Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 331?Whole No. 3343. BRITISH AND NORTH AMKKICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 ton* .tnd 440 liorw power each. Vr.der contract with the Lords of ih? Admiralty. HIHKIINIA, Commanded by H. K- Juilnnt. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA, K. O. Lotu , ACADIA, Alexauder Ryne, Will nil from Liverpool and Boston, ri? lUlifi*. a* follow* . Krom LiTKRrooi,. Kbom Boitoh. C.alerlonis, lD?c. 1. Acadia, Nor. 19. Dec. *?* ll bftu a, Dec. 5. J*'1- ) Britannia, J?n. 4. ??" . C aledoma, FVb. ftl'TCn 1. Acadia, March 1, Apri' I These ves?elt carry experienced inryeom, and are supplied witi. "ranees' Pa lam Lift Boats. For freight or passage apply to D. BIUGHAM, Jr.. Agent, ottr No. 3 Wall St., New Vork. AltW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To tail from New Vork on the 23th and Liverpool on the Itch of each month. 4f$y <m. Nrw Yoiu^^ Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, U6th December. 8lup wHKKIDAN, Captain F. De|wysiei, J'ih January. Ship OARHICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 26t'i Feb'U rv. Ship H.OSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 26th March. Fbom Livkkpool.. Ship SIDDON8, CaPUin A. B. Cobb, 11th February-. Ship 8HK HID AN .Captain F. A. Depeyster, j 1 tit March. Ship I r A It KICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, llth April. Ship IIjs, Captain John Collins, llth Miy. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built in tii? city of New York, with such improvements as combine nrvat s|ieed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has Ixvu taken in the arrangement of their accoui OlhriOM The price Of passage hence is $U0, lor which ample store- will be provided Tneae ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make etrry exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS L CO..S# South et.. New York, or to BROWN. ShlPLF.Y k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12H cunts per sing'e heet i VI cents |ier ounce, and news|>a|iers I cent each. <12 EXPRESS FUR KOr.TO.N-DAILY tlNE?WIWTtiit ARK XNQEMENT. HARNI'EN k lyU. will lun^MM 0gL their package and basine.u Kx -QBR press betwtse.i New York nnd KddUL. duiinq the winter as foliowi:? V u Mn ington, on 1 up dav?. Thursdays ana Satu-day*. Via Norwich on Mondays, Wednesday* and Fridayi?mak iug a uaih line. N. b.?Please mark all package* intended for rhia line, to care of HiRNDEN & CO. u8r _ 3 WJ street. ~ PRILAl^LrHIAKXPRESv-?-\l 7ra l HARNUEN Ik. CO. in cjunexion with tiieir JVk^K Dos on and Providenoe Line* of K.x press and Ku'nnean Agencies, rim two Daily Line* of Express to Pnil.ii.ripnia connecting with Baltimor- and Washington and al lite important lim? to the 8ruth and West. I articular at euiion will he raid to the transportation and delivery of small and valuable parcels with the utmost regularity anri despatch. Cases. I 'rue parrels, lie. despatched daily at before ' P; M. Small parcls receirM un'il K I"ast 4 o'clock P. M. and delivered e.u'y in Philadelphia next morniug. nlOec HARNDEN fc ro. M STATEN ISLAND KERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL ST.?The ittamboat Tt T, Vf'tT.. STATEN ISLANDER willleave New York and Stateu Island, ou and afier October 2d, aa follows, until lurther notice !~Leavr Staten I land at 8)?. 10, A. M.t 2, 4, F. M. Leave New York at 9. lift, 10 min. past 3. N. B ?On Sundays the boat w ill leave at II instead of 12){. AH Irnjiiit shipped is required to be particularly warned and it *f the nub of rbe owner* thereof iVrfr A1* . O'CL QCK_E VENINO L1~NE Mpc^^lrt'ior aiiuah I f1111/ i nv/i Binxt, iviuwiii lii i Mli W, laudin-?the srlendid low Bresiure steamboat BWALl.OW, Cdi'Uiiu A. NlcLeau, will leave the fool of Courtliwdt iltm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday venings, at 6 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large Dumber of slate rooms,and for sne?d and accommodations it not tn massed nn the Hudson. au8 ec ^ l'KOPLU'S LINK OK STEAMBOATfe fr,^S^"roR ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M wfc BE-dC-Through direct?From the steamboat pier betwivu Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Snnday excepted. The iteainboat KNICKKR BOCKK.K.Cart. A. P. St. John will laare Monday, Wednesday and Friday livening*, at lix o'clock. eteai/iboat SOUTH AMERICA. Cart. L. W. Brainartf, will leave I'neaday, Thnraday. and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?l.&udiug at Intermediate Places. Strainnoai t OLUMB1A, Capt. A. Hoagnton, will leevr Monday Wednesday. and Krida\ afternoon at > o'clock. Steamboat MUH'l'U AMERICA, ?^apt. M. H. l'raesdell will leave Tnesd;.y, Ttvmday and Saturday fCvwiing, at five o'clock. Pauengers taking this Ijtne of Boata will at all timaa arrive it Alhviy in am{<le time to take the Mercing Train of Can fo' the out or weat. The above boat* are new and substantial, are fnmuhed wiu aeat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommod* tions are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Bchuliv at ti>e otfic? or the wharf nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday. Oct. 16th, the boats of this line will leave for Albany at 6 o'clock, P. M instead of 7. F"R SALK-Th- barque DUC U'O^jJANS, NfaFlrVbiirtheu Sill tots, register; built in Bristol S^ue, in janMKplS'll, double deck, coi p*reJ and copper lastt-uflfc^l II (rrt I in,a, 2* ie> t beam, 6 ftvi between decks, 1J feet hold.^kll I"' ...Id < aofin at the carro is discharged. LaV? at JuM's wharf Apply on board, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, nlJee Nn. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall anil Water sts TT)H NEW OKLEANS?To e'ear This Day, and W\T^^sail To-Nlorrow?The first class pack** ship KALA MmKiMAZOO, Captain McCerrau, will be despatched as above Th<- ship ha? unsurpassed accommodations for rabin, second Cahiu and steerage |ws?eii|(ers who will l>e taken at the lowest rate*. Apply on board the ship at Pine street wharf, or to dl r JOH m HERDMAN, #1 south st , near Wall X)U OR EENOCK AND OLABOOW, with despatch?Th- pac..e. ship SA Lr.M, Cart. Heirn JHmKb ?ill sail ss above. Her accominidi ions f'?r cabin src<MiU and steerage passengers, are titpenor to any vessel in po-t. I'. rsons desirou* of r"inr shouH inak* early arplica tion on ho.rd, foot of Pii e stmet, ? to JOSEPH McMCRHAY, loo Pine. corner of South str-et. T. S ?Persons wishing to send f T tl eir frie ds to Scotland, ran have them hrou?h> out by the above packet by making arraiiK'-inenta with the above. d2r XiSg- PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate MfjRPWDespatch?The well known fast sailing bark COSMHbMI), Capt. Ouierbridge, will meet with immediate despxtch for the al>uve port. She his g <>d accomm Nation* for cabin, second cabin and ttivnix patieiigers. Those about going to the old cou-tn will hiH 'his a desirable oppniinnuy. Application without d?'lav should bemad-* to w, k J. T. TAPSCOTT, n?5 r <3 Peck slip, corner South street. (l>LV REGULAR LINE FOR NE<VORmYVW LEANS?i'he following hrst class pa'kets will sill JWMibi'U'iCLua'ly as advertised, weather permitting or pis s?e free, :? The I.O' IS ^ILLE, C*Pt. llnnt. on the 10th Nov. The I Ml IN V < ap . l.iMutt on tne Jin i?eo. 'Ill- PAN rllKA-, Capt Peunis, ou the ? Dee. 'I he accommodations <?f tneae snip* for cabin, second cabin and st>-era?e pa??eng?rs iitnch a* einnot Jail lo ensure every e mfort t? pnsnengers during tbe voywe Th?i ?hi|>? 01 ihi? liu? liave now commniH their reguiaf tr<|>a. and will a il Fnnetaal every five d.ys thrr ushont the irunri ra'senger? msi' therefore rfly on not I e ug tUin> d. Tbe . ? * of bfiuif vnry low. those wishing to aecuie btrih/U eitner of The above packets c->n do so by applying to W. ? J. 1. rA?'8COTT. a' tueir General i'aaaage Oltire, 43 Peek slip, a20 corner ol Soirli str-t. i ?_ KOH LIVKKl'OOL?The New Lin? It u I >? Packet 21-1 Deeember.-The new *nd very splendid ?mmUkm>' V Voik built picket (hip LIVKRl'OOL, Jihn Kldndge, nutter; 1150 tons, will sail a* above, lier regular ^J'or freight or passage, baring roomy and un?nrpis?eil accommodations, apply to tie <' Plain on h ard.west side Burling lip? or to WOODHULL liMINTl tlNS. 87 South at. Tiico of passive f 100. .... - . ... ?. ... The new mid elegant packet ship Vloee? of the West, Philii Wo .dliotise, 11 nster; IJAO tons, will succeed the Liverpool, ani' sail ?n Iit Kyilar dav.tlal January, lltt. _ _ f_ fjg. KOH LIVK.IirOOL?Regular Packet of the 7tl. JtlaPW December?Th" well known fat' sailing packet shi| S!)r.PI".Nl)f N? K, Cai rain Nye. burthen loot im. will sail ss above, her regular day. t Hrr accommodations lor cautn, necmm camo, ami pa?rn?er< nre unniirp* n?l l>T auv veaael in port, IVTnonn wmh IIIIf to ' inbirk alionld m<ke early application on board, root of Maiden Uiu\ or to JOSEPH .McMUKKAY, 100 I'ine street. comer of South. Pernnni winhing to neuil for their fnendi, c u ha*e them b' mil t>y ilie above ahio, or any of the muUi packeu Milin l nn the l-t, 7tn, IJih. IBlli and iiiih of each mouth, b} applying at above, if by letter, |?o?t paid. I' rt.-I)raft? at night, for large or nmall nam*, are drawn by th? nnbaciibrr < n the Provincial B-nk of Irelmfl, p?y?l)l? ai lii ir rr?pi>ctire brinchm thnnuhout the country; nlao, on Me?ir? Spnonrr, .Mwood & l o. Bankers, London, payable in rrpry tow.i in (iwtt It main. ^ n28 "jtJANTI HVMI)UO STOiKK!-LIVl\SO LET *4001^ LIVE!? A' the old exc uaive Bnoi Stan, No 144 Chr ham street (wKere the odious practice of ral'iutf uikju ,ci on* muinn the store ia not tder.ied) can be obtuned \Vjtei floor Dooca manufactured in this c tj of the beat mote ill, and warrant d at I'tiies ranging from three to IWe d Kara, bejnt a-me two dflHara I >?er in prioe than n generally dbt urefl (ipnlitr eons deted) in tt.ia city. u'Klw'r I'' KITS AM) WIL#ON" k JOHN SON, Sncceaaor* to John Hatchinga, deceased /iTveouhruid and for ?Me, from the boat manofactoriea ia thi aC"n'('n<?? Coin* Sewed and Prg?ed Bi ou, men and boyt. 10* " Kine ' * ' 10US Pnir Morocco Bntkini. " I,a<lia?' Fine wipperi. 3000 " Children'* Shoes, vanonn colon 10# " Wninenn and muiet (Mite-a. 1000 " India Rubber*, trimmed and plain. Eor nsle in lot* to suit nurchaner*. at their itore. 120 CHATHAM 8TKF.ET. oppoaite Row velt. N B?The ?tor* b'iui open until ! o'clock ia the evening wiVHi rnunlry merchant* au opportunity to examine good* a< their.leisnre, ??? ??*'' IVAKlfc BOi'l s ANu LAHTH MAUf. HI, By k. su8bh, 1*5 Bttoanwar. (B.4?r.m**t.) One <U>or fr?m CihuiIhihIi aire t K. SUS- H. Bootmaker anil Mak^rof l.aati, an \ Ivr" of Clerc* of I'nri,. 1^, leare to inform M> t'rirnda nnil all the anv.tonra or a ue in mly "cbauaanre that tie Can now make, in New Vork, with ill# beat Krfcnch mi teriaN, nil that it no perftetly made iu Paru ??y hit matter, th? celetirat?d Hootm?k?r Cletce, whiiw numerous customers 01. thia mill* or the Atlantic, aw rwapeeil'ullv i 11 tiI > trv Siner'# Boota ami Lain, they d-?|v?ir of beinir "chaiuaea" Mr? Yo k, al'ier the ultra lateat Paria fashion. Almi the genuine Parte Jet Bl.ick Varuiah told. n2l lm?Tn ro nit i'Ublio. 411 (lO TO liNt.-Mt. fiMKii K rrnmp. Watch .Violet #> A yj\3 J48 (5r?utl atreet. l)??a to inform hit frimila and th< I'lblta, thai independent oi the Watch ^titineaa, he ia pr?| stt c lo inuke ?<Wanc?a iu caan on gold anil ailrer watrhaa.diamond* ! ?J f" ?eu, a|?><iiii rnrka, and ever* deacriptiou or (old oi tlim Iu any jhaiw, inteomM Tor immediate aale. Caah to apu taonat paid to, 0U *nld a ad ?il*r Waushea ?r avery "(lw'>rr'kntMi 141 (H*nd ""** E NE NE1 THE LIFE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD! "Instinct it the void of Gfi4.-WAI.KKR. TNSTINCT tells m inkii l! ut u?e BKANDHKTH'S TILLS I wlioo sicknett affects them And iniliiiei further fays, b'eediny it always improivr. The principle of life, that subtile and invisible principle which auima'as (lie human frame, and whose seat u in ilie blood, is on* of the moat unpenetrable ?ecrtu of the Creator. We aauiiot comprehend thim principle, but wt know tint it is in the blood; for if we decrtaie lie amount of blood iu the body, we decrease the principle of lifej and that if we draw all t.e blood from the bodv, that lift ceases 80 we must bliete what the Scriptures say ou this suliject;no oue c<u I'oubt it. The life of the tleali i* emphatically in the blood There can be no rnulake upon this sunject. So we must be also convinced that auytl ing which impedes the circulation of the blood must depress or hear down the prin"I'll" r\C It fa ml mr. Wo lUu k/ultt m n ItlAr* I (11 rfcPIII Ifw 11 i 1 f V I mill the principle of corruptibility alio unl imited in tlie h'.iman frame. We Cxnno* deny it There i? in eteiy created being u wiwdpliof OotKipiifciliti as well a* a principle of animation, lt u ?lieu this corruiitibility become* 100 ihx ei ful fur ill' life principle or blood, that disease commences. It is not because it doei exist, but because it becomes activr; in so< e it takes an hundred y ars to develope itself ; in some it has become i aramount before birth, and tlx child i> stillborn. Tile constitution of the child depends upon its [isieuts; he rvceive* from tliein the principle of his life, and also thai which will ultimately destroy him, and when of age he transmit* them to his chiidien. Thus we see that in the same body is the principle of life and also of corrui'Hb I ty. And it is only by dueattention in some bodies that heillli can be secured, bv artili' ial mourn ol 111 c th*functions of life to lhro? off tbeoccasional accumulations of co,rupt'bil'ly, which otlwrwise woulil o eipower the. principle nf ,;?e, before the individual had leached to t e full Erriod of * Ai.iten' e according to lite principle of life wiiliin im. Kor in order that men should arrive at that period of. life cailed old aite. a |ierlect balance must exist between the principle of life and tbe principle of corruptibility When the balance it in lavor of the principle of He, we observe tbe cue k y of character with admir-lion And I have uo doubt that just in pro|iortion as the life principle predominates u this energy both of body and mind. By the use of proper medicine this can always be secured to a good old age. 1 he principle of corruption is subject to the influence of many causes of vitiation. It is therefore necessary th it we be prrvided with .1 in. le m ans to prevent injury from 11; or in < onse queuce ofthm vitiation that i-uirioity would be produced whieh wo..Id de*tmy the la-nvid-id before be bid arrived .1 that 1 eriod of life which lie would luve done'roin ih principle oflife wh cli W <> 111 mm liow III ai-OIIII'MIM mum I'l- mil H.r .vi.anuil of those humors which bear (1 wn the principle uf life. Do not wait lor * senousjuuck of ticku?>s, hut on the firsi appearance i>i theeue.iiv. .u it i ature ui hi r operations to ex|iel hun from the bo.iy. This i? the ohje t always atta'iieil by those who me Brandreth's Pills Thou and* who have kept their beds lor years, have beru restored by the use ot this meili ciue. For the principle of disease, like that of the principle of life, is alike lucotnprehei.sinle to mankind. We only are able tr> point out what will weaken the one or give strength to the oth r. i he value of the Brandreth Pills depends upon their wooderrul p'Wer_ in streiigthe.iiii? the principle ol life, and wi'ikeniug the princip e ol t'iseasn, and linilly expelling it Irjm the body. Let us considr the subject carefully : would disea?e affect ns if nur blood wer- pure f Then |?i proportion that Brandreth'. Pills purif the blood, they tend to restore healrh The vert action u|>on the ay stem whi ti Brandreth fills pos???s,convinces all who u e them th?t th-y remove only the impure humors. t" or it they took ?uyi>l the healthy fluids from th. b dy it would bewe keneil But the contrary is the c ue T. ebody becomes stronger every day, from ilie use of the Brandreth Pills aa is known by theexperietce of tens of thousands of our citi ens. Where is tht man of sense, whose mind is unprejudiced, who from the infect ous sm'll after death, would not s .y,would this body hive been bereft of lift, had t utrefaction been prevented ? Are meu born but to be sick f HhalJ the lower auimals live their full extent, and man only prematurely iierish T Let us folio ? na'ure?let us cUanse'he blood from impurities, and we shall live to the full extent of the oil in onr lamp of life. "ut cou'iuued purging will wear out the b-dv?some otherwise sensible people affirm, that it is I ke weari' g nut the ket tie by dint of rulibing. Do a, then, rust preserve metallic nibstances'? It would lie admitting that impurtirs of ihe blood preserve it in a healthy conditio!!. We know bet'er. We know that the result of an impu'e state of the blood is 'o occasion salt rheum, erysipelas, weakness, general d bilit> , piii.s in the breast., back and s'de, also, fits, palsy, dys|>epsy?in fact whereever the imparity finds a weak portion ol the body, there it settl-s, and there it produces pain and disease 181 have known many persons purged twenty and thirty days in succession, and th- re-uit was always successful ; in every lustanre the m?at remarkable improvement took place. 1 remember one person who 1 knew h.d worms, from nit peculiar sy mptoms ; he persevered for fo-ty days ; every day lor the forty days no appearance i f worms was seen, bnt after thai time he voided great numbers, s >me of extraordinary nxe.? What effect would have li-ve reaul ed from three or four doses of cathartics?what would have become of him if he had tiot beeu purged to a radical curt? It would b; impossible to sb w the benefit to be ?*erived from a proper perseverance with theBRASUKKTH FILLS in these limits, liny must be used to be sufficiently appreciated. LETTER FROM ARNOLD BUFFUM, THK rHILAHTHROPIST. ('ificiNNATi, Ohio, April 15,1843. Dr. Brakdrcth : lu the course of my life I have suffered often and much from sickuess ; I tnmk I have been under the care of [hysiciaua mo e thnn twenty different times, for weeks at a time. But for th" Ihsi live >ea-s I li veemployed a physicitn but once, and then oniy for a tingle diy ; not, however, because I have b?en exempt from fnynent lllne s, but b cause 1 have f< uud a more speedyand effec'ual remedy iu thy pills, than lever 'ound in the u.t'dicines administered lo me by my WK'i?vejr I #.?, I constantly carry a box ol them with me, or ?t least a few of them wrapped in a |*|ier in m> vest pocket, and what ever illness comes upon ine, I invariably find reliel from the us?< fthem HnvuiK l>een much occupied in travelling and public siwnkiug, 1 have frequently taken severe cold, which b fore 1 used these pills resulted in soreuess of the throat and chest, ai d a seven-cough; but latterly, though m re exposed than ever,when I have uken a coid, by taking one or two p lis at a time tor two or three nights, 1 have invariably succeeded in removing all soreness from the throat and chest, and in effectu illy prerentii g the cold from settling on my lungs so as to produce a cough. Ouoe during lait wi'iter, while travelling on horseback, and subject to much etposure, I was suddenly leixet with a very sore ihr">st. h ah fever. Mid eutire prostration of strength a d spirits By the u>e of two doses of the pills, and drinking freely of cold w- ter, a copious lerspiraliou was kept up, and in 42 hours oi e af the most severe attacks which I e>er ?xperienced gave way, ai d in two days more I was able to pur ue iny Journey At another time, continual exposure auu umv exorcise in public ?|vakiug, brought on * seyere* in (he small ol the hack and kidneys, which becime so exceeding painful tint I w ? obliged to spetk iiitiug, not being able to stand on my 'eet; at length the soreoes* extended quite through me and the pain b*came so seteie that I i ever closed mi eyes duri. saw hole nitcht, ami several time* nurl i* tliat i)i|{lit 1 (.art serious doubts whether I would live till mo uing 1 took even pill* which Went to tlx seat of the disease, and as by m>gic si?n ed to lay hold of it, aud e^rned it all off. so that 1 attended a met ting on the same evening* and spoke without pai tor inore th in two hours, and the pain Ins not returned aince I retard this asone ol the mostextnoroiuary cures that Ih<ve r\TT known, a?d I can truly say in a similar case, I would not exi hinge Brand eth's Tills for all the medicine of the drug store. 1 have npeil the Till* and administered them to others on various other orcasi ins ; and as I tj as 1 know hi no caw withiutc m|>lete success. Especially have I found tie m alto<eth r su|>erior to any other medicine ev*r taken for cold* coughs, a'd sO'enesa ot' the lungs I ronside the maker of ihein especially starves lite great cause of humanity, and I shall recommend them whenver I go Thine,respectfully, A. BUFFUM. Ladiea should use Brandreth's Tills frequently. They will ensure litem from severe sickness of the stomach, and. generally jl>e king, entirely prevent it. The Brandreth Pills are harmless. They increase the power* of life; they do not derm* them. Females will find them to secure that state ol health which every m ther wishes to enjoy. In coaliven **, so often prevalent at an interesting period, tne Brandreth Till* are a safe and effectual remedy. There is no medicine *o safe as thi*?it is more ea?y than caster oil, and i* now generally used h> nil < erous ladies through their confinement. Dr. Brandreth ean refer to many of our first nhysiciais who recommend bis Tills to their patieuta, to the exclusion of a I other purgatives, aud the Tills being composed enii ely of herbs or vegetable matter, purify the bloou, and carry off the corrupt humors ol the body, in a manner so simple a* to give every (lav ease nd pleasure. Man w ill be borne to na\ s of bliss, compared to what has hitherto been bis lot. weighed down as ha has beeu by disease, infirmities, and s"ffering. whicn no earthly |>ower knew how to alleviate until this discovery was presented to the world. The weak, the feeble the infirm, the nervous, thedelic<te, are in a '?w days stieng hened by their operation, and the wont c m,J ;... 1 i llie exoenie ?' pliys-cian. Adi|> ed to nil circnmsianre* anil situations th y 2 M* hest med.<'iMM |br families, or to ukeu sen, preventing scurvey and cmtiTesirss resume* uo change of diet, particular rrgtmt-it, or care wumi taking cold. Thf BKANUR1TH PI LL?, a* a general family medicine especially iu a country 10 subject to sudden change* of t*mi m ture as Ihn, their vain* is incalculable. By having the Brai | .ireth Pilla always on hai.d, should a sudden attack of *ickne? take place, they can be given at once, and will often have effect; ml a enre before the phyticlau could have arrived. Iu colic and inllammati m of the bowels, these Pills will a uc? relieve. and perseverance ;a their use. aero ding to the dections,will surely do all that medicine nan do, to imtors the health of the patient. In all ca?**s of Indigestion, Worms, Asthma, Diseases of ibe Heart, and in all affect ons of the ttnmaci and bowels, the Brimlreih P.lis will be I'onnd a neve f.iih ic remedy Ti> iiiMire the full beiiefitof tliet* celebrated 1'ills, they should be kept iu the hiuse, so that, upon th- first commencement i f sirkuets, tliev ma> oe at onee resorted to f >ne dose th#u is uelter thin a dozen after disease has become estab liheil in tlie system. Be careful of counterfeit Pills. How to avoid them : No. i Hf.curitt. klach Agent who sells the genuiue Brandreth Pills ha* a Ckktificatk or AtiKWcr, winch lia? bees Migrated at a rast expense It represents the Mamifa toryat *i?K "in*, On the banks of the Hudson River, and la signed bv Dr. Brandreth, and hia teal tumped upon the paper. fill. 2 ttKcmiTV. all, ob*?rve the labels upon the boiet. Kach bos of the (enuiu* Pills has uow THK1- h L Br.LS up"n it Thetj'aud t ? bottom label eonU.ninji upward ot FIVE THOUSAND LETTERS in HBD IN . Pile word. DKNJAMh BRANDRETH'S PIL 1,8 being prin'ed over two hJm'red times upon tlir two lab- Is No 3 Sirt'HiTT. There are also noon each label two stgna ture* of Dr. Brandreth : one B Bruiureth, aud also one Urnja inn Brandreth f ach bos. therefore, to be genuine, must i ave til risnaturvs upon it. If the bos do not answer this description, the Pills are n>f the BrmHreth Pills, but some vie oj.un cerfeit of them, as ill the old labelled hoses hare b?en collected. No. 4 SECURITY. Beaidea the above sigm of geuuiueiie*?, fac-similes of the Braiidn-th Pill Label* are uimn the ' eruricale if Aifeiicy?therefore, {ompare your b is with the labels n the certificate; if it ,igfM?,'Ui* run .re iruej n wn u<n, uw? ? ? I4lu, I have expended much time, and at lenat IVXM), in parfectiug hw chccki to the mil* of counterfeit 1'ills, nd in the ho|>e they ill secure the genuine BH/l ,\ DKK'I ll PlLLS to all who want them. I remain the public servant, U. BRANDRETH. M. D. The BRANDRETH PILLslr# s dd at 25 rent* per bo*, by 'lie Agent in every town in the United MatM, aud in almnat erery city throughout the world Shmid this paper om into the hands of anyone I nog *< h>"? then* i? no Agent for this medicine ol healthful potters, let 110 time be loil in ie.ding to l)r Benjamin Brandieth. stating the imputation of the t wn. and ?oin?* reference* ill mid be gifea in INetv York, at to the re ponslbility of the gent'rm m who de*ires the A?eney. If no referencea ran be given, let a am.ill remittance accomi any the letter. The tale of the Pilis, and the good doo* by their me, will fullv re,,ay for all trouble. PRINCIPAL RRANURETHIAN OFFICE, 241 Broadway New York. *StiA-f)/^re? ?1(19 1-i Hu lion street and >71 Bowery; Mr?. Bo tli^tNo. 1 M iiket s^e?t, Brooklyn; Mr*. Ti mer, Willi .mt inrg; Uoxon wiu<:r. i-jii mum ?i<- oa< union- . in, ? corner of Lvxht and Mfrw ?t-??U; PhiUdrl|>hit ?fli 8 Vorili Kighth Kiolimond olUc*. N Mtmtiwi, Mr Bufrirh, Mr Hm4, 9> fcaat Bay, Charleston, 8. M . <i-*t"n. No 2 Ol.l Leree, N.Uilnoi, M. 1). Phillip*, W, r re iter, M.ia? ; M Hobiuioa, P'0?idenee, R. I ; and by at l*nu ?if Atrent in rrerr town in the United 8t?ie?, e ieh nf wh.,m 'in * < ierlilical" of A?e?cy, upnil w!l' It maV be tmrl rn nin of 'he lahela now uneil upoi the Oeiiune Hranoreth fill Boxea Ort the RMwi' e m?*d nn?, mil you will linn it to ht, hoh? than *11 that could be rniidnf it by any written ttatenient nil I<ii- r COAL ! COAL !?An cheap ?a the eheapi'it, nnil m gnnd aa ihe bent, of Peach Orehaid r?d uh. at the Workmumnn'i Coal Y ard, corner of Chnatopher *n l Oieenwich atrteta, wanhed by a city weigher, and ilelirrred to any part of the City (rr* of carta*'nJN?w*r EDWARD LK.WkLYN. -W YC W YORK, SUNDAY MOR I GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTING GOODS. JOHN M. DaVIE-S & JONES. 1(16 William Street, corner of John, I.TAVK received |>er late nrrivals. Mid now have in st??re a fall n assortment ol good* in ti.eir line. The\ feel confident thai thrir atock ia not equalled in thia city, and 'heir goods will be old low for cash, (tautlemeu will find a variety of new atyle of Scarfs, f'ravaU, Winter Olovet, Dressing Holies Pocket Handkerchiefs, lie. Under Garments of every variety, ol fcnglish'and Americas manufacture, vi*:? Merino Shirt* and Draper* l.ambu Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Flannel do do Btickikin do do Plain k Nibbed Silk do do Ladie* Merino&Silk do do With a great variety of other styles. bilk Shiits and Drawers, lliblwd and Plain, made to order tt the skortrat notice. Hosiery, Glove*, Siupen<'erj, Stock*, and every other article of ontlittniK U'w>dj. CAPS, Oar assortment comprises every atyle now in aae t'nr vmitle m 'II, youth and rhihlmn *i srreatlv red need price* .086 2m*ai KRENUH oHINA No 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, IJp rttairn. ADALKSMK, Importer and Agent Tor Mannfactnreri, has alwaya oil hand a large assortment for dinner and tea set* in plain white and cilt Fn'nch Porcelain. ai well as I'inxer and desaert plate*, of all *izes. assorted dishes, ?nup turerns. covered dishes, salad howls, fruit baikets, coitards and stand*. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, ()reek, French and American shape. All the articles are warranted of the beat quality, and to be old on liberal terms, and in lot* to anil pnrehaaer* ?J7 <!in??e pMUMJ18, OnprEKlKS, TKAS, Wi.NKST kc^iApS * ir.ll Ot luunu, !?' ntuiain turn, unci tu nnuimK and retail, to de lers and families? Kresli Foreign Kniits, a general assortment Sugars and Coffer of all kinds and ijuaiitiea Tea*, Green and Black, of - very d-?cri lion Sujieri it old Wines and Liquors,' f various grades Superior Raspberr? and Cherry Brandy Krench and American Cordials, on draft and in glass London, Sc>tch and American Porter, Brown Stout and Pale Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriaica and other bra?ds S?girs hast and West India and American Preserves and Jellies Honey, in small bo?e?, from Ohio Jujube polite, in 1:*>$ and 25 lb. boxes Bird Seed Spices. Coco* and Chocolatc Spenn Oil and < andles, Soap Su: Saratog 1 Pavilion Wa'er, in nu irt and pint bottles. Goods del ver>-'l to any nart of iheciiv f>ee of .veusa. nil lm*m A. A. SAMANOS. NO.# WALL STRKET AND 288 BROADWAY, Corner of Hudi: Sthekt, HAS JU^T Rf.cKI VKD, ner ship Cristoval Colon, an invoire of the celebrate.! Woodville brand of Segars. coo sitting of liti ilias and Medium size, and the Lord B>ron paper Segara. IN STORE, All the Taiioui sizes >nd choice qualities of the moat celebrated brain's o< Segars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different aiiea. Tort of Havana K galias and medium size. begun dad medium size Jusio Sawz Principe. * Larue and small Y ir? of St. Jago Genuine Turkey Toharco of difT'n-iif qualities. Scafarlatti Snv.aiig[Tobacco "f 'kutimore German *moi.iug Tobacco of different qutljtiaa. The celebrated atchitix hei Suuff ol New Orleans, together with all the fancy Snu'fs of th" > ay. Pa|*-r Seea s of Garcis. Perez l.ara. Lord Byron, *c. Germ n Pipes; Cherry Turkey Pipe Ste s. Pointed, Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment oi Segar ('a es, Snuff Botes, fcc n?is lor t< lilt' neKtfs, ana I odacco iu oaies, wnicn mm feredat wholu-tleaud retail n'3 Im'r SEGARS! SKGAKS! SEGANS! DM. HENKIQUES, No, M Wjlliam s'reet, respectfully informs Lis Trie d> and 'ha poMic generally, that he has constantly on hand the lolliiwing choice nroiids of Began, for tale wholesale and ret lit:? King and Queen Regalia, La Noma, Hi on da, Cabanas, GipuMN, Nouegas, Yngcninnad, L? Kloriuda. (a new brand.) D? Moya, Pauetrias. in 1-8 and l-10th boxe?. Principe*, of various qualities. Estwrtnus, LfHtlaoei, Cab lleroi. and numerous othe brands, we'! worthy the attention of the public. Any srgars purchased at ilns istabliihment, if not lilcd will b? ta' t-u back at any time and the money returned. Strange would do well to call previous to purcliaaiug elsewhen*. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. n!8 Im COFFfcE WEST INDIA COFFEE A*'D 8PICE FACTORY, AJo 64 Barclay ttrect, Ne-r Greenwich, Si-vi York /"CONSTANTLY ON HANI), and for ?ale, Green, Roasted nnd Ground Coffe s; Grouud Pepper, Ciuuamou, Alspice. Ujnter, Cloves. Mustard, Mace, Nutinvgs. be. Coffee Iloaated and (iron ml tor Urocera, at tiie anortest notice i J C. KINIMER, U. (iood* teat to any pari of the city free of <-*l>e?i*e. nil lm*m UNITED STAI KS T B A EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham wtrut, Neu> York And 11C Fnlton street, Brooklyn. rA?Ei?CT, 318 BuKCitr 8TBKKI, (WHOLESALE AND HE TAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for * tale new and fragrant Teas of e?enr variety and style.Their .isaortment specially include* the moat delicioua and powerful gride* of Green and Black E?er> pncka?e bean th* itamp of inMtnaa* and elegance, and the Teat therein are ao Tioroughly secured from light and air, thai their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their ayatero if proaecuting huaineta ?, perhara, tcarcely to be excelled ll it founded upon the utinoat regard to the right* ol the custom r, especially with respect to weight ana quality, and unri 'tiled cheapness. All pnrehaaera are called upou to return any txticlea which (ail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whicr he money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded < onntrt nerchanta, public establishments, heads of families, and ahip oaater* will find it a decided advantage to anpply theroaelve. from thia ettahlithmrul. Qirturne Java Oorricit roasted erenr day Order* from nil parta of the United States executed wit) arumptitud* and despatch. X/" The only warehouse is America fn? the tale of Hon jus's eelebrMe<l Whrli Tm rtW lm*ir HODGfcS LONDON COKDIAL <MN fHlS superior article cau alwaya be obtained at the Wine I Vaulu, No lit Kniton atreet. one door from Dutch atrset. HODOti'S CELEBRATED LO.NDON BITTERS. Theae bitter* are highly recommended by the Medical Facnl ty of Ea ope a* a reator tive for th' npi etite, nd ca-< b* uaed in us pure atata "rm ted wiih water, wines or liquors, and c n b? .Ihniiwil at all fh#? i nnrinal liolela in the UlllLrd Hlal'S Sold wholesale only at No 114 Kulton ?t. one door from Dutch *i Agents for Boston, Mats -Mnin. BUke St Trumbull, comet Mill and Kedrral streets. Kor Providence, K. I., Mr. Thomaa Spencer, No. 15 West Water street. P. S.?Th* above article* may be had in bottle* for family " Also-STOUOHTON'H BITTERS, ESSENCE PKPPKKMINT. ?'HILADKXPHIA PORTER, ALE AND OHAMPAUNE C1DEK. of suiwrinrqmMies. at Nb. in ritl rov *Ireet, nlJ lm'ec One door fr-tn Dutch street ~J. SCHMIDT^ MOKKEK of Brondway and < liambers street, be*s leave t<> recommend his Wi ,e Depot, 1 >8 Niunn str. ei, ? here He ellsihe following wiuea in casks ca?e and lioitl s, ?i?:?k ed uid White B nleauT and 1 ette Wines, Khennh Wine*. Madei ra, Sheirv, I'ort, Burgundy Moscat and t hatnpa?ne AI?o?Ham, Uiu, Whiskey, Brandy, Klt'ict d'Ahsytithe Itc n li I m*.r !>H WISTARt) BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, lii FULTON STREET. fMPORTANT CAUTION.-Th- inblie should bear in * mind that it is Dr Wistar'a Balaam of Wild berry tiiat pet i "yP* 'hose remarkable cures which are published in every part of the country, and not the Article* ol similar name that ate oc caMoiially puffed into t'mpor,ry notice. Those may be good, bat wr know nothing al>out ih?in Letev-ry Vlan, Woman and Child read the following, and if 'hat doe* not sati fy all of the great virtue* of this m?d'cine, let their, go to 125 Kulton stteet and see the original, with nu nerous otner testimonial* of hk- character: Watthviixf., (line da co., N. y ) Sept 15 h<3 Dear Si.?I owe it to the lllicled to mfo m you that in Ian iarv last I w.i* attacked by a rerv vio'ent col I, caused by tO'kiii^ in the water, which settled on my lungs. It was ,c companied by a very severe piiu in my breast and sides, and il o a distressing muli. I had in a it-ndanc* ?ll the beat me aid in our village , but after eihaiisting 'heir ikill to n? tTail inry pronouiireti my ui niw n mil they one and *11 |.n( m. up to die Alt*, m-'cli persuasion, I got the consent of my ph\*iciau to n?e the U.ilnin of Wild ChxiT/, prepared by Dr wiitar I purchased of tia? Agent id oar place our bottle, before using hall' ?f whi -h ( b* gaii to gain strength. mid it wa* rery cv dent my cough waa mum better md iny vnipt'im> til every way i nroriiw. I hjrrn.iw u<nl three bottle*, anil am re.t??ed to perfect health I his ie?ult it tloueo?in? to the na* of Ur. Wutar's Balaam of W ilu Cherry; and I take thia method of giving you (he uif tination, parth to pay the debt of gratitude I one you, and partly th>t others ?iDilarly afflicted may know where to apply lor relit f. Very tmly yours, JAMES SAOE. Mr. Palmer, I)ru;i^tt under date of Wat-rville, hept 21, IW3 writes: The statement fivaii yon hv \l; Sage iawell known to be true b> thia whole eominnm;,'. Mertaiuly waa a most remar able cure. The aale ,<f tlir ijtlsain ? very good, and success in com truly tlatlenn.. Yeurs respectfully, . <>. I) CALMER Let the afflicted call and see oar certifica ea. They prove conclusively f at they can b cured if they g> t the r ght medeiue. Be n.ea d gr-t "Dr. Wistar'i Balsitn of Wild ('harry." teware of imitations This Balaam cnraa all affections of the lunga a id liver, auch <s h eeding of the Icing-, broi.chifs, aathma of ID or 20 years' i anding,. croup, ob<tin-ie paiu in the cheat, a-ue, lie Hold only by I-aac Butts ili Kti'ton, earner ol Nasaaa ; l)*iter, Albany; Gorham, New Harm; h,. W. "ull, Hartford' >nd by age>ita throughout the North'ru a d hasteru Sutra A Ma-leal Tr-atise to be i?ad gr t i aa *V>ve n?i Irn'm I K. v\ K l T'-* CU.V t.NTlCATbli Mt,UlCAl, I'tth A ' KATlOvS, consisting of Stimul ting Liniment. Lininerti tor Congha, Couinuiption. ('.roup anu t^ainsey, - e\era Khe'tnatisms, Vervons and Mpinal Disease*,Coinmou, Nervous and 8i< k Headache, CholeraMoibus, Cholera liU..tum?Vegetable Cerate, I'rt'er and Pile Salve, Uiaphoietic Drop*, Pectoral I>rops, Female Drops, Al'?ri|i?e Drop*, Vegetable Syrups. Esseeoe of Life, .Nervs Sanuive, Toothache Drona, Cough i Iran*, Arthritic 1'illa, fcc. kc. with direction* accompanying, each. . ... .v B.?The?e medicinea ire particularly- i<iM>t?ri to tne Tari m? di<<M?a for wli-ch tliev ?<r ipcotnuienitol, and imny *ud varmtM ar? tlte tea imo.Mli in ihe h?ndi of the proprietor from variout t ctiom o ihf Uuitcd Smea, gratefully ?ckno? lrd? iu* meir efflca when All otlwr mcdicina had failed home if the e te 'invn'.la are pabliah. d hi (lie pimphle.a, which may tie Iwl (ritnitouily at all iilacej wheie the medicine* are lo ?ale?where ,i|m> n?iy b?_ had lewett'i family l*h tician. The fact ihit theae innlldiiri alw.iya r li*?e u not ?irir*ly cure when properly applied, iniilera ilrir nenelii atendal to ihe alHiciad. Try tliein, and l> I them aland by their Old. meKor particular* tea ahow billa and pamphlets For aale at virion* d ii( *torea in the ci'y.andhy Dr.J. 'rolTut, 149 Atti rney ?trc*t, N?w Y .rk, afe?t. wneie the medicine* mat lie ha<l wh leaale and'et<il. Dr. I., will alto attend thoae who may min.ra hi? ??tTic?a, and from loan eipe. rience in ihe practice 01 inedicin*, he feela confident of (urng <n?d *ati*factinn to the afflicted, what??er may h? their malady, i uMlm*r ... II . I IRK I NING, DECEMBER 3, 18 GRI:AT REDUCTION. -pjOURLfc ENTRY BOO -hEKPINO ?>uly FWeDoUrc, \J <11(1 I-pi?t 'I* v IV ir ,i >lilp only Two Po'lvi. THfc FIRST PHK\11UM nwn.dnl iKirr con? e?!i?e year* I forth* hM.'pciuira* ol Ott-h'iid IVnuiAiibhip nhibifd At i li * ?r*?t I*' I ? <>f tin- Ain-riCau lu t !"[ GOLD^MIIIIS CMMtOHKAPHiC INSTITUTE, for ! the iuatrnc iou of PENMANSHIP and Book Kn-rirc. IIW Br idwy, rppomt* John atr'et, it ifiw inirn (ilirinff tllPiliiv nnd f ir til* nMiuimi r?l nil - pi I* Mid visitors, 'fha gentlemen acquire a free aud oi|*diuous style ot Mercantile I'enmansuip iu Irorn uu to twenty leaseus of ou? ho r e ich The hdi*s are ttnuht a ni>at Epistolary hand, a beautiful accomplishment to the??, BOOK-KEEPING. The ?ytem of iiis*rut'i*n intra oil at his Ac demy in this important study u not deri> ed from any prii ted work, ' ut la tins mult of a pnc'"*l know led** o" tin* sabj^-ct. The e**rc ses beiim ?o irauited as t' r-u er ilixr o (ho studmiioeerv department i f mncauti'e bmin si, WHICH <"KH. TAINLY I'ANNOT I)-' ACQI'IRtD BY SIMPLY BA? LAN' 1NO i?NK -K.TOK UMiKst I, i'Iten' H'riti' K I I ? m>ets d >ily at II o'clork. Oc.itloni-ii d-ri. g the d y ai,d evening. at such hours as inay be?t ait their co> renience >ep*iai<' |?rl"r? loi p-i ate instruction. For sale at the Academy?A superior article of M?talllc Pens. n29 lm*ec NO ' i' fc. -NKW_VOKK U V .KING ' U.\1?ANY ? Th? auhs Tiber having he?u appointed Herriver of the property, claims funds atii efl'?c*s 01 th Now Yo*k Uvkmu l?oin|>anv, an tssoci t'en formed un^er and i' pu a"a. ce of an act of tho L'K'sIn uroof th- hiat or N?w York, entitled 'an a tto anth tne hu?in> ? of b?tikinc>" passed Apm 10th. IMS. all persons ind-Wed i0 iha sai I A asocial i *a are rrqni'ea to r-udf r auarcoui t ot all de It ?n I s'lini of .,0liev owing *>y 'lioui ro/|>ectivplv to ne,a"d to piy tho ? ,me b\ tin* fiuen'n day of lai'Uitv nen. ?'m> offi e m ine Me chats' r ichiuge, ib the city of Now York. Aiinorsms itniji in t^eir possea sic?n ?n> proportv or ert'efs o' r ie ?a il Association aro rei|>i* ed tod-*l>"er the-.a no to meb'. t atdi \ll thr* of the ,issoe.>?ti u a?- re i?imI to d--liv- r ih? i re .peetive accntiu'a aud den xnos to me 'n tin! d'\ ; mil all perso- s holdi-.g any oien or suhsi?:iug contract fth-giid \.ss oiition ar1 rei|iiir en to presi-nt t'es'nie m . rimg and in detail, to me, on ot before rliat rtar at kM s d Doted New York, tf'th November, '8tJ. CHAnLfcH SAUuRV, Rceiver, j>6 3?*r .1'' \U' Wits' Kxchanue UO v HAL" will) immediate pos^essmr, 'h*- modi And its " tare* ?i'h** old established hot<s?-. w'eil known a? the(Ja ledonian Hole), J Hold street, ne?r Miid. 11 lout. The si<<ck of wiqn aud lnju' Ts i? of verv superior qu ilitv aud rhe h n?e affords everv ucomm id iti"in fo bo trdem, and has been established for upw r<l? nl twenty veurs Or\ thin* on t"e pr?mim will be ?olil ch?ap for cash, *s the present proprefr it aboar t? le t- for the olil. country Kor particul rt -ppl\ ?r tn? premises 118 In."ye CHfllTH* SHIRTS!?The w'teriiwr ha* ?u hand a cm|>l?te anoronent of Shirt*, trade iu the he?t manner and f ioemateraU, of die followinu kinds fix:? Fine Mini u Shirt*, with linen bosoms and wrutbamU Do do 'U> <io and collar* Kaucv Color d Shir* of virions kinds. AJso Sil? aud Ha'iu Scirfs, jiUin and nffnred; K.uxlish French and Ittlian Si'k and Satin Lravna, black and colored Under Shirts a d D awers, of neriuo. silk and cotton; Shaltei flannel dud 3liaker knit; mer no, lambswool, cotto", silk, couutr\ kuil and shiker kuit Half Hose; loves, Bun endr*rs. Cravat Stifleuers. Collars, Bosoms Silk Pmses, Sic. Itc ?all of which will be sold at reasonable terms at CHAKKlN'8 Karoithing Htore. n7 ln*m I I Broadway THE 9t7 BSC H BKH has removed fr m the store No 657 Br ailwv, to 174 < anal. lor the purpose "f carrvimr on the CASH TAILOK.1NO BU">lNK$8 in all its branches, and in a style of ele# nice which c mint e surpassed by >DT other h^nne It is the intent on of he <<ndertiKiicd to aak sucn prices for his ao'-ds at cannot fail to meet the approbation of IIM* |IUDIIC, aim <tii rktciieiik lusuiuucut win w n?|'v uu IKIMU m in t the taste of all Oarme?u can alio he altered ami repaired at this establiihment at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient servant, M. KlCE. N B. flentlemen furnishing their own cloth can hare them made upon the moil leisouable terms, aud good fit* wanned t>22 lm*r onITxTJhanok auain-return to the old HTAND THK undersigned, alter a seven years' experience of the evil * effect* resulting from large stores and larger rents, ii happl to inform hi? numerous customers anil tlie community generally, that he has effected (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a lease of of his aid stand. No. 4, (formerly 4) Wall street, Mor timer Buildings, corner of New street, and for many years ca jebrated by his well liuowu 31 UN OF THE GOLDEN Ft.EEC E?a l.escon to all who are in quest of good cheap and fa?!.ionable garments To such of his old patrons who may have lost sight of him during his wanderings, he invito tlwiir returu to the Old Spot, with the aisnrancr of a strict adherance to his well established fime for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he soicitsa call, being prepared with an assortment of fiue and seasonable cloths, oassiiners, vesting!, Ike See., which he will ti* happy to make up in the uioit faithful manuer, and on re-asona ble charges, for Cash Only The same care and attention bestowed on making aud trimming, as when the cloth is purcnts sdofhim C. B Bnbcock continues in the cutting depart men* CHARLES COX, i.?o lint Sign of the Oolden &'le?re. No 4 >VaIl it. Tiiti FrtLl.. mL) vvi ? i KK. P-tgiiloMo, AT THE MAOAZIN DE MODES, No.60C*H4L StHUKT. A CARD?TO Tin'. I.ADIKS OF FASHION?MA ^ DAMK BKHRMAN b"*a mm irajx-cifnllv to inform h?r frienda and cuatome ra that she Was rncrneti, by th?. aat *rri v tls from Paris, hrr fall aud wiutej fashions, and a le flatten herself thai IU* same will stand uurivalle. iu the ci v The fashion* consist W the followiliR full and entire ?f* style* Cut, UllCI't, plain, Watered, aod ch&nigeablt' rrlvct Ktrinx-cs; do silk, satin modi- and <|uilt<<1 hats, of an entire uovel description, in ladies', miuN', and children'a aim. Also, a complete assortment of cat* and head dresses, Paris ribbona, artificial llnw?rs, feather*. alio liair ornaineitU of ttu- Im?i artists ir. Paris. .Madam** It. solicits the ladies to favor het with au early call and eiamiue for themselves [ Vlascazin dr Modes fin Canal ?tn*t nT lm*M DtTHKNl II.MKNT THtt oRDKR OF THf.DAr i Then derai.nvu ?esp ctf tlv infirm th>ir fri nd *ndthe piibtic geuera'l , thit the> keep cons'autly on hand t >arp- a d -pl.ndid <ssortmeat ol Krvn'h and K (t'lwh lo ha, C'astwe es an i V'cai ngs mc iMiug a ?ip-U varety of Overcoat alQtfa, | w Inch tu> y oled < hrmtelves to up in a style i ot aurpa aed by any <subli?l'metu in the c ly All (ta m-nta fu 11 sheo full fifteen per re t leas than any othe* h n e who ma1 e and trim in the sawie annef Th ae wh > wi?h C'othum m id? to |Wf perfect sa'i- f ction w ill do well t > ca'l ?ud fkf m a trial N B.? \ apl ndid assortment of Uve'Ooa a an Cloaks kept const tnllv on ha d, and " ill lie ao'd vtrv lo ? lor cash. dl Im'r H. WH.TfcH' tHNn. 4 C . 31 Nvaan st HOU^r: PROTECTING 1'ISTQLS. ALLfcVS ?*ELK-CO' ICING AND KKVOLVING SIX BUK-. CAS. SiKfcL BARRKLS PISTOL?This Pi.>ol corks and revolves m rely by pullinc th? trigger, and si* shots may b- delivered within the .hurt space ot three second.. It la more simple oid more durable UMa auy 1'isol now in ua*-, and warranted ?ui>erioi lo any uihe maker. For sale iu quantities to suit purchtaer . by A. w. SPIF.B St I'O 'I* Pe?rl street. In potters I Har 'ware and Cutlery Also, Gum; Piatolt; Oun materials lor manufacturing, altering or repvrii.g Oum mm, 'in, Hiiny in U|'IIUIII| ?HII.HW, JLT <V i CUfcs ? I lie largest mu lumi uleujiu tuiiriiuru, ? *? Wntehn in the city, ii to be found 41 the subscriber's.t* he is eonttajitly receiving all drseriptiona ofOoldand Sit ver Watches, of the newest styles, direct frotn the inauufartitrnrs. in England, France, anil Switzerland, he it enabled t< offet a larger assortment, and at much leai price*, at retail, thai ay other house in the city, (iold watches u low as 120 to t* *ch iVntclies and jewellery exchanged at bought All "IS?*1*** w irrNnt**^ to keep rood time, or the money ft orued Watrhea, clock* aud jewellery repaired in the hast manner ui'i wamntnd town than at any other place in the city <}. ' \LL_EN, importer of watches and jewellery. 07 Imr 'Vholenale and retail. W 'V^ll <tre-*r up atairs AY * SHEKTHUBBKH OVfclt SHOt ??2J >lai<le Lame. K?|ierieiiee ha* proven that a leather aole can r>e ai 'achml to India Hul:l>er uppers, >0 mat it is tmpoaaihle to ? iwra.e tliem 111 thecouraeol -vearing J'heseOver Sh <e*,?hi< 1 li.ive lln-.idy t roWu i' to diaua* leather over?hii*t moCas out, and to which the water iiroof boot is Tut teudiug, arluruiahed by the Koiliury India huUtvr eatab'1shuieai, 2' vlaidrn l>aue, 01 a i|ualny im,>ri?insl> iierlect oid aKuiftlio ?iih than are being miyltr by any other eatahlnhoi it iii till ,r?de. I he paten' i|uilied ulipiier Over Hhoe? <ni Roola luruiahed only at this establishment Everv article appertain mi! to the rubber bmi.,cs? for sale or uiade 10 oider HOKACK H. DAY. Hnccesnor to the Koxburj 1 R. C? a3 Im'r >.?n? L)Ut;TOK YiiUM-fcLK I'KiVa tely. I-x II fill L'lllMI V m.u 1^,. ,.?lt..l ,n.hil.nti.ll?.l !! hmir. LJ of the dav or evening, at hit |iixv*ie residence, II Barclay treet, dmt Brondwa) He has been very tuccml'nl in lh? treatment oftho?e " half cured" catet which alwayt piovr to f 'tmiUnhlr to iihiticiaut of hat little expcrieuce. AimUiei internal cuiui jiratidii which ha* uoi lieeu overlooked, is thi ida tin* of remrtliea to the convenience of imtienta, who ifeue allv demre to obtain a core a* speedily lad privately a* poaail ole. Knowing that many people have a deaira Tor information mou turtjfrt* of im ortauce, itipecitil> when 'hey are deeply infer* ted, ha* lit. (Jregory lately p?blMied the fourth edition of hit privatftreaiite I' outaina eugraviugt?it much unproved tud enlarged .iiid p-vSmces in ny ktibji-ct* of interest and iyna?>> ujn> ol dueaae not oe'nre a limed to The variout form* of bodily and innuul waakneaa, incapnnt) tad suffering, which run- nnder tlte hand of pnvat* maladiaa. ire faithfully delineated, aud the heat practical method ol ob Mining aonnd health ; il i* a work plainly and practically adapt 'd to tne me of all rhoae who may unfortunate] y need ua friendly assistance, of whatever age or sei. That i>ortion of the work treating n|Hin impotence, tnirren' eat, and a certain deatnictive habit of youthful indiscretion, fmin whence result* " constitutional debility," will be found both useful aud interesting to all clata-'i?it ia a friendly yet sileiip monitor, where teiiinal >r debility haa made threatening inroads npon the h*ilth >r conttiiution, and points out not on It the meant of eacai*. Hnt the certainty of restoration. ItAhows h iw paraju aud >the't are He. eived by the outward ph> tiCal api earaucr?how the attenuation of the frame, . alpitxtio" of the heart, d.rangrinent ol the nervous tyttem. couch, mdigeatiou, and a train of tymtomt indicative of coutuinplion, aic olten ascribed to wrong causes, when in reali y they a>r he conaeguencea of an illiirm and peroiciona practice, alike destructive to thr mind md body. I he chapter on tincture it worthy of particular attention, ,a<l should be read by avery one The autlv.r'f method ol trwat us tut complaint ia without pain, and affordt a positive un nnditioiial cure, regniriug generally only i eery ahort time m ta accomplwlraMK. Ur 0 will wariaul to car iiuy (w ihai h>'uuder aket, and giiaranu* the taine to be permanent ? f"he m- ant which he emptoyt enahl - him to obtain romplftf >acr?"*? iue?ery inttance The price of the book abore alluded to it in ceutt, and nay he nail at any huur ?f the day or evening of the author. at ii? private reaidence, II Barclay tw, near the Park, and alto tt thr following agenciea, which ara drug atom, rig No. (6 William it, aaar Maiden Lane. No. 79 Pulton it, cor. of Mold at. No. 77 Kaat Broadway, cor. o Market at No. 188 Bowery, cor. of Spring itNo 31 Knlton it, cor. of Water a(. No. no Delancy it, cor. of Saffolk it No. 89 Canal It. No 63 Bowwv, cor. of Walker it. Both cornert of Broadway and < hamben itreet. The book will be tent in a tenled envelope to thone who may liooae ?o :o order it?it will ala.i he teat by mail on receipt of <f ?M?r tn hot . nO l,?. HASLTS, akma, ?c rV. LOSS of Keet, tnd Lega no hindrance to the aet ol K. TMOMA8, C ork Leg Maker, kr. reapectfnlly informt the pnblic that he hna retnraed from Phi ladelphia to ?7J Water itreet, corner of Pike, New York City, where he continnaa to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on a plan the moit correct and lean complicated,having, through neceaiitv, luvented. mad)-, and worn an artificial lac lor furiy ,eart. and l**n a manufacturer for thirty-Are veart, (eeii conft dent of giving Mtufaction to all who call oa him fn? Hindi. Anni. of the Common Wooden Leg. n4 lm?r nA??B.?8FF Trkaafe and No. I Leghorn, C lale hy rV, i,|| )tm PKMBE k ffkooks, II Liberty tt: IERA 43. Tlie Philadelphia Bowdy Fireman'* Lament, Ail?"Bonnie Dnon " Allmourn; our rowdy day* are done, Those palmy ilays of pure delight, When we in raptures uned to run At touiul ?f bell, for fire and fight. No more at tlngine-houae we'll meet. And pride our glowing boi-omi (wall. The joj fill cry of "fire" ot greet, With wild huzza* and hideous yell. No more with spanner, pipe aud horn, We hail our weekly jubilee? The independent Sahhath morn, When 'prentice hoys nnd nil were frae? To mingle in the Moody fray, And deal with clubs the deadly blow, And then in triumph hear away The carriage of the conqueiud foe. Returned, 'tw a* ecstary to hear Mow each liml fought and cracked a crown, How "Baity Sowers" and "Copie Greer," Had knocked the "Western" fellows down; How well our men the heat enduied? How far our matchless engine pla)ed ? How many plugs we had secured How iMjautiful the hose was laid. Yo ragged boy* ! that manned the rope*. Or lit a tire, or raised the cry, Lament! yo'ir early budding ho|>es Are doomed to wither, droop and die : Wit vainly hoped that manhood * prime Would tind you in the ranks of lame, To be the "Baltys'of your time, And cope witli "Copie'i" gloiiowt name. Alas ' alas ! those happy hours, We never more ahull know again ; The Sheriff toou will clu*e our doors, And we U be poor heart-broken men. Alas ! for .viike'', that Prince of l<ows, Who reigned above the law * control? A laurel wreath shall hind his brows ? His name shall live on glory's scroll. Alas ! for all the foes of peace? Alas ! for all the friends of lire ; A curse upon the new I'olice? A scaly tribe, who work for hire. Farewell to " Spanner." " horn" and " hose"? Farewell once pleasing false alarms ; The higher that the flames arose, Tin. irreater were the thrillinir charms Our Kngine shall no more, alas ! Be dreweti in all the flowers of May, With dazzling sides of polished brass, The work of many n night and day? Led forth by purt> 'Pioneer, An escort ot the grand parade, To welcome rowdy strangers here? Dear brother-guests of our own grndi>. Rweet engine?nh ' a long farewell ! We've loved theu like a thing of life : Thy charmsi have bound us like a spell Through fire and through the battle's strife. None but the tireinan know* and feel* The onvy of his happy lot, Who dies beneath thy sacred wheels, Like Brahmin, 'neath hi* Juggernaut. X. V. iI. London. [Correspondence of the Herald ] London, Nov. 3d, 1843. 7Tif City Election. Well, "the League" has beaten the Tories! there can lie no question upon that point. The battle was sharp and severe, and the Tories brought to their aid wealth, influence, connection, admirable organization, and a system of electioneering canvassing which nothing could exceed, and which scarcely any parly could rival. They also brought to their cause the* " prestige" of a great city name, the i emulation of an old buglish home of business .1 i -Li. I J Ill'' II11 iiiuiui rtHU tuiiiinritiai k wjuiv-c ui mc *' Biriug dynasty," as well us previous success in parliamentary contests. And yet they were beaten! arid by whonil By " the League!' Tins i? admitted by all parties; no one attempts to deny that the Cobdens, and the Fox's, the Bowrings, and the Wards, have done all this; and done it with n zeal, energy, talent, and success beyond all praise. Of the comparative meritH of the two candidates, little need be said. Mr. Pattisson was no orator of any formidable, power, and Mr. Baring would never astonish the frequenters of the House of Commons by his Demoatheman or Ciceronian talents. The question really at issue was one purely j of principle, and may be explained in a few words? " Free trade, or monopoly." The battle, as fought by " the League," could not be mistaken. All its IiarnJbiMs. placaiils, ntldrcase*, aud letteis, concurred in placing the contest in its true light. They all proclaimed that the result of that contest would show whether the majority of the voting liverymen were <>r were not adverse to treedom of commerce. The election thus conducted, has been one of immense moment, and 6,532 liverymen of the metro-1 polis of the Bntish empire, have affirmed against 6,367 that they are decidedly opposed to commercial restrictions, and are determined to support free trade. Now, what will be the results of such a decision as this? 1 reply, results of the most clear and unequivocal character. The decision proves rh <i I oiidnn w uverup In commercial restrict inn* and sooner or later, London will and must govern the rest of the. country. 1 cannot attempt to depict the agitation and excitement which thin conflict produced; and. although ten days have elapsed Hinci- the result wan known, still the |ouniuls, the 'magazines, and all the periodical press, return again to the charge, some rejoicing at victory, and others seeking to explain the grounds nnd reasons for the Tory defeat. Sir Robert Peel, who has been long wavering with regard to carrying out and extending the principles of his tarifl policy, will not, it is believed by some, be any longer a stickler for old fashioned monopoly; and the next session will probably witness another oi those tremendous thaws to wnich^ir Robert is by no means unfamiliar He knows what it is one month to be bound up by ice and eternal snows, and the next 10 bend to the subduing influence of popular opinion so an to be alarmed into Catholic emancipation, the Reform Bill, and a thousand other meaeurec once pronounced by him to be impossible. That the commercial policy of the Government can remain where it is, no one in full possession of hi.* senses would assert; and as to going backward, Sir Robert himself would be opposed to that "Onward" then, must be also his motto; and as he knows how to make a virtue of necessity, it is by no means impossible that he may appear in the House on the opening of Parliament with measures of" conciliation, and of a very large, if not wholly new character, with rclerence to the com mercial relations 01 tne wnoie empire, rne conquest g,lined by " the League" in one of paramount importance. They know it; and it is therefore thm rhey are now necking profitably to improve it. Ii is a singular fact, but still us true as strange, that Pattisson lums?'lt had 110 idea of winning, and B.tring no a|>pr? hen?ion of failure. These are the "fortunes and chances of war," but thewe are thrice happy who have no such battle to fight. We live in a period when parliamentary conflicts must yf necessity be inont uncertain, out will be very intent*. IVuU* ami her Gricvancct Sir Robert Peel's home policy is one of strict legality. II" has no genius to invent, and no desirr to do in ore than to carry into effect the laws which exist, whatfwr those laws may be. I am satisfied that if a law >w existed, which directed that fortune teller's m> >ild b?- branded, fie would insist on the branding, and would never dream of rWectin/f more than carrying th? luw into full effect. So it 1 ? *? l .1 ....... _ c nr.i? it. r__i_ ?i_ _ I in wun Ulia i^ucoiiviii ui w aiv-g. fir iuiup mere a whole nation in rebellion against the existing state of thing* ; but lie seize* those he can lay hold of who have been detected in overt act#, and seized whilst transgre.-sing. These men and women ;ire dragged to tne bar of the tribunals, hut the thousand* of wealthy whig and radical landlords and fanners who have urged on their dependents and follower* to physical acts of transgression, are unlouplit for and unpunished. In pursuance of this system, a special commissoii ha* lately been sent down to Glainorgaiutliire to try the few offenders who have beon caught in crime, and Baron Gurney ha* made a very "awful" charge, full of reproaches, and advice, and recrimination. So John Hughes was tried tuid convicted of all sorts of destruction of toll gates, and property, and he was sentenced to be. transported for 20 years! "Longer than I have to live, muttered the Welsh offender, as he left the bar, and so his fate was decided on. This sentence was so severe, that with the exception of David Jones and John Hughes, all the rest, six in number, pleaded guilty, and threw themselves on the mercy of the court. Baron Gurney sentenced iones anu ungues 10 seven years transportation; Margaret Morgan to six month* imprisonment; and the reat dimply toenter int< teirown recognizances to appear when called upon to receive mdgnient. These are the immediate results of the Glamorganshire special commission. "Aye," replies Sir Hohert, "but the moral effect which this commission ind its sentence will produce on the nunds of the people are the points chiefly to be alluded to?and ihey will be prodigious." Indeed! Then how came it to pass that whilst this commission was -itting, and since it has terminated its business, several new aggressions have taken place against toll gates, bars, and other property 1 Hut the Government has sent to Wales a Com- j mission of Inquiry, and the Right Honorable T. Frank land Lewis, and Mr. W. Crippe, accompanied hv the secretary to the commissions have openi-rf I LD. *rlne Two Coat*. at the Town Hall ot < , .1 ilu-n, their anomalous but interesting inv. ,, The ( |,^j f;0niniiiysinner has stated th .i though Her Majesty's Government is firmly re? d t<> m^et with the fctrong unit ot the law all alt>-tii,it.- it disturbance, and to do everything to uuppreiss and i>ut down outrage?, still they are desirous to ascertain whether there be any real came* of grievance existing, in order that by the powers of the Executive Ouvrrnment, or of Piiiliament, or both combined, a legislative remedy may be effected. The address of Mr. FrankntnH Lewis was moderate and judicious, but h<? seems to keep out of view, that whilst the tollgate grievance was the first which^was brought luiuer puuiK uiihiiiiijii uv nit? riuiw 01 im* aroeccaites, it in by no means the capitwI and fundamental cause or ground of complaint. That fundamental cnuHe is, the enormous amount ot rent*, and their total liirproportion to the value ot produce and the state of the market* Now, there is no eort of intention on the part of the Government 1o interfere in thin matter?nor to attack the tithes, or the rletgy?nor to ?eturii to the old poor laws?nor to diminish the enormous amount and nreetiure of the i)oor|? rates. So that, in fact, the Commission of lnuuiry may ettect some j?<>od with regard to the toll gates, hut will not seruie any relief or satifefaction as to any other matters of fur more importance. Hut this is a specimen of Sir Robert feel's system; "legality and inquiry ?but inquiry into the lew>er and not the weightier matters of the two. In plain terms, there is a grtiat deal in his system which looks like "bamboozling"!! And no the world wags!' Northampton. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Northampton, Nov. 28, 1843. Blue Laws of Oki Masxichutettt?War ugamtct Be'zebub and Bowling Allryt. James Cordon Bknncti , Es^.? Dear Sir:? We have been in the midst of a very great local excitement?one of those, tempests in a tea-pot, that at times shake to the centre the towns of New England. Every one knows, and it is almost a proverb, that this old town, and this county, are the head quarters of good order and good morals. Drunkenness, profanity, and irreligion a?e outcasts, while true religion, honesty, and sobtiety, are sure passports to the good opinion of the people. But there is a class here, lew (thank God) in number, whose bigotry and intolerance lead them into many errors, who are against everything that savors of life, of pleasure, of animation, or of healthful exercise. The old bachelors, young married men, and ?r? nerannuated business men, See., who live in tuv? beautiful town, and ??ivc, by their hospitality and good breeding, such an air of respectability to the society of the place, caused to be erected two beautiful bowling alleys, for the exercise and pleasure of the ladies and gentlemen sojourning and residing in the village. Drinking, gambling, and rioting, were entirely excluded from the place. The. alley* were closed at ten o'clock, and were a sourer of exercise, Hnd of course conducive to the goo ?l health of the citizens. Not satisfied with this, u few of the narrow-minded bigots, who would st < poison in the free und healthy exercise of the body . who act upon the principle thai because old Johi Rogers, Esq., was burnt at the slake, it was a su forever after to use fire for any purpose?theee small-minded, small-potatoe loafers, took advantage of a law of the commonwealth and caused the keeper of the alley, a very honorable, upright fellow, by the way. to be arrested. The kee[?er, Mr. Shaw, was fined one dollar and costs. He was defended by Mr. Forbes, one of the greatest counsellors in old Massachusetts. But hear how futile were all these insane attempts to deprive people of their private lights, ltiey tound ttiat Dowiing-alleyMike truth, "crushed tn earth, wilt rise again. And notwithstanding the warning of the Court, the alleys are again opened, a number of the gentlemen of tfie place having come forward <md purchased the alleys, and hired Mr. Shaw to superintend them, thereby evading their blue aw entirely. Jonas. Literary Vutlcct. Tut UiRTimiuiii, if- i!i^ utlo of u new novel, by Mrs. Crore, author of "Mothers and Daughters," " The Banker's VV'il . t/..i other able and popular i works. It is published as No. XXtV. of the " Library of Select Novels," price one shilling, and will undoubtedly meet with a very considerable sale. The Wrongs of Woman, Pakt Third?The Little Pin 11 kadeks,by Charlotte Elizabeth, New York?J. S. Taylor fic "Co., 145 Nassau rtTeet, pp. 115.?The Little Pin Header?, whicn Messrs. T?ylor tc Co. have ju?t laid on our table, is one of the finest little volumee, that ever came from the pen of t/harlotte Elizabeth. Two chapters, "A Sunday Stroll," and "The Sick Pauper," will rompare with utmost any drama for interest and effect; but the drumutii- power of the work is not its only, nor its best feature To expose the loathuoniM ttr^nnv nf Knuli^h t-itl/ ? ?L _ c . . j ...J ............ ir, the authoresH ; mid this object she pursue* witn u philanthropy and energy, Hut cannot but reuder her with Americana and Aincrican sympathies, l'o bring thit> cflrctivp little volume within the reach of all, the enterprisirig publishers have issued two editions, one hi very elegant binding at twentyfive cento, and tip; otlurin neat paper covers at 121-2 cents each. We triii-t it will find its way into all the family libraries of the land. Common Plea*. A Full Bench Present. Dti . 'J?Dtcisioss.?Samvtl H Sptlmmti rt. Mont Y. Hunch and John Tiacy ? 1 hi" rase came up on motion for a new trial The plaintiff ?ned the defendant* on a w rit uf tre?pa?s, to test hi* right to several stove*, which had been seized under a process issued by Beach. the plaintiff claiming said itoves under mortgage made by liim to .\iartin oran On the trial, the Judge charged the jurj that they had uothing to do with the question w hethar vioran oweil flench nuv irione) or not, a* the judgment whs in proof Hie jurj retired', and found a verdict for the defendant)., which decision the Court now says U wrung, and that the judge who tried the cut erred in hii < hnrge to the jury, and that a new trial muit be granted, the costs to abide the event. Hamilton IVhi/eis .1'ltn M Shrrman ?In this caae, the defendant wa* ?ued on a promissory note for $176, which it w?< alleged he had given to the plaintiffto nettle a judgment held against hi* brother On the trial, it wa* alleged hat the plaintiff could not recover, and must be nonsuited, inasmuch as he had cent on to the defendant the certiorate of the 9herifl'to prove that the plaint id had sold the judgment to the defendant. The jury found a verdict for plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the Court; and the Court now order the verdict to be set asiiia and a nonsuit In h? untrrol Pirrton vt Sntdrcitr ?Thin wm m action on matter of account which had become matter of referenoe. The cme now came up on a motion to net anida the report of rt.-lereei, which motion the Court granted. Before Judge Ingraham. Jacohy i t tht V S Fir, Iniuranct Company?In t hie cme, tried on Friday, the jury found for ttM plaintiff. Damage* VJ37 67. " WIN'TEH AluiA.Vf^EMENTT """"" imm S*"! FREIGHTS KO* WHEELING, jHD V? AND PITTHBURO. Pa -Tl? 3pBE ondeniianad, for the i?.| flnynn (and w wi W W |?f*?ui) .AItem for Bingham'* Line root t' it rii> t.. i (inuurn. tikri ihie method >>l inlormina An numerna* friend* <\ad imtfoa*, that having made eiteiiairc ar rangrmenta f>>r forwarding n>*rchandi?e ri? railroa'? ?nd *?gn i, during the winter leanon. to the Wm he ? n"W premrrd to receipt for good* froei ihi* city to Wheeling Va ?ia Saltimote imi t'umherlalid.or t> ritUhurg ?ia fhil idelphia and the ( hamHeraburg Koilrnad All |oi'4i rutraMrd to hn rare, w ill be fnrwttd' <1 without any delay and at the lo?re?i current fat?a, t > either of the at?o?e pointa on the Ohio Ki?er A mi, nierch'adiw .mil iwckage* aided by Orevn'i ?apreaa, I U .. 11 .1 . . . I It liimnn >. (Vk^hH. ?Lf.? i I an d?y? ir> m ihncity to Wheeling. Tin- l>u?iur?? wilt be n>' dueled b> ? **'m Tyton, N<v 10 W?*t ?feet. New York Binf^nni V Brolhrr-, 2"6 Muriel itrret, Wii adelphuL J.imei Wilton, North Howard ?frrei Baltimore Ilollidm kKiNon.l unit*.Ihd4. VI d lame* II *>f-Kt^ ll Co.. Whealu.g, V*. Win Bingham Pillahurg, j'? Ooorii intruded fur th* Wh-eling mot* thnalri be marked New York and Wheeling Ln.e, rare of Jamea W(Un I, Beiltimor*. and thoM Tor Puubiirg. Binaiuiui'a bine aa heretofore. WM. TYSON. No 10 Wm atreei N. Y. New York, V0? 70. II 1 nil Im'r 3UMMKK AKKANUEMKNT VKW YORK AND PHl^ADKXPHIA RA ,AOAD LINE Foil Ntwtll, f**WBRUW?WIC? 'Pmuc*TOI?. T??i?toi?, Bonorr?Tow*? A*? Br huiwotow. Qasa^ flfcfr iil3 teB, "S"?r h The Momma Line proeeedr 'r> t * roio thence oy >tearn??.. to rtjiladel,.hi. . to i nr r.trunin uiii?* ^ ' *? 'hi)?il?l|>hiii) mthont ehtnip1 ot 1 ' ,|m will yrnrun ?U "l- th* o.flce fool or oiirtlaiiilt ttnvt whfrr < C?n ? 4? u.h Ufinbnut. wil ??dine?.i, with b*Kfc crttf ! , ? ?hiM?-l|>hiii hummr* r rmiv-}?lfrom eiJ7"Jftj ?ihmit bring oprnml l>\ tl>* ?.i truin l? 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