Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 31 ".?Whole No. 3337. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published ever)- day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 26 p?r bji num?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6.} cents per copy, or $3 12 per annum? postage* paid, cash in advance. ADVHT13EK8 are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city or the world, and it, therefore, the lie*t channel for Lusinets men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant atyla. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnopnikTOK or Tilt Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nastnu streets FOIt MARSK'L.LE''?Packet for Ut December? MHln^Tlie ship MINERVA, Cuptaiu Brown. For freight Hlflbiir for |>a?sage, apply to LAWRENCE & PHELPS. or to BOVO U HINCKEN, Agents. nl9 r No. 9 Tontine Undoing, cor. Wall and Water stsJQ |*J- PACKKT l' i >I ' ItKIS'i'OL?With immediate MHRVy.IVvpnich?The well known fait sailing bark COM>MMK*MO. Ca|t Onta-rbridgn, will meet with immediate dMnatcti for tlie above port. She has giod accommodations for cabin, second cabin and MMMI Mam. xhoU about going to the old country will find tliis a desirable oppoiInnuy. Application wiihout delay should be made to W. U J. T. TAPSCOTT, n25 r 43 Peck ilip. corner South street. XAjt KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New WK3NrW York Line?Positively First Regular racket, 10 viil JiMMBfathe 301 h Nov.?The fast sailing p-ck t ship LOUISVILlE, Capt. M. Hunt, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS t CO., iti South street. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans. Hullin k. Woodruff, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The packet bar<|ue Genesee, Capt. Misott, will succeed the Louisville, and sail the 10th Dec., lier regular day. o2.'i )t FOR APALACH1COLA?'To sail on or before |f?jy.the Ut December?The. ship 8I1.VANUS JKN ttabM^S, N. W. Eveleigh. muter, will be despatched with such freight as may offer prior to the 28th mat For freight or passage, apply to the captain on hoard, at pier No. 5 North River, or to BOYD 8c HINCKEN, ii 19 r 9 1 online Building, cor. Wall a?d Water sts. FOR SALE?The "banjue"DlIC D'OKLEANS, '""then SIO tm;?, register; buiit in Bristol, Maine, iu JmUHCvIB II. double deck, coppered and copper fastened. I II feet lon?, 27 fe^t beaui, G fiwt between decks, IJ feet hold, will be sold as soon as the cargo is discharged. Lays at Judd's wharf. Apply on hoard, or to BOYD fc HINCKEN. n!2 ec No 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water sis. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m m. &h m Tlir undermentioned shi|>s will b? regularly dispatched from hence en t tie 1st, and from Marseilles ou the 5Cl> of each moulli during the year as foll?w? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec.! Feb. 5 TREB('OTT.Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March I. May 5 CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, Apr.l 1. June 5 They are all copperM and copper fastened, and have excellent accommodations (or passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines and liquors. (ioou* addressed to the agents, BOYD fc HINCKEN, will be furwarued free of other charges than those actually l>aid. F?r frelent or passage apply to LAWRENCE & FIIELPS 103 Front street or to BOYD fc HINCKEN, Agenu, mJfir No 9 Tontine Buildings. P'Oll LIVERPOOL?Packet of'St of December? WfSwVThe splendid well known and magnificent ship RAPSHbu AHANNOCK, 1?00 tona.Cant Druinmond,? ill sail pu?ii<tMy as abo*e, her regubr day. She his eicvllent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger*, the com) cabin and steerage being iu houses on deck.Thoie about viaiting til? old country will find the Happahamioc* a moit desirable conveyance. Jor ratstge earl* application should b? made on board, at pier M East River, foot of Wall street, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck sl.p, n25r corner South street. KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New WjCTWYork Line?Positively First Regular Packet to sail jikSflM'he 30th Nov.?The last sailiug packet shipLOUlSVILLE, Capt. II. Hunt, will positively tail as above, lier regular day. F it Ireight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, ' 1 E. K. COLLINS fc CO, 56 South street. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet barque Ommff, Capt Mirot, will succeed the Louisville, and Mil the iflth Dec. her regular day n2Cr ttfifc" ' "OR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.-Regnlar UnK?V Packet of 25th December.?The splendid packet SIDDONS, Capt. K. It Cobb, of 1000 ton?. will Mil an above,her regular day. V or freight or |ussage, having accommodations unequalled for uplendor or comlort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. Price of Passage, $75. 56 South treat. The packet ?hip Sheridan, Capt. Denevster, of 1000 tons, will succeed the biddons and sail the 25ill January her regular day. ..... I .venters may rely ui-on the ships of this line sailing punc tually vi advertised. n26 ~ SlTNHUMBUO 8TORE!?LIVE ANl' LET LIVk.!?At the old exc usive Boot Store, No. M4 Chatham sneer (where the odious practice of eal iug upon . crsous pasting the store is not tolerated), ran be obt lined Water Proof Hoots manufactured in this C'ty of thr best time ial. and warrant d at prices ranging from three to five d liars, being m ine two dollars Hwer in price than is generally obtained (quality cous'deied) in ttiis city. n26 5w*r BOOTS AND SHOES.?WILSON k. JOHN nSPWSON, Successors to John Hatchings, deceased Ante on hand and for sale, from the best manufactories in tke country? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boy* IN " Fine " " " iroo Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine Slippers. 1000 " Children's Shoes, varions colors. MO " Womeus and uiisses Gaiters. 1000 " Iudia Kubbers, tmnmed and plain. Eor sale in lots to suit purchasers, at tlieir store. 120 CHATHAM STREET, opposite Row vnlt N. B ?The store being open until 1# o'clock iu the evening, gives country merchants an opportunity to examine goods at ttieir leisure, ojl lm*r PARIS BOUTS ANu LASTS'MADE TO ORDER, By E SUSER, P5 Bsosuntr, (B <s? mk*t.) One rfoor from Courtlandt >tre t E. SUSER, Bootmaker and Maker of I.asts, an 'Klve" of Clercx of Pari*, begs leave to inform trieii'ls and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "cbao?s??re that tie can now make, in New Vork, with the best 1 tn.iterials, all that is so par'ectly made iu Paris by Uis i i, ;lie celebrat-d Kootm\ker Clerce, whose numerous cu? -rt un this side of the Atlantic, are respectfullv invited t" trv Super's Boots and La?ts, before they despair of being "chausses" in Mew Yoik. after the uices latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. n2l lm*m _ BOOTS.?Water proof, double and cork soles. French and native calf and patent screw taps; warranted good fine calf boots for men, beys, and children do, coarne water boo's, aad shoes of all sorts and sixes. N. B ? Ladies, misses and children's gaiter boots, shoes and buskins, double and single soles, and of every color and shade. Ladies. Oeuts, IV.isses, and Child'en's waterproof India Hi her over >hoes, of the latest style, all of which will be sold cheaper than at any other store iu this city. J. S. WALKER, <19 Broadway, nl4 lm*m corner of Canal ?t. ROOTS ROOTS AND SHOES. cheaD. and ^^Pli^cheaper than ever yet oflVred in this city. A very large assortment of geuts'single and double soled water proof Pouts. French and native calf, city made and warranted, for the low price of Si to $6 |>er pair, and a never failing mpply oftlucV Boot* anil Shoes for men, boy? and children; ladies','missis' nun children's (iaiU'r Boot*, Buskins, Slipiwri and Tie*, of .ill lite different kind* and most ftshitmable stylet. There is'Moc casins and all the different kinds and fashionable styles'of India Knbber over Shoes, for gentlemen. ladies, missss and children in creat abundance, and cheap, wnich the subscribers would solicit th'ir friends and the public to call and diamine then stock, u it is of the best materials, and principally city made at their large establishment, 253 (ireenwich street, corner ol Murray St. j>?7 Irn rc WRIGHT, ( ALMOI N St CO. MRS. CARROLL'S MKOICATRD VArOR BATH* 21 ( onrtlandt street, are a sale, certain, and speedy cure loi convhs, colds, soie throat, swelling of the gland*, rheumatism, stiffness of ihe joints, ague and fever. Onen fiom t> A. M. ti II ? P. M. Sulphur Baths require one boor s notice. i.2i 6;r r? NEW STYJ.K OK CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS The subscriber has a large and beautiful assortment ol <>enllemeu'a and Boys Caps, of the late.t fashion, which he will sell as cheap as any other establishment in this city? ninong which may lie found gentlemen's cloth, velvet, a aew style of glared, and line otte> caps. Also on band a large supply of mole skin, silk and for hats, of a beaiiiiful finish, lor sale low Fancy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, a Urge assortment of Muffs and Fur Trimmings for sale at very low pric?s. N. B?'The Caps of the subscriber took the pn>oiiuu at (he Ule Fair of the American Institute. WiVI. BROWN, nS lm*ee 126 Chatham st, oppositt Roosevelt. GENTLKVUN'3 FUKNISUINU STOKE, 89 MAIDEN LANE. /"\TER Coau, from * to $12 U Sack*" to I Frock Coats 10 to H Uri-aa m: i.. i? i> P?nU 3 to I Vr?U 2 to I All mode of tlie brat materiala, and cat in the modern style Over Coat? made find trimmed ham >8 00 to f 10 Ot I'nnts And Vests ditto 1 50 to 1 7f i'er*ont furuishiiiK their own materials c<ui ilr|>?ud upon hav ing thein inidf in the best milliner. shirts made up to ord?r alter tlie latrst and most approved Kreuch pattemi. Under K<,rmeuta of all descriptions constantly ou hand. (ilevea, Hosiery, Cravats, Scarfa, Snapendei*. tec. o29 lm*ec W. COLLINS. pOMfORTABLKH KOH BKD8V lat ai/.e for CoU. 2it do single Beda 3d dn doable Bedi. 4th do large daub ? Bed?. The sabsrriber haa rereived an additional anpply of the altovr. all of which are warranted well and atrongly made, aud tilled with pure clean cotton,eauled eipressly for theaeComfortables Kor aale in ipiantitiea or an gly, at law prices, and no abaleinrnt made theti fium. Sent to any part of the citv. TtlOMAS TATE, N?. 76 Canal street, eon er liirene Alan, 500 Comfurtablri, single, made of imperlect prim*, at f I each. Alan, 500 Comfortablas, double, made of imperfect prints, at $1 2S each- n25:u*ric j^a( ks lacks k , 1 la*r? ' u Catherine ?i. E NE NE BROUGHT TO THE STABLE of John Pat/WV^ t?n, 140 Liberty street, on Wednesday. No*. 22d, a .BLIND CHESTNUT HORSE ANl) GHOCER WACiOON. The owner is requested to call, |>ay rxpeuMis, and laht them away. n2* 31* r ~ PRKMIUM HAW ANl) GAPS (I SUPERIOR Moleskin, Notria and Silk Hats, Cloth d^?and Velvet Caps of the subscriber'i manufacture. A di ploma *11 awarded by the American Institute, at the late Fair in this city for beautiful specimens of Moleskin Hats; and a diploma was also awarded for superior specimens of cloth and velvet caps. On hand a lame assortment of hats and caps. Persons iu want of articles iu his line, are respectfully solicited to favor him with a call. , WILLIAM BANTA, No. <-aual at, comer of vVooster street, oil lm*m and No. I3<l Chatham street IK* DIINI.Ar Si CAHM AN, 63i Bmodway, cor. BleeckKp| " stmt, offer for sale, ou reasonable terms, a large colfJm*. Irction of Plants for parlor or conservator). consisting ofCemetias iu every varietv, t.'hiyaothecrarus, Chinese Azalias, Orange mid Lemon trees, Rhododendrons, iiionjily aud otuer Rosea, Oetus, Pittsosporums, Cape Jtwsininejt Salvias, Stevias, Geraniums, Sic (kc., together willi a choice assort meut of Hyacinth and other bulbs. Bulb (Classes, Flower Clauds, Gold Fish a"d (ilobes, Birds and I afies. Fresh nnsorted vegetable and (lower see^s ofevery description. DollijUrU Clillipoi"!! Ul < .illli liaj ttnu Ulliri miMti- iiunria >< bridal and othei parties U*twfu)l y arranged. All orders prompt lyeiecuted 1114 2w?r EMPORIUM OH' CHINA, til. ASS, He., No. 7 S.itli Ave une, oppos'te Amity strret.?furcliasera winhiug to supply themselves with the ;tb?>v? articles, air roinested to call before purchasing th-ir Christmas .mil Nfw Year'* stock. N. 11. A choice collection of Chrysanthemums in blotm, Jiarlcr Hants, and Dutch Dulboui lioots fur sale at unusually ow prices. u2l lw?ec UNJTJii) STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham itrccl, A'tie For* And 116 Pulton street, Brooklyn. "AmtNcr, 318 Bl?.u:kkr, |W HOLK8ALK AND UETAIL, HMIB CANTON TliA COMPANY coutiuue to offer foi sale new an J fragrant Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially include* the most delicious and powerful grades of Oretn and Black. livery package bear* the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light. and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting Dusiuess is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon lite utmost regard to the rights of the customer, especially with respect to weight and quality, and uurirailed cheapness. All purehasers are called u|>on to return any articles which lail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which the mouey will be cheerfully and promptly rrfunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, aud shipmasters will find it a decided advantage to supply tliemselvea from this establishment. Uenuimk Java Coffee roasted every day. Orders from all parts of the United Suites executed with promptitude and despatch. C ,/* The ouly warehouse ia America for the sale of Hounit . ? celebrated HUeW Tea nW ! m* in A. A. SAMANOS, NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 2119 BROADWAY, COHNUll OK 1U.AUK Sthkkt, HAS JUST RECEIVED, i?er ship Cristoval Colon, an iuvoice of the celebrated Woodvifle brand of Sruars, consisting of Regalias and Medium size, and tin Lord Byron pajwr Imui, IN STORE, . All the various sizes and choice qualities of the most celebrated brands of Rrgars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different Tori of Havana K'-galias and medium size. Seguiidad, medium size. Justo Saw 7.Prmci^pe. Large aud small \ ara of St. .Jago. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of diffctrnj qualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of IWUlimore German Smoking Tobacco of diffeient qualities. The celebrated Natchitoches Snuff ol New Orleans, together with all the fancy Scuffs of the cay. Pa|>er Seira s of (Hrcia, Perez, Lara, Lord Byrou, *c. Gerin>ti Pijies; Cherry Turkey Pipe Ste us. Pointed, Spuuk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment ol Segar Caes, Snuff Botes, tic. Baas for tving Segars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of feredat wholesale and retail. n'3 lm*r " SEGAR8! SEGARS! SEGARS! DM. HENRIQUES, No, St William street, respectfully informs frie ds aud the public*geuerally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice brands of Segars, for sale wholesale and retiil:? King and Queen Regalia, La Norma, Rionda, Cabanas, Esparteros, Nouegas, Yngenindad, La Klorinda, (a new braud.) De Moya, Panetelas, in 1-8 and l-10th hoies. Princi|??, of various qualities. Esperansas, Lextlaaes, Cabslleros, aud numerous oiher brands, well worthy the attention of the public. Any segars purchased at lhi> isMDiiinment, u not liked, will b" tahen back at any time and the money returned. Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasiug elsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. 11I8 lm COFFEE. WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, No. 64 Barclay street, Naur Greenwich. New York. pONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, Green, Roasted v and Ground Coffers; Ground Pepper, Cinnamon, Alspice, Ginger, Cloves, Mustard, Mace, Nutmegs, &c. Coffee Roasted and Ground for Grocers, at the shortest notice J. C. K1NNER. (TT" Goods sent to any |?ri of the city free of expense, nil lm*m PARR'3 PILLS. TO THOSE WHO 8UFKER from complaints peculiar to the MRST COMMENCEMENT OF WINTER In 110 season does the blood and secretions of the human system undergo more striking changes th?n in the fill ol the year, and especially the commencement of winter. If we turn to nature, the chances in the vegetable world are found to be not only sTikii glv analogous, but t' have a strong intlueuce on the healthy or diseased condition of 'he body From the decay of autumn, and the morbid and deith 1 ike s'ate of winter, the human system is also lor a per od nffrcud by a similar leelinz, arising from the aCtlun ot a temporary decay, adapting itself to the same laws that govern inanimate nature This renders the use o< some simple medicine fe?pecially to those of a slender consti'ution) ol absolute importance?for this is the time to assist nature with a medici e to cieanse, and at the same time trengtheu the powers of the vital organs. Of the fuuctumi necessary to be cleansed and invigorated, none have a more in imate c uueiioo than the stomach and liver. The presence ol food in the stomich, and the healthv operation of the )ige?.ive pjw?r?, furnish trie only uatural stimulant to the liver; but whenever th- coa'ings of the form t bee 1 me we>k and morbid, the bile is improperly serreted, and dis< ase ol the liver and generally unhealthy state of the dites five orp ins supertene. in mi* swe many |>*rsoni hv 10 caiomri for relief. Such treatment especially at t .i? s?ason of the year, IS IMBIBING FATAL CONSEQUENCES, b* invariably " old, followed by rheumatism of the wont sort, ensues. To GIVE A HEALTHY TONE TO THk STOMACH, TO t> KEE THE BLOOD OK ITS IMPURITIES and strengthen those organ*.j <lre?dy by the ch tnge of (he year, in a fate of partial I'ecay > take i?edicnies fr?e from mineral tornpou'ids. t ot d'lttenons bu' strengthening. Such are PAllHS LIKE PILLS, h ing mifectly gentle m their operations. ,\nd compounded purely cf vegetables. Its celebrated author, (whose life v.asprolong d lar beyond that of any o:her m?u > uccthe Patriarchs) and who for more ihan a century wasa cli's>- and cofstitit student of this medicinal properties ofplants, attained his extraordinary age by the judicious use of this com pound To their superiority, as a sal# and and certain remrdv, "oth ' children an<4 adult*, over all othfr vegetable medicines mi uj. , TIHM SANDS OK 1'h.RS JNS ARE CONSTANTLY TESTIFYING So'd by nearly all tlie respectable Druggists in New York, and wholesale by Thomas Robe'ts it Co. 301 Broadway, litst floor. In Boston, at the Brauch Office 61)1 Washington street, .iiid in every part of the United Sulci and Caaada. nltf linr GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY! r\R- A. C. CASTLE, 311 BROADWAY, corner LI of WHITE BTREAT, has a Paate Vor filling decayed hollow teeth. It can be put into the most tender teeth withont any pain ?r inconvenience, with which it besome* impacted into ONE hard *olid body, thai restoring and preserving (hitherto painfnl and useless teeth) artificially sonnd \nd perfect in all the'rre*pective usee for life?preventing IN ALL CASKS, the i.vceasity of eitraction. Ladies the mot! distinguished >n society, offer their testimonials in the most vivid terms, as to its efficacy. Tlx Kditor or the Kveninc Post lays' ?" It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr.Caslle operates on the teeth with great can and ibility. The New York Aurora says It makes the teeth in all respecU perfect for life." The Son says Dr. Castle has ibuineii much celebrity for his excellent mode of filling the ceeth." 1 ik most eminent gentlemen of the Medical Kaculty *m\e persiiuiilly tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste foi (illiihi the teeth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which rut in tthe telling tooth will effect a permanent cure. (From the Journal of Commerce.) DF.LICATF. AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. V C Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bones, ?hot away in the case of Lieut. S???, of the U. 8. N., who net with this tenible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of lie ludiins in Florida. We have seen letters from Lieut. S. confirmatory of this eitre-irdinary cure and its entire success, hat tlu; loss of these im|>ortaiit organs so skilfully replaced by Or. Castle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth ou the principle of adliesiou by atmospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Ambassadors, Ml Htoughton, the Spanish Consul, llear Admiral Walton, Lord Monwth, lien. McCsrty, Mason, Dr. F. U. Johnson. Psesideut of the Medical So eiety, S. N. Y.s Mrs Oenerml Gaines, J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. I. A. Smith, Dr. R Delafield, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bnjer, Dr. J. C. Cheesman, Dr. A. H. Stephens, Dr. J. Torrv, Baylies, Dr. W Orayson u uerring, <u. *c. yince ja Broadway- _ _ _nl2Im*ec WONUER.FUL REMEDY. VIRREY'S TINCTURE AND LOTION OF INVIUORATION. A SUPPLY of these invdaahle nii'l extraordinary remedies has liern received direct j'rom Doctor Adrian Virrev, of Lyous, by hti esclusive American agent.', De Launey k l?rey >1 New York Nothing equal to thtm has yet been di? ivered for removing impotency, fluor albus, nervous affection, anil invigorating the system and reviving the decayed energies of certain parti, * fact that can be proved by any person in 'en minuter; Tor while all other medicines recommended for the s* are admitted by their inventory to lie ilow of ulceration,' lieTinctureandLotion of luvigoratiou act at mice and make their effect felt iu a few moment* alter they are made use of. ludrrd their quick and wonderful action it such, that coldness or imhsrilitv cannot remain in ihe constitution that i? under their dominion lor half an hour; nor is it possible lor any married feintle to u.e them and remain without offspring, for they immediately correct the inactivity of certain organs which in umety-niuc cases out of a hundred is the cause of uri Irtn t,*"n 1uess 1 hey are alio unrivalled remedies iu incipirut consumetion, dyspepsia, palpiUttou ol the heart rervoue headache gl.vt ind artections of the kidneys, and ill all disease* produced by a nameless lolitarv habi>, for which they are a,speedy and p<vitive core. The Tincture is taken internally and is pleasant to the taste; the Lotion is used externally. They may be used separately with great benefit, but are most effective when used tog*, her. Price $i a bottle, or both bottle* for S3. N. B.?Persons living at a distance can have these medicines sent in the lorm of two powders, at only double the postage, w th full Printed directions for converting ihem into the Tine uirr and Lotion. Price $2 for one powder, or $3 for bo'li. ( When both are used their effect is woudenul in removing iinpo ) All remittince* must be post paid, and directed to De Launey !k Orev, New York. Information of a delicate and interesting nature, which can! not be insetted in a public adve tisement, accomt auieaeach botj ile and powder. 1 lies* ineilicinea should never he used by preg naut women, for their eliciting nature would be liable to produce abortion. Sold by special appointment of DE LAUNEY ?t UREY, 17 lm?r At It Duaa ?t, New,York. W YC W YORK, MONDAY MO CHEAP STORE. TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THK ,?1VES DRUGS, DYESTUFF8, PAINTS, MEDIC GROCERIES, &c No. 118 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK JOHN C. MORRISON offer* for sale, on the most M* J trnni a very nteuilY* assortment of goods, among tneo the follovriuK, to which he would solicit the attention of APOTHECARIES Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, A<|na Ammonia, Crvaui Tarter, Spirits t*itre Dulcis, Castile Soap, g?P? C arbonate Soda, Liquorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copaira, Epsom Salts, Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jalap Heoua, Aloes, Snll'Karr Quinine, n*n. Chamomile, *)il Peppermint, and all in" Omit Arabic, lial Oils. Castor Oil, Gum Myrhh, Quicksilver, Caulh;mdeji, MaKiiesi.i, Hum Trifrscantli, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Floor Sulphur, Coiks of all kiuila. Alcohol, Saraapanlla, Hum, rafmed and crudf, spongci, coaia* ana lint? Calomel, Dr?Ki|isls' Glass Warc Red Precipitate. Viala. PAINTERS Window glass, of all sixes aud British Lustre, uualitios. Oln??, all soils, White lead, dry and in oil. Gold nid Silver lted Lead, Hold and Silver Brouie, Li liar tee. Copper Bronie, Spmu 1 urpcnuaa, Ch.Uk, while and red, Putty. l'aris white, Wl iiiuB, Spanish Brown, Verdun*, dry I lid id u.l,! Venetian Ri-d, Chrome <irre*i, Sand Paper, Chrome Yellow, Puinice Stone, yellow Ochre, Krca?h and Tar and Rosiu, , American, Japan, copal, coach and liar Prussian Blue, nema varnish. Verrailliou. Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra de Sienna, Won Black, Ked Chalk, Gum Copal, Gam Shellac, Taint Brushes, all site*, Bright Varnish, Rose Pink, Sash Tools, all sizet, Lamp Blaek, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kali, Oil, Tram, Winter, Lintseed, Summer (trained sperm, .N'eatslnot, Refined, whale, Olire or Sweet, Unrefined, wkale. Sea Elephant. T.n...r.> l .r.l Oil. Sperm au'd Stearic Candles. DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red S.iiindeu, Fustic, Hatvn Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Hypernic Wood, (imn Asphaltnm, Pntch Wood. Sal Ammoniac, Ebony Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alum, Kullcra' Earth, Blue vitriol, Madder, Dutch and French,! Coiwras, Eug. and Amrr. luiligoes, of Bengal, Carraca OilViirol, and GuaUmala, Sugar Lead, While Tartar, Bleaching Salts, Red Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aijua Fortis, Sumac, Nutfalls, Lac Dye, Annatto. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Gam Senegal, Extract Logwood, Powdered Curcuma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bichromate of Potaih, Quercitron Dark, Sal Soda, Spirit* Nitre Korti*, Gam Shellac, Salt I'etre, Cudbear, Britiah Gam, Woad, Nitric Acid and Grain and Bar Tie, Oxalic Acid. Soaps, GROCERS. Young Hysou Tea, Pepper Sance, Hyion " M?cahoy Hnnff, Imperial " Scotch SnufT. Gunpowdv " Mace, Hyion Skin " Indigo, Fletant, fDuchong " Castile Soap, ohea " Cloves, French Brandies, Canter Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segart. Alcohol, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Epsom nalti. Starch, Cinnamen, Liuuorice Bail, Frictiou Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Salemtus, British Lustre, Kig Blue. Soda lor washing,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mu?tard, London, Alain, Cayuune Pepper, Olive oil in bottlea fc baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmers, Powdnred Cinnamon. Saltpetre. crude and refined. CON FECTIONEK8, DISTILLERS AND BAKE118 Cochiueal, Oil of Annisseed, Nutmegs, Absynth, < Mace, Carrayway, Cloves, Juuiyer, Cinnunon, Ho?e, Orange ami Teach Wa Cassia Huds, ten. Allipice Vanilla Bean*, kinglais, Touquin Beam, Gam Traxacanth, Coriander Se?d, Oum Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Seed, Oum Gamboge, Annisseed, Oil of Rotes, Juju'y Paste, Peppermint, Pearlasli, Winteigreen, Saleratus, Cinnamon, 8u|?r C>rhonafe of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Brncamot, Ginger, white Jamaica, Lemon. Giiiger-Eant India. PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, fcc. Bleeching Powders, NutjMllj, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Gl'ie. Verdigiis, Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Cslx, Sal Ammonia, Shel ac. Antimoi.y, | Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Extract of Logwood, Aloes, Alum lie. patent medicine dealers. ? Balsam of Honey, Anderson's, Lee's k Hooper's ' l'urliugton's Balsam, Pills. Bateman's Drops, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil, Seeis'and Liquid, Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders. Stonghton'i Bitten, Godfrey's (Cordial, Extract Sarsaparilla, Atdenon'i Cough Drops, Cephalic Snuff. Thompson's Eye Wat?r. Chemicals of all kinds, Frrnch, buglish and American. All kinds rf Paints and Colon. Every description of Drugs and Druggists' Articles; and Pa'ent Medicines, Peifumery, *oaps, See., a general assortment. All articles warranted guiuine. [CT^The most prompt attention given to orders Irom the coHutry. n9 Imdyfcwyr TO PRINTERS. pOH SALE.?Tw* founts of Tvne, Minion and NoDpsriel. I which hare been used on the New York Herald. Apply at 'his olfice. UASSKNOEH8?Uoint foin New Vork, South or to i Europe, that have to lay in their piovisions for the voyage, ire invited to call aiid purchase them of the subscribers, at iheir cheap cash store, as they can save from 15 toli i*r cent by so doing, and get as good provisions as can be purchased slsewhere. Captains of vessels ami housekeepers also will be supplied with all kinds of groceries and provisions at an eijnal <at ink,', wholesale or retail, at the store. No. 108 South st, near Fulton Market. fe. 8. U H. HARRIS. o23 Ira'r BOAT AND OAR BAZAAR?At this establishm ent canb found every description of Bonta that the hjgenuity of man can suggest. Look at what he has done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, viz The Swiftsure, of Newfoundland; the siiteen foot sailing Diuky Trouble*; the Komp of Hurlgme, and the Tanl Pry. The row row boat* Henry btark, which won 29 racei in II month*; the noble Cimbrta; tlie O. W. Chapman; the forty foot racer for the United State* ship Ohio; the barge Eim>re*s lor Florida; the bras* mounted gin Neptune for Tampico Bay, and a hoft of others equally great OAKS, SWEKI'S AND SCULLS-lM.000 feet on hand; alto2,000 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for tale. Thu new branch of hit business it truly worthy of attention.? Look at the prices, only three and four pence a foot. AJ1 the call* for racing dressed by the proprietors own handi. Those that won the laat race can now be wen at hit office. Sixty Boat* always on hand. Viaithia Bazaars if you deairea treat. All work delivered free of charge C. L. INOKRSOLL, W6,40* ?.nJ 414 Water and 141 Cherry streets?sole proprietor. or?4 !m?t ll/'ATCHtb.?'i he largest and most splendid assortment of ? Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? A.S he it constantly receiving ail descriptions of Gold and Silver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from (he manufacturers, iu Kngland, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, than sny other house in the city. Hold watclies at low as $20 to $26 sach Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All <fasrliea warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clock* and jewellery repaired in the best manner, usi warranted lower than at any other plane in the city ?i. C. ALLKN, importer of watches and jewellery, itT Imr Wholeaale und retail, 30 Wall street, op stairs. _____ ?BL? 1 (\) \ TO $1000.?Mr. Francis II Crump, Watch Maker, J.V/V/ 248 Grand street, begs to in lorm his friends and the public, that independent of the Watch business, he is prepared ;n make advances in cuh on gold and silver watches,diamonds, lilver tea iet*, spoons. fork?, and every description of (old or lilver iu any shape, intended for immediate sale. Caih to any imonnt paid for old (told and silv6r. Watchea of every deicnption repaired and warranted. >41 Grand turn. all 3m"r PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. THE SUBSCRIBERS offer, with fall confidence In its utility and atefnlness, the above named article. Thia \rticle ia intended to brace the ahonlders. support the back, and expand the cheat, giving a graceful outline to the future, and arill be found indispensable to |ieraom of sedentary lianits. P wren I a and raardiuia are particularly requested to examine tliia arare; it will be fouud to poaaesj every requisite quality for * it ia recommended, namely?to brace the shoulder* of children and other* who hare acquired the habit of (looping, uid retain their form in an upright |>o?ition. They can be worn with |?erfect eaae, being formed with an elastic back, and will >e found of no impediment to the free use of the arma. The (ubscrilwrs also offer their celebrated Elastic Spring, Russia or itidiug Belt. The above articles are manufactured under the immediate inspection of Mr. Parsells, who has been engaged in the business for the last sixteen years, and may be depended on is ai!|>erior to any article effer offered for the tame pupote. Sold wholesale and retail at the old establishment of PARSELLS It AGATE, tV Broadway, comer of Park rtace. N. B.?Ladies will b? supplied and fitted by calling at the esuience of MADAME PARSELLS. <02 Greenwich street. .. Hubert anil l.a'gbi ?t"?t n24 lm*m _____ CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. Vf R. BORIA beg* leave respect fuIIy to iufonn his friends and VI Li,r public iu general that owing to the deiirraaed itate of he tunes, he has reduced his price 3i per cent below the regu'ar charges. _ . , LMdiea Wiimoi umimmiw-i u, ui ureaaed will find it mneh to their advantage hv paying him a riiit (Jemlemeu will alto do well to call with aaeh articlea >fwenriug apparel aa may need dyeing or preaain*. All order* #ill !? punctually attended to, and th? article* done op in the >e?t (tyle at Soria'a eatabli?hmeat, No. 490 Pearl at. Ilia brsuichea are at No tit Blwwker at., No Ji2 Bowery, and it JJ7 Oriuid at. Al?o a branch at 49 Fulton at. Brooklyn and U Newark N. J., comer of Broad at, and Washington Place. Merchant cau ha?e all kiudi of gooda dyed and put op ia their original forms, and on moderate term*. Principal office4'J01 ?irl at anJO Jm?e? LA III) ?7 jo keg* Prunr Laaf l*rd, in rery *U|arior cfji r Alao. 7 barrel* No. 2. Kor aala by ? i al7?e ?. K. COLLlNSlk CO, *8ouih M, >RK I RNING, NOVEMBER 27 IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MKN. DUSINKSS MKN who keep no l>??k account can haYc notea D collccti*!) through the ilutrlipr< and Drovers' Ba..k, ami rumi't returum mail<- in Bu'cher* and Droveri' money, by their eavinK ?uch notr-a with Mr. Hubert P. Prrrin, allli* Bank, No. 21 Bowery cor (iraiid ?t. Mr. rerun's references are the Cashier ami Company i f the B<iuk. n|6 Im*?*c THE LIFE UK THE FLESll IS IN T11E BLOOD! "Instinct is the voice of Ooil.?W\i io n. fNSTlNCT tells inuikiiid 10 ua? BUANDKKTH'S PILLS I when kick neat alt'rcu thrni. And instinct further ?ajs. lucrum^ IS m?ii> s llll|'roiR-|. 1 III' principle ill lilt, liini i??u? Hid invisible principle which uiuulel the human Irame, .???! vnon aat ii ut uw blood, Lb ni oi the moat SuxntiWH * ret* of the Creator. We cannot comprehend this principle, tut we know thu it in in tlie blood; for if we decrtuit 'lie imnuut of blood in tlie body, we decrease the principle of life} ind that if we draw all fie blood froin the body, that life eases. So we must blie\e w hit the Scriptures say on thi< luhject; no one cm doubt it. The life of the llesh it emphatially iu the blood There can be uo mistake upon this subject. So we must be also convinced that anything which impedes the circulation of the blood must depress or bear down the iiriniple of life, anil mnk- the body subject to receive iiijurv from the principle of corruptibility also implanted in the. human frame. VV? cauno' deny it. There, it in every created being a riuciple of corruptibility as well as a principle of animation, tt is when this corruptibility becomes too powerful for the life Principle or blood, that disease commences. It is not because t does exist, but because it becomes active; ill sou e it takei an hundred years to develope itself ; ill some it has become paramount before birth, and llie child it stillborn. The constitution of tin* child depends upon its parents; lie receives from them the priuciple of his liiu, and also that which will ultimately destroy him, and when of aije he transmit* thein to ihis children. Thus we see in tlie smie body is th? principle of life and ilso of corruptibility. And it is only by due attention in some 'odies that health can lie secured; bv artificial modes of assisting til" functions of life to throw off the occasional accuinulatious of coiruptibility, which otherwise would overpower the principle of life, before the individual had reached to the full l>eriod of his exitteu'e according to the principle of life within him. Kor in order that men should arrive at period of life called old age, a |ieil'ect Ml on e must exist between the principle of life and the principle of corruptibility. When Ithc balance it in favor of the principle of Me, we observe the eue'gy of character with admiration. Audi have uo doubt that just in proportion as the life principle predominates is this energy both of body and mind. By the use of pro|ier medicine this can always be secured to a good old age. The principle of corruption is subject to the influence of many csutea of vitiation. It is therefore uecaisarv that we be provided w itli ample means to prevent injury from it; or in conse queuce of this vitiation that imtriuity would be produced which would destroy the individual before he had arrived at that period of life which ne would have done from ill* principle of life which w .i 111 him. now to acomphsii tins, we must prevent uif accumulation of thoic )iumors which hear H< wi tin* princi|>l<> of life. Do not wait for ? serious,attu-k of sickness, but on the first appearance of the eneiav. nssist ratlin- ill tier operations to expel him from the body. Tliis is the ohjejt always attained by those who me Bramlreth's I'll I? Thousands who have kept tbeir Ue<lj for years, have been restored by the use of this medicine. For the principle of disease, like that of the principle of life, is alike incomprehensinle to mankind. We only an' able to point out what will weaken tin' onaiot give strength to the other. The value of the Brandreth Pills de|ieuds ojkiii tbeir wonderful piwer in strengthening the principle ol life, and weakening the principle of flmease. and finally expelling it fi iin the body. Let us consider the subject carefully : would disease affect us if our blood wrr* pure > Then in proportion that Brandrvtli's Pills purify tlie blood, tliev tend to restore health The very action upon tlir ayaten WMlll Urandivih I'll I. possess,convinces all who u?e them that they remove only the impure humors. For iftliey took eny of the healthy fluids from the body it would be weikened But the contrary is the case Ti.e body becomes stronger every day, from the line of the Brandreth Pills as is kuowu by theeiperieuce of teus of thousands of our citizens. Where is the man of sense, whose mind is unprejudiced, who from the infectious sinell after death, would nut sty,would this body Ii4ve been bereft of life, had putrefaction been prevented ? Are ineu boru but to be sick r Shall the. lower animals live their full extent, and man only prematurely perish ? Let us follow na'ure?let us clvanse'lie blood from impurities, and we shall live to the full extent of the oil ill onr lamp of life. Hut continued purging will wear out the bodv?some otherwile sensible people affirm, that it is I ke wearing nut the ket tie by dint of rubbing. Do>?, then, rust pre-terve'metallic substances ! It would be admitting that impurities of the blood preserve it ill a healthy condition. We know bet'er. We know that the result of an impure state of the blood is to occasion nit rheum. erysipelas, weakness, general dtbility, pains in the breast, back and side, also, tits, palsy, dyspepsy?hi fact whereever tlie impurity. finds a weak portion of the body, there it settles, and then' it produces pain and disease 1 have known many i>ersous pureed twenty and thirty days ill succession, and tin- r- ult was UWsyiIWCCMlfal ; in every instance the m?st remarkahlr improvement took place. I remember one iierson who I knew worms, fromhii peculiar symptoms ; he persevered for forty days ; every d.iy for the forty days no appearance nf worms was seen, hut after that time he voided great numbers, some nf extraordinary size.? What effect would have have resul'ed from three or four doses of cathartics?what would have become of him if lie had not been pursed to a radical cure / It would b* impossible to sh 'w the benefit to be derived from a proper |ierseverauce with the BRANDKKTH TILLS in these limits. They must be used lobe sufficiently appreciated. LETTKR FROM ARNOLD BUFFUM, the fiiilanthropist. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 15,1843. Dr. BRANonrTii: In the course of my life 1 have suffered often and much from sickness ; I think I nave been uuder the care of physicians nrn-e than tweuty different times, for weeks at a time. But for the last five years I h .ve employed a physician but once, and then I only for a single day ; not, however, because 1 have b?en exempt from freoueni illneis, but b cause 1 have found a tnose i?eedy and effectual remedy in thy pills, than I ever found in the medicines administered to me by iny physicians. Wherever I go, I constantly carry a box of thein w ith ine, or st least a few of them wrapped ill a |n|ier in my vest |>ocket, and what ever illness comcs upon me, 1 invariably find relief from the us* of thtwi. I _ Having been mncli occupied ill travelling and public speaking, I have frequently taken seven' cold, which before I used these pills resulted in soreness of the throat and chest, and a severe cough; but latterly, though in< re exposed than ever.when I have t?keu a cold, by taking one or two plls at a time for two or three nights, I have invariably succeeded in removing e ?L_ .i . ?i -i?, ?i ail SOri'lIPSS iroill Ilir llinni diiu Hirji, mm, in c>in.ia??i |..rTeuting the cold from settling ou iny .lungs so 43 to .produce a cough. Once during lait winter, while travelling on horn-back, and subject to much exposure, I was suddenly seized with a very or' ihrnt, high fever, nud entire prostration of strength and spirits. By the lite of two doses of the pills, and drinking freely of cold water, a copious perspiration was kept up, and in 42 hours 01 e of the most severe attacks which I ever f*i?rienced gave way, and ill two days more I was .tide to purue my journey At another time, ei|>osure and diily exercise in puhiic (peaking, brought 011 a severe lameness m the small of the hack and kidneys, which became so cireediug painful tint I w<s obliged to s|ieak silting, not being able to stand on iny f(et; at length the soreness extended <|mte through me. and the pain b?caine 10 severe that I never closed my eyes durii f a whole night, aud several times during that night I bad serious doubts whether I would live till mo ning I took tevenpills which Went to the of the disease, and as by migic. seemed to lay hold of it, nid carried it all ton, in that I intended a meeting on the same evening, aud s|ioke without pain for more thin two hours, aud the pain has not returned since. I rwi'ar,t iloi a? one of the most exTranrdmar v cure* that I h ive ever known, axil I can truly say dial iu a similar case, I would not exchange Brand reth's fills for nil the medicine of the drug store I have used the Tills and administered them to others on various other occasions ; and as f ir as I know, ill no case without c mplete success. Especially have I t'oiind them altogeth?r superior to any other medicine ever taken lor colds. Cornells, ai d soreness ol'the lungs 1 cousider the maker of them ially series the great cause of hum inity, aud I shall re.'oinineud litem whenter I no. Thine, respectfully, A. BUFFUM. Ladies should Use Branilreth's Pills frequently. They will ensure thein from severe sickness of the stomach, and. Generally spe'kiug, entirely prevent it. The Urandreth fills ire htrmless. They increase the powers of life; they do not depress them. Females will lind jjieui to secure that st ite of health which every mother wishes to enjoy. In costiveii'sa, so often prevalent at an interesting period, the Brandieth Pills are a safe and effectual remedy. There is no medicine so safe as this?it is more easy than caster oil, and is now generally used by numerous ladies through their confinement. 7)r. IJrandreth ran refer to many of our lirst physicians who recommend Ins fills to their patients, to the exclusion of ad other purgatives, *ud the fills being composed enti ely of herhs or vegetable matter, purify the blood, and carry off the corrupt humors of the body, in a hi inner so simple as to give every dav ease -nd pleasure. \laii will be bome to days ofbliss, compared to what has hitherto been his lot, weighed down as ha has liecu by disease, infirmities, and suffering, which no earthly iniwer knew how to I alleviate until this discovery was presented to the world. The weak, the feehle. the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are in a few days sttengdiened by their operation, and the worst cmn plaints are removed by ueneverence without the expense of a physician. Adapted to all circumstances and situations, th?y nre the best medicine ever invented lor families, or to take to sea, preventing scutvey and costiveuess. requiring no change of diet, particular regimen^ or care against taking cold. Th? BHANUHlTH rlLl.S, as a general lamily medicine, 'facially in a country so subject to midden changes of leini eraturf a* this, their value ia incalculable. By having the Branilreth Pills always on hand, shonld a sudden attack of sickness t*ke place, they can lie given at oner, and will often have effected a cure before the physician could have arrived. In colic and intlammrtinn of the bowels, these Pills will at once relieve, and |iers?-ver*nce in their use, accoiding to the directions, will surely do all that inejiciue sail do, to restore the health 01 the patient. In all cases of Indigestion, Worms, Asthma, Diseases of the Heart, and in all allrct mis of the stomach and biwels, the Brvndreth Pills will be found a neve -failing remedy To in* ure the full teuHit of these celebrated Pills, they should In- kept in the house, so that, U|H>ii the irst commencement of sickness, they may be at mice resorted to One dose then is better than a doxeii alter disease has become estab lilied in the Be careful of counterfeit Pills. How to avoid thetn : [So I 8?:ct niTV. Kacli Agent who sells the genuine Brandreth Pills has a Ohtiphor A? ?rs< T, which has been engraved at a vast e?i>t?nse. It re|iresents the Manufa' tory at *inir Ming, on the hanks of the Hudson River, and is signed by Di. Brsndreth, and his seal stamped upon the paper. .No. 2 Hr.cvniTt. Ahnve all, observe the libels upon the hoies. Each bov of the genuine Pills has now THR? K L XBfcLSupon it Thet"Pand t^e bottom lah?l containing up-I ward of FIVE THOUSAND LETTERS in HEl) IN*. The words BENJAMIN BRANDRET H'S PILLS being prin'ed over two hitnt'n-d times uixin the two label* No. 3 Sect Mil v. There are also upon each label two signatures of Or. Brandreth : one It. Brandreth. and also one Benjamin Brandreth. fc-acli boi, therefore, to be genuine, must have sis signatures upon it. If the bo* do not answer this descrip lion. the Cilia are not tlie Hrmilretn III If, Inn ?oine n'e couii terlrlt of them, u nil tti?* old labelled bn?r? liavr lieeu collected. No 4 Skci-hity. Baidei the above ligni of genuineiieas, ftc-similea of tlii* Hrandreth Till Label* are iii>ou the Certificate of Agency?therefore, compare your b >i with the Itbeli on the certificate; if it agree*. tin" Pills .ire true; if it doe? not, they an* I have elpended much time, and it lea?t fWOO, in perfecting he?* check* to the nale of counterfeit l'llli, and in die hoi* they ill irciire the genuine BKANDRGtII PILLS to all who want them. I remain the public aervant, B. BKANDKKTIl. M. D. The BRANDRKTH DLLS are old at 36 cents per bo*, by one Agent in every town in the United Mutes, and in almoit every rity throughout the world Should tliii pa|ier rome into the hand* of any one I villi; where their n no Agent for tliia medicine of healthful |H)wer?, let no time 1* lout in seeding to L)r. Benj>miii Brandretli. stating the imputation of the t wn; and Home reference* should be give* in New York, ai to the responsibility of the giMitlrin'ii who desires the Agency. If no references can be given, let a mall remittance accoini any this letter The ?ale of the Pills, and the good don* by their use, will fullv repay for all trouble. PRINCIPAL BRANORfiTHIAN OKFICR, Z?1 BROADWAY mrw tllH>. Sub-Offittl ?189 1-1 Hlitfon (greet And 571 Bowery. Mr?. Booth, ISO. 3 MirUet ?t ert, Brooklyn; Mr?. Trrner, Wi||i>m<hurx; Bontun Office, 10 H inotrr ?tre t. Boston: Baltimore nlfite, rnruer of Lvght mid Mm? ?t-ret?; I'liil.idfIphii offire. ft North Kifhlh ?treet; Richmond office, 9'i Maui ?ln*et, Mr. Butriek, attent; Mr JIi-aJ, 9J Kmi B?y, Chirle.ton, S. M . Jetton. No 2 Old leiw, N. Orle?u?; M D. Phillitw, w? rcefter, Mam ; M Kohin?on, P'O'ideuee, H. I ; and by ac |a*?t one A<'ut in e?ery (own ia the L uite I Hitu-s, etch of whom luu a Certificate of A.eacy, u|>?n whi-h mAy be ?een txact co S'tn of the Uh?U bow u?ed upoa th# (tat nae BrAndn-th fill o?e? Wet tlic genuine medicine, aad you will lind it to br, mork than aII th?l could be Mid of it by any wrilteu itatemeut iil? ?jd ln*r IE RA _________ ' , 1843. Poit Okhce, ) Nk? York, November25, 1813. ) Letter bags iwkuyti m*>i stewr caledonia, which Irtvn Ronton on tin* 1st l)Mrmtariinl, clotv-J iu the U|iptr anil l.ower Pint Ollii-pj in tlo* city, i n Thuriilay next the 'Oth inat , at 4i iniiiulea |>ast J P.M The imI iihI ii.ntuKe of ISJ4 cents on each Ivtter must '<* pa'd The Postuioter desires to call the attent >ou of niei-hanu an J others forwarding letters to Kurope by this mail to the fict of one hundred silly-five le.teri h.i?nig bmi neizeil by the ?mI miralty ' in on > n ir i ilie t LUdoiilM hei l.ut tup tiom Hot ton. iuiiI r>Iurneil to the 1'ost t > (><-<- in con?e>|Uene< of tt. inUi <1 onstage not being iwiil to trie Put OlBca ou uiiil lettcri. The letter* were supposed to have been aent fioin lln.i city. n2t; Ver JOHN LORI.VtKK. (JRAHAM, P.m. NOTICH? NEW YORK-BANKING < OMKAN Y The subscriber having bern appoit.teil Receiver of the i property, claima. fuuds and e flee is of til" New York ttark.uK I ninpany, ?n association lormeii uunrr ami in pii-aiiancr ni .111 net ol th? Legislature of the 8u?t? of New York, entitled " mi d'.tto tne buiin?n of bmikinc," passed April U1I1 ItjS, all persons indebted to the sail Association art- miuiretl to r-udi r an account ol nil delts mid sums of mi'nrv iiwmk by tlirm respectively to tne,and to piy the name by flu- lifte, ntli dav of January next, at my rHire in 1 Mr chants' r.tchaiilf, io the city of Slavr \ ork. All persoi-s 1 vint. in tl tit potai Iaion nnv property or 1 dec's of the aaid Astuei.itiou an- nxjnir fd to deliver the dime to me by that da<*. All the crcditoi* of ilie /> uociati'ia are require I to deliver their rcipective account* and di-uianus to in<* by tint dav; and ill |>ei*oi>? holding any ot eu or subsisting coutract of the said Association, are required to iireseut thpnamr in wi iting, and iu, to ine, on or b*fori* that day, at nv said oHice. Ddl^d iNhw York, 21th N'ovemlier. 1813. <' saoohy, ilveivn, n2ii 3w*r 32 Mfrrhants' fcgehange Dissolution ?The Copartnership heretofore ixhuu; LVON and t A l!L KINO, in the cm of New York, under the firm of Lyou & King, Ins been dii olved this day by the inutiial content of the parties ; and the said Joseph Lyon isa'one authorised to collect aud receive all debt* due to the lute lirm of Lyon Si King, and to use tlx' nrine of the li in in liquidating and settling th? business, aud M . Lyon will continue to do business on hi* own account at the sani" place. N B. All claim* affainit the late firm of Lynn 81 King, mnit be pri'spiitud for payment oil Tuesday, 21st iust. JOSKI'H LYON. Not. 18th, 1813. 111'j 8t*e<-. THB COURSK OKl'oTTrXTR LKCTURE8, wMi illuT1 nations on Uotany and Vegetable I'liVsiology. Hill be continued in the Uhapel of the University, by D. I'KIlt.IHA OAKDNKU, M. 1) , forinxrly Professor of Chemistry aud Botany in tlainiiden Sidney College. Va ; Lecturer on Natur .l History in UutRers' Institute, New York. The second Lectin* will b? delivered 011 Mnndsr fc veiling, the27th inst , at half-past seven o'clock. Knhipi-r?'1 he ('.hnriiclpr and V1L1I1I v of Plants. Lent lire 3?The Fond of Plants. Lecture 4?Circulation in Plants Lecture 5?The Inspiration of Plants. Lecture 6?Action of Light, Heat, aud Kloclricity on Vegetation. Lecture 7?The Influence of Man ou the Vcgetible K ingdoin, ami itn Relations to hia Welfare. Lecture K?lutlueuce of Plants ou the Atmosphere. Lecture < 'hauges produced on the Karth by Vrgetation. Lecture 10?Laws of Vegetable Development deducilde from Geological Inquiries. It is intended in the discussion of these suhjfCt*. to combine amuneincut with informition. The illustrations will he pictorial and ex peri mental. The Lectures are delivered on each Monday evening, at hallpast seven o'clock. Kee for the whole course, $2; single lectures, 25 cenu Tick ets can he obnined of th<* Janitor at the Uuive si?y BtiildniK. the Janitor at the Medical College, ltroadway, and at the door of the Lecture llooin u'l'i-l-ilk.7 P?r FULLER'S GYMNASIUM, No. 2!) ANN STHKKT. NKAH NASSAU. WKUhLKK rea(>ec'fully informs hit friends and pupils, that, the Gymnasium is now open daily, and will lie lighted up every evening during the wiuter. VV. K. would particularly call the attention of Gentlemen residing iu Urooklyu, and those euKaved iu business dowu town, to the favorable locatiou of his establishment lor tint purpose of exercising. Under pro|<er instruction, a short time daily is only necessary f >r developing the frame, and invigorating the cous tit ut ion. Fencing and Sparring tanght upon the principles of tlie Loudon School, as adopted by its most emiueut professors Terms moderate. n22 2w* r i'TTilaoklI'hia DAG1 r E R REOTYlJK ESTABLISHMENT, I'YIHAUk' Hl'tt.MNW ROOMS 2.1 AND 27. rPlI E Subscriber has received a large supply of Voigtlanders' I celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, large and small sizes, with achromatic lensss made according to Professor I'etzval's calculation. Alio a ufw inpplv of best plates and chemicals, which he warrants (food and sells at reduced prices. The following gentlemen have agreed to act ai agents, Tit? K. White, Esq., ITj Broadway New Vork P. Haas, hsq, Washington, D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. H. Broadbeut, Esq, lor the Southern States. Win. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will he promptly attended to. and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUUENHEIM. olT 3m*r Exchange Buildiuifs, Philadelphia TO TAILOK.S OTlNE?lETS'8 new aud complete system of cutting girmenu of every description, is with the utmost confidence offered to the trade, as twin* the most practical and useful work of the kind ever \x-f re published. The bonk, which is 12 by 16 inches, contains I' elegant diagrams of the various kinds of garments, with plain and ample instructions for cutting the same, and in ast> le which cannot be surpassed. It has already gamed the approbation of the most talented of the profession, andc anuot fail giving entire satisfaction to all who use it. The work can be forwarded to any part of the United States by addrrssing the author. No. 93 Cedar street, New Vork. o3l lm*m ON EXCHANGE AUAIN?HETL'IIN TO THE OLD STAND. THE anleriigned, after a seven years' experience of the evil effects resulting from large stores and larger rents, is liappy to inform his namerons customers and the community generally, that he has effected (thanks to a. couscieutious landlord) a leas* of of Ins oldstaud. No. <, (formerly 5) Wall streft, Mortimer Buildings, corner of New street, and for many years f/'tl hv u/oll HIIIM III.' T|| k (it'll, nil'. V KLEECE? beacon to all who are in quest of good chrar aud fashionable garments. To ?nch of liii old patrons who may have lost si?ht of him Jnr iik his wanderings, he invite* their return to the Old Spot, with U>e assurance of a strict adherance to his well established lame for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he soicitsa call, being prepared with au assortment of fine anil seasonable cloths, cajsiiners, vestinifs, he. Jkc., which he will lie li Lfipi to mal e ii(i in the most faithful manner, and on reasoiuble charges, for Gash Only. The same care and atteutiou ticItowd ou waking aud trimming, as when the cloth is purcnu rdofhim. C. B. Babcock continue* in the cutting depart meni. CHARLES COX. ii20 lmr Sign of the GoldenKle?ee, No. i Wall st. rpilK. SUBSCRIBER lias remoreil from the store No. 1 M7 ifr iadnav, to 17< Canal, for the purpose of carrviiu* on ' the CASH TAILORING BU-JIiNESS in all its branches, ' and in a style of elegsnce which cannot be surpassed by any ( other house. It is the intention of ihe undersiKned to ask such i prices for his goods as cannot fail to meet the approbation of the public, and an excellent assortment will be kept on hand to su't the taste of all. Garineuts can also be altered and repaired at this establishmeut at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient servant, M. RICE. N B. Gentlemen furnishing their own cloth can have them mailt' up on the most reasonable lu lus, and good tits warranted. ii2i lm*r E'JoisoiviY IN GKNT lK\TtN\> L)khScT ~~ ALL EXTREMES ARE BAD IT has bven truly said thai poor Roods are not worth the ** pense of making, and Slop in ide clothes is good cloth upoiled. Experience have taught many that there are those who lay it ou so thick, that imprecations not load, but deep, generally accompany the first reading of the bill. Impressed with these f?cts, the uuiVrsigned sre pursuing a middle course, avoiding extravagant profits ou the one hand, and k eping the vnry best articles ou the other, which are made up I order uui'er the supei iuteudence of as elficieut c utters, an das competent workmen as can be louud ill the country. OurStoili tor the winter is now complete, rousistiog of Super Black, Blue, Olive, Brown, aud Green Cloths, for Dress and Krock Coats. WATERraOOF DOUBLE MILLED CLOTHS. BEAVERS, TWEEDS, itc. KOR OVEH COATS. Cassimeres in all the uew and various styles, for Pantaloons, Vestings in rich Velvets, Merinoi, Caehmeres, Dressing, Satins, Silks, fcc. With a large assortment of Kaucv Dress Ar ticle?, including scar!*, llaudkerchieli, tviavata, Ulovea, ??? peoden, he. WILLIAM T. JENNINGS ?c CO., 331 Broadway o29 ltn'ec American Hotel, oppotlte the Kouiitun CHEAP CASH TAILORING LSTAHLlaHMENT. 3ftl TKAHL STREET, LATE 108 BEEKMAN, TDK Subscriber. well knuwn for the cheapness and durability of his worlt, desirea to inform hit inuroua and the pubic, that li<" i? now, to suit the economical tendency of the timi j, making garment* of ilm very beat quality at a reduction of twenty jut cent from fornwr pries,and less, it i* believed, by twenty [<?*: cent thin garment* of the *ame quality axe made by the cheap houaea iu thia city. In order that gentlemen may understand what ii meant by clwapuc?g, the following bill of piicea i< submitted to their consideration, with n guarantee thai the good* shall be of the lint rate quality, and the lit unexceptionable. nuperior West of England Cloth Coati $12 to 16 Pulls, of black or (ancy double milled ca?s- J to 7 Vests, of ailk. satin, <ku 2J* to I Miking and triuimiug iu the bent style, at the follow ir? price*:? Coat* to I PanMaiid Vent* , 'l? to All order* oneculed Willi punctuality ind dispatch. Suiwrior Beaver Overcoat* from tli to S20 o26 lrn*r JOHN MOKKAT. GENTLEMEN'S OUTFIT TING GOODS JOHN M. IJA.V1E6 (to JONKS, 1()6 Wiu.iam Strket, cornkr of John, LTAVK received per late arrival*, and now li 1 v?? in itore.a full I 1 nssortnvut of K"<"l< in ti.t'ir liu<*. They feci confident that heir *tock i* not equalled in tliis city, and iheir (nod* will be told low for caah. Oeiitlemen will tiuil a variety of uew ?tyle of Scarfs, Cravat*, Winter Glove*, UrraninK Kobe*. Pocket Handkerchief*, Itr. Under (Hnnentaof every variety, ol fciixlitiCand American n inufactui*, vi*:? Marino Shirti and Draper* I,am lis Wool ?Ij do Hhaker Kuit do do Shaker Flannel do do Buckakin do do Plain Si Kihbad Silk do do Ladle* MerinokSilk do do With a Kreat variety of other *tyle?. Silk Shiiti and Drawer*, Uilibed and Plain, made to order the ihorteal notice. Ho*iery, <?love?, SuspencVr*, Stock*, and every other article of outfitting good* CAPS, Our wuortment comrrae* every *tyle now in n?e lor geutle men, youth and children at Kreatlv reduced price*. nlili 2m*m MONEY TO LEWU. ABRAHAM J JACKSON, P.wnbrniier, No. 51 lleade ire-1. near Broadwav. loan* money in lanre or unall ium?. 1.? may be required, mi Watcbea, Jewelry, Silver Mar*, Dry OnixU, Wearing Apparel, and personal property of eyery de<trii>tmn o29 I in r , MONEY L.KN r, LIBK.RAI..T.Y, at tlii" old eatablinhed stand, 4fi1 (irand ftreet, on K"ld and ?l?er watrlie*, plate, j >well?ry and dianmuda. wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, inu<ic?l and mathematical initrnmruta, bedding, and every description id I personal property, by , LOUIS LKVY. r.wtibroker, otl tm*m 4(11 Grand between Kiilge and Attorney ?t. REMOVAL. ,, ? . rPHV. KRt.NOK AND WOMSTKI) STORE O* I). M. i 1 A PF.Y8KR k CO. hit been rem No. ?? JoMt stiwt. , opposite the fvtiner kUnd of lit) William street. nib In < LD. Price Two Cents. C'lly Intelligence. Police.?Sunday , Nov. Jii \ Hi tc iij.h I iikaTITu ? DnowN.?On the 18th ol last month John ftilleu, u butcher, who then kept ? meat hIiod at 'Mi James street, applied to u drover. named Ira 11. (,rutin, of I'eekskill, who was at olil Bull'a Head, to purchase a paii ot rattle and live sheep, valued at The terms were cash, but Oil len said he had no ready ineaus, hut offered u note drawn I.V 41? iilium f?.r in nni J--: ., .? , ? |?j >!! ! m-mren (iritlin to give him the balance in money. Tins w an reItixMil, when (iillen told (iritlin tliat (lie not'* *u? perfectly good, uwl that James S. Ilalsted, butcher, ol 112 Second i<li t i l, li.i t promised to (five liim the money tor it the next riii) , ami Kino thut licnry Cornell, butcher, owed turn ftm (tu ili< -.i lejti'i .filiations (ilittin let him hate the rattbinn) sheep, ami he agreeil to pay the ca*h for them the next morning. ( iriltin railed the next day at the ?hoj> ul (iillen, whull the latter (aid he would go to llaiitted, get the money, and meet hint at Sweet * More, Washington market, in half an hour, lie ili-l not keep hi* promise, and t > 11 din then i'hIIi I at the shop of Uillen, when hr found that one of the cattle had been butchered and half of it sold, in I tlu> other one sold alive. (iillen then cloned hi* shop and said he was going to Long Island to get the inoiiL). Not returning as lie promised, (iritlin made enunii), mid found Mr llalsled had net er agreed tu cash the check of Shalcr and that (iillen had been employed by him about I > ears ..lure,and discharged for etnlxuzlement. Mi. i hi in II informed him that (iillen had recently been in lie. einplos abo'it .ix week* an a journeyman butcher, nnd ? di then ili.<ichaigod and received all that w as due him.? Tin :ie paitii'tilar? having been related at the |>olicc otllce b\ Mr. (iritlen, a warrant was issued for the arrest of <Jillin, for fraud, and he was caught by otticer Denniston on Saturday liiuht, after several day s search, lie was locked up fin finlltci testimony. 1 i.i. N 11; r. in I onui'CT. (Hi Saturday, as several little boy s weie plm nig on the cellar door of .John I). Agui, grocer. corner ol .Madison and Walnut streest, he ran out with a pistol in hi. baud loaded with shot, apparently to frighten tin in uwuy. when ho lired the pistol and a part of the con ti nts eiitcim un' head i>i a colored boy named James Ill-own, who was severely injuri'il. lie wan arrested and held to twit to answ er tin: otbnce, which, to tay the leant of it, call* for soinp.punishment. Coroner's Offlcr ? Sunday. Nov Killed <> ? iiik lliiiM.M II.mi.hoai>.?On 8aturday evening, an Mr. John i olbert, a workman recently engaged in tin- Butcher's Melting Association, iu Christy street, w as crossing the Bowery opposite Delano street, III- stopped in the real of one4of Murphy's stages that wus passing, and suddenly stepping forth was knocked down by the horses of one of the curs of the Harlem Itaiiroad which passed over him making a compound lracture of his left leg above the Knee, mid slightly injuring hit) left leg. lie was immediately taken to tho City Hospital, w hen: the lelt leg w .is amputated, but the loss of blood lie fore amputation caused his death uliout 1J o'clock at night. The driver of the car, named John Humes, who has recently been employed, was immediately afterwards arrested bj otticer I 'ockefiiir, and the conductor by officer Stokeley . The latter was discharged; and the lormer committed to prison. The i orouer held an inquest yesterday at the < ity Hospital. A large number of the friends of the deceased were present, ami considerable excitement existed during the holding of tho inquest. The driver was brought from tin: City Prison, and introduced as a witness before the jury! lie testified that when he first saw the deceased coining from behind the omnibus tow ards his horses, he cried out to him at the top of his voice, but lie could not stop his horses in the car by the break, and they passed over him. In this statement he was partially continued by tho driver of the omnibus. After some other unimportant testimony, the jury rendered the following verdict That John Colbert came to his death by being accidently run over by one of the liar lem Railroad cars on the iith instant,and the said accident was entirely unavoidable on the pait of the driver." The driver w as then discharged from custody. We understand. that the break of the cai was out of order, and that the drivi'r was but recently emploved, and but little acquaint) d with lii>> busines*. The police magistrate before whom the conductor was brought by officer Stokeley, should not have discharged him without security for his appearance, until the verdict of the Coroner'* jury wan rendered, as In all cases of death by railroad cam, the conductor, driver, superintendent, and company, should be held personally responsible for any neglect of duty. Very Late from Texas and Mexico.?Advices from Galveston to tin- 8tli inst., have been received in New Orleans. The Northern Abolitionists have sent a iHrgeqtiantity of their fanatical productions, styled AntiSlavery lleports.|This is to aid the English in their designs upon Texas. ('ongress is recommended to pass suitable enactments, interdicting such dangerous anil inflammatory productions. TTha* already been announced that the I,'. 8. schooner Klirt had arrived at Galveston with despatches from our Government to (Jen. Murphy, our Charge d'Affaires to Texas She sailed from (>al\eiton on the 'Jfith, bound for Vera( nu, with Gen. Murphy on hoard. The object of his visit was not knowe. He has been rpiite sick for some weeks, and possibly may have gone to recover hi* health. It is rumored that the I'. S. ship Vandalia, the Savannah, and one or two armed steam ships, will probably be soon despatched to the coast of Mexico. The rrcsutent lias issue<t a proclamation convening Congress at Washington. TIih falter, front Mntnmorns, having on hoard the Texan Commissioners, from Mexico, was met going over Galveston Bar. The sloop ol war Austin, brig Wharton, and schooner San Bernam, were offered lor sale on tht; 14th ult., hut were not sold, a* no person would hi?l for them. Tli< citizens are opposed to the sale of their little Navy. It i? estimated that the cotton ciopof Texas this season will great!) exceed that of the last. The Collector at liujveston had commenced receiving Exchequer hills at mi cents on the dollar on the a.Mh ult. The .Mexicans, it is rumored, are estatdishing extensive military depots along the Rio Grande: have six or eight hundred men at different jioiiits on the Nueces, am! are constantly forwarding large stores of arms and ammunition. Captain Hays, witli a party of Hangers, hail gone nit from Bexar to the Nueces to scour the country Trom the sources of the river to San I'atricio, and ascertain whether those rumours aie true, and whether there are any Mexican troops u|>ou its hanks. The Mexican tiovemment had withdrawn all taxes upon cotfee and olives, produced within its territory for ten \eurs, in order to cneoiiinge their cultivation. All communication between \ ucatan and Mexico had heen stopped. He further states that all vessels were liable to seizure coming from any of the Yucatan jiorts. Hostilities were looked for, as Mexico was making preparations to attack Yucatan. Other account* state that the uiiiKiiiiiin iinnixii un: hid tuuiiuin wire in h lair way of settlement. Tin' following n.'imi'il persons are ascertained to have lii-cii elected nn'inlMTs to Oongre**:?./amen Johnson. in lied Hirer county; W. Bourlund, in Lamar county; Dr. Ward, in Rowii' county; and in the counties of Ksnnin, Hed Itiver, l.iiniar and Bowie, ( 'ol. Sherman. All the Renre*eiitfili\c* in the above mentioned counties an' said to lie in favor of removing the scat of government to Austin. I,i tiers from Mexico of October UAtli, state that the new laiill ami the decree relativ e to the retail trade, formed the subject of conversation in that capital. Commerce was suffering. and most of the merchants ascribed the want ot prosperity to those two measure*. The papers speak of the resemblance between the new tarirt ana that or 183? ; and assert that the former in the more onerous, besides being of so donbtful a duration. The complaints are uttered chiefly by the Spanish Journals, and by citizens ol that nation, because articles of Spanish origin, are subject to higher duties than any others. When this measure was first made, however, it caused a slight rise in the price of glass and crockery ware. A party ol about thirty -live dragoons had attempted to create a revolt in Mexico, but w as suppressed by the energy of their Colonel. Several of the insurgents,with their officers, were made prisoners. The garrison at I.aguna. consisting of six hundred troops, which recently arrived from Tobasco, are nearly all sick with the fever. It has more the appearance of an hospital than a garrison. There are at present -iuon troops under arms at Campeachy, and the fortifications and defences of the town have been greatly strengthened. Santa Anna, previous to his departure for Vera Crtr/, iksued a special edict regarding the contemplated canal for uniting the Pacific with the Ouifof Mexico by the Istmus i?f Tclicnaiitepec. The following Is its substance: Whereas, very thing I't'ing readv for commencing the important nnlertaking of uniting the Xtlautic with the Pacific, bv the l in If of Tcheiiantepec, the Government is desirous to as<ist the contractor, Don JoseOurav, with all the means at it j disposal, we li;i redeemed it proper to decree an follow*: \ prison r<?f accommodating over three hundred :onvlct* is to he bnit under the direction of the contractor fortht! contemplated canal ; the judicial authorise* of the lepartmenti of Vera ( rnr. anil Oajaca, arc required to send o the said prison all persons found guilty, in order that :hey he employed in digging and w orking on the said calal. The convicts are to be clotln-d and maintained by the contractor. From Havana.?We have H&vana dates to the Itli inst. inclusive. According to an nfVwial t?n[louneeineiit in the Noticioso, another servile insurrection broken out on some plantations in the H-ijfliborhoixl o| Matunza*. On the fith instant, h ktrmish took place between the revolted negroe* in<l si company of lancers, the result of which was hot the negroes were totally routed and upward* >1 a hundred of them either capturcd or killed; the est fled to the mountains. The Tucon theatre opened on the 5th inst., with >ut a limited company, the greater |>art of its force >ot having arrived. The Captain (Vneral reviewed the troorw on the ?th inst. A great number <>f the population assembled to witnew the imposing spectacle. The number of fawa < ! yellow fever admitted into the Havana hospital, from the 13th May to the titli November, waa 787, of which but 144 died. The markets present no new feature, nor has any thing transpired m them since last accounts worthy if note I-.,.,,..-. Vt... v nn I^U i it nr.-* i u ?i\i ir..-" "r ? n p. i rmnun^ ??v? iv?? liun four mails arrived from New Orleans. How nany are tliere to arrive to-<iay1 Nava?..?The TT. S. hrijr Boxer, Lieut. Com Julius, Mailed from IVnsacola ?>b ihe 7th inst. for Norfolk.

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