Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 3^y?Whole Ho. 35SI. r r-|fc k'qh hal1kax and livkktoul. t',e koval mail swain ship acadia, yy-ittjkyhrjm}^ aleumder hyrir, commander, will leave boston tor the above poru on 9a ,c*-:^^^ " tirday, 16th december. passage to liverpool pas igeto halifu 20. apply u> d. bjeuoham, jr., a kent, <j'Jf no. 3 wall street. m people's link. ok 8teami?oat8 h-2rvo* albany and intkrmf.d1a1e scwiy ir pl ac vs.?the strainer north amkrlc a. cspt. m. h. truesdell, will leave as above at j p- m. on i norsd.-tv *dd saturday. .. . th? columbia. capl. a. hough'oa. will leave ?s above at 5 p. m. on yveilneaday, f>i<)ay and sunday. rorpmnge or frnpht. apply on board, or t# . i/. sennit*, wt tli* ( ttice ou the whatf 'for j? &a 8tatkm island fkkry. foot wlirtkhali. 8t.-the .t*rnbou ~3hl-*2lstatkn islander will leave new votk and statcn ul.wid. on and ulw october 3d, as followi, until further notice :? leave 8taten i-land at im. 10, A. m., s, 4, r. m. leave new york at #. i2>?, 10 uiin. !? > j. n. b ? on suudays tha boat will leave at ii lnitead of 12>?. all irtfignt shipped is to be particalarlv niarkeo and ii .it tlie rink ol'rbe nwimr? tlieiwof om7y~lletiu"la ii link kor ne vv orfjfftlk. leans? the first cl?u packet ship arkansas, jukxhbcai>l buegou, will sail punctually on the lith dec 'i be accommodations of uiu ship tor cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger i. are iucii ua cannot (ail to ensure every c mlort to passengers during the voyage tetlie ships ol (his liue lure now commenced their regular trips, and will nil punctual every five days throughout uie lewin. passengers miv therefore rely on not heiuf eetaintd. the price of pa?s?g? bi'iug vury low, those wishing to secuie berths in either of he above packets, can do so by applying to w. k j. t. tapscott. a'their genera) passage office, 43 peck slip, d'2 comer ol sou'h str?et. jt?p- k'utt livklthofll?with ue.n tch-tne snlen we" known, fait sailiug and favorite picket s lip jiWfciifcKUTA A Opt. j Thompson, wilt sail as aliov. Slie has first rate accommodations for a tew c tbi" passenger*, wlio will b? taken at m'durate rates. Those about proceeding to theabove port ahould makeaarly applicatiou oil board, fiot of Peck slip, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck slip, d 12 comer Sooth street. FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New mSMfV Y< rk Line?Regular Packet, of 70th Dec ?The fait J?%M.H>iling P ck t ship HU ^TSVILLK, Capt. ?. Corcell, wilt sail as above. her regular da/. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS fcCO. 50 South street. Shippers by this line mar rely upon ha ring thri r goods correctly measured Agent* in New Orleans, Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward ill goods to their address. The packet ship CJasion, Capt. O. Vldridge, will succeed the llu tsvi le, and sail the 3Uth Dec., her regular day dl2r ???- FOll LONDON?Regular packer, of the 20th Dec KTjWiV ?'I"he wel ki.own favorite picket ship WE-T VI 1\'MttjlbSrER, Captain Hovey, bmtheu 1000 tons will sail as atwve?.her regular i^y. Her accommodations for cabin, seeond cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly fitted up for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Person* intending to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAV, 100 Pine st. com?r of South. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old eouutry. can have them brought out bv the above ship, or any of the t ie reguUr packets sa<liug on the 7th. i7th and 27th of each month, by applying * above; if by letter, post paid. P S. Drifts at Sigh', far Urge or small sum<, are dia-'n by tbesnbscribcr on the Provincial Bank of Ireland; p.yablein every to ? u throughout the cou"try ; al?o on .Viessr Sp toner, Atwoml St < o, Biukers, London, payable in every town in Owt Britain. dl2r rtHfr FOR LONDON-Packet of the 20.h Dec?The fcWfWpoeket .hip WESTMINSTER, Cap Moore, will QWtKOBS^be d- spatched for Loudon a* shove; her regular day, i hose wishing to secur* a passage, having superior aceommodatioag for cabiu, steond cabin ami steerage |iassuiigera, apply to JOHN HERDMAIM, 61 South street, near Wall street. N B ? Passnge from London and Liverpool by the regular ii\nkrts, sailing iveeklv, can at all rimes be arranged at the. lowi-st rales and drafts furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on apt lication as above. dl r FOR NEW ORLEANS?The snnerior fist sailM/WPWing packet ship SHARON, Capt. Thompson, will JMhdMSauiil ou Thursday, U h inst She has excellent accom mo .alio s for cabin, second cahii and steerage passengers.? Those wishing to secure berths, will r'qttire to mike early application on board the ship, at pier 'IE R. Old slip, or to JOHIS HERDMAN, 01 South street, neir Wall street. N B ?The snlendid picket ship Ohio, Capt. Lyons, will be despatched on the ith inst. by which pasaage can be eugaged at the lowest rate., on app'ication as absve. d7ec OLD |BL4CK BALL LINE OF PACKETS iAwPWFOR LIVERPOOL-Packet of the 16th December Theelt-gaut first ciai I'.ckct ship NKW kOKH, Capt* buil iw, will be cl'ipatciird as above, h?r regular day- She has unsurpassed ncc<?i<nioda ion* for cabin, second cabin and storage passengers. Th J.f wishing to secaie berths, will require to make early application to JOHN HKKDMAN, II Sonth street, n?ar Wall street. V b.?Tli"se wishing to send for their friends residing in Ureal Britain o- Ireland, can have brought out by this ship, or any <<f the line of packets, at the lowest rate. aud drafts can as usual be furti'shed for anv amnunt, payable'without discount, or any other charge, in all the principal towns through out the Us red Kingdom. For further particulars, apply as above. P 3?The picket ship Columbus. Capt. Cole, will bedeaf'clied ouU'e l<t Jtnu-rv, her rigjlar da''. d I Ir 8<&t BLACK BALL, OH OLD LINK OK LTVKR?A*Ah.POOL PACKKT&-KOR LIVKRPOOL-Hegulai JftajjtsPacl t-t of the Hth Decmb'r.?The utw aud elegant packet ship NKW YOKK, bnrtheu I ICO loos. Capt. Cropper, will positively sail on Saturday, lGth December, her regular (iar. It ii well kuowu that the accommodations of this noble pack: * f-k.n 'J.i ranin anH mt+rracf iimiiM^rt. .?rr fitted tin ill & m tuner that cannot fail to insure those embarking everv com fort, bsiuit very high between-decks, which are well lighted and ventilated, fhose returning to the old country will at once tee it their merest to select tlui favor te ve-se< for their con veymce in p efen-nce lo any other. The price of passage i* vrry low, for which aud to secure the beat berths, early application should be made oa board, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers, liOCHE, BROTHERS & CO., J5 Fultonstreet, next d<?or to the Fulton Bank Z P. S.?The New York sails from Liverpool on the 1st Kebruary. Persons sending for their relatives can hare them brought out in her, or in anv of the packets comprising this uue<|u;tlleil iine, siiliug from that por. punctually on the 1st and 16th of each mouth F >r passage apply as above. N. B?The Columbus will succeed the >ew York, and'sail for Liverpool on the 1st January, 1814, her regular day. dllec "ifjt FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?Kegulai Packet of 26th December.?The splendid packet jBlifathip SIDDON8, Capt. K B Cobb, of 10W tons, will sail as above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or couiJort, apply oa board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. Price of passage, $100. tt South street. The packet ship Sheridan. Capt. Deneyster, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Siddons uid sail the 2*th January her regulai NT. 1'xssengers may rely upon th? ships of this line sailing pane tnally as advertised. d4ec fiB?- FOK MARSEILLES?Packet for istJauuary? taMrafV ' be shin TKKSCOT T, Capt. Mvrick. Apply to 2?^** LAUREN' V Si PHELPS, 101 front st , or to i BOYD ti HI VCKe N, Aleuts, ilfc-c 9 Toi.tiue Buildings. ?~~ANTI-HUMBUO STOKE!?LIVE AMu LEI 401^9 LlVr.!? A' the old exc usive B .oi Store, No 144 Cha'lwm sneec (w ere th>* odious practice of cal 'ing upou . crsons nu.i ig the store is not toler.ted) csn he obt uned W-tei Prool Hi.o's manufwturvd in this et\ of th? best m?te ial, *nd warrant d at isun ringing from three to fi.e d llnrs, hem* s me two do'ltrs I >wer in price than is generally obt ii.ieii (qualit\ c.wis deied ) ? city n26Sw*r PARIS BOOTS AN J LASTS MADE TO ORDER, Br E. BUBEK, P5 Bboadwav, (B*sr.m?i?t.) On<* rtunr ft;m Court andt stre t E. SUS* R Bootmaker and Maker of I.a*t*. u< M^BHV''Klrp" of Clerci ol Pan*. beg* leive to inform t in friend* and all the amat ur* of a grut rmauly "chau-mrc that lie can now make, in Nsw Yorn, wiih the but French mi terialt. til thai ? l*r *c?ly nml- in Pari* >>y hi* inaiter, tie celebrated lootm-l*r Clerre, wnose uumerou* cuatomtra 01. thi* *ide of the \tlantic, an reapectfullv infitw i > try s?u*er'? Boot* and Laat*. bcfoi* tlif y d> cpair of being "chauaaea" ,N-? Yo'k, after the nice* latett Pari* faahiou. Alao the guanine Pari* Jpt BUck Varuiah ?old. n2l Im*m BtM'TS Wi er proof, double aud cork aoit> 4g|Ml ("ranch and m iie cilf aud i<ate t acrew t.-p : war ranted good fin* calf boot* for men, buy*, and children'* roar** water boo'*, and *hoe* o' all *ort* and *itea. N. B?Uadie* miuN and children'* gaiter boot*, *hoe* ?n< htukina, double and ainitle aoles, and of every color and *had> Ladiaa, < Jei.u, .? i*?ea, at.d Child en'* water i.r Hjf India Ku ber over ?hoe*. of the late*t *tyle, all of which will lie aul< cheaper than at any other *tore in thi* city. J. Si WALKKK, 4!<? Broadway, nl4 lm*m corner of Canal at. BOOT ANJL) 8HOK STORK OHN HEADY reapei-ifully inform* hi* trieu and tlie public .that he haa commenced buaiueaa in tlie abo? line, at So. 9? Naaaau ttreet, where h? will thankfully rece and fa thfMll. eiecute, all ord?r* h? m*? he favored w-th " r anal r?->?oraV? "rmm Inr ?..? "V ~~ LOOK AT THIS iJdENTLEMEN'S CORK SOI.fc BOOTS, the beat n quality $3 00 > Vv ater rroof Boot* do 4 jti Do ligh' Kr -nch Ca'ftkin Boot* do $3 to 4 (Mi |).i Jnilia Hub er Over <. hoea, with leather aolea 1 J? Do plain Kubheri, .'ft f Do uanciiig rumps. i u Do Dancing <>a ter, 1 ?i Do Worked Slippers, 1 w. And all other ki ids of Boots aud Short in fashion: ladies' gaiter Boots. Buskin*, Slippers, Tit?, quilted Hhoes, piuuella Shoes, white ai.<1 blark satin Slippers, burton Shoes: India rubber sirs'* I'urrrd. plain, and a I other kinds of Over Shoes Clogs, Moccasins, and the gr? atear assortment of boy's Boots and Shoes; misses' and children's, of all kinds to be found in the world al! of our own mamifielu e, and ihe best of French goods, and warranted to be (he best, and aa cl.e?p as the cheapest, it :IS Broadway. Co.ner 01 Krnnklin eet. dHl3fl*ec I iRkOi ll< Y k CAH1LL, 387 Broadway ~CORK SOLli WATER PROOF AND DRESS IWHOOTS.?The snbsenb?r males to order Boots ol th? If' ibnve descriptions, of t1 e fiu>st <]u.ility of Krench Calfikin, in the litest style, at ery rea?omble prices. Henlleme wno ha.e h' on in the habi' of |iay ujt extrtvigant prices for inferior articles, aie K-quenfed to call and be convinced ol their interest in purchasing at this store Drawing being taken of the eer, and a pair of T,asts krpt for each customer, there is no difficulty in gettiuf a l.autlsome and **Coust?utly on hand, a large assortment of :eadv mide Bress Boots, latest si\ lea. at $J ?wl (110 per rait; Double Soles,trotr tl to ?<i l>er pair. Over Shots^ Half Boots, Dancing Tumps. Slii im r. Vc a' ei'ially low prices. ' JOHN L. WATKINS, IU Kolton street, d? lm?e"! between Naasup and Dutch streets, tV ni \v ryi>ok cmildrkpth vklvkt caps JA?The ?nbscribf! 'ias a large and beautiful assortment ol Gentlemen's aid Boys Caps, of the late.t 'ashiou, which he will sell aa clieap as auy oilier establishment in this city? among '-Inch may lie found nentlenun's cloth, velvet. a new tyie ol glaxril, ami i'u? ottei caps. Also On liahd a large supplv ol mole skiu, ailk and fur liats, of a beaniiful finish, for sail low Ka.icy Kurs?-Al?<i, constantly on hand, a lirr* assortment o? Muffs and ?nr Trimmings for saleatTery low pricsa. . N. 1 he i .am of ihe subscriber took the premium at the Ate I" mr of the American Institute. ? i . WM- BRowrj, BlO lm*i UI Chatham it, opposiu Roowrtlt. E NE NEW TMP0RTANT TO ALL THE LADIES! A OIF T F O K. T II K HOLIDAYS, Klegant, Appropriate and Utrful. THE LADIES' HAND-BOOKS . - 0?'NEEDLEWORK, Elegantly B mud in Muslin, (Silt Kdgrs aud Sumps. Price 2T? cents, or #1 50 tor the Series. COMTKIMIf G No. I?BABY LINEN, Containing plain and ample instruction* for the preparation of j an iufant's wardrobe N?.2-PLAIN NEEDLEWORK, 1 Containing iuitnictioni in the preparation of bsdy linen?In- , strticlions iu tbe preparation ol bouse linen?1m plana lion in 1 various kind* of at tch?s aud miscellaneous work, such as j brading, mukinv, ripiug. hia?ing, he No. J-KAN .Y NEEDLEWORK. Cor tiining instructions for pieparation of frames?Materials for working?Eipla-ation ?f stitches?Instructions in Em- ' broidery?Application of fancy needlework to useful par- i pose.. 1 No. 4-EMBUniDKRY ON MUSLIN AND TATTINO, I Containing irairuclions in workii g Embroidery on Muslin? Instructions in Lact-work?tu1 roidery in gold thread?Tat- 1 ting, &c. No. 5-KNITTINO. NETTING AND CROT'-HET. Containing comple'e inlruciioni, and |>atiernf for all the various kinds of work? Net-work. Kiiuie, Crotchet-work, ?c. i No e?MILLINERY AND D11EH8-MAKING, Containing instructions iu Bonnet making?Materials?Drawn Bonnets?Me timing Bonnets?Bout el Caps?Capotee?LapC;ts, fcc ?Dre?s-makiug?Children's Dicum?Mantelets? allies' Bilk Clo<k??Capes?Carriage Cloak*?Garden Cloak*?Boys'Cloaks?Piping?PUtta, tic. Published and for sale by J. S. Rfc.DKlK.LD, Clinton Hall, corner of Naasaa and Bc-ekuiiu struts. VALUABLE HOLinAY GIFT. THE HOOK OF BOOKS. Now ready, in variou< styles of Binding, TI1E I'lCTORlAJj BiJJI.E, HKINIi TIIK OLD AND N?W TEST AMKNT8, With full Mtirffinal References, ILLl?ST?ATKt> WITH MORK THAN ONE THOUSAND ENQRJ1VING*. 1 A NEW AND BEAUUKUL MAP OK rALESTINE, i And a FAM LY RECORD. H.NGRAVKD ON STEEL. Published and for sa'e wholes le and reuil by J. 8 REDKIEl-D. Clinton Hall. dll 3wr coruer Niuiu and Beekmau streets A SUITABLE HOLIDAY PRESENT. ITALENTlNE hat removed hi* bngraviag and Printing EsV tahiiihment irom John ?treet to No. I Beekman street, (Lovejoy's Hotel,) opposite the Brick Church, New York? weddinn, Vtsiiiuii, I-vitation and Professional Cards, executed in the tust st) le of rha art, ai regards the superiority of the Engraripg, neatness of the Printing, and the whiteness an<' bril liancy of the cards PersOus turn shing their own Card Plates can haw them printed ou <hr most approved and fashiouaole stv'eof Cvd* at reduced prices. d8 lm*r pO THE LAD'KS.?If you hive h?iey txcesc-uces, con* c*iliog a broad and elevated forehead?if) on have the un sightly a; pei.dase of a beard on your upper lips?if you have superfluous hair disfiguringauy part f w>ur othe-wise beautiful faces, the Poudre Subtile, invented by Dr Kelix Uouraud, will quickly and forever fradfate t, w.thcut the slightest iutury or discoloration to yiur skins?this yon "an be satisfied of iv s*eing the prepara'ion tested at the Dei-tor's office; all doubts of the ar'rcle beiiu a humbug will quickly vanish K r sale oulv at 67 Walker street, one door from Ui* c ruer of Broad way?SI Ier bottle?where may he had the following aricles, a'l wa"anted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, (or curing a'l b*otches. pimples, tackles iau, morphew, scurvy, it h. redness, sillnwt.ess, or rouzhness of tM skin; fir cSapoed bauds, face ormuqulti biles its effects are immediate: iu the washing of children, in aUaying all irritation and chafing, its prope>ties are really astonishiug so softening a"d healing that no mother should be wi'hout a cake. 'ne cake, 60 ceuti, is ufficieut, and we wariam it or return the m'luev if no- succes?ful. Be on your guard against a bold imitatiou, and buy no where else b t as .liov?. | (ioiiriud's Eau de B ante, or True Witer of Brau'y, is a W'll known ad approved cosmetic 'oi ulexnsing heiliug, pu i lying ana D?<utii>iuK me <ompi<iiou, *na ey ics auaung propel tiei urevent" g the formation of wrinkles, and banishing ihrui when present. Si per b.'ttle Oouraud s Ve :eiable Li luid Kouge i-rparts a delicate blushins unite to the complexion, immovable br mbbi g with a hauckerc^ief or linen cloth. For dyeing ladies' atockiugs or gloves, this preparation, diluted with w<t>r, U inimitable. 10 lents i*r b ttle. Uoursud's Ha:r Dye will change red or gray hair to a beautiful dark brown or hlack, wi hout staining the skin. SI per bottle. Whi ker and Ete brow Dye 3> ceo s per bottle Uouraud's Ul.uic d Espagne, or Spanish White, give* a pare lifelike aUbast'r wluteaess and smoothness to the skin?free from all injurious ingiedients and is entirely annihilating common ch*lk and flake white. Put np iu elegaut boxes, vt) cents each This, wirh other of 't. O.'s preparirii-ni. i< imitated. Buy no whe e elre hu' at C Walker street, just one doir from the corne. of Broadway, wh?ie will be touud an assortment of ill- most delicate and choice Perfumery, imported lrom all pttts. Agents?Jordan. 2 Milk street, Borton; 7* ("hesnut street, Philadelphia ; Kcbinson, Hamsburgh ; He nitch, Lancaster; 8e.tbrook, Princeton; Trippe, Ne?ark l'oiisey, Rochester; Carawell, Lock ort; Smiti, I alniy a; Grigs, Hunilto , county; Guthrie, Albm y; Gray, PouJiUeiepsiejElliOtt,; Myers, New H*veu : Dyer. Providence : Tayl .r Ne*p.) t; Carutou, Lowell: Ires, 8*lem ; H dga, Newbunpoit; PrestOH, Portsmouth ; ratten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor ; Luther White, Calais; fceth 8. Hauee, Baltimore; felby Parker, Washington Mrs Kraser, Richmond: iV1ath?w?on, Norw rh, Conn.; Weill ti Humphreys, Htitfoid; E. C. Ferre, Middletown. dll m*r BALL DRES8KS ?The subscriber has just received by the most receut arrivals? 60 cases ladies' embroidered Robes, from $7 upwards V:> do OigantM, embroider d in colors, from Si upwards Tule Illusion, iu blue, pink, and other colors 10-4 plain while Organdi Muslin, for ball dresses 100 cartons infant's embroidered Robes, very cheap. PETER ROBKRTS. 373 iJroidway, 'dll lmrc- between White and Franklin street*. POSITIVKLV WATER PROOF?W. J. Roome's 80s pi a to or Chineee Waterproof Ointment?Manshaem 8t Palmer, riuci|ial wholesale and retail agentsf.<r thisot:lysore preventive ef wet feet. T>ie celebiated t?ui*ka Hhc*uu,, which his won a great reputation for its brilliancy of polish iu iiuick time, and u/liirli ib tarall arfanfsx! f*<. r ntinir nv>)r rlif AnfiiitA i? fr\r *?(? Kv the proprietor at his agency Tor the Soipito, 81 Faltoo s;, corner o! Gold. N. B ?The public are invited to tall and test its merits, dll lm#ee rPHK SUBSCRIBERS arr now piepaied to sell Watches -I ?ud Jewelry as low, if not lower, than any other house in the city. To wit : Gold Watches from $15 to $i00 each ; silver do. from $i to $10 each. All watches warranted to keep good time or the inouey returned. Watchei, Clocks and Mi-ictl Boxes rejwired and warranted, lower than anv other house in the ?ity. Second Imitl wauhei and old Gold and Silvr taken in exchange or bough: for cash THO vil'SON & FISHER, Importers of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, .So. 33' Broadway, New York. AMOS R. THOMPSON, dIO lm'ec H.'CHARD FISHKR; HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS. A LLEN'S SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING SIX A BORE CAST S-lEEL BARRELS PISTOL-This Pistol cocks and revolve* m rely by pulling the tritger, and sis hot* may b* delivered within the snort space of three seconds. It is more simple and more durable than any Pistol now in use. and warranted superior to aiiy othe. maker. For sale iu quanlilies to suit purchasers by A. W. SPIES & CO. 2U I'earl street, impoiters oi Hardware and Cutlery. Also, Guns; Pistols; Gun materials for manufacturing, altering or repairing Guns Also, every variety of Sporting articles n23 Ira* 0 OA11 AND OAR BAZA AR?At this establishment can be u found every description of iioMs that the ingenuity ol man :an suggest. Look at wliat he has doue and then jadgt if what he can do. At his establishment was built .he following unrivalled boats, vix The Swiftsnre. of Newfoundland; the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Tronbler. he Romp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row ow beau Henry Stark, which won 29 races in It months he noble Cimbria; the G. W. Chapman; the forty foot racei ?r the United States shin Ohio; the barge Empreas lor Florida tie brass monnted gig Neptune for Tainpico Bay, aiid a host n then equally rrrat OAR| SWCKPSAND 9CULLS-I50.000 feet on hand >lso 2.000 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. Tim ew brnuch ol his business is truly worthy of attentiou ? 1 >ook at the pneem, only thre* and four pence a foot. All tin icnlls for racing dressed by the proprietors own hands. Tho*. hat won the last race can now be seeu at his office. 8iit\ toats always on hand. Visit his Bazaars if you desires tree' Vtl work delivered free of charge C. L. INGKRSOLL, HMH6 and 414 Water aail ill Cherry streets?sole proprietor ieW lm'r NO i ll fc-.Nh'-V VOhK BACKING ' OM^ANVThe subs :iiber haviug been appointed Receive/ of tht roperty, claims funds ana effect* of th* New Yo'k Banking ompanv. an association formed under and in pu*s?nuce of ai. ict ol the Legislature of the J^at of New Yoik, entitled ' ? i< t to author,se tne bunine-s of banking," passed April Itth '38, alt persuns indebted to the sai 1 Association are required y 'hem respectively to ine.and to p*y thr tmr by ihefittranth lay of Jannarv next, at my ofli-e iu ine Me chxnts' r.xchung* i the city of New York. Ail person* in iheir MM ti jq anc property or effects ol' tie ?? <1 Association are requir tod-liver the ??<ne to me by t'iat dxv. All the credit >rs n 'ie diion iti u are require I to d?liv?r ihei' re.pertive ncconm* nil dewaniit to m? by thit dty; >i\d all persons holding an i eo or nbtnliuK contract -f th-ttid As* c.ition are requir I to present the* tine 111 writing, and in detail, to me, on or b< ore that day at !? said office Dated New York, 2Uh November, 'i4j CHArtLK.8 SAOORY, Re-e,ver 1I6 J v*r 31 Mer hanta' i''hat>ge Tl->.v e. ot jt.h t MISON liNSfRA.Ut ClIMfAN ' -Office 36 Wall ?^re*i Thi? company continue their bi> nness of ininraiice ajraiust loss or damage by lire, ?n goodr. Are* and merchandi*e, and al*o ou vessels and their cargoe* uainstlos* by inland n^.^oK8> Thomas W. Thome, Klisha Kins, Thomas T. Woodrnff Brnjamtu R. Robsoa, John R. Davison, Francis P. Sate, Thomson Prioe Joseph Allen, John H. Lee, John P. Moore, Moses Tucker, James F. Holmes, Caleb C. Tunis, James II. Whitiug, Anson Dakar, Wm. K. Thorn, Joseph Drake. Irad Haw ley, John C. Merritt, Thomas MoireR THOMAS W THORNtt. PresidnuL Of.O. T H?fK, IWr^urr m1? |gb T'HK 8UB8CRIBKR8 have jnst received from (Jerman* 1- and offer for sale, a variety of YV \TKR PROOF and VIR TIOHT article*, called ANHYDRINK, for which pa, enti hare been taken out in Kngland and Oermaiiy, The\ ire vastly *nperior to THOSK in use manufactured by the aid if India rubber,from which they are distinguished by Doing perectly INODOROUS, 1NKLA8TIC. but sni pie, and under Coing no alteration whatever by change of temi>eratiiiT rhe*e articles are manofactun d w ith wool, rotlon, linen, *ilk kc . of which may b? mad<-CLOAK<*. HUN TINU JACKETS, OAlTKHS. APRONS. MILITARY TKNTS. 4AVKHSACKS AWNlNlH, MAttOUKKS, KNGINK HOW 10 Also. IlAT AND BONNKT LIinINOS, with flOBK AN 1> OUOy Kg for those afflicted with gout and rheumatism; AIR CUSHIONS, PILLOWS, MATT RE 8* IKS. he Among the rest they have an article prepared foi WAOON COVERS. Tor the US* OF RAILROADS and At cover all kinds of vehicles and boat*. Also for BALLOONS aud for BAUS. which may contain watei y. gaseous ir oily fluids, without any chance ol leakage. They have also if thin manufacture an excellent article of SAILCLOTH, vhich will arm*, the |?ss*ge of air, will last longer, be lighter han ordin try sail cloth, and require n less number of hands to tiuiage thein. In the mtnulaniure of UMBRELLAS this trtie'e must supercede every other ruieriitl. Indeed, the usual implication oftlie ANHYDRINK most be almosr unlimited. It must not be uuiiited to state that this article is admirably ulapled as ? rover for fi-ather beds; the perspiration from 'li*MM?i oreveu healthy persona so injurious and destructive tu ' ethers, will under its ase be prevented from penetrating and annot attend beyond the exterior of the tick. PFEIFER h WI8SV1AFN, nlJ Im'ec II Sonth William ?tr?et COPPf/h.?100 caaas extra anality.F.ngliah Shmthing t.op|?r from 14 to 23 o*. nceivedner recent arrival*, for *ale by dJ fc. K COLLLN k CO. M South stmt W YO r YORK, TUESDAY MOB Charleston, 8. C. | [Correspondence of the Herald ] Charleston, S. C., Dec. 6, 1^43. State of the Cotton Crop?Aspect of the Market. Iambs crordon Bennett, esq. Dear Sir? It may not be unacceptable to you to have sonic information in relation to the extent of the growing crop and the transactions in cotton amongst us. 3o far, it is evident that the present crop will be ' far short of a full one, and from all the information I can collect, it will reach but little over 1,800'900 bales. .Some estimate it at two millions, but it cannot reach that quantity. This State and Georgia will certainly fall short one-fourth, if not more. Alabama may reach 425,000 bales, while the receipts of New Orleans cannot exceed 825,000 bales ; and Florida, 130,000 bales. My estimate is as follows ; it has been collected from the best sources:?New Orleans receipts, 825,000 bales; Mobile, 425,000 ; Florida. 130,000 ; Savannah ana Charleston, 450,000?Total, 1,830,000 bales Should the crop exceed this estimate, it cannot reach two millions ; but no one can estimate within one hundred thousand bales at this period of the year.? The cause of the falling off of the crop is easily accounted for : the plaining season was from two to lliree weeks later than usual, and in July and August there was too much rain at that stage of the erowtli of the plant, which had the effect of causing the youn g forms to shed, and although the weed grew to a good height, the fruit was wanting, and nothing but the very favorable season the planters have had, has enabled them to save the bhort crop of about 1,800,000 bales. 1 feel satisfied that two to three hundred thousand bales of this crop will be retained in the hands of the planter, until orw.ihs.r uour miUfui rhn nriees advance to ten cents or m?re. The favorable opinion held by all those interested, with a healthy state of trade and the relief from a great portion of indebtedness on the part of the planting as well an mercantile interest, gives a stimulus to planters to hold back their cotton for improving prices. Since the arrival of the packet of the 4th, our market has exhibited great activity, and cotton has advanced a half cent tor two or tnree days past. Both holders and shippers appear willing to wait the advices by the steamer ot the 19th ult. Our stock at present is light. 1 am yours, respectfully, A Merchant. I.wttjktant i'rom Brazil.?We have received late and important intelligence from Brazil. The Brazilian government has refused its assent 1 to the basis of a Treaty of Alliance which the go- 1 verninent of Montevideo had proposed. At the J same time it declared its intention to observe stric 1 neutrality in the present warbetween Buenos Ayres 1 and Montevideo. Instructions to this effect have ( been sent to the Brazilian Minister at Montevideo ' and to acknowledge the blockade of that port by , Admiral Brown of the Buenos Ayrean squadron. This puts a new face on the position of affairs in ' that quarter. Our last advices from Montevideo stated that serious difficulties with Brazil were ap- J prehended, but the above intelligence places all < warlike matters on the peace list again. From Sisal.?Captain Buckman, of the brig Tro|an, from Sisal, 12th November, reports that the i Yucatan Commissioners had returned from Mexico ' without effecting a treaty. It was generally believ- , ed that the Mexican troops would march against 1 Yucatan in about thirty days. Later from Mexico.?Our advices from Vera Cruz are to the 19th ult. There was nothing new up to that day. News from that quarter is full of bug bears. Latest from Canada.?"We have received the Kingston Whig of the 5th inst. It contains news to the afternoon of that day. There is considerable excitement in Canada re wviil ilnf r\f till! >nni0llt 7 f n n 11/ appears that the late ministry are throwing every obstacle in the way of the Governor General. The spirit of the news is in the following extracts :? [From the Kingston Whig, Dee. 5.1 A message was sent down, yesterday, by Ilia Excellency the Governor General to the Legislative Assembly, expressing a hope that the important measures now before them may be proceeded with to their termination. The members opposing tin* Governor have_ shown a disposition to sneak ofl and embarass him. Tiafontuine found great fault with the dress of the Secretary who brought down the Message. It is contemptible for the House to be debating about the buttons of Mr. K awson. Lafontaine, Baldwin Ac Co had better bring forward some better ground of complaint against the Governor General. Every step now taken by the late Ministry, and their supporters, is with a view of insulting the Governor General. A committee of the whole House is now fitting on the Bill providing f9r the Iucorpo ration of Townships, Towns, Counties and Cities in Upper Canada; and arc expunging all the clauses relating to patronage. Thev have put forth the Honorable Member for Kingston us leader of the van. The debate on Mr. Price's motion, on the resignation of the Members of the late Executive Council, commenced on FriJay and was adjourned to the following day, when it terminated. The passing of this motion, by the House, is a direct insult to the Representative of the Queen. It as nines the statement of Mr. Baldwin?that he resigned in consequence of some objection having been raised by his excellency to the resolutions ol the ltd September, 1841?to be correct ; whereat-, his exccllency informs us that he subscribes ti those resolutions ; and " protests against Mr Baldwin's explanation as omitting entirely the actual and prominent circums'.ances which led t( I theirresignation." Mr. Wakefield took a prominent part in opposing the motion of Mr. Price His not having been ? i ?>pon Mr. Lafontairie to allow the Irish Colonization Bill to pass into a law, is assigned by some as the reason for hi* having deserted the ex-ministry. In order to bring discredit upon the bold stand which has been made by Sir Charle> Metcalfe, a report hns been industriously circulated by the gentlemen who have left the treasury bench es for their country's good, that Edward Gibbon Wakefield is a secret?a " back-door" adviser ol his excellency. Nothing can be more false. Sii Charles Metcalfe is too wise to be led by the advice of any such man. He has been sent to thitprovince (is Governor, to regain and assert the jirerogatice of the crown. He has his instruction, from the British Government, and requires the ad vice of no one on that subject, but trusts to his owi energy and the good sense of the people. News i-rom HcitMi'nA.?Intelligence from Her inurla to the 2?tn ultimo is received. The islnri tvai perfectly healthy, and the harvest had been a fim >ne There was a great abundance of all the necessarieof life; ?o much *o. that beef was selling at one pen in per pound, and o'.hrr articles in proportion Klourwa-elling Ht *6 per barrel, and potatoes at. .'?0 ecnts pel bushel. Foreign produce was disposed of at low price*, and dull ?f ?ale. More Stbamkr*.?It is said that a line of sen submerged sorew steamers are now building, to run between New York and Philadelphia. Htkamkhs on Lrik Canai..?It is in serious contemplation to build iron hoats for the Krie Canal, of 85 tons burthen, and fit them, if possible, with the screw propellet. Nv.w Iron Wat; Steamkr.?This vessel, built by r^tuekhouse and Tomlinson, of I'it'sburg, under the superintendence of H. Tlartt, K.sq., nnval constructor, al K.rie, was to have been launched on Tuesday lust. The Chronicle gives the following dimension! of her. Thr steamer is a handsome vessel, of tierfect symmetry, and promise* to be a fast sailer. Her dimensions and pro|wr ties are as follows :?l.ength of the keel, l.'ifl feet 4 inches : Length on deck, 1H7 feet ? inches ; Length over all, I7fl feet fi inches ; Breadth of the beam, '27 feet : Breadth ovet guard, 4 > feet 10 inches; Depth of hold, 1'j feet; Height Irom top of the keel to top of rail, 17 feet It) inchei. The hull i* entirely of iron, except the gnn deck; there an four water tight bulkheads athwartship for the greater ?e curlty of the vessel against rocking; four keelsons for the engine frame* to rett on, MMWthe mnin keelson, w hich i* seventeen inchel deep. The w heelhouse* and guards are entirely ol iron She Willi* ?rhaotier-rigged, mi l have throe iiim>, nml can carry sixteen gnns. although her present armament will comprise but two 64 Paixhan gun? ami four M pound carronadei. This vessel will probably

lie ready for service upon the opening of nuvigation nex' *prlng ; nml being the lirst iron vessel launched upon tin lake, will excite much curiosity in those who may for the first tlmo hehoM her. Our reader* have leanxHl that Captain Inman ha* been placed in command of the steamer That gentleman ha* been some time in town, a* are other officer* whose names |are unknown to us, w ho w ill hereafter be connected with the vessel. % >RK 1 TMTlVn TIT?PT?.MTt"EVR 10 1 Ail V*| r>XJVXJ11XO#Jux? j . City Intelligence. Police Office ?Monday, December 11.?Thc Bitcr riUT oot Bit ?A genius, named Mason White, who ive? at 79 Mercer street,und keeps a lottery and gambling stablishment, at 33ti Broad v. ay, next door below the Ta >ernacle, entered thc Lower I'olicu oiiice yesterday niornng, with an affidavit that had been prepared by tome hrewd lawyer,charging Mr. S. D. Sturtevant.of 446 Broadvay, with winning >90 from him, at a game of " Vingt-un," >y means of cards that wore marked upon the back, at tearly all playing cards arc marked that are now used. V warrant w as issued for the arrest of Mr. Sturtev ant, to miwer the complaint as a misdemeanor, when he iinmeliately appeared and entered security to answer. Mr. Uurtevunt states that he entereil into the game as a mere lastime?that In lust about two dollars by the operation, vhile White himself was the dealer of the cards, and if he lid lose, some one of the others, who formed the party, nust have been thc winners. This is rather small busiie?s in White, who is known to be a "bragger" of his kill and knowledge in the game of cards, Ike Pi.AYirtG the Officcr.?On Friday evening last, James tlurphy, formerly a collector on tho Harlem Railroad,but vho has been recently employed in the auction store of looker Ik Morris, 4'J Beaver street, called at the lodgings f Thomas Ooulding, 3i Forsyth street, and representing limself as an oiticer of police, told Goulding that he had i warrant for him, for stealing one pair of gloves rom an auction store down town, tioulding, supposing limself to be bound to answer thc warrant consented to ;o with Murphy to the Upper 1'olicc, but w as not taken tefore the Magistrates. Murphy then compelled him to ;o to the Athenajiim llotel, corner of Broadway and ..comtrd street, and from thence to the Halls of Justice, t here he was released on the promise of a man named I anies Mason, to pay $3 ,'>0, and be security for the ap- | learance of (Joulding at the auction store of Hooker : .1 orris, 4'J Beaver street, the next morning. Goulding ippcared according to agreement, but obtaining uo satisaction for the treatment previously received, applied at he Lower 1'olicc otlice, when a warrant was issued for he arrest of Murphy, who was hold to bail in the sum of >500, to answer the oHence, which, us a misdemeanor, endem him liable to $1000 fine, and imprisonment for six nontha. Ko8hi*o a Monkv Dimwf.r.?'The till of the grocery toro of Andrew Johnson, corner of Bayard and Bowery, . ?> vmlvriliiv mnrninir nnrt mlihnil of nhout %30. Yesterday afternoon officer Joseph arrested a boy named Ufred Weaver, who says he lives in Elizabeth street,who va? recognized by the clerk of Mr. Johmon as having >een about the premises previous to the time the money van missed. The boy was committed for further exaimlation. (ft?-Owners are wanted at the Lower Police Office for a lold French Lepine Watch, old fashioned, with a chased lack, white face, and a small break in the dial, supposed o have been stolen some two or three months since.? tlso for a large Bowie Knife, Sheffield make?on the end if the handle the figure of a horse's head. Apply to otti:er? Kelly ea and Kellinger. Common Council. Bo\rdop Aldermen.?Wednesday, Dec. 11th?Aldernan Bkadv in the ( lmir. Firt Police.?The joint committee of Fire and Water, to whom was referred the communication of the Chief Engileer relative to the selection ol a Fire Police, presented a eport in which they recommend that the Counsel of the Hoard lie directed to draft a memorial to the Legislature to this effect. Aid. Tillou moved a reference to tho select committee in Police, aithey were on the eve of presenting a report ?n this subject, in connection with other police matters. Aid Hatfield hoped that immediate action be taken upon the subject. Aid. Lee odvoeatod laying on the table for the purjiosc ?f printing, which was adopted. Thankigivinq liny.?A communication from tho Mayor was received, in which he refuses to issue a proclamation railing the attention ol the citizen* to the Governor's proclamation forthe keeping of Thanksgiving, in accordance tvith a resolution passed in this Board, introduced by Aliermun Purdy. lie states that it is unnecessary, as the proclamation of the Governor is sufficient notice for the ivhole community. New Engine anil ITose Ilonse.?The Fire and Water Committer reported in favor of granting the N.Y. Hospital the free use ol the Croton water, on condition that they grant the lire of ground on their premises on which to erect an engine ami hose house. Also to appropriate $800 for the erection of said houses. Adopted. Markrt foot of Dtuine itr>et.?The Market Committee, to whom was referred the communication of the Mayor relative to the construction of a market at the foot of Dtiane street, reported adversely, and asked a further reference to the Committee of Finance. Alderman Tillou moved to lay the report on the table, which was adopted. Flatting Houston street.?The Street Committee reported ' In fevorof flagging and repairing pavement Jin Houston street from Goerck street to the bulk head. Adopted. First District Watch.?\ resolution to introduce the Croton water into the First District Watch-house, was adopted. Butchers oj Union Markrt.?Alderman Hatfield offered a resolution calling upon the Committee of Markets to report at the next meeting relative to the reduction of rents in Union Market. He said that the butchers had nearly all left that market, mid the remainder would do so in a few days unless their rents were reduced. Alderman Lke said that the Committee on Markets hail j this subject under consideration, as well as that relative! to other'markets, but it would bo impossible for them to reduce the renin in one market unlets they adopted the same principle in nil. The resolution was adopted. Herniating Thirty-seventh tlretl.?The Street Committee reported iu favor of regulating Thirty-seventh street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, and setting the curb and gutters therein. Laidoti the table. Extra J'ay.?A resolution to nay A. li Bigelow $160 for extra services as Register of Water Rents was negatived rh'gin in Sixteenth Street ?The rommittee reported in favor of constructing a drain in 16th street, between Irving Place and Third Avenue. Regulating *1cenue B.?The street committee presented a report in favor of regulating Avenue B, from ltHh to 13th streets, and setting the curb and gutter stone therein; adopted. Excluding Large Vetitli from Hurling Slip ?The com mittee on wharves, piers and slips, reported that the Alderman and Assistant of the Fourth Ward were the most competent judges on this subject, ami the whole matter was therefore referred to them. Limi Hull?The Committee on Charity and Alms House reported in favor of suspending all further proceed ings in the erection of this " crazy" wooden building on Blackwell's Island, until the members of thfc Common Council should visit the ground. Alderman Tillou said that the system of confinement of vagrants w ith criminals w as improper, and he hoped the whole subject would be deferred until time was given for the exam ination of the whole sub ject. Alderman Bmcrvort said he was opposed to the course of the Keeper of the Island in putting up buildings where he pleased without the con?ent of the Common Council. A substitute for the resolution calling upon the f'ommittee on Public Buildings to enquire into the necessity of constructing a luni house w as adopted I)oek at Sixty firtt itreet?The < ornmittee on Roads and ^anals reported in favor of appropriating $2'i0 to till up the dock foot of Sixty-first street, and regulating the road to the top of the hill ?Lai J on the table Public Srhnvl Houie in the Sixth If aril?A resolution from the Board of Assistants to use a lot in Kim street, between Leonard and Franklin, on which to eroct a public school, was referred to the Financc Committee and the Counsel of the Board. Opening of Eighteenth Street ?The communication of Robert F.mmott. giving the decision of the Suureme Cour" relative to the opening of this street was referred to the committee on Road* and Canal*. r+rtnre of Hithop Hwhet.?An invita'ion from the Irish 'migrant Hocietv for the members of the Board to attend a lecture to be delivered hy Bishop Hughes, before that was adopted T'",'*rn?ele, on Thursday evening next IJrhting Streets.?The gns committee reported in favnt if lighting Howard street from Mercer to Cmtn itr?*t Grand street from Broadwav to Oreen, and Mercer street from Canal to Broome; adopted. Salan/of' V'timffr?\ renort and resolution from the itlier Board to increase the snlarv of the Messenger of the Common Counsel from f Mto to ?fiO0. was read. \Mertnan n*?ii moron n rrlerence 10 n commiuw o hi* Board. \ldermen Bninc* nn-l L? i: advocated the immedin'e adoption of the resolution, which was concurred in by f? vote of 12 to I. Drain tnil Sru f in Grrmwirh utrtrt ?The report ami re olution in f ivor of constructing a sewer in Rector street 'rom Orcenwirh to the Hudson river. with culvert? and n train in Greenwich street from the northerlv side of Kdrir <itreet to the sewer in Hector street, which was con innred in FrrryfeMof Ho'ittvn itrtrI.?A resolution from the other Board to authorize the Street Commissioner to expend th" sum of *100to extend the ferry pier foot of Houston stree' whs concurred in. Tim Board then, at half post ten o'clock, adjourned till Monday, 2Ath instant. tlotnn or Amhtaxt Ai.dckmkn, Dec. 11.?1The minute* of the last meeting were rend and approved. Inrilalinn in a Tscturr -The President md an invitation from the Irish F.mifrant Society to cttend a lecture, to he Tlven by the Ri*ht Rev. Bishop Hnghea, on Monday - vpnin*. the l<?th inst., at the Tabernacle, in aid of the funds of the society?.Accepted. Prtilitni ?A few unimportant petitions were received, and referred to the proper committees. Mm/or'* Mrtmigr ?Mis Honor communicated to the ~ t -?- ?*.? />nn,litinn nf th(> Cmtnn 'Warn ? nirwmi: ICITU.VH. icqneditct work*, and a?*nrin* the Board that tin* com nunicatlon. enclosing the communication of Mr. Norri", -hief ?uperin*endcnt, to him. on the ?nbjecl, van not in'ended hv him a* an art of disrespect to the Board, or to inv memtwr of that Board, but the strict and regular dis. 'haree of hi* duty. It wa* laid on the table to he printed, 'otjetlicr with the previous mcasnire, enclosing Mr Noris's communication. Hi> Ihmn' lhr ^f-jt/or, and lh' Hoard of 4ui?t<tttf* \??t. t Herman W l)o1<re, offered the following resolution* fe was tinnrillinf that the debute nf theprevious mee'tna on the first mmnp, w?< to h? considered at an intended li*re?pect to hi* Honor The onlv ohlectlon then oflfored ivm toth? manner in which Mr. Morris's communication had reached the Boaril. Resolved, That in the opinion of thi* Board, the course nursned hr the Mayor in presenting the communicntion from the Stiperinte-' dent of the 4cqnednet Work* to thin Board on the 4th in*t., wa* proper, and that the action o' 'he Board was taken onlv with reference to the said communication from the Superintendent, to presented bj hi* lienor the Mayor. Resolved, That a copy of the above resolution be communicated by the Clerk of this Board to hit Honor the Mayor. IERA 1843. President Brow * spoke in support of the- resolution He was happy to see the feeling exintiug between tti chief executive officer ami this Hoard which the re*ol< tions evince. But he reminded the member* who vote for laying the message on the table, that the languug lined in the discussion wu such as led other members < the Board to believe that a marked disrespect wm intern ed to his Honor by the members who voted onthatocc aion in the allirmative. Assistant Alderman Boor.* moved to (strike out all aft* the word* "was proper," in the first resolution. This was lost. A motion to lav 011 the table was ais lost, and the resolution* were passed by n vote of II to llritorl of the Finance Committee.?The report, in fav< ol' selling Ciideon l'ucker tho gore of laud on the no it west corner of Broadway and Eleventh street for w I adopted. Refunding Monies.?The re|iort of tho Committee on A sessineuts was accepted, against refunding the money pa! by Ueorge Lovitt, for property sold by the corporation f( assessments, and which property ho alleges ho is doliart from possessing by a verdict against him in the Circu Court disputing lus title. Tho Committeo wero discharge from the further consideration of the subjcct. falling into a CuU'trt.?Tho report in favor of pay in Michael Martin the sum of $125, for injuries sustained h falling into 1 culvert on the Kighth Avenue, which wi undergoing repairs. Accepted. Sidewalk*.?In favor of (lagging a four feet wide sid walk in Kighth street, frcm Twenty-necond to Fort; econd street.?Accepted. %H Sewer in Twentieth itrett.?In favor of building lewerin Twentieth street between Broadway to tho Fif Avenue, and thence connecting with the sewer iu Twe ty-first street.?Adopted. Ditcharging Com ictt.?The Committee on Police, Watt and Prison, reported in favor of concurring with the othi bourd, in accepting and adopting the lollowine resol tiou, introduced by Alderman Watermun in tlio othi board :? Resolved, That the keeper of Ulackwell'v Island I directed to discharge all convicts from tho Island, win their term of sentence shall have expired, unless dctuim by sickness. Temporary Police Reform.?The resolution " author] ing the Mayor to employ such additional services of tl police and watch departments, as will in his opinion o ford ample protection to the persons and property of tl citizens -said additional services to continue only until more efficient |>olice system shall be adopted by the Cor mon Council," was concurred in, and the resolution accordingly adopted. Office of Corporation Coutuel. ? Assistant Aldermn Pr.tti?rew offered a resolution, directing the Superi! teudunt of Public Offices and Repairs, to prepare a suitab room in the City Hall for the use of the Counsel for tl C orporation.?Adopt ed. *Qholiihin% the Office of Superintendent of tht Cioton ?i qutduct Works.?Assistant Alderman Cimrlick effered resolution to al>olisli the oltice of Superintendent oft! Croton Acqueduct Works. Laid on the table by a vote 9 to 8. Public School in Klin street?The report in favor of n propriating a lot on F.lm street for the ereetion of a Pul lie School lor the Sixth Ward thereon, was concurred li fayinir n ll'idow?A re|>ort in favor of paying Bare Carpenter the balance of monies duo to her deceased hu band, foi service* rendered previous to his death, as Sunday Police Otiiccr,.was concurred in. Certiorari Suit?A resolution from the other Board w passed, instructing the Counsel for the Corporation certiorari a judgment obtained against Thomas Harriso clerk of the Centre street Market, by Hannah Halstea Hc-numhtrint Washington shift?a resolution to i number Washington street, was concurred in. Fair of the Samaritan Society?In favor of allowing tl Samaritan Society to hold a Fair in the room over Cent street Market. Mms House Department?The ?ro?ident introduced : ordinance for the're-organization of the Alms House I) partment, also for the establishment of a Prison Depai ment, and wished them to be hlid on the table and prints Leave granted. Document No. 14.?On the motion of Assistawt Aldt man Boggs, Document No. 13, being the Report of tl Committee on Police, Watch and Prison, increasing tl watch and rendering it more efficient?resolutions ( rooting the Mayor to create 30 additional watch posl and 1W additional watchmen, and altering the watt posts in the several districts, were passed, and the repo concurred in. Adjourned. General Seanlona. Before Recorder Tallmudge anil Aldermen Waterman ai Hnwson. Jonas B. Philliii, Ksq , acting ns District Attorney. Die. 11 .? \olle Prmtqui ?On motion of Mr T. Warn counsel lor Alfred Lovett, indicte.l lor false pretcnces obtaining a cargo of coal worth $-271, Irom v'r VVillii Yates, of Albany, a nol, pros, was eti'ered by consent the District Attorney anil the < ourt the complaint being perfectly Katistied from circumstance* (lull In come to hi* knowledge since l)i? complaining, thai ,\ Lovett had no inflation to commita fraud in the matter. "lViiilfor a Riot.?William Sexton impleaded with Dav Jienton and Mark Thomas, wax then put on his trial foi riot. (Kenten and Thomas have not been arrested.) It appeared from the testimony in the case, that on t evening of the 13th of June last, the engine house of coi pany No. tft, in Twenty-sixth street, was attacked by mob while theCompany were holding their monthly me ing in the room above,stones and otheifmidile* thrown and finally the engine dragged from the house, taken ir Bond street, and there delaced and the leader jacket c into strip*. There was no evidence to pvove that Sext was in any respect concerned in the outrage, and the D trict Attorney abandoning the case lor the prosecutit the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. Qrantl Larceny --George Lawrence and Henry Joliuso two colored men, were tried for itenling a barrel of gi worth $50, on the 30th of last month, from the store Francis Linnemon. corner of White and Church street*. The principal evidence in the case was that of a I named (ieorge Telford, who testified that he saw both tl accused rolling the barrel from Mr. Linm-man's store, the evening in question, anil which was afterwards foui in a celler at the cor ner of Walker and Church ?tree where they had taken it for concealment. The jury found the prisoners guilty, and the C ourt sr tenced them to confinement in the State Prison for t term of two years. Jinother Grand Larceny.?Jeremiah Spriggs, also a c lored man, was next tried for stealing two loats from t \tf LMu nr.l i Dalai-ATI No. 9H Grccnu ji trcet. on the 13th ult., worth $t2, one of which was t property of Mr. Delavan, and the other belonged to \ Lovnil (i. Nicholls; the property wai taken from the e try, anil olficcr Stephens arrested the prisoner soon aft the robbery, and found one of the coats on him. The jury rendered a verdict of guilty of potit larce only, a* hut one coat was lound upon him, and the Cot sent him to the Penitentiary for 6 month*. The prisoner is an old thief, and the Court regTctl that the jury had treaUsl him so leniently, as it was de* able that the community should be rid of such a charncl for a greater length of time than that which the law a thorited by their verdict. Jlnotktr.?William Smith wu also tried for a grand li stealing on the 2hi1i of last October, four pieces mouselin delaine, worth the property of Mat hour T ley .of Vo 4.') William street. The property was taken out of a wagon, while Itei conveyed from Beaver street, where Mr Dalev hnd pi chased it, to his store, but the jury acquitted the p soni'r, as some doubt existed if the right of property u fairly vested in Mr. Daley. The prisoner was remanded, to be again tried for the fence under an amended indictment Hnrglnry?William Mulligan, impleaded with Willii (ones, was then tried for burglary in the first degree, robbing the dwelling and store of Misses Abbey and H 'er Oakley, of No. 11 Carmine street, on the night of t VI Julv, and stealing therefrom laces, gloves, Jcc woi 70 dollars. A man named Crump was recently tried for being t accomplice of the above named accused, but ncquittet most of the goods were recovered in the house occupi by the men?Mulligan and lonus escaping over the ro of houses on the olficers surprising them,hut were auh fluently arrested. The goods were found at No. 1M Wo tur street. -*n attempt was made to prove an alibi oil the part of defence, whir . failing, the Jur3* found the prison <uiltjr. fijrtfAtr Purtlary?Wm. Jones, impleaded with \\ \1ulligan, and wno hail demanded a ?rp?rnte trial 'he otfrnce as above narrated, was then called to take trial The identity of the prisoner as being concerned in I burglary was insufficient, and the jury therefore rendei i verdict of not guilty. .Sfn'enre ?After the trial of Jones was concluded, t onrt called up William Mullimn for sentence He uiu I long appeal to the bench, but as the records of the eoi showed thai he had previously been convicted of a hi rime, sentenced for ten year', and pardoned before t expiration of that sentence had expired, the Recorder p jounced the following : that he be imprisoned in the Sti i>ri?on far ten years Tlir Can nf Chf'tri F. ' Impricr, indicted lor ml slaughter in the first degree, in stabbing Abraham Bart on the -J3d Sept. last, during a fracas, which resulted in t leatli ol said Barger, was then called on. A jury was e .. > : . 1 i that as t Iiiiiineuen in mt- i > *? in.., in, . ...... hour of the liny ?n? late, they would not proceed to h< testimony till to-morrow. The Grand Ttujurtl The Grand Jury rnme into Tot with n nnml>er of new indictment* found by them, and t pri*oner* were arraigned. Adjourned to to-morrow (this Jay) at 11 o'clock, A. IT. N. niMrlrf ('onrt, Before Judge Bett*. !)?., . 11.?The trial of Williams and Jupiter, both Macl i? po*t|x>nei for the present term \ true hill hail he found against them for attempting to create a revolt )>oaril the " Silas Richard*." Jjirrrny til Sra -In the cn*e of Au^inta Wreil, indict for a larceny nt sea. John A. Morrill, the counsel for t primmer. infofmed the Court that lie was ready to go 'rial. The District Attorney ' owever. obacrved, that t pnmecution was not altogether prepircd. as certain fa< 'nxl come to his knowledge, which made i* a matter doubt whether the Court had juri?diction in the ca?e T a*e stands over until to-morrow .Intc Ifo./t v? Ehriril Ctniii The plaintiff j? the i Collector of the I'ort, and bring* the present acti i^iinst the defeu lant, who is the ' ollector, to recover < sum of <tl,77<> "W. helnif the one half of cnm>ni?*ton ai l*i from tin- collection of custom IhmhIs for duties, ? hi honl* had been taken by Mr. Hoyt. but which did not I lue until alter that Mr.'< urtis had become the siiccesnf Mr. Hoyt, and had entered upon hi* duties Mr II" Uim* these monie* under the act of 1776. known as t Com|? nsation Act:" the ex-Collector, In* heir* or i signee* shall be entitled to receive the one-half of comm ?ion on all bond* for dutiei, which *hall have been excited to *uch ex-collector doinn the term of hit office n up to the date gf hit resignation or death The defend*: t n Price Tot* Cent*. a. by order of the Secretary of the Treasury. withhold thi* <i moiety from Mr. Hoyt, hiuI under the "direction of the i- same authority the monies claimed were lodged in one of id the city banks, to nwait the wrdiet of njurv. The juirti;e lication net up by the defence, 11 two fold Virst, that Mr jf llojt'K resignation hod not been acreptt*! ; and secondly. J. that Mr. Hoyt is at present a debtor to the Government in, a- a Urge amount. The Court,in charging, observed that there was no mat r ter of fact on which the jury were to determine. The questions involved were purely question* of law, arising ;o out of the construction of the various acts and sections or t> statutes relating to the duties of collectors and their sue>r cessors. There w ere chief principle* involved in the exh amination of this matter. First, whether the present colts lector is liable to personal action I und if so, w hether the plaintiff had lolly established Ins right to bring such acs. tion ? On the first question, the Court charged that the id collectoi w as the agent of the law as well ax of the govern>r merit, mid that he was liound to follow the instruction* id given hiui by the chief olllcer of the Treasury in the govit enimunt, in the discharge of the duties of the office of col d lector ol the port. The right of the retiring collector cannot affect tho present incumbent or control him in the payig iug over monies otherw ise than as directed by the Cnief iy of the Treasury, it was objected that the Chief of the u Treasury hail no right to interfere ; but this the Court denied : l.'ndor the second section of the statute referred to, o- it w as the decided opinion of the Court, that that officer y. had the power to control and direct the collector, and that such tutu every order from that officer were as obligatory u in IHdi ns it is new. The Court hnd great doubts that the th defendant was personally liable, and so charged the jury, u- Again, the pluintii!', in the opinion of the Court, had not fully established his right to nring the action. Under the h section id the statute, settling the maximum compensation er of tilt collector, it u expressly provided that all commisu siont, &tc., over the amount necessary to make up the Br maximum compensation were to he paid into the treasury, and the plaintin had not shown during the trial by any in sort of evidence, thiit the commissions claimed were ne 11 cessiti y to make Up his nisiximnm ftimpftiNiitloii. 1111(1 mil 3d the Court considered, and no charged, an fatal to the right of the plaintiff to recover. The plaintiff, in person, replied to the charge, in order to isk the Court to charge that ,i? the one liulf commissiou on bonds tailing due utter the reJ. signation or death of the late incumbent, were not under ic tne statute to be taken into the consideration of the maxa imum compensation ; hut were given an a bonus lor th? n. delivery over of all the hooks, papers, Vc., to his succesin sor. The Court, however, charged to the contrary, and exceptions were taken. The Jury, altera short deliherain tion, rendered u verdict in favor of the defendant. n- K<ir the plaintiff*, Dudley Belden. Ksq.; for defence, tho le District Attorney for the United State*. ie The Grand Jury found true bills of indictment against Michael llovey,'an Irishman, lor grand larceny, at sea, < . on l>o?rd the ship Superior, in stealing a quantity of aovera pipns, iic . from Robert Dudley. The trial of this man ia ic set down fur to-morrow ; also against Thomas Leeshman, of for attempting to make a revolt at sea. p- Common Plea*. '* Before Judge L'lslux-fler. '} Dlt> 11.?Oi'in ShtrwooH und iilhtrn \ s. John Sniffrn.? 1,1 This was on action to recover the amount of a promissory' note for $116 3'J, past due and protested, and the balance n of a running account for lumber, amounting to $1:4-1 11. The defence set up was that a note had been given for the ns account, and a receipt passed, and that consequently the' t0 plaint if) was debarred from bringing an action on theac" count The testimony was very contradictory, and tho '* t'ouft left it to the jury to "ay to which of the parties in 't'' evidence credit w as to be given. The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff. 36 CiUndnr for to-day.?Part 1?No. 13A. 10. 03, 99. 10, 43. re 69, 41, 134, 33, 4ft, 48, P. Part 3?No*. 11 a, 70, 74, 79, 79, 86, 94, 96, 97, 7fi. in _____________ e t Superior Court <1- Before Judge Vanderpoel. Dtc. 11.? Itanc C. Hlmivctl vs. *1ndr<w Black and Danirt r- r?n _Tti? ilnfDndonta tn Vlnv lant. established a hide >e house at No. <W3 Hudson street, for the convenience of the "" several slaughter houses ani] butcher shop* in that part 1'* of the city. During the summer montliN, it appears that :si the smell is offensive, so much so ax to lower the rent of the adjacent houses. The plaint iff" is the owner of >rt premises No. 4K>, aud from the testimony, it was shown that lie rented said premises to Doctor Smith, who left them in the summer months in consequence of the oftensive smells. The action is brought to recover damages. :id Theldefence set up is, that the premises are not a nuisance, and brought forw ard several witnesses to sustain this position. The Court charged that the action was n novttl one in civil courts. The testimony was conflicting, however. ini The matter was one purely of fact, and first they* were to n) detHrmine whether the plaintiff had shown that he was , the owner of the premises adjoining those complained of ^ and next whether lie had fully established the fact, that jr the premises complained of were a nuisance or not. If they were satisfied that Uiey were n nuisance, they would j(l return a verdict, stating whether the building or the ma. a tetial- were the nuisance and in assessing the damagea, it was necessary to take into consideration the loss of rent |](1 sustained, alio the injury done by the loss of a good m. tenant, and the re-letting to another at a reduced rent. ? The jury returned a verdict, " that the nuisance existed, and that such nuisance consisted in the building and the jn materials brought and kept there, assessing the damage* ltg in favor of the plaintiff', in consequence thereof, at $1 AO ..., damages and 6 cents cost, , Calendar far tn-<iay.? Nos. .11,53, 12, 77, 7H, 80, fl|, 82, j,. ??. 87, 23, 04, 60, SB, 99, ?0, 91, 92, 91, 05, 36,7, 09, 'JO, 96,39. >n, . St'frkmt Court?Spec mr. Term, Dec. 5,1843.? Mr. Justice Uronson presiding.?Snvage and al. vh. 0|-' Shearer and al. Motion for Clerk of this Court to satisfy record of judement?granted, exparte. Brown ads. lLr?.l|a "'In* ?**?! ?l Hfntinn fn rtlmnrro vanna /Inn!? > lJr Fasset and al ads. Yates. Motion to change venue? Dn denied. Norton ads. Kneels. Motion for plfl' to flic secilI rity for costs?denied with costs. Pefts have leave to [s serve new papers and renew; and the rule entered on 6th '' Oct. last vacated. Hale ads. My em. Motion to stay ex^ ecution?denied with costs. Jordan vs. Mesick and al. Ij(j Motion for reference granted. Hobcrtson, Shtf. ads. Merrill. I'rest. Sir. Motion to set aside deft, and sub pro. 0 ?grantud, on payment of costs. (iardner vs. Shaw. Mol1(", tJon to stny execution- granted, on payment of costs. jj See. Strong and al. ads. fiverlt anil al. Stotion for precept I,,, cranttxl, ex parte. Warren, jr. ads. Yates. Motion for jr judgment, as in case of non suit? granted; no opposition. ' Oroen ails, Yates. Motion for judgment, as in case of nonCr suit?granted; no op|iosition. Aldrich and al. ads. Bate* and ul. Motion that defts, he pemiitted to plead?granted, n on terms Burr ads Wait. Motion to change venue?denied. |r'( Kingsland and al vs. Cowman and al. Motion for leave to defendant* to turn ease into hill of exceptions?denied, with cost Hto'.i ind al ads Arnold and al. Motion to change venue dental. Hoot and al ads BankofUtlca. i(,r Motion to set aside judgment, and fur leave to argue mou 'ion to ?et aside report? granted on terms. Copeland ads Van Womcr. Motion of lodgment, (is in case of nonsuit #r_ ?denied Fasseet ami al ads Yates and al Motion to n'f make and serve case?denied; and motion to amend rclr) cord?granted. 6th?F.hlcvs Bin,Th?m. Motion for relaxation of costs ?granted, on particular items Richards and at ads Cool. ,r Motion lor lew to serve plea and notice- granted oil fj terms Steller ad?. Owen Motion to set aside precept, ,a> and to set ofl'costs? granted with cost*, hy consent Burr ads Bne), Jr. Motion for leave to move to set aside re0f port of referees?granted on terms. Burr ads plerson. Motion for leave to move to set a?ide report of referee*? Jm ?ranted on terms. Hull ad?. Parsons. Motion that judgl_ ment and rxeeittion he set aside?granted with costs; no us opposition. Pine ads. Swift and nl Motion to change vehe ""'?glinted; no opposition. People \s. Johnson Mo.. tion for letve to amend writ of certiorari-granted; no opposition. People ex. rel Fitch and al. vs. Hurt, Sheriff 1 Motion to prosecute official bond?granted, es parte . rids. Stephens. Motion to set aside rule granting judg|P() ment hv deft ? minted on terms, limit, Jr. ads Cady Ql Motion to change venue-denied Oiirliner ads Hough'on and al Motion that deft be allowed his cost* at Ciros c.uit? denied with costs, with leave to renew Farmer ads Wheeler ami wife Mo'ion to vacate rule taken by the term?granted on terms. Bain Impd. ads. Warers ren nnd nl. Motion for judgment, as in c;ise of nonsuit? lenied with costs, with leave to renew. rm 7th? Board vs The We'turn Railroad Corporation,? r Motion to refer?granted The rheni'igo Countv Vntiial |,7; Insurance Companv a Is Spree?Votion that ilefemlants 'invp l>tvi> to argue motion to set aside report of refwrmcu he ?rr*n'r! on terms fiannori vs Bergen?Motion to Cii """end judgment record? rrwrtted r\ patte Spencer ads. r,andon ?Motion for jtldgmen' n* in rum- of nonntiifv^ranted ; no op|io?ition IJt'ell ads Cnnal flunk of Al1(j( '<im v - Motion in he let in to plead and defend Irr ? grant,rt " I on term* ?Cause referr?*d t- rost *<in Anderson ?Mo-l tjon to change venur denied M'lteox vt Klch Motion l)(. "pen <lefend?nt nnd thn? plnln'iT he alln-ved 'o drfend n1 "lO'ion to ?<'t n^ide report ? granted on terms. ffnil vs. forties.?Vo'ion to refer ^ranted Benedict and al a ds f,n Tonret'o and al Motion for Judgment, as in rase of ln nonsuit?granted, leave to stipulate, lie. Coons ads. Oross. Motion to change venue?gnn'ed. sth.?Patter?on and al ads llinnan Motion to change ni. venue?denied Kirnan ads Tlntr?Motion to ?et aside 'efault and ?uh?ef|nent proceeding*?granted with cost*. ,8r Leavitt. Prest. ads. Coggill ?Motion to remove cause from Superior Court, N V.. to this Court?granted without oplrt uosl'ion. and venue rhanged l,nckwond ad?. McKeen.? ),,, Motion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit?granted, unless plaintiff stipulates lie. Dow ads. Carney.? Motion \[ for iudment. as in rase of nonsuit ?granted with co?ta. Haskins and al ads Dows and al.?Motion to change venue?denied Campbell and al. ads Ojjden and al?Mo'ion for judgment, as in rasr of nonsuit?granted, unless nlaintills stipulate, ike. Thorp, admx ads Morev. adnix. <s "He ?Motion to refer granted. Newell ads. Burhank ? en Motion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit granted with on costs In the matter of J S IVnniman. for an attachment, vs. Iloldridgi'?denied w ith costs Van Valkenhunfh and cd "il adi Dorr- Motion to set aside and quash the writ of In *rror granted with costs. Tn>whri<lgc impd ails Conto 'i'. Trustee, Sic Motion to set aside capias -granted 1,1 * it>i ,-o^ts. i-\ iMtrte Ffi 'l"1 matter of the application of V" '"in Wvrfc v? Turk^r Jk ? hn?r. lor a prwrin irTiiiri.n ol nirto. with ro<Hi. T'">rp ? Vorehoti?r ?Motion hi for rlffcrwfnnt to i>'< ! <"> publication of rule?to ?ci fa. 'n the m-i'forof oprni 'T ?7th ?itreet. \ V Orler to eon?x Irm onmmiMionem report Walker a<N C*tnnin*hani ? on Motion to rot ??)''< inrt<p?tei>t, (*<" ?detiicii with coM*. he "rum ?<!- Seott Motion to recover aMitional c?*t? and HZ 'o cnlf frtillfient therefor -?rnntH with co*t? ; no opcii 'H>?ition. Pattinon v? (iriftln.? Motion to refer?(franteil. i|i f/AMOMrettx ?<1< Van AWtvne, Motion for precept ior rrantei! with eo?t*. ex p?r*e. ',1th. ,Vt L i? Vf t<S. < AIUIOI-L H M Dl? ATK.l)'VATOK BAT1IS m. .VI t Conr lai il <tnvt, *r?- .1 *if.\ crr'aiu ??< ?l?'Jy ri" for it. " n*iu coldt, hoi* throat. ?v rllin* of tl r tlanii*. ero?|>. ?car'? f?T, ih "mutiair, ?f iff> -?? nf iIm ifinu, f'W'i i ?"?. . Sir. ()|?" from 7 A. M. till 9 I' M nirtab * Batin ?nl to *iiv part of ih?- city or Brooklyn- Sulphur B?th? require ona ?l hour'* u?ti??. <M?l