and all other articles appertaining lo a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and extensive, aud well worthy the attention of the fashionable community, tliey would particularly recommend their new ( tti ie of gentlemen's shirts, at containing mai.y improvements. , The shirts at present manufactured by them, are cut to suit the form of the wearer, thereby doiin; away with the large overplus of linen Died under the old tytt"m of catting, and adding not only to the comfort of the wearer, bnt to tne beauty of the form. This improvement was so miiiif?tt to the Judg^ of the late fair at the American Institute, that the tirst premium was awarded to the subscribers; their patentelsstic Brace is |>articti- 1 larly recommended to all parsons who hare acquired the hihit 1 of stooping. They will be found of imt lense benefit to |ter? >nt ' of s"deiitar> habits, by bracing the shoulders they strengthen the bv:k, and expand the chest, and will be lonnd of no impediment to the frne use o I the arms. They would also ca.ll attention tn their patentelastic Russia or ridiug bolt. Oeullemen may depend on being suited with the b*st aud inott fashionable ( articles, by calling at the old MLskdithment ol pTrsells ?c agate, GHEAI' CASH TAlLOKliNG EdlAliLlStiMENT. 3rti PEARL 8TREE1', LATE ion BEEKMAN i rpRK Satxerlber. wMI tnnwn for tht chanpMs* and ginMl- " A i?y of lit? ? ork defies to inform hit piiro. s and the cut.- i *te, that lw i< n?w. to mil the economictl tendmey oi (he | titu *, miking narmentt of the very best quality it a reduction i of twenty per cen' from former !> i? ?"H, mil lr*t, it i* bel:e< ft, by twenty |e cetillliui g.irn enu of the same quality art' made by i til* cheap houses in tlii> city. lu order that gentlemen may understand *hit it meant by clieapneii, the folio wing bill of piicti it submitted to th-ir c n,sideratinn, with n guarantee that the good* thall It- of the lint rate giialuy, and the lit uuetceptiouabfe. Suin-rior West of Kugland Cloth Coa's S 2 to 16 f?ut? of b'ack or lancy double milled ca*?- J to 7 Ve?t?, of ml*. satin, fcc 2V to I Making and tiimmiug in the best atyle, at the fullowiiifi price*: ? Coats $0>i to It I'anHand Vests lV to All orders eieomed with punctuality and diapttch. Hii|>?rior beaver Overcoat* from <>2 t > S20 i ..r*. Ii.i-r JUll V MOTFAT. |) I-. \I?V M AllK OV Kit ( Oats; Winter Krorl.,, <."|oek?, IV Ue.?K*im Ueiver and Pilot Cloth Ovt-r Coats, W in tar Frocks, Sick*, Sir. Also, extra ami medium ouality Cloth Cloaks, for sale at 231 Broadway. American Ho.el, opposite the Fountain ol5 lm"r VVM T JKNNlNUS & CO. f.NH\ 11UVJ4' AM) CIllLUKk.VS CLOillliXO ? UKO. T. GRF.KN, No?. 110 Chatham atr et, and 4 loik ery, will keep constantly on hand a full and complete aasort m?nt of Mens', Hoys'anil Children's Clothing, of all description, made in ihe most fashionable st>le, to which he would respectfully invite the attention of those in w<nt As ha has made arrangements to receive Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting* kc , kyetery pucket, and has secuied tlie services of experienced Cutters, he pledges himself to give perfect satisfaction to all who may purchase, N. U.?Garments made to ordei at the shortest notice, and wiin unci punctuality. oj Im'r | GENTLEMEN'S L*'FT OKK WARDHO?E.-Oe?itl? I men or families desiroua of cnntirung their It-ft off wear mi apprel iuto caali, can obtain lor the same the highest ca. h < price l To fsmiliea and gentlemen ijuitting the city, or changing mi- i deuce, li tv ntl any suprilluuus etfrcts to dispose of, will tind it much to their advantage to tend for the subscriber, who will ' attend tliem at toeir residence by appointment. H. LEVETT, ? No. 6 John ?tn*et. New York. A line through the Toit Office, or otherwise, will receive < prompt Attention. J CLOTHING Cleaned, altered and repaired. nil Im'ec c KTOTICK.?Oetiti hadiiK cast off Clothing which they want A-s to dispose of, will, by leaving their address at W. Simp- '' soil's fc Wilson's old established store. 19 Chatham street, lie i called on at their residence. All kinds of cast off clothing. j watches, musical, mathematical iiistrnments, sealants, rjti.srlrants. Kitns, pistols, guitar*, tic., bought and sold at No. 19 Chatham stm t. N. it. All kinds of car|>eiitt'rs'tools bought oil m*r J. bOKlrt'?* CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. , MR. SOKIA begs leav- respectfully to infirm his friends and the public in general that owing to the depressed state of the tim-s. hehaa reduced hia price 2j per cent below the regu 1 tar charges *' Ladies wishing their snmmer dresses, ahawla, &c dved or pr?>as?d, will find it much to their advantage by paying him a r visit. (Jentlemen will also do well to call with such articles ,if wearing apparel as may ne?d dyeing or pressing All orders will he punctually attended to, and the articles doge np la th? > iiest style at Horia'a eatubh.ihment, No. 490 Pearl st. t, run UMiin.--, zirr- ai ?ifi Mr DirrrHrr ^11 U? Dowry, AtlC I, \t iV Grand it. Aluo a branch a: 49 Fulton it. Brooklyn, am \t Newark, N. J., comer of Broad ?t, and WwHinKton Place. ( Merchants ran have all kinds of K<>ods dyed and put op it ' /.heir original forms, and on moderate term*. Princi|?*l otocr 1W t ?ar1 ?t ?nJ0 Dm + ee T<> k'KINTKK.s EVlU SA I.E.?Two fount* of Typ, NUnion v.d Nonpar..I, ' 1 w ?>;?>< h*Td *>*p the New York Herald. Aivi? tt ihitodWr. ii AUCTION NALKN. THOMAS BKLI., Au<tnu?^r BY BKLL U HbWAUO. ( Stern A'"- 31 Ann tbrrrf and 115 SATURDAY. At lOti o'clock in the salr? rooms, l.artte ?!? ofele<*ut furniture of all description*. Ala.j. |.ian<) fort ?, a splendid colK'Ciiou of laming* Also, ilii- furnitnr? >! several funiliei gmln; U|> hiiueUaeyi.]* ?consisting of rouble fop kjyptau ' marbie top entire ire tables, bouL cud), sofas, pianos, looking (lassos, plated and glaas warn. Also. sn>ne splendid I5r>u??lj and iurmin c?n>etinea, 4u:.. AUa.thp mtiir household furniture of a family .rnmovao from U rook I y n f.?r convenience of sale. This day'? ?I?- will b" found deserving particular attention. Also, a N *> i>dditional lot of snperinr second h md lun iture. and tin' IiuIUihi* stock of a carpet dealer, lu lot< to init pur chasers. MONDAY. furniture, (ientteinm's Furnishing 8f>re, 8r?.? \t Ift^ o'clock nrecitely, it >?. 1M Broad ?av, by orjer of Mr L Finn, the hanutome film lure i f room. pur'or and bed ruin kitchen utmisilt, Jtc, comptitnx sofas end sof? beds, bure*n?, sidrhuard, book c?*.e<, clnir?, t?b rs. lonkiu i |J??s?s, pisno fnt?s, painting*, clock, vises, chins, b?ds, beiUt.adt. miiw if?, vc. \l?o, in the *torr, m?ni| handsome glass casee, timers, thfhfj and fixture*. rnti $.rm Al>o, shirt<, srockl hottrry, irlovei Sir. Furniture?Alio, nt M o'clock, it No. Ill fiber ty street, the entire furniture coutsint-il 'ii fid h">u?e. Ti'Ksnw, At 1(1^ o'eo k i i t e s Jet room Ltrre tale of Dry Oo.vts, Clivhing. fsn.y aid p'riUed articlet, &c , viz Ctmu'rising the halm ce stock of a whole a1* and reiail fancy?ud s'aple sea'iv able dry tends, calicos. miisl*ii*, gniKhims. silks, satins, shawls; domestic* < f at1 kindt \ flu* atsn'tineiit of London cloths v-stn g < in lots to *u t; l>0 y ? Muslin de Laiue, a quantity of hosiery, glovn aud shirts, aid th<- balance stork ol a merclnnt tmior Also, a splendid consignment of hh-lfield table cullerr, (dated war.;, Sic. WFD.VESDAV. Lars;e ?a'e *f cliiice Fnriture i f all ileecr'rtioni, fiom f*nilie? reiioviitB, &c. at 1<X o'clock, hi Ii sVe? roo Also a 'tock of sple d.dc ty midi i shinet Konitur;, all of winch IS warranted. LiU'Witf, 5 superb 1' a intuitu*, 1'i'uii ga. ate. w. L"gggl?' JL .. smt ROYAL MAIL FOR LIV-RPf>OL>^y5||*BB9 Til* L. tier B!>m tor Steam-r HltfMlSU. w'" ''I'"" at Harmlen St '<> 'i OUieu, on _~v*rfTuesday 1 ?t. i>i Jtf to 4 P. M ' ?'' A speci I bag will .1 bo be made up for the overbid tn iil to India IV S.?Mess s. II .Si Co would cull th altentio.i of tnt*rc'uvits * d others xr-ndius Icten p?r th? 13 >s on 8team*rs to tl??* fact that their liar* *re forwarded by their o?ii Lxpre^s, unde.Government lock,and have never in a singie in '.'lire miscarried or tieeu left by the dti-a'iiers for which l' ?\ wer-tuten o88r HVRVuKN fct < ().. 3 Wall ?t. - M>R~HALTFAx ASn I.I rTpivtTiT //i.yj TheKo'ai Vliil St'Mtu rthip IIIIt '.IINI ^ jti L'fck1'. II. E. Judkim, I'.sn , ( ominaniliT, w ill leave Boston t'oMhe above ports on H'i-dne?Paisng* to l.m-rpool Passage to Halifax W. Apply to I). BRIOHAM, Jr., A^-enc, o2'r No 3 \Vall street. Kt'll H \ V \N\, Uirert ? Th ele;int wellknown Spanish ?n amer N A l <' IU-'.X, John Kriti.: * JHMMaai V>11 iir, Commander, will rail pos l.v. ly vn Tu"e d,a\ N..veuiher Ti(?, direct I'oi llava a Th's supeib steamer Ins been newly ropi ere flit d np with uen boi'er?.and her cabin* have iii.ile'i; me a Dior ".Uki'> le.ioratiou. rendering her ;n every r s|-ect a vt" y desirable ro ivevance. The. Nstchez will arr.vr in llavnn in time to mee: the Sew Orleans steiiter Alihnma a (Tuning a verv id?i>ait trip to those v ho?e lius > es< will admit of their lulling such a circuitom route to 'lie letter port C pt'in John R. Suulioix>. well-'iuowii to the travelling community , nccompanies tl e Sot' h-xon h> r voym'e For particulars of nas m-', Ike , ajiply to '' ip'ain .1. II Stauh >pe, at ilio Astor llou-e, or to \V St J. T. T VI'>T 1", o29 ei: 43 nek tflbi corner POttth Knit FI nsT r H'KKT Ft?it I I ! R: '(!t)L-'IV'-nv ,row wRR'fVmt Octobe .?The spleud'd. t't >a ling, t' vorite jffiyj^diii. AIM HO \DAt'K, torn tons,Captllacksulf,will bail positively as cbove, her regular diy Tne?hi| iof this line being all Inuo tons and upwsrdji, persons about to embark lor the old ciuutrv. will not fiil to sen the a'lvnutnges'o be derived from selecting tin* line *n i reference to any other, tut their great c-pacity rend- rs them every way mtre comfort'b'e and con< eiiieut than shu s ofasm illrr cU.i. Those wishime to secure IhtiIik, khould not tail to make early application on hoard, or t'i W. U J. T. TArSCOTT, At their (Jeneral I'aaiiaue (Iflire, 13 IVck Slip, oMp'- cor h1! nth ?lr.-et. JmA FOR SALK OR TO Rr'.NT?The fmniuin Milts. WjW with II or H run of stones, with all of its extensive in iX^2Lrhiuerv, situated nesr two miles from Sew Hoc'ielle, Wenti hester t onnty, and ^tateof Ni w ^ ork, anil in imnvdine proiHinilv to the city of New V'ork. uow in order for an extensive business iu flour, and can grind and tuck 100 to llu barrels each day, or could be most advantageously employed for any other purpose winch miuht require extensive water oower. i lit" reputation lor the |>a?t thirty-live \ eari en'oyeu I > tlie Premium Mills, and tlieir proximity to New York, wUti the lucility ol" transportation afforded immediately ailj.icenl, 'jv w i v of the ua\u-atiou direct to llie Miili from any porr, rruoer the facilities for business uneice tionahle to those diMiruiv such an twtxbli.thment. Ari'ly to HENRY PATRIIHJE KKLLOOO, Kill. New Roehelle, N. Y.t Kellogifsville, or to B>LA8 WOOD. Esq.. i9 Brad street, New > orU New Rnrhell". Antriist21 IMS. ajli lm*r MONEY LENT, LIBERALLY, at the old established stand. 401 Grind strret, ou g"ld ami silver watches, plate, jewellery and dismnnds. wearing appirel, dry goods. hardware, cutlery, mnsical and mathematical instruments, bedtlmg, and every description of petion il property, hy LOUIS LF.VY, Pawnbroker, o'JIm'in 401 Orami between Ridge anil Attorney it. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.?'1'herefore if yon wish a share ol it you must circulaie your cards anil hi-idbills freely.? To do lit is in an economical way, call on ROLOER & SUTTON, at tbeortic-> of the Loromotn * Printing Engine, I IS John suvet, uear IV.-.ri, where you can bat-t all kiinln of Job Printing done in the first style, at the low eat cash prices, and no disappointment Cards printed at one hour's notice if rennired, ol I in *? r TTALKNTINE has removed his IfaimflM ami PriaUlf * E?talilisbinent from John slr?et to No. I Beekman < res*, (Lovejoy's Hotel.) opposite tbe Brick ('burch. New York.? Wedding, Visiting, liivi'.atioi, autl Provisional Cards ei? cured in tlie first style of the art, a* regards tlie superiority of t'-e engraving, neatness of tlie printing,,anil the whiteness and brilliancy of tue c uds. Persons furuishing their own card plates,c?n have them printed on the most approved ,u>d fashionable stvle of cards, at prices tosiii thetim-s The Ladies and (Jeirleuien of New Yok, Ll'ooklyu, and 'lie adjoiniiiK cvies and towis, are rmjiectt'ully invited t>> call and examine the specimen hooks, aud from a variety ol pat'ern cerils s?'ert to their t*?re ?if> lii*r I'MII.AI>KLPHIA DAGU E R R EOT Y P E E *T A B LI * H M ENT, EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 2f, AND 1*. THE SnbsC'ibrr has r.cei?e<i a lar/e supply of Voigtlinden' ce'ebrate I D imierreot) |>e Api arms, latge aad mnall si/en, with achromatic lenses made according to Proli ?sor I tzval's mentation Al.o a new supply of b ?' pi 'tes a <d chemicals, which be warrai la xood a <1 tells at red nerd prie, s The fo lowing gentlemen have apreed to act *.s agents, vig? E Whi'e, h.sq 17j Broidtray New York I'. Hum, si, , Washington, D. C. Dr A. Ca-pari, Hichrnond. Va. S. . Broidbent, Ksj, lor the Southern States. Wm. Wfe?t, Esq, j Uincniuati, Ohio. All con munications (post p-,iJ) and ord-rs, a rompani d , w itn r instances, will be jiromptly a'ternled to, and should be ilirectert to WILLIAM I.AUOKNIlh IM. oi7 tm*r Exchange Buildings, I'ii Ixi'rlphia /"Wl'AltIO DANK DIVIDEND.?'Tweutv i>er ee. t on the ^ Capital ?toc? of this ft ink Mr ill lie i>ai?! to the Stockholder* 1 nn the 1st day of November next, out of tit* surplus profit* of Lhe office at (.'Atntnl <i.;u i, in li^n of the ordinary serni-initial dividend due on th.\t thy. Stockholders who result At the wilt be paid atttn Mechanics Batik in (he Cit\ of New Yor*. Albany Stock holders will \e paid ai the A'ln.iy Citv Bui. j Stockholders residing in Utica will be paid At the Branch in Unci. Stockholder* west of Utici it the B inLiu. Uon?e in uauaudaigua. The trausfer books will lie closcd on tlie 2Ut iu itaut lor ten days. By order of the President and Director*, JH. B. OlBhOV, Caahier. Canandaijfna, Oct. 5 1013. o?ri Mi? r FAMILY BO AUDI NO Sil'HuOL I > i ~ i lUN i tvi. *- A Lady, who is an eiperifuced ceirker. take* into her fanily a nutnbrrof children. not exceeding eicht, ui hoarders and icholar*. >o in ns will l>e spared lo tender the house a pl?aant home to the pupils ami to advance them in their studies. J real Attention will b?* paid to their iieal'h anJ m-rals. '1 he locatjoo is very hraltliy and retired. '1 here are now href vacancies. Satisfactory references given. For further particular* ?n<jnire >f nM rr<? I.J 01 TI.KIl, O John t. ?i U - Ktt N li H LJ l>. "i f)K Al.t, DESCRIPTIONS cm lw it tel.iUialt prices, from this date until t?te first ??f Ni;vemb f. At No. 6J LIBKRTY ?VU' KT, o2fl 2wp Neir Bioad*vay. pThkapkst CAUI>T EVI AB?7MKNT I> TIIK ^ Un t*d "tate , No 99 dowerv.? tNDKHfc); >N & UOllB'i 10 w offer their whole ?tock ol s|le?d>d we w 1 ?ter.*s of superior hluglish Three Piy I *iperml* suierfine, double super a-.J coir non ln<r?ia C*r,?e:inK, Brus^ls, tulted lle.rh Units, and Window >htdes. a'l f which, having Ken edai low prices, lor cash, will b^* sold Iron 2'j to 30 |<er cent iowat fuui my other e*uM?*h 1 eut i;> t 14 city. Common Intertill Carpeting, 2i 6-1 [tr yirt). Kiut Ingrain Carpeting, 4s per yard. Supertlt.e do 5s |*r va*d Thrte PW do f fls to lis per yard. Floor Oil ( loth*, any width, 4s i*t yfii ANDERSON & UOBB*, \o.9i Bowm.\ o?12w is*ec th- fir?t *t"fe ah ve Hester At. TO M L i N bTiib LYON iV: Ki NO. CAHL KINO, th* ce'eloated Tnacn 11 t Manufacturer, most respectfully inform* his kind frieutis an I patrons, that fie ha* associated liini elf w irh Mr Joseph L\o., (Iit? from Paris) and have estab'ished f eniselve* at No 17 John street, [under the firm of Lvou and Kin*) whe.* th**v h*?e a mn*t ipl*ndid as ortment of Paris Millinery \itrc e.?. sttttthl# f r the nsuing season Th?? above ft *ck consists of ah elegant a a*ort m * oi I'vieio n4 Straw Hiti, rkti N1I1 Vtlrrti. rich Yelvpt ftibbous, Ltrestriuir and Matin Kibhonds, all fill eolort? 'Tench Howen, **e?th-r?; an entire new ityle cf ^ilks, very otlier article in the Villi ery hue Messrs. L a K. would a's'* state that the aboee foorls hav?? teen purchased for cash (direct |Vom th* inoiufartnrvri)and a-111 l>e sold at a strall advance on cost lo th ?se who may be 'leased to favor th- m w ith A c ?ll. o:>> Ini'r LYON fc KINO, 37 John ?t . N T OftNINU OF THE FALL FASHJO^a AT TI1K MAOAZIN DK MODES, N'o. fio \^*i. Stkmit. ACAKD-TO THK LAUIKS OK FAHIIION.-MADAMt.BKHItSlA.N Im-kh must rrtprclfollv to infnrin vr fri?nd? and cu.totnern thai ?li. h.i? rrrrivril, by th? lut arri mil from lii*r tail sud winter f*>lu nil, and >li^ tl<ttrr> ivrtrlf that tnt> tainr will ?l.u:d unrivillro inthvcity. Tlir aahmna nonaitt or thi* lollowuiff : full and rutir* aty!*. lit, Buctit, id iin, watered, and chtnttr?ible srlrrt himneta; d>> . Ik, aatin mode and uniltnl Imta, <? an ?<itire novel deteri|>Uvn, n I <diea', missea', and childrr.i'a aizea. Al?i,a (omr>l?ie a*lortmi'iit o( cacs and liead d,T?w?, Pan? riblMitia, a'ttfiri?1 tto? ra. feacKera, an? liair oriiameiibi of tnr |y?M artiat* in I'aria. Madam** B. aolicita (lie ladiea lo laror liei with an early call md examiue for thrmsrlvea. Mairsim de Mi>d''a. 61 Canal itrwt. o1 lir*r V/flW. CAH MOLL'S MKOI< A 1>.D VAPOK BATHS, t *A ij Conrflnrd' itrrrl, art* i late, certain, and a|?edy rui? lot t oik HI. t'.IJs, ? re throat, ?*flliiu of the clwicli, ihrumatitm. i titlii-ii of lh? joint*, a?ue and fever. 0|*n from 6 A. V.lill 1 I'. M. Ku'phiir Batna ri?|nirf one hour1* notice. o28 Iwr i vj K. vV BUC KWHtAl - J .'I 3<W Harr U N-w Buckwhtat. V0 hi bl? <!o d > 4(i0 q'bls do do .">8 i eighth* do ild 30u k>g? do do FV sale by HOLT &. OWIN, J o2' ?tM*r til Kiont ?t corper >*p?km*o. ^ fc, vv BL(K W11 KA'l ?1IWII rackaurt in birr*-!*, hall b-' r* ' rel?. r|u?item tod eighth*, lucked in a tu|ierior manner f- t t' i* auutfvrn market?a choice1 article and fr?e from grit. Km > lie o i lib?ml tenni by It ?l3lm*r OKOHOF. WELLS. h lUFwntit. i> PO iHfc LAUIhis' SitOk.MAKfc.ftS > 'L N, ?(I I T.the notice, th*! tie tub* ribrr, ' [1 pIliCk \lo OC o Lfwhrr M?..lit r???. ? ?. ?.?? i?.**n?l * il I Jacob itrnc, wli?te ( * cm nccommndat* hu down town en (I "i. rr? and country nrrchu.t* to * K?ieral ?i?or ? ?*>i ur?icoa Morten " 1 ' r i , "10HVKK- '00 (!?..? Ktwlith 8li?i'in(t< IKJWOI *' ^ quality, from II to it or. IcO * 026r M H.utti lit rot- ' ! PoKTUGUSt; KKMALE PILLS. {'HKRK. f*r fnif"*r m<I cfl-brurrt I'ilU, (torn For'apt, *r? mt u-ririrp, to tx? obtained ; ihn covaur. tx>e U?*unf> Mt o? the lut ooUm??.low?h Iio amusements. CHATHAM TIIKATRK. Bo*.*. U ccgti, Pit 12K e#nr?. Not:e??Tb? Door* will 01*11 ?t S. Curtain will riw st 7 o'clock. RENOVATKD AM' KK OPKNRD. k1ls BENK.FIT OK MIKS WAI/TfcflS. MONDAY fc, VK.N iNO. Oct. 3'J-Tha i** dIUmii inrncc wi'h _ LARBOARD FIN. ' Mr. Bootli fc'?r* Harris* Afu-r wliirh. _ . MAD AS A MARCH HARK. Co'in vVilicn Aotoma Mr. Bum T i) f M' Imi]* wi'h th? .. ... DYlNci OlFT. M?r?e('i Mr H fM p ntruiMro u. gflTCHKLL OLYMPIC. TliuATHB. MONDAY F.VENINO, ??n wffl torn mmer witli Ql'EEN Oh' THE HUDSON. Michaal Draylmg Mr. Niekiaioa Kollnweil hy A MOOI7L TALE. Johnny Atkini Mr. Holland AfW which MACBETH. Macbeth, Mr MltchoU. To conrlmle wit* HUNTER'S DEViL. Plan* I'ica Mr Holland rf Llruo < ircl?, VI ivrH?Opixr Bom, M fit. UX ? Private tj?Otcl -iCm B.'Wi, tJDoor? open at 4' arCiid riw at T. ^nK,l(rAflj in'SKUfl" A N D FERPKTUAL FAIR. TW'l m ^ s L'LNOER MONDAY and TUESDAY, Oet llaiidlL Two Perfo m each J j ! Al Three o'clock, >lmI InH-riut er-u o'< to?k, P. Mi OKNKilAL TOM THUMB, , . The n.oat remvkib'e l>w?rf that erer 11?e?I. being ilealf, label* lilt -nt, w>-l| formed, ?ud WEIOHLNO ONLY KlKl'KRN POUNDS. I'ro.Mor lOrLNSOV, Etpefi merit hi Aniwil Ma(n*t am. Oil. V \ I?i N ri St.. Will ojiru a iirw bud ft if Y.u W Stnriet, Saints, Dit?, Id) HIlJbKM V\, lb- j<fi|iu'nr ^osalnt. MK. NKI.i. S, BO UN WITHOUT ARMS! will perform many ri*inarlc?ii|i |'mh ? ith 1m u>#?. Wi' liii* diy, Nov. 1st?Entire New Attrtctiou*. Mniiuion in <JI "jj ccuo?enildrsu anun uw run hall price. o?fl I r "MiAljS 'ri SfKVV YOUIfc MVDMVB, AVH PICTUllE OALLERY. (Hr-ui'lm'- v, >ii)wtr <h? Hn'l. 1 ORE IT ATTK\r,TK?\S FOU A SMALL PRICE I COM PET 1 I'll1 V I.F.FIED AM) I>l?* I'A VCED 1 ALL FOR ONE SHlLLlNO ! Mr. 11. Dculcii, Maiiver, i? Happy tu anm unce an eug ig?> m?ut wiili MADAME ADOLI'HE, Who m iy b? prlralely couaulfd during -very diy and evening hla w I'll, r '^.ir 'mir the PA?T, PRESENT, AND FUTURE! By ber knowl'lse of Phfnoln^v, Th ai sn^ni ', Me""eri?i?, mid l!i>' lii< den icitmcci, sli- i lb eto retaal uutha which nar?f could be Irururd b" .1 prof FORTUNE TELLER ! MONS. AD III AN THE CHEAT MAGICIAN \\ .11 i,..tfnli irn 4.<T..r?nl I.I.L. MkrI'ANICAL Ficii/BEsT" Mr. COLLIN?1, Com c Singer, and MW.OiK) Carloaitlea. Performauu s "very ev itun a'. lu'l-pait 7, uid W?l?edey iUll S it' ml |V f'fti"". oai?? ,?f 1 o'clock. Adniiiiiou 'o the w;hole I2VJ c nts. 1 .Vi coii't eura tit t'r.ove who ion n't Madve Adolph. _____ ^ MDNIl VV, October 30 h, Kin ? Third and Last Coneert.b/ M'.Mi; (.1 Vil UAMOUK > U ?nd MON ?. J. ARTO P. before li*i?i'is for llo.iton, uu Monday, Oct. 3ftth, llli) at tha Washington Hotel. I.i*i ler Mr Timin. Ticket* ('ne Dollar?To lie ha I at ti e Music Storea and lis teN and at the door. Concert to commence at II o'clock o28 Itr NAT K)NA L PAINTING. * rpHE EMBARK \T.ON tii?' THr. IMLWRIM F ATHERS * from Delft-liven, painted by Robe i W Weir for the K?tunda nl the I'upitol ?|W now t xhibiting a' tl e Nau 'mmI Academy of Desig i, corner of Broadway and Leonard slleet. The rihihitinn will be continued until the 4th i.f NoirmNi. Adminkiou L'j cenU. Season Ticluti 1) cents. Catalogua 12>a cent i. Open I'rutn 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. o28 ?odJt*r Olii\'OH C. A NTOHNINI informs the public that he toi ' tends 'o remain i:i this city diiriu* the winter inunths, an4 will d-? te liia tuns in giving L'a?oua in fcinging. N.B Notice to In lull at Mr. Oodoni'a muaic store, We. 40'J5v II mid way. ot? eod<f T iVUlDAVlL. r-U 1 lA'N, P R O F K t* S O II OK ? I N O I N O . 58 Vw:ck street, Ht. Jnhna' Park. al5 Jm*r MUSIC. JOSEPH HAMMERER, profemor el ropiie, raepectfbllr " announces to his patrons, auil the public in geieral, that he ha? remofed from ">!) Crsshy to 116 Lantern street, ?her* all orders for hia Cotillion Bind, to wait on parties etc., in or eat of town, will I* thi'ikfnllv received and promptly attended hv Orders for .1. K. will e.Uo be received at Mr. V\ . Dubois' tnaste MWjB gnwdwai. ol imT MUSfC MF.SSHS. 8CHNKIDEH ?c REBIIUN, Profaasors ?f Music, Uteef Saratoga Springs, rmiwctfjil'/ announce, that they are now pr-wred to give their attendance at private part:es soiree, serenades, fcn , durum the e isnt ic Mason, peeforming tlie in nt no.lern nn.l popular music. Al' o ders for heir stt'iidsore will be received and answ?r*4 a? Ilie'r |in,ent nn dvnee. 39 < 'ros'iy s'. mfl Im'r ITALIAN Ml SIC.?MR. MANNINt*, (twenty y?sr< tm dent in Naples.) pupil of Picini nnd f r. sceutini, givaa in" tractions on terms to aui( the times, in Italian French, aa4 rnaiiMi bihkiiu, ruU id the mint laahiouable atyle ol piaao forte pi ivi iir. Mr. M. hi* pernii?ion to r?fer to the following i nil?na^ J. M. VVnui wruht, I). IMmri. Ilowlnnd k Aaptnwall: J. K Schroder It. L>.; Mr. J. T. liriyhtin; K. L. Hawk*,, D. D ? Mr. S >Vard Mr. M t at 230>? Hudaon -tn-et, urair ip'lug at ol lm?r _____ T F. EROVVNR ft CO. Manufa.rtiirara of the Improved ? IV?at Doable Action Hnrp, by Royal Ltttm rataat. London??eta'ili?lie<l IH10, (ni?ny years w,t" Eiard.) No. W Brna.iwiy and luunberiitwi, New York J. K Hnm u.< ottvni fur tale at Oi Broadway, the (lneat collection of theae beautiful iuuiii'iii-ut* io tin* L'ntted Htatea Ha iwi-nfim- it? ire iurli aa to enable hirn to transact buaiuoaa at Kuiopean prieca, thcr by airing purrhuera the hiiih datiaa i?poaea^by tariff n,i these iui'n:-n~iita. J. p. Umwiif would theae 'farpa ue constructed AM llie most approved irturii'les, with < 11 Ihr mnilrni impro?* L*?r;U, are^im'Vj ii; lirlliaucy < f tout', fineness of loach. Mil feetnes* "f mechanism. I'*. licnlar rvr i> uilin to Bt liiem for the esrre'iiis climate ij: rn i? country, ia which r?* iier t tiny will I;r (omul fir supem i to any of European majiah< "ire import d iu ibe u? wiy. TSree lUrpa are (iMrouiaed b, ihe elite of musical taata aad proletsioual talent in <urc>|?' . aiocic thv latter, lie wonld maotion N L Bcrhaa, wlininv*' ably selects froin ihia ea'abliab Mat. The HMffli? .?i" fr i :e*s?>ra in tl>ia country ia solicited. Lia'a of pi icaa ami d>'?c.ii't ion? may b? forwar>le? oy poet. Repairing c.AiiMly at'suited to; Harpa taken in eachanfi String*, he. ell lm'aa TO PIANO FORTE MAKERS. JOHN OILL, inai.rfactnreTrlTi.ino F ir* Hardware. wlahea to ai n?.U'ici' (bat in ndditiou to Int eeiablishn ent, (on Mih treat ami ?d .\\cnoe) lint be hd? made ariauseinents with Mr. J il n I'l.x I , ivory deal-r, No. I!> Murray street, New York,(aa unt) when- a'iy article of piano lone hardware can ta P*ecTiia'd at cheap a* cU"wii?te an.I in any quaulitiea J. i i. reapwtiully >olicits attcutioo to tr.e au/ermr quality at hii niau'ifact>iird aooda, eapeei.iliy hia improved timing piaa. which are waraautrd in cv ry reap -ct. Hmeec yea'a cloaa attenUon lo the aUjva buiiin'ia in New York haa enabled J. 0> to *no? eiactly what Ihe piano forte mahera raijuire. All ordi'ra tu John Oil I, 2ftlh atrtat and Id Avenue, New York, or fi> .Mr. John I'liyfe. u above, will inert with immediate attain:". (Joo'U forwarded to nuy part ol'thc L'nited Wataa. !7 I in* in L BAbONTO a iXTIST, in AUhaater. Marble, Sraelinla, be., f;otn Italy, i ?.IIes|*<:lfullv luvile. the gei try, the iiihahibuila, almpkeepirs. I!?ui.ira, country d^ob ra and the I ublie in General. tn tm m Museum of Am, No. 'ti Orchard ?tri?t (brtw<*n Onuid mil l)i% iiion atrn-la.) w Inch nuoWo(?"l ror inaprctioa, with * ipliuidiil awoittiMH of Italian and Knflish ornamerta in AlamtiT, I'UcL fn <rti|r, i)nr, yi-ll.-w ttour, aialaetita, r?4 oi.) nriott* clli*r in&rtilra, vrru< ill pntn, granite. lie., kc. rpimi>t:iiK of virion* airca of fnmin. fii.ur.-s, huata, Uin, Hi'li- KtruKcnu ??n, candlestick*. rapera. feu traya, ink itvnlj, witch ew . clock ttaiida, tiim- |>ie<va, si>i 11 pola, irai, wtniue lumpa. ilii-ll v.v-?, oval tn<n, bottlee, (roup* and aioglo ItuE*. tnbiri. l! fiitine l>a?k.-u, Imlla, fowl, liuua, broach**, ueckUcaa, QDaliska, bell itiu, (otroly vamw rill* ?aa?e, paper nr glitf, rin'. lUiiiln, card boxea, iniirt koiea, birda urate, irnof :ua, p*inriii<? ol' Mount Viauviua, of Naplea; kooke on com bology, mineral, icy. kmIokv, marine botanist, Sic. kc. 1'nbe oi UUflta from I2S crnla to JUiO. Clean iug ani repairing of every deaenptioa on awdmu terms A.inmaioc free. *30 ?W T DISJlKOW'M RIDINO SCHOOL, <31 BOWF.RY. Mil. D. hi* th* honor to anaouoc* ghat hia Schaol u obu ih* rr^fption of poi i!a. daily. Sundayi ewtiied < <>r l.inlii*a, from 9 A. M. to 1 f. M. Vi T<i'uilrixi' U, from 7 to 9 A. M., and J to 7 P. M. III. M> t'lunrd ?nJ ijiurt hort<* for thf r(Md or parade, to For ia wd particulars apply w ahoy* *uj irw'r T?HB FIBST PREMIUM A WARPF-D THREE CONI SK< U'l'IVK V EA IfS FOB THE BEST SPKClMtSf OF OI K-HAND t'r'.S M A N*HIP KXHIBITEP AT THE FAIBS OK THE AMERICAN INRTIIUTF. GOLDo.Ml 1 ti'S CHIK UG it A PHICLNST1TUTE, 189 HROADWAV, Dppoait? Joh'i stret. i? now oi?u urine t>i? day and eTeaiog, "ir the reception of pupi's aid visitors. Mr. O. oegs to aaan * ? ciliieraol New Vork and Brooklyn, old and lomg,(ia'lulling ;he mo*t iuvcttmteaeMWlaraaiia |?rpmrator* of iimaeltig iMr lin roglyphiceHhat hecau impirt to a'l who will Ikvor mil wjih thfr atiiMirioii for fu? ortm Uuouaol on* how aaek, i bold,, and bnutifnl it> le ol PKN.vANSHIP, iifcutH iii a Hanh'iig, off-"and atyle, tlia lhay eaunot poaaiblr r*r K ih* in th?ir t'u'nr? prtclicr. Vr. O. i? i*u? that huaIrfda wlm h*?# had th?ir hv <1? by th* o 1 faahionad 'pot-hook and frimmcl" ayntrm of roun-t hand wnt af. wrl try out "linmlnu" Ht mill.n< thia ad??ni? MM, TotMl M aroal'l merly >a? (Ml tn? o|.| luMo irrl ,y,tcm (now .aiht n muiy < h?oUT> tl,i? ?it v.) b<nr? *br>ni ih? ?m? relatioa ta H he tciyi.iifie and certain pl?? upon whirh Mr U in.wti uii NMlljM aeroKplkliMiJ to hii i>ui>iU, m tlx ?Ijw ?f he old -i. L.. , nf I77H dn?a to ihe ?p?ed mii imooth nfr ion of the lailfoad tir of |KI3 BOOKKEEPING Thit imporf*-t branch of * mercantile education te taught Ifnpirel. pnnicil principle*, ( ih- ?choolmaaier'a amified ihrory) i|irr-Ov en-tbliiiK ih? ru<Jent io Ink. cnarge or et of lionki hv do >ble en ry in ?iiy cub itm*hon?e la the ecury. itnmmjia'ely upon completing the court* of I'litructioa at J?i? uutilutio '1 erma lor a lhiu<>u(h cou'ie of instruction educed to Ten I>oll*rj. For * fu I crura- of Mercantile aad K|talnlirt Writ nit, Ki'r f)"l' i, ncladioa Hiatio"enr. U? Parlors f >r Priv a* Vlr. #0. will nualinr TrM* g n?ntlem*n ?? Teachcn or iwmump iu an ua ranooa r?Mtir|u? La'liea I'tei, daily, at II o clock. 0*ntlrm?n duritif the (lay ai.n fTcoina cJ! I DH. IVHKM-K't "*'to ofirr to the notice of th* public tha followiug Itttvr from a liiwI Iy rciiwcuble oAcvr in the I. i .Na?y:? H , Nnw York, Sept. II, lia I'd Or. W'irArt. Oculist, 1J (>r**nwichatr<-*t? Hjr?It afford- m*ui-*at l>l*?aur* to ?i*e yon the benefit of wtf miiiiiiiny ol your nninPit tuccrsa lb tlie cur* of ny da oa liter I iiK.raratra rase of Scrofula Qpth.xlmi*. aftrr iSc htdbM i-.n-d iy uninfui physician* and lurtrtui w ithout the leaet I i .' "i I*i l'?M : r li f I must add, that when I rlaced I'" nnder yoar kiud cm*. lnvinij hep inducrd to do to by vmtitiir of your cur** \ii,'iit?, > I w;u in d*-a|iair of her rrer being cured by aay one? ie f)i* brinucutirrlv el> aed wd >i*htlr*?. the other gearly ao, id nc.trcc any liaht could be burn*. Kor many mouiha ah* ha? *ii Ho| t in mrefiiily darl-eiied rnoira. The *)*lnla wer* molt ijditl illy ii'il.xmcd. mid th* child, by her pranoua ueatDMol, > itiv.1 to a m*rv ikrlrton. \ our kind tn-armrnt and g.-*at cur* w.ll *v?r b* h-Id by BM id rr*ry :ni*nibir uf my launly, in thr moat grateful rtmia* rnnce. should Una brin# > n? to th* uotic*?of any like auJtaa* or i?irtit ? ith m irflic *d child, tlie object of Una uatiaoaf ill beaecun-d by relter on luftcriug hunnuiitY. \ i-iy truly, your friead. WASH. A. BAHTLKT'lV V. I N.. i* lm m 211 Lightli A'Wd.