Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1843 Page 1
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X j M. 5# ja ' ' ' ? All ?< I'M- i-i TH Vol. IX.. No. 30)?W'hol* If*. I?ai. NEW AHRANOEMENT. ?? fARK AND FREIGHT REDUCED. OT_ jiMfl 4? REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROflir-5^*=S?VIDENCE AND BOSTON, via. 8TON 3Ci-M3t.lNOTON AND NEWPORT?I omposeid ol tlw following superior steamers, running in ?i>HB?eO?B with the Stoniugton hud Boston and Providence Railroads MAS8A< HU8ETT8, Cant. Cometock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thaver. PROVIDENCE. NARRAUAN8ETT. MOHEUAN. ? ^ . One of which will I fare New York daily?( Sundays eioepted) from I'ier No. I, Battery Place, n. riw, at 4 p. M. auranJ^ients. The RHODE ISLAND, Cal*aiu Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday tor Stonington and Newport, and Friday for Stonmgtoa. _ . _ The V1A88ACHU9ETT9, Captain Comstock, on Tneaday aud Thursday for Stemugton, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport aua Provideoce. I'aneugM-*, uu the arrival of the iteamen at Stoeington, will be immediately furwsjileH in the splendid aud rvmmodioua Car? of th? Haiiroad > > Providence and Bosto-i, aud if for Newport will pioceed in the steamer Muhegan (is superior order) from theuce at 8 o'clock the followiug morning, thua giving them *n,opportun!ty of a night's rent on board tlM steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, tad then breakfast on board the Mohegon. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of paaseugers, and not surpassed by any in the United States. For paasftge or freight, which is taken at vary reduced rate*, apply on hoard, at north side of pier No. 1, 23 Broadway, or office ?I Samuel Uevean, freight ageut, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' bertha oau be secured on board, or at tlie office of HARNDEN ft CO.. No. I Wall street O- NOTICE?-CHANGE OF HOUR?On and after Mouday, Oct. 9th, the steaman of the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, forming the line to Providence and Boston via Stouingtou, will leave pier No. I. Battery Place, at 4 PM. lT/~Un and alter the lOtli mat. freight will not De received anil forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m? m NEW tYOBK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. ^a| For Kingston, uc Delaware and Hudson ^^J^^nal^teumboaU EMERALD and NORThe EMERALD, Captain John Kstchara, will lesve New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at i o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (ltoiHout landiug) every Wednesday and .Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, font.of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 4 o'clock, 1*. M. Will lwave K' jgston (Rondont landing) every Tuesday and Friday at t o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morning at T o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 O'clock, same day. For freight or psjsam apply on board, or to \VlLLrAM80N. BARLOW It CO., all 3m*r 164 West street PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS flJTiZu uV 1,0,1 ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M r? i m Mr Through direct?From the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNlCKERBOCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John, will l?ave Monday, Wednesday tad Friday Evenings, at six 'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave t'oesdav. Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At i o'clock P. M ?Landing at Intermediate Places. Steaintxiai t-OLUMBIA, layi A. HougKton, will leave Monday Wednesday, anil Kridav afternoon, at (o'clock. Steamboat .NORTH AMERICA, Capi. M. H. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Ttorsday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Passengers tailing this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ampla time to take the Morning Traiu of Can for theeast or west.' The above bonu ire new and substantial, art famished with eat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and aecommodar lions are unrivalled on the Hudson. l"'or Passage or Freight, ajj>ly on board, or to F. C. Schultz tt tfie office oc the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and alter Monday, Ofct 16th, the boats ofthis line will leave for AI ban v at 6 o'clock, P. M. instead of 7. Jtk INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSIflp^^LS?TION NIOHT LINK FOR ALBANY3C^JB3K.ThrougK Direct, withoat Landing.?The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt.0. House .will leave New York from the foot of Robinson street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays^and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for tin season, at* o'clock in the afternoon. Kraicht taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. 8 ?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. o>6 lm'r 0m SIX O'CLOCK EVEN1NU LINfc fl. TlT*'" ALBANY AND TROY direct, without !3B^_JH^S-Iiuidufg?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALl.OVT, C?ptam A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlaitdt stroet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veniuRs, at T o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a larxe number of state rooms,and for stwwl and iccommndations is n"t snnvuaed op ?h? au8 ec REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. Vc.-Ths WHM(Wsubseriber continues to transmit money iu turns large JNfitft?nr.m?ll t/i n?rv??. h. .nv r*.r, ,.f J I?I--J liithesarne manner uV, and his predecessor in hasiuesa have done for the last thirty ymrm and more ; also, to uy put ol England, or Scotland, Money remitted hy latter (poit paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with bin, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is lo beaeut, and nearest pott town, will be immediately traasmitted, and i?id accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the eender. In like manner money, or claima on persona in any part ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by tlie subscriber for persons residing in any part of the Unitedf States or Cau?da, and will be paid to them accordingly. ,.21 Im'r GEORGE McBRlDK, Jr. U Cedar st. FOR VERA CRUZ?To sail oth- 17th in7uiT? WrMV?The fast tailing coppered schuoouer MERCHANT JK^Uibi'V Kll?roy master. For passage apply to the captain on botrd, pier II east rirer, or to RENNARD fe CO.. ii'? 't*rc 116 Pearl street FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND WMWW NEW YORK Line Regular Packet of 20th NoveinJBKJifiBber?The fast sailing ship OCMULGEE, Caj>t. F. Peel, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, hiving handsome furnished accommodations, apply on Board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 16 South street. Shippers l>y this line may rely upon having their goodr correctly measured Agents in New Orleans. Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The packet ship Louisville, Capt. M. Iluat, will succeed the Ocinulgee, and sail the 30th Nov., her regular day. iilS r _ ??3r FOR LIVERPOOL?British Ship?Sails on Saturday the nth November.?The well known very jm&raat sailing British ship CHESTER, John Wilson masiei, hiring nearly all or her cargo engaged, will tail posi, tively ? above For freight or passage, having very comfortable accommodation*. M ply on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, _ ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO.. 35 Fulton st.. oSlr neit door to the Fulton Bank. ONLY REGULAR LINE KOK NEW OKWMtTW LEANS.?The following ftrst class packet* will JNMIRfa tail punctually at advertised, weather permittiug. or live, rix The SARATOGA, Captain Ruiaell, on the 15th of November. 1 he OCMULGRE, Cspt. Peel, on the 30th of November. The accommodations ol thaw ships for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are such as cannot fail to ensure every comfort to passeug.ra duriug the voyage. The ships of this line have now commenced their regular trips, auil will sail punctually every live d^ys throughout the se isou. Passengers may, therefore, rely on not being detained The price of pa*?age being very low, tli?s? withiug to secure berths in either of the above packets, can do so by ,applying on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. Atjtheir General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, nit ec comer of South street. KOK LIVERPOOL?The New Line? Re?nlir kJSWW Packet 17th ofNotember?The fine New York omit ?ttj|M>acke>. ship HOTTING'JK.R, Ira Burslay, mast*, 1090 tons, will sail as abo?e. her regular day. For freight MO bale* cotton, or i?ssage, having very sn[*nor aaeomuiodauous, apply to the Captain on board, at west aid* Barling slip, or to WOODHULL It MINTURN8. 17 South st. The fin* ?ew packet ship Liverpool. J. Eldridge. master. 1150 tons, will snccead the Hottmguer, and sail on nar n*ular day 'firh December. ^ n!4 r ifig- KOR Ll V ERPOOL. on or before the vOth inst,? jMRjPkThe new and splendid ship ST. GEORGE, 1000 tots JIMNlfaburihau, Watson Fe ris, muster, having three-fourths ol' her c irgn engaged will sail as ?s 8h? hs* superior accommodariunt for ten paaseng-rs I' ?r balance of fie'ght oi |mss?sc apply to tha captain on bo.t- ' 'ii 13 E. R or to 111 l?j?l> > ItF.P'K t? > > h:qtt, Will ?t FOK LONDON?Pa?k< i of 20th Nov.-The kAV9W.splendid fust sailing packet shi p HENDRICK HUD jpwKkSON. Cant Moo-e, will sari punctually as above her regular dny.and having excellent iccousmnd tinns for cabin, secoim ebm and steerage passengers, those desirons of securing berths, should not fail to make earlv application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTTj n 12 re 43 Peck Slip cor South St. lAi FOH L( >.\ DON ? Kegular Mkst of the M>h Nov. wfrfW ?The apleuiiiil ship H'.NDKiCK HUDSON, ('.an. JHllfa tain Moorr, buitlieu 1000 torn, will fail as above, hrr regular tf.iy. The accommodations Tor cabin, second cabin anil steerage P'stenKtrs, air unsurpassed by any vessel in port. Persons about to embark should make earl v application on boar J, foot of Pine street, or to JOSKPH McMURRAY, jiUr IfQ Pine at corner of Mouth. tftV^Whu'then JMltor.s, register; bailt in Bristol, Main*, in JmMK?i81I, double deck, coppered and ropjier fastened. Ill let-1 long, Tt le? t beam, 6 feet bet ween decks, 1J feet hold, will he told as soon as the cargu is discharged. Lays at Judd's wharf Apply on botrd, or to BOYD k HINCKEN. nil ec No. 9 Tontine Bmldint. cor Wall and Water its. BOOT AN? SHOE STORE. JBHN KF.ADY respectfully informs his fViendr andthe public, that he has commenced business id the abovr line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where h? will thankfully receivi end faithfull.' execute, all orders li*,m?v be favored with on th BOOTS. BOOTS AND SHOES, cheep, and cheaper than erer yet off red in this city. A very |*rge assortment ?f gents'single and donble soled waterproof Boots. Krench and native c.ilf, city made and warranted, for the low price of $S lo$i per pair, end a never failing supply of thick Boot* and Shoes for men, hoys and children; ladies', missis' and children's Osiwr Boole, Buskins, Slippers and Ties, of *11 the different kinds anil most ftshiunable styles. There j( Moc casins and all the different kinds and I'lihionabir styles'of India Hubber over Bhuee, for gentlemen, ladies, misses and children in abend inre, and cheap, which the subscribers wonld solicit tlv ir friends and the public to call and eiunnie their slock, as it is of the best materials, and principally city made at their large establishment, 251 Oreenwich street, corner of Murnv st. oIT im'ee WRIOMT, CALHOUN 8t CO. BOOTS AND SHOES?WILSON k JOHN 40^*SON, Successors to John Hntchinga, deceased have on hand and for sale, from the beet manofactonee in the country? J- Ce*e*^'oarse Sewed and Fesyd Boots, men and boy*. '000 Pair Morocco Buskins t*00 !. fff4,4S?' Fine "lippem. < '.f*0* various colon ,22 I *nd misees Oaiters. 1000 India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. tor sale in lots to ""itjmrehM^. at their stow. m. . _ ? STREET. opposite Hoeevelt. N B ?The store being open until o'clock in the even ing, , civili country merchant* an opportunity to eiamine goods at lhe.r|Uis?re, oJllm-r , iTW?lTtM|ll' V> ,u UV. i E NE ivri?i 1.1 U V CHEAP STORE TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC. DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES, &c No. IU (JREKN WICH STREET. NEW YORK TOHN C. MORRISON offers fur ul?, ou ii? most liberal J terms, a very eiteniire assortment of goods, among them til* following, to which he would solicit, the attention of APOTHECAR1KS. Opiaui, Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, Aqna Ammonia. Crr.tin Tarter, Spirit* .Nitre Dulcis. Castile Snap, Super Carbouat* Soda, Liouorice, Tartaric Acid, Balaam Copaira, ICpiom Salt*, Rhubarb, Liud-uium, Senna. Aloe*. Sulphate Quinine, FUra. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, and all E***a| ttam Arabic, tial Oil*. Caator Oil, &al> Myrhh, Uuicksilver, Can than de?, Magnesia, Gum Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Flam Sulphur, Coika of all kinfo. Alcohol, Barsaparilla, Bom, refined and eradc, Sponge*, coarse and fin*, Calomel, Draggists' Olaaa Ware Red Pracipitata- Vials. >* iMTL-na as?ta. *> <> aasililsiteS-. Red Lead, Copper Brnu*?, Litharge, . Chalk, white and??d. Spirita Turpentine. r?i? white. Petty, Spaniah Brown, dryv.d U .ii.1 Chrome ?w*n. lWce Stone. Chrome Yellow, , . Tar and Koiin. . . ... Yellow Ochie, Freoah ana j^ch and har American, n??? varuith. Blue, Turkey Umber. Vermillion, Terra dr Sienna, Rotteni Stona. lud chalk. Ivory Black, (Him Shellac, Boae fink, BUck Lend. Lamp Black, OILS. ?... ... ,1 Oil. Train. Oil, Fall, LinUeed, Winter, Neauloot, Summer "traioed M* , oi,r(. ?r Sweet. Refined, whale. Sea Elephant. Unrefined, whale, d ggj Turners r DYr7c0?E^M?ACTUR,K. Logwood, Krd Sannden, Camwood, Hateu Wood, fmetic, Krd Wood, Nicaragua, Hypemic Wood, Barwopd. Peach Wood. tfcim Aaphaltnm, KbenyWooa. Sal Ammoniac, " ' 4M|,,' MANUKACTUllEIWAlum, (vUdder, Uutch and French,! Blue Vitriol, . Indigoei, of Bengal. Curacaa CoPPera.,,1^*- ?nd Amex. ,n^ oiaumala. 2"V'K2ls While Tartar, Sagar Lead. Tarter, Bleaching Saltt, Olne, Cochineal, Hnm.e Aaua V ortia. Nutgalls, Lac Dye, Annatto. Starch, SoiU Ash, Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl Ashes, (iam Senegal, Extract Logwood, Powdered ( urcuma. Tartaric Acid, PowtWred Blue Sm.ilts, Bi-chromate of Potash, Quersinrou Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortis, Otim Shellac, Salt Petre, Cudbear, Bnii?h Gain, }? ' j. Nitric Acid and Oram and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Soapi, UKOCEKS. Young Hyson Tsa, Pep|>er Sauce, Hyson ' Macaboy Snuff, Imperial Scotch Suuff. Gunpowder " Mace, Hyson Skin " Indigo, FUtant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea Cloves, v ro.?ich Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segajrs. Alcoh 1, Tut and Pearl Ashes, Epsoin Salts, Starch. Cinnamon. Li iuor ice Ball, Friction Match**, Bath Brick, Carbouate Ammonia, Saleratus, British Lustre. Fl* Blue. Soda Tor washing,! Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, London, AUm. .... , . Caynnne Proper, Olive oil in bottles fc baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Vuunegs, ... Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS. DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Anoisseed. Nutmegs, Absyuth, Mace, Carnyway, Cloves, Junii?r, Cinnimoii. Rose, Orange and Peach Wa Cessia Buds, ten. Allapice Vsnilla Beans, . Tonquin Beans, Gum 1 raaararth, Coriander Seed. Gum Arabic, Tnrkey, Carrayway Heed. '"?mboge, Annisse?d, Oil of Kows, Jujube Putfi I'emirnnint, Pearlash, \V luteigreen, Salera'iu, Cinnamon, Super C -rbouate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, Ginger, while Jamaica, Le?ou, Gi^rer, f?a?t India. PAPER MAKERS. HITTERS, ?tc. Bleecliing Powders, Nutgalls, Powdered Bine Smalts, Blue Vitriol, . ., Oil vitriol, Copperas, Copper Calx, Sal Ammonia, She! ac. Antimo,.y, Alcohol. Sugar of Lend, Extract of Logwood, A<oes. Alum kc. PATENT MEDICINE bEALEK*. Balsam of Honey, Anderson's, Lee's It Hooper's I urlingtnn's Balsam, Tills. B.*teman's Drops, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil, Meets'and Liquid, tifidlits Powders, S*od.i Powders. St tiirlitnn'a Ritti*ra flaJf.air'a Extract Sarsaparilla, Anderson's Cough Dropi, Cephalic Snuff, Thompson'* Eye Watsr. ( hemicals of all kinds, French, English and American. All kind* rf Paints and Colors. Kverv description of Drugs and Druggists' Article*; and Patent Medicine*. Perfumery, "oaps, kc., a (eueral assortment. All article* warranted gunuine. iC^The most prompt attention given to order* from the country. nft Imdyfcwyr DAV ?~SHEKT~RUBBER JVEH SHOES?26 Maiden Lane. Experience ha* proven that a leather sole caa be attached to India Knbher upper*. *o that it ii impooible to seCra? them in the con rut of wearing. These Over Shoe*, which re already tnrown into disuse leather overshoe* and mocas?in?, and M which the water proof boot i* fa*t tending, are furnished by the Roxbury India Rubber establishment, 2} Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether better than are being made by any other establishment in the trade. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoe* and Boot* are furnished only at this establishment. Every article appertainiig to the rabber,busineu for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to thf( Roxbury 1. R. C., ?3 lm*r Maidee Lane. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 tote 139 Chatham Urut, Neu> York. And 11* Fulton street, Brooklyn. VAacifcv, $11 Bliiciui Irittt, IW H () L K )i A L E AND RETAIL, rPHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer fin 1 sale new and fragrant Tea* of everr variety aad style.? Their assortment specially include* the moat delicioa* and powerful grades of Green and Black. Every package bear* tbr Simp of neatness and eltwance, and the Tea* therein are so oronghly secured from li/rht and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system if proeecuting bnsineea i*, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It i* founded upon the utmost regard to the right* ol the cuitom r, especially with respect to weight and qaality, and auri railed cheapness. All purchasers are called n|>on to return an) urticle* which tail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whicl the money will be chaerfully and promptly refunded < ountr <nerchanlat public establishments, heads of families, and ship nasters will And it a decided advantage to (apply themselvefrom this establishment Utnimi Java Corns roasted evetv day. Order* from all part* of the United State* executed Witt promptitude and despatch. >, > The only warehouse ia America for the snle of Hou jns's eelebrsted Rlaek Tea. o*e Itn'm L. BAR ONTO. A RTIST. in Alabaster. Marble, ffcagfiola, kc., from Italy Ke*pectfally invite* the gentry, the inhabitant*, *hopkeep> rs. Bazaar*, country dealer* and the public in general, to see lus Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Grand ii 'I Division street*,) which is now open for iupection, with * iplendid assortment of Italian and Euglish ornament* in Alabaster, black marble, ipar, agata, yellow stone, stalactite, red uid various other marbles, verde di prato, granite, kc., kc consisting of various sixes of group*. Agure*, busts, tar.xea, Hebe ewers, Etruscan vase*, candlestirks, tapers, pen tray*, ink lands, watch cases, clock stands, time piece*, spill |>oU, urns antique lamp*, shell vases, oval vase*, bottle*, group* and single fog*, table*. Horentine baskets, bulls, cows, lions, broaches, necklace*, obelisks, bell vase*, goxxolv va*e*. nng vase*, paper WtMffhfff nnff slunil* k.i?*s snnfl Ihkm hir4? n?af? ami an tai, paintings of Mount Veaavins.of N?pl??; hooka oncouchology.mineralogy, geology, miiur botanist, he. kc. rnca ol irticle* from HU emu M $100. Cleaning and raptirmi of erery description on moderate terms. Admiaaion frm. ill I'1 T BLANCAIID'S PATENT STATUE WOOD fc COAL STOVES?lor halls, parlors, office*, stores, steiinhoats. Kor hftuty, comfort and economy are not equalled by any itove in the United States Thnritorn are * Statue of Washington the Kather of our conntry, aunaountnig two pedeatala, ine for w?od and the oiher for eoal. The our lor ? ood n con ttructed for a live and dumb atove combined, and for a live <tove only. The fire chamber in the pednttal ia eonatructed in inch a manner that the lira, by mean* of a revertable plate 01 partition in the .tore, caasea the heat to circulate through the ntire height of the statue, -iriag a large and hmutifal radiating larface. They hare alto a hot air chamber Attached, end every i 'bin* being arranged on the moat acirntilic principle Koi <enenl utility tliey cannot fall to fir* aatisfactinu. The aub icriber iiivi>?? the attention of theae about purchasing to eatl md satisfy themselvea of theabov* facta. They can be teen in 1 iteration daily and for aale only in the city at 114 Grand atreel, one door eaat of Broadway. JAMES HINDS. oil lm?m NEW INVENTED Oleaginoua Compound.?For render ing hoo'a and ahoea nerf.ctly waiar proof?to be obtained if the anbacriber at hia old eaubliahed Leather and Kindiaga Store, No. 4 Ann atreat. Price 12% cents a box. To aporta i aien and others. who wonld aecure the advantage or dryffeet, ihia compound i* confidently recommended. n? Im'r H. BROWN, COAL?Beat Peach Orchard, Red Ash,Double Screened,from the yard 43# Washington atreet. corner of Deahroaaea at, at boat prices, delivered lira of cartage,; and n eight d by a city weigher Large Nat V K Do S 11*2 Braken aa<" Egg J J7? A deduction of ? eeota if take* from boa la, at the l(>04 Veatry atreat, every day. _ oU Iw'm PATRICK KERRtOAN. P*OAL.?Lara* Nnt Site ti 00 Stove BA,I2)*, and freah broken v^and Egg m ton, of the beat Peach Orchard Aah, well screened, weighed by a city weigher and delivered free of car* i lit la;* aaa (ireea withetrsatsa < ?? llll | IW TO V YORK, FRIDAY MORN MUSIC. A/TKSSRS. 8CHNKIDER k RKBHUN, kProfassors of 1 Music, late of Saratoga Springs, respectfully announce, that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private { parties soires, serenades, lie . during the ensuing season, per- '* forming the moat n odrru and popular music. All oidera for their ntendanre will be received and answered at their present residence, 59 (-roahy it. ot6 1m*r MADAME aUTTON, , PROFESSOR OK SINGING, 1 56 Variek street, St. Johns' Park. sl5 lm*r aj "Muiia TOSEPH KAMMEIIKR, Profeasor of Mu.ic, respectfully " J announces te hia Patrona and the Public in general. that he haa removed from 59 Crosby to I3* Laureus street, where all T orders for hia Cotillion Band, to wait on Parties, be., n> or out of town, will b? received and promptly attended to. ci Order* for J. K. will alao be received at Mr. W. Dubois' Mu- t' io .Store, 285 Broadway. u2 lm*rrc ITALIAN MUSIC.?MR. MANNING (twenty years rr77 -t 1 dent in Naplea.) pupil of Pacini and Crescentini, gives in- 1 atructiona on terma to auit the timea, in Italian French, an ! w English singing, and in tlie moat fashionable atyle of piano n forte playing. p, Mr. M. haa permission to refer to the following nentlemen:? J. M. Waiuwright, D. D.: Messrs. Howlaud Si Aspinwall; J. F. Schroder. D. D.; Mr. J. T. Bngham-, F. L. Hawkea, D. D,-, Mr. S Ward. I Mr. M. resides at 2J6)4 Hudson street, near Spring itd2 lin'r jj MUSIC FOR PARTIES b; MESSRS. O. WEI83 Ik FR. ORAM B88, Profeasors of ? Munic, r?apectful|y annunnca to their patrons, the ladies 11 and gentlemen ol'New Yoik and ita vicinity, that their Cotillion *" Band ia prepared to play the moat admired and faahionable ' Music for Private Parlies, Soirees, tic. Orders thankfully recalled ajd punctually attended to at 36 , Dslanrey at, also at Mr.Millot's Music Saloon, 329 Broadway, / or at Mr. Jnlli#'? Miuir Rrni* '?? ' TO FUNO FOK I E iwAKERS " t?' JOHN GILL, mannfactnrerof Piano Korte Hardware. wishe ~ " to announce that in addition to hu twlabluhii.Mil, (on 26th ? street anil id Avenue) that he has made arraiiKemeiits with Mr. John Pnvft, ivory dealer. No. 19 Murray street, New York,(as Sent) where any article of piano forte hardware can be purjued ai cheap as elsewhere and in any quantities. J. O. respectfully solicits attention to the superior quality of his manufdctured goods, esi*ecially his improved tuning pins, M which are warranted iu every resmct. Sixteen yea's close al- ol tention to the above business iu New York has enabled J. O. p, to enow exactly what the piano forte makers require. a All orders to John Gill, 28th street and 3d Avenue, New York, p or to Mr. John Phyfe. as above, will meet with immediate atten- lu tion. Goods forwarded to any part of the United Stales. 017 lm* m ? HARPS I T K. BROWNE It CO. Manuflictnrets of the Improved " Patent Double Action Harp, by Royal Letters Patent. Londou?established 1810, (many years with Erard,) No. Mi .. Broadway and i3% Chambers street, New York. W J. K. Browne offers for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest col- J. lection of these beeutiful instruments in the United States. His " arcangements are such as to enable him to transact business at [F European puree, thereby .rum purchasers the high duties im- ' posed by tariff ou these instruments. J. K. Browne would observe these H*rps are constructed on '1 the most approved principles, with all the modern improvemeuts, -ire unequalled iu brilliancy < f tone, fineness of touch, ( and perfectness of mechanism. Pajiicular care is taken to fit * them for the extremes of climate in this country, is which res- ? pect they will be found far superi< 1 to any of European man a(act 11 re import, d in the usual wiy. These Harps are patronised by the elite of musical taste and a professional taleut in Euroi* among the latter, he would men- . tion N. C. Bochsa, who inv*r:ably selects from this es'ablishinent. The attention of prj lessors in this country is solicited. M Lists of prices and descriptions may be forwarded by post. Repairing carefully attended to; Harps taken in exchauge. _ Strings, he. oil lm??c 1 MHS. PURDY'S A PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL KOR VOUNU LADIES, ? Nt). 98 Hamersley strwt ?Mn. l'urdy and her two daughters tll having recentlv arrived from England, where they were eu- 0( gaged in giving instruction in the various branches of English M Education Music, Drawing md French, are prepared to receive M a limited numbn-of young ladies Her terms are regulated by Wi liie general reduction,in every department, for which, and other particulars,she bess to refer to her card, which will be furnisned M on application at her residence. nl lm*r PHILADELPHIA J DAGUBRREOTYPK ESTABLISHMENT, r, EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND V. 1 TIIK Subscriber has received a large supply of Voigtlanders' th *- celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, large and small sizes, Si with achromatic lenses made according to Professor Petzval's gc calculation. sii Alan* naw in nnl ir ?* *#! ?liami?sl< V. - : ? warrant* good and *Hls at reduced price*. ta The following gentlemen have apreed to act a* agent*, Til? F E White, Esq., 1*1 Broadway New York P. Haas,, ie Washington, D. C. Dr. A.. C as pan, Richmond. Va. 8. Broad bent. Lsq, for th* Southern Slam*. Win. Weal, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. ? All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied witn remittances, will be promptly attended to. and should be <? directed to WILLIAM LAUOENHfclM. <1 o!7 Jm*r Exchange Building*, Philadelphia P* DLUMBE DAJiUEKHK AN OALLERIKS OK PA- J? t TENT COLORED PHOTOOitAPHS? ,i 251 U-oadway, Se? \ oik 136 Chestnut street, Philadelphia if 75 CtMMX treet, Bo?t'>n Comer of No th ani Bultimoie streets. Baltimore And D<<uw's Buildings, Albany S ?Sons lit n tint the oldest aud most eitensire establishment of Jr the kind in the world, and containing upwards of a thousan# ? pictures. ?? Admittance free. *" These Portrait* having been awarded the First Premium and higheat honor by the American and Franklin Institutes, res I'1, pectively, at their |??t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained in th* |>osition of su|>eriority heretofore uuivenally a*>igtied ? them bv the pnulic, a* the most beautiful Daguerreotype* ever r produced. pj L:wenesse* taken every day, without regard to weather. 0r PIiimw'i Premium Apparatus and Patent Rights, Platas.Caies, he he. wholesale and retail n7 lin*in (j, TO MILLINERS _ LYON & KINO. n /"^lARL KINO, the celebrated Tuscan Hat. Mannfactn<er, * ^ most respectfully informs his kind frieuds and patrons, that A he has associated him**lf with Mr. Joseph Lyon, (late from tei Paris) and have established themselvea at No 37 John street, (under the firm of Lyon and King) wh re they have a most JJ splandid assortment of Paris Millinery Ai'icles, suitable fur the lei eusuiiig season The abovejstock consists of an elegant assort- go ment of Tuscan and Straw Hats, rich Silk Velvet*, rich Velvet Tl Ribbon*, Lutestring aud Satin Ribboud*, all fall colors? &t< Krench Flowers, Keathers; an entire nsw style of Silks, and E every other article in the Millinery line. 1 Messrs. L k K. would also state that the above goods have H been purchased for cash (direct from the manufactnrers) and H will be aold at a small advance on cost to tbose who may be rh pleased to favor thrm with a call. o25 Im'r LYON It KINO. 37 John st, N. Y. VV THE FALL AND WIN IKK FASHIONS, LI AT THE MAOAZ1N DE MODES, "J No. 60 ( . ar?*L of A CARD?TO THE LADIES OK FASHION.?MA- wl DAME BEHRMAN begs most respectfully to inform ?e* friends and customers that she has received, by thelasl arri- i?' vals from Pari*, her fall and winter fashions, and i-ie flatten an herself that the same will *tand unrivalled in the citv The "P fashions consist of the following > full and entire new style* It cat, nucat, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnet*; do *9 ?ilk, *atin mode and quilted hat*, ol an entire novel deacription, d" in ladies', misses', and children's size*. Also, a complete as r?. feather*. and hair ornaments of tne best artists in Paris. Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor bei with an early call _J tnd examine for themselves. Magazin de Modea. 60 (anal stmt n7 lm*ec J. SOKlA'S CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. VTR. SOKIA begs leave respectfully to inform his friends and -** the public in gene raj that owing to the decreased state of L .he tnnrs, he has reduced his price 25 per cent below the regu- (;| lar charges. c Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, kc. dyed or pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying nim a i visit. Gentlemen will also do writ to call with such articles of wearing apparel as may need dyeing or pressing All orders _ vill b? punctually attended to, and the articles done up in the Dat stvle at Sons', establishment, No. 490 Pearl st. His branches are at No 157 Blmcker at.. No 332 Bowery, and it JS7 Grand st. Also a branch at 4* Fulton st. Brooklyn, and 1 it Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Plsee. 1 Merchants can liave all kinda of goods dyed ana pat up in their original forms, and on moderate terms. Principal office490 I wrl st inH ]m**e ty KRENCH CHINA. >lo. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, IJp Stain. *| A DALE8ME, lm|>orter and Agent for Manufacturers, has <*- al wsys on hand a large Assortment for dinner aud tea sets M n plain white and gilt Krench Porcelain, as well as i'in?er and Si Insert pi area, of all sizes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered ] I is lies, salad howls, fruit baskets, custards and stands. u? Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, Krench and Ameriin shaoe. PI All the articles are warranted of the best quality, and to be CI 'ild on liberal terms, and in lots to suit purchasers s27 6m*ec I

LEGS, HANDS, ARMS, fee. PHE LOSS of Kaet, and Legs no hindrauce to the act of i I walking? . OHN K. THOMAS, Cork Leg Make/, k.. | a n-spertfnlly informs the public that he has returned from Phi ladelphia U) 47J Water street, corner of Pike, New York City, I where he continues to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, ig a plan the most correct aud lesut complicated,having, through ..f necessity, invented, made, and worn an artificial leg for forty .oars, and been a minufacturer for thirty-five years, freis confl ,p lent of giving satisfaction to all who rail on him tor Legs , Hands. Arms, or the Common Wooden Leg. n4 lm*r c* GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. tI A DESIDERATUM IN DENTI8TRY1 fo' HR. A. C. CASTLK, 1(1 UHUAuWAY, corner ?r U of WHITE STREET, has a Paste for filling i" decayed hollow teeth. It can be j>nt into the most tender ;nl 'eeth without any pain er inconvenience, with which it bewines impacted into ON E hard solid body, thus restoring and reserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound 'V aid iierfeot in all the-' respective usee for life?preventing IN r V.LL CASES, the uTcwsity of eitractinn. Ladies the most V listinguished iu society, offer their testimonials in the most ' [ 'ivid terms, as to its efficacy.^ The Editor of the Evening Post 7" I ??)? ? ii is anmiraniy awtpiru lur irnnrr [win and uenrous tnoni, and Dr.('a*tle ofieraiet on the teeth with great rare and n" ibility. The New York Anror* *av* " It make* the teeth m all reapeeu perfect for life." The Son ?av? Dr. Caatle ha* ibuinru mnch eelebrity for hn ??cellent mode of filliuK the J ie?th." ! m mo?t eminent grtitlenr-n of the Medical faculty ci iave peraoiiiiily tried and recommend Dr Caitle'* Paate for o 1'ininc the ti-eth. Tooth-ache pill*, one of which put in 'the (? idling tooth will effect a permanent core. (Krom the Joornol of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. \ C C;i*tle ha* replaced by a mint ing>-nion* piece of dental ( neciianmn, the lott portion* of the upper and lower jaw hones, vT ihnt away IB the case of Lieut. S?, of the U. ft. N., who it. rwilh thin ternble and nerere caanalty, while in pnr<uilof ti. Indiana in Florida. We hare ?reu letter* from Lieut. H. co 0nftrm*Mry of thi* eitvaoMmary cure and it* entire *ncce?< ( r mtt the loos oftlieae important organ* to <kilfull>-replaced by l)f. Ca?tle i? low no more a tource of regret to the Lientenant lit. C. imert* artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by at* , *1 )r a'? I: J'a.tle refer* to the Spaniih, French and \1 ' jinluli Ainbasindor*, Ml Stonjhlon, the Nuumh I omul, ?' Ibwr Admiral Walton, Lord Morpeth, Gen. McC*rty, ,|,r (far. Maion. Dr. F. U. John*on. I'sesident of the Medical So ttf cfcty, 8. N. Y.: Mr* General (Jame*. J. B Beck, M. D ; Dr. I. A. Smith, Dr. F. Delalield, Dr Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bn- i,. if>. Dr. J. C. Che** roan, Dr. A. 1J. Stephen*, Dr. J. Torry, rai Buyliea, Dr. Wa Otmyion D Derring, fee. lie. Office Ml Wl Broadway. nl3lm*?ic - i LEECHES? LEECHES! LEECHES ! AO nnn LAR<?E AND HEALTHY ?waedi.h and y\Jy\f\J\t (irrman 1-eeche*. ;o*t received per barque Sir V/ luac Newton from |Hamhnr|. For **le at rery low price* at O. A. k H. WITT'fc, coi Importer* of Leech**, ?ti al|im*r 4MfiWli*treet, New York. 9 > 11Xf ; ) ' ';,! ( -11 Mfrt< *#!> it* t'i ' I ?*! r i ' '! <lt KK ti ING. NOVEMBER 17, U IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN. BUSINESS MK,N who keep no bank account can have notM J collected through the Butcher* iml Drovers' Biuk, and rompt rrturna nude in Buchtrs and Drovers'money, hv then taring ?uch not With Mr. KoVert P Perrin, at the Bank, No , 2i Bow ry cor Grand ?t. Mr f erriu's refereuce* are ilie J a?hier ami Company . f the B ?nk. nl6 Im'er iVlONKY lu LbMi. \ BRAHAM J. J ACKSON, Pawnbroker. Keade V itre t, near Broadway, loans inonay in large orimal' auina, > may be required, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mare, Dry loodi, Wearing Apparel, and |>eraonal property oferery deiri >tion o2?lm*r MONEY ID LOAN. N autna of $1500, $1000 $3000, $1600, $1800, or one anm of $7l6U, on unencumbered and productive real estate, in the J\ icy of New Vork. Apply by uute, left at thia office, addreaied > H B. o30 r .VIONEY LENT, 1 IBERALLY, at the eld established stand. 401 Grand afreet, d -i on gold and silver watchea. plate, j -wellery and diamonds, earing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical and V lalhetnatical instruments, bedding, and every description of . -rvjual property, by LOUIS LEV Y, Pawnbroker, J o23 lm*m 403 Grand between Ridge and Attorney st. e )AsSEN?iER8?Wo lug f oin New York, South or to Kuroi?, tliat have to lay in their p ovwious for the voyage, II * invited to call and purchase them of the subscribers, at r leir cheap caih store, aa they cau live from 15 tot5 per cent v y so doing, and get aa good provisions as can lie pur-hasad | hhwhere. Captains of vrssvls and housekee|>ers also will be iM>lied with nil kinda of groceries and provisions at an equal n iving, whoieaale or retail, at thestore, No. 101 South st, near niton Market. E. S. k H. HARRIS. ? o|3 im*r c k SHBURTON SAUCE?Kor ?nrir!nug Soups, Kith, Pool- r try, Muu, ^Vild Fowl, U.iine, 4lc. This Sauce if confidently recommended a* the best offered to g ie epicurean. ? To be obtained, wholesale and retail, at J. VAN BEN| HOTK^'BiW Broadway, cornerWhite street, and whole V J* at Mr. BENNETT'S, 196 Front ?t, and of the proprietors, ri OSBOKN h. TONE, ?. oti lm*r 16 Courtlandt ttreet ;QOLAR LAMPS" "ORKKNAIMi7f'H~I ,A MP H ?a7d " 0 "HORN'S GLASS KOI'N FAIN LAMPS." A large 81 id complete assortment oi the above Lamps i> kept constantly a I hand and for sale at low and reduced prices by the subscriber, prions wishing Lamps or to economise in light, are iuvited to _ ill and siamine before purchasing, chemical Oil and Bdmiug luid of the best quality kept constantly tor sale and delivera any part of the city HOOKER, ft o?r lm*ee ?W RrnnHf >OAT AND OAR BAZAAR?At this eatablishm ent c&nb P' # found every description of Boats that the ingenuity of man It id suggest. Look at what he has done and then judge (i what he can do. At his establishment waa built ie following unrivalled boats, riz The Swiftsure. of a ewfoundland; the sixteen foot sailiug Dinky Troubler; r e Romp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row ? w boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races iu II mouths; . e noble Gimbrta; the O. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer ' r the Uuited States ship Ohio; the barge Empress lor Florida: b ? brass mounted gig Neptune for Tampico Bay, and a host of (l hers niually great , OARS, SWEEPS AND 8CULLS-150.000 feet on hand; \ so 2.000 feet of Lentrd's celebrated Sculls for sale. This ti iw brauch of his Dusiuess is truly worthy of attention ? ?ok at the prices, only three aud four pence a foot. All the ulls for ncmg dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those v at won the last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty k 1 wts always on hand. Visit his Bazaars U you desire a treat v il work delivered free of charge C. L. INGF.RSOLL, * 6,406 and 414 Water and 141 Charrv streets?sole proprietor V ne?? 2m?r |j \I A I'LHfcS1 lie largest and most splendid assortment ul 1< " Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? 0 s he ii constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Hilir Welches, of the newest styles, direct from the manufac- * rars, iu England, France, anu Switzerland, he ia enabled to A far a larger assortment, and at much Ins prices, at retail, than K iv other house in the city. <iold watches as low as S20 to S26 ch Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought All 81 itches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. h Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best manner, id warranted lower than at any other place in the city O. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, " "7 Imr Wholesale and retail. SO V/all street, up stairs. p "'HE SUBSCRIBERS are now prepared to sell Watches f and Jewelry as low, if not lower, tlian any othe' h iuse in C e city. To wit: 'uld Watches fro-n $1I> to tlUO each. c, Iver do. Irom tl to $}0 each. All watches warranted to keep oil time or the money re tu ned Watches, Clocks and Mu- " cal Boies repaired and warranted, lo ?er than any other house C the city, second hand watclie, and old (iold and Silver r| ken >n exchange, o- bought for cash. THOMPSON fc o Is HE 11, importers of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and tail. Mo. 331 Broadway, New Yo'k. Ci AMOS R. THOMPSON. ? n5 lm*m R1CHAHD KI8HC.R. TO THE'PUBLIC. ~ ~ \ 1 OH TO $5000.?Mr. Francis R Crump, Watch Maker, ? ' 1 V/W 248 Grand street, begs to inform his friends and the iblic, that independent of the Watch t^usiuess, he is prepared V make advances in cash ou gold and silver watches,diamonds, ti Iver tea sets, spoons forks, and every description of gold or lvc-r in any sha|>e, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any , BOiint paid for old gold \nd silver. Watches of every de- r :rlption rrpai.ed and warranted Vtfc Grand street p 1! Jm*r a JCALES AND WF.1GIITS of every description manufac- g'tured hy Brown and Feamhead, 13 Fulton street, corner of . ?la. The satmenbm h .ve received various diplomas for best ales exhibited at the late and former fairs of the American lu- ? Itute. Banks', brokers', jewellers', apotnecaries'. and grocers' M ales, manufactured in superior style, and of the finest finish. . it form scales, p.ifnt bilauces, tin ware Sic.: scales repaired n d adjusted: weights graduated to any stand <rd. rr ,~RTlFICIAL FLOWERS AND RKUCHfcS, wholesale V k i>nd retail, cheaper than any house in the trade, at T. HI -U CE'S Manufactory, 341>? Grand street, second block east fl, the Boweiy. south side. Pedlars and country milliners would do well to call and save ol irty cents on the a liar. CI Gold and ?ilv?*r head dnxse* for Walls and iwrties nl' Ira'r jy "'HE St! BSC HI B K.RS have just received from <?ermanv " and offer for sale, a varie'y of W iTKR PKOOF ai.d I IR TIGH r articles, called ANHYURINK. for which pa:it? have been taken out in England and Gerinmy, They 'J e vastly ?ui>eriiir to THOSE in use manufactured by the aid C India rnli'Mrr frnm whirki iIipv ire iliiriniriii?ht>(t hv h*?iiiP iM>r :tly INODOKOITS, INELASTIC, but *ui ple. ind uuderniig no alterat on whatever by change of tomprratiirr. 1 tKMf articles are manufactured with wool, cotton, hum. 11 k. C of which mav be m*'lp <'LOA< J. liUN I'lNO JAt.KTs, GAITERS, APRONS. MlLlTAllV TKM8. . WHS\r.KS. AWNlNOl MARQUKES, VNOINK OSK Alio, HAT AM) BONN ET LI VINOS, with 0 OSE AND GLOVES fur tho.? afflicted with u->af ?nd ti enmatism; AIR CUSH'4lN8. PILLOWS, .M\T I REST'S, &c A"<o. g th? rest thry have an art'de prepared for " rAGON COVH KS, for the LfSfc. OK RAILROADS and n< cover all kinds of vehicle# ai:d boats. Als i for BAL- (| DON* and for B A'?8 which tna\ contain wate y. g iseous oily fluids, witnout any chanoe ot leakage. Thev hare aim thi* maun fact ii re an eice tent article of HAIL CLOTH, lf nch will arrest the paasag" of air, will last longer, be lighter (l ail ordinary sail clotn, aud require a less number of hind* to . wage them. In the mmu'aciure of I MBREI LAS (his n ir'e must mipercede ererv Mm material Indeed the usual pi plication of the ANHYDRI NE mn?r he almos unlimit d. bl mint not be omitted to state tha' tnia article is admiranly apted as a cover for feather beds; the p?npiration from cued or even healthy peisoos so injunoiu and destructive to VI itliers, will under its use be prevented from penetrating and nuot eitend beyond the exterior ol the tick. VI PFEIFEK St WISSVIAKN, m ill lm'ec 23 South William street. w COFFEE. th WE9T INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, JL No. 64 Barclay strrct, Near Oreenwich, New York. Ill ION9TANTLV ON HAM), and for sale, Oreec, Roasted ,,r ' aud Oround ('off* s; Oround Tepper, Cinnamon, Alspice, n?er. ('lores. Mustard, Mace, Nutmegs, lie. " offee Koasted and Ground for Urocers, at tne shortest notice. ,n J C. KINDER. O it"/" Good* ?ent to any part of the city free of txpeute. nil lm* m ' HOUGH'S LONDON w CORDIAL (ilN B, ['HIS superior "rticle can always be obtained at the Wine -r L Vaults, No. 114 hulton street, one dour from Liutch stmt. HODGE'S ? CELEBR*TKD LONDON BITTF.RS. Il These bitters are highly recom-' eoded by the Medical Facol A of barnpeaa a resuir tire for th< appetite, -nd ca be used in n 1 "ore stare < rm *ed with water, wines or liquors, and c n be * tained at all the. hotela in the United Htst-*. Sold " 'ni,'v at No 1H Fulton St. one noor'mm Dutch st Agents for Boston. Mass.?Messrs. Blake Si Trumbull, corner ilk and Federal streets For Proridauce, R. I., Mr. Thomas wiict, No. li West VVater street. P S.?Th< above article* may bs had in bottles for family Cl r. te AI?o-srOUOHTON'S BITTERS, ESSEN E PEP- ,h '.KMINT, fN|LA|)ELPHU POM TEH, ALE AND " HIAMl'AONE C1DEK, of superiorqu?IAies. at Nb. 114 H'L'I ON "?J REF.T, in 13 lm"ee One door fr <m l>ut"h niree*. ulFUT ? h( DK GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. A EADY MADE LINEN9, UNDER GARMENTS, kr fcr. 0f 'HE Snhscriber would call the attention of their patrons and . strangers visiting this city, to their rich and extensive a*, rtineu! of dock*, scarfs, cravats, glorea, suspenders, pocket ndkerchiefs. dressing gowns, hosiery, lamb* wool, merinr, 30 k. cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other tmdsr shirt* and draw1 Their aucrttnent of theabore gooUa, and all other articles pertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, raried. and (v :ensire, and well worthy the attention of the fashionable p|, mmnnity, they would particularly recommend their new rle of gentlemen'* *hirt*. a* containing many improvement* ieshiru at preaent manufactured by them, are cut to suit the Ifl m of the wearer, thereby doing away with the large overplus H linen used under the old system of cutting, and addiug no> ily to the comfort of the wearer, but to tne beauty of the m This improvement wa* *0 manifest to the JndKes of the hi e fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was ti< arded to the subscribers; their (latent elastic Brace is particu- . ly recnminende<l to all person* who have acquired the habit toopiug. They will be fonnd of immense beueflt to persons sedentary habit*, by bracing the shoulders, thry strengthen n < > back, and eipand the cheat, and will be found of no impedi- 1 mi to tlie free use 01 the arm*. They would alio call anea 0,1 m to their pateui elastic Kuaaia or riding belt. Gentlemei iC iy depend on being suited with the baat aud most fashionable jeles, by ealliug at the old establishment ol rAKKKbl'S ft AUATfc, in Wi Im'ee IP Brmilmf fnnwi .f P,rk nlv. HIltTH' SHIRTS !-Th* an* acriber hi* mi baud a cm plete laaoriment of Shirta, rrade in the but manner and of r mater ala, of ill* following kind* ?u h ill* Minim Shirta, will) linen bUHimi and wrutb.uxl* I" Do do do do luid collar* Kancv Colornl 8hir'?, of varioua kinds. M*o, Sil* and Satin 8c.rf?, plain and fl?rnre^: F.nilnh Mich and It lian Si k and Sarin <>av*ti, black and colored. ider Shirt* ai>d I) awera. of nermo. ailk and cotton; Hhtker J* nnrl and Sinker knr.mrrno lambawool, coihin, ailk, untrv k .it and ahaker knit Half Hoar ; '<lovea, 8uai.ender*, Ural tttiffener*. Jl^ollara, Uidimiii Silk f'nraea, Jtc fcc.?all ol tf lich will be aold at reaanntb e terma at CIIAKFIN'H Kurniahing Stow, lh IT lm*m I'# Broadway 1? h!( i/HO WILL HAVK THfc TOOTH ACHE, wl.eo. by ' calling ou W.K. PAK90N8, Dantia', No i'JBIcektr, rtrl ecllv o|n o*ile Downir.i aireet, they cm na?e the neree He- tjf o\rd in a moment, and tilled to I at for tweuty year*, O' if > in'ich decayed have iteit>?c<ed lor only f> ctuti, t^?th in- ttli ted on'lie neat i'nitrovrd I>nuciplea hill .f, lie ko;al|0|e- , inn* p-rlorircd Ml thai pniMNIlf which cwuot fail to come thin in* meani oferrry ma ?i lual, and warr&nb-d lo be dwLt r<n he he< p >a*ible manner, i-r the mouey refunded V n Ileferei cei will be?iven to mm* f he ftrat familiea in > Hume ?Mi iUf. ?no b?v? eiperieuced i he beneflta of ,,a i o|> rati "M to their entire aatiaf ictiou, and who will 'eanfy it the above atatementa, nIO Im'w >(|j jfiTs, ( AHKOLL S MfcUlC \TBD VAl'.iR U M M i W * if- Coirtlandt *treet, are a late, cart ?in .tad apeerlv cure fot (\ iwha, coliU, aoie throat, awel|in*of the kU V rheumaniin, ffm'aaof the joint*, ague and f?yer. Open tn>m 6 A. \1 ti' '. >1. Sulphur Uatlia require one hour ? notice. ul> ' [ERA 843. It. Lonli [CormpoiuWnce of itie Hcrmld.l 3t Lotus, Mo., Oct '27 h, 1843 fom Benton and Joe Smith? Protperlt f/ Mittonri ? Trade?Building? Thahkegivivq? Km e* and Prtibyttrian*?Allan?Cattle Show?Tom Alltn'g Agricultural Ball? H'tdding at Mri Aihin,'i? Another Parly? Game?Mechanic't Fuir?Pof>uluhono/ SI Louie?Snow?Sir IViLiam Stewart ? Temperance in the Army. <TR- Bknnkit :? Those respectable old ladies of the National ntelligencer say that Tom Benton and Joe ?mith livide Missouri between them. They are ignorant if the march of lime in this Writern wotld. Benon stock is on ihe decline, and there i* neither a Aormon, nor a Millerite, nor one of your friend ?qnabh'b Fourieriies in the State. We are springing mo,power and consequence like a young giant. Jultivate our State hs England is, and we will feed or you 90 millions of people. Immigration coniiues?Population rapidly increase*? improvement f every kind exhibits itself. We shall soon beome the "Empire State," and soon force from 'ongress that poriion ol the benefits of national overnment hitherto .monopolized by the Ailanlic ">lro' " "I"1"5 " J V 1 auu our newnpapers, and lioz-like caricaturists, auo rdundaut currencies, and no currencies, we are going ahead," and nothing but ihe God who m de s c*n stop the march. Ailis<>n i* right Th?* MisiBsippi Vall'-y is to be the Garden of the World, nd waa ho intended by Providence. Exchange on the hast haa been at a discount early all (he year. Tne Fall trade continues hrisk-the crops are trning out lair. Nearly 1,001) hinldings have been reeled in this city this year (I8t3 ) All manner of rofita are hiKh, and inters tortnerly 10 per cent i now coming a litile down. Our State owea no. ting, and our city siock is worth a premium. For II the blessinim we enioy, the Governor has prolaimed a General Tnanksgiving Miroughout the late, on the 30ih ol November We may ihank rod that the present rtce of politicians are soon to e done, and that we then expect something new, rigmal, tresh, practical sensible and tunable The leiaid is tho only pap- r that keei? up with the mes, and gels acquainted with fxcts Last week we h-td races, and Presbyterian Coneuiions There were some preny hordes Irom Aransas and Kentucky and this State, but no marellou-ly taft running. The Presbvt?ri?iis were Iraid the Catholic* would get ahead of them in the *ork of saving souls! Bat which mode of pickng is the brst we have to wait with patience to am at the opening of ihe Great Seals. Speaking f piokling, there are some ol the finest hams cured t Alton IhHt von i>nn fi ul out nt W. a nhnlia : and Jto(i is reviving and ihriving Sail Pork will save er She is declined lo be ai-mart little citv. though le has beei "powerful weak" since the financial orrieane of 1847 This week we have had Fairs, and the fashionble season has been commenoed with a heap oi irties. First came the Agricultural Show and loughing Mutch, lasting'wo ^ays. The Show c f attle was fine. Few finer Darhams and Dfvons an be found in the United States than thooe inpos ssion of Captain While, Captain Shreve. and olooel 0'Fdllnn. There were some very tat Berklire hogs, and a few fine horses. The rest of the how was slim To/11 Allen seemed to have the Dmmand ; Sliacklett nave them a tolerable dinner, nd Judge Oarr and Squire Bates made speeches. In ihe evening, AUen Che was formerly of the | Indiooiiiitri) gave an agricultural ball at his seat, ?hichr?joic h in the name of Crystal Springs A j ery pretty and valuable estate, nevertheless; beter thin any Tom could have found or made, hrewd as he i*, in a nundred vears in politics Jven Cipt. Tyler and his man John Jones may nvy hi* position, which is that of ample wealth nd independence. Well, his party may be conirtered the upening of the season, as a wedding of >vo oilier parlies followed this week and the ball riH roll on nil winter Of the b>-HUt<es ih^re, it 'ould be hard lo decide between Miss F and Miss .., and in truth Misa H and Miss S. were nearly a latch lor either. These were four as pretty girls as nu will often flee in Broadway. Among otherde vices nd mottoes, a sheal of wheat was chalked upon the or. and one of these pretty sngele opened the ball F wit, by declaring ihat, alihough they emploved ittle in some countries to thresh out their wheat, Ir. A > should be threshed by her light fantastic >' And so it was. indeed, long before midnight wbserved several < fticrri of the army in the cominv?annum thnn tlmt excellent disciplinarian, ol Kearney, and his ludy. Capt. B. made a sor n on the keen and fascinating wid iw, Mrs D , nd wan received favorably. My G?d, he ex Idimed. w.tit awful--, Madam, and you Khali capture second General Gaines. Among the gayest, were le daughters 01 our senator. Miss B and Mrs F , le loriner not iretty, but ot considerable convert* onal powfTf?the latter always lair, uow more iteresting than ever, by reason of sadness, on ac mini, p rnaps, ot trie long and far distant absence it On fan) of her lord. The Colonel was up the Vrr endeavoring to prrp up his waning political irtnnes He leaves for Washington about the lsi I November, with one daughter- Mr and Mrs .. gave thnr guests an amp'e supper ar 12, and the irty continued very giy until 3 A M , when it roke up. Mrs. A. looked fair, and fat, and pret ly in her diamonds. Her husband appeared to be fry happy, and proud withal, ot his beautiful sister N'-xt eveniag followed the wedding ot Mr IcKinley and Mis* Wilcox, daughter of the tdow. Mr?. Ashley ft was something of a jim, bm ie widow was determined that her daughter's mar age should create a sensation. And why not 1 is she not fair prospecis. and is not the gentleman e son of a Judge of the Supreme Court T Weil, s ettier row of brides-maids, or better looking oomstnen, six on each aide. I have not seen for any a day There was Miss P , Mua B , Mi?? 'F , Miss W., and Mis* T ; at the head of the oomsm?*n whs the travelled Dr. P , and of the five :hers ihere is not much to be said. The widow as as gay mad fascinating aa uaual, received hei lestsvery graciously, snd treated them bountifully he bndr and groom ?ere allowed to retire at ai. irly hour, and their happiness cannot be doubted l was rumored that the first bridrrniaf (an heirese) nd the first groomsman, might be yet a match ^ney looked at each other and aeenv d to sayFain would my tongna jour gilaf appease, And give your tortured bosom ease. TL:. : .L. i : .i . iiim rvrmng, uir nrjii in inc irm ui pnrurp fwiea off at Vr. H Lane's. A crowd is antinpa d The Doctor's iotrre?tmg daughter, Mrt P , i- I if mam-priag of it, and the cynosure ol the cou rn I will pop id, and if any thing extraordinary umpires, wi I take notea. I forgot to mennon that the Mechanic*'Fair wat Id on Wedn?-?dav. it wa> a miniaiure ol your merican lnatituie Fairs, au<* creditable to the ckil< St Loui* Mechanics. Eistern people would ive been as-tonishrd The population of St.'Louis exceeds in pamber 100'). We had a slight snow yesterday Dneks, geese, riM,) venison, wild turkeys, quails and grouse are snty. Audubon is here, and ^ir William Stewart, who said to be a misanthrope, is expected shortly e is up the river paying the bills. Th#? nipmhcra /if rhn i>fiwiiiltnn nr#? v?rv h#?nlfhv ?t caught col l# an soon ?a they b?gan to aleen in >uh<?h. They came back in buckakin and loon ards. A great temperance reformation has taken place Jefferson Barraeks. About 600 officers and a??lera have ttignrd the teetotal pledge, and put themIves under uiartihl discipline. Yaura, dec. Worcaalar. [Cormpondaoce of the Herald.] Worccstin, Nov 9,1843 \j>rovemenl? in IVorcetter ? CotiU<m Party at IVor cever Hint**? Central Exchangt? Catholic College ?Bible Society?I Wiig Meeting. mks Gordon Bennett, E?q :? I arrived in Una town yesterday via Springfield (nd a great many alterations in ita appearance for r better, since I was here laat. New streets, new ires, churches, tec are going up ; about two huntd ne w dwellings are at present in progresa ol eiec in, as I was informed this morning by Mr I.? e landlord of the Worcester House. I hile I was reading your journaUiect co'iHoi. IM om, I heard the sound ol rsiuce we triipe< / d?i irned by inquiry. that iheout aa mraiigern wnr '',r? rty in the hall. It i? fhe beautiful damreis ?l Lh " on the light ^hose brigot eye* ahone on '"T Immed, w";*0"08011 when be pawied through '* orceaj"' ,t,fl mB ?*i?cover my < el.bacy. Ti.e th? ,,, rb a merry, manly set, and Col. K., one of <?* ^ ? .-III ~ LD. PrtM Two Cwtt (he managers, if) the handsori est man we have feen north of N?w York. Such an unexpected pleasure it i* not our lot to meet oiten. Walking down Main street thin morning, 1 noticed h Imge and commodious building, called iho Central Exchange. It is built on the bite of the Exchange, v?hu h was burnt last spring It will be u spied <d building when finish'd ; it will contain the pont-oftice and other public offices A Catholic College 1a also in progress, on a hill a little south o? the village. It will be callsd the " College of the Holy Cross " It is the moat beautiful site lor an institution in sll New Englsnd. The Worcenter County Bible Society met here vesterdny, and Kev. Mr Kirk, o' Boston, i reached before them in the evening '1 his evening the Wh'ga have had a grand rallv in the Upper Town Hall, nud Thomas D. Elliott Esq , of New Bediord, addressed them. Literary Notlocs. Tin Opal?A pure gitt tor the holidays?Edited by N P. Willis?II ustrtted wuh nine engravings, by J. G Chapman?Published by Johu L'. Riker, 19 Ann atreet ?This is a very fascinating annual in ! external appearance, and does great oredit to th* publisher and Ix'ok-bindrr; the engraver deservts equal credit. The nuzzutint frontispiece, "Christ walking on the Sea," in exquisitely fine. As fa the literary department, we have read but little, bvt take the name of N. P. Willis, Etq., aa sufficient guarantee of its high merit*. We see among the contributors the names of Mrs Borah J Hale, Mrs. S> ba Smith, Dr Bethune, Wm. H Hwtbert, Park Benjamin, Jas. Aldrich, George B Cheever, D D., ana mrtny others of equal celebrity. The whole 1a arfdresftd to the religious and moral clam ot the community, and by them will be fully and correailr apprecin'ed. J o th'im, as a holiday book, it will prove a rich treat. We tske great pleasure in commending it to the public, as " a pure gift." Const tTin ionai- JtrsiapRtTDiNci or m Unitid Ptates?B?*ii g h Course of Lectures delivered annually iii Columbia College, by WiHixai Alexander Ouer, L L D.? Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff strret ? This work itt dedicated to Chancellor Kent, and consists substantially of the Course ot L-ctuies on Constitutional Jurisprudence of the Uuiied States, delivered annually toihe Senior CI a an of Columbia College, while Mr. Puer was President. It isdrawa chi^flv from the Federalist, and 'he woikaof Chan* cellor Kent, and ihe laie Chiel Justice Marshall It is a work of great value, not only 10 the legal prafration. but to any and all who would understand correctly the institutions of cur own country. Liebio's Chemical Letters ?These are familiar letter* on Chemistry, and its relation to r?mmeioe, nhvsioloav. and agriculture?Edited by John ?srd nrr, M D., and publi;hed by Apple ton Jc Co , 100 Broadway. They are sketches wrmen lor the purpose of exciting the attention ol government*, and (he public, to the necessity ol establishing fcchools ol Chemistrv Lifbij's enviable lam* in ibis d<-pnriment cannot lail to give this new work a very r?iid sale. Th? i^tiqurrtk or Cocbtship am Mahuu, by J-adv Bl'iJ-iruion?Price one thilling?For sale by Burg* s* & Stringer Abernkthy's Famxlt Physician, or Ready Praecriber iu ca?-e? ol illness and accident--Revised mid enla'g-d from the 30th London edition, by H. B mtwick, M. D?Pnoe 25 cents? Burgess fc Stringer. Momsisur Vlot'bt ?TbU purports to be a Narra ivr ol ihe Travels and Artventures ol M. Violet, in California, Sonora, and Western Trias? written t>y Captain 'Vlarryatt, C. B ?Published by Winchester. Although thin work has upon us imprint the name of Captain Marryatt, yet its odor of Orvbb street is so much stronger than its odor of gin, that wr hav no hesitation in saying that Captain Marr\au never did more than endorse, lor a consideration, what he certainly never wrote, and very likely nrverrt ad. Th * is a HyMrm of raising the wind well understood bv Marry?tt, Dickens, and oihers ol that ilk, whoae inu~hrnoui popularity induces 'lit*m vrry wiwly to make hay while thesuu shine*. This is a p-trtof the literary humbug of the day.? All is not sold, fled And tlr s-who buy works endors* d by th<se writers. chould read them at a Grubb aireet discount. But we are not certain that we are not even injuring the Grubbstreet hUrati ? A haaty plane* at the book leads ua to think it is a mere conglomeration, na*n, or mew, cut up, ana raked lotether, and concocted ironi the newspapers nt the United States. Very much of the book, we imagine, can be round veibatimet literatim m ihe daily press of the United States. Jn "Argot" it ia un abominable "Harlequin The Harper-" have published the name work in a little different firm?Price one shilling Mrkkx's Muskum, No 35-10 cents? Burgees tr Stringer. Railroad Journal, Nov.?Saxton <fc Miles, sos Broadway. Common Prayer?Illustrated edition?Noe- 14 ond 15, in continuation?H W. Hewitt, publisher. This la a very beautifully executed work, and should be found in every tamily, suahkpbahe's Works Complxtk, No. 2, by Bar* Sumner, to b* completed in twenty parts. Loudon edition. Miss Leslie's Magazine No. 11, for November, by Burgess Ac Stringer. A very beautiful number. Martin Chiizzlewit No 10, price 64 cents, by Lea it Blanehard, Philadelphia Ned Myers, ok L'pk b?f?rk the Mast, edited by J F Cooper For sale by Burgess Jc Stringer. Prk'e874 cents. The name of J. F Cooper connected with this work, is enough to ensure it a large and rapid sale. The New Mirror, for Saturday, November 18. Illustrated. i.ipe and Character or John C. Calhoun?By Winchester. Price 6^ ceuts. Mysteries of Paris?w nchester'a edition, concluding Dumbeis Price 12| cents each. Address before the I6ih Annual Fair, by General Tallmadge. Prevention op Pauperism ?An sddrta by Wal'.r? Channing For naie by Wiley Ac Putmaa. North Eastern Boundary ?The survey end d?nsrcaii'.n of the between the United 4tatoa and tha BriMab ProviocM of New Sranamlok and Canada, ? defined by the treaty ol Waahiiig'oo, hsvabaea adaanend ike pot inion with a<uch Industry and ?lto rnach tuceeu No controaeray or m?ui riarsiandirg uf <ny moii tot ha* aritrn a* to tba lloe daarnbad lu ih? weaty, sod It ia cot at all probable that aoy doubt or dlf. tcrenc* of opinion can atlao in tha anii.da or the aon mia-lonei* raapeonoa tha remainder ol lha lioato ha mat bed. I'ba wbola it ciVailv defined by the treaty, and bath <-oqntrie? are represented. in their commiulorrt, hy intelligent, frank and liberal minded gentleman. who art tttva any patty oavil io tba *i?ckarg?i ol their important luuai. Th? boundary baa i>aen already aureeyad and marked in auch a way aa to (teflno tba iimtta of J a riad lotion ol tha ra?pectiT* roTrrnnrnti, trom the monumant i tba aoutce ol the river St Cron,to ttiaoutlet of Laka Pukenagamook, on the riaar at. Francia No dxpnta or collitioii 10 tba rljtht ol j'iriadictton can therefore bara<fterariMU|iou ttiia iaiportaut portion ol our Ironliar. It rmhracea tba wbala of tladawatha lettlranar t, w hich ta ti) far tha mo? popaiott* portion of tbe line, until it reach** the frontiers of Vermont and [taw York Montr montaol ca*t iron hae? been errc'ad along tha greater poition at tha meridian line, at tba dlatauca of one aula apart, and tba whole of that line will he thai mark* d ha 'ore the rlnae of thla leaann'a operatlona The taratmi or ?trnight Una between the ontlatol Lake Fohettagamoak tndha north*eat branch ot Ika Rt J ihn, hue I eea dacrtnine.l tronomically, In latilndo and longitude, and the eraser part ol the rlear $'. John, above tha mouth of he S'. Francl*, has alao been accurately aurrayed Tha Hitronon-irai operation* were atlli, howeaar, (oingon. "orth of the 47'h of laMitiiie, late th? ? h of !fo?fmh?r, not * htiitandlng thecountry waa nt ?h?i timo <-o?ered wi'h mow, nearly a loot iterp ThfM ot>?i re coridurtt-d. on the pan oftbaUnlutf Atatm. by Major O ?h?m, of the United Stataa cor)>a ?( topoffruptiieal *"?furrra, maia'od b> Lieutenant Mea'e, of the a?me eorjia, tnrf nn th* p ii t oi O fat Britain h> Captain RoMnaoo ami Li?utfti?H' Pi(ion, of 'heco> p? o' Ro\ al Engineer* Tha ihora of i h>?" f<n> Itini* I! will probably cloae. fnrthay*??nt > the mi ddlu of Noeimher ? fimtint f Nov. 1#. ? _ - Coll met, one of Catttion to J?lavk!? ?Thornr Wrd-mdav from "tir cil z?na, re'tirned hi?*i? aaraant, Oatrirl, w\0 r. Can nil a. hrtngip* w'h bur a ?hr>rt !> off laa* fall or " fined do""!?! in Canada -?h. rJ0*"'1"? had to work harder ,ban '",h.?rnh.d gr> at tronhie hy .*!?. i*"** ?on.y, ftarned I'D* anow, too aiij r?i A'r^' ,# f,l orthern r?mat? appalled him an I 1. . ' u" b"*ik If a' bone where here w..Tun "? "'i' h,m h'?. He wrote r.peat?fly ? hi. ,'*row meto dim,, moi? i'," m,"er- or?'?? "? 'o n* him hark, to he m>. ol '"? ? ouJd Jtwt mg in future Mr r at l? ? . *L rrann X, and S'h;W 7 V ,,S " ? Jl?' r?nn'to ?i?VSr ,hJL '"/i*1 M'iranre that their ri, wouM LoJ": i !irrvh,d fn the nrer."?JUnnUtl "?J?#