Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Aralık 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Aralık 1843 Page 1
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TH ??? ia., no. w Hole no< To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubLulled every Jay of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth of July, l'rice 2 cents per copy?or $7 "36 per an num? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6' cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum postages paid, ca*h in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It has Utr largest circulation of any paper in this city oi' thr world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business m?n in the city or country. Trices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of *11 kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. rnOPIIETOR OP THE IICRALD ESTABLISHMENT, Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets ? " KUK HAL1KAX AN L) LI V EKPUUL TIW tioyal iviau at?iIII Ship AUAUl A, >xi^fAU*?mlet Hyrie, Esq., Commander, will fflkljj leave Boston for the above porU ou Satarda)', IGtli December. Passage to Liverpool f 120. rwnge to IUiiu 20. Apply to D. littlUUAM, Jr., Agent, d9r No. 3 Wall street. STATION INLAND FEKBY, FOOT fik-?1?r-#Qy WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat 3t?JMCaC-bTATKtN ISLANDEB willleave New York and Staten Island, ou oud alu/ October 3d, as follows, until (urther none Leave Stauu Maud at 8!*, 10, a. m., 3, 4, r. m. Leave New York *1 a, 12Jj, 10 niin. pan 3. 4\ N. B ? Oil ^uudays the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12 All Irwi(c>il shipped is requin-d to be particularly maraeu add is at the risk of rUe owunrs thereof ?3fltf' V<Mn A'ifcTtt. MAIL LINK~FOK ALBA LW N V an<h rermwliateplaces, from the foot of w M?JK-Couiilmdt street The steamer UT C A, J Sc.itt, will leave as above at 5 P. M. on YVeduesday, Fn 'ay and Hunday. The COLUMBIA, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave as above at 5 P M on Tuesdty. Thursdiy ai.a Saturday. For pttsige o' freieht. apply ou board, or t? P. C. S'hu'tz, at tne office o the wha'f. dlJr NIKW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERrfffV POOL-Packet 0f j[gt December?The splendid JSaMfawell known favorite packet ship LI VEBP 'OL, UOll tons burthen. Chaplain John Elundge, will sail ou the 2lst December, her regular day. The ships of tti<s line beuiR all 1000 tons aud upwards,persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smaller class, aud their accommodations it is well known are superior to any others Those wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on board, or to It J. T. TAP8COTT. At their General l'a??agc Office, 43 Peck slip, dH ee corner of South it. FOR LONDON?Regularpacke' of the 20th Dec. MrjWfW.?Tlie wel- known favorite packet ahip W??TMINMMI&STtR, Captain Hovey, burthen 100U toot, will tail aa above, her regular ,iav. Hir accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly Atted up for the comfort and c inveniencc rtf passengers. Persons intending to embark should lake xarly application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine at. corner of South. Persons wishing to aend for their friend* residine in the old country, can hare them brought nnt bv the above ah in, or any of the die regular packets sailing on the 7th. l7th and 27th of each mouth, by applying a* above; if by letter, |>oat paid I' S. Drills at Sigh'. far large or small inrni, aredia?n by thesubicriber ou the Provincial Bank of Ireland; payable iu every to u throughout the cout'try ; al?o on Meairf Bp )oner, Atwood k Co, Bankers, Loudon, payable in every town in Oreat Britain. dl2r KOR~LON OON-rackerorthe 20ih Dec?The JHWy P?cket #hin WESTMINSTER, Cap- Moore, will JiilMllw'e d> spatched for London a* above; her regular day, Tholewuhin* to aecnre a passage, having superior tccominodalioai for cabin, sreond cabin and steerage passi ngers, apply to JOHN HERDMAW, 61 South itteet, near Wall atreet. N. D.?Passage (rom London and Liverpool bv the regulir packets, tailing weeklv, ran at all times be arranged at the lowrit rates and drafts furnished foi any amouut, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. dl r ??? OLD iBLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS LIVERPOOL?Packet of the ICth December JMBte?The elegant lint class packet ihip NEW kORK, I ap:. Harstow, will be despatched as above, h?r regular day; She h\s unsurpassed accommoda ions for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers- Tlio.e wishing to secuie berths, will require to make early application to JOHN HEHDMAN, CI South street, ... near Wall street. N. B.?Tho?? wishing to tend for their friends residing iu Great Britain o' Ireland, can have th.mi brought out by thii ship, or any of the line of iwckets, at the lowe.t rate, aud dnitu c.n as usual be furnished lor ar\- amount, payable without disCi unt, or any therch.rge, in all the principal towui throughout the United Kingdom. For fuither particular*, ap;tyai above. P- 8 ?The packet ship Columbus, Capt. Cole, will be despatched out"e 1st January, her r-g-'Nr ^av. dilj frfrg* Jj-A" BALL, OK OLD LINK Of LIVER jfJgWPOOL PACKET8?FOR LI VKKPOOL?Regulai ol thei Iftth December.?The new and eleganl paeM ilyp NIjVV VOHK, burtheu 1100 tons, Copt. Cropper, will positively tail on Saturday, 16th December, her regulai day. It is well known that the accommodations of this uoble pack: et for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, are tilted up in a manner tluit cannot fail to insure those embarking every com fort, bein? eery high betweeu-deckt, which are well lighted and reutilated. Those returning to the old country will at once see It tlieir interest to select this favorte re-set for their conveyance iu p-efereuce to any other. The price of passage is wry low, for wInch and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO., Si Kulton street. next dttor to the Fnlton Bank 5 P. fl.?The New York sails from Liverpool on the 1st Febru ary. Persons sending for their relatives can hare them brought ont in her, or in any of the packets comprising this unequalled tine, sailing from that pon punctually on the 1st and 16t)i of each month. For passage apply as above. N. B ?The Columbus will succeed the New York, and sail for Liverpool on the 1st January, I'M, h?r regular day. dllec FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.?Regulai Packet of 28th December.?The splendid packet JafaB&hip SIDDONS, C?pt. E. B Cobb,of 1000 tons, will sail as above,her regular day. > or freight or passage, having ac comreodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. Trice of passage, 1100. M South street The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. Depeyster, of 1000 tons will succeed the Siddons ana sail the 2'th January her regulai < *> .... .. fwifnifn mav my upon uir >ni)? ui uiu imr huuib cum tnaljv as advertised. dtec . P>>LY REGULAR LINK FOR NEW ORLEANS? Che first class pa'ket ship ARKANSAS titleless, wil>sail punctually on the ntn Dec I he accommodations of tnis snip for cabin, second cabii and steerage passengers are such as cannot fail to ensure ever) e ml'ort to passengers daring the voyate k.The ships oi USU line hare now co-nmenced their rerulai trips, and will s<il punctual every fire days thnushont tin season. Pa-sengers mav therefore rely ou not I'eing ertaintd The price of pass's* beiug very low, those wishing to secun berilu in eitlier of ne above packets, can do so by applying ti W. k J. T. TA^BCOTT, a' ti leir (.General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, d'4 corner ol Sou'h str-?t. "IS?- FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and Nev i|?Vr rk Liue?Regula' Packet of 'Oth Dec?The fas jjafilfeiailiui t> ck t ship HI! ?T9V1LLE, ('apt. E Cor nell, will sail a* above, her regular day For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street I or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. 56 South street I Shippers by this line may r?ly upon having their goods cot rectly measured Agent* in New Orleans. Hullin It Woodruff, who wil promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Insinti, Capt. O FIdriJgo, will succee the 11 ui.tsvi le, and sail the 30th Dec., her regular day. 0l2r WINTER ARRANGEMENT" um FREIGHTS FOR WHEELING finTffiT Va. AND PITTSBURG, Pa?Th nndersignud, for tha last live years (an *# IT .1 A gen I far Biugliam's 1.111 fmin tkia city u> Pittsburg, takes this method ol inlormiiig hi numerous friends and patrons, that having mule eitensivr ai r&ugements for forwarding merchandise via railroa'a en wagoi.s, during the winter season, to the West, he is now pn mred to receipt for goods from 'his city to Wheeling. Va. vi Baltimore and Cumberlaud.or to Pittsburg via Philadelphia an t!ie ( hambersbura Railroad. All goods entrusted to his can will b? forward, if without any delay, and at the lowest correti rates, to either of the above poiuts on the Ohio River. Aisc merchandise and packages forwarded by Green's Eipresi .1 I n.I,,_ ttrk?> , ttiroukll in inrw- u*r> ....... ?- _ .. II ^ii day* from this city to Whirling. The buiuu will L conducted by? Wm. Tyson, No. 10 weat itrwl, New York Bingham k Brothers, 278 Market street, Philadelphia. June* Wilsou, North Howard strvrt, Baltimore. llolliday h Kgerton, Cumberland, Md. .lime* H Korsyth kCo.. Wheeling, V*. Wm. Bingham, Pittahurg. Pa (io.nil intended Tor the Wheeling ronte should be mark* New York and Wheeling Line. care of Jamea Wilson. Bait more, mid those Tor Pittsmirx, Uiuttham'* Line aa heretofore. WM TYSON, No. 10 Wettatreet N. Y. . New York, Nojr28. 1?3_ n2l lm?r ' FATEKSON RAILROAD Krotn Paterion to Jmey City. On and after Monday, Oct. Id, IMS, the ear* will Imve r*tkr?on l)gr?T. L?at? New Yobi. ? A. M. A.M. II* " 1?K r. M. 3 P. M. " " ON BUND AT 3. Lkatk Tatbhow DcroT. Lravic Nrw Yokb ? A.M. W A.M. J P M. 4 P. M. Tranaportation ear* learedAily (Sunday* excepted.) Pattw frrr* are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Conrtlandt afreet, ew minute* before the atafad hour* of departure. jyl9 6m* NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. WINTER ARRANGEOn ami after December 1st, IWJ, the Car* will ran in tl.r fo lowing order:? Leant Cilu Hall ' V""cj!xr il".'.1*' for the Bridge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. ? ? 9 00 ' H *0 11 30 " I 00 * no P. M. 3 30 4 30 8 00 . The City > .'all and 27th afreet line will run** follow* :?Kroi ' rv"T to miuntea through the day till 7 30 I . M. 1 he Eitra' Night Line will run aa fallow* :? Le??e ( ity Hall for 27th street at ?, ? 30 , 9, 9 30, 10, 10 30, Il I ?<eave 27th alreet for (. ity Hall ,t 7 30,1,? 30, 9. 9 J?, 10, It 10 3 By order of the B >?rd, n? imr W. d. CARMAN, Sec'y. E NE NE\ rm NKW STYLfc OF CfllLUIlKM'S VKLVKT CAPS iubienwrhu n large and beautiful assortment of Oracl'inn ? *"<1 Boyi Caps, of the lare?t fashion, which he , will sell ? cheap as any other rstabliahnseat iu this city? ' ainapK ?Inch nuy he found gentlemen's clotli., relrrt, new | style ol *lti/.eO, ?ud line otter cap*. AI?o on hand a lanje supply , of inole skin, silk and fur hats, of a beauiiful finish, for sale , low F aucy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment of , Mnff. .nH nHc. N. B.?The Caps of the subscriber took the premium at tht j late Fair of the American Institute. WM. BROWN. nS0lm*r 136 Chatham it, o|>i>oaite Roosevelt. , ANTI-HUMBUti STOKE'.?LI V E AN I) LET <pHflilVIC!-At the old exclusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham street (where the odious practice of calliug u|?m persous passing the store is not tolerated), can he obi lined Water Proof Boot* manufactured in this c'ty of the best mite ial.and warrant>d at nrlces ranging from three to lire d liars, being some two dollars lower in price than is generally obtained (quality considered} m this city. n2C Sw*r PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS .MADE TO ORDER, Br E. 8U8ER, its Broaimv*y, (Iuhkmknt.) i One door from Court <andt ?lre*t E. SUSER. Bootmaaer and Maker of Lasts, au ^^BBV'Elve" of Clncx ol Paras, begs leave to inform his friends aud all the amateurs of a geutleinauly "chautsiire ' that he can now make, iu New York, with the best French ma terials, all that is so perfectly made iu Parii by his master, the celebrated Bootw*.k?r Clerce, wnose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are ruapectfullv iiiTited to try Suiex'j Boots and La^U, beforo they despair of being "chausses" New York, after the uices Utest Paiis fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varuuh sold. nil Im^n BOOTS Wt'er proof, double and cork soles Knrncli and uai ive cilf and patent screw tap*; war nuiteil good line calf boot* for men, boys, aud children's coarse water hoo's, aud shoes of all sorts and sizes. N. B.?Ladies, misses aud children's guiu-r boots, shoes and buskins, double and siugle solea, aud of every color and shade. Ladies, liei.u,, aud Children's waterproof India Ru ber over slioei, of tlie latest style, all of which will be sold cheaper than at any oilier store in this city. J. 3. WALKER, 419 Broadway, ii 14 tm*m corner of Canal St. iiTii^ BOOT AND SHOE STORE. ! ,OHN READY respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau stmt, where hs will thanklully receure tod faithfully execute, all orders he mar be favored with on the r#rm? ffw 'vtf? J CORK SOLE WATER PROOF AND DRESS BOOTS.?Th* subaciiber inaWs to order Boots ol the above descriptions, of tne finest quality of French Calfskin. in the Utssl style, auu at <ery icaaoiiable piicss. Geneu who ba>'e breu iu the habi'. of pay ng extravagant prices for inferior articles, are icquested to call and be convinced of their interest in purchasing at this store Dra? mgs being token of the 'eet, >ud a |>air of Lails kept for etch cuatoiner, there is no difficulty in getting a handsome and easy lit. Constantly ou hand, a large assortment of 'eady made Bress Boots, latest. si\les, at S3 aud$3 AO per pair; Double Soles,from $4 to 9<i per pair. Over Shoesv Half Boots, llanciug Puinps, Slippers, #tc ar einally low prices. JOHN L. WAVKINS, Ill Fnlton street, d8 lm*e? between Nassxn and Dutch streets. LOOK AT THIS ~~ ~ / GENTLEMEN'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, the best of W quality. II 00 Do Water Proof Boots do 4 50 Do light French Ca'fskiu Boots do $3 to 4 00 Do India Rub er Over ..hoes, with leather soles 1 10 Do plain Rubbers, "0 Do Dancing Pumps. 1 0'J Do Dancing Oa ter, 1 25 Do Worked Slip|>ers, 100 And all other ki ids of Boots and Shoe* in fashi-n- ladies' gaiter Boots. Buskins, Slippers. Ties, ouilted Shoes, piuuella Shoes, white a.." black satin Slippers, button Shuts; ludia rubber stra"-furred, plain, and a'l "ther kinds of Over Shoes Clogs. Moccasins, and the gr-/tear assortment of boy's Boots and Shoes; misses' and children's, of all kinds to lie found in the world all of our own mauuficlu e. and ihe l>*?t of French goods, and wai ranted to be the best, ana aschetpas the cheapest. at 3S' Broadway, comer ol Franklin a'leet. d8t30*ec liRMH)KV it CAHILL, 367 Broadway. DAY'S SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?25 Maiden L* Lane. Experience has proven that a leather sole can be attached to India Rubber nppers, io that it is impossible to ?Crate them in the course of wearing. These Over Shoos,which re already tnrown into disuse leather overshoes and mocassins, and to which the water proof boot is fast tending, are furnished by the Roxbury India Rubber establishment, 25 Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether better than are being made by auy other eslabliahmi-ul in the trade. The patent quilted slipi>er Over Shoes and Boots are famished only at this establishment- Every article appertaining to the rubber business for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to die Roxbury I R. C., dl lm*r 25 Maideu Lane. POSITIVELY WATER PllOOF?W. J. Roome's So.pi to or Chinese Water.l'roof Ointment?Manshaem it Palmer, rriucipal wholesale and ret?il ag?nts f ir this onlysure preventive fwet feet. Tue celebrated Eureka Bitching, which has won a great reputation for its brilliancy of polish in quick time, and which is well adapted for using over the Sospito, is for sale by the proprietor at his agency Tor the Sotpilo, 8l Fulton s:net, corner ol Gold. N. B ?The public are inviied to call and test its merits. dll lm*ec '"HUE SUBSCRIBERS have just received lrom an'riiuuiy A and otfer lor sale, a variety o- W\TK.II PROOF and AIR TIGHT articles, called ANHYDRINE, for which trnta liave been t?Wen cut in Kuslind and Germany, They ar -vastl/?uperi'>'to THOSE in use manufactured by the aid wK.kU rl dir?m<tu(inrni(.li?>d bv I/mub ner? r~cVl>-''TnODOKOUS,"Tne'l'\s"tTc"butsurflli.'sud under going no'on whatever by chang* of tunperatnre. These articles ore manufactured with wool, cotton, linen, silk, r he., of which mjv be made CLOAKS, HUNTING JACK' ET9, GAITERS, APRONS. MILITARY TENTS, < HAVERSACKS. AWNlNGS, MAKQUKK8, ENGINE ' HOSE Also. llAT AND BONNET LININGS, with HOSE AND GLOVES Tor those afflicted with gout and rheumatism; AIR CUSHIONS, PILLOWS, MATTRES' SES, kc. Among the rest they have an article prepared for WAGON COVERS, for the USE OK RAILROADS, and to cover >11 kinds of vehicles aaid boats. AUo for BALLOONS <uiJ for BAGS, which may contain watery, gaseous or oily fluids, without any chance of leakage. They have also of this manufacture an excel leut article of SAILCLOTH, 1 which will arrest the passage of air, will last lougrr, be lighter tlun ordinary sail cloth, and require a less number of hanus to manage them. In the mtnnlacture of UMBRELLAS this artie'e must supercede every other material. Indeed, the usual application of the ANHYDRINE must be almost unlimited. It must not be omitted to state that this article is admirably adapted as a caver for feather beds; the perspiration from diseased or even healthy persons so injurious and destructive to 1 feathers, will under its use be prevented from penetrating and cannot extend beyond the exterior of the tick. I PKEIKER k WISSMAFN, n)3 lm'ee 23 Soorh William street. r) THE LADIES.?If you h\ve Iniry excrescences, concealing a broad and elevated forehead?if yon have the uu > sigl'tlv api>eudage of a beard on your upper'lips?if you have ' suiierfluous hair disfiguring auy part i f vour otherwise te.auli ful faces, the Potidre Subtil*, invented by Dr. Kelix Gonraud, > will quickly and forever eradicate it, wthiut the slightest injury or discoloration to your skins?this you 'an be satisfied of bv s*eing the preparation tested at the Doctor's office; all doubts of the arrrcle beiii> a humbug will quick'y vanish. K r sale > only at 67 Walker street, one door from tne c >rner of Broad ' .way?$1 rer bottle?where may be had the folio ing articles, ?'l warranted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, lor curing all b'otches. pimples, freckles tan, morphew, scurvy, itch. redness, sillowness, or ronghness or the skiu; for chapoeil hands, face, or mmqu:to bires its effects are immediate; in the was: ing of children, in allaying all irritatiou and dialing, it* 1 propeitie.* are reallv astouishiug so softening and healing that no mother should be without a cake. One cake, ' uffiiient, and we warrant it or return the money if not succestlul. Be on yonr guard against a bold imitation, and buy . no whore else but as auore. t Gouriud's Eau de B-ante. or True Water of Beauty, is a well known and approved cosmetic for aleansiug he thug, purip fyiug aad bei,uiiftiug the (omplixion, and by its dilating pro, P"itie? nreventc g the formation ol wrinkles, anil banishing theiu wheu present. $1 per bottle Goursnd s Ve/etable Li mid Kouge imparts a delicate blushing tinge to the complexion, immovable bv lubbi g with a . haudkt relief or linen cloth. For dyeing ludiei' stockiugs or i (loves, ihis preparation, diluted with water, is inimitable. {0 t . ents per b ttle. Gounud's Ha r Dve will change fed or gray hair to a beautifal dark brown or Mack, wi hout stain,ug the km. $1 per bottle. Whi kerand E\? br w Dye S- n s per bottle ? I'- ..i?.iff? ? Q, k Whin 'ifr'ike alatuufr whiteaeaa mid mm hoe** to 'he >kin?Ire* ? from all ii jurioua ingiedienta and ia entirely aunihilatii ( tomin >11 ChilU rtiid ll ik' wlnte. Tut "P In elegmt bufi'i. -J <:?nt? I ?ach Thi*. wi'h other of r. O. ? prepanti na, i?imitate l. Buy no whe e elie t-u' at C Waiker atreet. ju?t one do >r from 4 the c?rne of Broauaay, ?h*ie will be tound an aaaortiueut ?if l>? moat dtlicate and choice Perfumery, import.'d from all part*. Agerta?Jordan 2 Milk atrw, Boitoo; 74 Che*mit ?tr?et, I Philadelphia ; Hobinion, Ilarr.aburgh ; lie nitch. Lauc<?ter; f Seahri ok, Princeton; Trtp|>e, Newark 1'onaey, Roche*ter; ,1 Canwell, Lock ort; S'mit'*, Palmya; Origa, ll imilto -, coune tys Guthrie, Albi. y;Griy, Pou<hkeep<ie: Elliott,; , Myera, New Hareu ; Uv?r. Provideuoe : I'ayl >r. Nr??i t; f. Carirton, Lo?rll ; Ivpk, Halem ; H <!*', New burvpoit; Preij ton. Portsmouth ; Patten, Portland : Guild. Banjor ; Lntlier White Calais; tetli 8. Han e, Baltimore; ""elhy Parker, , vVaahingtnn Mra Kr>?er, Richmond Mnth-wiou, Norw <h, j Conn ; Well* St Humphrey*, Haitfoid; E. C. Kerre, Midd'e, town. ID ?i* r HOUSE IMtOTtCTlNG PISTOLS? A LLEN'S SELF-CO'.KINO AND REVOLVING SIX ;; a dork casi- si-eel barrels pistol-thii Pistol coi kaand rerolve* m rely by pulling the trigger, and m> ihota may b* delivered within the abort apace of three a>coml?. It la more simple and more durable than auy Fiatul now in uie, aud wairanted auperioi to any othe Dicker. Kor aale in ijuantitiet to auit pnrcn i.ner?, by A. U'. SPIES ll CO. 211 Pearl .treet, Impoiteraof Hardware and Cutlery. Alao, Ouna; Putola; Gnu material* for tnanufactnrinK, aiter<) ingor repairing Gnn* j. Alao, every variety of Sporting article*. n23 lm* IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITERS TO THE ISLAND OK ?UBA PROGRESS HOTEL, IN THE VILLAGE OF CERRO, three mile, from Hava 1 na ?Thin establishment i? atlvanlag?ouil> aituateil properly fitted up and attended, affording the benefit of a couutry life, without excluding the comfortsand [ l-aiurra of the raoiial. or preventing a tun Iy attendance to busine*:i. Eveiy attention ii promised by the owners to meet tbe satisfaction of their visiten. CHARGES. ? ? r ?> I- . . 11 M . Doaruing lur inniir W'luq in oil* ruuui, ? " for two or three peraoua in our room, $ 1 Ml a nay each jwson. With familiea a particular anm>n?gi may be enlered into. N. B.?Omnibuaaet an* running from morningnil night bet**'ii the Cerro and Havana, making the trip iu half an hour. n27 lm?r IVf ARRiKD OR SINGLE GENTLEMEN, de*iro? of a j- comlortable home fnr the winter, can be genteel y accom* f modated in a private latnilv, with imellent board and good aliacioua, and airy room*, the location being very desirable. ? gain, convenient lo the huiiu<a? part of the city, and only a monvnt'a walk from the F,i?t Broadway line of ?:ag"?. Knmiltea wiahing to make .-urangenenta for thv winter ?ra?on can be very hanaiomc y lumialied wiih ni'vndid lurlon and rooma uluclud. by applying noon The advrrtuer trela tailored, ou the point ol economy -rid good living, her honae cannot be anrpaaiied, and pledge* th?t no |miuh or eierfi'ina ?h*M be a|Mrel to render every (mam i. ble attention and comfort to tho?e who may honor her with a trial.?<8 M ^ I1KKT STItKKT nV 'm*ee 'i'O 1IIK I.ADlKS ? Ladicj a??out lo give entertainment* are invi ed to call and ?ee the entirely new and beautiful iota of Ice Cream (Charlotte de Kuaac, and Jellv Fotmaand Moiitila, juat received at the ALHAMRA, 419 Broadway.? Tiblesncl and arranged for partie? in the mm*.taatelul anil attractive maimer, by .icelebrated Artiit, without involving any additional ei|>en?e. 'I'he celebrity of their Ice Creiima during ln the paat iiimmer. givea aaaurance thate<|ual |minw 11 be taken with all other articleiof Confectionary I'uimahed at thia Kat ib. liahment. dill lwec : REMOVAL. rpHK FRINGE AND WORSTED STORK OF D. M. A PKY8KR k CO. ha? been removed to No. M John atreet, opposite the former ittuid of 11(1 William iireet. nJ6 lmee W" y c V YORK, FRIDAY MOR: ""proclamation V a O M Til ? liliANl) K R O U T. ("jWINd to disturbance* of a very serious dk'uiv, the Li rand Krout hu beeo awakened from his usual repose by a comlunation of dreadful circumstances, aud was seen to open hii l>eei>er* aud nod, which signifies approbation, and something rery important to all Cabbage Heads. Therefore, I, the Aich Chancellor, by virtue of the power rested in me, do hereby summon all liege Krouts, without itain, to api>ear uuwilted at the Oiand Annual Keast. io lie lield at Kritz Hedderick's Hotel, corner of Broome and Kid ridges'ree's, ou Wednesday, Dec. 20th, 1843. Disobedience to thi', our solemn nnudtte, will roguish and displeasure in his august bosoin. (liven at our falace, Season of Cabbages the 17th, and of our Reign the first By orJer of his Cabbage (ireafress, HARMANNU8. JACOBL'i* VON KLOTTKilKLO* K, Arch Chancellor. DIEDKRICK VON WICK ALKALSEN, Grand Secretary. Krout liall will be opened at 10 o'clock A. M. for all liege Krouts. Diuner at i o'clock I*. M. Installation of the Oraud Krout immtd tttely alter dinuor. Tickets can bv had of the following Krouu :? Krout Von Braistrd, U. 8. Hotel. Krout Von Uelavan, 4UD lirsadway. Krout Von Stoneill. 131 Klilion street. Krout Von /andl,!U Hudson street Krout Vou Dak is, corner i'ine and William u?e*t. Krout Von Divver, i70 South street. Krout Von Witniore. 17a Division street. Kroat Vou Iledderick, Kiout Hall Krout Von Kiclu.ll, 157 South street. Krout Vou KiUgeralri, Washington Market No. 1. Krout Von Muri hy, lUit Broadway and Kut|(er> street. Kraut Vou Sirmli, tui Broadway, Krout Vou Swartx, 41 Chtthuin street. Krout Vou Sh tunou. corner Market and Mouroe streets. Krout Vou Packer,IvVushiiiuton Market. Krout Vou Burilett, 30 U wury. tl 12 15&20 3tr KNC.LIHH ADVi;i\TISKMEN'T. LONDON?ST. KATHAHINK'S HOTKL, opposite the S<. Katharine'* Dock (tales, aud ne r the Koyal Mint. i'HOMAi Lfc-NNKY, l<t-* Chief Steward ot the British Queen Steamship, respectfully inform* hsfri'inls in theUnitrd States. that he ha* the management of the above new and elegant establishment, which is built and furnished regatsless of nxpense, anil in in ev?ry re?|>ect adapted for the >ecept on of families ami gentlemen visiting Knglaud, at the hotel fronts that part of the 'lo k iu wh ch the liuers aud mod of 'he other Awe rictu vessels lav, and is within five miniites v.alk of the Bank aud uoynl p.ichauge The houte will be conducted ou liberal ?nd economical principles. The Colfee Uoom if supplio I with the London, American Kast Indian and Colonial pa|iers. The Viands, VViura, <kr are of the lint quail y A good Billiard llootii and Warm Baths w II b- found iu the house Ueutlemeu uiav contrtct by the week or mouth for do rd, (lie. ou the sain* term* as in America. T LfcNNKY be.s t? assure those who may honor him with their pat oi.age tint nothing sha I be w ntmg to render litem e.ouilbrtablaud hy attention t the wishes of his guests, hopes to mer t that confvienc* and g vod wnl so liberally Leslowi d ou him when steward of the British Queen. illlr R*OYAI. MAIL KOK UVKKPOOL Letter bigs lor the Koyal Mail Mrun Ship ACADIA, will c'oseat Harudeu & Co 'a o I lice ou Friday 15th, at a quarter to 4 P. M A special bag will also be made up for the overland mail to lu^ia H tk Co. would inf irm merchants and others, sending letters via Boston, that th?ir m?its have never been left, as they are translated by their owu express under (tavernment lock. HARNUtN & Co.. d 13 3tec 3 W?ll s'reet. ENGLISH MAIL.?Post Office, New York, December {1, 1813.?Letter Bags per Royal Mail Steamer Caledonia, which leaves Boston on Suurday, the lKth instant, will be closed at the Upper and Lower Post Offices, in tliis citv. ou fc*ri?lae nevl ihe l.^fh iiiitaiit fit 4.^ minute* o <8t 3 O'clock. 1*. M. 'tin- inUud postage or 183i cuiiti on each sniyle letter must be p'id The f'ontinantrr desires to call the attention of merchants and oilier* foi warding letters to t'.u rupe by tint mail to tli; lie I of one hiludred ud sixty live letters having lieen kt-ized bv the ad mir&lty agent, on board the sto iner Cat donii, ou her last trip ftom B ston, ?nd returned to the Post office, in consequence of the in I ind postage ou said letter* pot heing paid to the Post Office. The letters referred to were supposed to have been sent from this city. JOHN LOR1MKR GRAHAM, (lU Sir lVst Master. BALL DRfSSKS ?The subscriber has just received by the most receot rrivalt? 50 cases ladies' embroidered Robes, from $7 upwards i.'i do O'gtndi, embroider d in colors, from$i upwards Tale Illusiou, in bin*-, liink, and otlier colors 10-4 plain white Organui Mu?lin, for ball druses 100 carious infant's embroidered Robes, very cheap. PETER ROBKRiS. 373 Uroidway, dlllmec between White and Franklin streets. SSEGAK..-S! SfcXiAKS! SEGARS! DM. HENRIQUES, No, M William street, respectfully informs Lis frie ds and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice brands of Began, for tale wholesale and ret til:? King and Queen Regalia, La Norma, Riouda, Cabanas, Esparteros, Nouegas, Yngenindad, La Florinda, (a new brand.) De Moya, Panetelas, in 1-8 and l-10th boxes. Trincipe*, of various qualities. Rsperansas, Leatlades, Caballeros, and numerous other brauds, well worthy the attention of the public. Auy segnrs purchased atihis tstabluhmeut, if not liked, will be ta^en back at ajiy time and the inouey returned. Stringers would do well to call previous to purchasingelsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly sttended to. nl8 lm A. A. SAM ANUS, NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 289 BROADWAY, Corner of IIkide Street, HAS JUST RECEIVED, per ship Cristoval Colon, an invoice of the celebrated VVoodvifle brand of Segnrs, coo sisting of Regalias and Medium size, and the Lord Dyrou paper Segars. IN STORE, All the various sizes and choice qualities of the most celebrated brands of Segars, consisting of T.rtril fivrnn of Hi ,i?. Tort of Havana llegalias uid medium size. Seguridad, medium size. Junto Sawz Principe. Large aud small V an of St. Jaco. (ienuine Turkey Tobacco of different dualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of ll*ttimore. (iermau smoking Tobacco of different qualities. Tlie celebrated > atchitoches Snuff of New Orleans, together with all the fancy Snuff* of the tiny. Pa|?r Seva s of Oarcia, Perez, Lara, Lord Byrau, kc. (Jermtu Pipes; CherryTurkey Pipe Stem. Pointed, Spuuk and T>|*-r Matches, with a general assort* meat ol SegarCa'es, Snuff Boies, kc Wass for tving Segars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of feted at wholesale and retail u*3 lm*r UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham strut, New York And 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Aikwcy, HI Blccckrr Strkki, IW H O L E d A L K AND RETAIL, rPHK CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer foi A sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety and style.Their assortment specially include* the moat delicious and powerfnl grades of Green and Black. Everv package bears thi tamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are s> thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their systen> of prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. |i is founded upon the utmost regard to the right* of the custom r. especially with respect to weight and quality, and nnri railed cheapness. All pun-hasers are called ujion to return anv irticles which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whicr the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Countr) uerchanu, public establishments, heads of families, and ship tasters will find it a decided advantage to supply themselvei rro o this establishment. Octvviit* Java Comr roasted eveij day. Orders from all parts of the United States executed wit} promptitude and despatch. I/" The only warehouse is America for tlx tale of Hit. ina s ?elebr*?ed Black Te* Im'r GENUINE TEA?; WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. T'llE CANTON tea COMPANY, Principal Store l?l I ( ha-him st.eet, New York; Brsnch *tor- 31* Bleecker st New ora; Agenc* at 116 Fulton sow, Brooklyn; also at th comer ol Main and \ an tloat m strrets, faieismi, N J. in vite tt,e attention of city a-d country families andpu/chuei for I he approaching ho! id y? in g neral, to their several nnl? lishments, wher' tfiev think will b? found by the beat e. lection of pit e and u tadu terated Ties in the Unit-d States The universal popularity and renown of their house, wiih r?-le rence to h'gh qualities, low pries aud up iklit dealing, is too wi-l understood to renter further comment necessary. Original and only warehouse for 'he sale of Howqua's Black T i Ob erve-fltnnger.vnll le pirticu arto n"neii,ber r.h* nnm r*of the principal st?re in Chatham street.viz: "III," boiwe?u IV.rl and Koosevell *treets, as iu seeking lor it t^ey are li tb!< t. he I <1 astiay by a little store ju?t st rted at 'US Cha<haw stree (uext door to Lorillard's snufT and tobacco store) undei h n?i.e of Cai ton 'Tea" Stori. The public mi I alio tie P r<s?-J to tnlte noii e, th* th? Csutitn T?a Company hiv- no thing to do ? iih that or any r iher stores whateier, esrept (host lescrred at 'hetopof thi? ad-eit's-we t. ill 1m C SUPER.OK TEAS, COKKEE and SUOAH?Also.Winei in every variety, iltard, C'am > gn< and Cognae Brandy; Irish and Sco ch whiskei ; old lanuica Rum, Holland l >i.i, tre*h Emits, if f rcash on'y,-it J. S. SCOTT Ik CO.'S Wholesale ajd Hetail Store, 76 N ?itu street. Wines and Liquor* put up in bottles or dotnijohi s (food* sent to au? p*rt of the city free of expense d7 Irn'er S ALT ANII KISH STORK /<nn BBLS SAL ?jON; 300 do of Herring,and 40# boxes 4UU 400 bb's of Mackerel; 200 half io 100 bbls. of Shad 200 do of Codfish 600 sacks of Ashdon's Sal'; 450 Salina do 2ll'J kits of Soused Silinon and Mackerel

100 do or Sonnds ard Tongues 2000 bushels of Turks Island Silt f.OO quintals dried < od. d6 m*ec NELSON WELLS It CO. ?l Dey street. CHACKERS ! CRACKERS! CR ACKERS! PARR'S CkACKER * A KKRY,T3Mott street, near Walk r street. SOD K BISCUII' MILK do HU* I UiN UllAIKfcllS BUTTER do SUhAR do Pilot and Nary Bread, mid every other description of Cracberi N. B.?Country merchant*, hotel Vw[?ri and shipping orderi tuppli d atfhf shortest notice and at the lowest prices. dl3 Im'iv WINTER ARRANGEMENT. TOUN nttAPKN, 73 C>nal ?t ee , would lesperifully in I lorm the public generally, that he in prepared to serre up, at hia spacious and popular Moon, Creams, Jellie , Curf.e. Ovtlers in e**ry st>le. Confectionarins gfiie-ally, nnd in (holt all kinds of Kefri-shmenU usually fonnd at miliar establishireutf, of the lint cla??. Families will lie supplird at short notice, wi'h Confectionariea fenerally ; alio Creams and Jellies, at the nnu ually low price of si* shillings ler quart, of at good and rh"iicc ma'erialt as ein be found el?-where Confertionary a' wh"le?ale. and all kinds of | yramtds manufactured tn mer, for private or public par'iri. A gene al aasortmeut of Toys, snrabl** tor tbe holidays, for sale, extremely l>w N B ?All articles sent out from Ins eai blishment are warranted equal III ain thing of fore j{n rmaiiufacture. Hit artists hs\e not had the honor of serving foreign potentates, but he pl^dg** binuelf bis articles shall be suiuble for the ceat>*st migoateof ihe land. dl2lm*m 'PHr. ALHAMKA. Broadw.iy, between Wprwg aud t ince 1 ?The pmpri tor of the above cstablish-renl begs to inforn the fashionable public that baring engaged at great eape-se tome of the mo?trelehrat d foreign arlitis, who have arrivfd at th greatest nsrfectiou iu their tereral department, he is now prepared to furnish I'arties, Balls, Weddings, with any deacrip tion of Confectionary, of a quality and in a ttyle hitherto une" | quailed in this city. dlOlwec ???????? IRK I NING, DECEMBER 15, 18 VVl READ St CO. MAN!'Ki',TUR? K? OK CRASS FAUCETS, Ami all the vatitiu* slide* u?*?l iu the . PLUMBING BUSINESS. No. 250 Water strtet, NKW YoKK, And corner of Church and Washington street!, PHILADELPHIA. Constantly uu hand, an arsnrtment of T. I. DYRK St CO.'S Justly celebrated BLACK LEAD POTS AND CRUCIBLES, For sale, wholesale and retail, at Manufacturer's prices. N. B.?A Silver Medal was awarded Wm Head & Co. for their inamufacture of Faucets, by the American Institute, at their last Kihibition, held October, 1813. WAIYTKD?'Three or four Jourueymeu, to manufacture Faucet*. None but fir?r rate mechanic* need apply. d* lm*r NKW CONBKRVA'i'ORY A NU SKKU STORK, ~~ Dt>T5 Broidway. UNLAP k CARMAN have juit completed theimew Conservatory aud Seed Store, for toe purpose i>| conducting the Seed an<< PUut business permanently, and on au e*teu?ive ?e?ie. T<i*ir large Green llouiei on 116th strvet and nth arenue, M ill be continued, and ara well stocked with choice Plant*. suitable I'm- parlor or green house culture, which wll enable them to sell as low as they can be procured elsewhere, lSoiKjue.U, composed of the most ilioicu a'd del cate tlowers, for bi'idtl and other parties, much lower thtu heretofore, and arraugt d in suchastile that we ar\M(uite willing t ) put them in c unpetiti'Mi with those from similir establishments. Onr S?ed? are procured from the boat houses ip Kurope and this ronutry. and we pledge ourselves uot to purchase or vend, knowingly, those of an inferior nudity. (T7- B libs, Fancy Glasses, 1'oU. Olobes. Gold Fi?h. tkr, d 12 6t*r T)Lr.Vt,AP Ik CARMAN. BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS! rU?T VKRIVKL). the largest assortment of Singing Birds J ever imported l*i this country, from' ennany Amongst them are 500 Canary Bi ds, the fiuest sinter*; Nightingales, learned Bullfinches and Blackbirds, and a large number of (lie very fiuest Karopcan Singing Birds?all of which will be sold low nt HK.MIV BICK'S, 18 lm*ec IS 1 and 153 Cedar street TTNlTKt) 8TATKS"DAGUK.HRTAN GALLERY, 175 Broadway. up (tai'i.?K. W HI TIC would respectfully ca'l the attention of citm'ns aud strangers, visi'ing lire city, to Ilia splendid collection of DaguerreotypePortraits.single or in groups from two to fourteen l*1 sons ou the sauie plate, which lor beauty and accuracy of delineation cannot b? surpassed Portraits taken in all kinds of weather, either with or without r.alnnt. Tin? American hutimf at its liite exhibition awarded Mr. Wh t* theGrst premium Tor the best Daguerreotype likeness for groupingand ge-ienil effect, winch is but mother proof of the superiority of nis portraits. Mr. White n we agent in New York for tlie rery superior imported ierman Cim iron . anil at no other establishment in ,h'? city or State ran th?y be obtaiu-d. N. B ?Imported 'ierrnan Cainarw; also, Wrench and Auieri can Instrumei u of the fry beat (juality, with Plate Cases, Chemicais, Polivtiinir Materials. Sic., lie., always on hind. for sal* at he rery lowest prices. nT 3-n*in PI,UMBe. DAGURKRIAN G ILLK.HY OF PATtrtT PREMIUM i.OLORKD PHOTOGRAPHS, No. 2il Broadway, (orer Mr. T< iine> \i Jewelry store, ebor* M"rr*y street, and n**t door to Pe\le'< Muu-nm ) New York. The e picture* hariug been aw.irded the fr'irst Premiums and Higheit Honor, by the Ameri an aud Franklin Instim ?s, as the most beautilul colored Dig erre iiyiies evt-r eithili ted, and ili? nil blishment hiving b en geatly e I'argeJ and improved. i>or trai's will hereafter be taken here (iu nny wtather) at tlie reduced rrices ch treed for ordinary v.orU at i ther pi-ces?consequently no one ueed now sit for an inferior likeness, ou the score of econouij'. " A Phof>?ra;>h of a lady, by Professor Flumb?. is the fineit tiling of the kind we ever witness*!." ledger, Oct. 1, 1813. Plumbe's Premium aud Gefma'i Cameras, Instructions, PU'e<, Com, &c ike. forwaided to any deiired piiur, at. Inter ntes than by *n> other ni.iniifv tt>ry d'2 lm*m PHiLAuK.LPHlA DAGUERREOTYPE E-STABLISHMENT. KXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 A.M) V. 'T'HE Subscriber has receifed a large suppl y ol V oigt landers' ' celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus. .anre and small sizes, with achromatic Wnaet made accordirg to Professor PetXTal's calculation Also a new supply of b*s' plates aud chemicals, which he warrants good and sellsar reduced prices. The following geut.emen hare agreed to act as agents, fix? E. White, Ks<] , 175 Broadway New York P. Haas, Washington- D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. 8. Broadbe,.t, ?w. or tlie Southern State*. Wm. West, Ksq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUGENHEIM. olT 3m*r Exchange Buildings, Philadelphia \\T ATCHES.?'The largest uiu most apleu Jul assortment of "* Watches id the city, ii to be found al tlie subscriber's.? \m he is constantly re viving all descriptions of < told and Pilfer Watches, of the newest stylo, direct from ths manufacturers, in England, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment, an J al much less prices, at retail, than ar.y other home iti the cirv. Oold watches as low as 930 to S!5 aach Watches mid je.wellery exchanged or bought. All srafches warranted to krrp good time, or the money returned. Watches, clock* and jewellery repaired in the lest manner, v?t warranted low r than at any utlier place in the city 4>. 0. ALLEN, importer of w itches and jewellery, dTjln?*r Wholesale and retsil. Ifl Wall atreet. np stairs THE SUBSCRIBERS are now prepared to sell Watches a- and Jewelry n* low, if not lower, thtn any oilier honse in the city, To wit : Goiil Watches from Sli to $iOl) each ; silver do. from $S to SV! each. All watches warranted to keep gitod time or toe money returned. Watche<, Clicks and Mu? ,icl B^xes reoaired and warranted, lower than anv other house inthe'itv. (Second h'uil watches and old (Jold and Si I v-r laken in exchange or hourhi fjr cash THOMPSON St FISHER, Importers of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail. iNo. >3'. Broadway, New Vork. AMOS II. THOMPSON, dIO lm'ec 'i.'CHARD FISHER; I DOA'l |ANl) OAK li AZAAR?At this establishment can be Dfound every description of Boat* that the ingenuity ol man can suggest. Look at what he has done and them judge of wliat he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, vix The Swift sure. ol Newfoundland; the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Truubler; tlie Romp of Hnrlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races in 18 montlis. the noble Cimbria; the G. W. Chapman: the forty foot racei for the United States ship Ohio; the barge Einjireas for Florida the brass mouuted gig Neptune for Tampico llay, and a host o others equally gre*; OAKS, SVVT-.r.t'9 AND 9CULLS-150.000 feet on hand; also^.UOO feet of Len&rd's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy of attention.? Look at the prices, only thres and four pence a foot. All the sculls for racing dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those that won th? last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty Boats always on hand. Visit hii Bazaars if yon desire a treat Ail work delivered free of charge C. L. 1NUEKSOLL, 196,406 and 414 Water and 141 Cherry stieets?sole proprietor nc*4 Jm't M'OTICt?NKW VORK BAinKINO COMPANY.? i-a The subscriber having been appointed Receiver of the property, cliims, funds and effects of th? New Yo?k Banking Company, an association formed under and in pursuance of an act oi the Legislature of the* of New Yoik, entitled ' an act to authorise tne business of hanking," passed April 18th. 1838, all persons indebted to the sai l Association are required to reuder an account ol all deits an 1 sums of money owinit ->y them respectively to tne,and to pay the mme by the fifteenth Jay of Jauuarv next, at my offi"e in tne Me chants' exchange in the city of .Mew York. At! persons ' avion in their posses siou anv property or effec's of tne sa.d Association are reqm<ed to deliver the aatn; to me by that div. All the creditors ol he Associali u are re.|uir? I to deliver their re.pertive accounts sod dentinal t"> me by that day; and all perso*s holding anv oi>en or subsisting contract ?f the slid Association, are requir ?d to present the same in writing, and in detail, to me, on or before that day, al my said office Dated New York, 21th November, 1841. CHARLES SAOORY, Receiver, nt6 3?'r 33 Merchants' Exchange. BLANGHARD'S PATENT STATUE WOOD AND COAL STOVES, for halls, pirlors. offices atoms, steamboats, Ike?These Stoves are a Ststue of Washington, the lather of hia country, surmounting two kinds of pt destals one lor wood and the other for coal? the tiie chamber in the pe'estal .>*iiig so arranged that the ii,** Lv msini nf reve, table nlats* or uirtit on i.i the Stove. cauara che heat lo circulate through the entire hiixht of the its toe giving * I irte nnd heaut'liil radiating tiirface Theae Htovea e alio got a hoiair cnamber attached ai.d every thi-.K heing couatrjcted on the mml *rie.itiiic. principle* thrv give to ill till > h<v? them in uae the greateat >atisraction. The anb icriber mvite* the attention of ttmae wanting a brantiful, eeo noinical aid dnrab e Stove, to call and aatiify theinialvea of I e anoint fae la. 1 hey ran be ?eeu in o|ier tiou d ?ily, and refithecea gneii to thciae wh<> have them in me. The public wil! f-cu have a faT opp rtamty of ju.UniK that the above are plain ' rent-. Kor aale only iu tlua city al 114 liraud atieet, one door " 1 of B oadway. U Im-m JAMF.* HI NOW. CLAR.K, BININGEK A: COZZENS, IMPORTKR8 AND JJKAI.tJtS, 56 Vrnty street, HAVINCi completed tleeu argrmeut of their Htore. rv?p?cf fully aolicit t ie attention n| tleir old patrona a id the pulito h ir iuc re**?4 *H?" k nf SUPERIOR BRANDIES. WINES, SUGARS, LlfclUOKS, TEAS, OROCKKIES, he. Their goodi sr- ,'artiularly aniuble for Hotelt, h*iagtelect ed with ge.t cat* for that p >rpoae, and embracing every ani 1? ironnite?-egara and Bra.idea hi pmrtiea'*'. of choice ?- --.I I nAiin.. Pnrfm- Kr.iurn Mrnur Id Scotch and Irun Wh ikiei, Oil<, Chmr, lilucuwil Mil Vermicelli. FOR TIIE HOLIDAY'S. C!ioic? Liqueu*., t'rifrvr<, Rraudv (" rmt?. Owrn, IUi?in?, Sliced Chocolate, Currant* <>.?laliu? lor making Jelly in a IV* inioutei, E?tr otVanilla Wa* Candles, Almoiidn, mid every thing neceeagry lor then*!' of l\mil|p< [f/"Sol- mti-utu in New York for l)>ranth'? Snnffn. till 81* PAllK I'LACE HOl>K ?Karailie* or gentlemen wi>hiiiv board, are invited to call at thin egt*bl;il,ment, No. I I'ark aud and *41 Broadway. Tli* ?rale o1 price* ianmdfrat-. when tin* |>o>uion of tin- ho'im and the ity.e of accommodation! are .akeu iut > account. dl3U*?c J. O. ELLIOTT. X (>T1C E?REM C )V AL. rPHE unbicfihM iufonni h'? friend* and the public that he A ha? r?moved from the eatab1i*hm?at 9 * Bro dw*vtohi*o|d ttnd, III Hf"*dw?y, oppn ite It ?'aal'? Church, h*?inn b tight onttheentire interest of Mr. Van Vrankeo. A large alio t.i.eutof II its and ('aim, onuitv lly on hand JOHN N. Or.N I ft, ( afe UKNIN 8c VAN VRANKEN.) 214 Broadway, d9 'm*m nrni"itp 8t fmil'a ' hurch. 'PHE ALHAMKA 319,Bri ad-*ay J>' t*e>-i S|>rii:f{ and Prirct A ure^ti ?Oy<ter?, Coffee, I ho^o'dte, end a ?ari?ty of other reli he*, tervd up in a <u|<erior it! le. The l.vli**' Siloon, on the second floo ha* b en enlarged and I'd nilhed in tha mo*t elega'i: and COg'jjr mau. er. Ti i? haa a'r^ady becom* a faroiti're?ort I. i l'<l>e?, wh >, altrr the fatigue of ihoptnng or a moMiiM I romf it*. r-i|i>ip- aome i m\ii gmt rfiieat lite inu hi which torni'?h them> -Ir^; aim for puljn returning from ihe Thet're or a Cone ri. who cm enjoy the mo?t eliichirnl nm[vr wirhont tlir troahle andinconvenience of preparing them *i home. all Iww "l;XITKD STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK. [,N UfcT< KNINO OUll TilANKS to th? trivelliug com' inanity for th- ??-ry lib-nl pitroniifc h*?towed on onr hna?e ilnrinit tli- Its' ) < " we beg 1<Mrr to inf >rm ihem thit ?h? ilfr?tion? aii<1 ii.ipro?eineut? contrmpUt?d *'f now completedand we are pripare I to accommodate oar fr.rnds and tr veller? f icrallY in a ilyte not <uri"t?rd b> any other i-?uhli?bine i ? mr inrnituri-mid bedding being nf? 'In' building thoroughly cnovtted \nd newly ' a-nied throughout. the Croton wa'rr it in'rodieed iu fvvry department, a.?d the term? onr d.illar ?nd fltr cenu per day. ,19 |in r_ BRAISTKD Ik IOHV8QN. Proprietor.. t~1l i \ I, ! < OAL !? \? rheup si (lie che.\, eu. and i goo<l a I the foe?t. of fetch Orchaid r. d *?h at the Workingmsu'ii Coal V-ird, o ?r of Chriatopher an-l Greenwich itieeti, weighed by a c weigher, and d.lin-r. d to any part of the city fro- of rart.tge. n?8 2w*r RDWABP LKWKLVN. LA'-KS k HlBBO>!i?Ve^^ehipj; |J :&*rt U UifcmM Mt IERA 43. Philadelphia. [Corrvipondetice of (he Ilrrtld. 1 Philadelphia, Dec. IS, 1H-I3. Covrti and Jwl^et?Mind and Matter?Praite and Puffing?IVit ami Win torn. Dear Sik :? It has just occurred to me that it may not b"> an inappropriate season to say a word or two publicly about our courts and judges. The vast number of citizens in the various capacities of counsel, jurors, witnesses, and parties, who are daily brought in contaet with our judges, render them objeCts worthy our anxious solicitude and caielul watchfulness. As man, proud, haughty, little man, dressed in brief authority, is very apt to forget himself, and merge the rights of others in his forgetfulness, it is not umistt now aiiu men 10 lemma nun 01 a lan which may, in his varied and important engagements, have escaj>ed his recollection?that others do not forget him, or who he was, or what he is ; and if lie Hnould continue long in his said forgetfulness, that he will he woke up in a hurry at a time when he is least prepared for it. We mean this as a hint, for the present, and hope it may suffice to correct the self-sufficiency of some gentlemen, and relieve (lie Bar, at least, who encounter it most, of the exhibition of self-sufficiency and importance, with various displays ot pussion and usurpation of authority unbecoming one gentleman towards another. To that uart of my subject, farewell lor the present ; we snail meet again it occasion requires it. Our Supreme Court of the State is now sitting in our city. It is composed of tive judges, learned in the law, &c. Arc. The llori. John Banister Gibson is Chief Justice, and very much esteemed and properly valued by the bar in the State, for his urbanity of manner* and profound legal knowledge. The Chief Justice is in person a large man, six feet and upwards in height, and well proportioned ; fond of Rood Iving, and all the appurtenances of a bold and masterly intellect. In the trial of a cause, or its decision, he never sacrifices justice or right to forms and ceremonies. It is said of hini that he prepares his opinions, for writing on his back or in nis arm chair with a violin in hand, and almost equalsOleBull; cause why,his sentences are so harmonious. Next in order comes the Hon. Molton Cropper Rogers, an exceeding neat, dapper little man, with 9|>eetacles on nose, lie is a judge ot quick nntl keen perceptions, and sound legal learning?is much be ow the niiddle size in stature, yet notwithstanding, it is said he was a volunteer in the last war, and was always found faithful ? brave and,devoted in the field and in garrison. It is said he is now a disciple ofjobinhis judicial career. Next comes the Honorable Charles Huston, an old man turned of seventy, tall and thin, eccentric and peculiar in many respects. His skin seems to have borrowed the hue of the parchment, over which he has labored for many yetirs; he was eminent at the bar as an advocate, but furnishes another striking instance of the fact, that an able advocate may sometimes make a very indifferent Judge ; he has very little respect for the opinions or a^'isions of others, and usually seeks no better (intl)Arittr rnp luu Ipfrul nmnmiu llnin tli*>ir nni'pltv He luts [men heard to maintain npon the bench i the singular doctrine, that the laws Hiid decisions of courts were better understood when they were carried in the sheep-skin saddle-baps of the lawyers from court to court, than they now are in regularly published volumes of reports; lie is withal adroit and dexterous in the transmutation of facts, and would be almost able t? cope with Hudibras in dividing a hair 'twixt north und north-west side. We are opposed to the alteration of the constitution, which altered the judicial term from life to years. We would have substituted the terms?"so long as he retains his vigor of intellect, or until imbecility commenced, and, in the opinion of his brother judges, he would enjoy life better in rural retirement." Next in order is the Honorable John Kenneday, emphatically called the " Pocket Tlibrary of the Supreme Court." He is near seventy years of age, tail, thin, and of a tough fibrus constitution, capable of enduring much labor; he is slow, patient, and plodding?of sound judgment, and great rectitude of purpose. His opinions have been justly objected to on account of their interminable length, and ar regarded as a species of omnibus, drag net, cast over the whole empire of the law. from the age of Brae ton and Fleta, down to the last tedious day-book and ledger volume of Watt's and Sergeant's reports. The fifth and last Judge of the Supreme Court, is the Honorable Thomas .Sergeant ; a mild, amiable, and learned Judge, who spends those hours which others devote to pleasure and company, in his closet; he is a man of books more than of men, being industrious and plodding, and proud of his erudition, as most erudite men are. The judges of the District Court of the city and county of Philadelphia are, Messrs. Thomas McKean Pettit, President, (Icorge McDowell Stroud and Joel Jones, associates. This is a cnurt of extensive civil jurisdiction, and very justly enjoys the confidence and respect of the community. To perform the various duties incumbent upon them, the judges are compelled to intense labor at least eleven months in the year. Judge Pettit is a man of i i gUUU BUUIIU I'MM null CT III?*., "Mil I* Pl'CViniMC attainments as h lawyer, at tunc* a little testy, but withal an excellent judge. Judge Stroud is an admirable case lawyer, an upright inan, and a thorough-going, driving-business judge. He is gencrully callcd, by the bar, a "legal steam engine. a Judge Jones is a ntild and amiable, but firm and decided man. He is a judge of great learning and research, and an invaluable member of the court. The Court of Common Pleas, (ieneral Quarter Sessions, Oyer and Terminer, Orphans' Court, and (ieneral Court of Equity, consist of four judges; Hon. Edward King, President, and the Honorable* John Kichter Jones, James Campbell and Anson V. Parsons, associates. The jurisdiction of this court is very extensive, and touches the interests of almost every citizen; indeed, its jurisdiction is too extensive; we ought to have an independent ciiininal jurisdiction tor the city and county. Already h<is llie present court begun to encounter a portion of public censure that followed into its retirement the one that preceded it, not from its laxity of administration, which characterized, in the estimation of some/the late court, but from its haste in the trial of causes, and Draconian spirit of punishment. The President, Edward King, familiarly callcd the Lord High Chancellor of the Common Pleas. Ve., is a good judge, and would be much belter il he avoided those frequent attempts to show great study and learning, when there is but a fair proportion! It is to be regretted that he has not the courage to do what the goodness of his heart would ever prompt him to. His abilities are of a hixh order, yet his want of stamina of character, with ii deairy to court the wealthy and influential, paralv ?es his energies, and in a measure destroys his use (illness, and countenances liie system of ear-wig ?ing that prevails upon the bench. Hud lie bu couruge caual to his abilities asa lawyer and judee he would be the pride of Pennsylvania, ft is noi too latr, with so (food a heart, to rum vale courage; it will nerve liim in all time. Tho.^e that use and flatter, screen hint. We iike the man, and could idmire him more if he would l>e himself, and break the chains that hind his intellect and enslave hi* person. It. is said that he is to he the brother-inlaw of Judge Parsons. lie will do w<-ll to study courage, and contempt of |>ower and influence when it conflicts with right, in the school of Judge Parsons. Judge Jones is about 40 years of age, mid is a quick, testy man, a threat stickler for rules, and a miehty chopper of logic and abstractions, is rather jelF-eoneeited, egotistical, but is withal an honest man. He has a most exalted sense of his own consequence and power, and will not endure those who doubt the one or question the other. Could he divert himself of his passions he would not be a very objectionable judge. But as it is, though, he olten displays very respectafile ability?it is all weakened and obscured by excess ol the passion.and foibles,to which I have above adverted. He frequently betrays great want of dignity, patience and knowledge ot the world. He is a inan of courage and resolution, but too severe and bitter in hie feelings to act as a Criminal Judge in a country oi mild and enlightened laws. Judge Campbell is a young man, a little over years of age, never much known at the bar. He i* a quiet cautious man, neither very greatly above or below the ordinary standard of capacity. Were he to devote to the law as much time as he does to the regulation of Southwark politics, he might, with experience, become a very respectable Judge. He is a little too much elevated by his new honors, but wi I ia time outgrow th at, when he comi' to see its futility. Judge Parsons is a man of great assiduity, itn Inubted courage and public ana private virtue. ll< is a fearless, faithful and industrious Judge, with rather too little respect for the bar and too speed) in the trial of criminal causes. These def'cts arits perhaps from habits contracted in the country as a Judge, where he was regarded as a demi-god, as most Judges are. But withal, his unflinching integrity ana indomitable industry in reaching right LD. Price Tw? ('? (?. and justice with an entire freedom from partiality, atones for all. All men before .ludRe Faroona find their levfI_. No extraneous consideration or accidental position imparts to them importance with Iiiiii. 11 is me cwihuci 01 uir mini, unn me cause alone which command* his respect lie 1K tined to occupy a proud place in public estimation. We say " Jmlge, a little more patience ami liberty with anil for the bar." And now. Mr Editor, having given you a .slight sketch of tlie judicial character of our Judges, I leave tlieiu fortliti present, promising in future to make you and the public well acquainted with the conduct of our ludiciary. J'ublic servants are reaponsible to the |a.-oplc ; and I promise you, if theie is practised time-serving or any other unmanly and unbecoming policy, to point it out. There has been too much of it in a particular quarter. It is high time it was put a stop to, or the subject hurled by popular indignation from the high place he occupies. Hamilton. News filom Texas ano Mexico.? intelligence from Galveston tothe 'id lust., has been received at New Orleans. The U. H. schooner Klirt, returned to <jal\eston front Vera ( rti/. on the i'id ult. .Shu brought letters from the U. S Minister in Mexico to General Murjihy, our < hargn in Texas; hut the nature of the despatch** hail not transpired. A second attempt wit* made on the 22d, to sell the vex#els of the Texan navy by public aartion, hut without success, no l)id being uttered. Nearly the entire popnlsi finn i,l (Inlvi'iMmi inrliidiiiu the militarv comitmiies in their parade dress, attended Ht tin place where the sale wax to be helil, but there w js no violence or disturbance of the neuce. Kxchequer bills of Texas are token at par in the cus. torn house nt Galveston. In private transactions they are worth from AO to 0f> rent*. At Washington, the Vindicator stutes, they are current in ordinary business at par. Dr. Ansou Jones in said to be the favorite candidate of the part} which supports the present administration lor tlie Presidency. The Washington Vindicator of the 2.>th, say s, that Col. Him urrived at Washington 011 the 23d; and report* that nil' is nuiet in the West, all the Mexican troop* having been withdrawn from this side of the Kio Grande. Some small traders had been in to Uexur, hot business was limited. .Mr. Hill, one of the Mirr prisoners, who came passenger iu the If. S. Flirt, arrived in Houston en the 2Jth ult. The Citizen, of the 29th ult . says that Urn. Houston, in :i late speech, entirely refuted the charge brought against liitn iu the letter said to have been written by < apt. Vlliot to the British government, in relation to the Mier prisoners. Some Mexican traders who lately arrived at Bexar, re ported that the Mexican government hud, at the request of ?it a. Woll, authorised thn commissioners to meet at Matamoras, and conclude the agreement relative to the armistice. The commissioners, when this order arrived, ware on their way to Laredo, and immediately turned back toMatamoras. Ahout two hundred supernumerary officers have lately been discharged from the Mexican service. Among these were Aguton Antonio I'erei and Seguin. There are about three hundred Mexican troops at San Fernando and the same number at Matamorai. The Mexican government has authorised several of the oflicers lately discharged to raise volunteer companies and intercept smugglers between the Nueces and Rio Ornnde. Tliey receive no pay from the government, but are entitled to all the goods they capture except the tobac co, which is forfeited to the Mexican government. 8eve ral of the bands organised by these otlicers, range between the I'residio. Laredo and Bexar, and on this account, few trader* venture to visit the latter city. Two or three persons have been killed near Bexar by Indians, within tno last three months. Col. Lew is P. Cook is again under arrest, and in close confinement at Bexar. It is estimated that two thousand bales of cotton will be raised iu Bastrop countv this season. Most of this will he sent in Hat boats down the Colorado to Matagor>!?. The Houston Telegraph intimates that a large majority of members of both houses of Congress are in favor of the annexation of Texas to the United States. That paper, in spnculating on this subject, sunk that " notwithstanding the indirect admissions that have been made by the intimate friends of the Kxccutlve, that be Is opposed to annexation, we are still confident that he really desiies that the measure may be effected. He may be restrained by some secret pledge to the British government from openly advocating the. measure ; but if a proposition were to bo offered on the part of the United States to renew the negociations for annexation, w e consider it certain that ho would accede to it with joy. This, however, is a question that will probably not be agitated in our Congress, unless overtures are previously received from the United Clot.? There ja probably no part of Texas where provision* an; so cheap and so abundant as the vicinity of Bastrop. It is estimated that there is nearly twice an much wheat tbern ax can lie consumed by the settlers Corn is selling at a bit a bushel, and pork can be readily purchased at a cent ii pound. The U. S. schooner Flirt arrived at Galveston, from Vera Cruz, r? ports that two of the Mexican vessels ol war were at ?ea. and the remainder (including the three steamers,) were lying under the fort of Han Juan d'l'iloa. Much anxiety was felt among the Inhabitants of Vera t.'rua.on account of the difficulties of the government with Great Britain. It is even said that roanv gentlemen havo already mado arrAngements *? their families into the interior. Iyiki.t.iuknck from Jamaica.?The arrivul at New Orleans of the Lottery, has broiiglTt advices from Kingston to the 26th ttlf. The < olonial Assembly were still in session. The only matter before them of the slightest interest appeared to be some petitions from the Baptists, asking an abatement of taxes for the support of churrhe* to which they do not belong. The question was taken, aud their reasonable request [was denied by the following vote?twenty-two against, to seven for. The "Despatch," alluding to thin result, sny? ' We have almost exclusively deroted our columns of this day's impression to the publication ofthe debates that took place in the Assembly on Thursday and Friday last. on the presentation of some petition* from the rrrichievoiia sect called Baptists, reserving our remarks for another opportunity. The report may be relied on for accuracy, aiirt its perusal, we are assured, will arouse the indignation of the more respectable nnd w ell educated classes of our colonial community.'' The head and front of these people's offending, and for which they are so severely stigmatised, is simply this; that, they do not wish to support other churches, finding it hurt hen some enough 1o support their own, we have not a doubt. We have read ourselves the discussions, and we are indeed astonished that such bigotrv. intolerance, and prejudice, should e>ist among anv civili/ed people in thia enlightened age, as thesw discussions display. A proposition i? before the assembly to protect the Interests of graziers, by imposing heavy duties on foreign cattle. A dispensarv was about to lie established in Kingston. We see nothing worthy of remark on the bill to regulate wharves, and the rates of wharfage ftnd storage throughout the Island. The rates tire fair and appurt ntly little altered. StTltF.MF. CVlt'RT?SrKfTAt. Tl'RM ? 1 VC. 11 til, lf<43?Wnlworth, Aw. F!ec. ;id?. Viroll and nl Motion to snpercode writ of error-denied. Soule v?. Miller. Ordered?all proceeding, of defendant under the judgment be stayed, till bill of exceptions is argued, and decision of the court thereon. If a new trial is ordered, heti judgment set aside; if a new trial U denied, then plaintiff must pay costs of noticing and arguing hilt of exceptions If an appeal shrill he taken to the dce.ision of the Circuit Judge, then let stn? of proceedings and judgment stand till decision of court. I'eck and others ails, Hastings and tw o other causes. Ordered?that the order heretofore made to quash the second writ of error, he vacated; nml that Peek be allowed to proceed on thi writ, 1 upon his giving ni/rn prnhmr such bail In error as is r?quired where no stay of proceedings is intended, and on " payment of 1>~ costs o( opposing motion in '20 days.whe ther he gives bail and goes on with w rit of error or not I Hiek* and al n.Is Swift Motion for judgment, as in case of non suit ?granted with costs. Howard ads Hilliker.? vtotion for judgment, as in case ol non-suit- ennt <*if. CsJkiiis and others administrators of WcrhMotion for indrment as in case of non suit- ffninted. tin!* -?? plfl' stipulate, if. Ward als Cook and one other ca?se Motion to 'ft a?idc inottest and nil snhsooiicnt rn> ' eedinirs?cnntivl as to deft Ward, on terms; ti?l motion made by deft. W.itsotl?denied. Rwoetinif vs. Martin. Motion to refer ?tr ranted Shepard and a). n<l?, C1arfc?nn. Mo'lon to set a-dde inn'tcst, kr.-nlnilnl with costs. Klnr > ' nl. acts. Kl?h. Motion to change venue- denied. and itrfmilt onrnfd. anil deft has leave to pb ad on terms W?t ami nl. ads Dniry. Motion for itidrment as in rase ot non stilt granted; no opposition. Btirnham ads Hnllis Motion for a commission?granted. without opposition. Tinkham v?. Smith and al. Motion for retnxation of coat*?$M AO deducted; plaintiff to pay cost* of motion.? l.arkin ads. McBafn. Motion for Jndement, a? In case of non suit?granted : no oppoaitlon. fjere ads Rnvdam and al. Motion for judgment ai incase of non suit?granted inlets plaintiffs stipulate, Sir. Jacobs ads, Olcott and nl Motion to change vcnne?grantM Sackrider ads Anahle. Motion tochange venue?denial with costs. Thompson vs. Snvdrr and al. Motion to refer- sranted ; no onnoni ion (Jodard. impd. and al. ads Mcf'rneken mid nl. Mo ion for lodgment, as in case of non unit?denied, with leave ti' renew. Korman -ids. Bnrtlett Motion to appoint an attorney for * lunatic deft , and motion to change venue ? denied Stevens and al vs. Johnson and al. Motion tor ettne to stand over t? next specinl term?i-anto.l. Peri ad*. Wlndfleld Motion to let aitde raplu- granted forir regularity, with rout*. Stephen* #<1?. Hunter. Motion to vacate order staying pro'g*?granted with cost#; no opp'n. Benjamin ads Mason Motion to change venue granted; Tir? opposition. Vescelius ads. Dedlott. Motion to change venue granted ; no opposition Drmlgevs. Drudge and a!. Motion for partition, wml appointment of comrnhsioners?granted 5 no opposition. Smalley tid*. Harvev. Motion to change venue granted; no opposition, Crn'ft v% Wiffhtman Motion for judgment. a* in case of non nit?granted with costs ; no opposition. Mead, 8nr. and al ad?JFarn?worth Motion fur leave to make up and file 'udgment record, and costs ti? he added granted ; no opH?sition. Smith ads Smith and al. Motion to change venue?denied. Willier and al ad? fenks, admv Vfotion 'o set aside declaration- grant-d with cost?, with leave to ,-erve amended declaration ?.'hint. Incrkask (? ' I! ki.khon in Boston.?A new church i-i about to lie limit for the Second Ciiitarifin < huroh, corner of Hanover and Richmond street*. It will lie of the beautiful pointed Oothic style, if the plan of Kdward Shaw, architect, he mlopted.? Hoitim Timn, Ihr. 13.