Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1843 Page 1
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m it jl JHL Vol. IX.. No. 304i?-Whol* No. 35SI8. NEW VOllK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINP.. j u ^ itM For Kingston, ane Delaware and H?<Uon ?it'ainbottU EMEKALD and NOR* I^EmRoVLD. Captain John Kalcham, will laava Nrw York, foot of Murray alreet, every Monday and Thunday at 1 o'clock, P M. . . . Will leave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Wedneauay ""rill NOj{ W 1C?H,'cll^u1 John Sam?els, will leavs New York, foot of Warren strw*, every Wednesday and Saturday at i o'clock, P. M. . . . Will luave K jigston (Roudout landing) svery 1 uesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. _ EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murrey street Kunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, leave* Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. , RorfreiChtorIW.?.La^son^.rBd^rLto w fc ^ a21 5m,r IM Wnt street.> PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS A. KOR ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. Si.? irr^ TKromyh dirvct?Kroui the steamboat pier betvpwi Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday eicepted. The steamboat KNfCKER ?OCl6>R,Capt. A. r. St. John, will leave. Mouday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt L. W. Brainard, will leave t'uemday, Thursday. and Saturday at t? P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Lauding it Intermediate Places. Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. A. Houghton. will lesva Monday Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at i o'clock. Steamboat NOK'I H AMERICA, Oapt. lvl. H. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this List of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time to uke Uw Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new led substantial, are furnished with Beat and elegant Suite Rooms, and for speed and accommodv tious are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Freight, aw>ly on board, or to P. C. Schnltt at tne office on the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th, the boats of this line will leave for Albanv nt C o'clock, P. M. instead of 7. independent rkoular opposiflT1lSfa?TION NIGHT link kor albany3C>jHI3BLThrough Direct, without Landing.?Tlie commodious and substantial steamboat PORCTSMOUTH, Capt.O.House,will leave New York from the fool ?f Robinson ttiynt on Mnnilaia WcitiiMilnvi iifl will lom-a Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesday* and Thursday*, and will continue these trips for the seasou, at S o'clock in the afternoon. Knight taken at reduced rate*. Apply on board. P. 9.?The above beat has undergone a thorough repair, and if in first rate order. o26 lm*r ^WtETI 0ii~, SIX O'CLOCK EVENING LINE uf for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without J^HaaJHUKal'Uidi^K?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALl.OW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlaudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veiling*, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The swallow has a large number of state room*,and for snmd and accommodation* is not surpassed on the Hudson au8 ec mm 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL 8T.-The steamboat SCmJRCSLsTATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Staten Island, on and after October 2d, as follows, tuntil lu/ther notice Leave New York 9, 11, 3, J>?, 5XLeave Staten Island I, W, 1, 2J?. 5. All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked and is at the risk of the owners thereof. FOR NEWIORLKANS?This Monung-The WrWfVsplendid fast sailing packet ship LIVERPOOL, JMBaNta* apt Aifry. will positively sail from pier 13 E. R. this morning, lTtk inst, at 9 o'clock, weather permitting, or pass i*e free. A lew more >econd cabin and steerage passengers can be accommodated at the lowest rate if application be made in time -apply to JOHN HERDMAN, (1 South street, near Wall street. N B?The splendid packet ship SHARON.Captain Purriugton, will succeed the Liverpool, and ine*t with nuick despatch. n!7r KORNEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK Line?Positively lir*t Regular Packet ?HRaK*r~To sail the 20th November?The fast sailing pick<tshi|> OCMULOEE, Capt. F. Peet, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K.COLLINS StCO., 56 South street. Shipper will please send in their bills of lading this day. P?.eng*rs will pleas* be on hoard the sieauibuat Hercules, at Whitehall, on Monday afternoou. 20th inst.. at 3 o'clock, at which time the thin will sail. Shippers by this Line may rely upon having their eoodr correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin &. Woodruff, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The iiacket ship Louisville, Cai>t. M. Hunt, will succeed the Oemulgee, <uid sail the 30th Nov., her regular day. ulU 3tr I FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Regular Packet I6th December.?The new and very splendid JMHiNr* Yoik built packet ship LIVERPOOL, Jolin Khlridge, master; llil) tons, will sail as above, her regular dav. For freight or passage, having roomy and unttirpassed accommodations, applv to the Captain on b'.ard, west side Hurling lip, or to WOODHULL fcMlNTURNS, 87 South st. The new and elegant packet ship Quee i of the West, Philip Wnodbuuse, n.aster: 1JJ0 inns, w ill succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her regular day, 16th January, 18M. u18 r FOR LTVlfK POO L-Regu lar Packet of the r.'th WKPwVNoveiiit-r?The well known favorite packet ship JHBBfaROSl'IUS, Captain Collins, of 1100 tons, will sail as xbove, her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and ste<-raffe passengers are splendidly titled up for the coml'jrt and convenience of passengers. Persons wishing to embark slionhl nnke early application to JOSEPH McMURKAT, nl8r 100 Pine street, corner of Snath. ~ ONL Y RKOCL All LINK FOR NEW OKWTf-fy LtA.NS.?'The following first class packets will JuUBa sail punctually as advertised, weather permitting, or pas? <ge tree, viz The SARATOGA, Captain Russell, on tli? 15th of Novetnlirr. '1 he OCMULCJEE, Capt. reel, on the 30th of November. The accommodations of these ships for cabin, s"eoud cabiu, and steerage passengers, are such as cannot ?ail to ensure every comfort to |ins<eng,rs during the voyage. The shi|>s of thia liue have now commenced their resn lar trips, and will sail punctually every lire diys throughout the se-tton. Passengers may, therefore, rely on not bring detained Tli* price of pmi?k? beiug very low, those wishing to secure bertha in either of the above packet*, can do 10 by applying on board, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, Atjrhair General Passage Office, 43 Peek Slip, n!2 e< comer of South ttreet. KOR LIVERPOOL?British Ship?Sail* on Satnr H9W day the 25th November.?The well known very .SfilfiifMt sailiuir British ship CHESTER, John Wilton master, having nearly all of her cargo engaged, will sail posi, tivfly a* above Kor freight or Passage, having very comfortable accommodations, i(.ply on board, foot of Beekmau street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 35 Fulton st.. o2Ir neit door to the Kulton Bank. Mf- BLACKBALL. OK OLD LINEOK LlVFTiT J?*JW'\0()L PACKETS?Only regular Packet, ol the 19th HMMEsNov. The new celebrated fast sailing packet ship r.ZUMA. burthen llOOtons, Capt A. B. Lowber, will positively sail on Monday, 20th Nov. her regular day. It is well known that the accommodations ol this noble pack el for cabiu, 2d caDin and steerage passengers, are fitted up in a manner that cannot fail to insure those embarking every coin fort, haviu< very high between decks, which are well lighted and ventilated. Those returning to the old country will at once see it their interest to select this favorte ve.isel for their conveyance in preference to any other. The price of passage is v? ry low, for which and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of B??kmau st, or to the sab,C" ."kOCHK, BROTHERS It CO., 35 Falton street. next d?or to the Kultoa Bank. P. 8.?The Montezuma sails train Liverpool on the 7th Jan uary. Persons sending for their relatives can hare them brought out in her, or in anv of the packets comprising this une^nalled tine, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 19th of aach month. Kor passage apply as abov. N. B ?The Europe will succeed the Montezuma, and tail for Liverpool on the lat December her regular day. ?l7ec xjifie- OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS ?S#VKOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 19th November. jUBmEb? The splendid Tut sailing new packet ship MON Tr /UiVlA, Capu Lowher. will be despatched a* above, her regular day She ha* >ut>enor accommodation for cabin and stee-rage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will require vo make early application to JOHN IIERDMAN, 61 South st, near Wall street. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain anu Ireland, via Liverpool, can as usual he secured by the above splendid packet ship, or any shipol the line, on the lowest terms; and those remitting money to their friends can have drafts for any amount, payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom;and on Messrs. J. Burned St Co. bankers, Liverpool; and M-ssrs. J. Bait Son & Co Kor further paiticulars. apply as above. nl7ec ^ ~KOK LIVERPOOL?The New IU-khTTt rfJOV Packet 17th of November?The line New York baiit JHMBLpark'i ship* HOTTINOUER, Ira Buraley, mast*, 1040 toiiSj will tail as above, her regular day. Kor freight .'>00 balet cotton, or passage, having very superior ascomtnmiaiions, apply to the (Captain on board, at west sid* Burling slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS. i7 So ,th it. The fine new packet ship Liverpool, J. Eldridge, Blaster, 1150 tons, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail ou ner regular day. I*th December. nH r KOR LONDON?Pacini of 2<Hh 1 Nov.?The unMPysplendid fas', sailing packet slu p HENDRICK HUDJBHb^UN. Cam Moo>e. will saft punctually aa above, her regular day .and having eicellent accouanodttions for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, those desirous of securing bertha, should not fail to make early application to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. nl2?c 43 Peck Slip cor South sf. KOR LONDON?Regular packet of the 20?h No*. JnWy -The splendid ship IlKNDRICK HUDSON, Cap. jhmIiot tain Moore, burthen 10(H) tons, will sail as above, her 1'lie accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage I'MSriigris, mr uiiBiiii?uiiru viy nu; ?v*na mi raauii* about to emhark ahonlu make rarlv application on board, foot of I'ine atrect, or to JOSEPH Mr MURK AY, nHr KO Pine at. curner of Sooth. FOR BRISTOL The well known bat tailing r.ritiih barque COSMO, Canrain Wm. K. 0'iler J?Jufll?al>ri{lK>-, to Mil on the 2?tli Notemlier. Kor freight or enquire of tlie muter on board, foot of Albany atreet, N. It., 01 to JOhN JACQUKS, nB Iw*r 77 Sooth atreet. Mtm ttm S ALK-The Imm DUC IVORI.K. ANS, wMfflV bu i then 310 tor.a, regiatT; liuilt in Briatol, Maine, in JttUkalUl.'loubleilecli. C0|>pereil and cop|ier laatened, III lert long, 27 leet l*-ain, 6 feet between decka, IJ feet hold, will Ik told aa aoon II llie cargo ia diacharged. Laya at Judd'a wharf Apply on board, or to . _ . BOYD k HINCKKN. nl2 ee No. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water ata. H k'.M ITTA Nf'KS TO IKKLAND, fcc.-The MHM^auhacriher continuea to trauamit money in anirii large JHMaw>r amill, to pertoiu residing in any ^art of of Irelnnd in thi- same manner as he, and nia predereaaor in botineaa bar* dune for the Uat thirty yeara and more ; alio, to my part ol England, or Scotland, Money remitted by lc'tter (poat paid) to the inhacriher, oi peraonally deiioaited with liini, witn the name of the pcraon oi peraona in Ireland, Kngland or Srotl.uul, to whom it ia lo betent, and uearxat poat town, will lie immediately traiamitted, and liaid accordingly, and a receipt to that e(T?ct giieu, or forwarded to the aenjer. In like manner money, or claima on peraona in any part ol Ireland, Kugland or Scotland, can he collettai by tha anlmcriler for |?ra<ms residing in any part of tlie Uaited StaMa or Ct6 f"!*"' ** l'*'<l to them accordingly. I o?l lm*r OtOROli McBHlDfc, Jr. 82 Cedar it."! E NE NEW MADAME SUTTON, PROFESSOR OK 8INOINU, Varick nwt, Sr. Johns' Park. sl5 lm*f MUblO TOSEPII KAMMERKR, Professor of Music, respectfully " announces tu hii Patrons and the Public in Keueral, that he has removed from 58 Crosby la I3S Laurens street, where all orders for hii Cotillion Band, to wait on Parties, lie., in or out of town, will be received and promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. will also bureceived at Mr. W. Dubois'Mu ic Stor.-, 885Broadway. n2lm*rrc ITALIAN MUSIC.?MR? MANNING, (twenty year* rrsi A dent iu Naples,) pupil of Paciui and Crvscentiui, gives instructions on terms to suit the times, in Italian. French, and EuelUh siueuiK. and in the most laahionable stvle of piano fcrte playing. Mr. NT. has i>ermiasion to refer to the following gentlemen:? J. M. Wainwright, D. I).; Meuri. Howland (k Aspinwall; .J. K. Schroder. I). D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham; F. L. Hawkes, L>. D.v Mr. S Ward. Mr. M. residei at 230X Hudion street, near Spring it. n2 lm?r MUSIC FOR PARTIES" ~ TV/TKSSKS. (J. WEISS &. FR. ORAMBSS, Professor* of Music, respectfully annouuca to their patrons, the ladies andgentleuie.i of New York audita vicinity, that their Cotillion Band is prepared to play the most admiied uuj fashionable Muac for Private Parties, Soirees, tkc. Orders thankfully rtcuved and puuctually atteuded to at IG Delancey st, also at Mr.Millot's Muiic Saloon, 329 Broadwuy, or at Mr. Jollie's Music Store, 3S3 Broadway. n4 lin'r TO PIANO FORTlTiviAKERS. TOHN OILL, manufacturerof Piano Forte Hardware, wiahe J to aniioune.e that in addition to his establishment, <ou 26th street and sd Avenue) that he has made arrangements with Mr. John I'livft, ivory dealer, No. 19 Murray street, New York,(as agent) where any article of puuo forte hardware can b<t purchased as cheap its elsewhere, and in any quantities. J. U. respectfully solicits attention to the superior quality of his manufactured goods, especially his improved tuning pini, which are warranted in every respect. Siitecn years close attention to the abova business in New York has euabled J. Ci. to enow exactly what the piauo forte makers require. All orders to John Gill, 26th stmt and 3d Avenue, New York, or to Mr. John Phyfe. as above, will meet with immediate attention. Ooods forwarded to any part of the United Stater ol71m*m HARPS JF. BROWNE 1c CO. Manufacturers of the Improved Patent Double Action Ilarp. by Royal Letter* Patent, London?established 1810, (many years with Erard,) No. 386 Broadway and 13Ji Chambers street, New York. J. F. Browue offers for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest collection of theM beautiful instruments in the United States. His UTangements are such as to enable him to transact business at European prices, thereby ? vriug purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff on these instruments. I IT Rrrtuina ujiihIJ ~l . I U - J . ??vf> HV nuuiu ?/u.jrnr. Uirar llir cwilliruviru UU the most approved principles, with nil the modi-ni improvemrnts, are unequalled in Srilliaucy r f tone, fineness of touch, and perfectnes* of mechanism. Paiticulajr care ii taken to lit them for the extreme* of climate iu cnis country, in which respect they will be found far iuperi< i to any of Europeau manufacture imi>orled in the usual Wiy. These Harps are patronised by the elite of mnsical taste and professional taleut in Europe-. among the latter, he would mention N. C. Bochsa, who iuva':akly selects from this establishineut. The attention of pro lessors in this country is solicited. Lists of prices and descriptions may b* forwaided by post. Repairing carefully attended to; Harps taken in exchance. Strings, ?tc. oil lm**c MK.S. PURDY'S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, NTO. 98 liamersley street.?Mrs. Purdy and her two daughters J-'1 having recently arrived from England, where they were engaged iu giving instruction iu the various branches of English Education. Music, Drawing and French, are prepared to receive a limited number ol young ladies Her terms are regulated by the general reduction,iu every department, for which, and other particulars,she begs to refer to her card, which will be furnished on application at her residence. ul lm*r ' PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND 2T. rPHE Subscriber has received a large supply of Voigtlanders' J- celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, large and small sizes, with achromatic lenses made according to Professor Petzval'* calculation. Also a new supply of best plates and chemicals, which ha warrants good and sella at reduced prices. The folTswiug g-.ntlemen have agreed to act as agents, viz? E White, Esq., 174 Broadway. New York P. Haas, ksq, Washington, D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. a. Broadbent, Esq, lor ths Southern States. Wm. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUGENHEIM, ol7 3m*r Exchange Buildings,, Philadelphia PLUMDE DAGUEKREAN GALLERIES OF PATENT COLORED PHOTOGRAPHS? 251 Broadway, New York 136 Chestnut street, Philadelphia ' 75 Court street, Boston Corner of North and Baltimore streets, Baltimore And Douw's Buildings, Albany ?constituting the oldest and most extensive establishment of the kind iu the world, and containing upwards of a thousand pictures. Admittance free. These Portraits having been awarded the First Prammm and highest honor by the American and Franklin Institutes, respectively, at their li?t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained Sthe position of superiority heretofore universally assigued em bv the public, as the must beautiful Daguerreotypes ever produced. Ltaenessea taken every day, without regard to weather. Plnmoe's Premium Apparatus and Talent Rights, I'l.itos,Cases, Sic. xe. wholesale and retail. n7 lm*m TO MILLlNKitsT LYON <fc KING. /"1AHL KINO, the celebrated Tuscan Hat Mannfactnier, V moit r?*|>e<-tfiilly inform* hi* kind friends and patron*, that he huassociated himself with Mr. Joseph Lyoa, (late from Pari*) aud hare e*tabli*hed themselves at No 37 John street, (under the lirm of Lyou and Kiiir) wli-re they have a moat splendid assortment of Pari* Millinery Articles, suitable for the emtuiug se.isiiii. The above stock consists of au elegant assortment of Tuscan and Straw Hats, rich Silk Velvets, rich Velvet Ribbons, Lutestmig and Satiu Ribbonds, alt fall colors? Kreuch Flowers, Feathers; an entire n?w style of Silks, and every other article in tlie Millinery line. Messrs. L k. K. would also state that the above roods have kin purchased for cash (direct from the manufacturers) and will be sold at a small advance on cost to those who may be pleased to favor them with a call. o2i lm*r LYON k KINO. 37 John st., N. Y. THE FALL AND WINTER FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAZ1N DE MODES, No. Strkkt. A CARD?TO THE LADIES OK FASHION.?MADAME BEIIRMAN bens most respectfully to inform .eer friends and customers that she has received, by th? last arrivals from Paris, her fall and wiuter fashions, and sne flatters herself that the same will stand unrivalled in the city The fashions consist of the following full and entire aew style* cut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do silk, satin mode and quilted hats, ol an entire novel description, in ladies', misses', and children's sizes. Also, a complete assortment of caps and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial llowers, feathers, and hair ornaments of tne best artists in Paris. Madame fi. solicits the ladies to favor her with an early call and examine for themselves. Magaiin de Modes. CO Canal street nT lm"ec J. SOKIA'S CHEAP DYEINO ESTABLISHMENT. |\T R. SORIA begs leave respectiully to luform his friends and "A the public in icnenl that owing to the depressed state of the times, he lias reduced his price 25 per cent below the regular charges. Ladiea wishing their summer dresses, shawls, fcc. dyed or pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying nun a visit. Oentlemen will also do well to call with such articles ftf WMrinff antMral aa mat' naaJ ?l?aimr M*a*ina All will be punctually attended to, anil tTie articles (Tone up in the belt style at Soria's establishment, No. 490 l'earl it. Hii branches are at No 2i7 BW-erker ?t.. No 3JJ Bowery, and at J57 Onuid at. Alao a branch at 49 Kulton at. Brooklyn, and at Newark, N. J., corner of Broad at, and Washington Place. Merchant* can have all km<li of goods dyed and pat up ia their original forma, and on moderate terma. Principal office490 Pdarl st ati30 3m*ec FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stain. ADALKSMK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, haa always on hand a large assortment for dinuer and tea aeta in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, a* well as dinner and dessert plates, of all sixes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered diahea, salad bowla, fruit baaketa, custards and standa. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and Amart> can shape. All trie articles are warranted of the best quality, and to be old on liberal terms, and in Iota to suit purchasers. sT7 6in*ee LEGS, HANDS, ARMS, &c. TPHF. LOSS of Feet, and Legs no hindrance to the act of 1 walking-JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Leg Maker, he. rrapectfully informs the public that he has returned from Philadelphia to 472 Water street, come; of Pike, New York City, where he continues to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on a plan the most correct and least complicated,having, through necessity, invented, made, and worn an artitici&l lev for forty Cre, and been a manufacturer for thirty-five years, leeis confi t of giving satisfaction to all who call on him for Legs. Hands, Arms, or the Common Wooden Leg. n4 lm*r GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTIHTRYI r?R. A. C. CASTLK. Ml BROADWAY, corner U of WHITE STRKF.T, has a Paste for filling decayed hollow teeth. It can be put into the most Under te.-th without any pain ar inconvenience, with which it beooines impacted into ONE hard solid body, thus restoring and preserving (hitherto paiuful and useless teeth) artificially sound and perfect in all thev>respective uses for life?preventing IN ALL CASKS, the i*cessity of extraction. Ladies the most distinguished m society, oiler i]|eir testimonials in th* most vivid terms, as to it* efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Post says- ?" It i* admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr.Castle operates on the teeth with great car* and ability. The New York Aurora sajs " It makes the teeth m mi irv|>r*:t? (riiixi iui nir. a iir "m" ??> "i obtained rrnich celebrity for hi? ?iceilent jnode of ullinK the teeth." ] ik mod cmiuent geutlemen of tli? Medical Faculty ha?e personally ui?l luitl recommend Dr Castle Paste for tilling the ttelh. Tooth-ache pills, oil# of which pot m line aching tooth will effect a permanent cure. (From the Journal of C.ommerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPEKATION.-Dr. A C Castle has replaced by a moit ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the upi>er and lower jaw boues, hot away in the caae of Lieut. 8 of the U. 8. N., who met with thii teruble and severe casualty, while iu punuit ol theludiansin Morula. We hare ?eeo letters from Lieut- 8. confirmatory of thii extraordinary cure and ita entire success, that the loss of these im|>ortant organs ao ihilfully replaced by Dr. ('astle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieuteuant Dr. C. inseru artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressor*. _ Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, Krench and knglish Ambassadors, Ml Stoughton, the Spanish Consul, Hear Admiral Walton, Lord Morptth, Gen. McCsrty, G?t. Maion JDr. J. U. Johnson. resident of the Medical So ciety, 8. N. Y.: Mrs General Gaines, J. B. Berk, M. D : Dr. J. A. Smith, Dr. E Delafield, Dr. Beadle. Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bu,er, Dr.J.C.Cheesman.Dr. A. 11. Stephen., Dr. J. Torry, Baylies, Dr. W* Grayson D Derriug, he. he. Office 3?l Broadway. nl2 1m*ec LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! GO nnn I'AKOE AND HEALTHY Sweedish and OWjuUU Germau I,eeehe?, just received per harcjne Sir Isaac Newton from ^Hamburg. lor sale at rery low price* at O. A. h H. WITT*. Importer* of Leeches, n!1lm*f Ml Pearl street. New York LEECHES! LEECHES! t LEECHES!! "CMR8T QUALITY LEECHES for sile, wholesa'e and rer tni|, at the rate of sitty dollars per thonsand. by J. K. ET COPPA, Importer of Leechei, 149 Nassau street, near the Park. N.B.?J. K. rt Coppa will alwaT?l**rram the qualities of I the Leeches solofby them; ?M lm*l W YC YORK. SATURDAY MO IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN. OUHINP'.SS MEN who kr. |> uu hank account can have uote? " collected through tlie Butchers aud Drovers' Bank, and I rompt returns made in Butchers ami Proven' money, by their leaving >uch notes with Mr. Kolert I' Perriu, at the Bank, Mo. 121 Bowery cor (iranil ?t. Mr. ftrriu's reference! are the Cashier and Company of the Bsiik. 11I6 lm*ec MONEY TO LKND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Keaile stre-t, near Broadway, loans inou?y in large or small sums, as may be required, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mar*, Dry Goods, Wearing Apiwrel, aud |>ersonal property of every description. o29 lm*r MONEy ,fo LQAN IN sums of $1500, $lono, *2000, $ir>00, $1800, or one sum of $7U00, ou unencumbered aud productive real estate, iu the citv of New York. Al>ply by note, left at this office, addressed to 11. B. o30 r MONEY LENT, LIBERALLY, at the old established stand, 401 Grand street, on gold and silver watches, plate, j.'wellery and diamonds, wearinu apparvl, dry good*, Itardw&re, cutlery, musical aud mathematical iustriiinenU, bedding, and every description of personal property, by LOUIS LEVY,. Pawnbroker, i)4> mi'in ii)j iii.imU Dt'lvvtfii uuIm' and Attorney X. 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Tht stale of South I Vol ft and fVtlch Protpertt. There has been passing, during the last lew months, in three of tiie counties of South Wales a series of events and circumstances almost uuheard of in the history of the world ; and to thetn I shall in my next communication direct more especially your attention. A portion ot the aristocracy ot Wales has covertly, but surely, bo operated on the minds and passions of their dependents, as to cause them to make a series of revolts aguiiist properly, persons, dwelling houses, toll bars, quite unparalleled in any nation J and the oilier portion of the aristocracy has looked on?has scarcely dared to adopt even measures of defence? has teared retaliation?has not even backed t'-ie trrtoiis of the (Jueen. nnd Iihh rulti.-wd even to de nounce the known bin mill pro'ected chiefs and authors of thin commotion. You must not suppose in America that the working classes are at the root of all these insurrections. No such thing. They are merely employed and paid agents. The farmers, the iron mine owners,'the colliers, the slate .ind lime proprietors, are all combined against the present state of things in Wales, and they cither turn oft' their men, or give them small wages to induce them to turn out. or send their dependents adrift, that toll gates.may be destroyed?that stacks may be fired?that houses may be demolished, and that contusion and disorder may for the time become general, in order to force the local authorities and he General Government to adopt measures which will iowerthe rents, reduce the tolls, and diminish the tithes, lower the prices of provisions, and raise the Welsh generally in their physical and social condition. The secret history of Itebeccaiam is one of the most curious ever yet heard of in any country, and it will scarcely be believed that men of property, family, and rank, have rushed on, risking every thing, and are incurring the chance of losing all their own property, rather than in continuing to witness their sympathy in its pa?t state of abjection and misery. The heart-rending accounts which Mr. Hall, the commissioner and magistrate; and which the spirited and able editow of the "Times," have collected on the spot, of the misery, poverty, and destitution <!,.? Wolok .....*1, ; Ik. small farmers, have been so deplorable and convincing, that the government has appointed a commissioner to examine, on, into every grievance; and has resolved, likewise, on introducing general measures, founded on that rt-port, in order to meet the evils which hive led to tlus extent of calamity and distress. Whether, however, those measures will meet the evils in (juration, is, in mv opinion, doubtful, since I do not believe that Sir Robert Peel, or his coadjntors, can induce the large landed proprietors of Wales to begin at the right end, which right end would undoubtedly be to diminish their own incomes at least one-third, in consequence of reducing the rents of their tenants in the same proportion. With regard to the tithes and the toll?, no doubt, much mav be effected by means of legislation. But what will the House of Lords say to any plan which shall attack the "vested interests" of the clergy 1 I think there is no great difficulty in foreseeing that they would rejec' it. But, if such should be the case, the Welsh would not lav down their arms, or cease their hostilities. They are an obstinate, decided, " slow, but mire" people; and it is h very curious iact, that a portion of their aristocracy are so fully impressed with the seniiment that it is their duty to reduce iheir incomes, and to raise the condition ot the working classes, that they urge, on the llebeccaites, wink at their aggressions, re-fuss to punish them as magistrates, and are resolved on forcing the whole of the Welsh aristocracy to the same terms and conditions. Election of a Member far the City of London. Not in the memory of the oldest Liveryman of the city of London, has an election for a member of Parliament excited so much enthusiasm and anxiety as that which will commence on Friday, the 20<i instant. You are, ot course, aware that i by the death ot Alderman Sir Matthew Wood, a vacancy occurred; and y?u probablv know ere this that Mr. I'attison, the unsuccessful candidate on a previous occasion, but now brought forward by the " Anti-Corn Law League," represents the free trade and liberal party; and that Mr. Alexander Hiring isthe representative of tory and conservative opinions. I say tory and conservative, because all who are not wing radicals, radicals will most probably support them. The candidates are neither ot th? m inen ot very extraordinary talent They belong to the opulent portion ot the community, and can both sneak with sufficient fl-jency. But there is nothing like commanding talent, or RHlMUUUlIlg rioqutruuc I'll CUIICI oiur, unu ua& ovmflict is, therefore,tietween two opposing principles. The " League," with its accustomed talent, prepared the minds of the citizens of London lor the conflict, by an immense meeting, held at the Theatre of Covent Garden, last week, where wit was sparkling, eloquence was really Demosthenian, and where the enthusiasm for Paltison was prodigious. We all know, however, that at those sort of meeting?, comparatively few electors are present, and tnat the auditors are often one- third, or onehalf ladies. Besides this meeting, Lancashire and Yorkshire gentlemen, merchants and manufacturers are in town soliciting, nay, imploring the HecJors to vote for Pattison. It is an auxious sight to see the Lancashire manufacturers wailing on the London Livery, to urge them to do their duty. Some of the worthy citizens are not tit all pleased bytheir interference,and the tories are quite cross and crabbed. But the well known Samuel Jones Lloyd, the banker, lias addressed a letter to the "League," in which he heartily approves of all its proceedings with regard to this city election, and forwards h check of ?50, us his contribution towards the expenses. His example has induced Raikes Carrie, Esq. M. P., also a banker of the city, to forward u similar eurn ; and if the League at this moment of excitcment, were t? make an appeal for funda to the merchants and bankers generally, mere can ue no possible doubt that a very large amount might be raised. Unlike the movements of O'Oonnell in Ireland, and the Rebeccaites in Wales, and the now rioting Non I.jtrusionista of Scotland, the "League" confined its exertions and proceedings to producing conviction in the minds of those to whom it addresses itself, and of seeking to convince t"hem that tree trade, and free trade alone, can save England. li iuvites discussion, it sends representatives of free trade, principles to agricultural (lis trirts?it lectures the uninformed?it disputes every inch of ground with the obstinate oppose re of liberal doctrines?it publishes tracts, pamohlets, volumes. Tt calls meetings every where. Where prejudices are the strongest it takes the greatest pains; and it now seeks to influence the electoral body throughout Great Britain, whenever they are called upon to return h new nirmurr ui pan ittuieui, umy iu nrci those who will pledge liiemselves to support tree trade principles. The election now pending is in realitv one of I very great imnottance. Tne Conservatives on the one hand, and the whole of the liberal party on tbe other, admit that this election will decide whether the metropolis of Great Britain i?, or is not favora ble to Iree trade ; and it is generally admitted that by that decision, the conduct of Sir Robert Peel with regard to the extension ot his commercial system of lowcustoni duties, will be greatly inlluenced. In all iespect9 " there are tunes that try m^n's souls,"and 1 may add "old thing* are all passing away behold all thinesare becoming new'" Mitcetlanrous. Lord Brougham's pamphlet, to which I especially referred in a previous letter, continues to excite some attention, but his lordship has arrayed against him ali the leuming, talent, genius, and tact oi the press. This cannot, or ought not to surprise him. Hi: has "played at bowls, and he must expect rubbers." The queen ha- been receiving, with great pomp and magnificence, the Grand Dake Micln-I of Russia. All the plate and all the pictures, all the tapeeiry and all the ornament*, all the diamonds nnd all the jewelry, all the musicians and all the ministers, all the handsome women and all the pretty girls ?| the court have been displayed before the enraptured eyes of the accomplished and admiring priiice, who has not failed to remark, " that he could not have been received with more affection, grace, and respect, if he had been the king of the French himself. This was intended as a good-natured quiz on the British Court for receiving with open arms, and with nearly the same distinction, the Regent Kspar tero; the son of Louis Philippe, and now the Grand !>uke Michel. They all represent conflicting principles and systems, but at Windsor Castle they are ali received with equal homage. There is one young man, however, who is more unfortunate man wicneo, ami wnosr imomiiuiirv and virtues should indeed commend him 10 the benevolence of all, who i? at this moment travelling in ScotUnd. It is none other than the Duke of l)t>r deaux, the aon ol the Duke and Duchess of Berry, and the King ot Chateaubriand For that distinguished man published a tetter to the Duehdas, some yearn since, entitled " Madame voire Hit tu mon Hoi." Poor youth' His interests were sadly neglected in the revolution of 1M80! But if he imagines that by travelling in Scotland, or in England now, IE R A , 1843. lie can regain his former ignition, he is mor grievously mistaken. Thedynasty of Orlei'.nH is too firmly established, not only in France but likewise in Ku rope, for young Henry to supplant it He may. indeed, wander over the world, like the former Pretender. the last ol the Siuarts, auti may excite a sigh or a tear Irom royalist young ladies, or from lackadaisical legitimists, but ho has no chance of eflrcting twoie thun thin, and in not ot a calibre to "rough the storms and tempests of the political world." A vast number of royaliata, of both sexes and ages, are now in this country, resolved on obtaining at least a gaze at their "Henri Duudonni " 1 hop? they will all be gratified. I trust their loyalty will be recompenced by at least a smile or a shake of the hund, on the part of tkeir sot dimnt kirift. But one thing I know, and that in, (hat 1 am nuite hs likely to become king of Am^nea ! bb Henry the V. is to ascend the thrwne of France. O'Connell has had at once the audacity and the stupidity lately, to attaek Louis I'hillippe, and to oiler an Irii-h brigade to the Dake ot Bordeaux, on condition ihat he will promise a charter, and f ree Institutions to France! The National has indignantly replied to this balderdash, by asking "What right lias Mr O'Connell to seek to enslave France, and to deny to us that liberty he c laitp.s for Ireland 1" By-the-bye, talking of Louis I'hillippe, I should not omit to mention that Fraser'a Magazine lor September and October, had contained " reminiscences" of that monarch, Iroin the able pen ol "one who has a good memory." It is apiiounced that the series is to be completed in that Magazine next month, and the whole will supply as perfect a sketch of that astonishing man as can possibly be given during his life. The articles in nuestion are exciting so much attention, and the London and I ...J I .... In vi*..!.. ihat I advise you lo publish in the Herald, at If a^t those poitions which relate to his residence in America, with liia two well-beloved but now deceased brothers. Sir Robert Peel h?s been of late very frequently at Windsor The Queen" abhors him lew," and is 80 personally indignant against Mr. O'Connell, that the wary premier aecks to ingratiate hirneell at such a moment wiih his royal mistress; he ha*, however, stolen a lew days for emu?"e shooting,and has sent the princely sum of ?1000 to the society for building churches in England and Wales, to be applsed in the manner he has specified. This splendid donation, combined with his vigorous measures in Ireland, and his growing popularity at court, of course have rallied round him ihe former drooping and dinnaayed Conservatives There is a (rood deal of talk just now resecting the necessity of marrying the young Queen Isabella, ot ppain, to some foreign prince, who that prince shall he is a matter of great doubt; but married she must be. tor though in America and in England we should think of her *8 a child, in Spain or Portugal Hhe would not be regarded in that light, and child or no child she will and mux have a husband Lord Aberdeen, it is ?aid, has been circulating u diplomatic note; it states that hermarriage with ihe Prince of Asturias, the son of Don Carlos, appears to ihe British government to be the best possible arrangement; whilst Louis Philippe has suggested a princeof Naples. " France," saya the king, " would not like a Cnbourg; England would object to an Orleans; Aus tria does not desire an Austrian prince ; and what better step then shall be taken th^n 10select a Neapolitan prince for the young Isabella?" The "Times" drvly remarks that Prince Metternich " pooh ! pooh'd !" the proposal. The " Times" knows litile of the character of that frince^ it it imagines that he treated sliffhlinelv nnv nipct-a iim which ( time trom the King of the French There is rather a curious contest just now going on in the cily of London, which attract great attention, and no small amount of speculative interest The contest is between the parishioners of St. Stephen's, Wallbrook, and Mr. Ald?rman Gibbs, their churchwarden, treasurer, mauager of parochial estates, and general factotum. This Mr. Alderman Gibbs has for 17 years managed all the afFtirs, received all the casn, and accounted only to himself. At laBt a Mr. Rock, a most granite hearted man, has come to the determination to have some other aud.tor of Alderman Gibb's accounts than the Alderman hinis-ll; but one impediment exists in the way of his proceeding, and that if, that the parish is governed by a select v?.-fctry. The parishioners have met, butthe Alderman refuses to met rnem. The parishioners and the select vestry have met together, but Mr. Alderman Gibbs refuses to meet them. He will only acltnowledse the select vestry, and will not submit his 17 years unaudited accounts to any but to it, and it is composed of his " port and slurry friends." An old act of parliament of the reign of George II., Ims been, however, found out, which accord* to any person paying, or liable to pay rates, the production and inspection of accounts, and upon this act Mr. Koek is now proceeding most vigorously. But what a state of things does this disclose. In the very heart of the city ol London is r parish, governed by a select vestry, whose poor have a large property left to the parish for their support, and yet, besides which, poor rates ure levied, and yet not in 17 yrar9 has there bepn a single audit #f the treasurer's accounts. He receives, pays, expands, does justjwhat he pleases, and when even required by the parishioners to render his accounts, disputes with technical niceness their right to examine them, and reluses to submit them tn nnv nfhcr iwranns ih^n his own select VPStfV. The failure of the arrival.of two overland mails, has ureiited much uneasines and great alarm in the city. The regular Government mail lor the month of August not having arrived from Hombay when the " Oriental " l?-ft Alexandria, the has brought, it appears, merely a few packets from Calcutta, Madras and Ceylon, which the prudence and foresight of pome parties induced them to despatch by the " IlindoatHn," in the chance ot her reaching Suez before the Hombay mail. The loss of the " Mein non " wan indeed a serious event, but fortunately the passengers escapcd. The second failure of the overland mail has surprised every one, but it has been officially announced to Lloyd's Cofl'ee House, that " this mail being the second in succession which Iihs failed, and as no vessel remained at Alexandria to bring on the mail, Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Owen reports that he has defp,itched Her Majesty's steam vessel Geyser' to Alexandria for the'purpose of being in readiness there. The violent disruption which has so unexpected ly shuttered the fabric of the Scottish Church, has* at last led to acts ot open and physical hostility I'he more zealous portion ot the " Non-Intrusionist?" being resolved to prevent, if possible, ihe " in trusion" into certain churches of ministers not ac ceptaDie to mem or 10 meir rrnnn?u- nmr met together in ^nmc places, and proceeded to the length ot offering physical resistance. Scenes ot the most outrage*,us character have taken place even in the very temples of religious worship, and the military und police have been compelled to inlettrre to prevent the loaa ot lite. This is another thorn in the side of Sir Robert Feel; and 1 sjspect that when the time shall arrive to commence a general election in Great Hritaiu.the Scotch ?ill "pay him ofl"hy not returning hall a do7.<-n Conservatives A tew words on the subject ot the lad quarter's revenue, and the commercial prospects of ihf country, m'ist terminate this letter. Ther* id ho increase in the revenne ot ?h>* l?st year of ?5 944, I 789 This includes ?1,314 4<)f? received (rum China. A tamnus " God nenfl " lor Sir Robert The property t.ix has yielded ?4,738 213. and the whole increase in the year is th^reloie ?101,830 less than the produce of tha? new tax. Yet it must be ad mitted that, in the Excise D-nartment, an increase has laken place of ?241),515 in ih<- last quarter; that the Post-Office h?? yielded ?16(100 more du ring the last quarter (han in hip corresponding quarter of la?f ?e*r; ii was ?14,886 increase, and lliet-e, with JCI 7:14 IMH) property tax, make a total increa.??ol ?2,068,340 on the quarter The customs revenue winch on i he year is ?1,136,158 more than last year, is ?114.400 worse than in the correspond!!!* quarter ot ttiat period. This is accounted lor by the lallinu ? H in the dunes on corn, and by the changes irmde in the tanll. The whole decrease on the quarter i? ?">02 414, which, if deducted from the inrr*-aw lenvt kH a totnl increase on ttie quarter ot ?1 565,931 With regard to the prospects ol trade generally, all I have to time say is, that cotton shirting is gettina up^ calicoes are rmine ; there is a gcod demand tor twut; ihe woollen markets are brisker, end there is a little fh?h ol manufacturing prosperity. How long will this last? 1 cannot ?ay. Ai.paa. Another Fijrnack in Blast.?Another of the Anthracite Furnacegof Columb.a county, has gore into Mait. The Furnace at the month of Roariug Creek hai been idle for more tuan two year*. It ha* lately been tnken, and ?ft?'r the necc**ary preparation* and arrange* merit* incident to ?neh an e*tabli*hment, it vat put into filstt on Mond -y fait. In twenty.five hour* after the Are tva? put in thn Furnace, and twenty two hour* alter the biait wa? put on, he mada two torn ol beautiful grey metal, nnd thn furnace ha* been going on *ncce*itj|ljr since. We have leen tome of the iron Ju?t ma e Mine, which U pronounced by competent Judge* equal to the Scotch grey Thegrea' mmn ol rich Iron ore nnd lime, tona in which thi* conntv abound*, and th< coal ol Wvo ming and Shaniak n, nboulu not be permitted io lay dor niant in the mountain* to gratiiy h *et ol ?elfl?h politician* who do not regard the thuutand* of iudividii)*, that are or thou Id b? employed in our mine* and furnace*, *o that tht-ir own ambition* view* are gratified We hope the ballot box will teach *uch a lewon (a*hi*be<n done in a* adjoining county) not to be forgotten.-Darinvilli (Pa.) Dimaoal. LB. Pr!e? Two Cants City Intelligence. I Pol lor ?Friil ay, Nov. l7-lMrop,T4-.r Aiiiit -Offl j cor John H. Lowe ur rented a man sumul Thoinaa Marafa, on Thiinday^vtning, who n au?p< cud ol bung the per . on who recent y aet Are to the dwelling ol Gerahona Chad wick, ol Newark, N. J. by which meana the wife of Mr. Chodwick and a ?on and daughter, were burned lo death. He wu immediately taken !o Newark, N. J and lodged in prison lor examination. nlluidiikct 0>'>'ick Khajd.? A yonng man, named Hamuel A Gilbert, irom Bridgeport, Connecticut, applied ut the lower police yeaterday, and made the following complaint aguinat a man, named George Brooka, who ha? kept an intrlligaiico office at 0! BarcUy street. On the31 at uf October, while in thia city, seeing advertiae nunta in " The bun," h<i applied to Brooka lor a aitnatiou db cKtik in 11 dry gi>oda store, and paid him $9 to obtain cm* for him, Brooka having promised to do ?o on rwsriir. iiity (Via* Muiimv II? ii inn him n nntu In Mr KhiuiuMt OA Ann street,who Is a li.juor dealer, but Bhti.t'eldt informed hiin 'nc ho, 1 en^a^ed a cl?rk who wm to coma next week. Hi! then returned to the office of Brooks. and aiked him to fcuiI him to come other place, which Brooks refused. lloth'iitoM Bi>iok? that he was compelled to j leavofur Urit'gepoit, and di med that ho would secure a place, nail writ.' him a later informing him when he waa wattled. Thi* Iliooki promised to d< , but did net. Oil | liiTt ret 11 mo 1 to thii city on Wednesday, and called at the office ol Brooks, when he pretended not to know bim at first, but finally said bo thought he had seen him betare. Not complyinij with liia promise, the Yankee boy looked aiout, and finding some half a dozen other young men who had linen cheated and swindled by the same mean*, they marched to ice Police Office in a body, and the rogue, Brooks, was lodged in tho City Prison, to answer the offence as a f raud. Let every person in searrh of employment take warning and beware of Oi Uarclay street. The following are the names of the six young men who were defrauded by Brooki in the same manner, and others who have been similarly cheated will assift the rascal to tbe I', nltenlisry bymaking their complaints at the Lower Police Office.? Heia are some of the suffirers : ? Wm. C?ay, 69 Dnane street?Joshuu Lovell, 101 Concord street, Brooklyn? Daniel S. Randolph, 4 Twenty-fourth street?Philip J. Parson*, A3 Roosevelt street, and John O. and JacobF. Sifll-y/ilJ Broome street. Coroner's Office? Friday, Nov. 17?Kii.i.kd on tni H*ii.hii?i> ?The Coroner held an inquem yesterday on the bodies nf the lour men who were killed on the New York and Erie Railroad, near Piermont, on Wednesday last. Their names are Thomaa Barrett, John B- and Michael Urennnn, and James Carmayd,workmen, who were employed on the road. They were in n hand ear proceed ing to Clbrkstown, ? hen a large cattle car that bad been pmtly loaded with wood and left on the top of a grade behind tin m "vns htarted, andbelore they taw it, cama in contact aid crushed the car Into pieces. There were si* men in the band car, four of whom were killed, and the two others ilightly in|ur?d The Coioner's Jury return<.|| till, fnllnwi'ifr mr.lirt ?" TIi ntthe men name to their (loath by being run down by a largo cattle car on the New York and Erin Railroad on the 1 Ath Instant, in consequence of the car not having the necessary break to atop it." The man who had charge oCthe wood car ia named Johnson, and either ho or the Superintendent of the road hould be indictrd for manslaughter in the fourth degree, tiy the next Grand Jury that meets in Rockland county. Thetriendsof these mrn should leethat this prosecution is commenced. It 1* the only thing that will ever put an end to th? destruction of life on railroads by carlessneae, such as is here fully evident. The following is the certificate of the surgeon in Rock land county, who attended them :? " This is to certify thit tbe persons hereafter named came to their death* In the following manner t? "John Breriitiu was found dead with fractured skull i Michael Brennan wounded internally in the cheat, and consequent buitnorrhoge from the lungs, died about an hour biter the accidi nt ; Jamrs t'orronj d compound fracture of both legs, alio died about an hour alter the accident ; Thom 'S Barret, wound in tbe lung, followed by very extensive emphynoma, died about seventeen hour! after the accident. The first three named died on th? 1Mb, the la*t one named died on tbe 16th November. "JOHN I)EVIAREST,Attending Surgeon. " November IB, 18-lS The inquest on these bodies should have been held by one of the Coionersof Rockland county before thay were sent out ol it, and the txpense thus Imposed upon that county and not on this. Circuit Court* Before Judge Kent. Kbidat, Nov. 17?Livtl O. Micke'i vi. Iht Shiriff ? This waa an action against the Sheriff ef the city and county ot New York, tor not selling good* levied on ? The plaintiff' issued an execution against the good* and chattel* of Alfred M Whitney, of No. 6 Jackson (treat, for J.1UJ 84, at the idsiv time directing the Sheriff to make the levy but not to remove the pioperty, or to irll until further notice. Tins was on the 5th April. On the 7iti Si ptemher the Attorney ol the plaintiff directed tho Sheriff to piuceed to No. 16 Factory street, to where tho debtor hail removed, and there to well whatever of the property levied on he could lind. The time of aala itaaaed oil' and n? aale being made, this action was brought. It was alledged that the properly originally levied on waa all removed to Factory street, and was returned by tho deputv. The defence deny that Buch was the caae, and I that hut $:jn worth of the $160 could he found, Indepen. dent of the property exempt by law. The Court chaigrd that tue directions given to the Sheriff relieved him lium I any rrspciuibili'y up to the 7th September, hut from that date he was responsible. The question was, whether the property originally levied on huil been removed f Far. lory street; if so, then the Sheriff was liable?but if oot, then he was only liable for the amount found on tho premises. It was a question of credibility between the deputy Sheriff and Mr. Delevan, the Attorney for the plaintiff. The jury will return a sealed verdiot In the morning. For Plaintiff?Messrs. F.merson and Delevan. F?r Defendant, Messrs. Hart and Blunt. Iitar. Mo.iet Jr. vi- the Sheriff.?This was an actios of trespaas. The Hheriff had a writ of attachment directed to him, against a certain Mr. Cherman, of Philadelphia, whofle agent in this city, Mr. nays, nau on nana mdoui twenty hogsheads of olive oil. on which the SherMTlevied. On the day the levy wai made the agent sold the oil to the pUiiitifl in the case, at 00 cents j er gallon, when the market ptlce at the time was Hi cent*. The plaintiff contended that it was a bona fl le sale, he having advanced f>:!00 to pay the duties un the oil, and that Hay , the agent, wan previously indebted for monies advanced, to cover n hich he made the sale as above quoted. The delence set up lratid in the transitu, and the Jury gave a verdict in favor cl the ilafendant. For plaintiff", the Messrs. Ogden?For defendant, Messrs. Hart & O'Conner. Calendar fm Saturday-106. 81, 116, 1ST, 1110.131,1*1, 133, 134, 136, 187, 1I1H, 130, 140, |4I, 141, 143, 144, 146, I4n, 147, 148, 149, ISO, 161, 161, 163 Short Catet?Judge Kent bas decided not to take up iny long case* Ibr the remainder of tke term alter tomorrow. There are a number ol inquests on the calendar, and these will he disposed of in prelerence, for the b?n*flt ol whom it concerns. General Staslano. Before Recorder Tailmadge and Aldermen Emmaoa and Nash Jo?*s B Phillim, K?qr , Acting District Attorney. Khidat, Nov. IT. Sentence Day?Isaac Isaac*, ron /??su4 ni Kni?lir? iw% (Vin third Hun in PntPtlntf tk? "tore 01 William Seymour, wii aentenced to the State f'ri-ou, at fun Sing, lor three yeara and nx months. Nathaniel Randon, n colored man, formerly a waiter at DiiiiUhi'* Mannen Hau?e convicted of (rand larceny, in Mealing money and clothing Irom the boarder* at the note I, wan sentenced to the renitentiary for two yeara .ir.d si* months. In the cime of George Wilks, convicted of publiahing ' The Whip," Sir., the Court aiauM that atfidavita from the District Attorney, showing the connection of Wilka with other linelloua print*, aince hia conviction, had Vteen Juat handed in to the CouMj ai.d, therefore, not tiaving time to examine tbi m, they ?hould postpone ten teucu until Tuetday nest, when VVi ki woa ordered to appear in Court. In the caneof John Gilex, convicted ol a*?ault and bat I i<*i y, th<- smterice ? a* deferred, as the itfiJaviti of cha I rncter-. fco till Jolt been pri sented. | .Ibdudion of a Lawytr?Tha trial of William N Onags, and Prune.!* aaj re, ? <( . impleaded with William 0 D*y, ?>q , lor an ataault and hatiery on Robert H. .shannon, k?q , and subai qnent abduction to Ji rgey city. was continued Thi?on?e occupied the whole day, and wae rabmltted to thejury about dtitk, who immediately return "I a verdict of guiuy against boih the accuted. The Court then adjourned to Monday next. Court for Ci rriction of Error*, Nov 16 ? E. r and al vk. Kingley ? Time tor making re'urn to writ of error ei ended to second Monday in Jenuniy Wm. S'-el? and other", vg Sarah F rich, kc. ? H . V. D Van Eppa substituted us solicitor for Sarah Pinch. I*. Wdtxeii noil al. vs. Anderson, and 89, Johti'oti va Andtr on. Motion to ?et nude judgments on deteult denied ?ithco?ts. rt7. o? 4tJ | D. Luvitt. president, he. v? (J W. Stanton pre?id>-nt, he , and 96, Merchants' va. Wood11 tr-Judgments u|ion default opened 71. Butler va City of New York, rhangi d to 27| 17'Ine v?. Van WinU le?a re?erv? d cause? railed and set down fjr Tuesday ne*t. 27 Exchanged with No. 'J, ito'h reserved canae* '17. J. Q. Aymar ?nd al. v?. North Iltver Bunk?Mr J W O-ram oprned for the plaintiff* iu error.?Jllliavy Evrmnf Journal Nor. Id, From the Indian Copntky ?Jacob w^o was convicted nt the murder of Bushynead, in the Cherokee nation, ha? not been hmH, as waa 'tateda day ortwo ago. Thn Arkansas Intelligencer of the 28th of October, states thtit a re?pite had been granted to him,and - i nnf tnnrnpv inn num thnt the judge, )ury,?nu !>." ? hero! the citi*. n? had ?iftned a petition for hla reprieve. Gov Rntler, tho trailed stat?a agent for the Cherokee*, ha* bern inftructi'l h> the Indiaa Department to meet the Prairie Infant m Cache crrrk, on Red River, on the Q?th of Novf-mfx-r, to renew oM treaties and negotiate now onea It i" e*p?rleJ that cuany Camanche', Kiowaa, an,I o'her wiM Indiana will be preaent at that meeting A large rnimh? i of ChnrokeM will accompany Uov. Butler to tne Prairie Council. drvetal peiaona hare been ai raa!ed impeded of l>?iiig accomplice* in the lata muniera in ihe ration. Dkcrra^k in Emigration ? This year to the 11th mutant 20 960 fmiKrantii arrived at Quebec. year 13760 Thia great diminution haa beenirj auced by the repeal movement in Ireland.] ope? held out to the emigrant* in ihe cveut ot the ceaj of repeal induced them to reritaiu at home,

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