Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. MV4?Whole No. 3511. l'ATERSON RAILROAD. _@9EL ?SSi9 JObA KAHK ONLY 25 C'K.NTS. From P*ter?on to Ji-r?ry City. Ou mjd after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1M3, th?* can will !?*** Patlr.ov Dki'ct. u???Ni? Yobii. 8AM 9 A. M. IIJ14 1?X P.M. 3 r. M. 4 ON SUNDAYS. Leave Patkkion Depot. Leave New YohR. 8 A.M. '*$ }! s P. M. . 4 p-MTransportation car* leave daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, loot ol Couruandt street, a few ininutws before the stated hour' of departure. Jy 19 8m* KfciU BIRD LINE OK STAGES. IN CONNECTION WITH THE NKW YORK AND M I I WllKlr# HARLEM JBHK RAILROAD COMPANY. 2BSEL r aITLI ATOIANGEMENTS! TWO DAILY LINES'I Oil mid after Wednesday, Ilth October, lust, the Red Bird Line of Stages will leave the village of White Plaint, every morning. (Sundays excepted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., and every afternoon it 2 o'clock, P. M., end the Rtilroad Depot, City Hill, and the Westchester House, comer of Broome street i>ud th* Boweri. Nrw York, every morning at o'clock, and every afternoon by lit* 2 o'cleck train. Agents ara iu constant attendance at tin* Railroad Depou.ol whom every information may be obtained, and who will uluo tteud to the ba?gage put under their cliaru-. HIRAM DEFOREST. Proprietor. White Thins, Oct. 4th. 18t:t. nil lui*ec FOR 1LA VAN A, Direct.?The elegant well known Spanish stiamer NATCHrlZ, John Francis Villair, Commander, willsail poaitivlv an Tuesday, November 7th, direct for Havana. This superb steamer has been newly coppered, fitted up with new boibr?. and her cabins have undergone a thorough innovation. rendering her in every respect a very desirable conveyance. The Nutchez will arrive in Havana about in time to meet the New Orleans steamer Altbama. affording a very pleasant trip to those wlui-e business will admit of their taking such a circuitous rout* to the latter port. Ciptiin John It. Stanhoiie. well-known to the travelling column ,it*, accompanies the Natchezou her voyage Kor particulars of nassage, Sic , apply to Captain J. R Stanhoiie, at the Aator House, orto W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT, o29 ec 43 Peck Slip, corner South itreet. " TiuyKiJ-kFundiNnnnnvH im sffiQiaB&R WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the . S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon and the West The splendid steam Packets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brook*, aud CHARLESTON, Capt. K. Harden, will leave Charleston eve ry Tuesday, Thnrsday and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, after lite arrival of the Wilmington boat* from the north, arriving at Savannah che s me day, and will leave Savannah ou the lime d-iys as above, atu o'clock P. M., after the arrival of the on from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest aud most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted np in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be sparsd to ensure certiiiuty, comfort, aud expedition to the travelling i*5b lie. JOHN B. LAF4TTE. Agent, Fituimmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, September, 1843. sl7 2m*r NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. OH REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PROa*-C5?V1DF.NCE AND BOSTON, via. STON !?E2m-XmINGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of the f<i!!owmg superior steamers, running in connection with tho Stouingion aud Boston ar.d Providence Railroads ?1 MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Cometock. RflODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDt.NCE. NARKAGAN3ETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leare New York daily^Sundays except it fro a Tier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at i P. M. !nARlQvNGEMENTS. i ii? niuuf-. iaL.A?u, captain inayer, on Monday, ana Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Friday for SlouingtoQ. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport ana Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the ?teamen at Stonington, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious Cars of th? Railroad > Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed iu the steamer Mohegan (in superior order) fruin theuc* at 6 o'clock the following mormug, thus giving them .^opportunity of a night's rent on board th? steamer M:>a<ac)ms-tti or Rhode Island, aiid then breakfact on board Ihe Moheuau. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of p<M?fnEen, and not surpassed by any iu the United State*. Vor pwrvwe 01 freight, which is taken at very reduced rate*, apply on hoard-at north side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers'berths can bi> secured on board, or at the office of HAHNDEN 8t CO., No. S Wall str**t ITT" NOTICE?CHANGE OF HOUR?On and after Monday, Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, forming the liue to Providence and Boston ria Stouiugton, will leave pier No. 1, Battery Place, at 4 P M. i[ >?Uu and altar the 10th mst, freight will not be received and forwarded after hull-pant 4 P. M. in9 6m* m -.Wary SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINE tm~-&hr~3rKOK ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate XmoKJLiLandings?From tlie stenmboat pier, at th? foot nt Barclay street. Brenkfajt and Dinner on board. Leaves New York?The Empire on Mouday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?' 'aidwall's, West Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Pougbkeensie. Hyde Park. Rhinebtck, U. lied Hook, Bristol, (. *15*111, Huusom ? uuackie ?IH1 Hinderhook. The r?w low pressure tuturr TKOY. Captain A. Gorham, at 7 o'clock this morning. The new low prwaurr steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. U Roe, Friday, at 7 o'clock in the morning h or passage, apply to K. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay sOve; or jn board Notice.?All Goods, freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, ship|>ed, or pat on hoard the Boat* of this Line,must be at the risk of the owner* of inch gor<ls. au 16 r .MM INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSIflj3MJ3?TION NIGHT LINK FOR ALBANY3L^2BLJLThrough Direct, without Landing?The commodious and substantial (teamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt.O.Home will leave New York from the foot of Robinson street, ou Monday*, Wednesdays aud Kridays; and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesday* and Thuradtv*. and will continue these trip* for the leaaon, at? o'clock iu the alu-rnoon. freight taken at reduced rate*. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and ii in first rate order. o26 lm?r ZZ*M SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINK IV^I mT*ti*rr- ALBANY AND TROY direct, without Zlbn>>3KJC.I uidiiig?the iplendid liiw pressure ateamboat 8WALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Conrtlandt *troet every Tuesday, Thurtday, and Saturday evening*, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The swallow lias a large number of *tate rooms,and for ipmxI and accommodation* >* not inroassed on the Hndton auS ec JZ PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATB FOR ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.T*i n T1""!'1, direct?From the ateamboat pier between Courtlandt ajid Liberty streets, Sunday eicented. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKKR.Capt. A. P. St. John, Will I-ire Monday, Wednesday aud Kriday Evenings, at six o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and S.iturday at * P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will lecre Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at J o'clock. St-wmboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueadell, will li-nve Tuesdaj, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. _ > Pu*>'?Se7i taking this Line of Boats will at all rime* arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for V* east or west. . The above boats are new and inbstaatwl, are fanmhcd with eat and eletraut Slate Rooms, and for speed and accommodation* are unrivalled on the liudion. for r*na*e or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schulti at ne office on th* wharf. *15 r NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct 16th, the boat* ef thi* line will leave for Albaiiv at 6 o'clock. P. M instead of 7. NEW .YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. . i i?a?a For Kingiton, anc Delaware and Hudion tfSTgffiQ*(^nal-rtaun boats EMERALD and NORI h'- EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New Yoilt, foot of Murray *trwt, every Monday and Thursday at 4 o'clock, P M. .... . Will leave King'ton (Ron-lout landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at :i o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuel*, will leave New York, footxrf Warreu *treet, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. ... ? Will i?ave K jgiton f llondont landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 s'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will lea? tiie foot of Murray *treet every Sunday 7 o'clock. Returning, leave* Kingston at 4 o'clock, *aine day. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO., *11 5m*r lfi4 West street <** ? 4** STAT EN ISLAND f ElTTfYTTboT WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboat 7* W # STATEN ISLANDER willleave New York and Staten I?lnnd, ou and after October 2d, as follows, luutil further notice j? L.e?Te .ipw *om ?, ii, a, ih. js. Leave Staten Island ?, tt, 1, 2X. 3. All freight shipped is reqaired to be particularly marked ind il at th* risk of the owner* thereof. ? Wit IV KEMITTANCES TO IRELAND, lie.?The WfjMJVsnbscrilier continue* to transmit mi>ney in suma large >m ill. to |>ersoiis residing in any part of or Ireland in the wine manner as Be, and hii predecessor in basineas have done lo* the last thirty year* and more ; alio, to any part ol England, or Scotland! Money remitted by Utter (pott paid) to the subscriber, or personal))' deposited with him, with tlie name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it i> to beaent, and nearwat |H??t town, will be immediately traaimitted. and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or foiw jrut-d to the sender. In like manner money, or claim* on persons in any part ol Ireland, KiiRland or Scotland, can lie collected by the subscriber tor persons residing in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be paid to tltem accordingly. . 21 lin* r OEORUE McBRlDE. Jr. M Cedar at. I'ASMAOE FROM < ORK?Vis Liverpool?In K<*'5>,l|e ,ir,t ships.?We lieg to inform our friends JIMMlBnt i'>t duiiiiit the coming sprmj, 18-14. we shall have a ie?uhu aiicceasioa of first cl -ss American slupa, sailing from the above port every week, which will be fitted out in such a manner lor second cabin anil steerage pnaieugeiv as cannot fail to emure them every comfort. One of our lirm, Mr. James D. Itoclie, reside* there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers, and will s|>are ueitlier pains or eipsnae to meet their wishes, slid have them forwarded without any delay. 'I hi"e sending tor their frieuds will at ouce seethe advantage to be den\ed by paying in our line. Apply to, or address if by letter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS Ik CO. 3/ Kniton street, neit door to the Kulton Bank, or to JAMES l>. ROCHE, II tioree I'iazxa*, Liveri>ool. ? r, 8 ?1 . sage certificate* and draft* can be sent from this by the regular packet ship* on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and Uth ol every moith, also by the Boston steamers on the l?t and ICth. . s'jdr _ U, hOil I.IV KKtt HII.? Regular packet ol the 7th v?..,?i?_Th? first class fast sailniK nacket shin Tim K HKNliV. ?Drlano, barthru 1000 t>?ii?, will mil u nborr, hving h?r regular d*y. Ilff ;i*?imatiHl*li<>ii? (or cslmi, wcond cabin and aUvr.ife 1> ?? i-re itoi aurpaaard by ai'T v??acl "i port. i wtmn intending 'ii rmlurk should inaka imimdrtt* ?p|il J t-nion to ih? aubacnbftr . JOS. MtMUHRAY, 100 IWatm-t u'/Ik < 'nrn?r of Horn' E NE NE ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS. T\HK?NW X/.VJw HERALD is regularly filed in Loudon _* bv Mr. I . L. SIMMONDS, Agent for the American Papers, British and 1< oreijrn Newspaper Office, 18 Corahill, Loudon, opposite tin' Itnyal Exchange, where orders and advertisement* will be received. aSttfr CtENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION OFFICE IS COllNIIILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANUE T^O MERCHANTS, (Commercial Newi Koomi, Public Li J- braries, Agricultural Societies.Officers of Ike United States, Printers, Publishers of Newspapers, the. P. L. SIMMONDS, General Agent and Comminion Marcliant. begi to aciiuaint tin friends and the American public in general,tint he is ready to receive orders for the supply ol .Newspapers, Periodicals, Stationery, Printing Materials, h aucy Articles, Sic. of auy kind and quautity, and goods of every drscri|>tiou of first rate quality at the very lowest market urices of the day, and to transact business upon the most liberal terms, provided he is preciously furuisheii with fuuds or drafts at either longor short dates, or a reference on some Londou or Li verpool house for iwyineut. P. L. Simmonds will also receive consignments of any description of merchandize to be sold on commission, and accept bills at short dates for two thirds of the amouut, on receipt of the bills of lading. Consignments entrusted to his care will mtt t with everv |iossil>le despatch in their disposal, consistent with the interest of the cnu*i(iie?*: au extensive knowledge of general business coupled with promptitude,attentiou and judgement, will he trusts euable him to give complete satisfaction to all who inay favor him with their commands. Helereuce inay be made in New Y'otk to James Gordon Beunett, Proprietor of the Herald,who is personally acqttainted witli Mr.Simmonds and the uature aud extent of his establishment. ?28tf r TO NEWSPAPER AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS IN THE UNITED STATES. THOSE excellent Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s 6d j sterlniK per qr. Punch at 4s 6(1 |>erqr, and all the Loudon and Foreign Newspapers as they appoar are regularly supplied, wholesale aud retail, by P. L. 8IMMOND8, Newspaper and Periodical Agent, 18 Cornhill, London. Subscriptions in advance, may be paid into the Herald Otiice. ou Mr. Simmouds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, Country and Foreign Journals. s28tf UNDER THE ESPECIAL PATRONAGE OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA: H. R. II. PRINCE ALBERT ; THE ROVAL FAMILY, AND THE SEVERAL COURTS OF EUROPE. hOWLANU'S MACASSAR OIL. fpHIS ELEOANT, FRAGRANT, aud PELLUCID OIL, A iu its preservative, restorative, and beautifying quilit>es, is unequalled over the whole world It preserves snd reproduces (he hair, even at a late period of life; prevents it from turning Ire\; or if changed, restores it to its original color; frees it roin scurf aud impurity, and renders it soft, silky, curly, aud glossy. To CHILDREN it is especially recommended, as formiug the basis of a beautiful head of hair. ItOWLAND'S KAUYDOR. An odoriferous c e.ainy liquid of Balsamic Exotics, and utterly pure and free from all mineral admixture It pleasingly dissipates all Pimple*, Spots,Blotches, Redness,Tan, Freckles, and other Defects of the Skin, heals Sunburns. Stings of Inserts, and renders the most rough aud dry skin pleasantly soft anu smooth. '( he radiant bloom it imparts to the Cheek, and the softness and delicacy it induces on the Hands, Arms, and Neck, render it indispensable to every toilet. Gentlemen will lind it peculiarly grateful after shaving, in allaying the irritation of the skin. ROWLAND'S ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE. A White Powder, compounded of the rarest and most fragrant Exotics; it bestows on the Teeth a |iearl-like whiteness, frees them from tartar, and imparts to the gums a healthy firmness, and to the breath a delightful sweetness aud perfume. CAUTION. Each genuine article has a small label-affixed thereon, bearing the names of "Messrs. DODGE, CUMMING it CO., Sic Only Agents, New York." rt /"All without such a label, are SPURIOUS 1MITA TlONS ! ! ! sold by Chemists and Perfumers. s28 ltaw 6m r READY MADE OVERCOATS. Winter Frocks, Cloaks, Ike?Extra Bearer and Pilot Cloth Over Coats, Winter Frocks, Sacks, &c. Also, extra and medium quality Cloth Cloaks, for sale at 231 Broadway. American Hotel, opposite the Fountain ol5 lm*r W.V1. T. JENNINGS it CO. MENS', BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING.? GEO. T. GREEN, Nos. 110 Chatham sUvet, and 4 I ow ery, will keep constantly on hand a lull and complete assort ment of Mens', Boys' and Children's Clothing, of all descriptions, made in the most fashionable style, to which he would respectfully invite the attention of those in wint As h? has made arrangements to receive Cloths, Cassiineres, Vrstings. See , by every packet, and has secured the services of experienced Cutters, he pledges himself to five perfect satisfaction to all who may purchase. N. B.?Garments made to order at the shortest notice, and with strict punctuality. o3 lm*r NEW LINK OK PACKETS FOR LIVERMRMfmPOOL.?Packet of 16th Novemober?The splendid Attttbwell known nncket ship HOTTINOUER, 1100 tons burthen, Captain Ira Burnley, will sail ou 1 hursday, 16th Nov, her regular day. The ships oi'this line being all 1000 tons and upwards,persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a sinller class. Those wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ship, \ should not fail to make early application to W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT. At thair Gensral Passage Olfice, 43 Peck slip, n3 ec corner of South st. KI It ST PACKET KOR J.I V KKI'OOL -Th.^dTii IdWMfV-did, fast sailing, favorite ship ADIRONDACK, 1000 JKMBbtous.Capt Hacfcstajf, w ill sail positively as above, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantage* to be derived from selecting this line in [ reference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of asinatler class. Those wishing to secure berths, should not Tail to make early application on board, or to W fc I T T a pa/ nTT At'.their (iejieml Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip n Ir <ioc South twt PASSAGE FOIl LI VEUPOOL?First racket to wrWPV. sail positively on Saturday, the 4th or November.? iKHfa The splendid new packet ship COHOTA, Captain 1> Hepburn, will tail punctually n above. Having tlegaut accommodations Tor a limited number of cabh passengets, which will tie taken at low ratea, if early application in made on board, or to W. * J. T. TAPSCOTT.-I3 Peek Slip, ?>n3 r Comer Sr-nth street. Km LIVERPOOL?The New Line-ReguiTr kX9wV Packet 16th of November?The fine New York bui.t JHBfapacket ship* HOTTINOUER, Ira Bursley, maste , 10V) tona, will sail as above her rcrnlar day. For freight m passage having very superior accommodation!, apply to the Captain on hoard, at weat aide Burliug slip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTURNS.S? South at. The fine new packet ship Liverpool, J. Eldridge, master, 1150 t>>na, will succeed the llottinguer and sail on ner regular day, 16th December. n2 r FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?Regular MrMrV Packet of 2ith November.?The splendid packet tf&lBBB'hiP KOSCIUS. Captain John Collins, of ll(Mitons, will nail aa above,her regular day. Kor freight or (mssage Itaving handsome furnishedaccommodations.apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. Price or passage, $75. 56 South streatThe packet ship Siddons, Capt F, K Coob, of 1000 tons, will succeed the lloscius, and sail the 25th Decern her.her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of tlui line sailing punc tnally as advertised. o27 KOR LI VERPOOL?British Ship? With despatch ?The well known very fiat sailinir British ship HlU'HESTER, John Wilson, master, having a large portion of her cargo on board, will liave immediate ilea patch lor the above port. Shippers of goods will find the Chester a most desirabl* conveyance. For freight or passage, having very comfortable accommodations, .) ply to the subscribe/i. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 3S Fnlton st, o2lr neit door to the Fulton Bank. PACKET .'OR HAVRF.?Second Line?The KKWj^ship ONEIDA, Jam-u Funck, master, will sail on JfilMlMthe 1st of November. BOYD k HINCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, *nH ec corner Wall and Water ftseets. FOR NEW OKLfcrANS?T<riail onMonday, KVjtffV'he 6th Nov.j_ or passage free?The snpeiior, last JMHMfa'iilinit Slup UINIUN, t. apt Ktissel, will be despatches aa above. Sh? ha* splendid nccoimnxluions for cabin. 8d cabin and itrfrvjc paisengen, who will be taken at the lowest rate*. Those drsirous of securing berths will require to make early application oh board the ship, at Murray's wharf. 01 to JOHN HKRDMAN, 81 South afreet, near Wall atreet. N B ?The ship FRANCIS Db'.PA I? rails this morning at 9 o'clock, and can yet take a few mo-? 2d cabin and two cabin passengers if app'ication is made ia tune. o3t jMfc ONLY REGULAR LINK FOR NEW ORMfjPJV. LKAN8.?The following first class packets will Mmmmm sail punctually as advertised, weather permitting, or peasant* I ree, viz. : ? The ORLKANH, Captain Hears, on the ,'ith of Norember. The SHAK8PKARE, Captain Miner, on the 10th of November. The SARATOGA, Captain Rusaell, on the lith of November. The accommodations oftlits' ships for cabin, second cabin, and sferage passengers, are such as Cannot fail to erntire every comfort to passengt-rs (luring the voyage. The ahipa of this line have now commenced their re(ular tripa, and will sail punctually every five diys throughout the se son. Passengers may, therefore r*ly on not being detained. The price of pas'age heing very low, th^se withi g to aecure berths ia either of the above packets, can do so by applying on board, or to W Sc J. T TAPSCOTT, Atjtheir Oeneral Passage (Mice, 43 Peck Slip, nl r corner of South street. I?- FOR NEW OH LKANS?Louisiana and New nMWVVnrk Line?Regular ''acketof the mill November? jSdMBaaiThe fast sailing pack?t ship JWAKHPKARE, Capt A)'en Miner,will aail a* above, her regular day. Kor freight orpaaiage, having handsome furnished accommodations, applyou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall strext, or to K. K. COLLINS h CO, V. Sonth street. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Mullen It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their aildresa. I he packet ship Occulgee .Captain Peet, will snceeed the Shakt*;?enr?', ami tail tho 20th Not. her rcfular day, nlr NEW YORK * BOSTON soundpTLot. OW?*N PRKSCOTT, Pilots, or take* charge as master and pilot oi teasels DO and to Bedford, uvtr Nautucket Shoals. Boston, Porumouth, PortUud, KeonRbeck. imTiiTHe.H r6RTS. Office at rmkShaW'. rf??i<a"tore fia iVa?M ?rr*t. inrwr Hwltman. llrl?-ri*nr?' to n nnmbar of m?r-hantj and the j?YPT*t|Jlmunui?* Cnmpnni* in thia city Uoi>nn and Portland. ivli Imr NKW IlUt'KWHKAT?HKH) I?ick?jfi in bnrrrli, balf bar roll. .|iiart?r? and righthn, packed in a anprrinr manner for thf noulni'rn market?a choie* article au<l In-* from urn la',.. ?*! mi lib'r;xl termn by Oil I m r EOROE WELLS. Ir. 1M Fmntuf. IN NCKotaa order oftkeSnrr???wiol tha ( oaaty 1 of New York, notion it hrn-by given to all iwraon* luring oUiini ntC'tiiiat Jolin Carroll, late of the city of New York, Junk Shop keener, UacaaMil, lo i>re?ent tlx" umf with tbe vom hert thereof to lh? ?nb??riber; and all pennnt indebted to thu ratata, ?re ir<)ne?tad to make immediate payment. JOHN CONWAY, k'.V, 117 Willat.t Dtted New York, October II, 1M3. ?U lin*.rr? W YC W YORK, FRIDAY MO] LUCINA CORDIAL, OB THfc ELIXIR OK LOVE In old*r time, among the Jews, That man a second wife might choose? Whose lirst, by Kate'* unkindly doom, No children bore to bless hia home. Afflicted thus, the Hunan matrou Pra>*ed to Luciue, the midwife's patroat Egyptian wives, in such a crisis, Called to their aid the Priests of Isist Aud eve.n uow, the meek HindooWarm as her elime, and tender, too? If childless twelve months from her bridal Flies weeping to her senseless idol, And with raised hands, in accents wild, Petitions Uramah for a child; Kor well site knows, Lore shuui to bless Tlie Hindoo bed of barrenness. So much for love in days by-gone, And savage customs iu our own; Km ......... .I.o.. I Bless in oun laud, a sterile union' No. oft times conjugal felicity, Is thus disturbed?ay, e'en iu this city Vet may tlie barren, if they try The means "increase aud multiply," With "Lovs's Eliiir" for her friend. The childless wife's rapiuiugs eud. But not the procreative power At onic, is tnis Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent, With vigor clothe the impotent ; Suppress a gleet, whateVr its date, Aud all lifes functions renovate; Eruptions from the skin it chases, Auu brings back beauty and the ?races; 'Tis woman's trust?and ne'er deceives he*. From Fluor AI bin it relieves her, Aud each disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir to. 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ALK BKlMB?For Bate?NM? lou toiuii * r?.rrhM?r?. |to ifUnt ? bj ](>r HiJ(i?old corner of Kraskfor' emmmmmmmtemmmmmBamnmammmmmrn IRK I 1NIJN0. NOVEMBER 3, Circuit Court. I Bulore Judge Kent. No?. 2 ? Van Colt vs. Sharp ?CUm Con?This Jay has brought the evid> nee tor the delence nearly to a close, an l it ia sup|>os*d tkattn morrow will complete it. Then rebutting testimony will be iiitrodticed by the plaintiff, and tliii promisesto occupy three or four deys. a* we learn that a strong effort will be made to upset the COM made oat on beliall ol the delence, which it must be allowed ia rather a strong one- The interest in tho trial does not dag an atom, and it il a study for the curious mind to watch the eagerness with which every word which tails irom the lips of the witnesses ia caught ut> by tne ready car ol the guping audience. Nor ia it Blono young men who an-the most greedy, but grey headed, stain old codgers, whose flagging energies should remind them rather of the church yard thin the court room. There they sit'.tatcbing the progress of the case, while, as any thing rather pointed is elicited, they brighten up and directly tUr<i thu ladios out of their very seats. Miss Waldron has been in constant attendance and watches the movements ol the parties w ith an interest which evinces bow deep is the slake she ha* in the issue?at times a smile?a sigh, a tear or a titter ia observable on her lace us the examination ia favorable or otherwise to her side or the house. Kh? dresses very neatly, and at times removes her blacii veil displaying a pair of speaking ayes and a bewitching ex presaion 01 countf moan; b t th? rude stare of tho crowd loon compel* her to hide behind itt protecting (hadeMr* Van Cott appeared in better spirits to-day than lor *ome days previous, evidently anticipating a triumph over her calumniator*. Several lidie* were present tc-Jay, w liom w e have not observed in court before. Wo gathi r that they are to be called to tho .tand to disprove that they had been kissed and prattled with by the guy plaintiff, whoM* b ;e like propensity to gather aweets fiom every lip, ha* caused considerable fluttering amongthw ladiea in the circle of his acquaintance. A card on this subject will be found ut the close of to day'a proceeding*, in which it is denied that Mis Scheuck, had permitted any such profanation to be dons to her Maiden lip*. It la but lair, that Miss 8. should have tho benefit of the da." shuhasuot participated in the pleasures of tho social romp. Professor .\lapes' testimony is highly intu resting and explanatory, though we doxbt whether the unskilled will understand it lully. The Profesaor could not withstand the opportunity to poke a sly Joke at the examining counscl, which created considerable sport for the audience. Mrs. Makt mith, sworn?i am the mitherof Mra-Van Cott;sUe was about 15 years of age when she was mar ried; feetore Van Cott went to tha South I had snme conversation with him relative to the family arrangements, when he told me that he eipected Mr Sharp ami Mr. Bell would board there, and that would assist iu paying the expenses; once when I called at the house of Mr. Van Cott about a letter, I found him and Mary Waldron absent together, leaving Mary Riddel I alone in thn house; they returned home ubout halt past ten; when he. came iu, I said, this is a plan made up; he replied, " I will go out with whom I please;" I askei him if he wo* not ashamed of himsell; he a?swered"no!" there waa nothing more said on this subject then; Mary Waldron had been then living at Van Cott'* over one year; during my frequent visits to my daughter I had frequently seen Mary Wa dron with her; up to the time 1 IpMk C* Mary Waldron wa* always clever and kind; on that evening *he came down into the basement room, went to the pantry and took something to eat, but did nat say a word to inn; the last ?i<bbath before Mis. V-m Cott left her husband's house I wa* there; I had not vitited there on a Sunday lor some time previous, but Van Cott called ou Sundays to the houae where I wa* boarding; I vi.ited Van Cott'* but once since the evening when he and Mary Waldron were otit together; it was on a Friday; I then saw Van Cott;a* I waa leaving the house Van Cott followed me aud asked ma to come back to tho house; he said he was sure Mrs Van Cott and Sharp were urriti11ir tncr.<lWni -ii'Iiah h>h pn???ent?A Ilia Knuin ho w?nf to the pantry and took from it a letter directed to Mrs V in Cott by Sharp, but I did not see the superscription; I think he said he ha 1 met the carrier in the ftri'et and thui obtained possession of it; the letter wis about haying a coat fined; phi* has been already published] he remarked, "how cunning he (Sharp) i*; there is nothing I,see which I can take hold ol;" he said he would get oneot the girls to write to Sharp desiring him to bring the coat, and then he would catch him (meaning Sharp); I asked him if ho did not know that such an act would be lorgery; he replied, that no ouo could hurt the girl but he hims< if; I then left thn house. On the SunJay he called at our house in Williim>burg, he showed the same letter to Mrs. Smith, and stated he huj written a letter to Sharp in reply, and that he hud brought the coat; ho did not tell her that hn had seen Sharp, when he brought it; he then said that he had written another letter to Snarp, but it was so loving he did not -uppose he would answer it ; 1 said that Sharp would know Uis hand writing,that he must have got on? of the girls to Wi it? it; he replied, that Mary Walilron did not write it. I then said, " Mary lliddell must have written ithis reply was, " Mary WaHrou did not do it." H^told my sou not to write to Mrs. Van Cott for that he (Van Cott) would keep on wr.ting to Sharp until be could jet a letter from him ; he said he would try and get n letter from Mr?. Van Cott to Sharp. On the Sund'iy previous to Mrs. Van Cott leaving her husbands house, we ha I some conversation together in the front basement; he told me what the girls were going to state acainit his wife, he meant by girls, Mary Waldron and Mary Riddell. He then stated, what It was that the girls knew. He called his wife very indecent names, such as I could not make use <^*; he called her a d d w ; he told her that when the girla would say thisahe would not haveafriond ia thn world ; he called her very many hard names, such as a strumpet and such like bad names. I then lelt him and iia wite together and went into the back base nit'ui, wnne int're, i neara ?r?, van i^oil cry oui, auu I then returned to them immediately. 1 asked her what was the matter; she replied that he wai comparing her to his uncle'i widow who was a bad woman, this was in the afternoon. I I?tt the house about eight o'clock in the evening. Previous to this some furniture had been taken out ol the house; there woo nothing to lie on but a straw bed which laid on the floor in the tiont basement. I was (Ki.rn n n 11. .. n..l T... . I,.. .?i,1 < 1, r?f I h o house you d <1 strumpet," his wife did not reply a tingle word, though she appeared to tie very much hurt; ?he did not cry [(he is now crying bitterly] is she passed out of the basement-room, she left her husband there. I think 1 shut the door alter us; Van Cott remaining be hind. My daughter left her husband's home on that day wi'h me. My daughter leltUhe house, destitute of every thing but her clothing ond jawelry ; I believe the persons who remained there, in Van ( utt's family, were Mary Waldroa and Mary Kiddell;I think Mary Waldron was in the room with Van Sott when wo left; Mr. Van Cott had, previous to this, borrowed money of me ; there were two sums, one of $400 and one ot $100. This was not all the property I possessed ; my daughter lias since boarded with my son, Mr. Smith; she assists him in hi* lamily arrangements. Cross-examined by Mr. Graham.?I loaned this money Tft Van Cott on bond and mortgage, which bond wa? foreclosed for me by Mr. Edwurds. The property was solil and bought in by mj self, a d 1 now own it. Mr. Edwards had two notet to collect fer me from Van Cott ; this wan all the business I had with Mr.Edwards. Mr Sharp came io see me once on this business. On the TuesJay spokm of 1 found Van Cott on my arrival standing at the fireplace, a question or two passed before Mrs. Van Cot' c.ame in withher ka on. Van Cott first spoke I don't thiiik I can precisely recollect what Van Cott said; something was said ty Mrs. Vau Cott about his having promised her some money to buy her a pair of glovea, bin answer was, " Go to Sharp an! get the money, as you have done before " This was spoken in a sharp tone o voice ; he did not at that time charge her with having lived with Sharp. Mrs. Van Cott aaid she had never received any money from Sharp except pay for the shirts she had made for him ; 1 think he said that Mary WalJ. ron told him that Sharp had given her (Mrs Van Cott) monry ; I do not recollect any thing further being sail about Sharp; I dont recollect that Van Cott appeared pale an I haggard ; he was very angry and stern. Q ? What did Vau Cott say that the girls could tell about his wile 7 A?He did not tell me what Mary Riddell would say huthedidas? what M-try Wal,Iron would say, which ws?, that herself, Mrs. Van Colt and Sharp were all in bed together ; [here there was a very audible Oh ! from '.lie ladien' bench, and a titter nmong the audience ; Msry tValilrrn hides her blushu* in her handkerchief ; Mr. Vju Cott still crying ) I went there because 1 heanl mere had been a difficulty between Van Cott and hi' wild in coiisequeii'e of what Dr. Bailey had said; Mrs. Plain wo* wot at dinner with us on the Sunday spoken of; be was not hoaiding there with his wife at the time; I called fri-fluently ui Van Cott'* house at Williamsburg anil <iaw Mr. Sharp there; I never hail any quarrel with Sharp, I never said any thing about hi* being so much at the house, nnd what neople would say; I never mentioned the matter to Mr?. Van Cott; 1 recollect once peaking to Sharp about some nonseme ; i* was not in ui consequence of anv thing which [Based between him tr.d Mrs. Van Cott ; while I was living at my sou's h me, (Smith's) I recollect Mrs Van Cot', and Sharp comrtg together there and the alternoon ; rcm?v tig mine furniture from the gar ret ; they lett in Van Cott waa nol there. >o you lecoilert at one time seeing Bhirp throw some water on Mrs Van Cott while the was washing in the buck basement. A?Y?a, I recellrct that; I told Van Cott about it; Mary W iMron wa? washiim, Mrs. Van Cott was assist, ing, an 1 Sharp had a pitcher of water in his hand; I told hiin if he threw water on my daughter I would strike him; he replied that ha would throw romeun myself.? Mary RiJd-ll flr?l told me that Sharp wai going to throw watur on Mr*. Van Cott; Mm Va i Cott thru fainted, then Mary Waldron and Sharp led her into the Iron' basement, each holding her hy an arm; they laid lift n thfl *cfa until ahe recovered; this waa while Van Coll *aj iihs-nt at the South; when I went to Mr. Kdtvarda' .>thce 1 di I not tell Mr. Plain, for Van Cott; that it he would cease to prosecute Sharp I wo'ild at tile the money transaction; 1 had commence I my suit against Van Cott nclore he hud against Sharp; I ha] demanded lrom Van Cott a pari ol my money previous to ray hearing any tiling of the difficulty between him and his wile; I a.ked him a good miny times; I don't think that my atlair with Van Cott had any thing to Jo with thu ca?? Profemor Jims J. Mtrss, sworn?I am in partnership with Mr. Co* as consulting Engineer; we caused a diagram to he made of a portion of the house in Orchard itreet,and then went there to examine it; the diagram hare shewn, is one of four, and is a correct one; wewete lirectedto make such an examination as would show tlx Sell Of Vision by looking through the key hole; I plare>' a two foot rule?d the floor and locked through the ke) hole; we were requested to consider a bed laid on thi II .or; we hare accordingly drawn en the diagram a single and double mattrass, mid marked the poi tiom which anbeareu on th>' field of vision; if a double maMr.i*> lour and ? h?lfr??,t wi In aii'i us an I a hilflong M placid iu thaoentra ol (hnroom it will then l?? within J3J inclie* o' Ihfrtrc placeon on??i>l? and f<iiiilieUntlrom the other three tidraol th? room; th? chimney protruding into tt* IE R A 1843. 1 'nom J3i inch**; llif lilt- mattnim then pUc? I,and ?et'i> through the key bole, would exhibit n amall portion of ill lide neurekt th?" fire place; the line of vwion commeuc- ( iflC at the corner of the mittrnii nearrat the fire place. A aingle mulref* aimiiarly placed would elhihit but a very , mail portion of one ol it* corner* on thefli'Idot vmion. t The space on the opposite tide of the mattrasa, on the r walla, would he much greater than 'he space on the aide ) of the mottraas to the tire place, owing to the protruding , of the chimney into the room; the bed being in thecen- ( tre, would be a* near us pructicablo in the direct line ,] from the window to ?he door;the key hole occupying the f ide of the door neareat the chimney By moving the mattraaa near the chimney, it would be oii the hearth. If | the matrexN wan moved iigaiuit the chimney,the centre nt , it would not be im the direct line at vision trointhe hey ? hole. Yi u would t.e uble to see | mencing from a point nearest the chimney, to n base ij of about two feet wide. The centre of the matreas in ? thatcjiie would be distant Irom the linn of visiou about n 1} inchei. l'he matresa la supposed to bra double one,pl?. t| cud directly hall way from either aide of the room, the ( |UHK i<ir-|l.riUK ini?i;."W"B 1...-,. ..r? , , piece. Ill caie the m?ttra*i was placed in thecentre of the t room, the hair o( the line of vniou would he something j. let* thin two feet. A tingle mattraii being placed close t up to the chimney picce, in the aamn poiition.the line of * vision woul I Neave the mattraii at something Ie?? than \ halfway ftom the chimney piece; the width of the lleld of j vision ?t ita wideat point then would ho a fraction over r two fert. H Q? Ndw supposing the double mattraii was placed in , tho centre ol the roum, and two pertoni on it, describe ? the effVct of vision from the key hole. r A-Snppoiing them to l>>y on the middleof the bed,and ( be of my incite* (gre*t laughter) they would to in the > line o: vniou with feet extended; if not, not. One pet- { ion lying on n matreii in the ordinary imiition, would t not he seen nt all. II the mattrms whs hid on the oppo- t tiUiideol the loom, opposite thH key hole, and two persom iaid on it, aye, or tix, (laughter) they would be distinctly visible from the key hole. ((ireU langHtnr.) , A. J. S'Mitii i worn ? I am the brother of Mri. Van Oott; I hnve boarded with Van <Tott; my family consisted of my . wile and three ?mtilI children; I have pal 1 him in full lor my board; Van Cott'j conduct to my auter was occasion ally very kind, and at other timei "ugly;" that ii, he . would quarrel lomo ; he would iom<time? d h her; 1 have men him conduct himieif toward! . her unbecoming a hu?band ; he would pull up her clothes, sometimes with hit hand, nnd again . with hiiloot. [Atthil stage several young ladici, who ^ had not been in attendance helore, were l?'d in, and took their teats on tho <ld? benchei ] Van Cott did not pay , much attention to who were present at the tins'--; such B conduct was common; be would alio feel her bosom; at " inch timet lie would bo laughing, tinging anil playing j! nbout the room; h? used to lav, when pulling "P her , clothes, that she had handsome le^i. and a bnautilul pair of [Here a iady left the Court, ihocked at t?e a indecency ol thH examination ] { The Court here took a recess for half an hour. ( A J Hsir n't examination returned?As I wai leaving the stand, alter tho recesi, Van Cott said I wai a perjured villian. Judge K?r<T?If Mi. Van Cott h?t iaid inch u thing it is a higti contempt ol court. I thould like to have thii explained on tho ipot before you proceed . Mr. Cdwiudi-Your Honor haa it under oath. ( Judge Ktnr?Mr. Graham, do yeuwishto croii exam- , ine thH witneti? Mr Graham ?What did you lay toVtn Cott to draw out the lemaik'f A?I did uot nv tnything that I know of; I ilo not re- ( collect eiactly what he (lid nay. He spoke about half a ( doien word*; I told him uot to bo uneasy, that I should not say an) thing but the truth, nor anything that would , huit him. II" then said, " you ore a perjured villain, in what you have stated." Judge Runt.? ! will not now stop the proceedings to punish Vlr. V in Cott, but I wish it to be distinctly understood, that it is a high 1> gal offence to interfere, threaten, browbeat, or intimidate a witness, during trial; and ( any attempt to imped* the course of justice shall be sum- a marily punished. With this remark, I will Itst the mat- r ter (Iron 'or tlin present. . Mr. Or * hoi. ?This is a charge of a peculiar character, and m'' client has travelled far beyond the bounds of di?- ,, cretion and prudence, if he has been guilty of any such j conduct. I am nc.? hen? to apologise for any indiscretion , or Mr. Van Cott, but I trust he will nveid any lurthrr interference with witnesses. What has passed, however, will in nowise lie used to prejudice the interests of mv client in this case. I am instructed to say,that no repttl- ' tion of such conduct, during the rest of the trial, will be . mienojite I by the plaintiff. With th< ?e remarks, I trust j the Court will overlook the offence. , Jlldyfl Kknt. ?V>ry well, let it drop. . Mr. tnwahd".?1 f.'el it a dnty, I o?c to my client,to protect the witnesses called to the stand on his behalf, ' but 1 diu not mean,nor do I desire to follow it closely up; , however, we had the right (o claim that prompt punish- J" ment be administered by the Court, or after the trial hss hern got through with. I am net instructed by the witness to demand it; I think the remarks of the counsel ^ ar > quite sufficient on the part of Cott, and I am quite wilii .if t > give th 'in all the credit for their good intentions. for the future, which they claim. .r.I,lure Kut ?There is nu .ina less desirous to he un necessarily severe, and I trust there in no one morn ready to secure the prompt administration ot justice, than [ am Mr. UKv^OLPt then apologised for his alient, and promised that he wuuld be on his good behavior for the future J Jnd<e Ktr?T.?That in sufficient. I am inclined to let the natter rent here ; declaring, however, that any attempt ?f er tliii, by any person, to Interlrre with a witness in any cause in tliii court, will be promptly punished . by mj. G--nt|emen, go on with your examination. 1 Qhy Mr. Knw*an??You say persons have been pre- c sent on the occasions you mention, were any ladies present? " A?Ye", ?omo married and some dingle. I spepk of hIs H condii t gfnerally? it was unbecoming a husband?more 4 particularly with a couple of youug ludies boarding in the bouse. I have ieen him Jump on their harks, and r ride them around the room. (A laugh ) Mra. Van Cott was present; he waa playing with these ladies, Sundays especially; sometimes they would both get down on the " floor together. [Mary Waldror- seems very much amus- p ed at this part 01 the evidence.J I never saw him take hold of any part of them in particular. ' Cross-niamined by Mr. Grsh.m ? I hive know then tl plaintiff sine* his marriage; I think lie was married |( before I knew him; I may hsveieen him one or twice be ore it; I whs married in December; [the witness ?? med ' very much puzr.led to remember the year,] I think it was t 1834; prev ious to my going wcat, I hoarded in Van Cott's ( house, and left my wife there while I was ansent;on my ( return I was verv sics, and remained se lor five months; Van Cott took care of me: 1 hail no means to pay my ( 5. A, I. j i board when he received mo on my return from the writ; ' he wa? very kind t? me, indeed; it wa? * year after br- ' fo re I piid him; the fi rat work I had after my recover) l woi the building a house for Mr. Van Cott; I have ?ei n i 4harp at the houae In the evenings generally, and on , Sundays; I don't recollect saving to any one that Sharp'* m inner* were too free; T don't mean to say that I have no , ml *o; I have anid that I should not havn thought hat Van Cott would have |{on? ?ou'li, and left hi* l.imily as ho did; I thought it wan more prudent that Eliza (Mr* lJ Van Cott) ahould boar<l out in hi* absence; I don't think " 1 laid it w?s imprudent in liim to leave Sharp therv; it was about two weeki after Van Cott went south that 1 r aw Sharp at tha house; I don't know but I saw him every time 1 went thare; I uied generally to call at th< v house on Sundays, and in the evenings; on the day that ^ Van Cott returned, ha came to our hotiae looking (or hi* ( wife; he laid he was surprise I to *ee hia house ahut up; Ibalievebis wife waa then boarding at Mr*. Crosby'*; (gave him her direction, and he said he ihould go over ' the river that night; Mra. Van Cott had been about a month boarding at Mra. Croiby'?; 1 have vi?ite4 them in I" Orchard atreet in the summer of Ifltl; I think on c the ui<ht Van Cott arrived it rained heavily : t I wanted him to ?tay, but he declined; 1 think I have aren Sharp one Sunday at the house In Orchard atreet; I might have seen him *evereltim>-* there; 1 ' know that Van Cott told me that Mra Van Cot' ent nme one to th? church to see it Sharp *n 1 there; I do not know the laot peraonally; Van 1 Cott told me once to go to the church and e tor myteli all about 8barp and Mr*. Van Cott; I went anl met Sharp either going'o or from the church; Mr*. V?d Cott w?i< home; I cin'c *ay whether Van Cott and hia wife erer went to church. <1.?Dili you ever say that if you were m Van Colt's place yoa would *m?*h her brain* out. ? ? . I .L-. it I | tikal h,. ?-i Mmiuit II i I.UVVI., ........ _ , had roll mr, I would do au; I never aaid poaitiveiy ao without th? qu.iiiflcationa; I won't apaat that I never raid tha' *h?rp would be the mean* of breaking up tha family 01 / Van Cott; I should think I ha I ??in Van Cott lifting up hia wile'a clothea aa mmiy aa filty timea; yt, morn than ,j u hundred timea; I won't a<vear to any particular timea- , Mra. Jonea ny wife and Mr Polyhemtia were preaent on j, omeof theae occaaiona; alio,my mother; nlao Mta. Di*- , on; I believe Mra Dixon iaaomekindof a cousin, but the numberof the button hole I can't tall?(a laug'.i) ? About r the letters I apokeof, Van Cott said ' be atill, Bub, and I ' will get anme letter* of her? to Sharp;" I underatood he C m?ant to intercept her lettera to Sharp; he had communi- ( cated to me hia auapieiona relative to bi? wi ennd *bar| r previouato the talk about the letter*; he waaa regular f, romp; he ki?snl and romped with almoat every lad) ( *ho vinted thn hou*e, he ha* romped with mvui'e, \1r?. DeCor Bailey, an I other* (whoae name* we decline J: ptlbliahing, aa we deem it would b? liarah, unnece*?aril> 'oeipoat- thoae UdieiT name-in conjunction with tliiadii- -1 <raculnl proceeding.) Q ?Do vou remember 00 New Veer'a day, lftlj, having ' "ailed at Van Cott'# hotiae und finding Sharp and Mra. ? Van Cott in the front liaaement, with the door locked ? I CouaiduraMe diacuiMon hern aroae on the right of the , plaintiff to prove by thia witnea* what the lietenc" have ( not inquirid into. The Court, however, allowed tht q 11 eat ion. . ( A?I know nothing about the matter ; I never raid any , Mich thing; I waa not at a bull during the ahae.nce ol Van ' Cott when Sharp and Mra. Van Cott were preaent. 1 H by Mr. CuwtaDs? What time did you leave Vat Cott'a on that New Year'a night 1 A?About nine or ten o'clock at fartheit. Tne Ceurt here n''j>urned at quarter to# o'clock, un til half paat 10 to-day. Card. I deem it a duty I owe to Miaa C. Schenck and thepuH 1 lie, having teen her D ime paraded in one of the niorninp 1 ><iper?, it a pirty alluded to, and I now atate her char?.- | ter and conduct 1a beyond reproach. There waa ? lar/v , number o' highly reapectahle female* at tlie party " ^ H'lea'ion, and it waa aekerl m? while on th" a'and win g va? at the party, and I unthinkingly ataud tha'. Mi*' Schenck waa one; not that lie had taken any improper lihertiea with her?that her honor and character atari aa j too high for any thing of the kind. _ ?,V7 ? ?>% LD. PrtM Tw? CmM a-aiy intelligence. Pollee.-Thnr?<l?y>NoT a _Xh? Attrhft itMti xaii* Bmoadw**.?In our report >e*terd*y of the *? empt upon the life of Mr Henry H. Ballitrd, in Breadvay, by a feui;ile, it wn* atated that ha ?tood, ia relation 0 that woman, ?a her (educer. nuch, w? have every eu*on no w to beliave, w?* not th* laet In the pardons >le exces*?* of youth, Mr Ballard hecimc acquainted vith tills female, wlioir position in lociaty placed bar at hncomuiand 01 any ono whose purse could satisfy haa lemand*, and tbia intercourse led 10 on her part, a *tron^ '. Img oi attachment. Mr.Bnllard, bow. ever, in *ti pping uto aociety an a man of credit and (tending, leit the aaure ol tbia connection derogatory to hi* po*itio?, and da> 1 iiniiifd to abandon a course which hi* aobar judgment aiprtsted him aa improper and to be wisely discontinued. In did so, uud lisuce the jealousy ef the female She, lOffcvitf, thinking that by an open exposure her late niter could be compelled to advance her money, repeated attempt* upon hi* flrmnes*, which itially ended in her aisaulting him with her paraeol not a horsewhip,) in Nu**an street He appealed ? the Police lor protection, and oil affidavit* made iy hi*friend* the woman waa arreated, and would hav* ieeti sent to the Island a* a female of abandoned charao* er, whme practice* previously, had placed her under the urveillaure of the police A leelirg of c?mmirseration or her situation at the time, ahe having feigned illness, prevented the resolveof the sitiirn magistrate Ircm beirg :arriod into effect, and *he wan liberated on condition of (ooil itehavior. This bond, so far ai regarded Mr. Ballard, he hu* disregarded, and alte watching her opportunity , hfl ha*succeeded in making (he attempt upon hit life, ea eported. Tnn fallowing affidavits made at the Police Mice yesterday, place this kffair tangibly before the luhlnv To-day a further examination of the ca?e will be lean! beloie the sitting magistrate, when the fact* will ie elicited, and a thorough investigation made for the leneAtol all partie* concerned. Honry 8 Ballard, ot No 1ft Warren street, being duly worn, deposes an I aa) a, that on the evening ef the I at !*y of November instant, at the third ward of the said itv, he waa met on the steps of the A*tor Home, by ,ydia Brown, alias Amelia Nurinan, who, as deponent ras about to eater the d<>or ot mid hansa, placed heraelf n mediately in front of him, and selling him by the colir of hi* eoat| with hir left h*nd, violently, feloniousy, and without any provocation, assaulted and stabbed ira in the left breaat with a Unite, or otbar sharp instmlent, which she held in her right hand, ijjflicting a ieere wound in his breaat; and as he verily believes, and ns no doubt, with intent to take hil lite. Depoaent furher aaya, that Maid woman has hartofore on different ocaMona, threatened to take his ill*, ard ha baa no doubt he had followed him for anmo distance last night lor that urpose, ashe mtt and saw her near the corner of 1'ark 'laie and Bnalway, win re the pretended to have itmiliing to s^y liim, and attempted to ptirauade him to walk vith her to Park I'lace and then down Barclay street, ml on lil-t re uiing, t-he> talked aside him until ha arived at the Astor House, where she assaulted him an [foresaid. (Signed) HENRY 8 BALLARD. Sworn belor? me, Nov. 3.1R43 Glohok W. Special Justice. Alexander T, Watson, o( the Astor Hou?e, Physician, tein? duly iworn deposis and says,that he was last even* ng called tedrnss tiio wound inflicted upoti the parson ?f lenry 8 Bollard, by u woman as ia said ; that he lound in iricesKion immndiati ly over the edge of the ajxth rib ind immediately over the heart; the wound appeared t* iavu been mudo with a sham instrument such as would are been caused by a knife like the one now ihown him t hat the wound bind prolu(ely and would inevitably havo uiiaed death,had n?t th? weapon been Mopped by atrikinf lie rib. Further, deponent suy* no' Hiinad, ALEX. T WATION. Sworn before me Nev 2nd, 1848, Okobub W. Matikll, Special Jurtice. Frapick O. BiLi.tan, of No. IS Warren atreat, or at bid lore, No. 84 Cedar ttreet, b?ing duly (worn, dapoaea and ?y?, that on or about the 8th of Auguat laat, hu anawer d a call madiiHt hla lodgings bv ? pel nn who waa a cab river, and on further enquiry found it waa a female In a ah near the door, who wanted to sen tiii brother Henry . B; that he diamisee I the cab driver and want to ia room, when he v. as again disturbed by a ringing at is frontdoor, when be again went to the door, uud waa nfoHnt-d by the time person thut a !>male in a cab want d toZg?d Kim; that d"(>onent went w ith Raid cab driver in<1 (aw and *poke to the female, whom he lound to be a [irl of tno town named Amelia Norman, aliai Lydla irawn, who, on deponent u'king her what iha wasted, itated that (he did not want deponent, but hi* brother 'Henry," and on deponent'a aaying (he could not lea lim, replied in nearly the following language : " Tbatif 'he could not fee hirn there, ihe would aee him at hi( tore, for (he was determined to ruin him, and if (ha :ould not do it in one way, ahe would in another, and tbat he would either (end him to'the devil or to hell.n Depo ent remm?trn?ed with her, and told her tbat it (he anoyed him again, he would (end her to the " Tomba" or lall( of Ju'tica (Signed) 4" RANCIh O. BALLARD. S warn before me, Nov. 3d, 1843. , Milh ParkKa. IWatm. ICorrwpondence of th* lltmlil.l TRtxroN, Nov. 1, 1M. ames G. Bknnett, Esq.:? D?ak Sir If any thing of moment had transpired since ?iy ist, I uhould have communicated it. To-night a uicus of the democratic members will be held, to gree upon candidates (or Sute Treasurer and Leeper of the Penitentiary. The inot-t promineat re, for Treasurer, Joseph Wood and Thomas Ar" owsmilh, E.-qra. From the best inlormation I can obtain, the Leislature will pas* a iaw calling a convention of the eople, to assemble early in May next, for the par* ose of revising our State constitution. It is areuarkable tact, .hat an effort to amend the organic iw of a free State, has never been unsuccessful, ."he ball, once set in motion, never stops short of he biiccsrIuI accomplishment of the desired end. Jurs will doubtless be a radical change, and tor the >eiter. You have recently been an eye witness of he crumbling governments of the Ka?t, where the ;reat,, and momentous scenes in the go* rernmentat drama shortly to be enacted,will astooeh the world Among the virtuous, philosophical Movements of the present day, none is more promt* ient nor pist, than the effort to break down the 'aristocracy ot wealth," which, by corrupt legislaion, has gained a strong foothold. The intelligence if the age in which we live, despite the virulence I party warfare, points to a period, not distant, fheu merit Hhall be the only mark ot political die* ? uiKah thss #nn jI social nnH twiltf ma! ighia ol man will be universally acknowledged On Friday there will be another joint meeting, vhen several peniona will receive their share ol the ounty lor the " coons" akinned at the recent eleoion. Th? member* are bored to death by office aeek* rs. They are watched when they leave the houM -seized by the arm in th* aireet?rua down at th? lotels?and, making Hure ol the next aeat at table, sarry their penetrative faculties to *uch an extent, hat an applicant lor (he state prison, a state treaurer, a sur-ogate, a cl? rk or two, and half a dozes ud^rg at.d justices, are not unlrnuently crammed 'nwnoneV throat at a single nvul 11 these people inly knew wuat aeon emp i:>le opinion is entertain-d by the members of such conduct, their zeal, I lancy, would be considerably abated, Yours truly, Amicus. Intiuksti.ns runm Sr. Uomi.noo.? Dates from Port tiu I rince to the 13th ult, have beea received it Philadelphia. A letter under that date contains he following information :? The Government here is still unsettled. Th? Vsaembly now in Besbion for torniing a constitution, et on rlowly, mid nut without couridcmble disor|er. Yesterday the President resign* !, on account, t is said, of not being treated with sufficient reaped ly the young men, of which a large majority ol the yoneliiuent Assembly consists; and to-uay they are lecting another The Pacification, the only naioiihI v?sel of Hajrti, ha? lately been sold to the 3aptam of a German big, and 1a now m harbor tit* in* out tor Hamburg. She * em tor #' UK*) Spanish; nore th in which sum, it is said, die is worth to irenk up. No President has been yet elected, nor I coarse, tan be, until tne Constitution ha* been ^resented to the people ?nd aco?i>ted; but G;ueral JharUs Itiviere Herard is the popular candidate, ind will no doubt be successful He is a grave ooking mulatto, with a high, b.nld forehead, and ?ne distorted eye; inipertectly educated; but poaie;?se?, it is paid, >iuch energy of cha acier aud practical ability. He is still at the head of the Pronsional Government, and Irom his uppearance I >liould lake lum to be from 45 to fit) years ol age. I ught not to omit to Hate tint General Herard, with his collea?u:*s, has recentlc sent out to England Wm A. Fuptig. a distinguished native merchant ol Port au Prince, on a social umaion, the object ol which is to negotiate a loan, on a pa'ent o( the gold and copper min?-s, existing ou the uorth?>ast part of the island, and which is said to be vajr ri< h The loan, it'ucctsslul, is to be appropriated . i:.,.,iw.iina the Fiench claims It is alro said Here that M Harrot, the Brother of Odillon Barrot, in about to be *eut to Hayti by the Fre nch Government lor ihe purpose of obtaining territorial security lor their claims; and that France is desirous of nailing Cupe Nicola Mole a naval station. This irjject, it it exists, except in rumor, isitrongly teemed by the Haytiens, an.i, it is said, can uever to mto ellect. Business is dull at present, and \inerican produce low. ^oui'-what sickly at the larbor. The m itf? of the Wm. Henry died thie morning ol nialiguant lever

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