Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 16, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 16, 1843 Page 2
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is KW YORK HERALD Nrw TirN, Tknridij'. Rovrmbtr 10, 1843. Sfll Prmliteitt'a Mrwn);t->irw * <1 Important Moveinr nla. AccoHint to all ai>pe?rai ces, the n^it eot on ol Oongreaa will he very im;K>rtant-particularly in re Utioo to foreign affairs. The firat imminent* o< that body, at ne meeting early next month, will b?ita organ zation?the election of Speaker and ol Prin'er?and lh? ?i><n!inn nl lh<? Prrtudeni'd mef ???c. It is supposed bv some flint 8 great deal of difficulty will arise from the mode of electing representatives by general ticket, adopted by several States in derogation of the iate law of Congress prescribing the district system. The point in dispute is whether Congress or the S'ates have the absolute right to prescribe the mode of electing representatives I' Congress should sustain its own laws, it will r?jec' the representatives from several States and order s newel-ction. This may create a great deal of excitement, debate, discussion, quarrels, and consumption of tobacco, gin, and gunpowder. The next question will be the eleotton of speaker and printer. On ihese questions there must be a warm and a close contest In the House there is about one-third or more democrats. OF these probably a maiority are favorab'e to Vau Buren'a nomination. If ,'hetrirnU of Mr Calhoun and the o'her democra'ic adherents unite with the whigingainst the Van Buren candidates, there mav be a close and a doubtful contest. Francis P. Blair will be the Van Biren candidate for printer?who for speaker we know not. P But the riiost important matter of all, will be the topics in the President's Message. It is now known and admitted that he will take strong, if not belligerant, ground against England on ihe Texas and Oregon questions. O > both these sutyec's the intrigues of the Knglish government have been detec'ed?particularly in regard to Texas?and th? President will recommend a new and intimate relation with Texas?certainly annexation?and also the taking possession of the American portion of me L?rrgon territory. iiier?tusal ol the bnglifh government to open n^gociationsfor a new commercial treatv,coupled w:ih there tnmguesin Texas and 0{?gon, have offended the United States government, ai d a position will be assumed that will astonish moderate men ol all panies. O? the question of Texas and Oregon, we have no doubt ihere will be a great excitement in Congress? -nd perchance i rew division ?t parties throughout the country. No one can predict the result. Pr^obkss rp thk R* volition?Tni Rrc*vr ElkcTions in Mich o?v and Massachusetts - Tne mml and political revolu'ion whose seeds h*ve been g?r ni in tine for several vears pns', ard which Will eventually efl'-ct tne complete? r tdicaiion ol the tyrannical corruption of both paries, begins to develot* it?elf in other States oesid-s New York.? An election h? j'ist taken pl<ce in Michiean, and one in Mdsaachuftts, of the results of both of which ?... r?at -? .i. iti^ inuiuj ui nuiiicimt mngnuuae to enable us to f irm an accurate opinion of thecaus?s and consc iences of these events In the State of Michigan, it appears that the strongest hostility was excited against the conduct of the whig party, and accordingly we have the extrsordinary result ol the election ol only one whig to the lower branch of the Legislature ol that State, and the democratic candidate, as he is called, returned by a large additional majority over that of last year. From Mifsichiisetts we have also very remarkable returns, showing the state of public opinion in that itn.v>rtam Ptate. It appears that there neither ol the two preat parties is sufficiently strong to carry any candidate lor Governor?that both the whigs and locofocos h6ve been defeated before the people, and that lh? third party has increased i s vote to uch an extent as already to counteract, in a great measure, the formerly dominant factions. The causes which have produced such rematka b!e results in th^se recent e ectione, liave been repeatedly alluded >o?they have been ft It all over the country?atid are now begitming to operate on every election and every popular movement that takes place. In tliis city, at ihe very onaet, the new iude peudentor " republican" party, who have organised themselves to correct ihe corruptions of both parties, palled 10 000 votes Throughout the Slate, the democratic or Van Buren party, it is true, have re. ceivt-d a mijority of about 20 000 votea, but if we lake into consideration the suppressed vole of the whole Stale, ii w.ll be seen that even the locofocos have a majority cgiiast them of cer 100,000 votes Tne leaders ol this faction are therefore indebted ior this apparent success to the d>fgu?t entertaint d of the conduct ajd measures ot both parties by the great body of the people, which has produced adis inclination lo go to the polls, until a satisfactory op portunity be afforded them of expressing, In an independent manner, their opinion on the political afLirsol the state and country Renerally. In Mnnsachusotts, notwithstanding the tfl'jrta made by Mr. Wtbster, end the auppowd union between him a-..d Mr. Clay, the whig* are in a worse position than ever. It is perfectly evident that the people of Maasachusttis are disgusted with both parties, whose vote has stif fered marked diminution, whilst that of the third, or independent party, by whatever name it is callcd, haa been sensibly increased. All these election* and their resultg, tend to one conclusion and elucidate one moral; to wit, that ihere ij a movmrnt ppreadiiig and increasiiR ihroughuut the whole country?a movement thai has been generaied by disgust of the corruption and g*neral worthlessneaa of bath partita?a mov-ment that has just developed itself, and whose progrtse caonot be interrupted by any obstacle, until both parties have been demolished, and congressional, etate legi-lation, and municipal reform, triumphantly ?ff cted. It is true that it must be admitted, that in all these movements. the friends ol Van Buran appear to have the greatest principle of cohesion, and in all tl?e States, with a lew exceptions, a p'urality ol voter But even they have Inst their fropularity Their organ zition Rnd good discipline enable h'm to Come up elrong to the pulls, lint thev have loai tneir hold on ihe esteem and ciion ol the maatea The whigs are m< re d-cidediy in the back ground Their conduct dunug the last lew >e.irs, andiluir Uuwisr treatment ot several ot their leaders, have greatly prostrated their powers. But all these ttungs aliou'd inspire with zeal and courage the " American Republican party." Untiring tnvrgy, firm iess, union, and discretion, will conduct tnem to triumphs of which it is likely few of them now dream They may be assured, however, that attempts will be made by the corrupt partizansof both tactions to drive th?*m from their present strong position. Every ihinn will be done to mislead ih*m? to purchase them?to buy them out and out. But they must be lor* warned and forearmed. Indeed we have heard <f sich attempts air? ady. Endeavors have been made to buy up their atock?to purchase their little organs. We hme heard a graat deal about lliis ; lor we ure much in tere?ted in this movement, and keep ourselves thoroughly informed about it. We expect to hear much more, and whenever we have a sufficient dish on this subject we shall cook it and serve it up for the profit of all whom it may concern. Hiooki.vm City Mandamus Cask ?This important case, has been dec ded in favor of the Democratic ma?ead of the Whig Common Council, hs published yesterday in several of the papers. Fill W*idiw.-We learn from the Are wardens that they have served writs on the owner* of the wooden buildings erecting in the re<trof Marion treet, ?nd il ihey hre not attended to, oih? r means will be taken to have the buildings removed. Tmk Great Corns Rock is now in this city It will leava to day, howr ver, in ihe schooner Alexandria, for Washing too city Ii| is the greatest curiosity of the day. Irish Kkpkal in tub Unitkd States.?Siaoe the reception in this country of the hwi of Mr. O'Conlell'a afreet, and of the dispersion of the Clon'arf vleeiinjf, ihere have been held several meetings to ronaid/r the subjrct, in Boston, New York, Albany Philadelphia, Newark, and a few other places. The meriioft in this city wes a fair sample ot the xhen; about 1500 were present, almost exclusively ol the lower classes of the lrith, attracted thither nore from curiosity than from enthusiasm, or even -ympaihy. th? km,.ur. -rr i: .< - uv >'u>u< u u> ircuuft ci|i[cmcu ai incse uieeiiDga l \e been the continued wrongs ot Ireland, her right ,f self government, and the oppression of the British Ministry. The interest in the Repeal question is on the decline, and will shortly come to a close. O'Connell's notions upon slavery will kill the movement altogether in the southern States, and there is too much *<gacity and sound policy among leading men of character at the North to raise an issue upon the subject here. But a cluck, if not a final seal, has been put upon th'se movements by the new American Republican party that has lately sprung up here like Minerva from the head of Jupiter, in full growth and complete panoply. The strongest vote ever thrown by the Irish, even when led on by Bii-hop Hughes upon the School qieaion, was about 3000 But this iii-w and Hnti Irish party have, at the election that has taken place here .since the arrival of th*- late news from England, thrown nearly 9000 votes; and they will control the city at the next ' harter election. The history of Repeal in the United S'ates, may be read in the history of Troy ? Fu:t lium. Thocblk among the Sailors again.?Troubles never cease among this hardy race. They are knocked about like so many empty wooden buckMs on the Atlantic in a gale of wind. We were called upon vesterday by a d< zen of them, | including " the member from Clare," who had been thrown penniless and braechesless upon ] shore bj the destruction of the steam frigate Missouri. Some of these left their names, which we give:? i Geo. W Tbompion, quarter punner; Matthew Lawson, ' ill maker's mate; Tnomai Donlap, ordinary teaman; Frederick;Charlea B Hart,coal heav?r; John Sea- < man, tin man; and John Stain, the "Member from Clare," I cbiei hoatiwain'd mate. i These sailors called upoa us to state that they, in I common with all the seamen attached to the Mis- 1 souriwhen she was burnel, were treated badly, ( and were not sent home as they should have been. I Ttiey stated that the clothes purchased were sold to 1 them at exhorbitant prices ; that they werepeiftct- , ly useless, having been made of such poor material thai many lost coats and pants in every gale of wind; that tin y were made to pay ? I for miserable blue fltnnrl shirts, $4 50 for as bad pea coats, and $1 50 to $4 oO lor worse breeches ? I A I these things were worth about one half what they bad to pay for them, and what the wind did not I bl?w away they threw away on their arrival here. < They also stated that on their passage here in the < Rdjah. so many were huddled together, that they ? were compelled to tleep on the bare deck, with i heavpn for a coverlid and boards for a mattra^s, and that two months' grog money was stopped by c the purser's clerk, whose name we have forgotten. f Tnesestitements were given to u* by the above s named seamen for facts. They said they would > back them up with theiraffidavits. This being the v case we publish them withrut a comment. t MassACHiisrrTS Election. ? We have returns t from all but tour towns in the State. They buow r no election by the people. , Porelaa Vote. ISIS. 1H2. Dtm. Whit. Abo. Dtm. }Vhif. Mo. 1 Motion. Briggt. Scat. Morton. Dans. Srat. i 52,770 57,n><i 8.8JJ A6.491 M,93? C.A2 1 42.770 M no Whigmaj. 4, <99 J,i? Dem. majoritr. ' Abo'u h. Scat. 8.R5S f.,562 I Againit Briggs 4,4)6 4,01" asainit Morton. Noiwutistaudini! this exhibition ot figuiee.Brigga 1 ib he next Governor ot Massachusetts, tor the latest < returns $ iv?r a whig majority of seven in the Senate > aud a whig majority ol foriy-lourin the Home. In addition to this tlic town ot Hull has thrown 24 ( vorsfor Briggs and only 6 lor Morton. As goes ( Hull so goea the State. 1 Michigan Election ?This seems to have gone 4)1 one way. We have heard Irom sixteen counties ( and each one gives a 1 .rge democratic majority.? i In the aggregate it reneges 5734 The State gives Barry not tar from 6000 over all other caudidatea. Tne whigs have elected but one member to the House of Representative! Movements, Acj.? The tion. Willis Hall arrived in the city yesterday, and we are happy to eay thit he is fast recovering his health. Tne Hon. C Roifti, M. C , Irom Washington county, has arrived on hia way to Congress, the first ccngretsiunal ar rival in the city that we have heard of. 'I he Hon. Mr. Sherwood, State Senator tiom Wayne county, wuh his family, have also urrivtd- The above named all stop at Howard's ThkHox John Davis, of Masedchuset's, parsed through mis city yesterday morning on his way t? Illinois, to commence a survey and examination of the Caual according to the atrangcments recently made. Gen. Scott and family arrived in Baltimore Ircm th* easion the 14th, and proceeded the next day to Wa-hington C..I 11. M. John?on has returned to Washington. Marshal Bkrtrand and sui'e arrived in this city Tu sdsy night, and took rooms at the Asto rHout* A gentleman just from Montreal, as we learn from Mr. Howard, came through the canal 10 Troy, and reports the same (ree from ice Thpatr'CaI. MovtMKNTs.?The general apiril of reviv'l in business has extended to the drama. Several oi the theatres have raised their priest, and all are much better ft lett and sustained. There are stvrral starj now upon the American boards. MdCready and Mr. Ryder, with Misa Charlotte Curhmsn, are enscting J?hakf peare at the Na'ionil, Boston. He had h ?h?n house. Macready's profi's are a'rrady a'rnut #20,(100. M"-srs. Bomh and James Wn|iack are performing hi coi junction at the Park. Prufiti- JjjM,(X). Mr Hark?-tt will follow at the Park. Yankee Hill has just cnc'tided an enuagem^nt at the Chatham, arid the C lebrated Jim Crow Kice en'eted upon an engagement at the same theatre. Mr Forrest followed Micready at the Park, and *r regret to Bay he dirt not prove so attractive as hik more f. rtuuuttr rival in the name characters. Piofiit- **0 0() Mia? M iry Ann Lee is at Charleston. llenrv Placide has left the Park and gone to spend the winterat New Orleuns. Mrs cat., \'c ?Ma* Brhrer and son have aiiled for llnva'<a. Mr K u?*e|| and Mad Castellan, h*ve gone to Philadelphia, Washington, and other southern Cities. Madame Damoreau and Mods. Artot are at Boston. They have great houses. American Theatre, Nkw Orleans ?The members of the company engaged for the ensuing fea-on have nearly all arrived at New Orleans,awaiting but 'he arrival of Mrs. Sefton and Mr. Mueller, from Cincinnati, to commence opeiations forthwith.? The mmn features of thin establishment will be opera and bullet In the lurmer there will be the Seituina. Archer and Shrival, to be followed, in all proW>i iiy, bv the Italians. In the latter department an ?fli^ient ballet corpa his been engaged. Macr*ai>y in Bostun ?It appears that on the first night of this gentleman's engagement at Boa ton, there was but a poor hous?, produced, it is said, by ran* n* the | rices of admission. There were only about fifty adieain the house, and the theatre was not more man two third*lull. Oa the preceding Saturday, Madame Ciau ?(?| M. Artot gave a Con cert, an i the room was crowded t > #xcess. Prob . bly thi'entM??iann in favor ?.f thes- gr^at artists may have mono|oli*ed to iome ext n> the pO(U ar tavor to the disadvantage ol the t.agelian. A togather, it is likely that we may hear tome carious things about Mr. Macready'? Boston engagement, and we shall watch the affair a good deal of ,Dt*re4t. Movement* of the American RtpabllfM Party In Um Icventetntk WtrA-Thi wwwt ? f,uv? oravvi/ un The new independent party certainly i>oa?eetei the eaaential elementa o( activity. It ia determine net to bleep. A comprehensive ache me tor afita ting every ward in the city has been adopted La? evening the work commenced in the Seventeenil Ward. Our reporier visiied Lifayette Hall, a wr| comfortable and commodious rnom in a large build iu#, in the iJjwery, opposite Bond atreet, and, di reeled by a large transparency, which announccc that the "American Republican Aiaocution of tin 17.h Ward" met there, he entered the place, an< found a goodly comp my assembled. Theie wen upwards of three hundred peraona present, and al of them of the beat class of our citizens?the hon est, industrious, patriotic Iririica of geuum* liberty, and the emancipation of the couuiry from the hatieful inflili*i.r? nl nan* anirif Tht meeting had, however, more the character ol i friendly party of citizens met to interchange, wnh out lormaltty, their viawsind sentiments ihan tha ol a formal public meeting Aa our reporter euier ed, a Mr. Odklt-y was just conciudiue tume remarki on the gross corruption ot ihe city government uu der both whigs and locofocoa He whk ?ucce?d??l by Mr. De Le Kee, the popular and ettic eut melrdist of the party, who sang one ol his beat and motl exciung song-, ot which tne burden waa? " Com", native*, aro'is?*,our rauta UJust, Our banneri? wavii g high ; Wf have cnnietothe !! lit ana cotqner *e nvit? W^'ii figbt till we coi q*i?r or die Mr. Dj Le Kee'? efforts have called out. it seems, several other laborers in ihe aame ti- Id, and one ot ilieae, a young man uamed Millihui, colled ou for a song, aud responded by singing ?e veral verses ot his own composition, and very ex ceilent verses too, which we intend to print as a col jeciion of American Republican songs, we will issue in the course ot a lew days. Atterihe song u col lection was taken up, and the "rent" poared in very lioernlly. Then there were more songs, the com pany joining heartily in the chorus. Around the walls ol the room were a number ol banners, with patriotic mottoes, of which we give ihe fjl,owing specimens?"Americans keep ilui bill a rolling,"?"Rrpet?l of ihe School Liw"? "Down wun Fsc 1011"?"We ?tek only wh.u if right?we subm.t to noihiug that is wrong"?"We dive met the enemy and (hey are ours," Jcc See ? Much enthusiasm pervaded the meeting, and great preparations are to be made for securing several ipebkers at the next ward meeting, aud we will, of course, report their addrestes in full. The meeting then adjourned until Wednesday evening next, and Andrew tfurre, ilm Chairman ol [he finance Commi'tee, took his seat at the table at the Secretary, with the wurds, " Come, come, gentlemen, walk up to the captain's ctiice, and jeitle." We advise the Davis el't/ue to accept the proposition thus tendered, as ineir Ward Committee is heavily in debt, while the limes Committee, under the wise management ot Surrp, are in easy cucumnances. They can thus shuffle off iheir respond bil ty, us Andrew will beennbhd to cancel ail demands, und square the yards tor hciiou in April next. Alarm of the Democracy-HealingDivisions ? Fourteenth Ward?Jack. Bloodgood In the character of a Physician. The formidable aspect ol the "American Repufcican" party, as i resented at the recent contest, ht? :aused the patrons of Old Tammany to cast then eyes about them to heal their breaches, and patch ip old dissensions in order to sare the Corporation it the enduing spring election. The Fourteenth Ward, although decidedly demoiratic in the aggregate vote, has, as is well known or the past two year?, been so sp it up and disevered by the division between the Iriends of ExUderman lanes and Ex Assistant Davis, that the vhigslaet year elected both Alderman and Assisant, and this year the Alderman. Inconsequence f the threatening aspect o( the political horizon to he cause of the " powers that be," the following lotice was published yesterday, tigned by sotr.e ourteen of each side of these opposing factions:? Fovktckhth Wakd?To thr R?llt?The Democratic It-publican Elector* ot the 14th Ward, Iri-ndly to tbe isag.a of the party, are requested to meet atDutiu'<, 14 h Ward Head CJ'inrteri, comer of Orand and Elisabeth itreett, on Wedneaday evening next, the I5ih in?t, on mportant hu?ine??, viz , to endeavor to heal the division low existing In the Democratic tamily si tbe Ward. Presumirg ttiat from tuch a call tomeihing of in:erest mi/tit be expected for the numerous readert of our sheets, we despitched one of our corpa of eportersto the spot to note iroceet'ings Tne room was well lighted, nieelv sanded, com"or a.>ly warined, and at hall-past ev n, alter aboul fi'ty good and (run h<.d afur-mbled, Colonel Alex inder Ming, ot the " Davis taction," called the meeting to ordrr, and nominated old bluff Moodgood, sometimes known as John M., one ol Divis'a lust homes, tor chairman. Jack, with hiusual modrsy, attempted to decline the honor, in a aet speech, bai finally gave way, and yr >ceeded to the chair, on one lame loot, one sound one, and the hall of a hickory stick. Win G McLaughliu, who has been about one half Davis, and ih other halt lunes, but a little more lunes than Davis, whb then nominated 'or Secretary. He, with great modesty, also attempted to decline, pleading important eiigngemenio, but was voted down, and, with brcimiug grace, to< k the cumtied station Same one here discovered th it a miglr Chairman, and a pingle Secretary, was rather too small an &: lair to make a s io?v in the publication ot pro ceedings, and Hirain P llowell was nomioa'ed lor Vice Pr-bidrnt, which was lolloped by ih<- selection ot Ellas Hatfield tor the same place of du< unction. Mr Rowrll has not long been a resident of the ward, and therelore, cannot be claasitird at attached to either (%M Mr Hatfi Id was ot the Intifs stamp. Lewis F. H->ugh the very clever auctioneer, was also named a* a second sectary, but o u -hiugly declined the arduous dunes, and .Nathaniel Finch, one ot the Innes ilirjw, was selected in his place. The meeting was thus organized, and ihere were then abou seventy persons present, inc uding Larry Langton, Jew John, ? r John Davis, and some ot the choice sprits of the two contending tactions, who scanned each other cauwously, and watcheJ every move wuh as much caution a* if at a g.ime ot checkers in Dunn'a little back 100m, tn low ttuirs. The call ot trie meeting wae men called for, reud und adop ed, with two nays, Jew Joe being one ot ihrin. John Salmon then moved that a committee he appointed to dralt reeo' lutiotisexpresfive ol the tense ot the meeting. JaCX Blo >doooi?. otherwise called John M., whe now > c ed aa President, not Chairman ot ttu assemblage, rose, uwd addressed them as lollows Oe itlemen It perhaps brceme* me ai Pretidanl, t< aim l?t to the r.aaoiu that pronip < d the cxll of this meet tog. I'lie divisions ihit h ?ve dlv d *1 the d-mocrdtic party ol this ward, have been the origin of this call, mi l wi-att therefore called ber? at democrats unit not ai members ol either ol toe opposing iplitt? *c have bet n acting with nonie inch apiiit aa thai which nerved the Kilkenny cat* to t-aitle, tint 11 we have (r it tried a wav on r major ma?, ar d nothing n left but a whig uil? (gn at Uughtei) ; ye? genii, men, tli> *p intestine divi?iona in our iutern-*! poll ticji arrnng. merits have h it u* to bn ruled by a whig al den-in when wc ?hould have bs4 a democratic- (mien** hi 111 moi feet, convey ilia an ii tention to kick the al' dwinan, who whi not th? re. on*.) Why, ?entlemen, re all democrats, aud why Muni I we have these differ prices, when,combined, w can lick the whole mat" " ith as much ct-H at turn your hand over do It, gen tlemen, and the sooner It is done, like a good beef steathe bi tter-(laughter and cheers, amid which old Jock took hi* neat ) tiome private convrn?iiion here took place be. tween the officers himI liually old Jack rt ae agaii and said? Gentlemen, I have now to inform you that I sbdicati and resign the high honor jou have conferred upon m< th'S evening?(cnsidei ah.? a(t*ni>hment) ? and moti that Mr John B Parka taka the seat I have vacated. Mr. Parks declined and Mr. Prout waanomina'ed but before the q leetion waj pu', Col Ming acket Old Jack whut waa the rpaeot that he w?s iudueec to renign T Old J.ic'< replied is lollowa:? OentUm^n? I don't want to be > ontinnn>ly Hiking, bu I have meiely to ny that I am aw are thkt 1 ? n to lie te lectcd as chuit m in, and th?t, ton, by men wloin I havi ?.p,-.n*ert and it h with pride and ratitfaction, gentlemen that 1 arknowledge the high honor thtu impoM-d upon mi ?surb honor a* I navercan repay- to those who have thtu teudend it. as it will always be a debt standing bet weej th'in an I me Gentlemen, I hove been an active man ii this intestine division. and Mr. I'arks lias recently niore< into the ward ard is without any prejudice, nad, therefore lie is better qualified to do Justice than I am. Loud rues of " Parka," " Parks ' followed, anc Mr Parka step|?ed forward and took the chair Olc Jark then rose n?ain, aided hy bin cane, and Raid : Gentlemen : ?We h ive mot hnrc merely this eveninp to prepare for the healing of old lores* and rent* in thi i>reaclusof our party in this ward, an I I, therefore, tmm as an amendment to the reaolution oH.'ied by Mr. Pulm.'ti that a'ee of seven beapfioi ted to prepare tesolti tionsand npteimlile, and report to another meeting to bi held here on Wednesday evm'tig next. This will givi Mme to punt large handbills so that we can have a Inrgi meeting. Thia was adopted, and the meeting called U|>on t< nominate, which they ni<l hb follow-:? Inhn M. Bloodgwd, (Davis ) Dann" 1 K.bbetts, (lnn?i ) I hom/ia Dolan, (J)avia ) John F (,ri<y. (Innet ) I imoiliy D <l?'y, (D ivi?.) Archibald NoMe, (laiui ) Dr. Stephen Haihrftuck, (Davis ) Tbeeegentlenien were selected, aed a commiif'? of linance, coneiftttrg of Andrew Surre, chattmni > the Innen ward committee, 1 born a* Fteher (1)ivik) anrl Peter McOaMertjr, (limea) were alst hoaen. On old lack'* being nominated aa one o| he reaolution committee, be declitw d in the follow tig ahort but graphic speech Gentleman?As you will sea, 1 am a lame duck. Thii i l*tbrtli>t t>m? I l av t n out in ti*a wa*ha.and nothing I bat thM laperUnt BMim| wooU bar* brought *ut . tonight. ' Tin* appeal waa so go?and blurt old Jack wa? compelled ?o a?nre u chairman of the committer rl I to report a preamble and reaolutioaa calculated t. ?| heal, cure, reatore, re-uacttate, and recuperate ih? m , ditegwH limb in the democratic psrty ol the Four tee nth Ward, thai haa tor the in at two year* bet i ' kept in " aplits" by Dr> lanes and bavin, to ?a? ?b 1 nothing of lie they have had during thai lime Irom Dr Stephen Haabrnvk- If old Jack auc 1 teed?, w?* ?h*l! '?ul? him an M D , and ever atlrr re- hi -onimeud all afflicted with d.aortan z<t>on of then y( political arrangementa, ta mike immediate apptica ' . ion tor his valuable ateiatanc*. 40 Annual I>l nner of Ike Hebrew Benevolent |g| Aailtiante Society" al UMhln|inn Hall. IjMt Kvenlng. ' The auaual dinner of the Hebrew Benevolent y "Awittanee Society look place ImI evening al Wnah- ( injrton llall. The arrangement* reflected much 1 credit on Ibe laste aad judgement ot the atewarda Everything *? m good at>le?the viaada of the u i hoicett quality?and the winea, ?f not altogether uoeiceptionable, were ni leaat at lo'ernbte aa they ( | ! ge. erally are al public dianera in the good city H ( New York. Aa eacellenl baad of muaic waa atai iionedal the end of itie IU I, which wna very laate- ^ fully decorated with evergr*en?. About one hun |(| dred and fiiiy geatl* m?n tat down to dinner, ano nmorga th m we ob?erved, betid?* a great numbei ^ ol our moat rrtpectahle mrrihanta ot the Je?i4i . j per uation, aeveral literary and pruteaaiooal gentle 1 men of other denomination*. ? ho t>ad received and . .... ' ih< cceplcd tttn follow id* curd ?>l mutation t ? Itn Tim Ww.I.WW f*i? ? The "New Vork Hrtirt* Amhuw* NfWf,' v|> will ceirhrata their tonrth aumteraary ny pa Mm- dr. I#? nn, t?i bo gi?< (i on thr I s h mataut. at WMkit|toi Hot* I | , ID which )ou tie reepectlmly invited TkM W?C?ct? ,f4 MmM ItWhMNM|hae r?r>deee# great and ?aeen <() tial relief to niimeni?i n iiitml aiJ tiuitrn< poor. ?r ho without the timely aid whirb hu *"?n th>i* it irJM w(i?|.| ba?* ni dergone murk *! t*'r??e ?uU ting '* Our luti la * imw rtlimiMwl, and IH>-dem*i<da 01tot> tin* ch<ritjr will ><* urgent ai.d |>reaan g. we ibtirti^ l~l truit tha?, through the lihwilin ?( ? a> mewhera ?< a r* gi-nerotia puMfo, unr H tnny will he enabled ?o con'inu. iirarerrol b-m enlriice. and tl n? dm lag the mm t 1 winter, cheer the ftr. i>* an ] bni.g toilet and ccnaol* I (ion to the poor abd > If cti. t. ,,a BKSJ N ATM 4M, rre?ideo?, fe, l#t Blaeelur Mieet. ra The cStir *a? %ery ably osr%x?d by Bk?jauin ,r> Nathan, Etq , aupp.rted by S I Joatph. L 1 Co- ( ltkn.aud Jacob L Stixti, Eiqi. n Vi?? Preiidriu* ("

After ihe cloth w?? lemoved, the Chairman ro?e, and after a lew ^eriaeut reinaika, ofl?red lb* fw?t f'u fguUr tos?l. "j Kelirl to thepoor, the diaaMed; rom'ort t? 'Ue affl iried tj mutual love an I prate aod rood ?|i| to all tit n Drank < ikr#?? (imci (kr?i> Mtiair?_||. m a mm* 9 hi.mtf 'Ji Regular Tout? Mucation. the advocate and1 i?nd ,in to liberty. th? life gua'd* ?t r?li(mn Tr>m?-u<ioua ?i I plana*. Mu??c?I'ut i fl and ?|???-??1 jtiif net# with c?r? n, 3. The Charttiea ol he City of New York rt at m g n < deed* and strict ion, rival* in l?-*town>g tilt*. Thr. e vti timeR three, ?ud entliutiuMic plandi'a. | 4 The President ot the lloilnl State*?with nine tre m> n<*ou* cheer*. Mu>ii-?Hail Columbia 6 Onrcommon country, *e?ure in Idx-rtT; th? home of the p 'Wecuted; G j-l proiper* it. Cbeeit Muaic? I Marseille* Hymn. 6. Cityol New VorU, drat tor Ita public *piri? and er fro I terpri7"; peace within her wall*, and prosperity within P?; herp-Uacea. Land and continued cheer*. Meaic ?Mort>> Ml mir it? Hu'cii ir Hinging. *ai i 7. The Daughters nt Itrael. Twelvo cheera, and tre * ' mendotu pi udita, in which three glaaeea were broken 1 Music?Dark eyed One. ul Alter the above toasts had keen drank with the most enthusiastic cheers, (he chairman roae and ?< Said "j Gentlemen?I rian to address you concerning theorea- |0( lion which baa collected ua trgetiirr thia arMkfl ; it i? M charity to help the indigent? to a??i?t thealfticted?to up- >i t holil the poor. For the laat four year* our henoveb n' e*. An, eitlon* have been crowned with ancce?a. Every che. ? i ritable heart which haa made ita ottering* to th* charitable ?u ptirpoflra of our several mee'Jng*. muat bent with emo'mn * that so ""any h*ve be>>n relieved and Kit the benign ii flu nu encea of1 help in need, li help indeed." We hava receiv- ic ed in the last yenr upward* of ft teen hundred dollar* from which fund* we hare Riven protection to thn ol t >a< and decrepit?the j ouug and ht-lpleae?the bereft ami fur >* lorn widow?the orphan i?nd the afflicted in di*e*ae I ? ( | am aorry to Mate, gentlemen, that notwitheta*ding the mar.illcient gilts of out membera and our yearly a*aemhl?, v-r? the funria have fallen abort npwarda of one hundred an<* > fllty dollara ; yet I am atimulated with the hepefioanyour hm paat generoaity, that we al.all not long require tbli aum? SI, (Lou I applaune ) When I atate to yon that many ot out brethren are in reed of our help, I feel confl'ent It. iliat one general impulse will atiiaulate your heart* 'W( i i to pour into their lapa that help and aolaee whn I >d ton hnvn hentofore done with liberal handi. I /.?. i tool |.r..iid. gewthro>e?, to lonk etound upon oor " glorious institution* to know and to feel that here?here n\ ill thi* religion* peraecutiona lollow the children i f of Israel?fulfilling the Almighty'* mandate?apreed In <di every land. Here we tind that pe>o?.ihat ?aylum, which va> freedom, education and liberty nffird to evert nation. 1 every toDgnr. every src'and every religion. (Hhou's of applause) G'r.tlemen. look at the wicked persecutions of onr brethren ahroad, inflicted by despotism, ignorano end bigotry ; I ne?d not point out to you, rentlem?n, lh-ir nuffi-rings; your hearts mutt bleed for thera, and eveiy tr> true enlightened christian looks up^n such atroc it t?? ?>" j with horror and dismay. O ntlem'n, I ca'l utr n vmi te or ' alleviate the sufferings o( our own poor: I feel confident that it will be met in the true spirit of cnaritv, that our people ahall be comforted. We will now call over the na , lint of donations. Th" Chairman sat down Amidst thunders of applause. ' ?' The gentleman who call? d over the names and dor>itioniUbored under such a severe cold, that with difficulty 4<r he could speak. Among th many wo notice 1 the verv l'l liberal itlering of ftf'.y dollars from the Chairman; from an unknown friend one hundred dollars; aud several | othera. h# A<ti r sometime thus spent ii calling out the severa' pri I names and the. respective mmi of money given, which we ( think ceuld not have been abort of a thousand or twelve m< hundred dollars, the chairman rose, and introduced to >? < lie company Mr Park B?i'J >mio hut either Irom the sir* ?.| of the room, or the nn4er tone in u-htch he spoke, we Hii ' could not make out what he said. We understood Hirr> u, to pa?s a glowing panegyric, upon the faithfulness of th? 1 children ol Israel?th? helping hand they alwaya hrM ft* out to the poor?and paid a me'ited compliment n'on th> tad heroic conduct of "Rehecca, daughter ol old Isaac,'' aui' the lovely maids of J'idsh?not a few of whom werr I peev-ing w>th their dark smiling eyes through theenrtair ?iJ from i l>e Orchestra evident ly much (ratified witn the 1<U c?mp i-rtents he s? liberablv paid them. He aat dawn amidst loud cheers and a;.plau?e. ?<l The Chairman thvn rose and introduced Dr Valentine ' ? Molt The D'KVorspufce so lo v,evidently laboring linder ?o a severe cold, that wi h difficulty we could catch the 'r? epaeof whath'*said. He complimented th? children nt Hi !-r?el, olxerviU'i tb?t in fo*?y years'practice in the seve- Sr. ral charities, he never had m^t a 'I; gle Jew in the bo?pi' ial. o( whic*? h? w ? many years the surgeon; and he fel ,'h more than gratified that the l<r*elitea fed their own pooand at-erd. d toth> ir o < n sick; it did them honor to pro- ' t?ct theirown. It must be a source of gratification to ih^ * * Jew that to no stranger hand were the needy and the poor cast from themselves. The Doctor was much ap plauded. ?. , One of the invited (meats then ofiered the folio winr beautiful sentiment, which was received with much ap plau e:? " The poetry of the Hebrews? the poetry of love, of \ war, and of prayer?the song, the lyric, and tho an* \ them " i "The health of the former President? M. M. Noah, .n< Esq " Km then eiven an I drank with applause. <h t Mr. Nuah replied, and af'er a 'ew complimentary re- it marks, gave "the health of Dr. Mo't " -el I)r. Mott returned thank*. snnke of the treat plea- U, , "tire which it al'ms bad aff.ird?d him to be instrn ftt m*ntal in relieving byhis pr?fi sttonal aid the suffering o f the indigent Hebrew, ai d concluded by o(Te ing as a sen- he timept i "The lost and rc?tter?d tribes of |?rael? May 'bet ,jr Se spoedilv gathered to the land of their fnthrrs, now un <ri t der the hoof of the r >thle>s Mussulman." l The Chairman here crave? tr ' The Ladies?though absent not forgotten."?Drink .1* wi'h three timet three and great enthusiasm >tli An Amateur here favored the company with a very n. -na ce l-*nt sentimental song. ,r| Psrk Bepjimln, E?q , then gave? m\ - "i He Lviiea who have honored n? with their presence"; ij, alluding to the fair occupant* of the gallery, which wa? vli received and drunk with all the honors. Vn " The health oi Sir Model Mon'e'oire n waa next given t (rem the Chair, and drnnk with very rreat enthu?ia?m ' "The health of Alderman Pen?r." waa then drank *c 3 "-ith loud applauae, and responded to hv that gentleman ' in ?tii'able term*. "" t " The Memory of Rather, Queen of Prtittia," wa? neit *iven '*y the Chairman, who made a few very expreaei"e s 'emark* with reference to her effort* in behalf ?f the He, brew race. t A puatt here propotrd? " The City of New Y"rk?By ita fortunate p???itlon i? i ipena a mnrt to the roramerro of the world?by it* lihe- 1 ral hospitality it efter* a home to the atranrerof eveij I clime. every tongue, and every religion." (Cheer*) . ( ''The Sinter Benevolent Aoociatioo* of the City of ' . Vew York" waa given from the Chair, and mat a |>fopn j rr*non?e I Mcveral other excellent *intimenta were afterwardriven ? a number of good aonga *ung?and after an e*en '' . ing of much enjoy tnent. the company neparated at an earli h '?onr, greatly delighted with the festivities o( the occa- I 'ion. " rt I'apk Thkatkr?Last nisht Richard III. ^ i wai played the second lime sincc Mr. llooth'a en (| I' I'lgernent, and received l>y a rather thin audience iih much applause. The tent ?cene?ihe one it *| ) vhich lie parts with nt?cUin<ham, and (he deatl. t vcre rupturou ly applauded. Hiavficc aeemed a> 'owerfnl aa it uard to be, and enabled htm |o giv? , u'l i fi et to th- outbreaks ' ! p*?-i"n in which the Vrnnt an otten indulged; while in the mire drni'n- <? , <'ration? of feeling end hall spoken whi-p-rs, he "i ' one b? f. w know how. lodfi'd 1'ooih i?? ktill "* h?* 1 lichard." ,, Miaa Tiirnbnll danced the 11 ilero?and altcrwardr ' waa performed the Lottery Tickaf. ^ , Mnciiitx'a Ot.VMfo; waa crowded. The NaNational Ouard, Anthony and'-leopa'ra (a burlf tti); t> lie I>ouhle Heddrd Room. <Vc , with on* or t*? n 1 Janets, constituted the bill of far*. t Anoiiike Link of Packet Ships.?It it Mid that ioe of packet ships, to run between tbia city ant* uwerp ia to be immediately started into exittence. taliue i? to be composed of aix fine ships, one oi nch will leave Antwerp and one this port ever) ?nth. Here is another movement indicative o> ? > caurse the agents of the Cunard steamship ould take liaand M>i.itakt Smctacle.?The manager ot ^ f Chatham is qaite up to the taste of tbe town, tsooamsona novelty off the boaida, than a*- , ? r is up, sud ready to succeed. Hill has closed d gone rfl to the south with flying colors. Rice " sow ou the tapit, with a new budget of fun of the n k mm f aaiii* t . u at makl k x uia!aam..J L. _ L. |II. *1 VUIUII "???? MW woo fvcauniru uauft a crowded and entkusiaatic auditor/. Hia pieces 11 rs never betterplayed.nor was the black hero ever ^ better voice The new piece wtl! be again repeat * t<> u'Rlit, with the beautiful opera of Bone Squash. ^ indry dancea follow, during the intervala; but the 1 let feature of the evening is the production of a ind military a.iac'a-le, in which an army of beau- ul girla, equipped la militairt, and armed cap a t i, perforin a series ol military roanmuvres and erci-??. The corps has been faithfully drilled by r J B Ph;lipa, and will acquit themselves in a ( inner eqiul to any of our beat city military. Our ui g blooda ahould all attend thia drill and take wiii* 1 he title of the piece, by the way, ia the Vity t >irls of ftilberg,"' ihe same which was xiuced by Celeste, and ran lor a whole Benson at i Koysl Hay market Tl^sire. "if-THK ATTRA<TIONI .?K THK. AMERICAN are ?ri- Orsat Wtiternis the nioit ighabl" (?rlormrr ar ever heard or ?sw. Mr Cole, i' n-. <bs <to< ti ! > . ?ud tli- V.?. - Shaw ami brother, * i sit talented iu ihair res activa iphercs. They (fives ' ail MtMliinarnt to-iil(bl at halt psst neven o'clock. I jrr- madam aoolph is TETOfeO vOMfUNM the d'liy. st Pesis's Munt-tim. Urrlt Wrf. n, T O B-xith. Mr Kiinn.Csnto ke ,aregiriuir grand ur nmirr* to cro*>l. J and delightful houses. Ton at <iK>ri* ol thu piece sr <qtia) to thoie of sny ol i'? rprti'ori, notwithstanding the pries of sduisiion is y uu? ihlllug. Jf- AN KNTiKr.H NK?v WORK l-Dv Bles?. i?n. This itay |ii'>liibed? Pries on* shilling. "The querent i i un-iu(. and Marriage." mat American j aatbe Aim Loo tun mIi ton, Juat received in tbiacoonby the Biiianai*. " 'smlikip- Ottikmn-Omtiil Ondurt, Drt??, Pro. iala to'he Lady , R<iuaal by the Lady, Rrluaal ut P<- ' ill or Ou?rdiena h enluet of ik? iliiltfnun-TowirJi bit Betrothed, in ? hi*, ob th? Lady retiring from h-t engagim nt; en H ir.r.g front hia etigaf .metit; Pro|?aol of Marnaga. (J ;?urtth ! l.? 1 ? O iifi?l ('.>n luct, i'lopxal hy tbe mil win, t'fcaace of t nSlioN. rorreap mdeiice, * ' . riductof the Latj ? Tow ar.ta het B< im<h< d in Public, the genlli iiaB retiring Irom In- rngrfrtnenti oo rati- " g I raw her engagement; Burial Mem iHom from the .ling T>ur?Viaita of cotnpl mart ll I coTi.n <nv, Conduct in Public, Priaantah >n ai Court pi 1-neral OtMervauona-Dntiea uf a Wit#, Mother, Bud c. atreaaot nanih ; C-mclu?iJn. tt 'jbluhed, ?nd i tr aale I y Bt R(}R?***TRINUER. " C-mrrier nt Br..? 'way and Ann air eat. * ATTENTION KVUT Bom '.?THIS DAY l< >>iiehed, prfe ivtiiijr bre cant", the Aral American ,f n tbethirti?th London edition of Alternetby'a Family (f I ainan ; or, Roady Preacriber, in all caaea ot illneaa oi id. nt. where n.<dn. I attendance la not required or mot t?a procured, R. viaeri aal euUrgtd b) H Boat c rh.M.D u Phia work, by miif tbe BKitt intelligent and ?ncrraa- *' ol Binders phyaarlana, abetild find a place in tbe libra- If of (*atj family in tba country, K f.aing tbe < heapeai, * t modern and complete Book *1 l> imea'ic Madicine p, r puMiaberi. II ia tar anp-rior ta Buckon1* aathjuaied ,. at Ha and all aimilar Bdtl lowr mucb l*ttar would it be for invalids If, inataad o< r> ing thee??e|vea With the qua-k noatitiaM, piiia an-' laceaa which abound. th? y ?on Id turn lo the | ari> ' thia valuable manual. and, uuder tha appropriate head, >' I and adc|it the | retcription rutlable to tkeir complaint , i - in-'i.i i I by oneof the boh papular 1 I cientiBe phvatctan ol any age. ,* y'orirta or ihi Pa* aaDecidedly tb* l>eet af the c| metoua mammU ot duawaUc medicine before the putLondon Uliimmrt. ' The utaa ol the coatpili r of thit uaeful work it a i?i>< it to every man'a c? fence. No iatmly ah"til<f w ithout thia e?c?Uei.t woik by the great Abornetliyv ''?ui7 Jiiutnai n. ' I'he pia>r n|>tinna are nuvamaa. and I'aan up wilh t> >?t care Every variety oi di?i-aa? ta treated af, an I th> l( it reaiediea lor all are given iu a manlier inteliigihle f h tot'ie iinpro'ev?i >nal leadtranJ tba apothecary b li.i/Mliiai Mafaain# r ' fh? U?t and two t trwM worthy tr?v(iB? of the hue* ? rv peiaon wha it'ravr|!iti(, abouiapat a'-eaf the*< >k* in Lit trunk. The cbap'er on the treatm* it af a enta i< ak'iia worth the whola pn.a al the l?vk."? j itJim Ttmtt. [V 1-?e repn tiate aelf dcc'oiir.g-liul here ia a f-uk," , athe I.oil don Atlaa, "ah if a every ptov?ri<-r.l fatbei ol amilr ahould have, lor ihero arearcaaMin* when the f ice || givea in MBMillneaa and BCCideui n.uat lie in ^ it-ble*' Plica twenty IIva ci-oia e< Phil day publiabed and fo aula hv BI Ktitk HTRIS'OER. Corr.cref Braariwa- au.l Ann atreet. New Yark. "f *'A TK0fBUE*0?1E HEADACHE" IB VKRY ing, and may bo rclieviri ia a law minute* by nhar i' Camphor Lcrepgea Mi. K aoth, (>boof the e4?- ' ? ol the Sunday Mercury, waa relieved a (awdaya H ce Iron a violent attack af aiok headache hy then i, in leaa than tfteen nunu ia. And we kava a. eu I! ny rate* whan the (M raoti w at conftoed to hi* bed re- ^ re.l by lhe ute of thia iovaluaMo lenndy Re aura 1 get thegennina. They ara aold only id hoaeajaari g rar love, nt Dr. ftberiman'a warehotiae, |M Naiaau aet, or at hla agenta, 110 Broad* av, III Aatcr Hawe. ri 1 lludaonatreet) IkH Bowery, 77 K*?t Broadway} ng ^ illiam atwt.and L?dger Bmldina*, Philadelphia. 5. K7- Dlirvm A>0 AUa tOlflAIXfl ?>r i Mr will br cured by Dr. McNair^i Accou-iio Oil ? ee one dollar pel Jli?k. ' >IL OK rt>NI Mor all ki di af Leather, Ha aeaa. I CarriBga Topa, Increaai a in iniMir favor tha aiare ?i rviu'li to water, m.kmg th?m ?o't abdeleatK V. i'C?n |ioi>*iMy ii?a |( * il: out ac*n?lh aa?it>g men*} i longer dnrahility o' leather on which It M applied ro haloaid ff. iimi.x oMv at I ? ourtiaa4t kmh, an. or* a Wfl.i Coraatock A Co ,'i Nnnk Fink ?trra?, fki 1 rlphu. 3(7- COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, TAIN M THR v xii'l chea', wi 1 tw curr*' t?jr tb? mnaMfn'r e il i.jf^oit, when i-very 'king flaf la It Tbianalou hy r?ery one who hat u?e-i it. anil never touur kua* 'ge baa |i>rn ill* >?aat <ti>aoiM.ction t all <a Mr irre Regular, k*7 Greenwich atl'rt. alii waa< un a of '' art'i-ctiun of the langa thin all rlae cave a t mi, n?ient To tie <>nn>l at 41 rth at. J> r>a<i itre-t. M^aark, corner Hi.'La and Fjl'oa *treei> ooklyii, Com tock A It <aa t ornkiit. roe, hod ' o. VV. lla,Ci>riMtock h Co J Nor k ? b atrwt, Pintado la. P lCr >1 |?T tx.nt ort<>U-ln< ?J w- rRot? v v? - mmmm MU, H the petnun-nt < ire oi ito'unt era (l|hwt 'I iia t? I all mocopurulent diecbergee Ir. m <ba nrrtkri. Tee*. ,< l? are warranted to l>? a ?a!e radical an 1 pedy trmt i lor'.he ahov,-compieiata The* ?r. to he hart ? < >i y at the offt'oand caoanlting ra??a *1 tka tailif ai t? dicine and Pharmacy, W Na?aa? Mr?t, I w H Rl< HkRDNON. Ac??< Vliat ia life! or the amli r-n c?i<tieet or compare Vith a roiifk.'tmjr,C"aro>* had"' gray er r?i bair ST- AINI- THA I TRCK, RK\l>r.N ' to aea a yo<in? , u or anaan taitfe rou^ti, mm ban. hoi' ret. tn>j ' en a three ahiiliuc ho Ik o< itaai'Cotll llair * "? ive ?<itit 1 n ?k i it ii. a|>r< arance an1'.-eli?g *< ? a l< nt. ?oit, >lark,aiiky an I he?in el, car. ularart at r idl nit. force th> Ml W i raw la*' May it lalliog it Ar , re It <>ne trial ; it dou i coa< tn>n h , ' raona wilk oiup'i?ba. cbappeii baa ta Ar eke iM gtee i Italian Chemical Maponi- ml Ii c? eaoo ?u?'a?? akin, freea It Iraa rw? 1.1 or 4WI*?r?0' at> ?f ei>? a id mike< datk or jellow ?ktn clear aud ?hl<e *?" ce .VI cenii a cak>-. at ?he atgn of tbo Kmmrmm k.agle Chatham atreet; |W I'mti n auee?. I'aati?". ? net. B .?ion, 3 l.nlger Bail IM>, Philadelphia boo r> may be ho<l got mm. tho ak??# aaf ?ha Mk>*ia| ler atilcle*-wind oat* bore?tba Hanrlak i?a#? 4*, tae | king rod or gray hair a tao dark brawa of ?"or?< co M coat* or U a battlo. tratraaud Ja??? L ily ? kite, for ladioa' akia. waAiog * a aataral aio'-oie, lite, warranted, wltheat ?al?r? . try, ar*eo ??ce?'a nd.lheae are aoNI only lotbla my at tko Mga al Ibo icrican Ka?l?,?J fhatham alreet <?iad that Ml- THE WHACIt I HA ' ?WaLL<?*,l l> JONAH, * !uld ka*obad eonaiderahia diArult) n. ? .0 ? the tough yarna. wnk wbicb ceitaia me scal ?? .?- * " a<1r>rn tb? fl Il?ni m our iwit |>?p? r? i ini w labia Pil!? and MfNlifBta.1l.?n?.gaa ? Ml Hkm i' ' ' lira by aufh ?mhi, aud l a* ikrir <i? .]< u .? > >i lb* uoatiuma oi lk?M hoMhaMtc a?? lata I .il t> Item, rough, worm*. and all lb* a' a *. " wcla and llvar are a* >liah?d which will i?i * .i i?.. aimmreirriil ol th? m.lli-tiin *. f.l. a |?r|.ai ar < ?tly to Maintain thr a* ?r. lanrj wMrh the* a* " It i d oatr tha tnn?a aork r atf*4i>oaa ml Hn tawli.f " iplrlca. Tha puMir marntaat % lalwmailiw i? Bkto P^ara'Vi'titeM* Plaatar fdncipal ofliea No It* fu 'im atrait Kf PRIVATa. k CUEE ui'AEA* CKO?The fulled* a( Madi. iua anil PH%mw? ? a' Ih. ty of V. w York, aatabitafcal 'or Ik* awppaoaatMi a ackary.ia now pn-pararl lo traai all luma mt a ar ta nntnra, an<l ntlrr to all ihnaa aMi^inl wah tkaaa 4ia laaing mabdir.a advantagna lull ta ho *H with la ana irr mailtntIon In tbla Miin'ij, either public ar ft ? al I ?m tha conalant corroaprnd -naa, and frwm i?a?? ? f iiKi'incnta, hMairn tha tram xitaol Ik' f ol)a aftd'fct at aaiimnt profraaora ol I lie mnlical inalitutMin* ?' I fi?, all improvement* In tha treatment ol Hi??? liae??ra n Inrwnrdad lo tham long h?>'ora thrjr r>ach It.a mtja T of thn madicnl (irufaii-on if thiarannlry. Will.- rt lebrated ri'maitloa, togothiT wilb the eo?bmad tail oi ? flrat medical m*u ot |hi? country, Iha College i?" ' n fled that tha gaol woilt ih?? haae und? rtaben, Ik ppri aaion of quackery," will rrffni" tha pvtnm r errea Irom tnat portion of tho public requiring ikaii ralcra. rarmt?fo? advice and medlcln" r)lhcannd I onanlting Roo?a of the d?Mef e. ?T N aaat t e?. W S. RIi HAHI)*OM Ag.nt I N.B. Patlanta llvlngatadlatanra. t>? atatmg ihe.i 41 | nae e* pliritly In writing,glalng all aym|.torn?, tog. that ( lb tha treatment thay racalaad ilaewhere.lT any .cm ? tain a cbaat containing all madicinaa, With full direr 1a lor naa, with a guarantee of cura, by ad4reaaiag tka 1 oat of the oollaga, past paid, aoeiof ing f*. I ? *1 BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. (CofrMpondence oltb* H?i aid.) Philadii pniA, Nov. 15. 1848. rhe Wtatker?The Rumored Dull? The fuirmout t T? 4i ? EV I. ?t n ' tnjUH?M ry?ng rttm?iWUlllUHl?I flf OUflM Convention?J^mon Hilt. James Gordon Binnktt, Esq.? Ieah. Sir? We have another delightful day, much milder idii yesterday, the atmosphere being more like thot i" .-|>riDg than the middle of ihe last autumnal lonth. The duel of yesterday turns out to be but a fh?h i the pan. It appears the parties, Lieut E. R. "hompeon, of the U. 8. stsam frigate Prinreton, nd Nlidehipman Throckmorton, of the U. S Navy, aving had a quarrel, agreed to dec^e it st ten aces; pistols being the weapons, and the Delaware ne below Naaman's Creek the place? heretofore oted in the annals of duelling for fueh purposes, 'ney accordingly proceeded thitherward early yes rday mornirg, but by the timely interference of lantain Newton, of the U. S. Navy, the superior fficer of these valiant gentlemen, one of the pares was iatercepted on his way to the ground The el consequently did not take p'aee, and nt least neot the parties may congratulate him-ef iha> ho i yet in the land of the living, although his tarnishrt honor may not be satihfifri. Tfi* partv who had lrea<Jy arrived at the place designated, having rai'eu for some time, and fearing an arrest, tattinfr?*d < fl to avoid a gr^a'rr riicgraoe than that jr which the life of one of ih?m wmh liic?)v in h? ncrificed. The parties and all concrrned In this ipgracehil affair will, I hope, receive aevere repreen-ion Iri m the proper quarter Thefrtquentrecur nce oi such idle ar.d senseless modes nt satisfying fhat is called " wounded honor," ia disgraceful to )e service. and to my mind proves anything eke lan courage?out upon such humbug?reform it ltogether. The Fairmount Engine Company have come to ie wise determination to suspend their operation sfm m n, for a< me time, and have accordingly rithdrawa their apparatus from active service ? 'hey have also appointed a commi tee to present a ' ue statement of the circumstances attenJirg and roducing the late disgraceful outrages, by which M peace and qiiet of our cilv was ao lamentahly m'urbed, aad its character in the opinion nf mauy ood people sullied. 1 hope for the honor oi humau ature, such scenes will never again occurThere was a tr fling fire yesterday morning in Lace meet, below 4ih, on the premises occupied y '">r. Sclienck. It originated in the cellar, and ras extinguished without doing much injury 1 m pleased to say that nothing occur*ed anions: the remen, except the most laudable zeal to atop the rogreaa of the fire; there was not a single fight, or the symptom* ol any outbreak whatever?long in v it continue to l>e so. There was another crowded house at the Na- j onal Ust eveoini, the " Mysteries of Paria" being lay d for the second time. There was evidently onsiderable improvement in the rfpresBntntion of ie piece, and it may beset down assuccesslul It il; doubtless repay the management, and draw ml houses nil the week. The Equestrian Troupe at the Walnut drew n to rahly acod house, but the Chestnut, and for Vanenhi.fl'a benefit, too, was moat miserably at nded. The Baptist Foreign Missionary meetings were nntmued all day yesterday, and will be in session otil this evenina.when it will sojourn. The closing rfdreas will be by the Rev. E Kincaid, Missionary . inHurmali.and will take place in the ThirdChurch, l?r?re s'reet near Filth, until recently under the istoral charge of the Rev. T. O. L ncoKi, an eloi? hi and pious divine of the Bap'ist (>ersuiision The Joint Committee ol the Select > nd Csmnnn oatiil have concluded the purchase of the Lemon [ill E""ate, near Fairmount, known as Pratt'* Garrn The term* upon which the pioperty has been ought, or the puce to be p?jd, has not transpired. will be a valuable acquisition to ihe beamiliil proTy owned by the city at Fairmount, and the purliav will be heartily approved by our citizens. Yours, &c. Hales of Mtorka at Philadelphia. S?com> B Nov 14 ? J.U40 mm* ?'?, fl-J; fiOiharet irk bnr( Bjik.Si; -J*# do Oirard Bank, 8; aoO 4s *6d.f, $1 nwi State 6'S, ?>#J; $" 0O> ?! ? 6'a, 3<sf,6fli; 3W*h?rea I Histt-s B*nk, $10,000 Reading RR Bond 8'i, *0. "it, IS (hares Firmer*' sn<l Meahf>ie?' Bank, 4lj; ??h??va Manor* snd Mechanic*'B*oj, 92J; 4(H) do Vicka 'it( e?i k. 4; 19 do Nnrriatown KB. 4); 90 da IVnn. uwi al.ip M?ak. 7*, 16 do Mechanist' Bank. 38J; 30 da ??ra?l*arla B*iik,2'J7. Kin?t Hotsn Nov 16? 37iaharei Yickabnrh link, 4$; i i (luar' 0 n*,?J; ..63 >1* 8J; 12* Reading Railroad, I.Mdo IPX; 30 Ceir??TCinl Hanfc *01) || ICO Ch?M mWpviij li lnvinriul Loan. SP|; 1 iliatei Panasyl. naa Ha<k. : }*. It do, )l m?i Trnneaaea Boprfa, 1] '6 iiNi ll-a t m BiiiiIi, ?>); $7 CW? grata F^ra, 6ilj, 11? . ?!# Hiara, 7.'; ?l? 000 do 7i; MS Lah'gb Mnrtgagn oan.64 91 ihirilU. B. Bwk,S,3 M da Wilmin. on 11H. I*J, li<<n ' na. Cincinnati, HO; ? do tJ^ioa Bank **> Wilmington HRStaei, 87. L U'KIT *Ot TIIKK*HHIP NEWS Piiuauai Milt, Not iy?Arr llaudoliih fioidmnitli, ChaV ?i; K?rlm?,( II >aton Brioar, '1 auitirr, tnii|Hi??l from tur Intua; Kill*, Joint Randolph an1 a 11?|***11 * hr l id mr?. and Walter, Boyd, Nrw Oilrana; Swtmi i, Sauli, MtlM, Ja. Hti ii?n?t N'ar It? \rr TtUptrn. Connor. fauina. M# ? -li>?. Ixriiir i hrnan<o Sid Alraanal*-. Lwdt, Bmd.vui; ilaixia l)il' ll' itna; John Jay. Ba^r, Pro?ida?ier; Qurru, r*y, Sr? Bedford; llo|?, Ar?y, Portland Km hmom>. No* M?An Lfotittua, Kuapp, NYork; Union, Noaroia N?t II- 4rr J A Lovrland. Lanraatar. Richmond r Mjlilf. Thorn, U 'tlaon. do for NrW|Hjrf, Amuili. * it I i T?. i.mtM'i lu 11<inptun Itoadi, D-Uitr, Stoddard, UcMsoad lor .> \ oak. (& THE CELEBRATED TONIC MIXTURE, pr.-. an -I tiy tha-l oihg- of M-Jicioa and Pbaimacy ol ibe ityilN'* Vark, ia coi ftl.mly tarnmairn(!a?l by tb? <#>'acal family, aa a-tnim-iiMy ad^pti d tor the* ra moval of . ti.r, praidncrd by at are! indulgence, lmpotaini y. barran raa, (anlaaa dtpindirg on maltormatio" ) and all oai|tUuita arn ng firm ,1 prnaaed atata of thai conMituru Hold la ainitla-klHlM, *1 i a< b ; id caaa-a containing alt a data a; |l, cartlully packrd and a?nt to >U par.a of ka Union w ? nI' HARD JON, >lti a ai. ! f oriui'i' * ftoorr* of the ?:oti*ga,V7 Naaaati it. g^> iwtNUONn or the enemy.? * "b. t'o' M'Mlla-, tor artaltcciig attp*tfluoii* linuttn air aataly , quaraly and j? rmarwntiy, adVaBca-a iu pul-lio -'i??.iiiai ratawnh thaa'ioaa It r. r. it, a liom in it iin Una aiaa alar akamiral ;>rr|<aratton haa ?-n'ii?ty iiaita ia'rd *ir J-nrrra?tt? and utterly ia< Iflcaciom comrt a?#. and?1 itnd the rn?* an,I an < ot baaa ?rti? attempt to |>ilai < If thru poiactioua a?li > ri in* t I. {rnuinx ?uch irnfat.tit. >?t ou rioua atla- ?i|Ki,mU r?' tu on thrmariara Th>* |>opt). iritf M<l?ii< iwitiNli nl th?l' ti4r? HuMila ia not to h? >tti<tr<l tiji mrh iki-?r>Mi- mm, it baa atta'nrri tha iik'M |?ltck ut |'U> Itc Uiur . it |? alwaya to lad ?'?ratk* r>r-aa> ??rr? i-urrb-arr, whan tha atiougrat 4 to<a?kaa< hair la a**? to ?ahi?b ilka magirIrani.g th* tin ?t mitt 4rlK-aialjr wkita, a?m |iom tha *>krW. akmlkt ai^ilatM kilt baa hrru r?a>o*..l, ia Ma?? ? ( Ilw Ah taaMaa ?aith tha hair, lravw< it ?? raMar af the ??rr>">a4ii * part*. The |?tiui a i* to a4 i.a aHrrr rlar in N>a Y fh l>ut at ?T WilAtr atraat, aa iaat (ra? iroaJaaf. || p*r Mil*. Imm. t M.ik am< , 7# Ckralniil atrr>tfbil? lt4i? *yt? Ni>? H??r li?or I'mri lrner-. Carl.ton, o*?fl,0 aa*. Warraatar,O'ry, f^ughhrvpiir,Utilliriu, IbuiJ, l?awf, lla->i"<t't,b? __ t ONatirr I IwNAL MklLITV CUMKD ? "W r*aw Mlitiiv, I"1 fmr*4 ?>% lha <al'r?r o( M.-di. Hhl tI at Ik* r*y af Na? Yark la oar ranKail) r?? aarn4 4 M4 pr- 'rninl ti ik< A >1 m- l rnl Muara al Ika r*) , U tllitui a' I?lii> |?r.? u ?! rknkf ??ril m4?Hiaa*?r aaeaaa if ai.y kind ?atrl. MMrtal la Mta f<aMimia? h ta an Invaluable rWMty >r iMMaara, ilrrilii) . oi t' iirmaMki , ml*aa d?j? n.1|i g W?*aM>. m?4 ?4l k'i?ur4 h-ghly haaarA-i?l iu U fcHH|rfaiMa ?I4?| '.aa a 4<*>ai?U4ao atata af Ihr ran MNMa* M* M> MfklM lira II M*k, Mi aaaaa af kalf adotm a. rainal t r*rk*4 a?4 aaatf to all porta af lk? Untaa. DC -a laf naaaaltlf raaata a< rka ( ?l>??r V? Naaaau l*aa< W ? |H H*HU?I)S. Agrnl. av r?Mt lll?'< (3 Dr ?alaa?of LI a??art, (W(IWI M ft* art, Naa 1 ark << * < I ?aa 1 laiklH | 4m r?v?n? that wilakaa m aa> k akal laa ??ka. hai?g a?t *a?4 la kar t?4 r tkrra ?*?ti tank ? >>a? ml lk? laaav, to whirh ha baa jralaa|Hiaal lav Iaat ar twaiaaa ??ar? part ( tt raaat-aao r a a> raty aa)l?*.*Nh gia?a pal* la bar M*a. w4mil.ll raMk. ami ka^ kar fruaa ataraaaf tkt* a?h . k????r ?k? (. tail >? fca m I 4 ??k pt? a* r<* a< Maack. >r H<#BM mi ! ? M tt ?a4l M It* l??rn . and ? < T ay tar* IW Lia?*aart. wktrk h? akt m?M r*? k?? AkMi tkr> n kw Mti i?i a*a > mmmmtrn* mi?| a *M *? ?a m? aaarlt all I Ik.I a?a Mt ? - ?* ?fca k??a? ? '? kn 4w>. * ?4 tkal I ikthk i>r T??tw? tataaai ? will a k*f a?urai? 'l. Kr ?kM I '?rt ??f) rra' - *1, uj .. >!>? ! rrr*??kl 0 M kit aHa . ?r?y art -r'. 4. Va?rk.t.?iy. u WATMil, Ul Hurt TV* a >??? n<i>f ykf in ? ? !? at ik? *r Mtrr ?T ? ? < ?k?f? M M ?aa a- la wfcalaaala k*4 ra,.i A a* <a> aala bfUJ La.4a. WkklMklk Oritffiat* * (/ COHTOTI'l l? VOLO AT I' l?m (#" 4 WM? M I* kMtl*. H #4 Aim ir 1 k '?4 piimnly f -*4 H ia* Ntof, <Mn mi >(U 4<?i4f tk.MMf Alt ha l(fti|?ri>UrM lit tk*a?lrn, rtki'wi* aa4 a?r k<M ikt n Ik* l (-> |>r*?t lh< ?%> ( p*f? 4a?? at mh> r>a?tf i* *> ?t ?' .a**4 ? *> at M Ceattiaa* ?raH, m4 1 lattk iKkrraai, fWI?*'??' ?> RK DID ALTKM 4TIVB Ml* tM?. < I fca rarfl >i 4?ra at ?r a. ear. 4a T . ,.kiMa TV 18 al'aratoa ? |MN| tflti*. aaacy iraca *? <? pma?a tk. ay a??* ka aa?tliMia? 'ha a?MMt?iiM awl ta .* Upmrmmt K^Hk.^iu,*,.,., ? IMIf I lam tk<??il4 aaa tk* ait'ara ?'<ka*? 4a ay k..i4 ia ' ? ? * nM?k.^ half . 4. k, carnally ptckal, kal aa? all -n. ? lk. ,,W III yf *:*?"*1 *? < * C*U*f? W Ma4*u.? kn4 fkkr?kt ) , K >mm? Mia j. J