Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1843 Page 3
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and engine house. The articles were presented on Tuesday evening, at the Salutation House, South Tttird stmt, at which place a splendid supper whs served up. Patrick Tooiney, the keciter of the book stand. N. E. comer of 6th and Market streets, liad a final hearing before the Mayor yesterday. The charge against him is receiving books knowing them to have been stolen In default of $750 bail he was committed to answer the charge at the next term of the Quarter Sessions. John Burns, convicted in the Quarter Sessions of riot, was yesterday sentenced to three years imprisonment, in the County Prison. Burns is one of the m enibers of the Franklin Hose company, engaged in an outrageous and wicked attack upon the members, apparatus and house of the Washington Engine company, on last Christmas day. 'J in' whiffs of the city and county held a meeting at the Chinese Saloon, last evening, which was largely attended. (ieorgeW. Toland, Esq. presided. Resolutions were adopted, presenting the names of llenrv Clay, as candidate for President, and John Sergeant, for Vice-President, of the United Slates, and one recommending it general Political Celebration of next Washington's birth day, throughout the Union. The anniversary meeting of the Female teaman's Friend Society, was held on Tuesday evening in the Penn Square Church, Broad above Chestnut street. The exercises were conducted in the most interesting manner. At four o'clock till* morning, the extensive lead works owned l>y Manuel Kyre. Esq., and located j.i the foot ofPalmer street, on the Delaware river, Kensington, was entirely destroyed by fire. The devastation was very great, as the buildings cover a large extent of ground, and were all destroyed. There was no insurance upon the property whatever, and the loss may be estimated at thirty thousand dollar.'. To-night, at the Chestnut street, Wallark will play "Julian St. Pierre," in the "Wife," and "Massaroni," in the "Hrigand." Charlotte Cusli naii will appear in the beautiful part of "Marian;!," and our beautiful and talented Susan Cushiujii as "Maria Grazie." The dwelling house of P. C. Brink, in Franklin street, Kensington, was entered on Tuesday night, by boring through the shutter. The depredators then fastened all the doors to prevent being disturbed, but decamped without taliing away any thing. It i-< supposed they were alarmed by a noise made in one of the chambers. The splendid war steamer Princeton left her anchorage this morning, having the U. S. frigate Raritun in tow. Nothing can be imagined more beautiful than the sight presented?two majestic vessels ot war sailing down the stream at the rate of eight knots an hour against a three knot current and head wind, an object of curiosity and wonder never before witnessed by our citizens. At about eight miles ironi the city, the pilot of the Karitan, fearing she could not be got over the bar safely, brought her to an anchor, when the Princeton Hew away from her with a speed truly astonishing, proceeded up the river, passing the front of the city, the wharves bein^ tilled with delighted spectators, who cheered 111 ucauuiui ^ i mvcivu wiiii ui~aiciuii? mitiuis c&d ehe sailed along. A large meeting of citizens convened at 12 o'clock to-day at the Exchange, upon the subject of a reduction of poBtage. Thomas P. Cope acted as chairman. A series of resolutions were offered by J. Lewis Esq., and adopted, setting forth the opinions of the meeting, and urging a modification of the existing post office laws. Acommittee of twentyfour was appointed, who, in conjunction with the officers of the meeting, were charged with the duty ol memorialising Congress in relation to an immediate alteration in the rates of postage now charged upon letters, periodicals and newspapers. We have an unpleasaut day. Although it has not rained, the weather is raw aiid cold, and the atmosphere clouded, having every indication of an approaching storm. Yours, icc. Nnles of Mock at Philadelphia. Kik?t Board, Nov. 30.?$68 shares Union Bank Tenn. 6 L. 30 do do do 6-1}; $500 City .V# 1367 105; 40 shores Vicksburg Bank, Saturday Hat 41; 100 do do do bo Hat 41; 60 do Wilmington R 11 lHj; 206 do (iirard Bank7jj;'Jl ifo Camden and Amboy L 100; 50 do Norristown H R3?. 49 do Mechanics' Bank 'Jft; $">0 Wilmington L 6'*, 1868 86; 10 nhnres I'hilade phia Bank 03; So do Schuylkill Bank ( StP 1-1; *3000 State 5'S, 5 ils Hat 67J; $1000 Heading Bonds 75; JO shares Northern Bank Kentucky 96; 3 do Pennsylvania Insurance Co. 196$; 16 do Lehigh 10; $'20,000 Chesapeake k Del Canal 6's 4ft. * Sk'onh B utin Nov. 29.?$4676 State 6's 1846 76; 44 shares Kxchange Bank, Pittsburg, 47; $1000 Tennessee 6's 1st July 88; 35 shares Vicksburg Bank 4j; 150 do do do is 6 il lj; 10 do tlirard Bank 7J; $1(XH) Reading R R 6'* law 76; $4000 do do 76j; $8000 State 6's 67}; 37 shares Louisvtlle Bank 85$; j6 Vicksburg Bank, 4j!;66do Northern Bk Kentucky 95; $300 State 5's 67J. HikiTrriivDB] uuv>n ww?*rm Philadklfhia, Not JO?Ait Emerald, Hodtdou. Sa'em; Bilnmnrr, f- Idndci* Boston; Mary Kimball, Hall. Mobile; Jaxlielli. J (Ter?>>u. Ch*r!r*ton; Red Jacket, Jarvis, New York; Fulcrum, Norri*. *ai:dwich. Cld Plato, Holme*. M a tan la* ; >>u (?rlinm, Alden, Kingston, Jam; Jane. Pinckney, Montevideo; Shninrock, Sini'li, Gibraltar nnd Me**ina. Arr at Michm 'iio. Johu Thompson, (*odl'n*y, NVork Baltimore. No* 29?Arr MiPit<*nt. (not Fmm*, a* reported yfc' rdavl (.'olf, NVotk Retururd in tow of teimer Rtlief, Apollo, Hunt, \vli cli tailed Iwiiee tor Euroi* on Saturday, (l>r|.>r? ) (.'Id Italy. Coult-r, Tn?t?; Uueely Shiell. i) WafliiiKtou, Trinidad; Boston, II milton, Uibralla", T Hall, Providence i?i< h\wm>, Nov 28?8ld Hannah, Cheever Kio Janeiro.? Arr J uacarora, ^ > ork. Ni \>u; r>, NC. Not 1*??An Bounty, Wallace, St Martini and Point Pctrc. Sava-wmi, Not 84?Arr Testy, (Br) Moutego Bay. ('Id Evarr, Ji'bii? in, NVork; Ceylon, Point Petre, Uuad. Forelcn Porta Point Pictst, (>nad. Oct 31?In port, Cardenas. Marion, fm Wilmington. Nr.. juit arrived, and other* a* before. O ing in, Pamlico h'ulfxrd {^-CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CITRKD.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine anil Fharmacv ofthe city of New Vork in now confidently reCommended and prescribed by the first medical practitioner* of the city, for all eases ol debility produced either by secret indulgence or excess of any kind detrimental to the constitution, it in an invaluable remedy for impotenc*, strrilitv, or barrrnrs* (Hnleaa depending on malformation) ami will be found highly beneficial in all complaint* arising from a debilitated state of the constitution. Sold in single bottles f 1 each ; in cases of half a dozen $6; cai eftilly packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassa* treet. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. (ft- THF. WONDKR OF THE AOE IS CONN EL'S Magical Pain Extractor, from Comstock St Co, 51 Court lanat street. It has the greatest control over Fire, Inflammation, Pains, Old Sores, be. fee., and should al ways be kept in ?v<jry house in cane of accident. We eoulil fill every column in thi? paper with certificates from our first citizeij*, if that would increase it* virtues. To lie foiunl t rut only at 21 Courtlandt street. 03- n jf ORD'O PARISIAN ALTERATIVE?For the cure of primary or secondary syphlis. This powerful literati ,-p guaranteed not to contain a particle of mercury or any mineral usurious to the system, although posf'jSsino; put're rontrol over those loathsome diseases. It is now universally used in all the hospitals of Europe in a> philctic complaints, and is a certain cure for venereal ore thi-out. ulcers, nodes, pain* in the iointsor bones, and an'l all complaints arising from a syphiletic taint in the constitution or an improper use of mercury. Sold in sin&rW? tl piu'h- in rnsrt rnntainin?r 1 Hnri?n 4A mi*. fully packed and sunt to all parti of the Union. Office and Consulting Room* of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 97 Nbs?aj street. W. 3. RICHARDSON. Agent A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OK HAIR FOR THRF.E 8Hj1,LIN08.?You ran hardly believe how wo can afford to xcll three shilling f>ottl??. We do it to let you try this. Jones' Coral Hair Restorative, and thus know ita qualities to he the following: It will force the hair to giow, stay its falling otf, cure scurf or dandrutf, anil make light, red or grey hair, grow naturally dark. Kor dressing the hair, nothing can excel this -it makes the hair soft, dark and beautiful, and will k<vp it in order twice as long as any other preparation it is ?old three si7e?, price 3, A or n shillings a bottle, at the sign of the American Kagle, H-J Chatham street. New York. Agents?3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 8 State street' Boston; 130 Kulton street, Brooklyn. THE MOORISH HAIR DYE?price. .M) cents or Slier dying light, red or grey hair, a tine brown or black, warranted not to injw the skin. Sold at the same place. The famous Italian Chemical Soap for curing eruptions, chapped hands, tic. \lso, Jones' Extract of SaraapnrillaCandy, sold in packHges at? shillings each, containing S ounces of the extract of the root. fdT- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, for the permanent cure of Oonorrh?ra, Oleet, Fluor Altms.aud all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Of all improvements in medicine for the last twenty years these pills are the greatest and havo conferred the greatest benefit on persons suffering from those diseases. They 1. 1 I I I... ,.l lk..n . .1 Jinx: I ' " v?rii?ni mm speedy without injury to the constitution, tainting the yllreath, or confinement from business. The fir* to be hud /genuine, only at the office and consulting room* of the ' College of Medicine and Phnrmarv, 07 Nassau st. Price finer box. \V. S. RICHARDSON. Agent. Uj- COMSTOl K'S SARS.VPARILLA 18 AS GOOD a preparation of this root, with other ingredients or acknow ledged efficacy, a* any in the world It is afforded nt .ju't half the price ever ltnown before, viz : fifty cent* per bottle or <1 per dozen, and ill as large bottles ax any sold a' one dollar. To be found at No.'Jl Court laiult st., and No. 1 North Kifth st, Philadelphia. ft/.PRIVATE DI8EA8EB;A CURE GUARANTEED ?The ( ollege of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New Vork. established for the suppression of quackery, if now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and oflVr to all those afflicted with these distressing maMies advantages not to l>e met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements, between the nu mbers of the College and the most eminent professori of the medical Institutions of Europe, all improvements in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. With such celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill of the first medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied that the good work they huve undertaken, "the suppression of quackery," wfll reeelve the patronage it deserve* from that portion of the public requiring their services. Terms?for adviee and medicine Otlice and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau afreet. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N B. Patients living at a distance, by stating their diseries explicitly In writing, giving all symptoms, toF " with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, c -r. obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full <liWction* for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing the agent of the college, post peld, enclosing >? HOnKY HARKIT, Thar Mia jr. "or. 30?? F. M. The siln of both board show a further decline in stock*. There was not much doing in the way of sales, except in State stocks. Long Inland full 1 per cent; Harlem ftU 1$; Mohawk 1}; PatenonlJ; Canton Delaware and Hudson Ohio #'? declined j, and the sains reached $116,000; Kentucky ); Illinois 1; Indiana If Not a single stork in the list advanced. Money continues very abundant, and the banks are loaning every dollar they can on corporate Mcuritie*, with very small margins. Domestic exchange is improving almost daily. Bills on j all parts of the country are fast approaching par. Another good harvest, and active business season will do away with the little remaining difference. Domestic ExcHsNnc. Vov. 30. Boston. para '.ills AiwlschicoU, 2 a J),' " Philadelphia, par a S Mobile, 8V. a |>* " llallinipre, mra X " Montgomery, D'? a UK dis Virginia. Xa 1 " Tuscs'oosa, Dili" NoithCaroliua, l^a)S$" New Orleans, -a ?pm Charleston, itjj" Nashville. 2 a 21, di. Saranniili i? a I " Louisville, l* a 11* " Augusts, >2 ? X " Mi. L. uis, 2 a 2$ " iv'nmimi, 1 * I *4 l incin. atl, IX a I Macon, IS"1*" Mobile (specie) &a Union, F'orida. 75 u 76 " Treasury > otes, South. L.SiT. do 78 a 80 " new ein asion, a J* " Foreign exchange has improved a little since the sailing or the last picket, both ia demand and price*, which is caused byflhe fact of there being no other packet for a month. Hatcs ok Korehin Bills in New Yore, Not. 30. Oft. 19 Oct 31. Nov. 15. Nov. 30. London, 8*>8^ lia** ? a 8X 8>?a 8W Frauce, 5 26>io 5 27 K ?5 30 5.35 5 32%?5 33M Amster'm, 39j?a S9jJ SWtfaMJf 39>ia? Mninburc, 35& ? 35 a?5>< \U\ 3. 15 a 35hi Bremen, ? a 78 77^a77X 77a?7f,' !7)4 Southern bill.* of exchange on Europe and on the North, are advancing in the Southern cities. Rath at ihi Principal Soithkhn Ci rics. Nru> York New York Stirling. /Yartce. tight. W) i/ay? Charleston, Nov. 26 7>j*8 nominal a)?prm ijal di? Savannah, 25. 8 ?8)j 5 28a5 S0>? aSii in fi-l " Mobile, iS, 4*aK 5 44 5 50 X?l ais 2 attf" New Orleans, 20 6 a6Ji 5 37>ja5.4U " lHaiS " At New Orleans a fair demand existed for Treasury Notes. The supply was not abundunt, and they were quoted at g to | discount. The heaviest payments at the Custom House were over, and the wants were to hold on speculation. We annex our usual tahle of nuotations for stocks in this market. Piuces or Stock* in the New York Market, 1843. RedeemRate. able. Oct. 31. Nov. 15. Nov. 30 United States, 4K 1844 101 alOlW 10lKal02K 101 sl02J? 6 1844 102)<al02>* 102 a!02S 102)^103 " 6 1862 116 -al16 ? all9 118 all9 . " 5 1843 lOHValOi ? al05j< 106 a ? New York, 7 1848-49 10U>?al09 ? al08* 108Va ? " 6 1840-44-60 107 al07* ? ? I07>fcal08>4 " 6 1861-62-67 107XalH8tf ? allium a ? 5>? 1860-61-64 IUJ a!03>, 104 nil).'A, 106 a ? " i 1844 160 hKKi;., 100*al0l>i 10U al02 " 4 1846-7-8-9 99KalWH4 100)Jal0 101 aW2V " 5 1840-1-3 ? aioo ? alOl)* 100 al?2* 4 1844-48 lOOMalOO^ 103>iaI05 102 alOlW 4 1859-60-61 99 alVO 102>jal05 104j*al04ji " 4>? 1849-48 91 a 94 93 a 95 ? a ? Ohio, 6 1850 95 a ? ? a 98>? 101 a ? 6 1846-60 94 a 94* 10?XalOOW lOti^nlOl " 4 1840-46 80 a 86 ? a 9< J J 90 a 9? " 7 1856 101 *102 - al06 105 al05H Kentucky 6 97%a 98 lOl^alOJ 104>?a ? 5 80 a 88 87 ? 88 91 a 93 Illinois, 6 1870 38 a 38}? :i9 a 40J{ 43 a 4J?t Indiana, 5 24 yrari 36 a 39>ia 40 43J4? ? Arkansas, 6 39 a 50 50 a 60 55 a 60 Alabama, 6 ?? 80a 85 85 a 8S 85 a 90 l4 72 a 74 77 u 80 81 a 83X Pennsylvania 4 ? 60}?? 61 ? a 68 69 a 70 Tennessee 6 97>i? 98 ? a 84 ? a 87 N York City 7 1857 112 all6 114Kall6 116 all! " 7 1842 108 a ? 111 all2 111 <112 " 5 1840 100 a ? ? alOl* 101 al02>g 4 1848-70 99 alOO ? alOl 102 a!03 Bk Com'e N. Y. fall 96^a 96? 9U\a 99* 99kal00 SI.III' i"7A ? W ?J7|aiw N. Y. Life In*. 8t Trust Co. 9i alflO 96 a 99 ? a ? Farmers' Loan tic Truit Co. 21)^4 21X ? a 24>4 29j?a ? Ohio Life Ins. lie Trail Co. #9 a 90 ? a Oj)Z 97)*a ? Bank of U. S. in I'euu. 2>,a 4 ? a I5J4 Boston til Providence Rai'd. 100 alOl 10l>?al02? 103 al03>? N. Jersey 11. R. k Tram. C0.86 a 87 91)5a 9I>? 9-1 a 9J Mnhawk Ik Hudann Railroad 373?a 37)a ? a 39 411 a 48)4 Lllica U Schenectady K. H. 118^119 119 al20 122 a ? Syracuse til L lica Railroad, 107Ji.tI(18 ? al09}? 111 a ? Auburn k. Syracuse R. R. 100 alio 103>^al0A 103 al04>? Auburn & Rochester R. R. 94 a 95 ? a 98 99,Sa ? N. York (ia* Liirht Co. 107 allS ? a!07 (17 aUO The above comparative tabic shows a gradual advance in all the stocks. This is caused entirely by the great speculation going on, created by the banks, aided by the brokers of Wall street. These stocks am little used for investment. < apitalists are afraid of unproductive stocks, that are handled so much by the brokers. They are satisfied with small dividends in sound, safe securities. The opinion that the States will make little headway in providing for their debts, is daily gaining ground, in this country, and their ability to provide means, had they the disposition, is a mntter of great doubt. The interest on the public debt of Kentucky amounts to $-211,1(H),and the whole revenue of the State, for 1343, amounts to only $306,220 leaving but a small balance for their local expenses. The State of Tennessee is in a similar situation, and a number of others are as near bankruptcy. The State of Illinois will find many ditiiculties to contend against, hut we trust she will surmount them. The Governorof that State has not convened the Legislature for the purponc of laying be. fore them the flatters relating to the public works. Governor Davis is on the ground, surveying the lands. His report is anxiously looked for by the bond holder*. If his decision is favorable, the trustees will be immediately appointed, the canal property fall into their hands,and the money ncgociated for, advanced, to carry on the completion of the canal. If the Legislature, next winter, should refuse to tax the people,orobject to making appropriations from the resources of the State, the bondholders stop sup. plies, and the canal property will be sold, to refund the amount advanced. This is the present position of the State, and the success of the commissioners depends u]>on the doings of the State Assembly, the approaching winter Should the young State of Illinois succeed in carrying out the terms proposed by her commissioners, we should have some hopes of our older States eventually doing the same. There ar? many local prejudices that affect the success of internal improvements, and the inhabitants o^ every State have strong objections to being taxed to fa vor any particular section. We hope this feeling will not govern the people of Illinois, but who can tell ? The completion of the canal through that State will tend to increase the value of her soil, and bring out the resources of the people, more than double the amount of capital expended in any other way; and should she succeed in securing her State creditors, and in completing her State improvements, in the face of the Mississippi election, and the moral effect of that act, her credit will be settled on a firm foundation, and lie an example to her lister States. The Oeauga Bank, Ohio, will probably go out of exis. tenet with the expiration of its present charter, on the 1st of January next. A meeting of the stockholders has been called to take such measure* as may be deemed advisable for the cloaing of the affairs of the bank and dividing its aaacts. Tha trustees of the Franklin Bank of Cincinnati have declared a dividend of fire par cent, payable to New York stockholder*, on the Uth of December, at the Bank o{America. The weekly receipt* on the Massachusetts Western Railroad exceed those of the same time last year, a large per cent. The receipts from through passenger* thus far jn November, exceed those of November, 1842. There is a slight falling o(T in way travel. Receipts for the week ending November 26. 1843. 1812. i Passengers 3,974 4,f% Krf i*ht, &c 9 937 6,863 Tola' $13,911 $10,9i9 The following official table showing the condition of the banks in Massachusetts on the Ut day of Auguit last, , lias just come to hand, from the Secretary of State. Banks in MtlttCHVSitTTS Am. I, 1843. i.. i Circu'n. Specif. Aiscnvnft. Depntilt. Capital, Norton tiks 4,ll6,53<i 6.022,540 25.291.67S 8.210.491 17.110,0(1(1 Country b'l, 5.102,711 676 27J 17.499,612 2 717,991 I3.079.M0 T?Ul, $9,219,267 $7,298,815 $I2,99J,29IT?.92?.?5 $31,019,800 Mew York Pablte stock Kxclmng* $1000 U S(>'?, IW2 c IIOS (WOO lod $ b<t? 25 y? c 42 1000 do c I1HS 50 >hw N Mittrhk e I0S^ HKIO Ohiot'a, I860 ?15 lOfljJ 25 K?rm*ri'Lomi hi 27 1000 do >10 I00K 50 do bio 27V 41*00 do c 100'i 25 do C 27V| 1000 do c 100% 25 <-niton Co c 27 ^ 1000 do b3 1(1' fi 25 P?t?r.?oo K H >15 67)< | 4000 do i3 lOiiy 25 do >30 C7 3900 do bl5 100? 50 do c 67 (Oofl do c I00l? 25 I-ong Ulnad RK c 60 i 7000 do slO 100 25 do b3 6?'? | 1000 do 30d too w 350 Hulfm II R ?3 39 I 100) di) c rn% 150 do b3 39 I 5000 do 15 100>> u do Mon'y 39 | WOO KrnttickyC'i |0t,w 25 do 39 i i 1000 do b3 10 >4 125 do ?3 3?X 3000 do c I0IH 25 do b3 38* 11000 do bnw 101'? 25 do *15 3HJ* 5000 .do c 10 X <00 do b?fl 41 20<fl tin *30 1039% 50 do c J) 1000 IllinoUtY 1870 c 41)* 25 do ?3 38 ft 2000 ilo bin* 41V 50 do 3** i 3000 do bnw 4i^ ? do (3 38s, i 1 2000 do IIw OS galea at. th? Ktork Rlchan((i I tt5M H r 8tt?? r?v4? !2S ??' ? ?H?rt(brd R R 6JJ 1000 do 5/S * WJ| 5 Bank ( ommfrcf crip 360(1 do Vi.lS.VI 104 10 Mrrrlimift i'irw no 100(10 U ?tatM?'? ll*w 23 Manhattan (ia* Co fit 11000 Ohio?'?, im lOOJi ii CantoiT Co KiK 1 WOO do h?0 100*2 100 do WV 1 I 1VM10 do h?0 l?0? do lit j#i3 Mioo do b4S IOOS 23 Mohawk R H 41 1000 do 100*2 lftV) llirlrm K K m 1 10000 >lo ?90 too J7S do 39!^ I CA000 do 100* 100 do b60 39? I KOOO Kentucky 101 50 do bio J9>a I 1000 do 104 % 7J do blO 39 ViOO Illinois Hp bdi btO 41 SO do (10 MV 6000 do 42* Ml do 38 5 21100 do <2)4 I* Btoninitoo H R 35 1000 Indiana Bond? ?30 4 } 27J Loo* laland R R ?7 | 11000 do It 50 do ?6J W j 1000 Alabama 6'? "IM 3?0.. , do 67)4 1A00 do WO 82 10 tltica Hi SrhmrrV 122 lSihaa City Bank 100 100 Pat^raon R R 1VL, | 11 l)?l St Hudaon canal 112** lOAubfcRoch RR loo 1 33 N A Trn.t Co ??M do 10-tW | 30 Am Kx Bank ?2>i 100 Nor liliW .in- r ihw ?7<J 110 Farmrra' Trail Co 27 * 70 do M do kl? tt f ?% llMMd mini MOOSn-1 Ill's T? ?3X lMHtrimllR si MX 1 MOO Oil! )? !, tflfcO Kug M <l<> bl VIV IMOO <1? l*oS M (l'> (10 10*0 IihImiii a JO |J|> si 1'iV I 1000 '?, 1840 104 1M J > Mf( Mshas l.oiig l.laiiJ HR I7li HUtt of Trad*. There is very little doing in the market*, our report! of Corn and Cotton will bo found under their respective heads Ashes.?Pots continue quite dull at $4 b.'J, a ?l Pearls at i}6 iji lltv.?Kair receipt* nnd active sales. We still quote 4i ii4.V*. The demand is both lor c\]iort and consumption. Rick.?Very littli- doing in this article. We quote sale* of fair qualities at $1 tivAa.' 7a. Puo?isiom?.?There is no alteration in Beef or Pork, either in prices or demands. Lard is somewhat active; we quote kegs at tiatije. Butter is in demand and fair qualities command 12al 4<h Whiskey.?Drudge continues dull at 23 <f. Barrels are in rather better demand at 2H?. BratwAi.?Farther sales ot yellow at 21ty Cotton Market. The markets of this country are very quiet. The new crop is coming forward gradually, but as yet the receipts at the southern depots do not give the most vague idea of the extent of the yield. The arrivals up to our latest dates fall a great deal short of those for the sama period last year. The cotton this season is coming forward on planters' account, which is one cause of the short supplies. The planters are not compelled to send lorward lueir crops immediately inter uarvest, to pay up old dents; they an- more able to iiold for better priceii, and we have no doubt thin fact will have a very important and favorable influence on prices. The crop will not reach over our last estimate; if anything, it will fall short of 1,800,000 bale*. This market is rather quiet at present, in consequence of the expected arrival of the Acadia; both holders and purchases are disposed to await the effect of her advices. The following extracts are from the circular of Rising k Harris*, cotton brokers, No .*?7 Wall street Since the date of our last circular, 30th ultimo, our market has been subject to fluctuations, but with a gradual I upward tendency throughout; and demand and prices still continue independent of foreign oi>eration* and rates, and are but slightly influenced by the requisition for home consumption. Notwithstanding the depressing advTCes per "Caledonia," which arrived at Boston on 20th inst., prices rallied immediately after her arrival, and sales on 32d inst. reached 4,000 bales, at un improvement of <?Je per lb on the rates of the preceeding week. This advance is still maintained?and the demand is again fully equal to the dispos.tion to sell, as will appear from our tabular statement of sales. The fluctuations of the last 30 days an; the result of the variations of information and opinions, as to the extent ol the prospective deficiency, in which there is a difference of 3 to 400,000 bales between the estimates of the producing and purchasing interests?the former, running as low as 1,600,000 bales?and the latter expressing equal confidence in a vield of-2,000,000. It lias been found by close observation for the past seven years that, with the quantity of land appropriated to the cultivation of cotton, for any one year within that period, the yield is equal to 12,000 bales per day, (of 460 lbs each.) from the date of the bloom of the plant to that of its arrest by frost; and in the absence of information more definite inun iIIiii iirrnuiure iiiiiiimjuu un iuim nudjvci, wu uiuirx h table Oluitndve of this fact?wliich, while it cannot possibly mislead, may prove interesting anil perhaps profitable to those who operate in the article, or who may feel inclined so to do. Tahlk thk Growth amp Annual Phodijck or Cotton in thk Unitf.d Statu. Crop should he, Interval calculating the The crop between rate of Rtowth found acTime of Time of Jlow'n <j" at 12 00i. hales tually to Year, flower'g. froit. froit. per day. he. Days. Bales. Hales. I83C-7, June 3 Oct. 14 133 l,i?6,(?0 1,4211,00(1 1837-8, May 28 0<-t. 27 1J2 1,824,n?0 1,8011,OMi .818-9, June 14 Oct. 7 Ili 1,380,(MO I 360,(UN! IH3!>-40.May 24 N< v. 17 177 2,121.000 2,I77.04?> 1840-1, June 6 Oct. 17 133 1.M6.000 l.BJi,HOC 1811-2, June 10 Oct. 25 137 1,644,000 1,684,00< 1842-3 May 21* Noy.20 180 2,160,000 2,370,000 * This calculation for 1842-3 usumrs 24th May as the di'e of ll"weriii({, hei-aus* that is >he rarlitsi d*u- nf any previous year ?and beniK without positive information,thouKn vie arexdvikrd that the bloom was teu dava earlier than we have set down. This present year the plant bloomed on the 426th June, and its growth was arrested by froit on the '28th of October, being an interval of 1*24 days. If the deductions from the foregoing data may be relied upon as a means of determining the extent of the present crop with some degree of accuracy, we are brought to the conclusion that the lowest estimate made will not be'more than realized. Corn Trade. This market is rather quiet. There is no demand of consequence from any quarter. Our stock is now quite large, and supplies are constantly coming in. The quo- j tations given this morning answer for this afternoon. We refer to them. There was very little animation in the Hour market at Boston on Tuesday last. Soles to arrive were made at f>4' for Genessee. Sales of yellow flat corn,ft7f3ft8; white, bl(a)52\ Southern oats, 32; Northern, 34^3Sc. Our dates from Buffalo are to the -28th inst. A number of sail vessels were in from the miner lakes, with a heavv aggregate of grain, and notwithstanding the threatening appearance ofthe weather, a large portion of it was sold to the Rochester and other millers, then there, anxious to obtain their supplies. One full cargo of Chicago brought 74 cents, that trom St. Joseph 7ft cents, and a cargo oi Sandusky at an advance upon this quotation. Some sales of corn were made to the grocers at 43 cents. There are no operations in Hour except for city trade. The weather is cold and lowering, and the earth firmly fro/.en?the canal, however, does not exhibit uny symptoms of closing ?and then: are boats loading with wheat for Lockport and Rochester. The price charged to the latter place is fi rents |?or bushel. The bill passed by the Provincial Legislature, protecting the agricultural interests of the Canada*, lias become a law by the signature of the Governor 4 General. We here add a table of the receipts and shipments at different points in the last two years Movements of BacADSTUFKi. 1843. 1842. libit. Buthrls. Hbh. liuihrli. Market^ flour. Grain flour, (rrain. New Yoik. inspected, 1,940 380 2.735.M8 ? ? Buffalo, shipments, 640,277 1,623 858 648 686 1.427 03? Cleveland, snivels. 4'J2,7il 1,.063,415 441,025 1.841 f08 'aiiduskv, exDort-a, 15.4"'2 527,317 22,457 492,785 Toledo, khipmentn, 37 280 116,739 22,456 127,891 Baltimore inspected, 558.282 ? 621,974 ? f'rovidence, iinporteJ, 88,68:1 658,000 45,781 681,157 B. ston, imported, 609.160 2,3j9,482 574,733 2,437,*04, ClucaiJ.), eX|iort<-d. 42,419 579.740 ? ? Milan ex|K>rted, 5,163 400.900 4,774 233,540 I'ltlslmrnli. thipped, 114,103 200,<KiO ? ? Mi>i roe. ship|ied, 18,340 80.055 9,302 26.249 ('aUi?, Nle., received, 10,650 47,338 ? ? I'm timid, Me., imported, 53,37# 160.687 68,174 251,42.1 MijmIIju. cleared. 42,41*6 655.377 30,224 494 306 M lumee city, exp >rted, 7,059 47,566 ? 214 Will Z ne?ville. cleared, 80,411 ? ? ? Detroit, eipoits. ]8n.2(Mi 99,923 180,000 50,887 0.we*o, receipts, 155 693 75.',754 147 000 756,887 Akrou, cleared, 142, 48 ? ? ? Michigan City, sliip'd, 8,807 213 215 4.200 82,800 Canada, exported.' 311.000 671,691 3)7,841 1.728,425 New One tin receipts, 52,1,175 139 88 ? ? Moutreil, receipllt 3410'2 290 999 ? ? uneoec, eiporl?,T 7H,7iu isii :ni7 ? ? liacinc. e?| 0ru, 40,000 ? ? ? Southport, exports, 400 71.500 ? ? Albany, receipts, 2,159,992 ? 1,717,077 ? In 1(42. tin 1813. This shows aii increase, renderod into harrels of flour. Since, however, these figures were published, the movements have been much larger, indicating an immense amount of breadstufl's seeking a market. The accumulations on the seaboard were never greater at this season of the year, or at the close of northern navigation. This is in consequence, partly of the increased facilities of getting produce io market, and the comparatively fair prices thai have been paid lor flour and grain. No important rise in prices for these staples can be ej|>ected this winter, other than what a foreign demand may cause, lor in consequence of the complete change made in the position of markets by canals and railroads, one seaboard has become independent of another, by having the means of getting her own supplies direct from the interior. This particularly affects this city. Heretofore, Boston and other eastern markets have been our customers during the winter mouths, and large quantities of flour and grain tended hence in that direction, much to our advantage. Now, however, that stream has been cut off by the western railroad, which will more than supply the whole of New Kngland the year in and out. In this view, and with the large stock now on hand in our stores, we see no prospect of a material rise above jift 7Slor flotirduring the ensuing winter. Ouronly hope i? in fhn fnrt that fr'ncrhinfl it ahnrt ahrtnt tu*n mi Minn I quartern or grain, a great part of which deficiency thin country may supply. American Dlanuructureii. There in no very great demand for domestics in thi? or any other market at thin time. Our stocks are sufficient for the demand, taking into coiftideration that all the mills in the country are running full lime, constantly throwing out a supply. Owing to the several large outlets?foreign and domestic?for manufactured goods, and which seem to he on the increase, all the mills that were lying idle have been set in motion, and preparations arc making in Lowell to erect new buildings, with machinery, on a most extensive scale. It was to he seen in our-money articles, published in the past summer,that cotton and woollen manulacturing stocks run up in value to a high point, and that very large divi dends have been paid by the companies, although at this moment there is less doing in those stocks. The Merrimack Company lately declared a semi-annual dividend of 10per cent ; the Hamilton and other Companies fl per cent for the same period. All this indicates that the business has largely improved, and that the mill-owners anticipate a further increase This is, of course, to be expected, as the wants of consumption enlarge throughout the world. Foreign markets are constantly opening, and notwunsianuing ine late nniavorable news from China, no doubt* arc entertained but that that nation will become our largos customer. And to show the rapid extension of the trade to other parts it ii only nccessary to mention that there were exported from Boston, in the week ending 25th iliit., S72 bale* to South America. fi bales to the South Seas, and 44 balm to the West Indies. Theae facta muat be taken into consideration. Brighton Cattle Market. NoTrMaf.n 27, 1943. At market, 950 lleef Cattle, 120 stores, J.H00 sheep, and 1,040 swine. Paic rs?Beef Cattle?We nuote extra J4 25a4 AO; first quality $4a4 25; second quality $.1 50a.l 75; third quality ffi 50a3 2ft. . Barrelling Cattle?We quote Mess *3 I2ja3 25 ; No. I, $2 B2la2 7ft; No. 2, $2. Stores- Two year old f8al2; three year old $llal7. sheeii Small lots from 75<f to $1 60; Wethers from *1 24 to$X Swine?Sales ntiick at an advance ; lotx to itcddle 4]a kt for i*ow?, iyid ftjaftir for harrow*. Ohio no^n [froin ija4*. At retail from 4J to 6*. Died, On Wodneidav afternoon the 'i*th instant, of eonnump- 1 tion, Samuel 8. Been*. Hi? funeral will take place thH afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 17 Sixth street. Departed this life on Jhc 9th instant, in this city, Mi?? Drt.i* I.ortt, daughter of the late Aaron l.oper., f:aq of I Newport, Rhode Island. OCh Rkod* 1 aland papari will pUasa copy. P?w?wf?n ArrlrMk RoTTrHDAM?Hhip Klondun?S H BmiImII. A T?IU, FJ1 FI vl?>?101 iu (IM llr>'r4(?, BaiiTOL, Ku*?^hipOancau? J llodp, nil httatht'twM*. Kor?i|n luii?it 'iiiioni. RoTTl?n*M?Bliip Humlnii-?(Xl lug coffm S W Willi? M cki midik-r NrwboM k ( rut'?-ll Uo^rt k Knaeland?3* c fc'iwlW? 1 < H W?UU- 21 do J00 ?l*b( t'n RooraUn JoAiKlou k ro?10 pigi tin K (' H ? Mnrin*?W1 do I'tO Im roth*- B"one>i Gmv?? k c >?tiM) do liK> iii?? tin I' Kdrt 195 *1 ib? do < ioitdhut* k Ct>? ! wi i* K k I Po|t|>??I J '( "" ft ?I0flboi? mil ? H*-n l?>ii k L'nkart?ll*i? b'lii f tua IUJ bim 403 l'ilfa tin to o.dt-r. Oiiinttlli I iiipuri ui li?n?. Mt AR*K*r. Hh ? Brilt K W Brown?253 b*l? cotton Hoi" brook k Nel?on?66 Ta lor * Hirh?JO H W*m??101 b?l<*? ! boii'i MH| Co* k Aiidfreou?JO b*lr? (I skins Hinith, Wrmht k eo. APiLii'Hliou-Brig KloruU?(Krpoitrd yMt*rd*y)?Ml blln cotton L'olomb k lirliii. MARITIME HERALD ailing D?yi of tlia dtcam Ship* rROM LIVERPOOL. IHOM AMKHIC*. I'nledonia, Lott 1 Aodw, Hyrif No*. 19 Pre. 16 Britannia, Hewitt Jan. 4 Feb. 1 Caledonia, Loll Feb. } Much 1 Acadia, Ryrie Mar. 4 April 1 "hip Dlutcri Miid Agcnta We ahall e*teem it a favor, if Captains of Vrurli will kit* io Commodore Kobkrt Silvky, of our News Fleet. a tieport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed. lh< Veuels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, anu any Foreign News|>ai>er* or New* they mav have. He will board them immediately ou their arriTal. Agent* and Cor respondent*, at home ?r abroad, will alio confer a lavor l?i endiUK to thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they car abuin. Nautical lufonnntioa of *ny kird will be thankfully received. POltT OK NKW VOKK. DRCKflBKH 1. iVIf RISES 1 7 | Moon 4 31 It X sets . . < 31 I mr.w \?>rij 4 5 Cleared Ship*Europe, Furber, Liverpool,*..' II Marshall; Baltimore, Funck, Havre, B"yd Si lliiicken. Itirhinnii'l, Ludlow, M haling voyage. .) H Ji>lles, Louisville. Hunt, New Orleans. E K Collins Si Co; Sjlvauus Jenkins, Eveleigh, Ajiatachicola, Boyd Si Hincken; <li irlraton, Brown, Charl-s on. I Jen Bulk ley.?Hngs lohn Enders. Mason St Catharines Br<zil, John Ogilen: N <i Bourne, P.rry, ( edar Keys Fi* J Nonliupjr; Wilson KMller, Cobb. Snvaiin h. Dunham Si Diinon; Uivol l>u lf< II, Williams, Wilmington, NC. k, S Powell.?Schrs Halcyon, Patterson, Jacksonville, EF. Badger li Peck; Maria, Atwell, Baltimore, J Si N Brings. Arrived. Ship Floridian, Pratt, 38 days from Rotterdam, with indse, to E. D. Hnrlbutk Co. Ship Duncan, PutTM, from Bristol, Eng., Oct. 18, wilh 350 ton* RR iio i to Davis, Brooks Si Co. Brig R. W. Brown, Tatr in. 14 day* from Mt. Ararat. Fla with cotton, to Sturges It Clearman. His enenenced much heavy weather during the passage Schr Despatch, C-rson, 3 da> s ffom Wilmington, Del. with coru meal, to J. S. Bulkley Schr Edgar, Walston, 5 days Iron* Baltimore, with corn, to master. . Schr Cornelia, Bake', 3 da)s from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Niagara, Young, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to inaii-r !?chr Rayuear \V i I mint, Gray, from Philadelphia, with coal, to in *ter. >chr Lion Lewis, 3 day* f oin Philadelphia, with coal, to master Sclir Maria, Corton, 3 day* from Philadelphia, with coal, *o mutrr Schr Brandywiue, Steven*, from Philadelphia, with coal, to uiaaler. Schr Wm Wil*on, Baker, 4 day* from Boitou,with md*e, to muter ^rhr Milo. Nicker*ou, 2 day* from New Bedford, iu balla*t. to maiter. Sailed. Ship Liverpool, Coffin, Apalai liico'a; batque Unbelts,Genoa: brig* Alphonso, Porto Kico; (ienl Wil*un, Port Leon, Kla. and other*. General lUcord Packet ?hiF* i'unoFE, Kurber, for Liverpool; Prince Albeit, Sebor, for London, and Baltimore, Kunrk, for Havre, will tail to-day. Their letter bif* are at Oilpiu'i, in the Merchant* > Exchange. Ship Dui?cai?. Putinan, from Briitol, Eng. report*?Oct 30. Ut 42 59, lull Z8. lei 1 in with * quantity nl asks, picked up our roiltlining |>alm oil; mini- time, Oil iu with a ?s?el of about ;II() tons hurt hen, Wtnm upwards; the i revmus day, had eii?rienced ii heavy (alp from N iu NE, supposed the vessel alluded In had cai sized duriuif the lame gale, as she appeared t I ??e b en but a short time iu tlml condition. 19th innt. lat 44, Ion ?, IT, saw a ship standing to the eastward, uudrr jury uiaiu and inizen masts. Schk LuiNGTo*. Crowtll from Boston fur New York, got tshore off Sandy Point a lew days si' ce. and waa full ol waie 11 blew a gale on Sunday, which prevented persons going ou board. Ashore.?A letter from Key West dated 10th iust stales thai the captain Of a s'hr from Bath, arrived oil the Bill reported hat he saw a large baxjiie ashor. o.i the 'Sheep' (probably Siirrup)K'^s. Bahama, and w M Iters alO' g-ide. (a r r MiiiHiwi, of tie Yarmouth at Apa acliicola, rei<orta?Nor 6. lit iifl <0, Ion 75. saw a vessel bottom u:paiuteii green, very wi e and tint, keel and shoeing from 20 to 24 inches deep, apparently IM or MO tons. Schr CUHLt.w, ol'aud fn>m Thomaitnn for New York with lime, put into Nantucket Si7th intt. with I s< of b?thji<s. main boom and boat: struck on the bar and waa obliged to throw ovei about 50 casks lime to ?ei off. Schr Hoi i.v Bish. from Georgetown, DC for Salem, ari'd at <iloucester 28tb iust with loss of jib and 100 hbls Hour, in a gale. Schr Yaru o, Achon, from l'? nden for Boston, put into Glouceater 27th inst with loas of maiuaail, bulwarks s'civh. hi* having been in coutact with a schooner at the entrance of llu: harbor. Bttiri RKttrr, from Matamoraa for NOrleans, was wrecked off the mouth of Oyster ( reek1 near Velasco, on the 6'h intt ? She was commanded by ('apt Ferguson, m.d her cargo consisted chiefly of tlour and wniske> Si kim ship Ai.aiiam*. at New Orleans from Havana. *'>r uhore below New Orleans n the 17th iust; after discharging part of the freight, was got off without rfauagr <il-kbkc, Nov SeteT I of the pilots who took down vessels which sailed hence on Mnndav last, have relumed. The) report that they had all got down below pilot water in safely, with the eneption of the barque Universe, which had been ill contact with another vessel and was re'itruiiig She waa oft Kamounski last uight The wind haa b?-eii frvsh from th- N> ?iuc 'this mor nig, with rain and sn w. The steamer Alliance haa proceeded down the tiver to tow the Universe up. Wii&lemen Arrat Warren 28th inst. Kxchange. Luce. Indian Ocean, Nos Bay Aug 28.with 10 ,0 hbls ?p. Spoke Joue 24. Desjiatch, Braniiou, of London. 2H0 sp; July 18. Sir James Cockburn, l),vn, do, 1000 sl> 20th. BlUCr, Aldeu, HI, 2110 sp; Sept 19. lat 35 >H > Ion 25 30 W, Sally Ann, Perry, (late Boideu, left at Simo .'s Rty 10 days previous with both legs broken by a whale, hut ge'tine etterl 700 wh 100 an. Died on hoard the Exchange. *0th VUy, 1813, Thos May. nun. of England Jemiette, Ma>hew. \B, n'lmrl-d \1?y 15, lit 15 S, Inn 77 30 W. I? inns out, 500 bbl* i|>m?had seen whale* but 4 timet iu 4 months. < Jov Troup, Jenney, NB. on NVV ("oait June 10, with i*ven whiles t.? is Kt-ason. Danl Webster, r?por'fd Sept 3, lat 12 8, Ion 31 W, no oil. was in company tlueedays previous with Eagle, Perry, KM, no oi'?oiitxin sick. Oo"d Return re|<oVted on NW Con?t June 10, lat 54 N, Ion 150 W, I- lizabeth. Kastham, NB, 2 whales this season; 'barque Martha,' 2 whs this season. Spoken. Alicia, no date, off Salt Key Bank, wished to be reported?by the R. W Brown, at this |iort. Monument, Viuing, 21 houts front Portland, Nov 23, lat 40 35, Ion 68 50. Foreign Porta Mata*zas, Not 14?In port. Brontes,Curtis, from Newport, arr 6th. disg; Wa-hington, Bishop, from Philadelphia. arr7th; Elizabeth, Remington, from do. arr 12th. Tennessee, from Portland, was going in ou the 14th; Livonia, ami < raze lie, on the 15th. Trinidad de Ct ha. Nov 2?lu port, Henry, Mews, .from Boston, arr 1st, only American vessel. K ijvc.sto*, la Oct 30? Arr Hopewell, Car'er, Liverpool. Port Kovai., Ja Nov 3?Touched Camilla, Ht Th mas for Port Leon, !?I* to land p hwdiiti. In port 2d. Nil*, Irom Poriland; lohn ("arrer, from Maine; Algonquin. Williams. Im Norfolk; Marwood, Wilkes, from Baltimore Tia Trinidad. Port Stain. Trin. Not 2? Going iu, Stephen Baldwin,Oliddm, of mid Irom Philadelphia St John, NB Not 19-Arr Warren, Titcomb, Baltimore; 20th, Fidelia, Lincoln. NYork. Lake Porta BurrAt.o. Not 28?Arr Waterloo, Chippewa) 8t Clair, and Conslitirion. Detroit: New York. Michigan City. Cld Waterlo , Chippewa; Wayne. Perrysburgh; Misanuri, Adelaide, a>,d Kmni.i. Ashtabula; Baldwin. Cleveland; Kuigman, Sandusky Arr 2Tth. Prehle, Adelaide, and Velocity, Chicago: R Mountain, Sanduskv ; Baldwin, and Havre. At Joseph; Snu.d, Maumee; Barcelona, and Gazette, Michigan City; Vicioiy, Monroe and Cleveland; M idiom, Toledo; Kingman, Hind, Sandutkv and Venice Cld Cleveland, Detioit; Heauprie, Cleveland; K. Jeuny, Maumee; Prrsideut, Ashtabula. Home Porta, Frankfort. Nov 21?Sid Grand Turk, NichoU, Jamaica; 25th, Paragon. Cnrtis, Bangor for Montevideo. Arr 23d. Meridian, Wait. Baltimore Bath. Nov 22?Arr Pandora, Bailev. New Yoik. Sid JJth, Sheffield, Smith. NOrlea.s; Pint*, Melcher Onadaloupe; Pandora . Bailey, Kasiporr; 27ih, Halcyon, Littlefirld. Mo ile. Portland, MoT 17?Cld Sarah, ('utter, .Mobile; Exchange, Leavnt, Boston. Not 19-Arr Bevis Brigga, Salem; Andrea, Hallett, Philadelphia; ? \ guet, hooper Jeremie Ith inat?left no American Teaael. Signal for 1 brig. Cld Mary Elizabeth, Harden, Si Jago: Lucy, Gould, Norleans; Kllen. 'new, of this iiort, j72 tons) Brigfs, do; Mozart.Reynolds, Alexandria; Julia, rhurtto . I' ihia; A Lawrence, Meearr, New York. Mid (Jen Mallet, Mobile. Holmm Hot.* Not 27? Arr Montilla. Bsrtlett. St Ja*o for Boatou, with mis split, mam boom sprung. deck load started. See; Margaret, York, and Wolcolt, R der, NYork fordo. Sid Mil, Helen. G?ve, Philadelphia for Boston; Delphi, Cook, ' Kreil- ricksburg f r do, and othera. Konurnwii, Not 25?Ait Pamlico, Stoddard, Richmond | for Sandwich: Hope, Baltimore for I* rankloit; Holly Hnih, Oerrge,ow,i DC lor Salem; O Wood, Bunker >rw York for , Botton. S'd 2Sth. the aboTe with torn* othera bound K. ? Nrw B?.nroiu>, No* tt? Arr Betaev k Dfborah, Whit*, \ Alhmv. Mid Anror*. Woodbury, Charleaton Arr 27th, Pay ette, Baker, Albanv; Heracliel, do. bid Hellapnut, Charlea- I ton; Kmeline, B^ltim r". PaoTior.!?cE, Not 2i?Arr Volta, Tattle; Liberty. Town tend, and Larkin, Churbuck, Philadelphia; Kilra. Huntio, New York. Sid New Knllaiid, Uruiitr, Matauzaa; Orray '1 alt, l.oTeit,( harleatan; Paleatine, Sturdivant. N York; A C HaTeni, bernell, Oeracoke, N<-'. N?w Havr*. Not 29?Arr Rebeaea C Fiaher, Jnlwion, and New York, Jonw, NYork; S K Smith, Bill; Miuerra, Ariel, kital. and Franklin. Albany. Pmi.anri phia. Not 30? Arr Turk. Eldridge, Boatoii; Cum- ; lierlaiid, Phillipa, Rm Janei'o; Holder Borden. Baker ProTideuce: Marv Anna. Shanklin, New Haven Below, Baltimore, Klilrnlice. from rtoalou; Kmerald, Hodgdon, Salem m Newport; wary Kunhall Mali, Mobile. ('Id Aniiiliiia, Scull, and Michigan Allen, NVork. Bristol Not 2*?Arr Nimrod, Steadman, Albany. Sid Empreaa Bly, NOfleant Ru mmiwn, Not 26?Sid .f.ror, Hanson. Rio Janeiro; Mechanir, Stoddard, Dighton: <'onet?-11?tion, hiigltah; Kliza Meae ola Lomtn, aud Joh i B Murem, Korreat, N York; Highlander I'rni. Newark. Arr 27th. Stephen C fliillipa. (Jilts iilnlKWtl. ErenTOff. Nf' Not W?Arr ArriT?l, Meekina, and Rachel, Po.t. N York, Md Xul' d?, Tudworth, We<it Indiet. _ 1ITA V I KU-A lad hi a ofllo*, w?o can write de 'V , cut h?nd Apply in Dorr'a Bn.ldu.|, corn?r?f Kvciiangr Place a it H*n"Ter?ii?et * dl tin BOAR DIM*?Two haudaoma b*dr?oB?, wi h Areplacaa, Willi urmkfu' and '??, or full board it re jmred. Apply >1 XI HonntonItmt dl .m'r pAt KKT SHIP BALTIMORE will tail, win<i aud wn l ther permitting. thia day. Dif?'nber l?t. from ni?r *, N. H at 1} o'cf''i"k Pawen, era a.e reqnrafM to be on board tt t*i?t imnr. The Letter B.tga will cli??e tt the uom p icn it I !)< n't lock. dlr AUtlO iKT I'K BHANUY, landing, ia naif piiM-a,quar trr cuka and eiili h?, of th? ol I and .enirne brtud, aad of very Hup rio? qiuliry. hiun t roof and flavor, the carfn of n ig An r?du?. jmt rrimi from Rnchelle, now landini at pier It, E. R. aiid (or ?ale by Jl 3n?*ni H. T NUTM L, ' Front-treat. Dl VI l>K VU.?*iechauic?' Uu-king At?uciauon, Maw folk, .Not. !?8, i|41.-The Preii<l,n: and Direetori hare thia day d>cl?r<l i iliTi. ?i'd of thi?rand our half per re-it on tha capital Utck.lor il" la.tai* month*, pavable to the atoekholrfara oo an t sfir ihe 7th i'?t nt p?c'ra^r ne*t. The transfer bioka will be rl'Mi>d rnnn the I at to thcMi d,?y of Deetmbw. ii49 itli'ic J H, CORNELL, CMliier. I - -1 - mil I f | AfrcffON SALEST ~ I THOMAS BfcLl-. A?ci"o?e*. [St"'r Vn *A .4?f? itrreU) SVIUItlMY. Atl'Jtfo' toe1, in the aelei room, I V*ren?i?e S?lf f l"m rr Fmn'lUit, Cium KtfW. flirt 1MB, fcc.?VVill le-nlil n try* lot ol eCoud hand and new lur Itu? 'lit ' l? wi I c inmtMicr- in ih lower room, an J b? continue I ?M> alaira, ind wil' c n >?t f letfant uiH plt'B lav -I tbnirilt huiv*ii? e r, e'? lookin* gla?ie? h?dv ' .tmd>, cribn nutir ?? ?,? *ei er I raiietynf i"?r|or il'iwiniand h?'l ' <?" Cum tun-, kit- hen u'rtiai1., ?-?, Ik . Al l ', l ?'i < ' 1) piano f ri?i < number of <i>leiidid ptinrinfi. MONDAY A' |P){ o r| rk, (If 6^ IllldkOn *tp ?f. wil' l>? told ft'# I'll'll j 'ui. l nf ? f nnl> |i up hoii?rkr<!|'iii< Th' funi tur* , ii in t* e ui l?r pirt ? th? h'>u?-*, ?r d i? ?ll iujroo'i oider, Th* ca-peM and t-r I'urit1 iir n In k nd order 'Dw cimkiuii llOK and oti er kiti ht-n ut n> I ar- a'l ol t> e t>e>t deacitptiou. Tl K-OAV. Ar !<))? 'cli ek, a the ? Im r*om, Kitra sail* of valuable ??a?oinh'f drv good". i:lolhio(. fancy and pledm- I ar'irles r iii*. ?auha?, jewel y. III- comiiitlng ttv balau < of well aborted ?toek ol'a wholetile and retail $tire. Also, the r. maining I ortimi of lh? ?jo-k of a merchant tailor, i qnai.tiiv of rem ly mad clotSng, fcc. Alao, alurta, co'lara, buiotna, h i?iery r'r. ncha d K,.*luh cl tin, Itc. vv ED N p sua v. ih"4 o rircH, ? i? i*mpi room, Kitriuirr aud \i uable .ale uf choice t'iriiituii-, from laimliea ' removing. <kc. THURSDAV. At IOj? o'clock, in the i>|>i??r aales room, or ga'Urr, JA Ann itieel, !? of irnly ralnab'e mil aplen.liil or uinal iminti k?, ii in) ot tin in ti r pr<>per?y and production* of 'lie I ,te Mr fmailice a (1 Mr. J. 'l u.l'i'I with thr e tire co'lection uf a gentletnau uf well known t< ale, who la going to rva'de iu Kar. pe Ti ll tale will lake place by ca *l"gu>. Full parlicul n will appe>r on Tueadiy. i he picture* cm. be annuiie I Wedi.e* dy _ A. I . I U 11 LK, Auctioueei \itatchm.jkwelhv T'?V!?.k\m;, ?? he. JACOB 8. PLAIT "ill aril, th.. d-y at 10 | o'clock, at Ji Plait ?tnet. ?i* : - Invoice* of (Jold and filrrr Watthea, patent levera, a.rhor. ?k> leton lie. A'ao, Tova. io vei> and iu lota anaorted. AI to, ito'd, git and jet J?? ell y. AUo, K uicv Arni-lt-a. K if par'ieulaM ?? ' uuder auction head hi Journal of I niriiu'ce ,n d Courier and Knquirwr N. B.?Cittloguaa At* now n'idy. ill lt*r NKW LINK UK LIVERPOOL PACKETb. To aail from New York on the 21th aud .Liverpool on the 13th of each mouth J2& ^ JSt I* HOM Nrw V O H K Ship SIDDONN, Captain K. B Cobb, 26th IVrember. ship ntlKKIDAN, Captain K. LVjieyaiei, 2 ill January. Ship (lAmtll K, ('apt. VVm. Hkiddy, 26! i Keb u rv. Ship ROSCII 3, Captain John Collina, 26th March. KaoM Livkkpooi.. hip (JARRICK, Captain VVm. Hkiddy, 13th December. 3liip K(?M It h, Captain John ( ollint, 13th J (nil u y. Ship SIL)l)ONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, llth KebruaT. Ship SHKK1DAN, Captain K. A. De|ieytter. ilth March. These shiix are all of the first clan. upwar'J* of touv tout, k..:i. _< M? I/...L .....I. .....I, combine great ?|m?l with unusual somfort for passengers. Every care has ttttt MM iu the arrangement of their aceomfflodations The price of passage hence is $U0, 'or which ample store- will br provided Tties* ships in commanded by eiiwrieuced mintern, who will make every ?iertion to give gi neral iti : m tion. Neith-r the captains or owner! of the ihi|i? will he responsible for any letter*, parcels or packages sent by thein, unless regular bills of UJiui; <r? signed therefor For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st.. New York, or ti DROWN, SHIPLEY <k CO., Livarpoil Letters by the packets will he charged 12}^ CMiits per singe itieet ; JO cents per ounce, .mil new>pa|? r? I cent each >'l KOK NKW OKI.LANS?Louisiana and Nee drJWV Y ilt Line?Rrgula- Packet . f iHtli U?c '1 he fast MaMaMb-tiling p ck i an|?e (?EN SKK, Cap'.. iYjin >u, will positively sail as above, her regular il.iy. If or freight or |>assage, having hand??me lurnished accemmo lations, apply on board at Orleans nharf, foot of Wall sticei >r to K. K. COLLINS kCU. X South itmi Ship|iers by this line may rely upon having their goods cor fectly measured Agents in New Orleans, Ifullin St Woodruff, who will Tomptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship MuxtsVil e, Capt. Cornell, will tacceed th> Uenesee. mil sail the 2nth Dec., her regular (lay ulr ~ >0H NEW OK LEANS?To c'esr TH? D?y, ?ml MkKVWsiiI I'l'-Morroe?The first class i acket slipKALA 4NMfa\l.\ZOO, Captain Mcterran, will b? deapati lie.i u abo?e The ahip ha* unaurpaiuetl accnmtnodat'ona for acond cabin 4ii<l steerage pa.?ieni(era who will bp uLra *l the lowui rate* Apply on board the uliiii at 1'iut atreet wluuf, or t? dl r J OH HKI1DMAN.M ?outh ?t . near Will HJh LIVKMI'UOL?NKW LINK ? Rettulh 43FXV IWk*! <>!' 26 rh Dt cember.?The aplendid imckn ttlfe.lHl SIUDONS, C-pt E. B Cibb of lew ton., wil hiI an above,hei reaular day I" or freight 01 paaaage, havina ai comirona'iona ui.niua 1 d f ir ?i><ei.dor or comlort, apply on oard at O/lenua wharf. foot of W ill atreet. or to K. K. COL LIN a u CO. Price of paaantfe, $100 56 South (treat The packet *hip Slieridau, Capr. Daocwter, of 1000 ton? will succeed the ">iJ(luu? and nil the 25tn January ber regulai ' *>. nuuenfer* may rel> upon the shipa of thia line aailing puur tally a* wvMued dlr M* ,. NT! I)?A ntor? for a diy ft oda i?tail I uaine?? n Droailway , or in one f tneighb hug atrret-. Au ureas A. l) a the t flice of the Henlj i'0l'*r RKTHENrHMKNr I'HK i HDKR (? " THi Dl. I h> u ue??i. neo rr.p cif IIV mf rm their fn?iid? ?nd tl < jubl c tenem'l th?i ihe> t.e*iicona * ,tlv on liai d ?r<- & (I pji rnlid iMIitNff f ol Kr?ir h ai d H n'n.h< lolha, C'aain'e e -uiiViitms lie u ii k mill nr ery i f OverceM lulta ?k.?h II.. v U.I M fu m'Ue III) in II ktVle I Ot ?UrilA't e<l by any < >ubl ?? m-n> in rii?- c ty All ga m-wt? fu n ?he?: full iifte-n |*r # ? t li-tt th^n any oth?~ h u ? who iu*' # an* 'rim *n the >a < e a u.?*? Th nh wi-h CI ?thmg m*d? t? ill*ir i ?-i ec *> \ ? f ction v i?? d < wtll t 1 wll *nd giv u- a ?ri 1 I N B.? I ?|*l ii(i?d >msort*^0(it ??f ** c??? * an Clutki kepi C m fttintly ou ha d. *i??* ill t?* no'd v?rt 1u?% 'or ra*h ill tu.?r H. WH TKH .HNH fc C<\ 33 Nd mm nt GLOBE HOTEL"' Fa6 HRO^DlTJiY. NE*-YORK FLt\( *hi hi h?* h> or i?? ?n q mi .r the g*n?|emen ! thojrtque i rli - < rl tie, an ' fh?* cubit geu* ra'lv, th t hi< Tn ' hie tl H< I Wtil bei pv * 11?? in* rro* , De I??f. at * Inch li???i i ed i.umbrr of h- -irn t*ui*o good cheer miy e j <y tli? 'uiu* ? ri#? of* a r' l mn |?li-d and e e**nt ablraf rr un ? ?# h ur?. Dinner will b ??rv#d on?ve? y day at * o'clock | m indly. Hi- ' Hl ir i? well *.*i| j?'i??* \% i h the choicest wmioI ever) country, whi< h ill be tnr.Uh d at .ea< nahh rite? ihr K^ 'imait will *e continued b? u uil, for i arties who desire to ilme ?|?ir?r*?l . F BLANl^RI) **111 be ba|>py to trev wi*h'awii'iet de?iion* oi fcnrng Hoard for ttie winter, an itron mod'mte r??rim. To iMc1*, tliei? u?e '* will a* tierrto ore. he mpptifd io tl nr private ro >? *. He fits rl^K uitlv f irnia??#d ai irrn e t?, luitah e I i for eithrr u.i.erat or ?m^ll fa milieu, or lor s ngie p rsoua. d i I w* I rr7Yv< t rri ?v< * TnV*; WHILES \L.V AND HK'tAlll. chea'ie than e*er, at the well U i< vtn T y ktorf, 233 l entre ?tie?t, tno doora ho>e Uri>-d atre-l. opposite lie Maiket Kstnil ?t ?i <1 ?'r?iigeri wUtiuiK y? for the h liilava, * ill do well t 1 call beiura purt llnaiuK e'aewheie. Don t forget the lillII)br r 213 i h IRKSrilKKT. A'?o, a *"i 11; "itmcnt of Chiiia, OUaa and ( .aitlien vVare. dl awt.)l*j? BKWAJlk UK IMPOSITIO.V? I ll. Hintr-ran I) .pen a ry, 3 Diviaion at'eet, mi lirat >-at bliahed in the yra 113 t>v tin' p e e t |Toi rictor, whoje m> ical ad111 ia too w*ll know n to require v iimting, h v iik b-en i . prac'ic for t n ye?'? in thia t ity, > tir iik al fna' cam*1; which lie alill continue. to lo, by t* e na-of the itre.t irmedy, Dr. Huuler'a h>-d Drop.? Thin ia th- Only medio e ih?t Mu be n-lird on t"? hariiiletal> and thoroughly ellect a hating cnr* in a ert in dim* ir. no mat ter what for>< or eite >t, in a few < ?>?. Su inter. and aetmcu aie taaured fat the meuieine ia put up in paclniie? with e erj parti- u?ar d'lecti n and a com, letr niatory of theae diaraa a. rrce *1, *Mch it warranted in every ca-e ill Itr NKIT IKK QUA< KKHV M?K IIUMB' (i?Dr. J ! V \\ S h*? rt moved hia "Id Oifeu'n H' ail Dup-naary to No. 288 Pearl ?tr??t, corre/ of Be- hmin ?treet, where he cou tinue< h * a?fe, aptedy and effe tu?l treatment and cure of all delicite di<ea?es. in nutter how complica'ed. and wheie the eal "Id L)r Kvaim will lie fioni) by hia num*iou* inquiring Iriendt. If ag-, aci-nce, anil forty-tire yearn eipeneuce e tine a piaititiouer to jiieference. then Dr K. would uirect th atieuIMI of INiMHI public to au ineeatiaation of loa <-laima lie wiahe* the ciuzena to be aprri ed there ii no other Dr. f vain in tna neighborho jd, mid that he haa noconnection whiteeer with ailv other office, tlia charge* aie modrratr; hia conkultatioua airicily co. lidenlial. M B. Obaerve the number, miawkea may he duigtrona dl lt*r 'IMIiM'N'S C MPOUND KXTKACT OK COPAIBA I an-1 Sara pirilla p"a<e?aea a f-w a'Wintaire- notenjo?eu In * y other me^i iue .or th* cure of all ?elual diae??e? ; ann which m"?t with an enlightened public rende it aaaurrdly ' '>iyhiy (xipula'.and a eaideraium I ?u a? iignt f?r >n thr me.n cil Willi II n-ra? no Fonnupnirm rr riMU|t 01 m?i inn improved form, , hat of a paste it i? ent lely Usieiras. and mi unpl?a?a,.t sensation t'i the patient It i aa acquired the u'moat fauie iu almost ararypart of Kuro|.?; it ha? b en exunluerf, appioved <>l ?ud sanctioned by the faca'ty of mediciie, and rec <mmend d by the mn?' eminent ol the profe?siun- Pr-panl by J. B. Thorn*, ciieniist, Londou, and for uilr and ret?i' by JAMEa '1 ARRANT, 26? Greenwich street, comer of Warrvn sre?t. Alao. at J firk R"W and 51B Broadway, ii3 Bro.dway, I 4 rt'uad?f%>, CO u?r of Lispena d ?tre*t, 39# tiruadwav corner ol , Walker ?tre-1. n3" 2?t?'ec THE INVISIBLE WICr I GO eloaely resembles the real tieaid of h.iir that sceptics and I v cnniioiaaeure have pronounced it *.h? m?<( laifectandn ' traordinarv mventioi. of Ae day. Tb? ?rea? ?<1> an u< of thi? 1 novel and unique wig ia iia being made wirnont tawing or weaving, which caiaea ita appearances to eloaely to esemble the natural hair, both in lightueaa and natural appearance, as u> , defy detection, ita textnre being ao beautiful, ?o porous and ?o : l*re?, that in all cue* of perspiration evaporation ia ummjieded, uid ;ne great evils of other wigs entirely avoided, 'I he sceptic nid connoisseur are alike invited to iu?|i?cl thia novel and bean rifol Wig, and the peculiar metSod of fitting the head, at ti e manufacture^!. A C Barry, 146 Broadway, corner of Lihenjr rreet. bp stxlra. o21 Imeodia'r P XTENSIVE COMMERCIAL LAW AOKNCvT^ablulled iii thia city in August. Htf, lor lh* prompt Colletlion of Dabt? in all imrtt of the United 8r?te? ? The at'enlion i of m rchints ia i?vited to thia e tabli hment, located at 49 Willi im street. wheie tliey .re raiuea ed to cal1 and e* mine 'he | Ian and laci it ea offe ed to rentier them acrvir* in the way of buiineaa 'I'lie prnprie ore have a ie?dy ea ahli bed c irr s pondenre in almoateoery aection of the U io?, and inieml lo eit'ud it as vspiillv M possible, ao at t rtubiace > ver> collection diatrn t iut>'C (juiied Stttea Antic.|?iinv tu< h en".ouraseinent from the mercantile 'om- ' irunitv ?t will sus'ain autelul and praiseworthy enterprise. | nr y >- |>rr|>arr . in Ki>r rrirreucr in mrrcniuia -ur - mum v tf Ha < tranaactrd f a me a of the ni|nn( r aiiecta nlity,an<j in* .e ] icniiiny I Oiu th ae interfiled, 11 to their plan ol buaioera, j dnra^er, and ab litv to carry out the drrtUiir. WOOUWARI) k I)U8 NBKRY, l)tlMt*icr , 4* Willi* atreet. j CHEAPEST CAJBLPET KST\bLI8H HKM lA Trtlj UN'Tto riTATti", No awfBOWf.hT.-AN DKIIHUN H LK)BBH hi?-juat received twenty nala of a|i|?ndid uew patte in uf K.nglian Three Ply eitra double aiipeniue ingrain 1 arreting, Worated mid Tu'ted Hearth Itnaa, Tr napar>nt Win. ow ?>hadea, kc : all of which htviii* b??n punhaaed at low prices I r CASH, wi'l be aoid 21 to JO pet ctnt lo?er than nt any other eafabli*hinei.t in thia city. N. B Jnat eceii ed? 20,i 00 yard* luRnin Carpeting, 2a (d to ) ?>l per yard. lO.Odi w <rr inted all wool Ca petinc, 4a i?r yarJ. JO 000 " itO'iblf auiiertine Carpeting, ie lo 4? per yard. 20, i?0 " Thre* Piy C?.|? mm, fi.nn 8. to 12a i?r yard. j JO.OOu pair a Trauapareut VViudow nh...ln, from $1 to t J th* pair M.Mlyarda Moor Oil Clotha.anv wid'h. 4a per ? aid. ANl)?IM)l)N ?t UOBBS, No. 99 Bowery, the lirat Caip?t eatabliahnifnl *b<>v* Heater aueet. n21 2wia*m DRAB VKLVE'IS ! DJMB VfcLVh.T.* : Paaona in waii of U ab Veir'ta can find tia- m ol different ahad a. with trunri e hlna watered Velv. t, and a tood aaaortmeut of Kentliera. Klowera Kibb?n?, with everv thmr in the above lit.e, at wholesale and retail, at fhCM. VOUNO'H iirat Pr- mum Stm Hat Manu'actory, 96 Bowery, between Heater and Or u.l alree'a. >19 3t*m CO \ L. KUL !? \a < hear aa the cheapea, and a? good ra the feat, of''each Orchtid r<d aah at the Working man'a f^oal Yard, eori er of ChriaropSer and G< e,,*i. h aiiee-a, weithed by a ci ty weigher, and iMirerrd tj any part of the city free of i-art ige. n28 _ KDWARD IK.Wr I.VN ' lM.iKTtH.HKM-'. FKMAI.K PILI.rv , 'OHKSK lar-fainetl -in.I re'ehr*' d Pi)l?, fi*"m t'nrtnjfal, ar j 1 *ve perceive, to li? obtained in tlua conn fry. *'? ailvertia* nirut on tne Uat coluuw, lourth w _ =^AMTTSEMRNTSi-i?? r*l? I* ' *M KA I'HK THIRdTT .11 <!>- oLfc BULL. fHlK KVKVI\(J U r. j-w'l >+ ! ?! < XH'. ( UvlH BKLLr. AJi'r t,?-?.,, (iRAN:? < ON tHTu, M>4? dlJfctM C* . ,ui *, r .,ni?--j b L Hpohr, 'tccntxl byOl?B?ll. tic uii *ui??? h 'li? ?K.p|? o.chwti*. Folio** ?d l>y .. . III HK. T Al'?r whi'h, La in Pu it r K. do ('<pii"io?o, comroanl >nd i urt' *? ?<! by <Mr bu |, *ci mniwiiril I \ I * ?li< ? On lnt.?. I IMWlWl ?Iui *tClLIA<0 I T\R\TKNTF.LuA, I Comi OMdtud ?I?eui?l h 0> nii ,.LI- .111,1 nlrd I h 'tii- <?h I (> rlar In. VHAT? * ?! i M K \ I KB THIS ? VJfj'lWy.. ' I' with PKETTY OIIIL-. ut- HTULBUKO KrnosC, _ VI r Haiium \ft*r Which, FEATd BY ELL?L,KR HROTHF.RH Followed by FAMILY JAKi* To coiiciunr wmi THE IRISH SCHOOLMASTER. MiTOHICUi M OI.YMP1C T HiC AT It K, THIS F.VKNINo lJ?crmhrr 1-Tlw prrfon?ir., will Co nmens* with COUS'N LAM' KIN. Alto which FRA UlAVOLO. AO* winch, A TABLEAU Vl^ANT. To ,ui'lude with THE NtW h (HITMAN. VlBLO'H BUHPBIt. Mtumgefi Mei?r? II. Kockw>ll and O. R. Stone A aplendid l)*v Performance, for the gratific tion of ?h? you gw hrrin. hea of faimlie*. wi I uk? place ou Saturday af trrnouii lint, at 2 o'clock pieciaely. Eiineiirian Conductor Mr. H. Hockwell. aMer of h? I ircle .Vlr. H. Naedham. Premier dulto an I Mown Mr Alei. Ro kwell. <<rore>i|ue tt I'ya* Kxiravagant Mr. M. Willinma. Pierrot and Mi dm- Mr. B. Hantington. BRILLIANT ANDTTNTIUK CHANOK. Til IH KVKNI*"*. tie iin'orn ance will comuieuee with A UOUBl k Tu * "POf.iNt. Mr. B It mill U W'll rule hit i i t I." i- i iv Fniocaif. Moil* L? 'I'niae ??lV ? iiIiii. i ;t mini .r piowta*. lirmi id GymnaifK* l>> tin ilorkntll i < a Mr. O. K. rtton", in iln l.ij.. "It i 1 ?ir * i l' fli? U?'1 *1an. Att 'niitiing ' < fa lij \V }. if? in > >?A comic one h.Tte ,n-|,. utilli-il h Love i i'l Lienor. Mr Franklin anil Mat' S ,vcn? i. ( hi <>n and Aj.i'itlts. An Ki|iie?triKii ballet, c?i!nl l.i Vill.i.euite el ton Am>nt Manl> V aultintf.hy the c.inpaliy . I Nat >r H,>mer?el Tnroweta (pontic D.nnat of the P mv I i! hf. ine Clover. Tram forma io , by Mr U. tMiimiit, on bia r pid atred. Iiram Franklin. Oil In Coidr Vo ante. Mr. T rner, id a gra d<ci>eon ix Horace H n*a, Me b ilif Airican Minairela. Cnnclud- with an 1 iju Itri u hv 24 tlixieeand Ridrra. 1 lie J ."ra will he <<|>ei>rd at 6*?overture at 7?performaur." will ci mm?hce at 7>f o'clock. THIult S INUEPKNUENT AMUHlOAfl CIHCUh. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE SPL* NDOR AND NOW LIT. Ho?ea 25 eeuta; fit ilK end THIS EVKNIMI December 1?i he paafnrmanoaa will commence wi li a O a d Eutrec, n t ed THt < HINi'St TAKiAK c?VaLi.V. After wlich It- ? of Mora niaiiahi . Po?tnring an i Tan bling. S il Vaulting. Le Phg. Si >w ra> ting xe F?ata of Strfintli, l>} M- Can-eld, the unici cin flimton Mr. Wb tUnk tier lno|>ian Bo jo P ayer a..d Mtlodiai. To c. n .nde ?ith HT. QK.ORUE A^U THE DHAOQV ANKIIICAN MUSKVIH. WAN UEltlAU (j IP SI E S . The Maiatir ia haniy >o nnuonii. ?* In' h- haa, at a rtrr <i?at en en't, en i ged Mi "a AN N E CAT-'UtNNA WAVNKR. ihrb hi t fa Cii|i>>y <iir\ mna.reii 'mi ilil frha it t? t^uem of fl.e Clan . f boh m an Itip i?i wl|(S rc-n ly ?r?ne.l a U 'l-mire. "tat bein, T'^K KIR8T A^u NI v OIP.-?Y i-AmiLY 1H A > . VKR ViSllEU AMERICA. *he can b en throughi ut tlie whole day anj ?> un g, dr aaeil iu l.e na <o 'im>e, aa the UIP8Y y KKN. al e a ihf For'une Te In ol n? clan. -ud will be harpy to ei. mre'h h'-iula of li ! o?e who wi h to conaalt her teg udn g Pun, Pr.->111 and d.ture 'Tenia '1 he | i>ata**ur d ihat bia girl ia piveiaily what ai.e |.|ol<aaei to be, tit : a engine OIPSV OR ZIOEUNER. known in Spam by on ol "Zmaili," in Ruaaia aa "Zigaui," in Peiai i aa ' Z.i.gim," ii| England ai "U uoua," <Jr N. TwlM THLMd rbia magnificent lit'le nan. oho ia the da'ighl of all who am im. anil who wr>. In OM.Y FIFTEEN Pt UN OS. haa been imlnc> d to reiu n 'mm Phl'ai ei, hi ard remain I are fa ? d*\ Only I pre loua to n a tiual depaitura tuuth He may e ah lironi lo ur the ?l>o e *'ay ?nd ??e ing. On th? < will a> |ie r n?i g a mnaL ?* enoua a> d eitrtmdinary a?-iiiI in ih- y e of apo roil Bona a?? mouuiid onhiatniT <:h rg -r Tti>? uiu al Kxi-tnt a* * irntut to 1 on I t urn'', trorn Algw. by ?iuiii? \VVch, J iq. Mix *'AK> \ OANNO x, the poi ulu and admired Vo en i?t mill i.a..?ea?*. .Mill ( l> >IJ. I ? D'f quail <1 3 nit'rraa. Thr VtCHAMlAL riOUHKH by S.gnor Fauo, rapt???-nti' u li r wi li a (lit ii' ur?rt e oit rtiNlvlAu. MAONE1 ItiVI h' ft l> i rJohm n. IV r H * SHKtt.t aN. ihr Ball-id mi g r. JRe. *T WK3 i'F.RN, tlir gr-i rai L c motive Ni||?r ?er ? ?u T. li. B iOTH. the Comic Hii.gtr and Nr*?o F.itiavM'nI'?t The KK> TUi KY MIN8THELS, ? ho w-ll reliira ih? i nu rnit ta b> a Beat varuty uf iir(ro mufi, i u>ta, irlr.iua, I.ii n br. L)ay rf'onraneii Wa^re da* aiH "aturday af rruornt at J '? lu k preri ?-ly n a anin>-aa (i>rn i vrry ri filing Lav i it n aiimiif o in th>- rreimig lire, n> rpt W?djiaadar m'< ?Mlufd y. Adm-iinn Co th*?hol? to crufa?childraa a dcr lw if ha1' i?r Cr 2J r-n an n to t|ioa? r.>?ii c-naul* th? f*i|xy I'fiv'aly fKALK't WKW IOHK IHVIltllB, AND PICTURE UALLERV. (lirixutiray, irjrponitr ihf i ity Hall.) A DOLL A'1' WORTH FOR 12* CENT8. MR H. BENNETT nuuuuncrs tli? following attraction! fur only on" alul ina ?i ii hr < UALLt N??K>- ALL COMPETITION. Mita Rl 'HA v.ON D th clmming V . caliat Maa ADAIK, ih'**vr iinpular ? ngutrraa. Mudjii,f AliOLI HE iff Ud\ ? f inu-ll g?ncr, v?ho may b? ' oii.uliri] at al hou.i through ut ihe day and r??i ilk, itfard mg Past Timet, Present and Future. Mr O. W. Hi'V i , iha rrbOwnrtl Bai>j> !'U,ar and N?fIo Dancr. 8h grr fcr. M A ?. LiN TON, the celibrat*d Comic Mrdlay Sisgrr M'''o?n?t _ Th- lam us Ar Ml A IN MIIXSIKLLS w II sm( a great v r.etv i'f ne^ro h>ii|<. dueta, feframs, i arodi's, lie. eunclad ing it1' ill-- cue! r led Fanny t.l.sler S? r n?de. I) y Pe lot.nrnrfi raturrfsy alt*n oou J o'< I ck Admission t? iIn* >?li"l<* I2H reals?on* th Iliac eitra fo r i ?u'ti ic Mtdniiir Ailoli hi*. F'KKK I.KCTIIIO t>--Mr MANUKVILlK, ti>? Bliud Vr?c?li?t will lenuie ihn (Tl>ni?'i?y) event k. in the lacn'e room of hi* Broadway T?l?rn.c f, commencing IITK o'clock. Sulj?cr?The Moral Influence* of Mimic. Mr M will linn some of hia favorite pieces. nJ# Jt*r BILLIARDS. SVVKN ooon TABLh-rt i on- mom, at ?0 Broadway, adjoining the 01 vmpir ThetlM Si* centa an hour for each , la\er duri c th* day time. Tin* u ual nric*S by (as light, vlr U'loUKl* H invites his friend* and the public. n:,0 4tis ac'r ON Dr.MANDh, uni* servant* k'rai.fuse, pour ft mine dc chambre; le I'etnoinelle pou. laoer lr tin liuge, pour cogdre, See. lour iniurmaliou, ailez chut .Viadame BROWN, (S i anal ?!i?t. WANTKD?A French wmnan. ca-able of atterdin( on younv la nej, taking r?re of 'iieir wardrob*. wu''|d| An* ih ugs, sewing. 8cc Apply at M'l. BKtlMr N'S ttcrc. M C?ii*> sirart. nil It*r 'PWUM V HVK I) LLAH8 Kt;W\hD -Lo.t, co ihr ' 22d iu?r. a russet W*ll?t, * >th statl clasp and apr ng. containing four cm notei and four 1 j i otea on the N*w Haven 15 ink. '1 h* tiudcr will r>C'ivtr he above reward on uelive y uf the aHov? at the . ffic- of (he ( ranklin House. uJO ft"?c LOST?O i Tuesday evening, supposed near >ib'o'a Oar dan, in Haoadway, a p.iirof Tortui e 'hell ."peeta-lea "na of the gl >a>ea crack-d, -ml a piece or silver pla e on the lef aid* I ho li.ider will b? pud i ne dollar by leaving them at (1 Liber y m-et uMl Jtr CL'?AK FOUND?On Tueadav ffeiiing. a g?nd?m<a'a Cloak I he o? ner c?n lia>e (he ?*n.e by proviug property *' d i?yi<i( charsM, by appl' ing lo nM Itec Fftt-NI-H PAPEH. i Barclay .tTat. PACKET SHIP UTiCA. fion Hifit -f'ouiiiwn n; this hip ?r? icquntr to aend ther permit* on board, at pier No i N. R. All go~da not i<? muted bv the 5th prot will b? liable to he at to tiie i ublic aiore under geoer.l oidar. n2? ?tr SI I' (Ki LADIt.S' riAl K-bKEBse H, No. I Murray atr?et, raapectfully ainouncei 'hat ha la pre|*re4 to ?il ni, ladiea i. i| eir itaidaoraa, and to dr-aa he-da according to th. la it firman taahiona Termi vary moder ta. tut Jm* rrc VfOH \ ->"K AND HUD-ON KA LHl<AU COMPANY. 1*1 - T a ?eui' aiiiiu I lntaia^i dae on the flrat day f Laramie r ri . on the bonda ik>urd I)\ tt ja (Jou, pa > in 1137 an'* >MS, will be ou tliai dav at tha Mechimce' Bank, Naw York, on incae>itati"ii -ml drlmrr, of tha Coupon* Nov-mbar U, I84J. I nW 1' r O. LAW, Preaidi-at. i PK1VATE BUAKDING. GENTLEMEN witn their ?i?ea, or >iugle gentleman, can he accommodated wilh lurnialifd rooun, with r * ithoat l? aril, ar as Laiei.ail itre t nW 3t*m ~OUA u A I y? . HA vidtott 8 i txt.f. V. 'T'HHEE or four (ientlrmau < ?n now be coaif rt-bly acaoai* inodared with board, and pleaaant loom* with i?ui tr ee attached T" ? moderate?>l>p?nce? renuned. nlTeodlwr Vf A H K ED UK MNOlK WEN I Lt.MlM, dwuoaa of a A" com'ortaMe home f r the winter, can be gent-ely accommodated tn a prirata'auilv, i?iih ei ellmt b ard and ?o o i pactum. and airy rooma, the loea .on being eery da-irabla. luiet, convenient to ibe ? pa>t of the it,, ana only a moment'* walk from tha r. at Broadway line of jtagea Kaimliea wiahii t (o make airamemMit* fv tha winter araaou can be *rry handaome y lomiiliod with p'endiil partor* and rooma attached. by applying aoun. Ihe adrertiaer ferla aa<oi>d on the point oi icono?y ind good lieing, her houae cannot be nrpaiaeil, aad pledgea that no paina or eaeitiona shall be ?p* e i 'o rend rrrerypr>ai ble atte. tioii and comf >rt to th >?e who may honor h-r with a >r..l _ a M a III. H I'II l I T ,,*7 Im* me GREAT REDUCTION. DOUBLE KNTHy BOO --?KfcPINO?.n|T Fi??D?Ur?, <nd f pist In y Pe inn uhlponly Two Do'Uis XIlr. KIK8T PhK.VllUM awa.ded it.rr* conn cnti?e tw for tn? be t ?p cimens ol OH-hend I'enmauship eihibited at t e areat K 1 i of the iu t tnte GOLDSMITH 8 CHIROGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, for the loitr'iC ion of PENMANSHIP and Book Keecini. I8U Br ?dwy, opposite John stref. ' now oi?-n during the day aid evemug, fir 'he r?eepnon of puP' ? aud ' ililrrt, The gentlemen a-^juire a t? Id, free an'I expeditious strle ol Mercantile Penmanai.ip iu Irom vn t* twa^ty ! ? ?? of o?? horsicli The l*Hi?? are Uaght a neat Epistolary hand, a beautifnl sccompliahmsnt to the s-? BOOK-KEEPING. Th* ?y?t?tn of urtaccn i?ur* ?mJ *t hi? Ac* d#mv in tni? imr??rwni study is im derr fr??m *ny pen ltd woil, 11 rfiult o? a thororgh irricf 'il knowWp o' ih# Theei-rc ses being .o-rrsnged ss f r-n er foliar .o the ?. dent-verv department of Jiercanti e b'i?in* se, VV HICH ' IK TAINLY CANNOT QUIRED ?Y SIMPLY BALAN' 1NU IINC i-f.TOh lOyKS Ladies' Writi??CU?s m?ts daily at II o cloek. 0*itlem*n d-n.g th* d .y sud eeeuing, at sneh honrs a* mar be,t .nit their convenience meparsie psrl of lor private instruction. Kor sale st the Academy?A superior article of Metallic P*n?. n? lm*ec REMOVAL. rj'HK KTNOE AND WOHSTr.t) STORK OF D. M rK\ K fc CO. h?t? H*#n removed ro So. John iiwt. j pn? f,,rmer ran< of 1 in Willi"in tfr^r nX fw?c TO PRINTERS, POR SALi..-Tw# fouau of T'j*, Minion tod Noiwmi, I which harr bt*n Tinfd on fh?? Nrw Vork HMlW ^ppl? C this otfic.

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