Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1843 Page 4
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Itrnil Of IfWI, &C Traps or St Lori*.?The St. Louis Republican of the *th ?ir? !?Our levee presented uuitt; an Animated inwtriiic* yesterday morning their Wing thirty two l?o?t? at the lauding either discharging 01 receiving freight Thnrr have been twenty-nine urn vain lince Friday night, all freighted with produce, merchandize, ami (mongers and their luggage, tiiriug the cargo of each boat loo tons. (a moderate calculation,) will make 9M0 ton? received at thii place within three days, liesides not less than 2,300 passenger* fire tk port gibson?cotrt Hoi-se bi'hnko.? A friend at Grand Gulf writes us us follows:?" On the I nt night of the election, after they had quit counting out the vote* for the evening, a lire originated in the Slier irt'? 'ilhce where the electiou was lielu, and waa not discovered until ueaii\ daylight in the morning. Kverj book and paper in the Sheriff1! office was consumed, and the court home is a maas of ruins The records. Sic., in the c ircuit and Probate Clerks' rooms were all saved.? The building destroyed in Port Oibson was a very handsome one. erected at considerable cost, ami is the second t ourt Mouse burned in that place within the last four years." Great Seizure.?On Saturday morning, Lieut. Morel having received information of a huge quantity of powder being on board the schooner Saratoga, which vessel was lying off the point, obtained a search warrant, and proceeded on board that vessel, where he j ucceedel In seizing 1?00 kegs of powder, which we understand vat consigned to Asa D. Gove of this city. An ofti cer was left on beard with orders to proceed to the Maga- J zinc an.' discharge the powder. The (inc. wc believe, Is tw-entv-fne dollars per hundred pounds, and at this rate amounts to ttve thousand dollars. The powder is seized under an ordinance passed in 1617. for the prevention of lire* ?A" O. Tropic, Nov. 13. Mi-kpkr o\ boa no Smr Creole.?A steerage paweiiger by the name of Simon Peuard, on hoard the ship ( 're ile, fitjin Bordeaux for this port, attacked a fe. nataxrxrnr with a knife oil the 8th lust, and stubbed her io severely auto cause her immediate death. It oppesrsthat Peuard left hi* wife and was coining to this country with hit child, in company w ith said female, with wh?iu he had previously been familiar, when duriiiK the passage he became jealous of her, and from this cause it is supposodwas led to commit the act. The ('roole arrived yesterday, when Pcnard was delivered to the proper authorities.? Xcw Orleans Bulletin, Nor 13. Melancholy Suicide.?On Thursday last the dead body of Henrv W. Johnson was found in a field ofMr "George Moateller. about four miles south of this place. The head was half from the )>ody, his clothes uud tlie ground around him werodied in blood, and by his tide lay a dull pockot knife with which no doubt the deed was perpetrated A coroner's inquest was immediately held, and the verdict oi the jury w as that he came to his death by a wound or wounds in the throat, inflicted in a state of mental derangement, by his ow n hand. Mr. Johnson was a native of Scotland, and worked at his trade several vears in that country. He afterw arils settled in the citv of New York and for a time carried on an extensive business there in his line; but the firm of which he was a member failing, he left New York and came to the south, and has been working in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina, until within a few months back when he came to this place. He has two brothers in the United State*, who are chemists and reside either in Montpelier, Vt . or about Lowell, Mass.?lJn< olntnn. JV. C., Courier, 11 th intt. Siriot-s Railroad Accident.?The Columbia (S C.) Advocate gives the details of a most frightful accident which befel a train of cars on the 9th instant, while on its way from Charleston to Columbia. The accident was occasioned by running over a cow, and occurred within three quarters'of a mile of the depot at Orange burgh. The engine, tender, and baggage cars passed over the carcass without being thrown ofl", hut the passenger car being lighter, was thrown to the left of the track, the inside wheel being drawn over ten or twelv e of the transverse sleepers, with h tremendous jolting. The diminution ol speed thus occasioned brought three baggage cars, which had most imprudently and improperly been placed in the rear of the passenger car, against it. with a violent concussion, turning it upside down, and driving it athwart the track, so that the top lay ujion the iron rails, the car being at a right angle to them. One end of the car was fastened down upon the rails by a superincumbent freight ear, which, m turn ing it over, had lieen projected upon it, and reposed upon it* bottom, now uppermost The otherend of the passenger ear projected over the west side of the embankment, being prevented from falling over by the pressure of the freight car on the other end. Thejoltingiover the sleepers was the first intimation to the passengers oftheir danger. It was so violent as to toss them from their seats into a heap ; hut in an instant a terrible crash threw them up. wards and around, and brought them altogether to the top, now to the bottom, of the reverted car. amidst cushions, bundles, fragments of wood, iron, and a crush of broken wheels and axles driven against the four sides of the car. That co-npartment of the passenger car over which the freight car rushed, contained ten persons, both ladies and gentlemen, five of whom entirel) escaped injury.? Oftheotlwrs four were not very materially injured, und a fifth had his shoulder dislocated, and was otherwise seriously hruised. The whole party escaped being crush od bv the firmness of the timbers of the car in which they were seated, and were extricated from the ruins by passing under the freight car as it stood mounted on that from ,1..... ;?ll,. MM,In r>f about thirtv passengers, the lived and lioniss of all were miraculously preserved. The destruction ol the cars will cost the company two or three thousand dollars; which loss, as well as this imminent exposure of human life, resulted mainlv from thi- highly censurable practice of attaching freight cars iu the rear of passenger-cars, b\ w hich means the passenger cars, iu caseof ail,H?P the eiyjiim. jUM+Wrt YnftrRtTai'vva* entirely uninjured, and iftSe passengers had been iu it they would hardly have been aiscon)|<osed. ~ TO TAILORS QTINEilETS'S new and complete system of cutting garments of every description, is with the utmost confidence offered to the trade, as be in? the most practical and ns?*fnl w ork of the kind ever lief>re published. The book, which is 12 by 16 inchas, contain* I' elegant diagrams of the various kinds of irannents, with plain and ampl* instructions for cutting the same, and in astvle which cannot be surpassed It has already gained the approbation of the most talented of the profession, andc annot fail giving entire satisfaction to all who use it. The work cau be forwarded to anv part of the United States by addressing the author, No. 93 Cedar street, Mew Vork. o31 lm*m GENTLEMAN'S FURNISHING STORE, 69 MAIDEN LANE. /"")VKN Coats, from $1 to $12 v Sacks 4 to 8 frock Coats 10 to 14 Dress ditto to 14 Pants 3 to 8 Vests 2 to 4 All made of the best materials, and cut in the modern style Over Coats msde and trimmed from $8 W) to ?I0 00 Pants and Vest* ditto 1 50 to 1 75 Persons furnishing their own materials can depend upon hav lug them made iu the best manner. Shirts marie upto ord?r alter the latest and most approved French patterns, tinder g*rm?ut? of all descriptions constantly on hand Gleves, Hosiery, Cravats, Scarfs, Stspenders 8tc 029 lm"ec W. COLLINS. ON EXCHANGE AGAIN?RETURN TO THE OLD STAND. '"PH F", undersigned after a seven years' wperienee of the evil A effect! milking from large itorei and larger rent*, i* happy to inform hit numerous customers and the community generally, that hehas effecwd (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a lea* of of hii old stand No. 4, (formerly 5) Wall itreet, Mortimer Buildings, corner of New street, and for many years < ? lebrated by his well known SIGN OK THE GOLDEN f LEECE?a beacon to all who are in queat of good cheap and uthionable garments. To such of his old patrons who may have lost sight of him daring his wanderings, he invites their return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adheranoe to his well established fame for skill nod punctuality. Of the public generally he so* icitsa call, being prepared with an assortment of fine and seasonable cloths, cassimers, vesting, kc. See., which he will be happy to make up in the most faithful manner, and on reasonable charges, for Cash Only Ths same care and attention bestowed on making and trimming, as when the cloth is purchas rdofhim C. B. Babeock continues in the catting depart inrat CHARLES COX. n20 Imr Sign of the Golden Kle?ee, No. 4 Wall ?t. ECONOMY IN GKNn.KMhN\-> DRESS. ALL EXTREMES ARE BAD T T has been truly said that poor goods are uot worth the n pense of making, and Slop m ide clothes is good cloth spoiled. F.tpertenee mast have taught mauv that there are those who lavit on so thick that imprecations not loud, but iwiwij arc'imimny mc urn cvmuihk ui uir out. nn* pre?w>d with these firu, the undersigned are pursuing a middle conn*, avoiding estrivagant profits on the on* hand, and keeping the vsry oeit articles ou the other, which are made upt? order un^er the superintendence of as efficient cutters,an >las competent workmen as can be found in the country. Our Stock lor the winter in now complete, conaiating of Super Black, blue, Olive, Brown, and Cireen Clotha, for Dreai and Frock Coats WATERPROOF DOUBLE MILLED CLOTHS. BEAVERS, TWEEDS, ke FOR OVER ( OATS Cauimeret in all tlx new and variont style*, for Pantaloons, Veatingi in rich Velvet*. Morinos, Cwhmerea, Dressing Rot>?a, Hatina, Silka, lie. With a large .lasortment of Fancy Dreaa Articles. including Scarfs, Handkerchiefs, Cravats, Uloves, 9us; peoders, he WILLIAM T. JENN1NO* & CO.. 231 Brradway, on 1 in rc American Hotel, opposite the Fountain. ~ cheap cash tailoring establish- " ment. ti04 PEAHL STREET, LATE 108 BEEK.M AN.1 T^HE Subscriber. well known for the cheapneas and durabilA ity of hn work, desirea to inform hu patrout and the public, that he u now, to suit the economic*! tendency of tin; time*, making garments of ths very beat iiuality at a reduction of twenty per cent from former prices,and less, it is believed, by twenty per cent than garments of the same guality are made by the cheap houses in this city. In order that gentlemen may andeisuud what it meant by cheapness, the following bill of price* ii submitted to their consideration, with a guarantee that the goods shall be of the first rate Quality, and the fit unexceptionable. Superior West of England ( loth Coats $12 to 16 Pants, of black or faucy doable milled casa- 5 to 7 Vesta, of silk, satin, ?tc to 4 Makiug and trimming in the best style, at the following prices:? Coati ... $? W to t PanU and V > 1 \ to 1 \ All orders eiecuted with punctuality and dispatch. Sui>erioi Beaver Overcoats from Sl2 to $20 o2t imT JQHiT MOFFAT. gentlemen's outfit ti no goods. JOHN M. LlAVIES te JONES. 106 Wilua* Street, cornkr of John, l_I A\ t, received |>er late arrivals, and now hare in storea lull -I I assortment of K" ><}? in thw line. They Iwl confident that their stock is not equalled in this city. and their Roods will be old low for cuh. C4*ntl*mra will tint) a firMjr oi new ttyleof Sc?f{s, Cravats. Winter Gloves, Drestine Robes. Pocket Handkerchiefs, fee. L'uder < varments of every variety, ol Knglishjuid American manufacture, yi*:? Merino Shirt* and Drawee Lain lis Wool do do Hhaker Knit do do Shaker Klaunel do do Buckskin do do Plain St Kiblwd Silk do do Ladi>-a MerinohSilk do do w)th* great variety of other *trl?. Xk hunts and Drawers, Ribbed and Plain, ,inade to order I shortest notice Hosiery Olove?, bus [Aiders, Stocks, and every other article of outfitting goods. CAPS, Oar assortrowit coroi-riaes every style now in use (or gentle tne^ ^OOtll and children at (really reduced prices. (VoAL.?L,arfe Nut Si*e $1,00 Stovslft.lJH, and fresh broken -'and Km $1 }< par ton, of the best Peach Orchard Ash, well ceeti" I, weigtied be a City weigher aud delivered free of car as . A reda ebon ol 21 cents tier ton,If taken from the boatr. fli'ltM OtINTON. cornerol Kio, lit Iw* ??? Ur?uvi?h sirsauj MEDICAL. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. A. DESIDERATUM INDKNTWTim DR A. C. CASTLE. Jll UROAUWAY, corner of WHITE aTKKK'i. has a IW for lilliujt decayed hollow liN-tli It fill b. rot into tha most (wider teeth withovt uy pain ' incoui ."nieuce, with which it beoomn imwinl lUlo ONi hard solid body, thus mloniij and preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially soand and iwrfroi in all thev*respective uses lor I lie?preventing IN ALl. CASKS, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the moit distinguished m st-ciity, offer 'heir testimonial* in the most yivid terms, ? to it? efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Poat mm- ?" It 11 admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persi'Ui. and Dr.Castle ?>p*rates on the teeth with treat car* and ability. The New York Aurora say* :?" It makes the teeth in all respect* perfect for life." The Sun ?ay? Dr. Castle has obtained mach celebrity for hit m-ellent moile of tilling the teeth." 1 i? most eimuent gentlemen of the Medical Kaculty have penuimlly tried and recommend Dr Cattle's Paate for filling the ti-eth. Tooth-ache | 111, one or which put is hhe aching tooth will effect a permanent cure. (Krom the Journal of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A C Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of deutal mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bones, shot away in the case of Lieut. S of the U. S. N., who met with this tenible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indians in Klonda. We have seen letters from Lieut. S. confirmatory of this extraordinary cure and its eulira success, that the loss of these important organs so skilfully replaced by Dr. Castle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieuteuant ' >- ? -? .i? ..Ik,. mnplieric pressure. Dr. A. C. Cattle refers to th? Spanish, French an<l FngUsh Ambassadors, Ml Stoughton, the Spanish Consul, Hear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpeth, Ue?i. McCsrty, (jyv. Mason, Dr. K. U. Johnson, resident of the Medicil 80 ciety, S. N. V.: Mr? General Gaines, J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. J A. Smith, Dr. t Delatield, Dr. Beidle. Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buffer, Dr. J. C. Cheesman, Dr. A. H. Stephens, Dr. J. Torrv, Baylies, Dr. W? Grayson D Dernns, ke. kc. Office 3?I Broadway. nl21m*ec FOR EIIUPTIONS ON THE SKIN, CHAP'D HANDS OK FACE, DISFIGUREMENTS, FRECKLES, BLOTCHES. &C. nMI F public luve b^eu humbugged so much Willi nostrums. -I mat they are afrud to try a physician's remedy; still if the sensible are show 11 that an article is rrally chemical and me'lical, the,' must believe it; now this is pre vert to have cured the worst cases of eruption, chapped flesh. fcc , when the most powerful fines hate tailed. As a cosmetic it is reallv miraculous? it clears .:iid beaut ftes the skin most wonderfully? il is excellent to wash sores with; for inlmts with tender lluth, and uieu with sole bear Is, it is excellent II cures also saltrheum, scurvy, ery?i|>elas, iicli, Stc. Sold at the Sikii ?l the American Kagte,82( litlham st?price Ml cents a cake; 8 Sute st. Boston; 3 Ledger Building, Philadelphia, or 139 Fulton st. Brroklvu The Moorish Hair Dye?rrice 50 cents and $' per bottle, for dveiug light, red or gray hair a dark brown or black?Sold at the same mace Junes' Spanish Lily Whi'e? For making ladie.i cheeks a fine alabaster w liite This is dilfereu'. tj couimou chalk? we warrant it not to injure. Country merchants, captains and others, allowed a liberal discount to sell again. All letters, post paid, attended to. ul5 lm*ec PARR'S FILLS. TO THOSE WHO SUFFER lrom complaints peculiar to the FIRST COMMENCEMENT OF WINTER. Ill no sewnon does the blood and secretions of the humau system underlie) more striking changes then in the f.11 of the year, and fopeciallv the coin men cement of winter. If we turn to nature, the chauites 111 the vegetable world are found to be not only sTikitgly aualagous, but 11 have a strong inllueuce ou the healthy or diseased condition of 'he body From the decay of autumn, and the morbid and de^th I ike s ate of w inter, the human system is also lor a period affecudby a similar feeling, arising ruin the ..cti. n ol a temporary decay, adapting itself to the same laws thst govern inimmate nature I his renders the u*? of some simple medicine (especially to those of a slender cousti'utiou) ul absolute import mci?lor this i? the time to assi-1 nature with a medici.e to cieiuse, and at the same time strengthen the powers of the vital organs. Ol the function > nrcess&ry to be cleansed and invigorated, none bare a more in imate c nnexion than the stomach anil liver. The presence ol food in the stotntcb, and thehealthy operation ol the Jige?;ive pow'M, furnish tne only natural stimulant to theliver; but whinever th? coatings of the forimr become we k and morbid, the bile is improperly secreted, and distase ol the li\er aud generally unhealthv state of the digestive organs supervene. In this tla'e many persons tlv to calomel for relief. Such treatment especially at tais srascu of the year, IS IMBIBING FATAL CONSEQUENCES, as invariably cold, followed by rheumatism of the worst sort, eusnes. To GlVfc A HEALTHY TONBTOTHK 8T<'MACH, TO *REE THK BLOOD OK ITS IMPURITIES aud strengthen those organs,Ulrrady by ti e change of the year, in a state of jiarrial ?'ecay Make iredicincs free fro-m miuerul rumpounds, rotd'l(teriou? but strengthening. Such are PARK'S LIKE I'lLLS, b inn twtfectly eentle in their o|>erations. aud compounded purely cf \rotables. Its celebrated author, (whose life vvasprolong d tar beyond that of any oilier mm nee the Patriarchs) and w ho for more tlru] a reiuury wasa cl>>se and corstant student of the medicinal properties of plants, attained hit extraordinary age by the judicious use of this cow pound. To their sui>erioiity, as a sale aud and certain remedy, both to children and adults over all other vegetable medicines in use. THOUSANDS OK PERSONS ARE CONSTANTLY TESTIFYING So'd by nearly all the respectable Druggists in New York, aud wholesale by Thomas Roberts & Co. 301 Broadway, first tloor. In Bostou, at the Brauch Office. tiqj ?V ashiugton street, aud in every partofllie United Stiles and Canada. nib imr WONUKKFl/L KKMEUY* VIRREY'S TINCTURE AND LOTION OF INVIOORATION. A SUPPLY or these iuvuluable and evtraordinaiy remedies his been received direct i'rom Doctor Adrian Virr?y, of Lyous, by his exclusive American a?*nts, De Launey Si <?rey. ol New } ork Nothing equal to them ha* >ei been discovered for removing nnpotency, tluor albus, nervous affections, and invigorating the system aud reviving the decayed energies of certain pars, a fart that can be proved by any person i.i ten minutes; for while all other meiliciuei recommended for the tame diseases ;m? admitted by their inveutors to be slow of operation.tlieTincture audi .otion of Invigoratiou set at once and make their effec' felt in a lew moments after they are made line ' of. ludted th?ir quick and wonderful action is sucli, thu coldness or imbecility cannot remain iu ihe constitution that is ontier tlieir dominion for hilf an hour; nor is it possible lor any married feni lie to use them and remaiu without oils print, tor ness. 1 hey'are also u mi railed iein*tfi?s"/if iflcipit in consutnplion, d\ spepsia, pOpitati '.ii ol llie hearer ervous headache gli-et and itllectioiis ot the kidneys, ai d iu all diseases produced by a nameless solit.uv liahi', for which they are a speedy aud |?ositivecire. 'I'lie Tincture is taken internally and is pleasant to the ta?te; the Lotion is used etterutilly. I'hey may be us*d ie|wr>lely w ith great benefit, but are most effective when used together, Price S3 a bottle, or both bottles for $3. N. B?Persons living at a distance can have these medicines rent in Ihe lorm of two powders, at ouly double (lie postage, W'tli full printed directions for converting 'hem iuto the Tincture and Lotion. Price $2 lor one iiowd-'r, or $3for both. ( When bolh are used their effect is wonderful in removing iuipo eice ) All remittances must be post paid, and directed to D? Launey It Orev, New Vorlt. Information of a delicate cik'i inlererting nature, which cannot be iiiseited is a pablicadve tisement, accomi antes each bottle and puwder. 'I heie should never be used by pregnant women, for their excitiug uaturu would be liable to produce abortion. Sold by special appointment of DE LAUNEY It OREY, ii 17 lin'r At 14 Duanest, New York. MEDICAL AND 8URUICAL CARD. "PRINCIPIIS OB8TA." VTORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, Kulton stuwt, new (Jreenwich.-Dr. MORRISON, Member of the lioyal College of Scnjeoni, Loudon, aud formerly Surgeon in the British Navy, continues to be consulted confidentially from 8 o'clock A. M. to 10 P. M. daily, on all diseases of a pn rate nature, and ell those distressing symptoms consequent os injudicious treii jient and the imprudent use of quack medi cmet. J\ regi?ia? rnmicni eancatiou, with an extentive practice of over 23 years. enablet Dr. M. to adapt the proper remedies to the rarioui constitutions uwrlt u to the different foims of thote iniiJiout maladies. Dr. M. it daily consulted by patienti where the leading symptoms have bceu ouly checked. (till lc*ring tti* poison to lark in the system, until ultimately it developed itaeff in the <!eplonMe thai* of "*econdary ayphilu. ia all cases Dr. M. warrant* a perfect care without mercury or deleterious dmgt, or hindrance In some fortm of the disease, cures are jierforrned in three to live dayi, and is proportion with malignant c-ui. STRICTURES OK URETHh-A ?Obttructiont in the arrthr*, luch ax itriciures and enlargement of the prostate gland, accompanied with much irritation and dull pain iu those parts, are some <?f the consequences of mal-treatmeut. Dr. M. cures strictures in a scientific manner. promoting their ahsori turn without any pmu. In tome advertisement* ou the subject of *trictn"e* the symptoms are defined. This is Jel&siou?because enlargement of the prostate gland, fcc. would produce analafous symytom*. It is cruel to torture patient* with boo giet, aic. when in reality there i* no stricture. Dr. M. is frequently consulted where patient* hare been injured by such aa improiier course CONSTITUTIONAL DKBILITY.-ThoutandtofToung men are suffering Irom the eontegurucet of indulgent' ina te cret destructive habit, and whose nerve* are further inja?, ' from the nse of noatrums ard pretended *nrcilic*. which *timn)\te on ly to induce greater drpresiiou. Dr. M. treat* ?uch case* on purely pathological principle* and never fails in establishing a cure. Strictly confidential. Letterj post jwid, and containing a fee of $18, will ensure advice and medicine, whicli will l>e forwarded to any part of the U.ion, and a cure warranted by the pati*atg<- mg a history of his case. Office 204 W h niton st. nenr tirrenwich N B ?With oneeiteptioB. Dr. M. i* the only qualified adverti? ?g Horgenn in the eitv. See hi* diplomas suspended in ni* office ol? 1m*r rl,HK PRIVATE TREATISE?Thi* little book it*elf is A designed fur those who t?<, a *peedy and private cure for certain infection* eompiaint*. and in v. inch the b?*t and ta?*t convrniwit treatment iu a plain and faithful manner. The price I*$l. The present advertisement, however, ia to (tela that the author ha* now published the mn?t interesting chapter ?that ou the causes which reuder these complaint* io obstinate and lingeriug?in the form of a single letter, which he supplies, free ol e>peu*e, to any one wishing it. Mis reason* for doing tin* are given in the letter itself: and ic this, also, will be tern why *o uiany persons suffer ou from mouth to month with a complaint which i* to pr?n* to affect the mind *t well a* function* of the body, and which it to easily and speedily cured when once it* nature u explained. Bat lett it ahoald he i?i>posed that the letter here referred to profeste* more than it really couUiu*. the aethor beg* to itate, that beside hit long experience, he hat teitimonitT letters on I the lubject cf hu i jteg^ity and tkill from the most ?m neut pliysicuus iu (.orof* to the b;Ost eminent id Aowjn, at Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of Ni-w York, Dr. Physick. of Philadelphia and othen; and alto that he it |*rmitted to refer to almost every i|hruciui of einiuencr in the eity. Dr. Ralph would alto farther slate, tli.u h? 11 consulted on ilii'MH of thii nature at hia private residence, .No. 88 (jreenw ch street, at any l..>ur, and tVte-.tIiii houor lnm w.lh their confidence, even in th? moat complicated lUle of disease, will b- surprised at the ensr and 40>ckcrsa with which, in general, tliey will obum a care. nil lm*r MADAME COSTELLO UKMALK PKHIOD1CAL, PILLH-Ouv iwteed 10 rrrrj r cate where the monthly periodt ha?e beceme irregnlef from colds, ftc Their certainty of action haa Iobk been acknowledged by the medical profession, and hnndrdt that have uselessly tried virions boasted remedies. Care ia aomelimea nectary to their use ; though they coutain no r.irdicine detrimental to the constitution \di ice Riven grain to .ill thos? who us* the fills, bv Madame Costello, 34 Lis|enard street, between Walker rail Canal, where tht PilW are sold. Price $1 per hoi. uS lm*m VIA DAM K COHTKLLO, PKMALK PHYSICIAN? i-vlrdocated at the Medical Kaculty ia Paris, aod Graduate aa Miiw.te, offers her professional services to the ladiea of this city and conntry. Having had Ion* eiperience and surprizing success in the treatment of diseases incidental to fler sei, apprises ladies on t)ie point of confinement, or those suffering from snppreasion, irregularity, obstructions, lie. tnai Will be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her residence, where they eau always ha?e the best medical treatment una m* it oil matronly care una nil run*, or n pieierreu. will wait on and attend them at tlfir own hoiiars nuhl perfectly recovered. Madame C. particularly b<*? to impress on the minds of the delieate, uwt ?he officiates personally in eeery case, so tliat heaiiatioo or dread need never be ap|>rehended. N. Ii?V1adame < ostello would inform ladies residing one of '.he cuv. whoie health would uot admit of travelling, that alie woqtd d?vote her personal attendance upon them m any part of the United States within reasonable distance. Ma.lmne C. can be couitrlted at her residence, J4 Lispeaarri nr?*t. at all liites and With the urictest regard to the wishes of h?r I'Mienu. All cominaaicatioasand letters must be post paid. n< Ira *m KW IN VKNTK.D Olfti*i:ious Compound.?Kor renderius t"Miu and shoes perfectly ? ? ? proof?to be obtained of Ihe .till, riie-r at hit old ettahlmlied Leather and I- nidiniii More, N o. 4 Aim street. Price 12^ cenin a boi. To sports tneu and other*, who would tecum the advantage of dry feet, this coinpouud is confidently recommended. iiM lin'r H. BIIOffN, I.KKCIIKS'! VtE. HfcS ! EMH8T QUALITY l.^.M IIKB for nle, wholesale ami lie 1 uil, at the rate of siny Hollar. i?r hi?u?..nd. bv J. F. h-T GOI'PA, Itnprirter of Leeches, lit Nassau street, n,*r tiie Park. N U? J.b . el < oi>i ' Will always (warrant the .|ualitie? of ih' Lewises tola by Uiemj aii iw*r THE KLTXF.Il OF LOVE l'ha houseiiold u?w' the household ti?! Flow boantiful thfy are? With rosy lips, and laughing eye?, 1W cheeks and golden hair. llnw sad in childless mirrind life ? Wealth cau no joy afford; Cold looks the hatband ou the Wif? The wile upon her lord. Bui Lovt.'a that iWHt boon Will Nature's curw remove, And crowu w ith Iimlu blossoms soon, The 1ml of fruitless love. Lucina Cordial'.?barren wives It turn* to inolhen fair, And the foud name of Kalher gives To husbands iu deapair' In leuehorrea and in gleets, It proves a sovereign balm; ConsHUiptiou too a cou<iueror nwrU In lU uufailinc clnnn. Eruptions, Uaiitudeaud pains, lu back, or loins, or ch at; Disease brought on by audden strains, Discha gea long suppressed, Ari by tliia wouu rous Cordial cored, No more their victin a Tel. Thna by itmid ia health iusttrrd At once, toei'hersex. Let all whoanffcr from disease />- I. 1.. I au/ Seek from this )?r.uid specific ea?e, At ninety-two N uau. And No 13 Court street, Boston; No. 90 North 6ih street, Philadelphia. IVrsoni ordering this medicine from tier country, by sending a remittance, can havn it boxed op and sent to any pait of the I'tiiou Price $J i>er bottle, or $24 per doien. u2> lm*m MUN l ttt? KUUKl OJT inc. NKW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambere street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY THKATKD 2 Secondary Syplulii. 2 Indauimauou of iIm Ey?a 1 ScroiuU. J White* 3 <ileet. i Constipation. 6 Chancre. 1 t'roup. 10 iTonnrrlicBM. 2 Discard Kiduey*. 2 li'oachit ?, acuu. 3 Onanism 3 Suppression of the Memra 1 (ireai DtLility. 1 Flooding. 2 Hheuuialitrii. 2 Diarrhoea. I Disease of the Heart. I Dysentery. 2 Mid wi fry. 4 Headache. 1 Difficulty in making *? 1 Typhus Fkver. tcr 1 Pleurisy. 1 Seminal Weakness 2 Piles. 4 Eiamiiiution of lite ( 5 Couching. to detect disease HI'KOICAL OlEIlATIUMh. 4 BadStiictureii tu:?d without 1 Ijiiuasj of the Spine cutting or buruiug. 1 Cancer on Breast removed 2 Inflamed Testicles. 2 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re3 Bunoes cured by an improv- m-'ved. ed method. 1 Dislocation of Shoulder 1 HjdlilCu, Joint. 1 Fistula iu Auo. 2 Operations for Squinting. 2 Polypus in the Note retnov- 1 Diseased Testicle removed. ej 3 Small 'I umori removed I'nm 1 Ulcerated Breast. the Face. 1 Fracture. _ 1 Erysi|>elas. 2 Case of Stabbing attended to 1 Bleeding from the Lungi. The poor attended to without charge, every day, between I and 4 o'clock. Drl. H. BOSTWICK, Attn ding burgeon and Piiynciui. JOHN J. CLARK, Apothecary and Secretary. nio lmec KMf.l MAIM S Ai nnu: ur., WIIU grad ated under Professor Parker, of this city, in the Pittsfir 1 tl _Med1c.1l Institution. has coui}H>unded for family use his telebraied i|x>cific for the Cure of Rheumatism. it 11 pat up with directions for use, m bottles at $3 and $5 each, and lias never failed in curing rheumatism, toothache, eirache. and all acute paint, when applied as directed. lJr Gardner also compounds and ha? for sale (carefully put up, with directions for use), iu bo tiles, his \aluahle Hepatic Mixture, an infallible cure in liver complaints. Alterative Syrup, la certain cure for mercurial affections, scrofula, erysijiejas. and all other diseases of the blond.) Pulmonic Soap (an infallible cure for cnnsuiiil>liou) at $2 abotue. Sold at 16U (ireeuwich, comer of Courtlandt street, and nowhere else. nU lm'ec DOCTOR. OOllBIT L' MAY BE CONSULTED confidentially at his office Nrt 16 Du^uie "treet, two doors from Chatham street. Strankersare resiwctfully informed that Dr. COKB1TT is a member ol the University of the city of New York, and that he has exclusively coulined his practice from being general to 1 he treatment of a certain class of diseases (now over eleven years iu the city of New York) which engages Ins entire attention. The annals of medicine do uot rrcoru greater success than is to be foinnd iu his practice. 1 , The Doctor cautions the uufortunate against the use of mercury, as it has its thnusands'of victims. l>e,eut cases ate 111 a few days removed entirely from the system. Jiee tliat you are judiciously treated by a person legally qualified, and not by pretenders and nuacks, as there are several of theui iu the city. Persons afflicted with protracted and inve erate c ises, need not Sejpair of being restored to health by applving to Dr. Corbitt A practice of many years has established the Doctor's reputation for skill and respectability. Strictures engage the Doctor's prelound attention. A medicine may be liad to prevent a certain disease in any of ita forms. Office hours 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. nil lm* in THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THEM. IVAIl. THOMAS WILCOX, of Orchard street, gave some ivi of Sherman'sWormLoxen ties to a child that had been a long time complaining, and uo one could tell what ailed him. The first dose brought away atea cup full of worms?two dose* en tirely cuied liiin. The remainder of the box was giveu to a neighbor's child, that the doctor* had given up as incurable. They brougnt away an iucfdible quantity of worms, and cared the child. Hundreds and thousands of cases equally astonishing, might be given. Erasmus Dibble, of Western New York, says that Sherman's Cough Loxeuges saved his wife from the Consumptive's grave, when nothing ?se gave her any relief. 1'he Rev. Dr. Dunbar of the McUougal street Church, announced to his congregation that Sherman's l'oukh Lozenges had cured him of a distressing cougl. iu tweutv-four hours, as they have iu a multitude of other cases. Captain Chadwick, of the packet ship Wellington, and Capt. Wield, ofthe Lavina, say they have seen Sherman's Camphor Lioxeages thoroughly lesteil as a rrmcUy lor ?ea sicknea* anil they ur iufa.llible,u thev also are for Headach, Sick ILadach, -/! * , r-"u; u ..ik ???.?,*.ouiJM Mos?* Heruiues, Esq. says he never found any remedy for Lumbago till he tuej Mhtuhu'i Toor M*n'm Plaster. They cave *|ieedv relief; alto iu Rheumatisin.pnin or weaknt** in the siJe, back, brnast, or nny part of the body. Over a million .ire told yearly, and for only 12S cents each. Sore Nipples cured by Shermau's Papillary Oil, no matter how bad they are, without taking the child from the brea?t. lie sure you get the genuine Sherman'i Lozenge* and Plasters, or you will oe imposed upon Warehouse 106 Naisau street. Agents?110 . 273, 459 and 601 Broadway; 237 Hudson st; I8S Bowery; 77 hast Broadway; 16 William st; 139 Kultou st, Brooklyn; 4 Stanwis Hall,; 8 State st, Boston; and I Ledger Builings. Philadelphia. o27i DOUBL.K EXTRA. ITALIAN HAIR. WASH. '"PHIS (ELEBKATED preparation, the only one that has A ever been discovered, for the successful extirpation of that most offensive disease of the head, DANDRUFF, has, during the late spring and summer season, been applied and terted by thousands of Ladies and Oeutlemea, and iu nojoue instance, has it failed to effect AN IMMEDIATE AND RADICAL CURE. It is recommended by tlx most celebrated aud skilful physicians and chemists of the day. Every one should avail them selves of its benefit!, and thus secure a clear head and a Iniunant coat of hair. It is for sale by its proprietor?price $1 the bottle, and 23 cents the single wash in the shop. nMlmO-r P I'WSSK.lUlU it Park How. ?XTKrt.OKL>lNAK* UUK-fc. OPIFERQUE PER OBEN DICOR p\R. JOHN80.N takes this method of informing Ithe public C tliat he still affords relief to the afflicted of both sexes, and may be always consulted with the utmost confidence in the worst cases of secret diseases, or any ol the effects resulting from the use of mercury, or the inal-practice of ouacks. The following extract of a letter in the possession oi Dr. Johnson, clearly illustrate* the triumph of know ledge aud over medical quackery, aud at the same lime shows the great necessity in the public discrimination between the regularly educated physician and the charlatan. Dkar SIR:? 1 put myself nnder the care of a nottrnm reader when my dls?a?e'irst api>eiired; he promised to cure me for one oollar. and made but light of my affliction. Instead of improving I became worse every day?my appetite failed, I was unable to atteud to business, and after ?xi>euding $120, this vile im|>oster iidii uwr iiii|?uurucr 10 itii mr ne was uoi a aocior. bat mfrfiy old hii (tuff. lu this hopeless situation a (rirud himl a carriage (not being able to walk at the time) ai.d drove me to yoor office, 17 Du.iun street. Yon examined iny ca?e and promised to cure me. You have performed yoir undertaking in a short time. As I now ejJoy perfect h?aUh, I think it my duty to those afflicted to make this statement public through the press. THOMAS J. THURSTON. Carpenter, 1 Monro* st., N. V. A medicine may be had of Dr. J. to prevent the above diseaae ia any of its aumerons forms. Office n)M>a from 7 ia the moraiat till,t*a tt aighti l?n*f LEGS, HANDS, ARMS, (tec. THE LOSS of Feet, and L?*gs no hindrance to the act of ^ walking?JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Leg Maker, fee. respectfully informs the public that he has returned from Philadelphia to 472 Water street, corner of Pike, New York City, where he continues to uiatiufacttirs ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on i plan the moat correct and leastcomplicated.having, through necessity, invented, made, and worn an artificial Irs for forty yean, and been a manufacturer Tor thirty-five vears. feeu confi dent of Kivtug satisfaction to all who call on him tor l.rgt, Hindi. Arm*, or the <Common Wooden l,eg. nl lm*r Ottivl"? TOOTH WAsll?Prepared from the original reci| s at No. S Oold street, Mi w Vork?The Orrii looth VVaib ii purely a vegetable preparation, possesung the properties ol cleaning the teeth and month?restoring the gams to a health) state, and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour in tlw mouth, whether arisiag from decayed teeth or from a deranged state of the stomach. ft is designed to be nsed with a tooth brush, and will be found to sni?ersede the necessity of a powder keeping the teeth clejia and preventing the wearing away of the gums from the teeth. It is particularly us-(ul iu cases of spungy gums, restoring them to a healthy state, and causing them to contract arnnuo the tooth, lu painful affections of the teeth and gum^, arising from eiposure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is particularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wasb at night just before retiring to rest. This method is recommended lis eminent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food which accumulate during the day are entirely removed, and the moutii kept through the night in a clean, tweet, and hnalthy state. Sound t??'th and white teeth are the moat valuable portions of poor humani'.y ; bnt how many neglect the attention neceesary for their preservation, even when surrounded by all the means needed. Amoug these we know of none more pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums, purifies the mouth, and sweetens tne breath. We recomnend its use to all young and old.? Sostoo Morning Post. Th? Urns Tooth Wash is the beat detergent we ever used 01 oure* inel?< Boitnn T?ens'*ipt. Kor ?le by the priivr rnrrfista in the city, m4 r WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, whenlT. following uuprecedeuteil reduction in dentistry is made by the celebrated Dentin, W. Thorue, U.D.S., bi East Broadway' Cleaning Terih $1 00 Eitractiaf 25 Stopping with hisJustly celebrated Miueral, 75 Single Tooth on Pivot 7J Silver .... I 00 as " " Oold J 00 A complete set of Teeth, ou the most approved principles, at the same price aa the above. N. B,?Where entire satisfaction'^ set gives, no charge will he made. O Knit Rrnnilwiv n| im* DEAD Ml. AWOHL) WITH YOU !-ls it not desirable, (provided the same effect be ohtained) to lake medineine in 1 palatable form, rattier than in tin- n?u........ ... urh.rl. u uatiilly nhibited! VourniiDrr u an'iri|Mti-il, anil in ?t?w of it a Lozenge haa been preimred by (tic aubacrilier, combining n judicioua union of anodyne, pectoral,nnd hIikStl v eipectnrant iemed:ei, highly uieful in coughi,cold*, hoarneneei.'weak lung:* and affection* of the cheat. Tlieae Lo'tngx do not contain Ojiium, a drug ih>t acta ?ery unpleiaantly with toine comtitu tiuua producing l.etdarlir and < onutipation, but tin" deaire'l anodyne effect la produced |>v \|ir happy comln-ation nfaeyeial demulcent preparation! of the vegetable kingdom, and never, on in\ ocojui ii, act otln-rwuc ii .in beneficially The formula for llicir pmidratiou ?ill be cheerfully submitted to the eiamina tiou of tilivaiciani. (Tr-Price I1?< cwta perbnv. Prepared only by K. L. COTTON, < I .-nils', ktr, aiiil ?old by turn at hi> l?iit a ind' hemic t| Store, 264 Bleecker at, Nn? York, and at T. T. OilEKN'R, It i It road way. cor of Waiver at. nl# Iro'm COT I'O'N S W OH.M Li>V.h'\(iM~r7i?nt^H'.' * ? never failug remedy, and whenever your childreu aerin to droop, l.iae il.eir color, nun in their sleep, old ha>e other iodiratiun.i of worm*, I *e Itew lineage*. They mil nat disapo llit von ii iiioiy linvi-teatcd to tin ii ijiisUf tKui. .Mr WW llxnvill'' 21 *> lll>M kt r at, gave only I wo do,r> to hil child, and ilie health waa entirely restored. The child. wh? wa? pale ami li?tlc< hiiow ??"i.) itnd I'Uvful *> ever Prepared only by K I. ( oiu.n, and ?old iiv linn ii liii l)rug antl < heimcal more tiii B>. cker at, > Y , alao b> T. 'f. Oreene, Chemist, kc., Jti Broadway, cot Walktr it, ttl( lm*m DR. THOMAS' SPECIFIC PILLS, Kor the Speedy mil Permanent *'ar? of Gonorrhea*. Gleet. Btrirtun?s, Wraknn, nnd Disease* g#ii-*r*llv of (It* Urethra. 'PHK class of drlift&lr il?r<uii which tliww Pills nm so well 1 ii'l to car# ii of too common occurreui e.and it appears thai all classes >1 society art subject more or less to fall tuto it* malignant graap, ? ud, blasted iu reputatiou aud borne down in suffering in bodva-ic mind, the victim of iu progress is ready to grasp <nV thing Hint offers a reasonable hope of recovery. Among the mauv ineuicines and meam of relief that are placed before the public, unfortunately most of them arepre|>ared by inen unacquainted with the nature of th? maladies which thev promise to care, and mauy of them are ignorant of tike powers of the very medicines they are using for that pu:|>ose: and as may be euily foreseen, the result is that the individual so unfortunate as to fall into their hands receives uo relief, but on the contrary, the medicine employed being perhaps quite the* of what is required in his case, and the tune is lost, only lend to fasten tlie disease more permanently, aud lii upon the pitieut it* most lasting and vexatious consequences. It ii of the ntinost imiamauc* to the welfare of llie afflicted individual, that di?ws of this clais he speedily removed, and also that they be removed with proper and safe remedies, otherwise they are sure to result in consequences the most dangerous to the peace aud happiness of the patient, by leaving a |wrmaneut seminsl we.tkuer.i, stricture in the urethra, inflammation of tlw prostata gland, or some of the other very serious maladies which invariably follow a badly Oreated case of gouorrh?a Impressed with a sense of the great necessity that exists for tome safe and speedy curp, to arrest thi* disease in its c.irrrr ana effectually L>ut a stop to iu ravages, the proprietor of Thomaa' Siwilic Pills announces with pleasure that loug experience in ev.'ry variety and stage of thia complaint, proves that theae rill; are all that ia required to remove thoroughly and effectually from the syatem the IVrst cauae of thia complaint, and by gently exciting the paru to a natural action, restore the Patient, from th? moit aggravated stage* of this disease to perfect and lasting he Ith. These Specific Pills are a vegetable preparation, composed ol the active principles only, and art entirely inoxious to the most delicate com itutions. All who have been partially or imperfectly cured by other medicines, can permanently establish tlieir health by ut.inj'a bos or two of this remedy. Agents at 71 Kulton street, corner of tiold; 77 East Broadway, i\nd 27J Broadway, corner of Chambers street. Price $1. o25 lm"r TO TIIE LADIES. Oil. HULL'S UTKRO ABDOMINAL SUPPORT KR. 'PUIS ue,/ instrument for the radical curvul Prolapsus Uieit J- or Valium of the Womb, by ext. rual application, supersfdiuft the uid of the objicUcn.J lYusary, is confidently r>coinniriiiK'd to the alflicltul fj the means ofpciiect reatura^on tc health, it i.ever lmvi:ij( failed of performing a cuie, even uniltr the must ai;i,vavatvd circumstance* Th.' Supporter lu* attained a vv, v high cliaraotcr in Knrope as well as ia Ibis country. It is au.pted to the entire disuse ol pessaries, ai d <>11 other painful surgical expedients, in iLe Lyinj a:-Itcapital* of Loudon and Paris, and is ui.iveis.ill/ r<eonr.ineuded iu fcluroi* by mrdicnl men of the highest rank.? In th.j country it is sustained by l!ic lending mem but* of the pusneu in a very lime time. so much u |mi could nut have km advanced some year* uo ; but such has been ths impiovemenr in th is aft, aud ?uch the practical experience of the wriur, that he can now accomplish the cure of stricture to m rm.uj days a* formerly it demanded mouths. The writer also l.egj to star?, that for those wlio wish to undertake the cure themselves, h." has published a little volume, called " Thk Private Tiutiii, io which not ouly strictnie, but the cure of all those delicate which require "sjiccial care and privacy, is directed iu the plainest maimer.? It is advisable, however, that thc>*e who suspect a stricture, if possible, should consult the author personally, and nothiuR will mrprisi' tliem more than the e.ise anil certainty of his oieani cf cure. Separate room*, also, are arranged for those who !?ay have to wait a little. It oaly now remains to saf a word or two on the cr?und <>? which the public, and rspenallr strangers coming to thia city, may rely with confidence on what has been advauced. With this view Dr. Ralph beg* to state that, beside hit rank as graduate of tdmburgh, Ike. lie., he has been engaged in th* care of thos? diseases, both in hospiul and city practice, for more than thirty years, and ha* published two editions of a work expressly on tnem. Also that he has teatimonial letters from the most eminent physicians in Europe to the most eminent is America?as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, Dr Physick, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he is permitted to refer to almost every Physiciaa of eminence ia this city. Dr. Ralph is coqjnked at his private residence. No. II Ureeawich street, toward* the Battery, at any hour, lie may also be consulted by post. The little volume above referred to is one doliar. nil lm?r O CUKK NO PAY. DH. COOPKK. 14 Uuanestreet between Chatham and William streets, takes this method of informing citizens aud strangers that he his for the last ten rear* coufiu-d his practice solely to the treatment of Venereal,, aud other disuu.s of a delicate nature. Although it is considered by a portiou of the medical profession as a specie* of quackery for one of its legitimate members to advertise, still the great advantage the unfortunate victims of venereal disease derive from a regularly educated phyiiciau devoting hi* attention to a particular branch of the profession, must be apparent. Do vou not einHov a surgeon to amputate a limb f?to an oculist ou disease of tne eye f?to a dentist for an operation on the teeth '?and to a surgeon noted for the cure of Syphilis when you are troubled with Venereal I And you do so from the fact that those men are perfect in this branch, because they only oractice at it. Dr. Cooper spent year* iu a celebratedLock Ho?Jltll, and has for ten year* eujoyed |*M mo*t exten*ive practice in thi* way of any medical man in New York. Hecau cure the i Mil thirty thou mm b .ttlea are annually iold, which it a fact that amka volamM in it* faror. Sold wholesale awl retail by A B. k. D Saiidi, DrngiiiiU, 79 Slid 100 rolton ?t? 273 Broadway, corner ChambenstrecMnd 77 fcmt Broadway, corner Market. Frica 91, lar.e tize, i? ccnu mailer. o?ltn?i (acailwj or (JulK'Kua &nU Hospitals, ami by all uie eminent private practitioners. Hooms hare been tarnished exclusively for ladies at No. 4 Vwv street, having * separate entrance from the buiutu department, wher? a lady is in constant alien dauce, to apply Trusses and Supporters to female pstients i.S I nice (jy STUICTUAJC AND ITS CUllE. rpHK FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL i'LACE BE A FORE the pablie a few mnit deeply interesting fact*.? Fir?t that the uiseise called STttlCTURE is of very frequent occurrence and often asists iu persons who are not in the least aware of it; next that a very erroneous notion prevails respecting St'icture, and that ignorant advertising |*?ople Uke a Dad <tdv?n!a*?i (if trie erroneous notion; then, there are three particular circumstances by which a Stricture may be always known?and in the last Place, that the cure of stricture is certain. free from pain, and generally accomplished iu a very little time. With regard to the first of those remark* It is well knowu that Stricture is th? result of a badly Ireated Gonorrhea. If, for instance, that disease is suffered to coutil nu? on from mouth to month to mouth, it slides into a gleet, Now, iheiq is uo pain or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is often suffered to remain indefinitely. {Jut it should be known that gleet implies a chronic inflammation of the passage, which naturally terminates iu thickening, and this thickening at out part or other of the passage is stricture; and further, >hat although stricture may thus remain uuuoticed for leuglli of time, it is far from laying dormant, but is th* hidden cause fit many serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those also of a nervous and dyspeptic kind. but what especially leads the attention off from this disordei is (he idea that stricture cannot exist so long as ne impediment to the tlow of nrine is oUeived, which is quite a mistake. A strictire often exists f; r years without producing any very striking change in tiiis respect; iudeed a diminished or interrupted svre&m of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people take of this erroueons notion is very cruel. Every body knowhow men ul this description swarm about this city, and thai they will tell thei'rnostrums as long as any oue will buy ti.em Now, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will im mediately acknowledge, lhat all trie medicine in the world, alone, can never cure a stricture. In proof of this, nothiug is l^,re common than for the writer to be coutulted by persons who have been taking all manner of things?as colored drop*, and pitis, and cordials. and the like, for many months together, bat whom, on teeing the real nature of the case, he has cored in as many days With a view of preventing these impositions, therefore, il seems desirable to lay before the public a few plain circumstances. by which a Stricture may be known, which can be easily uone : for although the symptoms of this disease are numerous, there are three of especial import, and these three may b? stated very briefly?they are the following : The first relates to The manner or cr.matinfl.?It liai be?n already said the stream need not be much diminished or impeded. l>ut observe attentively, after it is finished and the clothes are re-adjusted, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little ?nothing is more indicative of stricture. The next is The Time a <i0N0RritirEA has remained vncvhkd.? It is difficult to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Uleet may ran and not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture than another ; but, as a general rule, if it should be suffered to go on beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient ground at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? The KrrrcT * Stricture has uron tub mind.?Ths effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessen both bodily and menul activity This also is one of the most common etfvcts. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual, but it is common that the writer rarely sees a case of stricture (ind he sees many every day) in wnich the patient does not complain more or less, that he is not so capable of business as formally. It is gratifying also to witness the uniform cU'e progresses. . -"?? of other maladies as the With regard to the eure of Stricture, on thi? subject it is sufucirnt to observe (and it is slated with coutidrace and plea ? > this is certain, free from pain, and geuerally accoia mw oii{iiaf4iru turi ui 0)i>iiiju. u]u inuu cwi irniovfa in two to five days. The Dr. is a regularly educated physician and surgeon, and never in If on liit patients to leave until a perfect cure ii performed. It i* deplorable to witness some of the cam that an" presented to the Dr., where the disease lias been driven into the system l.y quacks, to break out again id the form of tpoti and ulcers on the body, pains in the joints, tore threat, oight sweats and emaciatiou. The Dr. will IB every case warrant a cure, or make no charge. STRICTURE.?Dr. Cooper has discovered a new method, by which he can cure the worst form of Stricture in from one to two weeks, with scarcely any pain to the patient. Imitation of the urethra, or prostrate gland, or of the neck of the Bladder, are sometimes mistaken for Stricture by general practitioners and charlatans. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, sometime. called Seminal We>ikuess, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men. This is, where too freely indulged in, the grratest evil that can befall man; for it be?ets disease of the heart, oonlumptiou, dyspepsia, emaciation of ihe frame, and finally ends in complete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical cure in such cases, and restore the constitution to its original vigor.and that by a mild and simple course ol medicine. A cure warrant* ed in every caw, or no charge. 1'ost paid letters, describing complaint aud enclosing $3, attended to. Patients attended in hotels or boarding houses. Office oi>en till 10 at night. K? memlter. H Dunne street, betwem William and Chatham sta. u2 lin FRENCH DIAMOND EYE VAPOR. remanent ?t8 rmgements having been mads for a enn'tant supply of this Colyrium. it can henceforth he obtained from the agent, from H A. vl. until 5 I'. M.? Dr ANDREW LAKE, Opilialmic Surgeon, Occul ist. No B6 White si reel, siOe of Broadw.iy The pre-eminent and |iermaneut benefit derived from the use of tins Eye-Vapor, having met the approbation of uearl) all who liate tisrd it, both iu P mice and Kngland ar.d this country, I do not think it uecessary to make any rema'ks upon its efficacy. As the agent, I am fully atuliorised U) say, if it should not meet the eYpectalloiis of tlie pu ent. ir ciu b" retur. ?<l, and the money will be refunded, subject only to a deduc.ion for the quantity u?ed, III pro|iortion to the prire paid, which is Iftfr. or (2 for one ounce, with EveOlass: 20 Ir. or *4 for t??<? o? vul. with Kve liUu This Kye-Water strenjitheua weak ryta, caused by a closc application to at ml., or I .n ivork, and renders vision perfectly s'mng, the e\ e brilliant ami healthy. It cures tin' patient whose vision has bfen weakened by fevers, ineaalei, change of climate, eiptisnre mil 1st* hours. I t gives a clear sight to the aged, by removing morb<d granulatiom Irotn the eye. It all.>rds almost immediate relief to all inflammatory attacks to which the eye i> subject. It will re move the moil inveterate case of chronic opthaltnia. It removes in a few da's the smoky Apiiearances ami floating ?"oti which apt ear t? tlie ey? in the lint ve of amaurosis, cheeking the disease entirely. Orson* using thil K\e Vapor occuiiiMlly, will find their eyes assume a brilliant traiuparent brightness anil activity of iHotion^wliieh.will remain psrmaneat. All Older* (or the Diamond Kve Valor mmt I e directed ai abo>e, and the pottage paid when ma'led. It will t'nn lie unit to any part of the Union. ill lm"in UILKS ?It it very trae that common cain ol recent I'lles can A be relieved by inaiiv kimUof ointment and liniment, and by mild Pilla, fcc, hut alter achirrous ulcers and srlurrous tnmors and strictures have Actually formed, it i< well known that (heenrnau's Arabian Balsam it the only artule which hai ever cured a iiiikle case. The first cane on recnru of actual stricture with tchirrous tumori and canceroui ulcets ever cured, w*s that of MmFarthena Itood?no such r w had ever been cured by any inan on earth?the had suffered dreadful distress during 25 years, and during the last nine yean had never itood oil her feet for a moment. She waa at laat given over to die ller life was saved by this Balaam, and she hat informed a cnriatian duty by publialniig her ease. Those afflicted with I ilea will obtain her bonk from Oheesman's agent, w ith inch direction as will cure common Pile* in a ?in?le day, and in the tnost horrible raaea of canorous pile*, this new method restore* immediate comfort and hope, with a certainty of a perfect care. . The cnre of Miss Rood by this nrw method, 11 certified by the minister, e|il?s and membiara of the Chu ch ill Wmheld;thn enre was almost considered a miracle, md caoaed astonishment iinonit the |ieople of the region, and now mji dreds of iiersom are following tlie same directions with ? full prospectof being l?rfei:tly cured. ,1ol only in caaea of Pile? la this healing Halm so highly prized, but in all case, of wounds. cut*, Utn sprains, ihriiinatiain, liurna, lre? iing, Ct', couglis, coiiiuinption, lie. it is one of the best medicine* that can he used. No fimilv i.. I- .t nr will Ik. ift? ? f r.-l I? JLi !. ! ii.. I TI1B HUMAN HAtH AlTTimD RE8T0RSD ?v A JUNES' OORAL HAIR RfcSTORA riVE. M'HlHcau Im ptoved by some of our moat ie*F?*ubU cjU**n*> who ?4V till, really Joe* all we rr|u??ei>l. VVe sell tiir** shilling buttle* tint person* may try it eh?f. It ?*? ??IJ hair ft moit dalicioiu appearance, and keeps it clean. line it oue tiul and you'll k* satisfied. It will actually fore* the hair to grow on any part when hair will If row natanslly, the beau, lace or body. It has iww arrcugtliened the v>ou., thus staying the hair from falling off, cleaning the dandruff from the scalp. It also causa* light, red or grey hair, to assume a dark color, and by doiug this, permanently to make the hair grow naturally dark Irom the roots. If persons us* this mtroly lor dressing the hair, notniui; la inore economical, to keep the hair soft, dark, silky and beautiful, at least three times as loui{ as any other preparation for the hair. SoU, price J, 4 or I shillings a bottle, at the sigu of lite Aiuerican Eagle. 112 Chatham at, N. v.; Zeiber, 1 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; Ivtldiug.l State it, Boston; and 139 Kultoa at, Brooklyn, L. 1. uli lin*ec "DEAFNESS." i)RS, CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1ST3, ?JQ1 BKOADWAY.?Eitract:? OOl "| clierrful'y comply with the request of Lieut. Mcintosh, to testify tiiat he was iu?alid*d home as unlit for duty, in consequence of total deafness and discharge* fr?tn his ear : tlmt while iu New York, on hi* way to England, he placed himself uuder 'he professional car* of Drs. Castle and Edwards. Aurists. Uu'ler their treatment he recovered his hearing, and has returned to his military duty, ? Signedi H. McNEVEN, M. D. Surgeon to H. M. B. Force*, Jamaica smiTOTin r?wriT-u A sure core for incipient deafness, evache, pain*, boilings, or singing sounds iu the enri, collection! of hard wax or vitiated sesretions of the organs. Their acoustic oil lia* be?u a )hipular remei'y as a curative in all diseases of the ears for upwards of twenty years. Offices removed to Ml Broadway, corner Whit* street. u!2 lm*? ABKRNKTHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS. ONK BOX ol lime iuvaluable Pills are worth all the quack medicines advertised for trtaiu delicate disnts s. Let the unfortunate Mstaarand that then W no exaggeration in asserting these Pill* to be a sl>eedy and radical cure lor gonorrhoea, gleeta, irritation of k'dneys, Sic. Th-se were for several yews preicrilied by the celebrated Aheruethv, iu all stages ol the above Iu the lirsl stuce one box in usually sufficient to elfrct a euro in a lew days. Iu long pr traded chronic stages, obstinate gleeti.itc. they aro equally certain, having cored hundred! who had been taking other medicine) for month*, which tended more to destroy the constitution tliau to cure lite di?e-ise. They never leave llie pail., subject to troublesome weakuyss, wh:cn so frequently occurs alter "sing other msdicines. They have no uupleasant tasto or smell, and anv oue taking them might IrwjUBUt llie uiost refined society without having tlx ir niisfoilunes suspected. They are composed entirely of vegetable ingredients, which invigorate the ay?tern generally,.? Kor sale only iu New York by Win. Watson. Apoihesanes' Hall, H Catherine street, and in Brooklyn by Blagrare, Druggist, Kultou meet. nil lm*m OAND'S 8ARHAPAR1LLA.?'This unrivalled preparation Ims performed some of the most astonishing cures of duea ses tint are recorded in the annals of history, thus proving con* clusively it is capable of fulfilling the Sigh aim aud purpose for which it is designed. Patients suffering lor years from various chronic coustitutioual disorders alter trying different remedies, spending thousands of dollars in travelling and doctoring, ana sutferiug all that hum in nature is capable of euduriug, have, by the use of a few bottles, entirely recovered their health. Chro11 c Rheumatism, Scrofula or King's.l&vil. Salt Rheum and Ringworm, Ulcers, and painful affection of the bones, Ulceiated Throat and Nostrils, Scwvy, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Blotches and vari?us cutaneous emotions, Ulaiiuular tr^ement, Hip Diseases,Sic. are effectually cured by, its use. DmMM having their origin in an impure state of the blood and fluids generally will be speedily and effectually removed by this iuvaluablv medicine, as its operation is peculiar, and consists In removing the cause of disease by entering!into the circulation and passing through the general system. Where obstructions to its favorable oiienition exist, they are remaved, as it passes rIong the alimentary canal; hence the patieut will feel and know the sensible o|>eratiou of the S&rsaparilla from ita curative power*. The proprietors are daily receiving from the medical profession, trie clergy, officers of justice and uumerous private citizens ample mid willing testimony both writteu and verbal, to the superior efficacy of this preparation. The following certificate frain an individual who has suffered with Scrofula in its severest lorm, is presented for the casual perusal of the afflicted. Mansfield, Oct. 3, 1813. To It. \V. Mathkwson, Norwich :? Sir?Kor the last fifteen years 1 have been the subject of com plicated diseases, troubled wiili thedropsy, and my nerves com pletely unstrung, with more or less erysi|>elais. in counectiou with oilier bad humors. In May last my difficulties seemed to increase and to be more firmly sealed, my head and face were so swollen that it ap|>eared to me that the boue* in iny head separated one from the other, and completely disfigured my face ? I could scarcely breathe through my nose?my eyes were s > affected that I could see but little, at the same time attended with an acute and an indescribable pain constantly darting from the nose to other parti of the head and throat, which badly swollen and very sore, and a constant bumiiic heat or irritation in the stomach, with mylitnhs bloated to nearly double their size In this situatiou for weeks I was compelled to lie on one side,with but littl* or no sleep. My humors assumed a renewed and stubborn hold up >u me and apparently threatened a speedy dissolution. I tried eveiy expedient |>onible, with bnt little orno benefit. My physician at length recommended Sands' Sarsapaparilla?I procured a few bottles of it, which I believe to be the means, through the blessing of (i?d, of my restoration to comparative health again. 1 had not takeu but two or three botiles before iyy disease began to leave. My paiu and swelling is gone; my appetite good, and 1 sleep and rest quietly. To nie it is a sovereignbalin. fcUNlCE CRANK. Having been acquainted with the afflicted widow, Mrs Knnia (J tane. of Mansfield, for nearly six years, (whose punr&cted sickness has called forth the sympathies of the community where she lesides.) I consider it an occasion for joy that her sutlrringi have been so far alleviated by the use of Sand's Sarsaparilla, which has been so kindly forwarded by yourself. HENRY BROMLEY, Minister of the UospelWe, the undersigned, do certify that the above are faeu. LUTHEK MARTIN. ELEAZAR BENNETT. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and lor exportation, by A. B. SANDS & CO.. Druggist* and Chemists, (iranite nnildiugs, 273 Broadway, coruer Chambers street. New York.? Sold also by A. B Ik D. sauds, Druggists. 79 Kulton street; D. nanUt 3L tjo.,77 t.Mi firoaowtv, cornir wwin ?ireei, ua uy DruKkitt generally thronfhout tiw Uuited 8utw. I rice $1 JT bottle; six bottles f^r S5. n9 rpo IMUMKIISTS AND THOSE WHOM IT MAY i cuvuc t<5-: WiM fop b?rts, Boston.?By an injunction of the Court of Equity ol Massachusetts, the defendant in lliti cue has been removed fioin acting lor the plaintiffs, a> their principal agent in the New Ki gland Sta'es for the idle of the Pateut Medicine known a* " Tarr s Life Pills," anil restrained from fraudulently issuing an iinitaiion of that m-dicine. The injunction in this cue having been made absolute, the sub-agents in the New hiigland Stales are informed that Thomas Moberti 4l Co., the proprietor!, have established a branch house at No. 68 Washington street Boston, where they can be supplied with the gi-nuiue " Parr's Life Pills." N. B.?Kuli-a^ents in Connecticut and Rhode Island can be supplied fiom the proprietor's office, 301 Broidway, New York, if it facilitates their b-ismess. Agent for Halifax, Mr. Morton, druggist. Kor the Can&das, Alfred Savage U Co. Montreal. p9 lmr THOMAS ROBERTS It CO. OBSTRUCTION?TI* causes ol all Pulmonary Diseases ? Kor?W hat is the cause of Cough I Obstruction. What la the cause of ll?mrnorh?ge and SpilUuz of Blood? Obstruction. What is the caiueoi Consumption and Abscess T Obstruction. What is the canse ol Bronchitis' Obstruction, producing inflammation of the lining membrane of the Bronchiua or Wind Tubes, aud an excratiou of inucuous or pus.and frequently discharges of Blood Aud what is Asthma, or difficulty of breathing,hut obstruction, caused by this mncnous or purulent excretion, clogging up those tubes, and therefore impeding respiration. Remove this obstruction and there will be no fever nor inflamatioii?no I'aiu nor Cough?no Abscessfcior Consumption?110 Hemmorhage nor Hpittiug of Blood?110 Asthma or difficulty m iireainiug?out a restoration Co IicaIUi will be certain. And what is the true iemedy()<ointed oat by nature to it-move t'.is obs traction f The answer is Expectoration. Yes, expectoration is na ture's remedy. Kor, reader, there is no other outlet for the lungs to discharge their vitiated excretions, bat through (lie Trachea or Windpipe, aud this natural discharge is Expectoration. To assist nature, and produce this desirable result, uolhing has ever been found equal to Jayue's Expectorant. It is the result of the experience of many years' practice. It produces a free and ?uyer:i-c to ration suppresses the Comjh.wduces the iullammatiou. re ..loves the spasmodic action ol the vessels, and he-ils the abraded surface of the Broneliina or Wind Tubes. The breathing becomes easy, and the |iatieut almost uniformly recovers; and eveu iu the most hopeless cases of Consumption, it produces a degree of relief never before experienced by any other preparation, aud prolongs the patient's life to an indefinite Crriod. Many who were pronounced incurable two years ago, y their Diysiciaus, are still alive, and appear uo worse than they did then, while haudreds, nay thousands, have eutirely recovered. Jayue's Ei|>e?torant, Carminative Balsam and Tonic Ver mifuge, may be had at wholesale and retail of A. D.Sands, No. 7* Kultou, N. E. corner of Gold, .273 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. "36 Im'r DOCTOR HJCLL. [DOCTOR BELL devotes his personal attention (daily, on *-' til 1# P. M.) to the removal of ;>nvnte diseases in even state. All iufl*riug under protnetej cases, aggravated or unsuccessfully treated by iuei|>erienced or pretended practitioners?tliose laboring under the destructive elfecu of mercury o quack nostrums, and all who suspect the remains of disease lurking in the system, mar consult Dr. B. always with a guaran'ee of a cure. Persons contemplating marriage, who hare been the subjects of delicate diseases, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable confidence. Post paid letters, describing the case of |<ersons at a distance, have his prompt attention. l)r. B.'s treatment uevrt exposes to suspicion, and is well known to be safe and perrar eat. iT^Privateoflices 17 Cedar street, two doors from Broadway. i.B lre*r DOCTOR YOURSELF PRIVATELY. PlR.()RKOORY may be consulted confidentially*! all hours ol the day or evening, it his private residence, II Barclaystreet, near Broadway He has been very successful in the treatment of those " half cured" cases which always prove so formidable to physiciaus of but little experience. Another important consideration which hai not bffn overlooked, u ihr adapting of remedies to the convenience of patients, who fenerally desire to obtain a cure as speedily and private ly a* possi] ble. Knowing that many people have a desire for information upon ?uhjfCt? of importance, especially when they ar? deeply iuteruted, hai Dr. Gregory lately published the fourth edition of his I mate treatise. It coutaius engravings? is much improved and enlarged. and embraces muiy subjects of interest and syinS torns ol disease not before alluded to. The various forms of bodily and mental weakness, incameity and suffering, which caine under the lie^d of private maladies, are faithfully delineated, and the best practical method of obtaining sound health ; it is a work plainly and practically adapted to the use of .<11 those who may unfortunately need iU friendly assistance, of whatever age or sex. That portion of the work treating u|>on impotence, barrenness, aud a certain destructive habit of youthful mdescretion, from whence result* "constitutional debility," will be found both useful and interesting to all classes?it is > friendly yet silent monitor, where sensual or sexual debility ha* made threatening inroads upon the health or constitution, and point* out not oulv the mean* of esca|.e. but the certainty of restoration. It shows how* aud others are de<eived by the outward physical apt earance?how the attenuation of the frame, palpitation of the heart, derangement of the nervous system, cough, indigestion, and a train of symptoms indicative of consumption, sie often ascribed to wrong causa, when in realpy they are ihe consequences of an alluring and pernicious practice, alike destructive to the mind and body. The chapter on stricture is worthy of particular attention, and should be read by every one. The author's method ol treating this complaint is without pain, and affords a positive unconditional cure, requiring generally only a vsry snort lime in it* accomplishment. Dr. G. will warrant to cnre every ca*e that he undertakes, and guarantee the same to be permanent.? The means which he emptoy* enable him to obtaiu complete success in every instance. The price of the book above alluded to is 50 cents, and may be had at sny hour of the day or evening of the author, at Ins private residence, II Barclay street, near the Park, and also at the following agencies, which are drug stores, vii No. W> William st, near Maiden Lane. No. 79 Fulton st, cor. of Gold st. No. 77 Kast Broadway, cor. ol No. IM3owery, cor. of Spring it. ?}? 3" niton ?t, cor. of Water at. 2?. >'? Delancy ?t, cor. of Suffolk it No. 89 I vial tt. No. f.3 Bowerv. cor. of Walker it. Polh comra of B'oadway *ud Chambers street. i he book will be sent in a mmIkI fiivclope to those who may choiweso to order il?it will also be sent by mail on receipt o< 'We dollar, addressed to boi.Vi7 lift lm*r LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! HO 000 LARUK AND HEALTHY Hweedish an. . (German Leeches, inst received per barque 8ii l*uc Newton from lllambnrf. Vor sale^8P *** ' ^ ^Imiiorters of Leec'lies, i.lui*! ttf rati atrat, Pint Yotk CAN ANYTHING BK 1'LAINER f|MlAN that the great men whose letter* are api>eude<l Wovr. ?*y,7?l?etii.? ;nl'r',? of Pease He Son's t ompouud Extract <>f H'i?iliuuuil. Gratifyiuu it u iudeed to be in poaaeaMoa of *uch va'u?d teitiiMuiila antTim-inoria'a. Kirat cornea N?w York's favorite ?'>n, Vu Bureo; thfu cobmm tlic voice of tUr much loved sage here from tin hermitage, the great Jackson. To leceivn tV thanks of such a man for preserving his health ia high (irdise iudeed. President Tyler likewiae acknowledges Ins grau*cation for the good the Hoarbouuil has dona hiiu ? The diatioguiabed Bouck, ruler in th* Empire, returns Ilia thanks aud to fill op the measure onr popular and eminent mayor, HoWl H. Moms, adds hia tesuuivuv to ita value The fact ia tli-re ia no remedy for a cough, cold and pulmonary complaints like the COMPOUND EXTRACT OK HOARHOUND, and the world ia becoming more and more cuuviaceU of it eTrrr day* Lindkkwold, Oct 14, 1843. OiNTLEMrr*:? ... I nave to tnank you for the boi of your (I doubt n"t) justly celebrated Clarified Essence of Hoar hounil Candy and also f.r the very obliging terms m which you have been plea-eo to present it. 1 have not. 1 am happy to inform you, as yet had ocrasiou to use it, but will do so when necessary with a eonti deuce in its e!?ca y which is well warranted by the exparieac* of others. . Very respectfully your obedient aerrant. ' r M V>U DITDL'W Hi;bmit age, April IT, IN). Messrs. Pkaib k Bons:? I have till* pleasure to acknowledge your km-* favor of the 1st nit. by the hand of my friend, Mr. J. N. Armstrong and with your moit esteemed present a packaee of your lloarhouud Candy, for which receive my sincrre thank* I can oulv add that mav tnou>ands receive from its use as much beuart aa 1 have done?ihen will its iuventor go down to posterity aa one of its benefactors. I am, gentlemen, very respectfully, Yonr friend and obedient servant, ANDRE^ JACKS0N. Washington, April 6, IMS. The President desires me to return Messrs. Pease Ik Son his acknowledgment! and verv sincere thanks for the box ol Candy received at their liaudt. He has used it with much benefit to himself as a remedy for colds and coughs. 1 am. with very great respect, JOHN TYLER, Jr. Private Secretary. ? ? Albany, May II, 1M3. Messrs Tease & Sons? Ueutleinen?You will pardon me for the delay in replying by letter of tntt Nth ult. ami ecknow lodging the rereipt of a box of your Clarified Essence of lionrhnund < anily. A llow ine to thank you for this kind respect, and to express the lio|>e thai you will be liberally patronised in your effort* to tne public The article is got up iu beautiful style, aud i, highly recommended by those who have had occasion to use it. Your obedient servant, , WM, C. BOUCK Messrs.?1 have reiieatedly used your Candy for coughs and colds, ami always found relief; but official dutms p evented me from writing to you betore; but at 1 ha to latuly been cured of the influenza, 1 cannot withhold from recummeuding the same to the public. I ara yours, truly, . ROBT. H. MORRIS. 4nn June, im i?oiiynau.iirw '.or*. To Messrs. J. Pease Ik Son. 45 Division street. Sold wholesale and retail at 45 Division street: 10 Astor House; 110 Broadway; H2 Water street. 79 Fnltnn st. Agents, Redding it Co. 8 St'te street, Bostno; Burgess tM. Ziebe.r, No. 3 Ledger Buildings; Roniusoii, 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Bravo & Morgan, New Orleans. A liberal disrount made to conntry merchant* for cash. Alt letters postpaid, directed to John Pease lie Sons, 45 Division sU with good city references, will be punctually atteuded to. u5 1 in * ec WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION KOR THE HAIR, which will change grey hair to its original color in a lew minutes. This solution is different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of superceding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possnises the great advantage of beautifying the hair without injuring its growth. Those wVo doubt ita virtues are requested to hare their hair changed before paying their mouey. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham st, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. u5 lin*?c HO WILL hAVK THE TOOTH ACHE, whin,"by calling on W. E. PARSONS, Dentist, No. 2'3 Bleeker, directly opposite Downing street, they cm nave the nerve destroyed in a momeat, and Tilled to l?st for twenty years, o' it loo much decayed, >iave it extracted for only 25 csuts, teeth inserted on 'be most improved principles. Iilliug, &e. lie ; all operations peiforiaed in that proportion which cuinot fail to come within the means of every individual, and warranted to be dote in 'he bes' possible manner, or the mouey refunded. N.B. References M ill be u iven to some of the first families in the immediate vicinity, who have experienced the benefits of his operations to their entire satisfaction, and who will restify to the above *fat?ments BlO !m#ec rvOCTOtt J. ORANOER desire* iu future to limit his practice, and confine his attention entirely to those disenses, in the treatment of which he has met with uniform success, viz?Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and Rectum, in all their different forms. Also, all diseases peculiar to women. The remedies used for the above diseases are new in their apj plication, new in their effects and new in their preparation. Office of Doctor Granver No. 54 Amity street. nours imm uiua iu uwa'wranoH. I'wr LOVE, "COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. TU8T Published, Iliyitological Mysteries and Revelations J in Love, Courtship and Mrirriaiie; an lnOillible Guide Book, for married and (ingle, iu matters of the utmost importance to the human race, by Kugene Beckland, M. D. Translated from the third Paris cditiou, by Philip M. liaward. Among the matters duly considered in the work, art Matters of serious importance to siugle and young married persons.'* " The causes of and certain cure for barrenness." " The arts of beaaty and couruhip." " The danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may be removed, and its effects cured," " Tlw cause of love and joalous]L with infallible remedies for eradicating from the mind the s?ds of a hopeless or an unhappy |assiou." " Offspring, with newly discovered modes based on scientific principle*, for the prevention, or propitiation thereof?'? " Intermarriage." " Dress, with the form and colors most becoming to the various shapes and compleiions." " The nrnst auspicious season for wedlock. " And most other matters of interest in single and marriedlife, as relaxes to the principal sub J jects above noted." ? Kor sale wholesale and Iretail, at 101 Nuasaa street. New Yotk. A post paid order enclosing $1, directed to HOLLAND St ULOVEft. New York city, will procure a copy of the work being sent to any part tif the United States, or the C ana das, or one address lor $7. None but iH?t paid letters taken out of the post office. . CAUTION?A work professing to be the above, bnt which it a mere catchpenny, has been published and peddled about the streets. 1 he genuine work cau only be had at Holland k Glover's, the holders of the copyright, at the office of the Cynosure 102 Nassau ?t, one door from Aun street. The genuine edition h*? gilt edges, is neatly bound in dark cloth with "Becklard's Physiology'1 in fold letten on on- aide, and is embellish*'! with a steel .ngnviug of th* author. Alto observe that the genuine edition has the copyright mark on the back of the title page. o23 dyfcwy lm*r _ * KMALK MONTHLY FILLS IIefficacy, and invariable success of Madame IUstell's Ifeoule Monthly Pills in all cases of ir| regularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of nature upon which the health of every female depends, sine# their intr^auction into tike United Hfitn now fin.r count-rieits and imitations are constantly attempted to b-> palmed oS for the genuine. Cheap common piUi are purchased M twelve cents a box, put up in different boxes. ana called? " Female Monthly Fills," with the object of selliug thera, it pomble, at one or two dollars a bo*. Females are therefor* cautioned agaiust these attempts to impose a|>on them. It it sufficient here ta stale that all Fainale Monthly Pills us counterfeits, except those sold at Madame Result's Priucipal Office. US Greenwich street. New York, and 7 Essex street. Boston) Price tl. Madame Keslelrs si mature is written on the covet of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by following the directions enclosed inside of each bos. Sold also by appointment at 364 (Jrand street, corner of Allen, New Yors. alt ?m* r XU ^AttKir.u L.AUlf.s. VfADAMK RKSTELL'8 PREVENTIVE POWDERB. iTA?Those invariable Powders ha?e beeu uu-vtrsally adopted in Europe but France in particular, for upwards of thirty years is well as by thousands in this couni/v, as beiug the only mild, safe and efficacious remedy for man led ladies, | whose health forbids a too rapid increase of familrV.adame Kestell, as is well known, was for thirty years female Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in Europe those ol Vienna and Paris?wfcere favored by her great exp>':iciice and oppprtunitiea, she attained that celetnily iu those great discoveries in medical science so specially adapted to the female frame, for which her mediciues uow stand tuirivalleJva? well in this country as in Eurojte. Her anrnaintacces with the physiology and anatomy of the f. naale frame, enables her?by tracing the decline and ill health oi marriea females, srarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and eften apparently inexplicable causes which cousiga many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source, to arrive at a knowledge of the primary causes of female indispositions?especially'of married females?which, in 180?,Jkd to the discovery of her celebrat-d " Preventive Powders." Theii adoption has been the means of preserving not oniy the health, but eve* the life of m&ay an aiTAtionata wife aad fond mother. The advertiser frelinjr the instance of this subject, and estimating the vast benefits resulting to thousands by their adoption, would most respsctfully a to use the attention of the murisd, by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which ws art subject, by simple and healthy means within our control.? Every dispassionate, virtuous and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly auswer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a Pack 'ion aii wurn muM M poit paid. e10 2mJk?*r PUBLISHED DAILY BY JADIKR UORDON BKNNKTT, N.W. CORNKR FULTON AND NASSAU STRUKTB ? Thr Nkw Yoim I1kii?i.i)?a daily pai>?r, muni rvery morning of thr werh? prica two tiKKTt prr copy. Country tabacribar* fWnulwd at tha ??ma rate, (or any <i>rcilic period, >n a raimtuinca in adaanra. No Mint lent an lata paid in adaanca. Thu W?r?L* IUb*lo?limi'-'l awry Hatnrday aiurnmu >? en oVliick?prica nt awd a m'ARTKa ckkt? par copy?Ajn ii?had to country ?u>>acrikrr? at 13 ?J par annrm, ia adruca, or at the Mine r?L* for any ipr<Mli?<t poriod. CeaarnroNUKriTt an- r.i|u?i?d 10 adilreii their letter* ta I Iamv i (Joanon Prohrietul ud Kdllor?tbd all lat. * an uu buuMN u?u?t ba pott paid i age, accompanied with fall and partiruUr direction* Tliev can be forwarded by mail to any part ?f the United State*. AU letter* uiuit be post-paid, and *d<lre?ied to MAUAMK KK.!4TKL.L, Female Physician. Principal Office, 141 Orwnwich street. New York. Office hour* from A M- to o'clock P.M. Bottoa office. No. T Kssex st. olO 2m?r M A U A A1 fc HblTKLL, T?KMALK PHY8YCIAN, Office and residouce, HI Oreea " wich ?treet, between Coattlandt and Liberty streets, whers she can be consulted witb the stricteat confidence on complaints incident to the female frame. Madame Westell's aperieuce and knnwUdge in the treatment of obstinate case* t\f female irregularity, stowage, snpiirrssioa, Sic., is such as to require tat a few days to ellfct a perfect cur*. Ladies desiring proper meitiaal attendance durum confinement or other inJispositien, will >e accommodated during snob time, with private and re?f^e??ole board. " Preventive Powdera," fit' married ladies, whose delicate of precarious health forbids a too rapid -ncrease of UnHv, will b? sent by mail to any part ?f l?e United flutes. Pric? Si a pack* a** All letter* (po*l-Pai?ij addressed to box, * , New York. Bmton Office. No. 7 Rases street." N. B.?Madame K2.rtTK.LL would inform ladies rending oat of the city, whose h-alth would not a?liuit of travelling, that she would dwoW her personal attendance apon them 1a any part of the lJait?d Btatea withia reasonable distance. o10 2m*r OAUl lU.X 1'U r LXALtiB IV/fADAMK KK8TKLL, KKMALK PHYSICIAN, woald inform ladies who, with a proper delicacy, have a repog aance to the treatment of their complainU except by one of thSif own sex, that in all case* she attend* to thrm, het xpenence, practice and know ledge enables her to do so. She deems it Herniary to state this, a* she does not wish to b* classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disnp peturing. advertising as " Female Physicians," who too iguo rant an4 incompetent themselves are obliged to art some scarce ly leas .gnorant^iuack to instead. Consulting par lo.-s and reaid*nce, Mi Oreenwich street, between Court I and and Liberty *treet*. Hoar* of attendance from 9 A. M. tot >' M. olO Jm*r i'ORTUUUESIS Ft MALE PILLS. ll?Vrl?TKD AJ?D rnrrAKF.D BY M. DE BOUDELOQUE, M.D.. LISBON, PORTIJOALI r|MIK Heirot>fte combination of ingredients of which theaa I Pilli are C'?mpo?ed. have made llwm the wonder and admiration of the world. They are known i?H over Enrope to I* the only preparation wr discovered that has proved invariably eertaiu iu producing tht monthly turns. Thsir certainty, in all Cases, being inch t'liat they mint not he nsed during pregnancy, for though always mild, safe and healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if u?ed durum that period. The direction* are translated into English. and are enveloped rootd with the seal of the importer, stxniied. Each hoi con tain> the signature of M. de Boudeloque, and the English directions hare the signature of Dr. K. MELVEAU, authorised agent lor the continent of Americn. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United State*. Sold by Dr V. MELVEAU, agent and im|>orter for the United Stntea, office 120 Liberty street, near Ore*nwich it Price $j?half bases SI. No hall boiea sent by mail. Sold in Boston at No. ? Salem street. LetUwa directed to Dr. H. Melveaiij.boi 14, New .York, will meet with immediate attesl

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