Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1843 Page 2
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IVKW \Ol>M Ui'-lfAlJ) : .?? %?.rk Thuiiliy, Rovtmbtr 0, i?W I COnnF.KKUEXT OK THK CAMPAIQH. DANIEL WEBSTER IN THE FIELD HI* Crrnt Mperrh at Andorrr To-Day, BY LXTKC48 H ROM BOSTON. Tk? f.. r> . .1- m.,? I a MV. fc.vo.1 ? IUU?I I,tg uir utll rHDlU' MVFfH???7 be said 10 be now opioid The recent elections be*e br^in the war, and the great speech c| Darnel Webcer to-day, at Atidovir, id Massachusetts, is the next *trp in the tfainc. Every movement will have inference to thia point, up to the day ot battle in November, 18W. An thia will be one of the moat frank, open, and intellectual corneals that ever took place in 'ha Uuited States?a earnest to be decided oa measures and principles, we h ivt; made extenaivc arrangements to give the best and fullest u^orta ol speeches, debates, mass meetings, &c of both parties, and tu every part of the country. Our coyi ot reporters h*ve been completed in every point, and is now unrivalled among the ne* trailer frers. We have accordingly dispatched a delBchment to M .siachuietts, to report vtiba'im Mr. WVbster'? speech to-day, and we hope to receive it by special express, and to publish it in an EX l'RA HERALD to-morrow morning early. It is supposed that Mr. Webster will make one ot his greatest speeches?define his own positiontell us where he to go, and murk cut the plans and principles of his party ior the ensuing campaign. Be piepared then for a rich treat to-morrow. No other paper can give 6uch a faithful, graphic, and correct report as w? can. The reason and intellfCl of men are now to be appealed to?not their passions and prejudices. Mr. Weboter's speech will be asort o{ Message to Congress. The AwfUl Overthrow of the Locofocos no Overthrow at nil?The Splendid Victory of the Whigs no Victory at, all. The boot is on the other leg to day The whigs have gained no victory at all, while the locolocus have carried every tiling in the city, except the sheriff and one assembly man. The state is also locotoco to a dead certainty. We <Pere led into the mistake by the terrible fright of the locotocos, who happened to count the vutes for sueritl first, and finding themselves beat on that candidate, gave up all lor lost, put out the lights at Tammany, and run horns to hide themselves ? Last night Tammany was bright as ever, and the delight tremendous. We, therefore, take all back which we aaid yesterday about the triumph of whig principles in New York. There must be another and a harder fight it the whigs m"an to carry Mr Clay and his principles. One thin* is certain ? in nnr Hnu ih?? cmn/f old lecotoco party have thrashed no less than three Rtchmondsand five-six'hs of a tourth?being whig, Tyler, Abolition and Natives, all in a bunch. So there is comfort in the idea, that more than one party havt got a good licking. The old hunkera look up still. Thk Administration or Ji>ticr.?This theme has been worn nearly threadbare, but still there is web sutTi lent lrfi to compel us to call public attention to the mancer in which the mock term of " Justice" has been dealt out in our city. Scatce a day pisses that some raiiged specim"n of pjor humanity, whose hands have been tempted to *| propr at* the use ot a piece of old junk or some other almost worthless material, to his own use, is not forthwith arrestrd, tried and sentenced to the penitentiary lor months, when perhaps the very act was to sitisfy the cravings ot knawing appetite cr waat. Tne world look? ou and says, " amen," while those who have rubbed the orphan, plunder- j ed the widjw and cheated the community, by ac>s of truuJ, in our public institutions, walk through our streets unharmed, uuscaihed and uu whipped ct puoiic justice This is one view of the picture, the evidence of which ca'i be found on the records of our o called courts ot "justice." Another view in which the pciure may be extended, aud from whuh some idea may he perceived of the correctness of our position, is apparent, wUen it is known that during the past several months the following named persona have been tried and convicted of libels, ao;ne of which were of the moat malicious and dis*rac -ful character ; and yet sentence has not been recorded agates them. It is rumored, but we know not with how much truth, that Friday is ihe ddy fix d for them to p*ts through the ordeal; if so, we shall then believe that justice, in this city, though tl w, is sometimes aure, if well urged lorward by the tone ot public opinion Ihe first on the list is Moses Y Brach, cf the Sun, whone malicious, irosa, and wanton attack upon f<-mile virtue and innocence,caused this whole community to express their disapprobation and astonishment at the vile and infamous puolication. The second is Town* send and Brooke, of the Express,whose unprovoked aud unfounded scanaal against Francis B Cutting, Esq.,and one of our moat respectable females,a married lady, compelled them to aneakingly enter a plea of gui.ty in the Court of Sessions, in hopes thus io screen themselves from punishment. The third is Warren Draper, whose libel on an active and efficient public officer, called forth loud invectives at the tune, but since conviotion it has alun> bered in the womb ol the General Sessions In the case of Mike Wdlsh, we do not know that much unnecessary delay haa occurred, tor the rea wuu, pcniBio, icidi many ionjrnee* have been brought to be&r to urge hm sentence forward. To evidence the eve n-handed junice ul which we speak, let u? look back a few y?*ara aince, when the editor ot this paper was tried for the mere simple mistake of publiahing (he nam* ol John Htifzgerty for Jarnea, which error was corrected ihe next morning, and in the publication of which no malice could be traced or even supposed, yet in hot haste was he arraigned, convicted, and sentenced the round sum ol JjftuO, with scarce a day's delay between each point in the proceedings, and %t>/uU a civil $uit w u pending to rtcover damage*! And tben again for the publication of the amusing and lnii?hur?l* ?? ? ? ? W:-L. .I - -* m? in vv inVII <im [Jtt eOI U Judge ot the Sessions wan caaually introduced?a Judge who afterwards withdrew trom the bench from knowledge ol hia own incapacity?he was hur. riedly tried and convicted, and as hurriedly forthwith aeatenced to pay a fine of ?300 Thus was " justice'' meted out to him, and we now see etalking abroad those who have violated the sanctity of private lite, whohave endeavored to destroy the peace nirl quiet of families?wlio have, assassin like, ctabbrd female virtue and innocence, with malice intent and aiorettiougbi, with no good motive, or with no justifiable end, and yet the arm of the law is stnyrd, a*d the scale beam of justice stands in the sigut of ail, balanced in support ot those w ho won d irample her to earth. What a mockery ot the name! What an insult to our laws and institutions! And what a ccmmrntary on the administration o! public juitioe ! Accidiwt ?A man iiam--d Wibert, from Huffalo, sleeping at Holt's Cofljc Mouse, corner of L berty and Was uugt m streets, about one o'clock on rues d?v momma, fell from the s-cond story window, oti the walk, snd was badly injured. He broke his arm in sever*! place*, and otherwise hurt huu?elt,so the. hi* hft is despaired of. + Tma . -oaid or ScrtaviaoM neet this a/terflooB at I o'clock Ile?uIt* of Ibe Election. That which p|'|*nrecl lo all, on TufidiT it mid night, to be a great wh'g victory,haa, upon a complete carv ifp, dwindled dowu to tut a ug one, and r :he circum?Unc*?, muy be eonndt r?d a vie rory 'or ih> d?-mocra*?. The wh'na nave elecei* Ci'!. WJIutti Junes lor Sheriff, by a majority ovm A:wood tl 9j7 vt ttj, and have ouly eecoreo one member of Ataembly, namely R S WMiame, in place of VV'iiliHin Snaler, who waa on thedrui.H'raiie ticket. Jdm? a Conner i> elected County 1*1?L K>i ? I ,U^ u.k..a candidate, u| 1280 votes. Pr. Edmund G Rdwsou, the d-mocraiic candidate for Coroner, is elected over D- Whiting by 712 majority. The numeroub '"epl ia *' among the votea tor Absembly, ha* rendered the election ot one \vh g membei|of A ttembly ceri?in. The Naiive Americana lieve polled over 8000 vote*, white the Tyler par'y, headed by Mike WaUh and tailed by James Keily, havejnot exceeded 250 The average highest democratic majoriry over the highest whig is 300; and the average !t ghest democratic msjority over the lowest whig u 1000 Williams, on the whig Assemb'y ticket, 80 majo ritv over Shaler, the defeated democrat. The following is the result ou the vote lor Senator, Sheriff, County C'erkand Coroners Senator. Shtriff. Wir'tii. Franklin Juntt. QwuA IV. Jontt. -ftweod. First 2 560 6 J 821 3t* S oiid 593 314 8? ?I5 314 Thrl 10 fl 439 185 1142 ?(I7 Fourth- 6i7 931 211 692 KM F i fin 1042 732 S97 1677 697 yiimh 5ri4 1154 115 C12 1 91 Seif.lh 1212 ll!|t 629 1269 HO'V Euhih MOB 1163 800 1488 1103 fNiulh. 1914 960 1120 1030 932 I t?i h 95U 979 548 1026 9d3 Kleifith 384 917 924 381 216 Twelfth 176 415 392 145 :t98 Thiriefi th 635 918 716 654 8?5 Fonifenth K89 ona 312 7 39 948 11Mb SMl \n\ .11* Sinn-nth - 080 1311 601 1006 1283 Sevt-utetnlh 860 918 828 887 053 Total 14,290 14,320 8761 14,817 13,880 Cltrk. Cortntr. TVred. Conner. Whiting. Ronton. Fir?t 700 592 TJ? 568 Second 564 386 586 336 Thrd 10*6 468 1091 436 Fourth 620 961 64 3 926 * i fth 997 694 1017 776 8i?lh 535 1187 558 1119 8-v?. lh 1192 1201) 1194 11)8 iKhth I3t0 1265 1372 1168 Ninth 985 1036 985 88.1 T?i'h 978 1045 918 1013 K.lerfnth 376 919 37 3 923 Twelfth 158 453 114 445 Thirfeilt* e?0 917 61* 913 Fourth nih 656 10W1 6<;7 1017 F' u*.ilh 11 9 510 1177 4 77 SiiiM ith 949 1318 OUt 1309 816 1008 809 #79 Total J3.8U 13,100 13,843 14,556 We have received the following reports from int. adjoining counties: ? Kings coun'y, Joiin M- Hicks. the whig candidate for County Clerk, is elected by 15 majority, und Jacob Kapelj* and William Burbank, the democratic Asoetnbly-men, by 200 majority. Richmond county has elected William Nichols, democrat, to the Assembly, by a majority of over 100 David R. F. Jones, the democratic candidate for Senator of this district, against Franklin, has a tmill majority in both the above named counties. In Queen's county, Youngs, the democratic candidate tor assembly has beat J ohn A King, the whig, by a majority ol over 600 Searing, the democratic Sheriff is also elected. lu Westchester, Charles Wright (whig) and Andrew Findlay (democtut,) are chosen to the Assembly. Albany Coctnty.? The entire whig ticket is elected by an average majority of about 500, with the exception of Sheriff. Last year the whig majority was 196. Rensselaer County ?Troy gives 300 whig.? bait year 333. Ureenbush, 184 democrat. Last year, 236 Onkida County ?The contest was confined to the Sheriff R-turns from Deerfield, K;rkland, Marcy, New H*rtlord, Paris, Rome, Uiica, Westmoreland and Whitesto wn Rive Ktllo?g (whu) 815 ma jority, and U ley 3 Tbe s*tn? towns last tall gave Boutk (loco) 51 m?j> rity. K-illo-tg is no doubt elected. The democratic S*nators and Assemb ymen are elected by 8J0 to 1,000 List year Buuck bad 13!I7 Hekk<:mkr County.?This county hns given i?? 1 average democratic m<jonty for the Senate. The democratic candidate* for Ataembly are both elected Hoffman had only 19 majority in Little Palls. Monto mery County ? Jones ( *hig) is elected Siienfl over S^raker by 400 majority. The whig clerk is elected by the same majority, and one whig (..robably) and one democrit to th? assembly The democratic majority in this county last year was 603 Fulton County?The democratic member of assembly is elected?same last year. Schenectady ?The whig ticket is elected?assembly, clerk, and sheriff- Last year Bouck's majority was 243 Madison County is democratic as usual. OaA-vos County has probably gone democratic by 500 to 7ts0 majority?same last year. DtncHcu Cociciy has done better for the whigs than last year. Poughkeepeie, Hyde Park, Fishkill, and Rhinebeck, 23 whig majority?last year the same towns gave 202 democratic majority. The democratic mnjonty in the county last} ear was 766 Grkknk County haa about 7JO to 8 )0 democratic on Senator?the same last year. The whigs lose their Assembly ticket by about 100 votes. Columbia Cou.nty?This county is reputed at 400 democra'ic?last year Bouck had 916. Ui.strr County, th? only return is of Saugertica, which ia reported at 72 whig?last year it gave 160 democratic. It appears by the above that the whigegain one or two members o( the Assembly; and it is pretty satisfactorily ascertained that the democrats have elected their Senators in the 1st, 2d, 8d, 4th and 5th districts. Gin Bkrtrand.?Thiadistinguished veteran mrt with a splendid reception in Baltimore, where he was received by the Hon. John Barney, Jerome Buonaparte, the French Con?ul, Commodore Ridgley, and othera He left Baltimore ?n Tuesday afternoon for Norfolk. Old Tkcumwh ?Col. Johnaon arrived in Tren ton on Monday, and was escorted into the city witf much pomp. In the procession were the Governor and two h >usea ol L-ftsUtur , ;tra of the Navy and Army, and others. At the State House, Mr Wri?ht, Counsellor, from Hudson, addressed the Colonel in a spirited manaer, and the old veteran replied in his own peculiar style. He is expected tc arrive in Philadelphia tomorrow evening at eu o ciock. Ex-President Adam*.? We perceive by the west, ern papers that early on the evening of Tuesday week, E*-President Adams arrived at Erie and was received with a salute of artillery A prea crowd of people was nwtembled .upon the wharf and the " old man eloquent" was escorted by torch in procession to the Ileed House, where h? was welcomed by the Hon. Thomas H Sill. Mr Adams' reply was bru f but touching, and at its clos< the multi.ude thronged arc.und to exchange saluta tiona with him. The ladi? a, ton, were present ir coiiB'derable number*, ond after paying their respecti to him, Mr A returned, accompanied by his e& cort, to the boat, which left the wharf amid the cheers of the muliitude and vollira ot musketry. Jack Fro?t in Nkw Ohi.eams ?Appeared on Sa urday.thc 28 ti ult for the first time. Since that,*-ayi the Tropic ot the 30:h, the weather has. been fine clear, aud bracing, and Yellow Jack has disappear ed. People can now visit that city with impunitj us soon as they please, Siow in Richmond.?There was a slight fall or Sdtuiday !aat. Steamship Hibkhxia. ftom Boston for Liverpool waa se^n l*i iust 11 80 P. M , Cape Ann W. N W ft>) tntie* distant. iFin Ik Alton, Illinois ?A fire was raging it Second street on the 28ih ult. The flames appetr ed to be iMuingtiom one or two huiNi Mkkti*g of thk Njr vr Yokk Irish Kfpkal Assocut o", to-piiout--The New York Irish Repeal Association m-'eUj to-night at Washington Hall, to lake into c?ni8 iteration the arrrai of D.iutel O'Conu?il, and i|jt? |,reefn: condition of the Repeal ques ton in EMr?>',>e and America This will be an .m P >rtaot meeting, li is the first ot the Kind that barbee* I jeld in this coun.'rytince ihr nfws arrived. Ii t? to r>e held in New Y?rk, where it will ?ive tone a >d temper to others ot the ajm- kiud, which will to'.iow throughout ihe Union Grave and weighty questions will be presented .bis evening lor consideration. According to the j ' accounts from England, the progress of Repeal has a<>t ?nly been checked, but tuppmeed, t nd Daniel O'Coouell, the great leader aiitl master spirit of the inoveri.eut, has tamely submitted lothe suppression. There is no doubt that he was anxiously expecting and wailing (or hit arrest, as a God send to help him out of the most uncomfortable dilemma in which he fouud himself placed. The time had come for a counter movement; he h?d run out hta roi e?he could go to lurther without coming in direct coi A ct with the laws And above all, the " Rim " had been paid in, and but little more could be expected until there should be some returns Who, then, can doubt but that a crisis had come in which O'Conarll was anxious, in the recesses of his own mind, to abandon ihe caustl Bnt there is still a great and vitally important matter to be considered by the Repeal A*sociatie<is ot this country, <tnd particulirly by the Repeal Association of this city at their m^etia^ thia evening, li is a matter which no sympathizing repealer can overlook?a matter which no American citizen, with a true American heart in his bosom, can either overlook or avoid. We refer to that m ?*t extraordinary document Bent by Daniel O'Connell to the Repeal Association of Cincinnati. We dare not trust ourselves to speak of this communication as it deserves. It is not harmless reproach, nor malignant slander only. It strikes deeper. It seeks to Hlfitlirh th#? h a rmnn?? nf oU^inttB A can Union. It seeks to alienate the north from the south. O'Connell seeks to take advantage ot the natural and commendable sympathy ol all the Irishmen in this country, whether naturalized or not naturalized, to induce them to join in an American crusade against one half of the American Union.? "IrUhmtn," says the great Agitator, "I call on you to join in crushing slavery." Is this then the end and aim of the Irish Repeal movement to crush American slavery1? Is the mask now thrown oflT la j not O'Jonnell content with agitating Ireland, and the British Empire, but must he transmit his incen i diary documents across the Atlantic, and endeavor to agitate the United Slates, and infiiti e the Union? i tie exhorts Irishmen "once arid again to opine out from the councils of the slave owners." Now pray what have Irishmen to do with slavery! Will they lend themselves, yea sell themselves to the Aoolitionistol Are "Irishmen," and Abolitionists to be i convertible terms'? We call upon John McKeon, and (iansevocrt Melville, and Tighe Davy, to define their positionto express their views upon these deeply interesting, and vitally important questions. Will these gentlemen support a man who is capable of writing such an atrocious libel, such a malignant and violently inflammatory document as was sent by Daniel O'Connell to the Irish Repeal Association tf Cincinnati! Some of these gentlemen are in public and highly responsible offices, sworn to support the Union, its Constitution, aad its laws; and will they endorse such iacendiary doctrines as have now here promulgated from the Corn Exchange! Are these gent.emen prepared to join the ranks of the Abolitionists and utand shoulder to shoulder with i i^*wi8 iappan, jcsnua ueavm, wiiuam L<ioya uar lison, George Thompson, et id omnt genus. These are questions which will be put to them by i every Bound, judicious, thinking mind throughout 'he whole length and breadth of this now peaceful Union. And to-night we shall expect to hear a clear and definite expression of opinion upon the stand they intend to take relative tn (his most extraordinary movtment of Daniel O'Connell. America has sent him some $8 or $10,00<), a freewill offering at the holy shrine ol liberty?and what return does he make 1 He sends us back r? proach, libel, treason, and the dissolution of the great American Union ? Nay, more; he invokes the aid of his Holiness the Pope and his "allocution," to agitate our countiy, and array the Catholic Church against American Institutions. Gentlemen Repealers, what say you 1 are these doctrines and these measures to be support ed by American citizens 1 Macready.?Next week Macready commences an engagement at the National theatre, Boston The National will op?n at one dollar for boxes, and fifty cents for the pit. It is said thai he will perform in Henry VIII, a play that has not been attempted either in New York or Philadelphia, oa account c/ the vast expense of the wardrobe and decorations. Madahe Castellan and Mr Wallace have both arrived in Baltimore, where they are giving concerts. Chatham Theatre ? Mr. Hill and his new piece seems to grow nightly more attractive. It will be repeated ogam to-night with to* aid of the Yankee Pedlar; dances, sot gi, and for the second time, ihe popular dtama of the Dumb Savoyard. We are glad to learn that M'stile Yates is convalescent, and wil, in all probability, be enabled to appear to-morrow night. Chancery Suit.?The suit brought against Geo. Robert*, of Boston, by Thomas Roberts & Co., wholesale druggists and sole proprietor* of Parr's Life Pills, S04 Broadway, for an attempt to isaue a spurious imitation of this valuable medicine, has been inade absolute by the Court?of course George Roberts, of Beaton, hus been removed from the agency. Fro* Havana.?The Alabama, arrived Saturday 1 from Havana, biinRing us our regular files of papers to the 24ih mat. We observe nothing impor> t&nt in the papers except the arrival and installation of Captain General lion Leopold O'Donnell, the newly appointed Governor of the Island 11 Cuba, in the place of Coventor Valdez. The new govt rnor entered upon (lie di^char^e ol his duties on the 2 lib 1 instant, and immediately issued a decree for new , municipal regulation* The wea'her co tinned i very warm when th? Alabama sailed, and busmen* ol every description w-s very dull The yellow lever was scarcely thought ol.?N. JVopic, 1 Oct 28 i liaikst mom mexico.? ifie v irginia Antoinette, arrived yesterday Irjm Tainpico, winch port she letc on the 2Ui iurt. Tarri|>ico has been exceedingly unhealthy for some lm* pant. By official reiurns, it appears that ( during th^ last two months, about 750 persona have laUfii viciims to the epidemic. 1 The rumor that the Yucatan Commissioners had I been ordered to depart is confirmed There is now no Joubt that the war between Mexico and Yuca' tan will speedily recommence. The WilliBm Penn, bound lor this port with a ' cargo of sail and segars, put into Tampico on the 11th inut , in diatiem. t^he haa been condemned | and sold; but the authorities would not permit the sale ol the cargo. From private advices, obligingly furnished ns by i a Iriend. wc learn that the British Charge d'AHuiree , h?td suspended all official intercourse wiih the Mexican government, and demanded hi* passports, and it was thought that ere long the British t-quad ron at Jamaica would arrive and demand satia faction. It ia believed by the resident foreigners in Mexico, that the reatrictions im[K>sed upon them by , a constant >uceea.ion o| decrees, is to force them ' wher to become Mexican crizens, and thus aub |f?t their property to taxation, or to leave the country Trim policy all the foreign minister!. , nave protested against, ah a violation of treaties, guaranteeing to the strauger all the right* and privileges in the way of the trade enjoyed by a Mexican , citizen The British flij, the 'xhibition of which, n? n irophy ol ?iciory by the Mexican*} his cauttd s> much trouble, it appears was originally discovered ' in 'he Itnnnaark of a sailor, who had been takei, 1 with the Tefun*. siticf* confined at Mier Alm< at every day brings new decrees to Tsmpici from thfl scat of government, imposing additional restrictions upon foreign commerce, as well n? ' apon the rights of such foreigners as reside in the oountry ? N. Orltani UmreUd, CM. 28 % SECOND KDITIONT" ELECTION RETURNS Received This morning by tbe Albany Boat. From'lie Captain oi ihe steamboat South Amer ica, 1r? in Albany, this morning, we received the Alhxnu Kv^iiintr and hIiiih from llip Alhxnt. Argu% Ih 4 P tVl. yesterday, from which we gather addition*! election raturns, front the middle counties No returns have yet been received from the southern, western and northern counties, except the repor e i ierult in the city of Rochester. It is fupposed that the democrats have elected their Senator in the 7ih district, as well us in the Is', 21, 3J, 4th and 5 h?and will probably have u majority ol the Assemblymen, although lees than la*t >ear. The following ere the resultB for the Assembly, as far as heatd: ? Democratic. Federal. OooiidHga, 4 Albany, 3 Chen an, o, 3 Hi-n'ielaer,* 3 Saratoga, 1 Schenectady , 1 Orange, S Montgom ry,* 1 Dux-hear, B Cayuga,* > Q.-eeno, 3 Oataiio, > Columbia, 8 ? Fulton, 1 14 Herkimer, 9 Oneida, 4 Mndiaon, 3 Montgomery, 1 Seneca, ' 1 S3 * Whig gains. Montgomery reported and doubtful. Albany City and County ?The whig ticket (except the Sheriff) is elected by majorities varying from 15!) to 310 The vote for Sheriff is very close ?result doubtful. rknsskr.akr Coitntv.?The Whips have n-nhahlv elected their entire ticket. Majority fer Sheriff, 222 There is a bare possibility of the election ol one Democratic Assemblyman. Saratoga County.?The democratic Assemblymen are doubtless elected by about 200, and the Sherift'by about 150 m jority. Hebkimeb County.?The democrats in this county are victorious by a large majority. Mr Hoffman's (assemblyman) majority is reported to be about 1000, and the rest of the ticket about 1300. Oxondaoa County.?The entire ^Democratic ticket is elected by about 1100 majority in this county. Seneca County ?This county haB given n majority ot 2-50 lor the entire Democratic ticket. Chenango County.?This county has gone for the democrats by a large majority?more than 300. Ontario County ?The Whig ticket in this countv is triumphant by 800 majority.

Monroe Countv ?The only returns from this county tre from Rochester, which is reported to have given a democratic majority of about 300 The Riv?it Couniies.?From the Counties this tide of Albany, we have no later returns than were received last night. City Intelligence: Police*?Wednesday, Nor. 8th.?Ship Burolaii.?On Tuesday night, Mr H K Fairchild, ship keeper of the Hottinguer,lying at Burling slip,was aroused by a noise in the cabin and striking alight andmakiDg search he found that the ship'slever clock, valued at $100,and barometer, had been removed Irom their places, and four pillowa taken trom the berths and tnrown upon deck through the =kv light. On further search, he found a fellow snugly stowed away in ont ol state rooms, and handej him over to the wutchman,who landed him safe at the police, where lie ii well known as an old thief, named Charley Stewart. He succeeded in gaining entrance by crawling through the sky light into the cabin. Theft at thi Theatre?On the 36th of last month, a boy named Richard Kills, ottered a $60 note of ihe Butchers and Drivers' Btnk, to John Murray, tailor ol Prince street, in payment for a coat. Suspecting that it hud been stolen, .Mr. Murray re!u?edto take it, and airest ed the boy, who subsequently confes-ed that on the 36th of the same month, he stole the bill fr?m the pocket ot Alfred Brewer while he was asleep in one of the offices attached to the Bowery theatre. The young rogue was tuny i wuionucu. Look Out Some geniut who Htm by hit wit* called yesterday at the (tore of B A. Starr, 329 Water street, and ordered ten yaidaof velvet, valued at $80, to be lent to l?3 Madison street, where he would pay lor it. A boj waa despatched, aud in a few minute* thv man returne* to the store, and intoimrd Mr. Starr ?hat he had given the wrong number, a> hi* houae waa 103 instead of 183. He then lelt again, and overtaking th? boy, told him l.e ha l be. u back to the atore. and Mr. Starr had rrquested him to deliverthe velvet into hi* handi, as be bad paid (or it. The boy presumed it was all right, and when he returned to the store found that he ha4 been hoaxed. This trick is played oft nearly every day on some unsuspicious clerks, who will tbu < learn to keep their eyes skinned. Thk Wa? to Catch a Thief.? Mr. Daniel Gillespie ol 178 Broume street, lost a quarter of pork on Mondaj night, torough the instrumentality of some cunning thief. H? therefore placed another quaiter in the tame I ot on Tuesday night, and tied several tin implements to it. About ten o'clock he was art used bv the noise o> 'he tin pans rattling on toe sidewalk, at>d running out .ecured the rogue, * ho it a colored man, and says hi* nam* is Thomas Williams. Ha win fully committed. Coroner's Office.?Wednesday, Nov. 8th ? John H Bates Found.?This gemleinen, who it will b? remembered, let his residence in the upper part of the ci'y,on Wednesday m >rning, the 36.h ot U? month, to purchase tome articles of stationery in Broadway, and who hat b?eu missing since, was found dead vesterdav in the slip between Horstioand J ine atreet, with an inc sion made in both hi* arm", sufficient to c*u?? death by hemorrhage, in a short period ol time. It is presumed that he h.iH committed the aot while laboring under menial alienation of mind, > he ha? been considered hypochondritcal for >om? time pail. He wag perfectly cany id nil pecuniary affairs, having retired from business tome time aince, and wa? considered wealthy. The Jury returned a verdict ol 1'Suicide, while in a state 01 mental derangement." Scalded to Dicath ?The coroner was also called'o hold nn inquest on ib? body of a son ot P?ter and Ann Brant, residing nt 77 Orchard street, a y tar old. AftW lay is nee, in attempting to pull the table cloth from the table, he overturned the tea pot, and scalded himself >o severely about the head and breast ae to cause his death yesterday. Verdic Accidental scalding." Chilp SMiTHraio ar a Duunxrii Mothm.-?A wo man, named Sarah Williams, wife ol Philip Williams, ol 30t> Water street, went to bed drunk on Tuesday night, with her infant child, about two months old, and waked up about 13 o'cloc <, finding it dead by her side. She got up, got drunk again, went to bad, and when the Cotoner't mqueat was held, was so intoxicated as not to be able to give any testimony relative to the case, worthy of belief. The Jury returned a verdict of "D.-ath by neglect, in consequence of the intoxication of the mother." It should have been manslaughter in the lourth legree. Diath or Jack 8tiwa?i.?Mr. Editor?In your rcporl of the caae of Jane Stewart in yo'ir paper ol Monday, it if stated that I certified that the saidfemale died of iijflamma tion of the stomach and bowels, but that the re were " no indications ol poi on that I c.oul J delect." The body was thoroughly examined by Dr. O?born and mysell, th. bruin, thoracie, and abdominal viscera, all and each of hem with the utmost care. Our report to the jury was that "Jane Vi-wart died ol Infl immation of the stomach and bow Is, but whether induced by poison or not we could not then determine," n? an analysis of the content* ol the s umach would have b-en necessary to determine this lact. H ad such sn analysis been deemed necessary, the Coroner would no doubt have had it don". J. B. NELSON, M. D. Niw Yoax.Nov. 8, 1843. In publishing the report e( the altove case, we used the precise language given in the affidavit of the above nam?d gentleman, which was that "the cause of the death is disease of the stomaoh and bowels, and that there were no indications of poison that he could detect." On this medical ^tat. raent, the coroner's jury gave a verdict ol''death by disease of the stomach and bowels." The facts were, that the woman had been living with a man named Richard Stawart, in 19 h street, ai his wife. Stewartleft heron Saturday,O -t. Wih,and as was reported,had married another woman. He returned to the place where she lived on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 4th, about fl o'clock and removed the furniture. She became much excit -d, and be left the house. A'>out even o'clock the same evening, Peter Riley, who lives in the same house, heard her moan, and went to her room, and found her lying on the floor, vomiting. He went for a doctor, but before he returned she was dead. Krom this statement we drew the conclusion that a vet diet of death from " inflammation of lh<! boweli" of one hour's duration was certainly most eitruordiiiary, and presumed that she must either have poisoned herself or have been poisoned to ptodtice auch inflammation* II ?... .n am WCUIU, Mil I Till no, II WHB (111 CUT) to analy the content! of the stomach, and thua be able to ascertain whether itich wfl immHtioo w? produced tiy l>oi?on, or not, in order that the jury might have rendered proper verdict, and not inch an one ?a wai giv? D. Naval. ?The bri? Somtrs, from PenpncoU, arrived at Havana 24th ult. The U. S. nhip Nor h Carolina was towed to the NiivvY^rd yeeterd*y morning, by the steambona Hercules and Sdm?on. The U S schooner I'hfni* atrived st Norfolk on Sunday last, in thirty-three days from Chagres. DkCISION of thr skprkmk coijrt in thic SlIKIUFF o?bf. ?Ob Saturday morning lant the 8uprem<lourt announced its decision in the case of the People ex rel Fixioh v? Parker The Court dei-ides ih-?t Mr. Parker w^s legally appointed 13 the office of sheriff ol this county, and is entitled to execute its duties.?- Utica Obnrvtr.f Baltimore. [Corr??i>ondrnceof the Herald.] Baltimokk, Nov 8th, 1843, > 12fc o\ lock, A M. 5 Splendid Ball by Major B. o/ B. to Q*neral Bertrand ?Beauty oj the l.aditi, tfc IfC. Dkak Mr. Bennett,? ' J cannot rest iny htad, wearied as I am, upon my pillow, or sooihe my raging thoughts with sleep, ' wnhout giving you a few Lin's of the ball which came off this evening at the house of Major Julia Barney. My mend l*. and myself lelt the hotel amine to , be at the house in good time lor anerrtr^e. Upon arriving at the door, we were shown through the ball to the gentlemen's dree.-ing room, till the ladi?s had arranged their toilets, and could be handed In by , their attendants. The house was brilliantly illumi- J nated, the ball room large and beautifully lighted, the recepiion room warm to a nicety, tne supper grand, all combined, made it one ol the most agreeable parties thut we have ever had. We are in the dressing rouni now. See here these idle fellows twisnng and turning in every shape around the r om. to while away the time?they siy, " 'us early yet." Everywhere, in all parts <>t the room, the rudoifhs of the rising generation is wouderlul Everywhere, the ulare of mingled ignorance and insolence meets you lace to lace. Everywhere that troop of lads that dignify themselves as '* beaux," are shocking! positively shocking ! and take buch liberties with seniors as no generation ever did before. But let us leave this motley mixture of yawning men and staring boys Now we descend, and here the ball room is _Lud! what a group tue scene discloses" The air ol the " Postillion" Sniijes are on every lace?beauty, ricliand rare, is jovial here?the boards resound, the walla echo, the whis perings ol joy,and everything goes on as merry as the marriage beli. Now, let u? se<- the ladies Come, walk the room wiih me Here, in the corner, in ull the magnificence that black velvet and lace can give to the human form, sits'Mrs L., the handsomest lady in the ri-om; oh the right is Mrs. J., of Phi'adelphia, the daughter of our host. Is she not b autifvll Mrs. W., of Charles street, is next, and looking as smiling as a basket of chips, as she has only one daughter to bring out now; and the next m._ \\r c ui:_ ....... .. I -I.. io jTiio. . ui i luurviiii oiirci, n iuvny i itru uuir worn in. Mrs. B. G ., of Mount Vernon place, isthe last of the marrird women, and a dear little wife she is too; all smiles, all gatety, a warm heart and pleasing manners, very popular, and quite admired. But here are the t-ingle ladies now The Misses S. are here. See, see?Miss Allen leads the dance? a noble looking girl, and looking well to-night; and at her side is Mips J., who seems quite sad and silent. What can it be1 She looks as if she sat at Eden'sdoor, and grieved (or those who'd gone and could return no more. Tfrnu art gone. And uext is iVIi-s T., the model of daughters, the elegantly educated girl. She's pretty, too, and "has all the sweetness of the foreign tongue and with her is Miss W , a delicate, sylph-like beauty, such an one as poets love. She has that beauty wluuh art can hut imperfectly siniilate ; a sweet girl she is?a fairy, too. I he Miss McB's are here ; Miss W., too. and many others too numerous to mention; but?hark, 1 what now, Horatio!?what means this bustle 1 Eutrez Monsieur le Mareschal?here Bertrand comes ?here is the most extraordinary man that ever breathed, forhe proved a frieHd to Napoleon. Here is a man tbat no change on earth could alter?a fast, a firm, unchanging friend of the Emperor. His son accompanies him?a handsome fellow, though a demi ba.*bart, for no tonaor has touched his beard for many a month, and n*w he is a perfect Esau, though it suits him better than most men. Repudiation and the "sufferers at York" are both here? both unwell, having that shocking disease, a voracious appetite. Upon mv right stands the Mayor; on my left the German Count. Several others, too, are in my mend's eye, but time will not permit me to mention them. The last is a long, lean man, with his limbs all rattling?no way to reduce him to compass, unless voh double him like a pocket rule, and he is the last; and now I close this hurried sketch of what wus " happy, jovial end good." The Miyor was in the very best spirits, and his entertainment did him credit to the utmost, and he should be forever classed as an amateur of " Genius, Intellect and Fame." Good night. Ariel. Boston, (Correspondence of the Herald.) D.Ou-l.'n.. T ! D.I.'l.V. i%ryt-cv?ivr?o ?> ra ivU? U Mtf ? UIM4UVI* i ?/????< Poetry?Piety?Potatoe t. Boston, Not.[4,1843 J. G. Bknhett, Eeq I once was in the habit of contributing to your columns, devoted to correspondents. That was 'long time ago and why it was suspended, "brought up," or cut off, you besi know. But be that as it may, I have a fit on me just now, and 1 cannat well resist the return of the old prof-ens ty Almost every body in this village have certain propensities which are hard to be resisted. A young sprig of morality?as well as the richest, most exemplary, most pure, and orderly, well behaved, sober minded, charitable, loving and giving pattern, mem" hers of our best, most refined, moral, religious, jioiis, double and twisted, dounle distilled, elongated, elevated, cloud touching, overshadowing, overspreading,acute angled,?m>oth,|ea8y, polished, ourmshed, gilded, set in go!d and silver, diamond*, 'ubies, precious stones, pearls, perlumed, made fragrant, heaven-smelling, cunoas, mysterious, untaihomed, wide, deep, broad, thick-set, bloated, iiuffer1 up, good, gracious and fashionable societycould not resist the "force of circumstances," >vhile one of ihose terrible propensities of human nature was left to act in full force, to the detriment of the honor and safety of a sabbath school Miss, *ho, it is said, wna lovely and beautiful! But it it ?ll hushed up. The villain paid up, and she is ru ined! Dr. Lirdner and Geo. R. Gliddon are the two lionsjot the village. The first is giving us entertain menta at the Melodeon, on the abstruse science ?f Astronomy, assisted by Mr. Russell wnh his Planetarium, one ol the most wonderful mechanical productions of the age. Dr. Lardner is a wonderlul personage. He draws full houseB, yea, full to the gallery Mr Gliddon is at the Odeon, for account of the Lowell Inatitute, unravelling the Egyptian hiero Kliphics, and resuscitating the history of events loop ?ince buried in ihe dark '"nixht of time." Full 3000 persons attend his course four timea a week <vllare delighted, astonished, instructed, enlighten' ed, and elegantly humbugged. Mr. Gliddon pjfr' messes an easy flow of wor's, and brings forth facts and explains, adjusts and elucidates each separate topic, or no topics at all, in the most agreeable and convincing manner. In fact, it is all elegant I confusion, like the colors of a kalaidescope. BeI sides these rich entertainments, the Lyceum Library Association, etomne ?tnut,&re pouring forth torrents itl 11 a?< fill b nnU'ltxiau f.i anvinU ika -'I ??? -? I?uv I IV r.unwil llir pCl?|?lC O IIIIHUP The (jreat inquiry seems to be alter truth. "Who will show lis the truth, find make the devil lau?h 1" The two political parties are now in the full lervor of excitement, and nil sorts ot debasing tricks, meannets nnd lying, assist to keep up the fi ver ol either party. Geo. N Briggs, of Pittffield, who is he whig candidate, is said to be a very amiable, but not a very great man. He is a Baptist religionist, and, as well as in most other respects, an ultra at He is said to beat the head of the Berks-hire county charitable sewing circle, which, it true, ought to be hufficient to insure his election Marcus Morton, of Taunton, is a much taller man, H?d therefore can walk in deeper water. He is decidedly a learned scholar and statesman, and underutands the true science of political economy us well as the value ot the Alewive fi-heries. Which will be elected, none but" J T. Fink" chii tell. The abolition people are wide awake, and intend to cast nine to ten thousand votes. I think they will; so that it is questionable if there will be an election Since the imprisonment of Thomas \V Dorr, a large meeting ot his friends was held in State st. Ii was the largest gathering I have evers?en in that place. All parties seem 'O agree, that the authorities of Rhode Inland h ve done an unnecessary wrong to the individual ; a d therefore, to say the leant, his incarceration at tus late day was merely a display ol vindictive power, R. S. T. Boston. [Correspondence of the Hemlil.] Bo?ton, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1813. Vol,we. of Poltiirt-AlmlilioniiU?Amusement!? Dr. I^arHntr?Madame Castellan-The National ?I) 1 rr Moling- O'Connett and Repeal. Dkar BlNIftTT,? You have n? idea of the Hir<*ngth of ihe political 'ide in this region at the present lime. Not a newsiwiper eeitor in the city but is at sword's points with his brothers of the quill, even though he be profess edly of th?- nme political faith. For the truth of i this remark, I refer you to the kte warm discussion between the Ray State Democrat and Boston Post, , both leading democratic journals In the course ol the discussion, he of the Post got angry, and proved himself decidedly ?r?en (Greene), while the pifuani editor of the Democrat, cool as a cucumber, put in the arg'im?n'|* rang, rat er wor?ting the Post. Out rtaper-i are, as you dou 'tless observe, excesyivel) ( dull, being crowded witli politics. It is thought thm Morton (L)em.) will be elected, though not by the people. Since t^e last (election, the Abolitionists ! iave suflioiently increased in numbers to defeat ths I election by tin* i>e?>|>le, and throw it intothf Though we have bjt one thenir" in o just now in this city, still there are eveuini tainments in any qu iniitv. Dr. Lardner ia iok a coin be ol leciurea In:re at ilnstime w nent aucceiM. both relative to wifnce ant own pocket. There hat* i eeu nothing in t cert line worthy ol noiice since Madame IdU wa? hete, who had two overflowing h< a dollar a ticket, clearing, I am t?ld eight riollara each nijtlit She lui* a |>eculi<ir w# thr.tiling lirr audience in aweet and soli coi her powers ol eong. She returns to ihua c next month. The. manager of the National Theatre ie rmnini' nimirv. luvnif iIih fit-lrl ?niir?lu ti> A drama, entitled he Queen of Cyprus, li performing at ihis house during the Inst foi a piece got up in splendid style, ut great ( wnd now doubly re, aymg the enterprising r Tnis estHbiUhrnent, by the way, is celebr its excf Hen' scemc department, under tin tion of Mr. Bayne an artist of acknowledge Last nikh', in connection with the above Yankee Silsbee appeared in ihe Yankee Fai first appearance in this city for ninny month nn actor ot passing ability, but ol very li merit. I have seen nothing in the New York ph[ have come to h-ind relative to?th- great Do ing, holden in 8tate street a lew uighis si was a tall affair, fully eight thou.-and p-rso present. They etood exposed to the biting the nigh', and listened wnh commendable to speeches relative to th* matter; and also a set of resolution", (two-edged, ol cour nounctng the conduct ol the " powers ihat Kliode Island, and lauding the course of tb of Ghepatchet." The principal speaker on t sion was ihe Hon. Isaac H. Wright, a whol I assure you, when he gets agoing. The news bv tlie last arrival irom Eng worked up the Repealers in Boston. They a meeting to-night Kelaiive to this same of repeal, O'Counell has deeply injured him his cau.-e, at least in this couutry, by his ranted denunciation ot our southern slave population. There was an ice house burnt night befoi Frt sl. Pond, in this neighborhood. I am 1 o i good authority that the fire was not ca t/tonianeout rombutlion, as there was but Hlock on hand at the time of Ihe nftririent Charming weather, but cold. Ywurs, {JIJ- AMERICAN MUSKUM.?Burnum it gn not only veryexcellent performances,hut a grea The concerts ol the Mini) Shaw (till delight I cal?the Western, negro an<i locomotive fTirdi abundance ot f.111? Celeste charms hy h fill dancing, and the lovers ot the wonderful fli dance of astoni>hment in the feats ot Mr. Cole an Bill jr. (Ky- FORTUNE TELLING, NEGRO S and Dancing, and a hoitot other perlormunees.a.1 at IV.Museum lor only one shilling, in a the iplt-ndi I Picture Gillery, and half a milliot osities. Cheap enough in all conscience. ftT- RECEIVED liY THE BRITANNIA AI alt: exclusively?the end of the Mysteries o The 9th Partot Les Mvsteres de Paris," whieh lithed in Paris on the 18th of October, will be I the original, on Friday morning at 1J o'clock, flee of Le Courner des Etats Unis, No. .i Barclay The ensuing chapters of this wotlc will be in two hall numbers. Price one shilling each i.. OQK BOCCACIO'S DECAMERON?Rich T the Antique?Published and for sale by all news agents, the richest tales and scenes to be found i or (modern literature, entitled 'Boccacia's Dec Ninion l'Enlos is eclipsed bythis greatest of all t, for farce and uomedy ; for, not excepting the Shakspeare, every tale writer of celebrity has c< plngarised Irom Boccncio. This writer was the friend ot Petrarch who figured extensively in century. Those desirous of seeking amusemen apply at the fountain head of wit aud sentimei flows through these pages. It is illustrated with a very pretty engraving original painting by Sully, ot a female playing i ter, entitled "The Water Lilly." Single copiei OCT- PART I ?The complete work)*of Willii speare, with forty splendid illustrations; also, Johnson's preface, a glossary, and an account play, and a memoir of the author, by the Rev. Harness, M. A , with a splendid portrait from tl iios picture. Part I contains three illustrations, succeeding number will contain two splendid tions. To be completed in twenty parti, each cc 49 pages letter press, with the accompanying tions; and a part to be published on the 1st an. each month. Price <H) cents ner number. I wholesale and retail, by BURGESS Sc STRTNf 331 Broadway, comer. JXf- PRIVATE DISEASES?A CURE G TEED.?The College el Medicine and Phnrnw< C-ty of New York, established ror the suppri ftiackery, if now prepared to treat all diseas?a rate nature, and oiler to all those afflicted with I ressiig maladies advantages not to be met wi' >ther institution in this country, either public o Prom the con'tant correapondnnoe, and from p ranxements, between the member* ol the Oolleg most eminent professors el the medical iustitutio rop?, all improvements in the treatment ot them are forwarded to them long belore they reach rity ofthe meliifnl profrsslonof thisceuntry. V celebra'e l remedies, together with thaeomhini the first medical mm o( this country, the Colleg 'isfied that the good work thev have und* rtaki suppression of quackery," will receive the put lencrves Irom that portion of the public requii servieee. Terms moderate. Office and uonaulting Rooms of theOlWe. 9 rtree . w 8. RICHaRR^ON, N.B. Patients living at a distance, b> stating tease explicitly in writing, living all symptom?, with the treatment they receive.1 elsewhere, i*i btain a chest containing all niodicines, wi;h f ;ons for ase, with aguarantee of cure, by adtlre igent of the college, p?st patd. enr inring $4. QtJ- " SHERMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLA have cured in a short space ot time more cases tinchs and rheumatism than any other remedy n ever been discovered. So great has their reput come, that they are now acknow ie'F"i <? '*e strengthening plasters in the world. 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It produces a ilch cream ! which will not dry on the face, but produce a sn whits appearance, highly gratifying. Phalon's Dahlia Cream for the hair, is sold as Also, both articles may be had ol Brainard Ii Co No. 13 Court street, Bos'on {R7- PR0FES80R~~VELPE.\U'S SPECIFIC ore a aafe, quick mi4 radical cure for gonoriha and all mocupurulent discharges from the They hive entirely superceded the old trestn those complaints, saving the patient more than time occupied by the fotmer course, and curinp eace without tainting the breath, disagreeing ?tomach,or confinement from l.uslness. They had genuine at the office of the Coatultlng Root College, of Medicine and Pharmacy, #7 Nassu Price $1 per box W. s RICHARDSON, (K7- DEALERS AND OTHERS IN W,1 good furniture, piano fortes, fee, , will do well to a sale 01 Messrs. Wheeler and Bla-jrge, ?1S Broadu morning at 10$ A. 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My fa lings a' are a slight pain in my breast, and when I stoop 1 fluttering sensation on my chest t my cough is I ,.l much hetti r tl.nn it ?>ni ITnnii II T I feel n Rreat denl t-i.'.tcr nr.ce I commenced Uk 1 Liverwort Several p;*r?on? have culled to si know from myael' H I l>n<l tound benefit ?o toon I tiottle; I told th.m I had : thev ?ald they raw it it 1 newspaper, nnl us I had tound benefit from itlhi t trv it themaeltros. I th>nk yon. sir, for yo r V ' anil I hope 1 shall bo iih|i> to call anil ice you In time. J. WILKINSON. Ji Cornelia (Kf~ For sale ? above ; alto by G. J Leuls, ? drimgi't, Maiden Lone, sad by Mr*. Hays, 13 trevt, Brooklyn. QQ- "LIFE'S BUI- A WALKING SHADOW SHAK"?PICARE.?If, then, existence iano trail m tain, how nerwsary it i* to guard and fortify it xlementa of he<i>th. "In peace prepare for war motto o( the statesman. " In health prepare the real at the attacks of dlaeas*,"should be the motto ; w snnnd prudent mnn and woman. Hiiw is thin ' on to he ma le 1 We answer, by the tine ot i 1 which will Hire to the stomach a healthy tone 1 196Fulton street, and buy dIkii ortw.'of Pete f and il they do not make you leel an if you had be. I ind a new spirit of lile and activity Introduced i * fibre olvour frame, they will no' act upon jour? 1 :hey did npon that ol'the writer ot thi* article Principal ofllce 19* Fulton ?t. A?enta?John M. Moore. 1*7 Muds tn at A m 1 Milk at., Boaton \ J. 8. Murnh' , 9 > North tti? Philadelphia; Doxter, Albany. '