Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. 12., No. 334?Whole No. 3530. TUB NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. lifijfc To ml from Ne^Yorl^Ut, ?ud (ruin Liverpool Bll^I^TOcn month. ? , From Xtio York /. P?' r Now Ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 toni, ^'cril ?! j.'.'ne (i J. EldridK*. 21 (,<;t- (i N.itiir QUEEN OF THE WE8T.K?" y ?,' j,!fy c 125V tons t\ Woodlioiuo. at New ?hi|> KOCHK.8TEE, 854 tom, ?i "VuJ.'? Joiiu Urillou 1 (Jcl'r ?l I >. c~< N 8hi|. JIOTTINOUEU. lOiu ton?,# J," " J} ? Ira ii?r?ely, >NovV JI Jau\ ti Tl^jf lolMtantial. fast uilinfi int clut all built in the city of New York, are commanded iby men ol experience mi l ability, and will be diapatch?d punctually on tike 21at ol each mouth. Their cabins are elegant anil eommodiom, and are ftirninhed with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of paaaeuper*. Trice of passage, 8 If' Neither tha capi uus of owners of those ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages seat by them, unless regnl.r bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight orPaKsage apply to woomriJLL & minturns, 87 Smith atreet, New York, or to KIKLDLN, BKOTHEK8 U CO., dir Liverpool KOH L,IV till POOL?NEW LINE.?Regular Pocket of U6th Deceinlier.?Thn splendid packet MMHKs^hip SlliiJON S, Capt. K. B. Cobb, of lOOtf tuna, will Mil n? above,her regular day. V or freight or passage, having accommoilaiioua uneiiualled lor splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLlNH fc CO. Pric? of paiaaffe, $100. 56 South street. The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. fcpeyater, of 10U0 tons, will succeed tlie ?i Idona and sail tlie 2> ih January her regular day. Passeugrrs may rely upon the ships of this line sailing puac tually aa advertised. dlRec Mbit KoTlHClVERPOOL?The New Line Re*uUr toff Packet 21? t December ?The new and very spleudid EL&jXmSe# York built picUl ship LIVERPOOL, John Klilndge, master; 1150 tons, will sail as above, her reguUi dav. for freight orpaasace, hiving roomy and umurpas?ed accommodations, apply to the Captain on b"?rd, west side llurlin/; slip, or to WOUUI1ULL St MINTURNS, 87 South at. Pi ice of passage SICO. The new aud elegant Packet ship Quee i of the West, Philip Wrt.idbouae, n aster; U5<l tons, will succvd the Liverpool, aiiu tail on h'.-r regalar dav,2Ut January, 1841. el'jr ?/ -& new"line ok packets kor liverPOOL.?racket of 21st December?The splt-iulid *^f^?ftknown favorite |i.\cket ship LIVERPOOL, lJOtt ton* burthen, Captain Joliu Llilridge, will sail oil the 21?l December, her regular day. The ?hi| < of tins lice being all 1000 tons and upwards, perioui nbout to en hark for the old country, will uot fail to see the ad vantage* to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, is tlnir urea re -pacity renders th-tn every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smaller class, and th?ir uccuininodacixiii it is well known are superior 10 any Others. Thoss wishing to seenre berths should cot fail to inakt early application on boari, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT. At thsir General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, lilt ec corner of South st ?>^5^ LONDON? Regular packet of the 20th Dec ?The wel ki.own favonte packet ship WE"'!'MIN. M'sr " ? ^ ''l " Captain liovey, buithen 1000 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Her accommodations for cahin, second cabiu and steeragi passengers, are splendidly fitted up for the comfoit and C'iu venience >fpassengers. Persons intending to embark shoulii make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, if 0 Pine st. corner of Month. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the ok country, can have them brought out by t?-e above shin, or an> of the tiie regular packets sailmg on the 7th. 17th anil 27lli ol each mouth, by applying as above; if by letter, post paid. P S. Drifts Hi Sigh', far Irrge or small sums, are dia^n M thekubscribfr ou the Provincial Bank of Ireland; payable ii every to ?u throughout the country ; al?o on Messr Spjoner Atwood V t'o, Bankers, London, payable in every town ii < ireat Britain. dl2r FOR LONOON-Packet of the 20Lh De?.-Th< WMMfypri ket ship WESTMINSTER, Csp' Moore, wil Mr^bln' despatched f r London a' abo>e;her regular day Those wishiiiK to secure a passage, having superior Rccommo dttiou fur cabin, sfeond <al>iu and steerage passengers, appl; to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street. N. B ? Passage from London and Liverpool bv th? reuuli tuckets, sailing weekly, ran at all times be arranged at th lowest rates and drafts furnished for any amount, payabl throughout the United King lom, on application a* above, dl/r KOH OKEENOCK AND GLASGOW, will despatch?Th* pac?ec ship SALEM, Capt. Ileiru JSfcMtKa" 111 sail as above. Her accominodi inns for tab in second CiMJ and stetrage passengers, are supeiior to auy vesst in port. P.tsons desir, us of g. iiu siiould make early applies liou oa board, loot of Pit c street, o- 11 JOSEPH McMURRAY, Ml Pine. corner of Sonth street. r. ^ ?reinni Wisnirt lu Ft'M'J i"r mo ;u? iu u? umun can have them broualu out by '.lie aboie packet by uiakine ai ranttements with the above. d2r "i&fr PAC1CBT FOR BRISTOL?With immediM IV<j>alch?fi'h'? wv|| known fast sailing b?rk COS > 1 (V t a I > l. Outeibridge, will meet witii i in medial niutcii for the above port.' She hii ciod accouim-datioiis for cabin, second cabin an,? I'i- >eiii:er?. Those about going to the old conrtr Mill luid this a desirable oppiiiunuy. Applicstion withoc de'iv should be made U> \V". ii J. T. TAPSCOTT, LJi r 43 Peck ?lip. comer South street. AfrrtT KUR N KW ORL KAN S?Louisiana and N?i Y< rk Line?Regular Packet. of "Oth Dec?The fai ijjj"- | > t ship III)\T8VILLE, Capu ?. Cci lu ll, will sail an above, her regular day. i- i.r freight or iMssage, having handsome furnished aceeinmc a..{i >ns, apply o;j board at Oil-ins whsrf, foot of W.<ll stree or to K. K. COLLINS kCO. 5C, South street. Shippers hv this line may rely upon having their gootU co NCtl)' ii?-a?ured. AgeuU iu New Orleans, Hulliu & Woodruff, who wi pr unptly forwiH nil foods to th>*ir nddress. Tlie jiackt t si111' (tasion, < :i|>t. O. I- idrtdee. will surety the lluutswle, aiidsail the JOt Drc., her regular day. uI2r '-'it! a IN iSTON. Jamaic ?To sail on th IU' ' - The will Unowu, fasts tiling,favorite brie Vl.i AVKUlLL, Capt. Itevans, willsail lusiiivel aliote, he, re{'.tlir day. Sli? hu fir?t rnv accommodations for cabin paisenijers. Thos about pri?c*dirc to the abov? port will find the.VlaryAven a most CesiraMe conveyance Karly application should I made ou board, H ot of Lime' sin*'., or to W. it J. T. TAI'SCOTT, 43 Teck slip, <'11 corner South ?treet. ~7'ACKKT Foil HAVKK?Secoi;d Line -Tl~ 'Ij'l' UTH-'A, F. He wit, mastei, will sail oil the li BOYDy& H1NCKEN, 9 Tontine Building, dVe comer Wall and Waier streets. frfig-" roil IIAVRK?The French brig ALKRTI vfipXV Cat t.iia ' leuic. K> r irei rlt apply to -i'i fit;, A.^< .riHUSSl ItEJfc CO. 47 Bread st. or to ..Kiifiv J"'1 'V I KIllL.:K3?IVki t for l?t January? hit* 1 RKS',f> I 1 C;*pt? Mvrici. Apply to LAI KEN;;** PflKlIfB. IOT l> rout st ' or ti BOY U it 111 NL is *. N, Aiteuts, dire _ 9 Tontine Buildings. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ,-?W KREIU1ITH KOH WIIEELINl >&:4a?t ^ A Arsll) I'lTTHBUIUJ, I'*.?T L-C^3i5K uniferiifind. for the la?t five years (ai ? ?f "IT * ' present) A fit lor Bingham's Li from t^it city to t'ltuourg. takes tins method ol lulorming n numerous friends and patrons, lliat having mtde esteusivo i rutgemi-uis lor lorw ,rdiug merchandise ^ ?ia railroads ai wagons, during tin* winterseason, to the West, lie i* now pi Sired to receipt for Roods from llus city to Wheeling, Va. v alum tit* nun I'oDilwrlnnd.or to Ptttslnirg via Philadelphia ni the Charnuertburg Railroad. A II goods entrusted in his cai will be forwardnl without .my delay, and at the lowest curre rat,?, to either of th* poiuts on the Ohio River. Als merchandise and packages forwarded by Green's Exprri through III three dav;s from Baltimore to Wheeling. making h 1 six days Hum tin*city to Wheeling. The business will conducted by? Win. Tyson. No. 10 West street. New York Bingham fe Brut h<ri i, 2*6 Market street, I'ln!idelphu. James Wilson. North Howard street, Baltimore. iiolliday U Kgerton, CumherUud, Md. James H Korsyth Si Co.,, V*. Wm. Bingham, Fittshurg, i'a Goods intended for the Wheeling ronte should be mark New York and Wheeling Lint, care of James Wilson, Bal inure, and tlioss fur Pillnliuig, liuikilisin's Line as heretolore. WM. TYSON, No 10 West street N. V, New York. Nov ao, 18 :f. nZI lin'i STATEN ISLAND EEHHY, KOO fCV=?V >"L WHITEHALL ST.?The .t.ainlx STATEN ISLANDER willle.iye New Yo and Suten Island, on and after October 2d, as follow*, un lurther notice Leave Staten Eland at 8li, 10, *. M., 2. 4, p. M. J^V New york %t * IJ^' 10 ,n'D- I"4" ' N. B.?On Hun days th.- boat will leave at 11 instead of I2fc All Irsight shipped is required to be particularl y maraeo a it ai the risk of tUe owners thereof slAtli vv ' V1 KK M>IL ,l'NE~ KOK ALB flcnacpf and i ner miwlisi* placas, from the fool ?tlhi II nil*! Mr Court! anal utrrrt I I r ?!?anuT I'T (' r^t. J. Sc?ift, ?ili )?* on iboY? a: a P. M. ou Wt<lu?*di Ti e COl.UMftf A, Opt. A. Hnnchton, will leave ? tbc at .1 P. M. ?q Tuetdiy, TnniwUy anil ttaiurday. Kor or frvivht. apply on board, or t? P. 0. Srhnl at the nlliri* o.i th* v?imif. (j|ji FATEKSON RAiUlUAD f'roui Pateraou tf> Jeraey City. On and aftrr Monday, Oct. 2d, IM3, the c*r? will leave riTkHnoM Ucr?T. Lf.ATB Niw Vnm B A. M. ? A. M. II * ' 1?* f. M. 3 P. M. * ON SUNDAYS. LfcAVK Patkkion DKrOT. Lkatr Nkw Yori a A. M. 9* A. M. J P. M. 4 f. M. Tranaportation can leavedaily (Pnndayi eieepted.) Pa** Ki-ra ?re adviaeil tit he at the Kitty, fool or Courtliuidt atrvrt few imniitra before the atnted Imurt of departure Jyl9 8m' N i:w YORK AMI 11A It LKM RAILROAD COMPANY. WINTER il vjTjJTL AUR\NOE -gCTpy aiknt. (>ii and ^fti r Dtii'mber 1st, 1113, Itie Car* will run in the f low Hi': order!? I.mrr City flail Ltnve the Hriilgt for thf Ihiitfl. Jar City Hall. 00 A. to. 8 JO <1 u<) " 13 20 11 30 " 1 00 2 (10 P. M. 3 30 4 30 " 6 00 The Ci'y Hall and 77th atreet line will ran** follow* Fr< 7 A. M. i very 111 minnte* through the day till 7 30 P. M. The K?iri Njolit Line will run at f>l|jw* :? li<.-\ve< ,n Half lor 27ll? stirrt at R, 0 30, 0, 9 30, 10, 10 30, & Leave IT, tl, ?ir.-et fur < itv Hall aI 7 30, H, R 10, 9, 9 30, 10, fc 10 I), order of the It mrd. or \V < I'AinMN, See.'y IfLAXSEEl).?* mclta very superior Flawed, boiling fr< h"* Oencaee, Ironi New Orleaua. lor a.tle by i.2??o ?, k. COLLINS fc CO. }? South it . . i , j. E NE NEW THE ELIXER OF LOVE ~ Tha houarliold ties! the household tics! Mow beautiful they are? ?" ><h roiy lips and laughing rrn, l?'ii chreks and golden hair. iiow sad i> childh'H married life? Weilih ran no joy afford; Cold looks the husband on the wilf? Th? wife upon her lord. But Lore's Emxkh?thatswert boon Will Nature's curs# remove, Aiid crown w ith living blossoms soon, '1 he l>e ' of fruitUw lo>e. Luciua Cordial!?barren wives lit o?to luothns fair, Ami t lie fond name of Kither give* To husbands iu dosuair' In leuthorrea and in gleets, It prove* a soverutgu li t!lit; Consumption too a conqueror meets In iu uufailing chirm. Eruption!, Isssitodeaiid pain*, ]u back, or loius, or ch- st; Diwsise brought ou by sudden (trains, Uncharges loug suppressed, At* by this woud'rous Cordial cured. No uior< Clteir vacuus vex. Thus by its aid is health insured At ouce, toei'hersex. Let all who suffer from disease Or fault iu Nature's Law, Seek troin tins grand specific ease, At uiuety-two N -ssau. And No 13 Court street, Boston; No. 90 North 6th street, Philadelphia. I ersons ordering this mcdiciiie from (|m country, by sending tremittance, cm hats it huxed up audseut to any pail of the 'niou. 1'rice (J |>er bottle, or $21 per dozen. n3> lm*m 'PO '1 HK LADlKf.?If you have hsiry eicrescences. couf ceiling a broad and elevated forehead?if you have the mi sig'<tlv appendage of a heard on your upper lips?if you have sujwrtluouj hair diitigur;us auy pail t f vour oilit'Wlie Insli fui faces, the i'ouJre hubtile, invented by Or. Felix Oouraud, will qairkly .xuil forever tradicate it, Without the slightest injury or discoloration to ycur skins?this you ran be satisfied of bv weingthe pie|>aru'i"li tested st the Doctor's office; slj doubts of thearrcle htitir a humbug will quickly vanish. K r sale ouly at <>7 Walke/street, one door Irom Ui" c iruer of Broad way? $l per bottle?where may lie had the following ariicles, all warrauted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, lor curing a'l blotches, pimples, frrckles, tan, mjrphew, scurvy, it. h. redness, sillowness, or roughness of the skin; for cliap.ed haads, face, or niiinpun hi'ei its effects are Inmitlj hi the washing of children, in allaying all irritation nud chafing, its pr?|ieities are really dstoiiishuig so softening and healing that no mother should be without a cake. One cake, 5nceuts,is uffieient, nud we warrant it or return the money if not suc1 cessinl. fle on your guard against a bold imitation, and buy no where else but as abore. (rourtud's Eau da Bja>i>, or True Water of Beauty, is a well kuown and ai>nrov< d cosmntic 'or uleuisuig helling, pun [ fy-iiiK and bmutifiiuK the1 roinphxion, and byiUdilatinKP.ropeitiej prevent"K the formation ul wriukles, and banishing ! them when present. $1 per b >ttle. Uouraud s Vexetable l.iiuid Kou(r if parts n delicate blushi inK unm* to the complexion, immovable bv iubbi.i. with a liaudkerchief or linen cloth. For ilyeinK ladiej' stockings or , gloves, this preparation, diluted with wafr, is iniuiiuble. 10 ccuU per b ittle. I Uour;nd's Ha:r Dye will chinjje ted or jray hair to a benuti, fill dark brow n or black, \vi horn staining the>kiu. SI per bottle. Wlii ker and K\e brow U)e 2; cen s jier bottle. , Uouraud's tlUuc d'Kspague, or Spanish White, give.* a pure lifehke alibast-r white iesi and i ni.vithneis to the sltin?free Iroin all injurious iugiedienU and is eulirely annihilating comm >u chalk and Hake white. Put up iu elesant boxes, cents each This, with other of "r. O.s preparati 'ns, it imitated. Boy no whe e else l~u'. at 67 Walker street, jujt one door from the corne. of Broadway, where will be touud an assortment rf iln moat delicate and choice I'erfumery, imported trora all I pirts. Agenls?Jordan, 2 Milk stre?r, Boiton; 7S Chesnut street, > Philadelphia ; Kobinson, Harnsbtirgh ; Uemitch, Lancaster; Seabrook, I'rinceton; Trippe, Newark ' Touney, Rochester; I Carawell, hock ort; JMnit'i, Palmyra; Orii(s, II uniltou, county; Guthrie, Albu y; Uiay, Pou^hkeepjie; Klliott, Gojt.en; Myers, New Haven ; Dyer, Providence : Taylur, Newpoit; Carirton, Lowell : Ives, Salem ; H >dge, Newburvpoit; PresI ton, Portsmouth ; Patten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor ; Luther White, Calais ; Srth S. Han e, Baltimore; Selby Parker, f Washington Mrs Kraser, Richmond: iVlath?wson, Norw eh. Conn.; Wells &. Humphreys, Hajtfoid; K. C. Kerre, Middletown. dll m*r 1 " HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS, i A LLKN'S SKLK-COCKINU AND HKVOLVINO SIX BOHK CASi' SlKEL, UAKltKLS PISTOL?Thu Pistol cocks anil revolves m-rely bv pulling the trigger, and six ? shots may be delivered within trie snort space of three seconds. 1 It is more simple and moie durable than any Pistol now iu use, and warranted su|*rior to any othei maker. For tale in quan titles to suit purchasers, by f A. W. SPIKS & CO. 218 Pearl street, lmpoitrrs o( Hardware and Cutlery. Also, Onns; Pistols; Oun materials for manufactnnuK, a:tcrr ins or repairing Guns. T\AV? SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?25\\;aideu Lane. Experience has proven that a leather ?ole can be at tached to India Rubber uppers, ?o that it is impossible to se" jtHrnw them in the course of wearing. These Over Struts,which ' have already tnrown into disuse leather overshoes ami mocasi tins, and in which the water proof boot is fast tendiug, are ' by the Rosbury India Rubber establishment, 26 l" Maiden Lane, of a quality snrpnsinfly perfect, and altogether better than are being made by any other establishment in the trade. The intent ijnilted slipper Over Shoes aJirt Boots are furbished only at tl?s establishment. Every article appertain' uig to ths rubser business lor sale or made to order, r- HORACE II. DAY. Successor to lUcRoxbury 1. R. C., 7 dJ lm*r 2S Maiden Lace. > publTIVEL* WATER I'ROOK?\V. J. Kooine's Sospi ? to or Chim;?e WafnTroofOintment?Manshaem 4c Palm'r Principal wholesile and ret'il agents f >r this onlysure nteveutivi d ol'wet feet. Tar cel.'brsteil Eu.-vka Ulicbing, w hich his wou ? y great reputation for its brilliancy of |*>li?h in quick time, anii it which is well adapted for using over th? Sospito, is for sale hv the proprietor at liis agency for the soipito, 81 pulton Meet, corner of (Sold. N. B ?The public are inviied to (all &td test iti merits. * dll lm?ec f- TSJINTH WARD CHEAP GROCERY ANU PROVI .L' ^IOX STORE.?taimlies i nlhe neig\boiho.>d of Sintli > aviMiie and Greenwich lane, about laying in til ir winter stock t. of and Troujions. will do better by a large |?er cent aire in buying in .t the cheap Provision S.ore No. 9 Grrenwicli r- I me, where ..ll ar.iel in th Goceayand Provisiou lii.e car be purchased at cheap, if .mt cheaper, than mv other est*bli?h< 11 meut iu that viciui'y- Goods warrant'd t> suit; if not, thi money will be uturued. Uood? seat toanff part of.tnc city *1 I'm* of txiKaie. MICHAEL KIELLEY, il I j !u?#ec 9 Green with lane. J\ RIRDS! BIRDS! lilRI*?! y TU8T ARRIVED, the largest assortment of Singii'K Birdi " ever imported t? lliis courtry, fioin <?erir.any. Ainonvs f thorn are iOO Canary Birrfs, the finest singers; Nightingales H learned Bullfinch.* ami lUichbuds, hud a large number of tin very liutsl Enrop:au SiiiKiuK Birds?all of which will be sol< low'.it HENRY BICK'S, ?8 Im^-c III and 153 Cedar strett. - NOTICE?REMOVAL. !f rIMIK subscriber infoims h's friends and the public ihat hi L )i:m rt muted (rom the eiiablishmrnt 91 Bro dwav to his ol< stand, !!4 Bp-adwxy, opposite St i'aul's Church, liarint bought out the entire iuteie*t of Mr. Van Vrauken. A la'gc aj ?;of Hit* hiuI Caps, constantly 00 haud JOHN N. OKNIN. ( ate CiENIN Si VAN VRANKKN,) 214 Broadway, (a d9 1in*m opposite St. Paul's < Inirrh. - J. SCHMIDT, CORNKR of Broadway and Chambers street, begs leave t< recommend his Wine Depot, 118 Nasssn str*e(, where hi tell* llie follow in* Winei in casks. ca?c? and bottle*, vill?Fei mil White Bjrdeaus and ' ette Wines, Rhenish Wiii?s, Madci ? ra, Sherry, I'ort, Burgundy, Muscat and Champagne. Also?lluin, Gin, Whiskey, Brandy, E strict d'Absynthe 3, lie. e16 lm*r nd OOA1. ! COALi?As cheap as tl>? cheapest, ami as good a ?? the be?t, of Peach Orcliaid r> d ash at the Workingman' ,,, Coal Yard, o er of Christopher aii'1 Oiemwich streets ir. wei?hed by a c weigher, and deli ren d to auy part of the ci S<1 ty free of cartsge. e- JL2?*"*'. _ EDWARD I.EWKLVN. .Vi t 4 NEW HTYI.B UK (' 1111.nil >'\'B i/v I wi'l' i int e, i I'1' subscriber h.u a lime .iud beautifal uiortmnii n ?l (?entl?n?fu s and Boy* CtL\n, of the latest fashion, which li ? will sol 1 na cheap si any ottw r fstnhlithraent in this cityiinon* which may be found gentlemen's cloth* velvet, a uei j?' it) le of glated, "ml tin* otter cap*. Also on hind a larae snppl ol mole skin, silk aud for hati, of a beautiful finish, for sal tow Fancy Kurs?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment a \1 nil's and Knr Trimmings for sale at very low prices. N. B.?The Caps ofthe subscriber lock the premium at th late Fair of th* American Institute. WM. BROWN, nJO Im'r 126 Chatham st. opposite Roosevelt. tf. ^ CORK SOLE WATBR TllOOK AND DRKS1 ( BOOTS.?Th? subscriber makes to order Hoots of th Jwabove description*, of the fin??t <jo.11 ity of Fiench Call jjrH nkin, in the lateit style, ami at ery reasonable pries*. Oei ? tlemeu who ha?e been in the hahitbf piy-ug ettravagaiit price 11 for inferior article*, are rujuested to call and be convinced 0 their interest in purchasing at this ?tor>' rk I)ra? lugs hen t taken of the (eet, end a pair of Lasts kept fu 1>I each customer, there is no ditficnlty ill getting a handsome au easy nt. Constantly on haud, a large assortment of ?eady made Ores Boots, latest ?ivies, at $.) mil $3 50 p?r pair; Double S nes.tror I' 54 to $6 per pair. Over Shoe*. Half Boots, Dancini I'uinpi a<l Slit per*, Sic a' finally low price*. ' JOHN L. WATKIN8, 114 Kulton street, l"V dSIm**1! between Naas>nand Dutch streets. ?f LOOK AT THIS. A* IfOENTLEMKN'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, the best ?i iy' II quality, " ' M Do Water Froof Boot* no 4 J ? [)o light Kruch Ca'fskin Boot* do 5' to 4 u , Do India Rubber Over t ho's. w<:h In.uh-r sole* 1 5 . ' Do plain Rubbers, ? Do Danciug I'umo*. Do Daucing Ua t;r, Do Worked Slipper*, 1 ? Anil all other kt"ds of Boots anil Shc-s in fashi'ir Indi's gsi ler Hoots. Huiltiiis. Slipper*. Pi's, nulled Shoe*. pntnell Shoes, whites.,'1 black satin Slippers, batton 9h >* ; India rnlj tier itrfvl'urrrd. plain, and al <>tn?r kinds of (Iffr Mi ri Clog*. Mocrnnns, mid tli<- ijr 4t.-*r assortmentof hnj'i Boot And Shoes; miupr and children's, of all kind# lo lie found i the world all of onr own tna..itfictu e. snd i In* beat of Krencl lt?ode, and warranted to he the b*'t, mid at clr ip as the chea| est. at Ml Broadway, corner ot Franklin s"eet. dH3fl?ec OKMIllHY fcCAHIl.l., V.7 Broadway *. ANTNHUMBUO ?TORE!?LIVE ANDLM LIVk.!?At the old taclutive B'.oi Store, No. 14 f hatham sunt (wl ere the odious | ractice of cal'mst upon iti rn- |on? Passing the ?tore ii not tnler, tel), ran he ohtiimd Wste ? Proof Boot* inivmfw-tured in thil city of the liesl mile lal, all I warrant* d at rwnes running from three to Are d liars, bein ? tcme two doll art lower in price thiu is generally "ht ur.e (quality cons'derrd ) hi this city. n26iw"r PARIS BOOTS ANO LASTS MADE TO ORDER, Br E. 8USEK, Pi IUoahwat, (Bur.mtnt.) One door from Conrt.sndt ?tre-t E. 8USK11, Bootmaaer and Mnkerrf I.aats, n a^JPWW'KIrr" of Cler< x ol l'arit. h^K? leare to inform t<i ill- friend* and all the smat'urt of a gentlemanly "chaustnre that lie can now make, i i New York, wi'h Ihe heat French mi teriali, all that it a.) |>er ectly made in Paria hy ku master, th celebrated Bootmaker Tierce, wnote numeroiia ciim.m-ra o thia aide of the Atlantic, are respectfully iuyited to try Smer' Boot* and Laata, hefms they despair of being "clMusses" New Yo'k, after the nicea latest I'aria faahlon. Alao the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish aold. nil lm*ni lm Jfea BOOT AND SHOE STORK -OHN IIKAUY respectfully inlorma his friend II ind the putilic, that he hat commenced business in the abos J# line, at No. *> Nasw.n street, where he will thanklnlly reeen \od faithfully crecuu*, all orders he.may lis Isvored with on tli , noet reasonable terms foe rssh ttltr ,m PLOl H?Wt bblt. As* Flotr. Iw4in| from ship RutitUli * from New Orleans, tor aaleby dlJf E. K. COLLINS & CO. tO South street. w rc r YORK, SUNDAY MOM UNITED STATES DAUUEKKIAN UALLERY, "5 Briuiilwii)'. u{>(tait.?E. WHITE would resiwtfully ca'l the attention of citiretit and straiiK-M, riaifintf the city, to liii splendid collection of Daguerreotype Portraits, single or in grouj* from two to fourteen |?K)U on the sau.e plite, whuh for becuty and accuracy of delineation cannot Iw surpassed Tor traits tf.lteu in all kinds of weithrr, either with or without colon. The American In?titut* at its late e?hibi ion awarded Mr Wli te lh? (ir?r premium Tor the be?i Daguerreotype likeness for groupiuq 1.1 d ?<<ieral > fleet, which is but mother proof of lite iiMrinrTtv of nis nortraits. .?!r. While n so e v-nt in New York for the very anperi >r impoii -'i (iernian Camaraa , mill at no olhar establishment id hlim city or State tan they l?e obuiu-d. N. B?Imported <J*rmn Oamaras; alto, Kn*?ch and Amen can Instramei i? of the v?ry be?t quality, with Plat* Cas's, Chemicals, Polishing Materials, fee., Sic., always 011 h-?utl, for sal* df In* very lowest pnc^?. n7 I n hi PLUMB* I)AGl/KRRIAN <?\ I.LKRY OK PATENT PRICMIL'M i OLOHKD PHOTOGRAPHS, No. 251 Brmdway, (over Mr. Tenney's Jewelry store, ehove Jhtriy ttittl, aiul ik *c doer to Peile't Muirum ) New York. Thw pictures having tveu awarded (hi* l'"ir?t l'r>* Tliuim and II;>;heit Hoii'ir, by the Atneri an aud Krankliu ImtiHKxi, at the imxt beiutifiiI colored Dtferre >typ?"s ever exhib ted. and th**ettv b!i?hir?iit having liren greatly eiUrged and improved, por trails wi'l hereafter be takeu here (in any wither) at tlie reduced prices clurged for ordinary work at < ther placet?con i<iueatly uo one uaed now ait for an inferior likeness, uu tlie score of economy. " A l'hot 'Crawi of a lady, by Protestor I'l nnb<\ i? the lineit thing of the kind weev?r witnessed."?Ledger, Oct. I, 1813. riumhu's Premium and lie inaa Camera*. Instructions, I'la'et, Ca?ei, Sic &.c. forwarded t? any desired psiut. at I lwer rates than by any other mailulVtory. d 12 li.i+m PHlLAHKLrulA DAUlIERREOTYPK ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHAUE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 A.M> 2T. rPHE Subscriber has received a large suppl ; ol Voigtlanders' A celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, .Hire mid small tites, with achromatic l.'iis?s i-iaae accordiig to Protestor Potxral's calculation Also a new jupnlv of !>> ?' plat's and uhcmicals, which he warrants good and sells at reduced The folTawuig Kent-emeu hive agreed to act as agents, vii? K White, fcj'j . 17i Broadway New York P. Haas, Ksq, Washingior, 1). C. Dr. A. Cm pari, Kichmoud. Va. b. Broadb^i-t, lor the Southern Slates. Win. West, Esq, Ciir.iunali, Ohio. All communications (pott paid) and orders, accompanied ?ith remittances, will he promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAl'GENHElM. ol7 3m'r Exchange Buildiugt, Philadelphia j CHEAP CASH TRIAILONO ESTABLISH. MENT. 301 PEARL-STREET-LATE IU3 BEEKMAN-STREET 'PHK Subscriber. well known lor the cheapnrtat and duraDill ilv of hit work, desires to inform bit patrout and the pub lie, that he is uow, to suit the economical tenueucy 01 ine lim*s, making garments of ih? very best "imlity at a reduction of twenty per cent from former prices,mid leu, it is believed, by twenty |><3 cent thau garments of the same quality are made by the cheap house , in this city. In order that geutlemeu may understand what is meant by cheapness, the following bill of prices is submitted to their conlidemtion, with n guarantee that the goods slinll be of the lint rate quality, and the fit unexceptionable. bii|>erior West of England Cloth Coats $12 to 16 Pants, of black or fancy double milled cass- 3 to 7 Vests, of silk, satiu, See 2X to 4 ! Making and trimming in the beat style, at the following prices:? Coats $G>? to S Pants and Vest* 1>4 to lj< SiuiTior Beaver Overcoats from $11 to $20 da lm?r JOH.V MOFFAT. ASA B. PERKINS, TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 85 Cetlar street, Ne-W V'OKK. GENTLEMEN who iMtronisr this cash rsttbliOimsnt will derivn a decubd advantage of from 20 to 30 Mr cent over those who puicha^e at other stores on the ciedit ?> stem, lor here they are uot overcharged equivalent to the deliu<iurncias of lhose who never pay Those who are preparing for the holidays would do well to call ami examine the stock of la .bionable K odj at the abov* establiahment, als> the piices, befo-e t* ey purchase elseivhere. N. B.?Tnere is an assortment oil hind ol Cloaks aud OverCoats. leaily made. d9 Im*r DETItENCHMEN F T1IK OKI) hit OK IHc-l)Ar " The uudersignea resprctfully inform their fri lidi and the public geuerallv, that they keep constantly on hand a large and plerdid .usortmei.t ol Krunrli and Knglisll <; lotlia, I issnnerrs aii-i Vesting* including a great var ety of Overcoat stuffs, which ttiey pledge themselves to make u|i ill a style not snrpais ed by any tstablishment in the c ty. All gatments furnished full fifteen |wr cent leu thau auy other house who make and trim in the same manner. Those whj wish Clothing mid* to their perfect satisfaction will do well tJ call and give m a N. I).?A spl 'ndid assortment of Overcna's and Cloaks kept constantly on hand. and will be so'd very low lor ca*h dl itn-r If. wHlTKHOllNK & CO. 33 Na>sm st rlH) ECONOMISTS ?Cent's Apparel Cleaued and Dressed J- in a superior style?repairs and alteration* tf> tlie present fashion. A lot of winter Clothing on hand, fur sale wholesale lad retail. Cash p:id for Clothing. and rxcliaukes made. u29 im*r LEVIE'S, 130 Nassau street. G"~ENTLEMEN'S LEFT OKFYVAKT>ROlBE??<Je^tTi ineu or families dff irons of converting their left n|f Wearing Apparel into cash, can obtain for the same the blithest cash price , To families and iter t If men quitting the city, or changing residence, having auy supertluous effects t ? dispose cf, w ill lind it much to their advan'age to send lor the subsciiber, who will attend them at llieir residence bv appoiuttrent. H. LEVETT, 0 John street. N. Y. ' j( line through the Tost Office, or otherwise, will receive , prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. [ N'?TICJ?.?Mr. LEVETT begs to inform th* public thai 1 I e has no ounection with any other dealers, and those who piss forhis partners, or use hit name, are imposter*. d2 m pENTLKMEN'S KURNI911INO STORE. Tre subw sciiber ha? coesU'ulyon hand a general assor, men' of Sac* and Over Costs, Vests, Pantaloons, kc which he will tell at the following low prices for cash, viz Over Coats, from $3 to 12 | Sack 3 to 6 Pautaloons and Vests, 3 lo 6 Ge?tltmen Furnishing lh?ir own rnateiiaW can have them ' made ar.d Lr rnn'e i at the follow,nit low piices, viz :? Over Coats, from Si to 10 CO \ Dress do 7 to 900 ' Paut-iloous and V'mu, Si .'0 to 1 75 Jnst tcxitrJ, the litest and most approved hreucli pattern ?liiris Snirts made to erder, at short notice. dlt lm*r WM. COLLINS. (i3 Maiden lare. N. Y\_ GENT i.EMEN-S OUTFITTING GOOJJa. JOHN M. DAVIES & JONES, 106 William Street, cokhf.r of Joan, IJAVK received per late arrivals, aud now in store.a full j *1 assortment ol'good. in tleir line. They I'ei l confident thai their stock is not equalled in this city, and 'heir l^xids will be told low lor cash. Gentlemen will finJ a variety ol new style ol Scarfs, Cravats, Winter (Moves, Dressing Ilobes, Pocket Handkerchiefs, fee. 1 Under <Jarsrv?nts of every variety, ol luiglith'and America* manufacture, viz:? Merino Shirts and Dra^rs Lambs Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Kiiaktv flannel do do Buckskin do do Plain St liibbsd Silk do "o Ladies Merino&Silk do do , With a great variety of other styles. . bitk Shi its and Drawers, Ribbed aud Tlaiii, made to order 1 ?t the shortest notice. Hosiery. Glove*, Saspee.ifer*, Stocks, and every other article of outfitting goods.' caps. Our assortment compr?es every style now in o*e for irentle tneii, you'.h and children at grcitlv reduced prices .o2t> 2m* m ' onTxchanuk aoain-rk.turn to "the old STAND. PHK undersigned, afler a seven year*' eiperieuce of the evi t efffcu resulting from large itorej and Urger rents, is happ\ - io inform his numerous customers and the community eenenl | ly, tha'he has eflf.'cted (thmW.v to a i oasei.-utiou.i Kudlord) a ,( mat of of his old stn"d. Ral, (formerly ft) WiJl ittnt, Mor* timer lSuildinir*. corner of Now street, mid for tnauy ffm e. - [yiiiAtgd by (ii? well known 81UN OK THK <JOLIJE> ? t I'KKCK?a beacou to all who are la qu-*?t of ?ood cheap tmJ j: lat'.ltmble irnrmrnti. e To tjcli of l>i? old patrons who may loit ?ij(ht of hirr luiiufthis waouniiij], lie writes their return to (lie Old Spot, I #lth the iwsnrance of a trict adhernnne to hi* wrll establishes ame for skill and piinctnality. Of the public generally h? so t icits a cull, beins prepared w ith an assortment of liw an<l *ea< ionable cloths, caasiinera, resting*, tt<;. ice., v. hicli he will b? linppy to make up iu the most faithful manner, and on reasonable. cimrpfa, for Cash Only. I'll* name car* and attention he towed on making and trimming, at when the cloth i* purnia* a dofhiia. C. B. Bsbeock continues in the ruttis* depart , nent. C HAKLK8 COX. C_ nJO Imr Sign of tl." <iold.*pl'"l.?ce. No. 4 Wall ?t T11)K SUBSCRiBF.H has removed from the ?tore No * A 857 Br.milwav, to 171 Canal, for the purpose of carrvin?r on >f the CASH T4II.OHINU BUSINESS in all its branches Did in a style of elegance which canuot be surpassed by anv ' other h"u?e It it the intention of the uiulemetied to ask socfi " prices for hi* coods a* cannot fail to meet the approbation <i| the 1'iihlic, aua an eicelleul assortment will be kept on liaiidta 1 iu t the taste of all. ? (JatmeiiH can also be altered aud repaired at thii establish> ment at reduced price*. A call in respectfully lolicited by your obedient rervant, ^ N B. (l?ntlemen fnrniihint their own elofh can hare thftn " in-de up on the most i*n*m:ab|it terms, and Rood fit? wa'ranted iiJi lm*r n MKN'S. inn s ammThMiHkNI CLOTHINU ~ 0 C KOROK T. (MIEBN, Ncs. 110Chatham stre?t ani I Bown v7 rrv, will k' p corslartly on hand a fill nnd complete av n tor'meut of Men a, Boys, and Children's I I thiuit of all i'e' 1 -i i. ... 1. , ,?|...kl...?.U A ?ctiptiOD?,nncl- 111 till' mo?l l ><ni '(initio tij ir,w - .... .. i r njiectfttlly inrit* attention < I' ilmir in "Hit ,\? h? bu S m arraipcmenU to rr-ccir? CLOTHii, rAHI|V1l,.RF!f, n VRSTINOS ftc., br wy r.ioiit', anil ! a? recitrnl tli-?. rflew ?f ?p?i?iic?d nttrr?, In- |'I : t i n idwhttion to *11 who miy purcnue y. N. H ? (' rm' iili nuilB to crder at ahorteit notice and with strict punctuality. ?!' Im*m * vr oiic *7? .7mv~~ vTuuTb a.'* k imTTo.m ?*a n*.? P The mbacriber having be?n appointed Iterrivi-r of the uroperty, el iim?, fnndj und cfTee'i of th? New Yo'k llirhim k Company. an aipociation formed nider and in pn'anacce of nu ifft 01 the l.e*i?l?tnre of th* 8mt* of Nm Voik, entitled ' ait to antli irne tne bu?io?".j of b^ukiiif," paased April llth _ >8M, all prmiv4 indebted to the ?H A?oei -ti-?n if rrtjirtd 1 (o muter an acconat ol all de >ta nnl ?ii ?u of money owing * sy them reipectirelv to roc,and to pxr the ??me by thcfiftoenth s day of lanniry nnt, at my office in ilie Me chanu' r.ichaitge, ' in the city of New V ork. All per?oo? a?iti|t in iheir p<??e? ' lion anv property or rlfecta of the na.d Auociation are rdjair * til to deliver tli? ?an* in me by that d?t\ All the creditar? of theAMoeinti uar*re.iuir*l to deliver ihrit reipeetive nccoanta met J.-in mm i to me by that dty; and all per?or? holding anv oi*.i or tub?ij>ling contract of the mid Asiucialion, ar^ reijuir e<l to rrcaenl the ?tme in writing, and in druil, to me, ou or be fore that day, at my aaid office. Oiled New Yoik, 2Hh Novembee, 1#I3. " CHAK1.K.8 SAOORY, Receiver, i? nWV?*r 31 MerrhanU'Kifhange I WINTER ARRANGEMENT. * JOHN RRADKN, 7J ( nil >t <c , would nMfvclfiilly in ' lorm ihe public Keueral 1 vthat lie it prepared to m-rve up, ?i i.;. ...... .... ami noiiulir Sal,1,111, ( ream*, lellii , I off e. 6i-?Ti? in .'V 'TV Stvlc. ConlVctimmriM Rtnonrily, and in ?hort nil kind< of l<r(VrahlMnti n?n illy found ?t .imiUr riUblithof tlir flr?' Familiw will ? ," / uI _ notic*. with Confrcnoniirir* B<"n;r?Hy i*l?o .1 id J?l lir,.,t thr 11 .<1 mllv low PriwOr M* ier |I??"(?!> 1. Rood nml choir* iiivrrwh n? c.?n hi- found rl?'Wh?rx l oni.r ,, tun. r y ji 1 ? tvdoiulf, vol Ml kind, of iyr?mid? n^nnUctnm ro , nji-r, fur rrivatt 01 i.iililir p?r'ir?. A grn* .il ???orimtnl > I ,, Tov?. t'fihlc (or thr Tiolidaj'l.forwlr, .>ttrrm*lv l^w N I).?All articlr* srrW out from hi? f*l;hli?hin?nl ?r" w?? r,iiu*d r<|iml ;o <m\ (hill* of fore fin iMilnfucWf- .1. ."if! ll%Y? not had tin- honor of nWTing forrigii, POtjntMf*. bnl W I'lrdKn h I ill -<-11 hit *',? ihlll V Hltlblt for the Kirat.**! miKMt* of tlie Und. 1 - I. IRK H UNG, DECEMBER 17, 18' ~ Tmportant To all the ladies. A G 1 ! T K 0 It T UK If O L I 1) A Y S, Klegnnt, Appropriate and Useful. I .A DIES' H AND-IK>OKS O- NEEDLEWORK, Elf2\ntly B uinl in Mmliu, Oilt and Sum|*. Price 2-5 cents, or $1 50 for the Benos. coMrmiDin No. I?BABY LINEN, l CuntniniiiK pUin and ample uiatruciioiis for llie prepiration ol mi iulaut'a wxrdroliv ' N?.*?PLAIN NEEDLEWORK, , Co'ititiniiiK instructions in the preparation of body itueu?In 1 tructiona in the preparation ?l houa" hneu?Explanation in \a|inu3 kiiirtt of at tch'i and iniaoell iikmiuh wnik, unch aa brldmic, iiMiUuiir, i ipiuu. biaaiuit. S?r v . i. i ? " ir vri ni L-woni; CoEtMiiinK instructions fur prepsrs'lon of Ira mes?Materials for worliiiis?Hspl .motion of stitches?luitructious in Embroidery?Application of fuicy needlework to useful puiposes. No. 4?EMBROIDERY ON MUSLIN AND TATTINO, Containing insirtictious in veorlcn K Embroidery on Muslin ? I us'ructions in Lace work?Kuv roidery iti gold thread?'J'attini;, Ike. No. J? KNITTING, NETTING AM) CROTCHET,. Containing complete in-tractions and patti-rus for all tin* various himlsof work?Net-work. Kriiive, Crotchet-work, Sic. No 6?MILLINERY ANl) DKKSS-MAKINO. Containing instructions >u Boutin making?.\l.<t?-ri ils? Drawn Bonnets?Mi iimum Bouurti?Bontet t aps?Capoten?La|>p**tsv Ike?Dteis-makiux?Children's Dnwi?Mantelets? Ladies' Bilk Cloiks?Capes?Carriage Cloaks?-Oardeu Cloaks?Boys' Cloaks?1'ipiiig?I'laits, fie. Published aud for sale bv J. 8. REDHELD, Clinton Hall. corner of Nassau and ilvekman streets. VALUABLE HOLIDAY OIFT. T M E 15 O O K O 1'' BOOKS. No>v 'faily, in various sty'e* of QimliiiKi Tin: PICTORIAL HIHLE, REINII l ilt: old and new testaments, With full Marginal References, ILI UITH4TKU WITH MORK. THAW ojvk rnnrs.iM) Kx(;n.irix<;s, A NEW AND BKAU'llKUL MAP OK rALESTlNE, FAMILY RECORD. fcNGRAVKD ON STEEL. Published aud forsa'e u holes 'le ami ftii\ ay J. S KKDKIKL1), Clinton Hall, <111 3wr* corner Nami Brekiiiau street* A SI'l TABLE H(>LTL)AY PRESENT. ATALENTlNK has remortd hi* hnuraving and tVinliiiB Es* tahliahnieut ;rom Joliu street to No. I Beekmau ?treet, (Lovrjoy's Uotel,) opposite the Brick Church, New York ? Weddiuu, Visitinu, Invitation and Profi (sioual Cari'i, esecnted in the first *t> le of thu art, a* regards the superiority of the Engraving. neatness of the Printing. and the whiteness all" bril liancy of the cuds. Persons luruisnin< their own Card Plates can have them printed on the most appro red and fashionable style of Ca'ds. st reduced prices. da lm*r TOYS!fTOYS! TOYS! YfTHOLESALE AND RETAIL, cheaper than erer, at the ? * well known Toy Store, 233 ( 'eiitrcstnvt, two doors above Grand street, o|)po*it>? the Market. Families and stMtig'-rs wishing I'oys for the hnlidtys, will do well to cill before purchasing clsswhere. Don't forget the nuinbw. 213 CENTRE STREET. A'so, a full assortment of China, Ulcus and Earthen vV.-tre. dl 2awtJl*je CLARK, lUXINGliH ?v COZZENS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS, i>fi Vtwy street, HAVING completed the en arueinent cjf their Store, respectfully solicit the attention of their old patrons aud the publie to th?ir ioctea?ed sro?k nf * ? a orninu iiitirnuu hul'ilkiull 1HIA.N uie.3, ?V ll> r.o, ccv.^iiv.-., ijuvw.-u, TEAS, GROCERIES, &c. Their goods art- particularly suitable for Hotels, Iwinic select ed with ureal care, for that purpose, anil embracing every article requisite? Segars and Brandies in particular, of choice brindg and vintage; Clnmpaitue-i, London Porter,Brown Stout, old Scotch aud Irish Whiskies, Oils, Cheese, Mttccaroni aud Vermicslli. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Choice Liqueurs, Preserve*. lliaudy Fruits, Grar?s, Raisins, Spiced Chocolate, Currants. Gelatine lor Making Jelly iu 8 few ininutea, Kx'ract Vanilla Wax Candles, Almond*, aud every tliiiigneceesaryr for thense of families. fTy*8r|e agents in New Yorll for Demnth's Snufts. dl3 6t* ____ WISHING TO LF.ARN TO SING AT SIGHT can secure a very eligible opiortnnity by dotting with a (m ill, el ?"Ct Ladies' ( lass of twelve members, to be forireil at Mr. Warner's Music Room, 411 Broadway, oil Mouthy, Dec. Itith. et 4 o'clock I\ M. First exerii te free. Full explanations will then be riven. <111 2t eo<l*rc _ MUSIC. A/TESSRS. SCHNEIDER & REBHUN, Professors of Music, lateof Saratoga Sprites. respectfully announce, that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private parties, soirees, serenades, ike., duri?ig the eusuiug season, performing the most modern and |>o;>ular music. All orders for their attendance will be received and answered at their present resilience, S9 Crosbystreet. ii?1 Itn'r MUSIO FOR PARTIES. \fEHSRS. <). WEISS It KR. C.HAMBS9, Professors of Music, respectfully announce to ttwir patrons. the Mi** audKeutleineu of New York audits v iciuity, that their Cotillion Baud is prHjvircd to play the niult admired and fuhiouablr Mu?ic lor Private Pnrtie*, Soim-*, kc. Orders thankfully received Hud punctually attended to at ?6 LMaueey ?t, also at Mr.Millot's Mo?ic Saloou, 323 Broi'twiy, or at Mi. jollie's >Iu*ic Store, Broadway d4 lin'r MADXvTjtroU'ITUN, PBOFK8HOR OK HINGINO, 56 Variek simet, St. Johns' Park. il5 lm*r lilSmuTW'd K ID N(i cGHOUL, 44)8 BOWEKY. DOR LADIES fro in 9 A. M, to 3 P M daily. r (for Gentlemen " 3 to Sand 7 to 9>? P. M. daily. lkctuke i Kikkci?( Hil-ino. IEvening (/lass.) 13 Lessons $9 no 20 Rides $10 00 Single do 1 00 | 'ingle do 75 1 he l)res*ing and Drawing llooms are well warmed, and veiy attention devoted to the onifortof those who may honor us with their patronage. OenlUmen keening their horses ou livery at this establii incut, will have the privilege of riding them iu th. School. e15 3m#r (J RE AT R EDUCTION. nOUBLK ENTRY BOOK-KEEP1NO only Kive Dollars, ?nd Epistolary Penmanship ouly Two Dollars. TIliS KlRST PREMIUM awarded three consecutive years for trie best specimens ol OIT>h'i>d Penmanship nhibitnd at the great F'i'S of the American ln?titute GOLDSMITH'S CHIROGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, for he instruction of PENMANt?IIP and Book-Keering, 189 Briadwy. opposite John str'et, is now o|*-n during theday and eveum*, for the reception ol pupils and visit*rs, The gentlemrn acquire a bold, frre and eipeJiuous style ol Mercantile i'euin.iiisiiip in Iroin ten lu twenty lesssns of our ho"r etch. The ladies are taught a Epistolary hand, a l>r?ntifnI accomplishment to the sen. BOOK-KEEPING. Th* syitein of instruction Purs"ed at his Academy in this important study is not derived from any printed work, hut i* 'h-r-su!t of a thorough practical knowledge o' the sahject. The ei?rc ses being ?oarranged ax to render familiar to the ?tuJeut'very department of mercantile busim'si. WHICH <JKK TAINLY CANNOT BE AC QUIRED BY SIMPLY BALANCING ONE ?KT OK BOOKS. Ladies' Writing Class meet* daily at II o'clock. Uenll*m?n daring th? day ind evening, at such hours a* may bestiuit their convenience J<eparate purlers for private instruction. Kor sale at the Academy?A supe.-ior article of Metallic Tens. n29 lm?ec phakl chain, " DEUTSCHEsTiRIESMEHL, (in IIle German;) KAUINK DV, OHITAU (ORUAU D'EPAUTUF. ) (in the I 'n itch Lnnguuifc.) AN cntiiv new article in tins market. It r- jemblfs Sign but i> more nu'ritious, and on piuud of a c<.es in uinge as far as 3 pounds of ordinary wheat flour. Irnigr.v.ts from Europe, having l ioked for it in *niu many years, consider it a very delicate, wh lesotno and money say 1 mg food, to use for soups, pu'fdings.dumplings, kc. &c. A mail handfnl is sutfieient to be boiled into two<|ii irrs of milk 1 or h> mil >u (tirrf tnu|>) in the Vf-y amplest w ty of couki;i||. The Ix-at iliirricin wr sicia ia prescribe it to their recovering | patients, noil order it to lie Kivrn to children in tin1 sha|* ?f pap, aliaht and very healthy diet 1 o tn tnnfyturers of Vermicelli nntl Macironi, r<atl Grain ".it"*' "'B'riblf m mails, if they cu get the right kind I he ?lie lucreatetdiily in a womlcfui manner, showing that whatever famt'y r,i?s it. can hardly do without it. TheorlyOeneml Depot f?r this article in the I'nited States is at 37 hurling slip, loot of John street, near the Kaat R'ver, New Yotk City, where ilCan lie had lor the trade, i racked ill kegi of2i lbs. earh, in any <1 amity, not l?rs, however, than a package. Ithaa found ita way from the wholi'vale toiea in the Uiwer patt of this city to the I? 1 til grocers .and consuming lamilies, so as to facilitate iti acquisition to every body. OKO I'KUSCHMl, Sole Agent. Mew Voth, November 28th, lilt dfi lin'r FRENCH CHINA. So. 4 SOUTH W1LI..IAM STREET, Up Stairs. \ DALRSMK, importer nnd Agent for Manufacturers, has il' always on h.?.nd a lane- nsortmeut for dinuer and tea s>ts ,o plain white and Kilt Planch l'ore?Utn, a* well as dinner and lr.*-i**rlplatrs.of all sizes, assorted duties, soap turvfns, coveird J is lies, snlid bow la, fruit baskets, enitani and stand*. Also, Tr? and Chorol.iW VVare, (Ircck, Kitacli and American "'HM. .VI t! > rticles are v?rmoted of the best tp?s.lil?, and to be ill on liheral terms, and in lota fo snit purclvisrr*. st7(.m*eo WM READ A C(). ~~ Mantirarti'm- R.a or BRASS F A IT C ! : T 3 , And all the rarions articles nsed in tin TLITMniNO HUSINKSS, Aro. 290 H'ntrr ft re ft, NEW VOHK, And corret of Church and Washington strcsti, PHI L aD KLPitl A. Constantly on hand, nn assortment of T. 1. DYRE Sc CO.'S Jnatlv celebrated KLACK LEAD POTS AND CRUCWLES, K ir sale, wholesale nnd retail, at Manufacture's prices. N. li.?A Hilvsr Medal was awarded Wm Read St Co. for their in.iimftcture of ({iN'l, by the American Institute, at r'ifir lis! r.ttiitiitinn, nria <(crooer, mu. WAH'f KD-Thw at (our Journeymen, lo maniif.iclnre Fanceta. None kci tirv raw nwhanici need apply. d* Im'r nkw iTonskiiv'atokv a.Vus-.ko ?FohTk, Dtni Uroiilway. UN LAP Si CARMAN li tve just complete! their new ('on ervator) I'lil S.i il Store, tor f t* purpose of condiic'inK [he S.?d an<1 n.nt htitinetn permanently, and on au r?len?ire > -ale. Ti eir large Oreen f I on I Ifitli stieec ami 8th arenne, will lie conutiiK il, and ara well stocked with choic*" I'lanti smta* b'e fifr parlor or *reen hmue culture, which w II emSV th> m to sell .< low a* they c tit t? prooired rlsewbere. Bouquets, composed of the moat rhmw ? il delicate t to #er?, for li'i da I md < th*r tarli>"., much lower fhtn herrtofoie, sud arr.vwd in HChaityfe that we arerjmt" willin it ii |>nt tt""?i in ? >tnp< t:lion with those frrni simiUr ruiablithineiitii. Our S ola are procmed fr the heat hou?*a in Kurope and litis country, and we l>li (Ue ourselves not to purchssr ur, kuciwiiinly, thojc of an inferior uii titty. tr^1 B ilb?, rancy Olaaa's, Foti, Ololtes, (Jold Ki*h, fcc, ,UH-r Dl -i.M'.vi AIIMAN._ HA I.L l>HK KS ?The subscriber hat jist nci ived by tha most recent rrivaU? _ I 60 caiet ladies' embroidered Robes, from $7 npw\rcl? /1 do Orgindi, embroi Irr il in e.don, from $i npwarda Title Illusion, in blue, ninh. ?nd other color* i l?-4 plain white Ontwoi Miului.fur ball dri'ttea ' |no cartons iiifuit's embroidered Robes, yery Cheap. t pk.TKll ROBERT*. jt:i Biotdway, dll lmec between White and Franklin ?tiee;i. [ERA 13. Albany. [)'orrespomh-nca of the Herald.] Ai.panv, December 1.1, 18i;l. For the last (lirec or four days, we have had no reason to complain of a luck of wintry weather, it linn In-.-ii most inclement indeed, and we have had several falls of snow within the snmc i?eriod. Tlie sleighing in the country is pood. The navigation l-. undoubtedly closed lor 'lie season. In political mutters, there is yet but littl^ ltir. The nsuul number of office seekers , applicant* lor the poato of clerk, doorkeeper,senjeant-ai-aruis, \c. me beginning to arrive. For clerk there are ^vera! candidates?among them Henry \ . Wales, the present incumbent. He certainly is working hard enough, and is n pretty fair clerk, but I am in< lined tothink that his chances are rather slim, lie is certainly an adroit trimmer, but the most adept will occasionally overreach themselves. With the barnburners, lie is careful to make them believe that he is with them heart and soul. ' >11 the other hand, when thrown among the old Hunkers, Conservatives, or whatever else they maybe styled, lie is ipiite as anxious to make iliem believe to the contrary. When a mini blows hot and cold in the same breath, it requires the utmost care that fordoes not either freeze Ins nose, or burn his fingers. As regards the radicals, the Marnburners, par excellence, lie lias rather up bill work. The memory of a certain Count in the ilouse last winter, isnoi entirely efiaced i'loni their recollections. Mr, W. is lucky at all events in thin; his old friend .Turfif#* Lehind, ot' Steuben, is not a member of the House this winterAs regards the Speakership, one is nuzzled to dc>. ride. Horatio Seymour of Oneida, late Mayor of I'tica, is the candidate of that portion of tin* democratic party denominated "Old Hunkers," and Michael Hoffman that of the radical or barnhurning portion. The former have a majority in the house, hut the rpiestion is, will they for a mere trivial difference of opinion throw overboard a man so identified with the democracy and the best intetests of the State, as Michael Hoffman of I lerkimer?a niun, too, who the last time he represented hiseountv in the Assembly, wes the acknowledged leader ot that party, and the originator of that great line, of financial policy, the adherence to which, in principle at least, has been the chief cause of its success. Hardly, one would suppose, yet so bitter and irreconcilable are these tw o taction!", lliat il certainly will be clone. So anxions are tlie Conservatives, or "Old Hunkers," to show their preponderantly, that they will eagerly seize upon this opportunity (as they conceive,) ot rebuking Mr. Hotl'man. The only chance of his election to the Speakership will arise from the consideration, that if he is in the chair, they will lie likely to escape those withering effects of his eloquence, wliicn on the floor lie would he at liberty to visit upon tlieni. Thus stands t'ic matter at prcsont. Meanwhile the two factions are not ?jnitc so violent in their public demonstrations. rl lie Atlas is quite silent, and as for the Argus, ii has always treated tliein with an indifference which it did m>t feel, or rather with a sort of injured innocence air. They are merely collecting,their forcec and their energies for the opening of the session; then we shall in all probability sec the fur tly, as Jimmy Shortling would say. Simon.s Troy. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Troy, N. Y., December Mth, 1S-13. The Progress of Piety, and Downfall of Sa tun's Empire. James Gordon Bennett, Em;., L. L. D, Are.:? Dear Sm:? Trojans are altogether extraordinary in every thing that can give glory to the people. Their financial position anil history, individually nnd collectively, would impart wisdom to any in Gotham. In morals, let no other people aspire fo a comparison! And henceforth, distrust new codes issuing from any other quarter. No new-fangled interpretations of scripture?no new question, however eeriaus, arises, but what is seized upon here, dis! cussed in the newspapers, and orally, till defined, settled, and sot down?law, 01 course. Tliey have some fourteen churcheslicrc, of more denominations that are known 111 (lie category of sectarianism, and more than I can enumerate, or the incredulous would believe?half of which tire the oHspring of division, and their rapid growth in piety. No modem structure will contain a seven year's growth of the mushroom piety and holiness, of this extraordinary people. The Abolitionists arc not a great party, but in philanthropic zeal and mad-dog charity, ihey wax strong. The Lewis Tappan niggerists "can't hold a candle to them." Almost nightly they "cry aloud and spare not," in some public place. Auventism is in good re<|iiest, though it is carried on by comers and goers. If father Miller or brother Ilymes would come and spend a short time here, they could set it|> a magnificent and glorious utliiir. Puseyism has been agitating the world for months past, but it has brought up with a tremendous crash at last. Yes sir. l'useyisni has given its last "mieu"! Let no man peril his name and refutation to write her ejMtapli! 1'or it Ins been declared by the god of learning?the great soul and centre >r l'rcsbytcrianism, Dr. Bmnitn?spurious, rr^o, Popery; and who if greater than lie ? Nor has illnt church nsainst which I'uscv divided escaped unscathed. One of tier most lordly and "veryl reverend" men lately ojwmly assumed n decree of power and authority, wliieh well might make men of as much pretention and ecclesiastical ini|*>rtaurc ax Doctor Human and Snodgrass, tremble for their laurels. They were told to Maud one fide, " wc arc more holy than thou"?we arc duly authorized nnd appointed to preach the gospel: you are not, 'and arc mipo.-tort and malefactors?we hear with us, in our hat, the commission of hint who commissioned apostles,?in a word, we arc really and truly apostles, in law, and in lac!, making allowance lor the degeneracy and corruption of the times, through which we have had to pass in our line of succe^-ion down to the present, which is incident to human nature. Whereupon, Doctor Human and Snodgrass, wax ins wrotliy, assembled together tic ends of the earth, great and small, saint and sinner, rag-tag-and-bob-tnil, in solemn conclave, and proclaimed to some the unwelcome? hut to more, the welcome?truth, that Kpiscopncy, with its llourish of dignitaries, is "all in our eye"; that the apostles never had hut one successor, and that was .Indus Iscariot; and that tne idea of apostolical succession and apostles, at the present day, is gratuitous and absurd, ridiculously absurd, misustained by a particle of evidence, and fraught with damnable consequences?therefore, resolved, that we make war on this church, hip and thigh. til! wc exterminate her prayer books and all sueI, trash, reduce to one common level with ourselves her interior officers. while the office of that high dignitary, the prelntical bishop, is utterly abolished! Stand from under! <*ive a whirlwind room or wc will blow you up like dust! ?_ 'DA' t.'rccneboro. [< oirr?ponilrncp of the Herald.] CIbEi-:\EnoBo'i Ala., Nov. 1th, Sluti of Mora!*. Religion, Collin, (.'ncvml'tri, 4'f. James <?oiioon Bennett, Ksq.:? I have for a long time been a regular reader of your most valuable paper; and to this hour vou have been without "a chronicler faithful" of events is th*v transpire here Sitiuit'"l us our village ih, in the midst of a wealthy and most interesting portion of one of the llrst counties of the Slate m |s>ini ot wealth unit intelligence, it has b?cn to me a matter of great surprise, that you have not long ere this clothed some one with authority to play the part of "censor mover," that it shall no longer remain unknown to your readers ; and that it:, charactershnll lie rescued front the unjust suspicion that it cannot do an act indiscreet, please insert this short sketch of the almost forgotten fact, the now passing present, and the anticipated future, in point | of fun, frolic, science, moraia, ina religion. momou uwni to lirniK up the rear, ami in the mind * of wine, from its invoruiner, should !>< lir-t. I -<*t each in its order come?it came when the others weie taking their departure, and it h now a matter ol much speculation with the knowing ones whethei ti i-not about to s?^k a home m u cliim more congttnial. This phee a few years a?o was lamed for l)fin<{ the Kn-atest fun covey(it; the whol<* South. Within n mile of uh was a most beautiful rat e course?it was the centre of attraction lor all ages, sexes, and sizes; even the familiar character, well known hereabouts a the l\in{{ of New Jerusalem, a mmbriqutt which attached Iroin the fact (hat he led a society of Methodists, w as not an unfrequent \ LD. 4* Price Two Cent*. visiter?in truili #*very one was there to be found enjoying the exhilarating sports :of the turf?saving mid excepting the ancient Ilenry; for at thut time he had never noticed "th?--e digitus." 'Twas over this course tliut Pactobn and IVte Whalehone, witli other bloods of nohle such, won for themselves tame imperishable. We had amongst them men skilled in cards anil dice, and judges, too, of its boon companion, an article familiarly called '* the essence ot 'coon"?all these and many other en ortinmrtn mill in lllimn n?i sin* I<>vHiciim i> i UIIIIIK/H) u??u ? ? .... r bein^ proud. It was in such times that two public hulls of nn evening worn nojng?crowds of the gay, fashionable and wealthy, moving the nimble foot in the graceful dance?from town and country thev runic robed in the richest livery of the day?it wh < in these rich and racy times that, for a good purpose, number* rotild be gathered. Two humble churcheH, cleft ot steeple and of dome, held an humble place beside the town, seldom or never opened or looked into?hut little thought of and less cared for ; all was peace and good will. Very dill'erent, however, is the present from that day?gloom and heavy seated stupidity rules where pleasures, btimtull, once held th? sway. Strife, contention, confusion, and nrosely' have coine amongst us. The old one nan taken the matter in his own hands, and when h?wiil be compelled to give up the strings, time alon? will t' II. The Presbyterians were the first to feel ?l.l..^. I I Ills pre-euce?no niimsi'-i, >" " < -n*. mu i un^iu. well add, ?o deacons. Their Rood and pious ininisler, from an affection of the throat, was eomuelled last sprint; to ask a respite from liis spiritual labors ; hi -? llock were anxious for his recovery, particularly the ladies, lie hitv Iteen married many years; as yet no tide has turned up to make hiiu Idessed a* Jacob was. J1 i.-~ elder-;, good and pious men, believed the interests of the church required n dissolution of the tie?a law portion ol the male nienthers of the congregation said, away with him. The ladies rn maw k cried, >a\e the parson from the persecution of those wieked rulers?hut go he must, go lie should, and colic did, tu ck and heels. The parson is to he pitied?-for the members' execration s should he held iu store. The ease of this church is bad enough, but the Haptists are in difficulties deeper ami darker yet?it iniir-t go by the board?a house divided against itsell, must fall. One steam doctor to an engine, with twenty aiders and susiainers, against one side ; on the ether the aristocracy, in number equal?all hands marshalled under the sable banner of Africa's snowy dark, daughter, who seems to have more, to do in the matter than all the admonitions of the < )ld and New Tea* ~ * ? * ",n" ?'??! ffiiltrtnltO tit flu* I if ?f f mil Ill lilt'II I , I < >1 MIC II iu J U<. -Ul?? II lilt ?V WV ttt ...V UW..VT... of the whole utlair. The Episcopal church, too, is not without iiu own case. I<. W. M. I, lay reader, as regularly as the Sabbnth comes, reads a sermon to n beggarly account of empty news. A certain young priest, of Columbia, Tumi., has been invited to take charge of this church. The young ladies of this congregation, in expectation, are rapidly becoming devoutly pious. What this young comer will do, tho future will tell. His predecessor was reduced troin the a Itarlast spring. The Methodists lire so-so. Of all the colts lliut ever lived, male or female?young or old,their pastor goes a-hcad of them. Under his regime, old darkies, young children, and dogs have been banished into "out of doors." One thing in extenuation of this foible?twins ore bora unto tln.i messenger of Brother MalHtt's creation. As soon as the diHieiilUes ore settled, or as they progress, you shall be advised. Spireme Covrt?Special Term.?December 12, 1SI3.?liaynes ads. Smith.?Motion to set aside in(|iicsl?granted on term*.?Cause referred. Davis, Receiver, Str. vs. Iticli and nl.?Motion to itand over till next Special Term, with leave to nerve new paper*. Hohmion ads. Corning and al.?Motion for re taxation of costs? granted on notice. Waller ad*. < rahiim.?Ordered?that cane made l>y pill', on 19th September last, stand as good I service under the order ot >th September last; delt. to havo 20 days to propose amendments ; |>llt's. to have kimiii time to pay costs mentioned in order ol At It September. Uurlbut and al. ads. Field.?Motion that dcfts. default and suhveijiient proceedings lie set aside- granted with costs. ? Doits, plea served to stand as good service. In the matter of lieurtt <i, lor leave to prosecute official bond of James S. Shedder, Sheriff of Clinton Co.?granted, ex -parte. Finn vs. Dilrkee. ?Motion lor nj pointmriiL of CommiMiotiers to admeasure dower?grunted. Hi Id ret h and al. ads. Slocum?tuition to change venue? granted; no opposition. Co* and al. (ids. Carlisle?Motion to Set aside verdict and all subsequent proceedings ou part of plaintiff?granted with costs. Power and ill. ads. Corning and al.?.Motion to change venue?granted; no opposition. Dullard ads. Dillingham and al.?Ordered? judgment stand, 011 plaintiff's fifing report of reference, pro. tunc.; delts. allowed to move to set aside report of reference; allidavits heretofore served, be deemed good service; and pills, to have usual time to propose amendment.': ?delts. to short notice of argument for next term, no costs of this motion to either party. Moore and ai. ads. Meeker?Motion to set aside default and subsequent proceedings?granted, on terms; cause referied, if plaintill'desires it. 1'iuil ads. Simmons?Motion to change venue?denied. In the matter of an alternative mandamus to James Smith, Judge of Niagara Co.?granted. McDonald and al vs. Ensign and al?motion to set asidw judgment ol discontinuance?granted, on terms. l)e Mott and al. ads. Ooff?motion for a commissisn?denied with costs. Morris ads Gardner and al?motion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit--granted unless pill's, stipulate, lie. Knight niK. Ritvuli?motion to aex mm avian?aauaa w ith cost*. Jlowen, mlrnx. vs. 1'eck and aL exrs?Order, tli.U pill. In- allow ril hi r taxed fusts iu the suit to In? paid out ol the estate of Klllm Peek, deceased; ami that she hav? leave to perfect judgment and issue execution there lur ; no opposition. 1.011111 und ul. ads. Kootc motion to chaiigw vcnuti- denied with cost*. Moore ex. 4cc. ads. Bancroft?motion to change venue-denied.?,1lbat 17 .iiUi. Tilt ?>r(-?kmt)n' I'ltOl llirr am) the (treek l'sat.ter.?We lately heard it Mory, which, while it may make us mourn over thi: depruvity of human nature, serves to show among many similar I acts, the low artiti Ces and cunning trirks to which the Mormon Prophet w ill resort, in order to show tho gullibility of his followers. The story is 111 this wise , and can he substantiated by rcspcctahle witnesses Homo time since, Professor Caswell, lute of Kemper < ol lege, neai' Si. I.ouis, 1111 Kpisuopal clergyman ol reputa tiou, being about to leave this country for Kngland, paid a visit to Smith and the Saints, iu order that he might be better able to represent the imposture to the liritisli people. It so happened that the Professor had >.in his possession a t rcrlv Psalter of great :ig.'?one that Had been in the lamily lor several hundred yearn. Tins book, lua relic of antiquity, was a curiosity to any one -but to some of the Saint*, who Iinpjifii'vl to see it, it was a marvel and ? w onilt'r, hu|'|-o*jii(; its origin to have been as ancient, at I ???t, as the Prophet's Kg\ ptiuA (Mummy, am! not know ing but the Proles <or had dug it I n)in the how i ll of the same sue red lull in Western New \ork, whence sprung the holy Hook of Mormon, they impoi tuned him to allow " brother Joseph" an opportunity of translating it! The Professor reluctantly a.M iitod to the proposal, and, accompanied by a number of this anxious brethren, repaired to tliu residence of the Prophet. 'J he remarkable Ixiok was handed to him. Jon took it?examined its old and worn leaves?and turned over its musty pages. Kx pectation was now ujKin tip-toe. The brethren looked at one another? at the oook? then at the Prophet. It w as a most interesting scene Presently the spiiit of prophecy began to arise w ithin him; and be opened his mouth and sjxjke. That wonderful power which enables him to see as lar through a mill stone as coull Moses or K.lijah of old, had already, in the twinkling of nn eye, made those rough and uncouth characters as plain to'liim as the uose on the fact! of the TiofksMTi ' This llook. " said be, ' J innNBCI tO be I DiC' tionary of Ancinnl Egyptian Hieroglyphic* I"* The brethren present were greatly astonished nt this exhibition of their Prophet's powers of revealing hidden things. After their exultation had somewhat subsided, the Professor coolly told them that their Prophet was n h.i?e importer, and that the book before them K aa but a plain t?reck Psalter ! Joe " stepped out!" Nncli is the manner in which this nrrnnt knave impose* u|>oti hii follow' is ; and ' aoh is the manner in w hicn his knavery is sometimes exposed, lit, strange that people Continue to believe him ' Professor Caswell, since his sojourn in Knglnnd, ha* iviitk , >rt I it 11 I 11 Thpil' ll:l\Rllt XnlllVOO." ill w hich this rich new is represented in nn engraving.? (I'm juie Siznal. rT,HK ALII \MMA.J5') Broadway, K-twr-o H|>rinif anil Princ A streets?Oysters, Lottee, t 'horo'ate, and a viriety <>f other relishes, ifiv^il ui> in a superior ?tv In. The l.ndiiV Hsloon, on the second IIihk. h u bten enlarped and fti nished in th? nio?t elegaa; wid cost I v manrer. This Ins a'ready becom" a favorite resort fur ladies, win, alter the laiiKurof shopping < r a morning ironmsil*, rn|iiir? some a!?i?t,el?g*nt retreat like this in which tor?lie?h theinselvea; aUo lor paitius returning from the Theatre or * Cone rt. who C'n enjov the most rligtilful sur>|>er wi'hout the trouble audinconvenience of preparing them at home. di0 2?*ec \\T A TCHK8.?The largest ana irn?t splendid assortment o( " Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.?. \s he is ronstatitly receiving all descriptions of Uold and 8ilrer W.', of tn? newest styles, direct from th? mantifac'.urers, in hiigLaiid, i< ranee, and Hwitzerland^ ha is enabled to >ff<-r a 1 irger assortment, and ?t much less priees. at retail, than way other house m the city. Uold watch?s as low \s *20 to 115 ach Watchrs aud jewellery ?ich.uiged or bought. All sratche* warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery reiuire.l in the best manner, warmnted low?r than at any other place in the ?ity U. C. ALL.KN, importer of watchea and Jes?ellerr? dT,1m*r Wholesale and retail. SO Wall street, up stair*. SUBSCRIBfcRS^is now predated to seM Watches and jewe.ry *s iv?w, u 110% luwrr, wwu ?ny uinn w^ i? the city. To wit: Ooid WaUhfi from $15 10 $i(H? each ; sil * rer do. from $5 to $M) each. All JMtchfi warranttd to fc?jep K'>0'i time ??r the money returned. Witche?, Clocb iiid >! tc^l Brx^t repaired and warranted, lower than any oilier rouse 111 the ritv. Second hand watches and oM Gold and Wen in e*ch?nK? or bought for cash THO>l 1 SON fc.M?H* KK, Importer* of Watcliit and Jawelry, wholesale and retail, *o. 3:1Uio*dwt?y, New York. R TM0Mrs0N. din !m*?c hh HARD HSHER: T ACK#-LA? K? k HJ 8BONS-V J?)i in*i? ** '

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