Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1843 Page 4
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Dr*TRT <-TfvB KmrV On the ntfht oWie f*h, the large jkoml^l of"T HHmmi |V < o , *l Deiivil]<^^^^^^prai totally destroy^Il>v fire Loss I'nom Anoihar grist mil, taw mill and MrtflklMM Samuel Howe ?uUu , near Old Town, arf Aacoua weafc^umwd recently. Lost f insuiffnnr * ><?? Si.avic Tkaok jn Brazil.?-The. commercial trade of Bthta, it ia ?i?id, hits greatly increased u 1'hin the l?%*ix months. A leUi>fq|^Mi.t|?kjN>xtl dakal Octotx-r t, says, that the slave tradw; <jfit HrifM. much gretter extent than at anj oiler jmrt 'iflfllolitW ' lieu. I :>"*>t*<-e4<M*ttqrMHte? that a fdiooner, l>?lo<igi?K to an Fngluhman. arrived there a few day* before with n cargo of S.Hi slaver all mi whom were imtne<liately ??Jt tar into the interior. / Sleeping on a Railroad.?On Monday afternoon, us the <1<^ftfWlrd passenger train of the Western Railroad was approaching Palmer, a man was observed lying on or ueai theimc* It wa? too late to stop the engine ao as to prevent its passing over him. He wa> so much injured that it was supposed he would not .urvive U.*?k ascertained that he was intoxicated. He ha 1 a bottle in his pocket which was not broken.? fti'ltnn -iditrtitfr, Xor '29 The Rivers ?From letter* we are rejoiced to hear that a rise has taken place in the upper river? which will allow navigation by all the boats nowj running In eight or tru days from this we may consequently expect to find our wharves crowded with l>oat?, cotton and uiarchandije, and our streets and houses crowje I with pooj>le.r? MoMt Hrrald, JVor. 21. Majivelloi's K?c.\pe.?Yesterday ntternoon, while Samuel J. Kiker was attaching a i?air of oxeu to a load of hay welghlug over a ton. the team st artel suJlenlv, by ? Inch he was Knocked down, so that the wa~on wheel* run directly across his neck. A Mr. '/ra ic being present, and seeing the accident, seut in tn itly lor medicai aid, though he sup|K>sed the man was of course fatally ii^jure<1. Dr. Smith was soon on the spot an 1 found that "the fracture was in the right cheek twine, caused by being prccsud upon the frozen ground, and no other injury than flesh bruises and a consequent sw elling of the face could be discovered It is surprising thai u ton w eight could pass over a man's neck w ithout breakiU? i*. and thus depriving him of life instantlv. As it is, we learn that the patient is doing well, and will probahly own be able to resume his business.? \ruark .Mrrrtr'nrr, No c. 29 brrco'.ariks?society, ani> Arrests in At.rany---The arrest of the Mt. Morris pant;, it will be seen, has led to another not lues im|>ortant difeovery ? nni that i* the participation of one of our city constables intone at least of the recent robberies. The account of the arrest of constable lames $H. Burhans, is, we believe, correct. The " F. J." sta'es that another individual, who?e name is not given, had been arrested on a charge of pmicipa'ion in the recent burglaries?and upon Information derive ! from some of the gang now in prison; yet the =c a'-re-t": do not pitt astoptothe robberies. The Albany Vdvertiser of the 39th states, that a most ilaring robber) w a? perpetrated in that City on Monday evening": A man of respectable appearance, named William II Koon. a cattle drover, of MiUbrd, Otsegocounty, has been a' Qui I lerUnd, in this count v, for a few days, with a drove of cattle Having disposed ol them,he deposited the proceeds oi tne *a;e in tne < I'y Ainany ?anK. i onciufliiiR to return home on Von lav evening. or early on \ ester !*}' mo-ninp he drew hi* dcposite (<ilOOO) in notes ot'tbr City TVi-ik o i Mon.lay, which he put in a |iocket hook, and for sMvtiri'v. place I the hook in a pockct iti the inside of the let hret** of hit vest. On Monday e\ eniujj h? went to V-mi'ii'heVre, carrying the monev with him On hi? r-'fnrn hoTie he was hustled liy ten or fifteen tnen, s'.mijc-s to him and in a few second* roVibei of the p )*'cet hook containing the money. (TENTI.EMEN'S OUTFIT TING OuODS. JOHN M. DAVIE* & JONES. V<6 Wiu.TAM cornfr ov TOWN, T1 W'K rere??d per lure *rriv*ls and now h**e in ?t?r* .i full 1 ' issorrinent ot r^od* in ti eir line. Thev f?el confident that th?'r ??ork i? not ecuslled in this city. and their goods will he hi low tiir cash. Gentlemen will find a Tariety of new styl? ot Bcarfi, C rirnts, W.iiw (Moves, Drea?inr Toeket Handkerchiefs lie. t nder Garments of every variety, ot V.nglishland Americas a ntifactare, ?i?r? Merino Shirt* and Dra""?? l.airhs Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shoker FUuuel do do Pnrtmliin do do PIvn Si "ihh?d Silk do do f.adiet Meriu^kSilk do do With n treat ra'ierv of ort??r styles. S'ili Militsand r>?wer?t Ribbed and Plain, .made to order Et the skjrtwt nntiee. Hosiery, Olore*, 8iup?n?er*, 8t"ck?, xnd every other article of ontfittine E'"xi?. CAPS. Oui n?.>'tm?nt compnaes every style now in use for eentle men, you h and children at rfatlv reduced pnee? o26im*m ~OTDE TO SOUND TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENT?STRY| T"\R. A C CA?TLE. Ml BKUAOWAY, corner ' of WHITE STHKF.T ha? a Pnste for fillin* vi ' ?> -> ii coii ne |uii imo ine ihihi ngitn uwtVi withotrt my pain ?r inconvenience, with which if beiv>t ? into ONF hard solid body.thus restoring and p-n erring (hitherto painful and useless teetnl artificially sonnd *1"*' i*etr-f! in all the rpspective tun for I il??preventing IN \1,I C \gKS, the "entity of pi traction. Ladies the mutt d'-tinrnuhwi id society. oiler tlwii testimonials in th. mo?t vivid terma, aj to it* "ttieacy Th? Editor of the Evening Post .ivs ?" It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and tiervom r-r?- n?, and Dr.< 'astle operates on the teeth with great ear# and ability ' Th? New York Aurora snvs :?" It makes the teeth n til reapecu perfect for life." The Sun says Dr. Castle has obtained much celebrity for his excellent mode of filling the V-eih " ! in inost eminent gentlemen of tha Medical Kaculty hs-. perauuailv tried and recommend Dr (title's Paste for tillinit the teeth Tooth-ache pills, one of which put in the aching tooth will effect a permauent cure (From the Journal of I'ommerte ) Dr.LIUATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION-Or. S < ''astle his replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental tneclmiism the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bouts, ?ho> .iway in the ease of Lieut 8 , of the U. 8. N.. who Met with this tenihle and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indians io Florida We have seen letters from Lieut 8. v:< urtrmit'iir of ihis ?*tr?ordiuary cure and its entire snccess, that the loss of these important organs so skilfully replaced hy I *stle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant .Dr C userts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by at? mospheric prvasare Dr A. C. <'astle refers to the Spanish French a*d FngUsh Ambassadors, Ml Stoughron, the Spanish Consul, }tear Admiral Walton. Lor?J Moi*i?eth, (?eu. Mcf^srty, fJ-j? Dr F V. Jifhnsmi, Pcesideat of the Medical So iivty, S. \ V.: Mrs Oetn*ral tramen J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. J \ ^mith, Dr E Delatield, Dr. Beadle. Dr. Boyd, Dr Bnper. Dr J C. Chr?man, Dr. A !'. Stephens. Dr. J. Torry, P.ivIhui. Dr. Wo Grayson D Dernua, hr fcc. Office 38' Bw^w?v n'2'ro*er MEDICAL CARD. O H' K. No. 19"> k ul'ou s'.e?t ?I)K, KaWCETT, Meu> b "I" lh? hoy*! C I eie oj^ Sur.e" ?i of L"ndon ' ,l'0" Kurf . ani or ll<r Jefftr?on Medical < e.e of Phi are i' i?, author of *t' r?l woik< on the n?i eritive omm, tt<*. c n<iu t,i. pr?c ice t a cerHin claa< of delicate <'i?e **? in %' llwr v ri k i d|'t I 'd r nip'tcated furm?;'h'* or t cj>m if v- .r.*| !f?. : iu< w I yieul 'o Ir* mi> ? ol treatment with ni r? t a u' in diet, 1 ind-auce from bu?ino?, aud without ni-ituv i on>t tational debility imtvtencc. ?terili?y, temi"?l viak> i e ? uociujnil rian loni, aud ?jl thoi* dep orable dur-? a ? ic'i are ur u Hf on hv a aecvt <'e?t uctire hi'i-of incou?i I * a h ?nd mber *?ce #nre iuduliceiic > of l^e pi?<w iur , v h' ti uu't? in n- th? emit t ti >n mil I y tli* 'ou dif on of ; r* .-it'-rn , ( ee D\ *aw-ett ? work <>? lh-n? -ubjecu ) '.a be '"hIkk ly cured, and the part' rent to h alih and ?it *tr c urtii . f the net"" , mei'd'nr aa far a? th pro.late id a,d lire of the b> adder nl whieTi *re ge er..lly produc? V tt>r b d'reatm nt of ?'i?e**?. and tr-q"ently the, o.i.i11> f m n>a*tu'b ttiou, can b? radically cu red Dy Dr. f aw celt, a' l? Fu on ?t,?e? P S ? D . V . i< h? olde t ad?eri?in? Phvsieiai: in the city; hi? dipl m ? ir ro Lo>dii kdi"bur|h and Ph'lanelpli a ?re I II x " III '?rve fr-in i iu hit office, where kit Work) a i ! obt re.1 P ic J< c? t . n30 tn#ee t AI EN I bL/iO I i> SHOULDER BRACE. 'pHf. SUBS< HIBKH8 offer, with fall confidence in its ' :tilit? aud rmefvlneaa. the above named article. Thu M l lr IF intended to braoe the shoulder**. aupport the back, and , , .1 the cheat, living a graceful outline to the figure, ind p i'! >? found indit[ieuMible to pertoni of sedentary hatiiU. mil ruardiaiii ?r itrticulajHy requeaied to examine thia -c?-. it will be fnuud in poaaeaa every requisite luality for wtiich it i? recommended, namely?to brace the shoulders of chiMrvu nid others who have acquired the habit of aloopiuK, it' ! rvTam fheir form iu an upright jKoiuon. They can be worn < ill e-rfect eaae. being IVjiin*-J Willi aJi elaatic back, and will bi found of no impediment to the frw u??- of the arro? The ?ibk. nb.ri ?l*o off"r their celebraied Klaatic Kphni, K?uia ?r Hid' . R.^t Thf nbnre article* itre maim fact u red under the th HiniifM fur The latt tuieen yean. and may be depeiiileil on a.? Ui?Tio' to any .trticle ?ffer offered for the Mine pa pate. S M whoietaje ^b?i rvtaiI at the old estahlnhment ?f PARSKXLV k AOATE, tT Broadway. corner of Park Place. *? B - Lartirs will Im supplied aud lilted by calling at the I?? < ,ir? of MAOA.MK rAH..-K.I-LS, M7 (rreenwirh street, * . " r (?)(! n v1 1 * eee? nW ?m rn .11 .Air liVkiAlltlb?1DU liule uwoa iiateli it leagued f:.r those who rejoin a a |>eed y rnd private cure f ' certain infectious vomplamta. and in which the best and m ?t tnawniwl treatment in a plain and faithful manner Tne t rie* it $i The present advertiseinent, however, rt to state t>,.it. the mtlior has now publithed the most i?<enatiua chapter ?tliit on the canaea which rnutler tlieae complaints to obstiLat* * id li .eriuft?id the form of a tingle letter, which he supplies, free of -tpmae. to auy one withinn it. Hit reauon* for doing l/ns are uie-n in the letter itself: and in this, also, will be teen vhy to many persons tnffer on from mouth to month with ? complaint which it ao prone to affect the mind at well iu function! of the bod). and which it to easily and tpeedily cored r-iifln .ace it* natore ia explained But 'at it thoold tr tn pi weed that the letter here r-ierred to pinf eases more llian it nelly contains, the aalhor bees to state, th itie hu loan etjierienre, he has teatimomapl letters on t.i> inViject of his irteiHity and thill from the most em nent ptn->t< <tus in Karone u> the mos; eminesit in America, as 8ir \itl.-i 1 /oopev to Dr Mott. of New York, Dr. Physick, of I'M ntelphia and others; and alto that he it permitted to refer fo (Jifiott every ihvucinu of eminence in the city Or 'laiph would alto farther stale, that lie u consulted oa iImwh of thit aatnre it Ins private resilience, No. M Oreen* ch s'rvet, at any hoar, and thoae who honor him with their confidence, even in tha mott complicated state of disease, will be arprif<4 at Uie "use and laickness with which, in general, tiuin a rare. "II Inter Obstruction- The rmim of all I'ulmonary UiMbO.- i K op?What ?s the came of Cough f Obstruction. Wi?t it ll<r c.t'ite of HemmortiaKe and Spitting of Blood 7 Obstruct iou. W hit n die cameof < on?tm|itir>n and Abscess ? Obstrueliil. Vrhgt u the eaut? of ttrouehitisf Obstruction, produciim nirtaintnatiou of die lining membrane of the Bronchiua or Win I Cubes, and an eicration of mucuous or pns.and frequently di chirget of Blood AnO ?lin n Ailhm? or difficulty of mw'iin, but obstruction, canted by this macuout or pural-nt *? clogging up those tubes, ?nd therefore impedi .g r*s|iir?tiou. Tl^in kiHi obstruction Md thw will be no fctw itr inflamafi >'i ? no Cain uor Cough?uo Abscrssinnr Consumption?no tl<.nm >r!ni!i? uor Hpitti'ig of BIoijo?no A?thm? or difficulty <> athi g?hot a rnstoratiou to hmuth will b? certain An<l wtiit it me ?r?e remedy pointed out by nature to remove t' u obstr action ? I h?- iuswer it r.ipoctorntion. ?es, eipsctora?ion 11 ua t'i r'i r-medy For, reader. there la no other outlet for the I a ?ica ?<. 'Iis> liarge their *mat?d eir rations, bat through the Trachea or Windpipe, and tin* natural discharge la Inspectorstion. l n j*iti n >t?ir<\ and produce this desirable result, nothing h ever l?ero found equal to Jsyue't Ktpactorant- It la tlie re' i.if of 0?-rtperixtiLeol tuaiiv vears practice. It producea a f and e.uyerj?ctoiatiot> suppresses the Cough,sedncea tlie i? rr .iovi* jV ?|?si ,Jic action of the vessels, and i.- It the ili^del lurfjrr of ihr Bioncbtna or Wind Tube*. Tb* b mil hi' it ne ' ?e? r%aay, aud the patient almost uniformly If eers, a 'I even in the itttjat ho|ie|at? ruses of f onsompiiou, it [ r.idnen t <le*ree of relisf never before eira-rienrrd by till .. her mepirstion. and prolongt ths patient's lile to an'mdeAuil* .. tuiO .lany ?tvo were proaoumetl incurable two years ago. their f'hystciaut, are still alive, aud apin^r no worse than .. i did the*, while bnndieds, uay thonaauds. have entirely rei ivered I Kipeaioraal, ' anuinatfre Balssm and Tosit Vex . "isv or ttad at wholesale and r??*il of A. B k L> ttauda. ' ' i Jv'ii. V K. corner of Oold, 271 Hrn*4wsy, 77 Kaat l ?il?sv <m lm*r JPJMJ THE ELIXER OP X&JTE Tl? household u? '. Uie h<xt*?hola How bmnilitfctfc'r ? w? j Willi nwV li>?m>* * %?l Old look* til' hu.lMiid ?u the wife? The wife "?*?? her lonl. WlfabWfctiiiWttttUQff1 ^ ' *1 hi .-*nnii*- s i 'un mnwi ni-,*i ' ' NWMltlfcllKTa^^ Luciu* Cordial'.?blfreu wive* If >> to mother* fnir, And t nr foud u&me of Father girn* To hutfeuidsTn de*pair' lu lenehorrea and io gleet*, It prove? a *oTer*i(n balm; Consumption too a conquaror m*ela In it* unfailing ch <rn>. Kmptio'*, U?*itndeaud pain*. In tfeck. or l^ina, or ch *t; D)>?oe brought on hv sudden Itraiu*, , Di*cha Kin Ion* *up|>rr**ed, Are by thia wond rout Cordial cored. * No mop their rictiu * ?> *. Thai by it* aid ia health iutured At one#. tori'h- raei. Let all whoiuff- r fr.nn diaenae Or fault in Natuiv'* L?w, Seek lr.on rbn Brand ?pecifie ?a*e. At ninety-two N nan. And No IS Conrt ?trw, Button; No. 90 North 61I1 street, Phil irialphia. Persons orderiuff thit medicine from th- country, by sanding remittance, can har? it boxed up and Mot to any pail of lha 1 non lYice S3 |?T bottle or Ml r?*r H. fen n2' lm*m MLTNUll. i all ot* i us liii. NEW YORK MEDICAL ANl) SURGICAL INSTITUTE No. 76 Chambers street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED 2 ^?coi.dary Syphilis. J Inflammation of the Eyes 1 Scrofula. 5 Whites 3 '?li?i 4 Constipation. 1 Chancre. I Croup It <Jono"+?ma 2 Diseased Kidueys. 2 B onchit ? scute. S Onauism 3 *-u|i|>rr?noii of tlie .Manses 1 Grant Debility. 1 Flooding. 2 Khenmarisin. 2 Diarrhoea. 1 Oisaase of the Hfturt 1 Dysentery. 2 Midwifry. 4 Headache 1 Difficulty in making *a1 Tyi'lius Fsver. ttr 1 Pleurisy. 1 Seminal Weakness 2 Piles 4 Examination of tht Chaat i Cou.hmg. Ui detect oiseaae OPKRA I'lOM*. 4 B:\ilStncrureseuiwd without 1 I'isaRssnf the Spine cutting or htimiug. 1 Causer on Breast removed 2 Intl .inetf Testicles. J Hemorrhoid tl Turners w3 Bunoes cured by <iu itnpror- m ved ed imihod. 1 Disloiation of Shoulder 1 H^dr iC'l . Joint. 1 Fistula in Ano. 2 Operations for Squinting. 1 Polypu. in ihc Nose r?t?ov- 1 Diseased IVsticle removed, ed 3 Miwll i nmors removed from 1 U'cernted Breast. the Face. I Kraft are. 1 Krvnipela*. 1 < use of Subbing at'etided to 1 Bleeding from the Laagt. The |KX>r attended to charge, ererv day, between I and 4 o'clock. i?A. H. BOBTWICK, Attending burgeon and Phyaieiaa. JOH.N J. CLARK, \potli?e?ry and Seer ia.ry. nlO Imec RHEUMATK'S AT ? END ! Dr. GARDNER, who grul <ifed nudrr Profe<aor Park?r. ofthi? cit , in the Pittafi I>| Medical 1 ii*i it ration. ha> compounded for family u?? hi* e ehrve t a|iectftc lor the ? ure of Kheumati?m. It la pat up with dire~t<ona for ns<, in bottle* ai Si 'ml $5 ea<h and has oe^er failed in ruiinit rheumatic toothache. etrache. no *11 rute |miu? wh-ti applied ax dirrcteil Dr <??rdi er aim comp uud* ?lJ his l'i r sal- (ciri-fu Iv put up. with dir ction* for nxfi, iu b tilea, hi* laluable Hepatic V|t ure. an iufallitile cuie in liver co'npliint*. Alterative ^yrup, (a cena<n cure for imic?rial iffm-tium, arrofuli, eryai|?la? and all other diaeaa>a of the lond.) Pulmonic Soap (an infallible cure for woiumptiou) at J-' a bottie. Sold *t 160 (jreeuwich, corner of <'onrtlandt utreei. and nowhere el?-. a!4 lm*ec WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, when the following unprecedented tedactiou in dentiftry ii made by the celebrated Dcntiat, W. Thome, D.D.S., 62 Eaat Broadway r Cleaning Teeth $1 00 Eitractiug 15 Stopping withhiiJnatly celebrated Mineral, 75 Single Tooth on Pivot 75 Silver * oo .. " "Gold 100 A complete art of Teeth, on the moat approved priuciplaa, at the aaine price u the above. N. B,?Where entire aatufaetioa'ia aot rivea. ao charge will S* K9 V.?,? Rrnftriwnr nl Im* ! AD? R. A WOKD WITH YOU !?U it not dwirable, { provided the umr effect he obtained) to take medincine in h> e form, ritner than in the n uaeoua atate in which ii i? n?nilly eihibi'ed! Your aiiawer i* an>iei|><ted. aud in view >f it a Loz> nee haa been prr|?rrd b\ the suhj-nber. combiniug a jad'ciona union of euodyi e, pectoral,and aligMly e>|>-ctoraut rtn.ed ?. Ii gh'y usetul 111 cough. colds, hoarseiiMt.wenk lungs and affections ol the chest 1 hese Lo'tiit i <1 j not cou am opium, n drug ih t icti >erv unpleasantly with some coustitut'?ns producing Headache and constipation, but the desired anodyne effect is produced b> ihf hippy cnmbi atiou of seve-al i*em\<lceut prtparati ns of the ?<v uble kiugdum. and never, on anr occasi n, act otherwise i au beneficially The formula for their |>rri> ration will be cheerfully submitted to the examiua tiou of pn\ sicians. ITT" Price iBSi cents p*r bo*. Prepared only by E. L. COTTON, Chemist, ice, and suld by mm at his Drug and' hemic*! Store, Jbi B.eec er at, Nfw 'i oiik, and at T. T. UREEN'8, Br iHwr*v nor or Walliar sr nIS im'm Tilt hUma % ha!iT ct AUTiFifciiTikestokZd" ANO FORCED TO GROW BV A THREE 8HILL1NO BOTTLE OF JONWS' CORAL HAIR RtSTOhATlVE. THIS can be proved by some of our m^st re-pec table citizens, who sav thi? really does all we represent- We sell three shilling hotllea 'hat i- r* >u? may try u WW. It gives yaor liair a roil delicious appearance, ad keep* it clean. Qirt it one t-ial and you'll be satisfied. It will actually force the hair to crow on any part where hair will grow naturally, the bend, face or body. It has now strengthened the roots, thus atayin* the hair from falling off, cleaning the dandruff tr?in the scalp- It alto cause* light, red or grey hair, to assume a dark color, and by doiuit this, i>ermaii?ntly to make tKe hair grow naturally dark Irora the roots. If persons use this merely (or dressing tKe hair, not.uug Is more economical, to keep the hair soft, dark, silky and beautiful, at least three times as loot; as any other preparation for the hair. Sold, uric* J, lot I shilliugs a bottle, at the sign < f the American agle 82 Chatham st, N. Y.; Zeiber, S Ledger Buildings. Philadelphia; lte?l ding, 8 State st, boston; and 139 Knltoi st, Brooklyn, L. I. nli Im"ee C~ OTION'8 WORM LOZENOKS !?Parent.?Here is~i nerer failing remedy, ?nd whenever your children seem to droop, I se heir Culor. start in their sleep, sad have ether lodicatious of worms, r ve tt ese Loienges. They will not disapRunt vou. as mauv nave te%-ed to f'e rsatisfactiou. Mr. W W. e- vil'e, VBleacher st, cave oiily two doses to his child, and the health was entirely restored The child, ivhi was pale ai d K. I. Cotton, and sold bv lum at his Drug ami ( heinical More WBWifrit N. V , alto hy T. T Ore?o?, ''hrmnl. fcc 3*9 Broadway, cor Walker st, nil 1m*m PARR'S PILLS. TO THOSE WHO 8UFKKK from complainta reculiar to the KIH8T COMMk.NCKMk.tNT OK WINTM.K. lu no I4IH doe* the blood and aeciwtioua of (he human ?ystem niiderifo more striking rhangrs than in the fill of the year, 01 "1 e pecull* the romnieneemem of winter. If we turn to nature, the chances in the vefeuble world nre found to be not only i'riki glv analagoo?, but t have a ?font influence on the h-althy or rti?eat?d condition of the body From the decay of autumn, and the mnrbid and de?th like a ate of wiuter, the humtu system is also lor a per od affeet.d by a similar feeling, arums 'roin tli? ?cti n ol a temporiry decay, adapt in* itaeif to tlie ?aine Uwt th?t gotern mm mate nature Thia reutk-rt the use som? simple in?ilicine 'especially to tltoae of a tlend r c nstru.ion) oj absolute import nc? ?lor till* it the time to aiti t na'ure with a uVdici e to c Mute, aiid at the same time streng'hen the powers of the vital organs. Ol the fuucti> n< ni cutaary to be cleansed and invigorated, none Ii.iV" a more in iuiate c nuexina thau the stomach and liver. Therreaeuce ol 'Oud l.i the atom >ch, and the hank^y operation of the* p iw-r?, furnish ti e ouly natural tirnulaiit to the livr r; but wh. never th' covingt of the foini' r hec me we k nnd morbid, the lnle it improperly te, rrted, and di> a?e ol ihe liter and tier ectlly uuheulthr state of the ditestiveunians lu this tta'e many p?rson? riv to calomel for relief. Such treatmeut especially at I itt<atOu 0> t*e year. IS IMBIBlMi FATAL CuNBEQUENC* S, as invariably role, lo'lo"ed by ilieuuialitm of the worst sort, ensues. To Of t A HEALTHY TO.NKTOTH* 8I'"MA? H. T<' > MEE lHfc. BLOOD OK ITS IMPURITIES and strengthen tiioae eigans.l lir-dy by li e ch nge of 'he year, in a s'aie ol partial .'?ra> > take reedicmes fr-? frou mi..e ?l mmpounds, i ot d I-termut lu'strengthening Such are PARKS LIKE PlLLs. b nig neifecily gentla in their perations. and Cc m^iumled puiely of vegetables. Ita celebrated autl or, (whose life was prolong d lar beyond that of any o her mm t ncethe Patiaibs) md who for more than a century wma cl se and co (taut student of the medic nal properties of plant*, availed hit eitraordmary a*r b. the judicious u>e of thia com pound To th- ir aupenoi ity, as a talc and and certain rem*dv, both to children ami adults over all other vegetable m?dj< lues inju^TH'/CBANDS OK P(.K8J>8 ARE CONSTANT So'd by uearly ail the mpectabl* Orti*u<sts in New York. anil wholesale by I hoioas K?be la tt C". 31M Broadway, lirit floor, lu Uoston, at ihe Branch Urtire 684 ? aahiugtou street, and id every part of the UaiUMi States and Ca_ada nla linr Ort.II 18 TOOTH WAKH-PtfpuKl from the original recipe at No. 1 Unld atrevt, N- ? York?Thr Orris 'looth Waal u partly a veri table prepajatioa, poaaeaaing the properties ol cleaning tnr terth ana mouth?restoring the gums to a healthy stale, and prevrnliuji any uupleaaafil taaf or odour in th> mouth, whether anaiim from decayed teeth or from a deranged state of the stcmach. It la designed to be nvd with a tooth brush, and will be found U> superaede the necessity of a powder the treth rlrat and preventing the wnuing away of the gums from tlie teeta It ta particularly atrial in cases of spnng-y gums, rcatorink them to ? healthy state, and causing them to contract around ine tooth, in painful affections of the teeth and (una arising froai eiiKMure to cold, it will be found highly baneftcial. It is particularly serviceable to uar the Orria Tooth Wash at night just befare reusing to reat. This method ia recommended oi entfoeot deutula. at by so doing all particles of food whier accumulate dannif the day are entirely removed, and the month kept throujth the night is a clean, sweat, and healthy state. Hound teeth and white teeth are the moat valuable portions of poor hamani'.y ; bat how many neglect the attention neeea sary for their preservation, even when sarroaaded by all the means needed. Among llieae we know of none mora pleasant and effectual than the Oms Tooth Waah?it cleauaea and wki tens the u?eth. strengthens the gains. parity* the month, and iwe^ru ine breath. We recommend its use to all yaung and old.? ft'iaton Morning Post. Th> Orris Tooth Wash ia the beat dnervaat we ore* uaed oa our "a mel.?( Beaton 1 rensurin Kor Ale by the* a. ?tiggisu in the city, m4 r WONUkHFUL HKMEDY. VIRRKY'* TINCTURE AM) LOTION OF INVIOORATION. A SUPPLY of thfee invaluable and evtraorriinary r*mediea has been received direct 'nm Doctor Adiian Virre., ol Lyons by his eiclutive American agrnta, Oe Lauuey k <Jr-y. ol New Vork .Nothing equal to th?m has yet been discovered for removing impotenty, fluor albus, nervoua aflectiona, and invigorating the system snd reviving the decayed eneryin of certain parts, a fact that can be provtd by any person in ten minutes; for while all other medicine recommended for the saine diseaies are admitted by their invrntors to be slow of operati ju.thel'mcture and Lotion ol luvigoration act at once and make their eflec' ft It in a few momenta alter they are made use of. Indtad theirquick and wondriful action is such, that coldness or imbe' illtv cannot remain in 'he constitution that is under th< ir dnminioi. foi lia'f an hour; nor is it |>osstbl? lor any marr.Mrt I. - . k ? ------ '- - I ....... wv ?? itr uj *vu i' iit*iii niuiuni i;ua|>nii| lur thry immediately correct the inactivity ol certain organs which in ninety-nine run out of a hundred it thf cau.e ol aufrnitfalneia 1 hey are al*o nunvallrd leaiodie* in utcipieat couiumpi ii dv.pri >ia, paipiMtimi ol ihf hcirc uer.ona hMdache < and tffcrtiiiiu ol the kidney., ai il in all diamaea produced by a n?n>.|<-?? toliury h?hj', for which they are a ipt-rdy and p?iti?e eare The Tine tare n taken internallyand i? plaaaant to Inelaat*. the Lotion 11 u.ed eiterually. They may he oa?d f|?r?i- ly with im! Iienelit. bat are moit effective *hn naed ?' d',,c* * hot11?, or both hot ilea lur S3 1' ? ?"?raoa? living at a dirtanc* can have theae medicine, aant in the inrin of two j?wn?ri, at only doabla ihe po.tage. w in foil pruned dim non? for coiirrrtiii( 'hem into the Tiae *?{? . *"? l?ot?oa. Jriea |!ji* on* i>owd<r, or $3 for no'h ( when both are naed their ?ffeet u woniierinl in removing im potaace ) LCI*"' *?" t*"'' dirar*#d 10 Da I?auna) Information of a daliiatennd intarairinf natata, which Can aot b? luaait'd la a public adva naeinmt. ? coin antaa Mch hot tU and powder. 1 Imm medic...a. ?l?.uld U i.,ed by pre, naat woof 11, for thftir etcning natnra would he liable to nru daca Mbortion I Bold by a?pO?ltq?Mt of M TO MY OUMAjmjMfcKS ANDTHBfUBLlC. UkUGa, 1 IWWmi, PAINTS, WfiJiUiNEI?, No. m OREgWfTCHilTREV-T. N v.W YORK. JOHN C. MftSlOsOfPjlmri for Mir, on tfll Moat liberal 'he foMowinf, lh"" /*. UjUUwfrxAjuu^ X-" m rTt. ' C iVruaiT* Sublimate, ' arnpnor, A<iiu Auiiuiuit, Crewn Tarter, Spirits i*itre L)u\cu. < aitili Hoar, M?i>er Carbonate Soda, Liaoorice, Tartaric Acid, Balaam (opaira, Kpaom Sdts, Uhubarb, LandiQQin, Jalap Senna, \lora. Sulphate Qoiuiae, rlara. Chamomile, Hit Peppermint. and all Kaaea Gnm Arabic, till OiU. Caator Oil, Oam Mvrlih, Uuirksilrer, Can thaci lira, ssr- saesse1Roll and Klnnr Sulphur, Cok? of all kinds. Alcohol, Snjaaptuilla, Bor?x, remind and crude, Sponges, eo&rae and fine, Calomel, Uragiiau'OlMa Ware Red Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS. Window glass, of all sises and British Lustre, wW lead, dry and in ail. Leaf, [W Lead, liolil mid Silrer Bnwn, Bronte, Spinta Turpentine, Chalk, whiu and red, P'lttj, i'xru white, Whinny, .... S*j>ani?h Brown, Verdifnt. dryi ad m o?l,1 Venetian Red, Chrome Urwn, SandPiper. Chrome Yellow, I'nmice Stone. Tetlow Ochie. French tod Tar and Rosin. American, Japan, copal, coach and har" Prussian Blue, D*st varnish. Vermillion. Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra de Steiina, lyory Black, Red Chalk. Ourn Copal, Gum Shellac, Paint Brusliea, ail usee, Bright Varuish, R"?* H'"k, guh Too la, all nifl. Lamp Black, Blank Lead. OILS. Oil. Kail, Oil. Train, Winter, Lintteed, Hummer it rained iperm, Neaufeot, Refined, whale. Oil re or Sweet. 1: II refined, w hale. Sen Eleuhaut. Taimtri', Lard Oil, Sperm and Stearic Caudlea. DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red Saunders, Mutie, Hateu Wood, Nil urairna, Red Wood. Barwoiid, Hypejuio Wood, Oum Asplialtam, Pmch Wood. S?l Ammoniac, Ebmiy Wood. Soapt, MANUFACTURERS. Alnm. Fnlleri' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and Fwnch,l Copperas, Enf. and Amu. Indicoea, of Beuaal, l/arraca Oil Viurol. ana OuaUmala, Sugar Lead, _ White Tartar, Bleaching Bmti, Km Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aqua Kortis, Sumac, NutgaHs, Uc Dyt, Anuatto. Starch, Soda .V?U, Pruuute Potash, Pot and PeaH Ashes, Gam Senega], Kitrnct Logwood, Powdered 7 urcuuu, Tartaric Aeiil, Powdered Bine 8malts, Brcnromate of ro&uh, Quercitrou Bark, Sal Soda, Spirit* Nitre Kortis, Gum shellac. Salt Petre, < ndliear British Gwm. Woad, Nitric Acid aud <?raiu and Bar Tia, Oialic Acid. Soaps, GROCERS. Voting Hyson Tea, Pepper Stance, Hyson Macaboy Snuff, Imperial Scotch Suflff. Guupowdi* " Macs, Hyson Skin " lutfigo, Flaunt, Sonchoue Castile Soap, S"1o Clores, r mien Brandies, Casu-r Oil, in bottles, Spanish Swears Alcoli I, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Ejwotn Salts, Sttrch, Cinnamen, Lutfioriee Ball, Frietiou Matches, Buti Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratns, British Lastre, Fig Blue, Soda for washing,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, Loudon, Almm, Cayunne Pepper, Olive oil is bottles k baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BARKR8 (/"chinaal, Oil of Anniiseed, Nutmegs, Absyuth, Mace, ('amy way, Cloees, Jnniper, Cinnamon, Rose, Orange and Peach Wa Cassia Buds, ten, Allspice Vanilla Beans, I luuiass, Tonquin Beuii, Ouin Tragacanth, ( oriander SM*d, (ium Arabic, Turkey, <"arrayway Seed, (jam Oamboge, Anmsseed, Oil of Hoses, Jnju\f Cuu, Pemiermint, Pearlnsh, \V luteigreeu, Nil?rarot, Ciunamoc, 8ui?r C'rbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Brntamoc, Ginger, while Jamaica, Lemon. (Jin?;er, Ea?t India. PAPER MAKKR8, HATTERS, k*. Bleechmg Powders, No'trsl's, Powdered Blue HmalU, Blue Vitriol, Olne. Verdigits, Oil Vitriol, Copperas. Cnpmr Call, rial Ammonia, 81i?l ac. Antimony, Alcohol. BugarofLaad, Eitract of Logwood. Aioes, Alum Ice. PATENT MEDICINE DEALERS. Balsam of Honey, Anderson's, Lee's k Hooper's 1 urlingtou's Balaam, Pills, Batemau's Drop*, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil, Sens'and Liqud, Kridlilt ruwders. Soda Piiwilm, St million's Bitten, (Jodf<?y's Cordial, Extract Sanapanlla, Anderson's Cough Drops, Cephalic Snuff. Thompson"* Eye Wat?r. Chemicals or all kinds, French, English and American. All kinds > f Paints and Colon. Everr description of Drags and Druggists' Articles; and Paent Medicines, Peifamery, -oai>s, Icc., a general assortment. All articles warranted genuine. (C7~The most prompt attention given to orders from the country. n9 Imdvltwyr DOCTOR M< >RK ISON. "VTOKTI1 RIVER D1SPE "i'AKY, kOt? Fnltou .'reet, -?-^l n?jrO.'i?n?i' h.?Llr. MORBISON, Memberof tk Hoysi r ill leg of snige ins, London, and formerly Suiseon in ihe British Navy, coutii o?s o be consulted co fident ally iron I o'- lock V M. to III P M. on nil d,teases of a private nature, and all thos? cas-s mal-treat'd hv nn-ducated persons assuming the dutie* of" ihe qualiA d surgeon. Dr Ms ability to f a I til His pr lessional en?.n.m nts, and strirt honor in discharging his dtitv, is we'l know n to cit;Z"us ; so he aiidr-ss-a himself to strmger* advising th<m not to place thtinselvea under an> ad vertim g doctor, without twin* his coll. ge dijl- ma. as the only test agai st impoaiiion. I)r.M is dailv Cos ulteH by patients. w> ere ihe leadiug sympiomi have bee i only checked, still leaving the noi?on I lurk in ihe sys'era, until ullim?tely it .1.,?!..,... it,.i/.? ,k. .1...1?i.i- -i < ? ? v:i:- I In all cimU >1. w trr&nu n | erfect cnre, Without meieury or hindrance from buaineaa. Id * une forira of the diaeaae hp i urea in 3 to J da' a. and is proportion iu malignant ? ? . Hii medicio'a are uut unpleasant. aud are put up ia conveaieut forn a aud defy etction. eTKIinURES OK URETHRA.-Obatmctiona ia the urethra, inch aa at'lCiure* * d enlargement of the proattte gluida, accompanied with much irritation and dull p*in in Hi a# parta ?>e aotne of the con?e?ju*ncea of mal treatment 1" .*1. cuiea atricturea ia a aeiei tific n inner, p ouotii g their abiorptiou ? ithout rain. Persona who from readmit catch-peno> booka or hug 1 ear adTeitiaemrnta. ami may be frightened int Hi belief t at they are the ant,iect? of ricture, can h tve the opiu'Dii of l)r >1. without any charge Peio ar- fnrjue. tly told b> iiuicks tbey have ttrictuie, whea in truth they lure not. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thoae lufferiag from the effVcia nl ase re' d structiTe h.?hit, would do well to ca 1 on U M who " ill without any ch?rge demonstrate to them the morbid oudmoo of the mrreus syitrm iu such ffe. timia, which ar- atgrar teit by the u?* of nostrums aurh at r Mitli. kc and the basis of all 'ucn being tinrmr* of Spanish tlirs.aud atitn I .te- oiilv t? cre<te greater reprrauon 1.11 era post paid >-nd a >uta nil g a fee, wi'l enanre medicine and a Ivict ui any part of t^e Uuiun, md a curr wanaiiteil. > B.? Wi'h oue exception, [)r M. it 'he onl? ipulified advertising surgt on in the city. See hit diplomaa, *u?peuded ia hit office. 204 H Kul'Ou atr et. JO lm?r DOCTOR COK.B11' l MAY BE CONSULTED confidentially at hia office No 16 Llniuae atieet, two doora from < liatnam atreet. 8trankeraare reai>eetfal)y informed that Dr. CORBIT t ia a member ol the University of the city of New York, aud that be haa exclunveiv confinad hia practice from being central to ihe trealmen t of a certain claaa of diseases (now over eleven vaara in the city of >ew Vork) which engages hit entire attention. Tne annuls of medicinr <io not reeori greater Itcuu than is to be lomud lu his practice. The Doctor uutious the unfortunate against the nse of mercury, as it has iu thi oaanda'of victims. ?>e ent esses a.e lu a few iays 'einoved entirely from the system. ihtilyon ?re judiciously treated hy * persun It-Rally uuslified, sod hot hy preumfersand uaaclu, as I hers are s-veralof [lie u in (lie city. Persons articled v? th protracted and lure trite csea, need not despair of being restored lu h allli by appfviug to Dr Corhirr \ i>r .ctiee of many vt*ars has established the Doctor's reputation fur skill <ud respectability. Xtrictures engaxe the Doctor*! profound atteutioa. A medicine may .be had to prevent a errtaiu disease iu any of iu forma Office nniirs 7 A VI. tnf P M, nil lm"m DUO I Oil BE LL. I \OCTOR BELL devotes hii personal attention (daily, an L' til IS P. \1.) to the removal oi .'tuxe diseases in every state. All suffering uuder protracted cases, aggravated or unsuccessfully treated hy inevperieoced or pretended practitioners?those laboring uuder the destructive effects ->f mercury oi quack nostrums, and all who suaDect the remains of disease larking in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guaras'ee of a care. Persons contemplating marriage, who liava been the tnb (ecu of delicate diseases, may comalt Dr. Bell wit a honorable oonfidence. Post OiU letters, describing the IM of parsons at a distance, have his prompt atteutioa. Dr. B.'a treatment sever eiposes to suspicion, and it well known to be safe and permswst O- Pri v&tsoffieas tl Odarstract, two doors bam Broadway, nt lm*r NO CURE NO PA*. DR. COOPBH. 14 Dunne etiwet. between Chatham and William streets, takra tbia method of informing cititens and tlrangeri that he has for the last tm rears confined his practice solely to the treatment of Vaoeraal, Mevearul, and other diseases of a delicate oatore. Although it ii considered by a portion of the medical profession at a speeiea of quackery for one of Ita legitimate members to advertise still the great advantage the unfortanal* victims of venereal disease ilenve from a regularly educated physician devoting hit attention to a particular branch of the profession, must be apparent. Do yon not employ a snrgeon to amputate a limb I?to an oculist o? ditease of the eye 7?to a dentist for an operation oa the leeth '?and to i surgeon noted for the enre of Syphilis when you are irouoira wiui i miu you ao to irom tne tact that those men are perfect in thii branch, because they only nractice at it. Dr.Cooler tpent v?n in * eelebrateoLoca Hospital, and ha* for ten yean enjoyed iS? molt eiteutive practice id thii way of any medical man in New York. Hecan cnre thin ott aggravated fuel of Syphilis. and mild caaci rtmovn) in two to uv* days. The Dr. it a regularly edacated physician and urgeon, and never inffers hit patient* to leave nntil a perfect com it performed. It it deplorable to witneta tome of the rues that are pnaeatad to the Dr., when the disease hat been driven into the tyitem by qnackt, to break out again in the form of ipota and ulcers on the body, p?ius in the joint*, tore throat. Might menu and emaciation. Tlia Dr. will in every rate warrant a cure, or make no charge. MTRICTURIt.?Dr. (hooper hat discovered a new method, by which he eaa car* the worn form of Stricture in from one to two wseks, with se&reely any pain to tlie patient. Imitation of Iht nrethra, or prostrate gland, or of iht neck of the Bladder, are sometimes mistakes for Stricture by ceueral practitioner* and cnarlata&a. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, sometime calM *?> minal Weakness, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by voting men. 1'kt* is, where tow freely indulged in, the greatest evrl that can befall man; for it begrts diteate of the heart, ?ontvmption, dytpeptia, emaciation of the frame, and Anally endt in complete iwocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical cure in itich catat, and restore the conttitntion to ita original vigor,and hat by a mild and timpte course ol medicine. A core warrant! H in every case, or no charge Post paid letters, describing complaint and enclosing $3, ntfnrfed to. Patienta attended in nnf-lf O' hoarding ho?M. Office oiwai till I# at night. Heinkier, 14 Doane street, between Willi** and Chatham st*. rt Im* ACKK-LacVIn Ik lUBUONA-Va^fhauat nlj lm*re 41 Cattail* atf % o^ril1^1fc>if\rW-TriE ~ BLOOD* SHU _ "Instinct ii the voice i\f Oid.?H>im?. f N8TIMC 1- c^lli muikjud to uie WTaMBIIeTH'* PILLS 1 whan aickoaaa affect* thrm. And iflHhcf further uyi blardinf i* always improi*r. l'h? ?mu??le of life, tliat subtile lad invisible priuciplvwiiich uin<B frame, and ?how- leal u in ?lwt^oed, it ana * AVrf*' impasietiabla ?e crats of the Creitti . We < aunot ifltfvPWheud this principle, but we kuow tMrit U in the Mooa; rot if we decridte ho aiiiHUut of blood iu the body, we decrease tlie principle of ii/r; and that if wa draw all t ie blood from the body, thai life ceases So wa must blieve what the Scriptures say on thU subject; no one cm doubt it. The life of the flesh i? emphatically in the blood There can be no mistake upon this subject. So we inuat he nlso convinced that anything which impede* the circulation of the hiood must depress or hear down the Principle of life, and make the body subject to receive iuj"nr from tha principle of corruptibility also implanted iu the human frame. VVecaiiuo> deuy it. There i? m evary created beiuj a frinciple of corruptibility as wall aa a principle of animation, t is w han this corruptibility becomes too powerful for the life principle or blood, that disease commences. It ia not because it does -mat, but because it becomes active} in so. a it takes an hundred ytars to dev?lo|ie itself tin some it haa become paramount before hirth, and the child is stillborn. The coustitutiou of the child depends upou ill patents; he receives from them the principle of his lifa, and also tnit which will ultimal-ly destroy him, and wh?? of age he transmit! them to Ini childiea. 1'hui we see tint in the same body ii th? principle of life and also of rorrui'libil ly. And it ii ouly by due attention in aonie jollies ill it heillli cui be secured, bv artificial moon 01 assisting th- functions of life to throw off the occasional accumulation* of coiruptibility, which otherwise would overpower the principle of In-fore the individual had leached to the full iwriod of his onsten- e according to the principle of life within him. For in order that men should am re at thai period of lite railed old axe, a perfect 1/abiuce must exist between the principle of life and the principle of corruptibility. When the balance is in faror of the principle of 1 fe, we observe the anegy of character with admiration And! have no doubt that just iu proport.on as the life principle predominates is this energy both of body and mind. By the use of proper medicine litis can alw -vs bo secured to a good old ate. 1 he principle of corruption is subject to the influence of many causes of vitiation. It is therefore necessary that we be provided with ami le tnrmns to prevent injury from it; or in conse queiice of this vitiation that outriaity would he produced whieh wo ld de?uoy the individual before he had arrived ?t that period of life which ne would have done from ill- priucipleoflife wheh Wis iu him Now to acouipliati this,we must pr? vent the accumulation of those humors which bear d. wn the principle of life. Do uot wait lor a seriou*.attack of sicklies*, but on the firsi appearance ol the ene.ny. ..asist i.ature in hi r operations to expel him from the bo<iy. This is the obje:t always attained by those who u>e Branurrtli's Pills Thou and* who have kept their beds for >ears, have been restored by the use ol this medi cme. Kor the principle of disease, like that of the principle of life, is alike incompreheusinle to mankind. We only are able to l>oi,,t out wl-at will weaken the one or give strength t? the oth r. 1 he rattle of the Braudreth Pills depends upou their wonder'ul p iwer in strengthe. iug the principle ol life, and ve Junius the principle ol itisease, and fiually expelling it frjui the body. Let us cou*id-r the subject carefully : would disease affect us if i ur blood wer pure f Thcu in proportion that Braudreth'. Pills porif the blood, they tend to restore health The very action U|k>ii the s> stem whi :h Branilreth Pills po**e**,con> ince? all who u-e them that they n*m<*ve only the impure humor-.. Kor il they took -ny ol the healthy lluid* from the body it would bo weakened But tfiecoutriry is thec?*e T.ebody becomes stronger every day, from the use of the Urandreth Pill* a? is kuown by the experience of tetn of thousand! of our citi * n WKm ii the man of tense, whoa* mind is uni rejudiced, who 'rom the lufectioussmtll Aft. c death, would not > ,y,would th;* bi>dy bt'en lierell of life, had rut refaction bmi prevented / Are men horn but to be sick f Shall the lower animals live their full extent, and man ouly prematurely perish I Let us folio* n* ure?let us cleans* 'he blood from impurities, and we shall live to the lull extent of the oil in oar lamp of life. I'ut coir limed purging will *e?r out the bodv?s<">me otherwise sensible tll'irm, that it is I ke weiring mil the ket tie b\ dint of lubnuig. I)o-s, then, rust preserve metallic subs'*uc*-s? Itwi. uld be admitting impurities of the blood preserve it inn healthy coaditiou. We know bet'-r. We know ihv the result of an impu?e state of i he blood is to occasion s It rheum. erysipolas, wekness, general d.bility, p.\ics iu the bieast, back and side, "Iso, fits, paisy, dyspepsy?iu fact whereever the imp rity finds a weak portion ol the body, there it seitl-s, md there it produces ,uin and disease 1 have known many |iersoiis parted twenty air) thirty days in succession, and th' r?ult was always successful ; in every instance the m"it ri-mark aide improvement look olacr. 1 renumber one person who 1 knew hud worms, froinnu peculiar i) mptoius ; he persevered for forty days ; every day for the forty days no ippe.irance of worms was seen, but after thai time he. voided great numbers, some of entraordiuary size.? What effect would have h ive mulled from three or four doses of cathartics?what would have become of bim if lie had not been purged to a radical cure .' It would bi impossible to sh w tile benefit to be derived from a pio|>e.r perseverance with the BRANDKETH PILLS in these limits. They must be used to be sufficiently appreciated. LETTER FROM ARNOLD BUFFUM, THE PHILANTHROPIST. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 13,1143. Dr.Brandreth: In the course of my life I have suffered often and much from sickness ; I ttunk I have been under the care of | hysicims nice than twenty different limes, for weeks at a time. But for the last live years 1 hive employed a physicitu but once, and then Only for a single dty ; uot, however, because 1 have b>en exempt from freoueut illness, but b cause I havefunud a more speedy and effec'ual remedy in thy pills, than lever I'ound in the medicine* administered to me by my physicians. Wherever I go, I constantly carry a box of thein with me, or *t le*st a few oT tliem wrapped ia a [siper in my vest pocket, and what ever illness comes upon me, 1 invariably find relief from the u-e if them Haviug been muih occupied in travelling and public speaking. I have fnauentlv taken severe cold, which before I used the?e pills resulted in loirtim of tin- thronl and chest, and a I' verecou<U; but Utterly though in' reei|>osed thin ever,when I have t .ken a co d, by taking one or two p lis at a time lor twooi tiii? nights, 1 hire invariably succeded in removing all fore.-:eei from the throat and chrtt, and in eff-ctu illy |>rem.tirg the cotd ftom stttling on my lungs ?o aa to produce a HMk. Once daring la<t winter, while travelling on horseback, and subject to much evpoatire, I ?u suddenly aeixe with a very or* hr'Mt, h ch fever, ?nd entire prostrttiou of strength a- u sprits By the u.-e of two dose* of the pills, .wd drinking freely of cold w ter, a copious lerspiratiou was kept up, and in 42 hour* 01 e of the most severe atucks which I ever uperieuced gave way, and in two days more 1 whs able to pur-ue my journey At aaother time, continual exposure and daily exercise in pabne speaking, brought on ? severe lameuess iu the small of the back and kidnejs, whirh became so exceeding paiulul thit I w > i bliged to ?i?e.ak silting, not b-ing able to stand on my 'eet: at length the soreness extended quite through me. and the paiu Irrame so seveie that I i.ever cloted m\ eves ilsfi> cs wkwU ninht, m<i wrvrAl timni ourlug that night 1 had serious doubts whether 1 would live till mo niug I took eteu pills which Went to the seat of the diseaje, and as by m gic. seee ed to lay hold of it, aud carried it all off, so that I attended a meeting ou llie same eveuing, aud spoke williout pain for more th^n two hours, and the pain hvs not returned since, 1 regard this aa one ol the most exrraoriiib&ry care* that I have ever known, a d I can truly say that in a similar case, I would not exi hange Brand-el h's I'ills for all the mediciue of the drug store I haven fed the Pills and adminii>tered thrtn to others on various other occ.viius ; andaslir as I know, in no c-ue without c mplete success. Kspecially have I found them ,-iltog'th r su|Ktior toauy other medicine ev*r taken for colds, cough*, a> d soreness ol' the lungs I consider tha maker of theui especi illy servea the great cause of humanity, and I shall recommend them whertver I go Time, ratpevtfully, A. 11UFFUM. Ladle* should use Bramlreth's PilU frequently. They will mime lliem from severe sickness of the stomach, and. generally Kite king, entirely prevent It. The Brandreth I'llli arc harmless. They nirime the |M?wers of life; they do not dei.ress them. Female* will liud them to secure that state of health which every mi thei wishes to enjoy, lu costiven- ss, so often prevalent at an interesting period, ti.e Brandreth Pills are a safe aud effectual remedy. There is no medicine so safe as this?it is more easy than caater oil, and is now generally used b> mi-serous ladies through tlieir confinement. I)r. Bnndreih ran refer to many of our first I'liysiriau* who recommend his Pills to their patienta, to theeaelusion of a (other purgatives, and ihe Pills being composed euti ejv of herbs or vegetable matter, purify the blood, and carry off the corrupt humors ol the body, iu a manner so simple as to give every dav ease nd pleasure. Man will be borne todays of bliss, compared to what has hitherto been his lot weinhed down as h? has been by disease, iufirtnities, and s"ffering, whicu ho earthly power knew how to alleviate until thi% discovery was presented to the world. The weak, the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are in a few days stieng heued by their operation, and the worst c m plaints are removed by iierseverence without the ei|ieuse of a phys cisn. Adapted to all circumi'anees and situations, thsy re the best medicineever invented for families, or to take to tea, preventing seuivey and costiveueM requiring no change of diet, particular regimen, or care agtinsl taking cold. Thf B HAND KITH I'lLLS, as a general family medicine, especially in a country so subject to sudden changes of temceratore as this, tlieir value is incalculable. By having the Braui reth Pills always on ha* d, should a mi.'iTh attack of sickuess take place, they can be given at once, aad will often have effected a cure before the physician could nave arrived. In cotic and iutlammati <n of the bowel., these Pills will at one* relieve, and perseverance <n their use acco.dmg to the directions, will surely do all that meJiciue ean do, to restore the health of the parn-ut. Ill all cas-a f Indigestion, Worms, Asthma, Diseases of the Heart, and in all affect out of t*>e stomach and bowels, the Bnndreih PiUs will be found a neve -filling remedy To lu-ure the full benefit of these celebrated Pills, th?y should lie k.'pt in the house, so thai, upon th? lirst commencement of iieknets, they Bay fee at once resorted to One dose theu is better than a dozen after disease has become eatab lihed in the Be careful of eouutrrfrit Pills. How to avoid them : >o. i SacrBtTT. Kaih Agent who sells the genuine Brandreth Pills lias a Cr.*TiucATc of AokXcr, which has been engraved at a vast evpense It re, resents the Mauufa< lory at ^ing'-ing, on tlie banks of the Hudson Kiter. aud is signed bv T"? e Hr<nile>ik asul eastl stsmiM<l nixin f kai tsi.rwr iNo. 2 Nf.coMTV. Abire<-ll. observe the l-jhel* upon the botfi. Kach Ur of tin* genuine Pills has now THK * K L * Br.LS it Thr t >r> md t'e ImUnm lil?l containingupward of FIVK THOUSAND LKTTEK3 m Ktl) IN*. Tlie w. nl. BKNJAMI n BRAND RETH'8 PILLS being prin'ed overt*" linn'ri il tunes upon the mo labels No 3 Skii-kity I liem aie also upon each label two tiguatn:eaofDr Braodreth : one B llriiiureth, and al?o oue Benja- | inin Urandreth h ach bos, therefore, to lie genuine roust I ave i> MKiniU'i ? u(ion it. If the hoi do not a .swer this description. the Hill* are not the Br-iudieth Pills, but tome vilecuun terfeit of lliein, w all thoold labelled hoses have beeu CulluCted. No. 4 Skti m r v. Besides the above s'gnt of geiiuioenrsi, fac-similes of thr Brnndri-th Pill Labels are u|*m IM ertificatr Of Agency?therefore, romparr your bm with the labels on thr certificate; if-it agieea.nh* Pill* .'.re true; if it does not, they are false. I have ei pen ded much time, and at I rut $VOfl, in perfecting ihe?e check* lo the sale of counterfeit fills, and in the hope they i ill ?ecure tli* genuine BRaNDRKTII PILLS to all who want thrm. I remain the public servant, B. BRANDRETH. M. D. Th? BHANDRETH PILLH are said at ii centi per boi, by one Agrut in evtry town in the United State*, and in almost every city throughout (lie world. Should this pai>er roin- into tlie luuids of any our |>i ing ? her* there is no Agent for this medicine of healthful potters, let no time be lost in sending to l)r. Brnj-mill Hruid'eth, itnting the population nf ihct-wn: and som* refer-ares *huuld be ?wes in New York, as to th? responsibility of the (-nt'rm-n wlio desire* the Agency. If no reference* can be gnen, let a small remittance accomi any the letter. Tiie sale of the Pijis, aud the good door by their air, will fallv repay lor all trouble. PULNCirvi, BRANDKKTHIAN OFFICE. ? , 241 Bitoauwar. Nrw Yom. Sui-? |R9 1-2 lln-Son 'irret and '-74 B.owery; Mrs. Booth, No. J M'rkrtil ret. Brook lyn; Mrs.'i'rrrirr, Willi-ranburg; Boston OlTl< *, I*J H uiovarstrr r, Boston; Baltimore nfli. r, eor.ier of L tight aud Mercer tt-eets; Philadelphia ofkee, 8 North kigiith ?irert; t( ichmoud office, *5 Mainilraet, Mr. Butrick, <i?--qI; * r Head 9i I'.asi B?y, (Utile.ton, 8. M . n**ton. No 2 Old i.*ree, N. Orients; M D. Phillips, Wor cetri-r, M.iss ; M llobiusoo, P-ovideuC", R. I ; and by at Nnsi one A|{?-Iit |J every town iu thr United Sta-es, e.tch of wh< m has a Cert ificate of A.e iey, up?n t?hl- h may be seen exact en 7HP$ t'f >nf l.ilwla iiAw in#<1 "imi il?? /1... ?* U? ?*' 11 H le* C} t thegenui e medicine, aud you will lino it to ht, < Moiir. than a'l thai could be aa.duf it by any written itateuicm 1.19 km! Iiii* r TO DRUOOIHT8 AND THOSE WHOM IT MAY CONCERN IN THE NKW ENOLAND STATES.Re?Thoma* Robert! k. t o. New Vork, rerun Oiorife Ro b*rt*, Boiuhi ? By an injunction of the Court of Equity 01 , Maa**chu>etta, the deiendmit in thi* caae hu been removed tr,om SC,IP* f?r ^ plaintiff*, mi their principal agent in th? New F.i (land Hta ea (or the nale of the Patent Medicine kuowu aa " Parr Life Pilla," and reatramed from fraudulently iatuini an imitation of that m'dir.ina. The injunction iu thia caae havinf l>een made absolute, the tib-agent* in the New K.n(land Stare* are informed that Tnomat Koherta k < '.p., the proprietor*, hare e?tabli?hed a branch houa* at No. ftl Washington afreet Boa ton, where they can be *ui>|>lied with the genuine ' Parr'* Lite Ptlli." .... . N. B.?'Suli-aienta in Connecticut and Rhode Wluxican be upplied from the proprietor'* office, 301 Broadway. New 1 or*, if it f.ieiljtJitei ilieir bumne*?. _ , A?ent for Halifax, Mr. Morton, druggi*t. for the <-on?da*, Al(r?d Sava?e Ik Co. Montreal. t i n ut Imr THOMAS ROBERTS fc CO. NEW INVENTED Ole?*inou. ( ompound.-For render inic boo'* and ?ho*a pwrfVctly waiw. pfool?io b? obtained of the subarrilw at hit old e*t*bliih?d Utthif fUl r inoiefi Htone. No. 4 Ann tlfm. PnO# 12* b?t. Toaporta m*ii ana other*, who won)<l a*cur? the aufanUf* of dry I##?., U.ucompound i. eo.?4^b ee?o??4*L R BROWN ' m * T WA1MME OOSTMJ-Q fftUALE mintu if u r unj" 71 1 case whan the monthly penod* h*Ve becemt irrrwnl* from cold*, He Their certainty of action ha* loin be* acknowledged by the medical profcuios, and huadiedi that have uselmlf tried * 4x100* boa* ted remedies. Can 1* sometimes n rrmrf to their ua thoagh they contain n? oedicine detrimental to tint couitunuon. Adrice given gram to ail those who use the FUls, by Madame Oostrllo. jTLuiw**>d street, berwaea Walks tad Canal, where the Pilk air sold. rrme n per bo? u? \fADAMl? C08TKLL0. KKMALK PHYSICIAiNMadical Faculty in Pari*, and (Jraduatt as MiJwiie, offer* her professional services te the ladies ql this city and country. Having had long eii>erienee and sarpnE success in the treatment of disrase* incidental to per set, aea ladiea oa die point of coatiuement. or thoae suffering oppression. irregularity, obstructions, fcc. tiut *ae wTO be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home *t her residence, wliere they can always hare the beat medical treatment and the moat matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, wilt wait on and attend (hem at their own houses aatil perfectly recovered. Madame t. particularly begs to impress 00 the mindt of the delicate, that she officiates personally >D every rase, 10 that hesitation or dread need uerer be apprehended. N. ft.?Madame Costello would inform ladie* residing out ol -he oity. whoie health would not admit of trayelling, that *he would devote her personal attendance upon them in any part of the United States within reasonable distance. Madame C. can he consulted at her residence, M Lispenard treet, at all times and with the strictest r?gard to the wishes of her patient* All eomaanications*nd letters mnst be post paid. n? lm*n DEAFNESS DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, QQ1 BROADWAY.?Extract:? ? OOl "1 cheerful!? comply with the reqneer of Limit. MeIntoah, to testify tnat lie wu invalided home u unfit for duty, in confluence of total deafness and discharge* from hit ear : that while iu Now York, on hii way to Knglaud, he placed himself ander 'he professional careofDrs. Caatle and F.dwards. Aurists. Uvler their truattneut he rt-onverad hii hearing, and has rctnroeo to hii military duty. Signed, H. McNEVKN, M. D. Surgeon to H M. B. Korean, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROI S. A inre cnre for iucii'ieut deafness, earache, pain*, buzzings, or tingiug sounds in tne ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated teerttiont of the organs. Their acoustic oil hat been a popular remedy at a curative in all diseases of the eart for upwardt of twenty years. Offices removed to Ml Broadway, corner White street. I) 12 1m*?s ABKRNKTHY'8 BOTANICAL PILLS. BOX ol time invaluable Pills are worth all the quark " medicines advertised for <erta>n delicate diseas t. Let DM unfortnuate rest assured that (here is no enaggenlion in asserting thaw Pills to be a speedy a:id radical cure I'nr gonorrhoea, gleeu, irritation of k'dneys, ate. Ttvxe were for several yenrs prescribed by the celebrated Abernrthv, .in all stages ol the above diseases. In the first stage one box it usually sufficient to effect a cure in a few days. In long pr tracted chronic stages, obstinate gleets,&C. they are equally certain, having C'ired him dreta who had been taking other inedi.:inea lor mouths, which tenidrd BOfl to destroy the constitution thai) to cure the disease. They never leave the parts subject to troubles), me weakness, wtveh so frequently occurs ufter "sing other nisdicinet. They have no uuple<saut taste or smell, anil anv one taking them miuht frequent the most refined society without having tlieir misfortunes inipMM. 1 hey are composed entirely or vegetable ingredient', which invigorate the sy tem generally.? For ?ale only in New York by Wm. Watson. Apothecatiea' Hall, 36 Ovherrae street, and in Brooklyn by Blagrire, Draggut, Vol ton street. nil tm*m CAND'S SARSAPAHILLA.?Thi? unrivalled preparation k ' Ins pt rformed snjne of the most astonishing cures of diseases that are recorded m the annals of hiitory, thus proving eon* clusively it is capable of fulfilling the Sigh aim and purpose for which it is designed. Patients suffering lor ye;irs from various chrouic constitutional disorders alter tryiu* different remedies, spending llinui 'iitls of dollars in travelling and do -toring, and suffering all that human nature li callable of euduriug, have, by th?- use of a fsw bottles, eutirely recovered their health Ch roil e Rheumatism, Scrofula or King's Evil, Salt Rheum and Ringworm, Ulcers, and painful affectinr of the bones, Ulcerated rhroat auil Nostrils, Scurvy, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Blotch 's'anil various cutaneouseruiKions Glandular Kulirgeinent. Hip Diseases, <kc are effectualiy cured by its use. Diseases liaviug i heir origin in an in.pure stale of thebloodaud fluids generally will be speedily and effectually removed by this iuvaluahU medicine, as its o|rratiou is |>ecul:ar, and consists ill removing the cause of disease by entering into the circulation and passiug through the getwral system. Whe.e obstructions to its favorable operation exist, they are removed <s it losses along the alimentary cauaJ; henee the patient will feel and know the sensible operstiou of the Sarsaparilla from its curative powers. The proprietors are daily receiving from the medical profession, tile clergy, officers of justice anil numerous P'ivate citizens ample and willing testimony both written ana verbal, to the superior efficacy nl this preparation. The following certificate train in individual who has suffered with Scrofula iu its several lorm, is presented for the casual perusal of the afflicted. MaitiriELD, Oct. 3, 1*43. To R. W. MaTHEWSon, Norwich 8m?For the last fifteen yean I have been the sahject of com plicated dise.taes, troubled wi-li thedropsy, and oiy nerves com pletely unstrung, with nore or less erysipelass in connection with other had numort. In May la-1 my difficulties seemed to increase and to be mora firmly seated, my head aud face were so swollen that it amieared to me that the bones in my head separated oue from the other, and completely disfigured my face ? I could scarcely breathe thr"Ugh my nose?inv eyea were s > af reeled (list 1 could see but little, at the tame time attended with an acute and an indescrib >ble ittiti constantly darting from the uose to other part* of the head and tlirou, which wa^ badly Mrolleo 11 d very s?re, aula constant burning heat or irritation in the stomach, with my limns bloated to nearly double their sue In this situatiou for weeks I was com|?ll*d to lie on one side,, with but littl* or no sleep. My humors assumed a reuewed ana stubborn hold up >u me and apparently threatened a srweny dissolution. I tried eveiy expedient possible, with bnt little orao benefit. My physician at length recommended Sands' 8 irsapaparitta? I procured a lew bottles of it, which I believe to be the means, through the blessing of 0*<l, of my restoration to com|>aratire health again. I had not taken but two or three bot les before mv disease began to leave. My pain .u d swelliug isgoue; my appetite good, and I sleep and rest quietly. To me it is a sovereign balm. EUNICE CRANE. Having been acquainted with the afflicted widow, Mrs Knnia Crane, of Mansfield, for nenrlv sii years, (whose puitracted sickness has called forth the sympathies of the community where she tesides.) I consider it ail occasion for joy that her sufferings have been so far alleviated by the one of Sand's S&rsaporilla, which has been so kindly forwarded t>y yourself. henry Bromley, Miuister of the Gospel. We, the undersigned, do certify that the above are fa^U. luther martin. elkazar bennett. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. bANDS U CO., Drnxrisu and Chemists, Granite Buildings, *73 Broadway, corner Chambers street. New York.? Slid also by A. B 4D. S.nds, Druggists. 79 Fulton street; D. Bnuas Ik Co., 77 Kiut Br?td?r*r, cora?r Market street, and by Druvgist generally throughout the United States. Trice SI per bottle; sit bottles fjr Si. nO lm*m FOR-EKTUPTTONS ON THE 'KlN, CHAP'D HANDS OR V\ E. DISFIGUREMENfS, FRECKLES. BLO HJHE.S. &C. '"PH K public have b.-en humbugged so much with nostrums, A tint they are afraid to try a physician's re me !y; still if the sensible are shoe n that an article is ftjly ami medical, they must believe it; now this is pre ved to have cu-ed the worst cases of eruption, chapjied tie h, Sic, when i lie most powerful tonics luve tailed. As"- a cosmetic it is real I v miraoiL'Us?it clean <>nJ beaut Res the skiu most wi nderlully? it is excellent to wash sores with; lor iul-nts with tender flesh, and meu with sore bear Is, it is excellent. It cures also saltrhenin, scurvy, erysipelas, itch, itc. Sold at the Sign el the American Kagle, R4_i hat ham st?price JO ceuts a cake; t State st, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildiug, Philadelphia, or 139 Fulton st. Brroklvn. "IHe Moorish ilair uye?rne* 10 emu and S' rer bottle, for dyeing light, red or gray hair a dark browu or Mack?Sold at the tame place. Jones* Spanish Lily Whlt^?For making ladim check* a fine alabaster white Thu ia different tj comtoou chalk- we warrant it not to injnre. Country merchants, captains and others, allowed a libavd discount to sell agaiu. All letters, post paid, attended to. nli lm*ec iHhKt: IS NUTHIMG LIKE fhEvl MR. THOMAS WILCOX, of Orchard itml. gave some of Sherman'sWorm Lozenges to a child that had been a long tune complaining, and uo one coold tell what ailed him. The first dose brought away atea cup fyll of mirmi?two dote* eu lirely cured him. The remainder of the boi wu giva'u to a neighbor'* child, that the doeuiri had given up as lnctynble. They brougnt away an incr-dible quantity of worms.aad cared the child, liuudn-da and thousands of cases equally astonishing, might b? given. trismus Oibble, of Western New York, says that Sherman's Cough Lozenge* saved his wife f>om the Consumptive's grave, wheu nothing ? *e gave her any relief. The llev. Or Dunbar of the AlcDougal street Chureh, announced to his congregation that Sherman's Coui;h Lozenges liad cured him of a dialreaaing cough in twenty-four hoars, as they have in a multitude of other case*. Captain Chadwick, of the packet ship Wellington, and Capt. Wield, of'he Lavina, say they have seen Sherman's ( ampho' Lozenges thoroughly tested a* a remedy for tea sickness, and they are infallible, a* they also are for lleadach, Sick H ndach, Palpitation of the Heart, Low nets ol Spirits. Deapoudfncy, the depression arising from too free livi. g or a night s dissipation. Vloae* Heriqura, Ksq . says he never fonnd any remedy foi Lamtiago till he used She/nan's Poor M'n'i Plaiter. I he> gave speedy nlief; also in IU1eum.1tism.pain or weakness in 'hr ude, hack, breast, 01 any part of (he b <ly. Over a million are sold yearly, and for only lis cents each. Sore Nipples cured by SnermiuiV.Papillary Oil, no mst'er 'iow badoiey are, without taking tL.- child from 'lie brea t. V* s?r? yon get the genuine Siirnrum's Lotengas and Plaster*, or yuu will lie impose.1 i <oa Warehouse iOS Nassau street. Agents?HI, 273, 419 and <01 Broadway; 227 Hudson it; 188 Bowery; 77 ICast Broadway; ?C William st; 139 Kulton it, Brooklyn; 4 Stanwn Hal, Albany; I i'Utest. Boston: and J Lcdirer Bullions. Philadelohi* n?r DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WASH rPHIS CELKBRATKL) preparation, the only nor that hu 1 *ver tt*n diacovered, for the aticceaaful extirpation of thai moat otfenaive diaeaae ol the head, DANDRUFF, tiaa, daring tlx- late apnnx and lurain'r aeaaon, been applied anr :k led hy ihonaande of L^dui aud Uentlemen, and in ??jon< instance, I.aa it tailed ta rtteel AN IMMEDIATE AND RADICAL CURE. It 11 recommended by the moat celebrated awl akilfnl phyaici ana aud rhemiata of the day Every oneahould avail them lelvea of iu benefita, audthua aecure a clear head and a limiriuu coat ol hair. It ia for aaJe by ta proprietor?price SI the bottle, and 25 r.eufi the ainitlr ?a>n in the ahop. oMlm?w I' rUSHKIlUU It Park Raw IK>CT0R YUURSELF PRIVATELY. |""\R. GREGORY may be cnnaulted confidentially at *11 houn ^ of the day oreveuing, at hia private residence, II Barclay itreet, near Broad*ay He hai been very aucceaatul in the treatment of tlioae " half cored" cturt which alwayi prove ao f H midahla to |>h> aiciana of but little experience. Auother imIHirtant conaideraiion which haa uot beeu overlooked, ia the idavtiug of reinediea to the convenience of intienU, who laorrally draire to obtain a care m apeedily and private Iy aa |>oeai[ i)le. Knowing that many people have a deal re for information oi? i?n aHiy.-cta of nn'<ort<utCe, etiwcially when they are deeply intended, haa Or. Gregory lately pubfiahed the fourth edition ol ma | rivaie treatiae It rnntaina euKMvuiga? ia much improved utd etlarwrd and e?bracea mtny aukjectaof intereat andaymit tom? ol diaenae not oe'ore aUnoed ?> The varioaa forma of bodily and mental weakneaa, incapacity uid auffering, which came under the head of private inaladiea. ire faithfully delineated, and the beat method of obtaming aouiid health i it ia a work plainly and practically adapted to the ii ae of all thoae who may unfortunately need ita Iriendly aaaiatauce, of whatever age or aei. I hat |<ortlon of the work rearinit npon impoteuce, barren neaa, aud a certain deatructive aabit of youthful inde.cretion, from whence reauI ta " conatitutional debility." will be found both uaeful and intereatiiiii to all ciaaaea it ia ?friendly yet ailent inouitor, where aenaual. ir aeinal debility haa made threatening inroada npon the health ,r conatitntion, and iioinu out not oulv the meana of eecai*. >nt the certainty ol reatoration. It ahuwa how iwreata anil then are de< eived by the outward phvijcal appearance? how iKe attenuation of the frame, nalpitation uf tha neart, derange mnit of the nervous lystem. cough, indigestion. and * trim ol ymntoms indicative of consumption, arc often ascribed to wrong ctuMi, when 10 renli y they are he consequences of lb allurm* end pernicious practice, alike destructive to th? mint) hiiJ body. The chapter on stricture ii worthy of particular attention tnd should be read by erery one. The author1! method ol treat tng thia complaint ii without pain, and afforda a noeitive an conditional cure, requiring generally only a very anort time ii iu accompliahment. l)r til. will warrant to cure every caa. (hat he undertakes, and guarantee the name to be permaneut.rh inrana which he emptoya enable him to obtain complete success in erery instance The price ol the book above alluded to ia 50 centa, am may he had at any hour of the day or evening of the anthor. a hie iiriraie reaidenre, II Barclay atreet, near the Park, and als< at the following agencies, winch are drug stores, rit No. 86 William st, near Maiden Lane. No. T9 Knlton at, cor. of Gold st. No. 77 Kast Ilroadway. cor. a> Market st No. IM Sowery, cor. of Spring at. No 30 Fultou st, cot. of Watag at, ? No. M6 Delancy st. cor. of Suffolk at No. n Canal st. No. 61 Bowery, cor. of Walker st. Both corners ol Broadway and t han*hers street. The book will be aent in a sealed envelope to tjkoee who mat choose so to order it?it will also be seat Vy mail M receipt of og# dollar, addressed to boi M7 Bilm?? i ini 111 i mi ?mi.. -1 CAM ANYTHiNW BE PLAMH0L mm rPHAN that tteament mm whoa. letter* aW??Ci<M Mf^t my reapectinc the marita of Peate k. Son1!XoBi|??no ElUmel or li^arhouiifL Gratifying it it indeed lo I* in poaaaaMon of inch fa'aad and inemori i'?. It tnt comm ?<w York'* favorite mmi* Van coma* th? voice i-flb* ?nch ln?ed u|r here from lha heriniMKe, lb* great Jacbao?. 0 iec*'T? the thauk* of mh a man lor preaarviui hii h>*ltli it kigfc (iraiaa Indeed. Preaideut Pt't liketeiae aeinrwladgaa hi* grall*catioa for th* good th? Hoarhound liu dona him ? The diatinguiahnd Boui a ruler iu the tLm|>ir> Stair, tetania hia thauk* and u> fill up the tneaaur* oar popular and emiuaut major, Rofcari H. Momi, add* hia laatimauy to ita ralue. iitNUKMWOLO, Oct It, iMI. tfUTUWU)1 nave u> ti iuik von ror the box or your (I doobt not) jaitly celebrated C ariAwi b?*enee of Hoarhoond Candy and alto f i the rary oblinio# n which yon hare been plea-eo la pre?-nt ii. I have sol. I un hapi>* 10 inform you, aa yet bad ocration to u?e it, bat "ill uo wbeu nereaaary with a ronfi deuCH in ita eAca y which ia well warranted by lha eiperieac* of othera. , ,, Vary reapectfally your HcRMitaqk, April 17,1143. Messrs. Pease k Sons:? b . , .. , . 1 have the p'eaaure to acknowledge your kio-' favor of the lit alt. by the h*rci my friend, Mr. J. N. Armstrong and with your most 'ateemcd r resent a package of your Hoarhound Gaudy for which receive my mere thanks lean onlt %dd that mav tuou and* rrceive from iit use aa much bene^t aa I have oene?then will ita inventor go down to posterity alone nf ita I am, geiulrine.ii, very respectfully. Your friend and o^.eot-^ JA(,KgQN WiiHiKOTOR, April 6, IMJ. The President desires me to return Meuri. Pease It Bon his acknowledgments and very lincere thanks for the bo* ol Candy received at their hands He h>s uied It with much benefit u? liiintrlf aa a n-medy for colds and conghs. 1 am. with very great respect, JOHN TYLKR. Jr, Pnyate beonittry. Aldan r, May 18, 1843. Meears Pease St Sous? Ueuilemen?You will pardon me for the delay in replying by letter of the 14th alt. and rfclcnowledgiuic the receipt of a boi of yourClarilied Essence of Honrhonud ' andy. Allow metothanJt yu for this kiud re*|iect, and u> express the ho|? that ynu w iQ be liberally patronised in your efforts to the public The article is got up iu beautiful style, and is highly recommended by those who have hud occasiou to use it. Your obedient servant. ? , WM. 0. BOUCK Messrs.?I have repeatedly used your Candy for coughs and colds, and always found rtlief; hut official dutisa p evented me from writing to you beloie; but as 1 have lately been cared of the intlueuza, 1 cannot withhold from recommending the same to the public. I am yours, truly, , ? , ROBT. H. MORRIS. JTth Jnne, 1843?City Hall, New York. To Messrs. J. Pease Ik Son, 43 Division street. [?/"" Sold wholesale and retail at 4i Division street: 10 Astor House; 110 Broadway; 142 Water street. 70 Fult n ?t. Agents, Redding & Co. 8 St >te slieet, Boston; Burgess h. ZieberjNo. 3 Ledger buildings: Robinson, 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Bravo (t Morgiiu, New Orleans. A liberal discount ma le to country merchants for cash. All letters postpaid, directed to John Pease St Sons, 43 Division st with good city references , will be punctually attended to. n5 Im'ec WONDfiHFUL DlSl'OVEKY. QTRIKKR'9 SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will ^ change grey hair to its original color in a lew minutes. This solution it different from any yet offered, and catuiot fail of superceding all others. Ills highly efficacious, and assesses the great advantage of bealtifying the hair without injuring iu powth. .... Those who doabt IM virtues an requested to ha?e thair hair changed be for* paying their money. If humbugs would tiu this method their would be no reason to complain Oue trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham it, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up itairh nS 'rr>"ee HO WILL HAVt THK TOOTH ACHK, wheu, by calling on W E PARSONS. Dentist, No. 2"3 Bleeker. directly opposite Downing street, they can nave the nerve destroyed in a moment, aud tilled to ltd for twenty yean, o il ,oo much decayed, have it extracted lor only 2.'i cants, treth inse/t^d on'he most i'eprov^d principles filling. Ice ke ; all op#, ran out [vrforrreii in that proportion which cinnot fail to com* within .'tie means of'very individual, and warranted to bedube iu ilie be*' possible manner, or the money refunded. N B. References will be given to ?om? of .he first families in ihe immwWate viciuity, wno have experienced ihe benefits of his op-rations to their entire satisfaction, and who will ratify to the shore statements n 1ft im*?e rvOCTOH J. OKANUfiK desire* in inture to limit his practice, and confine his attention entirely to those diseases, in the treatment of which he has met with uniform success, viz?Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and Rectam, in all their different forms. Also, all diseases poauliar to wamen. The remedies used lor the above diseases are new in their ap ilication, new in their effects and uew in their preparation. Office of Doctor Granger No. 54 Amity street. Honrs from 12 to5 in tne afternoon. <ITSm*r ~ CAUTION TO FKMALfca " ' MADAME HksTELL, FEMALE PH Y81C1AW, woaM J-" inform ladies who, with a proper delicacy, have a repnfaance to the treatment of their complaints except by ene of their own sex, that in all esses she attends to them personally, her experience, practice ud knowledge enables her to do so. She deems it accessary to state this, as she does not wish to be classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disap pearing. advertising as "Female Physicians," who too iguo rant apn incompetent themselves are obliged to get some scases ly less ?norant.quack to experiment instead. Consulting far ion and resid-nce, 141 Greenwich street, between Courtland and Libertr streets Hours of attendance from ? A. M. to* P.M ?? tm*r K?MALfc MONTHLY PILLS. . to th?> celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success of " Madame Kestell's Ke.'nale Monthly Pills in all cases of ii| regularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of nature upon which the health of every female de|>en<ls, sine* their intriuuction into the United Stale*,now about fonr years, count neiis anil imitatious are constantly attempted to kw palmed 00 lot the genuine. Cheap common piMs are purchased M twelve cents a box, put up in different botes, and called? Female Monthly Pills," with the object of selling them, if possible, at one or two dMIars a box. Females are therefore cautioned against these attempt* to impose n|ion them. It i* sufficient here to state iiatall Female Monthly Pill* rite conn terfeita, except those sold at Madame KesUll's Principal Office, Mi Oreeowich street. New York, and 7 ('.ski street. Bostoni Price tl. Madame Westell's signature is written on the eover of ?ach box. N. B.?They can be used by married or siytle. by followiac the directions enclosed inside of each box. Hold alio by a?ooiutmenlatK* llrmil street, corner of Allen, New Vorlr. ,>10 *m* iVJ A U A M Jt KS8TEI.L, PEMALK PHY8YC1AN, Office and nideuce, 1?? Ore* 1 wich street, between Comtlandt and Liberty streets, where the can be consulted with the strictest coufidence on com plaints incident to the (Vmale frame Madame Kettell's dsi>eri?uce and knowledge in the treatment of ob*tinate case* <y female irretularity, stoppage, suppression, he., i* such as to require M. t a few days to (Reel a perfect cure. Ladies desiring proj-f tm*hMl attendance during confinement or other indisposition, wifi Ie accommodated daring suck time, with private and respectable board. " Preventive Powders," fe married ladies, whose delicate or precarious health forbid* a l*o rapid -ncrease ol fare 'lv, will be sent by mail to any part of U< United State*. Pric* fia pack* m* All letter* (poat-Miu; addressed to box, lit, Nsw York, floston Office. No. 7 * > '1 street-" N. B.?Madame R&dTRLL wonld inform ladies residing oat of the city, whose h-alth wonld net *4<nit of travelling, that she woala derole-her personal attendance upon them u uiy part of the United State* within reaaonable distance. ol( tlff'f TO MAitlUfcD LADIES. Vf ADAM It UEHTELL'8 PREVENTIVE POWUKRH. Those invaluable Powders have been universally adopts* is Europe.but France in iWiticnkar, for upwards of thirty yean 11 woll ai l)V thousands in this coanuv. u beiuf the ouly mild, ml* and eil.caCKHU remedy for married ladies, I whose health fotliids i too rapid increase of Madams Kestell, u is well known, wu far thirty ynui famule Phyaiciau in the two principal Kamal* Hospitals in Earope those ol Vienna and Paris?wbere favored by her great " rnxoee and opportunities, she attained that celebrity ia those gnat discoveries is me<lic*l science ? specially adapted co the female frame, for which her medicines now sund unnralleJ^u well ia this counu%- as in Europe. Iler nojomal nfs with the phyiiolozy and anatomy or the female frame, nabies her?by tracing the decline and ill health ol maxriea females, farce ia the meridian of life, and the c.Misequeait rapid and eften apparently ineaplicable cauaea which cotuifra <nanv a foad mother to a premature grave? to their true source, to arrive at a knowledge of the ur.mary caases of female ilidispositious?especially 'of married Irmales?which, in 18M, led to the discovery of her celebrated " Treveutive Powders." Thei* euoption has been the means of p-eterviog not only the health, not e? m the life of many ta aff.^tionste wife aad feud mc* :her. The advertiser foeliny the importance of this subject, and estimating the vaat bei.elits rrsulting to thousands by their adoption, would moat respectfully asoase the attention of the mart ned, by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we ara atihjectj by aunple and healthy means within oar control.? r.v-ry aispisaumaie, rinooni iuiu >diiK>itanra mi ml will anhe itatinftly answer u> the af&rinatire Price fiye dollars a rack \ur, accompanied with full And particular directions Thej can be forwarded by mail to any r>art of ilia L'nrted Htate*. AD letten iniut be post-paid, -jid addressed to MADAME RE? TM.L, Kemalr Physician. Principal Office, HI lireeawich itreet, New Vork. Office hour* from A.M. Ifl o'clock P.M. Boston office. No. 7 Ksaei ?t old Jui*r LOVfc. COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. fU8T Pnblished, Physiological Mysterin and Revelation* ? in Love, Courtahipaud Marriage; an Infallible Guide Book, for married and siaicla, is matter! or the utmost importance to Jir haman race, by Knae oe Beckland, M. D. Translated Cram the third Paris edition, Dy Pliilii> M. Ha ward. MM the matters dnly oonsid. red in the work, w? " Mater? of serious im|?>rtauce to sinrle and yonn* marriedpersons." ' The cause* of and certain cnrc for liarrcnnew." " The arta of waaty and courtship." " The danger of solitary practice*, and ton the nabit may be removed, and its ertects cured," " Th* ^auae of love and jealousy, with infallible remedies for entdieain* from the miud the Mtd* of a ho|<eleaa oaati unhappy paa ion." " Offspring, with uewly discovered maiiw baaed on miutifie principles, tor the prevention, or propitiation thereof.''? " Intermarriage. " Ureas, with the form and colon moat be bUUiiu^ IU uir *aiiwus siinvni nuu vw ?.? ?? ?v.. itiipiciom teaaon for wedlock. M And moat other matter? of mten-at in iioeIp and raarn ?dlife, a* relatai to the principal iub; iecta uhore noted." For ud? wt.oteaale aid .retail, *1 10J Nuni (treat, New fork. A poet paid order enclosing $1, directed to HOLLAND ft liLOVEIl, New York city, will procure a copy o( the work Mini sent to an* part of the United State*. or the Canadaj, or three ropiei will he inut for S3. Twelve copies will b? leut to one addrrai for $7. None but franked or po*t paid Irtten taken oat of the poat oinee. CAUTION?A work prokiung to be the abora. bnt which il a mere catchpenny, ha* beeu tmblished and |ieddled aboot the ilrwta. The cennina work can only be had at Holland k Olo' er'a. the holder* of the copyright, at the office of the Cynoinre M Na**in it, one door from Ann itwt. ''he genuine edition h?? gik edirei, ii neatly hannd in dark cloth with "Becklanl* Phynolofy iu told letten oo one iida, tad ia embelliahed with a ?teel .ngraving of the author. Alio he'rre that the geumne edition ha* the copyright inatk on the Sack of the^title page. otJ dyltwy lm'r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. IF?*I?TKD AND PR F!f ARKD BY BPUBELodUE, M.D.. LISBON, PORTUUAil P*jJE> ne.ientHle combination of ingredient* of which tfleie . '"! V* w9PB,lii>^ ?ad?* them rlie wondrr *nd ?lroh aticu of the world. 1 hey known over Kurope to bo -he only preparatton ever discovered that hat proved invariably certain in producing the tnouthly turna. Their curtainty, in ail ease*, being inch (h*t they must not be used during pregnancy. tor thnnnh alway* mild, aale and hi-althy, thoy are certain to irodu' tnuearruge if ueeu during tlmt ivriod. The directiout an- trmialated into English. and are envelope! roBLd with the ?ea\ of the Importer. auntped Earh bo* eon vuua theaigaalore of M. de Boadeloune. and the English di-action* have the aiffnatura of Dr. I*. MELVEAU, anthorieed i?ent for the continent of America. They ena be tran*milted by raail to any part of the Unite* Hau* Hold'by Dr r. MKL\EAU, agent and importei lot he United finite*, office It# Libeny atreet, near Oirenwich It. 'rice ti?lialf baia* >3. No Itall boie* ?eiu by mail. Sold m Boatoa at No ? Salem itree-t. Letten directed to Ur. K. lelreaa, boi >4, Ne? York, will meet with imm?d>*te *tr*a| -ioa. All letter* mut ha poat paid. ol0 2m.fcw*r PLAXRKF.D.?* *?ck? very *nperior Flaxseed, landing from r bark (Jenewe, (r>m New Orlewia, for a*le by ,M,r *" ? COI.I.INH hCll.M^nthit PUBLISHED DAILY by jambs gordon b k iv iv bit, vw corner rulton and nassau streets tmrnkw Yoaa hf.iki.d-a daily pai?r, tamed every aoming of the week?prioe two cr*T? per copy. Coantir lahacrihera fnrniahed at tha aame rata, for any apecifie periai, a a remittance I* advaana. No paper ten! nnlraa paid ia adunce. r? Wir.ii.r Haa*i.??Iiiaed every Hatnrday morn in* r t 4n o'clock?price m *f*d a nUA*Tr* run per eopy? %#i>. uahed to conntry ?obacriHer* nt $J 35 per anaam, in adruta. ^ It at the tame rate for ?nv *periM*d pviod. # CaaanaroivDnNT* are miuetied r<> mldmi their letreva la Jitui Ooaoow lUamrT, Proprietor tad E.litor?an?l alI Wl "? on bnaiaaaa matt be poat paid.

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