Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 314?Whole No. 3530. jSkitisiTand north amkkican royal mail STEAM SHIPS, or 120(1 tons and 410 horse power Mich. lrud?r cooiract with the Lords of the Admiralty. HlbKKNIA, Commanded by C. H. E. Judluns. BKITANNIA, J. Hewitt. CALKDON1A, E. O. Lott. acadia, Alexander Ryne, Will tail a? follow*:? From Litkrfooi. 1" hom Boston. Acadia, Sept. 19. 0?- '? Hiliertna, Oct 4. x?0T" .i" Britannia, Oct 19. Y<,oy' ?* ?"alwioni \ Nov. 4. Dfc- } These vessels cam" es|>eiieiiced surgeons, and aje supplied Win> *'ranees' Patent Life Boats. Kor freight or passage apply to . v. uiiiuMAM, jr.. agent, ol7r No. J Wall St.. New York. KOK HALIFAX AND LI V KKI'<?l)l, The Koval Mail Steam Ship CALEDON1A. E. G Lott, Esq., Commander, will leave Boston for Lhe above porta ou Fri day, 1st December. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage U> Halifax 20. Apply to U. BRIC11AM, Jr., Agent, nt2 ee No. 3 Wall itreet. FOR BUFFALO AN1? ALL PARTS OF THE WKST ASSOCIATION PASSAGE OFFICE TO ALBANV. Utica $2 00 Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. and Lower CanadaU 40 By the fast line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. Forp-5?.ap$rto RAY A3 Barco)3miu24 lay street. New York. TO TRAVELLKR8. GREAT CFNTRAL ROUTE BKTWEEN CHARLESTON, S. C. St MONTGOMERY, Al A. ' From Charleston, 8 C., via. Savannah, Macon, Forsyth, Barnesville, Griffin, Greenville, La Grange. West Point, Casseta, Mount Jefferson, and F'anklin; tnenc* by Railroad to Montgomery, Alabama. The travelling public are respectfully informed, that by re cent arrangements, a line embracing the above route has been formed consisting of a Splendid Line of Steam Packets between Charleston and Savannah. Steamer GENL. CLINGH, ^Mf| jaJt 4'aptain J. I'. Brooks. JtA t*rrr7a?Steamer CH ARLF.STON,?^^? ..mi lapcaiu r. uaruen. Th*< eutrai Railroad from Narinnah to Macon, (uow com fleted,( Hie Mon'oe Railroad to Griffin, and a lie ? line of Kour Hor?e Poi'Coach's to Kranklin, Aln; thenceby Railroad to Montgomery. Theie Lines all run in connection. By this sev nty miles of staging i> avoided. Traveller* rest one night at S wanuah ?nd Macon each,leaving ouly one night's traveling b'tween Charleston and Montgomery. Time? Leave Charleston on the arrival of the Wilmington boats on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdavi, and reach Savannah same days at 7 P M. Leave Savannah at 6 A. M , reach Macon at 6 I". M.; leave Macou at 6 A. M., reach Griffin at 11 A. M.; leave Griffin at 12 M. and arrive at Kranklin, Ala. at 2 P. M. next day; makiug the travelling time front Charleston to Fnnklin. Ala. 53 hours?Eare $24 60. Tickets through furnished on board the boats at Charleston, or on application to K. LAEITTE tc CO., Agents, Uuiou Wharves, Charleston, 9. C. Charleston, October 2Gth, 1813. N. B.?The Proprietors of the Tri-Weekly Line between Charleston ai'd Savinnah contemplate running a in li-u of a Tri-Weekly Line between those places, of which due no tice will be given. o3l 3w SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ftOAD LINE DIRECT. |KOK NKWABK, N*WBRumwic?, PEIWCCTOB, TRKWTO*, Boadentown Aivb BuRLirniTOW. zjBzK-jT-SijSBiR. THROU6lnN 8lX Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line anX P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds, direct to C&mdea (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of reidinasi, with bagitaKe crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout beiug opened by the way Kach train i* provided with a car iu which are apartment* aud dresiiug roonu ex;-rtaily for the ladies' use. Keturniug, the lines leave Philadelphia from'the Toot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at T>i A.M., and 4 P. M. being continuation of the liuea from New York, oil 2m*m fATERSON RAILROAD' VaS! (B'v a cBjtfl. Krom Paterson to Jersey City. Oo and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1M3, the cars will leave Partition Direr. Leave Nm Vori. ? A.M. 9 A.M. MX " 12X p. M. J P. M. I ON SUNDAYS. Leave Paterioiv Dai-ot. Leave Nkw Iore. 8 A. M. 9X A. M. 3 P. M. i P. M. Transportation ears leavs daily (Scndays ercerted.) PaJieu(era are advised to lie at the Kerry, foot of Courtlaudt street, a lew minutes before the stated hoars of de.wrture. jy 19 6m* L'EOHRS! LEECH - S! ! LEE ;HES!! FIHST QUALITY LKKCHK8 for s ie, wholesaV and re tail, atthe rate of suty doll??s per ihoosaml bv J. K. ?T COPPA. Importer of Leeches, 149 Nassau street, near the Park N. B ? J. K. et Copra will llwats warrant the qualities o( th* I e#rl es wiM I,? iliemi nll\ Im1' JLXPK?.?J?~FuK BOMTON-DAILY L1NK-WIWT1tit ARRANOF.MKNT. "71 jVQ dm nAIWWER ft. CO. will run Hp^sS1 their package and business Ex JBSMsSE ^ prejs between Now Yoik *and r - R.i.t.i,i during the winter, u follow* :? v u Stornngton, on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Katu'dayi. Via Norwich, on Moudays, Wednesdays and Fridays?making a aailv line. N B.?Please mark all packages intended for tl.ii line, to care of HaR.NDEN ft CO. nttr ' ^ ' ,,r'et WIN TICK AKKANdKMKNT. . ||.-Mi ** ? FREIGHTS FOR WHEELING. JFgKSk naI lL V*. AND PITTSBURG, Ta.?The IjflBIa JKIWii ondersigned, lor the List fire years (and .i present) Agent for Bingham's Line from t^is city to Pittsburg, takes this method of informing his numerous friends and patrons, that having inidi* extensive arrangements for forwarding merchandise via railroads and wagoi,t, during tho winter season, to th? West, he is now prepared to receiot for goods frotn lh'? city to Wheeling, Va. via Baltimore and Cumberland.or to Pittsburg v ia Philadelphia and the (hainbersburg Railroad. All goods entrusted to his care, will lie for warded without any delay, and at the low est current rates, to either of the above points on llie Ohio River. Also, merchandise and packages forwarded bv Green's Express, through iu three days from Baltimore t? Wheeling, making in all six day* from this city to Wheeling. The business w ill be conducted by? ? .. ? . Wm. Tyson, No. 10 West street. New ^ ork Dingham ft Brothers. 27ti Market street. Philadelphia. James Wilson, North Howard street, Baltimore. Holliday ft Egerton, Cumberland, Md. James H Forsyth & Co., Wheeliug, Va. Wm. Bingham, Pittsburg. Pa Goods intended for the Wheeling route should be marked New York and Wheeling Line. can- of James Wilson. Baltimore. nud then* for Pitunnrjr, Bingham'! Line a? heretofore. WM. TYSON, No. 10 We?t itrret N. Y. New York. Nov. 20. 18 3. n21 lm*r M.W YORK. AND IIAKLKM IIAILKOAD COMPANY. WINTER ^ <1 ^ ? I ARRANGEmmz&m me;ntOn ami after December lit, 1813, the Cars will run in the following orde>:? _ Ltart City Hull I. rave the Itridge for the Hridge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. li 9 oo " 10 ?0 11 30 " I 00 2 00 P. M. 3 30 4 30 " (Ml The City ?- all and ?7th jtreet line will rnn ? follows '.?From 7 A. M. every 10 minutrt through the day till 7 SO P. M. The Extra Night Line will run a? f -ll.iwi Leave ?'ity Hall for 27th ?tie. t at 8, 8 30, 9.!( 30. 10, 10 30, ic 11. Leave 27th atreet for City Hall at 7 30, 8, 8 30, it, 9 30, 10, & 10 30. By order of the B >ir<1, n?l Imr W. S. CARMAN. Sec'y. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To nil from New York on the 2ith and (Liverpool on the 13th of e?ch month ^ ^ t ? BOM ,Nrw. ? snip tmnuiiK, < sixain vrm. axiuay, *3in wetotier. Ship KOHCIIJB, Captain John Collin*,25th November. Ship SIPOONS. Captain A. B. Cobb, 23th Oecemtxr. Ship SHKR11MN, Captain K. A. Ue|>eyiter, 2,'ith Janaary. From Liverpool. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th October. Bhip &HKK1DAN. Captain F. A. Dapeyiter. Uth November. Ship OAKRICK, Capt. Wra. Bkiddy, 13th December. Bhip ROBCIUB, Captain Jotai Colliiit, 13th January Thete ?hi|m are all of thf first clas?, tipwarls of 1000 ton*, built in th? city of New York, with inch improvement* ai combine great sppril with unimial aomfoft for paa?eniier?. F.very care ha* be.-n talt' ii in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of p.unage hence n $75. These >hi|? are commanded by e*|"erienced ma*ter*, who will make every exertion to sire general atiafaction. Neitli-r the captnina or owner* of the *hips will be reaponmble for any letter*, parcel* or packagea leut by them, unlea* regular hill* of lading are ligned therefor. For freight or i>a??age apply to L. K. COLLINS ? ( O., 56 South ?t., New Vork, or to BROWN, BklPLKY & CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be charged I2H cent* per ?int;l lieet ; 5# rent* Kr onucc. and new*pe|ieri I c,>iit each. o2:i jr I'ASbXok" FROM (ORK-Via Liver~|*.ol-in frJ^HVlhe lirit tpring ?ln|'*.?We beg to inform our friendu MMKathHt during th<" coining 'I'riny, 1844. w? (hall have n regular aucceasinn o? firat cleat American ahi|>?, tailing from the above |*>rt every week, which will be lilted out iu audi a manner for aecond cabin and itecrac paavengera, u cannot fail to enaure thorn every comfort. On* of our firm, Mr. Jamr* D. Itoche, reaidea then-, who will ?ee personally to the forwarding of all our |>aaaeiigera, aud will ipare neither |>aina or et|ieu?e to meet their wuhei, ind hat# them forwarded without any delay. Thoie aendiuR lor their frienda will at once aee the ad rail late to be derived bv paving in our line. Apply to, or addreaa if by C?W poat pi...!, KOCIIK BHWTHkIiH ft CO. JS i" niton ?treot, ne*t tloor^to Hie * okoji ^Binik^or to M (ioree Piaxxaa, Liverpool P. S.?Paaaage certificate* and drafta can be tent from thia b> ?h<i regular packet ahipa on the lat,7th, 19th, l#th and lath ot evrv meith, alao hy the Boaton auainera on the Ut and IHtn. ID QKWINO Hlt.K ?OiTecaie of American, juit teceivtdaml for sale by m2I 3tm PLltSSfc U BllOOKS, $1 Libaity it. E NE NE NEW YORK AND KINGSTON 8TKAM KKEIOHT AND PASSACit LINK. fcor Kiiitfaiou, aiic Delaware and Hudson jT^*Cannl-pu>amboaU EMBKALD and NOR* i ne r-mtiiAijU. Lt|<nm jonn ivucnam, win leave new Vork, foot of Murray atreet, every Monday and T hurt day at 5 o'clock, P M. Will leave Kineiton (Homlout landing) every Wedueaday uid Saturday at J o clock, I'. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuela, will leave New Vork, foot of Warren atreet, every Wedneadaf nud Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. Will leave K jinton (Rondoot landing) every Taetday and Friday at 1 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray itreet every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, ieavea K iiigitoa at 4 o'clock, ?atr.e day. For freight or ixus^g? upply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW ft. CO., all Sin* r 164 Wntitiutt iTK01*LE'8 LINK OF STEAMBOATS (gty-..?KUK ALBANV?Daily at ii o'clock P. M.? TTi "" Through direct?Krom the ate boat pier Itenreen CoartKndt and Liberty atreeta, Suuday mceptfed. 'Hie iteamSioat KNH.'KKBDOCKER,Capt. A. P. Nt. Julia, will leave Monday, Wedueaday and KriJuy Evoiiingi, at itx o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Ura.nard, rill leave i'ne?i)ny, ThunX-.y, and f.Hurday at 0 P. M. At 5 o'clock 1*. M.?Lauding at Intermediate 1'lacea. Steamnoai C/OLUMiilA, (apt. A. lluunhion. will leave Monday. Wrdnetday. an' fr'ridav after noon, ut o'clock. Ste>unb?at NORTH AMKUICA, Capt. M. 11. Truiedell, will leave Tueaday, Tlnunday and Saturday Eteuing, at live o'clock. Paixer.gen taking itiia Line oi Bo..u will at all tiiuaa arrive in tlbnoy in ample time to take the Mornn.g Train of Care lor die eait or weat. The above bonU are new and, ire furnuhed with ?at and elegant State 1 loo mi, ai.d for apeed and accomiuoda;iona are unrivalled on the Hudion. Pmmmaom r%r iTiwitflit. uttfilv nn l?nnr(|. Af 111 P. Kflinlf* it tlie oilier on the wharl. nllr NOTICE?Ou and after Monday. Oct. loth,the boats flhls line will leave for Albanv at C o'clock. 1*. M. instead of 7. .MM INDEPENDENT RECRTLAR OPPOSffl^^gJ&TION NIGHT LINE KOR ALBANY3CanJ9C9E.TIirout;h Direct, without Lauding.?Tlie commodious anil substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt.O.House.will leave New York from the loot of RoUiiisou itreet, on Monday*, Wednesdays and Kridtyiiul will leave Albany and Troy on Buudays, Tuesdays aud Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the seasou, at ( o'clock iu tlie aJteraoou. Knight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is n first rate order. ot6 lm'r M SIX O'CLOCK EVEN IN (J LINE flJ5MpG3?for ALBANY AND THOY direct, withont M i Br iff l iiHm?tlie splendid low pressure steamboat SWALl.OW, (Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of Courtlaiult street every Tnesday, Thursday, and Saturday tveuincs, at C o'clock, lor Albany direct. The swallow has a large number of state rooms,md for swwrf in'J accommodations > out nmamed nn the Hnibnr, ault ec .Min STATEN ISLAND KERRY, KOOT A^jM_?g?OF WHITEHALL ST.-The stuamboat SsS?M-HL STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Staten Island, on and after October 2d, as follows, until further notie* :? Leave Staten 1-l.ind at fH*. 10, a. m., 2, 4, r. m. Leave New York al 9, 12}&, 10 inin. pisiU. All Irvignt ahipiH'd is required to be particular!v marked and is at the rink nf owners ihprwof. ?3Mf' FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 1st Dec. ?The splendid ship PRINCE ALBERT, Captain iiHIMibsSt'ber , burthen 1200 tolls, will sail as above, her reguISrTyT ... Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly fitted up for the comfort aud convenience of passengers. Persons unending ly embark should make early application w board, Burling Slip or t> josEPH McMUllRAY, ItO Pine st. corner of South. Persons wishing to send for their friends lesiding ill the old couulry, can have tliein brought out hv the above ship, or any of the the regular packets sailing on the 7lh. 17th anu 27th of earti muiitli, by applying at above; if by letter, post paid. P. S. - Drafts at Sigh', far large or small sums, are dia<"ii by tliesubscriber on tlie Provincial Bank of Ireland; p?yableat tliiir respective branch's throughout the country ; also, on Messrs Shooner, At wood tIt (Jo, Bankers, London, payable in every town in Great Britain. n2lr FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line ReeuI ar KFJwV Packet 15th December ?The new ami very splendid JpaMMiNe*r Voik built picket ship LIVERPOOL, John Kldridge, master; 1150 tous, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having roomy and nniurpai'ed accommodations, apply to the ('aptain on bard, west sid>- Barlinf slip, orto WOODHULL IcSlINTL'RNS, 87 South sf.._ The new andelegaut packetship Queei of (he West, Philip Woodhouse, n.aster; 12J0 tous, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her regular day. 16th Jacuary, 1811. nl8r PACKET FOR HXvftE?S*ecoo4 Line The MtaNl^ship BALTIMORE. F.dward FunIt, master, will JHCflbuil oil the 1st of December, BO VD it H1NCKEN, 9 Tontine Pnildiugs, n8r corner Wall mid Water streets PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The MKjNrV'bip BALTIMORE. Edward Funk, roininander, JMMKiiuiII sail on the lit of December. BOYD i. H1NCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, u25tDlcc corner Wall and Water sts. fcSS- FO R MA USE I LI, ES?Packet for 1st Deceinl*rMjlYWThe ship MINERVA, Captain Brown. For freight iiillllb'r for parage, apply to LAWRENCE St niFLPS. or to BOYD St HINCKEN, Afents, _ uJ9 r No. !> Tnutuie Building, cor. Wall and Water sts. PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate nnffly Despatch?The weU known fast tailing bark COS MmMO, (.apt. OtiHerbridge, will meet with immediate despatch for the above port. She Ins giod accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger*. Those about going to the old couetry will find this a desirable oppmtunuy. Application without delay should be made to \V. it J. T. TAPbCOTT, u25 r <3 Peck slip, corner South street. FOR RIU DE JANEIRO?Passage only?The ?9f#>fme fast sailing packet barque AMELIA MULllOLBBKMLi Wll I .... ll . II..... i. .. ...1,,. , f',,r il,M ,h,i? ,?,rt (inTuiTu \y mil, the Z81I1 iust?can hauds< lively tccoinmod?te i few inorr paist-ngrrs, provided early application br inade to ihe rap'ain on board. pier N?. 1, N. 11, or to n? t*? 8IFKKEN k IKONttlDK, 56 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS?To sail positively on MHMfWWednesday, 20th i"st.?The first class packet ship MHhKaLaMa/OO, Captain McCerran, will br des pat' heu as above. Thf ship hat unsurpassed accommodations for cabiu, second cabiu and steerage passengers. who will be Ukcu at the lowest rat . Apply on board the ship at Piue struct wharf, or to >26 r JOlliN HKRDMAN, (II South St., near Wall. FOR NEW 0KLav,ANS? Louisiana and New wHMIvYork Line?Positively Firs' Regular Packet, 10 sail hhSmIhe 30ili Nov.?Tlx- last sailing p?ck t ship LOUiSVILlE, Capt. M. Hunt, will positively sail as above, her regular in For freight or passage, hiving handsome furnished accoinmo. datious, apply on board at Urleaus wharf, foot of Wall street, jr to E. K. COLLINS li CO., 46 South street. Shipl*rj by this line may rely upon hating their goods corrrctly measured. Agents iu New Orleans, 111111 in & Woodruff, who will promptly forw ard goods to their address. The packet t>ar<|tie Oenesee, Capt. Miaott, will succeed the Louisville, and sail the lutli Dec., her regular day. n2j FOR AI'A I, A< H It' OL A ?To *<il on or liefote tqHMfWthe 1st December?The ship SII.VA^US JENMMbK I N. W. Evrkigh, master, w ill be despatched w ith such freight as may offer prior to the 2Hlh inst For freight or passage, apply to the captain on board, at pier No 5 North River, or to BOYD St lllNCREN, nl!) r 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall ? il Water sta. Jft For SALE?The ban,ueT)UC D'OKLEANS, burthen S'O tor.s, register; built in Bristol. Maine, 01 MIMbtK31. double deck, coppered and copper fastened. 111 le*t long, 27 feet beam, 6 feet between decks, IJ feet hold, will be sold as soon as the cargo is discharged. Layi at Judd's wharf. Apply on board, or to DUIU ? niNI,MiV, nil M! No. 9 Tontine Buildini, cor Wall mid Water ?f?. BOOTS AND SHOKS.-WILSON ?i JOHN SON, Successors to John Hutchings, deceaaed isreon hand and for aale, from the beat manufactories in th? country? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pe?#ed Boots, torn and boy* 100 " Kin* " " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 ** Ladies' Fin* iilii>pera. WOO " Children's Shoes, varions colon. '>00 " Women* and muses Oaiters. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. For isle in lota to suit purchasers, at tneir store. 120 CHATHAM 8TRF.KT, opposite Row wit. N. B ?The store being open until 1# o'clock in the evening, (ivri country merchants an opportunity to eramine good* at their leisure. oJI 1m?r PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADK TO OUDKR. Br F, SUSKK, P5 (BIIKMMT.) On* door from Courtlandt stre t K. BUSfcR. Bootmaker and Maker of Lasts, an ?gf^War''Five" of C'lerri of Psris, begs leave to inform r-is friend* mid *11 llie nmatmrs of a gentlemanly "chau?snre " lhat he can now make, in Mew York, with the best French m.v reriali, all that in ?o par-'eetly made in Paris by Uis master, the celebrated Bootm-.ker Cleree, whose numerous customers on 'his side of the Atlantic, are respecifullv invited to try Suser's Boots and Laata, before they despair of lifing "chaussea" iu New York, after thenices latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varuiah sold. n2l lm *tn _ BOOTS?Water proof, double and cork soles, French and natire calf and Patent screw taj>s; warranted good line calf boots for men, boys, snd children do, coarse water boo's, ar.d shoes ofall sorts and sizes. N. B ? Ladies, misses and children's gaiter boots, shoes and buskins, double and single sflles, and of every color and shade Ladies, Grata, > is-es, mid Cliild'cn'i water proof India Ru ber orer shoes, of the latest style, all of which will be sold cheaper than at any other store in this city. J. S WALKFR, 4M Broadway, nH lm*m cornw of UwJit "BOOTS, BOOTS A N O H H O K S, che?i), and cliea|>er than erer yet off. red in this city. A rery Urge assortment of geuta'single and double soled waterproof Boots, French aud native calf, city made and warrants"!, for the low price of $3 to |*r pair, and a never failing supply of thick Hoots and Shoes for ineu, boys and children; ladies', inissis' ind children's Oaiu*.r Boots, Bu*kit:s, Slippers and Ties, of all '.lie different kinds and inost fashionable styles. There is Moc carina and all the dillerunt kinds and fashionable styles'of India Hubberover Shoes, lor geutltmen .ladies, inissus slid chlldreu in *reat abondauce, and cheap, w hich tlie subscribers w ould mlicit tlr ir litends anil the imlilir t., <-,11 ?,i >, their itork, iu it i* of the Ixft materiala, and principally city made, it their large eatabliihmeut, ?ij (Irwiiwu h atnft, corner of Murray at. oil im*<r WKIOKT, CALHOUN v CO. Mils CAHKOLL'B MEDICATED VAPOH BATH"* U Courtlandt atreet, art- aale. certain, *n<l aperdv cure lor coukIii, eolda, aoie throat, awellingof the gland*. rhetnnaluin, itiffneaaof iln- jnmta, ague and ferer. Oiwn I'mm S A. M. till 0 P. M. Hulphnr Batha require onf hour a notice. i,2 6:r r* NEW STYLV. OK CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS Tlw ?ub?cri!>fr li?? n large and beautiful aaaortment of nentleineu'a and Boyi Capa, of the late t taahion, which he will aril a> cheap aa any other ratabli>hinent in tliia city ? imong whirh may be found fentlem?ii'a cloth, telv.t, a i.ew ityle of elated, ?nd (me one' capa. Alao on hand a large auppl) j| mole akin, ailk and fur hati, of a beauiitul t'.niah, for talr low Kancy Klira?A l*o, conatantly on hand, a large aaaortment of Vluffa and Kur Trimimnga for aaleat very low pncia. V B.?The Capa of Ihe aubacrilier took the premium at thi late Fair of the American Inatitute. WM. BROWN, yi3 lm*ec IM Chatham at, op|*?aita llooaevelt. DAOB.?8PF Triable and No I Leghorn, for hy u2i Itm I'LHSSL It BHOOK9,61 Liberty it W YC W YORK, SUNDAY MO] ?fi BROUGHT TO THK STABLK of John Pat' 1^ ten, IKI Lilwrty street.ou Wednesday, Nov. 22d, * UL1ND CHK8TNUT llOKSK AND CiROCKR WAtKidN. Tins owner is mi nested to call, pay ex|iense?, and take them away. 31 *r Fr< kmlTTivi Tiat&and ca FtT~ 8UPKUIOH Moleskin, Noma and Silk Hat*, Cloth J^?aml Velvet Cain of the subscriber's manufacture. A ill |iloma was awarded bv the American Institute, at the late Fair in thii city for beautiful tpecinieus of Moleskin HuU; and a diploma was also awarded for superior specimens of cloth and velvet caps. On hand a laree assortment of hats and caps. Persons in want of articles in his line, are respectfullysolicited to favor hi in with a call. WILLIAM BAN TA, No. W <:a;ul st, co'ner of Wooster street, o31 lin'in und No. ISO Chaiham street <*n0 DUNLA** U. CAK.MAN.6ii Broodway, cor. Bleeck|KW& er litre* t. oiler for tale, ou reasonable terms, a large col^Jkm. lection of Plants for parlor or conservatory, consisting of Camillas in tyaty vurietv, Chiyanihe>rarug, Chinese Azilias, Orange and Lemon I lees, Rhododendrons, monthly nud other Roses, Cactus, Pittsosporums, Cape Jwimiuem Salvias, Stems, Gerauimns, Ike icc., together with a choice assort ineui of Hyacinth and other bulhs. Bulb Glasses, Flower Stands, Gold h'ish a"d Globes, B rds and Cages. ( resh imported vegetable and {lower see's of every description. Bouquets composed of Camelias and other choice llowert for bridal and otliei partu s tastefully arranged. All orders prompt lyienecuted. Dl( 2w*r p.MI'ORIUM OK CHINA, GI.A S?, Inc., No. 7 Smtli Ave> * line, oppos'te Amity street.?Purchasers wishing to supply themselves with the above article*, are reiuested to call before pa'charng tlifir Cliri.-Unan anil New Vear's jtock. N. B. A choice collection of Chrysanthemums in bloom, iia?)or PUuls, and Dutch Bulbous Roots for sale at unusually low prices. u24 lw*ec UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham Mtreet, New York. And 116 Kulton street, Brooklyn. 'AHKNCV, SIS Blkkckeii Streei, IWHOLKiiALK AND RETAIL, rPHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to ofler for A sale, new ana fragrant Teat of every variety and style.? Their assortment sjiecially includes the most delieioui and powerful grades of Green and Black. Every package bears the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecutiug business is, perha|>s, scarcely to be excelled. It it fouudtjd upou the utmost regard to the rights of the customer, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unrivalled chespness. All purr (lasers are called upou to return any articles which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Genuine Java CoprrK routed every day. Orders from all parts of the United State* executed with promptitude and despatch. ITT1" The only warehouse i? America for the tale of H< U QUft ? BUclr T>* o29 1m*nr? A. A. SAMAXOS, NO.6 WALL STREET AND 2B'i BKOADWAY, Corn Kit ok Hkadk Street, Has just received. rerahii.Cristoval Colon, an invoke of the celebrated WOmVuM brand of Segais, consisting of lies alias ami Medium size, and the Loid B> rou p?i*r Se^irs. IN STORE, All the vaiions size* and choice qualities of the most celebrated lira lids of Segars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sizes. Tort of Havaua K?galias and medium site. Seguridad, medium size. Junto Sawz Principe. Large and small Vara of St. .'aeo. Genuine 'J'nrkey Tobacco of diffaM* qualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco ofJBBlmore German Smoking Tobacco of dffiereiii qualities. Tbe celebrated ^atclutochea Snuff of New Orleani, together Willi all the fancy Snutts of the nay. Pa|*r Seira s of Oarcit, Perez, Lara, Lord Byrou, lie. Gernnn Pipes; Cherry Turkey Pit* Ste in. Pointed, Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general assort' ment ol SegarCa-es, Snuff Boies, See. tints fortving Kegars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of fered at wholesale and retail. n*3 lm*r SEGALS! SEGAK.S! SEGAKS! DM. IlENRIQUES, No, M William sineet, respectfully informs Lis frie ds and the ptihlic.geuerally, that he has constantly on hand the lollowiug choice brands of Segars, for sale wholesale and ret til:? King and Queen Regalia, La Noma, Rionda, Cahanas, Esparteros, Notiegas, Yngenindad, La Klorinda. (a new brand.) De Moya, Pauetelas, in 1-8 and 1-lOth boxes. Principe*, of various quilitiej. Esperansas, Lentlaaes, Caballeros, and uumerous othe< brands, well worthy the attention of the Public. Any segars purchased at this ?stabli?hment, if not liked, will be taken back at any time and the money returned. Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere. N. B ?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. nlH lm COFFEE. WEST INDIA COFKEE AND IPICE FACTORY, No. 64 Barclay street. Nesr Greenwich, New York. pONSTANTLV ON HAND, and for sale, Oreeu, Roasted ^ and Ground Coffers; Grouud reaper, (lunaniou, Alspice, Oinier, Clove*. Mustard, Mace, Nutiri-gs, Cotter Routed and Ground for Grocers, at trie shortest notice J. C. KININER. Goods seat to nny part of the city free of etpease. all lm*m ' ~ PARR'S PILLS? ~ TO TH08K. WHO SUFFER from complaints twculiar to the F IKST COMMENCEMEINT OK WINTER. in no season does the blood and secretions of the human system nndergo more striking ch.ingea than ill the r.11 ol the vesr, and etpeeiallv the commencement of winter. If we turn to nature, tl# chatties in the vegetable world are found 10 be not only strikingly analaK?us, but t.- have a stroug inlluence on the healthy or diseased condition of the body from the decay of au'umn, and the morbid and death I ike s'ate of winter, the hu man system is also lor a |H>r od aflecsd by a similar feeling, arising from the .ciiun ol a temporuy decay, adapting itself to the same laws that govern inanimate nature This renders the useo* some simple medicine (e.iiecially It those of a slendi-r Coustitilion) ol absolute import incc?lor this is the time to assist nature with a media e to c.einse, and at the same time strengthen the powers of the vital organs. Of the functions ntcetsary to be cleansed an^ invigorated, none have a more in imate c nueiion than f stomach aid liver. The presence ol food in the stonnch, and the lie*It'y operation ol the iiget.ive p.?w?rs, furnish tne only natural stimulaut to the liver; but wh? never th* coa'ings of the form r bee trie we?k and morbid, the bile is improperly secreted, and disease ol the liver and generally unhealthy stile of the digestive organs supervene. In this su e many persons llv to calomi 1 for relief. Such treatment especially at t .isstason ot the year, IS IMBIBING FATAL CUN8EQUENC* 8, as invariably eol<!, lollowed by rheumatism of the worst sort, ensues. To or E A HEALTHY TONE TO THE ST"MA? h, To KREE THE BUOOU OF ITS IMPURITIES and strengthen those org lus.julivsdy by the change of the year, in a state of partial ^ecay I take nedicniM free fro,n mine'al compounds, r ot d leterious bu'strengthening. 8nch are PARRS I IU'1.' PII I M I. I. ,...1 compounded purely of veg* tables. Its celebrated aut'or, (whuw life was prolong d mr beyond that of any other imn t nee the 1'atriarchs) and who for more than a century was a cl?te and co* xMut student of the medicinal properties of plants, attained l.iaextraordinary agv b.' the judicious u>e of tini com pouud. To their superioiity, as a sal.' and and certain remrdv, both to children am4 adults over nil other vegetable medicines in me. TH'H SAN OS OK PEKSJN8 AUK CONSTANTLY TES I IK y I NO So'd by nearly all the respcct.thU Druggists in New York and wholesale by l'homas Kobe-Is it Co. 3114 Broadway, first floor. In Boston, at line Branch Office U8j ? asliingtun street, and in every part of the United States and Canada. ii lii luir GUIDE TO SOU nTTt t IiT li A DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRYI HH. A. C. CASTLE, 3S1 llkUAUWAY, corner y of WHITE STREET. has a Paste for tilling decayed hollow teeth. It can be pat into til* mo?t under teeth without any pain ?r inconvenience, with which it becomes impacted into ONK hard solid body, thus restoring and preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound and perfect in all the'> respective uses for life?preventing IN ALL CASES, the . .cessity of extraction. Ladies the mosi distinguished in society, offer their testimonials in tbe moat vivid terms, as to its efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Posi says* ?" It i? admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervom persons, and Ur.Castle operates on the teeth with great ears and ability. The New York Aurora says " It makes the teeth in all respect* perfect for life." The Sun says Dr. Castle luu obtained much celebrity for hit excellent mode of filling tht teeth." ! m most emiuent gentlemen of the Medical Kacultj have personally tried .and recommend Dr Castle's Taste foi lilliug the teeth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which put in ,th> idling tooth will effect a permanent cure. (From the Journal of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dt. A C Castle has replaced by a moat ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the upi>er and lower jaw bones shot away in the esse of Lieut. 8??, of the U. 8. N., who inet with this teriible and severe casualty, while in pursuit ol the Indiana in Florida. We have seen letters from Lieut. 8 confirmatory of this extraordinary cure aud its entire success that the loss of these important organs so skilfully replaced bi Dr. Castle ia now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on the principle ?f adhesion by atmospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the 8paniah, French and English Ambassadors, Ml Stoughton, the Smnish Consul, Hear Admiral Waltoq, Lord Morpeth, Oen. McCsrty, 0?v. Mason, Dr. K. U. Johnson, Pt??iuent of the Medical So ciety, 8. N. Y.: Mrs General Uaines, J. D. Beck, M. D ; Dr. J. A. Smith, Dr. E Delafield, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buger. Dr. J. C. Cheesman, Dr. A. H. Stephens, Dr. J. Torry, Baylies, Dr. Wa Ormyson D Derring, tu. fcc. Office Jt Rroadwav. nlfi lm*M> WONDERFUL REMEDY VIRRKY'8 TINCTURK AND LOTION OF INVIOORATION. ARUrPLY of thete invaluable nn.l evtraorilinaty remedies has been received direct 'rom Doctor Ail ian Virrev, ol Lyons. by his e*clusive American u;ent?, De Lauuey at tJr-y. mNfw York Nothing equal to ihrm has }et been uisc iverrd for removing impotency, tluor albns, nervous affections, and invigorating th> system aud reviving the decayed energies ot certain part, a fact that can In- proved by any |*rtou in ten minutes; for while nil other medicine* recommended for the 1 lineditea.<es are admitted by their inventors to l>e slow of o|>erati jii,' heTincture and Lotion of Invigoration aet at once Hnd make their effec felt in a few moment! alter they are made use of ludted th> iriinicU and wonderful actiou it tuch, that coldneat or imbteilitv cmuot reinim in lie constitution that is Duller th-ir dominion for half an hour; nor is it pottihle lor any married fem ile to use them and remain without offspring, for they immediately correct the inactivity of certain organs which in kin?ty-nine cues nut of a hundred is the cause of unfraitrulness They are also uurivalled remedies in incipient consum|>tion, dyspepsia, palpitation ol the heart nervous headache gleet tnd affections ol the kidneys, anil in all diseases produced by a nameless solitary habit, for which they are a speedy and |n*itive cure. The Tincture is taken internally and is pleasant to UM teste. the Lotion it used externally. They may be ut?d cparitrlv w ith great Ueuelit, but are mo?t effective w hen uae?l together. Price $4 a bottle, or both bottle* fur $3. N. I) ?Trrt ms living at a distance cm have these medicines sent in the lorm of two jiowdert, at ouly double ihe postage, w th fall printed directions for converting 'hem into the Tine lure and Lotion. Price $2 for one powd<r, or $J for bo'li. ( When both a ft nsel their effect it wouderiul in removing initio nice ) All remittincet matt be pott paid, aud directed to P* Launey Ik Orev, New York. Information of a delica'ennd interesting nature, which cannot be insetted in a public adve tisement, a. conn antes eoch bot, 'le aud powiler. These medicines should never he used by preg naut women, for llmreicitiug nature would be liable to pro duce abortion. Sold hy tpecitl appointment of Dfc LAUNKY k ORRY, ol7 lin?r At U l)tune tt, New York. V >RK I RNING, NOVEMBER 26, CHEAP STORE TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC. DRUGS, UYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES, fcc No. 118 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK. TOHN C. MORRISON often for nlr, on the ino?t liberal J terini, a very extenvre ainortmeut of goods, among them the following, to which he would tolicil the attention of APOTHECARIES. Opinm, Corrooiva Sublimate, Camphor, A<|ua Ammonia. Cream Tarter, Spirit* Nitre Dulrii. Caitile So?>>, Super Carbonate Soda, M'juinn -, i viaric nciu, BalianiCopaivj, Kpsom Salts, Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jalap Seuua, Aloes, Sulphate Quinine, F>1?rs. Chamomile, fc)il Peppermint, aud all Eiinl Gum Arabic, tial Oils. Castor Oil, Gum Myrhh, Quicksilver, Can than dra, Magnesia, Gum Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Flour Sulphur, Coiks of all kiuals. Alcohol, Harsaparilla, Borax, r-lined aud crude, Spoil t(ea, coarse and fine, Calomel, Druggists'Glass Ware Red Precipitate. Viala. 1-A.1NTJCRB Window glass, of all uzes aud British Lustre, qualities. Glue, all sorts, White lead, dry and in oil, Gold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, Gold and Silver Bronze, Litnarce, Copper Bronze, Spirits 1 urpentine. Chalk, white and red, Putty, Paris white, Wilting, Spanish Brown, Verdigris, dryt nd in oil,I Venetian lleil. Chrome Green, Sand Paper, Chrome Yellow, Pumice Stone, Yellow Ochre, French and Tar and Kosiu. American, Japan, copal, coach and liar' Prussian Blue, uess varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra de Sienna, Ivory Black, Red Chalk, Gum Copnt, Gum Shellac, Paiut Brushes, all sizes, Bright Varnish, Rose Pink, Sash Tools, aU sixes, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kail, Oil. Train, Winter, Liutseed, Summer strained sperm, Neatslsot, Refined, whale, Olive or Swaet, Unretiued, whale, Sea Klephant. 1 aimers', turd Oil, Sperm and Stearic Candles. DYK WOOD DKALKKS AND MANUFACTUKKRA Logwood. Rniiil Wood, Camwood, Kcd Saunders, Fustic, Hateu Wood, Nicaragua, lied Wood. Barwood, Hy|>eruic Wood, Gam Asphaltnm, Pea?h Wood. Sal Ammoniac, Ebeny Wuod. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alain, Fullers' Karth, Blur Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and French,I Copperas, hnf. and Auter. lndigoes, of Beugal, Caxract Oil Vitrol, and OuaUmila, Sugar Lead, While Tartar, Blenching Salts, Bed Tarter, Cochineal, (ilue, AquaFortis, Sumac, Nutgalls, Lac Dye, Annatto. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl A?he?, Gum Senegal, Instruct Logwood, Powdered Curcuma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue SmalU, Bi-chromate of Potash, Quercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitr? Fortis, Bum Shellac, Salt Petre, Cudbear, British (Jam, Woad, Nitric Acid and Gram and Bar Tip, Oxalic Acid. Soaps, GROCERS. Young Hyson Tea, Pepper Sauce, Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, lin|>erial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Mac*, Hytou Skiu " Indigo, Flotant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, Freiich Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottlr*, S|iauish Segan, Alcoh I, rut bjiu i rnri rtsries, r.j tinn 9am, Starch, Ciunaimtn, Lijuorice Ball, Friction Matches, B itli Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Snleratus, British Lustre, Kin Blur. Soila for washing,| Powdered Oinger Root. Mustard, London, Alum, Cayunnc Pemier, Olive oil in bottlea Ik baaketa, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutuiega, Powdered ( luu unon. Saltnetre, erode and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Aniiiswd, Nutmegs, Absyuth, Mace, Oarrayway, Clove*, Juni|*r, Cinuxmoii. Rose, Orauge tuid Teach Wa Cassia Buds, ters, Allspicit Vanilla Beaus, l<itiKla*a, Tonquin Beans, Cium Tra^acauth, Coriander Seed, Cium Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Seed, Oum (ianiboge, Anuisseed, Oil of Hoses. Juju'j? 1'as'e, IVppermint, IV.irlasli, Wiuteigreen, Salert'us, Cinnamon, 8u|>er Cirbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, fiergaiuot, Ginger, white Jatniiira, Lemon. Ginger, Ka*t India. PAPER MAKERS, IIATVERS, fcc. Bleaching Powders, \'utga|ls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vitriol, (il'ie Verdigi is, Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Call, Sal Ainmouia, Shel ac. Autimouy, Alcohnl. Sugar of Lead, Eitraci of Logwood, Aioes, Alum ?c. patent medicine dealers. Balsam of Honey, Andersoii's, Lee'i Jt Hooper's p.ii. Batrmau's Drops, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil* Seen'and Liquid, Seidliti Powders, Soda Powders. St UKhton's Bittern, Godfrey's Cordial, Extract Sarsaparilla, Anderson's Cough Drops, Cephalic Snuff, Thompson's Kye Wat?r. Chemicals of all kiud?, French, f.nglisli and American. All kind* i f Paints and Colors. Evert* description of Drugs and Druggists' Articles; and i Pa'ent Medicines, Peifumery. -oaps, itr., a general assortment All articles warranted genuine. [Ly~The most prompt attention given to orders from the couutry. n9 Imdyltwyr TO PRINTEHH. POU SALE.?Tw* founti of Tv j>e. Minion and Noop'riel A wlucli nave lieen used on the New York Herald. Apply at ihis oltice. PASM\NHER8?liomg I'om New York, Sooth or to Earnpe. that haive to lay in their p'ovisions forthe voyage, ire invited to call and purchase tliem of the subscribers, al thi'ir cheap cash store, aa they can sire from IS to 13 per cent by so doing, and get as good provisions as can Iks purchased elsewhere. Captains of vrssels and housekeepers also will be supplied with all kinds of groceries and provisions it an ei)ual savunt. wholesale or retail, at the store. No 101 South umr Kniton Market. E. S. H. HARRIS. o23 ltn*r BOAT AND OAR BAZAAR?At this establishment cant1 found every description of Boats that the ingenuity o( man can suggest. Look at whit he lias done and theu judtf* of what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, vi* The Swifisure, ol Vewfoundlanu: the sixteen foot sailiuir llinkv Troubles the Komi|> of Hurlgnte, ami the faul Pry. The row row boats Henry Stark, wliich won i<9 races in II months, lie noble Cimhria; the G. W. Chapman: the forty foot racei for the United State* ship Ohio; the barge Kinpress lor Florida, '.lie brass mounted (is Neptune for Tampico Bay , and a hoit o' ither? equally great OARS, SWKKPSAND SCULLS?IJO 000 feet on hand, tlso2.U0U feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This uew branch of hia buituema la truly worthy of attention ? Look at the (>rices, only thr*? and four pen re a foot. All tlx iculls for raciug Jreiicd by the proprietors own hands. Tho?< that won ih# last race can uow be it-en at his office. Hiit> Opals always on hand. Visit his Bazaars if you desirea treat All work delivered free of charge C. L. INOK.RSOLL, "6.406 and 414 Water nod 141 Cherry streets?sole proprietor nr94 Jm*r \A7 Al'l. HfcS.? J he largest aou most tpleuJid assortment oi " Watches in tlie city, is to be found it th? subscriber's.? \s he is constantly receiving all descriptions of (Jnld and Silrer Witches, of the newest stvles, direct from the inanufac cur-rs, in Knglaiid, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled U> offer a larger assortment, and at much lets prices, at retail, thai ?ny other home in the city. Oold watches as low as f JO to tf Mcli Watches and jewellery eichanifrd or bought. All ?itches warranted to keep good time, or Oie money returned. Watdies, clocks and jewellery reiinmd in the hem maanei. it i warranted lowvr 'han at any other place in the city (i. C. ALLKN, importer of watches and jewellery, ,? ? 1 m r \l/k?ll..l. ...I 1? llf.ll TO THK PUBLIC ? 1 nn TO ^OT0 _Mr- Emncia II Crump, Witch Maker I yJyJ 24R (ir.uid atreet, bega to inform lu> friemla ami the .ilMic, that independent of the Watch buaineaa, he i? prepared o make advance* iu caili on gold anil ail ver watchea,diamond*, nlvi'r ten aet?, apoona forka, and every drarription of xold or lilver iu any ahape, int-mied for immediate aale. Cash to an) irainut paid for old gold and ailvOr. Watches of every d?icription repaired and warranted. Hi Omnd ilrwt II 3m*r PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. THE SUBSCRIBERS offer, with full confidence la it* utilitv and aaefulnesa, the above named article. Thu irticlr is intended to brace the ahoiilder*. aupport the back, and Tpand the cheat, living a graceful outline to the figure, and III be found iiiaiapenaable to mm of nedentary habita Pari nt.i and tuardiana are particnUrly requested to eiamiua Una irace; it will be found to poaaeaa every requiaite ajualiry fot .vhicn it ia recommended, namely?to brace the ahuuldera of liildren and othera who have acquired ohe habit of atooping, itul retain their form in an upright poaitiou. They can be worn vitli perfect eaae, being formed with an elaatic bark, and will >e I'ound of no imiieJiinent to the tree uae of the arma Th. uiliacribera alao offer their celebrated Elaatic Spring, Ruaaia ni iliiling Belt. The. above articlea are manufactured under th> lie l>u?tiie*a fur the lut aixteen years, and may he de|>en<letl 01 it superior to any article effer offered for the itmr po potr Sold wholesale aud retail at thi* old establishment of PAK8ELLS fc AH ATE, tV Broadway, corner of Park Fine*. N. B?Ladies will be supplied and lilted by calling at th< retidence of MADAME PAhSKLLS, 401 Greenwich street Sxwm H>ih?r? and Ik atr??? nM 2m*in ~~ J? SOKlA'3 CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. \f It SOUIA heft leave respectfully to inform his friends and the I'nblic id reneraj that owing to the ilnimM state of the times, he has reduced bu price 13 per cent below the re*n lar eharite*. bodies wishing their snmmer drrim, shawls, he. dved oi .'rejji'd, will fiud it much to their advantage by paying him ? riait. <>eutiemen will alio do well to call with such irticlei >f wearing apparel as may need dyeing or preatinc. All orden vill be punctually attended to, and tne articles done up in th. at style at Soria's establishment, No. 490 Pearl it Mia branches ire at No til Bh-ecker at.. No 3)2 Bowery, and 167 Grand at. Alto a branch at 19 Knlton >t. Brooklyn, anc it Newark, N. J., corner of Broad ?t, aud YVashington Place. Merchants can hare all kin -la of goods dy??l and put up u> tiieirorigiual forma, and on moderate terms. Principal office4M f'.aarl at auJ0 1m*e? I AKU~7ifl kegs Prime Leaf l.ard, in rery tupcuor order I J Also, 7 barrels No 2. For sale by 17?? E. K. CULLl.N3.fc CO - *.?outh tu IERA 1843. Mt-raplila, Tciiii. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Memphis, Term., Nov. 2, 1MM Spiritual Mitten?Cotton Truth-?Mi! it in 'l\umiiifT?Music?Conctrt?Daiulia?La diet? LapDogt? Hum bugg. UEAIl UENNETT? Besides the promise made you in my last, i have other inducements to contiaue my correspondence. The great interest that "Charley" has awakened in the circles of the fair sex, is no Mattering to his feelings, that lie feels encouraged, notwithstanding the contempt affected by the would-be-considered nice, in still contributing his mite lo the umusement of the numerous readers of your valuable paper, and at the same time, witli the best of feelings towards all parties, "shoot folly as it llies." Matters spiritual should have our tirst attention; and to convince the Rood people of our little city that we have ever in our mind this great and important duty, we proceed to give you information front our principal churches. The Episcopalians have opened their new church with a sermon by their bishop, Otey. Whether or not it was spiced by his usual illiberal denunciations against other denominations, we ui'e unable to say, as we did not attend; for we should confess in bold language that we anticipated the neglect of the beautiful sisters of Faith and Hope, and religiously kept aloof. The Methodists, the largest and noisiest denomination we have among us, are loo much engaged in rearing up their beautiful building to pay as much attention to their shouting business us to attract attention from our pen. The Presbyterians have quarrelled with their naison, and been behaving very bad for the last few mounts. .mhuuiii nuinor asserts tnat inert: win be n split in the church, which will make another "hynath" to bewilder the poor sinner in his search for tne right way. The Catholics have with them at present their very talented and amiable bishop. He has been confined to bis room by indisposition the principal part of the time he has been here, bavins as yet been able to preach but once, when we had the pleasure of hearing him. llis discourse was upon Christian Charity, a subject upon which our clergy appear to have very little knowledge. We sincerely nope, for the honor of the "sacred desk," that it may for the future have from them more attention, both in practice and theory. The " snowy staple" of our State is coming to market very fast, giving to all classes of our citizens a great deal of business. Tt is commanding a price that very well remunerates the planter for Ins labor. A great many buyers are here from .New Orleans, thus taking much of the legitimate business from our enterprising commission merchants. The principal streets of business are literally crowded with dry goods, and notwithstanding this, we frequently hear our principal merchants regret that they did not make larger purchases whilst at the north. The mechanics, too, are all busy, engaged at the highest prices, and "the young giant of the west" has on his seven league boots, milking rapid strides towards wealth nnci importance. Some few weeks since we hud a great farce enacted in our neighborhood, viz:?a grand militia muster. It was the first time we ever saw one in the state mid to take it altogether was the richest affair of the kind we ever witnessed- The brave militia were received by their Brigadier General, who, bye the bye, is said to bear a strong resemblance to Napoleon Bonaparte. The litree wound up by a speech from the General, which was in excellent keeping with the performance of the militia. We have, as yet, no theatre here this season,and we know of no place, in the whole country where u small company, possessing respectable talents, would he heller supported. l>o try and prevail upon some of your actors, who are perhaps doing little or nothing in your city, to pack up and pay us a visit; we feci assured that a theatrical corps here, in the hands of a compcteut,mauager, must certainly make money; our citizens are generally tasty and great lovers of the drama. Last evening we attended the concert given by the friends of the Kpiseopal Church, for the purpose of calling in the aid of the citizens in purchasing an organ for the new church. To say that we were highly pleased at the performance would be to tell no less than truth; but if it. be more expressive, we do not hesitate to avow that we were delighted. It was under the management of Messrs. Barbiero and Miller, two gentlemen eminent in the profession of the "divine art;" ihey were assisted hv several ladies and gentlemen, as amateurs. It would indeed almost seem invidious in us to particularize, so excellent was the |>erfonnance; yet we acknowledge our decided preference to vocal music. We hope that it will not he considered ill-natured for us to award the palm to the young lady who sang the songs selected for the evening. We have never heard without the walls of the opera house tier voice excelled, and but rarely, even in that "home of the singer," any that came so near our conception of perfection. She was much indebted for its fine efh.f.t in., ti tln> In Mr Miller's :olliiirnlile performance upon the piano. Mons. Rarbiere's finest strokes upon tl??- guitar wi re completely lost to fts, from the circumstance of our happening to l>e seated in the neighborhood of a number of ladies nnd gentlemen who manifested much greater pleasure ut hearing eaeh other talk than any of the performers could afford thern; hut pshaw! what spirited gentleman, partjculurly one that has a high opinion of his conversational powers, would not rather hear himself talk than merely listen to a man endeavoring to make music hy thumping upon the strings of a guitar. We could see the rnotionsof our favorite musician, and well do we know, from former experience, that music came at his hid. The audience at the concert was composed of the elite | of the city, und would hear a comparison, for its refinement and decorum, with any in the world, it is true that we have among us a distinct set of j beings, who hang upon society, and are sometimes noticed hy our first ladies (we suppose for their "lap doc'' docility,) called "dandies;" some of them made their appearance last evening as usual, among their betters. They differ here somewhat from your Broadway dandy, more resembling the ape, tnan the real animal; they answer also diftercut purposes; the hair is, as usual anions the class, dressed very sleek, and the ladies, with their usual mercy, tax them, as they do all the weaker creatures, hut very lightly, ror instance, when a lady becomes tired of her bouquet, if she is at all popular, she has one of those handy creatures at her side, and thrusts it into his hand, lie is verv proud oi the honor; und, after this, you will see liim standing in the most prominent part of the concert room, ffrin???fnllu 1rflrtn 111 ncr t)w /?*! / #? tif ? niunti. I ,.rnr._ merit. The coneerl was the fir^f fashionable assemblage we have attended since our last; audit is with pleasure we notice a decided improvement in the ! dress of the Indies. The hair on this occasion was dressed with that symulicity that betokens the finest taste, and the head altogether was divested of that vulgar finery that distinguishes lh? character ot tlie old woman in " 11 una y Andy." Besides this great improvement, we take great pleasure in announcing the decline of hustles. We confess, though we do not know, that ourselves are justly entitled to the credit of first givinga veto to this stern mandate of fashion. <!|ad, indeed, are we though, whether this he the case or not, that thev seem willing to return to the "modesty of nature.1' The commissioners, appointed by government for the survey of our harbor, to ascertain its fitness for i Naval depot, have finished their labor, and leave us with a favorable report Tin re can lie now rn> doubt but that the work will be placed here ; and they give us another claim to your notice. li was our intention to give the ladies our particular attention in this; but having been absent from town for several weeks, we mi sued opportunities of observing them as much as we desire ; besides, they are so curious that they might take, offence at <ome of our rough attempts at description; and from i woman's tonrue, the gods' defend Yot*R OftARI.RY. iVW u,.? I lit* incifpfnucnrf nuiicu ymrruay morning for Boston to be laid up. The Pioneer, Lieut. T. I?. Shaw, has arrived at Norfolk from Baltimore, where she w ill undergo repairs, and probably he lengthened about 20 feet, and otherwise improved. Weighty Grano Ji ay.?Sheriff Burnet, of this county, signalized the close of his late otticinl term (dhlinguished throughout by unswerving fidelity.) by -ummoninK a Grand Jury of peculiar weight and charac'r.r. Ueing all great men, it was found thut the atffregate weight of the 'JO members was Ibi.. which ?howi an average of KKt lbs. They were quite as venerable lor age, too. as for weight, their united ages being l.uM years, showing an average of over.VJ year*. It Is not to l?' wondered at that stich a jurj should have found 36 bills,or that tlio bills should nil have been sustained by the court. Jitwtirk .Iditrliitr, Nov. 94. LD. Price Two C?nli. Hlo (tr Janeiro. [Cormifionilpnrv n( the Herald.) kio de jant.ihd, s? pt. i?, 1843. Full Particular* of the Marriage ,if the F.myeror? J1'spy'* Theory proved?Fallot Ruin. iii? Tin* li.ii time J wrote you, which wan troin thiH >.l. uiiuku ulni'H I linn iff* n nrniinw tr. furnish you with h description of all the doings upon the occasion of the marriage of Don Pedro, Emperor of ilie Biuzils, to the Pnncem Theresa of Naples A lew hours before sunset, on the evening of Sunday, Sept. 4, a large and taunt Brazilian frigate (huiIt in Baltimore for this government, and without exception the best appointed vessel hi their service) bearing the Hag of Hear Admiral Taylor, and containing the person of the future, entered ihe Imrlior, escorted by a Brazilian frigate and corvet in am! .1 Neapolitan line of battle ship, two laru?* frigates and a corvette. The n.|umlii>ii hud been signaled in the morning, and all hands inside were accordingly on the alert, anil a soon as the frigate, containing the empress or nrmct s l?-t go her anchor, the vessels of war in the harbor, including the squadron just arrived, and .ill the forts, blazed away in peilect agony. Such anoihi-r din I never before heard, neither dn 1 expect to hear such again. There were then lying in tlir harbor one American line of battle ship, one American schooner of war, one British frigate, one sloop of war, one steamer, two brigs, anuone schooner of war, one Danish brig, one Portuguese corvette, one Brazilian frigate, three corvettes, and innumerable smaller craft. You may imagine what a racket all these created; all hand* firing by one signal. It is an actual fact that the concussion was so great as to cause rain to fall immediately afterwards, the ?un shining bright and clear m the meantime. What has Espy to say to miss At sunset a salute was fired from the navy yard, which announced to the initiated that the Emneror was afloat; about fifteen minutes afterwards, liis barge came out of tin- Mercantile Harbor, and the Emperor made his appearance among the men of war in the outer harbor, pulling for the ship containing his heart's delight. The vessels of war manned yards, saluted, and cheered, as he passed them. The Emperor remained on board until late in the evening, and received ii<> honors upon returning to the navy yard. This closed the proceedings for that (luy. On the following morning, information was given to the different scpridroiis, that the Emperor would visit his intended, that she would disembark, and that the marriage ceremony would take place. Ahout 1'2 M. n salute from the Naval Depot announced that the cavalcade, or more properly the bo tcade were in motion. This was the signal for one rouud of blank cartridge from every Rraziliero in port. About half an hour afterwards the barges made their appearance in the mai>-of-war harbor, and T must confess that il was the most brilliant display of barges I everbehejd. First came as pioneers, about twenty large Brazilian and Neapolitan manof-war boats, two abreast, each with an appropriate ensign and pennant flying; next came a new barge built expressly for the purpose of disembarking the Princess, and the most magnificent specimen of a boat you can imagine, nulling seventy-five oars, each oarsman splendidly dressed in a fancy costume of colored satin. Next came the Emperor and his ' 1 ' ?I l.-J I ...U.?l. SISier JcillUHIl, ill inn firuuiu utiipci-. milt ii iiuu been refurnished and decorated for the occasion, pulling forty oars, and steered as usual bv a Brazil inn Admiral. Next eame a number of "bunts containing the F.mperor's household, and the procession tailed off with innumerable Brazilian und Neapolitan boats of all sizes and shapes. The young Duke of Tuscany, brother to the Princess Theresa, and 1st Lieutenant of the Wopolitan seventy-four, acted as Marshal. The ships of war manned yards, and saluted, as a matter of course, upon the rJmpeperor's appearance among us. The Kmperor went on board the frigate, handed his future wife and her maids of honor into their appropriate barge, siepped into his own and shoved on tor the shore. I'roin this time until H o'clock, 1\ M. the nitn-ofwarkept upn continual banging, barely giviugthemselves time to re-load. The royal couple landed at the Navy Yard amid a blaze of artillery. They proceeded in separate carriages through all the principal and very dirty streets to the palace ; thence they proceeded on foot to the Imperial Chapel, winch was open to die public and crammed to suffocation; here they were made one by the Lord High Bishop of Brazil. The young Kmperor looked taller, thinner, and much innnlier than when 1 last saw him. Hit* bride is a coniclv, and rather handsome girl. I should presume about twenty years of age. The Kmperor was dressed in a neat uniform, as a colonel of the guards?a star anil cross of very large diamonds upon his left breast. The Kmpress was very plainly attired in a dress of white lace over white satin, and her hair parted plainly in front, and secured by a single band of diamonds frcin Brazilian mines. The Kmperor's sister and the Duke of Tuscanv were present; the latter in his appropriate uniform as a lieutenant in the navy. They left the chapel, were escorted through the streets, and out to their country palace by about five hundred carriages, containing the nobility and gentry of the country. The royal pair again entered the city on the Hth, held a levee, reviewed the troops, and in the eve a... .1 ^l..i.;, .1...., Ill III: V I .*? M '"I I III*" UK (I l If-, iw v.wmvii i lie II I?/T I" I sons to the multitude there and thru assembled; about 10 o'clock they left the theatre. On the i:itli they niiule another visit to the city pnlace.and held ii second levee. It ruined iill day, and I did not go ashore on this occasion. They were expected to exhibit themselves iri the nublic street*, Imt the ruin spoiled that port of tne play. The Brazilians anpear very much reioiced tliHt young Pedro has tiiKeii to hitriFcIl a wife. They have a number of very magnificent arches over some of the principal streets; these arches are transparent, and are splendidly illuminated. The principal one, over the Hue Dueiia, is lighted with 2>MK) large lamps. There is music stationed in the arches every evening. The band from the Columbus and the N'capohtans, have been loaned for the occasion. To-niuht is the last night of the illumina lions, and the excitement is gradually wearing away. J. " V * t M.W IMM.KJJ. ,'V llinil IIUIIM U >111111011 ntiddiiii near New Market. in Henrico county, on Monday, by n Mr. Johnston. J. and 8. married sisten-iome diifc ciilty Inn! occurred between them, and on Monday, 9 ?lio* w as a quarrelsome person, went to the field where J. was ?t work, and there made a violent assault upon hitn I. refuted to ti^ht with him, mid w ent to the house to wash the blood from hit* face, produced by the Mows he had re reived S, went home and put on a clean shirt, and then returned to J's house, and made a desperate assault upon Mr*. J. with a heavy hickory stick, evidently with the purpose of murdering her. Hit husband hearing her cries of murder, rnn to the honse, and on his way to the room w here his wife was, picked np his gun, an<f on entering the chamber where Salmon was heating her, he tired .it him and shot him just below the heart. 8. how ever, pursued J. out of the house and about fifty vards farther, with his club, before he fell. He expire) in a few minutes, Mrs. J. followed mid found his ciotbes on fire, so near wm the weapon to his person. N had been drinking, and probably was infuriated hy the liquor and passion when he made the assault upon fii? own sister. He burst open the door of the honse, when he entered it. and beat her so dreadfully as to break her arm in three places, and w hen she endeavored to close with him, he rhoaked her violently. The unfortunate man has left a wife, a most estimable woman, and several children ? Johnson was of course considered perfectly juitifiabln, and was not arrested Richmond Star, ,Vui 33. Fai.i, of Vm n t i\ Maine.?A singular .in<i unfortunate circnniHtiince occurred in ourcity on Monday night. On Tuesday morning then- was foiirul upon a I wharf near the toll bridge. a woman's entire clothing and I several lock* of linn, These artkle* ivcre nuun identified is belonging t.> Merry A. Worthing, a jcirl about eighteen year* of aife, and it ? an supposed thai she had, in an evil anil hitter hour, committed the enoruiou* crime of sell destruction. From certain eircnmatances. tuch at her having been teen in company with a familiar acquaintanee hy the name of Snowden. a sailor. he having taken u ahirt from hi* clothe* bar in 'he evening, the lock* of hair indicating that ull the hair had been cut from her head, and Snowden'a disappearance, it is aunposed that *h? na* timed the irarb of a *nilor, and has abandoned home and friend*, and virtue, for a bleak and viciou* vovage on the tempest of life. Such a course mint inevitably bring with it a daily and hourly punishment, and it molt likely to end in ?pen disgrace, degradation and ruin.? Whif, Not M. _ A rm v I \ rt: f.r-1< i k vc k.?A|>poi ntn i< n I, Novemb?*r ll_Alextindfr 8. WethersiHion, of New York, to bean Atsitfant Surgeon. Resignation*. October 31?A?sfotant Surgeon William Mritflt; S. F.lbert Muse. 1st Lieu tenant 1st infantry, to take effect March I, 1844; K H. Kacit, 9nd Lieutenant 3rd infantry, to take effect December.11. 1843. Rimscr, S? nvn t ?Order*, November 33 <"*?ptiin Thomas C. Rudolph, to relieve ( aptain M Connor, in command of the New-poit nation. and Captain Connor to await farther order* The warrant of Wm. Biatel, gunner, revoked. 'A PISHONHST Posstmastkr PfNisiren.?E. A. Crandnll, PiMttnafter at Cninnk, Geo., has been convicted of l.ikniK mone* from .i letter directed to Je**c Hicketson. Cama'i, Oeorgia, ami sentenced to ten year* hard labor in the state Priwu

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