Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol., IX. No. 338 Whole No/3ft?U. To tike Public. THE NEW YORK IIERALD -daily newspaper-published every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Trice 3 cents per copy?or $7 ifl per annurn postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD- published every Saturday morning price cents per copy, or J>3 13 |>er annum? p jstago* paid, ca?h in advance. ADVERTISERS are iulormed that the circulation ol the Herald is owtr THIRTY THOUSAND. and increasing last. It hat the largest riixulution vf nny pnptr in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the b*ft channel Jor business nun in the citu or country. Price! moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the mo?t moderate price, and in tho most elegant styln. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Propkiktor or the Hkr*ld Kiihi ummixt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Na*wau itreeti. Atfg- PACKET FOIl HAVRE?Second Line?The wHRfy?hip UTICA, F. Hewitt, mas'ei, will oil on the 1st MUmMm"! 'auuary. BOYD it HINCKEN, 9 Tontine RuildiuK, d'tec comer Will and Water itmti. 44S: KOR HAVRK-Th. French brig ALEHTE, WT'T:3IV'^'iPta'u Heuie. F?'r ireight apply to A. C ROS8IKE U CO. 47 Broad it. or to dl(? BOW & Tontine Building ?4^ FOH MARSEILLES?Packet for lat Jannary? wjJJV. 1 he shin TRKSCOTT, Capt. Mvricic. Apply to ttlilf LAURENCV. fc pflV.LI'S, 103 H rout at., or to BOYD ?t HINCKP N, Agents, ddec 9 Toe tine Buildings. KOR LIVERPOOL?Cabin Passage Only-The ??#*yfirst clam .hip KONAI1ASSETT, Cart Howe*. jiUHHiiWill be d-spa ched for the above port in a few day*. She has liirdsome accommodations for cabin pas?engers, who will be taken at reduced iate?, if early application i? made to JOHN HERDM vN, 61 South street. N B.?The British ba'qne 'oteph C'nuard, Ca< t lUrnsou, burthen 710 tons per register, will be despatched for Liverpool ou or about the 1 h of Jinoary, and can comfortably aecoinmodilo a few cabin passei gers, at a low rate. Apply on board foot of Pine st, or as above. d!9tc Aftfr T)VLV REGULAR LINE KOR NEW ORWOrlf? LEANS? Phe following flrst class peckers will sail JnaMtwi'iiiiclually as advertised (weather permitting) or passfge free? l'he ALAB *MA, Captain Bunker, on the 36th Dec. The accommodations of tiies* ships for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are such as cauuot lail to ensure every comfort to passengers during the voyage The shi|? ol this line have now commenced their regular trips, and will t<il punctual every Ave days throughout the season. Pa?sengers may therefore rely on not being detaimd. The price of pasiag* being very low, those wishing to secure berths in either of .he above packets, can do so by applyiug on board or to W. ?c J. T. TAP8COTT, at their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, dl9 re comer of South street. "tfg- FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.?Regulsr MfiraV Packet of 2?th December.?The splendid packet jKBsHfeaihip SIDDONS, Capt. E. B. Cobb,or 1000 tons, will tail as above,her regular day. t or freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, lootof Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. Price of passage, $100. 56 South street. The packet ship Sheridan. Capt. Deneyster, of 1000 tons, will succecd the Siddons and sail the > tn January her regular day. nuuengert may rely npon the ships of this line sailing punc LOally as advertised. dl8ec ibflE FOR LIVERPOOL?Tha New Line Regular WTtKxV Packet 21ft December?The new and very spleudid JBhSeE&New York built picket ship LIVERt'OOL, John Eldridge, master; 1150 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having roomy and unsurpassed accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, weal aide Burling lip, or to WOODHULL fcMlNTUllNS, 87 South it. Price of passage $100. The new aud elegant packet ship Queei of the Wnt, Philip Woodhouse, master; 125ft tonii, will succeed the Liverpool, aud tail on her regular day, 21st January, 1M4. dl9r ~Afjs NEW LINE OK PACKETS KOR LIVERWCTafVTOOL.-Pncket of 2!?t December?The splendid jQtBMEawell known favorite packet ship LIVERPOOL, 1200 tons burthen. Captain John Eldridge, will sail on the Slat December, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 toni aud upwarda.penoni about to embark for the old country, will not fail to tee the advantage* to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and couveuient than ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations it it well known are superior to any others. Those wishiug to secure berths thould not fail to make early application on board, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. At their General Passage Office, 43 Pock slip, d!4 er corner of South st. PASSAGE FROM CORK?Via~Liverpool?In hfflfVhe first spring ships.?We beg to inform our friends JMiMKatlmt during the coming spring, 1811. we shall have a regular succession of lirst cless American snips, sailing from the above port every we?k, which will be fitted out in such a manner for second cabin and steerage passenger*, as cannot fail to emu re tliem every comfort. Ope of our firm, Mr. James D. Roche, reside* there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers, and will spare neither pains or ex|<ense to wiert their wishes, and have them forwarded without any delay. Those sending for their friends will at once see the advantage to be derived bv paying in our line. Apply to. or address if by letter post pa.d, ROCHE BR&THEks fc CO. ii Fulton street, neit door to the Falton Bank, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. P. 8.?Passage certificates and drafts caii be sent from this by . he regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th ol evrv moith, also by the Bottou steamers on the 1st and 16th. s30 .mm jgm WINTER MAIL LINE FOR ALBA * JT N Y and i iiernmliale place*, from ihe foot of 3C^aH-dK.CnuUluidt street The steamer UT CA, (.'apt. J. Scott, will leave as above at i T. M. on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The COLUMBIA, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave as above at J P. M. on Tuesd ly. Tbursdiy and Saturday. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or t? P. C. Sehultx, at tne office oo the wharf. d!3t JI I Jgm "8TATKN ISLAND FERRV," FOOT CmBigSirarOK WHITEHALL 8T.-The steamboat 3ESS3LsTATEN ISLANDER will leave New York aud Staten Island, on aud after October 2d, u follows, until further notice Leave Staten liland at BHi, 10, A. M., 2, 4, r. M. Leave New York at 9, 12H, 10 min. pas' 3, 4j?. N. B ?On Sundays the boat will leave at ll instead of I3}<. All (might shipped is required to be particularly marked and is at the risk of ibe owners thereof sJOtfr " WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Mn FREIGHTS FOR WHEELING, JifflSa a 1 1 I Va. AND PITTSBURG, Pa.-The J6sSK&2.-ShBBBE undersigned, for the last five years (and W 11 nre?ent> Ageni for Bingham's Line Ir<>m this ritv to Pittsburg. takes this method ol inlormiug Ins numerous friends and patrons, that having mido extensive ar ran<emen*? for forwarding merchandise via railroai's and w^g'tns, during the wiuter season, to the West, he is now pre* i'MTi.,1 m Inr ffnoili from (hit rill* lo Wli^linir. Va. via Bait ni'e ami Cumberland.or to Pittsburg via Philadelphia and the* hambershurg Unload. All goods entrusted to 11is care, will I* forw aided wit!- ont anj; delay, and at the lowest current to either ef the above point* on the Ohio Kiver. Alio, meichandite and packages forwarded bv liiwo'i ElJiren, through in three day? from Baltimore t? Wheeling, making iu nil >it days from this city to Wheeling. The biuiness will be conducted by? ... ,r . Wm Tyson, No. 10 W?*t ytrert. New \ork Bintha it Brother* 276 Market itreet. Philadelphia. Jainet Wilton, North Howard street Baltimore. ><ollid.iv* ,V. Kger on," umberland, Md. ,1 timet H. Fortyth fc Co , Wheeling, V a. Wm. Biuilum. I'ittshug.. IPa (roods intended for the Wheeling rout* should be marked New Voik and Wheeling I ine, care of Jamea Wilson, Haiti moro, and those tor Pittsburgh. B'ngham t Line as heretofore. VV M TYSON, No. 10 We?t itreet, .V Y. New York, No*. 80, 11143. nJl lm?r SPiTTEksEY ItAlLKOAD ANL? TKANS POUTATION COMPANY. tin AllRa.KIK"! NT, i:OMM?.NCIMO OCT. 16 I HMP43. CjctfSffjl iWtfJ FAKE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New 1 ork. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leave* New York. Leavw Newark. At * A.M. At 2 T. M. At 7* A.M. At IX P.M. 9 do. I do. d?>. 4 do. U do. 4 do. 9 do. 6 do. 5 do. 1IX do. do. 7 do ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Leave* Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. At IX P. M. and 9* P. M. f The ears of the Morris and Kstet liailroad for Orange, Millville. Summit, Chatham, Madi*on, and Morrutown, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELI/ABKTII TOWN. Leave* New York. Leave* Elizaheth Town At I A. M. At 2 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3* P. M. I do. 3 do. 7X do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. *X do. 9X do. 7 do. 10 do. I P M. The trains for Wetffirld, Plninfteld, Konndhrook, Homer ville, Stn., ?onncet with the 9 A. M., and 4X P. M. ; train* from New York daily. Sundays eie-pwd. Kare between New York and Elizaheth Town is eent*. K&rr between Jo. ami ( pinerville 73 cent*. NEW VOHK AND HAH<VA\ Leurr* New Y ork. Lmtn Kahway. At ? A M, At 2 T. M. At ?V A.M. At 3 P. M 9 dv. 3 do 7 d?. 4Jt do. U da. 4 da. * ilo. 9 *Jo. 7 ?lo. !)J< do. i2sz r M. NKW FORK AND Nf.W BRUNSWICK. from foot of Conrtlandt street, New York, daily Iinvrt New York. l,M(n New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. . At S A. M. At IS M. 5 do. 1% do. IX P. M. ON 8UNDAYH7 Leave* New York Lmn New Brnn*wick. At 9 A. M. and 4XP. M. At 12 A M., and P. M. Ksre, encept in the Philadelphia train*, between New York nd New Brum wick. Ml cent*. Between New York and Rahw*y, 23 tenia Newark,, Railway, and New Brniuwick pa?aennera who procure their ticker* at the ticket office, re ceire a ferry ticket cnitit. Ticket* *re received by the con dnctor or!y on the day when piircliaacd The cmnmntation fare between New York and Rahway and inierinediate place*, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to $30 per \ear ; between New Brunawick aud New York $75 i*r rear. ___ iiI9 Sm i'ATE K. SON RAILROAD. K 1'Pueraon to Jeney City. ' ^ r On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, IKS, the cart will leare U r*Tr.**opi llrr?T. Lkatb New York. A.M. A.M. UK" P. M. r i P. M. < ON SUNDAYS. I.KiVK PaTKCion Drpot. LKAVS Nrw YORK. ? A.M. 9* A.M. _3 P. M. 4 P. M. Tranaportarion ear* leave daily (SnndaT* e?eept?d.) Piaaeaaer* are adti*<d to ba at the Kerry, foot of Coortlandt *tr?et, a Itw minute* kafort th? *tat?a honri of departnr*. Jyl9 E NE NEW A CARD.?Mr.,HARVEY respectfully announces tho intautiou of eihihitiiig hit Paintings to the pablic, at (he Uallery ol the Apollo Association, <opposite the Hosp'tnl,) 3iZ Broadway, from YVrduejitlay, UOih Dec. They consist principally of American landscape fernery aud include the original water c<. lor drawings, which have procured for him mocn commenda iou and inauy letters, including tho?e froin the fol lowing distinguished and eialtrd p-raonages:?Washington Allilon, Kk|. Sir Martin A. Shee, P. K. A.. the Hon C. A Murray, written bv c Jinmand of her Majesti, Queeu Vicums, and hi* Roval Highness, Frmce Albart. 'Ihey will rmnaia upon othibitiou fora short tune only. n'tiSfr ADVERTISEMENT.?Mr. OtoBot II. Ui.iduon, o Egypt. will co in men re a ronne off. nr Lecmr. s on Egyp tiau Anti'|iinie?, at the Stuvvesant Inititute, Broadway, on Monday tvmaf, 18th December, at eight u'clock. The second Lccture will b* delivered at the aeme p'aoe and hour on the succeeding Wednesday eveumg ; and thecouraw will be con tinucd on the eiisu>ug Monday aid Wednesday evenings Et'i Lectnie will lie accom 'auied by copious Pia'nrial Illu* trations. Subjects?1st Lecture, ' The Pharaohs of Scripture;" fie oilier thr.-e will trtat on 'he " Memphit* Pyramids,'' com prising tha latest disoi veries. s Ti-hm* Tirltpfa nf ndmiuinit for ?al#* at. thp hnnUiftrH r?P.k Barf- ti & Welford. uud-r the Astor House; a' Crowou's, 633 Broadway ; at the olljce ?fthe G.olie Hotel ; and at the door ofihe Institute. CJ?i.tlem*u's. $1 Ml; Ladv'siO oeuts for the coure Sing's admias'ou, Fi'ty C nts. 6tdl6-18-19-20-?5-27 ?rrc EIGHTH WARD AMERICAN REPUBLICAN BALL, (la aid of ins Funds of the Ward Committee.) THE arrangement* for litis Ball being completed, the Committee respectfully inn >onc? that it will take |dace as pre viously nntittd, at the Tivoli Siloon, corner of Varick and Charlton meets on Frid<v Eveiang, 2'2d Dec. 184J. 'ticket* to admit a gentleman aud ladies $1?the number of which being limited to the canacitv of the Saloon, early appli catioo will he neceistry t'? ohtoin hem. Th* rooms wll be brilliantly lighted?the decoration np >n the inn t eitens've scale, >unerint?iided by tlut roost eminent artist, Mr. P. Jackioti, who has kindly volunteered his services. Mutie by Brown's ct lehiated Cotillon Band Dancing will be in accordance to Prrgramnie, aud commence at B o'clock. Ample attendane* will be provided for the dressing and hat rooms, and every accommodation requisite to pievent con- j fusion occurring ia fliois dep.irtme es. Envelopes will contain gentleman's names of the Ward Committee On and af ec Sa'urday, Kiih, Tickets will be for sale at the Tivo'i Siloou: Mclntvre'a, corner of Hudson and Spring St.; Wiley's Fifih Wa'd Ili> el; Jolle's Music Stxire, Broadway; , Phinn Exchange, Tine, comer ^atsau street; StoueaU'a. R'ulton street; North American Hotel, curner of Ba. ard street and Bowery; Military Ha'l, oppos te Spring street' at Head Quar- i leu. 98 Wooster street; or of either of th- Committee. GEORGE YOUNGS. HART B. WKED, T. M WOODRUFF. dMt22*m Committee of Arrangements A. A. SAM AM OH, ! NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 289 BROADWAY, Corner or Reade Street, . HAS JUST RECEIVED, per ship Cristoval Colon, an in- , voice of the celebrated Woodville brand of Segara, con , sisting of Regalias and Medinm size, and the Lord Byron paper i Segars. . IN STORE, Ail the vansns sizes and choice qualities of the moat celebrated brands of Segara, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sizes. Tort of Havana Regalias and medium size. Seguridad, medium size. Jnsto Sawz Principe. Large and small Yaro of St. J ago. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of different qualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco nf HaUimore. German smoking Tobacco of different Qualities. The celebrated Natchitoches Suuff of New Orleans, together with all the fancy Snuffs of the oay. Paper Sega's of (.rarcia, Perez, l.ara, Lord Byron, fcc. German Pi[>ea; Cherry Turkey Pipe Ste ps. Pointed, Spuuk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment ol SegarCaaes, Suuff Boies, &c. Bass for tying Segars, and Tobacco in balea, which are of j fered at wholesale and retail n?3 lm?r GENUINE TEAS, I WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. rPHE CANTON TEA COMPANY. Principal Store 121 * Chatham stieet, New York; Branch Store 318 Bleecker st. i Mn? Vr,r?. .t lie V?li?? .1.. .? .L. , corner of Main and Van tiouton stmt*, I'aterson, N J., in- < rite the attention of city and country families and purchasers i for the approaching holidays in general, to their several estab- i Lishments, where they think will b* foond by far the best >election of pure and unadulterated Teas in the United States. The uuiversal popularity aiid renown of ihrir house, with reference to high qualities, low prices and upright dealing, is too i well understood to renuer further comment necessary. Original and only warehouse for the sale of Howqua's Black I Tea. Observe-Strancerswill ke particular to remember the nam i bertof the principal store in Chatham street,viz: "III," between rearl and Roosevelt streets, as in seeking for it they are li able to be led astray by a little store jnst started at'OH Chatham street (next door to Lorillard's snuff and tobacco store) under thk name of Canton -'Tea" Store. The public wi'lalsobe pleased to tak* notice, that tha Canton Tea Company have nothing to do with that or any other stores whatever, except those described at the top of this advertisement. rtH lmec OUPfcKiUK TEA8, COKKIlK and SCO AK?Also.Wines ^-5 in every variety, Otard, Chainptgne and Cognac Brandy; Irish and ilro'ch Whiskev; old Jamaica Hum, Holland Oiu, fresh Fruits, &c for cash only, at J. S. SCOTT 8t CO.'9 Wholesale and Retail Store, 76 N?ssau street. Wines and Lianors pat up in hottles or demijohns Ooods sent to an' part of the city free of expense d7 m??c VTINTH W A III) CHKA1' OR.OCEHY ANU I'KOVf SION STORK?f amilies i nthe neighborhood of Sixth avenue and Oreenwich lane, about laying m tli ir winter slock of Orocer eg and l'ro\ isions. will do better by * large per cent ace in buying in at the cheap Provision Store No 9 Oreonwich I tut*, where all articles in tlie Grocery and Provision Hue ran be purchased a* cheap, if not cheaper, than any other esUblishment in that vicinity. Goods warranfd to suit; if not. the money will be returned. Goods sent to any ivirt of tne city, freeot cspense. MIC11AKL KIELLEY, dI3 Im*ec (9 Greenwich lane. cl7\rk, bininuer & cozzens, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS, 56 Vetty street, TJAVING completed the en argcme.iit of their Store, respectful fully solicit theattention of their old patrons aud the public to th'ir increased sto?*k of SUPERIOR BRANDIES, WINES, SEGARS, LIQUORS, TEAS, GROCERIES, <tc. Their goods are particularly suitable for Hotels, being select ed with gieat care, for that purpose, aud embracing every article requisite?Segars and Brandies iu ]>articular, of choice brands anil vintage; Champagnes, London Porter,Brown Stoat, old Scotch sud Irish Whiskies, Oils, Cheese, Maccaroui ana Vermicelli. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Choice Liqueurs, Pp*eerres, Brandy Fruits. Grares, Raisins, Spiced Chocolate, Currants. Gelatins lor making Jelly in a few minutes. Extract Vanilla Wax Candles, Almonds, and every tiling neceesary for the use of funifies. (tf/^Sole agents in New York for Dcmnth's Snnffs. d20 2w * rc _____ cheapest oil store in new york. 1H> up town Grocers and Families? Sperm Oil?Winter and Fall btramed, Bleached White and Sea Elephant Oil? " " " Lard Oil? " " ' Linteed Oil?raw and boiled, Olive Oil?in bottles and betlie*. NeitsfootOil. Alcohol and Camphene. Patei.r, Sperm and Stearic Candles. The above aie. warranted to star d the weather, and to be of fin* quality fur parlor and astral lamps. For sale Dy the cask, barrel, gallon, quattand pint, cheap JOHN C, MORRISON, No. IS8 Greenwich street, between Fulton and V*?ey. Dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, dye-woods, teas and groc?i?' articles?dyers', irauutacttirtrs'.ri|><r makers', distillers', confectioner.', brewers', beer makers', bakers', uid |?per stain era articles. d^| im?rc pearl grain" deutsci i es? (jriesmehi -, (in the Otrmcn;) KARINE DE ORUAU (URITAU D'EPAUTRE ) (in the Frenck Language.) A N entire new ar/scle hi thi- markf. ."r resemble* Sago, hnt ^ m more nutritious, and one pound of it oj? m u?ag" at fir as threw pounds o|' ordinary wheit Hour Kmigiaiitt fiom Kuroi>?, hai in* looked for it in viiu intny T*?r?, consider it a very de'leate, wholesome and money saving Tood. 10 lue lor soups, puddn gs, dumplings, N< ko A nnafl handful is sufficient in be It ?le.' into two quart* of milk Tim lieit American physiciuis p.cscrii e i t" llieir rec?vering patieuta, and oriler it to be given to children in the alia e of pip, as alight and rery healthy diet. To uiannftclarera of Vermicelli and Macaroni, Peatl Grain, an i very desirable requisite, if they can get the right kind. The sale increase*daily in a wonderful manner, (honing that whatever faini'y trie* it, can hardly do without it. The only General Depot f-r tins article iu the United States is at 37 Uurlnig slip, loot of John stnet, ntarthe East Itiver, New York City, where it can be had tor the whoi-salc trade, packed in keg' of Ji lbs. each, in any quantity, not lew, howevever, than a package. It has fouiiu its way from the wholesale store* in the lower part of (his city to the retail grocers and consuming families, so as to facilitate it* acquisition to ?rery body. GEO PEU8CHER, Sole Agent. New York, Noremher ?8th. 1M3 d6 lm*r (Jl'J nnA HE WARD.?Thr.!? Thousand Dollars will h? ipUjVUU paidfar tlie recovery and deliver/ of Ui? contents, to the undersigned of a black leatl er b ink irons, about thirty inches long ami eight en inches - ide, wit h the edge* sharp. It was irov> hound, with wood, straps loaning alon< th top and bottom, also, strappe.I with iron. It is believed to hair b?vju inaiked ' Pom roy Si Co./' or " P. St Co.," on the ends The >aid trunk it supposed to litre Imn stolrn from on hoard th* i steamhnal on the Hthinst. It co>t,in?d a large amonnt of checks, b?k notes, and drafts. ?nrlo??d in rnckggen in caip" bags a d directed to different broker* and lianlu-n the city of Ntiv York. 'I he above reward will he paid in addition !o Ml other rewards oft-red by other per're* intn-esf d. POMEKOY k CO , 2 Wall at. N. Y. New York, Dec. Ifi, IBI3. dig tftns rrc CtMPHENE, Otc i,IIEMll'AL OIL.-" Horn * Pat n't Solid Bottom (J'ass Fountain l.ntnps" for chemicil oil and camphene, mtnufactin-l an-1 '"Id \?hn|?*alr and r tail hy J. O. Kay, at No. IJfi Knltou slrret (Sun Buildinri.) New Vurk. These lamps are admitted h^ a'1 wtio f? th? m in tu?\ tj lie niequallrsl t>y any lamp cur 'iff' cn to the public, lor inn'splendi l li^ht, the.r ecnomv for w>, an I th irpefect simplicity to manage and trim. On* lamp will give a light equal lo ill anerm cardl**, at an etpence ?.f lt*ss than lull'a cent per hour : Thay are in fict the cheapest in proportion to qua icy, and thr beat famp e?*r offered to the public for aio-ea . ehurchfs. hotel*, aud d?etlings. Also, a go< d asiortmeut of : Solar and Oil Lamp* for laklea, stores or iliurrhe*, of superior ,Jaalitv..| AI,0, a R"n-r*l d poi (sir patent aediciu?t?surli .u Dr. Willi im t.vaos Camomile and Tonic Pills for netvons ' affec'ton* d. hility, dyspepsia, kc.; and Evans' Soothing Sy rup, for ih'luren terfbing; Ur. Cnerrr'* Astringent Pil's, for gleet, giaerl, fcc.; D-. Poeit'a Kradicator, for deliea'e complaint*. Dr. II iln-d s Briak Pill*; th* Persian Pill* and he- 1 oraw Master, for rlenmitiim and pains of all kinds, W ray's Balsamic 1'ills, f. r syphilis, *c.; Wyeih'* Cream of Ltlie*. to beautilr and prom .te .Is* growth ot the hair dl9 Im*rrc NEW AND CHEAP I.WIPS KOR TIIK, li( >1.1 IIA N S H'HE Subscriber i* now opening *ome new and beautiful 1 pattern* of Snlar and Chemical Oil Lamps, which lie will <ell at low and reduced price*. Person* desirous of pnrchising or economising in liklit, will find it mncli to theii advantage to call and ciainine this stock A I irge reduction has be?n 4na?lr in the price*, and rrery lsm;i is warranted. Pure Chemical Oil and Burning Hind for Spirit Larrpa, delivered punctually when ordered d29 Im'rc J. (.'-. H"OKKH, (fid Broadway F'l.OllK?lOObhls. fine H lour, landing from.ship Hunnrille, from New Orlein*. for sale hy dl tr K. K. C()uLlNH It CO. Sonth street. HtlOKS AND EVES?Keeeired from Pari*, two cases dnuldefplsted Hooks and Eye*, for sale hy J. B. TIM MERMAN, dIO si* rf Tj Broad ttreet. STTFAKT, LADIES' I1AIR-DHEHaEK, No. 1 Murray *tr*et. re*|>ectfully announce* that he i* prepared to wait ou ladies at their reiidencra, and to dress head* according to |the latest Parisian fuhionr. Term* rery moderate. nl( ?m*rra ii, , -lL W YC YORK, THURSDAY M( ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. T ONDON-ST KATH AKINK'S HOTF.L, opposite th? X-i H'. Katharine's Dork <?at?s, and ne.rthr ltoval Miut. THOMAS LKNNKY, ht? Chief Steward of ihe British Queen Steimsliip, r <-1 rn 11 v informs hs frauds ill the United Sia'es, that he h>u the inawiffemeul of the above iew and el?v Kant establish eut, which is built and furui?hed reK ir? less ol exjwme, aud ii in e??ry resect adapted lor the leceptoa of f imilies and ueiitlemen visitiuu Knglaud. a? the hniel fronts thai pa I of theoo' k in wlirh the liners and most of 'lie o'he- A me ric tn vessels lav, and la ? iihin five minutes v.alk of the Bank aud Hoyal P.xc.hdime The home will be conducted ou liberal nnd economical principles 'J'h? loffte Ituiim ia ?uppl;e I v? ith the London, American. Kail Indian and pa|>ers. The Viands, Wines, tin are of the fir.t lu.ili y A good Milliard Hoom sud Warm Baths will b* found in the house (Jentl-meu mav contract by the week or mouth for L>o?rd, Jtc on th? law. terms as in America. T LKNNKY be?s to assure thosewho may honor him with their pat.image tint nothing sha I lie w>*utiii|f to rends- ihem romfortahl?, and by attention to the w ishes of Ilis guests, h?|ies lo iner t that conli leuce and giod will so liberally bestow d on him wlieu steward of ihe Bruisli Queen, dl4r HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL THiK nndersicned takes occ:ision to inform his friends and A the public, that the Mansion House ia now located in In qmsidor street, No. 67. iu the vicinity of Ui* steamboat landiui mid vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged in the u?i?t?l order. A iwrsou is employed to pro?ura periniti to land passengers baggage, lie. who will board veasels immediately atler the riait ol the revenue officer*. N. B.?Viaiton to this Island ihould procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at tne port ol embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. *JI 6"i? * _ WILLI AM KULTON. "lMTORTANT TO INVAI,IDS AND VISITORS TO THE ISLAND OK <UBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, Ff THK VILLAGE OF CEllRO, three miles iVorn HaT* na ?This establishment is advantageously situated pr?perly fitj"*'l up and attended, affording the benefit of a cniiutry life, without excluding U'e comforts and pleasuies of the eani al, 01 p reverting a tiin ly nttendauce to business. Kveiy attention is promised by the owuen to meet the satisfaction of their visiters. CHARGES. Boarding for a single person in one room, 92 Ofl a day " for two or three persona in one room, $1 M a (lay anch person, With families a particular agreement may he entered into. N. B.?Omnibusse* are running from morning till night between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip iu half an hour. u27 ln,*r UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK. JN RETURNING OUR THANKS to the iravelling com munitv lor th- very liberal pitrotiagv b?stowed on our house during the last year we beg leave to infirm ihem that rh? alterations and improvements coutemnlated are now competed,and we are prepare.i to accommodate our friends and travellers ge nerally iu a style not surpassed b, any other establishme t? aur turuiture and bedding being new. the building thoroughly renovated and newly < a nted throughout, the Croton wa'tr is introduced iu etery <lt put latent, and the terms oue dollar and ifty cents per day. d9 BRA1STKD It JOHNSON, Proprietor* rPHt ALU HA, Broadway, between Spring and f<inc? x ?The propri tor of the above establishment be.(s to inform the fashionable pub'ic that, having engaged at great exp* it some of the mo<t celeVat d foreign artists who have arrived at th greatest ih rfection in their teveral ilepartmen s, lieisuow prepared to furnish I'artiet, Balls, Wtddingi. with any d->scrip tion of C-nfectiouary, of a quality and in a style hit) erto line quailed in this citv. dl0 2w*ee T'O '1HE LADIES?Ladios about to give entertainments J- are iuvi'ed to call and see the entirely new and beautiful ?nts of IceCream Charlotte dt liusse, and Jellv Forms and Moulds, just received at the ALHAMRA, ii'J Broadway.? Tables net and arranged for parties ill the most tasteful anil attractive maimer, by a celebrated Artist, without involvi g any idditioual expense The celebrity of their lc? Cr-ams during the past summer, gives assurance that coital pains w 11 be taken with all other article* of Confectionary luinished at this Estiblishment. dl0 2w?er TVf ARltiED OR SINGLE GENTLEMEN, dwiroui of a i-'-l- comfortable home f?r the winter, can be gentoelv accommodated in ajtrirate lamily, with excellent board and good spacious, and airy rooms, the location being very deairabl juiet, convenient to the busintss part of the city, au<l >nIv a moment's walk from the East Broadway line ol it age*. Families wishing to make arrangement! for th? winter station can be very handsome y lurnished with Klttudid parlors and rooms attached, by applying soon le advertiser frets assured, on the point ol economy uid good living, her house canuot be surpassed, and pledget that no naius or exertions itiall h* BiwrMl im nanri .r uuii ble attention ami comfort to those wiio may honor her with a trial.?IB MARKET STREET nil lin'ec 'T'HB AL.HA VKA.319 Broadway, between Spring and Pn?? streets ?Oynters, Coffee, Choeolatt, ami a variety of other reli he*, aerved up in a superior ttyla. The I.adiri' Siloon, nn the second floor, has been enlarged and furnished in thu mod ple?aot and costly maimer. Tris has a'ready become a faro rite reaort for ladies, who, alter the faunae of shopping or i morning promenade, require tome quiet,el gain retreat like this in which to refresh themselves; also for paitiea returning from ihe Theatre or a Cone rt. who cm enjoy the most elightful supper without tlie trouble audiuconveuience of preparing them at home. ui0 2?*ec WINTER AKKANGEMENT. TOHN BRADEN, 73 C>nal st ee\ would >e<peetfiilly in" :orm the public generally, that he is prepared to serve up. al his siwrioiis and popular Saloon, (renins, felliw-, CoflVe Oys'eri in ev?rv style. Confectionarie* genR'ally, and in short all kinds of Refreshment* nsuillv found nt similar establish ment*. of the first class. Families will lie supplied at shori notic -, wi'h (Confectionarid generally ; also Creaim and Jel lie*, at tl>e unu ually low price of six shillings I er quart, of ?i good and choice Dia'erial* m ran be found eleewhete Con It tiotiary at wholesale, aud all kinds of pyramids manufacture), to order, for private or public parties. A fidienl assortment ol Toya. suiMble fur the holidays, for sale, estreinely low N B ? All article* sent oat from his est blislimetit are warranted equal to anything of foreign manufacture. H's artisti have uot had the honor of serving foreign i>ot?ntates, but he pledges himself his article* shall be suitable for the greatest magoate of tlte laid. __________ dJS lra'm CHEAP AND CONVENIENT LODGINGS, AT HARMONY HALL, No 17 C?OM?sfieet ? PKTKf ^ Ml LN K, the proprietor of thin well k"Ownaud tv.ptilai astahlishtre-it, iu the immediate vicinity of the I'oet OB? rt ViI nnd criminal Uw tribunals being ihe moat re itr-l and rligi ble loca'ion ii the cit?, offers to hii friends ?"d strangers accommodations for lodgings, in single, comfortable and well far nulled rooms. at prices adapted to the timet dlt 6teod*m MR8 CARROLL'S QLDTlSTABLlsfi .D MEDIC A 1*1 VAPOR BATHS. 2i Courtlandt street?A certain cnre for colds, clandular affectiors, ulcerated sore throat. rheumatism, kc. The fear ol catching cold deters many from using the vapor bath, hut the effect, if properly adminiatered, is by exciting the vital action of the akin, giviig rise to a power o reaction, and enabling it to resist cold better than befjre Open from 7 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock at night. Sulplmi Baths require one hour's notice. Portable Vfpor Baths sent to any part of the ciiy or Brooklyn. dl# Iwr M IRBLE B VTHI >G TUBS. NINETEEN Italian Marble 6nthing Tuhs. with valves, ike . c< mplete for nre Well adapted for a pnblic bathing establishment or for dwellings. Kor fu? her particulars apply to GFOHG<: MILN. <117 tteori'r 94 B ekraaii strert. watches and jewelry. \fOELICH AND PACHTMANN. Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewellers, 90 Canal street. have on hand a I 'rge assortment of fashionable Jewelry of all descriptions, suitable for the HOLIDAYS, at prices which cannot fill to suit Jewelry of every description made to order, and Watches, Jewelry and Silverware repaired in a workmanlike manner, equally low. Old Gold and Silver taken iu exchange. dIB lm*m IXTATC HICS.?The largest and most splendid assortment ol * ? Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Silver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from the manufacturer*, in England, France, and Swltferland, )ie is enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at jauch leas price, at retail, thai any other honse in the city. Gold watches as low as 124 to tit fach Wntches and Jeweller* exchanged or bought. All sratche* warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best raannet w.d war tar ted lowsr than at a?y other place in the city U C. A.L L^'.N, importer of watches nnd jewellery. d' lm*r WhoW?l? and retail 10 Wall afreet nn stain fpHE UBSCR1BERS ate row prpatrd to s?ll Watche? -* and Jewelry as low, 'f not loW?r, than any other house i t the c-ty, to wt:?<h>ld Watches from SI5 to Slid each; all**r do from to $10 each All watch-s war'an'et to kee,i good time or the money re-umrd Watch's, Cl?cks, and viu steal ii 'xes repaired nod warr-i ted, lower than any other hons< in the cry Second hand watches and okl ?old and siver ts ken iu exchange, or bought for ca?h TIJOMP-si iN h KISH H.R, Imroners of Wa'chej and Jrwelry, wholesale and nimil >o .131 Broadway. Nsw York AMOS R THOMPSON, dIO lm*ec RICHARD FISHER. _ AXrHAKD,s PATENT STATtE ' ODD AND COAL STOVES, foi halls, parlori,offices stor-s, s'eainboats, kc.?These stoves are a Statue of Washing! n, the father of his eojnfy.suimo'inting two kinds of pede tils, one for wood a- d llie < ther f'ir eoal ?*be fi'e chamr er in the pedest'l beir.g so arnnged that -hf fire h- me ills of a re>ertal>le plate or partition in the Stoves cautes ti e heat to circulate through the ei.tire heght of the statue, ei?i g a large and b-autiful r.,dialing surface Tlie.e ^inrcf nare man g.u * noi air rMiniirr amcnru.nuii rvrrv innig Iwinr coMtrnned on the moil scientific principle*. t' ey give til who hare them in use the grcat> st satisfaction. The subscriber invite* the attention of tho?e wanting " beautiful, economic il .vi i durabe S-ore, to rail au<l *at'*fv themaeive* of the ?l?o?e hid. Thfy can lie *r?u in operation daily, and iffcrence* given to'ho*e who have them in use 'Hi* public will th?n liar a a l'?ir opportunity ol judging (hit. theabote are plain facta. Korsalaonly I* thi* city at 111 (Jrandsnet, on? door r?*t of Broidway. ,\t tn.*m JAMi-'.S HINDS BALL IIRE^SKS ?Tie nbacriber In* jnst received by the moat reccnt-Tinl*? 50 c*i<> I ail in' embroidered Robes, from f npmril* i*i do Organdl, orri*'roi;ter'd in cMor*, Imm $1 np\< ar'U Tulc Illusion, in h'ue, rink, snd otlvr co'nrs 10-1 plain white Orgwli Mnslin, for ball drrrscs 190 cartooi iafin''i ctribrmdrrvi! Rnh?i very ?h*ip. FKTKH UOBIRXS, 3?:i Bmvlway, dlllmee. lipfwct-n vVliiioind Krankltn itrwu. "Vatknt SHOULDER nUAOE. rPHE BUESCR.1HER8 offer, with full confidence In it* 1 ntilitr and nwl'nlne**. the abore onmH artirls. Thi* article if intended to hrare t'?e ?honld-r*.*npport the btck, and rspand the chest, giving a rrnr-fnl outline to the flcnre. and will be fonnri inivsprnsaMe to person* of aeilentary habit*. Parent* and gnardiaa* are particularly requested to etamine thi* brace; it will be found to ppaaen every reqniute quality for which it i? recommended, namely?to brace the (boulder* ol children and otherm who hare acquired the habit of *t?opiug, and retain their form in an nprightpo*ition. They can be worn with perfect eaae, being formed with an elastic back, and will tte found of no impedimeut to tlie free uie of th? arm*. The iub*cribers also offer their celebrated Elastic Spring, Rasna or Hiding Belt. The above article* are manufactured under the immediate inunction of Mr. r*rs*ll*, who ha* been eugaved in the business for the laat (iiteea yean, and may be depended on a* auperior to anv article affer offered for the *ame papo*e. Sold whuleaaleand retail at the old e*tal>li*hment of PARSELLH It AOATE, 237 Broadway, comer of Park riaoe. N. B.?Ladies'will Ik auinilied and fitted by calling at the resilience of MAPAMK PARSKLI-H. ?02 Greenwich afreet, kivvm Hubert and ImM MMM o*? *m*m FttENCH OHINX No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairn. ADALK.3ME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturer*. ha* . olw.n i o" h!,n,l * a**ortni*Bt for dinnar anil ten set* in plain white mid lilt French Porcelain, n* well a* dmner and dessert plares.of all m*e*, aworted dishes, soup tureen*, covered dishes, salad bowl*, fruit basket*, cn.fard* and ?taii<U. Alao, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, k reach and Am*ncan ilmp*. All the' article* are warranted of the bett (jnalitr, *nd to be old -in liheral term*, and " lor* to anit nnrebaaers .*7 PACKET SHIP qlfEEN o7"tHE tVfcST, from Lirerpool. Conaigue** per thin *hip will plea*e take totice that ?he i? now discharging, nnd?? *> ernl "rdee. jit w*?t ?ida Hurling flip. \V00PnULL k MINTURNH, dl9e? Sooth atreet. > R K I 3RNING, DECEMBER 21, Albany. i (Correspondence of the Herald.) i Ai.ha.ny, Dec. 17th, 1H43. 1 Movements of the Regency?Their Intrigue* and r Effort* to monopolize every thing?Our Legitlaturc. Although we are more than two weeks oil' from the time of the meeting of our Leginlatuie, yet the most active preparations are making by Croswell and Marcy to get things in a right trim, and exactly to suit themselves, by the tirM Tuesday in next month. Croswell, as you well know, is a cunning, crafty, insincere politician, and has been the means of sending many a better meaning, but lets ex|?erienced man to the tomb of the Capulets long before his time. He is now at woik upon the Old Admiral, and at any sacrifice is determined to defeat him and his clique of barn-burners and disorganizes. The game is to make Seymour, an old Conservative, or Allen, who has no mind of his own, or Mr. anybody else, Speaker of the House, and from present appearances the success of the State editor is somewhat more than probable. You will recollect that he was recently on a visit to your city, and while there had repeated interviews with some of the members of your delegation upon this subject, and if reports speaks true, has obtained their pledge to back him ! ui> in his war upon old Thunder of Herkimer. At ail events, he is in excellent humor and spirits, and i among his friends speaks boastingly of what he | will do before January 3d, 1HH. ISow I know of' no man better calculated, in every particular, for | succeeding in matters of this kind than this same Croswell. To the most cmiuumniate impudence, he uniites affability, plausibility, caution, apparent honesty, and immense self possession; never shaken, never thrown off his guard by any counter movements?never deceived. ATalleyrand in diplomacy, a Robespierre in feeling and in heart. This is a strong picture, but to all acquainted with the man its truthfulness will be apparent. Take a specimen of his management in the case before us of the Old Admiral. In conversation with any of the newly elected members of the Assembly, who may be supposed to entertain a friendly feeling for the bold reformer, he partakes of their admiration , for his great talents?for his unbounded honesty? but, then, he is too radical in his notions about men and government; like Sam Youni?, <^f the Senate, he is quite impracticable, a mere visionary ?\i\ linn u flnmnirnnrnn Wi?ll fhf? uninitiated member begins to feel the truth of all that's been said, for it is made apparent to him. in more than a thousand instances hy the man of the Argus, and he joins ia with an expression of opposition to the Admiral. To make Speaker of this man, runs on the Albany .manager, will he a airwt reflection upon the honest portion of the democracy ot this State, beside ; and here I liuve something important to communicate, and I tell it to you in great confidence, because 1 know you are to have great in! fliience in the Legislature?the Governor don't want ' him appointed, and you are a friend of the Governor's ?he would regard it as a censure upon his past noL ltcy by the house, and in this light ii will be regarded , throughout the State. Again, Mr. Hoffman is i physically disqualified for the office by a painful malady, which renders it necessary that he should , leave his seat every few minutes; and then again, what kind of committees would you have! where 1 would you and all the other talented democrats find themselves! Why, on the tail end of some unimportant committee, without the power of effecting any good to yourselves or for your counties. ; Barn-burners will be the leaders, and y ou, of course, must content yourselves by following iu their wake. Now, this is not fancy?it is fact; it is the argument actually used by Croswell and his worthy friend Marcy every day forthe defeat of Old Thunder; and, strange as it may seem, it is doing up the business for the Admiral with those who don't know the qualities and peculiarities of the man of the Argus. But this is not all; the mere defeat wouldn't give the all-sufficient satisfaction i to the organ of democracy. Mr. lloflman is what is called the father of the stop-and-pay policy of | 1812, and the success of any other man at this i lime .o??r him would l?e seized upon by Cros: weBL (who is up to his eyes in speculation,) ! and thundered forth as undeniable evidence of the unpopularity of that measure with the people; and then, friend Bennett, where will he the reform improvements of the Admiral 1 What hope for a Convention? What hope for any improvement of the constitution by the Legislature? None?nonfat all. The defeat of lloHman for Shaker will bring in its trail all the evils here mentioned, and many more whic h are being worked into form by Crosswell, Marcv, Varian, and company The same clique interest is pressing for the appointment of James It. Rose for Clerk to the House, hut here they will meet with a certain defeat; Mr. Wales, the late Clerk, will unquestionably be the man. The very clever and gentlemanly Mr. Sandford, one of your delegates, was up here a few days since to sec the Governor, and?Croswell! lie is popular with all who know him, and deservedly esteemed for his worth and strict integrity. You may expect to hear from me regularly throughout the winter, being now comfortably ensconced in my old quarters, to which place I have to request you will send me your daily Herald. Smith, Jr. Late From California.?By the way of Vera Cruz we have received the following interesting letter from Monterey. It contains something new. Monterey, Upper California, > Oct. 16, 1843. 5 Sir?I some time hack wrote to you for the weekly Herald via Mazatlan. I have received a few numbers. The two first numbers sent to California bv our Consul at Mazatlan, were nut in charge of Don. L. Celes, supercargo of the Mexi I.?I. f~l ?tk them. 1 am happy to say that no other supercargo or captain on this roast would have committed so pitiable an act. Supposing you would like to see a shipping list of this port, I send you one for ten inonths.ending this month. By this you will see that the Yankees liavc the whole foreign trade of this coast. A great ileal of property in the Mexican vet?el6 belong to . Americans and others. TheYe are four large vess sels here belonging to Boston.whose return cargoos " in Boston,with value of vessels, are worth J?50(),0rt0. j The whole value of American property in California now amounts to a large sum. A Boston cargo worth there #20.000, returns home a cargo worth $70,000, although to the owner this is not all profit, as the expense and interest of a three years' voyage are greater than the first coat of cargoyet the profit to the industry of the United States is 300 per cent. As these goods are of home inanu. facture the trade is a ^ood one to onr conntry. You will see that this trade needs the protection , of our national vessels, and that we ought to have a man-of-war always on this coast. Although for the whole year an English trader has not been in this port, yet that government has this year named a Consul who is now living here. Within a few years Imck several have in Washington received a commission of United States' Consul for California ? one never left the States, and one almost reac hed here. Both found out the fees of ollie.e would not nav thee.xi?ense of even entertaining a few of their _ Lai ?-_ ?;~u. ?ii .i.?m . < (Minify r? mm r ra VVIIW Iiiifiiii I an uu HI* III , ?IICJ | therefore declined coming here. Cilifoinia, for twenty months, liar had no rain. As her chief exports are hides and tallorv, the Hanchcros have not been able to shin nnythin summer, as they could not kill their cattle, they heing so poor. "The trading vessels have therefore done a bad business thin year, nnd can fake home hut a few hid^ before 1^15. The new general, Miohcttorinn, with his officers and troops, s*nt hv Santa Anna, have atlast reached the capital of California. The General is now holding juntas toframe some new lawsfor the good of the country. It is proposed, 1st. To keen an officer continually" on [>oard of every vessel while she remains here, to prevent smuggling. This will be of much service to the fair trader. 2d. To forbid any ship touching at any port other than this before sh? enter* her cargo at the Custom House. 3d. To prevent supercargoes f rom retailing goods on board. 1th. To stop the killing of otter for some years. The affair of Com. .Tones' taking Monterey is mostly forgotten The last time the officers of his squadron were here theyenioyed themselves with the people of ihe country. We have now in port Hon. I.ord Ceorge I'aulct, who placed Victoria's d ig in Oahti, in the place of the King of the Islands. His mperior officer lias given the Islands up again. So boln of the nine days' wonders have now gone by. Lord George Paulet contrived to keep his power some months longer than Com. Jones nid. | Havana.?The Alabama, arrived on Saturday I afternoon from Havana. There was notliina: of importance in the new* brought by her. The Spanish dramatic company commenced their performance* on the 4th in*t. Mr* Hahrorwa* concert!?ing there with hi* I n?unl snceeM, and wu about to give a furewell concert, i Otto Motty wa* performing hi* wonderful feat* of hor??. inaii?hi|> on tha Vald?* courte- \tiv Orlrani Hrp. Dec. U- i I E R A 1843. City Intelligence. Police -?Wednesday, Dec. J<).?A Poinn Bonn l)norrr.i on ins way to Sink Hinu.?Notwithstanding that publication after publication lias been made of the roquet of this clais who iixiV-st our city, yet scarce a day passe* that some uufortunate countryman is not duped by their vile practices. Yesterday morning the attention of Mr. Richard Walker, of rortsmouth, N. II., who had just landed from the Norwich boat, was attracted by one of these knaves, who picked up a pocket liook thnt he had pre. viously thrown down, and represented that he hnd lound it on the paxrment. Sir. Walker, supposing that it might have belonged to some one of his lellow passengers on board ol the boat, and perceiving it filled with bauk notes, on solicitation of an associate of the man that found it, pave the sum of fifteen dollars for its |>ossussion, intending, us he says, to advertise it for the knowledge of the owner. As soon as the money wis paid, the fellow vanished, and he then proposed to the person who reconimended him to take it to go with him lo Me ponce ana giv c nonce 01 m> uauim posm-msiou 01 it. 'I'llim he refused, und upon looking at the contents of the pocket book, which he found to contain nothing hut worthless money, he culled the aid of citizens, who alter a severe struggle caused the arrest of the accomplice, who was lodged in the police ottice, where he gave the name of Win. II. Jones. Justice Matselt very properly held him on the stutute relative to passing " false tokens,'' and orJered him to be fully committed lor the oflence, in default of bail in the kuiii of $1,000 The Court of Heaslous have power under this statute to send the offender to the stato prison for set en years Such a disposition of a few of the numerous droppers that throng our city. would soon make them resort tu some honest employment for a livelihood. Another Daring Bcrolart.?The house of Mr. F.. C. Richards, 770 Broadway, corner of Ninth street, was broken into last night through the rear basement by some freebooters, after scaling n high fence. The robbers, alter breaking some three or four locks and doing considerable damage to the furniture, decamped, taking with them all the silver and plate they could lay hold of, aUo a new beaver cioth overcoat lined with yellow and brown wool len plaid, leaving the doors of the house wide open ! Where wero the watchmen ? And what has become of the patrol police ? False Pretences.?'The recent excitement and rrpoj?' relative to the rascalities of the gangs of swindlers that infest our city have inspired those who have been defrauded with courage to apply to the proper authorities for the arrest of the knave* who have defrauded them, llosua Winchester, druggist, ol 10H John street, applied to Justice Matsell for the arrest of Jonas M Ball and Wm. M. Bartlett, of &3 Courtlandt street, for obtaining a billof drugs, Uc. from him, valued at (113 jl, under the following circumstances. Ball called on the 10th of October, and purchased the goods for cash, and ordered them to be sent to 132 Cudar street, were the money would be paid. The goods were, delivered, and n man named Philip T. Winslow was found there, acting as clerk, lie referred the parties to Bnrtlett, of 63 Couitlandt street, who represented Ball to be responsible, and between the two, Mr. Winchester wns defrauded of the amount of his bill. The papers wen'sent before the Grand Jury. Let every man who has thus been defrauded by lirms representing themselves in business, and giving references, go immediately before the police or the Major, und secure the arrest of the parties. This course will miike New York too hot tw hold them. House Thief.?A valuable horse belonging to Stephen 8. Clark, of 138 Greenwich street, while stuiiding opposite his premises on Tuesday, was taken away by a black fellow named Isaac Scudden. He drove him t* the Battery Hotel, kept by Peter M. Bayard, where he says he (n >ui> Ilia wlll'tl Ml' li?\ S?rd Rll?I)eC,tiHIT that he had obtained jtossession of thehorie in an improper manner, caused him to he arrested and the horse delivered to his lawful owner. The black fellow was fully committed. Coroner'* OWcc.?Wednesday, Dec. 90.?SviriDr in a Cistern.?a woman, named Bridget|Moore, a native of Ireland, apod atwut 40 years, who has resided at Ud Orchard street, was found drowned in the cistern on the premises yesterday morning, She had been laboring under temporary illness, which is supposed to have led to the commission of the fatal act. Verdict of Coroner'* jury?"suicide by drowning." Hi dden Death ok a Sailor.?The Coroner was called to examine the cause of the death of a sailor, named Peter Clark, who had recently arrived fram St. Thomas, hut who died very suddenly 011 Tuesday last. Verdict? "death by cholera morbus." Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Infills. Wednesday, Dec. '20.?Thi- Frtrmeri' Bank nj' Canton vs. J/rriry Ely.?This wa< an action on two drafts drawn I.. fl'fil.,.,. ?*n I..fon.hint in 1M11 fur ?1000 rash, payable in New York. The dclence set up, that the drafts had been paid since issue km joined, but the < 'ain't ruled out all the evidence on the point, with the oft'er to the defendant to enter a plea of puis danrire, continuance, which the defendant refused to do. He con tended that by the lawa of Ohio, the bank had no right to is*uc the notes give n .n payment for the purchase of the drafts, an act having pasted in 182(1 to close up its altaim. Also, that the exenange allowed by the Bank on the draft*, was from two and a half to five per cent less than the regular rate for ?o days, and this the counsel for the defence contended amounted to usury?more especially, as the bank was selling drafts on N^w York at the time at a higher rate of exenange. The Court, in charging, observed that there was no pi oof that the act passed by the state for the closing up the concerns of the Rank had been accepted, or was passed at the request of the Rank, and therefore that part of the defence must lie disregarded. But if the jury believed that the Rank intended, by paying a less rate than usual, to gain more than 6 per cent on the transaction, that it was usury and the defendant would be entitled to a verdict. The jury not having agreed at the closing of the Court, they were directed to bring in a sealed verdict to-morrow. Kor plaintiff', Charles Judson, Ksq. For defendant, Messrs. Stephen J. and D. D. Field. William Kiiuir vs. Charltt Ir. Tlyh?r \ others.?The plaintiff entered into a contract with the defendants to ship a crew on board the bark Klorian, under which contract the men were to proceed to sea or nothing could be recovered. A crew was put?.n board, and the vessel proceeded on her voyage as far as Sandy Hook, on the iotli March last, but encountering a gale, the pilot, to save the lives of the crew and the cargo, arn her ashore. The crew, without permission, returned to the city at the first opportunity, against the express directions of the captain and mute, who |wanted them to save the cargo and ship gearing. On the day following that on which the wreck took place, and before the news had arrived that the crew had deserted her, the defendants presented thoir bill for (IS.s, and were paid. The action is brought to recover back the amount. The case will b? continued tomorrow at the opening of the Court. Before Judge Ulihoeffer. Dec. 19.?A writ of habeas corpiii was sued out by Mr. Shufeld, counsel, in la-half of John Jones, a colored man, to bring before the Judge the two Albinos now exhibiting at Tcalc's Museum. Jones claiming them as his children Mr. Nile* appeared as counsel on behalf of Joseph Mannah, a colorecl man residing in New Jersey, who claimed them as his children It appeared that Jones had hired out his children some two years and a half since, for a limited period, which expired in Octolier last, to a man by the name of Huited, for exhibition, and had not seen Husted or the children sincc. Jones, his neighbor, is acquainted with his children, and identified them as his children. On the other side, Mannah and his neighbors were equally positive that they were the children of Mannah Both i>uitios are witnesses no doubt honest in their opi nions." The case was put over till n?xt Tuesday, when the whole matter will, no doubt, bo cleared up. It is certainly extraordinary that there should he two sets of Albinos, boys same age, and so near alike as to defy the closest observation to distinguish them?thay are certainly a curiosity. Superior Court. Before a full Bench. Drt\ w DtC I?lo"fi-^7atnfi Joseph VI, John Cocan.? Tliis was an appeal from one of the lower f'ourts. Judgment affirmed with costs. The same vs. Tht sane.?A like decision. Mir hurl Dougherty vs. The Richmond Turnpike Company. ?Judgment affirmed. David JVetien rt ah. vs. Mar cut F. Dvtc?In this case the Court ordered that the report of the referees be set aside, with costs to atdde the result. Samuel I'eatir vs. Tht Mutual Fnturanre Company.? Judgment for nlaintitf on the demurrer, with liberty to plead <lr novo, be. Frederick If. Schmidt el olt., ads. Sarah firaham, Kxeru fri'.r Judgment for plwntiil, with liberty to defendant to plead <U noi o. R ibtrt Mnlcnm It. John Young <i?rf othrrn Judgment for the plaintiff with liberty to the defendants to plead rfr noro, on payment of costs, in ten days after notiec of this rule, with costs. __________ Court Calendar. Hi rt mon Coi nt?To-day?No*. 38, 80, 81, 8-J, Rfl, 87, M, .>4, 00, 88 to 92, 94, 9ft, 36, 7, 29, 2, 41, 30, 43, 66. 97, 44, 71, 62, 27, 72, 24, 33, 63, 47, 48, 17, 3, 12, 28, 20, 11, 13, 78, 19, 26, 7 , 46, 34, 66, 60, 61, 39, 84, f>9, 83, IIP, 90. Commox ri?*s To-dav, Nos. 17, 18, 19, 21, 92, 22, 23, 24, 3ft, 27. 1 From Fr/min*.?By the St. Mntthew? we have the St. Augustine Herald of the 5th and 12th inst. The cutter Crawford, Captain Day, arrived at St. Augustine on the ftth inst. from Huvannah, and sailed for Mosquito on the nth. The ( rawford cruised as far south as t ape Canaveral, touching at Mosquito. TlieC.'s visit | thernwasfor the purpose of ascertaining whether any : depredations wen? being committed upon public lands by , live oak cutters. Lieutenant Whitehead and six men were left at Smyrna The C. left at Mosquito, brie Roxana. Swift, waiting for a cargo of live onk, and scnooner Louisiana. Marsh, with a full cargo. The Herald of the Atli says l.ieut. J. I'.. Risk*, I'. 8. Toph. Engineer, returned on Friday hist, having coin pleted tliu survey of the Haulover between Indian river and Mosquito l,agoon. We learn that the distance to tic , cut through ii about 72ft vanl?, and the summit level 7} , feet. The expense of cutting is estimated at about *3000, ( ntirfle when compared with the resulting advantage* ? c We sincerely hope that those having the authority will ^ permit the work to be done in the manner contemplated.? Saranntih Rrp. l)rr. 16. ( Titr. PnvEttnY Rokiikpv.?W e learn that among t Ihe package* stolen from Pomeroy & t 'o.'s Kxpreas, was c ? bundle of bank bill* amounting to fftftO, sent by J.(J. t Dix of this city, to L. S. Bouton k < o. New \ork. .'Ilia r ny Journal, Vtc. 19. C MB?... tmBmeammm LD. Price Two Cwti. General Meaalona. Before Recorder Tallniailge, ami Aldermen ^V'atennan and Rawion. Jonai B. Phillip*, Ext.. Acting DUtrict Attorney. Wkdmmdit, Dec. 'JO.? Srnlrncril. Thomai Flanagan, an old offender, impleaded with a young man named John Jonen, convicte 1 ot burglary in the first degree, in enter iug the dwelling of Dr. Oreen, 399 .Broadway, *u arraigned lor Hentenee, and consigned to the ?tate priion at Ming Sing fur 14 years and fix month*. The court in pacing tin* sentence, atated that there wa* another in dictineut against liim for a similar ofl'ence. under either of which, they could sentence him for life, but fioai the tact that pardon almost invariably followed such sentence, they have commutedit to the term before fixed. John Jones, a young man, impleaded with Flanagan in the indictment*, entered a plea of guilty, and the court sentenced him to the state prison for ten year*. Colored Burflari.?A mulatto man, named Alexander Ray, and n black fellO'Y who called himself John Smith, w (-retried on a charge of burglary in the first degree, in entering the house of C. S. Bonton, 341 k'.ast Broadway, ou the morning of the 9th of November, by forcing open the basement door. They were arrested by officers Drinker and Krack, while on) the point of issuing from the basemunt with a small quantity of clothing that thejr had stolen. On searching the premises wlicie they had resided, various articles of clothing were found that had been stolen from fourteen different dwellings. The jury returned an immediate verdict of guilty. The court ordered the pi miners to be airaigued for sentence, and stated that there were eleven other indictments against them for burglary in the first degree, on each of which they would probably he convicted if brought to trial. That under this conviction, it was in the power of the court to sentence them to the state prison for the term of their natural lives, but as pardon usually followed such sentence, they should not impose it. The Recorder then alluded to the importance of the arrest of the accused, aa it was evident from the knowledge in possession of the com t, that they u ere among the most desperate and daring of the burglar* that had iceently been detected in our city, lie then sentenced Alexander Hay to the state pri sou for 2JI years and six month*, and John Smith for 72 years and six months, remarking that iu all probability that would terminate tfieir natural lives. Shop LtJUr't Two colored women, named Louise Williams aud Elizabeth Kay, were tried on n charge of peu? larceny, in stealing a piece 01 rnousseiainr-ne-iaine, liom the iture of Lord ami Taylor, in Catharine stieet. Williams vat convicted, and Kay acquitted of the charge. The trial of R. S. WoodliiUl for t'orsery, was ?et do v. a lor the second Monday of the January term. I'lra of guilty.?John Ogles entered a plea of guilty to an indictment lor assault and battery on Henry Lynn. Trial of hand Utvoe ?This man, so well known a* an offender, was tried on a charge of burglary in the third degree, in entering the tailor's store of Wm. II. Lightbody, at the corner of Mercer and Houston street, on the night of the 24th of May last, and stealing a small quantity of clothing, itc. Devoe was arrested soon after, and a trunk containing a'portion of the clotliiiig found at a house in Newark, where it was said he had left it. The kev of the trunk was also found in his |iorkct, and several pawn tickets of other portions of the stolen clothing found on the floor of the room where he was arrested. The defence, conducted by J. S. Smith, Esq.,proved hyjohu N. Curti?,of Newark, ana Wm. H. f ink, of Belleville, N. V , that Devoe was sick in lied, at the house of Mr. Stone in Newark, on the night that it is alleged that the burglary wu committed. Hannah Nerrick, the sister-in-law of Devoe, and wife of John Nerrick, who is in the State Prison at Moy aniensing, testified that her husband gave the trunk to Devoe as security for money loaned. |Thejury, altera short absence, returned a verdict of not guilty, and Devoa was remanded for the action of the couit on another indictment against him. Trial nfnartlett J'or IJhtl. -Tlio trial of Horatio S. Bartlett, for libel on Mrs. Virginia KarnarisR and Maria Colt, was j)ostnoned until further notice, us civil auiti are pending for damages. Forfeited Recognizance*.-The following named persona not answering for trial, their recognizances were declared forfeited ,? Mary Woods, for keeping a disorderly house at 161 Meade street ; naiica ny jonn ivici uny. reier rvr*m?n, for obtaining money l>v false pretences. in passing off* fraudulent passenger ticket. Wm. Hamilton and Henry Ainsley, impleaded in tho name indictment, were die charg d. Samuel Chambers for assault and battery, in beating Kli/abetli Holding over the heftd wltli a tin dipper ; bailed liy John H. Ilrush. Robert Ticrcy, for beating Jnmcs Van Uedder ; bailed by Tliilip McManon and flannel I'ierey, jr. Trial of Matt* F. Brack for l.ihtl oil Henjamin H. J?oy.?. Minus Y. Beach was put ui>on his trial for a libel on Benjamin H. Day, ptihlisliird in the "New York Hun" on th? morning of the 7th ol August, 1643. The publication of the libel was admitted by I lie counsel for defence, when Jox.ts II. rmr.i.ips. Ksq., opened for the proiecation, and stated that the liliellous article held Mr. Day up to public contempt and ridicule, and was therefore calculated to create a nreach of the peace and was in violation of the law governing the offence of libel. The libellous article was then read to the jury, as followa:? Titr Co.isriBAcr C'*sr..?In giving the particular* on Saturday relating to the charge nihde at the Police Office against Hamilton, the black broker, (by the wati thebrokers deny that Hamilton is a broker) and Dergen, of an attempt to detraud the Atlantic Insurance Company of large amount ot money, we promised to ascertain and in torm the public w ho whs the individual that bad ventured to become bail for the Negro to the amount of $10,000.? There have been so many escapes from juatice II.rough the instrumentality of what is termed "straw bail," that the community are getting somewhat sensitive upon the subject, and show a tout as much anxiety to know who the bail is as who the prisoner is. In thia case, we learn that lteiiiamin H. Day is the man who has taken the responsibility of bailing the negro. We should suppose that the fact of Mr. Day'a being himself held to bail to the amount of fAOOO in some anita pending against him, and also being bail to the amount of ten or llfteen thousand dollars more for other partiea. would have deterred a prudent man from going in any neeper. lie diuii, as wr learn irom me record* 01 me different (-ourt*. stand at hail in various cases to an amount considerably exceeding f'20,000, probably nearer $30,000. Whether Mr. Benjamin H. Day ha* the contcience to swear that he is worth enough to justify in inch an amount, we cannot nay: but we apprehend that one thing is certain, if he should have the whole amount to fay, ft might puzile him a little to raise the ready caih, and would at all eventi, make something of a hole in hit fortune. The course lately pursued by Mr. Day ha* given his friends 110 little pain. His intimacy and constant inter course with this black fellow, and with a former police reporter by the name of Horatio 9. fiartlett, the recipro cat sympathies and bosom friendship existing between the three, have caused deep regret on the part of the friends of Duy. He ha* respectable connexions, and might, by pursuing an elevated and honorable course of conduct, and being more careftil about the company he keeps, maintain a re?pectable stand in society. Out for soma mouth* past, Day, the nngru, and Bartlett have been like the Siamese Twins, or perhaps we should say, like Siamese triplets. The neiro became security to establish a paper tur liartlett, and bay became bail to keep the n* gro out of prison on uncharge of swindling, and to keep Bartlett out of prisen on sevrral charges of having published itifamout libels. Morning, noon, and night, have often found these loving friends together. The black fel< lo v would call on his chaate friend Bartlett, and they both together would call on Day Sometimes the order of csdling would be n-versed. an<f then again the three would be seen locked nrm-in-arm and marching t? and fro in the streets. Few hours ever punted over their heads without a meeting. In due time the public will have laid before It, on the trial of sundry suits in the court* of law and equity, the result of some of these interviews. Till then, have patience. As we have before said, Mr. Day's relatives, who are respectable, are much grieved that he should allow himself to tall into such company. They fear that his nice sense of honor may be bluuted ; that his former correct habits may|be contaminated?that his high intellectual endowments may be turned to bad account; and that it will not be very much to his credit to be figuring as bail for his r.umpnnions?black and white, at the Police Office. We would in all kindness appeal to him as one not yet wholly lost, to have respect forthe foelings of his friends and for himself, and to cut loose from such associates while the doors of escape are yet open. We entreat him to remember the fable of " noor Trav." In regard to the proceeding* at the Police Office, we perceive that effbrt* were made to bribe or intimidate other paper*, ax well as this, with a view of suppressing any report of what had transpired there. We should have add edthat Mr. Day. the negro's bail, also becamethe neiro't messenger to bring us the threatening epmtle which we published on Saturday. Whether tne "black prince" made him trot round with similar message* to the other paper",|we have not learned We hope not, for hi* own credit. But be that a* It may, we. entreat him again and again lo mend hi* way*, and sclcct hi* companion* with better taste and more discrimination. Ills character, we can assnre him, will not suffer from following our friendly advice. Mr. f>?; Witt, one of the counsel for dcfencc, then proceeded to open the case on behalf ol the accused. He dissected the libel In sentence*, and tillered that In all th? important point* it would be sustained Dy evidence to be i> re seated to the jury, and that their drlence would be the truth or the libel, and that It was published for good motivi'* and luttilisble cods. None of the witnesses for dcfonce being pretent, the f'ourt adjourned at 3 o'clock until thi* morning at II o'clock. Jsmk* M. Hmitii, Laq.. ia engaged a* private counael for Mr. Pay, and 1* associated with the acting Di*trict Attorney. Sad avi>^ah Cask.?The Hangor Courier nays that on Wednesday, tin* Sth instant, Sally lack, of Dixmont, adoaf mute sixteen year* of age, left the home of her father without any know n came, and nothing ha* since been heard of her. She wa? of a sandy complexion with reddish hair. Any information respecting thi* girl, And addressed to her father Paschal Jack. Dixmont, will be gratefully received. We understand that this girl, without apparent cause, about three year* lince, left her home and wandered for three or four day* in the u o<?d*. where she was tound after a laborious search. It i* supposed that in the present absence she must have liadsome idea ol making asomewhat permanont departure, i? she took w ith her moat of her clothing. Thi* ftimily ,eems to be greatly afflicted, and are poor. The mother ida been insane for several years, and three children ars leaf mute*. We trust that information will 1* speedily fiven. Ohio Hivf.r.?There was sufficient water in the >ltio |{ ivrr, between Cincinnati and Louisville, on he Hth inst. for the largest rlass of boat*. At Wheeling, >n Saturday, there wen* eight and a half feet of water in he channel -falling At Pittsburgh, on Saturday after ioon, the river had Ave feet nine inches of water in the hannei.

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