Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1843 Page 1
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!f9BKMKESMHBnE9EBaE9HBB0BGl HP I N .1. Jo. Vol. IX., No. ?Si>?-\\ hole No. 3511. KED BIRD LINE OP STAGES, IN CONNECTION WITH 'ruk shahl8*k and ?mm RAILROAD COMPANY ^HeL ..... . ..kaNOKMKNTS! TWO DAILY 1-I.NKSI Ou aii.l ?it'T Wednesday, llth October, juft, tha Hed Bird Lineo' Stai'fi will U-ave tlie villa** of White Plaiu?, every i.ioruiiiK, (."ni'idav* e*?-eyted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M.^ and every Halt, nml tlir We?trhe?ter Hon*', comer of Broome ?tr?et and tli" Bowery, v?w York, every morning at 8 o'clock, mid every afternoon liy the 2 o'clock train. Aleuts nre in coi'ttaiit attendance at thj Railroad Depots, o| whom eu-rv inf.rinuion may l>e obtained, and who will alag ttnid to the baissaee rut under their chanre. III HAM DEFOREST, Proprietor. White ruins, Oct 4th 'W5. ?I1 lm*ec KOR HALIFAX AND LIVMtPOMl. /'S* wl'' The Royal Mail Steam Ship 1I1DKRNIA S-C4. H. E. Juilkins, Eat)., Commander, will jBC jL?p 'pve lolj f',e above porta on W?duu?PaasaKe to Liverpool ll?0. i't.iageto lLlifa* 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Ageut, r No 3 Wall strfit. Tl't: SPANISH STEAMER NATCH i.-f,"' HAVANA, Direct, Don Krar.??* > iliair, communis will leave the port ol York nu Wednesday, Nov. 1st, for H.idirect. The NATCHKZ liu been newly i pi>*'nj 1, reiiueu with new boilers, and in poiiut of elegance and ?<eiie. il cunfoit CdUtiot l?e surpussfd. For i art col tj fori>dMai>e aunltr in JOHN r. HTAN. HOI'l", Aaii.r Hons , who will uccompauy the Natchwt'on licr *o,va?f. ol2toNl?r JOHN 11 STANHOPE. m. . FOR HAVANA, Direct.?The rlrcinl well known Spanish strainer NATCHEZ. John Francis Villair, Commander, will sail positive!v un Tuesday, November 7th. direct for Havana. This sui>erh steamer has been newly eoprered, f .ed up with new boilers,Mil hei cabins have unde-gitne a thorough ltnovation. rendering licr in every raspect a very desirable conveyance. Tli- Nstchez will arrive in Havana about in time to meet the New Orleans stmmer Ahhama. affording a ve.y pleasant trip to those who?e business will admit of their taking such a circuitoui route to (he latter port C-rtiin John 11. Stanboiv. well-huowu to the travelling community, accoinpauiet the Natchez on her voyage. For particulars of passage, &c , apply to ''amain j. r Stanliope, at the Astor House, orto Vv. Sc J. T. TAPSCOTT, <>29 ee 43 Peck Slip, correr- Sooth street. travellers going south or syPt'4?i? V*9 WE8T?Sixteen hour* in advance of the S2ftU. 8. Mail?Tri-Weehly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon and Ihe West The splendid steain pickets GENERAL CL1N(.'H, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CH AltLESTON, Cnpt. F. Harden, will leave Charleston every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, uft?r the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the uorth, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on the same d lys as nliove, at ii o'clock 1*. M., after the arrival of the C?rs from Macon. Travellers w ill (iud this to be the cheapest and most expedition route : > the sooth and w.Mt. The above boats are fitted up in i sn|>eri,>T style, and no expense or pains will be sjiared to ensuie cer'jiutv-, comfort, and expedition to the travelling 1Mblio. JOHN B. LAF4TTE, Agent, Fitzsimmoua' Wharf, Charleston. Charles! m? September, 184 J. el7 2m*r nkv7 a h hasokmknt: hark, and freight reduced. ) regular mail line?for prot-43* VIDKNCE AND BOSTON, via. 8TON \ngtgn and newtort?tompo.ed of' 'hf f.iilnv. ir.g superior steamers, running in counectieu with the and Boston nnd Provideuce Railroads .V <VKS ACHUSETTS, Capt. Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NA R RAG AN SETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York dailyi(Sundays excepted) from I'ier No. 1, Battery Place, N. Uiver, at i P. M. arrangements. , : r.K'.'iy-; INLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and W: 'i .'ulay t-. r Stcniugton and Newport, and Friday for 8toningt>>u. The "> VSSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Toesday and Thnrsdav lor Htouington, and Saturday for Stouiugtot>, Newport and Provideuce. Vv. "ii fr?, on the arrival of the steamers at Stoningtou, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commoilions Can of tne HliNNNfl - i Providence and Boston. and if for Newport will pioceed in the steamer Moliegan (in superior order) fri in nt 6 o'clock the following raorniuir, thus gi >>i'. 'Ivro .^opportunity of a night's rent on board the steamer M MiaehuirtU or Rhode Island, aiid then breakfast 011 board the M?h"gsn. 'I he above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepn.'il t> promote celerity of travel ?nd the comfort and secunty of psshengers, and not sarpaesed by any in the United State?. !-'or passage or freight, which ii taken at very reduced rate*, apply o;i hoard, at north lide of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveaa, freiuLt agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and itenmeri' berth can be secured oa board, or at the office of HARNDEN k CO.. No. 1 Wall itmet tp5" NOTICE?CHANGE OK HOUR-On and alter M nday, Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, forming the line to Providence and Boston via Stouington, will leave pier No. 1, Battery 1'lace, at 4 l' M. iJ"7*On ana ?dter the 10th inst, freight will not lie received and for.v Tiled after half-pant 4 P. Si. m9fiin* rn -JSt". r 0* independent regular oitosifcsnr TI ON NIGHT LINK KOK ALBANY? i " nlli Thr-nrli Direct, without Landing.?The commodious and substantial steamboat POKTSMOl/TH, < apt.O.House,will leave New Voik from the foot of Robbisou street, on Monday*, Wednesdays and Fridays; and will leave Albany ami Troy 011 Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season, at? o'clock in the afternoon. Freight f 'ken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat luu utid?r*ou? a thorough repair, ard is in Bat r ;*e n K o26 lm*r ~^e.* SKV KN O'CLOl K MORNING LINK i-ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate Landings?From the steamboat pier, at tlie foot of IIirclay utTet. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Leaves New J 1 rk?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Fri-:..y. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday( at 1 A. M. Lau iinp at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Poriirhliet H>ile Park, Khinebeck, IT. Ked Hook, Bristol, Laisnill, Hudson, Cussacliie and Kimlerhonk. 'I'll, uew low ) ressnre steamer TROY, Captain A. Go.'ham, this day, at 7 o'c'ock in the morning. The new low pressure steamer KMPIRE, Captain 8. R Roe, on Friday, at 7 o'clock in the moruing. For pissaire, apply to F. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay itr.-e., or "n Board. N< iice.?All Ooods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other i;iud of Property; taken, shipped, or put on board the Boats of this Lice,must be at the risk of Uie owuers of sich goods. aul6r r-~M SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINK Wi' ALBANY AND TROY direct, without 75,-?HC~_l,?d.nC-l:,e splendid low pressure steamboat BWALIOVV, Captain A. McLean, will leave the loot of ConrtlanJt street every Tuesday^ Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. {'he Swallow has a larue number of state rooms.acd for speed giid i rmr oj&tioas is tot s rpoued on the Hudson. bu3ic - 77' 777A i'KOFLE'S LINK OF STEAM BOATS yOR ALBANV?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.2T.-O.W, V..Through direct?From tne steamboat pier beeeu l.ourt: I'.nit and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steam! it KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John. ?. :!1 ! -,?ve. ."OoniUy, Wednesday and Fridav Evenings, at six 0 :}ock. Sf.iUKiat KoC.HESTKR, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave 1 i *<Ihv, Thnrsiinv, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At i o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Placet. :-boat -SO? 1'H AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will n\i?e "lCH.ilay, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at } oVIock.'t NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Tniwdell, w; 1 Inove l a-sday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. i'arse. Sr.-s taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in AI*m.i^ iu amrle tiuie to take the Morning Train of Cars foi the c .1 or west. .... The ebove boats are new and substantial, an furnished with nm . nrl elegnut State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations a1* unrivalled 011 the Hudson. For l'a.?s.ige or Freight, apply on board, or to r. C. Schulti at tne o'Tic1" ou the wharf. s25 r NO I ICE?On and after Monday, Oct. lt>th, the boats ?f this hue ? ill b'avrt for Albany at B o'clock. P. M instead of 7. "TT 7 STATEN ISLAND FEI!RY, FOOT OF 'A'HITEHALI. ST.?The steamboat *y '' * ht,11'i.N |SL \NDER willieave New York and Su* n Maud, on and after October 2d, as follows, tuntil ( urtlier notice Leave New York 9. II, 2, JX. L^av<? Si ten IslanJ 3, 10, 1, 3. r III r ? ' . , -a.,,,. tn Itirtimlarlr mjrkn! anrf ?k.*H II" i?i.l|'|?re u ?t th' nib Tf tiie owner* reof sllilfr NEW kUKK ANU"~K7N??TON "STKAM KREKJHT AND PASSAGE LINE. "*?#" ,-j; Krr Kiuiritnn, anc Delaware mid HucUon EMERALD mid NOR The i itlKKALD, 4 uptain John K?tcham, will leave New Yirk, (. .it .if Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'lMix k, I' \i. Will li vi> Kingston (Hon'out landiug) every Wednesday an1 f.viunhy ni 1 o'clock, P.M. ."In NoliWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New Yurk, inoirfit VVarn-n tme<,every Wednesday and Saturdayat 5 o'clock, P.M. ?V"ill Ik .vc k jgston (Rondont landing) every Tuesday and Friil iy si 3 o'clock, P. M. I.XTRA TRIPS. The I" ViKRA LD will leave the foot of Mnrmy street every * inlay inonimiMt 7 o'clock. Returning, Im?h Kingston at < o'clock, niiii' day. Kor frci.Mt or paswge apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW ft <;o., *11 Sm*r l?? West street Sr.- , , * NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR ?HRKW8Bt)RY?Long Branch. Baudy . - ... - i'> llouwand Eatontown Landing. '1'hi* iu' a Mr,i;nt(ui SHREWSBURY, Captain John r. Corlies, will now run as folloirt, on and alter Thursday, 27th inst having New York, Iro n the loot ?f Robinson street, e<->ry Tii'sdny, Thursday. auil Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Arm Ealiaitowu Landing on Mouday, Wevlueaday and Friday, At 10 o clock, A. M. The t hrt v, \hary w ill run ti Abov?, weather permitting, no| til inrtl r uotn.e All brigg.i;:? at the riik of the owner*. Tnre crnts. N. 11.?Stair -i will he in attendance to convey passenger from the ator?? id liuiding places to iiuy part of the county re quirod. Th? si" ?,hnr? will bo the inner rmssave. when Practicable tgth~ 1:I'V1|TTAN?TEH TO" I RELANU.Icc.?The ta*?Jftk.-.uli I rilnT continues to traimnit money in sums large r m ill, to peraon* minima in nny part or ol Inlunl In iiif -amr intii .triu lK1, And hii predecessor in hmine** hare il nie the 1st thirty y??r? and more ; also, to any part ol Knttland, or Scotland. ,\ioremitted by letter (po*t raid) to the *ub*criber, or p. uon.illy <li'!?isiti d with him, with the name of the i**r?on or |h laoim in Iri'lnud, Knuland or Scotland, to whom it ii to hein at, and neaieit po?t town, will be immediately tranmitted, ami i id .iccordinirly, and a receipt U> that affect given, or forwartVd to the nemler. In likf mxnner litoney, or claim* on per*on* in any part ol, r.nitlaurl or Scotland, can be c<dle?t<4 by the ?nli*criI.. t tor ki v"'? refilling in any part of the United State* or C.v it .id 'i > and ? ill ! ? l'?d In llicm accordingly, oil UHliltUK Melt III l)K. I r. 02 (Vilar it. , - HI.SI l'A< kKT mi: i .l VK KI'OOL.?Th?aplwT fc?TfS?d d, lo t lailiug, f.rorite ahiu ADIltO.>DA? K, luO ijlMfai'' u>,(!apl II ichiUIT, will aau |?*ui\ely .< above, In r regular day. , ,. , Jin -In,* of tit i* line limig all 1000 Ion* and upward*, per on* about to rmh.ttli I'nr the old country, will not tail to ?ie toe anvnmwt |o l?< dented irom infcuim mi? ra- 11 |, to any oltk i , <u their urcit c u?acity renurr* them evciy v?y [iKTr cainfortnhlo and convenient Iran ?hi|W of a?mallrr Those wuhinc to inni* bertlw, ?n?.uld u< t (ail to make emrly *|<|<lic.tti< u on hoanl, or to W. fc J. T. TArSCOTT. At tktir UtMU'ial I'u?&4( Oihce, 43 I'eck Blir. v3l I cur South Hi Wt. wemmmmmmmssmutBsaBBeataesam E NE NEW I . 44 fir LIVERPOOL?Rtftkr hfikfll of tkl la! i WHfJV Th? lift elm fast ssiling packi't aliii> ! ' A r (> HI >, ( .i]>t * in H.-ithboue, burthen lttCU ion?; will (tilI as above, her regular dty. ' II?r accommodation* for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pnssengers, are not surpassed by auv vessel in |>ort. 1 , "mom wisliiin; to embark should make uninedicate applies- < I turn to the subscriber, \ JOSKPH McMUKRAY, lllfl Pine street. corner of South. To be succeeded by the splendid packet sliip Patrick Henry, to sail on the 7 th November oil ec i 44S- KOrt LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Reguhr KF3?*VPicket lCth of November?The fine New York dui t . ' JBHUM'ui'ket ship HOTTINGUKR, Ira Bursley, maatst, 10i0 toils, will sail as above her rerular dav. | Kor fn-iiiht or passage having very superior accommodations, I apply to the Captain on bonrd, at west side Hurling slip, or to I < WOOD HULL t*. MINTDU.NS.it7 Houth st , t The fiue new packet ship Liverpool, J. Kldmlge, master, 1 1150 tous, will succeed the jlottinguer and sail ou her regular c day, Ifith December. o31 r t ?4^- KOimVKKPOOL?Regular packet ol the "rTTi J MvTtfV November?The lust cDss fast sailing packet ship J .&&l?.PATIllCK 11KNRY. Cant Delano, burtlicu lout) tons, will sail as above, being her regular day. Her accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and steerage po&sengers are uot surpassed hy any vousel ill port. I vrsons intruding to eiubuk should make immediate appli- J catiou to the subscriber JOS. McMUilKAY, 100 Pine street o2'ec Corner of South. BLACK" B.ALL, OH OLlTTlNK*OK~LI Vkit- i MfjpjrVPOOL PACKETS?Only regular Packet, sailing ou ? 52*i*bi?Wediieaday. Ihe 1st of Nov. Tin) remailtable fast sailing packet 'hip OX 1'OUlJ. burthen !H)0 tons, Cuptaiu Rath- n bone, will sail positively as above, hwr regular day. a The accommodations of this splendid packet lor cabin, 2d ca- r bin and steerage passeuterii are un*uri>a?kt?l for splendor, couve ., Hi nice and comfort by any veasel ailoat Those embarking for the old country will And it to their interest to select this desira- r bit conveyance. Kor passage, which is v^ry low, and to iecuro| the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscriber*. , ROCHfc, BROTHERS U CO., SS Fulton street. J next door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?The Oxford tails from Liverpool on the 19th of December. Persons seuding for their friends can have them brought out in her, or in anv ol the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled .we, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 19th of each month. olJ r ( KOTTUVERPOOL?British Shin-With despatch WfSwFV * The well bnowu very fast sailing British . .hip .Ctf'irtr-tHKSTF.R. John Wilson, master, having a large portion of her cargo on board, will have immediate despatch for the above port. ! Shippers of goods will find the Chester a most desirable con- j veyauce. 1 For freight or passage, having Tery comfortable accommoda- , """"'""''^ScTiLTbUoThERS & CO., Ji Fulton ?t., J r>2lr next door to the Fulton Bank. 1 PASSAOE FROM CORK?Via Liverpool-Til ' raWVWthe tint spring ship*.?We beg to inform our friends t . Htmieatliat during the coming spring, 1841, we shall have a r regular succession oT lirat cbm American ships, sailing from n I the above port every week, which will he fitted out in such a t manner for second cabin and stterage paswugers, as cannot fail i to ensure them every comfort. One of our Grin, Mr. James 1). 1 Roche, reside* there, who will see personally to the forwardiuK of all onr |?usenger?, and will spare neither pains or ei|>eiise to | meet their wishes, and hava them forwarded without any delay. I Those sending lor their friemls will at once seethe advantage to i be derived \tv paying in onr line. Apply to. or address if by I letter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS Si CO. 35 Kultou street, next door to the Kulton Dank , or to I JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. 8.?Passage certificates and drafts can be tent from this by the regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 2,'ith ot < every moath, also by the Boston steamer* on Uie 1st and 16th. , s30r j XJKg- REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS KOR LON ? MMsJV^ON?Packet <>( the 1st November. The splendid, * JhSHIEbw'-II known, fist sailing ml favorite packet ship V l<"l'< ?H IA, Captain Morgan, will sail positively as above, ' her regular day. ' This splendid ship has exce'lent accommodations for cabin, ' second cabin and steerage passengers, and those about visiting ' the old country, would do well ti make early application to W. fa J. T. TAPBCOTT, < 43 Peck Slip, corner of South street. ' Who have also regular first class packets sailing weekly to Liverpool, New Orleans, Mobile, savanmh and ('harleston. OCl 23eo Xig3P- KOR LONDON?To sail on the let November? rf*VW.The new packet ship VlCTORI A, Capt Morgan, c M91umI20U tons, will sail as above, her regular day. I tier accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage ? passengers Iff unsurpassed by any vessel in port, and as a mull her of her passengers are already engaged, those desirous of seO I curing berths should make early application to i JOSEPH McMURKAV, t o2lr 100 Pine street, corner of South. I "ifit OLD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS ' M9&W.F"R LI VERPOOL?Packet of the 1st November, j JMMBb?The splendid fast sailing packet ship OXFORD, Capt. Rallihone, will be despatched as above, her regulnr day. , She has snperioraccommodation for cabin, second cabin and , steerage itassengers. Those wishing to secure berths w ill rei- i quire to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, ' 61 South st, near Wall street. . N. B.?ras?a^re from Great Britain and In-laid, via Liverpool, can at all times be engaged, ou the lowest terms, b> any of the regular packet ships, and drafts furnished for any amount payable at the National ai d Provincial Be uk of Ireland, aud at all the principal towus throughout the United Kingdom, ou application as above. o?J r i i'OR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.-Regular fcf'V^.P.rllut nf 3',til K'nv.n.W-TI,. .nl?...IM 1 ROSC1US. Captain John Collins, of 1 l(Ni lorn, ' will anil M a'.iove.her nnkf day. FW fwjgWUl PMMfthWM h.indsi>me furnished accommodatious.appo' ou board at Orleaus w h&rf, foot of Wall stmt, or to . E. K. COLLINS Sl CO. J Price of passage, $75. _ 56 South street . The Packet >fii|> Siddous, Capt K K Coob, of 1000 tons, will . succeed the Roseius,and sail the 25ili December,her regular day. I'i- .mic m?| rely a|>ou the slops of thu line sai hug punc tnn.ll>* as advertised. o27 J fffle- I'.MK K.T FOR HAVHK?Second Line?The MnPYVihip ONKIDA, Jama* Kuuck, masle/, will sail on JMMHMtlie Ut of November. BOYD k HINCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, ol2ec comer Wall and Water streets. < Affg- FOR MA RSF.1LLK8?Packet for Ut November? MnKVy.Tlie (hip COURIER, Capt. Duggan, c.>|>p*red and aU??MC"P|ier lastenel. 1> or lreight or passage, apply u S BROOM 8c CO., or to BOYD k HINCKEN, oU ec No. 9 Tontine Building tiltg- KOK NEW ORLEANS?'To tail on Monday, WrJMrV'liP Slh- Nor., or pa?sage free.?The superior, faat JMlMbi'ilinjt .hip UNION, Capt Ruisel, will be des|>atch. ed as above. She has spleneid accommodations for cabin. 2d cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the lowest rates. Thoie desirous o( se< uring berths will require to mike early application ou board ike ship, at Murray's wharf, or to JOHN UK RDM AN, SI South street, near Wall street. N. B ?The ship FRANCIS DEPAl*. sails this morning at 9 o'clork, and can yet take A few inore 2d cabin and two chin passengers if app ication is made in time. o3l ife- FOli" NKW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New *ff59FVYorkLiae?Positively First Regular Jacket To sail ; JBkaMuthis dav the list Oct. The f??l uilinv liaeker .bin OCON I apt I). Jackson, will positively mil as above, her i regular day. | For freight orj-asiago, apply 011 board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS Kt CO. M South street. Shippers will please send in their bills of lading this day. Passengers will please l>e on lioard the stetinhnai Hercules at Whitehall, this nftemoou, 131st list.) at 3 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Shippers by this line may rely upon hat ing their goods correct) y measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hnllen k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Shakspeare, Cant Allen Miner, will succeed JwOl/ONKE, and sail the 10th N iv. h?*r iT^ular day. o31r I \ NKW YORK jjEfjv fc BOSTON ] SOUNUm.OT. fJWEN PRKSCOTT, Pilots, or takes chant* as master and v-/ pilot of tassels bound to New Bedford, over Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, kennebeck, aud OTHER PORTS. Office at Kryefc Shaw's Nautical store. 212 Water street, corner Reekman. Reference to a unmber of m?i* chants and the severalInsurance Companies in this city, B<?'on. nrH PnrtlnnH ivlft Jmr A~^- ^I.AlllKS' AMU MISSE.V >M(IKS. <lJWV CHEAPER THAN EVER. 1 WALKER'S OLD 8TAN1), 4 ID Broad war, wh?re may lie fuuud a complete assortment of all the different kinds, colors, sorts and sizes, tor Indies, misses and children. (Jnilers, boots, Buskius, Slippers, aud walking shoes. Also. India Rubber* and .\lorc.,sins,*ud water proof ovur shoes of the lat-st style and fashion; ladies', nusaes' and children's Halters of all kinds and colors, in the greatest style and vanetv, ol all sues, and suited to all tastes; gentlemen a. boys' a?d children's hoots and shoes, of Kreueh and native calf, c<ars? ind Cine, in til their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shorteal notice, (i'litleineu's overshoes, and an innumerable assortineut of other goods, at WALKfcR'rt, 419 Broadway, comer of Canal st. N. B.?Heads ol families, by patronixiug this est iblishmeutr will 'uid a saving < 'I I > to 30 |>er cent. o2 Im'ec ~ Jb BOOTS AND SHOU.?W 1L8(>~N to.JOHN ^pB.SuN, Successors to John Mulchings, deceived, have ou hand aud for sale, from the bast manufactories in the country? 100 Cases Coarte Sewed aud Pegged Boots, men aud boy* l(K) " Kiue " " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskim. 1000 " Ladies' Flue alip|ierf. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. ."iOO " Womens and missea Oaiteri. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. tor sale iu lots to suit purchasers, at their store. , 120 CHATHAM tiTREET, opposite Rosevelt. N. 1).?The store being open until 10 o'clock in the evening. , <ivra country merchants au opportunity to esaniine goods at tl eir leisure, o3l Imrh Aw BOOTS, BOOTS AMI-SHOES, cheapT and 4i0IVy cheaper than evi-r yet oil red iu this City. A ?cry large assortment of g-nts'sintile and double soled waterproof Hoots, h'reoch aud native c ill, city nude and warranted, for the low pi ice o| Si to |ier pair, anil a never falling supply of ihirk Boots and Shoes for men, boya aud children; ladies', tnissis' and c III I. lieu'? (JnU'r Boots, Bit iklus, Slipiairs aud Ties, o f ill the different kinds and moat fuhionable styles. There is Moc casins and all the different kinds and ?uhionabie stylesVl India Robber over Shoes, for gentlemen, ladies, misses aud childien iu great abundance, and cheap, whirlif the subscribers would ......... .< i.ieu>* iinu 111*" |<III1||C ?1 C.I 11 JIIIII llllllir llirn lock, ai it it nf tlii" beat inatrriill. and princ pally city m?de, ' *t their law eatabliahincut, 2jJ Greenwich mot, corner of viurr.iv ?t. .oT f ?e WRIGHT, CALHOUN Jt CO_ i vfcrj BOOT AND BHOK 8TOHK. ( J?HN RKADY mpertlully inform# hu fnendt uitTthe public. that he iiai commenced boaiueat indie abotf t line, at No. 93 Naaiau atreet. *here h? will thankfully receive mil faithfully eiecute, all ordrrt he may he favored with on the I mn?t t*rm? fore.ah. \v7tr , l> K.VIOV A L.?India ltubber Shoea and Over )n?t re lv ceivrd limn our l.ictory, lor fall trade, a larpa aaaortinout ol India Rubber Shuft, coiimtiim of plain and liKiired lined ami juried ru'jberi; aeun elaatic upi*r over-nhoea; ladies' elutic up,>?r*li, leather and nibiier io|e?j l.idie*' fur and ribbon i hound Grcciani and Uutkiui; ladiea' elaitic limited aillt over thoca, new tlyle', Itoloe fhOM, and varum* atylnaol inioiea' and I children'a thorn, which we otter at the latiHt reduced price*. i pair* lailica' and men'* rublier, figured and plain, t oy the caae or trmimed and cleaned by rlie dozen j 5000 pur* ladw?' lined aud lur hound I'uhtieri, / MercWinU arer*iue?ted to et.umne the stock at'onr newitore, N > i'> Vlaiden Laue. I 1IO HACK H. 1MV, Bfcceuji to Hotburr I. H. Co. 26 linr l'<4 Maiden*. I AHD?700 WegaJvfy Ifimt Leaf Lard, in iniwrior order,for ^ Jb4 .?ie it, h. K. COLLlNf fll 1 o oM7f% & ttouihiuwt. W YO T YORK. TUESDAY MO ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS. pHK NKW YORK HKIIALD is regularly filed in London 1 by Mr. PL. SI MM ON DS, Agent for the A nwricnn I'aixri, ! Sritiklt and Kor?ign New?i>,?|>rr Office, 18 Curnliill, London, >l>i>ositr the Royal LxcIibhk*'. where ordeii&ud adverti??mrou prill be received. *28tfr UK.Wf.KAL. AlifcNCY AML) UUMMISSIUN OFFICE 18 CORNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE rO MERCHANTS, ("orrntercial News Rooms, Public Li br*r:-?, Agricultural Societies,Officers ofthe Uuited State*, 'ri liters, Publishers of Newspajiers, &c. 1*. L. SIMM iNPS, Agent And Commission Mediant, begs to acquaint bis friends mil ihe Ainerinu public iu [eneral Jliat he is ready t;> reciive orders for tlie supply ?l i^eivs>ai*rs, Periodicals, Stationery, Printing Matrrialt, r a:scv Arti:le?, bLc. of any kiud and quantity, anil goods ofevery d.-scrii>ion of first rite quality, al I lie very lowest market or ::ei of the lay, and to trausact business upon the Most libei il terms, profilled he is previously furnished with funds nr drifts at either ongorshurt dates, or * ruiuiunce on some London ur Li verpool MWWJMnMlt, P. L. Siiiiinouds will nlaO receiie cousicnir.erHs ofanydeicriptioti of mercltaudii.1- to lie sold on commission, and accept nils at short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of .he bills of lading. Consignments entrusted to his care will neet with everv possibh? despatch in their disposal, consistent villi the interest ?l tM?0MijpMMt au ulen.ive knowledge OK [' iieral business coupled Willi promptitude,attention and j udgen*nt, w ill he trusts enable him to Rive complete satisfaction to Jl who uiay favor bin, with their commands. Reference may be ni;.ile in New York to James Gordon Benlett, Ksm., Propitiator01 ihl Heralil.who is personally acquaiutd Willi Mr.Simuiondjtaud theuature aud entent of bis establishnent. s28tf r PO NEWSPAPER AOENT8 AND PUBLISHERS IN TI1E UNITED STATES. "PHOSE excellent Illustrated Newspa|>?is, The Pictorial J- Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s 6<1 terling per qr. Punch at 4s Od perqr, aud all the London and '"oreiu'ii Newspapers as they api>ear are regularly supplied, rbolesale and retail, hv P. L. SIMMONDS, Newspaper and Periodical Agent, 18 Cornhill, London. Subscriptions 111 advance, may be paid into the Herald Office. Ill Mr. jmnmOMB' account. Advertisements received Tor iniertiou in all the London, Country and Foreign Journals. ?2#if HARPS. f K. BROWNE 8t CO. Manufacturers of the Improved ' Pubent Double Action Harp, by Royal Letter? Patent, ..ondou?established 1810, (many years with Erard,) No. 385 } roadway and VS\{ Chambers street, New York. J. V. Browne offers for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instruments ill the United State*. His rrangemeuts are such as to enable him to transact business at r.oropean prices, thereby saving purchasers the high duties imtosed bv tariff on theie instruments. J. F. Browne would observe these Harps am constructed on he most approved principles, with oil the modem improvenenw, ire unequalled in brilliancy < f tone, fineness of touch, ind perfectness of mechanism. Pa1 lieu I ar care is taken to fit hem for the extremes "f climate in ritU countrv, in which r#s>ect they will be found far supwi, i to any of European inauuacture (Monad in the usual wiy. These Harps are patrouised by the elite of musical tasts and professional talent ill Europe' among the latter, he would menlion N. C. Bochsa, who inva':ably selects from this es'ablishnent. Th ? attention of pr i lessors in this country is solicited^ Lists of prices and descriptions may be forwarded by post. Retiring carefully attended to; tl&rps taken in exchange. Strings, Sic. o21 lm*t-c TO PIANO FORTE MAKERS. TOHN GILL, maunfact'trer of Piano Rorte H irdwart. wishes ' to announce that in addition to his establishn ent, (on 2Sth itreet and id Avenue) that heha? made arrangements with Mr. lolui Phvfe, ivory dealer. No. 19 Murray street, New York,(as igent) where any article of piano forte hard ware cau tie purchased as cheap as elsewhere, and in any quantities. J. (i. respectfully solicits attention to the superior quality of lis manufactured goods, especially his improved tuning pins, ivhich are warranted in every respect. Sixteen yea's close atention to W above business in New York has enabled J. O. ,o snow exactly what the piano forte makers require. All orders to John (sill, 26th streal and 3d Avenue, New York, >r to Mr. John Phyfe, as above, will meet with immediate alteu;ion. Ooods forwarded to any part of the United States ol7 Im* m L. BARON in, A RTIST. in Alabaster, Marble, Scagliola, Sic., from Italy fa-Respectfiilly invites the gentry, the inhabitants, shoplieeptrs._Bazaars, country dealers and the public in general, to see lis Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Grand ind Division streets,) which is now open for inspection, with a iplendid assortment of Italian and hnglisli ornaments in Ala>,i.iter, black marble, spar, agata, yellow stone, stalactite, red ind various other marbles, verue di prato, granite, &c., he. consisting of various sizes of groups. figures, busts,, 4ebe ewers, Ktruscan vases, candlesticks, ta|iers, pen trays, ink tands, watch cases, clock stauds, time pieces, spill pots, ums, nitique lamps, shell vases, oval vases, bottles, groups and single logs, tables, tloreutiiie baskets, bulls, cows, lions, broaches, lecklaces, obelisks, bell vases, gozzoly vases, ring vases, pai>er veights, ring stauds, card hoses, snutl hoses, birds nests, anii<nus, painting* of Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on conchoogy, mineralogy geology, marine botanist, tkc. kc. Prits oi irticles from 12>4 cents to $100. Cleaning and repairing of every description on moderate lerms. Admission free. s30 8w* r PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND 2T. rPHE Subscriber has received a large surply of Voigtlaiid?rs' i- celebrated Daguerreotyiie Appartus, larirt and small sites, ivith achromatic lenses made according to Professor Tetzval's :alculation. Also a new supply of brst plates and chemicals, which he warrants good and selli at reduced prices. The following gentlemen have a?reed to act as agents, viz? R. White, Esq., l*"i Broadway New York P. Haas. Ksl, iVashinrton. D. C. Dr A. Caspari, Richmond. Va. 8. Iroadbeut, Es'j, (or the Southern States. \Vm. West, E-.q, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, aecompaui"d vitti r mittauces, will be promptly attended to, and should lie lirected to WILLIAM I.AUOENIIKIM. ol? 3m*r Exchange Buildings, Philadelphia TO MiLMNERS. LYON ite KING. rN AIM LTTNJ/1 tlw, T...i..n II.? r_?. *-> most rwpwlhilly informs his kind friend* and patrons, le liasassociated hiin-elf with Mr. Joseph Lyon, (late from 'arts) and have established themselves at No 37 John street, under ihe firm of Lyou and Kin*) where they hive a most plendid assortment of Paris Millinery Artic'es, suitable fir the 'nsuiug seasou. The above st >ck consists of an elegant assortnent of Tuscan anil Straw Hats, rich Silk Velvets, rich Velvet Kibbons^ Eu'estring and Satin Kibbouds, all fill colors? ''ranch I1 lowers, Keithers; an entire now style of Silks, and ivery other article in the Millinery line. Messrs. L fc K. would a'so state that the above Roods htve >een purchased for ca?h (direct from the manufacturers) and rill he sold at a sm >11 advance on cost to those who may be ileased to favor th in with a call. o25 lm*r LYON Sc KINO, 37 John st , N. Y. OPENING OF THE FALL F^TT-JiNS! AT THE MAOAZIN DE MODES, No. 60 Canal Strkv.t. A CA11D?TO THE LADIES OK FASHION.?MAf*. DAME BEHRMAN I?ks most respect Tail v to inform ler friends md customers that she has received, by th* last arrirals from Paris, her fall au<l winter fashions, and she (latter* lernelf that the same will stand unrivalled in the city. The aahions consist of the following full and entire new styles :ut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets', do ilk, satin mode and ipnlted hats, ol an ei.tire novel description, n ladies', misses', and children's sizes. Also, a complete iuortment of caps and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial llowrs, feathers, and hair ornaments of tile best artists iu Paris. Madam*- B. solicits the ladies to favor bet wit'a an early call jid eiainine for themselves. Magaxiu de Modes. 6U Canal street. o3 lm*r PKEMIUM sofa bedsteads. VT McORAW'S PATENT EXTENSION SOFA.-This I-' article i? ?o well known^is the publiv, and its advantages lave been so iucoutestibly proved, that the inventor deems it imiu cesstry to make further comm-ut. lie would, however, beg leave to refer to the few following highly resiwctable genlleinen who have these sofas now iu us , aa to their convenience uid utility Ex-President Van Buren, Kinderhook, N. T. James 11. Whiting, District Attorney, iu. Hon. C. C. Camhrelejig, di. Hon. Senator I'restou, 8. C. 8am'1 Ward. Esq.. firm of Prima, Ward it v iug, N. Y. Brown, Brothers k Co. do. Col. Crosby, do. Rev l)r Nott, *c.ienectad>- do A thousand morp name* could lie given of gen*l#*r<fb anil lalies of the lirst respectability il it were neceaaary; , u it needs inly to be seen to be its owu beat recommendation. A' 11arsons ?ishiug to purchase sofas, *of\ bedsteads, rerlininu r itiCeor ticking chairs, are resperii'iilly invited to call at ?'J Bioi> way, ieeond door above (Jrand street. N. B. The above sofa has been awarded, as premiums, ar the rarious Fairs where it ha* been exhibited, one gold medal, thr?e liver medals, and six diploma*. 4t>3 Broadway, second door rhove Grand street. <i? I m * in pO WOOL MANUKACTUKEKS, kc ?The subscriber * gives notice that he is the ligal Assignee of JOHN fOULDINO. lire of Roxbury, Machinist, and as such is done authorized to claim and receive pay from those individn ill or companies, in various putt or the United States, who lave made, or u?r?l. certain improved machinery, invented by aid (hiulding, for the manufacturing of Wool, wliicn improveneiita were secured to him by Letters Patent date.1 Dec. tith, H2fi, mid 2t>th July, 183?>; mid he heiehy cautions such individlals mid comiianiei against paying any tliuiK to any one e*cept limtrlf lor the use of mid improvemeuUs as no one else can live them a legal discharge for ibe damage, of compensation, o which said Oonldn g's estate is, by law, entitled lor th* use if the improvements secured to him b> the 1'atents above naned K. COPkLAND, Jr. Assignee Bostow, 9th Oe'.18lJ. of JOHN OOULDINO. (T7 An these Pateuts evpired on the IJth of December, 184ft, lothing i? claimed, or e*|wct*d,for the nseof the improremeuta nice that tin*. "Heod lm*r Bi.\n arIvs patent statukTvooD at i;uaL 8TOVK.8?tor hilli, parlors, officea, stores. stetmboals. lc. Kor beauty, comfoit and eronomy ara not equalled by any tove in the United States These staves are a St itue of Wash* ngton the Father of our country, auroiouutiny two p,'devils, me tor w od and the o her lor coal. The one lor wood i? con tructcd for alive and dumb atove combined, an I lor a I've tove only. Th- fire rh?m'??r in th? |?,iesial is consfuc'ed in uch a manner that the lire, by means of a revertable plaie or nrtition m the ?tove, nmei the heat to circulate thrtmt;h the ntire beiirbt ?l the statue, ivinfa large and beautiful minting urface. They have also a hot air chain'ier attached, end everv hing being arranged on the most scientific principle. For icneral utility they cannot f?il to give satisfaction. The ?ubcriber invi e? Ihe attention of those about n>irclvi\ing to call ill I satisfy themsel?i*s of the above facts. They can be seen in ip*r?tion daily mid for sale only in the city at III Oram) street, ine door east of Broadway. JAMK8 HINDS, oil Im*m BOAT AND OAK B AZA AR?At this establishment can l>e found every description of Boata that the ingenuity of man an miggest. Look at what he haa done and then judge if what he can do. At his establishment was lioili he following unrivalled boata, ?i* The Swil'tsure ol Newfoundland: the anteen foot sailing IJinky Tmiihler. he Itomp of llarlgate, and the Paul Try. The row tiw boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races in 18 months, he noble Cimbriaj the (i. \V. Chapman; the fortv foot racei or the United Slates ship Ohio; the barge Kminwa (or Klorida lie bras* moil tiled gig Neptune for T am |>i co Hay, and a host ol iibers equally gi?\at oaks. SWKF PS AND SCULLS?ljn.DOO feet on hand ilao 2 000 feet of L-turd's celebr ilcd Semis for site. Ttn iew nraiich i#l Ins MUiiesa is truly worthy ?f aitrntion ? .ook at the pncea, oiil< three and lour lenre j foot. All tht ...II. r..e e?^.. ? .l?uat?ii Kt nr*?i iri?tr?.? rtWM U.ra.l- T h?t won mci> can, now b? ??*n at liu office. Kim <oata *lway? ? n lian I. Viiitliit B\?.\ar? il y.>u J?ii* a trnai III work dflitned irr* of chaw . . C. L. INUERflOLL, I9B.4M IH'1 414 Wat'T and 141 Clinrry ?'r?rt??sol* p opriMor o<-24 ia\' r ^OrPER-lOO CUM VMMtfit|Cn'ptr.iir nrrniptnor ' quality, from 11 to U2 or, nut n-od??l and for ail* hilt. K. COLLINS fc CO . oMr ifi|8outh ttnrt. EK f RNINU. OCTOBER 31, I boardiw i FRENCH and Amrrictn BmrdinK Houie, No. 64 Read** ?t., a few (loot* fiit'ii Broadway. Boardi'm will find il aii aipvrable hmn<\ at .1 niod<*rrtt? price. The French i? *<*iieral ly p< ken. 0 iv bo.ird?ri laktu. o26lm*iii GbN i EEL HOARDING AT MRS. OERE'S, 1M O . Z 7 1 o > I T I. ANDT 8 T K F. W. T . QINOLK oil M \KKIK1) (ieutlemrii can In* accommodated with escellent Board and comfortable Rooms on inudernte MM Also, s front Parlor and Bed Room on the second floor, furnished or u ftirni(h?<l. o9 lm'ui BOARDlNO?>everi| furuUhed room* for pnllrmrn and thi*ir wives or iiukI* ic'nllfcorn. Ki..june at M Whitesto20 lm*r BOARD IN U in>isK->Ot~s ~CLAHK jNO. 3 Mott street, ha? a vacancy lor a r?spectabl? man and his wile, aud two or three single in-11 of good character, where the comforts of a home can be obtained. Uood refcreuces required or pay in admw. o'7 *ec rPO LKT, WITH BOARD, a handsome I'rout Parlor?four J- handsome it. MOM, ar 411 HoustonMmt olO lm*r HAVANA MANSION flOUSK IK >TKL. THE underuicui-d lakes occasion to iufonn his friends and the public, tlull the Mansion House m uow located in luquisidor street, No. t?7 in the vicinit; of lit* steamboat landiuj .iikI vegetable utarket, utiviug commodious lnuiily upauuK uts, arranged iu the ueatest order. A person is employed to procure permit* to land passengers, baggage, Sic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of tlie revenue ofliois. N. 11.?Vuitors lo this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at tne port of emb>akitlioa, to obviat? difficulties aud inconvenience. s2! 6mec WILLIAM FULTON. MA DA\i B BUTTON, PBOKKSSOIt OK 8INOINU, y, street, St. Johns' Park. sl5 Sm*r MOSfO TOSEPH KAMMERER, professor ?( music, respectfully ? announces to his imtrons, and the public in get'Cral, that he lias removed from M Crosby to 1:16 Laurens street, where all orders for his Cot'llioa Band, to wait on partiea, etc., in or out of town, will be thankfully received aud promptly attended to. Orderi for J. K. will also iie received at Mr. W. Dubois' music store, 36J Broadway. o2 lm?r MUSIC. VfESSRS. SCHNEIDER _& REBHUN, Professors of if 1 Music, lateol Saratoga Springs, respectfully announce, that they are now |>rel>ar?*il to give their attendance at private parties. soires, serenades, Sto during the ensuing season, performing the moat modern and popular music. All oidera lor their attendance will be received and answered at their preaent residence, ft Croahy at. o!G lin*r TTA.LIAN MUSIC.?MR. MANNING, (twenty years resi A dent in Naples,) pupil ol Pacini and Crescentini, gives instructions oil terina to suit the times, in Italian French, an I English singing, and in the most fashionable atyle of piano forte playiug. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following nentlemen?? J. M. Wainwright, D. D.; Messrs. Rowland St Aapiuwall; J K. Schroder I). D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham; K. L. llawkes, 1). I) Mr. S Ward.. Mr. M. resides at 230){ Hudaou atre?t, unar Spring at. ol lrn*r R8. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, 2A Courtland' street, are a safe, certain, aud a peed y cure lor coughs, colds, srrre throat, swelling of the glands, rheumatism, stinue3s of the joint*, ague and fever. Open from 0 A. \1. till 3 F. M. Sulphur Balhs require one hour's notice. o28 lwr * MUFFS AND FURS r\V ALL DESCRIPTIONS. can he bought at wholetale V prices, from litis date until the lirst of November, at No. ?U LIBERT V STREET, oM 2\vp t Near Broadway. MASSACHUSETTS KAY /"IY8TERS ?168^; Kulton strwt, opposite St. Paul's.? ^NAPOLEON COURTIN takes pleasure iq informing those persons who have heretofore honored him with their patronage, and those who are willing to continue the same ftvor, that the viassi'-huserts Bay Ovsters have recovered with (he cold weather their fresh and delicious flavor ao peculiar to them, aud which has eiven them the name of oysters of ( 'aucale, that his saloon, recently so elegantly fitted up, otters liie most quiet and comfortable accommodations. There will always be found iu it a choice collection of the following wines, viz: Chahlis, San^erne, Grave, Barsac. Hermitage, sparkling and still Hock, Champagne. Chambertin, Pominard, Volney, Lafitte, Larroz?, Leoville, St. Julim.ilcc., and all sorts of foreign wines and cordial*. He kee(>? constantly on hand th> atiove wines, in ths cask or bos, together with Preserves, Swret Oil and Fr*3CSi? iaagar. Goods purchased from his establishment are sent ofcn.i:ge to any p.lit of the city. Oysters will be sent to tfHf.-s idence of purchasers, (il?required) and opened by one of the Uaiits o the establishineurs. o2 Inr.*ee ~ ro thk public. d|J 1 flfl TO $4000.?Mr. Francis R Crump, Watch Maker, <JP i"" 248 Graud street, begs to inform his friends and the public, that independent of the Watch business, he is prepared to make advaucca in cash on gold and silver, silver tea sets, spoons forks aud every description of gold or silver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any amount paid for old gold aud silver. Watches of every drae iption repaired and warranted. 2? Grand street. 11 Svn*r WATCHES.?The largest aud most splendid assortment ol Watches iu the cityv is to be found at the subscriber's.? Ai he is constantly receiving til descriptions of Gold and Silver Watches, of the newest stvles, direct from the manufacturers, ill England, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to olfera larger assortment, aud at much less prices, at retail, than any other house m the city. Gold watches as low as 820 to 826 each \Vatchei and jewellery exchanged or bought. All ?v itches warranted to keep good time, or the mouey returned. Watches, clock" aud jewellery repaired in the best manner. O. O. ALLK!V, importer of watches and jewellery, o7 lm*r Whdlnnlc vinil retail, :w Wall itrwt, ni> itain. GCALBS AND WKIOIITS of every description inanufsc^'lured by Brown and Kearnhead, 83 Fulton street, corner of (told. Til)1 subscribers li ive received various d i JI !> rn u lor besi sc lies exhibited at the late anil former fairs of the American Institute. Bank*', brokers', jewellers', apot?ecarie?'. and grocers' scales, manufactured in superior style, and of the liuest finish , platforn scalea, intent In lances, tinware hie.; scales repaired and ul.|iisii-d; M|MI VMMM t? any st M ird. ?i'>fi 1 in * in CtQOLAK LAMI'S.'^'UIU:VNaTTiTh'S i7a\1 1*S" and ?5 "HORN'S GLASS VOl'NTAIN LAMPS." A Urge and complete assortmentol the above Lamps is kept constantly on hand and fir sale at low and reduced pries by tfie subscriber. Persons wishing Lamps or to economise m light, are invited to call and siainme lie'me purchasing, t hemical Oil and Burning Kluid of the liest quality kept coustaiitlv tor sale and Hcjirerd in any part of the city. J. C. HOOK KK, <>27 lin*ec 468 Broadway. DM. HENKIQUEM, 51 William street, respectfully an nounce* to his friends and the public thu he ha* con a I a u 111' tl,. f. . I I . ,aa-i >> ,r I ranted genuine anil of the fint quality La Norma. La Cabaua. Rionda. Yugcnuidad. Norn-gas (of a moat superior quality.) La Ki|?riuiii. Do. "London Hegar,"*mall *i*e. Paneteln*, of a moat iniwrior quality. Pnmavern. D? M oya. Esparteros. Regalia* (of the Norma brand.) K inn Regalia. (^IICCII Jo. ' ahalleros. Priticipes (of the favorite brand* of Jurto Sana, Kendona aii'l Crux.) i4moker*'wonld do wrll to call before purchasing el*ewhere, aa the tiutes of the moat fastidious can always be suited *t thii establishment. ol2 Imr* J SOKIA'S CHEAP DYKING ESTABLISHMENT. ]\^R. RORIA beg* leave n-tpectfully to inform hia frienda and "A the pnblic in general that owing to the deoresied atate of ihe times, he haa reduced hia price 25 per cent (>?low the regnlar charges. Ladies wiahing their aummer dreaaea, ahawla, Ice. dyed or preiaed. will find it much to their advantage by paying rum a visit, (Jentlemen will also do well to call with such article* of wearing apparel ax may need dyeing or pr***ing. All order* will be punctually attended to, and the article* done up iu the beat *tyle at Soria'* establishment, No. 490 Pearl at. His Brandies .ire at No 257 Blercker ?t.. No 352 Bowery, and at 357 <?rtnd ?t. AUo a branch at 49 Kulton at. Brooklyn, and at Newark, N. J., comer of Broad ?t, and Washington Place. Merchaata can have all kinds of goods dyed and pnt op in their original forma, and on moderate term*. Principal oflire49fl I'aarl at mH 3in*ee OAS&KiNtsKK8?(^oing l oin I\ew Vork, South or to * Europe, that have to lay in their provisions for the voyage, are invited to call and purchase theui of the subscribers, at their cheap cash store, aa they can *?ve from 15 to25 per ceut by *o doing, and get a* good provisions as can lie purchased elsewhere. Captains of vessels and houseke?-;icrs also will b.' supplied with all kind* of groceries anil provisions at an equal saving, who'esaleor retail, at the store. No. Ii)8 South sr. near Kulton Market. K. 8. fcell. HARRIS. o23 lm*r ?T?o" ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS.?The sub.rn? 1 would respectfully inform his enstomer* and other*, that in coirsei|ueuce ol hi* olu ttand in Broadway being hurnnl ilowa lie ha* i iken (he premises No. 115 Crosby street near Houston, until surh time a* the stores in Broadway are rebuilt, and that he is now preparrd t/> eaeute any order* for Ornamental Work ui<l Carving that may be required, the lane as formerly. New York, September 28th. 1843. JOHN OALL1ER, *29 Irs* it') Cro?bv street. rlH) THE I.AUI KS7 SHOKM AKKRS of .Vw York A Take notice, th?r the subscriber, OB A 1)1 \H ENNI8, Black MotoC' o L"rher Manufacturer, has o|ieue I a store No. 23 Jac(il)>'t, wt.--re he ran accommodite his down town cmtou.ers and country merchants to a general assortment of the best ura coa Morocco o28 3t*r KADY M\DEOVER-COATS~ winter Crocks, tloaks, ktf.?K*tra Beaver and Pilot Cloth Over Coals, W'uitei ! 'rocks, Sacks, fcc Also, extra a..d medinin onality ''loth Cloaks, fortale at 231 Broadway, American Hotel, oppos.te the Fouutai n o!5 im'r w\i. T. IKNNINOW It CO. \/f r.NS', UOVS' AMI 'HI LUIIE,V? i.LU 1 OKO. T. 4JHEEN, Nos. 110 Chatham *tr et, and 4 ow -ry, Will keep constantly ?n hand a full and complete assort HIOiMm', Hoys' and Children's Clothing, of all deacr'P tioii*, made hi the most fashionable *tyle, to which he would respectfully invite the attention ol those in wnt As ha has mad- arrangements to receive Cloths, Ca*simeres, V'dintt*, Vc , by every pack?t, and ha* secured the irrvic* ol'e*(*rienred ( utter*, he pledges him*elf to give |>erfect satisfaction to all who may purchase. N. B.?(iarmenu made to order at the ihortest notice, and with strict punctuality. o3 lin*r rj.KNTLBMEN'8 LV.FT OKK WAIlDKOBK.-ii-mle vT men or families desirous of converting their off wearing api>arrl into cash, can obtain lor the s.inie the Inchest ciuh mp To families and gentlemen quitting the city, or chancing mi ilnC, haviiiK any superfluous effects to dispose of, will Had il innch to thnr adranU?e to send for the suoscriber, who will mend thrm at tlirir residence by appoiutmeni. H. LEVETT. No. t John street. Nrw York. A linr through the Pout Office, or otherwise, will rrc rr primpt att niion. CLOTHINU cienned, altered and repaired. o!4 lm*ec N0T1< K.?-Ci*nt? having cast off Clothing which they w,mt to dispose of, will, by leaving their addrrtt ai W. Miinp:on'? k VI ilaon'a old established store. 19 I li.tth.tin itrrrt, lie tiled on at their residenie. All kinds of east off rloiliinw. **tches. musical, mithematical instruments. tenants, ijnadnits (una. pistols, guitar*, he , bought and sold at No. 19 Chatham ittvet. V U. All kinds of Carptnters'tools bought oM m*r VEW BLTKWHEAT?1000 pai kages in barrels, half bar>' rrls. quarter* and eighths, packed in a sujarior for the southern niarkei?a choice article and free from gri'. For lie un liberal terms by olJ lu*r OEOROE WELLS, Jr. IN Front it, IE R A 1843. N< \v Oilruiia. (Correspond nee of the Herald J New Oiu.kans, Oct. 20, l.S 43. atifinniitsoi uunnut? ?t light Of tile ttVtr? CiKiOH atul Currency? The Custom Haute and the Collector ? Our Pott Office ami our Protyeclt. Dkak Sik? Business has now lairly comnvnced, and our city begin* to put dii its lively appearance. Tri' Si. Charlfs, City, Verandah and Si. L<>uis linte l? iih.v been refitted and cleaund un, and crowds >"hy be daily ?een around their lioble porticos i hove travelled much in Europe, but >.o where have 1 lived hi linei hotels. The fever is last subsiding, and betore the middle ol next month there will tie no healthier city hi the world. The weather is now serene and beautiful, arid skiea that will vie with the finest Italian. No American need travel further than New Orleans to see fine slues and enjoy delicious wealher Cotton is lust arriving, and large sales have been made to-day, at prices ranging from 7i to 8 cenUs. It is the impression, however, that the article must decline, as the planters are crowding it into intjrket. But little business has been doiug in stocks, for the people here have suflered so severely from financiers and swindlers, that it will he a long time before they will have any confidence in incorporated institutions Nothing is now more talked of than the condition of the Union Bank. That she must go into liquidation nothing now is more certain. Mr Dorsey, the new Collector, entered upon his duties day betore yesterday, and of course there was the regular barking setup by the Clay and Van Buren presses. The appointment is decidedly populur, and docs great credit to the appointing power. He is a gentlemanly and thorough-going business man, and an old merchant ol high standing. He has, with great judgment and tact, selected for his first and second deputies gentlemen of high worth and known ability, to aid him in his arduous duties. Mr. Morgan did not make his appearance to hand over the keys of office, and Iiih deputies did it in a way that has bee^i universally condemned. The business of the office now moves on with great regularity and dispatch, and from our knowledge of Mr. trench, ihe first deputy, the public has a sufficient guarantee that system will prevail, and the bu finess of the office will be perfotmed in the most gentiemai.iy ana courteous manner For several days we have hud no mail It is a shame that the merchants o( this great emporium <>t commerce should nutter bo muchon this account. Something ought to be done to insure the regularity of its urrival. In a lew week-? 1 suppose we shall have a new postmaster. Who it will l>e no one can tell; but be it whom it may, we could not have had am?-re inefficient oue than the present incumbent He ha9 been absent from his post nearly all the summer. Tins shows the necessity of appointing a gentleman, resident ot the eity? a merchant, ot course, we gentlemen ot the cloth would Bay, but no mure travelling politicians. More anon. K. C. Augusta, On. Augusta, (G.t ) Oct 24, 1843 Political Excitement and a Fight? Court Mai Halt and Corn Stalks. James Gordon Bennett, Esq.? Dear Sir : ? On ','vely little city lia? been a scneof considerable eAvilement for several days past. Oa Fri day night last the v.' 'gs held a jubilee in honor ot their late triumph in the State elections. During their session in the Masonic Hall, an alarm of fire was sounded in the streets, and several ol the en gtnes with characteristic alacrity were promptly on hand Several ot tne whig wire-puller* were V?rV indignant at such an attempt to disturb their meeiiug; and accordiugly to-day six of the Clinch hngine members were arrested and exa mined before the Mayor for an alle?ed breach ?>t the peace. The trial urmiuated very sp-edily in he dismission ot the charge, and in a pr^ity Utile Georgia fi<ht between oue of the accused and ori' of the informers, in which the latter was worsted some. Our streets have been for several days enlivened by the assemblage of a Drum Head Court Martial, consisting ot four Oeorgiti generals; four Gei>r?i 'olonels; two Georgia Mmjuts, and one Georgia Corooral as Juilgz /^avocaie, convened /or the iria < f Brigadier Gen P.ilick, tor charges of lucoin pt fence, neglect of duty, See. The Gfo-gia militia is most gorgeously represented. It the tn?l came belore eleven High Privates instead of th?aliove solemn functionaries, the I9eue would riot be doubtful ; as the present militia system utmost vexatious humbug. Yours, most eternally. Jacob Philadelphia. [Correspondence ot the Herald.] Pu.i.tot ??>. n?? 9H iaji Market Street Improvements?Auction Butineit, fyc. Dear Si* .? A great improvement has recently t*ken place in the business walks of this city. About four month? since, on the corner of Bink and Mirket streei* stood a tavern, and on the spot where the tapster wan daily wont to deal out his heavy potations is now located lh* first auctioneer in the United States, (in point ot business talent,) watching with an eagle eye over a business which amounts in a year to millions of dollars. A magnificent pile of buildings has been erected on this ppot, at an ex pense oi #50,000, which for adaptation to the business for which they have been cons'ructed are unequalled. The Hrst public stile of dry goods took place in this establishment last week; the catalogue comprised over nine hundred packages and lots of every description of goods, which were sold on six months credit. The whole oi these goods were re ceived into the store the preceeding day of sale, and were beautifully arranged for exhibition?the sale commenced at 10 o'clock A. M. and the whole lot was sold by 8 o'clock. The sale was well attended and went ofl with spirit, and pric-s were well sustained. It was the largest sale of dry goods that ha* taken place in this city for many years, and created a great sensation. The sale took place on Thurs day, on Fridav the goods were all delivered, and by Saturday at 11 o clock all errors had been corrected, and a bill ol sale with net proceeds for entire parc*l was ready I think you will commend Phi lade'.phians for despatch in business after this, but it is system, sir, that accomplishes bo much ; that system, the results of which were manilestrd in th> conduct of your paper during your recent tour n> Europe?that, though absent, your spirit was eyei present imparting hie and animation to all. While upon the auction hii-mess my mind is car ried back to a permd of fifteen or twenty venr> since, in the riaya of Jnhn H >ne At Sons and Shotwell, Fox Sc Co , when the business waa in its heyday ol prosperity in your city, when goods wer< really s Id at auction by the package and not as now in paltry retail lo'a; when importers lurnished the auctioneers Ireely with mure packagts o> iroods to sell, and were saii-fied wi h their en deavors to obtain the highest prices. But ala-, for this age ol degeneracy! now if an invoice ol goods is sent to an auction house to tell in your city, it 19 under strict limitation*, the seve 1 ral articles not to be Bold, but to be passed, un leas such and such priu'i are obtained?and ai i owner scarcely thinks of sending a treah importer packaged goods to auction, uulers it is with ih r ull assurance that he can obtain the Auctioneer' ohirges over and above what he would be wiIIiim o q ut the ttrlicle at out ol hi* own store?ao 1 hi y air auctionlauuses, hy receiving goods to sell o sirh terms, have completely ueed urthe humu salt is last (lying a natural death. The oldest au< f>est jobbing houses have long seen into the delu- , *ion, and their n-imea ate no longer rung through he uuction rooms. Occasionally you sire thern lookers on in Venice, amused will the apparent / farce which is being enacted,and at the green liorntwho are being du|>ed I am amused at reading th? , idvertisenvnts ol the large auction houses now, on iheirsale days?aft- r enumerating the particulars ol -urne 2(K) pickageaol various goods, which the) nviII expose for sale, they wind it up by saying? t ' Also will be aoH peremptorily, three packages o \ I pitch a Lustres, dec Acc Tutlsoutol 201) pack4ges, Ihrrr are to be peremptorily sold, and ttie r< 1 iiaiiiiier only it prices art- siMt acory to thr owi , r-< I r ?ret ihi.-t decline Hi d 'ml ot the unci i rade, con* qu-nt u>x>n ttie courre pun>u<*d by tt> ' iuction?-frd IhCffieelve*, viz: bv rrunv u|; poixi I I m tauon and tying up tn?-ir own hdiidx, i r tidVt* diniiuist:*?.i con>p?-titi< n anion buy?r?, b , Irivif,* the best from aiieiid.nice at ih> n ties. I alwayti lonkfit u,.mii tcir nuction gy-i?-in i h.ipjy medium beiwt-rn Mir bjyt-r and uirrf I ' I' Rave i?i the *< tlrr a q lick **!? mid rp- d? r?'i-r ? tn<J, when an article was d.eirrd, ihe hi?h??i p?-?'ible |>rice, brcauie competition (<ir it was at hand; ^ and it enabled *he buyer to select in < nc day an assortmt ntol good*, winch otherwise it woulu Itav ai taken linn weeks to hunt up. J,' Ha?e yon aeen the agitation iu our paperi aooul e L D. PrlM Two CcaU the rxpoitation of our Anthracite coal to France, and from the knowledge you h*?p, and recent aurv y of ihatcoun'rv, no you ;lunk such an under* l.ikinn (iriiCtlcable 1 We leel 1I11I l?UHine?fi <a rapidly drawing to a cloae for thf reason The far w? at and m.uih havr ioiir wince comple'ed their |.urcha?e>; Ohio and th>? Slate are taking h (a r amount ol m>o<)g~ bn* the j' hnr a hoUu*a liere h' v 'hrirn<?< kf- iif-arU ' u I im i ? in* ro ihe renent adva'u:?* in ih- I'fire <>l n ?>?' ,?r<- v> ty wtirv thi-ui i>ur?'iMM>at 'h<* ln'e ? no ol 'be > Thr pni'iilHrily ol your tice'ul ,>np?-r do< not diminish htf in'h<* l> ?st?itt?the fj.-a' mj tight after from y> tir c 'y, nl'h'>ugh occasionally I hear a grumbler (In in sheer prejudice, th-it ' spider of the mind," clouding ih?' imagination w.ih irw webb) ?ay I don't like thai ti'llow, BennHt, but I must read l.u p4|ier?be u lite lirrt lo convey to ua the leaat thing which triDupnea ol interest or importance; and like the venerable Mr Ritchie, we call upon, and look to you tor "laeta for the people." Truating that your recent absence haa been of aervice to your health, ami that it may have bo brightened your vision as that you m ty continue to do what ?o nbly you have done, anticipate the future, I ant your?, See. Latest from Canada ?We received two maila from Canada last night. Our Montrtal dateaare to the 2bth instant. [Krora the Montreal llvrali), Oct. 18] The Kingston mail of yesterday brought us reports of the proceedings in the Legislative Council and House ot Assembly, on the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday last. The debates were of little interest. In the Upper House a desultory conversation r* g trdtng the Geological Purvey of the Province took place. In the Lower House rather an angry altercation occurred upon its being discovered that Mr Bald< win, hi the bill to enable religious denominations to hold lands, had thought proper to nickname the it- .-j ni....Au ..i ir* ^ l...|Ani| ik<. t?p,A Ulllit'CI ^iiuiuil ?u JL'jiia^iaiin auu 11? iauu, uiv ? iutenant Episcopal Church"?justifying the paltry impertinence on the grounds of preventing the Church ot England from "obtaining a paramount or dominant influence." The Kingston correspondent of the Quebec Gazette, mentions thut ihe seat 01 government is to be left an open question alter all. .Some at ribute the sudden chanu?; to the receipt of dispatches from EngUnd, mid some to a wish on the part of the Governor General to have the question considered open. The Halifax mail brought us our usual files yesterday Prince Edward Island shows evidence of discontent. It is in contemplation to hold a large meeting at Charlottetowu, on tfae Court pronouncing judgment in the cane of D. McLean, Esq , M. P. P., tor publishing a libel on the government. An Accomplished Swindlbr.?A stranger of genteel exterior and most prepossessing manners and address, entered the siore of Thomas M. Martin, merchant tat.or, on ^at'irdxv last, and bespoke a cat and pun'Hl. nns, vnlu~ $36 ; had his measure taken, and desired that ihey afemild be made by Tuesday ev-tiing He gavr ivlr Martin hie address " George Breaks, at French's Hoteland farther informed Mr. Mnrtiu, that he was from Baltimore, his business in NorlolK being to establish his brother here in the dry goods business, and that he wsa then in search ot a suitable s ore tor him. Well in due time the clothes were finished, and" Master Brooks" called for them the morning alter, Wed Ill 8J11V, Itl fUIiriMP, Or H? HOOII no I lie uuui WW an ed. Mr. Martin was not in, but the boy in attendance took the responsibility ot delivering them to the gentleman, upon his atsurance that he wished to take ?h? m to his loggings to " try them on," and would call and nee Mr. Martin precisely at nine o' clock Shortly nfirr Mr Marun came in, and hearing i f whitt had passed, sharply rebuked the lad for delivering the clothes in his absence, and hastened the hotel, wurre upon inquiry, it turned *ut ihat Geoige' brooks was among the mi-aiug, Me having rinf-n before and wa k?d off wnh his vali*e, without s-tilmg hh-Ai i. '< further ap,.ear*, that he hurried over " Purtrnmuib>tMr Marno's store, and either t >ok the steamboat rcr more or ih- railroad cars tor the South boiu vhich started that morning about 8 o'clock. No such n-tme hh Gcnr<e Brooks, howrvt r,was entered at the railrond office It is hoped ihat this notice 'vill be published extensively, to guard the unwary trailesnien and the whole public, aauiiut the swiad. ling pracuc sot thii shrewd impostor He is about toriy years of age, five ten ten or eleven inches bU'h, and a very well made us well aa a good look ng fellow?ol a light come exion, with anndy hair, buf without whiskers, uwu-naches, or beard a la go 11 ?Nor/elk Herald, Ort. 27 Gkkat Li*s wv Finn in Philadrlphia.?Avery ivh lirfhrriUn mif vimiprHiiu mnrninv at Kulf imB'. ci* o'clock in a Urge four storied building ia Quarry street below Th>id street. Ii wm used for manufacturing purposes, and belonged to Jacob ienifl, who owned slao the steam engine, which was jointly used by two other tenants. The first floor was occupied t?y W. H. Ollis, as a turning shop; the second by J Taylor, whose business is that ot u calico priut engraver. This gentleman was by tar the greatest sufferer, ou account ot the cortly value ot the large ttock of materials which he had on hand. The upper rooms were occupied by Mr. Senitl ns a reed blind manufactory. The fire ia supposed to have originated from the furnace connected to the engine, and it is thought that it must have been communicated to the premises during the f-arly part of the night, trom the tact, that when discovered it hurst apparently from every part of the interior. The adjoining houses on either side were *aved through the exertions of the firemen. The building was insured to the amount to $1000, by the Fire Association Insurance Company; iione ot its contents we re insured. The whole amount ot pro* perly destroyed is presumed to be about #10,000.? I'liila. U. S Gazette, Oct. SO. JJAnothkr Firemen's BArrr.e.?Yesterday (Sunay) morning, as the companies were returning Irom the fire in Quarry street, the Schuyhill Hose Company had proceeded as far as Chesnut near Eleventh street, when the Philadelphia engine overtook them and attacked ih*m. After a most disgraceful s-cene, the engine company took hold of their rope and proceeded towards the house, when the Hose company renewed the attack, and rushed rowurds the enginemenwith clut sand other missiles. The engine men retreated iu haste, and letl their apparatus in the street. The hose men took possesion of the engine and dragged it down to their (the hose) house in Locust street. We give the statement from one who baw nearly the whole of the Hiiioranfrlnl nrrw oilnri* Hp athat th?M misht have been some wrangling previously, leading to this outran, but knew nothing ot it. Since tho above was in type, we have heard rumors ot a brumal conflict between th?* members of the Good Will H?me and Kiiirmoun? Engine Companies, in which several ct the members ot th- liitter company were injured, and llieir arparafnt taken from them by their op, onruta?Phifrid. Oaz SO'A. NAVAi.n-.PiT. Acu Ctti/t. rtua.naandLieutenant Johnson, U. 8. N , arrived here on Mooday la.-t to e?nme the examination and aurvry ot our harbor, with reference to ihe location ot the naval depot mkI dock yard.. Capt Roseau is hourly expected, when the board will be complete and commence iteration*?Mrmfihit, Trnti , Apptal, O t 20 A RTIFICIAL FI.OWF.Rft A*D RKUCHKS, wholwal* '* ii'4 rrutil, ch<"n|wr thau any honte in lh? trade, at T. Mlli'K'S M*naf"rti>ry, 2llH Grind firect, ireoiid block wt if the BiiuMy, south far P dl?r? sikI country milliner* would do wall to call and urt hirtv rnli on li e <f Ha'. I h 1-1 w' h f! I f?.r ^*11* and nl* m* r A SrlBUKiOV 8 M CK?V'or *n'u:hi i* tioupa, Kith, Poultry. Men., W il.l howl, 'lime, See Tln? Mtuc* u coniiii* ntly recommended aa ih* t>?i olt. r*<l to he f|)icurwiti 'J'o l? obr? n?il. wh"lei>le mid rvtai', at J. VAN BEN ?V"< 2?? Bioidwav, corner White itre?i, ?nd whole* *le,?t Mr. BENNETT'S, 19# Front ?t, igiiof the proprietor*. OSBORN k TONE. nxi lm*r If, Cmirrl nrwt. "t(IAL-B?>t Peich Orch\rd, H?d Ajh.DouMe ^rrrmrd from ^ thr yard i:N W shiiintoti Htrert, corner of Onbronsw ?t, at out |>ric<?, delivered frte of cartage, and weighed by a City ?ei?hcr Lurjce Not-*... Do i 12% Broken and Eifg .. ... J 37* A ''eduction f 2j cetit? if taken IVora boat*, at tn? fool of ';v;vI;,c"frv,ay- Patrick *ERR.<MN. KR NCti CAR' EL. LAMPS. TMIE ?uS?-rilie ? I*-* ro announce the* U?e\ r a*e jn?treceir.d I b> ih K I em <1 low<, U'l imoreitid \nroi?tik l< I I rife > rfi. n f the:r ?""d'. "niiraci g man? entirely ne.? ittl ii.ll m < v. ! ?t"-' anicl ? i lW li ?,a low.n , ?\jCll . il' e ..u .1 < l llhv t I .[*011 . . Tlie l? e i.'"? c in ri e i,> p?it th? f.ill wi g, ?it:? < ir "I L ii>! i. ot JO od |?. (II-' < ? ai i' 1 m '! n *nu ic!l cut, "0 k nd?. >(? ?. i*r ' d<c<pn, Ui?kl|iuui, piiawdicm, kt.ill CM ?f. I<*.. p i Pore I ii?' or ibiiry ?l>d p**'o- 'airp* Ln tr - 2 f ml *i , for I J t <>1 4 Ii ;? 20 ui?d?li. ^u4j^naiiiiia~ jiOi.I' <1 <1 ?il , foi ,m|i. he? ? t u? ?t} l??. i] ' d i uir bi.lia di. Mien in.f 'amp ill' , li*liriug . t^ble (i. r'?ctly. B ackcta?oriMif nil gilt, lor onf i-rtwo ijhu, W modal*. ? amlelabra.?Kor 4, 6 and 8 liglu*, ricli Kilt and brouir, isi ?aauce, Vc Sic. A Ii of w hich wrr ' manufactured in order Mpraaalv for n*. uder lh? iir ilinelicn ofour a^rnt at Paria, and w* cau iy with conliiiencr that >>ur la>npn will uivr aatitftetioa in all km A. DIACON \ t. D. 9 VXTUN. Agcnu, oM lm?vd i?*t? 20 John iue?t.

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