Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Kasım 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Kasım 1843 Page 3
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Board of Supervisors. Trmiuv Evkmno, Nov. 31.?His Houor, the Mayor, in the chair. The minute* were read ami Approved. 1 ShniJ) Harl'i jltcvunlw.?Alderman Watihuan mo vol that the re|>ort of the committee on the Sheriffs accounts, lie taken up lor lino] action. The rejiort was read by the mover, who was chairman of the committee. The rej>ort intimated that no charge* would be allowed unless the sumo are sustained by the statute. Hih Honor, the Hkcordkh, addressed the Board in favor ol the SheiiH. He thought the conduct of the Board in no delaying the nudiUne of the bill, was not fair and j honoralile to that officer, who was suffering much loss and | hardship by such delay. It appears the bill was rendered j since the -Jlst October, exactly one year and one month ago. The Recorder olfered a resolution that the bill lie referred back to the same committee to reiwrt a compensation for the laliors of that officer which are not specifically recognized by law. An authority was quoted in which it in set down "That a public officer who is required to |ierforni a certain service, and no compensation is provided lor such service, is entitled to receive a reasonable allowance tlierelor, to be audited by the Board of Supervisors." Alderman Wooohull advocated the payment of the bill of the Sheriff, inasmuch as that officer had discharged the duties, but that for the future a distinct line should lie laid down, regulating the duties and the allowances to lie paid for said duties, us a guide for the newly elected Sheriff. The ayes and noys were taken, and the resolution to re- j fer back was carried. The Board then adjourned to meet on Thursday evening 1 at halt past six o'clock. Court of Common Picas. Before Judge Ulshoeff'er. Nov. 21.?Conklin Brut It vs. Ruhert McCtrvtin.?This was an action of assault and battery, furising out of a dis- | puted bill of freight. The defendant is the < aptain of the 1 ship Kalamazoo, (so well known as the vessel'on board ; ? uivii nil i lull * ui 1iic iiiiiui luiiiuc . II1UII1N wax Kill iii!) and on the 23d of April, 184-2, he culled to collect from the plaintiff' a bill for the freight of certain merchandize consigned to the plaintiff. Payment was refused 011 the ground that the goods were damag<xl after the arrival of the vessel in port. Some angry altercation ensued, when the plaintiff told the defendant, that he (the plaintilf) would not believe him (the defendant) in any case. That he would much sooner believe hit own carmun. In fact, giving the defendant the lie. The defendant struck the idaintitf across the face, and the plaintiff threw a hook l>ack, but without doing any damage, and he now brings this action to recover damages. The defence setup was the previous provocation by the plaintitf. The Court charged that when the plnintitrordered the defendant to quit his ottice, he was bound to go, although his being there was perfectly justifiable, it being on business. No words, however provoking or rude can justify a blow. If slander be uttered an action at law will lie, but not a right for an assault. In tuiy view of the case the plaintitf was entitled to recover damages to cover his dis. grace and for the punishment of the defendant. If the jury were satisfied tnat the latter sought the ottice of the plaintiff with malicious intent, then heavy damages should be awarded. But if on the contrary they believe it was a casual and unpremeditated collision, growing out of the words uttered by the plaintiff, then but moderate damages ought to be given. Tnerc was some slight discrepances in the evidence, hut in the opinion of the ( ourt the main charge was sustained. A sealed verdict will be returned to-day. CiUrndar for IVrdnrsilnu.?Nos. 12. 1.1. 15. 17. 10. '21. 42. 34,3d, ae. General 9e-slons. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen K.mmans and Nash. Jamks R. Whitin?, K.sq., District Attorney. Ti moav, Nov. 91.? Srnlrncr of Gtortr li'i/k*.?At the opening of the Court, CJeorge Wilks, who entered a plea of guilty two years since, to an indictment for publishing " The Flash" ns an obscene sheet, was arraigned for sentence, on motion of the District Attorney, in accordance with previous notice. Clkhx?George Wilks, what have you to say why sentence should not be passed upon you I Wilks?1 might say a great deal, but as I have had hardly time to examine the counter affidavits presented by the District Attorney, made by several printers formerly attached to the " Subterranean," charging me with writing various articles for that paper, 1 merely request a little more time for that purpose. Rfcordkr.?The Court intended to jtass sentence at the last term of the court, when affidavits were put in by yourself in justification, but the District Attorney asked for time to respond to them by counter affidavits, and the sentence was, therefore, postponed until this term. In the meantime you have presented no affidavits in reply, and we, therefore, do not feel justified in delaying judgment in the case. Wilks.?Before passing sentence I have a few words to say. Two years ago this case was called up in this rourt, and mv?elf and two others, William Snelling and <?eorge Wooldridge, indicted as the narties en (raffed in publishing "The Flash," us an obscene sheet. ^VVooldridge turned States' evidence. Snelling did not appear and liii bail was/orfeited, and 1 was the only person who appeared to answer. The case was tried and the jury disagreed, when Mr. Bradv, my counsel, said he had seen the District Attorney, an<i that as the only object of the prosecution appeared to lie to suppress the publication of the sheet, he advised me to go into court, enter a plea of guilty, withdraw from any further connexion with the paper, and further proceedings would be stayed against me. On this representation I came into court, had some conversation with your Honor and Judge Noah, and admitted the publication,which amounted to a technical plea of guilty. 1 withdrew from the paper and it was discontinued, notwithstanding that the other parties who escaped were afterwards engaged in publishing "The Whip," and other papers of a similar character. Since the recent prosecution against " The Subterranean," the subject was revived by Mr. Slamm. who presented an affidavit to thts Court, w hich I distinctly showed by the records of the Court, contained wickeil and wilful perjury. The affidavits presented by the printers, Kimber, Kraft, and Robbins, who were engaged on "The Subterranean," charging me with writing articles for that paper, contain no specific evidence imputing the authorship of any particular article charged as libellous, and. therefore, they amount to nothing in a legal sense. To counteract these statements, 1 here present to the court an affidavit made yesterday by Michael Walsh, to the following eHect :?He then read the Jtotn/I that U'ol.l. 1.1 If V--.I ...-It. -11 or nearly all the articles published in " The Subterranean" charged as libellous. The Rm'ordf.r then proceeded to deliver the sentence of the Court. He commented on the circumstances attending the case?the character of the publication?the youth of the accused, his talents, and his recent connection with " The Subterranean," and supposed authorship of various articles of a libellous character that had appeared in that paper. He commented with peculiar force ujMtn the character of a certain portion of the public press?particularly the penny press?in their personal attacks, harrowing up the feelings of families, anil innocent and unoffending persons, and stated that in all cases before this Court, parties so offending should be visited with the most severe punishment. He then sentenced Wilks to imprisonment in the city prison for one month, which lie said, he hoped would serve not only as a warning to him, but to all others who were concerned in publishing sheets of an infamous and libellous character. C<ur of Ymmt Saunderi.?The young man, Henry Saunders, formerly a clerk In the employ of Austin, Wi'lmerding & <o. auctioneers, indicted on several charges of forgery, in passing checks in the name of the firm on various banks of our city, in connexion with Kagge qnd his wife, withdrew his plea of not guilty and entered a plea of guilty to the indictment on the check for J/iOO passed on the bank of the State of New York. He remained in the box to be called by the prosecution as a witness against Hagge, w hose trial was set down for to-day. s Cote of Malinita and *1lrxantlrr Hogiit.?David (i rah am, Ksq. appeared as counsel for these notorious robbers? " touchers''or " badgerers," charged with grand larceny, in robbing Mr. Sorrell of $70, and asked a postponement of the case until Thursday morning, as he had not had time to examine it, being recently engaged as counsel.? The Court assented, and the case w as set down for trial to-morrow. In the meantime there is no doubt that an attempt will be made before some one of the Judges to re lease them on bail, which which will prevent nnv further action in the matter. Sorrell is in custody of officer Stanton as a wltnes* in the case. We Khali keep a sharp look out on every movement connected 'with this affair, anil give the individual who offers as hail and the Judge who takes it, all the notoriety that such defeat to the ends of justica will entitle them to. P(u*itit?Counterfril Money.?An elderly woman, named Kli/ahcth Saunders, known for the past twenty years as a dealer in counterfeit money, was tried on a charge of passing a counterfeit note of the < entrevillc Bank of Warwick, R.I.. on John Sheridan, of :Broome street. The lifft was proved, and the ncirntrr shown by her passing a another hill of the same description on K. Street, of 44 Broome street the same evening. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty. The Court, in passing sentence, said she had been known as a counterfeiter for twenty year*, and that her husband was just out of the State Prison, where he had been sentenced for a similar, oflence. She was then sent to the State prison for live > ears. f'ntr of l.ihrl. Tallxit Watts, print dealer, was tried for a lihel on Wm T. Long worth, son of Directory Longworth. Th? libel was written and posted on the shutter ofthedoor ofthe store, 116 Nassau street, which had been recently occupied bv l.ongworth and Watts as co-partners. It consisted ofthe following words:? I hereby post Wm. T. Longworth as a rogue, n liar, andacoward. TALBOT WATTS." Voting l.ongworth was culled upon the stand, and admitted that he confessed a judgment in favor of his father, and the property of himself and Watts was levied upon und removed under the judgment. The counsel for defence offered (o prove the truth of the lihel in every particular, but the court intimated that unless the paper was posted with good motives and justifiable ends, there would lie 110 use of proving the truth of the charges. With this understanding, the case was submitted to the jury under the charge of the court. After a short delay the jury returned a verdict of guilty, but sentence was suspended. | llnrglary. \ black fellow, named Wm. J. Cooper, was I rim inr irainwi) in iii?- imm in <11111 in# .111 Unix". iinied house belonging to Mr. Kram, and stealing liells, Himlutt fastenings. fcc., valued at *"20. found guilty an. 1 sent to Sing Sing for two years and nix months. (irttml bur.rny.?Two hoys, named (ieorge Pen n way hihI John Anderiion, were tried for grand larceny in stealing a quantity of gold and silver pencil ruses, kc., valued at VIS.H7. from John Levison, 1!W "lintham street. A jiortion of the property stolen, valued at about fc'JO, wns found in their possession and the jury therefore convicted them hi jietit larceny only. Bring under sixteen years of age lliey h eiv sent to the House of Kcluge. As they were Jeav iug the court room Pennwny cried out at the top of his v I'll make some of you nutter for this, by Christ you're all a damned set of rogues any liow." Trial <<J Unit? nnd kin wifr. Hcnfv M. Hagge and Hester i . In? wife, were arraigned for trial on an indictment for lorgery in the third degree, in passing, on the Jlst of \ugu?t, n check on the Seventh Ward Bank for $:VKK>, purporting to have been drawn by Austen, Wilmerding fc. ('(>. Jotix W. Edmowds, K??|. appeared as an associate with the District Attorney in the trial of the cause, and Ijaviu Graham and Wm. M. Pni< , K?q?. for defence. After the rejection of several ot the jurors who had expressed an opinion relative to the parties, a jury was sworn, and the case w ill he continued this morning." ForfriUd lUrngnizniD-rn.?The following named persons not answering to their names their recognizances were declared foffeited: James T. Roger*, for an assault and battery on John Thompson, of trl Wall street, 011 the IPth of August, hailed by Levi I). Nlamm. Morris Levy, for grand larceny in stealing '200 muskrat skins' from Valentine Hittner, hailed by Joseph l.evyThe ' ourt then adiouriiM till this morning at 11 o'clock when the case of Itagge will he continued. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. fCorrosjionclenco of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Nov. 21, 1H43. Almost a Row?Moyamensing Bank?Election of Direct art?H 'ettem Bonk?Mechanics' Bank? "Mill Ponds" from Florence's Saloon?Kln/? nmit ? Theatres?l>eath of F. II Ilasslcr?Military Parade?Firemen discharged? Weather. James (I ok don Bennett, Esq.? Dear ^in:? Some trouble had like to have occurred at the Moyanieiuting Hank yesterday, growing out of the selection of judges to superintend the election of Directors, which under their charter annually takes place on the third Monday in November, at this, j and'nearly all the banking institutions of this city. | The Directors of the Mnyatnensing Bank, agreeably to the provisions of the law, on the 15th inst. se-: lected Col. James Page, Charles Ilizer and Peter Cullen, as judges of the election to be held on the ' succeeding Monday, the charter requiring them (the judges) to be selected at least five days before ' any election. On Saturday evening, however, a soecial meefinc was held- lVlesniM I'm so If displaced, and two other persons substituted in their stead. The gentlemen first selected at once obtained an injunction against this unlawful and high-handed proceeding issued by the Judges of tlie Supreme Court against the directors of the bank, the result of which was that the Judges originally chosen proceeded to the |>erformanee of their duties without further interrupation. Tlie belligerent position assumed by those in power seemed at one time to require the interference of the police, and I believe that officers were actually in attendance during the progress of the election to i prevent a breach of the peace; quiet, however, was maintained, and the election resulted in the selection of the following named gentlemen, by an overwhelming majority, as Directors for the ensuing year:? George Follin, A. W. Thompson, John Mc Allister, A. Stevenson, S. R. Simmons, Frederick Klett, John Hipku, Frederick Stoever, Gideon O. Wescott, J. S. Woodward, Churchill Houston, 1'. A. Kejscr, John ltitchie. It is thought, from the character of the gentlemen selected with so much unanimity, the bank will soon be placed in a prosperous and healthy condition. At the Western liank there was also an exciting time, the number of votes polled being nearly one thousand, which is considered large; for since the reform law, nassed by our Legislature at a reeent session, has been in existence, the proxy voting is entirely annulled. The opposition at this bank was principally directed against three gentlemen, who are regarded with us as most estimable men, and honest guardians of their trust, having been, during the difficulties through which the community have passed for several years, the main stay of the institution, and by whose advice the j reputation of the bank has been so honorably and successfully maintained, and the interest of the stockholders so well guarded. 1 allude to Joseph Yeager, than whom there is not a more honest inanjn our community; to Robert Allen and Lewis Al. Troutman, men known here as favorably an any in the whole range of mercantile ]>eople, anil all of them successful and steady advocates of bank reform. I congratulate these gentlemen upon ihe victory gained, and the stockholders ut having succeeded against a formidable opposition in maintaining their consistency, for gratitude, at least, to one faithful public servant, Joseph Yeager. Esq., who at great disadvantage to himself unci sacrifice of time has consented to take a seat at the board.? The following are the directors elected:? Joseph Patterson, John Wright, William Cnmm, William A. Blanchunl, William A. Everly, John Cooper, JohnR. Worrell, Lewis Ryan, James Twaddell, Lewis M. Troutman, Morris Patterson, Joseph Yeager and Robt. Allen. The highest vote polled for any of the above was I 999, and the lowest 593. I have also understood there was opposition at the Mechanics' Hank and some others, but not being able to obtain particulars, I pass them over for future notice, should occasion require it. ] am glad to acknowledge the satisfaction I yesterday experienced by participating, through the agency of that enterprising caterer " Florence of Hroadwuy and Park Place," whose magnificent establishment is the wonder and admiration "of all who visit New York. The gist of the matter is, that direct by Adams <te Co.'s Express Line there came an invoice of the most magnificent " Mill Ponds," that ever epicure swallowed, consigned to his friend and namesake of this city; "the Colonel" invited your humble correspondent to test their quality with him, and hence tliis reference io the finest, tile largest, and the best flavored "Mill Pond Oysters," it has been my fortunate lot ever to taste in an experience of many years. I commend you to " Florence, the Napoleon of his art," and him to the patronage of every lover of good things in your great empire city. There is some gossip about town in relation to an elopement in high life, said to have taken pjace on Saturday evening; (he female very beautiful, the mother of four children, with all the other attending circumstances that make such an event melancholy and interesting. It is said she left in the M ail Pilot Line for vonr rilv 1 u-ill irivr> vnn I full particulars, if I can obtain them, in a future number. The National was full again last evening, to see Sillsbee, the Yankee delineator, and Conner, Oxley and Weymess, in the never ending "Mysteries of Paris," which has hud a most excellent run, and still continues attractive. The Italian Opera troupe played "II Puritane" to a better house last night than any since they commenced. I think it probable they will meet with more success. Our citizens lose a treat by neglecting to hear these excellent nrtintrs. F. R. llasler, Esq., the Chief Engineer of the U. S. Coast Survey, died last evening at Sanderson's Franklin llouae. He was an experienced and scientific man, who has devoted himself during a long life, to his favorite pursuit. His loss will be seriously felt, and his death much regretted by the scientific world. He had attained the very advanced age of nearly eighty years. Captain Cadwallader's Artilery Corps of Philadelohia OraVs. hud amithiT imriifle nnrl drilled with field pieces over the Schuylkill. The manauvres were excellently executed, and the precision of the firing was tne subject of general remnrk. There was some two or three thousand people col|eeted to witness the display, which was imposing in the extreme. The State Artillery Corps, Cantain llunn, also paraded, and presented a neat ana soldicr-like appearance. The Mayor, yesterday, discharged from custody two young men named James Crow and George Lisle, who were charged with participating in the recent disturbances among the firemen. There was not evidence sufficient to warrant a binding over. After a ruin, continued during the night and to 3 o'clock to-day, it has cleared off, and we will have in all probability a pleasant evening. Yours, tec. Hales of Stock* at Philadelphia. First Riurp, Nov. 31.?ft shares lr.S. Bank, ftj; 87 do (Jiranl Bank, 9; $2000 ( hesnpeake and Del. lK>nds, I8ftrt, J!?}; 3:16 share* Wilmington RR, 18}; 11,1 do do 18j; 100 do do sftf IHl; 10 Manufacturer*' nnd Mechanics' Dunk 2*2}; iiO do Wilmington UH t>ftf IhJ; 2ft0 do do I8J; $&">00 Wilmington It H ti's, 1958, 87; 3022 State ft'*, 70}; 126 slu U S Bank, ftj; 12,2ft0 State ft'*, 70A; 2000 Tennessee Bonds, 1st July, 88j; 2000 do do SHJl; 1000 Reading Railroad, I860, 79; ft nils Pennsylvania Bank, 226J; 840 State fi's, 184.1, 7ft; $11,000 Reading UH Bond*. 80; 1 share Mechanics' Hank, !!>}, .'<0 do VicWslmrg, ft; $2000 Chesapeake and Delaware, 1846, to. Sr.eo*n Roirh, Nov,'20.?$1200 Schuylkill Navigation Vs, 18.'i6, 82; 7ft sh* U. S. Bank, ; 4ft do (Jirard Bank, 8; 2ft do Viekshurg Bank I); $1000 rhespeake and Delaware law. .19}; $1000 KenHfng Railroad Itonds, 18A0, 74; $1900 l.ehigli Mortgage Loan, cash, Oft; $7000 State ft'*, in thousands, 09}. LATBIT ROtTHRRN SHIP NEWS Pnn.jinKi riin, Not 21?Arr Biemen, ( Brum) Roper, Bremen; Sun, llyder, anil Lodi, llaitrr. Boston; Oeii Warren, Welsh. (law 0*1?) Sierra Leone?lost iliirinx the Toyage, cai?rain c?"k inrt one i)f the crew; Florence, Randall, Bith; Wm \oung, Adams; John Clark, Collins, and J & W Krrickson, Smith, N York; Andrew Brown, Da*ey, ai d New Jersey^ Bell, Albany; Adams, Nic' erson, Provid*ne?. C"!d Pontiac, Parker, Charleston; Howena, Wilson, LaUuayra. Bai.TiMonr., Not ?0?Arr Henry, MeaserTey, Salem; Pacific. | Siniih, Newport; Cottage, Kempton, Banco?; Widow Wadnan, Kilhuru, Bticksporl; Klit* Ann, Thoinas, N York Be . low, Hermann, Allyn St Ubcs. (ivoHurrowN, DC. No? Arr Mary p ranees, N York, Hichmohi), Not W?Arr Acroe, (Dan) NYork; Letitia, and | S Kockhill, do. Mid Black llawk, NBniford; Wry month, and Leontine, N York. Nonroi.*, Not IB?Cld Litchficld, Denson, Anlicna; Boidirouia, Konntain, W India*. Foreign Porta. SirHaa Ls.onh, about Oct 4? In iH>tt, l.eander, ftom Salem, unc. in charge of the mate, the captain haTinK been lost on one of the Afriaan Bars. o^this is \ <;it \nd family HOLIDA1 at tin- \mericnn Museum ; interi-sting performance* Inking 1 nlneeat :i o'clock, P. M, consisting of the Mechanical ! Kiguri's, which arr always sure to please ail, e*ucciall\ I lho juveniles ; experiment* in Animal Magnetism. I.v I Dr. Julius,m, F.tliiopian h>tiavairun/ns ?... I Wcatern, together with other entertainment*. There I will, of conrw, be n full house. In the RTcntaig, the same entertainment will hi- i*iven, except th?- Mines Mhaw ni.|M-?r instead of Tr. Johnson with his inermenmi. (07- KOllTUNK TKtXINli IS ALL THK IIA UK AT Pealf'? M'uetim. Madam Adnlph is unveiling the future. to her nu meron* visiter* at nil hour* of the day and nvrnini 1 ind in conjunction with the splendid entertainment* bv ' Ureat Western, .1. U. fiooth, and other*,.3drawing crowd* of delighted visiter*. The place in gaining in popular favor ! every clay, and bid* fair to liecome, a* it wa* in day? of yor?\ the popular rc*ort of the guy nnd failiionahle of our city. (In- NKW KUA IN f OLOUNK WAT1R.-A be??. tifuYarticle can be had at 'JI Courtlandt street retail and wholesale, cheaper than ever before ottered in this market. ! splendid large quart hock bottle* at Ml c ent# is mi exam- . pie. COMSTOCK Ac CO.*8 CoHCtfSTRATFD CoWPOtN'D Fl-l'ID ElTRACT OF SAK SAPARILLA, FOR THK CURF OF Scrofula, Mercurial and Syphiloid Di?< 'hronic Rheumatism, case*, General Debility, Oilei, from an impure habit Cutaneous Diseases), lof liody, Scolv Eruptions of the Ucerations of the Throat and Skin, Tetter., Pimples or Pustule* on the I'nins and Swelling of the Kace, Bones, Liver Affection*, And all Diseases arising from an impure state of the Blood, Exposures and Imprudence* in Life, Excessive Use of Mercury, tic. The great popularity of Hari>a|>arilla, and its established efficacy, render it superfluous to enter into any encomium of its virtues, or Adduce any evidence in its favor. This article is warranted by Messrs Com stock it Co. as good as any other sold at $1, or any price, at the low price of ,"i0 cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen, and in as large bottles. It con be found true only at 21 ( ortlandt street, and No. J North Fifth street, Philadelphia. &7- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS, fortlie permanent cure of Oonorrluea, Gleet, Fluor alhus, and all inocopumlent discharges from the u n't lira. These pills are warrant<il to lie a safe, radical, and speedy remedy for the aliove complaints. They are to Ik; had genuine only attheottice and consulting rooms of the College lot Medicine and Pharmacy, 07 Nassau street. W. 8. IUC HA HI) BON, Agent. (XT- JOSEPH W. HOXIE, ESQ., WHO WAS BENT neirlv double with Rheumatism, was enabled, after wearing one of Sherman's Poor .Man's Plasters twelve hours, to get up iiud dies* himself. In two days he was perfectly well. It is a sovereign remedy for pains or weakness in the hack, loins, side, b re ait, neck and limbs, and is acknowledged to be the best strengthening plaster in the world. So great has its reputation become, that i one million a year will not supply the demand. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street.?Agents, 110 Broadway; 10 Astor House: 2127 Hudson street; 1H8 Bowery; 77 Kast Broadway; Htt William street; ISO Fillton street, Brooklyn, and :i Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. 1 ft?- NERVE AND BONK LINIMENT AND INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR.?The combination or a local application with an internal specific, works like a I charm in cases of rheumatism, gout, contracted muscle and paralysis. Messrs. Comstock 8c Co., '21 Courtlandt street, have in their )>osiiession a certificate from Ethan ('. Corning, a respectable citizen of Quebec, stating that after having been a bed ridden cripple for upwards of 14 I years, he was enabled to rise and walk, by applying the Liniment to his shrunken limbs, and taking the Elixir in ' conformity with the directions. The cure appears to border on the miraculous, but the attestations cannot be questioned. In cases of gout and contraction of the muscles and ligaments, the Liniment and Elixir have been equally beneficial.?X. Y. Erprrsi. And can be had at No. 'J North Fifth street, Philadelphia. {^CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?'The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy ofthe city of New York is now confidently rci commended and prc'scrilied by the first medical practitioners of the city, for all cases ol debility produced cither by secret indulgence or excess of any kind detrimental to the constitution. It is an invaluable remedy for imjiotence, sterility, orbarreness (unlessdepending on malformation) and will be found highly beneficial in all complaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitution. Sold in single liottles $1 eaclf; in caRcs of half a dozen $.1; caiefullv packed and sent to all parts of the I'nion. Office"and Consulting Rooms of the College, 07 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. (&7- CONNEL8' MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, from 21 Courtlandt street, is the most sovereign remedy for burns, senilis, bruise*, inflammation, swellings, olil obstinate sores, sore eyes, and all outward applieations ever discovered. It bos performed cures when the whole medical faculty could not, and wc can refer to living witnesses in this city ; and, to fully convince the sceptical that there is no humbug about tbiR article, they will pay back the money, if no benefit is received by its use. To be found only at -21 Courtland street,and No. 2 North Fifth street, Philadelphia. ft?- lUCORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTUtiE. for the radical cure of primary or secondary syphilli*. This powerful alterative is guaranteed to remove every trace of venereal poison from the system, by strengthening the constitution and purifying the blood. All persons suspecting a venereal taint remaining in their system, should use this mixture without delay. Sold in single I>ottles, $1 each ; incases containing half a dozen, $!>, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and ConsultingfRooms 0f the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. (&- THE CHINESE HAIR ERADICATOR WILLremove all superfluous hair from any part of the body, face, neck, or hands, and that too leaving the skin actuallv smoother than before, and it has no tendency to injure the health, hut is warranted harmless and soothing. There are various counterfeits of this magic article, that contain arsenic or some such deadly poison, and the public should see that they get it genuine only at 21 Courtlandt street, and No. 2 North Fifth street, Philadelphia. Or7~ LOOK OUT OR VOIT ARK CHEATED.?Wff have soon a base counterfeit at several drug stores in this citv, (as well as imitations under various names) of Dr. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OK LIVERWORT, for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Liver Complaint, Sic.. 8tc. The only genuine Balsam of Liverwort is prepared at this original office, 37fi Bowery, (where it has been made for the last ten v cars.) Since the public have been made acquainted with the pood qualities of the penuine article, worthless imitations have started up in preat quantities, under various names, such as Syrups, Balms, Balsams, Pnnaceas, &c. Reader, if you are'afflicted with a cough, or cold, or any disease proceeding from them, do not be persuaded into buying anything but the genuine Taylor's Balsam of Liverw'ort. Depend upon it. nothing else can cure you. None is genuine unless it lias the signature of Dr. Ourdon J. Leeds attached to the outside wrapper. It is for snle as above, anil also by O. J. Leeds, wholesale druggist, 128 Maiden lane. Oive it a trial?a bottle can be had for $1. fir?-PRIVATE DISEASES;A CURE GUARANTEED. ?The College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established for the'suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and oiler to all those afflicted with these distressing maledies advantages not to lie met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. Erom the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements, between the members of the College and the most eminent professor* of the medical institutions of Europe, nil improvements in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. With such celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill of the first medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied (hat the Rood work they have undertaken, "the suppression of quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves from that po'rtion of the public requiring their service*. Terms?for ad viae and medicine $.V Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, !*7 Nnssau Street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?Patient* living at a distance, by stating their diseases explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full directions for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addrcusing the agent of the college, post paid, enclosing f>!i. Money Market. Tuesday, Nov. ai.?OP. M. Stocks are still going up. The sales are at a farther ad? ranee; I,ong Island improved .1} per cent; Paterson, 1J ditto ; Harlem, i ditto ; Canton, } ditto ; Mohawk, i ditto; Ohio H's, 1864, | ; Indiana, 1 ; Paterson, The movements are still tending towards a further rise, an(i the heiglith stocks will reach before the bubble bursts, no one can tell. The damp disagreeable weather of to-day seems to have had a very unfavorable effect on Long Island. At the Second Board it fell 'i per cent. This stock has advanced too rapidly to be sustained. The steam lias been generated too fust, and we look for a collapse before many days. The hardest must fend off. Rates of Kxchange Tuesday, Nov. 74d?corrected by Wm. & Jno. O'Brien, No. 16 Wall street. n*rrs or Domkstic Rii.i.s i* Nkw Yokk. Bostnn. nor s V dis A imUrliiroln. IV dii Philadelphia " " Mobile, 8'^ " Baltimore, " X " Montgomery #>* 8* " Virginia, K ll? " Tnscloosa, 8U ?\ " N Carolina, IV 1* " N. "rbans, >? Charleston ,V{ " Nashville, 2 2^ tlis Savannah, V 1 " Louisville, I'? 111 " Aiiiiikh, ? i " St Louts, Ik J'j '* nofiimhni, l?i IJi " Cincinnati. IH 'X ' Macon, i\ 2 " U. 8. Bk Note., 35a38 " Union, Klor. 7J 7* " Treasury Nofi'i. *. I- k T?t, 7* M " new cmijsion, J*?l prwn. Mobile (specie) >?a X prem. The advices received by the steamship Caledonia arc on the whole favorable. Money in London ii very abundant, and considerable speculntion* van going on in stocks, which were advancing. The reports on the state of the Cotton Market arc quite as encouraging a* anticipated. A decline of }d had taken place. The voles wen' not so large aa usual. The manufacturing districts continue in a very active state. The demand for j fabrics has slightly decreased, but the manufacturers refused to make the least variation from the current rates that hail ruled for the mouth prior to the latest dates from that section. The Knglish paper* have again commenced discussing the question of repudiation liy the States of this Union. Many of them give at length the remarks of Mr. Webster, at Rochester, on this subject, unci express great confidence in a favorable termination of the increased agitation of the question in this country The Hev. Sydney Smith is again out in the London Chronicle iu regard to the debt of the American States lie Inn abandoned the last ray of hope, that Pennsylvania will ever pay the tirst farthing of her debt, and n? he it particularly interested in that State he uses many severe remarks iu his letter. The Hevcrend gentleman thinks, I is there is no prospect of pa v. soft words arc thrown 1 ,i?ay, ami launches into the " Drab colored men" of Pcnn- I .ylvania with a vengeance. American "looks were quite Arm in the l,ondon market. The demand lor investment was not very e.xteniiive, nei- j ther was a large amount offered for sale. The following quotations were current on the 3d inst. : ? Vlahama ft's, Dollar, ; Sterling 7A. Illinois ?'*, Dollar, .13 to 3A. Louisiana Bank of Ixmiiiana Rl percent lor both aerie* . W ottered for lirst ?erie?, but none for 'ale j Union Bank AO to frJ for the four aeries 7o per cent for those of 1844 , Consolidated Association, M to .v.. Mas. achusetts, par, none for hale Maryland .iR to Ml, with intmeM from 1st July last. Ml?u*uppi Tlantera' Bond*, j J 50 per cmt ha* been paid } Sterling 5'*, 4A. New York, I tt?seller*. Ohio, m? to 00. Pennsylvania, BO?it-llem. Virginia, HX?buyer*. Kentucky, tW to 91. Tenneaaee, H8 e\ ill v.?sellers. New Vork City, 91 to M, e\ dividend. United State* Hank share*, lfls; ditto debenture*, (Denison'*,) 60; Rothschild's, 10 |>er cent. [ At>out pil .000 in specie arrived at New Orlean* on the I 11th iiut. The account* from Mississippi *0 far a* heard from, i slate that the Anti-Bond paying ticket had succeeded. This will he very satisfactory to the Rev. Sydney Smith. The quantity of domestic* exported from Boston for the week ending the lHth inst. wu* to the Kast Indies J00 bales, Centrnl America 03 do, South Pacific 60?Total 3.'>3 bales. ! The amount received for tolls on all the ( anal* of thi* State during the second week in November, in $91,693,10. The amount received from the commencement ofnavigit jion to the third week in November, i* $'J,016,17tt being within $19,000 of the entire receipts of 1841. Holders of Bridgc|>ort City Bonds issued on account of tho llousatonic Railroad, have taken out execution*, which the sherill'has ierve<l on the property of private individuals in that city. Oreat excitement was created by the act, and a public meeting was held by the citizens to ailopt the necessary measures to prevent the sacrifice of their property. Condition of thk Dinks ok thi: Static ok Nkw Vofk on Tilt Morning ok the must Monii4y ok Nku vhmi, 1143. Karnes of Loans and s - Circu- [legist',I DtpotiHanks. discounts. 1" " lotion, circl'n. tor.*. I Bk 30,117 1,877 ? 27.991 I 320 Albauy City Ilk 846,425 21 576 25,129 108,991 233A54 t\lb KXC. Ilk 253,137 6,970 ? 611,971 111,101 tAm.Rie.Bk 1,624,866 172,637 ? 175,276 KM,641 At'autic Uk 720,098 21,487 26,090 128 659 210,902 Ballaton Sl>a Bk 59,078 2,925 ? 53,760 33 300 Bank of Albauy 280,604 42,735 76,081 34,550 148,340 tBankn! Albion 14,835 4,475 ? 40,000 27 853 Bk of America 3,12)1,653 965 502 243,421 55,000 1.684.??5 tBkofAltlCd 39,617 3.066 ? 20.002 14 603 Bk of Auburn 291,105 16,695 97,943 100,777 59 57ft t Bk of Brockport? 28,953 999 ? 24,812 18,118 tBank of I Vutral New York 105,997 2,8?2 ? 70,317 36,854 Bk of Chauango 186 289 11,458 45,934 110,802 IJ 227 t Bk of Com. 2,216,148 1,047,091 ? 249,360 1,968.055 IBk of ( ominc 64,24 1 2,842 ? 51,725 7 172 fBk of UansriUr 4l,:i86 4,043 ? 71,644 25 451 Bk of Ckueaec 178,327 6,0i2 19,930 125,586 31,614 Bk of 44euava 622,981 21,205 135,436 160 581 81 572 Bk Ot Jlhxca 223,282 1,769 29.179 116,447 13.896 Bk of Kioderhook 61,993 4.061 ? j'i,546 2 3 941 Ilk of L'burji 223.596 10,982 23,321 75,376 38AI8 tBk of Low villi* 85,i'2 1 631 ? 48,790 27 720 Bk of Monroe 390,492 9.515 134,203 113,457 551305 Bk of burgh 177,029 11.028 35,760 59,834 87,4'M Bkoi'NYurU 1,279,116 1,336,791 238 075 227,385 2 218 188 Bk of Orange ( o. 213,487 12,110 95,368 50,812 35]?5I Ilk of Orleaus, 304.776 17,794 95.643 93 379 10.278 Bio Owegn 200,113 14,641 58,601 49,274 17,103 Hk of P'keepsie 190,066 18,107 31,899 84,394 63 869 BW of Booheiter 354.906 8 750 32,329 118,065 CJ 711 Ilk of Home 169,883 5 508 13 426 91,704 24 131 Bk of Salina 2''9,610 7,521 65,356 57.240 22 251 Luk . 88 i97 U-7JS ~ 76,663 25 938 Bk of the State ol New Vork 2,721,199 1,037,626 4 8 308 254,038 1,726 796 tBk of Syracuse 232.777 3,470 ? 140,211 62 967 Kko'Tror 662.023 16,588 43,834 95,226 74 893 PkofUtica 413,159 26,921 23,291 93 569 65 , 73 Branch of do at CanaiiiUiuua 230.666 10,725 50,050 100,684 17 815 tjjkof Vernon 43,833 4,819 ? 63 628 9,506 t Bk of Walertown 49 705 5.129 ? 52 995 30 75 tBk of Waterville 41.702 4,547 - 74 535 13 6 9 Bk ?if Whitehall 159,691 5 96 1 35,9?9 83 5H 34.267 tBk of Whlteat'n 73,701 2,105 ? 58 152 22 853 Brooklyn Bh 103,514 2,192 9,517 20 015 29 872 Broo"<eCo. Bk 128,946 7,712 4 9,658 46,147 17,013 Butcher's and Drovers'Bank 897.499 136,611 I7S 648 49,375 584,320 ('anal Bk.Albany 398,112 27,716 9,712 56,081 62,722 tCannl Bk, L'port 118 056 10,498 ? 122,374 61 847 t'stskill Bk 110,325 5,871 24,555 52,227 64,181 < ayuea (.1). Bk 330,527 H.655 124,6 8 94,507 83 895 . r n il < hantaiKiur'Co. 161,914 8 701 63,176 84,207 10.402 Chemical Manufacturiug Co. 906,020 94,081 214,709 76.894 642,187 Ch mutlfc ('??. Bk 223,677 11,228 83,792 109.417 29 479 City Bk 1,076,634 891,419 41,964 168 727 8119 944 Clint- n Bk 34,069 ? ? 3,415 4,908 Commercial Bank of Albany 307,400 II,*01 44,227 54,190 231.496 tCommercial Bk of Rochester 177,127 4,349 ? 122,048 42,644 tComm Tcial Bk ofT.-oy 108,283 1,402 ? 47,188 22,049 tDelaware Ilk 96,318 2,967 ? 7 3 767 33,601 Dutchess Co. Bk 278,474 6,396 19,111 60,402 43,280 F.ssi-t Co. B? 191,927 4,144 43,414 86,869 22,284 tExchange Bk of Urmiee 26,877 1,489 ? 38,661 5,331 tFarmers' Bk of Amsterdam 31,560 1,360 ? 32,738 10,639 t Firmer*' Bk of Oenera 1,396 16 ? 39,913 1,318 tFarmer* Bk ol Hudson 103,132 4,061 ? 15.0:6 4 2,913 t farmers' Bk of Malone 9,250 1,740 ? 19,224 ? t Farmer*' B of Orange Co. 2.64 2 275 ? 10 020 ? F?rm?r?'Bk. Troy S43.U7 14,367 44,011 103,267 103,879 barmen * Manufacturers'Bk 361,744 24,563 71,603 140,409 69,149 tpartners St Meci Bk of Gem see 10,134 1,228 ? 27,696 9,334 tl>arm?rs' & Mec ? Bk, Rochester 11,120 11,781 ? 133,14 4 634 t r armer*' & Dro^ 64.999 6,261 ? 40,433 21,676 I'lin mm u* az.aM 2,498 ? 64,249 8,100 Fnltnii Bk. 671,612 567.699 257,007 ? 755.410 tCo BU, 53 370 1,2% ? 46,404 11,088 (rmuiwieh Bk, 202,,'?6I 19,246 18,601 45,757 112,903 H?ikimer4'o. BU, MS.966 9,769 3V?ll 96.970 19,462 Highland Bit, 300,621 12,112 39,926 130,132 49,894 1 Howard Trunt & Bk* Co., 91,364 2,698 ? 16,780 131,076 Hudson River Bk, 200 161 7,871 50,727 103,662 16,972 tJamiM Bk, 14,011 ? ? 32,310 ? leflrmon Co. Bk, 290,711 13,675 90,713 184.148 51,745 KiiiK<ton Bk, 214,G20 9,177 11.992 63,418 27,408 Leather Mill'. Bk, 1,001,381 128,737 '18,091 161,343 603.8118 Lewi* Co Bk, 114.366 6.881 20,720 51,731 12.639 I.iTitiK?tnii Co. Bk, 218,7i8 6,774 95,933 53,747 41,833 tLockport Bank Si Tru*t Co . 216,543 12,819 ? 85.742 24,021 Lone IiUikI Ilk, 617,884 38,809 69,004 98,212 343,812 Madiffoil Co. Bk, 162.682 6.9S9 33.067 110 989 23,191 Manhattan Co , 1,1102,326 575,760 78,567 ? 1,065,618 t Manufacturer*' Bank, 23.ICO 4,320 ? 25,663 56 500 Mechanic* Bk, 2,171,092 649,963 108,373 229,947 1,427,716 t Mechanic*' Bkg Auociation, 451,891 69,008 ? 188,865 317,962 Mechanic*' anil Kirmm' Bk, 417,049 42,484 42,169 81,427 363,466 Mechanic* and Trader*' Bk, 411,929 62.067 98,997 28,000 303,733 MprcnanU Bk, 3,019,938 1,478,703 226,721 103,100 1,836,137 Merchant*' Kxchance Bk, 1,553.297 91,024 32,792 121.151 555,395 tMerehu' V. Farineri' Bk Ithaca, 37.642 1,167 ? 42,849 #,130 tMercht.' 81 Kar bti' Bk of Put* nam Co . 25,261 2,061 ? 29,997 ? Mt-rcli nit*' 4c Merhanjc'Bk. 367,421 11,603 12,054 64,421 73,506 tMlddletOwn Bk, 44.457 1,719 ? 60,162 11,774 Mohawk Bk, 219,731 6,917 10,19) 29,972 74,764 TMoiiawk Velley . Bk, 37,798 2,013 ? 45,881 13,492 Montgomery Co. m n. 127,912 7,081 10,530 65,997 6,626 N ?U*D?Kbock 227,907 41,189 207,177 692,366 j ?:<a 393,012 9,246 32,569 11,712 29,228 j ?Ki. ir,7'ni< 23.484 39,578 56,173 138,055 1 IK- X- 8t0^&Bk . .JJS9 1552 - i.vjo i IN Hirer Bk 1,187,821 84,921 ? 215.6'5 731,654 ORdmthiirRli Bk, 59,09. 4,672 22,893 93,997 21,310 Oat'liU Bk, 443,469 17,050 31,992 187,794 124,109 Ulloodlg.lCo. Bk, 308,625 8,700 26.906 116,057 22,591 Ontario Bk, 121,300 7,609 13,825 30,050 26,712 Orttrio Branch ?Bk' ? 207,460 4,406 7,185 J9.88I 25,290 OUwU Bk, 219,556 10,254 26,709 99,399 20,551 Ih.miBk, 1,299,555 418,271 76,861 312,919 803.610 !n "* Bkl M !,,n 3Rr7 ~ 7?.77S 7,458 tPowell Bk, 69,866 5,821 ? 60,5*0 38.851 tPritUTill* Bk. 47,170 8,4117 ? 40,19 1 21,041 Kochwter City Bk, 415,021 11,013 91,220 175,441 96,755 Harked s llarhor u Bk' ? ... 10.368 54,190 126,305 6,328 Saratoga Co. Bk, 133,129 13,374 18,179 53,481 28,142 Schenectady Bk, 226.077 13,429 ? 54,207 66.605 Seneca Co. Bk. 158,288 6.935 21,616 118,414 31,286 N'veiitli Ward Bk, 717,635 101,757 52,807 133,302 380,098 Stoben Co. Bk, 229,677 6.377 34,889 101,170 29,795 Uiinm Bk. 118,722 5,358 34,831 68,807 48,873 Tompkins Co Bk, 321,408 9,093 32,817 114,581 54,352 1 rdiH.coeujBk, 859,918 97,579 38,630 108,960 53*t, 144 I ray City Bk, 499.199 10,016 43,523 76.498 82,376 ' liter ?.o. Bk, 146,970 6,661 18,982 45,523 t> 156 Ivi!"'1. ' *691.110 409,432 189,447 ' 265,176 1,291,265 T V\ aaliniKtoii Co. ???k' 45.373 4,183 ? 59,637 8,145 Wfiicheilei Co. v'!kV ... 234,117 7,272 26,709 115.760 40,117 Yates Co. Bk, 182,978 7,149 24,049 91,953 23.657 t Free bank* 63287 , 30 5227.930 11985,171 27387,100 Below we give u table of the loam of the Banki ofthia city to their director* and to the brokers IjnanM In f Director*. Rrokrrt. American Exchange 49,656 . . . 7?3,07?i Bank of America, H4.74A ... ? Bank of Commerce, 168.209 . . . 626,101 Do. New York 124,460 ... ? Do. the State of N. V.. . .276,627 ... ? Butchers' & Drovers', 160, BS8 ... I0.SI4 Chemical,. IS.'.'OO ... ? City 113,075 ... ? Kufton 202,391 . . . Greenwich 53,133 . . . 21,000 Dent her Manufacturers' 116,020 ... 918,917 Manhattan 143,363 . . . 47,979 Mechanics' 79.f*M . . . 62,660 1 Mechanic*' Banking A*sociat'n, 20,074 . . . 19,667 Merchants' 16,100 . . . 60l,67.> Merchants' Kxchangc 204,731 ... ? 1 National 66,77? . . . 913,666 Drv Dock 23,760 ... ? llicnix 169,626 . . . 253,537 Seventh Ward 54,646 . . . 66,000 Tradesmen's 45,466 . . . 5,260 I Union 233,866 . . . 564,107 $2,104,465 $3,496,562 'lliis description of loans amounts to $6,901,007, more half of w hich is loane<l for the purpose of specula- , tions in stocks. The Banks have gone as deep into this ' specie* of business as the Brokers, and devote a larger ' iimonunt to that employment than to anv other, and much larger than designntod in their returns. Si*tr. oriHt K.icruwor Ba^r or I'ittubcro, I'm* , ir ' < LrniNfi its ItBinrHn, 01* tiir. Iih i*jt. ('apiul. $fl9,330 l,o?n? nod dlsconnU, $ll> 02* I irrnlalion, !W JWcie, tRI.fiflfi I'epositrs, 231,732 U. 8. Treasury Not**, 101,113 An aceonnt of (he average aggregate amount of Promii. sory Notes, payable to hearer on demand, and of the average amount of bullion in the Bank of Kngland, during the four week* ending the 14th day of October, 1843 F'.iiilin/I:? Bank of England ?10,0-24,000 Private bunk* 4,731 I Of Joint-stock hank* 3,130,0(M Stotltnif '? I | < bartered, private and joint-stock banks. . .3,793,3*3 Irrln nd- I i Hank ol Ireland 3,933,07* I Private and joint-stock banks 3,0Afi,?4O TotaJ 34,939,894 (j Bullion in the Bank o( England A 13,030,000 I Haiti atttl# Mtock KlrhanRr. SlOftUO II H6'?. im 40 Ohio Tnut 98)4 2500 Htib-T's, l?99 I09H llliuoi* Bk b'w I) I70INI Ohw 6'a, 1<60 I OS MS do hi 15 I0000 do *3 102 190 Virktbure liKMHI do >3 101% it KirfinwTn In* 108 .000 <1? I,tin 102*4 70 Sywenw tt Ulie* l?r> 1000 do 7'j, domr*. 104*. 10 Auburn fc Koch 'i-n; 15000 Ky bund* 104)2 55 Norwic h St Wor bl it J 4000 do ?3 104)? 10 do *10 29 000 do 5'i, aht 111 92 VI do b30 29 11000 do 9SV M Jo b30 2?V,. 27000 Indian* bond* 40K 2.4 do bio 2?K (>000 do 40& 30 Ctuton Co 26 ^ >000 do 1)30 41 50 do blfl 26^ 1000 do 40% 25 Molnwk KK M <000 do 41 50 do hlO 43 tiOOO do tl|{ bond* 39 50 do tw -13)* lino do 39)? 50 do 44 1000 do I, 50 5 r* 39 50 Long Ulaud b3 69 4000 do 10 109 do f>?\ >000 do I,GO 41 40 do *80 fin ( 111000 Illinois bond* 4IU 75 do M 70(10 do 4 IK 3.50 do 6?S . 37000 do 42 100 do 69 I 1(100 Ala if rip Ii60 1121 gi :ill0 do n(il) 67 )4 4000 Pcun'a 4f? 1)30 7| loo Patenon HIl ?3)4 1000 do 71 40 do *3 63>, 4000 do ?90 70 too StOnillgtOII bid 3? 1000 6'? 102)4 40 do b3 37)4 1 BOO NY Wirloan, To I01X 200 do b*> 38 25 >ha? D?*l St Hud 111)* 100 do 37)? I 100 do 111 1(10 do *30 37>? { 26 N lliver Ilk 103)4 240 Il.trkm llll 42 | 100 Bankol t orn 99 200 do h30 42l4 24 Am Exc ilk HI.'-4 200 do b60 12)4 KM) Farmers L Sl 1 2;>H 50 uo btw 41% XI do 2 >3i SO do M 4 IK IVI do 26 400 do 11% 110 do 26% 20(1 da hid 41 60 do 86% 100 do bOII 12% IV> do 26% Second Board. $5000 Indian! borda II SO alias Harlem HK 41 ! JO shai Canton Co 26% 50 do 40% 50 Kariner?' I.ii slO 27 50 do 40', 125 do 27 150 I.oiik Inland 08 125 Illinois Bk 15 200 do 67% I 25 do 15% 25 Norwich Kt. Wore 28 5 N V Suite Bk 86% 20 I'dters m 611 % 50 Mohawk 15 50 do b20 ?J S? Nevr Vork Public Stuck Uxchaiif(a. $904)0 Ohio 6'? 102 2.50 shai Harlem It It l>30 42 W 1'MHifl do htO I02U 150 do 11% 10000 do c lOlJg *(M> do h'lo 42 5000 Kentucky 5'? 92 100 do 1)60 42% 10000 do 92 U 100 do 41% 21000 do 6'a 104% 35 Mohawk UR 43 13000 Illiuoia t*|>cl bda II1, 50 do blO 43 1000 do 41% 50 do 43% 21000 do 42 50 do 44 1000 Indiana 50 yr l>ds 39 50 Karuiem' Loun 25 16000 do 40 50 do 25% 50011 do 1)60 41 150 do 26 13000 Ohio 6's, 1850 105% 150 do 26). I04K1 lull. at* bond 39 100 do 26% 1000 do 39% 28 Del He Hudson 111% 1000 renu'a5'i 70 100 do 112 5000 do ?9fl 70 100 Bk Com. scrip 99 XIOII do 1>30 7I 50 L Island It II 59 1704)0 ludiana bond* 40% 50 do s60 68 10000 do b30 41 too do 68 6000 do c 41 150 do 68% 1000 Alabuna5'( H2U 40!) do >50 66', 10000 Oor. 5't, 1853 105% 39 do 68% 2000 N V 7's, 1849 109% 150 do 611% 18 >h ' Ohio Tr 96', loo do 69 40 do 96 '4 100 Paterson RR G3 1.50 Illinois Bk 15 50 do 63% 10 Auh it llocli KK 99% 300 $1011 i"t( ton KK b30 38 HO Nor Si Wore 29 150 do c37% 50 do b30 29 120 Vicksburg 4% 50 d > h30 28% 80 Canton Co 26<-< 25 do c. 28% 25 Am Kxc Bk 81% 100 Harlem KK 42 Htatc of Trade* Cotton.- The market hod been inactive to-day; holder* at present decline making any further reduction than } to j| cent on lower grades, and ^ cent on the upper grades, at which rates, buyers for export cannot enter the market. The advices received by the Caledonia, are not considered very unfavorable by operators. The prices for the poorer qualities of Cotton have ranged higher for some time past, in this market, than they have in Liverpool? the expenses of transjiortation considered. Ki.oi r.?The market for grain and flour has not altered since our hist .report. Flour, Oenesse, is firm at $4 a $4 All other brands continue steady. No change in grain. A?Hks.?Pots are very dull at "M ,Vij. Pearls are still held at f.'i l'Jj. Provision*.?We having nothing new to record of articles under this head. We refer dealers to the reports under the head of foreign markets, for the operations in Kngland, which have been quite extensive. 1'.statu Half..?The property of James Lawrence, deceased, was sold at the Merchants' Kxchange to-day. House and lot lei Merrer street fttOOQ " " 18 Mercer atreet 4860 " " 03} Howard street 3360 " " 63 " " 3380 " " 33 Mejcer st., mortgage about 13,000, no bid " " 53, 56 and 70 Canal ?t., mtg. 16,000. . .1000 " " 19 Howard street .VHtO " " 31 and 33" " mtg. 10,000. 3000 " " .VI nml 56 Canal st., mtg 13,000 fiooo " " 308 Pearl street 9300 " " 90 Chambers st., mtg 16,000 no bid " 4rt and White st. mtg. 14,000 1550 Lot 54 Turtle Bay 300 "55 " " 380 206 lots " " Iwtween Hth and 40th sts., nnd lirst and a c.,1.1 tiiur. Foreign Markets., Nov. i.?Sugar.?But few sales have comr to our notice ut 4 a 8 anil !i a 7 ; several otters, however, have been made for large lots, but at rates to which holders were unwilling to submit. White Sugar is without j demand. The stock of sugar in Matanzas is calculated at 27,000 lioves, viz :?I3.0fl<l White ; 10,000 (^uebrados, and about 4,000 between ({uchrados and Cucuruchos. DM, On Tuesday morning. 21st inst. of a lingering illness, ! Ftxi* Efcnis, son of Kelix and Margaret liuin, aged one year 5 months and 3 days. The friends of his father, and those of his grandfather, I Patrick Bremen, are respectfully invited to attend his fu| neral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his residence, 372 Sixth street, without further invitation. On Monday, 20th inst. SmtH J A*r., wife of Peter Miller, aged 24 years. The relations, friends of the family, and the meml>ersof the Mount Vernon Lodge I. O. of O. K. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from 905 Allen street. Pnsirngrrs Arrived. j London?Packet ship Westminster?Junius Smith, LI,1). of London; Mr Ini es. Toronto: J A IVvine, Canada; John Kstor, Illinois; Mrs Uuiiau, W Price, New York; John Hickson, Leeds, Kng. At Boston? Steam ship Caledonia, from Liverpool?Mr sn?l Mrs Toalmin snd child. Mr and Mrs Beany. Miss Beatty, Miss Brown, Miss Kennedy, Mr and Miss Cockroft, Judge Carlton, Hishop Purcell, Protestor Perk, Rev J B.Condit, S May, II Wilaon. M Ole Brill and servant, Mom Ifoble, Bayard, K Cousinery, Clayton, T K.giditis, Watson. L Martin, My Lee jr. I. B Ituisell, (ieraud, II Crowder, J B I lough, Duncan, K Pettier, W S (Ir-dinoiid. A Batre, Troubat. Cunningham, II Ward, Undue F Ward, Msy, J II Daviea, M Clark, Littlrjohn, Klandin, Dolati, Anderson, Beall, (I B Dorr, () A Uora. Alei Auld, Baylev, Danl Bruce. Krom Halifai?Hon S B Kobie, ladv and two servants, Mid Harrinrtou Capt ( W I'litnain, S H Harrington, T < Taylor, <1 Corliet, J M Mahon. Liverpool to Halilai?Lieut Aitclnson, Capt Stevenson. John Head. foreign Importations. Lomdou?"Jliin Westminster?I? pkgs Hoadley Si Phelps?42 A A Low?6 J Owen? 22 II T Chip man?104 W I larrimati?1J J M (>pnenlieim? 7 W Vysc?5 I Morae?2 S V Dow?IJ II W &TH Slali?22 Law retire, Murray Ik co?6J (i U Morewood? 8 Goodhue It Co?C Desilver St co?t L I Cohen?16 Barber Broa ?8 Cuminirg 4t Hiach?2 W Crippa Ik co?3 Prentiss k co?4 M Lery Ik Bros ?3 D Appl'ton Si co?M J Horsey?2 Carey Si Hart?S J K Williams?2 R MaitinSico?7 (J Domingues?2 Wiley It Putnam?37 J Matthew* Ik co?48 L A Henbury jr?43 Geo B Morewood?19 G Meyer Si mm-B J Noble?13 Theron, Rockwell Si eo?2 C M (iarner?fi J II Kvain?93 J Klljanu?12 K Kiedler?24 Phelps, Dodge Ik co?liO.i B Klliinan?I Thoint>to* Si co?I J RaeaeSi son?I W J Morriion Sico?I K Bald- I win?I J O Beunett?I I) Hadden St ?on?I Cheater, Clark Si co ? I M fltinichlield? 1 Caasetley It tons?I J Rogers? I J Morton Ik co?1 O Deiter? I J W Thompaon?I Lewia Tappan?3 J B Meeks?1 J Prentice?3733 buudlea, hara and pea iron Orinnell, Mm turn li co?333 pkgs mdae 1102 liars RR iron to order. Mai. ana?Barque Naslm <?( Before reported) ?1*00 Ikucs rai- I sins 100 do liqitonce I HO bbla trapes 481 sacks almonds Z> bhla winei do brandy I' J Francia. Para?Schr Harp?JO0 baifs rocoa 31 arrobes 23 bla india rubber 34 do iiiinc glass 7 botes rubier 310 hides 32 bkta tapioca 31 bli balsam capaiva II b\a india rubber shoes $200 K Corning Si on?100 has rubber ahnea 8 Smith Crust oa?Srhr Phteba P?22,831 pea red wood 3ti0 bbla salt 1 rol|*?r Bonnes lir*vi?? Si co. MARITIME HERALD. OallliiR l)*y? of tl?? Steam Shl|M. FROM I.I VI". HrOOL. m?M AMfcftlC* Ctlnlonit, Lott Dec. I Ship Masters and Agents. We shall nMm it a furor, if Captains or Vnvli will aivr to Commodoi? SiLvrv.of onr .Vews rleri. ? lie port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed. tie vessels Spoken on their Pusaire, a Lilt of their Cargo, <n. ?y Koreiru Newspaper* or News they may have. lie wil hoard them immediately on their arrival Agents and Our respondents, at home nr abroad, will alio confer a favor hi endiug to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they c?' obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thankful! received. PORT OF RKW VUHH, IVOVK91BKK ui? Kimi I "oon i 27 1C* *) I HI..H 8 OltarMl. Ship* Adelaide, Adams, Havana, Spafford, Tileston & Co: 1 orm-lia, Krench, Mobile via St. Croi*, Geo. T. Trimble ? Barque Oh 'rlenton, ( Biemeii J < atlermole Charleston, Meyer St Sin ken.?Brigt Mohawk. Pieice. Belixe, Hon. Foster Si S'ickerson, t rent Marion, Shepheard. Writ Indies. K Gnfliiis St Co. ?Sctir Statesman, Wait, Grand I anary, B idi?'?T Si Tr< k Arrived. Packet ?lii|> Weatminater, llotcy, from London 10th, Portsmouth 'Sth, and tl??* Lizird 19th Oct. with mdae, to John Oriawold Britiah barque Joieidi Canard, Harm. 54 day* from Liverpool, with mdae an>l 2K0 pnnen(eri. to Hoc lie Brnthera k I n. Swediah haniue Loniaa, Morriaon. 42 days Irom tiefle, willi 421' tnn? iron to Johnaton It Co Brig Ohio. Davia, jn days from l.aiicerott?, ( Jauary Islands, with ?<!># qtla barilla to ' K. (Jniucy. Harp, Cator, from Pa>a, Oct. 24, with ih<!i.? rubber, fcc. to K, Cor.'inc k Son. Schr Ph?be I) . Ilav, II days from 4;nracoa, with mdv , to A. B. Cooley & < o. Srlir Me am, fi d.iys from Washington, NC with naral atom*, to mister. Schr Delaware, Onthrie, from Beaufort, NC. with nivil stores, to Si. Pla't Schr James T. Hatticld, Thompson, Irom rhiMflphiii, w ith coal. Schr <f?nl Scott, 1 ilaya from Philadelphia, with coal, to the master. Schr Columbia, Cut t re 11, from Philadelphia, with coal, to maatar. Slmip RIIm. Perry, New Bedford Sloop Providence, Brown, Proeidenre. Sloop Victory, Providence. Utncritl llcrord. Packs.t cmr H?;*t>mi a Hudio*, for London, will tail today Her letter Imrs are at Oilpiu's, in the fc'.tchange. Vh? Mi*v . ? K.stract from the los book of pilor boat | Washington: ?On Tnesrtay, at SI a m, tit miles HK of the High lands, made a aail to windward, which Proved to he the schr Mary Ann, of Poriamomh, Irom Philadelphia for Bo?ton, loaded with coal, hrd her colora flying union down, baking ?ery I l>idly and both pump* chokril. On hoarding lier, the captain ind crew abandoned the tchr. The pilot* Uter .? abort time, ronclgiled to take charge other and endeaTOr to tow h?'r into port, which they sncc?ede4 in doing through r*traordi?ar\ rxfins, the ivater part of the time hemf o?er the cabin nooi ? blowing a gale nearly all the time Shit MotaftT, Welch, bouud to New Orleans, parted Mr I - 11 1.1 | rhaius at Hiiihinir 2#ih nil. ilariac * tfile, went on ?hor? near 1 ICwnn ekem, and w** hik'h sad ?trv on ?a*nd but eijiectrd off neit flood. The M for 1f ?.? the 29fh, ?f>er throwing o?ar i art of lier and w nl I g?? info HimImhk for repairs i Smr Natm'i. Hoor^N i hurrhitl. which from Newport. W. I.'nh ulr lor New York, i nt buck 19th. sr.d would dis Inrge her c inc>!UHovkmo*. (lir) Kinrti. from New York for Hull. | drovs from h? i II ih ulr i *r i <ur?tou ltoaiU, l?u * ;* ? *!?? ? t?*d off .liter ili?rharging her i r.-nco ] "hi? Normand!*, ftpulrfinff, which srrived at Br*nr?sn 15th "it. from New OrlrniM, hoi not been on shore aa previously reported in ( III ) fr<. in QpmWCi MM I Ml VMll Booth Miihllf ( Hull, hug.) night i.f 2t h ult. ano i|M^t; ?he afterw aru? righted nn?l drove on the floltn**, but ?-u got off 25th, oad taken into dork Kour inei* diowiiedSHir Ariitoc;r4t, (Br) from Montreal for Liverpool, was kfraud^u near UUckpool, Kiig Wth ulr hue was et pec ted to bo got off; crew sated; two |m ?, km drowned. SMir Qt VicTONiA, Uoilett. of Bs'h. from NOrleans. in entering the harbor ol Havre jmh ul? ran foul ol llie tower carried away buhvarlo, mid f\tt?arwards not iu contact with mv< era I lithtera l)Ri<i Boimvc, Bradley. fr. m l.<>r,<l<>n ?( tad for Wiil.vlelI'lui, which put into Kayal 14th S--|>t. l.-.kv, md with loaa of bulwark,, had duchawd her cargo nth ult. and waa condemned. liliM tiTKD.?A barque ttandiuK 8. with (minted porta, uo Ik-id, white inaat liendn. the mainmast gone cloae to tlx* riKninic. and tnizenmaat Mow the rigKinir, waa poattd on the 19th alt. lat 16, Ion 12. Do*g<iai., Oct. IS ?A North American reawl ii reported to hue put into Killy Im*k?. with Ion of all her crew eicept two > <. The 'Th?;ki.?,' ilarmaen, from Charleston, put into Hotnaa?aKK lat ult. with lo s of part of hulwarka, iic- and tailed Ith for l.uliec. Launch.?A new aliip of about 1000 ton, burthen, waa : launched on Tuesday at I ro?idetice Thu i? the lanreat ?hit> ever built at that |>Uce She belongs to M It A B Arnold. Notlre to Mariners. Ll'iHT on Carir CakvomRo.?The Tortuitu'ie Uoveromeut Ills HI veil notice that a revolving I i K ht liaa lieen established on I*a|ie (arvoeiro in lien of llie lorwer filed Intht on that cat*.? The |>erind of revolution is two minute*. The height of tlia light Is 1112 I'eet above the level of the sea; it stands ill lat 39 21 8 N, ami Inu 0 21 ir> W, and is visible at the distance of live (o six leagues. ( niiNni HuM Liiikt.?Tlit Dauish Government ha* given notice that the improvement in the light of ("ronburgh ' aatla, ,i 11 u 11r<I to in the notice from the Hydrographic Office, dated 7th Sepi. 1H12, have been completed; bv which the light i> rendered visible at rlie distance ?f 3 to I leaguca. Fai si man Liuht.?The Swedish Government ha* given notice that a filed light from lamps ha* lie.mi >Hb*tituted for the coal lirt light pr*vioutly in ue in ihi* lightlvuse. in pursuance of arrangement* alluded to in notice* trotn the llydrofraphia Office, dated 1th July, 1812, and the 2d of January last. Spoken. Importer, of Bath, 7 day* out for Havana, Nov 17, lat 31, Ion 73?by the llarp, at this port. Kanhawi, Harvey, 12 day* from NYork for NOrlean*. Nov 12, off TortU|k*. New Kugl tud, New York for New Orleam, Not 12, off Tortuga*. llo|iewell, of Philadelphia, Ri-> Jaueiro for NOrlean*, No* 5, lat 11, Ion 61* llnssell (Hover, Howei, NYork for NOrlean*. Mh mat. lat J1 14 Ion 71 40. Danish brig ??, 50 days from F.lsiuore for NYork, Not 18, lat 40, Ion 70 30. Lelaud, Nickle*, Boston for Batavia, August 27, lat It 8. Ion 3d W. Duncan, ruin tin, Bristol, Lug for New York, Oct 18, lat 50, loo 8 VV. IMonong.ihela, Turley, Liverpool for Philadelphia, Oct 22, lat '<0, Ion 17. Hero of Acie. I,iuerpoul for Savauuah, Oct 21, lat 17 N, Ion 10 W. Diana, Freeman, Bremen for New Orleaui, 20 day* out from Deal Oct 30, lat 37 21, Ion 41 12. Delhi. Ilyrou, from< abulia, running into Algoa Bay, lath August. Oniario, Kelly, Boston lor the Coast of California, Sept 23, lat 21 32 N, Ion 31 IJ \V. Brunswick, bound in to Kin, Sept 28, 12 miles SF. from thu Sugar I.oaf Mary Augusta, R days from Baltimore, Nov I, lat 38 42 N, Ion 66 10. Gazelle, Sept 18, lat 111 N, Ion 2G W. Whalemen. Sally Ann, Borden, from Johanna, was al|Simon'i Bay Sept I, with 8.K) bbls oil. foreign Porta. Aiu.RiirrN, Oct 16?*rr Ligonia, Keed, C ronsladt. ANTwrir, Oct 11?Arr l.ucilla. Pescnd, Richmond: 22d. Olof W'yk. Meacom, New Orleans; 18th, Ahaguu, Wright, and York, Morrill, ('rmistadt. Sid 31st, M l.ouisa, Vaudersteu, N York. Bhkmkn, Oct 13?Arr Wi-stphalia. Weasel*. Richmond: 19th, Philadelphia, (ireve, Philadelphia; 20ih. New York. De Harde, NYork; 22d. Amerira. Carstens, Baltimore, Put back to the roans {/in. pavorue, mian, lor mirieau*. !?IU zmii, I'lMin, Andresseu, NYork; Albert, Klockgetter, aud Goethe, Human, Baltimore. Ilnisrm., Nov 2?SKI Kllerslie, Hirrfy, NOrleans; Indefatigable, Scott, Charleston. Remains ill the Uuin, Agnes Oilinour, Anderson, lor NOrlean, which c d 3l?t. Bf.i.fait, Oct Si?Hid l.etitia Heyn, NOrlenn*. Borju.aiii, Oct 19?Arr Talma, Cayol, Ville de Bordeaiii, Perrault; Cha'eauhriand, L*borde,tud Htraho, NOrleans; 9th, Ohio, Hryiiegom, do. Batavia, July 6?Arr Lel^ghf Watson, Sotuabaya for Amsterdam, after being ashore on Sedarie reef, as before reported. Bahia, about Sept 24 ?Arr K.soalm. Coast of Africa^ Crojistadt. Oct 31?There lias been a Irost during the night, and ice has made its appearance on the banks. Ci;*hav?.n, Oct 21? Sid Kmpire, Swasey, NYork; Philadelphia, Watlingtoii, NOrleans; 3lst, Bearer, hdmonds, Havana. i aii 17, Oct 19? Arr ranees Amy, Oiber?on. Oibraltar; IMn. Alkmir, Kustis, NewYork; 10th, Agnes, Hunt, Gibraltar old Hih, Columbia, Trussell. NOileans ... .... Cf.ttf, Oct 17?Sld David, Oudelman, New \otk; 12th, J Broils, Itougier, do. Cowf.s, Not 3?sill Oibraltar, Jordan, NOrleans. ('not. Oct 22?Sid Claremont, Trussell, NYork; 31st, John Munn, Watt, Savannah ( AniAiivni, Get IS?Sid Royal William. NOrleans. f'linnTiANsANP, Oct 5?Arr Haaket, Schultr., Charleston; 10th, Marie. Davidson, do. Cardiff, Oet 29? Pot back, Callao, for NOrleans. 4'Racoa, Nov ti?In port, .Michigan, for La Ouayra. 5 days; Hurd, Nickerson, NYork, 4. Deal, Nov 2?Sid Montreal. Tinker, NYork; Oct 10. Snffolk. Rogers Boston via Newport, \V: 2Gth, Coronation, Richardson, Mobile Arr 2Hth. Sitviah, Ryan, London for New Or'eius, and sld 30th; 21st, Km press, Scott, from do, and sld for Bangor, W. and Boston. Sld 30th, Springfield, Ray, Savannah. Di'BLIN, Oct 30?Sld Sr Marlins, Vaugh&n. Savannah. Ki.m:, Oct :in?Arr Washington, Kruaer, NYork. Ki.hikohi , Oct 38? Arr llaulee, Marshall, ajid Horida, Marshall, St Petersburg for Liverpool; Talma. Winsor, do for Havana; 2lth, i arolme. New \ ork for StockholmNicolai Savin, do lor Cinustadt; Maria, do for Stettia; 21st, Kortuna, Soderham, for NYork. Kalmoith, Nov 3?Off, B Ay mar. Carver, Cronstadt for N Orleans, Graves*Ml). Nov 3?Arr K.dinhurg. Iloudb'tte, Virginia; 2d, Hercules. Madigau. NYork; Oct 28, Mediator, < hadwick, do; 20th. Undiue, ( ushmaii, Boston. Sld Nov 2, Huntress, Grifliu, Boston. Gotten bum), Oct 8?Arr George, Carlton, NOrleans; 16th, Stea, Nitsen, NYork. Gihhai.tar. Oct II?Arr Sea Ragle, Smith, Boston; 20th, Colombo, Rogers, do. Genoa, Oct II?Arr Kaxan, Leckir, Boston; Darilano, Sciaccaugla, NYork; 7th, Charlotte, Trippe. NOrleans. (Jhk.nt. Oct 20?Arr Oere?, Moldenliauser, New York; 31th, Auguste, Knckhose, do. IIavri , Oct ID?Arr Louis Philippe, Casfoff. NYork; 37th, St Nicolas. Pell, do; 28th, Queen Victoria, Harnett. NOrleans, with loss of bulwarks; Nashville, NOrleans; 37th, Duchesse d'Orleaii*. Richardson. NYork; 2uth. Ark, Johnson, St Petersburg . Md 29th, Albany, Watson, NYork; Isabella, Briggs, N Orleans; 20th. Vesta, Soubry; Louis XIV, Juge; Genesee, Jack; Gibraltar, Jordan, and Persian, Bobbins, do; Allioth, Simpson, Bost n; Hannah Sprague. Cook, Charleston; l(th I'lica, Hewitt, NYork; 1.1th. Mary Kingsland, Weare, and Geo Sk illiebl. Skollield, New Orleans. Vessels up 31st, Sylvie da (>:a>se, Thompsou, NewYork. Nov 1; Louis Philippe, Cutoff, do Dili; St Nicolas. Pell, do Kith; Ducheiie d'Orleaus. do 2tth; Bangor, Odoin, NOrleans, soon. IIamri iii, Oct 14?ArrSaion, Mansfield, Cuba; 20th, Cyclops, Rogers. Havana. Helvoet, Oct U?Arr Salvator.Guzman, NYork. Sld 30th, Rochester, Owen, NOrleans; Lady Arabella, Simpson, Balli more; Cherokee, Long, and Hollander, K.wer, Boston. Halifax. NH. Nov 7?Arr Jos Ham. Cu-ry, NYork via Bt Pe'ers, Miq. C Id 13th, Argon, Chase, NYork. Liverpool, Oct W?Arr Geo Canning, Kirkwall, with the cargo of the Hanover from Savannah for Cronstadt, wrecked at the Oiknevs; 2ith. Albert Henrv llallet. Boston- Jfcth. Cambridge, Km ton, New York; Snarpiehanna, Miercken, Philadelphia; 2Stli, Geo Wa?hi<i|{tnii. Barrowi, N Vork ; 20th. Acadia. (?) Kvrie. Button; 311th, Oceanna, Smith, Jutwi Kiver; Not 1, (treat Wialern, (a) Hoaken, NewYork; 3d, Atlai, Prince, New Orleaju; United Stitea, Britton, and lloclieiter. Britton, Nrw Vork ' lil 3<i, Aldebaran. Kiihwiok, and WelliajrtAn, Melntyre, N Orl?ani; Sne--d, Kllii, Mobile; Jei.?ie. Tnoin, and Macao Scoit. Charleston Sailed Hot J. Stephen Whitney, Thom|>aoo, NVork; Kipia dol.i, Uararnw, NOrleaiie: 2d, Southerner, Calmer, .NVork; Oet J7. Norman. Kendrick, Boiton; Abbott Lord, Nowrll, ann tliriitiana, Simpson, S'Orluins; Stwni. Clwnw; Aahbnrton, Hilttleston. and Columbus, Cole, NVork; Uaecn ot the Ocean, Tillay, and K.llen, Ro|*r, Mobile; PiWrrrantc. llennett, ?avannali; Margaret Balfour. ('lark, Charleaton; 26th. Jaa Onv, Carter. Baltimore; Abigail, Daly, NOrletani; I,winder. ftu'tan, and Triton. Smith, Savannah; 22ii, ' liampion, Cochran. N*W Orlerns; 20th, Ondiaka, <tliddvn. NOrleaaa; VVm Ik K.lixabeth, I'llcher, and Laiuiurt, Artnairoii*. do; Ayrshire. Harkn. Mobile; ( o irtenay. 'I urner, Analachtrola; St Petersburg. Howard, N Vork. and mil back 2Sth. leaky; 30th, Pearl, Buckley, Mo bile; 27tli, Alice, Colby, Philadelphia; Nor I. Augeiiori a, Oilfnev. Moiile. Loading Nov I, K.lir.a Warwick, Dam, and Braail, Andrew, Boston; Cnaoa, I,ark in; Knxland. Johnaon, and MarkawayJ or imck, NOrleana; (jueen of the Went, Wood ho imp. and Hiherni*. lltintiUK. NVork;; Washington. Benson. Phtladeliilna, Jam** While, Price, and Conntess of Arran, Strong, Charleston; Tlie*eus. Oalveston; Margaret. (ientle; John Beullev, Dial-row ; Columbine, Brockh?itk. and Clyde, Halcrow, Mobile; Liverpool, Rwinford; Wellinftnn; John Oarrow, David; Kranklie'd, Mitchell; Lord Sandon. Weltli; Oailiah, Slater; Aigyle Walali; (Grampian, and Miltiades, Oowan, NOrleana, Avon. Maatera, Savannah Advertised, Hero of Sidon, C'arragher, NOrleana, lat; Themia, Brown, do, with deipatch; Annie. Raiabeck, Savannah, do. and oth'ra Loino*, Nov 3?V.ntered inward. K. inliargli. Houdlette, Kirhmond; 2d, eld ballaat. Letnder Stewart, NOvleana; ha"l ><i into St Katharine'a dock, Hercules, Madigan. NVork; Oet III, rid ' Lord Mania one, Taylor, NOrleana; 2<ih, an te ed inward, Mediator, Chad wick. New Vork; 27th. L'nnine, Cu liman, Boston; A'inrtner. Mother. Oonstsdl; 23o. Weaa* eiimcon. Jac<r>e Citka; 2 th, eld ballast. Sr-ringlie d, Roy, ' S'iV|f nah; I? li. Krnp eaa, Sbott, Bangor ana Battoa ; IJtth. Coronation, Richard*. Mobile and NOrleana * nrered oal'wd at London. Nor I, Oladi itor, Britton, N Voik; Mediator, Cl adw?ck, do; Vtin*rva. Knowles Boston. I.KiiHonM, Dei 10?Arr India. Selby, I'hiladelphia. Sid 12th, Kenella, Runtime. Malaga L(l.*iiinMn>:NRv. Oct M? Sid Knroy. NOrleana Mn.s nun, Oct 30?Sid I'eraevera'ice, Bennett, Savannah, Maxim i r a, Oct 27?Arr Hy Thompson, Sylvester, New V. rk. Sid '.Mat. Angnsta. Haley, NOrleana. M??star?. Oct I'?Arr Lotus. Snragiie, Malaga. Maima*. Aiik 22?Arr Anfelo, Clarkaon. Boston. Moitrviprn, Sept 13?In |H>rt, Arctium, Bullet., fm Boston arr 1th <t|*C; Orleans, I.rwu. Iron Baltimore Tin Hi...Janeiro, Opohto. Ort 22?Arr Delaware. Grafton, NYork; 6th, Manto, Lane, Palermo. PoRT?Mor f M. Ort J'?Sid Neptune, lleiclienliurK, Charles. Ion; 22d, St Jame*. Meyer, NYork. I't.tMot'TH, Not I?Off, Potomac, Barry, Virginia for Amitenlam. I'wi i Ht i.i, Oct 20? Ih Studwall's Roads, Margaret Balfour, 1'l.rk, Li?erpo"l for Charleston. r*m, Oct 21?In port, Mary Ann, ol ami for Boston, ta 10 days, Ilif kokjoiu', Oct l'??ait Andai-ia, Valley, New York for St IVtenhiirg, with .1 tin.tife. Itio latino, Sept ?8?SM Buenos Ayres, l.nacomb, of MarMeliead, Boston; 2ith, Baltimore, Pill (en, Baltimore. In l*irt Will, Leda. Itiiark, for Baltimore, imc; Krie, Onnby. do, <li <K; Arctic, Phillips, do I days; Fabiua, White,do8; I auliin', M?n?.n, do 19 or JO, and others. MrtTTim, Oct2S? Arr Ufania, NYork. . . v, Oct 2!??Arr Sarah Sheife. (imf. NVnrk. ?M?nNa, Oi:r I Arr Newport. Button; .Id, Lincoln, do r?;?Ki.. Oct W?Arr Nailer, S.i-idford. Baltimore; Pomona, I illey, NYork,nth, Neptiinm. Krancke, do, nth, Antoinette. IV'er*. do. rntvr.MUiat'K, Ort ?8? Irr Alsioider. I liarleaton I'niKa i k, Oct l>?Arr Oak. Howes. Mataniaa, Alhambra. W ilaon, New Orlems; llth, Nil". Shaw, Boiton; I8h, bmma. Malcombe, Antwerp \ rtn? t Oci t?An Russia, uaidnwr, NOrlean* W?:\ro*D, Oct m-Sid Maoapia. Wunn, Savannah. Lake Parts. i'licui iip. N?? 15?Arr Mink, Sanduakv; W U Burknor, monroe; Western. Buffalo, t Id ( Crooke. and li H McWhar<? M Walker, and W O Backuor, Buffalo, fhiP|. wa Toledo, <<en Houston. Ogilennhnrgh, Two Brothers, || rr .it; l P Tliompson, Kingston, Mink, Sand?sk>. K Ward, hue. Ham* Porta i!*-?i;ob, No* H?Art l.enity, Dickey. NYork, H T Hinc*Stunders, Baltimore. i1ari>in??, No* 12?Arr Alpine. Ballard NYork N'rwrnim rom, No* l??( Id Meflora., NOrleans. I1?\?H| * No* 18?Arr Kuri Havnes. ? ?dI/. S*i km, No* 19?Arr Holla, Perkins, Zaniibar llosroor. Nov 20?Arr i aUdoma. (a) Lott. Liverpool; Nap.-. * .il, Jordan, Havana Below, Kdw Kvejett.NOrlean*. Acorn biladelphia. Signal for a bar qua and 2 bng?. Cld F.mily

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