Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of tb< Herald.] DELPHI A, Nov 8, 1843. The fVi atker? j heal r tea It ? South Baptist Church.? l'vilic L'Cture?? Quarterly Meeting of Friends? A^piM' uytu uvnt vu:ciii societ y ~ r*iccinm newi? Hu?ine?i?I'uliun Opera?Marrtady't Benrjit. Jamks Gokdon Bennett, l?rq.? D*ak Sir: Tne snow continued to fall quite heavily until five o'clock yesterday afternoon, giving a wintry appearance to the streets, quite unusual, and early for the season The snow fell 'o the depth of nearly un inch. It is quite disagreeable to day, the thaw filling the pavements with slush, and rendering the walking very unpleasant. During the day we have had frequent drifting* of falling snow and rain, accompanied with severe fltws of wind.? At this lime, 4 P. M , it is quite clear. At the Chesnut last evening. Macready played Iegn to Young Vandenhott's O.hello. The performance of 1 he crafty Iago was a good one, and elicited considerable applause; the same miybe sxid of Mr V.'s O hello, barring some minor defects. Mis* Charlotte Cushman acquired herself in superb style. Her personation of Emelia was all that could be desirtd, or that the author intended, dignififdand beautiful in the extreme. Miss Alexina Fisher d^serv^s great praise tor her chaste delineation of Desdemoua, U must be set down as a fault)es* * (fort, and in one so young as this talented artit'e m?v be justly Ofin-idf rad unequalled. Ai ihe National, Mrs Knight played Jane Shore, nnd acquitted herself with much judgment. The L >rd Hastings of Mr. Oxley, the gentlemanly m.inti ger, was mi st creditably performed, and abounded with striking evidences i.'f artistical skill and his trionic talent. The night was set apart for the henentot ? Steele, a native author; the house from the inclemency of the weather, however, was not crowded, which I regret very much At the Waluut street, the Kquesuian Troupe, are carrying all nefore ihem, the norses evidently pos sewing the power to draw lull houses. Tne performances are spoken of in the highest terms. The congregation worshipping with the Reverend Mr. Covel, constituting the wealthier portion of the late members of the First Baptist Church, of So?thwarK.have lormed themselves into the"SouthBiptist Church," and procured for their meetings hereafter thu building recently occupied by the "Chur?h ot the Messiah," in Fi'th, below Carpenter street ? Divine Service will be held every Sabbath morning nndeveinnsfH?nd on Wednesday evening of" each week, to tfhit-I^Bll are invited, the pews being free for strangers. Tw Last evening in tire Church of the Nativity, Spring Garden, below 12 h street, the continuation of the course ot It ctures on the Book of Genesis, wis listened to by a large numbe- of the congregation. The next ot the lectures, which are to be cr.ntinued every Tuesday evening, will be on the "Creation of Man." The quarterly meeting of the Society of Friends (Hickesitf) is being held this (third day) at the Cherry street meeting house The quarterly meeting of Society of Friends (Orthodox) was held second day (yesterday) in the Mulbeny street meeting house. The aunual meeting of the Femaje Episcopal Benevolent society will be held at Christ Church Hospital ou to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon. '1 here was great anxiety lelt to day in relation to the re turn ot the election in your city, the car having been detuned for nearly three hours beyond their usual time of arriving. Trie cause of the detention I did not ascertain. The result does not astouish any one here, as it was anticipated, in coosrquence of the number ot candidal* a in the field. The defeated pany must bury their dead, gather up the wounded, pick their, and try it again. Bus-iness it- fl it 10 day, and has been since Saturday; the ir.icleinent wather putting an entire stop to all mercantile transactions out ot doors. The I.alian Optra Treupe are underlined at the Chejiiut street theatre, a/id will make their first ?ppearat ce on Monday evening next, in the beautiful and fnvorite Ot>era ot Belisario. They were successful when in the city last summer, and will doubtless be ugriin. Macrt-ady's benefit and last appearance to-night at the Chesnut street. He will perform Benedict in Shiikspeaie's Comedy of "Mueh Ado About Nothing." He will be assisted by Miss Charlotte and Susan Cushman, and the entire stock company. A full house of course. Your*. Aro Safes of Stocks at Philadelphia. Sfcond Board, Ttieaday, Nov. 7.?#19,000 States 6's, 66 $4273 d'i 68^; I fhare Camden Jt Aml"iy,87f; 10 do U S Bank, 4; 60 iio Planters' Bank.Tenn., 66}; 26 do Glrard 6|. "0 do New Orleans O is, 24; iOdu Pennsylvania Bank, 3i7. 10 do >61 219, $13fli) Wilmington 6'?, I8#5, 90; lt?-b>?r- ? 1'h'lalelphia Bat,k,9A; $6009 Reading Railroad conv'i 6's, 1817, 63. Finr lioin). Wednesday, N it. 8?160 srharea Girard IUtik, l'6dii 6|; 636 do 6|; 20 do Farmers it Mechanics' Buiik,4i>}; 10 ao jcbuylkiil Navigation, 39$; $1*0# Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Loan, 3i|; 37 ?li?s Philadel phia B ink, 9>; $17(0 City 6'*, lnsj; $900 United Bute* Loan, 116}; $5000 Heading Rjilioad Bonds, 16}; $100 Ha'r i'l, 0oj; IDO shares Wilmington Rulroad, b6d?f 19; fOdo bftd-f without notice, 19; 31 shares Pennsylvanit Bank, 222}; 10 Jn fbd-fl 3M|; 10 do 223|; 10 d. *6d<fl 22'Jj , 20 'io Grand Gulf Bank. H; $462 Slate 6N 66J; $26(>0 do 67; $Jl>00 dn 67}; 30 aliarea Manufacturers' & Mechanic*'B ?ik, 23; 3 i <1j Kentucky Bank, 6SJ; 20 do New Orleans Gas Bank. 2>. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEW!*, Philadelphia, Nov 8?Af Delaware. Fisher. Boston; Wm >1 Refers, Harding, do: Monitor, Bease, NBedford: Ivsnhoe, Post, New bury port. Below, Backus Stote?hury, NVork. Bali imoke. Nov 8?Air Susan fc. Howell. Bailey, Liverpool; F- A Stevens, BriSKs, NVork; Heroin , Coates, do. Cld Johan nas Di.rcks, Bremen Sid Condor, Boston. Norfolk, Nov 6?Arr Thomas Hooper, Foxwell, St Thomas, b. und io Baltimore, put iu on account of head winds; 5th, Ladle, Smith, <uid Lion. Stewart, NV'ork for Mobile. Foreign Ports. St. Thomas, Oct 22?In port, Essex, Goodrich, fm Trinidad for Barbadoes; Camdla, Mandell, Im New Yerli for Port Leon, disir; Tnpliff, Warding, Bal', do; F.dward, James, Ball; Oe eral McCobh. Im Guadalope^ lor Bath, Me. sld iOth; "ilm', Bray, fn Birbidoes tor Berni?r, sld I8ih: Sul'ani Owens, fm Dem r?ra for (ieor.etown, DC. ?ld (8th; tVartley Dairboru, fm Ba'b die? for Tuiks Island. > Id l"th; 8chr?. Viola. Line, fm Boston for Boston, sail soon; K?d Jacket, Jarvis, I'm PhilAde', li a for NVork, >ail next dav; Neptune, 8ie*rns, fm Bosto i. dis, Cuiisti'iit on. Brow >, Im Triuidad for Baltimore, sld 2 th; Si-uste B ,k-r, fm Boston for Si Domi r". sld 20th; Sarah, Wi bster, fm '1 nuidad for Bsltimure, sld 20th. CUT- RIOORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE (or the permanent cure of primary and secondary Sypmlis, has entirely abolished ibe use ol mercury in thoai distrt asing complaints All peraons susp'c'inga venereal taint temainuig in their system, should ti?e this powerful altentiTe witliaut delaj. Sold in single bottlea $1; in cases containing hal' dozen, $6, carefully packed and sent to all parts ol the Unian. i/mc* HUH uoniiinirig KOdmi ol tr.e College 01 .M?Oi cine and Pharmacy 97 Nassau atree'. W. x. RICHARDSON, Agent QtJ- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED The Tonic Miature prepared, by the College of Medicine an<l Pn?rmacy,ol the city ol New Y?rk, it cunfi (lently reconimrn.led to all persona sufl. ring from debility, produced enher by excyasive indulgence in lecret hafiiw, or by piotr?cted illness Thia celebrated invigoratorof th>-constitution, is composed of a combination ol botai.iral remedial ugentathnt in eminently adapted to thn invigoration of the whole system. HnId in single bottles (1 each; in cnties of half a dozen, $S, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of tht Union. W. S. RICHARDSON, Aeent, Otflee and Consulting Rooms of the College, ?7 N ssati street, MONEY ItlARKKT. \VcdncmIny, Nov. 8?0 P. M. Tho atocli market continue* its upward tendency. Sales were larg ! and prices in advance. Ohio 6's rose J; Kent cky 6's J; Harlem }; Indiana fell J; Farmer's Loan There were s(,l?s of United States 6'",of 1662, at 17. At the New Baard there was a good business done, at totter ratca. The real estate of tho United Statea Bank is under advertisement for aale, by the trustees. The following ia a comparative statement of three ol ?t>? l.nnli t nf Ihi. ?il.. . ? v,7 ? SP**ie. Slncki. Cire. Dept. National, 1,3.11 454 2^7.?*?i7 60,i>00 248.366 692 *6 Dry Dock, j*'-*6 9*45 ? 44 281 til.2*0 Butch k Drov, 1.06\8> I 136,610 87,734 226.123 481,320 Total, Nor.'13, 2,69l.'*l 373.762 147.734 51*.670 1 296 414 Total, Auk.'43, 2,881,649 907,181 147,200 562,245 1,489,033 Tb? following ianr?<urn o! the B nk 0! Virginia: ? Ho* or Viar.iiiA *no Ci>i?cnm, I?t n*? or Ost., 1913 comfarkd witii 1st or Oct., 1942. .. ? . Ocl.l, 1813. Oct. 1, 1*42. Out-tvidin* Debt, 4,654,6)5 4,491,877 Sterling Billl, 13,287 27.191 Jleal K?ta.C, 355,329 357,l?l ?, 744,849 719 145 X|.?ci*. . 833,086 862,136 Dui* from Bank?, 265,591 2?6,73 Variation* in the Booki, 28,883 29,1 O.'j $6,895,703 6,693,777 Capital Stock, $3,614,100 3.6M.I00 Pr fits, (11| en?'? deducted,) 71,750 47,815 Ci.rulttion, 2,181,96 3 2,31',739 Due 10 other Benks, 189,181 212,527 Depofiti, 798,295 514,82.1 In tranaitu betwean Bank and Brancke*. 4.509 16,771 $5,895,703 6,603,777 The foJlowing ia n comparative rlatcment of theuffain of the; Bank of the Statu of Oeorgia, October, 1843, and October 1,184'l B*hk or 1 m t St at r or Orohciu 1 Umdi nn. Oct. 1812 Oct. I?43. L-ian*. Sprcit, Ltant. Sptcir. Sarannah, 426.271 31,983 375,136 111,521 Alien U. 237,743 M.NI 237,540 137.141 Mid lUeville, 74,067 |,9u| 47.801 1.M3 \Va hmg'on, 111.059 16.WI3 121,1)0 54,80 Kat 'llion, 126.W 30,i78 138 2)7 34,3'0 tlrtenibcro', 11 877 1 3,154 ? M con, 171.702 1,610 105,071 2,831 Athens, 12*1,301 29.460 182, #55 66,188 To al. 1.383,910 20!,261 1,164,741 409,084 , Oire. Dep. Circ. Dry. Savant ah. 88.606 31.983 171,139 131,790 AukuiU. 4 .63< 28,485 127,784 33.367 Milledneril)*, 3 832 263 3.366 m VVanhiuft u, 36 182 15,074 52,273 33.314 Katoutou, 28,951 25,182 6S.741 lB,t<i! Orremuoro', l,9M ? 1,812 ? Macon, It. IM l,?08 9 9jf 18,987 Athens, 27,783 27 392 63.801 52,43, Total, 219,0)4 20a,t.7J 300,187 291,270 Tktae aggregate given the following fcomparaUv, result:? 1H2. IB) 3. .Qpril. Oct. Oct. Int. Dtc Lo?n?, 1,341.68' 1,283,934 1,184,751 ? 119,184 Specie, 188,310 20I.MI 409 084 2?7 8>2 ? Circulation, 377,395 219 174 560,937 Ml,863 ? Deposin, 201.915 208,672 291,270 B2,3'i8 ? Michael Rvan K.ll till lllinnm I ......ia .till here. Governor Djvis is in Boston, aud will remain there until after the election on the 10th, when bu will return to |meet Captain Swift and M;;Jjr Burnett, who, with Mr. Ryan, will immediately proceed to Illinois ?nd commence a survey and examination of the Canal Governor Davit will then make a report?when, if the report is of a favorable nature, Mr. Brankar, recently arrived from London, will enter upon hia dutiei aa trusten for the bondholder!, in connection with another gentleman, who will be appointed by Meairi. Lawrence, Stuigis and Ward, on behalf of the bondholders. A trustee will then'be appointed by Governor Ford, on behalf of the State. Probably Colonel Oakley will receive this appointment. These three gantlemen ?n being installed as trustees, will immediately put the work under coutraet. and draw for the stipulated 13| p<r cent, amounting to $400,000, and operations will aguln have commenced in Illinois. The next step 1s to prepare t ic way for the imposition of a small tax tow ards the discharge of the improvement debt, at the meet ing or the <ie\t Legislature. On this tax will hinge alto grther the success of the work, and it will remain with the people themselves, after the great success which has attended the? Hurts ol Messrs. Ryan and Oakley, and i.he lilterali'y of the foreign creditors which has been g reat, all clrcumstHnces considered, to say whether Ihu State credit shall be restored?their canal completed- their Janos quadrupled in value, and a market opened to the produce ol their prolific soil, placing Illinois in the front rank of agricultural States; or whether the canal shall be abandoned unfinished, and remain an eodurlng mouu ment oi party folly and State dishonor, as well as of an ignorant narrowmindedne*s en the part of the people f an American State, whiah wouH disgrace the serfs of Russia, or the Indian slaves of England. This alterna. tive rests on a tax of the most insignificant amount We mentioned yesterday that the Bank of Pennsylvania is attempting to go on doing business. This it does without publishing any statement of its condition, that the public, whose confidence it requires, may know in how lar to trust it. Thelaststate of this concern, when it failed, was as follows . State Bank OF Pr.nnsrlvanu, FF.?. 5. 1842. Rttourctl. Liabilititt Discounts. $I,869.3S3 Capital, $2,500,000 Do. Drotexted. .'ift IV) ('imfiiitfcni tr.i mm Bond* 8t mortgages, 97,705 CircuUtiou, 223.227 K?al K. slate, 306,734 Slate, 83.120 Loan to C. 8c D. canal, 12,360 Port notes, 301,750 1'eiui stocks, 370.542 Profit and lots, 40,477 Other stocks, 83,741 Discount, 13,868 II. S. Bk past notes, l,28li,000 Dir. and exchange, 9 937 Do notes, 155,000 Due on State stock, 31,47.) Expenses, 5,084 Do tio 126 Baling Brothers, 1,095 Due the State, 807, 82 Banks, 200,000 D> Banks, 310.024 Do notes, 148,150 Do tm*tees U. S. Bk, 109,4l'0 Stg exchange, IIGOilO Depositee, 294,618 Specie, 876.037 $1,982,458 $4 982,458 It was the failure of this Bank that was the immediate cause of the failure of the State of Pennsylvania. The above (tatement U dated Fab. 6, 1843. On the lit Feb., five d-iys before the SUto interest $964,410, was due, besides the premium on the depreciated currency, it will beo'-. served that this bank owed the State about that sum. The Treasurer of the State ha4 caused to be placed to the crcdit of the Commonwealth, in this Bank, between the lirst of August, 1841, and the 31st of January, 194.1, abou $784,000. This sum was received at different timts, in different amounts, partly iu checks on various Banhsin Philadelphia and its neighborhood, and on Harrisbnrg and Easton',tne principal part of which was paid in notes of,and checks on the Girard Bank. So large an amount ofthese notes were received, being six hundred thousand dollars and upwards, that it was thought expedient to pay them out to depositors and others as freely as possible, in order to diminish the amount. Theaepositesof the Commonwealth never were of a special character, and had been always treated as all other general deposites. By this measure the circulation and dcnoniti ?f th? Bint were greatly reduced, l'be Bank being then undoubted in its credit, it waa full; expected that ita ownnotea, then every where current, would be, at they alwayahad been, received in payment of the interest; an the twenty-*?venth of January, the officers of the Bank entertained no doubt of the payment of the intereat. A run then commenced, however,which broke the concern, and the State alas. On the three conaecutive days, the 97th, 29th and aad 29tU of January, the Bank stated that it paid of i s Depositr>? $406 Psa And of it* notes 69,694 Over an<l above ita receipts, $466,77m The State had been for two year* in difficulty and immense effort* hud been made to meet the interest, and it was not until lata on tue evening of the lit February, 184-2, that an arrangement ws? mad? which consisted in the application of tho available fund* of tho B ink of Penn* aylvania, to wit Foreign Billa of Exchange, ofth? valua of $116 000 Specie,. . .. 334 000 Bills receivable an-1 soon available 160,000 rid the proceed* of a requisition made upon the other banks, which was thought sufficient to pay the balance of the intereat due. The result waa an explosion which shook down the vast fabric of the State hon*rof Pennsylvania, and put the finishing touch to our National disgrace, aud illustrated the folly of putting faith in corporate bnnki. Thi* miserable bankrupt concern bat now the audjcity, wilhoti1 making tiny e*po?e ot it* concern, to rear iti deformed fr jnt above the mighty ruin* that surround, and of which it was the canae, and to claim [public confidence. On what ground does it bare iti business 7 His its reel eitetr in proved in value 7 Has it collected it* loana to bar,krupt K|>?culatora f Have it* Penniylvania stocks recovered'heir value ? Ills It collected the $1,600,000 of U. S P it Notf * 7 The bill* ou demand *ell for 36 cent* on the dollar. Ha* the Oirard Bank paid up 7 It i* probable that it has bought up it* own po*t note* and bills at very low rate*, shaving the public out ot the balance. There does no: appear to be any ether ground for it* claim oi credit If it ha* returned, it has probably paid the State. If *o, what ha* the State done with the money 7 The creditor* have not got it. Or doe* it hope to obtain a circulation by paying the State in it* own bill* 7 Sale* at the Stock Exchange. 5000 U S Lo?n t's '62 117 Jf>00 do S7K loon (<o j'? '13 iojX uono do 372 5000 do b90 105 20010 do bGm 38 301*0 N Y '48 1P9 4000 Illinois Csn'l Bds *t0 40 1000 N > 6's "61 lM>i 17000 Pennsylv'a 5's bJ 68 6->(><i Ohio 5's '56 b3 87 3000 do 67 V 10000 do 7's 1 '3 5000 do 47 W 12000 do 6's '60 97,W 104(0 N V W L '4B 1<(>K IUOOO i< o <lo hw 07>J 100 Farm I, & T 21 5000 do do bJO 98 150 do b3 21V UliOO do do 97 Hi 80 U S Bank 3), 5000 Kentucky Bds si 99 V 25 N O Ua? & Bkj Co 95 1000 do ?3 9?TJ 52 Kquitable Fire Ins 9'H 10000 do 1)30 par 15 T list do 61* 5C30 do blO par 50 Canton Co 2i U, 17000 Illinois Bds ?3 39!s 400 Long Island HR b60 ? 2i'00 do b3 39H 20 Mohawk h317^ 5000 d> b 10 39>4 25 Stonington RR s30 3?!< 2000 do a3 39 50 do bt>0 5<>00 Indiana Bds s3 37 % 450 Harlem RR 35>s 5000 do 37% 2011 do s6m 36 5V0O do s3 31 J* 250 do >30 35 H Second Board. 100 Lon( Island i3% 3000 Ohio 6's s3097* 1000 Kentucky par 2000 do s3 9* S 50 Harlem RR s30 3',k iooo do ?7V 25 do 35H 1000 Pennsylvania J's 6'\ 200 do bl 36 1000 do 68 200 do s3015 V MAW VACL DIBKIIM UtAJik W?? Il?" ' " - -??112000 USi'.U Jan 1 105,SO Faimeia' Loan bJO 22 3000 iVnnivlviiiia6'a 30J f>*Si JO do b30!i* GOOD Ohio?'? MO 97 S ? do b302IH 1000 do MS 9 H 40 do 2i,S mi o do blS!?H l>0 Amfnra-' Ki Bk 7RV Kino d > bSO 9"H 75 liailrm RR 000 do bCO 9H 125 do a 15 35 ? 000 do aSUflH 110 Ho btoje 3(100 <10 b <u 97 ? 25 do ?30 35 >6 1(00 Kmt'T 6'? Mi n b 10 110 W 0 do 3: K 101)11 do bSOHOU 10# do "3 S5X 000 do bJO II' H 100 ?i > ,??? > 1000 do b3W'H SO do ? 0 JSS >0?0 lllino ?#'a '70 blO 37* 50 do ?10 35V? 000 do 110 3"ft "J do 3<> 2000 ?io b3 Tijj 25 Long I ml Anil RR c Stk HIOO do al0.i7H 125 do ?30 53J4 2000 do tlu 3' ;*? 50 do 54 1000 do 37 V 50 do iJH 200 Bk of Com, acrip 97'* 50 do b3 5) 100 Ho 97 75 do b1S5i)? 100 do 9? lute of Trade. Stap'oa are on tho rian Aahea have an upward tendency. nn * Cotton lali?ld at jj h } liigh.r. Ojnenee ia aolo .it $4 OP. Wheat bring* udiliar a huahel. Tea Sale. Another cargo waa loldtkia morning by L. M. Hfflmtti kCo Terma? Notea at 6 moa. payable in tha city of New YorU.tobemndeaniiafaetory to arlltra. Hyaon?10 chaata #0centa pur Ihi 39 do M 1; 3Q half dc 43; 6rheata4lt; 6 do 40$, 3?( do 40) (>4 do a7Ji? (42 lit withdrawn ) Young Hy*nn_?l half rhea'a 47$, 60 do do 43; 170 dod' IS; '206 do do ?7J; 1W2 da do 36}; SO do do 3(1; 106 do do 36 iO do do 34); 311 do do and 00 chma 31; 66 do 30; & do 18 do 28: '20 hall do 19; 10 do <1? I7J; IM ilo do 17; 17 do d. Iftyj '21 do do 16; 20 do do 14| -(1246 do i'o and 121 cheat* withdrawn.) Hyaon flkin?10 cheat" vu; 10 do '23- (OtiO witUdiawn.) Gunpowder?? half chaata B?; 13 do do 6?|; 61 do do48, SI do do 44; 41 da do U, 612 2 lb canmatert 01; 31 do do 00; 260 12 lb bxn 611 100 6 lb da 68|; liH ciu do * ; 221 Jo Jo M - (167 bull i br?ta withdrawn) Imperial?16 hallrheata 67, 10 do do 60J; 6 do do 60; 12 In do 49, ii do do 48); 181 6 lb bxa 6?; 1U 12 lb cauuiatera 52; lOdo 61; 20 do 60J ? (SI0 12 In bxa witbdruu'o.) Orange P?-CC0?26 baa 38|; 26 half cbeata 37J;- (267 do in4 279 n* withdrawn.) S mrhoug?20 16 Hi bx? 34J ? (2* <lo withdrawn ) Powci>ong?41 C f*t? 49. Nnnjonpc?106 hall chu li 38; II) do #0; 100 J chrfta 14]; I') bull <lo 36; 271 do i'.o id; 200 do d j 26?(71b do do Wlthlrnwn ) Ool<>ng?7f cUt-ata 17; 10 Jo 62; 26do46j; flOhalfchesU 40; i )0 do do 46. Chulun?le? half cheat* 33J rxaaia?30 lia frh.nn -J2-(I92 withdrawn.) K'jkeu?101 hall chttto 41. Ctusia?200 mats 184 cts j tr lb?(800 withdrawn.) Southern Cotton Alnrket. Mouilk, Oct. 28.?On Fiiday we w?-ri! put in poaaeaaion oiia'erund more fjviarablti advice* Iron Europe. The Liverpool mai ket i? rrpii-M-nled ta have been e*trem> ly active, 111>4 an advance of Jd it quoted, with ?ale? to the eitent of 38 ono hale* in thri oday*. Tht'fu accouuta have not 01 yet elected any change iu our price*?but we observe that both buyer* and ollfi* have for the moment suspended operation* until the 1< tter? are received The sale* on yisterday amounted to 41W halea, previous to the arrival ?f the mail, but wu have not been intornadof a ingle tramacuoB to-day. Athimi Uio., Nov I?Wo have to record but very few *ales for the pait week?only reachiug 70 balea-pri cea 6 to cent*, which are a itlle better than tbi *e given laat week, and which we quote a* prevent rate*. It u proper to remaik thnt we have noi included the cotton purchased by the two manufactories iu and adjoining the (own. Othera in the neighborhood alao conauine c?n?i deraltle q>iantitl>-i, which materially leasen the amount receivm here lorexp< r ation. Ch>iuw, Owt 31.? O a iug to the wet weather during the | a?i week, the transaction* in thla article have h.*en lui.i e I. Between 6<>0 snd 600 bales have changed hand*, 4 pricn ranging tioin A to 7^c?pr nopal soles, H| i7J Occ^tljnal small parol*, ot Que quality . brought 7|. Wbiumfka. Oct a7.? Cotton in < ommg id brisk>y, ani selling (tl at prices aumi thing in advance of w hut n wa* * lew da> a since. Wu quote liom 6 to 7c. Sale* moat generally < It cted at Irutn t> to dj Our merchant* are supplied with any kind ollundato pay tor the article. k*v*i?mah, Nov t.?The aulea of the week am' not to I 76i biles Upland*. a* lollowt: 16 lit 6J', ibSa' 7; 19 at 7 I 8; JbO at 71 4i8?t74; 100 at 7 6-16, OiO at 7|; 168 at 7j; aad 30 tial> * at 7| cent* per lb. Wu have uo Chang*' to noticein the market this week except that it ia 4ull, and purchaser are more particular in rtqulring the qua lity to be well up to the giade. Square lot* have been most iu demand, and gineially bring an la}c per lb more than cotton of the same quality in rouud bag*. We quote low middlingflj; good mi Idling f>|a7; middling fair 7a7j; tHii 7|i7J; good lair 7 ja7{?remarking, that there ia hut little ootton iu market that will bring ever 7|c. .'itarilll, UU. -i'J 1 nn weillUIT loriuu pH?l IWI) U .1) * his been rainy, and but little cotton baa come in; there m alio a considerable tailing off in the quality. Wa quote average sales at 6| to"J; extremes 8 to 7f TtiuHiMi, Oct JS.?Cotton, since our last report, hat been urfVrtd mo in Ireely. In the early part of the week the price declined a little, but has again revived, <nd w? continue u'lr quotations, viz : for new, 8 to 8J, toi oi l 6 to 6$?remarking that wry lutle of the old crop in nfWing. Sklma, Oct. 28.?We have to report our cotton market neiu* in u very languid state, owing, principally to the advance in freigat, which if trom to $3 per bale. 1'ho lew sale* that are making, range Irom 7 to 7^. Macon,Oct 31.?The market thia morning wore rather a chilly as; ect, and operators did not appear to mount much atiove zero. Th? receipts h ve been light, and iiave receded a fraction since oar last. We now quote extremes S{?8?. Hamrurc, Oct. 31.?We have nothing particularto say 'bout our markwt this week, only that prices areretrogading, and bujers are disposed to give way from our quotations ol la> t Tuesday. The market will gradually dioop until we get the next accounts Trom Europe. The arrivals have been kliort lor the past four days Prices range from 6 to 7$cts?principal sales to 7ct?. But, we advise tho planters to hold on lor a while, and not sacrifice their cotton. Columbia, N?v. 1.?The raceiptrf of cutton*Tor the last few days have teen very lightj and there has been a slight decline in the price since our la?t r. port. The tinut lots ynterJay would not bring over 7$ centi. We alter our quotation!, therefore, to 6Jn7J cents. Charleston, Nov 4?It will be recollected that in our review of the V9ih ultimo, we stated that the market, towards the close of the weeH, was quiet, as holders would not yield to the demands of buyers, who were endeavoring throughout Fiidoy to bring down price#; but on Saturday, purchaeeia wert able to obtain their supplies on better teims than the prtct ding day, the consiquuncu was that a better business was done, and the like renult attended the operations of last Monday; and the transactions of the two daya msv be put down at 43,000 hales, at rather unsettled ra'es On Tuesday, tho mail advised of an advance in New York, which revived our hitherto drooping market, and sale*, although light were at full prices; and for the last three days a fair business has been dore, and the quotations of Saturday last have been fully maintained. The stock is estimated at 18,584 hags, of which 9,148 bigs have been received this we*k. The transactions in the tame time sum up 10,193 bale* a 8jc per lb. Foreign Markets. Havana, Oit. 24?Suitar?Half and half, 4 to 8, and 6 to 9 doflirette, 8 to 10 and 7 to II; do tair, 8J to7|;do Uterior 8 to 8J, ?mall demand; do flar?itte 9 to 10?uomi nal; quebrado, kc 4| to S|, do interior 4( to 4?; do fluieitetlto7. nominal; cucur'jclio 3} to 4 Coltee?ftne. none; do l?t quality, nominal; do 3 <1 quality, ?| 10 fi|, do 3rd qualiU , 6 to 6J; chu-ing ,2J to 4 Flour?Spain, til to 12 per bhl; do Philadelphia and Baltimore, f 16 6 ) o Irt Si ; d : New Orli-an, $15 60 to 16 60 Liird? $10 to li 60; Mm* pork, $14 per l>hl; do clear. Exchange? On spam, 6 h 7 per cent premium; ujmn London, 00 day*, ? >i li per cent premium; do ilo on Pan*, 2 a jj; on .New York, !2a 3 per cent premium; do on Boston, ? a 1J; do New OrleaD* at aigNt, ? a 3, nominal. Southern Freight!. Savarnih, N?r. 3?Foreign are rather lower. Two ships, the Lancaahue and Tarquin, were ti-ken up yes ' terday, at 7 IHd for round and square. Coastwise the New York Packeti*Hre taking at 75a ? hale lor iqu?r?', and $1 lor round, and 6Cc per cask for Rice. To Button, no'hinjr done. Chai-iron, Not. 4.?We continue the quotation! of the pr> vious week to Liverpool and Havre, v>i : to the iui iiivi i'i?anti iu inn muri f ui iicrri. ler m[uh'p iii^h cotton. Thermit to New York is cmti lor square Kaga cotton -and 63} cent* per tierce lor Rico. Nothing etfrring to Boston. Married. On the 6th instant, by the Rev Mr. 8>ar, Mr. T. B. Rooms, to Mita Alicia Goodwin, all ol thia city. Died. Oti Tupuday evening, after a short and acvcre illnee, Luke Gillrr. ngeil 67 5 ears. H'a friend* and acquaintances, as also those of hl? ?on inlaw, P?t r L. Feirtx, are n quested <0 attend 1he funeral, this a tern 'on ?t S o'clo.-k, Irom 166 L? nan) atieet, without fuitbe Invitation Baltimore paper* pirate copy At Hohoki-n, New Jersey on Tuciday morning, Nov. 7, Sahah Miichcll. aged 7Syar?. Hit remain will he taken to the family hurling ground, at Bergen Point, on Fndaj moi n-ng at I0 o'clock The tri> nda ol ihe fan ily. anil 01 her aons William and lohn, are re* pert fully invited to attend. PM>rngrri Sailed. LivEarooi,?Pocket ship Patrick Henry?H O Marynard, H Young. J H Yoiiiik. Wm Watson, Mr? Watson. R I) ckinson, Mrs Dickinson, Jimn K Taylor, George Wriaht, Messrs Habershaw, R Bright, Wflford, Sirs Delano and Miss l.elano. < f New York; J Hor?ley Palmer and servant Kngland; Mr Lvman, Massachusetts; Junes Mead and lady, of Toronto; Mr Hvauer, Germany; K Russell, hdinburgh; Kdward Biuneit, Barbadoes; Mrs Anna Jenkin*. Mis? Mary Hancock, Burrell and ser ant. Providence; Mrs iCIliott, Miss Charlotte Klliott, M>s? h'.llen Klliott, Miss Llliutt, Montreal; H G Gerdea, Baltimore Livraroou? Ship Cohota? Mcssri Burnet, Leckie, Campbell, and one other. " MARITIME HERALD. Stklp Dlaslera asud Ageim W* shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Veaaels will aire to Commodore Kohfrt Milviv, of our News Kleei, a Tieport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the VMsels Spoken on their Passage,a Lis: of their Cargo, and ?ny Koreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at horn* nr abroad, will also confer a favor by tending to thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they can tbtaiD. Nautical Information of any kind will be thsuKlttllr received. POttT OK NKW YORK, NOVKtlltKH 0. '.J!? RISE! bill MOO* RISES t, Z.'i lOIV nil 4 4* I Hir. H WtTIl 9 M Cleared. Ship Italy. Coultrr, Baltimore, Lawrence 8t Phelps.?Brig* Fame, Madison, Gibraltar, CooU St Smith; Curlew, Card, Windsor, N8 Boula, Whitnav ti < o ?Schri Tangent, Boardman, Belfast; '1 wo Mar>a. Post, ApaUrhicola. K. U. Hurlbut St. Co. Arrived, Swedish shin Blixton. Soderstrom, from Antwerp, Sept. 16, Willi radie to Boorman k Jnhnaton. Briti h brig Margaret Elizabeth, , from Turks Inland, w ih nali, to J H. Brain* Brig John Enoi-ra, Mason, from St. Catharines, Aug. 26, with md?e, to Hopkin* It Hawlcy. Bug Royal Sailor, Voting, 4 dan from Calais, with lumber, to Badger Si I'eck. Br g Diploma, , 6 dtys from Boston, with md?e, to mmter Sfhr Lehmon, Brown, 4 (lavs from Portland, with mdse, to Robinson 8c Co. 5th inst. Cap* Ann S\V, boarded sclir Ceres, of Pro-iiect-haH been capsixed on Friday, Ud inst, in a gile from Nw, mainmast gone, laying along side, d?i:k turn up and lull of water. Schr Homer, Ileed, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to E. J. Herrick. Schr Benjamin Bigelow, Reese, 4 days from Boston, with mda*. to J Atkini. Si:hr Direct, Brigcs, 3 days from Baltimore, w ith mdse, to J. !k N. Bngga. Sclir Na*nu, Deal born, from Richmond, with flour, lie. to Allen k Paxson. Schr lole, Norwood, from Eastport, with plaster, Stc. to P. I. Nerius k Son. Schr Counsel, Baker, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master, Sclir Palm, Crowell, 3 dayi from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Thomas, Ci well, 4 d?v? from Philadelphia, with coal, i to m<iter. ' Si hr O car, Baker. 4 da) a from Boston, with md>?. to master, f Below, Brig Aurora. SallMt, Ships Patrick Ilatiry, Delano, Liverpool; Cohota, H'pbnm. Jo; Kineiald, Howe, Havre; Union, Russell, Nrw Orleins; ( Varsaw, Haw kins, Ch*<leaton; brua Mores, Kdgir, Mobile; , Star, t utirnn, Oi?"ad?; T,?so Allen. Havana; Mary Ann, ( Br) >mith, St. Johu?, NF, and others. Wind N. General K*<-or<1 Brio F.CLirsf?The Eclipse, from New (Jrenada, was <v ecked on Pe l o Shoals on the 86th of Sept. No live* lost, ' but not an article of cargo saved Her first ( attain, Nicholson, f wn lost at and at the time of the wre, k the was in charge of Captain Kid re 'ge. All the citw and passrnfi'ra were > at Havana ?4<h ult, aiul would leave the nettday in the Charles Hammond for New York. I British aaR<)VE Shelmeleee.?Tha Washington, Mom Bremen, it ? t,, <f\ tl?u on "tii Oct, 1 at 4i It. !<>n H w, fell hi with the Shelmelere, water logged and dismasted. took from hur one ?ik boat, two topaails, one lower studding sail, on* t* I and oat small stream anchor, one marine ba'ome r. 4 lot of blocks and ?mall chain*?tpiwstred to hare been reWftly abandoned. She via* leaking consider ?bly; Whkcks-A brig, iun|>osed to be the Virgini4 of Boston, 5*1 VUX WW y* Board, w is seen to sink off the same Islands;*11 ha'?d? |*ri?ned; the catastr i>he being in full view of the shore, but th* s|*ctator* being uutble to f itend to ihem any assistance. The ?cfr Samuel has hues lost at Oallie Harborall hands saved A Spanish brig has beta lost close by Nassau, NP?all hands saved. 8mip Dots Juan, of Freeiwrt, lost on Abaco, wa? vilued st $<7 .'?un, and was insured in Boston at three olfi es to the amount of * *1.000. Hella Ai Hio-s. of Coh.imset from Banaor for Haverhill, was ashore on Moudaymi Half Tide Uorkt bf low N^whurvnort. Si iin Miin?i)>0( k. GnlUii, from Hang.r, at Nantucket 4th, wasagiouud on (he Bir 3d, a U lout pari of Iter deck load. Nolle* to niailtK-m Tin* Knval Swedish Mamie Administration lias iciven notice, under dati of Sept. 22. tlwt th? new light tower i'tr Morups Taiifie in the < arret it, hearing. lar Vi St I t N of Kerro, l"n 12 2! 3ti of Greenock. one league N of Kalkeiiberg, it now completed, and provided with a leu t ten I r apparatus. having a filed light. which will ihn* a glare round the whole horixou. The tower *1 o offers a particular mark during the day time, being 70 feet high, the roof a-id the light 91 feet above 'lie level of the tea, and may be seen, in cleir weather, at German miles distant. KaMonD-ON-zcK, Oct 9?A bottle, containinK a letter, signed rrmcis IV. Crane, on hoard the American barijue Olga. dated Sept 10, 1843, lat 51 17, Ion J 4S W, came on shore liere 21Uh ult. Whalemen, Sid from New Londou, Nor 2, Benjamin Mcrgsn, for NW Coast. Spoken. Seiman, from New York for New Orleau*. Oct 52 Win it .laniei, Heed, Provid-nce for Mobil*. Oct 11, off Hole in the Wall. K.cho, from Havana for Wilmington, 30th ult, lat 30 IT, Ion 19 10. Foreign Porta. Cat-cfTTA, Auk 9?In P' rt, London, Barstow, from Sydney, NSW, Idg for IJ Stares, only * mer vessel. Cadii, Oct I?In porr. Sultan. Burwell, for Boston, 9th. Mains Oct 14?In for', Alliorh, Simpson, for Boston soon London, Oct 18?In port, Minerva, Knowles, for Boston, Nov S; Huntress. Griffin, do, Oct 20. Pai fkmo?Sid alit Oct 2, Mauto, Lane. Messina, to return to P. and fTmsh Id* for Boston. Bon a in f. Oct II?In port, Pensacola. for Portland, next day. Sept :t0, ?I<1 B L Swan, , (from Berbice) Surinam. Kinriton, Jam, Oct 12?In port, Orb, for Baltimore. nest day. Good Hope, of N Vork. Burdick, dis; Grand Turk, fm St I rut. Cuba, soon to load for New York; Virginian, fm St Jago de ( una, do: Hero, Boyd, do, next day; Sainl Sout ard, of N York, from Cliagren, crew sick; passed, going in, Carib, of N l ork St (ohnj, NK. Oct 12?Sid Attila, Kobbins, Leghorn; prev to 17th, ltio, Young, Bahia. Lake Port*. Bi'ffalo, Nov 4?Arr Illinois, Chicago; Constitution, do; Oades, do; United Siat*?, De roit; Wayne, Toledo; Waterloo, *vni 1'jirwn; nrrcuies. vitenncan oiiv; uwanuiiKan, v.ieveianu; Buiil) e, Toledo. ( Id Waterloo, Chipi>ewa; Rocheater, Toledo; Whig, do; CUV. Detroit; Constitution, do; Cambria, do; Warren. Cleveland; Benton, do; Ney.?do; Wood, do; Jo/, do; Marshall. do; Maurice, < )imnra?tj Lodi, do; Lyon, d- ; h.inily, Huron; Chauncey, do; l.eander, Stnduskv: Independence, no; Mississippi, Milan; Colborue, Pi. Colborne; Marcy, Ashtabula; Clay, Erie. Ci.kvcland. No* 3?Arr II Crevolin, BufTaU; Aljn, dp; St Lawrence, do; Essex. Oswego; M Hunt, Hurou. Cld Essex, Huron; Huiiou, Oswego. dome Ports. Lubec, Oct 31?Arr Shamrock Murphy, Portland; Only Daughter. Tucker, NYork; 1st, Rival, I lark. do. Banror. Nov 4?Cld Eliza Leland, Pendleton, Norfolk. Porti.*nii, Nov fi?Arr Pensacol", Hallet. Boi.aire; liopan, Blake. Bath. ('Id Victor, (new) Bartlett, < bar lesion; LiMline, Jordan, Cuba; Spartan. Collin* Baltimore. Nov 3?Arr North Bend Sparks, Pictou for Boston; . (new) Atkins. from Essex. Salvm, Nov 2?Arr < ardiual, Dimon, NYork. Sid St Law retice Or (Tin. (from Bangor. arr eve of 1st* N Haven; 3d, America. Tread well, Wlndiea; Diana, Small, NYork; 3th, (not 3d) Romp Nkwbuhypout, Nov 6?Below, Pauchita, fm Porto Rico. Hv iim!, Nov 4?Sid Pane, (from NYork) Boston. 3th, in port, Victor. Ilallet, Marietta. Crowell; Splendid. Crowell; Lexington, Crowell; and John B. Ciorham, NYork for Boston; Faithful. Ilamblin; and Mary Jane, Crowell, Albany for do; and several oihers. HDntBTOwi Nov 2?Sid. all the vessels bound E. eicept the Oen>ralScott. Arr 3d, Maize, Pil'sbury, NYork for Plymouth; Fairfield, Burr, do for Sal"m; Watcnmati, Jameson, no for Portland; Philadelphia, Barnard, Nantucket for Philadelphia. Sid Win H Turner, Rodvers. Nantucket; Medium. Rodcer?. Barnstable. 4th. in port, (teal Scott; Maize; Watchman; Philadelphia; Kairfield, and others. Boston, Nov 6?Arr Joseph Balch, Hallet, Baltimore. 7th, cld Osprav, Ripley, Havana; Miquelon, (new, of tUis port. 182 tons) Smith. Sydney, CB; Adelaide, Sidrick. Curicoaand Cienfnegos; Florida, Howes, Matauzas; Co<iuimbo. Knowles, NOrleans; Brighton, Cotninss. do; l.odi. ftixter. Philadelohia. Holmks Hole, Nov 3?Arr Fairfield, Burr. NVorU for Salem; Watchman, do for Portland. Wind N w, blowing fresh. Sid Dome, Plymouth. Arr 4th. Statira. Preble, New \ ork for 13o?ron; Brilliant. Brutus, and New Zealand, Philadelphia for do; Cornelia, Hallftt, NYork fordo; Fortune, Smith, do for Thomaston; Gen I filler, Sweatt, cio for Mtrblehead: Jasper, Stuart, do f<>r Bangor; Cyprus, Sawyer, Rondon: (or Portland, and all sailed about noon; also arr Huron. Damon, Cai?e Haytien for Boston; Mary Maria, NYork for do. 5th, iio arrival ? the Huron, ami Mary Maria, remain. The wind hauled ves,erday from NYV to NE, and blew finite fresh. It is thought that some of the fleer must have gone into Kdgartown 6th. *rr Meeside, New York frr Boston; North Carolina, Pratt. Philadelphia for Bos'on; B Franklin, do do Sid l?st night, Huron, and Mary Maria; the others remain. Wind N. Pko\idf.ncf., Nov 6?Arr Incfease, Krm.kson, Philadelphia; Albany, Gibbs, Albany; Rhodu Island, Hull. NYork Philadelphia, Nov 8?Arr Cohasset, Sears, Boston?3d iust, Great Fgg Harbor Inlet bearing W\W, 30 miles distant, sr??.ke schr Henry, Nickerson, of and from Boston, bound to Wilmington, Del, with loss of sails, &c, was steering FSK, ami wished to be reported; Susan, Brav, Boston; Princess, Hack ett. NYork; P T Causey. Williams,do; Jame* Batbour, B^ng*, Providence. Below, a barque, two full rigted brigs, and one herm brig, (probably the Backus, Delaware, Helen, and Th^rn ) Arr in the Schuylkill, Sequel, llaynor, NYork; Perinelia, Hale, do; Ontario, Holman, do. Cld Jane Ross, Crabtree, New Orleans; Queen Victoria, Tucker, Port Spain; Richmond. Killborn, Weymouth. Mas*; A Brown, Davis, Dightiu. Mase; S R Paynter, Ellingsworth, NYork; Oneida, KstTow. do. Richmond, Nov 6?Arr Manchester, Worth, NYork; Mary Elizabeth, Applegrath Hartford; Bushrod, Sawyer, Por*lan?t; Henry Clay, Martin. NYorW: Win vv Wyne. Adams, Boston, Sid Ann Kliza. Townsend, NYork; Leader, Somers. do; Glide T6WMM, Fa?l River; Daniel France*, Small, Boston. Charlv.svon, Nov 3?Arr Franklin Oreeji, Draper, Kingston. .Ta; Zephyr, Roby, Matanzas; Corsair, Handy. NBedford; Harriet 8c Jessie, Connor, Liverpool:Marathon. Nrork; Washington, Boston; Conqueror. (Br) Liverpool; Shakspeare, ( Br i do, Harriet Rorkw? II Baltimore i Id Luconia. Porter Llftf* pool; Monument, Marshall, do; Virginia. Katon, do; Z D, Bassett, NYork. 2d. arr Auson, Barkinan. NYork; Athalia, Hammond, Camden, Me; ftlobe. Hilbut, Ma'aga. for New Orients; Strange, Blackwell, Bo?ton. 4th, arr Victory, (S?) Kruse, Gottenburg. Cld Moselle, Hunt. Havre; Harriet, Harvi s, MalanZ's. In the ntfing, Krlanthe. (Fr) a>,d a ship supposed the St Marks, from N\ ork. In port. 3d? Conqueror, (Br) M'Au ley. fm Liverpool: Harriet'& lessie, Couuei, do, disg; Forti fude, Libby, do; Hi^'ginson, (Br) Fogg, do; Belvidere, Warn* b?*rsie, for do, Idg; V 'rginia, Eaton. do. ready; Monument. Marshall, do do; Luronia, Porter. dodo; Elizabeth Frith, Pierce, for Havre. Idg; Moselle. Hunt, do; Tamaneud. I.etvitt, do; H Allen. Wilson, N York. ldtuHarner Rockwell. Bri ird, Baltimore, just arr; Anson, Bark man, N York, disg; Marathon, Johnson, ao; Eben Preble. Perry, wtg; Thomas Bennett. Halsey, do; (tustave Kdonard, (Fr) Negret do; Birmingham, Robinson, do; France, Marshall, do; Xvlon. Pur mm, do; (Georgian a, Behm, do; Warsaw. Parsons do; Washington, Adams, do: Medorn, Turner; do; Henry, Walter, rpg; Sliaksi?e<re, (Br) Henderson, fm Liverpool: Mary, ( Br) Sullivan, do. disg. Z I), Bassett, for NYork, ready; Saxony. Scudder, do, Idg; Athalia. Hammond, Camden, Me di'g; Acadia. (Br) Auld. Halifax. NC,di-?g; Evelina, ( Fr) Delamare, wtg; Havannais, ( Fr) Pruahome, to undergo rep; Manner, (iage, wtg; Flora, Smith, do; Herselia. Baiter, do; Jeune Elise. (Fr) Po tet. Bordeaux, r ady; Wellintsley, Covington, for a port in France, Idg; Sir H Parnell, (Br ? Moir, ("owes. Idg; Globe. Hillert. Malaga, wtg sale of cargo: Or ray Ta ft. Lover. Providnee. ldir: Pov* barrm. Saiinder* Nhw Ir leim. do; Chapman. Thompson, lo load for do; hinily, Join son. NVo'k, ready; Edward. Bulklev, do. I<)k; Mou<, Love land, do do; Sullivan. Waite do, ready; Selma, Smith, to un dergo repairs; Utile. |S?r) Hansen, wtg; Oollia. (Sw)Suod berg. do; Daniel Websier, Parker, do; Emily. Sini h, do; Ajax, Lovett, do; Oscola, Morgan. do. Savinnah, Nov 2?Arr T P Hart, Bartlett. Thomaston; O B Lainar. NYork; Talleyrand, Ki.owlton, Portsmouth, NH; Company, Uurr. Newport, HI; Florida, Briggs. do; Age, Young, do; Clara, Stetson, Newcas le. Me Cld Choctaw, < base. NOrleans Sid Coromando, Freeman, Liverpool; Newark, Merwin NYork Moait.r, Oct 20?Arr New Hanover, Garvin, Philadelphia; Mary Francis, Hulibard, NVork; Tampion. Neagle, NHaven; Ta?so, Moon, I'nrtlanu; Wm Osmond Buller, Havana. Nr.w Onlram. Oct :)0?Arr John Holland. Henderson, Thomaston; Leopold, Snow, Bo?ton; MicliiKan. Haaty, Havre; Tonaiito, (Sp) Barrera, Campeachy; I .am et, HofTses, Charleston; Hap'd, (Sw) Fook, Bio de Janeiro; Virgi ia Antoinette, Shak?jcare, Tampico; Coustanria, (Coliim'u) Otega, Campeacky; hosciuiko, ?ia> lord. Mat'moras; Maxner Coffi i, Sisal; Alabama. Windle, Havana. Coming up, Tutkina, Spencer, New York; Atlantic, Mallet. Liverpool; Suwarrow Avola, Mallory, Gulnare, Oneo, Harriet and Kedwing. Cld W A Turner, Petit. Lag urn; Dalrnatia, Howea, Boston; Franklin, Tnomas, Liverpool; Teresa Jane, Whitehead, Nassau; Susan, Peterson, Belize, Hon. CARD OF AbVERTISEMEN T\ HROCKWf LL res; ectfullv ann->uncee to the fashionable and respectab'e ct< l"? of New York, lhar he will o|ien NIBLO'S OAHDENS, Broadway, on Wednesday, November 22J, ISU as an fcQTJE-TRlAN CIRCUS, wiih talent of'he firat order. aided by every app-opritre and cla sical accessory that ran be brought into r qui-ition to illustrate tl e numerous repres-i.tations w hich have been sot up with a care and rips* ditnre worthy nf the hiith reputation with winch this stai.lishmeut has liitlierto beeu honored. Full particulars i a f-w diys nllr MITT A N'CrS TUT HE OLD COL'NTH \ -HAHNDt N St CO. respe tfelly lufotm the public th >t tliev have constantly o* band and will draw ui Is < f Kich tnge lr >m J.2 to ?"100, payable at sight, on hnfland, Ireland. Scotland or t> ales. HARNDEN k CO. 3 Wall street. A PHKNKUM HO 1'h.L, 311 BroaJway. is pre|>aned to let I arlors and Red Itoom* to families or single gentlemen, with er without board. nt :t *r JOHN ROBSQN. FA. LOHSfc, informs the public, and his commercial friends lu I articular, that he has thiadav relinquished t .e importing business, iu which Mr. R. E IIARKAl will sueleelhiin, and for whom he solicits the same patronage which was ao liberilly bestowed upon him elf. n9 3t*ec TO DKI OGIH'l 8 AND lHOSf. WHOM IP MAY A CONCERN IN THE NF.W ENGLAND STATES ? lie?Thomas Kobcrta k < o. New York, vtrm Gorge Hol>erts, Boston ? By an irjunction of the Court of F.quity of l>om acting for the plaintiffs, a* thrir principal agent id th* New Ei fluid Staei for ihe sale of the Patent Medicine known in " Parr s Lit* Pills," and restrained from fraudulently issuing hi itnitsiion of that m-dicine. Th? injunriion in tins ease hating been made absolute. the lub-agents in the New England States are informed tlial Ti onas hobeits & ( o , ih? propri-tors, time established a Pre' rh muse it No 68 H'ailm gmn street Boiton. where they can be implied with the genuine ' Parr's l.ile Pi I In." V. H.?Sub-agents in Conner ticut and Hhod? Island e in be ittpplied from the proprietor's office, 301 Bro?dway, New \ ork, I it facilitates their busicesi. i,9 I in r THOMAS ROBERTS It CO. FbN* I Vt AITA l)K MY. VTESSR9. ROSAT tk. ECKERT have th* honor to in'l form the eititens of New York, that thev h<re .>|>*n*ti an \cademy of Anns at 333 Broadway, corner of Anthony street, ehfre th-y intend teachiuf Small Sword, Broadsword, Cane, lie. a? well as Sparring. Having had long eiperience in teaching the abore br niches, h*y hoi* to secnr* the patronage of those who wish to bee me irsr rate i wordsmen These graceful and useful ?i*rci?es etpand the chest and corert natural defec.s ollormnion They render the body mure igoroas, supple and active, and rise that easy carriage that is i ways obseived iu well educated men. A. F. ROS*T, nO Im'r CHAHLES KCKERT IAHPETINUS, KI OOK OIL CLOTHS, HO? KlNUS. lie?The subscribeis have now on hand an extensive * a hoice selection of Carpeting', I a low pried ingrain lo be rich*st and trost costly J?scriptuin of B u<?ele *aion>, ioyal Wilton, V*l?e-, Turkey, Aimiuster and Tapestry ar e'ings. Also, Floor Oil Cloths, ol ih*n*al'?t and most ?pl?.,lid patterns ajid colors. AI?o. I* ien< h and Kuglish B"< ku,n?, 'ruKicets, Fslt Carpetirgs. Rugs of ihe r cli?t dasrripnor; "rencn embossed Table and rl*i>o Coreri. kc. kc , all which ill be sold at price* to ?u t th' tim- s, bv C. W S vi| I H k < OMTANY, n*Jwins*m 944 Broadwise. oi p ?sit* the City Hall. LI/ANTED?A situat on, by a re?p-rt ble young wnm.n? v" she is a uood eook. washerend irnn?r; cm gi?* city r?feenres from her last place. Appl) W John street, on the flrst Icior. n9 It?ni [I7ANTED?15 Stone Cotters in Jersey City, and tour Flag** gers. En Iuire at the Jersey City Stone V ard, n?sr the la i I road Depot, or of n7 ?*r ALEXANDER WILSON. AUCTION ~SALES. THOMAH Ht.i u. Aiatio??r. (Sine Vo ,Hnn tlrut) THURHDAV,' Second hund and n?w Kuruiiun-?At fOKo'clock. th? aatir* furitur*, of all dfacriptiona. contained in lha Mora No It Ai.n Pacond hand and arw Fnrni'Ol*?Tha ?nti'<* rumitin of al! da cri|iliona c m'ainad in tha ft *r?* Aun coni'itint ??l l inenis ub'n. clitni. b^di, hadttaadt, looking rlawt notn Oil liedi.tplciidid crjmtoil ?? )?> t cowrad drawmjr chain ??) ?., crockury rlii 1a, ?'<? kitcli?wi ut?u?il?, cari^u, bed ruotn furmtur*, &< . in * >. d oider. FRIDAY, At 1>f o'clock in tha ?^l? . oora. I nritr nl> of "isonable dry goodi, clothiuj, atdplelgal articln of all ilatcripliou < .. . . Also, a Urg* aiaoitiueut of JirticWa of nil attCfiptMHMi by <>r ?#r ?r n receiver Also, a splendid consignment of Knglixli u:d French broad end b< aver cloths, caasiineree, sitincts and veitiugi, lu lot* 10 suit; hosiery. drawers, thi't?, collar., See. Al >, an entiie invoice of fine clothing and h M yy do, suitable for the s*ason. Alan, a splendid London run. Alio, a superli consignment of {CnpIand French jewelry, I magnificent lever walt'hea, I Indie*' watch, I fine London Klin, a quantity of hardw ire, cutlery ind fancy goods, ge .t'emen's furnishing articles. merchant tailor* stock, fine winter cl ithiiiK, cloths a id caasimrres, shirt", liosiei y, gloves, kc. SA'I URDAV, At 10^ o clock, in the als room. A first rate assortment of second hand uid new furniture of all descriptions, from families removing. 8tc. A superb a.aortment ?>f en ice h uchold furniture. Also, ariumtitv ??t first riff < vbiaet furni'ure Al-o, a large additional lot of lery superia 2d hand furniture of a' I descriptions from a finily leaving 'h* o i ty. f'arpet'-g? An entre rous gnment of Knglish e r etin|, rugs, oil clothf i.c the balance stock of a csrot wareh ns*-, comprising almost 120 remnants, vjious widens, and will be sold in lots to sui' Also, the stick of a ra' met nnkar. Al o, a large lot of escellt-ni seco d hand furniture in llie fir?t floor of 15 Ann st , byod-rofMr Cassedy, maish tl, comprising a very Dueaaiortment in ( mil order At II o'clock inrci.ely Splendid Watches?J as valuanl- watchee as have been offer! ed to the puh'ic for three < ears. Also, J ladi?s do with chains ~nd trinkets. MONDW. K*ei-utor's Sale of Kur ifre?At I0>? o'clock, at 32fi Madison str-et, llie furniture contained in said house. B> order of Ciirtuior. N. B ?Event facility will be afforded for the disposal of merchandise o| all descriptions Business will .> carried jd in 11 business Nice manner. Sales will he regu'ar, and returns prom lit, iu thia establishment, now iiud-r ill* charge solely of __ THOMAS BELL, No 36 *na at. F. J IBKAHN*. Auctioneer. BV I). D NA*H. Store No 139 Fulton atriet. I HIS UA V, Furniture?At 10 o'clock, at 2^ Wa'ker alreet, a general assortment of household ind ki'then fumltu'e, the property of a gentleman giving ui> hou>? keeping, conniling of pallor and stair carpets, h ill I nip, oil cl th. lookinti glasses, chaira sofas bureaus. rug, together with u general assortment of Dedroom and kitchen luruiture. baturdav, Furniture?At lOo'elocU, at 119 Fulton street, by virtue of landlotd's warrant, a lame una-tity ?i household furniture. W Kurs KSDA Y At 10 o'clo k. ar the aurtion room, Groceries?A large and general aaaoitment of groceries. Particular* in t me AT PRIVATE SALE?1 in'.eut extension top barouche carriage Alao, 1 splendid rosewood i nno, n9lt"r A. 0. TUTTLR, Auctioneer. Hardware,cutlfrv fink guns &c-jac*b S. PLATT'S 21th Trade Ha d ware sale this season. take* plane thin day at 10 o'clock, ?t the Merchant*' Etching-* auc'ioa nom, 21 PI itt street, consisting of 300 casks ra ea and lota assortei Hardware, viz :?Sh-ffield anvils, mill, cross ut lian'l, panuel, hack and compass saws; wojd screws. Shetfiela hr?ce and bitts, akatea, halter eh.iina, brass head pokers. brass handirons, tinned rivets, steelyards, ink. American chest lurks Br - i tannia shaving botes Hindortati oil sto-e, Grease's edge tools, i Also. 200 cases London made mathematical instrument cates, i wire sieves, Sic , valued froin$^ to $i0 per case. Alao, tine japanned tea lays in seta, and biead trays and waiters. Also, an assortment of patent and oval brass stair roda. Also, 1C0 lota table knives and forks and pocket and pen knives, razors, scissor*, fcc. Also, japanned stand ami jacket lamps aixl h'as< tied lamps. Also, at 12 o'clock, an invoice of fine double and single barrel guns Als'V, Cologne, essence, of reppennint, lavender rose, (k.c. N. B.?Catalogues are now ready, and the goods can be examined till the hour of sale n9 lt*r A. C. TUTTLB, Auctioneer. FINK Mathematical mid Drawing Instruments. Thermometers, Sic.?JACOB S. PLATl has in his hardwa/e sale This Day, at 10 o'clock, at 2 Pin it street, 200 set mathematical and drawing instruments, some of which are in mahogany and rose wood cases, Sir. and va'tieil from Si to $50 per set. Also, thermometer*, &c. j Also, fine double barrel guns, Uc. N B. Catalogues are now ready. nO lt*r BKNIAMIN MOONKV, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTJCK.?Ilardwar-, Cutlery, Pistils, Fancy i Goods, See.?B MOONKlf Ik CO will sell this day at 10 o clock, at 91 Maiden lane, a fim assortment of Hardware, &C. Til?C. 8. shovels. Norfolk l?tches. brass foods, fine lea tra>s closet, dead, pad, ch??t an l riin locks, ?*. S. table mid tea spoons, hand and pannel siws, skates, MloWl, shot nelti.g'ine ( bags, powder tlaalis, raaor hones iroweli, raur strops, curty c nulls, assorted braces and bit* Str Al.o, Jackson, Sou St Staccy's warranted Congress and other kniv?s. I Also, an assortment of table at d pocket cutlery. Also, 7 sui*'rior iron book safes ' Also, aii invoice ?f Kr,u''h fanc^' goods, vii?accordions, garteis. antique, oil, shaving brushes, tooth do, dominoes, fancy soap, sharing ci. irn, jheli cushions, &c. Also, |ierfumerv. Catalogues are now reaily. n9 1t*r J. W IIAVEN Auctioneer. DltUC,GIST'S STOCK AT AUCTION.-A. C. HUMBKRT will sell, this iThun.lsy) morning, at o'clock in the store No. 25 Carnvne street, the drugs, medifin and fixtures of a ret>il stoie, includi< g rounters, nests of drawers. Iirge and sm<ll tinctures, specie jars, salt mouths, ?how gl ?be?, medicine* roots, herbs, extracts, fine ess-i tia! o'ls and (hemic si preparations, perfumery, Mucy arti- 1 cl s signs, sin Iviiie. glass sashes. 8tc. LCT" A. <\ HUlVfB-KT W'll attend personally to ?ale< of fur kure, dry goods, groceries, he iu t' e uprtr part of the city ?ch. rjes modoiat", a'd salasc shed on the diy t ey arc mule. < All the arrangement and In ting of salea. requiring ex eri?iis>e a id knowle ge of val?e. will be att-nderi tn by himself pers n. ally. Ordeis left at his residence, J2.1) St.llivan street, will recevepronptatte tjon n8 2tis*r BY WHKKLKR 8c BL.AOUF, 3'6 Broadway?This Hay. I at l"H A.M . ?t the sales room, a catalogue sale of genuei I Cabii.e- Furniture, consisting of 20,ofasof uitferent naite^s ?o a bedstead-, Krench bedsteads, D duz. X. three quarter and t rail Fmch arhie top, ^ict, and ewtn hbfn; Barbie i lop I lire in? sinl wa&hs'auds ; Jim k. breaxfa*' and card t blt-t; ' Rook-r's ?jrio ? pattern.; car|iets, rugs, oil clotln. fcc. Sic I Also, ihrie second hand itiperior piauofortea, b>' or 'er, Howard. ' Also, the furnitnre of a family from Williamsburgh. re,nn-ed for convenience i f >al?. conaiating of bedsteads. buretus, sr.f ?, chain c ri*ts. tables, looking glasaes, lie., with winch the 1 uli will commence. n9 11 ui PEREMPTORY JTaTE OF K1TCHF.N RANGES and 1 Plumber's Stock, by Mwti. K. H. LUDLOW &CO. at No. II Bro?d stie-t, on Saturday, the llth day of Novunber at c 12 M.?A rar^ epportnuity it now ottered to gemleme i buildins, or who propose to tak? in the ( roton water, or sup ly e themselves with the very eat anges this or any Counliy can p produce. Navl r'l Patent Ka< gea have always commanded v i ouhle the price of -ny oth? r kind in market Also, Nay or't Pluubers ttock, w^rr,iited equal in workmanship to any that can be modoced, V'l : Hydrants, Ho?e Pipes. Street Washers, WitirCo k>. Ti.e above attiiles are now read) for inspection, at II prrad atreet. u9Jtis*r MKIVK DOLLARS REW ?KD Lost. a New. found I nd U'?k . I ?rge head wh-.te atar on h i br- aat and ? linle white on the to-s I he above r*w rd will be J given oil the Ui * be ng brought to SI3 Br adwai , n9 lt*?c ^ pHfcAPKST CM-PKT E T~BLI?HMVWT IN 1 IIK / L/ UNI TED STATES-No 99 BOWERY. r ANDERSON it UOBB9 row offer their wloleatock ol ? anl'ticid new patter a of auperior Eiwliah Thr e I Iv luii er al. Double Superfine and Fi-e Ingram ?r|>etii g, Brussels and | Tuftel Hearth Ruga lialiui Transparencies window Shades, , ami all of wh cl> leaving r.eeu purctaaed at low prices for rseh, will b-- aold from 21 to .0 |*r cent lower ihaii any other eatab liahment in this ci y ' COMMON CANPETINO, at 2a Ad pr tard FINE INGKAIN CAHPKTINO, from 3a 6d m 4a pr yard ' SUPERFINE INGRAIN CAKPfcTING, Sa pr pafd I THREE I'LY UAHPbTl^ll. from "a to 2a pr yard ' ITALIAN TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES, r from li to $12 the pair I FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, any width. fa pr yard f> ANDERSON &. DoBBS, No. 99 Bowery, n7 2wia*r the firat Carpet Store above Hesier at. a SAND'S SAB^APARILLA ?This unrivalled preparation t) has performed some of the moat istonislunL cares of disesaea that are lecurded M the anuria of history, thus proving conclusively it ia capable of fulfilling the high aim and pu rpose for ' which it is designed Patients lufftrmgfor years from varioua . chronic conatiiutional disord-rt aiter tryins different remediea. * aiieuding thnua'iida of dollaia in travelling and do toring, Slid autt'ering all that human nature it capable ot enduring have, by the use of a few Dottles, entirely recovered theit health Chro- ? ii c Kheumstism. Scrofula or Kiujj's Evil Sslt Rheum sud Ringworm, Ulcrra, ? d painful anecti">n of the bonea, Clcer- J ated Throat and NostriN, Scurvy, Bi'es, ChroMC Sure Eyes, " Blotchti' and tariou< cutaneimserui'tions Glandular Enlirge- ' ment. Hip Diseases, Stc are effectually cured by its uae. Dia- P eaKea having thei' otigm in an impure slate of the blood and ? fluid? generally will be speedily and effecluilly removed by this invaluable medicine, as its ojelation ia iiecul ar, and conaiala in removing the ciute of disease by entering into the circulatiou anil paasmg thr?>ugh the general system. Whe'e obstiuc- " tiom to its favor?hle operation e*ist, they are remwed sit ' passes along the alimentary canal; hence the pstieiit will feel , and know the s<-nsible operttion of the Sarsiparilla from its r curative power*. I The proprietors art daily receiving from the medical profeasiou, tne clergy, olticera of justice and numeious piivateciti7ena ample ai <1 w illing fesllincny both writien ard verbal, to , the aujierior efficacy of this preparation. ' The following certificate rrxm an individual who hat suffered with Scrofula in its severest lorm, is presented for the Casual J perusal of the afflicted. 1 _ MAffirtKLD, Oct. 3, 1943. , To R. W. MaTHtwio.v, Norwich Sia?For ihe last lifieen yeara I have been the anhject of com- !' plicated dite.ites, troubled wtih tlie ifro|>ey. <i.<] my ueMeecom- > pletely unatrunL-. with more or l*?i erytipalatt in connection I . with oilier hud Tiumort. In May la--1 my difficultiei -eemed to _* and to be more (irmly tented, my head and face ?ni to f w< lieu that it appeared to mf that th? bono in my head ?eparated on* from the othrr. and completely illtfigured my face ? c I could icarcely breath-thr ^ugh iny notr?tn\ eyet wer* t affacied that 1 could <* hut littie, at the tame time attended with _ an acute and an indeacnb<ble raiu (onitautly dirtu g fiom the ' note to other parts of tha h?nu and throat, which wa badly twoilsn nd very sue. and a constat!,' burning hrat or iriitalion in the stomach, with iryliini t bloated to n*atly double their ?>* In thu situation for weekt 1 *u compelled to |i" on one tide ' with but lull or 110 tleep. My liumort atsumed a renewed and stubborn hold up n ine and t< patently threatened a tLie* y il i?- r solution. I tried eve. y espadient pot ible, with h?t ftttle i il> I benefit. My physician at le. ath rec mmeioied Stndt' 8 rtapi- o imrnla?1 procured a few botilet Of it. wiucli I believe to b the j* meant, through the bleatinit of God, of my rfritnrauon to com- ,n pa'ative health ?K tin. I hadnott>ken but two or three hot let in before my diteate began to Ihiv. My pall) ai d t veiling it gone u, my appetite itood, and I tbep and real quietly. To m>* it it a a se vere gu balm. KUN1CK < RANK n 1 ilaving been acquainted with the afflicted widow, Mrt Lu- of ria Crane. of Mansfield, for nearly sm yeart, (whone protracted w tickneta has called forth lite sympathies of the community ir where the letidet.) I cotuider it an occasion f >r joy the I h?i > s'ilftriii!!? hare b<*n to far alleviatedjby the ute of 3and'< Bursa parilla, which haa been to kindly forwarded oy yourself JlKNHV BKOMLKY, re Mioitter of the (travel. We, the uuderaigned, do certify that the above are facta. V LUTHUK MARTIN. ,i LLfcAZAR BKNNtlTT. Prepared and told, wholesale an 1 retail, and for eiportation. by A It. sANDt Ik. I'U.. Druggists and Ch?mitti, Grani'e Buildings, 27j llniidway, corner Chambers street NewVoik ? 8 dd alto by A. B k D. S uds, Druggists. 7'J Kulton ttreet: D. 9<nd? k Co., 77 t.aat Broadway, corner Maiket ttreet, and by Druggist generally throughout the United Stites Price (I p?r o nottle. tu bottles for $Y u9 lm*tn 0 DOOEKS' GYMNASIUM. N?>t. IS. 17 and l? Cat-ai This tplendid establishment it now oi>en lor the reeep n-u v? of pup It from 6 o'clock A.. M until 10 P. M. l" The great hen'fit derived from the ute of gymnastic eiercite- )*l by all whole employments are tedenuyry, it begiuning to be si re predated by the public. Thatc eg?rcisee are, it fset.iudi'peii- m table to thoae whose * m ploy menu orttudiet oblige them to tit I n< or.tnuJin ft stooping poatt.on, thereby cau.inf pain tn the ill chett, round thoul.'ars and to met i met weaknest of thet;lr,e. ni Book kef pert and, alto raieet* and guardians ot nr boyj, are particularly mviteif to call and vi*w th* (*v mnaalum, ? which will be found the mott coml'lete one in the country. . fencing and Hparnrg taught by an e*peri.-iicedU?d conifj-tent profeaaor, onlliberal termt. "* ' ?? afei AM US EM K NTS. IMHK Til KATRK. J1BNh KIT OK MR BORMUT. TUB KVENI>-<. V,? 9 -will r? 1' CHKI.IKU. 'nrHinal RieHtlkn MI F rw?t l."ui? XIII, rmtUr | 'Jutoi, I.rnda Hucut-t I* ish#r { Fr<uic>u, Juli* de V<?rteinar Mrr H. Hani K'>|low?i l.r M m Jnli? T rnHnll I" I RoVrn ToeuneiU'W w th thetirit ?i.d ??cond ?cw at THHL -Ul \ I OK ^|ail%???, M>. Fonrwt ??rro< i r? 111., Mr L v?l! i Pl,*t?rn ?. VVh?atWv wS'10 ** M fc'loMil r? Pii '#o c*n? t >tll?r Vj crtiU ^">riu|#n nt U)7 TS# Cv*+Aiu will nam pr^eie^lv 1 ?l'?irt?T *?. } n r1r.f?, cm*tTm <n tT? rathi: m . ti ii c?-?i, Ph tiX wnu. MotiC<*?1 lie Doon wnl <t Ii*l'.i?ut8 Curtain will riM 'ij; oVi?ck THIS tVENINC, No*. i>er<onnan<?( will cow. IWPfr vt ifh THE SPY IN NtW YORK. Content Joan, Mr. Hill AlVr *hich. T?rohorin? Dance. by Miu Partington. Highland Fling, hv Mih Rallla. Followed "v YANKKE PFDI.AR. Hiram Dodgt. Mr. Hill T" conclude with THF DUMB stAV^V ? RD Papl no. Mr. Wood | tiTCHKiiii * nLimnc THEATKK THIS KVEMNtlT Nuv 9 -Th? t*rf?muc will cob- I m?nce with AMY LEE Amy Lee Mr? Boock Followed he MACBETH Macbeth Mr Mitafctfl AOer wl icti ALDOATE HUM* Broomy Swaah Mr MiretuJl T? conclude wiff THE DOUBLE BEDl'ED ROOM, Mr.Du'cimar Pi,??. Mr. HaHaad 1/ .>rm% < -ircle, JO cent*?l'p[>er Boiea, U cmt?? Pu. I?H -Private doles, $'i?()rche?tra Boien, tl. It T"Doom i>i>en hi r.urtein ri?e at T. TRY ON "S IN DEPESDEST" CIRCUS. BOW IS K Y AVIPHn HKATRE Botea 25 centa?**it centa. Second "WV-lt of the ^antij^n Ei*. nr American Olympiad ! Drdica'ed to Ta'.-ut, Pa'notitm and Mir'h. md poeed to oelty Tyranny. M? nnru and Knavnry. ' own John Ooum OWE ?T AM1- R|C AN Vl< TOHY CK.t KB RAT ID. THIS EVENING. will be pr"?e ted, the following brilllaat and am.i?ing entertainment CAVaLCADES. compoaed of lady and g?n equaairiana; Single and Doa ble Hor?enMnan'p by anmeof the 8r?t ridara THE OLYMPEA* EXERCISES. by 'hep mcipal Athletia Performance* uirfin the Tight Hope tnd Graceful Evolution* i'P"n tlie plying Cord*. NEGRO Ml >8 *H KLSY, will be given by th* famnua t'lbeopien Malodute, Meaara H')YT and LINTON. To oiiclnd* with LUB1N ANT) ANNETTE. AHIKKICAN niilKUin AND PERPI5TUAL FAIR. Ha'f * Million of Curioaitiea ! Day Viaitea admitted aime evening Kreo. MISSES MARY ?ud ROSIN A SHAW, and 'hei/brother, Mr. DAVID T "HAW. ilia celebrated vocaliata? L A PETITE CK.LF.STK, the Dm iett?e?Mr COLK the Chinete N"I'dearripf. and nia learned lid Singing Dog Billy?ORBAT WESTERN tha Najro Eitrav.ig.ui7.iat. Ethiopian Orator, Imitator of ths Loao?otiv? and Dancer. ANIMAL MAGNETISM. Profeaaor Johnaon will meaine'iae a < oung lidy, aad produce eiP'rimenta ill Animal M?guetiam, Wedneaday and Satarday Kft*rii"nn?. in conjunction with the above prrforwiera, aicapt the Mna'a Shaw, wh? aing only iu the evening. En'artainmenta commence every evening at half naat a?ven, and Wedueadayi and Saturday alfruoona at THREE o'clock. Adiniaaion 8 cent a?children nnder ten yean half price. fKALK'S NKW YORK flUIBVH, AND PICTURE GALLERY. {Rrnailway.ointontr the City Hall.') THE BEST COMBINATION OK NOVELTIEB ever produced lor One Shill'ng. THE FAMOUS KENTUCKY MINSTRELS, in their Negio Dueta. Trim, Songa, Banjo, Bone and |Tambo tine Ki'ravarantaa, kc. GREAT WESTERN, Ethiopian Orator an1' Imitam' of the Coeotnotiva. T. G. BOOTH. Comic Story Teller and Singer. Stealer COI.I- MAN. Ha'jo Player, mid Pnp.l of <ohn Smith. Mr. BKUCE. Comic Singer, from American Muaaum. CERITO, the Danmiaae. Madime ADOLPH, who dcea not prof-aatobe a Fortiuia r.-llfr can he roniulted nrivatelv reviruiuff naat. Dratetlt or im* ture ilunng tha * hole day and rrruing. Admission >o the whole I2X c,*iit?. 12W rents extra to those who consult Madam* Adolph. Performances every evening, and Wadnea'lay mil (Saturday ifternoun* at 3 o'clock. MONJOAV, 13th Norembar, IMJ FAREWELL AND ONLV CONCERT, BY MR. MAX BOHRER, Fi ?t Violinrelut < oncert and Chapel Multr ro tha Ring af W urtemburg. ptarious to hn departure fi r Haraca tad Maaico, assisted bv MADAME SUTTON 8IOVOH ANTOOMNI. .V1R. SCHAhFENBL RO, A.VD MR. TiMH. who will nmi<*iai t'a Piano Fort*, on Moudgy, iba Mth las*, it tl e Waiting on Hotal l.eada* of th>- Qu i rt?tte. Vf. If. I. HILL. For I'rogr inmea i? imi I hill). Tn kn< $1 each, to be hid at tie Music Ptcrts aad Rotaia, uiH at the door. Concert to comm'nce at 8 oVIr ck. nl 6'isr DHILHARMOMC WiclKi'V?IH Season. IMI and '? ? I The first Concert of the?-aaor will rakerlae* rg Saturday renin* No*. i8th. at lh-Apollo Saloon Tei ms of s" bscripion. $10 fr four Concern, the- ilmis?io lorachwthth* rivileire of purcha-i ic t? o addition I tick-is at fl VI each. The (iivrrnni-nt would stale that, a'th" gh agall?ryhaa >een erected by w hii h aboui tw < hundred i er ons moreceaba ircommntlated, they I a>e determined o Iv to -ssii* f aaiM lumbar ot tic ken aa la-t ye?r B\ ao doint they will prevent [he possibility i,f th?- room being in< on' Buierjly row dad ,*ubscriptio i received at L) dwnrth's Music Store.4M Broadway or at C. F. Hanci's, 3?i L roadway. n* w'ni By > rUer F. W HOSIER, Secretary. R. WINTER'S f XHB TION OF CHEMICAL PA N f l\OS [ITILL be open for a f*w weeka, commerci"-! on Mnsiday *" Evening. No* ?, iwj. in (he Onuiite Building, una if Ch?rnb rs st snd Broadway. Each Panning Cnrem a iur<are nf ear'v *00 ?qnar? teat of anrasa, and produces the wond-rfn' phenomena of two disanet icturra on Uie same canvus, consisting of tha fo law log iews 1?Milan Cathedral. 2?< ity of Jerusalem ard f roctffsleo. J?Church of 'he Holy Sepulchre. 4 Belnhartar's Fee?t. Tickets of admns'on 'i cent? each. Peiformanra rwle*a day, Doora OI en at 2^ P. M , nhibii ion MmiMi,e<a ?t 5 o'clock.) do evening " o'clock, " " >)< " Ent a ce nu Chambers st one door from Broadway nl 3wis*r ^ A'I' ION A L I'A l> I I > O ?'I tie I- ml) rk 11 ion c. f I he fitttrimv ininred h\ Robert W. Weir, fo< the i<otnnda<?f he Capiiol at "'aihiigmn it naw eil ibmne -t tha National kcailemv if Dnitn Broadway, co iter of Leonard at Opaa row 9 A M tnl Ifl P M Admittaice 2>c nla?eeaaoa yeaii V ceuti Descriptiv, catalogues I'K cents In order to g atifv the ii creas ng number of visiters. tha atuhition will c>nt'nue <>i>en for a snort t me longer. uT J?*r TO i HE MM)I aL~PROFErt-lON. He. THE undersigned fmlera his grateful ?cknnw'e<l?ementa ( the menibe<s of the mediral pro'easion for thair liberal ff" ronatje lor these fourteen \ears, while proprietor of the Araao* 3ath; and now b\ his unremitting eaertiona to please^ and camin taMy acotnmodata thrm and tf e r patients with Va|ii.r, 8?T>hur. tvortn or Medicated Baths, of any tem|?rstBr*. at a mrv rient l warning, he hupea to merit a of their ivors. I Ih 'Mffrt^illll' in?ifM fh*m and rK* nnkli* i m mpomI in m. mine hit elegant,neat ind c*( scions new bathi- g est>l>lisbmtnt t No 391 Broadwaycor Walker si. It it not equalled by aay in tie United States a<>r excelled in Korora CH AKLF.S STOPPANI. P 9 ?Thearrangementa for wanning the eeublitl m?m d?^ ik the winter are completed. n4 Stia'r JI |i RK Y'S TIN (JTT; RKANU LOI'ION OF INVIOO * RA I ION ?A supply of tl eie imlaatile and eitraormua y prei?ra nns have heei. iereiv?d ?*ir ct Irom Dr Arfrnn Virly, of Ly?i;>. by hneiclusive American agent*. DeLtanay ft rriy. Nothing tqual to lh?m hasxet been discoverer! for r?mving imroie cy. invntorating the tys'em. and revivng tha ei.eigi i of c- rtain paits- a fact that can la te.t?l by if ier?on in tan mi"ut??for while ?|l other nostrums racoa*. i-nded for 0 e sanr t t* se- c, are admit ed by thair iu> an tort to e slow of i perviion. ihe Tit rtur and Lo ion of Invig> ratioa, ct at once and in Ve their effect* frit in a few rn< menta afiar ie\ are made u e i f lnde>d. their quick and wondeitul actios i <urh, that roldmss or imbecility cannot i mam in 'ha *ootitution that h a der their dominion for half an lour?a^ria t |mt"'b> for any married female to use them ?nd r> main within t nfT?p,it g; fur they > mm. U lately co.iect the t< rpidity of ce?a n organs. which in nmetj-rma cues out of a handled. it tha auta of unfraitlnlr *aa. 1 hey err alto unrivalled reirediea ia Huor Albut and tervoos affections, hut more especially in all liseaset produred by a nameless tolitary habit. It r which they irf a ?!>* dy and positive cura The tincture is taken i< t#m?ly, an* it pleasant to the t.ia'". The lotion it applied eitemtlly. fliey mat he uted se|trrately with treat benefit. but are moat (Tectire when u*ed together. Price two dollars a bottle, or bath >ottl' ? for three dollar*. N B.?K?r thr convenience of peraont living at a diatanae, lie above medicines are prepared id powder, made up in letter irin, with direction* for converting then the tincture aad it ion, and imh be tent through the mailt at doable noatege.? rice ?2 for either powder or $3 for both?(when both powdeaa rened their effrct is powerful iu removing impotanca ) AU >mittanca? mutt be post paid, and directed to UaLaanay m (rev. New V ork Much inform ition of a delicate and interesting nature, which inn"! be inserted in a public sdve-tisement, arcompaniea the swders and bott'e* l'heae nv dicine* should never be ased by i-gnant women, for th?ir eiriting natuie would be lubW M ri.dnce abortion. Bold by speci?l appointment of DELAUNCY Jt ORET, no7 lwln*m at 14 Duane straet, New York. MEN'S VI t RCER AND TAILOR ) ICHARo f ALROW, (' f W all street formerly, and sola 1 author of the I ailor's Assistant, I respectfully informs hia o i a'Hins and >he public lu general ti,at tue nattering ?up>rt h- hit net with time hit re-opening at i$l (,'anal t'"at.l?a iluted him to venture down In No. 94 Nmaii stieet whtra hopes to prova to his old and alan h i i.ew pa n ss, that tha real g id n tried, tha hrigh'er it ?hinee Mung aell wxre af the pr<valence of humbng in the?a times snd th* ma, and aln o-t innun.erable artifices nard hi all and every lu.'? husiLCaS, to entrap tha untluoki. g into Uie . nrcha.e of tkat Inch is a| pirently vaiutble, hut w1 ich, ? hen heving beat led hy the ohly tiue teat, waar.l.aa been fo:md perfectly valuw sa He is conacions th it his former runtrmert wi'l raqoire tie r? iinu.aiidatt n, and to them, on any and every occaaion, ha f rs those wl?o mey with to deal *i'h him N. B ?On hand, an a?tnrtn ent of <10 ht, C aaiaveraa and mints, or lh? 0'Wnt lltl.', wnun "II graiorupiooniL : prices ranging ir?m ?J to ? rar cant txlow thatnaliiM# new. n*?w,.?r? THE INVISIBLE WRt [O closaly r??mbUa tha mil haad of hair that s??rt cs ud ' eoanoiMfan hs?a pronounced 11 ih? noil p?ftKt ud ? ordinary invention of tli? il?y. Th* great ad>ai;i*ce of this ?el ?iid wik it iti h?urf msde withour wwing ?r ring, which causes it* appearance* to closely to rasembl* I natural hair, both in lightMis and natursl ai'peaMoc?. as t? fy defectum. iti tettnr* twin* to b-autiHil, so i>ur?ui and so e, that in all cun of i>enpir-tioi> ?**t?>raiurn la nilW|?-rt?d. I ine feat evils of other w igs entirely seoidad, I hs sceptic 1 conuolssaur an alike invited to msp?ci this i0%?< and haan ?l Wi?, and the peculiar meitod ol ftttl I the liaad ?t iha inntact'irar'a. At Barry, !? Bn adway. oerner of Lihalf eel, np stain aJ tww'm COArHMAN la desirous of cb'aiuingenplovmari U? L equivocal testimonials will b? gieaii ta to sharati*r aa4 IlilMa. tnqaira at u Puk itmt, ap sltira u? K*i>4"t

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