Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1843 Page 2
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in mn hi --|i ii i f .u TH V?l. IX., No. 3^1?Whole ITo. 31)43. BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 ton? diiJ 440 lion* power each. I'r.di-r contract with the Lords of ih? Admiralty. HllthJlMA, Commanded by C. H. E- JuiUim. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lolt. Al ADIA, Alewu.ler Ryne, Will tail from Liverpool and Boston, TH llalift*. * 'ollow* . From Litkrpooi.. Kbom Boitoh. Calwloni*, lD?c. L Acadia, Not. 19. Doc. 16. li<brru>a, Dec. S. J*"- ' Britannia, Jan. 4. ft __l. 5 *. aieuoniu, hel). D. m-nn 1. Acadia, March 4, April 1 These ves*el< carry experienced snrgeons, and are supplied Wit>' ?'ranrtV Patent Life Boats. For freight or passage apply to , . D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, o!7r No. 3 Wall at., New Vork. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New Vork on the 25th and Liverpool ou the 11th of each month. M. M. tik ^From Nrw Ship S1DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, !J8ih December. Ship sHKUlDAN. Captain F. De|>e.yite), J'th January. Ship UAItlUCK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 26t'i Kebu rv. Ship KOSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 26th March. From Livehfool. Ship SIDDON8, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February'. Ship SHE1UUAN. Captain F. A. Uepeyater, llth March. Slup (iARRICK, Captaiu Wm. Skiddy, llth April. Ship KOSClUb, Captain John Collins, llth Miy. These ships are all of the first class, upwaris of 1000 tons, built in iti? city of N<*w Vork, with such improvements as combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of thair accommodations The price of passage hence is $'10, lor which ample store- will be pmvided Thes? ships tre commanded by ex|*>rienced masters, who will make rtrry exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owners of the ship* will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular biljs of lading are signed therefor. r or frvichl or passage apply to L. k. COLLINS fit CO., 56 South ?t.. New York, or to BROWN. ShlPLEY k CO., Liverpool. jueiuro Dy tnc packets will be charged cents per sniR'e n*vt , VI cento l*r ounce, and nen spai^n 1 cent each. <<2 >.X PKtins- K u K li i WJ O N?D AI LY~Tl > E?W INT*.K ARR \NOEMENT. n*1* HARN I -EN * CO. will ruu^^Mg} 0gL their pv ktge and business Ex ^L?j**.' .J0 JmnK betw?*,i New York nnri ImmUmJM? Rrt.rnn duiing the winter. as follows:? v w No' mgton, on 1 ue daThursdays and Satudays. Via Norwich on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?mak iug a uailv line. N. b.?Please mark all package* intended for thin line, to care of HAllNDEN k CO. u8r 3 W.l street. MSWI ~ PHILADELPHIA KXpR?a HARNDEN & CO. in connexion with tiwir .JSgbSVE Bos on and Pruvideuae Lines of Express and Eu-nnean Agencies, run two Daily Lines of Express to Piiilw>ri(mia conceding with Baltimore and Washingfn and al the important lines to the 8ruth and West. l articu'ar at enlinn will he raid to the transportation and delivery of small and valuable parcels with the utmost regutarity anil despatch. Casvs. lorge parrels, kc. despatched daily at before * P. M. Small uarc'is taceiveJ un'il K post 1 o'clock P. M. and delivered eaify in Philadelphia next morning. iiWee | HARNDEN & < 0. Jtm STATEN ISLAND KERRY, FOOT C^r*L^3?OF WHITEHALL ST.?The swamboat ^ STATEN ISLANDER willleave New York and Staten Island, ou and after October 2d, as follows, until turther notice >? Leave Staten 1 land at 8>?. 10, a. m., 2, 4, r. si. Le ave New York at 9. 12>i, 10 min. pasi 3. i%. N. B ?On Sundays the. boat will leave at II instead of I2KAll Irngiit shipptid is required to be particularly maraed and 11 at the n*U of rbe owner* thereof tTfltfr ~^rn h3T~0'CL0C|Tevening line for ALBANY and TROY direct, without Hfi ill m '--'Lti thr II-'-? i:J f? pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of Courtlaudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veninas, at 6 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of stab* room,and for ida** and accommodations is m?t snrnassed nn the Hunsnr. au8 ec PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AN Y?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.T" w 'v- t?;*? betwivu Court landt and I.therty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock. steamboat south AMERICA. Cart. L. W. Brainard. will leave I'nesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Places. Strauuioai COLUMBIA, Gapl. A. Mougmon, will leave Monday Wednesday, and Fridav afternoon at > o'clock. Stnmlin.i ini i H'I'H a MkltlllA. t.nffl. Vl. li. Trnesdell %ill leave Tnesdr.y, Thursday and Saturday tvesiing, at Gvr o'clock. Pusenger* taking thit Line of Boats will at all tunas arrive it Allnnr in ample tune to take the Marcing Train of Cart fo' llie nut or west. The above boati are new and inbstiatial, are famished witl ie.1t and elegant State Room*, and for spoed and accommod* tions nre unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Kreight, apply on board, 01 to P. C. Schultv at tne other on the wharf nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday. Oct. 16th. the boats of this line will leave for Alhanv at 6 o'clock. P. M instead of 7. K'?R WALK?Th- barque DUC P'OltatANS", h,,rlhei) 3KI tor.j, retfister; built in Bristol n JaUUKslBII. doable deck, coi p-reii and copper lasteu^Ljll Irrt loi.A, 17 leu beam, S fret between decks, IJ feet liold.^kll be sold as soon as the cargo is discharged. Lays at JuH'i wliarf Applv on Woard, or to BOYD <t HINCKEN. nil ee No. t Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water sts KOR NEW ORLEANS?To c'earThis Day, and M^M^iail To-Morrow?The first class packA shipKALA JhmNKbMAZOO, Captain McCerrau, will be despatched as above 'I hi- ship hai unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cahiu and steerage passengers who will be taken at the lowest rale*. Apply on board the ship at Pine street wharf, or to dl r JOH > HKKDM AN, lil nuutli St , near Wall >OH GREENOCK AND OLASOOW. with fc?Tjydespatch?Th- pac.e ship SALt.M, Capt. Heirn JHhKsi vill sail ss above. Her accomm.xla ions for cabin second c.? >i.i and sterrsge passengers. are tii|i?iior to any vessel in po't. I', rsons desirous of mini shouH make early arplica tion on boird, foot of l*i> e ?t'oet, n- to JOSEPH McMURRAY, ion Pine. corner of South suet. P. S ?TYions wishing to send f'T tl eir fiie ds to Scotland, can have thein hromh'out by'.he above packet by making arrangements with the above. d2r PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate MMR^Despatch?The well known fast sailing bark < OSJHHMbC?M<), Capt. Outerbridge, will meet with immediate despatch for the above port. She Ins IS od srromm Nations for cabin, second cabin and s'<<erte>< pmiengers. Those about going to ilx old coii"tr\ will hirl 'his a desirable oppoi innuy. Application without delay should be mad.- to W. 8t J. T. TAPSCOTT, n2i r 43 Peck slip, comer South street. X*g- OVLY REGULAR LINE KOR NE?VORMHrSfVLEANrs? I'lie following lirst class pa'kets will sail JMMMhfaBi'U'ictuaMy as advertised, weather permitting or pas s ure fre?, vii The l,t)> IS *s|LLE, Cant, llont. on the 30th Nov. The LOUIS A. Cap . Leavitt.on the 5th Deo. '1 li? PAN rHEA, Cai>t L'etinis, on the ? Dec. 'I 1... aremiiinoiiaii 'ns <rf tnese shins for calnn, second cabin and nirrmvr pa?aeng*ra are aich at cannot Jail to miurc evrry c mlort to paaseugers during the voyate Tlw ship> ni ini? lin- have now commenced iheir rerniar tnps. andi will il punctual eeery five d.y. throughout the Ii-oori "a-ieniter* mav therefore rely nn not b? ng . ,tain. d The i m * of pass'I* being vrsry low, thoae wishing to aecitie btrthJRii either of Thf above packets, cm do ao by applying to W. It /. T. TXH8COTT. a? their Oeneral I'.usage Olfire, 43 Peck alip, n20 corner ol Soii'Ii atr->t. KOH LIVKKi'OOL?The New Line Kevuhr WfWrV Packet 2M December.?The new and very splendid StmtHb>"'V i'oik built packet ahip LIVKRl'OOL, J'hn Kldndge, mister; 1150 tout, will sail aa above, tier regular day. Kor freight cr pa??age, having roomy and un?tirpn?ed accomnodationa, apply to tiie Captain on h ard, weit aide Hurling lip, orto WOODHULL llMINTlTRNS, 87 South at. Pi ice of passage $100. The new iuid elegant packet ship Vlnee i of the West, Philip Wo idhoate, n alter; 1250 ton, will auccvd ill* Liverpool, anr ail on li-r regular dav.tlat J an BIT. 1*44- r Jee tfig- KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular racket of the 7tl. yRMrV December?Th? well known fast sailing |>acketahi| JmCtttfei MD^PENDkNCB, Caprain Nye, burthen 100( tons will aail u above, her regular day*. Il>r accommodations lor caimi, second cahin, and steerage passenger* are iinmirpi aed by any veaael in port. Person* wish nig to embark alionld m<ke early application on hoard, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, 100 Pine afreet, corner of South. Peraons wishing to aeuil for tli*ir friendi, ou ha?e them b'Oii*hf out r>y the above shio, or any of tl>e rei'ulai packeta aailin ( on the 1-t, 7tn, lith. 19tli and ittih of each mouth, bi applying aa above, if by letter, poat paid. P S.- Dr tfta at tight, for large or ainall sum*, are drawn by the anbaciiber nn the Provincial B'lik of Ireland, payable at th ir respective brinches thrmnhout the country; nlso, on Me?irs Spooner, .*twood (It? o. Bankers, London, payable in every tow.i in Oreat Britain. n28 ' 5Ea~A"NTI.HUMDtT(} STOKE!-LlVE ANi? I.ET l,lVt.:? A' the oin rxc iiiitr duiii ?ir, ? ??, m Chvhain street (w"-ere the odious practice of cgl'iug ui?on >,crsons in-?i:ig the store is not t iler.led) can be obt lined \V,itei ftool IJoois manufactured in this c tv of the best m 'te ial, and warrant d *1 prices r,in?iug from three to (We d llsrs, being ? me tvvo do'Urt I >wer in price than is generally obttmed (umlitv cons deied) in city. iiMAw'r u B'lOTS AND BHOKJJ,? WILtON * JOHN* KlfMtiVSON, Snccenon to John Hatchings, deceased tinve nu liiuid and for wile, from the beat manufactories in tin SCrr?e, Ow Hewed and Pegged Bi-oti, men and boyi. ion " Kine ' ' 1000 Pair Morocco Dmkins. ItrO " Indies' Fine aOirpers. S0?0 " Children's Shoes, virions colon 100 " Woinens and misses Gaiters. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed and plaia. H'.or s?U in lou to suit purchaser*, at their store, 120 CHATHAM STREET. opposite Ros?veil. N. B ?The store being open until It o'clock in the evening giv-s country merchants au opportunity to examine goods at theirleisnre, _o3l lm?r "lUKIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADK TO ORDKR, By E. (NIBKK, IT') Broadwsv. ( BASI mcrt.) One door from Couillandt stre t K. HUSr K. Bootmaker and Maker of Lasts, an Ive" of Clercl of Paris, liegi leave to inform his friends and all the amtteurs of a gentlemanly "vbau<snre ' that tie can now make, hi Mew York, with the best Kreuch mi terinls, all that is so ivr^ctly made iu Paris >?y his master, th> reletir?t?l Montm-Ver Clerce, whose numerous customers oi this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited 11 try Suser'e Boots ami La?ts, liefo'e they despair of being "chausses" New Vo k, alter the uicrs latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varuish sold. nil lm?tn ro fHfc t-UBLic. 1 (lO TO ?5000.?M*. Francis H Crnmp, Watch Mtiket f+yyj 248 tstreel, l>egs to inform his friends and th< thai independent oi the Watch ^nsiness, he is prepare* to innke advance m cash on gold and silrer watches,diamonds !i Sr }** "u' Woont. forks, and every description of gold oi . 5ft jhaiie, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any p'"d f" silver Watches of every d.. ?il tm?rWU ""warranted til Orand street. E NE NE1 THE LIFE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD! "hitinet it the voice of God.?Walkkr. TNSTINCT tells Bjinkind m use BKAN DllKTH'9 PILLS 1 wlmu sickness affects them And instinct fiiriher fays, bleeding it ways improiier. The principle ol tile, that subtile and invisible principle which aninu'es the huinm frame, and whose sent is in tlie blood, is oil* of ihe mos; impenetrable secrets of the Creator. We lauuot comprehend this principle, but hi know tint it is ill the blood; for if we decriane lie amount of blood iu the body, we decreise the principle of life: and that if we draw all t .e blood from the body, that life ceases So we must hliete what rhe ScrinLures bhV on this subject; do oue cm i'oubt it. The lit'f of [lie llemli i* emphatically in the blood There can be no mistake u|>ou thil sunjert. So we must be ?iso convinced that auytl ink winch imiiedes the circulation of the blooil must depress or hear down the principle of life, and make th- body subject to receive mj iry from the principle of corruptibility also 1111 lanted in the n'.iinan frvne. We canno' deny it. There i<iue\ery created being a { rinciple of corruptinilitv as well as a principle of animation. 1is when this corruptibility becomes too powerful for the life principle or blood, that disease commences. It ii not because it does exist, but because it becomes artivr; in so< it takes an hundred y ars to develope itself ; in some it has become rarainount before birth, and lilt child i> stillborn. The constitution of the child depends upou its imrents; he receives from them (he principle of his life, and alio thai which will ultimately destroy him, and when of atfc he transmit* tliein to his ohitdien. i'hns we see that in the same body i?fh? principle of life and also of corrui'tib I ty. And it is only by due attention \n some t-odies that heilth can be secured, b* artiti ial mours ol as.i>tiuk ill* functions of life to throw off tbe occasional accumulations of co.rupt.bil'ty, which otlierwise would o eipower the principle of ".d, before the individual had leached tot efull period of l.h listen- e according to the principle of life within nun. Kor in order that men should arrive at that period of, life cailed old age, a i>erlect balance must exist between the principle of life and toe principle of corruptibility When the balance it ill favor of the principle of life, we observe the ene gy of character with admir - lion Audi have no doubt that just 111 pp i "ii .mi as the life principle predominates is this energy both of body and mind. By the use of proper medicine this can always be securest to a good old age. 1 lie principle of corruption <ssubject to the influence of many causes of vitiation. It is therefore necessary we be previded with am! le m ans to prevent injury from it; or in < ouse quence nfthis vitiation that putriuity Mould be produced whieh wo . Id destroy the individual before be h?d arrived ct that i eriod of life which lie would have done iroin ih principle of life wh ch w is iu hitn Now to acoinpl'sri this.we musi pr-veut the accumulation of those humors which bear d wu the principle of life. Do not wait lor a serious .stuck of iickuejis, hut on the first appearance pi the ene.iiy. .aiist > ature m h r operations to ex|iel hun from the bouy. This i? the obje t always atU'ned by those who use Brand mil's Pills Thou audi who have kept their beds lor years, have been restored by the use 01 this medi Clue. For the princirle of disease, 'ike that of tli* principle of life, is alike incomprehensible to mankind. We only ire able to point oat wl at will weaken the one or give strength to the oth r. i he value of the Brandreth Pill* depends upon their wonderrul p'Wer in strengthe. ing the principle ol life, and Hcikriiiug the princip e ol niseasx, and finally expelling it frjiri the body. Let us consid-r the subject carefully : would disrate a fleet as if nur blood wer- puce ' Then in proportion that Brandreth' . Pills purif the blood, they tend to restore health The vert action iii>on the system whi li Brandreth Pills pohi?ta,convinces all who u e thein thnt th-y remove only the impure humors. I? or il thev look ?iiy ol the healthy lluiiU from the b dy it would be we kened But tliecontrary is the c ue T ebody beccwies stronger every day, from ihe use of the Brandreth Pills as is known by of tens of thousands of our citi ens. Where is the man of sense, whose mind is unprejudiced, who from th? infect ons sm'll after death, would not s .y,would this body hive been bereft of lift, had i utrefaction been prevented 1 Are men born but to l>e sick ? SI,.ill the lower animals live their full extent, and inau only prematurely perish ? Let us folio ? na'ure?let us clranse 'he blood from impurities, and we shall live to the full eirent of the oil in our lamp of life. ut continued purging will wear out the b"dv?some otherwise sensible people affirm, that it is 1 ke weari> g out the ket tie by dint of rubbing. Do s, then, rust preserve metallic >ubsuuices f It would be admitting that impurti?s of ihe blood preserve it in a healthy condition. We know bet'er. We know that the result of an impu'e suite of ihe blood is to occasion gall rheum, erysipelas, weakness, general dbility, pains in the breast, back and s<de, also, fits, palsy, dyspepsy?in fact whereever the imp irity finds a weak portion ol the body, there it settl-s, and there it produces |>ain and disease A1 have known many persons purged twenty and thirty days in succession, and th- re uit was always successful ; in every instance the m-st remarkable improvement took place. I remember one person who 1 knew li.d worms, from hit peculiar ?} mptoms ; fie persevered for forty days ; every day tor the r.rt1 ,W% i.n..Jraur? < f wopfn? was ?*e?. but after tliai time lie voided ureal numbers, (OHM of Mtmordinary size.? What effet t would hare li ve resul ed from three cr four doses of cathartics?what would hare become of him if he had i.ot been purged to a radical cure? It would b.* impossible to th w the benefit to be derived from a proper perseverance with the BIIANDhETH PILLh in thru* limits. 1 ht y must be used to be sufficiently appreciated. LETTER FROM ARNOLD BUFFUM, THK FHILANTHROHST. Cincinnati, Ohio, April 15,1843. Dr.Bbandrkth : in the course of my life I hare suffered often and much from sickness ; I tnmk I have been under the care of physician! iro e than twenty difft rent time*, lor wo ks at a time. But for the I ait live jea-s I h ve employed a physicitn but once, and then Omy for a tingle day ; not, however, because I have b<en exempt from freuneut illne-i, but b cause 1 have fouud a more pe-'dyaud tffec'ual remedy in thy pills, than lever 'ouiirt in the u,edicines administered to me by iny physicians. Wherever I go, I constantly carry a bo* ol them with me, or ?t least a few of them wrapped in a |nper in m> vest pocket, and what ever illness comes upon ine, 1 invariably liud reliel from the use i f them Hnvinii been much occupied in travelling and public spenkinu, I Inve frequently taken severe cold, which b fore 1 used these pills resulted in soreness of thy thrott and chest, ai.d a severe cough; but latterly, though in re exposed thin ever,when I have t-ken a coid, by taking oue or two p lis at a time lor two or three nights, 1 have invariably succeeded in removing all sureties, from the throat and chest, and in elTectu illy preveiitn g the cold from settling on my lungs so as to produce a cough. Ouce during lait winter, while travelling on horseback, and nbieef in mnrb evtMMure I siiddeulv seize I with a very ore ihroit, h ?h fever, ?nd entire |>ro?tration of streugth a d spirits By the uie of two down ol' the pills, and drinking Im'ly of cold v? ter, a copious i erspiralion wu kept op, and in 12 hours 01 e of the most severe attacks which I eier ?xperiencrd f?if way, ai d in two days mure I <ru able to pur ue my journey At another time, continual esposure and diiiv in public speaking, brought oil n severe Umei.ej* in the small of the hack and kidness, which became *o exceeding painful tint I w obliged to spetk sitting. not being able to stand on my *eet; at length the soreness extended iiuite through m<- and the pain b*cauie so severe that I i ever closed m\ eyes dttri. g ,i w hole night, anil several times tiitriig tliat ni|(ht 1 I a-i serious doubts whither I would live till mo uing. I took even pilla which went to the seat of Mte disease, and as by m<|ic seen ed to lay hold of it, aud earned it all oil', so that I attended a meeting on the same evening and spoke without pai lor more th >n two hours, and the pam h<s not reiurard since I regard this atone ol the most extraomuarv enre* that I line ever know u, a>>d i chii truly sa\ tliat in a similar case, I would not exi hauge Jlrand eth's Pills for all the medicine of lh? drug store 1 have iMed the Pills and administered them to other* on various other occasions ; and as I or as I know in no case wtlhnt c mplele success. Especially have I found th'tn sltogetli r superior io any oilier medicine _evr taken for eolds^ coughs, ii'd rtiwii of the l? I consiue rt, maker <>i them es|n-ci illy ((rvi'i the grat cause of humanity, and I shall recommend them whenver I go Thine, respectfully, A. BUFFUM. Lad if j should use Brandretli's Pills frequently. They will ensure litem Irom severe sickness of the stomach, and. generally jl>e kin*, entirely prevent it. The BramI ret li Cilia areharmless. They increase the powers of life; they do not defies* them. Females will And them to secun* that state ol health which every m ther wishes to enjoy. In coativen si. so ofteu prevalent at an interesting period, tne Braudreth Pills are a safe and effectual remedy. There ia no medicine so safe as this?it is more easy than caster oil, and is uow generally used bv nil ' emu* ladies through their confinement. Dr. Brandreih can refer to many of our first ohysicians who recommend his Pills to their patieuta, to the exclusion of a I other purgatives, and ihe Pills being composed enti ely of herbs or vegetable matter, purify the bloou, and carry off the corrupt humors ol the body, in a manner so simple as to give every da\ ease ud pleasure. Man w ill lie borne to ua>s of blisa, compared to what lias hitherto been his lot weighed dowu as I> lias beeu by disease, infirmities, and s"ffering. whicu no earthly power knew how to lleviate until this duc<>Vf.*y was presented to the world. The weak, the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicite, ar? in a ''*w days stieng hened by their operation, and the worst c mpl ii.ts arc removed by iieraeveieucc without the etpeuse o' phyi.cian. Adap ed to all circams'aiii-e* and situations, ill y .re tre best med - iiteever i,,vented for families, or to take tp sen, preventing scurvey and coativesiess returns* no change of diet particular rrgimt-u. or care against taking cold. Th.? VKA\l>HlTH f'lLLH, as a general family medicine especially in a country' so subject to sudden changes of lemi e.s ture as this, their value is incalculable. By having the Brai | ireth Pills always on hai.d, should a sudden attack of sicklies take place, they can be given at once, and will oftsu have effiectf ed a cure before the physician could nave arrived. In colic and inflammation ol the bowels, these Pills will a I uc? relieve nud perseverance >n their use. aero ding to the dections, will surely do all that medicine nan do, to mtora the health of the patient. In all cases of Indigestion, Worms, Asthma, Diseases of the Heart, and in all affect ons or the stnmaci and bowels, the Bnndretli P.lls will be fonnd a neve -fniliig remedy To iii'Ure the full benefit of tlies* celebrated Pills, they should be kept in the house, so that, upon th- first commencement if sickness, they mat oe at once resorted to < >ne dose then t -1: 1... ..1.1, ,il,.,l rl,. ururr II1UI 1 uozru Biivr UI1.-IW Iini v.vv? >.T.. ...? ...... iy?tem. ? Be careful of counterfeit Pill*. How to ?voi<l them : No. I SiccL'RiTr. Kach Agent who arils the genuine Brandreth Pilla has a Ckhtifica ik or Ai;k!?ct, which hat b?t migrated at a rait evpense It represents the Mantifa tory at "iut ^in*. On the bank* of the Hudson Ki'er, and la signed bv Dr. Bnndreth, and his aeal ?tamped upon the paper. f?o. 2 SuctraiTV. Above all. obe*rve the label* U(>on the Soif#. Kach Ik)i of the genuine P.lli has ixiw TiiK" kL Ur.LS iip .n n The tj'and t ? bottom label containing up* aard ol FIVE THOUSAND LKTTEHS in MRU IN . The word* BENJAMIN BRANDRETH'S PI L 1.8 being I'rin'cd over two hJni'rrd timna upon tlM* two lab. la No 3 Hpci'ltiTT. There are also anon etch label two aigna tutes of Dr. Braudreth : one B Bruiureth. aud alao one Benja mill Brandreth r ach boa. therefore, to be genuine. muat i ate ii* ti^'iiatiio* upon >t. If the box do not a< awer thia descriiuon. the Pilla are not the firindrwli Pilla, bot tome ti e cuan cerfeit of them, anall the old labelled hoaea have bten collected. No. 4 SrcrniTY. Besides tlie above i'kch of geuuiueue**, facsimile* of the Bntndrth Pill Labela are upon the eruficate if Agency?therefore, romwn your with the labels n the certificate; if it agrres, me 1'ills .'.re true; if it does not, they are U|M, I have expended much time, and at leaat JVUtfl, in perfecting he*e chceki to the sale of counterfeit Pills, and in the hope the> ill secure the genuiue BKAiN DRETH PILLS to all who want them. I remain the public aervt it. U. BRANDRETH. M. D. The BRANDRETH PILLS are ?ild at 2S eenta per b?v by >ue Agent in every town in the United *tntea, and in almoat every city throughout the world Sh nild ibis imper om into the hands of any one I viag ? he's then- i? no Agrnt for thi? medicine o( healthful powers, let no time be lost hi >e iiling to Dr. Benj-min Brandreth. atating the imputation of the t wn. and some references ah mid be gifea in New York, a* to the rv iponalbility of the gentlem m who dmires the Ateney. If no I? -l?? - ''I n,i?lln,l>a AllV the The >Hle of the Piiis, anil the gooii done by (iteir uie, will fnllv re,ay Tor all trouble. PRINCIPAL BRANDRKTHIAN OFFICE, 241 Bhoaowat New York. *8iib-Qffieei ? I TO HHoUon "irrrt and >71 Bowery; Ml*. Bo th, r*o. i M "Uet at eet, Brooklyn; Mr?. Turner, Willi m? >orf; Button Office. 19II uioter ?tre r, Bmtci: Baltimore ntfii e, corner of LuKht and Merce? ??-vet?: PniUiMphu orti 8 V'orili Kightlt ??reet; Richmond oflw, M Monimri, Mr Bittrick, ??ent; Mr Head, 9J tui Bay, Charle-toii, 8. M . Wton. No 2 Old Le?ee, N. OrlmDa; M. D. Phillip*, W(.r ceiter, M.i?? ; M Robinaoo, P'O'ideiie*. R. I.; and by at l?a?i >qe A cent in eyery town in the United Stun, etch nf whom '?? * <>rt ilicat"of A>eocy, upen whi1 h may be (een exact co mil of ?be Uhel* now u?ed ai>o i the Oentine Uranureth Pill Bnxea G?t thegenui>e med rin?, ind you will linn it to ht, iiokk than all that could be aaidof it by any written tlatenient nit Im'r CO A I, ! COAL!?Aa cheap u the cheappit, and ai good aa the bent, of I'each Orehaid r.d .?ih, at the Workiiigmiia'a Coal Vard, corner of Chnatoplier an-t (iieenwicli alrteta, washed by a city weigher, and delirercd to any part of the city frea of earing*. nil tw?r EDWARD LEWlLYN. , W YC W YORK, SUNDAY MOR GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTING GOODS. JOHN M. DaVIE-> it J ON US, 106 William Street, corner of John, LJAVE received |>er late *rrivala. find now have in ?t?re a full I* aaaortment ol good> in tl-eir line. The: feel confident that their stock ia not equalled iu lliia city, and 'heir good* will be : old low for caah. 'Jnitlemeu will And a variety olurw alyle of 8carfa, Crnvata, Winter < Jlorea, DrraninK Kobe* Pocket Handkerchiefs, lu. Under Garment* of every variety, ol Kui(lish*&nd Ainaricna miiiufacture, vit:? Merino Shirt* and Dra"er? Lamb* Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Flannel do do Buckskin do do Plain Si Kibbed Silk do do Ladies MerinntiHilk do do With a (treat vaiiety of other styles. ftilk Shiit* and Drawer*, ilibbed and Plain, made to order at the ikorb-st notice. Hoiiery. Ulovea, Suspenders, Stocks, and arery other artiole of outfitting gnodi. CAPS, Oar assortment compears e\ery style now iu ose tor gentle Dili, youth and rhildmn at greatlv twinprices ,ot6 2m"ni KK.EN(JH oHINA No 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up ?tain>. ADALK8MK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers. ha* always on band a large assortment for dinner and tea seta in plain white and (ilt French Porrelain. as well as ''inner and dessert plate*, of all sizes, assorted dishes, soup tureeus. covered dishes, salad howls, fruit baskets, custards and stands. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, OrwJt, French and American shape. All the articles are warranted of the beat quality, and to be old rm liberal terms, and in lots to suit pnrrhaser* ?J7 Sw?ee F"~ huii s,~uro( ' cuIes, Tic ah, winks, iic^-ua-s. NKR It YOL'NO, 1<2 ? hatliain slma, offer at wholesale and retail, to de lers and familiesFresh Foreign Fruits, a general assortment Sugars and Coffee of all kinds and qualities Teas, Green and Black, of/ very d*scri lion Suiieri ir old Wines and Liquors,' f v-irious grad?a Suiierior Raspbenrv and f'heirv Brandy French and American Cordials, on draft and in glass Londou, Sc 'tcli and American Porter, Brown Stout and Pale Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriaga and other brands Seg?r* hast and West India aud American Preserves and Jellies H?nev, in small times, fr>m Ohio Jujube Paste, in l.'k and 25 lb boxes Bird Seed Spices. Cocn* and Chocolate .Speiin Oil aud < andles, Soup Sic Saratoga Pavilion Wa'er, in nu >rt and pint bottle*. Ooods del veivd to any i>nri of th- c 11\ fee of .I"ensa. nil lm*m A A SAM AN OS. NO. 8 WALL STREET AND 2?D BROADWAY, Cornkk or Kladk Sthect, HAS JUST RF.CKIVKD, per shin Cnstoval Colon, am invoice of the celebrate.! Wood rifle brand of Segars. cog minis orllFKiilus and .Medium mxe, and llie l^oru D> run pa(>er St-K?rs. IN STOKE, All the vaiious sizes ?nd choice fualiti** of the mnit celebrated hrmi'it nl S'Kirs, consisting of Lord Bvrou, of different si**s. Port of Havana K mlias and medinm size. beuuridad m?-diuni sue Ju?io Sawz Pnm-.iue. Lance and small Y ,ra of 8t. Jasro Genuine Turkey Tohacco of diff??t'iiJ qualities. Scafarlatri Hm.kiiK Tobacco of 'vmlimore German .->moUiuK Tobacco of different qutl'ties. The celebraied atchitmhes Suuff ol New Orleans, together with ail the fancy Snuts of th" ay. Paper Sena of Garcit. Perez l.ara. Lord Byron, *c. Germ n Pipes; Cherry Turkey P>1? 8te > ?. Poiuted, Spunk and Taper Matcliea, with a general assortment 01 Segar' a es, Snuff See Mass for t? int' Segars, and Tobacco iu bales, which are of fered at wholesale and retail n*3 lm*r SEGAR*! SKOAKS! SEGAHS! DM HKNKIQUES, No, M William s-reet, respectfully informs Lis frie ds and the public generally. that he has constant^- oa hand the lolluwiug choice brands of Began, for sale wholesale and net tit:? Kin* and Queen Regalia, La Norma, Rionda, Cabanas, Esparteros, Noiviu, YngemnHad, L? Kloriuda. (a new brand.) D? Moya, PiiMfJai in 1.1 ami l.lOtk hflfM. Principe*, of various qualities. Esi?r msas, Lt-xtlaitM, Cab lleros. and numerous othe brands, we1! worthy the attention of the public. Any ihmd purchased at thia istabluhm'tit, if not liknd will k?ta'eu back at any time and the money returned. Stranger* would do Weil to call pravioua to purchasing elsewhen-. N. B.?Orders from the country can-fully and promptly attended to. nIB Im COFFtiE WEST INDIA COFFEE A*D SPICE FACTORY, Ao 64 Barclay street, Ne-r Ureenwich, New York /"CONSTANTLY ON HANU, and for sale. Green, Roasted ' and Ground Coffe- i; Ground Pepper, Ciuuamou, Alspice, Ginaer. Clove*. Mustard, Mace, Nuiuwks, tic. Coffee Unas led aud Ground for Urocers, at tne shortest notice J C. KINNER. IX. Good* seat to any pari of the city free of eipeaie. nit ltn*m UNITED STaIE* TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chat-ham ntreet, Neu> York And lit Fulton street, Brooklyn. rA<iEwcT. 318 BLKKCEK* Stbkei, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, T"HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to oiler for * sale new and fragrant Tea* of erery variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the moat delicious and powerful grades of Green and Black Every package bears th? ttamp of ua?tn?s? and elegance, and the Teas therein are so 'horonghlv secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled It is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights ol the custom r, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unri railed cheapness. All pur>-hasen are called upou to return any vrticles which lail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whicr he money will be cheerfully ?nd promptly refunded < ountri nerchants, public establishments, heads of families, and ship ousters will find it a decided advantage to s'tpply theroselre. rom this establishment. 8Kxt'iWK Java Corner routed erenr dhy rders from all pans of the United States eiecnted witlorumptitude and despatch. T>" The only warehouse is A.menes fn? the tale of Hon jUVi e*l*hrMed Wl-ieW T? nW 1m*fr 14 fill fl I," S l.l l" s, I ) fl M "C6KDIAL"TIS " 'T'HIS superior article can always be obtained at the Winr * Vaalu, No 114 H niton street one door froin Dutch street. HODOli'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTF.RS. These bittern are highly recommended by the Medical Facnl ty of Ej ope u a restor tive for th- apatite, nd ca. be used in i'a pare state > rm led with water, winea or liquors, and c n b* obtained at all the < rincipal hotels in the Uuiu-d Sold wh"le?a'e only at No IN Fulton st. one door imm Dutch it Agents for Boston, Maas ?Messrs. Bl.ike & Trumbull,cornei Milk and Federal streets. For I'rovideuce, R. I., Mr. Thomas Spencer. No. IJ West Water street. r. S.?Th- sbove articles tnay be had in bottles for family use. Also?STOUOHTON'H BITTEK8, ESSENCE PKP. PERMINT. PHILADELPHIA PORTER, ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDEK.of suiieriorqinlOies. at NO. 114 FlTL (ON ?< 1 KEET, nlJ lm'ee One dnor fr-in Dutch street J. SCHMIDT, ( lOHNF.R of Broadway and Chambers street, be*s leave t?. ^ J recommend his Wi.,e Depot, 118 Na?siu str-ei, w here H# tellsihe following Wiu?? ju casks ca?e and bottl s, ?ii:? * ed uid White B >rde<tut and ' ette Wines. Rhenish Wines. Madei i ra, Sherrv, Port, Burgundy Muscat and (J hampa*nr AI?o?Hum, Gin, whiskey, Brandy, Eifact d'Absyiithe Sic "16 ImV DK. WISTAR*S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, 136 FULTON STREET. I'M PORTA NT CAUTION.-Th- public should bear in * mind tlmt ir is Dr Wistar's Balaam of Wild ' herry fiat per lorms those remarkable cures which are published in every part of th* country, and not the articles ot similar name that are oc caaionally puffed into tMnportry notice. Those may be good, bat we know nothing about them Letev?ry Man, Woman and Child read the following, and If 'hat does not sati fy all of the great virtues of this m*a<cine, l-t their, go to 12& Fulton street and se? the original, with nu nierous other lestmonnls of Ilk- character : W*Tr.Hvn.LK, (Oneda co , N. V.)8ept 11 Ils3 Dear 8i.?I owe it to the (Tlicied to info m you that in Jan tarv last I was attacked by a verv vio'ent cold, caused by wo<king in the water, which settled on my luugs. It was ic companied by a very severe p?iu in my hreast and sides, and <1 o a distressing < niiih. I had in airndauce >11 the best me aid in our villsge , but aft^ exhausting their akill to nn tvail they pronounced my di ease a Co ifi.nvd < onstimptioii iuU they one sud all gave Or up to die Afte, m"ch |*rsuasion, I got the consent of my nlusiciaii to me the BiUun of Wild Cherrv', prepared by Dr Wisfar I purchased of tti* Agent in our place on* bottle, before using half of whi -h I b*gau to gsin tirenglh. and it was very ev deut my cough was mucn better md tny symptom in every way i proving. I have now u<ed three bottles, and am re-tnred to perfect health I his letull is iloue ?mib? to the us?of Dr. Wutar's Balsam of Wilu Cherry; I thi? nMihod of irivinir von the mf rmstion. nartl\ to pay the debt of irratiiuile T o?e yon, ind tartly thu othera II nilarly alHicti-d may know where to apply lor reli. f. Vt-ry truly yours, JaMKN 8AOE. Mr. Palmer, Dru^gkHt under date of VVat'rrille, hept Jt, 1(43 write*: The ?!?tfmfnt fi??i yon bv VI. f*.ii*? sap* i> well known to be true by thi? whole commnsi;,'. aertaiuly waa a mo?i rcmar ablf care. The aale ?f the Uiltain $ very good, and tucceu in cum truly Uniterm.. Year* reipfctfnllv, O. O I'ALMKR Let the afflicted call and ae# o?r crrtifica ea. They prore eonclnaively f at they can b cared if thev Vt the r (hi medeine. Be n>e a d ict "Dr. Wutar'i Balivn of Wild ( harry." teware of imitat'nni Tnit Balaam rnrea all affections of the lungs a id lirer, ?uch u h Mpdinc <>f the lunif?. bronchitis. aathma of I* or 20 year*' t anduiK. < roup, ob*tin-ie paiu m the cheat, e, he Hold nnlv by Law Butts iJS Ku'ton, comer ol Naaaaa i i)?iter, Albany; Gorham, New Hsteni h.. W. "nil, Hertforduid by agenta throunhoat the Nnrth?ru a d t.aateru Stitea A Meneal Tremise to be oad (t I <i ahnre n" lm*m Ifcw kTT'-* ' U.N t.M'KATr.U MtUlCAl., i nc. A" KATlO^S, ciui'ting of Dilranl tins Liniment. Lini.nent* iOr Conaha, Couaowptinn, Croup and t^aiusey, -eiera Khe"in.?tiama, Serroua and Spinal Du?'?<,Common, Ntnous ?nd 8i< k H<Mdai:he,Chol?r-tMoibus,ChoUra Infantum?Vegetable Cerate, Tet'erund PiU Salfe, lliaphoretic Drop*, IVctoral l)roi>a, Female Drop*, Al'<riti?e Prop*, Vegetable Syrups. K.aaet oe of Life, .>err? San it ire, 'l'?oilv?che Drum, Cough Arthritic J'llla, kc. fcc. with directioua accotniunying B.?The-e medicine are particularly Aflnptcd to the ?ari u. for wlrrh tliev ?f lecom mended, ami many md various am Hie ten imni Jala in I he hind i of the proprietor from various t Ctioiii o ine Urnled Siatea, Kiatefully ncknott |tdg 1114 mrir 'fflca V when ml other median-a I nd fniied Some >f thf e ?eatimo?<.la are pabli?li d in the pimphle.a, which may ne had jralaitoualy at all ulaoea wheie the medicines are la sale?where .Uso n?>y be had Jewell's |> amily Ph aician. The fart ihd theae medicine* always r here i( nut virir>*ly Cure, when properly applied, lendrra ih?ir nenetii taaential to the aflliciad. Try them, and l< t Una ?uud by their owi. me'* For partiftilar* aeaahow billa and pnmplileta For sale at Tiriona d nj atoras in the cry, and by Dr. J, "roffut, l?!> Atti mey street, Naw Y ^rk, afeat. wnese the medicine* mat be had wh laaale and ret'il. Ur. C. will also attend thoie who may reqa.ra hia aetneaa, and from lone eipenence in the practice 01 median*, he leela confident of (ivn.( noad aatiaflietinn to the afflicted,whataeer may ha thetr malady, lm*r IRK I NING, DECEMBER 3, 18 GREAT KEDUCTION. I^VOUHLE ENTRY UOU -KEEPING only Five Dolian, l-* <ud V pi?t 'I* v IV ii n ship only Two Po'lva. THK FIRST PHEMIUM awmdvd ihrrr com e?ti?e y?ar? lor tn? be-l *l?cimmi? ol Olt-hmd renuMu?hi|> l< e ureal F I of tlif Am-ricau lu t tiw* GOLDSMITHS CMIROOKAPH'C INSTITUTE, for the i?tir?c ioii ot PENMANSHIP and Bookkeeping. lll<) Br idw y, rppoait* John ?tr"?t, now 0|>en during tlicday and rtening, fir the nCepiiQU ol pupil* and iaitrra, The gentlemen acquire a bold, fr** and eii*liiioui ityle ol Mercantile rruuinintnip iu from leu to twauty lea**i? of on* ho r eich Thf hdi'i are tmitht a neat Epistolary hand, a beautiful nc compliihrnvnt to thi? %*% BOOK-KEEPING. Th? ?y- tern of ins*i<ici ??i purs ed at hii Ac demy in thin important study i? not dari>ed from anv pri> ted work, *-ut i> the result of a thorough prict"*l knowledge o' th? aahj-'Ct. The e?-rc se* being >o-runged as t r-u er familiar o the student rerv detainment i f meicanti'e b'xin si, WHIt'H t'-KK. TAINLY i/AN.NOT II"' ACQl'IRhD liV SIMPLY BA? LAN' I NO "N t- KT OK HimiKS Ladies1 W riti g l-l i ? m.eti d lily at II o'clork. Oeotlem-n d-ri. g the d y ?i.d tvemug. at such hours as may be?t ait their co. reuience .'eptnii' jwrl' in loi p>i ate instruction. For aale at the Academy?A suiierior article of Metallic Peus. nV9 lm*ee NO >1''t-NKwTuKK U V .KINO ' OM?AN Y Th?tuba'Tiber having hem appointed Kerriver of the property, claims funds and eff?c'? or th- New Yo-U Bvking Company, all ussoci tinn formed under and i* pu ?"a. ce of an act ol the L-*i?la are of th" Siat <>r Ni? York, entitled 'an a t to vuh tne httiin- s of h>iiknif,'' passed Apm Uth, ll?38, all persona indebted to lha aai I .\in)<;uii>g are r<*qnir?d to r-udrr auacmui t of all de ti >u I nun of ?onev owin* *?y 'heui iripectively to tre,ii?d to p?y ihe *,me b* thefvUen'fi day of lat'Uarv neit, ?rmv offi e in ihe Me clmita' r tchiut*. it. the city of New York. Ait percent i?iuk ig tMr poi?i sion ^n> property or etfer-s o' t ie ?a d Association are re>|"i' ed to d-*li ?er the ia ne to me bi t'atdi \li the credit irs of the aiuxwiti u ?" re juin? I to d- liv. r ihi i re ivetiv* acconu'a and den ?noa to me liv tin', d n ; md all perso a liolli.g *nv oi?n or auh?is:iuu contract fth-aiid Van cution ar reipiir en to uresi-nt t'e -me in Ti'ing and in detail to mi, on 01 before that rtay at in < a d Dated New York, sl'th November. Bil. CHAuLKS SAOuRY, lie 'elver. o!>6S?*r If M? lianta'Kxeliange UO't HAL- with iintne?li;tLt* poi-eaiKin, hrnotk md m ' tare* ol 'hi,* old eatabiiahed ho'se, ?eil kuowu at theL* ledoniao Hole), t> Oold atieei, near M aid. n lane The ?u,ck of wima and liiiu'n it of verv superior quiJitv and rlie h n?e affords evarv ->vcomm>iditi<>n fo boirden, md hai been eatabiiahed for upw r>!a o| twenty veuri Every thing o , t e pr?misea will be ?old ch^ap for eaah, as the present propr efr la aboor to le r- tor Che old. ronutxv for parucul ia -ppl\ on tne premi*aa uS l<n*ec QJHIltT"' ^lnRTP !? The ?n ?ertl??r haa au Hand a c <? O plete aaaorttnent of 8hirt?, n-nde iu the beat manner and i f inematerala, ol the following h iiida Tit Kine Mtial u Shirta, with linen boanuia <uid wriatbauda L)o do '<o do and collar* Kaucr Color d Shjra of ?>iri')U? Also Sila and Sd'iu 4cirfi>, jilain and t'lpired; Kniliah French and Itilian Si'k and Satin ( n??ta, hlark and colored Under Shirts a,id D awers, of nerino. silh and cotton; Shakei tlaunel and jhakei knit; mer no, lambawool, cotton, ailk, couutry and ahiker kuit Half Huae; loves, Sust enders, Prival (\llbn Rntnini Silk Pipihi lr irr ?all nf which will be told at reasoinble innu nl CHAKKlN'8 Furnishing Weore. n7 lra*m I 9 Broadway THE StTBSCR BER na? removed fr m the more No 657 Hr ailw ?v, to 171 ' inn I. for the purnose "f carrvin* on the CASH TAILORING BUM\fcS8 in all its branches, and is a style of *-|p^ nice which r mint 'e sur|?n?I b> any other h><u?e It is the intent on of lie .udeniiKiK'd to <uk such prices for his (f" di aa cannot fail to meet the Approbation of the public, and an excellent assortment will be k?pt on h*ndt? sn t the taste of all can also he altered and repaired at this establiihmeut at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient servant, M. RICE. N B. fJentlemen furnishing their own cloth cau have them made up on the most teuunable terms, aud good fits wa rui ed ?22 Im'r ON EXCHANGE AUAIN-KETUKN TO THE OLD STAN I) HPHE undersigned, after a seven years' experience of the evil * effect* resulting from large store* and larger rents, ti happj to inform hi? numerous customers and the commonity generalIT, thai he has effmtad (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a leas* of of hi* old stand. No. 4, (formerly i) ^all street, Mor timer Buildings, corner of New (trm-t, and for many years e? [ebrated by his wli Wnowu 3IGN OK THE UOLDEN FLEECE?a beacon to all who ire in qnest of good cheap and Ct?!.i?nable garment* To such of hit old patron* who may have lost *ight of hira during hi* wanderings, he invite* tlwir return to the Old Spot, with the assurauce of a strict adherance to hi* well established fame for ski'l and punctuality. Of the public generally he soicitsa call, being prepared with an assortment of fine and seatonahle cloth*, rassimers, vesting*, Ike Jtc., which he will b< happy to make up in the inott faithful manner, and ou rea*ona ble charges, for Cash Duly Tin urn* care and attention b? stowed on making aud trimming, a* wheu the cloth is purcnas ad of hira C. B Babcock continue* in the cutting depart men' CHARLES COX, nSD lmr Sign of the Ooldeu S'le?ee, No 4 Wall st. liliS FilLi? \D VVI * i Ml t1' liSiil' 'iNo, AT THE MAUAZIN DE MODES, no. 60 clual stiu.kt. A CARD?TO THE LADIES OF FASHION?MADAME BEHRMAN bi-gs mo?? re*>>wtfullv to inform h?r friends and customers that she ha* received, by th* . ast arri vUs from Paris, her fall and wiuter fashion*, and s ie Hatters h?r*e|f that the same will stand tninvalle. iu the ci v The fohioim consist W the following : full aud entire new styles Cut, uuent, plain, watered, and changeable vlvci knm-u; ito ilk, satin mode and quiltetf hat*, nl an entire uovel description, in ladies', mijie?\ and children's sixes Also, a complete assortment of caii* and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial flowers, feathers, ana hair ornaments of tnr Ixat artist* in laris. Madaiue B. solicits the ladies to favor hei with an early call and examine for themselves Vlagazin de Modes 6K Canal street n7 lm*?c 13ETKENC'II.MENT IHI-, ORDER OETHr. DAt ? TV Th>- u dersi.nru re.?p ctf II v inform th- ir fri nd and the public eeuera'l , th ? the> keep cnns'autly on hand i utrjf- a d phrdid ssortmejii ol Ervn'h ai.d E g'n.h lo hs, C'ssime es ail' Vest ngs inc'uding < meat varety of Overcoat stalls, winch tui y fled e hrmselvet to mike up in a style i ot surpa * ed by any t?ldbli?hment in the c ly. All ga m-ut* fu n iheu full fifteen jarr ee t les* than any othe' h a ewhoma'e*iid trim in the *auie 'aimer Th se wh wi?h C'othiug mid? lo thur I't-rleci sa'i f ction w ill do well t > ca'l ?nd giv- u< a rial i^i D.?1 ?|?l DUIU flBioriMinii Ol i mi ? iu?m *r|n const * i 11 v on ha' d, and ill he so'd v?rv lo* mr c.nh. dl lm'f H. Wit, 1I.H niXf. U C". 31 N san ?t HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS. ALLKVS *<KLK-(JO' kino and revolving six BOR-; CAS I SiKEL BARRKLS PIS I'UL ?Thu Pi.tol cock* mid revolves m rely by pulling the trisger, and tit shots may b-delivered witnin the short space of three second.. It is morr him^ile ind inure durable ihan any 1'isol mi* in use, ind w arranged sitiHTtoi l? iu( ulhe maker For tilt in quantise! tu suit purchaser by A. W. SPIF.B 8c i 0 ?1? P*?rl street. |t< po>t*rs I Har 'war* and C .utlery Aim, (tuns; Pistols; Gun material* l?r manufacturing, aiter* me or repvri.g Guii? Also, every unfit of Sporting article*. nil Im* JLT A J UHJis - I tie largest auo most ipieuuia, 'i v* Wtitehes in the city, is to be found at On snb?criher's.Vs he i* constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold anil 8il er Watches. of the newest styles, direet from the inanufar enrars. in bugland, kr u.n, anil riwitterlaud, he ta enabled f> affet a larger assortment, and at much less pricea, at retail, thu My Iither houae in the city. Gold watches as low as S20 to $2t ch Watches and jewellery exchanged ?r bought AM ?i*jeh-? warranted to keep good time, or the money returned Watches, clock* and jewellery repaired in the bast manner, uii warranted town than at any oth*r place in the city G. <" \LL EN, importer of watches and jewellery, 17 lmr Wholesale and retail. W Wall ?rre*r tip stairs D~~aV? SHEKT HUBBK.H OVfclt SHiJe S?2J vlaiUe Lane. Eiperieuee ha* proven that a leather sole can ne at "ached to India Huhlier uppers, so tual it is impossible tour ;iara e tliem in tltecouneol ."earing I'heseOver ">li .si.whicl liarealreadt t rown i' to disus* leatiier over?hoe* *.>d mocas mis, and to which [lie water nroof boot is fast teuding. ar* lurimlieil by the Rothury India Kufcber estah'ishinent, 2' vlaideu l..u?f, oi a quality suiprisingly i?tl'eci mil aitog- th? ietle '.hail are being by any oilier estahlnthm .it in tin I.rade. I he patent quilled ulipper Over *hoe? .n'l Boot* al> furnished only at this establishment Every article appertain iug to the rubber> for sale or made to oider HORACK H DAY. Successor to the Ro*burj I R. C., n3 lm*r ^r-d-tr l.?n? UUOTOK Yi'UK-tLK privately. P\R. GREGORV may becnusulted confidentially at all hours L/ 0f ibe dav orereniug, at his private residence. II Barclay street, neat Broadway He has bern eery successful in tht ireatmeut of tho?e " half cured" cases which always piovr so formidable to nhisicians of hat littleetpcrieuce. Anntliei important consideration which lias not been overlooked, is th? ida ting of remedies to the co*venieuce of pntieuts, who geue ally desire to obtain a cure as speedily and prirarely as possii ole. Knowing that many people have a desire for information ui? ou subjects of im"ortauce, eiiwcitlly whe.i 'nr\ ,rv deeply iniere-ted, ha* Llr. Gregory lately published tlie fotirtb edition of bis private treatise it oiitaius eugnviugs?1? much unproved and enlatved and e-vbraces in ny nibjrcti of interest and symii i.oms ol disease not tie-ore a luued Co The various forms of bodily and inouLal weakness, incapacity ind suffering, which cam* under tlie hend "f private mafadiw. ire faithfully delineated, and the best practical method ol ob taining sonnd health ; it is a work plainly and practically adapt -d to ill# nse ol all ihose who may uniortunauty ueeu lUtnenitly assistance, of whatever age or ses. That portion of the work 'reating ii|H>n impotence, Inirren' ess, and a certain destructive habit or youthlW iwWewlion, from whence results "constitutional debility.," will be I'ouud both useful and interesting 10 all clwi-il ia a friendly yet sileuf monitor, where sensual or seiual debility ha* made threatening inroads upon the health ir constitution, and points out uot only the mmni of eacai*. int the certamtv of restoration. ItAhows h iw* and it he' are Hei eived by the outward phi iiftil a|>i earauce? how rhe attenuation of the frame, . atpitatio" of the heart, derange fsent ol the nervous system, cough, indigestion^ and a tram ol (ym< toms indicative of consumption, ate often aacribed to wrong causes, when inreali y they ?te he coiwegueucea of an illiirin and peruiciona practice, alike destructive to the minil ind body. 1 lie chapter on stricture ii worthy of particular attention, tad should be read by every our The author's method ol treat nig ttis complsint is without pain, and affords a positive unconditional cure, requiring generally ouly a vary short time m u accomplishment. I)r 11 will warrant to cur tvary civ that be under akw. and guarantee the same to be permanent.? ("he m-ans which he emptoyt enable him to obtain complete access hi every instance The price of the book above alluded to ia 50 cauta, and nay be had at any hour of the day or evening of the anthor. at his private residence, II Barclay street, near the Park, and alac it trie following agencin, which an drug atorea, vig KJ.. BC IVilliam at naar VI a nlon l.tnn No. 79 Kulton it, cor. or Gold ?t. No. 77 Kaat Broadway, cot. o Market *t No. 188 Bowery, cor. of Spring it. No Kt Kqlton it, cor. of water at. No. 1-tti IMancy at, ?or. of Suffolk it No. 89 (.'anal It. No. 63 Bowwv, cor. of Walker it. Both cornera of Broadway aud t^hambera itreet. The book will be lent iii a tenletl envelope to thoae who maj i-lioofic so SO order it?it will alio he ae?t by mail on recaipt ol n# ffrtllur fn hot V?. LEuo, HAWUa, AKiVlS,' arc rtic LOSS of Keel, und Lega no hindrance to the net ot walking?JOHN f THOMAS, Cork Lew Maker, kr. eaiwrtfnllv informa the pnblic that he hai retoraed Irom Phi ladelphia to 47J Water itreei, corner of Pike, New Vork Citv, where he continues to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LTMB8, oa a plan the moat comet and ie*?t complicated,h^vinr, through neeeaiitv, invented, made, and worn an artificial leg lor forty yean, and been a manufacturer for thirty-five yaan, le*t? confi riant of giving mtufaction to all who call on him to* l.?n, Hindi, Armi. or the Common Wooden !-*? n4 lm*r TJ At li.-SFF Trtaare and No. 1 l rthnm, f ,r aale hy tV h2l )tn ry.HAHK k BKOOkf), II Liberty M! IERA 43. Tl*e Philadelphia Howdy Klrr man's Lament, An?"Bonnie Dnon" Ah ! mourn; our rowriv d?y? are done, Those palmy days of pure delight, When we in raptures used to run At sound ?f Lell, for fir* and tight. No inore at Kngine-houae we'll meet, And pride our glowing bosoms awsll, The joy ftil cry of "fire ot greet, With wild hu/.zas ami hideous yell. No more with spanner, pipe aud horn, We huilour weekly jubilee? The independent Sabbath morn, When 'prentice boys find mil were frae? To mingle in the Moody Iray, And deal with club* the deadly blow, And then in triumph bear away The carriage of the conqueitul foe. Returned, 'twas ecstacy to hear ilow each bud fought and cracked a crown, How "Ualty Sowers" and "Copie tireer," Kail knocked the "Western" fellows down; How well our men the heat enduied? How far our matchless engine play ed? How many plugs we had secured ? How beautiful the hose waa laid. Yo ragged boys ! that manned the ropM. Or lit a lire, or raised the cry, Lament! jour early budding hope* Are doomrd to wither, droop and die : Wo vainly hoped that manhood a prime Would liiul you in the ranks of lame, To be the "Baltys"of your time, And cope witli "C'opie's" gloiious name. Alas ' alas ! those happy hours, We never moieshuJl know again , The Sheriff soon will close our doors, And we 11 be poor heart-broken men. Alas ! for Mike'', that t'riuce of liows, Who reigned above the law's control ? A laurel wreath shall bind his brows? His name shall live oil glory's scroll. Alas ! for all the foes of peace? Alas ! for all the friends of fire ; A curse upon the new I'olice? A soalj- tribe, who work for hire. r Hitmen 10 spanner, iiom ana 1 nose '? Farewell once pleasing false alarm* , The higher that the flames arose, The greater Were the thrilling charms. Our Engine shall no more, alas ! be dressed in all the (lowers of May, With dazzling side* of polished brass, The work of many n night and day ? Led forth by pursy Pioneer, An e9cort ol the grand parade, To welcome rowdy strangers here? Dear hrother-gu'vsts of our own grade. Sweet engine?Bh ! a long farew ell ! We've loved thee like a thing of life : Thy charms have bound its like a spell Through Are and through the battle'* itrife. None but the tireman know* and feel* The envy of his happy lot, Who dies beneath thy sacred wheels, Like Brahmin, 'ncath hi* Juggernaut. X. V. Z. London. [Correspondence of the Herald ] London, Nov. 3d, 1843. 7fie City Election. Well, "the Leujpie" has beaten the Tories ! there can be no question upon that point. The battle was sharp and severe, and the Tories brought to their aid wealth, influence, connection, admirable organization, and a system of electioneering canvassing which nothing could exceed, and which scarcely any party could rival. They also brought to their cause the "prestige" of a great city name, *I. _ __ _i* - ..\a u.,.. .r u. ... Lite lt?!>iuctliuu <>i hu uiu ^u^usii uuuac ui uuaiiit-^, the high moral and commercial resource of tlie "Hiring dynasty," us well as previous success in parliamentary contests. And yet they were beaten! and by whom! By " the League! ' This is admitted by all parties; no one attempts to deny that the Cobilens, and the Fox's, the Bowrings, and the Wards, have done all this; and done it with a zeal, energy, talent, and success beyond all praise. Oil the comparative merits of the two candidates, little need be said. Mr. Pattisson was no orator of any formidable power, and Mr. Baring would never astonish the frequenters of the House of Commons by bis Detuostnenian or Ciceronian talents. The question really at issue was one purely of principle, and maybe explainedin a few words? " Free trade, or tnono|>oly." The battle, as fought by "the League," could nut be mistaken. All its I lianUbills. placaiils., uddrvsse.-, and letters, concurred in placing the contest in its true lipht. They all proclaimed that the result of that contest would show whether the majority of the voting liverymen were or were not adverse to Irtedom of commerce. The election thus conducted, has been one of immense moment, and 6,532 liverymen of the metropolis of the Butish empire, have uffirmed against 6,:W>7 that they are decidedly opposed to commercial restrictions, and are determined to support free trade. Vow, what will be the results of such a decision as this? 1 reply, results of the moot clear and unequivocal character. The decision proves thai London is averse to commercial restrictions, and sooner or later, London will and must govern the rest of the. country. 1 cannot attempt to depict the agitation and excitement which this conflict produced; and. although ten days have elapsed since the result was known, still the journals, the magazines, and all the periodical presn, return again to the charge, some rejoicing at victory, and others seeking to explain the grounds and reusons for the Tory defeat. Sir Hobert Peel, who lias bean long wavering with regard to cairying out ana extending me principles 01 ins lann poucy, will not, it is believed by some, be any longer a stickler for old fashioned monopoly; and the next session will probably witness another ol those tremendous thaws to wnich Sir R obert is by no means unfamiliar. He knows what it is one month to be bound up by ice and eternal snows, and the next to bend to the subduing influence of popular opinion so as to be alarmed into Catholic emancipation, the Reform Bill, and a thousand other measurer once pronounced by him to be impossible. That the commercial policy of the Government can remain where it is, no one in full possession of hi> lenses would assert; and as to going backward, Sir Kobert luniself would be opi>osed to that "Onward" then, miut be also his motto; and as he knows how to make a virtue of necessity, it is by no means impossible that he may appear in the House on the opening of Parliament with measures of " conciliation, and of a very large, if not wholjy new character, with relerence to the commercial relations of the whole empire. The conquest g lined by " the League" is one of paramount importance. They know it; and it is therefore that they are now seeking profitably to improve it. It is a singular fact, but still as true as strange, thai Pattisson himself had no idea of winning, and Baring no apprehension of failure. These are the " fortunes and chances of war," but thane are thrice happy who have no such battle to fight. We I live in a period when parliamentary conflicts must of necessity be moot uncertain, Dut will be very intense. IVaUf and her Gricvancct Sir Robert Peel's home policy is one of strict legality. He has 110 genius to invent, and no desire to do more than to carry into effect the laws which it'liuliii'nr f I,,.*.. I,..,. Iw, r ......4; I that if a law now existed, which directed that fortune telle r's .should be branded, he would insist on the branding, and would never dream of effectingmore than carrying the law into full effect. Ho n in with tlua question of Wales. He find* there a whol? nation in rebellion against the existing state of things; but he seizes those he can lay hold of who have been detected in overt acts, and seized whilst transgressing. These men and women are dragged to tne bar of the tribunals, but the thousands of wealthy whig and radical landlords and farmers who have urged on their dependents and followets to physical ucts of transgression, are unsought lor and unpunished. In pursuance of this system. a special commisson has lately been sent down to Glamorganshire to try the few offenders who have been caught in crime, and Baron Gurney ha? made a very "awful" charge, full of reproaches, and advice, and recrimination. So John Hughes was tried and convicted of all sorts of destruction of toll gates, and property, and he was sentenced to be transported for 20 years! "Longer than I have to live," muttered the Welsh offender, as he left the b;ir, and so his fate was decided on. This sentence was so severe, that with the exception of David Jones and John Hughes, all the rest, six in number, pleaded guilty, and threw themselves on the mercy of the court. Baron Gurney sentenced Jones and Hughes to seven years transportation; Marguret Morgan to six months imprisonment; and the rest simply to enter into their own recognizances to upi>car when called upon to receive ludgnient. These are the immediate results of the Glamorganshire special commission. "Aye," replies Sir Kobert, "but the moral effect which this commission ind its sentence will produce on the minds of the ,>eopie aro trie points chiefly to be alluded to?and iIk-v will be prodigious." Indeed! Then how came it to past* that whilst this commission was -itting, and since it has terminated its business, several new aggressions have taken place against loll gates, bars, and other property T Rut the Government has sent to Wales a Commission of Inquiry, and the Right Honorable T. I FrankIand Lewi*, and Mr. W. Cripi*, accompanied !>v the secretary to the commission, have opened | LD. #rlo* Two OaMa. iit the Town ll.tllot ' .? ti: ithen, their anomalous but interesting triv. ? The C hief Commissioner ha? htufed ill ihi-iiKh 1 ler Majesty'* Government is firmly rew Iv. d i , meet with the Hrong arm of the law all attt;mt>t.- it diMurbunce, and to do everything to suppreae and put down outraged, still they are desirous to ascertain whether there be any real canoes of grievance existing, m order that by the powers of the Lxecutive Government, or of Parliament, or both combined, a legislative remedy may be effected. The uddre** of Mr. Frankfnnd Lewi* was moderate and judicious, but he neein* to keep out of view, that whilut the tollgate grievance was the fin?t which was brought under public attention bv the riots of the Kebeccaitcs, it is by no meana the f*sipir?*I and fundamental I cause or ground of complaint. That fundamental j cause is, tne enorntoua amount ol rent*, and their | total disproportion to the vulue of produce and the i state of the market* Now, there is no *ort of intention on the part of the Government to interfere | in this matter?nor to attack the tithes, or the clergy?nor to teturn to the old poor law??nor to dimiiubh tlve enormous amount and pressure oi the poor> rates. So that, in fact, the Commission of Inoniry mny effect some good with regard to the toll gales, hut will not seouie any relief or satisfaction as to any other matters of far more importance. Hut this is a specimen of Sir Kobert Peel s system; "legality and inquiry?litit incjuiry into the lesser and not the weightier matters of the two. In plain terms, there is a groat deal in his system which looks like "bamboozling"!! And ao the world wags!! Northampton. (Correspondence of the Herald J Northampton, Nov. 28, 1W3. Dlu* Law? of Vhi Maifachuutti?War a gain ft ttelztbub and Bowling Alleys. James Gordon BeNnctt, Est^.? Dear Sir:? We have been in the midst of a very great local excitement?one of those, tempests in a tea-pot, that at times shak* to the centre the towns oi New England. Every one. know*, and it is almost a proverb, th at this old town, and this county, are the head quarters of good order and good morals. Drunkenness, profanity, and irreligion ait outcasts, while true religion, honesty, and sobtiety, are surr passports to the good opinion of the people. But j there is a class here, few (thank God) in number, whose bigotry and intolerance lead them into many errors, who are against everything that savor* of life, of pleasure, of animation, or of healthful exercise. The old bachelors, young married men, and ?r? neranriuated business men, &c., who live in tLia beautiful town, and ?ivc, by their hospitality and good breeding, such un air of respectability to the society of the place, caused ro be erected two beautiful bowling alleys, for the exercise and pleasure of the ladies and gentlemen sojourning and residing in the village. Drinking, gambling, and riotihg, were entirely excluded from the place. The. alleys were closed nt ten o'clock, and were a sourer of exercise, and of course conducive to the goo ?l health of the citizens. Not satisfied with this, ? few of the narrow-minded bigois, who would st < poison in the free andhfitlthy exercise of the body . who act upon the principle that because old Johi Rogers, Esq., was burnt at the stake, it was a mi forever after to use tire for any purpose?these small-minded, sinall-pot.itoe loafers, took advantage of a law of th?- commonwealth and caused the keeper of the alley, a very honorable, upright fellow, by the way. to be arrested. The keeper, Mr. Shaw, was fined one dollar and costs. He was defended by Mr. Forbes, one of the greatest counsellorn in old Massachusetts. But hear how futile were all these insane attempts to deprive people of their private tights. They found that bowling-alleys,like truth, "crushed to earth, will rise again. And notwithstanding ihe warning of the Court, the alleys are again opened, a number of the gentlemen of tfie place having come forward and purchased the alleys, and hired Mr. Shaw to superintend them, thereby evading ilieir bittc-Uw entirely. Jonas. Literary Notices. Tut Birthkiuiii', is the utlo of a new novel, by Mrs. (iore, author ol ''Mothers and Daughters," " The Banker's Wii wid other able and popular works. It ispublifheJ >b Xo. XXIV. of the "Li tirnry 01 reelect .Novel;-," price 011c shilling, and will undoubtedly meet witli u very considerable sale. The Wrongs of Woman, Part Third?The Ltrrut Pin Headers,t>y Charlotte Elizabeth,New York?J. S. Taylor Ar Co., 145 Nassau street, pp. 115.?The Litlle Pin Header*, whien Messrs. Taylor te Co. have just laid on our table, is one of the finest little volumes that ever came from the pen of charlotte Elizabeth. Two chapters, "A Sunday Stroll," anil "The Siok Pauper," will compare with almost my drama for interest and effect; but the dramatic power of the work is not its only, n?>r its best feature To expose the loathsome tyranny of English taskmaster*, is the object of the authoress; and this object she pursues witn a philanthropy and energy, that cannot hut render her popular with Americans and American sympathies. To bring this effective little volume witnin the reach of all, the enterprising publishershave issued two editions, one in very elegant binding at twentyfive cents, and the oth? r in neat paper covers at 12 1-2 cents each. We trust it will find its way into all the family libraries of the land. ( '<> ?, mn>. piaa< A Full Bench Prenent. Dn . 'i?Dkci?iok>.? Samutl K r$. Mont Y. Urnch anil Jo/in Tiwy ? 1 hit cfts? came up on motion for ft new trial The plaintiff sued the defendants on m rit of trrtpa**, to te*t hit right to leveral itovet, which had been seized under a process issued by Beach, the plaintiff" claiming said stoves under a mortgage made hy him to .Niartin \ oran On the trial, the Judge charged the jur> that thrv had nothing to do with the question whether ?i oran owed Bench nuy money or not. a? the judgment w?* in proof 1 he jury retired, and found a verdict for tlie defendant*, which decision the Court now eays U wrong, and that the judge who tried the caae erred in hia . harge to the jury, end that a new triftl muet be granted, the costs to abide the event. Hamilton WhUtvi ,1'len .V Shrrman ? 111 this cftae, the defendant was sued on a promissory note for t\76, which it wu alleged he had given to the plaintiff to settl* a judgment held against hi* brother On the triftl, it waa alleged 'hat the plaintiff"rould not recover, and mutt he nonauited, Inasmuch ax he had lent on to the defendant the certilcat* of the 9herifl to jtrove that_the plaintiff had aold the judg inent to 10" cieiennant. rue jur> lound verdict for plaintiff". auhjort to the opinion of (lie Court; and the < ourt now order the verdict to tm set a*i<ie and nonsuit to h? entered. Pirrton vt fbttdrcnr ?Tliin an action on matter of account which hnd becotne matter of r?C*rme?. The caie now came tip on a motion to net aside the report of relereei, which motion the Court granted. Before Judge lngraham. Mottl Jacohy i ? Mi V S rirt Intiiranci Company ?In this rut. tried on Friday, the jury fonnd for th? plaintiff Dam'igei >'J37 67. WINTER AK MANAGEMENT. ^"*1 FREIGHTS FOR WHFEL1NO, Ob V* AND I'lTTSBl'lMJ, P* ?Tlie SHE rniitmiiiml, for the la?t five yeari (and w V |K?i?iul \feiit fur Biuitham'< Line rum r it rii> i<< i itiauuig. tikes thi* method >>| mlnrmina Kit iuin#r?u? friend* i?d imttona. that having made eitenaivr aprangrmeiita f<t forwaruitnt merchandise via railma' ?nd a, during the winteraeiaon. to th? Wear he ia ii"w prei"f*d to receint f?r B"<>di frooi thia city to Wheeling Va via Baltimore *nd Cumherlalid.or t" rittahnrg via Hhiltdelphia and the I hainhrreburg Hall road All m>< da i-urru*ied to hia rare, w ill b* forward- d without aiiv delay, and at the loweat eurreat ra??a. t'> either of the ahnve pnintl on the Ohio Kiver A m, merch.iadi*** ami uackaitea forwarded bv Oreeii'a fr'.iiwHa 'hr<>n>hiii tlirr <l,?y? Irmn Botimnr* ta Wh*rlin?. Taking in ? I ?i? d*y? lr< m chiacity to Whaling. Tli? bunufii will be < ?! ductrcl bv ? U m Tv?on, N<v 10 itwt. ?w York Ruin'mni & Bratltrr*, 2"6 Murk't ?trr*t. Phi adtlphia. J inm Wtltou. North Howard *trm Baltimore. Holliilm k Kgrrum. < uml>H lend Wd lainrt H Kor>yt* It Co.. Wlmlii K. Va. Wm Hingtmni Pirut'um. j'l Oondi mtni.M fur th? Whaling Mat* thonld be marked Nrw York mid Wheeling Ln e, c*re of J*me* Wtl?o >, Baltimore. uid ihoM for faunaf. Bingham'? Lin' u h?r?iot. re. WM7 TYSON. No 10 Witt ?lrvet N. V. New York, Vn? ?fl. II 1 n?t lm*r SllMMfcK AH KANGEMKNT VKW YORK AND 1'HI^.\1)K.L^H1A RA .tlOAD LINE Fok Nrwiti, N*w??ui*?wic?, PmwcgTo*, T?ii?tow, Boitrnroan An? Br?liw?tow. StXi- Wfe -tfi , VTikTr. t* \ orli daily from rl,- I .rtUndt It i'?"1""* Lute at A \l?\tvl F\i. i\ p >v I n?> Mornn.g Lin? prormdt m f * om thone* br .u-arnlMUt to Philuirli hU Mil,""!1"1',"" prjjcfrJ (1 J-r. (oppocit* to ?i ^ withont fhanite ? ruaniMra will prncuir tl*ii fit ket- ,t th? oifice foot of urtlamlr unlet, whfir a rnuupiHiinua v-'^mboat. will twin Vh',*,< ,*r cr"te 1 rhi!adrl|>hia havmir r- ' " r -.t-d trom city to city, tihoitt nriHH Opciiml bv tlt? vt i; hiich (ram 19 priiridH with car in which tivaparrin> >?* 1 t aaimr av>mn T nmlv ror b* ladir* in, KereriiiiiB, th* liura im?r I : trli nia Irom tw foot of W^. ySiici'itewy' -* oI? Ini'm

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