Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1843 Page 1
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I ??fmmm???? Tn 11 Vol. IX., No. am? -Whole No. 3313. TO TRAVELLERS. ORKAT CENTRAL ROUTE BETWEEN CHARLESTON, ?. cj. ti MONTGOMERY, ALA. ft&iagsi -MteAHJH r.orn J -harlestou, s C., via. aavaiiii.ili, \Won, rorsyth, Jiaruesville, IjrilTiii, Greenville^ L* (rraiue, Weft Point, Cm* ?"*u, Mount Jfff'rton, and K'anblin; theuce by liailroad to Montgomery, Alabama. 1 In* travel I iu? public are respectfully informed, that by recei't irrauj^metiu, a line mbricinK the above route ha* been formed co> sitting of * Splendid Line of Steam rackets between Charleston and Savannah. Steamer OKNL. CLINGH, & Captain F. Harden. 3B*^J68L36L rii?f>utr<ii Hailroad from Savannah to Macon, (now com fitted,( i)to Mon oc Railroad toiiriiftn, and a new line of Four Horse Post Coaches to Franklin, Ala; thence by liailroad to Moutifomery. These Lines all rnu in connection. By this seveuty mi las of st^ciuj? is avoided. Travellers rest one night at Savannah ?ud Macon each,leaving only one night'* travelling between Charleston mill Montgomery. Time?Leave Charleston on the arrival of the Wilmington boon on Tuesdays, Thursdays ami Saturdays, and reach Savannah ?a-iia days at 7 P M. Leave Savannah at 5 A M., reach Mac'I II at 6 I'. M.; leave Macon at 6 A. M..reach (Jritlin at 11 A. M ; leave Orillin at 12 M. and arrive at Frauklin, Ala. at 2 P. M n?*t day; making the travelling time l'roin Charleston to Franklin Ala. il hours? h are $J1 50. Tickets through furnished on board the boats at Charleston, or on application to K. LAFITTE U (JO., Agent*, Union Wharves, Charleston, R. C. Charleston, October 26th, 1841. N. B.?The Proprietors of the 'J'ri-Weekly Line between Charleston an! Sivauuah coutomplate running a Daily in lieu ofa'IVi Weekly Line between those places, of which due no tice will he given. o31 Jwr TATERSON ItAILROAD. aa FARE ONLY 25 CENTS: From Paternou to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1843, the cars will leave TaTicnsoN Depot. Lkavs. Nrw York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. lltf " 12tf P. M. 3 V. M. 4 ON SUNDAYS. Lists Parnnsotv Dktot. Leave Nr.w York. 8 A- M. 9>i A. M. 3 P. M. 4 P. M. Transportation cars leave daily (Sunday* excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a few minutes before the stated hour< of departure. jy!9 6m* KED BIKD MNE OF STAGES, IN CONNECTION WITH THE NEW YOItK AND ^ l lj RAILROAD COMPANY. i-AI.U AhiaNUEMENTS '. T*VO DAILY LINES! On anil after Wednesday, llth October, inst, the Red Bird Line of Stages will leave the village of White Plains, every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., and every afteruoo i at 2 o'clock, P. M., end the Railroad Depot, City Hall, and the Westchester House, corner of Broome street and the Bowery, V?w York, every morning at 8 o'clock, and every afternoon by the 2 o'clock train. Agents are in constant attendance at the Railroad Depots, ol whom everv information mav he nhrni,i*>tl *"< ?..ll ttend to the batzage nut timfor their charge. HI RAM DKKOREST, Proprietor. White H.'.im, Oct. 4th. 1843. oil lm*ee FOK BTJFV'ALO A.NI> ALL PAKT8 OK THK WEST ASSOCIATION PASSAGK OKKICE TO ALBANV. Utica #2 Oo Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 OsWeiro, 2 25 Up. and Lower Canadal5 50 By the fast line to Buffalo and found, S8 00. For pa*5aiie apply to XL. RAY. ?u2i 3m m 93 Barclay street. New York. ~~ NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the 26th and Liverpool on the 13th of each mouth tlfly iflS' iHfv f KIIM NKW VollK. Ship WARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th November. Sliip 81DDO.N8, Captain A. B. Cobb, 25th December. Slup SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 25th January. From Liverpool. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHK.RIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 13th November. Ship OARR1CK, Capt. Wm, Skiddy, 13th December. 8hil< ROSClIlS (\ntnin .l.ihn r.nlirn. lltV, These shi|>s are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 torn, built in Hit city of New York, with such improvements as combine trrt-u s|**ed with unusual comfort for passengeri. Every care Ins been tiknu in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $76. These ships are commanded by ei|??rii nceil masters, who will make every eiertiou to give general satisfaction. Neither :he captains or owners of the ships W(11 be responsible for any lerters, parcels or packages seut by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to h. h. COLLINS ot < ,0.,.'>6 South st.. New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY St CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12J? cunts per singl sheet : 51 cents |>er ounce, and iiewspa|*>rs 1 cent each. o23 jr iYEW~A UHAM if-M KNT. If A RE AVI) FREIGHT REDUCED. /ta HKOULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROVMDENCE AND BOSTON, via, STON ^F?mr & .viv.-.iv AND NEWPORT--fcomposed of the following superior steamers, ruuning in connection with the Stonington and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Cant. Cometock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAOAN8ETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New i'ork dailyi(Sundays erceptti) from Pier No. I, Battery Place, N. River, at 4 P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Straimrton and Newport, and Friday for Htouington. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tueaday sud Tiiunday for Stonington, and Satnrday for Stonington, Newport anif Providence. Passman, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious i of MM MUrM > Providence and Boston, and 11 for N -wnort will pioceed in the steamer Mohegau (in superior ord r) Ami tlience at 6 o'clock the following morning, thiu giving them uv.opportnulty of a night's rest on board the steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, tTud then breakfast on board t!ie Mohi can. Th? above steemera have heen thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of pmsengers, and not surpataed by any in the United States. bor pisiiige ,ir freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north side of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or of?< of Samuel Devean, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' bertha can be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN St CO., No. J Wall street \rj~ NOTICE?CHANGE OF HOUR-On and after Monday, Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam NaTigatiou Company, forming the line to Provideuce and Boston via Stonington, w ill leave pier No. 1, Battery Place, at 4 P M. ir ^On tu<l liter the 10th ?ist, freight will not be ree -ived nil forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m* rn .j* SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINK. FOR ALBANY, TltOY, aud in termedinte ^CT .1 i f Ir Landings? From the steamboat pier, at ti;e foot of Barclay street. Brenkfiut and Dinixr on board. Leaves New York?The Empire oa Monday, Wedneaday R'id Friday. The Troy on Tueadny, Thursday and Saturday. It 7 A M. Las- ling at?Caldwell's, Wnt Point, New-burgh, Hampton, Pmtglilterrine. Hyde Park. Khinebeck, U. Bed Hook, Bristol, ( attkill, Hudson, Coisackie and Kinderhook. The .it#w low Treasure steamer TKOV. Captain A. Gorharo, at 7 o'clock thi* morning. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R Roe, Friday, at 7 o'clock iu the morning tJKor pai-sn^e, arply to K. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay i'fee. or on board. Notice.?All Goodj, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, o *jiy other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on board the Boat* of this Liue/tuust Le at the risk of Uie owners of sach good*, au I? r "~?Tr| ?I INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSlTIO N NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY^B^^MuKLThrongh Direct, without Landing.?The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, ( apt. O. House .will leave New York from the foot of Kobinson street, on Mon<laV>, Wednesdays and Fridays; and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will coutiuue these trips for the season, at 6 o'clock in the alternoou. h'lwight takfn at reduced rates. Apply on board. I'. S.?The above boat has undertone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. o26 lm*r SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINE for ALBANY ANI) TROY direct, without l.uidinsr?llie splendid low pressure steamboat BWALl.OVT, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Conrthndt street every Tuesday v Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow hi* a large number of sute rooms,nnd for and accommodations in not surpassed on the Hudson au8 ec PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS f.. _VT<i-'^3?KOK ALBANY?Dailr at 8 o'clock P. M i i Thrnw^h direct?From trie steamboat pier bervwo Court I an dl and Liberty street*. Sunday ctcepted. i lie saamboat KN!ciCKUBC)ClvFiR,Capt. A. r. St. John, * .ll I- ive, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock. Stciiinboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 4 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, w :l I'-.v Monday, Wednesday, and fnday afternoon, at i o'clock. SteMnbont NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truaadell, will lejive I ur*d.:y, Thuriday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. rasjarRTt uUmg this Line of Doata will at all tiraas mmve in Albnny in ample time to take the Morning Train of (Jar* for the mat or weit. The above boat? are new and are ftirmihed with re..l and fleg.nit SitAte Roomi, aud for peril and acc >mmodaCi.-tia are unrivalled on the Hudson. ! or r.vuAise or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Hchultt at the oilier on tl>' wharf. i36 r Nll'I'H K?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th, the hoitti ?fthi? lini' will leave for Alhanv at 6 o'clock. P. M nutea.l of 7. SKW I V ORK AM) &1NU8TON STEAM KKEIOHf AND PASSAGE LINK. .toil dtli Kor Kintcton, anc Delaware and Htidnon mr"'k&rteiy'iT*1'iwb0*u KMt,lALU wid NOKThe I-EMERALD. Captain John Kitteham, will laave New York, foot nf Murray itreet, every Monday and Thurarlay at 5 " Will leave Kiligaton ( Hon 'out landing) eyery Wednenhy and S itunlay nt 3 n clock, P. M. '"lie NORWICH, Captain John, will lenva New Vurk, footed* Warren utreet, every Wednesday and ftatnrddy at S o'clock, P.M. , . W j|l !,*Ve K ..KKton (Rondont landing) avery Tueaday and Knil.'y nt J t'tlocV, P. M. J KXTRA TRIPS. Tie KMKKALD will leave the f? if Mnrrayitrm every Kundav mormuK at 7 o'clock. R?" i .. leavea Kiugtton at 4 "clock, umie day. -fc Vor freight o, \ ^ v fc CQ all tm*r to We*t ?tre*t ... .-L. htA is].. VII ' I KY. KOO'I fc?i-??3*0.? will : . IIAt.T. 'tMmbffirt TKN,-."i<C-(.lLHTATKN I - <>.; wYork mill liland, on ami after 0*t?b*r *? *ot? (until _ I *iher notice Lenre Hew York 9. 11. *, L'-?vi> Stutcn Itluid I, lit, I, Xk ' All fiiiglit nhi|>|>e<l i* repaired to be |?oc I -iW i> u the ritk of th? owun thereof. ? 1 - 1 . -I- 1 ' gj E NE NEW SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA 11A -AOAD LINE I m..? * . l'KI*CI!TO?, A RKnTOH) BOROENTOWN Af?B BfUMWOTOW. Leaviug .few York daily friim tl^ (SnofCmirtlajiilt at. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at l\ P. M. 1 lie.Morning Line proceeds to Bordentowu, from thence by to Philadelphia. Ill' Kvening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to I hiladelphia) without change of can. Pasw-ngers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Cqurtlaudt street, where a commodious it?amboat, will be in reaSiness, with baggage crates ou board. DuUilelpbia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, winrrht being opened l>y tba way Kach train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms ei;'resely for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentowu at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at S o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at A. M., mid 4 P. M. being a continuation of the line* from New York. ol8 2m*m KOR HAVANA, Direct?The elegant XWMMpHQwell known Spanish steamer NATCHEZ. John Krancis Villair, Commander, will anil positively au Tuesday, November 7th, direct This ?ui*rb steamer has been newly e.oppetvd, fitted up with new boilers, and her cabins have undergone a thorough innovation, rendering her in every raspert a very desirable conveyance. The Natchez. will arrive in Havana about in time to meet the New Orleans steamer Alabama, affording a very pl*a?aut trip to those whose busiuess will admit of their taking such a circuitous route to the latter port. Captain John It. Stanhoi*. well-known to the travelling community, accompanies the Natchez on her voyage Kor particulars of passage, &c., apply to Captain J. Tt Stanhope, at the Astor House, or to Yv. 8c J. T. TAPSCOTT, o29 er. 43 Peck Slip, corner South street. TllA VKL1.KKS (JOINO SOUTH OH WKST?Sixteen hours in advance of the . S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Kail road to Macon and the West The splendid steam packets OKNKIIA L CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAKLKSTON, Capt. K. Bard en, will leave Charleston eve rtf 'I'uu. iL? Tt .1... IU ' .. .. . . ?< avii j, niuiBiinr niu ounriM) Illuming, III 'J O'CIOCK, alter thearrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, amving at Savauiiah the nine day, and w ill leave Savannah on the same days a* above, at 6 o'clock 1'. M., after the arrival of the cars from Macon. Travellers will fiud this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be sjura) "? eusure certainty, comfort, and Ixiwdition to the travelling pui>lic. JOHN B. LAF4TTE. Agent, Kitzsimmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston September, 1843. sl7 2m*r REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Stc.-The (f^y.ubscrilier continues to transmit money in sum* large AUuMbr'' small, to persons residiug in any part of of Ireland iu the same manner as ne, and his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and mora ; also, to any part ot England, or Scotland, Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with hiin, witn the name of the persou or persons iu Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to hesent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted, and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the seuuer. Iu like m uiuer isoney, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber for persons residing in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. o21 Im'r GEORGE McBRIDE. Jr. 82 Cedar st. frffg- PASSAGE FROM CORK-Via Liverpool-In fegMRffWthe first spring ships.?We beg to inform our friends AvliulhHthat during the coming spring, 1814. we shall have a tegular succession of first cl?.ss American snips, sailing from the above port every w;eek, which will be titled out iu such a manner for second cabin and steerage passengere, as cannot fail to ensure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. Uoche, reaidee there, who will see persmnlly to the forwarding of all our passengers, ami will spare neither pains or expense to meet their wishes, and have thein forwarded without auy delay. Those sending lor their friends will at once see the advantage to be derived by paying in our line. Apply to. or address if by letter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS fc CO. 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by the regular packet shi|>s ou the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th ot every motlh, also by the Bostou steamers on the 1st aud 16th. s30r FOR LIVERPOOL,?Regular packet ol the7th November?The first diss fast sailing picket ship ?fcM?PATRlCK HENRV, Cart Delano, burthen 1U00 tons, will sail as above, being her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are not surpassed by any vessel in port. Persons intending to embark should make immediate appli cation to the subscriber JOS. McMURRAY, 100 Pine street o2~ec Corner of South. ???- FIRST PACKET FOR LIVERPOOL ?Thesplen JoryTS.did, fast tailing, fivorite ship ADIRONDACK, 1004) tT Hackstaff, will sail positively as above, her regul ar day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons aud upwards, persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this hue in | reference to any other, as their great capacity renders them even' way mure comfortable and convenient tlian ships of a smaller class. Those wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make early application on board, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, Atjtheir General Passage Office, <3 Peck Slip nlr e?r South ,KOK LIVERPOOL?The New Lnw? Keguli r Kf#IPWPacket 16th of November?The fine New York built WHHM'arket ship' HOTTINGUF.R, Ira Barsley, maala., 1050 tons, will sail as above her recular day. For freight or passage having very suj>erior accommodations, apply to the Captain ou board, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODilULL (k MINTURNS, 87 South st. The fine new packet ship Liverpool, J. Eldridge, master, 1150 ions, will succeed the Hottiuguer and sail on ner regular day, 15th December. n2 r FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.-Regular Packet of 25th Novemlier.?The splendid packet SKMBtaship ROSCICS. Captain John ( ollins, of 11041 tons, will sail as aliove.her refntar day. For freight or passage,having miidsoine furnished accommodatiooa,apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 South street. The packet ship Siddons, Capt F. K Coob, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Roscius.and sail the 25th December,her regular day. Passengers may rely npou the ships of this line sailing punc tually as advertised. o27 FOR LIVERPOOL?British Shin-With despatch ?The well known veiy fact sailing BrilUh ship jSmBBw'HESTER. John Wilson, master, having a large portion of her cargo onboard, will have immediate deepatch (or the above port. Ship|>ers of goods will find the Cheater a moil desirable conveyance. For freight or passage, having very comfertable accommodations,apply to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., 35 Fulton St., oSIr next door to the Fulton Bank. ???: PACKET KOR HAVRE?Second Line?The wMM^ship ONK1 DA, Jamas Kuuck, muter, will sail on jn&MMtbe 1st of November. BOYl) 8c HINCKEN, No 9TonlineBuilding, |Ro12ec corner Wall and Waterstreets. WKfr. FOR NEW ORLEANS?TomU onMoftfey, OToT-JrV' I'' 6th? Nov., or passage free.?The snpeiior, fiit MHltfasailiiiL' ship UNION, t'.ii't Itussel, will be despatched ns above. She has splenflid accommod itinns for cabin. 2d cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the lowest rates. Those desirous of sei-urinf; berths will require to make early application on board the ship, at Murray's w harf, 01 to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street. N. B?The ship KR ANCIS DEPA 1J .sails this morning at !) o'clock, and can yet tak? a feiv inu-e 2d csbin and two csbin passengers if sppiir.ition is made 1,1 time. o31 KOIl NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New IffjtJVVork Line?Regular t'acketof the Huh November? jMHBBpThe fast sailing packet ship SI1AKSPEARE, Capt Allen .Miner,will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, hating handsome furnished accommod <Mu.t, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, E. K. COLLINS k CO, 56 South street. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all roods to their address. The packet ship Occulgee, Captain I'eet, will succeed the Shakespeare, and sail the 20th Nov. her regular day. nlr NEW YORK k BOSTON SOUND PILOT. r\WKN TRESCOTT, Pilots, or takes charge as master and V/ pilot of vessels bouud te Nt?w Bedford, over Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck. and OTHEll PORTS. Office at Krye & Shaw's Nautical store, 222 Water street, corner Beekman. Inference to a number of merchants and the Companies in this city, Bo? rnn ?n?t Portland. irl? !m' ^""-.I.aDIK.V ANU MlSSE.V rsliOlid. **00*3 CHKAPF.R THAN KVEH. /TT wALKKK'S OLD STAND, 419 Broadway, where A nlay tw found a complete assortment of all the diffe?nt kinds, colon, ?orn .in.I *ize?, for Uaica, misses ami children. Oaiter*, Boot*, Buskins, Slipper*, and walamg *hoes. AI?o, India U libbers sud Moccaiiua.and water proof over *hoe* of the latest style and fuhion; Indie*', mint' and children's Oaiter* of all kinds and colors, in the greatest stvle and variety, ol all sites, and suited to all tastes; gentlemen I. boys a'ld children s boots and shoe*, of French and native calf, c >ars? and fine, in all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice, tinutlemen's overshoes, and all innumerable assortment of other Roods, at WALKMVS. 419 Broadway, corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads oi families, by patronizing this est iblishinent, will lind a saving of 26 to JO i?r cent. oj I ni* ft BOOTS, BOOTS AND SHOES, cheap, and ^ ViWc'"'al,er than ever yet off> red in tins city. A very large assortment of gents' single and double soled waterproof Boots, Krench and native calf, city made and warrant?d, for the low price o| 81 to $6 |*r pair, and a never failing supply of thick Boots and Shoes for meu, Imys and children; ladies', missis' and children's OaiU'r Boots, Burkina, Slippers and Ties, of ill the dillerent kinds and most fashionable styles. There is Moccasins and all the different kinds and fashionable styleslof India Kiibl>er over Shoes, for gentlemen, ladies, nusses and children in ?r-at abundance, and cheap, wliiclu the subscribers would solicit their friends and the public to call and examine their stock, as it is of the beat materials, and principally city made, at their large establishment, 2ij Greenwich street, corner of iMurray St. o27 im'ec WEIGHT. CALHOUN Jc CO. B( >OTS AMI SHuhS -WILStl.N k JOHN ON, Successors to John Hatchings, deceased have on hand and for ule, from the b?M manufactories in the country? _ 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and l'e?aed Boots, men and boy*. 100 " Fine " " " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskin*. 1100 " Ladies' Fine Mlipper*. 3000 " (Children's Shoe*, various colon. f00 " Women* and misses Oaiters. 1000 " India Knbben, trimmed and plain. Eor tale in Iota to suit purchaser*, at their store. 120 CHATHAM STKKKT, opposite Hosevelt. N. B.?The (tore being o|ieu until ! o clock iu the evening, gives conntry merchants au opportunity to (tamiue good* at thsir leisure, oil lm*r ? BOOT AND SHOK STORK. JOHN KKADV respectfully informs hi* friend* and tb>'iTublic, that ha haa cominesiced businea* in the above i. .."A.. ,W> kj- ?. -i .? i? ...;n .i 7v " iilHMU nnvi. ur nui 111(111 II Ul I y mTlfr ton faithfully eip?ntf, nil ornwi hednnr b* furore! with on th* mo* i?MOMble t*rnu for eatbj irasr | W YO YOKK, THURSDAY MO ENGLISH ADVEKTISKM ENTS. rPHK NK.W YORK MKKALL) is regularly tiled 111 London I bv Mr. I*. L. SIMMONDB, Aneut for the American 1'fiperi, Brititli au.I foreign _ Newspaper Office, 18 Coruhill, Loudon, OMH?ita the Royal jMchanje, when order* and adrertiteineuU will be received. ?28tfr GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION JM'FICP!, IB UUKNHILl,, LONDON, OPPOSITE Tf*S "UTAL EXCHANGE '"PO MERCHANTS, Commercial News Roomi, Public Li 1 braries, Agricultural Societies,Officers ofthe United State?, Printers. Publishers of Newspapers, Sic. P. L. SIMMONDS, Agent and Commission Merchant, heirs to acquaint his friends and the American public in general,that he is ready to receive orders for the supply ol Newspapers, Periodicals, Stationery, Printing Materials, fr aucy Articles, fee. of anv kind and quantity, and goods of every description of first rate quality at ll>e very lowest market nrices of tlie C2V, and to transact business upon the most liberal terms, provided ite is frrvinuilv faruishol with funds or drafts at either long or short oales, ora lufertdticn ?cm* Lonriou or LI ver]>ool house for payment. P. L. Simmouds will also receive consign men is 01 ur.7 scriptiou of merchandise to be sold on commission, and accept bills at short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of the hills of tailing. Consignments entrusted to his care will inev-t with everv possible despatch in their disposal, consistent with the interest of the e?nsignees: an extensive kuowledge of general business coupled with promptitude,attention and judgement, will h? trusts enable him to give complete satisfaction to all who rtiay fator him with tlieif commands. Reference may be made in Now York to Jainet Gordon Bennett, Es(l., Proprietor ol the Herald,who is i?rsomlIy acquaiut! ed with Mr.Simmonds and the nature and extent of his cjtablish| mant. s2Htf r TO NEWSPAPER AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS IN THE UNITED STATES. j T^HOSE excellent. Illustraied Newspa|*'?. The Pictorial i Times, aud Illustrated London news, are supplied at 7s fid j sterling per qr. Punch at 4s fid per qr, and all tlis Lonihm,?ud ' foreign .Newspapers as tliey appear are regularly suppiit-J, wholesale ami retail, by P. L. SIMMOND8, Newspaper and Periodical Agent, 18 Cornkill, London. Subscriptions in advauce, may be paid into the Herald Office, on Mr. Hi unwinds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the Loudon, Country and Foreign Journals. s28tf SELECT ARTICLES OF PERFUMERY MANUFACTURED BV PATEV & CO., (formerly Palev, butts Si Co.,) Perfumers to Her Majesty, T7 Lombard street, Loiidbn. Patey's Fragrant Essence of Citriododra, or Verbena?A new and highly concentrated Essence, possessing those qualities 10 desirable in a |ierfuine for the handkerchief; a light refreshing fragrance comliimiig permanence with itsetnerial property. It Is offered at no higher price than good Larender Water, vit?2s 6d,and3t fid |ier bottle. The Almond, or Ambrosial Shaving Cream, 2s Cd and 3s 6d the toilet jar. This Cream possesses all the good qualities of the finest Maples Soap, unaccompanied by the unpleasant smell inseparable from that ariicle in a genuine state; and in addition to th's advantage, It contains no uncombineu or free alkali, as is sometimes the case in Naples Soap, which causes considerable irritation to tender faces. The Anibiosial Shaving Cr' in is of a white pearly appearance,and produces a rich Creitrfiy Lather, which will not dry on the face,the general complaint against almost every shaving soap hitherto introduced being entirely obviated. Patey's Treble Distilled Lavender Water. Half-pints, 3s fid; pints, 7s. It is unusually permanent and reviving. Patey's Inexhaustible Smelling Salts, in cut glass aud stoppered bottles, 2s and 2s fid each. Patey's Bear's Grease, pfice Is, Is fid and 2s fid; warranted of the first quality, genuine as imported. Patey's Johnstone's Patent Windsor Soap, unrivalled in its long standing, reputation. In packets, three squares, Is; six squares, 2s. l'ateys Arotnitic Emollient Old Brown Windsor Soap, manufactured from Vegetable Oils, scientifically combined with the purest and mildest Alkali, producing a creamy, permanent, aud emollient lather, which acts on the skin as a cosmetic, and yields a delightful aromatic fragrance. 2s Cd iter packet of six squares. Patey's White and Brown VV indsor Soapi, warranted mild, for family use. Each Is 6(1 per pound. Patey's Naples Moap, warranted genuine as imported. Ill pots Is, Is fid, 2s 6d, and 5s. Almond, Vegetable, Rose and Floating Soaps, in packets of three squares for Is. FOR THE TOILET ANI) NURSERY. Patey's Extra Fine Violet Scented Hair Powder, particularly recommended for the use of ladies and infants, for its mild and cooling qualities, and greatly superior to that generally sold. In pound, half-pound and quarter-pound packages, at Is (id per pound. Patey's New Perfume, the Persian Essence Citronella Roise, an exquisite, original, aud permanent perfume, imported from Shiranz. Price 3s fid the botiie. Patey's Sujierior Tooth, Nail, Hair, Shaving, and Clothes Brushes, to be procured, wholesale ouly, at 37 Lombard street. \\ T~Patey & Co. disclaim connection with any other house, and sugg.-st to their correspondents the necessity of observing, and being explicit as to the number of their establishment. * * Wholesale Ao-enr* for Mes i; Rowland and Sons' Ma Oil, Kalydor, and Odonto. s28 12t 1st evy in r TO MILLINERS. LYON & KIN'G. C ARL KINO, the celebrated Tuscan Hat Manufacturer, most respectfully inlorm.1 Wis kind friends and patrons, lliat h? lias associated himself with Mr. Joseph Lyon, (late from Paris) and have established tnemselves at No 117 John street, (under the firm of Lyon and King) where they have a most sploudid asiortmeiit of Paris Millinery Artic'es, suitable for the emuiuu season. The above slock consists of an elegant assortment of Tuscan ami Straw Hats, ric.i Silk Velvets, rich Velvet Ribboust Lutestring aud Satin Kibbonds, all fall colors? Fiench Mowers. Feathers; an entire imw style of Silks, and every other article iu the Millinery line Messrs. L St K. would als > state that the above goods luve been purchased for c.uh (direct from the manufacturers) and will be sold at a small advance on cost to those who may be pleased to favor thtm with a call, o25 Im'r LVON St KINO. 37 John st , N. Y. OPENING OF THE FALL FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAZIN DK MODES, No. 60 i anal Street. A CARD-TO THK LADIES OK FASHION.-MADAME BKHR.V1AN begs most resi**ctfullv to inform her friends and customers that she has received, by th*I ast arrivals from Paris, Iter fall and winter fashions, and sie tlatters herself that the same will stand unrivalled ill the city The fashions consist of the following full and entire new style* cut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do silk, satin mode and quilled hats, of ail entire novel description, in ladies', misses', and children's sizes. Also, a complete assortment of caps and head dresses, Paris ribbous, artificial flowers, feathers, and hair ornaments of tne best artists in Paris. Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor lid with au early call and eiamine for themselves. Magazin de Modes fin <:anal street. o3 Im'r Artificial flowers and reuches, whoi?ai? ?nd rsuil, cheaper than any house in the trade, at '1'. I'lll CF.'S Manufactory, 211X Orand street, second block east of the BoweJy, south side. IVdlvrs and country milliners would do well to call and save thirty cents on the a liar. Oold and silver head dre?ses for balls and parties olT lm*r ~PKEMUUF SOFABtvDSTeaDS. ~ NMcORAW'S PATENT EXTENSION SOFA?This article is so well known to the publia, and its advantages have been so inconlestibly proved, that the inveutor deems it unnecessary to make further comnvnt. He would, however, beg leave to refer to the few following highly respectable gentlemen who have these sofas now iu us', as to their convenience and utility:? Ei-President Van Buren, Kinderhook, N. T. James R. Whiting, District Attorney, co. Hon. C. C. Cambreleng, dt Hou. Senator Preston, 8. C. Sam'l W*rd. Esq., firm of Prime, Ward it v ing, N. Y. Brown, Brothers at Co. do. Col. Crosby, do. Rev L)r Nott, Se.ienectady, j A thousand more names could be given of gen'le-ntn and ladics of the first mpMtatfinty it it were nacessary; > t ( it need* ouly to be seen to be its own best recommen lation. Ai I persona wishing to purchase sofas, sofa bedsteads, nCiinist(lfiCfOt recking chairs, are respecii'ully invited to call at 463 Bio<< way, s?coud door above Grand street. N. B. The above sofa lias been nwarded, aa premiums. at the ? arious Fairs where it has been eihibited, one gold me<lal, th'*e silver medals, and six diplomas. 463 Broadway, aecond dooi shore Gran J street. 08 I in* in BOAT AND OAK BAZAAR?At this establishment can*" found every description of Boats that the iugenuity of man can suggest. Look at what he has done and then judva ol what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, vii The Swiftsure. of Newfoundland: the sitteeu foot sailing Dinky Troubler: the Honip of llnrl gate, and the Paul Pry. The row I row boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races in If months; the noble Cimbria; the O. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United States ship Ohio; the Imrge fcmpress for Florida; the brass mounted gig Neptnne for Tainpico Bay, and a host ol others eoually great OARS, SWKKI'S AND 9< IT LI-9?ISO,000 feet 011 hand; also 2,000 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy of atteutiou ? Look at the prices, only thre* and four pence a foot. All the sculls far racing dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those that wot ths last race can now bie seen at his office. Sixty Boats always un hand. Visit his Bazaars if you desire a treat. AM work delivered free of charge C. L. INGKKSOLL, <96.106 and 414 Water and 111 Ch?*rr streets?sole proprietor. oc24 2m *r M ASSACHUSK L*T8 HAY 0YSTKR8?168)< Kulton street, opposite St. Panl'i.? NAPOLKON COURTIN takes pleasure in informing thooe persons who have heretofore honored him with their patronage, and those who are willing to continue the same favor, M t the Massachusetts Bay Oysters have recovered with the cold weather their fresh and delicions flavor so peculiar to them, and which has given them the uaine of oysters of I'ancale, that his saloon, recently so ele*iutly fitted up, offers tnc most quiet and comfortable accommodations. There will always be lound in it a choice collection of the following wines, viz: ( hahlis, Saoterne, Grave, Birsac. Hermitage, sparkling and still Hock, Champagne, Ch.unbeitin, Poinmard, Voluey, Lalitte, Larroze, Leoville, St Juhtu.tec.. and all sorts of foreign wines and cordials. He keep* constantly on hand the above wring, in th? cask 01 bos, together with Preserves, Sweet Oil and KrfSChi* uegar Goods purchased from his establishment are sen; !r?e olcn.i:gr l<i any pait of the city. Oysters will tw sent to therms 1 deuce ol purchasers, (if leipiired) and o|*u?d by on* of the CfuiltutiO tse establishineuis. oi tsr.*ec I) K Y1(J V AL ? India Knhber Shoe* ami Over Shoe*.?Jlist re ceived from our factory, fot fall trail*, a larpa assortment ol India Itubber Shoes, consisting of plain and ligured lined and furred rub bars; geuts elastic up(ier over-shoes; ladies' elastic upGr saiuWIs, leather and rubber soles; ladies' l"ur and ribbon mud (ireciaiis .md lSiiskins; ladies' elastic uuiltad silk over hoes, new style; goloe shoes, snd various stylet of miases' and children's shoes, which we offer at the latest reduced prices. iu.000 pairs ladies' and men's rubber shoes, figured and plaiu, by tne case, or trimmed and cleaned by the dozen. JOOO pairs ladies' lined and fur bound rubbers, Merchants are requested to eiarmue the stock at'onr new store. No 25 Maiden Line. IIUII ACK H. DAY. S'.ccessfit to Kosbnir I. R Co. s2>. |mr tl Maiden l.ine. HT V> V AltU'9 CATfc NT STATUK WOOlTIt COAL STOyKS-lor halls, parlor*, offices, stores, steimboats, kc. Kor beauty, comfort and economy are not equalled by au> stove in the United States These stoves ara a Stttue of Washington the K'alher of our country, surmounting two pedestals, one for wi od and the oilier for coal. The one (or wood is con structed for alive and dumb stove combined, and for a livr stove only. The lire ch ?mb? r in the iieitestal is constmcted in such a manner that the lire, by means of a revertahle plate or partition in the .tore, causes the heat to circulate through the entire height of the statue, iving a large and beautiful radiating surface. They have also a hot air chamber attache I, end even thing being arranged 011 the most scimtiAc principle. Kor ( 'iieril utility tuey cannot tail to give satisfaction. The subscriber iuvi en tie- attention of those about purchasing to call an^l satisfy themselves ol the above facts. They can be seen in opemtion daily and for sale only iu tlia city at 111 (fraud street, One door east of Broadway. JAMKH HINDS, oil lm*m LAHD?700 .tegs very prima l.eaf Lard, in superior order,for sale by ft. K. COLLIN# k Co. 56 South street >RK I RNING. NOVEMBER 3, LUCINA CORDIAL, oa THE ELIXIR OF LOVE. In oldec time, anient th? Jews, That man a second Wife might choose? Wti'ff first, by Kate's unkindly doom. No cliiMrtii bnre ?o blM his ham. Afflicted thug, the Itofnaii mntrou Prayed to Lucine, the midwife's Patron, j^jyptiaii wives, ill ?uch a crisis, Called to their aid the Priests of (sill And even iww the meek Hindoo? Warm as her clime, and tender, two? If cN'dlrM tfelvi* months Iroro her bnual Fliee weeping her sens*less idol. And with raised lianiis, in ac**n;a wild. Petitions Bnuuh for a chilli, For well site know?. Love shuns to blaas The Hindoo bed of oarraniiess. So much for love iu days by-gone, And narage customs in our own; But lay, cvan now, does Love's cotumunioa Bless in OUR land, * sterile union I No, oft tiniea conjugal felicity, la thus disturbed?ay, e'en in mis city V?t may the barren, if th?y try TJia means "incr?aie ,uid multiply," V i "111ova's F.lixir'' lor her friend, The cniiulccj r?Dinm*s end. But not the procreative , ? *?> Alonk, ii this Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent, With vigor clothe the impotent; Suppress a gleet, whate'er its date, Alia all lift s functions renovate; F. nipt tons from the skin it chases, Anil brings bacli htmuy and the graces; 'Tia. Woroau's trnst?arvl p*'*r iW.eivea her. From Fluor Albus it relieves her, .And^each disease, (with proper care, too,} Hur lair and fragile form is heir to. These are bat i who calls thent fictio* small have stem proot in cJniramction, Lettnrs?all foruu of attestatiou? From the ?*v\n? of every nation; Wn.Ii C'i-'pful missives from all ouarters, Penlied by Ulster nml t^uaokery s martyrs. Thousands who lay, wiui breath, Almost within the jaw* of deatti; Now in their nightly prayers re|ieat, Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street, Anu somelimes names the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slnmbtW"Or, dreaming Of Diseases ordeal, Cry out for the "Lucius Cordial." Persons oidering this medicine from the country, by sendioir a remittance, can hav^ it L'oxed op and sent to any part of the Union. Price $3 per bottle, or $"?! pf-rdoiau. Also for ?a|e at No. North #th at, Philadelphia olfl lm*m TO THE TUBLIC. df>1 TO $5100.?Mr. Knuicis 11 Cramp, Watcli Maker, <JP A V/v/ 248 Grand street, begs to iniortn his friends and tin1 public, that inde|wudeut o' the Wat$h business, he is prepared > make advances in cash on gold anu silver watches,diamonds, silver tea sets, spoons forks, and every descriptirn of fold or silver in any shape, intended for imineuiate sale. Cash to say amount paid for old (told and silvor. Watches of every description repaired mil warrauttd. 246 Grand street. illSin^r _ ^ MTATCHES.?The largest and most splendid assortment ol * Watches in the city, is to b? found at tlie sob,?eriber's.? As he is constantly receiv ing al! descriptions of Gold and diltst Watches, of the newest styles, direct from ths mannfaoturers, in Kimland, France, and Switzerland^ he is euahled to offer a larger assortment, and at much leas prices, at retail, than any other house in the city, (.told watches as low as >20 to $26 each Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks anil jewellery repaired in the best maimer, and warranted lownr than at any other place in the city G. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, 07 lm*r Wholesale aud retail, 30 Wall street, up stairs. QCALE8 AND WEIOHT8 of every description manufactured by Brown aud Fearuhead, 83 Fulton street, corner of Gold. Tlie subscribers hive received various diplomas lor bejt scales exhibited at the late and former fairs of the American 111' stitute. Banks', brokers', jewellers', apothecaries', and grocers' scales, manufactured in superior style, and of the fluent finish . platform scales, patent balances, tin ware &c.; scales repaired and adjusted; weights Rriduatud to any stand ird. *26 I in * in UQOLAR LAMPS." "GREKNAUOH'8 LAMP8" and id "HORN'S GLASS FOUNTAIN LAMPS." A large and complete assortment ol the above Lamps is kept constantly on hand anil for sale at low and reduced prices by tne subscriber. Persons wishing Lamps or to economise in light, are invited to call aud stamiue before purchasing, t hemical Oil and Burning Fluid of the best quality kept constant! v lor sale and ileliverd in any part of the city. J. C. HOOKER, o27 tm*ec 468 Broadway. 1 ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. ALL EXTREMES ARE BAD i Fhas been truly said (hat poor goods are not worth the expense of making, and Slop nude clothes is good cloth spoiled. Experience must have taught many that th?re are those who lay it on so thick that imprecations not loud, but deep, generally accompany the first reading of the bill. Impressed with these fids, the undersigned are pursuiug a middle course, avoiding extravagant profits on ihe ope hand, and k-eping the very Dest articles on the other, which are made up to order under the superintendence of as efficieut cutters, an das competent workmen as can lie lound in the country. Our Stock for the winter is now complete, consisting of Su|>er Black, Blue, Olive, Brown, aud Green Cloths, for Dress and Frock Coats. WATERPROOF DOUBLE MILLED t'LOTHS. BEA VERS, TWEEDS, Sic. FOR OVEK COATS. Cassimeres in all tlw n>w and various styles, fur Pantaloons, Vr?ti;iKs in rich Ve'veti, Merino., Cachineres, Dressing Iloties, S.itms, Silks, Ike. With a larj... auirtmeut of Finer Press Arlidei includiui Snarf*, Handkerchiefs, Cmvats, Glovej, Sua jxndt'rs, he. WILLIAM T. JENNIN<M h CO., 331 Brradway, o29 lm*ee American Motel, opposite the Fountain. GENTLEMAN^ RJUNISHINcTSTORE, 69 MAIDEN LANE. f\VER Coats, from $8 to $13 Sacks* to 8 Frock Coats 10 to 14 Tim ditto 9 to 14 1 'ants 3 to 8 Vests ' 2 to 4 i All made of the best materials, and cut iu the modern style. Over ("oats made and trimmed iron (8 00 to ?I0 00 Pants and Ve<ta ditto I 50 to 1 lb Persons furnithin* their own materials can depend upon hav iiiK them mad* iu the beat manner. Shirts nude np to order alter the latest and most approved French patterns. Under garment* of all descriptions constantly on hand Gloves, Hosiery, Cravats, Scarfs, S is|>?nders kr. o29 lm*ec W.COLLINS. GENT i.EM E N'S OU FHTTlNG GOODS. JUHJN M. lJAVitiS X JUNE.S, 106 William Street, cornkr of John, HAVE received i>er late arrivals, and now have in stare,a full assortment of goods in ttieir line. They feel confident that (heir stock it not equalled in this city, and their goods will be old low for cash. Uentlemen will find a variety of new style of Scarf*, Cravats, Winter Gloves, Diessing Kobe*. Tocket Handkerchiefs, lie. Under f rarments of every variety, ol English and American manufacture, vit:? Merino Shirt* and Drapers. Lambs Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Flannel do do Buckskin do do Plain Sc Hibbed Silk do do Ladies MerinolkSilk do do With a great vauety of other styles. Silk Shirts and Drawers, Ribbed and I'lain, .made to order at the shortest notice. Hosiery, (Moves, Suspenders, Stocks, and every other article of outlining goods. CAPS, Our assortment comprises every style now in use for (tittle men, you h and children at greatly reduced prices. o26 2m *m 0N~EXCHANGK| AGAIN-REBORN TO| THE OLD STAND. ""PHE undersigned, after a seven years'eiperience of the evil 1 effects resulting from large stores and larger reuts, is happy u> inform ins numerous customers and the community generally, that he has effected (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a lease of of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly 5) Wall street, Mortimer liuildings, corner of New street, and for many years celebrated by his well known SHIN OK THK GOLDEN KLEECE?a beacon to all who are iu quest of good cheap and fas'.ionable garments. To such of his old patrons who may have lost sight of him luring his wanderings, he invites their return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adherance to his well established aine for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he soicitaa call, being prepared with an aasortmeut of liue and seasonable cloths, cassimers, veatings, fcc. Jtc., which he will be happy to make up in the moat faithful manner, and on reasonsble charge* lor Cash Only. The same care and attention bestowed on making and trimming, as when the cloth ispnrchast edofhiin. C. JB. Babcock continues in the cutting departs ment. C IIAKLES COX, o20 Imr Sign of the Oolden Kle?ce. No. 4 Wall st DEPUT OK GENTLEMEN'S KANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READY MADE LINENS UNDER GARMENTS, fce fce. I'HK Subscriber would call the attention of their patrons and L strangers visiting this city, to their rich and eitensive as i sortment of stocks, scarfs, cravats, gloves, suspeuders. pocket landkerrhi'fs, dressing; gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, silk, cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other under shirts and drawers I'lieir assortment of theabove gooh, and all other articles ipnertsiiving to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and It'nsive, and well worthy the attention of the fashionablr i immunity, they would particularly recommend their new ityle ol gentlemen's shirts, m containing many improvements , Tne shirts at present manufactured by tiiem, are cut to suit the ponn of the wearer, thereby doiug away with the large overplus ' >flin"n used under the old system of cutting, aud adding not only to the comfort of the wearer, but to tlie beauty of the I form. This improvement was so manifest to the Judges of the late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was twarded to the subscribers; their patent elastic Brace is particularly recommended to all twrsons who have acquired the habit >f stooping. They will be fouud of immense benefit to persons ?f sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders they strengthen i '.he back, and eipand the chest, and will be found of no impedi nent to the free use o I the arms. They would also call atten , tion to their patent elastic Russia or riding belt, (ientlemei. , nay depeud on beiug suited with the b'st ami most fnshionable srtic'es, by calling at the old establishment ol PARHELL9 fc AGATE, au W 3m#*e iJ7 Broad war, corner nf Park place. , "CHEAP CASH TAILORING Kdl'AliLloH- 1 MENT. 3(14 PEARL STREET, LATE 108 BEEKMAN ep11E Subscriber, well known for the cheapness and ilurabil1 jiy of his work, desires to inform his patrons and the public, that lie h now, to suit the economics! tendency of the turn's, iiukiiiK garments 01 we rery w-at enmity it a reduction of twenty percent I'rom former prices,and leas, it it believed, by twenty pet cent tli in garments of tin* same quality are m ule by tin- cheap houaes in tins city. In order that gentlemen may understand what ii meant by cheipne.s, iht- following bill of prices is submitted to their consideration, with a guarantee that the goods shall be of the first rate quality, anil the titiinesceptioiiable. Superior West of tingltnd Cloth Costa $12 to 16 Pants, of black or lancy double mil ltd cut- i to 7 Vests, of silk, satnj, Sic 2H to 4 Making and triminiuK in the best style, at the follow ing prices:? .... Coats ''S to * l'anti aud Vests- 1)4 to 1* All orders executed with punctuality and dispatch. Superior IUiier OvercoaU from til to S2U ,>r, 1 in r JMII v MliKKAT. 0O(\l..?I'?rge Not Hue rltore ,i,ili) anil Iri sh llroae and Kkk $4 IT tou, ol the beat I'each Orchard Ash, wel. screened, wei*hed tiva city weigher and delivered free of car? \ r*ductioo|of J") rents per ton if taken from the boat . * PRTKR CLINTON, cnraerol King .!? trw" <?~?iwieh .treats. caaea Knglish Sheatingl upper,nf very snpanor nnality, from 14 to M or, inst received and for sal# by 1 b K. COLLINS fc CO., oHt M South street. IERA , 1843. Circuit Court. Bwlore Judge Kent. Sot. 1 ? Cum Con?Van Colt va. S/iarpe Thia caae still continue*-the pace it alow, very i!u?r. The Judge, however, ha* hope* that it will be flniahed sometime between this and New Year'aday. Dircnci CoitTimin. A conaiderable portion of the forenoon win occupied by the COilMel on both aidea ill arguing the a tnti-a11>1111 v of declaratioua ot the wile made to a third party on the unklndnesa and cruelty ol the huiband. The Court had yesterday decided to rule it out, but allowed the counael time to prepare argument thereon. To-duy it waa inclined to allow the counael lor the defence to put the gene lal question " an to whether the wife hail made complaint Ol the ill treatment of har huabaud," a* Irom the examination oi authoritiea made after the adjournment of the court yesterday, at waa ol opinion that precedent was established, admitting auch testimony ; it would therwfere allow the defence to ask the witneas ua to the general tient in. lit nl the wifo bv the husband, without Rome however, into the specific declarations of the wife on this point. Phokbr A*i* Smith? Continued. <1 ? Bid Mr. Van Cott make complaint to you on the day you spoke of, of the cruel treatment ol her husband i A?Yes. <i?Diil she complain of ucfaof violence to her perion fry tjer hush ind ? Mr Oiikh objects to the question. Judg ' Kicp.' who of opinion toat the question <lid not come withiuthe limit* ol tho rule laid down. The rule applies oni; to the state of thu let-lings, not to acts. Q - Did you <n other tim-s than ?n the day before spoken ol, hear her complain of h? r husband's treat meut 7 A?I think not. Q?Did Van Cott, after his wife left him for her alsterV, say any thrift ta you in relation to his having written letters to Sharp or Caused such to bo written 1 A?Ten, hit Mid something on the sabjectj h? said he had 2 letter, about the tiling of n coat, which letter he answered himself; his mother in law said he must have got one of the young Indies to write it; I think he said that Mary Watdron did not write It; mother-in law then ansvrtred that Mary Riddell must have done so; his reply was that Ma.y \Valdron did not write it. Q? Do you recollect his having said any thing about having received a letter written by Sharp? A?lie did; he said he had receive* a coat and a letter; that Sharp himself brought the coat. Q?Did you ever hear him say any thing abost a love letter 1 A?t remember something but not distinctly; he an1 swered Sharp's letter,so that Sharp would believe that the coat w?tild n?'fixed; I understood from him that the letter written by Sherp about the coat, wa? addressed to Mrs. VsnCott; I don't recollect that he stated how he obtained possession of that letter. Crcta evamin>'d by Mr. GaAHAtf?I have known Van Cott nearly teu 7?ar!i; I am the wife of Mrs. Van Colt's brother; I lived m F.'ehVill before marriage; I used to work in tin* lictoiy. On our arrival in this city boarded with William Via Gott for nbcst five month"; we n?*t kept house ourselves a year or two; wc ihen went to Albert Van Colt's to board, taking with us oui' Iwrm ture; my hUsband u?3 dangerously ill. and for aboiit thri'9 month* he did not l^ava the holme; Van Cott traated my huiburvl as kindly aud affectionately us if hn were his own brother; five months elapsi-4 alter his recovery before he could work; I never heard Mrs Van Cott complain but once about the ill treatment of her husband; bis conduct to his wile with the except'an of the acts I have stated, was kind; 1 have seen liim very hind to her; he tookdelight in dressing her well; ha used to tafc? her to balls, sometimes I accompanied them; Mr*. Van Cott vras a gay,lively young woman, but not as dashinr as her husband, I think Iieraqn is aliout'J6 years; so far as I bad an opportunity of seein?) the table and wants of the family ' were liberally provided lor; he used, 1 believe, to make her presentsoi j-wclry and bijouterie. I Q?You say that these exposures of her person were ma<le in presence 01 others beside yourself 7 Who were those persons J A?Mr Tolyhemus, my husband and other*. I think my ( husband was present on both occaiions; I can speak par licularly of two occasions; when he acted as t have described, he was playing and romping; some lad es were present; I do not ic-mcmber whether Van Cott's brother was present on the occasion referred to; I think 1 said that one unmarried man was present; if 1 said " men" I wai mistaken; whit he said about ray aldertacnir appear ance at the ball, I considered it a broad Joke for him, p* it was his disposition: PolyUeinu-s, Mrs. Van Cott and my self were the only prisons at the table at the time with him; I don't remember '.hat I accompanied him alone t a ball af-et-my recovery from thai peculiar position; I be. lieve that there exist* some relationship between Mrs. Vun Colt and Mary Waldron, but 1 can't say what it is; Miss Waldron'* age may b<j nineteen (Miss WalJron hare blushed and hrll down her head, and turned her shoulder to the crowd, at this peculiar enquiry); I do not know that M'iry Waldron was invi'ed by Mr*. Van Cott to live in h'T lamilv; they always appeared to be on the . most friendly terms; I have seen Sharpe at Van Cott's house several tim> s; I think he came there two years ugo last August; I sa w Shorpe at their house ahout half a dozen time* belore V in Cott left lor tiie south; the first <ime I called on Mrs. Van Cott, after her husband left, Sharpe whs there; I saw him about three or four times during his absence; I generally went in the morning,' and sometimes remained all night; I think Sharpe *iept there oil these occasions; he use*! to leave alter breakfast and return alter dinner; 1 wai there once when Mil* Marks guvc Sharpe a lesson on the piano; Mis* M. was ' the in*tructres* of Mrs. Van Cott; Mra. V<n C. and Mr. Sharpe did not take their lesson* together; Mr 8harpe 1 once brought to my house a stove in a grocery wagon; he came there a second time on law business for Mr. E 1- ' wards; he has come on a friendly visit, and would per- ^ haps stay nn hour or two; he wis unaccompanied by any one; he was once accompanied by Mrs. Van C >tt; it was after they had lelt Williamsburg; Van Cott was then in the city; they both remained to dinner that day The sun was down when they left. I am uot certain that they came together to my house at any ether time; he has come to see me Hlone, when no one else rame wi'h [ him, on a Iriendly visit, but I cannot speak to more than once; Mary Walilron cam* with Mr. Van Cott at times; I havo never,to my recollection,said there was any thin? J bad between Mrs. V-tn Cott and Sharpe; 1 don't think I ever laid that Mrs. Van Cott tvas culpable in allowing Sharpe to visit her alter Van Cott had forbid his comiiiK ' to his house; 1 wou't swear that 1 have not said so, or something to the tame purpose, but I don't think I have said such a thing; I may have said that it was imprudent in Van Cott to leave Sharpe with Mrs. Van Cott in iiis absence. Q -How c?me you to make this remark 1 A?Because he was *o much alone with Mr* Van 1 Cott and Mary Waldron I don't recollect saying that sharp's manner was entirely too free with those Indies I wont swear I did net ray so ; I think I did not. Q?Have you ever said that if you had told your mother in-law that Sharp visited Mr*. Van Cott in the ah- , sence <*f her hutband, that she would never speak to Mr. , Van Cott 1 A ?1 don't think I ever did. I never have said that my , htuband would kick Mr. Van Cott ou* of bis house if he t knew that ><harp visited her in the absence of her hushand; I don't recollect over having said any thing ou the nbject; I don't think I ever said that 1 would not blam? r Van Cott if heturnud his wife out of doors; I never had such a thought, and I don't think I could have said any j ?uch thinif. I know that Mrs. Van Cott made shirts for I assisted her; thev were made in Orrhirdst ; . I helprd her to make these; I do not know that Mr*. Van , Cott sent hiT husband's ahirta out about the some time, to be made hy Mrs Shult* 1 diil not charge for making thethreeskirti ; I did the work to oblige Mrs Van Cott The Court here suggested that it would be as well if | counsel would endeavor to get on more speedily, as it was important to close this trial hefora the close of the year. (A laugh ) , Direct examination resumed hy Mr. JoanA*?I think my husband has paid up all he owed Van Cott for board, mg, by building dim a house. Q?When Van Cott handled Marv Waldron aa you mentioned, was she a woman grown ? A?Yea, 1 think she waa aa large as she is now ; (he w ii quite a woman when she came there to liva. Q ? How old were you whan you went to work in the factory T A - 1 was almost fourteen years, and lived with my parents at Fiskkill until I was inarrietl ; there were a numherof young females to work thera; I went in the society of young persons pretty considerably before I waa married ; 1 never saw anv man guilty of such conduct as I hare de?rrihed Van Cott io be guilty of. I never heard in the society among *hich I move vxpressious so vulgar and indecent a* those Van I'o't was guilty of in the presence of his wife I think Sharp was of rather a lively disposition; (tie looks any thing but a Don Juan). I never saw him guilty of any ;onduct unbecoming a gentleman. Q?What was Mr 8harpe'? general disposition towards ill persons, ladie or gentlemen 1 A?I thought it alwayskind. Q -Do yon know that Mr. Van Cott becama embarrass sd before he went to the south? A?I heard something of it; I do not know of my nwn knowledge that her house was stripped of its furni lire, on a deht, in the winter months, during the absence if her husband 1 heard from Mrs Van Cott. that alt?*r he return of Van Cott from tha south, he made her a pre. tent of a I'ght silk dr>-as. Mr Ua*H4tf here objected to the question put by the opposite counsel, as to the cause of the present of the tress. Mr. Jobbaw?Tho counsel always object! whenever 'he truth is to be told. Mr UaiHAM-That remark ia unjust and impropar. riie Court knows me too well to suspect mv motives Mr. Jobdas?There isnothing improper in wh?t 1 have aid. I always stop the truth from coining out. if I thiuk it rather unpleaaant to my client's came. (Aliuith) I ( 1m ready to appeal to the Court and to tnv On! that I , have conduct- 1 this case with ai much decorum and lawyerlike skill asthe opposite counsel. I do not arraign ihat gentleman's motives ? Ood (orhid ! (A regular Pick- , wickia i ?cene of liowi, scrapes, fcc ) Jndfe Knit?Gentlemen, allow me to pour the oil of , peace on the troubled water*, by ?aying that Idonot inink the tpeslion a proper one. (A laugh ) Wii.liam sworn? I am n carpenter, a partner with my brother; I hare not bean preaent nt thU trial nn ii KMuj , i iirow juuii <riicox, waicnmaicer, em avenue; I hare been in hit atore lately, about two or Ihrw nonth* ?ine<\ and have lean ther?> a colored man; I h<-?rJ Him aay to Mr. Witoox," I want aomw argara Mr. ()r*h?m-I object to thi* courte of e*amination; he color? <t inan Wat not mad* any ?tati>mt>nt* of con?er nation had with Mr. Wilco*, and It ia not competent to mpeach him a* to anything he may haroaaident 01 Court to a third party. Mr Rowakoi?'We intand by thi* witnei* and another to nullify the black man _ *Mr. Graium- I do not know what meaning ' "tnllify may have in the loam ad coanael'a dictionary, but 1 take # LD. Price TWO C?Ktl ithecan't "impeach" him, .unlet* upon t mottling to which hp ha* tworn on tin- atam! Judga Kiiht?That ia the rule ilopttd by the Court Mr Ji>aDAit?We propote to thow that th.-black man haa received value from Van Cott, through Wiloox Thia II our object, a* he b?i laid that ha never received any thing from Van Cott Jooor. Kdt?I thill allow the cotintel to put the <(??? tion ihowing that on au order from Van Cott 'hia black man recaiveaproperty, and hia declaration to that effect. At thin atxgeof the proceeding!Iht Black Man wai ?n Inrftd into the room, amid the ' buxi" of the audience.? " Look, here't the key-hole nigger." "Cracky! but he*a a? pal* <? a pail of bin own whitewash," "Hi* eye ia too Urie lor u kev hnle." ' lle'i a raitilar mi nting looking nigger " Q?Do yoti know (hat Mack man? A ?I ilo; hi'u the man I have lean in Vfilcax'i *lore;ka n tin" man who atked tor "them *egar*" on Albert Vaa Cntt'a amount; Wilcox relim-d at first; the nigger laft nn<l ret 11 rnail the lame evening, anil then obtained tha *? Mai a; 1 heard him *ay he wanted them to taka to camp meeting; I can't nay how many heobtalned. Jon* W ilcox sworn?I ki?'p r watch and clock maker * hop in the nth avenue; I know the plaintiff; my wife make* aegari; that ere nigger came with an order for Home from the plaintiff, with whom I had dealing*; the nrd'T wn* in writing; I have not got it; I have looked for it, hut I rather tkink it i* torn up; I took the order to he in Van Cott'a hand writing; it purported to ran 10? 'Tlvaie let the beirer have one or Iwa thouund aogara;" it waa signed A B. Van Cott; when he presented the order I hid not uny * gar*; I mado ?everal excuses about them; I told him I had hut a lew, and that I had promised Van Cott Ave hundred lor hia own smoking; the dark one xaid it would be all riglit with Van if I let him (thedark one) hav? t'ir five hundred; I did not give them to him then; hen-turned in about one or two day* and fetched with him a writing lrom Mr. Van Cott. Q -Oi ve me the content! of that letter io far as related to "th'-m cegara." A?Van Cott waa ?urpris?d at my refining the aegar*; that if I would let the black man have the aegar* I had on hand he would wait for hi*; Ihi* wa* all the content* of the li tter; the black man received from me about 6fO aegar* though he wanted to hove 1000, I took a racaipt. tho blnck m:m signing Uy hi* mark ; (the receipt wa* here produced and read; it purport* to be dated Auguat 38th, and to be for (MM) Cuba aegar* at $19 per thonaand, on account of A. B. Van Cott'* ordar;) the black man Miu.I he wa* going to camp meeting. Cross-examined hyMa. Obamam?He *aid nothing about their being a bribe from Van Cott; I have known Van Co(( about ten year*. Q? What has been the character of Van Cott during that period? The opiwsite counsel having objected to the question of general character, the court sustained the objection. Q?Have you been 011 term* ol cloie intimacy with Van Cott? A?I have been very wall acquainted with him; hare Tinted him. end wa? engaged in doing wok for him; I left shortly after Poly hemu* came; I boarded with Van Cott for nbo?it*ix month*, it was in 13't6; Van Cott and hi* wife eemed to live happily together; I thought I never saw two more hnppy than thev were; he was liberal In d'essing his wile; ha wai generally liberal in hia domeitio arrangements-, I have never ?een any iudecent conduct, either in actions or language need by him towards hi* wife; I think it wai on the day Van Cott left for the South, that I brought a letter from Mr. Van Cott to Mr. Sharp; I left it at Sharp's house in Oroinwich street; I cantiay whether the superscription was in a male or female hand; other person! were present when she gave me the letter; aha a*ked mo tcr deliver it for her as it was on my way hoaei I never saw Sharp before I saw him here in court. Q? Bv Mr. Edwards?Do you know what was the sub. ject of that letter 1 A?I understood it was about board. Mr. Ghah*m-I now give notice to the opposite counsel that I will require them to produce that letter. Mr. Edwards?We received your notice indue courae, but I have never seen or had that letter In my possession. Q?By Mr. Oraham?Did you hear why it waa neoes arv to send that letter? A?Becnuae I understood from Mrs. Van Cott, that Sharp ha>l left without paying his board. The court here intimated that during the remainder of this trial a double session would be held in order to get through before New Tear's day ' The court then adjourned. Common council. f?or 1.?Joint Miktisu,?Both Boards met in Joint Meeting, AMurmen Purdy in the chair. R'l>ort of the Chit! Engineer of the Fire Department. ?Th report of the Chief of th? Fire Department waa read, the resignations and appointments were adopted and the expulsions referred. Reiignnlion of Mr. Phenix.?Thn r<7*/rnation of J. Phillips PtiaMiix as a member ol the Croton Acqoeduct Board, was accepted. Inspect art of Election* lleiigneJ?The following Inipectors of Elections tendered their resignations, whioh 'vere accepted :? Joseph Weed ...Third district oflOih ward. K J. G. Williams.. First do 4th do Thomas Starr Sixth do ?th do J S. Bo*worth Third do 15th do Kofiert H Shannon Firnt do 17'h do Je?*e A Week* Third do B'h do Caleb F. Oilmour Fifth do 7th do Jlppoinlmenli.?The following appointment* were msdu:? Daniel Shannon, Fence Viewer of Sixteenth ward. Henry H. Clarke, Inipeetor of Election*, Fir*t district Ath ward. fo*eph We?terfield, City Weigher. lo??ph BentH Weigher of Anthracite Coal. Walter A Simp*on do do B. Trice do do 3oraelin* L. Whetmore,. . do do lohn Van Buren do do lohn McOrath do do iVilliam Connor do do id ward Trainor, City Weigher. >wt? Fi'lier, M>-a?urerof Charcoal. 'atrirli (J linn, Weigher and Inspector ol rre*?ed Hay. lohn Walker, City Onager. I'hnm-ii * SlianUlin, do France Oueat, Measurer ol Ditnmiaou* Coal \br.iham Fnndon, Inapector of Election.Fir*t Di*t?ict,4th ward. Vathan Richmond, Inspector, of Election, Third Diatrict, 10th ward. Rtren?The Joint Board* took a receaa of thirty ml nute*. Ruiincn Retumrd ?The roll being called, a quorum could not be axem' led, *o the joint ballot wa? declared adjourned. Bono or ALDKRMrif.?A quorum not being pre*ent,th? Board wa* declared adjourned to next Monday week Board or A?iiit*!*t*,!Vor. I ?Stattd MttUngThe Pre lident in the chair.?A quorum being preaent, the mimtea of the luit meeting were read nnd approved. Joint Rallit?The 8erffeant-at-Arm* baring announc >d that the Board of Aldermen were prepared to meet hi* Board in joint ballot, the Board took a r?c?*a for that mrpoae. Hutinen Rriumtd -A quorum being prenent, the busies* ol the evening wa* proceeded wltn. Ptlitiont - A number of petition* were received and r? erred to the proper committees. Colnnrl Johnson ? The committee of arrangementa of he ettixent has invited thia Board to Join with them in welcoming th? H"to of the Tham?s on Hatnrday ne*t Thit J.icoti B' ll hat been chartered to go up the Hudaon i <-hort distance, an'l then return to the Cattle Oar J en The hour and place of starting will be communicated in :ime. Accepted. Watrr Loan?The report of the Committee on Finanoe, From 'he other Bonrd, in favor of appropriating the turn of $171,040 lor the redemption of temporary water loana, md the mm of (1,000 for the pavment of intereat on water loan stork, for the year 184V The water bonds redeemable in IS VI amounted to $391,041 Appropriation* to the amount of (-119,441 were made from tima to time, leaving the atiove balance of $173,600. Lighting H'lirh /fuu.i???The Committee on Lampa and Oaa ri ported in fivor of lighting the aecond and third district wa'ch houses with ga?, inatead of oil, which it ia alleged will ha not only leaf expensive in the end, but will be more conducive to thn cnmlort, cleanliness aod health of the invaluable body ol men, when not sleeping igainst a lamp poet. Report adopted Lighting Row mi to Union Sijuari.?The lamn commit *e reported in favor of lighting thn Bowery to Union 'q tare with ga?. Adopted. Wntch Po\ti in iht I ilk Ward.?The committee on LV.itch and Pnaon reported in favor of establishing watch >o?t? in the I lth ward, in confluence of the increase of lightly devila in that quarter, who play the very dence with honust folka' h?n rooits, while honvat folks sleep.? L.aid on the tohle by a vote o( !) to 8. Thtfl't0 for Col Johnion'i lltcrjilion.?A coanmunicaion Irom the clerk of the other Board waa read, inform, rig thii Board that that Board had non-concurred in the -etolution appropriiting $'1#0 to defray tba expenses at. endant on the reception ot that veteran champion of d?nocratic principlea, Col. Illchnrd M. Johnton. Ordered in the file. Jiholithing Dock Maittri.?A resolution abolishing the iffice o! dock maater in the lath ward, waa relet ed to the ommitte. on piera and ?lips. Rlnckwtll'i I Wand ?A reaolution requesting the Comniasioners oi the Alana House to report at the neat meet UK 01 inn nonru ?n>i inning ?r nun am r.cte.l on BUckwell'a laland, an-l under what authority. Hopped. Lifting Strtett with (?< ?.?The rep> rt and reaolntion mm th" other Beard In lavor of lighting Broom* ?treet romthe Bowery to Eldridgeatrect, an.I L<'wi?from Orand o Hmitton atreet. with ga?, vm concurred In. Pajitri from the other Dtu i ?In lavor of paying Edfar Adama and Abraham Clark their biJJt for plumber'a vork Concurred in /.?n<N and Placet - The A??i?tant Alderman of the ? h wnrd (ilfirad a reaolntion aholi'hing the office of auperio ndentof land* and plaren, ? he had been a trying to Ind nut what in the world thif are ofllce wai for, and ~oul In't no how diworer nothing " Referred ton ?pe rial rotimittae?A'?i?tant Aldermen Pntigrew, Oliver. jo i Tharlirk litl/tturnmenf ?The Board aland* adjoumed to Monday nut, the Oth November. AiwsflTtD ? A person who goes by the name of Dii'-key" Martin, whi arretted and committed to nlt charged with being one of the party who cotnnitied an outrng'ous moatilt, with intent to kill, ipon the jx-rson of Mr W. Spurrier, of this city, on he night of the 14th imt, whilst he was returning rom the Clay Club ??t which he i# aecr tary. The mirage was one of a moat flagrant character, and :aU?er| Mr. S. to be confined to hi* room lor two . ...U. .n>l>n?riiii Ilia life.? Billt P(U

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