Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1843 Page 1
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?? |_.J l._.ggW? TH V?I. IX., No. 3*43?Whole No. 3ft<15. i'ATERSON RAILROAD. From Patenou to Jersey C?ty. ' On and after Monday, Oct. 2<1, 1843, the curt will 1/L*** > ^ ' i ..... N. w Vom *Tii??on 1/KrVTi 8 A.M. ? ? ?S* " U? r. M. 3 P. M. * ON SUNDAYS. Lnvn Pat KHBon DsroT. i M A.M. ?Hp-G* 3 P. M. . * JTransportation crtj leave daily ( Sunday* ^ewcepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, tool of Courtlandt itreeC, a few minute* before the stated hour* of departure jyitt 6in * ^ ^EWTOKK AN1) HAKLKM RAILROAD COMPANY. WINTER AIM14NQE On oiid after December 1st, 1313, the Cars will run in tl.e following order:? Leave City llall Leave the Bridge for the liridge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. 8 JO 9 00 " 1U 20 11 30 " 1 00 2 00 P. M. 3 30 4 30 " ti 00 The City Hall and 27ili itiuii liua will ran ns follows From 7 A.M. every 10 minutes ilirouch the day till 7 30 P. M. The Kxtra Night Line will run as l'lljws Leave City Hall for 27th street at 8 , 8 30 , 9, 9 30, 10, 10 70, Sc. II. Leave 27th street for City Hall at 7 30,8, 8 30, 9. 9 30, 10, & 10 38 By order of the B >ard, u24 1mr W. 8. CARMAN. 3ecV. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons anil 440 horse power each. Voder contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. HI UK UNI A, ( ominanded by C. II E. Judkius. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. ACADIA, Alexander Ryrie, Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, vin Halifax, as 'ollowi : Krom Livkktooi.. From Bostot Caledonia, iDec. 1. llihernia, Dec. 5. Jan. 1 Britannia, Jan. 4. Keb. 1. I aledonia, Keb. 5 M?rch 1 Acidia, March 4, April 1 These vessels carry experienced surgeous, and aw supplied Witn Frances' Patent Life Boats. For freight or passage apply to 1). BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, o!7r No. 3 Wall at., New York. NtW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To tail from New York on the 2ith and Liverpool on the lllh of eacff mouth. ^From NfW Ship SIDDON9, Captain K. B. Cobb, 26th December 8lup SliKKIDAN, Captain F. De|ieyst?r, 2?th January Ship (JARR1CK, Capl. Wm. Skiddy, J6t'i Keb:u?ry. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 26th March. Kr?m Livkrpooi.. Ship SIDDONS.Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. Ship SHK.KIHAN. Captain K. A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship (JAKRKyK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 11th April. Ship ROSCICS, Captain John Collins, 11th May. These ship* are nil of the first claaa, upward* of 1004 toot, bnilt in the city of New York, with auch improvement! a? combine great siwed with unusual eomfort for passengers. F.very care has lieeu taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence ii $t(i0, for which ample stores will be provided Tnes# ships an? commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages tent by them, unlets regular bills of lading aru signed therel'ar. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLIN S K CO., 50 South it.. New York, or (( BROWN. SHIPLEY St to.. Liverpool. Lett?cs by the packets will be charted 12>4 ttnti per singli heet ; 5# cents |ier onnce, and newspapers 1 cent each. d2 KXPKK88 FOR BOnTON?DAILY LINE?WIMTEh ARR \NGEMENT. HAHNnEN fc CO. will run fidI their pick Age and basinets Kv n, ,1* JvfiflHB press between New Ysrk and L Knitnn dunce the winter, as follow.:? V i.i Mo< ingtou, on Tue>da>?, Thursdays aud Sun days. Via Norwich on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?mak ing a oailv line. N. b?Please mark all packages intended for this line, u can of HARNDEN Jst CO. nfir _ 3 Wall street. I'H I LAD ?,LrHIA EXPREa t. "Mmn & Lswc HARNDEN St CO. in connexion with then JfefetSRE Bos'on and Provideri* Linea of Express and Ea .nn??n Agencies, run two Daily Line* of Expre? to PiuU't-lpma connecting with Ralumor-and Washinrtci and al the important lines io tue South and West. rarticu'ar at ei.iion will be naidto the transportation! and de liverv of small and valuable parcels with the utmost regularity and despatch Cases, large parcels, StC. despatched daily at V before' I'. M Small parcels received unul X post 4 o'clock P. M. and deliver eii rtt'v io PJ?ifiJ?lrhi? iM-st mornu.g. nTOec HARNDEN it CO. mW+TI MA 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY. FOOl /E^J*S-?3aOF WHITEHALL 8T.-The itmnbos St-. .aV.VfgL STATEN ISLANDER will leave New Vorl and Sfaten Island, on and after October 2d. a* follows, iluti lurther nnr'ce Leavr Sutru I-land at 8)?. 10. a. m., 2, 4, r. M. Leave New York at 9. 12)4. 10 min. paai 3, 4jfN. B ?On Sundays the boat will leare at ll insuad of I2itf. All Irmght ahipiwd is required to be particulars maruru an< it at the n?U of tk.e nwuen thereof ?Wtfr M MX O'CLOCK EVtMINO LINi flr--^jr-5*fu1, ALBANY AND TROY diwct, withou tm rfrr ?ih? splendid low pressure strambon SWALl.OW, Captain A. McLean, will lea re the foot o Courtlaudt street rrery Tuesday, Thur?d?r, and aatunUl veilings, at 6 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow h.u < large nnrober of atate roomt.vjd for itv? act! accommodations ia not surpassed nn the an8 ei Jt O^LY "RKUULA R LIN to FOR N'K OR *rffVLKANJ?-rh? following drat data pa'kets willaai ?iMMbpiinctua1h- as advertised, weather permuting or paa s w fre?, viz:? Tne I.OUISA.Cgm. Learitt, on the 5th Oea. The PAN TULA, Capt. Dennis, on the ? Diy The accommodations of these anipa for cabin, second cabu and steerace passengers. are anch at cannot fail to ensure even c mfort to passeugers during the voya?? The ships nl this line hare now commenced their rernia tr>|ia. and will aiil punctual every fire days throughout th< tPiton. Ta'aengera may then fore rely on not heng nttam. <1 The price of |>ai??g? lining vnry low, thoae wiahing to aecun bertha in either of ihe abo\e packets, can do ?o by applying tt W. k J. T. TAfSCOTT, a' their General Passage Office, 41 Peck slip, i 20 comer ot Sou'h ttr^L xjkST h n? NKW ORLKANB?First Shii>?Ti e fas ship N'AOARA, CAPt. Cole, will positive^ Tor New Orleans to-motfow (Tnesdayj the 5tf inst. A few cabin, secoud cabin ?ad itmriKfl r?ssenRers ran t>< cotnfortabljfaccommodaud. a* the lowest rates, il iinmodial ariplicition is m ide on board the ?hip. at piy ?. K. R. or to ' JOHN HERDMAN.61 South tt. N. B.?The ahip Sharon, Capt. rurrinjtou, will rail for Ne? Or Iran* on the lOih in?t. and take p.i?aen(ert at the loweat ratei Apply a* above. d?ec> KOK GKKKNOCK AND ULASOOW. wit wPl*3PVilMP?(ch?'Th? paean ahip SAL.KM, Capt. Heiru JMHilMwill ?a?l u abore. Her areommod* iom for cabin second C4"ij acd neerane pasiengera, are mpenor to any Te?w io port. I'.raous deairout of (oiucahould ualu early ari'lio ?o? on board, foot of^...t^cOjJlWRRAy ^ p.^ corner of South ?tr'*t. |> s ?re^iom wuhinft to s*nd for their frie ida to Scotland ran haTe them brought ont b> the ?bo?? packet by makinc ai r.inKeraenti with the above. "Zr "*?$- PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immedial Despatch?1The well known faat aailmir bark COS JKCiKmMO, Capt. Outerbridge, will meet with lminediat (let patch Kir mri'jvTe I'VII. bin- lua t >od accommodations for robin, second cabin an ateengi- paviengern. Those about going to the old countr will find tins a desirable oppoitunuy. Application withou delav should bemads to W. ic J. T. TaPSCOTT, u2.'i r 43 Peck slip, corner South itwt. J.AA- LONDON LINK OK PACKETS-Packn of lot kr?*V Dec?The splendid. well kno? n, fait sailing and f, f >>ack(>t ,h'P TORONTO. Capt. R A Orii wol , will sail positively a* above. h*r regular day. 9h? ha acrommorfations itii<urpait-*d tor cabin. seioad robin and stm age passengers, and those w lihiug to I'-oura t *rths ihould inak early application to W. & J. T TAP9COTT, 18 Peck slip, d.1 corner South street. NEW LINK OK PACKETS KOR LIVEF rfjCTW. TOOLPacket of 3Ut December?The splendi jMBMbwrll known fatorite packet ihip LIVERPOOL IJOO ton* bnrtlMo, Captain John Eldridge, will tail ou the 2li Derember, her regular iU>. The ships of thia line bring all 1000 tonj and upwards,persor about to embark for thaold country, will not fail to sr* the a< vanugea to be derived from aelecting thu line in preference t any other, as thrir great capacity rentieri thrin every way mor comfortable and convenient than ahipa of a -smaller class, an thrir accommodations it it writ known are superior to an others. Those wishing to secare bertha ihould not fail to mall early application on boar.or to v^. k J. t. tapscott, At thair (Jenrr&l Passage Office, 43 Perk alip, ill ec comer of South at. kok-Liverpool-newlink?kegnii hffW^VParkat of Mth December.?The splendid pack< jHMMb<l>iP fil)l)()NS, Capt. E B Cobb, of 1WM) tona. \vi MMaiahore,her regular day. or freight or passage, having a< commodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply o board at O/lrana wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. Priceof twus.ige, $100. M South streat. The rvu li< t shin Shi.rid.111. Capt. Dopeyster, of 1000 tow tjillsucceed the ^iddons and s til th- 2" th January her ffpili I^Mengrrs may rely upon the ihipi or thit line sailini nam IV aa advertised. MM K(m~U"VKEI'ObL?1The Now Line Ke*nl? lA'TjV Tacket 21?t IWember ?1The new and very splendi JBHWaNei* Voik built packet ship LtVKRl'OOL, Jnh Klilridge, master; 1160 tun*, will tail as above, her reguli day. For freight or p,usage, having roomy and un?ui>a*?ed accum Bindations, apply to the (>r>tmn on board, weat aide Hurlin .lip, or to WOODHULL kSllNTlJRNS, 87 South at. Price of paanffe tlOO. The new and elegant packet ihip Qneei of the Weat, Phili Wnndhonse, n aster; IJ JO toaa, will suceaed the Liverpool, an ail n h-r rrgnlar day,8lit January, 1*4, o3o< iA^ " Tim LI vV.KPOOl?IWular Packet of the ~7t MrrxW Decemlier?The well knowa fatr sailing packet shi ?|?l|&I.Nl>i'.rKNDl.NCKl Captain Nye, burthen 1<H toua. will tail aa above, her regular day. Her accommodations lor caniu, second ca*iu, and steeraa pa??'nvar? are iinsurp* ?ed by any vessel in port, rennoi wis) mg to embvrk should m>k? early application on board, foot r Maiden larie, or to JOtfcPH McMUKRAY, 100 Pine street. corner of Snath. Persons without to lend for their friends, can have thei brought out i>y the above shin, or any of the resnlai pnrkei sailinir nn the l.t, Tth. lith 19th and *Vh of each month, b applying as ar>ove, if by latter,post paid. P rt - Drafts at sight, <or large or small sttms, are drawn h the subscriber on (H? Provincial B>nk of Ireland, payable i th'if respective branches ihri.un hont the country: also, o Mesirs. S|?M>ner, /xtwood It Co. Bankers, London, (Wyoble i ivory town in Ureal BriUia, u28 E NE NE) ANTMiUMBUO STORE!?LIVE ANO LET I JL!?At thf old etc u*iv<> Boot Store, No. 141 Chaihaia itie^t (wr??re th'odioui practice of calling ui>ou ^crsous failing the ?tor* it not tolerated) can be ubt lined Water Proof Boors manufactured in this c*ty of tl?# beat m^t#1 ial, aud warrant* d at prices r.tugw? from tlire* to five d Hare, being aotne two do Man lower ia |>rice than if generally ohtiiced (quality cont deied) la thia city. n26 5w*r PARIS BOOTS.ANO LASTS MAUETO ORDER, Bv E. 8U8ER, P5 Broadwat. (Bucmsst.) <?-- i??- r i'?M . _* K. 8V8KR. Bonlmurt lad Maker of Lull, an eQ^PBW'Elve" of Clerci of Paru, begs leave to inform hi* ffiM and all (he aiiut'un of a geutiemauly "chauaiarc ' that he can now make, in New York, with the best French ma terials, all that is so per'ecily made m Paris hy kit master, the celebrated Bootm-ler Clerce, wnote numerous customers oil this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to try 6user'? Boot* anil Lasts, belo<? they despair of beiug "oliaussiw" New Vo'li, after the nices latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. n2l I in "?n TIHSTLE "|{ALl7 THE MAN AOF.HS Ol THE THISTLE BENF.VO1 LENT A8BOC1ATIOv respectfully announce that their KiiisT ball for this sra-on will ukeplace on Friday F.veuiug, December 8, A1 i AMM.lWV II AI L. It it well known to the patrons of the Balls given by the Thistle Benevolent Association the prec eds aie whoLy I estowel for charitable purposes 'I he MinsKera have ihere:ore it'Uch pleasure In recotnmani*inn an iiiuoceut amusement, ?i|ieri?lly w 1|*I1 it is made subservient to other aiiu more imtortant purposes. The Hoard ol Managers are p'oud to acnowledge tint '.lieir efforts to please have be?n h'therto cheerfully responded to by a generous I ubl'C. and they trust that the swre sympathetic Icrling will prompt tli ir patrons on this occasion to aid them iu their endeavors " to relieve the orphan and dry the widow's tears." The Order "f Daucicg according to Programme. Mr. J PAKKF.K has. with his usual kindness, generously volunteer d his va'uable services in directing the Floor. An excellent Band has U*n ungsged for the occasion?Mr. Fohert M. Hoffman, l.earier? and no rains have been spared by the Committee to render the music full and efficient The Ball will be opened by the Highland Bag-Pipe, and National Airs wi'I be played previous to the commencement, as we 1 ai during the intermission ot dancing. Doi rs at 7?Dittoing will commence precisely aC eight o'clock. i'he te'DiinatioD of the Ball will hp known by the Band playing " liuid night, an joy bs wi' yon Tic-ets f I, to pdmit a geutleniat Mid two ladies?tolcliad ol the B>ar<l of Manager*,vizJames Curr, 180 Hudson street, I'resident; Jas. Har.uou, 79 Courtlandl stret, Vice Presideul; Johu Patten, >28 Cedar stre?t,Trei*urer; William McLaughlin, 1(5 Elizabeth street; Much Kerr, 565 Broadway; Win. Richard n, corner Perry and Ureeuwich; James Viitue, coruer lSth trert and 5th avenue. Samuel Maycock, 219 William street; Walter t.eggatt, H Hudson street Checks not transferable A. CA.Mh.RON, Secretary, 252 Hudson strref. (Cr~ Members can liave their Tickets on application to the Secretary, or in the Committee room on the evening of the Ball. d3 6f f _ .MnlJAiVlli, OUTTUN, PKOKK8BOR OK SINGING. 06 Variek street, St. Johns' Park. j15 >m*r MUSIC FUR PARTIES. i MESSRS. G. WEISS ?i FR. (iRAMBSS, Professors of Mnsic, respectfully announce to their patrons, the ladies and gentlemen ol'New Yorkandita vicinity, that their Cotillion Band is prepared to play the most admired and fashionable i Muwo for Private Parties, Soirees, Sic. Orders thankfully received and punctually attended to at 26 Delancey it, also at Mr.Millot's Mnsic Saloon, 329 Broadw ty, or at Mr. Jollie's Music Store, 385 Broadway. n4 lm*r MUSIC. VfESSRS. SCHNEIDER It REBHUN, Professors of Music, late of Saratoga Springs, respectfully announce, that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private unities, soirees, serenade*, Sic., during the ensning season, performing the most Diodern and popular music. , All orders for their attendance will be received and answered i at their present residence, 59 Crosby street. n21 lm*r . BLANCARD'S PATENT WOOD AND COAL STOVES, for Halls, Parlors, Ollicot, Stony, Steamboats, tic ?These Stoves are a Sfstue of Washington, ihe Father of his Country, iirmounliug twn kinds of |x d-stals, one *'or wood and the other for eoliths tie chamber in the wood pe.Jestal oeing so arranged that the . fire, Vy menu of a reveitable plate or pirtition in tie Stove, causes the liea. to circulate through the entire htight of the sta lite eiving a large and beautiful radnting surface These > Stoves ''sve also got a hot air clumber attached a id every tliiug being constructed ou the moit sruntilic principles, thev give to > nil vlu have thein ill us- the greatest satisfaction. The tub *criber invites the attention of thnje \v luting a beautiful, em no mica I and durab e Store, to cull and latisfy themselves of ' ti e abeqe fart*. '1 hey can be teen in operation dally, and reference* gi?eu ?o thote who have ihttn in use. The public will then have a fair opp rtunity of judgiug that the nbove are plain f<ct . For tale ouly in tint city at IU Grand itreet, one door > east of Btoadway. Hi Im'n JAMES* HINDS. REMOVAL. THE FHINOt AND WOUSTtL) STORE OF D. M. PF.VSKIf St CO. hit been removed ?o Mo. CO John itreet, pposite the former i tand of llll William street. n26 lmec GLOBE HOTEL, "p of. nntx/wh'jiv, neiv-york . f bl.ANi AltL) h?* lie hotor to acquaint tlie geutlemeu who tn-quent the 01"l>e, and the public generally, that hi* T-tble d'Hote will beopeoe lto morrow, Dec. lit, at which a limited number of ihe \miteurs of good cheer may enjoy the'uiurie* of a well supplied and elezant table after iu?ineis hnirs. I Dinner will be lerved up every day at 5 o'clock precisely. Hit eellar i* well tupplled with the choicest wm?s ol every country, which will be turmsh'd at n-asimable rates. The Uettaurant will be coutinued as usual, for farties who dt sire to dine sepnratelr. F BLANCARD will be happy to treat with 'aTiilie* desirous ol tecurme Board for the winter, an<. upon moderate terms. * To siu-h, their tne?ls will, a* herrto'ore. be topinied in their t private roon t. He has elegantly furnished apartments, suitable I for either numerous or small families, or for tingle persons. I dl Iw* IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITERS TO THE INLAN l> OK ( UBA. PROGRESS HOTE L, I IN THE VILLAGE OF CKHRO, three miles from Hava 1 in?Till* establishment 11 advantageously situated pr< perly fitted up anil ttvntl?d, affording the benefit of a country life, without excli'dirrg th<* comforts nid pleasures of the raniial. or preventing a tim-ly attendance to business. Eveiy attention is l promised by the owners to meet the satisfaction of their visiI ters. > CHARGES. Boarding for a single pe'son iu one room, 12 00 a day " for two or three persous ia oue room, $1 50 a day s each ersnu, 1 With families a particular agreement may be entered Into. N. B?Omnil>u>?w are running from moraine till uiglit between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip iu half an hour. n27 Itn'r HAV ANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL i TM1E undersigued take* occasion to inform his friends uid ; - the public, that the Mansion Honse is now located in ln1'iuidor street, No. 67. in the vicinit) of the steamboat landing r tud vegetable market, having commodious family apartments c arranged in the nearest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passenfets, p barrage, tic. who will boara vessels immediately af:er the visit I of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should [ r a pusroTt from the Spanish Consul, attne port of embarkation, to obviate dif Acuities and inconvenience. j s2l tmec _ WILLIAM FULTON. riiiL.Aur,L.rniA 1 DAG IrERREOTYPESTABLISHMENT, e EX< HAGE BUILDING, ROOMS 56 A.M) 27. ? ""THE Subscriber haa received a large supply i>l VoigtUnders' A celebrated Daguerreotype Appartas. ;*r?re mil small sise*. with achromatic lensaa made accordirg to Professor Petxval'i calculation i. AUo a new supply of l*s' plates uiii chemicals, which he warrants good ano sells ? reduced prices. : The following geat.einen have agreed to act u agents, tit? " E. WTiite, Esq . 17J Broadway New York P/Haas, Esq, ' iVashingtor, D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. S |j Broadbe,.t, Esq, lor the Southern States. Win. West, Esq. ' Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (pott paid) and ordtri, accompanied SthtXllUnC'-' w'"iy*?'j^jl'fjv[y ,tt*ndr<1 toL?n<I alioald b? I olTIm'r Eichimge Buildings, Philadelphia plOAL COAL !?As cheap as the cheapest, and aa good aa vy the be?t, of Peach Orchard r> d ash. at the Workiugman's - Coal Yard, comer of Christopher an<* Greenwich streets. * weighed by a ci ty weigher, and delivered to any part of the ei ' ty free of cartige. e 2w?r EDWARD LEWELYN d D?'A X AND OAK BAZAAR?At thia establishment canbs V D found every description of Boats that the tagennity ol man it Jan suggest. Look at what he lias done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, vi*1The Swiftsure, of - Newfoundland: the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Tronbler; > the Romp of Hnrlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row i- row boats Heury Stark, which won 29 races ill 18 months; i- the noble Cimbna; the G. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer i? for the Unitfd Stales ship Ohio; the barge Empress for Florida r- the hnss mounted gig Neptune for Tampico Bay, and a holt o ? others equally great OARS, SWEEPS AND BCULLS-150.000 feet on hand; llso 2,000 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This r Look at the prices, only thru and four pence a foot. All the "j iculla for racing droned by the proprietors own hands. Those that won lUo I ait race can now be wa at hu office. Hiity Boats alwaya on hand. Visit hii Bazaars if yon desire a treat. All work delivered free of charge c. l. inokhsoll, 1* 196,406 and 414 Water and 141 Cherry street*?sole proprietor JJ w.ll 2m *r " IO THE TUB 1C. d I? 1 HO TO $5000.?Mr. Francis H Cramp, Watch Maker, V f> 1VJU 248 Grand street. tags to mlorm his fiisuda and tlie Public, that independent of ths Watch business, he is prepared ' to make advances in cash on gold and silver watches,diamonds, ?ilver tea sets, ipoous. forks, and every description of gold or tilver iu any shape, iuteoded for immediate sale. Cash to any kmonnt paid for old gold aud silver. Watches ef every d? eription repaired and warranted. 241 Grand a,reel u sllJni*r il fJKKlCfc OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANV ; ?Office ? Wall street. This company continue their bu n linens of inaurance against loai or damage liy Are, on goods, wares and mereluuidiiie, and alao on vends and thsir cargoes' (gainst loss by inland navigation. directors. ' Thomaa W. Thorae., Kliaha Riias, , ir Thomas T. Woodruff, Benjamin 11. Kobios, John R. Davison, Franoia P. Sage, : Thomson Price Joseph Allen, Jolw ii. Lee. John P. Moore. Mo'** Tucker, Jamet K. Holmes, '! 1- Tutu*. Jnm?? R. Whiting, d Anton Baker, Win. K . Thorn, n Jowi* Drake, lrad Hawlcy, it Jolui Ci Mciritt, Thomiu Morrill. JH0MA8 W. TIIORNK. PrrtidrtiL i- 4IRO. T. HI1PK. "?rr?t?r? mu let, ' VTOTIOIO -NEW YOkk BACNKINO COMPANY.? ^ The aabicnber having been appointed Keeeirer of the roperty, claima, funda aud effect* or th? New York Barking n Company, an association formed under and i* miraaanee of an d act ol the I^gialatiireof the Btat? of New York, entitled ' an act to anth.inte tne buain*>t of banking," paiaed April Itth, - IIM, all peraona indebted to the aali Aaaociatian are reiiaireii h to reader an aeconnt ol all deal* and mmi of moMy owing I' Sy them reapeciivejy to me.and to p.?y the name by theltteeiib * day of Jannary next, at my offlee m the Merchant!* ?.xrhange, in the city of N?w York. Ail persons ka*ing in their poaaw'r aion anv property or effects of t?e said Association are regoir* ed to delirer the tame to me by that da*. All the creditors of >f ihe Anoeiati n arereqnire.l to deliver iheir retentive accounts mil demanna to me by that day; aad all peraora holding any open or anbaisting contract nf tlv- and Association, are raqair? Ml to present the aame in writing, and in detail, to me, on or bet> fore that dnv. ?t ray aaid office. y Dated New York, 2<tl> November. ISIS. CHAKLhlH SPOOKY, Receirer, V nt?Sw*r ISMerrhanta'Ktehange. 11 pOPPKtt-iun cases eitra uual.ty Kngliah Hheathing copper, n ^ from 14 to 23 01. rareived |>er recent arrivals, for aale by d3 I. K. COLLINS ll CO. M South atreet. . . . W YC N YORK, TUESDAY MC STUAKT. LADIfc'.S' HAIK-DRK8SER, No. 3 Murray street. reip?ctfully announce! that lie in prepared to wnt ou Udiei at thair rrsideuce*, and to drem hnili according to the la "it Parman fashions. Term* very modt-rite. n30 2in*rrc THE LIFE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD! " /A# dmVc of Qod.?Walker. TN8TINCT teiUmankind lo nit BRANDRETH'S HILLS 1 when sickness affects them. And ioitioct further nay*, bleediuf is alwayaimproper. The principle of life, that subtile anil inviiible principle which animates the human frame, and whose seat is in the blood, U one of the most unpenetrable secrets of the Creator. We cannot comprehend this principle, but we know tint it is in the blood; for if we dtcreate 'he amount of blood in the body, we decrease the principle of life: and that if we draw all tue blood from the body, that file ceasea. So we mast bliave what the Scriptures say on this subject; no one cm doubt it. The life of the flesh in emphatically in the hlooit. There can be no mistake upon this suhject. So we must be also convinced that anything which impedes the circulation of the blood must depress or hear down tha principle of life, and make the body subject to receive injury from the principle of corruptibility also implanted in the human frame. We cuiino' deny it. There i? in every created hemic a friuciple of corruptibility as well as a principle of animation, t is when this corruptibility becomes too powerful Ibr the life principle or blood, that disease commence*. It is not because it does exist, but because it becomes artier; in son e it takes an hundred years to d*V?uM ilsull* ; in some it lias become paramount before birth, and the child is stillborn. The constitution of iIk child depends upou its parents; he receives from thein the principle of his lif>, and also that which will ultimately destroy Iiini, and wli. n of ai;e lie transmits them to ,his children. Thus we see that in the suuie bodi 13 'lie principle of life and also of corruptibility. And it is only by dneattriitiou lu some bodies that health cau lie wcured, bv artificial modes of a.->sistiiiK the functions of life to throw oil the oceisional accumulations of corruptibility, which otherwise would ovurpowrr the principle of iUU, befoio the individual had t.'ached to the full period of Ilis VJiisten'e according to the principle of life within hiin. Kor in order that men should arrive at period of life called old axe, a perfect bal.tnco must exist between the princiitie of life and lite principle of corruptibility. When .the baanc? is in favor of the principle of lile, we ohsfive the euerg\ of character with admiration And I Imp no doubt that just lu proportion as the life principle predominates U this energy both of body and mind. By the use of proper medicine this can dine** 4 he m . ii m (1 to a aood old aite. 1 lit- principle of corruption ii subject to tli<* in flume of ma uy cause* of vitiation. It is therefore upcoiurv tint *r be provided with ample itimus to prevent lujnry from it; or in emise (jucuce of this vitiation that pun iaity would be produced tvhiffh would destroy the individual before he had arrived at that penod of life which he would lu?e done from thf principle of life wliicli was in him. Now to acomplish this, we must prevent the accumulation of tho?e humors which bear dewu the priueiple of life. Do not wait for n serious.uuek of sickness, but on the first appearance of the euetny. aaaist nature in hn o|<eration* to expel Inin from til# body. This ii the obje:t alw rysattained by those who use Brauuretli1* I'ills Thou-ands who have Wept their beds for years, have been restored by the uie ol this njedi cine. For the principle of disease, like that of the principle of life, is alike incomprehensible to mankind. We only are able to poiul out what will weakeu the one or uive strength to the otlur. The value of the Hraudreth Pilh depend* upon their wonderful power in atreugtlieuiiiK the principle ol life, tuid weakening the principle of disease, and liimllj expelling it frjm the body. Let u? cms id-r the subject carefully : would disease affect u* if cur blood werj pure ? Then iu proportion that Braudrelh's Pills purifv the blood, they teud to restore health The very action upon the system win:II Brtndreth ('ills possess,convinces all w ho u?e them that they remove only tlieimpure humors. For if they took any of the healthy fluids from the body it would be weakened But the contrary is the cue Tne body bec(*nes stronger every day, from the use of the Braudreth Pilla as is known by the experience of tens of thousands of our citi tens. AVhere is the maiiof sense, w hose mind is unprejudiced, who from the infectious smell after death, would mn s?y,would tlii.i body hive been bereft of life, had putrefaction been prevented Are men born but to lie sick ! Sliali the lower animals live theii full extent, and man only prematurely |>erish ? Let us follow na'ure?let us cleanse'lie hlnod from impurities, and we shall live to the full extent of the oil in our lamp of life. Hut continued purging will wear oat tne body?some other wise sensible people afTirm, that it is like wearing out the ket tie by dint of rubbing. Dots, then, rust preserve metallic sub stances? It would lie admitting that impurities of the blooc preserve it in a healthy condition. We know better. We know that the result of an impure state of the blood is to occuior salt rheuin. erysipelas, we?kness, general dtbility, pains iu thi breast, back and side, also, fits, palsy, dyspepsy?m fact where ever the impurity finds a weak portion of the body, there it settles, and there it produces pain and disease 1 have known many persons purged twenty and thirty ilayi in succession, and the remit was always successful ; in even' i..i.i, t rj. llllTAIirr Uirilli ai nuaiiui'iv uif>w>vu..... . .. member one ixtsom who I knew had worms, from Iim poculiai symptoms ; Fie persevered for forty days ; every day for the forty days no appearance of worms wa? seen, but after thai time he voided great number*, some of extraordinary site.? What effect would hare hive resulted from three or four dosei of cathartics?what would hare become of him if he had nol been purged to a radical cure I It would be impossible K ah >w the benefit to be derived from a pro|KT perseverance with the BRANDKKTH PILLS in these limiti. Thiy mint bt us?d to be sufficiently appreciated. LETTER FROM ARNOLD BUFFUM, the philanthropist. Cincinnati, Ohio. April IS, 1H4J. Dr. : lu the course of my life 1 have suffered often a>id much from aickueas ; I think I have breu under the care of rh> sician* mo'c than twenty different tunes, for week* at a time. But for th? last five year* I hive employed a physician hut once, and tlieti only lor a simle day : not, however, because I have In en e? empt from frequent illness, but because I have fouud a moil speedy and effectual remedy in thy yills, thau lever Couud ii the medicine* administered to me by ray physicians. Wherev ex I go, I constantly carry a box of them with me. or at leasti few or them wrapiwd ra a |n|>er in my vest pocket, and what ever illness come* upon me, I invariably find relief from th< nse of them Having been much occupied in travelling and public ?i>rak ing, I have frequently taken severe cold, which before I used these pill* resulted in soreness of the throat aud chest, and a severe cough; but latterly, though m'ree>|>osed thui ever.wheu 1 have tiken a cold, by taking one or two pills at a time foi two Or three uights, I have invariably succeeded in removing all soreue** from the throat and chest, and. in effecrually preventing the cold from settling ou my .longs so aa to produce a cough. Ouce daring Lut winter, while travelling on horseback, and subject to much e*;>osurv, I was suddenly seized with a very sont throat, high fever, ?ti<l entire prostration of strength autl Hv the u-.- of two doses of the pills, and dnukiu| freely of cold w?ter, a copious inspiration waa kept up, ami in 42 hours olp of tht mo.t severe attack* which 1 ever experienced gave way, and in two days more I was able to pur.m my journey At another lime, continual exposure and daily exercise in public speaking, brought on a severe lameness iu tht small of the hack and kidneys, which became so exceedmn painful thst I Wis obliged to speak silting, not being able tc stand on my feet ; at length the soreness extended nut* through me, and the paiu became so severe that I never closed my eyw during a whole night, and several limes during that night I had serious doubts whether I would live till mo ning. 1 took seven pills, which Went to the seat of the diseate, .inri as by magic, seerred to lay hold of it, and carried it all off, so that 1 attended a meeting on the same evening, and spoke without pain for more than two hours, and the pain has not relumed since 1 regard this as one of the most extraordinary enres that I liavt ever known, and 1 can truly say thai in a similar ca?e, I woulil not exchange Brandreth's Tills for all the medicine of the drill! store I have urrd the i'llls and administered thrui to other* ot various olheroccasions . and ulu as 1 know, iu no CM with out complete success. Especially have I found them alto aether superior loany otlier medicine ever tak*'n for colds coughs, ard soreness of the lungs I consider the maker ol them especially serves the great cause of humauity, and 1 shall recommend them wherever 1 go. Thine, respectfully, A. BUFFUM. Ladies shouM ov B/.idreth's Fills frequently. They w il ensure them lium eveio sickness of the stomach, and. geut rail) ;!* <king. eutirel, prevent it The Braudreth Pills aie tiariciea* They increase the powcv? of life; they do not dtprtis thiol. Fe males will tind them to ifeuiu iha, slate of healll: which ever} mother wishes to enjos lu costn en'ss, so ofken prevalent i.t at interesting period, the Braui.AU PilU ax- awf- ana ufftciuid re m**dy. Tliere is no medicine an sale sj :nis?it is more taiy than tas ter oil, and is now generally used by numerou. ladies througl their confinement. T>i. Brandrrth rin refer to ciauv ef our ftrs physicians who recommend hi, FilL to their raticuts, to ihcex I elusion of a>l olher purgatives, and the Ptlli King composed en , ti'ely of lierbs or vegetable matter, purify th* bleed, and eaxn off the corrupt humors of th? bod". . in a maan.T to s'.mrl* *s l( give every day ease .nil ptauuie. Man will be borne to days of bits-. t unyaitd 10 what has hi therti) been his lot. weighed down as h? has beau b\ di .'.we. hi i flrmities. and uttering, which DO Cirthlv power knew liow t alleviate until thia discovery wu rrttratfd to the world. Th wail, th? wblf. ihe jnlirai, th* nervous, thf dfliutr, are in rew days strengthened by (heir operation, and thf wont con plaints are removed b\ perseiereace without the ?i|iriue of physician. Adapted to all circumstances and situation!, the > are the beat medicineever invented lor families, or to take to an preventing icnrvey and costivent-.,s. requiring no change of rtiei particular regimen, or care against tikingcold. liie Bit AN I) HIT 11 PILLS, as a general faraiU medicine especially iu a country so subject to sudden change* ol tempera ture as this, their value is incalculable. By having (he Bran dretli fills always ou hand, should a sudden attick ol sicknei take place, they can lie given at once, and will often lime effect ed a cure before the physician could nave armed. In colic and inflammation of the howelt, these Pills will a ouc?relieve, and |?ersevenuice iu their nse, according to tlte di rectnnis, will surely do all that medicine can do, to restore tin health of the patient. In all cases of Indigestion, Worms, Asthma, Din ises of tb Heart, and in all affect ons of the stomach and bowels, th< Br uidretlt Pills will be found a ueve'-failing remedy. To iu*nr? the full benefit of these celebrated Pills, they sliouli be ke|>t in the house, so that, ii|>oa the lirst commencement o sickness, they may be at once resorted to One dose then it belter than a dozen after diiense has become est?l> lihed in tin system. Be careful of counterfeit Pills. How to avoid them : .No. i Sni rih. Kaeh Agent who sells the genuine Bran dreth Pills lias a CtRTiriCATK or Autttcv, which has beei "nig 8iu?, on the banks of tlx Hudson River, and is signed bi Dr. Branaratli. mid his seal stami>ed npon the paper. No. 1 Hr.ct'WTr. Above all, ohwrve the IiWi npon th< bo*r?. lCncti boi of the genuine Pills has now Tllllf.iC L \ Bf.LS ii|n>u it. The t<'i> and the lK>ttom lab*) containing up ward of FIVE THOUSAND LfcTTMUJ in KKD IN J Tlie word. BRNJAMI* BRANDRKTII'S PILLS beini printed over two hundred tim?a upon (he two label*. No. 3 Skcviutt. There ace alto ui>oii each label two signa lurn of l>r. Brandretli : our I). Brtnuretli, iuil alio our Bcnja mill ilrandretli. Each bo*, therefore, to be genuine niusthavi si? nunatip * upon It. If the Ih>* do not antwcr tliia de>eri|> Hon, the Pills arc nut the Hrandrrtli Pilla, hut some rile coun terfeit of tliem, iu ill the old labelled botes have been collected No. 4 Skcihitv. Besides the above sign* of genuiueness lar-similes of the Brandreth Pill Labels arc upon tlie Ceriilicau if Agency?therefore, rompare your bo* with the label* on th? certificate; if it agrees,"he Pilla .'.re true; if it doe* not, they an false I livve e*pendcd much time, and at leait $3*#0, in perfectini licse checks to the sale of counterfeit Pills, and ill the hope iliey , ill secure the genuine fill A.N l>RfcTll PlLLS to all whe want theui. 1 remain the public servaut, D. BRANDRETH. M. D. The BRANDRKTH PILLH are sold at 2J ceut* per bo*, by one Agent in everv town in the United States, and in almost every city throughout tlie world. Should this paper come into the hands of any oiic I'Vinu where there is no Agent for this ncdiciije of healthful powers, let no time be lost in tending to I)r lloimmin Brandretli. stating the populaliou of the t>>wn, 4ihI joint- rvfViviirti tlioulil br in N?w York, to the rr IHimlhiliLV ol? Ili<- (mitlrmin wlio ib-aima the A??ucy. If no nrfervnci'* ran let * ainall remiU.tnre accuini any the letter. Tli? lale of the 1'illa, and the good dou? by tnor itae, will fullv r?t*y lor all trouble. PRINCIPAL BIIANDRKTH1 AN OFFICE, Ml Broapwav. Ntw York. *SuM)/Tic?i ? IRS l-J Haitian 'tract and >74 Bowerv Mr*. Boutli. l>o. 1 M wket tt'tot, llrooklyu; Mr?. Terrier, Willi<m>bnr*; fl xiton Oilier, 19 Minorer ?tre-t, Bouon: Baltimore office, corner of L?inht ami Mere*' ?t"ret?; Philadelphia office, I North Kiirhih ?treet; Richmond office, ? Main itieft, Mr. Butrick, acaoti Mr Head, 9i fjut Bay. Chyle* top, 8. C.iM'. Se*ton. No ? Old l.cti?, N. Orlr?n?; M. D. Phillip*, Wore??tar, Maaa i M Rubmaon, Pro?idene<\ R. I.; and by at laaat ? * Af?nt in eyery town in the United Hu<e?, each of whom naa a Cartificattor Aa<*ncy, upan which may be mvo rxact co' S?? of tlt? lab#U now naeil upon the (tanaine Hramlreth Pill oiea. Ott the genuine medicine, and voq will find it t* be, M?*? ST| * 'tUlC0tt'<' ** *4,d *nT wr,tt*" iUtcotwit >RK F (RNING, DECEMBER 5, 1 [C'?rrc<i>omIeuce;of ihe Herald. 1 I On tub Koad IIomk, Nov. 20, 1848. MisrtUatuoxu Statistics of Oswego and Rochester-? I The Salt Works near Syracuse, Dear Sir Before I attempt to write out way <>1, what 1 deem, the valuable notes I made upon the various tribes of North-Western Indians, let me clear my note book of some very useful statistics, collected during my tour. In a late letter I gave dome statistics ol the commerce of Oswego ; this town is the most beautifully located one on Lake Ontario ; it has a water power that can be made as useful and eflective nsthat of Rochester; and if a railroad was constructed from Oswego to I'tica, or Koine, to connect with the Albany and Buffalo road, Oswego would be one of the most flourishing towns in the State. It has seven very fine flouring mills, containing from4to7 run of stone each,and they jointly can turn out 2,600 barrels of flour daily; whilst I! ochester with her 22 mills only count on 6,000 barrels a day. There are also two very large cotton mills here, only one of which is in operation; the other is entirely new, and hits all its machinery ready for work. J here are also three large saw mills employed in Hawing cedar for railroad timber, and various mechanical purposes^ and two large foundries in the place. At one of the latter, the iron worka are being made for a new iron steam Revenue Cutter, on Hunter's plan; 1 saw the keel laid a few days ago, when the boat was christened "John Tyler." The fort on the east side of the river,at the harbor's month, is an admirable structure; and the sight of it is worth a journey from New York ; 500 men can defend it against 10,000 for a week or two. The barracks are all on an improved plan, and nothing can exceed the arrangements for the comfort and cleanliness of the soldiers. It is commanded by ( 'apt. Barnum, (son of the tine old veteran of Baltimore) who informed me that the cost of it did not exceed #80,000. It is constructed chiefly of kyanized wood. No traveller should pass Oswego, ithout examining this fort, and learning the skill and imivovements displayed by American engineers. At Rochester, 1 collected a few facta worthy of notice. Thriving and prosperous as Butfalo is, and wonderful as is the increase of business and travel there, yet the recent improvements and advancei ment ol Rochester far outsirip the other city. In the census ol' 1840, Rochester had a population of 20,190; it now numbers over 25,000, Buffalo having at this time about 22,000. Indeiiendently of the i enormous amount of private capital employed here, the real estate Ton the assessor's books up to Sept., 1H1U, (which I copied) is set down at $3,387,765; and the independent personal property, amenable ' ir\ tlx. >-i*v liivulinn sil K.YV tiiuLiiiir tnful lit' $4,153,620. The number of new houses erected within the last year, are over 300; and these are permanent improvements, such as blocks, stores, dwellings, A'c.; and during the last year tne business of the nlace has improved 200 per cent on IHM) and 1841. fhere are eight mills on Hrown's race (old Matthew llrown's land); five on the Race near the aqueduct and bridge (on the west side), five on the Water street race; one at the First Falls, eaat side; two at the .Second Falls, and one on the aqueduct, making 22 mills, with a total of 9S or 100run of stones, that can turn out 6,000 barrels of (lour daily. Another interesting fact is, that no city in the State of New York has paid so much money in the' same space of time lor supporting schools; there are no less than seventeen district schools in Rochester, and the inhabitants have paid the large sum of #80,000 in three years for school houses; some of these buddings are very beautiful, and have cost over $5,000 each. It is a great drawback to the lake commerce of this port, that vessels and steamboats cannot reach within two miles of it; but the city is constructing a fine MacAdamized road from State street down to below the Lower Falls; thi re will be feet of road, mid it will cost $10,000. There ar>- eight excellent tire engines, and two hook and ladder companies; the men I saw at a lire, work uncommonly well, but are much in want of an efficient head, such as the present excellent chief of the New \ ork Fire licptrtmcot 'lVr? nrr n. very large number of handsome churches in llochcster:?two Irish Catholic, one Ccrnian Catholic, two Methodist, lour Presbyterian, two Episcopal, and three German Lutherans. The splendid canal aqueduct cost over half a million of dollars, and is one of the finest structures ol modern tunes. The Erie Canal Collector has kindly promised to make out the statistics of fh> canal for this year, and forward the in to . 1-. . .LI. I 1 I.. 1.1 il..4 . you h* efiriv poiwiuic. i nnvr tiniy iu nuu f 11 nt : there is one whig, one democrat, and one Tyler I paper here; the firsthat the largest circulation, and ! the last the lca-t. The city lids been locofoco foi ! two yearn, with 400 majority on Mayor; there is one whig Alderman and a whig Recorder, who*' [ time is nearly out, and wh? will not he reappointed. I Stopping at Syracuse, Salina,&c., I minutely e.\i amineu the important salt works, \'c. o) the neigh1 boihood. A great improvement lias taken place [ this year in these valuable works, owing to the judicious law passed hy the. Legislature of the State of New York in the session ol IS 13. This was, to | allow a bounty (in the shape of a drawback on , tolls) of 38 cents a barrel, or 7 6-11)0 cents a bushel, on all salt arming at tide water, or at the junction I of the Krie and Ciiainplaiu canal. Previous to this I judicious movement, it was very difficult even to force "alt to these |M?ints at a Ions; if it .went at ;ill, it was always at a loss ; and it had disappenri' ed for three years from the Hudson ; the salt I works had languished, the property depreciated, and the buildings were fast falling into ruin. The effect of the law was to open a market on the HudI son for the Salina salt instantly; and iu ten weeks ' :rom the ooenins of navigation this year, -Iinmnni bushels of tlie salt reached tide water. Some of it went asfar as Richmond, Va., and Charleston, S. C. One house in Richmond alone took 1000 bushels at one shipment; much of it has gone to Boston. It has successfully competed with the salt made at New Bedford ; but it comes more .directly in competition with the foreign article. In 1812, there were 2,290,000 bushels of salt made at these works ; this was sold at tis. to bs. tid and 7k a barrel. This was a losing business : the mere salt fetching only about five cents a bushel, whilst the manufacturer paid six cents a bushel to the ^ State for the use of the brine Owing to this, about half the capital invested in these salt works ' was sunk. But in the first three months after the works were started this year, there were >. 1.500,000 bushels of salt made; and up to this time, ' I there cannot have been less than a total of 3,500,000 I bushels untile thin v?-?r nr .in increase ot one hull I over last your. Several agents were staying ut Sy mouse during the summer, buying up .-wit and sup. pl>ing large eastern orders, a thin* previously unprecedented. Tho price averaged all the early part ' of the season 9s., and only went down to $1 because of the very large supply on hand. The capability of those works is unbounded ; they can supply the whole of North and South America. With the present buildings they can make 40,000 bushels of salt a day ; and frequently this summer they made :$0.000 bushels daily from the four stations of Salina, Syracuse, Liverpool, and Geddes ; nt these four points the water is collected in reservoirs, and thence distributed to the various boiling houses. There ure at present ISO salt blocks in the town of Salina, which includes the four villages of freddes, Liverpool, Salina, and Syracuse ; 18 to 20 men are employed at each block ; two men tocach set of kettles; these work night and day, including Sundays; although they generally coot down and peek nut the settlings from tho copers once a week. There arc two vats to every block of boilnix works; these hold from 12,000 to 18,000 gallons each; there is one that holds 20,000 gallons. The brine is pumped up from wells in the earth, around Onondaga Lake into large reservoirs; thence run into tne above-named vats; a quart of quick lime is thrown into the vat for every 10,000 r gallons hi oriue ; huh carries nown mi' coloring J limner, the iron, ,Vc. to the bottom of the vut ; ihe brine must In- forty-eight hours ; in the vat, (by law) it is then drawn oil | into the boilers, boiled down, the salt scooped out, thrown into bins, remains there fourteen days (by law) to drum, and is tin u ground fine und parked , for a market. In one establishment at Saliiiuthey : ran dry and grind 1(MW? bushels a day. The works 1 an- usually run from the opening ot navigation, or | the time when wood can easily be procured, until i the close of navigation. This vear the working commenced late, for in June all the salt blocks, ! which he low,were underwater; the i-Vneca River, which is the outlet to fourteen lakes, determines the height of water at the salt works; and the Oswego I'uniil this year was navigated before the tow path could be seen. I ought to slate here lliat all the coarse salt is made bv mere solar evaporation ; and uf this 275,000 bushels are made in a year. The number of barrels made this year will be nearly or quite 800,000 ; last year onlv -150,000 ; five bushels to a barrel of Impounds, and yielding nearly $900,000 gross income. The boilers win burn 100,000 cords of wood at a cord, alt cut within thirty miles of the works ; ihe empty barrels cost two shillings each j and of these the tf0O,OOO are ull IE R A 1843. riiad<- within twenty.inilcs. The State claim* a revenue of ft) rents a barrel lor supplying the brine ; this is the heaviest tax levied'ou an) domestic article in the State. Thus they pay thirt% rents a batrel duty to stall h ith; (tin- penalty lor RoioK off the reservation without mi di>iiip, i, a husliel) when the suit reaches Albany it pays twelve cents more a barrel to the canal, making forty-two: lien the manufacturer xels hack the bonus of thittv-eisht cent*; so lh<il,valthoui{h the revenue from the salt duties uiay decline, >rt tin- mere ise J consumption, will cause a proportionate incre<i?cin the fHiotl r?*venuca. From 1817, when tlie Salt Spring llevenue won diverted Ironi tin' ' ' ii'-riil State fund to tin- ('anal Fund, down to IXHi, when it vsa.iput back into the ( eneral Slute Fund, it paid $2,200,(J**) towards the cost of ill** Erie Canal. Since then,:', luis paid a nrtt revenue to the State of oyer y 123,00*1 tuuiuallv, the aggregate duties on Halt for the i.x years amounting t*? Ml. Next yi ar, the manufacturers will m.i.v ; ui least 5,000,MM) bushels. They litis year have got into the way of making an article worth &> ? r cent ! more than they ever made before. \\r!iu' i dt the works was fully ?*?|iihI to the Liverpool bio-, n mi It. There is unothor improvement. Formerly they had ' over and under weight* that is jIa j bushels in out barrel, three in anothei, (He in another, and so on. Now itltey have ju^t lbs to the Imrrel in all cases. Besides, there i* a great th-al more imius taken in lite manufacturing of the article; unit it in got up with much more ueatn" i and care than formerly. These fuels 1 collected with great care .mil much labor, from head quarters; and I ought here to return tiianka to Mr. Rust, of the Syracuse Mouse; Mr. Hall, of the Eagle, at U ?cheater; Mr Hatch, of the Wetland Hou?e, Oswego, and Captain Weeks, of i'swego, for their kind assistance til enabling nir to obtain them. They v ill ever be gratefully remembered by YourjtmU Mr- Editor:? A poor man, who would rather deny himself some bodily comfort than forego the luxury of your valuable Herald, seeks a little information at your hands. It is stated in Pawnbrokers' duplicates, that interest on money lent is twenty-live percent per an ttttti V in I ili4.ii tii 11 i < I > rut n ii 11 tlifit nil himw or tiny Him, pity a no more lima a proportion, according to th<'exact time that the pledge reniniiiH unredeemed, within the year ! Vour answer to this will oblige thousands of your pnr?r fellow-citizens?and none more than A Laborer. General KcuIoiin. Before Recorder 1'allmadge and Aldermen Waterman and Riwiou. Joka* P. Pmu.irs, Kaq., Acting District Attorney. Die. 4.?The December term of the Court commeaceil this morning. Thu calendar, which is Kinoil, consists of the following rases:?Murder, U; false pretences, 3; burglary, 8; grand larceny, ! ; forgery, 0; assault and battery, with intent to kill, 1?total i.'i. Old ease*, 27. The ({rand Inqttftl.?The following persons were sworn as Grand Jurors:?Itichard J.Smith, merchant, foreman; ltobert J. Brown, marl>lc yard; Thomas Barker, gentleman; Benjamin Blackledge, grocer; Thomas ('. Chardavoyne, plumber; Kdward K. Collins, merchant; Andrew L. Ilalstcad. inerchaut; Joseph Hewlett, merchant; Tho*. K. iKellinger, butcher; Ambrose C. Kingsland, merchant; Brnjamiu L. Lamb, gentleman; George C. Morgan, stationer; Abraham S. Mead, mason; Thomas Price, mason; James Reeves, manufacturer; John F. Russell, agent; William Redmond, merchant; John N. Snyre, cabinet maker; John I). Wolf, merchant?total If. Alderman W?Tr?Mis thenj charged the Grand Jury briefly relative to their duties, and they retired. The Jin v Iti'inrr cmIIhiI bnd ftxeusei iriven for hod attendance. nine, including several Ornnd Jurors, were line I $i.i each fur non-attendance. Trial oj Joseph (ruliek.?This notorious man, known a< the odious militia lint; collector, who was recently balled out of prison in the jM-iial sum ol f>l,SOO, by Horace It. Iltlilnoti, looking glass dealer, of 110 Fulton street, who is colonel of the regiment l<y whom Uuiick in employed, ? as culled for trial on several enses of aggravated asaault and battery, which won'set down fortrial on Wednesday, or the rvcogni/.anceii will be forfeited. A iwlfejiroMfiuwiH entered by request of complainant and leave of Court, in the case of John M. H'aitf, broker, indicted for perjury iu justifying before Jacob Jlamsay, commissioner, as surety lo the sum of $900 for John Bosd, against whom nn action hail lieen commenced by Stephen Week*, in the Court of Common Pleas, and Ins bail was discharged. Also in the cam- of John'Crowe, auctioneer, indicted for passing falsi' tokens on John K. Dillon, in the sum of of f.1 Ml in two V"0 bills of the Roxbury Bank of Massachusetts, and two V20 of the Farmers' Bank ol ( aturuugu* County , in this State, in payment of a mortage held by Dillon. Trinl iif William WsehmiUrr fur attaining monty byfalsr /o*Unrrx.?This wrll-known Herman was tried on a charge of obtaining money, by false pretences, from the agents of H| Herman emigrants, who arrived at this port iu K?'|>ti'nilier luit, Irom Hamburgh, in the ship Backus.? t'rirl P. I'h.sch. who wm one of the agents of the emigrants on the. fdiip.lehtilies that Rinchmiller came on board the vessel a lew hour* after her arrival at Quarantine dock, and represented himself as the agent of Messrs. Schmidt St lialchen, to whom the emigrants were consigned, and on whom tliey had a demand for the difference of commutation money to be paid at this port, which bad been paid by them t" b house in Hamburg?!. That he al?i afterwards represented himself as Schmidt?also the agent ot the German I.migrant Society, and the sworn agent ol go\ eminent, and had been employed by the city coi notation to pre\ cnt fraud ii|ion passengers,'and was paid per ()u these, false repre-' 4ftitions, with others, thi v entered into an agreement with Rischmiller to take them to Milw aukic, Wisconsin territory, for $11 per head for adults and a less price forchildren. Witness then gave Rischmiller the letters of the Society which were directed lo Schmidt fc Bale hen, and also the receipts for the eommutation money deposited by llieni in the hands of Mr. Slohman, ol Halllig, whicil Were entitled to a drawback of and were of that value. The) .iUd gave liini twenty-seven dollars in Prussian money, valued at ulH>ut ?vcnty-five cent* on the dollar, in part payment of the passage money, which, with the >50 due on the receipt made the first payment, and one dollar, which he demanded hs "God's money." Rnchtnillor t'ion told witness to get ready to go to the city, as he intended to take the party up that dav and while "itaoji ' as helo**' dressing himself, Risclimiller left the. % ei??l, mi wa; not seen until throe day* afterwards, and ue^ er j'w'ornasd am part of hia agreement KixcbiniUer*ait<srw?rdic?llc>4 at "the counting house of Hehinidt X Balchen, iaJ de manded the balance due on the commutation money, tendering the receipt* that had been given them, but they refused to pa) him. Since'then, IUt-chmiller had threatened to commence a unit against. Schmidt k Balchen for the recovery ofthe dillernnce of the commutation money, and they still hold it in their hands. On cross-examination by defence, a contract made between Col. J. I). Stevenson, agent of the New York Passage Association, and the agents of the emigrants, v as presented to witness, who proved its correctness. In this contract, the association agreed to convey the emigrants to Milwatikle for ?0 per head for adults, and half price for children. The Court at 3 o'clock, adjourned till 11 this morning. DecUlona In Chancery> By the Honorable Lewis 11. Stmlford, Assistant Vice Chancellor. Ctst.s Anorr.D at Ai m ?i in OcToms. Dcc. 4.?H'illiam M*. Orttn, Rrrrivtr, 4"' of H. S. Hniluirk vs John Boslwiek. hid. I . Branson, for defendant-, J. C. Drawn and A. Worden, for complainant. Demurrer overruled with coat*; defendant to answer in twenty days, Sic. Ellit Mnrnr anil at. v*. Itorry Clnyr?.?t. Jenkins, for defendants G. F. Comstock. for complaintanta. Demurrers overruled : defendants to i?av the costs and answer in twentv days. .ilphrui Hone and nl. vs. Unity and Cloyrt?Humt Counsel and name decision u in the preceding raise. fsvtrilt Cwhoorth v*..Imo.? It'. Jvitn and athrrt.?W. If. Hhankland, for defendants ; Thomas, for complainant. Demurrer allowed and bill dismissed with cost?, but without prejudice to the defence at law. .Inn Ruttfll vn. Kzrkirt William* and nthm. -8. A. Goodwin for J. Bcardslny. asent of the State Prison, at Auburn; P. (I. f'lark for'llayden and Duck. K.xceptions to Master's re|>ort allowed, and xiir^>?ti? money decreed to belong to Hayden and Buck. . hrfhaily C. Ilarpnidinf V*. lhmirl Cook ami at ht it.?J. I,. Seely for complainant; B.W.Franklin for defendant*. Bill dinni-ised with costs, but without prejudice to complainant's claim. Nathan Hanilalt vs. MrCormiek am! Ciimmingi.- \V. II. m>.lll V Ifinrl fen enmnlninnnt 4 MvL fi.r ,1 I ,.t? III creo rcfering it to a Maater, in Tomjikina, to atate an account of tin' partnership, dealings, kc. All other queitlona reserved. Iloni W. IVnml unit allien v*. Sutnn Ctkte?J. I'. Hnlhert for complainants; L. Walker for defendant. Dill diamiaaed with nuiii<> costs as if defendant had demurred without prejudice to complainant's legal or rights in the pre mile*. Henry If". H'ood mid n/heri \*.%'!bner Perry.?L Walker for defendants; W. If. Seward for complainant. Demurrer allowed for omission to make R. Torrev a defendant, with leave to amend on payment of costs ami retaining the injunction ; the other grounds of demurrer overruled. A*c;t ki> in N?;w York. fitorM O. Gardner va. F.linha llul -1). l\ Barnard for complainant ; I*. F. Hume for defendant. Rill dismiaaed with coats. I/?'i< firoiru mill al. vi, llobrrl Shtrinati.?H. Brewster for complainants; B. P. Sherman for defendant. Bill dismissed without coat*. Ah'nI Isavitt, Rrcrirtr,4-r.,\n. Daniel K. Tylee and other*. ?G. N. Titu* and M. 8. Bidwell lor complainant; B. S. ! Brook a for defendant*. Decree that transfer* to Tvlee were invalid. Same net aaidc, with co?ta against Tylee, Strong and Davis. David Ihmkstnnit til. FUecutorn, 4*c., va. ti. Qardiiwr <"> d nl.?W. ft. Sears for complainant j , 8. Sherwood, for Dry Dock Co.; D. Oould for Uarxliner. Defence overruled; decrec for aaJe, and extra coat* made by defence, to i paid by the party, ifjpremiae* insufficient. .'larim Marth v?. Xoah T. Pike and athrrt.?J Holme* i for complainant; W.B.Arthur, for I'lke ; N. D. tilingwood, for Toule ; N. B Blunt, for McLean Decree that , Toule and McLean pay the mortgage debt, and complain, i anta' coat*. Bill diamiaaed with coata a* to Pike. LD. Price Two Ooata. City Intelligence. I'ollce?Monday, l)w. Itli ? Nothing ol interest trail plied yesterday. A youun man named Henry WhMkiay wai> full) committed for (dealing *> ? from the Dranth Hotel, Bowery. He wai arretted t>y officer Bird. who recovered -f too from the rogue. ? liurlen < ling, alia* Wilnon, and f.dw *r<l ( raham, werr arretted for in aggravated assault bud batter) on two girl* named Km ma l,ee and .Mary Htejdienn, at the Bower) Theatre. Coroner it Oltlec?Monday, Dec. 4.? At iioi.itu. Uroh The Coroner held an inquest at ril IIjjh moud utreet, on the body of a boy named Anthony Now "ifli . ug<M I* WHO nu<i nuarneu ai m>u uoii*r lie lclt the taibuiit! on Sunday afternoon, and while playing at the loot of Bank street, accidental!) fell overboard and vm drowned. Hi Dfr1* Drcnir.?Alifo, ou the body of Joacph Lw?, aged vie, a native of I'hiluilelphiu, w ho ha* hoarded at 19b hait D/oadway. This deceased lclt home on Sunday evening ut an early hour, and proceeded to the I'urk. ill company with a lrieiid, ami while there became taint an*' lell to tin' ground, lh: was conveyed into the l.linton Hotel in lleelvtnan street, hut ilied helore medical alii could be obtained. Verdict, " deutli Irow epilepny." No, ou the. I?idy ol a female child, aged live month", dnughtc. ol Michael and Bridget Mciiowau, who ?a? oc cideatally suffocated white in lied w ith her mother, at W .Mulberry Mrcct. Verdict,' accidental *ull'ocation." I. S. Circuit Court Before Judge Bettn. V'i t. I'tiiln Hhiki ri uli. v*. It in. W. Smith.?In thw cato the delendant was sued for an alleged violation ot the patent unlit which the plaintiff* pomx*** in a certain<r urtd lor French and other bedsteads, but w hich, It 15 alleged, the defendants have pirated and applied to iron safe* and othei household article*. The ca*e occupiod l he ( oui t several da)s, hut the d.rtails are ot no interact to the public. The Jury returned a verdict to-day forth? defendant*. naiPvrior ? onri. Before a lull bench. Alnviuv, U?'c. I.?There being no cases net down lor trial thin day ready , the Chicf Justice delivered rume d*ciiionn. CAur/ij iJivtinv*. Jnmn M. tirely?This 01 igmally *?i an action brought in one of the Ward Court* to racovai tlx sum ot, which the pluiutid hail given tu the di.leo dant to jiuy u debt due by liim to a third party niitned Co* grove, who, however died without having rocei\cd the inoiiti) . The plaintiff demaiuled back the amount, which w un denied, on the ground that.f. osgrove w an indebted ti# the defendant, and lie considered he wiw ntitled to boep the nam)', The decision of the Justiccx wu.s for the plan* titf. The defendant appealed. The 1'ourt held that the money uot Inn lng been paid o\er,the defendant w as bound to refund the amount, nor uus it shown satisfactorily that i osgiine was indebted to the defendant; but .on the contrary, that the adininiatratora of t ongrove't e?tat?. hail instituted a suit against the defendant to recovei mono)a owing the estate l>\ (usgiovt. The Court dec! ded that the defendant hud not show n any justification ta warrant a netting aside of the decision ot the Justice Jteciaion?Judgment confirmed. Major 'J'/iiiiiijium VH.Jamri Murphy. In this case Thonip son held a mortgage on a borne lor a hon-i tide debt, and the conditions were that if the mortgage wu not paid at maturity. the horse was to he (old. The owner ot th? l?>i-u.><,i?,l>nii<ru,l it fur iitiittliwr u'illi n mil tv named Jack oil, a carman, who exercised acts ol ownership ov?r tha ho lit v openly lor the space of one month, and afterwards sold it to thu defendant .Murphy , who hud thr animal run ling in hi* stage line for some days, when the plaiu tiff, by his agent, enfeted the stable of Murphy and took away tne homo under the mortgage. TheJua tice decided that thu plaintiff hail no rignt to take th? home under the mortage, and the ? 'ourt confirmed the decision. Cuero WitUerholtoiit vs. M'illiam '1'ildtn.?This wan an action tried in thu Marine ( ourt, the plaintiff in error lx? ing the defendant, and the defendant in error the plaiutiil. in that ( ourt. The defendant there moved for an adjourn inent, on the ground that a material w itness wa< absent, which motion was granted, and utter the legal time the case again came up, when a new motion for adjournment was made on the same grounds, the defendant alleging that he had received u letter from .New Orleans from the witness required, who therein promised to be in this city in tho;June following. The motion was denied,an being unreasonable. The case'went to trial and a verdict was given for tho plaintiff. The defendant demurred, and tfau < omt having considered thu case, were ol opinion tha* the motion should have been granted, us the witlics* would hfivn been in the city at an earlier da> than it w?? possible to procure his testimony l>y commission. New trial grunted. Cahmlar/of Tur*,lay. Nov. 3, \ I I, IIt, IT. IN, l?, W, 22, 21, 23, Hi, .HI, 31. Common Plran Before Judge I Uhoetfer iiosoAv, I'oc. 1 ,? l'rlfv f' U o{f* vs. i)i mtUK *indrr*o* and Huniry Hi/mi.? This wu* an action n! trespass tor an assault ?ud battery < ouunitted by the defendants on the plaintiff. It upi*:urs that on the fet July last, the plaintiff went to the (tallies of Kipp k Drown, stage proprietors, and challenged a. man named ha 1 ties to wrestle, who declined unless Wolfe would nut on ,i coat W'olle then began to brag and called the persons about a parcel of cowardly Irishmen, which insult aroused the blood ot Denny Anderson, who jumped out and said he would tight Wolfe, as he could not wrestle. Without more ado they set to, when Mr. Brow n hen ring the noise *ent barney in to separate the men. As *oon a? Harney saw the^iow . his Irish blood was up ; so with a jump and an hurrah, he seized Wolfe by the hair, ind paid him ofT most unmercifiillv, so that thu doctor's assistance was needed to restore nini to health and a whole skin. Tho defence set up, that the affair had been settled on payment ol the doctor s fees and the loss of time, and that the language of the plaiutilf wax pro* ukiug and insulting. Thr Court, in charging, observed that if there had been an agreement to settle, and that if the jury believed that a tender of the amount to satisty the terms hud heeu made, that that would bar the right of action; but there was no Sroof of such tender, and the plaintiff had right of action irthe tiespass. In the question of damages, the Jury w ere to take into consideration the omirobrioui and insulting hinguage ol the plaintiff, and if ttiey thought Anderson had engaged in the fight'on such challenges, that I.. . -,...11 l.l_ (.m.I f.?.l U m,ll<u Tl,. I,,n. ill'..J VJ..I" ? .(ill. 1I1IJI, 6?"/ ? returned a verdict against the dclendant*?Anderton to pii v 10 tun! Barney ?H*>. J Before Judge Ingraliam. Mmij l agun, vs. Patriik /-ooncy.?Thi? was an action oi trover, to recover a consideration for a tnuik left in chargn of the defendant, whu set up that a burglary bad be*n cojnmitt?d on his premises, and that the tn'ink of tho plrua!iff hp'i ^ ti them and then rifled. Verdict for the defendtmt .* i/< ( u. ^ Stvuh iihuig, I>'?)/ 4" (.'a.? This wa? ir. kztioa Icr good* wl<l untl delivered. The plaintiff* eeiei tfa^ee invoices of good* to the defendant*, a portion *?iag for cash :.nd h portion at a credit of sis month)) Th' defendant* failing to give their note for the amount, thi* action is brought. It appenred that the defendant? had intended to pay for the good* by offteting a note of the plaintiffs for <i7!K) 19. which they had become po?i?M?d of, but which note waa not due at the time the action wn commrnced. so the Court overruled the introduction of the offset, and the lurv, under direction of the Court, found a verdict for the plaintiff for the lull amount, being S? without interest. Kor plaintiffs, Messrs. Brady and Martin; for defendant* Mr. Sherwood. Caltndar Jot Tut uluy.?1?4(i, 47, 61, ti, f>, 1'iJ, 19#, :U, 7">, I t. ftnr j.- No?. >S, 7, 6J, 63, G4, to, 6fl, 70, 71, 7?. Naval.?The frigate Constitution i? fitting o*t ?t Norfolk, wider Capt. MiML The ?loop of war Plymouth, fitting out at Bo* ton, under Communder Henry. The store vowel Connort, Lt. Commanding Puiviunce, will sail from Boston in a few days for the I'oHMt of Africa. I'urwr R. R. W.ildron Iihm been ordered to the Ohio. 74. vice Punwr T. M. Taylor, ordered to thConstitution. The Navy Department in ordering nearly all the ortieeif oil active wrvice, *ome of whom, it m said, have not (wen to iwa for fifteen or twentv years. The U. S. bris; Perry, Commander Ltupont, wi* towed down to HAinpton Roads on Thursday af ternoon by theU. 5*. ateamer Engineer, and would flail for Rio the find fair wind. The following i* lint of Iter officer* :? M. K. Diipont. Esq., Commumlcr ; Lieutenants, W. Rc ffer* Taylor, C. A p. Jonen, J. L. Blair ; PhmmI <k Mitt ant Surgeon. J. Miller ; Acting hinifr, < harle* Holing : Acting Vlaater, H. llfinM Wyinan ; Midshipmen, R. Mlllima, U W. Harrison, W. W. yncen, E. E. Htone ; C ?pUln'? Clerk, 0. Montalant. The Iron steamer frigate, built at trie. Fa., will be launched as soon as the state of the water will IK'vmit. The Boxer and Joiners were at Matanza* <>n the 21st nit. Uinao* Rivkr.?This river in "'ill open to Alhuny. Day * sheet rubber ovkk hhoeb?is m??*. Uum. Exiwriene* hu prown that a leather #el? chInMtaeiitJ to India Itufcbfr o??i>er?, *o that it I* impoaaibla to a* lurnce them in the can* of wearing. Theae ()t?t Shoaa. whirl. Ii.tre already tt.rowa into dxnae leather OTerahoe* and mora* tin*, and to whieh the watw proof boot i? faat trading, are furniihed br 'h* K..fbory ludi* Rubber ratabhihaent, K> Maiden Lane, of I quality mrpruingly perfect, tad Altogether better than are beina made by any other eitabliahnent ta the Mil*. I n- ,WW" w*?f ?tdBo?u*i> fnruuti'd doIv ?t il??'?f*bli?hir?it. Kymt articl* *j>p*rt>ia>ii8 to the rabW bu?ir.e*? for ulr or nud? to ordar. HORA( K H DAY. SMtruui to the RotbarT I. R C., i>1 lm*r It MtiiUm Lm*. 'PWl.Nfc? ^0# Imlfn knduli Tmn<\iBrtdport m?iiufaci?rr. co nprUuw * template Msorunaal, from iSi to ? Iba. for ?l?bv K. K. C'OLt.INs k <'0. ill 34 flnut.l ntrwl. UTOllAUK for tHr bulk oflMHi* corton < *? ba bud, in iton-M Sonth ttravt. Arfly ?<> .. .. d*-?: IOHN HV.RPMAN, on th? | trnrnn,

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