Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 311?"Whole No. 3533. r- r-f^ KORHALTKAX AND LIVERPOOL; The Koval Mail Strain Slup CALEDO. E. G Lott, K?q., Commander, wil| leave Boston lor the above port* ou r ri" ^ ^^^^^^ day, Ui December. Pauage to Liverpool I'auage to Hal ifax 20Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Airent, n82 t'C No. 3 Wall .treat. NtW VOKK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. Kor Kiiiititon. aiic Delaware and Hudion jJ*Csnal?steamboats F.MERALD and NOHTf^lflg-WICH. ? . The KMERALD. Captain John Katcham, will leave New York, foot nf Murray sliwt, every Monday and Thursday at 4 o'clock, 1' M. , .. . ,,, . Will leave Kingston (Ron lout landing) every Wednesday auil Saturday at 3 ivclock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot.iW Warren street, every Wedneaday and Saturday at 9 o'clock, P. M. Will l?av? K .igiton (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMRRALD will leave the foot of Murray street eveTy Sunday morning at T o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, wine day. For freight or MMWe apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO.. ail Sm*r IS4 West street " >.*) *A PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.T* ^ r'- direct?From the ste. mboat pier between Courttandt and Liberty itreeta. Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. r. St. John, will leave Monday, Wedneaday and Friday Evenings, at ?ix o'clock. Bieainboat SOUTH AMF.RICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leav- ''ni-aday, Thursday. and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M ?Landiug at Intermediate Placea. Steainhoai COLUMBIA, Capt. A. Hougntoo. will leave Monda* Wednesday. and l*'ridaT afternoon at o'clock. Str-imboat NORTH AMERICA, <;apt. ivl. H. Trnesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. F*ssoiii{?ri rakinp this Line of Boats will at all times arrive ia Albany in ample ttuie to take the Morning Traia of Cars lor tie eut or west. Tlie above boats are new aiid anbstantiul, are furnished with seat and elegaut State Rooms, and for speed and accommodar .n...i ii...) Kor Passage or Freight, am IV" on board, or to P. C. Schultx at the office an the wharf. nlIr NOTICE?On and after Monday Oct 16th, the boats ?f this line will leave for Albanv it 6 o'clock, P. M iusteit.1 of 7. 0* INDEPENDENT REOULAH OPPOSI&r^-agr>jf,t'on night link for albany_aL?flE^K_Tliroiiuk Direct, without Landing.?Th? commodious and substantial steamboat PO HITS MOUTH, Capt.O.Houise.will leave New York from 'he fool of Kobinson street, on Mond&yt, Wednesdays and Fridays; ajio will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesday* and Thurtdnvt. aud will continue these trip* for the season, alt o'clock in the afternoon. Knight taken at redured rate*. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat hat undertone a thorough repair, aud is in fint rate order. o26 lm*r lik^t *+ O'CLOCK EVENING ETNI {fl?ar^2aiiy9^fur ALBANY AND TROY direct, without uidin- ? the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALl.OW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, ?t 6 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state roonra.and for ?iw*l tad accommodation* is not ?nrna???'H rm 'he Wndsor. an8 ee "Iji KOR RIO DE J A N KIRO?Passage only-The WMM^fme last sailing pact-et han|u* AMELIA MULHOL.tkaMHHaslANl) Capt Millingtuii, sailing for the above |>ort on'i'uesdty nrxt, the 28th iust.? can hands, mely iccommod'te H few more pa?s?-ugvrs, provided early application be made to the cap ain on boaid, pier N". 4, N R , or to i.23 i?ec SIKFKEN Ik IRONSIDK.5C Broadway. NEW LINK OK PACKETS KOR LIVERrfMfW POOL -Picket of 25th November?The splendid MMIbwell known favorite packet ship ROSCIU8, 1B0 ton. ourtlimi. Captain John Collins, will sail on Saturdiy, 25th November, her regular day. The ships of this hue being all 1000 tons aud upwards .persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line iu preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable aud convenient than ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations it it wall known are superior to any others. Those wishing to stcure berths should not fail to make ear]V aiinli^ar!m. nn n, ts> \V. & J. T. TAP8COTT. At thair Oeuer&l Pan age Office, 43 Peck slip, ec corner of Sonth st. **)|r FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Regular ?FW?V Packet 15th December?The new anil very splendid MtifaNr* Yoik built packet ship l.IVhlll'OOL, J?hn r'ldndge, master; ltiu tons, will sail as above, her regular (Jay. For freight orrusage, luring roomy and uu<urpas?td accommodations, appiy to the C "plain on b >ard, west side Hurling slip, or to WOODHULL St kllN TURNS, 87 South St. The new and elegaut Packet ship Qnee i of the West, Philip Woodhouse, iraster: 1250 tons, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on h?r regular day. 16th /hi nary, 1844. lilHr PA 88 A 6 E FOR LI VERPOOL?Sails on SaturWir1f*VJ-<yt iith Nor ?The well known, very fast sailing j^Mtaa'bip CHESTER, Capt. John Wilson, will sail posi ,i? above. The Chatter can handsomely accommodate sit in the cabin at very low rate*; also, eight second cabin passengers, in house on deck, adjoining the cabiu; and her steerage, which is in the after part of llie t?hi|>, nnd is nearly nine feel between decks, cannot hut make he>-lor passengers one of the most eligiblo conveyance* out of this port For passage, apply ou board, loet ol Beekman st. or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS fc CO.,. r21 r 35 Fulton street. FOR~~L I VERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 25th mHMPW November?The well known favorite packet shin JhmIEiROSCIUS. Captain Collins, of 1100 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. ll>r accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pissengers are splendidly fitted up for the comfirt and codrenience of l assengen. Prisons wishing to embark should mike early application to JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, 't? PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate jq!3RfVr)i-<inicli?The well known fast sailing bark COSMWKaMO, C*pt. Outerbridge, will meet with immediate de.n tell lor the above port. fclie Ina g >od accommodations for cabin, second cabin and iN-er^tfe passengers. Tlioae about going to the old country ?ill tinH this a desirable oppoiiunny. Application without delav should bemadeto \v. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, n2? r 43 Peck dip, corner South street. toftE: KIK8T PACKET FOR MOBILK-Will sail JaJjfsVTo-mnrrow?The well known fast sailing brig LINJMmKpUEN, Capt. P. Koopmin, will iail a* above, her regj ulir day. ilavuiK good accommodations for cabin jiaaiengnrs, and a ro"my li.iu*e on deck for second cabin passengers, who will be taken a! a lew rate if early application be made on board, at bulkhead, between Wall and I'ine sTeet*. or to VV. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, O Peck slip, n?S 2tr corner South Mr-ret. MP- FOR APA LACHICOL A?To anil on or before MKjMfWthe 1st December?The ship 8ILVANU8 JEN IfaKIV!), N. W. Eveleigh, master, will be despatched who .ucti freight as msy offer prior to th? 28tli inst For freight or passage, apply to the captain on board, at pier No J North River. or to BOYD It H INC REN, nIOr 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall a d Water sts. FOK NEW ORLEANS-To anil in a few days? kTyjVThe fir?t class packet ship KALAMAZOO, Captain JMkUlfiaMcCerran. will be despatched as above. 'I hr >hip has unsurpassed accommodations for cahin, second eahin and steerage passengers who will be taken at tlie lowest rates. Apply on board the ship at Pine street wharf, or to n2i r JOH.i HERDMAN. 81 South at., near Wall. KOR NEW ORLEANS?Lomsiana and New fcHSrV York Line? Regular Jacket oi"3t)ih Nov.?The fast M i -L.. -l:.. t mriuVll I L' <l* LI jphm^^ailinir paean hiiij> iuui,, \,n|'v, u nuut, will tml as abort, lier regular ilav. K'ir in'iglu or pas>age, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply oo board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall stmt, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO, 56 South stmt. Shippers bv this line may rely opon having their goods <:or pctly measured. A genu ID N,* Orleans, Hnlleu k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to their address The packet bariue Gene ee, CaptMirot, will succeed the Louisville, and sai' the iflth Dec her regular day n2ir Xjff- K< K MAKSKIl.LV'.*?Packet for lit December? JQMfVThe ship Ml NERVA, Captain Brown. For freight JMaMhor for pansge, apply to LAWRENCE k PHELPS, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, n!9 r No. 9 T"nt'n<- Bniloing cur. Wall and Water st.i.*' "7? K'?K SALE?The barque DUC D'OHLEANS, wMM^hn'tben J'O tor.s, regiit*r; liuiit in Bristol Maine, iu JUiablB'n. di.uble deck, coppered and |<*t ioimI, 27 lettbeaw, 6 feet between Oecks, 1J feet hold, will be sold as soon as the cargo is discharged. Lays at Judd's wharf. Apply on board, or to _ . BOYD k HINrKEN. nil ee No. 1 Tontine Bnilding, cor Wall and Water sts. NEW YORK k BOSTON POUND PILOT. /"YWKN rRESCOTT. Pilots, or take, charge as master and V/ pilot of vessels bound to New Bedlorii, over Nantucket Shoals, Boeion, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTHER PORTS. Office nt * rye k Shaw's Nautical store, 222 Water stnset. . otner Beekmau. Reference to a number of merchants and the several Insurance Companies in this city, Boe(A., Pnitlwil '<vlt tvnr <TZjE> ix>(i LOsr.-fin REWAHD.?Escaped frov thestsMts of the Astor l|.>nse, is Spruce street, on Jl TY Kriday night, a white and liver colored Pointer Dog ? The uid Dug hail on a steel chain collar, with P II Wester velt engnved thereon, and answer* to the name of DASH. The Don is aged and a little d-af Whoever returns the said Dog to the Astor House shall be paid le* dollars, and no <|ue*nons asked. nH Iw* rrc, DI'NLA1' k DARMAN.Ml Hroodwav, cor. RieeclTJpfll er stre?t. offer for sale, on reasonable terms a large colIrction of Plants for l<arlof or conservatory consisting <>l Cxtne'ia* hi fv?iy varirtv, < nryamnrirarns, imnese a*i- i lia?, Oramie and Lemon 1rr?, Rhododendrons, monthly and orliar Rosea, Cactus, Pittio*pornm*. Cape I?i?min?* Salvia*, Bteviaa, (ieraniiims, Jic Ike., together with a choice aaaurt men' of Hyacinth and other bulb* Bulb (Maaacs, Flower Vtandt, t>old Fish a"d Olobes, B rds and Cage*. Fresh imvine>l vegetable mid flower see''* ofevery description. Bouquets composed ot Cam- liaa and other choice flowers for briilal mil other purlieu tastefully arranged. All order* prompt lyearcuted nU 2w*r rl NKW STYLE OF CHILDREN'S VKLVF.T CAPS J*a??The subscriber has a large and beautiful assortment of Oeitlemen'l and Boy* ''apt, of the la'e-t fashion, which he will sell "s cheap a* any oth?'r establishment in this city? among which mav be found rentlemm's cloth, velvet, a new style uf (lazed, ?nd fine otter cap*. Also on hand a Urge supply el mole *kin, silk and far hats, of a beautiful finish, for sale low Fincy Furs?alao, constantly on hand, a large assortment of Muffs and Fur Trimming* for sale at vary low pries. IN B ?TV Cap* of th? *nk*criber took the premium at ike late Fair of the American Institute. WM BROWN, n3lm*ec l?t Chatham st. opponife Roosevelt PKEV1UM HATS AND CAPS OL HUPKRIOR Moleskin. Nntria and Silk Hata, Cloth J^iiid Velvet Caps of the subscriber's manufacture A di plums was awarded by the American Institute, at the late Fair in this city for beautiful iiecimens of Moletkin Hats; and a aiplo'na w t* n|,n awarded tor *u|>erior *peciin?n* of cloth anil velvet rain. On hunl a luge a?*ortmrut of hats and cai>*. ' ramis in want of article* in his line, an* respectfully solicited fo favor him with a call. WILLIANl BANT A, No. #< ''anal st, corner of Wooster street, lln>m and No. 110 Chatham street KAS?-4rr VflteSh? fffc&w E NE NEW BfcACON COURSE TROTTING, MONDAY, Nov.27ih. A match fur $200, p'ay or p?y, two mil* heals, iu wagons, between ihe celebrated Trotting H,>rse? JACK CADE aii'l TOM THUMB JR AI?o, a ma'ch lor $21)0 a sik'e, li,lf forfeit, two mile heats ill * agons, between iwn celebrated r"ad Horses Iimu'diately afier ? niafli agaiust time?Mr. Webber heis $l'i0 that hi* pacing hoiae Sir Walter Scott can p?-e 18 miles within an h nr. n2< titec PARIS BOOTS AND EASTS MADK TO ORDER, Bv E SURER, P5 Bro*PW*T. ( One iloor from Courtlaudt >tre t E. SU8KR. Bootmaker and Makerof l.aiti, an ^^ V'Klve" of Clerrx of Paris, begs leive to inform l is friends and all the amat'urs of a gentlemanly "cbnunure " that he can now make, in New York, with the best French materials, all that is so per 'Cily made in by bis master, the celebrated Boolm 'er Clerre, whose numerous customers on this side of the \rlsutic. are respectfully invitee* t<> trv Super's Boots and Lasts, befo e they d'spair of being "cliaussea"' in New Yo k, afier the nices latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. nil lm?m BOOTS?Water proof, double and cork s?le?. ^ Pmf French and native calf and patent screw tapi; w?rrunted good fine calf boots for men, buys, and children do, coarse water boo's, and shoe* o' all sorts and sizes N. B ?Ladies, misses and children's gaiter boots, shoes and buskins, double and single soles, and of every color and shade. Ladits. <tents, A isnei, and Child-en's waterproof India Ku ber over ?hoes, of the latest style, all of winch will be suld cheaper tlian at any other store in this city. T. 8 WALKhR, 419 Broadway, nH lm*m corner of ('..waist. JH? "buOTsTbOOTS AND SHOES, cheajiy and chea|ier than ever yet oft" red in this city. A very large assortment ?f genu' single and double soled waterproof Boots. French and native calf, city made and warranted, Cor the low price ofS3 to $5 per pair, and a uever failing supply of thick Boots and Shoes for men, boys and children; ladies', missis' and children's OaiUir Boots. Buskins. Slippers and_ Ties, of <11 the different kinds and most fishionahle styles. There is Moc casins aud all the different kinds and fashionabie styles'of India Rubber over Shoes, for gentlemen, ladies, missus and children in great abundance, and cheap, which the subscribers wonid IT-:. ,u..I,- ?..i.i;,. ... -,11 ,l?..r stock, at it is of th<" best materials, and priucpally city ra^.Je. at tlteir large establishment, 263 l?re?uwich street, comer of Murray st. o?7 Im*ec WItIOHT, CALHOUN St CO. BOOTH AND SHOfcS?WILSON ti JOHN Successors to Jolm Hutchings, deceased, rtave oo hand and Tor sale, from the bast manufactories in the country? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boy* 100 " Kine " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine sdippers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. ' 00 " Womens and misses Gaiters. 1000 " India Kuhbers, trimmed and plain. k'.or sale in lots to suit purchasers, at their store. 120 CHATHAM STKEBT, opposite Kos'velt. N. B ?The store bein* 0|*n until 10 o'clock in tlis evening, gives country merchants ail opportunity to etamine goods at their leisure, <i3l lm*r ^ . BOOT AN LJ SHOK Si OUJfi. ijLt/Ww JOHN READY respectfully informs his friends anuthe public, that lie has commenced business in the above line, at No. !I9 Nassau street, wnere he will thankfully receive and faithfuil/ execute, .ill Oram he. mar be favored with on th? rnraf lertnc THE ELIXER OF LOVE. Ths household tie ! the hou>ehold lies! How beautiful they are? Willi rosy lips and laughing eyes, Red cheeks and golden hair. How sad i? chiidl-sh married life? We\|i|i can no joy afford; Ci Id looks the husband on the wife? 111, I..r l,,r.l But Lovk'i Elixer?that swwt boon Will Nature's curse reirove. And crown with li< ing blossoms toon, The bed of fruitless love. Lucina Cordial'.?barren wive* It turn* to mothers fair, And the fond name of Father give* To husband* in despair! Id lenehorrea and in gle?ts. It prove# a sovereign balm; Consumption too a conqueror meets In its uufailiiiK ch irm. KmptiO'/S, Ussitnde and pains, lu back, or loins, or t h st; Disease brought on by sudden strains, Discha i;t>s long suppressed, Am by this woud rous Cordial cared, Ni more their victiu s vei. Thus by its aid is health insured At once, toei'lfrsei. Let all who luff r from disease Or fault in Nature's Law, Seek from this grand specific ease, At ninety-two N ssau. And No 13 Court street, Boston; No. 90 North 6th street, PhiMolptiia. Persons ordering this medicine f>om th- country, by sending a remittance, can have it boxed up and sent to any paitof the I oion. Price $3 |ier bottle, or S2< per di zen. n2> Jrn m f ATE NT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. rpHK SUBSCRIBERS offer, with full confidence In its J- utility and usefulness, the above named article. This article is intended to brace the shonlders. sup|>ort the back, and expand the chest, giving a graceful outline to the figure, and will be found indispensable to persons of sedentary habits. Fareuts and guardians are particularly requested to examine this brace; it will be found to potseas every requisite quality for which it is recoonmeuded, namely?to brace the shoulders of children and others who have acquired trfie habit of stooping, and retain their form in an upright position. They can be worn with perfect ease, being formed with an elastic back, and will be found of uo impediment to the free use of the arms. The subscribers also offer their celebrated Elastic Spring, Russia er Riding Belt The above articles are manufactured under the immediate inspection of Mr. Parselli, who has been engaged id the business for the last sixteen years, and may be depended on as su|?rior to any article slter offered lor the same pupose. Sold wholesale ana retail at the old establishment of PARSELL8 U A(?ATE, 237 Broadway, corner of I'ark Place. N. B.?Ladi?a will be supplied and fitted by calling at the residence of MADAME PAR9ELL8, 403 (rnwnwieh street. Hubert <nH I ? gli? o24 2m*m J. SORIA'S CHEAP DYEINO ESTABLISHMENT. \^R. 80RIA begs leave respectfully to inrorm hit friends and *'* the public in senernj that owing t? the depressed state ol the times, he has reduced his price 25 per cent balow the regular charges. Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, kc. dyed or pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying him ? visit. Gentlemen will also do well to call with such article* of wearing apimrel as may need dyeing or pressing All orders will be punctually attended to, and the articles done up in th' best style at Soria's establishment, No. 490 Pearl st His branches are at No 2A7 Blc-ecker at., No 342 Bowery, and at J57 Orand st. Also a branch at 49 Kulton st. Brooklyn. ane at Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put up ic their original forms, and on moderate terms Principal office490 l url st nu20 Sm'ec NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NKW A It IIA * f i F.M K N T, COMMI.1CIHO OCT. ItTH. 1843. KARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At i A.M. At J P.M. At 7)4 A.M. At 1* P.-M 9 do. S do. t do. 4 do. U do. 4 do. 9 do. A do. 5 do. 10>{ do. do. 7 do ON SUNDAYS. Leava* New York. Leaves Newark. \t 9 A. M. and 4X P. M. At IX P. M. and 9* P M The cart of the Morria and Eutl Railroad fur Orange, Millyille Submit, Chatham, Madi*on. and Miirriilimn, ran through from Jer?ey City without change. and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M train* from New York. NKW YOHK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Lmti New York. Leave* Elizabeth Town At A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. i% P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 7>i do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. 8>< do. 9H do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P \t. The train! for We*tfield, Plninfield, Rotindbrook, Bom ej rillf, tut., connect with the 9 A. M., and P. M. ; trains from New York daily. Sunday* eicepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 eentj. Fare between do. and Somerville. 76 call NKW YORK AND RAHiVA> Learea New York. L"m Rahway At ? A M At 2 P.M. 4t s^A.M. A< 3 P. M 9 do. 3 do 7 dt do. 11 d?. J do. 9 do. 9 do 7 do. 9K do. HHP M. NKW IfORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. from foot of Coartlandt atreet, New York daily leavrs New York Lram Nrw Bruuawick. At ? A. M. At 3 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 13 M. J do. 7K do. I* P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York Learea New Brnn?witk. At 9 A. M. and P. M. At 12 A M., and 1,^ ?. M. Kare, ezrept in the Philadelphia traiui, bdwfw New York and New Brunswick. '<0 rents. Between New York and Rahway, 23 cent* Newark. Elirabethtuwn. Rahway, and New Brnn>wick pvwenger* who prornre their tieketj al the ticket office, re ceire a ferry ticket ?rati*. Ticket* are received by the con dnctororly on the day *h? purchased The mmmnution Mwffn New York and Ihhwuy and in.ermedUte placea, haa lieeu reduced (including ferry) to $ifl per yew ; between New Brunswick and New York $7^ per year. nl9 3m WINTER ARRANGEMENT. MU. KHKKtHTS FOR WHKELINO, JHI|?W Va ani> ?'1TTSBI K<?, r* -The 4Mr-~fi!vBv undersigned, for the last fire ye*ra (mid JUi present* Agent for Bingham's I.tne from this city to I'ltisDurg. takes ihie method of informing ln? numerous friends and patrons, that luring made ettensirc arrangements for forwarding merchandise via railroads and wagons, during the winter senaon, to the Weil he it now preStn-d to receipt for goods from thia city to Wheeling. Va. via altimore and (.'amberland.or to PitrahnrK ria Philadelphia and the Chamhersbnrg Railroad. All goods entrusted to hia care, will b* forwarded without any delay,and at the loweat current rates. to either of the above point* on the Ohio Hirer. Alao, merchandise and package* forwarded by Green's Kxpreas, throiuh in thre? daya from Baltimore t? Wheeling, making in all nt days from thia city to Wheeling. The huainna will be conducted by? Wm. Tyson. No. 1# Wett street. New V ork Bingham h Brothers. 8*6 Market street, Philadelphia. Jamea Wilson, North Howard street, Baltimore. tlolliday h. Kgerlon, Cumberland, Md. James If. Forsyth Si Co.. Wheeling, Va. Wm. Bingham, PitUbnrg, ra Goods intended for the Wheeling route should lie marked New York and Wheeling Line, car* of James Wilson, Baltimore, and those for Pittshura. Bingham's Line as heretofore. WM. TYSON, No. 10 Weat street N. N?w York, No*. Mi II11 "??> l?*r W YC ' YORK, THURSDAY MC PHILADELPHIA i DAW r ER REOTY P K EST ABLISHMENT, KXCHAQE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND P. THE Subscriber liasrecei?ed a large supply of Voi|tlaiid<-rs' celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, large and small sires, with achromatic lenses made according to Professor Petival's calculation Alio a new suprlv or b>-st plates and chemicals, which he warrants Rood and sella at reduced prices The folUwing gentlemen have arreed to act as agents, Tit? K White, Esq . 171 Broadway New York P/Haas, Ksu, Washington. D. C. Dr A. Caspnri, Richmond, Va. 8. Broadbent, Esq, lor the Southern States. Wm West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUGENHI-IM. otT <m* r Exchange Buildings, Philadelphia nTTKU STATES lJAUUEHUIAN WALLKKV. 05 Rrondway. tap itni K. HIT E would respe tfullyca'I the attrition nf citrens and Strang-rs. visi'ing the ritv to his splendid co'lectimi f Uaguerreotyn-I'ortraits ?ui|[leor iu grouj>, from two to fourteen i>e iodi on the rune pl.te, whi.h (o beauty aud accu racy of deli '-ration cannot lm surpusiMlH Tor. traiit taken in all kinds of weather. either with or withou C'lO'S. The American Inntitut* at its late e'hibi ion awarded Mr. V*' h te th? first premium for the be?t Daguerreotype I'keness for group nif aud ueneral effect, which is but mother proof of the suiier ?rity of his poitraits. Mr. White is ?o e agent in. New York fot-the verv superior import-d Oerinan Camaras , and at no other e>tablishmeut in ih's city or State tan they lie obtaiu d. N. B ?In ported '?eiman Camnro; also, Hrench aud A men can Imtrumf ts nf the * ry beat quality, with Plaie Cases, Chemi a s Po'i'hing Materials lie., lie., alwa' s on h?i d for salt- at he very lowest prices. n? 3 ''*m LU M BK DAO UEKREAV GALL ERIE8 OK PA TENT < OLOKED PHOTOOKAPHS? 2SI U'oadway, New Vork 136 I hestnut street. Philadelphia 76 Court ?treet, Boston Corner of No-th anil Baltimoie streets, Baltimore And Onnw's Buildings, Albany ?constituting the oldest aud most extensive establishment of the kind in the world, and containing upwanls of a thousand picture*. Admittance free. These Portraits having been awarded the Kirst Premium and highest houor by the American and Kranklm Institutes, res pectively, nt their la?t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained in th? position of superiority heretofore universally assigned them bv the public, us tlie most beautiful Daguerreotypes ever produced. L: ueuessra taken every day, without regard to weather. Plumue's Premium Apparatus and Patent Rights, Plates, <"a?es, lie. ike. wholesale and ictail n7 1 m* m DR. WI STAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, 126 FULTON STREET. IMPORTANT CAUTION.- Th- public should bear in 1 mind that i' i? Or Wistar's Hal-am of Wild 1 berry t>>at |>er forms those r markahl" cures which are published in every part ot'llir country, and not the articles ol similar nsme that are oc oa-ionsllv null, d into t^mnor.rv notice. Those may be good. bat wr know nothing about them Let ev? ry Man, Woman and Child read the following, and if that does unt sati !">' a 1 of the great virtues of thin med cilie, let their, go to 12i Fulton stieet and see the original, with uu merous other testimonials oflik- character : Watkrvillf., (One da co., N. V.) Sept 15. 1143. Dear Sii?I owe it to the .fflicted to info-m you that in Ianuary last I was attacked by a wr violent cola, caused by wotkihg in the water, whi'-h settled on mv lungs It was tc companied by a very severe ptin in mv ' i mid side*, and al o a distressing eoufh. I hid in a'" ' II the liest me IM lid in our village ; but after ex1' (heir skill in uo avail they pronounced iny di ease n I irn-d < onsumptiou, ana they one and all gave m- up to die Itei m"eh |K>rsuat'on, I got the consent of my iihi siciau to he of Wild Cherry, prepared by Dr. Wistar. 1 iiu Imed of trie Agem in our place oue bottle, before using half l whi h I li g:m t'i gain strength, and it was very evident tnv rough WMUMKth better slid my symptom' in every way i proving. 1 have now u ed three bottles, and am re?t'"ed to perlect heal'h This result i aloueoMin* totheusofDr Wistar's Balaam of Wila ('.hern and I ta^e this method of giving you the mf- rmation, |>artl\ t pay the debt of gratitude I o?e you, and partly tti t others si milarly afflicted may know where to apply for reli>f. Very t'uly yours, JAMES SAOE. Mr. Palmer, Druggist, under date of Wat-rville, Sept 24, 1943 write?: The statement given you by Mr. James fl^ge is well kno wn to be true by this whole community. It certainly was a most remarkable cute The sale .,f the Balsam is very good, and success tu cures truly flattering. \ eufs rest ectrnijy, >. U PALMER Let the afflicted call and see our certiGcaei. They prove conclusively f at they can b* cured if they g t the r ght mede cine Be urea d get "Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild (. herry." Beware of imitations. Tnis Balsam cures all affections of the lungs aud liver, such as breeding of the lungs, brouchitis, asthma of in or 20 years' standing, croup, obstinate pain in the chest, s'te, he. Sold only by l-aac Butts, 126 PVton, corner of Nassau; Dtlter, Albany; Uorham, New Hsven; t,. W. Pull, Hartford; and bv agents throughout the Nortlieru a d hasteru St tie* A Medical Treatise to be had gratis as above. n2l lm"m CHEAP STOKE TO MY OLD CU8TOMER8 AND THE PUBLIC. DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MJSLMOliNES, GROCERIKS, &c No. 181 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK fOHN C. MOHRISON offers for tale, on the most liberal " terms, a very extensive assortment of goods, among tliem the following, to which he won Id solicit the attentiouof APOTHECARIES Opinm, Corrosive Sublimate, i/tunpnor, /vquH /vunmmia, Cntun Tarter, Spirits Mitre Dulcis. Castile Soap, Saper Carbouate Soda, Liuuorioe, Tartaric \cid, Balsam Copai va, Epsom Salu, Rhubarb, Laudanum, /alar Senna, Aloes, Salphat* Quinine, Flers. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, and all KismI Gum Arabic, tUl Oils. Castor Oil, Oom Myrtih, Quicksilver, Canthaades, Vlagut-sia, (inn Trag.xcanth, Vlaniia, Powdered Bark, Roll and Hour Sulphur, Colts or all kinds, Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Bor*i, relined and crude, 8i<onges. coarse and fins. Calomel, Druggists' Olass Ware Red Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS Window glass, ofall sixes and British Lustre, qualities. Olue, all sorts. White lead, dry and in oil, Gold aud Silver Leaf, lied Lead, Gold and Silver Eronxe, Litharge, Copper Bronxe, Spirits Turpentine. Chalk, white and red. Putty, Paris while, WHitinf, Sl>anish Brown, Verdigris, dry? nd in oiH Venetian Red, Chrom* Green, Band Paper. ?hrome Yellow, Pnmice Stone, pflow Ochie, Freneh and Tar and Kosin, American, Japan, copal, ceach and bar* Prnssiau Blue, nets varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra de Sienna, Ivory Black, Red Chalk. Gum ( opal. Gam Shellac, Paiut Bruskea, all situ, Bright Varnish, Rose fink, Sasn Tools, all sixes, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kail, Oil, Tnun. Winter, Lintseed, Summer strained sperm, Nmtsloot, Refined, whale, Olive or Swset, Unrefined, whale. Sea Elephant. Tannsrs', JLard Gtl, Sperm and Stearic Candles. DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURER*. Logwood, Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red Sannders, Kustic, Hat?u Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Hypernic Wood, Gum Asphaltum, Peach Wood. Sal Ammoniac, EbtinyWood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alum, Fallen' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and French,! Copperas, Eng. and Amcr. lndigoes, of Bengal, Carraca Oil Vitrol, ana Guatamala, i Sugar Lead. While Tartar. Blenc hing Salu, Red TarC?r, f'ochineal, Glue, \quh Kortia, 8a mac, Nu?alli, L?c Dye, \nnatto, Starch, Soda Ajb, Prussia!* Potash. l ot and Pearl Ashes, Umn SeuenlT Kitr?ct Logwaod, Powdered 7 area ma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chromata of Potaih, Quercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Hririu Nitre Portia, Gam Shsllae, Salt Petre, Cudbear, British Gam, Woad, Nitrtc Acid and drain and Bar Tin, Otalie Acid. Soaps, UROCEKS. Young Hyson T*a, Pepper Ban re. Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, Imperial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Maca, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Hetanf, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, Kre.ich Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segars. Alcoh I, Tot and Pearl Ashes, Epsom Salts, Starch, Ciuuaineu. Liquorice Ball, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratus, British Lustre, Kig Blue. Soda for washing,| I'owdervd Ginger Root, Mnstard, Loudon, Mam, Caynnne Pepper, Olive oil in bottles h baakets, Powitemd Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Annisseed, Nut?wf?, Abaynth, Mac*. Oarrayw ay, Clorea, Jnn i| hrt, Cinn'mnn, Hw, Onumr twl fmoti Wa Caaaia Budi, ten. Allspice V?i ilia Beam, I inglaM, Tonqnin Beam, Gum Tracaeanth, I'oriandar Se?d, Hum Arabic, Turkay, Carrayway Seed, Onm 'iainlmge, Anuiaseed, Oil of Kotca, Juju \f Peppermint, Pearlaah, Wiutf'green, Halert'ua, Ciiimmon, Super C rbonate of Coda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Brrxamot, Ginger, while lamaica, Lemon. linger, K.asL India. PAPKR MAKERS, HATTERS, kc. Bleat-nine Powtlera, >utgalU, Powdered Bine Sinalu, Blue Vitriol. Ol'ie, Verdifito, Oil Vitriol, Coppenw. /' I 'I. Hal Ammonia vnpwr v??M r- ??? , dh*l no. Antimony, AlcohM. SnghT of Lead. Cltrtct cf Logwood. A<o??t A lam lie. I'ATKNi" MEDICINE bfc vLRKN. BalMm of llonfv, Andrraon'a, Lr?'? It Hcopri'i i l'urlin?li>n'? Balaam, Bufmnu'a Dropa, Opodeldoc, Harlem and Britiah Oil, tWia and Liquid, H?idliti Cow cirri, JkhU Powder*. St n?liton'a Bittera, C*o4f ey'* Cord *1, Kilract s.mapuilla, Aideraou'* Couth Drop*, Cephalic Snuff, Tnomppon't Kye Wat.r, ( lieimral* ol *11 kindi, French, f-iinIlalt And American. All Itind* ' f Painta aud Color*. Kearv description of Drug* and Druggta'a' Articl**; and Pa ent Medicine*. PnfuiMry, "oapa, *< , i? general ai*ortoa?i t. j All irticlra warra.itrd genuine IT^"1 lw> moit prompt attention giren to order* from h* I eonntry, I nt lmdvkwvr I IRK I 1RNING, NOVEMBERS IMPORTANT TO BU81NEKH MEN BUSI^E^S MEN who keep no l-aiik account can have notes c< llTtrd through the Butcher* ami Drovers* IV< k, and irompl returoi made hi liu chrn and Prnvers' mnrey, by th-ir leavitiK Mich notes with Mr. Robert P Perrin. at the Buk. >o. I 13i Bowrv cor Grand at. Mr. tarriu'i relerenci*s are the Cashier ami < nrni any . f the B'lik. n 16 lm*eo | HAVANA MANMON rtUUSb HU'I bL ! H'HK undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and 1 the pnblic, that the Mansion House is now locate*) in In- J quisidor street, Mo. 67 in the vicinity of th* steamboat landing I nm! vegetable market Lrinii mm mod inna (nmilv RDartinttiti ! arranged in t!i* gettnt order. A person i> employed 10 procure permit* to laud (mssengers, baggiiije, kc. who vrill hoard vessels immediately after the visit of the reveuue officers N B.?Vilitori to this laland should procure a passport from the SpRuish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties mid inconvenience sSlfimec WILLIAM FULTON "" BOARDING FRENCH anil American Boarding Home, No. 6? lleade at., a *ew door* from Broadway. Boarders will find it an agreeable home, at a moderate price The French ia *euer*llv ip ken Day boarders taken o26 irn'm BOA D AT '18 i HAMBEH8 3''REFT. rPHREK or four (tenth men < ?n now be comf rt- blyaccomA tnodyed with board. a> d pleasant rooms with luintr es attached Ten s moderate? rt lunices reoui'ed. n!7eod 2v? r MADAME SUTTON, fKOM'MOli OF SINOING, Sfi Virick street, St, Johns' Park. slS In*' MUM JOSEPH KAMMERKR, Pr<ife?sor of Music, res|>ectfully J announces to his I'a'rons and the Public iu geieral, that he has rem-ved from i9 Crosby tu 'I* Laureos street, where ill orders for his Cotillion Band, to wait on Partie?, Ike., in or out of town, will he re?eived and promptly attended to. Orders for J K. will also be received at Mr. W. Dubois' Music Htorr, 28,'j Bwxhny n'< lm* rrc ITALIAN Ml'sir -Mil MANNINM (twenty yetus rmi 1 dent in Naples.) pupil of Pacini and Cn-scentini, dives instructions on terms to suit the times, in It,Minn English singing, and in the most lashionable style of piaur farte playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following i?utlemen:J. M. Waiiiwright. D. D.; Messrs Howland it Aspinwalt; 1 F Schroder D. D.; Mr J T. ltrigham; F. L. Hawke?, D. D, Mr. 8 Ward Mr. M. resides at 230^ Hnitson street near Spring si n2 lm*r IV/1 I TWIl < L\ .IV HA If I'lPS VfESSRS. O. WEISS k KIl ORAM088, Professors of ! *? Music, respei tfullv announce to their patrons rlii* Udm anil gentlemen of New York anil iu vicinity, that their O; till ion Band i< prepared to play the most admired and fashionable Music fur Private P?rtie? Soi'een, kc. Orderi thankfully received a il punctually attended lo at >6 Delancev ?t, also at M< Millot's Mu?ic Saloou, 32*1 Bro'dwiy, or at Mr. Jollie's Mnstr Store, 38.1 ^ rna il a av u i Im'r music! MESSRS SCHNEIDER k HEBHUN, Professors of Music, lateof Saratoga Springs, rcsiwotfully announce, that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private parties soi'ees, ? enail'i, k<\, during the ensuing season, performing the mot i odern and popular music. All oiders for ' h it >tt?ndince will he received and answered at tMir praaeat residence, 5? Croshv street. u8l ltn*r t BHCPVNlfi !k t O Manufacturers of the Improved ' I'ateut 1 nhle Action Harp by Royal Letters Patent, London?est-n .lied 1810, (man, years with Erard,) No. 385 Hindwav and :'? <haunters .(reet, New York. .1. F. Browue otters for sale at 185 Broadway, the finest collection of these hoaittiful instruments in the United State* His irraulaments are such as to 'liable him to transact business at If,or :< ?! prices thereby String purchasers the high duties im po hy tariff on these instruments .1 Browue would observe these i^rps are constructed od It approved principles, with all the modem improve'a. re unequalled in brilliancy < f tone, fiuencss of touch, iH'ohrunsm Pellicular care is taken to lit es if climate in cilis country, in which res ind farsuperu i to anv of European inanuie usual wiy. ionised by the elite of musical tast? and tiroi it iu K.uro(>e jwioug the latter, he would men'ion N. .o. iiss, who invit';ably selects from this es'ablishment. The attention of pro lessors in this cnuntry is solicited Lists of prices and descriptions may lie forwarded by post Repairing careflillv attended to: Harps taken in exchange Strings, kc oil Im'K DISBftOW'l KID NG - CrfOOL, 1(8 BUWE Y. T70R LADIES from 9 A M. to 3 P M daily. " Kor (Jentlemen " 3 to 5 and 7 to 9)t P. M daily. Lkctuki: Lf.ssok*. I KikRcisk Riomn. t Evening Class ) 1 12 Lessons $9 00 20 Hides $10 0? Single do I 0J | ingie d 75 Th- Dreming aud Drnwiiig Rooms are we'lwsrmd *nd eve'y attention voted to the -omfoit of ih .se who way honor us with their patronage. (Jentlnneu keeping th-ir horses on livery at this estahlis mem will hare the piivili'ge of riding thsm in th School, mi 3m*r FENCING ACADEMY. MKSSHS. ROHAT h F.CKKRT hive the honor to inform th* eitizrai of New York. that they ti vr .>|>etie<t m Academy of Arinn *1 TJJ Broadway, corn-r of Anthony ?tnvt where th v intend teaching Small Sword. Bro dsword, Cane t?c as wel' ?? Sparring. Il?? inn had Imig e?|>?ri?ue* in teachit g the above hr oichet, th-y ho|* to -.ecur- the patronage of thoae who with 10 bee me firar raw >>eu Tlie?e graceful and me'til ei?rci?r? eipand the ehe?t and correct natural defec of lurm ition They rentier th* body m re riRor?u?t (upt le md active, and trive that eaiy eurriatf that is always obseived in well educated nun. V K. IIOS \T, n91m*r CH AhLKH v OKF.KT M * S PUKDY'S PRIVATE DAV-8rHOOL FOR *OUNO LADIES. NO 98 Hnmersley street ? Mrs. Purdy and her t wo daughters having receiill\ arrived from Kngl-iud, where ihey were engaged iii giting instruction in'he vtriom branches ol Kngltih r.ducation Music, Drawing ?nd ' 'rejich, are prepared to receive a limited nnmliev of yonng ladtea Her terms are "egulated by the general every department, for which, and other particulais.uhe been t? refer to her card, which will be furnished on application at her residence. nl lm*r mwnr.i iw licilii/ Abraham j jackson. Pawnhroker, No. s? R?ade ?tre-1, near Broadway, loan* money in large or small sums, a? may be re<i'tired, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mare. Dry Goods, Wearing Apparel, and personal property of "very de tcri'don o2fl 1 rn * r vi??ney io loan IN ini of SIMM), f 1000 *2000, S1600, $1800, or one (am of I $7ii00 ou unenfumliervi and productive real estate, in the city t>f New V ork. Apply by note, left at this office, addreued to H. B. o30 r MONEY LENT, LIBERALLY, at the ?I<! established stand, 401 Grand street, on fid and silver watches, plate, j wellery and diamonds, wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cotlery, mnsical ana mathematical instruments, beddiug, anj every deicription of personal proiierty, by LOU18 LEVY. Pawnbroker, ott lm*m 40J Orand her ween Ridge and Attorney ?t. rpHE SUBSCR BKR has removed fr in the store No. A 667 Br aifW'v, to 171 '.anal, for the purnose ' f earn in' on the CASH TAILORING BUMNhSS in all its branch-., and in a style of eleg wee which c nnot ' e surpassed by any other h'n-r It ia the intent on of 'he underpinned to aak ?ucn price* for his givd? aa cannot f-til to meet the approbation of the i ublic, and an excellent assortment will be kept on hand to to t the. taste of all OaimC'.tican alio be altered and repaired at this establishment at reduced prices. A call ii respectfully ?olic:ted by yonr obedient re'vant, M HI' r. N B Oentleroen furnishing their own cloth can have thrm made up on the moat leaaonable ttrmt, and good lila wa ran ed. n22 lm*r THE SUBHCItlBKRS have jn?t received from Herman' and offer for aale, a varie'y of W t'l'KR PROOF ai d AIR TIOH T article., called ANHYURIN for which 'ent? have been taken out in England and Germany, They are vastly ?nperi >rto THOSE in use miwifactur^d by the aid of India nib'>er,froiTi which they .ire dutn itnisherl by bfing perfectly INODOROUS, I NELASTIC, but am pie, and undergoing no alterat on whatever by change of temperature, fhese articles are manufactured with wool, eotion, linen, silk. Sic , of which niav be made CLOAf 4. HUN I'lNo JACKET*. GAITERS, APRONS. MILITARY TENTS, H\Vfc'RS\f',Ks. A,wNlNO*. MARQUEES, NOINE ir'ui' II? hat a Mil uriVMH l.l \IN()4 ?,iti I HOBK AND 6l"VES for tho?e aUVcted with gout ind I rh#tnui'itm; AIR CUSH (I.V8, PILLOWS, M \T I RKSS*'8. Stc A"'o g ll><? rest ihrv have an article urei'ared for WAOOS COVkits, forth* USb. OK RAILROADS ami in?A5Ciri j ? ? ?'?? and boats. Aim for BALLOON"* anil for B\<IS which may contain wate y. fasenus or oily fluids without any chance ol 1,-aia/e, They have also of thi? manufacture an eiee lent article of .SAIL CLOTH, Which will arre$? the paaaige of air, will laat longer, be li*hre, than ordinary sail clo h, aud require a leas number of hinds to manage them, to the tnmn'aciure of L'MBit Kl.LAS this arie'emus' supercede every other material Indeed the usual pplication of the ANHVDRI vK mint be almns unlimil d It must not be omitted to state tin' tnis article is admir??|y I adapted as a cover for leather beds; the p- spiration from di<Mse l or even healthy peisous " injurious ud oestructitre to invthers, will nnder us use he prevented from penetrating and "annot eitend beyond the riterinr ol the tick. PKE1FEK k W|S?\1AFN, nl] lm'ec 23 Hou'li William street. Fruits, groceries, tram, winks. *< _ii.\ k YOUNU, H2 liatham street, offer at wholeeale and r'loL to?le lers and families? k resli K orei<n Kruits, a general ass"rimc t Sugar* and Coffee of all kiud*an4 ijuaiitie* Ten#, Grarn and Black, of -very d-scri Hon I Snperi >r old Wi,i,s and Liquors, f viriousgrid's Superior Raspber and Ch'try Brandy Kn-nch and A tier can Cordials, on draft and in ll'ss Lo ilon, Scotch and American Potter, Brown Stout and Tale Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriana and other bra da Segirs Kast ai d west India and American I'reaerves and Jelliei II nev, in small bniei, fr m Ohm Ininhe Pn'e in 1 ^ and ti lb boxes Bird Seed Spices. Cnc.w and Chocolate Speun Oil and ' an lies, Soip fcc Saramga Pavilion Wa er. in qii rt and pint bottles. Ooods d-l ver-rtroanv part "f ihecitv I e- of i ens*. nil lm*m tlQUIuVILk iMPa," <? Rk UO M SU MP;", aud U "HOKIN'S DLAsn v r* Air* ui.vira a iar?? and complete aaaorimento th<' *k.>> r L<ini? i, ke |.r cnnatamh on hand and f?r ?ale ?t low iuiiI reduced i>ric- bjr the iibt*r|Her Pe:non? within* Lamp* or to rr<momiie in li*hl, are ii.rited to fill and (uminr he'Virp purchasing, i hemica] Oil and Kurninv Kluid f the S?-?f quality keptcoutUntly lor *alr and''elivard in any pari of th- city r HO'?K K.H, rU* lm?w HI Rr.o.lwav UN11 KlV STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 lot* 129 Chtitknm utretl, New York. And 116 Kulton atreet, ttrooklyu. 'Aorwcv, JI8 Bi.r.rcunn Strkri, 1W H O L K (< A L E AND RETAIL, 'pIF. CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for I aale new and fragrant Tni of firry rarieu and atyle Their amortinent apecialty include* th* moat deliciona an? powerful ?r*iU? of Own and Black E?ery package heart th> alamp of neatnaaa and elegance, and the I"e*a itierem are a< thoroughly aeoured from light and air, that their inaluv and power will remain unimpaired in any climate Their ivtteni of pro?ecufing b'Hineaa n, i?>rhapt acarcely to he eaeelled It ii (oauded npon the ntmoai regard to the righta of the cuttoni ?r. e?l??l4lly with r#?pecl to weight Mill lualitr. and ?nri railed rh*?pn<?? All purrtvuera are called ii|ioii to retnrn anj irticle* which lail to gir* them the utmost saii?fart imi, wh?f the money will he cheerfully and promptly refunded (..ninny merchaiiu, public e.atahliahmenta, headt of fauiiliM. and ahi|>naaters will find it i decided advantage to anpply themteWai from thtt establishment. Ok!*vin* J*?? Cot-rni. n?ute?l e?ery day Orurri from all p*r'? of the United fta'ea -vented with promptitude and deapafch. /" The only w?t?hoii?e >? Arr.*rc? for tl?? rile of IIo? lua't celebrated JUUck oW lin*m ' IE R A , 1843. [From the London Morning Chronicle ] The R? v. Sydney Kmlih Lt ttrr to lb* Ht iiiisylvanlniia. Sir:?You did me the lavor, some time since^ to insert in your valuable journal a petition of mine to the American Congress for the repayment of a loan made by me, in common with many other unwise people, to the State of Pennsylvania. For that petition 1 have been abused in the grossest manner by many of the American papers. After some weeks reflection, I see no reason to alter my opinions, or to reiract mv expressions. What I then said was not wild declamation, but measured truth. 1 repeat again, that no conduct was ever more profligate than tut of the State of Pennsylvania. Historv cannot natlem it: and let no deluded be iii? imagine that they will ever repay a single tarthing?their people nave tasted of ine dangerous luxury of dishonesty, and they will never he brought hack to the homely rule of right. The money transactions of the Americans are become a !>y-word anions the nations of Europe. In every grammarschool ot the whole world ad Urircu* Caltndat is translated?the American dividends. I am no enemy to America. 1 loved and admired honest America when she respected the laws ot pounds, shillings and pence ; and I thought the United States the most magnificent picture of human happiness: 1 meddle now in these matters be i cause I hate fraud?because 1 pity the misery it has occasioned?because I mourn over the hatred it has excited against tree institutions. Among the discussions to which the morel lubricities of thi- insolvent people have given birth, they have arrogated to themselves the light of sitting in judgment upon the property of their creditors?of; deciding who among tliein is rich, and who poor, I and who are proper objects of compassionate pny- 1 mentj but in the name of Mercury, the great god of thieves, did any man ever hear of debtors al- I leging the wcaltu of the lender as a reason for I eluding the payment of the loan? Is the Stock Kxchange a place for the tables of the money lenders; I or is it a school of moralists, who may amerce the j rich, exalt the poor, and correct the inequalities of fortune! Is liiddle an instrument, in the hand of Providence to exalt the humble, and send the rich j empty awayl [Joes American Providence work I with such instruments as Hiddlel Hut the only good part of this bad morality is not j acted unon. The rich are robbed, but the poor are not paid: they growl against the dividends of Dives, and don't lick the sores of Lazarus. They seize, with loud acclanuitiona.OD the moneybags of Jones Loyd, Rothschild, and Baring, but they do not give back the pittance of the widow, and the bread of the child. Those knavesof the setting sun may call me rich, for 1 have a twentieth part of the in- j come of the Archbishop of Canterbuty; but the Curate of the next parish is h wretched soul, bruised bv adversity: and the three hundred pounds for hjs I children, which it haH taken his life to save, is I eaten and drunken by the mean men of Pennsvl- j vunm?i,v men who are always talking of the virtue and honor of the Unitccl States?by men who soar above others in what they say, ana sink below oil nations in what they do?who, after floating on the heaven of declamation, fall down to feed on the offal and garbage of the earth. Persons who are not in the secret are inclined to consider the abominable conduct of the repudiating states to proceed front exhaustion?"They don't pay because they cannot pay;" whereat, from estimates which have just now reached this country, this is the picture of the finances of the insolvent states : Their debts may be nbout 200 millions of dollars; nt an interest of six per cent this makes an annual charge of twelve millions of dollars, which is little more than on# per cent of their income in 1840, and may be presumed to be less than one per cent of their present income; but it they were all to provide funds for the punctual payment of interest, the debt could readily be converted into a four or live per cent stock, and the excess, converted into a sinking fund, would discharge the debt in less than thirty years. The debt cf Pennsylvania, estimated at fort v millionsof dollars,bears, at live per cent, an annual interest of two millions. The income of this state was, in 1840, 131 millions of dollars, and is probably at this time not less than 150 millions : a nett revenue of only 1 1-2 per cent would produce the two millions required. So that thp price of national character in Pennsylvania is I 1-2 per cent on the nett income; and if ibis market price of morals were established here, a gentleman of a thousand a year would deliberately and publicly submit to infamy for ?15 per annum ; and a poor man, who by laborious industry had saved one hundred a year, would incur general disgrace and opprobrium for thirty shillings by the year. There really should be lunatic asylums for nations as well as for individuals. Hut they begin to feel all this ; their tone is changed ; they talk with bated breath and whispering apology, and allay with some cold drops oi modesty their stripling spirit. They strutted into this miserable history, and begin to think of sneaking out And then the suhdolus press of America contends tlint the English under similar circumstances would act with their own debt in the same manner; but there are many English constituencies where are thousands not worth a shilling, and no suci. idea has been broached among thein, nor has any petition to such effect been presented to the Legislature.? Rut what it' ihev did net in such a mannet. would it he u conduct less wicked than that of the Ameiicans^ Is there not one immutable law of justice? is it not written in the book! Does it not beat in the heart1? are the great guide-marks of life to be concealed by such nonsense as thisl 1 deny the fact on whieh the reasoning is founded, and if the farts were true, the reasoning would be false. 1 never meet a Pennsylvaniau at a London dinner without feeling a disposition to seize and divide him; to allot his beaver to one sufferer and his coat to another?to appropriate his pocket handkerchief fo the orphan, and to comfort the widow with his silver watch, Broadway rings, and the London Guide, which nc always carries in his pockets. How such a man can set himself down at an English table without feeling that he owes two or three pounds to every man in company I am at a loss to conceive ; he has no more rignt to eat with honest men than a leuer has to eat with clean men. If he has a particle of honour in hia composition, he should shut himself up, and say, "I cannot mingle with you,, I belong to a degraded jjeople ?I must hide mysell?l am a piunaerer irorn Pennsylvania." Figure to yourself a Pennsylvanian receiving foreigners in his own country, walking over the public works with them, ana showing them Larcenous Lake Swindling Swamp, Crafty Canal, and Rogues Railway, and other dishonest works.? This swamp we gained (says the patriotic borrower) by the repudiated loan of 1828 Our canal robbery was in 1830 ; we pocketed your good people's money for the railroad only last year." All this may seem very 6inart to the Americans; but if 1 had the misfortune to be born among such a people, the land of my fathers should not retain me a single moment after the art ot repudiation. 1 would appeal from my fathers to my forefathers. I would fly. to Newgate for greater purity of thought, and seek in the prisons of England for better rules j of life. This new and vain people can never fotyive us for having preceded them 300 years in civilization. They are prepared to enter into the most bloody wars with England, not on account of Oregon, or boundaries, or right of search, but because our clothes and carriages are better made, and because Bond street beatsBroadway. Wise Webster does all lie can to convince his people that these are not lawful causes of war: but wars, and long wars, they will one day or another produce ; and this, perhaiw, is the only advantage of repudiation. The Americans cannot gratify their avarice and ambition at once ; they cannot cheat and conquer at the same time. The warlike power ot every country depends on their three p< r cents. If Cesar were to reappear upon earth, Wettenhall's Lint would be more important than hisC.mimentaries: Rothschild would open and shut the Temple of Janus: Thomas Baring, or Bates, would probably command the Tenth Legion, ana the soldiers would march to battle with loud cries of Scrip and Omnium Reduced, Consols, and Ctpsar! Now, the Americans ! have cut themselves off from all resources of credit, j Having been as dishonest as they can be, they are prevented from being as foolish as they wish to be. In the whole habitable globe thev cannot borrow a guinea, and they cannot draw the sword because they have not money to buy it. If I were an American of any of the hon>-st States, I would never rest till I had compelled Pennsylvania to be as honest as myself. The bad faith of that State brings disgrace on all; ju?t as common snakes are killed because viper* are dun- i gerous I have a general feeling that by that breed of men I have been robbed and ruined, and I shadier and keep aloof The pecuniary credit of every State is affected by Pennsylvania. Ohio pays; bur with such a bold bankruptcy before their eyes, how long will Ohio p?yl The truth in, that the eyeh of all Cipitalifeta are averted from the United States. The finest commercial understanding* will have nothing tt, do with them Men rigidly just, who penetrate boldly into the dealings oi na- j \ tions, and work with vigor and virtue tor honorable ( wealth?great and high-minded merchants Will loathe, and are now loathing, the iiame of Aliie- j ric.i: it is becoming, since its f?l', the common | LD. I*rlM T?? CidU. shore of Europe, and the native home of the needy villain. And, now drab-colored men of Pennsylvania, there is yet a moment left: the eye? of all Europe are anchored upon yon? " Surrcilt mundtn juitu furtu .? start up froin that trance of dishonesty into which you are plunged; don't think of the fWh which walls about your life, hut of that ein which ha* hurled you from the heaven of character, which hangs over you like a devouring pestilence, and makes good men Md. and ruttian?d?nee and #ing It is not for ginslinR alone andsherry f:?61er that man i<t to live ; hut for those ifreftt principle*, against which no argument can he li>tened to?principles which Rive to every power a double power nnoVt* their function* and their office#, which are the book)-, the arts, the academies that teach, lift up, and nourish the world?principles (I am ijuite serious in what I say) above ca*h, superior to cotton, higher than currency?imnciples, without which it is better to die than to live, which every servant of ( od, over every ?ea and inall lands,should cherish. Uut ad aid it a nvirammta ammir. yours, &c. sydvey ?*mith. tieiieral ?ee?t?na Before Recorder Tullinadee mid Aldermen Emmani and Nash Thiil or Hauoi. iiis Wire. Nov. VJ.?The tiial of Henry M I'agge and hi* wife Esther C , for forgery of a cheek in the name of Austen, VVllmei'ding At Co , lor J.'l.OOO, on the Seventh Ward Bank, impleaded with Henry Saunders jr., w as continued. The prosecution u ai conducted by District Attorney t\hititig, assisted hy John W. Edmonds, Esq. The delence by David (jrahom and Win. M. Price, Esqa. I'agge and hi* wife were seated together in one of the prisoner'* boxes, and young Sannder# in the one adjoining. Tbey were very neatly dressed, and appeared to watch the proceeding* with gieat intereiL Jon* W. F.nMoi*r?, Esq., opened the ewe briefly for the prosecution, and called? Wiii-iam E. Wilmkhduso, of the firm of Austen (it WUmerding, as the first witness for the prosecution. [The Duthut aitohurr here lequested young Plunder* to be taken from the Court room to the prison during the examination of witnesses ] Edmonds?Do you know Henry P*under*( WiLNKRPiNi-?Yen. he was in'our employ as an under clerk, and sometimes drew our checks from the bank The forged check was here handed to witness, w hich whs in the following form:? a * e Z <(>>^?> Nrw Yoak, Aug 81st, HUS V *><*4. No. 338. * SEVENTH WAKD BANK. <? k Edc. Pay to w*. H. Pa hit, or ordar, Three Thou- ?> & sand Dollars. J 4t>6% ?:i,ooo 4 J. <? AtffTE*, WfLMCRDtlvO ft Co. 'j? Witness was here shown the check and tha endorsement of Mr. Priest, the cashier of the firm, and askad the following Ot rsriow ?Is that the handwriting of NTr. Priest ? The counsel for defence ob'ectan to the question, aa there was no averment of the charge of forgery of the endorsement in the indictment, and therefore the prosecution had no right to prove It a foreery The Cmkt decided thai tno question w?* prupur, ?ou the counsel for defence took exception* to the daciiion. which were noted. Witbhi.?That is forgery of the handwriting of Mr. Priest. We kept tui account art the Seventh Ward Bank. Ww. H., called.?I wu cashier of the firm of Austen. Wllmerding fc. Co. The word* "Wm. H Priest" In the check I* Intended to imitate mv band wrltlne?the word "order" was written by me lontr anterior to the time tli* check was dated?thin was done because the checks on this bnnk were not printed to order, apt! as it wa* our custom to draw all cheeks to order. I filled these up The endorsement ufm> name is a forgery, although it is n pood imitation. John L, called?T am paylne teller of the Seventh Ward llnnk?this check was" presented on tlr 31st of August, I believe bv Henry Saunders It wm paid in 1100 notes and ffiO't I <lo not recnenirc Saunders defiuitelv as the person who presen'ed the check [A 1*1 v here came in'o Court and irave information 'bat the =on of Nicholas 7llkein. one of the .furors, etr panelled in tbe ca*e. wn? dying Bv consent of cottnrel he wan withdrawn, and the cause proceeded with the remaining eleven jurors Wit*msi continued?Th?' check beinr lucre. and not knowlne Saunders, I refused to pay It at first.hnt the cashier, .Alfred S Feasor, came by at that Ins'ant and recoeni?ed Saunders as one of the cleiks of A listen, Wilmerdin?r Si Co I then paid the check?the bill* were of the Seventh Ward Bank in ffO's and flOO's. Aimrn S Fr*?r.a called ?I am Cashier of the Seventh Ward Bank, and was present when the money on this cberk was paid to young Saundets. Wit Wh.i livs. h colored man. stated that on the .list of August last he met a gentleman at the corner of West and Liberty *treets. who asked him to take some bairgage to the steamboat, for which be cave him fifty cent*; but he had never seen the man before nor since, nor could he sav that Pairire was the man On cross examination, he (aid he was to be paid for at'endin? as a witness, and had received twenty-five cents on account. Aisr.Ki.iwr Osfobt. a colored woman, called?I know .Mr*, ftasrge?saw her at 912 Canal street, at Mr*. Baxter'*, where she boarded. She gave me a box to keep for her the same dav that T was examined at the police She told me to take the box, carry it home, and not let any one see it. or steal it from me. She said it contained valuable iewelrv. I was at work at Mrs. Hunter**, and took th? nox ann carnen n in?""e mm u??. iv ?<n >a?? I left it there that night. It was opened the neit day by Mr* Hunter and mv*elf Wo took the monev out of It. which wan in roll* and package*. A gold pewtl hNo in the box. and thi? pnr?e. which i* made of tha aame kind of atufFan the ftnek which Mr*. Pur/re ha* on at the present time A bor of rinir* and iteel pen* wore al?o in the hox. I left the box wi'h Mr*. Hunter with all tba thine* and the money in It. I know 8aunder??have seen him nt Mr* Pagge'*-in the *ame room with "aitge and hi* wife Never ?aw him there hut once I believe? tha' wm when Mr. Raeee wa* *ick. She ha* owttd me *mall tmm* of monev at different Mme*. which ?be promt*ed ?o pav an noon as she could. When I took the box ?he told me to go directly home and Bay nothing to any body about it. Cro**-examinod?1 did not know the forgerle* had been committed untij after the box wan opened I believe the reward for tho recovery of the monev tvn 6000 dollar*. I am to have I.WO dollar*, but have not received anv yet. I pave an order to Mr. Warner to fret the ironry for me J also pave one to Mr. Oxen, to are that I Rot It. I lived wl'h him?he 1* a pilot. FarnraTci' Pacm^v*** of the firm of Voallrh k Parhtmaun. lewellera, 00 Caual atreet. caljad ? I know Parte; he called at our store on Monday , the 4th of September, and amln on Tuesday morning; he pureha*ed a cold penell: thi* la the one here ahown; he houiht a pair of gold le?ve button* on Monday, and eave me In payment on Tuo*dav a >50 bill on one of tha ward bank*; I do not know which bank: T ?ent a boy out to gat It changad; h? broueht me the chanee Tho f ourt here, at 1 o'clock, adlournnd till thla morning at 11 o'clock, when the ea*e will be eontlnuad. Enough Thf.\tr?cal* ?Celeste hns met a ? r jii_ "r? formidable nvnl in the person or mnnr. ni>n--nirPro?ner, form<*rlv of St .Tame0' Theatre, and now plavinir at the Princess' The London paper* speak hi^hlv of her perfotmances. She is said to be vouni?, prettv, interesting and effective. Bouquet? are nightlv thrown in profusion at her feet. Mrs Alfred Shaw made her appearance at Drury T,ane for the fir?t time this sea?on, and also for the first time in the part of Cinderella. Mi?s Helen Fmicirt wn* fulfilling an engagement at Tunbridge, and Mrs. Fitzwilliam at Norfolk The Peri has drawn more money to Bunn's treasury than any piece since the Jewess. .T. H. Munvard, a provincial actor, has beenoommitted on a charge of bigamy. Sheridan Knowles was lectuting on the drama at Liverpool, with success. Attempt* to erect a new theatre in Glnggow were recently renewed without success. Theatricals in the Provinces are at a low ebb. At the Strand Theatre Mr. W. J. Hammond was to apo^ar in a new entertainment called A Night with Punch: founded 'on the seriea of celebrated naper? of that humorous periodical After which in a Monopnlvloirue, entitled The Last Man: or, Punch out of Town, the whole ot the chartcters embodied and repre?ented by Hammond. A new trifle, called " The Moral Philosopher" has been produced at the Adelphi during the week, the point of which consists in plavtn* a number of practie*| ioke? on n hypocritical ethicist. personated bv 0. Smith. The piece is evidently written fnr dionl.iv nftlie varied talents of Miss Stanley, who acquitted herself most ably in the several cnamotors she represented. Frtrron whs attacked with apoplexy when playing in the now piece, "Old Parr " It is the thirtf attack, and his recovery is doubtful. MrTKonrc Showkrs.?On the evening of the 13th there w as h violent squall on Lake Ontario, accompanied. ?? those who were on the lake say, by snow and li*h'nintf The Lady of the l ake was on her passage from Sarkett's Harbor to this port, and encountered the utrao't violence of the i<|tiall. It lasted but two or three hours. Tint a* the Weather was bad for a day or two previous. there soon arose a tremendous ?ea Considerable anxiety was felt, as the snow storm preclude! all ?iew of r>b!ects the boat's length off and she was know n to be on bar wav. She safely arrived, reporting the extraordinary occurrence of a violent snow squall accompanied by exraaslve lightning. It was merely the return of the ISU of Voveml*r. and of the meteoric bowani. which now seem to belong to our system, and ajinuaily visit us at about that period of the ywar ? Oiwtgo Palladium

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