Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1843 Page 1
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H , ? TH Vol. IX., No. 30K?Whole No. 3530. To tlie Public. TJIK NEW YORK HERALD?daily ncwspajier?published every day of the year except New year's day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7'JO per an nurn?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturda> morning?price tij cents per copy, or 12 per annum? postages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of tho Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast, It has the largest circulation of ony paper ill this city, or the u urld, and is, there/ore, the best channel for butinees men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds Mwcuted at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON DENNETT. Proprietor ok the Hcbalv Establishment, Northwest cornor of Fulton and Nassau streets. NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PA&HAGE LINE. jgjt For Kuiisloo, anc Delaware and Hudson EMERALD luid NORvTlit EMERALD. Cui<Uia Joau JUichum, will Imvc Now o'clock, P M. Will loive Kingston (Iwu^Wt landing) every Wednetday and Saturday lit 3 o clock, 1*. M. The NORWICH, Capuin John Samuels, will leave New York, f?Mt of Warvon ?very Wednesday aud Saturday at t o'clock, P. M. Will Uavn K jgjton (Ilouaoat Unuing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday momingat 7 o'clock. Returning, leave* K uigstou at 4 o'clock, same day. For freight or passage apply on 'eoard, or to ^WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO., &21 lm*r 1R4 West street. a* PEOPLE'S LINK OK STKAMBOATS lferr.-'};^?3"?FOR ALBANY-Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.~atr "*C'"** direct? From the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Sunday eicepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A.P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at si* o'clock. Su-ainboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave ''ne?day, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock V. M.?Landing at latermediate Plact-s. Htrainhom COLUMBIA, Cnpt. A. Hougkron, will leave Mondav Wwlj,e?dav. and Kridav afternoon, a'. > o'clock. Hteamboat JNOKXH AMKKICA, <Japt. ivl. H. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. runea^ers tailing this Line of Boats will at all timM arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the rut or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are famished with eat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are uunvalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or Co P. C. Schultz tt the office on the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday. Oct. 16th, the boats of this line will Ie*ve for Alhanv at 6 o'clock. P. M. instead of 7. I.N DEPENDENT REOULAR OPPOS1T1 ON NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY?HC*3^3LThrough Direct, without Lauding.?The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt.O.House,will leave New York from the foolof Robinson street, on Mondays, Weducsdays and FridaytitnQ will leave Albany aud Troy ou Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these crips for theseasou, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Krvight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. p. S.?The above boat has uuderuone a thorough repair, and is in firtt rate order. o26 lm*r jgm >ix o'clock evening line for Albany and troy direct, without iT?i. lMii-y I Iiii tlir ii li mini In" pressure xteamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of Conrtlaudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veuing.i. at 6 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state roonn.and for speed and accommodations is nut surpassed nn the Mndso*. auS ec STATEN "ISLAND FERltV, FOOT r^^**^3*OF WHITEHALL ST.?The stsamboat TfiV miLT .fCi STATEN ISLANDER willleave New York and Swten Island, on and after October 2d, as lollows, uutil further notj** :? Leave Staten I>1.(11(1 at li'i, 10, *. M., 2, 4, r. M. Leave New York at 9. 12}i', 10 min. past 3, 4}^. All trmglic shipped is rwjaiivil to be particularly milked and in *t the risk of rb* owner* thereof. sftirfr &6S" KOI< NKW-ORLKA N8, LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK Line?Positively first Regular racket MMgrn?'l'o receive fii-ight until 3 1'. M. this day?The (nut sailing p ck tsliip OCMLLGEE, CapL F. Peet, will l?j?itively sail as above, hex regular day. For freight or |>as.iage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board at Orleans wharf, foot. of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS ikCO., 56 South street. Shippers will please send in their bill* of lading this day. Shippers by tlus line may rrly upou haviug Jieir goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans. Hullin &. WoodniIT, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The packet ship Louisville. I'apt. M. Hunt, will succeed the Ocmulguc, and sail the 3(lth Nov., iier regular day. n20 r KOR LIVERPOOL?The New Lin?"ReViiUr Packet 10th Deeeinbcr ?Tlx- ?ew anil very splendid MifaNe# Yoik linilt packet ship LIVKRPOOL, John Klilridge, master; 1150 tons, will sail as above, her regular for freight orpassae-. having roomy and uiuurpas>ed acromirodations, apply to the Cnptain on b iard, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL St M1NTWRNS. 87 South st. The new and elecaut packet ship Quee l of the West, Philip Wo'idhouse, n aster; 1250 tons, will succeed the. Liverpool, and sail on her regular day, lfith January, 1844. nl8 r iXir KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 2ith November?The well known favorite packet ship JBlMfaRl'SCIl'S, Captain Collins, of 1100 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. H-r accommodations for cabiu, second cabin, and steerage pimengers are splcudidly fittud up for the comfjrt and convenience of passengers. Irr.ons wishiug to embark should mike early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, nl8r 100 Pine street, comer of South ONLT REGULAR LINE FOR NEW olTLKAN9.?The following first class packets will MMm sail punctually a* advertised, weather permitting, or live. viz The SARATOGA, Captain Russell, ou th? 16lii of November. 'i v.. n/'inii rjwr r.m p^? nn iii*'ifl!i>ni'\'mvn.u The accommodations of tlwse ships for cabin, second cabin, and steeraje passengers. arc ?uch at cannot fail lo ensure every comfort to passejig;rs during the voyage. The ships of this line hare now commenced tlieir regular trii*, aud will ?ail punctually every five <U> s tiiroiiglisut the se.ison. I'asseugers may, tlierffort, rely oo not Ih iiiK detained Th? price of paoage liring very low, tli^se wishing to ?ecure berths iu either of the above packet*, can do ?o by applying on board, or to W. k J. T. TAPS< :OTT, At?th*ir Uenrral Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, nl# ec coruer of South street. FOR LIV KRPOOL?British whip? Sail* on Satin* nEfXV November.?The well known very JjHBHaOMt aaiiitif British ?hip CHESTER, John Wilson miiiti, having nearly all of har cargo engaged, will tail posi, tivaly a* above For freight or passage, having very comfortable accommodations. .it ply ou board, foot of Beekman strest, or to the subscriber*, ROCHE, BKOTHEH8 & CO., 35 Fulton it.. oilr neit door to the Kulton Bank. Jtff- PACKET FOR llAVRE-Seemid Liue The MrjFxViIi'J' BALT1 MOKE. Edward Funk, master, will JfiHNbunil n" <he Itt of Daeember, BOYLl k IllNCKEN, 9 Tontine Rnildiugs, nfir corner Wall and Water strvetsi "j^ge FOR SALE?Th? banpte DUC DOKLEANS, WHCTWhurthen 310 tor.s, register; built iu Bristol Maine, iu double deck, coppered and copper fastened. 111 r*lliin?r27 le?t brain, 6 feet between decks, U feet hold, will be told aa soon at the cargo is discharged. LayiatJudd's wharf Apply on board, or to BOYD Si HINCKEN, nt2 ee Vo 9 Tontine BtnMini. cor Wall and Water sfs. ilEMITTAN<:E9 TO IRELAND. kc.-Tha tcKrF|^?nbacriher continues to transmit money in sums Urge jBjpyABaK>r small, to nt-rsoiis residing in any \>art of of Ireland in tin- ?ame manner as lie, and his predecessor in basiness have done for the last thirty years and more ; also, to any part ol England, or Scotland. Money remitted By tetter (post P?ki; to mo snoscrinei, or personally deliosittul witli bim, witn the name of the |wrsou or persons 111 Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is ?o besent, and nearest post town, will be immediately traiimitted, and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that efl'nct Riven, or forwarded to the ?enuer. In like manner leoney, or claims on persons in any part oI Itvl.ind, England or Scotland, can be collected by tlie subscriber lor persons residing in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. o2l lni*r GEORGE McBKlDE. Jr. 10 Cedar st PASSAGE KROM CORK?Via Livcrpool-In MfJafVthe tirst sprint ships.?We beg to inform our friend* JWMBaihat during the coming spring, 1844. we shall hare a revular succes?ion of first elms American ships, sailing from the above |>ort every week, which will be titled out m such a manner for second cabin and sUerage passenger*. aa cauuot fail to emore them every comfort. One of onr firm, Mr. James D ' Roche, reside* there, who will aee personally to the forwarding of all our jiusengers, and will a|*re ueither paina or expanse to mept tKt-ir wishes, and have ihetn forwarded without any delay. Those seuding lor their friends will at once see the advantage to he derived Uv paying in our line. Apply to.or address if by Utur pest Mrtl, ROCHE BROTHERS fc CO. .16 if ulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, or to JAMES D. ROC lift, 14 Ooree Piazzas, Liverpool. I'. J> ? Passage certificates mid drafts can be sent from this by lie regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 26th ol evrv maith, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 16ih. iJO NEW YORK k BOSTON sounuTjlot. i~\Wv'N PH KSOOTT, Pilou, or take* eharjje a? matter and ' " pilot or veaarla bonnd to New Bwlford, ov?r Nantucket 8hoal?. Ro?ti?n, Portimoath, Portland, Kennebeck. and OTHKH POKTH. Office nt Krye it Shaw'a Nautical atom, 212 Water it met, corner Beekman. Kelemnce to a number of m#rclui'.t* aud tlii? neveraU Insurance CompaniM in thu city, Bo<tne. and Portland *ivt? Imr AUK. Jkr jft office. I'amagf frnm Dublin, Cork. Waterford,Londonderry,Belfnt, Wmrenpoirt, Dund ilk and Drogheda, via Liverpool, can be necnred at all tim*? by the regular packet* tailing weekly. The ?iih?rrih*r beg? leave to inform hi* friend* and the pnblic generally, that during toe emuiug spring he will haven regular luccettion of tuperior American thipi in addition to the regular packet*, which will ix* fitted up in the moat comfortable in.m er and despatched from Liverpool every four nr fi r? dtya. Thoae tending for thnr frieoda Wl'l easily tee the advantage " of engaging by thi? Ine, at there can be no delay whatever, and they may re*t attured that every attention will In- tlii wu tliem a> well ?* all who may em arte with them. For Amhtr particuUra, apply (if by letter. ,m.t jpWjto HRRDMA!f> 61 fonth, near Wall tlret. B ?Urafta Tor any amount Can be ,y able at the and Provincial Bank* of Ireland and Bran elm, and in Stl.e priuci(?l town* throughout the United Kingdom and w : rded by the regular parkett tailing weekly, and aWo by royal .tinner*,via Button on the lttand 16,h of ctch month. At'l'ly M above. U4r E NE NEW for buffalo and ali. parts ok thl west i?k ASSOCIATION IMSftAUr. OKITICt TO ALBANY. IJtica t'i 00 Rochester, 041 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 30 Oawego, 2 25 ITn. aud Lower Canada 50 By the fait line to Buffalo aud found, S3 00. For pai5axe apply to Si. l. ray, M B*rcu.3m iu24 lay atns?t, New York " ' TO T!< A V KLLKlliT OH EAT CVNTHA1. ROUTK BETWEEN CHARLESTON. 8. C x MONTGOMERY. Al. V From Charleston, X C.^ via. Savannah, Macon, Forsyth, Baruesi ille, Orirtin, (iiv.'iiville. La liraiige. West Point, Cosseta, Mount Jefferson, and F'uiiklin; thence by Railroad to Montgomery, Alabama. The travelling public are re*i?ctful|y informed, lint by raecntarrangement*, a line eiobrtcing the above route has bee.u form")! consisting of a Splendid Line of Hieaiu Packi'-s between Charleston ami bavauuuh. Bteaimr GEN CLINCH!, Sc^Sib 1 k uS;ibJ ?N Tli- i entr.u Railroad from Sa> tniiah to Macon, (uow coin ?leted,( tn? Moo'oe Railroad totiiilHu, ami a ue ? line of Four Hnrti roil* on. Ir'^ l" Fianklin, Ala, thencn by R.-.ilroad to Montg?roe-y. Then" Liii"? all run in connection. By thi* sev nty rnila* of snuing in avoided. Traveller* re?t one night at Sivanu.ih ?ud Macon ench.ltaviug only one night's travelling b?tweeu Charleston aud Montgomery. Time?Leave Cliaileatou on the arrival of llm Wilmington boats on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, end reach Sataunnli name d..ys at 7 I' M. Leftvu Savannah at 6 A. M , r?.vh Mac in at t> I*. M.: leave Macon at * A. M., roach < rritliti at 11 A, M.; leave (Jrillin at 12 M. and arrive at Frank!iu, Ala. at 2 P M next day; making the travelling time front Charleston to Franklin. Ala. 53 hours-Fare $21 40. Tickets through furnished ou boardtlie boat* at Charleston, or on application to E. LAFITTF. U (]O., Agents, Union Wharves, Charleston, S. C. Charleston, October J6th, 1843. N. 6.?The Proprietors of the Tri-Weekly Line between Charleston ai-d Savannah contemplate running a Daily in li-u of a Tri-Weekly Line between tlioso places, of which dn? no tiee will be given. o31 3w SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YOUK AND PHILADELPHIA HA -ftOAD LINE DIRECT, |Fok Nkwib*, NewBRtmswicu, Piuncktow, Trkntoh, Bobdkntown Am-. Buiu.imoton. Leaving *iew York daily from the foot of Conrtlandt *t. Moruing Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordentowu, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their ticket* at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readine**, with baggage crates ou board. Philadelphia crate* are conveyed from city to city, ; ?iknii? Umo niVi-ruii h XT fKsl Waif f m IM ! nmVlHplI U'ifll a car in which arc apr.rtmeut* aud dressing room* ex;-rtMly for the ladie*' uie. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordeutowu at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., aud 4 P. \1. heing a coutiuuatiou of the liue* from New York. 0I8 2m*m FATERSON RAILROAD. riGBEzSEE^EEElaHBL FA ltK ONLY 23 CENTS. From Paterson to Jeney City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1813, the can will leave Pater?oj? Dep?t. Lf.avk Nkw Yohk. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 11* " 1SX P. M. 3 P. M. 4 ON BUNUAYS. Lkavk Patfhsou Dfpot. Lkavk N>-w Yoke. 8 A. M. A. M. 3 P. M. 4 P. M. Traiuportation car* leave daily (Sunday* eicepted.) Pas*enger* are advi?ed to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlaudt *treet, a lew minutes before the stated houM of deuarture. jy 10 Kin* NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AMD TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. FAKE REDUCED TO "TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt itreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday* excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave* Newark. At 8 A.M. At a P.M. At 7 A M. At 1>? P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4 *- do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. 5 do. 5W do. 10X do. 7j2 do. 6>? do. 9Ji do, t do. ON SUNDAYS. From |H# f??t <?f I 'oiirtlamlt nrwt Le ivlit New l ork. Leave* Newark. At 8 A. M. and i\P. M. At !2K P. M. aud 9X P. M. NKW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave* .New York. Leaves Elixalielh Town At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M, At 7K A. M. 3* P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8)4 do. 7 do. 11 do. 4K do. 10 do. 9>f do. 37* u<?. <? mi. The traim for Westfield, Plainfield, Koundbrook, Somerville, Sic., connect with thr 9 A. M., and 4>? P. M. ; trains from New York daily. Sundays excepted. Fare between New York auu Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do. aud Soinerville, 75 cents. NKW YORK AND RAHWAY Leave* New York. braves Rahway. At 8 A. m At 3 P.m. a-t 7 A.m. At P.M. 9 do. 4 do. 8 di|. \ do. 11 do. 4 V do. 9J< do. 9 do. 6}J do. list do. NKW t'ORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. R|om (oot of Courthndt street. New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 4 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 11V A.M. 5>i do. do. 8>4 P. m. on sundays. Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswiek. At 9 A. M. and 4XP. M. At 11* A M., and 8* P. M. Fare, except in thePhiladelphia trains, betwevu New York aud New Brunswick. 50 cents. Between New York and Rahwiy, 25 cents. Passengers who procure tlieir tickets at the 'icket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con ductor oe'.y on the day when purchased. aul9 r extrest- t7k rtwto\^-uaity" line-wiwter arrangement. wIMQ mM HAKN HEN it CO. will run cm sb package and basinets ExJWfrSK Jh?A"i ft press between New York and Bostoc during the winter M follows :? \ n Stoi'iiigton, on 1 ueiuavs. Thursdays and Ratu'days. Via Norwich ou Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays?making a o ul\ line. N B.-Pltjjf mark all packages intended for this Hue, to care of HARNDEN St CO. nHr 3 Will street. FOB NEWkORLEANS. LOUISIANNA AN1) NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m ^Forthe better accommodation of shippers, it Is intended to despatch a ship from this port ou th? 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, ami 25th ol each mouth, commencing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, w hereby great delays and disappointments will be prevented during the summer mouth* 1 he following ships will commence this arr&ugetnejil: Snip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI^ Captain Hilliard. Shin LlllvlSY ILiLif.. Captain Hunt. Sliip SHAKSTKARK, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSViIjLV.. Captain Mumford. Ship OtMULOKE, ( aptaiu Leavitt. Ship NASHVII.LK, Captain Dickiuson, Sliip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Muliord. tiThese ?hi|>? were all built in the city of New York, erpreasly for packets, are of light, draft of water, have recently been uewly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodations for passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by ste?mboats. Neither tlie owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for anv letters, parcel or package, sent by or put ou board of thein, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same and the value thereon expressed. For freight or Passage, apply to K. K. COLLINS b. CO.. 5? South ?t? or HULLIN & WOODRUKK. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to Iheir address The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad vertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods co rrect Iv measnred m4 nkw link OF livmfool packkts. To (ail from New York on the 2Ath and .Liverpool ou the 13th of each month M rifh hHnM NKW YOH!^^ Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 1Mb October. Ship KONClim, Captain John Collins, 2ith November. Ship 9IUDONH. Captain A. U. Cobb, 23th December. Ship SHKKIDAN, Captain K. A. De|*yster, 2ith January. Fhum LivrueooL. "*hip 9IDDONS, Captain K. B Cobb, 13th October. Ship SMKKIUAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, Uth November. Ship OARRICK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 1.1th Decemlwr. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain Jolm Collins, 1.1th January . These ships .ire all of the first class, of I00? toul, built in the city of New Vork, with such itnprovemeuta as comhiue great speed with nnnsnal comfort for passenger*. r.very care has leu fak'Mi in the arrangement of their accommodations. The nriew of iMusmre bmiee is 47'>. The** ships u* commanded by experienced masters, who will make every jertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r the c.-.ptains or owners of the ?hir* will be responsible for any letters, parcels or package* sent by them, unless regular hills of lading are signed therefor. Kor f.-vsglu or passu lie apply to t. K. COLLINS k tO., 56 South it.. New York, or to BROWN. 8HIPLKY & iU)., Liverpool. Letters hy the packets will be charped 12^ cents per siugl iliwt i 1# cent* |>er ounce, and newsp^vrs 1 cent i-aoh. o2:i jr MARSEILLES LINE OF PA :KEm M$> Sk iT^TrulermentioneTships will l>e regularly disPatiTeJnrTm hence and from Marseille! ou the lit of each mouth during the From New York. Marseilles, COURIER, ''art, Duggan, June I. An*. I TRK8COTT, fapt My rick, July 1. Sept. I HELLESPONT, Capt. Adam?, Ang. I. On. I rORIOLANrS. ( apt. Haile, Sept. 1. No*. 1 H'RV THOMPSON,('apt.Sylvester, Oct. I. Dec. 1 They are all coupe red and cop|ier fastened, and have escellrut accommodations tor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, eiclmive of wine? "tVwus'addressed to the agents, BOYD U HINCKEN. will be forwarued free of other charges than those actually paid. Kor freignt or l^jfo^HINCKEN^ Agent., No 9|Tontine Buildings, or mJOr b. BROOM fc CO., 101 From street, W YO r YORK, MONDAY MOR] CHEAP STOKE TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND TI1K rUBLIC. DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCKRIKS, &c. No. IBS OREEN WICH STREET. NEW YORK. TOMN C. MORRISON ofieri for sale, on the mott liberal ? term*, a very e*teu*i?e aiaortmrnt of itoodj, among them the follow 1UK, lo whkl^he^voghl ?uhcit the alleutiouof Oi'iiirn, Corroaivn Sublimate, Camphor, Anna Ammonia, Cream Tatter, Spirit! IN are Dulcii. Caitile Soap, Su|*r Carbonate Soda, Liquorice, Tartaric Acid, Baltitn Copaira, Kpaom Salts, Rhubarb, Landaunoi, Jalap Senna, Aloi?, Sulphate Quinine, Klvit. Ciinmomili', Oil i'epiw-ruiiut, and all Em*b| Gum Arabic, tial Oila, tium i>iynin, K""lr Vi'j, Cauth Ouicluilvor. Gam Trr ic?nch, Magnesia, Powdered Ba.k, BSKU ?... ?*?. S5S%?j ? *. gggjjK.tfST Calt>oi?l,. vUl lUil Pwcipittt*. fA, NT Widow BUM. of a .??-?<? fjfeVwru. , , nualitiu, , . ., ilnld miiI Silver Leal, White leiui, dry and in oil, (K)|j ^ silver Bronte, Ki .lLeud, ('upper Broute, Litharge, . Chalk, whlu aud r?4. Spirit. lu.pentiae. 1'ana while, P?[IV, 8i.di.isli Brown, saaun-i"? fcrtcft4. Chrome Pumice Btoue. vxr/oK iw. * American, U(fM variiuh. Priuiian Blue, Turkey I'mber. Vermillion, Terra de Sieuua, Rotten Stone, Rw) lyory Black, 0um ghellae. Gum Copal. . BriuUt Varnuh, Faiut BrukUes, all ?IM*. Tool., all ?iw?, }U"e nY./k Black Lead. Lamp Black, OILS. /vi f ii t)'1' Train, Oil. Fall, Liutseed, Summer .trained .penn, ^Tv'e oTs'w^t, IU*fined, w'Sea Klephant. U11 relmed, whale. L>ard Oil, Taiiutra, ! Logwood. j?Mnd*n, ; Camwood, Hateu Wood, Fustic, Red Wood. Nicaragua, Hypertiic Wood. ?S.V?. Sal Ammoniac, * Soap., MANUFACTUREHS. 1< uUer* fcATtn, . . Aluun Madder, Dutch and 1* tench,! Blue Vitriol, ludigoe., of Bengal, Girraca Corwnu., Lug. and Ainu. Ouaumala, Oil Vitrol, White Tartar, Ktew Kt"""' AquaTort'i., La?D%, - Soda Ash, rrusslate tot&nh, Pot anil Pearl As bet, Gum Senegal, Kitract Logwood, Powdered Curcuma, Tartaric Acid. Powdared Blue Smalts, Bi-c tiro mate of Potaah, Quereirrou Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Kortis, Gum Shellac, Salt Petre, Cudbear, British Gum, Woad, Nitric Acid and (haiu aud Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Boiw, GROCERS. Young Hyson Tea, Pepper Sauce, Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, Imperial " Scotch suuil. Gunpowder " Mac*, Hyson Skin " Indian, Fletant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, French Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottle*, Spanish Segars. Alcoh 1, Pot and Pearl Ashe*, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cimiainan, Li gnorice Ball, Friction Matche*, Bith Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Snleratus, British Lustre, Kig Blue. Soda Tor washing,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, London, Alum, Caynune Pepper, Olive oil in bottle* &. baskets. Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cnchineal, Oil of Annisseed, Nutmegs, Absyuth, Mace, Oarrayway, Cloves, Juniper, Cinmmon. Ro?e, Orange and Peach Wa Cassia Buds, ten. Allspice Vanilla Beans, )<inglass, Tonquin Beans, Gum Tragacanth, Coriander herd. Gum Arabic. Turkey, Carrayway Seed, Gum (tamboge, Annisseed, 1 ' Oil ol Hoses, Juju';f I'aste, Wiotei green, Satera'as, Cinnamon, Super Cnbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, (finger, white Jamaica, Leinou. Ginger, East India. paper makers, hatters, &c. Bleeching Powders, Nutgalls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Ul'ie. Verdigiis, Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Calx, Sal Ammonia, Slid ac, Antimoi.y, Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Extract of Logwood, A>oes. Alum ike. patent medicine bealeiis. Balsam of lloney, Anderson's, Lee'* (k Hooper's Turlington's Balsam, Pills, Bateman's Drop*, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil, Seen'and Liquid, Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Stoughton's, Godfrey's Cordial, Extract Sarsaparilla, Ai. tiers tin's Cough Drops, Cephalic Suuff, Thompson's Eye Wat*r. ( lieinicals ol all kinds, Frcach, English and American. All kinds cf Paint* and Colors. Every description of Drugs and Druggists' Articles; and Pa'ent Medicines, Peifumery, "oaps, &cc., a general assortment. All article* warranted genuine. O^The most prompt attention given to orders Irom the country. n!> I md yicw yr kegars r'segaks! hlcaus! DM HENRIQUE8, No, M William street, respectfully informs Lis frie ds and the public generally, that he has constant!*- on hand thelollowing choice brands of Srgars, for sale wholesale and ret til Kiugand Queen Regalia, La Norma, Kionda, Cabanas, Esparteios, Nouegas, Yoeenindad, La Klorinda, (a new brand ) De Moya, I'auelelas, in 1-8 and 1-lOtH boxes, Princil**, of various qualities. Lentlaaes, Cab?llero?, anil numerous othe brands, we'l worthy the attention of the imblic. Any segan purchased at this stablithmenr, if not liked, will b? ta^i-n back at any time and the money returned Stranger* would do well to call ptevious to pnrchasiug elsewhere. N. It.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. nl8 lm URUriS, ORO'-KRIES, TK.A8, W1NK8, he.?OAS8" N KK 4c VOUNO, H2 I'hatham street, offer at wholes&ln and retail^ tode lers and families? Kresh Foreign Kruits, a general assmune't Sugars and Coffee of all kinds and iiuaiities Texa, <iireii and Black, of ??eryd*?rri tion 1 Superior old VV'inea auu Liquors, <~f vinous grad-s Superior Raspbetrv nud Cherry Brandy Kreucli and American Cordial*, on dral> and in glass London, Scotch and American ('inter, Brown Stout and Pal* Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriaga and other brands Segsrs hast and west India and American ('reserves and jelliea Hmiev, in small bo?e?, from Ohio Jujube P.iste, ill 12}? and 25 lb. boxes Bird Seed, Spices, Cocoa and Chocolate Kpeim Oil and < audles, Soap, ike. Saratoga Pavilion. Wa er, in iju ?rt and pint bottlos (>oods d>-l ver--il to ?ny part of the city hee of x<*nse. nil lin^ni UCOLAK LAiviPS." OUK.KNAUOH'S LAMP?" auil "HORN'S (JLASS KOI'NTAIN LAMPS." A large and complete assortmentoi the above Lamps is kept constanm on hand and for sale at low and reduced pries by the suhseriher. Parsnns wiihinu Lainix or to economise iu light, are invited to call nuil ss&miue before purchasing, 4. heuucal Oil and Burning Kluid of the lw?l quality kept constantly tor *sle and deliverd in any part of the city " HOOK EH, ftV lm*?f tU Drmtlwur J~SORlA'8 CHKAP DYKINii ESTABLISHMENT. MR. SOKIA beg* leave re*pectfully to inform hi* friend* and the public id general that owing to the depressed state ol .he time*, he ha* reduced hi* pric* U per cent bslow the regular charge*. Ladies wishing their lummer dresies, shawl*, he. dyed 01 pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying nim * risit. (Jentlemen will also do well to calf with such article* of wearing apimrel as may need dyeing or pressing. All orders will I"' Punctually attended to, and the article* done up in the best style at Sofia's establishment, No. 490 Pe^rl st His branches are at No 2JT Klcecker st., No 312 Howery, and st J57 Orand st. Also a branch at 49 Knlton st. Brooklyn, ana st Newark. N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington I'lace. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and pat up id theirongiual forms, aud on moderate term* Principal office 4** I wrl ?r stijn 1m*ee TMIE ST'BSt'R! BKRS hare just received from <ierman< i and offer for sale, a varie'v of W \TK R PROOF ai.d in Tli.n r e.l|M| ANIIVDUINK. fur which lis If ill i ha vi* lie*ti taken out in Knglatid and Germany, The) aie vattly tu|?rior lo THOSK in uir manufactured hv the aid of lridi-\ rnbiwr.froin which they arc diitingniihed by bvwg ivrIVctly I NO DOKOL'S, INKLASTH'. but ample, and undergoing no alterat<ou whatever by change of temperature. I'he?e articlei are manufactoml with wool, cotton. linen, ailk, ii.- , of which mav be made ( LOA K <*, IIUN TlNli JACKKTHj OAITKRS. APRONS. MILITARY TRNT8. HAWKS\CKS. AWNlNO-i MARUUKK8, VNOIMJ-! HOSK A No, HAT AM) BON.NKT LININGS, with HOSK ANI) OIjOVF.S for (bote afflicted with gout and mil; AI K < I SH'ONS, PILLOWS, MATTRKS HKS Sic Among th? rent they have 411 article prewired for WAGON ? OVMIS forth* USK OK RAILROADS, and to covrr all kindt of vehicle* and boati. ANo for BALLOONS ami for II A<iS which may contain wateiy. gateoua oroilyHnidi. without any chance ol leakage. They hate also of thit manufacture an eice lent articleol SAIL I'L'lTH, which will arreii the paange of air, will lair longer b lighici ban ordintry till clivh, and require a leta uuinlier of handt to iMnaue thein In the muniiacinrr of UMBUSLLAS tliia artic e innat Mi|>erced* every other material Indeed 'pplicatiou of the \ N HYDRI N K mint be .ilmor iinlumt-d. It mint not be omitted t.i at lie lia >* tiii? irticle it aduiiunly 'dapted aa a cover lor feather b*tiiv lh? p-apiration Irom dunned or even healthy penoiu 10 jnjurioua and dettructive to 'enthera, will under it* u?e be prevented from penetrating and "Aiiiiot attend beyond the exterior ol the tick. FKKIKJCR V WISSVAFN, nil lm*ec 23 South William ttreef. I A III)?7M keg* Prime Irfwf Lard, in very tuierior or.ler. Alao, 7 barrel* No. 2. For tale by b"*c ;t. K. COLLiNS h CO., Jb South ?i.S >RK t V1NG, NOVEMBER1 ^0, !

hoarding FiiK.M'H and American BoirduiK House, No. 64 TCeade ?t., a <Vw door* Iroin Broadway. BoartVri will liud it au Hjrrf.iblc home, at a iHuder.iU price. The Krrucli i? cnf'dlv l> 'keu Pay hoarder* taken. <>26 im* m QOAUDING?^>er il turni:.lied room* for if MI If men and X) ilieir wivra or tiuKle uenlleuitu. Kmjuire at 80 Whitest olO lm*r TOAMTAT M <;HAMBKI<8 S I'KKK.T. fMIftEK or lour Utnitlemeu r?u now lie cninf rt?bly accom* modeled with board, and lileaaant rooms with i>antre? attached. Tern ? modemti? relerenren rexui'ed. uli'rod2wr Havana mansion house" hotel TMlk nnderti|[n>-d l-ikn nccaxion to inlorm Ins In. nil* r nj A the public, lhit the Minion llouie i> now located iu luquisidor street, No. 67 in the viciuit) of th? lauding and vegetable murker, having commodious family apartments arranged iu the uentest order. A person is employed to procure* to I and pissengers, hasn j>re, (cc. who will boird vessils immediately after tlie viait of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitor* to this Island should procnre a passport from Lhe Spanish Consul, at the port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and incouveuieuce. s21 6mw william fulton. ~"MHDAMK MJTTuN, ritoK v. s8 o n of hinoino, titi Vuick slieet, St. Johns' Park. sl5 Jm*r M'ijmT " TOSCFH KAMMERER, PrnO-ssor of Music, respectfully J announces u his Patrons ami the Public iu general. that he ha? removed from jy Crosby to 13* Laurens street, where all orders for h>h Cotillion I! ual, to wait on Parties tec., in or out of town, will he received and promptly attended to. Orders for J K. will aUo be received at Mr. \V. Dubois' Music Store, 389 Uioadw ?y n'< 1 in * rrc r\ALIAN MUSIC?Mlt~MANNl N<?, (twenty years r?i dent in Naples,) pupil of Pacini and Cr'sceiitmi, gives ia structions on terms to suit the times, in Italian French, an English singing, and in the most fashionable style of pla'P' fart* playing. . . Mr. M. has (leraiis&ioii to refer to the following *sutleinen J. M. Waiuwright, D. D.; Mmn Howland Si A spin wall; J K. Schroder D. D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham; F. L. Hawkes, D. D.\ Mr. 9 Ward. Mr. M. resides at 230^ Hudson street, near Spring it. n2 lmBr MUSIC FOK PAK fIKS AyTESSUS. O. WEISS k FR. GRAMBSS, Professors of i"-*- Music, respectfully announce to their patrons, the ladies and gentlemen of New Vork audits vicinity, that their Cotillion Band is prepared to play the most admired and fashionable Music for Private Parties. Soirees, &ic. Orders thankfully received a d punctually attended to at !S Delaneev st, also at Mr.Millot's Music Saloon, 32fl Bronlwiy, or at Mr. Jollie's Music Store, 385 Broadway ti< lm*r T f. browne & co. Manufacturers of the Improved ? Patent Ootible Action Harp, by Royal Letters Patent. London?established IS 10, (many wars with F.rard,) No. 38.'> Broadway mid >3>? Chambers street, New Vork. J. F. Brown* offers f<-r s.tle ar 38*1 Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instrument* iu the United Slates Hit trrangements are such as to enable liim to transact business at Kuroiiean prices, thereby ? , ing purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff on thene instruments. J. F. Browne would observe these H.irps are constructed on the most approved urinciples, with nil the modem improvements, are unequalled in brilliancy rf toill. njifjW Or louch, and |?rfectness of mechauism. I'amcular care is taken to fit them for the extremes nf climate in tnis country, in which res Sri they will be found far superit i to auy of European manu cture imported in the usual wiy. These Harps ar* patronised by the elite of musical tasre and professional talent in I'.urope imunj the latter, he would mention N. C. Bochsi, who invariably selects from this es'ahlish ment. The attention of pro lessors in this country is solicited Lists of prices and descriptions may b? forwarded by post lie pairing auelhlly attended to; Harps taken in eTchingr. Strings, fcc. V o2l Jill*nc _ MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Rcade street, near Broadway, loans mnnai in large or small sums, as inay be required, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mare. Dry Ooods, Wearing Apparel, aud |?rsnnal property of every description o29 Im*r MONEY lO LOAN! T.N sums of Jl.'iflO, $1000 . ?2000, SliitW. SlBOO, or one sum of 1 *7nrin on iiiienriiinhered uud productive real estate, ill tile city of New ork. Apply by Dole, left at this office, addressed to H. B. o30 r ~ MONEY LENT, LIBKRALLY, at the old e?r*blisl>ed stand, 401 Grand street, on g?l?! and silver watches, tllH,] -wellery and diamonds, wearing appml, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, mimical and mathematical instruments, bedding, and every description of personal property, by LOUIS LEVY, Pawnbroker, o?3 lm*m 403Oiand between Kidgeand Attorney it. FOtt SALK. with immediate possess lou, the sun k and lit tares of that old established house, well known a? the Ca ledonian Hotel, i Oold street near Miiin lane. The stuck of winrs and liquors is of very superior quality, and the hniise affords every accommodation for hoarders, and htw been established for upwards of twenty years Kvery thing on t"e premises will be sold cheap for cash, as the present proprietor is abou' to le ve for the old. coantry. Kor particulars, apply no the premises 118 lin*ec PMRBNOERS?lining I oin New Yorlt, South or to Kurope, that have to lay ill their p ovisious for the voyage, are invited to call and purchase them of the subscribers, at their cheap cash store, as they can sive from 11 to lb per cent by so doing, ?ud get as good provisions as can be purchased elsewhere. ('.aptiins of vessels and housekeepers also will lie supplied w ith all kinds of groceries and provisions <t ail equal I < !.(, ?*? ,'>sal* or l*tail, m Hie store, ro., .v,,,ili ?t, ue.u Fulton Market. K. 8. U H. HARRIS. o23 lm*r OAT AND OAR BAZA A R?At this establishtn eut canb found every description of Boats that the fcyeuuity ol tnau can suggest. Look .it what he has done and tlieu judge of what lie can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, via Tile Swifuure. of Newfi.uiidl.uiu: the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Trouble*; the Romp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races in 18 months; the noble Cimbria; the (i. VV. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United Statu shin Ohio; the barge Kmpress (or Florida; the brass mounted gig Neptune for Tainpico Bt), &ud a hoit of others equally great OAKS, SVvEKPS AND SCULLS?150.000 feet on hand; si so 2,000 feet of Lennrd's celebrsted Sculls for sale. This new branch of his busiuess is truly worthy of atteutiou ? Look at the prices, only threa and four |>eiice a foot. All the sculls for racing dressed by the proprietors own hauds. Those that won lh? last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty Boats always on hand Visit his Bazaars if you desire a treat AM work delivered free of charge C. L. INOKRSOLL, 196,406 and 414 Water and 111 Cberrv streets?sole proprietor nr94 IA7 A'l'CHKb.? I he largest anil most s|>lendiil assortment ol ' Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Mold and Silrer Wat elm, of the newest styles, direct from the man nine Hirers, in Kngland, Franc*, and Switzerland, he is enabled U offer a larger assortment, aud at much lets prices, at retail, thar any other house 1U the City. Cold watches as low as t20 to 5'?' aach Watches aud jewellery exchanged or bottght. All watches warranted to keep irood time, or the money returned. Watchen, clocks aud jewellery repaired in the 1-est mincer, ltd warranted lower than at any other pi ice in the city (J. C. ALLKN, importer of watches and jewellery, t?7 lwr Wholesale and wail. 30 Wall street, op stain TIHE 8UBSC1UBKHS are now prepared to sell Watches A and Jewelry as low, if not lower, than any othe* house in the city. To <?it: '\.ld Wa'ches Iron $16 to SI00 each Silver do. from $i to SiO each. All watches w Trained to keep food time or the money retn ned. Watchi-*, Clocks and Musical Bo*es repaired and warranted, lo<eer thin any other h use ill the city, beconii hand watche> ami old Gold andSilvei taken >u encliauite, O' bought for cash. THOMPSON * KloUKH, importerj of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and etiil, No. 331 Broadway, New Yo'k. AMOS H. THOMPSON, nilm?m HK'HAKH KISHt-.R. TO THK PUBLIC. Jjl f\A TO $1000 ?Mr. ?aucis K Crimp, Watch Maker. (P i?" 218 Orand street, belts to inlorm his friends and thr ."iblic, that independent of the Watch business, he is preparer! .0 make advances in cash on Kohl and silver watches,diamonds e? < ? J ?f..,i.i? Inivrr im iru, Ihjuii* hm*? .m?? r?? .. ... w .ilver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Ca?h to an. monm paid for old gold and silver. Watche* of every Je cription repaired and warranted. 241 Grand street llSm'r BRANCARD'S PATENT 8TATUK WOOD Hi COAL 8TOVK.8?loi lulls, parlors. offices, store* ?te.mhoats Sic. Kor beauty, comfort and economy are not equalled by ani Hove iu the United States These stoves at* a Statue of Wash* initon the Kailier of our country, surmounting two pedestals one for wod and the o.her for c?al The oue tor woml it con .tnicted for alive and dumb stove combined, and lor a l>v? itoveouly. The lire chwnht r in the pedestal ii 'onut'uc'ed 11 <nch a maimer that the fire, by means of a rcvertable plaie 01 partitimi in the stove, causes the heat to circulate through th? ntire height f the statue, iimi a larife and beautiful radi.itins surface. I hev have alto a hot air chamber attached, end ev-'. chins beinit arranged on the mnit scientific principle Ko' (enerM nMity tney Cannot fail to Ki>'e aatiafaction. The sub tcriber 111vi es the attention of th??e about mircha*i?ic to call in"' satisfy themselves of the above facts. They can be seen ii oiieratioii daily mid for sale only in the city at ill Grand street one door east of Broadway. JAMES HINDS o'l lm*m I. SCI) UlDT. CIOHNF.H of B o'dway < Inralter. street, bees leave t J recommiiid rii? H i e Depot, I'D Na>s>u ?tr e\ where ^' .ells the full'itM'ii: Wii.e, 111 r iskv c.*u and bottl ?. . n: ?' < il and White U rdeaus anil * ette Wines, Hhenish Wnies, .Vladei ra, Sheirv, I'ort, Bur/tnidy Muscat and < hampasne Also?Hum, Giu, Whiskey, Branny, Kit'act u'Absvnthe Jie. nlti lm*r H O U Cr K - 8" LON DON ~ rOKPlAL <;IN 'PIIIH superior srticle can always he obtained at the Win? l Vaults, No. 1M frulton s i?. t, one dour from LjuicIi street ll( ?IMSr/S CKI.EBH \TKD LONDOV BITTKHS These hitters arehitihly recoin eni'ed b> the Medical Kami ty of Kii l>" *? * rr?tnr tive for III - ?j>i*>tite, ml ca> (? own u. i't pure *'*'? rm ?e<l with w .rer, wi.e* or liquor* and c n t? ii Mined it ill the i riIIc11111 liote!a in 'lie Unili-d Stat' ? Solil wh le?a'eonlvaf Vn 114 Kultou ? e rtoor *>0111 Dutch ?t Agentt for Motion, Mm ?Me??r?. HI ik<* 8t 1"ru mt> 1111. coruei Milk >nd ?treet? Kor Providence, H. I., Mr Thorn 1H|?ne. r No. IJ W..I Water atreet. I' SJ ?Tli' above articles may he h \d in bnttl'a for fain l> 11 ?e Al.n--^()l'(l'ITOVS RITTK.fS K.SSKN K pvi PKIJMINT. "-II. MiKI.P'll \ rOIU i-;H, ALK AM HA Ml'AON K ( 11) I'. H , of ?i||>erior i|ll il 1ie? it NO. 114 nil. I ON SJ KK.K.T, nil Im'ee On* door from Dutch *tree\ ~ COFFER ~ WK9T INDIA COFKtK AND SPICK FACTORY, No. ti-l Itiirrlay ft reel, Near Oreenwirh, New York. /^lONST A NT1. Y ON HAND, anil for mile, Own, Roan ted I V anil Oround ('offi- *; Orouml Pe|i|ier, I inimmon, Alapice Uinm, ClorM, Milliard, Mare, Nntm?gv ike. (Jolfee Koaaied and Ground for Orocert, at tneihorteat notice. J C. KIN.NF.K, [?7~ (food* ?ent to any (>*ri of the city fr?e of eip?.<.*?. nil lm*tn COAL?Fe*t Pe?eh Orchard, lied Aah.Donhle Screened,froi. Ihe yard 439 Washington atreet, corner of De*bro??e< ?t, *> "boat prices, delivered free of cartage,; and weighed byacil) weightr Lirge Nat e Ii Do 9to? !> 12 . Bmkeu abt' I'" 14 * i A deduction if 2S cent* if tikca from boat*, nt the foof . Veatrv street, every Day. 024 lm*m PATRICK KKI1KI4JAN. rtOAL.?Large Nut Site f< 00 Stove $.\!2Ji, and fr. jh broker. v>and !8 per ton, of the beat Pench Orchard A ah, well irreencil. weighed OV a city waigher aud delivered free of ear' in. A reduction of ?> cent* per touif Uken from the In Mr. PfcTfcK ClelNTON. coroerrrf King lit tar* aad Or?awi?h iireeu* IERA 843. IMPORT INT TO BUSIWRM MEN DUSI^MS MKN who krrp no Hank Account i in uolca I' oil! 011*11 through tin* lliirrhf-n ami Drovera' U . k, ?ml prompt retuma made in Kn'ctwi air* Hr >?< [?' nv>n?*v, l?y thjir laavii.k' mcli uott>? wuh Mr. Ku^rl I'. PirHa, at the ua k, >o I2i Howry cor Orwd *r. Mr. lerriu't rrlVrcnc ? an* illCaah'er mill ( Oini'auy f >h> 8<lljl. nM Im" ' I>EF< >T OH UKNTLEMJCiVb KAM V I) UK. S3 ARTICLKK RKAOY MADK L1NKNS. UNDK.It (JAKM KNTS, fcr it. rPllK SobtcrilH'r Mould cull the attrminu ot'lWir [wiroua Uiil * straii|?rrs visiting this city, to their rich <uid -*t<'u?iv? u gortmMit of atorka. acarlj, erarata. Ktovra, ttiapt-udTi, |iock<?t lnudkiTciii 'li. (Ir.-?sniic no .t in, hosiery, lainha wool, merino Ik rnirr.n. Uerlm. bm-k.ikin mil other nr.di-r al.ina and dr.w tn Their assortment of theabove goo.U. and nil other aticlrs appertaining to a gentleman'* wardrobe aie rich, varied, md ritensive, aod well worthy the attention of tl?> fashionable commnuity, they w-mlil particularly recommend their new lyle ?f gentlemen's shirt*, a* conuimnir ninny improvements The shirts ?l presen'. manufactured by theiu, aia cut t? suit the form of the wearer, thereby doing away with the Uu overplus of liuen used under th* old *ystem of cutl ing. and adding uo' ouly to the comlort of the wearer, but to the beauty of the 1 form. Thil improvement wn? ao manifest lotlie Indue* of the lali fair at the Aiiieiican Inatitute, iliat the lit I piemium w a< awarded to the subscriber*; their pnti-utt'lastic Urn - n particul?rlv IMMUMdMlMill pmoni who have ac<|un<d the habit of stooping. They will be found of immetiM- benefit to peraom of aedentary habit*, by braciug the shoulder. Qiey strengthen the I irU, eipand the cheat, and w ill b- fouO'J of uu impedi meat to rtie free me of the anna They would also cillattenM f> (Mr pateut atastie Ku.nia or ridiuu b>-lt. < i"iul?m> may drp?nd on bung uiotd with the but ami most laahioua'j1* trticl?i, bv calling at the old establishment ol PARWELLS 6t AGATE, ! uti til 1 ii: *ee JIT Broadway, comer ?f INrk tdie? (JUNTLKMAN'M FIM< NISHINU SlOllli, 6* MAIDEN LANK. OVK.l* Coats, from ifi to SU Socks to 8 Frock f'lMta 10 to M : Dress ditto 'J to H 1 Pants 3 to 8 Vests 2 to 4 All trade of the bi-st materials, and cut in the modern st\ le. j Over Coats inade and trimmed Irom SB 0# to $1" 0(1 Pauta and Vests ditto 1 Jo to I 74 Peraous furiiishimr their own materials can dtpeud upon luiv ing them inade in the best manner. Shirt* made up to ord?r alter the latest and most approved French patterns. Und?-r g.irn?ent? of all descriptions constancy on band Glovea, Hosiery, Cravats, Scarfs, Suspenders Sir o2f> lm*ec W. COLLINS ON EXCHANGE AGAIN?RETURN TO THE OLD 8TAND. THF. undersigned, after a seven y?ar*'eipenence of the evil effect* resulting from large stores and larger ivuta, is happy to inform his numerous riistnniei * and the commniutv xenerally, that he has etfecieil (thanks to a conscientious I mil lord) a lens* of of hi* old stand. No. 4, (formerly 5) wall street, Mor t'tni-r Buildings, corner ol New stw, n"d for many years ca Inbrnted by (lis w?ll known SIGN OK THE GOLDEN Kl.kKl K'?a beacon to all who are in finest ol good chejip aud f&t'.ioiiahle garments. To such of hit old patrons who may have lost sight of him during hi* wanderings, he invitea their return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adherance to hi? well established fame for akill and punctuality. Of the public generally he ao icilsa call, being prepared with an assortment of fine and sea. aonahle clotha, eaisiinera, vesting*. See. Sir., which he will be happv to make up in the most faithful manner, and on reasonable charges, for ( ash Only The same car* and attention h?atowed on making and triuiuiinit, as wheu the cloth it porchas ed of hint. C. U Bahcock continues in the cuttiiig depart tnent I'llARLKS COX, o2ll Imr Hiun of the (iolden & ' le?.e# No I Wall at. GENT EMfiN'S OUTFIT TING GOODri. JOHN M. DAV1E3 & JONES, 1(16 WO.I.TAM STRFKT, CORNKR OF JOHN, HAVE rereired i>er late mivala and now have in store a full assortment of good* in ti e?r line. They feel confidant dial their atock la not equalled in thia City. and iheir goods will be told low lor cash. f'entlemen will liuu a variety olnew style of Scarfs, f'rivau, Winter (Slovea, Dressing Hobes, Pocket Handkerchiefs, fcc. Under Oarmenta of every variety, ol fcngliah.aud American manufacture, viz:? Merino Shirts and Divera I.amba Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Flannel do do J3uckakin do do Plain St Hihbetl Silk do do Ladus MerinoilSilk do do With a great variety of other styles. Silk Shirts and Dr-twera, Tlihbid and Plaiu, made to.urder at the ahoiteat notice Hosiery, Olovea, hosiieoi'era, Stocks, and every other article of outlining g' 0U1. CAPS. Our assortment coinpnsi>s every atyle now in uao for geutle| men, you'l> and children at gtvatlv reduced prices. o26 2in * m ECONOMY IN OKNTLEMEN'S DRESS. ALL, extremes are bao Fhas been truly said that poor fooda are not worth the et peine of making, and Slop m ale clothes is good cloth spoiled. Kirerienca must hav? uu'iht man" that th-re are those who lay it 011 ?o thick that imprecations not l"ud, but ideep, generally accompany the tir*t leading of the t ill Impressed with tlieae f els, the iind<-rsigned ire p..ratling a rnidd'e ( course avoiding eatrivagant profits 011 ihe oie hand, a d l?- eping the very nest articles 011 the o'her, which are wade up t. or Ji r uif'er the superintendence of as efficient cutters,an las KM* 1 peteiit wurkiriHi as Op ouna iiiiih cnumry. iiuimii.ii r?. .1? .? ? ??? -r u-r-- o?.u. Blue, Olive, Brown, and (Jreeu Cloths, for Dress and Krnik Coats WATERPROOF DOUBLE MILLED CLOTHS, BEAVERS, TWEEDS, k.v KOK OVEK COATS. ciiisiuicrm in all tint up* and varmni itvlet, fur I'aulaloom, Veslintfs in rich Velvets, Merino., Cvhmeres Dre*<ini(, S.itim, Silks, kc. With n larire assortment of K \nnv Dress Artitles. nicludiuK Scarf*, Handkerchiefs,*, Gloves, Susj peuders, 4lc. WiLLIAM T. JENN1NO.S U CO., 231 Brradway, o29 Im*ec American Hotel, opposite the Kounuin. CHEAP CASI1 TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT 304 PEARL STREET, LATE ICS BEEKMAN. THE 8ab*cnbcr. well kmnvu for umcIniinmnidq avriUl* ity of hit work, desires to inform hi* patrons and the pub* lie. that he is n?*w, to suit the economic il tendency of the tiiii"S, miking tfarineuu of ihe very bo?t uuality At a reduction of twenty per cent from former prices,anil lets, ii is believed, by twenty pe cent than garments of the tame quality are made by the cheap houses in this city. In order that gentlemen may understand whit is meant by cheapness, the following* bill of prices is submitted to their consideration. with a guarantee that the Roods shall be ol the fust rate ouality, and the tit unexceptionable. Sui?erior West of Kngland ('loth Coats $12 to 16 Pants, of black or lancy double milled caas- 'j to 7 Vests, of silk, satin, Ike 2^ to 4 Making and uunmiug in ihe best style, at the follow iug prices:? Coati ??? to B Pants and Vest* 1>? to All order* ei?euled with punctuality and(lispatch. Snp-rior Beaver Overcoat* from Si2 to $2(1 o' i lin*r JOHM MOFFAT. TO TAILORS STIN'EVlETS'S new and complete system of cutting garments of e.ery description, i* with the utmost confidence offered to the tradii, as tlx in x the most practical and useful work >f the kind ever hef iv published. 1 tie book, w hich is 12 by It; inches, contains I' eleitaut diagrams of the various kinds of garments, wim i'iaii auu m?hi? uu... Iu- .... ? mid ind id 4 style which cannot be surpassed It has already g ii> "d tin1 appmbttion of the mo*t tilented of tin- profession, irnlr annot fail giving entire satisfaction to all who uv it. The work can be forwarded to any iwrt of the United States by addressiug the author. No. 93 ? edar street, New knrk. o31 lin*m rUK PRIVATE TREATISE?'This little book itself is designed for those who reqmre a speedy and private care 'or certain infectious complaints, and in which the best and nost convenient treatment in a plain and faithfnl manner The jriceistl. Th? preseut adv-rtisement, however, is to sUte hat theanthor now published the most interesting chapter -that on the causes which render these complaints so obstiuate md lingering?iu the form of a single lett'r, which h? snpplies, ree ol e?)iense, to any oue wishing it. His reasous for doing iiis ire given ill the letter itself; and in this, also, will be seen vhy so many persons suffer ou from month to month with a omplaint which is so prone to affect the iiiiud ps well as fnuc ions of the body, and whi-h is so easily and si?edily cured Iku once its uature is explained. B it lest it should he supposed that the letter here r>ferred to rof-sses more than it really contains, the author beys io state, hat beside Ins loug experience, lie na* testimonial letters or he subject ^f his integrity aud ski" from the most em item -hyaicians m Europe to the most eminent in America, as Mil Vstley ( oo|kt t'> wr Mott. of New York, Dr Physiek ol 'hilvlelphia aud others; snil also that tT,' is permuted to rrfe> o almost every qhysician of eminence is 'he city. Ur. Ilalph would also further state, th.1.,he is consulted ot>** of this nature at his private resut No. H8 tirernv cl> street, at any hour, and those w ho li. him with the i o.itidenee, even in the most complicated ,, of disrase, wi l ie surprised at the ease sod luirkn-ss wits . hieh. in K?n?ral, hey will obuin a care. nlllin'r DOCTOli YOl'R>ELF PKIVA (ELY. Dlt (JKKOOHV may be consulted confidentially at all hours ..r il,. il* v nr vniiius. st hu private residence, II llarclav .treet, near UroaidwAV He has been very successful m th? , real men i of iho.e " half cured" cases which always p nvn< liumlihle to I'hytiCliiil of but little experience. Auotlmi tin ,?ortant considera?iim which has not been overlooked, u th ida ting of" remedies to the convenience of oatienta, who ^ur* 111V desire to obtain a run* u speedily ?uu privately as po*?>| i?\ Knowing majy K?i'l< have a desire /or information u,? mi str-j mi orfmce, e?inrci II . whe.i 'hey \re ?l infere teil, has Ur (Jr gory I itely published the f. artti edition of .nt |riTuMtwttiM I ionuiniiu|i fuift i* much improv -i ml e, Urtred mid embraces m ny subjects of iutere?t auilsym,; i , - I '11*? M n t !< row .v la id to The varioui forms ?.f bodily n<d men til weakness, inc kpHc.:? nd Mfferini, which eaix udfj (hr hmd i prii ti maladies, flit (it'll 11 y del mealed. mil the "e*t ..I aiuiiiK suniid health ; it is a work plainly and t>ricrii,-til> aiJ?|>r 4 'o tin mc of ill ihoff who may unfortunately nerd ill Iricud* ly assistance, of whatever age "r?ex. i'hat portion of the Work "eating 11 j n 111 impOlflUM WflM ew?, mil ertai.i dest.m fi Vf libit of youthful fiidsf*i:retion, from wtieiic* results "coiutiuttoual debility," Mill Imt found both useful and ill tercet lug ? <11 mm m?il i* irit?il) \* < iiImi mouiti i w huv mmvaI -r s: iimnihility h is *n "if thre iihh i uitooi* upon the iieal'h ?r constitution, sud points out not ?ulv th* means of *%r*\+. nt the rertiiiiirv of rstoration. It sli ?w? how par* iu and the ? ire deceived by the outward pb?sictl ipi earance? how he attenuation ? f the frame. i*ipitation , f ti.e heart, derangenent of 'he nervous syst in. couth, indigestion. mid a train of symptoms indicative of consumption, ?ue often ascribed to wrong causes, wheu in reali y they a'p lie consequence? of an 11 iu rill and pernicious practice, alike destructive to the mind I ?nd body. I The chapter on stricture if worthy of particular Attention, I ?nrf ??iiId he re:id by every one. The .iuth r'l method of treat ni( (Ilia complaint ia wiihoni pain. and mwm a jwwwyi up* | ouditional cm*, r<->|airiiik generally only a very ?h?irt tune in ( t? accomrltuhmeiit. Dr O will warrant to cur every c*?f liat he aiider>a<ei, and guaiaiite* the >aine to be permanent.? I'he m am wliicli lie einpioya ennhl hnn to ?bUm complete ncc.?a* in erery inttauce I'lie nric.e ol the hook aboee alluded to ii 50 cii ta. and nay be lud at any hour of the Uy or rveniuf uf J? author. at >it private tvxdeucc, II Barclay <tre?i, hat the Pu'i, ai.a alao it :fu" following aK*'iifien, which *r? drtiR floret, ?ii No. RH Wil'iim at, ne\r iNitiden liiur. No. 7'l ult* n it, cor. of I told ( No. V Ka?i Broadway, cor. o Mark?t'it. Su. 188 Sowery, coi. of SpriiiK it. No 30 K niton >t, cor. of Water it. No. Ilti DeUncy it, cor. of Suffolk it. No. 8*J Canal ?t. No. 63 Bower.- cor. of Walker st. Both corner* ol Broadway and Chamber! ?irfet. The book will b*' lent in a aeal-d envelope to thoaa who may choose Ml to order it?it will alio be lent by mail on rec* pt of one dollar, ailOxeuad to bo* J67. |B' ' LD. Prlff Two Cent*. t lly l?ltll||{rui'e. Pollo? Office ? 8ui.d.?y, N.,v Itnh.?Tm: La?t Ahkmt ok Ho,.I ? This nor>iions Moinan who | liiiN robbed thousand* in thin ? i?> by tt>>- :<i<) of her .ttcompliers, and who wm leoently bailml muli i u writ ofcertloi .u i by lawyer KutHtdl, awl her | .n tn?i Ali x ini'rr lio|ji.e, 11 Iter m ntenre to the penitentiary fornix month tvaa igain arrested on Saturday evening, w ith berk-tpi Hug and lodged iii the city prison on a cliHige ol ?i and lairrny 'I bo complainant i > Mi. William Sorrell, of Kairtivlii County, Ohio, who wua lobbed of ^>70 while in tier roimmny, in th? iiarlv part of (he evening. Sorrell met Melinda in Robinson street, near Washington, and held awoet convene with her. Slio informed him that she wna a married lady, but lining much smitten with Ihr ptrtontl appearanre oi the saiil s.n i ill, she eon Id not forbid herself the pleasure of rmiillliMiinr hltn tn ln.r liooilnir N'ntlnnir loth Vr 8 aC cumiiuuind tlio iomalo to ther house near by, where be retired to bed, slit; vi ry carefully placing his clothe* upon a chair at tlir loot oft lit* bed, 'I Ik- pair huil not remained in Ih'iI long before a knot I. w us heard at the (lour, and the leinale eveUiimed In ,i terrilied voice, "Mj tiod, therc'i my husband!" Not w ishiug to bo caught in bed with another man's spouse, our Ohiofriend jumped out of bed, dre**ed himself,and left the house.making the longeit kind ol trackN lor liis hotel. On looking in his pocket hook hediicovered all liis money was gone, consisting ol in gold nnd silver, ami a quantity ol uncurreut money worth about $!Mi. ()ur ()hio friend made application to tho w.itch, who paused the nympli Mtlliida, ne;ir the threshold ol the door ol the bouse when: the theft had been committed, and Sorrell ut once identify ing her, vhe wa* taken to the watchhoust Another pos?e tallied out, and itiseoveied Alexander I login- secreted under the vtoopofa new building a lew stu i ts iruin the bonne,and caught him 'is lie wan endeavoring to escape A Considerable portion ol the money was found secreted under tliiii sloop, and on examining the s|k?t where iMelinda was arrested, several dollar* in silver Change, such as Sorrell bad lost, Were lound a tew feet from the curbstone, where they hnd evidently been thrown by Melimla. They have at last been caught, with sutticienl evidence against them to obtain a conviction, and we Khali closely watch the movemeuts of all concerned to defeat justice being fully rendered. Coroner'* Ofllte.?Sunday, Nov. IM.~Bt'hned to Dkath.?About II o'clock on Saturday night, thecrie* of "murder!" "lire!" and "watch!" were beard issuing from a basement in the house of Isaac (J. Cox, on the corner of Washington and lloboketi streets, and when one of the watchmen arrived, lie observed flames issuing from the back basement. With assistance, the. tlames were extinguished, and it was discovered that a female was lyini on the Hour, dreadfully burned. This female was Margery ( air, a woman about tin yearn of age, who kept a stand in I Linton Market for some time past, and had been living with a man named lames Mead The woman died soon after being discovered, and as Mead and hersell led a perfect cat and dog life, quarrelling continually, som? suspi ciona of Ion 1 play with excited, but tioin tl e tixtin t,ny adduced before the < oroner, at Ins inquest, holdcn ) ester day, these were nil explaned. It np| eaten in nitit-nfo Mead came into u porter house near by, aliout 1U o'clock, and remained there till the alurm of lire was given. As the deceased win an intemperate woman, it u supposed that she was cooking and her clothes caught fire Her money was ibund in her pocket, and her gold watch hanging up. There were no marks ol violence ou her bo ly fnejury gave a verdict of death from accidental burning. Superior Court. Buforu a full Bench. Dicisiuinb.?piturdav, Nov. ltth.? H'tlhtnll and oth'n vs Jicob dicker, (late Sheriif)?The defendant asked for judgment, as in case of nonsuit. Appeal dismissed without costs. Juttph If. Corties vs. If. C. II. H'uihU/l.?This was a petition for an order to compel the defendant to pay back the sum of $4000 paid by the plaintiff ns security for the appearance ol a certain man named Bottomlcy, who had been arrested 011 a writ issued bv (. ommi?sioner Rapelje, of the U. 3. I.'istrict Court, lor smuggling goods, but who was conveniently absent. The amount was j>aid to the defendant in Deputy Marshal, and it is now claimed back on the grounds that the Commissioner no light to take bail in criminal cases, and that it was paid in error. The petition was denied. Hiuhtn 11 Towner vs Sh-ritf' Hart?The defendant pram a new trial, 011 the e: o'.iu i that the verdict of the jui \ was not according to ewdii.ii New trial granted. 'i'iiiiul/iy 11 Redmond vi John tieath.? Action ot Tretpuss, Demurrer to declaration Judgment lor the plaintiff. FAitn Sharp vs. Henrietta Miller?Motion for a judgment, as in caae of nonsuit granted with costs. Circuit Com t. Before Judge Kent. Nov. is.?John M S> i or rv *'lndi t\i- Howdi ti?THIS il an action on ? breach of covenant. The defendant became security for the due and faithful j>erfnrmnncc of neon* tract entered into between the plaintiff and certain mason*, for the completing of an unfinished wall ou the property [ of Mr t.eavitt, Brooklyn. Tho special article in the bond was, that all monies advanced hv the plaintiff lo the masons, to aid them in carrj ing oh the work, was to be refti J .] L?- tU ? J-.4 - .4ass cum llir nu*K * nut <l<ns? according to contract The sum advanced was $153, which the plaintiff demands. The defence set up is, that the work wan done in accordance with the plan given by the plaintiff The rase will be continued to-day. Cm.imhp. for Tn-f)?v.? Nos 109, 131, 126, 127, 131, 132, 133, 131, 136, 137, 138, 139, 110, 141, 112, 113, 1 11, 146, 130, 132, 133, 133, 136, 137, 138. Latest from Oregon ?We have had the picasure <>f conversjng with William Sutton, a resident, of Oregon Territory, and who left the settlement at Wallumet Fulls about the middle of May. He w<s three months in reaching the settlement on the Missouri, and was the hearer of a petition to tl e American government from the residents of Oregon Territory, asking the government to extend the laws and jurisdiction of the republic oyer that interesting territory. Mr. S. met the caravan of emigrants on the route, which has before been noticed by us, as also two smaller parties, bound for Oregon. He speaks of the settlement as prosperous? healthy?that the soil, although not equal in fertility to ours, yet producing sure crops ot wheat, barley and outs. Emigrants with moderate expectations, industrious, frugal and moral, are likely to do well. No money in circulation, but trade is by barter?no law for the collection ot debts, but debts always paid. A town is growing up at tlie fulls of W.tllainet. I>r. McLaughlin, the British commander of fort Vancouver, claims the site by right of discovery, or as having established n post there some years since. He has laid out a town, and is now selling lots, giving deeds, &c. He warus American citizens not to interfere w ith his claims. The American settlers are very much perplexed by ins interference on the south side of the river. The Wallamet furnishes nu immense water power suitable for machinery. Two grist and saw mills are by this time built at that place?one owned by Dr. McLaughlin, who, by means of his great wealth, is determined to break dow n the American owners of the other mills. The settlers are patient, expecting the United States to protect the nghta of her own citizens in her own territory. Wheat, which is the principal crop raised for sale, is worth about eighty ccnts per bushel at fort Vancouver. Thia r,,..* W ,v.irl in mniiev Imt in poods. at a low raff. Money will not pinches*- goods as low by 2ft l>rr rent. as wheat or beaver skins. Mr. Sutton is so well satisfied with the country , thai he deigns to return and spend his days there. Ii emigrants should continue to pass into Oregon for a few years is lapidiy as they have the present year, the neople will soon he able to protect themselves from tne raiiHcity of the lirif i~ti Hudson Hay and Northwtsiern I'm ("'oinpanv The settlement h is now a military romp my. well commanded.?Springficldi HI) Journal, Xov. 9. MlS.VI[ANAftEMEN'T <>l' [lt>. POST OFFICE?The itregularity of the moils ftom New Orleans, is very inconvenient. We have thi* morning, from that place, ilaU-4ot thu 4th, Oth, tfth uinl loth It often occurs that New Orleans papers rearh New York a ila) belote thty got to thi' city; lor what reason wedo not know.?Fhila. 0 l :t I'r, .V(IC. IS. On Sunday wo (i ul no Northern mail; on Monday it came through from Chirlcnion; on Tuesday from Mobile ; and yo*ter<lay from Baltimore ; to-day we may li ? :t miil fro'n N>A Vork, but the cliancw ire ngnirnt u?. Once n vieek i< as often as tie lo>tir*>ter (ieueral crra a'For. I a Bo-onor New v ork mail to the Now Orleans people.?Xrw Orl*an.i Trojin', Xov. 9. .1kksi-\ Fkiikrmkn "' knrknrrri, <vc?george IvuW'T all i Tiinill.t* ShoCIII iker, who were con\ ictcd opmi' time since in tin: Burlington, (N. J ) Oyer nail Terminer, of illegal tKhing in the river Delaware, with it gill net, were on Wednesday of the present term sentence I to pay a fine of onn hundred doiUis each, and c.oiti Tho rime two persons, together w ith Samuel Niiifeii' were ften,enced at the same tim* to nnv a One of tweaty-tivr dollars incli foi an assault anu buttery un luaiuh Toy. \ man convicte ' tor barglarx, male his taenia' 011 Saturday from thn.iail in Mount Holly, \\ .1 . an I u ii* arrested on Sunday morning at the Hod Lion Hotel, in Duck) county.? \fo,int Ih'ly Slirrur. Sui.tNi. OF M|SS|i).V?R?K* ?Rev. Mesprp. J. B. Kinney and IS. 1$. Milliard, and Mr. Thomas S. Ilanney , v. ith their whe?, and Mis* l.athrnp, tailed yettenliiy from the wharf in t'harlestown, a< missionaries to th? Burman empire. Tho former tuo gentlemen ire to he devoted to the work of teaching and preaching to the Karens- the latter to take charge of a mitnionary printing establishment. They go out under the auspice* of the \merican Board of Foreign Mi>?.oni. A prayer was ol lered on the occasion bv the Rev .Mr. Hague The Rov. Walter Ounn and lady nailed in the same ship, as miwion* ane.4 to the Tcloogoo* of southern IniUa. under the patron age of the .VUnionar} -oci'-.j w. c<?UK.-urnl ( hurch?Hnstnn *f?rr Jour .Votv 17. Si.Krt>iM>o ?W> art' informed bv a gentleman v\*11* nrriveil hrr*? ! i-r evening, from Lew is county, tli i the people f M utinabury, LowviUe, Sir 'in * the northern part of Mneiila, are l.ivorc l with capital uleitfhiii)( riif sno* when he le,i (Wednesday) ?nt < .gliteen incite# deep, and lio came on runners to within set en miles of I tica. It may seem strange when we add that there m little or no mow at Watertown, farther north, hut nearer the lake. We learn alro, that the ulei^liing v? a? nearlv in good nearly a foot in depth, and hard and frozen in Vrwukliu couuty.?Sot. 13,