Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1843 Page 3
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Knickerbocker Steamboat, ) Saturday evening Nov. 26th. > T? the Editor ok the New York IIekald:? Sir:? I regret to be under the necessity of making complaint against a boat in every way so much calcu- ' luted to uttord travellers even more than the ordinary comforts. ATy case is this?I came on board the "Knicker-' booker," at Albany, this evening, and engaged an entire siato-room, and having obtained the key to the s utie, J directed the |>orfer to take my baRKage (a travelling trunk, containing such articles as u gentleman would require during an absence ol three or Jour J days) to my room. He replied, "It is against the regulations of the boat?you must ask the captain's permission." Now 1 bee to inquire of the owners (1 do not blame the ( aptain,) if, after having paid for a state room, it is further necessary to go, "cap in hand," and request as a favour permission to have one's usual personal .comforts at hand??it apj>eanng to m< that 1 had naiil for this privilege. It is proper to suv, that 1 remonstrated with the clerk in charge of tin olHce and received the same reply as I had from the negro steward, "Go and ask the Captain's permission." I would suggest to the owners of this boat to it|>pend to their advertisements, "The community are informed that on board the Kniekerhoeker it is agajnst all regulations for passengers to expect the , ordinary comforts (conceded on all other boats,) ; on engaging a state-room. Ctvts. Chatham Thkatre.?The Mysteries of Paris, as ; produced at the Chatham theatre, by a new New , York author, cannot be excelled. Indeed, the piece, as produced at the National theatre, Philadelphia, was pronounced, by the best judges, a mess of confusion and jargon. The version of Mr. (treeley runs smoothly through, and embraces all the grand points and situations displayed in Sue's gr-at I novel. The drama will be repeated to-night, with ! also a new one, called the Wood Wolves of the Black Mountains, in which the great Elssler Brothers exhibit their wonderful feats of strength. Professor Bronson.?This gentleman gives his j last lecture at the Apollo this evening. Those out i of health had better hear him. ftf-Jm. PL'AT L"fl VITTQlTTrVf llA~ : I tj*. Its manager is untiring in his endeavors to engage such performers us will be sure to please his numeroiis visitors ; and for the last few weeks he has been signally successful. This week, however, he has nut on stronger attractions than ever, ns a glance at the mils and advertisements will show. The celebrity of Madame Adolphe the fortune teller, has induced him to re-engage her, and she may be privately consulted at all hours of the day and evening. QQ- THE GREATEST WONDER THE WOULD ev<jrsaw,has returned to the head quarters of wonders and novelties, the American Museum. We allude to Gen. Tom Thumb, who is to appear in various characters; not the least interesting ol which is that of Napoleon Bona-I parte, mounted on nis fiery steed, in full costume. The <tipse\ (tueeu. direct Irom (iermany, is also engaged, and it is said that she is perfect mistress of the art of fortune i telling. She is the first of that singular race that ever ap- 1 peared in America, and is, of course, u great wonder ? Magnificent pcrformeuces will also be given by a most j superb company, for particulars of which we refer to I the advertisement. (H7- " HEADACHE MAY BE CURED" IN A FEW minutes by the use of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. Also, palpitation, sen sickness, nervous debility, and all the disagreeable effects arising from free living. Coughs and colds may be cured in from 24 to 4M hours by using Sherman's Cough Lozenges, and even cases of consumption where the patient has been given up, have been cured by these invaluable lozenges in from three to four weeks ; and Sherman's Worm Lozenges have effected equally as great wonders ujion both the the old and young. In faet, all of the Doctor's articles are truly valuable, and cannot be too highly recommended. Be sure and get the !;enuine, and not be im|>osed upon with worthless trash. )r. Sherman's warehouse U lOti Nassau street. Agents 110, 273, 469, and 601 Broadway, 10 Astor House, 227 Hudson street, 188 Bowery, 77 East Uroadway, 8ti William street, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. PRIVATE DISEASES; A CURE GUARANTEED , ?The College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of ! New York, established for the suppression of quackery, is j now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and I oiler to all those afflicted w ith these distressing maledies ! advantages not to be met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements, between the members of the College and the most eminent professors ' of the medical institutions of Euro)M!, all improvements in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of j mi* v-uiuuy. ?? mi >ucu ceieormieu remedies, together Willi the combined (kill of the tint medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied that the good work they i have undertaken. "ihe suppression of quackery," will re- ' ceive tbo pntrrtiage it deserves from that jiortion of the ! public requiring their services. Terms?for advioe and medicine Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, P7 Nassau ! dML \V. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by stating their j diseases explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, to- ! gether w ith the treatment they recqjved elsewhere, if anv, ' enn obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full directions for use, with a guarantee of cure, by,addressing i the agent of the.collegc, post paid/enclosing jo. {(^CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The 1 Tunic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and ' Pharmacy of the city of New York is now confidently re-1 commended and prescribed by the first medical practitioners ol the city, for all cases ol debility produced either by secret indulgence or ?M*M of any kind detrimental to the constitution It is an invaluable remedy for impotence, stei i!itv, orbarreness (unless depending on malformation) and will be found highly beneficial in nil complaints arising from a debilitated stale of the constitution. Sold in single liottles j.1 each: in cases of half a dozen $6; caiefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Orticc ami Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. (fc/- RICORO'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE?For the cure of primary or secondary syphlis. This powerful alterative is guaranteed not to contain a particle of mercury or any mineral injurious to the system, although possessing ent're control over those loathsome diseasus. It is now universally used in all the hospitals of Kurope in syphiletic complaints, and is a certain cure for venereal sore throat, ulcers, nodes, pains in thejointsor bones, and iinii uii complaints arising Ironi a sypluletic taint in the constitution or an improper line of mercury. Sold in single bottles, $1 each; in case* containing A dozen $6, carefull) packed and sent to all parts of the C'nion. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy S?7 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. MONRV niAltKh.r Sunday?Nov. li P. HI. The great abundance of money in this city not employed in the regular business of the country, mint lead to some unfavorable state of things, that we fear will crush the remaining energies of the mercantile community, and destroy all their present fair prospects. Below we give tables showing the prices of different stocks in this market at three periods. Within the time speculation lias run mad ;? 1'kices or Stocks tit the Nf.w York Market, 1813. Rritrrw Half. able. Oct. 31. JVot). 15. JVoe 26 United States. 1844 101 alOIH 10l><al02X 10lJi?l02l, <i 1844 IMKaMg* 102 nlO?X l02'4al02X 0 18h2 IIJh.116 ? at 19 105>ia ? 5 1853 103jfal05 ? alOSjf 10> al06 New York, 7 1848-19 108,'?al09 ? a 108* I08K?109* " 6 1860-54-60 107 a!07? ? ? 10'JjJa ? 6 1861-62-?7 l07Mal?'?v? ? alllU 112 a ? " 5H lRiO-61-65 101 al0:<S 105 al05>. 107 a ? " i 1815 MO a 100 Si lOO^alOl^ Kll^a ? " 5 1816-7-8-9 99fcalf/0* lOOXalO'H ? a ? " 5 1850-1-3 ? a 100 ? alOI>i ? a ? " S 1855-58 lOOKalOOK 103>ialOS 105 al06 " 5 18.19-f.0-61 99 alOO 102Xal05 ? a ? " 4>? 1849-58 91 a 94 93 a 95 ? a ? Ohio, 6 1810 95 a ? ? a 98}f lOlMa ? I 6 1856-60 95 a 95* 10e>4al0(l'ji lOIHa ? I " 5 1850-16 80 a 86 ? a 90 >? lODfca ? 7 1856 101 at02 ? al06 105)4*106 Kentucky 6 97*a 98 lOlJiainj 104)$a ? 5 80 a 83 87 ? 8? 93 a ? ' 1II1I1DI9, o iviii .in a sg a Mi'j 44 a ? liiaiintin, 5 25 years 36 a 36>J 39>?a 40 43>^a ? ArU.ui.tu, 6 39 a 50 Ma 60 6(1 a ? Alabama, 6 80 a 85 85 a 88 88 a ? ? 72 a 71 77 a 80 83 a ? Pannsylvaiiia 5 ? WKi 61 ? a 68 71 a ? Thiimm* 6 97>4a 98 ? a 95 103 a ? N York City 7 1857 112 al 16 1I5X*1I6 IIS a ? 7 1852 108 a ? 111 all2 112 a " ? 1850 100 a ? ? alOltf 101 alOlX 5 1858-70 99 alOO ? alOl t02Xa ? Thf greatest advance lias been on those stocks of the least value. Thi* fact shows the foundation of the improvement. This shows that the rise in price is not caused by their increased value, and it also shows that the advancement is not based on any thing solid. Pricks or Bank. Insurance and Kanct Stocks im the N?:w York Market, 18(3. Oct. 31. Nov. 1J. Xov. 26 Bk Com'* N..V. foil 9t?S<a 96? 98 j<n 93* 99 Ka scrip 97Xa 97* ? a 99 99*a 90% N. V. Life Ins. h Trust Co. 95 alCO 96 a 99 ? a ? Farmer*' Lo.mi k Tru?t I o. 21.Si* 2l>4 ? * 24 v 31) a 30'4 Ohio Lift* In*. ItTru*t Co. 89 * 9(1 ? ?9')i 97 * 97>fc Bunk of IJ. S. in I'enn. 2,'ja 4 ? a 4>i ? a ? jl.mou fc Providence Rai'il. 100 alOl 10IJ<?I02,S 102 al02}{ N. Jer?ey H. R. fc Trani. Co.W a 87 9lMa 91)5 - aMohawk 4i Hudson Railroad 37*<a 37? a 39 48 a 50 Ulici k Bchwectady It. 11. Il8?all9 119 al20 ? a ? UyMCUl* * Ctic* Railroad, !07Hal08 ? al09* 109**111 Auliiirn (i Syrarm* 11. II. 100 alio lOtiV1"1'1 ? a ? Anliuru He Roclie*rer K. R. 94 a 9J ? a 98 Slfca ? N. \ ork Oa* Liaht Co. 107 *115 ? al07 118 a ? Loi n Island K R M'/i* ii 59 a fin 70 a 71 Hirlem H R, 34ka S*K 40*a 40* 42 a 42* Mercl ant*' Bank, 10.'>Hat? ? a ? 107** ? >li*chanic*' Hank, ? a ? I05*a ? 106*a ? Bank or America, 100 a ? 100 a ? 101 allljf National Bank, ? a ? 99*al00* 101 ? ? . Man 11 inn Batik, ? a " 8j a ?- 8fi a ? Norw icli Railroad, 19. a ? 21 a 21 28*a 29K Delaware k Hndton, 10?Va ? Ill*all2 Ii2 al(2>, I'?tfr?oii lUilioad, M/i* ? 5**a ? 64 a ( A close examination of the above Inble* will exhibit the itraugr fact thit those Stale Mock* that pay no internet*, i and the fancy stork* that never did, and probably never i will pay a dividend, have ri*cn higher and fa*ter, than any of the productive atork* in tlie morket. Thi* al*o shows the power the hroki'rt of Wall street have in the*tock mar* ket, when hacked hy the hank* with their whole capital*' It show* what worthle** trash, in the hand*of the philosopher* in the Board of Broker* when they have other people'* money to n*c,become* ao valuable and tnnrke* the for. tune*ol *o many individual*. Stock* are higher at the'pre- , out time than they liavo been for nevcudycar*?the cauie ( of which li, the resources of the bank* have been employed in other kinds of business?but now their enormous influence is thrown into the hands of a few individuals to carry up prices of stocks until those controlling the large capitals of those banks have made immense fortunes. Then the bubble will burst,and all who have a dollar invested in these concerns, will open their eyes and find themselves thrown ou the world destitute. The responsibility of these individuals, holding the power of capital in their hands, la?ts just so long as they can com' mand a dollar. They have got themselves into stock jobbing, body and soul, andthey will come out divested of every cent of their proj>erty. They will use up themselves, and every individual connected with them' The connection between the Wall street banks and the brokers, is fraught with more danger than appears visible They must daily increase their loans and discounts to this class of applicants?they must involve themselves deeper to keep up the value of the securities they already have. They will be gradually drawn into the abyss that yawns to receive them, without the power to save them, selves, should they eventually have so holiest a disposi lion. The present state of the banking system, is precisely similar to tliat just prior to the last revulsion. In every particular relative to their movements, we see the same track followed that so many 'passed over to bankruptcy The country is slowly recovering from the jiositicn in which it was placed by the old United States Rank. It is gradually, by its own energies and resources,again reaching the state it once was in. The people are, with difficulty, retrieving their past prosperity, and will, if they only shun banks, soon find themselves far better off than ever before. The United States Hank became a great 1 speculator?it at one time hail invested more than twenty millions in stocks. Its agents 111 Kurope entertained as extravagant ideas of speculation as the financial genius at home. Through their influence Knglish capitalists were induced to make the most extensive loans to the States.? The States borrowed all they could get, without dreaming of a day of settlement. The state of the currency at that period?the speculation going on so exlensively in every .1 r ?1,0 in I of property?the anticipated returns from internal improvements, built on the State loans, ha<l no great an influence on the public mind, that thousands thought the time to look at these tilings in any other light would never come. Thousands died in ignorance, but millions live to experience the ruinous results of so much folly. The debts contracted under that delusion, are not acknow. ledged, and the .effects of the bubble is still severely felt in seme parts of the country. The grasping disposition of that institution was not satislied in directing the movements of so much foreign capital, besides all they could control on this side of the Atlantic, in creating such an immense amount of American State stocks, but in the midst of tliis business they looked about for something else to dip into, and could find nothing more extensive than the most important staple of this country. Like every thing else that came under the control of the individuals governing that institution, the crop of cotton was absorbed and subjected to the movements of these speculators. The causes that perfected the bubble of 1839, are becoming again generated, the same elements are again at work, in the hands of equally unprincipled speculators; the same reckless disjiosition is manifested by the present race of financiers, and this country will always be in dan' gcr from these desperate gamblers so long as the banks are in existence, and so long as they have other's property to work with and squander. The country has never retrograded in its course to wealth and prosperity, without the policy of the banks being the first and only cause. The expansions of trade, and rise in prices of property, depend entirely on the course fol lowed by the banks ; the slightest deviation fraei a regular, legitimate, and sound business, can be directly traced to^the movements of the banks, and the consequence is, they must abide the result and bear the blame resulting from their mismanagement. Tho last quarterly returns of the banks in this State, show a gradual expansion of their resources. The business of the country since its recovery, has been gradually withdrawing itself from the small connection it had left before the present season commenced, and notwithstanding this fact, our banks have extended their leans and discounts within the last three months 941,0-M, which our previous tables have shown was an additional loan to brokers. The banks were very particular in making up their reports, to place as small an amount as possible down to this description of loans and discounts. They are well aware of the effect a contrary return would have had. They disguise their actual condition from their own stockholders, if possible' j and have so great a regard for the public, that they refusr , to enlighten them when " ignorance is bliss." The bulk I of their capitals is at present beyoud any different use, and the directors have only to carefully watch it, to prevent its j leaking away. It must remain so; for the first refusal to ex- j tend facilities to the brokers, will give stocks of the least ; value such a sudden weakness, that all Wall street cannot hold them up, and a panic will come over that region i that will astonish the inmatos of all the bank pnlaCes. The tender-hearted Kx-rresident of the I'henix Bank, j Charlestown, Mass., has been convicted at Lowell, of j fraud and embezzlement to an immense amount. This w as his second trial, the jury in the tint being unable to ; agree. The eloquence of distinguished counsel could | not save him. The age has improved, and the result of I the trial of this individual is an evidence of a return to the honesty of our forefathers. A few years since it was i an impossibility to bring such gentlemen to punishment. I The idea of arraigning them on a civil suit was never en- j tertained. Now a Bank President gets sentenced to the State Prison for seven years. The Millennium is nearer ! at hand than most people have imagined. The charm is dissolved, a commencement has been made, and we trust it will be followed up closely. If half of the Bank Presidents in the country had justice meted out to them as they deserve, the inmates of our State prisons would become much degenerated, and, the institutions, as a source of revenue,poor concerns, for they could not turn | their talents to any thing profitable, unless they fleeced I each other. James T. Leath, Rsq., has been elected President of the I Branch of the Union Bank of Tennessee, in Nashville, in place of W. B. Winchester, Esq., resigned. A meeting of the stockholders of the Merchants' Bank, Baltimore, has been called, to take into consideration the expediency of memorialising the (ieneral Assembly to reduce the capital of that institution one-third. The owners of Baltimore City six per cent, stock, redeemable at the pleasure of the Council, after the year 1843, are notified that said stock will be redeemed at the Register's ortice on the first day of January next, on which day the interest on the stocks will terminate. The receipts of specie at New Orleans on the 17th inst. j amounted to $16'J,H01. Ntnte of T rade. The market closed very firm. Prices during the past week have been well sustained, and a fair amoimt of business transacted. The canals are still ojwn, which is daily ! adding to the quantity of produce storing in this market for winter consumption and export. A'hf.s.?Pots have declined a trifle. We now quote | $4 fttij(a)4 tWj. Pearls are still held at $ '> lJj. Cottox.?A fair demand exists, and prices have recover- 1 ed from the falling ott created by the Foreign news. Holder* are very firm,and purchasers submit to the current ( rates to the lull extent of their wants. The sales for the week reached 9,900 bales, and the receipts for the same ! l>eriod bales. Below we give comparative quota- j tinni. Lirr.RrnoL Classification. Nov. 18. Nov. 2ft. AT. Orlrnns A'. Or/rant Upland. 4' Mobile. Upland*. 4' Mobil f. Inferior, tij? ? 0}? ? t>J? ? KJ? ? Ordinary, 7 ? 7i 7 ? 7} 7 ? 7i 7 (S 7] Middling. 74? 7? 71? 7j 7A? 7} 71? 8 Middling fair, 71? * *1? Hi 7]? 8 8}? 8j Fair, Hi? 81 8j? h! Hi? ftj 9j? 9 Good fair, 93? 0 10 ?10j 8j? 9 10 ?I0J Kine, 9 ? 9} 10}? 11 9 ? 9} 10J?U Coffee.?Very little doing. We notice gale* of I.aguayra at 74?7J ; Java, 10^?10J ; Brazil, 7|?*. Br.r.iw*i,?Sale* of American yellow at 29.;. Not much doing. On..?( rude Whale we quote at 40$, without a very active demand. Sperm very dull. Sun**.?Thi? article is very dull. Wc notice sales in small lots of New Orleans at ri?ti]<r.; hrown Havana, (ijf ?7Ao ; Porto Rico, 6}?7j<t; white Havana, 9}<;. The supply is very good. I'kovisioms.?Pork ii rather inactive. Sales of Mess at $I12A?I1 17} ; Prime at $9 87J?10. Beef is also dull. We quote Mess, country, at *0 I8|?6 XI; Prime, do, ft 12J?4 lb?- Lard in kegs, sells at 6?6}<t, with a fair demand for;exj>ort. WiiAt.imo-fi..?Sale* to considerable extent have been mo,I,, fit All> I'..I- Hnlltli ?..i. Tobacco.?Lower grade* of Kentucky Leaf are plenty, sales of which we ouote at 3(3)31* ; good qualities are In demand, prime in held at No. 1 manufactured I *ells at l(VS)l*i4. The account* of the tobacco crop that reached us from Missouri are very discouraging. The yield will not exceed in some districts half a crop. Wnism-.r.?'The sales of Drudge still rule at J3tf, and barrels at it/?24j<t. Demand light. | Goals.?Anthracite Coal Is in fair demand for home use. I Not much doing however in Ititiiniinous. Liverpool Or- ; icl is quoted at *10?!!) M>. I'ictou and Sydney $7(9' AO, Anthracite V' up to *7 AO, according to the customer and ihe conscience of the eoal'dealer. We have the last coal statements made up to last Saturday, namely Sent by Schuylkill ( anal 410,SIS tons. " l\ 11. k r Railroad JIl.TtW " " Little Schuylkill Railroad 30,J81 " " Mount Carlton Railroad KU>,4!)I " ' M. H. k S N. Railroad 370,MO " " From Lnyhush Region .240,813 " Total " j l? not this enough for the consumption of thn"people|of this country ? Brkad.ti km.?In consequence of the continued mild weather price* have been depressed somewhat in thin market. 11? navigation remains open much longer our supplies wili lie no great as to knock down prices to a very low point. Genesee flour is now iiuoted at >4 h6 and flat hooped Ohio at 'M -'>0 ; Southern description fetch from *4 ."?0 to}$4 75. Wheat brings i?lfa)l..V North River Corn .'ifya)'Y<<?; Maryland, 044; New Orleans, o3fa)i>4. Oats, 30?31, and heavy at thut. Itye is down again ;.the price is now 64<f. Barley is at 4H?. Our stock is now over three hundred thousand barrels. which is a large supply for the season. It w otild lie large even with the prospect of a demand during the winter from the east. Hut us the markets in that section are nowsupplied by the western railroad, three hundred thousand barrels is a very great supply to have in store at the close of navigation ; and there is u strong probability that one more week open navigation will swell the Stock to 3'J5,000 barrels if not to a higher point. The quantity of Hour and wheat delivered at tide water during the third week iu November, nmounted to U0,HOti barrels of flour and 'ii,736 bushels of w heat. The recipts of flour this season exceed those of any previous year by upw ards of two hundred thousand barrels. In Buffalo, on the 23d inst., Michigan wheat sold at " > a Ttijj cents. Flour was quoted at <3 6j a $3 HO, with a steady demand. During the third week ending this month 36,683 barrels Hour, 70,222 bushels wheat, and 4670 bushels corn arrived at tliat market. There wore exported in the same time 1,800 huihela of corn to < anada and via the canal, il,3-.,7 bills Hour ; 73,7i6 bushels wheat. Boats were still clearing eastward. Communication between Rochester and Canada closed on the -J-Jd inst.?the last trip of the Canadian steamers having been made on that day. There were a few boats on the canal ladened with (lour for Albany. The Mills were pretty well cleaned out?better than usual at this time of the year. Receipts of wheat light. It remains at former quotations. Say (is Bd. Klour $3 75 a $4. Klour was selling in Detroit on the'J 1st inst. at $3 l.i a 3 50 ; potatoes, 33 a 3rtc.; oats, 81c. The produce intended for New York had all gone forward, and the forwarders were storing fur the winter, excepting small quantities intended for Buffalo market. The quantity shipped this season, from this |x?rt, it is lielieved, far exceeds any previous jear. The anticipated closing of navigation lias diminished the receipts liy railroad*, though considerable quantities are yet arriving. There were sales of Hour in Cleveland on the 20th inst. at $3 i'M), and wheat at tiHc. No sales 'ilst. Then' were exported thence in tho week ending lath, the following quotations:? Flour, hbla. Wheal, liusli. To United States Torts 10,7*0 19,100 To Canada 3,780 ? 14,MB It is seen by this and the |report of the Bull'alo market, that there have been a little Hour and corn moving into Canada. No wheat, however, of uny consequence is tending that way. Raltlmore Cattle Market. Supplies of Beef cattle continue to come in freely and the sales of the week have been large without any change in prices. I he oflcrings at the scales on Monday amounted to 1360 head, of which '200 were taken ay packers ond about 660,by the city butcher*. Price* paid were from $1 26 to $2 -25 per 100 lb*, according to quality on the hoof, which is equal to $-2 fiO a $1 26 net. There are now 460 bead in market unsold. The quality of the stock olt'ereil this week was rather better generally than those offered last week, and prices have consequently ranged less widely. The supply of live hogs has been quite full this week, anil most of the packers have made purchases. Prices have ruled a shade lower, and wo have not heard of any transactions in large parcels above <.3 87 J por 100 lbs. A drove of 360 head, was taken by a packer yesterday at $3 87], and another parcel of 312 was taken at 38.'). We note a sale of a drove of 280 this morning at about ^>3 76u? 3 85. Small sales are making to butchers at $3 87 to $-1. There has been an unusually lnrge number of killed hogs brought in by waggons, in consequence of which sales have been more difficult and the price declined towards the close. Early in the week sales were made from store at $4 per 100 lbs", for prime bogs, suitable for family use. The store price now rules at f>3 60 a $3 76 as in quality, with a full supply offering. ?a?warrmmamatamem-m ?u Marrleo At Albany, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. C. D. Cooper, S. Vi9?ciu:it Talcott to Olivia M., daughter of the late Robert Shearman, of Utica. Died, On the 26th instant, of inflamation of the brain, James Willis, aged 23 months, only son of Richard and Harriet Irene Willis. Tilt, frinrwlc nf tl.n Aim!!., o-,. not.,,1 f... iicral this afternoon, at 3 o clock, from his lute residence No. 178 Orchard street. On the'26th instant, Miss Bakraha McDonnell, aged 31 years and 4 months. The friends of her brother Hugh W. McDonnell and her Brother-in-law Samuel Dalzell, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral on this (Monday) afternoon,at 3 o'clock from her late residence 233 Centre street, without further invitation. * On the 26th instant, Mr. James K. Fowler, aged 25 years, son of Mr. James Fowler, Walton Mansion House, Pearl street, after a long and painful illness. His funeral will take place on Wednesday, 2 o'clock, P. M.; his friends and those of the family are respectfully invited to attend without further invitation. Puieiigora Arrived. Bremen?Barque Atlantic?Wilhelm liaddle, Lemuel Stephen*. J Lange, Otto Muller, Mr Doris, Mr Meyer? 44 in the *teerage. Kingston, Jam?Schr Hero?reter Roberts; Constantine Buyer and family, lite of Port an Prince. Charleston?Ship South|?ort?K Levering. ' Koran. Charleston?Btig Moon?J W Welch and lady, J N Bust, J Sertoli, Mrs Cliue and child. F Peltou?2 in the steerage. Foreign Importation! Bremen?Baniue Atlantic?7 pkgs O F Meyer?2 Brustlein, Koop & co?8 Bouchaud St Tht-liauu?7 Hetich?n St Unkart ?14 H Boker?2 Hall in St Sander?200 S&H Kohnstatnin?I Rainer St Meeke? I L Soever?2 O'.tengen 8t (lolntein?16 Vietor St Achillea?2 C \v Vorwerk?16 Henchen St Unkart?9 C H Sand?2 Gardner, Colby St co, Bos'on?2 J < KrneupuUch?7 (IB Dorr?5 Pa) en St co?5 T Oruoeuthal?665 pkgs 1 bos 3 bales 500 bis pipes to order. Palermo?Brig Delight?564 bn fruit 144 bags Fitch St co? 10 bxs preserves A M Ordine?3100 ba|{? limeed JO cs li>|Uorice l>a?te 20 do essence* I pkg silk 68 bxs liuit to order. Pt i.ermo?Brig Carrier?25 casts briinstoue 60n do sumac 400 bags walnuts 104 baps^filberU 50 bts Ii<iuoric.'pasle20 bis m.uiiia rim ao lemons r iicii ? Co. Kingston Ja?Sclir Hero?3 c? indigo Tooker, Mead At copimento and copper O It J Laurie?copper Ay mar Si c ?log I wood Cliutelnin Ik Ponvert?fustic. cop|*r, pimento and glass (?eo Miln?<0(1 hairs coffee Hossiere 8c co?brass and old type Dunscomb 8c Beckwith. DomeMtlc Importations. CiiiKi.ksros?Ship Suuthpor*?140 bales cotton J FowUr? 59 do 31 tcs rice Geo Biilklry ?275 bales J M Prescott??!) do 6?i lea rice Smith, Mills 8c co?53 biles 1 box Buck 8c co?74 bales Hp. ague, Robinson 8c co?Ml Ay mar St co?72 tcs rice J 8 8c B Post?2 bis ('overt, Mitchell 8c Co?I do Young 8c Smith?1 F Stiybins?liO bales cotton yarn F Mottjr?I hf pi|>e wine K VV Laight?3 bdls leather LiilieSc Raisines Citam-urnn-Brig Moon?100 tea rice 67 bles cotton Smiili, Mills 8c co?121 Hv Coit?181 Hicks St co?153 Buck 8c co?41 Renard 8c ro?35 (} H Smith?2 bbls Perkins 8c Hopkins St Marks?Brig Samsou?421 bales cotton 15 bxs tobacco F. I) Hurlhut 8c ro. MARITIME HERALD. tailing Oaya of th? Steam Ship*. from liverpool. (rom IHCIICi Caledonia, Lott Dec. 1 Acadia, Ryrie Nor. 19 Dec. 16 Ship Muten and Agent* We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will k.i o Commodore Rohkrt SiLvr.T.of our News Fleet, a Re ; port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, sod | uiy Foreign Newspa|>.'rs or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor -espondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor l>\ tending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence thev ev , obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will beihAuitn.t 1 received. PORT or HEW VOKK, NOVBJ1BKU 47 UN Run 7 2 I Moon SETS II A It :tl 33 I HIBH WITH li 17 Arrived. Ship Berwick. Harding, (of Portsmouth, NH. J 24 days from iNew Orleans, with cotlou, Ike. to master. Stiip Southport. Griffith. 4 days from Charleston, with cotton and rire, to (J Bulkley. Barque Atlantic, Ororr. Jl days from Bremen, witli mdse, to order Brist Delight, Wotton, from Palermo, and 33 days from Gib- ; raltar. with frutt, to matter. Brig Carrier, Beecher, from Palermo, Oct. 8, with fruit, to Fitch It Co Italian brig Caliito, I'rofuDio, 51 dayt from Genoa, with mdse, to order. | Brig i;himpion,8oule, 22 days from Bonaire, with 1075 bltls salt to J Koulke Ik Son. | British brig Mary Jane, Peterson, 23 days from Barbadoes, in ballast, to Stokes V Anthony. B ik Vinson. Baker, II days front St Marks, with cotton, to K I) llurlhut k Co. Brig Moon. Have*, 5 days from Charleston, with cotton, to t Dunham (k Dimoti. Brig N' hie, (uew) Deminc, 6 days from Lubec, w ith plaster, to Brett k Vose. Schr Hero. Boyd, from Kingston, Ja., Oct. 16, with coffee, fcc to Ktlfus Kowe V x:?rienr?d a snrre??n,n nf h???v nle? to the northward of llatteras??prung bowsprit, carried IWir I trad stavs ai d liller, split rudder head and tails?was supplied I by ship Troy, ai bclore reiioited. Schr Eleanor, Jones, 9 uay* from Havana, with 33,009 orange* to Cropwy Ik Oilmartin. Schr t. W. Bradley, Johnson, from Newborn, NC. with naval stores to 8 L. Mitchell. Schr John Drew, Aldan, from Kingston, Mass. with fish, to Schr Mail, Crowell, 2 days from Hartford, with mdse, to the master Below. One ship, unknown. Oeneral Record Captai* Hill, or ship Tkoy.?The master, passengers and crew of schr Hero, of New York, tender their sincere and heartfelt flunks to Captain Hill, of ship Troy, fi r hit prompt and generous supply of provisions afforded 'hem on the 21st inst; also f? r lowering his boat down in a heavy sat and tending it alongside at much trouble and inconvenience to himself In expressing their warmer t gr ititude t > < aptain Hill for his manly conduct, thev cannot bnt contrast it with that of the mister of a Bremen ship, which having bore diwn nearly within hail of a signal or ill stress. hoisted lire colore to the link, and left us. il not to starve, to incur a debt of gratitude to Captain Hill which we feel can never be suffici^ntly repaiu. smr Victoria, which left here for Hull, Kng. on Friday, | returned yeiterday, haviiiK touched on the bar, while in charge of a pilot. Siiiph Ashore at New Om.r**?.?On the lTth init. the Jamea I'erkini, Hall, from Boston, wia ashore on tie West llieskera off the SW Pass, with towboat Prairie alongside ? Alan ground in the river, at the month of Wilder'* Bayou, iwii ships and two brim, names not recollected; one of the shii'ii supposed the Tacitna, Cheever, from Boston. On the S\V Bai, bound out ships Kranklin, Clarifta Perkins. and Avola. Ashorf.?A ahip or a barque was aeen aahora on Do* Hocki, Salt Key Bulk, by the Nancy W Stevena, at N Orleans. Brig 0?<kola.?The Cleveland hrinta intelligence of the loaa of this veaael at Sonthport, W. T. 't appear* that ahe went there and loaded with 6000 bushels wheat, when a gale came on which drove her on shore andshefuiall v went to piece.. : Ahont one-third of the cargn wa? secured by assistance readily tendered by the citixeui of lint place; the balance was loat with 'lie veaael. The brig has not been lon|{ in communion, and belonged to O Lee, of Silver ( reek. The cargo waa consigned principally to Kinne, Davis .It Co. ol this city.?[Buffalo Ail veriiaer. Ship Hirondki.i (Belgian) from Antwerp, waa lately ivrecked near Ver.< Cm/. A consider ible part of her cargo, i'onsistiuC mainly of dry goods, was saved, but the veaael was lo?r, I'Jfi nr.ti?Al Thomaaton 16th Chinchilla, 210 tons ? 1 At Newliurynort I7tli, Nassui 117 tons: she is intended as a 1 packet between New Yoik and Nassau, Ml', and sailed I I ruin New bnryport for Nmmu ?d iu<(. Notice to Mariners. We yesterday accompanied Captain Mackay, Topographical Knkineer ( ori*, who. umml by l.ieut Willi?ni? ami Mr Deng pilot, sounded lh^ iwn channels of the river about one mile ana a hall below the Kichauge and abreast the lowest point of Kit, Island Tbe new channel wu found to I** at least on* foot dee|>er tlian the old, the shoalrst part of the former being at ordinary low water seven feet, the wind being at the HUM a moderate north-easter. and the tide conse<{neiitly not being ai low ai if wind was Irorn the westward. ft w ill be new moon ihia erasing about rniduiiflit Allow i*ir the average rise ol lid** to be li.t# feet to 7 fart, varied of course at spring ti?l?a, a vessel drawing |3.l? to II leet could be brought up the new channel at average ptliig tides?[" ivaimali Krpublican. WbkJcmen List ot te*<els arrived in the |>ort of Talcahuana from April 90 to Juue 20: -Henry 'l?y, Nant, 2200 ?p. aid I2ih Juue; I'lie nil. Nil, clean, ild May 0; Boy, Warren. MM, ?ld ll'h; Kaale, NB. 11(10. aid June 12; America. Nant. 1200, do: Win <' N><. NL, 000 sp2600 wh, do 10th; Benj Tucker, NB, arr Juue C, I Son sp; I.agoda, do, arr lOrli, fiOU >p 22tN) wh. Heard from, at (iallipa^oa l?lauds. April I. Kussell. Dartmouth, 650 ?p; Mch 20, David I'addnck. N int. JIM1. Acushuet. FH, H.V); Awashonks, Kaimouth. ItiKi; 1st, Hector, NB. 2600; ilih, (' W Morgan, do, 1100; Aurora, Naut. 800: Franklin, do, 800; Feb 6, Beuj Uuah, Warren, 650. bound to Jaoa? At Val|wrai?o Aug 15, fIi'iiry Clay, Sayer, Naiit, from 'I'alcahuaua, nearly lull. At <allao Aug 5, Lafayette, NU, oil not statej. At Purnambucp Oct 27, Columbus, to tail ue*t day, put m lor wood and provision*. Spoken. Griffon, Blake, Palermo for Boston, Oct 23, in Strait* of Gibaltar?l>y tlie Carrier, it thii port. Abeoua, Amsterdam for Cura'oa, about 1st iiut. no lat, Sic. <ti*eu. Cymie, 9dayi from Portiand fur Savannah, Nov 17, lat 15 20, Ion 75 15. Criterion, Turlt? Island for New Orleans, Nov 6,1 off < ape Crnz 'Kobt Preble,' frein Boston for Veia Cruz, Oct 30, lat 35 30, Ion 68 48. Foreign Porta Galvf*ton. Texas, Nov 'j?In port, Star Republic, for New York, wtg frt; Galveston, Burr, NOrleans, soon. Havana. Nov H?In port. Hel espont. hllis, from and for N York; Rapid, Ward, for do, soon: Aranda, Howlaud, from do, just arr. ai d others. Arr lOih, Hobt Bruce, Savannah; Orient, Bath; Velntco, Boston via Matanz<s; 9th. U S ship of war Vandali*. Norfolk. ( Id lOtli, ('aro'ine, Boston; 7th, Charleston, I'ensacola; 8th, Cocheco, Caiiuito. Sid U S brig Somers, on a cruise. Lagi'NA, Oct 31?In port, Kieazi, Hopkins, for Boston, 2d Nov. Bonaire, Nov 2?In port, Monaco, Wording, for NYork, 4th; Tryon, Gale, do. I'Art Havtiin, Nov I?In port, Gallio, of and for Philadelphia, Idg. Isi.av, about Aug lll-ln port Whig, Baldwin, of Baltimore., Aug 5?In port, Helena, Benjamin, of NewVark, to sail in a few days for < anion. Qi'kbkc, Nov 19? ('Id Jamaica Martin, Glasgow; Apollo, Wnlker, Dundee; Prompt, Morion, and Kockihire, Allen, Liverpool. Home |>orts. I Luhkc, Nov 21?Arr .Amaranth, Kude, NYork. Sid 19th, Tlheriui, Tibbets. do; 20lli Noble, (new ) DemiiiK. do. I'aitine, Nov 20?C d St Cloud, Kmerson, NOrleins Bancor, Nov 22? Arr Openango, I ,<-einoi, Baltimore; Ocean, Staples, and Jas(>er, Stewart. N York; Richmond, Thorndike, do; Oriana, Carlin, < in id.<loio>e. Wiseasskt, Nov 23?Cld sterling, Saunders, Savannah. Sid ?u, AviiiiiDCHfl, murray, i>ime;ois. Bath. Nov 23 ? SIiI Gardiner, I'aiten,CSnatlalou|m-; Louisiana, Patten; Lavranue, Winchell, and Lynns Ryan, New Orleans; M'LelUn. Orr, Havana. Sac o, Nov 8>?!?ld Orland, (new of Keiiuebunk, 437 tons) Perkins, NOrleans. Porti.anii, Nov 23?Arr Susan Jane, Winslow, Boston; W Henry,'1'horndike; Hisine Sun. Pluminer, and May Flower, Cutter, NYork: Oread, Bibber, Baltimore. Nf.wBUKYPORT, Nov 21?Arr Herald, Goodwin, Philadelphia. Nov 23?rid Atlantic, Cook, Baltimore; E A Herrick, Wilkins, NVork. Bostss, Nov 25?Arr Chas Carroll. Dean,Cronstadt; Catharine, Gardnsr and Susan Si Jane, Fletcher, Smyrna; Ellen, Cobb, Trinidad via NVork; Malaga. Anthony, Trinidad: Kaitle, Drew, Cape Haytien; Susan, Pittee. Turks Island; Home, Howes; Win M Rogers, llardim:; Freeman. Killman; Aurora, Woodbury, and Hmlasiah. Knowltnn, Philadelphia; Chatham, Donne. Baltimore; Tarquiu, Trim, NOrlemv, hmerald. Snow, Jacmel; Larch, Allen. Mirattoane, St Domimio; Graud Island, LmmNHiL An CayW( Vulture, Tyler, Norfolkt Olivia St Vir iliuia. Itollins. and Kssex, Rollins, Fredericksburg; Henry, Nickersou. Delaware City; Peaosvlvania, Baron, s.ilem, NJ; Banner, Lewis, Albany; Norwich,Crosby, and Spy, l.ewis, do; Homer, Reed; I.ebinon. Brown, and Velocity. Montgomery, Worn. Telegraphed, Denmark, from ; Griffon, Blake, Palermo; Sylph. ai,d Metamora, Philadelphia. Signal for a ship and a brig, i"Id Natchez, Liiids y, London; Ganges, Pearson, Gibraltar; Adaline & Eliza, II pkios, Havain; Jtaiiibow, Simpson, NOrleam; Waue, Wales, Norfolk; Dover, Percival, Baltimore; Krie, Baiter, and Petri, Harding. Philadelphia; Bethel Kldridge, Richmond; Grecian, Chase, and Lexington, Crowell, NVork. Nantucif.t, Nov 22?Arr Philadelphia, Barnard, Philadelphia; Bolivar, Baruard, Baltimore; 23d, Kunomus, Small, New x (uk. Edoautown, No* 23? Below, a brig and 2 icli's, bound E.? In port wind NW, Energy, Davis. for Boston, this evening., Hoi.mks Hoi.f, Nov 23?Arr Robert, [Hr] Patch, Jamaica for St Andre >s; Token, Loveland, Philadelphia for 11 lifa,i; Sylph, Nickerson; Eliza Ellen, and Mexico, do for Boston; Elizabeth. Billings, NVork fordo. Sid May,and Token. Arr 211h, Postilion, Hnimer, Camden for Mobile; St Thouiis. Currier. Baltimore for Portland; Nile, Aleiamlria for Boston; Holly Bush. Trundv, Washington, DC. fordo. Ketnrned. Jov, and remains witfi Dusky Sally, Elizabeth, and Hobt Bruce, the only vessels in port?those before reported, 18 or 20 sail, sailed this morning. Wind SW. Providknce. Nov 2>?Arr Susanna. Pulleu, Frederirksburg; Reaper, Sean, Baltimore; Olympus, Satterly, Hondo lit?on the 22d, off Nayat Light, saw the body of a man drifting: towards the Point; Ninirou, Kimball, Kondout; Dolphin, Taylor, and Helen. M'Laughlin, Albany; Southport, Gorium, NVork. Bristoi., Nov 21?Arr Emeliue, Rawson, (late Pearce) Havana? on the 4th day our, Capl P was takeu sick, anil soon after three of the seamen, leaving hut four to do duly; on 17th, was kindly supplied with mediciue by the Captain of the Cjreue. from Portland for Savannah. Capt Pearce died 19th, and one of the men 21st. Sid Fred Pearl, Haskell, Deer jsle. Arr 21th, Sally, Gladding, Albany; Meridian, Lew is, Kail River for N York. CHARLtsTON, Nov 23?Arr Highbinder, St Thomas. Cld Auriana. West Indies Sid Medora, Turner, Londan; Harriet St Jessie, Conner, N York; Ducamin, La'our, Bordeaux. Arr 22d, Charles, Low, and Cervantes, Tufts, Boston; Herald, [BrJ Watson, Demerara. Savannah. Nov 21?Arr Washington. (Br) Wilkie. LiverKool. Cld Globe, Brazier. Portsmouth, Nil; Savannah, IIiw!y, NVork; 22d, Spring, Hamilton. Nantz; Georgiana, Bedell, NVork. Sid Levant, Whittlesey, llavie. Arr Jou.ithau Waiuwright, Lyumire, NVork. St Marks, Nor IS?In port, Lawrence Copeland. Baker, to sail neit day. Sid 13th, R W Brown, Tatein. NVork. Pkmacola, Nov II?Arr (Choctaw, Loomis; Urbftns, Small; Elmira, Tucker, and Havana, Charles, NVork. Mohii.e. Nov 14?Arr Jaue, Drinkwater; B h Field, Van Gilder, and Margaret Ami, Hammond. Philadelphia; ,Mayflower, King, Newport; Bologna. Sinilley, NVork; Ifiih Goodwin, Davis, and Echo, I'erkius, Boston; Boston, Sesmtry,Yarmouth; Champion, Bourne, Falmouth. Nkw Ori.f.ans, Nov 17?At Francis Depau, Sagory. New York; Clinton, Hartley,and Eleanor, [Br] Melherson, Liver pool; I,uro ?*?tou, L,lrJ Mt/.slininous, no, via ot i nomas; New Ettiimdi Kmtrr, Bofioai Dura be, Vistu, ntTua; Peco- i lie, Wilbur, Savanna la Mar, J.i; Dwnmark, Peteis. Lacuna Tin Campeachy. Below, coming up, Zaiila, from Havana. Iii the Itivcr, ab >ve the Knglish 'I urn, Montpelier, Slackpole, fr. in Camden, Me; Francis P Beck, Stackpole, Thomaston; Uunlo, and Catharine. Cld Colch's, Kniiflit, Liverpool. I61I1? Arr Constellation, Jackson, London: Oakland, lleirv. Liverpool; (Jen Washington, Marb-rry, Rotterdam; Chester, Vandyke, and Solon, Bucknain, Philadelphia; He-culean, Holmes. and Washington, Stereos, Boston; Oconee, Jackson New York; j Trenton, Manson, Bath, Me; Leoutine. [lirem] Wieting, Bremen; Bashaw, Howes, N York fur Natchez; Saline, Kales, and (jeorgtana. McClellan, Thomaston; Virginia, Dexter, Turks Island; IJaoton, Anderson, Lisbon; CJen Marion, Sylvester, and Star, i homas, Wilmington. NC; Marmion, West, N York ? ('Id K.mhlem, Oyer, and Bengal, Gorham, Liverpool; Sea Lion, llowes, Hivni Natchez, Snow. Boston. lilh? Arr ( hilo, Lambert. Hrrdeaux; Hogarth, Redman, aud K.ciio, Sill, Liverpool; Klavio, CoflU, Boston; Kepler, [Br>m] Kruil >p. and Constitution, [Breml Kothfos, Bremen; Mauran, Williams, (ienoa via Mai alia and Madeira; Creole, T reins, Laguna; Llewellwi, Winch, Matagorda; Convert, Reynolds, Newport, 111 ? Cld Delia Walker, Lecraw, Havre; Autoleon, Howes Portsmouth, Nil: Maria, Khlerkin, Pensacola; Neptune, [s] Rollins, Galveuou. Mth?Arr Diana, ]Brain] Baetjer, Bromeu; .Nancy W Stevens. Baltimore; Agenoria, Snnillord, Kill Hiver; Kreeland, Powell, Campeacny. Below. Tacitus, Cheever. Boston Cld Klliott, Watts, (iiliraltar; Lucy Ann, White, New York; Carib, Porterfield, Key West; Magnet, Coffin, Laguna; Alex ander, Armstrong, Pensacola: Henry Clay, Pucker, Matamoras; Boston. Br 'ilev. Apilncluco'a VTOTICt?Tke creditors of the iat< lirm of Bh.LL St is 11'iWAKD are res|iectfu'ly re lufsti d to meet on '1 uesday evening, 28th inst. at the house of Mr. J. J. fttoneall, i31 Kufton s reet, at 7 o'clock. THjMAS BULL, Ancti-neer, n?7 tree formerly Beii & Howard. pMOFCMOR H HON SON'S LAST NlOH . 8 at A poll#, 1 This and To-Morrow Kvenmgs, at 7)i? o'clock, w h?n he will discuns the Di velopirent of Mi d and Body, Spirit ?n ' Matter, the higher Principles of Klocution and Musie, with r."i Apottroph* to the Oce-ui, Lord 1111 ill's Duiirhter. the Whitketi. Ob'RudiRer, Sailor Biy's Dream, Maniac, Stc ; ?n<1 among thi- Sin?? by Mr. N ?h, A Life ou the Ocean, Old Helton. John An'ler?on. Fallot's Urave, Newfoundland Dog, Ike Mr. Ban-lord, 1'iannt. Admission 26 cuts n27 2tis'r A~ MK.ltlCAN lU.l'LBUCANS (>K THK 6th WATTD ?A meeting of the American Repnblicam of the Kiftli VVard will be held at til ir Head-Quarter*. Riley's, Corner o'. I Kranklin s'reei ml Went Broad*a\. on Wedi.ndty evening, j November 2Hh, at st-ven o'cn ck. Several able speaVer??ill address the meeting in esplanatio i cf our principles, llallv. American* rally ! " Kterual vigilance is the priceol liberty ' By order or the Ward Committee Tlfoa. r TEALK, Chairman Am Rep. Ward Cominitree. OKOltGE W. MORTON, Sec etary n27 Uti?*r UIV K DOL,L\KH It KWA RD.? I.oat, on Satnrda> evening. I in the vicinity of the Chatham Th?a're, a cone shaped Moae Diiniond, art with n gold ba'k and a hook upon tile point The anove reward will be paid for its d?liv?ry at the bo* office o' the Chatham I heat re Pawnbrokers and other* are re ju-sttqn whe notice of the ibow. n27 K*r A CARD. MV.MBKRS OF CONOHKS.* ANl) OTHKHS TTISli'lNO PHILADKLPIIIA. will find every comfort and . W A S 11 I N G T (.) N IL ( ) U S E, 223 Chestnut street, above Seventh, PHILAUKL.PHIA. n2J in* tod lm*r H. J HART WELL. Proprittor. M \ H H HI) OH SIM.l.K 'iiisfl, K M K N 7~<les i1 o m ? < f~a comfortable home f?r the winter, can be getite?ly accomin.dit.'d in a private family. with i'*fellent board and good *|?ncioiii, and airy rooms, the locution being very desirable. I quiet, convenient to the bmin i< Put of the citv, ami . only a moment's walk from tin' V. ?t Broadway line of I ttage*. Kamilies ..wishing to make arrangem-nti for tli? I winter >ea>on can be very handsome y furnished with ' splendid i>arlon and rooms attached, by ai>rlyiuK soon. '1 he advertiser feels assurtd, on the point ol econou-y and good living, her house cannot be surpassed, and pledges . that no pains or etettions shall be spa-e I to rand r every poiii ide attention and comfort to those who may honor her with a trial -ill MAKKKT STKKF.T nff Im'ec IMI'OKTANT To |\v M.lltS \\i> VISITKHS To TIIK ISLAND OK - URA 1' R O O R E SS H O T E L, IN THK VILLAtiE OH' CKHRO, three miles from llava- I i na ?This establishment is advantageously situated prop-rly | fitted up and attended, affording the benefit of a country life, vi ithutit eiclt ding the comforts aud | leasures of the mural, or pr(Wtitt a tun If attendance to business. Kveiy attention is promised Dy the owruers to meet the satisfaction of their visiters. en A lim n Boarding for a single person in on* room, 12 (10 a day I " lor two or three persons in one room, $1 .'i0 a day I each person, With families a particular agreement may be entered into. N. B.?Oinnibtisses ire running from morning till night be- i tween the I >rro and Havana, making the trip in half an hour. i,27 I in * r Pdjl PALE-I.HI dry Oi and Cow Hides, landing from britr hraucii Ann Apply at M Pine street or HI front it. n27 2t*ec HAVANA TOBACCO LKAf?20 bales very superior 6n quality Wrapper, good lor Kegalia Megars 10 bale* secoii't quality 21 do third do?just received l"er ilnp ( ristoval Colon, directly from Havaua, lor tale ia lots to init purchasers, by i,27 lt*r J. A LLDON, SO Nassau stieet. AS the light ?if the iuii adds glory to the day?aa th? evening | t?i hyr? hear the fragrance of the (lower*-to does the famom l)R HUNTf R'S KKD Dill>1'give joy u> the hes't, a id hear the glad tidings to <<ur frienda. Aa loug aa th is medicue can be obtained, no perilous of ordiu ?r>- sense will give countenance ti any othei. One single hottle will ai d d?es more good in a single day than all the quacks iu th? country are ilile to do in allihe r lives It is IIv a hard ma ter to c nvmceihe >n< rnlulons, hut if tliey will have resolution to tnr h re is no tear of what IS sure to follow vix : a thorough anil certaiu cu'e for all dise ses i>f a private nature. This ia the onI. lemedy thit cures without leav ill* a stricture. I'rice $1 per vial, warranted O^ce No. 3 Division street, the only place in New York. Albany, No. J Maideu l#ae. u27 lt*r AUCTION" SALES-, THOMAh BKLL. Auctioneer. (Store No. 3S Jinn tlrtet.) MONDAY. At 11 o'clock precisely. To Booksellers and Other*?W-ll be sold withaat rei vj.Mfl aets of religious mid aniuamg cards, ne?tlv got up ia the form of a ptizzle. for evening entertainments. They were published lor a bookii-ller, whoar illn'sa Kn obliged hiin to give up the Imaineaa. tl e tin"' of -ate. TUKSDAY, At 10 V. o'clock, in the aal's room, Kx'eiisive Sale ofOrv Ooods, Clothing. (iioci-riea. Hardwire, Jewrlry, Kancy and Clei'geH Ooodi, St- coinpriaing niii-lin, calico a, ginsrania. silks, ii?l?iuei, velvets flinnelt, domestic sheetings, shirtings r bboos, lloVM, hosiery, *C | Aim, Loudon and Kreucn sii|>er brood tud beaver cloths,canaimerea, veatinijt, ?>>irts. drawers, Stc. AUo a qaaiitity of ready ma''e clothirg Ala", a atock of groceries, srgais, lotne choice tea? ami aega<?, ike. Also, a variety of jeweliy, I watchea, 1 kuii, ike. by order of a piwubroker. At 1 l>i o clock, at the comer of Tryon llow nud Chatham at. nearly opposite 1 Imtk, Furniture of a Kvfutury ate' Kainily Ike ?The pntire furniture of* rmeeti ry, eating and boaidng haute, crmt miug the uiiiaLvarirtv of articles i? the iiue, tables, chairt. glast ware, crockery, china, knives and forks, u fine lut otcooku.g utensils, tint, fleam apparatus, fete Alto, the I'urmtur- of f. ur bedroom*. Thf kitchen utensils w ill I e arnt.fed in tbe street. WKDNK8D AY. Large tale of valuable I' urnuurv ol all I'eicriptiont, from I'd miliei r -moving, in the lower, a' 10% o'clock Alto, in continuation, i-> the ?p|ier t tie ro >mt, a splendid attortmun' of > ity made cabinet furniture, valuable piano fortet, and oth?r ai tic let. N. S.-Kvery facility will be afforded for tlie disposal of merchaudite of all ditcri|Uiont. B'ltineti will ,>e carried on in a business like manner. Sales will be regular, and returnt prompt, in tint ntabllthinent, now under the charge tolely of _ T11 i > M A S BKLL. No 35 Auo ?l. AU' TKlN \<>T1< K ?Ornamental Treet. Sbrubt aud Pla Is?LEVY *1 HI'OONKK will sell, in e..uti.HI III.m, ; on Tuesday at I o'cl 'ck, at lil Broadway, I I'Ci ion of Fo"i(ii riant", ittst lauded from the packet II1 Ip [ New V ork, from Knglaud? (' tru'liat, .Mott Motet of I Mi tine j vaiietien, hiaudard no, Orange, (Income do of rare tortu Khododendrona, Aiborum, ftouttelaueam. Ike ; Shining A hums, Hawthorns Beaeb lur hedges purple do, grafted Kiigli?b Lturelt, I plight \ew?, variegated lIoll?\?, Str. will in iiv oilier varieties. n27 tfrc T7ASHIONABLK Tuii NITU Kl.. Bl (OK Si PAINT " 1 -.OS. CHINA, Sl. <S SMI I'H will t il by rat logueon Monday morning ffat O.'i o'cWck. iu the store ?0-1 Broadway, corner Duane stii-et, a capital assortment ot elegant Furniture, einbiariug all?lie most fasliii liable style* lur pa' nr hall or clmmtier, aud war-ui'eU fir mattrials and worktnai ship to b* equal to any on tale in tbe city. Also, about2U0 volumet of Book], ttaiidird workt in tliv department! of literature. Alto, 2.1 Oil Paintings, after tbe old matters. Als>, rich I hiua 'lea aud Toilet Hett, Oirandolet, (?la.'? Ware, Hall Lamps, (lie. AI v, a quantity of second hind ollice and household Kcrnituri., Nsjhes, lie. w itli wI>ir 11 tVie la will imence Also, 2 t| l-ndid pieminm Inlaid Bir4 Chges. K?le peremptcry, rain or thine l'he attention of purchttert it invited |27 lt*ec HhACON CULIRlSfcl?T1U) r l'l N(i. At 2 o'clock, P. 1*1., a match lor J^OO, p'ay or pay, two mile heats, in wagon*. Mr ? namci b. g. Jack Cad?. Air. names br.n. Turn 'I humb, Jr. Alio, ^ mifli against time?Mr. Webber bets SIM that hi* paring hone Sir Walter Scott tail pace 18 mile* within rii h nr. ! Aduiiwion 60 CflOti ii22 6t*r WANTS A SITUATION.?A firit rate Cook. aci | hi in led w ith all kinds of Ki.gli h cookery, (iood city reference can tMptodand. Amy No* MS 10th unci, corner Eighth avenue, or by letter, J. S,. at this office ugl 2f r RK I) CKDAK, Luitable lor nl>i huiUliiig fur tale bv BOYi> ? IlINCMN. 11SC Itr 9 Tontine RnilillnR. L()*l?lleiwfeii37 Broail'^av and the > ark 'I hfatr*, a don hie r ye-( i!a??, large n\ classe-, plain gold setting. 'I h>finder will be handsomely rewi-rJed by leaving it at No. 9 Old ilip. i)2Clt"tc T OST OH S I OLKN.?A Pocket Book ws Inst or stolen on Tnsday, Nor. 21st from the pocket of a Gentleman on hii wav fiom Bank of Commerce to the Lower Post Office, containing ten five dollar Hank of Commerce notes, ai d, sundry paper* of no value but to ihe uwner. I f the linder of thin pocket nook will please leturi same w ith the papers to bo* No 241 Lower Post Office, he may remit the money It r his trouble n21 3t rrc DAY'S SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?2S .Maiden Lane. Ex|ierienre ha* proven that a leather ??le can be attached to lama Kul:l>?r uppers, so that it i.i impossible to separate them in thecuurae ol we.urinK These Over Shous.which have already tlirowu into disuse leather over shoes and mocasmi>lM t? which tli? wilier MOOT boot is fast tendiuu, are furnished by the Koxhnry India Kuliber establishment, Z'< Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly i>erfect, and altotcellmi bette. til,in are being made by any other establishment in the trade. The patent (juilted slipjier Over Shoes and Boots are furnished only at iVai establishment. livery article appertaining to the rubber* lor sale or made to nifler. HORACK H. DAY. Successor to the Roibury L R. C., oS Itn'r ii Maiden Lane ( ASH BURTON SAUCE? For enriching Soups, Fish, out try. Mean, Wild Fowl, (Jame, ice. This Sauce is coulideutly recommended as the best ottered to tne epicurean. I To be obtained, whnlesUe and rrtail, at J. VAN BEN ' 8 HOTEL'S, 370 Bru idway, coruerVVbite street, aid w hole I uje at Mr. BENNETT'S, 19C Front st, and of the proprietor*, I OSBORN Ik. TONE, 035 lm*r 16 Courtlandt street SCALES ANDWEKJHTSof every description manulaclured bv Brown aud K earn head, 81 Fulton street, corner ol OoHU Tlie subscribers luve received various diplomas for best scales exhibited at the late and former fairs of the American Institute. Banks', brokers', jewellers', apothecaries', aud grocers' scales, manufactured iu su|<erior style, and of the linest finish, platform scales, patent balances, tin ware See.: scales repaired and adjusted: weights graduated to snv standard. *26 lm*in ATHENEUM HLTf'.L, 347 Broadway, is prepaied to let Parlors ard B d I too ins to families or simile gentlemen, with or without board. nMgtiWi JOHN R0B80N. DOOMS A r 7 MURRAY STREET-Two boat I'arlors with Bedrooms adjoin inc. Alio single Rooms for gentlemen. ii23 6i*r N. ELEOANT OY8TEKANU WINE CELLAR FOR SALE?The o*n?t of the above establishment, who is doing a very lucrative business, intends on account ol ill health to fell 'lie same. Any person, wishing to establish < himself, would tind it the mo-r favorable opportunity to make ! of the finest in the city, most favorably situated, and has very Rood 'ustomers. Kor particulars apply to CHAHLKS WKLS'TI, n?4 Ct*r Attorney at Law, No -t Wall street. FOrt 8ALK. witti iinmeclnte poMMriH, ilie stork and In tore* of that old established hi'us". weil known as the (.'a tedmiian Houl, 5 (iold street near Maiden lane. The stock of witnrs and liquor* is of vrry superior quality, and the house affords every accommodation for boarders, and has been established for upw rds of twenty years Kvery thin* on tr e pr' mist's will be sold cheap for cash, as the present propriet or is abour t? le<ve for the ofu. country. Kor particulars, apply ?o tti? premises. n81n**M VALUABLK BL'.-IN S s~ ST AM> H IK SALI-7? T > Lamp M ike.s. . Kit ers and Brais FuUiides.?Th suhscri) er? having docided upon di posing of th> rlogeand e*ten?ive !i annfitfry, ?? Id rail the attention of iho e in the ab' ve b an li-s or otfi?rt who may l?el dis, os d to niter oito a I rrative b *!i ess This est b|ishme> t i as b -*11 in oy atlon and tavorab y known throoRliout tnr I'nifed State- f\r m< nr than 30 'ars and has crmuuud. <1? very large bri?iiej>. Ir is j well furn'?hed with lathes, tools, ilifi, siatn -s Sir . and a [ ehi ice rollec'ion of pat erns for all d'icrptions of plaiu and fane r woik ill the above brancbet. The workshops a e eotrimodioes and airy, with a fine store Mid dwell ng fronting m, ] one of ibe principal streets r f iheci'y. near ti e Kuchange, wet| fitted up for a ret.i I business, of which it has always had a I'- j I rrjsb re Taki'i ? itn ill l > auvai tagrs, It oilers f ei iL >. that reluoin occur. Teima will I e in Ve ?asy, and the whole establishment put at a moderate reit A"idy to JOHN LKADBKV1KK Id *ON, n2Clteide? t 3 Walnut street. I'liiladelrhia. Mil ULlVMl B. OOLDSMI'I II will CMMMMtkM Writing I 'lass for the members of the MKUl ANTILK Ll BRAKY' ASSOCIATION, on Monday Ktenini, Nov. 27th. Terms for the course, (2 50. Vembers may secum Tickets by calling at Mr. (i's. rooms, i.'i Broadway durii.g the week. Cass rr etts at 8 o'clock. "Ma. (Joldimitm "? Ills writing is su pvsagly graceful In the art of teachl'K Book-keeping also, he hat acquired a hi^li reputation.?Evening I'ml. Nov. 21, 1813. i n25 Itins'r GENUINE MORISON'S P1I.LS, OF L< >Nl)ON. A. A. SAMANOS, Agent, OK ^ O. 6 Wall street, 28!l and !?l Broadway, hi* jus.t received, direct from tUe Collfff, a freah anpply of the above medicine#. Principal Till Depot, 91 Broadway, a few door* from Wall *tieef. i.2'? J w * ec NKW INVKNTKD OlfaKinoiifl Compound.?For rendering boo* and aboea DerfVctly wvir proof?to lie obtained of the jubacriber at hit old eat*bli*h*?d Leather and Kinclin?i Store, No. I Ann aireet. Price 12X cenla a bo*. To ?|H>rra men and other*, who would aecure ihe advantage ol dry feet, | thia compound la confidently recommended. u8 Im r H. BROWN. 1 THE BEST SOA~ IN THE WORLDT ! ROBERT'S IVIPROVED BROWN SOAP 'T'HK SuNcrilier haa now no hesitation, after th* many encol niums lie h?? rcfi??l in offering this Soap to the public n the best uniele of Brown Soaii erer muvfi turej.tnd res|ec fully ?olicit? ti e attention of fa nil and dealers. Testimonials j ol trie highest resjiectability, certifying its minority, can Ix liiea For sale by most of the Grocers throughout this city and ] Brooklyn. Manuafactory 240 Cherrv, near Kutaer ?t. 11I6 2wi eotl-rc TIlOMAN HOBKMT8 'pnK Sl b!J( KIUKKS are now |>re(>ar*l to sell Watches unit jeweiry as i.iw, il not lower, man any oine' noun1 in the city. To wit: "uld Watches fru-n 11 > to SlOO each. Silver iio. Irom $5 to $50 each. All watches warranted to keep food lime or tin* money retimed. atches, Clocks and M uiicnl Boies repaired, and w.triantrd, lower than any oilier house in the city. Peconn hand watchei and old Oold and Silver taken in exchange, or bought for cash. THOMPSON * KlttHEK, importers of Watches and Jewelry wholesale and retail. No. 331 Broadway, New York. AMOS It. THOMPSON, nSlm*m KM HARD KISIIfR. HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS. I ALLK.VS SKLK-I OCKINU AM) HKVOLVINO SIX BORIC CAST Sl'KKL BARRKLS PISTOL-Thi. Pistol cocks and revolves merely by pulling lh? trigger, and sit hots may be delivered wiihiu tfie short space ol three seconds. 1 It is more simple and more durable than any Pistol now in use, I and warranted suiwrior to any othe, maker. Kor sale in .juan- 1 tities to suit purctuser-, by A. VV. SPIKS Si CO. til Pearl street. Impoiters ui Hardware and Cutlery. Also, (runs; Pistols; Oun materials for manufacturing altering or repairing < Junf Also, every variety of Sporting articles. n23 lm I III I n IA t* h. WAREHOUItK.?The subscriber haviiK purA chased the exclusive riwht (lor ihe ( it; and State of Sew Vork) io make and tell Wilder's Patent Salamander Kire Proof S ife, and has commenced the in inn factoring of these taluable property preservers at his Iron Safe ?Varehonse, No. 119 Water street, w here orders will be received to make (at short notice) any size and design not on hand, with Chubb's Patent Thief Detector Locks. All improvements that can be made, and ren- , der them secure from fire, have bsen adopted, and the* will be < executed in a mam er superior in every respect to any Safes ever , oi'ered ill ^'ew \ ork. I New and second hand Sar?s of other makers for sale very low. Old Safes taken in |?art payment for the Salamander'* ate. MILAM C. HKRKlNO, No. 139 Water, comer of Uepeystur street. N. B. Old Iron Clwsu and Locks repaired. ... I n21 Iwdyhaiwy r C, i|; TI i ,i ESE I EMALE PILLS. \ THKSK far-lamed and celehrat d IM.s, from Portugal, are , I we perceive, to be obtai"ed in ibis country. See advertise! uieui on Uie last coluouii fourth pa?e. I AMUSEMENTS. PARK THK VI'KK. THIS W(>'.M|NO. vQy '/7?wiM H* performed u _ THK MAN OF THK WORLD. "if "'rtinw Mi S . ri>|ih?nt, Mr Htc ktU Miu Julia Turnbull in La Gracieusr. I'o couoiutV wiin .. . HISHSTLKOS. , 0'<.?lla?|,an. Mr llachu CHATHAM iHKATKt: MONDAY " VKNINJ* Nor 17?To (wmh whji u iii. ll"'' WKRIKH OK I-ARIS Rodoliihe, Mr llield | tJuniiivl, Mr Jamitou Kleur Da Maria, \1r? H?rrinir 1 u coih inn* WMII THK WOOL) WOLVR8. ?52* Mr Booth nH'lt llKLL g OLt\ THBamiii" * &ION L)A V KVKNINO, Nov In* [^rUriiunci will C'l'tini'iin" with JoilV O# PARIS. Aft?r which COUSIN LAMBKIN. Doctor Liout'l Lumlikin, Mr Holland To conclude with THK NATIONAL OUARD. Mill.O H (aHDKN. Munyrrj Meim. II. Rockwell and O. R. Stone. Notick?A grand Day ^iIotoihw will lie rivan on S?tnr day atteruoou at 2 o'e, > . in the choice Acts, for lh? !press accommodation nl tin! junior branches of Umilies. Eii'ieatrinn Conductor Mr. H. Rockwall. itiulrr of the ( ircle Mr. H. Need ham. Tivmifr riurt'o an.I I'lown Mr Aln. Rockwall. Ornie?<|iie et Pyas Eitravaifa'it Mr. H. William*. Pierrot and Mime Mr. B. Huntington. MONDAY fc'VKNIVO. the i??fonr?nc? will commene* wit'iaiii-w PA*iORAL E<4"E8'1 RlAN K.NTHEE.diaplayiug tl e movements el an Old English Country Dance. /\fter which, Maswr Stevens, in Las Etercisea du lii<|U? Olyn l> que r?piri"r Vitu'tin1*, by a troii|ie ?l gr<a'. e*ct llencii. I'.'rsmal Giimmstics by Mr. W t ole. Mr II l ?ar li ? , in a M.ule horse acten'i'led the Son of tha S ' A cauic Mt-zXO, b, tl??* Mown and Kitty Clovar. T i* put HvneeiiM of lil LLY BUTTON. I I he splei d d t .ivalc ide of tiie Hors-men o( Ava. I Mom. La Toiae, tin* VI dern llur ulej, will ipiwar iu a %lim of feits eviuuiu* Ina almost Sii|i? Strength Hun f?. Duetts, Trios, by the Alrican Melodists. With a xreat virief of o her entertainments. Tick- Is jo ceni*. I hildren under 12 \ eart of age, 21 cant*. 'l'he d .?rs will lie opened al fi>??overture at 7?Performance w ill commence at 7>a o'clock. IKVUN'S INUKPKNUKN1 AMICMII'M ClltClJS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE LON<i LIVE~THE HEPUBLIC. Boies 2.'i cents; Pit 12H cants. John Gossin I'lown. MONDAY EVENINO. Nor. */7-The pnl'ormaneaa will commence wiili a Grand Entree. entitlfU THE MAIDS OK PEHSlA. After which. Kens of llors- maushiii. I'o* luring and Tumbling, Siill Yaulm.K. Le.,pmg S lui'rsfling, ?tc Mr W hillock the. ihiopi.ui Dtnjo Player and Melodist. To c< Delude with ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON. AMK1HC AN MI SKUM. WAN 1) 1*11( I NH (ill'SIES. The Manager is happy to announce ilut he has, at a very grea' eireuse, en(TB'd Visa ANNE CATHDENNA WAI> NEll, the !) autf il Oip?y C?ir', nineieen rears old. She is the Oueieu of the Clan of uoh'miaii <Jvp?ies which recently arrived it B lt|ini re, that tienm C73* THE EIR8T AND tixi.t UU'KY HA.MII.Y THA i tVKIl VISITED AM KRICA. Hiii" can li * ?n throuahc lit the whole day auU eveuiiiki, drmsed in her ua-ive eo.tutre. as I lie lilPSY UI'KKN. hhi- ii the Kor'une Te'l r of tin clan, "lid will be happy to ext nnir ill 1 hamls ul' II Hon- who w i-h to consult her legardmg Past, Present and H uturf events. '1 hi- public may rest assur?d Uns t(iil <s precisi ly what sl.e i*ol. mhi to be, riz : a ceuuine OIPSV Oil ZIUKUKKR, knnwn in Spain by the designation of "Zinoili," in Russia as "Zigani," III Peisia as ' /ilig.irri." in Kngland as "UiUlioa," ??r:N. TuM THUMB Thi? magnificent little u an, who is the delight of all who see him, ami who weijrhs ONLY FIFTEEN POUNDS, lim Ikm-ii indnn H to rrtii'u from I'hilaueli hi i and remain her* a few d.iv* only, pre? lous to In linal depaiture south He may lie seen thrOHiitiiiut the wiioie Hay and eve ing. On the I e will ai-peir riiii it a muti mvsienous aj. d extraordinary animal, in the style of napoleon Honai-urta mo'intrd on his tif ry ch.rgrr. This nnimal wu lent as a|ireient to Toin Thumb, from Alit er", by milu< Welch, K?<|. Miis iVIARV A OANNO.N, the popular and admired Vo < ca'isiand Uau?eu>e. Misit OVU, t e uii'quail- d Songstress. The MECHANICAL rIOUKKS by Signor Kano, repieson t u lite wi h h lid' I i c v net or i etoie seen. i\ N1 VIAL MAONETl&M. b\ Pr ,fe<sur Johnson. Vr. 11 ii nHkHiViaN, :he Ballad Sii,g?r. . oRKAT VVK8 1'KllN, th greatest Lccjinotiv* Nigger ever seen. (J. BOOTH, t'le Comic Siugfr and Negro Extravaganlint The KK.NTUCKVMINSTRK.LS.~ho will enliven the amtiaetne is by a great variety of Lrgro songs, dusts, refrains, dames, be. Day n. rlormancs Wednejday an1 Saturday afternoons at J oYloU, precisely the sam-as given every ei ening. Uay visiters admitteu lu the evening fiee, except Wednesday anilHatunl ly. 3IC7" Admission to the V hole 26 cents?children utder test I 11- <s, hall price. ij ceui j eitra to uiosc cumuli tile mpsy priva'eiy jPJCAJLK'S HKW VOKK HVUBUft, AND PICTURE UALLERY. (Broadway, opjioiiit the lity Hall.) A DOLLAir WORTH FOR I2W CENTS. MR. H. BENNETT auLOunces the folfuwing attractions fjr ouly on" shilling and lie CHALLH NOj>,H ALL COMPETITION. Mi>i ROSA MOND, th charming Vucalist Miit ADAIR, 111r >vi'r popular S ngu tress. Madame ADOLPIIK. iLe lady ?.f uiLrlI nmce, who may b? ununited at al: hours throughout ihe day anil evening, regard lug Po*t Prtttnt and Future. Mr G. VV. HOY T, the retowned Uauji Pilfer and Negio Dancer, Singer, &i. Mr. A. J. LiNTON, the ceUbrated Comic Medley Singar au?l Negro Me'odist 'l'h? famous AKKICAN MINSTRELS will sing a great variety of negro songs, ilueri, refrains, I irodies, fcc. conclurt iug ?-|th the crlebnteu h'anny kJnler Sir-nude, U >y P?iformriirrs S.itunlny afternoon at J o'tl'ik. Adinissmu to the whi le 12)4 real*?one sh lliug extra for oiumilti. 14 Mndainr Adol| lie. jTTwintkk's lixirnnTiux OF CHEMICAL PAINTINGS T1TILL root uue open until further notice, in th* Uranita *' Buildiug, corner of < Immlms street and Bros iway Eich I'eiutiig coven a surface of neirly >00 tqaare feet of canvass, and | roiluces the w ni'erful phenomena of two distinct pictures ou the aaine can tins, Consisting of th* followicg views:? 1?Milan Cathedral. 2?t'iiy of Jerusalem and Crncifxioc. 3?Church ot the Holy Sepalchre. I? B*l<hazzv'a frVnat Tick'In ol admisiiou 2^ cents etch. Doors open at 7 o'clock in the evening; !>* lormaoce c?mmrnces at 7^ o'clock. Entrance ou Chambers street, one door Iroin Broadway. ? 1,26 2 * r WASj1UNGTON HOTKL VTIS-( LOUISE BLANCHE fLOAT hi. tha honor of ann uncing that lier first OKAND CONCERT will take place on Monday Evening, 27th Nov., 11113. Ko r winch occaMi'ii Mix SLO AT li:is secured the valuable aid of Signor ANTO'^NINI. Master t?. 8CONCIA. ill* lir-t e ir*iwe m puunr. Au AM VTF.Ull, Hu first appeira* ce. Mr. WULTKRS. Mr ALPKK!", and Mr. II C. 'I IMM, Who will preside at iIt plana forte. PROUKAMMK. PART I. Overture lor the Piano Forte M'urt. Tinnn and Alpert Nocturne, a new Komanza, ccim|?)?etl by Antugniui 8>gnor Antogniiii Like the gloom, of niulit n-tirirg?13i?Koi> - Miss Bloat Air ami variation* for ilie Violiu?De I'eiiut Master Uiovaiiui Sconcia Now with Uriel?Rossini Miss Sloat p?nr II. UvertDK for the Piano Forte Mxssr*. Al|>er* and Tiram Scotch Ballad Amateur ( oncertante I'or I'i.tno and Violin?De Beriot Mt*ter Sconcia and Mr. Timra I jruid Ana Finale?Lucia ili Lamuiermoor?Donuiietti Siguor Antogniui Let the bright fSeraphmi?Oratorio \!i*s sloat Accompanied ou (lie i rumpet bv M Wolter* Ticket* SI cach. To be lud at the Music Stores, Hotel*, at her residence, 8? White street, at the Book Store, <>33 Broadway, ltd a', t' e door. '11 e t'iauo Forte* are from the manufactory of Thomas 11. Chamber*. C serf to cammenee at 8 o'clock. n2l end 2t* r GU AM) iiPKNIMi HALL AT TAMMANY HALL.? The Proprietor.'having completed the alteration*, intend* giving a Ornnd Bill on Monday F.vening, Nov. ?7tn, 1141.? During the recess, the hall room* have been completely changtd, such a* removing the pillar*, changing the orch> stra, and Iiavii g new dratvr<es. cushion*. settee*, mirror*, and a magnificent ?et of ''hauue.ier* put up. The ladle*' and gentlemen*? dressing and drawing room* have been recarpeced and |>Ut in perfect o.' der Th- saloon i* considerably larger than formerly, and furnished in a neaCst le. Mr. Brown'* celebrated Cotillion Band is engaged for the aeration. The tl or will be under the direction of Mr. C. W. Sehlina, (who has kindly voluii>rrred his service*,) asaisted by a Committee. Ti< ket* $1 e<ch, admitting one gentleman and hit ladies, >? be had at Tammany Hall n20lw-ec SOIREKS MUSICALK. RII HMOND, VIRGINIA. MR. A. STK V KNS respertfully annouaces to the citiren* of Richmond, that having complied with the terms of the law. r-<|uiring a license for eshibitions of all kinds for profit or reward, and having taken uta license for such pnrp >se?, preposes giving a series of Musical and other KnterlaiiiriMnts. He ha* engaged from Mr. Boyden the Concert Room of tha ( ' rkatlim (li>l*l ami l* nnw ni?n?r*il ?a aaak* a?? * ? with |>rr> Ladies au<i (ieiitfemen of talent and reapecta Inlity, to give ?uch eiiterraiiimenta during 110 Mason, u ho trusta will ft with the approbation of the purTlic. nl* 1"" UNITED HTATK.8 DAOUERRIAN UALLf.HV, ni Hrondway. up atai s ? K. WHITE would n??|<e tfully ca> I the attention of citi '?! and strangers, Tisi'ing ' be city to hi ipletidid collection f IJ aguerreotypePortraita,single or in group < from two to fourteen pe ioui on the same pTite, which fa. Iienuty jnd accuracy of deltueatinn cannot be turpaaaed Por trai taken in all kind* of weather, either with orwithoa colore. The American ln<titut* at it* late ethibi ion awarded Mr. Wh te the first premium for the lieat Daguerreotype likeness lor grouping and general efffct, which ia but another proof of the ?ui>eriority of bit portraita. Mr. White It ao e agent in .New York for the rery lopanor imported <ierrnan ('aintras . aud at no other establishment ia .h< city or State ran they be obtained. N. B.?Imported ifeiinau i'ainara?; also, French and Am?i ran Inatrumei.u of the fry beat (juality, with Plate Cases. I'heimoa a. Poli?huig Materials. fcc , he., alwayi on hand, for ale at the rery loweat price* n7 1n?m C"H'AL-^He?t IV>ch Orchard, Red Aah,Double Screened.from S the yard IJ9 W-ishingtou atreet, coruer of Desbrneeee at. at boat prices, ilelirrred free of cartage,; and weighed by a city weigher Large .Nat . %* t7H Do Sto?? J |J? Broken ar.t' Kgg J VS \ ileduction ' f 26 cent* if taken from boat*, at the foot V' -'ry atrret, every day . l lm*m PATRICK KKRRIOAN. r?OAL.?Large Not Sixe?5.00 Store and flreeh broken \ id Kgg $."> M per ton, of 'he beat Peach Orchard Ash, wall icrewie.1, weighed by a city weigher and delivered free of car A rJnotiA. O'. e^a. .# r?k?.i faint fK* KmM. PKTICB CLINTON coramaf Kmc lllar* l)wi?>?h IWMl 7. SCHMIDT. i OKNKK of Broadway and ' hnmbrr? itrwl, b?f? l?a?a to rccoBimmil hi? Wi' a Dapot, 118 Mumii ttr> at, whrta ha ' [4 t he follow ink Wiijfn in 4-?*lt?, o?n< mid hottl'a, fit:? Bad t ill Whitr B .rdtnui and Ottr Winn, Rhanuli Winaa, M*d? Slurry, Port. Har/und,, Mtucat ?ud < h*mi*xu>>. V.I?o?Hum, (lin, Whwkay, Brandy, fcituct d'Abavath** (W. Kl< l?a(

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