Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IXNo. 331?Wft&ole No. 3553. Puiiii#. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub lisliod every day of tho year cxccpt New Year'* day aai Fourth of July. Price 2 rents jicr copy?or $7 26 per an num?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturdaj morning?price 6J centa por copy, or ?3 12 per annumposta^es paid, cosh in advanca. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation o the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fa?t. It has the largut circulation of any paper in thit tity or the world, and if, therefore, the best channel for bwtineti vien in the city or country Pric?a moderate?cash in ad ance. PRINTING of all kinds uxoculod at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. rnorBir.Toa or thf. IIcralo Estibmshmext, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streeti --- * OR HALIFAX AND L.I V fcHPOOL Tin* Koval Mail Strain Ship ACADIA Aluiuidar Kyrie, Esq., Comiiinudrr, will lea*e llo.toii for the above ports on Sa t n rilay, lfiih Uacember. r.issaK'' to UljKPOOi #120. Paasage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BR1G11AM, Jr., Aeent, d!)r No. 3 Wall street. -to BT.MKN ISLAND rKKHY, fOUl >OK WHITEHALL ST.?The stmmboai 3?-?pa8TATEN ISLANDER willleave New Yotl and Statrn Isiw.d, ou aud al'le-r Outober 2d, as follow*. Dull! Iil/ther I'tr c" :? Leav. Staten I lauil at # >? 10. a. M., S, 4, r. m Leave New York at 9. 12},. 10 mio. pts 3. i% N li ?(>u Suudays the boat will leave at 11 instead of I2KAH Ir.ig'n shipped is required to We pwrticnlirlv uiaraeu W is at the ri?U oi K-.e nwuciN thereof sSIJt f* **5^ KOtt liON DON? Regular packet of'the 20th Dec ^TjPsFV ?The wel ki.own favo'ite packet ship WE^TMI N. Wit"im l'ER, Cainaiu Hovey, buitlieu 1000 tons, will sai as aimvt. her ti-gnUr di y. Iier acc.oimuodati for cabin, second cabin and stecragi passengers, me splendidly fitted up for the comfort and C'ui ten lence >. I'passengers. I'ersons intending to embark should make e.irly application to J03EPH McMURRAY, it'O Pine st. corner of South. Persons wishing to send for their friends residiug. in the old country, cm have them brought nut bv t' e above ship, or any ofihrt er-guli' packets sailing on the 7th i7th ai.u 27th ol su<'h m null, by applying v ab .ve;ifby letter, i?st paid P S. Dr.fti at Sigh . fur l?'g>* or small sums aredia?n by thesub rnb r on the Provincial Bank of Ireland; p yablc it every to ii throughout the e.ou try ; al?o ou Viessr Sp oner Atwo< d St ' o, Btukers, Loudon, payable in every town it Qntt Br tain. di2r F. tR LONDON-Packet of the I0;h D?r~.-Thi packet-hip WiCS T 1IN8TEK, C-ip Moore, wil r^tiilfi ' ' "I' l'r Loudon a< abo< efher regular day 'J host: Mishiu. to *ecur-? a passage, havii g ?U|>?rior accummo datio-s for cabin, MOontl cabin and steeiate passengers, appl] to JOHN HERDMAN, ?1 Sjuth itieet, near Wall street. N B ?Passage from London and Liverpool bv th- regula pvkets, sti'ing weeHv, ran at all times be arranged at thi lownt rates and drafts furnished for any amount, rayabl throughout the United Kingdom, ou application as above, ill r OLD 1BL4.CK BALL LINK OF PACKET! tA v^WFOR LI VERPOOL?Packet of the I6ih Decembe The elegant lirst class packet ship NKW iOK* Capt. btiat w, will be despatched as above, h?r regula day- Sli- nai unsurpassed accofinoda ions for cabin, seconi Crtbit. a d ste.rjge passmgers. Th >.e wishing to secuie berths will reel jure to uiakeearlv appliratinu to JOtlN htHUMAN, (1 South street, near Wall street B.?Those wishi-ig to send f >r their 1'rienHs residing ii Urea' Britain o- Ireland, can Inve thf?. brought ou by thi sh p, or any i f the line of fwekets, at the lowest rate aud draft can n* usuil he furnished lorai y smiunt, payable without dis count, or any i ther charge, in all the iirincpal lowus through out the Ui;ed Jiiugdom. For further particular!, apply a above. P. ii?The packet ship Columbus, Capt. Cole, will bedes patch-dont e 1st laimarv, her reg'ilar 'a'-. rtllr "datsT BLACK BALL, Ok OLD LINl? OK LIVKB rf*^POOL PACKKTS?FOR LI V>'RPOOL?Hegula JHalli*lka>l'acl'et of the 1 h Decernber.?The new and elegtn pacKeistiip NKW VOKK, bunheu 1100 tons, Capt. Croppei will positively sail on Saturday, 16th December, her regula dav. It ii well kn"<wn that the accommodations of this noble pack et lor cabm, zu catiiu aud steerage passenger*, are fitted up in msuner that cannot fail t) lucre ihose emNi;king every com fort, bemt <eryhigh bet*eeu-decItN, which are well I ghte and cut ilated. Those returning "j the old country will at one see it their intTwst to select this favor te ve sei for their con i" p et'ermce to any other. The price of passage is v>r low, for winch aud to secure the best berths, early applicatio should be made on board, loot of Beekman at, or to the sut scriberf,, ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., 35 Falton street. next dkor to the Kulton Bank J P. 8.?The New Yo'k sails from Liverpool ou tlie 1st Kebrt dry. l'-rsoas sending lurui'ir relatives can nave mem orougii oat in Iit, rr ia atv oi the packets comprising thin unequally iiue, sailing from that port punctually on the 1st and 16t of ?ach month F"r passage app'y ax shov. V. B.?T1 e Columbus 'aill succeed the >ew York, and ta for Liverpool ou the l?t January, J814. her regular day. dllec KOR l7l V ERl'OOI NEW LINE ?Regul/ rof 2*?th December.?Th? splendid packi ?nR?>'.hii> SlDDONS, Capt. E. B Cobb, ollton tons, wi an s* a.iove.n.r regular day. lor freight or passage, having ai CDn.:ni. jationn u:ie'inail?d fir nl-iidor or comfort, apply o board ai U.K.uis wharf, foot of Wall street. or to ? K. COLLINS fc CO. Prie?of pnsantlt, St'00. SB South street. The |Mcket ship Sheridan. Capt. lieneyater, of 100U toni will succeed the Siddous auuiail the 2* til January her reguli day. Passengers may rely upon the ship* of this line aailini run< toally as \dvertised. il-lec KOR NEW ORLEANS?'J he snperior Isst tai M.VjVinK packet thin SHARON, Cant. Thompson, wi MMKaiiil on Thursday, '4 h inat She n*a excellent accou fiolattu-a for cabin, second cabin aud steerage passengers.Those wishing to secure bertha, willr'quire to m?ke early a| plication on toard the snip at pier II E R. Old slip, or to JOHN South street, ne-ir Wall street. N B ?The rnlrndid packet ship Ohio, Capt. Lyons, will I deal uclied iv the 5th inst. by which passage can be engaged I the lowest rates, on app'icstion as above. d7ec KOR NKW ORLEANS-Louisiana and Ne rftrVY rk Line-Regular Packet, of 20th Dec?The fa J?4^???iling p ek t ship HU nTSVILLE, Capt. E. Co lull, will sill a* above, her tegular day. For freight or passage, having handsome famished accemmi dations, apply ou board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall stree or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South street. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods co redly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin & Woodruff, who wi promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ihip Gaston, Capt. O. K Id ridge, will snccet the Hut tsvi le, and sail the SOth Dec., her regular day. dl2r winter Arrangement. ?FREIGHTS KOR WHEF.LINf A ' ' * Va. AND PITTSBURG, Pa.-TI ./jrfSlSaJJ. undersigned, for the last five years (ar W_'S!_ 2B!JES_.<t preset) Ageut for Bingham's Lii from t'is city to 1'ilisOurg. takes this method ot informing h numerous friends and patront, that having nude extensive s mngcinents fi.-r forwarding merchandise via railroa's si wago s, during tlie winter season, to tha West, he is now pi S?red to r.cniu for goods from this city to Wheeling. Va. v altimore uul I'omberUnd.or to Pittsburg via Philadelphia aj th? ('hambershurg Railroad. All goods entrusted to his cai w ill h<- lorw irdi d without any delay, and at the lowest curre rat'S. to either of the above poiuia on the Ohio River. An merchandise and packages forwarded bv Greeu's Eiprei throu.h in tlire days from Baltimore to Wheeliu(, making > 1 ait days ir om thiacity to WheeJing. The buainess wiH co .ducteil by? ? Win Tyson, No. 10 Wnt street. New York Bingham V llrothers, 2?6 Market street, Philadelphia. James Wilton, North Howard street. Baltimore. IlOllldav 81 h.gerton, i umncrmiu, niu. J;une? H K?r?yth (t Co.. Wheeling, Va. Win Bingham. Pittsburg. Pa Oood* iutemled fur the Wheeling route should be murk New Vurk dud Wheeling Line. care of James Wilioo, Bal mure, and lho?e lor Pittsburg. Bingham's Line as heretofore. WY1 TYSON. No 10 Weat street N. Y New York. Mot ?0. H n2l lm*i SUMMER AKRANGEMENT IVKW Y OH K AND PHILADELPHIA KA -ftOAD LIN DIUKCT. fa* NKvana, NrwMtCJiswicE, Princeton, Teenton BoIlDrNTOWN An? Btmi.lNHTQN. Lrnrinc ."(? Vork daily from the foot of Courtlandt at Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at <X P. M. The .Morning Line proceeda to Bonltntown, from thence tteamboal to Philadelphia. The Krming Liue proceeds direct to Caindco (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars Paaseiiifrrs will procure their tickets at the office foot Conrtl.uidt str?et, where a commodions steamboat, will he refill tt with haggixge crate* on boxrd. Philadelphia baggage 'crate* are conveyed from city to cil wihont being o|*eut**l by the way Kach train is proTided wi a car i? which aiv \i>artnents and dressing rooms ei.n-aaly 1 tlW ladle* iiw. Hi tiirnn;?, the lint* leave Philadelphia from the foot of W Diit atrrt't, liy (lenmbnat to Bordentown it 7 o clock, A. and l?y rxilroad freni Camdeti, it i o'olock, P. M. Tl?e liuw for Baltimore l?wve Philafl?lphia at 7J< A. M.t a 4 T. M b?iug a continuation of the linn from New York. 0I8 2m?ui 1'ATE K SON RAILROAD FAHK I IHTKi. MITLUNOH 7NnTlTl^TSTE: Krtim Paternon to Jer??y City. On 0.1(1 aft^r Monday, Oct. 2d, 1*43, the cart will leave TaTKHJON Or.rtij. Leave Nkw Yom 8 A.M. # A.M. 11* " 1?K P. M. 3 p. m. r " ON SUNDAYS. Lurk P*TKr?ow DitroT. Leavr Nbw Tom 8 A.M. #KA.M. 3 P. V. 4 P. M. Traniportation rar? leavednily (Snndnvi eicented.) Paw ?er? ire dvned to he it the Kerry, foot of Conrtlandt vtreet few mmiiten before the itated hour of deiiartore. jylSfim" I NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. W1NTKR ^ "I ll ARRANGE lw?MB. mknt On and afl'T December Ut, 1843, the Cars will ran in the f lowing order:? l.rivt V'ty ft"'I Lravr the llrtitgt for the Hridge. fur City Hall. 7 00 A. M. 8 >0 !? 00 10 *0 11 " I 00 ] I* *. M. 3 so i 1.) " ? r."? The Ci v all and Z7th ?tn**t line will nrn ?? lollnw* Xn 7 A. M everv in minute* throntth th? day till 7 30 P. M. Th? K?tri Niaht Linf will run a* f 'II jwi Leave City llalff?r27th ?tieet at 8 , 8 30, 9, 9 30, 10, 18 SO, k Leave 27th itreet for City Hall at 7 30, 8.8 30 , 9, 9 30, 10, Ik 10 By order of the B >ard, lmr W. i CARMAN, Sec'y ???-??ess? E NE NEV r? NEW STYLE OF CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS i?1 hi* tobicriber has a tariff anil beautiful assortiueut ol " unnlnnaii at! I Doyi Caps, of the la'e t fashion, which Iw I will ??II a: cheap as auv other ?tabli>ht*fr?t in this city? among t?imh may ?>e found reuilem'-.i's clot ti^ velva.1, a n-w i) If of *Uied, and fine otter caps. Alto on hand a large supplf ot mole akin, silk and lur liats, of a beautiful liutsh, for suli low ' Fancy Fan?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment o! _ Muffs and Fur Trimmings for sale at very lour pric?s. N. B.?The Cap* of the subscriber took the premium at tht late Fair of the American lustitute. , WM. BROWN, 1 nJO lm*r 126 Chatham st. opposite Roosevelt. f ANTI-HUMBUO STORE!-LI VE AN it LEI 4flH(LIVK!-At the old exclusive Boot Stove, No. m Chitliain suet* (w'arf the odious practice of calling upou ,cr ' sous passing the store is not tolerated), csu be obtuned Wjtti . Proof Boots iiiaiuilUctured in this ctv of th? best m?te ial, ant warrant'd at nnuea ranging from three to fue d liars, b?in| si me two dollars l>>?er in price than is genutully obuinet , (qualitv cons detetl ) m ttiit rjty. ii36 5w*r "PARIS BO<? I S ANo LASTS MADE TO ORDER. By E. SUSER, Pi Buoaowar, (Bas^ment.) One door from Court.andt stre-t , E. SUSER. Bootmaaer and Maker of Lasts, at ^^HW'Elve" of Clerci of I'ans, begs leave to inform hii frieuds and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chausatire that he can now make, in New York, with tlx bust Freuch ma [ terials, all that is so iier'eutly made iu Paris by kis matter, tin 1 celebrated Bootui'liur Clerce, wnosn numerous customers ot tlm side of tha Atlantic, am rowed full v invited to try Suscr's Boots auii Latts, before they detpair of briug "chauttes" New York, after the uicee l.iten I'm it f;uthion. Alto the gruaine 1'arik Jet Black Vuruuh told. ii?i lm?*n BOOTS Wa'er proof, double aud cork toIm French aiid ua'iv* cilf and patent tcrrw Up*; war ' muted good liu.- calf hoota for laeu, bnvt, and children'* j coarse water boo'a. and shoes o1'all aortt and mm. 1 N. B ? LaOies. ini*?t? aud children'^ gaiter booli, ihoet xnc buskins, double and single soles, mid of every color and shade Ladiea. (rents, ? is*es, ni.d Child'rn's water pr.xif India liu ber over shoes, of tin- laU'at atyle, all of wnich will be aolc cheaper than at any other tton- in this city. > J. S WALKER, ?W Broadway, nil tm*m corner of Canal tt. ; BOOT AND SHOE S'l ORE. I READY respectfully inforuu his frieniu and the public, that he hat commenced butinets in the abov< , line, at No, 99 Naaaau itreet. where be will tliankfally tod faithfully execute, all oroert be may be tavornd with on thi j *?<?? r*??nranl* rwnn fnr ct#V< '?7tr .. CORK SOLE WATER PROOF AND DRESS / BOOTS.?The aubtciiber rnaket to order Boots ot th< JMabove detciiptiont, of the fuirit quality of French Calf ' ^Vakin. in the latest ttyle, aim at >ery reasonable pricei. Oeo . tlemeu who ha .'? hi en ill the habi' of pay u* extrivagant pricn ' for infi-rior arndet, are n-quested to call and be convinced o their intere.t in purcli oiinic at thii store Dr*-" lugs being taken of the eet. ?nd a pair of I.asts kept fo 1 each customer, there it no difficulty in gettiug a handsome am easy lit. 1 Const'ntly on hand, * large *s<nrtnient of 'eady made Bre?: Ro.ila.latea sales, at S3 -ml $ I JO ne'nair; Double Soles,trou s $4 to *ti per pair Over Shots. Half Bi>ou, Dancing Pumps I Slii pt-ra, SkC a *lnnllv low prices. JOHN L. W ATKINS. 114 Fulton street, J d8 lm'e'! between Nass<uand Dutch streets. f ~ LOOK AT THIS jJOENTLE MEN'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, the beat o W quality. S5 0 r Jff Do \v ater Proof Boots do 4 5 e Do light French Ca'fakin Boot* do )3 to 4 0 e Do Judia Rub er Over c.hoes, with leather aolea 1 5 Do plain Kubberi, ! Do Danciug Pumpa. 1 0 i Do Dancing Oa tcr, 1 2 r Do Worked Slippers, 1 0 And all Other ki >da of lioots and Shoe* in fashi'n- ladies' gu j ter Boots Buskins, Slippers, Ties, quilted Shoes, p:unell j Shoei, white a..'' bla1k taiin Slippera, bu to.i Slices; India ruli her s'ra"-furr> d. plain, and a I -the. kiiius of Over Xhi es ' Clogs, Moccasius and the gr alesr assortment of boy's Boot and "hoes; misses' ami children s, of all ki??'s lo be found the world al! of our own ma,iuf<ctu e, and .he best o' Frencl ? goods, and wairanied Co he the best, and as <"l o p as the cheat! . est. at 3S Broadway, co.ner o' Franklin s 'eet. , d8t30*ec <?Rfc.lJi?KY & CAH1LL, 367 Broadway DAY ? SHfcKT RUBBER OVER SHOES-25 Maide Lane. Ex|>erieuce has proven that a leather sole can be at * tached to India Rubber uppers, so that it is impossible to s< Karate them in the course of wearing. These Over Shoes,whicl are already tnrowu into disuse leather overshoes and mocai . si us, aud tt> which the water proof boot is fast tending, ar ,. furnished by the Roibury India Rubber establishment, 2 j Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogethe t bene, than are being made by any other establishment in th The patent quilted slipi>er Over Shoes aud Boots ar x furnished only at this establishment. Every article appertain ing to the robber business for sale or made lo order. : HORACE H. DAY. a Successor to the Roxbury I R. C., ! dI lm*r 35 Maiden Lane. J POSITIVELY WAI'ER t'HOOK-VV J. Room-'s Sospi p A rn n* I'.hiiifip W*ipr Prodf Oinfment- Mamhae?n &. Palm I rrincipal ?hoies?le and ret*il ageuis f r this oulysnre i> eventiv Y afwrifeet. T e celebiated Kuf Ua Bite intl. which Ins won u great refutation lor its brilliancy of poli?h in quick time, -n which is well ndauted fur usiug over the So^pito, la for sale b the propriet >r at his agency lor the Smpito, 81 Fulton s.rel corner ot Gold. N. B ?The public are inviied to call and teat it* merits. I ^!1 il 'I^HE SU bSCKIlllOitS have just received Ironi uerinan h A and offer for sale, a varie'y of W vTKR PROOF an AIR TIGHT articles, called ANHYDRINE, forwhich |w il tents have been taken out in England and Germany, The are vastly sup?riorto THOSE in use manufactured by the ai of India-rubber,from which they are distinguished by being pei - fectly INODOROUS, INELASTIC. but suiple, and unde: u going no nlterat on whatever by change of uuiper.ituri These aiticles are manufactured with wool, rotton, linen, sill " tic , of which may b* mad; CLOAK 4. HUNTING JACH KTS. OAITKHS. APRONS, MILITARVT. TENTt * HAVKR9 '.CKS. AWNINGS, MAHQl/HhtfpfSQIN] HOSE Also, HAT A.Nl) BONNET LININGS, wit HOIK AND GLOVES for those atflicted with gout an rheuina i?m; AIR CUSH'ONS, PILLOWS, MAT I RKS ' SES, fcc. Amonc the rest they have an article prepared fu ir WAGON COVMR.S, for the USE OK RAILROADS an to cover all kinds of vehicles and boats. Also for BAL - LOONS and for BAGS, which may contain wateiy. gaseou or oily fltnds, without any chance of leakage. They haveals 7. of this manufacture an excellent article of SAIL CLOTH II which will arrest the passage of air, will last longer, be light) . than ordiuary sail cloth, ana require a less number of hands t _ manage them. In the muiulaeture of UMBRELLAS thi - artie'e must supercede every other material Indeed, ihe usui ' application of the ANHYDltLNE must be almos* unlimit-< It must not be omitted to slate that this article is adinirabl adapted as a cover for feather beds; th* perspiration froi ? diseased or even healthy persons so injurious and destructive t ,, feathers, will under its use be prevented from penetrating an "-annul extend beyond the exterior of the tick. PKE1KER h WISRMAFN, w ul3 lm'ec 23 Souih William street. *l 'T'O THE LAD'ES.?If you have hairy excrescences, eoi a ceiling a broad and elevated forehead?if you have the ui ightlv appendage of a beard on your npper'Iips?if you hai ' superfluous hair disfiguring any part cf 1 our oihe-wise team ' ful faces, the Pondre Subtile, invented by Dr. Kelix Gouraui willq-iirkly and forever indicate .t, w thsut the slightest ii jury or dscoloration to your skins?this you can he satisfied < I bv s>eing (he p<ejwa'i"n tested at the Doctor's office; alldoub 11 of the arircle beiur a humbug will quick'y vanish K r sa only at 67 Wa'ker street, one door from th* c rner of Bros way?$1 rer bottle?where may he had the folio > ing ar icle _ t'l wa"anted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, lor cu ing a'l b'otchea, pimples, freckles tan, morphew, scurvy, it I , redurss. stllowness, or roughness or the skin; for cnaprn * hands, face, or mifqulto bi'es itselfects are immediate: in ll >' wast inn of children, in allaying ?ll irritation and chafing, i properties are really astonishing so softening and healing tin no moinrr snouiu ue wiuiuuv n caw. ur vur, uuvcut*, 14 ufficivut, and we warrant it or return the nrnuev if not ?o T" cestlul. Be on your guard against a bold imitation, and bu 10 no where else but at above. T" Gourtud's Ean de Bante, or Trne Water of Beauty, ii H wit known and approved cosmatic <oraleans:nK heiliug, pu , fying and hes>utif> iuE the lompltiion, and by ita dilating pr * p-itlei prevent, e tne formation ol wrinkles, and banishit thern when present Si pei b uttle J?1 .. Gouraud s Vs. rtable Li mid Kouge impart a delicate blusl ii>g tinge to the compleiinn, immovable bv mbbi c with i haudktrcSef or linen cloth. For dyeing Udiei' stockings glove*, thim preparation, diluf-d with w<trr, i? inimitable, centa per b ttle Gounud's Ha r Dve will change red or gray hair to a beau . ,rK blJ,wn ?I t,",ckL' W1 houl the ?kin. $1 per b< lie. Whi ker and Eia br..w Dya ? cen a per bottla Gonraud's blanc d Kspagne, or Spaniah White, live* a pu lifahke alahait-r whiteaess and tmnnthnets to the akin?fi , Irom all ii juriom ingiedients and is e itirely annihilate g toi m'b chalk and Hake white. Put np in elegint buses, J c- n 11 each Thil, wi'h other of r. G.'s prrparui na. i. imitate Boy no whe ? el-e ! u'a'6* Wa ker itreet jtwt one do i? fro the erne of Br istle ay, ?h?ie will lie louud an asaortment li> moat delicate and choice Perfumery, import-d Irom I vti. Agerts? Jordan 2 Milk stre?\ Burton; 1\ Chesmit ttrei If Philadelphia ; Hobinaon, Harr.shurgh ; He nitch, Lancstf Hcabrook 1'r i'cet'in; Trippe, Newark 1'onaey, Rochesu , Carawell, Lock ort; Smit-\ Palmy a; Mrigi, H unilto . cou ty; Guthrie. Albn y; Gray,;Elliott, Goal,* Myeta, New H.iven ; Dyer Providence: Tayl ir Ne??o' ("ari. ton, Lowell lives, Salem ; H die, Newhurvpoit; rn ton, Portsmouth ; ratten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor ; Lutli White ( alais : Seth 8 Han e, Baltimore; ^elhy Parke Washington Mrs Kr?aer, Richmond. >iath*w?ou, Norw Conn ; Weill It llumptireyt, Ma tfoid; E. C. Kerre, Middl town. <111 m * i r HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS.t. A LLEN'S SELK-COt KING AND REVOLVING 81 A BORK CAST 81 EEL B \RRELS PIS I'OL -Th ot Piatol cockaand revolvea m rely bv pulling the triager, and ii ihoti may b-delivered within the snort space of three a^conii It i> more inutile and more durable than any Pia'ol now in us ty nid warranted superior to any othe maker. For aale iu qua It) ittea to auit purchaser., by fir>? A. W. SPIES k CO. 211 Pearl street. Impoitersof Hardware and Cutlery al Alio, Gum; Pistols; Gun materiala for mviufactnhng, a t? M ing or repairing Guna Alao, every variety of Sporting articles n2J lm* pOT lON'S WORM LOZENGE*!?Parent*?Here la never failing remedy, and whenever your children aeem _ Iroop, lose heir color. start in their sleep. and have ?,ther iuc eationa of worina, g've these Lor.enges. They will not dis* Hiint vou. aa manvhaveteated to their satisfaction. Mr. W. V envilte, JIJ Bleecker at, gave only two doaes to his child, ai he health waa entirely restored. The cnild, who was pale ai listless is now as rosy and playful as ever Prepared only I H t Ku_ ?I ....I.I l,irn .1 hi. Deaa <! CkiU Ht.i ms lllwkn it, N. Y., nlso b> T. T Ofeeo?. Chemist. fce. 3 bio<il?r?y, <?qt W?llier st nls liii'm IMrOKl'ANT TO liNV ALIUH A.N u VISITERS TO THE ISLAND OK (UIIA PROGRESS II O TEL, [N THE VILLAGE OF CERRO, three miles lW>m Hat 1 na?This establishment is advantac?imslnituited proper * iitt?d up and attended, affording the benefit of a country III without excluding the comforts and plnworw of the capital, preventing atim-ly attendance to business. Evecy detention promised by the owners to nwt the satisfaction of their vii > * 'ers. CHARGES. Boarding for a single person in onv room, t2 on a il. " for two or three persons io one room, $1 50 a d. ?ich person, With families a particular agreement may be entered Into. 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J So.It, will leave as above at 3 P. M. on Weiluead ty, Kri ?v and Sunday. The CuLUMBl A, Capt. A. Houghton, w ill leave 11* above I I at 4 P M on Tueadty, Thmsdtv J Saturday. I Kor passage or I'reiirl.t. apply ou board, or la P. C. S hi'tt, r at the office o? the whaif. d!3r . 4uff?- RKOuTaK LINK KOK~NtT!v~OKI>kans? I'he lint claai pa'ket ihi|> AHK ANSaS, Onlfai1 |j< Buegass, will tail punctually ou the l'<11> I 'I ke accommodations of this ship for cabin, arcond cabin and steerase passeugera. are iucIi as cannot lail to ensure every ' enmfort to p<u?ei>tiers durinit the voyafe I fcTlie ships ol tliit liue liave now commenced their ramUf trips. anil will a<il punctual every fiv* days throughout the r season. Pa'sengeri in,\v therefore rely ou net being eetaiiud. I The price of pa?s?g* being very low, those wishing to s?cuie r bertha in eitlier of lie above packet*, can do to by applying to I W.kJ. T. TAP8COTT. a' tbeir iteuejol Passage Office, 43 Peck alip, dU comer ol Sou'h street. I Iiui.' nt mi'LVTH bull 1.1VI. II. iJSifi, POOL.-Packet of 21st December?The splendid i awfiBEawrll known favorite packet ship LI V ERPoOL, I i 1?00 tons burthen, Cup win Julm hldridge. will Mil ou the 21it 1 December, her regular day. The ships of thi? line l>< ins all 1000 tpm an J upwards,persons about to embark for the olJ country, will not fail to see the adi vantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smaller class, and their accommodation* it is well known are superior to any others. Those wishing to solute berths should not fail to make - early applicatiou ou boari, or to ? \1r.k J. T. TAPBCOTT. At tliair Ueucral Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, 1 dllre corner of South ?t. I KOIl KINGSTON. Jarnaic?To sail on the ISih WtOTfV. De - Tin" will known, Iks' s tilinp, favorite brig MA- i JSBylfcHY AVWtll L, Capt. Revauj, will sail positively I a, ?uo>e, he. result' day. SI,, h?? lirt ratr aeco "mirations for cabin rat sen vers Those about proceedn g to tin* alnve ixni will tind t> e vtary Averill i a most desirable conveyance Esrlv application should he ! made ou board, foot of Dove' stive* or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. <3 Peck slip, I <!I1 comer 8outh >treet. | PACKET 8H1P HUNT8VILLE, from New (Jrlnun, is | A discharging at Orleaiu wharf, foot of Wall street. Con s'pneei w ill please attend to the leceipt of their gojds immediately dPr | A MIUDLEvJeIT01?NTL?MAN Wit"hei~a well fur fi ni<h*d tiedieom, with fireplace and board, in a gentrel * small p'icate fan i y. wheie there a:e no boarders?tt.e com" forts of a home for the winter being the ohje. t. A note di! nrct?d to H. D. at this office. statin* the pvtiruUrs and terms, wlich mtist he moderate, will mee: with attention ill'3t*r r TN6'Otuvi aTION WaNTK If UEOixTk W !>T. a 1 A native of the is and of Bermitd anil s n of J' hn V* est,who it is beli'v*d died in Jackson Louisiant, in Jul> last, will ap? plv by letie' or other i>e_tn M-as>s. iViii'dletnn Si Co of New * York ciu . lie will hear of soiutlhiug to lii< advanHye. , dlO lw'ec ' BOARDI^O.?Two handsome b-tlrooms, wi h lire places, wi h breakfast and Ut, or full board if required. Apply at 4' I Houston street. dl m r f OTU \KTr LAL)lk.?' HAIK-UKK.SShR, No. 3 Murray 0 O str*et, respectfully announces 'hat he is prepared to 0 wait on ladies ac their residences, and to drsss he.ids according g to the lat'st Parisian fashions. Terms very moderate. 0 uJm*rrn ? ROYAL .MAIL KOll LIVEKPOOL Lett.r <"or the 1 *Ro>al Mail "teim Ship ACADIA, will c o?e at ilartideu II Co 'a office on Kriilay 16th, at a quarttr to 4 P. 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A OH SAL >.PN; 300 do of Herring, and <00 botrt to 'rUU 4(H) bti'a of Mackerel; WO half to 11 100 bbt*. of "lii'l |i- 200 i<0 of Codfish v. 600 s*ck* of Akhdon1* 8*1"; 4.W1 Silina do id J00 kit* of foatnl Hilmon a->d Mackerel id 100 do of Sound* * << Tongue* y 2000 hu<heli of Turk* It land Hilt re ?80 nuin al* dried oil. to ! ?.? NKLHON WELLS k (JO. II Dey *tre?t. ci> a'< ki.i;s: crackersi crackeks! P\UIH C it ACKER BAKI- RV.7J Molt.traet.utear Walk er street. SOD\ BISCUIT Mll-K do a BOSTON CRACKERS ly BUTTER do re, SUUA R do or PiWit and Navy Bread, and every other detmption of Cracker*, i* N. B.?Country merchina, hotel ke?per* and *hipping nrdeu >i- *uppli-?l at 'he ahorteit iiotic.- and at tlie lowest price*. dll Itn'f.; rPHE Al.llAMKA.lM.Broadway. between Spring anil Prince ~ i- *iiwt*?Oy?ter?, Coffee, t.hoeo'ate and a variety ofoth erreli he*, *erved up in a tuperor-tvle. The l.adi-t' Stlooii, on the *-rnnd floo*. ha* b>en en I irged and fu ni*he4 in the m< t el^an*. and cosily mam or. Thi* ha* a'riady bee in" a fa*"rite re*ort fur ladies, *h>, alter the latigueo' thopning or a inorntnir i romen?d', rinuira some i| iet el u nt r-tiea' like thi _ in wl'icti to refreah theiua*lvfe; al o for p itie* returning fro, ?r- the Tliei're ora Cone rt. who c n enjo the n o.t elig *< *' ed ?un|*r without the trouble aud.neonyenieuct of prei a-nig ill n g* a' home. d i ti t" e H. UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK. [N HKTi RNINOOUK TtlANK8 to th- travelling c ?i?* munity for th' Tery lib?r?l p\lron*?e b-stowed on our h> n?. J., ih '*?t year we b?g leave to inf .rm ihem that 'h? alt" ? ' r it' urn. and improvements contemplated a?e uow compl-ted.W we ?te i repsre.i to accommodate our fr.euda and tr veller* ge ner ,lly in a *tyle not *nrp>?*ed b. any other establnhme t? ; our furniture and bedding being new. 'he building thoroughly renovated and newly fainted throughout, the Croton wa'er it ^ introduced in even" department, and the terma one dollar and *' fidi Im"^ ^BRAISTED fc JOHNSON, Proprietors. IRKE RNING, DECEMBER 14, 1 City Intelligence. Police Office?Dec. 13.?A Brother Htahhi.u a Sister.?A man named Daniel Demarcst, while laboring under partial insanity, attempted to kill hi* sister on Tuesday night by nubbiny her with a penknife in several places on her anni and l>o<Ty. lie ha> een unwell for the past several years, and ha* during that time been supported by the hard earnings of hi* sister, who is * widow and keeps a coffee stand in Clinton Market. When arretted, ho admitted the offence and alleged that ho had done it because he knew he was soon to die, and as she was his only relative he desired tbat she might die with him. He is undoubtedly insaue, an.l will be sent to the lunatic asjr- . lum. 9tealin<; a Carcase. o? Beep.?The slaughter house of Walter Briggs, 1H0 Ninth street, was opened on Wednei- ! day mooing, and a carcase of beef, ollal ami all removed. I The beef Mas afterward* traced to Washington Market,-, and found in possession of a lellow named Godfrey Cran- , buck, who admitted that he stole it. He is known us an old thief and has served a term in the state prison at Hiug Sing. General Meaalona Before Itecorder Tallmadgo, and Aldermen Rawion and Waterman. Dec. 13.?JilUgcd Mtintlauu,httr.?Tho trial of Charles F. Isenprise, indicted for manslaughter, in causing the death of Abraham Uarger, by stabbing him with a Knife, on the 33d September last, from the effects of which he expired on the 4th dny of November following, was continued. Mr. Thomas Phemx, on tho opening of the Court, addressed tho Jury on the part of the prisoner. They would observe that he was a young man of excellent character;, he was a mechanic by trade-, he hail uear and dear connexions; he w as just budding into life, with every prospect of becoming a useful member of societv, and the present was tho first time he had ever been cafled before the bar of justice to answer for any offence. This misfortune arose out of a sudden affray. There was no enmity whatever between the prisoner and the deceased; on the contrary they were,to all appearance, friends; and w as it at all likely that a vonnar man. like the prisoner, who had been provrd to 1k> a" mild^and peaceable cliaractur,would stab hin friend without any provocation ? It would require the strongest possible testimony to induce tlie Jtry to believe ,that. Till*, however, wui a cuse in w hich "they would require the dearest possible proof that the blow was (truck by the prisoner; and, if they had * reasonable doubt upon that subject, they were hound to pronounce a verdict of acquittal. lie (Mr. rhenix) admitted that on the occaiion of this alli-ny, thero was, upon both sides, a disgraceful violation of the law; but he contended that all the provocation had proceeded from the men of Kngine No. IS, and not from those of No M, to w hich the prisoner was attached. The men of No. 4H were the assailants, those of No 84 the defendants. It was true that in themr/rf the deceased received the wound, but the evidence was by no means conclusive that the prisoner's hand struck the blow. Doubt ran through the whole of it?a point which Mr. Theniv unfed at considerable length. But if, upon the other hand, the Jury thought it was sufficiently proved that the prisoner's hnnd had caused the death of the unfortunate man, he contended that by the common law of the country, he was justified in it, seeing that he had been first attacked by the deceased and his companions. In conclusion, he (Mr. I'henix) addressed some appropriate observations to the Jury, upon the importance of correctly discharging their duty to the accused in a case of this serious nature. The District Attohvkv. (Jonas B. Phillips, K.sq.) replied at length, urging that the Jury must believe either that the witnesses for the prosecution had perjured themselves in swearing the prisoner had inflicted the blow, or?however painful the alternative?that the deceased had come to his end by the hand of the prisoner. The Hcoonnt r ihen charged the Jury. The prisonor at the bar was indicted for a manslaughter ; and before he called their attention to the testimony of the witnesses, it was proper he should present to them the law as it related to cases of this description. There were four different degrees of manslaughter, and it was exclusively the province of the jury to say?if the prisoner was guilty ut all ?of which degree he was guilty. He w as indicted generally for manslaughter, and the'jury had therefore entire range and scope to determine to which degree the case belonged. The offences in the calender of this description ranged from a degree little short of wilful murder down to those of almost accidental death The Hecorder then read to the jury the several definitions of the four classes of manslaughter, observing that the case now before them did not seem to come within the meaning either of the first or second, but within thiit of the third or fourth. The third degree of manslaughter was thus defined?" The killing of another in the heat of passion, without a design to effect death, by a dangerous weapon, in any case except such wherein the killing of another is declared to be justifiable or ex cusable, shall be deemed manslaughter in the third de(free." The fourth degree was defined to be?" The involuntary killing of another, hy anv weapon or by any mean* neither cruel nor unusual, in the heat of passion, in any case* other than such as are declared to be excusable homicide. Khali be deemed manslaughter in the fourth degree " The distinction between these two degrees was this : in the third manslaughter was constituted b\ the faking away of life, hut without the design to effect death, hy anv dangerous weapon ; in the fourth th? crime was constituted by the involuntary killing of another by nnv weapon or means neither cruel nor unusual. He would give the jt.rv an illustration of the difference. The use of a dirk or pistol, or any other weapon which would be considered deadly in its nature, brought the offence within the third degree. The use of a club or stick, which were not deemed deadly weapons, or of any other means not deemed deadly in their nature or character, might he classed among manslaughters of the fourth degree He would give them another illustration. A person tiling the roof of a house threw a tile down into the street carelessly, negligently, without regard to the safety of the passengers in the street, and the tile falling upon an individual pnssing, caused his death. In such a case there was no passion, no revenge, no intention of taking life ? Such a case was involuntary and it came within the do. finition of the fourth degree. The Ilecorder further illustrated these rases, and briefly |>ointed out the changcs in the law relative to manslaughter, which the legislature in its wisdom had l>een pleased to mako ; and said that having expounded the law to them a? succinctly as he could, he would address himself to the facts of the ease ? That death had ensued from in juries received by tlie deceased, could not,-of course be questioned, and the first question that presented itself for the consideration of the iury was, did the prisoner at the bar commit the net 1? With reference to this question the Ilecorder stated the evidence OI nmKC aim me oiner wiiiioucs, leaving me jury to form thf-ir own conclusions upon It. The next quo'stlon they would have to consider win. whether, asmiming they ?hould be of opinion that the prisoner struck the blow, was it justifiable on the part of the prisoner I It was in evidence that there had been a deliberate intention on the part of individual* connected with Engine No. 49 to assail the men of No. 94 Thev had avowed that intention in the presence of Drake and the foreman of Engine No. ->1 ; they had not onlv avowed that intention, but they had. In a mass, gone down to the engine house, and there placed themselves in an attitude of attack upon the men of No. 24; thev had not only placed themselves hi an nttitude of attack, but thev threw stones, they used violent language, and uttered threats, so much no that according to the testimony of the foreman of Engine No. 24. the individuals connected with that engine fled, and the engine had to be taken to its station by volunteers, who were not firemen. It was also in evidence that the prisoner at the bar, connected as he was with No. '21, was severely beaten?that he was assailed and knocked down, ami that he complained of the in juries he had received-that he had mucb, very much, to exasperate his feelings. It further appeared that the decerned was connected with No. 49, a circumstance which should be considered by the jurv in relatior to the prohabilitv of the prisoner apprehending an attack. ins>?mnch as it was their province to determine the question whether this actwns justifiable upon his part.or otherwise In this state ofthines. whilst bis findings were excited bv 'he rudeness exercised towards bis own person. Barrer, who had not been in the mtln. placed bis bands upon the shouMer of the prisoner, and inquired?"Are you the mar who has beaten the child?" Now it was for the jurv to letermine whether this wns offensive or otherwise? whether the prisoner hail, or had not. reason to apprehend he should lie re-assailed If thev sijw reason to believe 'hat the objects of Harper was to fell him to the groundto assail or to attack him?he would havehcen^H'.titled in 'he act ; but if. upon the contrnrv thev bel|ev?l that. jr 'he language of vonnff Drake, the deceased merelv pieced 'us hand npon the prisoner's shoulder, then rtcrlr the ittack ma dp upon Barger. hv the knife, would be trulv unjustifiable nnd Inexcusable It was then, for the inrv o sav whether this attack was justifiable or excusable md if tbev were satisfied it was not justifiable or evmn Me. thev must sav under which degree of crime it honl'* he classed. Was It done in 1 passion? TVas it done with i dendlv instrument ? Or was it done with an instrumen' hv which ?1entli ensued, although the instfitme-it was no' lea.llr in its character? The Recorder then po'nted on' 'o the jurv the extent to which good character might <Tin |)| < 1. in mi* riiip inr umitrn nmi pnwmepn r* :trnni? character?a character uhlch rcrtninlv onirht tr make ? ?trone appeal to their iiidlfmenf in cn*e thev h.v' rennonahle doubt that the priwiner had inflicted 'hp blow ' cannot avoid remarking. proceeded the flecnrder, th?t i' i a nubiect of complaint in thi* citv. which, n* coming rom the citizen* of thi* metropolis, ought not to he dl?reTabled. that the Fire Department leem? to he in a <tate of -otten disorder and dernntrement. I do hope that the firr "omi>?nle? of this el'* w ill correct thin nhnse, fur no elM >cn can passthrouifh the streets without hi? eves heinr 'ortured hv these scenes of violation* of the public peace V nd whence do thev arise? T will not charge thpm upon 'he Fire Department hut upon the mere volunteer*, runier*_thc individual* who conn<Tt themselves ?* Ith the ormanies from time to time Thev are ntu attributable 'o the re?rular firemen. for there is a re?pnn*ihilitv re*tln!? noa them, and thev are liable to punishment if thev of. 'end; lmt with regard to the volunteer* there I* no re*pon ihllitv Various difficulties have arisen iu thi* commn nit v from them, and jrrn*s tiolutious of the public peace tnd not onlv ha* till* been the cn?e tmt there ha* been a -i>cent occui-ence wherein life wa* taken. Rut the blame <f that onc'it not. certainlv. to be visited noon thin pri?nn r. although be was a volunteer at the time in OUestlon. rou ou?ht to be itisfied upon the evidence that he cn"> ni'ted the act with which he it charged Th.. Recorder 'hen ?aid. that with ?he*c remark* he would leave the a??lnth? hands of the jnrr, satisfied that thev won!' *i<? it *11 the >'elib,.~it|n>| which the na'ttre of It reiy'ire ' Tli" inrv then retired to consider their verdict, and jr i^o if ?'ven?v minute* afterward*, returned with a verdic' if cniltv of mau?lau!rh*er in the third decree Xnttrnrnl?The Recorder, on behalf of the court, or lered that all per?on* convicted in thi* court who wen iut on hail, should appear on Friday of next week for en'encp. The ttrand Jurv came Into "court, prenented a number of hill* and retired Nnl. Proi.?In the cn?e of William Dexter Benton, indicted for an uiault and battery on Charlea Oakley in [ERA 1843. tlarch ln?t, and who wa? tried at a lormer term of the j >ourt, but the jury did not agree on a verdict, on mo- | _ ion of the acting District Attorney, n not. /nos. wait eu- J ered and the Clue di*niiM>ed. II 7Vn J loan C'a?r.?'i lie District Attorney theu called to jj rial Meliuda anil Alexander iloag, mulcted lor a giand , arceny. Mr. A. D. Uuxsell, coiiiim-1 lor the accused, denunded, an aright, separate trial*?and Meliuda uas flint 1 mi l,. llin lui? irwlifti?l fur u irrnnd InrecliV ill rolllllllir I ' dr. William Sorrels,of bloom township, Kairlleld county, J"' Jhio, on the night of the lHth of Nov. of f .'?*?, consisting " if notes and coin, while he was in her company in a houi>e n Kobinson street, near Washington. L. L>. Shepherd, Usq., wuh associated w ith the acting r district Attorney for the prosecution. The jury weie ev orally challenged prrfmur, and Mr. U. Urdh im principally conducted the delence. Mr. Shepherd opened the case and read the examination H if William Sorrels, taken de bmr < u>, on the J It h of Nov. n the presence of the accused, in the I'ulico otUce, and N vho had left lor his home. It was to the following effect? hat in November lie came ^in from Ohio, bringing L vith him fourteen horses for sale, w hich he disposed ol H ind put up at a hotel in this city; that on the evening of W he 33d of the month, while in Uroadwny, he wus accosted >y the female Melimla, who unite. I him to her looms, stu- ' ing that she wais a married woman, hut her husband be. ng away, she w as lonesome; ho accepted the invitation, Si md sooii alter they arrived at her domicile iu ltobmson itreet, she persuaded him to go to bed with hei .and placed N i chair near a slide or door adroitly concealed in the parit 10a, for him to put his clothes on ; that soon after the) ? iad retired a noise was heard and she hurried him aw a\, is her husband had returned. He drcsvod himself quickly md went to his lodgings, and found that he hud been rob- p< >ed of the money, bj means of the slidlug door, a hand laving been introduced and his pockets tilled. st Jom> Kki.m, a city watchman, sworn?Arrested Me- w inda lloag ntthecorneroKireenwichond Warien streets, h "I '"> rolili. rv Jlli.r 111!v Inif lnude. at till: tl request ol Sorrels, two attempts to find her in thu houje in i itohinson si re l ; she denied living in llobinson street, liut l> laid ?bu lived in Urand. Alexander lloag then came Irom it juder it sloop, uiid told witness to let the woman go or lie II ivould gut into trouble. She then slipped her hand into w ler liosom and passed something from it to Alexander, ri uid 1 then arretted him also, another walohman coming nl ip. Alexander then made 11 temporary escape, throw ing hi lomelhing away. is Ciiahlks 11. Wheeler, another watchman, sworn.? ti Heard an alarm on the night in question, ami went to the assistance of Kelly, who had Melinda in custody,corner >f Warren and Church streets. Kelly said Alexander had . escaped; went in pursuit of hitn, and fonud him under- w neatii an archw ay 111 .Murray street,(an unllnished house,) Hid he again escaped by falling through a trap door, but j. ivas followed and found in tho rear ol Mr. Ogdun Holt'- ,* man's premises concealed in a privy, having passed "over j several yards. ^15 in gold, and $20 in bank bills, were jt Tound in the area in Murray street that night, also a gold (t piece by Mr. Middleton, and ft Jo in live cent pieces, and |( jiCia bills; also ?17 SO in gold, near where Melinda was j| arrested, lolded in n piece of straw paper. Mr horrels distinctly identified Melinda in the watch house. Witness described the room, the situation ot tbetiapand chair, and the money that was found and marked hy him, a which was claimed bv Mr. Sorrels, and produced in ' Court. David Lori.7, another watchman, corroborated the ?( main part of the last watchman's testimony, and Joliu a Middleton testified to his finding the gold pince in the area n of the unfinished house in Murray street. , The defence railed no witnesses and was summed up n hy .Mr. Graham on the part of the accused ; the case, us v the evidence will show, admitted ol little argument in () favor of his client. Mr. Phillips replied, on the part of the (| people,arid alter a short charge deliveied by tne Recorder, n it w as given to the Jury, who without leaving thoir seats ^ found the prisoner guilty. j, The trial of Alexander Hoag was postponed till Friday, q to which day the court adjourned. Court of Common Plt-nn. Before Judge L'lshcert'er. Dec. IS.?Hay S. MrK(ty vs. J nines C. I'vrter.?This w as e an action for slander brought hy the plaintiff, who is a ii member ofthe legal profession, against the defendant, who is a baker. It appeared from the evidence that the plaintiff had paid a three dollar bill, in exchange lor some stuff out I of the baker's shop, and had received bark the change When the defendant was about pa^ ing out the bill, about ' three weeks after, he discovered liitu the bill was a coun- C teifeit. The defendant called on tho plaintiff, who took it to his opposite neighbor, who refused to change it only because the full had a doubt cast on it fiy the plamtill him- ' sell' The bill was given back to the defendant, with a re- f quest that he would take it down town, and make further inquiries into it, and ascertain its genuineness Kome da) s n?t tlm OOtli litlt 11 ilt liMiikltlt r.alh'dilt 1 the house of the plaintiff, and inquired from hit daughter il he w as prepared to change the three dollar bill which he had passed upon him, (the defendant.) adding "that he (the plaintiff) knew it was a counterfeit when he so passed it, and if he would not change it, he would place it ju the hand* of a person who would make him.' It was a I no found that on sei eral occasions the delendant had railed tint plaintiff personally, before other*, "a counterfeiter, a forger, an old swindler?that he had upbraided the children of the pluintiff with their father's want of honesty and Rood moral character ; that on one occasion, meeting the son ot the plaintiff in the street with n can of milk he asked, " did your father pay counterfeit money for that milk, Buh ?" In short, that the defendant took every occasion to abuse and destroy the character and happiness of th?T!Tiuntiff. Thedcfenoo set up the general issue, deny ing the charge, and thus precluding the [ilea of justiflcat on The Court charged that the absence of the note, as the defendant had passed it away to some one down town, to do as he liked with it, precluded the possibility of the court and jury arriving at any conclusion as to its genu ineness. The conduct of the defendant gave, in the opinion of the court, unequivocal evidence of the malicious intent of the defendant to destroy, by the utteranre of such slander, his character in the community and with the inemlier* of his own family circle. If thejurv were of ths ?ame opinion, and it was for them t? decide,the verdict should be such as waulil remunerate the plaintiff, and at the same time punish the defendant. Before Judge Ingraham. lswit Ktllrr, * s. (Jrorgr Ilomr nnd Jamta Ifnttin.? This was an action of replevin, arising out of the foreclosure of a mortgage on personal property for by the defendant, Hotne: the other defendant, Ilostin.was the officer engaged in making the levy. The parties are from Germany. The replevin was made, l>ecaus? that no consideration had been received for the mortgage. The plaintiff proved that on or al>out the ?!th Keh., 1943, he gave the defendant llorne, a mortgage lor $7,'>0, which mortgage was drawn by a Mr. Buler, a German counsellor at law, and that at the iiine of the execution of said mortgage no consideration whatever was or had been paid, but that it w as the understanding that it w ould be paid so soon as the defendant Home, would receive certain monevs from Europe; but there was no payment proved to have tieen subsequently made. The defence endeavored to bolster up this ease,by proving that Home was f in th0 possession of money when he arrived from K.uiope. I to the amount of nearly $300, and by the confession ol s Keller before witnesses, that he owed Home $760; but i this latter evidence w as disputed. At the time of making e the purchase the parties removed the property, and in ,, stead of felling it by auction, they placed it in custody of ( a pawnbroker. They also removed a quantity of candles, which were not included in the mortgage, but which ' were at the time in the moulds, which were included? s (the plaintiff is a soap anil candle manufacturer)?thus } rendering themselves liable to nn action of trespass, even I if they were fully entitled to foreclose. The Court I charged, that it was a question purely of farts for them h to determine whether a consideration had been paid or , not. If they believed there hail not, then they should give the plaintiff exemplary damages, assessing the pro pertv at its proper value. It they believed a consideration . Iiad Wen paid then the) should give the defendant a vet- ' diet; finding, however, for the plaintiff for the candles taken, according to their value. The jury returned a I: verdict in favor of the plnintift' for $200 damages, and cix ? ents costs, assessing the property replevined at $160. For the plaintiff, Nathaniel Bliuit. Ksq | Thursdaj being Thanksgiving Day, there will be no triali in thin Court. < At KfnB ron Ttll 1.?Nos. 3.1, 63, H, 41, 121 W, 48, 0, 75, 7, S. SI, 75. 96, 131,133. Tsar 3?74, 78, 73, 04, 97, II, 50, 80, 90, HI, 91, S?, 102, 103, 106, 116. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoel. U'rpsMBir, Dec 1.1?Charlet I' Lrvrrich vs. II\lliam K ll'tlmrrtlint; ?This is an action brought to recovei I lamages for injuries sustained by the plaintiff bv the over (lowing of hi* cellar in Beaver street, whereby he h?' ( uttered a loss in sugar of over $1600. The overflow, it iilledged was caused by the fountain erected in the Bow ing Green, an4 w hich was not constricted so as to cariv iff the waste water, so as to present inundation oftlio low grounds in it* neighborhood. It was playing on the 16th Inly, all day, ami on the evening of that day the darnagi ' complained of occurred. The defendant, who is one of the J' w ealthv residents of the neighborhood, who had been a peti. I tioner along with others, to the Common Council, for |x-r |i nission to erect said fountain, sets up in answer, that the ivortlow was not from the waste w ater of the fountain n hut was caused by the blocking up and choking of the sewer in Broad street, into which the sewer from Beavei street runs--bv the storms of the spring and the flow ol ' he tide, which generally doe* more or If** damage to the ' Milan in the low ground* ulioiit Sestet stiei-t, at high tides. The ease will he continued on Friday morning. (tunning v* BurdtU?In this case, re|>orted in jesterlay's paper, we stated that the action w?< tor one month'* rent; it should have heen for the month* of August and September, amounting to $183 The .jury (bund a verI'ct for the plaint iff' for **>3. being but half the amount hUmed, inasmuch us the plaintiff was proven to he in full possession of the premise* in September. The defence will carrv the case to a higher ( ourt Thursday beln* thanksgiving Day, the t'ourt will take .1 recess until Kriday morning Calrnilar for Friday?Nos. 38, Mf) 181, S3, "ft. 87, 2"2 1, fid, 88. 89, mi, 91, 9*2, 94, 9,"), 3fi, 7. 29, 2, 21 30,33, llfi, 97 U, 71, Hi, 27, 7'2, '21, 33, ?3. I' H. ?>l?trlet Court. Before Judge Betts. Dr.c. Irfth ?This Court w as occupied during the entiri ' lay in hearing the evidence in the patent case reporter mi yesterday'* edition The particulars are of no general iferert, being dry details of machinery, kc. There an motif twenty young (tirls who are employed in the f?< i or) , in attenilance ?< witnesses The case w ill probably ,, n^age the attention of the Court until Sntui .lay t True hills of indictment have heen found by the < j] Iury against Albert Heeley, Klisha Seelev, and I'nnie ^ Himmons for forceably carrying off the schooner Joseph ,)oran, while in the possession of the Marshal of th? ' Southern District. Thursday being Thanksgiving Pay, this Court willtakf so a rpcess until Friday morning ?t ten o'clock. r is LD. Prle? Tw? UcaU. FuKTHSR l'AKTKt LAES OF 1HK MAll. KcBI'ERT -We have received the following additional parrulars of the recent extensive mail robbery at udson:? [From the A 11 any Arptm, Dcr i j ] The apecial agent ol the Iom(0<? L? | artirifnt, Mr. umphrey, together with Mr. Mcl.arhlan, the ronfidt ntial erk sent from the Albany I'utt Office, returned turn udaon yesterday. 'J he diultn tent tmin thin city have >en recovered, \? ith the exception ol one lt<.m the Comerrial BhiiW. T he following i* the account ol mail* sent oin the Albany font Office for New Yoik on the 7th Originally paid at (An f'rtr Still to. L'njiaid. Paid. office. ItUtn. oltimore, Md. 1 37 j ? ? " Dist. 'I 6? ? ? nw Orlears, I 50 'is ? ? ' Diat. 1 'ii SO ? ? ouisville, Ky. Dint. I 00 ? ? I ichmond, Va? J1 ? ? ? heeling, Va. Di?t. 4 'o 7ft ? 1 olumfius, 3 ftO SO ? 3 hnrlrston, S. C. 60. ? - ? " Dint. Al ? 3S ? avannoh, 40 54 ? ? < iiiut 1 on ew York City, JO (Hi} 7 IQ^ 2 87* W* " Hist. JO OfiJ I 00 37$ i * Tlx; letter* missing from this package ure a* follows: > of 12$ oenti postage each, 11 of Irtj do., 3 of 28 Jo., uiilid ; I of 12] rent* postage each, 1 ot 25 do., paiil. The above parkages w ere all in the pouch which was olen mid plundered lit Hudson ; and in the nan e pouch ere nil the letter packages which had centered hero urn the cast, north and west for New \oik citj , and noling lias I een lollnd except w hat van recovered w ith the ouch taken from the liver, and that w as only pail ol the ill for New ioik city '1 his. hill was probably made Up i two bundle., maiked No 1 and No -J. It would term mt the thief opened only the No. 2, a* the missing letters on Id make about a bundle. The mails for Washington ity made up here ns w ell as what had collected here anil no the mail mutter for Philadelphia were in canvas* ?gs and may have been in the New \ ork pouch, but it thought they were in lliu pom h for New \ ork diitribuon. [From the Hudson Gazette, I)ec. 12.] Letters containing draft* to a large amount were found i the biig which bad been opened but returned ngam ith their contents, the object of the robber, it would ?pi*ar, being solely for money. Am neur at eun be ascerlined from the letters found in the bag which had coniini*il money, lie could not have got more than f'Jfltt or :?J0. The ban w hen found bad ft strap and rope around , by which it appears that something had been fasten?"d > it .for the purpose of sinking the bag. but which got >okc and the bag came up and was discovered. William lofl', a young miin in the employ of Smith Sc Miller, mail infractors, has been arrested on suspicion. The circuratancei, as near us we can learn them, are these 1 he mil lell Albany on Thursday shout one o'clock, P. M., tldwu* placed on the boot behind the coach The mil bag for New York being the largest, and the J eing directed to take special care ol it. wa* first deposi'd in the boot, and the other mail bags piled upon it, and rrlved in this city about 8o'clock the same evening, thn lail was then taken from the stage and placed in the ofce of 9. & .M., to await the arrival of the boat the next torning On closing the office about 10 o'clock, Hoff" vas left in it to guard the mnil, w ith instructions to go own on the arrival of the boat from New ^ oik, in the loniing. and tend to the passengers, &c , this being hi* rdinary bimine?*. Holt states that he did not leavu the ofce until ubout 4 o'clock ; we understand, however, that < ? ?? met on HrHiiKlin niitmn- near me river, oeiweca anil 3 o'clock, coming u|> from the river. Iiltcrnry Notice*. The Vot th's Historical Gift.?This is an exeedingly elegant volume, ami one which can b? uost unhesitatingly recommended to the favor of II the friends of the young and rising generation, t contains familiar descriptions of the moBt imortant and interesting civil, military and naval ocurrences, narrated hv the old English chroniclers. 1'he selection of the authors whose writings furnish lit- materials of this attractive book has been very elicitous, Froissart and Monstrellet being among he most entertaining historians of their age. The /olume is edited by Mr. Evans, and is illustrated by "orty admirable enpravings, which contain, in hemselves, a whole volume of historical detail. Published by Appleton iV Co. Tkiai. of the Pope of Rome?A violent polemical duidecimo. Published by Tappan Sc Henret, loston. Litti.f. Hownson of Paris.?A series of interestng and instructive stoiies lor children, trun.-late<l rom the French, and issued by Burgee A: Stringer. The Yoitno American ?A very useful book for chools, exhibiting in a plain and sensible way the listory, nature, necessity and utility of government md law. By the author of Peter Parley's Tales. Issued by Robinson, 208 Broadway. Every Lady's Book ?An admirable instructor n all the mysteries of plain and fancy cakes, pastry, ?lanc mange, jellies, ice creams, and so on. By a ady of New York. Published by Craven, t>33 Iroadway. MouftiNO Watches.?A very curious work, being he "confession of faith" of the celebrated Sweedith loyelist Miss Frederika Bremer. Burgess Ic Stringer. Hi;?h Life in New York.?Fly Jonathan Slick. Published at the Brother Jonathan Office. Ai.da Grey.?This is one of a series ofwellvriltcn tales of the Revolution. Hv John H Mrr ein. Published by Burgess ite Stringer. A Sei.ect Cnu.Ei tion of Original Scottish Viks.?Tb'iK is one of the inot-t elegant und popuar musical works of the day. The airs are aranged for the voice with introductory and coti ludintj symphonies and accompaniments, for the >iano-fort<\ violin or flute, and composed for this vork by Pleyel, Ilayden, Weber, Beethoven, >Vc. I'hc work also comprises all the mo*t admired 'ongs, both ancient and modern Scottish, and Engish adapted to the airs, and including upwards of >ne hundred songs by the illustrious peasant bard if Scotland?Robert Burns. No expense has been spared in getting up this collection, which has delervedly attained the highest popularity in (ireat Britain. The symphonies are so masterly, m graceful and delightful and of such unquestionable iriginality, that they must be regarded by nil imateurs as invaluable additions to the nirs. The iccompaniments will be found admirably calculaed to support the voice and enrich the airs, with>ut any tendency lo overpower the sincer. lia^d? n .aid of his share of the work?" I boast of this vork, and by it 1 flatter myself my name will live 11 Scotland many years after my death." Pubished by Dobson. lOGChesnut street, Philadelphia, ind subscriptions received in this city by Mr. A11uan, 286 Broadway. Xeals' History of the Pi:rita.vs.?Part I. of his excellent work has just been issued by the Inrpers. KntrKKiiaoCHu: for December.?-So so.?The test tiling iti it is ih'- bullud entitled 4 Ine Old llau." Catholic Family Bible?Part 9.?I), Ar J. Sadicr. lt< Carmine street The Illuminated Maoazink?Of nil the nurreous magnificent illustrated periodicals which rre it present proceeding from the London press, this , < among tue most superb if not :it the very head of :he list.* Tnet-call at L>urgess ic Stringer's and look it i he last number. Medical News and LinRAnv.?A useful monthy paper bv Len Ar Itlanchard, the great medical aiblishing house mi Philadelphia. IlM'STRATBD Co.mmon Prayer.? Xos 18 A" 19." lewitr, publisher. Owen's Legal Obsekvkr.? Published at 12 Ana trect. Poems or Passion, by N. P. Willis. I'rKsnrrr's History of the CoNqt-esr or Mexi o. Vol. II.?We noticed the Hp|K-arance ol the irst volume of this work some ten days since, rhe second has just appeared from the Harners' Hess. It is ol course issued in ihe same style of legancc, which, hv the way, is universally prolounced to he ei^ual to any ever published in this ountry. We think our publishers, generally, too arelrtw of the ontward dress in which their hooks re issued. Typographical beautv is not a matter f slight importance in any ease; and especially is t due to a work which will not pass from memory ml use the same year it is published, but whicn .ill lie received everywhere as n specimen ol Ltiicricau literature and maintain if* rank as a i.indurd history tor years to conic. that it should e sent 1'orlh in a lorm adapted to its intrinsic forth. So far as this w<>rk <>f "NTr. Prescott is conern?'d, its literarv inerirs. anil ita outward ap[>earnce, are admirably suited to each other. Both re of the very hf|rhe?t character; and we onlv ope that the literary public of tins country, will rnperly appreciate the lulent and unyielding indusry of the author, the intrinsic worth of his work, nd the enterprise and taste of the well known nMi.-hcrv At i time when the cheap and trathy sues of '!" metro|iolitan press command so ex n.'ive a sale, and t^uch universal perusal, a history I' so elevated a character as this, so eminently i>tructive ai d entertaining, should not Ick the io t munificent pationage. We have Irft no roeni, or indeed i- it necessary, to say anything of the irticulnr subjects of thi* volume. It describe* ie residence of the Spaniards in Mexico, their e.\ilsion from that city, the life and death of Monteuna, and conducts the adventurous followers of onez to Teicuco It even increases the interest > thrilling in the tir*t The third and last will be sued within a fortnight.

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