Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 303?WboU No. 35?3. - ?'"K HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL Tlie Royal Mail Htram Ship BRITTA N1A. J. Hrwclt, Esq., Commander, will ttyjjyl ' P~H i f-- 'S- ih-T* porn on Thuri *" E!*S53^^b tl.ij-, leth November. I'.tusHire [u Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax . 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent. No 3 Wall itwt. *^*Zb j0aI iNUEPKNDENT REGULAR (OPPOSI m _jS3'nPi"r nioht line for albanyn h^L.ThrouKh Direct, without ^uJiut?-The Commodious nud substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, ("apt.O.Houae .will leave New York from the foot of Robinson treat, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday?;akd will laavs AIhany and Troy on Sunday*, Tuesdays and Tliundava. and will continue these trip* for the season, at* o'alock lu the alter noon. Knight taken at reduced rate*. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat has undertone a thorough repair, and u ia first rate order. o26 lm*r SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINK CUa-SijpH^for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without ^ J:- -?tliainli>n(lid luW nrfiiure itMmknat SWW.l.OW, SuSS A." "iftcLeau, will leave th.* foot of Cou rtlaivJt .trurt every To^diy1 hLridar, and Saturday vruinga, at 7 o'clock, for Albany dirfct. Th* Swallow lix? a liu-ge cumber ofaute rooina.acd for aneed and aceoinUinH.itioiii ia not ?nrpn??il on the Hudson au8 ec fifiOrCFs LINK OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALDAN Y? DojIv at 6 o'clock P. M.? wri ifgilinlr T' *""!?'1 diivct?From the iteamboat pier bet* - a Connh ivlt and Libtrty aueeta, Stuiday *Kcei>ted. The atHauilioat KNnlifKRBOCI^lilt^'ai't. A. r. St. John, will l?ave .\iomlay. Wedneaday and Friday Ev^ningi, at ail o'clock MtauboatliOUIll AMERICA, Capt. L. VV. Brainard, will I'anaUay. Thunday, and b Unrday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'uloe* r. M.?Landing*! Intermediate Place*. Mtr.'iiitHuu COLUMBIA, (-apt. A. Hougutoo, will leavi Mondnv. Wednesday, and Kridav afuruooa, at i o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Tnietdell, will leave Tu.iday, TlvmiLiy aud Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Paaaeof en tal.icg tint Line oi BoaU will at all timea arrive ia Aibany in auipla time to take the Morning Trail of Cara for the eaat or weal. The above boata aie tew and fabataatial, u* farnithed with neat ,mi elegant Htate Rooma, and for apeed and accouimodar lions are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, a?ly on board, or to P. C. Bchultx at the office on the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th, the boats ?f this line will for Albany at G o'clock, P. M. instead of 7. KOR HAVANNAH?Will Sail To-morrow-Tha M^ffWfast packet brig L. BALDWIN, Capt Thompson, tail positively ?s above her iegu lar day. Those wi iiikji ti secure berths should make immediate application on bcar?lor to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT. nl.Vc 43 Peck Slip. FOR NEW ORLKANS?First Pack^ShTi^ WCJR^VTh* well known first class packet ship L.1VKRCapt. Agry, will be despatched on the 15th lor the ahoro port. _ This s; leudjd ship has very high between decks, and of iVrs a most de-iralle conveyance lor second cabin and steerage paxsenger., who will be taken a*, the lowest rates. Those wishing t<> secure berths will reouire to make early application on board the ship at p:er 13 ERrbelow Wall street, or to JOHN HERJJMAN, SI Booth street, near Wall street. N B?The splendid packet ship Hi! A RON. Captain Pnrrington. will succeed the Liverpool, and meet with quick despatch ??? ONLV REUULAR UNE FOR NEW"UiT LEANS.?The following ftrst clans packets will JMoafeka sail punctually as advertised, weather permitting, or pj*s ige iree, vii The SARATOGA, Captain Russell, on the 15th of Novemlier. '1 he OCMULGEE, Capt. Peet, on the 30th of November, 'i'lie accommodations of these ship* for cabin, tecoud cabin, and steerage passengers, are such ss cannot fail to ensure every comfort to passengers during the voyage. The ships of this line hare now commenced their regular trip*, and will sail punctually every five days ihrouglieut the se-s<m. J'asirngers may, therefore, rely on not being detained Tlie price (' pa?iage fcwinif very low, those wishing to secure berths in either of the above packets, can do so by applying on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, Atjtkeir General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, n!2 ec corner of South street. NKW LINK OK PACKETS FOR LIVERW?fVPOOL.-Packf? of 16th November ?The splendid JWaNawrll known picket ship 1IOTT1NUUER, 1100 torn burthen. Captain Ira Bursley, will sail on Thursday, 16th Not, her regular day. The ships ofthis line beftig all 1000 tons and upwards,persons about to embark lor the old country, will not fail to see the advanUK't-s to lie derived trom selecting this line ill preference to any otiier, a* their great capacity renders them every way mora comfortable and convenient than ships of a swller class. Thine wishing to secure berths in this magnificent (hip, ihonld not fail to make early application to W. tk. J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their General Passage Office, 43 Peek slip, n3 ec corner of South st. iMtS" J""1* LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Ileguli i wJMfV Packet 16th or November?The fine New York Duill fflWI -1-" shipl HOTTING'JEK, Ira Bursley, mast* J050 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight M0 bale* cotton, or iwssage, having very superioi accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, at west sidi Purling slip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTURNS. ST South st. The fine new packet ship Liverpool, J. Kldridge, master 1150 wns, will succeed the Hottugoer, and sail on her regulai day. 16th December. n!4 r ' KOK LONDON?Pocket of 2Ut>- Nov.?TJ" WsHf^-snliindid fu'w1'"' iwrV?? ,i,in HKNuRICii HLl) *>". uiiit Moo'e, will sail punctually as above her regular day.aud having excellent accommodations for cabin sec'inn cibm and storage passengers, those desirous of se curing berths, should not fail to make early application to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, nl2?r 43 Peck Slip cor South st. FOR LI VERPOOL. on or before the 50th inst,? M^>TI,e new and splendid ship 8T. GKOROF,, 1UOO torn Jtiiadbsl'iirthcu, Watson Feris, master, having three-fourthi ol her ctrgo engaged will sail as above. She has superior accommoda'iout fir ten passengers. For balance of freight oi passare. apply to the captain on boird, pier 13 E. R. or to nl iirnrh KRKll'K L. TALCOTT. t.9 Wall st. 2A>- KOR BRISTOL The well known fut sailing WKTtfV Critiah barqne COSMO, CanlainWm. K. OnterjfijKuKabridue. tn sail on the 2'uh November. Kor freight 01 p.i???ge. enquire of the mast ex ou bxird, foot of ^lbiuy street, N. R. nr to JOHN JACQU KB, uB lw*r 77 Sooth street. VoRNK.W ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND ?*SVNEW YORK tine Regular racket of 20th NovemjSsHtaher?The fast aailiiiR ship OCMULGEE. (apt. K. Fuet, will positively tail as above, her reKular day. Kor freight or iwuk, having handsome luruished accommodations, apply on board at Orlrans w harf, foot of Wall street, or to F.. K. COLLINS Jt CO., 56 Sooth street. Shippers by thii line may rely upon having their goodr correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans. Hullin 1l Woodruff, who will promptly forward good* to tlieir address. The packet ship Louisville, Capt. M. Hunt, will succeed the Ocmulgee, and sail the 30th Not., her regular day. n li r KOR SALE-The barque DUC D'ORLEANS', ?P*SVbnrthen 310 tots, rruist r; built in Bristol. Maine, in JtiiflliKBltUl, double deck, coppered and copper fastened. 111 !? t loi.*, 27 left beam, 6 feet between decks, li feet hold, will lie told as soon as the cargo is discharged. Lays at Judd's wharf Apply ou board, or to BOVD k IIINCKEN. nil! ee No. 9 Tonline Building, cor Wall and Water s's. MKOH >ALfc?A good convenient iwo story House, with about an acre oizround, with birn, carriage house, *>c. adjoining the residence of Gov. I'eiminaton, on High sirer.', Newark, N. J. The house is pleuantly situatd, com, nnndirg a tine eitensive prospect. The garden is well stocked w ith shrnlibfry and a "hoice lot of fiuit trees, making it a desirable residence. Apply to nHr BOYU >? HlNCKEN. Tontine Buildings. I) UN LAP-Ik CARMAN, 6S5 Uroodwav, cor. Bleeck er stmt, offer fornale, on reasonable terms, a large col' lection of I'lants for parlor or conservatory, consistini ol Uameliaa in every variety, Chryantheiraros, Chinese Ax?' lias, Orange and Lemon 1 rees, Rhododendrons, monthly and other Roses. Cactus, 1'ittaosporums, Cape Jassiniues, Salvias, Sievias, Geraniums, 4c. lie., together with a choice assort' incut of Hyacinth and other bulbs. Bulb Giaaseav Flower Stands, Gold Kish a-d Globes, Birds and Cages, l-resli imp <r'ed vegetable and (lower see-is efevery deicription. Bouijueu composed of Camelias and other choice flowers foi bridal and other parties tastefully arranged. All orders prompt lynrcnlnj nil 2w'r rjllKW 8TYIA. OK CHILDKKN'H VKI.VKT CAPS The subscriber has a large and beautiful assortment ol Oentlemrn'a and Boys Caps, of the la's t fashion, which h< will sell as cheap aa any ether rstabluhment in tliia city? among whii h may I* fonud gentlemen's cloth, velvtt, a i;n? at) If ol" glazed, "lid line utti" capa. Also on hand a large supply ol mole skin, ailk and fur hati, of a beauiiful finish, for aalt low Fancy Vera? Also, constantly on hand, a large assortmant ol kl tiff* and Kur Trimmiugs for ante at very low pric.s. ,\ B.?The Caps ol the snbscriber took the premium at tlx laic Fair of the American Institute. WM. BROWN, n3 Im'ec l?8 Chatham at. opposite Itooscvclt. pK K v) juivi H AI$ A ND C A H3 f9 SUPERIOR Moleskin, Nutria and Silk Hata, Cloth Velm Caps of the subscriber's manufacture A di ploms was awarded by the American lnitiinie. at the late Kail 11 this city for hvautiful suecimeus of Moleikiu HaU; anil I diploma waa alio awarded for aaperior >p*cimei)a of cloth ani velvet cap*. On hand a Ura? aisonm-ut af hai? and cai>? IVrsnns in want of aiticlea in nis line, are reatiertfully solicita* lo lavor him with a call. _ WILLIAM BANTA, No. ill Canal at, co'ner of Woostar atreet, o3l lm*m and No. 130 Chatham aueat. BOOTH?Water proof, double and cork Tola* French and uative a*|f and patent screw Lip*; war ranted good flue call' boots for men, bays, and children do ci>ar?e water boots, and shoes o< all forts and sizes. N. B.?Ladies, misses and children'a gaiter boota, shoaa am buskins, dt.uhlr and'iingle soles, aud of every color and shade l-ailivM. Oents, ft is??s, and Child-en's water proof India Itu ber over ilioe*, of the latest style, all of which will be solt cheaper than at any other store in thia city. T. 8. WALK ER, 419 Broadway, K,nM lm* m comet of Canal at. BOOTH. BOOTS AND 8HOE8, chaap, mm aa0WrTr I''' 1 than eier yet out red in this city. A ver\ Isigr .-.s*ortincnt of gents'single and double soled water prool Peots. Kretich anil native call, city made and warrantad, for th< b<\? pi ice o| f I to $.'i per pair, and a neier filling supply of thirl Boots aud Shoes for men, boys aud children; ladies', missis ami children's (inter Boota, Bu?kius. 81ip|>ers ami Ties, of a I the dillereut kinds and most fashionable stjles. There is Moc catiua and all the dilferent kinds aud fashionable stylealof ludu llnblier over Shoes, for gentlemen, ladies, inisses aud childrei in great aiiuud nice, and cheap, which the subscribers woulc solicit tli- ir friend* and the public to call and limine tlieii Stock, u it it of tlir beat inatrn.tla, and principally city mane hi their l?r*e aatabliahmem, lireeuwich itreet, comrr oi Murray ?t. <>27 lin'pc WRIGHT, CALHOUN St CO. jOar-t BOOTS AN1) SHOKS.-WILSON Jc JOHN njj6"*WHON, SuccpMon to John Hatchings, deceaaed l?? - . < .!] KmiiI aud for aale, from the boat uianalactorita in thi touti y i Iwi isiutm <'o?r?? Sewed and fV?nrd Boon, men and boy*. 100 " Fine " " loot Pair Morocco Bnakini. KNhi " Ladira' FinP >Jippera. j'noo " Childreu'a Shoea, varioitl colon. '.Ort " Womrni and rniun (Miteri. )*M " India Rubber*, tumined and plain. Kor aale iu Iota to anit pun ha?er?, at their atorp. ? ? 120 CHATHAM NTKKBT, opjjoaita Itaeerelt. N. B.?The atorr beml opeu uatil I# o elock in the evening Kivca < oiuitry merchant* au opportunity to eiainuie (ooda a tt.eir leianie, oJI lm*r 1 "> I I"1 "IJAISC^ ol an order of the Surrogate ill the Couut] i of Nf* York, notice ia hen hy givn to all peraoin havini claim* aiaitiat John Carroll, late of the city of New York Junk Shop keeiicj, deceaaed, to preaeiit the aame with tin tonchera thereof to the aubacrilier; and all |>eraoii? indebted U th.' e- late, irr reqneated to make iinrm-diate payment. i, M v . J?HN CONWAY, HVr, 117 Willet.t. Dated New York, October U, IMi. illla'iin E NE NEW Y UHEAP STOKE TO MT OLD CUSTOMERS AND THK PUBLIC. DRUGS, UYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES Jcc No. Itt GREENW ICH STREET. NEW YOHK JOHN C. MOKRIHON offers for ul?, ou the most liberal t^rnw, a very ntraun uaortmrat of (foods, among them the following, to which he would solicit tha attention ol ; ? . APOTHECARIES. . Qp????. Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, Aqoa Ammonia. f,4rt"' Spirita Nitre Dulcis. Castile Hoar, 8?per Carbonate 8oai, Liouorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copaiva, Epaom Salta, Rhubarb, Laudanum, J?J*P Senna, Al???, . Sulphate Quinine, i , ?*" Chamomile, Oil Pepr^rmiut, and all Esaecl 1 Gum Arabic, tial Oila. CutOT Oil, Uua My rhh, Quicksilver, Cautharidea, Magnesia, Gum TMgacanth, Maiiua, Powdered Bark, Roll and Flour Uulptiur, Coiks of all kind*. Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Borai, refined and crude, ri|ionge?, coarse and flne, Calomel, Druggisu Glaaa Ware Red Precipitate. Vials. , PAINTERS Window glass, of all sixes aud British liUstiv, ..Qualities, <ilue, all sorts, WV.fu La<l .I,.,.. I :. A;i i u:i..' r e " ?i? tuiu iu uii, >omi out I Olivi-r l>ru, Hed Lead, Gold and Silver Brouze, Litharge. Copper Bronze, Spirits 1 urpculi<i4. Chalk, while and red, Patty, Paris white, Wnitnif, Spanish Brown, Verdigris, dry i ud in oil/ Venetian Hod, Chrome Green, Rud ruwr, Chrome Yellow, Pnmicc Stoue, Yellow Ochre, Frenah and Tar&ndRosiu, -American, Japan, copal, coach and bar* Prussian Blue, nets varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra de Sienna, Ivory Black, |Ud Chalk. Guin Copal, Gum Shellac, Taint Brushes, all sizes, Bright Varnish, fink, Sasn Tools, all lite*, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Fall, Oil. Train, Win tar, Lintseed, Summer strained sperm, Neatsloot, Refined, whale, Olire or Sweet, Unrefined, whale. Sea Elephant. Tanners , L,ard Oil. Sperm and Stearic Caudle*. DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red Saunders, Fustic, llateu Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood. Barwood, Hypernic Wood, , Gum Aspha'.tum, Peach Wood, Sal Ammoniac, Ebony Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. A im, Fullers' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and Kreneh,I Amer. Indigoes, of Bengal. CunraeM Oil Viuol, ana Guatemala, Sugar Lead. While Tar tor, Bleaching Salti, Red Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aqua Fortia, Sumac, Nutgalls, Lac Dye, Annatto. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Gum Senegal, Extract Locwood, Powdered Curcnma. lartanc Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chromata of Potash, Quercitron Bark, ""A4'.. Spirits Nitre Fortia, Gum SltalUc, gait Petre, Cudbear, British G?m, Woad, Nitric Acid and Grain and Bar Tin. fWali* A?;<l Soaps, WOOERS. Young Hyson Ten. Pepper Sauce, Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, Imperial ** Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Him, 1 Hyson 8km " Indigo, Fletant, ' Souchong " (.'utile Soap, i Bohea " Cloves, French Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segars. Alcohol, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cinnameu, Li juorice Ball, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, > Saleratus, British Lustre, Fig Blue. Soda for washing,I Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, London, Alum, Caynuue Pepiwr. Olive oil in bottle* It baskets, Powdtfted nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, cnide and refined. ; CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Annisseed, r Nutmegs, Absyuth, i Mace, Carrayway, Cloves, Juniper, Cinnamon, Rose, Orange and Peach Wa , Cassia Buds, teri, r Allspice Vanilla Beans, Tonjuis Brans, <#um 1 rueaeanth, f.oriander S?*rd, ' Ouin Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Seed, Gum Gamboge, Annisseed, Ou of lioses, Juju^f Paste, > Pn>|ienniat, Pearlash, VV inlrrgrven, Halera"is. Cinnamon, Super Cirbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, Ginger, while Jamaica. Lemon, Ginger. Ea?t India. , PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, Ike. i Blwchinp Powders, Nutpalls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Glue. Verdigiis, Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Calx, Sal Aminouia, Shi'l ac. Antimony, Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Extract of Logwood, Aloes, Alum. sic. patent medicine bealerg. Balsam of Iloney, Anderson's, Lee's k Hooper's Turlington's Balsam, Pills, Batemau's L)roj>s, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil, Seen' aud Liquid, Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Stoughtou's Bitters, Godfrey's Cordial, Extract Sarsaparills, Anderson's Cough Droi>s, Cephalic Snuff, Thompson's Eye Wat?r. C hemicals ol all kinds, French, English and American. All kinds rf Paints and Colors. Everv description of Drugs and Druggist*' Articles; and Pa'ent Medicines, I'eifamery, Hoaps, lie., a general assortment. All srticles warranted genuine. |[_/?ine most prompt attention given to orders Irom the country. u!> Imdykwyr DAY'S SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?23 Maiden Lane. Ex|>erienea has proven that a I rather sole can lie attached to India Rubber uppers, an that it is impossible to sei>ara?p thrm in the course of wearing. These Over Shoe*,which have already thrown into disuse leather overshoes and mocassius, and to which the water proof boot i> fait tending, are lurniahed by the Roxbury India Rubber establishment, 25 Maiden Laue, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether better than are being made by any other establishm-nt in the trade. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoes and Boots are furnished only at this establishment. Every article appertaining to the rubber business for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. 1 Successor to the|Roxbury 1. R. C., d) lm*r il Maiden Lane. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham itreet, New York. And 11C Fulton street, Brooklyn. [ IAoekct. 318 BLCKRKKR Htkf.KI, IWHOLKiALE AND RETAIL, I THE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to oiler for _r sale new and fragrant Teaa of eveiy variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and powerful grade* of Green and Black. Every package bears the stamp of neatnaas and elmpuiee, and the Teas therein an so horoughly secured from light and air, that their quality and r power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system - of tiroeecuting busineau is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It ts fouuded upon the utmost retard to the rights ol the customsr, especially with respect to weight and quality, and anrirailed cheapness. All purchasers are called u|>on to return anv i irticlea which tail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whien ! the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters wifl find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Orjiuink Java Cornea roasted evenr d.xy. . Orders from all parts of the United States executed with ' prv.mptitnde and despatch. Jy" The ouly warehouse in America for the nla of Hon1 JU" celebrated Black Te*. o29 lm*ra L. BAR ONTO, A RT1ST, in Alabaster, Marble, Soagtiola, fcc., from Italy. tV Respectfully invites the geutry, the inhabitants, shopkeepi 'is, Bazaars, country dealers end tlie public in geueml, to see his Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Oraud r uid Division streets,) which is now mien for inspection, with a i iplendid assortment of Italian snd English ornaments in AlaI baster, black marble, spar, agats, yellow atone, stalactite, rrd ind various other marbles, verde di prato, granite, (tc., lie. 1 consisting of various sites of groups, figures, busU, taixes, llebe ewers, Etruscan vases, candlesticks, tapers, pen trays, ink lauds, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, spill pots, nrus, antique lamps. shell vases, oval vases, bottles, groups and single dogs, tables, tlorentin* baskrU, bulla, cows, lions, broaches, necklaces, obelisks, bell vases, aostolv vases. ring vases, namr weights, ring stands, card boien, jnufT b<>*es, bird* neits, amiaa' tu, paintinga of Mount Vnuvius, of Naples; book* on coucho logy mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, Jie. fcc. Pric# of article* from liii cent* to $100. Cleaning and repairing of ?T#ry description on moderate j terms. Admission free. a30 iw* r BLANCARD'S PATENT STATUE WOOD k COAL STOVK8?lor halla, parlore, office#, ttorea. stedmboata, I ke. For beauty, comfort ami economy are not equalled by any ' stove in the United Stales. These stoves are a Statue of Washington the Father of onr country, aurraoantinf two p<?destali, r one for wood and the other for coal. The one lor wood ii conI itructed for alive aud dumb stove conibiii'-d, and for a live tore only. The fire chamber in the pedestal is constructed in I such a maimer that the fire, by mean* of a rerertahle plate or partition in the stove. cause* the heat to circulate through the i entire height of the atatue, --iviu^ a large and beautiful radiating j surface. They have alao a hot air chamber attached, eud every I thing being arranged on the moat acientitic principle Kor r genrnl utility they cannot fail to give aatiafiction. The ?ub. scriber invi e* (lie atti-ntion of those about purchasing to call I and aatisfy themselvra of the above fact*. They can be aeru in o|K'ration daily and for aale only in die city at 114 Orand atreet, one door east of Broadway. JAMES HINDS. oil lm*m > BOAT AND OAK BAZAAR?At thia establishment canbe Lf found every description of Boats that the ingenuity of man! ran suggest. Look at what he ha? done and (hen judge of what he can do. At hia eatabliahment waa built the following nnrivalled boats, vii The Swifuure. of New foil ndlanJj the siiteen foot sailing Dinky Tronbliv, Ill* iMinaH 01 IIOIIMW, una mr i tin rry. 1 lie row row boats Henry Stark. which won ? men in It months; the noble Cimbria; tli? U. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United States shin Ohio; the barge Empress for Florida: ll.? linu? mounted gig Neptune for Tarapieo Bay, and a host of other* etiually great. | OAKS, MwKKI'S AND SClTLLa-lJO.OOO feet on hvid; also2,000 fei't of Lnnard's celebrated Mmlls for sale. This oew br.uich of his business is truly worthy of attention ? ' Look at the prices, only three and four pence a foot. All the I trulls for racing dressed by tha proprietors own hinds. Those llmt won lh? last race can now be sevn at his office. Sixty - Boats always on liaud. Visit his Bauan if yon desires treat ' Atl work delifered free of charge C. L. INOKIWOLL, 196.406 and 414 WaUt and 141 Cherry streets?sole proprietor. ocH It*'i W YC ORK, WEDNESDAY M( MUSIC. \fKSSll8. SCHNKIDKH & HKBiiUN, kProfcjuor. of Mu?ic, late or Saratoga Spriugi, res|*ctfully announce, that they art- now prepared to gi?* tlii-ir attendance at private partiea. toire*. ?en-nadea. tic . durinir the en.ninir innui ixr tanning the in nit u.oderu and popalar tnuiiic. All Oiders for their attendance will be received anil answereo at their present ggjgggg. M Crosby st. 0I6 Iin*r MADAME SUTTON, FKOKK88OH OK 8 I N <} I N O , S6 Varick street, 8t. John*' Park. sli Sm*r MUSIC. TOStPIl KAMN1ERKR, Professor of Music, respectfully ? auuouuceste his Patroni nud the Public in gtiieraf, that lie has removed from i9 Crosby la 136 Laurent street, where all order* for hia Cotillion Band, to wait on Parties, lie., tu or oat of town, will be received and promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. will also be received at Mr. W. Dubois' Malic 8torr, 286 Broadway. u2 lm*rrc ITALIAN MU81C.-MR. MANNING, (twenty.yean rrn 1 dent in Noplea,) pupil of Pacini and<u)tim, give* instructions on term* to suit the times, in Italian French, and English siugtnK> and iu the most fashionable style of piano ferte playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the follow::.: gentlemen:? J. M. Wainwright, L>. D.; Messrs. Howland St Aspinwall: J. F. Seiiroder. 1). D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham; F. L. luwkn, I). D,? Mr. hi Ward. Mr. M. resides at 210/i Hudson street, near Hitting sL il lin*r MUSIC FOR PA It TIES TV/TE88RS. (J. WF.I8S it KR. ORAMB8H, Professors of Music, restwctlully antioutice to their patrons, the ladies andyenilemeji of New York itudits vicinity, that their Cotillion Band is prepared to play the most adinued and fashionable Muitc for Private Parties, Soirees, So-. Orders thankfully received aud punctually attended to at 36 Delancey st, also at Mr.Millot's Music Saloon, 329 Broadway, or at Mr. Jollie's Music 8tore, 38J Broadway. nt lm*r TO PIANO FOKTE MAKERS" JOHN GILL, manufacturerof Piano Forte Hardware, wishe ? to announce that in addition to his establishment, (on 26th street and td Avenue) that he hat made arrangements with Mr. John Phvfc, ivory dealer, No. 19 Murray street, New York,(as agent) where luiy article of piano forte hardware can be purchased as cheat) as elsewhere, and iu any quantities. J. O. respectfully solicits attention to the superior quality of his manafactnred goods, especially his improved tuning piiis, which are wamnteil iu every respect. Sixteen yea's close atteution to the above busineta in New York has euabled J. U. to enow exactly what the piano forte makers require. All orders to John Gill, 26th street and 3d Avenue, New York, or to Mr. Johu Fhyfe. as above, will meet with immediate attenDon. Goods forwarded to any part of the United Statis. olT lm*m HARPS T F. BROWNE fc CO. Manufacturer* of the Improved Patent Double Action Harp, by lloyal Letters Patent, London?established IK 10, (many year* with Erard,) No. 315 Broadway and >3W Chambers street. New York. J. F. Browne otters I'er sale at 3?5 Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instrument* in the United States. His uiangemeuts are such as to enable him to transact business at European prices, thereby saving purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff on tliese instruments. J. F. Browne would observe these Harps are constructed on the most approved principles, with ell the modem improvements, are unequalled iu brilliancy c f toue, fineness of touch, and perfectness of mechanism. Pdtiicalar care is taken to fit them lor the extremes of climate iu this couutry, iu which respect they will be found far superit i to any of European manufacture imported iu the usual wiy. These Harps are patronised by the elite of musical taste and professional talent id Europe-, among the latter, he would mention N. C. Boclisa, who inva':ably select* from this establishment. The attention of jiro lessors in this country is solicited. Lists of prices and descriptions may be forwarded Dy post. lupainni carefblly attended to; Harp* taken in exchange. Btringa. lie. oil lin*?c M?S. PURDY'S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL FOR VOUNO LADIES, NO. 98 Hamersley street.?Mrs. Purdy aud her two daughters having recently arrived from England, where they were engaged in giving iustrnctiou In the various branches of English Education Music, Drawing and French, are prepared to receive a limited number ol young ladies Her terms are regulated by the geueral reduction,iu every department, for which, and other particulars,the begs to refer to her card, which will be furnisned on application at her residence. nt tm?r THE COLUMBIAN LADY'S AND GENTLEMAN'S A MAGAZINE.?Oil the lit of January, 1814, will he'pub lish-d th - first nuur.rer of the Columbian Lady i and (ientlem.111'1 Magazine, edited by JOHN INMAN, and Titled with contributions from the inoit eminent aud accomplished writers of the country. Th? motives which hare led to the commencement of this undertaking may be briefly atsted It 11 believed by the proprietor thai thee ii in the United Statei iui immense provision of literary ability for which as yet there is no adequate eucouragetneui or field of display; thst besides the number! of clever aud suucesilul write's, whose productions are weklv and month y, and annually read with delight by thousands, there are yet greater numbers constantly arriving at maturity of (lower, who have only to appear on the stage of publication to receive a brilliaut award of fame, and that the powen of th^se whose uames are alr-ady pronounced with teipect by lips ol wisest censure, are capable of more aud still hi^ner exertions than h?ve yet been called forth. It is believed, too, tint the demand for literary production in tnis country, especially iu Uie periodical chauuel, exceeds the supply in a very lariefiroportion, and that new supplies hare only to be presented or the right inality and in the right way, to ensure a hevty welcome aud profitable reception. No doubt ii entertained of the American Blind's ability to instain itself, certainly ou its own g ouud, if uotacroau, against all the coin|ietition that ihe intellect of other lands can bring to the encounter; and lull assnr uce u felt that among the millions of American readers there cin be and is a cordial welcome for all that American wiitees can produce of ncelleut and interesting, Krom these premises it is undoubtedly inferred that them is abundant room (or another Magazine, notwithstanding the merit and success of those al ready in being; that there can be no lack of ability to till its pages acceptably within the reach of capital and liberal enterprise; and Ihst such periodical will not lail to be greeted as a welcome visiter by thousands nnos thousands who as yet have done little or uotJmg toward the support and development of A of ii. ,11 periodical iifrature. Another and strong motive Ins been the feeling that Now York, the first c ty of the Union, should he the home of a periodical owning no superior in either merit or success, The Columbian Magazine will be published on the first day ol every m' nth. its meclianicsl arrangements will comcrisrthe best paper, type and workmanship, that money can proc w, its contributors will be sought for among the abUst mil most popular writers in the country, and efforts will b? spared to lecure the aid of those moit distinguished inch as John L. Stephens W. C. Brtaut J. K Cooper J. K. Paulding K.G Halleck N P.Willis H. W. Herburt Nathaniel Hawthorns II. T. Tuckerman H. W. Louglellow J. R. Chandler C. K. Hoirman T C. Orattan T. S. Arthur J. C. Neil II. F. Harriufton W' (J. Sitnms II. II. Weld Epei Sargent J. Neil T. 8. Kay f. Benjamin II. W. Griiwold K. II. Dana Oeo. P. Morris Kufus Dawes Heba Smith It. M. Bird Mr?. Emma C. Embury Mri. Mary (.'layers ? Aim u. oiqmpns ivin. r rancrs n uiRUoa Mrj. "cba Kinth Mrs. E F. Kiln Mr?. H. K. Bfechfr Slow* Mrs. Volney E. Howard Mrt, Lydia H. Sigourneyd Mis. M. St. Leon Loud Mil. W. II. Esjing Mis. A. M. Annan Mr?. Lydia Jane r ierson Miss Elizi Leslie _ Miss Mm tali K. (ton Id Miss C. M. Sedgwick Miss E. A. Duptiy Miss Jcliet H. Lewi? Miss Lucy Austen Miss Mary Darenaut Miss "atali Hewed Miss Emily Francis Miss M A. ( 'airmail Miss Meetd M. Duncan Miss E. S. Norton M .ss Virginia De Forest Miss Margaret Coze Miss A. 8. Lindsay Miss Marion H. ILuid Miss C. M. Ketelta*. With many o| these, arrangements Imve alreadv been made, ?s well as with others wliose refutation is sure, theugh yet to be established in the public regard. The proprietor entertains sanguine hopes uf accomplishing an object to which he looks forward with pride?the secured co-0|>eratioii of regular and occ&iioual contributors, forming a list unequalled in this country. In each number there will be two or more engravings from original i aintings, from such aitists us Chapman, lughtm luman. Osgood, Ike. engraved in Mezzotint, Line, and Stipple, by H. 8 Sadd, W L Ormsby, Sic. besides a plate of fashions, colored, and occasionally other illustrations, so that every subscriber will receive iu the course of the year at least twentyfour elegant productions of the graphic art, which could not be otherwise prourcd at three or four times the anuual costol the whole magazine. In each number there will also be two pages of music, original or judiciously selected by a competent professor of the art. rroper regard will be paid to the current issurs f.oin the book press; not so much, however, with a view to notice of all the volumes that may ap|>ear. aa to the expression of ma'ured opinions concerning those which shall be deemed worthy of tne public atteuiion and confidence. The aim of the Editor will be rather to furnish judicious criticisms, oil which readers and purchasers may rely on for guidance, than to present a mere laudatory Cnronicle of New I'ubl'cations, TIMB. The Columbian Magazine (I year ia advance) Si do do do 2 do S'i Two copies one year $.') Dtalers in periodicals throughout the IIn'trd States and the Canada*, who wish to become agents for the Columbian Magazine, will pleaie apply to th? pnblisner MMMMMf. The usual discount wi'l be made to tvem. lu addition to the above the publisher simply adds, for the benefit of all, that tfte work will be sustained ny safllcient cspitil. Editors who will iniert this nroapectns e-. tire, and sind

a copy marked and addrrssed to the Columbian Magazine, shill have a Aipy of it sa?tto them fir one year Address, p <s:, IS HA EL POST, Publisher, nil 2tdy codh3twv*r SB Bowery, l\ew Vork PHILADELPHIA DAOUERREOTY P K ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND V. rI1HE Subscriber has received a large supply of Voigtlanders' celebrated Daguerreotypa Appartus, larire aud small sues, with achromatic leusw made according to Professor Petzval'i calculation. Alto a new anpply of beat plates and chemicals, which he warrants good and sella at reduced prices. The folTswing gentlemen have agreed to act a* agents, viz? E. White, E?q., 17J Broadway New frYork P. IIaai, t.s'i, Washington, D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. S. Broadbent, Esq, lor the Southern States. Wm. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUOENHEIM. olJJm't Eichange Buildings, Philadelphia fjNITED STATE a DAOU EH HI AN OALLkRV, I7i Broadway, up st-ii s.?K. WHITE would reo*-ilulh ca'l the attention of citiieus anil st niigi'rs, Tisi'int the city to his mini Dagurrreotyi? Portraits, either single or lu groups from two to i4 pe tons on the nm? pLte. Portraits taken in all kinds of weather either with or without olors. Mr White i? the ?o e agent Air the su|H-rinr imported German ('arnaraa iu the city of New York, and at no other eilab lishmeut in this city ran they he obtaiued. S'. 15?liriiorted Ueiman Camara-, f ranch and American Cantatas. Plate (airs, Chemi-ais, Potiiliiug Materiali, Ike., dm on hu d, for sale nt ihe lowest price*. n7 3.n?m Flumbk i)\tjuv.itiika"n~oai7lkiues or paTK.NT COLOHKD PI1')TOOKAP1I8? 261 Broadway, New York 136 ('heatlint street, Philadelphia 75 Coari street, B Ok ton Comer of No'th and Baltimoie streets, Baltimore And Dnuw's Buildings, Albany ?constituting the oldest and most extensive establishment of the kind in the world, and containing npwaAls of a thousand pictures. Admittance free. ..... These Portraits having been awaided the r int Premium and Highest honor by the American and Kranklin Institutes, ret Mttivaly, at their last fthibitions, are thus officially sustained in lh" position of superiority herstofore universally assigned them bv the pudIic, as the most beautiful Daguerreotypes erer produced. Linetifsses tak>n every dty, W'thont regard to weather. Pliinnie's I renuuni Apparatus and Patent Rights, Plates,Cases, *c *c. whoh sale and retail __ n7 lm*in FORTUOUdliTKfcM A Lb PILLS. "PHKU^ far-fame^ ud celebrated Pills, (torn Portugal, ?r* w? 4 perceive, to be obuiued in this I country, .bee advertise ?mu oa lb* Um MtaauaJeuUi iWi )RK B 3RNING. NOVEMBER 15, FOR ERUPTIONS ON THE SEIN. GHAFD HANDS OK FACE, 1)I8F1GUREMEN IS, FRECKLES, BLOTCHES. &0. P rpH E public luve b*n liuinbUKKt-d so mucli with no*trum?, o( J- lliat liny are al'nuii to try a pliyiiciau'a remedy; still if th? b' seusihU are iliow u tliat an article is rfally cliruiical and me-ti- J>] cal, tliey must belieie it, uow ihi* i< pre trd to have cured the s, wont caaes of rrnprion, rliapped tlwli, lie , when tlie most . powerful tonici luf tailed. As a cosmetic it is reallv mi- 10 raculo???it clears antl beaut'fies tlie skin most wonderfully? *' it 11 eicell.-nt to wa?h toffs Willi; lor mfauta with tender thwh, nt nud men with aore bear la, it is excellent. It curea alio aalt- m ilieum, acurvy, ery?ii?la?, itch, Sold at the Sigu of thu America" Kagle, ftJ < lutlum at?price Ml ceata 4 cake: V State at, Boatou; I Ledger Building, Philadelphia, or 13S Kultou at. M Brroklvn. lil Tli' Mnoriah llair L)ye?Price M cent* and $1 in botile, for tli dyeing light, red or grey hair a dark brown or black?Sold at 0E the lime place n, Jonej'Spaniah Lily Whi'e?Kor making ladie* cheeks aline " aUbitter white. Thu ia ditfnren'. to common chalk?yvt w?r- ?tl ran t it not to injure. in Country mere haute, cantaina and othera, allowed a liberal foi diacount to aell again. All lettrra, poat |>aid, attended to. ID lm*ec FENCING ACADEMY." W MKSSRS. ROBAT it KCKKKT ha.e the honor to in- an form the citizens of New Voik. that they litve o|iened an Academy of Anna at 3i3 Broadway, corner of Anthouv street, y where th-y iliteud teaching Small Sword, Broadsword, Cone, 1 fcc. a* well *a Sparring. Hating had long eipericuce m teaching the above branches, do they hi>l<e to aecuM tin- patrouate of tlioacwho wish to become wl firat rati- IWOrdsmea. m; These graceful and useful exercise* expand the cheat and correct natural delect* of lornution They reuder the body more rigorous. auprleaud active, and give that easy carriage that ia Jo always oDaaived iu well educated men. B1 A. K. ROSiT. th, nil lm*r CHARLES Kl'KERT. J BOARDING *n URK^CIl and American Boarding House. No. Ci Roadeat., -L a few doors Irom Broadway. Boarder? will find it au nit agreeable home, at a moderate price. The French it generally Co spoken. l)ay boarders taken o36 lm*m pr _ GENTEEL HOARDING I AT MRS. UHIRE'S, all No. 87 CoriTi. 4nrt Htkkkt. Jo QINOLE OR MARRIED <?entleinen can be accommodated w with excellent Board and comfortable Room* on moderate *? term*. J18 Also, a front Parlor and Bed Room on the second Moor, furnished or unfuniished. o9 Im'm l "D OARDING?Several furnished rooms for gentlemen and on -D their wive* or (ingle gentlemen. Enquire at 86 White at. ko oJO lm*r ou ATHKNEIIM HOTEL, 347 Broadwav, is piepared to let ]?c Pallors and bed Room* to famines or niiie'f gentlemen, ini with or without board. JOHN RO0SON. n!3 6tis*r ^ HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL M* rPH K undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and ho the public, that the Mansion House is now located in In- gll quisidor street, No. 67, in the viciuit< of the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged in the neatest order. A i>erson is employed to proenre permits to land passengers, baggage, Itc. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of the revenue officers. N, B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from jui the Spanish Cousul, at toe port of embarkation, to obviate dif- n. ficulties and inconvenience. UB s316mec _ WILLIAM FULTON. "8 UOtt SALK with immediate possession, the stock and lis- -1 tures of that old established house, well kuown as the Caledonian Hotel, 5 Gold street near Maiden lane. The stock of "n wines aud liquw is of very superior quality, aud the house affords every accommodation for boarders, and has been estab- th lishetl for upward* of twenty years. Every thing ou t*e pr?- jo mises will be told cheap for raili, as the present proprietor is a, ahont to |e?ve for tin old. country. For particulars, apply on , trie preinires n? lui*ec TXTATCHEB.?The largest and most splendid os'orlineui cl .. "* Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? 1,1 As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Silver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from the manufac- th turers, in England, France, and Switzerland^ he is enabled to sij offer a larger assortment, aud at much less prices, at retail, than any other house in the city. Gold watches as low as $20 to $25 each Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watchen, clocks and jewellery reiwired in the best manner, Ed uvJ warranted lower than at auy other place in the city G. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, it7 Irar Wholesale mid retail, 30 Wall street, up stairs. |je '"PHE SUBSCRIBERS are now prepared to sell Watches A and Jewelry as low, if not lower, than any otlie* house in the city. To wit: ,Jt>ld Watches from ?15 to #100 each. Silver do. Irom $5 to $50 each. All watch** warranted to keep u, good lime or the money retir ned. Watches, trucks aud M u- " sical Boxes repaired and warranted, lower thui any other house , in the city. Second hand watches aud old Gold and Silver CI taken in exchange, or bought for cash. THOMPSON Ik lai FIsHER, importers of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and yi( letail. No. 331 Broadway, New York. .'v.tluo iv. i _ _ nSlm?m RICHARD ElSHfcR. TO THE PUBLIC. bi 1 00 TO $5000.?Mr. Francis It Cramp, Watch Maker, ]e, 21S Grand street.begs to iulorm hi* friends aud the ptblie, that inde|?ndeut of the Watch business, he is prepared " 19 dulm advances in caih on gold and Mirer watches,diamonds, *t silver tea sets, spoons. forks, and every description of cold or silver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Caih to any th amonnt paid for old gold and silver. Watches of every de- th tcription repurad aud warranted. ath Grand street. all 3m*r S CALKS AND WEIGHTS of etery description nmnuluc- "j* In rod bv Drown and Fearuhead, 3.1 Fultou street, comer of Gold. The subscribers luve received various diplomas for best scale* exhibited at tlx' late aud former fairs of the American III- L< stitute. Banks', brokers', jewellers', apothecaries', and grocers' an scales, manufactured in superior style, and of the finest finish , ,,0 platform scales, |nt-*nt balances, tiu ware kc.; scales repaired ' and adjusted; weights graduated to snv standard. ?2(i 1 in? in XrtTfTcTaTTVlOVVERS AND REUCHES, wholesale snd retail, cheaper thau auy house in the trade, at T. im PR1 CE'H Manufactory, 21 l}i Grand street, second block east of the BoWMTi south side. Fed 1th and country milliners would do well to call and save he: thirty rents on the d illar. tei Gold and silver head dresses for halls and parties olT 1m*r 'TIIE SUBSCRIBERS have just received from Gerinanv en A and oiler for sale, a variety of \V ATER l'ROOK aud ny AIR TIGHT articles, called ANHYDRINE. for which pa- K? tenti have been taken out in England and (Jermany, They re! aie vastly superior to THOSE iu use manufactured by the aid of Indiarnblwr.from which they ?re distinguished by being per- ,,' fectly INODOROLS, INELASTIC. hut supnle, aud under- Ca going no alterat'011 whatever by change of temperature. tei These articles are manufactured with wool cotton, linen, silk, ho &.C., of which may be made CLOAKS HUNTING J ACK- f?j ETS. GAITERS, APRONS, MILITARY TENTH. a. HAVKRS\CKS. AWNINGS. MARUUEES, KNOINfi , HOSE. Also, HAT AND BONNET LININGS, with , nu?(. a^u uuuvr.n lor mose aiiucteu wim cout unu rhenma'isin; AIR CUSHIONS, NLLOW8, MATTRESSES. &c. A'nmff the rest they have an article prepared for up] WAGON COVERS, for the USK OK RAILROADS iind w, to roTrr all kinds ?l' vehicle* and bead. Also for BALLOONS anil for II AOS. which iiwjr contain watery. gaseous or oily lluitls. without any chance of le\ka?r. They nave also of this manufacture an eice'lent article of SAIL CLOTH, ?|. which will arrest the passage of air, will last longer, be lighter than ordinary sail cloth, and require a less number of hinds to manage tliem. In the m'.nn'artune of I'MBRELLAS this artie'e must supercede every other material. Indeed, the usual In "pplimtiou of the ANHYDR1NE mint be almoa* tin I nine d. ll must not be omitted to stale that this article is admirably <|U adapted as a cover for feather beds; th* perspiration from diseased or even healthy pei?ons so injurious and destructive to feathers, will under its nse be prevented from penetrating and Co cannot extend beyond the exterior of the tick. .? PKEIKER k WISSMAKN, ?" nl3 lm*rc 2'J South William street. M. COFFEE. ba WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, re( No. 64 Barclay street, Near Oreenwich, >/ew Yorlc. pONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale. Green, Roasted cu s-' and Ground Coffe's; Oround Pepper. Cinnamon, Alspice, or< Ginaer, (Hove*. Musiard, Maee. Nutm?gs. ki. bit Coffee Roasted and Groaud for Orocers, at tne shortest notice, tin ? J C. KIN.NER. Wl Oy Ooods seat to any pirt of the city free of eipense. u nil lm?m _ *u) HODGE'S LONDON w? CORDIAL (UN. tra rPHIS superior article can always be obtained at the Wiue on J- Vaults, No. 114 Hilton street, one dour from bntrh street, he HODGE'S nil CELEBRATED LONDON BITTERS. These bitters are highly recoin tended by the Medical l>acnl ty of Europe as a restor live for th appetite, -nd can be used iu lri i*t nnre stare <rm ie?l with water, wines or liquors, and c n he obtained at all the . rinciinl hoiels in the United Slat's. Sold wh' 'e?a'e only at No lit Kulton si. one iloor <r?m Dutch st li Audits for Boston, Mass.?Mesirs. Blake Si Trumbull, corner " Milk and Federal stieets. For Provideuce, H. I., Mr. Thomas ?n SiK-ncer, No. IS West Water street. P S.?Tin above articles may be had in bottle* for family at "*AI?>?STOUGHTON'S BITTERS. ESSENCE PF.PPERMINT, '"IH DELPHI* POHTER, ALE AND CHAMPAGNE C1DEK, of superiorginl' NO. IK KULTON SJRF.F.T, *a n!3 Im'ee One door fr"tn Dntch stree\ su DEPOT It OF GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READY MADE LINENS. UNDER GARMENTS, hcfcr. 'PHE Subscriber would call the attention oftheir patrons and atranaeri visiting this city, to their rich and esteutive at- on orttiwiit of stocks, acarfa, crarati, gloves, *n|?euders, pocket landkerrhiefs, dntsing iovr.i, hosiery, Iambi wool, merino, f ilk, cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other under shirts aud drawers Their assortment of theabove goods, and all other articles _ , ippertaioing to a gentleman's wnrdroVe are rich, varied, and itennre, and well worthy the attention of the fashionable community, they wrnild particularly recommend their new i ityl.* of (ffiitlemeu's shirts, as ( tntainma many improvements. 1 flic shirts at present manufactured by tnetn, are cut to suit the All form of the wearer, thereby doing away with the tar^e overplui ext of liuen used under the old system of catting, and adding not e(t, only to the comfort of the wearer, bnt to tne beauty of the ,, form This improvement was so manifest to the Judges of the late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium wis <*' iwarded to tlie iubscril>eri; their |>atentelastic Brace it particu- we larly recommended to all persons who have acquired the habit <w if stooping They will be found of immense benefit to persons ,j,.f if ?*dent iry habits, by bracing the ahotild-rs; they strengthen i,nr the bick. and eipand the chest, and will be found of no iinpedi- . meni to the fr-e uae olthe arms. They would also call atten- J1*1 tion to their pnt-'nt elastic Kussin or riding belt. Gentlemen -?oi may depend on being suited with the b?at and inott fashionable dy uticles, by calling at the old establishment ol PARSELLS St AQATE, an JO Jm*ee tJT Broadway, corner nf Park place. my SHIRTS' SHIRTS!-The subscrilier lits on hand a com aoo plete assortment of Shirts, made in the best manner and of |v , 4ne mater'.ils, of the following kinds, vilw Fine Musliii Shirts, with linen boioms and wristbands l)o do do do aud collar* rya Kancv Oolor?d Shirts, of various kinds. wo Also. Sil*c and Satiu Scarfs, plain and figured; English, ea I French and Itilian Silk and Satin Cravats, black and colored; Under Shirts and Drawers, of Jierino, silk and cotton; Shaker ] flannel aud Shaker knit; merino, lainbswool, cotton, silk, r country koitand shaker knit Half Hose; Hloves. Suspenders, Cravat Btilfenerj. Collars, Bosoms. Silk Purse*, kc. he.?all of V'C which will be told at reasonable terms at oat CHAFFlN's Furnishing Siore, I'ioi n7 lm*m _ 1>9 Broadway (100 HOWILL HAVE TEE TOOTH ACHE, wien, by Iroi railing on W. E. PARSONS, Deutiaf, No 2>3 Bleeker, ma, directly oprotite Downing street, they csn nave the nerve r*e- #.()J atroyrd in < moment, and tilled to I it for tweuty yeara, or if y loo much decayed, ha*e it e?t>aC?ed for only t) cents, teeth in- . se.ted on 'he in.isC improved principles, filling, 8te &( ;allO|*. >? ration* pi firmed in tliat proiiortiou which ciunot fail to come ate within tlie intent of every individual, aud warranted to be doi.e <nn in 'he be?' njssible manner, or the money refunded. N.B. References will be given te tome of ihe flrtt families in p the immediate vicinity, who ha?e experienced the benefitt of * *\ his operations to their entire satisfaction, and who will tettify c,l>' to live abovt auwmeuts. ulO lui*ec not [ERA 1843. City Intelligence. Police, Tuesday, Nor. 14 Arhkst bt " Patiiol olios "?On Monday evening the hall door ol the house i Kdward C.Deluvdii, 88 Greenwich street, ww opened . y some moan* unknown to the inmates, utid two \ ulnaie overcoat* Wi re atolt'ii. In a short time alier, ottii'er lephensot the p trol police, arrested a yellow man pastg through the ktreit, who ha<l two overcoats upou hii lit, anil took him to the watch house, where beguvethe line ot Jeremiah Spriggn. The rogua was l'ully com. itted. Paiiimj Olobk Bah* Monkt ?Henry Johnson and ichael Downey, who arrived in this city a lew week* elf are from Montreal, were arreited yesterday, while in ov e act of proceeding to New Orleans in the ship Hilali, in charge of passing $33 in notis of tho Irauiiuleut Ol lobe Dank of this city on llichard Kelly, of 68Cheriy reel. Tney alleged that they received them in this city ' exchange tor Canada bank notes, iuid wero com milted r examination. ATTturr to Rob am Eiciianuk Orricr: ?On the night the 8ih inctant, the window of the Kzchango olftce ot illiam McOauley, Grand street, Wu? broken into, >> < d several pieces of imitation coin, of no value, placed XI ere to catch the gaze of the paster by, were Molt n. sterday a boy num. u James Wright, wa* arretted on o charge, but asserted that ho was farced into the win su w by some one behind line. Not being able to explain , 10 iorced his llugers to cling to tho coin, ho u an com- ' tted to answer. in Burglary amo Bkiep.?A colored man, named Bill hmon, wai arretted vesti rdiiy, charged by William T. or air, 47 Mutt street, with breaking open hia meat shop wj e night prcviou*, and stealing a puce ol meat,which he 0j tntiBed as his, valued at i>J. Jobnaon was committed, . d soon alter, another peraon appeared, who stated un- V roatli, that he had told Johnion a piece cf beel thut ao , ' ich resembled the one stolen from Bair, that they th< tild not be told apart, wer? it not that he hud lome tei ivate mat ka upon it. re< Bhop Limcaa.?Thin class of rogues are increasing in na nost a fourlold proportion. Yesterday a fellow, named na hn Henderson,was caught in the act of stealing twelve rds of worated pluth,valued at $-J4. belonging to Ashaol in) lymond, of A3 Uhatnam street. Uu was fully commit- ne ' set Coroner's O/Hce.?Tuesday, November 14?Sue" |re m Death or Haikt Paksohs?This gentleman, long nn iown as a resident of our city, and recently asoneoi ()|| r Port Wardens, fjlldownon the sidewalk yesterday . lining while opposite Trinity Church, and died almost mediatoly. Apoplexy is supposed to be tho cause. " Killcd bt a Kali.i-io Wah..?Yesterday morning " mle William Foster, dock builder, was engaged in us ting to tear down the wall of n brick banding of a ">l use in thu upper part ol the city, it suddenly gave way, . d belore be could escape whs crushed beneath the lal- in ig fragments and died soon after. tin Circuit Court. ^ Beioie Judtre Kent. . Nov. 13th.? Cum. Con ? fan Call vs. Sharp ?The ry were out all night, and at thiee o'clock tnis alter- ,0' ion, Judge Kent finding there was no prospect ot their reeiag, sent for them, and laying before them the h<* leran and responsible duty they had to discharge, the wl cessity there existed for their coming jto soma decision, bu id the detriment to public morality iu bringing such an jn [position ol society again before the public?he asked W| em to say whether it was the conviction ol the maruy that there was no likelihood ol their agreeing. ' ' <ve.ral of the jurors answered in the affirmative. idge Kent then said, "Gentlemen with a heavy heart I "** charge yoii, thanking you lor the patience and atten- nil in you have giveu during the whole ot this trial." pl? The jury, we learn, stood ten in favor oi (hiding for an e defendant, and two for tho plaintiff, giving him oaly gir c cents damages, without corns. ai) For the Plaintiff.?yUmtn. David Graham, Jr. and Uey- ^ il4(. For Dr/tmluiit.?Judge Tallmadge, Messrs. Jordan aud lm IwarJs. P11 |9 | ticncral Sriilom. hu; ifore llecoi Jcr Tuiimndge ?uJ Aldermen Emmaus and rih Joms B. riiiLLim, Esq , Acting District Attorney. Nov. 14?Grand Larceny.?A colored boy, named . ' inry Gn-y, was tried lor stealing a gold watch, chain d Uey, valued at $100, from thu house of Dr. (Jreen, 12 c<1.' inton place, being the property of Mr*. Henry Doug l'ri ia. Having previounly confessed the thelt, he was con- thi :to>! and sent to the House ol Reluge. ph Theft among Steamboat tVaileie.?A black fellow, po med William Martin, who hits been a waiter ou board jjj e steamboat Massachusetts, was tried for stealing $30 in H(, nk notes from another colored man named Thomas AlD, who was a porter on board of the same boat. He yt as convictcd and eent to thu State prison for two years en id six months. The Board of County Canvassers meeting at 1J o'clock, pil e Aldermvn were compelled to leave, and the Court en adjourned. pri A1ond4t, November 13.?Hone Thief.?K young man ne med Edward O. Lunt, a cabinet tnnker by trade, and a kn tiveof Boston, was tried lot- stealing a hone on ibe Ic th of September last, valued at (80, Irom the stable of np ;wis It Carter, livery stable keepers, of Astoria. AJex- ,,u] ?!ur Tabor found the prisoner with the hoise in hit sseesion coming down the Third Avenue, and when he coated him, he said the horse belonged to his lather, Hm d he wished to sell him for $10, ami subsequently offer fHi him for twenty live cents. He was then arrested, and is I mediotely afterwards attempted to escape; but was pur- Or ed aud re-irrested. No justification or explanation Ch ing ottered by the accuml, he was convicted and sen- fo iced to the State prison lor two years. Plea of Gu'ltij?Anthony Williams, n yellow man, . terod a plea ot guilty to an indictment lor petit larce- , *in stealing a piece of satinet valued at $17, from Hugh 11 11 illy St Co. 13a Bowery, on the 34th of August, and wus >,a manded for sentence on Friday. in I Forfeited Hecognizanrei?The recognizances of Georgo an< i?tle? and W>lli?m Castles, for riot and assault and bat- for -y on John H. Briggs, who had chartereJ the steam- [[ s at Superior, on the I'.hot July last, were declared lor- , ted, an also that of William Castles, lor a separate as- ' ult and battery on Brigg*. " The trial ol the other parties in thii riot wa? set down Ht}( r Friday of thia week. *11 Lottery Cases? A large number ol trials of persona for Th liing lottery tickets were set down for Mon-Uy, but rnB jrc postponed until Wednesday. tuli cit New York Farmers' Club.?A meeting of this ,ei lib was held yesterday between the hours of 12 inr d half past 2, at the Repository of the American elitute. It was a very thin meeting in con^e- ,n ence of notices not having been duly given. The i ien or fifteen, however, who were preterit, including ti* m. DcKay, General Tallmadge, Samuel Stevens, and ?* lers, held an informal meeting. A letter was read by "'J Meiggs from Daniel C. Col?en, President of the Man- n|e ttan Gas Works, in relation to the use of ammonia, the Hp use of the gas works, for manure. Mr. Princo pre- wil >ted some apples, and Mr. Ward some Isabella grape 1101 ttings, which are said to ripen a month earlier than rhl linary. M. Meiggs presented some fe-da ofthecucur- ten ua hicolo*. Considerable discussion arose as to the wo je and place of the future meeting of tha eluH. fom On re in lavor of meeting t Tammany Hall, or some other ( blic place, where the inner man could be comforted lile the intellectual man should be enlightened Others , in .ri...ull? .1 ll.. ? kovo no ??. '' i e*pen?e ia iosurred. It wrni dually Hgrtied to mem I',(J ce a fortnight, at Rome public pUch to he designated tnii reafter by n commute* of which Com Da K*y i? Cbnir. he in. Thus did the Farmer*'Club vote lor consumption he ith one bund, and productloa with the otlur. Let all t.v del thrive. Steam ?irp Hikirnia, trom Boston, arrived nt alildX on ill-31 tnst. at 12fc L'. M , in 45 hours? 'Jt| ok on board sixteen additional passengers, and left 6 P. M. lor Liverpool. Lonokvity ?The father of (Jen Joshua Win "* te, who lately died at Portland, at the age ol 71, rvives him, and rettide* at Hnllowell. He ic nearly <) h tundred years of age. uei eV? Tiir Griat Coppkr Rock which was discovered ^h the shore of Lake Erie, is in Albany. in Nbw Jersey.?'Thursday, the ' . , " ant t proximo, it? set upon as the day. Ml ? attf Late from Florida?We have received the Ht i>ea uintine New* <>t the 4'h mutant, ir?m which w? 4 >u ract the following la our paper ot the 7th nit. ve t^r, r? an account ot the horbnrou* murder of John H |lf. ireen, one of the aettlers on th?* southern coast. by the agol negroes which ran away trom tbn place a lev* . < ks since The circumstance* attending this murder 1 "y re of 9 character *0 inhuman and brutal a* to excite 'r'' p sympathy and commisseration 'rom all to whom they "I* < :ttmeknown. The melancholy tate ol a woithy :<t ual r recently arrived in the country, thn rati tale of hi* rnc jta robbed, himself cruelly murdered, hi* mangled bo- |t)g exposed 011 the b.irren sand", the prey of the bu*z ir<1? r)ir( I wolf, and hia amall md helplesschildren lelt to starve )n(|, a lone and desolate island,|>ortrayed a picture *0 gloo . and horrible as to elicit the mo?t painluI feeling* A* J n aa the (acta became known, Oen. Worth in:mrdi lie- ,I" tlnapitcbed ordera to the otticera in command at Key vtr )it to appre hend th's murderera. Though the order adeapatched, and a party attovt with a promptitude G rthy of great praiae, therei< rraaon to tear thn wretch- (j liar e affected their etcape to one ol the Bahama Island*. 1 Bad Luck to tiik Farmkrh ?Private letters ' m Quebec mention that many farmers in the frV inity of Quebec and toward* Kamouraska, havo much l'1' j and potatoes out, with snow on the ground and hard p*c it. It it feared that the neceuity which dtove the pleof that district to petition lor and accept ol aid nv m the Legislature in 1831? 4, to purchaao setd corn, 1114 f again exist, although lurh assistance will not now- lltir iy* be given them lany tanner* in the <li>trict of Montreal have also n.l caught by the early froaf. Thousands of bu?hej# still in the ground. In Vaudreuil there are tn.ithoii- ' * dbu*h*-l< now out?tbe case is similar North and "" ith of thi* city?in th.- counties of Terrebonne and o Mountains, and also in those of Cl.amhly, si llya 1 ' the,and Kouville. All these Mill be lo?t. We hare " jetheardlrom the Eastern Township*. ' w^smmBasmmsaeammBsmsmmmm ID. Mm Two Cent* New Orlt-aim. ! Correspondence ol the licrMtl.) New ORLBANS, Nov. 4, lrt43. ** of S'earnboat Luda?Caute* of Steambmt Dm utter* oil the Miuiu:ppi?Durription ?f Miuiirtfti lixitt?Specie?C'oUon?Bank DefaUation? Louitiuna Court t atu.1 Jiulges I regret to announce the losa of another of our autilul packet Meuniboat*. The Luda, a light, 'gant and costly, commanded, and chiefly i-ned by Captain Clark, und plying between New leans and Bayou ^arali was run into by the De ito, near 1! tycu (ioula, and in fllteen minutes aft*r e collision, euuL to the bottom. .1 to'al lr:?a. Three ndd oi tic; Luda are missing T:ie De Solo waa ry badly balleied, and lost one hundred and fifty .team uunoa mrown on me nuard by the shock, le Luda had just taken the place of the ill-fated ipper. In neither oi thene cases waa there aay inrance, und the loja talla very heavily upon the lptaiiiH, whose hard earnings had been invested their boats. The </nplein of the Clipper was the oldest Captain i ihe river, and hud accumulated a pretty fortune, liich wan entirely wrecked in the destruction hi? valuable The inMirance companies ve a')tti.'r"d -f. much by steamboat disasters, that ry have deteimiued to iusure no more. Most of sc accidentsari'atiribuinblt* to csr* I'aaneav, innperance ot the officers, an impetuous rivalry, ikless racing, <Scc fume of them grow out ot tural and unavoidable cuuseti, such aa snags, bad vigatiou, and conflicts in minis. But uo man can travel rn these boats without Ue? stiiK'k with the cool indifference,and incautious gligence of their commanders and officer*. They m to regard nothing but the increase ot their ight and paeaengera, the celerity of their pataage, d succetsful compeiition with rival boaia. On. , rushes the boat over huge Irga, leaping sard uks, bumping forcible against the banks, whilst s captain is enjoying hU wine iu ihe atate room, 3 mite is n sleep. the engineer nodding at hia st, uod (he pilot cracking tim jokes with two or tee companions hi the wheel house. /V bout wears and becomt a old in so abort a time .u_. .u., .._i? . i_. ? -1 uu vii^auiin iii'- ??&ipc niai Uic UUiy UOJPCl Of (f owner s^i mi to be to muke uh much up possible t oi her in trie abort time before the becomes unund. la five or six yenrs a boat is pronounced i, and is either refitted, sold und cut down lor a a* boat, or otherwise disposed of. The Bteamboau oi the Mississippi are, yon ere mri1, *mi ({merit entirely different (rem the boat* tuch i>ly upon the Northern stream*. They are ilt like huge bargts. the vessel being entirely sunk the water?so that you step aboard,an on atcvw, ithnut ascending a ladder. The cabin, running arly trom Mem to Btern, is elevated tar above p level nf the water, aud hetweeu it and the low ck ar<- the boilers and machinery. This arrange ?nt ix highly favorable to comfort, elegance aud -aaure. There is abundant room?no annoyce from the noise or rmiII oi the ente, and tin entire neperatioii trom the bustle d confusion of working the boat. Instead oi ing divided into two separate apartments, with passable barrierp, for the gentlemen and Itdies, rcelled oil like sheep nndgoats in Scripture, there in elegant ladies' parlor,aud state room*,in which abands and wives so tar trom b<-ingeven temporay divorced, may live an aweetly and cosily toiher as at their own corntortable homes. The L'helors too, nre not all thrown together pell mell, t can select their room and their bed and their mpanion to suit themselvec, and have some little vncy. And then too the fare 1 What can equal it in variety, richness, and plenty T The boats ring on the Mississippi, especially those between inta not very distant, such an Natchez, Vicksburg, lyou Sara , Baton Rouge, See., spread out . tables richly aud variously loaded as those for which >nr renowned Astor has become so famous. Bad ough of steamboats. Some #50,000 of specie have been added to our e since 1 wrote you last, mostly trom New York I rejrret to sav that (here haa been a tall in the ce ot' cotton since Monday, when the English wsgave it a very favorable impetus. I do not ow the cause. Not being in the " cotton line," annot aiy how private advices tally with the wspaper statements ; but this 1 do know, that rchasers ?tre monstrously nervous and timid. In 5 mean tim<\ the cr?p is elov/lv coming in. and a all one I think it will prove. The following estiite ot the probable production ot this year I think i very fair and reasonable one: ?Receipts in New leans 780 <100, Mobile 300,000, Savannah 240 000, arleston 290 000, Florida 120,000, Virginia 10,000 tal 1,800,000 bales. I he commercial and financial world has been ich excited to-day and yesterday, by a report that urge defalcation had taken place in the LouitiaState Bank. This is one of the long list of bank* :liia city once deemed very staunch and sound. J whose weakness was first developed by the eft made a yearaitoio resume specie payments.? tienully failed, and has ever since sustained an liflerent character. It is now well known that s of its officers, who is connected with a large i influential Creole fanilv, has disappeared, and irge deficit has been discovered in his accounts e exact amount is not yet determined, f>Ht yon iy set it down at no vt ry tiiuli sum. lie will >c a trip to I'aiis, spend tno wiuiei initial gay y, vimi London, mui return to New Orleans, and ain Pierre Soule by a tee of $500 to quash any lictrnent which may be found tg .inst him. And ih lie will, Hfter a short eclipse, emerge from the >ud which surrounds him, and regain his position society. ?ucli is the process the fellow who robbed the Ciens' Bank of #60,000 is now undergoing. Either these gentlemen would call you or any other host man out to the "field of honor" if you were to ad on his toes or say " boo" to him. The cres are generally a very hwiest and honorable *s of men. but they have one great fault ; they II protect their own thieving relations. Old Cain". the judge ot the criminal court, whose greatluxury is to *e?d poor starving dogs to the penitiary for stealing a p*ir of shoes or loaf of bread, u d as soon cut i ti his right arm as condemn a *<i)e to an inlamou^ i>un>-hment. ,)ur law courts open to day, I am rejoiced to heir h very light dockets; f? r an ju>tic? is admimsierhere, the less we have ot it the better This is opinion of ihe whole people. The judiuiary ot b State lit very interior, owing to ihe umallners ol 1 "aliirien, compared with the average profits o! lawyers Kvery thing is done here on locomoe i rumple*?in * devil ot a hurry. This won't hi the administration ct the laws; " mor* haste a speed," in n maxim well illustrated t?y the apretnly hurried and rapid, hut really unprogressive ininibtiudon ot justice in our courts. Oblbanoib. 7 ItK Cr*cij?nati 0b*KKVaTOKY, anb Ex Presi nt Ahams?The hra'iim ot the lay l g ot the mersiour ot ihis Oiservatory, t^ok place with due pomp ai d ciirjm*tancc on Tnur*day, the in*t The weather wa? rainy. glo< my, and e*wively unpleasant, not withstanding which, how r, the pageant and the ceremonies proceeded, e t-poi selected tor ttie Observatory is singularly iropriate and beaiuitul It overlooks th? whole intry around Beneath, reposes the city with ita ot timidities i'a school houses, ita churchea, t ; beyond is Mill Creek valley, aeemng the distance like a garden sprit; on the oiher f lien Fulton, wiili Ha long row ?t houses, and ot ich, with its line ot ftttimers and its railroad; th, the valley ot the Lickinr, dotted over with nsand good-looking tarm hnu-es, and containing town- ol Covington and Newport, separated m us by the Ohio, which is visible for miles ive and Of ow; and opposite, i n our side issituaMouni Auburn, heautilul as any village ot New ,)ld England ; while 'he plain on which Cincini Hands, and the valleys connected Wiih it, are ircled by hills cultivated to their topa, and look* , in their gorgeous autumn livery, with earth'a at beauty. It is seldom, in any land, that we y witnem a >ct ne so striking, so rich in the dis^ ol Hf and ill nature. Th?* cornerstone wan I by Mr. Adams at half pan 12 w'clock, with a y appropriate and sole ma address. Ipv lltfOTt iVti Thia illiidlfifilia i/ntf r.1(1 fMCh Washington last Saturday. In the absence of Preatdeut the General paid hia respect*, on the ning ot his arrival, to Mr*. Kober: Tyler, whorevd hunln the riud?tof the Cabinet Minister* at f naat eight The veteran Coun', of em* to enjoy ellent health He h>td intended leaving Wa?hton on Monday morning, but having received an nation to pass the evening with lite lady preaid at the President's Hou*e, he haa deferred hmdeiur< in order that he may enjoy her hoepitahtiea. ^r-Tit'tN Navigation?The Cincinnati 0*iettc tl.?t '.ha work on tho lUuni 1 ol the Whitewater al villi bt com,>ll,o(l rnrly m xt week. In one week i thin time the watui will be let into ?h? canal iighuut i:i I'uiire li-r.glh An Important water comicatir n hi twn 11 rifielnna'i and th<? interior ol tb? e will thuii be ?.i>uii:i>hiiU.