Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1843 Page 1
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iBiMMWWBMH?B<WW' ?' hi ii mm rgi jj Vol. IX., No. 310?Whole No. 333H. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspajjer?published every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 26 per an ntim?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6f cents pur copy, or $3 12 per annum? postages paid, cash In advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of th# Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It hat the large/it circulation of any paper in thit city or the world, and it, therefore, the best channel for businesi turn in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed ut the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMF.S GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ok tii>. IIihmd Estam.ishmknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets i'ATEKSON RAILKOAD KARE ONLY a~CENTS. From Patersoo lo Jersey City. On and after Mnudny, Oct. 2d, llt'J, the cars -will Icavr Pati.hion Dcpst. l.t.avk Nkw York. 3 A. m. 9 A. m. "X P-.Ms r. m. 4 " ON ?UNJJAY8. Lkatk Patkmoh Dtroi. Lkavk New Yon*. 8 A.M. 9XA.M. 3 P. M. i T. M. Transportation cart Uuts daily (Haudafi eic?nt*d.) Passe-necrs are advised to be at the Firry, font of Couru&iidt street, a lew minules before the stated hours of departure. j y 19 6m* MAROEILLKS U?E~OK FAUkhTH. m. m. m m The undermentioned ship* will be regularly dispatched from hence on the 1st, and from Marseille* on the Sth of each mouth duriiiK the year a* folUws From New York. Marseille*. MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 1 TRESCOTT. Cant. Myrick, Jan. I March 5 H'RV THOMPSON.Capt.Sylrester, F'el>. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, ("apt. Adams, March 1. May ft CORIOLAN US, Capt. Haile, April. Junes They are all coppered and copi>er fastened, and have exaellent accommodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines and Isiuors. Ooous addressed to the aceuts, BOYD & HINOKKN. will be forwarued free of other charge* than thoiie actually paid. For freirnt or passage apply to LAWRENCE St PIIELPS M:j Front street or to BUVO & HINCKEN, Agents, m?fir No 9 Tontine Buildings. PaCKM' for havre?!>ec.Hid Line The ship DALTIV1UKE. Edward F?nk, master, will jHu??sa>l on the lit "f December, BOYD St HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Buildings, fnflr comer W?ll and Water streets &SX- FOR MARSEILLE*?Packet for Ut December? MHRfyTlie ship MINERVA, Captaiu Brown. For freight MaMlbw'r for passage, apply to LAWRENCE St PHELPS, or to BOVD &c I1INCKEN, Agents, n19 r No. 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water sU." PACKET FORT BRI3Tl)L?With Tmtnedlate WHHlVT'',Patc*>?The w*"" known fait sailing bark COSjMuilbaMO. Capt. Outer bridge, will meet with immediate despatch for the aSove port. She Iks c '"d accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steenge passengers. Those about going to the old country will hud this a desirable oppoiiunity. Application without delay should bemade to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, n?5 r 43 Peck slip, corner South streiet. FOR NEW ORL?". AN S?Louisiana and New Wrcr-3?VYrrk Line?Positively First Regular Packet, io sail M?M0|a*the 30ih Nov.?The fast sailing p ek t ship LOUlSVI Ll.E, Capt. M. Hunt, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Fur freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS StCO., 06 South street. Sl ippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans. Hullin & Woodruff, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The packct barque Genesee, Capt. Miiott, will succeed the Louisville, and sail the 10th Dec., ber regular day. n25 FOR APA LACHICOLA?To sail ou or hei^re wMHPWthe 1st December? The ship 8II.VANU8 JENiiifbi?(K INS. N. W. Eveleigh. master, will be despatched with such freight as rosy offer prior to the 28th iust Kor freight or passage, apply to the captain on board. at pier No 5 North River, or to . BOYD St HINCKEN, nl9 r 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall a*d Water sts. frffjr FOR LIVERPOOL?Pa-keto< ?'of December? Wfjrjl%-The splamM well known and msgnilicnt sSip R APAHANNOCK, PUD tons,('not Drutninoud,*i'l sail'>ei> sa above, her rei|ul?r day. Site has eicslleut aecon IDO( ail'lllS lor CPU1U, RIUIU * III'MI aim BirriBfr I '>UV. t > >c (tend cahin and steerage Wing in hoaset ou deck Tho?e about rutting th- ulu country will find thr Itsppahaniioc* a oioa desir <ble couve-, ance. for rassie ea'l~ appl icatiou should b> m iJ 'ou bMrd, st pier II Eait Hirer, foot of Wall street, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOT r. <3 Perk sl.p, nVr c uner Snath street. k(7k~l7vkki'ool-nkw link ?Kegour taSaMrV P"ck?>t of 2Vh December.?The splendid packet JMBfailiil' SI UDONS, C?|it. E.B C<>hb. of H00 toiu, will ail u ib'ire,her regular day. F or freight or ptstsage, having accommodation* uueoua'lrd fir splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall street. or to E. K. COLLINS ft. CO. Price of passage, $75. 50 South ttrest. The packet snip Sheridan, Capt. Depsvtter, of 1000 tout, will succeed the Siddoo* ana tail the 25th January her regular day. rastengert may rely upon the ihipt of this line tailing punc tnally as advertised. n26 fctt K"ll SALE?Tlie barque DUC D'ORLKANS, njROTt bu >then 3*0 toi.t, reicitter; built iu Bristol Maine, m jUatfbfe'AI!. double deck, coppered and eopper fastened. 111 fert long, 27 le-t beam, 6 fret between decks, 1J feet hold, will he told at toon aa the cargo it ditcliarged. Lay at Judd's wharf Appl, ou board, or to BOVD It HINCKEN, nlJ ee No <? Tontine Building, cor Wall ar.d Water sts. ANTI-HUMBUO STORE!?LIVE ANl? LET LIVt.!?A' the old exc usire Boot Store, No 144 Chatham mere (w' ore the odious practice of calling upon .crtuns pt?*ing tliu store is not tolerated) can hp obt lined W?ter fianf H< ott manufactured ill thit C'tv of the betC m 'te ial. and warrant d at prices ranging from three to tive d liars, being t me two do'lart lower in, price than it generally obtained (ijmlitv cons deied) in ttiis city. n2S5w*r J uoiiTU AMnwnn^-umiion ., K.UM M^BBfSON, Successors to John Hatchings, deceated Asvr on hand aud for tale, from the bast manufactories in the country? 100 (,a*ea Coarse Sewed and Fretted Boots, men ind bort 100 " Fine " " Of 1000 Pair Morocco Bnakini. 1V00 " Ladies' Kine allippert. MiOO " Children's Shoes, varioas colors. MX) " Womrai and misaes Oaiters. 1000 " India Rubbert. trimmed aud plain. tor sale in lou to ait Pnrchum. at their store. , ? l** CHATHAM STSlKT, opposite llo???elt. N. B ?The at ore being open until K o'clock in tha evening, ' givea country merchants an opportunity to rtaininr goods at theiH?i*nr?. ojl lm*e " PaKIS boots ano lasts mauk to ordkk, br K SUSKR, PI Uho*iov4v. ( Basi Mtn-r.) Oik door from Court I audi stre-t K. 8USC.R, Bootmaker and Maker of Lasts. an 4^PV'KIve" of lerci of I'aria. begs leave to inform bit friends and all the amafurt of a gentlemanly "cbau?sire " that he can now make. in New York, with the best French material*, all that i> ?o per >cr|y made in I'aria by kia matter, the celebrated Hootm*k*r (fierce, whose numerous customers on this aide of the \tUntic. an> respecifullv iuvite<< to try Suser't Boots and Lasts, brfo>a they despair of being "cliauaaea" in Mew Yo k after the nice* latest Paria fashion. Also tb? genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish told. n2l lm*m BOOTS?Water proof, double and cork aolea. French and native calf and intent screw Mpa; warranted good fine calf hoota for men, l??ya, and children do, toar?e water boo'a, and thoea o'all aorta and sites. N. B ? l.aoies, misses and children's gaiter boots, shoes and bin kins, double and tingle solea. aaxl of evety color and shade. Ladiat. (Jerts, > ivet, and Child en't waterproof India Ru ber over ?hoet, of the latest style, all of which will be sold cheaiier than at any other store in this city. J. 8 WALKr.It, 41!) Broadway, nM lm*m corner of Canal st. BOOTS. BOOTS ANU ITllOKS, cheap, and ch?t|ier than ever yet off red in this city. A very large aatortment of gents'single and double soled waterproof Boot*, Kmich and native calf, city made and warranted, for the low price of S3 to Si per pair, and a never Tailing supply of thick Boots and Shoes for men, buys and childruui Indies', missis' ami children s (lnUrr Boots, Buskius, Slippers and Ties, of all the different kinds and most fishionable style*. There is Vloc caiins snd all the different kind* and fashionabie styles'of India Rubber over Shoe*, for gentlemen. ladies, inmui and children in ?r*at abundance, and cheap, which the subscribers would solicit th* ir friends and the public to call and eiunine their stork, M it ia of the beat materials, and principally city made at their large eaUblialimeut, 253 Greeuwich street, corner of Murray o?7 lm*ec WRIOHT, CALHOUN fc CO. boot and shoe store. >OHN HEADY respactftilly informa hia frifndi >D tne i'uulir, tlmt He haa commenced business in the above I ne, at No. ? Nassau street. where he will thankfully receive nd faithfull <n*riiie. all order* lie nay he favored with on (he moet able terres ??t?l i*W? r* nkw htvl*" ok childrkn* velvet caps The subscriber has a large and beautiful aaaortment of WllMM and Boys ( *l>?, of (he la'e t'ashion, which he will sell as cheap as any oilier ratnblr hment in this city? among ? hirh mav be fonnd irentlenun s cloth, velv?t, a pew style of glazed, and fine olte ra|>s. Also on hand a large supply of Mole skin, silk and far hsti, of a beautiful fluisli, for sale low Kancy Knrs?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment ol MiiCaaiid Knr Trimmings for sale at very low pricn. N. B.?The Caps of ihe subscriber took the premium at the lite Kair of tlie American Institute. WM. BROWN, n3 ltn*cc 1M Chatham st, opposite Roosevelt. PREMIUM HTAI'8 ANU GAH? r* 81'I'KRIOR Moleskin, Nntri? and Silk Hats, Cloth Jpk?and Velvet t-aps of the aubacnber s manufacture. A 01 ploma w>i? awarded hv the American Institute, at tlie late b air in tliia city for heantilol Miecimena of Moleskin Hat?; and a diploma waj elao awarded for tuperior apecimena of cloth and velvet cap*. Ou hand a large assortment of hata and caps. r.r?on? in want of articles in hi* line, are iwiectfullv solicited to lav or him with a call. WILLIAM BAN 1 A, No. W (-anal it, comer of wooater street, o3l lm*m and No. ISO street UlTNLA** Si CAKMAN, 63J Broodway.cor. Bleeck 7SI er stre?l. offer for ?ale, ou reasonable terms a lar*e colWet ion of Plants for parlor or conservatory consisting ol 1 >>meiiai in every varietv, Clnyanthen ams, ( hirnw A*ilias. Graniteand Lemon live*, lltiodooendriin, monthly and otner Cactus, PitUrtsporums, Ca|ie Jaasinine*, Salvias. Ht-waa. <?eraiiinma, lie he., together with ? choic# assort mem of Hyacinth and other bulb*. Bti.h <?la?s.? Flower Stands, H i,h (ilohes, II ids and < a*-?. I< reah im)or eil vegetable and Mower nrK of every dsncnption. Uouipiet* composed ol Camel iaa and oilier choice flower* for hrnlal and other |?trti?s tasteful!, arranged. All orders prompt lve??ciit?d nl4 2w*r \\TllKAT.?KM) tacks pnme Illinois Wheat, now landin "* Irom bark Oenesee, from New Orleana, for sale by lUO ?c t. K. COLLINS fc CO. 48 Svulh ?t. mmmmmrnmmmfmrnrnm^mm-m E NE NEA FULLER'S GYMNASIUM, No. 29 ANN STREET. NEAR NASSAU. TXT1 FULLER resi ecfnlly inform* hia friends and pupils, ' th.u the <Jymna?iuin is now oi?*n daily, aud will be lighted up every evening during the winter. VV. K would particularly rail the attention of (senth'men residing in Brooklyn, and those enirAited in business down town, to the favorable location of hia establishment lor 'he purpose of exercising Under pro|ier instruction, a short time daily 11 only uece?ary for developing the frame, and invigorating the conItitatiou. Fencing and Sparring tiuglit upon the principle* of the Lon J don School, as auoptau oy us uiosi eminent proinuo's Terms moderate. ?22 i?*r PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHAOE BUILD1NU, ROOMS Stt AND V. 'T'HE Subscriber has Mam a large supply of VoigiUuders' J- eel eh rs ted DaguirmityiKi Appartus, lave and sin ill sires, with achromatic lenSM uiude nccordiu.f to Professor PrtzvaTi itiou Alsoauaw sapid/ of best [.l.ue? and chemicals, winch he warrants good anJ aril* at reduced price*. Hi' following gentlemen have agnvd to act as agents, vijE White, Esq , 1?) Broadway New York I', liana, t so, Washington 1). 0. Dr. A. Cajpan, Richmond. V*. o. Broad bent, Esq, for the Southern Statu*. Wui. W?t, Esq, Cinciunati, Ohm. All communications (post paid) and orders, accnwpani''d with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and ahould be directed to WILLIAM LAIJOEN1I b'.IM. ol7 3m*r Kxcluuge Buildings, Philadelphia K. winters j;xnliirric>x ofTTiTemical I'AINTINGS WILL root.line op*"u uetil further notice, in the Granite Boildiug, cirner of Chambers itrvct and liroaiway E?ch Pfintir g cover* a surface of ne.r'y *0* ?qaare ft*t of canvass, and produces the wcuderful phenomena of two distinct pietures ou the same canvas*, uousisting uf the followii g views 1?Milan rathrdral. 2?City of Jeioaalein and Crucif nor. :i?t' oi the Holy Sepulchre. 1?Bchhaixar's Feast Tickets ot admisiiou 2^ cent:, earh. Door* o|wu at 7 o'clock in the evening; re'tormanre comimni-es at o'eloek. Entrance ou Chambers street, oue door lroui Broadway. nJC 2w*r NOTICE?r^EW YORK BACKING COMPANY. -1-' The subscriber having been appointed Receiver of the property, claims, funds ana effect* of th* New Yo'k Barking Company, an association formed under and in pu'soauee of an act of the Legislature of the Siat* of New Vork, entitled ' an ai t to aothorise tne basineas of banking,'' passed April ISth, 1138, all persons indebted to the saH Association are required to render an account ol all de-its and snms of money owing by them relatively to me,and to pay the ?ame bv 'he fifteenth day of Jaouarv next, ar my office m the Me chants' exchange, in the city of New York. Ail i>ersons k[i*ing in their possession anv property or effects of the sa d Association are required to d?liver the same to me by that dav. All the creditors of ihe rt ssociati n are requirvl to deliver ihei? re,|>ective accounts and demanna to ine by that dav; and all persons holding auv oi eu or subsisting contract ?f th- slid Association, are required to Present the same in writing, and in detail, to me, on or before that day, at my said office. Dated New York, 24th November, 1013. CHARLES SAGORY, He:eiver, n26 3*?r 32 Mefhauts' Kxt-haoge. dlumbe daguerrean galleries of pa l tent colored photooraphs251 B-oadway, New York 136 Chestnut street, Philadelphia 75 Court street, Boston Corner of No-th and Baltimore streets, Baltimore And Dnnw's Buildings, Albauy ?constituting the oldest and most extensive establishment of the kind in the world, and containing upward* of a thousand pictures. Admittance free. These Portraits having been awarded the First Premium and highest honor by the American and Frauklin Institutes, res peotively, at their la?t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained in th? position of superiority her?tofore universal!?- assigned thru) bv the paulic, as the most beautiful Daguerreotypes ever produced. L:?euesset taken every day, withont regard to weathpr. riumoe's Premium Apparatus and Patent Rights, Plates,Da?es, kc Sic. wholesale and retail nT Im'm "pruhs, GROCERIES. TEAS, WINKS, ?cc.?GAhs" NER & YOUNG, H2 Chatham street, oiler at wholesale and retailj to de ilers and families? Fresh Foreign Fruits, a general assortmert Sugars and Coffee of all kiudsand qualities Teas, Green and Black, ofevery ducri tion I Sui>eri.>r old Wiurs aim Liquors, r.f various grade* Sujierior Ra*pberr? and Cherry Brandy French and Amencau Cordials, on draft and in glass London. Scutch and American Porter, Browa stout and Pale Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriaga and other brards Segar* hast and West India ami American Preserve* and Jellies Honev, in small boxes, from Ohio Jujube Paste, in 1J and 25 lb. boxes Bird Seed. Spices, ( ocon and Chocolate Speim Oil and Caudles, Soaj>, Ue. Saratoga Paviliou^ Wa'er, in au lit and pint bottles. Good* d'l'vereiTto anv part of the city tree of expense. nil lm * m CHEAPEST CARPET ESTABLISHMENT IN THE UNITED STATES, No. 99 BOWEKY.?ANDERSON St DOBBS have juat received twenty bales of splendid new patterns of English Three Ply extra double superfine Ingrain Carpeting, Worsted and Tufted Hearth Rugs, Tr<nsparent Window Hiade*. (kc : all of whirh hiving bet i purchased at low prices for CASH, will be sold from 25 to 30 per cent lower than at anv other establishment in this city. N B Just received? 20,(H0 yardj Ingrain (arreting. 2s 6J lo 3s GJ p i yard. 10,001) " warranted all woo! Carotin*. 4s per yard. 30.(ICO " double supeiline Carpeting, i? to 6i |?r yard. 20,'100 '* Three Ply Carpeting. from 8i lo 12s iwryard. 50,000 pairs Transparent Window Shades, from $1 to Si the pair 30,003 yards Floor Oil Cloths, any widh. 4s per raid. ANDERSON & DOBBS, No. 99 Bowery, the first Cari%t establishment above Healer street. i)2J 2wis*m COFFEE WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, Ao. 64 Barclay street, Ne^r Greenwich, New York. /CONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, Oreen, Roasted and Ground Coffe's; Oroand Pepper, Cinnamon, Alspicr, tiin<er, Cloves, Mustard, Mace, Nutmegs, 8ie. Coffee Roasted and Ground for Grocers, at tne shortest notice. J. C. K1NNER. |L7"~ Goods sent to any port of the city free of ei|<ense. nil lm*m UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham street, Netc York And 116 Falton street, Brooklyn. rAoKscy. 313 Blkkckkr STIIKKI, (W HOLESALE AND RETAIL, HPHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for A tale new ana fragrant Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the moi.t delicious and powerful grades of Green aud Black. Every package bears the itamp of neatnns and elwnnce, and the Tea* therein are so hnroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upou the utmost regard to the rights of the cnstom?r, especially with respect to weight snd quality, aud unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers are called u|>oii to return anv articles which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction^ whicr Jie money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded, (.oimtry nerchauts, public establishmenu, heat's of families, aud shipr. uteri will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this eataMisl'.inrnt. Gf.wuink Java Coprr.k roaated erery day. Ordera from all imtu of the United States executed with prompt ituda tuid drapatch. c: /" The only warehouse ia America for tha sale of Hcu jna'a nlfkntnl BlvV T?? oW lm*m A. A. SAMAN'OS, NO.< WALL STREET AND sao BROADWAY, cornt* ok Rkadf. Srnr.r.t, HAS JUST RECEIVED, lvr ship Criatoral Colon, an inToire of the celebrated WoodTifte brand of Segara, consisting of Regalias and Medium size, and tha Lord Byron paper MM IN STORE, All the varioa* sizes and choice tualitie* of the moat calibrated brands of Segars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sizea. Tort of Harana K-galiaa and medium size. Seguridad, medium alia. Jualo Sawz Principe. Large and amall V ?ra of St. Jagn. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of di(T?ci*nl 'tualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of I Villi more German smoking Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated - atcbitoehea Snuff of New Orleana, together with all the fancy Snuffs of th? ray. I*a|>cr 8ei?a s of Garcia, Perez, Lara. Lord Byron, tc. Oerm'n Pipes; Cherry Turkey Pipe Ste i.a. Pointed, Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment ot Segar '? es, Snuff Botes, Sic. pa?s for tving R'gara, and Tobacco in bales, which ar? of fcied at whole.lie and retail. . ii'3 Im'r ~ TEGaRs! "skgarsT ~SKGAK"si DM HENRiqUES. No, M William areet, respectfully inform* l.ia fne ds and the public grnera'ly, that he haa eonatantlv on hand the following choice brnuds of Seg^ra, for aale wholf?ale and retiil:? King and Queen Regalia, La Norma, Rionda, Cabana*, Esparteros, Nouegaa, Yngenindad, La Klorinda, (a new brand.) De Moya, Panetelaa, in 1-8 and l-10th bote*. Pri?ci|>ea, of various qualities. Est eransaa, Lentlaues, Caballerot. . , and numeroua othe' branda. we'l worthy the attention of the piblic. Any aegara purchaaed at ihia i?ubliihm?*iit, if not liked, will b? ta'en buck at any nine and the money returned Htrangera would do ?t:l to call previoua to porchaaiug rlaewhere. N. n.-OrHen from the country carrfully and promptly atlemled to. nit lm GUIDE TO SOI!NL) TKKTH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTI8TRYI r\R. A. C. CASTLE, SSI UHuAi'WAY, comer . ?'j WHITE STRKfeT, has s I'aate for tilling decayed hollow teeth. It can he put into th# moat tender eeth without any pain ?r inconvenience, with which it belomea mpacted into ONJC hard aolid body, thua reatorin* aud orMWTinf (hitherto painful and uaeleaa teeili) artificial)' aouud ind nerfrct mall the' reapectiva uaea for life? preventing IN \LL vAehs, the ?. cemaily of eitraetinu. Ladiea the moat liatiiigniftlied m aoeiety, olter their teatimoniaii in the moat rind terma, aa to ita efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Toil iaya'It il admirably adapted for tender teeth aud nervoua, and Dr.( aatle operatea on the teeth with gn-at car* aud ihility. ' The New York Aurora aara " It makaa the teeth in all reaped, perfect for life." The Hnn aaya Dr. ('aatle has obtained much celebrity for hia *i eel lent mode of filling the teeth." ] nt moat eminent gentlemen of tlx Medical Faculty have parauually tried ana recommend Dr Caatla'a Paate for tillii>K the tivtn. Tooth-ache pilla, ona of which put in ithe idling tootli will elfect a permanent earn. (From the Journal of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OIKHATION.-Dr. V C < aatle haa replaced by a moat ingemmiia piece of dental nechaniam, tlie lost portioua of the upper and lower Jaw bouea, (hot away in the case of Lieut. 8??, of tin U. S. N., who met with ilua teriiblc aud severe casualty, whil" in purauit of the Indiana in Florida. Weliaveaeen lettera from Lieut. S. confirmatory of thia eitrairdinary cure and ita eutire luccesa, liat the loaa of these important organa ao akilfully replaced by i)r. Caatle ia now no more a aource of regret to the Lieutenant Or. C. inaerta artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by a^ noapheric preaaure. Dr. A. C. Caatle refers to the Spanish, French and ?'.ngliah Amhaaaadora, Ml Stuugliton, ths Spaniah Consul, Rear Admiral Walton, Lord Moriwth, Oeu. McCarty, fKit. Mason, Dr. F U. Johnson. Pieaidaait of the Medical Ho ,:iety, sTN. V.s Mrs General Games, J. B. beck. M. D ; Dr. L A, Smith, l)ir. K Delaliold, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buger, Dr. J. C. ( heestnau, Dr. A. 1*. Stephen*, Dr. J. Toiry, Bayliea, Dr. Mfm Urayaoa D Derring, lie. lie. Office,n[ Broadway. W YC N YORK, TUESDAY MO IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN. t>U8IN'ES8 MEN who keep no hunk acrount can have note* D ei ll.-cted through the Butcheri and Droveri' Ba k, *?? rompt return* made in Ua'cheri and Droreri' money, hv theii leaving such note* with Mr. lloberl P IVrrin, at the ltauk. No 21 Bowry cor Grand ?t. Mr. rerriu't reference* are the Caahier ana C ompany f the B?nk. iilfi lrn*ec OHtil1 8 lUKb TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC. DRUGS, L?YESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDiOlNE?, GROCERIKS. Jcc IM OHEENWICH STREET. NEW YORK. Jviiii v/. u?ci? iui uie, on me must iioww tenns, a very extensive assortment of goods, unou Chen the following, to wj?attention of Opiom, Corrosiv* Sublimate, Camphor, A^na Ammonia, Cnrain TnrUir, Spirit* Mitre Dulcis. Castile Soap, Siq-er ('arbouate Soda, Liouorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copai va, ? Rpsom Salts, Rhubarb, LnuiUunm, Jalap Seuua, Alun, Sulphate Quinine, Flers. Chamomile, Wil Peppermint, and all En* (lam Arabic, tial Oil*. Castor Oil, Oun Myrnh, Quicksilver, Canthandee, Maitnmia, (iuin Trijrjcaiith, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Flour bulii.ur, Coiks of all Uiuidi, Alcohol, Strsaparilla, Bom, reuued and criuW. Sponges, co.irte and fine. Calomel, Druggists' CJla^o W?re Red Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS. Win-law, of all skes uud British t.nitr**, qualities. , (ilne, all iiorU, White lead, dry ami ia oil, Oold and Silver I,?if, Red Lead, Uold aud Silver Bronte, Litharse, Copper Bronze, Spirit* Taii-ontine. Chalk, white and red, P>itty, Pans white, Whitinf, . . Span ish Brown, Verdigris, dry i nd ia oil.I Veueiian Red, Chrome (irera, Rand Paper, Chrome Yellow, Puinice Stone. Yellow Och e, Frenoh and Tar aud Rosin. American, Japan, copal, coach and har" Prussian Blae, n?g varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, T?;na de Sieuna, Ivory Black, Red Chalk, Gum Copal, Qu1 Shellac, Paint Broshee, all lixu, Bright Varuiah, Rose Pink, Sash Tools, all sisrt, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil. Fall, Oil, Train, Winter, . Liutseed, Summer strained sperm, IN eats loot, Retired. whale, Oli*e or Sweet, Unrefined, whale, Sea Elephaut. Tanners', Lard Oil, Sperm and Stetric Caudles. DYK WOOO DEALEHS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brazil Wood, Camwood, Bed 8auudcrs, Fustic, Hateu Wood, Niotragua, Bed Wood. Barwood, Hyperuic Wood, Gum Asphajtum, Peach Wood. Sal Ammouiac, Ebtmy Wood. BOal,,' MANUFACTURERS. Alnm, Fallen' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and Fmieh.l Copperas, Eng. and Auer. ludieoet, of Bengal, Car rue a Oil Vilrol, ana Guatemala, Sugar Lead. While Tartar, Bleaching Saltt, Red Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aqua Fortia, Sumxe, Nutgal's, Lac Dye, Annatio. Starch, Soda Aaa, Prussiate Potash, Pot aud Pearl Ashes, Guin Senegal, Extract Logwood, Powdered Curcama, Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalta, Bi-chromaie of Potash, Ouercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortia, Gum Shellac, Salt Petre, Cudbear, British Giim, Wond, Nitric Acid and ?iram and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Soaps, GROCERS. Young Hyson Tea, l'epper Sance, Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, Im|>erial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Mace, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Flaunt, touching " Castile Soap, ohea " Cloves, French Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottlec, Spanish Segars. Alcoh 1, Pot and Pearl Ashea, Epsom Salts, Liquorice Ball, Friction batches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratns, British Lustre, Fig Bine. Soda for wattling,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, London, 41am, Caynnne Pepper, Olive oil in bottles k basket*. Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Ciunamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Annisseed, Nutmegi, , Ahsynth, Mace, Oarray way, Clovaa, Juniper, Cinnamon. Rose, Orange ami Peacli VVa Cassia Buds, tern, Ajlnpica Vanilla Beans, hinglass, Ton,|u.ii Beans, Gum Tracacanth, Coriander Seed, Gum Arabic, Turkey, Carray way Seed, tiuin Gamboge, Aniusseed, Oil of floses, J uj u Paste, Pemiermint, Pearlnsli, Winte greeu, Salertfni, Cinuamou, Super C <rbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Berganiot, Ginger, white Jamaica, Leinon. Griger, Ka?t India. PAPKR MAKERS, HATTERS, 8tc. Bleerhing Powders, Nutgalls, Powdered Bine Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Glue. VVrdigi is. Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Calx, Saf Ammonia, Sliel ac, Antimoi.y, Alcohol. Sugar of Lead, Eitract of Logwood. Aloes. Alnm sic. patent medicine dealers. Balsam of Honey, Anderson's, Lee's fc Hooiier's Turlington's Balsam, Pills, Bateman's Drops, Opodeldoc. Harlem and British Oil, Seeis' and Liquid, Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, St ughton's Bitters, Godf.ey's (Cordial, kitrart narsaparilla, Anderson's t ouch Drops, Cephalic Snuff, Thompson's Eye Wat?r. ChemicaU of all kinds, French, English ami Americaa. All kinds rf Paint* and Colors. Kverv description of Drugs and Drtiggis's' Articles; and Pa'ent Medicines. I'eifumery, ~oap?, Sic., a general assortment. All irticles warranted genuine. [C7~The moat prompt attention siren to order* irum the country. n9 Imdv&wvr OOAT AMI) OAK BA/AAK-At thi? establishment canb u found every description of Boat* that the ingenuity ol man I.'iu suggest. Look at what he has done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, rii The Swiftsure, of Newfoundland: the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Tr<-ubler; the Komp of Ilurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races in IS mouths: the noble Cimbria; the O. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United States ship Ohio; the barge Empress lor Florida; the brass mounted gig Nepttuie for Tampico Bay, and a host of others equally great OAKS. SWEEPS AND SCULLS?150.000 feet on hand; also 2,000 fret of Lenaril's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy of attention ? Look at the prices, only three and four pence a foot. All the sculls for racing dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those that won the last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty Boats always on hand. Visit his Baiaan if von desire a treat. AH work delivered free of charge C. L. 1NOERBOLL, 196.40t and 414 Water and 141 Cherrv streets sole propriete.r nr.94 7m + r Til fa tALL ,NU W| \ ItK KaanK>iNc>, AT THE MAOAZIN DK MODES, No. 60 Canal Stukct. A CARD-TO THE LADIES OF FASHION.?MADAME BEHHMAN begs most reepuctfullv to inform h ?r friends and cnstomers that she has received, by the I ast arriv?ls from Paris, her fall and winter fashions, and sie flatten h-rself that the same will stand unrivalled in the city The fuhions consist of the following : full and entire new styles rill mini! nlain watered, and changeable velvet bonnets: do iitk, ?atin mode and qailted huts, ol an entire novel description, in ladies', mi*se*', and children's sites Alto, a MMNM assortment of cap* and head dresses, Pari* ribbon*, artificial tiowfn, leather*. and hair oniamenu of tne beat artist* in Pari*. Madame B. solicit* the ladiw to favor tu'i witii an early call uid e*amt"e for themselve* Maua/.m 'le Modes <i? <'annl street n7 tm'tc Host Office, > New Vork, Nuvemb?r <5, '813. J r F.TTKR BAO? per Kojal Mail Stetmer CALEDONIA, L* which 'eaves Boston on the 1st l)ec*m'e m-tr, will fce closwd in ihe Upper and l.ower Post Offices in t'o* cty, on Thursday next the "'nth iust , at 4i minutes past 1 P.M 'ihe i land p<a'ag* of '8^ cent* on eacn t ngle letisr must ps d. The Postra'"tar <<eaif s to call the aitent on of mer harts and others for arding le?fer* to Kimps by this mail to the f?ct of one huudred anil si*iv-five le ten havina keen sened by the dmiraity ai'enton vo.irj ihe Caledonia on her las' rip from Bo.ton and r turned to the I'o.i Office in r <n<equeuee f tie inla d pottage not be ug laid to ti.e P ist Olfi<-e on ?aid let;ers. The leit'rs were supposed in have been sent from this cit>. n2f. Wc JOHN LOHIMER OHAH AM, P.M. PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. "TWiE SUBSCRIBERS offer, with full confidence In it* 1 ntilitv and n*efnlnea* the above named article. This uticle is intended to brace the shoulders, support the back, and ftpoiid tlie r.lieal, giviag a graceful outline t? the figure, and will be found iuui*peusabfe to persons of sedentary habits. Parents and guardians are particularly requested to etamine this brace; it will be fonnd to posaeas every requisite quality for winch it i* recommended, namely?to brace the shoulder* of children and others who have acquired the habit of stooping, old retain their form in an upright position They can be worn with perfect case, being formed with an elastic back, and will ae found of no impediment to the free use of the arms. The subscribers also offer tlieir celebrated K.lastic Spring, Russia or (tiding Belt. The above articles are man niacin red under the immediate iuspectiou of Mr. Par?ells, who has been engaged in -u_ l.. C?? laal aivreen veara. and may lie d*iw>ml*d nu la superior to any article eff?-r offered for the umf impotr' Hold wboleaale and retail at the old establishment of PARSELL8 k AOATE, tTI Broadway, coruer of Park Place N. B ? Ladies will be (applied and tilted by calling at the residence of MADAME PAHSKLLH, 403 (Jreenwirh ?trr?t W?wn HnS#rt (till ! ?>< Mfmrt n*< 1m m J. HUKlA'S M CHEAP DYEINO ESTABLISHMENT. R. SOU IA begs leave respectfully U) inform hia friend* and the public in general that o?i?i t? the dnirraaed itate of the times, he haa reduced his price ii par cent below the n*ularcharges. Ladi-j wishing their summer drMiea, shawls, fee. dred or pmsftd, will find it innch to their advantage bv paying him a visit. (Jeutlemen will alio do well to call witn such articles of weariiiit apparel a* may need dyeing or preasiug. All orders will he imnctnally attended to, and the articles done ap in the beet style at SonaV establishment. No. t'JO Pe.irl it, Hii brauclies ire at No 2J7 Bltetltrr il. No l')2 Bowery, and 4t Ji7 Orand st. Alio a branch at *1 r niton at Brooklyn, ana at Newark, N. J., corner of Broad ?t. and Washington Place. MarchanU can hate all kinds of good* dyad and pat up ia t'<*iroriginal forma, and on moderate terms PriiMipal office4t0 laarl st ault Iro'ee LAUD?7JC ki>jri Prime l.eaf Lard, in very mpenor order Also, T barrel* No. i. Kor sale bv I Hec fi. K. CUi.LuNX.fe CO , KHouiit it, I >RK I RNING, NOVEMBER 28, "ENGLISH ADVEHTIREMENT8. UNDKlt THE KSPKCIAI. I'ATRONAOK O" HER MA.IK STY OUKEN V1CTOHIA : H. R 11 PR1NCK ALBKKT ; THK HOYAL KAMILY, AND THE SEY ERAL COUHTS OK EUROPE. hOWI.ANIi'? VIACAS-AR OIL. 'PIUS KLKOANT. KRAORANT, and I'KLLUCin OIL, I ill iu preaerTative, rest.irMive, and liexutiiyiiiK qutliiiii, in unequalled over tiie whole world It preaervea and reproduces til* hair, erra al a Utu period ol' lift*: prevents it from turning tji?\; or if ? changed, restore# it to ita original color; frwa it from acurf and impurity, and rendera it uolt, silky, cutly, and ToCHILDRKN it ii especially recommended, u forming the burn* of a beautiful head of hair. KOWL-A NL>'9 KAT/YDOR. An odoriferous cnmy liquid of Balsamic tioiic*. and uf wily purr and line from all mineral admnture It pleasingly .Jissipates all Pimple., Spits,Blotches. Kedness.Ta", Freckles, md other Defects of the Skill, heals Sunburns.Htings of Insects, tnd renders the moat rough mil dry akin pleasautlr aoft *nd smooth ? he i?-ii..nt bloom it impirta to the ( I we It, and the tofmess aad d-licacy it induces on the Hands, Arms, and Neck, render it indispensable to every toilet Oentlemen will lind it |>ecaliarly grateful after sliaviug, in lllayiug the in ilatiou of the skin. HO M LAND'S OnONTO, OH I'KARL DKNT1KR1CE. A White Powder co!ii|iouniled of the rt'n' and most fraarant Miotics; it bestows on the Teeth a |>earl-like whiteness, frees them from tartar, and imparts to the gums a healthy firmness, uid to the bieath a delightful sweauitws and perfume. CAUTION. Kach genuine article hat a sm ill label mTih iI thereon, bearing the uamu* of" Messrs UOLMK, CUMMINO Ik. CO., fcc (July Agents, New York." It All without such a label, <ib SPUMOUS 1MITAJ TIONS ! ! ! sold by Chemists and Perfumers. s'jB I taw Sin r f >1 PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the couuI ty of New Y ork, notice is hereby given to all persons having (Itimi against Peter Murphy, late of the city of New York, <eiilleiiian, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers hereof^to the subscribers. ?t the office of KdmuuJ S Derry. >o.oi wui ? *i, iu uie city 01 c*ew \ork, on or belore the eighteenth day of September ueit. Dated New Vork, the lith day of Murrh. 1813. JACOB HARVEY, JAMES C. DELL,, mIK Uwfidir AHmiimtnrnn witn the will vniinli NfcW truttK 8URQEONV BANDAGE INSTITUTE, V[0. 1 ANN STREET, 2d door from U.ondway, in the Lt American Museum Riiildings?Under the directiou of JAMES KNIGHT, M D.. Member of the Medical and Chirurgica) h acuity of Mary land. Member of the District Medical Society of Ohio, Member of thr StAte Medical Society of the State of New Vork, and Principal of the above Institute. For the information of tho?e who have not been informed;! to the design of this establishment, wr will brietly state it is a DEPOT of all the latest improved Bandages uted in Ortn iredie Practice, or where Bandage* are kept Tor the cure of Club feet, coutracted ami distorted Limbs, Wrv Nt*ck, Hump Back and lateral curvature of the Spine. The very celebrated wire Spring Bandages, for the cure of varicosed or enlarged Veins, invented by Bhoolbred and Wrenwick, of London, it kepi here, also, all the lateet improved Trusses and abdominal Suitporters ; also Bandages are made to suit special cases, and to order for Surgeons, Physicians, kc. Doct. Knight also devote* special attention to the trr.umojii of the above named deformities, and lia* made ample arraignment* to receive patient* from abroad for that purpote, or will forward bandage* to any distant parts of the country. Kor further information we respectfully submit the name* of a few ol the most noted Surgeon* and Physician*, who are patrons of this Institute, and some of whom have presented most valuable improvement* ft Bandage* Valentine Mott, M. 2 , .'rofeasor of Surgery in the I'uiver*ify of New York; Ale*. W. Stevens, M. 0? V.meritu* Profe*?or in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; J. C. Cheeseman, M. P.; K. K. IInfTuiui, M. D.; J. k7 Roger*, M. D., Surgeou* to the New Vork City Hospital: W. Parker, Prnfe*?or of Surgery in the (College ol Phy. and *urg. New Yotk city; Alban lioldsmith, M. D., late rrofe**or of Surgery id K?q. Surgeoti U. si. Army; Doct. Duharry, Surg U. S. Navy In Philadelphia we respectfully refer to.Professors McGlellens, Muter, Meigs, Jac ksuu ,-He wsou, Gilliuglii'.in, lloruer U Mouk ar. In Bal'imore Co Professors Jennings, Jiuiiison. Handy, Monk er, Millar. Annan. Hall, Smith anil Baxley. slh 3in eod*ec PERSONS IN PllTLAD K L I'H IA "wishing "to fa?e THE NK'V YORK KERALD itrred regu'arly at theirstores and dwellings, e.ery <Uv from 2 ro 4 o'clock, will please leave their uaine* and address with th- Aiseuu. TKl'MS For on* j t.-.' $7 no " six month'-** 3 75 " three months 195 " one iiionrh * 65 " one week 15 With an addi io i of 2?i cents per copy, to th? a^ore terms, for ihe SUNDAY IIKItALI). Single copies t'.ir s ;il? everyday, price three cents. < B. V. KBER Ik CO , No. 3 Le^g-r Building, Third stre-t. o28eod1mr AgW1! Pittha Hera'd. Ull. HOUSEMANtS GERMAN COUGIl DliOrS, PBKPAHK.D and snlil who'esa by lOll^I J. D WIS ci'y of Hud .011, Columbia Coaiitv, N. Y , and for sale iu this city ar. wholesale and retail hy Ittlr.) S AsriVWAl.l,, DC Willi im street, General Agem for (li s city; and by most of the principal null druggists >' New Vork and Brooklyn. Terli it a more important anil ra'mble m'diclne ?hin this was never provided for the afflicted. N i 'eanrt h is hitherto he 11 li id 'O ill* pre** tn make its ?i rao'din irv virtues known, but It na< hefn long tried a id i's great efficacy most thoroughly proved hy 'he i"falTible te.<t of actual eirerieiice. By its own merils ..'.I ?v...ii..n^^ : 1.... 1,.I,,(IL 11* .1 se 'ti-n of ih* country where it his been in me. It miy without e*i2tf(-r?l")n be pronounced u in'al'ihle remedi lur rnlili, combs. asthnn, inMuenia, whoopin* eouxh. rroun wor n?. lncinorrhaKe or raismc Mood and *11 llie nmiplaiuts iffectnu the breast and limes, and tending consuuptirni or Rpnenl debit'ty Numerous testimonials m>v be seen in ihe hinds of the aicenU firthesae of tills liualiu* halsain. showing ihat-nch hu been it* effects in an innumerable multitud of ca?ei The j>ro"fi of its won e fa I efficacy are incontrovertible. If used in th- fir?t states of any of iSe eompliiiits above nai ed it ae's as t conudete prev-utive and their further progress is arrested, la thi* liinUi whan such c >inplainu anao cowmna, owiac to sudden chanecs of weather, un man who places a right value upon health should be wiihnut this medicine; a timely u? of it will sive immense b< 11 a for n-dical at'endance, aid what i more will prevent the la'KUishinn s?lf*riims of pr<tract?d illnr<s and ort*n preserve life itself. Kfficacio'n as it <s. it is mild, pleasant, aid .ilways harmless; it is purely a veiferib'e compound. and tn?y b? tah -n with eut're safety in all kinds of weather and under al! circumstances. It sets as a mild hyaline ei|iec orant, and at the sim' ti ne ss a very <en'le tonic. In use ht? not only restored thous\nds wh > were laboring und.(r trmK'rary illness, hot it Ins ptlMMM t" i1 l>|llllfiMM? in t e ealthof ptrsons constitutionally fe'hie as its effect is to itnpirt tone and vi*or ?o the svst-m, while 't n??er cauies weakness. I'rice lift> cents for a bolt e of four ounce* n24 Im rod*m KRV.NO 11 CAK'JEI. I.\ .MPS. THF, Subseribe-s be* to announce thai tliev have just received ?byth? Kmerald, Iowa, Biliimoreand Ar*o pack-Is, a I rge portion ol their s|)leu><id t;ood<, emhririug many entirely n?w styl.s of 1 imps and other articles in the lije, at low pries , wnirh will he fon d worthy of i speetion. T^V late importations comprise in part the following, viz:? ('ar el Limps, of lio models. Globes? ai ited. m-dalliou and ich cnt, W kinds. 8 ades, psi>er? I.indicants, medallions, painted, cut, &c, all newr stiles. 200 varieties. tin Crtw. I -m?For lilirnrv *nd nurtnr Umm Lustres?Bronie and gilt, for J, 3 aid 4 li*lits, 20 models. 8u<|?n?ionj?bronie and nil', lor hslls kc ?vanous styles, do do do lor billia'ds, with one l?m[ onlv, lighting a table perfectly. Biacketa?Hronve ?i>d gMt, for one or two ligtta, 20 models, (ainlelabras?Kor 4, 6 and 8 li|(liU, ricli Kilt ?ud brouxe, leiia'nsance, 8ic fcc. Al of which were manufactured to order expressly for us nnder the immediate direction ofour agent at Paria, and we can ay with confidence that our lamp* will give satisfaction in <!' cases. A. DIACON 8t E. D. BAXTON, Agents, oYi Imend is*?e > lohn^treet TO NEWSPAPf.H \<iENT8 AS li I'l BLIStttllH l> THE UNITKD STATES. fHOSE egcelleut lllujtrated Neartpgpjus, The Pictorial I Timea, and Illustrated London New?, are supplied at 7a M sterling per qr Punch at 4s 6d per qr, and all the Londou and Kotfiin Newspapers as they appear are regularly supplied wholesale ;uid retail, by P L. HlMMONDf, Newspaper and Periodical An<ul, Id Cornhill, Londoi . Subscriptions in advance, may he paid uito the Herald Ulfic.. on Mr. SiruDionds' account Advertisements received for inaartion in all th? Londoi, f .oantrv and Hnreien lonenala. s28tf I)K. WIST A R "S ~ BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, l'JJ FULTON STREET. IMPORTANT CAUTION.-Th- public ahonld hear in 1 moid that i' ia !)r Wistar's Itnlam of W.ld ' herry that per forms those r nurK.ilil cures which are published in every part of the countrv. and not the articles o I Minilar name that are oc ea*iotially puff-d into t-mpor.ry notice. Those may be good, but wr know nothing almut thi'tn ev ry Vlan, Woman and Oil I read the following, and il that does not sati fy all of the great virtues of this naed cine Irt then go to 12) I* u ton stieet and see the original, with iiu meious other lest monies of Ilk cli<r?cter : Wati RviLt.r. (line da Co., N Y ) Sept IJ H.3. Dear Sii?I owe it to ti e iRicted to info m you that in tan niry Inst I was attacked by a vet'- sio'ent roll, causml l>, wo'king in the water, whp-h settled ou my lungs It was ?c companied by a very severe ptiu in mv breast and sides, and al o a distressing "iu h 1 ln'l in a tendance >11 the best me d cal aid iu our village, hut after expatiating their skill m u avail they prononnced my di ease n <;o fi.m--d Consumption tl.-u ,n?. an,l nil ir.r? m . no r? ,t t.? All-- in**eh oerttlss on I tint llieconaent of my iih aiciau to u r the Htlom of Wild ( h.-rrtf, prepared by Dr Wi?tar I ourclmed of tne Agent in oar pi AC* one bottle, before tiling h.ilf 'f whi h I b-gan to (>mi ?fri*uglh. and it wi? ?ery ev MM inv cough wag mac > better mil my >yntptom< in rve?v mv i iiroriu'. 1 ha*' mm n rd three battle*, and am re>t'"ed to |ierfect hnl'h 'I hi* leoilt in ilone o? I in to the u?-of Dr WiNtvr'a Hal?am of Wilu I heiry. Ami I t ile this mrthod of firing you the mf rmMioii, parth to l?tv the debt of gratitude T o?e you, and mrilv t'l t others himilarlv wfllict*U may know where to apply for reli?f Very t'uly your*, J \.V1KS RAOK Mr. Pvlmer, Dru.;;w?i under date of Wat rville, hept 21, 1943 write*: The *tate itent given you bi M l?-,i!?* ^age i* well lino en to lie true b> thi? whole comiriau,: - <ertainly waa a moat rtrnir ahle cure The tale .?f tlir 'iilaam very good, and <ucce? lu curea truly liatteiina. Veur* re* ectfi'lv, >. I) PALVtV.R Let the afflicted e.ill and rce our certific* e*. They pruee conclusively t at thev can b cur-d if thev g t th? r (tilt n?eile. cine He uea J g-l 'Dr Wiatar'a Balaam of Wild I berry.'' Beware of imitat-ou* Tnit R<l?am cure* all affection* of the limit* and liver, inch a* b'eediug of the lung*. Iironchiti*. aithma of l? or 20 year*' . anding croup, oh?tin te pain in the clieat, a ue, Itr rVild only by I axe Butt*, lli Ku'ton, corner o|; Drgte', Albany; O.irhim, New llvren; K. W 'nil, Hartford' 1 and by agent* throughout the Northern a d Kaateru Stain I A MeJii-*l l'r??ti*e to he'iad gr>t'* *? above ntllrn'm ITNITKI) SI'AlhH UAlil!KHKlAN IMLUK* ..'i . Rrondway. up *tai >* 1I|TK wouM reap* tfully ca' the attention ?f citi-en* and ?t-ang?ra. nai'ing the city to hi 1 iplendid collection "f Diguerreoty pe Portrait* anig le or in froup rum two to fourteen pe ?ob* on the aauie pi .te. whi. b lo* j beauty and accuracy of deli-eaMon cannot lie turpiaaed I'orr . trai l taken in all kind* of weather either with or withoui Th American In-tifnt" at its lit# e?hihi inn awarded M> ( 'V'h t? tliw ftr?t premium fur t'te be?i D?(uerreotyi>e liken*** f. r ( tfrooii.D^^iit weneral efT-ct. which i* but mother proof of the <operi"rity of Mipmtmit*. [ Mr Whiw i* #**eut in Ne* Vnrh for t!<e rerv ?operi*r unporMd t-r nan Ciniriu . anil at no other .tablulunrut in h ? < ity or StaK- an th'y be obtain <1 N H?I" ported teimtn Camar*-; al*o, Freneh and Amen cuti Iu*irume. t* rf the r rv but qnVity, with I'Uie Ch? *, OhrmiM't, Polishing Material*, tec , fcc., alwav* on h*?d. for , .ale ?t h"* *"V' loweat price*. _ ______ "7 3 r?? m FLAXSfiED.?S# *iu'kt *ery inperior Flaiwed, luiding from Nrk t*ene?re, Irom New <V|f?n* for ?ale bv oMtc ? K. COtLlNS k CO. M Uouih tt. *' IERA , 1843. Londviii [CorrestH>iiilriicr of the H.uaM 1 Lomxin, 3d N'ov. IS 1.1. The Edinburg Review, now edited by that able and'hard-headed man, Mersey Napu r, has ju->t aj?peared with a severe and eloquent uttaek in it on <i... n?i;n? ?< .1... a i |IWHJ .?.r il." tliough, however, it is written by a masterly hand, it finds faults exclusively, and does not point out as it ought to have done what was the real ami true policy which the government ought to have adopted, especially on the Irish questiou. This is to he regretted: since to mend is better than to iind fault; and the Tories ask triumphantly "what ought we, then, to have done if we have not done right!" The Queen's visit to the University of Cambridge hits given great satisfaction to the Whiffs, for although Lord Lyndhurst is the Chancellor of that seat of learning, still the Whigs have, and always have had, a strong predilection for Cambridge over Oxford. The Oxonians, on the other hand, are not a little discomfitted by the preference; but the Queen is so averse to theological disputes and to the l'usey doctrine?and tins is known to be the case?that neither herself nor Prince Albert would expose themselves to a cold reception. How long a period has elapsed since a reigning Queen last visited dear old Cambridge 1 Oh, how the world has advanced since that epoch! What giaut strides have ilie arts and sciences taken since Queen Elizabeth pronounced her own T.atin oration writ.en by her self! Ii tieR.m, "Etil fretninitex istr nievt piutoi," tSfe. iVcc !! Our cnarnuiiK little Queen is more conveisant witli modern than with ancient languages, and cannot compete in Latin with her illustrious predecessor; but she has been received with enthusiasm ny all classes, and has cained new lauiels by her amiability, condescension, and intellectual _! :?.....1 T>-;?? huhi,,.. until'!' YuI iuna UIIU tumrignuuu. i luitu au/^iuu*o neen made a doctor of civil law, and the Qu-cn lias so won the hearts of the gownsmen, that if they could nave conferred some title on her, most joyously would they have done so. The Queen hein* nbout to cross a short distance of only a hundred ynrds to proceed from the University Lirirury to St. Mary's church, the gownsmen simultaneously threw off their gowns and laid them on the ground for her majesty to walk on. The scene was so curious and the incident so novel, that the Queen laughed heartily, hut expressed by her smiles and salutations how conscious she was of their loyalty and attention. When all the sights and beauties of Cambridge had been explored by her Majesty, she proceeded to spend two days nt Witnpole, the seat of the Earl of Hardwick. Nothing could exceed the snniptuousness of the arrangements made in his old brick family residence, by the noble lord, but thw season was too far advanced for her Majesty to enjoy much of the country, and a splendid ball given in her honor was the only real specimen of gaiety which she witnessed. At Windsor the Queen has agiin been entertaining the Grund Duke Michael, of Kusaia, in a style of splendor and magnificence almost Eastern and fabulous. Her Majesty lias also purposely invited some of her well known whign favorites, and amongst the rest, Lord Paliuerston and the Vishim AlflinilfL f||*> OlIPCIl 1 tt under the advice und responsibility of her present advisers, ttnd by no means thwarts them in th?-ir placet, or measures, still her affections turn to the whig.-), and she invariably displays towards them her marked approbation. The Irish (juestion, however, has not embarrassed her. She is wholly with thn Tories on the necessity for putting down all attempts to obtain the repeal nt'ihe Legislative Union. She often quotes the words of her late father, the Duke of Kent: "that would be tantamount to a dismemberment of the empire!" The new idea of a federal parliament is said to have pleased her much, ana she asks every one their opinion of it. She is so anxious for harmony, prosperity and peace in Ireland, that she makes the affairs of country the theme of her constant reflection und rein irks. Our little Queen is no automaton, I cm assure you; and whilst she keeps herself within hounds as a constitutional Queen, she is daily und accurately informed relative to all that is passing within her dominions. The dreadful --tate of the metropolitan poor, :ind the extreme destitution to which they are at this moment reduced, supplies a strange hut striking contrast to tlie scenes and pageants of royal and noble splendor to which I have been referring. The Times, with its omnipotence, lias taken in hand this subject, and has, I am delighted to say, roused the attention of the public, and especially of the elitf of society to this grave matter. " An Ann l iean" too, with his powerful pen, has come forward in the columnsot that same local journal,to aid in the good work of benevolence, and his eflbrt has been as successful as it was well iutentioned. The utter destitution of tens of thousands of the working I -r T l..r, tl.iu ic -....llv f. wrl.t ill, Ul uuum.i, ui i..,c .o ful. Without shelter, they sleep in the streets, parks, on shambles, and, in fart, any where where they ran find security agamst the a tacks or arre.-ts of trie Police. Without food and aiuient they actually die of starvation, or front cold, or from diseases which result front want cf cleanliness and from vermin. What a state of society is this, when in order to avoid the inflictions of' Parish Union Houses, the destitute poor prefer to die of misery and want! There is a feature in the benevolent conduct of those who are coming forward at the present moment which cannot he too highly praised, viz: that of sending donations and subscriptions to the Police magistrates; since by supplying those honorable men with funds, the public enable them at once to relieve the urgent wants of those who are brought before them charged with the offence of vagabondism, or in other words, of being without any means of support. This is a subject of deep interest at tlir present moment, for whoever may be minister, and whatever may be the line of policy adopted geneiallv, whether with regard to home or to foreign aftiirs, something must be done?not merely talked about, but done.?to stem the torrent of mi-ery and destitution which threatens to sweep all before it. What that something may be, it i; of course most difficult to predict, Knugiation may he encouraged?colonization may be promoted? the cultivation of millions of acres of waste lands nt home may be decided on?the corn law# may be repealed?new encouragement* may be given to human industry and htbor?and niauy other useful experiments may be made. These nny indeed prove sufficient; and a new classification of property. ranks, orders?in fact, a revolution of a socinl character, may come on, but at any rate something must be done , or such an avalanche will one day roll down among us a? will overwhelm all existing institutions, and subject everything to destitution and ruin. "The Times"sees and knows this, and therefore, with its usual penetration, whilst it deprecates all radical changes in the social or political <ystem, and whilst it is in Mti especi il manner the org:in of the aristocracy, it pleads for the pour, and reminds the wealthy and privileged classes that thpir security, and the security of evervthine in 81 valuable lo ih'Mii depend on the conduct they pursue towards the poor A curious and deplorable inatancc of the baneful effects of misguided zeal, even in a pood cans", hut lately occurred in this city, owing to the mon flagitious arrcut and prosecution of one of the most respectable gentlemen and merchant there residing, i.uned Zulticfa, unjustly charged with having freighted a vessel with goods, knowinr that those ,'oods were to be exch iuged for slave.-, The prosecutors were the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society?which society, instead of summoning Mr Zulueta before a magistrate, on the ground of suspicion, and requiring him to give an account of the destination of the vessel, iXcc.?actually presented a bill of indictment against a most honorable and resectable man?arrested hint, without a moment's notice, and caused him to appear at the Old Bailey to take his trial. There all the mock evidence md groundless suspicions of his traducers were -tiffed thoroughly, and the very flr.->t commercial nen of the country, including Rothschild and Fones Lloyd, came forward to bear their testimony to his high en iractcr and reputation. The jury, ot ourse, brought in a verdict of not sruilty ; but I am xorry to add that the iudue granted to the progenitors their costs. Thi*should not have been. So baseless a charge as tV?t brought forward by I^ir [ eorge Stephen Ac Co.,agiinst Mr. Zulueta,should not have had any encouragement given to it in the way of costs. It is thus that the cause of antidavery is injured by its senseless and mad supporters. The question of your presidential election is beginning to interest a portion of the public here, and o attract sortie of the attention which its imporinee justifies. We know but little herr of some >f the democratic candidates, particnl irly Hu"hatian and Johnson. The wliisr candidate h. < i j M)iirse, well known by us, as arc Calhoun. C is-. | Pylor and Van Burr i. A? ro " ni "h tnrcft. Of itll ihe candidate for rh Vi Jenev with which wp ure ac<|u<iiuteJ, Talmadife inri Wfitter appear (o utt to liavi* rli?* (>? ?i chances fsiecc* Wr. Webster's recent oiieech, which we call 'the non-retaliation ?j>eeen," i* regarded a* an ( tbl? and stiii#'rini.iu-like j>r<n.iuctioii. IJ ? is n;,- / LD. Price Two C?nta. douhtrdly, one of the greni men of the pgr ana whatever differences of opinion may exin with regard 10 liw political sentiments, aud Ins pt cuhar policy, none can deny to him the characteristic* ct a r-nt man. generally in thincnuiitry la universally ignorant of Ameiican politic* The conductors ot even the bestiovrnala heie could give no - W .. i i?? ivnn V r k ri f lh*? UArlr m? of your constitution, and are on ignorant of the state of parties, as they :?r?* of what is doing in the moon or tho planet Venua. It in a curious circumstance that whiiat Mr. Webster has been making an agricultural "peech in America, .Sir Robert Peel haw been following in liia wake Hi die "Tamworth Farmers' Clufc." Sir Robert wus ho resolved on being a faroMr and a landlord nt that dinner, and nothing more, that he took to di?courfcinj( on |)i<5-^ and bullocks, manure und leases, with apparently great "govt. There was one portion of his tpeech which created a treat deal of merriment both ther* and elsewhere nince its perusal; but which the Premier delivered with his iiMial pompous gravity. That portion wus, when he Mated he should 'authorise the farmers of the neighborhood, members of that club, : to proceed to Birmingham and purchase the beht po.-sible bull that could be had for love or for money ; and that when he nosnessed this well cho srii and uioni auspicious bull, that he would give his farmers and peasants leave to send their cows to ba covered. This patriotic determination of having a Premier's bull gratis at Tamworth. has, of cour?e, excited n great deal of risibility, and Sir Robert u> likely to hear of his bull very often. " The Times" in wnw[K-r has become the object of attack on the put of its Tory contemporaries, for the "dimming with faint praise" system which it has adopted towards the government of Sir Robert Peel. It appears that Sir Robert is by no means ..i. .1 ... A... 1..1..v... i i |M?I1>UI| CI nil- lunrnn.m .<> mt iruum* journal of Eurnpp," arid mskb, ''CaM you this back ing your friends T' TheTimes replien ihat it is an independent print?that it stands in no nei-d ?>t the aid nf tin' noveri mrnt?that it rcceivca no bribes, and can be purchased at no price, and that the tupport it wilt eive to the government mun depend oq the conduct of the government it sell". The Standard has become blind in its infatuation tor Sir Ro b?Tt; and since O'Connell is "silenced," the editor of that lournal is nearly frantic with toy His two great subjects of late were, are, and always been Lord Piunkett and Daniel O'Connell. 'Whoever will attack them nre sure to stand well with Doctor Gilford. And now for a sort of small nudeel ot little matters, botn foreign and domestic. The French are in a rare passion at having their darlirg Paris converted into a sort of fortified city, quite to their dls taste and averrion. The King of the French has given u splendid banquet to his ministers to commemorate the third anniversary of their nomination. The Dnke of Bordeaux is travelling in Scotland and England, and is about to be banquetted on a verv tplendid scale at Alton Towers by the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury. The talented and faithful Chateaubriand is to be one of the party. The vrreeks are ulready diwutisfied with their new c<-nt ii tut ion, and you will perceive ft cm an article* from the Morning Port of this day,than an uttenipt has been made to overthrow it. There has been an insurrectionary movement at Vigo. Spain seems to be a little more ispoeed for tranquility than is ordinarily the case w ith that government ? In Holland, the united chamber of the State's Geni .1 ttf.L / 1 _ J .1 I U erai HlPt 011 mr mm widijit, hiiu mc it'yai rprtrvu was full of congratulations, peace and good will.? In Servia, Baron Lieven is still virtually the Governor, remaining then* long after his pteeence was needed. Lord Aberdeen's indifference to this matter will end in the complete sacrifice cl the Dunnbiiin provinces. The Emperor of Huwia hns ordered the immediate dUmiseul ?>lKatukasi the Kustian minister ut the court of Atheuf, because, fon-octn, a Greek revolution broke out when lie was in that | capital! What next? Seme att> mpts have been | made to get up an insurrection in W?rwiw, but the I particulars have not yet transpired. Unhappy Poland f when will thy miseries and disappointments end ? Four thousand Austrian troops are reported to have entered the papal territory in order to pro-, cure peace in the dominions of the Pope. n$ to home intelligence, the Queen is s.iid once more to be in that way so envious and enviable bv, and t?> those who love princes and princesses to be born once h year. John Bull looks with some anxiety to these annu al plants, and in a clever caricature re proache* Prince Albert for the rapidity and success of his cultivation. Hodges, thegreat gin distiller, has died?to the ineffable joy of the Tee-totalb-rs, forgetting, poor souls, that he li^.i left a nuntcrouH orogeny to carry on his trade. The Greeks in England have been celebrating at an Hellenic festival, the late bloodies revolution in Greece; but it seems from the latest accounts from Athens, that they would do well to remember the old adage, of not hallooing" before they are out of the wood. Th'> Duchess of Kent has had a fire at her residence, at Frogrnore, which has been quite a God-send to th<- penny-a-line men. Tli1' new uct against libel and defamation came into operation on the let instant, but the lawyers declare it is so loosely worded they could drive a carriage and four through moht of its provisions. The new huh Arms act is to take efleet from the 18th instant, and the Irish are beginning to look about, "hidit'g" their arms, I...C ?l... .1..., ?.l ,l.? , tlw. .v...,.!, d |*.> ._w I../I "rivir nil- <in/ ",IC,| nil r-. .... ... .... ........ scorch will taki- place. The municipal elections lor Town Councillors are now taking place in England. The Tories boast of many ourcoses. Alderman Oibbs and the parish ofAV albrook continue in afford some fine sport to the worthy citizens ot London. The Alderman has given in and swore to his accounts, which, now rendered, tire tlie sub|ect of vchenn-nt att u L lie has, by his imprudent and unwise conduct precluded himself, p?ihnjm for ever, from passing the < ivic chiir. And, finallyt The Keverend !! rtydney Smith is making hnnseli an exeeediiiK great ass by attacking, most luriously, the State of Pennsylvania. lie designates the inhabitants of that State, "the drnb coloured men cf Pennsylvania," and the "Chronicle," not satiaiied with that insult, adds "thick skinned !" But the moon will rliine, though the curs may bay ! Alvha. Bridgeport. [Correspondence of the Hcrold.J HiuDoEroRT, Nov. 24, 1S?3 City Bondt?Ball at the Sterling Hotel, <$Y Dear Bennett :? I cannot refrain writing a few lines to you at thie moment. We are all 111 a complete hubbub?we are nil excited?mad with excitement. It is in reference to the City Bond", which has c.uised to nmch talk far and wide. There is a great variety of opinions upon this subject; some think individual property holde 11 tor the p iymi:iil of these bonds, a id many think otherwise. We never shall know ti'itil it has been fairly tried by s< me court. Seme of the holders of tbe?e bond* have seen fit to cause attachments to lie made upon the property ut a few I of our citizens. The dry quod* ft< re of Mr. B. B. lieardsley was broken into on Friday last by i -herifl'f'rom Stamford, and goods to the .imonnr of was taken therefrom. .Messrs. Xiles, Thorp v. Co.'a poods to the amount o| ,S7<X> were attached. Tlu. ff.uuL ?ff .i/.IkwI .,r?. ItA .?* ..iw.fmi. in .. #*?? , tiiiys* You iniiv with safety presume that then- proeeedm?? eausvd no email depree of excitement. A l.irpe crowd assembled together, but n? the Sherilf Ind no inure cxccutioru to 6erve, the mob finally dispersed. Our eitv is placed in a very critical petition, and the Lord Known wh-it it will dote recoverfrcm the Wow it has received. Bridgeport is dewn, and unless by some interposition rf Divine Providenc , -h>- will never rif? DRain. Th" railroad and the bonds hnve raised th'1 very devil with us I must aive yon a slipht glance at a ball held last ' venimr ?t the St-rling Hotel. The array of bullion and beauty was immense. The extreme beauty cf iii>' Indies." to be described would take some more ihie pen than min<>. ], however, will notice the MisaeaT's; their svlph-like forms and bewitching laces, is dentil on the beaua. Mi-s H., of Bank treet. enn he compared to "The ar Spangled I', inner," Oh, long m^y she wave > Her sifter. Mis* Iv H , attracted a H*al cf attenticn, dressed is hhe w as in the very richest atlire. The Misses L'.'s were an lively and giy as usual, flirting about iti their peculiar style A'id then there was the ver-ch'trminir sweet Mi*s B , of East Bridgeport; lier sweet | u e ami bewitchi: g eves would almost lemnt a man to forsake hi* religion; and Miss H., of State street, so sweet and smiling; and but I must stop There were many, more which 1 forbear ti mention?time will not allow. It was grand lime, and I for one enioyed myself remarkably well Much credit reflects upon the worthy liosi and hostess of the Sterling Hotel They are ever ready to supply the want* of the wearied traceller. and he will find a Rood retreat within the n-nll* of rh it ?p ic'ous nvn!>ion. l>r Samuel Sim^iH, M. C. eWt, leave? 'own oil VlorHay fr.r Washington. Tom Twmb. IxTKRKArivo Tn w.?The iii-tl of Nifhol?>n, of lh>' ship H*rk?w>ty, for an ill?; m violation if the person of a frmale pa??enfpr, will co mencc before u<tf(e Ma?on on Monday next. The ca.?o < an extrnorlir irv one, hikI will e\oite much iriUtfwi, t ot only by the normlty of the crime eharged but by hi(ch nuCl un >lemi?he<l reputation hitherto *u*taine. by cai.t. N,-? iicSmond Star, AW. 'It. ?

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