Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tol. IX., No. !407?WUole If*. 3519. - >"? HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL, TheKoyal Mail 8i<*m Ship BRI1TANIA, J. Ilewrlt, Ksq., Commands, will Iimh* Ruitnu for th? above port* on ThuiaIC h No?*mber. ['.Ukase tu l.nrrpool P<u>age to Halifax * 20A.pply to D. BlUGHAM, Jr.wAffnt._( n r FOR HAVANA, Duwct-The flfK?t /iM( PPW"rll known ftpanish steamer NATCHEZ, LI.'II Knuir;s Villmr, Commander, having II; keen uuavoidihly dauiued, will sill posrtiv>-ly ?n Monday. November 13th, at 3 P. M. r This ?u|>erb steamer 1ms been newly copiwred, tilted up with new hull- rt. ami her cahius have uudeigone a thorough lanovation, rendering her in every ras|<ect a very desirable conveyance. 'J he Nstchez will arrive in Havana about in time to meet the New Orleans steoner Al<baina. affording a very pleaiant trip to thoie w ho?e hus<ues< will admit or their taking such a eircuitoin route to 'lie latter p?rt C-ptiin John H. Stanhoiie, well-kuowu to the travelling community, accompanies the Natchez ou her voyaye For panictiUrsofiiaakage, kc., apply to Captain J. R Stanhope. at ibo Astor House, orto w. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, o28ee. 43 Prck Slip, corner Houih street. ?TllAV K.LLER8 (K)IN(i HmiTH~nw /KuiAHl WEST? Sixteen hour* in advance of the 8. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, *^uZUbRQ[ in connexion with the Central Railroad to HHHbuliNg and the West?The splendid steam packets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAHLESTON, Capt K. Barden, will leave Charleston eve ry Tuesday, Thursday and Satord >y morning, at J o'clock, after the arrival of the WilnSington boats from the uortli, arriving at Savannah tliesime day, and will leave Savannah on the same days as above, at d o'clock P. M., after the arrival of the cars from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south and weit. The above boats an fitted up iu a superior style, and no expense or paius will be spared to ensure certaiuty, com'inrt, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAHTTE. Agent. . Kitzsimmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, September, 1843. sl7 2m*r J.W3 0* ~SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING" LINK bnM)3>l''OR ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate T K-JgL.Ivitinlinijt?From the steamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfot and Dini??r ou beard. Leaves New York?The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it 7 A. M. _ Landing at?Caldwell'*, Weet Point, Newburgh, Hampton, PougbkeKisie. Hyde Park. Khinebech, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Cats* ill, Covsackieand Kmderhook. I'he new low preasuie stcaiiter TROY, Captain A. Oorham. Thursday morning at 7 o'clock. h or passage, apply to F. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay ibw. or on ooar?. Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bfink Bill*, Specie, or any other kind of Proiwrty, taken, shipped, or pal oa board the Boat* of this Line,must be at the rial of ue owners of aach Roodi. au 16 r 0* INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPP08Ifi *** NIGHT LINK KOR ALBANY? 3Ei>Si^^K.ThrouKh Direct, without Landing.?The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt.O.House .will leave New York from the foot of Robinson street, 011 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: and will laare Alhany and Troy on Saudays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will coutiuue these trips for the season, alt o'clock in the alusrROQO. freight taken at reduced rates.- Apply on boaH. P. 8.?The above beat has undertone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. o26 lm*r SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINE t fck ALBANY AND TROY direct, without the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Coartlaudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veuiugs, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state rooms,and for siwwd ud acrommnHnrioiis is m,r tnTPassed on the Hudson asB ec PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS KOR ALBANY?Dai It at 6 o'clock P. M.JLoJkJL Through direct?From tns steamboat pier beI*|?0 Courtlandt and Liberty itrwts, Sunday sxcented. The steamboat KNlfci\ERBOClCErR,Capt. A. P. St. John, will leavs Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six dock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At i o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at t o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trussdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for irtr "an or weft. The above boat* are new and substantial, we furnuhed with cat and elegant State Koomi, and for spead and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schul tz at the office on tilt wharf. s26 r NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th, tlie boats af this line will leave for Albanvat 6 o'clock. P. M. instead of 7. NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM ERE1GHT AND PASSAGE LINE. Kor Kingston, anc Delaware and Hndson Cfrnd-jsteam boats EMERALD and NORThe KMF.RALD, Captain John Katcham, will leave New York, Toot of Murray street, every Monday and Thuriday at 5 'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Hon-lont landing) every Wedneaday and Saturday at J o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot .of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will l?ava K.jrston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 e'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morning at T o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingitoa at 4 o'clock, xune day. Kor freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO., all Jm*r 164 Weat (treat N-ftW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. .mm jm REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PROV1DENCE AND BOSTON, via, STON 9C^j?3E.lNGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of tl>i? following superior teamen, running in connection with the Ston'ugton and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Cant. Cotnatock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NAKRAGANSETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York dailyi( Sundays exceptfroni p,ct No- "4 p- k The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, oa Monday, and Wednesday for 8 toning ton and Newport, and Friday for Stoniogton. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comitock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Satorday for Stonington, Newport ana Providence. rasseuuen, on ths arrival of tha team en at Stooington, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious Can of the Railroad .< i Providence and Boston, tad if for Newport will pioneed in the steamer Mohegan (in superior order) from thetica at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus givinr them ^opportunity of a night's rest on board tha steamar .Massachusetts or Rhode Island, ahd than breakfast on board the Mohegan. The above steamen hare been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of pasaengen, and sot surpaeaed by any in the United Slate4. Kor passage or freight, whieh is taken at very reduced rate*, apply ou board, at north side i>f pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Devean, freight agent, on ths wharf. rr:.L ?. r .L T -? t t - w. -..J 1 ICiru ior inr ruuw ouu imuuni uuim unu oc >evuim ui board, or at the office of HARNDRN h. CO., No. 1 Wall itrwt JT7- NOT1CE-CHANOE OK HOUR-On and after Monday, Oct. 9lh, the simmers of the New Jewy Slum Navigation Company, fonmui the line to Providence and Boston via Suiniugton, will l?wve |>ier No. 1, Battery, at i P M iL/~?->n and alter the 10th mst. freight will not be received g-ia forwsrded after half-|iast i P. M mi 6m* m ^ 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY, KOO1 g-fDlwL?g?OK WHITEHALL ST.?The .Mamboat 3C STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Sin ten Island, on and after October 2d, u follows, tuutil ,,mh,rn0t,"i?v.New York 9. 11. I. SK.JK. Leave Suten Island f, 10, 1, *%, 5. All freight ship|*d is repaired to be particularly narked aid ia at fhe risk of the owners thereof sSOtfr " ikp. T6h BELIZE, HONDURAS?The fast sailing )9wWeon|?rsil and copper fastened brig JOHN K. UaRDEH. J. P<-der?ou, master, will hare quick despatch lor Hi - aD?va port. For freight or passage, apply to the Cap Uin on boaid, pier 10 E. R. or to ?6f>t*r F. ALEXANDRE, 38 South st. KOR NtW ORLEANS?To sail on the 13th of kfjtfV November?or passage tree?The superior, fast sailing Ja#tMwril>i|' II i LAI I, Capt Hammond, will sail as above tirr accommodations ior cabin, second cabin and steerage psss'ugers ar- unsurpassed by any vessel in port. Persons wishing to embaik, should make early application to the sub?ciilier JOSEPH McMURRAY, iiI r 100 Pine street, earner of South. KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New Vork Liue? Regn lar ?'*cket of the 10th November? jMtiflh'ihe last sailing packet ship SHAKSPEARIC, Capt. Allen Aimer, will sail asabove, her regular day. or ireigtit or passage, having han'tsome furnished accomined.ittous, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall strset, E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South stmt. Shipiwrs hy this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agi'iits IU New Orleans, Hnllen It Woodruff, who will promptly lorwmdall (itods to their addreaa. The packet slii|> Occulgee Captain Peet, will succeed the Shake?i?are, aud sai1 the itlih .~ev. her regular day. n9r KOR NEW ORL>A"NI^Kirst"Packet gfcfp. to WT]UFW?uere.-d the Picket Shir Union?The wall known MMttfelirst cIhss |>acket ship LlVEKPOOL, Capt Agry now I .hi"g^it pier IJ E. R. will be despatched on SaturUty', the lltli mat This sh phas very high lietwreii tecks, and oilers a most de.iral'le conveyance lor second cabin and steerage ps.sengrr , who will be uken a' the lowest rates. Those wishiiiv t ' secure berths will require to make varly a|>plicatioo on board ill* ship at pier 13 E R' below v> all street, or to JOHN HKHOMAN, #1 Son ill street, near Wall street. N B?The splendid packet ship SHARON.Captain Puirineton, will sneered the Liverpool, and inaet with quick despatch n'Jr t ONLV REGULAR LINK. FOR NEW OHKkPIV LEANS.?The following first class packets will JHiiiifebB snl pnnctuslly as advertised, weather permitting, or '"he SHAKSPEARFi, Captain Miner, an the 10th * I November. The SARATOGA, Captain Russell, on the 13th of November. The accommodations of these ships for cabin, second cabin, ami st'-erane i*uaengers. are such as cannot fail to ensure every comfort to passeng rs during the voyage. The ships of this lin? have now commenced their regular trips, ami will sul punctually every five days tiireoghaut the seison. I'assetiKers may, therefore, rsly on not being detained The price of passage being very low, those wiahi.ig to secure hertlis in either of tit* above psakats, can do so by appl ving on hoard, ar to W. k J. T. TAPllCOTT, Alhluir (isu'nl Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, r corner of Aouth atreet. Foil CHAKLF.STON Kecnlar racket ?f the w???W|?ih iNot.?The fiut tailing fatorite pnckrt ahir PKI'K K IIATTHM,k, bullion 800 ton*. ? aptam U.K. r?s i tuMiipeitor Tfiifl it now loading for ) harfetton and will Mil posillfftll ou the 10th No*. I he accoaimodationi for c?l?m, td cabin and ita,- ** patianian aw nnturpatted bv any v<"??e| in port, and ?a * numbar of her l>erth? are alread y anew <1, early application it n?C?M?nr. t JOSKPII McMUKRAV, 100 Piae itrwt, nil 3t corner of Month. tffg- PACKET FOR H AVHK-IVcom. Lina Th? *J3rfV?hir UALTIVIOHt, Kdward funk, maater, will JarifalaEatail o? the lat of December, BOYD It HINCKK.N,? Tontine BniUmgt. 0 ndr corner Wall ami Water ttreet* E NE NEW j EXPRESS KOR BOsTOV-OA LY LINE?WINTER ARRANGEMENT. lUKVi.i'V ?. en ?:n ? their ii.ii k ige luid buiineta Ki JBJKSPHE preaa Mmui Ww Voik and, during the winter m follow. :? v t* storing ton, oi? Tue?da\s. Thursdays anil Hatii'days. i Via Norwich on Mondaya, Wednesdays and Kridays?making a oailv line. N. B.?Please mark all packages intended for this lint, to care of HARNDEN tk CO. P8f _ ** Wall STreet. V OH LI VKHPOOL, on or balore the ?0th mat,? Thr new and splendid skip ST. OICOROE, lOOtons JfMMEBhitrtheu, Watson Ksiris, mauler, having three-fouriha of her eirgo engaged will sail a* above Sli- has superior accommodations for ten paasengrrs. Kor baUma of freight or passage apply to the capuin on hoard, pier 13 E. R or to nil Iwj^b frfthD'K L TaLcOTT.O wqi.t, I? NEW LINE OF PACKETS KOR LIVERrfWW POOL.-Packet of l#th November?The splendid HMbo'll kuownjiaeket ship HOTT1NOUER, 1100 tons burthen, Captain Ira Bursley, will Mil on 1 hursday, ltith Not, liar regular day. The ahi|>s otthis line being all 1000 tona and upwards,persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from aelactiug this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a amller class Thoae wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ship, should not fail to make early application to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their Oenvral Pasaage Office, 43 Peck slip, n3 ec corner of South at "W KOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.-Regular Packet of 26th November.?The aplendid packet JBMBtoihi|> ROSC ICS, Captain John Collins, of llflo tons, will aail a* above,her regular day. Kor freight or pas?at;e.having handaome furnishedaccommodations,apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 Sooth street. The packet ship Siddons. Capt R K Coob, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Roaciua,and aail the 2Mb December.her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing puuc taally as advertised. o27 Ifip- "OLITBLAI K B\LL LINE OK PACKETS |MWy F'>R LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 19th NovemberM/frnffm?The splendid fa*t sailing new packet ship MON Tl1 /L'MA, Capt. Lowber will be despatched as above, her regular day Site lias suiwrior accommodation for cabin and quire ?o make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, II South st, n*ar Wall street. N. D.?ras?a*e from Great Britain anu Irelaod, via Liverpool, can ai mual he aecured by the above splendid packrt ship, orany shipol the line, on the lowest terms; and those remittinc money to their frieuds can have draft* for any amount payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom;and on Mes<rs. J. Darned & Co. bankers. Liverpool; and M-ssrs J. Bait Son It Co For further patticulars. apply as above, nfir fiffg- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 13th (AWkNoemher-Thit well kuoWn favorite packet ship JIBBbVIRUINlAN, burthen 1000 tons,{will sail as above, hiar rrt-ular day. The accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, are superior to any veasel in iiort. Persons wishing to embark nhould make early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, n8ec 100 Pine street, corner of South. FOR-LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Hegulir iMVW Packet 18th of Novemlwi^The fine New York bui t jBSKLpacket ship' HOTTINOUF.R, Ira Bursley, mast*, 1010 tousl will sail as above her retfular day. For freight <n passage having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL t .VI IN TURNS. 117 South st. The fine new packet ship Liverpool, J. Eldridge, master, 1130 tons, will succeed the Holtinguer and sail on her regular day, 16th December. utt r FOR BRISTOL The well known fast kailiair MtTCTW. British barque COXM <). CaMain Wm. K. O'lterJHttBfiabridge, to in I on the 31'ttii November. K"r freight or passage. enquire of the master on board. foot of * lliany street, N. R.nrto JOHN JACQUES, d8 Iw*r 77 South ?treet. HE MI TTA NCESTO IRK LAND, fcc.-Thi iubncribfr continue* to'transmit money in lum large JBHttfaor small, to persous residing in any part of of Ireland iu the tame manner as he, and his predecessor in basiuess hav* done for the last thirty yean and more ; also, to any part ol England, or Scotland. Mouey remitted by letter (po?t Paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons iu Ireland, Euglaud or Scotland, to whom it is to besent, and nearest post towu, will be immediately traismitted, and Paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect gireii, or forwarded to the sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part ol Ireland, Euglanu or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber for persons residing in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be paid to tliem accordingly. o211m*r GEORGE McBRIf)K. Jr. 82 Cedar st. ???- PASSAGE FROM CORK?Via Liverpool-hi MfTK?Vthe first spring ships.?We beg to inform our friends JMHttbthat duriug the coming spring, 1844. we shall have a regular succession of first clrjs American shi|>s, sailing from the aboTe i>ort every week, which will be fitted, out in such a manner for secoud cabin and steerage |>astengei*. as canuot fail to ensure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. Roche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our inssengers, and will spare neither pains or ripense to meet their wishes, and hay* them forwarded without any delay, Those sending for their frieuds will at once see the advantage to be derived bv paying in our line. Apply to. or addresa if by letter post pa.J, ROCHE BROTHEks He CO. 33 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, or to JAMES D. ROCHfc, 14 (roree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. 8.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by *he regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 26th ol evry meith, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 18th sifl MFOR i"ALE?A good convenient twa story Home, with about ail acre of grouud. witti bun, carriage house, %c. adjoining the residence of Gov. Penninston, on High sirerr, Newark, N. J. The house is pleasantly situatid, commanding a fine extensive prospect. Th- garden is well stocked with shrubbery and a choice lot of fiuu trees, making it a desirable residence. Apply to n8r^ BOY I) m HINfKF.N. o Tor,tine Buildings. rV" NEW STYLE OF CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS ?The subscriber has a large aud beautiful assortment of tientlemeu's and Boys Caps, of the la'e.t fashion, which be will sell as cheap as any other eitablithmeut in this city? among which mav be found gentleman's cloth, velvet, a new style oi giateo, ?na nne out- c*[>t. Alio on hnnil a large supply o( mole (kill, silk and fur hati. of a baaniiful finish, for sale low. Fancy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, a Urge assortment of Muff's and Far TrimmniKi for tale at Terr To* pries. N. B?The Caps ofihe subscriber took the premium at tlv? late Fair of the American Institute WM. BROWN, n3 Im'ec IX Chatham it, opp?-it? Roosevelt. ~ PREMIUM HAl'S AND CATS SUPERIOR Moleskin, Nutria and Bilk Hata, Cloth J^^nnd Velvet Caps of the subscriber's manufacture A di ploma wae awarded hr the American Institute, at tha late Fair in thia city for beautiful specimens of Moleskin Hati; aid a diploma waa alao awarded for superior specimen! of cloth and velvet caps. On hand a large afiortment ?f lia'a and taps. Persons in want of articles in his line, are respectfully solicited to favor biin with a oall. WILLIAM BANTA, No. M Canal at, corner of Wonatar atreet, o3l lm*m and No. 130 Chatham street. BOOTS. BOOTS AND SHOES, cheap, and lienor llisu erer vet .iff red in this rity A T>-rr large assortment of gents' siugle and doable soled waterproof Boots. French and native ctlf, city made and warranted, for the low price of S3 to $j per pair, aud a never failing supply of thick Boots and Shoes for men. boys and children; Indies', missis' mil children's Oaiter Bouts. Buskins. Slippers and Ties, of sll the different kind* and most fuhionahle styles. There is Moc cuius and all the different kinds and ftshionabie stylerfof India Rubber over Shoes, for gentlemen. Indies, misses and children in creat abundance, and cheap, which the subscribers would solicit th'-ir friends aud the public to call and examine their stock, as it i> of the beat materials, aad priue pally city made at their larye establishment, X>3 Cireeuwich street, corner of Murray st. o27 Im'ec WRIOHT, CALHOUN k CO. B(IOTS AND SHOES-WILSON fc JOHN" ^^^ HON, Successors to Johu Hutchmgs, deceased. h?*e on hand and for sale, from the best manafactoriea in the country? IM Casaa Coarse Sewed and Pened Boots, man aad boy*. 190 Fine " " 1000 Pair Morocco Bnakina. 1000 l adies' Fine olippen. 3000 " Children's Shoea, rarioui colon. M0 " Worsens and misses Oaitsrs. 1000 " India Rabbets, trimmed and plain. Eor sale in lota to suit purchasers, at tjjeir store. 1*> CHATHAM STREET, opposite Roeevelt. N. B.?The store being open until It o'clock in tha evening, gives country merchants an opportunity to examine goods at their leisure. o>l lm*r BOOT AND HHUfc Si OK*. JOHN READY reapectfnlly informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced husineaa in the above iue, at No. M Nassau atreet. where he will thanklnlly receive Slid faithfully- execute, all orders he.raar be lavored with or th? .viit rmmn*nU tmnf Toe ea?t>. ? M. MIIML'V Tl 1 I I'Mli ~~ " A BHAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. St Reade A kiv t, nni Broadway, loam money iu lar*e or mall aum?, i may he required, on Watchea, Jewel'y, Silver Mare, Dry Oooda, Wraring Apparel, and iwraonal property of*very de cruaion. oM Ina'r MONEY IO loan TN nuns of SIMM). $1000 tWOO, SlfitM. ?ltU0, or one mm of I $7u00, on unencumbered and productive real estate, in (he city of New V ork. Apply by Duta, left at this office, addreaied to 11. B. o3Cr MONEY LENT, f 1 BKR ALl.Y, at the eld e?tabliahed Hand, 401 Grand atreet. u nn gold and ailrer watchea, plate, jewellery and diamouda. atrmi apparal, dry (ooda, hardware, cutlery, muaical and mathematical inatruinenta, bedding, and evary deacription ol peraonal property, by , t _ . . LOUIS LEYY, Pawnbroker, on 1m* m 401 Orand bet wean Ridg>- and Attorney it JT;C (IIU) WANT K D.? W an tad, the above tun of money, ifU)UuU immediately, on three i romiatory notea, drawn at i, 14 and II montha, to the < rder and endorted by a tnerrhai l in goad huiiueat, aad w >Kh double the amount required, individually, aaid* from the drawar'i raaponaibility?interval at 7 per cant per annum The applicant farther pronoiea to fnrniah collateral arcurity tor the |ir< mpt payment ff the notes when due. in addition to the ainiile personal tecum* offered, all of which will be e?plained fully when the nine arrivea requiring >U' h etplanation. The applii.ant ia engage I in producing oue of the great tuple* of Pennvylvaaia, of aupenor quility, ?nd ennatani and increasing demand, and nropoaea to give an advantage to any one iiirniahing the requited aum. in the pure hue of the article produced, equal to ?4 J00, one-third of which amount the loaner can have in addition to hit intereat. (aa it accruei monthly,) without any peraonal attention on hia part. The advertuei will act a? agent for the applicant, for the aale of hia production, and wiH he pleued to receive communicationa add re??e<l to L. A , Park Poet Office, with real name, whan an interview will he granted, and * full eiplauation made. ?(> U m DAMENOtR8?Ootag I om New York,' Moath ~or~?> I Knrope, that hanre to lay in their pioviaiona for the voyage ire invited to call and purchaae them of the aubaenbera at their cheap eaah atore, aa they can aave IVom 1} tots per cent by ao doing, and get aa good proviaiona aa caa be punbaaed eliewhere. Captaina of vraaelt and housekeepers alio will be upplied with all kinds of grocenea and proviaiona ?t an equal taving. wholesale or retain at the atore. No. 108 Month at, a<?r ( 'niton Market. K. 8. k H. HARRIS. o23 lm*r MACKINTOSH COATS-Day, 14 Maiden Lane has no? en hand and ia making to meaanre, the lateat atyle Mack iotoah Coata, of the peculiar preparation of Rubber aa practiaad by Mackintoah in Kaglaad, Oeutlemen mav rely upon having a good article if they obtain any of those made at nar factory. horace h. day. Satraeaor to the Roiourv I. R. Co., n3 lmr U Maiden Lane. f VV V ( YORK. THURSDAY MC NO CURE, NO PAY. BOWEL COMPLAINTS oURED. CHEAP STORE TO MY OLD CUSTOMEHS AND THE PUBLIC OEM ERALLY DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIKS, tec No. IW GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORY. JOHN C. MORRISON offers for sale, ou the most liberal J terms, a Tory extensive assortment of goods, nuiong lh*m the following, to which hi* would solicit the alteution of APOTHECARIES Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, A>{ua Ammonia, rCrvam Tartar, Spirits .Nitre Dulcis, Castile Snap, Super Carbonate Soda, Linuorioe, Tartaric Acid, Balsam < opaiva, Epsom Salts, Klmbarb, Laudanum, Jalap Senna, Aloes, Sulphate Qmnine, KUk. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, aud all Eaaeal Gum Arabic, tial Oils. Caator Oil, Gum Myrhh, Uuicksilver, Canthwdee, Nuiimia, Gum Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Floor Sulphur, Coika of all kiuds, Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Bor ?, refined and crude, Sponge*, coara* and Ana, Calom?l, Druggists'Glass Ware Red Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS Window glasa, of all aim aud British Lustre, qualities. Glue, all sorts, White 'e-ici, dry and in oil, Gold and Silver Laaf, Red Lead, <?old and Silver Brouze, Litliarue. Copiier Brouze, Spirits Turpentine. Chalk, white and red, rutty. Whitine, rani white, Verdiurin, dry and in oil I Spanish Brown, Chrome ?Iwli 0,1,1 Ked, Chrome Vellow. S,u,<1. P?P"*?j tea Sat vssts.,;.'"' S' -sat ""h "j <Rotten 8ton*. 4,*rkl">' > [mher, I?ory Buck, Hlrir? !e,Pl"UB?Oum Copal f, Ch*lk. Psint Brushi. all .iy. B?JH. v l. Rose ''ink, 2. t-r ^ih, Lamp Black, Black LiaS' *" '*** ?il. rail, O'LS;.. _ . Winiw, Oil, Traia, tar:&rd N^ot, whiU- feuj.&r Sperm and Stearic Candle* L"*"i ?''' ?S?D ?""M Fustic, " Saunders Nicaragua, r^h'w ^ Bar wood. Wood, Oum Aaphalturn, Pm!.Tr\v V\'00<18.U Ammoniac, ? ? Soap*. iLbttay Wood. Alum, MANUKACTURERg. Blue Vitriol, M i5r* ttarlh. grossf* Ago?ar, . 0?aUmala. pT^ Aqua KortU, "'"? Nutcalls, Sumac, Aoiidtto. A**0 Yye* Soda Ash. gtareh, Pot aud Pearl Ashaa. Pn'Mute Potash, teaissr* j&fersL.Oum Sheila*. SH' ? Nitra Fortla, f ad bear. Halt retre, Woad, gntuh 0?m, Oram and Bar Tin. ni1?6 ^c'.C &<"t! Boa pi, Oialic Acid. teHr-?*T^ "oc| v Imperial Macaboy Suuff. Ouiipowdtr " Scotch Snuff. Hyaon Skin " ,'20*' Jpdno, Flotant, j fiohea < Xr-"~ "uiy. Hi?.ich Brandiaa I Spanuh Sflrin. r!ater Oil, in bottl?. r?t ud pShuLiw. A'coh l boltitt> Starch, Kpaom ^alta, Liguoricr BaJI. Bath Brick, r JI'i0" Matchw, i, I Bag A]:rJ u""" ? * AM. "cuss; Olive oil in bottle* It baak?i> p*yu.n"? P<>pi*r, ' Nunnrj,, ** * 6M*et?. '"owOej^j #^rg ^ TNFV.^rm^rffined. Pow?kred L'"uamon. cffl"10"68* "IIUEM AND IIAKI'RH JJutineg,, Oil of Anoiaaeed, AKKR8 M??. Abtyoth, ',to?e?, Varri>"Wtv. < inntmon. Juniper I An.pice"d'" ^??r4afe P-ch YVaJ;iiigl,u?, X,u'"a Beans, Jfuln Tf**?c*nth, ToDquin Beans, Oum Arabic, Tiukey, ^oriander Seed, (?um O;imbow, Carrayway g^J Oil ol Koae* Anni?a?ed, figPParmiot, JujutiePa.te. Wiutr* given, ' *rla?h. C'luii&muii, Baler?fu?, I Or u.Ke, S,U|)e'' P ubonate of Soda Berxamot, Tartaric Acid. * Lemon, rL'"K*r' .Th''e 'amaica, Oil vitriol, Y'rdifiia, Copper Call, ??J'f?*'a?. ohwiac. Ammonia, Alcohol. Antimony, Katract of Logwood, 5U?" ?f ,'^vl. ?r HP;, Nr ""AbtiK. Bu. ,r,.'ni' Anderaou',. Lee", k Hooper'. f>? Dropa, n i /, ??'rm ?sd Uft'ah oil. SET?? j?v. Sfldllt* I owdera, ?"d Liquid, otnughton'a Bitter,, Po,w^r?/ t'aft Sar.apanl|a, a. a", c? Cephalic Snuff, A .dnraon a I ough Dropa nsjnidyltwyr 1 ? ml??u , Eye Wat,7' DOCTORYOUR8ELF * xMl V A I CiLiI. T^H. GREGORY may b? consulted confidentially at all hoars 1 ' of the day or evening, athia private residence, 11 Barclay street, naar Broadway He haa been very successful in the treatment of those " tiilf cared" ram which ajwaya proviso formidable to physicians ef bat little experience. Another important coimdrration which haa not been overlooked, ia the adapting of remedies to the convenience of patients, who generally deaire to obtaia a cure as a|<eedily and ixivately as possit ble. Knowing that many people have a deaire for information upon subject* of importance, especially when the)' are deeply interested. haa Dr. Gregory lately publiahed the fourth edition ol hia private treatise ft contain* eugnviugs? II much improved tud enlarged and emhracea imny subjects of interest and aymrf u>ani of diaeaae not be*ore alluded to The varioua forms of bodily and mental weaknaaa, incapacity and differing, which came under the head of private maladies, are faithfully delineated, and the beat practical method of ob taining sound health ; it is a work plainly and nncticallyadapt ed to the use of all those who nay unfortunately need its friend ly as*i?tance, of whatever age or set. That portion of the work treating upon impotence, liarn-u' ess, and a certain destructive habit oT youthful indeacretion, from whenee results "consti tutional debility." will he found both useful and interesting to all classes?it is a friendly yet silent monitor, where seusuai or aeinal debility haa made threatening inroadi u|mn the healtl or couatitution, and nointa out not onlv the m*?ns of meat* hat the certainty of reatoration It sli iw? hiw pare iu and othem are de< eived by the outward ph - sic 'I api f ir vice? h >n the atteuuation of the frame, oalpuatie" of the heart, derangrraent o? the nervous aystrm. coagh, indigestion, and a train o( lymrtoms indicative of rousumption, are often aacribed to wrong causes, when ia reali y they are he consequence* of an alluring and peruicioaa practice, alike destructive to the miad and body. The chapter on stricture it worthy of particular attention and shoald ba mi by ev?*y ona. Tha author's mathod ol traal inf Ihii complaiat ii without pain, and affords a positive an conditional cars, requiring generally only a rary short time ii, it* accompliahment. Ui O will warrant to car* every c<a<that he undertake*, and guarantee the tame to be permanent.? The m*ans which ha emptoys enabli hiin to obtain coinpleti ucceaa in every instance The iiriee of the book above alluded Co ia Ml eanta, and may be had at any hour of tha day or evening of tha author, at hie private raaideuce, 11 Barclay street, near (he Park, and als< at the following agencies, whirk are drug itoraa, vis >? No. K William at, naar Maiden Lane. No. 79 Fulton at, cor. of (iold *,t. No. 77 Fast Broadway, cor. o' Market "el. No IM Bowery, cor. of Spring at. No :J0 Kulton at, cor. of Water at. No MS Delancy at, cor. of Suffolk at. No 89 Canal at. No. S3 Bowerv, cor. of Walker it. Both cornet? of Broadway and Chambers street. The book will be sent ia a aealad envelope to thoaa who may chooae no to order it?it will also ba seat by mail on receipt of one dollar, addressed to boi MT n9 lm*r FIKl'Y DOLLARS RKWARI) ?Tha Hardware Store of the sabsrriner was entered by means of faUe keys on th uight <A tha 3d to 4th .Novambe , and rublted of a quant ty of fine ivory t/b'e cntlary, in dozens and setts. pocket cntlery, razors iu doxans and cases, and a tew doieu film; also, S6 il specie The above reward w;P be riwi (or the recover# ?

ihe goods aud conviction of tha thieves, or a proportionate amount lor part of the Moods. nT 3i*m <>. II DWENUER. 1?S Chatham it BOARDING. PRF.M'M and American Boarding House. No (I Raade st. " a few doors Irom Broadway. Boarders will And it ai tgreeahla home, at a moderate price. The French i< generallt sp ken. Uay boarders taken oM lm*m OKNTEEL BOARDING" AT MRS. OKKK'S, No. 27 CoyirniDT Smtrr, OINOLK. OK MARRIKD Oentlemen caa be accommodated O with etcelleut Board and comfortable Rooms on moderat* terms. Also, a front Parlor and Bed Room oa th* second Boor, far .mhed or nnfurnished. o9 lm*m no\KI> I Ml- Several fnnmhed rooms for gentlemen and " tnrir wirra or aiuKir Krniirmrn. r.injairr ai no w nit* at oil) lm*r TO LKTTwITH BOARD,a hand.omr front PaHor-loai handaomr B*.l K<xnn?. at 411 Houmnn itim. olfl lm*( HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. TH K iin<irrai(nmi tak*a occasion to mforin hrii friaada ami the pablic, that the Mansion Hons* now located in In ]niiidor itrrrt, No. (7. in th* riciuit) ?f th?nramboat landnu uiH rcgatabla market, hafiaf eommodiona family apartments, arranged in the onmt order. A |?r?on is einployad to procnre permits to laad passengers nacfaite. kr who will board ressals immediately after tha visit of the reyenne officers. N. B.?Visitor* to this UUnd sbonld prot?r? * passport from ih* Spanish ( omul, attne port of embarkation, to obviate diflieu I tie* aud inconvaninice. ..... *11 (mac WILLIAM FULTON. AHlriBURTON BAUCfc?For?nnchio? Sonpa, Kish.iPsultry, Mean, Wild Fowl, Otme, ke. Thu S*uc? is confidently recommended aa tha baat offered to 'ha epicurean. _ To ba obtained, wholessle and mail, at J. VAN BRNI H HOTfcN'S. m Braadway.conjerWhit* street, and whola ?ala at Mr. BF.NNF.TT*. l*A Frost^.^MoMljf^ro^riatora, ott lm'r If (.' oartlandliatraat. IRKI RNIJNG. NOVEMBER 9 Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Witn'Bir, No? m?Crim '"on ? Van Cott vi S/iarj ?The nine days wonder bit*, || thi* cai?e, only made tb< int'Tftkt more ?iciting The Court room continues dense ly tilled, and it 11 a matter of no small risk te move Iron your scat, even lor a moment, no great is the demand loi those neeessary conveniences duiing a protracted trial Mil* Mary Waldron was the only witness on tha stand to day Sho ha* for lewrlyten hour* sustained a close,minute cross-examination,diii mg which sho has shown hersel possessed of much spirit and llrinness?her answers,olaar and decisive, wereg ven promptly and with much appa rent sincerity. Kew leiiidles o< her age and station Ciutd have undergone the trial which ?he has passed through without exhibiting symptoms of petulance, anger, 01 weariness ; but she has borne hersel; bravely. When prei*ed closely lor a direct answer, her m inner has been decisive,yet modest, and with an evident anxiety that she might not be misunderstood. During the earlier portion of the day aha kept her veil dowu, much to the annoyancs of the counsel for the defence- aud Judge Kent, enter txining a proper sense of the paintul position in which she wa> pmuwi mi mai nanu, ana Willi a courtesy which did credit to him, deoided not to compel her to unveil, alter that aha hid relusnd to comply with the requirement of the counsel. The difficulty win, that answer* could not ho distinctly heard After the reoass, the Judge at t hearnext suggest! >11 ol the coausel lor the defence, requested Milt Waidron,as favor, that she would remove hn ?< il, which the at onc? complied with very grucioualy?a ainileol baahlul satit action lighting up her countenance at having brought her uiigallant questioners to me for this cimple, but po*i tivafavor, There w as no renstiug tho <HV-ct, and court, counsel, jury, and all, were obliged to laugh at the quirt manuenu which ahe gr.t ilied her woman's spirit. Today ?he will he again placed on the stand, when it in p-o babl* her examination will he concluded. Kv.ry quealion la the ground win k lor an urgument, atid every argument the groiindwerk (or some humor and legal repartee, which, whi le it serve* to prolong the trial, servi also to keep up a continued current of mtereat and aport among the attentive listeners. How long the trial will last, it n really Impossible to itate with certainly. It it not beyond the houndsof moderation to >ay, that another weak will paaa belore the charge will be delivered, allowing half a day to h >ch of the learned counsel in their alosiog argument! But for the illness of one of the jurats, and a poiitive eng igemrni which Mr. Jordan had to ke>-p ai fix o'clock, the Court would hate continued ita aeiiiun lar i;ito the night, as the Judge is moat anxiotu to make up lor the time spent in argument, by longer sesftions and increased activity. From the minute nature of the croai examination, wo are led 10 -uppone that the array of witresars to be called by the defence, is very formidable u? from the testimony givt ii by Mini Waldron, it liai become necessary further to sustain much of thw vidtmce already adduced on pointa in which *be herself wan directly con cerned. The p'.iin' lf, 100, lm yet some witnea^eaa >n reserve in the ahape of rebutter?, VUiiy Wkldhoh ree.allnd ?I weut home with my mother on Monday night ; I have not conv.rsed with any one on the subject of the eiamint'ion ; I wen* to Williamsburg with E. Smtb,the brother ot Mis Van Cott, when she left; 11lien came to Mr. Weeks'in ktxt Broadway, with Mis. Vau Coll; I remained there with them until tuey want housekeeping in Orchard sireet ; while id Orchard street I accompanied Mr*. Van Cott but once 011 a visit to her half sister, \lrs. Well* ; I think that wa? the first time after we removed to Orchard street ; Mi*. Van Cott and myself went together in a packet ; 1 'hink we remained there two wanks, a* near as ! can recollect; Van Cott came up tnere and remained, I ttiuk two or three day*; it was aboui the second week of our vmtj while there, on a Sunday, I went to church with Mrs Wells' son and daughter, on horseback; we returned bomx bet wean two and three o'clock in the afternoon; it was long time after dinner; the u>u<l hour was twelve o'clock; tuey did Dot wait dinner lor us; we dined by euraelvea on our return; previous to Mr Van Co-.t coming down, Mrs. Van t'ott and myself occupied the back, room ot the second floor ; whan he arrived I had to go mw*A -I..-- .-it t. \Jf... U/.1I- ... ?l f *s_i. s. ? u niwi .>1IH ww Dill IU Biiuiun lUOUIj IIUIUK C? arrived on Sunday aight about twelve o'clock; 1 think Vad Cott was there ou the Sunday spokeu el. Q?I want you to matu all you know about what occur, red at thehouae on that Sunday after you returned iroaa church. A?On that Sunday afternoon when I came home. 1 went to the room which Mr. and Mr? Van Cott occupied; Mr. Van Cott, Mrs. Well* and Mrs. Van Cott were in the room when 1 went in; I tuld Mm. Van Cott I was very ick and felt tired; ?hn atked me to get on tho loot of the be 1 and lie down; I lay down as desired; Mrs. Wells remained a lew moments, and Mrs. Van Cott some time alter wentdown and I still remained; both Mr. Van Cott nd Mis. Van Cott lay on the bed; alter 1 had lain there a law minutes 1 did not speak to any one; Mrs. Van Cott got oft* the bed softly and lelt the nom; she left the duor rtjar about the breadth of a man's haud; after abu had gone I remained but a minute or two and then left the room; she might have reached tUebsttom of the stairs b.tore I lelt^ Mis. Wells'little boy was standing near th? bed-room dror as 1 went out; I went directly down stain and saw Mrs. Van Cott and Mrs. Wellt talking together; his was all the atteution I paid to it. Q?In what positioa did Mrs. and Mr. Van Cott lay on tkat bed f A?They laid legnthwise ; I left Mr- Van Cott lying in the same positlou when I left the room ; 1 do not know whether he was aaleep orawake?hi* eyes were shut. Q?How long were you lying on tkat bed before Mrs. Van Cott leit the room 7 A?About twenty minutes ; I cant tell how long they hbd been there belore I went on. <l-Did you speak to Van Cott after hia wife laft the room 7? or did Ue speak to you 7 A?No ; neither of tia spoke to the other. <i? How long after this did you return to the city 7 A?I think I returned about a day or two after. Q?How many doors were there on the same floor 1 A?There waa tha back door leading to the garden ; a bed room door immediately opposite, and two bed loom doors farther on towarda the Iront. Q? Wat the door ol the bed room opposite open when yon left 1 A ?Yea ; I think Mrs. Wells' other son was lying on the bed in <ha* room ; I think I saw him lying there as I went in ; She, Miss Walla, lay I think, on the bed ia the Iront room ; I think both were there;! ki.ow ouaolthem was there?the one who rode out with me ; the door lead ing to the garden was one step down ; I returned to the city by the packet ; Van Cott was not on board, ?o far as I know. We atarted from there in the afternoon and ar rived next moralng ; I left Mrs. Van Cott and her hua. rv>nd at Mra. Wells'; I eacne home to see about thehouae; Mrs. Van Cott knew about my coming ; she bad had so an* coDveraation with her huaband, aud it was thought advisable that witness should go back to sea to the house, aa there was no one to see to the house but little Mary and the black boy ; on my arrival at the houae I found Mr. and Mra Plane there ; they were hoarding there. Q?f ow long was it before Mrs. Van Cott returned 7 A-A day or two. I think ; I can't recollect whethsr Van Celt returned with her. The Planes were at the iiou*e when the Van Cotta returned. Q?Alter ike return from their Tint, where did Mr*. Van Cott next go 7 l'hie queatiou ohjected to, at let being relevant to 'ha i(*u? ; the Court decided to allow the counsel lor the plaintiff to thow tha cireumttancea under which tha wit nail remained in Orchard itreet and who remained with tier Q?Did yoa remain in Orchard t'.reet ap to the time of M>a. Van Cott'* final leavingl A?I did; Mra. Van Cott remained at tha haute all the ime Mi? Ki IJvll ?raa thara. Q?Diilanv pemon tmi to reiida in tha houte after ?lrr Vaa Cott lefil A?Tat, a lady came and took tha ?pper part ef the houte; Mr. Plane aleo came ihera in a week or ten day* after Mra.V C. le t; Mra. Plane did not come at that time; it waa tome time after; 1 can't tell the time; it wai More then a month. Q?Wnere did yondeep in that hauaeafter Mn Van Cott left the houte? A- I alept with Mitt Kid Jell; 1 never tlept with any >th?r pertun bnt her. 4-Did any peraon ileep with Ven Cott durin* thtt tini> ? A?Vat; Mr Plane, and I believe Mr. Van Cott'# bro (Iter, tha Plauee remained until they went to hou.ekeepin*. Q ? Who came alter the Planet left? A ? Mr. Van Cott't aiattr, Mr* Jackt, otme th*n; think it waa in January iaat; aha ataid there until V*n Cott irokc ti|> bouaekaeping; I hrlievult watin May or June, arhen be broke up houteke?piii( hit tittrr took chargr if the furniture and I went at her detire, to board with aer in Fur<yth a'ree ; I continue I with her until Mr Van Jott't brother gut married and took the hotiae, when they It-ft; thia wat ahoui two orthre* mon'ha tioce. Q-Hat Van Cott kept houte tince ha broke up houteaetping in May T A--I think ho boarded with hit aiattr until hit brother {o' married. Q?Havi- you ever aeaompnnied Van Cott to a Concert i>r Ball tince he teparatcd Irom hit wile? A?I never want to a Concert with him in my life, nor yet ta a Ball; hut 1 hare (one under the protection ol hit 'irother tmce hit wile lelt Q ? Did you ever vitit the Planet with Van Cott. A ?Tea," while I waa at vVilliamthuig, Mrt Van Cett i.., ,? ?, " . -u xv.l, ? .1 ? UU!U i?u - f.rmunt ridrt lor me; w* returned thasasa* day; I went with Van Cott to New Koch lie; this *u while we war* livng in Orchard street previous to the separation; Mrs. Vau Cott prop>sed bit going with bim to tee a riend of mm* named ^ri. Nolan; Van Cott wanted hi* wife to go, but ahe declined, aa abe expected Company there; al?o Mr Sharp. She inaisted oa my going. aa it would be a very Rood opportunity for me to see my friend, ve went first to Mrs. NoIau'e,aud than to New R >chelle. Van Cott had billa to collect there, he stopped at several places; we did not return that night; wastayed at a publ.o louse; I don't know the gentleman's nine; ha stopped at same friena's house to make inquiries about my staying there all nignt; I occupied a room up stairs in the front of he building; Van Cott was not in that room that night; 1 left Vaa Cott below stairs; the servant woman lighted me up, and remained in my room for some time; I locked the doer after she left. Q - Whare was Tan Cott's room that night 1 A?I can't say. q_Where did you see Van Cott the nest miming 1 A?I saw him down stsirsj did not sae him bafore: we rook breakfast and then returned borne immediately; I think wa arrived home before dinner) I think it was *1 out ho beginning of the summer | Q -Has any improper mteraoarse over existed between you and Mr* van Cott I A?No, sir; I had no oonrarsation with him about separating from his wifo. Q-Are you not now undar a partial.'engagement t* b* married 1 Mr Joai 4!??1 object to this. judge Kaat?Well, than, I'll hear yov JL . 1 ... I J, _/ IERAJ , 1843. Mr. J0BD4N?Th?o, I won't argue it. * Tina anawrr pruducnl c n?i<l?rahW merriment ? A?I am not t-iiga^ml, but hava remv id prupoaala ?( ^ luainagi*. which lor my deciaMU; they aie nol . from any relation ol Van (,'ott hon i y H<i that fDlU-tDdu viaited you during the * hole of Q - the peiiod aiace you rekidad at Diehard atieet T Or1' A?He hai. A Tbia queeiion waa objected to, anrigthe Court .dacided >'? , that it waa going too fur. j l?*<U i ('ron-uxHiniiiutieu of Miaa Miit Wildior, by Mr. | ,b"' Jordan ?How long did you live with Win Nolan T i Q A?I have lived taere about fife y?ar?; I can't t?U ai. ! ctlytoaday. 1 A , Mr. Jordan.?I wiah that the court|'would order the | w nne?? to utivail. ' Q Mi.<i.ui<iM?Ceitainly not. Iabject to bar removing | Con her veil, it aha .leairea to keep it down. A Jvooa Ka?T. ? I ahall Dot oompel bar. . "''I Mi tLDwaao* ?I tliiak I h#?a a ?n?a in point. , Junot. Kmr aaid ha would bear any decision which. Q had been put on record, aa delivered id the Hupri ma A , aouit At preaont k? would not ioaiat on Miaa Waldron'a ^ n moving bar veil. *" Mr. JonDtn ?I thought we ahould be compelled to r?- *ot new tha upplicationat a iu'ura ataga of the proceedinga. Q Hh would, however, now aak the court to a?k the witneaa 'nK whether, under her oath, aha objected to remeviug her , A - veil. Van Viiaa Wa uoaoN ? I certainly do object, air. Q ! Mr. Jokdan.?On what grounds, pray 7 " Juuuk K krt reiu<ed tu allow thfl question, and Miss ro' ' WaUion wua saved the painlul necessity at removing, WB" Unnecea-arily.hur vail. ^ Q?Do >ou i r member the Chulera jnai 1 A A?I do nut; I came to the city alter I left JMra. Nolan; 1 thehuuse wax 1'iospect Hall; whan 1 came to the uity I '. w lived with Mm. Hiuith, tt.e mother of Mra. Van Cott, lor "Vl1 about one month, and than weiu to Mra. Lyles, whore I ^ stayed about (fourteen months; thence I went to Mia. fil '' .smith's eg un, where I remained live or aii month* ; I Astayed at Mr. Woll'a about one month; 1 think I nixt ^ went to Mra t'au Cat fa; I think I waa about nine or tan vou year* when I first went ta Mr?. Nolan's. Cela Q?Wtio I* the per?on paying hta ad Ireaaea to you ' A A?(Very promptly.) I shall not answer yon, air. J?1'1) Mr. Jokuia?I deem thia an important fact lo aacar- J?""' tain. Hun Juonc Kkbt?I shall hear you oh the "object. cant Mr. J'-aoAn here argued the queation, and thn court Tl decided that hy the strict rules ol evidence she was hound *n to auswer, however much ha waa unwilling to allow it to b e pat. Mr. Graham proposed, that If the opposite counsel Si would accede to it, that he would consent to the witness tfrrr writing it on * slip ot pa|ter, which slip should be shewn mnr only to the Judge,the Jury, and (he Counsel lur d fence. Tfie I'hu proposition was acceded to, and taeyoung Udy H[|(j wiote it down. j Mr. Jordan- When did thisgentleman commence pay- , <a ing his nd Insies to yeu 1 A?About a > ear ago; 1 can't tell how long he haa real ' dm in the city , I <to not know what bu*iue?a he was in. puty Q?Had t ou ever carried on a written correspondence .V wit ti him / lord A?Fra; 1 have written to him and ho has written to niem,> born Q?Did youjcver cease to correspond with him for any g)4 pariiculur ieu?on 1 ... A?No, no'tu my recollection. Q-Did >oti ride out with Mr. Vnn Cott to any other r,,(i places hui those yuu have mentioned 1 kins. A? V? s; I think I went to Hempstead with him more N than once; we weut to Anthony Van Coti's store at May Henipsieaii; 1 do not recollect any other plaoe where we Hdg. lilM- pa|n Q Dj you recollect riding to Coney Islsnd T r A - Un, yes, I do. on the louith of July, 164 J or 1843; we . went tu Coney Island ; it was while we lived in Orchard J-!/"' str. at. Q ?Whe went with you 7 ""8 A -I went alone; 1 mink ha expected to meat othar Kuril company there. Pain Q ?Who did you sea at Coney Island 7 Hda A?I saw u great many; I might hava teen peraonal VH. \ knew, but I don't recollect; we stopped at tha tavern to ju get aotno dmntr; we stayed there; Mrs. Van Cott was at , . , home. Q ? Wua this before you heard of the difficulty between Van Cott aud hit wile in consequence ol Dr. Bail ey'* *tc- "run ries? Ju A?It was before; I can't toll exactly when 1 flrr thai heard of this difficulty; I think it wa* in July; I think Del Dr. Bailey had but recently told tbe*e *rorie* btfjre 1 Ju beard them; I don't recollect riding with Van Cott to any VM , other place. ?i Q?Did Mr?. Van Cott know of your viiit to Naw Rochelle 1 "H , A?I won't be positive that she knew it; I did not con- Vt> 1 template going any further than Mra. Nolan's; I did not y? know that 1 was going any lurther my sell; 1 can't aay Plrl that Mia Van Cott knew it or not. linpf Q?Where waa Mr*. Van Cott the day you rode to Co- Ohai ey Island'' V4 5 1 A?she waa in Orchard street; I wasnot at Williams- Tf,e ' burg the day or nigbt, when the lurniture waa taken ? ' aw ay Jon my return I niiaaed il; 1 Bad been to aee Mrs. Nolan; I can't nay whether it wan Sunday or a week day; .V'"!*1 ome ol the bed* were taken away; I know thera waa on* Kuh. ielt; I ihiuk 1 left the house before night to go to Mra. ^tatr Smith'*. vs. E y ?What cort waa the furnitura previous to it* re rnan movel? Peoc A?Th< re appeared to hare been plenty of it 10 far a* I j?en. can judge; there uere thre< bed*. ? [Hi re the defence went into a long, alo*e and minute p ? examination a* to the lurniture in the various room*, the 1 Mr" color ol thebeddmg, the content* of bureau*, the number J"^ ol dressing glasses ice. fcc., which we forbear inflicting vs. 1: on our patient reader*.] M( A Juror then informed the Court that the (tate of hi* Suth< health whs iiuch that he could not support aa evening |{Hfc session. The Court decided that if the Juror'.! health Q?a( whs likely to suffer, he ahould adjourn until the follow11.K nioriiin*. ' Q?Was Van Cott at the house in Orchard (treet when J>" rib rp wa*there? r** A-1 can't till; he may have met him there both be. ?tev< 'ore,at and alter the whitewashing; but I can't ape?k po Ju< itively; a* far as 1 know they were friendly when they ? Bit ?H. Ne Q?When was the first time you heard that there had H| been a coldness between them? p A?Sometime in July; it was about the time when Dr V Daily Wdiipreadlng hustorie* 'nrl r Q? How often did Sharp gat on tha roof to hid* from "eop Van Cntt7 Jul A?Once that 1 recollect of, I saw him from the yard; uniei he wa* near the ch imney: I went towards the back pan Prop oftbe>aid to see iff could aee him. [Here the witnesa MUI,| indulaed in a regular laugh, in whicn the spectators |{ ,,cl j'lined ] I think it was on the rear part uf the roof; Mi. rH(.i Van Cott did not discover him there; I know *o because he ,inquired if Sbarpe had been tnere that day; I saw lenti sharp go up stair* Irom the pailor; I wa* against th> '"< fence at the back part of the yard when 1 saw him. Jul Q-Did you speak to him) Talir A?Mo; but 1 laughed at hira; I dont know that he Ne laughed back. vs. H Q? How di I he get ?pon the roof? jur A?Through the acuttle; there i* a small laddarlead- j inr Irom ihegimt to the rool; I am certain of thi* . Q -Where i* the pantry in which you *aid ha was J,e e* locked cp 7 Co: A- Between tha two parlors; I rather think it wa* Mra. \mm Van Cott who looked him up ; I was there at the lime , ,t ifo, I villj ivbuurvi uuto , II I ?'u irii BUj who iu*v m ivvacu il?f V lum up, it rnuit have bean in joke. . Q?Madam, are you in the habit of tailing atorlea in Joke 1 " { A?No, air ; 1 don't know that I have ever laid it; I *t' ?e don't think 1 told Mra. Pbthe Sit ith in September laat that obtai I looked him up in the pantry , I might ham told her the' rnrnt I ahut him up in thegarn-t m il room, bat certainly not in mfon ih" pantry ; I recollect him being in the garret. Vrt it Q-W?i lie locked up there 1 tntne< A-(With a laugh)-Yea,ilr i indeed he wii; I can': tell whether ur not I mentioned it to Via. Smith. ., . The Court here arijnurard ior one hour. rtlll, The hour being np the Dimeiol the Jurora werecallH ,n over, and Miaa Walilron waa led to the itand. ed b; Juoor Kent then announce I that at the auggaetton o' Couoa. i for th? dpfencr, end by thf requ?at ot the Court, p,Mian Wrfldion had cona?nted to raiae feer aril. Accordingly .Vli?a Waliron lifted her veil with a alow, graceful motion, hluahing deeply aa aha f<rlt the gaaa of tha Court upon tier. n?af] Q - What were yott doing at the honaa In Orohard atreet '*<< ' w lien the colored man waa whitewashing? 'lit ol A ?I whb aaaiating the Inmily in th? houiaworkT >ver k Q-Waa Mr Sharp preaent every day while tue Mack tjiry man waa wHtewaaliing? he ri A ?I cant ray poaitieely; Re waa there, aa many fPH(jv aa three tiiuea; I think the flrat time I uw him wm . hi the kitchen; I thirk the black man waa ie the entry a K ' ne nm*; I iniim ne hii of?r *nw noui*1; n? wm vin?. t mm in oi.e place art'1 aomeiimea in another; Mr*. Vat. J*nt Cott did not ink me to g > tip into the garret rornn to Kn?ln ?haip ki?? h.-r: I did i.ol tell him togo under mv bed, or murr 'he ronf. into'Be pantry, or any ?hiT? elae; Idareaa) ij d h* went ot biaown accord; I did not bear Mr*. V*r Coi ,,Mj | tell him to hide; I know the locked hi* in the pantr) ; I j^e c tool hy ? ?he di I It; think* Mr. Van Cott wa?J>i?teti. ,Kmi. !ertng the door; Cott did not know of Sharp'a being iu 'he pantry; he remained there until Van Cott lelt tk? " a" houae. '"!'nl Q?Since Mra. Van Cott hat leparated fro* her hi>- ortdgi band have )ou ever told any one that yon knew nothing ihout againat Mra Van Cott 7 tcrea A?No, I don't ricollect, parhapa I may hare tald Mra ep()? W>tla. B mto Q?If you did, were you Joking? , . A?If [ did l;waa not in earnest, (a laugh.) r* (t ?Do you recollect it ? <reme A ?No, I do not at preaent. 'M 11 Q-IUve you ever told Mra Phebe Smith any thing nave i like th?t? he C A?No, I think not; I don't rccollaot having ever ?aid tiv* r< any thing ot the kind. mure. Q-Did you ever tall any body that Mr. Sharp inaufced ,hrep *?A?No, I never did q ?Were vou ever at the Bawary theatre with Mr. Van 4r* D' Cott7 11'? ' A-Ye?, I tbiak I waa; I cant tell the exact time to a whtcr month; I think Mra.Van Cott wai io the coantry, I think nw, it waa aa late aa September or October. It aaay have bean na late aa November. n>tter Q-Do you recollect the night that yonraelf and Van /'mni Cott returned home about tan o'clock, when Mra. Smith waa there before you 1 A ?Yea, we were at the thratrei 1 did not hear the Mr.?ariatmn whleh Kalanun hur an.l Van (!ott fl'Ck, Q-Da you recollact at one tim? combing Vau Coti* Cap' ' ban t . * ^ A-Mont rr collect; I hara dona ae Mf?r?l timaa ' pot R I Mil. Van] Cott'arMUMtil navar ourled hlibalr; I?Ji?ply ,,aMa? [ part ad it lor him. HI .Ill r rv L U. Met Tw? CMM I?Were you in ih?- habit ot x.tting up far bioi when ha iRini'd out ai night J t?No, I wi? not; I have left the candle lighted for i in iucb pouttau that ha might g> t it whan ha oaaa ne. 1?Do yon recollect hia being in your be<t room at hard nfrt i tT ? No I never aaw him in my bfd room. either in Orrd or Diviaion itreeta; ha was not thara to any know, re; be nr?er traa inaide of my bad room with lha door t ?(very positively ??id.) ? Were you ever in hif bad room whan ha wm *t ?No, ( never wai; I never aa< upon hi* lap, ar oo hla < at Foray th it reel ? Had you a piivata room at Coney Iilaad with Tan Li ? Nn, air! (poaitiveiy) nor waa I in a private room it him; we did not aak lor a piivata io*m, 10 ferae I w. ?Who haa (tot the guitar which Mr? Van Colt bed f -I believe Mra Huntley haa it; I have not wars any Ira. Van Cott'a cioth>a >ince;l may have had Mra. i Cott'a ahnwl on with her p? rmiaaian; I have not h her hxt ami ihawl ainee aha left her bu?banrt. - H?) you not on Mre. Van Cott'i etraw t onnat, walk in th? atreeta of th?, city in the noon dav 1 -No, (poaitlvel) ) I had eu * plwid ehawl, which Mr*, i Cott gave me long helot* ?h? left the home. ? Hiiv* you pun) any board in Coreyth atraet t ?! have pai.l Vjb Cott and hi* hroth?r board at tha ot twelve ebillihgi j*t week, aince I got work and abl>- to pay ' b< m. ? Wher? doee yonr mother live 1 At therurnar of Bedford and Barrow; I can't tall number; ita on the right hand aorner aajoucoaia n Blrecker; there i? no nniae on the deor; my lather la IB: niy moth> r'? name in Mrs Waldran. -Do voh rtcollact that Mr* Van Cott waa at Cold nM 1 -Y?a, I do I think ahe wn on a visit to Ida ftaalth. - Do you not recollect that while iha waa ahaent there viiited the Bowery Theatre wl'h Van Cott to n* ate ? -Ido not; 1 think I did ?ee Celeote, but cant aay whom I went, whether with Mr Huntly and Mary ell helora the mairiage of tha la?t party to Mr. tly.orit waa probably with Mr John Van Cottj I : ei>y pnaitlvely let-.ourt here adjnuraad, Mr Jordan having a epeclal gement 'or aim o'clock. It la prohabla Miea Waul ion ba called to the itand in the morning. pkrme Court?October Term ?The October i ot ihf Su(ir?m?* Court adjourned on Saturday ntng. alter a ee*aii n ot nearly three weeka. deeiaiona are given below. For the faithlul correct record ol it* proceeding* tri m day to and lor the li?t of deeiaiona, we are indebted rtnlord J Smith, Etq , ol tbia city, who haa iated t'urmg the term in the capacity of DeClerk fw trirti granted?Coat a abide the event.?Han, ah'ff See ada Browning, et ; Oc ff va Dan* Auburn and Syracuse Co ada Millar: Giblet al ada Farnhnin; Simaet. al ada. Sennet; low va He*t?n; Reed et. al ?Ha Earl*); tha nango co Mutunl Ins Co. ada. Jenmnga; Him* et. al. ada Margau; Bennet et. al- ada. HotchPW trial granted?Fiah va Folley ef al; tha or, <Scc , of Brooklyn ada. Parey; Eddy at al. Finn; Hit nun ada Muir; Whitney va Burt| [it r et al. ada S( John etui; Hawk* et al. ada. !f; Post et al ada Arnot; Ltmarrux adn Wy. Niaaon va Mii"ger ; Whitney va MtKeon; milii at al ada Kingaiand et al;CroTnwell et al. Small et al; Kiea ada. Child et al; Green va. ie; Little v* LtF?rge; Northrup ada Squire; ier ada. Palmer; Rice ada Blakely- Gaidiner Bradford; Shepherd yb Wait; Schetnierhom Veed: Kink it Rncheater va. Wilder ah'ff. Stm. dgment Reversed?Venire de novo by Court w?Com abide the event ? Johnson va Cora* t; Sheldou ads Dodge et al ; Ruland ? . Vaa it. dgment of the Common Pleaa r?wwd, and ot ihe Justice bffirmt-d ?Hall et al. va Tuitle; oug vs. Voaburgh; Lewis vs. Palmer et al figments Affirmed.?Van Dermnrk, *dm. Sea. he Onondaga Co Mu'u?l Ina. Co; Deleplaine . vt. Hitchcock; t e same vs the same; ibe f> va tne aame; Berly va Taylor et al ; Wood lice; Lindsay vs. Macglaahan, Wayva WoolCoon vs. Maznzan; Paige vs Hazzard ?t al | leva Walrath; Henriques v. Fisiier et al.; BjIi vs Williamf; Gates et al va Wilhelm et al ; leva. Mill*; f* rcleaton vs Yeik; Broikaetal. stevenset al ; De Groot ei al va Bayard et al.; N Y tfc II K K. Co. vh. Stevens et al dgment for Plaintifl on demurrer?leave to id on the usual term*.? Kunaler, surv'r, &c , <ns et al ; Sacket vs. And roc; W?ram et al. va. of Inamna; Underwood ara Hi<bb* 1>; i. oak le F?rent et a' ; 1 he name va. the sniiie; Bra* ada Baker; Bates vs Nellis; Finch a^a The lie; The People va Emerirk; Willoughby ada 7., Seth N F.nch ad* The People. dgment for plaintiffs on demurrer.?Gilbert tb. ,er. dgment for plaintiff for 8931 61.?Weed et tl. Icntley ?iion to set aside report of referea denied ? erland vs Brown: Aldrich vs Abrahams et al ; h et al , vs Suydam et h| ; Quarkenboaa va. .'kenbosv; Western ads. Kenaey ; Martin et al. Howard dgment for defendant ?Parker ads the People, I Faxton ; the People ex rel. Ht.dgkinson va. ?II8 lament reversed and judgment for defendant, ckhead et al vs Brown et al. w trial grant* d on payment of costs.?Whiting vs. Jarvia. iceedinga remitted, with directions to proceed etider j'ldgment.?The People vs. Oothout; the le va. (Jams. lament for defendants on demurrer? leare to id on the usual terms.?Green et al ada. the i!e; Webber et al va. Shearman ; Caae ve. tngton et al ; R cbardson et al vs. the aame ; ..... n,.: U.. L ...I., It. .< .1 ter rt al; Tompkins ft al uda. the Supeiintea* n of the poor ot Sieuben comment reversed ? Hubharcf va Edwards, dgment affirmed with double cost*.? Low re va tadge. w < rial granted.?The People va. Hyde ; Sana aldwin. tgrnent for Plaintiff?Bannister va. Hotchkiaa. lament for Defendant on d?*murrer.--The Peoi rel. Newell et at va Brown. irrrrtjtional't* or thk Ba>k*upt Law.? UK the cue*h disposed ol by the Supreme Court : term which has just closed, was that of Kuns. Kohana and Viaser, involving the question the validity of what mutually called the volunbranch ot (he Bankrupt law. the queation upon demurrer to a pie* aetnut up a diacnarge ned by the defendant, Viser i ?nd though judfwaa rendered lor the plaintiff because ot the ti?I manner in which thedischarge wag pleaded, le Court held the law under which it wu obd, to be valid. - make this ?iatement on the authority of Mr. the reporter, iu oider that those who nave fait teresi in the result of the ca?*e. may not be miay the lorm of the judgment ? Rixtwittr D.moaat rcHBuao, (Ma*s ) H ailboad.?This line of muniranon, deMmed ere Ion* to bring Boston i > four hou a ol Vrrmont, and *even of Lake nplain. ia progressing rapi.'ly. The road is graft Waltham. and the raila are laid ten milea I Moaron, and will be firnehed to that pointthia . From WalifuBi through Concord to Groion, iwo milea from Boston, nearly two thirda of tiding ia completed and the road bed will be f??r the reception of the raila before the openi spring. Pour thousand tons of rai'a in addi0 five hundred previous y ordered, and euffito reach Fnchbti'g have been purchased ia 1 id by Derby dc Cro? ker, at a very low , and have aince advanced in value about oilers per 'on ; a la'f?* portion haa been or and h*a either arrived or ia rn ita way, apital siihacrihed thus i?r i? 87#t),000 of which 83110,000 haa been actually pa>d hi, murh of it vauce ol a?aesmeniH The depot acc< tnmoia niriiH Irnm the Nashua He Dot on Wnrren e. to Prison Point Bridge, embracing I'XX) fret of water front, nnd Marly 20 ol land, and the paa*enger and freight i will be nearer the centre of buaineta In n ih-in the Bnaton and Providence railroad The accommodation f?>r hu*inri>? w,!l be r than that of any line entering the city, aod en Herured at a l?w price. The company leparted Irom the practice of other linea out of ity in three particular* ; they have taken >d* (4 generoua width) tor the line to avoid exprenara in widening; they are rutting in hundred extra eleepera each mile, to give >r aerurity and prrmanence to the track ; they iildmg a permanent fence, instead of leaving be neglected t>y the farmers. The contracts 1 extend to Fi'chburg, (48 mile*,) are very viz: II cent* per cuhic yard of earth aod r?>ck, including the expense of moving th? iale. and ere below the eatimaus ? Button n rift, Kov 7. ippkario ? The Halifax Gaiette afs'eathit* * ? landm irk by mariners, in front of ??ai>?, haa dtasppeared It went by the nam* 'he Old Wom?n Ship Head," and " Flower ock." The fall ofths rock has ssua*d s nsw e lor amall veasela.