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December 16, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Official. Circular to Collector or tiik Customs. 1 Tnuici* Department, Dec. 13, 1&43. Satisfactory evidence having been received ut thi* De partment that under the authority of acts of Congress o the Republic of Texan, the venae In of the United State mid their cargoes are made liable in the port of Texas ti the payment of discriminrting duties, 1 have to inform yoi that tlio vessels of the Republic of Texas, arriving n jK>rt? ot the United Statu, aud their cargoes, Ixtcome liabli to, aud are to be charged with the several tonnage an< other duties levied on foreign vessals and their cargoes bj the first Motion of the \ct of Congress of the United State ol July 'JO, 1790; the sixth section of the act of March '17 1804; and the eleventh section of the act of 30th August . J. c. SPENCER, -r,, *'vw,v%- / " ",v * WW... J . Snlea of Stock* at Philadelphia. ! irst Board, Dec. 15.?200 shares Heading Kuilroad, 2dl J.'; 30 do 33; $00 I.ehigh Mortgage Loan ri-JL 115 share: Wilmington Railroad 17|; $6000 Heading Railroad 6's lHftO, 73' 160 shares New Orleans (ias Bank37}. AO Me rhanics Bank 34j|; $1000 Reading Railroad 6's, ia'>0, 73jJ (iO shares (iirard Bank, cash, 7j|; 913,000 Tennessee 6's,Is Jul\, !Ht; 60 shares Norriitowii Railroad, 3|; $3000 Wll inington 6'*, 1868,85); $85 New County 5's !?; $39 8taU 6'*, new annual. 1846, 71; $1000 Ches. and Delaware ti's ls.'irtf 4'Ji Second Board, Dee. 14.-300 shares Reading Railroad 31]; 100 do ?5f31]: 400 do3U; 736 do 41): 60 Kentucky Bank, 3df, cSip. 76; 36 Norristown Railroad 3?; 1UO Wil niington Railroad, b5f, 174; $6000 Reading Railroad hondf I860, 73J; $1000Reading Railroad 6's, 1850, 73]; $7000 dc s6f 73J; 59 shares Union Bank, Ten 631; 100 United Stales Bank 5J: 6 Philadelphia Bank94]; 100 Reading RIU5f,31?: 1 United States Bank 6], LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS Philadelphia, Dec 15?Arr Acorn, Howes, Boston. Bplow, Sri MtW, and Angelina. Cld Cumberland, Phillips, l't rn.imburo and a inkt. Baltimuhk, Dec 14?Arr Maria Theresa, Clark. Alexandria for Montevideo, put iu in distress?in a heavy gale ill (lie bay, on Mouday momiiiK. canied away windlass, bitta. &c. lost chain cable and anchor, stove launcn and otherwise con-ideral)lv damuge<1. Also arr. Ocean, Eldridge, aud Win Pitt, Bxcou, Boston. ( Id Willi*, Delano, Savannah; Pauline, Munson, Brazil aud a mkt. Sid Manchester, Edmondson, St Johns, PR; Emma. Cole. N York; I'lanet, . Ai-kxandria, Dec lit?Arr Exit. New York. Sid Hartley, Dearborn, Periiainbuco: Medium, Eldridge, Kingsto", Ja. Hichmokd, Dec II?Arr Nassau, Dearborn, NYork. Norfolk, Dec 13?Arr J W K imp! on, Osborne, New York; Columbus, Cade, do. in distress; North America, lletswith, lUpj'ahaunock Cor Beigan, NJ; Addison, Morton, Krankfoit for Alexandria, in distress?last night, on Smith's Island, lost nnchor chain and unshipped windlass. At Seawell's Point, Victorii e. Jones, Baltim re for NOileans?came down the Bay in co. with Maria, Atwell, for NYork PREJUDICE.?No person who has rheumatism, stiff joints, contracted cords or muscles, ought to let liis prejudices go so far as to prevent his using a remedy called Hcwes' Nerve nnd Bone Liniment, and the Indian Vegetable Elixir, which has never yet fulled in a single instance, to cure those complaint*. If you doubt this, you ran have the names of as many persons as you wish, who have used these articles and been cured perfectly. We do not, nor ever have published a false certificate of cure performed by it. We only ask persons to prove what we say by trying the article, and if they do not find themselves cured perfectly, they shall have their money returned to them. No person can ask better proof than this. You can find them genuine only at Comstock's, No. 31 Courtlandl street; No. a Nortli Fifth street, Philadelphia ; 62 Cornhill, Boston. (m. 'rnnut' iv* ir i iipaitu bi'im tiiio itr: ter is now upon us, and it becomes requisite that wt should preserve ourselves from the approach of sickness, How rainy of our population are subject to that most to lie dreaded of all diseases, consumption. Men, women, anil children fall victims, and thousands follow after without attempting to be saved. And yet one of the most effective remedies is at hand, and which, if used in time, can save life?that remedy is Peters' Cough Lozenges. Pleasant to the taste, they can be taken by the most distressed. If the lungs are ulcerated or diseased, they soothe them to such an extent, that the most afflicted feel their power and usefulness Like Peters' Vegetable Pills and shilling Strengthening Plaster, they have gained an enviable reputation throughout the Union. Principal office 125 Kulton street. QQ- SCEPTICS READ AND BE CONVINCED OF the efficacy of Pease's lloarhound Candy? New York, Nov. 9th, 1843. Dear Sirs?There Is no mistake about your "Compound lloarhound Windy," as 1 can well testify.?Last June 1 was severely attacked with the influenza, and I made use of a number of advertised medicines for colds, Sic., and I received no benefit from any of them. It continued to hang on me, with cough and pains in the breast until about four weeks back, 1 was induced by the many testimonials advertised in favor of your lloarhound Candy, to try it, and a single package of your article relieved me in a few hours, and a few days brought around a thorough curc. I consider y?ur Candy as requisite in the medicine chest as the compass is to the mariner who ploughs the deep. With great respect, your obedient servant, WILLIAM EMMONS, 86 White street. To Messrs. John Pkase &, No. 45 Division st. Agents, No. 8 State st. Boston, and No. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Q(7- YOU CAN HAVE A GOOD HEAD Or HAIR and a clear compliKion for three shillings. Here are the qualities of both tlie articles. The Italian Chemical Soap (mind it's sold nowhere else genuine in this city,) will cure every kind of eruption, and chapped or tender flesh, freckles, blotches, salt rheum, (curvy, See., and make dark or yellow skin clear and beautiful. It is sold at 50 cents ? cake, at the sign of the American Eagle, 81 Chatham street?mind, the only place in this city. The other foi the hair, is sold for three shillings atrial Itottle; it will forf'e the hair to grow, stay its falling out, cure scurf oi dandruff, and make light or red hair grow dark from thi riiou. Observe?we make no false statement; we've seen >otli the articles tested. They are (old very cheap, by Jones, at the sign of the American Eagle, 83 Chatham st, New York; by Zieber, .1 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 8 State st, Boston, and 130 Kulton st, Brooklyn; but in this citv only at (vJ Chatham street. T. Jones is signed on all wrappers of the genuine, and mind, any other is a dishon fit counterfeit,perfectly useless?don't buy it at any price K7- MEDICAL CARD ?A CURE GUARANTEED ? The members of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established for the sup press ion of quackery, arc now successfully treating all diseases of a private nature, according to the new mode of treatment adopted by the professors of the different hospitals of Europe. No mcreury or any preparation injurious to the constitution is at present used by the college in the removal of those complaints, thereby saving thousands from those dreadful mercurial complaint( that sometimes baffle the skill of the most experienced practitioners Cases of an ordinary character are completely eradicated In from three to six days, and those cases pro tracted by charlatans or aggravated bv over doses of mer cury, speedily yield to the powerful alterative and purifying medicinei used by the College in the cure of thew diseases. Gonorrhoea, gleet, stricture, and all diseases ol the urethra permanently cured in less than half the time occupied by the old treatment. One of the member* ol the College,' thoroughly acquainted with all diseases of a private nature, and such improvements in their medical treatment as has been lately made by the medical faculty of Europe, Attends daily as consulting phviician, at the oltice and consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. Advice and all medicines, $ft. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS.?Patients living at a distance,bystating the nature of their complaints explicitly, together with treatment they received elsewhere, if any, and enclosing $!>, either by jiost oi through the different express conveyances in communica tion with this city, will receive a chest containing all me dicines requisite to perform a cure, with full and explici directions for use. N. B. All letters must be i>ost-paid. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College ofMcdicini and Pharmacy, 07 Nassau street. (&- BASE AND DETESTABLE IMPOSITION.?The unprecedented popularity and universal demand for Dr Felix (iouraud s Poudres Subtiles, for uprooting hail without the slightest injury to the skin, has awakened the cupidity of a nest ol vile counterfeiters, who are palming ii|H)n the public a spurious and deleterious article as thi genuine preparation. To protect purchasers against these deceivers, the proprietor has ha<l east a splendid square bottle, on the four sides of which are blown the following "Dr. Kelix Oouraud's Poudres Subfiles, lor uprooting hair New \ ork," enveloped in a handsome wrapper, with tin Pr.'s fac simile. The public may rest assured that every bottle not answering the above description is a worthlesi imitation ami should be rejected, and those who attempt tc deceive, and their injurious composition, shunned and de -.piled. These powders have.been long held in high esti mation, and art* recommended by every one who has uset ' - - ?*!? ? ixitk ?*r?i?f? /?t taCn<v ir IllCin, B* lUIIWIlg I'Ulllc mtii .. eradicating, every description of superfluous hair, however deep the btifti may be seated. To be had no where fife in New Y ork, but sit H7 Walker street, one door fronr llroadway, (. I per bottle, and where innnmvable test into nialscan be shown, nnd the preparation tested, if require* by the purchasers. Cr7- PROFESSOR VEKPEAU* Celebrated Till*, fo the euro of (Jonorrhma, (ileet, Kluor Albus, and all mo capurulent discharges from the Urethra. Theae Tills an warranted to etf'cct a cure in half the time taken by thi old treatment, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from business. Prin $1 per box. Office and consulting rooms of the Collegi of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. W. 8. R|( HARDSON,Agent {Hy-CONSTITUTIONAL DKBILITY CURED.?Th< Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine an< rhartnacv ofthe city of New York is now confidently re commended and prescribed by the first meoical practition eisofthe city,tor all cases of debility produced either bj secret indulgence or excess of any kind detrimental to tin constitution. It is an invaluable remedy for impotence sterility, orbarreness (unlets depending on malformation] arid will be found highly beneficial in allcomplaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitution. Sold in single bottles f 1 each: in cases of half a dozen carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Oltice and Consulting Room* of the College. 07 Nassat street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. (fry- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE Mixturi for tile permanent cure of primary or secondary Syphilii Mid all complaint* arising Iroin the use of Mercury guar .teed to cine. Sold in single bottles $1 each, in cases o half dozen $ '?, carefully packed and sent to all pails of till union. Office and consulting rooms of the College o Medicine and rUarmacy, 07 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. (Xt- ALL BURNS. SCALDS, OI.D SORKS, BVVEL iug*, Bore I'.ytM, and Inflammation of every kind, are ra pidly and permanently cured by Connel'* Magical Tail Kxtrnctor, from Comstock's, No.'il Courtlandt street. N< pay will lie taken for it il it does not cure all such case* In any case of burn or scald, no matter how bad, it wil give almost instant relief, and sfive life if the vitals are un ii\jurcd, ami no family should risk themselves without! ?. to use in ease of such accidents. If warranting it in al CO ? I* not proof enough Of its goodness, you can havi reference to persons who have ?eeu ""< experienced iti delightful effects. 0(7- TO ALL THE WORLD.-The beat articlc of Sarnaparilla ii made by the Mruri. Comatoclc h Co. Thif Bo houie i?, it U well known, the moat extenalvc dealer* in j - medicine on thia continent, anil experience has learned J f them how to benefit both the public and themselves, by Bo ? putting the price of their pure Extract of Harsaparilla to J come within the reach or all?and tu a pnrifyerof the i i blood it cannot be turpaaaod. Pimple*, ernptiunii, he. on Boi 1 th*? will niiinllv <lisBnni'Ar hv its tlflt* in Alhnrt tim>) 4 p Price 60 cent* per bottle, *4 l>?r doien, and to be hail 1 1 genuine only at 21 t'ourtlandt street ; No. Noith Fifth Boi r street, Philadelphia ; 6i Cornhill. Boston. d (fo?- PRICE REDUCED?DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM Boi of Liverwort, 37b Bowery.?For more than ten years this ' medicine has stood unrivalled for the cure of coughs, 11 colds, catarrh, asthma, difficulty of respiration, pain in Boi the side and breast, bronchitis, liver complaint, and all ' those affections of the throat and lungs which are a source Boi of suffering, and so often terminate in that most destruc't tivc of all diseases, consumption. So extensively has this Bot medicine been used, and so often proved successful, that U 1 the proprietor feels no hesitancv in recommending it to Boi . all who unfortunately may be afflicted with either of the ,J I above diseases. Multitudes who have experienced its Boi happy effects can testify to its utility, and very many * ( rescued from a premature death point to it as the means "0I ( of their recovery. The originator of this remedy, was f well versed in the science of medicine as well as a skilful 11 I practitioner. Physicians familiar with its effects prescribe it in their practice; and with the medical faculty generally it has met a larger share of approbation than is "I V i common with such exclusive preparations. N. B.?Bot- 1 , ties for trial >1 each. Beware of counterfeits. The only ? i genuine is for sale as above, and by O. J. Leeds, wholesale druggist, 138 Maiden Lane. C (ft7- OIL TANNIN.?For harness, carriage tops, boots and shotis, nothing can equal this celebrated oil. It keeps the leather soft and pliable, and water can no more pone- 'or trate than through India rubber. To be had only at 31 arc ( ourtlandt street. i,?. MONKY JIIAKKKT. Friday, Dec. 15?0 P.W. j* Stocks arc advancing so rapidly that it is impossible to toll where they will stop, or what will l>e the result of the $l0 present inflation of prices. Long Island rose \ per cent ; Canton Co , 1 ; Harlem, 2J, with very large sales ; Auburn im &. Rochester, 3 ; Ohio Life & Trust, 1J ; Tennessee, l.t J? Kentucky 6's, J ; Indiana, J ; Illinois, 1J ; Ohio 6's sold at joi 103^ a 104 dividend off, equal to 106J a 107 with dividend. This is an advance equal to the semi-annual payment 0| .',0 interest. Norwich & Worcester ltailroad declined a J per ,;[} cent. This great improvement in prices has caused the ISO more sober minded operators to pause, and take an obser-> 10, vation of their position. 20 The great abundance of money in .every city of the gn Union, the general inactivity of trade, throwing into unu- 120 sua! channels the capital that should be confined to the regular movements of commerce, have created operations in all the sjieculativebubbles of the day. The prices of nearly all the stocks, given in our tables of to-day, have advanced and declined from time to time, without the least real permanent cause in the world. Other markets should ' be governed by the facts, and any advance in the price ol $1(1 stock of repudiating States should not be attributed to any j favorable prospect that may have been indicated by the movements of the different legislatures. Notwithstanding > all the negociations made by [commissioners, and all the ' space devoted to the subject in the Messages of the Governors, (with the exception of the State of Illinois,) not a single repudiating State in the Union is a jot nearer 50 fulfilling their engagements than they were a year since So far, not the first move has been made. The recommen in dations of the Governors have been forgotten, and our jo Legislatures have devoted their time and attention to other in matters. Before a.single State Assembly met, we predict; J!J! ed this result. 20i The domestic exchanges of the States never were in ^ a more prosperous, healthy condition. They arc go 801 verned by a power that competition will always regu- ioi late, and w*e can safely depend upon the uniformity that if* nas mnriteu tins urancn 01 imanu iraac lor sometime 2: past:? Domestic Exchanges, Dec. IS. j Boston, par a % dis Apalachicola, 2 a i)i dis tov Philadelphia "a 54 " Mobile, (.V a T}? " at ' Baltimore, " a % " Montgomery <iJ4 a 7M " I Virginia, 1 i " Tuscaloosa, 634 a 7,'J " ,?i N Carolina, IV a 1* " N. Orleans, H a jiprem. Cli irleston l-? a % " Nashville, 2 a iJi dis davauuah, a 1 " Louisville, 1J4 a 2 " Augusta, >? a V " 8t Louis, 1 a I>4 " Columbus, 1)* a 1>4 " Ciuciunati, 1)4 a 2 " Macon, 1 >? a IX " Michigan, 2)4 a 3>4 " Th Union, Klor. 72 a 71 " U. S.Bk Notes, 30a3l " i S. L St Tst, 78 a 80 " Treasury Notes. new emission, )4?)4 prem. ' " The internal exchanges of the country cannot by the jja, unalterable laws (of trade, be reduced much below this F standard. On Mobile we can look for considerable im c.'e provement, but on all other points the present rate will '101 become permanent. \ There has been no improvement in Foreign Exchanges, -] except on London, which has advanced a fraction:? Soi Kates or Foreion Bills in New York. Dec. 15. do Oct. 3t. Nov. 15. Nov. 30. Pec. 15. ^ London, 8 <8)4 8 a 8>4 8>4? ?K 8^a8\ 11 <" Krauce, 5 27>ii5 30 5.35 5 32Wa5 33)4 5 32Ka5 33J4 the I Atnster m, SSX'Wi 3!>V.i39V 39)4a ? 3<J)ia ? coi liamburf, 35 a35>4 3l???35 35 a 35V 35 a 35"4 arc . Hreraeu, 77>4a77)4 77a77)4 77>4a 77)2 77)4a 77* ,ln T'..e movements in exchange at the south have been ne< ijuite large, and sterling hills have been sent to this city lor negotiation to a heavy amount. Trices have declined in the southern markets, and our quotations at the latest ed dates average at least 1 per cent lower than those for the 'as previous packet. '.'t'j( Hates at the Principal Southern Cities. ant New York New York Sterling. France, tight. 00 days. er i, 7 a7V nominal par Hal du bin in r.VilW Klcji in i Mobile, 4,5 a? 5.45i? <11* 2>ia3 " f, New Orleaus, 4,5j?a0>* 5.40 a5.45 %al " 1X?2 " j | The usual table of State anil other Stocks operated in ;,]e very extensively in this market, does not show a very to I great difference in quotations, between the periods gives, j.1111 although in the meantime, greater fluctuations were expe- |J rienced than appear visible on the face. the Prices or Stocks in the New York Markrt, lf4l. in ' Redeem- try Rate. able. Nov. 15. Nor. SO. Dee. 1?. <<en . United State*. bX 1844 10l^al02>< ltl H102)4 ? a ? r " 6 1814 102 al02)J 102>ial03 ? it ? " 6 1862 ? al 19 US all9 ll5A?a ? "1? " 5 1853 ? al05% 106 a? 103 Ha ? l"c 1 Sew York, 7 1848-49 ? al08>i 108Va ? 108%a ? M 1 1 " 6 1850-54-60 ? ? 107,^al08>i 109>,a ? '1 6 1861-62-67 ? alllKII2 a? 113 a ? ?m 5>i 1860-61-65 105 a!05U 106 a ? 105*?a ? ?nr 5 1845 1011 W.tlOl't 100 a 102 102'Ji ? 1 " 5 1846-7-8-9 IO0>.talO',C 101 a!02K 101 alOtK 01. " 5 1850-1-3 ? alOl100 al?2V ? a ? ' 5 1855-58 103kal05 102 al04? 101 a ? iarj 5 1859-60-61 I02)jal05 104Xal04% 104%aI04V " 4>? 1849-58 93 a 95 ? a ? ? a ? Vo Ohio, 6 1850 ? a 98? 101 a ? 10.1 a 6 1856-60 lMjfrlOOX lOO^alOl 104Ha ? 1 I " 5 1850-56 ? a 90S 90 a 91 ? a ? the r " 7 1856 ? al06 105 al0j}f 104*al05 l?t Kentucky 6 101^*103 lOl.^a ? 106^a ? <pi ? 5 87 ? 88 91 a 93 ? a ? we , Illinois, 6 1870 39 a 40^ 43 a 43% 44X? 44? ? 1 ' luiliana, 5 25 years 39)?a 40 43%.? ? 45 a 45V .,J Vrkanaas, 6 ? 50 a 60 55 a 60 65 a ? , Alabama, 6 85 a 88 85 a 90 ? a 90 t " 5 77 a 80 81 a 8:)>tf ROW*? vai I'vnnsylvania 5 ? a 68 69 a 70 67?a 68 la, rennesiee 6 ? a 85 ? a 87 89J.'l 89 ,0 S York City 7 1857 115Kall6 116 all8 ? a? ! " 7 1852 111 allt 111 all2 ? a ? ' " 5 1850 ? alOIH 101 al02>i ? ? ? Vt " 5 1858-70 ? alOl 102 <103 lOOKa ? "T ik Com'e N. Y. foil 98%a 99X 99Kal00 100^*101 col " scrip ? a 99 J9)fal00 99Sa ? >va V. Y. Life Ins. Si Trust Ce. 96a99 ? a? ? a? i(< 'arinein'Loan Ik Trust Co. ? a24H| 2r?\a? 31 n - . )liio Life Ins. 81 Trust Co. ? a 9 .'>>i 97 "ia - 100)<a ? , ' lank of U. S. in I'enn. ? a 4>? 5}?a 5X ? a ? 'L'' 'lostun tk TroTidence Kai'd. 10lHal02>, 103 a)03ij 103^*104 >'Ol \. Jersey R. R. & Trans. Co.91>4* 9I>? 94 a 95 97 a ? l>al Vtohswk Ik Hudson Railroad ? a 39 48 a 48)4 49>?a 50 Sal Utica 81 Schenectady. It. R. 119 al20 122 a? 122 a Syracuse St L'tica Railroad, ? al09Ji 111 a? 113 a? i Vuhiirn Ik Syracuse R. R, 103}<a 105 103 a 104 104 Va ? , ? a 98 99J^a ? 105%a ? ''ra V. York lias Lisht Co. ? a 107 117 *120 117 *120 '>11 The difference in the quotations of the United States "J.0 I .tocks, is caused by the dividend being oft'. The dividend 1 on the Ohio State Stock will l>e punctually paid on the >f . I 1st proximo. The State of Kentucky have provided funds le? i to meet the interest on their debt, and they are already de* j ,>osited in this city. Pennsylvania, stock has declined ,ea linceour last quotations, while Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, l'01 tnd Tennessee have advanced. ' |'n r The Courier & Enquirer, the Wall street organ of tbc * 'peculators in all kinds of stocks? the mouth piece of the f ^ linanciers, who led every repudiating! State into the |^( f debt that burdens them?of financier* who not only in s swindled the capitalists of Europe out of their money, but ?tr,1 whose extravagance used up half of the amount contract. J'"( ed for in the .name of the jieople of the States; whose indi. the vidual rapacity absorbed the substance, and then aban- Iws * doncd the people to pay these very debts, or submit to the | ilternative, repudiation. This paper undertakes to keep ,n , . their victims in Europe correctly informed of the value bee l and condition of the stocks [they hold in this Country, and ^ with its usual consistency gives the following quotations, -or I taken from the paper, intended for the steamer, for the ?ta' [ guide of financial.circles in London /)?. 13. Ihr. 13. .'Innal mlri. Quotation*. 1S Ohio 6's, Ih/iO 103 a ion 100 al00? ,0I1 1 " lHOO lOlhilOl lOOlalOO] fc| Kentucky 0's HMjalOC 101{al04j Illinois 6 s, 1870 44 a 44 3ii a 37 s Auburn fei Rochester ltailr'd.. tOAjd ? ? a 09 * Norwich fc Worcester Rail'd.. 37 a 37J as a as?J . New Jersey RHilroad ? a 07 04 a O.i n f Ohio Life fc Trust 100 alOOl 071a 07? 4 ,? p Vlohawk llailrood ftOla ? 48 a 4m ' f Farmers' Loan 33 ja 84 27Ja a7 f ^ These. quotations of the stock market can be found in ?va lirterent parts of the'paper of the same date; which, they ^ mean to pass oft'as official is impossible to toll. We particularly call the attention of our numerous European j readers to these facts. .)h ) The public debt of the State ol Louisiana is very heavy, "n 'j hut about three millions of it has been lately liquidated by a commissioner sent to Europe fer that purpose. The t greater part of the debt that the people of this State are poi ' struggling against was created to accommodate the banks. I,ike every other State in the I nion, Louisiana has tuf- <e' # f u DO fared by the acts of a set of financial swindlers^ bar Dmt or Loi'iiuni. nd* issued in favor of Bank of Louisiana, tayable in New Orleans, July 1, 1844, and uly 1, lh4i> fl/JOO.ooO biIh issued in favor of the Conolidatod Association, Baring [Co., due June 1, 1843 $833,000 id* in favor of the Con*olidated msociation, I.i/.ardi, due June 1, 848 1,118,000 ids not all negotiated, Lizardi, ue June 1, 1848 883,000 $-2,833,000 idi in favor of the Union Bank, Baring k o., due in equal payments, April 'id, 1841, 847, 18.">0, and Is.53 7,000,000 ids in favor of Citizens' Bank, due Keb. 1, SAO, |Ri!?, 1868, 1877, 1880, in equal amount* 8,000,000 id* in favor of CIlllWI* Bank to be negoated, payable at same maturities ax above, 4,000,000 ids in f'uvnrof Mechanics' and Trailers' lank, due August, 1864 160,000 ids in favor of Charity Hospital, payable y the Hospital in New York 12$,000 i?U in favor of Draining Company, $.50,000, Jaihville Railroad, $.*)0,000 560,000 ids in favor of Ked Kiver Railroad, 100,000; Mexican (Julf Railroad, $100,000, ot yet issued 200,000 $34,069,000 'idend for bonds cancelled, redeemed from lope Company, being bonds given Union lank that were not ncgociated, about 3,600,000 Total debt, $30,668,000 If this enormous sum, only $760,000 was created for advancement of internal improvements, and $126,000 the Charity Hospital, all of which will be paid, and no burthen to the State. Nearly nineteen millions re l>een swallowed up in the capacious reservoir of the iks, that have been n perfect curse to the State that night them into existence, and cherished them in their incy. Old Stork h'Trhanc* 00 N Y 6's, '61 115V 50 Canton Co blO nK Wl CitV 6's, TO 103H 25 do 3V; 10 Ohio 6's, '60 102 50 Aub St Roc l>?n lft7\, 90 do 103 100 do b20 107*2 Ml do I0t>i 25 Mohawk RR 51 110 (*liio 7's, '60 107 50 do slO 50% 90 Kentacky 6's 107)? 25 do s4m 50 Ml do s30 106 95 do 50^ 00 do 107 50 Nor & Wor b30 37 DO d> 107'b 50 do bl5 36 *0 ?'o b30 107 50 do s3 36 "0 do slO 107 120 do It.',' DO do b30 107 100 do sl5 36?,' 00 Krn'y 2000 dol bds 93 50 Pat?rson RR b3 9'lZ 00 Illinois Specials 45!* 150 Long Island RR 70)< ro do 46 100 do 70>, IN) do 46 J* 200 do bSO 71 00 Indiana Dol, 25 ys 4 6 50 do b60 71 00 Tenneisre 5's 89 250 Harlem RR s30 44 S3 Mercb Kx Bank 110 100 do 41 51 Am Kx Bank 87 250 do nw 4lW 50 Nor Am* Trust 12 350 do 4 IH 25 do Imw 12 100 do 1)30 45 51 Vicksliurg bl 6 50 do catb 44W ?n I'irv n.nli 1MO H *n An -co '.0 mill's Stale Bk b3 20 200 do >3 11 V 7.1 Catron Co 3I>? 50 do s3 41Ji, 10 do 32 Second Hoard. 1000 Ohin6\ '60 101 100 Canton Co 1)10 33V no Nor St Wor MR 100 do bio 34 10 do blO 36V .10 Harlem IIR b3 47 25 . do 36 V 200 do 4 21 Mohawk RR II 10 do 46 50 do ?fi0 51V 50 Nor Am Trust 18 ')0 d > bOO 53 50 Farmers' Loa'i 31,''4 10 do 53 New Stock Kirhanva 1000 U States 5's,'53 103V ' 50 Fanners'Loan 337* 00 do 101V 25 do 33J? 00 Ohio 6'.,'60 103 50 Amer Kxc Bk b3 R7>i 00 do 103V 25 do 87V 00 do 103?? 50 Vicksburg i% 00 Ken'y 6'?. 30 y? 107V 220 do 6 00 Illinois, 70 44V 50 do 00 do 45 100 Nor St Wor 37A, DO do '60 43 25 do s3 37 DO do s3 43 25 Long Island 70 DO do 43 V 75 Paterson b3 92V DO do 43X 125 do 92 00 do 44 75 Canton Co b3 31V 00 do b3 44 V 75 do 32 110 Indiana 46', 100 do 32V 1)0 dj 4t>V 25 Harlem RR 43V >0 do 46V 50 do 43V DO do b3 46V 75 do 44X 1)0 do 46jJ 25 do 45 20 b armers' Loan 34 State of Trade. Lihii.?This article is very dull, and price* tending lards a decline. We quote Pots at fA 00 u 4 &6j; Pearls ft.1 061. . eatheh.?A public sale to-dav, the following lots were d on a credit of 4 and 6 months :? Light weights, good marks 16 a IS]c. Middle do 15' a Ifijc. Heavy do 14} a lftjc. (food damaged 12} a 14 ?. ese quotations show an improvement. Uv.?A fair demand exists for North River bale : we >te 43 a 45 cents. Country sells freely at 62J a 7ft cents. iVhiskkv.?Drudge still remains very dull at 23 cents, rrels are in better demand at 24J cents. 'rovisions.?A very limited demand exists for any artiunder this head. Prices are Arm at our former quotaM. Cotton Market. Friday, Dec. 16. To-day but a limited business was done, at lirm nrices. ne sales, amounting to a!>out 4o<>0 bales, whicn were sed since Wednesday evening, were reported to-day. The markets throughout the country remain in a very certain state. Tho new crop is coming forward witn 1 usual activity, but there are so many conflicting acmts of thelextent of'the yield, that planters and holders ' undecided alxjut prices', and hesitate alxmt operating til something more decided is known. The receipts ol ? cotton into New Orleans up to the 4th inst. were irly as larife as those lor the same period last year.? e crop will not exceed 1,800,000 bales, and it may fall a le short of that estimate. The quantity that has'reachthe different southern depots, this year, compared with t, is no evidence of the extent of the crop. The plantare more able to hold on to their crop, and will not let [ ave their possession, except at remunerating price*, I for value received. This fact is alone sufficient to re;e receipts at the southern cities, and keep cotton longjut of market. An extract from a letter, dated Colum?, Miss. Nov. 30th, says? 1 You have, no doubt, heard something of the shortness the cotton crop, and the backwardness of the idanters this region of the country in gathering?but I have no r you have anv information relative to the injury done Ihe cotton, ana the unprecedented backwardness of the mers. Our cotton opened late, say 1st September, and m that time to 1st Nov. we had an unusually wet und I fall. About the 1st Nov. the heavy rains set in?since latter period there has been little or no cotton saved? ihort, there is no time since the settlement of tho connin which farmers have been so backward as the pret; had the season for picking lieen favorable, the crop uld not have been an average one. Up to this time not re than two thirds of the crop which matured has Ixren ked, and that portion yet in tlie field may be considered lost." 'his is a sample of reports, that continually come into possession, which have their necessary weight in tvincing us the crop must fall considerable below that last vear. "he following we extract from a circular issued by a je cotton house in this city :? Since our last review of the market under date of 10th vember, we have had an animated demand and heavy js ; on the 30th November, and 1st and *Jd Decembei, sales amounted to IfiOO bales per day, at the advance >ted in our last; on Monday, the 4th December, a very rited demand was experienced, and the sales that day re not less than 7000 bales, and a further advance of 1 c whs obtained, the sales being chiefly for export ; on 5th ami 6th the demaud continued, the sales being nit IM bales per day, at prices fully sustaining the adice, the majority be inn still for shipment. On Thursr, *th instant, the mail trom Boston reported the Acadia having been telegraphed ; the anxiety evinced to obtain ^r dates from Uernool, somewhat checked operations.? 4 P. M., we received lier expresi, Wilmer St Smith's 'ime?," with LiverjHjol dates to l?th November;the aclints of the Cotton Market being less favorable than m anticipated, sales of about I KK) bales took place at a ] :line of Jc ; on Friday, Htl* instant, there was not much le, owing in some measure, to the non-reception of the ters per steamer, the mail being delayed until night, in lsequence of a snow-storm, the sales wereat>oiit lisoo les, still at the decline of Jc, in some instances less ; on turday 9th, the market was quiet and unsettled, holders ng indisposed generally to accept any reduction from ! rates current in the early part of the week, and bu vdisinclincd to operate, the sales this day were small-, | the Uth instant, the market opened with a better feel;,and morn disposition to purchase was manifested,but a ?ht reduction was required, and not being accepted by Iders, only 10lH> bales were sold, generally at a decline Ic from the highest point last week; on the Uth the ling was still better, and the. sales were 2;>00 bales, at ces, except in one or two instances, fully equal to ise current on the 6th inst., or the highest point this uon, the operations this day being mostly on speculau; yesterday, Wednesday, 13th inst., sales were about Kt bales, generally at the full prices of the day prt*e' g. The market, as will be seen by the operations >ve referred to, is not influenced to that extent, as [enerally the case, or indeed, as we might cxpect, the Kuropean news ; a large amount of cotton uly received, and daily arriving, is being put store, and held for Southern account, with in actions to hold regardless of foreign markets, until ces above our present quotations can be realized; the reme facility with which money can bu obtained, and low rate or interest tends in a great measure to aid the ire to hold. A feeling almost general throughout the intry, if we may judge from tne tone of letters, from i various points, and the advancing price of the staple ill the large markets, that Cotton will rule higher, is oming very apparent; the grounds ujion which opinion is hated being in part a short crop, on which iject we have no new feature to offer; that lie idea may be for mini of opinions here, we merely te that on the 1 Ith inst., we made oflers on severe! thou./I ltdlou of In varinna han<la on<1 in nnK. ? ? nrc, wen w-e enabled to make a sale, at a decline of >r Jc, from the highest point hut week. The quality, we stated in our last circular, is falling off, and fine coti* will soon, even thus early in the season, become y scarce, and comparatively high." STEWART Si WRltiHT, Brokers, corner Wall and Water streets. Corn Trade. I'his market and all others on this continent present the ne feature*. Low prices, largo stocks, and small dend. Nearly every miller has a considerable supply of eat on hand yet to grind. One in Rochester has uprds of eleven thousand bushels. ,Ve give the quotations of to-day in this market Per Barrel. Ptr Htishel nesee flour, $4 6-JAaJ 7A Wheat, fl.i ajl ().? chigan do, 4 tWJal ?H] Kye, a 64 lo do, 4 ftfl a4 twj forn, 4!> a /M$ indywine do, 4 74 a? Oats, 38 a 3,1 e flour, 3 "0 a3 1H Barley, M a ? ,a*t June Qcnesce flour ^nrought *4 33 a $4 31 J. This >tation was current when navigation was open at every nt, and when all the xupplies kent back dug the previous winter wore seeking a marNow navigation is closed throughout the rth, and flour with difficulty r fetches >4,0Rj cents a rel. We hu\ e to-day a stock of throe hundred and flfty thons?nd?i>arrels,with no demand except from the city conIWipHoa, hmI m prospect ill Iji jc i ?! ? ?|?ts from the south before the opening of snrinp. Shipments to the north 3J IVom the konth h;iv?< commenced, ami must, of sd com**, increase. We annex the exports from New Orleans J this year, compared with last, for the purpose of showing _ the movements of hreadstult's in that quarter:? r? KxronTi ?iiom New Oai.r.ANs kbom Bert. 1st to D*c. 'Jo, in l u'h Year. a 1K43. lH4i. { Corn meal, bbl* 736 1M l>? Corn in earn, " 1 '2,228 0,733 if, Com, shelled, sucks 80,728 86.63A Klour, bblii 82,162 120,680 ()at?, bbls. and sacks 26,000 22,#66 Potatoes, bbli 14,841 15,880 Wheat, bids, and sacks 7,!W1 32,318 fo Ti.:.. ?: ? -* ' ' * - ' i ma r* an increase 111 some kiwis ami a aeerease in other*. This in because the canals at the north remained i(1 opened to a later period thin year, and becau?e the produ- \] cers and interior agents pushed forward their supplies with greater activity. K\|??rts of all articles, the produce L. of ?ection? near the outlet into the Gulf, have increased, an4 the falling ofl' has been only in flour, wheat, Sic.; the 0 production of the Went. Now that northern navigation n in closed, receipts, and therefore, ex|>orta from New Or- ? lean* will be large for the rest of the Reason. As one outlet ii shut another is opened; so the supplies over the whole country are constantly kept equalized. There can never he in the United States a scarcity for any length of time in one market and an abundance in another. Hence prices arc equalized also. H B American raanufnetureft ' There is no great demand in this market," any others, for domestics. ~j In Baltimore, last week, some styles of goods well adapted to the western markets were entirely taken up in an* ticination of the early spring trade. (j Moderate sales were making in Boston, at the last ac counts. <? The AmeBhury Manufacturing Company have recently M purchased iOO.OOO lbs. ol wool.and willjsoon have all their s works in full and active operation. D The Salisbury Company are taking measures to in- Si crease their business. ?

It is in contemplation by several capitalists in I'rovi dence to erect a new steam cotton mill, to be situated between Kox Point and India Point. to There are live woollen, but no cotton mills in Akron, dc Ohio. This is but a speck in the great west. V Superior Brussels carjiets are made at (iermantow n, Pa.; J? I Thompsontown, Conn.; Sing Sing prison, New York, Sic. The Senate chamber at Washington has one made at (?er- |f mantown, scarlet ground with yellow stars, which is said o| to* be equal to the Knglish article. On the floor of the tt Vice President's room is another enrpet made at Thomp- r sontown, of gorgeous pattern and incomparable texture. * It is said that a company has been formed in Boston of large capital, who are now building an extensive establishment at Southbridge, Mass., composed of several 11 buildings?one of them being over one hundred feet in I i...,.?ti. iv.. ii,o ? Jt ?? 1:_ t i>li. company intend prosecuting the business on a scale v? equal to any in France or F.ngland, beside* consuming ? an immense quantity of wool, which will increase the demand for this staple at the west. {r It is but aboutfive years sine-.! the subject of wool-grow- aj ing was agitated in Michigan. That peninsula has now its V half million of sheep, and woollen factories are talked of. T In some sections foundations are already laid for their su- J perstructure, and in others largo mills are erected, 3 One has gone up at Ypstlnnti ; one at'Ann Arbor ; one at L Scio ; one at Fontiac ; a very extensive one at Marshall ; C and the last (irand 1 liver Times announces the completion of one at the ltapids of 1(H) feetjin length, for which the machinery had arrived. When the ship canal from w the Illinois ltiver to Lake Michigan is completed, raw cot- f ton from the Mississippi, ran be obtained ; and we need not be surprised in three years to hear the hum of cotton tr ipindles and thriving villages, where five years since you V could not penetrate lor want of a road. All the manufacturing interests are in a prosperous " condition, 'and the Corporations declare very large divi- ^ (lends ; but notwithstanding this, there has been no advance in the wages of the operatives, and in some in- w stances there has been a reduction in the face of large and *< increasing profits. ^ J Provision Market. Our markets, with the exception of good real, are fully " supplied, as usual. Poultry of all kinds continues plenty, ? notwithstanding the demand for Thanksgiving day : vast quantities are coming in daily, in boxes, by tne different t< railroads. Country beef and pork are arriving in large lots ; the former sells at to 4 cents, and the Tatter at 6 1 and 6J cents. Wild game is plenty, and some saddles of t( venison are exhibited at the grocery stores. Fish, pretty much is we last reported. Vegetables of all kinas are n much higher, and getting scarce. Fine turkies were selling in Washington last Tuesday at half a dollar each, " notwithstanding that Congress is in session ; and fat geese () at three shillings. Pricks of Provisions n Apples, bbl"?*$l 50 a 2 50 Lobsters 6 a ? Beef, per lb 8 * 10 Lard, per lb 8 a ? ? Beef perewt- (4 50 a6 00 Mutton . 5 a 6 Beef, corned 3 a 7 Onions, |>er bunch, fi a 8 n Blacklist! 8 a 10 Parsnips, per doz---37>{a ? Berts, each I a ? Porter House SteakslO a \l% ? Beans, liush 50 a 87)< Pork, per lb 6 a 7 Butter, fresh per lb-14 a 18 Pius, roasters ? a$l 00 n Butter, firkin, |>er lb. 6 a 10 Potatoes, bushel 31 a 50 Crabs, dozen 25 a ? Potatoes.swt.bush-tn.50al.00 n Chickens 37>4a 62>? Perch, lb 6 a ? Clams, 100 .. 25 a 37>4 Quince*, 100 1,00*2,Mt n Calves Head. See -25 a ? Hilmon, smoked ? a 12 Cabbaice, each 5 a C Striped Bns?, lb i> a ? t Cheese, naw 6 a ? Snipe, dozen 75 a ? Carrots, each. la ? Sausages ? a 8 Ducks, per pair. 50 a C2X Smells- 10 a 12 Eels 6 a 8 Squashes, 37*>ia 1 Of) Kicks, 7 for ? a 12V? Turnips, per bush- *25 a 31>i K.kk Plant, dot -75 a ? Tripe, ? a 4 Fresh Cod 4 a 5 Turkies 56 al 50 Flounders 4 a 6 Veal .10 a 12 Geese 50 al 25 Woodcock, pair*>-17)?a ? . Lamb,per lb 7 a 8 Philadelphia Cattle Market. Dec. 14, 1843.?Beeves?750 offered, including 114 head 8 from Virginia. Sale* dull at 3J a 41 for inferior to fair 1< qualities; 4jj a 6 for prime cattle, ann a few superior were . sold at $5 2.5 per 100 lbs. 160 left over. ? Cows and Calve*?210 offered. Sales at ?20 a J26; ex- ? tra, $30 ; Springers, $10 a $20 ; Dry Cows, $3 a $S. h Hogs?650 in market. Sales at $4 a $4 25 per 100 lbs., I> according to quality. All sold. si Sheep?Sales were made at $1 a $1 50 per head for infe- T rior to lair qualities; prime $2 a $3. j, ^? o Married. On Thursday evening, the 14th inst., by the Itev. John {,' M. Forbes, Joskpii L. D. Lyow to Sirs*?! * ah P., daughter of Anthony B. Fountain, F.sq., all of this city. Ulert, L On Friday morning, the 15th in?t., of apoplexy, Isaac _ .Jom.s, aged 51 years, late of the house of Bowen, Jones & (jautry. His friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his son-in-law, A. R. Cushman, No. .9 261 West Nineteenth street, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. His re- j mains will be taken to Ridgefleld, Ct, for interment. A On Wednesday, 13th inst., Gr.onor., son of Peter and Ann Jones, aged 16 year* 11 month* and 2 day*. ^ The friends and acquaintances of the family, together with the members of the Covenant Lodge, No. 35, f O. ol ? O. F., and the Order in'general, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of hi* father, on the Third avenue, between 4*th and 4!tth streets, on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, without further invitation. At the military post, Baton Ilouge, La., on the 28th No- d vember, ufle.r an illness of only live days, Sraiw Amklia, wife of Major Washington Sea well, I'. S. A., and daughter ' of the late John M. Bloom, K?q., formerly of Dutcheoa j. County, N. Y., aged 1H years and 3 month*. < None knew her l>ut to love her. t None named her but to praise." - l Lateit Arivlrea \ ef.ceivbd at the new tore herald office. V Africa Oct. S Malaga Oct. 12 (J Antigua Nov. 19 Madeira Aug. 2* * Arecibo Nov. t Mauritius July 29 AaiCayea Nov 16 Montevideo 8e|>t 20 Bl B.itavia An*. 21 Maracaibo Sept. 26 Hay of lalanda, N. Z-June 6 Mamanilla Nov. 18 u Bermuda Nov. 29 Matanzaa Dec. 1 * Buenos Ayrea Sept. 21 Mayaguez Nov. 2f? Belize, Hon. Oct. 20 Matamoraa Nov. 9 ?Barhadoe* Nov. 16 Naasau, N. P. Nov. 11 Bonaire Nov. 5 Neuvitaa -Oct. IS Bombay Oct. 2 Oahu.S. I. Aug. 6 ('ape T own, C. O. Il-Sept. 1 Para Nov. 14 Calcutta Sept. 22 Paria Nov. 17 Cadiz Nov. 2 Port au Prince- Nov. 2'.\ Chaarrea June 20 Porto Rico Nor. 12 Cienftinwa Nov. 18 Porto abello Oct. 20 Ca|? Haytien xot. 30 Point Petre, Uuad. Nov. 11 ? arthagena ... JVpt. n Peruambuco Oct. 27 Campeach) Nov. ft Payta Aug 23 Coouimbo July 18 Rio Janeiro Oct ?8 Callao Abe. 29 St. Helena Oct. iI Oeinerara Mar. 17 St. Thomaa Nor. 23 Klainore Oct. W St. Jago de Cuba* Nov. 10 Fayal Sept. V> St. Jnnna, P. R. Oct. 29 'iihraltar Nov. 10 St. Croin Sept. 2? Ouayama, P. R. Nov. 10 8t. Domingo Nov. 17 ? Oalveiton Dee. 2 St. 1'bea Sept. 29 (Jonaives Nov. 10 Surinam Oct. 23 ' Havre.-**" Nov. 17 Siugapora Auk. 1 . Havana Nov. 30 Sydney. N. 8. W. May 7 J Halifax Oec. S Trinidad de Cuba Nov. IA * leremie Nov. 8 Talcahuana June 16 '<ine?lon, Ja. Nov. 2rt Tampico Sept. 21 London N(v. 18 Tobaaco Sept. 20 * Livcriiool Nov. 19 Turka laland Nov. 28 l,a (inayra Nov. 17 Trieate- Nov. 8 M I.agnna- Oct. 31 Val|>araiao Aug. 26 Lnna Aiie. 8 Vera Crux Nov. 19 v Macao Aug. 3 Zanzibar Aug. 12 1 Manilla*" July 10 r - r> Passenger a Arrived. 1 Hatar?Packet abip Louis Philippe?lain** J Hyde, M Son- 5 /.a, New York; M Ianard, French Consul for Boatnn. Madame Isnard, France; S A Blom, Denmark; K Begoz, Switzerland? , 10 in the at< erase. St Manas?Brig J D Noyea?Mr Tncker, Dr Ilofera, lady and two childien of New York. Koralgn Importations V Ship Lon>* Pliilipi>e?2 rikgs C Gignoui St co?8 ~ Moran k Iselin?30 K Cottenet?17 A Solibiat? I J Dupre? H ( I, Otiillanme It co? t K l-nscher?I Young It Smith?7 K X ^ Meyer Ik cn?12 B U Wainwrirht?I Morlot It Sclieffer?3 (1 " Kr?r??12 H Hmneqaja? H Cherrolat <k ro? 3 Boicean It l" Hatch?MO liktt wine V Barsalou?100 C Meletta? 1 pkg Uites St son?3 Warburg It Danne?I Magnin (k co?I Mix Mnrray <*1 ?I Derrick & Blunt?8 Benkard It Ifutton?I Cmber 8t Damb- th m?nn?2 T Bradley It co?I R Brue?I I' Schmidt It Andrea?2 \l I, Honniere?(i Jolv Kreret?5 Kabrei|uette's fil? It Morra?I Ahrenfeldt?7 Sclinchardt, Karre It co?? Deraismes St Boizard "" ?I Brmtlein, Kooii St co?7 T S Oihbt?1 Coolidge It Haskell ( ?7 K Brielle? I J T Jonet-4 Bishop Hughes? I Lit B Curtis ^ ?7 K I) Kau|ie?3 J R St Kelii?2 b Bossange? I llenard It co m -lAII Ward Stao?2C Bolton?I OoItiII It Heming?<> Sines, w thrift It co?2 Tiffany, Young It k'.lln?2 S K Dorr?12 II at II II.ught It co?2 I'ratie St Mi'tnel?2 J I) Wilthius?12 A Ilm- to ?iere It co?14 .1 A Voitin Ik co?I I) M Key?er It co?3 H Wei- "I iner?1 bchlumi'f It Wielier?13 Briethanpt k Chun?1 Taterel b St Bltin?S00 Colomb It Itelm?B l.ane, Lainion It c?2 A T -tewart ? I J E Hyde Itco?4 li B St .1 B English?I K Sheldon Jt co?2 N Pierce?I N Berry?4 J S Roger?I Stone. Dubois St c >?5 K St Davit?13 J C Howe?3 A It <1 W Kendall?3 Prime. r W.ird It King?4 K Thortpe ken?4 Loeschigk It Wiseudonck L 1 K lieu? 2t01 burr stones Morris ItCummings?1 r>kg Bennet v St Caldwell?1 S Cochran?2 K Stodclanl?I Poirier Kreret? I M ? (ijartl It co?1 Vie;or It Duckwiti?I M?cke, Piatt St co?t O Meyer?I C 11 Schneider?I F Tomet It son?I CI) W Lillieu- _ t.ilil ? I Hall in It Sander?1 W H Coles?I (J Vilade?I Oeltton V Treadwell ?1 A Biniuger St co?1 P A Brez?I I. B Binstt?I I SI Brrguard It co?I Setlry It Serening?I J C Allnpach? I D ' M Pcyter?I Bourrv d'lveinois It co?I Harnden It co? I KB Pa Grange?I Cumtning St Hiach?I H C Corhett?1 J Paine It co ed ? I J Owen?I It I) Baird?I C Hendricks?I T () Berlemi an S?mt? CRt'7.?Brig (Jrand Turk?7J hhd? molattet 161 bbls mi mgar A logs 127 sticks fustic 19 b?s seg.irt II tct honey II 'o do R libit molumes Holt Ik Owen. MtMAtlUt-Btii Cili/ni?120 sticks < edir 200 do mahogany 138 bales tobacco a quantity of palm leaf J B Last I a I ????? V?? DomMtlv Importation* NiwOiuini-Ship Liberty??? balM i.mdp HI docotton I 14 pitf* Irad 4 91 buihrl* wfc?H 33 tci tallow 1 <lo 1 l>t.U 1 -,| (ioodliu" ft co?7 tea do 2 bill* lw*n? GUI) hanit 4 I.IhU ilo 1 Hariwr?6 hhda tobacco Boorman. Johiialoo fc. cor4 do 4 in, onifaa?3 ck? i balm K S Kiacbel?64 tea llanml 1 H Mabw 33 hbl? do 6 dobmswax Wiljnii ?t Brown?847 bbla l?rlt II.ii, L?a k co?I bbl C Aim i?I chcati tMi VV '? b*li? mp I urker t mjiirr x Co?*# noia neinp ?e*-u ??i ? - ? *>.?-ii 12 hale* cotton Vv Barnwell?34 Bar*Uy k Livingston?(U Averill Ik co?79 8 Wood?102 JkK Milbank?f balr* n?l? Winthrop?9 keg* IwltfrW I! Atwater?10 bbl* llata*?i I ?lo e*wa* Clark k < 'airman->00 ck? M Vaiaar?3 hlida Urkaeco tea to order. Niw Orlkani?Ship Anliiirn?20 keg* butter C Adam* k oo 24 hhd* tobacco for a London packet?ll lei mo I *** ? h i?I tin St Ponvert?7CJ6 pm> tend ICI bbl* wluakey 'A do lafil ail radian Ik Scott?10 tuba butter W II I'ameron?1.100 ptga lead K Celliii* St co?094 do C H Hotter* V co?40 bag* r>>?? 4 III* ithera j Cain|ibell?I cka moUiae* 10 hbl* raitoroil K Fiedler 219 bbl? pork VV Utruwell?11 lilidi tobacco WW Vi-rwick? 9 keg* lard 3 bbl* lugar W Smith?217 do molaaara 20 libda gar J P Stanton?.'i Jo tobacco L Appleby?62 hhd* 46 b?* do 'later*. Markov k co?I |>kie W M liodet?I bo* C ' IToodmati i lli lialea cotton llolbrook. Nelaon k co?226 do Barclay Ik. iviiiKatou ? 1 caae I'oirier Krerea?I bo* S H Mill* it co?I bid olaaaea I do augar J C Clark k co?12 do molauea 5 lialea colli to order. St Mark*?Brie J D Noyea?206 bale* eoltou llolbrook V elaon? 41 A Waring St ion?72 Mel, I'oe St Andera on. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Dajra of lh? Steam HhfiM. rnuM i.ifKtpnoL. rr.ok amkbioa. j iberuia, Judkiu* Dec. 5 ....... - - Jan. !, ritauma, Hewitt Jan. 4 Feb. ! 1 iledoina, LoU Feb. 5 March I cadia, Shannon Mar. 4 April 1 j Packet! to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. KROM I.IVKItPOOL. FOR I.IVKHI'OVI.. Iirridan, De Peyater, Nov. 14 New York, Cmmier. IVc. 16 ambridge, Yea ton, Nor. 19 Liverpool, Kldmlge, Dec. 21 KROM rORTIMOUTH. KtlR rollTaMOI'TM. Udi.ttor, Briltou, Nov. II Weatnuuiter, Hovey, Dec. 20 ediator, ( hadwick, Nov. 20 St. Jamea, Meyer, Jan. 1 > ROM HAVRb.. rn? HAVRK . Nicolaa P?II, Nov. 16 Rhone, JohiiMou, Dec. 16 ui'benai- d'Orleana. Nov. 21 V. de Lyoti, Stoddard, Dec. 24 illy, Burrows, l)ff. 1 I 1'tica, Hewitt, Jan. l Ship Kuttn and Agent*. We shall esteem it a faror, if ('aptainsof Vessels will rive Commodore Kobkiit Silvtev, of our New* Meet, a Mr irtof the Shipping left at the Port whence tliey sailed. the easels S|xiken on their Paiin te, a List of their Cargo, and iy Foreign News|?per? or rJewathey may hare. He-will ! tard Lhem immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor )>ondenti, at home ar abroad, will alio confer a l?vnr '-.>y uding to this Office all the Marine Intelligence tliev can itain. Nautical Information of ur kind will be. thanLIu'ly CftlTcd. I'Ottl' Ur NKW IOUH, A!" I* *131:1 7 20 | MOOi* RISK! I .'18 JH 4 3Z I HIUH 12 Cleared Ships New York, Cropper, Liverpool, C R Marshall; Cristoil Colon. Smith, Havana, Spofford, Tilentou Si Co; Arkansas, unless. New Orleans, Wm Nelson; Uumane, Myers, Baltiore?Banjue Marie, (Swell) Landaars, Antwerp, Sclwnult St alcheu.?Brigs Port Leon, Johnson, B?ul>*<loes. Buck It Pers; Intrepid, (Br) Finn, Harbor Grace, NF. SifTken & Irondes; Georgians, Bedell, Savannah, John Ogden: Mobile, Williams. Mobile, Sturges St Clearman; Oceana. Creighton, homutnn, Neimith, Leeds It Co.?Sclirs Johu Drew, Allien, fest Indies, Foster It Nickerion; H Lawrence. Churchill, avannah, Dunham It Dimon; Harriet, Daly, Philadelphia. A CooleySiCo; K B Glover, Kallahan, do.?Sloops James L ong, Hawkins, Providence; Empire, Thompson, New Hav-?n, onn. Arrived. Packet ship Loun Philippe, Castoff, from Havre, Nov. II, ith md e to Fox St Livingston. Ship Auburn, Durfee, 20 day? from 1 New Orleans, with cotiii. to Stanton & Frost. Snip Liberty. Norton, 13 days from New Orleans, with cothi, to Post Si Phillips. Ships Tiiskina, and St Mary, and brig Wakulla, all for N York, sailed the day previous. Barque Altorf, Bogardus, (of Boston) 60 days from Newport, ?* lies, with mdse. to order. Sw edisk brig Helen Margaret, Neruast.W days from Gott.*nirg, w ith 216 tous iron, to Bourman, Joliustou It Co. Brig Grand Turn, Mayo, 24 days from Santa Crur, Cuba, ith sugar, fcc. to N'esmith, Leeds Ik. Co. Left uo American nsels. Brig Citizen, Ingalls, 30 days from Mansauilla, with tobacco, i Brett It Vose. Brig J. D. Noyes . Park, 19 days from St. Marks, with cot>ii, to K. D. Hurlliut Si (Jo. British brig Petrel, Parker, 35 days from Jamaica, with pilento. to Barclay Si Livingston. Brig Burmah, Sargent, 6 days from Sedgwick, with lumber, > master. BriR Canary, Drake, II days from Darien, with timber, to J. I g den. British brig Eclipse, 12 days from Windsor, NS. with plaster, j master. Schr Despatch, Corsen, 2 days from Braudywiue, with corn leal, Sic. to Ay mar h Co. Schr Wave, Johnson, 4 days from Milford, Del. with com, to taster. Schr Saahchare, Phillips, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, > master. Schr Texas, Small, 9 days from Kastport, with plaster, to laster. Schr Louisa, Atwood, 4 days from Plymouth, with full, to laster. Schr Sisters, Small, 8 days from Maine, with potatoes, to laster a?I - *' /.I a a r a ?,;.u i... u V Lewis. Sclir Benj. Bigelow, Bi-arse, from Bostou, with indse, to the Schr Albert Nl. Hale, Chase, from Boston, -with indse. to the Jitter. Schr Splendid, Crowell, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to tutor. Schr Qneen, Kldrit'ije, 2 days from New Bedford, with oil, o master. Below. Ship Congress. Also, 1 brig unknown. 8?llc<l Swedish brig Hansa, Ri* Janeiro, and others. Uenrral Hecord, FoRrini* Lftti.b Opkic*.?The London, Liverpool and larre packets will sail to-day. Their letter hags close at alf-paxt II o'clock in the morning. Ship Ohio. Koicers, of Philadelphia, from Buenos Ayrea 1st iept, for New York, put into U.ilii.t 6th October, in distress akv, lie. Schr li.rc, Simonton, of nnd Irom Thonia\tou for Jew York, with lime, in coming into I'epperell's ' ove, below Drtsmouth, about t a in, struck on a ledge. She sprung a leak, nd was got off in about five houn, with two feet water in her old She anchored inside the ledge, on Kiitery side, haviug ren freed by keeping both puinpa going two hours. Cargo apposed to be on fire?tli captain was iu ho|K's of saving the esiel without scuttling her. Schr H. T. Hi>, from Franklort for B-iltitnore, put ito Kdgartowu, with loss of an anchor off Tiukerquck, night f 9th. Bki? Toixji'IN, Norton, hence at St. John, NB. while beat j, wa? run into bv aii outward uouiiu ?clir? lost alienor, stove uln arks, and received other damage. 8p*kcn. Ttiskiua, NOrleans for NYoik, Dec 4, off Tortugas?by the liberty, at this port. . , Mary Ann, Shanklin, Philadelphia for St John, NB. no date -by pilat boat J ? Davidson. Foreign Port*. Galveston, Nov II?Arr Reaper, Dritton, Baltimore; istli, am Houston, Delesd-nier, Mew Orleans; Cauehita, Sauches, a in peachy; I7lh, Weser. Bremen. Savanilla, Nor 2S?In |>oit. Yare. [Br] for London, 2 davs; acksou, [Br] for Liverpool, l?Jtc; Valiant, [Bi] for do. No Lmericau vessels. l)):M).Kt??, Nov 17?Sid Ronnoke, Newbeni, NC. In port, >romo, Pickering, from Surinam for Salem, disg; Everton. layo, for St Tliomos. do; Antarctic, Thompson, for leeward ilauds, next dav: Cora, from Newport, nuc. diax; Zeiubia, )weus, from Baltimore, do St John, NB. no date?ArrTowiuiu, Norton, NYork. Horn* Ports. Castine, Dec 9?Arr Olinthus. H oson. St Peters Miq. KlimroiT, Dec 11?Arr MillinokM, Thompson. West Inies. Wiscasset, Dec 11?Arr Galileo, Lombard, from Boston for Invana. Pobtlani), Dec 12?Arr Watchman, NYork for Cutler; Sea an. do for Camden: llenry, and Coral, Frankfort for NYork. Id Eliza, Blake; Clio, Marwick, and Samuel, Tolford. all for ii ha. Boston. Dec 14?Arr Leonora, Graves. Newbnryport; Nat lief, Snow, NOileans; Phocbi' Baxter Crowell, Halifax- ('111 lOchinvnr, Wescott. New Orleans: Allen, Manson, Gonaives; larvaretta, Everett, Cienfuegos; Cygnet, Coo|ier, Jeremie; rictor. Cook, Philadelphia; Elisha Buckman, Peirce, NYoik Lrr 13th, Retrieve, Buruhain, Port Peuu, Del; Eliza, Sawyer, J York. Tauntow, Dec 11?Arr Pioneer, and Roscius, NYork. Sid til, Sarah, Staples, Norfolk; 12th, Harvest, NYork New Bedford, Dec 13?Arr Wrn Brown, Bumpus, Philaelphia; Siliel, Brown, Norfolk. Sid Kichmoud, Cushman, i York. Falmouth, Dec 12? Hid Hopewell, Lawrence, Boston for )hirleston. Ediiartown, Dec Arr Factor, NYort for Gouldsboro; Vatchman, do for Portland; Fortune, Smith, do for Boston; 1 T Hinckley, Frankfort for Baltimore; I lib, Maize, Thomav mi for Richmond: Hellespont. Philadelphia for Boston Sid I It, most of the above. In port, Energy, and Hellespont, for loston. Providence, D'c 13?Sid David Cox, Gilbert, Philadelphia; 2th, John Jay. Baker, do. NmroKT.llet 13?In port, Jas Lanpheer, Kenny, NYork for 'rovidence; Henry Gibbs, Gibbs, Providence via Fall Kiver "or NYo.k, New Haven, Dec 13?Sid Lodi, Sproul, Antigua; Elizabeth, Jlark, Philadelphia; 14th, New ifavn, Downs, Barhadoes. Philadelphia, Dec 13?Arr Benj Franklin, Vlinn, Boston? 4th insi. at 7 a m. Delaware City, while in the act of clear"* "J1V stern boat, Mr Thomas Hardinr, of Chatham, lass. 2d officer, was precipitated into the river by the breaking I one of the davits, and sunk before assistance could be ren red Also arr, Robt Wain, Sears, Boston; Caroline, Uowen, leroerara. Richmond, Dec ii?Arr Bethel, Eldridge, Boston: Smith, Vheeler, NYork. Arr 12th, Braiuard, Noonan, St John, NB. jA Ionick. Ackman, Jersey City. Kev West, Dec}?In port, Rose, for Bremen. Idg; Saluda, 'rowell, IS days from Chatham. Mass. for Mobile, same day; lerald, IS days from Newport, for do, soon. Tallahassee, Dec >?Arr Billow, Lawrence, and Hallo roll. Smith, NYork. RANTED?As Tntor in a private family, to go into the country a gentleman who is a classical scholar, and who an t|>eak and teach the Flench UiiKuage. The liest of refe nces as to moral character auil titnesi will be r?>inire<l. Ennire immediately, at;he office of New Y"ik i altersall's, 446 roadw?y. d'S 3t*r MR. OLE BULL 5 F.G8 Irave resrectfnlly to inform the public, that his last J Concert at the Park Theatre will take place on Monday pxt, Dec. Uth, on which occasion he will per'oim a CONCERTO IN THREE PARTS. tojether with the POLACCA OlF.RRIF.RA V CARNEALE DF. VENI/IO. dl? If m -?AKE8 FOR THE HOLIDAYS The subscribers will J prepare for the ensuiugiholidays a larg? assorrment of Plum, ound. Citron, Almond and Sponge Cskes, ornamented in sn rior stv l?. Kont Cake*. Kisses, f'ocoa Dreps, Macaroons. Ra:ifi?s, Lar Fingers, fcc. Pyramids, Baskrts and Fancy Ornaments lor THOMPSON It WELLER, Orranr.ei'al Confectioners, d IS lt*r 235 anil ST9 Broadway. "lONKECTlONARY AND KANCV ARTICLES.?The J subscribers have just received fmm l'?r ?, < Urg? assortent of tine Kancy Boias, Sum, Roleaux, Cornets, Sec. fil'ed ilh choice Ccnfeo'irnsry. Boxes of fine Prages, Chocolate, Pistilles, Pralnrs Mid Bant, Nought de Provence, French Mottoes, and a great variety small rtkleafof children, the whole of which will be ethited darinc (he approaching holidays. THOSlPSON k WRtLKB, Ornamental Confectioners, 235 (near Park Place) and 471 Broadway, d IS Iff opposite Nihlo's Garden, ?OLK'S PICTURES of Mount Etna, Voyage of Life, |'a,t > and I'reient lie. Sic. now exhibiting *t tr.e room? of the -tional Academy, corner n' Leonaiil nt n t and Broadway, dmittanre 25 cents?Seaaon Tickets it) cents Catalogues hi* nts d 16 2w*r ( _ NEW YORK, Dec. litb, 1843. , ' AMES O BENNETT, Esq.? IVar Sir?In rour |>aper of [ th? Utn, Iperceive by a mretiog of the Native American ( rty of the h n?t Ward that An n>w M. Mickle waa ?pi?i?t i one ?f the W.uil Committee. As I have BO knowledge ol > y |>ers?H of that name residing in the firat Wa^1, I m*v pre- n me thst the honor Wis intended for me I tlien-ture bet, laare ? say, if so, it wis without my knowledge or cousenl. n Yours respectfully ke. ANDREW il. MICKLE. I" Uif??icn!. 116 lit, H'st Ward. j Mtrail 4L PRKBf NTS K?> K T >1 K II o L I DA VS. 'I'll1' Kl'UI.I n?; Mlnllj- mtii'd lo v til AT WILL'S 1 Ml ?M< I(h I'CMI I Oh V, .1 i "i ' |>i roptw?? hntait | for the mn mi; ||i iiil it., in ki th ?c?iinjii* ?hieli an- llw follow w .rk , lciui!u!> |iilili?l.rl ?uJ ti>?t*f?llf bound s? ' N?iim?| 8<iiik< >T Auriici bring tit of the i>rinci|*l " tj?inl Anlhnni of lliit country. f ?lt? lor th? B .udoir " h?in| lire Houfil, u writImi fcy Uwip r. Morrn, Km i i "JJ* "" r?rlcr," brli.c w< m |>o|>ul ir Pong* comp'xvd .. , " ?,n0 t'ortf bv * till' nil. lirow u. l.orrt i Siinm " Wjiiu thiilicn ailiniroii Sougt, u wrillita ,D"f ?>IUP0M<1 hy 8.1 u.r L?r r Km) Knight Hi>.>gg ' trjgg ??if So' gt, u eompotwl b* Joirph Phlllin. Kni.t.. f... '' Moor*'* feting ?i? vtmiird Song*, a* written by Thorn a? Moore, Kill. " Kuiaeir* Monga 'ban* <n of tbe moat (xipular Pong*, m rotnpoied anil am.* by ?? . diatiuguialied tocaliat Henry Kua"Hejoaitory Wal** '*."beii'g ai\ W .litre* eaaily arranged ** Dancing Muaic?UY? auhject of rach Wal'x takrn Irom ?? ? popular Horg, efrsnged for thr Pmio * orte by Kranci* H. Urowu. Kfpotitt>rv Marchra," Iwing u* oftVemo*t popular and ( admired Ma*.lira aud (Juick 8U'i?, well amugrd for the Piam> KurK. " KI**I?r Dance*," b ing ai* of O r mrat atlmiri-d Pance* *f that di?(ingui*hrd artiat, Kauny t.laaler, rmhelliatird withhighly I'du'ii'il vign'tie*. ' of the Mrs," bring ail admired Honga, written by J. i H. Wreford, if. X. A ?the mniic c rn oaed by Aiu'in I'hillip* ?irb Song lieautifully einbelliihrd on tlie vignette. Al?o, all the pircra of Music in the above, lor ?ah" aepa '.utely. . , New and admired Muaic haudaome'y bound. M*J?ic for Urntar. Klnle, ?tc. Ikr Muaic bound md repaired if "tflhrn. Muaical liiatruinenta of every deacrUKKUi'lar J i!t\ ?nd warranted in every reapect " '1 hrre Cent Muaic" alao for a'If. Iwirgc CataU uuea, coutaininc tfi namx of every thing pub* liihao, givon k rati * IV'.Haic Stoiea, Sriiiiuifin and 'I etcher* aupplird, whole**'# ai'j retail. Ordera |ni>irtu,illy *;'end'd to, and ti e heat edition* of f liblicatioua alwaya at\vill,'8 mush; repository. ill6aSiinr 2#i Broadway ligii of the Ooldrn l.yre. Jl ('omjwnWt". to l)\ luhu;ne'? History of thr Reformation. THK ? -HKAI'KST HOOK OK TIIK SKA SON. INTKRKHTINU TO ALL CHRISTIAN*. Thi? day ' ntMiihe4. price 37l? cent*. HISTORY OK Al.L CHRISTIANS, 8FCT9 AND denominations ^-Vheir Origin, Peculiar Teneta. and l'rraent Couditinn?with nil Introductory Accouu'of A thriala, Driata, Jrwa, Mahomedam. Pagan*, Sic By John Kvana. L L D. ^ rom the Lou '-Miiiun, remen aim emargeu, wi n me addition (it the most recent !*Utiili<-s relating to the Religious Sects in the United States, bv the Aineriran Kditor. lu ill preaeut revised and cnpy-right forin. thia i? the beat, most thorough anil rhea(>est History of thi Cn' stiau Secta in exiate-nce Nn Ch'is'ian library eui be regard d aa complete without it. Aii accou*t of every important division in the (liurrli, of ancient and modern origin?including Puaeyit??. Cainiihellitea, Mill-ritea, Mormonitet, Hicksites, Jtc will be found here, Such s collection of interesting materials liaa rarely before lieen brrught together. The work forma a handsome octavo volume of 2M payee, neatly printed and bound, making a sizeable and convenient book The utmrat impartiality has been ohservd in th? compilation, and ample justice haj be?n dune ta every aect. So ha* been the popularity of thia work in Knpland, that I'O.OOJcopiea hive been slid there. Ita deficiency in res pect to aecta in the Uuitrd Hiatea ia now ain| ly au>it>lird by to* American editor; and it forma a book of standard intemt ane authority. Published and foraile by BCKOKSS & STRINGER, 222 Broadway, N. Y Ai.d by all I'e lodical Agent*. alAU'rc A( Alii)? Mr. H4RVKY respectfully announce! the intention of eihibitiug hia TnuliuM to the pitblic, at the (i.illery ot the Apollo Aaaociation, (>ppo*ite the Hospital,) :IJ2 Broadway, from Wrdneadiy, ZOth l)ec. They couaiat principally of American landscape srenery. and include the original water c<lor drawings, which have procured for hint mucri commenda*ion and many letter*, inclndmg those from tne fof lowing distinguished and eialleil personages Washington Allatou, Esq. Sir Martin A. Shee, P. H. A., ilie Hon. C. A. Murray, written b<'cimmand of her Mpjestv, Queen Victoria, and hia Roval Highness, Trince Albert. They will remain upon exhibition fort short tIM ouly. dl?Ht*r AC A H.D-PRO FK88OR OLM 8TK.L), of Y-le College Conn., will accent our thanka for hia exhibition and liberal notice of our <Hoh? (Vale's Globe and Tranapareat telestial sphere) at the Brooklyn Institute eipresafdin the brie/ remark that i he audience could judge of hia estimation of the instrument from the fact that lie had ordered one for the use of the students at Yale College The well known reputation ot the Professor constitutes the value of the compliments. 'G. VALE. N B?Tliis instrument, adapted alike to Common Schools and Colleges, can be seen|at Mr. Vale'a Nautical Kstabliahment, 91 Rosevelt street. New York. did lt*r pACKK~f~SHIP GASTON, from New Orleans, ia d<a! 1 <-harg ng at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Consignee* will please attend to tte receipt ol their goods imraed.ately. dl6r PACKET SHIP 8ILVIE DE ORA88E, t Oil Sandy Hook, Dec. 12, 1843. J pAPT. WM. C. THOMPSON?Dear Sir : We, the cabin ' J passengers on bwir.i the packet ship Silvie de liraase, on her recent voyage from Havre to New York, most cheerlully tender ti you our grateful aekuowledgtmenta for the ability and skill you have exercised, in conducting your ship through a continued succession of galea and tempesu across the Atlantic. I our gentlemanly baaring and assiduity in contributing to our pleasures a-d wants, will make a lasting impression on our minds Thrriigh you we wnuldalso tender oar thanka to your subordinate officer* rand crew, for the fidelity with which they have discharged their various dutiea. For our siucere wishes for your future happiness and prosperity, we remain yours, truly, (Signed) Dr. il. < iansou, A. Peyrot, | Mrs. Wo^dbnry, Dr. N. D. Greasor. Aug. Horn, BUrnon, N'. iV"i)"i'v?i""ri' HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY?Established in 1025, for the cure of tliiKurt of a private nature, No._ 3 DivUinn street, the only place in tin' city where the genuine Hunter'a lied Drop, a niPiliciiic never known to fail in curing llie most desperate c*ses of certain diseases, can lie obtained. Price $1, warranted to cure any cane in a few d<ys. lJ?e tin* right medicine in the lirst place, and there will lie no half cured catea.? In Albany it can lie obtained at No. 5 Maiden Una?it cannot he had north of Albany genuine, cr Boston, or Charleston, 8. C., although counterfeits are sold in both tlune cities. Pirections accompany each vial. d 16 lt*r Mrs. carroll's old established medicated vapor baths, 24 CourtUndt ?treet-a certain cure for colds, ulaudular afTectiois, ulcerated sore throat, rheumatism, Ike The fear ol catching cold deters many from using I he vapor hath, but the fleet, if properly administered, is by exciting the vital action of the skin, giving rise to a power of reaction, and enabling it to resist cold better than before Open from 7 o'clock in the morning till ' o'clock at night. Sulphur IJ illis require one hour's notice. Portable V?|">r Baths sent to any part of the city or Urookl) dlft Iwr TO THE EDITOR OK THE HERALD?8m:?In the report of the meeting of the "Seamen's 8*11-Preservation Society," published in the Herald of Wednesday last, I conceive tliat some of the s|ieakers of that meeting have done m? aid trany of my ellow-citizeui a great iujusticaby misreprasentatiou and foul slandtr. Oue of the speakeri, a Mr. t)paM| iig in an hypocritical canting manner, h*s the unblushing impudence to tell his hearer* that ' 'he gospel trachea us to treat ill men kindly, even those who abuse and injur* u?, e?en (he landlords, who gaiu a livelihood jear after year by fleecing and destroying every ?ailnr they can, hut we would not in ure a hair of their heada." I won Id ask. Mr. Kd'tor. ia thia a iprrin?en of Mr. Spaldini'a cha ity. H< professes kinduess and perpetrates a foul aland'r in the ram* breath. I hsrs bee* a sailor out of the port of New York aome e'ght or rine years, mil tlia keep-r of a se/iinen's boarding house for ihitlss'fivs veari, and I d?fy auy man (o'eome forward and ir^veth-t I hav- wrnugde hun out of a rent. Now if th- re are such tailor landlord*, who make a practice of tle"cing and destroying sail or*, who go on bo?rd ol a ship with a bottle of rum lor the onrpos* of al'uriiw the unsuspecting sailor to their dens of rnbKe ; and vice, let them be pointed out. Kor my p?rt, I hare lever taken a drop of lii|nor ou board of a vessel in lay I fe for the fu'poie of enticing a sailor to bo.ird with me, and am the efoie, iiiiwilliux to be classed indi?crimii?ately with such wretchea. JAM K S K AM LEV, d 16 lt?r S4S Water street?A Subscriber. NO ROOM KOK DOUBT. Mr. BKNSON, <7 Prince street, cu'ed three children by one I81I. boa of Kent's Worm Lozeuges, after many other medicires hai been tried a iili at effect. (Jen. I.nder, K?<1 N Y. Vocal Inst, was cuied of a aevere cough, with much pain, by less thin one II l>eniiy boi of Kent's < ough Lozeurf<?. Mr. Clyde, 111 trrsnif, was cured byli Loz<*rge* only. Mr. John Taylor, theceleblared costumer. 5H Piicce, sa>s three or four of Keut's Com l>ound Camphor Lozenges cured Mrs. T. of a rery violent liead<tche in a few miuutes. Mis. Clyde, 87 Crosby, subject to I.ervous headache, savs three or four always cure* her. One ! I'euny hoi contains 2l Lozenges. Kent's Ami-Aphtkona L,e/.enKes are an unfailing cure for " Pprue ' or Thrash. Pleasant to tli* taste, they ant much more convenient than any wash kr. One IB penny b"i is suflici-nt in sny case Kent's Heart burn Lozenges pr mptly remove all acidity of the ston.aeli Prepared ai d sold, wholesale and retiil, at A|>oihecari?a' Hall, No. 6d I'riuce street, corner of Marion, a few door* ea?t of Niblo'a. dlfilm'r A DVKHTISKMKNT.?Mr. Okoaok H. Uliddo*, ol r.gyn, will commence * conraa 01 r oiir i.rrmn a on r.gyr iatt Acti?|Uili#?, at the Stnvvraaut Imtitute, Broadway, on Monday *v 'mill, 18th December, at tight o'clock. 1 lie second L'ctun- will ba aeliverad at the aame place and hour on the tocrrrdirg Wedneacay evenii'g ; ard III* coarse will be con(ioard on the i-uaning Monday and Wednesday efpnings. K.nh Lectare will be accompanied by copious Pic'oritl lilu*trr.tiont. Subjects? lit Lecture, ' The Phsraobs of Scriptnn*;" tSe other thr-e will treat on the " Mem;'hite Pyramids,"' comprising the diacr yeriea. Tfkmi TicUeta of ndmiaaion for aale at the bookatnre of Bart1* It Wi-lfwrd. n.nler the Aainr llouae ; a' C row en's, 633 Broad ?av ; at ihe oflicp il the (l.ohe Hotel ; and at the door fih? Institute Gentlemen'*. $1 M: l.rdv a JO cents for th? CiUnp Binge pdniias:on. Fi tj Onts. 6td 16-18-19 20-75-27 rrr NKlfilKK QUACKKRY NOH HUVBl.'U-DR. J KVAN8 haa removed hit Old tiilen'i Head Diateusary to 2?fl Pearl atieet, corner of IJeekmMi street, where he cor.tinura hii aafe. speedy, and effectnal treamrnt and core of all delicat'diaeaaea (no mater how com| licated,) and where the real Dr. K vans will he found by liia nrmerona enqnirjug friends. If age. science, and forty-five rears esperience, entitle a prac'i tiouer to preference, then Dr K. wnnld direct the attention of a discerning public to an inveatigasiou of his claims; he wiahea the citi/era to b? aptirir. d there ia no other Dr. Kvana in hia neighborhood; and that he haa no connection whatever with any other offii e. Hia charges are mcderate, hia conanltitivna strictly confidential N. !>.?Observe tJie number. mi italics may be dangerous. dIfi lt?f AI.UABLK KkmkoiYh -Rheamatitm ard Chilblains ' ?Dr. Chnrch'i Chemical Kiwme of Mustard The nae ofihii hid nlating embrocation ia meat fffeetual incases of Blienmalis, Chilblains and stiff joints, a single totlle in ordinary casea will be fonnd aulBcient to j-etform acne. Bold m boltlea at SO centi each kninriniia 011 the Kace?Chiirch'a Veactahla l.-ttion.?Thia teleftrated ccsmetie wi'l eiadicafe ?jl rnifiinni, rarticularly nimilet,hlotthes. Uiu, ftvcklea, mlk womb. kc. lta ntr for * li >rt time will establish a clear and brilliu:lcomrlenon. Bottle* at 75 cer ti each. < oughs and Coldi.?Dr Church'a Cough Drona is an ' remedy for Coughs. Asthma. lntlneuzi, and d.a*a res of the lurifi. Sold in botllrs. at '<0 cents each. Itch, Itch.?Thia loathsome divate cured with a nugle an 11 nation ofChurch's Scotch Ointment. Theabore taluable remedies a ild U 188 Bowtry, corner of Spring street. il 6 I m m Rtfffdiif.h* scarfs. cravat*,"ulovw, fcc.Th" subscribers oiler to the faabionable community, an ei t'naive assortment of new and fashionable articles, conaating nl fear la. I rivals. Glove*. Stocks. readv made linen and mu. liu Shirts. linen Collar*, Dreaa K routs, Suspenders, Dieasiog Robes and Under Garment* of all descriptloos. Their aasortin, nt of Scarf* and ( ravata renaiaM or (life, MIm, eaahmere and mohair, of plain black, rtgnred black, gold and silver ajwt and figures, fancy color*, praid and atripe* in great variety, among which may#be found some oj the richest natter. ever imported m thia city. (Jentlemeu who will favor tlieni with a tint will lind one of tlie moat cateniive assortments of article* i> ertainiiig to a gentleman's wardrobe, to he found in any oth i <stib'ishmenti? thia city, and at pricea to auitihe tiirea. p "k5ELL8Ii A()ATC, o d established Line* (>ra|iera. Slock Manufacturers, kc.,217 Broadway, dl; lm*r cor F.irk FlIW. ? I K HI L, I.A< KI.Nt? ?It ia a I'tct u nver??ll\ ailmitte.l that ' Lee's Steam Blackmv ia ??[ erior to any other yet invented, t aoftens < lid rrew rves the le. tber, and in one minute w ill pr. n e a moat a'toiiistiinB j. t black glow, that will ?t*rd three imos aa lung oil your boot* or i h. ea ,i* the common blacking ' the rreaent day. C. Lee is the sole isvn'or and m.ionfacir-r of tKe above article and 1m* k?pt it b> f le the public lipid* of forty yeara lie alao uiannfactu eaa mperi< r ?'tiele I'black and h ue ink (nrrm-neat cOlora) that will i.nt i jura I "I pen*. Th^ above article* lor aale at price* coirr?|?>ii>1|iig i h th times, at /-<*'? fn-am Blarking Warchenae, No 1 ohn street, corwr of Br adw?y. dl6 it*r

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