Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Aralık 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Aralık 1843 Page 1
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?? I I I , I gBBB? TH Vol. IX., Ho. 310?Whole Flo. 3541. Krom Pat?r?oii to Jfrtey City. On <iod tftn Monday, Oct. Id, 1M3, the car? will I*"*? rii-fcinon Dkf*t. Lkay* Nt? 8 A. M. ? A. M. Utf " liX r-M. 3 P. M. 4 ON 8UNDATTS. ? ? _ Lkavk Patkhbon Depot. wkw iob?. 8 A. M. ?X A. M. 3 P. M. 4 P. M. Transportation cars leave daily (SimdaTe er#?f>ted.) Paaaen|*ra %rc awvixr il to be at the Kerry, fool "> Oourtlandt atiwt, a . g'v niiuules before the atated hour* of*d?i>arture Jy 19 6m* JtXPHheb Kok~B' vj'ON?jJaTlV link? wiwtkk ARRANGEMENT. H AKN I'EN *. CO. will run jM{) their package and buaineu E? -ffSaBJSs pr?*?a between New r oik ?nH AmKZ. during the wintrr. a* follow. > it Sto lugton, on Tuesdays. Thuradnye ano ^atudaya. Vit .Norwich ou M outlay a, Weduisdaya and Friday*?inak ins a oailv line. N. B.?rieiue mark all package* intended for thii line, to care of HARNDEN U GO. "flr 3 Walt atim. PHIL AD f.LlHI A tXI'RkV-T? Mr*m. ^Jr HAKNDEN St (JO. in connexion with their JBwJjBJR Bo* on and Providence Line* of Expr??* m<d Eu* tnnetn Age icies, r?n two Dally Line* of Exprea* t? PiiiUiiriptiia. connecting with BiHimor- and W*?liu.guu and al the important linm co tin Sruth and Writ, r articular ?r?uti"n will he raid to the trai aportation and delivery of email and valuab'e parcel* with the utmoat regularity and neapatch Ca??a. l.trge parrel*, fcc. drapatched d*ily at J* befoie' P. M. ' Small par tela leceivew un il >4 paat 4 o'clock P. M. ana delivered eiily in Philadelphia next morning. n 'Oec HA UNPEN h CO. WINTER AR R A NGEMENT. Mim- FREIGHTS FOR WHEELIWO, Va. AND PITTSBURG. Pa-The {mK anderaigned, for the laat live year* (and I - j5KHeL_J51E3EI??it I'reaent) Agent for Bingham'* Liue i i from tl i* cit) to fiiuuurgt take* thia method of informing hia numerous mends ana patrons, tnai navmg inaur nim.i.i- ?|rangements for forwarding merchandise via railroa ' and Willi. ?, during the wmier season, to the Weal, lie 11 now pre- i Sire.! to r.-ceint for goods from ihia city to Wheeling, Va. via altuuore and Cumberland.or to Pittsburg via Philadelphia and the ( hainbershurg Railroad. All goods entrusted to hi* care, will b- forward'd without any delay, and at the lowest current ral> a, to either of the above points on the Ohio River. Also, merchandise and packages forwarded by Oreeu's Express, I in thre- days from Baltimore t? Wheeling, makiug In a>I su days from thiscity to Wheeling. The business will be ( conducted by? Wjt, Tysou. No. 10 West street. New York Bingham tk Brothers, 27# Market street. Philadelphia. James Wilson, North Howard street, Baltimore. Holliday Ik Kgerton, Cumberland, Md. James H Forsyth k Co., Wheeling, Va. S'm Bingham, Pittsburg, Pa oods intended for the Wheeling route should be marked New York and Wheeling Line, care of James Wilson, Baltimore, and those for Pittsburg, Bingham's Line as heretofore. , WM. TYSON, No. 10 West street N. V. 1 New York. Nov. 20. 18 3. u2l lm*r ~STATEN ISLANFVERKY, KOOT 1 WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat I ^ faf / STAT KN ISLANDER will leave New York ami Stat-u IslMd, ou and after October 2d, as follows, until J lurther nnrie* Leave Staten I land at SK, 10, a. m., 2, 4, P. M. Lssve New Y'ork at 9. 12>s, 10 win. |usi 3, 4j?. 1 N. B ?Ou Sundays the boat will leave at 11 instead rf 12}(. ' All iimpm shipped is required to he particularly nismeo and I is *r the risk nf it<e owners thereof ?3tttfr iMX 0'CL0CK~EVEN1NU LTNE kr^%?3*for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without ilTi, TBCjBLlandin;?the splendid low pressure steamboat I SWALLOW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the fool of < Courtlaudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and S&turdar i racings, at 0 o'clock, lor Albany direct. Tha Swallow has a large number of state room*,anil for tpetd ( tod accommodation* is nor snnuiased oo 'he Hndnoe, aul ec i S~<T.r ',~jm PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS ' ALBANY?Daily at t> o'clock P. M-- ' r.?W7 .Jr. .Through direct?Krom the steamboat pieT be- i twern Courthuidt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Cnpt. A. P. St. John, will l-iave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock. steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brninard, Will leer I'neada^, Thursday, and Saturday at G P. M. Ma o cioc* r. m.?uanaiugai inienneuinie rinces. StMia.iuiu COLUMBIA, cat*. A. Huagmon. will Mondr.t Wednesday. ?.f I'ridnv afternoon, at > o'clock. Mtmtnboai NORTH AMERICA, M. H. Trueadeli, wil! Iiv.vs Tuesday, Tlvsrsday and Saturday EreninE, at five o'clock. Pawrnirers taking this Line of Boats will at ail times arriTft ill Albany in ample Dine to take the Morales Train of Oar* (or the fiii or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are fnrr.uhed will; eat and elegant Stale Rooms, and lor speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Kreight, awly on board, orto P. C. Schulti at tne nflire <iu the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday Oet 16th, the boats *f this line will Invefor Albanv at 6 o'clock, I'. M instead of 7. "" K'?K HALE?'The bar,iue DUC D'OKLKANfc. JXysrWb'i'tben 310 tons, register; built iu Bristol Maine, in ' JWUBb'H31, d mble deck, coppered aud eopjwr fastened. 111 ? lrt-t mi,a, 27 ic i beam, 6 flirt brtween decks, li feet hold, will 1 be tuld is soon as the cargo is discharged. Lay? at Judd's 1 wharf A|>pl> on board, or to 1 BOYD fa HINCKEN. nit ee Nn n Tnntine Building, oor Wall and Water sts. i Avr- K< K MARSEILLE*?Packet for 1st Decerabt-r? j Jnrpjfy The ship MINEKVA, Captain Brown. For freight JKBUHmsJi fur |>a*saKe. apply to LAWRENCE Sc PHELPS, or to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents. n'9 r No. 9 Tontine Bnililing. cor. Wall and Water sts. PACKET KOR HAVHE?Second Lin??The MWlrVship BALTIMOKE. t.dward Kunk, comuiandrr sail on th? 1-t of December. BOVD i HINCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, nJi <Dl ec corner Well and Water sts Xfff- FOR AP* LACHICOLA?To mil on or before WfXrVthr l?t December?The ahip SII.VA^US JhNjiyyMfa^lVS. N. W. Kveleigh, muter, will b? despatched w iiti ?iic:i freight *? "ff'f I'rior to the 89th imt Kor freight or nuHC. apply to the contain ?< hoard, at pin No 5 North River. or to BOYD It HIKCREN. 1110 r 9 Tontine Bmlding. cor. Walla d Water ?U. " "FIRST PACK It T KUK CHARLh.8 ION?To MtT?I^.iaiI on Si'urdiv.IJ Dec ?'1 ha well known )-< aailng aud favorite tacket ahip l>EN. PARKHlLL. Cnpi. .MCI own, Will be ilea pitched aa above She t.aa eicellent accommodations for cabin, accoad cabin and tuerur pass* b(era Those within* to secure berlha ia [lie (Jen. Parkhill ahould irake eatly application on board f?o' nf Dots- street or to W. fc J. T TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck (lip, nSOec corner Sooth street. PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate De?ratch?The well known faat sailing bark CO 8MMlfaMO, Capt. Onterbridge, will meet won immediate de*f?*tch for the above |H?rt. She his g <>d accommidations for cabin, aecond cabin and *i.?t p pa<iengers. Those about going to (h* old country will fin I thin a desirable oppoitanuy. Application without delav ahould be made to W. It J. T. TAP3COTT, n?i r 43 Peck slip, corner South afreet. FOK LIVtRI'OOL-Pa'ketof at of necefb-r' iPltndirt ?e'| known aid m iguifirentship RAP jnUNfa MlANNOCK I'-Ofl t?na,Capi Drnmoion' I aail P . f..|,aa above, her rrgul-r day. She has eieallent'atioat lor cabin, aeeond cabin and atterafe pas?enfter.', thr aacn-i cabin aijd steerage baiu* ia honaea on deck Tho.e about visitinu th- ?lt< country will Ana the KappaUai uoco a mot t 4r~ sir<b e conve-,auce. Hor r.a;s ia earl. application s-oald U mad -on pier 114 fcasj R?v?r,foot of Wall aireet, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTr, 43 Peck al.p, n?'r ornei Month afreet. FOK LIVERI OOL?The !S?w Line Heculir >?ftV Packet Ibth I ecemhex ?The new and very aplendid - Yoik built packet ahip LIVKRfOOL, J'hr I.Tdr.dge, master; IliO tons, will sail as above, her regulai L ?. ki.Ki ninuu? fmvinff roomv and nn?n'naa?ed accom rnodati"na, apply to the Cspiain on b'ard, we?t side Burling lip, oi to WOODHULL ?iSlINTURN8, 87 8oath at. Tlie new and elegant packet ahip Qne* 1 of the West, Philip Wo (Ihiime, it aater; l?5fl torn, will succ*?d the Liverpool, and Mil on h<r rognlar day, 16th lai.oary, 1844. n28 r Jt&E: OLD BLACK"BALL I.INK OK PACXlTt LI VKRPOOL?Packet of the lit December JmMKb?The splendid fast soiling packet ahip KUROPIC, C u> Fur ?*r. will be despatched aa above, her regular day Those wisniuif to aecnn berthi will r*jui?i ? make early application'to JOHN HKRD.MAN* (1 South st. uear Wall street N. B?Passage from (Jreat Britain ana Irela-id, via Liver|>ooJ, can aa usual be secured by the above splendid packet ahip, ora y iliipol the line, nu the lowest terms; thus* remitting money to their friends can have drafts for auy amount payable iu all the principal t wna thn untiont the Uni>'<d Kingdom; and on M"'?-ra. J Uarnrd Si t ',n. bankeia. Liverpool; and M sirs J l!*lt son v Co F.I. further pa t rulara apply aa above. n34r | rOR LONDON?{tvra lay Mrtitof tfet lit Ma. wfyjV The splendid ship PRlNCK ALBERT, Captain AmMv-Sebe*, bin then 1200 tons, will sail as above, her regular d?>. Her accommodations for cabin, seeond cabin and ste?nge iwsawit^rs, are splendidly fitted ap for the comfort and c.inveniencei.f|?asaeiigera. Persons intending to embark should make esrly application (to board. Burling Slip or to JOSKPfl McMURRAY, 1*0 Pine st. cnrner of Sooth. Persona wishing to send for their friends residing m the old com.try. cau have them brought out by t'-e above ship, or any of the t e regular packets sailing on the 7th. i7th and J7th of Mrh month, by applying a? ?b> ve; if by letter, poat paid I' S. Drifts at Sigh', far laiit* or a mall anm>, are draws by tk-subicr.b r on the Provincial Bauk of Ireland; p.yableat iloir l>|tweuv branch's throughout the eou'-try ; also on \ M..r Sh one<-. Atwoud k Co, Bankers, Londou, payable in trrrj towa fal ' >reat Br,lain. n2lr jr?g- OM.Y HKOHLAR LINK FOR NCW ORWrfM'WLKANs?rhe following first class pa'kets will nail jfrilwfei'iinctutlly M adrertiaed, weather permitting or pas a >?t' free, f it:? 'I'lii' L.OI IS VILLE, <"im. Hoat, o? the *Kh Nor. The l.nL'l* VCap . I.earitt.on the 5th De?. 'Jh-PAN IIKA. Capt Dennis, on the ? Dec. 'I he accommodation* of these snips for cabin, second cahin nil ateerate i>a??enRers arc such as cannot tail to ejisnre erery c infort to pa*?enKers damn the rnyase The aliipt ol thu liue have now coirmenced their recaiar Ir'ps. niitl will a il pnnctml every lire days thr titthoar the imon. fa scti*"" mac therefore rely no not >'e ng < ?tain< d. The price of pais*** beiuv rcry low, those wnlimi to aecuie berths in either of he ahore packed, can do ?o by applying to W. It J. 1. TAfSCOTT. a- their Oeneral Passage Office, 43 Peck (lip, n20 comer ot Sou'h str??t. BT.ACK BAIL OR OLI) LINK OK LI V h,H a/MWW POOL PACK KT8?Only regular Packet, ol the I t Jllllfilirnerrber.?The celebrated last sailing racket ahip K? Itui'e., < ftl't. K, O. H'ur er, will poaitirely aail on iwiday, 1st December, her regular day. ji it welt known that the accommodation* of thu noble pack el lor cabin, *1 tnoin and ?teera|fe passengers, are fitted np in a inannei that cannot fail to ms"r* those mS king eeary com fort h ivtin > cry limb between-deck., which are well Ighteri and -cm tinted. I hose returnir g to the old country will at uuce see it their interest to select this favor te ra sei for their coo veyanee in p rfemice to any other. The priceofpaaaage la r?ry low, fir which and to seenre the beat bertha, early application ahoultl be made on board, foot of Beekman at, or to the anh tcriben, KOOHK, BHOTHKKH It CO., ? Fnltoaatreat, nen daor to the Falton Bank P. f.?The Knrnpe aaila frntn Liverpool oa tha lkth Jan* n?ry. Persona aeuding for their relatirea can hiwe them broaahi oni iu !i-r, or in anv ol the pack eta comprising thia aneqaafled _ i-asailing from that port pnnctnally oa the 7th and 19th " i<t each month. For paaaaga'apply as above. N. U.?1 he >?w York will aocceed the Europe, and sail lor Liverpool oa the 1Mb December, her malar day. a?r E NE N] IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN. T>U?INEt*S MEN who keep no hauk account can hare uotea D collected through the Butchers ud Drovers' B* k, tod rompi returns made im Bu'chrr* and Drovers monev, kv their leaviug ?uch uote* with Mr. Kohert ? Perriu, at the B.u.n, Ho. |2? Bow ry cor Grand at. Mr. rerriii'a reference* ar? iim Caahier and Comi-auy t I the B?nk. u!6 I in*it U'Ott SAL* with immediate poaseaaiou, the sioci and lisI t?re? ol that old established house, well known aa theCa ledouiau Hotel, i Gold atreel, uear Maiden lane. The atock of winra aud liquor* is of rerv superior quality, and the house affords evarv accommodation for boardera, auu haa beeu aatabII shed Tor upwards of twenty years. Every thine on tne pi* raise* will be aold cheap for caah, as the present proprietor is about to le-vr for the old. country. For particulars, apply an the premises u8 ltu*ec mn t'cnvnui?TR _<i?,i'. nr?.^7l in a inpfrior ?epairs and alterations to the present fashion. A lot of Wiuter Clothiug on hand, for sale wholesale and Cash p.?id for Clothing, and > reliances made. u29 m'r Lt.VlE'S, 130 Nunu street. IV* ACKlNTuSH COATS?Day, 25 Maiden Lane hu now -i-'-L on hand aod 11 making to measure, the latest ity le \1ack iotoih Coats, of the pecu'iar preparation of llubber ai practised by Mackintosh in bufland. Gentlemen mav rely upon having a good article if they obtain any of those made at our factory. HORACE H. DAY, Successor to the Roxbury I. ft Co., nS Imr 25 vlaiden Lane SHIRTS' HH1RT8 !?The su'iseriber has on hand a complete assortment of Shirts, made in the best manner and c>f Inematri als, of (lie following kinds, viz Fine Muslin Mhirts, with liueu boiums and wristbands Do do do do and collars Faucv Colored Shirts, of rarious kinds. Also, Silk and Satin Scarfs, plain and figured; English. French and It tlisn Silk sad Satin Crav?t?, black and colored; ITuder Shirts and Diawers, of neriuo. silk and cotton; Shaker found and Shaker knit; iner>uo, lambswool, cotton, silk, country kuitand shxker knit Half Hose-, "loves, Susienders, Cravat Stiffeuer*. Collar*, Bosoms. Silk Poises, ate. lie.?all of which will be sold at reasonable terms at CHAFFIN'S Furnishing H|?>re. u7 lm*m 1?# Broadway THE SUBSCRIBER has removed fr.>m the store No 657 Bnadwav, to 171 Canal, for the purpose of carrving on the CASH TAILOKIN# BUSINESS in all its branches, and in a style of eleguice which cannot l-e surpassed by any other houte It is the intention of 'he aiidersignsd to ask such price* for his foods as cannot fail to meet the approbation of the public, an? an excellent assortment will h? kept on haud to u;t the taste of all. Garments can also be altered and repaired at this establishment at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient servant, N B. Gentlemen furnishing their own cloth csn have thrm made up on the most reasonable terms, and good fits wa-ranled. n22 lm*r ON EXCHANGE AOAIN?RETURN TO THE OLD 8TAND. 'T'HE undersigned, after a seven years'experience of the evil * effects resulting from large stores and larger rents, is happy to inform his numerous customers and the community generally, that he has effected (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a leas* of of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly 5) Wall street, Mortimer Buildings, corner of New street, and for many years c? l?brated by his well known SIGN OK THE GOLDEN FLEECE?a beacon to all who are in quest of good cheap and faj!.ionahle garments. To such oT his old patrons who may have lost sight of him luring his wanderings, he invites their return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adherence to his well established fame for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he soicits a call, being prepared with an assortment of fine and sea onable cloths, caxsimers, vestings, Ike. Sic., which he will be t>lr charges, for (ash Only. The same care and attention bellowed on making aud trimming, as wheu the cloth is purcnas dorhim. C. B. B&bcock continues m the cutting depart meni. CHARLES ("OX. u20 Imr 8 urn of the (ioldeo Fte*ee. No. 4 Wall ?t TO TAILORS ClTINEaiETS'8 new and complete system of cutting garU inents of every description, is with the utmost confidence jffered to the trade, as beiiur the most practical and useful work jf the kiud erer befre published. Tne book, which is It by 16 inches, contains 1' elegant diagrams of the various kinds of (armeuls, with plain and ample instructions for cutting the lamr, and in a style which cannot be sar)>assed. It has already rained the approbation of the most taleuted of the profession. Hide annot fail giving entire satisfaction to all who use it. The work can be forwarded to auy part of the United States by addressing the author. No. 9J Ceaar street, New Vork. oil lm*m THE FALL <\ND WINTER FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAZIN DE MODES, No. 6* Canal Street. A CARD-TO THE LADIES OF FASHION.?MADAME BEIIRMAN begs most respectfully to inform I ier friends and customers that site has received, by th? 1 ast arrirals from Paris, her fall and winter fashions, and sae flatters lerself that the same will stand unrivalled iu the civ The fashions consist of the followingfull ami entire new styles cut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do lilk, satiu mode and quilted hats, ol an entire novel description, in ladies', misses', and children's sizes. Also, a complete aslortment of caps and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial flowBra, leathers, and hair ornaments of Mr beat artists in Paris. Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor hei with an early call ind examine for theiuselvea. Mag.'iin de Modes M Canal street n7 lm*ec HOUSE PROTECTING 1MSTOLS. A LLK VK *ELF-CO''KlNO AND REVOLVING SIX A BOR?; CAS l' 8 I'EEL BARRELS PISTOL?Thu Putol cocks and revolves m rely by pulling the triager, and six hots may b- delivered within tne short space of three second*. It is more simple and more durable than any Pis'.ol now in use, iml warranted auperioi to any olhe maker. For sale iu quantities to suit purchater-. by A. VV. BPIE8 It CO. Jl* P?rlstreet. In poitersi'f Hardware and Cutlery. Also, Ouns; Pistols; Oun materials lor inauuluctunug, altering or repairing Ciunt Also, every variety of Sporting articles. n23 lm* AYTliHElT KUBMt&O VER SHOfcS^tS >Taidm, |j?.iie. Ksperience lias proven that a leather sole can be attached to India Ituklier uppers, so that it is im|>ossible to separate them in the course ol wearing These Over Shoes,which nave already thrown into disuse leather overshoes and mocas>ius, and t? which the water tiroof boot is fast teuding, are furnished by the Roxhnry India Itubber establishment, 21 Msiden Lane, of a aualitv sarorisiimlv perfect, and altogether bettei than ?re being made by any other establishm?nt iu the trade. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoe* ana Boots are furnished only at this establishment F.very article appertaining to the rubber busibfas for sale or made to order HORACE H. DAY. Successor to the Koiburv 1 R. C., n? Irn't U Maiden Lane LElirt, HANua, AKM3, dec. 'PHE LOSS of Feet, and Legs no hindrance to the act of L walking?JOHN F. THOMAS. Cork Leg Maker, fcc. respectfully luforma the public that he has returned from Philadelphia U) 473 Water street, comer of Pike, New York City* where he eontinuta to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBB, >n a plan the most correct and least complicated,having, throng h necessity, invented. made, and worn an Artificial leg for forty /ears, and been a manufacturer for thirty-five years, feels conn letK of riving satisfaction to all who call on him lor Legi, nils, Arms, or the Common Wooden Leg. n4 lm*r ON STRICTURE AND 1T? CURE. 'PHK 1TOLLOWINU REMARK8 WILL PLACE BE A FORF. the pnblie a few mott deeply interesting f?cts.? First that the disease called ST rtlCTUR". is of tery frequent occurrence and ofteu axisis in persons who are not in the ,east aware of it; neit that a very erroneous notion prevsilr respecting St icture, and that ignorant advertisn g people t. ke n bed aavintau* of tlie enoneous notum; then, 'hat there are three par ticul<r circumstances by which a Stricture niay be alwn>s known?and in the last Place, that ihe cure of stricture is certain, free from pain, anil generally accomplished in a Tery little time. W ith regard to the first of those remarks It is well known that Stricture is the result of a badly treated 'Jouorrhen. If, for instance, that disease is suffered to contil one on from month to month to month, it slides into a gleet Vow, there is no pain or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore ii is often suffered to remain indefinitely. But it should b? known that glee* implies a chronic iuttamuration of the pa? age, which naturally terminates in thickening, and this thick ^mg M OB* part or othe* of the passage is stricture; and furi 1"'.i i although stricture may thus remain unnoticed for length of time, it is far from laying dormant, bat is the hidden fuse o many serious maladies, not only if a sexual, bat those also of a nervous aad dyspeptic km4. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder is the idea that stricture cannot exist so long as na impediment to the flow of arine is observed, which is qiWte a mistake. A itrirtnre often exists ft years without Reducing any very triking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or interrupted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of eases, tnd it is to prevent this v?ry state that three remarks are published. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people cake of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Every body know - iow men 01 mil ascription swarm snout inn city, ana uia. .hey will sell thei<r nostrums as loan as anv one will bay tt am Vow, it ii a fuel, and one which every reej physician will fan mediately acknowledge, that all the medicine in the world, ilone, can never cure a stricture. In proof of this, nothing is more common than for ihr writer to be eonialted by iwrtons who have been taking all manner of things?u colored drop* ind pills, and cordials. and the like, for many mouths together int whom, on seeing the real nature of the esse, he lias enrW in as many days. With a view of preventing these impositions, theretom, n seems desirable to lay before the public a few plain circomtuuers, by which a Stricture may be known, which can br suily done : for although the symptoms of this disease are no oierous, there are three of especial import, and these three may be stated very briefly?they ire the following.: The first relates to Tag mahwk* or criwatiwo.--It has besa already said tht itream need not be mnch diminished or impeded, fiat observr Utentively. alter it is finished and the clothes are re-adjusted, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little ?nothing is more indicative of stricture. The nest is The Timk a Uonorrhoia has remained uwcurbd.It is difficult to say how long a Uonorrhna or Gleet may rut tad not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture than another ; but, as a general rale, if it should b? suffered to go on beyond sis weeks, this alone would iffori' sufficient crooud at least, for the sospicion of a stricture. The last is? Tm* a Stricture has Droit tnr miisd.?The ^fnct of to depress the spirits and to lessen both bodily aud mental activity This also is one of the most common effects. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every indit'ldtml, bat it is common that the writer rarrly sees a case ol stricture (and he sees many every day) in whieh the patient not complain more or less, that he is not so capable ol bn siness as formerly. It is gratifying also to witness the uniform ettwa of spirits, and the disappearing of other maladies as the rure progresses. With regard ta Che cure of Utnctare, oa this subject it ia sufficient to observe (and it it slated with confidence and plea*?rV 11 certain, Arm from pain, ami generally accomplished in a very little tinv>. So much as tfsis conld not have neen advanced some years ago ; but sach Mu been the improvement in this art, and ancli the pivttoal experience of the writer, i hat he can now accompliahthe cure of stricture to aa many f he wnlo alto b((i to (tat*, that for thote who with to Uiartake the enr* themtelvea, he hat rnhlithed a volum*. I called Tn P?'VT.1! T?i*Tite."in whicfcnot only ttriotare, bat the cart of all thaae delicate diaeaeaa which require 1 >1 care and privacy, it directed la the plainaal maimer ? It it adrliable, however, that thote who tntpect a ttrictare, il . ottible, ihoald rontnlt the aothor pertonally, and nothju will wrorite thera more thaa the ?te certainty of his team of core. Separata rootna, alto, am arranged for tboae ?ho liny hayt to wait a liula It Oiily uow remain* to ?ay a word or two oa the groaad aa vkirh the pnhlic, and eapecially trannen coming to thia city, nay rely with coufidence on what hat'bata adranaad. With Jut view B?. Rftli'h be*t to itatA that, beaiar hit rank at fr* Inate of Kdinbanh, he ike., he hat been ntftfftd m lha ear* if thote ditenaat. both in hotpiul and airy practioa, for moie han thirty yean, aad hat publiahed two edition! of a work at . rettly on tnem Alao that he hat lettimonial lattan from th* nott eminent phyticiant in Karope to the mott eminent in Vmertrn?at Sir Ajtlev Cooper to Dr Mott, of New York Or Phytick. of Philadelphia, and other*, and that he it pet nitted to r*(Vf to alnott every Phytteiaa of eminence ta rhi Dr. Ralph it rontaMed at hit private retideaoe, No. M Orrtowich ttieet, towardt (he Battery, at any hoar. Br may *l>o be aonjaltad try potu The littlt voltme tbovt refrrod to u oat dollar. nil l?*r W YC EW YORK, FRIDAY MO] FRRNOH CHINA I No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stain. ADALKSVK, Importer imd Akpiii Tor Manufactured, Km [ alwayion hawl larwe .uaortmeut for dinuitr and cm aeta in plain whitr and (lit Kreneh Porcelain, aa wrll aa dinner And i dmtrrt i>la'"*.of all aiiea. assorted dislm. soup tureens, covered iIiiIh, t.-Und uuwia, fruit baaki-ti, ciuurds and stands. Alio, Tea anil Chocolata Wai?, Ofe*k, French and Ameri- \ can shape. . | All ina articles are warranted of the beat quality, aad to be I old on liberal term*, and in Iota tn gait pnrehaseri ?J7 ?m*ee I nnfrto <a"7i nT-L'u 1 L'(3 TL' AM uriMLC fli I li'ivut I o. vjnui r.iurio. i rwin, i. i.n..,, , " NfcR A YOUNG, IIS C hatham itraet, offer at wholesale I and retail, to de len and families? Kreah ! orei* n Kruiu, a general asanrtroart fugan aud Coffer of allkindsand <iuaiit>M nu, Urern and BJack. of -very dmcri tiou old Wines aud Liquora, > f various grnd's Superior lbuphurr' tuid Cherry Brandy Frwuch aud American Cordiala, on draft and in glaas London, Scotch and American Porter, Brown Stout and Pal* Ale La Norma, Kegalia, Noriaga aad other brands Segars Lait and West India and 1 n-servsa aud Jellies lioucv, iu small boss*, from Ohio Jajnhe Paste. iu I k aud ii lb boua Bird Seed Spice* Coc r and Chocolate Speim Oil aud ( an Hies, Soap lie 8araiogt Pavilion Wa'er, in qu >rt and pint bottles Ooods del veivd to any tmrt <?f thetitv nee of -*i>sn?*. nil lm*m a ^ SAMAxVOS. NO. 6 WALL STREET AND i?9 BROADWAY, Corn km or Headk Stiikkt, HAS JU*T RECEIVED, per all111 < rutoval Colon, an invoke of the esl?tirute<l Wood VI lie brmd of Seaar*. cou utiug of Kegaltas aid Medium size, and the Lord B> ron paper Segars. IN STORE, All the variotii ?i*e? and choice qualities of the moat celebrated brnm'i ol' fc gars, coiuiatiugof Lord Byron, of differeut siw. Tort of Havana Kigali** aud medium lite. beguridad. m-diuni trie Jnaio Saw i Priucipe. Large and ?mall V in of St. Jaco Oeuuine Turkey Tobacco of diffenn qualities. KrafarUtii Sin >*ing Tobacco of I'uliimore Ovrmin smoking fobicco of different qualities. Tl>e celebrated archito* lies Snuff ot New Orleans, together with ail the fancy Siinlta of the . ay. Pai>er Sena's of Oarcii.IVret. Lira. Lord Byron, ie. Oerm n Pil??i Cherry Tumey Pine Ste m. Pointed, Spunk aud Taper Match**, with a general assortment 01 aegar < a es, Snuff Boies, tic bau for liing Segars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of fered at wholesale aud letail. u?3 lm*r SEGAR-*! SEOARS! SEGARS! DM HENRIQUES, No, M William s nwt, respectfully informs Lis frie ds and the puMic.generally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice Druids of Began, for aale whole?le aud retiii:? King and Queen Regalia, La Noma, Kiouita, Cahitiss, Ksparteros, Noiwgas, Vigemiudad, Lt Vlorinda, (a new brand.) D<> Moya, Panetelas, in 1-8 and l-10tW boxea. Principe*, of various qualities. Ksperusu, Leatlaues, Cabillrroi. and numerous othe. brands, wall worthy the attention of the public. Any segar* purchased at this utablu hraeut. if not liked. will b> takpii back at any time and the money returned Strangers would do well 10 call previous to purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. nlS Idi COFFEE WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORT, No 64 Barclay street, Neer Greenwich, iVrw York. pONSTANTLY ON HAM), and for sale. Or**?, Roasted V-/ and Ground Coffers; Ground Pepper, Cinnamon, Alspice, Ginger, Cloves, Mustard, Mace, Nutmegs lie. Coffee Roasted aud Ground for Grocers, at tneshortest notice. J C. KINNER. BIT" Goods sent to any part of the city free of expease. nil lm*m UNITED SlA'lES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham street, 2V?e York And 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn. allkrcv. tit Ul.LKCKKR StHEBI, [WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, ?T<HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for A sale new and fragraut Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and UM?M> M'Ua nf fleansi anil Rlaoll V.MPV nai>blD? 1 t Uamp of ueatnuas and elegance, and the Tea* therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business 11, perhaps, icarcely to be excelled. It ii founded upon the ntmoat regal* to the rights ol the customer, eanecfilly with respect to weight uid quality, and unrivalled cheapness. AII purchasers are called upon to return any articles which fail to givs them the utmost salisfaclion, which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will Pud it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Oikuikk Java Coffee roasted every day Orders from all parts of the United States executed with promptitude and despatch. 'Tr The otilv wan house in America for the sale of Hob nun's oelehr?r?<t Itlaek Tea. oi* Im'io HODGL'S LON DON CORDIAL CJIN rpHJ 9 superior article can always be obtained at the Wine A Vaults, Mo 114 * niton street, one doir from Dutch street. HODGE'S CELEBRATED LONDOV BITTERS. These bitters are highly tecum "-ended by the Medical Facnl ty of E4ipp.*as a restor tive for th< appetite, nd ca > be used in its nure state "rm led with water, wines or liquors and c-.u lie untamed at all the < rinci|?l hotels in the United States Sold vth le-a'e only at No 111 Kultuu St. one itoor from Dutch st Agents for Boston, Mass ?Messrs. Blake 8l Trumbull, corner Milk and Federal streets. For Provideuce, R. 1., Mr. Thomas Swucer, No. 15 West Water street. P. S.?The above articles inay be had in bottle* for family "AIso-STOUOHTQN'* BITTER8, ESSENCE PFPPERM INT. PHILADELPHIA PORTER. ALE AND CHAMPAONE CIDER, of superiorqnxHies, at Nb. 114 KULTON STREET, nil lm?x. rV.u ^A.,r Trnm Hnfch slrM' DR. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, 125 FULTON STREET. IMPORTANT CAHTION.-Th* rublic should bear in 1 mind thati' is I)r Wistar's Bal?am of Wild ' berry thai |*r forms those mnarkabl- cures which are published 111 every part of the countr\\ and not the article! of limilar name that are oe rationally puff'd into temporary notice. Those may be good, bat we know nothing about th?m Letevry Man, Woman and Child road the following, and if that does not sati fy all of the great virtues of this medcine, let there, go to 126 Kultou street and sec the original, with nu merous other test monuls of lik- character : Watf.huli.k, (One.da eo., N. Y.) Sepr IS. IIH3 Dear Sir?1 owe it to tl.e (Dieted 10 >nlo'm you that in )anuary last I was attacked by a verr violent coll, canted by working in the water, " Sirh settled on my Inngs It was ?c compamed by a very severe pain in mv brent and sides, and al>o a distressing rou*b. 1 had in a'lendance *11 the best me diul aid in our Tillage; hot aft?r exhausting their skill 10 no a*ail they pronounred my di ease h Co ifvim-d ' onsumption and they one and all g?ve m- up to die Aft* m'fh persuasion, I got the consent of my pin siciaa to n-e the of Wild Cherry, prepared by Dr Wistar. I purchased of ttie Agent in onr place one bottle, before using half of whi h I b- gan to |a<n strength, and it Was very ev dent my congh waa much better ?nd my symptom < in every way i uroviiu. I have now o-ed three bottle*, and am re?t?red to perfect heal'h 1 his sail is alone o? in* to the us-of Dr Wi.ur's Balaam of Wild Ctv?rry. and I taVe this method of giving yon the mf tmttion, partly to pay the debt of gratitnde T o?e you, and partly th't others li milarly alflieuo may know where to apply for relief Very t-uly yours, JAMEH8AGE. Mr. Pslmer, Dnwaht under date of Wat-mile, Kept 24, 1843 writes! The statement given yon b* kV N>.ii?a Nige it well known to be true b> this whole coming;,' Certainly waa a most remarkable core. The sale of the Balsam is very good, and auecaea in cams tnily flattering. Yeurs reerectfrt'ly, >. D I'ALMER. f i ctl* * o?r Tbfjr pro?* conclusively at they can b-cored if they g t the r ght medecine. Be uie a d get "Dr Wis tar's Balaam of Wild Cherry " Beware ofimlut'oni This Balsam rnrea all affectioai of the longs and lirer, such a* b'eeding of the lungs, bronchitis, aathma of 10 or SO years' s an ding croup, ob?tin-te pain in the cheat, s-ue, he Sold 011 If by I air Butts. 125 Ho'ton, corner of Naasao ; Dealer, Albany: (Jorhim, New Hufn; fc, W "oil, Hertfordand bv agents throughout the Northern a d Eastern Stiles. A Me^iral Treatise to be hadgntia as above. nil Im'ra Jt,?M 1' 11)^ P.iinAir.u nir.uii/Ab rnc. nHATIOv8. c msi'ting of J?umnl tin* Liniment Linim?nti inr Coughs, < ousnwuiiou, Croup and Qaimey, "wm. Khenmatisms. Nervons and Spinal Duva^i,Common, Nvrvnoi and Sii k Headache, Cholera Moibus, Chol?ra l"?autum?Vegc-i i'i!" ''ml-,Tet'erand Pile Salve, Uiaphoienc Drops, Pectoral Drops, Female Drapi, Allirdift Drops, Vegetable Syrups, Essence of Life, Nervs Sanative. Toothache Drops. ( ough Drars, Arthiicic Pills, lie. he. with dilutions accompanying each. N. B.?The?e medicine* are particularly adapted to the vari on* diseases for whch thev .it lecomioenried. aail many and various are the tesiimoruis in the h-?nds of the proprietor from various s ctionso' the United 8 am, gratefully ackuowledg in* their ?(Braoy when all other medieia-s l ad failed Home of the?e testimonials are pablish d in the ptmphlei*, which may he had gratuitously at all place* ?heie the Medicine* are fO' *?le? wherv also miy he had Jewett'* Family Ph sician The fact th<t the*e mediciues al way* i-liev* it nut m-ir ly cure, when properly applied, rentiers iheir 'enefit ssential to j the afflicted. Try them, and ! 1 them stand by their o?> merits. Kor partieaUrs see show hills and |?mphleta For sale a' vinous d ug store* >u the ci;y, and by Dr. J. riolTut, Atti rr.ej street, N?w Y rk, agent, wnere th* medicine* may he hail wh leaale ai d fnil. Dr. ' . wll also attend those who may tenure hia services, and fr m long rjpe rv-nce in the practice o medicin*, he feels confident of giviug good satisfaction to the afflicted,whatever may M their malady, rtl lis*r H?fli7K OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY v/ ?Office M Wall i^ieet. This company continue their ba siueas of insnrance againit loas or damage by fire, an goods, wares and merchandise, and also on veaaela and their cargoes' ?ain.tloMby,nlMdn.DvtenToii9 Thomas W. Vhorne, Elisha Hint, Thoina* T. Woodruff, Benjamin R. Robaoa, John R. Duy >n, Francis T. Sage, Thomson Pnee Joseph Allen, u 1 John P. Mnoi* Mnai* Tnck?r, Jainn f Hoi mm, CtUh C. Tnnia, Jiunn K. Whitin*. An??n Bakrr, Win. K. Thom, Jo??ph Drmko. Irad Hawlfy, John C. Morritt, Thoma* Morr?|l. THOMAS W. THORNE. Pmidwt. rif.O T H??rr.. S??T?t?rT mil ifh RurTtTKl. WAHH rPHK undrriifned harmf bum in Dr. Hull't offic*, Tor thr lut 1 f!fim v*ar?. and h*nng had th* mo?t iira?tia-al put ?r that offiot, pUc<-i ttif al>o?? Waah before the public. ?Murin( thoar that ma\ ilwm it worthy ih-ir hralih ami omlort lo till ?b him at hii rmideocr, No. 4* Ve?*V atrret wh?r? h* can b? con(ultad from 10 o'rlnck in tlir morning until J o'clock iu th* afWrnoou, Also YnutM appli* aad/ mivd Hwrniea. JAMKi MclVKkRS. [ ntl l<n m I LEECHES? LEECHES! LEECHES! fift onn LARUE AND HKALTHY Hwanliah and UVJ?UVU Lm*h?,j?at mcnwd p? banjo* Hir laaae Nrwton from IManthnrg. For aalr at rny low price* nt n. A. k II. WITT*, Imp-TUTa of l.whe*. I lm*r ?U Paarl airwt. Now Yo,ki ' isSBsaSPfeilfeSSsHMs^feHssHHHaH^si^iS IRK I EINING, DECEMBER 1, 1! A CARI). . MEMBERS Of CONOKE8* AND OTHERS \TI8ITlNti PHI LAO* LPHIA. will flu.l et?rv eomfoit *ud * con>?Mtn? that u ilnirabl* iu * iinU'l a' ibf WASH1N G TON Hti U S E , 223 Chcttnut street, above Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. UO m? V'u ??? i n j u \ iv i r? Ejt'U, i mt'iirnu. "IMPORTANT ToInV ALIDH ANU VlHITh.KS TO , Tlfk'. ISLAND OF CUBA P H c> OH KS rt HOTEL, Pi THE V1LLAGL OK CEHRO, tluee mile* from H?v\ us ?Thin eaiabliatmieiit it ailvanueeotitl. aitu'ited |?ri p>-rly filtrd u|> .iud at'enihd, affording the benefit of * Country life, without Mcli'dinu ttie rotrforta mid pleaauret of the rmn >1. or preventing atim ly attendance (o butiueaa. t'.vn y *tt'nii<ni r'omiitd liy the owner* to meet the satiafactiou of their riaitura. (HAPOE8 Boarding for a tingle i>e ion in oi>? room, 92 00 a day " for two or three peitma iu oue room, Si 50 a day each |*ra?n, With f?milie? a particular agrreTenc may be entered lnt?. N B.?Oni"ibua.?? are nuju from morning nil night hetwfwti the Cerro and Ui'aua, making the trip lu half ail hour. u37lni*r HAVANA MANSION rtUU^E HOTEL "PHE underaigued take* occaiioa to inform hi? friends and I the public, that the Mansion Honae ia now locatr.l ift InVjuiaidor atrert, No. 67. iu the viciuit) of the steamboat landing mil vegetable market, haviug commodious family apartmeuts arranged iu the ueatest order. A person ia employnd to procure permits to land pnssengers, baggn?e, Ike who will board veaaela immediately after the visit of the revenue officers N. B.?Visitors to this Island ahould procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at me port of embarkation, to obviate dif"icnltiea and ineonvenience a2l 6ntee. __ WILLIAM KULTON MADA VII:. -UTT<>N, fHOKKSSOII OK HINGING, 56 Varich atreet. St Johns' P.irk. sli lm*r V| UM . riluk'PM It iMUKKr.R Prr>rM.n, ?f J annouoo-a tw hi* Patrons and the I'ub'ic ill ge rnl. that lie hw reiii' red fwn 5# ('rushy t? J? Laurens street, wherv all itrdfn for his Cotillion B mil, to wait un ''artin, kc , in or out of town, will ha rereired ami promptly at'ended to. Ordera fur J. K. will also be received at Mr. W. Dubois' Malic Store, Wi Broadway n Im*rre ITAUAN MCSIC.?MR MANNIV'J (twenty year. rr? l dnii in Naplea,) pnpil of Pacini md ( ivaorutiui, (im in. tractions on ttrmi to mil the 'mie*. in Italian French, an Euglish sinking. and in the mini fashionable style of plane raft* playing. Mr. M, hu perraisMou to refer to the mllowinu iieurleinen:J. M. Wainwrifht, D. D.: Meaars Howland It Aspmwali. J F. Schroder D B.; Mr. J. T. Bnghatn; F. L. Hawknt, D. D. Mr. 8 Ward Mr. M. rasideaat JOTW Hudson street near Sprint at nl 1m*T MUSIC F? ?K PAK iTfc:^ MESSRS O. WEISS k FR URAMBSS, Profeaaors of Music, respectfully announce to their patroua the ladle* and gentlemen ol'New Voik audita vicinity, that i.heir Cotillion Band ia prepared to play the moat admired and ftahiou&blr Mnsic for Private Parties, Soireea, ke. Ordera thankfully recaiJV-d a ,d punctually ntf-nded to at IS DeJancev at, alao at Mi.Millot's Munir Saloon. J2"l Bro<if*<y, oral Mr. Jollit's Musir Store, 3M Hroadwav n4 Im'r MUSIC. MESSRS. 8CHNEIDKH k RKBHUN, Professors of Music, late of Saratoga Springs, res|vctlnly annonuce that they are now prepared to give ilieir itteudarce it privat. parties aoireea, serenades, k'., during the eusuii g season, per forming the moat ri.odern and popular muaic. All orders fur -heir ut-ndanre will he received and auaweivd at their present reaideuce, tt Croahyatreet. oil lm"r UlSBliOW'j it ID NG . CtiuUL,, _ 408 BOWEjtT. l'uh LAUIEiO iroiu 7 a. im? uj j r m umiy. r For (fontlemen " 3 to 5 and 7 to 9X P. M daily. Lixtuhk Lr.taoni. i hirnciii Ridimm. I Evening Cla? ) 12 Lessons *9 00 20 Ridaa $10 0* Sinjrla do 1 OU | -ingle J 74 Tli- Dressing and Drawing lloorm ?r? we'l warmed, and ereiy* attertion ( voted to the -onilort of those who way honor us with their |*trounge. Oentlrmen keening their horses on livery at thi? establis meut. will have die privilege of riding thein in th. School. o)S 3in*r FULLER'S GYMNASIUM, No 29 ANN 9TREET NEAR NASSAU. \XT FULLER resi*cfi>lly informs hit Iriends and pupils, " chat tlie <iymna?ium is nnw oi*n daily, and nill be lighted up every evening during the wiuler. w F would particularly call the attention ofUentlemen residing in Brooklyn. and those enraged in business down town, to the favorable location of his establishment Tor 'he purpose of exercising Under proper instruction, a hort time is only neceoary for developing the fiame, and invigiraling the couititutiou Fencing and Sparring taught upon th* principles of the London School, as adopted by its most emiueut prolea?o?s Terms moderate. n?2 2w*r FENCING ACADEMY! IMXSSRS. ROSAT dc ECKKRT hare the honor to in 'l form the citixrns of New York, that they h ive opened an Academy of Arms at 333 Broadway, corner of Authonv street wlitre th-y intend tradin g Small sword, Broadsword, Caue ke as well ^pnrriiig. Having had long experience in tearhirg the above bruichei, th-V hope to ?ecur? the patronage of those who wish to be?.-?e first rate >worasm?B Thme graceful and useful ei?rci?es expand the cheat and correct nataral defects of formation They render the body more vigorous, supileand active. and give that easy carriage that is tlWays obserrrd in well aJucaled neu. A. F. ROS *T, n9 lm*r CHARLI.S K?'KERT. MK8. PURDY'S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL FOR VOUNO LADIES, NO. (H H'lmenley street.?Mrs. Purdy and her two daughters recently arrived from England, where they were engaged in giring instruction In the vari"m branches ol Euglish I Education Music, Drawing ?nd Freneh, are prepared to receive a limited number ol young ladies Her term* are regulated by the general every department, for which, aud other particulars,ulie bevs to refer to her card, which will be furnisncd on application at her residence nl lm*r PHILADELPHIA DAOUKRREOTYP:C ESTABLISHMENT, EXCH AGE BUILDING. ROOMS K AND V. 'T'HE Subscriber has received a large supply of Voigtland'rx 1 celebrated Dagaerreotype Apr.irtns, large and small sue*, with achromatic lenses made according to Professor Petzvil's calculation Also a new inpplv of best plates and chemicals, which he warrants good and sells at reduced prices. TV following gentlemen have avreed to act as agents, vi?? F. White, Isaq.. 174 Broadway New York P. Haas, h.sq. Washington. D. C. Dr A. Caapari, Richmond, Va. 8 Rrnndhent l*.an. lor the Southern Statea Wm. West, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and ordere, aceompaai'd rith r> mttancrs, will b? promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUMENHKTm. 017 3n*r Eichange Buildings, Philadelphia DLVMBE DAOUERREAN OALLERIE8 OF PA' i TENT OLORED PHOTOGRAPHS? 251 B-oarfway, New York 136 'hestuot street, Philadelphia 75 Coari *tr*et, Boston Corner of No th and Baltimose streets, Baltimore And D"nw'i Buildings, Albany -ennsii'nting the oldest and moat exteosiTa establishment of he kind in the world and containing upwards of a thousand tMCturrs Admittance fr?. Thes* Portraits having been awarded the First Premium ind ugl'eat hono? by the American and H rankl'n Institutes, res l*<Mively, at thai' la?t eihibitmns are that olftei?|ly sustained n th* position of superority ha"tofore amrersallv asaignc* them bv the paolic, as the must beautiful Daguerreotypes evri produced. l<ieenessea taken every day, w'thont regard to weather PUmnr's 'remmm Apparatus and Patent Rights. Platas.l'a.e. %r iter wh<>l**?al-- and retail *7 tm'm UNITKO STATES DAOUKHRIAN HALLf RV nj Browlway. up a?i ? > '. ? HITfc would rt*\# tfully ca'l Lhe atteution f citrana and il ucn, viai'tn* 'ha ritv to hi> <plendid co'lec'iM' f Da*ucrreoty(?Poi1raita tuitle or in groat* rrom (wo hi fourteen |? una o? (he MO'I pTte. whi.K for be?uty and accuracy of dali- cation cannot ha aurpiaaad Por : trai'S taken in nil atnda of waather auher with or withoai Ci'lO'i. The Am?ric?n In-iiiaf at ita Ute e?hibi ion awarded Mr W'h te ih? rtrnt premium for the beat D>*u>-rra>itype l'kei,eaa for (roup,Of aud aaneral effect, which ii bat mother proof of th? '?(Tr u?t^ of Ma portrnita. ' *? * ?*ein in New York for the rerr iaperi?i /SST'i" c,"fraa and at no other e.ubliahniei.t in 1'ITir State . an ih- v be obtain d N H ~l |M>rieJ ?im?ii f aman-; alan Fmrh and Amen ruin lautrume (a of the ? r> h?t quality with Plaia C?a-? Chemi a PoM-hinc Vlarenala he . he.. alwa?a on h<rd for ?al- ?r hr eerv loweal . rieea nT I m NOTIf.fc-NEW YORK BAKING 'OM?ANV Th? auba :riber having been appon ted Rernra, of the property, cltima Inndt IM eff?e'a of th New Vo-k B ? ku? Company an nnocir.tif n formed nnrter and ir po a"nucc of aii act ol (he L'Ciala.ure of (he Hiat nf N?w Vork, entitled 'ai a< I fo aithr.rae tne hu*in?<a of banking," imted Apri llth. IMS, all perauna iud?Med to tha aai' Aaaociari?a are reqm'ed to r-ndrr an account o< all de t? ?n1 aiimi of money owinc Sy 'hem re?pecti?ely to'd 'o piy the .,me be heflit?en,l' day of 'annarv neit at my offi ? in ine Me ch?n(a' r ich<ug? in the cttv of N?w York. Ail peraona 1 a?ing in their iioaaea iou >nv property or effee'a or tieta d Aaaoeiation are reqmr ed to d-li?er the .ame to rnebv (Sat d??. .Ml the creditora of lhe Aaaori.1t! n are require 110 de|ie?r h?i- re pecriae aeconnu and den nnaa to me by thu day; and all perao-a hoMiuK an* oicn or inbaiating contract of tVw aiid Aaa.cialion are reqnir e<l (o rrrartii theaam" in writing, and in detail, to me, on or before that day at w? aaid o?Rcr. N?ui Vnrk litK Nn?tnl#r lllli CHAitLKS SAUoRV, H?T<-iv?r, iKIv'r 33 Mffhanta' Kicha"ga. ' TO Ttir. PUbLiC. JD 1 OH TO tMM.?Mr. Franc n R Crump, Watch MaJutr 1UU }4R (trend fTr?<-i, brg? to inform hi* fnrndi and ihi pnblic that iadapaadml of the Watch buainaas, he n preparer to make adrancea in ia*h on gold and ?ifver watehaa,diamond, ailrer tea acta, apoona forka. and every deacription of fold 0' tijrrr ib any ?h*pe, intended far immediate aale. Caah to apt mount paid f?r old gold and ail?$?. Watehaa ?( every description r-rnred and warranted Ml Grand awn slllm'r ixTATCHES.?1The larteat and moat aptendid aaaortoirnt 01 W Watehea in the city, ia to be found at the lubacnber't.\i hr ia rnnattntly receiving all dneriptiona of <J*ld and 8ilret Watcliaa, of the newaat atvlea, direct from (ha maunfac curera. in Kngland, Franca, ana Switzerland. he ia enabled t( offer a larger waorlinent, and at mnch leat pncea, at retail, thar any othri honae in th? city. Hold watch** at low aa 120 to I* atrh Watchea aad jewellery aichaavad or Sought Al! wa*h?? warranted to Imp ?om! time, or the money retorted. Watchee, clocka and jewellery rewired it thr beat maanat. li warranted lower than at any other place in the city O. C. ALLSCN, importer of watchee and Jewellery, nr Imr Wholeaale and retail. JO Wall itwf up etair* THE SUBSCRIBER* arf iow prepared to eel I Walche* and Jewelry aa luw, if not lower, than any othe' honae in the city. To wit! ,Jold WatcHea fro-n $15 to tlOO each Silver d.i. from tJ to fM each. All watchee warranted to keep food lime or th# money reta-ned Watch**, Clocka and Maaical Bote* repaired and warranied, lower than anr other h"?ar in the city- *eco?a hand watrhei and old (Jofd and Silver Wen <n etchau*e, at hoaaht for caah THOMPSON ? nllEH, importera of Watchca and Jewelry, wholeaale and tataii, No. 331 Broadway, New York. A MOW R. THOMPSON, nllm'm RICHARD rfMHt.R (JRVTINE MORISON'S" PILLS, OF LONDON. A. A. SAM AN OS, Aoint, or NO, ? Wall atraM. lit and SM Broadway, haa jut recaived, direct Irom tke Collate, a fraah enpply of the ahota me.ii "'Kinfipal Pill Depot, 14 Broadway, a few door* from Wall Meat. nBS lw*ee r II IER A 343. City Intelligence. Police Ofllt-e.?'Thursday, Nov. 30.?Km I'D.?A few doya lince a fellow who called himielf Jeremiah J. Austin called at the clothing (tore of Peter J. Otainer, 178 Bowery, and ordered a quanfity of clothing to be made up to order, valued at $*o. On Saturday night laat he called again und wilhed to take the clothing and deiired Mr. Gomner totake hi* check on the City Hunk for the amount, u? he hint no ready funds, but had monry deposited there more than suttiricnt to cover the demand. He having also represented himself at the owner of the house in which be lived, at tho corner of Broome mid Wooster strerU.Mr. Oumnor delivered him the goodsfur his check, dated Nov 'J^th. The rheck wai presented, but no money vai found there placed to hi* credit, and tho teller aUo stated that he had never kept an account at the bank Ou these representations, he was arretted fur fraud and fully committed to answer the oHence. We understand that then' are several other charges of a similar character standing against him which will be made this morning A number of other interesting police cases are engendering, but wore not ready lor the public eye yesterday, t Houston, fetal. [toirespondence of the Herald.J Houston, 22, 184M This is a stormy time with us in Texas, both in the wenther and political affairs. The gales have been quite severe on the gulf and Galveston Bay for the last two weeks; but no damage has been done yet compared to gales of the 19ih of last September, which laid Galveston almost desolate.? The ruins h ive been tremendous on the coast, but sixty miles from the coast the rains have been very light, and far between. I Those who are ut the head of aflairs believe we shall soon have the recognition of our inde|*Midene* hy Mexico. Gen. Houhton has sent Col. Samuel 'M. W illiams and Geo. W. Hockley as commissioners to Lorado on the Rio Grande, to meet commissioners from the city of Mexico, to conclude mx>n the armistice and peace if possible. The commissioners are men of the first standing in Texabj and men that are well acquainted witn the Mexican character, so we have every reasou to I expect something favorable. If our naval cominis sioners had obeyed orders last spring, and returned to the city of Galveston as they were often ordered to do, I feel confident that we should have had a permanent peace by this time. The large mass of the people tit this time are very hostile at the naval commissioners' conduct, and as an evidence of the fact, the anti-Houston pirty m.ide it a question, and every man that run on the ticket as supporting Moore and the n.tval commissioners was defeated, save Dr. Levi Jones, of Galveston, and he was only elected by seven votes majority over Bache Uen. Houston will have a large majority in both hofltes of Congress ; (he full returns, however, have not been received, but enough is known to ensure a l.irge administration majority. In this county, where one of the naval commissioners, Col. James Morgan, resides, and who was a candidate for Congi ess, running on the rjuestion of justification of Ins conduct, the administration candidate received a large majority, which was death to he anti-Houston party ; for before the election came off, they were claiming a very large majority. Col. Morgtn, after the election was over, made a speech to his supporters, stating that he was glad that he was defeated ; that it would show to the people at a distance that we were a law-nbiding people ; and lliat it would have a good effect abroad, which I think not very sensible ; but it was perfect death to his parlv?and especially a certain Count, who was one of nis strong supporters. Gen. Houston is as popular in Texas now as ever General Washington was in the United States ; and if he should succeed in securing a permanent peace, his fame will ??oiir aloft. The cotton crop in Texas this season will be very large ; the corn crop is the largest we have ever had. Corn can !> bought by the quantity at 20 ets. per bushel , pork at $1 50 |>er cwt.; and, in fact, every kind of produce is very cheap and abundant, which is encouraging to emigrants. We expect a large emigration this fall and winter. The health of Houston has been very good this summer. Our city is still improving. One or two large brick stores are going up, besides small wooden houses. Texas. [From the Houaton Telegraph Oct. 11.] 8i:c*rT Nruoi ktiuii.?The apeeches of Lord Brougham and l.ord Aberdeen, which we publiah to-day. throw I ?ome light upon the secret negotiation* that hnve been no long pending, relative to the mediation of Great Britain between Texas and Mexico We have repeatedly ex .pruned our nuipicion* that the British government wax secretly endeavoring to effect the abolition of ulnvery in Texas ; and the positive evidence now furnished in the -> ~f I ...I ? ..ill ? . niuuLi.n Ikn statesmen of Texas to a true *en*e of thu danger that threatens our servile institution*. This i* a momcntoil* question, that involve* the best interests of our citizens, and every patriot should rouse at once, and by the most positive 'and decisive action, put a stop to the intrigues of the abolitionist*. Weeonsider it dueto President Houston to state, that we have no evidence, nor even the shadow of evidence, that he has in any manner, even by word or act, encouraged the British Ministry to prosecute their schemes of abolition. On the contrary, we have evidence that the person to whom I.ord Brougham alludes in his speech as having come from Texas, and who is probably now the main instigator of this measure, has been the political opponent of President Houston; ami has never been in his confidence. The secrecy, however, that has been observed in these negociations, renders eve fv one engaged in conducting them liable to suspicion ? We hope that the President and every person connected with him in the administration of the government will soon be enabled to show to the people, that he or they have not in the least abused the contidenre reposed in them. For our country we regret that this subject ha? been agitated While it continue* in agitation, it will prove more injurious to Texas, than the war with Mexico, for all emigration from the southern States will be effectually suspended. It is from those States that the chief emigration to Texas must be derived The climate and soil of Texas is similar to the climate and soil of those States , the production" are similar, and the inhabitants of those States find the removal to Texas attended with a* little inconvenience, as a removal from one town to another in the same State But if the question of abolition is to be agitated here, all the emigration from those States must cease ; for slavery is so interwoven into tlie whole political and even social system of those States, that the very habits and custom* of the people 'ire In o maimer rivettcd to the system, and its abolition would involve them in incalculable difficulties and embarrassments. It is for this reason, that the tide of emigration ha* never turned from the slave State* towards the tree States, but has invariably set towards the slave-holding States of the West. Virginians, Carolinian*. Georgian*, kc emigrate to Missouri. Arkan?a*, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, kc., hut not to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Wisconsin. The reason is obvious: in the on* rase they can take with them their slaves, and avail themselves of the profits of their industry , in the other they are compelled to depend uoon their own industry, or the profits of hired labor If Texas is made a free State it will be shunned by Southerner*. We need not. however, here, expatiate upon the evil* that will result from this soarce, lor there is little reason to apprehend that the people of Texas can be induced to entviain for a moment the proposition for making it a free State But much iniury may result if even the proposition for the abolition of ?lavery is entertained even for a few weeks or month*. It I i? fortunate that the measures of the British governmen' I have been made know n thus early ; for the roimb?T? of Congress who are coon to assemble in the legislative hall* I will have an opportunity of ascertaining the opinion* of their constituents upon this important question If they act ill accordance with those opinions, we are confident( that ? solemn resolution of Congress will at an early day I he adopted, that will convince Lord .Aberdeen and the I Britiah miniitrv that all overtures to effect the abolition I of slavery in Texas made by Oreat Britain, will he promptly relected , and that if abolition is to be the price of Britiah mediation, Texas, although duly grateful for the favor* fJn-at Britain has already obtained for her. will respectfully but positively decline the proffered mediation [From the T?*'S T-*l??n?ph r*rt II 1 Anciewt Rui** ?We have been informed Dy a gentleman who has traversed a large portion of the Indian ooun- I try of Northern Texas, and the country lying between Santa Fe and the Pacific, that there are vestiges of ancient cites and ruined cvtles or temples on the Rio Puerco anl 011 the Colorado of the west, lie says that on one of the branches of the Rio Puerco, a few days travel from Santa Fe. there ia an immense pile of mine that appear to belong to an ancient temple Portions of the walla are (till atanrv ing, consisting of huge blocks of limestone regular!? hewn, and laiitin cement. The building occupies an extent of more than an acre. It i* two or three stories high, has no roof, but contains many rooms generally of a square form, without windows, and the lower rooms are so dark and gloomy that thev resemble caverns rather than the apartment! of an edifice built for a human habilat-on ? ^ Our informant wa* unable to describe the atyle ?' architecture. hut he believes it could not he erected *y Spaniards or F.uropeans. aa the stpnes are much wo-n by the rain*, and indicate that the building haa ?K>od several hundred years. From his description we a?"c induced to believe that it resembles the ruins of Pale^iue or Otulun ( He says there lire many similar ruin* ?n the Colorado of ( the We?t. which rmp'ie* into the Calilornian Men. inone of the valley* of the ( ordilera* travewed by thii river, , and about fonr hundred mile* from it* mouth, there il a large temple (till Handing, it* walla an.I ?plre? presenting scarcely anv tr?re of dilapidation, aad were it not for the want or a roof it might at ill be nw'rud habitable. Near it.acattcred along the dnrlirity of a mountain,are the ruin* of what mint have been once n large city. The trace* of a large annedurt, part of which i? however in the ?*Hd mck, are Hill viiihle. Neither the Indiana reabllng in the vicinity, nor the oldeat Mpanhh aattlera of tb? neareat ?ettlemen't*, can give any account of tha origin of these building*. They merely know that they have atood there from the earliaa't periods ?o which thair tradition* extend The antiquarian wh> I* dwlrotta to trace the Aitie or Toltec r*e?a in th??r migration* from the Northern ragion* of America, ma/ And In theae ancient ediflcea many anb(ecu of curio** * peculation. Stop* Breaking.?\V> if ?rn that the "tot* of P. * H, Mfwunger k Co., In Worraater, Mai*., waa broken open | on Tuaadny night nnd about * ? <W> tn *oo<t? ?taleo there , from, '1 if r.?n- if* (sgr-yf?. * LD. Price Two Ceata. FofTK Dayh Later from Jamaica.?Thr Kingston Deipatch to th?? 4th iiwt. has been received by th?* arrival of th?* Pepgy at Savannah. The new* from the Island, generally Hiking, i* tar from indicating a satisfactory state ol thing*. The Jamaica Assembly contemplate* the disbanding the militia ol the Island. A member ha* introduced a bill into the Legislature, having for iti object the release of the . public from the ouerous duty of jilayinjjf soldier once a quarter. This, we think a inosf injudicious measure, a* the Island is far from being in so tranquil a state us to warrant an immunity from all military interference. A Committee of the House of Assembly has boon aprninted in order to ascertain what number of properties as been thrown up. lie. and the cause of their abandonment I poii this subject, the papers remark?if the ob planter* generally arc s tittering, and that many have been ruined from the want of labor, then, it ii contended, thu iuquiry i? useless. innsmiich as the Government are already convinced of the fact from their own in ventilation H. M steamer Hermes, in eleven day* from Halifax, N. 8., arrived at Kingston on the 3d inot having on board the new Bishop of Jamaica, the Hight ltev Dr Aubrey 8peacer, who will forthwith uiume the dutiee of hit aioceao. This vessel touched off Bermuda, and found that island very sickly. H M. brig Hingdove arrived at Kingston on the lMh in?t in six days from Port an Prince She reports that every thing was quiet there when ?h? left. There appears to be some trouble among the directors and shareholder* of the UritKh Hoyal nil Steamer*. The whole nfl'nir has prove.! a failure McQueen is publishing a scries of letter*, in which lie has made exposures which cannot fiul to open the eyes of the shareholders, and innuce them to look more uairowly than they have hitherto done, into the ?tntc of the Company's tiifair*. Many in Jamaica have been severe .sufferers hy the disgraceful and criminal neghgenre and of the directors and manageis in Kngland Canada.?There seems to be no doubt but that Sir Charles Metcalfe haaaent home his resignation, and is only waiting for the appointment of a successor to return home himself. Everything seems to be in a snarl in Canada. The seat of government question ilaelf la to cause an ocean of trouble, and the Clergy Reserve queation is equally as troblesome. What is to be donel Naval.?The U. 8. ship Levant, forFio, was spoken Oct. 15, in lat. 22 93, Ion. 38 9, all well, by the Hopewell at Kingston. She Bent a letter bag by the H. for the United State#. Thanksgiving.?Yesterday was celebrated in seven different States as Thanksgiving Day. Westc hester Oyer and Terminer.?At the rerent session of tin* Court, held at White Plains, Henry Towusend was convicted ol an assault with Intent to kill the Rev. Mr Dickinson. Towntend waa one of a party that attacked the houie of Mr. D., throwing large stone" in at the windows, in revenge tor a complaint before the Court of Swmions which he had made against them. John Daniels and Philander Mooney, implicated with Towusend, were convicted of an assault merely, they plrRding guilty. James knapn was convicted of arson in the third degree. for setting Are to the Jail on the 14th inst., with a view to escape. John Williams, who did escape at the time, w as retaken and pieeded guilty of the aisou in the third degree, as well aa of the Burglary for which he was committed Sentences?Townsend, State prison four years and a half; Knapp, nine year* and a half: Williams, five years for the burglary and nine and a hall for the arson; Mooney and Daniels, six months each la the county jail. Criminal Court ok Putnam County.?Young Denning was tried in this court lHst we<*k, for the murder of Mr. Wanser, in Philllpstown. The trial waa long and the evidence circumstantial, hut was so strong as to leave no doubt in the minds of the spectators. Some of the jury, however, were ol opinion that It required positive evidence Lo convict, and on those grounds were dduom'i) to tindinir a verdict of auilty. 1 he others not being willing to acquit him, they came Into court, and stating their inability to agree, were discharged Th* prisoner wan remanded for another trial in April neat, at New bo rgh ? Wrtuhetttr Ch roniclt. J. SCHMIDT. pOllNKH of flwdway and Chambers street, be#s lain M V-S recommend his Wi e Depot, I'S Nassau str> at, where he ells the fnllow in j Wmm m nulls. eaie< and bottles, via:? ed aiid Whit* B rdeaiM and 1 ette Wines, Klienish Wines. ,Vladm 1 ra, Short, I'ort, Bureundy Miucat and Champagne Also?Uum, Uiu, Whiskey, Uraudy, Eitract d'Absynthe hr aM lm*r BOAT AND OAK BAZA A It?A; this establishment cans' found every description of Hants that the ingenuity ol nan enn suggest. Look at wlut he has done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was bo lit the following unrivalled boats, ?l? The Swiftsure. of Newfoundland: the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Troublar; the Hump of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row basts Henry Stark, which won 19 races in II months; the noble Cimhris; the O W Chapman: the tarty foot racer for the United States shi|> Ohio; the barge Empress lor Florida tha brass mounted gig Neptune for Tampico Bay, and a host o othrrs eonally greet OAR$. SWKM'SAND SCULLS?150.&0# feet on hand; also 2 004 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy at attention ? Look st the pnees, on I v three and four pence a foot All the irulls for racing ilressed by the proprietors owa hands Those that woe the last race ran now be seen st his office Biity lloats always on hand Visit his Bazaars if Ton desires treat. All work delivered free of charge C. L. INOF.RSOLL. "W.tnt, and 414 Water and Ml Cherry streets?sole proprietor. '.r'i ?lf e THK SUBSCRIBERS h?y* just received from iiermanr l and offer for salr, a varie'y of W aTER PROOF and AIR TIOHI' article., called ANHYDR1NK, for which pa tents have been taken out in Euglaiid and Germany, Tber aie vastly superinrlo THi iSE in nse manufactured by the aid of ludia rab'wr.froni which they an- distinguished by being parlectly INODOROUS, INV LASFIC bat ?u pla. and ander going no site rat on whatever by change of temperature. I beaearticles are manufactured with wool. roti?n, linen silk. ktVjofwhich mav be ma-l. CLOA*"4. HUN I iNG JAJ/Kr.l'*, OAlTr.RS. APHONS, MILITARY ft-MS, MAV'RStrKs A^NlNO*. MAHUUKES, rflOINE HO?E Also. HAT AND BONNET LI * (NO*. witS HOSE AND OL< iVF.S for tho?e affl.cied with go? rb?nma'i?m; AIR CUHH <?>S. PILLOWS, MATI'RtSH fce A'"0 g tha rest th?y have an arfcle prepared (or WAGON COy H8 for the IJSI- OK RAILROAD* and to n,y,r *11 kinds or sahie'et a>'d boats. Also for BAULOO.N ? and for B V >8 which ma\ coiiuin wate y. gaseous or 0|iy fluids, wit'ioutany chance ot leatase. They havsalau ' f this niauufacturr au eice i?nt article of -*AIL < L'>TH, which wilt arrea' the paasig" of sir, will last longer, be luhtar iian ordinary sail clo>h, and require a less am be' of bands to >anage them In the m-an aci ure of UWtfKM LAS ihia ariic ernes' supercede even oth?i material Indeed i he usual 'pplication of the A N M V DRI * E must be almas m limit d It must not be omitted to state tha' tnia article is adiuiranlf dapted as a cover for leather beds; the p- spiration from 'li.easeH or even healthy prisons so injurious and destructive to HUhers. will under lis use he prevented from penetrating ana 'annot extend beyoud the ejteriorol the tick, PFEIFEI k * I8?VIAFN, ult Im'ec 23_Soi?h William straet._ ^ NEW HTYIi' lir llliLUii'.m nr.nti lah Tti? tubsrrihvr ha* a l ir*r and beautiful inotaml of ?r?iil?nv n'a and Doya (.'an, of th# la'# t 'aahion, whun ha ?ill a?ll aa ch#*p u any oth#r 'atabli hro#at in this eit> ? .motif *?lnrh aiai Iw fuaiid i;riitl*m>o'i cl th. i ?w itvl* of (laud, "ad rui* ott* c*t>?. A'ao on hand larf# npvlr r mol#akin. ailfc and far hat?, of a baauilful liaiah. for aal? 'vw Fancy Fnr??A lao, constantly on hand, a laqr* awnaat of Vlgffi and Fur Trimmings for Mir at vary lo? prie a. N B.?Th# Capa ofth# aobacrihar took tht pnaiiaa at llaa au K air of th# Amancan liutitut# WM BHOWN, n3A Im*' I* Chatham at, oppo-i'a R/M>a#T?lt. PltKMlUVl HATS AVUC^I'H " Bl'PF.RIOR Mol?akin, Natn* and "ilk Hata, Cloth |^??nd V#W#t Capa of th# auhacribrr'a manufacture A di luma w?a awardrd i>y th# Am#ric?n lu?tKO#. at th# I at# Fair ii thia city for baaulilul mcnn'-ua of Mola?kin Hata, and % IipIo im waa ?lao a??*rd#i] tor auiwnor apaciinani of cloth and #lr#t ra|i* On h?nd a lint# a>anrtm- nt of ha'a anil cm,*. ' raona m want of imtln m hu hue. ar* r#ap*ctfallya<>licttad o favor hiui with a call. VVILLIA.M BaNTA, No. 94 Canal at, co'n#r of tVo'>at#r atrw*, oil lm*m and No IM Chai ham atraat AV'| r.Hl/MBUO UTORE!?LIVEAN/- LKT LlVr !?A' tho old <-?c u.ire B o 8tar., No 144 ''ha'ham ?i'ea? (w ar? the odion- prictic# of ral i.,f npoa ch naia t>%<>i'( tha aMra i? nor t"ler ran) e?n I* obt .in#d W.tar -toof Ml o'a " ai jfictarfd ID ihia c i of th koai rn-ta tal. <ud warrant d at >" *? r.n?i<n from thra? to ft # d ll?r? hatnf i me two d'','r? I war lu price man la *eu?r*iir ><ei <i(quality e>-?? ?! ') >;i u.i? city. ?WSw*r BOOTS AMD HHOKS.? WILflON fc JOHN Knroeaenra to Jnha Hntchingt il'iwwd. t>t, nu hand ud f'ir aal-, from the be?t itiano fir'ori?? in cha .pantry? :00 i aaaa Cotrtt Snrrd and r??oW, re en ?"d I?ti. IM Hw " ' " 1000 Pair Morocco Hoakina. 1000 " Ladiea' Fine Clipper*. tflOO " Children'* Mhoej, unoni rolrm *00 " Womfni and mmn Oaitera 1000 " India Knhhera, triin.??d and plain fcor aale in lota to anil ptiMiaeera, at (heir turn. m <;H,\TllA>l HTHFK.T, nppoaite Roeryelt. N B ?The atore heina open until 10 o'clock in tit* rami, fivra coantry merchanta an opportaoity to 'aainine gooda at *?4r l?imr?. nil 1m*r PARI* BO't-l* AN't I.AHT8 MADF. TO ORDKR. Br K. Sl'SKH, I'} fltotowir |RiitmaT.) Ou? *'oo' fr .rn Courtlaudt tlrr t K. HUS" K llo<ttnaker and vlaker nf l.aata, aa ^g^Mv' Hvr" of c,|?r< x of Pirn begileireto iaf'rm it Wnda and all rh* *mat-nn of a lent rmanlr "ebao-anre hat na can now make, ii New Y >rk, mi h the (>*?i Fr?"?h a?aenalt, all that ia an per ?cly m?deii Parn "if kia matter, ink :elebn?t-d 'notm?>er Clerre. nhoae nnmeroaa e?atom?i? on hia ?i<le of the \tlantic. are res)>ec'f>illv inrita' t trv 9a iar / Boot* and Laata, hefo a they dxpair of h*in? "ckaaaaaa i New Yo'h after the nicea laleat Paria faak ion. Alao the genuine Paria Jet BUck Varoiah mid. -a I lm*n ? booth ?W?f?f prtwf. do?M? and eork an>*a, Kr?ch ?nd n*i"" calf ami iiilmiicnw tua; w?rline calf (?' in?u, b?y?. and children do, iairr b<>o ?. and allow o' all aorta and aiaw. 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