Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 809?Whole No. 35!41. r r>l """ HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL TheHovat Mail Steain fthip BR1TT.A NIA, J. Hewett, Esq., Commander. wil leave Boston for the abort poru on Thun Jay, I6ih November. Passage to Liverpool $110. Passage to Halifax MApply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Aeent, n9r No 3WsJl street "Vrfc l,'n" n.~-'-Th? eleg /fuiHI well known Spanish steamer NATCHEZ Dju Krancis Viilair, Commander, bavin been unavoidably detained, will till I*"".', au Monday, November 13th, at 3 r. V Tins superb steamer lias been newly copi>?rod, lilted up wit new boilers, and lier cabins have undergone a thorough leuovi tion, rrnderiug lier in every raspact a Tery desirable coureyauci 1 lie Nptchez will arrive iu Havana about in time to met the New Orleans steamer Alabama, affording, a very pleasjui trip to tlio?e wkose business will admit of their taking such , cireuitou* rout* to the latter port. Capttin John H Stanhope, well-known to the travellini community, accoiepjnida the Natchez on her voyage Kor particulars of passage, he., apply on board at Ureal Wei tern wharf, foot of Clinton street, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, o29 ec 43 Peck Slip, comer South street _ Til A VF.f.l.fc'.UR rutlMi: yniiTU m WKST?Siitrtui hours in advance of thi 1T. S - MaiJ?Tri-W? kly Line to Savannah in connexion with the Central Railroad t< and the W ,r The splendid itear Packata GENERAL CLINCH, Cipt. J. P. Brooks, an. I HAKLESTuN, Cipti h. Bardeu, will leave Charleston eve ry I nesday, Thursday and Satnrday rooming, at ? o'clock, ai ter the arrival of tlia Wilmiuftou boats from the north, arriv in* at Savannah the sime day, and will leave ou th tame-days as abova, at 6 o'clock I'. M., after the arrival of th cars from Macon. . J ravellera will tluJ this to be the cheapest and roost expedi tious route u> the south and wist. The above bo*s are fitte< up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be spared t< iKure cerumty> ?7oift f L*; teTeU,u?pub , Kitzainimon,' Wharf, c'haMeston. Cliarleaton. September, 1643. ,17 2in*r VKN O'CLOf'K MOKNINtTLIN] fipsagfl'f OR ALBANY, I HOY, and intermedial r < h rom the steamboat pier, at th foot <if Barclay itrwt. Breakfast and Dinwr on board. Leaves New York?The Troy on Tueaday, Thursday an Saturday. ,t 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell',, Wert Point, Newbnreh, Hampton 1 he new low (xwiurf steamer THOY. Captain A. Gorham Saturday morning at 7 o'clock. . Kor paaaaxe, apply to F. B. Hall, at the effice, loot of Barclay trivt or on board. Notice.?All Oo<>ds, Freitht, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specif or siiy other kind of Property, taken, .hipped, or pot on boar the Bnata of thu Line,must be at the riak of the owner, of sad ?oods. an 16 r JOt INDEPENDENT HKOULAK OPPOS1 fl^SjpS^TION NIGHT LINK KOH ALBANY3K-a_ajpkJE-TlirouL')i Direct, without Landing.?Th coinmodiou, and substantial steamboat POHTS.NIOUTH Capt.O.Honse.will leave New York from the foot of llobiuso ?trret, ou Monday,, Wednesdays and Kriday?; and will lea, Albany and 1 roy en Sunday,, Tuesdays and Thursdav,. an will conunue these trip, for the leason, ati o'clock in the alui noun. Krvicht taken at rednred rate,. Apply on board. r. Ttie above beat has undergone a thorough repair, and i in lint rate order. o26 lm*r SIX O'CLOCK EVENINU L1N1 ALBANY AND TKOY direct, withou m ? ** ?ihr splendid low pressure steamboa IWALI.OW, Captain A. McLean, will leare the foot o Courtlaudt itrcet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturda' evenings, at T o'clock, for Albany direct. '1 hr Swallow ha* a large number of state room*,and for itw ??id nrenmmailKtinn* i? imt snrpassed no the Hudson au8 e PEOPLE'S LINE OK 8l'EA.MBOATI fl*^5^Q?FOR ALBAN V -Uaily at 6 o'clock P. M !3C-_A?K.Ttirough direct?From the steamboat pier b< t cvn Counlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday weep ted. 'l'hr (team I "'at KN f(-K ERBOCKBR.Oapt. A. P. St. John Will l?ava. Monday, Wednesday and Friday tvninn, at ti o'clock. 8tea nboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainad will Inav" I'uesrlay, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Ste&inuoat COLUMBIA, Cape. A. Hougtoton, will Inav Monday. Wednesday, and kridav afternoon, at i o'clock. .Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Cap'. i*J. H. l'ruesdell will leare Tuesday, TSirtday and Saturday Evening, at fiv o'clock. Passengers f.king thia Line of Bonts will at all times arrive i Albany in ample time to take the Morning Traia of Can fa ibe east or west. Th>- above boat* are new and mbitantiai, are famished wit neat and elegaut State Rooms, and for speed and accommodi tioni are unrivalled on the Hudson. h or I'watce or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Bchnlt at the o'firr on the wharf. nil if NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th, the boats elthi line will leive for Albany at 6 o'clock. P. M. instead of 7. ?ifv> KOR LI VEKPOOL, on or belore the JOth inst,WfVVVThe uew aid splendid ship ST. GEORGE, 1000 tog rtheu, Watson Ke ris, master, having three-fourth ol her cirgo engaged will sail as above. She has superior ac commodation* for ten passengen. Kor balance of freight fl lasaage. apply to the captain on board, pier 13 E. R or to n'J lwjgh > REU'K L TALCOTT, b3 Wall st. rtf. NEW LINE OK PACKETS KOR LIVEF VrSfWPOOL.?Packet of 16th November.?The splendi JttSNKawell known i?cket ship HOTTINtiUER, 1100 ton burthen. Captain Ira Bursley, will sail on 1'harsday, 16th Noi her ncular day. Tlte shi|<s of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards,person about to einhark for theold country, will not fail to see the ac vantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference t any other, as their gnat capacity renders them every way mor comfortable and convenient than ships of a smller class. Thna* vriiliinv fn wnr* K?rtKe in #l?i? -Ui. should not fiil to make early application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck dip, n3 ec corner of South at. FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 13t MP?#V.November?The well known favorite picket shi J|jj?afi,Y'llUilNlAN, burthen 1000 tons,.will tail u abovi her infular day. The accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and iteerai pauergers, an* suiwrior to any vessel in port. IVr?'>us wuhing to embark should make early application o board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n8ec 100 Pine street. corner of Snnth. KOil" L7V E RPOOL?The-New" Luie-^Recu li rf**Vr.H:krt 16th of November?The fine New York bail Sfitthpatket ship' HOTTINOUKR, Ira Bursley, masta 1030 tout, will sail a? above her reiular day. For freight .'>00 balei cotton, or passage, having very snperit accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, at west sit Burling slip, or to WOODHULL ?t M1NTURNS.H7 South st. The fine uew packet ship Liverpool, J. Eldridge, maate IIJ0 tons, will succeed the Hottinguer and sail on her remli day. I*th December. nil r T#^ FOR LI VKKPOOL?British Ship?Sails on 8atu MSfsV day the 26th November.?The well kuown vei JLkiifaUt sailing British ship CHESTER, John Wilsoi master, having nearly all of her cargo engaged, will sail pos tively as above Kor freight or passage, having very comfortable accommod tions. kiply on board, foot of Beck man street, or to the sul scribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., S3 Fulton st., o2lr neat door to the Fulton Bank. AM*' FOR BRISTOL 1 l>e well known fistsailiii HnMPWCritish banjue COSMO. Cantain Wm. K. One jBBflbbridge. to s\il on the 2<'tli Novemlier For freight i passage, enquire of the master on bjard. foot of Albany stree N. R.nrto JOhN JACQUES, 3 |8 lw*r 77 South rtreet. AjSS- I'ACkET FOR IIAVRE??t*cuod Line T1 J*?k.h.pBALTlvH)KE. Edward Funk, master, wi j?U|h<ail on the 1st of Defember, BUiL) ?l III^UM-.N, 9 routine ttuiNingi, r.Sr corner Will and W?trr it reels. ~KOK BELIZE, HONDl'RAS?The faat uilii lfW^ciH>|iFn,il iin<l copper fiiiro?d brig JOHN R. OARl inUkiaN Kit, J. IVdenxjn, master, will hire quick despatc lor Hi- aoove |?>rt. For freight or passage, apply to the Ca| tain <>u board, pier 10 E. R. or ? _ , j6tt*r I*. ALEXANDRE, 2t South it. KUR NfcW ORLEANS?To nil on the 13th wP WW. November?or passage I roe?The interior, Tut aailii JWMHMihip HILAH, ( apt Hammond, will sail ai above ll. r accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steeni paisengeri ire unsurpassed by any vessel in port. Penoi wiahing to, ikould make early application to the iu icriber JOSEPH McMURRAV, ulr 100 Pitte ttreet, con/r af Sooth. MKOR ^ALE?A food conveniert iw? itory Hour with about an acre of ground, with barn, csrriate hom %c. adjoining the residence of <?ov. Pennington, on Hi| iree<, Newark, N. J. The house is pletaantly lituatd, c ji mandi?| a tineaiteniive proipeot. The garden ii well itock with shrubbery aud i 'fioice lot of f.uu trees, tiiikiug it a d lirnble residence. Apply to nflr BOYD la HINCKF.N. < Tontine Building!. NEW 8TYLK. OK CHILDREN'S VELVET CAP The Rubscrtlier has a lame and beautiful assortment Kenllemen's and Boys Caps, of the la'e t lashion, which will sell as cheap as any other ritabliihmeut in this city among which may be found gentlemiii's cloth, velvet, i r? st> le of (laxed, and fine otte' caps. Also on livid a large supp ot mole skin, silk and fur hats, of a beauiiful finish, for si low Fancy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, a large asiortmeut MufTa anil Fur Trimming! for saleat very Tow pric-i. N. B?The Caps of the subscriber took the premium at t lato Fair of the American Institute. WM. BUOWN, ill lm*ec l>6 Chatham st, opposite Roosevelt. PftfcMllM HA i'S AMD CAPS rv SUPERIOR Moleskin, Nutria aud Silk Hats, Clo J#?and Velvet Cm>s of the subscriber's manufacture. Ai ploma was awarded by tlie American Institute, at the late Fi in tins city for beautiful inecimeas of Moleskin Hiti; and diidoma was . Iso awarded lor superior specimen! of cloth ai velvet capi. On hand a large assortment of hati and cat Person* in want of articles in nil line, are respectfully lolicit to lavor him with a call. WILLIAM BANTA, No. W Canal it, to>ner of Wooster street, oil lm*m and No. 130 Chatham street. "BOOTH, BOOTS" AND SHOES, cheaj^ i cheaper tlian ever yet offirinl in thu city. A vr large asiortufu-iit of genu' tingle ind double loled witer pro Bonta. FitkcIi and natire calf, city made and warrantad, for t low price of f3 to $5 per pair, and a never failing lupply of thi> Boots and Shoes for men, boys and children; ladies', miss anil children's t *ait.-r Boots. Btukiui, Slipper* ami Tiei, of t the ilitlerent kmdi and m?it faihlonable stylei. There is Mr caiim and all the dilft-rtnl kinds and I'lilnoualiie itylei'of Im Hull tier over Shoes, for gentlemeu. ladiei, misses anil childt in great abniid uice, and cheap, which the subscribers won solicit tli?ir friends and the public to call and enmine tin stock, aa it ii of the heit material!, and princpally city at their large establishment, Z13 Oreeuvt icli street, corner Murray it. Off lin*ee WHKIIIT, < AMUMN It CO BOOTS AM) IHOIt-VllilON k JOH Mucce?iori to John Hntching*, deceaii haye-on hand aud for ula, from the but manafactories in I country? 100 Cua Coarj# Hewed sad P<wd BooU, men and boyt. loo " Kin* 1000 Pnir Morocco Bnakinf. 1000 4 Ladies' Fine ?Uirp?r?. WOO " Childreu'i Shor?,#ariou? colon. MM " YVomem and mum < >aiter?. 1000 ' India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. tor ((! in lota to anit pnrc.haaeri, ?t their store. ? . ? 120 CHATHAM 8TKF.KT, opmite Roaerelt N. B ?The store being open until Id o'clock in tlx erenii fives country merchants an opportunity to eiamiae goods their leisure. oil 1m* anath* public, that h? has fommioc^l bu?mrt? in th* abc ^uie, at No. n Naaaau street, wfrra ha will thankfully reoei drw,ft,r?i ' 'ggseaggggg E NE JNEW 1 " CHEAP STORE TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC UEN " . E RALLY. ' DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES, dcc No. IM GREENWICH STREET. NEW YORY. TOHN C. MORRISON offers for sale, ou the moat liberal " terms, a very ex tens its assortment of Roods, among them ~ the following, to which he would solicit the attention of ? APOTHECARIES. !| Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, Aqua Ammonia, I I rmra Tarter, Spirits Nitre Dulcis. I* Castile ifciap, 8u|>er Carbonate Soda. Liiiuoric*, Tartaric Acid, | Balsam Copaira, Epsom Salts, ' Rhubarb, IffllnJ-inflTTil Jalap Senna, , Aloe*, Sulphate Quinine, Hers. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, aud all Essanl (Him Arable, tial Oils. ' Castor Oil, Oum Myrbh, Quicksilver, Cauthaades, Magnesia, (iuin Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Barlt, Roll and Flow Sulphur, Coiks of all kinds, Z Alcohol, 8arsa|>arilla, I Borai, refined and crude, Sponges, coarse and fine, e Calomel, Druggist*' Oilass Ware , Red Precipitate. Viali. i fAlNTERS (i Wiadow glass, of all size* aud British Lustra, i qualities, Ulue,-all sorts, I White lead, dry and in oil, Oold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, (Jold aud Silver Bronze, Litharge, Copper Bronze, e Spirits Turpentine. Chalk, whits and red, t Putty, Paris white, Whitinf, Span is li Brown, Verdigris, dry and in uilj Venetian Red, i Chrome Grw.ii, Sand Paper. s Chrome Yellow, l'umice Stone, > Yellow Ochre, Krenth and Tar and Rosiu; American, Japan, copal, coach and liar Prussian Blue, ueas varnikh. Vermillion, Turkiv Umkar. - Kotteni Stone. Tim de Sienna. Ivory Black, Red Chalk. " '.-opal, .. Oum 8hella?, ? Paint Bru.kei, ail litM, Bright Varni.h, Rom fink Saah Tool., all ?ite?. a Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. . Oil, Fall, Oil, Train, Winter, LinUeed, Summer ?trained H*?rm, Neauloot. Refined, whale, S?lire or Swett, Unrefined, whale, 8ea Klephant. r Tauiier.', WOfl, Sperm and Stearic Candle*, J DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. I, Logwood Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red Saunden. p ? ??>?. Haten Wood, I- Nicaragua, Red Wood, - Barwood, Hyperuic \Vood, ? Oum Aaphnlturn, Peach Wood. ' gal Ammoniac, Ebouv Wood. u ttoajn, .. MANUFACTURERS. r di "Iv- t . Fuller*' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch iMid French,! Conneraa, Eng. and Amer. Indiuoe., of Bengal, Carraca* Oil Vitrol. and OuaUmala. ? |?f" L?id. While Tartar, Bleaching Salt., Red Tarter, Cochineal, Olne, t Aqo* ??"*? ? Sumac, i Nutgalls, Lac Dye, r Annatto, Starch. Soda A.h, Pruuiate Potash, ' Pot and Pearl Allies, Gum Senegal, d It111"*01 dogwood, Powdered Curcuma, c tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalu, - Bi-chromate of Paiaah, Quercitron Bark, S^?'n Spirit. Nitre Fortil, " &u!i 8h?ll*C, Salt Petre, h Cudbear, Briti.h Oum, Woad, Nitric Acid and, i, Oram and Bar Tib, Oxalic Acid. x Soap., f ? x, GROCERS. I, Toung Iiyjou Tea, Pepper Sauce, llyioii Macaboy Snuff, Imperial Scotch Snuff. ? Ouupowdar " Mace, Hy.on Skin " Indigo, Flotant, 1, poucnong -- (Jastlle Soap, Bohea ? Clove*, ? re"?n BranJiaj, Cuter Oil, in bottle*. S|>aBi.h Se*ajrs. Alcohol. ir rot and Pearl Allies, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cinnaman. h LiquoriceBall, Friction Matches, r ai . ' Carbonate Ammonia, f?. British Lustre. 2 p1* ieJ n- ? Soda for washing,| 9 Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, London, AJwn, .... _ Caynnne Pepper, Olive oil in bottles k baskets, PowiWvd Nutmeg. I ^ujmegs, , , ? . Powdered Cinnamon. Saltuetre, crude and refined. > I CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS : Cnchlieal, Oil of Annisseed, ,r Nut"i???. Absyuth, Wf*?' Carrayway, Cloves. Juniper, l C'l'mwioii. llow, Orange and Peach Wal: Cassia Buds, ten, Allspice Vanilla Beans, ' Isinglass, Tonquin Beans, 1 Cum 1 raeacanth, I -onandcr Seed, Uum Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Seed, i ;*u,'n Gamboge, Annisseed, ' Oil of Roses, Jujube Paste, Peppermint, Pearlash, \\ mteigreen, Malerarus, Cinnamon, Su|>er Carbonate of Soda " Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bagaiuot, Ginger, white Jamaica, Lemon, Ginger, Ea?t India. PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, Sic. _ Bleeching Powders, Nutgalls, , Powdered Bloc Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Gjue. Verdigiis, " Oil Vitriol, Copperas, '< Copper Call, Sal Ammonia, Shelac, Antimony, 1 Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Extract of Logwood, Aioes, Alum. Stc. n patent medicine be\lers. BnWam of Honev, Andersou's, Lee's <t Hooper's Turlington's Balsam, Pills. _ Batetnan's Drops, Opodeldoc, ir Harlem and British Oil, S?eis'and Liquid, It Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, [, fltonghton's Bitters. Godfrey's Cordial, Extract Sarsararilla, Anderson's Cough Drops, >r Cephalic Snuff, Thom|>son's Eye Wattr. Ie n9 Imdyltwyr DAY'S SHEET "RUBBER OVER-SHOES?25 Maiden LAne., Exixricncs has proven that a leather sole caa be attachM to India Rubber uppers, so that it is impossible to sonars* them in the course of wearing. These Over Shoes,which _ have already thrown into disuse leather overshoes and mocasr sins, and to which the water proof boot is fast tending, are y furnished by the Roibary India Rubber establishment, 26 ii Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether i, better than are being made by any other establishment in the trade. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoes and Boots are a- famished only at this establishment. Every article appertaiub ing to the ruboenbusiness for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to the|Roxbury I. R c., nJ lm*r 15 Maiden Lane ? united states !; TEA EMPORIUM, t, 121 laU 129 Chatham ttreet. New York. And lit Fulton street, Brooklyn. *Anr.ncT, lit Blkkckkk Sthkki, IW HOLES ALE AND RETAIL, iff THE CANTON TEA COMPANY contiuue to oBer for ''I A sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and powerful grades of Green and Black. Every package bears the _ stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and I). P$w? will remain unimpaired in any climate.. Their system :h ?* Jir?eecutiug business is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It ? is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of the customer, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to return any _ articles which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which of the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country ig merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will find it a decided advantage to supply themaelvea ge from this establishment. ns Ginumi JavmCorrcc roasted everr day. b- Orders from all parts of the United State* executed with promptitude and despatch. ?~f~ The only warehouse in AmariM for the sals of Hoa? ma's celebrated Black Tea. oia lm*m ft L. baronto, ' a RTI8T, in Alabaster. Marble, Scagliola, fce., from' Italy. pj f*-Respectfully invites the gentry, the inhabitants, shopkeepct*, Bazaars, country dealers and the public in general, to see his Museum of Arts. No. 23 Orchard street^ (between Grand ind Division streets,) which is now open for inspection, with a ? iplendid assortment of Italian and K.ugtish ornaments in Alau baster, black marble, spar, agata, yellow stone, stalactite, red r uid various other marbles, verde di prato, granite, he., Itc. i consisting of various sixes of groups, figures, busts, tarxes, _ Hebe ewers, Etniscan vases, candlesticks, tapers, pen trays, ink itands, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, spill pots, urns, >.. tntique Umi*. shell vases, aval vases, bottles, groups and siugle logs, tables, tlorentine baskets, bulls, cows, lions, brosches, uecklaces, obelisks, bell vases, goxxoly vases, ring vsses, paper r weights, ring stands, card boies, snuff hoses, birds nesu, amiantus, paintings of Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on couchoInov minnrairMiliurv mtrin# hnfamgl lr/< Mtr PriM <if ** \rticl*? from TiU ci-uto to tFoo. ( knumg and rep&iriuff of every description on moderate lirmi. L_ Admission free. t30 ?w r . pLANCAKD'sTPATtNT STATUK WOOD k. COAL th D STOVK8?lor Halls, parlors. offices, stores, steamboats, fcc. Kor beauty, comlort uitl economy are not equalled by any "r ilorr in ihr Uniml Sum These stoves are * Sutue ofAVuli mgton the Kallier of our country, surmounting two pedestals, d one for wood and the other for coal. The our Tor wood ia eon * <tracted for a lire and dumb stove combined, and for a live 'd ?torr only. The fire chamber in the iwdnul i? constructed in ueh a manner that the Are, by meant of a rererMble plate or iwrtition in the store, causes the heat to circnlate through the ntire (night of the atatue, iving a large and bcautifnl radiating nd ?nrfkoe. They hare alao a hot air chamber attached, end erety ry thing being arranged on the moat acieutitic principle hor ol <en?r*l utility Uiey cannot fail to give satisfaction. The ?ubscriber invites the attention of those shoot purchasing to call rk ?nd satisfy themselves of theabore fact*. They can be seen in : i Donation daily and for sale ooly in the city at 1H Orand street, lM one door east of Broadway. JAMK8 HINDS. 1C nil lni*m en D M. HKNHIUUK8, Jl William atreet, reapectfully anild ', 'tonnces to his frieuda and tlie public, that he has conl fir 'Uutlv on hand the following choice brands of Segan, war| j, -anted genuine and of the firalqoality ?> K&Ei ?ion da. ogenuhlad. N Noriegas (of a most saperior quality.) *d, La Kaiwraau. he ?Do*. , "London Regar," imail siaa. Pauetelat, of a most saperior quality. Primavara. De Vloya. Eivutam, fu'galias (of the Normnjbrand.) King Renlia. 8BBm% Trincipea (of the favorite brands of Jnrto Sam, Kendons and Crat ) ig, V"inoKen*wonld do well to call before purchasing elsewhere, al is the taates of tha most faatidions can always be sailed at thia r M-ahlishmenu K?l> Imr* /~H>AL.?Large Nat Siaatt.OO Stare 16,12 V and freah broken ids v^and 16 3I> per ton. of the beat Peach Orchard Ash, well ive icreetieil, weighed by a city wei?her and delirered free of car* it? ?aa. A ndieiiM of r> ee?'s pw ton if taken from the boatr. ih? rtTKK CLINTON, (prasrol King r il> taw* Mi Qnwwuh sowo. W TO fORK, SATURDAY MOR LUCINA CORDIAL, oa THR ELIXIR OF LOVE: In olden time, anion* the Jcw?. ? That mail a second wife might choose? Whose fint, by Fate's unkindly doom, No children bore to bleas hia home. Afflict") thus, the Roman matron Prav'ed to Luciue^ the midwife's patron; Egyptian wives, in inch a crisis, Called to their aid the Prima of Isis; And even now. the meek HindooWarm aa her clime, and tender, too? If childless twelve montha from her bridal Flies weepinj to her aenaeleaa idol, And with raised handa, in acceata wild. Petitions Bramah for a child; For well aha knows. Love ahana to bleaa The Hindoo bed of barrenness. 80 much for love in dayi by-gone. And savage customs in our own; But say, even now, does Love's commuuijl Bless in our land, a sterile union f No. oft time* conjugal Micity, Is thus disturbed?ay, e'en in thii citTa Yet may the barren, if they try The meana "increase and multiply,"! With "Love's blixir" for her friend, The childleaa wife's repinings eud.a Bat not the procreative power Alone, is this Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent. With vigor clothe the impotent; Supiuees a sleet, whate'er its date. Ami all life s fund ions renovate; Eruptions from the skin it chases. And brings back beauty and the gruees; ''l is woman's ttust?and ne'er deceives lie/. From Floor Albus it rclievea her. And each disease, (with proper caia, too,)! Her fair and fragile form la heir to. These are bat thuths, who call* them fiction Sliall have stern proof in contradiction, Letters?all forms of attestation? From the savins of every natien; With grateful missives from all ouarters, c Penned by Disease and Quackery's martyrs. Thousands who lay, with fluttering breath. Almost within theJaws of <l?ath; fl Now in their nightly prayer* repeat, Thanks to Life'* friend, in Nuuu itreet, And sometimes names the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber-" Or, dreaming of Disease* ordeal, Cry oat for the "Lncina Cordial." Persons ordering this medicine from the country, by lending a remittance, can hare it boxed op and lent te any part of the Union. Price $3 per bottle, or $24 per dotes. Also for aale at No. M North lth st. Philadelphia. olO lm*m PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. rpHK SUBSCRIBERS offer, with full coulidence In it* A ntilitv and usefulness the above named article. 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The rush was ax great as at any tima during " the Colt trial." ereral ladies were present during tne earlier portion of he day, but the indelicacy of their situation becoming ppareat, they very properly retirod as soon as they ould Ret an opportunity We know not whether they vere present by the advice of counsel, but most assuredly hey would be much better in their sitting rooms and itteiiding to t'.eir respectivu employments, than liatenng to the sjpeoches of counsel, of a nature not the most itting lor lemale eats. The necessity lor their attendinco during the examination of witnesses, wus nnavoidible, hut tho evidence ncinb' once concluded,they should lave been advised to remuin at kome. We were glad to e* that they left the room the moment they were informid of the unfemineneas of their position. The limits of iur space, precludes tho possibility of publishing the perches at length. When the jury had re-assembled the /ourt directed tho counsel lor tne defence to proceed to um up their case, Ji/duk T4llmau.;e.?May it please the Court and Jentlemen of the Jury Never n the course of my proessional career was 1 engaged in a case of such iraporatice. Dut deep and imperative as my duty is, yours, Gentlemen of the Jury, is far greater, and far inore soBHin and controlling and while I endeavour, conscientiinsly and faithfully to dischurgu my duty, I will respect 'our rights aud your sacred character, by couflning myall simply to u conaidcrution of the evidence, and its tearing upon the point at i?suo in this prolonged trial, riy position is a peculiar cua* The wife of the plaiutiff las retained me to delend her, especially, in this suit, vhich is made by the plaintiff, not with the sole purpose if obtaining a verdict of damages Irom the nominal de anuani, uui lor iuu ucimui purpose ui procuring a 0111 01 livorce kg dinkt her. This bill has been already filed, mdtfee auit commenced, and 1 am here to watch closely he progress ol the trial, and atcertain whether a charge if a nature to warrant the granting ut such a divorce can >e substantiated against my client?hi* wite. What the ihtnces of this trial may be to this young man, 1 am not iere to protect or defend him ; my duty Is to wutch the tourae ol the prosecution with a tingle eye to the inteestsol my ciient?the unhappy wile. Gentleman of the fury, I am a man ; and years of honorable life iave 1 passed in discharging the duties ot' a huiland, a lather, and a mem bur of sooiety. In all relntious have endeavored to discharge such duties truthfully ?nsoientiously and honestly, and (Jod foib.d that at this, teriod of my lite 1 should stand in this court room before ny fellow members of society, to raise my voice iu d?c . nee of a woman who hud been guilty of a crime so awul a* that of defiling the couch of her Husband by adulerous connection with another man. No! (ientlemen of he Jury, I would not tor any price, or tnr any considuru ion endeavor by words of mine to away you inyourverlict, did 1 believe that the woman was guilty indeed mid n truth. I have heard the testimony adduced in the case, ind believing the wretched wife innocent of the loul ;harge nought to be made against her by her husband, 1 low Hand here to lay belore you the lacta,aa they ap>eared to me?to point out the points of the testimony, vhicb ( deem necessary to be considered in deciding upon ;hia cane, their bearing upon the guilt or innocence 01 he parties?leaving it to your judgments to decide as you ihall think just and right. 1 will not attempt to appeal to pour sympathies or to your feelings, but shall briefly :almly,aud dispassionately, examine the testimony nnd leave it in your hands, satufied that the same patience and orbearanceyou nave manifested during this trial, will be )roughtto your deliberation upon the guilt or innocence >f the parties on trial before you. Tne first point I will ntroJuceto your notice is the suspicion which has ateropted to be cast on the credibility ol our witnesses. Vlr. Polhemus, it was shown, accompanied Mrs. Van 3ott to her lawyer's ottiue. Did he receive money to comnit, a? it were, perjury ? No such thing lie came with hat poor woman with the simple feeol $3 for advice.? Jehad lived in her family; heltne* her a virtuous, an imiable wife; he saw her deserted by that husband vhose mirital rights ho was convinced she had never rampled upon; and with that generous impiilso which on tonorable minded man ever evinces when woman, fie >le, deserted woman, claims his protection, he took her mder that protection, and willingly accompanied her to ind front the oltlce, where she was obliged to go lor he purpose of consulting and advising with her counsel n a matter so deeply involving her honor and her future tappiness. He gave nothing, unless that courtesy and atention which the situation of Mrs. Van Cott required? hat he g?v?j, and he deserves honor lor it. There is nuch conflicting testimony on each side. On one side the :estimony o.f Pardy, I'olhemus,old Mrs. Smith,Mrs Phetie Jroith, anil Mr. Alii Smith conflict with the testimony, Mi the other side. On the side ot the plaintitl, they have attempted to show the affection which existed between bim and his wife. On our side, we have shown th?t such was not the case. We have produced lour relatives ol Mrs. Vu Cott, but perhaps the counsel on the other side will say that they were prejudiced in her favor; but, gentlemen, let me show you how far that plaintifl himsell thought they were prejudiced or not. When that first promulgator of this woman's infamy, Doctor Bailey, ;ommunicated to Van Cett the strong suspicion he enterLained against the honor and the chastity of Mrs. Van L'ott, wmt did that injured husband do / Why, he call3d upon Mrs. Smith, upon his brother-in-law, Alii, and his wile?into their ready ear* he pttired out the tale ol his griefs?from them he take* counsel; with them he devists dans to satisfy himself it was not true?aud advised them [okeepstiil. Did they reject him and spurn him? No; :he mother listened to the story ot her daughter's shame, leeling deeply for the husband she had injured. Hrr brother, the partucr ol her sports and griefs .n childhood pears, the companion and protector ol her maiden days, what,laid be? Why, that be would smash her braini out if she was guilty ol an act no Horrible! to hit leeling as a man, and as n husband. Dan you expect from such witnesses, falsehood? certainly not; they investigated the charge, and being aatitfied Lhatjit whs untrue,they became her witnesses in this court roem- Who disproves or contradict their statements /? Why, a Mr. and Mrs. Shonnard, who had been boarders in the houseot that woman; and lioarders, too, whose bed room was their sitting room; who, when they had partaken of their meals at the common table, retired to their room. Vet this Mrs. Shonnard has told you what indelisate;act? she witneised, though her husband has declared that he never witneised any luch acts?his feelings were never shocked by word or act of that man. Mri Shonnard has told you that she has seen Van Cott, when aa came home, take hold of Mn. Van Cott m a peculiar manner Mow,who n bhonuard and under what influence ?|he here 1 Why as the enemy of that boy Sharp,a m m who the first time he saw Sharp,took a dislike to him. Oentlemen,it that man an unprejudiced witneti? I thin k nut. M rs ['lane has told you that the saw nothing indelicate in the conduct of Van Colt towards his wii?. No, nothing hut ivhat a husband had a right to take with his wile. Now, {entlemen, I do not know what that means. What hut>and hat a right to commit an act ol indelicacy to the pait jer ofhit bosom? I know not what othert may feel, but I mow that no man hti any right or any claim to treat bis wife in the presence of other* with dishonor or di'cour sy. But when we diked the lady whrft Van Cott did to ler, why, she couldu'i recollect whether he had killed ler or not; she was lor half an hour upou Ibat stand, and nothing could be obtained Irom her but " 1 don't recol iect, 1 d n't renumber." She whs the lady who, while a witn) it wji on that stand, declared that the counsel h*d no business to cross-examine ai he ?as doing, uud that whenshe was there he would get nothing from her. Gen tlemen, was the an unprejudiced wltnes-? I think net But the husband ot this lady has told you that he lievei witnessed any of the qualified acti of indelicacy which wife had teen. And here I may remark that they, too, had their bed room at their titling room, whither after meals ware over they were accustomed to retire. Thett are the witnesses?the unprejudiced witnetin who areto contradict Polhemut and Mrs. Phube Smith. Why, Mrs Plane came on that atand prepared beforehand, and re. gardless of the solemn obligation of an oath, to wear to what the wished, and not to what abe knew. But the counsel on the otn<-r side may say that they havaa hesi >t witnesses Wby, I think thry ought to have taken he Directory, and they woulil have made out as good a 3ase. They may sgy, VV? don't want them, we have vlary Waldron and .Mary Riddel, l oth simple, young, in nocent children, who nev?-r saw any acts ol ludelieary )n the part ot Vsn Cott to his wife, or to other ladies. Dm :hn?e witnesses sei m to have foigotten that the plnintill nedto jump on their backs and ride them about th? room, >rroll wi h them on the fl.ior. Perhapt they este> men bete things aa nothing mote than a gi nth-man maj do with females living tinder his roof and in his family. Why, :he opposite counsel might have bri ujht here the whole ol Division street; would tin* have di?i>rovi d what jther witnesses have positively sworn to? Mr. Shonnard las told you that heha<i heard him occasionally damn his wile?ba* heard htm ct.ll her a liar at the card table, a |_db-h,Sc:. Waithii trifling language? was there no rulgarity tlx re, and no indtlicuC) ' Gentli tnau.l a?k jou lerioutly to answer me. Ii there any thing which exhibits i low arid a debased character morelforciM) than this giving exprestion to foul and indecent language. Yet were tne word! ever ready on the tongue of that plaintiff when addressing bis mitt rable but fond wife Nor was it to hi? wile alone to whom he used such language ? vlrs Phebe Smith has told you with what 'situations the ran m* t at the table ot tin* inan, when ahe waa compelled 10 leave her tinfinnh?J meal. UntUmtn, you mcollect the itory o( thr invitation to the hall, when that lady ivat In a peculiar situation Trilling wilh her womanly leeling*, he nlluded groanly to her atata, telling her*he could wear the brciche* and pa-* for an Aldrman!? Oentlemi n, what think you of auch a man? and yet this ia tie who aeekiat your hand* a verdict to itisty hi* injured feeling* for the lo?? of hi* peace, hia honor and Ilia domestic happinei*. (Jentlemen, he a>k? you to proclaim tbat wile diihonored, whom he binnell, ha*, by hiaown *ct?,degraded. You have heard it told howhewould expoae her hoaom?bare it to the gar.e of men, and comment on ita beauty. Again, how sometime* with hi* lordly manner, he would lift hir clothe*, and display to the idle gate of young boy?, who were boarding under hia roof, tier leg*, and apeak of them in term* to excite their pa* Ion* an I her anger?for you have been told that thia young wife, while endeavoring to prevent *uch indecenelet, thrnat her finger Into hi* eye, for which he boaed her eir* roundly. Thi* i* the huahand who claim* damage* from her*edueer,a* he would have you believe thi* young delendant i?. But theie are not the chief characteristic* ol the conduct o( thi* hu*band Witoe?*? * have told you hnw, when the occasional fit* to which thi* wife wa* unfortunately tutyect to, wonlil lay her prostrate, and in need ol theaiiitaining voice and arm ofhar natural protector, thi*man wonlil spurn her, and a* her returning *en*?* ap|iealed to him in pity, he would tell her it waiall ".I? d pretence." Again,you have heard how thi* virtuou* minded man would tell thi* culprit wife, that their having no children wia not hi* fault.? Ha boost* to bar of hi* adultraa* connection with tho IHiltiV 1843. wile of hit) partner in business. He vilely acknowlidges j that tin; fruit ot this adulterous connection resembled I | himself?" that it wan very like iU Daddyudding | "and I'll bring it home to you, Mrs. Van Cott. " Whatu contrast was the conduct ol thu kind, gentle wife. What I whh her reply to this insulting, to thu heart rending lan- f gtiage ol her guilty husband ? " Bring home your child, ( 1 will ourte it, 1 will watch over it, I will even love I:, fur the love I bear its father." Gentlemen of the Jury, ii thii the wife who ought t* be stamped by surh a rascal with the opprobrious epithet of "strumpet" 1 know you will auswer No ! But thu cup of his in'amy is not yet filled up. lias not Mrs. Wells told on that stand, how she was called in to devise the means ol settling the difficulty botwoen them?and how did thia honorable man propose to heal his wounded honor ? Why, by ottering that trembling wife *10 a week to go and live with Sharp in a statu ot prostitution ! Gentleman ol the Jury, do you believe this miserable woman guilty ' Ood forbid? I know you cannot. The question arises her*?Who is Sharp I Wbiy a young lad, who has been described as proper in his deportment, corrcct in his habits, and never guilty of vulgar conversation. Mrs. Van Cott has been de*crtb ed ?s e gay, lively young woman, whose conduct, too, was correct, and never indelicate. And you have this husband placed before you as a vulgar, sell. acknowledged adulterer?a base, heartless wretch, Now, gentlemen of the jury, this is the man whoelaims at your hands as husband and lather, a verdict (gainst | the young man lor the seduction of the wilt', whom he bun treated no disgracefully and inhumanly. But you will he told that, howerer vulgar, however iiase and degrading may have been the acts of the husband, howevei he muy hove sacrificed his claims to the spirit, the characterol a man of honor, of probity, of marital fidelity?and tlii< wo contend he has done?yet the wife must stand or (all by bir own acts; she cannot seek to justify the wrong dono that husband, and the solemn vows made in the pre. since of the God of Marriage, by pleading his infidelity?his baseness. Gentlemen, without adding another woid, I could sufely rest this action on tbe truth and fidelity ol that wife to such a husband. The Judge then proceeded to examine the testimony of Mrs. _ Plane, and the doubtful nature of the scenes sue had de- ' scribed'as having been enacted between Sharp and Mrs. ? Van Colt. For one year and a half she had boarded in i, that family, and never but once did she see Sharp guilty () of indecent conduct towards Mrs. Van Cott, and at that i, time she testified that Mra. Van Cott appeared ashamed and mortified. Was such the conduct ot a weman whose h motive was adultery? Canyon believe that a woman a who felt mortitrd at an actol that kind, would dare be t guilty ol such flagrant acts of adultery as are attempted p to be charged against her? 1 think not. He next took {j up the testimony of Mr. Brymsneyd, who once saw Sharp throw his arm arouud Mrs. Van Cott's neck and , hug her to hi* person, and to whom Sharp in private had ( mentioned his intention of reducing the wile Jot their B host. But would such intentions on the part of Sharp, j prove that MrJ. Van Cott had betn guilty ol adultery 7 h I '..-I,,;,, I.. 'I'hur. 11^..I . I....... I, u I, iur>,I un,I ill thx employ ot Van Cott, hail never informed him of the ha>ciut?niions of this false Iriend. Again th?* story of the board hill wsi go improbable, and exhibited Micli n teel ing '! humility to Sharp, that the Jury should he careful . in receiving the uncarroborated statement made in private. It w?i a well settled principle in law, that confessions made in the daik, were dangerous evidence unless very strongly corroborated; and in this case it was eosy to to have done no. Strong had been the con'tant companion and room mate ot Sknrpatthe house ol Van Cott.tnev were in eacn others confidence, walked, talked and j iked together, yet he was not produced tind the coiii'lufion is that Sharp nuver uttered such a sentiment ? He next took up that portion ol the testimony relatiug to Sharpe leaving Van Cott's house previous totbu latter'* going to the south, and his returning immediately alter ha had left, and dwelt long and forcibly on the improba bility ot the story tola about Van Cott having sent him away. Thestory of the shirts he commented on ot some length, showing how simple a matter could beturnelto the disadvantage ol the wife, when in fact there was no ground* for Nuupicion. The testimony of Dr. Baily he next proceeded to dissect. Ho characterised the Doctor as either a malicious or mischievous man, either weak or wicked. The improbability of an act of adultery huving been committed in the middle of the noon day, with a maid servant working in the adjoining room, and Miss , Waldron and Mary Riddle in the house, tho door open, j, and the opportunity, if tha wife wished to indulge her h adulterous intention, which the privacy of her own bed c chamber would hav? allowed her. Ha explained the Jis- 0 bevelled hair and disarranged dress. It was the hour ? when the labor of the household wan over, and ns a tidy, t industtious housewife,after she had completed her morn- ( ing's task, she would arrange hertoilet. ready to receive lei<.n,l? U n /I He RaiUu fnU <?nnvini?ui) th'tl \lrfl V:itt ' Cott was the guilty woman he afterward* represented , Uer, then why did lie continue his visit*, and allow hi* own wile to be the companion and guest of an adulteress. j The suspicious story ot New Year's night he.dwelt on at some length, showing that the imaginative brain or the Doctor had magnified into a mountain what in reality was j a simple mole hill?that henceforth, when a young man aid that he felt like the devil, it was to be construed into ? an acknowledgment of adultery. The letter o( Dr. Bai- ^ ley to Sharp hu read, and contended that what Dr Bailey tj had iw?rn toon the stand was falie, as that letter referred v to the story ot the criminal conversation,and not to the re- v port which the Doctor had heard from somebody or any B body about Sharp's character for truth and integrity. He characterized the statement! of the Doctor as false, and e unworthy of credit. Ho then exasnined the letter writ c ten by Van Cott to Sharp, after that the tale oi Dr. Baily ^ had come to his ears. He was satisfied that the verdict n of the jury would agree with the verdict giren by Van Cott in that letter, in which he (tated that he did not helievea single word of the story, which hail been revived to lt-vy black mail. The Trince of Darkness was next in ? order, and him, the learned counsel exhibited in bold re |> lief. He contended that It was a story made up for sale, w and that the purchase money was a few thousand segars. ,j That the black rascal never could have berti inthatgnr- _ ret, from the inaccurate description he had given of Its locality and tne position of the parties in the room. The ' absurdity of such an adulterous attempt was evident, and palpable?as no woman, however wanton and abandon- (? ed, would, at a season when her house was undergoing a thorough cleansing?when every thing was topsy-tur- _ vy?when a very one had a free access lu and about every room and every passage?expose herself in a position most likely to be detected and exposed. As to the character _ given by the members of thechurcb, to which the fellow j* was belonging, he only regretted that men of religious principles could be found, who would attempt to bolster up a negro of such infamou* character as he hail shown n himself to be out of his own mouth. Why were nothi* n associates, the men with whom be was daily brought into contact, produced to tell what they thought of him. No such thing ; the cloak of fanatici m and re- ? ligion w?s to shield him from the searchirg gaze of eve- r ry day life, and in Sunday attire was he to be shown to the jury. Out upon such cxtrcise of christian feelirg ? 0 The inen who endorsed that negro, oath or no oath, y might enjoy the opportunity they bad had of exhibiting themselves in a court of justice ; but he (the counsel) envied them not such happiness ; nor would they, he thought, aftertbey had read the papers in which the history, villainy, and abandoned character of their pet dar- 1 key was so vividly portrayed. Yet still be was a member ot the church, and therefore a credible witness. The man * who had rejmilioted one w ife and wan living in adulter- N ous connexion with another wora.m, was the man upon whose testimony a virtuous wile wai to he sacrificed tiji- i| on theallar ol her inhuman husband. He then comment, tii ed upon the extraordinary position which Mary Wal'rou was placet! in by being compelled to tread in the ?oot?tep? " ol itfih an infamous wren h. He deeply regretted that ,| one so young should havo played a part in this trageJy; nut the had been put forward as the corroborating witin ns of the negro's testimony; and she mutt Hand upenthe ^ merita of that corroboration, il such it could he called \ He appealed to the jury ai men of character and discern- I m^nt to weigh ihe?e witne?*ei individually and together; >ind then as hutbanda and lathers to say wheth r they were worthy ot the slightest credit in what th' y hud tated. H? ilid not appeal to their sympathies, hut to their mature judgment. The question for them to decide, wis I one not merely of dollars and cenU.hutwhetlier the wife ol t 'lie plaintiff wa^ to live henceforward branded with the j mark o< a harlot, and an outcast, 11 whether iihe was to be received hack by her heart-brnk''n mother ar.d friend* tcquitred of the fenl charge, which in the delirium ol ar unhallowed pwion for auoiher w man, ber husband had o ught in the pr> aence ol the world to affix upon b< i honor, h- r virtue, and hi r xarred iiHinx ut a wife , After he ceasedspeaking, Mr lteynoldsiollowed in a ?[>ecch of much length. For live long hour* heargneit | closely, well, and beautifully in defence ol the plaintil) > and Miss Waldron. Ilia style was eloquent, piquant nn-i 'orcible.and was listened to with breathlem silence until he < loaed, when a burst of applause le> tiffed how ilTec- 'J uallyhelril gained the fietings of the crowdud court ? The Judge, howt v< r, staye.1 the improp?r exhibition ol i i< eling. much to the r* gret of many, who lei' it as a faithfully did the speaker discharge his imporiai.t 'J task. The Court then adjourned until half pant ten o'clock to | day, when Mr. Jordan will close on the part ot tho defence, and Mr. Graham on the part of the plaintifl. rOSTMACTIR ARRESTED FOR iVUII, ItOHBiNU ? 1 lie H 3t Louis, Mo , "uvs : " Important lo?*e? n on the m*il route between Fayette and Llb?jty, hurt ^ tHken place recently 0'i FrMay evening, tbe 30 h ult., ^ Thornton H Freeman, P *tma?ter at Carrolton, wa* ar. ? routed In hi* ottlce, by th? of the State, in con- ?, junction with the agf ntf of the General I'oit Office. The paper* and teitiroony on which thi* nrr??t w?i ma le, ?u clearly ?Uow the villany of Freeman, who hat committe<l j" f.irgeriea without number, and *tnl? without reserve. M Hi? eacape, which occurred on Saturday, an 1 (or which none are blameable, ia gr< otly to he lamented, and Wr ,n hope will not be permanent, a* a reward of $180 ia off.r if ed. $100 ot which it Irom the private pocket* of Colonel McIIatton, one ofthe agent*,and Mr Birch, the _ The Mai*hal hn* aectired, a* wo ar* informed, $1*00, t and thorn are $-l,i00 yet in doubt. Of the aumi actually stolen in aix robberie* and eight or tan forgerit*, ii $600 tall* upon Wood*, Chriity & t'o., of St. Louia, 'tj whe adopted ttntirtial precaution, and whoae lo*? we detp J ly regret; $460 upon Mr. Ritchie, of the Richmond En r[ qHirer, and the balance I* divided between numcrouacltl* | r.en* of Liberty, and the Piatt- country The rea<alning V ?um, not accounted for, i* divlerd between a foreigner in '.I the upper country. an ottlcir at the tiarriaou, an J Dr. 1 Mitchell, the Receiver at Fayette. il Pport at tiik Wkst ?The balance of Sir Win l Druminond f tewart'g par'y arrived lai-t evenin? nn 'he John Aull (abetit twenty-five In all), escept Mr jj Field, who arrivnd alow hour* prvvioua, on the I itan.? " Stewart himielf remained at Independence, aiid will with a few of hi* men Come Mown by land They were to io tart the day after the John Aull left. The party were In _ good health; *ome ot them expre*aed themaelve* very ? much pleaaed with their e?cur?ior, while other* rove- r TJ muchdiiattUfled. J LD. Prt?? Twt CwU CSeneral Meealous. leiore Recorder Tallmadgp, and Aldermen Tillou and Merlin. Jonas U frin.Lir*, Esq., Acting Diatrict Attorney. Kmidat, Nor 10 ? Scntknc* Dir.?This being the day ixed lor the sentence of Mike Walsh and otheri, ronsilerable iutrieit win exhibited among the spectators bout thn court room, although the assemblage was not urge. Mike came into couit at an early hour, neatly Iressrd in a uit ol black, with the rather unuaual addi1011 of a in ill *d ?hi it auil other tt ctltrat of tho aristo ratic order. Neither of hi* counsel were present- The Jourt assembled at IJ o clock, and considerable 4*1*7 ollowed before the members appeared to lia*o cencluled aa to the disposition of tho ease beforo them. Finally we heard llie following Hkl'orlkk.?Mr. Clerk, arraign Michael Walah for entence. Cnai ?Michael WaUh, what have you to ?ay why entence stioulduut ne imposed upon you 7 Walih ? On wlut conviction ia sentence to bo im>o?cd I Kkcokot.H -on all iour in which verdiot* have boon endured. Walsh?I haviia gie&t deal to say; but I believe I'll lostpone it lor unoiher opportunity. RKCOHDt.n.?lu passing sentence in thia case, the court : en not avoid remarking, that however much the liberty >f the preta wiia to lie viiluud ami sustained, yet the licealouincKH that had recently presented itself among many >1 tho public journals of this city was more ol a curse to he community than a benefit. In recent inatancea. tt ...... ftium JUUIU.I. IIIIIIJUIIUI(U Ul ittacks not only u^.on puhlio character, but had entered be piivatu sanctuary of families, which they have an a .led in a manner c?lln loudly upon the puhlic au horitits to suppress. 'l'liat tho public press have the igbt to assail those in public station when actuated by ood motives and jiutilUhle ends n?.ie will deny ,but when tattacks individuals and assails private character and elation* without juitilication, it* course 11 to be sincerely eprecateu. When m< n are assailed, who are not in ublic life, and held up to contempt and ridicule without ood cause, this court will exercise their power to supres* such wrong by the severest punishment within ita urisdiction Recently, not only private and public inividuals have unjustifiably been thus abused, but eur trios have been openly assailed,condemned and aspersed jr the rendition ol verdicts, which in their opinion they avo believed to have been in accordance with the law nd evidence of the case before them. This has been carted to such an extent, that juiors come here fearful to erloim ihe du ies impored upon them by the law and heir op'hs rfi ttire. This Court and Jurors, in their juriaic'ion.l uve been ossailed by one ol the papers ol our city meaning the Plrheian) at the recent a manaer hnt if the laws permitted,the editor would have been her* rraigneil and punched to the extent ol the law. In tha ibelon John .s Magnus, on which >ou were convicted, !? was called n thief, and other opprobrious terms were l>plied (hat were deemed by the jury as unjustifiable, but he court deem it their duty to make a clear and marked [istinction between those who bare been libelled and iave little) or no character, ant1 those who have much, rhey also will draw a di tinction between the case* of ontrxst with libels on privatp individual!; which distineion will ever govern their judgment in passing sentence. The Court, tuereloie, in the conviction on the libel on tohn h. M ikiiiis impose a tint- ot In the caxi; or libel on Levi D. Slamm, the editor af the Mebeian, they impose a fine ol f 100 In the coiiviction tor assault and battery on A. D. Millard, at the election in the ninth ward, the Court omarks, that although no evidence wan presented to he jury that you inflicted a blow, yet it wee shown bat you waa the leader of a Rang; ol turbulent spirita ho participated in the assault, and they therefore, J thia cuse, impose u fine ol }>M); and alao on Lorenzo D. umniinga, who wa* convicted with you for the lame ot;n e, a like penalty ot f.60. In the libel on Jacob H.Huuthard, cooper,of Washington laiket, he waa held up to public acorn and ridicule,and ia character was represented in the moat infamoua light. le had not Interfered with you in any way that waa aparent,a?d atill he u aa charged with prowling ahout the treets and committing ottenies that would render him ubject to public infamy. It was stated that burglaries ail increased lour.lold in the vicinity o( hla place of usiness, and other chargoa were preterred againit him alculoted to fink him to the lowest depth in public pinion. Notwithstanding all this, you have assigned no notive, no rraiou.nor ottered any ullidavita of justificaion to sustain the charges alleged. Tbe Court therefore eel it a duty incumbent upon them to impose a severe mnisbment in this case, one that, in your calmer monents, will cause 'reflection upon your past course, and lerveat the same time ei a warning to yourself and other*. Vhey therefore order that in this case you be imprisoned 11 the Penitentiary frr two months Walsh?80 much for being an honest man. He then left the Court room with an officer for the City 'ri*on, where he will remain several days. Case of Ifilki ? In the case of George Wilkes, who ras ordered to appear lor sentence in publishing "Tho Vkip,"fcc., the Court stated that owing to the indispoaiion of the District Attorney, he had probably been pre- 1 rnted from presenting the affidavits ot Wilks'connexion pith recent libellous prints, and they theretore postponed ction upon it nn'il Fiiday ne*t. Lorenzo D. Cummings, who waa convicted with Walah fan assault and battery on A D. Millard here came into ourt, received the sentence ol a fine of $A0 imposed upon im an<l u-na rnmmittpH tn tkn Prisnn fr?r nnn.nav .... ? ' - f-J lent. Jlsiaull and Hattery.?Mary Bantawas tried for an asault and battery on Mary Hen and acquitted. Trial of John Jt Canter?This young rogue wil tiled on charge of an attempted burglary on the store of 8. Jt S. eck 4c Co. on the 3lst of SeptemDer last. Although ha as seen in the vicinity .of the premises, and there ii lit* e doubt intended to enter the store if he could, yet thora 'as not evidence nnmcient to convict hiin anil he ?? acuitted, but remanded for trial on an old indiatment for stit larceny. The T. lal of Young Saunders and Rag ft VM let down >r Monday the '20th instant. Jt Nolle Pronei/ui was entered infthe case of Jamea Murhy, ct-arged with an assault and battery on Aliae Hum. hreys,aii'l the complaint dismissed. Pita ?/ Guilty ?Augustus M. L rink entered a plea of uilty to a charge ot grand larceny, in atealing $110 om Ferdinand Bentz, aud was lentenced to the Stat* ri'on tor two years. Forfeited Recognitancti ?Thomas and Lucratia Brown ndictid lor t>uiglaiy in the s>coud degree, and tha forler on another charge in the third degree,not appearing, heir recogni7.aiices were declared forfeited. Charles Scotield, charged with an assault and battery, pith intent to kill Hugh, not answering, nis ecogniiances were forfeited. Also. Anthony Williams, for a petit larceny, and Mihad Kavanugh, for an assault and battery on W. W. Vny. The Court then adjourned to Monday next. pr t vi * n * nD v rr<.?,i in fli 'ii uni?i i, ufKt8RS. ROSAT St Kf'KKRT hare the honor to inform the citizen! of New Vork. that they h?re opened an cademy of Anns at 133 Broadway, comtr of Anthony street, here th y intend teaching Small Sword, Broadsword, Cue, c. as weM as Sparring. Having had long ei|M?rieiice in teachirg the above brioches, i*y hope to -ecur" the patrouaff of those who wuh lo become re' rate > wotdtmen These eI and meful rterrises evpand the cheat and cor ct natural defer > of lormntion They render the body mors iltoruiis, sup' In mil active, and give that eaiy carnap that is iways obsem'd lu well educated men. A. F. ROSAT. n9 Im*r CHAhLKI) VCKERT. JHIHTS' SHIRTS '.? The suhtcribrr hat M band a com ' plete aa*ortin> nt of Shiits, trade in the be?t manner and of nematernls, of the following kind* ?i* :? I1 me Muslin Shirts, with linen bosoms and wmtbanda On do do _ do and collar* Kaucv ('olor.d Shir t, of various kindt. 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Ail ordsrs 'ill be i.unctuallv attended to, and tfie articlea done np in the rtt style at Sorit's establishment, No. <90 Tearl tt. Km branches are at No 217 Ul-ecker tt.. No 162 Bowery, fta4 : Vj7 (ir'nd st. Alto a branch at <9 Kulton tt. Brooklyn, an? t Newark, N. J., corner of Broad it. and Washington Place. Merchant! can hate all kinds ofgoodtdyed and pat Bp is leironginal forms, and on moderate ternu Principal office 49(11 snri st anM Im'ee no DRUOOI8TH AND THOSE WHOM IT MAY I IIVI'IIIV IV Tllk Vb U' 1 Mil IVtl UT ITL'U >?Thomas Huberts & ' o. New Voih, win Otord Ro rti, Boston.?By an r junction of tin Court of Lquity 01 lasaachu-etls, the iletenuant m this cui hit been removed om si ting fur thr pUintiffs, ?? their principal agent in tlw ew K (land Sti es for the sale of the Patent Medicine known " Parr s Life PilU." vmi retrained I'rom frtudnlssllv issuing i imitation of that m'diciue. Tli* injunction in this rase having bf?n made absolute. the h-s gents in ilii* New Kngl md Stiles are informed that T boas tioheitsSi< o., the proprietors, have established a brasch m?e at .No. IS Washington street Boston, where they can be itiilied with the genuine ' Parr's Lile Pills." N II ? Suli-ageuls IU Connecticut and Rhode Island csu be implied from the pr ipris:or'? office, 301 Hroidway, New Vork, it facilitates tlieir business. _ 1,9 Imr THOM \H ROBERTS k CO. )OAT AND OAR BAZAAR?At this establishment canto ' to mi J every description of Bonis that the mgeuuityol man in suggest. Look at what he has done *"' whit he can do At his establishment was built 10 following unrivalled boats, vi* The Swill^sure. <M ewfoundland: the suteen foot sailing Dinky Troublw, le Romp ol llurlgate, and the Piul I ry. Phe row iw boats llenrv Staili, which won M races in 1? months; ie noble Cimbria; the <?. W. Chapman; the lortjr foot rw? ir the united Slates ship Ohio; the b?rg. impress for Flonfi^ is bnus mounted giff Neptune for Tampieo Bay, and ft host of 'oAHl?B*sMtK^8 AND SCULLS?150.000 feet on hand. |.o1000' feet of Lenird's celebrated Sculls for sale. This branch of his business is truly worthy ef attention ? ook at the prices, only threu and four pence a foot. All tha nils for racing dressev! b> the proprietors own hands. Those ,sl won ilw last race can now be seen at his office. fluty ,ats always on hand. Viait his Bazaars if you desire a trsaL .'I work delivered free of charge C. L. INUKR80LL. M'* anil 414 Water and Ml Ckwry strsets?sole proprietor. oci4 im*f _________ i NCHOR?One of Porter s Patent Anchors, weighiug sbou ^ iOoo lbs. of unusual strength, for sale bv B7 Jt L, k. COLLINS, M South ?t,