Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Aralık 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Aralık 1843 Page 1
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"-5WWW-WSI TH V*l. IX., No. 34??Wliole lVo. 3544. From Pahrion to Jeraey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1443, the ?au w ill \j*Te PiTk.R>oN DEPOT* LUT* NFW Y??* A. M. 9 A. M. 11 )i " 1?K P.M. J P. M. ? ON BUNDAfS. _ Lkatb Patkmon DcroT. J A.M. 3 P. Si. * *' M. Transportation ean leare daily <Ba?daj? eieepted.) Paueo eri are adriaed to be at the Kerry, foot of Conrtlandt * lew minute* before the atated hour, of departure jylS Cm' ?rn,n irnm> . Til UT 1?U U All l/t U ll I UJlh imiiuivnu COMPANY. WINTER Z551B5H52? ?5?Be9B5? . On and after Dacemb?r III, 1*4), th? < 'an will run iu the rotlowing ordersLeave City Hull Lmvc the Bridge for the Jtridft. fr?r City llall 7 00 A. M. S ->i 9 00 " 10 20 11 30 " 1 00 2 110 P.M. 3 30 4 SO 6 OH The Citr - all and 27ili ?trc?l line will runasfollow* Krum T A. M. every 10 minuta* through the day till 7 3'J 1' M The Extra Niu'ht Lint! will run a* fMlowa Leave City Half for 27th meet at U, 8 30, J, 9 30, in, 10 30, St 11. Leave 27th itreet Tor City Hall at 7 SO, 8, t) 3". 9. 9 30, 11, fit 19 3? by order of lite B wrd, u24 lmr W. 8. CAHMAN, Set'y. B1UT1811 AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of th* Admiralty. MIUKR.NIA, Commanded by C. H. K- Jndkins. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. ACADIA, Alexander Ryrie, Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as follows : 1* bom livkrfooi*. i> rom Boston. Caledonia, |Dk. 1. Andia, Not. 19. Dec. 16. Hibernia, Dec. i. Jau. I. Britannia. Jan. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, Feb. 5. M*rch 1. Acadia, March 4, April 1 These vessels carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied Wi'n C ranees' Patent Life Boats. For freight or paiia^e apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, ol7r No. 3 Wall at., fiew York. NKW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the 24th and Liverpool ou the 11th of each mouth. . t$ly @ New YSifiiT' Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. Depeyster, a?th January. Ship UARRICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 26th Febru-ry. Ship ROSC1US, Captain John Collins, 36th March. From Livkbtool. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, lltli February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, lllh March. Ship < JAKR1CK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 11th April. Ship ROSC1US, Captain John Collins, 1 Ith May. Inese ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1009 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine (treat speed with unusual eoinfort for passeaiKers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, lor which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r :he captains or owuers of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by then, nnless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to fc. K. COLLINS at CO.. 56 South St.. New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY U CO.,'Liverpool.' Letters by the pscketj will be charged 12X cents per sing'e heet : 5(1 cent* per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. <12 THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. m m. "" ""Wmgf* ""HS "sa5a?u^sa?f .^ROC^TER, j|g jgShip HOTTINGUER, I0S0 too*. i1!"!! S?!,?bW* Ira Bursely, 1 Those substantial, fast sailing, first class ship*, ail bnilt in the city of New York, are commanded by men ot eaperience and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the leth ot each inouth. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are. famished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Neither the captains or owners of these ship* will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, anleas regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOO&HDLL St MINTURN8, 17 South street, New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS k CO.. dlec Liverpool EXPRESS KOR BOnTO.N?UA1C Y LINE?WINTER ARRANGEMENT. HARNMEN It CO. will run^JM 0M their Package and business Ex S JWSrlHKj press b*tw?e? New York iiuIKhKk. 2SP3EE?Boston during the winter as follows:? ? la Stoi ington, on Tueudats. Thursdays and Hatu-d.iys. Via Norwich on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?mak ing a uailv line. N. B.?Please mark all packages intended for this line, to care of HARNDF.N k CO. ulr :t Wal street. am PHIL A DJXT HIA EX PR E? Ml? HARNDEN Ic CO. in connenoa with tAeir PHWj Bos on and Providenoe Lines of Exprrss ard En'nnwn Agencies, rnn two Daily Lines of Eipress to Pmlanriunia. connecting with Bsltimor* and Washington and al (he important lines to the South and West. Particular at'eniion will be naidto the transportation and delivery of small and valuable parcels with th? utmost regularity ann ursi'tucn. Cun, large parcel*, See. despatched at J* bef>re * P. M Small pure*!! leeeiveu until X past 4 o'clock P. Al. ana deliverrd raily in Philadelphia next morning. nlOec HARNDEN k rO. 0* 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY, KOOI rt^TJlT?OF WHITEHALL ST.-Tlie steamboat SE2CC.8TATEN ISLANDER willleavo New York tnd Stataa lilad, on and after October 3d, a* follow*. until further notice Leave Sum I land at SK. 10. a. M., 2. 4, i . m. Leave New York at 9. 12>^. 10 miu. paai 3.1KN. B ?On Sunday* the boat will leave at !l imtMd of VJ){ All Iniignt thipprd ii required to be particularly mantra anil ia the rmtr nf tb? nwnm thereof alAiCr MX O'CLOCK EVErTlMl LINt flZ-ggja?for ALBANY AND TllOY direct, without JC^JCJK-Iaudin ?tlx splendid low pi"-*?ure *tcamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLenn, will l-avr t},? font ol Conrtlandt street every Taesday, Thursday, and Bat'irdev evening*, al 6 o'clock, (or Albany direct. J he swallow has a large nnmber of *l?:* room* for icm accommodation* it not mmuiwl nil the Ilndnno. an8 ec m- LONDON LINE Of l'ACKETS-l>ack*t of tilth |4nV Due.?Th? apUodld, well koo? ?I. fail sailing and f?. ???22p,"nrite packet ihip TORON TO. Capt. R. A. Griewol , will mill poaitively as above. h?r regular day. Sli* ha* accommodation* unsurpassed for cabin, second cahii aud steer age pweager*. and thoie wishing to *ucare berths thou Id make ~'y 4PPliCMi?V? fc J. T. TAP8COTT, 18 1'cck slip, d] comer 8oulh street. rfl? KOH OREKNOCK AND OLA8UOW. with wMWWdetpatch?The pactec ship SALEM, Capt. lle.irn jWHlfiiwill aa'l as above. Her accoininoda ion* fur cab iu. second caMJ and tteerage passenger*. are tuperior to any vessel in pon. Ftrtont desirou* of going should nialu early arplica tion on board, foot of Pire street, o* to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine. corner of Soalh street. P. 9 ? Person* wishing to ?end f r their frigid* to Scotland, can hare them brought out by '.lie above packct by making arrangement* with the above. d2r 'iia K'tR SALE-The bar.iue DUO D'ORl.tANS, bnnlieu 310 toes, regieter; built iu Dridol. Maine, iu JHMbmi, donble deck, coppered and copper fastened. Ill feet long, 27 feet beam, 6 fret between deck*, IJ feet hold, wit! be sold a* soon as the cargo is ducharged. Lay? at J odd'* wharf Apply on board, or to BOYD k HINCKEN. nit ec No. ft Tontine Building, cur Wall and W ater its. ~PACKET Tor BRISTOL?With immediate ?WV Despatch?The well known last sailing bark COSMfilbMO, Capt. Oulerbridge, will meet witli immediate detimtrli for the above port. She hu B ?i<l accommodationi for cabin, trconu cabin am! ill-erne* p?Meu*er?. Those ahont going to the old conntry will Hurt lhi? * deairable opnoitanicy. Aj'pliotion without d?Uv ihoala be made to W. IJ.T. TAP8COTT, Ii2i r <3 feck ?li|i, corner South itreet. ~only regular link kor nk*v orJJj^^LKANS?Hie following fiMl claaa pa'keta will aail JHlMbpuiictually ? advertiied, weather i^mitting or iw "ThtX'ouW'MLLEi ('apt. Hunt, on the 30th Nor. Th? LOIJIMA. Capi. Levitt, on the Jth Deo. The PAN nik.a, Cmpt Detinii, on tlie ? Dee. Tlte accommodation* of thaae ahipt for cabin, wcond cabin k nnd utreraiie patiengera. are inch aa cannot fail to euanre every c mfort to paaienpten during the royate Th? ?hipa ol ihi? line lu?re now commenced thair rerniar tnpa, and will nil punctual every fire cUya thronihont the aeaaon ra*:?tiijra inav uirreiore Teiy on uoi i>e'ti( flftamtu. ThfPdMorr???K* being Vftry low, thowi wuhmii to aecuie Uerthi in either of he ?bove packet*, can ilo to by apph mi: to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, a? their General Paaaage OAce, 41 Perk slip. nilt comer ol Kou'h atr*?t. KOK 1,1 VKRPOOL?Tl;a New Lin- IWuTT^ MjrVV fMkat fl?t DvCiimber.?Tim new ami very aplmdid ^MwfaNrf Voik built packet ahip MV^.Itt'OOL, Jr>ha Kldridge, muter; MM tout, will tail u above, h?r tegular day. For freight nrpaiaaae, having momy and nn'ttrpweil acoomiKodxtioDt, apply to the C'Plain on b ard. neit aide Burling (tip. orto WOODHULL fc\HNT I'RNS, 87 South ?t. Price of paaaige 1100 The uew and elegant packet ahip Qtieei of the Wejt, rhilip Wn. dhonae, u aater; 1?S0 loin, will auc.ce?d the Liver|*ool, and m l on h> r rrgnlar dav.tUt U?My, 1X4. 'See Koll I.I VKIll'OOL?Macular Packet o'F'th.- 7th fcfjtJW [i<*cei,|htr?The well known faa' aailii.g packet ahip JUttM Xn^PKNDr.Nl'K. (?"tain Nye, burthen 1000 oiia will tail * aboVe her regntar4atr. H?r accommodationa lor cania, aecond raSn, and ateerage Pwa?n?en are iinanrp* ted hv any Teasel in port, <Yr*ona with I Ok to embark ahould m_-ke early appiicat.on on board, foot of Maden lane, ot to JOHKI ll Vic MURRAY, W Pine airjet. corner rj Sooth reisona wiahing to a end for th?ir frienda e<a have th?m brou??t out ny ih* above ahin, or aay of the rei ulai p?cket? ailiiirnn the | t, 7tn, IMh l?th and tVhof each month, by applyittt aa above, if by letter, poat paid. P ?- OraAa at sight, ror larga or amall aama, are drawn by the aubacitx-r i>n r>a Provincial B'nk of Ircltud, payable at tb1 tf Rgftttive branches thr. a.ho'it the comitry; alto, on Me?ira sp>oner, Atwrxid k Co. Banker*, London, payable in ttny towaia Oreat Britain. n* E NE NE1 awtf-humbuo store!?live ann let f.!? a' the ol'l txc utirt B-.oi Store, No. 144 CUa'hain ii'tct (wl ere the odioin pncticenf railing n ik.?ii ,crauna inning the amre u not toler.ted) run he obt uuen Walrr *iool boots iiiaiiufacfurt ii id ihis c t\ of lh? belt rn^ie taJ, aud warrant d at iiri.e* renting from three to fur d linn, being s lite two dollars I -ncr iu (.rwu tliaii it generally obttired (quality onus deied) 1:1 tnia city. uKiw*r hoots and shoks.-wilson john SON, Suceeuon to Joliu Hatchings, deeeiued. fujvc on hand and lor iaj?, from the boat inauulactoriea in the Country? IN CaMi Coarse Hewed and (Votied Boon, men tad boy*. 100 " Kine " " 1000 ['air Morocco Buikms. 1000 Ladies' Kiue Clipper*. 1U00 " Children's Shoes, various colon *00 " Wonieus and inisset Gaitera. 1000 " India Rubbers, trtmtoed and plain. tor sale in lota b> suit purchasers, at their stor."120 CHaTHA.YI STREET, opposite Ro?*velt. N 0 ?The atora beiwt opeu until 1? o'clock ia tha evening, fitei coautry merchants iui opportunity lo examine gooda at their leiner*. o3l lm*r 1'AlllH BO<?'l? AND jLASTS MAl)E 1'O ORDER, BY E. SUSER, Pi Broauwav, ( BASKMWNT.) One door from (Jourtlaodt strut E. SUSf.K. bootmaker and Maker of LaiU, au ^^PHV'Elve" of Clerc? of 1'aiis, begs leave to inform his liiuuds and all the uufun of a gentlemanly "chau?swre ' that he can now make, ia New Yoik, with the lw*l French m.t ieri.ilu, all that is so per ?ctly made ia 1'aria hy his master, the celebrated Bootmaker L lerce, whose uumerou* customers on this side of the Atlantic, are ieai<ectfullv invited to trv Suser'j Bool* and Liuti, befo'o they despair of being "*" New Vu'k, ufier the uicea h.lett farii lishiou. Albo the genuine IWiu Jet Black Varnish sold. n2l 1 m *tn GLOBE HOTEL. U fit, JIROJVtMV, NEW-YORK " . BLANl ARD hit he hoi or to acquaint the gentlemen who Irequett the (il be, and tlie public generally, that hi* Table d'Hote will be opened lo morrow, Dec. 1st, at which a limited number of ihe inn leu rs of good cheer may enjoy the luxune? of a well supplied and elegant table afier < usiuess h"ur?. Dinuer will be served up every day at 5 o'clock precisely, lln rellar is well supplied wiili the choicest wiueaol every coautry, which w ill be furnish A at reasonable rates. The Keitauijnt will bu continued as usual, for partlej who di'>.ir* to (line neparmeiT. K BLANCARD will b? happy to troat with families desiroiu of iecnr>ng Board for the wiuter, uuu upon moderate terms. To *uch, their me*ls will, as hereto'ore. be supplied iu their private roonn. He ha* elegantly famished apartment*, mi table for either numerous or small families, or for single persous. dl Iw* ______________ IMPORTANT TCTTNVA LVDI AND VISITERS TO THE ISLAND OK < UBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, TN THE VILLAGE OF CERRO, three miles from Havt JL na.?This establishment is advantageously situated, properly fitted up anil attended, affording the benefit of a country life, without excloding the comforts and pleasures of the ranual, or preventing a timely attendance to business. Every attention is promised by the owners to meet the satisfaction of their visiter!. CHABOES. Boar,ling for a single |<er*on iu ouv room, *2 (10 a day " for two or three peisons iu one room, 51 AO a day each |ier?nii, With families a particular asrormput way be entered into. N. B.?Onmibusses are running from morning till night between the Cerro aud Havana, making the trip in half an hour. d27 lm*r HAVANA-MANSION HOUSE HOTEL THK nndrrsigned takes occasion to inform his friends and 1- tlie public, that the Mansion House is now located in Iuquisidor street, No. 67, in the vicinity of the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged iu the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to laud pisiengers, baggage, he. who will board the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should pneur* a passport from the Spanish Consul, attne port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and incouvrnienr.o. _s216mec _____ WILLIAM KULTON. PHILADELPHIA" DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, EACHAGE BUILDING, ROOMS 20 AND 27. T^HE Snbscriber has received a large suppl / of Voigtlanders' J- celebrated Dagnerreotype Appartus. .srire and small sixes, with achromatic lensas made according to Professor Petzval's calculation. Alio a new snprlv of brs- plates and chemicals, which he warrants good end sells reduced prices. The following gent.etnen hare agreed to act as agents, vit? E.White, Esq. 1/5 Broadway New Vorh P. Haas, Esii, Wasliingtor, 1). C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond. Va. o. Broadbei.t, Mn, (or the Southern States. VVm West, Esq, Cin-.nudti, Ohio. Ail communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUGENHElM. o!7 3m*r Exchange Bnildinri, Philadelphia T'HE SUBSCRIBERS have just received from (Jermanv A and offer for s^le, n variety of W \TER PROOF and AIR TIGHT articles, called ANHYDRINE. for which iw| lent* have been takru out in England and Germany, They aie rastly superior to THOSE in use manufactured by the aid of India rubher.from which they are distinguished by being perfectly INOOOKOUS, INELASTIC, hut surple, and under going no alti-rat'ou whatever by change of temiienturr. 1'hese articles aie manufactured with wool, cotton, lineu, silk, kc., of which m*v b? made CLOAK ? HUNTING JACKETS, GAITERS. APRONS. MILITARY TENTS. HAVKRS W",KX. AWNINGS. MARQUEES, KNGINri HOSE Alto. HAT AND BONNET LIANGS, with HOSE AND GLOVES for tho?e afflicted with gout and rhenmstism; AIR CUSH'ONS, PILLOWS, MATTRESSES, kc. A'eo 'g the rest they have aii article prepared foi WAGON COVERS, for the USE OK RAILROADS and to cover all kinds of vehie'es and boats. Also for BALLOON * and for BAHS which may contain wate-y. gaseous or oily fluids. without any chance oi leakage. They nave also of this manufacture au egcelent article of SAIL CLOTH, which will arrest the rausare of air, will last longer, be lighter than ordinary sail clo'h, and require a lass number of hands to manage them. In the m<nu aciureof UMBRELLAS this artice mas' supercede every other material Indeed the usual application of the ANHYDnl N E must be almos Uhlimit-d It must not be omitted to state that this article is admirably adapted as a cover for leather beds; the pempiration from diseased or even healthy persons so injurious and destructive to feathers, will under its use be prevented from penetrating and cannot extend beyond the exterior ol the tick. PKElKER (k WISSMAEN, n!3 lm'ec _ _ 23 Sourh William street. COAL ! COAL !?As cheap as the cheaprtt, and ai good as the brtt, of Heacli Orchaid r. d ash. at the Workingman's Coal Yard, cnn,er of Chris'op'er an"! Greenwich streets, weighed by a city weigher, and delivered to any part of the ci ty free of cartage. n?? 2w*r EDWARD LEWKLYN. B' A I AND OAK BAZAAR?At this establishment cant a found every description of Boats that lite ingenuity ol man can suggest. Look at what lie lias done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment wss built the following unrivalled boats, vi*Th? Swiftsure, of Newfoundland: the sixteen loot sailing Dinky TroubW; the Romp of Hurlgatr, and the Taul ri>. The row row boats Henry Stark, which won 39 racrs in It months; Che noble Cimbna; the vi. W. (. hapinau: llie forty loot racer for the United State* (hip Ohio; the barge Empress for Florida the bras* mounted gig Neptune for Tamrico Ba), and a hoit o othen equally great OARS, SwlCKrS AND SCULLS? lifl.OW feel on hand; alio 2.000 (let of Liuiaid'i celcbrstrd Hculh for sale. Thu new bianch of hii business is truly worthy of attention.? Look at the prices, only threa and four pence a foot. All tlie sculls for taciuR dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those that won the liat race can low be tern at hij office. Sixty Boats always on liaad. V isit his Bdzaars if yen desire a irest AJ1 work delivcml free of charge C. L. 1NUERSOLL, U6,<09 and 411 \V?.tri ud Ui (Cherry streeu?sole proprietor. nc.24 3m?r TO THK, fUB 1C 3? 1 (Ml ?Mr. Fr-mcis K Cramp, Watch Maker. Grand strret, bejs to inform his friends and the pnblir, thit independent of the Wateh business, h* is prepared to moke adi antes m cash on gold and silver watches .diamonds <ihcr tea cfU, spoons, forks, aud every description of gold oi silver i?i any share, intended for immediate sale. Cash to an> amount paid for old sold and silver. Watches ?f every description repaired and warranted. S4I (iraud street. ?llta*r Or|,A^fr F>'KK80N INSURANCE COMPAN > ?Office 36 Wall street. This company coutiuue their bu siuess of insurance against loss or damage by fire, an goods wares and merchandise, and also on vessels and their cam on I against loss by inlsnd navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thonie, Elisha Rio*. J'houias T. Woodruff, Benjamin K. Robsoi, ohn R. Davison, Fraucis P. Sage, Thomson I'rioe Joseph Allen, John II. Lee, John P. Moore, Moses Tucker, James F. Holmes, r-_lr 't'....r u is/ ?>?* *-?? v? * mui*| lAilira iv. ww iiuih|| Anton Baker, Win. K. Thorn, J of l')i Drake, I mil Haw ley, Johu C. Merritt, Thoinas Morrell. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. dKO, T- HOPR. H#er#t;?rr mil iaS PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. THB SUBSCRIBERS offer, with foil confidence in its utility and usefulness, the above named article. Thu article is Intended to brace the shonlders. support the hack, and expand the chest, living a graceful outline to the figure, and will be found iiidisivusable to persons of sedentary habits. Parents and guardians are particularly requested to examine this bnce; it will be found to pusses* every requisite quality for which it is recommended, namely?to brace the shoulders ol children and others who hare acquired the habit of stooping, rod retain their form in an upright .position. They can be wom with |>erfect ease, being formed with an elastic hack, and will be found of no impediment to the free use of the arms. The subscribers also offer their celebrated Klastic S; ring, Russia or Riding Belt. The above articles are mauufj>'tureil under the immediate inspection of Mr. Parsells, who has been engaged in the business for the last sixteen years, and may be de|ieniTed on as superior to any article effer offered for the same pa pose Sold wholesale anu retail at the old establiihment of PAR8ELL8 h AUATK, ?17 Broadway, corner of Park riace. N. B?Ladies 'will be sum>lied and fitted by calling at the residence of MADAME PARSE L.L8, 4IU Greenwich street, hetwe^t H?M asil l.awhl i n!4 lm*m TO THELADIES. ^HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL BUPrORTKR. THU nw instrument for the radical rvtre ol Pwl.ipsos UteiJ 4 w s ailing of the Womb, by external application, snpe?seeing the use of the objectional Peasary, is confidently r* coirmended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restora'.on ti aealth, tt nev?r having failed of performing a cure, eren under the most aggravated circumstance* 1 lie -opnoitsr has attained a rery high character in Enropt is well as in this country. It is adopted to the entire disuse o< peasanes, and all other painlhl surgical expedients. in the Lt* ,n* iS-Hoipitawoi London and rant, and is am vernal I y r*? toiqmrnoed in Lnroiv bv (nodical men of the highest r*nk.In r.hjs coantry it i? sn.t-in<*J by the lending rrembers of Uw faculties of Collcjsi sod Hospitals, and by all the eminwv private practitioners. Rooms haye jeea fimnl.ed exem<iret? for ledin ? No < Vescy street, having a sepaute entnn?r from the business <le Igrwwat, where ? lady is in eons-act ttendanee. to applv DOUdLiL. EX IRA ITALIAN maIK WA.-.M ~ THIS CELEBRATED preparation. tlie only one that has A ever been discovered, lor tha successful extirpation of thai moat ofli u?ivi? dif&ic ol th# hotd. DANontrrF, Km, dnnnt th# l*t* ?p?iii? and inmmer aaaaoa, bm spplied and un-tad hy ilioutaixla of Undiea tod Oentlemen, and id na.on* inatanee, ha? it faili-d t? effect AN IMMBDIATB AND RADICAL CURB. It it recommended by ih? most celebrated and skilful phyti ciana mid chfttiiU of the day. Erery one ahoald avail them wlvna of ita hoioAUt wd thua 'ecure a clear tiead and n luinnant coat nt h-iir. It ia foi ?.?!? hy it* proprietor? une* tl the buttle, Mtd as eeoti U?? tinele wnuh in the (hop. ?uW*~- V l'?t?WkMil>U l' P,rh Unm (>OTiON DUCK?Si bale* ??y ?! prior American Pilot ^ Dock, No. 1 to 4, just r. ceirnl and for sale by rtl F.. A. OOL.L1NS u CO. M Houth ?tr*et. W YC W YORK, MONDAY MOl Married or single gentlemen, de?iro?? of* i comfortable home f<<r (Ik- ?inter, can tw imlHv ar.coinin<>d%tt-d ill ;i prirate Uuiilv, w ith e-iirlleut boaiJ and ?o>?t spa- ' cioiu itnd airy roouis, MM location being vrry d?eiribli- i quirt, convenient to the nut of the fitv, and : only a moment's walk fiuin thu E st Broadway line ol stages. Families wiihinii to maki ariangMiienU forth- < wnter season Can be very liand.viin" y furnished with splendid |wrl,iri and rooms attached, by inilyiuK auon. Thi! advertiser feels assured, on thu point ol rcouou1 and (ood living:, her house cumot b. surpassed, and pledges that no |>%ini or exertious aliall be alweii to rend i every potai blf attention and comfort to thn*? v?ho may honor ln-r with a trial-IS MARKET STREET nJ7 Im-ec DiSBltOW'd 1UD.NG iCttOOlI *J6 EOWEHY. T70R LADIES frou. 0 A. M, to J P M daily. " For Gentlemen " 3 to u^iid 7 to 9K P. M. daily. LkCTI KK Lk?0NI. | Exk'BCIIk Ridinu. 12 Lnsoui 00 i 20 Ridfia $10 00 Minrln do 1 0? I "ingle Jo 75 The Dressing and Drawing Rooms ur well warmed, and eveiy attention n^votod U> the -omfort of those who may honor us with their patronage. Uentlrmen kewping Uu<ir hortM o? livery at this esUblia meiit will have the privilege of riding them in thi School. nl5 3m*r FENCING ACADEMY. \f ESSRH. ROHAT U ECKERT have the honor to in "X form the ciiizemnf New York, that they h?r? opeued an Academy of Anns at 333 Broadway, corner of Authonv ?irwt where ttv>y intend teaching 8in-.ll sword. Broadsword, Caue he. as well as Sparring. Having had loug eti>eri<uice in teaching the above br inches, they hope to secure the t^tronage of those wish to become first rate i wordsiacn. These graceful and useful etercises expand the chut and correct uutural defects of formation. They ruuiler the body more rigorous, supple and active, and irive that easy carriage that is always observed in well educated men. A. V. ROS VT, uB lm?f CHARLES V.CKERT. M KS.' PURDY'S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL KOR YOUNG LADIES. VTO. 98 Hnuierslry street.?Mrs. l'urdy aud her two daughters -! ' having lecentl v ajxived from England, where they wei* engaged in giving instruction in the varii'in branches of English Education Music, Drawing and French, are |>re|iired to receive a limited number ol young ladies Her terms are regulated by the general reduction,in every department, for which, and other particulars,she begs ta refer to her card, which will be furnianed on application at ner reaidence. nl ltn*r PLUMBE DAOUEHREAN GALLERIES OK PA* r a>L'M?n (w\i Auvn Dtvr\>rn/iu a duq * j mi i ouiiuafiu rnvivuiwwiio241 B'oadway, New York 1)6 Chestnut street, Philadelphia 76 Court street, Boston Comer of No-th and Baltimore streets, Baltimore And Donw'e Buildings, Albany ?constituting the oldest and most extensive establishment of the kind in the world, and containing upwards of a thousand picture*. Admittance free. These Portraits having been awarded the First Premium and highest honor by the American and Franklin Institutes, res pectively, at their la?t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained in the position of superiority heretofore universally assigned them by the public, as the most beautiful Daguerreotypes ever produced. Likenesses taksn every day, without regard to weather. Plnmoe's Creinium Appnratnsand Patent Rights, Plates,Ca*es, he. he. wholesale mid retail. n7 lin*m TTN1TKU STATES UAUUKKKIAM UALLhKY, ni ^ Broadway, up ttni sV'.. w HITE would respectfully ca'l the atteution of citizens and strangers, visi'ing the city to his splendid collection <>f DaguerreotypePortraiu.single or in ?rouj>s from two to fourteen pe sons on the same plite, which tor beeuty and accuracy of delineation cannot bo surpassed Portraits taken in all kinds of weather, either with or without colon. The American Institute at it* late evhibi.ion awarded Mr. White the first premium for the beet Daguerreotype likeness for grouping and general effect, which is but another proof of tlie superiority of his portraits. Mr. White is so e agent in New York for the very su|ierior imported German Cameras . and at no other establishment iu ih's city or State ran they be obtained. N. B.?Imported Hrrmau Cameras; also, French and Ameri can lnstruinei. U of the vry best ituality, with Plate Cnais, Chemicals, Polishing Materials, he., he., always on h?cd. for sale st 'lie very lowest prices. n7 3'?*m TO ECONOMISTS?(ient's Apparel Cleaned aud Dresaed in a surerior style?repairs and alterations t" the present fashion. A lot of Winter Clothing on hand, for sale wholesale aud retail. Cash paid for Clothing, aud txchau?es made. n29 im*r LF.VlE'8, 130 Nassau street. SEGAKS! SEGARS! 8EGAKS! DM. 1IF.NR.KJUKS, No, si William street, respectfully informs Lis frie ds and the public.gtnerally. th*t he has constantly ou hand the following choice brands of 8egars, for sate wholesale aud retiil:? King and Qnren Regalia, La Noma, Kionda, Cabanas, Ksparteros, Nouegas, Yngeaindad, La r lorinda. (a new brand.) De Moya, Tanetelas, in 1-8 and l-10th boies. rrineipes, of various qualities. Esperausas. Leatlades, (iab.illrros, and numerout other brands, well worthy th? attention of the public. Any segan purchased at this >stabli>hm?nt. if not liked, will be taken back at any lime and the money returned. Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasing els*, where. I N. B.? Orders from (he conntry carefully and promptly at tended to. nil iro i r\AV'* 8HKKT RUBBER OVER SHOKB?25 Maiden Lane. Experience has proven that a leather sole cut be attached to India Rubber upper*. ?o that it ia impossible to ?eCrai* them in the course of wearing These Over Shorn,which re already thrown into disnse leather over shoes and mocaslinfl, a;;d to which the water Proof boot is fait tending, are furnished by the Roxbury India Rubber establishment, 2i Maiden Lane, of* quality surprisingly perfect, and alto^ethor better thiui are being made by any other establishment in the trade- The patent quilled slipper Over Shoes and Boots ate famished only at thai establishment. Every article <ti>r?iuui iuK to the rubber business lor sale or maile to order. HORACE H. DAY. Sacceuor to the Roxbury I II. f., n3 lm*r 3A Maiden Lane. GREAT REDUCTION. TROUBLE ENTRY BOOK-KEEPING only FireDoliars, U ?nd Epistolary Penmanship only Two Dollars. THE KIRST PREMIUM awaided three cons*entire years for the best specimens of OfT-hend Penmanship exhibited at Uie great Kf i?s of the American ln?t lute i GOLDSMITH 8 CHIROGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, for the instruction of PENMANSHIP and Book keeping, 189 Br-wdwy, opposite John street, is now open during the day and evening, for the reception of pupils and visiters, The gentlemen acquire a bold, free and ei|>eduious style ol Mercantile Penmanship in frotn ten to twenty lessens of one Uo"r each. The ladies are taught a neat Epistolary hand, a beautiful accomplishment to the s'i BOOK-KEEPING. The syitem of ins'ructi?n purs'ed at his Academy in this important stndy is not derived from any prir ted work, ^ut is theresnltof a thorough practical knowledge o1'the subject. The ei-rc sea being ?o arranged as t? render familiar -o the student ?verv department of mercantile bnriii'ss, WHICH C.ER TAINLY CANNOT BE ACQUIRED liY SIMPLY BALAN'. I NO ONE ??ET OK BOOKS Ladies' Writiip Cla?s meets dtilyat II o'clock. Gentlemen d-rtug the day and evening, ar such hounas may best>uit their convenience. M-parate parlor* lor pri'-ate instruction. Kor tale at the Academy?A superior article of Metallic Peus. n29 lro'ec vroncK-NKW YOKK BA.VKINO ?vOMpANY ? I' Th< ?ub?-rib?r harm* hern appointed Receiver of the .roperty, claims, funds ana effects of th* New Yo-k Bvkinv Company, an association fortned under and ie punnauce of an <et ol the Legislature of th? Siat- or N;w Yoik, entitled ' an %. t to a"th:?r.?f tne bu?in?? of bonkiur," pasted April ltth. I*M, all perauns indehted to the aaH Aasoeiati?n are required to render an account ot all de >ta ?u4 atitns of money owin* sy 'hew respectively to ine.anii to p?y the mme by the fi if rath day of January next, at my olfi t in ike Me chants' Lichauge, in the city of New York. Ail persons kaiin|t in their possesI <ioa aav property or effecta of ttie ta.d Association are retjuir ed to deliver the aaiae to meby that die. All the creditor* of the Aaaociati n are require! to deliver ihfi' re.partite acconnu and demanaa to me by that day; and ail persons holdiaC any open or anbiiitmc coutraet nt uv* a lid Assvciation, are repaired to preaent the same in writtnc, and ia detail, to me, on or befon* that day, at my said office. Dated New York, 2'th November, IKS. tHAttLe.S SAWUKY, Ke*eiver, n26 3w*r 32 Merchants' Ksehange. tfOii HALt>. with immediate possession, thesiockand lit" tim or that old established house, well known at theCa ledonian Hotel, 5 (iold street, near Maiden lane. The itock of winei and liquors it or very sui>erior quality, and the house affords every accommodation for boarders, and has been established Cor upwerds ol twenty years. Kvery thin* ou tre promises will be sold cheap for cash, as the present proprietor is about to le?ye for the old. country. For particulars, apply on toe p rem ires lid Im'cc I^HK SUBSCRIBERS are now pirnarwd to sell Watches anil Jewelry as low, if not lower, than any othe' house in the city. To wit: "*<ld Watches from $13 to $100 each. Silver do. Imm S3 to $30 each. All watelies warranted to keep food time or the money retnned. Watches, Clocks and Musical Boxes repaired and warranted, lower thin any other house in ritv Ssntl wufr)u>i ami nisi I inlil sml Kilv?*r taken in eichanre, 01 Sought for cuh. THOMPSON fe FI8HER, importers of Watches and Jewelry. wholesale and retail, No. 331 Broadway, New York. AMOS R. THOMPSON. ffjCHARD riHHU.E FRENCH CHINA No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs ADAL.E8ME, Importer and Ag?nl for Manufacturers, hat always on haqd ajarfe assortment for dinner and lea seta in plain while and cilt Fieuch Pprrelain, at well u dinner and dessert platen, of all sisea, assorted di.hes, soup tureens, covered <luhe*. mltd bowlt, fruit baskets, custards and atauda. Alio, Tea and Chocolate Ware, (in?k, French and American shape. All the article* are warranted of tin beat ina'.itr, and to be nld on liberal term*, and in lot* to anil pnrrhatcra ?77 <>m*ee COFFEE WE9T INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY,

Ao. 64 Barclay street. Near Greenwich, Mer- Yoik. pONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, (Jreen, Roasted and (iround Coltei; (Ground l'ep|>er, < luiiamoii, Alapice. tiinaer, (,'lorea. Mustard, Mace, Nutings, fcc. Coflee Roasted and Oround for Urocers, at me shortest notice. J C. KINDER. (C7* Uoodi ieut to any l*ri of (lis city free of eipaasa. nil lm*m ______ pOHNKR of Broadway and Chambers street, b**i leare to Vy recommend his Wi .e Depot, lit Natstu str.ei, where he will the follow inn Wine* in casks, case" and bout**. ?ia:?Med i?i WMn U.irdenut and ' ette Wiuei, Kheniah Wiuaa, Madei ra, Sheirr, Port, IJnrriMidy. and Champagne Alio?Hum, (Jiu, Whiskey, llrnndy, Kafvt d'Ahavnthe kc. ?H! Im*r LEliJi, HANUd, AftiVIS, dec. rPHK LOSS of Kert. aad Lm no hindrance to thr ant of 1 walking?JOHN V, THOMAS. Cork Le? Maket. Iu. raapectfally informi the pablic that l>? lias returned from Phi iadelphi* to ?71 Watar street. corner of Dke, New York City, where ha coauaaea to maun lac tare ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, oa a plaa thr moat correct and least complicated,hiriaf. throagk aeeeaaity, inveatej. mad*, and worn an artificial lea for forty S*r?, and baaa a miniifartorrr for thirtr-flee vears, freis confi ?it of Iivina satisfaction to all who call oa him I'or !.?*?, aada. Anna, or the Common Wnodea Le?. n4 lm*r /^OPPKH?100 caa>-s eitra iiual ty k.nglul^ &aeilhia( ? < j>| - r M to ?J o*. received p-r r?ceat arrival*, tor tale by , d3 E. K. COLLINS K tXt.lfl South at,ret. >RK E tNTNG, DECEMBER 4, 15 UNITED STATES* TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham itreet, Ntw Fori And 116 Kulton street, Brooklyn. rai km'v, 318 blkkcekr htbeki, IW H 0 L K 8 A LK A N P K E T A 1 L , rpilK CANTON TEA COMFANV outinue to oil.* for A sale uew Aiid Ira^rmt Teai of every rariety and ityle.? Their assortment specially itirludrt tha must delicious uid powerful grades of <4re?n and Blaelt. Kvcry P^ikaife been the unmi' of neatnesi mid elegance, and Uia T?j.j therein are 10 thoroughly lecured from light aud air, that tliair qaaiity and power will remain uuiuijuin d in any eliaule. Their tytk'tn of pioaecuting biuiues* is, perhaps, scarcely to be eicelleil. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the tights oi the customer, especially with respect to weight and quality, aud unrivailed cheapnets. All purehaiera are called upon to return aur rt wllirll lit i I tl\ irira ll.ain rha iilr.nat latiafillllinn utliirli tiie money will b>- cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of fainiliea, and shipmasters will fiu?l it a decided advtuiukitp to supply theraaeWea from this establishment. Oknuink Java Cokfke roasted every day. Orders Iroin all parts of the United States eietuted With prompt Ilud<? and despatch. HT* The only nu-elioasa i? America for the sale of Hon qua < eelebrafe.t Riarfc T? <i? lm*m "F6U"GT8 LONDON " CORDIAL WIN. rpHl 8 superior article can always be obtained at the Wine 1- Vaults, No 114 Kultoii street, one door from Dutch street. HOlMilu'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTERH. These bitU'rs are highly recommended by the Medical Facol' ty of Ejopjas a ivstor tive for th? appetite, nd can be used in its oure stale "rm led with water, wines or liquors, arid e,o be obtained at all ilie principal hotels in the United Utiles. Hold whi'le^a'e onlv at ISo 111 f'ultou si. oue door from Dutch st Agents for Bo?ton, Mass ? Mes?rs. Blake & Trumbull, corner Milk aud streets. Kor Providence, K. I., Mr. Thomas Spencer, No. 15 West Water street. r. The above articles may be had in bottles for family U,Also?8TOUOHTOVS BITTERS, ESSENCE PEPPERMINT, PHILADELPHIA PORTER, ALE AND CHAMPAGNE C1DEK. of superior qualOieii, at Nb. 114 I'ULTON H+REET, nl3 lm*ec One door fr?m Dutch street ~ A. "AT^AMANOSr NO. 6 WALL STREET AND VW BROADWAY, ? okm'h 01 kkadk 9tii:kt, HAS JUST UKCEIVKD, Colon, an invoice of the celebrated woodvifle brand of Segnn, coo sisting of Regalias and Medium nie, and the Lord Byrou paper Segars. IN STORE, All the vaiious sires and choice qualities of the moil celebrated brands of Segars, couaiiting of Lord Byron, of different aizea. Port of Havana Kxgalias and medium file, Heguriilad, medium site. Juaio Saw* Principe. Large anil small Vara of St. Jagn. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of dift'reni qualities. Scafarlatti Sin.iking Tobacco of UiOtimor*. German smoking Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated Natchitoches SnufTol New Orleans, together with all the fancy Suutfs of the i ay. Paper See a s of Oarcia.Pereg, l.ara, Lord Byrou, fcc. Oerm-n Pipe*; Cherry Turkey Pine Ste >?. Pointed, Spuuk and Taper Matches, with a geueral assortment ol Segar ''aes, Snuff Boxes, Stc Ba>s for tviug Segars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of feredat wholesale aud retail. n13 lm*r URUJT8, GROCERIES. TK.AH," WINKS, fcc.?GASS~f NKR & \ OUNCi, HI < hatham street, offer at wholesale and retail, todeilers and familiesFresh Foreign Fruits, a general assortmert Sugars and Coffee of allkindsaud qualities Teas, Green and Black, of every d*scri tiou I Superior old Wines and Liquors, of various'gradea Unrw>ri?r Uji?iilu>rrw am! Cltarri' HritiMv Freuch ami American Cordials, on draft and in plan London, Scotch and American Porter, Browu stoat and Pal* Ale La Norma, Regalia, Noriaga and other brards 8?gars Kait and West India and American Preserve* and Jellies Honey, in small bojes, from Ohio Jujube Paste, in 12)4 and ii lb. boxes Bird Seed. Spices, Cocoa and Chocolate Speim Oil and Candles, Soap, be Saratoga Pavilion; Wa'er, in quirt and pint bottles. Good* del vered to auy uart ol' the city f>ee of . xiwnse. nil lin'm MKN'H, BOY'S AND CHILDRENr? CLOT1 UNO GKOROK T. ORKKN, Nos. I In Chatham street and 4 Bowery, will k?M> roostdiitlv 0'> hind a full and ci?m|il*'e *? orfment of Men s, Boys, and Children's CI'thing, of *1 'I*script ions, ill ?d * in the must ft?hi nable style,to Inch ?ld r?spectlully invito tr.e attention ef tlio e in watt As ' > lias m-de arrangements ti receive CLOTH*. C\i*l M?'KS, V'tOSTINOS 4tc.,byev? y Packet, and hat lertii 4 tlx *e|. vices i f ei|>erieiiced Cutter*, he pledges hinisilf *.o gi?e |?rf ct striil'f tion to all whs nuy purchue. N. B ?Oinneuts iraile to order at the shortest untie, and with strict pttaOCnelKy. <1* lni*tn GKN'1'Lh.\1 KN~S"LKKT OKK WAKUHOIU <ieutlfr meu or f'miliei d sirous of converting the.i l> It ctf Wearing Apparel into cath, can obtain for the sane the highest caili price Tofamiliei and gentlemen quitting ihc ejty, or changing re?i denro, haTitiK anv superfluous < lifts t> dispose (T, w ill nod it mnch to their adv.jrat(e U> send (or the subscriber, *vlio will attend them at their residence by appointment. H. LfcVKTT, 0 John itn-ct. N. V. Aline through lli? Pmt Oflice, or otlcrw i??, will icccive |>rom|>t attwimi. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. 02 lm GENTiXMEN'S OUTFITTING GOODS. JOHN M. DAVIEd ds J ONES, 106 William Street, corner of John, IJAVE retired per late arrivals, and now have in store a full 11 assortment of goods in tneir line. They fwl confident tlut their stock i* not equalled in this city, and their cooda will be old low for cash. Uaitlinneu will find a variety of new sty la of Scarfs, Cravats, VV inter (Jlov.-s, Dressing Itobes, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Ice. Under Uvinents of avery variety, ol KnglishUnd AnMrieu Bmufacture, vi?:? Merino Shirts and Dra"?era Lambs Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Klaunel do do Buckskin do do Haiti k Kibbad Silk do do I^ailiea MeriuoiiSilk do do With a (treat variety of other style*. Bilk fchiits and Drawer*, Ribbed and Plain, made to order at the shot test notice. Hosiery, Gloves, Suspenders, Storks, and every other article of outfitting good*. Our nnortmwit comprise* every *tyle bow ia dm tor rentle men, yonth and children at greatly red need price* ,o36 2m*oi ON KXCHANOK AGAIN?KKl'DHM TO THE OLD STAND. rPHK onderiifned, after a (even years' experience of the evil ! effect* molting from Urge I to re* and larger reoti, i* happy to inform hi* uomeron* customer* a,nd the com inanity Bern-rally, that he ha* effected (thank* to a conscientious landlord) a leas* ot'of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly)) Wall street, Mortimer Buildings, corner of New street, and for many year* celebrated by hi* well known SIGN OK THK GOLDEN KLKKCK?a beacon to all who are in qne*t of Rood cheap tad fashionable garments. To inch of hi* old patron* who may hare lo*t sight of him during hi* wanderiuxs, he inritra their return to the Old Spot, with the asmrance of a *trict adherence to hi* well a*tabli*hed fame for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he aoicitsa call, being prepared with an assortment of tinr and ?*?tollable clollis, casaimera, vestinga, Ike. he., which he will be happy to make np in the moat faithful manner, and on reasona ble charges, for t^ash Only. Tin same care and attention bestowed on making and trimming, as when the cloth isporcnu ?dofhim. C. B. BabcocU continues in the cutting depnrt aeat C HAKLfcS COX. nJfl Imr Sign of the Golden fr'Wee. No 4 Wall st. THK StTBHCR BF.K has removed fr .m the store No 657 Br >adway, to 174 Canal. for the purpose "f earning on the CASH TA ILOK1NU UU'IMCSS in all its branches, and in a style of elegnice which e.nnot >-e a 11 r pa i seel (f nlr other hnuae It is the iuteutou of the undersigned to uk MM| prices for his gondi as cannot fail to meet the approbatioi^ t>f tlie public, and an excellent assortment will be kept on hap'jt* su t the taste of all Garments can alto be altered and repaired at thi* tstabliahment at reduced prices. A eall is respectfully solicited by your obcdiejjf arrant, M. KICE. N B. Gentlemen furnishing their own cfcjth can have them made up on the most teeaonable terms, and good fits wa'nutted n22 lm*r THE FALL ?ND frtSttluNs, AT THK MAOAZtN Dt MODR8, No. MCaivai. Dtrrkt. A jjy ? " LADIIlS OF KA9HION.-MAI??,t fsjwctfellv to inform f ceuitopiers that she has rKttiifd. by th*! last arrivals from Pirns, h^r fall and winter fashions ud itf Hart^r* heraelf that Hie same will aund unri^kS",'.^ Si? iK ftshions consist of the following fall and mtire aew atvles cut, uncnt, plain, watered, and changeable velvet booeeta; do i ilk. *. Kill iniK f ftlld on 11r#><! hut*. nf ?n Miriv* in ludtn', mine*', and childrm't a>?ra. Alio, a eompUf aainrtmcul of capa and head dmuM, Paria nbbona, artillcial flow era, farther*. and hair ornanMiiU of tnr b-at vtiata in Pari*. Madam* B. aolicita tt? Mdi?? to fa?or ?m with an <*Hy call and n.?min? for thr<aarlTfl(. Maftazin d* Mo<t? M Cmal utrwt n7 lm'ac RHETKKN< KMF.NT THK URDKR OK THr. PAVTh* undmiifiiwl rvap-ctfillv inform lh?ir fri ad. sail ih? public m#ra!|v, that ihey k>?p rnnaiautlv on hand \ I?r|t- at d iplerdid maortmfni ?l ? r?urh and K>?li?h? lo hi, an'I Wntinft lucUdin* a gr.-st *ar *ty of Ovrrcaat atulfa, which m?>' pl?U* 'nriaanlrra ti> mOir up in ? atyknot aurpa a?A hv anv ?at*hli?hm#nt 111 lh? civ AII I-.. full tiflexii i*-r f*nt let* thn any oth*r h u?r who mal* am\ P urnn in (hi* aame nnnuer. Thoar whj with Clothing mad* t? i thfir iwrfi^t M'ltf ctiou will do well to call and gir? ua a trial i N II.?A ?|>l-ndtci aaaortmeot of Oihcoh'i an'i Cloak* k*|it f constantly on har <1, aril ?ill I* ?o'd vary low tor eaah. .11 tin*r H. WHiTKHORNb. k. CO. n Nto? it_ SHIllTD' KHIRTS!?Thi nhicnbrt haa en hand a conli|e:r KnortiK'nt <>f Shirt*, mad? in rh? b*?t manner and of inematpral*, of ilir following kinda. Tit:? Kmc Mnslin Mhirta, with linrn bototu* ud wri*tb*ad* .Do do do do and foliar* l?,uicv Colorad Shirts, of vttiuu kinda. Alao, Silk and Satin Scar*, plain and figured; Knglish, French and It\lian Silk xnu Hatin Cr*??t*. black and colored; Under Shirta and Diawer*, of Jivrino, milk and cotton; Shaker flannel and 8hal?r knit; m*ruio, lambswnol, cotton, lilk, country kuitaiid ahukrr knit Half Ho#; <?lorn*, Huaprndrra, Cravat Htinram. Collin, Boaiimi Silk Ttuan, Sic. he.?all of wli'-lh will be aold at rmtaonahl* terms at CHAKKIN'3 Store, . nT lm*m P9 Broadway ~ HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS. " A LI KN8 SKLK-( OCKINU AND KKVOLVINO SIX BOKK CAST HlKEL BAHHKLh I'lSroL?Tiu? Pintol cockaand revolve* m rely hr |Millir,it th? tritgr*, and ail ?hoU may Ik del iv trad within the short aiwue of three aecoud*. It i* more ?imi>le and moff durable than auy Tiafol now in u*e, and warianted auneriot to any olhe, maker. Kor tile in <111.111. titiea to tint PPIBBwIj. by A. vV. BPIK8 It CO. *IS P?rl afreet, Impoitera >( Hardware mid O.tferw. Aim, <>nna; PistnlatOuu inaieriala for manufacture, Jin nil or repairing Gana. AWo, every variety of SportitiK article*. mW tm* WATCHKH.?The lanteat and moat apteiKtid auortmtjit ol Wntcht in the eity, i? to b? A>tUi4 tl the aubaclibera ? Aj he ii conatanlly recn ving al\ tiauriprioiq of liotd wid Silrut Watches, of tne nen?i yk>?, direct from th? man a factored, in Kwilaod, Kraa#*, and Switierland, he m emahled to offer * laryr aasaraspnt, and at ranch less pri??s, nt retail, lhaa toy other hom* U Ue city. Upld waiehaa a* to? ?t?toft ntch trd jewellery ?>ich?ii...'<| or boaght. AH mkUi warranted to keep irood time, or Mm money rvtanaed. I Watches, clocks and jewellery rtrajvJ in the best maaaar, tad w.xmuted lowrr than at any oiaci place in the city (J. C. ALL?N, icap^xw a( watches and jeweltarf, ar tor wholeaahe aud mail, N Wall atre?t. ap atain LA HP-'00 k e<< of extra prime Leaf Lard, ia beautiful order, t>r tale bv K. K COLLINS k CO. SijSottthatraet. IERA *43. TWKNTV KI IIFH COVOlllCtl . AMPmble December ?, IH1.1. Kxj.iivs March 3r d, liM-j itenMr. M'Aiif* in llalif. lion. WILLIH P. MANOIJM, of N. Curoiinii, Vrituknt, Mrmhm . Term* trpirti. Mrinb'rt. Ttrma txpiin. MAINE. SOI Til CAROLINA. (ifui fSvav; 1847 D.tniei E. llugcr 1*47 John Fairfield 1H49 Oconto McDufli>- IHI'J N EW-HAM PSHI ItE. QEOROIA. Levi Woodbury 1847 John M. 7lmt?n 1847 Charlfis O. Athurton. ..1849 Walter T. Colquut . . . 1K19 VERMONT. ALABAMA Samuel S. I'll rips 1K4A William It King 1847 IVtH*., n> lull) A... I.... n II ...i" l^.ii MASSACHUSETTS. MlSShSSirVl." ' Rujut Chaatc I84r> John llmdr rsun I84-> Itaac C. Batrs 1 s 17 i<ol?rt J. Walker 1S47 RHODK ISLAM). LOL 1S1A.N A. William Sprafue 18i."> .llejandtr Hariow . . ..1347 Jam I Simmons . . .. lto-17 siltjanUt r 1'orttr 1849 CONNECTICUT. TKNNfcSSKK. Jahtr H". Huntington . .1846 F.phraim II. Foiltr . . .. 1 Jolin M. Nile#* 184# Siamctr Jamarin 18-17 NF.W YORK. KfcNTCtKV. b'athunirl P. Titllmadfe.lMH Jamis't. Morehiad. . ,.1347 Sila.i Wright 1810 John J. Critttnd* u .... 1H49 NEW JKRSLV. OHIO. William I.. Dayton. . ..1843 Benjamin Tapjxui . . . .lrtli Jaroh W. Mi/It r 1H47 William Alien 1849 I'ENNSY LVANIA. INDIANA. Daniel Sturgeon 1843 .llbtrt S. White lbl.i James Buchanan 1M-10 Kdward Ilannegan. . 1HI'.i DULAW VRK. II,I.I.N Ola. Richard 11. Bayard . . ,184/i James Semite 1817 'I'homas Clayton 1847 Sidney Brieve 1849 MAR I LAND. .MISSOl HI. William 1). Mtnick . . . 184.'? Thomas H. Beutou . . .1846 [Vacancy.] (Wnig). . .134!) David R. Atelieson. .. .1849 VlROINlA. ARKANSAS. William C. Rivet . . ,1MA William Si. Kulton. . ..18-17 William S. ,1rehtr. . . .1847 Ambrose II. Sevier . . .1819 NORTH CAROLINA. MICHIGAN. Willie P. jVfn??um. . . .1847 ,1ugu*tu$ S. l'ortrr . . .1843 WilliamH.Ha) wood,jr. 1849 William Woodhrid^t. ..1847 Whipfs 27 I.ocok 33 Doubttul 1 ? ill noi prnimniy i?ko uis *?< ! ill rouswjuourr 01 insanity. Houhi of lie preventative*. MAINE. 1 Benjamin J. Henick, 6 (no choice yet, loco foco 2 Hohert P. Dunlap, probably.) 3 F. H. Mow, (nupponrd.) fi IlannihM Hamlin, 4 Luihtr Stvrruncc, 7 (no choice yet) NE W HAMPSHIRE?(Not Districted.) Edmund Burke, Moiet N'orrU, jr., John k. Rcdiug, John P. HrIiv MASSACHUSETTS. 1 Jlohnt C. b'nUArofi, il (no choice yet) 2 Daniel P. King, 7 (no choice yet.) 3 (no choice yet) H John Quinry ,1dant i, 4 William Parmeuter, 9 H< nry Williams, 5 CharUs Hudson, 10 Josiiih fjrinnill. RHODE ISLAND. 1 llrnri/ Y. Cranston, 3 f'.lisha K. Potter. CONNECTICUT. 1 Thomas 11. Seymour, 3 George H. Catlin, 2 John Stewart, 4 Samuel Simon*. VERMONT. 1 Solomon Fool, 3 Gtor Re P. Marth, 2 Jacob Collamrr, 4 Paul Dillingham, Jr. NEW YORK. 1 Selah B. Strong, IB Preston King, 2 Henry C. Murphy, 19 Orville Hungerford, 3 J. Phillipt Phanir, 20 Samuel Beaniiley, 4 William B. Mac lay, 21 Jeremiah E. Carey, !> Moses O. Leonard, 22 Smith M. Furdy, 0 Hamilton Fith, 23 Orville Robinson, 7 Joseph H. Anderson, 24 Horace VVhoaton, H Richard U. Davis, 2ft George Itathbun. !> James G. Clinton, 26Ama?aDana, Id Jeremiah Russell, 27 By ram Green, 11 /adok 1'ratt, 28 Thomas J. Patter ion, 12 David L. Seymour, 2U Charle.i H. Carroll, 13 IMmiel I). Hurnard, M) William H. Hubbeli, 11 Charles Haters, SI is/ier Tyler, ! ? Lemuel Stetson, 3*J William .4. MoseUy. Iti ( heseMen Kill*, 33 .ilhtrt Smith, 17 Charles S. Benton, 34 Washington Hunt. NEW JERSEY. ^3 ?l Lucius H, C. Elmer, 3 Isaac G. Karlee, 2 < ioorge Mj kes, 4 Littleton Kirkpatrick, o William Wright. PENNSYLVANIA. 1 Edward J. Morri*, 13 Henry Frick, 2 Joseph II. Ingersoll, 14 Alexander Ham try, 3 John T. Smith, Henry Net, 4 Charles J. Ingersoll, Hi James Black, ft Jacob S.Yost, 17 Jam it hint, 8 Michail H. Jrnks, lti .Indrew Stewart, 7 %'lbraham H. Mr flraine, 19 Henry D. Foster, ? Jeremiah hrou ti, 20 John Dickey. 9 John Ritter, 21 William \\ jlkius 10 Richard Broadhead, Jr. 22 Samuel Hays, 11 Benjamin A. Bidlack, 23 Charles M. He'd 12 Almon 11. Read, 24 Josiiih B"tfintteinDEL AW ARK. George V- llodwy. .MARYLAND. [Not vet Districted.! VIRGINIA. 1 Archilxdd Atkinson, . H Hrilhiunhhu Xewton, 2 (fcorge C. Dronigoole, !? Samuel Chilton, 3 Wultor Coles, 11 William Lucas, 4 Edmund W. Huhard, 11 William Taylor, ft Thomas W. Gilmer,* 12 Augustus A. Chapman, f> John W. Jones, 13 Georpe W. Hopkins, 7 Henry A. Wise, 14 lieorgt H". Suramin. 11 Ul.'rnrnil NORTH CAROLINA. I Thomas Ij. Clingman, > R. M. Saunder*,* 'J Daniel Af. Barrin^tr, ! JtniM J. McKay, ?, David 8. Reid, 7 John R.J. Daniel, 4 Edmvnil Dehrrry, H A. II. Arlington, 9 Ktnntth Jlaynvr. SOUTH CAROLINA. I James A. Black,* 4 John Campbell,* U Richard K. Bimpaon,'" ft ArmUtead burke,' :i Joseph A. Woodward,' 0 Isaac E. Holmes, 7 R. Barnwell Rhett." GEORGIA.?[Not Districted] Ed want J. Black* (Vacancy) .1. II. Stephens, John H Lumpkin," Huafh A. Haralnon,* Howell Cobb," .Ibsalam II. Chaviull, William H. Stiles.* KENTUCKY. 1 Linn Boyd, 6 John While, 'J Willit (irrrn, 7 H'illiam P. Thommson. 3 Henry Grides, 8 liurrttt Hans, I George A. Caldwell, 9 Richard French, ft James Stone 10 J. W. Tibbatts. TENNESSEE. I Andrew Jolinson, C> Aaron V. Brown, J William V. SenUr, 7 Darid If. Dickinson, .1 Julius W. Blackwell, 8 Joseph II. JVy/on, 4 Alvan Cfcllom, ! Cave Johnson, it U+orgr.W. Jones, in John B. .hhi II MiUon Brown. OHIO. ) Alexander Duncan. II Jacob Brinkerhofl, 'J John b Weller, 12 Jllraandtr Harpti, 3 Rohtrt C. SfKcnck, 1 l Ptrlry B. Johnton. 4 Jotrph Const, 14 Samutl F. Vinton, ft Kmery D. Potter, 10 Joaeph MorrU, 0 Henry At. John, 16 Jamea .Vlathewa, 7 Joieph J. McDowell, 17 William C. MeCaualen, H John J. Vanmrlt r. 18 Ktra Dean, 9 Filial Flortncr, 19 Danirl R. T\l<Un, 10 Heman A. Moore, 30 Joshua R. Oiddinfi, 21 Henry R. Brinckerhoff. LOUISIANA. 1 John Slidell,' "3 John B. Dawson, \! Alree LahranrVie," 4 P. K. Bonder,* INDIANA. 1 llobert Dale Owen, *1 John W. Davis, J Thoma* J. Henley, 7 Jnneph A. Wright, 3 Thomas Smith, * John Petit, 4 Cnlrh B. Smith, 9 Samiirl C. Samplr, h William J. Bmwn, 10 Andrew KennoiU. ILLINOIS. 1 Robert Hmith, 4 John Wentworth, 1 John A? Mc<>leman?l, <1 Stephen A. DoujrI??? 3 Orlando B. Kicklin. 0 Jox ph P. Hoge, 7 John J. Hardin. ALABAMA. I James Drlltt, 4 Winter W. Payne* ''t .lame* t. Belser, 9 George S Houston, [.I Dixon H. LewiC, fi Reuben f'hnpman, 7 Felix (V. MeConnell MISSISSIPPI- (Not dUttirtod.) F.Jacob Thompson, Hobert W. Roberts, ^W. J. Hammett, Tucker. MISSOURI?<J*ot districted ) John Jameson, J. B. Bowlin, O. W. Bower, X P Kelfe, James M. Hiu'hos. michio.ot. 1 Robert MeClelfend, 'j Hatiiuei B Hunt .1 Lucius Lyon. FLORIDA. David Levy. WISCONSIN llcnry Dodge. IOWA. Auguatu* G. Dodg<*. * Supposed to be Calhoun men?00 Whiff*', ffi?. Democrats, I4.v Northern Navigation.?All along'ihe several lines, boat* are laid up, and navigation nrflv '??* considered clowcd for tho .season The HudtWti it Albany and down to Ithincbeck, was full o! rfrt/i'inf! K'o at tho l ift accounts*. , T?. J 'xtflk* w ? IIIF. matraiirdi\AIIY rniM *j IIin? runim:r Smith?whose name, in connection with the recent ft'loninhing cane of larcenie* in this tow 11, ha* acquired ;i riiinful notoriety, wiu arrentej on Tucmltiy and brought before a magiitrate. She j>l? ?.!< ?! guilty an> wm ili?i'lmrtrril on enterfng a recognizance in the mm of seren hundred dollar* for her aptiearance f>cfore the Criminal < onrt in January. More illwovrri?* have been mi<de #: dirtcn-n't larrenie*. and it in ?Bti*fac?orily a?c?*naiited thrt tiio wiM'k rnunt have Ihh;u carried on for ?lx, ei<*)it,or cvon ten y?ars.?Bnrrr Gazelle. CrvciNNATt 1'ost OrrtcK.?Th?: number of !?'tern received for delivery at the Cincinnati P""' Ott/ro dining October, wn .ri.rttl#, of which nunihnr I..**1 wip-r fre?. rhe umnl>er of regular nt^jo with pontage, for the month, was JO.HffT?nunil^r ivCAived free, 1I,U??number of nccwfenal papei'number of pamphlet*. W'J. Thlt |? Indicative of ?no growth of that city. . I ????I LD. Prlw Two OmIi. L>*tte chikmpliln. [CorrecponJi^ncc of Ok. Her?ld J Lakt. CiiAMiijvn., Nov. 18, l*t3 '/fir IVeuther?Thr HTient and flour Trade in Ca- % iiarfn, Qf?Cihnmerrc of TiufTulo. VtwtifO, $ Thr-.R Slit? After a delightful (though at some points a pc-nlous) journey of over MOO mile*, through the tine* portion of this great continent, my face U turned homewards, with pleasure, and I feel sincerely grateful to a kind Providence (or preserving m*5 from tln? slightest accident. I have travestied the entire length and breadth of Lakes Erie, Ontario, Huron, Michigan and Superior, and down the noble St. Lawrence as fax as Saugendy river, 150 miles below Quebec. In the course of this useful tour, I have collected a great many statistical and other facts, which, I think win be serviceable to you hereafter. In the meantime, before I ?et into the harness again, I must throw together some of my material* in the form of letters. 1 miuit here mention that at Qut>0oc 1 saw a letter written by the directors of the Cunard line of hleanter , ut Halifax, to Captain Douglas of the Unicorn, which stated that in all probability the Unicorn would run next year direct from Halifax to New York, leaving Halifax 011 the arrival of each of the Cunard steamers. The reason giveu for the proposed change in, that the Unicorn has been losing annually about JlHOOO. although the fare in her from Halifax to Quebec has been #40. She is elegantly fitted up, and will make a capital boat to run front New \ ork. and connecting our glorious city with Li\erpooI through the Cunard line of steamers. I was at Quebec four days since, and the. snow lay there two feet deep in all the streets. We had a delightful sleigh ride out to the Plains of Abraham. and the citizens of Quebec have had fine sleign'mc for three weeks past A regiment, just from the West ludies (the 43d. I believe) wen; stationed in inr i. us<iei, mm ionK>Mi Dine enougn, though jjerfectly sober. All the rnen-oi-war huv? left; all the dragoons are gone home; two regiments remain at Quebec; two st Montreal, and one, the 14tl>, of Kingston. The winter had set in unusually early throughout Canada, defying all the calculations of merchants and farmers. The latter will lose one-fourth of their enure crop ot root*, apples, iVe. Jn Quebec, on the 14th inst., there were hut 15,000 barrels of flour, and in Montreal only about 12,000 barrels. Each city will require nt leust 20,000 barrels more to carry them through the winter ; although in tnanv of the eastern townships the farmers, who bought .1000 barrels last year, inMead of wanting to buy flour for family use*, have had asurplus of flour to sell. The Lachine canal was frozen hard ; and the Kidean canal in many place#? the principal dcpcudance was on the arrival of barge* und the small profilers that *.hoot all the rapids ; many of these bring from KiOO to 1600 barrels of flour. The morning 1 left Montreal, T saw nine barges laden with flour at the head of Laciune Rapids, und seven boats had struck, grounded and bilged at the cedars, cascades, and on the split rock, all, I understand, laden with flour. In coming up the St. Lawrence, on the 15th, we met a great deul of floatmc ice, and encountered two severe snow storms. There were about 25 vessels in the port ot Quebec waiting for a cargo to go to England : but only 5 in Montrenl, nnd the^e have all left by this time. 1 went down to Quebec and re nriwtjI In iYi," * !iinktii:it Montri'x!. ('aiii. Ariiifttrtnp This is tin- most aylcndid sleiunboat on British American whiw, she is 2fHj feet longj 30 feet beam, hah an engine of 500 horse imwor. and cost $*95,000. Her engine was built nt John Molson's celebrated loundiv, Montreal. The l ire for the 1H0 miles in only $1 50, meals included. table is set, equal to a* dinner at the Astor, and the comforts and accommodations (particularly in 'lie ladies' cabin) are euuul to your spl< udul boats, the K nickerbocker and Empire. A very large quantity of American wheat has been purchased in Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, and even as far welt as Michigan City (the Lake port for Indiana) by Canadian buyers thuyear; thi* ban been gtottnd in Canada, ami shipped to England as Canadian flour. A gentleman in Montreal, fully conversant with this business, has promised to mukf out a detailed statistical account of it, and forward if to you shortly. The Canadians can easily undersell the Americans in the Liverpool flour market; thus: a barrel of (lour bought in Cleveland now costs 75; tiie charges oil it to New ^ ork are about as nearly as can be; the average freight lo Liverpool would be 40 cents; add to this insurance anil duty in Liverpool, and the cost of n barrel of American flour there would be about SO : whilst flour was selling in Liverpool at the last accounts nt 21s., or about $7 45. On the other hand, wheat has bctn bought in Michigan City this year at f>0 cents a bushel; the duty in Canada on American wheat is only 9 cents n bushel; 8 cents for freight woftld bring it from Chicago to the Wcllaud Canal; and for 75 to (W cents it could thus be put into the mill at Kingston; then the freight from Montr< al to Liverpool is about $1 a barrel, and the duty in England is only 121 2 cents on Canadian ground flour made from Ameri L.' . TL. :...? I I J Cilll wlie ill. II1C lUMii am r uu? uu ti rmi in ui IIUUI from Montreal to Liverpool is 50 cent*. Or to make it clearer; flour now brings 2<?s. or #5 121-2 m Montreal; all the charges, (freight, insurance. durr, tter. icc.) from Montreal to Liverpool nre #2 12^: making the cost of a battel of Hour in LiverpooHjf7 25, where it is now bringing ?7 50. I am credibly informed liv a gentleman in the trade, who is likely to know, that there are at this time in the citv of New York 3tf0,000 barrels of llour; of which 120,000 barrels are held on Western account. A very heavy miller at Rochester, fhi* year, told me that he honeht ?h??t at Chicago f-r 50 rents a l.u.?hel, brought it to Buffalo for 8 cents more, put it into the mill at Rochester for 07 cents a bushel, and was thus enabled to deliver the flour m .New \ ork for 83 f>5 a barrel, at n time when flour was selling for #4 5<l The flour which is missed from tide water after leaving Buffalo, I lind in tapped at Attica, Binghampton, Chenango Valley, and numerous place! alone the line of the canal, to guuoly various *outhern sections of the State of New \ ork, where they do not raise flour enough for home consumption. An increase quantity of wheat and flour has com* down the Genesee e Valley Canal to Rochester thia year. Although I hare many other facts in store on Canada, 1 must close thin letter with some account of the commerce of Buffalo. Oswego, ice., tbiK year, in order to forestall the official accounts. I cailea on the collectors of these nnd othet porta, and the* kindly furnished me with the following facts, in advance of their annual return*. imrnnii or Bt;rr*Lo fsom Mat Rth to Oct. ISth. Hit fork. HI*.Flour. Huih.Whent. Hu*l> Corn. Hlt.P?rk. 40,'2tki 707,566 1,405,997 JOT ,3.x! 40,366 7'J,ltW barreli of New York salt exported wwtwanl. This would give ail average of about 4.500 bar rcls of flour and over H,MH) bushels of whmt imported daily into Buffalo. 1 le.irn ulm> that up la the fust week in November,their h id been SIO.OOO barrels of flour and 1,600,000 bushels of wheat imported into Buffalo this season; and, as I have also seen, that 1*>.OUO barrel* of flour arrived there lately in three days, and 30,000 bushels of wheat, the lair presumption is, that uufl.ilo this year will import at least 1,0)10.000 harrels of flotir, and 2,000,000 bushels of wheat. At I ku>'vii I nbt imeil fi'iwn the ( 'oiler I or the following comparative itatrmrnt of thr bum news on rh? Oawego Canal from the rnmin^nccmen! of navigation up to the firrt of November, for 1*42 nnd 18-13: ? Properly Shinprti. 1*1/ 1113. M. Lite Boardt Si SoaiitlluK 'I. I3,i#)2 2B7 12,111.719 ? I im. -xm. A?h<^ b*rt?l? 7,*63 It (176 4.10 ? Pork do... 7,?*3 6.146 ? fhw' His Mtt.312 1.9:n at <'? yi, ? Bmtrr ami Lard- -do. I I 1,1.1,137 107 '.Shi ? Wool .do-.* ilfl.Bij 7J.SI7 ? t3,2!>? PI h.vr?l?. 92.HI8 I7.V95I 83.I3S ? WK?*t . t(-i?Krl?. r,?4 7%, 17a <7,*: ? | Bun k Ship Stuff- -?!.? T61.014 1M.HJ 731,11(1 > li>v? Ik. t tr?? Sr. I. I!.i 1i7,16l *11.77* ? 11,7? Furui'nrc do 1*2.012 2TO.12I 87,109 ? Pruprrtu Rtetirtd. Ono It- >*rr?U- 271 738 ? IW.6I1 ' Mcrrhmdiw lb?- 11,127, III 17,fll? 16" 2,K)?,3IH ? Amount irc'd for tolU- -Sto. <SI 7> 95 $19.3111 to ? 1 wish T had fonnd all rh.- oollortor* an obliging #,mI intelligent ii? liirn of < Vwgo. V oil re, vVr. r ^ ^ p o mero y .'M i. r>t\ io r i i . : ?c-3?fe-0a"'y kvenksh-BBI fi?n aOasI. thov, ( Hlc.i(fiu ...dT-t A^aI/W 'fljr ?ul>*cribtPM Myin* oompl<"ti?d rti* r <rraoicmfiil? w?fh i iWiViipkVLnwol M.-unbomts, on the North Ri.rr, and th? I Rail :t ?*l ' "7* 01 Albany tbr i milium thw Ku>nm j forrb???i?on of lit J, an uimii will l>^n tnWr office, >?7l j Wrll Uirrt, N'w York, firry fvi'iii.,*, ?t >ju i/fi-r (a T o'clook, I fur tin* i|* Ulfu *ii<l niN 'tn- distf ?lar<>j. I . tMHJRTANT. For tli* grtttrt Mltty ami security of all valnabl* wJ mouey M-k-cfva ?iiuwinl iu lh?lr c?i?, th*y W<< Hdtmurfn Iron 1 Vi. i on IxJ.irn of tli* Me.imhiiU?, in a air'* r.?om <vrui>i?l n i rliuivi'ly by th*mwlv??, vJ rbr m*u*narr m chai** ?Wi? iq I tin- m>iii' room with tin- iron MM.into uliiffl 'II iuob I ,irv,.|?. ?.!. POMf MOV k < OHfANIf, | Bill* No iWdMmi |