Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. I*., No. 31*?1Whole No. 3535. To the Public. THK NKW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?]pubished every day of the year except New Year's day and fourth of July. Trice 3 cent* per copy?or $7 Hi per an lum?postage* paid?cash iu advance. THK WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fust. It has the largest circulation of any paper in thii city, cr the world, an J it, therefore, the best channel for burinent nun in the city or country. Priced moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds ?*ocuted at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PhoPMI'.TOR OK THE HkBALD ElTMIMkllMKM, Northwest corner of Kultou and Nassau streets 4,<rtU 11 A I I IT A V AMI) I ll/l'HUnni s&EJSXM The lto?al Mail Steam Ship CALKDOv^aljfP'jX/iNIA, li. O- Lott, h?j., Commander, will ll>lit'in lor the above porta on FriPassage lo Liverpool $120. PfuMUti' to ILtlifa* . ?? 20. Apply to D. URIOHAM, Jr., Agent, h22 ?c No. 3 Wall street. NEW YORK AND K1NUBTON STEAM FREIOHT AND I'ASiSAGE LINE. ?m For kn.eatou, auc Delaware and Hudion Canal?suaiubouu EMERALD and NOR2BL .. gg^-VVKMI The KMERALD. Captain John Ketcliam, will leave New York, Toot or Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Konriout landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Capuin John Samuels, will leave New York, uf Warreu street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 o'clock, P. M. Will l??ve K agstnn (Itondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTKA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street vary Sunday morning at T o'clock. Returning, leave* Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. For freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON. BARLOW It CO., a2l 3m*r 1M West street ~1PKOPLK'8 LINK OF STEAMBOATS KOK ALBANY?Daily at ? o'clock P. M. 8L i iWT tr Thruugli direct?From the siev.mboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. 'l'lie steamboat KNfCKKRBOCKEH.Capt. A.T. 8t. John, will l?ave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt L. W. Brainsrd, will leave I'uesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock T. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. Nteanitoat COLUMBIA, t,apt. A. Hougtitoa, will leare Moudav. Wednesday, and k'ridav afternoon, at > o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Tmesdell, will '.e^yn Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. r'Msei.g.'n taking Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample uuie to take the Morning Traia of Cars lor He cast or west. The above h<mu are new and substantial, are fnnmhed with neat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and aceouimodar tions are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Paisaxe or Kreight, auply on board, or to P. C. Schultx at tne off.o? on the wliarf. nllr NOTICK?On and after Monday. Oct. 16th, the boau of thii line will leave for Albanv at 6 o'clock, f. M. instead of 7. INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSl(S^tL^FTION NIOHT LINK KOK ALBANY? Wh in iftlT t ?ir'- Direct, withont Landing.?The commodious and substantial steamboat PQHCTSMOUTH, Capt.O.House.will leave New York from the fooljif Robinson tivet, ou Monday a, Wednesdays and Fridays^anB will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday*, and will continue these trips for the season, at ( o'clock in the afternoon. kreight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat has uudergoue a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. o26 lm*r Ti^THi O'CLOCK EVKMNU LINK fotP;WS?for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without JW?cj w landiiM?the siileiidid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of Coortlaiult street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday venings, at G o'clock, for Albany direct. The bwallow has a large number of state rooms,and for spe*d asd areommndnrinm is not surraased on the Hnilsnr. au8 ec FOll RIO DE J AN KIRO?Passage only?The Mofj^fine fait sailing packet barque AMELIA MULHOLjAidKal.AM) Capt. Millingtoii, tailing for the above port on 'luesdny nest, the 28th iustcan handsiinely accommodaten f?w more paiseugrrs, providi-d early application be made to the capmin ou board, pier No. 4, N. R , or to n2'J t?ec SIKKKEN 8i IRONSIDE, 56 Broadway. NEW LINE OK PACKETS KOR LIVER FyfafV.POOL.? Packet of &Hh November?The splendid Til mImm '1 known favorite packet ship ROSL'IUS, 11)0 ton* ourth*fi. Captain John Collins, will seilou HutnnUy, Movent her, her regular day. The sliips of this line hemic all 1000 tous and upwards,persons about to enihark for the old country, will not fail to see tar advantages to be derived from selecting this liue ui preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way mor? comfortable and couvruieut than ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations it is well known are superior to any others. Thos? wishing to secure berths should not fail to mike early application on board, or to ,,W. fcJ. T. TAPSCOTTt /VI uieir itenerai r as sage umcr, 43 t ec? a 11 p, n2- i'C conifr of Sont li it. Vst; KOtt. LI VERPOOL?The New Uk KrvuUr fir v*V Packet 15th UwcmWr?The new .iimI very splendid SiiimKmv" " Yoik built packet ship LIVKRfUOL, John Eldrtdge, master; 1150 tons, will Mil <u above, her regular dav. Kor fi>ight orpusage, having roomy and un?urpas??d accommodations, apply to the C?ptain on b >ard. west side Barling slip, or to WOODHULL icMINTl!RN8. 87 South St. The tew and elegant Packet ship (Juee i of the West, I'hilij? Woodhuuse, ii aster; 1?50 tons, will succeed the Liverpool, aiid tail on her nicolar day. 16th laruary, 11HJ. nl*r PASSAOE KOR LI VERPOOL-Sails on SaturWTfV' <> . ** ? Nov -The well known, very fast sailing CHESTER, Cspt. John Wilson, will sail |-osi tivsi > above. The Chester can handsomely accommodate sit in the cabin at very low rates; also, eight second cabin passengers, in house ou deck, adjoining the cabin; and her steerage, which is in the after part of ilie slim, and is ue.irly nine feet between decks, cannot bur make he.- for passengers oce of the most eligible conveyances out of this port Kor passage, apply ou board, foet oi Beekman st. or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS fc CO.. 1)31 r 35 Kullon street. KOR LI VERI'UOL?Kegular Packet oT the 25th WRJrwV^'oveniher?The well known favorit- packet ship JOHmCsROSCIIj'S, Captain Collins, of 1100 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. H<r accomino lations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers are splendidly litted up for the comfjrt and convenience of passeiuers. Persons wishing to embark slionM nuke early application to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, nl8r 100 Pine street, comer of South. X?3r- FUll LON I'ON-Kegular packe' of the 1st Dec. KTxSV ?The splendid ship PRINCE ALBK.RT, Captain ~1fr ris1^ , buitheu 1200 tons, will sail as above, htr regular day. tier accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly fitted up for the coinfott and convenience of passengers. Persons intending to embark should make early application aaboard. Burling Slip or Joseph McMurray, ida p..._ .? ,.r w rmom wiihini to send for their friends residing in the old country, can have them brought out bv t*e above ship, or any of the tnereguUr packet! sailing on the Till. iTth and 27th of each mouth, by applying ? ?; if by letter, pott paid. T. S. Drafts at High*. faring* or imall lumi. aredia?n by th?suhscr.bfr 011 the I'roriucial Bauk of Ireland; payable at their respective biauchrt throughout the c0U"Uy ; also. on Messr Sh loner, Atwood St Co, Binken, London, payable in every town hi 0MM Britain. n3lr V? "PACKET FOR HAVHE-Seruod Lin^? The fcJI!*?V<liip BALTI vIOHK, Kdward Funk, master, will JMSlNwsai' On the lit nf December, BOVL) Sc Ili.NCKKlN, 9 Tontine Bnildiugi, n8r corner Wall and Water street! FIRST PACKk'.T FOK AlOBILE-Will sail KrTfV Tivm .rrow- rin- well known fast tailing brig LIN JmhWUmDKN, Capt. P. Koopuiui, will tail a> above, her teg ul<r <lity. Having good accommodations for cabin passenger*, and a ro?mv hiiu-e on deck for second cabin i?u?eng<r?, who will be taken ai a !"W rate if early npp'ication be made ou board, at bulkhead, between Wall and Pine sTeets.or to W. k J. T. TAI'SCOTT, 43 Peck dip, i.'l'lr comer South street. iAii VOl! NKW OH I.KA NS?I.OI' 1SI AN A AND MITtVNKVV YOIIK Line?Regular Packet ><f JOtli Nov.? JHMMHb'riie last tailing p ck t tlup L( >U. > V11. LK, ('apt. M. Uunf, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome lurnislieil accommo d itious, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS St CO., 16 South street. Shipiien by tins line may rely opou having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans. Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The packet burmir Oenesee, Capt. Miaott, will succeed the I,niii?vili?. .ml sail tlii* llilli Dec., her regular day. n^l 1'!?' i; v1u m hats a n i) oa ps VI SUPKRIOn Moleskin, Nutria and 8ilk HaU, Cloth j^^and Velvet J aps ol ^ the subscriber's manufacture. A di niorm w*s ?w?niru uy uir iiiHiiin>e, 11 mc iaiv r air III tliia city for beautiful Mvcimena of Moleakin Mats; *ii<l a diploma was film awarded lor su|>erior ap?:i mens of cloth and velvet raps. On hand a l-irie<' AMnrlmrut of haU and cai*. Ptroiii iii waut of uncles in his line, are respectfully solicited to favor lain with a call. WILLIAM BANTA, No. " ^anal at, tn'?? of Wooater iimt, oil lin*m and No. ISO ( liaiham atreet rm" NKW STYTJk OK CHILDREN'S velvkt caps i'lif aubarriber has a Um? and lieautiful assortment ot Oenilemen'a and Boys <'a|>s, of the In'a t lasliion, which lie will aell m cheap ,i.i any other establishment in tliia city? among ? hi> h may lie found geutUmni'a cloth, velvvt, a new aryle of, 'lid fine Ott?" caps. Alan on hand a large anpplj 01 mole ak in, silk and far Inti, of a beautiful liniih, for sale Vancy Knrs?Also, conttantly on hand, a large assortment of MnfVs and Knr Trimmings for aaleat Tery low pnc>i. N B.?'The Caps ofthe subscriber took the premium at th? late Kair of the American Inatitule. WM. BROWN, nJ lm'ec 128 Chatham ?t. opposite Kooaerelt. DUNLA?* St CAKM AN, 635 Broodwav, cor. Bleecker ?lre?t, oiler for aale, on reasonable terms, a large colI c.tion of Plants for parlor or conservatory, consisting ofCameliaa in every vartetv, Cluyantlienarua, Chinese Anlias, Orauge and Lemon trees, Rhododendrons, monthly and other Roses. Cactus, I'lttsosporuma, Cape Jssauiinri, Salvias, Mtevias, <?eraninni?, Jkc. kc., together with a choice aaaort nu ll' of Hyacinth nud other bnlhs. Bu'b (ilaaaea, Klowei #tsmla, Oold Kiah a?d (ilobea, B'rdaand t'agen. H reah imacred vegeiableand (lower aee?a ofevery deacription. Bouquets com|>oaed of t aim liaa and other choice flowers foi ftriiUI and other partiea tastafully arranged. All ori'era prompt |y rxi CM te<l lilt * I <?_?> UOU LOST.?$10 RKWAIID.?Kscaped from \f*G| I lie stibles of the Aator llnuie, in Hornce street, on ...[ K'ridag night, a white and liver Colored I'oinler Dog.? The Mid Dog had on a ateel chain collar, with P. B Wester veil eugr iVMt theiPDii, and miswria to tlie name of DASH. The Dog ia aged and a little d> af. Whoever retiirna the aaid Dog to the Aator House shall be paid tea dollara, and no i|n?atioua ??ki'd. ___ ul?lw*rrc, " I I 1 I 1? E NE NE NEW YORK k BOSTON SOUND PILOT. AWKN PRKSCOTT, Pilots, or takes charge aa master and " pilot of vessels bouuu to New Bedford, over Nantucket ShoaU. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Ketinebeck. and OTHER PORTS. Office at *ryefc8haw's Nautical .tore, 222 Water street, corner Beekmau. Reference to a number of merchants and the several Insurance Companies in this city, BosIM. and Portland 'ivlji |mr NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. PCF.W A U R i.N'ICMFNT, I'OMMF.NLINU OCT. IttT II, j8l3. FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the loot of Courtlandt unset, New York. (Every day?fctuuday. eicfplej.) Leavea New Voik. Leaves Newark. At ? A.M. At 2 P.M. At "X A.M. At l?P.M 9 do. 3 do. B do. 1 do. tl do 4 do. 9 do. 6. do. \ tin. lJ>i do. do. 7 do ON SUNDAYS. Leavus Nfw York. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4|tf P. M. At \% P. M. and 9% P. M The cars of the Morru and Esse* llailroad for Orange, Millvilln Submit, Chatham, Mailiton. and Morriilown, run through front Jer>ey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves Now York. J.uvea Elizabeth Town At ( A. M. AC 2 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3& P. M. 9 do. S do. 7>k do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. 8>i do. t)i do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P M. The traius for Wentfirld, I'laintield, Roundbrook, Homer ville, be., couuect with the 9 A. M., and 4>? P. M. ; trams, froin New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York ana Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Fare between do. and Hoinerville, 7i ceuts. NEW YORK AND RAHWA} Leaves New York. Leives Rahway. At I A.M. At 2 P.M. It fc?* A.M. At 3 P.M. 9 da 3 do 7 d? do. U do. 5 do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. !IK do. 12M P M. NEW PORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kjoin foot of Courtlandt street, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 12 M. 5 do. 7}i do. tyi P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4KP. M. At 12 A M? and 8* P. M. Knre, except in the Philadelphia traius, between New York and New Brunswick. 60 cents. Between New York and Raliwiy, 25 cents Newark, Elizahethtowu, Rahway, and New Bruniwick passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive x firry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con ductnrorlv on the day when purchased The commutation fare between New York and Rahway and in.ermedUte places, has been reduced (includiui; ferry) to $50 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 per year. nl9 3m WINTER ARRANGEMENT. .. . FREIGHTS FOR WHEELING, HlBsfc Y\ an D_ PITTSBURG, Pa.?The QllurrsiKlivii, hit uic lam n?*r )ran imiu it tireweiif I A irenl for Bingham's Line from t'MH city to futsuurg, takes this method of informing his numerous friends and iwtrons, that having made extensive- arrangements for forwarding merchandise via railroa's and wagons, during tlie winter season, to th? West, lie is now preS?red to receipt for good* from this city to Wheeling, Va. via altimore and Cuinbrrland.or to Pittsburg via Philadelphia aud the Chambers burg Kailroad. All goods entrusted to his care, will b* forwarded without auy delay, and at the lowest current ratts. to either of the above points on the Ohio River._ Also, merchandise and packages forwarded by Oreeu's Express, through in three days from Baltimore te Wheeling, making in all six days from this city to Wheeling. The business will be conducted by? Win. Tyson, No. 10 West street. New York Bingham St Brothers. 27fi Market street, Philadelphia. James Wilson, North Howard street. Baltimore. Holliday St Egerton, Cumberland, Md. James H. Korsyth St Co., Wheeling, Va. Wm. BiuKham, Pittsburg, Pa (ioods intended for the Wheeling route should be marked New York aud Wheeling Line, care of James Wilson, Baltimore, aud those for Pittsburg, Bingham's Line as heretofore. WM. TYSON, No. 10 West street N. Y. New York. No*. ?0, 18 3. n2! lm*r rP11K SUBSCRIBER has removed from the store No. A 657 llroadwav, to 174 Canal, for the purpose of carrvinv on the CASH TAILOR1NG BUSINESS in all its branches, and in a style of elegance which cannot te surpassed by any other house. It is the inteution of the undersigned to ask sucn prices for his gondsas cannot fail to meet the approbation of (he public, and an excelleus assortment will be kept on liand to sut the taste of all. Garmeuts can also be altered and repaired at this establishment at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient ie?vant, M. RICES' B. Oenllemen furnishing their own cloth can have them made up on the most teiuonable terms, aud good tits warranted. n2i lin'r A. A. SAMANOS, NO.0 WALL STREET AND 280 BROADWAY, toBsr.r ok Rkaui STttr.r, HAS JUST RECEIVED, per ship Cristoval Colon, an invoice of the celebrated Woodvifle brand of Segars, consisting of Regalias and Medium size, and the Lord By rou paper Segar*. IN STORE, All the vatious sizes aud choice qualities of the most celebra ted bra-ids of Sugars, consisting of Lord Byrou, of different sixes. Port of Havana Rogalias and medium size. Heguridad, medium size. Jnsto Saw/. Principe. Large aud small V ara of St. Jago. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of different qualities. ScafarUtti Smoking Tobacco of Haltimore Oermau Smoktug Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated Natchitoches Snuff of New Orleans, together P?l*r 8e?* i ol' Garcia.Perer, Lara, Lord Byron, he. Gtrm n Pipe*; Cherry.Turkey Til* Ste n?. Poiuted, Spnuk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment 01 segarCa-ej, Snuff Boxes, 4tc._ nau for tving Segars, and Tobacco in balea, which are of fered at wholeatle and reiail n*3 lm*r i?EGAR* ! SEGAKS! SEGARS! DM HENRIQUE8, No, M William street, respectfully informs l.i? Trie ds and the public generally, that lie has oonstantlv ou hand the lollowing choice oraudj ot began, for sale wholesale and retiii:? King and feiueen Regalia, La Norma, Kionda, Cabanas, Ksparteros, Nouegas, Yn 'euindad, LaVlonnda, (a new brand.) D? Moya, _ Panetelas, in 1-8 and l-10th bote*. Piincipes, of various qualities. Esperaiisas, Lentlaues, CabMleros, and numerous othe'brands, we'l worthy the attention of the public. Any segars purchased at this islablithmeut, if not liked, will be ta*en back at any time and the money returned Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. n!8 lm COFFEE WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, JVo. 64 Barclay street, Near Greenwich, New York. /"CONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, Or**n. Rnaste<l v and Ground Coffers; (Jronnd Pepjier, Cinuamon, Alspice Gincer. ('lores. Mustard. Mace. Nutm?if?. lie. Coffin Roasted and Orouud for Urocer*. at tne shortest notice j C. K1NNF.R. 1L/" <?ooda teat to any part of the city free of eapeaae. nil Im'm T'iK; WBW YORK k.<*UI 1'ABLE INSURANCE COM * PANY?Ofhce No. 46 Wall *treet?Capital $100,000?in ?u'e* agamit Lou and Dinut from Fire, on warehouse* dwelling!, merchandize, household <urnit?re, veaseli m por and their caigoe*, and every d'icription of property in city am country, at reduced rate* DIRECTORS. Henry Yatei, A. O Thomptou, Paul Spofford Siia* Holme*. Oeo Rapelye, C.H.Hand, Harvay WeeJ, R L. Smith, J. E.Co ley, L\ml>eft Huyilam, Dhnihanl Kupp, ll.A.Rot ertaoi lohn P N'wmith, J. YV. Duryee. 11 Rowland, John Q. J one*. J. Oille.pie, ti. A, I. Bouchard, LAMBERT SUYDAM. Pre*i.lent. JOSEPH STRONG. Secretary.. _ nl8 6t*r ~ BoO'l S A^U aaOfca^-VV lLhUN *. J O H N SON, Successors \n John Hutching*, deceased tare on IiLid and lor sale, from the bast manufactories in thi eonutry? 100 ( n*es Cnarie Sewed and Pegged Boou, men and boyt 100 " Fine " " " 1000 Pair Morocco Bcskitu. 1000 14 turtle*' Fine Klippers. 3000 " Clnldreu'a Hhoe*. various colon. MM) " Women* and mixn Oaiters. 1100 " India Rubber*, trimmed and plain. Eor *ale in lot* to *nit purchasers, at their atom. 120 CHATHAM STREET, oppnite Rosrrelt. N. B ?The *tore being open nntil 10 o'clock in the eveuing lire* country merchant* an opportunity to e lamiue good* a their leisure. nJI lin'r pari a boo is anu lasts made to order, fiv E SUSER, Pi Uhoauwav, (llot.Mi nr.) One door from Courtlandt itre-t. E. SUSf.Il, Bootmaker and Makeri'f Lasts, ai '"Elve" of Clerct of Pari*, beg* leave to inform Mi friend* and all the am*t?nrs of a gentlemanly "eiSauMBre 1 that he can now make, in New York, with the best F rench m? terials, all that I* *o |ier ectly made m Pari* hy hi* nu iter, tin celebrated Bootmaker Coerce, who*e numerous cuato n-r* or this *ule of the Atliiitic, are re*pecifullv invited to trv BMtn Boots and Laat*. bel'ors they despair of being "chains ?es" ii New Ymk, after the nice* latest Pari* fashion. AI*o the gennine Pari* Jet Black Y.truisli sold. n8l lm*m BOOTS ?Water proof, double ami cork ,*?ie* rreucn and native calf and latent screw taps; war ranted good fine calf hoots for men, boy*, and childivai do coarsc water boot*, and shoe* orall sort* and ?Ue*. N. If ? IT) I raib ,.*,.! rt ,,i..* ki.ila aKitftf Mill buskins, duu7>'le and *ini(le sol***, anil of every color and A* Ladiea, Gents, Vu?e*, and <'> water jiroof India K4.1 ber over ?hoe?, of the lateat siylf. all of which will br ? h cliea|>er tlian at iuiy other *tore in this city. T. 8. WALK Kll. 419 Broadway, nil lm"m corner nl < ?> a I ?? BOOTS, BOOTS AND 8MOKM. chmi', u.d ^^^^Jcheaper than ever yet off. mi in thi city. A wry large aaaortment ?f gent*'single and double aoled water prwl Booti, French and native call, city made and warrant' >1. for ?Vm low price of$J to $4 |*r pair, and a neve* failing supply of thick Boot* and Shoe* I'or men, buyi and children) ladies', mtsais ind children'* Oaiuv Boot*, Buskins, Mhpper*and Tie*, of all the different kind* and most fuliiinialde ?tylea. Their I* Moc caiin* anil all the diifeninl kind* and fashionahie atyhra'ol Indu Kuhher over Shoes, for gentlemen, ladie*, mum ?nH ehildrei in tr> at abundance, and cheap, which the auliacrihe-r* woul< ?olicit tli?ir friend* aud the pnbltc to call and riantine tliei .lock, as it i* of the be*t materials, and principally city mad< it tlinr tarn* e*lablialim>*ut, Cirecuwich *Ueet, corner o WRKiHT, CALHOUN h CO. BOOT AND IHok JfTOJUC. JOHN HK.AUV rrvpsctfully inform* his Iriend and the public, that he luu commenced bntinear m I lie abor line, at No. ? Saiaau alr?et. where he will thauklslly ttceiv I and failhlull / eierute, all orders b|MT be iavored w?U* on th o? nMOubl* urn* rot ?nM iiOt W YC W YORK, FRIDAY MOR CHEAP STORE TO MY OLD CUKTOMKK8 AND THK PUBLIC. DllU'iS, DYLSTUFFS. PAINTS, MEDICINES, (iROCEttltS, &c. No. iH liREENWHCH STREET, NEW YOHK TOHN C. MORRISON offers for sale, on the mo*t liWral ? inrinj, a very eiteu?i?e assortment of goods, amenu them the following, to which he would solicit the attention of APOTHECARIES. Opium, Corrosirs Sublimate, Camphor, Aijaa Ammonia, Cream Tarter, Spirits (Nitre Dalcii. Castile Soap, Super Carbonate ho da. Liquorice, Tartaric Acid, liliauCiipiiin, K'.ptom Salts, Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jal.ip Hennt, Alurj, Sulphate Quinine, Klwrs. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, and all Essaa Cinin Arabic, tial Oils, Castor Oil, Oum Myrtih, Uuicksilvtr, Caatharides, Magueaia, (ium Tnncauth, Mauua, Powdered Bark, Roll and Flour Sulphur, Coiks of all kinds. Alcohol, Harsaparilla, Uomx, re lined anil crude, sponges, coarse ana iui?, Calomel, Druggists'Glass Ware Red Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS Window class, of all si*es aiid British Lust'e, mialilit-s. Glue, all sorts, While lead, dry and in oil, Gold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, Uold and Silver UTonie, Litharge. Copper Bronze, Spirits Turpeniios. Clialk, white aud red, I'utty, l'aris wlule, Whiting, Spanish Brown, Verdigris, ilry i ad in oil,! Venetian 1W, Chrome Green, Sand Painr, Chrome Yellow, Pumice Stoi:e, Yellow Oclue, Frcuah and Tar and Kosiu. American, Japan, copal, c^aclt and kuu Prussian Bine, ne?s varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rotten Sume, Terra de Siunua, Ivory Black, Red Chalk, Guin Copal, Guin Shellac, Paint Brushes, ail site*. Bright Varnish, Rose fink. Sash Tools, all sites, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kail, Oil. Train, Winter, Liutseed, Summer strained sperm, Neatsfeot, Refined, whale, Olive or Sweet, Unrefined, whale. Sea Klephaut. Tanners', t l<ard Oil, Sperm and Steanc Candle*. DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brant Wood, Camwood, Red Sauuders, Fustic, Halen Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Hyperuic Wood, Gum Asphaltum, Peach Wood. Sal Ammoniac, Ebony Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alum, Fullers' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dulch and Kmnch.1 Copperas, En|(. and Amer. Indigoes, of Bengal, Carraca Oil Vilrol, and GoaUmala, Sugar Lead, While Tartar, Bleaching Salts, Red Tarter, Cochiueal, Glue, Aqua Fortii, Sumac, NutgalU, Lac Dye, Annaito. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussiate Potash, Pol and Pear] Ashes, Gum Senegal, Extract Logwood, Powdered ('urcuma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalta, Bi-chromaie of Potash, Quersifron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortia, Gum Shellac, Salt Petre, Cndbear, British Gitm, Woad, Nitric Arid and Grain and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Soaps, OROCERS. Young Hyson Tea, Pepper Sauce, riyson Macs boy suun. Imperial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Mac*, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Fletant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, French Brandies, Caiter Oil, in bottle*, Spanish Segars, Alcoh >1, Pot aud Pearl Ashe*, Epsoin Salts, Starch, Cinnamon, Liquorice Ball, Friction Match**, Bith Brick, Carbouate Ammonia, Salenttus, British Lustre, Fig Blue. Boda for washing,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mnstard, London, Alam, Caynune Pepper, Olive oil in bottle* & basket*. Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. ' Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Annineed, Nutmeg*, Absynth, Mace, Oarrayway, Clove*, Junipeir, Cinnamon, Rose, Orange aud Prnch Wa Cassi.i Buds, ters. Allspice Vanilla Bean*, longUsi, Tcnquiu Beau*, Ouin Tiukcuith, ('onaoder SewB/1 Gum Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Send, <?um Gamboge, Annisseed, Oil of Roses, Jnju'-.e I'aate, repi*rmint, Pearlaah, Winteigreeu, Salerattis, Ciunamou, Super C'rbonale of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Brrttaxiot, Ginger, white Jamaica, Lemon. Ginger, Kant India. PAPER MAKER8, HATTERS, Sic. Bleecniug Powuers, NntgaDii, Powdered Blue Smalt*, Blue Vitriol, Glue, Verdigiis, Oil Vitriol, Copi>erai, Copper Calx, rial Ammonia, Shrf ac. Antimony, Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Extract of Logwood. A'oea, Alum etc. PATENT MEDICINE DEALERS. Balsam of Honey, Anderson's, Lee's k Hooper'* Turlington's Balsam, Pills, Bateinau'i Drops, Opodeldoc, Harlem and Britiah Oil, Sen s' and Liquid, Seidlitt Powders, Soda Powders, Stuughton's Bitters, Godf.ey's (Cordial, Extract Sarsaparilla, Anderson's Cough Drop*, C?t>halic Snuff, Thompson's Eye \Vat?r. Chemicals ol all kind*, French, English aud Amariean. All kinds rf Paint* and Colon. Every description of Drugs and Drugging' Articles; and Pa'eut Medicine*, PeiTurnery, "oap*. Ike., a general assortment. All article* warranted genuine. (XT"The most prompt attention given to orders Irom the comntry. ,,o ixiii tiiv. DR. WISTAK'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, 126 FULTON STREET. IMPORTANT CAUTION.?Tin rublip should in minil it is Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild < herrythat per form* those remarkable cum which are published in every part of the country and not tlie articles of similar name that are oc ca?ioually puffid iuto>' notice. Those may be good, but M know uoihing about lliem Let every Man, Womau and Child reid the following, and if that doe* not sati-fy all of the |rut virtues of thi? meil'cine, Irt their. co to 12) Fulton stieet and see the original, with nu merous other testimonials of like character : Watkrvillk, (Oneida Co., N. Y.) Sept IS. 18)3. Dear Sii?I owe it to the afflicted to infirm you tliat in January last I was attacked by a verv vio'eut cold, caused by tfo'kioi; in the water, which settled ou my lungs. It was ic compamed by a very severe pun in my brtust and sides, and al o a distressing <' 1 > b I had in a'teudanre ?ll the MM me d cal aid in our village ; hut after exhausting their skill in no avail they pronounced my di ejse a Co .fi,med l onsumption , and they one and all gave me up to die. Aftei m"ch persua?'?n. I got the consent of my ph\ aiciau to uethe Bilutn of Wild ' Cherry, prepared by Dr Wistar. 1 purchased of tne Agent in our place one bottle, before using half ?f win 'h I began to gain strength, and it was very evident my cough was much better <nd my symptom" in every way i proving. I have now used three buttles, aad am re?tn>ed to perfect health This lesult is aloueo?in> to the use of Dr. Wuur's Balsam of Wila Cherry; and 1 tale this method of giving you the inf rmation, partly to pay the deht of gratitude I o?e yon, and partly th?t others similarly aftlicteamay know where to apply lor relief. t V>ry l'?ly your*, JAtlkB BAUb. i Mr. P*lraer, Druggist, under elite of W*t-rville, Sept 24, IU3 writ**: The ?taie,nent given you by Mr. Jame* Sag* in well known ( to be true by thu whole community. It certainly wa? a mosl remar?able cuie The tale of the Bxlsatn is very good, ant succes* id cure* truly Mattering. You A re?re.-tfiil|y. i , , ? . , J '> D PALMAR Let the afflicted call and ?ee our certificate. They provi conclusively t at they can b> cured if they g t the r ght made cine, lie me a d get 'Dr. Wi*tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.' Beware of imitations Tni? ItsWam cure* all affections of the lnnga and liver, inch u b'erdiug of the lung*. hronchit*?. asthma of 10 or 20 yeari > andiug. croup, ob?tin<te pun in the cheat, ?'?e, lie. Sold only by I ate Butts. Itt Ku'tos, corner "f Nassau t Df*ter, Albany: (Joihiin, New Iliven; fc. W. Hartford and by agent* throughont the Northern a d K.utern State* A Me^i-al Tr-atise to be had gr.t'* ?* above. n2l lm*m PHILADELPHIA DAGlTKRREOTYPK ESTABLISHMENT, EXCH\QE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AND V. THK Subscriber ha* received a large auoply of Voigtlander* I celebrated Daguerreotype Appartut, Mrirr and small sixes with achromatic leasa* made accordiug to Professor PetivaPi calculation Al*o a nrw snprlv of best plate* and chemicals, which 11 i warrant* good and lells at reduced price*. The following gentlemen have agreed to act a* agents, via? E VVhite, Esq.. 17S Broadway New York IVHaas, Esq Washington. D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. S Broadbent, Kstj, (or the 8onthern States. Wm. West, Esq Cincinnati, Ohio. 1 All communication* (post ptid) and order*, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to. and should b< lirected to WILLIAM LAUOENllEIM. olTlm'r Etchange Buildings, Philadelphia UNITED STATES DAOUERRIAN GALLERY, 17! Rroudway. up atai *.? E. ?*HITE would res|ic tfullyca'l the attention iY citi -en* and afang rs, viii'ing ilie city to his <l>letidid collect mil "fDagucrreotypePortreita. single or iu group, 1I*" to fi>nri*?ii ne ions nn the tame nT.t?> whi. k In beauty sntl accuracy of delineation cannot be surpassed Por, trai l takru in all kinds of weather, either with or withou cnlon. i The Ainrrican ln?titot? at it* late e?hibi ion awarded Mr Wh te tlie fir*t preminm for the betr Daguerreotype likenest f-<i ) groupingaud general effect, which it but mother proof of th' superiority of hit portraits. Nlr. White it to e agent in New York fur the very aaperioi 1 imported Herman I'umiru , and at no other establishment m ih<t city or State an they be obtained. N. D.?(reported *ennui Camarai; alto, French and Amen can lintrnmei.t* of the r'ry beat quality, with PUte Caaea, Cheinica t, Poti?hiug Materi.tla, he., lie., always on hud, foi 1 tale at the very lowest pricea. nT )<n*ra PLUMBIC DAOUKRRKAN GALLICitIKS OK PA TENT COLORED PH')TOURAPHS 251 B'oadway, New York I 136 Chestnut street, Philadelphia 7S Court street, Botton , IJorurr of No-th au<1 Baltimore streets, Baltimore And Dnnw'i Buildings, Albany i ?connitutiuK the oldeet and most eitensiee establishment el i the kind in tlie world, and containing npwmdi of a thousand pictures I Admittance free. Time Portrait* ha nag hern awarded the Kirst Premium and highest honor by th* American and Kranklni Institutes, r?s - petfirely, at thi ir la?t eihibitious, are that officially susiain-d in 111* positiou of superiority heretofore iiuvrrmlly as>ign< d ? tnem by the public, a* the moat beautiful Daguerreotypes e>ei produced. . . Likenesses taken erery day, without r<g*rd to weather. Plnmue's Premium Api amttuaaa ratem Rights, Plates, Ca?e?( fcc. tic. wholesale Mi irud. |7 lm*M >RK I NING, NOVEMBER 24, 1 IMPORTANT TO BUS1NKKS MEN. BUSIMK^S MEN who krr|i iiu l>auk acrouut can have notes c< Heeled through tli?* liuiclitri and Drovers' bi k, and i rompt returns made in Bu'cliert *n<l Drovers' m<<uey, by llwir leaving ?uch notes Willi Mr. Robert T Per'in, at ill* Bank. >o. I2i Bowry cor Orand it. Mr. Isrriu's rrferrncra are the Cashier ami C oimom f the B ?nk. 11I6 lm*ec HAVANA MANSION HOl/SL HOTfcL rpHK underaigned uki-i occasion to inform his frieudj and 1- the public, that the Mansion House i? now located in Inquisidor street, No. 67. iu thr viciuit) nf the steamboat liuidiuf and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged iu the ueateat order. A peraou is employed to procure permits to land l*s?i.*ugrrf, baggage, fcc. who will board veasels immediately afu*r the vuit of Uie revenue officer! N. B.?Visitors to thia Island should procure a passport tVca the Spanish Consul, attne port of embarkation, lo obviate difficulties and inconvenience ail 6mec WILLIAM FlfL'I'ON BOARDING Irlvr. *t/n nuu Amrncui uunruinR nouif, no. of n iiiuf ??-, I it few doors from Broadway Boarder* will Hud it an agrteable home, at a moderate price The French ii ?enerallv l> .km Day boarders taken o2fi lui'm ? BOA D AT 9? CHAMBERS STREET. n'HHKK or four Gentlemen ?-n now be comf >rt?bly accomJ inodafed with board, and Jtliasant room* with i^antres attached. Tern * moderate?rrleience* miuited. nl7eod2?r MADAME BUTTON, P R O V V. 8 8 O K OK SINGING, M Variuk stnvt, Ht. Johns' l'.trk. sli Jm*r M Usi TOtiKl'H KAMMERKR, I'lofcubor of Music, respectfully J announce* t? his I'atrous and the Public' in general, that he ha? removed from 59 < 'roaliy to i3r> Lauren* iln-el, where all order* for his Cotillion B ind, to wait on Parties tec., in or out of town, will be received and promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. will also tie received at Mr. W Dubois' Mblie Store, 285 Broadway. n*lm?rrc P'41,1 AN MUSIC.?MR. MANNIN?* (twenty years rest dent in Naples,) pupil of Pacini and Crvscentmi, gives instructions on terms to suit the times, in Italian Kreuch, an K.nuhsh sinmnit, and iu the most fashionable style of piaui ferte playing. Mr. M. has |iermission to refer to the (ollowiuff gentlemen:? J. M. Wainwright, D. D.; Messrs Howland (k. Aspinwstl; J K. Schrodef D. D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham; K. L. Hawke*, D.D. Mr. 8 Ward. Mr. M. reside* at 230 K Hudson street, near Spring st. n? lm*r * MUSIC FuK PARTIES VTE9SR8. O. WEISS k KR. ORAMB98, Professors of I-*-*- Music, respectfully announce to their patrons, the ladies and rentlemen of New York and its vicinity, that their Cotillion Baud is prepared to play the most admired and fashionable Music for Private Parties, Soirees, <kc. Orders thankfully received a ,d punctually attended to at 26 Delancev st, also M Mr.Millot's YIumc Saloon, 329 Broidiviy, or at Mr. Jollie's Music Store, 385 "roadway. n4 lm*r MUSIC. arvuaua H/ MMU'ink H X> IIW'IHII'M P, n( ivr Music, late of Saratoga Springs, resivotfally unnoance I that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private parties soiree#, serenades. during the eiiining season, performing the moat n.odern and lobular music. All ordera for 'heir attendance will he received and answered at their present resideuce, M Crosby street. n2l lm*r DlbBROW'd ?% 1IJ Nli CrtoUL, 408 BOW K < Y. "17011 LADIES from 0 A. M, to 3PM daily. " For Gentlemen " 3 to i and 7 to 9>i P. M daily. Lecturf. Lkssohs. i Liehciic Uidinn. IEvening Class ) 12 Lessens $0 00 20 N ides - $10 0* Siuirledo 1 Oil | -ingle di 75 Th< Dressing and Drawing Rooms are well warmed, and evciy otlnution d?voted to the oml'ort of those who may honor ill with thair patronage. Oeutlrmen keeping their horses on livery at this estiblit ment will have the privilege of riding them in th. School. mS 3m*r FENCING ACADEMY." MESSRS. R08AT & ECKKRT have the honor to inform the citizens of New Vorli. that they h>ve opened an Academy of Arms at 333 Broadway, corner of Anthony street where th-y intend teaching Small Sword, Broadsword, Cane tic. as well as Sparring. Having had long eiperience in teaching the above br inches, th*y hope to secure the patronage of those who wish to become first rate t wordsiaen These graceful and useful exercises expand the chest and cor rect uatural delec * ol lormition They render tlie body more vigorous, supnle and active, and eive tliat euy earring-- that it always obseived ia well educated men. A. F. ROSVT. nB ltn*r CHAKLK8 KUKERT M H S PURDY*S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL FOR \OUNO LADIES, NO. 9B Humersley stre?l.?Mrs. I'urdy and Iter two daughter* li tv.iii: recentlyKlnifld froin England, where ihey were engagi'd in giving instruction in the rari?u* branches or English r'.duration Music, Drawing ind Wrench, are prepared to receive a limited number ol youngladit-a H?r term* are 'egnlated hy ilie general reduction,iu every de|iartmriit. for which, and other particular,?hr begs tn refer to her card, which will be furiusned on application at her residence. nl lin"r MONEY rO LEND. A BRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 5* Read' 1 stre t, n'ar Broadway, loan* money in large or small arnnn. a? may r*i|nired, oa Watchea, Jewelry, Silver Mare, Dry Goods, Wotriug Apparel, and perional property of every de (criotion o29 lm*r MONEY LKN l', T IBERA I.LY, nt the eld established stand, 401 Grand street lJ ou g?l<l and silver watchea, plate,j "wellery and diamonds wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical and (nauieniaiicai lusLruuraiLa, ucuumi, wiu ciuy n<w,ii|'?tvn v> prnoiidl property, by LOUIS LKVY, Pawnbroker, oJ3 lm*m 4G3 Oraud lx-tween Kidge and Attorney it FliENUH UH1NA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stair*. ADALKSMK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturer*. ha* alwayion hand a large aitortment Cor dinner and tea *rt> in plain white aud gilt French Porcelain, aj well a* dinner and ileaaert plate*.of all site*, auorted ditlies, *nup tureen*, covered lithe*, *:i I id bowl*, fruit baikets, cuitard* and standi. Alio, Ten and Chocolate Ware, Utwik, French and Amandin ?ha?e. All tti* article* are warranted of the beat quality, and to be old <>n liberal term*, and in lor* to mil pnrehaaem ?27 f?m*e? H OD CJ E ' S L ON lj"oN CO KOI A L 'TMIIS mperior article can always be obtained at the Win* A Vanlt*. No 111 Kulton *treet, one do<rr from tJulch *tri*t IK IDOL'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTFRS. The*e bitter* are highly recom" ended by the Medical Facnl ty of En op; a* a re*tor tive for th? apietite, nd ca be uned ii. it* l>nre *tate rm xed with watar, wine* or liquor*, and c n b* obtained at all the rincipal hotel* in the Unitrd Hiaf* Mold wh' le?ale only at No 111 Fultou st. one door from Dutch *t Agent* for Bo*ton, Ma** ? Me**r*. BlakebTrambuIl^coruei Milk and Kederal *treet* For Proridence, K. I., Mr. Thorn** Spencer, No. Ii We*t Water tlreet. I*. H.?Th? above article* may be had in bottle* for famil) "'ai.o-stouohton's bittehs, essenhk ph->. nrnuiWT iuff.invt.PNI* fOKTU. ALK ANU chamV'aUne CiULK , >f superioriluaMies', at MO. 114 KULTON *] KEET, nl'J 1m*ee One door fr>m Uuf-h ?treel TMIK SlTB8< ItlUK.RS have just received from Oertnur A and oiler for sale, a varie'y or VV \TKR PllOOh' a?,d AIR TICiH T articles, called aS'IIYURINK, for which pa'eats have been taken out in Kngltud and (termauy, The, ?i* vastly ni|wnor (0 THOSE in Mt UaUntlM bv fhc* ?j-' of India rubier,from which they are distinguished by b"ing inroily INODOUOUS, 1NKL AS TIC. but >ui pie, and undrr <0111* no alterat oil wh.ueTer by chance temper ttur* I'hese articles are manufact ured Willi wool, rotion, linen, oik ic., of winch hi iv be mi I-CLOA K *, HUNi'lSo JACKET*. OAlTKHS, APRONS. MILITaRV TKMS H AV-RSA'VMNO-", M AKUUKES. ! NOINf HOSK A No, HAT A n li BONNET LI *INOH, witl tlOSK AND <iL1 >VKS fur tbo?e atf.ctnl with gout mid flienmi'uiii; AIR I'l'SII PILLOWS, MATl'RES SK.S. Sic A mo g tha rest they have an article prepared foi SVAUON COVK R8, for the 08fc OK RAILROADS aim to cove* all kinda of rchiclet and bnits. Alio for BALLOONS and for BA'iH which may conUiu wat* y. Kueou? jf oily fluids, witnout any chance o? leakate. They hare als< >f this manufacture an eice lent article of HAIL CLOTH which will arrest the passage of air, will last longer, be lighte han ordinary sail cloin, and require a less number ol hands t< <anage tliem. In the mma'&ciorr of L'MBRKLLAS this iriic'e must su|>ercede every othet material Indeed the unua pplicaliou ot me A.iniuni ^ r. mini ue aimo? u ll mint not be omitted to ?tate tin' tin* article i? ad.niranll t idapted a* a cover for leather bed*; the p"*piratiuo from I dito.ued or even healthy peii'iu* io isjuriou* anil ueuruclive to rather*, will under il* u?e be pr*ve?ied from penetrating and unnol extend beyond the uerior ol the tick. > PFE1KLH Hi -vIS^AKN, nil lm*ec 23 Sou'h William ltreet. IfKUns, UNO' KKIK8, TKAS, WINK8, ke.?OA-?S i " MKK *i VOUNO, l<2 t'hatham ltreet, offer it wholeaai* I ui retail^ to de leri and familie*? Krevli Foreign Km in, a general ai*?r<ine-1 Sugar* and Coffee of all kinds airl quaiitie* ' Tw<, Uim ind Black ui" veryd?*cri lion' ' Superi .r old Winn anu Liquor*. f v<rmus grade* Superior Rajplwrr andCh'try Brandy French and Awer.Can Cordial*, on draft aud in gla*? Lo'olon, 8c itch and American i'oiter, Brown Stout and I'aJi Ale La .Norma, Regalia, Noriaga and other brardf Begin ' ha*t and watt ludia and American I'reaerve* and grille* II niev, in amall boiei, from Ohio , Jujube Pa*te. in 12 and ii lb. boxe* Bird Seed. Spice*, Cocm and Chocolate I 8peim Oil and I an (lies, Soap, kc SaraioK* Pavilion; Wa er, in nu irt and pint bottle*. Ooodt |e| wr>-?1 to anv i?rt >!'tlvcitv iiee of ?.*n?e. Iill1m*ni iiQOLAM LAMPS," "tiRM NALUH'S LAMP"" in. "HORN'S OLASS KOCNTAIN LA MI'S." A Urg. mil complete aaaortmentol the above Lamp* is kept rnnitautn in hand and for *ale at low anil reduced price* by the *uba*MMI 1 ''e.-son* wisbiug Lamp* or to ecouoiniie in light, are invited u ' all and aiamine before purchasing, t heinical Oil and II annul fluid of the lieat quality kept coaaUntlr lor *nle and delirarti D any part of the city. '' HOOKF.H, r}? lm*ee IU Broadway. UNITED (STATICS TEA EMPORIUM, 121 I alt 129 Chatham ntreet, /Vne York. And IIS Knlton ltreet, Brooklyn. 'Aaiw*. 118 Bi.g?r*K? Str(.ki, IWHOLEdALK AND K B 1 AIL, rallL" I'lVTIN TV I fMVII'ANIV e.intiim. In ..Iter f. I ink new anil fragrant I'm ai erery rari?ty and atyle, rheir luaortment apecially induCT.-* the mewl delirium ao> .mwrrfal Krmlea of Own and Black. Every pack.ige Im?ira th, lUmpof neatu?* and elegance, aud the Teaa therein are a< hor.iughlr aecnred from light and air, (hat their <|uality an?' Hjwer will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their ayaten if proaecuting bnameaa la, prrh*p?, acarcely to lie excelled I I founded upon the utmoat regard to the right* ol the cuatom | -r, eawcillly With reaped to weight And i|4ftlity, and nuri 'ailed rhe*[inma. All P'lflmaeri *re railed upon to retnrn ant irticlea which lail to girt them the ntinoat ntuficlinn, whicl '.he uioaey will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. CoMtr iierehanta, public estihliahmenta, henda of fauiiliea, and ahij. nasters will find it a decided advantage to supply themaelre rorn thia eatabliihment. Okhuikk Ja?* Coa-rm matted erery day. Ordera from all part* of the United State* eiecnt?J wit jr?mptitnde and despatch. The only w irehou?e i? America for th? ??le of Hr? ' ina'a celebrated BUrli Ten. oJfl ln?m COAL?Best IV^^h Orchard. Red Aah,Doable Screened,fron the yard 43* Waahiugtou atreet, corner of l)e?l>i.>?*? ? at, i 1 no it price*, delivered free of cartage,; ?nd weighed by a c:t> weigher Large Nnt 11 87U j Do 8to?* 4 12>4 Broken ar.?* Egg 5 37){ A deduction i f 25 renti if uken from boat*, at the ft ot Veatry atreef, every day > t oUlm*m PATRICK KEK.KIGAM. IE R A 843. Jcnrrnl NcMlona. Before Recorder Tallmodge and Alileimm Kmmans ami Nash. Trial ok Rau<>k and hi* Wn? ron Korgekv. Nov. -23?The Trial of Henrv M. anil Iiim wife, bather C., for forgery of a check in tin: name of Austell, Wilinoriling k Co for JiIKHH), on the B.venlh Ward Hauk, impleaded with Henry Saunders, jr , wan continued. Tho prosecution wan conducted by District Attorney Whiting, assisted by John W. Kdmonds, h.s<[. Tho defence by David Ornham and Wm. M. Price, Rmjr. Howard HooK? r called and sworn for the prosecution? I live atltu < anal street, with Moelich and Patehtman, jewellers; 1 do not know Kagge; I went in August last to get n $60 bill changed at Hit Canal street?it was a grocery store. I.rwis Mot i n ii called - I live at BO Canal street; a am l jiartr.erof Mr. Patchtmuu; I saw ltaggoutniy store on tho 4th of September; he bought a gold pencil unit u gold watch key: the one here shown is similar, but 1 cannot swear to it; this was our box; ho paid for those in small notes; he cnlliul iIn. mini,, himints and tin' nevt dav I whs in tlie hack part of the store when the $.'>0 note wai given to my partner. The cross examination elicited nothing. Joseph Smith, a mulatto man called -I live at 171 Esther street; I did live at HI Mulberry si roet in A ugust last; I know \ngeline Osborn; 1 suw Kaggc in my j ard on j Thursday, 3d of September; he asked for tho colored wo- 1 man. Angelina; he came again iu tho afternoon, and said he wanti'd herto go to his house in 'anal street, to do some sewing for his wife; I aske l him his name and ho ?nid it uaxol no consequence; I told Angcline, when she came home? Q?Was there any thine particular in his appearance ( j A? Yes, he had a tuft of hair on his under lip. <4 Was it larger or smaller than the one he wears nowf A?1 see more there now. [The accused had shaved it otr some yesterday.] Samitl Martin, a boy, called.?I live with Luther and Martine, grocers,at the corner of Canal and f'hureh streets; I have seen Kagge and Saunders together ; the but time was at Hobokeu, on the day of the>> hunt; it was on the 31st day of August ; I saw Saunders Unit that day at our store; lie culled for a glass of wine; had some conversation about the Buffalo hunt ; remained there nearly an hour and a half; the house where Kaggu boarded 1* nearly opposite our store; I saw Saunders watching the house; never saw Saunders before that day ; I have seen Rugge at our store ; Saunders met Ragge when he left our store ; I was in the store when the boy Hookey come in with a bill to change; I do not know the denomination of the hill; when Saunders and Ragge met, they walked away pretty fast and appeared to be closely engaged in earnest conversation. Cross-evamined.?1 told n colored man who was in our store, that I saw Kagge and the]young man who was in the David Austen, of the firm of Austen, Wilmerding 8c Co. called. H?How many checks were forged on your house in August last f Counsel for defence objected, hut the Court admitted the question, with the exceptions of defence. Witness continued.?There wore 1>23,&fl0 altogether ; the forgeries were paid on the 31st of August on ten different banks ; 1 have men this red box before at Mrs. Sarah Hunter'*, on Saturday the Atli of Septemlier, at 275 lllvison itreet ; Mr. Palmer,'of the Merchants' Bank, was with me; Mrs. Hunter showed us the contents ; there were f IO.'iO in bills of the Seventh Ward Bank ; there were $01,960 of other bank notes. Cm a i.i.i H. Wii.i iamson, a boy, called.?From the latter end of June to the latter end of August, I boarded with Saunders at 6S Duane street; we occupied the same room; I think I have seen linage before ; I won't be certain ; 1 think 1 have seen him at the corner of Broadway and Duane street ; I went into my room one night in a hurry and a person was setting at the table with Saunders ; Saunders said it was Ragge. [The Court ruled out this last answer J witness.-?I think Ragge is the person that I saw with Saunders at the corner of the street ; I did not see the face of the person who was in our room witlw SaunderR ; I think I saw Ragge and Saunders together in Ccntrc street once afterwards. Cross-examined,?I am not positive that I ever saw Ragge ; I think so. though. Ai.o.v7.o K. Hampton railed.?I ftm a grocer at S3 ranal street, corner of Church; n lad brought a $50 bill of the Seventh Ward Bank to our store to change. | Young Saunders here came into Court, and all eyes were turned towards him] Witness continued.?I changed the note; I cannot recollect the day, but it was the month the forgery was committed ; I saw Saunders at our store on the day of the Buffalo Hunt, which I believe was >he 31st of August; when he left he joined ltagge. and thev went off together. Cross-examined.? Kaggo has been in my store a do*en times at least; 1 change I the bill because I* was bankable, and I gave part nncurrent monev in exehange; I have seen a man named Otten with Hagje, but be does not look like Saunders. Mrs. H \*ii llrsTts was oirtlrd, but owing to her vx. trcnie indisposition.herfa(ftdavit was re i l which confirmed the previous statements relative to the opening of the bo* containing the money. Mrs. Baxtkh. of Canal street, called.?Ragge and his wife and Niiundcrs lmnrded with mv moihpr last winter in Maiden lane; Ragge and his wife hoarded with us in ' anal street; on the titli of September last, he owed us O-J; on the 5th of September, lie pai l on the 7th. he paid $5, and oil Saturday, the !th, Mre Ragge paid $'J5. The CSrand Jurv here came into Court, and having finished their business, were discharged. Witwkh continucil.?Prexlous to paving these large amount*, they were in the habit of t^ivinir small sums; the delav of payment she said win occasioned bv their not rereiving remittance* from Dcmerara. which tliev expected in Jillv; he said he hii-1 an agencv for the sale of cologne and perfumery; when he paid mc the he told me to tell the landlord that he had not received it from Hemerata, but he pot it from n friend; he said he had received the *5 bill enclosed in a letter from a friend, and I might lis well have it; 1 have heard of Saunders belli? at our house in Canal street; his visits were to mc as well as to Rngge and his wife; his visits were nothing more than were warranted; the: first time that officer Rellinger culled he saw Ragjfe, and also the second time. Cross-examined bv defence.?I am Ihc daughter of Mrs. Deliihav?we had cigh1 boarders on the. 31st of August ? Bagge and his wife came to Iwjard with n* in December last bv the introduction of Mr. Seamen, the Bavarian consul; Saunders had been hoarding with u* from the August previous; I cannot sav whether 1'agge was at dinner or tea on the 31st of August; he was indisposed on that day; this was the day of the Buffalo hunt. Divjn .Vi'sttv, recalled ?The money found In the box was shown witness, who stated that he marked the notes with the initials of his name at the time it was lound. (it pan OTrri, called.?1 know Hague; have seen him in prison since he was arretted. Qcbstio*.?Where did Ragge tell von that| he pot the money from that he paid for his board? A>j ?Excuse me; I remember no more; I knew Hagge in Amsterdam some one or two veins, shorter or longer: after 1 came to thin country I went to l>oanl at tlio name house with Rair(e. Qi.'r.iTiot ?Were von examined before the police ? Counsel for defence ohiected. Mr Komono? stated that it was hj? intention to show bv he previous examination of this witness. that he dl I then remember the reply ofRagge to the auction relative to w here he pot the money, and he therefore wished to re fresh hi* memory on thin point. An argument here ensued, and the witness was withdrawn to allow Mr. Graham timo to produce authoritiei to show that the question could not be legally answered. The prosecution here called Hrsxv litmis, Jr., for the purpose of examination Mr. Graham obiected to tlio admission of his testimony He stated that Saunders had entered a nlea of guilty to oneofthc indictment* aeninst him. in which the two pri?. oners, Mr. and Mrs Ratjee. were impleaded, and al?o th?< 'here were nine other indictments pending a?r?ln?* him He rited the case of Strnn? for the murder of Mri Whlpnle at Mbanv,as decided bv Jndije Duet .in which Stnnif afer trial and conviction, wnsofered as a witness atain*? Mr> Whipple, and rcicctelon the (round that such te'timon* was not tobe received as a matter of course, but as a ma'*er of discretion in the power of the Court to irrnn' only on promise of pardon 'o 'he witness ?as such ndmi? ion envc him an equitable title to pardon He al?o reo'' from 3d t'arrington and Payne, where the principle irr laid down that a witness implicated win no' to be nllouc' 'o te?tifv in ireneral. if he was rharffed with any other felony than that on the trial of whieh he was to be >1 witness. ' Th<" Court herejlook a recess from 3 o'clock till 4. F.rrirso Nr??toi. Mr Wiiitiio repliel to Mr. Onhim at length, anil denied the positions taken bv the defence The Coi n r admitted the tcntlmonv of Saunders. Wm. C Nsns, barber, of Vo 4ft Canal street , w as called I know liagge; the day before his arrest he left two hove with me; the\ were covered with brown paper; f ilo no* ?!??.;? >( tn. 1.o aaiil tV.iw u-npo lamnli'd nf onliitrnc In'v were oovornd with brown papor; I naked him if ' ?hnnll open the Ik)N; h?' said "No;" thi? txi\ horo ilion n ippoar? not to ho ?o lar^o m tho?o woro; ho had left loxo1'hero before. Btrii * P. Wiini'n railed I nm i rarriaco driver: T have noon Satinder* here before; ho rame to mr rnrriaffe ind a?kod me to drive to the Boston hoat; lie fold mi- to Irive fant; I ptit the hor?e* on, and rnn, and (jot to tho slip just an thi- Ho-ton boat w#? trolntr out; I wn "tandfnr it thr foot of Conrtlandt ?troet when he mot mo; ho we done thetl: I then drovo up Wo?t utroo' and he ?toppo'' no, and ?aid ho would (rot out, a? ho ?aw ? frien J ho wi?bI to speik to; he thou t>aM mo- tho po^on to whom ?i>m lor* spoke had a tuft of hair nndor his chin; I do not thin!, I should know him now. ('roM-oxnmlnod Dftiror Kollineor pointed a man out ?r mo, in tho polico ottico, ?omu timo since. and asked if I know him. I mid no. This was Ragge, fholiovo Nirnot.*? FiT*f;? R*i n oallo-t I am a oah driver; I hav> seen Saiinderx before; I saw him at tho foot of Dev iitroot I cannot remember when it m<: nil 1 know w. that if Wll< about the time the Knickerbocker s'pnmhoflt started ai?ain"f the Swallow; a black mm called on mr and ?ni'' i (mtlrman wanted a rah; I drove to the cornor of Pearl nil VandewRterntrreta with Saondcn, and then took hirr 'o the Albany boat. Hint SirincRi, Jr., called | have lived in Now Vork live vcai-*; I wa? cmplo\ cd a* a clcrV with Am'ep, 'VflmeHInf fc < o part of the time; | bonr-lcd a? nevern nlaee?; part of the time nt Mr*. Dulahnv'i. 14 Maiden 'an f became irqnr.into l with Ra^o there; wn? In tin- hrhjt of ? my evening there ?orf time ?lncr; I!aw in I !ii" wife moved awny in Mi?v U?t; I then went t< ' oard in Reekntiin itwti 1 n?e1 to meet Ra,;ir<- in the "ark; I becHme acquaint* 1 with Ragge la?t winter an'1 lint ?prini? I formal a plan to fonre the check* of An "ten Wilmerdlnjc h Co. to a Urge amount; the agreement made between ?h wan that Hagge should write the check" a? he WM it mod jierimnn. and at fim it wan propped UOftR' i hould if< > to the bank*, a few day) ptrve im loth" < *:. I miMion of the forgery wc had ncarlj abandoned the MM) I LD. Prt?< Two C?nta. ho came to me, however, ami mid lie u. a. in great auti e?? for muni) to ji i) his board, and lie thought m had better do it then, an ilit (- i V\ rsifin v. hi. io mii ii a i? Vi o?) s; liu sunt i had better go to the I unWn, a? l.< iluiu net ] u Wig UllU oilici dinguiM b to attei hu |i non, uuu 1 could lent e New \ oik the next ta): i ti.en low iiitu U.ut utiles* ho wasiiblo to imitate the Mgnatuies better, He uliouiil not Lit' atllL' to do it ut such shun noter. i e yum he should be abie to imitate tUem in a slum tin.e u k nate tip hi* mind ; he saw i count take in the t,ieat \>nsterii; hesa.a U I wa? not satisfied ot Uy imitation oi the rhecks, he would give It up, as he u.i.u ot it long moiigh; ho ofleled to lend ine a tiunk or any other tilings I wanted; this wan a week or ten days lie lore the 31st of August; 1 had procuml cancelled checks so that he < otlid imitate the sig. natuies; I haw frequently wcu him piactiauig m imtliltion of the. names ot the checks in >.aideb i.anu ami occasionally ju < uiihI street. '1 here wn tioone preseut except the ?lie of lia^gi', ?he w n* aw oie ol what w us going ou, ami sometimes joined in our cousui vatioiis, I cuunot say positively w ho lust suggested the loigeues, l cannot cull it to my lecotlection, it was when we weie bourdilig in s>aiucii Ltuie; heolteu talked ot lobbing bank* ami hignw ay robberies; 1 had liei|uent opportunities to comma robberies w hile in the employ ol Auateu, V? liinurding ki o.; 1 sometimes made ueposites tur the iirm, and sometimes drew money; I have had lioin hve to bltceti thousand dollars m iny jiosse^sion nt one nine; I agieeu to the plan of liagge and w e used to meet neai ly eveiy even* ing ill the I'tirk; I obtained some new cancelled checks and he made other imitations; when he showed then to lut we used to look ut thu signalmen b) lamp light and the store lights; sonic ol them I condemned,and ttioy were destroyed; Hie uignt before thu checks weie picsented, i met lulu uud gut e him the unionists in Ihestveial t'.nks. On the morning ol tuc Hist 1 gave luni a number ol checks, as 1 could not ascertain the balance in tUe Uauk ot America oi iiauU oi L omiuerce, I told him we ha<i better uiaw ,600 lor each; I toiethe checks from the huck ol the check lucks? i met luni on that moiuiiig, at ? oclock in the Exchange, lie showed me two checks that he tilled up on ouch bank, 1 picked out the best done ami tniew tue others away; v. went up Vvater street to the seventh \\ ard Hank; itaggc stood opposite when 1 went in; the teller hesitated to pay tin: check, but the cushier said something to luni and he paid it ; it w as lor >:i(HN); lie tola nit; not to say any tbihg till ?c got round the curniT?he theu Maid give u.e iialt ot me money} I gave it tolum and told him to go in the iiou*cry Mid reueeiu my mother's ling, tliat had been pieugud by my father; I turn went to the ortice ot the Great \n u?teru und took passage tor t.nginnd in the name 01 Win. 11. 'j ay lor, ol unto, nmi paid tor it i 1 then purchased a tiunk, ami a pair ol tlipperi and pad a small iiioe-inaking bin; 1 put the articles in the trunk; I then returned to i.tnovor street, w here I met bagge by agiecment, which muniide wneu we left ?t the Heventli U nrd Honk; he agreed to remain iu the hxchange until I drew the remaining nine checks on the Yv all street banks; be told mu not to ad dress him when 1 came back, but he would loilow me out, 1 drew the money lrom them in about tilteen minutes; he was Kitting on one ol the solas when 1 went into thu ox change; lie lollowed me out and we w ent to the itHirrun near me top ot the hxeliangc, and divided the money; I gave him >1'J,'?>U and yjUuw to give to my lamer; linen went to I'riiue, \\ ard n King's to purchase batik ol land notch, and asked them if Uiey could di aw for tne amount 1 desited; 1 told them it ? a? for a bond; they could not accommodate me; 1 then went in V\ all lUeM, to I get bank ol England notes and hngiisn gold and got nliout >.tiH*i; I then went into Nassau street, neat the < nstom House, and met Kagge; he said 1 had Intter give hini the money, as he would cnange it and bring it to me; I gave him all the American money; 1 then went to obtain a bag o| gold that I bad lelt to be counted, and getting that took a carnage, got my trunk; paid my boa id bin, took another trunk auJ then drove to the dock ol tne Ureal Western, when she had just lelt; 1 then engaged a boat and went as lar as Kulton street, when J iaw the W estern turning the battery, and gin e up the chase. I then went to my lather's, and lrom tnence to a grocery itore at the corner oil. anal and Church streets to wail lor l.ngge. 1 called lor a couple ot glu??es of port wine. I remained there until hagge came out-he advised m? to go to the Providence boat- he did not accompany me to the Uteat Western?he alterw ards told n.e thai be had gone with a cab lo the Great w estern and satv how ; I was disappoint ed, we went down Church street togcthui; we then crossed to est street, and I called a cairtage, dtove to the Providence boat, and she was just goinj; out ol the slip; 1 returned up West stteet and mot Hagge coming down. 1 got out ol the carriage; we walked about theielor some uiteen minutei.; he enipiiiud about the Albany boats. He then advised me to go up in the Albany boats, and 1 could crosa over to Boston in time to eseepe by the Hihernia the next day; 1 left in the evening boat for Albany , but did not arrive "at liosion until the evening alter the Hibeiuia had left; 1 then took passage in the Luo i boo lor .New Orleans, where i was hi tested by officer Clapp i bad purrha?e<l a wig lor a disguise and a pair ol gietn spectacles; 1 saw Mr. \? ihnerding at boston the Saturday alter 1 was arrested. Cross-examined by Mr. Graham ?1 shall be IT on the the 17th of December next, hate been in prison since the lime I w as b. ought on fiom Boston; on N om'ij last I Wki first apprised ol my being a witness again't hagge; 1 w as first conversed w ith upon the subject by Air V> ilmerding at Huston, nothing was definitely piomiscd, he said lie would use his iniiuciicc to get me clear; he said he wished to put the saddle on the right hom ? ?.? ? ?u hoi Hid be ?av he intended to do with the horse after In- liuii saddled him. Amwii.?He laid hp would send him to Sing King, I believe, (laughter) I hod a conversation with Mr, Yvil merding the day that I wm examin< d here at the police. It* was bifore I was examined; he held out prettj much the same inducement* to get ire clear as before, il 1 would become a witness Mr Austen wai present in a conversation with Mr. Wilmerding in my cell, Imt he took no piirt in it; Mr. Austen fold me tl.c best course I could pursue was to tell the whole truth; thia wu while the examination wan going on; 1 had refused to answer, and the clerk stepped out and called hitn in; he then made the remark, but held out no promise* to me; this w as on Wednesday; Mr. Wilmerding said that the prosecution had refused to make a state's evidence of me; he said he had done all he could; I have hnd conversions with my lawyer, Mr Warner. relative to mv bcint used a< a witness; he adviued me to plead guilly; he said he had entered into an arrangement with prosecution to miike a witness of me; this wai about three weeks ago; it was before the commencement of the piesent tcim ol thin court; he said if I would plead guilty to one indictment this could be done, Mr. Warner told "me that he had been present at a conversation bet.veen Mr. Edmonds and Mr Austen, and the latter hail asked the former if I could bo sent to the House nf Refuge, and Mr. Kdmondssaid I rould. tj ?Did he say how )ou could avoid the law relative to persons not beitit, sent over 1(5 7 A ? So, he did not.'That is not the law the court cannot send over lt>, but the inspectors of the state prison could send under 17. Komomds ?Yes. I can ' end him there if under 17. Or.simm,?It is well that the counsel hus that powir ai inspector. Witntss continued.?I did not make this statement until after I saw Mr. Wilmerding in boston; the >toiyItoldat the police office here, I intended to be the whole truth relative to this matter; the lime he first commenced talking about robbing the bank* w a* when Monroe Edw ard* was arrested; he lirst suggested the forgeries after thi?. Q?Who first suggested the plan of the forgjrie* on Austen, Wilmenlinjf *s Co / A.?1 do not remember prec sely, but I think 1 was tho find to cuggest it. I ?aid, how miich easier would it be to obtain money in a large sum by forperie* than by robbery. I believe the unmet of Austen, Wilmerding fc Co weru mentioned at this time, or shortly after. I remember thai he was favorable to the schema-the scheme wu* that he should forge the signature* anil fill up the checks. His wife wa? sometimes present at these convcriation* 1 ometimes took the specimen* that lie had written to mj room at nieht. when I met him in the Park, and examined them. I sometimes looked at them bv the light of the winlow s at the corner of the streets The first :ind only time 'hat I furnished Datrge with cancelled checks was before hm 1..11 iMiniinK in \inideii lane I then irave him a bund!" which 1 had ta^en from the counting home desk The) were kept by him in thi? bo*. at hi? house I pave him M4.1W, or libout that turn, exclusive of the fSOUO I gave liim for mv father. R> Mr Purer.?Wan Mr* Halts'" acquainted with your lesign of forcing the checks, at the time they were forged' A ?-Yes, she was Mr Pmcr. here a?ked him to read a part of hi* testimony akrn before the police, in which he said that he wished ne not to tell his wife, after they had made up their mind* 'o do it. Wirvri* read it, and explained it by saving that 'old him so. because he said hit wife would lauch nt u?. ife said that Mn. Rouge wa* present afterward* in Canal ifreet nt .1 conversation relative to the forgeriew. Direct-resumed?Hold Mr. Wilmerding. when be was in Ronton, that I had left the money with Fagge Jniix H. hni tir.IT called?f know Mr Pagge; hi " ailed on mr about a vMrnw with a le'terwf Intro'uclon; hi' called on me 111 th?- onth of lanuary la-t, with n 'etter of credit for ?10<? which he said the flti'eh Consul 'iad refuted to honor I advanced htm fS.V Afterward* 'he jierson who had given him the letter of crcdit for 'wrnty pound* called on me and I gave Raggt- the balance' He called on me again in March, June. July and \Ug11st. and I gave him altogether in small *um* ?40. He often represented hirrselfn* in mnch need of fund*. The last advance ? as on the 7th of September; i gave him f.V he ? rote me a letter -- Let ti? tee the letter' Witness produced the letter which u is datedG*pt 7th 't was wH?t?n in notch, and was tran?la'ed by witnes* 'n it Ragge ma le ?n earnest appeal fur funds to assist him I sent him $6 rross-einmlnel The letter of introduction was front he Receiver General of L)einarara; I have been in Dem i rara The examination of Rftjrge and hi* wife before the police, wax then offered by the prosecution as evidence n the case and agreed tobv counsel for defence, anj the pro-xi-mion rented their testimony. The Court hero adjourned at 9 o'eloek at ni^ht. to meet 'his morning at 10 o'clock, when the JelVnccwill be peneil. T,i\v in Must \ ni in. nnm-vl William Winn, was enf.-nf-f) in P rtl-ind I-i-r week to pny n fine if <*io nn l to l>e imprisoned thirty ilms. f<>r nrVMiptinK to commit u rnp < n t^ucy Kllen Rlalc. We >-> flint if :hi - fellow had succeeded, tht: court w-"'dd Inv p-iid h> it h indsonr >1) for : j? uree ? W'lnf nn ihpiirdideii itisicerid amati ii |iri-on tor only thirty days tor nttemi tnu to coi.tmitone of the wont crimes in the criminal catalogue. \V'? -hull next hear of bounties being offered for killin? human hems- nf thev no"' <ive so much forevery hear and wolf slaughtered in the woud? ot Maun. ' * !

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