Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Corre*pondence of the Herald.] Philaddlphu, Nov. 23, 1R43. Verdict in the Homicide Case?Bank Directors? II. S. St i a in Frigate Princeton?l\j>jiling House Cases? 'Ihcatrirali?A Tuitor in TioulJe?Funeral of F. R. Hastier?Ejtisiojtalian Church Almanac?Business. Jamks Gordon Bennett, Esq.? 1>eaii Sin? r The Jury in the case of the colored man William Thomas, alias Conally, indicted for the murder of James Brister, were charged last evening in the most impartial manner by Judge King, and retired at It) o'clock to deliberate upon their verdict.? They came into Court this morning at 12 o'clock, mid returned a verdict of "Guilty of murder in the Second Degree." The punishment for the offence is imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary for a term not exceeding twenty yeurs nor less than six years. I am enabled to-day, to give you the names o( the gentlemen elected drectors of the Souihwark llank, thereby completing the list ol the directors of it 11 f I tit it L u u( U'liipft i'l.*t'1l()lU W ll?>M I in I der their charter on Monday. The following were elected for the Southwark Bank, to wit:? Thomas Sparks, Lewi* Clark, John Baker, Samuel ( auner, Peter Williamson, Walter Thompson, Louis Hoherti, Benjamin Tevw, Edward C. Wright, James Sjxmeer, John C. Kartsher, D. Henry Flickwir, and Itobert Clark. The United States steam-frigate Princeton, having been titled for sea, will be moored off Walnut street wharf to-morrow and for several days subsequently, to afford our citizens a favorable opportunity of visiting her. The gentlemanly and gallant Captain R. F. Stockton, will provide a steamboat gralutiously to put those desirous of examining her 011 board. This distinguished officer will merit and receive the decided approbation of all who appreciatp the politeness of motive that induced this popular move. After the rendition of the verdict in the homicide case, tho Court of Quarter Sessions, before Judges Campbell and Parsons, commenced the trial of the tippling house indictments, and returned verdicts of not guilty against two of those indicted, adjudging the county to pay the costs. The National was filled again Lst evening, the attraction lieing tbe personation of a Yankee character by Silsbee, and the popular and successful drama of the "Mysteries of Paris," which has had a most unprecedented run, and will be played for the last time to-morrow (Friday) night. The Italian Opera Troupe, I regret to say, had another bad housa; at the Chestnut last night. They conclude here this week, the patronage tendered being insufficient to induce them to extend their engagement. On to-morrow evening Booth will appear at this bouse "for one night only," oil his way to the South, returning, however, oil Monday, witn Wallack, they being engaged to appear together next week at the Chestnut street Theatre.? i i .i-- :n i - j nu|K- uii y win of successful in revivifying tile enervated fortunes of this house. Howe's equestrian troupe at the Walnut streeet, continue to draw fair houses, the variety given by the constant change of performance rendering this company very popular. Great preparations are being made for the successful production of the new grand spectacle of "The Iving of the Mist," and I am told it will exceed in gorgeous splendor any thing ever brought out by the successful and enterprising Wemyss, whose ability in the melo-dramatie line is proverbial. Our popular and talented townsmen, Conner, is to be the King of the Mist, which is of itself enough to secure its success. It will be produced on Monday night at the National. I'll look in and faithfully chronicle all that may be said about it. A knight of the cabbage and shears was yesterday committed by Alderman llees for obtaining goods under false pretences. Having succeeded in procuring from various nersons a large quantity of clothes to be made up, tie made a dishonest disposition of thenij by, to use a familiar phrase, " putting them up the spout." He will reap the reward of his folly by a residence at Cherry Hill. While I write, the funeral of Haasler, the superintendent of the U, S. coast survey, and the constructor of the U. S. standards of weights and measures, is passing up Chestnut street; it is attended by a long concourse of carriages, and as there are none walking, 1 presume the destination of the bodv is Laurel Hill. The Episcopalians here complain greatly of the " Church Ainu nac," published in your city, or al least of the style in which it has been got up. They milt-si that a good edition may be printed at a 1 raised price, large size, white j>aper, a rivulet of tvne through a menrinw nf marfrin lilislllffw IS licithci brisk -? y~t J..11, ;n mprcailtile parlance; say, a fair average?1 think gooa lor this time of year. Yours, Arc. Holes or Stock* at Philadelphia. 35 sierra Girard Dunk, S}; 68 do Heading Railroad, 23; 5 do. 22^; $2,000 Heading RR Bends, 1840, 78; $1,000 do, 78; $3,000 do 78; $1,000 do, 77J; 194 share* Vicksburg Hank, 5; 100 Wilmington K&ilrund, 18J; 39 Farmers' anil Mechanics' Bank, 4j; 49 United States Ilank, 5j; $1,000 Stato 6's, 71. $5,000 do, 71; $5,000 do, 71; $5,000 do, 71; $2,000 do, 71; 1,000 do, 71; $2,000 do, 79 j; 6,000 do ?fif 70J; $1.000do, 70j; $570 do, 70; $2,000 do, 70J; $5,000 do, 70]; $1,000do, 70i; $500 do, 701; $100 State 6's, 1846. cash, 7ti; $327 60 do, 76; 50 shares Mechanics' Bank, 251; $03 90 State 6's, 1843. 75; $108 90 do old, 184<j, 75; $108 90 do new. '46, 75; $117 25do, old annual, 75; $5,000 State 5's b5ft, 70]; 500 shares Girard Bank, 8J; lOOdoSJj; 100 do 8J; 116 do. 8'; 100 do, 8{|; 23do,8j; lOOdo.BjU 100 do, 8$; 1,450 State 6's, 70'; $1,000 do 5's, 70; $30 93 do 6"?, 76; $1,000 do 5's b3f, 70); 3 shs Cenn'a Bk. cash, 224, 5 do cash, 223; 15 do Far Si Mechs' Bk; 40^; $800 Lehigh 6's, 1845, 55; $400 do, 35; $1.000do, 35; 5 shs Wilmington RR, 18'Skcond Board.?75 shares Norristown RR, 3; 25 do Planters' Bk Tenn, cash, 70; 100 do Oirard Trust, 21; $2000 Reading RR 6's, 1850, 77-j; 431 shares Girard Bank, 8/; 2 do, 8]; 110 do Heading RR, 23; 50 do h5f 23; 94 do Wilmingtnn RR, 1ft); 4do North America Bk. 380; 3 do Philadelphia Bk, 94J; 20 do Western Bk, 46. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS I'HiLinr.i rim, Nov 23?('Id Vfii*r, Lofland, Port Maris Ja Arrat Richmond. Kmily, Smith. Waldnboro; Oiamoud. llallook, Fall River; Burlington, Wixon, Boston; Maria & Hamiali. NYork. Baltimore. Nor 22?Arr Boston. Hamilton.Boston; Comet, Moore, Demeran; Loin, Honeywell, Hartford; Maria. Hopkins, and <?. leiM. Leeds. NYork; Spartan, Arey, Frankfort; New Dtliiil.t, Gibb*. Boston; Klin Hand, Baker; Trvall, Gibba. and Union. Smith, Providence ' Id Bold Rohlen, (Bre" ) Mencke, Bremen; Com Warriufton. Gat hell L < iunvra and I'm to Cabello; Cosmopolite. Itlomn, iNYrrk ? SKI Straff.'ril. NOileans; J \V Paige, and Baltimore, Boston; Maria, N Bedford. Ai n?mi?ii, Not 21?Arr Reward. [Br] K.aton. Ht Lncia. Richmond, Not 21?Arr Hannah, Cheever, Salem Norku.k, Nov 21?Arr Helen Maria, NYork. Mid (iraftoi!, Gardner, llio. Arr 20th, St Leon, Bangor; \Vabash, Boston ? Cld J T Bertine, Santa ( rat. It Maiii, Not 13?Arr Kmeline, Kith, NYork; Camilla, Matidfinl, Button; Van Btiren, Babcock, Rhode Island. Cld II YV Brown, Tatem, NYork Uentral Kccorrt Rchr Sinn*!., Walton, of Salisbury, ftom Areriho, PR. for Norfolk, with a cargo rf sugar and molasMa, >u c.aat away oil Currituct beach, near New Inlet, 13th inat Veaarl and cargo, except probably a few hlida molasses, will be a total losa; cargo insured. Stim CotUMBii. Cade, from Philadelphia for NYork. pot into Delaware Breakwater 20th inst ill distress, baring been in co??ac; with schr tJen Scott, hence for Virginia, on Sandav night last off Kg* Harbor, and sostained considerable damage. The It ter proceeded on her eoyage flONKT IHAKKBr, Thursday, Nov. 93?6 P ill. Stocks have fallen off to day. Tin- sales wem smaller, and priow tending down wards. Long Island declined IJ hit coiit : I lai lent U : Farmers' Loan 'i ; Ohio H's ISHO, J Indiana, J ( Kentucky, J; Mohawk advanced 1 ; Canton Company, I. The brokers of both Hoards are getting in deep, and a heavy decline in any stock would sensibly affect the whole, although such is tin- great abundance of money, they must recover again. The Norwich Railroad borrowed of the Worcester Railroad Company thirty-five thousand dollars, and gave their I Kinds for the amount. The Worcester Company lately old those bond*, at par, without endorsement. This loan was to enable the Norwich ( ompany to extend their road to deep water, which will make a conveyance from New York to Boston over that road much more convenient than before this improvement. The above sale, rna.le without recourse to the parties disusing of the bonds, shows that the standing of the Norwich Company is becoming good, and its credit established. The stock is rapidly rising in this market, and the condition of the Company ap|>cars very prosperous. The receipts and expenses up to Nov. J, for IBi'i and 1843, are as follows Receipts. Expense*. Ki r rat. From Jan. 1, to Nov. 1, IHI2, oi ji,h:i7 43 61 Do. do. d >. 1813, 1241,501 Ot 5Z.CIC 31 07.977 67 Several items of expense, caused by accidents, are in" i* 1 ii.lit.I in fix. arrniml for 184.1. which swells the amount more than f.iHHH) above what it would have been, in the usual running of the road. The number of share* is Irt.OOO. The interest paid on their whole dcht in $4.'?,000, nnd if the receipts for November and December thin year exceed thoiie of the name period last, the ?ame per cent pre vious months have, the company will have earned a divi. dend of "i0 per share. The renewed confidence in American State stocks, which the lnte advices from this country, received in Loudon Created, will, we fear, be short lived. We ?ive the quotations in the F.ngliah market at the latest date, compared with previous prices Pm< or AMrnir?w Stocks in Lninoon. /'ret. June 17. Sent. 4. St fit. 1J. Nov. 15. Al*l<?m?, l dol'r -?- -@r,a " strrl it ??(tv>0 ~fn170 ?(q)Ti iiiinoii, o ;; -?22 -<<nw tojj Indiana. 5 " -W28 -(Q- - @30 3J(?W B ink of La. n IBM. -0|)M ?M>#6 ?fim Union, 0 1811, ? -"*(a>75 ?(<7176 ? M)li Ma??achu?etus sterl'c ? ? (w*1 -Wioo -r?ion Mar. land, s " ?-W MMM Mfn fiO Michigan, B " ?(W? ?W-*'> ? (S*4 ?ftp? N. V State, 5 " *>#>? -fUi N. V. City, s " -fam W(?m >hio, 6 " ?WHO fii'io R4fa)R5 mi? 90 Pennsylvania, 5 *' ?(nil ?(tV* ?(n*0 . Kentucky, R ? ?(n l!7 ?fW>? ? (am Wfr, 91 TennfMee, li ? ?M? RtlWR'i R4?f \ ?(a RR The above comparath e,table shows a great improve input iii State stocks , stocks of those States,too, that are the most rabid repudiatora. Knglisli capitalists were eager to seize the slightest favorable report from this country. The spcech of Mr. Webster had a more favorable influence across the Atlantic than it had hero. The revolution in public opinion, in this country, on the subject of repudiation, has been so great that individuals interested have taken the fluttering unction to their souls, that us all the defaulting States could pay if disposed, they would. The late election in Mississippi will have a great moral effect; it is the first voice of the people through the ballot 1k>.\. The anti-bond paying candidate for Governor, is probably elected; and this event will have a great influence in the legislatures of other States during the approaching winter. The fact will go to Kurope, and create a reaction in confidence, that will defeat all the endeavors of the State commissioners that have lately been made to redeem their liabilities. In the present statu of our credit abroad, holders of stock are very sensitive; and a fact, like the one aliovc given, will destroy what little faith they had left in our good intentions. The loan to Illinois, that has been so lung under negotiation, yet stands on very precarious ground. Notwithstanding the document, containing the terms, has been signed by Messrs. Hope and Co., Messrs. Baring 4c Co., Messrs. Magniac, Jardine St Co , and the iioinsciiuo a, mere still ivcmii to no consuierame uouni whether the negotiations will be followed by any practical results. Only two signatures, besides those of the linns above named, have been obtained, although the stork is held by many individuals. The measure! adopted by those who have signed? the complete want of confidence in the statements of the Commissioners the sending out an agent and engineer?all show what little faith they have in republican credit or integrity Another discovery has lately been'made, the effect of which will be confined to the limits of our own country ; but it will tend to ruin the credit of the State concerned abroad. The legislature of Ohio authorised the Kund Commissioners to negotiate a loan in this city, for $1,500,000, at 7 per cent, to pay olfthc domestic creditors of the State. Kstimatea of the amount due were made by the Board of Public Works, and in authorising the loan, the legislature made liberal allowances for contingencies. It now appears that checks have heen issued to the creditors, by the board of Public Works, for an amount much larger than the appropriation. This adoption of power by these individuals to cover their own fulse movements, whether made through ignorance or design, is another of the many aefs of the people's servants that have fastened uj>on them the galling cpithet3 from othur nations that uft'ect this ci^ntrv at large. The over issue was for debts actually due ; hut in the power to make the issue lays the danger. The amount is said to be quite large?reaching over $150,000. The Statu of Ohio will have to husband its resources, to maintain its credit at home. A French paper, ufter analysing the constitution ol'the United States of America, in a long article, suggests, that as none of the great powers of Kuro|>e think it expedient to take legal proceedings against the defaulting States of the American Union for the recovery of the debts due by them, fearing by such a proceeding to produce a crisis, that the only means by which the Union could be withdrawn from the humiliating position which it at present occupies* would be to induce some of the minor powers?(the Princi" pality of Hesse Ilombourg, for example)?to institute legal proceedings in the Supreme Court of the United States for the recovery of any part of the loans contracted by the States of the Union that remain unpaid. The position adopted by the States of this Union, in so boldly repudiating immense debts, is so modern a principle, that the honeit powers of Kurope, wish to test the strength of the plan by appealing to the only power their acquaintance with our constitution suggests. The prices of stocks of repudiating Status in this market arc at present much higher than usual, in consequence of the abundance of money, and the spirit of speculation so general through Wall street. Their value has not in ..t ??i ?? -< ? iivi unci ui tin-in huh Miuwii mi uuxieiy or disposition to pay; and we much doubt whether the legislatures of those States, the deepest in trouble, have nerve enough to pass the necessary laws required to recover their former position. States acknowledging their indebtedness, but notjtay- States repudiating part oj their ing interest. indebtedness. Pennsylvania, Indiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana, Arkunsas. Florida Territory. The amount repudiated is $10,300,000, with the interest i>n that amount for several years. One half of this amount is against Mississippi, which they have again refused to acknowledge, by taking the popular vote of the State.? Tnnur nriijrf lOMy- that Ss the nlll stion : and the Clindi" date who placed lus election oil repudiation, .... . nearly three thousand niiyority. Holder* of Union Bank lionds may consider tlieir value settled ; they are a permanent investment. The indebtedness of the State of Pennsylvania is so great, that the taxes of her population must be increased im. mensely to meet the interest on the present amount.? Great efforts will be made in her legislature, but the weight is already too heavy that lays about the necks of her people, and wc have not the slightest hopes that it will in- increased, w itli a debt larger man mat ol any ouut State iu the Union, her population arc more unwilling to be taxed. W? see no chance for.the Rev. Sydney Smith Specie in daily arriving at Mobile and New Orleans from the north, particularly from this city; $23fi,000 arrived on the 13th inst. from New York, and $37,000 from St.'Louis; $-200,000 arrived at Mobile, $110,000 of which was for the bank, and the balance for commercial tirms. A large amount of the new issue of Treasury notes has been received in New Orleans from this city. The Cus_ torn House demand was nearly satisfied, but they were in request for northern remittances. The late law passed by the Legislature of Tennessee, to investigate the Bank of Tennessee and its branches, is very rigid; each branch has a setof commissioners, whose duties are confined to the branch. The law require* an immediate report, which must be very full, containing every detail neces. sary to give the public all the information necessary to give them a correct insight into their condition. This is right. Thi.i investigation the banks should have demand* ed; they can only retain the little confidence the public have in them, by giving the greatest publicity to their resources:? Centrai Bank of Georgia, Nov. S, 1843 Capital, 779,7 15 Loans and ditcuoiiu, 1,458.726 U. S. surplus rvvt-nne,1,051 ,422 Bank uotas, checks,he. 268.033 Profits, frf)Mute Bonds, 186,316 Circulation, 673,522 Bank Stock, 58 360 Slate 8 per cent Bonds, 510,144 Com.W. k Atlantic R. 409,078 Sales a* the Stock KxchaiiEr. ?10000 State 5%'s, 1861 100 Mi sluu Karinen Loan 27% UIOOO Oli.o 5'., 1860 >3 101% 200 Oni? Trust 27 >4 "i5*ioo d? 102', 90 U H Fire Ins 1 in 5c00 do 101)4 25 NY Gas Li|ht 115 000 Kentucky bds sGO 104 30 Svr * Ctica RH HI9V I60u0 do 104% 10 Aub & Itochetter . 9!<'j 50*i0 do b31 104% 165 Norwich fc VVorc 28)? tOOOO do b60 104% 100 do 27 1000 do 5's, shrt In 93 25 do slO 27 25000 Indiana 41% 10 da 27 5000 do l>30 41% 50 do b30 27 SilA/1 .1., IIV '.fl tin 2Kli MOO do 402 75 NHavri; V Hartford B" 15000 Iilinoia bond* 42 50 Canton Co 27', 15)100 da b?0 75 do 271? 30l?0 do ?3 42 50 Long l?Und hlfl 67k 20"0 do 411-,' 100 do bJ 67 K I0O0 Alabama 5'a 83 100 do 67X 5000 I'miii'a 5'a 1)60 7l)i 50 do blfl t>8 1000 City 7'?, 1*42 111 2<MI do *90 66 2000 do 1857 116 100 do b30 (Ml 20. 0 N V Wtr I ?, *70 I02V? 400 do 6S 13 alias Minim tan Bk 05 100 do a Ml 07i( 20 Union 116 20 Mobawk ih>, 10 Bk of Amtrica 101 125 do l>30 47 30 City Bk 105 50 do MiO 47 20 I'lienix 93 400 Patfraon 64 5 Hk of Coin 99 5* do 641^ 100 do scrip 99}? 20* Harlem blO 40S 125 do 99>? 11)0 do ?60 40 250 Farmers' Ln 28 175 do 40)t 100 do liSO 2(1 >, 550 do al5 40}, 100 do b60 28 150 do liCO II 50 do 29 ?? 300 do 13 40.Si 100 do b!9 28 30 do 40>? 25 do b50 27K 50 do a3 40V 50 do 27S 50 do s3 40% 100 do *60 27 50 do >30 4U>i Second Hoard. $5000 Illinois bond* 42 50 uliaa Harb in Hll 4IS? 57 ahaa Norwich Sc Wor 26 50 do ?3 10'j 150 do 26V 100 do s60 I0>? too Farmers' Ln k Tr 27jf 50 do 40J% 50 do 28 50 do I0)J New York Public Stock (exchange. $1000 NY 6's, 1861 107 15 abas Farinnrs' Ln i60 28 >000 Ohio 6'a, I860 1)3 lOlk 25 do e 27', 5000 do b30 I02\ 25 do bl5 27 S ">0?l0 do b3 102 25 do c 27*. <"'000 do C 102 25 do b30 2# 5000 do b3 I02?< 25 do C 27* 10000 do 13 102 20 I'lienix Bk 94 1000 do, *3 llilV 200 Vicksburg blO 5 MOO do Sat 101 x 100 do 'c 5 <}o b7 102 Ml Trust Kir* Io? 75 1000 do hnw 102 25 Mrah'a Bkir Aa ?60 96 1000 Kentucky 6'? I0|J< 2) M<jh.twk UR ili 46 2000 Indiani $ l>d?,25 y? 4lV 2i l\tur*ou 1 1*000 do c (llj 25 Ilarlein e 40,Si 1000 do 1)10 4l)J 50 do C III1* (.000 Illinois 6's. 1870 e 41 17) do >10 42H 100(1 do blO 41V 50 do 40 100*HI do blO 41% 50 do ilm II S* 20011 do IIS 50 |,onn Miiid 68 4000 do c 41VJ 50 do 08 1000 do *30 41 25 d.< bl 67 U 1000 do *3 4IH 15 do blfl67Si _ 45 do b3 ?7H State of Trade. Amim?P.t* are firm at $4 83}, although there It very little lining. I'eari* still command f.i 1JJ. Hair mnall. ('o r i on -Purchaser* conn: up to the holders' term* more freely. The *ale* reach nearly 3,.M? bale*, making sold within the pa*t ten day*. Price* are lirm at the decline, which ha* l>een confined principally to the lower grades. Paormo**?Some activity prevail*. Beef doe* not vary I'rom our lant quotation*, either in price or demand. Prime pork we quote very firm at *10; me** do at *11 'J.'VaH I 37 j. Tin- demand for lmth i? good. Lard i* not very active : ko#* .in' held at rtj'f, and barrel*at I'-hettM i* very brink, l?oth ft?r export and domentic con*umption. \ moderate demand exf*t* fot butter. We quote good at WiiAi.f Bonv Demand moderate at 60^ per Jij. Tohacco?The demand is'confined principally to lower grades of Kentucky leaf, of which there ii a large stock. U'e quote 30t>:tJ.r. There it a iimall suppl) ol loreigu ill market. There is very little doing. We have received from the French Consul the following, which we hasten to lay before those interested :? Those merchants who intend to sell (UttO tatMN the supply of the royal manufactories, are notified that proceedings will take place by the Minister of finance*, .it a public fitting, to the adjudication of sealed proi<osals, viz The 27th December, 18-13. 1st?Of three millions seven hundred thousand kilogrammes of Kentucky leaf tobacco, of the growth of 1842 and 1844?typo 1, 300,(>00; type J, :t, 100,000. 2d?Of cventy-flve thousand kilogrammes of Havana leaf tobacco (vuelta abajo) of the grow th of 1843?type 1, 60,000; type 2, 'id,000. The 29th December, 1843. Of one million of kilogrammes of Kentucky leaf tobacco (say crotttd, for the manufacturing of tobacco at reduced prices,) of the growth of 1812 and 1X43. The 26th January, 1H41. 1st?Of one million three hundred and twenty thousand kilogrammes of Virginia leaf tobacco, of the growth of 1842 and 1843?type 1, 120,000; type 2, 1,200,000. 2d?Of two millions two hundred and thirty thousand kilogrammes of Maryland leaf tobacco, of the growth of the same years?type 1, 130,000; type 2, 2,100,000. 3d?Of sixty thousand kilogrammes of Java leaf tobacco, of the erowtli of 1843- t v ne I K > allium 4th?Of two millions of kilogrammes of'Hungary leaf tobacco \ Debrutxo" uml S/,'?eJinlonacco, ? 1 000,000 1,000,000. Separate proposals will be required for each of these supplies. The proposals will tie laid on the table of the Council at the opening of the sitting. Samples approved by the Minister of Finances, to serve as a base for each adjudication, will be placed at the di?|>osal of merchunts, iu the office of the Tobacco Administration of I'aris, anil at the Hoval manufactories of Paris, Havre, Bordeaux, Marseilles and Morlaix. The samples iu conformity to which the delivery is to be made, will be deposited at the I'aris manufactory .where they can be seen every day, from 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock P. M (Signed) VTK. H. SIMEON, Director of the Tobacco Administration. Whukkt?Drudge we quote at and barrel at mj't'. Hay?The receipts down thejriver are fully equal to the demand, which is quite acti\ e. Sales rule at' 40(V/> We. Bri:ad>ti'kfi?Articles under this head are in better demand. Sale* of GenMee flour are at $1 otifu'4 ti'J, mostly at the former rate. Southern kinds rouge from $4 .Ml to *4 75; Michigan $4 .'Hi. Wheat is seine price $ I (a) I OA. Rye is down to HA<h New Orleans corn A3rtj)AI<r: North Kiver, 7<f; oats, 30(0)31 if. Annexed are the latest returns for other markets. Pricks ok Kloi r per Bahrki.. Portlaiul, Nov. 20 $6 'J1.1? ? Oood demand Albany, Nov. 23,. ... 4 A6ftj)4 >'- Small dem'd Buffalo, Nov. 21 3 03? ? Active sales Rochester, Nov. 18... 3 !N\(a) ? No remark /mi 1.111, nuv. 10, ) a>f(u ? remark Baltimore,,... 4 37tfi>4 60 liiitberinactive Arrivals of (lour from the west, at Albany, on Monday and Tuesday, were very heavy, amounting in the aggregate to 3>,t>;U libls. The canals are now in fine navigable ordtir, and from present indications, forwarders have the prospect of another week before theclaseof navigation. The trade and commercq of Albany were never more active. On Friday there were upwards of eighty schooners and square rigged vessels laying at the wharves and in the llasin, besides umerous sloops, tow-boats, canal boats and other craft. Our dates from Buffalo arc to the 31st inst. The canal remained free from ice, and the weather mild but rainy. Indeed, there had scarcely intervened three days since the 1st of October, without rain. Of course the roads are unprecedented!} heavy and difficult to travel. The enquiry for grain continued good, and all the samples on the market met with attent on. Sales of 1,100boiMl of Wubash, at 76H, anil the same was offered for Sandusky, but refused, the holders asking 77$. Receipts were full. Another cargo of corn was afloat, from the Wabash canal, hut not on the market. Michigan Hour, in various parcels, was going off at $3 63, but Monroe city, or similar choice brands, could not be had for that quotation. Several of the heaviest invoices arriving from the west, were going into store for the winter's retail trade. Oils?There is no change in this market. Last week 113,400 gallons sperm oil were sold in New Bedford, at 78$ casli; also 100 bills, right whale oil, at 40<f. Brighton Cattle Market. Nov. 'JO.?At market, 3,000 cattle (about 1,900 of which were beef cattle) and 1,100 stores, 5,300 aheep, and 1,430 swine. Prices?Beef Cattle?We quote a very small number extra $4 35?I 50; first quality $4fra)4 35; second quality $3 50fS)3 75: third quality $3 60?3 35. Barrelling Cattle?Mess $3 19}; No. 1, $9 032; No. 3, $3. Stores?Two year old $8(2)13; three year old $lltf?17. Sheep?Dull. Small lots at 00$, 75$, !>3<f, $1 33 and 150. Wethers from $1 35 to $3. Swine?Good lots to peddle 4<t for sows, and 5$ for barrows. Ohio shoats 3J?3J<f for sows, 4.1(5)4}.^ for barrows. Old hogs from 3 to 4c. At retail from 41 to Oit. Foreign Market*. Havana, Nov. 9.?Tho cargo of the Mary Clark, from Charleston, Bay 360 casks, ha* lieen closed by us to-day, at lOirs. In the fare of the arrivals daily expected, we do not think that the Mary Shield*'parcel, still on hand, will be worked off, without a moderate reduction on these rates. Our produce market offers little to comment upon. We quote white sugars yellow browns fS>6; cucurocho 3Jfg)3. Very little doing. Coffees, new crop, r>i/ri)6. for extremes. Our supplies come in slow. The stock of molasses is almost entirely -vfeaustud. ExAlarrlecl, On Wednesday, 33d inst. in St. Peter'* Church, by the Rev. Dr. Pise, Wii.liam A. Smith, to Miss Mariiarkt II., second daughter of Mr. John W. Herbert, all of this city. Bled, On Wednesday, 33d inst. at his late residence, No. 449 Greenwich street, Silas W. Sam in, in the 43d year of his | age. The friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at three o'clock ; also, the Veteran Corps. Boston papers please cony. On the 13th inst. at Mnrbletown, l ister county, Sorin*, j wife of Dr. N. J. Shearrer, late f this city, aged 38 years, j {try-- The funeral of Isaac B. Silva, who was attached to j the pilot boat Kclipse, and who was drowned at I'eck slip on Thursday morning, will take placcat Sylvator, Staten Island, frnm'the house of his grandfather, at the hour of 3 ; o'clock, this afternoon. The friends of the family, and those connected with the Pilot establishment, are respectfully invited to attend. Tho steamboat leaves Whitehall at 13} o'clock. Puteiigcra Arrived. Rio Ja*kiro?Birquc Coos*?E D Steward, D L*(?rice. Foreign Importation* Kio Janeiro?Haninr t'oos*?I'KXI hug* coff.-? J Wriiflev? ?? ? - -- -I ul:i J-I-.U:. O? I I.- 1/ ... I.., .1, I n TO" LKWIS OC or. ivirm. I MII<tUei|>iiin??.w? .# r. , J C Da < 'ost?, ?lo?I R Adams, do?6.V7 do 10.956 hides Mason it Tbonipsoo? 1 t>"* I pk| Cvpt MMOTM?4 hih J < hartilier? 1 bbl wine Major Howell. Philad?J9 pes rosewood 1 hoi map* I do silk I phg 97 bapi coffee to master?613 do to order. Brlizk, Hon? Biik Florida Blanco?(Reported yesterd?y)? t'?n* logwood 'S4 hales tarsapa ill t I t csroous cochiueil $?000 B Blanco?$*'>00 K Alrnnd^r?$900 J J Lahonins**. MARITIME HERALD Mailing l)ny> of tile Steam Slil|? ? ROM LIVERPOOL VROM IMkllUi ''aledouia, Lott I)?. l Acadia, Ryrie*" Nov. 19 Dm:. 16 fillip Ululeri and A^ent* We ihall ntrnn it a favor, if Captaiui of Vesaeli will givr o Commodore Korkrt Sii-v*v, of our New? f'Wi. a iortof tin* Mhippiug left a( the Port wheuce they sailed. th> "e??e|? S|W)krn ou their Fa**age,a Lilt of their Cargo, UI V Koreigu Newtpatiera or Newt they ma) have. Tie wil oard them immediately ou their arrival. \genu and Cor |imidciila, at home nr abroad, will alio cooler a f.ivor h\ ?oding to thu Otfine all the Vlariue loielligeuce they c;< >'?tain. Nattieal formation of uiv Wind wif> be thankful, i reived POHT OK NKW VOKK NOVKABKK A\ iOW RI9KI 59 I MOOIt 7 41 M'W . 4 34 I MInH 13 flUknd. Ship Tyrian, Jackson, New Orleans, H. Haviland.?Barque* F.lvira, drum, llmii, IIowm, (todfr y & Robiiuoe: Condor. Ward, St Croix, Alsop 1c Clianncey ? Brigs tloaiar, Coriiini, Maranham. K Corning Si Son; Sterling. Ilamilt m, Savannah. I>1111 li int k. Diinon; ttelle, Slyer*. Wilmington NC. K S Powell; Hi?torian, Dodge, Stamford, Ct. Ne?mith, Leed* Si | Co.?Schrs Rose, Nickerson. St (ieorges, Bermuda, Kosler Ik Nickerson; Repeater, Francis, Wilmington, NC. A B Cooley St Co; Chief, Van Name, Alexandria, by the Mmr.?Sloops Active, Uoldimith, Dighton, Mass; < onipetent, YounK, Kail | River. Arrived. Sliiii Anton. Barkinau. 6 days from Charleston, with cotton and rice, to C)eo. Sutton Bai<)iie Coosa, Whipple, (of Philadelphia) from Rio Jsneir , Oct. 10, with coffee. to master. Barque Ovaudo, Nichols. 13 day* from Sydney, CD with coal, to Nesmith, Leeds Ik Co Biijr Port Ueon. Johnson, (of Bath) from Bermuda, Nov. 17, in hallait, t?? Buck Ik Peter* Schr Select, Sterling, from Waahincton, NC. naval stores, to master. Schr Mary Catharine, from Richmond, 36 hour* from Cape Henry, with coal, Schr Leontine. Hart, 72 hour* from Richmond, with Munr, Sic to Allen Si P?**on. Schr J. W. Kimpton, Oiborn, from Norfolk, with md?e, to Stnrgri Si Clearman. Schr t ommerce, Craig, from (Jeorgetown, DC. with flour, to muter. Schr John F.ndicott, Kndicott, from Philadelphia, with coal, to ma*ter. Schr Heroine, Coat*, 3 day* from Philadelphia, with coal, to mailer. R? ti'?ii:i>?Schr F.lir.alteth Harkneis, hence for Oporto.? On Tuesday last, off Kire Island, in the SF. gale, carried *wav inain l>oom, mam gaff, loit mainsail, iplit foreaail. Put hack to repair. General ttecoril. Mutiwy at Sr*.?The Col. Tayloe, Well*, from St. Jolius, PR hound to Boston, put into Savanuah IHth imt. in conse nuence of one of the seamen having mutinied. The particular* as we learn them, are a* follow*:?On the evening of Tuesday, I Itth in?t. Iat2? 30, Ion 71, Wm Jone*. an Knglishmsn. a fore mast hand, refined duty, and while the captain and mate were expoitulating with him. he drew a long *heatliiiig knife and blabbed hoth of them. The captain wa* badly wounded, ihe knife entering near the right (boulder blade. The mate was stabbed in one of hi* arm* and in Ihe brestl. Surgical a**i*tance has besn rendered, and we learn they are both doing well lunes wis immediately put m irsns, and on hi* arrival wa* lakeii before a inagi*trale, and committed to jail for *afe keei> II If. * lURqi-K MoHaw*, Chase, from N^wYork for Boston, cargo com, flour, Sir. struck * rock in the Vineyard Sound, afternoon nf 11th, which caused her to Irak so badly, that Capuin C. was obliged to run her on shor? at Hyannia, whw she now lies on a ,vul flat, sunk in about 1J feet water at high tide. Lighters were alongside, and had ant out 700 hlili Hour on the 20th. The ti<n|ue is full of water; the Hour will probably all he sava.1, and tne vessel, it in el|wcted. will noon be gut atloat and carried iuto ilie Bay far repairs Ciyil I'liase atom that the buoy, intended to point out the place of the rock, waa hall a mile distant from wbeiethe Nl struck The Mohawk has.MOO bhla flour, 500 do mml and 1500 b"?hel? corn, to Wm B. Koynolda k Co. Ve* sel insured for $12.1100 and thf cargo for $10.0* 0 in Boston. Hanqfi: Ntvaaiio, t'eahody, which cleared hence 2*>tli ult. for Oporto. pe' into *1 ( Jeoig-s flth inst. in distress: having. in i heavy Kale at sea, started her rem from the apron and *e|it f om sinking, wsth much difficulty, by fastening chains o er her bows and throwing overboard |>art of the caruo. In going into Bi-rinndi. with i pilot i ii board, lie got her ashore on t> e mef, but she waa soon got off ml taken into Hi. (ieorges. when she waa discharging her cargo it last accounts. It waa supposed lint the vessel would b* conJeuiued, Briij Tmooia, Varaev,'from Boa too for (8t. Domingo, |>u( iuU); Ht. Georges about the till mil with mainmast gone, and with lu? of >11 her sails. Would probably be condemned. Si hm Rik*/i, Benson, from New York for Porto Rico, which put into St. I ieorges in distress, had been refilled at laat accoanta and would he ready to aail for her port of destination in a few daya. AiHoiir ?The St Leon, at New Orledui, reports having *? ? a full rigged hriK ashore on I)ok Key, with topsail and topgslUnt sailslooae; apparently but juat goue ashore?uauie not known. BaH>{1'i WiKimoH, ashore near llavaua, has lieen surveyed, condemned and oidered to lie sold. B?K<4b?: Hsmdii's. On the Sardiua. oi' Marblehead, lost on Dot: Key, there u insurance in Boston lor $2:><MI, and ill Marbleliiud $4>(N). w hicli is all ihere is on the vessel. On her cargo there is about SMMJft uisuied, at two or more offices 111 Boston. Bun; BoiiOTa, of New Bedford, before reported put into Zanzibar III distress. Mas condemned and sold at that idace ill July last. The B WIU msuied at the Bedford Commercial office (l.Mlfl, and at the Suu Slutual and General Mutual, N York, 13,371 each, reinsured from the Pacific office in New Bedford. Total, $11.ISO. Miiiinij Vfis? i Briir Frances Asliby, S L Randall, matter, cleared atlhisport on ilia 22J Heplemlier, for MaUnzaa. and up to the 3d inst. slie had not reached the port of hrr de tillation. It i- feared she was lost in the galesof the 1st anil 2d of October. Tin- F S was .owned by J S Taylor ef this city, was built in Mystic, (It. in 1837, and was ISA tons burthen. She had on hoard six <h seven passengers. the names of wh m we have not been able to ascertain. Tim following comprtao tlie list nf her crew?Cliarle. S L lUiidll, inastei; Woodruff *cott, of New York, ag?il 37, lac b Henderson of do, 3i; Kuward Palmer ol do, 69; A W Blanch ird. jr. of Massachilsetti, in: Thomas Martin, of Rhode 'aland, 38; Robert Afidiews, or Louisiana, 2B, nd George Pelham. of Maine, 22. Bark Kmrreaa, 'J ownsend. c.?_. M.I.... i. \ ..I.I > II..UI .moio?i. uuuiiii to Mils I'un. ims neeil iwinre iiinirni is a RiiMitik' vc<?H. It is supposed the was lost iu the September gales. The following is .1 list of the crew who signed article# on the 10th of July last, lor the voyage out and home:?Moae* Townsaiid, master; Kdward Ryan of New York, aged J2; John Carter, do. 21; (George Brew iter, do 45; Anthony Ura\, do 21; Wm? M Emery, of Maine, 42; Holier- Siui'h, of PeansvKama, 32, Andiew Palmer, do 42; Kdward Balard of Ka >? ichu?etrs, 29; I honias IlemerUen of Sweden, 28. The K n?i?re % was built in IR20 ami *as 214 tonr burthen Brig Ode on, Studley, (supposed of Baston,) cleared from Mobile, l?lh8eptf r this port, with 112 It leu cotton and 2ft chests tea, since which we l?elieve not hum Inn lieen heard of her. Notice to Marliierg. The Savannah Georgian states that a new entrance to that harbor has been discovered. Tklichaiii'l tik? almost a straight direction from the hmd of the river b? low the ciiv, to the lower Itoiot ot Kig Island, and thence Outinued until the current of Jark river i* Diet. A vessel must k? rp Kit Inland shore close aboard, until shit gvts down to the point of the Island, then steer for the Hark river, leaving hoth buoys, placed by ( apt Day, of the cutter, below the Isiand ou the starboard side We have beeu favored by the Collector of II M Custom*?to whom it las been f>rwardtd by the Naval Commander-in-chief on this station?with the following communication ?rwn Cominauder Drew, of H M S yv *sp, relative to a shoal and reef off Tobago, which we publish for the benefit of our uautical readers:? . It.street of a letter from Commander Drew, of II M S Wasp, 1 to the senior officer at Burhadoe* under date the 30th August, 1843. relative to a shoal ?itu ?t? <l between the islands of T<?t?.i.?t and Trinidad: as also of a reef lying < fr the 8W estremity of the island of Tobago; a trading ot which accompanies this:? I " The first mentioned shoal is an extremely dan erous one, having only from 17 t 21 feet water upon a considerable i>ortiou of it. aim lies directly in the channel of vessels going from Tobago to Trinidad, as also of vessels c- uiing f om Demerara and rounding the southern eUremity of Tobajjo oil their voyage niimw. i ne iwmni cart lies .1 zii xv Ir>>fii Urown'aor Crown Point, distant about ?'4 miles. ami from Point Columbus, island of Tobago, S 67 W. distant 3,'4 miles, and upon tin* i*bb tide there it genera'ly a curreut to J miles .01 hour setting about NW bv W, probably caused by tlie outlet of tlx* waters of the river Oroiioolta."?[Barbadoes paper. Spoken Tarqnin. N Orleans for Boston. 110 date, lat 32 30, Ion 79 30? by the Florida Blanco, at tbi* port, Washington, of Thomaaton, for Kingstou, Ja. Nov 13, lat 23 30, lou 71 46. Foreign Porta. Ac 11 a, Africu, Aug 2i?In port, Ceylon, Dayley, of Salem, all well. Bhkmkn, Oct 13?Arr Clara, Dunham, Port an Piatt. 8M IHth, Camera, Whitney, New Orleans; 20th, M ('leaves, Cliadboiirup, do (so supposed, as alii- is incorrectly reported aimed ihn day ) Uomhav, Aug 26 -Arr Zephyr, Johnson, Canton Bahacoa, Africa, Aug 20?Passed, Herald, Dodge, of Salem. Cette, Oct 22?Sid Oriole, Northam, Gibraltar. ClUirr,Om I7?Put in UioOrande, Cousins, Newport for j St Thomas, wilh nnzen topgallant sail blown to pieces. Cork, O't 20?Arr Henry Bliss, ummings, Liverpool for NYork, with loss of 17 casks waier in a gale, and l.| 26th Chonstaiit, Oct 19?In port, Frances Burr, Foster, for Boston. ready. Dkai., Oct 30?Arr K Anderson, London, and sailed for Liverpool. Ki.iiNOKK, Oct II?Arr Florence, I-eacli, Crnnstadt for New Yor1; 12th, Middlesex, Orozier, do for Boston. Oenoa. Oct i?s|d Kriziu, Lecltie, Palermo and Boston. (JllENT, Oct 17?III port, Tiber, Snow, for Boston, iu bal last. ,),I-_A? A U 1 L'-.l ! ?I. via Loudon. Oonaivh, Oct 29?Iii port, Zebra, Load, from Boston, arr Ulli, to return about Nor 8. i Hamilton, Bermuda, previoui to No* 9?Arr Juan J de Cartagena, NYork, after a long passage. II AMnrmj. Oct 28?In |?>rt. Forum, Murdoch, for St L'beji, abt Nor U. Mahsmi.i.m, Oct 1(1?In port, Tiger, Cook, to load for Bostoil. Sid 15tl , Pn* hat tan, Oirdler, NYork. i Mauritius, July 2U?In port, Montgomery, Constant, for < M mill i. 2 days; Warwick, Boston,via Jamaica, for Now Zealand, out in with loss of boaU, bulwarks, galley. See?would proceed in lli days. Nkivcasti.k, Nor I ?In port, Sweden, llnman, for Bostou,6 dura. Rio Jank.iro, Oct 10?In port, Brunswick, McManm, for N Orleans, soon: Koscoe, Zerega, of NYork, from Liverpool for NOrleans, and others Sid 5th, Eunomus. Mansfield, NYork; Kabius, White, and Erie. Ouuby, for Baltimore; 3d, Cumberland, 1'iullips, Philadelphia. Rottkkiiam, Oct 31?lu port, Gleaner, Stevens, for Boston, 10 or 12 days. Saixomdk, Oct 20? Off, Louisa, Snow, from Cronstadt for 1 Mobile. Sumatra, March 30?On the Coast, Propontis, Silver, froui I Marseilles 101 days. Bt Okoroks, Berm?da, Nor 2?Arr Harriet, Brown, New 1 York, and eld Gth for Wilmington, NC. St Marti.m, Nor 8?Arr Globe, of Washington, NC. from I Berbice. Trikstf., Oct 24?iii port, Zotoff, Merrill, and Mari|>nsa, Parsons, for Algiers'. Allnmlira, Wilson, and r inland, Nason, '<>i,iO.,l,?w,> , x.? tt:~:i,. for Mauritius. Lake Porta. Bt:?F*l.o, Nor 21?Arr Waterloo, Cliipi>ewA; Virginia, Chi- , cago; Platina. and Ney, Toledo; Stranger, Monroe; Marshall, and Biddle, Cleveland; Lodi, Couneaiit; Skinner, Milan; Hn- | cheater, Detroit; Corw in, Charleston and Huron. Cld r niton, , Detroit; Waterloo, Cliijijwwa; Columbia, and Home, Saudus ky; Burlington, and A Wiiislow. Cleveland. Home Porta ("alak.Nov 12?Sid Riral, Clark. Philadelphia < East Machiai, Nov 10?Arr Eiample, NYork ria Bangor. Bat h. Nor 15? Arr Pmta, Melcher, Brunswick, to load for It T . 1/7.1. II.. V-.-.-,1 I \1 f'1,1 17*1. I 1 ? r.l . ner, Patten, Guadeloupe; Lagrange. Winchell, NOrleans Sid IRtIt, Knrone, Barker, Savannah; Quiiinehauif, Patten, Mobile. (/Id 20tli, United States. Swanton, NOrleans. 8ld Louisiana, (new) Patten, do. ( Portland, Nov 10?Arr Orb. Caleb, Havana: Mary, Smith, Fredericksburg. Hailed, wind WNW. fresh, Dublin, Henry Kelsey, and the I a rice fleet of coasters which put in on account I , of the storm. Cld 18th, Hibernia, Sawyer, Cuba; Plato, Walk | er. Matanzas. NkwHfRvroRT, No? 20?Arr Forest, Varina, St Martins; , Mary, Cook, Baltimore; Vlt Moriah, Rogers, Pniltdelnlria Salkm, Nov 21?Arr Granite, Upton, Cayenne; Klizabeth, , Wiley, and St George, Murphy, Philadelphia; Diana, Small, i and Mary Kir/.*. Smith. N Y ork. Boston Nov 22?Arr Susa.i. Bray,and Pilot, Poland, Phila , delphia; Tremont. Present, NVork. Cld Jacob Store. Hard, , lereirie; Roman, Doane, Charleston; Klliot, Nirkersou, Ph'la- , delphia; Sar.ih, Myick, Aralachicola; Forest King, Kelly, | ( harles'on; Reesiae, Lainilev, NVork. Arr 21st. Louisi ina, , Entry, Thomismn for NOricftM, put in tort tafnQft victor, | Carr. Am Cayes; Pandora Tillincnaat, Savannah; Hylas, Kus fis, \ York for Ba^uor, put in for a harbor; John Dun Up II11- j liard. G? naive*; Thom.i* Wynns, Doughfv. Wjishingt- ?i Ni ; Mirror. Doane. and Victorii, S??|?^r. Frederick<bnrij;* Brums. \ Cotfrell; Bri'fiant, M'lntvre, and Richmond, Kilborn Phila , delphia; Miil, Nichols; Metelluc, Siinont'Mi; Duroc, Bacon Granville. Kllina; Androm-da, Dcvereui; Pioneer, Moore, and , Jane Yates, Yates. NVork. H Vi.?. Od?I,. ,rt M.r < in R.llimni. f., r Boaton; Fort Hill, Gray, Philadelphia f ?r du; Bine Hock, bi , c?a, Albany for do. Nrw Bkdkord, Nov 21?Arr Delaware Waitf. hil*d~lphia , for Salem?on the 20th ^twtrn Blo k Uhnd and Gay it < being very t'tick and blowing heavily .came in contact with a fore and aft ichr. carried away hoWftiirit, jibboom ami knight , head*. and tore head *aiU badlv Alio arr, Globe. Baker. Nor- | folk; nid i, Gi. In, Albany; Passport, Smith. hdgartown for NVork. Phovidknci:, No? 21?Arr Palestine. Shird>?vant, Gardiner; , Smith Darling, Brown, Philadelphia; \1id?*. Denim and Yankee. Hatch, NVork; K^ne, Tread well, AI ban r?the K ran noon < miiminit Point lant night, and during the ?troii? N K l>1 w thi? moniiiiK. ben: over, .ma canned her to so hadly that the water was over the ca in flo-ir whet) *he reiched the city Ni;w IIavm. Nov 22?Arr Union. Newman; Jo? Hammond, , Hervent. nd Neaiwr, KeUey, Albany ; Cynthia Ann, ftcraoton, Philadelphia. Sid Magnolia. Oranniu W In^iei Philadelphia, Nov 2:1?Arr N>tu?, Bcine; Haiti. Lake; Orh. Vrntii and ron?oi?e Dr.tke. NYork; Sunn Ttylor, Grin dell, Frankfort CIJ Rowena. Wilson, Li (Juayra; Harriet, Daley; It Thompson, Back; Rwiln, Hawkins; Kepablkan, Hh 4111; Patriot, Eldridge; Indiana, Corson; Niagara, Young, and Lexinfon, Young, NYork llu hmono, Nov 20? Arr Kliza Meserole, New York. Sid Echo. Snow. do. Ku? >tom, Nil". Nov 1R?' rr Cleopatra, Jennings, and Mien | Chapman. NYorn. Sid Sally Miller, Halsey and I) Risley, Chattftin. do Chaiu.mto*, Nor 20?Arr Allien*.! half, Portsmouth. Nil; Penguin [Br] Dill Bermuda; Oen Cobb, Hammond Hi Martini Cla France, Marshall, Liverpool; Southport. lirillith, N York; Wen (ireen Clark. (Jrand Key. Turks Islan'. Arr I9ili, Victor. Bartfetr, Portland; Lady Chapman, [Br] Harriott, Do. 1 minica; Arabian. Foster, Malaga; J I. Pay, [?] Keyiiolds, N York. Sid AthdtNM.??: Oceoia.Di-merara; Moon, NYork; Warrington, W indies S?va*I?*H. No* 19?Arr Col Tavloe. Wells; St Johns, PIJ; Poland. Smith, and Mary Shields, Corson. Havana. VtollLt No* It?Arr Marengo, (>ray, Havre; Elizabeth Demiison. Post; llefortn. Tilyou; Vlarim "age, Heed, and Klvira. 'I'lickrr, Niork, Pearl, Urilinmond, Boston; Token, Post, N Haven Ni w hmum, Nov 12?At Columbus. Meyer. B emen; Itegiilus, I hild, Hull; Ya7.oo, Trask. North Carolina. Drummoiiif; St Mary. Foster; Vickshurg, Berry; 8t L.-on, Whiting, and Vespasian. Barstow, NYork; Malabar, Freeman, Waldoborn; Nestor, Moses, and Octtvitis, Col burn Boston; ''reole, Dillinglmn, Bordetui; Parthian. Allen, and Bachelor. Horton, Norfolk; Ktmri n, Brauscuin, Port Maria, la; Pauline. Aransas. Below Norfolk. Snow, Havre; Walp le.Thomas; Flavio, Cufltn) Elizabeth Hiuce, Day, and Grenada. Spooner. Boston; ' Commerce. Ashton. and (Itu Stevens, ('lulling. NYork; Asia, | Rhode Island, ami Claiborne. Cld Deliware Patten, and Fan- , ny, Patterson Liverpool; Josephine, Coats, Philadelphia; Mer- i pury. Dean, St Johns, Nr; Sain Houstou, Gilveston; Return, DcmtHill, H ilifax. I I i #20 REWARD. CjTOI'EN. fiom the Merchants' Hotel on the night of 22d , ' uist , a (iold Patent Lever Watch, gold dial, Hold fohchuu and maker, John Htrrigon, Liverpo >1 No Ifl.RHi. The person suspected is shout 19 yeirs old, of med iM?uiur>>. full r d face, had on drah gray'ill coat and pints, low crowned hat, of a countryman's ap|iranince. with two bundle* under his arm, c ill* hinHell" Win Hull, of Trenton, N J. The above reward will l>e i aid on the delivery of the watch at the Merchants' Hotel. 4i ConrtUnd street, or >74 V'a?hin*ton street. t? nil 2t*m JAMKS 8 I) A V KNPORT. [ ()8T OR STOLBN.?A Poeket Book w?? lo?t or stolen I < ou Tu*i<lav. No*. 21st from the pocket of a <&entlenian on his way from Bank of Commerce to the Lower Post Office, i-'witaminK ten five dollar Bank of Commerce notes, ai.d sundry papers of no value but to the awner. | f the finder of this pocket hook will plMae return ?ame with the papers to boi No 244 l.ower Cost Office, he may ret tin llie money for liii trouble u2l 3t*rrc 1 packet hhii* iioscius" kok livkrpooi..?piT I s?n?ers hv this ship will I'leaae be on board the ftcamhoat llerctilen, at Whitehall. Saturday, 2Mh mat., at li oVlock, N1 , it wlnrh lime tti? ship will mii. i.nifr will cintf m hip unual pluces Ml1H o'clock, Uk in?t. nt< \ N" MTKOANT OV8TK.K AND WINE ?:KLTAK : /V fTOR S.\LK-The owner of ihr ilwTr rutablmhment, ! wh 11? Jdiiik a ??ry Incrativr business, intends on account of , ill h>Mltli to ?ell 'he i.i'nr. Any person, wishing to establish , himself, would find it (he most favorable opportunity (o make 1 a firtiine in ? ?hort tiffl', ai the above mentioned place it on* I of thf finest in the city, most favorably situ ited, ami has very good rustoinm. * Kor particulars apply to CHARLES WBL9CH, nWfit'f Attorney at Law, No. I Wall nreet. EMPORIUM OF I'HINA, (JLAH9 lie., No. 7 S.tth Avr ' line, opp Amity street?Purchasers wishing tosnpjdy iliemselves with the above articles. are reiaestcd to call before i imrchasng their Christmas and New Year's stock. i N. B A cho ce collection of < hrytanthemums in bloom, ps'lor Plants,?n<i Dutch Hnlboiu Hoots for sale at nnmuiljy ] I iw prices n?t I* ec IIOOMM A ' 7 MUKKAt RTHKET.?Two front Parlors I IV with Bedrooms adjoining. Also single Kooma for gei tieI men. nS3 tfl*( auction sales. " " * /HOiMAb BKL.L. Anctmam. (St?ir No. 3ft Jinn ?<???<.) KRIDAY. At 10>{ o'clock, in the aales room, Large tale nlseasonable dry goodj, clothing, and pledge I articles of all deacripuoua. Alio, a lirif aaaortmeut of article* of all descriptions, by order ?f a receiver. At II o'clock preciseljr. . , Splendid Watches?4 a* valuable watches as hafe been offer ed to trn public for thim ynn. And a braiiiiful lot of jewelry, puis, rings, 3c. Also, a splendid riiusigninciit of Kngliali and Kreiich broad will lirirft clodli, euiimrni, silineta and veatiiiga, ill lot* to knit; hosiery. drawera, slurb), collar., he. A Wo, an eutue invoice of line clothing and lk>avy do, luitable for the season. Also I lie balance of itock of a men hint tailor?hosiery, 1 Itliirea, shirts.roll<r?, hosoma, haiidkerrluefa. fcr Alio, at It o'clock precisely, by order of the Ma'ahal. I pip* (fin, I ca?k Wine, III demijohns Iriali Whiasey, V> baaketa Champagne, 10,000 Havana si-gara. and other groceries. SATURDAY, At 10)^ o'clock, in 'lie sales room. I.srg* sale of Choice sec nd hand Kuriulure, comprising the j entire furniture of a fa?ul> giving u" housekeeping, cojaiati k of i h.ura. tablet, carpeta, limkiuc glasses, aofaa, hure ua, aide- 1 board, chiua, glass and plaUd ware, lird reoin liimiture generally. kitchcn MtMuiU, flic. Alio, in continuation, iu the aale room, up itairs, a valuable J assortment of elegant furniture <>f all descriptions. Alao, iwintiuga, piano fortea, looking glaaaea, rurtaina, Sic. Also, a quantity of plated ware, china and cur glaaa. AI?o, 1(1 dozen snpenor Hieuch iimIioktny chain Stoveg?AUo, 10 valuable c 'ukiiiiaud other utove*. N. B.?Evw fkcilitv will be afforded for the ilUpoml of mercliaudiae orall diarriptioni BuHiuesi will ie carried on in a bu*ine*a like manner. Hales will I*. regular, and returns prompt, ill tliii eatahlishinent .now under the eliarve vilely ?l . THOM AS BKLL V,. r> Vnii.t liUACON COUUbB?TUOi I N?? 5tei' " MnV" \ \ At 2 o'clock, P. lvl., a match for $'.'00, |i ay or pay. two mile beats, in waitoni. Mr name? b. it. Jack Cade Mr. ?- name* br. It. Tom 1 humb, Jr. Also, amat'h ayainstlime?Mr. Webber Ix-ts $150 that his pacing ho'ae Sir Walter Scott can pace 13 mile* within an hour. Ailminisi'in AO cents n2tf tit r NEW YORK AN!) HARLEM KAILK<>A I COMPANY. WINTER AM^vr,K' On and after December Ul. 181'J, the ( u? will run in th?r follow inn ordr l.tare City llull Leave thr Bridge fur the liridge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. ? 15 9 IM1 " 10 20 11 30 " I 00 2 00 P. M. !l 30 4 30 " 6 00 The City all and 57th street line will rnn ?s follow* From 7 A. M.cverv 10 minutes through the day till 7 30 I'. M. 'I'll** Kutra Niclir Line w ill run as f II ?? Leave City Hall for 27th stien ? 8. 8 30. 9. '1 30, 10, 10 '0, Si 11 Leave 27th street for I ity Halt at 7 30, 8. II 30, 9. 9 3?, 10 Si 10 30. By order of the B >aril, ii21 linr W. S. CARMAN, Sec'y. TNFORMATION WANTKI)~liifh7mHh7.u is d?Tred a. to I who ai* the Executors ol NANCY ROBINSON, lale of Albany, and daughter of ihe lit* Nathmi I Rohinon of Che-lerlield, Mass. '1 he said Nancy Robinson liiviuK left he inra >t, bom on the aevmth ..f line I n", wholly uuprovidid for Address K. J. I.OLLINS, Bin 21. N. V ii21 2i*r ATHENKCM HOTr.L, 347 Bioadway, is prepaied to let Parlors and U d Rooms to families or sinale gentlemen Willi or mill .lit hoard. n23 litms*r JOHN ROHHON. NOTICK..?Consignees of merchandise per British bark JOSEPH ClJNARl), froin Liverpool, will please s<-ud I heir permits on hoard the Vessel, at Piue street wharf, or to the ollicc ot the ill In r ri ber. Iiai Itr JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South ?t. NOTICK?8lnpi>ers bv the British ship CHESTER, Wilson, master, for Liverpool, will confer afivoront e .subscribers by sending in their bills of lading for signature; also will please clear llitir goods at Custom Mouse early this day. n23r ROCHE, BROTHER* Si CO. 35 Kulton st. VTOTICK.?The public an' forbid trusting any ol the crew IN ?f the British bark JOSEPH CITNARI) from Liverpool, is no dehis of their contracting will be paid by the <apt.iiu oi Bouiikdcc. n21 Itr JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st^ DISSOLUTION.?The copartnership heretofore existing between ti e subscribers under the firm of SEAMAN (It HUNT, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. T KKAUWKL L SKA MAN, THEODORE HUNT. Nov. 22d, IB-tJ. 1,23 3t?in I)ORK?.'ill barrels very superior corn led clear Pork. * 500 ?lo do do Mom Pork, for sale n2lr by E. K. COLLINS Jk. CO. 56 South st. I' BROWN, STONE HKAL ENGRAVER, 233 Broad way, oi posite the Park. Coits of Armi Crests, Cyphers, &c. engraved: Ladies' Seals, Penril Cases, Signet Kings, kc. engraved with Coals of Aptis, Names, or any device; Diamonds AinethvsU, Topazes, ike bought in the rough or cut ? any form: floats of Arms found and Painted in any style from two dollars aud upwards, and forwarded to any part ol the United Stales. books of Heraldry kept with upwards of 100 000 Names. n23 2t*r LT I'NT MM AN DISPKNSAK V, 'J Division street, establlmill'M for the sale of the famous Huliter's Red of the most eminent phvsicians' say nothing ot tne' niAmretd rif doctors that start up like mushrooms all over the country I'rir-f $1 |?r 'nl, warranted in aP rases. No other place m this city can the hue article b- found. After having tried other remedies without lieiug cured, try this, and if it does not cure yc<i we will not take your money. This medicine can Iw* obtained at No. 5 Maiden lan?, Allianv, N. V. It is not to be hud north of Albany, and the true article :auuot b<' obtained in Beaton, Mass. or Charleston, S <'. u24 It r J)K I l7> I'SI.'M AX'S (.IKKMAM COUUU DHOl'S, |>HEPARED and sold wholesale by JOHN J.DAVIS cit> ' of Hudson, Columbia < ouiilr, N. V , and for sale in thi> :ily ai w holesale aud retail, by J>h?.i S AiriNWAi.i.. 86 Williun street. Oeueral Agent lor til's city; ind by most of the principal rttail druggists iu New Vork aud Brooklyn. Perhaps a more important aud valuable ncdicin* than this was lever pravided lor the afflicted. No lesort has hitherto hen lad to the press to make it? extraordinary virtues known, but it in been hmg tried a-d iis gr?at efficacy most thoroughly proved jy'he infallible test of actual eiperience. Ily its ow n im riis >i . 1. ? l.? 1....UI i^l.r.t.,1 ... v mil I 111 rill4|(" Picnirucc I- IIU ur?umr iKKnij ? ? u.a.. .. tecli?ti of ill** country *h*re it Ims hffn in use. It may with>u' eiiggerAtion l?* |iruiiomicfii u infallible r? iicd , for colds roiiulirt. asthma, influenza, whooping cough, croup worms h;cmorrh*gt* or raising blood. nod aII the c? iBidaints i1in* the hre*st %ml limits. ami tendimi t? r.ougiiiiption or genera^ liability Numeroustestimonuls m?y be seen in the lnuds of the u'cnN for the *a e of tin# hwa'iuu baU?m. shotting that ich lighten if? effect.* in an innumerable multitad of cases Th proofs of its won-te I'ijI ar*4 iuc.nntrovertibl** l| used Ki th" tir?t stages of a ?y of i\e ompl intsahov* na:. ed it acts m > complete r?n-v. nfive .mil their fui titer prom** * in a rented In ? . Inn it** * here such c mplainu ar* so cou m n, .>%? .< t? niililfi choige., of wcitli?*i, no t>t#?h wli i-Ure* a i?i?ii va'uti|H>u h**alt It should e wiilioul * hi* meilicin ; imel u* ??l it will mv? iminu ? hill, for n ? ical ttie* d mce, a ?i whit i more will . rent the I .< guuhiug s 'IF-rn.m of ^r tr*cud ill* lie ? and o !**u jr?"frve life iisr I hlfic^cto s a< it ?. r mild, | le*?a? t, aid alvsa.s !i t ml* m; it is purely a vrger .he *?in oui.d, d in? h t k ii with etif rt* stftty in ' kind. I wr*ila id ndev nl! circueutances It <cts as a mild hr?li* k xi*c ormit. nid -t th?*sam-ti ?e ?? a very gen'le to ic 11? use 11? not ouly restored tnouimds wh * wen* laboring uud r inn* > mtv illness, but it In* pr duc**d grrat 'inprov. in t * iralth f |* rsons coiifttitutiouall? ft* bit* as iti rff?tt it to uncart tone and vigor to the system, while t u?*?er c.?u*.e? weakiess. Price fifty cents for a bull e ot four ounce* u2l I in rod* in chkp /riN'^. FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, BOOKINGS kc rIK subscribe'* have now on hand an extensive and choice election of 1 ARPKTI 'US, I'ROM A LOW PRICr.O IN4.HAIN To the rchest and m<i? c silv description of BHUSsKIO.. r.AXO M.KO V t L \V I L I'l >;N. VKL VM TUKKfcY, AA.vii;n*i awu iai miik 0 A R P h I I N (r Also. FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, of the Ntntmt uiul i< out Spi,nd?i Pattern* ami Color* AU", French and English i ockmg*. UrnjyeU, l-elt Carpet ins, II?k? of ti e richest description, k rencn en,bossed Table and Piano Covers, tic die. all wnirli will Ih> nut J at run: ? TO ?uit tHK TlMr.s, Ki C. VV SMITH fc COMPANY, 2M H roadway, n9 2wis*m o|H>' site 'lie **it> 11 -II. I KO SAfc'ki WAUEHO SK.?'The SObacriler having |>uiA chased the exclusive ri*ht (for .he I if, and State of New Y ork) o maae aid .ell Wildtr's Patent Halainander Kite Proof Safe, and lias commend d the m nntiHturini "f these valuable propeity preservers at his Iron Safe * aietiouse, No. Ij*t Water street. ' her'oiders will be received Hi m?ke (at short notice) ny size aud design not ou haml, *nh Chnbb's Patent The' Detector Locks. All improvements that can be mad*, and rei.der theni sei-ure fron> fire, hare b* fit ado| rid, and th?y will he 1 eiecuted in a in inter su|>erior in every rrslwt to nny Safes rm offered in ^e? \ ork. New and secood haml Sa'es of other m.akers for safe very low. Olu Safes taken in part paim'nt for the Salamander -ahSILAS C. HKIinlNU, No. 139 Water, corner of L)e|ieyst?r street. N. B. Old Iron Ch sta and Locks repaired n2'J Iwdyhatwy r CHKAPKST cXHPKT KSTABLIS fviKNT IN THE UNITED STATKi?, No. ? BOWfcKY.?ANDERSON k DOBBS have just received twenty tales of aplaniiid new lialte'us of Euitltsh Three Ply eitrs double sii|>*rfiiie Ingram l arpeting, Worsted and Tn'ted llearth lings, Transparent Window Mhailes. kc : all of which hating b?en |iurclitsed at low prices fur CASH. wiM be sold from 2) to M per cent tow?r Lhan *t any other esublishmeut in this city. \ II Just received? 20,(00 yard* InKruti Carpeting, 2a lid to 3s <id i?r yard. IO.ihii) " warranted all wool Carpeting Is per yard. 30 000 " doulilf superfine (" <rpeting, is to 6? |>er yard. 20,100 " Three I'ly Caipeting, fioni 8? to 12s ner yard. >0,000 paii* Transparent Window Hhade*. from $1 to $ri the pair. 30,000 yards Floor Oil Cloths, any wid h. In |>er ?ard. ANDF.RHON fc DOBBS, No. Bowery, (lie lira! Carpel establishment above Heater street. n23 2wis*m HtTTUKK WASH. " rpHK undersigned hsvmx lieen in l)r. Hull's oflio . for tlie last I eleven years, and having had the most practical pin t of that nflire, places the atiove Wash before the public, assuring those that may deem it worthy tlieir health Mi comfort to call on liim at Ins residence, No. i* Vesey street where he can be conlulled from 10 o'clock in the morning until J o'clock id the lAemoon, Also Trusses applied and retired Heference. JANl EH MdVEEKH. n 21 I in in HOU8E PROTEI JTIN<> PIST< )LS. A LLEN'S SKLF-i <M KINO A Nl) UEVOLVINH SIX J ? HOKK ('AS I H I'KKL BAHKKI,* I'lSTOL, ?Thin 1'i.tnl cnrktand ivvnlvrn in rely by pulliuK th? tri?urr, and mi ihoti may b? delivered within the inort tinic* it! thrr* vrondi. It if tnon* timule anil miirr durable than any I'iitol now in tt??, 1 ml warranted tutierior to any othe, maker. For ?ale in >|iuntifn to >uit pnrcha?er?, by A. W SriKS & CO. 218 l'?*rl .treet, Inipoiter* til Hard war* and Cutlery. ) Alio, Uum; PiatoU; C Jtm materials for tnanafacUinnK, altrriiM or rapairiuK Onnt Alio,every Tsriety of Sporting wtitlw. n23 im i. SCHMIDT, nORNt'.K of Broadway and 'hainberi ?tre?t, be*? htr* to reco?nm. nil hn Wi'.e Depot, 111 N*??tii ?tr.rt, wher>- >i<* lelUthe loll..h i,ik Wine* in rath* caiiet and bottl't, V,,;T . *ii.l White B .rde.iut and ' cite Winea. Hhirniali Whim, VI?<I?*i ra, Sherry, Port, Bur,(tiiidy. Mu<cat and rbami??i!n?, VI?o - Horn, Hin, Win,key., .1 ' kc. nl" ,m r i L, M M-L A< fiSaMtlJION ni} lm'rc 1J Culherwe uree?i AMTSKMENTS. PAKK T1IKATHC. THIS EVKNINO, > <>*. 24?will be perfurmarf THK KENTuCKIAN. < ul. Nimrud Witdfin" Mr Hackotr AfW whirh IIIH LAST LMiS. O r ?||?K|?n, Mr Haakctc 1 o rnnrludr with __ TIIK THt'MIMNO LKUAOT. < IIATHAM TOIATML ~ ' l"s 21?Td conncnea with u i i.I ' H) M.TKKIKM OK PAMS. W?r I). VI Mr ,,,"J I Mr JiUN FNrDfMw., Mr. Hrrriug PRETTY tlluT.H OK rriLLlUHO Mn MITCHKLL'K OLYMPIC TIIKATKK THIS K V E N INOt~No v ^-'i'h^,f((nn?ac?. w.U co'iiinrnrt- with THK NATIONAL (H AKI) Acbille Bonlion, Mr llolWud After whirh THK PARSON'S NOSE. To ounelnda with T1IK HAVAQK AND THK MAIDEN. NlliLOH UAHDKIV. 1111 m/ ,in hi i i ip i nr. i^m1 li?: KKlDAY KVrNlNG, No* 24. Managers Mfiiri. H Kockwtll and O. H. Htoni. Noticb?A grand Day Prf"rma'i?e will be rirna on Sttir aternoot. at 2 o'cloek, of nil the choice Act*. forth* elpress accommodation ot th? junior bruirhm of families. EqnMiriag < nductor Mr. H. Hockwell. aaur of 'he I irde Mr. II >?edh*in. rnmin dull', an ' < lown Mr Alt'*. Ro-kwell. ' )nii?i|iif ft >'\aa Kiranicinl Mr K. William*. Pierrot and Miinr Mr. B. Huntington. After a grand Introductory Overture, tlte circle acenea will commence with an Kiiui-atrian I i'?loiit? Paueant, entitled Tit HOY A I. i'URMKSK GUARD! The Young Orrek H'racmau. Iiv MiaterU. Steven*. heat* of Itodily Power, Activity. Ike. by Mr Cole. Mi Rnuual* will amienr in * beautiful out* Ilorae Act. Mr. H. Krankliu will exhibit an acton the Flying Cord. Mona. I.a To?e, ill- Milt-in Her tiles, will apiiear in a lenea of le?ta evincing lna almost Sup- rhuinau Strength. A great display of Arena Ciymuauic* by the ei tire troupe. Hi<n Duett*, I'rioi. tic. by the African Melodist*. Willi a gre,?t V iriet ofo her eiitertaiuroenta. Tick t? It) cenia. Childivi under 12 v ran of age 2cents. 'I lie tl . rs will be o|a-nsd al 6>fc?iwrformince will commence at 7 o'clock TRIONS INUKPKNDKNT AMKHICAN CIHCim. BOWEHY AMPHITHKATKE John (ioaaiu Clown Bosch 2i cenla; I'll I2H cents. The iwrformance* this week will consist of? HOR8KMANSHIP, Ysuiting?Leaning?Posturing -Tumbling?Kitnvagaux**? I avalcadea? Page oil*? *< cues, lie. The Kntrees will be led by Mrs. (lOSSIN and Mr NIXON. Principal Riders?Vlr W Nl'hnls, Mr Sweet, Mr Speu?.r, M later Jaine.i, Mrs Odaain, Mia* Diviuvand Mr. a v ,n*r - ? - HMK1UCAN KltSKlIM, AND PERPETUAL FAIR M ill' ? Million of Curiosities ! Day Vivite s admi t?*?l same owning Free. HIONOR e'AZIO the Italian Artist, will nghibit his eel# lira ted MKCHANK AL I'KRFORMKRS! whose life-lilt motions gestuies, and 'pats, surpass any tiling that the ioiagi nation Pan conceive of. MISbKS M A It Y and ROSINA SHAW, anil 'heir brother, Mr. DAVID T -llAw, the celebrated vocalists?LA PKTITK (IKLRSTH. thi' Dan teii.i?GREAT WESTERN the Negro Orator. Dancer and Imitator of the m?.t?v? Engine. ANIMAL MAONp.TIHM?Professor Johnson will meamc rise a yonug lady, and nroduce e*|ierimenU in Animal Magnatisrr. Performances every evening at half imst ?e?en, and Wed, nesday and Saturday afterneons al THUKE o'clock. Admission to the wholi Zi cents?childrea under tea half price. t>KALK (i NKVi VOllK nOSKUMi, AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broii/lwayj/pixHitr thr i'itv Hall.) ADMISSION (INK SHILLING. (.RAMI) PHANTASMAGORIA !. Kshibiting one hundred >? milfnI Illuminated Views on tlx most htiKhiililc and eomieal subjects. Mis* LAURA CLIFFORD, the beautiful Sougstresa?her first all |>earanee. THfc FAMOUS KENTUCKY MINSTRELS, ORKAT WESTERN Orator and Imitaior of the LotomoUve. T. (J. BOOTH, Comic Storv Teller and Singer. l!KUITO, tin* Dausuese. Madame A DOLPII ran he consulted privately regarding past, present or future, during the whole day and evening. Admission one i hilling?12>? ceuU ettra to those who conaalt Madame Ado I ph. Performances every eveuing, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at i o'clock. SOIREES MUSICALE. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. Mn. A. STEVENS respectfully announces to tha citizens of Richmond, tint having complied wi'.h the terms of the law. requiring a license for exhibitions of all kinds for profit or reward, and having taken uta license for such purposes, proposes giving a series of .Musical ami other Kntertainineiita. He has eugaged from Mr. Buydcn the Concert Room of tha Exchange Hotel, and is now prepared to make arrangements with pmtVmaioual Ladies and Gentlemen of talent aud respectability, to give such entertainments during the stasou, as he trusts will ii oet with the approbation of the public. uI9 Iwis fh CHANGE OF HOUR. MR. DEMPSTER'S BALLAD SOIREES. Mil DEMPSTER has the bonor to announce his iutentiou af giving a serin of three Ballad Soirees, at the Socirtv V111" 'T'""".",1 " I "? "!< evening! 1)1 I net !' ' horuUv .rid Saturday. 21,t, 23d and 26th Nov., when he Wile; l.^inent ol tnr Somf* and Ballad., including Battle?l Bunk.r Hil . ?. oiti.t- 'lie J.onely Auld |ii; My Nannie, o; Hary o < iutle< arey; A Man s a man iui .. thai; Tak'yonr aolil cloak abcut ye; and Duma' beautiful ballad ot' Highland Mary?patirulirn of which will be announced in programme* in he had at Mr. Ate/ill's Mu*ic Store, Mr. Slodart Mr Dubois, and at the door in th? evening. U /""Ticket* K i ftV f'euti. O" Doors ope at 7, to commence at o'clock imcmly. uUm 'i'llt; ( OUKSK ?)K ron i.Alt LKCTCIlKS, with illui * tatio-i on (totally and Vegetable I'ln colony, will bv continued in the Chapel of the Uin*er?ity, by l>. I'hKKIHA UAHDNER, M D, fo'merly Profeaaor ol < hemutry and Intin) iii Hampden Sidney College, Va ; Lecturer on Natural Unitary in ftutger*'luatituie, New York. The second Lectur* will Ik delitered on Monday Kveniug, t lie 27 th illit , at half paat ?vm Subject?1 he Character and Vitality of Plant*. Imliire 3?The Kood of Plants. Lecture 4?I irculatioi in Plant* Lecture 5?The Reapirafion of I'lanU. Lecture B?Action ol Liuht, Heat, and t leciricity on V*g?Mlinn. Lecture 7?The lallaeni'eof Man on the Vegetable kingdom, ami its Relation* to hit V* e|f?re. Lecture 8-'nflilfncoof I lanta on the Atmosphere. Lector" 9?Change* produced on ihe Kartli by Vegetation L?i ture I#?Laws I f Vrcitable Developemrnt deilvcible fr< m < Jeoli ? n il Irqnirie*. It ia ntend d in the itxcniaioe of tbene -.objects. to combine aiiiunenirnt with iutormiti'in. The iHustrations will be pictoi i,iI md ?i peri mental The L?e Ure?are delivered on each Monday eveuiug, at halfa*l seven o'clock Ke?- lor the whole rourse. $J; tingle lectues ?5cent? Tick ? can be oht ii.eo of the la.,if ir ?i ftie UutVe mty Building, he Jaiiit r at (he Medical ol'e*e, Bi< aiiwty, and at ihe door t the Lei tore Ho,.in ii23't 'iV.7 4t*r / 'i! \v i) oi i m\<; k m i, at tammany hall ? The Proi'iietr.hv.nK ruir|>lrtn< lh? illetituni, intends (KIWI Gland B.ill on Hgiidtl EhmU, No*. 27th IMS.? Dining the recess, 1 he hall room* heen comi letel> changed, 11 h as removing the pillars, changii t the orch sera, and havI k new dr*i?*r ? cushions, setters. inirrori, and a magaificaut ?et of chande i-r? put up The ladies' and Kentlemeu's dressing old drawing room* have been rec?r|>eird and cue in lerfect or ilrr Tli sal ion it considerably larger than formerly, and I'arII wbed in a licit st Ic Mr. 11 row 11' celebrated Cotillion Band is engaged for the occasion The II or will be under the direction of Mr. C. W. Hchlim, (who lias kindly volmrrercd hia services,) assisted by a C ommittee. T11 kets SI e-ch, admittiuK one gentlaman and his ladica,i? lie had at Tammany Hall n20 l*'K I AW* OK 1.ICE AM) HEALTH in connection with Uracil k *|>eaking and Si ginv. TfllH, Wednesday eveII one 22d, and Kr da; 21th, in APOLLO, at o'clock, by Vlessrs. B'. Wnson and Na?h,with dissectionsf fthe Maiiinkius, lid 16 lUcit-tl?es ai.d Sonus Hi illustrate the |irinci|dea ..f Mental and Vocal Philosopln ; among which a e Baltic of Wa r 00.Victim's HroV, Marco B Maris, the Nun. Paihariua and Olyuthian' aptite. K'n.e of Al'endile, Staui ch f??toUller. _ Sh wore a wrea'li of Roses, I love the Kree, l.i/.ty Lass, Old W iter Mill. 8tc tic Mr. Bassford, Pianist. Single season Tickets for the fnn' remaoiing Lectures, 75; lor a Lady .mil Oentleman. $1; one admission, 26 cents. n72 It ins * r Flil.LKK'S (1YMNASIUM, No ? ANN STHKKT. NEAR NASSAU. \V' M'l.LEK respec folly luforins Ins friends md pupils, th.t' 1 lie ymna.ium is now open daily, and will be ii[i ^?try eyening during the winter. W K won 1<( particularly 'all the attention of Oeotlemen ri-milinx in Brooklyn, tiitl thoae niiui'il in biiMii*-?a do*n town, to the favorable lorati n ot hia eatablmlum-nt lor 'Ik puipoae >>| exrrciainii U' drr proper mat met ion, a ?hort time daily ia only uec?<ar> f?r developing the fauna, and invigorating the contention ... . Fencing ?nd Rmirinl taoght upon the principle* ol the Lon don School, ?? adopted by it* moat eminent prole**on Teri Bwdinw. HJn* r K. WINTER'S PXMTBTION OF CRKMICAL PAIN TING8. WILL he open Tor a few week*, commencing on Moaday Kerning. Not ft, l??1. in the Uranite BniTdug, MM of f'hamlier* it and Broadway. Each Painting cover* a anrface of nearly 200 aquare feet of cikvus, and produce* the Wonderful phenomena of two distiacr picture* on the ume ranvaaa, conaiating ol 'the following viewi 1?Milan Cathedral. 2?f'ity of Jerusalem and tJrncifiiion. J?("horeh of the Holy Sepulchre. i?Belaharxar'a Feaat. Tickeranf adiniaalou 2.1 centaeach. Doon open at 7 o'clock in the evening; nriformaiiM commence* ar IS o'clock. Kut ance on Chamber* at ooe door from Broadway. n? 3wia*r PARK THEATRE. {j*IMT AFFKAHANCK in America of OLE BULL, the * CfieDrateu vi<'iini?t. SATURDAY. Not. 2j. IfctJ. 'I he petite Comedy in on* act of the THUMPING LEGACY. Alter which a <trend Concerto in ihm> part*? ALLEOR > MAK^TOSO, ADAOIO HKNTIMK.NTAL. and RONDO PASTORAL*.: roinp aed and ri.cuted hy OLE BUI.I., and accompanied by the whole Orchestra. To which will be added th? petit* comed\ in one act of THE LANCERS. , I mined lately alter which the Introduction and variations upon th? Air from I'arsiello. 'nei cor pi<e non mi ?ento.'for the f io110 <lone; comixnrd hy I'.uianiiii and eiecuted by OLE BULL. A I'anoe hy Mis? Turn bull; md tie evi-nioK entertainments wi'l concliid- with .1 ,,, _,,... GRAND rOI.At ( A OUERRIERA; composed and eieruied b> OLE BULL. n212t*r TO LKT?A splendid parlor, wijh bed room idjoimni, a i owtnu's, f>l Broadway. ror further particulars adlima boa 179 Lower Post Office. nIA Iw*r 1 I lis CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS i?I 23 Courtlaadt ?treet. are a safe, certain, and upeedv cure for r. ii-tn, colda. ?>ie throat, swelling of the glands. rheumatism . I' fieaaof <he jomta. ague and ferer Oiien fpnm ? A. M till 9 >1. Sulphur Bath* re<|iti^ one hour s notice. nil ?tr ~~ TO PR IN T L It s' I * SALE.?T? fount, of T j?\ Minion *'id Nou<rwl( 1 ?h ch Iiare lieeu med un the New York Herald Apply i. Ina office. Pi)RTTT<,| | <I FEMALE PILL8. 'I'HESE far-t ?med and celebrat.d I'llla, from Portal tl, aw I we perceiTe, to he 'Ins roan try- See ad?er(|?? M'lU Mil Wlf last <0luiU8, fourth I'M*'

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