Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1843 Page 3
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Sale* of tttoekl at Philadelphia. hiccoND 6o?i>, Nov. 10.? 360 ihurtt> Guard Dank 7J; $li)('0 Statu ?V 68j;a(l thansN OGaaJdJ; 100 lharr> U ii'i .i Statea Bank,6J; 1H) do flj $l"00 I'ennt-iiaee 6'. 8d 8? ?lmrr? ('ninilfij >.nd A-nboy (J8; 10 share* Philadel p-iii Bank Ml}, $161 Statu 6*4, 41 unl 4B, 7iJ; 88 Union H ik, Teiiutaae, 67, 6 Muuulucturers' and MecUuuics' lif k, }>. Kih?t Uo*bd, Nov. 17?$10,000 8ti?ta 6'i68; $ 000 ?lo $10 mki do 68j b8 abarea Girard Bank, 7}; 683do7j; M i Yu ksMirli Bk, 4J; M) do 4j; 14 do 4; 30odo Monday 11 >' 4; 334 Wilrninttou K R, IK; 13 Pennsylvania Bank, ill. $!VM) City ft'a 103} $i00? Tennessee Bonda. in? I.,' in . 86} $"20<i0 do 87. $3woo do 66J; 5C Reading Riiilroiid 19}; JO United Mat. a Bonk, 6; f 1110 Camden k A . t> iy lilt ho'ul* 93; $1800 Wilmington Rll b'l, 1H68 8 6} $310 City CJise'ii.liei, 109. LATEST SOUTHERN 8HIP NKW8 Baltimork, Nov 16?Cld Huron, Pame, New Orleaua. 8ld Chatham, Boston, K. A Su-vetta, NYoik.^ v t o Eastport. hn hmom>, Not 15?SI<1 ZotofT, Uio Janeiro. _ Ni'Rfoi k, Nor 15? Arr Itolla, Pool, NYork; J?m? L I'?Ti ( ) iieynolds, NYork lorNOrleaus; Sarah, Staples, Newport. Sid Marv. (><>rdo?, do Cmaklkiton, Not 14?Arr Clinton, Mamon.Batn; Sabattii, Co*. I'oril.uid; Merchant, .lord hi, do; Warsaw. Hawkins. N<"w York; ''olumhus, Booth, Hxinplon Roads; Auuusta, Brown, Btli. Harriet, Dunning, Portland. Cld Osceola, Morgan, L)?; Lady VVariiiiKUin, Bonnev, Havana. , , Savaxmii, Not 13?Arr Lydia. Ilsley, Point 1 t'tre, (juad; ShawmnI Billanl, Bath, Me Cld Jane, (Br) Young. Nassau. Sill Montieello, Lawion, Havre: Pandera. Boston; New Jer?ev, NVork _ JaCKsoiivu.LB, Not 4?Arr Victoria, Brown, NYork; 5th, Magnolia, Smith, do: lieo Klols. Mobile, Not 9?Arr Cho' taw, Loomis, New York;, Kim, Dr. w . d> , via Char esion. Below. 1 ship. Cld Lighifoot, Iugraham, Baltimore. Kor?l<rn Porta. Point I'rtke, Quad Nov 1?Sid Lion, PMten.and Fruiklin, P>tte.i. Wilmingt n. NC. In port, Franres Louisa. France* E leH, a'd V!ot|n Hood, from Bath.disg; Sebago, Coffin, from Portln.d; a ti hr from Georgetown, SC. and one from Newberu, NC. names unknown, dis?. JJJL J (trj- WK SHALL RECEIVE BY THECALKDONIA, end hava <or sale at the Herald Literary Depot, Herald Buildings, Noithwefct corner of Fulton and Nasaau utieets, the follow, ing luteal Foreign Journals :? The 11 Ins rated Loudon News, 18] Thn Pictorial Times 181 Bell's Life in London, 18? Til'- We.-lily Dmp itch, 1HI The Dublin Froeman's Journal, 18j The Dublin Nation, 18| Punch, 13{ And ail the Metropolitan papers. Agents can be supplied with ihe above and other Euro peiu papers, by forwarding their orders early to this OfBcu, and at the usual wholesale prices. Subscriptions will elso be received and punctually attended to. ?7- ANY ONE HAVING A FILE OF THE SUN Newspaper tor U> c mbcr last, '42, will confer a favor by loaning it to this cilice. {K7- ANIMAL MAGNETISM AND OTHER INTERESTING performances this afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the American Museum. Great Western appears in liia laughable imitation oi the Locomotive Engine, Ethiopian Speech, Virginny Breakdown, &c. Mr Cole, the Doe Billy, and Celeste, contribute to the edification of vifii on*. In the svening the Misses Shaw and Brother appear instead of Magnetism. CP- GRAND PERFORMANCES THIS AFTER. NOOV at thr^e o'clock, at Peale's Mustum, by Great W. hiem, Mr Booth, Cerito, he- Hundreds of ladies and children will find an amming and interesting entertain, ment, iiuU thu lovers of tue marvellous will be highly plcaii' l with the wonderful revelations of Madame Adilph the Fortune Teller. Performances agiin in the evening. Ctf-EMBARKATION" OF THE PILGRIMS?LAST D \V ?The Exhibition of Weir's great National Painting cfla'1 Emtiaikition of the Piigrim Father*, tor the Rutundn of the Capi'.ol nt Washington, will positively close this evening,an t this is the last opportunity that will ever be presented to any el' our citizens of seeing it fhort of a visit to Washington. The picture leaves on Monday lor Philadelphia. 0(7-CONTENTS OF THE ANGLO-AMERICAN. FOu THIS DAY.?1." The Spiiilof the Nation,"a collection ol bs-autitul Repeal Sung-i. 3 The Eve of 8t. B<r tholrmew. Part 2. 3 On Grecian L:terature, Lectures by I'rof vgor Authon. 4. The Death dridal. concluded, 6. Adventure* and Sport* iu Ceylon. 6. ZilUh, the Only Child, a hi uutiful and touching story. 7. Discoveries on the Nnth Coast of America. 8. The Knights Templars. 9 E<partero, Duko of Victory. 10 A Second Le>?ou trom Liie, by Luinan Blanchaid. 11 Exercise, and Athletic G <tne?, by the Editor. 14. The late William Alhjtt 13. Musical Festivals. 14 Specimen ol a Yorkshire Almanac. 15. Miscellaneous Articles, Summary ot Foreign Intelligi nee, Death of Col. TrumLuIl, Editorials, Musical and Dramatic Criticisms, Varieties, &c &c. Single copiis 6 p?nti, $3 per annum. Ye*rl? tnbscribers are presented with the unrivalled portrait of Washington, engraved expressly lor this paper. Strangers iu the city would do well to ca'l and tee this heautifit specimen of ait. J. A. 1 UTTLE, Agent, 6 Ann street. &7- THE SUNDAY MERCURY OF TO-MORROW will rout.iin a cup tal story, called Abul Cassin's Shoes ; Aii'ohir.giaphy of the late Wm Abbott; with several nmmig anecdotes. Sketch of Eugene Sue, author of the Mysteries ol Pari*; Chit-chat, containing the news, Siz. o: the v.'eek ; Defence ot my Segar ; Dow, Jr. on ' nothing very particular"; a humorous Poem by Spoons; The l rim Con Case, Judge Kent's Charge; Libels ; The Na'iw A-"'iii 3H>-; Tnra'rical Criticisms by Ladlu-the Ptuk, Buverv, Olj mpic, and the Amphitheatre; Gossip; th" l'nlu e Doicir* ol th" we^; the latest Local and Fo. reign New*. Office 109 Nassau rreet. Price 3 cents a sin<<l' copy, $1 'or one year'* subscription, remitted iu adv .nee. Remittance* made now will entitle the subsci ilier to a copy, gratis, ol Djw Jr.'s Sermon*, jus' issued in a neat p imphlxt oi 3J page*, double column. Trice of the sermon* to agent*, ho. $9 per hundred. Send on your orders immediately. ft*-ANOTHER NEW NOVEL!-Published Friday. Nov. I7ih? I'rice ore (hilling? I he Genilt man's Dsvgliter ; or, A Gieat Citj 'i Temptations?A tale of actual life " A breath, a whisper, doubt*, suspicion, shame? And i-htid lerirg virtue wept o'er Agnes' name !" Tin* is ata'eol the deepest interest, written with un Common vigo-, and conveyirg a high and impressive moral Although ro personal him is intended, the reader vill bi fr? iju^ntly reminded of circumstances that ha?e occurred .luring the last two years in thii city and Phila dclpbia. No one can read the first chapter without being !< I irr??i?inijr on to the cloae ol the work. Thetjpeci this rdi ion is new and legible. Published and tor sale by BURGEES k STRINGER, corner Broadway and Ann at New York. Alan, thii day published, Ned Myem ; or, Life before the !C*?t?by J. K- nimoie C opor, Erq. In ore vol JVice 87 i cents. For talc wholesale and retnl by BURGF.SB It STRINGER, 223 B oadway, corner Ann street. 5(7- COUGHS, CONSUMPTION, SPITTING OF blood, ol phligm, pains in the breast and aide, night sweats, hrctic fevsr, palpitation of the heart, tick ling in tli? throat, asthma, whooping ccugh, Sic All who mo ffllic ed with any of thesesymp'om* should rtad th'-fullo>vi"gcerUtic.itefrom one ol ouroldest physicians ?one who boa practiced in this citylor above thirty years: Or P.'ake?Mr?(laving personally received the aalu. tary < If < ts of your Panacea, in arresting bv its use the in 114111 ii ii'ory action o( the pulmonary vessels and broorhi hI tubrs, and restoring those organs to their usual hvalthy and uniform action, and having in similar caaes present) ?d it to a niimhrr ol my pitients, the chief ol whom have acknowledged the immedia'e and salutary ?tfdCt produced by its use, | therefore have mo hesitation, but with alacrity recommend it to bo h malei and females, as the gr?'?t restorative of health in these cases. With respect, I remain your obedient humble servant, | WM. BAILEY, M. D , 301 Bowery. New York, Nov. 7, 1843. (fil- THE CELEBRATED TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy ol the ?ity ofNew York, i? confidently recommended hy the medical faculty, us eminently adapted lor the removal ol liability produced by secret indulgence, im|>otency, barrenness, (unless depending ou malformation.) and all complaiuts arising Irom a depressed state of the constitution. Sold in aingle battles, $1 each ; in cases containing half a dozen -, *5 ; carefully picked uud tent to .11 parts ol the Union. W. S. RICHARDSON, Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, S?7 Nassau St. (O- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TURE, lor the radical cure of primary or secondary syphilis. This powerful alterative is guarant-ed to remove every trace of venereal poison from the system, bv Ureugthening the constitution and purifying the blood. All persons suipecting a venereal taint remaining in their system, nbould use this mixture without delay. Sold iu siogle bottles, $1 each; in canes containing half aduien, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Office and Consulting Rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy,97 Nassau street. K7- PRICE REDUCED.?Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Li colds, consumption, liver complaint*, nnd all diseases ol the chest, lungs, and liver. Head the fjllowing certificate :? Gloucester, July 31,1843. Dear Sir?After laboring under a severe and troublesome cough for a long time, finding no reliel from opi. atea, syrups, be. I was Induced to try Or. Taylor's Balsam ot Liverwort, prepared at 876 Bowery, New York, and before using one bottte, an old cough companion which had in rail, winter and spring disheartened, debilitated, and afflicted me. It ft the field of contention, and 1 am now perfectly restored to healthSigned, II. PHELPS. Beware of counterfeits. The genuine lias an engraved label on each bottle, with the signature of Or Qurdon J L?eds uttar.lieH, nnd is for sale at the original office. 376 Bowery; by O .1 Leeds, wholesale druggist, US Maiden lane; end by Mrs U tys, 139 Fulton strewt,Brooklyn.?$1 bottles for trial. {K7- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED ? The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York is now confidently recommended and prescribed by the first medical practitioners of the city, for all rases of debility produced either by secret indulgence or excess of any kind detri mental to the constitution. It is an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenuess (unless depending on malformation), and will be lound highly beneficial iu all com plaints arising from a debilitated state of the con titution. Sold in single bo tlea $1 each; in cases of half adozen $6; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Otlice and consulting rooms of the College 97 Nassau street. VV S. RICHARDSON, Agent. BEAUTY IS POTENT. Art dccidedly repairs the ravages of time Upon the human face divine, " Though paradise was e'er so fair, It nruflnnt bpnt ca withrmt o.or? a?- The face, if disfigured with pimples, blotches, morpbow, Ireckles, can be speedily rendered a clear pure transparent whiteness, by using one cake of the tamous Italian Chemical Soap. To mothers for washing infants, this chemicul discovery is one of the greatest bli-ssiDgs ever bestowed on mankind. But be sure and get the genuine, at 67 Walker stroet, 1 door from the corner of ttroadway?fl i emus per cake?where may be had the celebrated I'oudre Subtile, for permanently and quickly eradicating every superfluous hair liom the human body. This we prove to ewry purchaser. Price $1 per bottlo. Agents. Jordan,'J Milk street. Boston ; 76 Ch>-ttnut street, Philadelphia; 4 Maiden lane, Alb my ; Gray, Ttfughkeepsie ; Tousey, Rochester; Myers, New H<ven; Green, Woicester; Dyer, Providence; Carleton, Lowell; Ives, Salem; Preston, Portsmouth , Guild, Bangoi; Cartwell, Lockport; Mathewson, Norwich; Thomas, Cincinnati; Seth 8. Hance, Baltimore; Selby Parker, Washington. MONEY MARKET. Friday, Nov. 17?0 P M. Stocks improved a trifle at both boards. The sales were Dot to a very heavy amount. The sterling stocks advanced. Long Island declined J ptr cent from the price at yesterday's second board. Kentucky 6's, I960, went up 1 per cent; Ohio 6's, 1 do.; Illinois Harlem I ^ do; Patterson } do; Canton j do; United States 6 s, 1S62, fell oft J do. The rates of exchange to day are as follows, correoted by William Si John O'Brien, 16 Wall street Rates or Domestic Bills it* New York. Boston, par a (lis Apalacliicola, 2 a!>* dis Philadelphia " & " Mobile, 8l? *J " Baltimore, " " Montgomery 8'% 9 " Virginia, 1 1>a " Tnsc 'loosa, 8V 9 " N Carolina, IV IV " N. "rl-ans, V J^prem. Charleston X 34 " Nashville, 2 2>4 dU Savannah, 1 " Louisville, l)j 2 " Augusta, ?2 1 " St Louis, 2 2V " Columbus, 1'4 IV " Cincinnati, 1V 2 " Macon, IV " Michigan, 3 4 ' Lniou, Flor. 78 711 " U. S. Lk Notes. 37a38 " &. L Sc Tst, 80 85 " The Loglish steamship will probably be in before our next publication, with several days later intelligence. The present warm weather is very favorable for the canals. Every day is worth thousands of dollars. For' wurders mus'. make hoy while the sunshines. A verdict has been renderel in the Superior Court t gainit the Sua Mutual Insurance Company lor $?000. The Manhattan Fire Insurance Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of 8 per cent, payable on tlie 1st proximo. The Boston Insurance Companies have suffered 8 Iom in the wreck of the Baique Windsor, near Havana, as follow*:?New England Marine, $10,000; Equitablu 9afety* $7,0ti0; Mercuitile Marine, $A,OOU. There was an insurance of $12,(i00 on the cargo, but wc have not learnt on wha1 companies the lost falls. The country tank* of New England are discounting four months drafts at five per cent, without charging any exchange. The dt ficit in the accounts of the note clerk of the Bank f Louisiana, State Bank, is asemtained ao far to be $14,800. The investigation was still progressing. The defalcation in the Louisiana State Bank has in_ duced the print! of thut section to inquire into the princi. pie that the examinations of the Banks are rot de on. In the instance above alluded to, the commissioners had just closed their investigation of the situation of the bank, and reported the affairs of the institution to be in a sound and safe state. The discovery made immediately after opened the eyes of those honest, unsuspecting mortals, who considered it a moral and physical impossibility for the slightest error to escape the vision of the Board of Currency. The people of this coantry must devise some more thorough, searching method of becoming acquaintel with the condition of oorbmking institutions; reports cnouia De maae irfqnentiy, ana every report should tie worn toby theofticer* of the concern. The unlimited creJit of the bank*?the rottenness of no Urge a proportion ?the greBt influence they exert otit the prosperity of the country?the dependence of the mas* on their expamion or contraction?the power they have in their fluctuation!, which ii governed by their pleasure?all make it the more important that the people should not only be k*pt informed of their condition, but their situation should be made public from a lource that will command the most unlimited confidence. Nothing has had ?o great an effect in creating a itrong and uncontrollable prejudice against incorporated banks, as tha farce* the State commi** have pertormtd in the making upof their report*. Officer* entrusted with the aupervision of these rnonied concern*, should come upon them like a thief in th* night, make their appearance when their presence i* least n\pected, if postible catch them with their lamps untrimmrd, so as the delect* of their management may he visible, and not patchedup, prepared to receive the annual stated visits of these, immaculate and lynx eyed public investiga. tors. The people would soen come back to the usual reliance they have heretofore placo.1 in them, and the pe. rioi'.ical revulsions o( the country would be prevented. The Legislature of Vermont ha* granted a charter to the Boston and Kitchburg Railroad Company, to strike that State at Brattleboro, and continue up the bank* of the Connecticut, and terminate at Burlington, on Lake Chnmplain, aud eventually proceed to Montreal. Thi* road must be a valiable acquisition to Vermont, and the upper tier of countie* in Mas'achuiett*. After leaving Kitchburg the line will lay West to Greenfield, so as to cut off tho oorncr of New Hampshire, and then proceed directly North to Brattle o. This route will open, for the benefit of the comnanv. the mo*t valuable sKricultu ral Roction of New England. It wll'. draw to Boston irom the Northern and Weitrrn pait of Vermont, a trade that heretofore ban retorted to thi? city, and In the event of its continuation to Montreal, the Company particularly, and the citizen* of Boiton generally, will receive the name return for their enterptize that ha* resulted from all the internal improvements of the Mate*. In travelling through New England, especially in the vlciiity of Bo?ton,the number of railroad* that meet the eye. whichever way you turn, inclinea any one to think that no more would be required to carry on the movement* of business and pleasure fjr the next century. The contrary, however, term* to be the fact. The citizen* of New Ham pah ire are waking up; they find every oneof their neighboring State* i* before them, they find that convenient communication between different part* of the country, lend* to wealth and civilization. They And their rooky hill* a great obstacle to their advancement, t>nd have concluded to make the rough smooth, the crocked straight, and the hilly level. Several New II ,mp*l>ir<) companies intend petitioning the Legislature of that State for charter* to continna the Concord and Boatan Railroad to the Eastern bank of the Connecticut river, atriking Vermont at the mouth of the White river; the Legislature of Vermont having already granted a charter to a company for a road from Montpelier ta that juncture. Succes* to the whole of theae companies, and may their enterprise receive anch reward. Dr. Bluke's r*nac?a ii (or sale at No. 28? Bowery, and at No. i A?tor Hon**. In Brooklyn,at 139 Fulton street; mi Ui Nfwk, atTrippe's, 393 Broad itreet. Piicefl j?er bottle, or lour lor $3. PRIVATE Olrik-Afc&i.. A CUKE GUARANTEED The CnPege ?t Medicine and Tharmacy of the City of New Vo-k, eftablished *or the suppression ol quackery, is mw prepared to treat all diseases of a pri vat* nature, Rmi o ffer to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with in any other institution in thin country, either public or private From ?he cm?tHnt correspondence, and from private er rarnjenients, between thr ipetMmrs ol the College and the m?Rt fHiinrDt professors of the modical institutions of Europe, all improvements in the treatment ot these diseases are lorwnrded to them long belore they reach the majority ol the medictil profession of thiscauntry. Withsuch celebrated remedies, together with lha combined skill ol the flrvt medical imn ol thin country, the College leel satisfied that the good work they have undertaken, " the auppri mon ol ijuackery," will receive the patronage it deserves Irom that portion of the public requiring their ervicee. Terms?for advice and medicine $5. Office and Consulting Hooms or the College, 07 Nassau tree. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N.U. Pr.tier.U living at a distance, by stating their di cam explicitly in writing, Kiving all symptom*,together with tho treatment they received elsewhere, i'f any,can obtain n chest containing all medicines, with full direclens for tise, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing the gent ol the college, post paid, encloring 0f7- 'I ERRIBLK DI3A8 TER1 OF ALL SORTS are becoming so common as not to astonish any one. The world is t-nniiar with the bursting of cannon, the blow ing up oi stfamtioati, the murder of wive*, death* by fl?o I, field anil fire, and all the thousand form* that ra*'i*lties now a days assume. For year*, death by disease ha* been the must common thing in the world, nd mini have ceasid to bit surprised when they hear that th ir Irien l* have fallen victim*. But the astonishment T. liich attend* the cure* etlrcted by Dr. Peters' celebrated m dicated prepiratlons i* *(ill a* fre?h and unbonnrted a* ever. When men ree, however, coughs, cold*, consumptions, headache, dyspepsia, diarrbcn.i, ague, and a hoat of other diMUHH cur.d by hi* Loz. nges?when they *ee athmn, J-tun dice, plica, nanaea, liver complaint, cholic, diopsy, levers, lie. lie. Sic., curfd by hi* Pill*, and rheum u-m and kindred pain*,healed at one application by hi* Placets, ho.v is it pooible their astonishment ihould cea*e I These invaluable medicine* are lor sale at 126 Fulton Ftreet. " KiPKniF.Nl K HAS TAUOHT THE PROPI.!1.," af r more than lour yetirs constant use ol "Doctor Mliei man'? Medic:?ted I. /.engo*,' that they are the hi s', safest and m wt pl*?a iut preparation* in uaa. Hi* Cough I. He,.ne* act like u chiirm in the moat violant cases ol cou/h.alla n g <11 iriititlon and i rn'tice I'rse expeC'.o rnijon k h-n . iier m-a i* h.iV" hren trleil In vain. I'he . l)r'*"VVorm Lutri gf*" are UM quailed; they are spi td> 111 their . if ct? Bed give no quarter, the worma can stand nochance. And w'O ha* not heard of hi* Celabrateil "C- ni >hor Loiengn? ' They relieve the headache in five minu et, a d are a specific for s>a sickness, palpitation, lownessol spirit*, anil the various nervous affcctiena ail ing 'rem sedentary habits. Dr. Hherman's warehouse ia In# N*?<an street. Agaata?aa7 Hudson atr4et) 1H Bowery, 77 Kast Brenitway: 96 William street, and 188 I ulton street, Brooklyn. The advance in stocks u very general, but in none U the improvement more pleaaing than in the railroads. This ii, we hope, but tha commencem-'nt of a permanent establishment of thia deacriptiou of itock in the minds of capitalists. Companies are striving to obtain new chortrra, to commence some new route, to leave half made up Why are not the magnificent plana formed by companies that have already commenced their roads in the vicinity of this city carried out? Why are they ieft half tiuiihed| alter enormous outlays') It is not became they do net pay, for thut result never has been fairly proved. It is because our capitalists are not used to have their resources locked up in any concern long enough to perfect it and test its productiveness. It is also because the moment a railroad, or any other stock comes in the market, the b jars of Wall street pounce on it, and in u short time destroy every purticleof confidence the public ever had in it. It is liually, because such stocks are in nine cases out of ten merely created for speculation, and speculation soon sucks every drop of blood out o( them. As a contrast to this unfortunate reality, look at the I railroads of New England ?see with what ennrgyfand perseverance the capitalists of those Slates have perfected their mile* of iron sinew*, the strength ?f which bind* together the different interest* of that part ol th# country; they have completed their road? to the free water*ol Long Inland - Hound, nnd wm it not fot that broid sheet, they would have laid down their iron rail* to our very door*. Within a diitance of fifty milei on the Sound, we find the termination of four railroad*, viz. the Stonington, the Norwich, the New Haven, and the Houtatonio, at Bridgeport. These roads are met by lome of the most sub stantial boats that run on the Sound from this city; but in mid winter the navigation of these waters is (topped, and that fact.leads us lo the resort in that extremity. It is a very strange fact, that of all the railroadsdl verging from this city, not one is extended far enough into the interior to draw out its wealth, or to serve a* a communication with the most valuable and important sections of the surrounding country. We begin with the Harlem; why has it not long and long ago been connect cd with tho western at Stockbridgel Why ha* it kern suffered to nearly destroy itself altertho expenditure of an immense sum, when a trifling amount woulu have connected It with some other valuable improvement, and enabled it to have paid a handsome dividend on its total coit. Why not connect the Paterson Road with the Erie, and thereby throw open to u? th* great riches of the west the year round. Why has the Long Island Railroad lain dead so long? a road that promises more favorable result*, rightly managed, than any other in this Union; run ning through a country whose resources are sufficient to pay the road alonea handsome dividend. The safest, shortest, quickest, easiest, and cheapest route between New York and Boston,a road that will command more than half of the travel most of the year, and nearly all during the winter. Thecharterol the company control* the whole island, it is a perfect monopoly; and yet with all these great a lvantages, it hns hardly been hoard of for several year* past. The returning prosperity of tha country, the abundance of money ;"the profitable result*; the completion of thi* road guarantees, have again biought the affairs of tho company before the public; its stock is eager, ly sought after, and it is gradually, and, we think permanently, settling down into a sterli g stock, that will com mand the capital of sound, shrewd, and intellifent men. The condition of iho company we published a short time since; it is before the public. The authority of its details can be prove! by any individual. The estimates are based on good data, and are made far within the limits set by safe calculators. There are 30,000 shares of stock issued to the public, occoruing 10 tne last report ot the company, upon which there has bven paid $39 75 each >1,087,600 Add the present debt 277,000 Add the estimated cost to complete the road. .. 244,000 Total cost of the road when completed from New York to Greenport $1,618,500 Estimated number of passengers between B '? ton and New York annually 300,000, say half at $1 50 per head 150,000 Way passengers and freight on the line of road, estimated irom the receipts up to the present time 1 HO,000 Mail transportation 25,000 $866,000 Expense of running and keeping in re* pair as per contract, once a day each way $fli 000 Interest on debt of $277,000 16 S20 Kant of Jamaica Roa<! 18.000 ? 12ft 620 $235,480 This gives a dividend of 15 per cent. This ia not caused so much by the economy of expense in the movements on the road, as tha small cost o( construction. The road runs through a level country, with the exception of two light curves, perfectly straight; without a single bridge through the whoie lino, and at an outlay of only $t8 819 per mile, including the personal property of the company, less than half the cost per mile of any railroad in New England. We have here given a brief statement of this important roaJ, and hope it will have the effect to promote its speedy completion. Let the city of New Yoik have one railroad connection with the east;let us finish the most vnluable work of the many that have been commenced in this vicinity, and if the event is not succeeded by returns that will not prove our prediction*, abandon the rest, and devote the capital of the city to some other employment. The suit het wean the Bank of Baltimore and the Bank of Virginia, terminated in favor ol the former institution. Tho suit was brought to recover $10,000, said by the plaintilft to have been advanced by their assistant cashier, McConkey, to Steinberger on his check, dated 37th June, 1839, drawn on ihe defendant* and endorsed "good" by their cashier, Mr. Orrick' The advance ia alleged to have been made from the 1st to the 10th December, 1939, five months and a half after the check was dated, and the defence ia that when the check was drawn and endorse.!, Steinberger bad no funds in the hands of the defendants, but that the endorsement was given by a fraudulent collusion between him and Orrick, and thtt when the advance was made upon the check by whs under such circumstances of suspicion as would have caused n man of reasonable prudence and caution to have suspected that all was not right. The (fft-ct of the verdict ia to declare ruch transactions nsthiacasedevelopca illegal and of no force. Halts at the Stock Kxchange. lOOn U 8tates6'?. 1862 118V4 120 Far Loan St Trust 2IJ? soon d<> Vi, lew msH mi do br.o 21'., Jtnin Statefi's, '54 too 25 Vick? Co RR Co IV, 5000 Stat- 7'?, '49 lOSV^ 58 do 4j? 1000 Ohio 6'?, IR50 par 6 N York Fire Ion 9) 2000 do '56 lOOVi 50 Manhattan 44?s on^ 10000 Ohio 7's b90 106S 118 Utica fx. Sch RR 120 3000 Ohio 6's,'GO I00^4 15 Aub Si Hoch RR 99V? 8000 do 101^ 50 Canton Co 2'i\ 2000 do b30 100 V 75 do 26 35000 <lo .3 loot 50 Long Itl RR ?20 59k 5'0n do . b5 IU0V 50 do ?3 60 >. 8000 do hl5 ino? 100 do 60 2000 do ?60 tOO', 250 do 5?U 10000 do 1)30 101 15 Mohawk RR J?>2 COi'O Kentucky Bdi b30 103 110 do hlO :i'j\ 15000 Indiana Bonds 3* 25 do bio 40 14000 Illinois 4I>? 40 Paterson RR A9)f 11000 do 41 25 do >30 59 S 1000 do b3 41 60 do 59* 5000 Penn'a 5's 68 V 60 New Jersey R R 92 25 Delaware lll>4 23 do b30 92 1000 Tennessee 5's 87 4 Stoningron 38 1000 do H6li 75 Harlem RR 39V 15000 do b Dsc 87 100 do s60 3<?S, 25 shs Urion Bank 113 325 do *3 40 18 National Bank par 50 do 3'.<J? 100 do 100>i 50 do blS 40 12? Bank Com serjp 99 50 do b30 10 100 Far Loan 8t Trust Koroml Board. 4000 Ken'y Bonds l>3* 103l< 75 alls llsrlem RR 39'. 10000 do 1)3 103 100 do BlS 39 St 15000 Ohio 75 Long Island llR 3000 Ohio 7's 105'? 50 do 58,\ 10000 Illinois s30 H \ 200 do sOO 58 1000 stall* 4,'?, 18?i'l 9) iU SO >3 jKVi Htw York Public Stock Excltanpe. IflflOO U 8 S'?. 'jl Jan I 106 U MolnnkllK 40 I7IKMI do *3 10S1* 23 Harlem KK bl? 40 IfiOO Illinois 6'?, '60 39 SO do ?30 JOK 1000 Indian* Dollar* 39V SO do 39', 3000 Ohie 6'*, 00 bf.0 lOltf SO do >15 39'* ',(!(0 do blO 101 SO do bOO 41 8000 do J?0*i 100 40 40 SO 00 do bnw 101 SO do ?30 39V 1000(1 do bis 10 1 300 do ?10 40 7000 do 101 2S Long Ul RK 6Ii^ 10(0 do >10 I0l\ ISO do i3 M>V 4000 do bl I0| 45 d.l f,0V 2000 do *3 101V 225 do (3 60 1000 Ken 61. 30 y? *64) I0ij? 10 do S9 1000 do I02>j 2J do H3 59W 1000 do >60 102 ?5 do l.flo 59*4 MiOO Illinois G't, '70 S9V 25 do l>Sfl 60 100O do bnw 39S S!? do 1,60 391* 1000 do b3 :i9l? IS do b3 SO', 25 sha* Far Loan ?10 24 V 23 do 59;., 73 do *10 24!* 30 do >30 59V 17S VirkthurK Bank S 2? Pateismi HIl l>3 S9^a 70 ( anion Co 25 V SO <1* 59U 13 Mohawk RR 39>t 109 do b3 t>0 23 do blO 39)2 (Itate of Trade. The wet, muddy, mlaerable weather of ye?trrday put a linnptr on out door o|writlou, and confined them within a very limited circle. A'HK?-Both de*cription* viry dull. Pot* ore itlll firm nt 9.4 Hi^. Pearl* have "llgMly declined. Wenow quote W HJ.bein* a falling oft of cent* aince ye*terdny. Ki ova -rtenetee remain* without alteration. Tbe*ale< <re 10 * modi-rate extent, and rule at (4 7#j othei deicrip<ion* continue a* belore quoted, both a* regard* price* and demand. Cotto*?Very little activity prevail* in thia marlot The n??i by the lookrd far ateamer will douhlleaa alt?r the compli-nion if thUttaple. Holder* anticipate lavornI) a Hc.cniinta, but purchaser* feel very willing to wait lor 'he remit. Paoviaioft*?The market present* a very fair demand. We continue to quote Prim'1 Pork at $10, and Me** )l|. There ia *o lntl? doing In Beef, that we do not alter our ormor quotation*. Laid i* in *ome demand far expoit. Butter i* quite active, and the *al?* reach a large amuuut; price* range Irom 1('J to 14 cent* for good qualitiea, ???? Corn Tratle. All in thin market li the tame a* ycaterday No change in prious, demand, or receipt*. Nov. 14 ?The cold ia daily increasing, and ice beginning to make in the canal; and should the present degree ot cold continue lor twenty-lour houri, the canal must close The shipment oi ilour last week was quite Urge, but haa rapidly fallen oil amce, and must soon cease, Irom preaent appearances. Wheat hoidi at 7 hillings; receipts light, by wagon. Flour without Ohange, cay f>3 74 x $t. Ai ba^v, Nov. 16.?The winter-like weather of Tuesday night, and the fearoi the canal closing immediately had but little ctfect on the Hour market yesterday. We notice but few sales. Holders are stiff, and we (juote at $4 <0 to $4 75. It is believed by the weather- wiae that tne canal will not close us soon as wa? nelieved yesterday morning. The weather in th? afternoon whs much milder, with a south wind indicating rain. Kour or five boats arrived yesterday. Boston, Nov. IS We hare to rpport au active state of the Hour maiket, and the prices of yesterday are well sustained. R 'Ceipts by railroad aro not so large as they have been, but g;ood supplies are looked for from New Vork. Cargo sain of y ellow Hit corn <Uc, and the grain market is in a good state. Buffalo, Nov. 15?The weather is milder to day and more lavorable for the cunal, and there are still a number of boats clearing for Alnany. Sales of Hour and giain arc limited, and orneof the holders are beginning to store their iuvoices. One thousand barrels Macomb and other Michigan brands are on the market, but nothing hr.ft been offered over $3 50 for it. Htnall sales of other good brand* ate malting hi ja eo a fx ot I nure are several samples ot wheat offered, but scarcely any attention is paid this commodity above 70 csiiih. The market being pressed it it ditticult to operate. A cargo ot corn has been picked up in small parcels, lor Toronto, at all prices, Irom 3H to 44 i-eut?, at which the market is Arm. Our iropirtt lor tnopait week correspond favorably with tbOHe 01 the previous seasons, netw. iihstnnding the inclemency of the weather. The leading it> mi entered at ttiia port Tor the second wei-k in November, are embraced in the subjoined table Flour, bis ti;l,8Sj Wheat,bush.[8d,842. Corn, bush 3,200 The imports forthefiist two wetks in November lor four seasons may be seen by the following table: ? Jlrticlti. 1813 181-2. 1841 l-?40 Wheat 143,460 200.Oft 3 108t'59 79773 C .rn 4 049 22 665 9,320 2,279 Flour S3 989 83,469 58,621 57,221 The exports by the cannl during the second week in November, and the amount ot tolls received wero very heavy?the unusually large number ?1 231 boats having cleared for Albany and other placet east. The aggregate oi flour and win at shipped was? flour, bblt. Wheal, hush. M.HStt 65,S94 Making the total export; Tar the first two weeks as Col" lows : Wheat, huth. Flour, bblt. No. boati. 146,109 82 524 448 Provision Market. Our different markets and meat s'aopt never exhibited a larger and finer display of meats for the season. Poultry of ail kinds it in great abundance, and owing to the misty, rainy, and foggy woatliur, it is selling at reduced prices. In wild game we never saw more in market. Brant, which is the favorito wild duck, are at 44. 6.1 the pair We saw at Place's stand, in Washington Market, lots of fine saddles of venison ?t Is. 3,1. thn lb Amougthercst a buck, killed near Nawbut*h, 4 year.? old, that weighed 218 lbs. Also bear meat at 2s. the lb. Fith were never m?rp plenty. In vegetables, a great msottment are in market. Vast quantises of apples, pears and ifiiuces have been brought forward. Prices op Provisions Apples, bbl $! 00 a I 50 Lnmb.perlb 7 a 8 Beef, iiercwt* $4 50 a6 00 Lard, per lb 8 a ? Boef. corned 3 a 7 Mutton . 7 a 8 Blacklist) 8 a 10 Onions, per bunch. C a 8 Berts, |K"r hunch 4 a ? Parsnips, per dot--*37).a ? Deans, hush .'id a 87)4 l'orterHouse Steaksl2)44 ? Butter, fresh per lb-12 a II Pork, jier lb 6 a 7 Butter, tirkiu, |>er lb. tj a 10 Piss, roasters ? ?$1 00 f'rab?, dozen 25 a ? Potatoes, bushel 3I)?a 37)4 Chickens :t7)4a 62)ti Potatoes,swt,bush$n,50al,00 Clams, 100 . 25 a 37)4 Peppers, per 100 75 a ? Calve? Head, Sic 25 a ? Perch, lb 6a ? Cabbage, dozen. S7)4a ? Quinces, 100 1,00*2,50 Cheese, new 6 a ? Salmon, smoked ? a 12 Carrots, per bunch- 4 a ? Striped Bass, lb 6 a ? Ducks, per pair. -50 a 62)4 Snipe, dozen 75 a ? Eels 6 a 8 Sausaues ? a 8 Kgtfs, II for ? a 12)? Squashes, 37),'a 100 KgU Plant, do/. -75 a ? Turnips, per bush* '25 a 31)? Fresh Cod 4 a 5 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Flounders 4 a 6 Turkies 62)k'i $l)? Geese 50 a 62)4 Veal . 6 a 10 Fowls 37)?* 62)4 Woodcock, pair- 37)4a ? Died, On Friday morning, 17th inst., Charlfi McCormick, aged tiS year*. Hi* friends and acquaintance*, and those of his brother John McCurmick, aro rn*pectfully invited to attend his funeral Irotn hii late residence, -,23th street, near tho 10th avenue, this afternoon, Saturday, at 3 o'clock. On Friday morning, Ann, daughter of Edward and Catharine Sheridan, nged 8 years and h months. The friend* and acquaintance* of the lamily are respectfully invited to attend her luneral this afternoon, Satur. day, at 3 o'clock, from the residence ot her lather, corner of Madison and Montgomery street*. .. " ? " . 1 1 P?s*rngnr? Arrived. Livutrooi.?Packet ship New York?Mrs and Mrs Shotwell, B J Hlyi, Wia BalUgli. K l'eck. of New York; Miss A ' Hii I me, J S Miter. Miss Walker. Mrs Graff, Pet. r Hulrne, It Irleuueuniue, Philadelphia; A II Barlow, Pennsylvania; Hev A B Mnzzey. Boston; JM Gardin, South Carolina; I) Shiille, Mississippi; David Thomas, Kuglaud; Mrs Elliot, two Misses Gardiner, Scotland?161 in the steerage. Ha vrk?Packet ship Ville de Lyon?F A Hillard, two Misses Beers, New York: Miss F. Richards, Philadelphia; Mrs 8 Sedi(wic?, Miss M Sedirwick, Stockhndge, Mass; Joseph S Miller, M D, David K Meade, M I), North C arolina: Mr Whitney, Washington; Arthur H H Bernard, Fredericksburg Mrs Zellweger, V Hermann, NewOrleans; Hev Robert Beard, ladv, live children and two servants, Geneva. Switzerland; Hev F. N Sawte I, lady, live cliild'en and three servants, Mrs Stivers, Havre; I)'Aillebnut de Itammesai, Mons Guillard, Miss Sophia Hi*. Paris; Geo Velle*er, Switzerland; Jacob Krausse, Wurtcmburv?71 i" the steerage. Trifstk? Ship Miuerva?B Carroll. C P Wilkins. Bfi.izf, Hon?Brig ( has Hammond?J Nelson Bonette, ol Bi'ijiits; D C Murray, P lteujstien, New York; Captain S ElSr Mirks?Brig Statira?G W Parkhill, GW Bolton, J S Cole, K Harrington. Pasieiigers Sailed. From Boston?Steam ship Britannia, for Liverpool?James T Bowdoin and servant, two Misses Bowdoin and servant. Chs Vyse. Boston; H Shepard. Taunton, Mass; Hon E D Aminidon, Dr S.iml Hartwell. Stoekbridge, Mass; I) A Comstock, brarer ol despatches, Geo Hastings, Chas Kozzell, New York; I..I . II. .. I>|.,|A.|U| ..I,, ,. I L\.r \ln.,n...l II-.r. Fwbauk, Mr Durham, iMigiand; Mr Macfarlm, OUsgow; Ufa Reynolds. Foreign Importations. Livkhpooi.?Ship New York?3 pkgs Paton Ss. Stewart?|4 (ftrow k cii-l H llvilo|i k to?3 A Van Nest?6 Wood St Folger? i Harm' r St Hays?1 \V iK'>t. Sturge* St co?I < i ip|>? St ro?I (' H Sheehan?1 (i Suf*,-1 Ingolosby k ro?.'i Brown Bros?MO Heudricks llroi?I Hard) n St co?2 W M Seymour? 7 A II V.ui Ne.t?2 W m Sevens?11 Snellmg Bros?' O Pesrce Stco-7 W W ( he-ter St ro-Z Hill Bros-I WO Coit-I \ it fl J Thorp?2 Tomes St sou?2 B Wheelwright?3 R H Hsiglit St co?I 1) Oakey St son?lfi J Lee Stco?6 .1 Oihon St cn?2 lly Farntirn St o?f) To.ikr r, Mead St co?13 Thomas II Mabee?J Bu'ritt St J hnson?3 A Mitchell & co?7 J Oihon?7 \V Wxtts ?2 .1 Mcllvain?9 S uds St co? I .1 l' Drtimmond ?12 W it J Merrill?3 Nevins S( Co?13 W llison, Whitewright St co?I Reus Bros St co?12 J A Kea?2B3H bars 8!) bdls iron Kerneys St IJIeecker?pkg< J I) Witihaus St sons? 20 II VVinkles'?10 la* Mc'allStco J7 B A MniniorJ?32 Titus St ' o.iilvou?I Smith St co?14 Lewis Al'erbury jr?1100 Phelps, Dodge Jt co? I sCoch'an?I Bums. Halsted St co?3 S Haskell?:> Thomas Marriott St sons?3 Jolm Sutnmeriille?I Barclay St Lmngston ?2 J Wolff? 1 O M< Bridsjr?3 VV Walt?III Josiah Macv St St son?I K atildwe II St co?110 toil* Coal 2.98 Micks sail C II Marshall?sundry i>kgs to order. Ha vr>:?Ship Ville de Lynn?3 * kts wine I' A Renault?1 csk l II Schneider?2 p*gs rndse J .vlortinter St co?i (' Kause ?2 F.d ' ard* St Stoddartl?I J II Rogtrs?I 9 Cochran?7 J R St Kelt*?3 Litnoy, Sourdeam StSi'ber?2 S St F Dorr?I M Mettlier?3 Wolle St Oillespie?I l.aue. Lamson St ro?2 R St H Haight St co?5 Till'itiy, Von-g St Kllis?I J C Jay? Scn't?I Mrs Vales?I M Mills?I A Canon?I Dl'ikey?3 M (' I'fckersg'll St co? I K Syhreiuette, Fills St co?1 Morlot St Schaffer? 2 .1 Hagsertv S>. Son?2 J S We dell?5 "ooneu Orate* St i o?2 F W Schmidt St co?t Joly Frerc*?li Betikhard St llutton?1 \ Morgan?I O De Zirud ?2 C llossanga? 1 A Ruhi?I H C Curt*t?2 K. B Strange?I Shaw, black Stco? 1 Cumm ngs St llich?? A F Smart St co?I K B Minturn?4 T Maillard? I O Von Bitim?4 Savoyd. Dubois' St co?50 J 0"iiiraiid?J J O Median?2 Dietericii St l.enaii?1 11 Ripley? <I Derairnes, Boizirri St c??1 li La osier St < ourt?I M Hourdon? J Mora*. Si Iselin?2 Jayne St co?5 Oignoi k Co?It .1 Mupie?O A H Wood??I K Lippolil?I J M (>p|ienheiin?2 T Ore-nenthail't Si Co?I I'A Mesier?3 Spies. Chris' St CO?til j* S' her St co?2? Sehuchardt Farre St co?* L-ssac St .\oel?3 M Pmco?I (1 A Batldoine?' W Benjamin?1 Warburg St limine ?I S KinkrirJ? I Colrill St Fleming?4 A Mercem?I J vljgnin St ro ? I bog jewelry A Oeriii?I J A Harrer?2 & Dubois?I C A Roberts?I2A bkts wine A Lobst?3 cs mdae F Keni.ey?I Dale St Ma*we'l?2 J Owe,.?I S 'i' Beats?J F II Da?i??I J Wetilman?I C Scrtber St co?I F. Henn?I F A Huutinuton?I F. Benklitrd?I <"a?e|la?I T Denny?I J A Lovell?I D Felt St co?I W B Moffatt? I T Jatnlon?I II l)er inns?It' Vilirg ? 1 H Dnflot?I F Brnmher?I F.ngler St Jolcy ?I J I* Rice-I A Leg.itig?| ( reagh St Hevc'ecker?2 M W Redmond?1 D Va ret? I K Varet? I < II Kellogg?I Milthaus St Ti'es?I J A Voisin?I Bonrit* St Tremois?2 L Strntlien?I Sill St Thompson? 1 T Melly St co?2 Bishop Hughes?I F Jones St Son?'i Loesgerck St >1 irendonck?1 II t < orbit?II Zellinger? I Prime, Ward St King?2 cases frog, Livingst.ia Si co?!? c?ses to ord<'r. Pat nolo?Barijue Maid of Orleans?540 Vantirs brimstone 6 do corkwood 1 IflO hags sumac VA) bss lemons 20 do ortnges S Broom?JO casks cresm tartar lOtl cs liquorice past* IDA i'o mac carom CO bag* w.ilmiu IJca manna Barclay x luo bi? maccaroni JO ilo lemon* W Worthington, Boaton?!*>? b*s leinona to order. Tiiihtk?Ship Minerva?#00 hbli cmranta S Broom?13 do md?e 10 ckj do 1200 1?< linaood Putilh Si Couainery. Bri.itHon?Brig Chaa Hammond?173 loga mahogany 30 ton* logwood K Coffin? 110 bain aaraaparilla J Ltbouiaae??i do t irinnrll, Minium Si co. Domestic I m port at Inni. St Ma*k??Brig Statira? 93 bale* c<Mtod Mel, Coe St Anderaon?M Center Si co?Hi Holbror k. N?l?on *t co?24 Vanaradale. I'olvill Si co?90 hidet Lton Si VanderhoflT?12 balea cotton to order. C HAHI.FJTO*?Barque Z D?726 bales cotton 95 caaka rice Reuard Si co. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Days of the Mteani Nhlpa. FROM LITKRPOOL. mOM aMFMCA Caledonia, Lott Not. < Dec. , Ship Maitera and Agent*. We ihall eateem it a favor, if Captaina of Veaarla will Eire to Commodore RoheRT Silvkt, of our Newa Kleet, a Keport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they aailed. the Vea?rl? Spoken on their I'aaaage, a Lilt of their Cargo, and any Koreigo New?(>aper? or Newa they may have. He wil hoard them immediately on their arrival. Agenta and Cor reapoudeuta, at home or abroad, will alio confer a Itvor h> tending ro thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they eat. ihtain. Nautical Infonnatioajof any kind will be thankful! weived. POUT OK NKW YOKK, NOVKMBKlt 1? Ii'tt 52 I MOON ftiSri* 3 2 Ult 4 38 I MIHH WITH & 33 Cleared, Baniue Condor, St. Thomaa, H. Houthmavd Si Hon.?Briaa Eagle, Sherman. Canton. J. Hvalnp; Falcoaav, Upton, Atalarhirola, H llaviland ? Schra Veloi Juinter, (Sp) Baaagorte, St. Thomaa. Aymar (i Cos Alfred K. Thorn, S in ford, Wilmington, NC., fc. 8. Powtll; Ann Hymaii, Tyiteu, Nrwbern, ' NC., M. Plan. Arrived. Packet ship New Vork, Crupper, fiom l.nrnool, Oct. M with indse. toC. H Marahall rlie N. V. ?? blown ?(f on Saturdsy night last, and lost many stila Packet ship Ville de Lyon. Htodda/d, from Havre, Oct. 15, with mdse. to Hoi ton, Koi it Livingston Oct IT, ID a M, in tlii? Knglsh Channel, c?in* up with.the ship Canoya? hail th ified tier ballast or cargo, b?ing u(X)a her !> a in ends, anil ihe ensign union down; remained by him until h? had cut away hit mizen mast and got before the wind, w lien he haulrd Ins colors down and wiuli linn, the C steering to tlie east w a d wind NW, On tli' uiglit of the 291 h Oct. a teaman tinned Robert Spring fell from the main topgallant yard and was lo?t oyerboard. Shir Minerva, Brown, 48 d>y? from Trieste, anil Gibraltar Oct. 20, Willi fruit, to S. Broom Baiijue Maid of Orleans. Wiswell, 50 dav? from Palermo, with lruit to mister. Vailed in co. with binjue KfTort, for Boston; brig Delight, Work. Barque/. D., Bassett, 10 day s from Charleston, with cotton, to m.isior. Preach L>r<K Marie Caroline, Dugona, from Roehelle, Sept 21 via Boston 3 days, with braudy, ochre, fco. to llerckeurath * Van Damme. Hi ik ' ln?. Hammond, 20 days from B"li/.e, lion, iwtu log wooil. to Brett & Vose. Brig Statira, Bahhidge, 18 days from 8t. Marks, with cotton, to 1 enter & Co. British brig Cambridge, Parker, 12 da\s (Vnm Sydney, < II. with coal, to Soule, V\ hituey Sc t o Celt barque Ovando, lor NVork, 2 days; brig Damaiciia, do, nth British bug .Margaret. Kurness, 26 days fiom St. Johns, NK. with iiali, to Stok' s & Anthony?3 passengers. Schr Perseverance. Weeks, | days from Newliem, NC. with naval store*, to De I'eyster Si Whit marsh Schr L. L. Stuige?. B iker, 4 days from Georgetown, DC. with indue, to Sturgea St Cleunmn 8< lir Wi Icott, Ryder, I days from Boston, with mils*, to K. D Si'rague Schr Pioneer, Presbn y, 3 diys froin Taunton, Ms. with nail*, to master. ?l.,n,, n.?.r nr..l,r.i. i ,i.,.. r.? t \t- i to master. (General Keionl. Packet iiiir HoTTiNourn, fur I.iverix>ol, it still detained on account of the weather. She will sail this morning. Her letter bags are at Gilpin's. Brio Eet.ipsF. Kldiidpe, from Carthageua I'ur New York wan wrecked Ktith Sept on Pedro Shnulv I h i uu I,. irne passenger in the Chas. Hammond, arrived yasterday fram Be Iize. Hon Schr Victoria, Brown, lias arrived at Jacksonville. Fla. via Norfolk, where she put in iu distress. Her cargo was found to be hut little damaged Ashork ?The Hermitage, at Mobile, repor s seeing on the 2il in?' an American l>ari|im ashore on l)og Rocki, on the Halt Key liank. with colors tlytut;. and a hnt; at Michor uear her.? Appeared to have b< en ashore but a short 'ime. DAitqUK K.H7A, ( base, of Salem, before reported at Tahiti in distress, was coml'inned about July I. She hid 200 lil.l, ?p oil when last reported The information conn's in a letter from Cispt I' received at Nantucket SniHri\(i at Ut i:>rc ?Aiinesed is a comparative statement of arrivals, tonuaxe and passengers, at the port ol (Quebec, iu the years 1842 and 1813, to the 11th November inclusive, for each year Vtstela. Tonnage. 1842 8G.I 3H7.448 1813 1181 4 21),501 More this year 121 122 055 Arrivals and tonnage from the lower Ports, iu the same time Vemelt, Tonnage 1842 98 6318 181*3 V.I62 Less this year- - 12 3811 Whalemen. ( Id at Boston Iflth inst. Maine, Tobey, Indian Ocean. Arrat Kilfrartown 1.5th, Young Kagle, Lmhrop, Nantucket, to fit for Pacific Ocean. Sailed from Sag Harbor 8th, Manhattan, Cooper, North West Coast. Npoken. ^Kolus, of and for Halifax, 30 days from Jamaica, Nor I, lat 31. Ion 711?by the Chns Hammond, at this port, who supplied her with water and provisions. An U S sloop of war. standing 8E. passed 31st ult. lat 37 55, Ion 17 .58?by the Minerva, at f'is port St Helena, of Salem, Philadelphia for Newport, III with loss of derk load and shorn of povisious, was supplied?Nov 13, lat 3il .58, Ion Kit >5?by the same. Hannah. Salem for Baltimore, Nov IS, lat 3# 45, Ion 72?by the Z 1), at this port. Toulon, Rich. Richmond for Peruambuco, lat 40, Ion and dite ' iu rocollec ed. Hope. Hriscoll, of Baltimore, from Cape Frio for the ('oast of Africa, no date, lat 2i 38 S Ion 36 46 vV. Harriet Thompson, Rio Janeiro for Philadelphia, Nov 5, lat 33 .58, Ion 72 42. tf'nrp I *r?i Porta. Matanzai, Oct 22?lu port, Emerald, Franceville, from Pro yiilenee, dins Antigua. Oct 20?Arr 'F.trily Cumtningi,' Whitttey, Philadelphia, and proceeded to St Kitts. Smei.hi'Rnc. NS. Oct 24?Arr Orion, Doane, NYork for St Johns, ,\F. and aid 24 th. IIai.ikak, Nov 4?Arr Diadem. Grant. New Orleans; Index, Coalfle-t, NYork WtJKBEC, Nov 10? Id Elizabeth, Bell. Llanelly; Acadia, Robsnn. Portsmouth; Coronet. Bute, Bristol: I Dare, Id.iir, Liverpool; ) 1th, Tamerlane. Bennett, do; Warrior, liowet, Briditewater; Htckville, Vauuer, Glasgow; Bernard, Dumlile, Chatham; Southampton, Iloia, Bar adoes. Montreal, Nov U?Also in port, Prompt, Morton, for Liverpool. Lake Porta. Buffalo, Nov 15?Arr St Clair, and Constitution, Detroit; k'rankliu. Toledo; tireat Western, anil Samson, Chicago; Waterloo. Chippewa; Baltic, Kudura, J K Porter, and Hunter, Detroit; Clay, Huron; Cambridge, Monroe. CId Waterloo, Chippewa; Perry. Perrysburuli; Buuker Hill, Chesapeake, It Crooks. Billow, M F reme, Brew:.'er, Victory, Hubbard, and M*rengo. Detroit; Ontario, Wiudham, Richmond, Benton, F Trader, Trenton, Marshall, Scioto, Reindeer, A?Jam*, Huron. Oneidt, Michigan. Roanoke, W Jov, J Porter, Chickaloni, \V Trader, Minerva, Lyon, Havana, Vvataon, Grant, Chwapeake, Wood, and Richmond. Cleveland; K Jenny. Mudiaon; Atlaa. and Whittleaey, Ashtabula; At ilanta, Fletcher. Buffalo, and (?ianger, 1- lirport; M Halm, I hicago; Kkinocr. Milan; Cinmd, Krie; Tinnoir. Toronto; Woodbriuice, and klinily, Huron; liar ker, Chicago. Home Ports. Fkankfort, Me Nov 11?Fused, Wm Peuu, New|York for Bangor. Uaiu>im:r. Not 12?Arr Alpiue, Ballard, NYoik; 13tli, Juo OHlin, Hanover, Boston. Portland, Nov 15?Arr F.lica, M'Lei lan, Havana. (.'Id 110 Hf liwifiiiiiw) Oraj Baltim Huston, Not 16? Arr Condor, Cahoon, and Oct an. F.IJriif ?e, Baltimore; Robert Wain, Senr?; Berry, Heart, "id An^tut, Holme*. Philadelphia; Patmoa, Clark, Richmond; flirw-st, Small, Ftederiekaburg; Vintage, Bearae; Niagara, Lovell Ino, Bacon, ami Trio, Nickenon, Albany; F.verliue, Cooper; Splendid, Crowell; Comet, Nickeraon, and Rr'ucon, Uoane, New York. ( Id Britannia, (a) Hewitt, Liverpool; Sarah Parker, Codman, Bata\ ia and a mkt; Ottoman, Hannum. Rio Janeiro; Atari), Cook. NOrfeana; David Crockett. Wadawortli, Mobile; Cey lhn. Crook* r, Savaunali. Arr 15th, Bernard, Pounell, Mafan/.aa; Telegraph, < liH*e. and Mary Jane, C rowel I, Alban\ ; S A Applet on, Nickeraon; Jaaper. Howe*, and James, Hal!, New York. Ni;w Bkoforo, Nov 15?Sid Georgiana, ??igjca, Albany. Hoi.mki Hoi k, Nov 14?Put hack, VenratueU. Kixmhtown. Nov 15?Arr Corvo, Freeman, and Granville. N York for Boston, and neveral ot^er*. All i.he vessel, hound K. aailtd 13th, but aeveral returned 11th, and remained with the Energy, at?<i Nantucket, Pno\im.ptCK. Nov 15?Arr Wm 8 Piijntf, Pop. Newhern, NC; Pa lea tine, Kitchen, Huffolk. Va; Capitol, Smith, md Ve locity, smith, Alliany; Juliet, boi'i.lieir, nml narali mvwster, Bebee, N York. Hristoi., Nov II?Sid Elizabeth, Allen, Mobile; Huntress, N York. Nr.w I.n\nn*, Not 10? Arr, New Haven for H.arha'hies; fiipsey, Bridgeport for D?ir?r?t?; lull, Amanda, Am**, NVork for Sydney, CB; 12th, Osprev, Indies for New Haven; 13th, Richmond, NVork for Boston. Phii tin i phi*. Nov 17?Arr New Orleans Alden, Turk* Island; Extra. Overton, NVoik; Van Bnren, l.eighton, Providence. ( Id Thorn, ' ole, Dighlon.Mass; An tares, llalh-tt, and Poml'ret, SpuniuC Boston; John K Crouch, Tomliu, NVork. Arr in the Schuylkill, Lexington, Dickman, Hallowell, Me; James T Hatlleld, Thompson; Nicholas Biddlft, Walton; Brilliant, Cotton; Ann Elizabeth, Smilh; Vesta. I.adlum; Model, Ireland, and John Kndicott, Vaukirk. NVork. Si .MaHks, Nov 2?Arr Iwanowna, bliinii, NVork. rI,HKATRV?A CAWD-MR WALL *CK'S BEN F.KIT. A ?Mr. Wall>irk nn st respect ul y begs leave to aunounre to hn friend* and the pnbl c. that hi* Benefit and Last Appearance will take place on I uesday evening tinr, November SMsr Kurt'er particular* in (uniteadvertnomens. r|(!:it*in rPHK HKV, C. SPARRY, who was recently arre?t?d at A Potlsvil'e, Pa , for c rcuUting "Extra' fa fr.m bu'i The olngy," w ill de'iver a Lrctine ou th" sulij ct of Popery, tomiiriiw (Sabbath) evenina, in Lata,ett-Hill, Bowery, two il or* above Second street A f*w copies of "Den s Tbetdogv" are Mill on h ind, aud for rale at No. 20 Auu strett. Puce 25c altlt'r WE call the attention i f respectable, poor fain'li>-? to a nnm" b-r of lenenienta that are to I. tin Manhattan Place, situated n M ii uiii strier, ket?e>u Delaucy ?.nd Hmiiglou -tret*. Reipecttble. (>oor ftmil es >lesi>iuK * chea,< and r-speeubl? residence. will fiud it t'l their advantage to crll immediate y, on Mr. James Pu ch, tH? a<eut, who d-servej great, prnse, ti?t only fjr the muiy i m pro it men's he has nude on this property, bat for the very active part which be took in suppress!. g a mi mher ol nuisances which Misled in this t.rii(hhor!i"cd. ul* It'm A RESIDr NT OK THE 13"i WARD. THE NKW YORK ? <4Ul I'ABLE INSURANCE COM1 PANY?Offic<No. 4b Wall street?Capital f3UO.OOO-Iutud against Loss and Damage from Kire, on wan:'ionses. dwellings, merchaud'g', hooseho'd mrn'tnre, vessels in port and their eaifoes, and every d'scnptiou of property iu city and DIRECTORS. Henry Yatpa, A. G Thompiou, Paul Npofford, Hum Ho'mm Hpo R?|?U'', C. H. baud, Harr*y Wml, K I.. Smith, J It. Co |py, L imhrrt SuydMn, Mil liard Knapp, R.A Rot ?rt?>n John 1' N*?muh, i J. W. Unryw. H Mowlaud, John H Joiipi. J.OillpapiP, l>. A 8 kp, J. Boor hard, LAMDKRT SUYDAM, Pr?a..lpnt, JOSEPH STRONG, Spp.ptary. n!8 6l'f KG AKV SKOA K.:S! ?LG A K S ! DM FIENRIQUEM, No, * I William a'rppt, rpapeptlully id for iim 1.11 frip da and rh? imMie ffpiipra'ly, that hp haa cortatantli' on hand rhp following ehoica branda of S<t(dr>, for aale wholnalp and letiii:? Kinvalid (^iipcii IWalii, La Norma, Kionda, Cahanaa, EapartrrM, Noupjaa, YrgpiiHidad, 1,a rloriiida. (a bpw brand ) Up Moya, Panetplaa, in 1-8 and l-10th hoju. Prinei|w?, of* irioua ijnilitiej. Kai prinaiu, L?'itlaue?, Cabull'roa, and numProua olhp branda, wp'I worthy thp attention of thp li iblic. Any ?e?;-ir? purchaapd at. thia atabluhtn?nt, if uot liki-d, will b* tal m bic* at any timp and ihp moiipy iptunipd Mtrangpra would dj wpII 10 call piPtioua to purchaaiug rlapwhfrp. N. II.?Ordpra from th? country carpfnlly ind promptly att?nd?d to. "I11 If UUNTKRIAN DISPENSARY, 3 Diyia'on atrwt, Npw York city, eat an In bed in Itt, ArtMWtoriti Mum Hunter'* Red Prop, now known lor it? unp?r?l eled cure* all oirr llii* L'nited Sta'ea and Kurope. in dneave* of a private naturf, lint hare bartled the ?ki<I iliomr of the moat eminent phvvri mi, ?av nothing oi .\1"<k Dr*., Ihat iifart i> like Muih r< 0111a all over I lie count i y I'rice II i>?r vial, warranted in nil cm<?, or r,o pay t <ken No other place in tin* city can the true article be obuineil. Albaiy, No. J Maiden Inne. nIH lt*r Q1 it Khll\ AMI TTFmBKo' TKItM I'll AN iv-8h i NUke-i, Auctioi ?.!ra, (letka?No Cure no Pay ?Phy?ili on-r have I? ie?iouol tlie marke ? t>.ey cure eveiy one (if you kelieve t iem) from a whitlow to a carbuncle,bring the dead to life and vigor, J?c. Nnw if you have been uenrly pouoned by a ho?t of tlio-e, i.ill on old Doctor Kvana, the only Doctor Kvani, No, 2*8 I'ea'l at ie,r Beeknuu ?t, N. Y , and he will make you whole if not paat the aid of medical skill N. B ?Hia practice i. ?trictiy confidential and clisrgea moat remoiiable I'etnemter, 288 rearl at, r >mer of Beekman. Officea perfectly private. XT"No conneetio,i with any other office. n!8 lr*m ATllf.NKI M HOTKL, 347 Broadway, ia prepared to let Pitlora and bi d Rooma to fainCiea or aiuff'e kitlenien, with or w ithout board. JOHN ROBSON. i< 13 6tia*r ""PO LKT?A iplendid parlor, with bed room adjoining. ?t * ' owing'*, 6C3 Broadway. For further particular* addreaa bo* 27<) Lower Post OtRce. 1.10 2u *r TO PK1NTKRS I?OB 8 *LK ?TWO founta ol Type, Minion ?nd .N'onpiriel, " which hnvw |wt ng the New York Herald. App? PACKET SHIP HOTTINCTKB. FOB UVKJtyJJfV Poat-Thi* ?htp having fen d'Mmed by the .?Uli?. weather, will ...I thia, "" ''""far, 'WfK C"U. p|-a.. in* on board steamboat Heren ea, Whitehall Dock at iijjf-pdtt 9 o'clock. Letter Bag* will clot# 119 o clock ulfi\V AMUSEMENTS. PAR,Vjnw*^ra*. BENEMT OF MR BOOTH. THIS EVENINO.Nor. l?-will tn- i?/f rrn?d OTHELLO. Othello Mr Willtck U|u Mr Booth To ronrlnil* with AMATEURS Si ACTORS. Mulfin. Mr CMATHlS TUKATIUC. THIS EVKNtNtj >i,)r ir?'|'o-"ir maner with SKiNS OK THE TIMES. Sluk?p?*ruv Hoot Mr K>c? AO*r which 1'HEfTY OlItL"* OK STICLBCRO. Fii conclutla with 'h? KHREION PRINCE. niTCHFLI/N OI.VMI'IC TIIKATHK. THIS EVENING, Nov IB?Th? (?ifurnuine>s will con inn.i f with MY LITTLE ADOPTED. AIW which THE NATIONAL Ot'ARD. After which SAVAGE Ik MAIDEN. To conclude with ANTONY & CLEOPATRA. THY ON'S 1NDEPKMDBNT CIKCVkl BOWEllY AM Pill THEATRE Tlllfc EVENING, wi'l h?- |irw?Tt?l a v*/i*ty of Equ?*triau IVrlbrmniico* uiuiiIPum' <1. Thf performiiiict* to comn>enr<> wirh i|i? Entree of ih* TARTAR CAVALRY. To cnuclude with lill.LV BUTTON. ~ AJI1KUIC ? * M tknillffl, AND P E R ' K TIJAIi FAIR. Hall 4 .VIiIIurn ol < urioailiea ' Day Visite s ndini red same -vrning Fr? MISSES MAKC aud KU3INA SHAW, au<l ?heii brother, Mr. DAVIl) T. "HAW. the celebrated vocalis'i?L A PETITE CELESTK. the Dan^ kiiw?Mr COLE. the Chines" N">u ileacriwt, and nil lea rned end HiiinitiK Iloi Hilly?GREAT WESTERN the N ?jto Eitrevaganziat, Kthioman Orator. Imitator of the Loco mo live anil Dance/. Performances every i veiling at half past seven, and W id nesday and Saturday afternoon* at THREE o'clock. Admisnou (o the wholf Si cenu?chiluini under tea half price. PibAljK H AKW VOKK MlNltllJI. AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broiuhi'av. th* City Hnll.) ADMISSION ONE SH:[.LI"V(i. Mr. KLYNN, the celebr r d Ventriloquist and Imitator, wii 1 gire many Iti'ghible sceueao Vreorril?<iui*m and Imitations of comiual persona. THE KAMI'11S KK .TUCKY MINSTRELS. UREAT Vs'ESTERN Ethiopian Orator and Imiu'o' of the l.otomouva. T. ii. BOOTH, Comic Story Teller and Singer. CERITO, the Dansneae. Madame ADOLPH can he consulted privately regarding paat, pre.ent or future, during the "'hole day and evening. Admission on#?hilling?12)? ceata extra to those who consult Madame Adolph. Performances every evening, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock. ~ "card ofTuTrktisement. nROCKWKLt, res|>ectfully anuonnces to the faahionabl* and respectable cirri's of New York, that he will open NIBLO'S GARDENS, Broadway, on Wednesday, N ov?rn ber Tid, IUII ax an EQUESTRIAN CIRCUS, withtalent of the first order, ai<l<?d by every appropriate and cla^nicnl acceaaory can he brought into n amotion to illaitrate tlit* ruiiwruus representation a which liavr W-n got up with a ran- ami expenditure worthy of the high reputatiou with which this ?aUi?luhme.Mf ha* hitherto been iinnoisd. Hull particulars |<> n I- >v ilsy*. olr MM. DEvH^TincS HAL LA I) SOIKKE# MR D?'M PsTF.R. has the honor to announce hi* in'entiou of giv'rg a series ol three llallad SJoire ?. nt the 8oc etv Library, (Leon ml anil Broadway ) <>u the evening* of Tu-*diy Tnur*day a id Saturday. 2Ut, 23d ami 2.'?th N v., when he will illt<~0 uce his mos' || |HI ar Sonir* anil Ballad*, Including ?I'm wi li >"U once agun; Jeune Morruon; The Lonely Aulu Wife; Lament of the Irish t'misruit; Dea liof W'tm > ?i th?> Battleaf Bunker llill. "Co 11?' it *11 .< tl t?John Aiderson. n.y jo; My Nam le, o; Vlary o' Castle ' arey; A Man'* a man for a' tl> ?; fak' jo tkiiMcI mIc ah tit ye; tu<f Burns' i eautifol ballad ol' Higl I mil Mary?|>,iitic'll irs of which wi'l be announced in programme* to hi' had at Mr. Atwill't \'u<ic Store, Mr Sioilart, Mr DuHoii, and at the door iu the evening, h 7*Tickets Fifty < 'eat*. ffVlJoors o, e at 7, to commence at quarter before 8 o'clock. n 'Dm HAT Oil V, M 1,'SK ".TTTk^OLOOV kr INBKOOKLVN LYCEUM -Mejara. B r iman inn Ni?h will commence on Ivionday eveiiimr. November 2(lth, at 7 o'clock, a count* of Si* Lectur.-* on these subjects, interspersed with si* Or eight om and Hnngi. h.ach lecture with diuectioua of the Mannik'ii, representing ueirlv 1'1?00 parts of the body, aci unit Iy and < liasti I y. and ptssiug of tliein among the auditor* lor cl?*e na'niuntinn Lectures continued Suurday 25; Fri dav, December I; Saturday, 2; Monday, <; Tuetdey, i, at the i.itni' hour and (il.ico. Kor pirticular* see circular*. Sinale season Ticket* $1; double d tto. for a lady and gentleman, til ; lor a Untlly of t)? e. S3; lie Inid at the Book and Muaic tore*, and at i lie Hull. One admiation 24 cent*. N il.? Kor eightien leaion*, the si* public Uciuies, and the. Tett Book, only S). Class tn meet from 11 to 12, or 12 to 1, every day. nl8 2t*rrc A COUR8F. OF TEN POPULAR LECTURM, WITH ILLUSTRATIONS on botany and Veg-iable Physiology, to bedelivered in the i battel of the University, by I). Fereir* Oatdner, M. fonnerly 1 rolwsor ofCliemiatry and Botany iu lUmiiueu Sidney College, Va. ; Lcctuter on Natural History in llntgei'a Ins'imte. New Voik. The Inrroductory Lecture will be givan on Monday F.vening, the 20th nisiaut, at half-put *evcn o'clock. Admtiaion free. Snhiecr?The Distribution of I'l nit Lecture ??The (.'haraccer and Vitality of Plant*. Lecture 3? I'll** F ood or PI >nt*. Lecture -J?Circulation in Plant*. Lectu."" i?The Respiration of Plant*. Lectute 6?Action of Litfht, lleat, and Electncity on Vegeta'.ion Lecture 7?The Influence of Man on the Vegetable Kingdom a",.l it:. Relation* to his Welfare. I.ectuie H?Influence of Plant* on the Attnoatdiere Lecture'1?('habitus produced on the Karth ny Vexetntien. Lecture ID?Litwtof Vivi?Uble Developement inducible from G olopical Inquiries. It is inten'Vtl in the ili<cu?M'>n of these (abject*. to combiue attorn ment with mforrnttiun. The illustrations will oe pictorial ium! experimental. Tire I .cluiea wi'l be <Iclivet"d on each Monday Kvuirif, at lirlf-p '?t 7 o'clock. K<e ior the w hole course single lectures. 26 cents. Ticket* i'in b? obtained of ?he lanitor at tne University Iluildiu*', the Janitor at the Medical < ollece, Uroadway, and .it the door ol the Lecture Room, alter the Intrudiii tory Lecture nnd ?uhgeriuintly. n 18 skin 2t *rc piMLII VRMONIC ?OCIKTV.-*rJ Sen..:m, 1343 and'44 The first Concert of the season will take place on Saturday evening, Nov. Irilh, at the Ap?'llo Sulotvi. Vermr of subscrtplion, $10 for four I onc< rtn, tliTe admissions to each, with the privilege of purchniutc two ticket*, at 81 AO each. The Kovernr.ient would state, although e. gallery hu been erected, by which about twe linridrel per.ons more can be acccrunodntd, they h.ive lie tannine a to isitie the same number ot tickets h? last >>-ir By ao damp '!.ey will prevent the possibility ol the room being inconveniently crowded Hubacriptio a received it Dml worth's Music store,422 Uroadwav, or at C. K. llayer's, Mi broadway. ii; w'rn By order, K. VV. KOhlF.R, Secretary. K WINTER'S EXHIBITION OF CHEMICAL PAINTINGS. WILL be open for a few week*, commencing on Monday K.vening, Nov t>, 184 1, in the Granite Building, comer of ("lumh^r* *t and Broadway. K.ach Painting cover* a surface of marly 20<1 sqnara feet of canvu*. and produces the wonderful phenomena of two distinct picture* on the same canvass, consisting ?l the foilowtnj view* :? 1?M ilan Cathedral. 2?< ity of Jerusalem and Crucifixion. 3?f hurch of ilie Holy hepulchre. 4?BeUharzar's Kennt. Ticker* of admission 2.*> cei.t* each. Door* open at 7 o'alock in the eiening; i>erfori?*rice commences if% o'clock. Knt a ice on Chamber* st one door from Broadway. n4 3wis*r MKN'S Ml RCER AND TAILOR RICHAKfl CALHOW, (..f Wall street formerly, and sole author of the Tutor'* Assistant, I r?*pectfullv inform* hia old I atrons and ili? public in general thnt the flattering ?uimport lie hi* met wi'li since his re-op?-nin(r at 191 f'anal stoat, ha* inilttceii mm to venture <inw to ,>o. HI i>uun inert ? Vra lie lio|x-? to prove to Ins old and also h?s new patrols, that the more reil gold it tried, the brighter it shine* Bern* well awsre of the prevalence ol humbug in these tiBi>?, (ad the ihnv and ain ost inuu neiabh- iirtitjeea oj-d in nl! and avery line of business, to entrap the unthinkn g hilo the pnrcliaae of tLat which it Apparently vsluible, lut wMch. wheu having been tried by the only tme test, weir,has b<eu found perfectly rain*leaa. He ia conscious that hi? former cuunmera will require no rw. commeiidaii' n, and to tii?i:i, on any and every occasion, ha refers thoae who may wish to deal with him. N. D ? Ou hand. .111 assortment of < la ha, Cssaimerea and Vesting*, of the neweat atyle, which wijl be made op to order, at prices ranging Iroin 25 to 30 per cent below the customary pricea. n5 2wis*rc OAK I'KTINOS. FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, BOCKING3 kc. THE aubaeribe'a hav now on hand an eiteusiva and ahoice election of < ARPETIiNOS, KKOM * tow prickd i*u?*i"f To the reheat and moa c stly description of BRUSSKIj". *AXO-SY. HOY\L WILTON. VELVET, TURKEY, AXMINSTER AND TAPESTRY C A R F K T I N (r f*. Alao, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, of till! Nmttut and must. Sphndid Pattervt and Color*. Also, Fiench and English Hackings, Dr?[|iti, Felt Carpet irg, Rig* ?f the richest description, I rench eu.boeaed Table iina Piano Covers, fcc the. all winch will be aold at rules to ai'iT ihe timh, nr C. W UMITH Sc COMPANY. ZM Broadway, n9 2wis*m opposite ihe r?y H-ll. HfcAPEST < AHPKT E.- T \ BI.ISH \l KM IN IH T. UNITED STATES?No <W BOWERY. ANDERSON St DOBBS now offer their wl ale stock a( spl'n<'nl new |>?rteri sof sBperior Engliah Thr-e Fly. Imperial. Double Superfine and Fire Ingrain Carpeting, Brussels ana Tufted Hearth Rugs lialian Tr.iiis|>areucies. Window Shadea, and all of wh ch havi"g hean purchased .at low pricea for eaeh, will b? sold from 25 to 30 per cent lower ihan any other establishment in this ciiy CIIVIMDS CARPETING, at 2a M pr vsrd FINK INORAIN CAHfETINO, from )< ?d to 4s pr yard SUPERFINE INORAIN CARPfcTINO, 5a pr pafd THHKK PLY < AKI't- Tl . from *a to >2a pr yard ITALIAN TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES, from $1 to $ It the patr FLOOR OIL CLOTH1# any width, 4s pr yard ANDERSON fc. DOBBS, No ? Bowery, nT twis*r the tint Carpet Store above Heater it. NAILS. CUTLERY, Itc. 1500 kegs anpanoi Cut Nails, fi om 3d to 40d 300 gross hone tip, cocoa stag and ivory Knives and Forks >n f??L? hucfrir Tf Chains Alto, Hooka mid li infra, Sauce Pan*, Auvila, 0.>d Screwa, Sic.? juat received anil for aale by nl0 6t#odi?T J. A. NEWBOULD, *> John at. THE ~~ invisible WIO JsJO cloaely reaemblei the real h?.l of hair thafawpt clind ' runnoiaaeura have pronounced it the nott perfect ana extraordinary invention of ttie ,lay I lie *re?t advantage of thu novel ?nd nnione wi* i? " ?"?? l,"d', w,1'ho?t ? weaving. which ca-ue* itt appearance* ?<> cloaely to reaemble the natnral hair, both in lightneaa -'id natural, u t?* li v or. I" "i* ?o beautiful, %<i poront ami to f*e that in ill nfperipiration evaporation in unimpeded, i .tie *re.?t evil* of other wiga entirely avoided, The tceptic anil connoliwetir are alike invited to in*|w< t thin novel and beau iful Wi?, and the peculiar inetlnod of fitting the head, ,it the n, o,afacturrr't A t. Bury, 116 Broadway, corner of Liberty , reel, up tuira nltwia'ra L'C)! oALK, with immediate posaesainn, theatockaud fttr tu-e* r f t.i it old eatabiiahed hoaae. well known i< theCa Jopiaa Hotel, J (told atreet. near Maiden lane The atock of inea And Injur r? ia of very aupenor ipiality, and the houte llordi e??. y accommodation for boarder*, and haa been eatabIled for upward* of twenty year*. Kvery thing on tfe premart will b* ?o!d cheap for caah, aa the preaett proprietor ia iont to l?t>v? for the old. country. Kor particular*. apply ?a ' prvaiaaa _ n? la'ae PORTUOUSK FEMALE PILLS H" far-fame* aa,l celrbml-d r lit, trom Pnrtnpil, an * * perceive, to be obtained ia thu ,couaCTT.l?bea adtetua* W? 01 the U't eoi?ma t1n?nb lu?i

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