Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1843 Page 1
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" , . .... . ?? TH Vol. IX., No. 318?Whole No. 3S40. To tlie Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapajier?publisiied every day of the year cxcept New Year's day and Fourth of July. Trice 2 cent* per copy?or $7 36 per an Hum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday luoruing?price 6} cents per copy, or >3 IS per annum postages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It hot the largest circulation of any paper in r/u? ci/y, or the world, and it, therefore, the bttt channel far tusineei men in the city or country. I*rict'i moderato?cuili in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed nt tho most moderate price, and in the most elegant style JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR or THI HlBALO EsTADl.IIIIMr.hT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets BRITISH AND NORT^ AM ERIC AN ROYAL MAIL Of 1200 tons and 440 horsi* power each. t'nder contract with the Lords of tha Admiralty. Hill MINI A, Commanded by C. H. E. Judkius. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. A('AU1A,_ Alexander Ryrie, Will sail from Liverpool aud Boston, Tin Halifax, as 'ollows : From Liverpool.. Khom Boston. Caledonia, |P?c. 1. Aradia, Nov. 19. Dec. 16. H lieruia, Dec. i. Jau I. Britannia, Jan. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, Feb. 5 M'rch 1. Acadia, March 4, April I These veasels carry ex|ierienced surgeons, and are supplied with H'ranees' Talent Lifs Boats. For freight or passage apply w D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, 17r No. 3 Wall st? flew York. r r-M * "? HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL TheRoval Mail Steam Ship CALEDONIA, E. O Lott, Esq., Commander, will ^^ulZWhffluUleave Boston for the above ports on Fri *^^^^^^^"day, 1st December. Passage to Liverpool . Passage to Halifax . 20. Applv to D. BRIGHAM, Jr.^A^ent, 121 laW\29 Chatham ttrut. New York And UC Fulton street, Brooklyn. 'Agbkct. lit Bleeceei Wtrf.ei, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. T?HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for 1 sale new and fragrant Tea* of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially include* the moat detieioua and ?f Oiw BUrlc Ev?rv DackaKf bean the ttamp of noatness and elegance, and the I eas therein are 10 thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain uuiinpaircd in any climate. Their system jfprosecutiug butineaa is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled It it founded upou the almost regard to the rights ol the customer, especially with respect to weight ana quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purrhasers are called ni>on to return any Sides which lail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and ship nasters will ftnd it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. OKjrutm: Java Coffee roasted every day. Orders from all parts of the United States executed with promptitude and de*i>atch :'/* The only warehouse is America for the sale of Hot ina's eeleVimreit RUck Tee oM lm*m HODGE'S LONDON CORDIAL (.tIN. '"PHIS superior article can always be obtained at tha Wine Vaults, No lMKultou atreet, oua door from Dutch street. HODOli'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTERS. These bitters are highly recommended by the Medical Faeul ty of Ej.opiaa a restor live for th* appetite, end cau be used in its pare sure "rm xeri with water, wines or liquors, and c?n be obtained at alt the principal hotels iu the United States. Sold wh->le*ale onlv at No IU Fulton st. one door from Dutch st Agents for Boston, Maas ?Messrs. Blake St Trumbull,coruar Mils and Federal streets. For Providence, R. I., Mr. Thomas Spencer. No. IS West Water street. P. S.?Tht above articlra may be had in bottlea for family PACKET FOR HAVRE-Secnnd Line-The HMffWship BALTIMOKK. Edward Funk, commacdier Jj|ljlfawi!l tail on th* l.t of December. BOYD *. 1UNCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, nS5 iDl pc corner Witll *nd Water its. F('R MARSEILLE*?Packet for 1st Decernl* r? MHMfyThr .hip MINERVA, Capuia Brown. For freight JUlEanr for i<a<sage, apply to Lawrence ft phelps. or to BOYD it HINCKEN. Agents. nl9 r No. 9 Tontine Biiiluing._cnr. Wall and Water sti. I ijffi- " FOR AP A L ACHIC-01. A-To tail ^"07 before ' KKjraPWthe l?t December?The ship SILVAN'US JENJBfilfaKINS, N. W. Eveleigh, muter, will be despatched with ?uch freight as may offer prior to the 28th iust For freight or passage, apply to the captain on houd, at pier No. S North River, or to BOYD t HINCIIEN, nl9r 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall a- d Water su. xAa? OMLY REGULAR LINE FOR NEW ORmMPW.LEAN'S? The following first class packets will sail MMfapunctually as advertised, weather permitting or pas sage fret, viz The LOI 'IStMLLE, Capt. Hunt, on the Iflth Nov. The LOUISA. Cap-. Leavitt, on the 5th Deo. Th? PAN rHEA. Capt. Denuis, on the ? Dec. The accommodations of these ships for cabin, second cabin vud steeraee passengers are such as cannot iail to ensure every comfort to passengers during the voyafe The ship* ol ihis line have now cotmenced their reguiar tr<ps. aud will s-il punctual every five diys throughout the season, ra'sengers ma t therefore rely on not being <*rtain< d. The price of pass'g* being very low, those wishing to seeuie berths in either of .he above packets, can do so by applying to W. k J. T. TAK8COTT. a- their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, n8? comer ol 8ou'h str*?t. FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.-Regular im^Purket of 25th December.?The splendid |?cket JBISibship S1DDON8. Capt. E. B Cobb.of l(KNitons, will sail as above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations uueuualltd for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 South street. The packet snip Sheridan. Capt. Depevster, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Siddons and sail the S5th January her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punc tnally as advertised. nt< FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 7th WHMFW December?The well known fas'sailing packet ship MHMIfal >Ui.rk.>iUintt, ua'lain >ye, tmnnen iuuu tom will Mil u above. h?r regular day. Her accommodations lor caom, sez-opd cahia. and teener we uu?ur|>t i?. ?-T -Jlfll" |-~.l. Vrnons Willi IDC to embark should m ke early appucat on on boird, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH Mc MURRAY, 100 Pine street. corner of South. Persons wishing to aead for tli?ir friends cad have them brought ont oy ihe above shin, or aay of the renuUi packet* sail in < on the l<t, 7th, III h 19th and IVh of each mouth, by applying as above, if by letter, post paid. PS- Drafts at sight, <or Urge or amall snms, are drawn by the subsciiber on t*<e Provincial B-nk of Irela.d, payable at tk ir respective bruichrs thr>Uvhont the rountry; also, on Me?>rs Sjmoner. - twood <k i o Bankers, London, payable in everv low > 'n Oreet Hritain. nil FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Reeulsr Packet 14th December ?The uew and very splendid JOMUKLNe^ York built packet ship LIVhRrOOL, J"hn Eldndge, master; IIJO tons, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having roomy and unsurpassed accommodatiims, apply to the Captain on b ard, west aide Bulling lip, or to WOODHULL kMlNTl'RNS, (7 South st The new and elegant packet ship Quee i of the Wm, Philip Wo<.dhouse, u.aster; 1150 tons, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her ivgnlar day, 16th lanuary. 1144. n?l r FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of a? of Drcenbrr? hJfli^VThe splentM "ell known and magnificent ship RAP JUM/m \HAf?NOCK, 1?00 torn. Cam Drnmmnnd, <til| si I p ?i',rl,a* above, her r^gnUr day. She has excellent accon,mm'atiuns lor cabin, second cabin and atrerave passengers, the nC D'i cabin and steerage being ia houses on deck.Tho-e sdou' visiting th- ol? cuunlry will find the Kappahaonnca a mou desirable conveyance. For raisiie earl" application sionld b? madron bjard, at pier 14 East River, foot of Wall slreet, or tu W. It J. T. TAPBCOT T, 43 Peck sl.p, ntV corner South street. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER jnnruub " r-i a?v/niy rr-Kui?i i win, vi un ri JB?Bfal)e<-ember?Tlie celebrated Out sailing racket ship ?l Ror'p'., <ai>t. K. O. Fur:er, will positively sail on Kriday, 1st December, her regular day. It i* well known that the accommodations of this noble pack t for cabiu, id cabin and steerage passengers, are fitted up in a MM that cannot fail to insnre tho?e embarking every com fort. havin< veryhigh between-deck?, which are well lighted and entiUted. Those retumir g to the old country will at once iw it ttieir interest to (elect this favor te vasei for their conveyance <11 p efertnee to any other. The price of passage k t> ry low, for which and to teenrt the beat bertha, early application should be made oa board, foot of Beekman it, or to the subscribes. kOCHE. BROTHERS k CO., ? Fultonstreet. rn dtor to the Fulton Bank P. S.?The Europe aaila from Liverpool on the Uth January. IVraoni tending for their relatives can have them bronchi out in heir, or in anv oi the packets comprising thia unequalled me, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 1M> of each month. For passage apply at sbov. N. B ?The ^w York will succeed the F.urope, and sail for Liverpo I on [he I'Jth December her reaular d<y n29r KOK LOiN DON? Regular pache* of tha 1st Dec mHMW ?The splendid ahip PRINCE ALBERT, Captain JMNKBSeber , bur then 1200 tons, will sail as above, her reguHer accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendid'y fitted up fir the comfort and cmTUDiruce nf passenger*. Persona intending to embark should Make early application (at boarJ, Burling Sliporto JOSEPH Mc.VIURRAY, 1*0 Pine st. coni'r of South. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old country, ran have them brought out bv tKe above shiu, or any of the tna regular packets sailing on tha 7th l7th and 27th of aaet) rnjnth, by applying a* ab?ve; if by letter, poat paid I' S. Drafts at High', far large or small sums, are dia<*n by thesubtcr.brr on the Provincial Bank of Ireland; payable ai their rest?cti?e branches throughout the eou"try ; al?o on Itiessr Sh ;oner. Atwnod k Co, Bankers, London, paynble in vrn* tuwu in Great Britain. nJlr PACKET FOR BRISTOL-Withnnmediate Despatch?The well known fast sailing bark COSJKUteMO, Capt. Outerbridge, will meet with immediate despatch for the above port. She has g?od accommodations for cabin, second cabin and aft'enge passengers. Those about going to the old country ?ill bnd this a desirable oppoituiiuy. Application without Jav should be made to W. kJ.T. TAP8COTT, n?S r <3 Peck slip, corner South street. F??R SALE?The barque DUC D'OKLEANS, mUVhtrthen VOtocs, register; built in Bristol Maine, in JHHllKI,doabledrck, coppered and copper Issteoed, III feet loug, 17 leet beam, 6 fcet between decks, 14 feet hold, will W. a* an/Ml fk* r% run ia (li?sh*r??<l V ,a?. at wharf Arrlj on hoard, or to BOVD ft IIINCKEN, tiff No. Tontine Baildint, cor Wall and Water ata "fKOrLKX'H LINK OF STEAMBOAT? ^^^Ld#FOK ALBANY?Daily at (o'clock P. .M 3CaBL Through direct?From the ateamboat piar be t*r.vo Coorthuidt and Liberty atrreta, Hundar aicepttd. i The itramlxM KNICKERBOCKER.Capt. A. Y. St. Joha will laara Monday, Wednesday and Friday Eveniam, at ail steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, ("apt. L. W. Braiaard Will leave 'neadav, Thnnday, and Saturday at P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Hte.iintmai COLUMBIA, Capt. A. Hontmm. will lenvr Monday 'I'eHueaOay. and Friday afternoon, at ? o'clock. Steamboat NOH'l'H AMKKICA, Uapi. 1*1. H. Trueadell will I cava Tneaday, Tharaday and Saturday Evening, at flrr o'clock. Puaeaycn taking thia Line of Boat* will at all timaa arrive u Albany in ampla time to take the Moraine Train of Cara fo> the eaat or weat. The above boata an new and inhatantial, an fornuhed wit) rat and elefant State llooma, and for speed and accommoda tiona are unrivalled on the Hndaon. For Tallage or F renht, apply on bou4. or to P. C. Behnlti at tne oAc* on the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday. Oct 16th, the boara of thlt line will lea?e for Albany at ( o'clock, P. M instead of 7. _n_i_-| MX O'CLOCK EVENING LINt <T1w3,f"r ALBANY AND TROY direct, withon jiC~JaUK-NiiHin-?the splendid low preaaure iteamhoai SW ALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot o Cotmlanilt ?ln*t every Tuesday < Tharaday, and Baturda veiling , at # o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow haa a large number of atate rooms,and for aoee. Md accommodation# ii not anmaaaed ni> ?h? Hndane. ant e? SESHSEsTATKN ISLANpURwilllMTt New York tod Autaa Itl.uid, on and iltaf October 2d, u follows, unti' further noric* Leave St.ten I land at IM 10. a. M., ?. 4, f. M. I-*ave New York at 9. I2X, 10 min. paa; 3. BN. B?On Sunday! the boat will leave at ll instead of ItH-t All Ihngtit ahippwi la required to be particularly marten ?ui) i? nt the n?k of the owner* thereof ?Wtfr | ACKS-LACF.8 ft RIB?ON??-V?Y^??^ ,t 'mu . 4lCubma*iv E NE NEW MONEY TO LEND. A BHAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Rmdf fx. street, near Broadway, loans money m large or small sums, a* may be required, on Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mare, Dry Goods, Wearing Apparel, and persouai property of every descriotion o29 lm*r FRENCH CHINA No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Staire. ADALKHMK, Importer and Agent for Mannfictnren, hiu alway, ou hand a large aaaortment for diuner and tea aeta ui plain white and gilt Krrach Porcelain, aa well aa dinner and draaert platea.of all aixea, aaaorted dishea, aonp tureens, covered duhea, salad bowla, fruit baaketa, custards and stands. Alao, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and American thane. All the article! are warranted of the beat quality, and to be nlil on liberal terina.and in InU to (iiil nnrehaner* %71 Sm<?ec VMFOl1UM Or C HI N A. OLNo. 7 HisthAffr " nue, oppot'te Amity street.?Parchasers wishing to supply themselves with the above article*, are re meated to call belore purchiu'uc th ir Christmas and New Year'a stock. N. B A cho ce coU-ctiou of Chrysanthemums in bloom, u.l^r Planfa a,.*! Diirrh flnlhnua Hnnti for ule at unutuallv I iw prices. n?4 I w ec URUI'lS, GKO' EKIES, TKAS. Wl.NKB. fcc.?GA-S" NER St VOUNO, 1 <2 < hat ham street, offet at wholesale and retail^ to ale lers and families? Fresh Foreign Fruits, a general assnrtme't Sugars and Coffee of alfkinds and qualities Teas, Greeu and BJack. of *very d?scri tioo ' Superior old Wines and Liquors, <T various grades Superior llaspbarr* and Cherry Brandy French and American Cordials, on draft aud inglass London, Scotch and American Porter, Browu stout and Pale Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriaga and other brards Segars Kast and West India and American Preserves and Jellies Honey, is small boxes, from Ohio Jujube Paste, in 12 and ib lb. boxes Bird Seed, Spices. Cocoa and Chocoldte Speim Oil and Caudles, Soap, lie. Saratoga Pavilion Wa'er, in au trt and pint bottles Goods delveredto any part of thecity free of xi?ose. nil lm*m A. A. SAMANOS, NO.6 WALL STREET AND 283 BROADWAY. Corner or Heade Stheet, HAS JUST RECEIVED, per ship Cristoval Colon, an invoice of the**! Wood n lie brand of Segars, consisting of Regalias and Medium site, and the Lord Byron paper Segars. IN STORE, All the various sizes and choice qualities of the most celebrated brsnrts of Segars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sixes. Port of Havana R?galias and medium size. Seguridad. medium size. Jualo Sawi Principe. Large and small \ an of St. Jagn. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of diffewnr qualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of llommore German "moking Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated atchitorhes Suuff ol New Orleans, together wtlh all the fancy Snutfs of th? i ay. Paper Setra s of Garcia. Perez, Lara. Lord Byron, 'c. Germ-n Pipes; CherryTursey Pine Ste is. Pointed, Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment ol Segar ('? ?, Snuff Boxe?, .v.Haas fortving Segars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of fered at wholesale aud retail. n'J lm*r JxEGARS! SEGARS! SEGARS! DM. HENRIQUES, No, M William street, respectfully informs Ms frie <ls and the public.generally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice brauds of Segars, for sale wholesale and ret til:? King and Queen Regalia, La Noima, Rionda, Cabanas, upinpnw, Nonegas, Yugeuinnad, L* Vloriuda. (a new brand.) I)? Moya, Pauetelas, in 1-8 and l-10tk bain. Princii**, of varioai qualities. Kil?runi, LMitlaiia, Cabhllrros, and numerous other brands, wall worthy the attention of the fiublie. Any irgari purchased at this istabliihm?4it, if not iked, will be taken back at any time and the money returned. Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. n 18 lm COFFEE WE8T INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY. No. 64 Barclay street, Ne*r Greenwich, Srw York. pONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, Green, Roasted v and Ground Coffe?s; Ground Pepper, Cinuamon, Alspice, Giucer, Cloves, Mustard, Mace, Nutinvgs, lie. Coffee Roasted and Ground for Grocers, at the shortest notice. J C. K1NNER. (ty Goods sent to any part of the city frae of expense, nil lm*m UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, ""Also?STOUOHTQN'S BITTERS, ESSENCE PEPPERMINT. PHILADELPHIA PORTER. ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, of superiorqu*l<lies, at Nb. 114 FULTON S+REET, nl3 lm*ec One door fnm Dutch street. DOAT AND OAR B AZAARr-At this establishment canb U found every description of Boats that the ingenuity ol nan can suggest. Look at what he has done and then judge of what he can do. At hi* establishment was bmlt the following unrivalled boats, viiThe Swiftsnre. of Newfoundland; the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Tn<ubl?v; the Romp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row boats Henry Stark.which won 29 races in II months; 'he noble Cimbna; the O. W. Chapman; the forty foot racer or the United States ship Ohio; the barge Empress for Florida; the brass mounted gig Neptune for Tampico Bay, and a host of others eoually great OARS, SWEEPS AND SCULLS?150.000 feet on hand; ilso 2.000 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy ef attention ? Look at the prices, only three and four pence a foot. All the iculla for racing dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those that won the last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty Boats always oa hand. Visit his Baxaars if yon dnirea treat Ul work delivered free of charge C. L. INOERSOLL, M.4M and 414 Water and 141 Cherry Streets sole proprietor oc?4 2m'r DR. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, US FULTON STREET. IMPORTANT CAUTION.-The public should bear in l mind that it is Dr Wistar's Balsam of Wild ' berry that per forms those rrmarkable cures which are published in every part of the country, and not the articles of similar name that are oc caaionally puffed into temporary notice. Those may be good, bat we know nothing about them I.ft every wan, woman and i^nuu ma me louowing, ana n that does not sati'fy all of the great virtues of this medicine, let their, co to 125 Fulton turn and tee the original, with uu merous other testimonials of lilt* character: W*Tr*viLLr., (One da co., N. Y.) Sept 15, ISO. Dear Sii?I owe it to the afflicted to info-m you that in January laat I was attacked by a verv violent cold, caused by working in the water, which settled on my longs It was <ic compauicd by a rery severe pun iu my breast and sides, and \l o a distressing couth. I had in a'tendanca ?ll the beat me dicnl aid in our Tillage . hut afar eihaosting their skill 10 do avail they pronounced my di-ease a Confiimed < onsumption, tud tliey one and all gar* me up to die After m?ch persuasion. I got the consent of my ph\sician to u*e the Balsam of Wild Cherry, prepared by Dr Wistar. I purchased of tnc Again in oar place one bottle, before using half of whi h I began to gain iirength, and it was rery evident my congh was much better and my symptom* in every way i 1 nrovin*. I have now u?ed three bottles, aad am re?t?red to perfect health This leault ia ilone (i? inn to tlieuseof Dr. Wistar'a Balaam of Wild Cherry; and 1 take this method of riving you the inf< rmation, partly to pay the debt of gratitude T owe you, and partly that others siit Aarly afflicted may know where to apply for relief. Very truly yours, JAMES 9AOE. Mr. Palmer, Drogfeit. under date of Wat?mlle, Sept 14, IM3 writes: The atatement given yon bv II Ip.iM Sage ia well known to be trne by this whole cominuui;/ certainly was a most remarkable core The sale jf the Balaam ? very rood, and success in cares truly flattering. Yeitrs reapectrnlly I). D. PALMER. Let the afflicted call and eee our certiftca'es. They prove conclusively t?>at they can b- cored if they get the r ght medecine Be me a d get "Dr. Wistar'a Balsam of Wild Cherry." Beware of imitations This Balsam cures all affections of the lungs and liver, soch is b'eeding of the lungs, bronchitis, asthma of III nr 20 yeara' siaoding. cronp, obstinate pain in the cheat, s'tie, fcc. Sold only by I*aac Butts. 125 Ko'ton, corner ol Nasaaa ; Deiter, Albany; Oorham, New Haven; fc!. W. Pull, Hartfordand by agents throughout the Northern a> d Kastern States A Treatise to be had gratia aa above. n2l lm*m IKWETT'* CJON'/tNTRATF.D MfcDICAL rRK.'A" HATlO^H, ennilvting of Htimulating Liniment. Limm?tl inr Coagha, Conaninntion, Croup and Qainwy, "erer*. Kh?nmnciimi Nerrooa and Spinal DIuwh,Common, Nerrona and Huk Headache, Cholera Morbaa, Cholera Inla.itum?V*K?tanlc Cerate, Tet'eraud Pile 8al?e, l>iaphnretic Drop*, Pectoral Drop*, Female Dropi, Attentive Drop*, Vegetable Syrnpn Knucf of Lift, [Nerva Sanative, Teothache Drop*, rough Drnpt. Arthiitie Pilli, he. Itc. with direction* accompanying each. P?. B.?Theae medicine* are particularly adapted to the vari not diam?ea for which they are recommended, and many and variona am the teatimomal* in the hand* of the Proprietor from rariooaa etiona o' the United Statea, gratefully ?ekuowl<>dg in* tneir efficacy when all other medicm-a had failed Some I >if the-e te*(imoni?la are piabliah. d in the ptmphK*, which mty be had gratnitoualy at all place* where the medicine* are lo' *ale? where al*o miy be had Jewett'a family Phi aician The fact th?t thn*e medicine* *1 <v*ya rlieve it not entirely core, when properly applied, render* ih'ir henefit >**ential to th? afflicted. Try them, and l>t them ataud by their owu meritf. 'or particular* aee *how bill* and pamphlet* For aale at varioua drug atorea in the city, and by Dr. J. roffnt, )? Alt' rney atreet, New York, agent, wnet* the medicine* may be had whrleiale and retail. Dr. r. will alao attend thoae who may require hi* *ervice*, and fr .m long eipenrnce in the practice ol medicine, he feel* confident of giving goad *ati*Atction to the ?Micted,whatever may b? their malady. aM)a*r W YC YORK, THURSDAY MOJ important to business men. DU8INESS MEN who ki*p no >>aiik Account cau have notes " collected through the Butchere and Dro*er?' Bn-k, and rompt returns made in Bo^cheri and Drovers' money, by their leaving such note* with Mr. Rofcert I* Pernn, at the Bank. No. 2i Bow?ry cor (irand at. Mr. ferriu'a niferer.cea are the Cashier dn<l Lnmiuiiy < f the R >nk. n!6 ltn*ec UKixTLc.!*!"KUttNlttHIMi siorh, 6? maiden lane. /"vver Coat*, from $1 to tl2 " Sack* to I Krock Coats 10 to 14 Drest ditto to 1< Pants 3 to Veata to 4 All made of th? beat materials, and cut in th? modern style. Over ('.oats made and trimmed from $8 00 to *W 00 Panta and Vesta ditto ; 50 to 1 i mom lurnismiiK meir own materials can u?|*ua upon navi ins them made in the best manner. shirt* made up to ord^r alter the latest and moit approved French patterns. Under garments or all descriptions comtan'ly on hand Oloves, Hoiiery, Cravats, Scarfs, S'ispenderi he oS9 lm?? W COLLINS " ECONOMY IN GKN VUSMH.N'- DRtida. ALL EXTREMES AIlE BAD Fhas bseu truly said that poor goods are not worth the ei pense of makiug, and Slop mide clothes is good cloth spoiled, biintrieuce must hare taught mauv that there are those who lav it on no thick that imprecations not loud, but deep, generally arcomiwny the first reading of the hill. Impressed with these f<cts, the undrrsigned are pursuing d middle course, avoiding extravagant profits on the on* hand, and k<-eping the vary Dest articles on the other, which are made up t? order under the superiutoudeuoe of as eilicieul cutters,an das competent workmen as can be iouud 111 the couutry. Our Stiwk for the winter is now complete, consisting of Super Black, Blue, Olive, Brown, and Green Cloths, for Dress aud Krotk Coats WATERPROOF DOUBLE MILLED CLOTHS, BEAVERS, TWEEDS, Her KOR OVEH COATS. Cusiiferes in all the uew and various styles, for Pantaloons, Veatings iu rich Velvets, Meriuoi, Cachmeres, Dressing Ro?es, Satius, Silks, lie With a large assortmeut of Fancy Dress Articles, including Scarfs, Handkerchiefs, Cravats, Gloves, Suspenders, Ike WILLIAM T JENNlNtM fc CO., 131 Brr ad way o29 lm*ec American Hotel, opposite the Fountain ON EXCHANGE AGAIN?RETURN" TO THE OLD STAND. 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"What will O'Connell dol" is the question which has been put many millions of times in the Uuited States since it was first known in your noble country that the Government had resolved on prosecuting the leaders of the repeal movement in Ireland. Some of the more sanguine spirits have, undoubtedly, predicted that he would call around him all the talent, patriotism, learning, and eloquence of the country, and that he would consult them, rouse them, warm them, address them, and excite them. Well, he has done no such thing! Others will have declared that he would sound the war cry, rouse tne alarmists, rin? the tocsin in tne ears of all Ireland, and would light on every hill a bonfire, and in every heart a pasaiot to get rid of, the Union. Well, he has done no such thing! j Others will have anticipated that the m;-ss of the people, excited by the monster meeting-1, would nave refused to wait, to forbear, to simper, to shrug the shoulder, and to look wise and cunning any longer, and would have resorted to open rebellion, to downright war against taxes, against the government, against the Viceroy's, the Privy Council, and the magistrates; and that the chiefs of the jepeal movement, with O'Connell at their head, would, long ere this, have been surrounded by an Irish provincial parliament, and by an indignant and determined people in amis for their liberties and independence ! Well?nothing of this sort has occured. There have been "monster fires" indeed on the hill tops, and on the mountains of Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, and a portion of the County of Cork; but, O'Connell says, "God forbid they should be regarded as any repeal signals." Oh no ! nothing halt so determined or decided as that! Some declared that they were lighted to signify that "the war was over!' that "concessions had bt eu secretly made to O'Connell," that a sort of federal parliament was to be convoked." and that "Ireland was to become happy, peaceful, and prosperous!" This version of tne simultaneous "monster fires" was not very easily believed by people who had any portion, however small, of common sense?so another was attempted. That second explanation was, that "it had been reported that the prosecutions against the repealers were to be abandoned?that Mr. Bond Ilughes's evidence was ..j...:.._j u- :_..j l .u_. rvir> u i ctuiuiiicu uj uc iiittui ijudir?<wiuiii.ii u v/uuiicii aitu his friends would nut hear further of the informations filed against them, provided no more monster meetings were, convoked." So in fart these "monster fires" were to become the tombs, blazing and hot indeed, of the monster meetings. For a few hours thisstory was credited?but shortly afterwards all the official journals were "authorized" to declare "that the whole was a fabrication," and that " the state prosecutions" would be persevered in with redoubled zeal. The tory prints had a counter-story to all this, and they said that the "monster fires" were lit up " as measures of intimidation?as intended to prove to the government that the repealers were all agreed: that they were ready to rise every where at the bidding of O'Connell as one man, and that the State proclamation had exercised no real influence either 011 public opinion or on public determination." Wnen O'Connell heard tnis he became not a little alarmed?and he gave his version of the story, which was really the least credible of all. He represented the "monster fires" as mere local occurrences?as a sort of "Welsh Rebeccaite" triumph on occasion of the destruction of some objectionable toll-gates in the parts of Ireland where the fires occurred, and that fKnir hrwl 11/kt 1?i i.rr a'l) :? f??V#? r f 1? i\i 1 W 11 li nil 11 t 11'* or re peat. Now, to lie honest with you, I must add that this statement is not at all credited, and that "the monster fires" are still thought to have meant much more than has as yet met the eye. The State prosecutions have evidently not only greatly annoyed, hut much perplexed and embarrassed Mr. O'Connell. He is so taine, so harmless, so moderate, that he has even become the champion for the commission appointed by the government to inquire into the state of the lew nf tenure, mil in- will ii?M lieiu rt word against so fair and honest a measure. This is such very different language to that which we have all been used to from the li|Mof the agitator, that we cannot help asking "what has hapj>encd, then, thou lender of public opinion, thou tribune of the people, thou chief of agitators--what has happenedto thee and thy cause, that the lion is changed into a Iamb, the eagle into a dove, and the big manly voice into childish treble pipes, and whistles in its sounds'?" "Aye," exclaim some, "you do not understand OToanrHyet. He is playing a deep game. He is avowedly by his affected moderation seeking to obtain a verdict in his favor 011 these State prosecutions; but when once that object shall be attained, again he will summon his legions; and monster meetings, as well as monster fires, will be seen and convoked from one end of Ireland to the other." Hut is Mr. O'Connell sure of an acquittal ? Is the jury he will have to address one likely to be r???,t*?nkLi ?n U 1 a iutll/Mr 1 Will U/'in I Clf moderation now deceive the wily Irish jurors? Will his mock-submission and deference now, induce any twelve men in Ireland, whether friends or foes, Catholics or Protestants, landlords, tenants, or middle-men, to believe that unleas the British Houses of Parliament and Queen shall repeal the union act, he (O'Connell) will not seek to attain his object in any other manner^ I trow not; and, therefore, I think that Mr. O'Connell's present line of proceeding will only terminate in his own disgrace and confusion. It must not, however, on the other hand, be imagined in the United Slates, that because Mr 0]Connell is playing a most extraordinary and inexplicable part at the present moment, therefore, that the raus*' of repeal is less )>opular with the mass ot ihe people. They have indeed been so long used to follow the directions, and listen to the voice of "iThe Liberator," that without his authority they would not take any very important step; but yet meetings are held both at Dublin and in the provinces in favor of repeal, though all in houses, or at public rooms, and none in the open air. Smith O'Brien's adhesion to the repeal movement ha* greativ annoyed the government. He is ordinarily a cool, calm neaded man. and his influence is consequently very great. Tne government has met this adhesion of O'Brien, by removing two magistrates who had been present some weeks since at one of the monster meetings. This is poor and pitiful revenge. Either 'he monster meetings are legal or illegal. If legal, the magistrates ought not to be removed from tneir posts in the commission of the i>eacc for attending them. If illegal, then the verdicts of the juries in the approaching State l>rns#?riifioiik will fh*?m tn (ii> on Thpnr*#? iorth, supposing .1 verdict of illegality be pronounced against those assemblies, all magistrates attending them would he justly subject to removal. But whilst this question is pending, and' whilst nothing is settled, I hold it to be an act of petty tyranny to remove any more repeal magistrates. Yesterday being the first any of Michaelmas term, Chief Justice Pennefather was to take his seat in the Court of Queen's Bench in Dublin, and was to address the county and city grand jurors; to one of which would be referred the indictments against the O'Connelites and repealers. It is much questioned, however, whether the trial will take place immediately. Some parliamentary friends of O'Connell are of opinion that "a long day" will be tpplied for, and that the Attorney General will not object to the application. A vety different feeling to this is entertained by the repealers. They say " let us know at once what we have to trust to? we cannot gain any thing by delay?there is no matter of fact we dispute?the meetings were held? the objects are clear and defined?we want no chicanery to be resorted to relative to our plans and proceedings WU inruumillllli lf|F?ltio, m.u n<. desire it to be at once decided whether it be illegal or unconstitutional to seek to repeal an act of parliament by passing another act. Rut the answer to these gentlemen is this: "No, you do not propose to wait until an act of parliament shall be passed to repeal the union act, since if that were your intention, you would not pronose calling an Irish parliament of your own in College Green, naming your own representatives, and applying to the oueen to issue her writs without consulting either lords or commons. The truth is, that you propose to excite such a state of feeling and such a degree of anxiety in Ireland, that the government shall be forced to yield to a national movement, without resorting to the usual constitutional mode of proceeding in this country." That the object proposed is popular in Ireland, no man in his senses would attempt to deny. That those who tupoort it generally, oeiieve n woum oe ocnmciai to Ireland, 1 tlimk it would be most unjust to dispute. But whether the results would be such as they anticipate is quite another question, and respecting wnich very great differences of opinion exist even among those who urc known to be the best friends of truth. Still it cannot be denied that new and important are continually being handed in of those desirous to become members of the Repeal Association. Sheil and Thomas Wyse are about to join it, and Grattan "bitterly laments" that he has not been deemed worthy of IER A 1843. prosecution, since he presided at one of the meetings objected to by the government. there has been a meeting of the Law Clubs of Dublin to petition for repeal, and O'Connell wan present and spoke. Hut on! how different his marine!?how subdued his tone?how cautions his language, and how resolved not to tind tault with the government, or to call the English any longer " Saxons." It is said by the enemies of O'Connell I that he has satisfied himself upon two points?and that these two have much altered his feelings, system and plans. The first thing he has discovered is, that the people will not fight tor repeal even at his bidding: ana that the soldiers will fight against it. The serona thing he is convinced of is, that should he be convicted under these, or under any other state prosecutions, and should he be sentenced 10 fine and imprisonment, that though the fines would be paid by the associations tor tepeai, me repeaters would not rise to rescue htm from incarceration. Thus at his tune of lite to be condemned to prison for several years, is a prospect he most heartily rejects, and he lias therefore said, " he is prepared to accept a federal parliament." Now whilst 1 am wiiting on this subject of concession and a federal parliament, I owe it to Mr. O'Connell to state, that his nlans with tegard to the Irish parliament to be called, have never been very clear or precise ; and ihut he has the right to say, as he does, that lie has not as yet by any act precluded himself from taking ten shillings in the pound if he cannot obtain twenty. Indeed, O'Connell has often said, when addressing both the monster meetings and tne Repeal Association, that he would accept any instalments of the debt due to Ireland, and then sue for the remainder. This may be his policy now. He tees that to gain repeal at the present moment is impossible; that the queen as well as her English and Irish councillors are fully resolved not to listen to the demand ; and that every ordinary and extraordinary measure will be resorted to by her majesty's advisers and government to put an end to the agitation of the repeal question on a large scale. He sees, moreover, that Ireland is being virtually placed under military law; that nearly 40,1(00 irooiw are already there; that these forces are being continually augmented ; that there is no relaxation on the part of the government in this respect; and that lie is not in a position to carry on the monster meetings, and agitation on a grand scale, as lie has done during the last summer and Himiinn. He, therefore, lias ctiangeu nis line of conduct?and he now will be satisfied with any arrangement by which something like the show of an Irish parliament, simply to prendre and submit measures exclusively relating to Ireland, may be established, and that the general parliament of Great Britain and Ireland shall continue as heretofore to decide relative to all general laws. But is even such an arrangement practicable 1 I think not. The tones are already too well satisfied with their first decisive step to relax or give in. A few signatures to a niece of official parchment have already had the effect of nutting a stop to all large and hostile meetings?and it is not probable that that same government two months hence, when, perhajw, flushed with new victories, will voluntarily propose to yield the principle of af least an Irish, though not of an independent legislature. The Irish clergy continue their efforts in behalf of repeal. Dr. Slatthel, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cahry, 1ms joined the repeal association. This lias much encouraged the repeal chiefs at the present moment of excitement and of anxiety. The rent,too, far from diminishing, becomes great ?- ". .. l-...l.?01d(n Mntnrrlnl' rr i*mcu witk. r nun .miuiun; m. ~ ; 2Sth October, no less h sum than ?3000 was paid. Of this sum ?100 arrived from Quebec. But the 19tli of this mouth is tin; great" collecting day" throughout all Ireland, to be specially set apart in every parish in that country tor that one purpose. On that day, rich, itoor, the middling classes, the noble lord, the parish priest, the penniless pauper, the sturdy beggar, are one and all to contribute to the O'Connell fund, in order to indemnify him for having devoted, and continuing to devote, his time to this repeal cause?perhaps it Would be more correct to say " to the cause of agitation m Ireland." It is expected that a very large sum will be raised this year, especially as O'Connell is under prosecution, and the Catholic priests are bestirring themselves to excite their respective Hocks to much of zeal in this cause. The siilijocf of the Arbitration Courts begins to excite the attention of ihe government, and it in auul ' are also to be repressed by proclamation. Let us look for a little time at this subject. If O'Connell had not proclaimed, and if his words had not been taken dow n by a sworn government reporter, that the object of establishing these Arbitration f oUrtfi is to bring into contempt the Law Courts of the Saxons, and to inducc the Irish no longer to consent to submit their differences to the Judges a|>pointed by the Saxons, there would surely be nothing illegal in him writinc letters to encourage the extension of the principle of arbitration generally throughout the country. For it cannot be denied that in England aw well as in Ireland, when merchants and tradesmen, manufacturers and private individuals, Ace .Arc, think fit to refer their disputes to arbitration, they arc at liberty so to do, and the laws most unequivocally recognize that principle Indeed, the practice of the law in England is, that Judges will make orders in causes and suits referring questions of fact to the decision of competent merchants. But then these arbitrators arc appointed or approved by the courts of law as appointed by the Judges?whereas, in the Irish arbitration courts now establishing by Mr. O'Connell, there is no'superior or legal court which recognise* them?no power to administer oaths to witnesses? and no power whatever to enforce the judgment or decision when pronounced. Undoubtedly, as long is the parties who agree to submit their differences (o tiies? voluntary and wholly self-elected tribunals, -hall think fit, of their own accord, to abide by and execute the decision, all may go on smoothly enough; but in the case of a refractory plaintiff or defendant, nothing can be done but to denounce him from the altar at the church as a man of bad t'^iK i? than whnllv imnoseiblc that in anv country, and above all in Ireland, that the mass of the pcflple should be influenced by the tribunals When n man goes to law in the ordinary manner, even though he refers the question in dispute (whatever it may be,) to arbitration, he knows this, thai the award can be enforced?thatfitrifacia't and <a ta't can be issued against both person and property?and that thua, this mode of settling question* in litigation is recognized, approved, and even enforcedly the laws. But not so with these arbitration courts, as they are styled, of Mr. O'Connell. The case of the plaintiff may be as clear as the day, and the award may be as righteous and just as any human award can be, and yet, provided either of the parties object to executing its decisions, there is 110 process by which that award can be enforced The government is said to have consulted not only its law officers in Ireland, but those of England and Scotland also, to ascertain whether any and what measure could be taken to put down this branch of the repeal movement; but 1 believe nothing can be [ effectually undertaken in this respect. Hitherto, indeed, there have been only courts without causes, and counsel without suitors. In Mountrath, one of the arbitrators applied to Sir Char Coote for the use of the Court House to hold the Arbitration Courts in at that place ! This was cool enough? and has created some merriment. The request was of course refused. One of the most curious incidents connected with Ite and, which has transpired since I last wrote to you is, however, the threatened prosecution of Mr. Bond Huehes, the government reporter, lor having committed perjury, in having sworn?Ht, to the oresence of a party at a meeting who unquestionably was not present, and 2d, for having imputed language to another of the members ol the repeal association, which he never made use of.? - 1 * ? U*. nAvarnmont runAPt^r unrl I ne??; depositions in me ivi>i>..uvm. short hand writer, have attracted a vast quantity of intercut and excitement in Ireland, and a great deal of remark in this country. " A charge of wilful pequrv against Bond Hughes" mcet? you every where, nd the repealers are vehement and uecided as to his prosecution. It waB expected tha. the repeal par y having made unsuccessful attempts to bring Mr. Bond Hughe* before ihe two great police courts, would have preferred indictments at the last session in Dublin, but nothing of the sort was attempted. O'Connell has published an " address to the people of Ireland," which is headed by his favorite motto, " The nations have fallen, but still art thou young, Jcc. Arc." He declares that he is engaged in the most noble experiment ever yet made by -L-. -r 1 ? man or iiv nnuon?xnai m mucnv,w?,? tin* restoration of political franchises and rights of which the Irish had been iniquitously despoiled, by means purely and entirely peaceable and legal.? He maintains?1st, that he nas proved that the peoule want repeal, and 2d, that they have decreed to obtain it legally and constitutionally. The proclamation of the government against the Ciontarf meeting he simply states to be " uncalled for."? He advises perseverance in peace and order?an'' perseverance in continued exertions to obtain reneal. Ireland is, however, to be " indisaolubly connected with Great Kritatn, but legislating for herself" The address, on the whole, is pule and ! insignificant, and is, when compared to his former i efforts, as the hum of a drone when compared I < to the thunders of a dashing cataract, or of vonr own noble and glorious falls of Vi.ig.irn LD. Prtoe Two CmU. There have been a variety ot ward meetings m Dublin in favor ot repeal, but the fire has burnt slowly, and enthusiasm and ene^y have given way to prudence and poltt-ne??. I lie ojieiilli); 01 me lyuiiciiiauoii nan, an event I long anticipated, took place on the 23d October, at Dublin. Hie Hall is spacious and handsome ; 'but its title 1s by no means in i.armony with the intentions of its founders?who nil seek for re(>eRl. >fr John Augustus O'Neil, of Bunowtn Castle, wan called to the chair, and he made a right gallant fighting speech. Mr. O'Connell followedatuf uiged in the strongest terms "peaceable and legal means." Indeed, all nis atidre?aes are now made up of nothiu{; else. He finds by eX|>erience that it is easier I to rouse, than it is to subdue the lion. 1 The impatient port on oi the supporters of Sir I Robert Peel's government, continue to ask, "Why is not the Repeal Association put down! Why are the weekly meetings allowed to continue V' The truth is, Sir Hobert has quite enough on his hands already, with regard to Ireland, without having another immense difficulty in the shape of an interminable warfare against political partiett. For suppose a proclamation suppressing the Repeal Association should be issued, and obeyed, O'Connell would form another association under a different title, but really for the same objects, the very next hour ; and when that should be suppressed by proclamation, a third would spring into life? .m<l o on until the contest would lead to n state of efl'-rveseence which would be very injurious, and to the government, really deplorable. There is loud talk of the I >tiL>- of f.piecster and Baron Claucurry making a proposal for a sort of federal parliament?and it i? rumored that O'Connell would Heartily second any sucn HrruiiKt-uu-ui. x am not of opinion that any confidence should be placed in this reoort, and tnat as to the Duke of Leicester, that he has not energy enough to place himself at the head of so great a movement. Cltj Intelligence. Police?Wednesday, Nov. *> ?Nothing yesterday but iraall |>otatoe??lew in a hill, scarcely worth Jigging petit larcenies and tivo-point llueves. not worthy ot public note. U. N. District < ourt. Before .1 udge Betta. Wednesday, Nov. '29 ?Richard and Btninmin Kid vi. Swartwou(. Thin wan an action for the recovery?!" import duty ami interest, paid in 1487 at this port to the defendant?the Swartwoutlng collector, by Messrs. Grinnell, Minturn Sc Co, as agents lor the plaintiffs, on auuantity of American wheat and flour, re-shippod out of t>on<l from Kngland. The difficulty arose out of the construction of tho act of congress. It appeared that Metiri Orinnell It Co. of this city shipped a quantity of wheat and Hour, of American produce, to their correspondents in F.ngland, by whom a sale ol a portion was made to the plnintlOH, and which portion \vas re-shlpped and consigned for salu on account of the plaintiffs, to Messrs. Orinnell it Co. On the arrival of the several quantities, the Messrs Orinnoll fc Co. claimed the exemption from duty, which was denied on the ground that the portion having been sold on foreign soil and to a foreign house, was denationalized, and could not be allowed to land at an American i>ort as American produce. The Messrs. Orinnell paid, under protest, written and verbal, the dutiea claimed, which at that time amounted to f3436 M. The nacea?a ry proof that the wheat and flour were American produce was made at the time to the satisfaction of the collector and the nuval officer, although the District Attorney claimed that it was not sufficiently apparent on the trial that the requirement' of the statute had been complied with to the red lettetv The Court however differed with the learned counsel for the United States. The comptroller at Washington sustained the collector in hie course, ami in the passing to and fri of the papers, they some how or other coulcf not be lound when required by Messrs Orinnell k Co The flour barrels were shown to have had the brand of the American shipper on tkem.? The District At orney ?aid that he had come to trial not so much to defend the Swartweuting collector as to allow ! the plaintiff's, if they could, to estnblith their right of action ; for had the duty been paid hy them wrongtully, then it was but just that thev should be refunded oy the . government. He however thought that, independent of every thing else, the proof bad not t>een clearly established of the identity of the flour This was denied by the counsel for the plaintiff'*, and the Court in charging observed, that if the wheat kc was of American produce, then it whs entitled to be re-ehlpded from any foreign l>ort to an American port free of duty?that the identity of the goods in question was, in the opinion of the court, fully esfahlishod, especially the the barrel* bore the brand ofthc American shipper, and the implica tion u as that the contents were the same. Of the identity of the wheat, it was impossible to nrove that from any natural distinction The only way then to establish it to the satisfaction oi the f ollectorand Naval Oflicer, waa by sworn documents ; and they allowed at the time that they were satisfied that the pmducewas of American growth.The question of fact being disposed of, the question of law then aros.. whether or not. under the statute, the Collector had or had not a right to levy duty. The Court wuof opinion ha had not that right?that it wax the intention of the statute to protect the growth and manufacture of American produce, and not the American merchant. It was made expressly with repaid to the original growing, and not hy future transfer or sail', and therefore as American produce it could not pay duty. The Jury were to decide whether the prote?t required by the statute, to be made at the time of paying the duty, had been sufficiently (hewn in proof; if so, then they would return a verdict for tho plaintiffs in full with interest. The ,/urjr, without hesitation . found a verdict of $4.9K> 93 for tne plaintiffs There being no other case ready, the Court djournnd to 10 o'clock this day. There will be no criminal case* tried this week NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY WINTEH ^ il il ARFMNOEME"T On and after December 1st, 1843, the Cars will run in th? following nrde :? l*avt City Hall Lean Ikt Bridge for tht Urxdft. for City Hall. 7 00 A. ST. ? W? 9 <*> " 10 to 11 30 " I 00 2 00 P. M. 3 10 * 30 " 6 no The Cily ' til and ?7th street lint will mn"i follows -?Krom T A. M every 10 minutes through the d-?y till 7 30 P. M. Tli- t'.itra Nieht Line will run u f 'I mi ea?e City Hsllfor 27th stie?t ?t 8 . 8 30 . 9 . 9 30. 10, "> '0, k tt. I .cave 27th ?tri*t for Citv ? si' at 7 30. 8 8 30, 9. 9 3s>, 10 k 10 30. By older of the B aro, n2< tmr W (4. CA RMAN, tJacVWTNTER ARRANGEMENT. FREIGHTS FOR WHfKLINO. Va AND PITTHBUKO, Pa-The E and?*raitncd. for (he la*t five yeara (and w w 2SB3E-L.*i preaent) Agent for Bingham's Lina mm twit ci(> i.? riiiaourg, takes inn method of informing h?a lumfrnua friend* and [wironi, that hating made extensive ai^rangeinei.ta for forwarding roerchandiae via railroa a ?nd wago a, during the winter teaaon. to tha Weat he ia n- w pr? ?red to rvceint for aooda from thia city to Wb?r)iu|. Va. fit 3*ltimore <nd ( uml^rland or t<? Pitfaburg via PhiladHphia and ' - ?i U-.I A All tn hi* rare. me i nnmueranurK luiiii'iqu n.< tww .......? ,w ? . < ill b* forward- dwiihoiat any delay, and at lha lowaal eurc*ot rat>i. tu euhrr of tha ahnre pomia on the Ohio Hirer Ann, merchandise and package* forwarded by Omo'i Kipr***. hrnu.hin thr*- days from Baltimore la Whaeliog. making in *'l in day? from thiacity to Whaaling. Th* ba*inas* will be conducted by? Wm Tyson, No. 10 Wm street, New York Bingham k. Brother*. 2*6 Market atr**t, Phi'adalphia. Jam** Wilaon. North Howard street Baltimore. Holliday It Hgerton, <'umherland, Md. James II Kur?yth kCo.. Wheeling, V*. Win Bingham. Pittsburg. Pa (foods intended fur the Wheeling rout* ahould be marked New York and Wheeling Ln.e, Par* of Jamea Wilso? Balu 'tore, and those for Piitabu'g. Bingham'? Line as heretofnra, W\1 TYSON, No 10 W eat street N. Y. N*w York, Nn? ?0. 1* 3. nil Im'r I rXPRKt.b Full U'?-TON-l?AlLV LINK?WIMTKH arrangement 1 %.MM HakNi KN h CO. will ran their iM'ktgeand bo?m*.a tlpreya b*twar > New Yoik and doting the ?intr a* follow. i tin n.gton. on 1 ue da a Thar<diyaaim " ato daya. Via Norwich on Monday*, W*dne*da>* and Fridaya?making a uailv llna. N B ?Plraae mark all package* intended for rhia Jioe, to rar* of I! All> OKN k CO. air 3 W?l street. /VpiM. e. Ul> JKKKKHSON iNMUHANCk. COMfANY " ?Office JS Wall ureet. Thia company foot inn* their ba uneaa of inaurance agaioat loaa or damage by Or*, an good*, warn and HMfClMiidiaa, and alao on Teasels and their ranpwi* Wninst loaa by inland na'ij^atioa. Thorn** W. Thorn', EIWw Kirr*. ThoiDM T Woodraff. Bmjiiniiu 11. Hob?o?, John R. D*?iw?t>, Friuici. P.?Wf, Thornton Price 4 I", JohnTT Lw, J?h? virr Moan Tncker, J*?n? ? Holu?e?, C?l<*b 0 Twin. J?m? K. Wl'itior, Anion uiliff, Wy. K. Tnom, Jowph I>r*ke, Inid H.wlfT, j,K. 4rn. T HOP* " '< '?K LEECH! LEECHES! LEECHES! (JA Artf\ I A K<JK AND HEALTHY Hweedi.h Ml) O''ji'VJU (f?rmnu l^fclrajui wived p" b?rqoe S? i?*ac Newton from jUmham. ?or **l? ?l ??ry low pnee. *t C (I. A k H. WITTK. fT/VY 8Hk>.T hiJbbYk OVKK 1 ' Uac. Kiperieoee ha* proven th?t * V*?h?'w JL ached to lad.. Hdfcher upjp?r.. *o that -ti' VhiS wrmie them in the court* of - annoj 1 ' u? tare *1mui> t rown i"to dune ,<*t r?-? tmdinc are .in*, and t* which the^^J^'iiukber .. tab <i.h meat, ? urnitlied by the Roilwry WJI" , f aitofethw VU.den Iju" of* quality "7^%"%^^%,?bll*h?.utln the 'X V^.lr'l.nilwd .Zipper Q?y Sho* ,? ? ?oo* ? roreuMd ojjhria tm. to . o* to <h* rnbbw bu?i-~ ^KAcTjHl day. ffnccmwir to th* Rniborv I R. C , Im-f * ruptithk wash. rnllE nndrri'Kn'O h'Tiiig bwii in Dr. HulP? ulfic*. for th? la?t 1 y??r?, and having had the ino?i i>r??U"?t l??rt of that >flic* iilicn the arm** Wa?h b?f"r? th? pabl C ?mmh< ( Ufo* hut m?v do*m it worthv ihnr health and eomfat to call n 11m <t hi. mtidwice No. 4? V*??y itrwt whwalU c?a ergiultwi from 10 o'cliicb in th? rooming until J clot* ui u* iftmroooti, Al?n TrimK-n ??<l rnmir'd. .. n23 1m ui

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