Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 13, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 13, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tol. IX., No. 301?Wholi If*. 35*43. CHEAP STORE TO MT OLD CURTOMER8 AND THH PUBLIC. DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES, ?fcc No. 188 GREENWICH STREET. NEW YORK lun.i u. iMUKKlSON offers lor sale, ou the most liberal ? terms, a vsry extensive assortment of good*, among than the following, Co which he would solicit th? atiaution of APOTHECARIES. Mpium, Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, Anna Anmoiit. 'ream Tarter, Spirits Mitre Duleis, Castile Hnf, Super Carbonate Soda, Liouorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copaiva, Epsom Salts, Khubaxb, Jalap Senna, Aloes, Snlphat* Qujnine, K1 ?rs. Chamomile. ttil Peppermint. and all Lmml Oun Arabia, tial Oils, Castor Oil, Gum Myrhh, Quicksilver, Canthjjgdee, Magnesia, Guin Tragacanth, MiuiLit, Powdered Bark. Roll and Kloor Sulphur, Coiks of all kiq^s, Alcohol. Sarsaparilla, Bom, rr&ned aud crude, Sponges, coarse and bus, Calomel, Druggists' Ulasa Ware Red Free,p.uu. ("AiNTESs* WuHow gUas, of all sites aud British Lustre, qualities, Glue,?II sorts, Write lead, dry and in oil. Oold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, Gold and Silver Bronte, Litharge. Copper Broure, Spirits Turpentine. Chalk, while and red, Putty, Paris white, Wh'ting, Sjmnuli Brown, Verdigru, dry and in oil,? Venetian lied, Chrome Green, Sand Paper, Chroine Ynllotv, Pumice Stone. Yellow Oclue, Frenah and Tar aud lloain. American, Japan, copal, aeach and har" Prussian Blue, ne?s varnish. Vermillina, Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra ue Sieuna, Ivory Black, Bad Chalk, Guan Copal, Oum Shellac, Pawl Brushes, all slus. Bneht Varnish, R"?* gash Tools, all sixes. Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil. rail. Oil Winter, Linlaeed, Summer strained MMna. Neatalsot, Refined. whale, Olire or Sweat, Unrefined, whale. See Elephant. T?tnu?r?', l<ard Oil, Sperm and Stearic Candle*. DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red Sannden, Kuatic, Haten Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Mypertiie Wood, Guin Aaphaltum, Peach Wood. Sal Ammoniac, Ebeuy Wood. Soap*. MANUFACTURERS. Alio, Fullera'Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch Mid French,I Copperas, Eng. and Ante*. Indigoes, of Bengal, Camou OifVitrol, and Gtuitamala, Snger Lead, While Tartar, Blaaclunc Salt*, Red Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aqua Kortu, Sumac, Nutgalla, Lac Dye, Anuatto. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussia*- Potaah. Pot and Pearl Aalve, (ium Senegal, Eifr,ict Logweod, Powdered Cureuna. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Small*, Bi-chromata of Pataah. Quercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortk, t-rum tfhvllae, Salt Petre, Cudbear, Britiah Uia, Woad, Nitric Acid aud (rrain and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Soapi, UKOCERS. Young Hyson Tec, Pepper Sauce, Hy?ou " Macabov Snuff. IiaDtriftl M iUni.t. a?..e Ojnpowdv " Mac*, Hyson Skiii " Indigo, Fletanu Souchong " Castile Soap. Bohra Cloves, Kw.,chi Brandies, CuMr Oil, in bottl?. Spanish Segals, Alcoh.l, I ot mil Pearl Ashaa, Epsom Salt*. Starch, Cinnamen. Li juor ice Bail, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, {Wwmiu, Bntuh Laatre, gig Blue. Soda for washing,| Powdered (linger Boot, Mustard, Loudon, Caynnne Pepper, Olive oil in bottle* It basket*, Powdered Nutmeg. Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamou. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Corneal, Oil of Annisaead, Nutmeg., . Abaynth, {** ? Carrayway, Cloves, J an i per, J iiiuinion. Rote, Orange and Peach Wi Cassia Bud*, ten. Allspice Vanilla Bcana, ? Ntaglaaa, Tonqain B*mt, Oum 1 ragaeanth, ConaMar 8*ed, Uum Arabic, Tarkar, Carrayway Bead, J I-'i*11 Annisseed, Oil of JUjim, JujuHe Paste, Ftppefmmt, Pearlasfc. Wiuteigraaa, Merenis, Cinnamou, Super Cuboaate of Soda SO range, Tartaric Acid, rzamot. Ginger, white Jamaica, mon, Ginger, East India. . PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS? &e. Blaechiug fowders, Nntgalls Powdered Blue Smalts, Blae Vitriol. Ol?e. Verdiaiis. Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Calx, Sal Ammonia. bh?l *e. Antimoi.y, Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Enract of Logwood, A'oes, Alum. fee. PATENT MEDICINE DE\LER8. Baiisai of Honey, Anderson's, Lac's fe Hooper' I Islington's Balsam, Pills, Uweman's Urupv Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil. Seeis' and Liquid, Neidlitz Powders, Soda Powders. St .ughton's Bitten, Godfrey's Cordial, Extract Sarsamrilla, Anderson's Cough Drops, Cephalic Saaff, Thempson's Eye Watsr. (lipmicals of all kinds, French, English and American. Ail kinds rf Pamta and Colors. !lv#rv (i?*?rrinf i?in of Hrnirs and Tlr.aat, ' A rf^U.e .H, Peent Medicines, Pejfumery. *oaps, fcc, a general assortment All Articles wvtutid genuine. moit prompt attention given (o order* (rom th ecu try. b9 Imdyfcwyr TAAY'i SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?ts Mud? L*n?. Kiperience has proven that a leather aolr can be al t v.hed to India Rabber uppers, so that it is impossible ton Calr theoi in the eonrse of weanug. These Orw Shoes,whid ?e already tnrown into disuse leather overshce* and mocai lis, and to which the water proof boot is fast tending, ar fmiithed by the Roxbary India Rubber establishment, 2 Mudrn Lane, of a quality sarprisingly perfect, and altugethe have than are beiug made by any othar establishment in th Irsle. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoes and Boots ar furnished ouly at this establishment. Every article appertain in| to the rubbeributioess for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to theiRoilmry I. R. C., |3 1m*r J4 Maiden Lane. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham strut, Nne York. And 1M Knlton street, Brooklyn. ?Aa?*cv, 111 Blkbckeb Hthiki, tW HOLE SALE AND RETAIL, 'fHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to oBm U * s*M new and fragrant Teas of evenr variety and style.Tvir assortment specially jnclndea the most delicious an peverful grade* of Oreep and Black. Evmr package bean tl sp np of ueatneae and eli*ance, and the Teas therein are s throughly secured from light and air, that their quality an power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their sysM of ;rosecuiing business is, perhaps, scarcely to be eiealled. i isloundnl upon the utmost regard to the rights of th* custom er.mpeeiilly with respect to weight ana quality, and unri vak'd cheapness. Ail purchaser* are called upon to return an aritles which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whic ttf money will be cheerfully and promptly refanded. Countr nrrchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shif nkters will lind it a decided advantage u> supply tbuuelvs fain this mtahlishroent. JK:?t?lKK Java Corns routed evenr day. 'Jrdeni from nil parts of the United State* executed wit pumptititde sad despatch. Tr~ The only warehouse in America for the sal* of Hon qjiV celebrated Bleck T?. oM lm#m L. BAHONTO, AKTIST. in Alabaster, Marble, ScaKliola, fcc., from' Italy Kespectfally invites the gentry, the inhabitants, shopksep ?b. Uimri, country dealers and the public in general, to se t? Mosemn of Art*, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Onui< aid Division streets,) which ia nowojien for inspectum, with splendid asaortmeut of Italian and kuglish ornaments in Ala but*/, black marble, spar, atata. yellow atone, stalactite, rr lad various other marbles, verde di prato, gmnite, 8ic., k< mnsisting of various sixes of groups. figure*, baata, tsiies H'ke ewers, Ktniacan vaaea, candlesticks, ta|wrs, |<en traya, inl rands, witch cam. clock atanda, time pieces, apill pota, um> antuiue lamps, ahell vases, oval Taaea, bottles, groups and singl (t-Ks. tables, tloreutine baskets, balls, tows, lioas, broach nrcklaces, obelisks, bell vasss, goizoly vases, ring vases, paps sights, ring stands, card boles, snuff noses, birds nests, amiaai tun, paintings of Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on conchc lo*y. mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, kc kc. fries c articles from 1JH cents to $100. Cleaning and repairing of ersry dsschption on modem terro?. Admission free. sM (w* t BLANCAUD'9 PATENT STATUE WOOD It COA] s rovi.8?>or halls, parlors, oflkess, stores, staaaiboati kc. Kor beauty, comfort and economy are not eqaalled by an stoi e in the United Stales These stoves srs a Statue of Waal iiiSioii the Father of our country, surmounting two pedestali ore ror vrnna sua tnr lor coal. The one Tor wood it eon itnicted for lire and dumb atore combined, and for liv ttore only. The fir* chamber in the |<erteatal it eoai true ted i uch a manner that the Are, by meant of a terartabla plate c partition in the ttore, caatea the heat to circulate through th rntirr licmht of the ttalue, <-jving a large and beautiful radiatiu nrfaoe. They hare alio a hot air chamber attached, end ever' thing being arranged on the moat urmntillc principle Kc general utility they cannot fail to gi?e tatitfaction. The ml criber turret I lie attention of that* about nurchating to cal aod aatiufy ihemtelvet of the abort factt. They cau be teeu i operation daily and for tal* only iu the city at 114 Grand ttml una door eaat of Broadway. JAMES HINDS, o'l Im'm T) M. HKNHIQUK8, 91 William atieet, reapectfully ai ?-? nouncea to hit friendt and the pnlilie. that he hat cot itantly on band the following choice bran at of Began, wai rawed genuine and of the firitqnality l*a Norma. U Cakaiia. Hi on da. Yugcnnidad, Nougat (or a meat rap-rior quality.) ~Do. "London S<war," small *Ste. Faneteiai, of a moit anperior qoality. rrmareia. De Moya. fcSTofu,. Norma^br.ind.) Xiag Regalia. tlneen do. Caballaroa. Principra (of the farorita braada of Jnrto 8am Hendontlauil f rax.) ?uo*arttwoold do well to call bofon rurehatiag eltewhen ?a tha tatt?a of tha wctt faitidiom can tlwaya be tailed at thl tabUhm^t,, ,mr. wrngmmmmmmmBBsssBsssatmBaBssa E NE NEW 1 LUCINA CORDIAL, OB THI ELIXIR OK LOVE. Ia older, time, among the Jews, J, That mail a second wife might choose? . [ Wkose tint, by Fate's unkindly doom. I No children bore to bices his ham*. A rii i ctt'il thut, the Human matron r r y?d to Lucuie, the midwife's patron' ^ fcivptiaii wire., in such a cn?i?, fi Called to their aid the Prieeta of Isiti r Ajpd eren now. the meek Hindoo? tr "?r c'jm*. and tender, too? ? II childless twelre months from her bridal * liea weeping to Imt Minseleaa idol. And with raited hands, iu aconu wild. Petition* Bramah for a child; I TZi u j Lov' ,hunl w b,e" I I he Hindoo bed of btrraunaas. So much forlore in days by-cone. And savage custouu in our own; But say, eren naw, doea Love's eommunloa ? i? 9l'R '*"d, a sterile nniou I No, oft (line* conjugal felicity, Is thus disturbed?ay, e'en iu thii citri Yet may the barreu, if they try The means "iucreiuii uid multiply,'! Lore's Elixir" for her (Viand, The chilillau wife's repining! end.? Bat not the procreative power Alonk. ia this KIuii'm dovi?r. Consumption's ills it will prevent. With rigor clothe the impotent; numiress a gleet, whau'er its date, And all life s functions renoraut; R.rut>finim finin ll^ (tin W And briufj buck b<muiy and tile graces; 'Tit woman's tfuit?.111(1 ue'er limeivec l.or. From Kluor Albus it relieves her, Aud each disease, (with ., too,)l Her fair and fragile form u hair to. Thaee are but tkuthi. who call# tliea (kuea Shall have stern proof in conliailicuun. Letters?all forma of attMtatiou? Kroia the savins of every nation i With grateful missives froui all quartera, Penned by Disease and Quackery's manyr?. Thousands who lay, with fluttering brvath. Almost within the iaws of death; Now in their nightly prayeri repeat, Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street. Ana sometimes names tne very number? "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber* Or, dreaming of Diseases ordeal, Cry oat for the "Lucina Cordial." Persons ordering this medicine from the country, by sending a remittance, can nave it boied up and tent to any part of the Union. Price $3 per bottle, or S24 per doiea. Also for sale at No. M North ?th st, Philadelphia. olO Ini'm T<HE COLUMBIAN LADV'SAND GENTLEMAN'SJ MAGAZINE.?On the. 1st of January, "" > will ne pub lish?d th* first number of th.- Columbian Lady's and Cientieman's Mutaziae, edited by JOHN INMAN, and fried with couiributions from the most eminent and accowpliautd writers of tne rounrry. The motives which lia*e led to the commencement of this undertaking mar be briefly st-ited It it Relieved by the proprietor tha; thee is in the United States an immense provi?iou of literary ability for which m yet there it no ad-quate encouragement or field of display; thn besides the numbers of clever , aud successful write-*, whose productions art wekly and mouthy, and annually read with delight by thousands there are yet ireater numbers constantly arriving at maturity of power^ who have only to appear on the stage of publication to releive a brilliant award of fame, and that the powers of th'.se whose u.imes are alr-ady prouonnced with respect by lipt ol wisest censure, are capable of more and still h'gtier eiertious than h?ve yet been called forth. It is believed, loo, tint the demand for literary production iu tiis country, aapcrially in the periodical channel, exceeds t'ie supply iu a very lame proportion. and that new suppl es hare only to be i.resented of the right inality and ia the right way, to euture a hearty welcome aad profitable reception. No doubt is euternined of the American mind's abiliry to itself, certainly On its owu f: ound, if notarroau, against all the competition mat the iutelect of other lauds can bring to the encounter; and lull assurance is felt that among the millions of America1! u'tdcrs there Cf n be and is a cordial welcome for all that Amir,can writees can produc-ofiicelttn: and interesting, From three premises it is undoubted!? inferred that there is abundant room f<^r another Maga ziue. notwithstanding the raeiit and success of those al I ] reedy iu being; that there can be uo lack of ability to fill its pages accertably within the reach of capital and lihenl enterprise; aud ih^t such a periodica) will not tail to lie gre-ted as a welcome visiter by thousands ur>o; thousands who as yet have doue little or nothwg toward the support and development of American periodical literature. Another and stroug motive his been th? feeling that Niw York, the first c ty of the Union, should be the home of a periodical owning ?n superior iu either merit or succesi The l.'o- i lumhian .Magazine will be pubiishmi ?u the first d.iF o'every , mrnth. Its mechanic*! arrangements will comtv.i: llie bast > paper, type and workmanship, thai money can proc Its contributor! will be sought for among the ablut and moat * popn !ar writers in the country, and efforts will b? sp.wJ to ?e- I cure the aid of those must distinguished such as < loh'i L. Stephens W. C. Br< ant l J. K Cooper J. K. Paulding . K. (i Halleck N P. Willis ' 11. W. Herburt Nathaniel Hawthorns ' H. T. Tnckerinan H. W. Longfellow I J. R. Chandler C. F. Hoffman ( T C. Grattan T. 8. Arthur I J. C. NmI 11. F. Harrington W O. Simms H. H. Weld F.pea Sargent J. Nenl T. 8. Fay 1". Benjamin 1 K.-W Orlswold R. H.Dana t Oao. P. Morris Hnfna Dawes ] Saba Smith R. M. Bird , Mrs. Emma C. Km bury Mr?. Mary Clavers M'?. Abu S. Stephens Mrs. Frances S Osgood Mn. "eba Smtk "Mrs. K F. El lea 1 Mrs. H. K. Beecher Stowa Mrs. Volney E. Howard I Mrs, Lydia H. Sigourntyj Mis. M. St. Leon Loud I Mis. C, W. H. Ksling Mis. A. M. Annan Mrs. Lydia Jane l ierson Miss Klin Leslie Miss Hsnbah F. Gould Misa C. M. Sedgwick ; Miss E. A. Dupuy Miss Jc'iet H. Lewis Miss Lucy Austen Miss Mary Davenaut 1 Miss Xarali He*ett Miss Emily Francis i Mian M A. 'airman Mis* Mteta M. Duncan Min E. 8. Norton M as Virginia De Forest , Miss Margaret Coxe Miss A. 8. Lindsay Miss Marion H. Rand Miis C. M. Keteltas. With mauy of these, arrangements have alreadv been made, 1 >s well as with others whose reputation is snre, theugh yet to I be established in the public regard. The proprietor entertains | sanguine hopes of accomplishing an object to which he looks , forward wiLh pride?the secured co-operation of regular j 1 and occasional contributors, forming a list uuf.jualled in this country. ' In each number there will be two or more eugravinrs from I original i am tings, from such aitists a* Chapman, Ingham. In- I man. Osgood, Ike. engraved in Mezzotint, Line, ana Stipple. | by H. S. Ssdd, W. L. Ormsby, See. besides a plate of fashions, { colored, and occasionally other illustrations, so that every sub- , cnber will receive in the course of the year at least tweiuvfour elegant productions of the graphic art, which could not be 1 otherwise pronrcd at three or four times the annual cost ol the I 1 whole magazine. - In each number there will also be two pages of music, origi- , nal or judiciouslv selected by a competent professor of the art. Proper regard will be paid to the current issues f;om the book press; not so much, however, with a view to notice of all the volumes that may appear, as to the evpreasion of ma'ured opi- I nions concerning those which shall be deemed worthy of tne 1 public attention and confidence. The aim of the Editor will r be rather to furnish judicious criticisms, on which readers and ? purchasers may rely on for guidance, tliaa to presesit a mere ? laudatory f'hronicleof New Publications. ' TKRMS. The Columbian Magazine (I year in advance) S3 1 do do do 2 do Si ' Two copies one year Si Dealers in |>eriodicals throughout the Un'ted States and the Caiiadu, who wish to become sheuts for the Columbian Megar zine, will please apply to the publisher immediately. The usuaJ discount will be made to tiiem. In adriitiou to the above the publisher simply adds, for the benefit of all, that the work will lie sustained by sufficient fapital. Editors who will insert this prospectus entire, and ssnd a copy marked and addressed to the Columbian Magazine, sh all nave a copy of it se"t to them for one year. Address, pns*. piid, 1SUAEL POST, Publisher, nil 2tdy eodSuitwy?r Wl Bowery, New V'ork. ( FATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. r '"PHE SUBSCRIBERS offer, with full confidence In its _ A ntilitv and usefulness, the above uamed article. This j article is iuteuded to bract tne shonlders. support the back, and M si pan d the chest, giving a graceful outline to the figure, and . will be found indispensable to persons of sedentary habits. 4 Patents and guardians are particularly requested to examine this _ brace; i^will be found to possess every requisite qaality for I, which it is recommeuded, namely?to brace the shoulders of i. children anfl others who have acquired the habit of stooping. i- ana retain uieir lormin an upright position. They can be worn _ with perfect: eaae, being formed with aa elaatic back, and will h b? found of no impediment to the free in of the arm*. The _ ub?criber? alsooffer their celebrated Elaatie Spring. Russia or ? Riding Belt. The above article* are manufactured under the m immediate inspection of Mr. Panells, who has been ensured in the buiiueaa for the laat sixteen years, and may be depended on ai auperinr to any article effer offered for the satnepapoae. h Sold wholesale and retail at the old establishment of D PA11SELL9 It AGATE. . 237 Broadway, comer of Park Place. N. B.?Ladies will be supplied and fitted by call inn at the - residence of MADAME PAK8ELLS, 402 Greenwich street, between Hubert and (<*i?ht sfn>?<. o'4 2in*m MONEY TO LEND. ? A BRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. J8 Reade e street, near Broadway, loans money in large or small sums, d as inay be required, ou Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mare, Dry a Goods, Wearing Apparel, and personal property of --very dei scriotion. o29lm'r 1 MONEY IO LOAN~ i, TN sums of SIMM), $1000, 12000, $1600, SIA00, or one sum of |i 1 $7u00, on unencumbered and productive real estate, in the i, city of New Y ork. Apply by note, left at this office, addressed t to rl. B. o30 r 1; MONEY LENT, i- T IBERALLY, at the old established stand, 401 Grand street, ?- i-' on fold and silver watches, plate, jewellery and diamonds. >1 wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical and mathematical instrument*, betiding, and every description of a personal property, by LOUIS LEVY. Pawnbroker, ot3 Im'm 403 Grand between Ridge end Attorney st. L THE FALL tND WINTEU FASHIONS, i. AT THE MAGAZIN DE MODK8, T No. 60 < AHAL HTUKKT. A CARD?TO THE LADIES OK FASHION.?MA' " DAME BE11RMAN begs most rvspectfnllv to inform '* her friends and customers that she has received, by tl\* 1 ast am* rals from Paris, her fall and winter tashious, and sae tlat'crs herself that the same will stand unrivalled m the euy The " faahiona consist of the following s? full and entire sew style* * cut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnet*; do ir !*"? ",Vue ll? qoilfu naia, 01 an enure novel uosrripiioo, ? in ladias , misses', and children's AI?o, a complete assortment of caps and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial llowI "Tl j J and hair ornaments of tor best artiata in Paris. I Madam* B. solicits the ladies to favor Uei with ao early eaH n and examine for themselves. U Ma?a?m de Modes. 6* ( anal street. n7 ltn'ec L^MlLLlNliUS, ! ' Tuscan Hat, ' ha h "5(orm?kind friends and |mtrous, that p!r?l. uuMr' '" 'P1' Lyon, (late from !&& r>? s?m ^ rzi, ^onmTh?rab A" i?'e?^ su i table I "tbi 't&'^3r?6ite? my other article in the Nklinerylin, " ,,rl' ?r8llta- ?d Messrs. L. k K. would alio state that the above foods have been purchased for cash (direct from the manofactum I an" will be sold at a small advance on cost to thus* who m?v K. pleas-d to favor thru with a call. 'nose who ma) be ott '?*r LYON It KINO, 17 John st.. N. V. A RTIMCIAL riOWEM AND mUCHKH -1.^1?X of the BoweJy, south side. ?, Pedlers and comitry milliners would do well to call and save i? thirty cents on the dollar. Ooidjaud iilr?r h*d drsMts for balls and partus, olT W YO fORK, MONDAY MORIS Circuit Conrt. I Bwtore Judge Ken'. 8*ti nn?r, Nov. 1).?Cbim Cow? Van Co'.trt. Sha-rn.? I Ls toon a* the jury had taken their seats and had anwered to their nanu s, the Com t directed the counsel for be defence to proceed in closing the ease- Owing to the rush at the door, we could not gain our seat in time to lear Mr. Jordan'* opening remarks, which we learn were nil of spirit and Denuty. We have commenced at the oint where he was when wr could hear him. Mh. Joiidh?Gentleman of the Jury ?It now become* ay lot to present to you the closing remark* which the lefence can offer to you upon ttu. evidence presented to 'OU by the witneue* examined on that stand, both on urown behall and on the part of the plaintill, to sustain iii grave and momentau* charge against the defendant in hit case. 1 cannot ransack heaven and earth, nor vt ull flowers lrom poasy, nor can I bring to mind at will ay slender (tore of classical knowledge to udorn or to dd important weight to my humble powur*. I am not ibout to thrill this court, or shake the daep foundations of bis noble edifice by the power of my eloquence, as the earned deeply read counsel fortha plaintiff, who last adIreetfcd'you. No?Tenter not the lists with him in oratory, n beauty of metaphor,or in dignity ot lauguuge? an humiler paik 1 am content to tread, and as 1 wulk, I wish to U4M>U with you soberly, calmly, and dispassionately,that ny poor judgment may net be brought into comparison nth t be more able parts ot my learned adversary. With htae remarks 1 pu?a on to my task, imploring >otir paiant attention while 1 endeavor to place before you my xposilion of the testimony, its contradictions and its loaring on the point at issue. Mere then let me introduce d you the parties is thu suit aa they aro. An action ot :riii Can, is ol n peculiar nature j unlike actions where ha plaintiif seeks to recover back a debt,or goods taken iWuy ; no matter how indifferent his charactir may be, et his rights are unnri?iiirti<??.t hi. I ... ? lutin a trim. ("on. uotion he must como into court with ilean baud*, with a pure heart, uncontaminated and unmpaired by vice anil licentiousness ; without the impuation of unholy prosecution ; alive to avenge hi* wound id honor, seeking redress lor the alienation of the atiecion ot hiswi'e; lor *ho loas of the socicty of hit fond mrtner, whose cheriehed love had blessed him in hi? lome, in the eateemof hia aocial circle, and in that wedled bliaa which made his domestic health the centre of tappiness, of contentment and ol conjugal affection. Such nudt the man be, and such his only purpoie in appealing o a jury of his fellow men, in an action of this nature. Mow, let me introduce to you the parties as they really ire?Sharp the defendant hoi but just arrived at maturity, >ut a short month has passed since he attained ige of txreuty-one ; a boy in feelings, and In his knowedge of the dark workings ol human nature ; eurly in ile, the death of his lather left bim to the care ot hia widowed mother ; an infant, for but two summers had lapsed in their brightness and beauty since his little eye lad seirn the light of heaven ; the cradle was ni* bed, vhen the coffin of his pareut wan borne from the homo if his orphaned intancy, unwept by that eye which has lince shed many a bitter tunr to his hallowed memory, ile continued te reside witn his widowed parent until tut) ige of fourteen, when he stepped from litr threshhold to work, unaided, his pas?age in this ?turmy world ; a new relation had sprang 1:11 welcomed in o the place yet hal10 wed by the image of hia lost parent, lor his mother, two years before, hail chosen (or herself a iccaud husband?a young ouo-and for her chillren, a step father, whose years were cot suited :o the disposition of thst proud boy, who spurnedbii authority, his severity. He flung hiinselt upon the mercies of a world, whose friendship, cold and bitter, he prefered :o the heartless hospitality of the roof of this newly selected father. He then sought employment and hired imself out as office clerk to a highly respectable Attorney, at the small notary ot $100 per year. Gentlemen, you mow who that Attorney is. And he has told you that a better bey never was in an office- The very tact, that tor iour years he w as continued in that office, is proot, strong :onvinciug proof, that he was taitbful, stendv and trustworthy?and entitled to that high character which bis smployer has given to him upon that stand. The lad was low growing into manhood, and nineteen years was the number of his growth. Around him he saw young men, whose fortunate lot had enubled them to store their minds with the rich lruitot the tree of knowledge, and with an loaorabltt imnnln?? Ha ton r??nlvr?4 K??nni.?? >f anKngli.sli education,that in time lm might be tilt* tl to fill :he station among his compeer* to wnich he felt himself mtiiled. In lh? spring succeeding his leaving the ottice >t Mr- Edwards, h? became acquainted with a >0UDg nan named Strung, who was a clerk in a ftjur etore?a respectable and worthy young man, who introduced him o the house oI the plaintiff, where he became a boarder Df hi< gentlemanly coaduct we have evidence? them is }efore you prool ol bis accommodating, kind and atfecionate disposition. Need we point out to you any other estimony than the letter of Van Cott himself, written to 2im after that the foul suspicion had been whispered into he earot the husband, by that black hearted, but honest lago, Doctor Buley. Gentlemen, I leel that it will take nore than the mere breath of my learned adversary to iestroy the volume of evidence which we have opened 5eloie you, for your information on this point. We huve ihown hiui to you As an honest, industrious Mfcn?Sneor it him if you will?I challenge incredulity to doubt him. Sever did a spot darken his lair lame, until this convenient fit of green-eyed jealousy pounced upon him as its nctlm. The guilt 01 the oue is the guilt of both- Mrs. V..n Cott Is the daughter of a highly respected widow, rw-i [ling on Long lslund. not very poor, nor yet very rich? You have seen her offspring before you, und tli* quiet, respectable, honest countenances of Mrs. Weili and Mr Smith, prove that a? a parent, that nother had f<ithfully lischarged her duty to 'ociety in teaching and bringing up the children which Ujd had blessed h* r with, so as to It them far their walk in life. Sho had another dar. (hter ind her you have before you?Mrs. Van C/Ott, w ho shared tier tender care, until she trustfully handed her, wh:le in :ender years, to this hell-born schemer, who is now seeking to destroy her. She has been shown to you to be mild, kind, and affectionate. She was made a wife at the age of flit ?en?taken aa were, out of the bosom of that mother, to recline upon that of one who should have been l.rr guardian, and ho lii? w.-- i and directed, shielded and protected her; whose plastic hand should have form her both physically arid morally. The plaintiff here, ha* been frivolous, indecent, and obicene, more so than has ueen known to come ioto a Court af Justice to claim damagos for any injury done to his honor. You heard detailed here the history of his kiss ings, slobbermgs, hugging*, with every female who visited or resided in his house, even iu the presence of his young and bloomiag wile, wh <m he had sworn to honor, to guide, to protect, and to lore. Need 1 call your atten tion to the testimony of Mrs. Phebe Ann Smith?of 1'ar ily, of Folhemus, of Ahi Smith, and to the other rcspectahlu and unprejudiced witnesses we have brought into this Court to prove liisconduct. Yes, aven for twelve years pist W? have held him tip to you in the act o! kissing Mrs Doctor Bsiley, Mrs. Clone, and a host of other ladies, married and single. He was not content with throwing his arms aronnd the neck of a young lady, hut he must introduce hi* delicate, taper fingers into her bosom?to pat and dandle her budding globeti o: snow, and touch and '.ripple up and down the red berries, le.itiag iu rich contrast on their love inspiring summits. Gentlemen, cau you doubt but that, having so far tried his seductive arts,and enjoyed the luxury of this bosom-freedom be went farther, and indulged his base sad unhol'owed passion. Anawer me as men, as mortals. Again, on Sun. .lay l, when ha should have taken his young and innocent wife to a place ol public worship, or to some place where conduct was enforced, where do we find him, and howl Romping In the kitchen, kissing his female guests snd riding on the backs of his young girl boarders, or rolling with them upon the floor. Is not this a (aithiut representation nf bis conduct 1 Is it not what witness af ter witness has sworn to? Why, wo have shown him to be a perfect goat. He, in this manner, exposed his wife to 'ha demoralising etl'ects of such scenes, anl paved the heart of this kind hearted, generous boy with bad and onholj passions. Not content with this kind of conduct he was continually tormenting and tantalising his unre listing wite, aud expoaing her person. One witness haf. sworn to you that at one time ho raised her clothes, even above her knees, and exposed to the gaze of others, her nakedness. This conduct, if rot lewd, you will certainty consider improper ami criminal. Yes", gentlemen, th> endearing epithets which this pirngon o! hutfbands, as the opposite Counsel would makn you believe, used to newer oown any nucr day upon tout meeR wile, were il db h, wh f, and such othrr gentle and delicate expressions. You have in evidence how this wife sought her sister's house in tears, otid complained of the harsh treatment ot h? r husband. Von have heard how, when endeavoring to repulse him in his unmanly act*, lie accidentally thitist her finger in his eye, he slopp* d ner on thecheek. Already, have yon heard too muchot these disgraceful scenes, that it should be necessary for me to recapitulate them. I will only nay, that it may lie a ^subject lor you r consideration in this caie, whe iher or not he ha? been guilty of higher crimen and misdemeanors than already described. Now lei ua come back to the ens*. 1 ask >ou-I lubmit to your candid conaideration, whether in thin action for criminal conversation, the plaintiff baa come before you with clean hands, and pare motive*, and whether other motivca than a del ire to vindicate hia honor?to seek

Umagss for the loss ol her society ? Has he not another <nd an ultimate obj-ct 1 The other side has studious') gurrded against touching on this point?but has it not :ieen more or less before you fiom the opening of the de fence? In discussing this matter, two general question* iri-e lor consideration. First, ia the defendant guiltysecond, il guilty, what is the proper amount of damtgin which he ought to pay ? Now let me ask you to besr with me one moment, while I ask you, is there any evl lence here of criminal connexion ? If Sharp has been guilty, it was by the indirect seduction ol the plaintiff tlimsi if. Her? was a yonng untaught toy introdnceit in'o litis family, perfectly unacquaiut-d with the ways of the world He taw the head o< the family, the protector o ill beneath his roof?the gu de, the director, the precepLor?kissing and hugging the females, clasping theirdelic.te waists,dundling with their bnsom',and all i Ilia In prr?rnc.e of his own wile. Other male frienda of this mai> who visited there di?l the same And Sharp thought b? had a right to kias them alao. If Van Cott kissrd other men's wives, why Sharp thought he was entitled to kiss Mrs. Van Cott. It was the general custom in that house, countenanced and established by the behavior ofthe plainlift himself. Even Mr. Badger, a highly reapectrblc, sober thinking business man, he declined, when on tlia stand, telling us whether ha had kissed Mrs. Van Cott or not. I did'nt blam* him, gentlemen, for I think he had a perfect right to deoline. He had read tha old adage, and h*l practiced it, " never ki?a and tell.*' Well, what was Mrs Van f'.ott to do In such a state of things ; waa ahe to re. pulse Sharp when he wished to indulge in these unforbidden pleasanti i>'S 7 Certainly not?he waa the intimate friend?the ' Di ar Billy," ol her amorous lord. Hu was alwaya kind to her. and was shu to traat Uim unkindly and rap his darling head with the broomstick ? No. She had no other idea of such liberties than that they were in uocent, harmless, and recognized by society -and so thought tha boy Sharp; for at that tin* they were both IRK E tt.NG. NOVEMBER 13, IS yonog in heart, uu.11:1 ;Im'wurU. Tbi* kiaaing and put" i ting uanji on th? snowy bottom* of young ladle*, w?? li- t oriii-.M by Van Cott hiaiidf, anil it w-io tho aluuilarJ U 1 that achool. Now, gi-utl'-nn'ti you know what kind ot I t fti ?t kuc.h indulgences produce in man?in |>ooi trail hu | man nature. Them ia nn retraining that i>u?iilou, lor it is i t Km natural TAMUit nf sin*It in?*r<*onrc? U/hiln it mnv hu i by some consideied perfectly harmless, it in not to other* marvellous if it it en tended beyond the bounds of propri ety. This baa not been (lie caso hero; yet if adultery had been the consequence between tlnse putties, Vau Cott bad conuived at it and indirectly countenanced it?it was tho result of his ow n imprudence. Buy then, gentlemen, what exemplary damages do you think he it entitled to recover. Gentlemen, 1 need hardly apeak to you of the amount of damages, lor it i? my honest conviction that if ver a plaintiff had tailed to establish his came of action,it has been in this instance. Where is the guilt proved I? Where is it evidenced 1 This kissing and haudliug are certainly not evidences of guiit. 1 admit iu some circiea ot society, wUere it is ? breach ot decorum to lay a hand upon the person ol a man led iemale, if i> luun was seen to kiss her, he would bo kicked out of doors, und it wou.d be a wonder if the intuited husband did not take some more summary means of uuuistung the scoundrel. It tliis kissing is adultery, than we have presumptive evidence that Vau Cott has been guilty ot adultery with dozens ot married and unmarried females. And how many persons are ihere, who, il you decilo by that stand aid, but arn entitled to maintain actions against this plaintiff, and to recover damages horn hi in 1 Mr. Joid-in < hen proce. ded to examine into tho contradictory testimony given by .Mrs. Plane on her direct and cross examination, and characterised it us the most silly, ridiculous testimony he kad ever heard given m aCouil of Justice. He said he regretted to speak so ol the lady, but the necessity of the case compelled him. Uentlemeu, 1 have an abiding conlidence tbat you will not say by your verdict, tbat the mere act of kissing, this mere lunoceut familiarity, was criminal and adulterous. 1 will now examine the testimony of Bry Dismay d?this man was the confidential clatk of Van Cott, and boarded at his bouse, and he swears, that during tho summer months, while he was there, with Sharp, the latter told him that he would like to have criminal connexion with Mrs. van con. mnn man, you win recollect, whs me par ticular friend of the husband ; he accompanied tho hutband to Washington on his way to tbe South, and on bidding him farewell, be bad been invited, nay compelled to make hia friend'* house his borne on hi* return to the city, and which he accepted, as he utu told u; iVus this uiau tbe Iriend of Sbarii? You saw the disposition evinced by him on that atand; you saw the hostile feeling towards Sharp exhibited while he was telling "the tiuth, tbe whole truth, and nothing but the t'uih," under the ao. lemnity of an oath. Oeutlemen, thm man w?h not tbe confidant of flhsip Wi.o was? I will tell you. It was Strong, who had introduced him to the family, slept in the suinei?om with hunlioin the 16 h of May to suptem ber?during these sell same summer months?he was the conBdaut, and to him be would have communicated such intention* il ever he entertained the >. 1 aik. la it probable that Sharp, pasiing by hia room mate, would go to the confidential clerk ol Van Cott, and unbosom himaell in relation to his adulterous designs upon the wile of thai employer and friend? It ia moat improbable . Why ceuld not that man recall the conversations which led to auch declarations? Why not remember under what circum- ] stances the yotu g li. y spoke these dumuing words? Ab, there is need of cautiun,ot gieat cauuou,tu receiving such a statement iroui such a witnea*. l'ne sage ot the law, of common sense, puinu out, that such declaration* are the moat dangerous ol allevidtnce, when they must necessarily depend on the understanding, correctness, and coloring of the persoa detailing tti m. They must be closely scrutinized and strongly corroborate i? is Brjnsmuyd aa^mpartiul witness? These declaration were made twoyears ago. Not a single person i* brought forwardlrom among the circleSharp's acquaintances to corioborate this man's story ; and to say that they ever heard Sharp in his gay, thougliless, or conversational movements, say a dls respectful word about Mr*. Van Cott. Gentlemen, 1 leave the cotiolu don to he drawn by you. 1 now come to Doctor tuiley?tinlortUMflte Misther Bailey?tbis hot pressed Knave ol Clubs-and first >et us see who he is? Why, a man who, by his own showing, has no pi olessional business?a ph) sician ol LoigUlmd, who spent the must of uit unit: iu iuts cuy ui i>ow iuik. kou rememuer nidi afier a good deal oi siutteiing aud stammering, tin admit- i ted thut be had one patient, and iliut wits h looming cluul! When pressed t? Btatr another, lie could not. Judge, then, what an extensive pay iug practice thin immaculate Ualen bad. Gentlemen, you saw that handsome looking man on the Btaud, with what ease and grace lie coolly pulled I and brushtd up his splendid palrot whiskers?how taste i fully hu <lru*Md?how lato tne fashion ot his well-fitting garment*. P.-haw ! There urn Mysteries of Paris, ana there are Mysteries of NewYork?there aie Hells in Lou 1 don and Hells i.i New York. Let the letter o( Van Cott I to Sharp explain the reason of these long and daily visits to New York, and give you an inkling ol this mau'a immaculate character. The counsel tor the plaiutifl has admitted that the term "black mail" referred to Doctor Bailey, and we use it for our own purpose. Van Cott fei this man, Bailey, wh? wus a leech sucking Irom the plaintiff hi? daily food. 11a endorsed ma notes for hlni, out! in various other ways Bailey prayed upon the purne and credulity of this miserable man? The sale of the luruiture duung the absence of Van Cott at the south,opeued the eyes of his wife. She then lor the first time knew that her husbauJ was embarrassed, thut the high hopes she had entertained ol wealth and rflluencein years to come, were unfounded and blasted. A', once she detcrminod that Doctor Bailey should be removed and detached Irom her husband on his mturn. The moment he did return, Bailey renewed his sucking, but the earnest appeal of the wife had worked upon the goo>i 1 sense ol her husband, and he refused to listen any longer 1 tolhelcecli. Th> n came the Black Mail demand. With an oily tongue, a serpent's coil, he encompassed the hut- ' hand, and poured into his ear the laul suspicion of hi* 1 wile's infidelity. " Pay me," said he, " give me money, ' and I will Ull you all." Alarmed, astonished, the mm ' listened to the story of tbo basement front room. This 1 was in the summer of 1M2, nearly ten months after the ' scene is stated to have occurred. Bailey was the cousin, ' the fri?nd, the debtor of Van Cott, he saw the criminal conversation between Sharp and Mrs. Van Cott. Hud he ' seen the seducer, wiuding his coil around, fastening his ' fang* en the young and unsuspecting wife, would not 1 that have been the proper time to have breathed the word 1 of caution into her fcmband'i ear. But forsooth, the 1 nerves ol the Doctorat that time were too delicate to undertake the task. Why did he not communicate hia suspicions to Mrs. Bailey, and let her counsel and advise that wif?, whom sho loved as a sister, and caution her against the wiles ef that serpent, Sharp. I ask you is there a husband, a father, a friend on that Jury, who would not under the tume circumstoncer, if ho believed the fact, have adopted one or other of the means I have stated, to warn and prevent. I defy credulity to Delieve that l)r. Bailey at that time thnu?hi there wus the Flight st shadow ol adulterous intentions, ia the c.oudurt of Sharp towards Mrs. Van Cott. lark you, what man blackened with crime, branded with infamy, would perini' his wife to be the friend and associate 1 of an adulteress. No, he would not. Yet this 1 man allowed his wife te be the guest and compan- ) iou of the wife, whom he has chanted, himself the first to ".ast Uie (tone, with adultery. Oentlomtn, weigh tlinr 1 man, and take him for what ) on think He Is worth. Mr ' ionlan thro proceeded to explain the scene in the basement, by ;minting out the improbability of such an act ' having been committed at that bottr of the day, when the ' meal of the family was nearly ready, and the servant and 1 the young ladies in the houae btiaily engaged in dusting ' and cleaning the lurnlture. Mrs. Van Cott had been hewn to be a neat, tidy housekeeper, an.l it was natural, ' that while employed about her household tffjita, astray I ringlet might hare escaped a down her face?her dreas 1 might have been not so tastily arranged as the taste oi 1 the exquisite man ot fashion, could desire. Yet this was ' no evidence of adultery. The garments of Sharp were ' not disordered. The door was not closed?n window 1 shutter was open, the moid servant was n the entry, ' where it was passible the noise of such a guil'y connei J ion could b-? heard ? jet she wns not called to th? stand. The stamprf falsehood and improbability is on the ver) ' face ol thestury. Next comn New Year's night?the lootor and wife go to b<d ut twelve; he, while partly ut dressed ohs. rvea the stable door open, tin 1 fearful, le?t 'herein might steal his gallant steed, he prudently goei. out, puts the blanket on his home, locks the stable door and is absent in all ten minutes |f^ returns and Bell follows him up to bed. "Strange Sharp has not comeupj' da whispers to Iih wife; with watchlul ear he listens lor the foot-fall of the seducer, but failing to hear it, he turned over. kivs? d His lady an'l then went to sleep. What * witch'* riuldrnu of suspicions, d irk and infmiotis. wa> all that night boiling in the muddle I brain of that hon est J lago. Wnll. morning com-s?they meet at the break last atiie, whifl Bell says, " Why, *hHrp, 1 thought you said you would not go to bed >intil I did " 'Oh,"say* Sharp, 'Iftltlike the devil; I did net g?-t f? tletn before foui o'clock * The ready ear ol Doctor Isgo caught the careens ixpresiion, and with n demonaical chuckle. he changed the words to ibrji into In ted, and thus mail* confirmation doubly strong. Now let ui see this matter, is it 'vouId strike an honest man. The evening party seperated at about twelve o'clock?tho young ladies re ired first, then followed Dr. Bailey and bis lady ? Sharp, Bell, and the lady of the b"uio remaining behind Doctor like the devil. alter miking forty ?r fit y culls, and dru.k 1 ni( pcrhupi an overstock ol i ?,ry kind of wine and cof ' ea,he iske.* bi< cand e and retires. Bell, not bdfing ' ,1ni*hed hi* chat with Mil Van Cott, remains behind; at, I ' hearing tke Doctor retiring, he follow* him up itaire and 1 i{0< c 10 his bf-d. Was not this very possible and likely/ ? ' Aeuin.tliwftairi ai.d lobbies were carpeted?mltbt not a light hoy have gone cautiously put tbo door ol ih? watchful Doctor and he not heard the noiseless stepf I think It very possible A'ain, B uley says Sharp look?rt 1 a* it h? had been on a spree. Now, G entlemen, we all ' know that the net of mlulle y does not require muchwosti 1 >1 the physical powers, or any great detriment to the pert ?onnl appearance of either party the lollowipg m.trning ' Gentlemen I am sure you w II think us I think, that tin* ' story of Doctor Bailey'* j* all idle gammon. I believe ' that It wo* n trumped tip story, made when the supplies ' were cut ott, (or the pur[>ose of having revenge on the 1 wife and husband. Bailey ?m a man ol the world?he ' knew human nature, and knew too well, how jealousy, ' dressed in preen, insidously introduced to th<? weak, cred- 1 ulous gaze of a suspicion* husband, would destroy forever ' 'he peace of a family, which had hith-rto II/ed in har- J mony and love. I believe that Bailey Intended to deitroy " the happinet* of that man, and blacken the fair name ot ' i lii* wife, in order to gloat over tho wri ck, alter the 11 black miil had cwued to exi?t, for bis own b?*e purpose* * Gentl* men, I let him paa*. and now I take up the neat in ' i irder. Mu* Wal.lron ha* been placed on the stand by 'he j' ; plaintiff, and she ha* told you ol h r vi*it* to Coney 1*1- 1 land, to New KooliBlle, and tilty other places. I* it p?**i- " ule that thev will contend here that Mary Waldron ac " comp inied Van Cotl in the** vltlt* for the purpuseol'en- J sbling Mr*. Van Cott and nharp to carry out their adul- ' terous Intentions. ll you believe th.?, that girl would 1 [ERA 143. not bo entitle.! to belief in any Court ol JiilllCr in Lurif- , H endom The ugnny ol mind and deatiuction ot the ] i' lUvb-Bil'j peace, haa been dwelt on long and eloquently tl Jy the learned <'?uuael Gentlemen, \ on remember the g Independence Guard Ball at the Apj'llif H?w bia torn w Hid lacerated heart muat have bl d lU'-re, at the horrible bi dea ot being separated Irom that wile, whom hu bad ui named in the bloom of childhood, r.nd who had lived T with him io content'd y, to happily, so lovingly, so atbc I < Jonateiy. How awful must have been the blow! But ju rouduct speaks louder than words. When he had inerrl- ti< ,?ssly driven hii wile Irom hi? home? he found himself a tli ret, and no doubt, a happier man. Hu went to balia? it ind who accompanied him?why hu beloved Mury Wal- " Iron- 1 ?ay beloved, lor she wan achild biougbt in'o lila of amiljr at the tender age of sixteen, to be the kind and 11 {entlec?mpaniou of hia beautiful wile. But thia tender "< :ompanion excuses herself by telling >ou that ahe did th lot go alone But did ahe not go to the Bowery Tneaire it iloun with him, alter that his disconsolate wit" had I" aken reluge in the bosom at her brother's fumily ? "> ientlemen, the mirror ol common seme show* a tiu.r <" eller.tion. His agony was the ugony of enjoyment? jer.Uemen, you rt member the testimony of that heart- *' broken mother, when she told you, how, in her preseiice w he plaint iff called her daughter bythose endearing ?pp> 1,ations which ho so liberally, so fit quently called h?r by ni _a d db h, and told her to get money Irorn KUarp. T' Where was Mary VVnldron ? Why, combing the hrautilul ocks ol this Adonis. She, it appears, waa his bather as 81 well as his riding companion. There she sat twining her n< klicate, taper fingers amid his jet black leeks- without 11 loubt she win operating ou mm uit-Mnorically. Ay! c' heresattke serpent, whose stories told when fit Cotn y |? aland, St?, lind ruined that wile in that husband's (jis? I female u ho could look upon such a scene, and londle w hat husband while he wcsiuthe very act ot turning hi* '' vile out ot his door. I don't envy hor her feeling*. I leave ?] ler to her own conscience. Yes, in the presi nee ot that c. (irl, thu last solemn act of the tragedy was peifornied. "I is Mrs. Van Ccott stepped over that ihteshold, silenily (,J lut feelingly, whrn a tear could not force it* way into lit r *' lurning eye?when the husband told her "do to Shai p, ''3 rou damned strumpet, and her. ill give you money."? * Vlary Waldron was there ! Yes, she beard the last prayer if that agonized wife, "God lorglve my husband?he w mows not what he does." This is the m ?u lor whom she irayad?thia is the husband who had offered her HO a ,n iretk to go and livo with bhurpin a atate of pioatiiution? elling her at the same time. "1 ilou t believe you are *' (uil'y.but Sharp lovea you" Did that wile reproach hid 7 N o ; her only leply was, "Tb,s u my house; I'll it oik my hands ctl lirst." Wan that the language ol uu " idultwr?*?? I ask you is this the man u hu lalka 01 " dome ! O'cntlemen, how did tant wile think ol Homr. '* No, not with auch agonising taunt* ringing uihei eat, u lid the forget that his house w?? her home When the ^ limit urn woa sold and uothu.g w.i? It ft in that bouse hut j pallet of straw?there upon that she laid l or almost <" broken hoart to rest. She was yet Ht home. Dj you he- ' iieve that the heart ol the tempest-lotted aailor or ol the > ' loldier ul Leonidas, throbbed more sacredly or luithlully 1,1 to their hooia than oid the heart ol the wife ol that muu I No, Gentleman, they did uot. Aye! Mary Waldron who lr was the soul and 11ont of his i -aluusy, who poured 0 the poison with her sweet smelling brtatu into n' liis ear. She remained behind with hirn when !' he drove the wile penniless and glovelras out upon ' the world, on a cold Deceinuer night 1 dunt charge Ma " ry Waldi on with criminal it\ ?but judge you ol her con. 11 duct?weigh her virtue and her maidtn-iike modesty ? T' Why did the not go ta her mothei'a house. It stiu was '* e.truing her honest bread by the labor of her own hands, ,l why did she not pay her mother lor her board, or seek w some reapectabie place. Why follow thai man from *' house to house, and Irom garret floor to garibt floor.? Mark me well, I do uot accuse her of any tning criminal, r but draw your own conclusions?1 now ask joti it we " have not a ground on which to base our charge ol coml>i " nation. If wu have not then will 1 repent it in suck cloth * and ushes. For had this perjured negro been heard of at ' this time Y Now, a great deal has been Raid about the A dress ot Mrs Van Cott; why, ll *he had been hu mistress, he would have done the ?jtno thing. ?t was. but th?- grat- ,u ideation ot his own pride; did he give her Jewellery ? ''' why he was .< Jeweller himself, and of course, wieludt > '' display his woman, deckej to suit his own taste. 1 oh not j' mean to a.iy that hu did not love his w ife. 1 believe he '' diil until the sorceress Mary Waldron chatined him HWdy. " The stoiy of the bastard child comes m xt in order?'a * t T .. l.-l .., 1 t.1 i.i . tA ua I .1". v. peas," with blacK hair aud ltimun no(J' titUrnt n, " what think you ol the man whocould tuuut b is Mite with J-' ber barrenness, ami boast of hia bastard oli : spring I Did that ill-treated woman, as a w? man of spirit would havn done, *uy?"lit not your ,r bastards <?ai k'n my door." No- blie blusheu lor bur liUs " band, and told him, with a laltenng tongue, to bri. g It ' home and she would lave it. Again, you have heard ol h hose fits?what washer reply when he taunted her with " their being all sham and d?4 airt ? " II," aaid ?he, " iny " huiband ia auch a wretch as to look on while 1 am writhing under the dispensation ol Providence, 1 pray arntatly that Ood may relieve me and take me to himself" Whs be violent in her reproach? No. She wad quiet and gentle as a lamb. (Jeutlemeu of the Jury, as much as ' he " heart of that woman ha* Urn wiung, as her>-oul ktt been ? distracted, she would now go back to the house ol that . husband, if she could be satisfied that he believed her honor was unsullied. But uusatltfled of this, the wnuld .' esteem it but legal prostitution, to share bis led. Yes, .. she still loves ber heme and the husband ol her youth, he who won her virgin love. And *he will love hint lorever, . adulterous and guilty wretch as he is?but would be ever take her back 7 No. She hasoutlived his love? the skin ' i< becoming a little mothy, ber face will 8>on be- P come wrinkled?he loaths her, and now hopes h Ihnt hy your verdict ho may procure a bill rf divorce, . u hich will enable him totukothe hlnoir.iug Mary Wal- ? Iron to bis marriage bed, and not as now to the i<arri t ' room. I lorgot to mention to vou the suspicious fiodii g if the dress of Mary Waldron among tbe dirty linen >1 this Van Oott in the garret room. How can tho other *i<)u rvnlnin 11. a 1 Whv T cnnnnGo hey wilt lay, that he put on th<* frock of^iis lear pit Mary, to lee how hii beautiful self would , look in lady'* dress Or perhaps she < ay have popped in. in the morning, Just to sea how he looked in hi* nightcap, when, if h? did not kiss her, he may propably have rode hers (this expression r< quired the loud exercise ol the Judge's knileou hiadeik, to preserveoider) I mean, ai as he u*ed to do in the kitchen, when he jumped upon ber ( hock and galloped up and down on his favorite poney r Oentleinen, their contiguity in the gsrr> t-their lollow- lu ing lrosn |ilace to ptacv, look* strangely suspicious? What necessity was there for her to expose her reputation ? and hia character thus? hhe but proclaims ber own in <>' famy when she sweorsto herconduct afterthat miserable |,, woman bad been turned out to seek a home wherever she might. What would that nameless young man, who It it alleged bad made proposals ot marriage m the innoceut (r Mi<s Mary, what would he say, when ke hear*that his beautiful, hi* darling, his adored Mary, whs the convenient friend who accompanied the ktisha:i4 when be rode to (n Coney Inland, to New llochelle, in order to give the wife the chance of committing adultery. 1 rather think that v if he be a man of proper feelings, he will reconsider that c< prop sal ol marriage. Oenlemen, I don't believe Miss Waldron i* ?> rotten ard cankered, a* her counsel would ' have you believe out ol her own mouth. But I do believe at hat she i* a li'tle more foud of that plaintiff thnn *b? J ughtto be. For some purpose the ha* come out and )a* accused that wife of a crime, which mutt drive bei 0 *eek reluge in a bawdy house For the mother w ho p' lore her, would r?Ject the anilteress, and would spurn 'r he authoress of her own tod ber children'* dishonor in ?'or that wiio hencr forth all nttit be gloom ond despair ih So,she ha* one hope, and one only?and that is the {rave, the silent forgiving grave. In it* dark aud peac?- tii ul depth, ber throbbis* heart ?*ay alone be at rest. Phe )(| is*, how?ver, another hi pe, which |is not of this world? ^ t is ol eternity. When the curtain ol li ? *h>11 b?vi j. ihut her out Irnm'he world. and the stage of eternity bt evealed to her?then, then, tha>l Mie hope?then anal he de?pi?cd and outcast mortal lilt her tu mbling eye in " iope to the Eternal Kinf. and ask lor mercy. Therupm r > internet* whicli shn had drank s:> deeply Irom pi ? ?arih will be toured out?the gloom ol withene life shall fade away md give place to thi glorious brightness of a redeemed lover. The R.ivioni ^ *rose cross shu hail w?| t a', will then app'Oirti hT and AegeM shall bear ber to the botimof her Ood^tben ner treutiled soul will h.? cbansed fur a rr)oicug spirit ' full of love, of j >y, and ntvtr ending peace?the rmbi)< of which the was deniid id the ki-om of that men w ho v had sworn upon the alter to Iovh and cbeti-b Iter ri So far I have rxamineil this care, keeping sttadily cut of t tight this perjured no<ro?I feel astounded at the boldne*of Counsel when they can ask twelve honest, indi-pendant : iurymeu of the city of New V rkto believe him. 1 do"t ' ?now that I will |>olluta your ears with the vermin. Hi whole manner was tha' of a villain,arid an angol of me>- " y aided 'h ,t little womun in truciug to hi* den thi* parcel ^ if toul blarkneit. ? hose evidence w as to consign ber fur ver to inlarny We did not w ith to bring tlist scoundrel ipm the stand rgain. The Counsel tor the plaintiff did, re md let them make all lliey can of him? Once w e taw th> p ncatnate villain be'ore nt,we laid upon hun. The chance lame ot Schoharie mentioned by himsolf, gave one a Si (round to ttep on, and out of hit own lips we receive t >nr first information. He believed that we knew all nUmt lim, and the fellow leartd to lie?yet, he b ushed, 'hat q itein, pious looking niggtr actually bluahed and turned :>ale when he taw the screen torn f'om him. I went o' lim.nndthe finger of Ood point*d out how w e were to ,h :otne ut the truth. The momeu'he mentioned Schuharie 1 k-iew him to a T. Mr. Jordan here proceed d to ecapi ulat.i the testimony given by the nigger? Pl <t to his life and p.eviuus habits. He held him op, ns it rn verr, 1q Ml Irtt Imml, ami with hu right pointed out k very inch of tli?? fellow's hido bn<I wool, fron he time he fl'st burdi ned the earth hy hi* prrsi nc* uriti. ih l?-It that turn!. Hpetking of h m a slave?he ssi ,,f >? did nut mi an to cast tnt Imputation on th<" man !? v? lit condition. He th nk<'d G d that In the ye?r I8J7. ,Tl( hough not what it termed Mil kliolitionist the clank ol he l.o>t ulave-cb iin heard in the Matcoi ,>rw VoiK ,,r tlludirg to the eh inge ol masters he ha<l un It rgonr, hi ihservfd?Did jou ever know of a q<are-built, regnWi Icoharie Dirchtnan to sell a nig/er, it he had bu nlaith- vc ill and trustworthy' Never?he would have us noon rg bought of setiinff ni? own wife or mother. But if the ?? ilsck rrscal was a regular chicken-tbu f, who robbed j,,, mn roosts, drank rum and plnyed 'possum, why then he n3 vnuld not keep him an hour, kven if hi-hud to n-ll hit* jr a quul ol tobacco. I wrll know the oppoaite eotin -el t|j or their Integrity, their honor and professional r? puta ion, and 1 am satisfied that, had they known the fellow iad been a felon, and a chararti r no lufnroutn* we hnvi hewn him to be,they would m vcr have ellowed him'r e placed on that stand a* their w itneta. Ot hi# j inn ej i Canada, on hia ped 'I'i'g excursion, he ob?-r\irf tli t , tin fellow h:<d in honeit lo iking coun'enanre, kih! w ad other countei feiturf?and under the clo?kot thissni1 r leadership of some religious society, they nmnnged (oi -it, ears to rrb, plunder, deftroy and kill. He alluded t?> p,.mth Davis, the notoiIousBowery counterfeiter,wholisrf (,ni ecu m long engaged iu the business of passing counter j LD. Pt?m Two Cnti lit money htlwr?ri tnu Mate and the Canadta. Tb? ,fi>ri n.M', he li 11 '.h? iurj to Or* w 41 Ti |mida the Digger tm hi caar Ilf Jwi li Jo. tom<i time uu Hit fact which liie aero had a* to In* ttiVH-adding that the adulterer ho could ?o readily r< rudiate hia cw a w re, could aaaily s purcbMed 10 ?tnk>* the i?gia?au. kui'a into the virtue id honor of any otb?r man'a wile???en lor juou segan. timing round low hem Van < o't waa ultmi. bt iild. le nut mean to chaige tbia man with uhoio.tion of perry. There waa no need to make tuch an open ircuH on, ut the (act* were Id evidence, and nun ?t?ak tor lemaelvea He glancej at the camp metticg tttiit, H ated that it we* a luct that at th* tiae when the negro iid he obtainej the aeeara Mom Wilcox, for the purpoaw going to that camp meet inf. it bad bioken up. e allndid to the poaiiion which Via* IV aid i or. had Wn aile to take in thia canso, a? tegar'a her corroborating e testimony ul thi? nrgro. He aaid that had been ?n annul froui heaven. in Head of 'hat beautiful girl, i would not have believed him?be would have told bin at, he hud been kicked out oi that holy piaca, and being i hi* road to tliti lewvr regiona, he had atopped Upon inh to dealroy a pui e and ?|>otmoital. and to help an lulte'er in hi* aoul-dtiatroy ing pur|ore ; and than hf ould have given him a kick and lent him out of the line attraction ol tW? earih to proceed on lna Infertiai jour y. <jentlenun oi the Jury, it paini me to bring thia .ung li malo before y on, an I have been c mpelVd to do | it item necf??ity u'one ban hern tbe cause. When the iigeoti applies the directing kni'eto the antject he does it wear kid glove*. 1 would not, if I could help it, break le bruited rt od or quench the smoking flax j but in the diaiari'eof ii rol> nui duty, 1 had to present Mary Waldron you ?* I found hur. \v?. did not charge her with hav. g committed adulttry with Van Cott?all we required at to fhotv you clem iy that lieiweeu bar and the bttfind there wo* a combination to Ret rid ot the wife, to rder that they nught cloak their guilty detigna. I deare. in the prenence of my maker and ol my leilowmen, lat if I thought, if I felt per>uad?d that in diachaigiug ay ity lotliat mill ppy woman, I hadapoken od< aingla woid lout Mary W.ildron, which waa untile and untupiotted f ev.detice, then would I repent it daring my ii a in ckcloth and aahea. In tba opening ipeicb oi my learn1 associate, weinndc thia charge ol combination. Hava 0 proved it t Have we aatn>fl>d you that it waa founded fact and not made with a view of prejudicing that girl > the eyea of the jury or of the world, ao a* to ield that wife from the punishment wbiah bar Ime deaervea, if iibe be gullry ? If not, the* all 1 ever deeply and unceaamgly repent the part have taken in ihia protracted and eitraordinarjr lul My lenrnrd attociaie in hia opening, hattold >ou ith what 'eeli' pa ho too tliould regaid tbe matter.*? 1 ere Mr Jordan took up the Herald of tbe 90 h Oct. ta hlch Mr Fdward'a apetch wai lepoited at ength ? r J. paid r very handsome compliment to tbe repoitor ' tho correctnese and accuracy wnh which it kad be>a ine,and then rtad from it the following paatage ) il ( nguuge on thai occa ion war?"III am uot able to fhowr ju that there exiata a combination between Marv walii >1 t-nd tho plaintiff to deal ro> the reputation ol the wl.a id ruin thu* hoy?it what I have atatid accotdmg to lb* laiructionsl rectlved ahcui that young woman be un united. than indent will I have done a thing which I pver shulicease to regret; willingly would I havaspated iem lioih could 1 do in con?ci> ntiotuly; gladly would have permuted that young female, who ? ' ui stepping pon tkp threshold ot lite, wiih all the hopes, unnclpaon*, and ardent expectations, w hich fill the bi tails ol the nun*, the virtuous, and the guileless, did 1 lot believe ilemnly that she ii deeply, duply, involved in thisawil crime?I hove the leelilgs of a man, and willingly or 'ittingly I would not utter a (ingle word which could Lilly the mirror of female cliarat'ier, unless impelled to 0 so by the *>ern dictates of trti'b, duty aDd Justice; Ood nows 1 feel for that woman, il she be ev> n guilty, but 'innocent, 1 again repeat that I will this day have said lat which, thiougbout my fu'ura life, I will sincerely ad bitterly regret " Ontlem^n, I can only aay that endorso the confession ol my mpteted atiociate ? nd no w, gentlemen, we conie to the beginning of the ooelumon ofmy rtmnrki. Yon have the testimony here you?decide on the late ol that wifo as you feel (ha pserves; I upobk ofhrr, for the is the real, the actual de* r.dant in the cast-; Mump is but a recondary parson to le suit. He lias u Utile money, and it) cu leel he Is gullr, put that little in the pocket of the plaintiff Before, owi ver, you lay the sacrifice upon the altar? befora ou plunge the sacrificial knlie into the victim, ponder ell upon Ike uuholy put poke, upon the unhallowed love 'hich h is pluct d her hound and helpless at your feet? Dnsider well the testimony which is to censigu ber tor le remaining years of her life te degradation, to poverty, > prostitution? to be n wtmlirer in the woild, until Ood 1 hi? mercy shill rttrovu her from her troubles?since, randed with th? maik of iidultery. She can never hope ) enter the threshold of the society of tl e virtuous and appy o' her si x; she must become the slave of every deaking pas?ion?a life ?ucb as we shudder to think on mst he hers?she must live despi-ed, and die disgraced ? lender, th> n, a holy verdict; examine the motive* and eurch the inn ost depths of the hrait of Mary Waldroa nd (hi* man?nncl hi on thii examination, Dart) your verNet. If hey an- pure, tben cond- mn 'hi* ? oman?but If mpnro, restore her Hgain to loeieiy. For myaell, I never ruid lay my head u ith an i a?> toniciente, did I, upon he foul and pestilential hrealb of a negro, coraifb a lei>w mortal, ac' a woman , loo?to everlasting disgrao* nd infamy. Gtntliintn, 1 thank jou for jour pacarp, and now I leave tl m in jour hand*.? 0 Justice, and Ihn Ood of justice will sustain yon. Adisposition to forget tiir Nucrnlnessol the seat ol justice 1 giving expression lo the Iff ling ol applaud) for tha able i-fenee thecouns?l had concluded, was with difficulty t?ressed. All frit that n du'v had been perfoinirrf taitbilly and solemnly. Jm'ge Ki-nt then Intoi m*d Mr. G*a. am, who was (o follow Mr J.rdan, that or.* of the Jwors aving nqnettrd lo ho allowed to visit hia lamily at 'aten Island, the Court would adjourn until ball paitten 'clockon Monday morning. Boston. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Boston, Friday Not. 10, 1843. hi ten and Thin pi in Botton?7 htutricalt?Macrt arty?A raw about Piittt. We are all on the jut vive here with the election*; id what with Bell plots, conspiracies, ice. we bav* tifed the steam to a pretty considerable height, r quiet Boston. On Monday affairs will come to focus?so success to the right. Dr. Lardner has " n lecturing here lately very successfully, and deirers his farewell at the National Theatre on Satnr* ... ...uuu .J : ci_. . ly, vvin^ii i<i|>a<;uiii3 ounuiug uuiiiiruuiy auapicu i the exhibition ol his splendid aparafus. Tli'' Theatri* haj b*en doing a fdir business, with ie " Queen of Cyprus," the principal attraction of -hich is lee?. J. Silsbee, the successful Yankee jmedian.who opern d here on Monday evening la?t > tlie mon rrowded and fashionable houte of the 'uoo, who received in the moat flattering manner, nd kept tf r hoiiyp in a continual roar of laughter rid applause with hi.? queer savings and unrivalled rsonationa of down east pecniiantiea Sil-bee baa ie advantage imr hia rivals, Hill and Marble, bavH a face of irreaimible humor, b> ?idea, " be it to ie manor born," having sprouted from the rich il of Wetlierhfield He is eacy and natural, and a queer sii>ina?, of wh ch he baa an inexhaustible ind, never fail to convuke h>? i-udiecce. Laat /ening he produced two new Yankee mecea, (one < ni the pen o? J. P. Adams, of Button, and (he h?-rby A W Prnoo, E q., one . f the corpt 'ramatfue of the National.) *> hicit were imtmuaely aucn fill. Silchef V benefit Hiid In at appearance, will lt?- place ifiia eteniug. when we ex. eet the tnl'e?t" house oi the season. O i &'ouday, the i.a'i h R'<?citts, Mnccady, truids i nr hoards, aft?r n nhsei ce of m rie )?ai? For his n geg? me?.t *h?i ic* will be rma d boutfilty per cent, which B i#in hoys i-ay ifnv will not siutid ; a row isthrratlied, and cm 9 quently expected ; und we dotibi i-ry inueh il ih*- managemnit will realise as much ion* y 10 ihey have by the uuutually auccttalul enne?-meiit ?>t Si'kb' e. Lecnirersare wide awake,but th yhive few ?ub eta i f interest. At present bo interesting seductions, elopements rrrim c/.n's in the wolully quiei village of ilo-tou. lore anon. Polonivs. P^ckktShip Qc//kn of tub Wkst ? We cannot frain from publishing ih?* annexed. We know tptdiii Woodhoute to be deserving cf all that ie id in hia praise. Oir LivrsrooL. Oct. A, IMS *ir. : ?The ca'ilr. pa?fnign? on hoard the packet thip ieen of th?> Went, tinder jour command, fiom New ii k to Livertool, having auembted to cosgratolate ch other on the prospect of the near terrrina'ion of (ir vcyage, ond to reciprocate mutual good withea and ml feeling at the moment of asp iration, take thia oppornity to < xpreaa to you their grnti lul ien?e of yotir atution to the r personal ccmfoit, and the high conalde. lion in which they hold your nau' intelligence and ill; anil kl'hcuigh t y the favor of r kind Piovidence, m?c important piofetairnal qualifications have not been lied i *i rri*e on thia voyage hy tbipwieck or by irm, it h ? i,ev?nhale?? illoidid mtflcieut evidence of nr -mi liiP'*, judgmeiit, and rrso'u'ii n, to atabli?h th? Mt p??T Ct eoiiOileoce In your at tiny ae far a* power can mstt, the uai gtrou* vicinaitudc*oi lifa on tin ocean. The pi??eiigeri take this occasion to ewpreeatheir mil nt on ol thia noMe ?hip,*lnch, in tbia her flrat yoge, bm an^weitd all the < xp> ctatiora that wire toil by her tonnage, her be<utifol modal, her iple accommodationa, her rich fini?h act lurniture, iaJ r complete appointment, by which, aa 'peoimen ?f at architecture, the truly rlalma to be the Qaeen of ? Wrat, and they hope and trim the enterprixe and )?rality of her o? oera will b#imply rewarded by public rnr. With ?incere wMiea for your pertoittl health and ippineM, and your aafe return to >our country, tamily iltiinda, w> beg to '/ ? rontiderc J .itnoti* the rummer the latter. and to u c!?i leyuu among our own Signed? m ? T Anatiii, JoUu rtha?vioiih, Matthtw Motfim, illiam Sit ?eu i i(|h', lam' i ?h?w, Jr., J >?iih A mung, J>bn lUrtxittii, Winterftottom. A. T. i<idard, J K. Brnston, Alexander 8 P.trie, Jonathan he George K., W H Jarkaon. D H Qrnafto, am r Oallee, Aluxar.der Bun, J. R.ogfold Wilmar, I'd tirrm Pnibir WnipHtvii<