Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1843 Page 2
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MKVV YOKK HERALDRfW York, lalnrday, lorfmlxr 11, 1S4S. Wanted. A copy of the famous Bull, denouncing the colored social system ol the United States, allud d to by Daniel O'Connell in hu recent letiei to the Krpeal Association of Cincinnati. Thia Bui! wn ia*ard from the Vatican by his Holiness th? Pope in 1810, and priated at the Urban College in Rome. If Biahop Hughes will send us a copy, w* will be much obliged to him. U rbiUr ilpfeclikt Andovtr.-HI? Ponltlon defined. 0?ing to the arrangements made at Andover on Thursday list, we did not receive the report ol the speech ol Mr. Webster yesterday, as we had some reason to expeot. It appears that, at the leaviug of the can for Boston, to unite with the train there, Mr. Webster bad proceeded only a Iittie way with his speech?hs hsd got as far as a sort of exordium, of little force or purpose. In one of the W?l] atreei pipsrs of yesterday there was a meagre and bungling outline of this commencement, published, under the name of a speech, which some ol the papeis in that region rruy re-publish this morning; but this piece of balderdash, though very befitting these pa" pers, would not suit (the fullness and accuracy of The Herald. We shall probably receive our report this morning, and if so, it will be published in the evening edition, and alao in the Sunday Herald of to-morrow morning. With respect to the speech itself, we learn privately that it is a most triumphant solution of the question put last year by Mr. Websier in Faneuil Hall?"where shall I got" From this speech we learn that Mr. Webster is exactly half way between the Tyler party and the whins, struggling like a s'rong man in a morass, with all his might, to secure the game he has bagged in ihe scramble during the last two years. Seriously, this speech is said to be one of the tame-t?most pointless?and weakest that ever cam: from such a giant in intellect. It is a< mere cold disk of chowder warmed up after it had stood a week behind a rock on the sea shore of Marshfield. This speech will no doubt be a crisis in the life of Mr. Webster, and produce some curious results at Wachington and Patchogue. We do not expect now to eee any of these meteors on the 13ih No ember?no?not one. The autumn is at hand--the sere and yellow leaves are tailing?the sun is declining fast?the chowder is getting cold?Mr Webster is in a fir?the whig party ate in trouble?and woise than all, the new party in New York is just rising like a nrw sun in a new bummer, and will throw every thing else into obscurity in leas than ijt months. The Sihkkts?Kkfobm?the American Pepubljcan Party. ?The streets have never been in a more filthy and disgraceful condition than they are at this present time. Ch*Bge the city administration as you will, ihe streets btill remain the same. Under the whigs it WdS fiiih and dirt?and the contract s>Btem was no improvement Uader the locofocos it is dirt and filth, and the abolition of the contract scheme produces no change tor the better. "We change onr parties, and change our schemes, but we keep all the tilth and dirt the same as before. But we do not despair. B Ah whigs and locotocos have sacrificed the cleanliness of the city either to their avarice, or to their trurklinfr uniril nf nffino. seeking aud office-keeping. There is hope,however, in the future. We have tried the whigs and they have failed. We have tried the locofocos and they have failed. Let us now try the Native American party. What are their measures to be 1 Will they go in for genuine rtfjrmT Will they reform the police so as to give safety to the persons, and security to the property of our cit'zensl Will they organise a fire department ihat shull reduce the rate of insurance against fire 1 Will they establish a system of street cleaning whose object shall be to clean the streets and not to buy votes lor the party 1 Will they adopt a system of financial retrenchment that thsll diminish our taxes! If these questions can all be satisfactorily auswered, then we can nssure them that they can elect their ticket at the next charter election. Death of Col. John Trumbull?This venera' ble mm,and distinguished painter, died yesterday morning in this city, in the 87ih year of his age ? Tne name of CjI. Trumbull has, for half a century been as familiar to Americans, as household relics. Multitudes will mourn his decease. Col. Trumbull was a soldier of the revolution? served with his regiment in the field?and afterwards became a member of Gen. Washington's military family. Col. Trumbull was also an artist. By his histo* rical pictures alone in the Capitol, he has forever united his fame with that of the great period and events which he has commemorated. After the revolution, he went to Europe to perfect himself in his favorite art of painting, having it always at hear;; to perpetuate on the breathing canvass some of the great scenes and some of the great men of the revolution, among which and whom he lived. While in England he became, by the choice of Win. Pinckney and Chrisionher Gore, the fi'th Commasioneruoder the Jay treaty, for the settlement ot American claims upon England; and holding aa be did the determining vote on all contested caaea, he was so fortunate aa to acquire the entire reapeci and confidence of both parties by the strict and honorable impartiality and justice of his decisions. In his personal character and intercourse, Col. Trumbull had all the poluh and amenity ot a highbred gentleman, with all the iurbearance and consideration forothera which go far to make up that character. Col. T umbull, aa a.eolJier, an artist, a diplomat* i?t, and a Chriaiian gentlemin, was, through nuny generations, honored and respected .n life, to be honored and Lamented la death. He has died at a ripe old age, and left not an enemy behind. Old Tscoai?m ?Colonel Johnson arrived ir Piinceton from Fiemingion, at 8 o'clock on Wednesday evening. He was met a( (he cars by the committee from Princeton, and escorted from tnai place, at 8 o'clock 011 Thursday morning, to Freehold, Monmouth county, by Captain Cummuigt>' Frinceton Light Horae. He was received at Mr. Thompson's Washington House, in Freehold. He left Freehold yesterday morning at half paat tive o'clock lor Highblown, from which place he proceeded at 9 o'clock to Pniladelptua. He wan escorted Irom Freehold by Messrs. Smith aad Jones. Captain Cummings' Light Horse did themselves Crest credit in their minasuvret, and deserve much praiae. We believe several of Captain Siockton'i brothers are in this troop. Col. Johnson is pretty well jaded down. T?i PktaiDim ?Mr. Tyler lelt Washington on Thursday morning tor his estate in Charles City county, Virginia He will rvmain thereabouts week, when he will again return to the seat of Government for the winter. YiLbSW F*v*r in Soitth Amkiica.? Letter* da ted at Pay La, Aug. 12, state that whale ships had no called on that part ol the coast for the Uet hj month* id the ututtl number, id conscience of th< yellow fever having prevailed in Tumbez. Late ac counts from there were more favorable, and it w? eipected that wnhm a month a free lntercourn would be restored Canal Navioation.?'I he boata meet with diffi culty IB U?e Mohawk valley. ICe ie the cauae o thia. Dmarjtt.?Dr. H Bomwick, will herealier drvoti one hour every day, (Sunday ricepted,) to th< poor, between three and four o'clock; and giv< them m?dicine and advice without charge, at hi pffice 13 Chamber* Kreet. ?i.kction Kktirhs.?We have thrown together the following table which ia aa correct m the re urna will permit ua to make at thia time. In addition to whdt ia there aeen, it ia to be borne in mind, 'hat the democrata have elected aeven of the eight senators to be aent up thia year. Thia majority is too large for any party to hare. The nearer partiea are bhlauced the better it ia for the State and coun' try. They do mischief enough when within the ! control of each othfr. 1 New York Elf.ctiow. . Majority 184 J. .1ncmhly. Majority 184*. Cotinhf. Dtm. If hig, l)tm. Whig. Dtm. }irhig. New Vork, 14,808 14.05J 12 1 22,017 I9.97J \ Uiiy, 2.W6 3,442 ? J 6,078 6,271 SurttOM. 200 ? 2 ? HO ? Kul'll X Hatn'n, 2J0 ? 1 ? 137 gi Warrru, Iti ? 1 ? 344 ? KruueUvr, ? 100 ? 3 71 _ 8ch*uecud>'. ? 200 ? 1 xj ? Herkimer. 1,100 ? 1 ? 1,372 _ Oneida, 1)00 ? 4 _ 1,397 ? Dutche?a, 300 ? 3 ? 7t6 ? Columbia, 269 ? 3 ? 918 _ Onondaga, 1,041 ? 4 ? ',61 ? Chenango, M ? 3 ? 365 ? Monroe, 330 ? 3 ? ? 341 Orle\n?, 274 ? 1 ? ? 40 Wayna, 500 ? ? ? 4JJ ? Ca) u(ja, ? 100 ? 3 677 ? Ontaria, ? 357 ? J ? 310 Stei.eca, 7? ? 1 ? 5? ? Val*?, 286 ? 1 ? 35S ? C orilantl, 300 ? 2 ? 50 ? MaJ.aon, 1,500 ? 3 ? 677 ? Montgomery, 100 ? k ? 513 ? Hichmoud, 150 ? I ? 173 ? Brauite, 200 ? 3 ? ? 855 taego, 1,450 ? 3 _ 1,349 ? K>ie, ? (90 ? I ? 682 J'fleraon, 800 ? 3 ? Wl ? Tompkins, 40u ? 2 ? 224 ? L,*wi?, 300 ? 1 ? 197 ? Oswego, 700 ? 2 ? 649 ? Steuben, 1,100 ? 3 ? 1,157 ? Tioga ? 30i) ? I 481 ? WMtche?tet, ? 100 1 1 677 ? Ulster, ? 150 ? 1 5.16 ? Kiniia 3,189 3,161 2 ? 3,725 3,324 jiuwiu, 500 ? 1 ? 548 ? Broome, ? 100 ? 1 228 ? Delaware, 131 ? 2 ? 1,439 ? Oreene, 300 ? 2 ? 833 ? Niann, 50 ? 2 ? ? 352 Sullivan, 200 ? 1 ? 353 ? fruffoik. 1,100 ? 2 ? 1,531 ? Washington, ? 120 ? 2 ? 1,07# Total, 36,149 22,875 83 23 52 671 33,212 2;,875 23 33.212 Dem. maj. 13,274 CO 19,459 13.274 Whig (am in 48 conntin, 6,.8j High hanbbd Act or Hobbkry or Piracy.?The increasing burglaries daily reported through our columns, show the utter want oi efficiency of our present police system, and were it not for the 'recent adoption of the partial reform through the night patrol police, so long battled for by this paper, no dwellmg would be safe irom the attacks oi the midnight desperado. In fact, the only protection of much force or influence, is in the publications through the public presr; as, tor instance, that made yesterday morning in the Herald, giving a discripiion ot stolen property recovered, led to the disclosure ot no Ks than ten burglaries that had been committed within the past month, by the two colored rogues, Alexander Wray and John Smith, who were arrested by the patrol police on Thursday night. These midnight prowlers lhat infest eurcity, have recently resorted to most desperate means to accomplish iheir depredations, in anticipation of the course adopted by many citizens ol arming themselves wuh pistols for the protection ot their dwellings. An instance was repealed to us yesterday, tnat shows in strong relief the bold and daring character of a gang whom we believe are at yet unknown to the police of our city. Oa Tuesday night, between the hoars oi 11 and 12 o'clock, the cabin oi the schooner.Hydasby, oi Thomastown, lying at pier No. 3, East river, was entered by two men armed with pistols and Bowie knives. The Captain and three men were asleep in the cabin, and aa soon as the robbers entered, they demanded ' money, and threatened to shoot or kill the first man 1 who moved out of hitberth. One ofthe men made an attempt, and w..s instantly stabbed in his thigh. 1 From the threats the others remained quiet, and the cabin was thoroughly searched by the rogues, as well us the clothes of the persons on board. The Captain, notwithstanding his fright, had presence of mind sufficient to take a pocket book Irom hii pocket containing several hundred dollars, andflace it in his stocking, by which means it escaped the vigilanceof the rogues. They broke open several trunks and stole a quantity of clothing, and then left the vessel. She sailed the next morning about daylight lor Boston, and (he Oaptam related the circunutances to Henry Zoble,|a Hurl Gate pilot, who took the vessel up Lhe Sound. Attempted Sdicidb in thk Citt Prison.?Yesterday morning, a man named John Linden, who was tried in the court ot 'ieneral Session?, on Thursday, for grand larceny, in stealing a watch and $20 Irom John Farren, and convicted and sentenced to the Scats prison for two years, attempted to commit suicide, by cutting his throat with a razor that he had tecreted evideailv for that purpose. Tne prisoners who were confined in the cell with him, immediately gave the alarm, and prevented him from doing any further injury. Dr. McCreedy, the physician of .he pris?n, was immediately 6ent for, and on examination of the wound, tound that the windpii* wan cut nearly threefounhs in twain, alsw dividing the ?temo cltido mattoid muscle. A note was found in his pocket, stating that he was induced to commit suicide, solely because he wad innocent of the ofience for which he was convicted. He may possibly recover, although hi? case is doubtful. He was nearly speechless last evening, and wrote the following note, which he gave to the doctor:? " Tut me in a warm place?1 am getting stiff I am innocent of tbu crime. Nutbio r.,?de a* do ihis act Bui my wife and chiiuren parting them." The Ska Rack.?The great race between the pilot boat Washington and yacht Gimcrack takes place to-day. They are to tail from the fljating light ship to Castle Garden?the Gimcrack to have two milea start. The Washington is one of our fastest piloteers. She is87 tons; the Gimcrack 28 tons. This rece will be well worth seeing. The steamer Hercules will leave Whitehall this morning at 11 A. M., to go down with a ship ; after leaving her will proceed down the Bay to view the race. The States Klaad ferry boat will also furnish a good view of the race by leaving at 9, 11, 2 and P. M. Let all who can, go and see it. Accident.?The Cleopatra Irom Norwich, run into two canal boats yesterday morning ofl Castle Garden. They were towed to the foot of Broad 1 street, with cargoes badly dimaxed. Thursday iiu 30th imst ?Tnis will be a solemn and momentous day to the tuikit-s in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, and several other S.ates in this happy Union, which will on that day celebrate their annual festival ofrejoic nig ana tnannsgiving. Boston List ?This 11 a valuable publication, and ought to be patronised by every me ii chant. Mobk Railroads in New England ? It is stated 1 tint the Veimont Legislature have granted an unconditional charter to the Bralileboro and Fitchburg 1 Railroad. It would seem from this that common roada are to be entirely abolished in that section of the country. The Democratic Review for November, comes to us lichly freighted with literary spoils, and bears ample testimony to the high standard of literary excellence which has always characterized this valuable periodical. Brownson no longer figures on its . pages; yet we are more than compensated by the t varied and interesting melangt, which must be i doubtlers Ur more acceptable to the million than t nbstmct oinj jiaiiions on metaphysics. Among the - b?-rt papers of the number we would call attention 6 to Major Divf zic'tt artistic esaav on Froiaaart, New p England Suiwrnaturalirm by Wtmtier, the tketcb of Mozart, and some beautiful lints by Simme; not forgetting, however, another group of the Loom? Leaves ol a Literary Lounger, about curious and ' costly books, lull ol interest to every one, and to the loverol books a delicious repast o) the rarest dain'ier f The Card PUyers, designed by D<rley, acompanied i oy a letter-press description by Ji s*ph Ne?l, embelr ishes the number. The publikhers (the Langleys) m merit ihe widest popularity for this deserving atd i most acceptable American periodical. Sbntsnok or Miu Walsh ?This person wa? arraigned thia morning in the General tieniona. Recorder Tallmndge and Aldertann Tillou and Martin presiding, lor tenterce on Um libels publishrd in The Subterranean," en which he has been convicted. He appeared very genteelly dressed, with the addition ol a ruffle to hit shirt of large dimensions. On being asked what he had to say why sentence should not be imposed upon h:ni, he replied : ? " I have a great deal to say, but I believe I'll poitpone it for another opportunity." The Kecorder then, after a lew remarks relative to the corruption of certain portions of our public press, and their wanton and malicious attacks upon private and public citizens, a full report ot which will be found under the head of General Sessions, proceeded to pass sentence as follows: For the libel on John 8. Magnus, a fine oi $25. Forth* libel on Levi D. Slamm, the editor of the Plebeian, a fine oi $100. For the assault and battery on A. D. Millard, at the Nomination Election oi the Democra'ic pirty in the Ninth Ward, a fine of $50 For the libel on Jacob Southard, the cooper, oi Washi gton Market, which the Recorder stated was not only malicious, but entirely unjustified, he was sentenced to the Penitentiary at Blackwell'd Island for two monthi. He was taken in charge by an officer and ordered to stand committed after the sentence had expired until the several tines were paid. He is now in the City Prison, where he will remain until next week. In iin nff^r intArviour with ln<Arm. ed that he was found not to much disposed to cavil at the sentence of the Court, as at the manner in which he had been selected at* a victim, while other*, whose offences ia the publication of libels, contrasted with which his would have been harm lew, walk unscathed and " unwhipped of public justice." The imposition of irapiisonment in the penitentiary, he considers severe indeed, and with one so young, possessing so much talent, however misapplied, and withal so many good point* intermingled with errors, it certainly is to be regretted In allusion to its imposition, he remarked, that such punishment would have become one who had been actuated by motives of gain or emo.ument in the publication oi the libels, but that in all he had said and done his motive was defence alone, trom pre. vious attacks that had been made upon his character as a politician or a man. That the Recorder well knew that money, with all its temptations, had never induced him to commit an act of wrong, even when poverty was staring him in the face; and, therefore, such a sentence should not be imposed upon him for such an offence. That he had devoted his time, his laoor and his money to advance and elevate men to public stations of honor aud profit, some oi whom have been taken by him from the depths of poverty and want, who now, and recently in his difficulties, were not to be found sustaining him; but at the Bame time it was a gratification to find ihose on whom he had no claim, or no right to expect favor, stepping forward in his sup port. He spoke of his paper as on the eve of success, through which means he could hereafter obtain a sui port, and also of the attempts to sutures* and destroy it, with himself That his little means had been expended in endeavoring to build it up, and then, with a good natured smile, said, here 1 am, with but eighteen pence in the world to bless myself with." That Walsh has talent, noBe will deny who know him?that helhus striking traits of character, exhibiting a desire to be admired, all must admit, and that his course in defence of his publications, contrasted with that of Beach, and Townsend, and Brooks, whosaeakmgly crawled into court and entPr#H tt ttlon ni Diiillir fn on Hnmsnlv nr in r?- ?? ?-?? / ?v ?u uu.u?M.;t uirjuarnvM, brutal, gToss and beastly attack upon innocent women and children, has shown him to be a man possessing attributes that place him far above these public defamers. We sympathise with him in his present position, as we believe a large portion ol ihe community do, and had he followed other advice, and listened to the dictates of other counsels, instead of being on his way to the penitentiary, he might have truly been an ornament to his country, and triumphantly elected to the councils of the nation. His talent has, however, been turned into a wrong channel, and many of his advisers have been creatures whose objects alone were their own advancement, without regard to the means or injury to him by which it was produced. His case present?\a moet singular misapplication of real talent? he has been seduced in nuny instances from a correct path of duty, by a set of brawlers and pot house politicians, who have led him astray by false representations, in order to serve their own ends and make him the instrument of the accomplishment ol abuse of some individual, against whom they desired to gratify a selfish or revengeful purpose. Such has tfien been the case, and he alone has been the sufferer. New York Lyceum Lectures.?1The fifth annual course of lectures of this institution will be delivered in Broadway Tabernacle on Wednesday evening of each week, at half past 7 o'clock. The introductory lecture will be delivered next Wednesday evening, the 15;h inst. by the Hon. A B Hasbrouck, President of Rutger's College, N. Y. There will be some twelve or fifteen lectures in all, by gentlemen of learning and distinction ; among whom are Nicholas Biddle, Etq., of Andalusia; Dr. Bacon, of New Haven; Alexander H. Everett,Esq , and others oft qual celebrity. Max Boheer's Cosckrt ?This gentleman, who is without an equal on the violincello, is about to take his departure for Havana and Mexico. Previously, however, he will give one farewell concert, aad one only, next Mouday evening, at Washing ton Hall. He will be assisted by Madame Sutton, Signor Antognini Mr Scharfenburg.and Mr. Timm A* this may be the last time the citizens of New York will ever have an opportunity of hearing ihie great mister upon the violincello, we call particular attention to his concert next Monday, and advise all, if there are any who have not yet heard him, t? go without fail. We can assure them they will be astonished and delighted to hear the wonderful tones w hich can be drawn from so large an instrument, liia performance of the new and ori ginal variations of Yankee Doodle, are alone worth (en times the price of a ticket to hear. It will be long before we thall hear his like again. Mr Dempster haa l>? cn laid up for some time with fever, at Burlington, N J ; but we are pleased to learn that he is new recovering. Mb. Wallace.?This great violinist and pianist, is now on a vuit to Washington and a few other towns. He will shortly return to Baltimore. Chatham Tiieairk.?W. F. Wood's Benefit ? We are glad to see that the Chatham bills an nounce the benefit of this worthy actor t<vaight Mr. Wood is a brotlier-ia-law of the great Ducrow, and cofqual with him as a serio-pantomimic and melo-dramatic performer. He has for many years gratified the New York public by his efforts to please, and now, having been singularly unfortunate in his health, he makes a double appeal for tup port. The following members of the profession, it Rrma, navr vuiunircrra inpir services in nianenan: Mr. H. P Gratt&n, Mr. Lenox, Yankee Hill, Master Diamond, Messrs. Smith and Chamber*, M'ile. Yates, ar d Miaa Wallers. Mr Wood and his son will also appear in the beautiful drama of Valentine and Orson. Naval?The U. S. khip Dale arrived yesterday from Philadelphia She tailed thence last Friday, and came out of the Caere of the Delaware on the a'ternoon of the C h, since which period she h?s ?-*i erienced error* gales from the N. W. The Dale has only forty men and five hoya on board, ex elusive of office/a, two-thirds of her crew hariic never before seen salt water. List or OrricBM.?Lieut. Commending. Jsmce P 0 Ell? r?. Lieutenants, Thomes J. L?ih, Jjmei Madinoo Krailejr, Lewis C Sartori. rsssed Assistant Burgeon, I Charles r. B. Ouillou Purser's Clerk, John Ale** i snder. Washington. ICormpoadwe? oi th? Herald.] Washington, Nov. P, IMS. Dear Si*:? The statement* which have been made through the pre??, in regard to the defectipn of President Houston of Texas, are likely to be confirmed in every important particular. Private lettera have been received in this city from Gen. Murphy, our charg6 dfi affairt$, which establish the fact tbat copies of Houston's correspondence are in his bands, containing the whole scheme of infnmy and treaphfrv hv whinh fit* noanU ffuudvnmant nf hia adopted country were to be betruyed into the hanos of their wont enemies. The effect ol this develop meat in calculated to produce a reaction in the United States in behalf of Texas, which may eventuate in establahing a closer connection between >he two countries The approaches which England is making in order to eezure a footing in Texas, makes it of great importance to southern interests especially, that some very prompt and decided acii<m should be taken by Congress to paralyze these insidious movements. The British policy seems to dim at hemming us in at all points on our own continent, and to accomplish this, she adopts the profession of enlightened sympathy and philanthropy, whilst her own millions of slaves are crying out foi charity to all Christendom Her Canadian pro vinces are supported at an immense expendi we o sustain a potition on our North Eastern boundary. Standing armies are retained in the West Indies, prepared for all emergencies. Agents for observation and inspection are kept continually on our coast; her keen eye and sharp apetite are ou the alt rt lor every inch of advantageous ground that increases her power ou our borders. With all these facts, and her recent overtures to wards Texas. it behooves our government to be totally decisive in thwarting these dangerous schemes. All ihese active movements mean someihiog more than pure disinterestedness for the benefit of humanity; at least, they warn us to adopt those prudent preparations at home, which England i1 everywhere strengthening herself with abroad. 1 have no doubt the Texian question will be iutroduced before Congress in the Message, and that it will form a most essential and inteiesting part ol the legislation ot the next session. In the matter ot politics, everything is calm for the moment; an important crisis has arrived which the result in New York is to determine. Until it is heard from, no indication can be given oi me course wnicn may De marKea out wr ine future. The knowing ones hold their breath, bespeaking the deep interest felt for the intelligence. City Intelligence. Police.?Friday, Not. 10.?A Disfkbate Rufkian Cohvict.?A lew week* unco, officer Win. H. Stephens received information from Philadelphia of the escape of 1 bl-ck fellow named Philip, alias Richard Boon, from the''Black Maria," while they were taking him to Moyamenaing prison, where he had been sentenced tor three year*. Ou Thursday night, officers Stephens and Watts -i i il him in the street and gave chase, but he eluded their pursuit, after a chase through several street*, but was found hid under a door-stop in Read street. He hepbroke away, and they chased him into a yard leading irom a hous ? on Hudson street, when he entered the premises, which was a jeweller's shop, and threw himself out ol the window, hanging by one hand. They then attempted to secure him. when he drew a small bowie knile irom a belt around his body and attempted to stai them with it, but he was Anally overpowered and lodged in the City Prison to await the requisition of the Oovtrnorof Pennsylvania. The Auiist bt the Patrol Police, or the black burglars, Aleiauder Wray and John Smith, on Monday uigtit, an4 the subsequent puolication|in the Herald, 01 a description ofthe marks ol many of the stolen articles re covered fiom their premises. called lorth numerous per. sons yesterday, to enter complaints at the police, having identified articles stolen from their premises, and before the police office was clositd, no less than ftnkurglanes were proved against them, all of which have been committed within a month, as lollows The dwelling of Mr*. M. South wick, 30 Delaniey street, entered on the night of the 1st Ooieber, and clothing, tic., valued at $40 stolen The dwelling of Abraham Knapp. 60 Hudson ntreet, on the 6'h ol November, and $81 woithst len. The bouse ol Eluabeth Timpson, 334 Broome street, on tun 6th ol October, $60 worth stolea. The dwelling of W. W. Bradbury, 14-4 Eldridge street, 3Ut of October, and $40 stolen. The bouse of Capt. W- K. Bradish, 318 Houston St., Oct. 17th, aDd $.20 stolen. The dwelling of Abel Bu<ritt. No.70 Seveath St., on the7th of November, and $7o stolen. The dwelling of J.imes Thompson, 186 Henry streat, on the 4th ot November, and $3U stolen. The dwelling of Nathaniel Fisher, 241 East Broadway, Nov. f)th, and $33 stolen. The bouse of Dr. Ferris, 167 East Broadway, on the 31st of Oct., and $30 stolen; and the dwelling of Dr. Ludlow, 276 East Broadway, on the 24th if OctoDer. Other complaints will, no doubt, be made today. Othello in Cent he Street.?A colored man named Thotn.ia Williams, inj.n Nowtmrgh originally,! but re teully o! Centre, opposite Canal street, was arrested yes. 'crday for firing a pistol at a colored eirl named Manilla Orifftn, with intent to kill her. He stated that she had lived with him lor a long lime as his wile, and had promi?ed to m irry him, hut now refused, and went off with another man. He, therefore, ?ays he, shot at her, intended to kill her, en'l would kill her yet,te prevent her Irom living with another uian. TheCeutre street Othello was rulfy committed on his own confession and her state ment. trcaiovs Voter?James F. Drake, of 36 City Hall Place, who was charged with voting at the 3d Election district of the Sixth Ward, on Tuesday last, and thenio'fering to votea recond time at the first district poll of the same ward, was fully committed yesterday on the testi mony of Pjter H. Folsom of G'eenwick street. A Sailor Robbed akd Kickko Out?A woman namrd Ann Anderson, and a man named W. G. F. Smith, me< Thomas Fauneil, a sailor, in the vicinity ot Centre and Franklin streets, on Thuisday night,and coaxed him iu'o a houie near the corner, robbed him of $7 36 and then kicked him out of doors, saying that was all they wanted of him. They were arrested yesterday and iully commuted. Coroner's Office? Nov. Id.?Singular Death or a Bor ?Un W.'dnemlav oi Ust week, a buv named Oeorce W. Cook, agrd eight j ears, ion of Joseph J. Cook, ol 2l3 L iwis street, cume home lame, cemplsining of ao injur* to odb of hii kneel, which he aaid had been struck with a brick that wai thrown at him by two of hii playmates. Sylvester C. Moran and Theodore Kouborne, while he was near a pile ot bricka in the vicinity of hii father^ house. a boy who was prevent, named Joieph Flanaghan said, that they were a 1 three playing on the pile of bncK? apparently in friendship, whrn one ol the pile fell, and thfrboy, Cook, jamming oH first made the others provoked, and they .ben turew several at him, oue of which hit him on th* leg and he went otf limping. Or. E. R. Belcher, was called iu to examine the knee after the boy had been taken tick, but the leg grew worse and >evere inflammation caused his death on Wednesday last. The Coroner wxa culled in to investigate the circumstances, when the above facts were elicne<l, and the jury returned as a verdict " That the said George W cook came to his death by iuA><m>natlon?the r lult of an injury?but whether the said injury wai received accidentally or wilfully the jury can ot determine." Rather a trange verdict, when the names of the bjyi who injured hi-i were known and given in the testimony to the jury Why were they not sent bfter 7 ConaisTion or the Brain ?Also, ?n the body of Caro line Ferguson, who was about twenty flvey ars of age The deceased want to the kouaa of Mr. Miller, (colored) No. SS Orange street, aud aaid she wasdestitu'e, wherr she stayed until Wednesdaynight, when she wassudderly taken ill and died. She was drunk when she went there. Dr Tompkins examined the body, and thought that sb < died of congestion nf the brain, produced by intemperance. Verdict accordingly. The American Theatre, New Orleans.?This house is n?w completed ia every department, and isdoubiless opened before this time. It is aaid to be the largest, most convenient, and most elegant theatre in all the southwest. ' Boatman Hastb !"?To write a good Bon? requires CAtmbilttieg possessed by few. There are more xttcmpti and failure* in tnii description of poetry than in any othvr, and tb? reaion i? obviou*. Few writer* possess the power of condeasing thought, or underitand the invisible link which connect poetry and music. Moiril bas theae qualities in ? prominent degree. Hence hi* great incceM ?? ? long writer. H* hat given evidence of thi* in " Woodman, spare that tree." " Near the lake," " When other friemla around tbee." " My mother'* bilile," and in a Hundred other admirable and popular production*; b it in nothing he haa written it tbiarare talent more apparent than in the beautiful aong jitit sent u? by Atwill, called ' Boatman, haste''?one 01 tbe most charming thing* that we have ever seen. The melody, which may be heard tt almeit any hourof the day or night int he atreeti, whittled by the boy* ii, '-Dance de boatman, dance." It i* lb* ism?, we *ay, and yet how very different, tor both th? poet and tha compxer have thrown around it the fatcination* of their own mind*, and given a refinement to iu sweetness that it did not before posies*. The ability to rrente a * >ng for the drawingiroom, out of the material* furnished by the roadside, ii no ordinary gift. Esamin* the song in queiHon, and you will at once acknowledge the justness of our commendation. B. (fc?- ANIMAL MaONK HSvl.-ln sddition to the hosi of attractions au<l petlormaoces put foith at the Ameri cm Museum thi* afternoon, Pro e*sor Johnson will mes marine a young lady and produce extraordinary expert ment* in animal magnetism, undir the cloie investigation of the audience for that put pose Dr. Johnson's expert meats have proved highly successful, and convinced thoimands of the truth ot the science. The Misses Rbaw snd bro-thcr sing in| tbejevening in addition to Celeste, Ureal Western, the negro oratorJdsneer and locomotive, Cole and his dog, lie. (K7- MUSEUM HOLIDAY.?tVatt's Museum is all tha i?<i: hi* week. Th< perform inc?i this atternoon being t la me si tbe evening, are quite rich. Thoie Ethiopian Minstrel* give the belt specimens of negro singing and dancing <xtmt, and the comic songs and stories 01 oooth and Bruc the dancing oi Cerito.Sic are excellaat. Tae fortune telWr i* cmi'tilied day or evening. 'jry? PART I ? The complete woik* of William Sha^ fa're, with forty splendid illustrations; also, with Dr loh i sen's preface, a glossary, and en aeconnt ?>f earti day, ind a memoir nf th? author, by the Rev. Wi 1 ian> Man.en. M. A , with a splendid |>ortrait from tha Chan los pinure. P<rt I contains three illustrations, end eaoi nioofKilni nnmt er will co?<teln two splendid illnstra non* T i h 'completed in twen'y parti, each containing 49 pstai 'at er |re?s, with tha eccompan>lng lllu?tra tions; snd a psn to be pubtii-h'd on the lit and Itth ol H*ch month. Price 90 cents tar number. For sale, wholesale and retail, by UROE8S k STRINGER, l 331 Broadway, corner Ann at. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Hew Orleans. [Correspondence of the Herald.] New OfcLKANs, Oct. 31, 1&13. YtUow Ftvtr?Li*t of Victim % ?A ikoutind death t in two month*? The Doctor t of New Orleans?Ecdeitattual Commotion?The Pope ani hit Bithop d'Jiid?Mr. Tyler't Co'lector in a Hxklety. well, yellow jack has left us, and persons and things are resuming their lively aspect in our crescent city. Our birds of passage are returning to their various poets in large Hacks. Every vessel und steamboat is crowded with the returning prodigals. Some returned too early, and had the lever more violently lor remaining out of the airot the ci'.y so long. 01 a vessel load ot fifty steerage passenger*, which arrived here about the 10th October, thir. ty fell victim* to thii remorseless plague. I send you the Republican, containing accurst* list* of all the deaths by yellow fever this season, trom which you will lee that nesrly a thousand persons hsva died of the disease in let* than two month*, thii, considering the smallne?a ol our population during the summer, and particularly this summer, is a very great mortality. Allowing a death in every live caiea, a fair proportion, there must have been duricg the months ot September and October, five thousand pnaons nick ?f the fever out of a population scarcely exceeding fifty thousand. A floe harvest lor the doctors, you would say, nut unfortunately forlthem, most of those attacked by the disease ara persons in bad condition, who btoome charity patients. Thisrircumt-Uuce will esplsin what appearsti strangets in New Orleans, a very *t range thing, that our doc tors are the peorrst and worst support*d of any community in the United States. Scarcely a halt dozen of them make the salt in their bread, whilu every othrr prolession flourish 'S in the greatest prosperity. Our most etni nent physician, at least among the American portion of the population, i*Dr Stone, a yankee, but a man of noble character, great surgical skill,and high medical reputation. His Maiton dt Santa is a very elegant and commodious infirmary on a pleasant and retired street, where the bast accommodation* and medical aid are afforded in a style much superior to that uiually found a', hospitals? Dr. Stone is said to lone a very small proportion ot his > el low fever patients. There are other hotpitals in our city, which are mush frequented, and rre highly spoken of? There is,I axaure you, no wan' of accommodation* or proper attendance iu our city. Though we have becndubbed "y lying parsons, and ever-righteous ph .risees, a most ungodly lace, charity and benevolence of the m-st practical, but unostentatious character, reign in our city in the summer, when our population is purged ot the yankee selfishness, the pUty, the love of filthy lucre, and cranelea* commotion which characterise our floatiDg mas*.? The stories which ara *o correct at the North, respecting the indifference ol our people to death, and their want of regard for the decencies and charities ot funeral services and burials, are the coinage of old women's brains. In no city of the Union, Is greater respect paid to the dead, and more becoming and proper ceremonies observed ouluner*l occasion* than in N. Orleans. The large pre. I>onderanco o( Catholicism in our population will always protect us from any levity or indifference in theie matters. Speaking or the Catholics remind* me of a great commotion in the congregation of the Cathedral of St. Louii, which in of a most deeply interesting character, Con c?n?ing the very vitals of tho Catholic power in this state and country. Thequarrel is anold one; it was suppressed for a while,but the death of the Cui e, by whom the <iif)erencea had been compromise'', has kindled anew the Are of religious distention. This difficulty has grown out ol an assertion ot the Bishop, of an absolute, exclusive power of seltcting ond appointing their prierts and curate. Tho Marguilliers, or Church Wardens, claim a veto on the Bishop's appointment, if it does not suit them. For instance, they oVj^ct to the appointment of foietgtiers and entire strangers The Wardens are the most powerful men in the city, and the Bishop, with all his firmness and talent, has do chance with them in a rough roll and tumble. The Wardens, too, are supported by the parishoners by immense mpjorltiws. A very large and excited popular meeting was held on thii subject at the St. Louis Exchanee, and very Aim and decided resolutions against the Bishop were unanimously passed. D''nis Prieur, the late Mayor, presided over the meeting, assisted t>y the laading ci'izens among thecreoles. A Committee appointed to investigate the condition ol nlf-iirs in the offices of the Second Municipality, composed f Caldwell, the ex actor, and Peters, the great financier, have discovered a d licit of $21,000 at the very outset.? How much they may And when they progress lurther, (Jod only knows; but the general belief is, that there hsa t>een great corruption ana mismanagement of affairs in this Municipality, and aatounding developments are exacted Peters, you know, has been ruler in this region ever since the division of the city, and with the greatest resources in the world, he has heaped upon us a most (rightful load of debt. There has been the devil to pay in our Custom House. Mr. O- Dorsey, Capt. Tyler's n?<v appointment, has, hy his removals anil appoin'ments, fallen out with everybody ?whigs, locos and Tyler men are all cursing him. But of this more anon. Votirs, &c., Orlcanois. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of iha Herald.] Philadelphia, Not. 10,1843. XJ. S. Steamer Princeton?Politer.en of Captain Stocktm?Arrival of Fir em ???Madame C tat ellan?The IVkathtr?Striout Accident?A young man Accidcntal/u Shot?Busincu?*? Great Missionary Meeting?Rev. Spencer U Cone,rf JVno York. James Gordon BENNrrr, Esq. Dear Sir ? Through the politeness of Capt. R. F. Stockton our citizens are to have an opportunity of viewing the new United States steamer Princeton, before her departure on a cruize. She will be anchored of! Walnut street early next week, and continue there 'or several days, Captain S.,in the most gentleman ly manner, intending to provide a conveyance gratuitously, by means ot one of the terry steamboats . lyinsr irom Walnut urset wharf. The conduct ot the gallant Captain in this matter is worthy of til paise, and wi i only add to the "troopi ot friends'" ?f this "tru* Jersey Blue." The Newmarket Fire Company of Baltimore arrived this afternoon from a visit to your city, and were received at the lauding by a large body oi firemen and citizens. The tire companies assembled formed an escort procession, and proceeded through (he different s'reeta, making quite an imposing di< . lay. The Baltimore Company are a fi le looking net of men, a<>d I am told are quite efficient in batMing with the destroying element. There were several bands of music accompanying thepirade. Madame Castellan will give her farewell concert 10-night at the Musical Fund Hall, tinging some of ner most delightful airs. The bills say this will be the last opportunity our people will have ol listening o her dulcet strains. We may salely anticipate a crowded room. There has been another change of weather since my last ; about 10 o'clock latt evening it clouded over, and there was a slight sprinkle ot snow ; it won, however, turned to rain, which coutioued furin* the night. Ail the morning, and up to the ant 1 write, (half past three) it has been unpleas *nt, but at this moment the sun: has shone out in unclouded splendor, and the atmosphere is mild as * May day. The charge will bring out the gentler sex this atternoon in great numbers. An accident of a serious nature occurred at the wharf, above Arch street, yesterday, by which a porter named James Menow, had his arm fractur -d, and was othtrwise hurt. He was tripped up b> trope, and thrown out of the second story of Roland lohnainn'n i.t nrp. fullinor n Hint a nt '.d is wounds were looked after, and 8Bsi?t4hce booii rendered. It grieves me to record another shocking circumfiance that took place yesterday in the neighbor* hood of Rose Hill, three miles above the city ? I'hoims Hague, a resident of Kent-ington, while on i gunning excursion, in getting ov?r a lence, received the entire conten's of Ins fowling piece in his abdomen, the piece accidentally going off, he ne having struck ii against the fence. It waa with ?ome difficulty he made his way to a neighboring house (a portion of the entrals obtruding from the wound, which he was obliged to hold in hia hand^) where proper medical attention waa given to hitvery critical and alarming situation. He lies a' 'his time dangerously ill, and it is leared he will not recover. Business continues as brisk as can be eipected near the close of the year. Although just on the eve of th? holidays, ihe retail storea look anxiously .... J Ji_ J I -u-- i-. i"i, auu aic uisjp|>uiuicu uaiCBB 11 icy iconi>i|c salts. At the National to-night, Conner will appear at Charles D<? i..oor, in the Robbers, a translation rom Schiller's tragedy ol "D.e Rauber." Th?iiart Mr C. is quite effective in, and it will draw a full house. At the Chestnnr, Young Vandenhott' will play Claude Melnotte in the Lady ol Lyons, and tlu alented Susan Cushman will sustain the part ol Pauline, a character well adapted for this youn* lady, and one in the delineation of which she w<ll Jo ample jistice. At the Walnut street the Ejuestrian Troupe con 'inue to draw full houses nightly. At two o'clock this afternoon, in the Sanson) street Baptist Church, there whs commenced, thfirst of a series ol Minnonarv Meetings, which wil :>e continued for several days. The design is to ?waken the people o| Christ to a more distinct perception of their duty and privilege in promoting the For* nn Missionary enterprize, and to incite thein to i more faitffjl performance of the one, and a more <en> ral and enlarged enjoyment of the other. The nettings will be attended by large numbers of the .-everend clergy of the Baptist denomination of thif md adjoining rStates, as well as those of the laity.? Che sermon iMs afternoon i? by the Rev. Soencei 'I. Cone, an eloquent divine of your city, w ho wn? ormerly an actor in ihia city, and attached to thi yhes'iut street Theatre ; being, as 1 un ler* and. irougit to religions conviction and exercise ol nind by the burning of the Richmond theatre a number ol years ago The evangelical character ol "us truly pions inan, and the reputation he has ac piired as a pulpit orator, independent of the objec' f the meeting, has been the means of filling th* :liurch to its utmost extent. That great good to th< church and to the holy cause of evangelical religion any be the remit of these meetings, is my earnest i rayer. Yours, dec. ? ales of Btoeka at Philadelphia. Sccon* Boabd, Not. 9.?$1400 Tenneaaee Boodi, 84, 14 thaiea Peon Townahip BuL.H; 370 do OirardBuk, Sj; $14,000 State 5'j, 00 j; 174 iharea Reading RR, 18, 78do >? do iMaf, It; 11 do New OrUana 0??, 34; 1U0 do Oirard Sank, 64; $1100 United Statu Bank Notea,70h <1460County 6'?, 1800, new,97; 100 aharea Manna and Mechanic* Bank, Jl; SO do United Statea Sank, 4i; $JU00 -4thte b'i. 69J; do 6'a, OS); 10 aharea Union bank of Onntitee, 60}. Kiht Board, Not. 10?844 tharea Oirard Bank,7; 35 do Wilmington RR, 18; $14,548 Slate 6 a, 09; $33.04)41 Chflapeake and Delaware Caral Loan, 1850, 40; $8,000 Schuylkill Novu;at*on &'?, 1856, S3; 3<) xharea Penn Township Bk, 37; 80 do Farm and Mech'a Bank;4|; *9,01.0 Tenneeaee Bonds, lit July, 84|; 30 sharea Merhan ic?' Bank, 26; 60 Jo do do 261; 60 do Lnited Sates Bank, 4j; $'2 fOO Stote ft's. W j,l<!0 thareaGtrard Bunk, b 6 dsf,t7J, 2U do Schuylkill Naeijiation, 39, 63 do Ruadins Rulroai, 1JJ, SI) Ho do do 20: 62 aba I'eunay Wania Bank, 92?; luu do Wilmington RR, ca*b, 18J; 100 do do 1o ?6da 18}; (2000 HI ate 6'l, cub, 63}; $9400 do. 61i, 68}; 10 aharea Kentucky Bank, 69; is do. Manilla. and Mech's Bank, '234; 20 ibarea New Orleana Oaa Bank. 38; $669 State 6'a, 0?li 20 aharea Manufacture ' and Mechanica' Bank, 23J; $2000 U. 8 6'a, 106; 60 aharea Pailadelphia Bank 03; 4 do. Com. Bank of Cincinnati, 76}; 10 do. Marine ln?- Co., l'J; vi do. RaadloK Railroad, l?J; $2000 Reading Railroad Loan, 69 j. LATEST HOVTHEUN WHIP NEWS. Pmiladc rma, No* 10?Arr Margaretta. Everett. Pictou. N. 9; Auinres, Hillett, Boston; Francs, 8oule. do: Win I Wat on. Levy, N York: Caroline, Studley, Haltf x N8; Surveyrr, Houck, N Haven: Wave, ? tow II, Boston. Below, !\ etamora, Hel?n. Caspian, Onrco, Potnfret. and a herm brir unknown. Cld Vorris Stanley, Rue, Barbailoes; Elizabeth, Ooogins, Paruainbuvo auu a inkt. Baltimore. Nov 10? Arr Ir*d Ferry, Chaae, New Or'eans, Bohi Bohlen. ( Bremen) Meiucke, Bremen; Charles Wirfman. Hayuie, Kin de Janeiro. Sept?. Left Baltimore, Pullaa: Col Howard, Premiss; Arctic. Philips; and Arjto, Reed, all of and tor Baltimore, in a few dav?; Com Hull, Kea, Lubec. Me?on 2d lust, inside the Caprs, encouiiiered a he.vy (ale, which carried away toii-ifOUni-mast, royal and royal-mast, Kaff-to|?ail and j in; David Pratt. Tare, Portland; I link's Henry. Brewster. 0uck?}>oic; Curlew, IIinks, do. Sid Ciudnct, Brigiutnau, Fill River. Norfolk, Not #?Arr Sachem, Hunt, NBedford. Cld Eliza Ann. r itwerald, Turks Island. Corinth, Smith, for Londou, cld from Jamft River. (K/- ELEGANT PIANO FORTES?Atwill b?? (or sale an elegant assortment oi' Piano Fortes, to which thp attention ol purchasers ia called. They nr? oi every > riety, and sold on the moat reasonable terms. All tli* new musical publications ol the day may alio be had at his store, and an hour ceuld not he moee pleaiantly am. ployed than in examining the novelties at 301 Broadway. 0(7- BOCCACIO'S DECAMERON.?Rl:h tales from the Antique? Publubed And tortalu by all newsmen, and agent*, the richeat tales and scene* to be found in ancient or Diadem literature, entitled " Boccacia'* Dvcameron," Ninion l'Enlo* i* eclipsed by this greatest of all text books tor farce And comedy ; for, not excepting the immortal dhakspeare, every tale writer of celebrity ha* copied and plagarised from Boccacio. This writer waa the mtimote friend ol Petrarch who figured extensively in the 13th century. Thoaa dc-irons ol seeking amusement, should apply at the fountain head of wit *nd sentiment, which flo wa through these pages. It is illustrated with a very pretty engraving from an original painting by fully, of a feir ale play ingln the water, entitled " The Water Lilly." Single copies 13} cts. OCT- WALK UP'.-ROLL UP! -TUMBLE UP!!!But <ion't all come at once -Just received upward* ol li.uOO complete volumes of Giahati.'* Magazines, and Q.>dey'a Lady'* Book, lor 1942, which we are selling eff, in a ush, at 60 cents a volume, or 13f cents a single number. Eaoh number contain* thr>e splendid steel cngiavings. 3 ii0 Yoting Prfople'* Book will be received this day, and will be bol'l cheap?very ! Lady '* World of Fashion, back No* , only 6} cent*. Talk about your Myiterie* of Pari* being cneup, whan you can lay in your wintei'a reading for One Dollar. Drop in early this morning, at BURGESS k STRINGER'S, 332 Broadway, corner of Ann street. 09- NOW READY, COMPLETE IN ONE LARGE volume, Alton's History of Europe. Price $1 in Fieacli covers?f I 35 bownd in cloth. Every lather of a family should place this work in the hand* of hi* children, beiuf printed in a large typo. Otllr.e 30 Ann street. j.! aun street. {R7- RECEIVED 1IY THE BRITANNIA AND FOR ?ale enciusively? the end of tbe Mysteries 01 raris ? The 9ih Partol' Lei Mysteres Je Paiis," whiah was publi?hed in Paria on tbe IOth of October, will be far ?ale in the otiainal, on Friday morning at 1-J o'clock, at the office of Le Courrier dee Etati Unis, No. ? Barclay atThe ensning cbaptera of this work will be published in two half numbers. Price one shilling each number. {)ty- PRICE REDUCED?Dr. Taylor's Balaam of Liver*ort, prepared genuine only at 876 Bowery. The following certificate is from a gentleman of the first respectability, and is perfectly conclusive?we therefore inaert it with pleasure. For a trial, a dollar bottle can be had : Elixabbth Citv, N.C ,Dec 19, 1843. I being constitutionally predisposed to consumption, (a member of my family died of this disease,)and 1 having suffered severely from irritation of the lungs, accompanied with cough, and raising matter and blood, together with pain in my aide and breast, until I was supposed to he bfyond recovery. As a last rusort, 1 wai inJnced, by be advice of Dr. I'-rkius to try Dr Taylor't Balaam of Liverwort,from 875 Bowery, New York. Ihaie taken five bottles. I began to improve with the first; and white uki ig tbe third waa able to get about; aince which time I i>m qaite restored, and able to attend to my business.? To all persons Buffering with cocgh* and uffertiona of the lungs, 1 do earnestly recommeuu them to u*e it. (Signed) JAMES C. SCOTT. In purchaiiug, be careful to a?e hat the n*w steel late label ii on each bottle, with the signature o: Dr. Qurdon J. Loed*, (wholesale druggist) 108 Maiden lane, attached to prevent counterfeits. ft?- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURK, lor tbe radical cure of primary or secondary syphilis. This powerful alterative is guarant< ed to remove every trace of venereal poiaon from the system, by itieugthening the constitution and putifying the blood. All persons auipectuig a venereal taint remxiiiing in their ystem, should use this mixture without delay. Sold in ingle bottles, $1 each ; in cases containing half a doasn, (A, carelully packed, and sent to all parts ot the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Office aud Consultii.g Room* of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 07 N?*s.>ii QtJ- PETERS' WORM LuZ^NOES?" The worm* they crawled in ?nd the worm* they crawled out"?u>i the old ballad?hat once touched by Peterk'.Wotm Lozenges these destiuctive pests never crswlegain. Children whose pale, cadaverous cheek*, blue lips, and unhealthy appetite* betoken the exi?t?n"e of worm*, will <oon regain Blithe roiy charmi of childhood under the ii Auence of tbia infalliblespecific. Many of the Vermifuges in use, are no lea* detractive to the child than the disease, and not unfrequrutly ruin the general health of the sufferer while removing the l?cal disorder- Thiacan never be the case aa regards Pctera' Worm Lozengea, which conta n no mineral substance, and may ba ftarleaaly given to an infant. Perfectly harmless to the palient, they ynt effect a complete and permanent eradication of the diaorder in a much shorter apace of time than any other Vermiluge before the public. Tor salu at 12* Pulton street OCT- THE CELEBRATED TONIC MIX rUKE pi?pared by the Colleg i of M.dir.ine and Pnai macy of tha iity of New York, is conflJtntly recommended by the medical faculty, a* eminently adapted for the rt moral of debility produced by secret indulgence, im potency, barrenneaa, (unless depending on malformation.) and all complaint* ariaing Irom a dr pressed atate of the constitution. Sold in aiugle bottle*, (t each ; in caae* contaiaing half a dozen; $5 ; carefully packed and aent to .11 par.a of the Union. W. 9. RICHARDSON, Office and Consulting Room* of the College, *7 Nassau at. <ft7- WE ARE MORE THAN EVER CONVINCED that if the afflicted would mnke'rialof Dr. Covert's B.Ira of Lite, they wonld be benefitted fcv ita use. We have seen o nuanrter of hia testimonial* from physicians, clergymen, and other*, and wetrankly acknowledge our can rtdmce in its vlrues for diseases of the lungs, windpipa and dyspepaia. Thia medicine is recommended for coughs, colds, cansumpti'iu, asthma, bronchitis, dyspepsia, or sore 'hroat, croup, whooping cough, liver compl?int, lie. fudging from the character of tha testimonials, we ara inclined to believe it a superior article for the above disease*. At sll events it is worthy of investigation. Testimonials certifying to its good effects may he keen at my time by calling on Dr. Covert, at his office, 115 Nas au street. Wa wotill avise all afflicted with the above complaints, to try Covert'* Balm. Dr Flemings Diar. rbosa end, Worm Candies is a certain remedy forthoeecomplaints;they are perfectly safe, being purely vtgntabie. The above medicines are sold wholesale and ratau at Dr. Covert's. 139 Nassau street Also, 160 Bowery, 773 Broad, way, 9J7 Hudson street, *08 Greenwich street, 141 8th avenue, Hist atreet a ad 8,1 avenue, 89 Beekman street, corner William; and E. Randal, Jersey CiSjr. Depot for the ?al? of J. W.Ayrra' Black, Blue, Red, and Copying Inks, lift Nassau 'street, New Yolk, sign ol the Mammoth MM 07-13 YOUR CHILD SICK? AND HAVE YOU not nnstsken the cause ol ita disease 1 Such may be the rcase, and while you are trifling with it ?/ usin* trashy articles for Its relief, it may pine away and die. Recollect that worms kill thousands, and the cause is never suspected. Tha remedy is easy and sure. Watch the aympoms well, and if yon suppose that worms are the cause, remember that Shermans Worm Lozenges are a spooiOo, and have obtained the name of the celebrated Woim Destroyer, and may be had genuine at Dr. 8herman> warehouse, 106 NaAau atree',and of hla ag wits, 110 Broadway, 10 Aator House, J j7 Hudaon street, 180 Bowery, 77 East uroaowny, and 13'.? ruito.i atreet, arnnaiyn. (o- weak inventions or the enemy ? rhe Poadrp Subtile, for eradicating auperftuoua human hair aafely, quickly and permanently, advance* in public ftimatian pre rata with the abuae it receive* from imitatora. Thia aingular chemical preparation haa entirely ?nnihiUted Ihed mgorona and utterly imlficaciout compoundain uae, and elicited the envy and milignity ofbaae oounterftiltera, who ottempt to palm off their poiaonoua traah by decry ing the genuine. Such impotent. ytt an Ucioua atti-mpta,only recoil on themaelvna The popu. larity ande*ten*ive aaleof the Pourfre Subtil* ia not to be r?ttr<jed by inch miserable ahiita ; it haa Attained the hi*h>>?t pitch of public approbation ; it ia always teitod hi lore the eyea ol every |>urcha?er, when the a'.rongeat nifl tougheat hair ia aeen to vaiiiah like magic, Ira ving the ikin aorc, nmooth and delicately white, even Tom tba f\,r?head, where the n iperflnous hair haa been tumoved, he blueneas of the akin vanialie* with the hair, leaving it he color of the aurroun>l4rg parta. The genuine ia to a t no where eiae in New York but a' 07 Walker afreet, n? door frem Broadway. (I p?r bottle. Ag n'a? Boat' n, a M'Ik *tr> ai j 7# Ci eatnnt rreet.Philalelphia; Vtyeia, N <v Haven; Djer, Providrnee;ChiIhod 1,0wt-11) Green, WorceatWj Grey, Paughkeepiie, Oiithrie' Vlbany; i'ouaey, Rneheater fcc. ' (It?- PROFESSOii VKi?fe?\W+ SPECIFIC FILL* or the perminent cure ol Oonorrhaai,OI ;et, Kluor aluua' md all mocopurulent dUchargeafmm ihe urethra. TheM ilia are warranted to ba a aale, radical, and apeedy remr ly lor the above complainta. Thay are to be had genuine ? mly *t the offlr a and consulting room* of the collate of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Na?aau atrret, * yr- ' ""'HAHCsONjfAiinl, M

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