Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOCTHF.1W MAIL *? : : . - 4 . Philadelphia. [Corrt'e. onrfcnce of ihe Herald.] Pnir,ADXI PHA, Nov. 1, 1813. Ill'' J)feather Ftorenct't] Xtw Company? Seduction C'ase?j4s?ault of a Younr I)'notI upon his Mixfi'cu? Thtatri alt, The d .y opened gl )omi!y, but about ten o'clock, the rava of Sol dispersed the envious clouds which dimmed his s^L-ndor; and since we have had a delightful day, with an air pure and bracing, but which is, nevertheless filling our tree deckedstreeh with wi hered foli.ige. The streets have been enlivened this morning by the stirring notes of the large band attached to Captain Florence's new company, the " Independent P'.Ao .?? #i.? l~*.r*lnin /?nmmrinH made a fine apjiearance in his new and elegant uniform, as did also his soldiers, whose appearance was also much enhanced by their being pretty much ( is the man in lh? play says of the foils) " all of a size?all of a size " From the n:ornii)K papers von will Rather account* of a revoking ease of seduction which has occurred in this city. The parties are Hepburn, a broker in Third, by Chesnut street, and a Miss King?iug<r, an orphan, who was brought up by, and was living under the protection of a most respectable widow lady, Mrs Christina Dnhnert, mother of Mr. Win Dohnert, Pres dent of the Van Buren Association, and of Mr John H. Dohnert, President ol the Spring Garden Board of Commissioners. The two latter, indignant at the sacrilege of their mother's fireside, will pu-h the matter to the uttermost.? They are fearl'ss, irreproachable, and determined men. Not a inoirty of the evidence appears in ihe papers. And how the journals can call it a "seduction," is beyond my comprehension It was clearly au abduction and rape, :n most of ita features clo.-ely resembling the cu.-e of Mis-s Mercer. The people in the house suborned to stir not, and in ihe pay of the violator? the terror successfully exercised?the overcoming', physically, of the victim?aye, even to the stopping of her mouth?in alith-se particulars there is the nearest possible resemblance to the case cited ? Ther is to be another hearing next Saturday. There is not a little excitement in this city in regard to this matter. The papers nnrely "glance" this morniDg at an orher aflair, which is the town talk It is mentioned that an individual was held t* bail for an assault and battery, cf an aggravated nature, upon a woman, with whom he had Iivpd. I know not wtiat infl n nee has bi-en used to "keep dark" thisshockjo? aHair, unless it is the wealth of the assailant, wh'tfe name is S-*;berf, nnd who, also is connected, as 1 he r, with ouii of the wealthiest families iu this city?Chesnut street varvcnurs?living upon a lortune made from Pepper's beer. '1 he beaten girl was Seiheri's Mistress, and had but shortly before been confined with a child. He sought her for thegraiification of passion?she n-pelled him?when he kicked and otherwise abused Ik. r in a manner to the lasr dei:r'-e shameful. tin- I'll i'ii infill iviis |ir?"iiy weu tnieuueu, as is usually the case whenever Conner plays Buri<iay, iu La Toure de Nesle. Llis performance of (hat character is as n>'ar perfection as it is possible for inelo drama to be. Charlotte Cnahman played Knowles' Julia at the Walnut. The Ghesnut was not' pen. M.icready plays Othello there to-night. At the hour of sealing this finally, we are unoer momentary expectation of seeing Marshal B*rtrand, the st-lf exile'l friend of the conqueror of the world. Councils meet to-night in regard to his arrival, if he should arrive. Yours, icc. The Hon. Daniel Webster, arrived in this city yesterday, by.the morning cars, stopped at the City Hotel, end left in the afternoon for Washington, D. C ? Baltimore Clipper of yesterday. kumdai.t. Coursk?Trotting Match ?Yesterdav the second day's s;>ort at the above course came <>fl' the ground being in tine order, notwithstanding whiel the time made was very tnditler?*nt. lhere were out two entries lor the pur-- of ?'75, two mile beatf, under the saddle, Ion und Staunton.both heats beilit; taken easily by the former horse. Time, 6 15 ?611. K< r the second race of two mile heats in harness, fi r the puree <>f $'100, there were three entries? Ciyuga Chiif, K.ittler, and Dutchess, which wrts t;tken by the ruar<* Dutchess eatily in two straight heats, Cayuga Chief only contending with her in the last heat, Kattler having been distanced in the fiist. The tune made on this race was also slow, being 5 35?5 45 ?Bait. Clipptr. Salon of Stock* at Philadelphia. 8*cnr?o i'oiSD, Oct 31?$2000 State 8'v 1-48 new an nu?l, 63j; $226 State ft's, 6Jst, 61, $2-'6 ilo, 6' }, $2000 Tenii 6'-, July lr.n2j; $600 Was 6'?. Ifltil, ltusj; 34" >.ha< Girard Unnk, ?|; 8 Penmy Irani* do, 1S8J; 3 do 197J; 26 WiiimiRtnn nit lf-J; 26 rt" lt*J; 21) Failiidelphia Dank, 86f; 60 Readin* It K, tddif, 16}. fipit Boahb, Nov. 1?$2p00 T( nn Tiondg, 6>, l?t July, f?2|; $'429 State 6-*, 1846, old #6; $6200 Stalp b't, 8! J; fl7t>0 w ili> ill?t' 11 8"j, I8SS. 8'j$; $1280 do 86; 126 than * Manor ana Mech'n Bank, 19{;-w (>irard dotsjj, a.iO do sft dsMij.JO Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal 30; <x.i Wilmington UK I8|; 3 Philadelphia B?uk ?6|; 84 do 8ttJ, 23 Schuylkill Navigation 37. LATKST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. I'm; Ann run, Nov 1?Arr Calisto, Hopkins, NYork; Fort Hill, Gray. Boston; W 13 Marsh. Paschall. Albany. Below. Win A Caldwell, Horner, from Malaga; also, a lierm brig and several sclirs Carat's isstill below. Baltimoiif, Oct 3!?( Id Belize, D.iwes, Boston. Sid Hebe, (ireen, Montevideo; T li iJelton, and 11 11 Cole, Demerara; Com Kearney, Barbidoes; Mil isent, NYork. Nokfoi.k. Oct 3d?Arr W VV W yer, Boston. The Harriet Rockwell. from Baltimore for Charleston; Gnlnaro, from do; John Marshall. Poythreas, and Gen v\ iltshire, (Br) from James Hiver, aud Kmily Ellicott, from Baltimore, all went to sea today from Hampton Roads. Liwrence, ,md Columbia, from Boston for Baltimore, went up the bay yesterday. Louis', (Brein) Iroin I'liil tdelphia, a Iitcht binjue Mid a light briK, pro . ceded op lames Hiver on Saturday. J - 11 WE SHALL RECKIV BF;THE BRITANNIA, And have tor sale at the Herald Litetary Depot, Herald Buildings, Not th west corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, the follow ing latest Foreign Journals :? The Illustrated London News, I8j The Pictorial Times, 1^ W? U s Life iu London, |h^ Til'' W> ,'klj Dispitch, 181 The l)nh!in Fre, man's Journal, 18J The Dut iin Nation 18) Punch, 12* Cha>. Wilmer's News Letter,. . 8J <Vtimer k nmith'* Eutopean Times, 12J And hII the Metropolitan papers. Agents can he supplied with altofiheabove,by forwsrd. ing their orders early to this Olticn, and on rensonahle terms, the moment they arrive. Subscriptions will also he received and punctually attended to. 09-DR. FONTAINE'S CHINESE HAIR ERADICATOR. is selling with a rapidity astonishing. Numb, is saw it tested who the most magic ctT-ct yesterday. The hair vmlsites in three minutes, and the >kin left smoother than Velore. The scuriillous attneks nl the ignorsnt and idle vagabonds tliat infest the city does not bflect in the lens: its great reputation, hut it continues to increase. It is tt icil before purcjnsing. to convince the sceptical.? The only genuine can lie loui.d only at 31 Courtlandt street. mr, s r?r,.a niDlullU AT Tl'O 1TIVP MIT lUU/im' -i i ?u i CJU i T r< WIA lure toi the permanent cure of primary and secondary 8yphili*, ha? entireiy aboiifhed the u?? of Mercury in t'iose diiitretsing compUii.ts All perton* ni'pecting a venerial taint niminiug in their ?) stem should use this juH'PTlul alternative without delay Sold in (ingle nottles $l;incuva contui ulng half doaen, >4, carefully parked mid ?ent to all patts ol the Union. Ottice and Coniulting Roomi of the College of Medicine and Puarmacy 97 Na?*Mi ?t. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. J?7-rROFESSOR VELl'E \U'H SPECIFIC TILLS, lire u a.Ue, quick nu l radical cure for gonoribona, Klp<l> and hII mocupurulent duchnrgra from the urethra They have entirely tupercedrd tho old treatment for thoae complaint*, paving the patient more than half the time occupied by the loimer courte, and curing the dii> ?'BJO without tainting the breath, diajgreeing with the ?tomach,or confinement Irom I.mines*. They are to he had genuine at the nftHenf the Consulting Ron mi of the ?,oll''ge, of Medicine and Pharmacy, fl7 Nas<uu atreet. P.-icc f>l per box W. 8 RICHARDSON. Agen'. (ft/- HUM BUGS AND HUM BUGGERY.?We hare em it related m some oi l hook, tli <t omeupona time thn F.i^ir, a leligio i" pilgrim ?B lailiaheth, met one of the diacipW* o' Confucius, and thif diiciple, we believe, was named Twang, or Whang i'wrng. B.imbaheth maintained, that the people rtquira to he utimbuggrd, nnd Whang Twang amrted, that we ought never to htunbug ?ny one. Now, we who are verily " revera," the lights and guid>? of the people, unflinchingly and mutt cordially agree with hon ict Whang Twang, and will proclaim Irom the housetops th it humbuggery sii'*uld he haniahed fiom the world. Wc do, therefore, hen'Hy rijoicnat having it in our power to recommend no article to the public that is not a humbug, vi7. : Dr. K'li* G?uriiid'? Poudni Subtile*, which oiadicates hairy KX'TMencei from lalies' upper lip*, and super, fluons h-iir from ft broad ?nd elevated forehead, moles, *u\, ?0 i.lo"ljr, ?'> rifely, anil ro qmrhly, that no one \> ho n< <<d' its use should ho without a bottle. It ia to he I od at 87 Walker street, ono door from Broadway, where we tfitltwith mngictl effect. Beware of imitator*. $1 pnr liottle. {H/- r.O.VMJMPTlON VND I.1VE11 COMPLAIN T. 1,%1-norV Kxtmrtof Ltingwort in lint gaining an enviable reputation in curing these dlatrelsing complaints, and all itiseft'is ui the chut and lung*. Daily hii hurol tome Mirprixing cure performe I by It. It will in a few days eur? ct.UBlunt months rluntion, an I lhat h ive withstood ??er> other liir.d of treatment. Agency only at 31 Court1 hi It street. C?7- constitution i>r?ttiTY curkdTht I onic Mixture prejmird, t i '' : "llego of Mi <!ii liii' mid P iarmHcy,e| tlw cit ^ 'K> '* Confl il'ntly rerommrriileil to ail l is ? 'lomdebi. li!v, piodiued illhcr by ? v , , 1 recr?t li ihitn. er I'y piotr?cted i!l*t?,, iK e,>i. ? m?igu f ,?|.>r ui lln- constitution, is e?h'i> ? " oi ' > I'ftl remedial agi TitK th-.f >w t ie invigoratlon of the * holeny stem. Hill in single bottles fl eachj iu pr, ... I, I*, Ctreltilljr Parked, nnd to Ah U. ion. W. s. mcnAmmoSv Vh office and Consulting Roon.s of the Col!eg.-, 17 N.aaau ?' i:a. MOHKY MARKBT, Wcdncfilny, not. 1-6 P.M. The ?tock market wai qui>'t, and prices varied but little; Ohie 0'? rote | ; Illinois fell | ; H'rltm J ; Ling Inland |; the calling iu of the io&talmmt affected thin ?tock ; there are seveial more yet to come. Stouinsjton role i There were sales o! New Vork City 7'sof 1367 at 116, at which ratethey yield aj percent. At the new board there wan a small business doue at steady pricei. The old board is looking up in fund*. Tho fines for the la-:t sii months are stated at $i,U60. There will soon be something more to divide at thit rate. One gentleman paid as high as $130, owing to the vivacity of his disposition This is the day, up !o which the banks make up their accounts, according to the law of last session. It is underftood that tho loaus u, on stocks, directly and indirectly, have been reduced tome $3,000,000- an admirable feature?showing that a large amount must have been taken out of the market 1 >r private investment. It Governor D .*is, of Massachusetts, will, it is understood, anive in tais city on Friday to accompany Michael Kyan, Esq., of Illinois, Commissioner, to examine into tho atfiirs of the Canal. The .appointment of an American as ageat on behalf of the London bondholders, is an evi ounce oi me utmost commence .in at least one portion 01 Ihc country. Under the guidance of John Davis, ? q ,tae whole Union will emerge from it* diabonor. Wo recently published a table showing the comparative export! ot plain cottona from Great Britain, for the flrtt two qunrtera of the years 184-J'tind 1843. We now annex j table of the exports of dyed and printed cottona for the same period, as followa Exi-orts of Printed Calicoes from Great Britain in 1 HE TWO FIRST lit'AUTERS OF 1842?43, ENDING Jl'LY 1. isf quarter. Calicoes, printed 2d uaarter. and dyed. April, May <? June. 1812. 1843. 1842. 1813. To Barbaryand Mo- yds. yd*. yds. yds. rocco. 2,500 ? ? 17,983 Brazil X other parla of America, 10,326,894 7,309,942 6,091,192 9,330,649 Blilisli \V. Indies, 2,022,,033 5,535,839 2,903,441 3,932,015 tir N. Am. Colonies 1,276,436 1,134,358 3,84 4,487 3,541,749 Hfltlium, 998,208 887,321 552,113 337,682 Const of Africa, exclusive of Cape, 395,212 8,209,388 1.868,479 1,080,273 Chill and Peru, 4,743,839 4,350,743 2 675,345 2,415,901 Cape of G. Hope, 316,438 840,127 403,608 855,380 Colombia, 750,901 1,131.331 302,211 1,478,863 Denmark, 720 2.260 20,762 10,678 Kgypt, 243,004 101.759 330,435 148,024 K ranee, 510,126 402,850 363,956 322,120 Foreign W. Indies, 3,077,545 2,071,363 2,050,058 2,461,650 Gibraltar, 3,861,231 2,149,033 1,344,368 2,385,150 Hans Towns, Meekleuburg, Oldenburg, 7,751,800 10,239,365 3,672,176 7,325,638 Hanover, 2,520,006 3,198.021 18,774 9,000 Holland, 18,474 ? 3,073,586 2,481,573 India and China, 5,016,280 5,120,524 5,0 .1,714 7,103,111 Malta and Ionian Isles, 7'I8,6II 796,481 918,420 959,902 MauritiusBitavia, 484.020 486,492 364,458 204,000 Mexico, 411,791 1,848,099 387,722 1,480.825 New Holland, 139,319 405,842 170,902 2,079,235 Naples nud Sicily, 1,107,297 1,673,944 2,062,144 1,118,504 Prussia, ? ? ? 529 Portugal, Madeira, Azores ami Cape Verd, 2,234,695 2,353,588 3,165,548 4,135,342 Ktu.ia, 33,453 10,568 13,768 29,674 Sweden & Norway, 5,004 18,811 337,652 358,627 Spain, 4,509,341 5,329,369 104,901 4,455 Sardinia. Tascany, See. 161,596 14,100 2,201,577 3,420,929 Trieste, Venice and Auatriai: porta, 887,087 1,089,365 365,273 r601,628 Turkey 4t Levant, 6,296,152 8,541,215 4,941,433 7,549,314 U. S. of America, 11,812,185 2,185,837 1,663.955 1,376 475 72,653,731 77,438,218 51.127,488 67,856,961 72,653,731 77,438,21" Total in the first 6 months. 123,781,219 145,295,119 Thia givea an immense increase in the aggregate exports, but a decline ia those to the United States. The following gives the aggregate exports of plain and printed cottons, distinguishing those sent to the U. States :? AofiREQATE'VARDS of plain and printed cottons EXported from Great Britain. 1813. Total 1812. _ 1st quarter. 2d uuarttr. 6 mos. Total6 mot. To U.S. plain 1,061.396 892,461 1,953.857 3.181,495 ' pruned, 2,185,837 1,376,475 3,562,312 13.476,110 Total to U.S. 3,217,233 2.268,936 5,516,169 17,107,635 Elsewhere phi. 114,996.418 136,('>68,346 251,(64,761 149,175.556 " printed, 75,252,381 66,480,426 141,732,807 110,305,079 Total, 193,196,032 205,417,708 398,613,734 ,276,638,270 This result indicatea an immense increase In the gene, ral cottou trade of Great Britain?being nearly 60 per cent, while the exports to the United States have Inllen off 67 per cent, or 12,000,000 yards in six months ; nearly equal to one yard for every adult in the Union. At the same time the consumption of domestic cottons here has increased but very little, the principal activity of the mannfactures being imparted by an export a 1 m n?1 a tl, a in<i^.naa i? ? **1 sou U0..4.U. .ucgnn,).! H1V,1UU-.U IU lUO UII|I?U I trade has been, it appears, in the Indian, Oerman and Levant trades ; of plain cottons the China trade has absorbod a large quantity. The largo exports of Cotton* from the U. State, and the decline ia imports are strong indications ot a very languid demand here (or the consumption ot manufactured goods. This undoubtedly arises from the low profits of farm produce, allowing the agricultural classes but little towards the purchase of factory goods. The consequence it that when their pro. dure ceases to command a realy an 1 profitable market, their attention is moie exclusively directed to their own flax and wool, as a means of providing within themselves a substitute for those goods from the purchase of which they arudebariadby the decay of commeice. Commerce is the great instrument by which the surplus products of the country are carried out ot' it, thereby raising the money value of all the remainder, relatively,to that ol manufacture Herein consist* the fallacy of the protectionists. The impor; of a certain quantity of foreign good* is as necessary to the prosperity^ home manufactures a* it is to the wtlfaru of comnv rci?, inasmuch as the returns for those imported good* are always made in United State* agricultural produce. The enhanced price given to the remainder 01 that sold at home, by relieving the marke t* of the surplus sent abroad, enable* the farmer to malt* his purchase* of domestic goods. The short sighted manufacturer*, by keeping out the proceed* of foreign industry, depreas the value of all the agricultural wealth fn tbe Union and ruin their own market?. Sale* at the Stock Kichange. 10,000 U 8 Ln, 6'? "fi2 b?0 116 2000 do Del J's.Mvi J5 .W00 do 5's, '53 104 6000 Penn 5's, script b5 61 1000 N Y 5's, '58 I00>i 1300 N Y City 7's, '52 110 40110 do 48 par 11000 do d> '57 115 2000 Oliio 6'?,'56 l.'i1* 21 Merchants'Bunk I05U 1O.0C0 d<i '60 b45 95', 30 Farmers' Loan Si Tgt 213-Z 5000 do '60 460 953i 41 N O Canal icBku Co 28 2000 do '60 95% 13 Aub St Koch KR 95 8000 do '00 95}i 100 Long Island Hit 4000 Illinois Bonds 3815 N Jersey KK 8"}i 2000 do *30 3!!U 50 Stonirmlon RR 33 2000 do s30 38j, 25 do ?30 33V 10 000 Indiana Sterling 35>, 25 do 33U 10,000 do bl5 35H 200.'Harlem RR 33?i Second Bn?r<l. 50 Harlem RR 34 3000 0<iio ?1 O') L/ 50 do btO 34 Sew York Public Stork Exchange. $1000 Ouv't 5's,'53 lo'tjjj 25 shrs Farmers' Loan 21V 1000 U S 6's '62 b3 116)? 25 do 'g3 21V 2000 do b3 116 2> do bl52lj? 1000 Ohio 6's, 1860 bl '15'4, 50 Lour Island RR ?60 52*4 1000 do do b3 95V 50 do b3 S2K 3100 do do cash 95)4 1"0 do cash 52*fc <0( 0 do do s30 95 50 do ?fiil M7.4 MWIMrMMUV ' - T'WMia.'iiMMMMIfe* PRiiriiKi'rii Arrived. J Lirr.RPOoi.?Barque Halem? Miu Co*, of Knsland; Robert ,, Anderson, John llinnve, New York?146 in the Malaga?Barque Rothschild?Thomas Qalway. of New York. f < Ham.kstow?8hi|> Suttou?Mr? Rundt, Mr* McCormick anil two children, Mixei Hough, Tracy, linvrie, Hilling. and Burrows?2 in the alec rise. PaaacnK*!'' Mnllert. ' IIavhk?Packet ship Oneida?Mr* Be-j Curtis aud servant, 1 John P March, Mrs ( March, Mrs liosack, 8 T Coxxeus, I'r J Punnettc, Miss Ward mid servant, of New Yoik; Clias A ht Felix, Brooklyn; II McCall jr, J C Kinher, S B Thomas. Isaac Win?low. Philadelphia; Mrs Kdward Fox, Portland; <? W Green, U IS Consul to Home; (in. Mohrand lady, U S Consul to Dresden; I, Bruniei, Fiance; \lr (Jriuuell, New York i *r~ ~~ t Foreign Importation*. I Livkhpooi.?Barque Salem?15 cases mdse Richardson St Watson? I'll hoses kI.iss Wm Chance?17 cks hardware Wolfe ill Gillespie?9 Cisea mdse Law is Atterhury jr?10 Kessler it co ?13 Reiss Brothers?OH bdls iron Concdou tk. co?4 biles indse Johnston (k Burritt? 1 do Vandrrvoort St. Havward?3 Kritli St Speddmg?20 casks nidse III HI ackburu?7 do hardware Win ; Burton?10,000 firebricks II Ilolden?8cases indie C Carroll?I , Geo McCorqudale?30 bans Garnet It Co?30 crate? earthenware <' Cartledne?02 cks 4 bids Jas cks hardware K Ik C Robbins? 60 beus limits Klliott, llariup St Babcock?102 bdls iron v m?nn_1 l.<. (h... ei.i ?.i? a.i aim Brothers?21 casei steel K Sanderson?:51)0 Ins (ill 104)0 bdls iron Phelps, Dodge St co?II crates earthenware Kdw Caldwell ?ill crates 1 lilid d i L St F, Willets?2 pkgs New bold-49,710 I slat.-s 60 crates 5 cks to order. i M; a?Barciue Hoihschild?20(1 i|r casks wine 11,155 boxt-s I 1286 III do 4AO <|r do 129 bbls raisins 627 kegs grapes IIt'i boxes lemon* 76 boxes almonds Aqnire St (HIway ?MO kegs grapes 30 bxs lemons P Harmony's Nephews & co?I libls grapes 2 pkgs raisins Geo Douglass St co Amsterdam?Ship Florian?16 cks wine Merian St Benard? ( 50 bdls strel O, Philadelphia?I cask gin 1 bos cologne > C C t'ankniug, < bar lesion?9 bxs C I' Leverich?10 A Biniuger 8t co?10 J G 8t K Boker?8 cks madder to order. Domestic Importations. Charleston?Ship Stitton?1 pkg Wells St Spring?1 do K i Cottenet?18 K Fiedler-2 Wm C Anderson?38 bids M P Hob- . inson?1 box B II Robinson?129 hides J St G Brooks?50 tc? ' rice J S St B Post?85 bbls M Vassar?I nkg Pill^t St Le B ubier?I J Bnlkley?171 bales cotton J T r amiss?31 do Smith. ! Mills St co?5 pkgs D Horsman?1 Davenport, Quincy Stco?211 ' , hides H Birtlett?300 ,1 Cuinmings?65 pkgs A Henderson?18 I N Shancher?1 J II Capt Cobb?3 J G Winter?I , Schelleliu St son?207 bab'S Cotton to order. Charleston?Ship Peter llattrick?155 bales cotton Vietor St DuckwiU?916 Reuard St co?403 Smith, Mills St co?197 to j order. ' MARITIME HERALD. 1 Mailing Days of the Steam Nlilpi, , from livkrpool. khom america | Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 , Ship Mftitcri anil Agents. ' We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodors H?hkkt Sii.vkv, of our News Fleet, a Heport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spnkeii 011 their Passive, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately 011 their arrival. Agents and Cor \ respondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by sending to (his Olfice all the Marine Intelligence they cau obtain. Nautical Information of auv kind will be thaukfully received. POUT OK HEW YOKK, NOVBJIllKH 3. sun risks 6|33 I moon sets' 2 10 jun skti 51 I hi'.h w.kef. 5 1 Cleared. Ship Rob Roy, Arnold, New Orleans, Center Si Co.?Barques Anahuac, Wilson, Vera Cruz, Harifous Brothers St ('o; Helen Mar, Buckmau, New Orleans.?Brigs Georgian*. Bedell, Savannah. John Ogden; Virginia, Randall, Biicksville, SC. Badger St Beck.?Schra I'aneliiU. Purnell, Angostura, Schmidt St Vogel; James T. Bertine, Barton, St. Croix J. F,. Binrell; Bella del Mar. Randall, Galveston and Matagorda. J. 11. Brower; (Hide, Usher, New Orleans, John F.lwell St Co; J. VVainwright, Lyntnire, Savannah, A. B. Cooley St Co; F.. A. Stevens. Briggs, Baltimore, J. St N. Brings; Cleopatra, Jennings, F.lirabelli City; Cornelia, Hallet'. Boston.?Steam schrs Lion, Stewart, and Kagle, Smith, Mobile. Arrived, Ship Florian, Ellis, from Amsterdam, Sept. 19, with mdse. to Wm. Weis'er. 19th Oct. off the Isle of Sable, saw a barque with loss of fore topmasts. Ship Peter Hattrick, Post, 9 days from Charleston, with cotton, to K. D. Hurlbut&Co. Ship Sutton, Galloway, 10 days from Cnarleaton, with mdse, to George Sutton. The S. lias been 7 days north of Caiie Hal teras. Barque Salem, Hiero, 31 dayi from Liverpool, witli mdse, to M. Drown. Barque Rothschild, Wil?on, from Malaga, S?i>t. 29, and Gibraltar Oct. 1, with fruit, to Brett Si Vose. Schr Margaret, Woglaui. 10 <Uy? from Savannah, with 338 hales cotton to J. Hoguii. Brig I'hilura, Doane, for New Vork, ailed the day before. Schr Spy, Homers, 7 dan from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to E. S. Powell. Sailed in co. with brig Geo. Henry, lor NYork. Schr iouas Smith, Brownell, 6 days from Wilmington, NC. with nival stores, to J. Of den. Schr Eliza Ann, Thomas, from Boston, with plaster, hound to Norfolk?sprung her foremast, put in to repair. Schr Monitor. Besse, 2 dlys from Wareham, M?. with mdse, to Tisdale ti Borden. Schr Indiana, Corson, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master Schr Amphitrite, West, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr John Brick, West, 3 days from Richmoud, with coal, to master. Sclir Amanda, Patterson, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to master. Schr Elias H. Ilerrick, Wilkius, from Salem, with mdse, to master. Schr Coruelia, Ricketson, from New Bedford, with oil, to master. Schr Leander, Ely, 2 days from Hartford, with indse, to the muter. Sailed. Shirt Victoria, Morgan. London; Oxford, Rathbone, Liverpool; Oneida, Funck, Havre; Emily, Crane, St Croix?and all ca re to anchor at Quarantine, waiting wind. flernld Marine Correspondence. Office of the Rhode Isi.aides,) Newport, Oct. 31, 1S43. S Arr 30th, Malaga. Anthony, (late Colbuni, who died of fever at Trinidad 20th nit.) from Trinidad de tuba 28th ult. for Boston, in distress. On this morning ot 26th inst. Montauk light bearing NNE 25 miles distant, took a gale from NK, which 1 carried away foreyard, foresail, fore topsail, fore trussletree, main topmast backstay, sprung main yard, and had cargo siove, to what extent unknown. 2d inst. at 3 311 am. the \1 got ashore on t ape Corientia. in a calm, and lay 26 hours?was got off after slaving 10 casks molasses. Pilot boat Belief, on the 28th, ofT Montauk. at 5 p m, put a pilot on InmiiI Silas Richards, of and for Sagliarbor, absent 28 mos, with 3800 bbls oil; 29th, off Block Island, saw two whale barques, standing E, supposed for New Bedford. UeneriU Ket-onl. Barbie Sagamore.?The Sagamore, Mattison, which left Buenos Ayres on the 23d July, bound to this port, has put into Dili mm distress, having sprung aleak, sprung mainmast, Ike. in a heavy gale from NE on the 27th July. A letter from < aptain ( M. dated at Baliia 2Mb August, conveys the above intelligence; and as there are a number of passengers on board whose frn.ids here have felt a good deal of anxious solicitude for their safety, this will materially, if not entirely, allay their apprehensions. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 30th nil Hope, Stewart, Pacific Ocean, ' 1800 bbls sp. Spoke ofT South of Callao May 31, Henry, Manchester. Salem, 20 mos out, 500 spm; June 10, H?rald, Sanford, j NB, 1000; 11th, John Wells, Russell, Newark. 22 mos, 1800 wh and sp. Arr at Sag Harbor 30th ult. Silas Richards, Dering. Bay of Islands, 3100 bbls wh 220 do sp 29,000 lbs boue. Sid 29th, Josephine, Royce, NW Coast Sailed from Bay of Islands April 5, Gen Jackson, Rainsdell, Bristol, 14 mos, 300 sp. Spoken. 1 Pactolus, Holmes, from Salem for Cayenne, Oct 2, lat ^20 10, Ion 49 10 Humphrey, of Baltimore, steering E, passed 23d ult, lat 37 9, Ion 69 30. Stranger, of Sandwich, bound to Charleston, 27th ult, Montauk NNE 50 miles. Union, from Norfolk for Barbadoes, 10th ult, lat 15 43 N, Ion I 60 20 W. Alexandria, of Alexuidria, signalized no date, lat 30 25 N, i Ion 73 W. Henrietta. Farrell, 14 days from Philadelphia for Antigua, 7th Oct. lat 24 N, Ion 5 ' < alcutta, of Prospect, 8 days from Wilmington, NC.. Oct 14, t no lat, 6tr. Wm Allen, 8 days from Norfolk. Oct 16. foreign Porta. Amsterdam, Se; t 19?In port. Iris, Merryman, for Genoa, 7 dav? Sid Florian, Ellis, NYoik. Malaoa, about Sept 21?In port, Tioga, Ricker, fm Trieste, for NOrleans 25th. In port 29th, Nashua, Perry; Jane, Piuckiiev, and Arab, Foster, wtg cariro. MavaoL'e7., Oct 9? In port, Hjder \li, for Turks Island, nxt day; Signal, Walton, for Aiecibo, few days, to load for Norfolk. Cape Havtieh, Oct 9?In port, Science, II.riling, of and for Boston, 2 days; Eagle, from do, just arr; and a schr from and fordo, ilisg. MaRa?cham, about Sept 17?Arr Roarer, fomiug, NYork. Paha, Oct 3?No American vessels in nprt. Pk.tou, NS Oct 9? Id North Bend, Sparks, Boston. St John, NB. Oct 23?Old Charlotte Ann, Vroom, New l orn. Pinxico, NF about Oct 10?Arr Atlas, M'Cullum, NYork riaTwillingate, NF, Luke Porta. Cl,r.vF.t.A!?D, Oct 27?Arr Atalanta, Oreen, Fairport; Farmer, Newcotnb, Sandusky; <"hip|>ewa, Clark. Monroe. ( Id Ala lanta. Oro'ii. Toledo; Robert Wood. L)it?n; Ann Winalow, Nickerson; N Biddle, Perkins, and Minerva, S|>encer. Buffalo; Mink. Hagadon, Monroe; Amelia, I'ierce, Ogdeuiburgh; C UemiiiB, Richardson, Oswego. Home Port*. Li bec, Oct2l? Sid Falcon , Moore, Havre de (trace: Pocas- , net. < urtis, and Velocity, Montgomery, New Vork;26tli, Ama ran til, Rnde, do. ItoiiiiR, Ort 2li?Arr Veto, Pendleton, Providence. ( UTi.f.H, Oct 22?Arr Roinoke, Knights, F.asfport for Alex andria; Franklin, Pierre, Calais for New York; Falcon, Moore, ! Lnbec for Havre de Orace Wltoilltr, Oct 211?^ld Helen, Oove, Lubec. Poh i i.aM), Oct 28?Arr Statesman, Wass, Addison for New Vo-k; :tDth, T () Brown, Gooding, Turks Island, Cld Science F.lliot, NOrleam: Homer. Pri"re, Charleston. Ntwm'KvroRT, Oct 30?< l"l I.'Orient, Knight, Porto Rico. Sai i m Oct 27?Arr May Parker. Bangor for N Vork; 28th, Gen Brook*. Boston; 70th, <asilda, Cioodell, Bangor for Providence, ami sailed, f Id 28th, Malaga, Varney, Africa. S|d ?8th, Foster. K H I lerrick. anil a (bet of coasters bound S. Arr 31st, Rotaua, Pis. Para Oct 3. River 6th. Boston, Ort 31? Arr Financjer, Sargent, Philadelphia, Below, Naples, Benson, from Manilla May H, with loss of h?|. I wirlis, Sic; .Jacob Perkins, Parrott, Calcutta; Gloucester, Proc- 1 tOT, Cronitadt via 8ydn> \. ('II; Meilm, ('oudmie. Isle of SM, ( ape de Verds. Telegraphed. Isaac Newton, from Tranani; 1 I'alin, Lodi, and Wm Penn, Philadelphia. Signal for I ship, 2 Inruucs, 3 brigs. Cld F.mily Wilder, Snow, Gibraltar; Huron, 1 (Br) Muir. Si Andrews, NB; Austin, Perkins, An* Caves; ' Tarquii', Paine, StJago; Tiberius, llowej, Apilachicola; J VV Paige, Taylor, Baltimore: Vulture, Walker, NOileans; Wm M Rogers, Harding, Philadelphia. N?:w Buiroan, Oct JO?Arr r.xpeditions, Jones, Namemonii; Adelaide. Slocom, Albany; Pioneer, Stewart. NYork; Jtst, F.icellent, Davss. Charleston: Louisa, Perry, Albany. Nami c m. Oct 28?Arr Am Kagle, Farrii, Norfolk Bid 2Mb. Prudent, Albany .... , PHnrtsi-(TO**, Oct 28?Arr ( asket, Wilson, Boston for Port an Piince, put in lor a harbor, and sld again morn of 30th. ? itb i fleet of fi or 8 sclirs, bound S, fsome with lumber, all of * ll v si is is, Oct :tfl?Sld F.lla, Whehlen, Philadelphia for Boston: Friend. I.ovell. NYork lor do. KdoaRToww, Oct 30-Sld all the Eaateru bound veatela; no *rrival< this morning , ...... ' Pnovinurf, Ort in?Arr Linden, lull', (lalet ollina) Mo. i bile; Oneko. Kelly, ami Kgiuty, K.dwardt, Philadelphia F.mi- ' ly, linker; Hardacrabble, Davu.and Advance, Gardner, Albany; Mine* Kiidv, Blivent Ornament, Jonea; S.irah Brewnter, Bebee. ard I lain let, Tuttlf, NYork. Sid Jaa Barbour, Ban*., ' Philadelphia. Nr.w IUvfi, Oct 31?Arr r*cinc, Sperry, Albany; Warren, 8m th. NVork ! 1*1111 aoki.i'mia, Nov 1?Arr North' arnlma, Pratt, Newport; i Elizabeth, Wiley, Salem, Mam; Shark, Steventon, New York Below, Caracat, Wheeler, from Malatfa >n La <>ui\ra. t Id ( Veaper, llopkiua, R< ston; Angeline, Scull; Aclnah D, Pong- i Iva; Ann Klitalieth, Smith, and A Lord, Pitt. New Vork; Joa Kmlinif Wentcott, PrtiTidence; (Columbia. Berry, NBedford, Larkin, Churbiiok, V'all River Arr in the Schuylkill, Con* atellatioii, I iinli.h; Oregon, Cottonl Teunemee, Baymore, and A lifeline, Scull, N Vork; Franria, Wwlrr. NHaviii. Baj.t iMonr., Oct 31?Arr Oeorgia, (a) Norfolk, I'rimrta off , rite Potornad, a ahip and a briffantine; oft the raiment, two j jhipa, one brmantine; and off .lainea' I'oint, Lawrence, from Benton?all hound iip < Id Architect, Oray, Port Spain, Triu II II Cole, Bnyce, Demenira. Ai > i amiria, Oct 31?Air Kavotil#, (Br) Maaleia, llailia, doe?. I 5011(1 do do blO 95 W 25 do b3 52% 1000 do doSat'dy9.W ino FUrlem RR tw 33?i 2000 do do ?10 95>i 28 do ?3 3:1s. 11100 do do Sat'dy 95?? 50 do cash 33s' 1000 do do 95% 50 do tw 33* 1000 Ky6'?, 30yrs liM !Ml, 200 do ?nw 33^ 4000 do M0 98)4 25 do Saturday 3iss 4(100 do b30 98* 50 do 1)10 33>? 2000 do b30 9J4 50 do b3'i 33? 1000 Illinois 6'*, 1870 37 25 do kI0 33>j 1000 do do b7 37>? 100 do t>2<) 33>i 1600 Ind Dol Bonds, 25 y? 37 Corn Trade. All without change in this market?western brand* fetch $4 ft8J. Sixpence more, however, i* Hiked Two low of Toledo wheat. comprising 1,300 bushel*, wcietolil in Buffalo on the38th ult at 80 cent*, ai d contract* cloied lor other cargoes to nrrive, at J a | cei.rt iilvo- e that mnrk ; lorne Biaii Rock Aouraoldut (4 ; the inquiry tor ?;rain wan good j that on board the Hunter wa* not in the market?it goe* to Lockport., [Correspondence of Pomoroy kt.o i Wall stieet ]^y, Oct. Si?The arrival* ol Flour by canal are to u fair extent lor the *.a*on. Veittrday tlie receipts were 13,?80 bbl?. ut thi* place. To- lay the receipt* will not fall abort of, il they do not exceed 9,000 bbl*. E*tim<>ting the rtceipt* at 9 000 bbli for to-day, the tatemcnt lor the 4th week in October will he this ? Receipt* for 4'h wet k in Oct. 18-13, to Oct. 31, 73,6AO " ' October SUt, 9 000 81,6.50 Receipt* at Wust Troy, Ice. estimated at. . . 611,00V 141,MO Hcceipt* for the corresp nding weik In I84J, 118,417 Excess in 1813, hbl*. '26.083 The i e?"ipt* for th> month ?f Oct. '43. 480.93-2 bhl*; la*t year, 411,0"J6 hbls?bein* nn excess of about -JO,INK) hbl*. Flour here it without clunge, at fi.ftO a $4,561, for gool common brand* ol Genesee. The only transaction in grain i* a vale of 4,000 huahel* OH*, at -J7J cent*. Oil Vra?l?. ~~ It teem* that Oil maintain* it* value in all the marketa. In New Bedford last week 63,000 gallon* *f *perm oil wrre told at 77 a 78 cent*, ca*h ; winter sperm letches 30 cent* Eleven huudrsd bid* whale oil brought 40 cent* per gallon,cash. There were imported into thi* country iast week 6780 barrel* sperm and 790') barrel* whalo oil, and 68,000 lbs if whalebone. Died. on Tuesday, 8l*t nit. kasam, relict of the hte. Joiopli Uooker. osed 6ft yeark, 10 month* and ft day*. Her Mineral will tak? |ilace (rom h?r late reiirfence, corne-el 84th and 4th avenue, thi? d?y, Ht three o'clock. Her friend* an J those oi hor lona, Ira and Jttmi? r. are recpfctlully invited to attend, without further in. vitat iop* Oa W.-dncaday evening, Nov. 1, Ma*y,' wife of J.?rrhi in h J Aui'.in, of ron?ni?i't!on, nRed 9J y eat a and 11) Uva. Albany |>?pei a pi *<e . ( October Slit, IM1, Mart JmuMttwrn. rfunnaump Ii, widow ollhn late H llli<> ? .Max a t il, ?hit>v ri^ht. 'rienda and acquaintance nru respectfully invited '< n<! h?r funeral thia alltmoon, at 4 o'clock, at hor ' t i a.Jenc*, I'M Clinton itrertV - Richmond, Ort 'ii- Arr Daiil Fraacia. Small, Borihii; 2Qth, Inn Klin,'I'd* i. '; l.vnrlihur* Ma'hiaa: lumrk. \rtn*r, ml Smith, Wli- li*r. N Y"rk. Olivia Uri<-k>*ll. While, Jamaic i I<1 Richmond. Cheaer. fill Naatau, Deirhuru, NYnrk KuKDKHICkall'Rd, Ort 31?Arr Me*M>il([iT, HulntlDV, (ingatoii, J.i. DEH80N? l\ PHILADELPHIA wiahini to hiva 'I'll1, t M V YORK FKR \I.I) UKrvid r-naUrl)' it th*ir?t.>n i nd dwelling*. every iliy !'r'in 2 to i o'clock, will ideate leadlieir name* mid addrtu. with the Aceuta. TKKMS: Fur one year $7 00 " si* mouth* 3 75 " thfw moutlia . 1 !?'? " on* month f5 " one week 1.J kVithan additioi-of 2'j centi per copy, to th* a''ore t-rina, fur he SUNDAY I1KRALD. Siniile ioi>ie? fur s?ln every day, rice three cwita. (r. 1!. ZiKHKR Si CO., No. 3 I.edK r Uuildi lit. Third ?tree<, o28endlmr A|WiCvm llera'd. tfl 1 amd nui/lmiei t? i " uai?n mnivnno, 001:. IIT ANTKD.?A |?erson that understands the Lamp minufar* ? ? turing and (limiting thoroughly and i? capable of doing ohhin'4 in a g?uer\l way in that lint* of business To such an lil>eral wages and constant employment will be given. Andy to J. I. COY, 15 Maiden Laut, New York. N.B.?None others need apply. n2 3i*ec 1 \T ANTED? By a young woman, a situation as plain cook, ? ? washer, and ironer, or as chambermaid. She i* willing :oassist in washing mid ironing. ?s her r*comm-ndatio ? will rertify an to her capability iu either capacity, F lease call ?t 116 Jlinton Place, 8th street. n2 lt*r ~A11A K ~KKE FETT A SITUATION i? w am ted hv an etpenanced Barkeeper No objection to po South, or West. \ note addres*e?l to Mr, 3. J , 2nd Ward Hotel, will he immediate!y attended 10. Un? I *ceptinnahle eference given n1 lt*r WAXTIJD AH E SJ1 E <! T A B L K Kuglish girl, to take charge of a child two years old, and who it alio competent to act as seamitre?? to the family. Addmss, immediately, A. H . at the desk >f thi* office. ill ;>ti?*r ivril Ward.-qener\l must bring Of amk j r|C AN8.?Freemen to your posta ! in front of the old *.itchh?u?>. in Hudson street, corner of Christopher street. thi< Thursday) evening, at. half-past nil o'clock precisely, lor the nirpose of proceeding to the great meeting iu the 17th ward. It tuners, (lags, Sic , lor the occasion, mint be h nded i" at 4^ 'armine street, before, (i o'clock same evening. The Vigilance ^ominit'ee will wear lilue rosett?s It is hotied it will be a reiienl turn out of inechauict, working men, caumen, butchers, to. Kri iidt, he active lit procuring banners, torches. Sl>:. J. N. JONES, Chairman IVM. Df.WVSK, ^Spcrel.rie. B. 8. WHiTfcr.r, J a,CIWl*nei- n2 lfrrc KW YORK "MAGNOLIA HALL CLUB ?Vive T? Knii Iterbocker ?A meeting of the members of the above luh will take pi tee this (Thursdiy) afternoon, 2nd instant, at :he Elvsian Kields, Hoboken. It is earnestly rei|ue?ted that iverv memb-r will be present, willing and etirer to do his duty. Play will commence precisely a' one o'clock. Chow der at 4 I'clock. JOHN McKIUBIN. Jr., President_J08EPH CARLISLE, Vice President. A WDWKW UKSTKR. ?tec. ?2lt*m SWEEDISII LEECHES. A HRIVED this day, per bark Sir Isaac Newton, Sweedish < 1- Leeches of a superior <inalitv, and selected large size, for lale low, if applied for immediately, to n2 11 * in B JOSEPH, 16 Maiden lane, upstairs. BLACK OXIDE OK mangaNKSE ?5 tons ground, for sale, by PERS8E St BROOKS. n2 in No 6' Liberty street. CJTH W WRAPPING PAP Ml moo Beams frown ^ Straw Paper, for sile, by i'ERSSE 81 BROOKS. n2 m No. 61 Libeity street. T} AGS?8 P K Trieste and No. 1 Leghorns, in lots to suit Av purchasers, for sale, by PERSSE & BROOKS, n2 m No. 61 Liberty streetPACET SHIP LOUISVILLE, from New Orleau*7~U discharging at the foot of Pike str-ot. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their Hoods immediately. nir MONEY TO LKN I). ABRAHAM JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Reade stre t, near Broadway, loans money in larye or small sums, a* may be required, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mate, Dry Goods, Wearing Apparel, and personal property of every descrintion o29 lm*r MONEY K) LOAN. TN sums of $1,000, $1000 >200(1, 81600, $1800, or one sum of A $71100, on unencumbered and productive real estate, iu the city of New \ ork. Apply by note, left at this office, addressed to II. B. 0:10 r moneV lent, LIBERALLY, at the old established stand, 401 Grand street, on R"ld and silver watches, plate, jewellery and diamonds, wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical and mathematical instruments, bedding, and every description of personal property, by LOUIS LEVY, Pawnbroker, o?3 lm*m 403 Grand between Kidge and Attorney st. TO THE LADIES. MAIITFLLE & HOLDEKM ANN will oi<en 011 Tuesday. November7 h. IB 13, at th ir K*ublishm*nt. No. 37 Maiden Lane, iheirnew style of Head Ureases, just received from Paris. Besides a la'ge assortment of Jet Oinainents. o3'l I0t*ec ivl U c KS H N D FURS OK ALL DESCRIPTIONS, can be honght at wholesale prices, from this date unril the lirst of November, at No. 60 LIBERTY STREET, o20 2vrp Near Broadway. UllR SALE CHEAP?An Oyster and Dining Saloon on " Broadway ^ it is now doing a good business To an enter prising nnu it offers inducements seldom met with. The fixtures will be told at a fair price and no charge made for 1 he good-will of the establishment. Ill health is the nun the present proprietor wishes to withdraw from the business. Address Sneeden, Herald Office, giving real name and where an interview may be bad. o3t 3t* rc OYhTEKS. ru;>u, rrwces tsay, mirewsnury ami r.asr ruver Oysters, are served up at Johnson's Sa.oon, M7 Fulton ac, near Broadway, fresh from tne Banks,in every vaiiety and style. Fri>*d, one shilling: stewed, one shiHiugthe plate N. B.?Open from 6 o'clock, A. M to 12 r. M. ill 3t"r MKS. PUKDY'S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. NO. 98 Hamersley str<vt?Mrs. Purdy and her two daughters having recently arrived from England, where they were engaged in giving instruction in the various branches of English Education, Music, Drawing Mid French, are prepared to receive a limited number o! young ladies llrr terms are regulated by L'u general reduction,in every department, for which, and other paitltuliu,?hr begs to refer to her card, w inch will he furnished ou application at her residence. nl lm*r K.W BUCKWHKA'l ? 30(1 Barrels New Buckwheat. Jf'O hf his do do 400 qr bis do do 660 eighths do do 300 bags do do For sale by HOLT St OWKN. n28 fitis'r 200 Front st corner lieekman. NEW liLK KW'HKAT?1000 packages in barrels, half barrels, quarters anil eighths, parked ill a superior manner for the southern market?a choice article and free from grit. For lale on liberal terms by oU Jni^r OEORGE WELLS. Jr li*l Front at. NOTICE.?G?nU having cast off (Clothing which they want to dispose of, will, by leaving their addiess at W. Simpion's & Wilson's old established More. I!) Chatham street, lie called on at their residence. All kiuus of cast off clothing, watches, musical, mathematical instruments, se?iaat?, (juailrants, guns, pistols, guitars, &c., bought and sold at No. 19 Chatham street. V B. All kinds of carpenters'tools bought. oH tn*r BOARDING FRENCH and American Boarding House, No. 61 Heade st., a few doors from Broadway. Boarders will Hud it au \gr.eable home, at a moderate price The French is generally ip ken. Day boarders taken. o26 1 m*m GENTEEL BOARDING AT MRS. GERE'S. No. 27 COUHTLANDT STREET. SINGLE OR MARRIED Gentlemen can be accommodated w ith eieellent Board and comfortable Rooms on moderate erms. Also, a front Parlor and Bed Room on the second floor, furnished or unfurnished. o9 ltn*m HOARDING?A gentleman aid his wife, or two single gentlemen, can he accommodated wjtli a commodious room Miilti iird, at No. 40 Run wick street, four doors from Spring. o3l 3t*r BOABDlNU-8?mtl furnished rooms for gentlemen and their wire* or siugle gentlemen. Enquire at 86 White *t o20 lm*r BOARDING HOUSE? MK3 CLARK. No. 3 Mottttreet, has a vacancy (or a respectable man and his wife, and two or three dingle men of good character, where the comforts of a home can be obtained. Good references required or pay in advance. oil Sw'ec rPO LET, WITH UOAHD, a handsome front I'artor-four -* kindinme Bed Rooms. af <11 Houston street. otn Im'r HAVANAMANSION_HOUS? ilOTKL rT,HK undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and the public. That the ^Mansion House is now located in In* quisidor street, No. 67. in (he vicinitj nf the steamboat lauding and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged in the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, kc. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of the revenue officers N. 11.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from ihe Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate difilc.ulties aud iuconvenit-nce. 21 6mec WILLIAM KITLTON. TO TAJI.ORS. QTINEmETS'8 new and complete system of cutting gartnents of every description, is with the utmost confidence offered to the trade, as bein i the most pricticsl and useful work rf ttie kind ever bef re pnblishe 1. I he book, which it 12 by 16 inches, contain* I' elegant diagrams of the various kinds of Karments. with plain and ample instructions for cutting th? isme. and in a style which eannol be surpassed It has already gained the approbation of the most talented of ihe profession, indc annoi fail givniif entire satisfaction to all who use it. J'he work can lie forwarded to any part of the Unitid States by addressing the author, No. 93 Cedar street. New \ "rk. o31 I m m JAMES T.ACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, 62 John street, near William, rontinne* to make up lientlemen's garments of su|*rior workmanship, and in the most fashionnlile style, at his nsnal inw prices Gentlemen in want of new aud fashionable clothi"g, should rail and eiamin* his select sioca of gouds before purchasing elsewhere. Atrial will lie sufficient to convince the most economical, that lor beauty of tit, style of workmanihip, and At such eitraordmary low prices. this establishment cannot 11'-' ?iir|#tssed by auy in the city. i j * < Jeutlemeo furnishing their own roods can have them uncle vid trimmed?a perfect fit warranted or tlie price of the loo?l? rfiurm'tl. >>12 hn*ec TK.RMn CASH THR INVISIBLE WIG SJO closely resembles the real head of hair thnt scept ci and ^5 connoisseurs lure pronounced if (he moit perfect and extraordinary invention of tlie day The grem advantage of this lovel and iiniijiie wig is Us being made without sewing or weaving. Which causes its apiwarancea so closely to resemble he natural hair, both in lightness and iMtnral ap|>earauce, as to lefy detection, its textnre being so beautiful, so porous and so 'ire, that in all cases of perspiration evaporation it unimpeded, ind tne great evils of other ?ig* entirely avoided, The sceptic md connoisseur ire alike invited to inspect this novel and beaullul Wig. and the peculiar met Sod of fitting the head, at the nannfacturer't A C. Birry, 116 Hro.idw.ty, corner of l.iberty l reel. up snirs n !2w? in ' THERE 18 NO f*U' H WORD As FAIL ** WARRANT'S COVIPOUND F.XTKAf T OK CUBKBfl 1 i\\|.) f'OfAlBA.?This prepiratiou will be lound lit* re.atest and mnit valtnhl discovery in tbe annals of medicine, 'or tlis sj? 'dv removal of all diseases, frequently elfectlis a cure in the <hort space of three or f iur days. The following (Uttering teatim nials from an eminent meili>al practitioner, fully sustains the high character of this iutstinaiile m'dicii e. "The general me whi h your medicine has acquired in the icveral Hos| rals which has c?me under mycare, and the sjiee-' Iv cures efT>cted hy it gu oi itee m' in my perseverance in it is a remedy in case* of < tonnorrhoM and t fleet several of wbicli iltli'nigh very aevere, yet wire filth subdued in it shorter l?ini tlian was e\er accomplished by tbe former Ordinary mouea U practice " Prepared and sold wholesale and retail, by JAM KB TARRANT, Drn??ist, fcc. cornrr <Ireenw ich and Wsrren ?ts. Outers attended to Willi punctuality fium any section of tlie Union. oil iwis'rn APCTION SALES THOMAtt DKLL. Auctioneer ( ;(/ ?>? V?. 3i . ititi ?/ce/ Ill./ m Hit/V t Itrrrl I THURSDAY, Large ?a't? ?( choice Kurni u" of ill descriptions, from faun lie* icmoving, kc.. at l?>t "'clock, in the sales room. AI to a fctock of dill i: ly nude < ahitiet Kuriiluf*, *11 of which 11 wairanted Lilo-wi*', i auiarb Pia'iofortee, Paintings. kc &.C. Alao, the *baUn**e of tic valuable hotel furniture. including v*,ri u? article* not called for ?t tlie ml*, together with the enlire furniture of i geul**vl I y giving II|> housekeeping. At II,S o'clock in the Fulton it store, t'arpe'inR?About 90(1 yards llruasel, ingrain. three-ply and \ t'n?lid'i cnriiei* mil rtiniiiulg, troin 5 to5() yards each. rianu Forte?One Piaun Forte by order of the .Sheriff. FlllDAY. Large site ol seasonable ilry goods, *1**1(4111 clt'hniir, fancy and pledged article*, watches, jewelry, groceries, hardware, table cutlery, superb plated war*', and a great variety of curi isitiea. SATURDAY. At 10K o'clock ill tlie sales rooms. Painting*,rianoFortea and Furniture?Seven iplrndnl rosewood and mahogany piano forie*, by the he*t linker*, th ee second hand tin; I vahiublu organ and I seraphine; an entue invoice of choice inintiugs?the collection of an anuteur, cusi prising some charming picirre* ami Iwautirul subjects. Ah i, a <|iiintity of tint rue cabinet luruitnre. N. B.?Everv facility will be alV ided for the diapoaal of < if;, 11 it i?c riot ii in* P,l.?i?e.. will .... .1 a business like manner. Sales will regular, and returns prompt, in tins vstablishment, now under the rho^e solely of THOM 18JJELL N BENJ 1MIN MOO NCI Auctions AUCTION NOTK K HAKDWAHK. CUTLKKV, BRA88 GOODS, Fancy Goods. MOONKV St Co. will sell. thi? day at 10 o'i lock, fit 01 .M siden^ Larie, * rior assortment of IItrd*iire and Cu'lerv, viz ? Curry Comb*, Coil Hods. Braces and Huts, Kile*, Collins' Airs, Maud iud Panell Sawi, British Lustre, Bra**, Clumber < -andlesticks, Pollock*; Chest and Close* do. Axle Pullits Itilian Irons, Hnzor Strops, I'U'fl Locks, Hit and ( loik Hooks, German Silver Table and Tea Spoons, Breid Biskets, Tea Trays, Bi iy Stair Rods, See. Also, V>0 doze James McMor&n and C^.'s fine Pocket Cutlery. Als\ a lanje assortment ofother Cutlery. Also. .Mill Saws. Al?), an Invoice of Brass Orod* Also, 6 Casks, Brass Kettles. Also, t? Anvils. Also, 6 ras s line Razor Hones. Also, 15 rirli French Accordions. Also, an In voire of French F-ncy Goods, vii.?Biikrti, Vejisi Outtri( Finey Bot^. Work Boves, Dominoes. Segar Cases, Pocket Books, Nail Brushes, Purse*, Rattles, ike. Also, an Invoice of Brushes. I i ilofvct urn now road) nf !t*i A. c. TUTTLK, \ucti HARDwAwK \UCTIONSALK?JAC*>BS.PLATT'S twenty-third fall tr.'de Hardware sale this season, will take place (hi* d?y at the Merchant's Kiehauice Aun'iou Hoom, No. 21 I'latf street, at 10 o'clock, consisting of hlni(lish, Gerrmu, French and Amcricau Hum ware and Cutlery. Also, 100 lots Ivory , Stag, White Bone. and othe Table Knives and Fork , and Carvers, Pen and Pocket Knives, Scissors. Razors, &.c A'so, part of a se:t of Sheffield Pa'terns cards of Cutlery, amoiiii which is 2,f0 pieces elegant Ivory und other Table K'nv.-s, Forks.sad Pan ind Pocket Ki ivas, ud ik ??.???r . Also, a*. 12 o clock, ?ii invoice of Guns *nd Pistols. Also, cises Philadelphia mule Forks and Shovels and SpadesAlso, Brass Audiions, nnd Shovels and Tongs, and .'>00 lbs British I u ire Also, 100 dozen Hickory and Oak Ase Handles, assorted. Also, 10 casks Sadirons, to close a consignment. AUo, 300 pair Skites, Hand ami Panel Saws, Wood Haw Blades, Couipiss and Mack Siw?, 100 pair Bellows, hta'r Rod*. Sheffield Brace and Huts, Hiudostaii Oil Stones, Japanned Lamps, ike Also, .'>0 lots Plated and Japanned Saddlery goods. Al??>, .'>0 yards India Kublier < 'loth. N B ?For the information ofcouutry purchasers, it. is stated th\t no lunced <oods are received at the above auction ro?*in, and every article in the catalogue is sold tr> the highest bidder. ii2 lt*r AT AUCTION. pRF.ENHOUSE AND G A RDF.N PLANTS, fcc.-Rossell's entire near and rare collection of Roses, Geraniums, Azalias, Wmolias, Rhododendrons, Cactuses, 8tc, will bp sold by f. 9 o'clock P. M Friday, Novembs I th- Warden, (in the Greenhouse ) Henry street, near the *?outh Ferry, Bfoostyn, (I at^ Mr. Perry's Otfdio.) Sale positive, without reserve. < atalomies may * e had previous to day of *ale, at the Garden and of auctioneer, Brooklyn; also, of Mr. Thorhurn, Niblo 8c Duulap. need stores, New York. ill 3tis*r Joll N P. SON, Auctioneer. Store 121 Fulton street. EXECUTOR'S BALK OF FURNI PURE. &c.-Will sell on Thursday, Nove.nber 2nd, at 10 o'clock, A. M., by order of (he Kxecutors, all (he Furuiiure fcc., contained hi the house No. SI Woostej. 2nd ?!?? from (hud, of thi but (knit i. vaawagginor. ?i? < immL fiouifiiii as follows "Sofas, Bookcases, Mahogany Tables, Looking Glasses, Mantle ( locks, Carpe s, Centre and Side Tablet, Mahogany and other Chairs, French. Mahogany and M?ple Bed?'eadi, Beds and Bedding, Window Blind* and Shades, Oil Paintings, Soves, China, Earthen, Crockery, and Glass War", Ki(chan Furniture. See., with which the sale will c uiimenre Alto, a ore-horse wagon and harne-ts, stahl* fixtures, &c. N.B.?Out door sales o* every description attended to in person, in any part of (he city. o30 4tis"r 6/&6H T*A"s5mTGKyOK LI VEKP' OL-tfirst packet to MrvI'V ?nl i'- hivelv on s i'iipI a*. t'e tth of November.MmmL '1 lie stdendid new packet ship COHOTA, Captain D. Ilepuum. will sail punctually ?s above. Having accommodations for a limited number of caI in passengers, which will he tihfti at low ratas, ifctrly appli* cation is made on board, or to W. ?? J. T. TAPSCOTT, 13 PerU Slip, 112 r Corner Si nth strait. agg; ~onil y~ ' Seoul ak link "To a new" ohMRrffV" LEANS.?-1The following first diss packets will JIImmmm siil# punctually as advertised, weather permitting, or pdHt*au?* ire*, vix The ORLEANS, Captain Sears, on the 5th of November. The SHAKSPEAUE, Captain Miner, on the 10th of i November. The SARATOGA, Captaiu Russell, ou the 15th of November. The accommodations of thes* ships for cabin, second cabin end steei a*e passengers, are such as cannot fail to eu?ure every comfort to passengers during the voyage. The ship* of tiiis line have now commenced their regu lar trips, and will sail punctually every five diys throughout the se sou. Aunngcn niv, tMmori r-l> on not Mng detained. The pric;* of passage being very low, those wuhi g to iecure berths in either ol the above picket*, can d? so by ripplvtng on board, or to IV. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, At?tlwir General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, I n2 r corner of South street. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Ab"ut imtv -cres of improved land, with a comfortable dwelling thereon, 'stone being preferred) situated on, and extending down to Hie water, either oil the Hudson or F..vt rivers, about 13 or 20 miles from the cry. Any person hiving such a place for sale can obtain a purchaser, | ro?ideil it be perfectly healthy, and the price does not much e*c-*ed $5000, by eddressing "Ceres" af the office of this paper nl Ttis*r MTO BE LET?The second floor of a two story house nv.H tin Battery, consisting "I three rooms, fnraish <1 oi nnfnrnUh id, in i reference to some single gentlemen, wh com hi be provided with part or lull board, if desired. For particulars, plea* iddn toB. 8,139 Branch P. Q? nl 3t*r PREMIUM HA fs AND CAPS. SUPERIOR Moleskin, Nutria and Silk Hats, Cloth J^Btaud Velvet Caps of the subscriber's manufacture. A di ploina was awarded by the American Institute, at the l it* Fair in this city lor beautiful Miecitiiens of Moleskin Hats; and a diploma w is also iwaidd fof saperior s| ecimens of cloth gad velvet caps. On hand a large assortment ?| hats and caj?s. to favor liiin with a cull. WILLIAM BANTA, No. *J4 Canal st, comer of VVooster street, o3l lm m anil .No. 130 ClMfMin itreet. T> KADV MAIhTTv'KUI OATS, \V~nne7~r nicks,! loaks, " Sic.? Kxtra Beaver and Pilot Cloth Ov?r Coats, Wiuter Frocks, Sacks, Sic. Also, extra and mi 'liuin quality Cloth Cloaks. Corsair at 211 Broadway, American Howl, opposite the Fountain. oli lm*r \V M. T. J KMNINQ9 fc CO. TV/fKNS', BOVS' AM) i ! 111,1 Wik.VS '' L< >TH IM i.? i-vi- OKO. T. URREN, Nos. 110 < 'hatham str*et, anil 4 i. ow ery, will keep constantly on hand a full and complete assort mailt of Mens', Hoys' anil Children^ Clothing, of all descriptions, mailt* In thr most fashionable style, to which he would respectfully invite th? attention of those m wmt Ashe has made arrangements to receive Cloths, Cassnneres, Vestings. Sic , ky every packet, anil lias secured the service* of eiperienced Cutters, he pledges himself to give purfect satisfaction to all who may purchase. N. B.?< rannents made to order at the shortest notice, and with strict punctuality. ol Im'r GENTLEMEN' S L> 'FT OFF WAHDKOHE.-Uentle men or families desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel into caali, can obtain lor the same the Inchest cash Jince. To families and gentlemen quitting the city, orchaui(iii|( residence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will tind it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residence by appointment. H. LEVETT. No. 6 John street. New Vork. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. ( Li (TH1 N( i i ieaned altered and repaired. oU lm*f? ____________ _____ rI'M IF, SubsTiliers be? to announce that they have just receivnl I bythe K.inera'd, Iowa, I!altimoreand Argo packils. nl*rge portion ol their spleuilill goods, embracing many entirely n- w sly l?s of lamps, and other \rtjel-s in the liue, at low pricrs, which will he foui d woithy of inspection. The late importations comprise in part the following, vn:? Car ;el Limps, of 150 modi-Is. trlobe,?I aiuted, medallion and lich cut, 50 kinds. Shades, paper?Landscapes, medallions, painted, cut, Jie, all I new st) les, 200 varieties. Do I'orci l?iii?Kor library and parlor lamps. Lustres?Bronte and gilr, for 2, 3 and 4 lights, 20 models. Suspensions?bronze and gilt, for halls lie.?various styles, do do do lor billiards, with one lamp only, lighting a table perfectly. Candelabra*?Kor 4, 6 and 8 light*, ricli wilt ami broiue, ienaiifaiica, ike, See. Al of winch were manufactured to order expressly for u?, under the immediate direction ufour agent. at Pari*, and we mu say with confidence that our lamp* will give ? ?li*Taction in all eve*. A. Ll I AC ON h K, I). 8 A X TOM, Agenta, Itneod is*ei" 20 John street. __ FURNISHING STOKES 11 MAIDKN LANK r" ?nn 349 BROADWAY. Jk I. ''OX have just received an excellent assortment ol the following articles, which they offer at very low price* for ca*h:?Solar Lamps, < tirandoles, .Mantel C locks, Ja|e>nii?rv, Hall Lantema, Candelabra*. Table I utlerv; also, llodgrrs k Son's celebrated Table (Cutlery, Plated Candlesticks, Biauchca, Waiters, ('ake Baik-ts, Uni-, Im Kettle*, Th Setts, and every article of Pla'ed Ware, ol Sheffield and Birmiiignain manufacture; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Dish Covers, lla.h and Oyster Dishes, Vension l>ish??, Lrus, fcc. Su; I iermui Silver Ware? l)n ? k Sou's celebrated* Ware?Polished Steel KI re Sett*?a splendid assortment ol Shei; field I'laled Kpergiies. Silver Spoon*, forks, Tea Sett* kc? kc? in great variety constantly on hand, Strainer* will lind it U> their intrreat to call and mapect their tock previous to purchasing. N. B. Kail and winter strained Sperm Oil, a* usual, at IJ .Maiden Lane. o7 I m?id Is* in '|'(i WouL VlANL'i'AC 1'L'KKKS, 4te.?The lubacribw i gives notice that he is the legal Assignee of JOHN OOULDIN'O, late of Rogbnry, .Machinist, as such la alone authorised to claim and receive pay from those ludividuaisor companies, ill various part* of the United States, who have inniii', ur wed. certain improved macluuatv, Invented by said (Moulding, for the manufacturing of Wool, which improvement* were secured to him by Letters Patent dateil Dec. IJth, IKM, and J!Hh July, IH'J6;aiid he lieiehy camions such individuals and companies against paying any thing to any one except himself for the use of said improvements; a* uo one el*c call give them a legal discharge lor the datnage, or coinpeusatifcu, to which said Onnldmi s estate is, hy law, entitled for the use of the improvements secured to him by the Patents above named. K. CUPKLAND. Jr. Assignee Bosto*, 9th Oct. IM3. of JOHN (K)ULDINO. A? these Patents expired on the 11th of December. 1840, uothinjf is cla.uied. or expected, for the use of the imprntemei t? CHEAPEST CARPfcT ESTABLISHMENT IN THK v I'n'iml *. INip 99b'>w?rv.? \NDKK?ON ?. now ?>tr?-r ihrir wholemock ol t|>le*ilid nrw iKHrmsol ?ii|wn ' Knclitli Tlirn Ply IMi|wri.t1, iiifiliur, ilnuMr iniifr ?i.?fcomuinii Iiicr*i:i ( ar|fiiiiK, llrumel?, tutted Hearth lljH, * " Window j*h?ln, til nf which, Imt ihr b--eii |Mirch??ed * ' "v price*. for c.t?h, will be aold from U10 iO l*r cent lower twi. uiy olher etiaMinhmwit in lhi? city. , Cmmm n Ingrain ( nrpetinif, 2? M ; er y?ro. Fine liter iu Curretiuf, <? P*r V?ro. 8u|<erfl'.e do 5' |T v?*d Three Ply do from It to IS* i?r ymtf. Floor Oil Clotht, ?ny width, <? i'*f v "> ANHKHMO.N >* dobbvv " "<r*nW ?J12wif*e rh> ?>-v li"'?r ?> TO 1'KiNn .t 17(111 SUK -Two fonnm of Tyk-e. M''"'V "\S. L r which h??* l*?" rewYorkl.rtl Ap >.* it ihi(olfio?? AMUSEMENTS. paiik thcat;: Panw<11 r Vr r*lirnl? <ud ?ii? I . t ?pt?tMn<!*, prior to hit <i-|Mirt?iv for S<mth. TlltH %?.? t l*? f * '* ???< ? WH \T .*: ! i : v/OHLD SAV. Low NorwaM vlr Bvrr Hon. * Vitrei Nu'waid Lovill I PUci?l* o uclml^ with OR ANDK ATM < WHtTKHF.AD. <?rnntifathi*r Whit*|?? ?4, \]r P|?ci<J*? Laugl-v Barry jrT-Botntl-n; V>. ' f ? , vntr <r Doonoptn at qu*ft?*r tn 7. TU* ? ?rt^in will nn* pr*rn*lv *r 'juarlfr i*at 7 < ? - I. Cf< A i HAM niB II I Bnffl ?'? CfilU I'll l2Vf ceilti. NolK?*?Tb* Doors will o ?? it hiK-iwut 6. ^urtAin will rit? #t 7 o'clock. RKNOVATV P \M' >' K-OPKNK.!) THIS KVKNINO. Nov. 2?Th* portorniaae will con.ui^qc** with BONN TO GOOD LUCK Paddv O'lUftVrtv Mr Will/am* After which, BONK 81*1 ASH DIABLE. Bona Squash Diable Mr Hic? After which. FHATIIUMDK. < 'tin Mr Baru#s A Or winch, MTLETKKR OK I'ALKRMO. Myrtillo Mr Wood To cmi? hull* with the DON JtJAN. Df n Joan Mr B*r???>s UllfCRBWI OIjI WFIC THJBA I THIS EVEN I NO, Nor. 1?Th* performance w:ll enm mmc with QUEEN OK THE HUDSON. Michael Brayling Mr. Nicking* After which BKAl'TY AND THK UK A ST. Johii Quill Mr Ma K >llow?*<l hALDO VTK PUM* Broomy Swish Mr Mitchell To conclude With NKW FOOTMAN. Bobby Breakwindow HnM fp* iiress 1'irele, SO cents?ITmw 2ft c^'U ?Private Boici, Sv-Orchfv i B \?% $ fT"r* Poors oi?'M st urt ii ri**' *t 7 CIRCUS ?HOW Kit \ AIVflMIITIIK A I'liR. JOHN TIU ON ... MAN AUK II Treasurer, J. L) I*. < hamt'liu I'?wii mil K?i?ieK'*i ..tvc<or, John Oossin King Mastrr, Mr Ni*,,r Boxe* 23 cents F*ir I2f, mit? <'liildr***! t"? Box-*, wh?? ' omrani^d h. their Kuirdiaus. i'iV? c-ut* THURSOA * K VENINU, N??v. I?To comimnc* wit:? ENEMIES IN VVAK : IN PEACE FRIENDS ! H'?rni ii*\ by Pagan mi. To he followed hy n superior display * f OIIOIJMLI AND LOKTV TUMUWNO. A heanti'ul act of 1 lortenvnlip. by Muter Henry. Allemaud* on Tw ? 11??r*? ov Mm. \> mar and Mm. (iosstn. Mtck Rope, by Mr. Uarvey Mr. Saucer will ap|?tr hi a sc^ne ol single horjern luship, itifind Indian War'ior Mn. Spencer in her I cautifol pe rforminces upon the Tight Hope. Mm, UoRsin in her changeable act of Horsemanship. Still Vaulting, by the hut f rout*e of Votfguers in the World Principal act of Horn manship. by Mr ( *Uhau. Mr. Sv\?*et will introduce l?n 1JUU TI M OIJII. Clasnc Uroupn-n and ! volutions, by t^eHunuamn Brothes. MH WILLI AM STOU I , Will appear us the Hitler of the Hippodrou e, carrying Master Henry in a variety ?>f difficult attitudes upon two fleet Arabian steeds. (Ja?vey. A splendid act of Ilorsemaesliip, entitled the Dying Moor, by Mr Hwwt To conclude witn MILLER AND COALMAN. IT7" Season Ticket* for ?ale it the bo* office, price $i. Doors oi>eu itt >'*% o'clock. Performances commence it 7. o30 r PKAL.K/S IVKW YOKK MliHKl Jt, AND PICTUKE GALLERY. (BrMidway. ojiponite the (,'itv fh'i.) GREAT ATTHACTIONS KOI! A SMALL PRICE! COMPETI I'lUN DEFIED AND DISTANCED! ALL FOR ONE SHILLING ! Mr. H. Beimelt, Manager, is bappy to announce an engaga mrnl with MADAME ADOLPHE, Who may be privately consulted during evry d?y and eveuiug ' Il is we k, regardunr the PAST, PRESENT, AN!) FUTURE ! By her knowledge of Phreiioloiry, Plr si'gnomv, Mesmerism, and the hidden i nances, sh* is able to reveal truth.) which never could be learned bv a prof. ?giv| FORTUNE TELLER ! MONK A1) KIA N TIIE GKEA'I MAGH IAN ! Will iietf.irm |Cn (Iliferent tricks. MECHANICAL FIGURES. Mr. COLLI N s, Comic Singer, and MJI.OAn Cnrioaiti?a. Performances every evmieg at half-past 7, and Wudneaduy ami Saturday afternoon* at 3 o'clock. Admisniou 'o the whole 118^4 cents 1 cents e*tra to those who consult Madam* Ado!ph A i*ikhr;*N mlrnKtwl AND F E R PKTUAh FAIR. POSIT IV I- LY LAST WEEK OF GENERAL TOM THUMB. WEIGHING O>LV FIFTEEN' POUNDS. The last wrek of Professor JOHNSON, who will M.^gnti til" a young lady, which places the truth of that science bu ytnd all cavil Positively th* l-tst week of the eccentric Hit VALHNTIM.. Mr. SHERMAN, th' popular tocalist, Jic. M(i. NEL1.IS, BORN WITHOUT.ARMS ! [Saturday utst? Farewell benefit and positively the laat api?eannee of* Ohi. Torn Thumb. [G^ Th* ur**it and un?urpa?s*bl? noveltiei ei peered on Wednesday of this week, will positively be i reduced on Monday next. Admission to the whole 26 centa?children un?t*r u*n y-iars haH price. ONE MOKE GKAN'I) 1VOCAL CONCERT of the jma^r.n .vi.Atu r\ u hi/i-m.-sa ^u.\w, AT THE APOLLO SALOON, 'PHI HSDA \ earning, NoTeuiber ?ml 1843?K.Mrom..jfd by A the large and increasing crowds whirh nav* niiltlly attended thair c uicer*. Mi se* Mary ?? ! Kosin.t Hmw will, ?*?.sted by their brother, Mr DAVID T SHAW, gi.e another (irand Concert this evening, at ilia abor" place, wi ih a i.ew and wellselected progriffime Director, Mr H. S Haiubriilge, who will presi ie a'. the Piano Forlr Conductor, Mr U ivid T. Shaw. ' once 11<> commence at 8 oYioc.'i. Ticket* s? cent?, tn be obtained at the Music S>n>r???, and at ihe door in the evening. n2 lt*m Vor.AL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT BY Mil. P K WEIZ1, L, on Thur*day Evening, No*.2nd, at the Brooklyn liia'itnte (formerly Lyceum.) n(i\C|"AI PERFORMERS. MRS. EDWARD LOIJER, A OEN i'L E.MAN AM \TEUR, Mil. KNAEHE'. ? MIL WEI2EL. Agisted by *n efficient Otchcitta. Leader Mr. U. Hill. "" ond.ictor; Mr. 'J'unm. 'ickets Fifty rent* each?'To be bad at th* principa I Mu*ic Store*, and it the residence of Mr. Weinl, corner ol Hicks and 1'ierpont ?t?, or at the duo'. T_/~To commence at quarter before 8. oil 3t*r F'HIDAY, Novemlier 3d, lHl't ? By general repeat, in consequence of the great number of tainilie* who were nnaSle to obtaiu nilmission at tb"ir I ist ( oncert, M'ME. CINTI OA MOREAU and MONS. J.ARTOT, Have the honor of announcing ih?ir Farewell and poaitiv?ly Last Conceit before leaving for Boiton, on FRIDAY, th- 3d Nov., IHI3, at theVv.mliington Motel. Lea ler Mr Timrs. py For Programme see small bill*. [f/"Ticketa Si each?To be had at th* Mime Si/ ? ?t.J Hotel* and at the door. Concert to oommenc* at B o'clock. ,;l" CONCERT. MADAM LAZARF AND MR.MIRO heg respect'nlly annonnce ih*y h.ive, at the s>iicit-<tioo i ' nun> i? Iri'ii'U, concluded to (five a xcond and la?i (. u t- r * it ;h., Apollo S loon, on Monday I vfnilig,'.tli N' veinber c >. *iiic< occdtion ih*y will be aimted by aeveral eminent pri !?sars Ticket* One Dollar each?To be hil at the Music n?> and Hotel*. . ii'tc "park theatre." MR PL AC IDE'S BENEFIT, And La*t Api*-*rauce prior to Ilia departn-e tor the MR. PL A' IDE rcancc' fully informs hi* friend- anil t'.i. public in K', that his Uen?tit, and 1 wt apt** * . In New York pre*lou* to hia departure for the south, wiii la* l lace m the I'irk '1 hea're on Till'RSI)AY, Nov. 2U, whni he hope* that the entertainment* selected for the occuion will ineet with their approbation. '1 he me essful Comedy < f WHAT WILL THE WORLD SAY * (for the first limn theav three yenra ) Captain Tatiadidille Mr I'lacid* Supported by the whole strennth of the company. After wb'ch. and by de*ire, GRANDFATHER WHITF.HEAD Orandfatner Whitehead, for the laat time. Mr riacid*. With other eatertaiiiuieit*,as will beeipreased in future adver hsements. o1li*3t,r ITALIAN MUSIC.?MR. MANNING, (twenty year* r?.i dent in Naple*,) pupil of Pacini and Crpieoitiiii, give* in k.imlish miemt, anil in the inott liialiiouable itj'je of piano forte plaj inf. mr. m. h u prrtnicion to refer to the following tentlenu-n:? J. m. wainwriicht. u. d.j me*sr?. howl.uid st anpiuwall; i . k. schroder d. d.} mr. j. 1' urijiiitm; f. l. hawkm, i), d . mr. 8 ward. sir. m. resides jt j30h hudnon ?tre?t, near spring at. n? tm*r music Mk.shu8 8< hnkidkk h rkbhun, prof??.or? of sluilc, uteof saratoga spn?f?, reniwct fully mnonnrr, that tliey are now prepared to *ive their attend nice at privata parties soirea, (eremite*. st- . during !he e.iauing ??i<>on, parlorinitiii thi" mi>?t n oilem and lopul if miuic. al' onlert for 'heir ittendanee will be received and iniiwer?<i i' pie?en renulenre, M frothy ?t. nfi lm*r via i>a.m 1'. mjtt' ?n, r k o k k s s o h ok h | m) 1 n () . i6 varick nwt, 8t. john*' ptrk. il5 jm*r music. kammkreh, pro'enaor of mime, re?pect/?ily ? miununcei t i lii? l'atroru and the public in g>-i eml. that h? hi* rem ved fiom c.roahy to 3^ laur#n? itr??t, whet ?ll "pli ri lor ln? ( million b mil. to wait oil ptrti??, k: . mot out of town, will be re?*ived and promptly atunded to. , , ordern for j k. will ,iuo bereceind at mr. w dulwi m?< , w irwjwiy n im'rre dim how rtdtnu m h ul ?c* bowkbv. v4 ii i), hai the honor to annonncr ehnt hi? schanl i? '>p?? f<j? the reception of pupil*, d.nlv. stui?*i (iiwrfl ? or L iUtm, rrom 9 a. >1. r.? i r ?? t (Jrotlwn^c. from 7 to 9 A. M.? wd 1 to I P. M. Hi, Sly %ud <juiet horn** '??r tnt fqm or parade, t<? Port* -n* ind pnrtictifara applv aa thor?. mi Jm#r rP IIKOVV'N Mion^ ifil Knirtver, 3V< Biotdw^jr, o|)|>ocii? * ih* l'?rk t'o*i?of Arini, tresu Cyplirra, kr m*raved. Ltdi**' Seal*, Pencil* m#?, Kirct 3ic. rnxmcil wnh .?ai? of Arnn. Name*, r any devices Diamond* AmetPvata Topaitif 4c.. fo? uaHt in iKt* rmuh or c? fo any form Coafa f' wm I tud painted in any itvle, fiotft two dollar* in4 upward*. -ih! forwarde-l fo in v p*rt ?>f tht* l!q t#d flutr* pooka of Irrald 1 k??pl *? .th n m ar?j> nf IgOjg n^mw nl >t?r ! SINK8H ISk ^I !N t >H.? l hrn forr if >ou ? i?h a ?h*r* .if ir yon must circttUt* your r.mU ?u 1 h.tudhil's freely.-* I > ?'o this in an .economical way, call on I'tiLOtP.K Si J4l'T* fli# olt'iCf* of the Lo<-omom? Printing Kngine, 116 lohu ?twt, wir Pearl, wb**re you cm Ua*#all kmdaof Job 'Vintiu$ done in th- Aral style. <u tl?* loweal c**h prices, and no I'Mppointmat t ard? pnuted at on# hour's nmice ifffjeiin-H. o4 lm*r Mk8. ( ah roll - fi v %por BATH3, 25 Court land? ?tiee?, are a ?<f*. certain, aud i|? edy curt lor Coajrfia, folds, sore throat, swelling of the *Undv rheumatism. 4fitfn. >4 I t * joint*, igu ? I ff-r Open t> in ti A \1 till I'. M. Sulphur Brfth? r*|Uirec n* hour'* notice. oW Iwr PuKTUGUSK K1MALE PILL*. rl'K.HKfv-ln.w <ui 1 < frorn Por.ofil. tw wl i^rrfivr. to ?> il'U i dm ihn .W runoi ua ilia lui column frwtb > ?*

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