Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1843, Page 4

December 3, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I , . - I , hrwi ( ?'??, Ate. Lakgf FhIm.*?The fJardincr Blade urate* that a fire broke out in Readfield, Me., on the 22d, in the thrae ?iocj briek building erected by the l?te WilUasa Vmic? and occupied by t . L. Springer. Thi? building, together with fl?e other tenement* connected in one block. were cnuiely consumed the mo?t destructive fire -ivhwh wot occurred in Hea-lfirld. Damage estimated at *.9,000 A Po?.teript in the Woodstock Age state* the new ( ?urt house, at Montiwllier, Vt,. wan deatroyed b* fire oa Monday la?t The record* of the Court and the tile* of ca??n on the docket for the term, were all ' aead. Corkt pou tiik Correction ok Errors, Nov. :*). ?No. 24. T. R. Merrein vs. the peoole ex. rel. J. I Barry. 8 tttevon* was heard for plaintitt in error. s Kte?t-n? concluded lor nlaintifi in error. No. 1. Called and pacied No t. changed with No. 'IS So 'if> The .Merchant*' Bank v?. Lauren C. Woodruff?called, and caaet distributed. Still in Di raxce Vile.?P. Thorna?. and J. K. Curtis, formerly master and first mat. of the brig Zebra?were still in prtaou at Gonaivav when the Zebra left that port for Beaton, on the loth ult. Progress or Porn.ATioN in Wisrossni.T-lt is said that tiU.UUO emigrants have reached Wisconsin thi? vaar by way of the Lake*, and the number has been increased to 190.000 by emigration through other routes. REMOVAL. THE F?ON<j>E AND WUKSltU S1UKK U? V IM PEYSER k CO. hi* h??-n rein' vert fo No. 60 John iinti, opposite th? f rm" *tvnd of MM Willi tm itrM n9G Ira*C THh HLiST SOA^ IN THE WORLD. LOBERPS I vtPROVED RhOWN SOAP. rpHK Subscriber hat now no linihKon, aPer th* m*i>T?ico> uiumt he hit r ce.ved in offering I his Uoan to the public at tli# be?t aricle of Brown Soap ever mau' fa. In re J, and ies|?c'i'ully solicitt f e attention of la tiilw anil Jealers. Teatimoui I* ot the liitheii rr?|wct t)ility, certifying it* tupe-iority, cau be gi?an. For -ilc bv in "at of the Grocers throughout lint city and Brooklyn Mannaftctory <40 Cherrv. nnar Ru liter ?t. ult> 2wi?eo4*fc T&ITMAN llOBEUTS MONEY TO LEND. A BKAHAM J. JACKSON, PawnbnAer, No. M R?de * ? ttm t, near Broadway, Ioaua mouey in large or ainall turn*, as may be mimred, ou Watches, Jowelry, Silver Mar*. Dry li.'iida, Wearing Apparel, and personal property of every detention ntt lm*r c?E>iTLLM PUHNICHING a'lORE, 61 MAIDEN LANE. /~WEK Coau, from II to tit " 8?cks 4 to ? Frock i 10 to '4 Ureal ditto to 1' I'antt 3 to 8 Vest* % to 4 All made of the b*si materials, and cut in the modern sty le Ov?r I oat* made anil trimmed from $8 0# to $1" IX* rsPita and Vesfci ditto I V to 1 1$ t'er?oua fumiihtuK their own matenals can depeud n|K>u havj iug tliem made in the beat manner. *hirtt tiuue up to order alter tke lateit and mint approved Vreuch l atternt. Und-r g.?rment? of all descriptions constauly on hand Glove*, Hotiery, Cravat*. Scar ft, a isiiendeis he oi9 !m*ec W. ('OLLINS ECONOMY IN GRNVLLMKN'- URESe5. i i i vTorwin auv nan IT liu l>#en truly said that p??or goods are not worth the en jieuse of miking, and Slop in 'le clothe* is good clolh suuile! Kvparie-tct mo?t h?v-* taught manv that there are tJi?ue who lay it on ?o thick, that imprecation* not loud, bot deep t'Mirrnlly accompany the fir?t reading of the bill, lmprejsed with these facta, the undersigned ire pursuing a middle couree, avoiding str.vagaut profit# ou ihe o.e hand, and keeping thr vary neat articles on the o'lier. which are made up t< order un<>r tnr superiutendenoe if aa etficieiit cutters,an Ma competent work.lien a* can be ouud in 'he country Our Stock lor t'v wi'ter is uow c .mplete, roi.sitting of Supet Black, RUie, Olive, Broyiii, and (rreeo Cloths. for Dres* and Fr?<.k Coat* WATERPROOF DOUBLE MILLED CLOTHS, BEAVERS. TWEEDS, fee. FOB OVEK COATS. Cassineres in all th* new and various *tvl<?a, for Pantaloons, Yetting* in rich Velvet*, Mi*uio., I' ?chinetes, Dressing Rone*, R>tius, Silk*, 8lc With a large assortment of Fancy Dress Articles. including Scarfs, Handkerchief*, Cravat*. Olovea, Sbh panders, Ike. WILLIAM T. JF.NN1NUM & CO., 231 Bn ad way o39 lm?ec American Hotel, opposite the Fountain B' A T AND OAR BAZAAR?At this establishment canfe fouiid every description of Boats that the ingenuity ol mau can suggest. Look at what he lias done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was built thr following unrivalled boats, vil Th* Swiftsure. ol Newfooi dl ino; the sixteei: foot sailing Dinky Tri.ubler; the IComp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row boat* Henry Stark, which won 29 race^ in 18 months; 'he noble f imbria; thr <i. W. Chapman; the forty foot racer lor the Uuited State* ship Ohio; the Darge Empress lor Florida thr brass mounted gig Neptune for T&mpico Bay, and a host o others equally great i^.uvjv rmr.r.ra i; uls?isv.uiki im on nana; alto Il.iiOO feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for tale. Thit new t> ranch of hit bntuieu It truly worthy of attentiou ? Look at the prion, oulv three and four peuce a foot. All the oralis fur racing clre*s>*<i by the proprietors own hands. Those fliftt wot ih? latt race can now be ?een at his office. Sixty always on hand. Visit hit Bazaar* if you desire a treat. Ail work dojivered free of charge C. L. 1NURHSOLL, ** ,406 and 414 Water nod 141 Cherry streets?-sole proprietor, nell Sm*r 'P'lE Sl: BSCKI Bh.ltS are now prepared to sell Watches and Jewelry at low, if not lower, trv&n any oihe' house in the city. To wit: '-v>ld Waichet from SLi to $100 each. Silver Jo. :roin %i to $50 each. All watches warranted to keep good time or the monev rrtu ued VVatches, Clocks and Musical Boxes repaired and wartanted, lower thin auy other house in the city Second hand watclie? and old Gold and Silver tjjt-n >u exchange, o> bought for cash. THOMPSON *< h I^HER, importers of Watches and Jewelry wholesale and retail. No. 331 Broadway, New York AMOS n. 'HOMPSON, nilrn'm RICHA KI) KISHf.R JS PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of ttie county of New York, notice it hereby giveu to all |<ersons having (laimt agaimt Peter Murphy, late of the city of New York, gentleman, deceated, to present the tame with the vouchers ^hereof, to tlie tubtcribert, at the office of Edmund 8. L>erry, No il Wall street, in the city of New Y ork, ou or before the eigiiteeuth day of September next. Dated New York, the Uth day of Mnrrh, 1843. J AC-OB HAftVEY, JAMES I'. BULL. 116 lawfimr Adniini??tr>*'oH? with lhi? will annftwl, ( ! !? r. UK J fclK KfcltSON INSU KANtK CUMI'ANV -Office 36 Wall ?jn-ei. Thi? comjtany coutinue their hu ,\f .n.ursiir# Mv?iik&t lo?a nr Aumturo hv tire, an roods. 'an?l merchandise, and alio on vessels and their cargof*' Main., loaa by lulaud Thomas W. Thorn*. Elisha Rices, Thomas T. Woodruff. Benjamin". Robsos, John H Dnisou, Francis P. Sage, Thomson Price Joseph Allen, John H Lee, John P. Moor*, Mo?es Tuckef, Jamrt K. Uoline*. Caleb C Tunis, James R. Whitin*, Aniou Baku, Vv'm. K. Thorn, loseph Drake, lrad Hawley, John C. Merntt, Thomas Morrell. THOMAS W THORNB. President. ?P.O T HO**IT. <Wr-fj.rv ml) !*? KATfcNl ELASTIC SHOULDER BHACE THK SUBSCRIBERS offer, with foil confidence in it* a 111111 md usefulness, the above named article. This article is intended to brace the slionlders. support the back, and etpand the chest. giving a graceful outline to the figure and will lie found iudispeus*ble to persona of sedentary habit*. P%rent? and guardians are particularly requested to examine this brace, it vi ill be found to possess every re^jmsite quality foi which it is recommended, namely?to brace the shoulders ol children and others who hare acquired the habit of stooping, and retain their fonn in an upright position. They ?an be worn with perfect ease, being formed with an elastic back, and will be fonud of no impediment to the free use of the arma. The subscribers also offer their celebrated Elastic Spring, Russia or tiding Belt The above articles are manufactured under the immediate inspection of Mr. Parsells, who has been engaged in I Si business for the last sixteen year*, and may be deiienoed on ~s snperior to any article effer offered for the same pupose. Hold wholesale ana retail at the old establishment of PARSELLS It AGATE, 237 Broadway, corner of Park Place, V. B?Ladies will b? supplied and tilted by calling at the a? n. nl MinAMk Pall Wk' I.I.V 4(19 I rmi.,,ui ,rli ilriMt Hi-Soh -nH I ntfttf * n*4 2m* m UK I'HWAA^' ?lJbUIFlC FIL a, F or the Speedy nod Permanent ' ore of Oonorrhma, < ilert. Stricture*, Seminal Weakness. and Disease* generally #' the Urethra rPHK ciaa* ol delicate diseases which these Pill* arc so well ? adapted to tore ii of too common occurrence .and it appears that all classes il society .ire subject more or leas to Call into it* malignant crop. tud,bla>l~d in reputation and borne down iu suffering in body ? i t. mind, rhe victim of its progres* is ready to gra*p at any thing tfsftt olfe?* a reasonable hope of recovery. Among the many mei-icines and mean* ef relief that are placed before the public, aufortuuately most of them are prepared by men unacquainted with the uature of the maladies which they promise to care, and many of them are ignoiant of the poweis of the very medicine* they are using for that pn.pose; and as may be easily foreseen, the mall is thai the individual so unfortuuate as to fall into their hauds receives no relief, hoi on the contrary, the medicine employed being perhaps quite the opposite of w)i*t is required in his case, anil the time that is lost, only tend to (asreu the disease more ivrmauently, and fix upon the patient its tuosl lasting aud veiatiou* consequence*. Il is uf the utmost importance to the welfare of the afflicted individual, that diseases of this class .be s|>eedily removed, and also that they be removed with propei"and safe remedies, otherwise they are sore to result in consequences the most dangerous to the peace and happiness of the patient, by leaving a permanent seminal weakness, stricture in the urethra, inflammation of ths prosiii* gland, or *ome of the other very serious maladies which invariably follow a badly .treated ease of gonorrhcea Impressed with a sense of the great necessity that exists for ' some safe and s|?edv cure, to arrest this disease in iu career and 1 effectually put a stop to its ravages, the proprietor of Thomas' Specific Pills annonnces with pleasure that long experience in every variety and stage of this complaint, proves that these Pills are all that is required to remove thoroughly and effectually from the system the lint cause of this complaint, and by gently exciting tire psrts to a natural action, restore the Patient, from the mult aggravated s'ages of thi* disease to perfect and .K he These Specific Tills are a vegetable preparation, composed ol the active principles only, and are entirely inotious to the most dehcatr constitutions All who have been partially or imi?*rfectlv cured by other medicines, can permanently establish their health by usiuga boa or two of this remedy. i...... .. t* ,.r i i..M- r? i>-,.i n ~ i. wav uld rj Broadway, cnrnT of Chambert ttreet. Pric? f I. uli 'm*? TO THE LAUIEO. DK litLL'tS UTK.BO ABDOMINAL 8IJPPOKTT.R. THIS iuuim<?l for tha radical core of Prolaptut Ut?l or k allinf of the Womb, by erKrnal application, tupei. teding Ow n?? of the ohjeetiontl ranaary, it confidently f .:0a?uwudrd in th? A flirted u th? mmm of perfect rf?U>n'Ain U bat lib. n ne?*r having failed of performina a e?r?, eye* and<a the (SMI a?i:r?T?t?d cireomalum The OKwrwr h?? attained * ??ty hifh character ICnropt it wall ei in Uut coantry It it adopted to the entire dilute ol pmaanet. and all oth? painful tugical eipedtanta, in tke Ly jnr ir-HoapitallOi London and Tarn, and n aniveraally l?eoinmecded in Etimr? by medical am of the hi*hfat rank.In ihit coaniry it it tatf aed hy b? leading mrrahfo of tlx facuhiea of Collegea aad Notpitala, and by all the emiueai invate pr ictitiooera. loomt htee been fit raiahed e?einii?ely for htd<w at No. i V*aey ?ifwt, hating a ff?ial? entrenc. from the bonneat de taiimrct, ?hw a lady la in eooataot tteadanca. u> apply T"i'??? ?Bd <ifrnort?r? in f?mal? OBliMif! ,m,. Rf P'rt'RK WASH THK undervgnrd h-ying I Ma in Ur. Hull't olUrr, nr lh, 1 atr*?n md having had the moil iinclral pari it that oMv, placet the a<>ove Waah before thr public Maturing to ? ihat ma\ <Wm it worthy their health and cmfort to call on him at hi? midance, No. ? V??ey utreet wliere he can b- conaalted from l? o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock in the aharuoon. Alao Truataa applied and repaired Reference JAMEl* MclVEERB. all I in m TtEOHEo ! LEECHEd! LEECHES! f>0 000 kARUC. **<> HKALTHV Hwaednh am OUyUVni (Jermaaj Ljachaa, jaat iaceirad per barque ill U**r N'wtofcfroiu Hmmv*. lor ml* at very low ltic#* O. A ?i M WITTK, "I tfl KWINf> SILK.?One v?aa of American. juai received ud v for tale h " I *n FLMIt k BROOKS. It Libarty tt ? MEDICAL. THE ELIXER OF LOVE. Th? houwhold ti?-! the houitthold u??! How he uiifu' they air? Wilh ro?y lip* and Unghmg rym. R*d cheeki nid gulden hair. H >w tad i? childlm married life? Wmlih cm no joy afford; C Id look* thf hu iband ou th* wifs? The wife npon hrr lord. But Lork't Ki n rk?that iwaat beo?' Will Naturr'i curt* reirove. And crown with li? irg hloaaomi toon. The had of fruit Irai Tore. Lucius Cordial!?Iiarrra wtroa If ,i?to mother? fair, And t nt loud nainr of Fatliar giro | To Imihaudi iu despair* Id leoeliorrea and in glwta. It prove* a aoveraigu balm; Coniuinption too a c?ui|ueror meeti In lit uufailing ch >rm. Krupuoii, Waiiludeand paim. In back, or l"iu(, or rh it; DiMaie brought on bv auddeu itrauu, Ducha ges long luppmaed, Air by this wona'roug Cordial cured. No more their vcUii i Tel. Thm by its aia 11 health ia?urrd Atonce rori'h rici. Let all whoiuff' r fr.nn ritieaaf Or fault in Nature's L *, imm inis grmiu S|>eeiuc ease, At ninety-two N tsau. And No 13 Court street, Button; No. 94 North 6th itrest, Philadelphia. Persons Brderine this medicine Uim th- country, by sending remittance, ciui have it boied up * d taut to any part of the t i it>u I'rice $3 per bottle r Ml per H ten. n*1 III*]* MON I'HL7 nfcr-ORl O* I MK NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE. No. 75 Chambers street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED 2 Secondary tiyphilu. 2 Inflammation of tM Lyos 1 Scrofula. J Whites 3 Uleet. i Cuiietipauou. < Chancre. l Croup 10 tioooT^nM 2 Diseased Kidneys. 2 Bouchits, acute. J Onanism 3 ^uppreaaion of the Mewses 1 Urmt Debility. 1 Hooding. 2 Rheumatiara. 2 Diarrhoea. 1 Disease of the Heart 1 Dysentery. 2 Midwifry. 4 Headache. 1 Difficulty in making wi1 Typhus Ktiver. Ur 1 Pleurisy 1 Seminal Weakneaa 2 Piles 4 Examination of the Cheat 5 Couching. U> detect disease KITjmiOAL OPERATION*. 4 BadSrrictum cured without I i/isease of the Spiae cuttii g or hnriiiug. 1 1'ar.ier on Breast removed 2 lufl.meil Testicles 2 Hemorrhoids! Turners re3 Bu oes cured by an itapror- in ved. ed imthnd. 1 Dislo.attoii of Shoulder 1 Hydrocele. Joint. 1 Fistula in Ano. 2 Operations for Squinting. 2 Polypu. in the Noseremov- 1 Diseased IVsticle removed. ed 3 Small t umora removed frem 1 Ulcerated Breast. the Pace. 1 Fracture. 1 Ervsipelaa. 2 i use of Stabbing attended to 1 Bleeding from the Lungs. The |>oor attended to without charge, every day, between I and 4 o'clock. DA. H. BOSTWICK, A Readies burgeon aad Phyticiaa. JOHN J. CLARK, Apothecary and Secretary. n)0 lmec RHEUMATICS AT i'END ' Dr. GARDNER, who IV irraH sled under Prnleianr P^rlcer of fhi? rttt in the Pitts. fi-ld Medical Institution. Iiaa compounded for family use hit celebrated *|>rcific for tne Cur* of Itheumatism. It it pat up with direepons for u??, la bottle* at $3 and $5 each. and tiu never failed iu curing rheumatism, toothache, eirache. ?nd all ?cute paint when applied as directed. Dr Gardner also compounds and has for sale (c trvfullv put Up, wilh directions for u?el, in hot let, hi* valnalite llt-jwlic Mjmure, an infallible cure in liver complaints. Alterative *<yrup, la certain cure for meicnnal 'ffrtli'in., scrofula, eryti|?lat and all other diseases of the l.|?od.) Pulmonic Soap (an infallible cure for consuinpuou) at $? a hott.e, Sold at 160 Greenwich, corner of Courtlandt atreet, and nowhere else. uU lm*ec X\THO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, when th. "* following unprecedented reduction in dentiitrv it made by the celebrated Dentin, W. Thorne, D.D.8., 62 East Broadway f Cleaning Teeth $100 Extracting IS Stopping with hitjuttly celebrated Mineral, 75 Single Tooth on Pivot 75 " " " SilveT 2 00 m " " Gold J 00 A complete tet of Teeth, on the mot l approved principles, at the same price aa the above. N. B,?Where entire satisfaction^* ant given, bo charge will h# marl# 69 *?* ? Rn| | m KAUMl. A WOKD WITH YOU !?Is it not desirable, (provided the tame effaci he obtained) to take medinciue in a palatal) e form, rattier than iu the n' useout state in which it is utunliy exhibi'ed! Your answer it an'icipsted, and in view of it a Liit-uire has been prepared b> the snhsrrber. combining a judicium union ofauodyue, pectoral,and tlig^tly expectorant remed >s, highly useful in cough* colds, hoarteuess.weak lungs and affections nfthe chett These Lotug-t do not con>ain opium a drug th t ach ?erv unpleasantly with tome constitutions producing headache and constipation, but the desired auodyue effect it produced b the happy i ombi ation of teveial I'emiilcent preparaii.nt of the veg. table kingdom, and urver, on any occasi n, act otherwite tl an beneiicially The formula for their pr? juration will be cheerfully submitted to lh? examina tion ofjpnvsicians. O-Price ISJi cents per box. Prepared only by E. L. COTTON, Chemist, tec, and seld by him at his Drug and* hemic"! Store, 265 Bleecker st, Netv Votk, and at T. T. GREEN'S, 39 Broadway cor of Walter st n 16 >m*m THE HU.MAnTiaTk~ 6hAL'TIKlKD,KESTORED AND FORCED TO ClKoW BY A THKKK SHILLINiiBdTTI.K OIT JONES'" CORAL HAIR" RLSTOK ATIVE. THIS cull be proved hy tonne of our moil respectable citixens, who sav ihi? realiy doe* nil we represent. We tell three shilling bottles 'ha' persons may try it cheap. It gives yanr hair a n>ost delicious appearance, mid kee\is it clean. Oive it one trial and you'll he satisfied. It will actually force the hair lo grow on any part where hair will grow natarally, the head, face or body, ft has now strengthened the root*, thua staying the hair from falling off. cleaning the dandruff from tTie scalp. It alio cause* light, red or grey hair, to assume n dark color, and by doing this, permanently to make the hair grow naturally dark from the roots. If persons use this merely for dressing the hair, oot.iing is more economical, to keep the hair soil, dark, silky and beautiful, at least three times as long as any other preparation for the hair Sold, price 3.1 or 8 shtliiBKs a bottle, at the sign of the American Kagle. U Chatham st, N. Y.; ZeiWer, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; Badding. 8 State st, Boston; and 139 Kulton st, Brooklyn,L. 1. ni5 lm'ec pOTTON'S WORM L02ENUE* !?Parents?Heie is* never failing remedy, ?ud ? henerer your children seem to droop. I se heir color, start in their sleep, and have other indications of worms, g ve it ese Lozenges. They will not disapBunl vuu. as mmv have tested to the.rsatisfaction. Mr. W W. envil'e,SIS Blocker st, gave only two doses to his child, and the health was entirely restored. The child, who was pale and lisiles. is now as'iny and plnful as ever Piepared only by K. L Cotton, and sold bv liimst hit Drug and Chemical Store 261 Bleecker st. N. Y , also by T. X Ureetu, Chemist, lie. 3v9 Broadway,cor Walker st. nit lm*m PARR'S PILLS. TH) THOSE WHO SUKKEtt from complaints peculiar to 1 the FIRST COMMENCEMENT OK WINTER. In mo seas m dues the blood and secretious of the human system undergo more striking rhauges than in the fill of the year, acd specially the coiniretieemeiit of winter. If we torn to uature, the change* >n the vegetable world are fonnd to b? not only atriki glv aualagous. but t have a strong influence on the hralthy or diseased condition of the body Krotn the decay of autumn, and the morbid and de?th I ike s ate of winter, the human system is also lor a per o<! affected by a similar leeling, arising Imm the . etiun ol a derav. ad^nnna itself to the ?ame Uws th?i go>ern iumimate nature. This renders thr use I)( some simple medicine (e?pe<-ially in those of a slend r c ustitu(ion) dI absolute import uicr?for this is th? time to nsMst na'ure with a medici e to cimiiw, and at the tame time streuf'hen the powers of the nu.1 organs. Of the function i nrcessary to be cleansed and inrignrated, none harr a mope in imate c nnexioa than the stomach and liter. The presence ul <ood in the stom ich, and the healthy Oi?-ration of the lije?>ire p?w*r?, furnish tie only uatural stimulant lo the liter; but whtnerer th* coa'ints of tne former bee me we. k and morbid, the bile is improperly secreted, and dit-ase ol ihe liter and morally unhealthy state of the di*es,iv-om.iiu ?ui?r>eiie In this uta'e mtnv p?rsoni llyto calomel forrtlief. Suuh treatment eaiircisllv at t 11 season Ol t*>e year, H IMBIBIXJ FATAL CONBEQUENO B. as inranably colt , lo'lo*ed bi 'heuiniti>m of the worst sort, ensues. To Of E A HEALTHY TONETOTH> STOMACH, TO h KEE THE BLOOD OK ITS IMPURITIES and sfret nthen tnnse urxms,( I ready by the eh nxeof 'he year, in a s'a'e ol partial ecv take fedicines free from mineral compounds, i nt d l*tennti? bu'strengthening. Such are PARKS LIKE PILI b mil twtfecily genie in their operations. - n<l compounded pu ely r f reg-ubl>s Its celebrated aut or, ( whose life ?hs irolong d Mr beyond that of anv o her mm s ucethe Pat'ia>chs) <wd wh > for more ih\n a renturyeata <:l?e <uid co s'ani studeut of the wdicina) properties of plants, auaiuej his eiiraordiuary age bv th? judicium u?r of this com axjund. To th' ir superio ity, as a ?al- and and certain remedy, both lo childr-u and v'ul's over all rllier regetabl* medi' ilie* i. u.e, TH< 'V'SANDS OK PtullSJNS ARE CONSTANTLV TESITFIINU So'd by nearly all the rrspectabl* Dnwgists in New York, and wholesale by Thomaa Kobe ts k Co. 304 Broadway, first tionr. Ill tioSLoU. at the bnuich Office (.Ui.V ailnnt'lnn >trMi Hid iii every part of the United Sutra and Canada nlii loir ORhlf TOOTH WASH?I'rrpurd Irom Uk ontinal neipi at No. } ijold ttre.t, N w York?The Orria Tooth Waah ia purely a vetf-teble preparation, poaaeeamg the propertiea ol cleaning the t*eth and mouth?rettoring the una to a health) atate, ud preventing any nnpleaaant taate or odour in th< mouth, whether anaing from decayed teeth or from a deranged atate of the itomach. It ia deaignrd to be a ted with a tooth brnah, and wit) be found to tnpenede the uecraaity of a powder keeping the teeth clean and preventing rile wearing away uf the (ami from the : . :? It ia particularly aaefnl in caaea of tpnngy (ami, rettoring them to a healthy tlafe, and eauaiag them to contract around the tooth, in painfol affection! of the teeth and ?um^ anting from eipoture to cold, it will be fonnd highly beneficial. It u [KUticolarly terviceable to ate the Oma Tooth Watb at night uat before retiring to rest. 'I'hit method ia recommended dj nanent dentitta, aa by ao doing all |?niclea of food whicl. iccumulate during the day are entirely removed, and the meal)' kept through the night in a clean, aweet, and healthy itate. Sound teeth and white teeth are the moat valuable portiont of poor hnmani'.y , bnt how many neglect the attention orcea tary fer their preeervation, even when aurronnded by all tH? meant needed. Among th?ve we know of none more pleaaani Mill effectual than the Orrit Tooth Waah?it clnuiaea and whitent the teeth, ttrengthent the gumt. ptiriftea the month, and tweetma tne breath We recommena ita oee to all yoang and eld.? (l?ii"u Morning Pott. Th. Orrit Tooth Waah ia the beat detergent we erer a ted o? oar ei mel.?(Beaton Tnnacript Kor ale by the prin'-i I rnggiata ia the city, ro< y WONDEKFUL FEMEDY. VIRRKY'9 TINCTLRfc AND LOTION OF INVIOORATION. AHUPPLY of theaa invaluable and extraordinary retnediea hat been received direct 'rom Doctor Adrian Virrev.of Lyont by hit eiclutive American ageuta, De Lauuey ?t <?r?y ol New York N 'thing equal to them hat yet bean diacovervd for remoting impotency, rtuor aibut, nervout affectiont, and iavigorating the tytiem and reviving the decayedeuei|(iet of certain nar a. a fart that ran be nmverl hv anv nera/in in f?n minutet; for wtnlr all other medicines recommended for the iimr ditram trr adinnt*d by their inventors to be slow of niwrMi <n,'hrT inrt a re and Lot ion of In vigor*! ion art at oner and make their effec felt in a few moments after they at made nn ol Ind' ed their quick and woudr'ful aetion ia such, that coldneu or imbeeilitv cannot remain in 'he constitution that 11 onder th ir dominion foi hi'f an hoar; nor is it |>otsible lor any married (em-le to use them and remain without offsprin? for they nnmeoi <t*-ly correct llie inactivity ofcertiin organs which in binrty-nine cun out of a hundred it the cau.e ol aufraitral> nia They are alao unrivalled remedies in incipient cousum|>tion, dyspepsia. pilpitati <n ol 'he he.rt nervous he?darhe fl.-et and affections ol the kidneys, a> d in all diseases produced tiy a name|eM solitary hahi\ for which (hey are a s|ieedy and p<?ilive cure The T>;4 Ire is taken internally and is pleasant to the the ^?tVI| is used ewerrwilly. They may be ns-d se| arstely w ufi area! henetit, hut are most effective when used "'H* hjr. Price it a bottle, or both botiles for $3 o ?Pers >ns living at a distance can have theae medicines '*nt.'J "he "inn ?f two powders, at only double the postage, w tn lull priu'Ml directions for converting 'hem into the Tine inj/i.*' i?'""1 Pr,c* for one powder, or $3 for ho'h. ( when hoth are used their effect is wonderful in removing itn po'ance ) fc Ch* i"*?} ew?v1\p?" ** ro"' P*idi and directed to De Laune> Information of a delicasejnd inure, ting nature, which can. not be mam ted ia a public adv*.t1?mnil, a;COi?i aniaa each bot tie and powde*. I hesa medicma* should urVer be used by pre? nant women, for tbeireicnlag namra wonld ha linhle to nro iM abortion. ' ^'"Wiliyi.sir . auj. n<T||?*r lAl U Daaas mTXuw Ynrk. CUEaPSTOKE TO MY Oi.l> CTHTOMEMS a.N?> riiK PUULIC. DRUGS, DYESTUPKS, PAINTS, MEUlUlNES, OROCEK1KS, Jec No. iMOREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK. JOHN 0. MORRISON offer* fur sale, ou the moat liberal J terms, a vary e*teasi?e a?ortm?t of Koods, uwuttlMD the following, is which ha would ioIicil the altaatioaol APOTHhC ARIES. pinin. Corrosive SiUlau, i amphor, Ai|U Ammuaia, ( mm Tartu, Spirit* Nitre Dulcia, 1 utile Soar, 8ui<r Carbonate Soda, l.iuuorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copaira, Kpsom Salts, Rhubarb, Landaauia, ialap Seaaa, Aloes, Sulphate Quinine, Klars. Chamomile, rtil Peppermint. and all Esse*! ( urn Aiabie, tial Oil*. Castor Oil, Oom Mjrhh, Quicksilver, Canthandes, Magnesia, Own Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Kloar Sulphur, Coikj of all kiadi. Alcohol, Sarsa|<arilla, ' Bor-x, trliurtd and crude, Sponges, coarse and fine, CaloDud, Druggists' Glass Ware Red PrscipitaU. Viala. TAINTERS Window glass, of all sitae and British Lustre, qualities. Olue, all soru, White lead, dry and is oil, Oold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, Oold and Slim Bronze, Litharge, Copper Bronze, Spirits 1 urpeutine. Chalk, white and red, PllMV Parsa uikiM Whiting, Spanish Brown, Verdigni, dry* od in oil,| Venetian Hed, Chrome (trees, Sand Paiwr. Chrome Yellow, Pumice 8tone. Yellow Ochre, French sad Tar and Itosin. American, Japan, copal, coach and har Prussian Bine, neu varimh. Vemiillioo, Turkey Umber, llottsn Stone, Terra de Stenna, Nory Black, Red Chalk, Gum Copal, Gum Shallae, Taint Brunhea, all sicas, Bnglu Varnish, Roae I'ink, Sash Tools, all aixrt, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. OU, Kail, Oil. Train, Winter, Lintsred, hummer strained tperm, Nnauleot, Refined. {?l've <w Swset, Uurafiued, whale, Sea Elephant. Tanners', l^&rd 00, Sperm and Stearic Candle*. DYE WOOD DEALEKS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood, Braiil Wood, Camwood, Red Saunders, Fnstic, Hateo Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood. Barwnod, Hypernie Wood, Gum Asphaltnm, Teach Wood. Sal Ammoniac, Ekrnny Wood. Snaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alum. Fallen* Earth, Bine Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and Kornch,I Copperas. Enf. and Amer. Indigoes, of Bengal, Carraca Oi f V urol. and Goalamala, Sugar Lead, While Tartar, Bleaching Salts, Red Tarter, Cochiueal, Glue. Aqua Kortis, Sumac, Nut?alls, Lac Dye, Annaito. Starch. Sodn Ask, Pnusmte Pot.uh, Pot and Psarl Ashes, Gum Senegal, KitTjei Logwood, Powdered I ureuma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chromate or Potash, Quereiwon Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitra Form, Gum Shellac, Salt Petra, yoow, jjmisn mm, ?yoid* . - m. Nitric Acid audi Grain and Bar Tib, Oxalic Acid. Snaps, GROCERS. Young Hyson Tea, Pepper Sauce, Hyson " Macabov Snuff, Imperial " Scotch Snuff. <> ii u powder Macs, Hyson Skia " Indigo, Flotant, Souchong Castile Soap, Buhea " Cloves, Fp'iich Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Ssgars. Alcoh !, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cninamen. Li.inorice Ball, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratus, British Lustre, Fit Blue. Soda for washing,! Powdered Ginger Root, Mustard, Loudon, AIhbj, Caynnne Pepper, Olive oil in bottles k. baskets. Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, * Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crudf and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKER" Cochineal, Oil of Annisseod.l Nutmegs, Absynth, Mace, Oarrayway, Cloves, Jnuiper, Cinntmon. Rose, Orange and Teach Wa < -nuKin Bods, ten. Ajlspica Vanilla Beans, t,nK>ass, Touquin Beans, Gum rracacanth, Coriander Serd, Gum Arabic, Turkey, Carraywsy Seed, Gum Gamboge, Anuisseed, Oil of Roses. Jujti'y Pasta, Peppermint, Pearlash, Wiuteigreeu, Saleratns, Cinnamon, Sui>er C'rbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Brrgamot, Ginger, white Jamaica, Lemon. Ginger, East India. PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, lie. Bleechine Powders, Nntgalls, Powdered Bine Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Glue. Verdigiis. Oil Vitriol, Cornier**, Copper Cull, Sal Ammonia, Sh?l ac, Antimoi.y, Alcohol. Sugar of Lend, Eitmct cf Logwood. Aioea, Alum ate. PATKNT MEDICINE liK\LKRS. Balaam of Honey, Anderson'*, Lw'i k Hoopw'i Turlington'* Balaam, Pill*, Bateman's Drop*, Opodeldoc, Harlem and Britiih Oil, 8wn' and Liquid, Seidlitl Powder*, Soda Powder*. St u.'hton'* Bitter*, Oodfey'* Cordial, Kxtract Sarsaiurilla, Ai.der*ou'? Cough Drop*, Cephalic Suuff, _ Thompson'* Eye Wat?r. Clietnic ils ol all kind*, Krench, MikIuIi and American. All kiud* r( Paint* and Colon. Kverv description of Drug* and Druggid*' Article*; and Pa'em Medicine*, Perfumery, "oap*, ice., a general a**ortmenL All irucU* warranted genuine. [C7*'The mott prompt attention given to order* (rem the country. u9 Imdvkwvr DOCTOR MORRISON. TVJOKTH RIVER DISPENSARY, mK Fulton *treer, J-n near u,e*nwith.?L?r. MORRISON, Memberof tk Royal I'olieg of surgeon*, London, and formerly Surgeon in the Britiaii Nary, contii u'? 'o be contulted co fident ally ir>m 8 o'. lock A. M. to 10 P. M. ou all diteuei of a private nature, and all tho*? ca* * mal-trewt'd br un ducated persons assuming the dutie* of the ijualifi d ?urgeon. Dr M '? ability 'o fulnl hupr festional en<a.'< m nta, and strict honor in discharving hi* dutv, i* we'l known to citlz-n* ; *o he addrei*^* himself (o ktr.nger? advis'ug th> m nut to place themselves under an? ad vertisi'g doctor, without reading his Coll< ge di >l<<ma, as the ouly test agai *t impoaiiiou. I* daih Co* ultel hy patient*. wlieie the leiding symptoms have bee i only checked, till leaviug the pui-.on t lurk in the tyreia, uutil ultimately it d> velo|ie* itself in the deplorable shape of *ecomiary.*yphili*. In all ca e* D VI. w trrant* a perfect cute, without meicury or hindrance from Duaines*. In * ime forte* of the disease he < utes in 3 to ) <l.i i. and in proporti-'u iii malignant eaae*. His medicin*-* are not unpleasant, aud are put up in convenient lorn au?l defy - etrrtiou. rTlliCTlIRES OK URKTHRA.?Obstructions in the urethra, smh as ?t'ic.ure* a..d enlargement of the proalare glands. accoi><?nied with much irritation aod doll pain in (MM I nil lit tome of the consequences of in il treatment Dr. M. cum strictures in a scieutilic manner, p niuoliig their absorption without pain. Peraona who from readmit catch-oenny book a or bug rear advaitiaements. and inay tie I Tightened int tl e belief t'-at they are the antjecto of a ricture, cau h?ve the opinion of Dr M. w.thout any charge Perao-? ar- frequently told by qoacka they have atrictare, when in truth they hive not. CONSTITUTIONAL DFBILITY.-Those sufferingfrom the effect* of a ae?rei destructive habit, would do well to call on Dr M who "ill without any ch irge demonstrate to them the morbid condition of the nervous system in inch iffe tious, which are aggravated by the use of noatruma. such a> e rJials. Sic. aud th- baaia of all tucii being tinciiira of 8panish flin.and stimulate* onlv t? creite greater depression Lit era pott paid and a nta nil g a fee, will anmre medicine aud advice to any part of l Union, ami a cure warianted. ? B ? Wi'h one i-ice,>tion. Or. M is the only qualified advertismg surgtou in the city, be? hia diplomas, suspended in his fftce 204S Karon str et. 3* lin?i doctor. <;ukbi n BK CONSULTED confidentially at his office No A'A IS L)uane ttieet, two doors from h'thain street. Strangers aie res|*ctfully informed that Dr, COllBIT I' is a member ol tne University of the city of New York, and that he has exclusively confuted his practice from being central to ilie treatment of a certain class ol diseases (now over eleven years in the city of New Vork) which engages his entire attention. Tne annals of medicine do not record greater success than U to be fomnd in his practice. The l)oc.or cautions the unfortunate against tha ase of mercury, as it has its thousands' of victims. l>a. eat cases aie m a few days jemoved entirely from the syatem. Bee that yon are judiciously mated by a peison legally qualified, aud not by pretenders and quacks, as there are several of the.u in the city. Persona afflicted with protracted aud inve erate ciseu, need not despair of brikg restored to h-alth by applying to Dr. Corbitt \ practice of man v years has rstablishen th' Doctor's reputation for skill anil respectability. Strictures engage the Doctor's pralound attention. A uiadiciue may .be had to prevent a certain disease in any of its forms ()mc?* honn 7 A M tr? r VI. oil )m#m DOUiOK. BfciLL. nOCTOR DKLL devotes tin personal attention (daily, m*-* til It P. M.) to the removal of ;mvale diseases in evert state. All suffering tinder protracted cum. iggr.tvated or unsuccessfully tiw?l?I by inexperienced or preteuded practition ers?iInm laboring under the destructive effecu of mercury or quack uoatruma, aud all who luinrrt the remaina of diseas' lurking in the system, may coniult Dr. B. always with a gnatto'ee of a cure. Persons contemplating marriage, who have been the aab jects of delicate diseases, may consult Ur. Bell wit.) honorahlr oonfidtnee. Pott paid letters, describing the case of persons al a distance, have his prompt attention. Dr. B.'s treatment nevn iposes to suspicioa, and is well known to be safe and perraePrirateoffieas IT Cedar street, two doors from Broadway, ' n* li?*r U (jbltL NO fAl. un lUUi'KH. H Duaoe sireel between Chatham and William streets, takes this method of informing cititens and strangers that he lias for the last ten reus confined his practice solely to the treatment of Venereal Mercurial, aud other diseases of a delicate nature. Although it is considered by a portion of the medical profession as a species of quackery for one of its legitimate members to advertise, still the meat advantage the unfortunate rictims of venereal disease derive Irom a regularly educated physician devoting his attention to a particular branch of the profession, must be apparrnL Do you not rmplov a surgeon to amputate a limb I?to an oculist on disease of the eye ??to a dentist for an miration on the leeth I?and to a surgeon noted for the cure or Syphilis when you are troubled with Vatteraal 1 And yoa do so from the faet that those men are _perfect in this branch, because they only nractice at it. Dr. Cooper spent years in a celebrated Lock finsirital, and has for ten years enjoyed t'le most extensive practice in wii way ot my man in nifw vorfc. Mecan cnrr thr inoat agtfrarated caaes of Syphilis. and mild caaea removed in two to Rye day*. The Dr. ia a regularly edacatrd physician and surgeon, and never stiffen hia pati-ota to leave until a perfect cur* ia performed. It ia deplorable to witneaa soma of the caaes that are prmented to the Dr., where the diaeaae haa been driven mto the system hy quacks, to break ont acain id the form of ipots and ulcers on the body.p&ina in the jointa, aore throat, night aweata and emaciation. Tne Dr. will in every c**e war mot a cure, or roak.* uo charfe. STRICTURE.?Dr. Cooper haa discovered a new method, by which he can enre the worat form of Htrictnre in from one to two weeJia, witli scarcely any pain to the patient. If nation of the urethra, or prostrate glaod. or of the neck of the nladder, ireaotnetiinea misukea for Strictnre by general practitionera 0N 8 Tift;TJONAL DEBILITY, sometime called Seminal WeakMM. brooght on by a secret habit indulged in by young men. This ia, where too freely indulged in, the graatcet fvfl that can befall man; for it begets diaeaae of the heart, con umption, dyspepsia, emaciation of the frame, and finally eada >n complete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical core in such caaea, and reetore the constitution to ita original vigor,and '.hat by a mild and simple coorae ol medicine. A rare wam?M -d m every caae, or no chance. Poat paid lettrri, deacrihina complaint and encjoaing I), attended to. Pa'imta attended 10 hotels or hoarding honaea. Office open till 10 at night ft? member. M Daaae street, between William and Chatham sta. ni lm* _____ AC KS?LAC Efl fc KIB BONB?Vary all ln*K ' O Cathanae * DR. IIOIISEMAN'H GERMAN COUGH DROPS. UBEPARED and sold wholeaaie by JOHN J. DAVIS, eiyr i of Himuou, Columbia Count?! N. Y , and fur talc iu thu city tc wholetaleaud mail, by JaMk.1 8 AsrinwaLL., IK William ttreet. General Agent for ?hi? city; iid by moat of the principal retail druggitu in Naw V ork and Brooklyn. Perhipt a mom important and valuable m'dicigc than thu was

never provided lor the afflicted. No retort liaa hitherto been hid to the preni to make its ex'reordinsry virtues known, but it nut been long tiied and ha great efficacy most thoroughly proved by 'he infal'ible test of actual en>erieiice. By it* own meriti aud intrinsic excellence it hut become highly celebrated in evtry ae -tien of the country where it lias been in n?e. It miy without exaggeration be pronomiced i-n infallible remedy lor colds, counhi. astlmia, influent 1, whooping cough, croup wonut, hxinorrh lge or raiaiug blood, and all the romplaintt effecting the hrtvu' and luugs, and tending t? ronsunption or general debil'ty. Numerouttentimoniali may be seen in the hfodt of the agents for the ?a e of tlna healing oaltim. showing that snch his been its effects in an innumerable multitud of catet The proofs of its won.:e ful efficacy are incouirovehible. If used IU the lirst stages of auy of iSe complaints above named, it acta as a complete preventive. and their further progreu is attested. Is this ?Inn Me w liere such c 'mplainlt are so common, owiug to sudden change*uf weather, no man who places a light value upon health should be wiihout this medicine; a timely nt- of it will s?ve immense bills for nodical attendance, aud what is more will pievuut the languishing sufferings of pr /traded illness and often preserve life itself. Kfficsciotts at it it, it it inild, pleasant, ai d alwa\t harmless; it it purely a vegetable C unbound, aud ma^ Im uk-n with entire ttfety in til kiudt of weather aud under al! circumslaucei. It acts at a mild healing exoec orailt. and at tin' same ti Tie is a verv ren'le tonir Its use Ims uotouly re?lorrd thousands who were laboring uud'r temu rary illness, but it lit* produced (treat improvement in t1 e health of |?rsons constitutionally feeble aa it? effect 11 to im put tone and vinor'o the syst-m, while it n?ver causei weak ne*s. Price fifty cents for a bolt e of four ounce*. i)24 lm eod?m NEW VOHK SURGEONS' BANDAGE INSTITUTE, VTO. 1 ANN STREET. td door from B.oadway, 111 the Amencau Museum Buildings? Under the direction of JAMES KNIGHT, M. Du Member of the Medical and ChirurgkaJ Faculty of Mary land. Member of the District Medical Society of Ohio, Member of the State Medical Society of the Slate of New Vork. and Principal of the above Institute. Kur the information of those who have not been informed** to the design of this establishment, we will brieily *tate it is a DEPOT of all the latest improved Banlages used iu Ortn ipe>lic Practice, or where Bandages are kepi Tor the cure of Club Feet, contracted anil diatorted Limb*, wry Nock, Hump Back uid lateral curvature of the .Spiue. The very celebrated wire Spring Bandage*, for the cure of varicos*d or enlarged Vein* invented by Shoo lb red and Wrenwick, of Londou, i* kepi here, alto, all the latest improved Trusses and abdominal Suitporter* ; al*o Bondage* are made to suit special caiea, and to irder for Surgeou*, Physicians, he. ' Doct. Knight alio devotee special attention to the treatment .if the above uamed deformitiea, and ha* made ample arrange menu to receive patient* from abroad for that purpo*e, or will forward bandage* to any d is taut pari* of the country. For further in'ormatiou we re*|>ectfully aubmil the name* of a few ol the moat noted Surgeou* and Physicians, who are patron* ol this Institute, and some of whom have presented moat valuable improvement* it Bandages :? Valeutiiie Mott, M. J , Professor of Surgery in the Uuiver* sifyof New York; Ale*. W. Stevens, M. U., Emeritus Prolessor in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; J. C. i'heeseman, M. D.; R. K. Hoffman, M. D.; J. K? Rogers, M. D., Surgeon* to the New York City Hospital; W. Parker, Profeasor of Surgery in the College ol Phy. and Surg. New York city; Alban Goldsmith, M. D., late rrolessor of Surgery in the College ot Phy. and Surg. New York city; T. O. Mower, f?aq. Surgeou U. 3. Army; Doct. Dubarry, Surg. U. S. Navy In Philadelphia we res|>ectfully refer toiProfessor* McClellens, Muter, Meigs, Jackson,iHewaoa, Gillingham, Homer it Mouk er. In Baltimore to Professor* Jennings, Jamison. Handy, Monk er, Millar. Annan, Hall, Smith and Bailey. slh3meod*ec GUIDE TO SOUNlPrEETU ~ A DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY, HR. A. C, CASTLE, 3S1 BROADWAY, corner V of WHITE STREET, has a Paste for filling riecavtMl hoi Id w r*?pfh. If can nnr info th# mmr tiinrfdr teeih without any pain ?r inconvenience, with which it lienomn impacted into ONE hard *olid body, thus restoring and preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound uid perfect in all the>'respective use* for life?preventing IN \LL CAHE8, the TVcesiity of extraction. Ladies the moit distinguished in society, offer their testimonial* in tli? most vivid terms, a* to it* efficacy. The Editor of the Eveuiug Post ays' ?" It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr.Castle operates on the teeth with great cart and ability. The New York Aurora says :?" It make* the teeth in all respect* perfect for life." The Huu say* Dr. Castle lias ihtaineo mnc!: celebrity for his excellent mode of filling the teeth." ! ik. most eminent gentlemen of '.he Medical Faculty have personally tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste for filling the teeth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which put in ithe M*hing tooth will effect a permanent cure. (From the Journal of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. 4 C Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bones, shot away in the ca*e of Lieut. 8?, of the U. 8. N., who met with this tenible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indians in Florida. We have seen letters from Lieut. S. confirmatory of this extraordinary cure and its entire success, thai the loss of these important organs so skilfully replaced by Dr. Castle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by at* mospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Ambassadors, Ml Stoughton, the Spanish Consul, Rear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpeth, Gen. McCsrty, Oev. Mason, Dr. K. U. Johnson. Pxesidest of the Medical So ciety, S. N. V.: Mrs General (Jaines, J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. J. A. Smith, Dr. E Delafield, Dr. Beadle. Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bnfer, Dr. J. C. Cheesman, Dr. A. H. Stephens, Dr. J. Torry, laylies, Dr. Wm CI ray son D Derring, 8u fcc. Office SSI Broadway. nl21m*ec MEDICAL CARD. n^^l^E, No. 19# Fulton stroet.-DR, FAWCETT, Mem\ / i. . f .L.. i? i i' i:r a..- r i i-- ... j .. burgh, and Member of the Jefferson Medical Collne of Plii'ailelphia, -uthor of tev-ral wotks ou the generative organs, Sic. confines hitj>rac ice t < a certain class of delicate dise ises in all their various t'aset and Complicated forms: the worst cases of venertal affections wrl yield 'o hii moue of treatment witliout restraint in diel, hindrance from basinets, and without mercury Constitutional debility, impotency, st'riliry, seminal wsakness, nocturnal emiiuons, and all those deplorable diseat-s which are broneht on bv a secret destructive liai'it of inconsiderate you h, and other exeeisive iudulgeacs of the passions, which und?*m n* th? constitution and I iy the ton dat'on of premature decav, (ee D\ Kaweett's work on these subjects.) can be radically cured, and the parti restored to htalth and vigor. Strictures of the urethra, extending as far as th- prostate Itlanil and nec? of the bladder, mi which nre ge erallv produceJ b > the bid treat ill-nt of ditease, and frequently the> originate from unasturb ition, can b? radically cured oy Dr. Kawcett, at 1% Ku'tou street P. 9 ?Dr. K. is the oldest advertising Physiciau iu the city; his dipli'Bias lr?m London, Edinburgh, and Philadelphia are hung up in larre tram's in his office, where his works rai be rh/ tined. Pi ice Ju cents. u30 nn*ec fit FHJVA'i'K TiVEATl BE?This little book itself is designed for those who requir* a speedy and private core for certain infection* (omplaints, and in which the best and most couvcnisnt treatment in a plain and faithful manner. The price is 11. Th* present advertisement, however, is to state that th* author has now published the most interesting chapter ?that on the cause* which render these compiaint* so obstinate and lingeriug?in the form of a sinicle letter, which h* supplies, free of expense, to any one wishing it. His reasons for douig this are given in the letter itself: and in this, also, will be teen why so many persons suffer on from month to month with a compiaint which is so prone to affect the mind as well a* functions of the body, and which is so eesily and speedily cored when once it* nature is explained. Bat lest it should be sarposed that the letter hen referred to professes more than it really contains, the anthor ben to state, that beside his long exjrerience, he has testimonial letters ou the subject of his integrity and skill from the most em:nent physicians in Europe to the most emiuent in Ameriaa, at Sir Astlev Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. Physick, ol Philadelphia and others; and also that he is permitted to refer to almost every qhysician of eminence in the city. Dr. Ralph would also (farther slate, that he is consulted on diseases of this nature at his private resilience, No. M Greenw'ch street, at any hoar, and those who honor him with their confidence, even in the most complicated state of disease, will fce surprised at the ease and quickness with which, in g*n<rral, they will obtain a core. all lm*r ON STRICTURE AND IT* CUKE rpHK FOLLOWING REMAHK8 WILL PLACR BE I FORK the ptibl 'a few mo-t deeply interesting facts.? F rtttha' the tiseas* called 9T < IC T U K is of very frequent occurre ic- aud oft?'ii asis't i" pertou? w ho are not in the least aware of it; ntxl that a very erroneous notion prevail" respecting St icture, and that ignoraut advertising people i.-ke i bad adviuuwe oft eerioneoos notion: then, 'bat i here are th it* par ticul'r circumstances by which a Stricure n>ay be always known?and in tlie last place, that 'he care uf ?trictuf- is ceitaiu. free from paiu, and teneftlf] accomplished iu a very little time. W ith regard to the first of those remarks It is well known that Stricture is the result of a badly treate* Gonorrhea. If, for instance, that disease ts suffered to cooti) one on from mouth to mouth to mouth, it slides into a gleet, Now, there is no pain or inconvenience in gleet, aud therefore it is often snffered to remain indefinitely. But it should be known that gleet implies a chronic iurtamn&lion *f the passa^e, which naturally terminates in thickening, aud thii thickening at ou* part or other of the peatage is stricture; and further, -hat although stricture may thus remain unnoticed for * length if time, il is far from laying dormaut, but is th* hiudea cause o' many serious maladins, not only of a sexual, but those also of a nervous and dyspeptic kind. .... But what especially leads th? attention off from this dtsordei is th* idea that stricture cannot exist so loug as n? impediment to the flow of urine is observed, which is qtwte a mistake. A stricture often exists ft years without prodneiug any very striking change in t-lis respect; indeed a diminished or inter ru|>iru umiiii ui unnr uriuuira uniy hi uir wursi ui cui, end it it to iireveot tbil v?ry state these remark* ire published. The advantage, however, which ignomt advertising people lake of thii erroneous notion 11 very cruel. Kvery body knowhow men ol this description swarm about this city, and that they will sell then uostrums as long aa any one will bay ti.en. Now, it if a fact, and one which every real physician will im mediately acknowledge, that all the medicine in the world, alone, can never care a stricture. In poof of this, nothing is more common than Tor the writer to be consulted by persons who have been taking all maimer of things?as colored drop* and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many months together, but whom, on teeing the real nature of the ease, he has farm in at many day*. With a view of preventing these impositions, therefore, it seems desirable to lay belore the public a few plain circumstance*. by which a Htrictun may bf known, which can bf easily doua t for although the symptoms of this disease are no mrrous, there are three of especial import, and these three may be stated very brisfly?thsy are the following : The first relates to Tan Mtisnna or umrat two.?It has been already said th* stream ne*d not be much diminished or impeded. But observe attentively after it is finished and the clothes are re-adjns?ed, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little ?nothing is more indicative of stricture The oevt is 1'HK TlMF. t (ionoRRHCKA has rrmsi>>kd urrcuftgD.? It is difficult to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may rat and not produee a sthrtnre, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture than another ; bat, as a general rule, if it should tx suffered to go on beyond sil weeks, this alone would afford snffiefnt ground at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? The Krrkct a Strictdrb mas upon tri mind.?Tl? effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessen both bodily and mental activity This also is one of the most common effects Not, however, that it is seen alike in every indiI k? ,i ....? .k.. 1.. ----- - ? - u?t M wiiiiuuu mat inr miin miriy yrj ? CW Ul tuciap- (n;<l he see* many every day) in Which the patient does not complain more or lest, that he ia sot so capable of bn mm an formerly. It it {ratifying alio to witneas the uniform return of spirita, and the- disappearing of other maladies m the cure progresses. With renard to the cut of Stridor*, on this object it it rvfficient to observe (and it ia lUted with coufidtnce and plea ore) that thia i* certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished ia a very little time. 80 ranch as tfxt coold not have been advanced some yeani ago ; bat such fflu been the improvement in tlii* art, and inch the practical experience of the writer, that he can now accompliah the cure of itrictuxe to aa many day* aa formerly it demwided months The writer also begs to state, that for thoae who wish to Udertake the cnir themaelrea, he has noblished a little volnrae, ailled " Tur Private Ta?*Tis*,'' in which not only striotore, hot the core of all those delicate disensea which require eapecial care and privacy, it directed in the plainest manner.? It is advisable, however, that thoae who snspect a stricture, if possible, shonld consult the aothor 1 tonally, and nothing will *rj'fise them more than the ease autl certainty of his meaar or cure. Hcpaxate rooms, also, are arranged for those who i?iy have to wait a little It only now remains u> say a word or two on the ground on which tne public, and especially atraocera coininn to thia CttY, may rely with confidence on whu > been advanced. With thuview Dr. Ralph be*t to lUM that, heaide hi* rank u *r?doate of bdmborih, fcc. fcc., he haa b??n engaged m the enrr ol thoae diteatet, ia hotpiul and city practice, for moi* than thirty yeiin, md hat pnblithed two editiont of a work expret?ly on thaw. Alto that ha hu tettimonial letter* from (Ik moit nmiorat phyuciana ia fCnropa to the moil eminent in America?<u Hir Aitley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, Dr I'hytink, of Philadelphia, and other*, aad that he ii permitted to refer to aim oat erefy rhyticiaa of ?rain?a?-e ia thu _P[- Ralph i( com liked at hit prtraM raaidaac*. No. M dree* gjte MADAME COSTEU-O LftMALK PKKIODHAL PlLL8-t*uar Ulead ia ere') 1 caae where the monthly period* have became Imnlr from cold*, tc Thetr cectaiaty of aeuan ha* loug be* icknowledged by the medical profcuioa, and hondieda that have u*el?**ly tried varioo* bnuied remedies Cur .? MmeUnm aecraaary 10 their u*e ^ thouah they coutain aa medicine detrimental to the conatitutton Advice given rraui to all theae who nee the PilU, by Madame CoeteJIo. 34 Li*murd *ueet, between Walker and Canal, where the Pilh are told. Price Si per box a* la'in VIAPamk cohtkllo, Female phyhioian-Vledncated at the Medical Kaeaky in Pane, aad Oraduate u Midwiia, offer* her profeaaioual aarvicea w the ladle* of thi( city and country. Having had lont experienoe and lurpn xing auceeaa in the treatment of diaeaaea incidental to per aei, 4p|*i*e* ladie* on the point of coufiuement. or tho*e *uffenna from *ni<pre**ion, irregularity, obitroctions, kc tan: ?.T* Win be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her rear denee, where they can alway* hare the beat medical ur.itmeni and the moat matronly care and Boning, or if preferred, will uiBit All and mmiiI ihMn at their Awn hnuiM nntil lierfectlv le covered. Maoame C. particularly ben to impress on the mind* of the delicate, that ihe officiates personally ia every cue, so that hesitation or dread need never be d(>pr*hended N. A.?Madame Costello would inform ladies residing oat ol J?? aity, whose health would not admit of travelling, tliJt she woalu devote her perwyud attendance upon them in any part ol the United State* within reasonable distance. Madame C. can be consulted at her residence, J4 Lispenard street, at all time* and with the strictest regard to the wishes of her patients All enmmunicalioes and letter* roust be post paid, a* ia*n DEAFNESS URS, CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, Oftl BROADWAY.?Ertract:? OO 1 "| cheerful'.y comply with the request of Lieut. Mcintosh, to testify tnat he was invalided home as unlit for duty, in consequence of total deafness and discharges (rem his ear : that while in New York, on his way to England, he placed himself uuder 'lieprofessional cars of Drs. Castle and Edwards. Annsts Ui<lar their treatment he recovered his heering, and has ntnnied to his military duty. Signed, H. McNEVEN, M. D. Surgeon to H M. B. Forces, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROI9. A snre cure for incipient deafness, earache, pains, hustings* ted searetions of the organs. Their acoustic oil has been & |K> pular remri'y as a curative in all dis?ases of the ran for up* wards of tweuty Tears. Often removed to S81 Broadway, corner Whit* street till lm*ee ABKRN h.TH V'S BOTANICAL PILLS. HNE BoX o< these. invaluable Pills are worth all the quark * ' medicines advertised for . ertan delicate diseos s. Lathe unfortunate re?iassured that 'here >s no exaggertliou in assertinl these Pill* to be a spetdy and radical cute 'or gonorrhoea, gleets, irritation of kidneys, tic. Th se were for several years prrucri'N-d by the celebrated Ab?nieth>, in all <ta*e? ol the above disease*. In the firtt stage one hoi is nsuallt sufficient to effect a eur* in a few days. Iu lung pr tiacied chronic stages, obstinate uleeis.kc. they arexjiwlly rrrtain. having ere'1 huu dreds who had been taking other inedi.inea lor months, which UMidrd more to dastruy the constitution than to cure the disease They uever leave the parts subject to troutile*. me weakness, wh ch so frequently occurs alter sing other rosdietues. They have no unpleasant taste or smell, and auv one raking them mirk', frecjueut the mi'at refined society without ha*inii their misfortunes su?p< cred They are d isposed entirely of vegetable irgred'euts, which invigorate the sy tem geoerallv.? Kor ?ale ouly in New York by Wm. Watson. Apothecaries' Hall, M '"athemie street, and in Brooklyn by Blagrare Druggist, Kulton street. nil ltn*m O AN'D'S SARSAPARfLLA ?This unriv.tlled nretmratmn ^ I mi performed sopie of the most astonishing cures of diseamm th.U are recorded iu the annuls of history thus proving conclusively it is capable of fulfilling the Sigh aim and puri-ose for which it is designed Patients suffering for y*?r? from various chronic constitutional disord-rs alter trying different remedies. s|?udii,g thousands of dollars in travailing ami doctoring, and suffenng all that human nature it capable of euduriug, have, by the use of a few bottles, entirely recovered theii health Chron c Kheumatism, Scrofula or King's Evil, Halt Kheum and Ringworm, Ulcers, and painful a flee tin of the bones. Ulcerated Throat and Nostrils, Scurvy. Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Blotches' and various cuuiieooaeruptions, Glandular Enlargement, Hip Diseases,:fcc. are effectually cured by its use. Diseases having ihei' origin in an impure sute of the blood aud fluids generally will lie speedily aud effectually removed by this invalnabl* medicine, aa its operation is i*>culiar, and consists in removing the cause of diseise by eutering into the circulation aud passing through the general system. When: obstructions to its favorable operation exist, they are remeved is it passes along the alimentary' canal; lieuee the patient will feel and know the sensible operation of the Sarsaporilla from its curative powers. The proprietors are daily receiving from the medical profession, the clergy, officers of justice and numerous private citizens eniplr ai J willing testimony both written aud verbal, to the superior efficacy of tnis preparation. The following certificate tram <fti individual who has suffered with Scrofula in its severest torin, is presented for the casual perusal of the afflicted. Mansfield, Oct. 3,1843. To R. W. Mitiuwion, Norwich Sir?For the last fifteen years I have been the subject of com plicated diseases, troubled with thedropsy. and my nerves com pletely unstrung, with more or less erysipelass. in connection with oiher had humors. In May last my difficulties seemed to increase and U) be more firmly seated, my head and lace were so swollen that it appeared to me that the bones in my head separated oue from tne other, and completely disfigured my face ? 1 could scarcely breathe through my nose?nn eyes were s . af lecteu mat i coniu see nut iniie, at me une time auenueo wun an acute and an indescrib <ble nain constantly darting from the note to other parts of the heau and throat, which w>< badly swollen and very ??re, aud a constant burning heat or irritation in the stomach, with mylimbs bloated to n>-arl y double their size Iu this situatiou for weeks I was compelled to lie on one side,, with but little or do sleep. My humors assumed a renewed and stubborn hold up hi me and apparently threatened a speedy dissolution. I tried every expedient possible, with but little orao benefit. My physician at length recommended Sands' Sarsapaparilla?I procured a few bottles of it, which 1 believe to be the means, through the blessing of Oed, of my restoration to comparative health again. 1 Itad uot taken but two or three bot.les before my disease began to leave. My pain aud swelling is gone; my appetite good, aud 1 sleep and rvst quietly. To me it is a sovereign balm. fcUNICE CRANE. Having been acquainted with the afflicted widow, Mrs Ennia Crone, of Mansfield, for nearlv six years, (whose protracted sickness has called forth the sympathies of the eonimunity where she lesides.) I consider it an occasion for joy tluit her sufferings have been so far alleviated by the use of Sand's Sarsaparilla, which has been so kindly forwarded oy yourself. HENRY BROMLEY, Minister of the Gospel. We, the ttudersigued, do certify tliat the above are facts. LUTHER MARTIN. ELEAJ4AR BENNETT. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. BAND1* It CO., Druggists and Chemists, Granite Buildings, 413 Broadway, corner Chambers stmt. New York.? Bold also by A. B It D. S .uds, Druggists, 79 Fulton street; D. Sands &. Co., 77 East Broadnay, coru?r Market street, and by Druggist generally throughout the United Stites. Price (1 |ier bottle; six bottles fur S3. u9 lm*m FOK. EluJPTTONS ON THE SKiN, CHAP'D HANDS OR FA..E. DISFIGUK EMENIS. FRECKLES, BLOTCHES, &G. rPHK public Inve b-en liumbiikiced so much with nostrums, A that they are afraid to try * physician's ivmetly; still if the sensible aresho? u that an article u r? Jly rhrmictl aud medical, they must believe it; now this ii prr ved to hare cu-ed the worst cases of erupuan, chapped tle-h, *c , when the must powerful tonics hite tailed. As* a cosm-ticii ismillvmiracil >u??it clears aud beaut fies the skiu most w< nderOilly? it is excellent to wash sores with; lor inlmts with tender dash, and men with sore bear It, it is excellent It cores also saltrheum, scurvy, tryipelss, itch, Ue. Sold at the Sign ol the American fagle, 82 < hithim st?price JO ceuti a cake; 8 State st, Boston; 3 Ledger Building, Philadelphia, or 139 Fuiton st. Br< oklyn. The Moorish Ilair Dye?Price 50 cents and $> per bottle, foi dyeiiiK light, red or gray hair a dark brown or black?Sold at tlie same j>lac?. Jones' Spanish Lily Whl??? For making ladies cheeks a fine il.ib.uter white. This is different to common chalk- we warrant it not to iujnre. Country inerrhautt, captains and othen, allowed a libeaaJ discount to sell again. All letters, post paid, attended to. ii 16 lm*ec 1 H Kit E IS NUl'tiUNG Lift fc, 1 n EM MR. THOMAS WILCOX, of Orchard street, gave somt of Sherman's WormLoienktes to s child that had beeu a Ion# time complaining, and iio one could tell what ailed him. T?>? first dose Drought away alea cup full of worms?two doses eu tirelv cured him. The remainder of the box was given >o a neighbor's child, tliat the doctors had given up as lucnrable. They brougrit away an incr- dible quantity of worms, cnreo the child. Huudrrdi and thouiandn of cun equally aitouuh'is, might be ?tiveu. Krumni Dibble, of Western New York. ?aya that Uherman't Cough Lozengea anved hi> wife f-em the Couiumptive's (rare wheu nothing ? ?e gave her any relief. The Her Dr Dunbar of the McDougal ?tre*t Churah, an n<)uncrd 10 In* congregation that Sherman "i louuli Lolenget had Cured him of a distreaaiug cough in twenty-four houra, u they have in a multitude of other caaea. Laj taiu l.'hadwick, of the packet ship Wellington, and ('apt Wield, ofthe La? ina, aay they have leen Sherman'a Campho' Lozengea thoroughly tested aa a remedy for ?ea aickneat. autl they are infallible, ai they alao are for Headac*^, Siik H ad.irn Palpitation of the Heart, Lowne?a ol Spirit*, Deapondency vth? depresaiou 'rising from too free livi a or a night diasioatiou woies Heriqu?a, kiwi ?ay? he never founa any remedy for Lumbago till he used Sheraian'a Poor M-u'i Piaster. 1 hej gave ?i? edy nlief; alao in Itheamaiiim.pain or weakness iu th> mile, hack, bre-at, or any part of the b dy. Over a millioi are sold yearly, aud for only 12* centa each. Sore Ni(>ples cured by Sherman'/^Capillary Oil, no mat'ei how bid they are, without taking the child from the brea t. B> sui* you get the genuine Miernian'a LoZtngea and Plasten, 01 you will be im|Hit*u I on Warehouse 108 Nauau atreet. Agents?110, 273, 4M and 6?i Broadway; 3V Hudson it; 1M Bowery; 77 Kaat Broadway; ?? William ?f; 139 Knlt?n ?t, Brooklyn; 4 tttanwix HaM, Albany; > State at, Bo?ton; and J Ledger Hnilinga, Philadelphia oS7r DOUBLt. EXIRA 1TAMAN nAlu WASH T^HIS CELEBRATED preparation, the only one that hm A ever been discovered, for the incceaaful extirpation of thai moat offensive disease of the head, DAN DHL) FK, haa, during the late apriiig and snmrnrr season, been applied anc teeted by thousands of Ladiea and Uentlemeu, and m uojon? instance, haa it failed te effect am im Mk'in ATI.' Avn it ami'a i. r-irur It i* recommended by the mml celebrated and akilful phyiiciaili and chemist* of the day. klvery our should avail them selve* of it* benefits, and that secure a clrar head and a Insuriant coat of hair. It ia for *nle by it* proprietor?price Si the bottle, and 25 rents the single wa*h io the (hop ?.!< hn?w r Pumn?l?u I* Park How PILKS.?It ii very trae that common (.ueaol recent Pile* cau be relieved by tnanv kind* of ointment and liniment, and by mild Till*, fcc., but after ?chirron* ulcer* ind selnrrous tnmon and (tricturea have actually formed, it in well known tliai t:hee*man's Arabian Balsam is the only article which ha* evei cured a ainale case. The tint r.^e on recuru of actual strictur* with kchirrnns tnmon and ranceron* ulcei* ever cured, wa? that of Mia* Partheua Hood?no such r?e had ever been cured by any man 011 earth?-the had suffered dreadful distress duriuv 25 year*, and during the la*t nine yen* had never stood on he feet for a moment. She wa* at last giveu over to die ller lifi w a* *aved by this Balaam and ?he ha* performed a christi&i. dnty by pnbliahinR her ra*e. Those afflicted with Piles will obtain ner book from Chee*man'? agent, with such diiecBiou a* will cure common Tile* in a uu.le day, and in th? mo?t horrible catea of canceron* pile*, thf* new method re tore* immediate comfort and hope, with a certaiuty of a |ierfeci cure. The cor* of Mira llood by thi* new method, in certified b> U1? minister, "|i?n una memners 01 me <nn cn in mnneiti;tlu? cure wu almost considered a miracle, end caused aatonishireui among the people of the region, ind iK)* Ii?m!iw1i of nersoiu are following the wimf Jiittioni with * fall prospect of beiti* l*rfecily ciirfd. Wot only in cases or Piles Ik this healing B.iln. so highly priied, hot in fill cases of wounds, con, bruises senilis, rheumatism, freezing,, coaghs, consult^ tion, kc. it is one of the best medicine* that can be used. No family ought to be without it. or wUI Im- .iftrr a trial. No lra> than thirty thousaud b ittles are annually sold, which it a fac that apeak* rolnmea in it* favor. Sola wholesale and retail by A. B. k D Sands, Druggists. T! and lflO Fnlton St., 373 Broadway, corner Chambers street,and T. East Broadway, corner Market Price tl. Iar?e site. 50 cent* smaller nJK Im'i To dkVhmmhjs and"those whomTF maT CONCERN IN THE NK w ENGLAND 9TATK8.Rt?Thomas Roberts k i .o. New Vork, r?rnu < foorge H? berts, Boston.?By an injunction of tt* Cenrt of Equity 01 Massachusetts, the defendant in this case has been remoter from acting for the plaintiffs, as their principal agent in th. New England Sta es for the sale of the Patent Medicine knowi as " Parr a Life Pills," and reatrained from fraudulently i.-suim an imitation of that m*dicine. The injunction in this case hiving been made absolute, th. ttb-agents in the New England States are informed that Tho in*? Hoberts k Co., the proprietors, have established a brand house at No. (M Washington street Boston, where they cm b'"ri'llfd with the genaiue '* P.irr's Life Pills." N B ? Hnh-agenis in Connecticut and Rhode Island can bsupplied from tne proprietor's office, 3#t Broidway, New Vork if It facilitates their bntineca. Agent for tUlifai, Mr. Morton, dmggiit. Kor the Canadas Alfred Hnvnge k Co. Montreal. n9 Imr thomas hobkmt* k CO NEW INVENTED Oleaginous Compound.?I" or< i lug boots and shoe* perfectly wa>?r proof?to be obtain*' of the subscriber at his old established Leather and Findings Stor*, No. 4 Ann street. Price I2H cents a bo*. To sports men and othsrs. who would secure the advantage of dry feet thia cowpenna is confidently recommended. ? Min*t M. MOWN _ J_._ CAN ANYTHING BE PLAINER T'HAN that ih*?4wt mm whose letters are ;?ndrd Wo?, * say respecting *>r menu of frur k Hon'* Comj-caud (.1tract of H'-arhoand. Gratifying it i? indeed to be in posses?o? at sMh va'ued teslimoni Js and louauu ?is. <rat conn * '* York s favorite son. Van Burr ; hen cornea the voice i f the much In '*d sage liere from the herout-ge, the gr?at Jacks'^. To receive rSe thanks of ??ih a man for p-eeervmg his health is high praise iudred. President Tyler likewise ac&u' wladgaa his KratiAcation for the food tha Hoarhonnd has don* him ? The distinguished Bond, rulrr in the Kapire State, rets ma nis thanks and to fill up the measure our popular and emiiiMt mat or, Robert H. Morris, adds his tasBmeuy to its valor. ItlNDICNWOLD, Oct it, IMS. OKNTLSMKN:? I have to thank you for the bos of your (I doubt not) lastly celebrated Clarified Ksseoer of Hoarhouna Candv and also fur the very obliging terms n which yon have been plea-ea te present ft. I have sot. I am hapffcr to inform you, aa yet had occasion te me it, but will do so when necessary with a ronfi de?ic- in ita ei&ca y which is well warranted by tlie experience of others. Very respectfully yonr obedient servant, nl. van burkn. Hermit anic, April it, 1MI. Messrs. Pkaik It Sows:? I have the pleasure to acknowledge yonr kin-* favor of tha Itf alt. by the h?i?i of my friend, Mr. J. N. \rmstrouK and with your most rsteemed rresent a package of your Hoarhuund Candy for which receive my s'nerre thanks, lean oulr add that mav tnou audi receive from its nsr as much beneAt aa I have done?then will its inventor go down lo posterity as ou of its benefactors. I am. grntU men, very reiDectfully, Your friend and obedieut servant. AMDRK^ JACKSON. Washington, April 6, IMS. Tka .UImx ?A P??? L acknowledgments and verv sincere thanks for the boi ol Candy remved at their hands He h-s used it with much beuefit to himieir at a remedy for colds and coughs. 1 am, with very gre.t respect, JOFlS TYLER, Jr. Private Secretary. Ai.naNr. May II, IMS. Messrs Pease k Sons? Oemlemcu?You will pardon me Tor the delay in replying by lette' of the '4th ult. and -cknowledgini; the receipt of a bo* of yoarClarified Essenceof Hoarhound ' aody. Allow me to thank y-'ti for this kind respect, and to exprest tlie hope'hat yon will be liberally patronise" in your efforts to tue public The article is got ui< in beautiful style, and is highly recommended by those w ho have had occasion to use it. Your obedient servant, WM. C. BOUCK Messrs.?I have repeatedly u?ed your Candy for coughs and colds, and always found n lief; bnt official duties p evented me from writing to you beloie; but .is 1 have lately been cured of the intlueiiia, 1 cannot withheld from recommendiug the same to the public. 1 am yours, truly, ROB'T. H. MORRIS. 17th lune, IMS?City Hall, New York. To Metsrs. J. Pease & Son, 45 Division street. (G^ No'1' wholes ile and retail at 45 Division street: 10 Astor House; I'O Broadway; 142 Water street, ">9 Knit n st. Agents, Ke<ldiug ll Co I St le st'eet Bosion; Burgess Hi Zieber, No. 3 l.eduer Uu'ldings; Rooinson, 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Bravo &. Moiyan, New Orleans. A liberal discount made to country merchants for cash. All letters pns> paid. directed to John feme St Sons, 45 Division st with good city references, will be punctually attended to. u5 lin'ec WOM)?KPUL bit* OVEKY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will ^ change grey hair to ita original color in a lew minute*. This solution is different from anv yet offered, and car not fail of superceding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses the neat advaniajre of beaiAifvinir the hair without iuiurinn its growth. Those wku doubt its virtues are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. i Chatham it, <>( poaite llie Hall of Records, New York, np stairs. nS iin'w HO WILL HAVE THE TOOTH ACHK, when, by calling on W. E PARSONS. Dentist, No. 2'3 Blreker, directlv opposite Downing street, they c*n nave the nerve de troyed in a moment, aud tilled to !?st for tweuty years, o- it .00 much decayed, have itext'actcd ior only 2'> cents, teeth inseited on 'he most in>provtd principles filling, he Ice ; all 0|-erations |i-lfi>rmed in that pnmortio" which cinnot fail to come within the me?ns oft-very individual, and wamuited to be doi.e ill 'he bear possible manner, or the muney rvlunded. N B. References will be given to some cl the first familiea in iha immediate viciiity. who have eiperietced ihe benefits of hia op-rations to their entire satisfaction, and who will testify to tlte a hnrp statements ntO <m*er CJOCTUR J. ORAMif.K desires in intnre to limit his practice, and confine hia attention entirely to those diseases, in the treatment of which he has met with uniform suco-ss, viv-Diseases of the Heart, Lungs, aud Rectum, tu all their different forn.s. Also, all diseas-s i<eculiarto wamen. The remedies used lor the above diseases are new in their ap ilicatiou, new in their effects and new in their preparation. Office of Doctor Oranfer No. M Amity street. Hours from 12 to 5 in the afternoon ^171m*r CAUTION TO hKMALK.s' j\ff Ai)AMt? RKBTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would IU inform ladies who, with a pro|?r delicacy, have a repaynance to the treatment of their complaints except by one of the it own sex, that in all Cases she attend* to them personally, her xpenence, practice and knowledge enables her to do so. She levins it necessary to state this, as she does not wish to be classed with the pretenikrs continually appearing and aisap peering. advertising as " Female Physicians," who too iguo rant an*\ incompetent themselves af obliged to get some scarce ly less .gnorantijaack to experiment instead. Consulting par lors and reaid-acc, 141 Greenwich street, between Courtlsnd and Liberty streetj. Honrs of attendance from # A. M. tof P.M olf Im#r Kt.MALt NONThLl flLi<s ( ) WING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable sncceas ol VS Madame 1U*cell's Female Monthly Pills in all caaea of ir| regularity, soppresncn, ar stoppage of those functions of nature upon which the health of every female depends, since their inUvunction into the United 8 uie?, now about four years, coont.-rietu ami imitations ate constantly attempted to palmed ofl lor the geuuine. Cheap common pills are purchased U twelve cents a box, put up in iliffereut boxes, ana called? " Female Monthly Pills," with tlie object of selling them. if possible, at one or two dollars a box. Female* are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It ig sufficient here t* state that all Female Montlily Pills am conn lerfaits, except those sold at Madame KesittH's Principal Office. 148 Greenwich street. New York, and 7 Lssei street. Boston) Price >1. Madame Hestcll's signature is written on the cover of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by followiai the directions enclosed inside of each box. Sold also by IP uointmeut at M4 Grand sueet, comer of Allen, New Vori. 810 tin* r .IIAUAlUr 9 I e. L L , ii'lfiMAt.fc PHY8YCIAN, Office and wsidence, 14* Grrnf wich street, between Cowtlandt and Liberty strueta, where she can be consulted witb the strictest confidence on complaints incident to the female frame Madame Kestell's experience and knowledge in the treatmcal of obstinate casus of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, fee., is such as to require 1m (a few days to elffct a perfect cure. L>ediee desiring proper mcdianl attendance during confinement or other ludisposilien, wrfl f t accommodated during suck time, with imirate and res|>ec?*t>le board " >i t-. i.^ .. precarious health forbids a loo mud ncrr*jr of fani'lv, will be sent by mail to any part of l?e L uitej States. Phe* $ia imck u? A ll letters (pmhiu*) addressed to box, aw, New York. Boston Office. No. 7 Wustreet," N. B.?Maname RitdTELL would inform ladies residing oat of the city , whose health would not admit of travelling, that the would devoir -her personal attendance upon them is <ny part of the United mate* within rensonable distance. ?H ?te*r 1U ulAKttlbll L.ALMI-.S. vfadamk. HJCBTKLL'S rUEVENTIVfc rOtVDkRS. > **?Those invaluable I'owdem have been universally adopted a Kurope.but Krar.ce la particular. for upwards of thirty yean a well ai by thousands in this couni/y, aa bring the only mild, ttfr and etficacioas remedy for manied ladies, whoae health 'lrbidt a too rapid increase of family. Vadaine Uestell, as is well known, was tar thirty years feaale Physician in the two principal remain Hospitals in ? ope- those ol Viwna and Paris?where favored by Iter ureal xpeiience and opportunities, she attained that celebrity ia .hose Brest discoveries in medical science so specially adapt*4 M the female frame, for which her medicines now stand nnri-allel.tis well in this country as in Europe. Her acquaint* or-? with the physiolocy and anatomy of the fi nale franc, nabies her?by tracing the decline aud ill liealth 01 starriic >males, s' arcr in the meridian of life, and the consequent raid and vfcra apparently ineiplicable causes which coos it a oany a fond motiirr to a premature grave?to their true source, o arrive at a knowledge of the iirimary caases of female indupositions?espeonllr'of married females?which, in laot, led to iie discover>' of her celebnued " Preventive Powders." Thetr doption has been the means of preserving not only the health. rections hay* the signature ol' Dr. K MftLVK.AU, authorised ticwit for ihr continent of America. Th?y can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United toitaa. Sold by Ur Y. M KL V ICAIT, agent and importer fo? ihe United States, office 129 Liberty street, near (ins-nwich rt. ' rice ti?half botes SJ. No hall botes sent by mail. Sol4 u Boston at No 9 Salem strret. Letters directed to Dr. K. vleleeau, lioi 21, Ne* York, will meet with imoi-di*re sitem tioa. All letters must b? i>o?t paid. ol0 2m.Sc**r PLAXSKKD.?M.sacks very superior Flutseed, landing from r bark Geneve, lr..m New Orleans, for sale by >M ee K K COLLI NS fclJl). M 1 ?itth it PUBLiHIlKD DAILY BY JAMK8 UOROON BR N N UTT, V.W. COllNKK KULTON AND NAMAII 8TREKTS Tmb New Yoaa IU.hsi.d?a daily paiwr, tssned ererf moraine of the week?price two cisnts per copy. Comikty inbsrribers fnrnislii'd at the same ratf, for sny specific period, n ? remittance ia sdyonct. No paper sent unless paid it adranee. Ink IVlkii.i llaavti.D?Issaed eyery Saturday morn mt st mi o'clock?price sit *tfi> * o*isti per copy?'?rmshed to country subscribers at |] 2i per uiuum, ia advasea, 9r at the same rate for say srecitled pariod. C**Rc?roPD*i?T* ar* n*l??sted to ftdilres* their letters to Jams* lioftoon Proprietor aid ttditor??ail all let "l oa basiaasa mast * KM paid i >at area the life oj tna&v M wits ana lend ma' .1 ft. Phe airmuft feel ma the importance of thia subject, add <* mating the rut benefits resulting to thooaanda by their (idoj.ion, would muit reswctfully uaut the attention ef the mu> ted, by all that they nold near and denr, to their consideration. * it not wiae and virtuous to prevent erila to which we ara ubjrct. by simple and Withy meant within onr control.? very dispassionate, virtuous and enlightened mind will unhe itatiugly auswer ui the alternative Price lire dollars a pack; ige, accompanied with full and particular directions The* aui he forwarded by mail to any part ?f the United State*. All etters must Lx-post-paid, end addressed to MADAMK KKHI'M.L, Kemale Physician. Principal Office, lit Greenwich .troet, New York. Office hours from I A.M. U> 9 o'clock P.M. tottoa office, No. 7 Kssex st. ol? 2m*r LOVK. COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE JUST Published, Physiological Mysteries and Revelation* in Love, Courtship and Marriage; an Infallible OuMe Book, or married and single, in matters of the utmost im|?>rtance to he hamau race, by Edge ee Beckland, M. D. Translated Iron he third Paris *dition, by Philip M. Haward. Among the matters duly considered ui the work, an Maters of serious importance to tingle and young married persons." ' The causrs of and certain cure for barrenness." " The arte of leaaty and courtship." " The daugcr of solitary practices, and ?ow the habit may be removed, and iM fit ecu cured," " Ths ;auae of love and ji-alousy, with infallible real'dies for endicam( from the mind tlie seeds of a hopeless or au uuhappy |?s ion." " Offspring, with newly discovered modes based on scijutific principles. lor the prevention, or propitiation thereof."? ' Intermarriage. " Ureas, with the form and colors moat beaming to the rariMs shapea and completions." "The most tuspicious season for wedlock." " And most other matters of ntereat in single and morrii'dtife, as relates to the principal tub; iecu above noted." ^H^r tale wholesale aad .retail, at in Nassau street, New A IHIII naid ??( , nulnini II M Unl l i Mil fc -iLdVfck, Nf* York city, will procure a copy ol the work trine '*"t to our part of the United Mtatea, or the Canadas, or breccupiea will lie tent Tor S3. Twelve copiea will be srnt to one address for IT. None bnt ranked or post i?id letters taken oat or the post office. CAUTION?A work proteasing to be itie above, bat which ii a mere catchpenny, h,<> Wtn published and peddled about the treeta. Tlx1 centime work can ouly be had at Holland Ik Olothe holders or tlie copyright, at tlie olftca of the Cyuomra #J Naasaa it, one door from Ann street. The genuine edition b?s gilt edges, is neatly bound in dark cloth with "BerkUrd's Physiology hi gold letters on one side, ind is embellished witn a iteel .ngraving of the author. Also obaenre that the genuine edition has the copyright mark on tha back of the title page. o2J dykwy lm*r " "TORTUUUBaK FKMALK flLLtf. iitTEnTKD altn rnr.raKKD >T M. UK BOUDSLOQUX, M.D.. LIHBON, POHTUOALI I'HK HcientKic combination of mgredients of which theat 1 Tills are ompoaed. bare made then the wonder and admiition of the world. They ara known all oeer Kurope to b? ha only preparation ever discovered that haa proved invariably certain in producing the mouthly turns Thvir certainty, in all eases, being such (hat they mast aoi be ased during pregnancy, lor though always mild, safe and healthy, they are certain tl prodnce miscarriage if oaed during that penod. The directions are translated into Kngliih, and are enveloped lon&d with the ieal of the Importer, itampaa. Kach boi cog ...... .h. ?r m .1. ^ i.l..i,? ....I >k.. b-nni;.i. A

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