Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 20, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 20, 1843 Page 1
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t h : Vol., IX. No. 337.?Whole No.;3J?59. To the Public. TIIE NEW YORIC HERALD?daily nrw*p<i]>er?published every day of the year cxcept New Year'i day and Kourth of July. Trice 2 cents per copy?or $7 26 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price bj cent* per copy, or $3 12 per annum p jstn^cs paid, cash in advance. Al) VKRT1SERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hut the lurgett circulation vj any pitpi r in thit city, or the world, and it, therefore, the belt channel fur htisincst mm in the city or country. Trices moderate?cash In advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proi*hiktoh or tmk Hkrilu Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. "tffliB- PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Lin* The k?3?IFW?hip UTICA, h. Hewitt, master, will sail ou the 1st I??aEmot January. JJOYD St H1NCKEN, 9 Tontine Building, ____ corner Wall and Water street*. AAat ? FOlV WAV RK?The Kmch brig ALERT E, VifjK3?VCaptaia Heme. For Irenht apply lo ^ A. C ROSSIKE St I 6. 47 Broad st or to illBi HOlfD St Tontine Buildiug KOK MA.RSKILLE4? Packet for l>t January W\F-ffV 1 he shin TRKSCOTT, Capt. Mvrick. Apply to LAUREN ill-' & P?l K.LI'S, 103 Krout it., orto BOYD it HINCKf N, Agents, d#ec 9 Tomine Buildings. PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate WRFO?VD??natcti?The well Known fa?t sailing bark COS<34Kmub?sMO, Capt. Onterbridge, will mwl with immediate despatch for the above port. Mlie Ivia g <od accommodations for cabin, secoud cabin and s't-rraue pwwengers. Those about goiug lo the old country will lm<l this a desirable oppoi tunny. Application without delsv should bemad: to W. U J. T. TAP8COTT, n2i r 43 Peck slip, comer South street. l Oll LIVERPOOL?Cabin Passage Only-The first class ship KONAHASSETT, Capt Howes, aMnuKaWill be d'tpi ched for the above port iu a few days. Sne nu h.r tlsome accommodations fur cabin passengers, who will Iu taken at rednre,i rate*. if early ?pplicatioii is made to JOHN HERDM \N, 61 South street. N B.?The British baque 'o.eph Cuuard, Ca> t Harrison, burthen 740 tons per resists', will be despatched for Liverpool mi ora*x>ul t' e I'.h of Jinuny, and can comfortably acconimodite a few cabin passenger*, al a low rate. Apply on board loot ol I'ine >t, or as ahove. dl9rc KOR OKE'NOCK AND OLAbliOW. with despatch?Th? |?cxi ship SALEM, Capt. Heirn, lrrri?t>^'- -' -- above. Her accoinmodi ions for cabin, second ca'u.i aud steerage passengers, are superior to any va acl in port. P.rsons desirous of goiuc should make early application on bond, foot of Pii e street, o- lo JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine. corner of Sooth street. 1'. S.?Fe-sons wishing to eeud f"r their frie .ds to Scotland, csn have tliem brought out by the above packet by making srratigeraenl* with the above. eUr fltf' 0><LY lit (JUL AH. LINK KOR NKW ORJJHCTWLEANS? I'he following nrst class packers will tail JCpSilEispuucluillr as advertised (weather permuting) or passage free? l h- IIUNTSVILLE, Capt Cornell, on th??0th D c. The ALAB i.MA, Cspiain Bunker, on ihe 2i:li Dec. The accommodations uf tnese ships for cabin, stcond cabin end stivrave jweugers are inch as cannot tail to ensure every comI'ort to passengers during the voyate The ship* 01 this line have now commenced their regular trips, and will tiil punctual every fire days throathout the season. Pa*senger? map therefore rely on not he>ug tfetaintd. The price of pass?g? being very low, those wishing to secuie berths in either uf The above packets, can do 10 by applying on board or U? W. fc J. T. TApSCOTT, at their General Passage Office, 43 Heck slip, d<9 rc corner ol South str?t. itfg- FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.-Refaler mHN^. Packet of 2Sth December.?The splendid packet Mffilbihip SIDD0N8, Capt. E. B Cobb.of lVOO tons, will sail as above,her regular day. tor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. IVice of passage, $100. J6 South street. The packet ship Sheridan. Capt. Deneyster, of 1000 tons, will succeed the siddons and sail the *>ui January her regular day. t 1 assengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing pnnc tually as advertised. dl8ec FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Lins Regular mPMPW Packet 21ft December?The new and very spleudid York built packet ship LI V KRt'OOL, John V.idiid^-e, master; 11 jo tons, will sail as above, her regular day. . For freight or passage, having roomy and unsurpassed accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, west side Burliug slip, or to WOODHULL Ik MINTURNS, 87 South st. Price of passage $100. The new and elegant packet ship Qneei of the West, Philip Woodhouse, n.aster; l"i(l tons, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on h-r rcg-ilar dav.tlst January, 1M4. <H9r "*** NEW LINE OK PACKETS KOR LIVERPOOL.?Packet of 21st December?The splendid " kr->wu favorite packet ship LIVERPOOL, t'%0 tons ourthen, Captain John i-Mridgc, will sail on the 21st December, Her regular day. i ne snip* ?i tnis uux being all imo torn and upwards,persons bout to mi bark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way mora comfortable and con venient than ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations it ii well known are superior to any others. Those wishing to secure berth* should not fail to make early application on boar4. or to W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT. At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, J14 ec corner of South st. fjg*- KOR LONOON?Packet of the 20ih Uec.-The WfJ0fyPacket ship WESTMINSTER, Cap- Moore, will MHasa^ d- spatcned fur London a' above; her regular day, Those wtshiiu to secure a pint age, having superior iceommoditioos for cabin, see >nd cabin and steerage passengers, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, SI South rtreet, near Wall street. N. B ? Passace from London and Liverpool by the regular i>n"kets, sailing weeWlv, can at all times be arranged at the lowest rates and drafts furnished for any amouut, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. dl r KOR LONDON?Regular packet of the 20th Dec. wCflQfy ?The wel' known favorite packet ship WE?TMIN JflNMBfaS PER. Captain Hovey, burthen 1000 tons, will sail as atx>v>, her regular aiy. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly fitted np for the comfort and convenience <<flussengers. Persons intending to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMURBAY, Ml Pine st. corner of South. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old eouutry. can have them brought out by t*e above sh ii>, or any of the trie regular packets sailing on the 7th. 17th anil 27th of arh mouth, by applying as above; if by letter, post paid. P S. Drafts at Sigh', far Urge or small suini, are <lia?u by i.hesubscribrr on the Provincial Bank of Ireland; p ivaMe in every to ?n throughout the country ; also, on Me?sr? Sp oner, Atwood Si Co, Bankers, London, payable in every town in Crrwt Britain. dl2r frffg* PA SHAPE KROM CORK?Via Liverpool-in WfJWy.lhe first spring ship*.?We beg to iulorm our friends MMaC*'111' (111ring the coming spring, 1(44, we shall have a regular succession ol first clsss American shim, sailing from the above |hmI every week, which will be fitted out in such a manner for second rahin and steerage imsseugers. as cannot fail to ensure thi in every comfort. One of onr firm, Mr. Jnmes D. Roche, re>=i4es there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers. s?d will s|?re neither pains or ezjiense to meet their wishes, an J have tliem forwarded without any delay. Tlio?e sending for their friends will at once sec the advantage to be derived bv paying in our line. Apply to, or address if by letter post pa-.l, ROCHE ER6THEks f< CO. 3} * niton strm, neit door to the Fulton Bank. or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 lioree Piazzas, Liver|iool. r. 8.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by he regular packet ship* on tlie 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 23th ol evry moslh, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 16th. s30 kXPRESS FuR BO?TON?DAILY LJNE?W1WTEH ARRANGEMENT. HARNl'EN fc CO. will run ^ v 1 ' * their package and bnsiness Ez- Scwmar JmWHfm press between New York and^^ZafeCZ. WW* Hntinii during the winter, as follows:? v ia Moi iugton, on Tuesaats. Thumdaysaud jjktu'dsys. Vis N orwicn. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?mak,n??? tf&?Please mark all packages intended for this line, to care of HARNDEN k CO. nRr 3 Wsli street. PHILADELPHIA. KXPRKSH. Messrs Mill HARNDEN St CO. in counezion with their Uos'ou and rrovidrnne l,in<-a ol I'. \ press and *.n .^CjCL'nivtii Agencies, run two Daily Linn of h'.i press to I'mlaaelpma coutectMig with Baltiraor" and Washiugton and al1 the important line* to the South and Wat. Particular attention will bp mid to the triBsportalien and deliver} of snnll and valuable parcels with the utmost regularity and deipatch. (Jam, Urge parcels, he. despatched daily at haf >ie ? P. M. Small iwrc-U receivc-l un'il H pant 4 o'clock P. M. and drlivered eailv in Philadelphia nent mornirg. nW*c_ HARNDEN it CO. xh vvintkk mail link for (L-rAjmfNy andi itermeil.ate Places. from the foot of indt street The steamer UT ("A, t apt. J. Moult, will leave ts above al 5 P. M. on Wednesdiy, Friday nnd Sunday. Trie ( uLUMBIA, ('apt. A Houghton, will leaveaa above at J P M. oa Tnesdiy, Th'irsdsy and Saturday. For ponge or freight, apply on hoard, or t? P. C. Sehnlts, at the nltlre o the whaif dllr JESESLsTATKNIHLANDERwillleaveNew York and Statrn Island, on and after October 3d, m follow*, until farther notice Leave Htaten l?l ind at *W. ID, A. M., 2. 4, r. M. Leave New York at #. I2H, 10 mi". past 3. *%. N. B ? On Suudays the boat will leave at 11 inatead of I2)f. All Iraight ahippod ii required to be particularly marked and is at the nak oltba owners thereof atiufr PARIS BOOTH AND LASTS MADB TO, Bv K. SUSKfL, 1TJ BnoatiWAV, (B tor.MKNT.) On"1 door from Court.andt stre?t. jXgr) F.. st.'sk.n, Bootiaaacr and Maker of Lasts, an "Five" of Clercvol Parn, bogs leave to inform liia friends nud ill the amateurs of a gentlemanly " chausanrr,' that lie can ikiw make, in New York, wit-h the best French in ? teriala, all that is so perfectly made in Cans by his master, the celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, wnoie numernus customers on this side of tho Atlantic, are respectfully invited to try IHuset's Hoots and Lasts, la-fore they despair of being "cliaussea" New York, after the nices latest Paris fashion. ke Also (he genuine Paris Jet Bljck Varnish aold. nil lm*m . DACKKT SHIP VlUEKN Of TIIK WK8T. from Liverr pool. Cnnsisne?s per tins ship will please take tot:ce that she I; row discharging, under eral order *t west ude Barling Slip. WOODHULL fit Mlf'ITUUNS, diaec *7 Month street. OHI* MoUTHKKMKR. from Liverpool?Consignee* per ' 1 this ship will |>l-a?e iiHe notice, that she is now aischirgmg mid. ron' ral ord?r, a> foot of Dover street. dl9ec ? da< Kf,T HHIP (MS TON, Horn New Orleans," is'~d~7; chug ng at Or eans wharf, foot of Wall street, ' onsign* *^diir'lease attei d to the receipt ol their goods imtned ately. E NE NEW THE ELIXER OF LOVE. ThOioMthoM net! tlx household tiaa! How beautiful they are? With rosy lips tad laughing eye*, lted cheeks and go Idea hair. How >ad ia childless married life? We\lih can no joy afford; <? Cold look* the hatband on the wU#? The wife upon Uer lord. fiat Lovk's ICutLi-that sweet boon Will Nature's curs* reirove. And crown will) living blossoms ip"n. The bed of fruitless love. Lucius Cordial!?barren wire* Itl o? to mothers fair, Ana t tie fond name of Father give* To husband* in despair' In laoehorrw and in rIi*?s, It prores a soVenign balm; Consumption too a conqueror meet* In its unfailing ch?rm. p.rui'tioni, lassitude ami pnins. In back, or loin*, or ch*?t; Disease brought on by sudilen<?tr?Msl Discha-f-slong suppressed, Are by this Woud'rotin Cordial cured, Nn more their fiction vex. Tims by ita aid u health insured At once, to eit her *ex. Let all who suffer from disease Or fault in Nature's Law, Seek from this grand specific ease, At ninety-two N ssau. And No. 13 Court strtet, Boa ton; No. 90 North'6th street, Philadelphia. Persons ordering thii medicine from th? country, by lending a remittance, can have it boxed up ami sent to any part of the Union. Price >:< per bottle, or >24 per dozen. u2' lm*m '"PO THE LADIES.?If yon ha?e hairy excrescences, con J- cealing a broad and elevated forehead?if you have |tne nn sightly ap|>endase of a beard on your upper lips?if you have superfluous hair disfigurim; any part > f * our othe-wise leautiful faces, the Pondre Subtile, invented by Dr. Felix Onuraud, will qwiekly anil forever tradirate it, w-thant the sIik1 test injury or discoloration to yi.ur skins?this you ' an he satisfied of bv seeing the prc-)>arati'<u testrd at the Doetor's office; all doubts of the ar'rcle b>my a humbug will quick'y vauish K?r sale only at 67 Walker street, one door from tn* c ruer of Broadway?$1 per bottle?where may he had the folio * mg ar icles, ad warranted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, for curing a'l b'otches, pimple* frrcklea. tail, morphew, scurvy, it' h, redness, sallownets, or roughness or the akin; for cnapreil hands, face, or nm*<]u:to bite* iu effects are immodiaUu in ihe washing of children, iu allaying all irriUtiou and chafing. iu properties are really astonishing to softening and healing that no mother should be without a cake. '*ne eake, )fl cents, is sufficient, and we warrant it or return the money if uo'. succes?ful. Be on your guard against a bold imitation, and buy no where else bat as above. Uoiiraud'f Eau de D'ante, or True Water of B?au'y, is a well known and approved cosmetic 'oraleansing healing, purifying and beautifying the 'omplriidn, and by its dilating pro|'?rkit?s nreVentiDg the formation of wrinkles, and banishing them when present. $ I per bottle. Gourau<l's Ve?< table Li luid Kouge imports a delicate blushing tinge to the complexion, immovable bv lubbiug with a handkerchief or linen cloth. For dyeing ladies' stockingi or (love*, this preparation, diluted wilh wjter, is inimitable. fO cents per bittle. Gourtud's Ha:r Dve will change red or gray hair to a beautiful dark brown or black, wi hout staining the skin. SI per bottle. Whi-ker and Eye br>w Uye. 2^ cen's per bottle. Gouraud'a Blauc dEsptgue, or Spanish White, gives a pure lifelike alabaster whiteaesi and unoothnem to the skill?free from all injurious ingredients, and is eitirely annihilate g turnmoa chalk and flake white. Put III) lit elegant boxes, stft C'n'.s each. This, wi'h other of ,sr. O.'s preparati us, i< imitate !. iiuy no wtie -e else < ul at b'Walker street, just one do >r troin the cornei or Broadway, where will be ?ouud an assortment of ih" moot delicate and choice Perfumery, imported (rum all part*. Agent*?Jordan, 2 Milk stre?', Barton; 74 Chesnnt street, Philadelphia ; Kobiuso", Harrtshurgh ; lleinitch, Lancaster; Seibrook, Princeton; Tiimw, Newark 5 Tonsey, Rochester; Cars well, Lock"ort; Sm'tV PJmyi; Origs, Hamilton, countv; Outhrte, Albvry; (Iray, PoiwhkeepsiejElliAtt, Ooil.en; Myers, New Haven ; Dyer. Providence : Taylor, Newpiit; Carltton, Lowell; Ives, JJUein ; 11 'dget Newhurvport; Preston, Portsmouth ; Patten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor ; Luther White, Calais ; Seth 8. Ha'Ke, Baltimore; Selby Parker, Washington Mrs Frsser, Richmond; Mathewson, Norw ch, Conn.; Wells St Humphreys, H&itford; E. C. Ferre, Middletown. dll m*r DOUB1.E EXTRA ITAUAN HAIK. WASH 'THIS CELEBRATED preparation, the only one that has -L ever bora discovered. Tor the mcceaafnl extirpation of that most offensive dueaM of the head. DANDRUFF, has, daring the late (tyring and rammer sen son, been applied and tetted by thoniaads of Ladiea and Uentlemen, and >n ne|one instance, has it failed to effect AN IMMEDIATE AND RADICAL CURE. It ii recommended by the most celebrated and skilful phyaiciaus and chemists of the day. Every one should avail them selves of its benefits, and thus secure a clear head and a luxuriut coat of hair. It is for sale by its proprietor?price SI the lottle, and 35 cents the singl* wash in the shop. P I'trwHKnoU IT P?rk How.'; NO KOOM KOll DOUBT. .Mr. BENSON, 17 I'riiice street, cured three children by one ISd. box of K?nt'? Worm Lozeuget, after many other medicines had beeu tried witho ut effect, Gen. Loder, Esq N. Y. Vocal Inst, was cured of a s?vere cough. With much pain, by Irs* thin one 111 iwnuy box of Kent's Cough Lozeii/nj. Mr. Clyde, 11 > Grand, was cured by 12 Loz-nges only. Air. John Taylor, th? ce!eb/ated costumer. 58 P'ince, sa\s tliree or four of Kent's Com pound Camphor Lozenges cured Mrs. T. of a very violent headache in a few minutes. Mrs. Clyde, 87 Crosby, subject to nervous headache, savs three or four always curej her. One 18 petiiiy box contains 2? Lozenges. Keut's Aiiti-A|dit^ous Lozenges are an unfailing cure for " Ppnie ' or Thrush. Pleasaut t"> tne taste, they are mite* more convenient than nny wasn. Stc. One 18 penny b 'X is sufficient in any ease. Kent's Mem-bum Lozenges pr mptly remove all acidity of the stomach. Pre par ed aid sold, wholesale and repjl. at Apothecaries' llall. No. CO Prince street, corner of Maiion, a lew doors rut of Niblo's. dll im*r HULL'S TRUSSES NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with rtuturca may rely upon the beg. JT inurnment*) aid the world affords, on application at th? office, No. 4 Vesey street. or to either of the agents in the pria cipal towns in the United States. Be careful to examine th> back pad of HulUs Trasses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr Hall, in writing. Noae are gesiaiae, or to be relied upon a> good, without his signature. Many persona have undertaken to vend imitations of Hnll'i celebrated trusses, and thonsands are imposed npon in cnnse qoence. These imitations cannot be relieil npon ; they art made by anskilfal mechanics, and are no better than the ordi nary trustes. Rooms have been fitted np at No. 4 Vesey street, axelnsivel) for lames, (wing a separate entrance from the business depart ment, where a female u in constant attendance to wait upm female patients. d14 ln?*r POSITIVELY WATER IJROOK?W. J. Roomed So. pi, to or Chinese Water-Proof Oiutment?Mansharm It Palmer nrincipalwholesile and retail agents f >r this oulysure preventive fwet feet. T .e celebrated EuMta BlicVinc, which ins won a great reputation for its brilliancy of polish in quick time, and which is well adapted fur using over the Sospito, is for sale by the proprietor at nis agency Tor the Sospito, 81 Fulton street, comer of Gold. N. B ?The public are inriied to call and test its merits, dll lm*ec TRAY'S SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOE8-15 Maid L/ Lane. Experience has proven that a leather sols can be attached to India Robber uppers, so that it is impossible to *Earat* them in the course of wearing. These Over Shoes, which are already tnrown into disuse leather over shoes and mocassins, and t? which the water proof boot is fast tending, are furnished by the Roibnry India Rubber establishment, 25 Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether belter than are being made by any other e.iUblishoi'nt m the trade. The patent auilted slipper Over Shoes and Boots are furnished only at this establishment. Every article appertaining to the robber business for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to the Roibury I R. C., rtl lm*r U Maiden Lane. NOTICE?REMOVAL '"THE subscriber infoimi lv a Mends and the pubi c rhat he has removed Irom the establishment 9n Bro dwav to h-s old stino, 114 Bmadw-y, oppo.ite nr. faul's Church, havine bought out the win re murr,t of Mr. Van Vrankeu. A la'ge assoituinit of HS1-d^a,^ cnustv-Uy on ha.d GENIN& VAN VIIANKEN.) ... , 214 Broadway. d? Im'm opposite St. I'huI's Church. Hk NEW STYLE OK CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS. The subscriber has a large and beautiful assortment of Gentlemen's and Boys Caps, of the lafett fashion, which he will sell as cheip as any other establishment in this city? tnrnng which may be found gentlemen'* cloth, velvet, a new style of (lazed, and fine otter cap*. Also on hand a large supply of mole skin, (ilk and far haU, of a beautiful finish, for sal* low. Fancy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, ( large assortment of Muffs and Fur Trimmings for sale at very low prices. N. B?The Caps of the subscriber took the premium at the late Fait of the American Institute. , WM. BROWN, nIO lm'r 126 Chatham at. opposite Rooaevelt. J CORK SOLE WATER PROOF AND DRESS BOOTS.?Ths subscriber make* to order Boot* of the sbove description*, of th* Hunt quality of French Calfskin, in the l*te*t ?tyle, snn at ?ery rt-uonable prices. Oen>a who ha.'e been ill the habit of pay ng extravagant price* for inferior articles, are r,-quested to call and be conviuc.-d of their interest in purcliising at thin (tore Drawing* being uken of the reet, nod a F?ir of List* kept for e.icli cuitoiner, there is no difficulty iu getting a iiautUomt- and easy tit Constantly on hand, a large assortment of ?eadv made Brew Bool*, late*t iirlea. at S3 atidfj JO |*r nsir; Double Kolrs.lrora tl to i*i per pair. Over Shoo, Half Boota, Dancing ll'umpa, it pen, ttc a- einally low prices. JOHN L. WATKINS, 111 Fnlton street, do Im'c; between UliftHin* Dutrh strrrt*. LOOK AT THIS. IftOENTLEMEN'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, th* be?t ot ? quality, W 00 jR Do Water Proof Boot* do 1 SO Do light French Ca'f?ktn Boota do $1 to 4 00 Do India Hnbfer Over thorn, with leather lolea 1 JO Do plain Rabbert, 50 Do Dancing Pampa. I 01 Do Dancing Oa'Hr, 1 U Do Worked Slipper!, 100 And *11 other kinda of Boot* and Shoe* in faihien: ladies' gaiter Boou. Buskins, Slipper*. Tie*, quilted Shoes, pittnella Shoe*, white at,<1 black salui Slippers, buitou Sliaes; India robber itran furred, plain, and a'I other kinds of Over Shnest logs, Moccasin*, and the groatnr assortment of boy's Boou and Phoes; misses' and children'*, of all kind* to be found in the world, all of our.own mauulVtu'c. and ihe lw*t of French good*, and warranted to be the best, and a*chr\pa* the cheapest. at W Broadway, corner ol Franklin s'leet. d?t30?ec 1WKOOKY h CAHILL, *7 Broadway. ANTI-HUMBUd STORE!-LIVE AND LET LIVE.?At the old exeluaive Bool Store, No. 111 Chatham *treet (weere theodiou* practice of calling upon i>cr on* pas*ing the *tore i* not toler.ted). can be obtuned W.iter Boots uwimUrturcd in this city of the best mitfial. sud warranted at prices ranging from three to fir* d< liar*, being *otne two dollar* lower in price tlun is generally obtained (quality coni'deTed ) hi this city. nWJw*r TUST RECEIVED, via Steamer Acadia, a lot"ol" new ai d ' splendid goods for gentlemen's dressing gown*. Also an assortment of uew sti le Silk and Satin Vesting*, suitable lor ball and wedding costume. A choice assortment of Woolen, Silk ad Satin Scarfs, alto received by nmc ve>sel. W. T. JICNNINOS k CO.. dIT lm*er ^ 211 d road way. CiOLF.'S PfCTUH KS of Mount Etna, Voy?$? of Li?e, I'.ist ' and Present fcc. fcr. now rtnthilins al the ronnis of tlir National Academy, corner o" Leonaidatert and Broadway, Admittsnc* U cent*?Season Tirketa to cents Caialotue* t)( cent*. dl#2w*r MIFFS! MUFFS M MUFFS ! f AT COST PRICKS. A I <Ot iD pssoritn-nt for oile at J. II. A HI :H F.R'S Hat and Cap Store*, 201 and MO Oreeuwich street. N. B ?New style (lent* Travelling Car*?a great variety, ?arycheap. al9 3teott*e W YO YORK, WEDNESDAY ]V A CARD.?Mr. HARVEY reapectfally announce* the intention of exhibiting hit Fa<ntiuiia t > the public, at tli? Oallery o) the Aoollo Association. ( pp^site the Hoit>-ral.) 3/2 Broadway. from Wedneeday, SUth Dec. They eonaiat principally of American laii''?ca|>e >ceuerf anil include th*original water c> lor drawiugt, which have procuied for him m?cn couimeuda inn anil irauy It tter?. deluding tlioie from lli? f->l lowing ilistingnimed and exaltnl p?r?nn??ea!?Washington AHiton, Ea<j. Sir Martin A. Slice. P. R. A., I lie Hon (-.A Murray, wr tteu bv cmmam! of her Majmv, Queen Victorm, and liia Rural High tea*, Triuce Albart. They will remain U|>ou exhibition lnn abort tun1* mily. ?r ADVERTISEMENT.?Mr. ( it. Oliudon, o Kuyl't will commence a course of P. ur Lec'ur. a on Kg>0 tian Antiijuilies a' the Htu\traant luuiiute, Broadway, on Monday eV-n ng, IRtli December. at eight o'clock. Th* second Lecture mill b* deli\er*d at the nana* p'ace and hour in ti e ancoeedir s WeJueacay cvenirg ; and tliecourj* Will be con tinned on the eiuning Monday anil Wedneadav evening! E?ch Lecture will be accompanied hy copious Pic'orial lllu? (rations Subject*?lac Lecture, ' The I1i?ri0l'a ot Scripture;" 9'lter tlir-e will tr?at on the " Metnphite Pyramids,' com prising the Int'itdiaerveriea. 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Dkatii ok Jl di.t Thompson. Ak soon as the Court was opened, and previous to tho calling over the name* of the jurors, the District Attorney, with much feeling and evident embarrassment, rose in his place, and stated that it had become his paintul duty to announce to the Court and the memburs ol the bar, the death ol the Hon. Smith Thompson, of the Supreme Court of the United States, nnd Pretidiug Judge of this Court. This melancholy event took place at six o'clock on the evening of Monday, Dec. his residence at Poughkeepsie. The learned counsel observed, that it was not his intention, at this moment, to pronounce before this Court, the scene of his judicial labors, n panegyric upon the many and eminent qualities, judicial and personal, public and private, of the distinguished man who had just passed to his final account. At the proper time, other and abler minds would discharge this important duty. Ho deeply rogrettedMiat at the moment when lie made this painful announcement, he could not at the same time move thut the court adjourn until alter the funeral. But such was the situation of thu business before the oourt, that ho was obliged to post|>one lus leenngs to duty, au<t would now proceed witit tne trial of the prisoner at the bar. Judge Bmu, iu a solemn munner, responded to the District Attorney. He observed that the Court would refrain from giving any expression to personal feelings at the moment. lie regretted that the solemn duties iu w hlch the Court wns occupied, did not allow the usual mark of respect to the memory of the honored dead, hy adjourning until ufter the funeral, that each one present might reflect upon the loss which had been sustained. Hut the case which occupied the attention of the Court was a capital one, iu which was involved serious and awful consequences, ami the cause of public justice. The rights of thu individual on trial might be materially interfered with by indulging in the usual tribute of respect at the time, lie would,therefore,not make any further remarks, but direct the public prosecutor to proceed with the trial of the prisoner at the bar. Thouji ution Com incko. F.uKNr.zsn Bkkhy, recalled.?When you found the schooner was there a boat attached to her ? A.?No; neither on board nor alongside. , Mu Dearbohx, recalled.?Huvc you ever seen that chronometer, and whose property was it ? A.?I have seen it; it was the property of my husband Mr. Ruisi.ll, recalled?In the conversation you had with Babe, relative to the falling overboard of the captain and mate, did Babe statu where the vessel was at the timo I A?To the south and cast of Bermuda; lie did not say how far off they were. (i?You stated yesterday that Babe said that ho left the cook on board I ?Yes, I so stated it as he told me; he said he had left him on board the vessel, and did not know but that he was there now. O?Did you find Ebenczer Beny on board the Harsh Lavinia/ A?1 did; there ? as 110 boat attached to or 011 board the vessel. The District Attorney hem offered to introduce the confession and declarations of the confederate Mathews, relative to Babe's participation in the murder ond piracy, ami which confession was made to the witness in llie presence of the prisoner. This was opposed b.v the counsel for the priioner, and the Court in its sound discretion, sustained the motion ami excluded the testimony. By Mr. Trick- Were you examined before Mr. Itmpelje, the Commissioner f A?I was. Mr. Price?I will read you what I understand to be your testimony on that occasion. Witness?That it nearly the sum of my evidence, 1 think Q?Had you any trouble with Mr. Ilapelje relative to the right of jurisdiction over the prisoner I A?I had; 1 considered that the right of jurisdiction lay with the County or District to which I belonged, as t> Police Officer, but I gave up to the authority of Mr. Rupelje. H?Had you any conversation with Bal>c when you arrested him? A?When I arrested Babe, I first searched him, and found on him the silver watch; when I asked w hat he had done with the matv'tf gold watch, he replied that he had exchanged it for the silver one and $11 in money, but where lie could not exactly describe; he said the captain and mate fell overboard, nnd that he did not know but that the cook was yet on board the schooner?in reply to my question he said he had not made away with him. The District Attorney announced thut the prosecution rested here. Tiik Defunct.. Wm. Jay Haskktt F.bii. opened the case for the defence. He dwelt at length on the geueral uncertainty of circumstantial evidence, however closely followed up and well connected the chain might be on which the prosecution relied for n conviction. He contended that the evMence preiented in this ease wai not of so clear and positive a nature as to satisfy them that the captain, mat" and cook were really dead ; and if dead, that they had fallen by the hands of the prisoner at the bar. He dwelt on the fact that, while there might not be sufficient evidence to con>ict in this cnsc. vol tliuiv were? indictinwuU itwndinr against him, which would send him to prison for nearly the remaining years of hid life. The felonious making away with the ejects of the officers of the vessel, could be so sufficiently proven by indisputable evidence, that the prisoner could never hope to leave this court a free man. He cited a number of cases to show the caution with which a jury should render a verdict upon unsupjwrted circumstantial evidence, and theu called a witness to prove the good character of the prisoner, but the witness not being in I'oiirt, the District Attorney consented to admit the evidence previous to tlic case being summed up by the prosecution. Thk but iKo: then preceded to sum up the evidence,Mr. Nash leading. He was followed by Mr. Price for the prisoner, wlio made a most stirring appeal to the jury. He dw elt with particular stress on the rule laid down'in certain cases, that unless the body was found, the jury could not pronounce the prisoner guilty of murder. The District Attorney closed ibr the prosocution, and while he remembered the widow and the mourning sister, and justice unappeased, he w as not unmindful of mercy The public prosecutor, while lie discharged his solemn duty to the people, did not forget the man, and while he asked that crime should be punished commensurate with its deserts, he stood between the living and the dead, and gave to doubt its weight, and to mercy her just proportions. In dignity of office he was just?in' beauty of feeling and honorable fairness, he was not lacking. In reviewing the argument of the learned counsel, Mr. Trice, he remarked that if it was decided by the verdict of the Jury, that however circumstantial evidence, closely knit, and combining to a conviction, might be made out in the prosecution of such atrocious crimes, yet, if the body or bodies of the murdered victims were not restored "to light and to examination, that a verdict of not guilty should be recorded in favor of the accused, then would piracy be a thing of common occurrence; and at the foremast of every vessel would float, regardless of law or justice, the death flag of the pirate, whenever revenge, hatred, desire of gain, love oi power, or the murderous thirst of hellish souis prompted the deed If the sen refused to give up her dead, then might justice go unsatisfied and crime go unpunished. Such would be the effect of a verdict of not guilty, if the law laid down by the counsel for the prisoner wan the law to regulate the verdict of the jury in the. case. He then argued on the nature oi me uvluetice. no irucou me vchkci irom me wnari at Alexandria to tlit> hour when alio was boarded by the crew of the Kairhaven. He showed the prisoner on board when she left that wharf?hiii hand-writing in the log book on the 19th July?his landing on the lieacli and hi* conduct, an the leader or sixikesman of the three? hi* stories of their course?the possession of the property *n<? J*?**00*1 effects of the unfortunate captain und mate, and bis confessions that they nad ccased to exist by their own act, thus trstnblishlng the fact of their death beyond all diipute. He passed along the ehain^Ovm link to link, with a clearness and force of argument which wai irresislible, and, with an earnest appeal to the jury to be men, and discharge their duty to their oath, their country, and the prisoner at the bar, he sat down. [Throughout the antire argument, the prisoner watched him steadily and earnestly, but without betraying any emotion] TheCourt then proceeded to charge the jury. The Judge observed that they were assembled as a solemn inquest to examine into the means by which, und by the act of wh?tn, the male Nichol came to his death. I'he prisoner nt the bar stood indicted for the murder of Niehol, ami it beciime the province of the jury tn determine whether such nccusation was supported and confirmed by legal evidence. The indictment chirped him with such an art on two general grounds ; first, by drowning ; nnd secondly, l>y wounding ; not singly, but wi'lt two confederates, Mathewiand Webstar. He observed that the indictmcnt was broad enough, if the jnry believed that Nirhol camo to his death by violont means', nnd by the wilful act of the prisoner nt the bar, and it was not necessary that the prosecution should prove that the death was caused by the mallet or by drowning. If the jury were satisfied that by confederacy with the other person* churgod, the prisoner had caused the death of the olhcers of the Laviniaby drowning or by wonndi inflicted by any sharp instrument, then it was sufficient to establish the charges laid in the indictment against all or either of the persons so charged. Murder, by luw, must be. the wilful net of a sane I man, with malice prepense ; nnd if there be no facts to show the existence of malice, and the murder be shown to hare been the deliberate and wilful act of the person so killing, then the law by implication, infers the existence of malice. The evidence to sustain the charge of murder was two-fold. The one, by the positive and direct evidence of an eye witness?the other by cirrum stances and independent facts which shall ho, to the sntisfaction of ajury, conclusive proof of the jiuticc of such charge. In thi< case there was no positive and direct evideuce -it was all circumstantial. The jury were to take into consideration the vessel found deserted on the water* adjacent to the const of Massachusetts, as described by the witnesses Berry and Ilussel. They were to place themselves oil board Rnd examine the situation of thu vessel her position - -and the mark* of violence discovered, and then would arise the questions?What became of the crew of the vessel ? Why had etforts l>een made to destroy or sink her ? What occasioned the marks of violence upon her deck and in her cabin,? I>o not such marks pro* e to the inquiring mind, us clear as a speaking witness, that crimo had been committed by some person or j>er*on?l This was hut circumstantial evidence, hut yet it was snrticient to understand, anil no understanding mind would be cloned to their effect. Then suppose a suspicious looking vesael was in sight, that sho was hailed and refused to come to?that she was pursued, boarded,and the property ofthe abandoned vesselwas found on board, stowed away from sight, would not such evidence be sufficient to establish the fact that the property had l*en obtained by robbery and violence, aud yet such I E R A 20, 1843. evidence would only Ik- circumstantial. It wan necessary first to see the evidence establishing the existence of a fact, and then to take such evidence Kingly and counectiv e, in order to arrive at a just anu a lair decision. 1 lie question then was aid such evidence tend to establish innocence or guilt, or wan there just cause to doulit > If the tesult wan tliat the accused was innocent, then the acquittal should lie hoiioiable and speedy ; il guilty, then u-< honestly and lairly should justice lie satisfied , if iloubtlul, then the law mercifully steps iu and (jives to the prisoner the lull weight of thut doulit iu a verdict ol not guilty. '1 he learned Judge then proceeded to examine into the lacts ol the case, and to |>oint out thn connection of each with the other,and all with the prisoner and the vessel. On the lirst of July she sailed lrnm Alexandria, with a cargo bound to Antigua nnd.a port, and on hoard ol her is proven to hav i' been < aptain Oe&itimn, Nichol the mate,Johnson the cook,the prisoners ]lahe,.Mnthew s and U seamen. Tin- handwriting ot the mutt* show ? that On tii*- I jth July In* wan ou boatd ul her, aud }ierlori?liig his duty. 'X huiu is no doubt that the iiau-s me correct; indeed it in admitted by the counsel for the prisoner, very lairly and candidly, i he next evidence We time ol tlx: vessel is, that she in cUsco\ Lied ou the occuii m ar V\ estport, .tiutt. ui the condition described in thu evidence. J he hist question w hich then arise* is?Does she or doea she not exhibit mai ks ot violence, uud ii theie not ev idence ot an attempt to scuttle her f Again you have the evidence thut the vessel was discovered without the master, the male or the cook, uud iu a .-inking condition. Then comes the questiou, if there is not cause to connect him feloniously with the vessel as lound. It is Raid there are other indictments pending ; but with those we have nothing to do. We ale called upon to decide whether the mate Nichoi died by the lioud oi the prisoner at the bar. This is the rjuestiun we have to decide, and that ilium: wo have to tuiswer. And to come to a decisiou ou the question, we have lirst to consider us to the luct of the death of INichol. And hero we must take into consideration the follow ing lucM:?1st, thu abandonment ot the vessel on the high seas; next, the liiuting a jiortiou ot the crew landing in a small bout within a snort distance of where the vessel was discovered. Next, no traces ol the three missing men;and what are the conclusion we must come to ! Arc we not to conclude their death ? Are there any other conclusions to which we can arrive! 'i lien, aguin,thc DistrictAtloruey oilers thu declaraunusol tho piitoner, and there is no doubt but that the free, voluntary declarations of a prisoner mude by liimsell against himself, are proper evidences to be used against linn Oil a trial?alwajs taking care to lix the declarations so that there can be no doubt of their utterance und the manner under wh ch they are so uttered?then we are to take such declarations and apply tlieui to the purposes ol justice and of truth. We now como to the enquiry?what were the declarations of the priioner, and what said he relative to this transaction I W e have ltussell's testimony that the prisoner told him that when the vessel Was about 11 or 16 days out, and in the latitude of Bermuda, the cnj?tain and male hud a suddeii quarrel, and in the scuttle both fell overboard. Here wo have evidence ol the death ol the parties by drowning. In support of this declaration another species of evidence is resorted to?the writtcu statement of the prisoner in the log book of the vessel is proven, and it is for the jury to say whether they arc satisfied, from the evidence of Air. buiith, alter a comparison ot the handwriting with what he saw the prisoner write yesterday, whether they believe that sucli entry in the log; book was or was not the writing of the prisoner. And you are to take this into consideration in connection with the verbal statement. The Judge then pointed out the suspicious circumstances attending the landing of the prisoner and his confederates, aud tiie contradictory statements made by him in buhall of the other*, about their having been last from Poole, ill England? the brig springing a-leak?the desertion of her by the captain anil seven passengers in one boat, and by himself, the other two and the cook in the small boauthe death ot the cook '2 days previous?the unwillingness of the three men to communicate their course to the persons with w hom they came in contact. Krom all these circumstances it is manifest there has been a fabrication ; and it is lor the jury to say whether this is not conclusive evidence that the design was guilty and intended to divert examination and preserve secrecy. Again, the boat in which they came ashore was, according to the evidence, badly fitted out?the sail was cut out ol another, and the mast w as a portion of a broken spar. This is testimony going to show how far it was the intention of the prisoner and his confederates to screen themselves. It shews that they left the vessel in the neighborhood of our coast. We next tracc them across to Sechewest, where they had been landed by the partner of tiie witness, Baker ; aud here we lind the prisoner fabricating another story ; as the witness Darker informs you that he told him that he hud coine from New Bedford; and you will bear in mind that the prisoner at the bar was the principal throughout; he spoke aud acted lor the others ; besides he was the largest and the stoutest of the three. N' .1!.. !... 11...., l,?,l lu.I ut Volt/ or liud come rounil to Knight's by the singe. If then, we find the prisoner preuaricating ami falsely representing hi* course lor the purpose of misleading und hallling inquiry, we have strong evidence, militating againrt, hut still not conclusive, of the guilt of the prisoner. It ii all important to weigh these several clrcumi^auCM, es denoting a consciousness of guilt, and a desire to llee from justice and detection. If they do not denote such intent, then they have no weight ? The next we hear of thein is at New Vork ; and we find him dressed ill the apparel ol the captain and mate?wearing the vtnlch, thu ttlurta, the hoots, of the missing officers ; also, tho property of the vessel in his ]>os*e*sion. And have we any information indicating regret or pain for the loss of his officersOn the contrary, we find him Felling the watch, and deliberately fabricating a story of the purchasu in Liverpool ; then, the cabdiiver tells you of hit being at various houses of ill fame. Now, in relation to the personal clothing and property?if evidence has been shewn, that they were taken fiom the body of the mate, then it is most significant evidence uf violence by the prisoner at the liar, to obtaiu possession ol such clothing and property. Vet, if there was no other evidence of the death of the owner, the possession would not be conclusive of guilt. It hits been observed with great force and feeling by the counsel for the prisoner, that there has not been shewn a sufficient motive or persuasion to Commit the crime of murder. The vessel was small, the cargo not a very valuable one, and there was no evidence that the prisoner-or his confederates had any knowledge of the existence of any property or valuables on board. This view of the counsel must not lie lost sight of; for you are not to suppose that life has been taken for the mere sake of gratifying a desire to murder or destroy life. You are to look at the motive, but you are not to decide in the absence of proof of such motive. It may have been revenge, or hatred, or malice. All that the proof of motive is required for is to show willingness of mind. It is not the question of sufficiency of motive, hut it is the absence of all motive. We ha\ e no evidence that the prisoner knew what the vessel contained or of the Spanish dollars sjiokcn of by the widow of the Cuptaiii. It is said you have 110 right to conjecture that by possibility he is guilty. You are ,to consider the evi dence, to weigh the testimony, and if you are satisfied that he is guilty, you are to say so. You have no right to conjecture that he is innocent. The prool may establish one fact, and the imagination m*y suggest that by possibility he inuy not Jiave committed the act. We are not called upon to disbelieve 011 the bare possibility, and we must be equally careful not to sudet our minds to decide unless upon the evidence. What portion of the evidence you do not believe, reject. Whut portion you believe, you are to admit, and upon this to decide whether that is suf ficientlv conclusive to establish the charges luld in the indictment, that the mutts Nicholcume to his death at the hands of the prisoner at the bar. If you decide affirmatively, then you will pronounce him guiltv ; but if you can ?av on your.oaths that you have a doultt, founded on a careful review and examination of that evidence,them you will pronounce him not guilty. It in hardly necessary forme to admonish you that your verdict must not lafounded upon a possibility. You have to decide on the evidence, and on that alone. 1 do not thiuk. that it in required that 1 should detaiu you any longer. The Jury then retired under charge of o sworn olliccr. Mr. Si< kki.s then rose and addressed the Court, on the death of the venerable Judge Thompson, lie expressed the desire of the member* of the bar to testify their respect for the memory of oue, whore eminent virtues and alffnlfled conduct, as a Judge, had recommended him to the esteem and ju?t admiration of every one who had known him. lie. therefore, respectfully made amotion that when this Court adjourn, it adjourn to Monday next, until the remains of the lamented deceased should be committed to their liual resting place, Jt/pur. Bktts very feelingly replied, lientlemen of the Bar, you cannot, at this moment, expect any lengthened eulogy from me. on one whose loss 1 deplore not so much on public grounds, nsfiom personal regurd. Kur twenty years past, that eminent man had sat on the liench, and with what faithfulness, uprightness and honor he had discharged its duties, both you and the public can bear witness. Kor sixteen years have we sat together, in the trial of cases of much importance, and involving much risk of property and life, yet have we gone through our labors with almost unvaried harmony. I have derived much from his sound judgment, his high judicial character and his many noble virtues, I consent, with great sympathy, to the motion, and as a mark of my great respect for him we mourn. I will adjourn this Court until Monday next. Mr. On a ham here suggested that Monday would lie Christmas day. Juno* Bktti?As Monday will be a day of religious oh irri'AiiPn tvitli manv nf t ho ciimimiiitt v th?? I'nnrt will \w adjournal until Tuesday, the 9fKh. Mr. 8ICKCT9 then informed the Court that a meeting of < the meml>ers of the bur would bo held on Wednesday (today) at 10 o'clock, A.M. in tho Common Council Chamber, City 1 loll, to udopt suitable measure* to manifest their re- 1 spect for the memory of the deceased. Vludm'T.?The jury were absent about twenty-live minutes, when it was announcul that they hail agreed and were about to enter tho Court. In a moment the most profound silence was observed, and all eyes were directed i to the door through which the jurors entered, one by one, ' slowly and sternly, an men who felt tho awful responsibility they were about to assume in the rendition of a ver- 1 diet which was to restore a fellow being to the world or | condemn him to an ignominious death. The prisoner calmly fixed his ere on them as thev took their seats, but I not a muscle moved or a betrayal of anxiety could bo noticed. The Ci.i ak, in a loud voice then called over their names and asked ?Gentlemen of the jury, have, you ugrned on your verdict. Kokemar.?We have. Cii xk.?Gentlemen of the jury how say you, is the i prisoner at the bar guilty or not guilty. <i Korem**.?(iuilly. (Not a move or change in the f countenance of the'doomed men. A slight murmur was traceable among the crowd, which thronged the court room and the gallery.) Oira.- Silence ! "j Mr. Taicr.- Poll the jury'- 1 Ttir.Ci.KRK.?<Jentlemen of tho Jury, hearken, and as t your names are called, answer and soy whether the prl- ? oner is guilty or not guilty. Ho then called over the 1 LD. Pi le* Two CmU. name of each juror, and the fatal ruiltu, mi distinctly, but solemnly pronounced by each. Twelve time* that word vt li spoken, but not a movumrnt wu to be teen in the countenance of tin: prisoner, tho'igh hi* eye wu steadily fixed on the jury while each pronounced hi* verdict. Judge the prisoner Hi* Honor then discharged the j'iry until Tueeday next. Theofticer, under the direction of Marshal It^pelje, placed the prisoner ib iron*, and then removed Uim to thu low er office, uud thence he w as committed to tU* cell of the Centre street prison to nw ait hi* aenteuce. Xavat. Moncmkm' at Morvr Auwr*tr.?A new c.liann is added to thm oacred resting place for the dead A beautiful cenotaph of native mai ble has Just been erected by the officers and scientific corps of the late Kxplnring Kx pud it ion, to the memory of tour of their promising j ountj associates, who lost their lives in the tier* vice of their country. This chivalry of feeling, which embalms the names and the memory ot brother officers, la a notile trait in the diameter of brave men, and is touchingly displayed in this plain, but beautiful and appropriate monument, on which, under chbpleta of exquisitely wrought flow era, each forming the shape of ait urn, la if' scribed the following tin)pic story On the first sideTo the Memory of Lieut. JosKrn l.M>mwooi>, Mid'n. Whim Hic!?nr, U. 8. Navy. On the second Hide? To tin- Memory of P a i? e d Midshipmen J??. W. K. H*id, Kni.or.iurK A. Bacon. U. S. N. Oil the third lidsThin Cenotaph is erected hy Turin AinnriATri, the OKicer* and Scientilic Corpi ol the V. S. exploring Kxpeditlon. Oil the fourth side? Lieut. liMjr.RwooD and Midihipmuu Henm fell by the hands ol savages, while promoting the came ol icieuce and philanthropy, at Mololo, one ol the Kigi group of Islands, July J-l, Ii-IO. Tnsied Midshipmen Heed and Racon Were lost ut sea, oft'Cape flora, May, The massacre of young Underwood and Henry was the most melancholy event of the whole cruise. They murdered in sight of Lieut. Aldon and bin party, who word (tautening to their assistance?but unable to reach the shore with their boat*, were obliged to moor them ut thu distance of a mile, and then w ading up to their waists, they IIred on the lavagei as they advanced, and thus fortunately arrived in time to save the tiodic* of theircomrudes from the pollution of those cannibal*, whose horrid pixipi-nsities they bad frequent opportunities to witness. Passed Midshipmen Head und line oil, w ere on board the Sea (Jul), and sailed from Cape Horn in company with the Klylng Klsh, commanded by the gallant Knox, who not liking the appearance of the weather, returned into harbor?the Sen (juli having twelve or fourteen person! on board, proceeded, and has never since >?een heard oC Lieut*. Alden and Johnson, with Mr. Drayton of the scientific corps, were appointed a committee to carry out the wishes ol their Associates, In erecting a monument to the memory of the departed?and thev have performed the duty in a manner which cannot fail ts give the high* est satisfaction to all concerned. This cenotaph is an K'.gvptiau obelisk, twenty-two feet high, and four laet at the base, erected at the cost of The design is by Drayton, and is in the finest style of pure, simple, monumental beanty?the execution by mi ll lilt-in ex. ouii ui i iiiiaiici|iiuB| 4* nvi mi/ ? ? ww?g?. Motion Journal, Dec. IS. PROCLAMATION FROM THE GRAND KROCT. r\WINO to iliataibaoce* of a rery aeriona win, the GnuiA " Krout haa bee awakened from hia uaual reooae by a com* b tuition of drndfuj circurantmce*, and wu im (o opil hU lieepera and nod, which aignifiea approbation, and aomelhioc very important to all Cabbage Hiwrfa. Therefor", i, the Arch Chancellor. by rirtue of the power vested in mi', Ji> h?rebv iiimmon all liege Kro?r?, without >t"iiif to Hppvar unwilled at the Ginud Annual Feaac. ;obr hrlil at Fritl H'dtierick'a Hotel, corner of Broome aud kid riitce atteeta, on Wrdoeaday, Dec. iOth, 1143. 1.itobedii'iic* to thi', uur n>lrmii mandtle, will cauae great anguiah and diapleasnre in hi* iiuituar boiom. lyiven at our lalace, Seaiou of Cabbages the 17th. and of oar Riiltn the fi-tt By order of I ia ('ahbiiire OiMtren. HAHMANNU8. JACOBUS VON KLOTT> RKLOcF. Arch Chancellor. D1EDKRICK VON WICKAI-KALSEN. Orai d Seetrury. Kront Hall will be opened at 19 o'clock A. M. for all liaca Krout*. Dinner at 4 o'clock P. M. Installation of the GrfBii Kront invmd ately after dinner. Ticket* ran lie had of the following Krouta !? Kront Von Braiattd, IT. N. Hotel. Kront Von I'ulava", 489 tfrr.ailway. Krout Von Stone,11 131 Fulton rtrvtt. Kruut V/in /audi. 92 Huilaun it tret. Krout Von Daria, comer Tina and William (treel. KroatVon Dieter. .70 South ??rt?t. Krout Von witjnnre. i*R Diriaion atrrat. Kmat Von Ilrilderitk, Kiont Had Kront Vou Kicked, li7 South alteet. _ Krout Von FitxgemM, V. asliiiigt >n Market No. I. Kr. ut Von Mil" hy, Kast Branway and Hutgw* attest. Kront Von Smith, Km Broadway, K-ont Vou Swarts, ? Chuham street. Kront Vo Hh -neon, corner Market and Monro* ?tT**ta. hrout Von Packer, Wa*?'ngton Marktt. K rout Von Bartlett, 36 Brwery. dlt UfcM Jtr DEOWN'I INDIAN QUEEN HOTEL. 'T'HK suhseri' er rerec'fully inform* liia ftiendt aad ths trm X telling pubic (ha( ha has 'ecen ly fi'Ud up the J diaa Qufe Hutrl in a ttyle of com'ined el.psnca ard ronreniesic* umurpussrd in the United Huira. An addition to the establish? incut irontmg 01 C itrrrt h?a bern newlv built, roaUin'Si * Bieat n"tnK'r of mon a and priTare a part teenhandioirely lurii'sbed Willi all th t can solace and dr'wh' ihefareller. 'I ha'part of the Hi id frmi'ing on rentis\Wani ?t. nuchas u?<!fr.i i.e a vast improvement ths Far ha? b?eti moved tow.uda the >ear, and thr liquors. Sic. 'educed one half in prira. A capaeii uj hall fiout'iig on Pennsylvania k>*nur. taaref,.)!/ titled up. oonu'e's ? it1" the ge.ii'smen's p rl >r, Uao oi>enn if on the nvenue On the finish a. d drcoratiooa of 'his parlor no >l*-nse hag been spared; in s'eg imcc, commodionsneas anil pleasantness of location it haa not ?t? npiil u any am ilar ?*Uhlishneu' in tha couutry. 'Ike labia a* naoal will eontinns t-> fihibii all that ab?naaur? vd variay tor wh'uh it haa b"?q so long eel brabd. The ubscribtr baiag tha sote proprietor of the rstshlnlimeut, * nil wn n^ a la K? ana ptodactivs farm ana garden in the ianrndiatr vicinity ol the city, ha ia not only enabled to supylv hn tyble with evry delicacy at it* earliest Mann, hot to afTard Kin aecomtrod-t'or ? at a m"eh e^eai'er rat* thai the regular charges in other hotels in the city, who a'e entirely dener.deu' upon tli* market, Peculiar alter I ion naa beeu paid to the fitting np of >he ladies' sputa euts, and nothing haa l???n omitted that can conduce to their cmfort With an em cient corpa of * ell disciplined, act're and respectful servants of both *e?*?. a pmispr and obliging porter and t.arkeei>er*. ana ot> rr atieudauti of t entlemanly habits and address, thesub* scriber Hitter* himself that not* iujt ha* b?en left nnd<-ne to ruaur* lo hnn a continuance o* public tayojiairsa N. B ?Bo>rd per wsek SlO The pert* will altesdfhe ar rval of the c*rs, and all baggage brought to the H of charge. _L_ ttawlw ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. T ONPON-ST KATHAKlNK'rt HOTKL. opposite the 1' Ht. Katharine'' Uork (Jet**. and Mar tha Moyal Mist.? THOMAH l.KN'NKY. l<t^ Chief Steward of the Britiah Queen Ste?tmh!p. r?spfctfnlly informsh-sfri*nd? intheUnittd Sta'fs. that he has the management of the alwreeew and fl*. gant ea'abiish * ent, which is built aud furni'hed regairlrta of expeme, and it in e??ry reaped adapted for the reeept on of fx uiilie* and gentleoien viaitmg Kun'aud. as the hotel fronts that pa* I of the no' k in wh'ch the liner* and moat of >he olher Amric >n veasels lae, and ia within fire minutes e.alk of tlie B?nk aud Koysl f icli uige The house will he conducted on libemk nd economical pr.nciples The Come Koom i* tuppliel with the London, American, bait Indian aud Colonial papers. Tha VihihIs, Winea, kr are oT the fir-1 <|Uali y A good Billiard Boom and Warm Bath* will b* found in thshonae Oentiamen may contr*ct by the week or month for Board, lie on ths tame terms a* in America. T Lh NNKY bet * to assure tho*ewho may honor him with their pat'Oi.age that nothing *ha'l he wmtinn to render them comfortabW, and *?y attention t" the wi*re* of hi* guests, hopes to mcr t that confidence and gnod will so liberaliy bestowd on him when steward of tlie BntUh Queen. dllr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. ""PHR MRdmimtNl take* occasion to inform hi* friend* and 1 1^ public, |W tfce Alanaioa llo nee i* now located ia In1'imJor street, fvo. tf. in the Wcinit) ?f the steamboat landing tnd vegetable market, having cenamodiana family a part mm La trraiiKra in the neatest order. A person ia employed to pro?ar? permit* to laad |iii?|ini. bagxage, See. who will board rraaeli immediately after the ritu of the revenne officer*. N. D.?Viaitor* to thia Island ahonld prjenre a passport from 'he Spanish Couiol. at tne pott of eubnrkalion, to obviate difficulties rnd inconvenience *il Smec WILLIAM FULTON. IMPORTANT TO I.NVAUDB AND VISITERS TO THE INLAND OF I UBA, PROGRESS IlOTEL, IN THE VILLAOE OF CERRO, three miln from Hav* 1 na ?This establishment la adrantr>seonily situated. prrperly fttted up and atreaded, affording the benefit of a eoontry lire, without excluding the comfort! and pl*asme* of th? capital, or preventing a timely attendant* to bmineaa. Eveiy attesting 14 promised by lite owner* to wet the satisfaction of tbair ruiter*. CHARGES. Boarding for *ingle person in ooe room, tt M a d*y for two or three person* ia one room, 91 Ma da f lach person. With fmnilie* a particular agreement nay be enured Into. N D.?Omnibusaes are running from moraine till night between the Onro and Havana, making the trip ia half an hour. nT! lm*r UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK. IN RETURNING OUR THANKS to the travelling conr 1 munitv lor th- very liberal patroniyte b*stowed on oar house Jorin* th* lA*r ywir wr b*i? to inform in*m Chftt rn* alt* rationa and improvement* con tern'>l? ted are now boinpl*ted,an4 we are prepared to accommodate our friends and traveller* ge uerally to a *tyle not surpessed b. any other establishing t-. our lurnitnre and bedding being new 'lie buildingthoroughly renovated and newly 'ainfed throughout. tlie Crotoa water is imrodaeed in every deportment. aad the term* on* dollar and R<d9 tJrP" <**rBRAI9TED fc JOHNHON, Proprietors 'Th^ALHAMKA. Broadway, between Spring and P?inca I ?Tlie proprietor of the above establiahwaat bet* to inform the CuHionable pub'ifl that, haviag engaged at great npe_ M mine of the ino<tcelohrat d foreign arlisi*. who have arrived at th greateat n? rfection in their ?erev*| depart men**, he i* now [>rep*re?l to furnish Partie*, Ball*. Wadding*, with any descrip ion of C -nfectionary, of a .|uality and in a *ty!e hitrerro une iml'ed in th'scitv. dl?tw*ee > 'I HB LADIES?Ladie* about >o give entertainment* are invi'ed to call anil ?ee 'he entirely new and beatitirtj et* of IceCream Charlotte de Un*se. aud Jellv l-orra* ami itoulda, jnst received at th* ALHAMRA, SJ9 Broadway, rililea ?'t and arranged for parties in the moat tasteful and *tractive inurrr, by a celebrated Artist, wthoat invom-g any dilitional eipenae The celebrity ol their IceCr'ama danng he paat inmmer, give* ^aauranc* thateinal pauit w II be ahea ?ith all otlter article*of Confectionary furnished at thia K*tabi*hm?nt. dloJw#?c

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