Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. ft?- I'o papers w?*r?* received ihiM morning KKSCUKI) FROM DEATH. Dinrasu hud ltiid th* Ktronjf man low ? He writhed in torture'* Ntrif* ; And through Time'* gl.i??, with rapid flow, Olided km sand*of lite. He acarce could turn from *ide to iide, A film ob*cured hi* eye, And nil wko saw the iiutfeier cried, " Ala* ! tki* mau must die !" But no ; when doctor* had eiaayed ^ Their utmost skill in vain, E'on ?g lor present death he prayed, In throe* of mortal pain. A irieud, (such friend*, if Heaven will*, Be mine, in danger dread,) Armed with a bo* of Peter*' Pill*, A| proacked the patient'* bed. Ho forced them down the nick man'* throat-What need Ike rest to tell 1 Saved by the novereign uniidotc, Tlie inan though booked lor Charon'* boat, Within a month was well Pr.ncipal office, l'2fl Fulton corncr of Nassau ?t. Ot?- PROFESSOR IVELPEAX' S SPECIFIC PILLS, for the radical euro of gonorrhea, gleet and Mil un pleasant discharge* from the urethra. The?e pill* having been tested iu every stage ol tho?e distressing complaints, by the uiembersof the College of Medicine and Pbarma cy ol the city o( New York, are confidently recommendt d an 'he moft powerful remedy ever discovered lor all ditu'iKnof the urethra. Sold in boxes, at $1 each, at the otlKeol the Consulting Rooms of the College, P7 Na?sim street. W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. Ol?- "DRAINING PEOPLE'S POCKETS," IS THE rom?ik of ouuof the veriest, unscrupulous and sublimated humbugs that breathes a moral pestilence in New ^ 01 k, in regard to the extensive saleol the Poudre Subtile (which he imitates )Thi* is indeed the apes ol impudence, lor which he should be rewarded with a leather med?l. The countless nostrums and vilo compound* which this pink and flower of churlatar.x bus scattered over the union, dealing death and misery to the t,fflicted,ia incredi. | ble, and manifests the recklfssnuss and audacity of the creature, more especially when he iinists that ,hi* mean imitation* (a lew months old) of the Poudre Subtilo is the irigmal, and bullii s us because we will not allow such daring mendacity, to pass unrefuted. Fate has destined us to lligellate the bound, and we shull do it hailessly. fcueh an exposition is demanded, that the libelling brag gurt and death-dealing nostrum monger, may no longer hang like a leach upon the community, though a squadron of writs and indictment* as he threatens follow t!ie mown of our pen. The Poudre Subtile has been be fore the public many years, andia the invention of Dr FO tiraud. We solemnly asseverate this, and with alacrity and cheerfulness test the preparation belore th eyes of every purchaser, who will wait ten minutes We show that the strongest hair vanithea like magic, leaving the skin perfectly smooth and white. 'Tis to be found no where else but at67 Walker street, one door Irom the cor. ner of Broadway. $1 per bottle. {?/- A FELLOW WHO BRAYS ?0 LUSTILY like the animal wi'h long ears, whose name he has constantly in bis mouth, may us well adopt that name lor his own as another "alias," and then u "stripling" may trust >i*? vcill fpl'rt tn ()anpin<r ?i<?r?in iti '? ?? at v In (n fit" lliti ani. raal, and Let the name of honest Dr. Gouraud And 1.11 his subtilK powders ? go. ' Dr. Fontaine'* Chinese Hair Eradicator was made and j.ut forth Lj Dr. F. himself, before any other subtle article wan made ;or the same purpose, ami Mr. Subtle is not quite subtle i.oough to make the ladies believe hi* nonKeu?'-trying to convince thnm that the original article is counterfeit. Dr. Fontaine's true and original article, Dr. F. warrants, under the penalty of $20, will take the hdirotl in three minutes without the slightest injury, provided it is procured at 31 Courtlandt atreet. mONKY MA It ItKT. Sunday, October ^O-fl P. M. At Mobile, on the 21st, " the bank" was checking on New Vork at 1 percent discount ; at New Orleans, Stirling, at 6^ a (>$ j New York checks, 1J a 3 discount. The Urand Gulf bank advertises for public sale on the 14'h November next, a large amount ol real estate, for which they will receive in payment the circulation and nthcr liabilities of !!?< hnnlr. An Una in consequencc taken placc at New Orleans and we hear that 60 ccnts has been offered and ret used for $6,000 ?-f th<*se notes. The composition of the Ohio Legislature, is such as to enture the liquidation of the t?a nks whose charters expire. That is, the Commercial and Lafayette Banks of Cincinnati. The law of the last session, known as Latham's law, required the stockholders to become individually responsible for the whole debts of the concerns. This ol course enforced, would put an end to bmking. However disused individuals may be to subscribe and risk small sums in bank gambling, tempted by the large plunder offered in case ol success, no one has laith in the horns < ty of the business, or its managers to embark their whole means in it, although they endeavor to persuade the people, that they ought to trust their liberties end fortunes jo the hands of the coneerna. The Auditor of the 8iat? of Illinois has given public notice that he will off'.-*- for sale at Springfield on the 1st Monday ol April ne.xt, UlO.OttO acres ol lands,selected under the provisions of the distribution law, lying in the Danvillo, Chicago and Dixon districts ; 42,HOO acres of land entered by the State under the | rovisions of the internal jmprovi mt nt law ; and also the Northern Cress lluilroad, between Springfield and Meredosia, with all (he buildings, locomotives, Sic. The lands to be sold in eighty acre lots. All this valuable property will be ottered lor Internal Improvement Bonds and Scrip, of the State of Illinois, and for gold and silver bond*. Coupons alone with tho bonds will not be received. Ol tlio improvement scrip rcceivablc at their market value*lor the lands, there were sales yesterday, as follows :? Price. Buyer. lllinnis improvement scrip . .24 cents. N. Sistare. A' these rates, the lands at *he regular cash price, will absorb near $1,,100,000 of State liabilities. The following arc the leading itimi of the quarterly rsturni of the Exchange Bank of Virginia F.xcHASOf: Bank ok Virginia. Jan. 1043. July I. Oct. 1 Loans, 1,8)5.523 1.978,496 I,565,970 M|*cie, 223,01J 22(1,2K0 278,137 Circulation, 614,291 122.228 1(J7,46I l)eiM>?ile?, 521,181 582,750 506,916 The liabilitiea of tins institution, in proportion to its sprcie, arc lurge when compared with the present condi. tion of banks in other States, la :act, the banks of Ten. neasee and Virginia, have'.undergone far less contraction than those in any of the other Slates of the I'nion. Much discussion has lati ly taken place in relation t the isaueof Treasury notes bearing a low rate of interest to supply the want* of the treasury. We have heretoforu too long and too perseveringly opposed the issue of paper money, either by State or National Banks, to incur the charge of ia any degree favoring that most pernicious of all paper issues, government money. This is a sub ject, however, entirely distinct from the movement of the Secretary, how near soever his Treasury notes may approach to the character of paper iT.oney. Commencing in IS87, tfte government has fer six years been in the habit of supplying ita wants by Treasury notes, which were to all intents and purposes paper money, in a* much as the government pai 1 its debts wfth the notes and received them back in payment of debts due to it. These notes bore, for the most part, an interest et six percent' but Mr Woodbury atone tinc, favored by the state of the mat ket. reduced the interest to ?a-n nor renf an.t ni.,1" but at that low rati? of interest, the note* were not retained by individual*, but circulated (mm hanil to hand, and rapidly found their way back into the Treasury, an money to discharge delta due to it. Subsequently the nia'ket rate of interest rose, and the Fame fate overtook the five per cent notes. Again, the rate of interest has fallen very iow, and the Secretary reduces the rat* cf the notes to one mill p?r cent, which it lower than ever be. fore; but he also makes them redermable for specie in New York. Hi*ncetoall intents snd purposes they are New Yotk funds. The issue of tha notes, as well as the ecrssity for their issue, are evils of the first magnitude, hut they in no degree are attributable to the present executive officers. Congress deprived the govtrnment ol Its land revenues. The infamous cammittee of ways and m*an*,last session, refused to modify the prohibitive duties on articles th.t otherwise would yield a revenue, or to impose a revenue duty on tea and cc.flee. Fcr partisan lind selfish motives, they lelt the government without revenue, except what could be obtained from those note# in queatlon. We have said that the government is tieptived of its laud tev?num. 1 he distribution bill was imkr l repealed, but not until a large quantity ol land in each Statu was given up, and ii now as in the case of Illinois above mentioned, or salt iu competition with the government. One of tho great evil*, which attend the issue of paper money, is the effect w hich it lias upon the externa I commerce of the country. In relation to the interna' trade it iiot but little consequence in what the currency consists,so that it is uniform; because the piices ot all articles leljustthemselves to e ich other aa represented by the common medium of circulation. If one dollar repre. tents the produce ot a day's labor of the farmer, it xs ill also ri pn sent tho produce of a day's labor ol the artisan* hii i tin* exchange '* equal 11 lh? volume of the cuirtncy lncreama, ami flO repre?cnt? the lwbor o( the farmer, tha equivalent for that ol the nititnn hax risen in the name proportion,and the exchange i? mill equal. Not no, how ever, when thote product* arc brought into contact with those of foreign countrirt, became thu currencira are doj uniform, nml th?. inequality el the cnrrenciea become* riutructivc to the commerce of that country where mo f ney is the cheapest. In I8.H- 39, wl.en the currency of tlm cpniitry was Triy full, pric?-n her* were high ill coinpiri.on with those of other countries. Heucc this wa? the place to sell, Lot to buy, an?l the imports greatl) ex ceeded the exports. In the present y ar prices here li.iv been, under the contracted currency, lower than in other countries. Hence this has been the place to buy rathei [ban to sell, uud the ex|iort trade has been good and Inorativo. In an aiticle ot May 18lh, vve endeavored to show that the great fall in price*, which had taken nlare in all articles of supplies and raw materials had en. ahlcd the domestic manulacturers to turn out goods proIJ'nlily at far less pricca. than formerly. We then ?tated as follow* Let us look at the result*?100,000 yards negro plain cotton" in 1829 would sell for $16,1100; that mm would buy 107,141 lb?. New Orleans cotton, or 1000 brU m??s beef. The same number of > aids will now veil (or, which will now buy 14J,8,V7 ib*. New Orleans cotton, or 1142 brls. mess beef, as follows Plain Cotton. Iht. Cation. Mens Hi tf. August, IB3'J, 11)0,00(1 yds $15,000 107.111 or 1.000 bids. May, IB 13, 100,000 " 10,000 142,857 or 1,112 " Actual bal. in favor of manufactures, 35,716 112 This is an extraordinary result; one third less money now commands the same quantity ol manufactures, as in 1^39, which commands 36 percent more raw mateiial thun in that year. This is thw true secret ol the protection ot domestic manufactures. This has been the real cause of the export of Unittd States cottons to England for sale. That export has con_ tinned Ireely until prices are affected. At Boston the de mnnd for expert is good, and the shipments lor the week ending Oct. 21, were as follows To Cast Indies 230 bales. Miquelon 12 ' llio Janeiro 17 " Smyrna 410 " 06B From New York they have been as follows Export of cotton gooils from New York, from January 1 to September 1, 19-12, packages 12,176 Kx[>oit of cotton goods from New Yoik, from January 1 to September 1,1813, packages 20,678 Increase, packages, 14.402 J Ul? >:.1 |IUI I Ul'IUdllU 1-UliatMiUt III UJKIU low |llltc? II.IB takon oil the surplus and caused prices to rise healthily The price* ia Boston market ore en follows : ? Prices of Domkstic Goous in Boston at Pki iiiou.1. Jlugusl. Dec. May 17. Oct 23. 1839. 11112. 1843. 1843. 27 inch brown shirti6)4a8>4 5a54 a I'-4 30 " " very stout, 7)4'?9 fiafi'i 616)4 6 37 " sheetings, 9 Ft 10 Gafi'-t J^dli *4 37 " " very stout, 10hI0V? 7a7>4 6)?.i7 7\ia8l4 10 " " U>?al2 Ua? 7a7)i ?>>??% 40 " " tine, ?a? 10alll)a 1M10 '?>?al''3-i 16 15a 16 11a? 8>,a9 9>,al0 30 " drillings " 10)4alt)i 7>ji8 6l4?7 7>?a7Ji 28 " bleached " U)?a 12!>? 8a!) 7n8 8 a8 S* 8 " jeau, 12)4*13), 9a9K 8a9 Sj^aO1., 30 " " bleached, ?a- 10al0)? 'lalO 9)4a9>,; 30 " shirting, 9)?*12 7a8 7a8 7 a7,*4 37 " " II Ha 11 0Xal2 9>$.il2 8.(^10 Negro plain cottons, 12al5 ltlalt 8*10 I la? Necro liuseys, 20a23 16a20 16a20 21d21 A general advance in prices is horo apparent, but rates have not yet recovered the sevpre depression they underwent in consequence of the ctngnntion caused by tho first passage of the tariff". N*r is the advance caused by the improvement of the "heme trade." It is the reaction caused by the fact that prices lell so low as to make the goods profitable to export even to London. The drillings lately sent to England for sale are quoted above at 10 cents. At thi? price 100 yards paid a duty in London o( $1 or 10 per cent. 100 yards of the goods manufactured in England, sent here, would pay,ot the same cost, a duty of f?, or 60 per cent. As to the ability of the manufacturers to turn out goo ls at these low rates, the following prices ofthe factory stocks in Boston, are evidence :? Capital Stock ok Cotton Manufactories, Oct. 28,1813. Stark MaufacturiiiK Co--- par $1000 10I7)? Cocheco " par 700 490 Chicopea " par '000 650 Cabot " par 1000 1000 Norwich " par 1000 1187)4 Boott " par 1000 1050 Lowell " par 1000 1000 Middlesex " par looo ? Perkins " ?Mr 1000 1030 Salisbury " par 1000 ? Appleton " par 1000 816 Boston " par 760 660 Hamilton " par 1000 985 Jackson " par 1000 1035 Suffolk " liar 1000 1030 .vlcrriinac " par 1000 1260 Lawrence " pir 1000 1025 Nashua " par <500 $160 a 160 Amoskeae " par 1000 1126 a ll'iO York " pir 10?0 1110 Great Kalis " par 300 230 Mass. Cot'n Mills, par 1000 965 Tremont Mills par 1000 1015 N. E. VVursted Co par 100 76 This is corrobarative of the above extract from our article of May 18. The contraction ol the currency and the abundant crops have produced a fall of pricei, which eu' able manufacturers to undersell profitably the artizans of England in their own markets. This establishes the controlof their markets. Let us look ut the Boston prices of the raw material and provisions for the periods :? .Hun. 1839. Dec. 1842. JV?i/iI7,'t3. Oct. 28/I3. Upland, per lb. I2al3 7a8)? 5Wa6)i 6^a7 Alabama, 13aU ?a? 5>?a6$l 6).a7V? Mobile. 13a 11 8?!l& 6?a7>I GX*7 V Tenae?sre, ?a? ?a? 5)ja6>4 7 a 7 LI New Orleans, I3all 7>ja8J{ ?a? 8)4a9>? (J-nnei-e tlnur, S6.75a8 ?a5 25 6a5 12 I 87?'? Beef, ine?, $?al5 7 7Vtfi 8 50a8 75 7 50 a M Pork, clear, $?a23 10 50a 11 ?all 00 12 50a 13 Wool, 55a60 33a35 32a33 33a3l Here is a reduction tar greater than that of manufac. tured goods. In August, 1830, one barrel of flour, beef, pork, and 100 lbs of wool cott the manufacturer $110 00. He may now obtain the same articles for $eo 00?a reduction of 46 per cent. He then obtained for 1000 yatds drilling* $115?he now get* $75 for the same article.? The comparison then runs thus : ? Cost of raw material and produce. Sale of Gooilt. ibiq tl in (iii in > IMS ' 'MOO *75 no Decrease 50 00 35 00 He thui gets hi? produce for $60 less money, and Bella his good-" for $35 less,making adiftersnce of $16 00 in his favor. The value of cotton goods imported into Cuba in 1841, vii $1,406,416.; Thi? was imported Iromthe following countries In Spanish Foriign Vessel/. Vttleli. Total. 811*111, 35,621 ? 35,1.21 United States, ? 110,905 80,905 France. 221,885 23,101 244.986 Kngland, 600,624 31,320 631,940 Germany, .282,151 ~ 282,151 Other places, 225,789 4,009 229,808 Tot\l, $1,366,080 139,335 $1,405,415 The United Stntes have the means and ability ot mpplpng this whole demand for goods, and but for tlw p?p> r system would long since hove done to. Tliepapsrcur rcncy has lifted the level of prices so far above thai o' other nation", competing w ith us in the Cuba market, that we necessarily lose the trade. Now that prices are low, a tariff ha* been imposed of 60 per cent on Cuban sufrarl, which are the only means they have of buying American cottons. This duty is imposed to compensate the Trea' stiry for what is kept out of it by the prohibition of other article*. State of Manufactures. Themis n pretty good damand for domestics in this market ; as good as could bn expected at this scaion ol the j ear. The'demand for goods of American manufacture in Baltimore last week wasvrry fair, and the prices of the ? >1NU1 > livl?r? iriuniliru linn III IHM quotation*. The c let lu now manufactured at Green'* Mill, in La Halle coun'y, illinoi*,are equal to any made iu the.eaat, and bettor at the price. The Alexandria Gazrtte ?ay? that McCormick'? Silk Factory in that town i* uow in full operation, end the whole proce?* of *pinuing and reeling going on aucceatfully Cotton fheeting* nro e*t?n?ively manufactured fit Pittsburgh. In quality and price they are aaid to compete aucccaiafnlly wi'h th*' E uteru fabuca. In Concord, Mat*., there i* one woollen factory, the tatiatic* ot which have never Wefore been given. It contain* 14 000 *plndle*and 40 loom*? employs thirty male and the name number of female operatlvi It annually consumes 30,000 lb* raw cotton and 76 000 lb* raw wool. It make* 260,000 yard* llannel and 60,100 yard* atinet* Wage* paid to (i mail a are from $3 to ffl per week, without board, and to male* from f4 to $ I J. Thi* mill i* now running full time. It goe* by water power. There are now twenty Are cotton lactorie* in North Carolina. The capital invntedin the whole ii estimated at about a million and fi'ty thotuand dollar* ; the nnm *er ol Rpinilln* ubaut 50,000 ; peraon* employed, Irom l i to 1A.0C0, and ntimhei ol 1 al*s of cotton contumei at not l?a* than ia (i(>(i. It ia aald that the flrat woollen factory erectel in the United H'ate*, tin at Hartford, in I7V0, and that Wa*hington delivered hi* inaugural a.I <re*s to tongrem in a nit of broadcloth Irom that laotory. We give the*? *tati*tica to ?how the progrenof mann facturva in thi* country. We *hull continue to give them a* they are received. Unit I ill ore Cattle Market, Oct n.?The *upply of Beef Cattle wa? very lull again on Monday, und price* have ruled thia week about the "me u* last quoted. The otteriug* ut the acale* on Monday embraced about woo head, of wlrch about 7? 0 were taken by the butcher* and p*ck< r*. The extremes of price* paid were *1.60 a *3.40 per inn lb*, on the hoot n> | < i ii I t y, which l*?qnnl to *3 4 f4.7* net. The f.alo? were principally however ?t int?t mediatu 1 at<*. aven ging $1 Ye*tcrday abon' 40 head of fro?h cattle cam. in and *ale* were made at *1.70 11 $ } p,.r too ;t,*. on ttn hoof. Ther j are now 100 hea I In market untold. Frtlghti. Momi.x.'Ort. 31.?The.Cotton Planter ha* been taken up lor Havre amco our la*t?the (lr*t foreign tran*action of the(eaaon?the rute Ijc. lucoa?twi?e no additional engagement*reported. The Mobile ii nearly lull and will have dv'pRtch in a few day*. The Uncle San. will al?o clear in a day or two. Tho arrival* of the wwi k have bet u I *hip, 3 bark*, and 4 brig*. Rome inquiry pre vail* for the moment for ?ma!l vt-?rl* 'oi the W<n |j-,. die*, llpwaid*ol 30?quaiH rigged voaoi* hnveclearrd or were announced for thl* port at la?t date* from northern and eaatetn citioa. | I Married. In tin* citv, on the JSth nut hy the Iter. Heman Banff Ct|i(. Th?m?> UorBiNi, of SedKewn'k, Mr., to MimAi <iti?r*, daughter|?f 8aniuj| Butler, Km}. of Monmouth, Maine. Died. On Saturday, Oct.-28th, Matthk w.iniant von of Matthe v find Kli/aheth Horn, aged 16 day*. On Sunday morning, Oct. '20 li, at the reiidf-ncs of C B Hatch, 151 Monroe street. Euiuiith Ohum, only ebililof Capt. Kluha auil N nicy W. Doan, of Nantucket aged 11 year* and ? months. Her remain* will he tuke.n thin day, at 1 o'cl >ck. to the heat, to be conveyed to Nantuckwt for interment. On Sunday, the 29th ins'. Patrick, late ot the lirm of Breuuu and Uolan, in Ihw Slut year o: bi< as<e Hii friend* and tho?e of hi* biothe w, Patrick 11 O'NmI, and of hi* late partner, Patrick Bretian, are invted to attend hi* funeral at 3J o'clock, P. M. from hm late reiidence, 01 Kim ?tieet. liatcat Advlcea RKCCIVUn AT Tllfc: WkW VOWU uintn nvt'iop Africa Sept. 1 Madeira Aug. 2<i Antigua Sept 14 Montevideo July 2S Arecibo Oct. I Maracaibo Sept. 26 Aux ('ayes Sept? 30 Mansauilla Aug. IB Batavia May 4 Matanzas Oct. II Bermuda Oct. 12 Mayaguez Aug. 12 Buenos Aym S>'pt. 2 Mexico Sept I I Belise. Hon. Oct. I Nassau, N. Sept. 27 Birbadoes Oct. 5 Neuvitan July 28 Bombay June 27 Oahn, S. I. April 1!) < aiw 'l'own, C. O. H-July 11 I'ara Aug. 9 Calcutta June 7 Paris Sept. 21 Cadiz. Sept. 1# Port an Prince Oct. I Chatce* June 20 Porto Rico Oct. 3 CienlViegot Oct. 4 Porto 4'abello Aug. 2*> Cape Haytien Oct. 14 Point Petre, Oiuad. Sept. 7 Coouimbo July 1 I'ernainbuco Sept. 3 Callao June 10 Payta June lfi Demerara Aug. 30 Rio Janeiro Sept. 1 Klsiuore Sept. 28 St. Helena Aug. 7 Gibraltar Sent. 2.^ St. Thomas Oct. I Guayama, P. R. July 6 St. J ago de Cuba. Sept. 27 Galveston Oct. 7 St. JoTiitf, P. R. Aug. 13 Oonaives Oct. St. Croix Sept. 22 Havre. Oct. 2 St. Domingo Oct. 2 Havana Oct. 13 St. Ulies Sept. 13 Halifax Oct. 10 Surinam Aug. 8 Jereinie Oct. 8 Trinidad de Cuba Sept. 211 Kingston, Ja. Oct. I Talcahuana June 1G Loudon Oct. 4 Tampico Sept. 2 Liverpool Oct. 4 Turks Island Oct. 11 La Guayra Aug. 11 Trieste Sept. 20 Lima June 16 Valparaiso Aug. I Macao June 23 Vera Crux Oct. 1 Manilla >lay 10 Yucatan July 3 Malaga Sept. 18 Zanzibar May 16 Foreign Importations Bordeaux?Brig Sea?8 eks wine Cafl'e it Melbers?5 lif nns hrsiiuy 1 cute wine A liininger it co?I case do J 8 (tills?1 bl>l brandy Jamison it co?40 casks 400 cases wine 24 do anniseed 13 d<? fruit 2?? do indse A Dales fr-e?30 bales corks A Begoden it co ?10 hhds G C Castillon?3 cks verdigris 1 do cream tartar 41) cs wine D U Si W Williams?25 hf pipes brai.dy 10 qr casks Leger Freres, Philadelphia?13 cks wine r M Lasiourade?25 cs d*> A Krenaye?11 cks do Bohlen it Boire?8 hf pipes brandy 231 bkts oil 33 cs prunes J Latour it co?22 hf 10 qr | ps Leger Kreres?\ hhds wine Barclay it Roust?16 do V Barsalou? 20 cks anhetto Boonen Graves it co?2 bales corks Aquire it Gal way?2 hhds C II Schneider?12 cs wine 1* A Hnrgous?20 \V Puborduier?2 hhds K B Strange?17 hf pps brandy K (' Stevens it sou?20 hf do 5 qr do Hashan it McGregor?4 cases indse G Rozat &no?21 cks porcelain 10 hf pipes brandy I) G & A Havi'and?10 hf pint do 5 qr do 305 cs mdse J Duruml it co?25 hf pps 10 qrdo brandy B Graves?6 cks wine J B Xiuimerinatiu?35 casks primes 53 cs do *>0 hds anuetto II hf pps brandy to order. Amstkkpam?Barque Wabau?550 bags coffee Burlage it Hurler?700 Vietor it Duckwitz?600 bxs md*e Pfeiffer it Wissmann?(150 T Des Arts?200 bags coffee <> H K Moring?150 do mOM Dutilhfci outintiy 4 bstoo N fthftlfhi?100 bit birb-v IB cs madder Biustlein, Koop it co. Malaga?Barque Klvira?8000 bis grapes Pitch it co?600 do lemons Acker it Ackerly?1000 bxs grains 1* Balin?300 do raisins 100 kegs ur.i|>es 1 bxs leeches t*? master. Mai.aua?Bri? Margaret Ann?210 bxs raisins 1' Harmony's Nephews it co?7220 do 1160 hf 900 nr do raisins 250 bxs do 200 hf uo lernous 200 bxs ligs CI,til in it Drew. MARITIME HERALD. HiUIIng Day* of the Steam Ships. from mvkrfoql. from amkrica Hibernia, Judkiiis Nov. 1 Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packets to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. from liverpool. for i.ivkhi'ool. SliefTi?ld., Oct. 2 Oxford, Kathbone, Nov. 1 Liverpool, Kldridge, Oct. 5 1'. Henry, Uelano, Nov. 7 New York, Cropiier, Oct. 7 llottiiiKner, Burnley, Nov. 16 from portsmouth. for portsmouth Torouto, Griswold, Oct. 2 Victoria, Morgan, Nov. 1 Westminster, Hovey, Oct. 10 (Quebec, Hebard, Nov. 1(1 rom HilK, for iuvri:. Rlioue, Watson, Oct. I Oneida, Kunk, Nov. 1 V. de Lyon, Stoddard, Oct 8 | Kinerald, Howe, Nov. 8 Ship Iflaatei'M ami Amenta We iliall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will (five to Uominodore knm;rt Sii.vkv, ur our News Kl>?et. a Ileporl of the Shipping left at the Port whence tliey silled, the Vessels S(?ikfii oil their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and auy Koreiifn News)>a|>eri or News they inay have. He will board tliein immediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home ?r abroad, will also confer a lavor by endiuK to this UHice all th? Marine Intelligence they c*u obtain. Nautical Information of auy kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF KKW YOHK, OCTOUKK 3(1 urn EinH 6 ?9 | Moon 12 1) SU5 58 I HKiH WiTER 1 25 Arrived. Ship Louisville, Crawford. 30 days from New Orleans, with 800 bales cotton 200 hhds tobacco to K. K. Collins. Captain IJunt, late of the L. died at New Orleans. The shin was brought home by Captain Crawfod. Barmie Elvira, Graves, from Malaga, Sept. 10, with fruil, to Fitch K Co. Barque VV'alnn, Bjrtl>*tt, 39 Jay# froin Amsterdam, y itli coffee, lo 11. Haviland St Co. Sailed ill Co. with ship Kloridian, Ellis, for New York. Brig Sea, Allen, 31 days from Bordeaux, with wine anil brandy, to Nesmith, Leeds St Co. Brig Margaret Ann, Crosby, 36 days from Ma'aga, with fruit, toCIatliu St Drew. Brig Exact, Johnson, 5 days from Savannah, with co'Ion, to Stuiges St ( learman. Drill Curlew, Davidson, 1? days from Windsor, N8. with plaster, to Soule, Whitney St Co. Schr Tremout, Yarrwgton, -I!) days from Sierra Leono, with 2IOO skins 1350 lbs copiier 10(1(1 bushels nuts to order. Sclir Martin, Daisey, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Below, One brie, unknown. [T7* Barque Cosmo has not arrived, as reported in the Saturday even in* papers. Hernltl Marine Correspondence. Ofrtct. OK THK HhoDK ISLAIXDKH, > Nkwpoht. Oct. 28. 1813. > Arr27th, Isabella, Clark, Boston; Baltic, Godfrey, Falmouth for Charleston; Kxcelleiit, Davis, Charleston for New Bedford; Win T Kini!. Crowell, Boston; Clinton, Uarding, do; A L Ackerman, Watts, Providence; Pioneer, I resby, Taunton; Editor, Dayton, Providence; Juliet, Komheir, do?all for New York. Passed up 5 p m, a deep laden full rigged brig. Gazf.tti. Office, ) Philadelphia, Oct 2S?<r. m.J Cld Lagrange. Crowell, Richmond; Mount Moiiah. Rogers. Newburyport; Lodemia & Eliza, Price; Lexington, Wa*s, and Middlesex. Sleight, NYork. Levant, Derrickson, hence, at Barbadoes 5th inst. Ucneral Record. Bric. Svdnkv, (Br) of Greenock, from Barbadoes, went ashore on Sombrero reef, and was got off bv wreckers anil taken to Key West. Salvage would be awarded by arbitration, and the brig proceed on her voyage in a few days, having received no material damage. Schr Aid, Ironi Boston for New York, beforeieport.ed ashore on Monomoy Point, and taken into Pumet harbor, and a cargo of logwood and guupowdr-r. She lost her deck load. Launch* s.?Ship Warwick was launched at Bangorouthe 25th inst. Site is owned by Winslow Old way, and i? to be commanded by Capt Samuel P. Leighton.of Bangor. Also, on the24th, at N'ehleboio, Me. a fine copper fastened ship of 7nn tons, called the Laucater. She is built entirely of Virginia white oak. She is intended forthe freighting business, and will be commanded by Captain Lemuel B. Simmons, of Hyannis ? Ship Ulanchaid, of 10ft tons, at North Yarmouth, on the 2lth. She is owned bv S. Blanchard and others; to be commanded hv by Cain S. C. Blanchard, late of krig Ceres. This ship is intended expressly for the freighting business. Whalemen. Agate, of NB, reported Sept 12, in lat 38 N, Ion 31 W,52 days out, all Will, with 50 bhls sp Alpha. Cougdon, of Nant, at New Zealand in April, 11 mos out, Willi 1150 sp. Spoken. Tioga, Trieste for NOrleans, Sept 25, in the Straits?by the Margaret Ann, at this port. ixile, Johnson, 43da>? from Boston tor Trieste, Sept 10, off Malaga?by tin- Klviia, at this port 'Tantares,' of Yarmouth. for St Kitti, Oct 9, lat 27 33, Ion 58 ?by the Tremont, at this port. Kortitude, Liverpool for < harleston, Oct 20, lilt 35 31, Ion 65 38?by the same. Foreign Port*. Mai-aoa, about Sept 23?In port, Anita, Baker, for Boston. 25lh; Uncus, Wilson, do do; Clarion, Leland. for NVork, do; Kothscluld. Wilson, do, Oct I; Pedraza. do, Id* Sid Knur, Latham, N York, and passed the Strai's 2ith; Hull, Dunbar, anil C ameo, Jarvis Boston; Globe, NOrleans. Si JoHlt, NU. Oct 211?Arr Catharine.Wiiislow, Aleiandiia. Knt for Idg, Charlotte Ann, Vroom, for NYotk. Tohasi o, about Oct 23?In port, umberland, Merrill, chartered to carry troops to Vera Crur.. (iulielnu was up trie Lake, lotdiaf. A>a>iaboo, W?st Coast of Africa, Aug 26?No American vessels in port, llrra'd, Dodge, f r Acra, ?ld about 2ttli. Acra, about Aug 26?In port, Ceylou, Payley, for leeward; Herald, Goldsmith, for w indward. 11 vi AviA, about July 28?In port. Pilot, Crosby, from NewYork; and another American teasel, name and class unknown. Home Porta. Belfast, Oct 25?Arr Washington, Patterson, NYorn. HallowiiX, Oct 24?Sid Oarelle, Springer, Baltimore; 26th, Planet, Robinson, do; 27rh, Florence, Walker, Galveston; Shawmut, Ballard, Savannah; Nidus, Stover, up the Chesapeake. Thomasto*. Oct 25? Id Kori an, Catharine, L'gardo, and Genrgiaiia, NOrleans; Loretto. Mobile. Ham,"R. Oct 25?In port, a ship ((>erha|>s the Paragon, fioni New York, w hose arrival lias n>-ter oeeii reported), a barque, 22 brigs, 155 schrs, a sloop and 8 fishing smoks, mostly loading w ith lumber. Pokti.amd. Oct 2#?Arr Sarah, Kimball, NVork: ( andace, (?11m i*i, Krankfort for N York. IJi.oucf.sts K, Oct 26? Air Grampus, Simpvin, Sullivan for Charleston; 27th, Banner Tirr, NVork. Sai i.m, Oct 27?\rr Oregon, Howe, Anamaboo, Wfst Coast of Africa. < Id* herokee, Mansfield, /anr.ihar Bos i o?, Oct 28?1 hi Kainr, Uroll, Trieste; Augusta, Leech, Matantas;Caroline Si Mary,' de. Pirinu NS; Urewsln. (new. of this port, 218 tons) Ihmie,Charleston; Josephine. Howes, do; Senator, Pepper, Mobile; ( tester, Brown do; Hy Curtis, Halleit, Albany; Trio, Nickerson, and June, Doaue, NYork Arr 27th, William. Johns' n, NOrleans; Freeman, KrinkI'ort; Ann, Milt <, II ndout; Korest, Kobiusou, Machiaa lor NYork. I)?ist?ni, OctJ4?Arr Samuel, Nickerson, and Victoria, Aflen, NYork. NanTUckki, Oct 24?old Louisa, Swain, New York; Senator, do. Kimiabtow!*, Oct 21?Arr American r.agle. Karris, Virginia lor [>atiiiii"nei. Hoi *m Hoi.r, Orl 26?Taaaed hy and ran down nrder tinNorth iliore, Mi, and Kiln, from PhiUihdiiliii for Hmlou. N?w Bn'foin, Orl 28?Sid forinna, Handy, Charlettou; M ir), Horion, Norfolk Nmv IIiiix, Oct 28?Arr Kmpire, Thompson, NYork Nld Ml,in in, Moni iKiif, Barbadoea: Oraola, I'uki, iinti Preaident. Kri tiff. NYork;< rlente, Wrmht, Albany. Wit >ii*i; row. N<Ort 2.'t? Arr Oen Marion, ^\ 1 vr?rrr. Warren. HI; 2*1, Belle. Myen. New York; N K Krothuiich un, IV ,inel, (rinil i|.Mi|? . 2lth, .I..?eiili Himc, ( I4r) l.iwrie. 1'iiikUl.viri ' l"l 2llh, (le.i H'lirv, Blakely, NVw \ork; Kln-tro, Packard, Barbailoea. ( ihrihtov Oct24- Arr I unenend, Baltimore; Kmily, Shrrwotl. mil I? nicet. N v. . N \ >?rk j Kmil>. rtmitli. Haiwo. lliyne, 1'rearott, Hivira; rtnxony, Brnsga, Bo, ion; 23th, 8npenor Blackford. N \ ork <"'<1 WaCCamaw. Vincent. VV Indira; Mary < Ink. Havana; I A Br ?i . n Sid Catharine, Bern, and Carolina, Sherwood, NTork. Sav*>i*H, Oct 2J?Arr Newark. Me-win, New York; 24th. Snaan l)rew. Page, and I hiicliw, I ha^e. H>aton. ('Id Madia?n, Bulkley. and I. Baldwin, Bnlkley, NY'ork. Mo nil. i. Oct "II \rr Win t > > Id aid, Potii'. Boaion, Metaiidfr, Taylor, Newport. 4. Id Alabamian, Hitchcock, N York. Iii l?nrt, ships Cotton Planter. Hivrr; Wm ItoddufJ. TolW, l i rket. d?; K i i M 11 i. lory, Browu, freight; binr? Mobil**, William?. N Vwh, I nfle Ham. Atwood. Havana; Sumo RpofTord, Snofford; Viniini.?. DitffHt, Aldrirh, King, and Mary Kimball, In laliin. ?! charging. N> w Oni v %ws, Oct m?An Hwatara, Durii, Phil ?de||4?ia; IUin|)dthi, I'uhhii, l.iv*r|Niol; Urotiua. Pitcher, and h*li ? 8to?tfir, Boalou; Aahburton. White, m it If I to Mem. New \ork; HHh. Almw. Ii?\ Boston; B*rwtrk, Harding- Philadet* pin*; IIuiiUviIIh. i ori.? ll, NVnrk; (' llim, < mil>?'?chy; Voltaire, Bradburv. and Puritan, Uliner, Thomaaton; 20th. Tallayrand, lie tie\ Bottom Salvador* Pntur. (Siaimh) I Mill*tt, Ba'Cflloi)*: Abby Baker, Pratt, Marseilles; Oceana. i Creightou, Kotterdiin, Sarah Aim Jane. Orimes, Charleston.? Below, Delia HMkn, Lecraw, from NVork Cld Ittth, Ou> 7.imbo, Marcy. Vera Crux; Birkenhead, Brown, Liverpool; .1 I Kinlen, Lyle, Philadelphia; Tiinkar, Loveil. Button; Se? Plow* r. Northap Tobaaco; 10th, f .1 HurritOB( Mooiv, Bortoij Chatham, Naaou, Liverpool. V^" I SSI N<? ? MII. JOHN II. HATCH, one of our moat re* l?l a|?? 'able citizens, left In* residence on Wednesday evenitiff, tho &tn i ii ?111 to viait the lowti part of tho city on bu" ai ess. He lias not siin . I?,vn In-ml of. IIi* absent u sup* pond to be owill to auddan unit I ibcrvation \ny infonpa timi resecting him v% 11 be moat k ralt'l'u II y received by hi? anxious familv. Permits who may have seen loin are earnestly reoueat#d to notify Bates Ai Warner, No. 5T Wall street; L. B. WoodiufT, 8H t"edar strwt; Joseph M. Marsh, .'i Kldridge street; ir Win t iersnl fit W .11 *?r NVw York, Oct. 30. 1K43. o30 3t*je N'O^ ICE?Trie First innval Bill ol lent Association. for this season. w ill take pla~e at Tammany HilliM Friday ereoioi, Dectnbrr Ith. ? IRD, < rPIIK Veteien Corps of Artillery under the charge of George * I W. Chapman, Esq . were i iviied by General Storm# t > I tak?* charge and Garrisen Fort Washington, on Friday, the27th * niit*iif, the*e to receive the N'? w York line of troop*, on thtir march to the battle ground a* White Plains In coiisequenc* 1 ?>f the inc'emency of the weather, a part <?f the c >mpanv having made their appearance i>n the ground it t* o'clork, A. M , they * were taken under the charge of Lieutenant Surre, and proceeded tn f!i?* roit. it riining in torrentaall the morning. On their arrival they found the ^eats i hat had been erected the day pre- I vious, shattered and blown down by the violence of the storin ; they immediate y commenced repairing damages, when they i received a polite invitation from ex Alderman barman to take i lip their quarters in bis elegant mansion, w acre a hoiuitiful supillv of the good things of thi* world were placed before them. I he company unite with me i* tendering to the Alderman and bi? excellent fiim1 out thanks for the nindnassea received at . tbeir mansiou, which they will slwavs hold in grateful retnembran ?a, GEORGE W ( HAPMA N I oSI if m ( ommindant 11< IS 11 I \l|i,l{ WT ><>. IV \ \ i A (|IT ARTERLY M eting of th?* Fri^nda and Member* of A the Irish K.migrant Society1 will he held at Washington Hall, corner of I'enle street hii<I Broadway, on Tuesday evening, the 31*t Oct in?t, at half-i*ast 7 o'clock . \ SatMSc Tn i-? lit r tif.O. I. K h.Kh FE, Kecmt ?ry POST OFFK E, r !

New York, October 26th, Iflt3. i T7NOLISII MAll.?Letter Hag* l*'? Royal Mail Steamer I HI BERN! A. which leave* Hostou on the 1st November ' next, will be closed at the Upptr and Lower Post Oflfici s in the city, on Tuesday nect the 31st iust, at *5 minut-s past 3 o'clock, I . M. The inlai.d Hostage of 18^iceuts on each J single letter must be paid. The Post Master desires to cat I the attention of merchants and others forwarding letters to Europe by this mail, to the fact Una Hundred and Sixty-five Letters having been seized by the Admiralty Agent <>n board the Steamer iVedouia on her last trip from Boston, and re*ure<l to the Po?t Office in consequence of the iuland postage ? ii said letters not being paid to the Post t Office The letter* referred to were supposed to have been sent i from this city. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. o27 itr Post M ister. | POST OFFICE, I ! New York, October 24th, 1813. > "PASTFRN MAIL?Via New Haven Steamboat and HartLi ford Railroad ?On and after Monday next, the 3t tli in-tant, ' until further notice, the above mail w ill be closed d uly (except ' Sundays) at thirty minutes pa?t fio'clocs.A M. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, o25to30r Postmaster. 1 WANTED?A icirl to take clnrge of a young child, and who can also act in the capacity of Seamstress to the family. For further particulars, address immediately A B., ,11 i!,e i|-*sli of tills <itli 'i1. ol" 2! pi-. ??* 1 ( \ If MV A If I) -l.( 1S T, .i hin ill -roc >loieil Pock"! jj> 1 \J Book, containing about Sixty Do'la's. 'l'he above ( reward will be paid on leaving itat No. 20Williain stree', up stiirs. o29 2t*r , KMI'IHK STKAM ISO AT UJiQ REWARD?l.ost or stolen, from alongside the steamy1*" er Kinpire, from Albany, on Saturday eveuing. the 21st ' Oct a Brown Leather Wr'ting I a*e, witti a cover ol the same material, wi'h the letters If. L. Whoever will bring the same to Meurs. F. Tomes St Sons, M?ideu Lane, will be paid S2<>, and ifstoleu, the additional sum of *20 on conviction of the thief. The above reward will be paid if (lie above named article be returned befme I o'clock on Monday, the 30th October, when tli?- owmt w ill leave for the South. o20 'it * m 000 RF.\VAMI>?'1 lie Slur,- ,,t lli. "nMhsepbers was fflijvUll burglariously entered during Sunday and Sunday night, September S I, and Watch's, Diamonds, Jewelry and Silver ware to a large amoulit stolen, for the recovery of which the above reward will lie given, or a proportionate amount for any part of it ii2N 3t?r K .'v S S. HDI'KWKI.L, No. !? Astoi House. MONKV Tl? I,KNI). ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Reade 1 sire i, near Broadway, loans money in large or small sums, as may be required, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Maie, Dry Goods, Wearing Apparel, and personal property of > very description. o2'? lin'r I'AliK I'l.M I. MtUJSK. UAMILIKS or gentlemen may meet wit* pleasant rooms, knd A boaid for the winter, at this establishment. A suite of looms fronting on Broadway nun Park Place may be had hv early application. JAMES G. ELLIOTT. j October 2.01 h, 1813 o25 6t*r HOARDING FRKM'H and American Boirding House, No. 61 Reade it., a few doon from Broadway. Boarders will Am it ail agn?able home, at a moderate price. The French is generally sp ken. l>ay boarders talitn. oSS Im'm GKN'I KM I. I'.OAi: l)!N?.i AT MlfS. GERE'S. No. 27 CoUllTLANDT S T R F. K T . OINOLF. OR MARRIED Gentlemen can lie accommodated k ' with excellent Board aud comfortable Rooms ou moderate terms. Also, a front Parlor aud Bed Room on the secoud tloor, furnished or unfurnished. o9 I'n'in BOAltDING?Several furnished rooms for gentlemen ai d their wimss or single gentlemen. Enquire at 86 Whitest o20 lin?r BOARDING HOUUK-MR8 CLARA No. 3 Molt Mr-et, has a vacancy for a respectable man and his wife, and two or three single men of good character, where the coinlor's of a home can be obtained. C<ood references required or pay ill advance. o'7 'w" ec rPO LET, WITH BOARD, a handsome front Parlor?four A handsome Bed Rooms, at 411 Houston street oil* lin*r HAVANA MAN'SIO.NH( VUSpf HOTEL. 1 rT,HF. undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and , J the public, that the Mansion House is now located ill IIIquisidor street, No. 67. in th? vicinitj of the steamboat lauding and vegetable market, Itaviug commodious family apartments, arranged in the neatest order. ! A person is employed to procure permit* to land passengers, I bagtage, lie. who will board vessels immediately alter the visit I of the revenue officers. N. B.~Visitors to this Island should procure * passport from the Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties aud inconvenience. 21 6mcc WILLIAM FULTON. MONEV '10 LOAN TN nuins of ?1500, Sin(IO, #2000, SI003, $11)00, or one mm of $7u00, on unencumbered and productive real estate, in the city of New V ork. Apply by note, left at this office, nddressi d to H. B. o30 r MONEY LENT, IIBKltA I.LY, st the old established stand, 401 Grand itreet, * on gold nnil silver watches, plate, jewellery and diamonds, wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical ami mathematical instruments, bedding, and every description of personal property, by LOUIS LEVV, Pawnbroker, o23 Im*m 403 Grand between Kidge and Attorney ?t. TO TH E~liAUlES. VI AltTF, l.LK V IIOLDKRMAINN will open on Tuesday, **' Noveml>er 7 h. I843,at tli- ir KsUblislim"iit, No. 37 Maiden l.aue, their new style o( Head Dresses, just received from Paris. Pes ires a large nssortment of Jet Ornaments oJ.1I0t"ec ' I'RK H CALK SKI^S?For !Sale cheap? In lots to suit , ' purchasers, to close a consignment, bv JOS. (I. MIKGE, o3? 3t*r 10? Gold street, corner of Frankfort. MtW DUTCH HERRINGS, PICKLED, toadJ84S-Of | i i a very superior quality, received from Holund, a few days J ago, by the Ship Agnes, for sale at 37 Burling Slip, up stair* The little kegs are in the test order, and will do very well for shipping any distance oft) 3t*ec (Mlr.AIKSr tAHrKT KnTABLI'HMhN T l> TIIK V United -tate., No 99 Bowery.?ANDF.KSON & OOltBS now offer their whole stock nl splendid new pattern* of superior F.nglish Three Ply Imperial, superfine, double miner ar.d com- i mon Ingrain t'arpetiiig, Brussels, tufteil Hearth Hugs, anil Window Shide*. *11 of wloch, having been purcha?odat low price*, for cash, will be sold from 25 to 30 per cent lower than | any oth?r establishment in thi* city. Common Ingrain Carpeting, 2s Gd per yard. Fine Ingrain Carpeting, 4s per yard. | Snparfir.e do 5* p?r \ ard Three Ply do f'om 8j to 12s per yard. Floor Oil Cloths, any width. 4? per yari. ANDKftSON St DOOBsAo 91 Bowel'., oSI 2?is*ec the fir?t sf Wort lle.ter ?t. COX'S ~ F U R N I S II I N G STORES 15 MAIDEN LANE 349 BROADWAY, f St I. COX have just received an esorllont assortment of ' ' the lollowiug articles, which they offer at very low price* for ca?hi?Solar Lamps, < Jirandole*. Mantel ClocksgJapiunery, Hall Lantern*, Candelabra*, Table Cutlery; alto, Nudgers k Son's celebrated Table Cntlerv, Plated Candlesticks, Branches, Waiter*. Cake Basket*, Urim. Tea Kettles, Tea Sett*, and every article of Pla'ed Wire, of Sheffield anil Birmingham manuficture; Block Tin Ware, consisting itf l>i*h Covers, Hash and Oyster Dishe*, Vension Dishes, Urns, Jcc. Htc ( Silver Ware?Dixon (c Son's celebrated Britannia Ware?Poluhed Hteel Fire Sett*?a *( leudid a**ortment of Shef{ field Plated F.pergnc*. Silver Spoons, Fork*, Tm SetU lie., Stc , in great variet) constantly on hand, Stranger* will lind it to their interest to call end iiupect their J tock previous to purchasing V It. Fall .ind winter (trained Sperm Oil, as usual, at 15 Maiden Lane. o7 Imeidis* in FHh M'll CAKI ~K L LAM PH. 1 rPIIK Nub?criber? t?eg to annotmce thaf they have just received ' i>\ tit** K men Id. Iow?, Baltimore and Argo im< k< U. a luge portion of their splendid goods, unburn k many fntirrly nfw I xt\l'inf|iini'i. nml other articl e in the hue, at low |>rictfs, , which will l?e font d worthy ??f injection. , The la'e importation* comprise in part the following, ?ii:? t <' tr -el L?m|"i, of 150 model*. t (?|obet? f'aiuted, medallion mi l lich cut. 60 kinds. Shades, palter? Land*ca|:es, netlallions, punted, cut, ike, all f new st> lea, 200 v trier ies. Do force I in-? K'or libriry ind parlor lamp*. LiiUres ? Bronze and k * Ir f??r 3 and I luhis, 20 model*. < huspensions-"brouie and gilr, tor lulls tic.?- various styles, do do do for billiards, with one lamp onlv, Iighutig a table perfectly. I Brackets?Uronve aud gilt, for one or two lights. 20 model*. < mdeUbrtu?Kor 4, 6 and 8 lights, rich gilt aud bronze, ie- , il'suncf, ?>' ?c. All <<l wliicli ? w maim f\ctu rod to onlrr <*xi<rr??lv for ??, uiiilrr lli? iiiiirn-ilnlf direction of our .lariil .it I'arin, ami rm n.iy Willi conliiUuce tint our I.?iii|<h will ov<-1 itmfaction in nil c?,?. A. DIACON & K. D. HAXTON, Agrnu, ,.?i, inwod ii*x John nn?i. I > I'lH SI A NI i I oil 11 . >iii i, k . .1 tli?* I I of Now .York, nnlicr i? hereby givn to all |vr?on? having cliitni John < arrull, Iwte of th* ojtv of N?w I tin W Slioy k^f|KT, il?CM?fil, ro |>n-?<Tit th? snnir with thr roiii'htra tn*r?o< to tin* ?uli?rril>?r; ami *11 i?r*oii* ui<l<*liir<l t>i tim i-?i*t?*, am rwiumti>ii to miikr nmnnli itr Mvinrnt. t ?t JOHN CONW \V, E?'r, 117 Will- rrr DitrfNm York, October II, IMS ot2 Im* PoK rUOUSfe FEMALE PILLe. 'l'H K.HK f*rlam?k ??il clrbraird Pill?, from l'orrn**l, are w I j i-icirf, to b? obraiiird in this eotntf*. td?-iii?? -Tv?n* r #r?H?t>? niir* ? r<) PKIN'l'KK.v C FOIt SA LK.?Two foun'i nf Tyi?, Miirinn and >'onp*?t?l whirh lw?? Imrn ? '! o? ihr Now York Horalil. Aprl* t? thia fllfto*. ( yfcLT?2tl eaac* |?it?it RhMtii( Fflt, init*li!i lor ahi|w' bnt* i " >tomi, nmf* of nous**, for aal? hy il K K COLLINS in CO.. oMr M South itrect It % AUCTION SALES. I H()M ^ liKI.L. Auctioneer ? V HKLL * HOW AIM). I S'>tr>s V. Wr""' iM?' '15 y t*i?n 'i *. HATIJHIiA V Ac i? thf nU r?Mum bill o'*ffuroifore of *M *1* *cn| t m? . All .. i-Miio fort *, l roM-rfio ? of? .*nin..:* Al-o rli furnit'ir* fiinili?? glf il>K upli^u^kr * * -cou<o*tiitv of iimhl'* lop Kgvpt mo ?mI intrbi* top c?*utr. iv t hook ? ** **, i i.tuoi, looking plaUMl iuiu [!im w?re, Alio ioim* ipl?'idiH HrnnieU *n?l inirr.iiu ^rjirliiin, See AI * i tin* ?ntir? lio(i?fh?>|i| hiruitiiru of a family,femovw-- Iroin firookl? n f'?r convenience of This i)hv '* idc will bt? found ?l?**ervinic jwtrticiil ir attention Alto, a U ur?* nddi'ioual lot of superior second hand furniture, ind the hallauc* ?t >ck of a car|*'t dealer, iu lot* to mil pur* mi isers. MONDAY. Furniture, (ieiit1ein?*trs Furnishing ice.? \f lO'-* )'clocli precisely, ?t ,\*?. i'?l Broml^'iV, l>\ ordir ol'M' L Finn, li mdsoine fum lure ??!' ?Imv% i u room. parlor and bed room, ntcheu uteiuil*. Jk. , comprising inl'ii *nd soft %eds, bureaus, tideboard, book Ciuc.h, rluirt, Mbles, looking glasses, piano forte*, luiutioKii clock, vases, <* li inn, beds, bedsteads, niatres ie<lie. Also, in the more, several handsome gl ??s cases, counters, ih^lv?i unci fixture*. cost $r?a Alio^shirts, stockt hosiery, gl? vei. Sic. Furniture?Also, at II oYl .? U No. 110 Liberty street, the ?iitire furniture contained mi ?<nl .use. Tl KSDAV, At 10*< o'clock i?i ti,e s*let room. Large tale of Dry Goads, Clothing, fancy Mid pledged arti:lii, Sic , vi7. comprising the ImInrf? stock of whole* il* ? <1 vfHil lancyand stable seasonable dry goods, calicos, muslins, ;inghams, silkn, satins, shawls; domettics of ill kind* \ f'r < Lssortmaat ol London olouia, vetiiogs? in lota to suit; UO > VI uslin de Laine, a (juantitv of hosiery, gloves ami shirts, mil ha balance stock ol a merchant tailor. Also, a splendid cousigumeut of Sheffield tabic cutlery, pi it d ware, fiic. WKDNKSD A Y. Large sale of choice Furniture, of all descriptions, from amilies removing, file., at 10){ o'clock, in ihe sales room. AIko. s ?rock of splendid cty made < aliinet Furniture, ill of which is warranted. Likewise, 'j superb Pianofortes, Panting*, lie. &c. f. D. in )T K WKI.L, Auctioneer nilY (inoi)H. ARTIFICIAL FLOVVKKS, &c.-<; ?. I ' SM ITU ill sell this morning, at 10)^ oVIoek, at h s h.i|#? oom, nil Broadway,ati assortment of Dry Goods, consisting ?f('l >tln. Mousseline do Laiues Bombazine, Bro?:he Shawls, ilaudkerchi Is, Searfs, Gloves. Lace Coljara, fcc. So Also, an invoice of French Aitilicial Flowers, to which the itiI'llri<hi "f ?1 ilrrn iv 111\ i'? S t'r positne. it JOHN 8N1FFKN. %uctioni i AUCTION NOTICK.-M'HNITI KK-Thisdajr, at in ** oY'ock. at No 48 VVarren street, the entire furniture of he house, consisting of full French .Mahogany, Curled Maple ind Fancy ('hairs, Ho fas, h K ptian Marble lop Pier and < enre Tables. Lo knot (?lasses, P liutinus. Prints. Cut Wins, and I't i ed Ware, Parlor, Boom, aid Sf;?ir ('arrets Muir*. lvods, Floor ( lotb. Dining and Tea Setts, Tea Coffee Uniii one iue toned Piano, Window ('unaiiii and Ornament*, Kuive? nd Korku, Spoons, Castors, Crockery, Double and Siimle flair Mattrass, Hiench and other Bedsteads, Beds, Comforters, 31.*"ktts. Sheets, Table Cloths, Wash Stands, Bureaus, rabies, To let ditto, together with the Kitchen Furniture. ??:io lt*r ^ JOHN P. SON, Auctioneer. Store 121 Fulton street PXfcrUTOR S SALK OF FlTHNI TURK. fcc.-WHI *ell on 1 hursday, Nove.nber 2nd, at 10 o'clock, A. M., by irder of the K.xecutors, all the Furniture &c., coiitainedtiu the louse No. 3:i Wooster, 2nd door from Grand, of the lite Janiet I Vanwayginor, deceased. consisting a* follow* :?Sofas, 13onkcases, Maho^ady Tables, Looking Glasses, Mantle I locks, < arpe h, Centre and Side Tablet, Mahogany and other hair*, French. Mahogany and Miple Bedtttnds, Beds and Bedding. Window Blind* and Shades, Oil Paintings, S oves, i hina, KartliMi, i rockery, and Glass Ware, Kitchen Furni:ure, &c., with which the sale v ill commence Also, a one-horse wagon and harness, stabl** lixtures, ike. N.B.?Out do >r sales ?>t every description attended to in perion, in any part ol the city. o30 Itis* r ? a,. |{o\ \ 14 MAIL FOR LI V KB POOL The Letter B ii:% lor Steamer IlIBKRNlA, will t-lose at llarndeii ic Co'a Office, oil t-dzyjTuesday. 31st, at to 1 P. M. i A : i>eciil bag will also he made u|? for the jverland mail to India P. S.?Messrs. IL & Co.would call th?*attention of merchants ti<d other* sending letters per the Boston Steamers to the fact that their Bags are forwarded by their own Kx press, under Government lock,and have never in a single instance miscarried jr been left by the Steamers for which they were intended o28i II UlNUEN v CO,, I Wijl it, - KOK HALIFAX AND LIVF.KPOOL The K.oval Ma?l Steam Ship IIIBKRNI A II. K. Judkius, Ksq., Commander, will leave Ronton for tl?e above ports ou WednrtPattage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Hal i fas '. 20. Apply to D. BRIGIIAM, Jr., Auent, o2'?r No 3 Wall street. TIIK SPANISH STK. Wlh II N AT< I! BHi F/. for HAVANA, Direct, Don Frni;V"illair* commsnder will leave theoort of New York on Wednesday. Nov 1st, for Ha new I v cop|>ered, refitted with new boilers, mid in poiiut of eleli'tiic** hiiiI general comfort cannot be surpassed. For particulars for pas?uge apply to JOHN II STANHOPK, Alter Hons", who will accompany ilie Nate her. on her visage. ol2toNl*r JOHN K STANHOPK. r f-ris ! "fiiAVfiprKiis ooiNifsouTH (Hi WK'.ST? Hilton hours hi advance of the Mail?Tri-Weekly ^ Line to Savannah, in couneiion with the ('entral Hail road to Mucon and the West?-The splendid *teain i?ackets (JKNKIIAL ('LINCH, J. IV Brook*, anil CHARLESTON, Capt. K Bivwi w litvi Charleston wt ry Tuesday, Thursday and Hamrd ?y morning, it 1 o'clock, of the Wilmington boat* from the north, arriving at Savannah the sune day, and will leave Savannah on tl?e ame day a as above, at ' o'clock P. M., alter the ar<ival of the *8rn from Macon. Travellers will find tins to be the chea|>est and moat expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted ip in a sii|?erior style, mid no or pains will be spared to Misure certainty, comfort, aud expedition to the travelling Uc. JOHN U LAF4TTK. Agent, Fitzsiinmous' wharf. Cha'lestou Charleston* September, 1843. al7 im*r 14^ FOR NEW ORUCANM i and New York Line?Positively Firs' Kegultr jacket To tail morrow the list Oc t. The fast sailing packet ahif> or (IN .K, i apt L). Jackioii. will positively sail as above, h**r regular dav For freight or passage, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K K. COLLINS fc CO. % South stoet. Shippers will Please send ill their lolls of lading 'bis dav. Passengers will please lie on board the steamboat Hercules at Whitehall, to-morrow iff moon, i31st inst.) at 3 o'clock, at w hich lime the ship w ill ?ail. 8hip|?ers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullrn 6c WoodrrtfT, who will promptly forward all roods to tl.? ir address. The packet ship 8haks|>eare, C ?pt AIImi Miner, will succeed ;he Oi ONF.K, and sai the Iftth Nov. her regular day. o30ec -fc f TKN THof'S \ N'? m)I,L \ MS W'OliTH Oh HOOTS AND SIIO S?( omprising the most perfect assortment of men's, women's, and children's wear, to lie round together in the city of New Vork. Among theni are the following: ? 300 pairs women's black Gaiters, only 10?. 110 H<> do dp d<? city mule, Mi. 100 do do light do 8 to 10s. looo do do morocco Bnskins, 6 to As. 1000 do d ? leather Boots and Busl'ius, 6 to 8s. 3000 do men's, boys'and youths' Boots, best and cheapest. 3000 do Rubbers, .ill fashions, and cheap. M00 do children's shoes, various and durable. And a long catalogue of other good* in the line which to enumerate would make one's eyes blink. They are all made for icryice, ind I in I to h m. rait, ladael) ti> <ll who call upon m*\ So, gentle and uur**iitle ones, to enable you with comfoit to journey on vour muddy way. I offer myself is an index, and v /' you to the only store in the neighborhood that s|s*uds a dollar a ve tr advertising, never falsifies its promises. and that is so r.i'ghty modest as never to hang shoes outside the door?mind that. ALBF.RT TUCK, IB Carmine it. o3U 2 is#ec lower corner Bleecker street. MKbH SALIC <>:< TO i:fi S 1 - 11e Premium \hlls, with 11 or IS run of stones, with all of its extensive machinery, situated near two miles from New Rochelle, WaatcheatarCounty, ind Stateof New Vork, ind in inmdi :e proxsmitv to the city of New Vork. now in or?!er for an extern live business in fl?* ?r, and can grind and pack 100 to 160 barrels wch day, or could lie most advantageously employed for any other purpose w hich might require extensive water iiower. The rej.u tit ion for the pisi thirtv-nve years emoyeo i v the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, wltti the facility of transportation afforded iinmed*ately adjacent, *jv way of the navigation direct to the \" ills from any port, r?noer the ficiiities for business Unexceptionable to those dnsiruig such an establishment. Apply to HKNItV PATRIDOK KKLLOUG, , New Koctielle, V Y.t Kelloggsville, or to SILAS WOOD. Ksq.. 69 Br?ad ;treer. New \ ork New Rochelle. August 83. 11-13. lin#r Jggl DHU<* STORK FOR SALK, with the Lrase of the TvvTB House, ?Immediate possession given. Apply on the JajJJLl>r*mi***'< 318 Pearl ftre*t oJ7 3t F8atltM*ee NAUTH \ I. MATH KM AT U 1L, k COMMKHC1AL ACaDI*. MY, No Z7 ( herrv street, near Pearl.?Navigation. Lunar*,' hronoineters, Quad rant, Hestant, &c.x complete in me most practical manner. I) >ok-keeoing, Writing, and Arithmetic, on true mathematical principles By this invaluable system, any one will become an arithmetician in a few weeks?man v nave i|>ent years, ana are then uencient lor tne want of pr^p^r 'nstiuction.. Architecture, Surveying, and Rngineerintt poetically, Bridge Buil 'line, Sir., Geometry, Geography . JAstronomv, with large Olobe*. Practical Mithetnatic*. &.r. in \ short time. An evening school hat commenced ?Students will b' ra|M<Uv" p.oKresseu in any of the above br&nchet Itatei reasonable < \IT M. T. HAND St PROFF.9SOK, A. H.?A. V. Note.?A walkof on?? or two mile* can l>e no object to obtain these vtillable branches in the treatest perfection, and in so lb rt a til e. ?>3U it r LMNIILT B<MKDIt%<) 81 HOOL IN i'llK ricJiiNTKY. A Lady, who if an ei|?erieuced teacher, takes into her titinily a number of children, not exceeding eight, as boarders and ichol uft. No puns will lie spared to render the house a plea* Hilt home to the pupls. and to advance them in rheir studies. Ureal attention will be paid to their health and morals The location is very healthy and retired. There are now hree vacancie*. Satisfactory references given. For further particular* inquire )f ol4 2w*rrc J. J. Bl'TLKK, 19 John at. Diauubw'a hidinu MtJinoU* 40# BOWKRY. MK. D. has the honor to announc t.!?at hit Hchwol it ope* fo the reception of pupils, dailv, Sundays eicei ted or Ladiet, from 'J A. M. to 3 V .VI. ) v MJentlemeu, from 7 to 9 A. M., and 3 to 7 P. M. Hi, Mv trained and a met horses for the road or parade, to Fort* m ind particulars apply ?s .bore au5 3m*r Mr \ i> ii I \ N nisi'| NHAIIV?No. 3 Divism "ItrJei Th* time is not far off when Hunter's lied Drop willsu. ersede the use of every thing that w never known for one class >f disaatet, notwithstanding unprincipled person* arc trying 'o lestroy its popularity by Co mterfeitiiig it; but it's no use; |?eo>!e tre not so easily deceived, p? ticiilarly when three quarern *f those tint are cured every week bv it, are persons that have ised every thine thev heard ir read oL If yon vt ish to go to o "urther eipetite, get this lirst. warranted to effect a prompt and lafe cure, or the money returned. $1 Per vial. Albany. No. i Maiden Lane; ilea not l?e)h?d north ??f Alhtny, or Boston, or hirlfitoa. ( ovntriniti tnmM in ihoitcitm. o'jo it#ec DK BLAKE'S COUU if PAN ACE I T needs no puffing to eiilogne this incdieine The proofs which we tre pub ishing, almost eie v day, speik to the >oiut Ir s in eoi .sequence of these al out moa? ulous a testa Iom thaitbtmIsoi " >??- itcttatad Km . ! prtc dwt Al tii? m H noMntwrhtvcii oil ; ? i him i mm ol non hi# .irticle, within the |>??i three month*. \VY will enWibit hem tn ?ny one who will call. lleid the following J* BI.AKK? Dfit -ir? It is with he.irtfeltgrantiide lint I oiloriu you of hf wnnde-fu' dTrctn of you' P*niii*e upon my 'liuKhter. who * now thiit-en )eys old. She hvl beoii -object to.i couali ami vi'iknc** ?ll tier li'e wb?n about thru* month* since, ?hr w.i iki-n with h distressing diseasa of the longs, attended * y nnii.inti f'errr anil raising. She <1 f Iy bcc*m? ?mw, <i w iim np hy her I'hjsinsn, who n'lil it was impossible for h. i it recover. I t ien was recommended by Mr Bhiiida^c of.m nil i initon (tree', who had been cared by it, to gr t a bottle I our Kuiacra. Sly lin band purchased a bottle th? nest mom me and she hid no1 taken mure than 'hree rr?s|H>?n*f'ii before he MU"d le u-f from it. and the almost immnl ,ately recover ivler it* use, d h ? e?*t ?incr been perfectly well, at! Honker and he.irlier than sheever was before- not < mt'ge <<t oush remaining MR K N? H.KH. . MRS. R. NK.ILKR, South east comer of 27th treat ail'1 3rd ^veitue. Sold, wholesale 11d rrail, at One Dollar per bottle. or |wn I ollars for lite bottlea, at No. 2M Bowery. Mewil a' No I ' lator lloute. In Brooklyn, by Mrs Ha?e?. No. IB r niton I K 'reel. and in Ncwaik at Trippe'* *11 Broad utreef. I v *l*o, for sale, Dr. Henry's Rheumuic Syrup, a well-known I sniedy lor Rheumatism. "B 3tis e? I \ MI'S K M K N'TS._ PA.I1U TIIKATMJK. MR KORRV.ST,' Hi* Hint ii'iftrtiiei* I i J y?iri \i (Hit Th?If. THIS ^.VKV|\li 7>, ? |0 %ri?? b?- ,<rrUntvd WUIULIKL. w ? \irHiu .1 II u hrli?*u Mr K rr^t I' uu XIII, ('f cW#r Mi?t|ou. ^"iT H'um i i Kr4iicoi?, Lor**ll I'u ? .iiriuiW win. THK HITDNKT OV BLU.VOEU8. Doct >r DiihUiir iMrPllci^i Doctor Hinutff 9 HMt 'f /' |*|[ ,o cim.u-OftllrTY <*?iu . " U?HirBupf?i %t .ju^rf r to 7 Tlw f'urtaiu will n?* pf*? n?Hv ii i|inrt>*r vm?( <> rliKrk CHATIfl \ H rilBATKK Boi^ 2%rn, Pit Vl^i iHQtt Notm^-1 hr UiKiri will njwn it ft. Curtain will iu? ii 7 '/clock. IlKNOVAT Kit \NI) It BK.NKKIT UK MIS-, WAUTKISS. MONDAY K V JON 1N< Oct. Ti e iwrtunmuie willco?it injure w nli ILARHOARD KIN ('ami Mr Booth M?r)' Mr?. Herring Alter wliich, MAD AH A MARCH HARK Colin Mi'i Wiltm Antoinr Mr. Baruet To CAaclwle with the UVINO GIFT. Mtrfelli Mr. Hield Krauciaco ,? Mr. Janiaon ilTCHKI-l/S OI.VMPIC THKATHK. MONDAV KVKNINiJ, Oct 30?The performance will com incnce with (iUKKN OK THK HUDSON. Michnol BrayliitK Mr. Nickinaoa Followed hv A MOOUL TALE. Johnny Atkins Mr. Holland After which MA' BKTH Macbeth, Mr Mit< hell. To conclude with PRINTKR'S DKVIL. Pierre Pica Mr Holland n~7? i)rf?i t ircle, M tent*?L Biiim, li trait?I'll, UX ?Private Botes, Si?Orcheatm B<n**, (C^Doori open at 6%?Curtain riae at 7. A.1KIIKAV MUSKUMr. A N D I' K It lJ r; T U A \j K A I IL TWO DA V1 I.ONOK.R ! MONDAV and TUKH|)AY, Oct 30 and ll. Two Performance. each <l iy ! At Throe o'clock, Hid hiU-r.ixt *e?en o'clock, P. M. OKNKRAL, TOM THUMB. The moat remarkable Dwarl* ever lived, Iwmx liv?ly, inflliii'iit, well formed. and WKIOHINO ONLV KIKTkiKN POUNDS. I'roln.or JOHNSON, bxperiinniti in Aiii"mI Ma??ati?m. I)lt. V M.i' Nl'lNK. Will . A m?\V 111111 'ft I V II I|M>> Sfnrinw Sl.mVl Rita lr? I hit popular Song has won lor Mm M ry fliaw golden opinio! s throughout the Uuited States J*nd tit* * uuadas. National Western Song?Miss Rosioa Shaw? *' Westward Ho" Richfer Droop not, Brothers, a# we go, OVr the mountains, westward ho ! Under hough* of iniseltoe, Log huts we'll real? While herds of d?*er *nd buffalo Furnish the cheer, Olc. Ike. M'?i Kosira Shaw's suierior style ol singing this beautiful National composition rreatei the greatest astonishment and dnlight, h is n general favorite. Scotch B.IUd? Mr. Dafid T. Snaw?"Come sit thee down" Sinclair New Comic Song?Mis* Mary Shaw?"What can it mean , or, I'm mueh too )oumto marry" Written by O. P. Morris. This amusing souk * descrirtire of a young lady, who is only seventeen, wh v heart is first touched by the little God of Love, whose advances "lie cannot understand, and in terror flies to her mother, to ascertain "What can it mean?" Young la dies n* w-s-davs do not display so much ignorance. Aria Buffo?-Miss Kositia Shaw ?"Largo ai Facfof ii rn" H Grand ( 'tmi.jtie Finale? Misses Mary and Rotir a Sha*?"Fioravantis Singing Lesson" Master, Miss Mosina nhaw ; Pupil, Miss Mary Shaw This talented composition eshjbiu a fine picture of an ent'iQ* iis.ic singing master, who is tormented (as is too often th?s case) with h careless .1 n<1 indolent ? uiul. 1 ickets H ifty Cents each. To be had at the principal music st ret, and at the doer in the ere ting Concert t > commence at eight o'clock. o30 lt?ec NATION \L V1INTINO. rPHK KMBAIIKATION I#K THfc PILMK1M FATHER* * from Delft-hareu, Painted by Robv> t W Weir for ths Ho* tunda of the Capitol uW now exhibiting at t*? National Academy of Design, comer ol' Broadway and Leonard strsrt. The exhibit ion will be continued until the Ith f November. Admission 2b cunts. Season Tickets j*) cents. Ca'alogue* 12*4 rents. Open from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. c?28 eod2t*r r. mmi,.?.> ? mmmu m r?r? nil. i Mil Kli .M A N the popular voctliH. Mil Nr. I j LIS, BOKN WITHOUT ARMS! will perform many remarkable feats with hit toe*. Wi'dne da>', Nov. 1st?Entire Now Attraction*. Adinibdou to i?ll 26 ceul*?children under U'u years li.ill price. o2ttltr (lllCli.S?HOWKIlV AM I'll riUKATKK. john th yon manager. Treasurer, J. U. P. ( hunpliu. Olown and Kou?itri<in Director, John Gosiiu. Ring Master, Mr. Nixon. Bote* 2i cents I'il I'0-i cent*. Children to Boie*, wlieii ac romunM b; llxir nunliui, ISk cent*. MONI.)\Y EVENINO, Oct :I0?To rnmmane* with THE TRKATV BKTWKKN l< NOLAN I) & AMEHIUA The Curious Tfonca Dauce, of Madrid, w ll ba given by Mr < iatvcy. Mr. S|ienccr will ip|esr in .1 scne ol single horaeintiiihip, IIOII ROY. ALL. KM A N DE, by Mr*. Aymar and Mri. Iluisiu. To lie followed by a iii|>erior display < f GROUND AND LOFTY TUMBLING. Mi. 1, Sweet will perform an act entitled the INDIAN WARRIOR ! ! Followed by Jutm Gossin's celebrated < OON HUN r. Mrs Spencer on tli?- Tiirht Wire. mii william sPout, A*si?teil by til* Hive Huuirari?n B'other*, will enhibit h's beautiful and classic LIVING I'lCTU II KS-LIVI NO PYRAMIDS !?Or Men pile I upon Men ! Master Htickuey inn sah.or's hornpipe. A ueuiitiful see tin of horsemamhip will tlieu be Kivcn by Mrs. (>o*tin entitled TIIK ROSK OIRL. Mr. Sweet will introduce his DOO TIMOUR. After which the lruii|ie of /Krial Oimnmitni will eilubit their ma'chless skill 111 PL VINO LEAPS ? VAULTI.NO EXERCISES. To conclude wfrn LUBIN AN IJ ANNETTF. CT^" ScHion Ticker* for *ale at the bo* office, price S5. Door* open nt 0,1* o'clock. Performances commence at 7. o3lt r pkaLk m ivkw voiik ainav*, AND PICTURE OALLERV. (Brmuhnny, umiontr the i'ltv ORE AT \TTR ACTIONS FOR A SMALL PRIOR! COMPETITION DEFIKD AND DISTANCED! ALL POR ONE SHILLING ! r. ii. ueuneii, ?ianager, in nappy to announce nu rn|>|nlll'llt with MADAME ADOLI'HE. Who may be prirtHv consulted during "ty dtv and evening Ins wefk. regaril'nir the PA*T, PRKSKNT, \N!i FUTURE! By her knowledge oil'hr^imlniiv, I'll s^gnom*., Mesmerism, and tli' liiodeu rmncri, ?h- is able to reveal ttmint which never could he learned hv a prof ?se<l FORTUNE TELLER ! MUNS. ADRIAN THE GREAT MAGICIAN ! Will pe>f>rrn IfO different trickt. MECHANIC A I. FlGl'KES. Mr. COLLIN*, Comic binder, and iOfl.lM'i Cnriosit'ej. Pel foimances every ev> ning 0' hilf-ptut 7, ajid Wednesday and SMurday afternoon- at 3 o'clock. Admission 'o the whole cuts. lift rent# extra to those who r.ouult Madam* Adolpli. _ OONCEUTT MOM) AV October 30th. mil- Third and I.asl Conrert by VI'ME CI.N'ri OA Ml)liK>U ?iid,VI(iN-t J. ARTOT. before leaving for Boston, on Monday, Oct 30lh, 1813, at the VV.uhington Hotel. Lea Mr Timm. Tickets I 'lie Dollar?To be lit i (it the Music Stores and Ho teli and at the door. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock o20 3tr ?it a nT> v"t > al concert. AT THE APOLLO SALOON, BMOADWAV. MONDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 13th, 1813. YTISSES MARV AND ROSIN A SHAW respectfully announce that thev ^ ill. assisted hv their brother, Mr. David T Slnw. give a Grand Vocal Conceit, al the above Saloon, on the above evening At hey are pissing tlirouuh thn City to till rngagemei tt in the South, ihe Conceit will lie lor tint nmht only ! Conductor, R. S Hamoridge, wlni^will pretide at the Piano Forte. Director, D. T. Shaw. g PROGRAMME. paIci' j. Overture II. S. Humbridge Duett?Misses M irv and Itosina Shaw?"The Mountain Bugle" Hewitt Ballad?.Mint Mnr> Shaw? ' Hie wore a wieath of rose*" J. P. Knight She wore \ wreath ol r>ses, Til" nigh'. when first we met, Tier lovely face wns smiling Beneath lirr curlt ot jet Song?Mitt Rotiua Shaw?'A life on llie ocean w ive" _ Russell Mitt Bosnia's extraordinary power over thi* compotition elicits universal astonishment. She hat been highly cnmplimented by the talen'ed compoier lor the admirable manner in which khe executes thin, hit favorite so .g. Irith Ballad?Mr. D. T. Shaw?"Norah, the pride of Kililaie" ; Parry [This beautiful old lri?li Ballad it a great favorite.] Duett?M use* Mary and Rotiui Shaw?'The Echo of the Mermaid's ave" Manuscript Thi* magnificent du'tt it sung only by the Misses' Shaw. It* popularity it unequalled.?During their ttay in Boston they sang it every null! and it never escaped an encore. The Echo introduced m this duett, h it a most eitraordmary fl ct. manr of the audience supposed it to have been executed Jbjr a third person, which it not the rate. PART II Duett?Mistet Mary and Rosiua Shaw?"Wilt thou tempt the waves with me" VV'ilr thou tempt the wavet with me, When I lie moon is shining bright, And the ccean seems to be A pillow lor her light. Admired Song?Mitt Mary Shaw?"In Ihe days when we went gvpseving" J. P Knight vn.xm i . informs the l>ul.lic that he in ' tends '? rHnmin in ilmei'y during the winier months, and will d?? >1# hu lime in giving I.- asnns in l?i gin*. ^ it Notire to lie Mi at >lr. Oodoai't music atore, .Mis. I(H\ Hnnilwiy. ^ .v2? eod6fr " iVlrt I l1 'N, f K O K K MOH OK HI Nil I N U il? V*riek Slrrrt, Sr. Johns' Pirk. ?IJ Jin'r MUSIC fOSKPH KAMMKHKK, professor ?<i muaic, r*?i?ectftilly ' tiiiiotinres Id in* petrous, siiJ tin- public in gc "?' '"8t he ins r< moved fiom 'i9 Cosby to IK> Laureus street, v* hrre il 1 inters for hit ( otillioii ISiml. to ? ut ?>u parties, elc , in or out >1 town, will lie t lit ii k In 11 v received mil prorojuly attended to. )rders fur J K will ?lso be irwived at W. W Dubois music lore. Hi irondwA.. w iw't .VI US'C VfKSSHS SCHVKID>KH * KKBIH'N, Professors of *' Music, Hie of t|i #pr K<. re?i?ttfn ly announce , ' ?' tliev me'now iti>ii?re<? o Kive their tiend u re it private , i.irt'rs aoiiw, i?' ? "ur'tlg tru- i; |?t. orming t'" " "Jm'" <r'' t opular tnnaic. All .1 dm lor li?ir ml I'li'f will lw rwrivH Mid anmnr i .1 ihi"r )iw?wif "" d**!!' f. *1 < ftnln <t. f.,6 lm*r I ?UAN Ml ?|t .?MIL MANM.N ", (twmty nana rr?i Jm' in \tpr?.) pit.i I of 1'lOini and I Mrtnlui, (mi I' miction* mi ornn to ?uit th? iinir?, iu Italian Knrncb. an null-h nugina, and in tli? moat lu.lnou.iM* ?tylr o' piano irtr playing. \lr. M. haa prrmiiaion to rffipr to thr following .?>nfl?m'iis? M. \V miwrittht, I). L) ,\ln?r?. How land fc >?piu?;ii . I s. t.rod-r 1). I).; Mr. J. T. Brigham; K. L. 1). I> . Ir jj Ward. Mr. M. rcaidfi at 230% Hudson ?ti???, n-ar .Spring at. ol lm*r