Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1843 Page 3
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MMWMMMMpMMMMW????????a Davis. Bostou; Ovoca, Cadmus, New York; F,dr*r, Wooster, and Temperance, Norm. Albany; Star, Kirwan. St Thomas ? Cld Strafford Kobaou, New Orleans; Columbia, Cooper, La Ouiyra and Porto Cabello. Sid Michigan, Terry. N York. Kiliimojid, Nov 31-Arr Eliia, NYork. uencrtu Record 8? H? Lucv ? Tlii' Bremen, at Philadelphia from 11 renin;, fell in with, no daie, |at <2 a. (Uhiug tchr Lucy, ol fly inouth, dismasted and abandoned. Spoken Hubert, of and for St Andrews, 31 days from Falmouth, J a Nov II, lai 25 20 N, lou 79 30?ihort of provisions, was supplied wuh bread. Korrlgn Porta. St Thom?i, Not 4?In jk>it, Osceola, Pierca, from Martinique lor Wilmingtou, NC. a,ime day; Viola, Lane, for Boalou, do- Sid Baltic, Pike, Porto Kica. tuttnsnjii, Nov 1?lu port, Bowditch, Kinery, aud Gazelle, Boyulou, unc. Antioua, previous to Nov 4?In port. Veuua, Price, unc. CQKPIANO KOKTE8.? A good piano is a good thingGreat care should he taken in the selection of the inatru liient. It should not only he a handsome piece of furniture, but the touch and tone should be looked to. Professional jktsoiis are generally engaged to purchase pianos, but this is unnecessary, and a useless expense. Any i>crson of good ear and good taste can select an instrument at the Music Repository of Mr. Atwill, ^01 Broadway, that is warranted in every particular, and at a price so moderate as to make it an inducement for all to call and suit themselves. The new music publications are always on his tables, and every thing in the musical line can be obtained. Pay him a visit and be astonished at the great improvement that has taken place within the lust few years, not only in musical instruments of every variety and description, but in the. sheet publications that are daily issuing from his press. QtJ- ATTENTION EVERYBODY!?This day is pub nsneti, price twenty-nve cents, me iiini American iroin the Thirtieth London Kdition ot ABEltNETHY'8 FAMILY PHYSICIAN, OR READY PRESCR1BER. In all cases of illness or accident, where medical attendance is not required or cannot lie procured. Revised and enlarged by 11. Bostwick, M.l). This work, by one of the most successful and intelligent of modern physicians, should find a place in the library of every family in being the cheapest, most modern, and complete Book oi Domestic Medicine ever published. It is far suj>erior to Buchan's antiquated treatise, and all similar works. Ilow much lietter would it be for invalids if, instead of dosing themielves with the quack nostrums, pills and panaceas which so abound, they would turn to the pages of this valuable manual, and under the appropriate head find and adopt the prescription suitable to their complaint?a prescription recommended by one of the most popular scientific physicians of any age. Noticm ok thk Press. " Decidedly the best of the numerous manuals of domestic medicine liefore the public.''?[London Examiner. "The name of the compiler of this useful work is a passport to every man's confidence. No family should be without this excellent work by the great Abernetliy."? (Court Journal. " The prescriptions are numerous, and drawn up with great care. Every variety of disease is treated of, and the best remedies for all are given in a manner intelligible l>otli to the unprofessional reader and the apothecary."? | Metropolitan M aga/.ine. " The best ami most trustworthy treatise of the kind. Every person who is travelling should put one of these books in his trunk. The chapter on the treatment of accidents, is alone worth the whole price of the book."?[London Times. " We repudiate self-doctoring?but here is a book," savs the London Atlas, " which every provident father ot a family should have; for there are occasions when the advice it gives, ill cases of illness and accident, must be invaluable Price twenty-five cents. This day published, and for sale by BUROESS & STRINGER, Corner of Broadway and Ann street, New York. ([^-CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy ofthe city of New York is now confidently recommended and prescribed bv the first medical practitioners ofthe city, lor all cases of debility produced either by secret indulgence or excess of any kind detrimental to the constitution. It i? an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, orbarreness (unless depending 011 malformation) and will be found highly beneficial in allcomplaintsarising from a debilitated state of the constitution. Sold in single lx>ttles$l each; in cases of half a dozen $6; caiefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 07 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. {57-- ERYSIPELAS.?The well known and celebrated physician, Doctor Sherwood, of Broadway, has had for a month, a patient in the most insufferable agony with Erysipelas, that no remedies subdued?the limbs being swol leu iu ii lutiriui arte, .11111 uiu sunerer iiuuiue 10 enjoy ? moment's repose. The Doctor laid aside the wicked prejudice of the profession against using a remedy that tney do not know now to make, and sent to Comstock's, 21 Courtlandt street, for Connell'g Pain Extractor Salve, which reduced the swelling in twelve hours, and the lady hail ease and natural sweet sleep for the first night in eight weeks. She is cured, and is honest enough, and so is the Doctor, to say so, and those who doubt it, better ask him. We repeat again that no money could tempt us to say what we do about this extraordinary Salve were not its powers and merits so unaccountable. Messrs. Comstock St Co. refuse to take pay from the poor, or even from the rich, unless it proves effectual beyond any expectation a j>erson who has not used it can form. It is necessary, however, to be sure to procure it at 'J! Courtlandt street, and all external pains, sores and inflammations are cured directly bv it?Can be had genuine at No. 2 North Kiftli st., Philadelphia. ft?-rRIVATK DISEASES;A CURE GUARANTEED. ?The College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established for the'suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and oiler to all those afflicted with these distressing maledies advantages not to be met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements, between the members of the (,'ollege and the most eminent professors of the medical institutions of Europe, all improvements in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. With such celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill of the first medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied that the good work they have undertaken, "the suppression of quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves from that portion of the public requiring their services. Terms?for advi*e and medicine $f>. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by stating their diseases explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if anv, can obtain a chest containing'all medicines, with full directions for use, with a guarantee of cure, Itv addressing the agent of the college, post paid, enclosing $5. (t?- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, for the permanent cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Fluor albus, and all mocopurulent discharges from the urethra. These pills are warranted to be a safe, radical, and speedy remedy for the almve complaints. They are to be had genuine only at the ottice and consulting" rooms of the College ;o/ Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. f 7b RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TORI1'., for the radical cure of primary or aecondtry syphilli*. Thi? powerful alterative in guaranteed to remove every tr?ce of venereal poison from the system, by Mtrengthening the conatitntion and purifying the blood. All persons su-qiecting a venereal taint remaining in their system. should use this mixture without delay. Sold in single bottles, ^1 earh ; in cases containing half a dozen, carefully packed, and lent to all part* of the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, .Agent, Office and Consulting Rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. IIONRY AIARKKT. Wednesday, Nov. P. N. Stock s are again up. Some old stocks are advancing rapidly. The sale* continue heavy. Long Island im" | proved 1^ per cent, from the sale* at the Second Board yesterday. raterson is up j per cent on time. Ohio Life and Trust rose a \ ; Indiana. 1 ; Illinois, \?sales large ; Kentucky 6"s, 30 years, J ; Ohio ti's, 1H60, ] ; Mohawk, 2 . Vickshurg Bank, J ; Kormer's Loan, 1J: Canton, J ; Harlem declined 1 percent; Pennsylvania S's sold at 72$ ; Tennessee n's at !?0. Money is very abundant. The Mechanics' Bank of Augusta, Geo., has commenced checking on this city at par. The domestic exchanges over the whole Union an' fast improving, without an) more powerful regulator, than the business operations of the country. The balance of trade between all the large cities is so equally divided, that exchanges continue at a very low rate. The value of the State currencies is be" coming equalised, w hich w ill in a short time place the eir dilation of the most distant banks on a favorable footing in this city. The canals of this State are still ojien. They closed las' year on tn? kki oi movemner. i ins j ear that <iay liniin them in navigable order, with a temperature of weather that in very favorable for many dajs free travel. The quantity of produce coming; forward is immense. To the 14th nit. '2.0;JS,'2?7 barrels of flour hail reached tide water. On the day the cunal closed last year, Uenesee flour wa" Helling in this market at $4.371 |??*r barrel. The present price is f 4.60], while the receipts this year over those of last are more than 40(1,000 barrels. The Bowery Kire Insurance ) oinpany have declared a semi-annual dividend of ten per cent, payable on the 1st proximo. The amount of travel on our Western Railroads, increases yearly. The receipts of the Auburn and Rochester road, for the past three months show a great gain over those of the same period last year. The price of passage was reduced Inst May full a third, which must have increased the number of passengers a large per cent. Kaprnsrn August, 1343 *'20,ti'24 (HI 0,333 03 September, 20,403 7ft ft,W0 07 October, 91,909 '20 ft,044 41 $77,'290 lit 18,10ft 01 For same time I84J,. ft8,10'2 01 Increase, $10,1-28 02 New Von* < itt Banks, Avr.y st and Ncvkmm r, 1843 .Hug. Aoe. Inn. Deer. Loans and iliieouuts, Sll, 141,187 29,492,491 ? 3,6.1.1,09? *'Uo. to Dirvrtori, 2,012,7?in 2,404,411 S9t,T|7 ? ?' Uo. to Brokers, l,ll? 037 3,4%,Ml 2,140,111 H|>erir, I'2,'.<65 911 10 260,188 ? 2,701,716 Old rirenlstion, 3,I3?,?23 2,244,791 ? 892,0W N?w " 2,171,702 2,958,909 787,207 ? llppositw, 19,142 626 20,642 21) ? I,'99,18 I lue United Suites, 4,113:11)11 1,611,760 2,391,211 ? The above comparative table of our city banks, shows, that the decrease in the amount of specie on hand in the banks of tIlk State, is from those of this city. The circulation ii very regular?the tailing oil of the old emissions ??^ is counterbalanced by the increase of the registered note*. The amount of loans to the bunkers lia* Increased immensely ; more than doubled. The amount due the Treasury of the United Status has been materially diminished. The poverty of the general government w'" compel the Treasurer to soon call for the small balance lelt. The loans and discounts, independent of those to directors and brokers, have decreased more than three millions and a half. A large proportion of this is a withdrawal from the regular business discounts of the banks, and this brunch of their loans, must continue to fall off. The banks arc rapidly approaching a crisis in their existence?they have l>eeii placed in their present position by the natural course of the events that invariably follow in the footsteps of great expansions of credit; by the reaction that invariably falls heaviest upon the creators of speculation and gam bling ; and by the want of that confidence so necessary to sustain all banking institutions. The tide of prosjierity that the manufacturers of Great Britain are floating on, is expected to continue about twelve mouths. The markets for the raw material were in an exceeding healthy state.. Considerable speculation was going on in wool, the reCeintS linvincr inKlvlaul ami nriiwi iinnmi'ikl Tlu> Knn stant employment the manufacturing classes in every part of Kngland have received for some time past, has vastly improved their condition. A cole, hrnted statistican has, after an elaborate investigation, proved that a larger number of families were in a great measure supported, eighty years ago, by hackling carding, combing, spinning and weaving wool, flax and hemp, in Great Britain, than are now supported by all the cotton and woollen manufacturing establishments of the kingdom. The facts are equally true as regards this coun. try. The extent of our manufacturing interest is judged of by the capital employed, and by the number and magni. tilde of the establishments. This is but an item of the whole. The quantity of cloths of every kind manufactured of cotton, wool and flax by the agricultural part of our population is immense; and in proportion to the number of inhabitants, a larger per cent, are partly supported by this branch of industry now, than will be the case at the end of the next fifty years. This is the result of Kngland'* progress, and the same cause will produce a similar effect here. The value and quantity of manufactures increases as the country grows powerful, but fewer people are employed in producing the additional amount. The movements of the Bank of Kngland tend strongly to: wards a mono]>oly. It is adding to its brandies in the coun. try and extending its circulation by absorbing that of other banks. They have made arrangements with several large joint stock companies to supply them with notes, on condition that those banks shall circulate no other notes.? Several of the largest Scotch banks are carrying out the ........ lol..l.. twr. unuillur r. ..n .<> niUMC . u'J ? 1 were merged into more powerful banks, giving these mo" liopolist? an additional power, in controlling the financial operations of the kingdom. The late law paused in (>rea( Britain, requiring the hanks to make monthly reports of their condition, will give us the earliest movements of these institutions, who are so grasping after power. We have experienced the effect of this system in this country ; we have passed through times caused by this monopoly of Banking power, that will ever leave the marks of their existence. We have dearly purchased the knowledge of its blighting tendency, and the good sense of the people of America will prevent a repetition of the acts that were once so thoroughly engrafted in our bank, iug institutions. The Bank of Kngland, with all its capital, with every intention, and with all its efforts, may never t>e able to create the state of things in Ureat Britain that the United States Bank did in this country. It has a different people to work upon?they have still before them the disasters that overwhelmed this country ; but any mo. nopoly, of any name or nature,when connected with trade and finance, promotes a dangerous, uncertain, and unnatural condition of things. Sales at tlie Stock Uxchang* $4000 State 6's, 1862 *30 112 25 do 27 \ 700 5's, 1851 104 75 Ohio Trust 97 uui H.. liu? Iftfl lllinniB State Bk I > W 16000 Ohio 6's, 1862 102 50 do 15 5000 do *30 102 25 do >30 15 7000 do s3 102 100 do tw 15 15000 do 102W 44 U 8 Fire In* 110 10000 do btw 102V 50 Vicksburg \\ 25000 do b in Jan 102V 200 do 5 1500 da 1850 101 50 Auburn (k Koch 0'iLi 2000 Indiana bonds 41V 25 do 99Jt 5000 do b30 42 25 Norwich It Wor 28 V :<00(l do 41V 100 do 28'j 5000 Kentucky b7 104% 25 do b60 28?2 8000 Illinois 42 50 do b30 28V 16000 do b3 12V 99 Canton Co s6jJ 3000 do 42 V 19 do 26'J 10000 do 42', 25 do b)0 26V 5000 do bnw 42V 50 Mohawk RK >38 46 li'Ot 0 do b30 t2V 25 do 46 6000 do 42V 25 do s3 46 3000 do snw 42V 50 New Jersey b3 94 7000 I'rnn A 5'i b30 72V, 50 do s3 91 6000 do b3 72 475 Faterson 63,1, 5000 Tennessee '.0 50 do b60 61 4(MM) ludiaua Sic bonds 40 50 Lonx Island 68 100 ihas Manhattan Bk 85 50 do 68 25 Mechanics1 106 V 125 do 68V 10 Bk of America par 75 do 6!>V 50 PheoixBk 92V 275 do 69>, 2<l N hiver Bk 104 25 do sl2in 62^, 100 Bk of Com. scrip 99 100 di s3 69V 100 Mec's Bke Ass'u 95l? 50 do htO 69l4 15 Ain Kic Bk 81V 25 do b3 69 37 do 82 50 do s!5 69 '50 Farmers' Ln It Tr 27V 100 Harlem'RR b3 41V 250 do 27>4 2110 do 4I>> 150 do 2' 150 do 41V 50 do b30 27V 75 do 41 150 do b60 27H Second Board. $5000 Illinois Special 6's. 100 shas Faterson RR 64 1870 b3 42 50 Farmers' Lu Ik Trblll 28^ 300 shas Hariem RR blO 4I.V 175 do 1.3 28), 350 do 41 75 do 28 V 25 Mohawk RR 28V 116 do 28 275 Canton Co 28 100 Norwich ik Wor slw 28 25 do 28V 50 do b3 28 V; 150 do 27% New York Public Stock Kxchang*. $1000 U S 5's, 1853 c 105V 104T shas Farmers' Tr b3 28 19000 Ohio 6's, 1860 c ]#2V 25 VicksbuiK Bk c 4V 10000 do b3 102V 25 Canton Co c 2f>V 2000 do 11* 102 V 10 do 27 3000 Ky 6's. 30 yrs c 105 125 do 1.3 V 4000 Illinois 6's, '60 c 41 25 do |30 26j< :100a do *70 c 40V 100 Harlem RR c 4IV 2000 do b3 41 101 do c 41V 2(8.0 do l>3 41V 180 do b60 42V | 4000 do bl5 41V 10O do bnw 42 1000 do 50 L Island RR s30 68 1000 do bnw 41V 75 do c 69>? 21.0(1 1I0 bio 42 100 do c 69 V 2000 lad. $ bds, 25 yr? c 4 2 50 do b4m 71 50 shas Farmers' Tr 27 V 125 do c 49V 25 do 1.3 28V 100 d* b30 70 25 do blO 28V 25 do t>3 69V 25 do bl5 28 100 do 1)20 70 State of Trade. Asur.f?Nothing doing in pots ; we quote $1 for pearls f>i> l.'j. Cotio.i?The market in very dull. The European ad vices have hail an unfavorable effect. Holder* will not submit to the reduction purchaser* demand ; consequently prices remain a* quoted yesterday. Provisions? A moderate' demand exists for beef and pork. Wo notice sale* of mess pork at f II 37{; prime do, | ? 10(7i) lo J.)- mess beef at *6 I2jfg)6 26; prime do, >4'Jbfa, 4 60. Lard is quite dull. We quote bUa)^. Whiskkv?Very little doing. Drudge is held at 23<? 23jif; barrels we quote as usual, 24fo)244<f. .VloL4ssks?This article is quite dull. We notice sales J of New Orleans at 23(?23Jff. j Si'oar?Very inactive. Xcw Orleans is quoted at bifii I'orto Kico, 7i(a)7}4Domestic Goons?Hales at present are quite small. The season is about over. Prices do not vary much, for the average qualities, for some time past. The export business has lallen oil'lately very materially. We quote brown shirtings, 4-4, 3j(a)t>lf, do do 7-8, 6frt)7ir; bleached do, 4(a) 7<f; do S. I. 7fS)ll?f; brown sheetings, 4-4, bfrfSj; do do 6-4, I0(a)12j<f; bleached do, 4-4, 7(alI J..* ; do do .VI, 11(d) 1 ,'xf The stock is increasing in this market, in consequence of the limited demand for export or home consumption. Rkai. Estitk Stiiis,?The follow ing sales of ri'al estate were made by Anthony .1. Bleeeker it Co. :? Nov.111.?The frame building and lot of ground 21 Thames street, about 36 by Mfeet $3,H00 Nov. 22.?The lot of ground 133 Fulton street, on the northerly side, betw een Nassau and Broadway, 26 by 76 feet 12,000 The lot of ground 10:1 Nassau street, near Kulton, 21 by (Ml feet 8,10(1 A regular lot on the east side of 6th avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, 26 feet 0 in. by 100 ft, 4,000 A tegular lot do> do ilo 3,-win A fractional lot on 6th avenue, between 11th anil 12th street 2.100 A piece of rear ground adjoining, about 26 by HO ft, 1,300 A fractional lot on Mh avenue, 2 feet 6 inches front and about 60 feet in the rear 1.600 Two rear lots adjoining, each about 26 by 60 feet. . 2,600 One reur lot adjoining, do ilo 1,300 j The sale was well attended, and the prices show an ad- | vance in real estate. torn Trade. mis market m rather quiet. in'iU Mf is quomi ? " (a)4 rye bring* tJ7?t a bushel. Bi'Pfalo, Nov. 'JO.?There is a tolerably heavy aggregate of f(raiii afloat to-day, which receives due attention from the miller*. A cargo of Chicago was taken at 74$; another cargo of Milan brought 7.*?. and riOO bushel* ol Southport sold at the same to go to l.ockport. Kvery facility Hiked for the conveyance of lots purchased, is afforded the millers. Boat* are tolerably plenty, and there i* no obstruction on the canal. Several lots ol western flour have changed hands at *: tKtyg):? t>8. A cargo of corn i* afloat, but not on the market. Halt it in demand, and held at $1 ftO. The export of this article during the paul eight day* was almost suspended, notwithstanding our stock it fair for the season. DirsoiT, Nov. 1H. Very little flout coming in by wagons, owing to the bail roads. Receipt* by railroad average daily 700 bbl*. Flour ?ell* at 4,Va)-l .'>0. Southern Cotton Dlarkcti. ( nu Min n, Nov. I A. This article is coming iu briskly, and prices range from tij to tijif. Stock on hand, H.Hisi bales. The river yet continues low, but our merchants are. well supplied with every thing in the dry good* and grocery line required bv the planters, having brought them by the Savannah ami < haiieston railroads. Korsyih, (<ia.) Nov. 14.?We have no alteration to make in the Korsyth market?same as last week, Savannah, Nov. 18.?Our last review left buyers and sellers at a stand, awaiting the intelligence per steamer Britannia. These advices came to hand on Saturday night, and although they wen-considered generally more favorable, our market opened on Monday rather quiet, and onh a few sales were mode at a slight advauce on last week a I??? ? ! ! ? I??? I wm II quotations, holder* refusing to *ell on any other terms. On Tuesday buyer*entered the market more freely, am! towards the middle of tlie day much animation was displayed, and the demand l?e:ime hri?k, the sales reaching 1,000 to 1,100 hales, establishing an advance of full j of a cent. On Wednesday the demand fell oil', and the market again assumed a ijuict appearance, in which state it continued up to the close nt our enquiries last evening. We have altered our quotations ti? conform with present prices, and as holders 41c linn at them, we look for a steady market for a week to come. The sale* during the week have been to a fair extent, reaching about '2,803 bales up- j lands. We leave our quotations for the extreme qualities j blank, as there is little or none of either ill market, the : bulk of our present stock consisting of middling, middling fair and fair. quotations. Inferior, ? (a)? Fair 7\(a>? Ordinary, "ilffiij Fully fair, 8 (tj)? Middling, ti|?7{ Oooif fair ?(a)? Middling fair 7jjtft>7i| Prime none Southern Freight*. 8iv**s?h, Nov. 18.?The onl) vessel taken up for albreign iiort since our last, is the Kranconia, for Liverpool, to liiad with rough rice. Last engagement for cotton 7ltirf; to Havre ld-16(3)l<;. Coastwise to New Vork, 7.Vf for stpiare and $1 for round bales cotton, and t?'i<? for rice; to Charleston ao,f for round and square bales cotton. Foreign Markets. K10 dk. Janeiro, Sept. -2ti.?Since our last, under date of 'Wd inst. business has been very dull. There arc 110 sales and no demand for Hour, of which the stock in first hands is estimated at 17,400 bbls. We emote, nominalh . Balti more 14 a 1.) |(K)0, and Hichmoud ifl a 17||000. The prospect for this article is bad, if large shipment* of the new crop come forward, t'ott'ee is linn at 3||300 for superior; 3i|(KM? for good Hints; and 2||4(H) a 2 'MKi for regular. Died, On Wednesday morning, 22d inst. at half past one o'clock, after a severe and lingering illness, John Merchant, formerly of London, Kiiijluuil, hut for a length of time a resident of this city, aged 30 yean. His friends and acquaintances, and the members of Protector Fire Kngine Company No. 22 (of which lie was a member), ami also the members of engine companies Nos. 6 and 21, and the Department in general, are requested lo attend his fuuend, this afternoon at M o'clock, from his late residence, No. 78 Uroad street, without further invitation. On Wednesday, 22d inst. (.'apt. John Senior, aged 18 years. ilis friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the Spanish Hotel, 65 Fulton street. On the 28th of May last, Sarah, wife of Dr. o. A.Smith, and daughter of the late S. H. Noycs. On Monday, 90th inst. at her residence, 191] Bowery, Mrs. S\naii Stuart, aged A3, relict of William Stuart, count) Antrim, Ireland, after a severe illness, w hich she bore w ith christian patience. She died in the faith and hope of a glorious resurrection. At St. Andrews, (N. B.) on the 18th inst. Francis Avmah, Ksq.of this city. Latest Advlcea RKCKIVHD AT THIi N f W YORK HKRA1.L) OFFICK. Africa -Oct. 3 Mmritius July 29 Amaru* Oct. JO Montevideo Sept. 1H Areribo ' Nov. 1 Maracailio Sept. 26 Am ("ayes Oct. 23 Mansaiiilla Oct. 8 Batavia July 23 atanzas Nov. 3 Bay of Islands. N. /-Jane ti Mayaicucz Oct. 21 Bermuda Nov. I Matamoras Oct. 26 Buenos Ayr's Sept. 15 Meiico Sept 40 Belize. Hon. Oct. 20 Nassau, N. P. Nor. t R, rliu ill '<fi M 1... #?-. tO Bombay Sept. 7 Ouhu, 8. I. Ann- fi Cane Town, C. O. H-Sept. 1 Para Oct 'J Calcutta Aug. 10 Paris Nov 2 Cadiz Sept. 18 Port au Prince Nov. 1 Chagtes June 20 Porto Rico Oct. 21 Cieiifnegos Nov. 2 Porto C-alicllo Oct. 20 Cape Haytien Oct. 19 Point Petre, Guad. Nov. 1 Carthagena Sept. 27 Peruambuco Sept. 3 Couuimbo July 18 Payta Auk 23 Callao Aug. 11 Rio Janeiro Sept. 28 Demerara Oct. 7 St. Helena Oct. 1 Elsiuor* Oct. 10 St. Tliomai Nov. I Fayal Sept. 14 St. Jago de Cuba' Oct. 27 Gibraltar Oct. 11 St. Jonns, P. R. Oct. 2!( (iuayaina, BfR. July 6 St. Croix Sept. 22 Galveston Oct. 14 St. Domingo Oct. 20 Gonaives Oct. 9 St. Ubes Sept. 29 Havre. Nor. 1 Surinam Oct. 0 Havana Nov. 8 Singapore Aug 1 Halifax Nov. 2 Sydney. N. 8. W. May 7 Jeremie Oct. 11 Triuidau de Cuba Oct 23 Kingston, Ja. Nov. 1 Talcahuaua June lt> London Ncv. 3 Tainpico Sept. 21 Liverpool Nov. 4 Tobasco Sept. 24 La Guayra Oct. 24 Turk* Inland Nov. 3 Lima Aug. 8 Trieste* Sept. 25 Macao July 31 Valiwraiso Aug. 5 Manilla July 10 Vera Crux Oct. 23 Malaya Oct. 12 Yucatan Oct. 10 Madeira Aug. 2ti Zanzibar Aug. 10 Passengers Arrived. Marskillki?Ship Trescott?Mri Helen Connor, Baltimore; Mra Lorenzo Parker. Bath, Me: Alaxes Breuaiiuit, Toulon; J Gonivand, Marseille*?:> in the steerage. Bahia?Barque Iron t^ueen? Mrs Kodriyuez and family, ( apt J J Mattison, late of barque Sagamore, 4 apt Green, Capt J L While, J S Green, W Pierce, W <i Powell. Passengers Nailed. St Croix, lie.?Ship Cornelia?Joseph Kernnchan, ladj' and servant. Miss Kernochan. Master Keruochan, Dr John (> Adams, C K Hawley, A C Rossiere and servant, Merritt Trimble, all of New York; John Reyuolds. A R Ueitz, Baltimore; Mrs I M?i.;i... i4 < i. ii_.. u i\ Morton and lady. Ki?hard Ashbndge, Philadelphia; Robert Comrie, St Thomas; T W ami II L Dickens and aervant, of Washington, DC: T W Pate hen, lady and child, Troy; Dr Joel A wing, Albany; Dr Kll is, Jersey City; lie* A Liententhaler anil lady, Liditz, I'd. * Foreign Importations. Marseilles?Ship Trescott?150 hales -174 boies 526 bkts 8 Broom lie co?21 pkgs E Kieiller?2 T T Gambia?15 Urimiell, Mialurn St co?30 (.? Meyer?2 Burlsge & Hurler?127 Dutilh & Cousinery?II (taillard St Kmburi ? li MmtUiid. I oinrie St co MXI J Durand?31 Mi t7. St Pollitz?15 cases 3211 hoses 1(10 blrts 47 cks J Wiehelhausen?100 bis Briiatlein, Koop St co?25 c><?ka II llaTiland?80 hales corks 151 bis 1 ca?e 3 jars 12 cks n adder T Michel?19 hales 25 cks II Killeu?80 lihtls wine 40 <|r do E T Uuidar'?400 bkls50 bales 12 cks P A Briethaupt St co?7 boxes Pillot & Le Barliier?9 bales Brustlein, Koop It co?9 pkg* A Caselli?46 cks 214 his 150 bbls lo order Smyrna?Barque Jacob S Wain?200 bales wool 4755 drums figs Dutilh & Cousinery?19 his inds 3748 drum* lies N Regijio ? 1 pkg K O Shaw?400 drums ti|;s to master?229 hales rags 8 do roots 200 bbls currants 100 bales wool 81 do sheep skins to order. LlVERrooL.?Barque Joseph Canard?(IteiMirted yesterday)? 60 casks Persse St Brooks?61 J Lee St co?52 tierces O B Morewood?6 Firth St M|>eddiiig?1 cask J VV Bentou?20 Biirrilllt Johnson?I J Kerguson?90 hlids Poultney it Jenkins? 2115 sk> salt YVoodhull St Minturn?3 bales Cameron St Braud?101 crts H E Alcock?ISRdo 2 casks Andrews Si Brothers?2 bales 4Jo<lfrey St Pattorson?506 hdls hoop 9397 bars iron S Crooks?57 cks to order. hio (JliiNDK?Brig Frances Ann?176 hides 3000 horns 36 bales wool 13 dn hair u Richards Si co?11211 hides J Harper? 2386 do 4 bale* hair WWDe Forest Si co. Port ait Prince?Sclir Montgomery?80 tons logwood 800 hags coffee A C Kossiere St co?150 do S W Lewis. _ MARITIME HERALD. Railing Days of tli? Steam Mhlpi FROM LIVERFOOL. FROM AMERICA <'aledonia, Lott Dec. I Acadia, ltyrie Nor. 19 Dec. 16 Dukata <n Irrlva Paebats ?n Hall ... FROM I.IVKIirOOL. FOR I.IVKRPOOL. Hibemia, Bunting. Oct. 19 Kotcius, Collins, Not. 25 Ashbiirton, Huuleston.Oct. 23 Kurope, Kurber, Dec. I FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. St. Jaiiu-s, 8ebor, Oct. 20 Prince Albert, Sebor, Dec. 1 f ROM HATRK. FOR HAVRfc, Utica, Hewitt. Oct. 16 low*. Linn, Not. 24 Ship nMtert and Agent* We shall esteem it a fsvor, if Captains of Vessels will (rivi a) Commodore Rorkrt Silvf.*, of onr Nc*i Fieri. a He port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, th? Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and ?y Koreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board thein immediately <>n their arrival. Aitruts and Cor respondents, at home ?r abroad, will also confer a lavor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nantic&l Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OP HKW YORK, NOVKMUKH i t IUW rum SRI moon skts f> 32 itm skts 35 I hi.. h w at 9 57 Cleared. 8hi|>s Elsinore, Julius, Havre, H. W. Perk k Co; Victoria, Spring, Hull, A. O. Ik A. W. Benson.?Brig Silvester. (8wnl) Schuitz, Trieste, Wm Weisser.?Sclirs Council, B iker, Port an Prince, S. W. Lewis; Declaration, Adams, Nassau, NP. Buck & Peters; Tiouic, Daly, Port Lnn, 8tc. John Ogdeu; Fame, ( rowell. Weymouth, Mass; Palm, Crowell, Boston. Arrived. Ship Trescott, Myrick, from Marseilles, Oct. 3, Gibraltar 2flth, with fruit, to S. Broom Barque Jacob S. Wsln, Howland, fil days from Smyrna, with indite, to Dutilh & Consinery British haniiie Iron t^ueen. Bryan, 57 ilays from Baliia, Willi tin* cargo ol harr|ue rtagunore, lo wrinnetl, Mintiirii ? ' o. Briirrancn Ann, l>olv, 11 days from llio <iraude, with hides. to \V. W Ue Koi>st Si o. Hriit Klurida Blanco, K.ldridge, IS days from Belize, Hond. with mdse, to JB. Blaaco. Brig (ia/.elle, tiloter, 7 day* from Camden, Mr. with limp, to master Schr Montgomery. Dans, 20 days from Port au Prince, with eoffw, to A. I lUssiere Ic Co. Schr October, fcldridge, 31 days from Bonaire, with salt, to J. Kon ke tt Son Schr Marion, Smith, 7 day? from Washington, NC. w ith nnr?l stores, to 8 L Mitchell Schr Victor, Hallet, 3 days from Boston, with indse, to S W Lewis. Schr ltenowA, Lovell, 1 days from Boston, with mdse, to K k .1 I l. i rick Schr Poge, Nickerson, 3 days from Boston, with milse, to St J MerrickSchr Marietta, Crowell, 3 (lays from Boston, with nulae, to J Atkins. Schr I.ion, Atwill, I days from Boston, with mdse, to ihe master. Schr Fairfield, Burr. 4 days from Salem. Mass. with mdse, to master. ... _ Schr Cornelia, llallett, Boston. Schr Lodi, Stironl, Ltibec. Schr Lucy Blake, Blake, New llayen. Below, llnv lirn. iinkiinwu. Wind NN\V. Mailed. Ship* Cornelia, Bt ('roil anrl Mobile; Norma, llatatia; Oc* mulii"'. NOileans, ami others. Herald Marine Corrrspondence. ( URacoa, Nov, 2, 1843. Iii port, Michigan, of Scitnate, Coleman. from Bonon, arr'd yesterday, <li?K, to ?ail in ballast in t or J days for La < ?nay ra; liurd,of Boston, Nickeison, lor NV'ork, 4orSds>s. ld?. Two vessels signalized to the eastward, one ?ii|i|?ise<l in (he brig Abeona, Doane, of Kiniiilon. now outMdavs \VV have had for the last tw" dav? the lirst rum of any conscqnence for 4 ye?ra. Torn is now selling at 66 centa |*r biiahel. Orrit ? of rni; Rnoni: Isi.a.iokr, ) Nr.wfoRT, No>. 20, 1813. ( Arr IDtli, Kllen, lladrliff, Richmond fur I >islir >?, (/leaner, Ontrander, Portsmouth, Va for Boston: Star, llallop. Dighton for N Vork: lOih, Hornet. Taunton for do; Jioscius, do for do; Brookhaven, NYork lor Providence: Char lei, Mason, and Midat, Dennis. do for do; Yankee,Hatch, and I II Borden, Brown, do lor Kail Kiver; John. Joslin, Providence for Alb.uiy , China, Pearce, NYork for ( liatham. Sid l!Hh, Euphrates, Mobile; (, Albany. Cld II th, Kli/.ibeih, Allen, Mobile. (leneral Kerord. Baftqiiit CtJ*ARD, (Br) comes consigned to John Herd man. Si'hr Mirror?The K*|?-letA, Hproul, at Ntrfolk, reports having on the IMh in?t. lat 3H, Jon ft I". fell in with ?chr Mil* ror, Mason, of ,NewImryport, frmn Portsmouth, NH. for Kich- i mimd, with plaster having lost all her tails and leaking badly i lie captain and crew thinking ll impossible to Ret her into i Port, look; them off. *ey milv -nintr a part of thipr clothing,' blow inn lii-iti uml , <r nliuKly mugli at the tune Coi.LUinn.?Bra VI liium ||. Tallmau, Milliiiu. at Norfolk from Turku Island. *>lieu off ( an Henry on Sunday, it bun* very Iokvv. i aiim-in couUrt with sclir LucimU Snow, from l-'rederii-Ksburg fur Boston?knocked away the brig's larboard Ikiw. >|>lit foresail tii'l lore 11<|<?> I, broke her larboard bow anclwr, ami lUitiiwd ollitril<mi|?. The ii hr returned to Norfolk to repair, having sustained considerable injur". St,Hw MociiAMKKai', of Baltimore, which arr at Newport in distress, will discharge and repair there, b-fnrr proceeding to Kali Kiver, lier port of destiu.itiou. She did not lute her mainsail aa was reputed Siur < omniva, of Bath, (not Kingston) is supposed to have I"'.'ii the vessel seen in the llritith ' hauiiel in distress, by the Ville de Lyon, at tliu port. Wa Hud no IMDtiou of her in the accounts |?*r Caledonia. Bum. Boi hnu.?1'art of the crow add passenger* of the brig Bourne, condemned a' Kayal.arrat St Joliu, NU. luth nut. in Britlshbrig Wilkinson. Hi >10111 II Shii-wiim li ?There wji a v?g'te repo't at St. I'-tersbiirK, Oct 16, that ship Middle.!. of and for Boston fin t'rons adt, was lost on llogland in a gale 13th, and that all on board werelapiHiied to have (leiishrd This is M-t at rest, ?o far as the Miuu'esei is concerned, by the fact of her arriving at K.lsineur ou th< l2th; *nd by letters from London anil St. Petersburg of late ilat*. contradicting and discrediting the report. Nor is it probable that m.y other Am veasel was lost there, or something 111 relation to it w< 11 hi have been knowh at Cronstadt oil the 21st. Notice to Mariners. Stockholm, Sept. 22, IBI3.?The Royal Academy of Navigation, in accordanre with the previous publication of the 10th Ill .imiriiiJi >rar.aiMl HIP 171 n IMarCll till* VPar. aUU Willi III' printed notice* of Kweriish light* published thetirst named year, maketh known lorthe guidance and information of navigators, flint ? 1st. the new lighthouse on Slorups Tange. situated in the (Kattegat in lat 56 *i5 12 N, anil Ion ltd HI 36 K of Kerroe. or 12 20 36 K of Greenwich, one mile (Swedish) lo llie N of Kalkenberir, is now ready, and that a fixed liutel light of the ?econd class, lighting ill round the horizon, is placet! in same. The lighthouse will also serve as a good mark hy day: is 711 feet high lip to the roof, and the light is 95 feet abore the level of the sea. and can be discerned in clear weather at a distance of 3?i Herman mild*. 2d That the rebuilding and alteration of the lightlious*at the Kohl, from a coal to a reierlieratory light, will also I lie effected w ithout ilelay This light, which will have the same elevation above the level of the sea as the old coal light, will he a revolving one, the time of its revolution lienig It minutes; during which time i' will emit a strong light four tinies, of 30 seconds duration each, with intervals of darkness of l)a minutes du'alion Both these lights will be lit for the first time the evening before the 1st of Novemtier next, and w ill from that time be kept lighted the same as the other lights in the kingdom, in conformity with the regulations. Whalemen. Messenger, Downs, Niledfnrd for i'acitic Ocean, spoken 8th ult. lat 16 7 S, Ion 34 30. Spoken. Hannibal, Parker, 7 days from Mars.-illes for NOrleans, Oct 15. off Cape Pablo?by the J S Wain, at this port. Kdwina, West, Marseilles for N York (or Baltimore) Oct 21, no lat, Sic?hy the same. lleury, Watson, 11 days from Malta for Smyrna, Sept 23, off Seco. Antares, Philadelphia for Boston, Nov 21, off Sandy Hookby the same Jennetle, Baltimore for Itio Janeiro, 20th iust. lat 36 30, lou 71 ?hv the Frances Ann. at this port. I'omfret, Philadelphia for Boston, Nov 19, Cape May SW 30 miles?hy the pilot boat James Avery. Oak Hill, from Wilmington, NC. for Boston, same time?by Hit- (dine Lincoln, M I.eMail, Bath IWr Havana, Nov 16, lat 37 '.Mi N, Ion 71 30. Iteo 8c Henry, where from or bound uot staled?same time as above. 'Odin*,' from MaricKalantc for Bailor. IKtli ilut. lat 3fl 12, Ion 70 AO. Douglas, New York for Gibraltar, I61I1 imt. lat 40, Ion 70. Foreign Porta Calcctta, Aug 10?In |K>rt, London, Barstow, for NOrloi, nearly loaded, only Am vessel. Palkrmo, Oct 18?Iii port, Anonimo, (Sic) for New York, 5 days; Lowell, Lawrence, do. same day; Jas Wilton, Pecknor, to load for dor Choctaw. Klitner, for do abt Nov 15. Sid Bill, Oriffon, Blake. Boston; Carrier. Beeclier, NYork; lllli a lilh. Ma reel la, H'uar, do; 16th a 17rli, Manto, Lane, Boston Smvrna, Oct!)?In port, <ieo Henry, Watson, lor Boiton, A days; Lincoln, do. Sid Sepi JO, Catharine, Oardner, Boston; Oct J, Susan Jane, Fle'cher. do. Art Cavks, Oct23?In port. Iteil Hover, Arey,from Boston, disg; Daty Chase, Downs, for N York, do; Macdonough, Sinallev, do do. He n in am, Oct 6-In port. ('yniinure, Herriek, Idg; Spartan, Bale<. Sarah Ann. Bales, and Ventroia, Kotter, ding; Mexican, liogert, cargo not told. Port At' Prim , Nov 2?In |>ort, Win Ntilton, for NYork, disg; Pandora, Paiton, Boston, do; Bristol, Nickerson, do do; Sarali Catharine, for Baltimore. BaRacoa. Nov 1?In port, Marion, for N York, nest day ? Neuvitas, McKarhnd, for do. sld day liefore Bahia, about Sept 25?iii port, Kscalus. Stanhope, of New York, from Coast of Africa, disg. K10 Uiamii., about Oct 1?In port, Bevit, of Boston, foi Salem, 4 i't; K.agle, from do, just arr. Hai.ifai, Nov II?Arr Hector. Krasrr. Philadelphia. CId 13tli, Argon, Chase, NYork. Montreal, Nov 17?Cld Duke of Cornwall, Conrad, Liverpool. Quebec, Nov l.">?Arr Reindeer, Wilkinson, Hayle. Cld U, Syria Co*: Universe, Meredith; Lochliho,Taylor,and Mersey, I la mi I ton, Liverpool; Mar<|ui? of Normauhy, Lockliart, and Dromahair, Pyne. Glasgow: Wild Irish Girl, Graham. Liverpool; litli Jane Brown, Wylie, Glasgow; Pearl, Douglass, and Lady of the Lake, Jameson, London; Kalcou, Day, Bridgewater. Lake Ports. Buffalo, Nor IS?Arr Waterloo, Chippewa; Hercules, Tippecanoe, and Cambria, Detroit; Windham, St Joseph; Clyde, Maumee. Cld Columbus, and La Salle, Detroit; EudVira, Charleston:- Teias, 'leveland; J K Porter, Couueaut; Whig, Monroe. Arr 20th. Wisconsin, and Missouri, Chicago; Ricliester, linton, J Palmer, United Stales, and < 'hesapeake. Detroit; Harrison and Kulton, Toledo; W< erloo, Chip|>ewa; Rebecca, and Ohio, Chicago; A Winalow, Oneida, M h rrme, St Lawrence, and Ainsworth, ( leveland: N Carolina, Kxpress, and llui'ke>e. Sandusky; Illinois, Monroe; Troy, St Joseph.? Cld Watrrl oo, Chippewa: Constitution, St Clair, and Lexington, Detroit; Fianklin. Toledo; Cleveland, Charleston; Clay, Erie; Navigator, Oonneaut; Illinois, Monro**. Clktklai*p, Nov 18?Arr J Porter. Oneida, Minerva, C J Marshall. Scioto, J H Lvon, John Grant. Free Trader, Col Benton, and Adams, Buffalo; L Goler. anil Frontier, Oswego; Panama, and Kmma, Detroit; Warren, PreH<|ue Isle. Cld Ann Winstow. Buffalo; Western, Walton, Ogdensburgh; Emma, Ashtabula. Home Ports. Owl'i Hkad, Nov IG?Arr John Crosby, Hopkins, llampden for Bangor; Abigail Richmond. Bangor for West Indies Wuciiir.T, Nov 19?-Sid TaiiHTliiie, ThfoJ*old, Boston, Nov 21?Arr Daluiatia, Howes, NewOrleans; Nahant, Gray, NOrleans; Lawrence, Howes, Baltimore; Anna Reynold*. T?ylor, Philadelphia; Shawmut. Higunis, Rio Ja. ne'ro? ? >tl? inst lat 37 116, N. Ion 71, 30, W. fell in with and boarded Mirror, of Newhu^yjMirt, (elsewhere reported) ahiudpIMi |DM nil standing ami tiglif. tpyjWIBCH ildlCltiU thlt she had beeu ahmdoned some time, sails badly torn: Milton, Giles, Trinidad; Tuscan. Coggius . Wilmington, NC; Mary, Baker. Newbern, NC, Thos SL Kdward, Gilchrist. City Point; Vf<|>fr, Hawkins; Germ, Lincoln, and Venezuela IUmMI, Philadelphia; Mr began. Collty, Koudout; Herald. Goldsmith, Ca|?e Pal mas, Africa, 3d ult;, Young, Nate Roger*], St Domingo, 20th nit; John Punlao. Milliard. Gonaives; Rowena, Young;, Havana; Marietta Kyan, Wendell, Washtnctoii, NC; Daniel Frances, Small. Richmond; Sarah Wales, Kflley, Bal limore; Mary r.lizabeth Harding, I'luladelphia: Congress.Brown; Helen (iray, Plummrr; (.'ohas*et,Sears, and New Zealand, Poland. Philadelphia; Balance, Nick'rson; Transport, Nickersoh; Two Brothers, Ooodspeed, and Cotuit, Nicktrsou, Albany; Augusta, Albany; Statira, Hondoui;A M Hale, Chase; Compliance, Tattersou; Mystic, Churchill; Wave, Holhrook.and Ric'unond, Ames NYorkj Globe. Irons; Lea|wr, Crowell; America, Crowell; Corvo. ( rockett; Ceylon. Mayo: Kreemau, Spear; Wyomin*. Nickerson, and Cambridge. Hall. New Sork; Mary k Klizalietli, Barter, do?Cld Oceanus, [of this i>ort, late of Charleston, SC] Scudiler, New Orleans?20th, arr Kdw Kverett, Howes, New Orleans; Acorn, Howes, Philadelphia Hoi.mi x's Hole, Not. (18?A*r Granite Upton, Cayenne, 15th uit. lor Salem. Left Tim Pickering. Tilden, lor Boston, 10 or li; Marv Helen, Hayinan, disg 3d inst, lat 32 20, Ion 60 32. passed a small vessel of about .10 tons, hott'iu up?black bottom. Oct 29?Arr Row ami, Young, Havana, for Boston. 1 irrauim ' "vr ',"s ni'TiuiiK, villioili ' ^ ? nrim?uiu, from Trinidad for Bunion. AUo arr Facie, '1 ilton. fi.illiiuor<?, for Bo*ton; Brilliant, Mclntyre, Phil ad fIphia for do: Sea Flower. KoUiaa, dtp from Trinity. for IJ.uh. Un Millj* noket, Thompson, far B angor, ldg, only Am veiiel. Sailed, about noon, wind SW, Forrest, Newburyj>ort; Granitf, Salem; Milan*, Venezuela; (>erin, Thomas anil r.dward, and Verier, Cambridge, Daniel Francis. Fort Hill. Mystic, Andromeda, Pioneer. Mary Elizabeth, Marv, Little Mary. Meridian, Am;i. ranth, !vichm<>nd, Congress, Enterprise. Vlarolehead Nov 1%? Arr Tuocan. Coggins, Wilmington NC, for Boston; Relief, Philtd for NewImryport; Richmond, Kilborn, Pliilad foi Boston, Abba Tliula, Kelly, Rirbinond fordo. Sailed Seallower, <rold Hunirets, MelAi||, Montauo, Damascus New Zealand, " Tolyette" (from Pliilad for Boston? perhaps Arcyt, Fmersou); wimliW by N. Ait America, Smith, Point patere, l^aud. 8, for Bath in ballast. Left: Peru, Wade, fin Bath; France* FJIfii, Franklin, Lydia, Hehago, Lion; Grandee, and Bounty, all d?sg Spoke 18th instant, no l?t nor Ion reported, Swan, bl inrhard, from Portland for New Orleans 1 be mate and one of the oiew are nick with yellow fever. AUo arr Marv Ann, ( Br) New York f<K Bay of Fntidv. Sailed (iaxelle, Tuscan; Aurora, E*gl?\ and Richmond. Uve 80 nail i?s*s?'d the liarboi to-day bound h. 28th?Arr Majestic, True, Boston for Phi lad; Hope fk. Susan, do for New York; Kli/a, Moore, Baltimore for Bostont Duaky gaily, Dorchester, for New York: Manhattan, Hopkins, Norfo k foi Boston; Only Daughter, Tucker, Boston lor N?*w York; Olivia Ik Virgini a, Rollins, Fn'derickiburg for Botfon; Essei, Williams, do do; (Cleaner, Ostrauder, Portsmonth for do. Sailed, Relief, for Boston; Majestic, for Newport. KnoARTnwff, Nov 10?In port, Victor, (late ( apt Gorham, who died on the p.tssas") An* ( ayea for Boston; J as M'Cibb, Cashing, (late Baichelder) W luuies for Bath. Nn\ IKmn, Nnv'21 -Arr !' oilir, flptVTV, and Elizabeth, Hoyt, Albany; Kent, Philadelphia, old V air, Smith, N* wbern. NC. Phii.adrlpnia, Nov 22? Arr 8 R Pavnter, Kllingsworlh, Providence; Lady Clinton, Cranmer, do; Flash, Lake, Meaico, Totnlin; Amity, lasto; Dulcimer, Cavilier, ami Tennm?ee, Bay more, NYork; Surveyor, Houck. New Haven; Diamond. n?ond Ilallock. Newport; Princess, Ilackett, NYork. ( hi M B Maboney. McLaughlin, and Lara in, 1 hurbuck Providence; ( rampus, Stevenson, NYork. Arr iu the Schuylkill, Georgt Wb *aton. Adams, Fast Greenwich; Lesoigtou, Young; Volte, Tuttle; Niaga-a, Young; Patriot. E'dridge; Benj Peunirnan, Bowen; Hy Springer, Walte.a; Indiana, Corson; HarrUburg, Cornell; Marv P V% illetts, Loveland. llichd Thompson, Buck; Permelia, Cole; F.lias B Caldwell, Lake; Hv Lemuel Cram mer; Republican, Sharp; Cophoron,, mid IVm Mowry, Huffman, Work (Ji:o*iit:Towi, DC. Nov IB?Hl?l Jump* Druinmond, Vnnnj, and Martha Kinsman, Dennison. Kingston, Jam; Vetmillion, NYork. IticiiMoin, Nov 20?Arr JCvo*. (Dan) Hansen, New Vork; Letitia, I ollins, and S Kockhill, do. Kid Bljck Hawk, Treleilien, N?w Bedford; Weymouth, Cotich, and Leontine, llart, N Vork. Norkolr, Nov 20 Arr Virginian, Bedell, NYork; I.eoniiIk, Chiam, Rotton: Hudson. Baker, Nortli Kingston; Martha, Hughes, North Kiver; St Leon, B<bion, Bangor. In Hamilton Kuidi Baltimore, of and Tor Baltimore, from Bio Janeiro?pat I in w illi lots of anchor and chain cable. Savannah, Nov 18?Sid Susan Drew, Page, Mobile Jn port. ?hi|>s Si ring. Hamilton, lor NanU. Idg; Levant, Whittle. I jei, llivre, do; Alliance.Tncker, fm Wiscastel, wig; Neptune, ; i Kr) Dulorier, St Jago de ( uba. repg; Lancashire. Lvon, for Lier|NHil, Idg; Scotland, Mills, dodo, Aurelius, (todfrey, do do; American, Burgess, do do , Franconia, (fannelt, no do; liovilaina, ( Br) Buckley, from do, disg; Rowland. Blin.hard, mil Howard, CmIan, from do, wtg; ( oudor. Mayo, from N York, disg; Sarah Si Arselia, Buiman, Bristol, wtg, Trenton, Snow, Boston, disg; Othello, Tucker, Wisc^sset, do; St Law rence, Chase, and .lohn Dunlap. Carrier, Philadelphia, waiting; Susannah ( uiiiming, C'ark, lm Portsmouth. Nil. do; b*p|iif? (tlohe. Bra/nr. for do, Idg; lluma. Willard, Boston, do: brig* Sav innah, Hawley. for NYork, loading; Georgians, Bedell, dodo; Kicel, Smith, do, disg; Lydia, llsley, for Point Hrtre, (inad. Idg; 1 nomaa P Hart. Bartlett, fm Thomaston. waiting; Tnllevr ma. Knowlton, fm Portsmouth, do; Larch. Abbott, St lohn, I'll, do; Seamew. Hollirook, 'Ihomaston, do; Havana, liilpatrick, fm Havana, do; llavie, Carpenter, fin Providence, do; Canary, Baker, do, dis; Meridian, Wii.g, fm NHaven, do; Plnlara. Doane, from NYork, do?Schrs, Krie, Churchill, for Biltimore, loading; <?en Win Washington, Halwerson, from Boston, waiting; < tregon, Crowell, from Hartford, dug; Ceylon* Colhurn, (in Boston, do; Albion, Brav, do do; Charles, /l." I... I I .1... Wl..? I It .1 1. r.l II.ll. .1... I,' ruilu. I rick. Sullivan, NOrieann, do; Independence, Mwwv, SYork, do; rmidani Young, Philadelphia, aiif. Apai ?i hk ol*. No? j?Arr Almed.i, Ailihy, Work; Dili, Martha Waahington, Tyler, do; lib, S ,V T Parmoin, Smith, do; iiili I<oiik Wharf, Newport; 9th, J I) Kiali, Kornyth, New York; loth Charlemagne, Packard. do; Teller. Siiulli. mid Frankfort. Orden. do; Bradore, Cody. Bncka|N>rt; llth, Alain iii VWritt, Bremen; Ar-tlanla, Raymond, NYork. ' Id intli. Florida, Crocker N?w York, with ill bale* cotton, In pott, Martha W.uhiiiKlon. Tyler; Mauco. Nickle*; l'iica?, Latham; ''harlemafpie Packard; Atalanta, H?ymonrt, and Marimna, I'hillipv lor N York, lianitiea Lion, SkolAeld, and Alabama, Merrill. do; bna? Republic, Hale?; Alined*, A?hby, and Ala* Mm i. \Villiain?. iln INFORMATION WAriTKI).?Information i* deaired a* to who aie I lie Knecutori ol NAN' Y HOBINSON, I n T ? of All'iny , ami daughter ?f 1 lie l*t# Nalhim I Hob ill ton of ('h+>ertieiu, Mat*. The mul Nancy Rohiniion Iiitiuk I'I' bar infa't, born on the aeeenlh of nine laa>, w bully Unprovided for Adilreu K. J. ' OLI.INS, Boi 21, N. V. ?2J 2t*r VTO I io.-I'HOTM I OH KIKK KNUINK CO II.? 1 ' The Mem'era >ud lri"ndi of thia company arr rei|n,-*f?d to meet at tli? K.nma' llonaeon Thntadav, No* aid, at t o'clock. I \1 , to a'tenit tha Ijniial rf John Merchant, a tnemlier of thin company. By older if n23 H*r JOHN M. BttNNKTT, Kurenua. PARK THEATRE LMKHT APPEARANCE iu Amenta of OLE BULL, tl?, " celebrated Vi?lini?t. _ HATUHDAV Now.?, 1843. The eomedy in on* act "I the THUMPINO LEGACY \ft?r which a (irand Concerto in <SL.I.K4ill MAK'T ?HO. , \DA';I'> Sh.NTIMKNTAL. and HO V|>0 I'AHTOK/VLK: romp nl mil i'\rcuted by OLK BUIX, win icoinptutf*! Ity the wN)le OtchnUik To which will be added lh? prtttc comi ily >u on* h i of TIIK LANrKRS. Immediately ?ft?r which the liinodiiction anil variations n|>on the air from I'araiello 'nel cor pi<<* uon mi ??ilo ' for th* t?oI 11 alone; ciimn'taed by I'.uraniui ami wrut'il by OLE III LL. A I'niirr by Miaa Tiimbull; autl tl. r evaning'a entertainment* will conclude Willi a (iltANI) POLACCA OUERR1ERA; composed and cucuud by OLE BULL. nlllW PARK THEATRE V/f II HACKE'l'T respectfully aunnuuera In hi* frienda and J "A the public, thai hi* Benefit mil list mit'it is fl**d 'or Miillday next, 27th inat,, wben willb perfrrnieu, lor the lir?t tunc nire the days of the Ute (}?ori;* Frederick Cooke, Mackliu'a admirable am! rattrictl conii'dv, in five art*, entitled? THE MAN OK THE WORLD; Or, a Hint to Politician* Acknow 1 edited :o Iw "one of the most \ morons productions of the 1 stl centiirv." U^IWimx. I I... IV..,1.11, Mr ll%ck**'t Lord Lambereourt, a itnpid H?*na?iali?t Ki*l??*r I Kgertou, ;t manly and patriotic sou of Sir IVrtmax- Wlinatlry i Sidney, ih<* family Chaplain nod tutor to Kuvrton* Lov?'fl Melville, a poor but nolde-iniuded Soldier Harry Councilor rlauitWe > nniMI;-ii i j Varlio Sergeant Either* id? \ J Bridge, ; Lady Hbodolpha.a k:*v ai?1 apriKl'tly bi ll.Mm II It'iui I Lady Mac S> copliant Vertinu | Conttantia daughter of Melville Mix .McBride Betty Hint, a buay and mischievous Chambermaid Ayren Alter wlncli tlic popular mid humerou* farce of HI* LAST LKGS^ Or, a Touch of Muanwriam. I 0'< 'allaghan, an Irishman of ge.niua on In* la*t leu*,Mr lUrln-tt, 1 With other eutertaiumeiiti, a* will he axpreaaed in the lulls of the day. The Bo* Book i? now open. n2?ik.2'i itins'r ATHENEUM HOTEL, 347 Broadway, is prrpaxd to let Parlors and B'd hooina to lUimliea or auigle grntlemeii, I with or w ithout hoard. ! n23utint*r JOHN R0B80N. IJOOMS AT"7 MVHKAY STREET.?Two front Parlor* ; I*- with Bedrooma adjoining. Alao single Hooina forgeutlemen. _____ _ n2J 6t*r NOTICE?Shipper* by the Britiah ahip CHESTER, Wilm>ii, master, lor Liverpool, will confer a fivoron t'e subscribers hy sending hi their hilla of ladniK for signature; alao will please dear Ih'ir good* at <'u,totn llouae early tin* day. ntSr ROCHE, BROTHERS 4i TO. r> Kulton at. 1 DISSOLUTION.?'The copartnership heretofore em?iing I ' between ti e subscribers uniler the firm of SEAMAN dt HUNT, i* this day dissolved In mutual consent. TREADWELL SKAMAN, TII k'.ODOK K HUNT. No*. 220, 11111. n23'lt*in ISSOLUTION OK COPARTNERSHIP.?^Notice is hereby given I lit1 copaitnership heretofore eiistim; under tli* firm of OAINE8 Ik CIIAMBEKL AIN, has been ihis 1l.1v dis*ol\ed. The business will In- hereafter conducted by theitibacriber. HENRY (JAINE8. 1123 it*r Finance Hotel, No. 1 Went it., Batlerv Place. BIIOW'N, STDNK HK.AL EN(?RA Vt.R, *33 BroadI way, O'KOi'le the Park. Com of Arms Crests, Cyphers, 8ic.engraved; Ladies' Seal*, Pencil Casei, Signet Ring*, Sic.engraved Willi < oil* of Ar'ni, Names, orauy device; Diainouds Ametlivsti, Topa/.ei, Sic bought in the rough or cut to any form} Coata ? Aim found and ntiMadln any style from two dollar* and upwards, and forwarded to any pari ol (lie Ifuitid Stales. Books of Heraldry kept Willi upward* o( It'll nm Name* n23 2fr I RO > SAk'E \V A IlKHt H SK.-'The aubicriber having pin 1 chased the delusive rivht (for the < if, and State of New York)io inane ami tell Wilder'* I'alent Salamander Kire Prool Sjfe, anil has commenced the nunufacturing of these valuable property preservers at his Iron Sale *at(kont, No. 139 Wattt street. >* here outers will be received to make (at short notice) nny si/.e and design not on hand, with t.'hubb'i Patent Tlnei Detector Lock*. All improvements that can lie made, and render them secure from lire, have b< en adopted, and th?y will be eiecuted m a manner superior lu every respect to auy Safes ?vei offered in New York. New and second hand Sares of other makers for sale very low Olu Safes taken in part payment for the SMamaiidei Safe. SILAS C. HERKINO, No. 139 Water, corner of De|iey?ur street. M. B. Old Iron Cli sis and Lock* repaired. n23 IwdyMtwy r f HIEAl'EST CARPET ESTABLISHMENT IN THK UNITED STATE!*, No. '19 UOWc.U Y.-ANDKRNON I Ik DOBBS have just received twenty bales of iplttiidid new ratte<iis of Kuglish Three Ply eitra double sii|>erfine ingrain arpeting. Worsted and Tu'ted Hearth Rugs, Transparent Window Shades, <kc : all of which having been purchased at low prices for CASH, will be sold from 25 to 3# jier cent lower than at any other establishment III this city. [ N B. Just received? 20,1110 yardi Ingrain Cariieting, 2s 6d to 3i 6d |i?r yard. I 1(1,00(1 " warranted all wool Cai|ietinn, 4s iwr yard. 30,lino " double *u|>erline Carpeting, 5* to 6* per yard. 2U,ii00 " Three Ply Cailieting, from to 12s ner yard. 50,000 pans Transparent Window Shades, from $1 to fli the pair. 30,COO yards Kloor Oil Cloths, any will h Is per raid. ANDERSON ?t DOBUS, No. !? Bowery, the first; Carpel establishment above Hester street. u23 2wis*m RUPTURE WASH. 'PHI', undersigned hiving lieeu in Dr. Hull's office, for the last >- eleven year*, and having had the most practical part of that office, places the above Wash before the public, assuring those ; that may deem it worth) their health and comfort to call <>n linn at his residence, No. 48 Ve?ey street w here lie can b? consulted from III o'clock iu tin' morning until 3 o'clock in the afteruoou, Also Trusses applied and repaired i Reference. JAMES McIVEERS. I u2J lin m IIOUSK I'llOTKl-TlNU ALLfcVS SKLK-COi KING AND REVOLVING SIJ BORK CAST Sl'KEL BARRELS PISTOL -Thi. i I Pistol cocks and revolves in rely by pulling the trigger, audaii - shots may be delivered within tne atiort apace of three aerouds. | It i> nif?ir sitMiflr tn<1 uiorr Jtirniitr ili-in nny Tiarol now iu me, iii'i warranted suiierioi to any ot liei maker, wot talc in <|>un; lilies to iiuit purchiser?, by A. W. SPIES Si (JO. 218 Pearl street In>poitrrs of Hardware and Cutlery. Alio, CiiiDi; Pistols; (inn mtterials for manufacturing, altering or npiiring Cmum I Al?o, every variety of IfMtiH article*. ii?3 lm A. A. SAMAN08. NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 28?i BROADWAY, (.'ORNI.a or H k. A l>k. STHKKT, HAS JUST HEl ElVED, iwr ship Cristoral Colon, ari invoice of the celebrate! Woodvifle brjud of Segars, consisting of Regalias and Medium si/.e, and tha Lord B) rou |>a|irr I Segars. IN STORK, All the vaiioua sizes and choice i|uahtiea of the moat crlebra ted brands of Sugars, consisting of Lord Byrou, of dliferent aizea. Port of Havana R*galias and medium siza Seguridad, medium size. Juato Saw/. Principe. Large aud arnall Var-i of St. I ago < renmiie Turkey Tobacco of different i/ualitiea. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of Haltnnore Oermau smoking Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated * atchitorbea Snuff ol New Orleans, together with all I be fancy Siiulta of the < ay. I'aper Son a of (iarcia. I'eriz, Lara. Lord Byron, frc. Gerin-u l'i|ie?; Cherry Turkey Pine Sterna. Pointed Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general asaort ment ol >?egar Ca es, Snuff Boxes, bir ttass for tviug Segars, and Tobacco in bales, w hich are offejed at wholesale and retail n*3 lm*r KRKNCH CAH?;KL I.AMPS. 'I'HK Subscribers lieg to announce that they have just received A|bythe Ewflld, Iowa, Baltimore and Argn packt l?, aUrge portion ol their splendid goods, embracing many entirely urw tvl?i of lamps. ami other articles m tin* hue, at low priets , which will Ix- foiled worthy of inspection. i T=> late importations comprise iu part the following TicCar Limps, of 1KI models.. ; ill ? Painted, medallion ami nch cut, 30 kinds. * Shades, pa|>er?Landscapes, luedallious, painted, cut, lie, all new >1 v lea, 200 varieties. Do Porcelain?Kor library and parlor lamps. Lustres?IIroii/.? and Kilt, for i, 3 sad I lights, 20 medels. 8us|<msioiis?bronze aud Kilt, for halls, fcc.?various style*, do do do lor billia'ds, with our lamp | ouly, lighting a table perfectly. Brackets?Bronze ?nd gilt, for one oi two I'gkts, 20 models. [ ('aiidclahntii?Kor 4, 6 and 8 lights, rich gilt aud bronze, re1 uaissance, kr, fcc. , All of which were manufactured to order eipnwsly for us, i under the immediate direction wfour agent at Paris, and we ran !Nsay with coulidi'iire <>ur l.unpx will give Ktisfactiou in all cases. A. D1ACON Ik K. D. SAXTON, Agents, iiXi Imeod is*ec 20 Johiutresx. AlbS, CUTLERY, fcc. 1W0 kegs sn|iern>r Cut Nails, fioni :td to IM 800 gross hone tip, coco*, slag and ivory Knives and Korks i 20 casks bright Trace ( hams. Also, Hooks and Hinges. Sauce Pain, Auvils, Bed Screws, kc.?just received aud for sale by alMtacxftt'r J- A. NKWBOULD, 90 Jolm it. MEN'S MhRCKR AND TAILOR r> Ul IA It I > CALKOW, (nf Wall street formerly, and sole IV author of the Tailor's Assistant,) r*s|>eetfully informs his 1 J * ? " 'I t.isklia i. ,> I thai f ha Hat far s tl II ail II. "IU a,,,? 11" I'UIHIL 111 ...- . |*OTt lie hi* met Willi tince tun re-i>i>eiiing at 191 anal <tm t li.ii induced lum to venture ilown to No. HI Nassau street, wnerv heholies to prove to hit old *n?l also hi? new patron*, that the more real gold is tried, the brighter it shine* Being well aware of the prevalence of humbug in thete timet, and tli- many and almost innumerable artifices nvj in nil and every line of business, to entrap the unthinking into the purchase ol tU\t which it ap|>areutly valmhle, but which, when having been tried by the only true teat, watr.has been found perfectly valuelet* He it roucioil that hit former cuttoinert will require no re commendation, and lo them, on any anil every occasion, he refer* those who may wi?h to ileal with him N. II.?On hand, nil assortment of ?' l?? h*. f'attnnent Hint Vetting*, of the newest ttyle, which will b<' made opto order, at prices ranging Iroin Hi to 30 |>er cent below the cnstoinaiy prices, nJJwu'tr _______ FLOOR OIL CLOTH*, BOCKING8 Sic. rIMIE subscribe'* have now on hand au eiteuiive and choict A selection of ARPETINOM, khom a t.ow riiu.n iNimAin To the reheat and mot' c stlv description of BRCShKL*. SAXONY, ROY \L WILTON. VELVET. TURKEY, A\MINSTER AND TAPE8TRV CARI'ETI NOf*. Alto, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, of the Naattrt atul nioxt Sphndnt Patterns tnui Color* Also, French and English Hocking*. Druggets, Kelt Cafpet mg, Rugt of the richest description, h rench embotted Table and I'lauo Covert, he. Sir. all which will be told at PRII ?* TO It;IT THE TIM**, BV C. W SMITH k COMPANY . fcl Broadway. ii!)2wi?*in oppotite ilie City 11 *11. Hfc.APF.ST (' AH PET EnT*B LI 8 H M K N T IN TH E UNITED JTATE*?No <rt BOWK.IIV. Anil'MvKUil at I'UDDn DOW oner meir wiiiiraiucK 11 Phnrful new pattern* of ?uperior Kuxliah Three Mv. Imperial, Double Huix-rfine and Kine InKr.iiti ?'uriwtmK. Bru*.iel. and Tufted Hearth Rugn Italian TrainlMrrncies, \V mdow Shailea, and all of wh ch bavin* been purchaaed at low pncea for rarli, will he told from 23 to JO per ceut lower tlian any other eatablinhment in tint ciiv. COMMON CARPKTINO, at 2s 6d pr v?rd KINK INGRAIN ('AHI'KTINO, from 3*6d to 1i i>r yard SIJPKRKIN K IN (> H AIN CARPfcTlN<?, pr |>afil THKKK I'LY CAHPKTI*'*. from 8. to '2,ipr yard ITALIAN TilANSPARKNf WINDOW SHADKH, Irom %'i to $12 the pair KLOOR OIL CLOTH*, any width. <? pr yard ANDKRSON h DOBBS, No. 99 Bowery. n7 lwu*r the lirat <arpet Store above Hester it __ INV'SlHl.r, WKi OO cloacly re?emble? the real head of hair that iceptici and cnnnoiwura have pronounced it the mmt perfect and evinordinary inventioi. of the day. Th? "real arivaniage of thi? novel and unique wig in ita being nude wirhoni sewing or wenvinK, which caanei it* ap|?-arance* no cluiely to resrnrbb the natural hair, both in lightnesa and natiiril appearance, *.? i? defy detection. lt? tevtnre bein* *o beautiful. w> poronaand ?o free, that in all cases of perapiration ev.i|>oration i* unimpeded, and tne ureal evila of other ? ik? entirely avoided, The aceptic and connoluevr are alike invited to iuaprcl this novel ami n*4"' tiful Wig, and the peculiar matSnd of fitting the head, at !he tnannfacturer'j. A C Barry, II# Broadway. cor!"f v r reet. ap (Mi SJ ln"H"1" ' L M' Kh-LA?' K.8|lirl"IBBO Nf-V'r>'r^: fo I uli ItnMc iJ Catharine ?u?*t. A Mrs KM K NTS. HAIIK TIIKATltK THIH KVKMN'i. ? o>.'.'I-will be j<eif<i-i?ed M/.ISli KD KAk V. After which* VOCAL hiiJ INSTHUMKNTAL CONKKT, bv Moiu wlolaud Cmti I>tvii??r*-?u After Whirl) \ SI KNA, by M ?<! C n?i l).?mo'e?u. | After wi.ich, A S< KM A, (rum th? o|i?'?"f "U mil," in rtunelrr, compiwd pre??lv lor Ma4. Imoreau. 'I'u com:Iiiilr *'if!t TIIK BOABIJINO S' HOOL. CHATHAM TIIRATHK THIH ^ ''k".N|N(? N'iv 23?To ? inencc wilh ? . . , Hit MYSTKHIKS OK I'AKIS. Hodoliine, Mr Ilirld | Durvth'I, Mr J?mi?on Fleur De Marie Mm Herring To nun liiilr willl PHKTTV Ollil.i (it- KTILLBURO Kniwit, Mr HieM I MtlgOtt Mis llerruiK iHTCIIKLL S OLVMPK TIIKATHK. | THIS KVKNINO. Nov 23?'Tliw performuor* will commence with THK NATIONAL OCARD Acliilli' Boiihou, Mr Holland After which TIIK HA V AUK A NO TIIK MAIDEN. T" conclude with i TIIK WIUOW'8 VICTIM. _ \ 1111,(1 s <;aiii>KW. HK.COND NIGHT Oh TIIK KOU K.VTK IA N ( IRI US 1 THIKSDAY KVr.NINU, No*. 23 Managers Messrs. II. Kockwrll .?im! O. II. Stone. j Noti< k?A grand Day I'crlormaime will be riven "ii Satur day alter noon at 2 o'clock, of nil the choice Art*. for thee** pre** accommodation of the junior branches of families. | Ki|u?*trian Conductor Mr. H. Hockwell. I iviutrr of ili? Circb Mr. II. Nuedham. Premier Buffo and Down Mr Ale*. Ilockwell. | Orote*i|ue ft Pya* KutmvnK.iat Mr K. William*. | Pierrot ami Mime Mr. B. Huntington. I After a unud Introductory Over'ure, the circle ictiin will Miiiwncr with all Kuueatrian < avalcade Paireant, entitled Tlth ItOVAI. BURMKHK (iUARD ! The Young Wreck Hnficman. by Mailer II Steven*. | heat* of Bodily Power, Activity, Ike. by Mr Cole. Mr. Iliinnal* will api>*ar in a beautiful one I lone Act. Mr ll. Franklin will exhibit an act on the Hying < ord. Moiu. La Tout*, the Modern lUrr ule?, will apiiear in a icriea of feat* evincing In* almost Sit|ie rliunian Strength. A great display of Arena Uymnaitics by the entire troupe. Hones, Duettu, Trioi, Ike. by the African Meloduu. Willi a meat variet" ofoiher entertainment!. Ticket* SO cents. Children under 12 year* of age 2J cent*. The door* w ill be opeiud al 6,' J?performance will commence at 7 o'clock. TKIOIV'H INDKI'KNUKNT AMKHICAN CIRCUS BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE John Uosiiu Clown. lioie* 24 cents; Pit 12^ cents. The iierformance* tin* week will consist, of? HORSEMANSHIP, V aul t inn?Leaping?Posturing ?-Tu uibl lug?Extravaganza*? < avalcade*? Page ml*?"Scene*, he. The Kntreea will be led by Mr*. UOSSIN and Mr NIXON. I rincipaV Kidem?Mr V\ Mr nmet, ivir ?i*?nc?f, Master Janus, Mrs G^wiiiti, Minn Dmn#and Mrs Avmar. n20 r amkiiican mi?ku"S^ AND P E R P E T U A L FAIR. Half n Million of Cnriotilifs ! Day Viiitem admi te<i same eveiling Five. SlifNOR kAZIO 11??* Italian Artwf, will ??*liihit Ins ct\+ brateii MM HA NIC AL I'KHKORM KI1S! wiiot? lif?*lik motion* gesture*, anil 'eats, surpass any thing (hat ihe imagi . nation can conceive of. M18?KH MAHY mid HOSINA SHAW, ami 'lieir brother, Mr. DAVID T MlAw. the celebrated vochIim*?i,a PETITE CELESTE, th? Mate?GREAT WESTERN the Negro Orator. Dancer and Imitator of the I.oc, motive Kiigine. AN I Si A L M AON e.TIHM?rrofeaaor Juhnaon will meatne ri?f a youiiK ln<ly, and produce: eiperiuiHuta in Animal Mi|iiitiarr. Performaiicea erery evening at half l>a*t irwn, and Wrd| ueaday and Saturday aftejnaooa at T1IREC o'clock. Admisaion to tin* whole 25 centa?children unilrr tea half price. vkalk h nkw vohh muiimum, AND PICTURE UALLKHY. (Broadway,(rpva*itf thr City Hall.) ADMISSION (INK SHILLING. GRAND PHANTASMAGORIA! Exhibiting one hundred beautiful Illuminated Viewa on tha moat laughable and comical auhjecta. Mias LAURA CLIFFORD, the beautiful Sonitalreaa?her lirat apiM-arance. Tilt, FAMOUS KENTUCKY MINSTRELS, GREAT WESTERN. Ethiopian Orator and Imitator of the LotoinoUve. T. G. BOOTH, Comic Htorv Taller and Singer. C KIOTO, the Dauaueae. M,.!,..,., a lull I'll ...... I.. .........I,..I present or future, during the whole day and evtning. Admission ona lulling ? I2>i cent* extra to those who consult Madame Adolph. Performances every evening, and YVvdnesday aud Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock. SOIREES MUS1CALE. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. MR. A. STKVKN8 res|>ecifully announces to the citizeus of Richmond, that having complied wi:h the terms of the law, requiring a license for enhihitions of all kinds for profit or reward, and having taken ut a license for such purposes, pr?poses giving a series of vlusical and other Kntertainment*. lie has emEKKeil from Mr. Boyden the Concert Uoom of the Kxchauge Hoiel, and is uiik pienared to make arrangements with prnf'saioual Ladies and Oeiitleineii of talent and respectability, to give sncli entertainments during the a'ason, aa he trusts w ill ii eet with the approbation of the public. r nl!> !wi? fh ; CHANOK OK HOUR MR. DEMPSTKR'S BALLAD SOIRKK3. MR. Dli'MPSTKR has the honor to announce his intentiou of giving a series ?f three Ballad Siimvs, at the Societv Lihrarv, (Leonard and Broadway ) on the evenings of Tu 'Sdiv. Thursday and Saturday. 21st, 23d and 2,'ith Nov., when he will introduce his mos' pnpu'ar Sonus and Ballads, mcludiuc ?I'm with you once again; JeanieMorrison; Thr Lonely Aula Wile; Lament of the Irish K. in in rant; Deal h of Warren at th? Uattlenf Bntiktr Hill. Hcolluk Ballads?Johu Anderson, my jo; My Nannie, o; Vlary o'('astlet arey; A Man's a man for a' that; Tak' vonr anldcloak ahrnt ye; and Burns' reautiful ballad of Highland Man?I" titulars of which will he hi programmes to lie hail at Mr. Atwill's IV'umc Store, Mri Stodart. Mr iJubois.aiidatlhe door iu th? evening. L/"Tickeu Kifty Outs. (l /"Doors ope.. at 7, to commence at o'clock precisely, n 18m rPHK COURSK OK I'OI'IJLAll LK TURKS, with illu's 1 tiatioMS on Botany and Vegetable I'hi smlngy, will He continued in the Cha|irl of the University, by 0 I'KRKIRA OARIIVKfi M I) l,,r?..rlv l'l, ..I t ' h*in ulrv >nrf Rotany in tlainpden Sidney <ilI . Va ; Lecturer on Natural History in HutgeiV Institute, New York. Tlw wcond Le<:tur? will be delivered on Monday Kveniug, the 27th in?t.. at half- past iivdi o'clock. Subject?Th? < haracter and Vitality of Plants. I.rgiure 3?Th? Kood.of Plants. Lecture I?Circulating III Pbuiu Lecture .1?The Respiration of Plauts. Lecture (j?Action of Light, Heat, and Klectricity on Veg Ution. I.ecture7?The Influence of Man on tlie Vegetable Kiugdnm, and in Relations to hi* Welfare. Lecture H?Influence of I'lants on the Atmosphere. Lecture ??< li tn^e* produced on llic Karth by Vegetation. Lecture 10?Laws of Vegetable Developement deducible fri.m (Jeological Inqmriei. It i> intended in the discussion of these subjects, to combine amu?ement with information. The illustrations will be pictorial and experimental. The Lectures are delivered on each Monday eveuiug, at halfpast seven o'clock Kee for the whole course, $2; single lecture*, 2.'i cents Tick eta can lie obttined of the Janitor at the Umve sity Building, the Janitor at the Medical College, Broadway, and at the door of the Lecture Room nl't I >4t7 (t*r KIHST-(i It A SI) Mil .ITARY AND MVH ~BALL OK Til K SKASON. 'I'HK SKASON for public amusementais about to commence l in a style of unexampled sph ndor, on Thursday nest, the 23d It will lie seen by the advertisement that arrangements have r?een eriecieo i ?r % <?rano >imiary mid ? ith uau mil evening nt K ell infer'*, Vonkcrs Maniion MMiifiaadao selerlion, fmm inaov circumiiUnCM, a* well as from tin* characterof the house, could be more judicious. To obviate all disappointment the safe and eicellent steamer "Columbus ' has l*een socially chartered for the conveyance from various points of the rity of ifestengera, and the guest* may rely upon the proverI'ui attention of < apt. Kraser, and hit no lens obliging steward, Mr. Bird. . The adveitiiements will ftplaiu all further particulars. 11 n lt?r __ Qll AN I) OPKN IN (i BALI. AT TAMM AN Y I IA L1. The Proprietor,'having completed the alterations, intends giving a Oram) B ill on Monday Kvening, Nov. 27th. 1143.? During the recess, the ball rooms nave been completely changed, such as removing the pillars, changing the orchestra, and having new drai?<*rie*, cushions, settees. mirrors, and a magnificent set of chanueiits put up. The ladled anil gentlemen's dressing and ilrawing rooms have been recar|*ted and put in lerfect or der. Th* saloon is considerably larger than formerly, and fnrmshed in a neat st* le Mr. Brown's celebrated Cotillion Band is engaged for the occasion. ......... The flr?or will he under the direction of Mr. C. W. Hchlim, (who has kindly volunteered his service*,) assisted by a ComTi< ket* $1 e*ch, admittum one gentluinau and his ladies, ?? I l>e had at Tammany Hall. bM lw'eft I AW9 Ol) UFK AND HEALTH, in connection with 1^ Heading S|ieaking and Su gimr. THIS, Wednesday eve mug. ttd, and Kr day, 24th, in APOLLO, at 7V o'clock, by I Messrs. BrowIIson and Nash,with dissectionsc f the Mannikins, and 16 llecitwtiees ai d Hongs to illustrate the principles ?.f Menta' and Vocal Philosophv ; among which a?e Battle of Wa* ' r'oo.Victim's Bride, >1?rco ll< /./.aris, the Nun. Parharius and OlLi.lh. .i.r4iiliw ,,f \ r? i..i !.* Sf.?11.1 < l> V*?int*ll#r Sh won1 i w rrmli of ftnsrt, I lovr the fr'rrr, Lizzy l.ui, Old VV.iter Mill, lie ikr Mr. fJ.tnaford, fitniRt. Mi i?I? b^hiioii Tickets for the fonr remaining Lcrtur***, Ms (or .1 Lady and Umtlrman, SI; one admission, 2i emu. n*2 Itim *r FULLER'S GYMNASIUM, No. *i ANN MTKKKT. NKAli NASSAU. WKLLLKR rexpec'fnlly informs lua friends and pupils, that iIk* 'Jymna^iiim i? mm ot*n duly, and will h? ' I mil"**' op every nrnill during the ?inter. VV. K would particularly rail the attention of tientleinefi residing in Brooklyn. and those engagetl in business down town, to th? favorable location of lua establishment for the purpose of ; vercising. U?der pro|>er instruction, a short time daily is only nece,??ry fur developing the frame, and invigorating the COQ| - titutioii. Kenctns; and Sparring taught upon the principle* of the London School, as adopted by iti most eminent pro lemon Term* moderate. n22 2w*r It WINTER'S hXHIHiTlON OF CHEMICAL PAINTINGS. WILL be oi*n for a few week*, commencing on Monday Kveniug, Nor. *, 1(13, iu the Orauite ISniTding, come* ! of Chamber* it and Broadway. Kach 1'aintiiiK cover* a *urface of Dearly 21X1 sunare feet of canvas*, and produce* the wotiderful phenomena of two ijistiucr pictures on the same canvass, cousuting ot the foilowim views 1?Milan Cathedral. 2?City of Jerusalem and Cruciliiiou. 3~Church of the Holy Sepulchre. _ l-B?liluiur'i Reast. _ . , ... . Tickets of admission 25 cents each. Poors open at ^ o alock in the evening-, peifnrmaiice commences ar 'S o clocfc. K.nt aoce on Ch*uiber*sl one door Irom Broadway. ii* jwm-r PuPKR\ KXrf>"KD.?Kiinrtt trpwUinl from l)cn? TtimUlf. i ituwld'd * acholic reit liook, which ieelope-* the obacmitv and lireiiiiotta depravity of K<?iniah ,?rir*ts. and for tr*n*Utiuu *hicn ihe author Imk Wh indicred turf prosecuted bv Che Catholics of Pottaville, P*.. u now tor . de ac the American (viCisrn office. No. 20 Ann street. Price , 'i centa n2l Ji?m PO LKT?A splendid parlor, wuh ted room adjoining, a i i ownitf ?, 663 Broadway. For lurcher psflimlare adfreas bo* 879 Lower Post Office. n!? 2w#r VI R8 C\'< ROLL s MEDM %TKD VA rORiATHfl 25 C ourtlaudt street, are i ?ale, certain, and s|>eedv cure (or 'Oil ens, colds, soi throat, twell ng of Che ?cfa??d*. rheumatism , titlMe?? of the joiou, ague ,?nd tireer. Onnn fn>in 6 A. M. till ' . M. Sulphur Bath* require one hoar s nocice. alt 6 r , poKTrr.irE^r: fkmale pills. i rPUKHK ftr-fameil and refe'uraud Pilla, from Portugal, are I 1 w? i>eiceive, to be obtained iii.tliis country. 8re advcitiae man I on ina last column, fourth pa#e.

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