Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1843 Page 3
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Items of News, Ac. I'ost Offh k Kokbkry.?The port oltirc #t fag Hart>ot was broken into on the night of Krida) lait, and mme eight* letter* abstracted. A man by the name of Joshua Kcevr* ot Kiverhead has been arreatnd, and for w ant of bail ha* been committed < ?rk >n Ti rkitorv.?We learn from the St. Louis papers that two influential gentlemen are forming a cornpant at lu<lepemleiice, Missouri, to start on on expedition to Oregon iu the spring. Siuak i'a*k.?The cultivation of the sugar cane hav been prosecuted successfully at Oalveaton, Tea as, and indigo u raised in considerable quantities by the planters in the vicinity of Bastrop. (ij- IV Nlaii River Railroad Conipanv have determined to construct a branch of their road from the in.un trunk south to Upper Sanduskv. The peaple in the Jn-ioto Valley must meet the line at Upper Saudusk> by a track for Columbus. Steamboat Collision.?The steamboats Alleghany Uelle and Ida had a collision on the Alleghany river on Friday uiirht last. The latter sunk immediately and ? ill be a total lots. The passengers were all saved. Fire at Glen's Falls.?The sash and blind factory of lloot fc Trumbull, at Ulen's Falls, w as destroyod by' tire on Tuesday last. The amount of loss not ascertained. Heavy Damages.?Miss II. Bishop, of Ohio, has recovered damages to the amount of !j>6jt>0 for injuries to luir person, caused by the upsetting of on* of Stockton, Moore & Co.'* stage< Wholesale Executions.?Six notorious villains, convicted oi murder and robberies, were executed at Ma aua on the 14th uit. spmrrral Wives.?The Warsaw (Illinois) Mesaagr ayi" It if the rumor now at Nauvoo that Hiram Smith nas had a revelation concerning the spiritual wile system. Quite an excitement has been produced in consequence. -Saeeow Escape?rathekt EijUivocA.L ?A. person whose name we learn to be Curr&n, from tireeue county, very narrowly escaped death >esteidaj in Stale street iu being struck by a runaway hoise in full flight?having prev iously released himself irom a wagon to which he w as attached. Mr.C. was taken up senseless, tuil supposed tu be dead, but ou examination it was tound that his tie ad and budv, though budly injured, were not of a character to apprehend Tutal consequences.?.ilium y .ldi < rlitcr, Nov. 30. 1'at.u. Kencuntiie. ?The Lexington (Ky.) In'juircr, states that a man named Chowning kilW in Woodford county, a few days ago, by John W. Kinnell, of that county Chowniug was a tenant of Mr. Kinnell; the latter wished him to leave his place, and for that purpose had a writ of forcible entry and detainer sen i d upon him. At this Chowning was much exasperated, and threatened to kill F. on sight, and armed himsell lor the purpose, Kinnell armed himself also. They met and Chowniug was advancing upon Kinnell, when the laiter told him ljot to advance any nearer toward him, if he did he would shoot him. Chow ning continued to advance, when Kinnell fired. The ball took etl'oct, and 4 hownmir in ? wrr short tlint' Lynch Law has been perpetrated in the quiet borough ol Laston, l'a. Last week a middle aged man ol genteel appearance, who reported himself to be Mr. Lebar, of New Jersey, bought large bills of dry goods, groceries, die. at lour different stores, stating thai he hail u team which would be cnt for the goods, when payment would be male. By this time it was discovered that the purchaser did not intend to call for the goods, having no means to pay fur them, aud that he was either not ot sound mind or an arrant impostor, A council of the duped merchants wa? at once held, and summary punishment agreed upon. Cowhides were procured aud Lebar was publicly wtnpped through the streets of Easton ! Much excitemeni was produced, and *e learn by the Whig that lour persons have been bound over to appear belore the next Court of Quarter Sessions as principal Lynchers, when the whole affair will be investigated and disposed of according to another code of laws. .Moke Burglaries in Albany.?The house of Win. Ci-ray, 45 Broad street, was entered on Tuesday night by two burglars. They were busy cutting out a panel of a closet door wi.en .Mr. ti. awoke by the noise, threw open one of the back windows and called for the watch. As soon as the alarm was given the two burglars ma te their exit at the back door and effected tliejr escape through the woodhouse. The prujierty missing consisted ol a few spoons. The watchmen arrested a man named l'ike who was stowed away in the yard. A chisel was left behind them, and has been identified by Mr. Kowler as one stolen from hfm when his house was robbed, some weeks since. The house of Edward Scace was entered on Monday night; the burglars did not find anything worthy their attention. The Buffalo Gazette states that one of the watches taken from the persons arrested on board the canal boat Mount Morris, proves to have been the one stolen from Oliver's jewelry store, a couple of mo::' i f, belonging to Birdseye Wilcox, of that city *111,any .id, ., So, .ho. VS ' TOYS! TOYS! V \ ~ HOLES A Li- A N L> RE'I AIL. cheaper than ever, at the ' ' vve| k k.-? Toy * lore,233 Centre stttyt, two doors abote Orfd stre-t, opposite ihe Market hainiliei and s raiig rs wunniK i <>> ? for the holidays, wilt do well t,. call belore purchasing elsewhere. Don t forget the number. 213 CtvTRE STREET. AUn ? full -rtmpiif nf i'hina ( iUm and Kiithen War**. dl 2awtJl*je CJAL ! COAL !?As cheap as the cheajeu, and ?? good as the b>st. of Peach Orchaid r< d ash at the Worklugman's Coal Y ard, of Christopher an'1 Gieeuwich streets, weighed by a city weigher, and delivertd to any part of the ci ty Tree of carl:Re. ii28 2w*r EDWARD LEWfcLYN 1 S i'C RSC AN< IC of an order of the Surrogate of the coun' ty ol .New ^ ork, notice is hereby given to all persons having < Unru agaiust I'eter .Murphy, late of the city of New York, gentleman, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers ihfieMl', iu tin- subscribers, at the office of F.dmnnd S. berry, No. 51 Wall street, 111 the city of New York, ou or before tne eighteenth day of Sepu inber next. bated New York, the 15th day of Mnrrh, 1M3. JACOB HARVEY, JAMES C. BELL, m|6 lawtmr Administrators with the will annexed. KM. r. UK JfcKKKKSO.N I.Nsl'KAM'K CO.MI'ANV ?Office 36 Wall street. This company continue their bu sit,ess of insurance against loss or damage by fire, an goods, wares and merchandise, and also on vessels and their cargoes' gainst loss by inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorne, Elisha Rirgs, Thomas T. Woodrnff, Benjamin K. tUibsof. John R. Davison, Francis P. Sage, Thomson Pnee Joseph Allen, John H. Lee, John P. Moore, Moses Tucksr, James F. Holmes, Caleb C. Tunis, James R. Whiting, Anson Baker, Win. K. Thorn, Joseph Drake, Irad Hawley, John C. Merritt, Thomas Morrell. THOMAB W. THORNE. President flC.n. T HOPE. S???rv mlt Jgh PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS offer, with foil confidence in its ? utilitv and usefulness, the above named article. This article is intended to brace the shoulders, support the back, and rtpand the chest, giving a graceful outline to the figure, and will be found indispensable to persons of sedentary habits. p*reut* and guardians are particularly requested to examine this bnre; it writ be found to possess every requisite quality for winch it is recommended, namely?to brace the shoulders ol children and others who have acquired the habit of stooping, and retain their fonn in an upright ;>osition. They can be worn tw* found of no imtiediment to the free use of the arms. The subscribe!* alio offer their celebrated Klastic Spring, Russia or Riding Belt. The above articles are manufactured uuder the lunncdiate inspection of Mr. Parsells, who has been engaged m the business for the last six lee u years, and may be depended on ai superior to any article elfer offered for the same pa pose. Sold wholesale aud retail at the old establishment ef PARSELLS & AGATE, S37 Broadway, corner of Park Place. N. B?Ladies will be supplied at.d fitted by calling at the residence of MADAME PARSELL?, 40? Greenwich street, Mv^n HnUft and l-mffht iti^i 1 n9.4 2m rn THOMAS' s^bOlFlC I'lLuS, Eor the Speedy and Permanent ''ore of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, Seminal Weakness, and Diseases generally of the Urethra ' PHK class of delieat* diseases which theae Pillt are so well -L adapted to cure is of too common occurrence.and it appears that nil classes > I society are subject more or terns to fall into it* OMUCMMt crnsr, md, blasted in reputation and boruedown in ?uff?riug in body ant. miud, the victim of its progress is ready U jtrasp at any thing tfiM offers a reasonable hope of recovery. Among the many meuicines and menus ?f relief that are placed before the public, unfortunately most of them arepreiured by ineu unacquainted with the nature of the maladies which they promise to care, and many of them are ignorant of the powers of the very medic mes they are using for that pn.poseaud as may be easily foreseen, the mult is that the individual so unfortunate as to fall into their hands receives no relief, but ou the oontriry, the medicine employed being perhaps quite the opposite of what is mjuinyi in his case, aud the time that is lost, only lend to fasten the disease more permanently, and hi upon the patient its most lasting and veiatious consequences. It is of the utmost importance to the welfare of the afflicted individual, that diseases of this class,be speedily removed, and also that they be removed with proper*and safe remedies, otherwise they are sure to result in censequeuces the most daugerous to the peace and happiness of the iwiieut, byleaviug a perma of ths prostate gland, or some of the other very serious maladies which invariably follow a badly .treated case of gouorrhosa Impressed with a sense of the grsat necessity that exists for lomc naff and ?|>e?-dv pure, to ami tint disease in its career and rff.dually not a ?top to its ravages, the proprietor of Thomas' Specific Pills announces with pleasure that long experience in pver\ variety and stage of this complaint, proves that these Pills arc all that is rNliml to reinovs thoroughly and effectually from the system the brat cause of this complaint, and by gently exciting ti.e parta to a natural action, restore the i>atirat. from ths moat aggravated stages of thia disease to perfect and lasting he Ith. These S|wcific Pills are a regeutile preparation, composed ot t>i?- retire principles only, and are entirely inotious to the most delicate constitutions. All who have been partially or cured by other medicines, can permanently establish ineir health by using a boa or two of this remedy. Agent* at 79 H niton street, corner of (fold; 77 East B m1wav. and Z71 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. Pnc? $1. ?aa 1m?r TO i'Hb I>au1ls. OR. HULL'S UTfcRO ABDOMINAL tfUPPOKTKK. fPrllfli oew instrument for the radical cure ol Pr<ila|>sus Ulerl a or ( ailing of the Womb, by external application, supers' ding the use of the objections! Pmmtt, it confidently r"coiuuMwded to th? afflicted as the means of perfect restora'.oo t. ^aaJth, rt never having failed of performing a core, even undef the inoit aggravated circa tnstancea The 8upj>ortsi lias attained a vary hifh character in Koropt as wall as in this country It is adopted to the entire disuse ol r?*iaanes, and hi) other painfal surgical expedients, in the Lj" lug of London and Fans, and it Quivenally r?commended in Europe by medical men of the highest rank ia this country it is sustained by the leading members of lhr faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the etninml private practitioners. ltoomi h?Tf been fur?i?l.?d eicln?i*elr for ladiaa tt No. ? Vwi itrw, hnvmt leparate entrance from the bannew department, nhfi' a ladr i? in constant MUrdiuiee, to ipplj T'nim mil Hnotmrm to fmiul> Mlimtt n* ln? _ KLTTCHF. WASH rPHE undermined hiving be?ii in Dr. Hull'# office, for the lait * el***!! yearm, mid hiving had the molt |ir??t|i?l part of that offtoc, pl?cem ti>* auovt Wiuh before thr public, annuriiig tlioae thai may deem it worthy iheir health and comfort to cnll on hi in at him raaideuice No. 48 Va?ey ?u?et where he can b? consulted from 10 orfock tn the morning until 3 o'clock lu the alteriioou, AI mo I rui?< applied auil reiwired Reference. JA.Ylttt McIVELRS uli l fit on ~ LEEGHEn LEECHES? LEECHE8! f\0 0110 l-.AKOE ^-ND HK.ALTHV ftweediih and DVJjUUU Owing' Ueehe?,Ji?t reee??d per baniue Hit 1mm Newton from |Hamborg.^Fur ^u^"7jo,? price* at Importer! of LeecWla, im?? ? P-'l "~?i. VV.* MI.K -One mm* of American, juit r-~?TTaId ' ?/* '* h' PEROTE * BROOKS, II Litortf n. i MEDICAID THE EL.IXEK OF LOVE. The house ho I<1 ti*t' lh? household ties. How b?<uufu' they are? With rosy lips and laughing eyes, Red cheeks And golden How sad is childl.? warned life? Wealih can no joy afford; C?ld look* the hatband on the wife? The wile upon her lord. Bui Loric'i Ku*r.R?that sweet txsou' Will Nature's curs# reirove, Aud crown ?ilh li?ii.g blossoms ioou. The bed of fruitless Toee. Lucius Cordial!?barren wire* It: lis to mothers fair, And t ne loud uaime of Father give* To husbands in deep.iir' In lenehorm and in gleets, * It proves a sovereign balm; Consumption too a couquaror meets In its uiT&ilimc ch <rm. Kruptions, las-node and paint, In back, or loins, or ch st; Disease bmnght on by sudden strain*, Discha ges long suppressed. Are by this wond'rous Cordial eared. No more their ?*??ius Ti*l. This by its aid u'health insured At once. toei'K>Ysex. Let all whosaifrr from diaeaaa Or fault in Nature's Law, Seek Irom this grand specific ease. At uinaty-two N ssau. And No 13 Court street, Boston; No. 90 North 6th stmt, Philadelphia. Persons ordering thn medicine from th- country, by sending t remittance, can have it boxed op and seat to any piut of tha cion. Price $3 per bottle, or 124 per doxeu. n2' lm*m MONTHLk Kit PORT O7 THtt NEW TOM MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers street. CASKS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED 2 Secondary Syphilia. 2 Inflammation of tha Eyea 1 Scrofula. 1 Whitea 3 Gleet. 4 Constipatiou. 6 Chancre. 1 Croup. 10 (iooorrhiMi. 2 Diseased Kidney*. 2 Brouchit-s, acutiV 3 Onanism. 3 t>nppies?iun of tha Mer.^e 1 Great Debility. 1 Floodiue. 3 Rheumatism. 2 Diairhm.i. 1 Disease of the Heart. 1 Dysentery. 2 Midwifry. 4 Headache. 1 Difficulty in making wa1 Typhus Fuver. ttr 1 Pleurisy. 1 Seminal WVakneaa. 2 Pile*. 4 Examination of tha Cheat i Coughiug. to detect disnasa SURGICAL OPERATIONM. 4 BadStrictures curad without 1 Ui^eaac sf the Spine cutting or burning. 1 Canaer on Breast removed 2 Inflamed Teaticlea. 2 Hemorrhoid J Tumors if 3 Cuboes cured by an iaiprov- m->ved. ed in. thod. 1 Dislocation of Shoulder 1 Hydrocele. Joint. 1 Fistula iu Ann. t 2 Operations for Squinting. 2 Polypua iu the Nose rvmov- 1 IMsesaed 'l'csticle removed. ed 3 Small 'I umors removed fram 1 Ulcerated Breast. the Face. 1 Fracture. 1 Erysipelas. 2 Case of Stabbing attended to 1 Bleeding from the Lanes. The poor attended to withwut charge, eTery day, between J and 4 o'clock. Drt. H. BOSTWICK. A Heading Surgeon and Phyaiciu. JOHN J. CLARK, Apothecary and Secp-ary, nlO lmre RHEUMATICS ATTEND! Dr. GARDNER, who IV grad ated nnder Professor Parker, of this city, in the PittsIVId Medical Insiit'itiou. has compounded for family use his celebrated s|iecific for the Cure of Hheumatism. It is put up with directions for use, in bottles at S3 and (5 each, and has never failed in curitig rheumatism, toothache, earache, and all acute paius when applied as directed. Dr Gardner also compounds and has for sale (carefully put up, with directions for u?el, in botiles, Ilia valuable Hepatic Mixture, an infallible cure in liver complaint*. Alterative Syrup, (a certain cure for mercurial ;<ffrction4, scrofula, cryiijwlu ana all other (liteajfn of the Mood.) Pulmonic Soap (an infallible cure for consumption) at $2 a bottie. Sold at 160 Greenwich, corner of '"ourtlandt street, and nowhere else. uU lm*ec WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, when the " following unprecedented reduction in dentistry is made by the celebrated Dentist, W. Thome, D.D.S., 62 East Broadway I Cleaning Teeth $100 Extracting 25 Stopping with his justly celebrated Mineral! 75 Single Tooth on Pivot 7S " " " Silver 2 00 ? " " Gold } 00 A complete set of Teeth, on the most approved principles, at the same price as the above. n. B,?Where entire satisfaction1!* aet givea. bo charge will h# m?(t# Votf g| im* RK.AUI' ll. A WOKI) WITH YOU !?Is it not durable, (provided the same efTsc be obtained) to take medincine in a ralatab'e form, rattier than in the n- useous state in which it is usually exhibited! Your answer is an'icipated, and in view of it a Loi?-nce his been prejiared by the subsTber, combining a judicious union ofmiodyie, pectoral,and slightly expectorant reined -s h ghly useful in coughs colds, hoarseuess.wenk lungs and affections of the chest These Lo<eng s dj not contain opium a drug th t AC;s < tn unpleasantly with some constitutions producing headache aud constipation, but the desired anodyne effect is produced b the happy combi ation of seveial demulcent prvparatj. ns of the \eg- table kingdom, and Dever, on any occasi n, act otherwise tl an beneficially The formula for their pt>p>ration will be cheerfully submitted to the eiamiua tion of pnvsicians. O^rnre i8\ cents per box. Prepared only by E. L. COTTON, Chemist, kc, aud sold by him at his Drag and1 hemical Store, >65 Bieecker st, >etv \o?k, and at T. T. GREEN'S, 39'Broadway eor of Waluer it nlCim*m THE HUMAM HAIK ?>E AUTIHKD.RESTOKED AND FORCED TO GRO\V BY A THREE 8H1LLINGBOTTLE OF JONES' CORAL HAIK. Rfc.STOi.A'1 IVE. T^HlH can be proved by some of our most re-iwcuhle citirent. -I who sav thu real y does all *f refmmt. W* tell three shilling bottles 'bar its .n* may try it cheap. ltgivnymr bair a roost delicious ap|>ear.uice, and keeps it tlceu. Give it our trial and you'll t.e satisfied. It will actually force the hair to grow ou any part * Ik-it hair will grow naturally, the bmd, face or body. It ha* now streygtrrned the roots, thua staying the hair from falling off, cleaning the dandruff from the scalp. It also cause* light. red or grey hair, to asiom> h dark color, aud by doiug ibis, permanently to make the hair crow natnialU dork from the roots. If persous at* this inertly for dressiug the hair, not-iing ii more economical, to keep the hair aol't, dark, silky and beautiful, at least three times as long as auv other preparation for the hair. Sold, price 3, 5 or 8 shillings a Dottle, at the sign of the American Eagle. 82 Chatham st, N. Y.; Zeiker, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; RedCmg, 1 State st, Boston; and 139 Fulton st, Brooklyn, L. I. n 15 ' m ? p" pOT l'ON"S WOilM LOZENGES!?Parents-He.e is a ^ nerer failing rei iedy, <iiid whenever your children seem to droop, l.'se - heir color, start in their slef p, and hare other indication* of wornrn, give tlese Lozenges, They will not disappoint vou, as manv have tested to tr.eir satisfaction. Mr. W. W. Henville, 21i Ble?eker st, gave only two doses to his cbild, and the health was eniirely restored. The child, who was pale and listless is now as rosy and playful as ever Piejmvd only by E. L. Coiton, and sold by him at his Drug and C hemical Store M Bl?ecker st, N. Y., also by T. T Greene, Chemist, lie.. 3i>9 Broadway, cor Walker st, nit lm*m PARR'S PILLS. rPO THOSE WHO 8UFFEK from complaints peculiar to I the FIRST COMMENCEMENT OK WINTER. In ho season does the blood and secretions of the human system undergo more striking changes than in the fill of the year, and e-pecially the comtr.euceineut of winter. If we turn to nature, the changes in the vegetable world are found to be not only strikingly analagous, but 11 hate a strong iutluence on tlie healthy or diseased condition of ihe body Krom the decay of autumn, and the morbid aud deftth 1 ike s'ate of winter, the human system is also lor a period affectsd by a similar leeling, arising from the action of a temporary decay, adapting itself to the saine laws that govern inanimate nature. This reuders the use o? some simple medicine (es|>ecially to those of a slend.-r cousti'ution) ol absolute import tne??for this is the time to assist nature with a medici. e to cu mse, and at the same time strengthen the powers of the vital organs. Of the functiuni nrcassary to be cleansed and invigorated, noue have a more in.unite c nnexion than the stomach and liver. The Presence ol lood in the stom tch, and the healthy operation of the Jige*;ive powers, furnish tne only uatural stimulaut to the liver; but wht never th- coatiugs of the form, r bee-line weik and morbid, the bile is improperly neereted, and dis' ase ol the liver and generally unhealthy state of the digestive organs su|>ervene In this state aaaf |?>r*ou? lly to calomel for relief. Such treatment especially at I is season of the year, IS IMBIBING FATAL CUNSE^UENO S, as invariably fold, followed by rheumatism of the worst sort, eusnes. To Ol'- fc A HEALTHY TOSK TO 1 11 P. ST' '.MAC 11, Til ! KEE THE 1JLOOD OK ITS IMPURITIES and strengthen tfiOM organs,(already by the ch.inge of ihe year, lu a dalr of partial >n I Like medicines In* from mineral componuda.totd-letenoui butttreogtheiiiii|(. Such are PAIIK8 LIKE PILLS. b iug perfectly geutle in theiroperation*. and cnm|K>noded purely of vegetables. lu celebrated author, (whose life ?aiprolong d far beyond that of any o;her Dim oce the Patiiarchi) and who for more than a century wasa close and constant ttudent of the medicinal properties of plants, attained hineitraordmary age bv the judicious u?e of this com pound. To thrir aup>-rioiily, as a sale and and certain rem<dv, Doth to childr--'> and tilul's over all other vegetable medicines m use, TH< ?USAN 08 OK rtRSJNS AHE CONSTANTLY TESTIFY INCJ So'd by uearlv all the respectable Druggists iu New Vork. and ?hole?ale by l'homai Roberta It Go. 304 Broadway, first tloor. In Boiton. at the Branch Office C^Waahiugtou street, and in every part of the Uniled Sutes and Canada. ulo lmr KU18 TOOTH W A15H?Prepared from the original recipe at No. 1 Oold a tret, N> w York?The Unit 1 ootli Wash is purely a rag-Sable preparation, poaaemring tha properties ol cleaning the teeth ana mouth?restoring the gums to a health) state, and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour in th< mouth, whether arising (roui decayed teeth or from a derange? state of the stomach. It is designed to be used with a tooth bnuh, and will be fotiad to supersede the necessity of a powder keeping the teeth cleas and preventing the wearing away of the gums from the teeik It is particularly nselal in cues of spungy gums, restoring them to a healthy state, and causing them to contract arouud the tooth, in painfnl affections of the teeth and gums, arising from exposure to cold, it will be foind highlv beneficial. It it particularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at nighl just before retiring to re*t. This method is recommended .>> eminent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food whicL accnmnlate during the day are entirely rem?ved, and the mouth kept through the night in a clean, iwnt, and healthy state. Sound teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portioas of poor humani'.y ; but how many neglect the attention nec?s sary f?r their preservation, even when surrounded by all th? means needed. Among these we know of none more pleasant and effectual Omn the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whi tens the teeth, strengthens th.' Kums. pur:lies the month, and sweeten tne breath. Wc recommend its tue to all ruling and old.? Soiton Morning Poat. Th? Orri? Tooth Wuh is the best deter*eel we erer ued o? our*4 rati.?(iiaaton T??n?criH ? Kor ale by the pruv-i i rumuti in the city. nH r WONDERFUL KfcMEDY. VIRRETO TINCTURE AM) LOTION OF INVIOOKATION. A SUPPLY of these invaluable and extraordinary remedies has been received direct 'rom Doctor Ad tan Virre>,of Lyon*. by hi* ricluuve Americau agent*, De Lauuey ti ('r'y, olNewVork Nothing equal to them ha* yet btm discovered for removing impotrncy, tluor albu*, nervous affections, and invigorating the system aud reviving the decayed MMNof certain ptiria, a fact that Can be proted by auy |?r?on in trn miimlet; for while all other medicine* recommended for the * line diseates are admitted by their inventor* to be slow of operation,'heTincture and Lotion of lnvigoration aet at once and maketheir ellec1 felt in a few momenta after they are made n?e of. Indeed their >|uick aud wondeifal action it such, that coldiiea* or imbe<-ilitv cannot remain in ihe constitution that la under their dominion for half an hour; nor i* it |>oaaible lor any marneH fem?le to u*e them ai'd remain witriout off*l>rina for tney immediately correct the inactivity of certain or?aui which III liiMhMHM com out of hundred i* the cau-e of unfruitfulneai *1 hey are alao nnnvalled temadiea in iucipirnt contumptioii, d> tpepaia, palpitation ol ihe lie,rt uer?ou? headai he ?l<-et and affectiona ol the kidneya, ai d in all dneues produced by a nameleas aolitary hahi\ for which they ire a and |?i?iti?e cure The Tincture la taken internally and ii pleasant to theu>te; the l.<otion in us'd externally. They may be oa-d .i-paraieiy ?jih yrmt lienetit, but are moat effective when uaed toge.her. l'riee $< a bottle, or both bottle* l,?r S3 N. 11 ?Persona living at a di tauce can have theae medicine* tent ill the lorm of I wo jciwdert, at only double the pottle, w th full printeal direction* for conrertii K 'hem into th? l'mc ture and Lotion. Price $2 for one powder, or $3 for both. ( When both are utaJ their effect la womleriol in remoriug iuipoence ) All ramittancea mnatbe pott paid, and directed to De Lauuay Cirty, New Vork. Information of a delicate ami inMrotint nature, which canhot b? luaeited it a pablic adret iiemnit, accomi an lea each bol tie and powder. '1 heaa rnedicioca ahould never be uaed by prtf i aut women, (or ihaur cxcitinc nature would be liable to pro due* Abortion. Sola by special appointment of ^ ^ tAUNEY h UKfcY, |A? 14 Uwit Nn? York. CHEAP STORE. TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS ANll THE PUBLIC.' DRUGS, UYK8TUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES. GROCERIES. &c No. IU OREENWICH8TREET. NEW YORK, TOHN C. MORRISON offpri for sale, on the mottllbml ? terms, 4 tut aatenaire assortment of good*, usou them th? following, to whi jMM?^ttldattention of Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, Camphor, Aqua Ammonia, ( nam Tarter. Spirits Mitre Dulcii. ( utile Super Carbonate Ho da. Liquorice, Tartaric Acid, Balaam Copaira, Kpaom Salts, Rhubarb, I>au(tmnm, Jalap Senna, Aloes. Sulphate Quinine, Flora. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, and all Emm' Gum Arabic, tial Oil*. Castor Oil, Oum Mjnrhh, Quicksilver, Cantharidea, Magnesia, Gum Traraeanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Klour Sulphur. Coiks of all luaida, Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Bor>x, re lined and crude, sponges, coarse and fine. Calomel, Druggists' Qlaas Ware Red Precipitate. _Vi.iU. PAINTERS. Wini^aw fflaaa aftll lifM mid Rnfiah T.nafnt qualities. Glue, all softs, White lead, dry and in oil, Gold and Silver Leaf, Red Laid, Gold and Silver Bronte, Lithanre, Copper Bronze, Spirit* Turpentine. Chalk, whits and red, Putty, Paris white, Whitinf, Spanish Brown, Verdifns. drya nd is oil,J Venetian Rod, 8hrome Green, Sand Paper, Wrome Yellow, Pumice Stone, Yellow Ochre, Frenah and Tar and Rosin. American, Japan, copal, coach and har* Prus*ian Bine, neu varni.h. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rottsu Stone, Terra de Sienna, Ivory Black, lied Cltalk, Gum Copal, Gum Shellac, Paint BrusLas, all size*. Brittht Varnish, Rote **ink, Sasli Tools, kll size*, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil. Fall, OU. Train, Winter, Lmtteed, Summer htnuiu d tpanfl, NeaUloot, ReAuad, whale, Olive or avatt, UnrrAued, w hale, bea KL-pliaut. Turners', l.uid Oil, Si*-rm aud Stearic Candies. DYE WOOl) DEALERS Ai\i) MANUFACTURER9. Logwood. Bi..;il Wood, Camwood, Red Saunder?, Fustic, llateii Wood, Nicaragua, llt-d Wood. Barwood, U/peruic Wood, Gum Asphaltuot, I'eae.h Wood. Sal Ammouiac, Ebony Wood. 80i,,,' MANUFACTURERS. Alum, Fallen' Earth, Bine Vitriol, Maddrr, Dutch and Krench.l Corperas, Eng. nnd Araff. Indigoes, of BetiRal, Carcaca Oil Vitrol, and Gtiatamala, Sugar Lead. While Tartar, Bleaching Salts, lied Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aqua Kortii, Sumac, Nutgalls, Lac Dye, Anuatto. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Gum Senegal, Extract Locwood, Powdered Curcuma, Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chromate of Potash, Qnerciwon Bark, Sal Soda, spirit* Nitre Kortii, Gnm Shellac, Salt Petre, < .'udlvear, British Gam, Wo?d, Nitric Acid and] (iraui and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Soups, GROCERS. Yonug Hyson Tea, Pepper Sauce, Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, Imperial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Mace, Hysou Sltiu " Indigo, Klotant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, Kreoch Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segars. ! Alcohl, Pot and Pearl Asltes, Epsom Salts, S^rch, Cmnaman, Liquorice Ball, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Salerntus, British Lustre, Kir Blue. Soda Tor washing,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, London, Alum, Cayunne Pepper, Oiive oil in bottles fc baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltnetre. crude and refined, CONEECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal. Oil of Anniaieeii. Nutmegs, Abiynth, Mace, Oirraywiy, Cloves, Juniper, Ciun.mon, Rose, Orange and reach Wa Cassia Buds, ters. Allspice Vanilla Beam, kioglaii, Tonqnin Beam, Gum Traracanth, Coriander Seed, Gum Arabic, Turkey, C array way Seed, (rum Gamboge, Annisseed, Oil of Roses. Jujube Paste, Peppermint, Peerlnsh, Wiuteigreen, Salera'ua, Cinnamon, Super C?rbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, Ginger, white Jamaica, Lemon. Ginger, Ka?t India. PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, fcc. Bleectiing Powders, Natgalls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bine Vitriol. Glue. Verdigiis, Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Cupper Calx, Sal Ammonia, 8h?l ac. Antimouy, Alcoh.'l. Sugar of Lead, batraci of Logwood, Aioes, Alum ike. , PATENT MEDICINE bEALF.HS. Balsam or Honey, Anderson's, Lee's It Hooper's 1 i. rlingron s Balsam, Pills, Bateman's I'rops, Opodpidoc, Hr.rleniand British Oil. Seeis'and Liquid, Seidlitx Powders, Hoda Powders. St.u-litou's Bilters, Godfrey's Cordial, Eitiact Sarsaparilla, Anderson's Cough Drops, Ceihalie Snuff. Thompson's Eye Wat?r. Chemicals of all kinds, French, kngiuh and American. All kiuds rf Paints and Colors. Every <le?cription of Drugs and Druggists' Articles; and Pa'ent Medicines, Peifumery, "oaps, 4ic , a general assortment. All irticles warranted genuine. rCT'l'lie most prompt attention giren to orders from the country. n9 Imdv&wyr DOCTOR MORRISON. XTORTH RIVER DISPEL-ARV, 2III>? Fulton street, 1-' near Uieenwich.?Dr. MORRISON, Memberof th? Royal Collez* of surgeons, London, and formerly Surgeon in the British Savy, contiru's 'o be consulted co> fident ally Irom 8 o'elock A. M. to 10 P. M. on all diseases of a private nature, and all thos* cas?s mal treated by anrducated persons assuming the do ties pf the qualili-d surgeon. Dr. M.'s ability 'o fultil Ins professional engagi m nts, and strict honor in discharging his dutv, is we'l knowu to citizens ; so he addrrssM himself to stringers advising them not to place themselves under an? ad vertisng doctor, without reading his Colhge diploma, as the only test agaiutl imposition. Dr. M is dailv cos u I ted by patieuts. wl ere the Imding symptoms have beei only checked, still leaving the poitou li lurk in the sys*em, until ultimately it developes itsell in the deplorable sliatie of secondary.syphilis. In all ca is Dr M. wurauts a perfect cure, without mercury or turn iu 3 to 1 U?i >, aud in proportion in maliguant cum. Hit medicines are not ni>pleasaut, aud are put up in convenient forma and defy oetectiou. aTHICTUKES OF URETHRA.?Obstruction in the urethra, ?uch at stnciurer. and enlargement of the prostate glands, accompanied with much irritation and dull paiu in lho?* part*. ?ie icme of the consequences of mal treatment I)r. M. rur?s strictures in a scientific manner, p omoting their ahior|>tion without pain. Persons who froix reading ratch-nenny books or bug-bear adveiliseinents. and tniy be frightened int ti e belief t'-at they are the subjects of sricture, can hire the opinion of Dr M. without any charge Persons ar? fre^neotly told by quacks they have stricture, when in truth they have not. CONSTITUTIONAL DKBIUTY.-Those suffering from the effect* ol a secret d??tructi*e habit, would do well to call on Dr <M. who will without any chirge demonstrate to them the morbid condition of the mrvous sy>t> m in such .<ffe- ti'ins, which are aggravate ! by the use of nostrums, such ai c rJials, Sic. and the basis of all tiicn being tincture of Spanish tlui.and stimulate*oolv t? creitt greater depression Ltl'ers post paid ?iid ajiita>niiig a f?e, will ensure medicine and advice to any part of t^e Union, and a cure warranted. N. B ?Wi'li one exception, Dr. M. is the onlv qualified advertising surgeon in the city. See his diplomas, suspended in his office, 201)4 Knlton stnet. i.30 lm*r DOCTOR UUKBi rr MAY BE CONSULTED confidentially at his office No *** 16 Duane ?ti?*t, two doors from I hatnam street. Strankersare respectfully informed that Dr. COKBlTX is a member ol tne University of the city of New York, and that he has eiclusiveiy confined his practice from being general to ihe treatment of a certain class of diseases (now over eleven years in the nfvftf \pa Vnrk\ uKirh ^ncairpt hit Mitiif atfMLimi. Tft? aunal* of medicine do not rrcorJ greater ioccmi than is to be fomud iu hi* practice. . , The Doctor cautious the unfortunate against the use of mercury. as it has it* thousand*1 of victim*. Ite.ent cane* ale ill a few day* lemoved entirely from the ivitem. See tliat you are ]udiciou*ly treated by a persou legally Qualified, mid not by iiretenileri and iiuacka, aa there are several of theui in the city, l'eraoii* afflicted with protracted and iuve ente cue*, ueed not letpair of being restored to health by applying to Or. Corbitt A practice of many vear* ha* established the U^tor1* reputation for skill anil respectability. Stricture* engage the Doetor's prvfouud attention. A medicine may .be had to prevent* certain diaenae iu any of ita form*. Office noun 1 A M to 9 I' M< nil )m*m DOCTOR BKLL. P\OCTOR BiCLL devotea his personal attention (daily, L' til 1# P. M.) to the removal of witale diseases in evert st-.te All suffering nnder protracted ? ,* ?. aggravated or un acceaafully treated by inexperienced or pretended prnctition en?thoae laboring nnder tlie destructive etfecu of mercury o quack uostniins, and all who inspect the remain* of dueaiInrkiug in the lyatem, may eonault Dr. B. alwaya with a guaran'er of a cure. Persons contemplating marriage, who liave been the sab jecta of delicate diseases, may couaalt Dr. Bell wit j honorabl? oomideuce. Pott paid letter*, describing the cast! of peraona ai a dutance, have hi* prompt atteution. Dr. B.'? treatment uevti exposes to auapicion, and ia well known to be aafe and parauaent [TT-Pr.vateoflicea fT Cadar street, two door* from Broadwa?. nl lm*r NO UUHfc iNO PA 1. UK. tOOKfcK, 11 Uuanesiree. between Chatham and William *treeta, take* this method of informing citizen* and strangers that he ha* for the lait un year* cotilined hi* practice loleta to the treatment of Venereal Mercurial, and other diseases of a delicate nature. Although it n conndered by a portion of the medical profession a* a species of quackery for one of iu legitimate member* to advertise, itlli the great advantage the unfortunate victima of venereal diieaie derive Irom a regularly educated phyncian devoting hii attention to a particular branch of the profeiiion, muit Be apparent. Do yoo not employ a surgeon to ampuuu a limb ??to aa ocalilt on duenae of tM eye 7?to a dentin for aa operation on the **th '?and to a surgeon noted for the care or Syphilis when you are troubled with Venereal I And you do 10 from the fact that thoae men are perfect in tliii branch, became they only nractice at it. Dr. Cooper spent yean iu a celeb rated Look Hospital. aud has for ten year* enjoyed the moit eitemive practice in thu way of any medical man in New York. He can cure the most aggravated cases of Syphilis, and tnild cases removed in two tofive day*. The Dr. is a regularly educated phyncian aud surgeon, and never suffers his patieats to leave nntil a perfect cure is performed. It is deplorable to witness some of the cases that are presented to the Dr., where the disease has been driven .1 1. U^.1 AHt ...i? ; fnrm nl inwi Uir B>ai*-Ui IIJ i)UBVMf hi mi-iw n?in?iiiH in ni< ? ? pot* and nlcsr* on the body.pains in the joint*, sore throat, light i?(iu and emaciation. The Dr. will la e?ery ease war nut a cor*, sr make no charge. STRICTURK.?Dr. Cooper ha* discovered a new method, by which he can cor* the wont form of Stricture in from on* to two week*, with scarcely any pain to the patient, leritatioi if the imhn, or prostrate gland, vr of the neck of the Rladdet, ire sometime* mistakes for Stricture by central praetitionen nd cn&rlntans CON31TTUTIONAL DEBILITY, sometime called 9ei unal Weakness, brought on byaiecret habit indulged in b> Voting men. 1'hia is, where too freely indul^l in, the greateat nl that can befall man; for it begets disease of the heart, tonsumption, dysiiepaia, emaciation of the frame, and fiually eudi 11 complete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical cure in uch cues, and natore the constitution to iu original rigor^no fiat by a mild and simple conn* ol medicine. A can warrant. J in erary case, or no charge. Pont paid letters, deacribini romplaint and enclosing $3, attended to. Patients attended in hotels or bovdiag homaaa. Office open till ! M night. He member, 14 Daaae street, betwesa William aad Chatham sU. ni lm? [^ACKb-LA^KH It KIBIOWt-V^hw^ U lm*re U Catherine (4 DR. HOUSEMAN'S GERMAN <'OUGH DROPS, IJKKI'ARtl) ui<1 told whole*Ut by JOHN J. DAVIS, city f of Iludaou, Columbia County, N. Y , and for sale iu thia city at wholesale aud mail, by James 8 Ashswai.l. W William itrfft. Uaneral Agent for this city; and by moat of the principal iruil druggists iu New \ ork aad Brooklyn. Perhsps a more important aud Talaable medicin* than this was never provided lor the afflicted. No resort lias hithrrto been hid to the press to make its axtraordinary virtues known, but it nas been long tried and its great tficacy most thoroughly proved by 'he infallible teat of actual experience. By its own merila aud intrinsic excellence it liaa l>ecome highly celebrated in every tertian of the country where it has been in use. It may without exaggeration be prouo'mced an infallible remedy lor colds, coutfhs, asthma, influenza, whooping eougli, croup worms, hxinorrhage or raising blood, aud all the complaints aliening the hreaat and lungs, aud tending t? consuuptuin or general debility. Numerous testimonials may be seeu iu the h uids of the agents for the sa'e of this healing balsam, allowing that I'ich his been its effects iu an innumerable inultitud' of cases. The proofs of its wou.e ful efficacy are incontrovertible. If used iu the first stages of any of tHe complaints above nau ed, it acts as < complete preventive, and their further progrru is airested. I* thi? ?'limate where such complaints are so common, ow iug to sudden changes of weather, no man who places a right value upon health should be without this medicine; a litntly u*? of it will stve immense bills for nodical attendance, and what is more will pieveut the languishing sufferings of prjtracted illness and often preserve life itself. Kflicacio'is as it is, it is mild, pleasaut, ai.d always harmless; it is purely a vegetable compound, and may bs lak-u with eunre safety iu all kinds of weather and under al! circumstance*. It acta as a mild healing expectorant, and at the same tineas a very gen'la tonic. Its use has not only restored thousands who were laboring under lemp-rary illness, but it liu produced preat improvement in t> e health of ptraout constitutionally feeble, as its effect is to im part tone and vigor to the system, while it n?ver cause* weak dmi. Price fifty ceuu for a bott e of four ounces. n? ltn eod*m ?EW VOIIK SURGEONS' BANDAGE INSTITUTE, NO. 1 ANN STREET, 2d door from Broadway, in the American Museum Buildings?Under the direction of JAMES KNIGHT, M. D.. Member of the Medical and Chirurgical ! acuity of Mary land. Membtir of the District Medical Society of Ohio, Member of the Stale Medical Society of the Sute of New Vorlc, and Principal of the above Institute. For the information of those who have not baen informedat to the design of this establishment, wr will briefly state it is a DEPOT of all the latest improved Bondages used in Ortmpedie Practice, or where Bandages are kept for the cure of Club Feet, contracted and distorted Limbs, Wry Nock, Hump back ind lateral curvature of tho Spine. The very celebrated wire Spriug bandages, for the cure of varicose] or enlarged Veins invented by shonlbred and VVrenwick, of Londou, is kept here, alto, all the lauut improved Trusses and abdominal Supporters ; also Bandage* are made to suit special cases, and to order for Surgeons, Physicianr, Stc. Poet. Knight al?o devote? tpecial attention to the treatment of the above named deformities, and had made ample arrangements to receive patient* from abroad for that purpose, or will forward bandages to any distant pans of the coiiulry. Kor further information we res|>ertfully submit the names of a few of the most noted Surgeons and Physicians, who are patrons of this Institute, and tome of whom have presented most valuable improvements i? Bandage* Valentine Mott, M. J , Professor of Surgery in the University of New York; Ale*. \V. Stevens, M. 0., Emeritus Professor in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; J. C. Cheese man, M. P.; R. K. Hoffman, M. ?).; J. K. Rogers, M. D., Surgeons to the New York City Hospital; W. Parker, Professor of Surgery in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; Alban (ioldsmith, M. D.. late Professor of Surgery in the College ol P'iy. and Surg. New York city; T. G. Mower, fisq. Surgeon U. S. Army; Doct. Dubarry, Surg. U. S. Navy In Philadelphia we respectfully refer tn|Profe?sor* McCIellens, Muter, Meigs, Jackson,.Ilewsou, Gillingham, Homer & Monk, ei. In Baltimora to Professors Jennings, Jdtniscn. llandy. Monk er, Millar. Auuan, Hall, Smith and Bailey. tlb3m eod'cc GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY HR. A. C. CASTLE. 361 BROADWAY, corucr IJ ?f WHITF. BTRKET. !.?? a I'.ole f?r decayed hollow teeth. It can be put into tlie most teuder *cth without any pain ?r inconvenience, with which it hejomeo impacted luto ONE hard solid body, thus restoring and preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound md perfect in all theur res|iective u?"s for lil??preventing IN ML CASES, the uecessity of extraction. Ladies the most distinguished in society, oiler their testimonials in tli? most ?-ivi<l terms, as to its efficacy. Th? Editor of the Eveniug Post lays' ? It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr.Castle operates on the (feth with great car* and ibility. The New York Aurora says " It makes the teeth in all respects perfect for life." The Sun say* Dr. Castle hu obtained much celebrity for his excellent mode of filling the '.eeth." J nt most eminent geutlemen of the Medical Faculty have personally tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste for filling the u-etn. Tooth-ache pills, one of which put in [the \ching tooth will effect a permanent cure. (Krosji the Journal of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPEIIATION.-Dr. \ C Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost |<ortions of the upper and lower jaw bones, .hot away in the case of Lieut. S??, of the U. S. N., who net with this tenible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indians in Florida. We have seen letters from Lieut. S. coufirmstory of this extraordinary cure and its entire success, that the loss of these important organs so skilfully replaced by Dr. Castle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth 03 the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refer* to the Spanish, French and English Ambassadors, Ml Stoughton, (he Spanish Consul, Rear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpeth, Gen. McCirty, 'i?v. Mason, Dr. F. U. Johnson, Pcesident of the Medical 80 ciety, 8. N. Y.: Mrs General Gaines, J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. I. A. Smith, Dr. E Delafield, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. BuK>r, Dr. J. C. Cheesmau, Dr. A. F. Stephen*, Dr. J. Torry. aylies. Dr. Wn Grayson D Dsrriug, We he. Office 3tl Broadway. ul31ni*aft MEDICAL CARD. OFFICE. No. 199 Fulton ?tieet.-DR, FAWCETT, Memb r wf the Uoyal C liege of Surgeons of Loudon and Kriiuburgh, and Member of the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, author of several work* on the seneritive organs, Ike. confines hi* prac ice a certain class of delicate diseses in all their vaii?ns s'ages and cninp'italed forms: ihe wor.t case* of venereal affections wi l yield <0 his moi.? of treatment without restraint in diet, hindrance from busiueis, and without merMrv. uoustiturional debility, impotfiicy, sterility, seminal wsakness, nocturnal emiiiioiu, e.nd all those deplorable diseases which are brouaht on by a secret destructivelit^it of inconsiderate you b, and other esccjsive indulgences of the passions, which uiid**in:n* the constitution and lay the (ou d?t-on of prematnre decav, (-re U KaWeetls work oa thes* tub,ects.) can lie radically cured, and the parti restored tu htallh and > igor. Strcturts i f the urethra, extending as lar at th? prostate gUnd >ind uec? of the bladder, 111J which ge erells produced b> the bid treatment of disease, ami frequently tliey oiiniua'e from masturbation, can be radicallv ccred oy Dr. fcawcect, at I9S Ku1 'oa slret* P. S?Dr. K. is the olde?t advertising Physician in the city; his diploma* Irnm London, Edinburgh, and Philadelphia are hung op in large frames iu his office, w here his works can lie obtained. Price50cent*. n.w iin t-c Tiif. PRIVATE TREATISE?This little :.;,ok itself is designed for those who repair* a ipeedy mil private enre for cer:ain iutVctions aomplaints. and id which the b< it and most conTcniKiit treating-.* in a plain and faithful mnonrr. The price is $1. The present adrenitemaot, however, is to cute that the author has sow published the motl interesting cliapter ?that on the causes which render these coinpiaints to obstinate and lingeriuK?-in the form of a single letter, which h* supplies, free of espense, to any one wishing it. Hit reasons for do ice this are Riven in the letter itself: and in this,%lso, will be seen why so many persons suffer on from mouth to month with a complaint which is so prone to affect the mind es well as functions of the body, and which is so easily and sl-aedily cured when once its nature is explained. But lest it should be supposed that the letter here r -ferred to professes more than it really contains, the author ben to state, that beside his long etperieuce, he has testimonial letters oa the subject of his integrity and skill from the most em:uent physicians in Europe to tne most eminent in America, as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. Physick, ol Philadelphia and others; and also that he is permitted to refer to almost every qhrsician of eminence in the city. Dr. Ralph would also further state, that he is consulted on diseases of this uature at his private residence. No. #8 Orecr.w'ch street, at any hour, and those who honor him with their confidence, even in the most complicated state of disease, will be surprised at the ease sad quickness with whieh, in general, they will obtain a cure. nil Im'r t>> STlUCTllXUt AND ITS CURE. fHE FOLLOWING REMARK8 WILL PLACE BE A KORE the public a few mmt deeply interesting facts.? F'rstthaf the liseaj-called STfllCTUR". is of vpry fregnent occurreuc-ar.d oft^ asists in per?oi.? who are uot in the .e<ut aware of it; neit that a very erroneous notion prevail resuectii.r St icture, and that ignorant advertisu g people ti ke a Dad advillage oft " erioneous notion; theu,'hat there are thres par licul>r circumstances bv which s Stricture may be alw*>s tain, free from pain, auJ *eneraily accomplished iu a nry little time. W ith regard to tbt first of those remark* It ii well know u that Stricture is the result of a badly treated (Jouorrhea. If, for instance, that disease is suffered to eoutil one on from month to month to month, it slides into a gleet Now, there is no pain or inconvcnicnco in gleet, and therefore it is often suffered to remain indefinitely. But it should b? known that gleet Implies a chronic inflammation ?f the iwwsage, which naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at out part or other of the passage is stricture; and further, Jvrt although stricture may thus remain unnoticed for length of time, it is far from laying dormant, but is the hiddea cans* o? mauy serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those I also of a nervous and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder to the flow of urine it observed, which ii a mistake. A stricture oft?i eiislt ft years without producing any very striking change in tJiis respect; indeed a diminished or interrupted stream ot? urine belongs only to the worst of cases, uid it h to prevent thi? very ?ut* that these remarks are published. The advantage, ho*f?fr, which ignorant adverting people cake of tliii enoneous notion i> very cruel. Kvery body kn-iw how men of this description (warm about this city, aud lha. they will st'll tlifii uosLruuis ns long at any one will buy li.ctn. New, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will im mediately acknowledge, that all the medicine in the world, *loue, can never cure a urictnre. In proof of this, nothing ii more common than for the writer to be consulted by persons who have been taking all manner of things?a* colored .drops and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many months together bat whom, on seeing the real nature of the caae, he has eur?<) in as many days. r'^ct With a view of preventing these impositions, therefoir, >i seems desirable to lav before the pnblic a few plain circumstances, by which a Btricturt may ba* known, which can b? asily done : for although the symptoms of thu disease are no inerons, there are three of especial import, and these three may be stated very briefly?they arc the following : The first relatei to Til manwek or uriwatiho.?Ithasbean already said the stream need not be much diminished or impeded. Out obsene attentively, after it is finished and the clothes are re-adjutled, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, to as to wet a little -nothing is more indicative of stricture. The next is The TiML A Oo.tOltniKKA HAS HKMAlffEP UKCUBRD.? It is difficult to siy how long a Gonorrhoea or Uleet may nu uid not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture, than another ; bat, as a general rule, if it should br ufferad to go oq beyond sil weeks, this alone would afford luflicient ground at lerst, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? The K.rrrcr a Stkictube was ufob the miisd.?Tht ffeet of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessen both xidily and mental activity This also is one of the most common effects. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual, but it is common that the writer rarely sees a case of trirfnre I and he im innnv rrerv d.tvl in which lha lafijnl lew not complain more or less, thut he it not so capable of bo sines* u fonnerly. It ii gratifying alto to witness the uniform miun of spirits, and the disappearing of other maladies u the cure pro(iwi. With regard to ihe enre of Stricture, on this sahject it ii taftlcient to observe (itnd it is stated with confidence and pleatar") that this ii certain, free from pain, aud generally accorapliihed in a very little time. So mnch ai #hi conld not havr oeen advanced Rome year? uo ; bnt such ha* been the improvement in thia art, and inch the practical experience of the writer, chat he can now accomplish the enre of stricture to m many lay* as formerly it demanded month*. The writer alio begs to state, that for thoee who wish to uaieruke the care themselves, he has published a little volume, called " The Private Treatise, in which not only strie'.are, bat the care of all these delicate diseases which reqnin special care and privacy, is directed in the plainest manner.? It is advisable, however, that those who anspect a stricture, i) .wssible, should consult the author personally, and nothinf will in rv rise tliem more than the ease anti certainty of hu neat* of cure. Sepai ate rooms, also, are arranged for those who t4sy have to wail a liule. It oaly now remains to say a word or two on the ground oi vhieh the public, and especially strangers coming to this city, nay rely with confidence on what has bera advanced. With .his view Dr. Ralph begs to state that, beside his rauk as grtlaate of Edinburgh, 8lc. he., he has bee^i engaged in th* care >f those diseases, both in hospiul and city practice, for moie han thirty years, and ha* published two editions of a work e?:>re*sly on then*. Alio that he ha* testimonial letters from tlx nost eminent physicians in Europe to the most eminent ji Vincrica?a* Bir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, Or Phyiiek. of Philadelphia, and other*, and tliat he is permitted to refer to almost every Physiciak of eminent" is {hi* city. Dr. Ralph is eoasaked st his private residence. No. U (?ree?wieh street, towards the Battery, at asr hoar. II.' may also M sod*ailed by post. Ths little vm?a? above referred to is oa* tolW- all lta*r MADAME COSTELLO VKHALK PKRIODICAL PILl.f*?'^nar Mt?H ia ertrj " Cm* where the monthly period* have become irrcguh'.: from colds, k Thru certainty of action ha* lout been acknowledged by the medical probation, and hundred* that have uselessly tried various boaited remedies. Cart i* sometimes necessary to their u?e ; though they contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advice givtu gratis to *11 these who ase the Pill*, by Madame Ooateilo, M Lupeaard sneet, between Walker and Canal, where the Pilk ate sold. Price tl per bo?. u8 lm*in IVfADAME C08TKJLL0. KKMALK PHY8ICIAN ~fR?CiMa *t the Medical Faculty in Pari*, and (Jraduate a* Miawu*. Men Imt professional sen ices to the ladies of this city and country. Having had long experience and *urpri11 ug succes* in the treatment of aiieases iucider'tal to per in, apprise* ladies on the point of confioemait. or those suffering (hip ?aiipre?sion, irregularity, obstructions, Sic. tnatine will be happy to afford a comfortable temi>orary home ?t her resi deuce, where they can always hare the best medical treatment and the most matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, will wait on and attend tnem at their own liousea until perfectly recovered. Madame C. particularly begs to impress on the uundi of the delicate, tAat (he officiates personally in every case, ic> that hesitation or dtead need uever lie apprehended. N. B.?Madame Costello weald inform ladies residing oat ol the cky. whose health would not admit of travelling, that *he wou'.d devote her periuual attendance upon them in any part of the United State* within reasonable distance. Madame C. can be consulted at her residence, M Lispcnard street, at all times and with the itrictrst rvgard to the wishes of her patients. All communication*and letter* most be post pud. ofi lm*m DEAFNESS. DHS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, OQ1 BROADWAY.?Eitract:? OOJL "I chewrfujlf comply with the roqnett of Lieut. McIntoih, to testify mat lie was invalided home a* unfit for doty, in consequence of total deafness and discharge* fr?m his ear : that while in New York, on hia way to England, he. placed himself ondur *he professional car* of On. Castle and Edwards. Aurists. Uudcr their treatment he rccovenid hi* hearing, ana ha* retained to hi* military duty. Sigued, H. McNEVEN, M. D. Snrjeon toll M. B. Force*, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROIS. A sore care for incipieut dtafnsss, earache, paras, bailing*, or singing sounds in the ears, collections of hard was or vitiated seuretions of tlie oripius. Their acoustic oil ha* been a po> pulur remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ear* for up* wards of twenty years. Office* removed to Ml Broadway, coroer White street. nl2 lm*e? ABKRNKTIIY'S BOTANICAL PILLS. ANK BOJC ot time invaluable 1'ills are worth all theqnark " medicines advertised foe i erta:n delicate diseas s. L-t the unfortuuate ie*t assured that there is no <-*ag(,'eriliou in ans-rtinis lliese 1'ilN to be a sixxdy anil radical cuie 'or goiiorrhma, gleet*, irritation of k-dneys, Sic. Th se were for several y<*ars prescritn-d by the celebrated Aberueth), iu all ?tages ot the above diseases, lu the first stage one box is nsuallv sufficient to ellect a cure i" a few days. In long pr tmeted chronic stages, obstinate gluHs.&c. they are ijually c.rtain, having C"re.?l hun dieds who had been taking other medicines for months, which tended more to destroy the constitution than to cure the disease. They never leave the parts subject to troublesome weakness, wh'ch so frequently occurs alter "sing other tnsdicinea. They have 110 uniileas&nt taste or sinell, anil anv one tabing rh<*m tmtlif frpmit'iif lL> mn&r. ratinpil mri^rv a irhonr havino their misfortunes suspected They are compute d entirely of vegetable ingredient*. which invigorate the sy?tern generally.? For sale ouly ia New York by Wm. Watson, Apothecaries' Hall, 36 Catherrue street, anil iu Brooklyn by Blagrare, Druggist, Pulton street. all lm*m SAND'S SAHSAPAKILLA?This unrivalled preparation has performed some of the most astonishing cures of diseases that are recorded iu the annals of history, thus proving cou* clusively it is capable of fulfilling the Sigh aiui anil purpose for which it is designed. Patients suffering for years from various chronic constitutional disorders alter tryiuu different remedies, spending thousands of dollars in travelling and dctoring, ami suffering all that human uature is capable of enduring, have, by the use old few bottles, eutirely recovered theii health. Chron c Rheumatism, Scrofula or King's Evil, Salt Rheum and King worm, Ulcers, and painful aflwtioi. of the bones. Ulcer ated I'hroat and Nostrils, Scurvy, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Blotches' and various cutaneous eruptions, Glandular Enlargement, Hip Dufdsev.&c. are effectually cured by its use. Diseases having their origin in an impure state of the blood and tluids generally will be speedily and effectually removed by this invaluabl? medicine, as its operation is peculiar, aud consists iu remov nig the cause of disease by entering into the circulation and passing through the general system. Where obstructions to its favorsble operation exist, they are removed, as it passes along the alimentary ranal; hence the patient will feel and know the sensible operation of the Sarsaparilla from its curative powers. The proprietors are daily receiving fioni the mcdical profession, the clergy, officers of justice and numerous private citizens auiple and willing testimony both written end verbal, to the superior efficacy of this preparation. The following certificate train an individual who ha3 suffered with Scrofula iu its severest iorm, ia presented for the casual perusal of the alRicted. MaNiMtLo, Oct. 3, 1843. To R. W. Mathewson, Norwich j? Sir?For the last fifteen years I have been the subject of com plicated diseases, troubled wiih the dropsy, and my nerves coin pletely unstrung, with more or less erysi|>elass, iu connection with other had humors. In May last my difficulties seemed to increase and to be more firmly seated, lay head and face were so swollen that it animated to me that the bones iu my head separated one from the other, and completely disfigured my face ? I could scarcely breathe, through my nose?my eyes were s < affected that I could tee but little, at the same time attended with an acute and an iudescribable pain constantly darting from the nose to other liarts of the head aud thrust. which was hadlv swollen and very mre, and a constant burning heat or irritation iu the stomach,with mylimbs bloated to nearly double their sixe In this situation for weeks I w<u compelled to lie ou one side,' with but little or no ?le?>p. My humors assumed a renewed and tubboru hold up m me and amiareutly threatened a speedy dissolution. I tried eve.y expedient possible, with but little or?o benefit. My phyticiau at length recommended Sands' Sarsapal>arilla?I procured a few bottles of it, which 1 believe to be the m'ans, through the blessing of Crml, of my restoration to comCrative health again. 1 had uot takeu but two or three bottle* lore my; disease began to leave. My pain and swelliug is gone; my ap|ietite good, aud 1 sleep and rest quietly. To me it is a sovereign balm. r.UNICE CRANE. Ilaviug been acquainted with the afflicted widow, Mrs Kama Crane, of Mansfield, for nearly six years, (whose protracted sickness has called forth the sytn|mthie* of the couimnnity where she lesides,) I consider it an occasion for joy that her satferings Iibtc been so far <l!erint?1 by the. use of Sand's Sarsaparilla, which has been so kindly lorwarded oy yourself. HENRY BROMLEY, Minister of the Gospel. We, the uiiOersigced, do certify that the above are far Is. LUTHER MARTIN, ELEAZAR BENNilTT. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and lor exportation, by A. Fi. SANDS & CO., Druggists and Chemists, GraniU Buildings, *73 Broadway, corner Chambers street. New York.? Sold also by A. ll Ik 1>. S uids, Druggist*. 79 Kultou street; I). Sands it Co., 77 f^Lnt Broadway, cuni#i Market, sireei, and by ' Druggist generally throughout the United butes. Price |l per bottle; r.ix bottles fur S5. u9 lm*m FOR ~ERUPTK)NS ON THE SKlN, CUAP'D HANDS OR FACE, DISFRiUREMENrs, FRECKLES, BLOTCHES. &C. THE public have been humbugged so much with nostrums, that they are afraid to try a physician's remedy; still if the sensible are shoe n that an aiticle is rrally chemical aud medical, they must believe it; now this is pre ved to have cured the worst cases of eruption, chapped tle?h, fcc , when the most powerful tonics hate tailed. As'a cosmetic it u real I v miraculous?it clears and beaut lies the skin most wrnderfully? it is excellent to washsoreo with; lor infants with tender tleih, and wen with sore bear Is, it is excellent It cure* also saltrlitum, scurvy, erysipelas, itch, fee. Sold at the Siirn ?f the American Kaizle, 82 Chatham st?price SO cents a cake; 8 Slate st, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildirg, Philadelphia, or 139 Fultou st. Brooklyn. The .Moorish Hair Dye?Price 40 ce?ts and $1 per bottle, for dyeing light, red or grey hair a dark brown or black?Sold at the same Place. Jones' Spanish Lily White?For making ladies cheeks a flue alab<?st?r white. This is different tj commou chalk- we warran t it not to injure. Country merchant*, captains and other*, allowed a libeaal discount to sell agaiu. All letlfn, post paid, attended to. nli Im'ec THEKfc IS NOTHING LIKE iMfc.vl MR. THOMAS WILCOX, of Orchard street, gave some of Sherman'iWormLoxenges to a child that had been a long time complaining, and no one could tell what ailed him. The first dose brought away a lea cup full of worms?two dose* en tirely cniej him. The remainder of the box was given to a neighbor's child, that the doctors had given np as incurable. They brousnt away an incredible quantity of worms.aud cured the child. Hundreds and thousands of cues equally astonish:ik, might be given. Eraimus Dibble, of Western New York, says that Sherman's Cough Lozenges saved his wife f'om the Consumptive's grave, when nothing se gave her a' y relief. The Uev Dr Dunbar of the McDougal street Church, anouuuced 10 his congregation that Sherman's Counh Luxeuge* nad cured him of a distressing cough in tweuty-fuur hours, as they have in a multitude of other CPAey. Captain Cliadwick, of the packet ship Wellington, and Capt. Wield, of the Lavina, say they have seen Sherman's Camphor Lozenges thoroughly te?ted as a remedy for *ea sickness, and iliey are infallible. as they also are for Headach, Sick H. ndach. Palpitation of the Heart. Lowne.s ot Spirits, Despondency, the lepressiou .rising from too free livi, g or a night's dissipation. Voses Heriques, Esq says he never found any remedy for l.ambago till he used Sherman's Poor M<n's (Master. '1 hey gave s|<eedy re lief; also in Kheumatitm.psin or weakness in tin tide, back, breast, or any part of the b^dy. Over a million are sold yearly, and for only 12 H cents each. Sore Niii| les cured by Sherman'". Papillary Oil, no matter how bad they are, without taking the child from the brew-1. Be sure you get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges and Plasters, oi you will oe impose I on Warehouse IOC Nassau street. Agent*?110, 27S, 4J9 and 601 Broadway; 237 Hudson st; IBS Bowery; 77 East Broadway; >6 William st; 139 Kulton st, Brooklyn; 4 Stanw.x Hall, Albany; (Statest, Bo<ton; and 3 Ledger Bailings, Philadelphia o37r DOUBL.fc EXTRA ITALIAN HAlfc Wash 'PHIS CELEBRATED preparation, the only one that hat A ever been discovered, for the tacceufal extirpation of thai most offensive disease of the head. DANDRUFF, has, during the late spring and summer season, been applied ant certed by thousands of Ledie* and Oeutlcmeu, and in uo?onr instance, has it failed te effect AN IMMEDIATE AND RADICAL CURE. It is recommended by the most celebrated and skilful physicians and chemists of the day. Every one should avail them selves of it* benefits, and thus secure a clear head and a l'uuriam coat of hair. It i* for sale by its proprietor?price $1 the bottle, and Si cantt the single wash in the shop. P rWSHk nuU P r*rk How PI L.E.S.?It i> very trae common L IM-I ol recent ruci e in be relieved by raanv kinds of ointment and liniment., and by mild Pills, tic., but after aehirrmi* ulcer* uiil sehirron* tumors and strictures kave actually formed, it is well known thai Cheesman's Arabian Dalstm is thcouly article which has ever cured a single case. The lint case on recoru of actual stricture with tchirrous ttimois and caucerous uleeia ever cured, w?s ihat of Miss Partheua Hood?.10 such rue had ever been cured ?y any man on earth?she had suffered dreadful distress during ii y ears, tod during the last nine years had uevsr stood on hei feet for a moment. She was at last given over to dm Her life was saved by this Balsam, and she has performed a christian duty by publishing her ease. Those aiflictcd with riles will obtain her book from Cheesman's agent, with such direction as will cure common Piles in a sin. le day, and 111 thi most horrible cases of cancerous I'ilcs, this new method restore* immediate comfort and hope, with a certainly ol a iwrfeci cure. ... The core of Miss Rood by this new method, is certified by the minister, (Ida's and members of the chq cli in Winlield;thi> cure was almost considered a miracle, and caused astonishiiieut iinong the |?x>ple of the region, and now hundreds of iiersous are following the nmidirections with a full pr^iipect of being perfectly cured. i<iolonly in ca?*? of I'i|e? is this healing Balm so highly priwd, but in all ca*ea of wounds, cnu, bruisna, sprains, rheumatism, burns, freezing, ciilds, coughs, consumption, Sic. it is one of the best medicine* that cau be uied. No lamilv ought to be without it, or will lie after a trial. No lest than thirty thousand b ittles are acuually sold, which i* fact that *i*aka volumes iu its favor. Sold wholesale and retail by A. B. &D Sands, Druggists. 7?i and 100 Fulton st., 273 Broadway, comer Chamber* street,and 77 Kast Broadway, corner Market Price tl, lane size, 50 cents 1?IWf |m*r TO OKI (ililS'l S AND J HUSK WHOM IT MAI ,f concern in TIIK nkwY:n(jlanu statks:ru? X hoinas Itoberts U Co. New Vork, rrrtut (faorge lloMnrti, Boston.?Hy an injunction of the Court of Kquity 01 viaasachn>ett*, the defendant in this case h<u been removed irom acting lor the plaintiff*, u til) ir |>riurijial in th> New Ki.iclantl Hta'ea (or the title or the Patent Medicine kuowi. U " P.trr'i Life I'iIU." ami reatrained from fraudulently issuing ui imitation of that m-dicine. The injunction in tliia caae hairing b<vn made absolute th> <ub-i|?-ent? in the New Kiisland Statei arr informed that Tho Ml Unh. ru k < 'o., the proprietor!. have ettabliahed a brand iioute at .No. 68 Waahingtoii atreet Boaton, where they cut b> applied with the gnnim* i' ltr'a Lilt Pilla." V B.?Nub-agent* in Connecticut and Ilhodr Isl.ttid rail b' (iipplied from the propria or'i office, 301 Brotdway, New Vorli if it facilitate* their buainea*. A Kent for Halilat, Mr. Morton, druggiat. For th? Canadaa Vlfred H.ivage k Co. Moutreal. . _ ?9 Irar THOMAS HOBKRTfl k CO. NK.W INVENTED OleaKinoiia Compound.?Kor rendu ing boota and ahoe* iK-ructly watar proof?to be obMiuee I the subacriher at hii old eatahlished Leather and I-indtiigllore, No. 4 Ann itmt. Trice I2)i ceuta a bo*. To aporu in<? and otliera, who would aecura the ad?anUfe of dry.feet, thu compound is confidently recommended. ......... I la*i H. BKOWN [ CAN ANYTHING BK PLAINER THAN that tha*aet men whime letters sre al>:>ende?l below, i a ? ? resisting thf iikiiu of IWe tc Sou'. Compoiud Extract or M ifliouutl. Oretifying it it indeed to b? iu possessIM of such va'ued testimonials auu meinori t's. Kirst comn M *w York's favorite soe, Van Rure<i;>heu comes the voice < f the moch lo*ed tap lie,* from the herinit'ge, the great Jackso*. To iHeift he thanks of such a man for preserving his health is bigh praise indeed. President Tyler likewise ackii"wledgas his graU''calion for the good tha Hoarhound has done him ? The distinguished Bouck. ruler in the Empire State, returns his thanks ana to fill up the measure our popular and eminent mayor, Hubert H. Morris, adds his teilineny to iu value. jLlNDKKWOLB, Oct M, iMJ. OKRTLCMCn:? I have to thank von for the box of your (I doubt not) justly celebrated Clarified Esaenee of Hoarhound Candv and also f.r tl>e very obliging terms 'n which you have been plfa-e/i to present it. I have not. I am happv u> inform you, as yet had occasion te ute it, but will do so when necessary with a < onti deuce in its effica y which is well warranted by the experience of others. Very reepectfally your obedient servant, M. Van RURKN. Hlrmitaoc, April 17,1?3. Mrsiri. r?.ai?; It Sons:? ... . I have the pleasure to acknowledge your kin' favor of the 1st ult. by the hand of my friend, Mr. J. N. Armstrong and with your most esteemed Present a package of your Hoarhound Candy for which receive iny s'ncre thauks. lean onlv add that Itnv ibmi.inHt rereive from ilm tme am murh hMiilt I have done? then will iti inventor go dowu to posterity u one of its beuefocton. I am, gentlemen, very respectfully, Your friend and ooedient servant, ANDRKVv JACKSON. Washiwoton, April 6, 1841. The President desires me to retnrn Messrs. Pease St Son his acknowledgments and verv sincere thanks lor the boi ol Candy received at their hands. He has used It with much ber.ertt to himself as a remedy for colds and coughs. 1 am. with very great respect, JOHN TYLLH, Jr. Private Secretary. _ Albany, May 18, 1843. Messrs Pease k Sons? Uenijemen?Yob will pardon me for the delay in replying by letter at ttw 14th ult. and acknowledging the receipt of a bo* of yourClumed RsseuceofHo.uhound' andy. Allow me to thank yon for this kind respect, and to exprest tit* ho|ie that yon w ill be liberally patronueri in yonr efforts to ttwspublic The article is got up in beautiful style, and is highly recommended by those who have had occasion to use it. Your obedient servaut, WM. C. BOUCK Messrs.?I have repeatedly used your Candy for coukIis and colds, and always found relief; but official dutias p evented me from writing to you before; but as I Lata lately been cured of the influenza, 1 cannot withhold lVoiu rucuuiineuding the same to the public. 1 am yonrs, truly, ? . . ? ? __ UOB'T. II. MORRIS. 3Tth June, 1843?1City Hall, New York. To Messrs. J. PeaseSi Son, 45 Division street. Sold wholes it le and retail at 45 iJiv .aior street: 10 Astor House; 110 Broadway; 142 Water street. I'j Fulfil ?t. Agents Reilding fcCo 8 Si te street, Bostou; Burgess Si Zieber, No. 3 Ledger buddings; Robinson, 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Rmvo & MnrL'an \\-w Orlpnii* A literal discount made to conutry merchants Tor cash. All letteri pott paid, directed to John lease fci Suns, 46 Division st with good city reference*, will be punctually attended to. ni lm*ec WU.nUKkKUL discover y\ QJTRIKER'8 SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will ^ change grey hair to its original color in a lew minutes. This solution is different from anv >et offered, and cannot fail of superceding all other*. It is hithly eflicdciops, and iHisst ues the grent advantage of beautifying llie hair without injuring its growth. Those wto doubt it* virtues are requested to have their hair changed before paying their mouey. If humbugs would tike this method there would be no reason to complain One bial will prove the feet. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. A Chatham si, opposite the Hall of Records. New York, up stairs. nS im'K WHOWILL HAVE THE TOOTH ACHK.'wT.en, by " * calling on W. ti. PARSONS, Dentis', No. 2'3 Blreker, directlv opposite Downing street, they csu have the nerve destroyed in a moment, and Tilled to l>st for tweuty years, o it Loo much decayed, have itextrae'ed lor only 25 cents, teeth inserted ou 'he most improved principles, filling, Stc it<- ; all 0\#ratious p*rforuied in that proportion which cinnot fail to come within the means oferery individual, and warranted to be dm.e in ih<_br?> possible manner, or the money refunded. is a. iMiraicei will be given u> iora? cf ihe first families in the immediate vicinity, who have experienced the benefit* of hi? operations to their entire satisfaction, aud who will testify to the xhnve statements nIO im*ee DOCTOR J. UKAN(ik.U desire* in future to limit his practice, and contine hit atteutiou entirely to those diseases, in the treatment of which he has met with uniform sacc-is, vit?-Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, and Rectum, in all their different form*. Also, all diseases peculiar to wsmcn. The remedies used for the above diseases are uew in their sp olication, new in their effects aud new tn their preparation. Office of Doctor (inuivtw No. 44 Amity street. Hours from IS to 4 10 the afternoon. HT?m*r ~ CAUTION TO KfcMALttS IVfADAMtt ItKSTfiLL. KKMALK PHYSICIAN, wool* 1? iutoirn lidies who, with a proper delicacy, have a repwjf sauce to the treatment of their complaints eicept by one of then own sex, that in all cases she attends to them personally, hei experience, practice and know ledge enables her to do so. She deems it necessary to state this, as she does not wish to t? classed with the pretend*ri continually appearing and disap pearing. advertising as " Female Physicians," who too t*uo raut an<\ incompetent themselves at obliged to get some scares ly leas gnoraniquack to experiment instead. Consulting par Ion and residence, 141 Greenwich street, between Coi'rtland *nd Liberty streets. Hour* of attendance from 9 A. M. tol P.M oli)lm*r KtMALfc MOMTHL1 PIL1.!M (YiVING to the celebrity, efficacy, and[_.invariable success O) u Madame KesteH's female Monthly rills in all cues o! i:| regularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions or nature upon winch the health of every female depends, tine* their iutrimiction into the United State*,now About four years, count.-neits and imitations are constantly attempted to !>. palmed 08 for the genuine. Cheap common pills are purchased at twelve cents a box, Put up in different boxes, and called? " Female Monthly Fills," with the object of selliuK tti?m, il possible, at one or two dollars a box. Kemalea are therefore cautioned against the? attempts to impose upon them. It is sulficieat here t? state that all Female Monthly Pills are coun terfaits, except those sold at Madame llesull's Principal Olfice, 1<I Ureeawich street. New York, and 7 Kssex street. Boston) frier tl. Madame Kestell's signature is written 03 the covst of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or simile, by following the directions cnclosrd inside of each box. Hold also by aj?pointmont at 384 Grand ttreet, corner of Allen, New York. ulO 2m? r Jtk A. M K K iC V T K L L & PH V3YC1AN, Office and residence, 141 UrtwsA wich street, between Cohrtlandt and Liberty streets, wlier# she can be cousulted witb the strictest confidence o? cctaplaints incident to the female frame. Madame Krstell's experience aud knowUdg* in the of obstinate caaes of female irregularity, stoppage, suppressing, Jtc., is snch as to require i? t a few days to effect a perfect cure. Ltiaies desiring projwr mcdicsl attendance duriut; confinement et other indisposition, will >e accommodated during sucb time, with private and respcc??ole board. " Preventive Powders," I'o* married ladies, whose delicate 01 precarious health forbids a too rapid 'ncrease of fira-lv, will h? scut by mail to any part of t?e LuiteJ Sum. Pric* $ia pack* age All letters (po*t-pai<ij addressed so box, 148, New York. uvawu vhiw. i'u. i ' ' r-i sure v. N. B.?Madame HJEiSTELL woald inform Indies rashling oat oT the city, whose fcvalth woald not admit of travelling, that the would devote her pergonal attendance apon then ia any part of the United Bute* within reasonable distance. oIB lm*r TO MARRIED LADIES. VTA I'AM K RKSTELL'3 PBEVENTIVE rOWDERS. Tbote invaluable Ponder* hate been universally adopted ia Franco ia partical&r, for apwardi of thirty ysaja 11 well m by thousands in thit country, a* bsiux the only mild, sAte and ethcac ions remedy for married ladies, whose health forbid* a too rapid increase of family. Madame Uestell, at is well known, was for thirty years female Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in Enrope tlioia ol Vienna and Paris?where favored by her grert ctpeuence and opportunities, the attained that celebrity ia those Brent discoveries in medical science so specially miaptra to the female frame, for which her medicines now stand nunvoile J^ss well in this eoantiqr as in Europe. Her acquaintusees with the physiology and nnatomy of llie ft male frame, enabift her?by tracing tin decline and ill health ci warned .emalis, s'arce in the tnaridiu of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes which con>i|>a tuny a fond mother co a premature grave?to their true source, 10 arrive at a knowledge of the primary causes of ,female niHuiiotitions?especially'of married females?w hich, in ISOS, led to J?e discovery of her celebrated " Preventive Powders.' 1 hen tdoptioa has been the means of preserving not only the health, jut evea the life of maa/ aa atf Ationate wife and fend tuc ner. The sdvertuor feeling the laipottance of thit subject, and ? .nutting the vast benefits resulting to thousands by their abortion, woald most respectfully acoase the attention el the married, by all that they hold near anil dear, to their consideration. It it uot witp and virtuous to prevent evils to which w* are abject, by simple and Healthy means within our control.? "'.very dispnss innate, virtuous and enlightened mind will mihe ntnt'ngly answer 10 the affirmative. I rice live dollars a pack i#e, accompanied with Tall and particular directions i'tvy can be furw.irded by mail to any part ?f the United State*. All letters must be post-paid, and addressed to MADAME IIK>iI'KLL, Female Physician. Principal Olfice, U8 Greenwich itri-et, New Vork. OlBce honrs from t A.M. to * o'clock P.M. Boston office. No T Ksseist. olO Jm*r LAJVfc. OOURTSiSlP AND MARRIAGE^ JUST Published, Physiological Mysteries and Kevelationa in Love, Courtshipaud Marriage: an Infallible Guide Book, lot married and single, in matters of tlie utmost importance to .he human race, by Ruse ce Brcklaud, M. D. Translated from he third Paris edition, ny Philip M. Haward. Among the matters dnly considered in the work, art " Mat rrs of serious importance to single and young married persons.'* The cause* of and certain core for barrenness." " The arts of oeanty and courtship." " The danger of solitary practices, and low the habit may be removed, and its eiiecu cured," " The cause of love and jealousy, with infallible remedies for eradicating from the mind tlie seeds of a hopeless or au unhappy pasnon." " Offspring, with newly discovered modes based on scientific principles. fur the prevention, or propitiation thereof."? intermarriage." urn, wun me lorm auu colors most i>e>10111 ing to the virions shapes aud completions." "The moil ttupic ma* season for wedlock.' " Ana most other matter* of interest in single and inarriedlife, u relate* to the principal subi ^ect* above noted." Kor sale wholesale and iretail, at 103 Nassau street, New fork. A poit paid order rrcloiinx $1, directed to HOLLAND At viLOVKH, New York city, will procure a copy ol the work oeiug lent to any part or the United State*, or the Canada*, oi three copies will be sent for $2. Twelre eopie*will be *eut to one address for |T. None bat (Yanked or post paid letter* taken out of the poit office. CAUTION?A work professing to be the above, bnt which i* a mere catchpenny, has been published and peddled about the street*. 1 lie genuiue work can ouly be had at Holland Ji (ilorn *. the holder* of the copyright, at the office of the Cynosure 103 Nassau st, one door froui Ann street. Tile genuine edition h? gilt edge*, i* neatly bound in dark cloth with "Becklard's 1'hysiology" in gold letters ou on? side, uid is embellished witn a steel -ugraviug of the author. Also jlis'nre that the geuuine edition has the copyright mark on the ? uack of the title page. o33 dykwy li.i*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE F1LL.S. ihticntku and rRr.r?R?:u bt M. DE DOUDKLOOUK, M.D.. LISBON, PORTUOAH I'HK Scientific combination of ingredient* of which the** i'lll* are composed, have mailt! IAMB (lie wonder and admiration of the world. They w* known all over Euiupe to tn he only preparation ever diaeorered that has proved invariably certain in producing the monthly turn*. Thsir certainty, in all sroes, being *uch (hat they mtut not b<> used daring pregnancy, for though alway* mild, tafetuid healthy, they are certain te ,>rodace miscarriage if u?ed during that period. The directions are translated into Eiigliih. and are enveloped with tli* seal of the importer, stamped, bach box coo wins the signature of M. de condelouae, and the English direction* have the signature of Dr. P. MiLVEAU, authorised tgeut tor the continent of Amerioa. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United <tate*. Hold by L)r MELV EAU, agent and importer lot he United State*, office 139 Liberty street, near (ireenwich *L lice nail n?ira ?J. no nan ooxea lem ny man. nun i Ooitoo at No 9 Salrm strfft. Letter* directed to Dr. K. tlelvmo, hoi at, New Vork, will mei-t with imm-iliite <trr?>a| tion. All Utten mtiM be poit pmd. oltamifcw** E'LAXSKKD.?16|*.'icks very superior Flaiieed, landing from l bark New>, for ?.ile by .?l?t K K COLLINS k <;<?. Wi S .iitli at CUiJLISIIKI) L) AIL V bV JAMBS GORDON 8BNNKTT, * W. CORNKK PULTON AND NA?*AU 8TKKKTS Thb Nbw Yoaa HtULD-A daily i*|wr, lunnl wry lormua of the week?vrio* two cr.JT* pei copy. Country jliacriUer* fumiatvd at the *aine rate, for any ?|>ecilie period, n a remittance ib adraaea No paper aeat aalea* paid ia td'?nc?. I'm Wbbblt Hafcai.D?leaaed ?rery Hatnrday nurnma at <-a o'clock?price ?n airo a quaaTia cihi prr copy--''u/ iallrd to country mhacrihera at ?3 1 i per annum, ia r at tha aarae rate for aay apBcilted period. *' CaaBciroifDKKT* are requeued to adilreu their letter* to I 14mb* ?*o?pob bbiijbtt, Proprietor ud ftktor-ud *11 let

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