Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1843 Page 1
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T H Vol., IX. No. 313-Whole No.3503. To the Public. Till; NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the yoar except New Year'f day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent! per copy?or $7 28 per mluim?postiigoi paid?cash in advance. TIIE WEEKLY HERALD?publlihed ever)' Saturday morning?pric* 6} cent? per copy, or f3 12 per annum? postages pain, ciun in auvuncw. ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation of ; tho Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND. and increasing j last. It hat the largest circulation of ony fiajier ill thi? city, , or the u'6rld, and it, therefore, the bett channel for buxinest men in the city or country. Pricefl moderate?-cash ix& advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Propuiktor <>? tiir. Hkrai.d, Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. ~ - "?'I(>ir"ffXi.TVXv ANhlTvtf37?(?L. y&Z&tt The Roval Mail Steam Ship H1UERN1A, II. K. Judkms. Eni., Commander, vrill leave Boston, for the above ports on Mcu > jHy, January I, 1811. Passage to Liverpool .-$120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply tu D. BRIUHAM, Jr., Agent, <1 Sec No. 3 Wall street, New Yo-k. ' I) K A IT H ON KNOLAND, IllELANL), ice..?Persons ah-iut remitting inouey to ill ir y^x*!FrSvi^t?frieiiils in the Old Couniry cm lie mipplied ^%ivt blMfl with drafts in suras ar ?1, ?2, ?3. ?i, JKIO, ?J0, i^lOO, or any amount pavahle ou d?nia>i<l, wuhou' discount, or any oilier chaise. at the National II ihU of Ire'iind, Provincial Ba ik i*o, Messrs J?mes Bait, Son Si Co., Bankers, London; J. Baiued 5c Co., Exchange anil Discntni' B ink, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; <?r*enorK Hoiking Company; Sir Win. H'orbej, Hunter Si Co., Scotlaud; and tli- lirtnclias in every post town throughout Euslaud, ireUud, Scotland and W?les( which drills will lie forwarduil by the st-amiT Hibtruia, leaving Bos'on ou the 1st Januar". Ap" ply to W. Si J. T. TAPf-COTT. At their general passage offire, 43 Peck s'lp, corner of South slteit. N. D. All letters from the cotmtry mtm come post p\id. d24 rc FATEklSON RAILROAD. Krom Patersou to Jrrs?y Cily. On and altar Monday, Oct. 2d, 1813, the can will leave Fatlkson Dep?t. Lkave Nkw York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 11V " 13% P. M. jr. M. ? ON SUNDAYS. Lkavk Patkhub DsroT. Lfavf. Nkw York. 8 A.M. 9)i A. M. 3 1*. M. 4 P. M. Transportation can leave daily (Snndap excepted.) f'assenrr? nre advised to ly at the Ferry, foot or Courtlaudt strert, a w minutes before the stnted hours of departure. jy 13 6m* * ' NKW VOB.K AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. II the weither u ti..e the o\rs will run as follow*:- On S.iturdtv, the 23il i nt, will leive the City Hill for Harli-m KordIn in and William's Bride, a?7, 9. ID, liW; 2, 3. and 4>? P. M. t>n Sand y and *"onday,the 21th aiitl 2Jth lust, the cars will ItMie City Hall for H<rleiii, Ko'dhaon and William's Bridge, at 7, 9, to, llii A. M ; I, 2. 3 and i}i P. M. Hemming? l.rivr William's Bridge at 8,V?. 10 20, ll^?. I, 2}i 3jn IK and ti P. M. d23 2t rc *T. MHg,DAtLY KYPRF.SS *9 W KOIl ALUAtNV, TR.OY, CHICAGO and the CA.NAUAS Th* subscriber! having completed the r arrangements with the People's Line of Steamboats, on the North River, and the Rail K?.ad Companies west of Albany for running their Express for the season of 1U13. an Express will leave their office, Nt?. 3 \\ All street, INew York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named and intermediate places. IMPORTANT. Kor the greater safety and security of all valuable and money packages entrusted in their care, I hey Itave Salamander Iron Safes on hoard of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied exclusively by themselves, and the messenger in charge sleeps in the same room with the iron safes.into which all such padkage* are placed. POMEROY St COMPANY, ml ec No. 2 Wall street IHILLi:Nfc('0]>P^asy.^Bfa? No. 3 Wall NEW iORX, ALBANY. TIIOY AND AlONTHKAL EXPRESS. Messrs. llarnden & Co. having disposed of their route from New Y?rk to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of liarnden St Co'? Northern Express, from New York w ill continue to run. as heretofore, leaving New York. Albany and Troy Daily, and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, Dank Notes, Packages, Uiiiidles. Canes o. (roods, lie. to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's Also East from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Uutfalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attends to. Particular aMeutiou will he paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, 4tc. and ptoinpt returns made for the same. rl'LLE.V St COPP. Offices?Pullen St Conp. S Wall street, New York. Tlios Oongn, l.'i Exchange, Albany. A. (i. Kilkins, 228 River street, Troy. S.Jacob's Exchange Court, tit Paul's st. Montreal. REFERENCES. New York. Ai.*a*t. Tnor. Trime, Ward Si King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little St Co., Thu. Uod|K. P. Well*; John T. Smith St ( o. S. K. Stow, Pi poon St Hodman, C.S Djugl&'s, Carpenter & Vurmilye, F^Leake. Houghton St Co. l>rew, Robinson St Co. a l!>r NEW YORK ANDjfAR LfiM ivAlUlOAD~ uumi Aii i. WINTKR ~i I I ARRANGE-$&&& MEWTOn and after December lit, 1(43, tha Cara will ren in the follow III* Ciller:? J^eacr City Hull Leave the Bridge for the liriAge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. 8 30 9 (h) " It JO II 30 " I DO 2 00 P. M . 3 30 i 30 " 6 00 Tb? City Kill and !7th ?trm line will run ??follow* From 7 A. M. erery 10 minutea through the day lill 7 30 P. Al. The Kttr* Night Line will run ai f >11; ws Leave t'ity Hall for 27th utiwt at 8, II 30, 9, 9 30, 10, 10 30, &. II. Leave 27th itrret for Oily Hall al 7 30, 8, 8 30, 9, 9 3U, 10, & 10 30. By order of the Board, n24 Imr W. A. CARMAN, 8ec'y. , " PHILADELPHIA EXPKKtJl. Mean A. 1-t.L llAKJfiJKN bt C(j. in connexion with their -nf'jyfftni Boi'onand ProTiden* Linea of Klprraa ard Kn .-r3"3EH.'opean Ageuciea, run two Daily Linei i.f Kiprraa to 1'iiiM'i-li'liia. rontectioK with Bahimor* and Washington and al' the important line* to th<> South and Went. I'artiru'ar attention will be naidto the irtnsportntian and deluery of lyiull and valuable parcel with the utniuit r iiularity !> .??, l?ri;e par'eli, fcc. deapatched daily At Vbef>ie?P. M. Hmall pare*ls received un'il K put I o'clock f. 11 acd delivered early in Philadelphia neat moruirg. _ iiKWr HARNDV.N It CO. WINTKH AKHANHKMKNT?KuK ALBAN V. Via BltJDOEPOHT a.d .MHI HoL'aATONIC lit Wl.JTt.nN fi ? yj-PaiU'itoHna. i. nil v, tundayi^Hn^aH 3LrJBE3EL Kicepted. J9QC. Pa?a- sera for Albany by thu Koi te will lake Hie ?i*w and fifjfUU rvaniDOBi nuiv- j. k. r ii* ii, which ir^?ri N? w York from Toot Liberty sim-t, Monday worninii at I alf lust 6 o'clock, for Bridge|iort, theuce by ttv-Hou*.<lonic ami Weueru Kailrua la, without change el car? or bavKig-' craiea, to Albany, arm inn sam* m-uiiir at 8 o'clock. >ate ttrou^li $J. Kor rr Freight, apply on board, or at t'i?- office, foot pf Liberty tlroei. <1. M. ?KRKV, Ane.t. iU1?' _t_)li WlNTKR MAIl, LIN* KOK ALHAami Inteinmlute pace*. Kara threuut. g 'I tie tram boat ROBERT L. TkVhNS, urtiin K L. Mab-y, wi I leive the foot oi I'oiirtl null It. this Wediieiday, Friday aud Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'olock. The Sreairer UTICA, Cartain Joseph Scott, will leav aj above, th.a, Thursday, Saturday Monday afternoons, at 5 o'clix K. Kor paasaice or freiftht, apply to P. C. Schulti at the office, er oq board. d20re -MQ "vVl.VffcK MAIL LINK FOR ALBA CLi - and i iter mwliale places, from the loot of Ti * i Hi i ''untilinilt street ? H-e steamer I'T I'A, < apt. J. Menu, will leave r.? above at 5 P. M. o? Wednesday, Frflay and Sunday. The COLUMBIA, ("apt. A Houghton, will leave ai above j, at 5 P. M. on Tuosday, Thursday and Saturday. Knr|intH|t or I rr m lit. apply oa board, or l* P. C. Sehnlt*, at ttie office .hi the wtiaif. dllr /*+ MTATK.N ISLAND FURRY", KOUl WlltTK.HALL 8T.-The stwinboi aEZ^a6K3L STAT F.N ISLANDF.R willleave New York and Staten Island, on and after October Id, aa follows, nntil I'll liter notice Leave Staten l?lnnd nt B V. It, a. M., 2, I, r. M. Leave New York at P. 12><, 10 tnin. piatS.lX. N. H.?On Mondavi the bunt will le.i\e at II instead of I2K. L All Irvi^ht shipped ii required to be particularly inaraed mi* ^ is at the risk of the owners thereof slfltfr *** " RVkI.rvKRI'OOL?Tha New Line Rrfnlu fcJwfW Packet Sin Jmury. The new and very aplendid JfT tir York built packet ahip t^U K.F.N OK THt wK8T,rhilip VVoorihome, matter; 1200 ton* bnr.lien, will >a>l aa above, her runtar day. For freight or ihuk"**, harm* roomy and nnniiTW??cd accotn moda'ion*. apply to the l'?ptnin on went side Hnrlin/r lip, or to WOODHULL kMINTURNS, 87 SoHth it. Trie* of pa*?*ee llOfl. The iiipcrior racket ?hip Rochwter, John Britten, master: mid ton* hurtnei, will aucceed the Quern of the \Vi?r, and a4il on her niinlar (Uv,2lat Kebroary ?t2Jec FOR LIVKKI'(IOL-< ubin Pamage Onlj-The MJK-xVflr,t cl?sa 'hip KO M AIIA ftSETT, Capt llowea, I"' J '?pi ched for the above port in a few day* Hit* ln> daonie accommodatioua for cabin paaieugera, wno will !> taken al reduce.! ratea. if early >>p;)lica'ioii is made to JOHN HEHDM \N, fit South street. N B.?The Briti*h bvque 'oierli Cnuard, ("art Harrison, bit then 740 ton* per regiiter, will Iw despatched for Liverpool on or about tb? Ilk of Juinaty, mid can enmfori.ibly accommodate a few cabin passengers, at a low mte. Apply on board fool m PImit, nrMHOTt. dwrc t KOH LIVMtl'OOL?NKW L INK.?Kegolar iJ\ASVl,?ek?t of 2fith December.?The splendid packet SlDDONH, Catit. K. B t.uhb.ot IliOH ton*, will mi] a* .ill" i*, 11 r insular day. For freight or p,usage, having acenmmod.stion* unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at OrlcJin* v. Iiarf, foot of Wall ?tre#t, or to K. K. COLLINS fc CO. Priceof n?*saire, llOfl. M Month afreet. The packet afiip Sheridan. <"*pt. Depeviter, of 1000 ton*, will anccecd the Hitlduua Miu Mil the ?th January her regular da*. I jvnengtri may rely upon the ihtp* of this line (ailing pnnc ttl.illy ri* ndvertineii. d?1ec Po'iV'M aT|<SKILI.K? -P.icket lor tat January? he (hin TRk SCOTT, <Mvrick. Apply to J&MUb I.A If HI", INC V. ile I'll KLt'S, 101 hrrnit tt.orto UUYU fc IIINCKM", Audits, dlee I Tontine Umldingt. % E NE NEW FOH LONDON?llegul&r packet of the 'at JanuMJaV"'' ?The wel' known favorite packet ihi|> ST. MHbJ A.MK*. NJi^Ti. builheu 1U00 tuna, will ?ul a* above, her reituUr tidy. Ilrr ?ccomiii"(lntifiiii for cabin, ?e<-ond eahin and ateenge paaaeugm, me >plendid:y tilted up for tlm comfort and c uirenieuce of pasteugrrt. P?r*ou? unending to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMURHAY, H O Pine ?t. corner of South. Perioni vriihinK to tend for their fnetida residing in th? old country, can hare them brought ont hv tKe above ?hip, or any of the tnerrgular packet* lailtug on the 7th. t7th and 27th of each month, by applying *? ?bv*e; if l>y letter, pott paid. P S. Dralu at Sinh\ far large or imall ?umi, are dia^n by thraubicribrr on the Provincial Bank of Ireland; [nyable in *v??ry to*i? throughout me coun try ; ai?o nu ?vie??ri c?|? mow, At wood tk | 'o, Baukcra, Londou, payable iu cr?ry town iu Omt Dfiuii# d26 ec BLACK BALL. OH OLD TiNK~OV LIV&KMMWWroOL PACKET^? FOIL LIVERPOOL-Refular JBUMSbPackw ol the Is*. I*'<n?rv?The vr< 11 known last saTin^iaeket ship t OLUMBUa, C?pt. G. A. Coie, will positively mil on Monday, lit January, her regular day. It is well known that the accommodations ol Ihii nohle pack: et for rabin, 3d caljiu and steerage pusenfers, are fitted up ill a manner that cannot fail to insure those eniHnikiuK ererv comfort, being very high betweeu-decks, which are wail lighted aud ventilated. Those returning to th? old country will at once see it their interest to select this favorte ve set for their conveyance in preference to any other. Tlie price of passage is Ttry low, for winch and to secure the best berths, early application should be inade on board, foot of B?elcnuui st, or to the subscribers. llOCHE, BROTHERS fc CO., Si Foltonitrrrt, next dttor to tlia Fulton Bank ' P. 8.?The New York sails from Liverpool on the lnt February. Persons sending for their relatives can line thorn brought out iu her, or in anv of the packets comprising this aueijnalleil tine, sailiuit from that pori. punctually on the 1st aud 16th of each month. For passage apply as above. N. B.?The new ami siiprrh packet shin Yorkshire burthen 1IMtons ('apt. 1). O. Bailev, will succeed the Columbus, and sail Cor Liverpool on tlie 16lh January, 1844, her regular day. d2lic 44$: M)lt LIVERPOOL? Wi h Diatiatch?Tbe ?p|en knPpV^iliil, ?ell known, last sailing and favorite packetship AIMmfaaOLIO. ' apt Putiuau, will'1 w ith quick despatch lor the a?ove |>ort. For cabiu p'sienR-rs she his spacious stile rooms, and every otner accommodation necessary fur their comfort. A limited number of src'iid raliin pasaeiigera can be accommodated iu a lirst rate manner iu hous* on deck. Throe wishing to secure be' tlis should make en I y application on boi??<, loot of Wall street, east side, ci t j W. at J. T. TAt'nCOTT, d23rc 43 Peck Slip, comer South street. PAt^KET KOR HAVRK-Kecoud Line 1 he wl^V'hip UT1CA, F. llewia, mastei, will sail on the 1st J3LLiL<>f January. BOYD b H1NCKEN, !> Tontine Building, dVc corner Wall and Water streets FOIl HAVKK?The French brig ALKRTK, Wrjpi^CaHain lleiir.e. Fr.r ireiirht apply to A. C ROSSIixE lit CO. 47 Bread st or to ultir BOYD St H1NCKF.N, 6 Tontine Building ONLY RKOULAK LINE FOR NE* OR; JyRrSWLF.\NH?I he following nrst class pacbsts will sail SMMwiPuncluallv as advertised (weather |>ermittiug) or passsgefree? I'l,. ? I A It I M A R,,nL? Ik. t'.il. Tha accommodation! of tnese ihii? for cabin, ?*cond cabin and (?r?c ]>aiseoger?. arc such at cannot tail to ensure every com?rt to inutengers durinK the Toywe The a lops ol (hit line have now commenced their regular trips, and will nil (lunctudl evtry five days throughout the season. Pa'senger* mayi therefore rely on uot being <<etaintd. I'he price of pajsag* being very low, tlmte witluug to tecure berths in either of ihe above packets, can do ?o by applying on board or to W. Si J. T. TAfSCOTT, a'their Gcueral Pastace Office, n 1'eck slip, dl9 rc comer ol Sou'h str"?t. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New idnRjfV Vork Cine?Regular Packet of Den, 31?The fast sailJEMnMoing l><ck t ship GASTON, Capt. O. Eldridge, will tail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome famished accommodations, apply on board at Orlwuis wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLIN'S St CO. 66 South street. Positively no Roods received alter the evening of theilstinilint Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, ilullin St Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Oc inee t 'apt. 1) Jacsson, will succeed the (iastou, and sail the 10th Jau'y.< Iier regular day. diiie PASSAGE From COltK-Via Liverjiool?lu McjWVtbe first spring shii>s.?We beg to iuform our friends awUltatbat during the coming spring, 1814. we shall have a regular succession of first cl-ss Ainericau ships, sailing from the above |>ort every week, which will l>e filled out in such a manner for second cabin and steerage passengers, as cannot fail to ensure them every comfort. Oue of our lirm, Mr. James D. Roche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers, ami will spare neither pains or expense to meet their wishes, and hava them forwarded without any delay. Those tending lor their friends w ill at ouce tee the advantage to be dciived bv paying in our line. Apply to, or address If by letter post pa-', roche eru ilieks St co. U Fulton street, next tloor to the Fulton Bank, or to james d. roche, H Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. 9.?Passage certificate* and drafts can be tent from thit by ?he regular |>ackrt thips on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th ol evry Inoim, aitu oy me dosioii SLminrii on uir ill tuiu itaui. <h?"H tfg- K''R SALK. Freight or Charier?1 he buque aMyPy ALTOTK, ol' Bosto<,burthen 2S8 ton?, coppered and HmEaC |iier fastened?built at Mrdford ia if-12, curries about 4100 birrels Apply to Capi Bogaidus, ou board, at pier 10 north river, ot to BOYD & HINCKEN Broker., d23 c 9 Tonfne Building. ra' NtW ?!'* Le. UK CtllLUKt^'S VK.l.VKT CAPU jpv??The subscriherhas a large and beautiful assortment ot Gentlemen's and Uoy* Caps, of the lareit fashion, which he will aell ai cheap a* any other establishment sn this city? among which may be fouud gentlemen's el nln velvtt, a new style of tlaied, and fine otter caiis. Also on hand a larj;e supply ol moleskin, silk and for hats, of a beautiful finish, for sale low. Kancy Kurs?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment of Muffs and Fur Trimmings for sale at very low prices. N. B.?TheCapt ofthe subscriber took the premium at the late Pair of the American Institute. WM. BROWN, nJO lm*r 126 Chatham st. opposite Roosevelt. . CORK SOLE WATER 1'ROOK AND DRESS IwBOOTS.?The subscriber makes to order Boots of the Hahote descriptions, of the lim-st quality of French Calf4f skin, in the latest style, aun at > ery reasonable prices. Oentlemeu who ha?-e l>reii in the habitof pay'ug extravagant prices for inferior articles, are requested to call and be convinced of their interest in purchasing at this store Drawings beins taken of tut- ir-1, ar.a a pair of Last* k?pt for each customer, there is no difficulty in getting a handsome and easy tit. Constantly on hand, a large assortment of 'eadv made Dress Boots, latest uvlej, at $3 and $3 iO par pair; Double Soles,Irom SI to ft". |ier pair. Over Shoes, lUif Boots, Dancing IPumps, Slippers, tic a' eiually low prices. JOHN L. WAI'KINR, 111 Fnlton street, d8 lm"ec between Nassau and Dutch streets. LOOK AT THIS. GENTLEMEN'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, the beat ot quality. ti 00 Hn Proof Boots do 4 50 Do light French Ca'fskin Boon (to $3 to 4 00 I)o India Rubfcer Over ibom, with leather sole* 1 JO Do plain Rubbers, M) Do Dancing Pnmp*. 1 0J Do Dancing Oa'ter, 1 ?J Do Worked SIipperi, 100 And all other kinds of Boots and Shoe* in fashicn; ladies' gmter Boots. Buskins, Slippers, Ties, limited Show, prunella Shoes, whiteai.<i black saiin Slippers, ballon Shoes; India rubber stran furred, plain, and a'l other kiutls of Over Slice*Clogs, Moccasin*. and the greatesr atinrtment of boy'* Boot* and (no?; misses' and children's, of all kinds lo lie found in the world, all of our own manufietire, and the best of French foods, ana warranted to be the, and as chntp as the cheapest. at Mil Broadway, cmmi ot Kranklin s"eet. dmno'ec tiRh.<K>lt V fc OAtUhL, 367 Broadway. PA III R BOOTS ANO LASTS MADE TO ORDER"" Bv E. 8U8F.ll, pi Bboanwiv, ( B\skment.) ^ourt.antlt stre -t >{. BUS BR, ljootraaaer and Maker of Last*, an fclve" Of Clerci of Paris, b?us leave (o inform his friend* and all the amateur* of a gentlemanly " riwawsi*,' that he can now make, in New Yor*, wiih the he?t French materials. all that is so i>er'ectly made in Pari* by his matter, the Celebrated Bootrn-Vsr Clerce, wnose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are renpectfullv invited to try sKiiser's Hoots and Luti, hefoi* they despair of being "chauaaea" New Ymk, after the nice* latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine Pari* Jet BUck Varnish told. nil lm*vn ~ noor AND SIIOK. STORK. 4^0HwJOI1N RF.ADY respectfully informs his friend* anTThe". that lie has commenced business in the above l>ne, at No 99 Na??,iu street, where he will thankfilly rceive ud faithfully execute, ail ord r? he may be favored with, on the must reasonable terms for cash. j23r ANTI-HUMBUU STORE!?LIVE ANu LET LIVt.!? At the old exclusive B. or Store, No. 144 Chatham stiff, (w^ere the odious practice of railing upon tierions iMssiaK the store it not tolerated), can t? nbtuuru W.-ter Proof Boots >i I in thii city of the best imte ial, aud warrant-d at pure*. r.nmiuK from three to five d liars, beiuif lonif two doilara nwer in price mail la geueroiiy oomi-ru (quality coiu dered )in thin city. u265w*r DOSITIVKLY WATKiTPKOOK-W. J. Koom-'t S,.-|.i, * to or Chwfif WatrrirroofOintment?Manahwn St Ptlnm Principal wholesale at:.) ret*il agents f ir thisoiilysnre preventive of wet feet. Tue celebrated fcureka HUcbin*. which n?? won a <reat reputation lor iu brilliancy of polish in quick time, and which is well adapted for asiac oyer the floiinto, is for safe by the proprirt >r at In* agency Tor the P'lipito, 01 Ftilton ajreet, corner of (lold. N. Ii.?The public are inviied to er.ll and teat its merit*. illl lin'ee ruvi 811 KM' KUUUKK OVkU ~SHOk.8-:W Maiden *-? l.ane. Ktpenence has proven that a leather ?ole caa he atached to India Rubber npjpen, -o that it i? impossible lose"araie them in thecourieof wearin*. ThruOm 8ho?a. which lave already t irown ii. to disnse l*-?'Vr ovWahoes and mocaauna. and t? which the water proof hoot ia fait tendin*. are 'nrnished hy the ltosbury ludia IlnUber establishment. 25 Viai 4en l.aue, of a quality surprisingly Perfect, and altoifelh<?r ettei than are brintc ln.vle by aiiy ^ther e*t?bli?hi?ei)t m the rade. The patent quilted slipper Orrr Sh^ea cd Coots are urnished onK- at tins eatablishinrut. Kvrry artirt" ,T'"Mlain m(t to tlie rubber buainesa foraale of mad* to order. HORACK H. DAY. Hoeceanor to the Koiburv I. K C., d.l lm*r iS Maut'o !.ane. ~~ ~ NOTICE- REM( )VAL rFIIh ?uh?criUr inloinu h * #>*n<l ih^ puhl c that h* A lia? removed from th<*< ?tabluhin< nt 91 Bro dwtv to h'*old itano, 211 Hr?>Rtlw?y, opinviti- or i anl'i Church, having booght onttfototire interwt of Mr. Via Vranken. A l?rf*M? oilmen l of M.t. andN<^N?~tly on baud. UION IN & VAN VRANKKN.l . 2U Broadway. ,in in oppoait* St. I'<?til'a Ivhurch. WM READ Jt (JO. BRASS FAUCETS, Anil all the variom a"icle? n?ed in ih# ri.UMBING BUSINESS, iVo. 25<) WnUr tired, NEW YORK, Conatantly mi hand, au aMortment of T. I. PYRE, Jr., Ji CO.'S Jtintly rei?dirat#d BLACK LEAD POTS OK CRUCIBLES, Kor *ale, wholeaal* and mail, at MtngllMim'i pricn, N. IV?A Nili?r Medal wai awarded Wm Head 4il'o. for lh -ir manufacture oi' Faitceta, by the American lioutuie, at ihfjf last Kthibition, htld October, 11)13. \V ANTKD?Three or four Journeymen, to manufacture Finma. None hnt firat rate mechanics need apply. d? lm*rc TO PRINTERS. P)R SALE ?Tw* fonnti of Tjl*, Minion and Nonpariel, which hayc been used on the New York llerald. Apply t tlii* office. W V < r YORK. TUESDAY MOI BJuYTsHAND NORTlf~AMfcRI<JAN ROYAL MAIL STKAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tuiu ami 441) horec |??vrr each. I'll J contract w ith.llic Lords of ih* Admiralty. HlbKRNIA, Coinmauded by C. H. K. JuUkius. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA. E. O. Lott. ACADIA, Alenauder Ryrie, Will sail from I.iverpoM sn-1 Boston, vii Halifax. as 'ollowi : Khom LmiRreou. From Huston. Caledonia, iDt. ' Aetdia, Nov. 19. Dee. IS. Hiberuia, Dec. 5. . Jau. I. Britannia, J*n. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, Feb. 5. March 1. Acadia, March 4, April I The?e venae 14 carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied Wirt) Kranees' Patent l.ife Boat*. For freight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, ol7r No. 3 Wall St.. New York. NKW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To tail from New York on the 2Sth and Liverpool ou the llth of each mouth Mk M. & Mk t rom Nrw Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. Dejieyster, 2*th January. Si.ip DAKKICK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 26th Febm-ry. Ship ROSCIU9, Captain John Colliua, 26th March. Khom Livi:hi-ool. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, llth February. Ship silKRIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, llth March. Ship (1ARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, llth April. Ship ROSCIl'S, Caprain John Collins, llth May. Tliese ships are all of the first claaa, upwards of 1000 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvement* as combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $11:0, tor which ample stores will De provided These ship* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to (five general satisfaction. N?ith?r :he captains or owners of the ships will he responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unlets regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to iL. It. COLLINS k CO., St South it., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be charged 1 2>4 cent* |vr single lv*t : M cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent e?ch. <12 TUK NEW LINE OK UVEHPOOL PACKETS." m M. M M. To sail from New York 21st, and Iroiti Liverpool 6th of each mouth. Front Nru> York. L'tiool Njw Ship LIVERPOOL, UJOtoni,?"*?;. *' C' J Klilrii!u*?. |April il June t> J. JMuriuxe* \AuK 21 ?ct- 6 N. ship QUEEN OK THE WEST,/if"J' f,1?'; ? 1SS0 tons P. Woodhoasa. *\ JN"& g New .hip ROCHESTER, 150 toni, aKS'b John Bnttoa jfe $ Ship IIOTTINOUKH. 1050 ton.J^.chZl May 6 Ira uursety, ) Nor'r 21 Jury 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class sliips, nil built in the city of New York, are commanded ?by men of experience amiability, and will be dispatched punctually ou the 21st ot each month. Their cabin* are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ruc and comfort of passenger*. Trice of passage, S100. Neither the caplaius or owner* of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unlets regul.'r bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOOIJHULL St M1NTURN8, 87 South street. New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS b CO., d6r Liverpool MARSEILLES LINK UK PACKETS. Ml M M M. The undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatched Irom hence un the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 1th of each month during the year as folltnvs : ? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Hec. 1 Feb. S TRK8COTT, < apt. Myrick, Jan. I March J I I'll Y THOMPSON,Capt.Sylreater, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adama, March 1. May S WlVIUXiAliUiS, t/Si'l. naue, .mi.r.i They are all copiiered and coi>i>er fastened, and have excellent accommodation* for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $10&, excluaive of wines andlsjuors. ?raous addressed to the agouti, BOYD & HINCKEN, will b* forwarued free of other charges than those actually l<aiu. For freight or naasage apply to LAWRENCE St PlIKLrs. 103 Front street or to BOYD It HINOKEN.Agenti, tn26r No 3 Tontine Buildings. KOK NEW OHLEANS. ~ LOU1SIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS Mt. ??k Mt M. Foi the better accommodation of shippers, it Is upended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, loth, 15th, 20th, ami 21th of each month, commencing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days null be appointed lor the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be prevented during the summer mouIlls .The following ships will commence this arraugeineut: Khip V AZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, < apuiu Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSrEARE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Sliip IIUNTSViLLE, CaptainMumford. Ship OcMULOEE, < aptnin Lenvitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickiuson, Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Caiitain Mill ford. These aliipa were all built in the city of New York, eipressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put ill splendid order, with accommodations for passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who w ill make every exertiou to give general satisfaction. They will stall times be towtd up and down the Mississippi by atesmhoats. Neither the owners or captains of these ship* will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or platrd ware, or for any letters, |>arcel or package, sent by or put on Hoard of them, unless regular bills of lading are takea lor the same and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply to E.K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 South at., or HULLIN Si WOODRUFF. AKeut in New Orleans. who will promptly forward nil goods to their address The ships of this line hit warranted r/> Mil punctually iu ml Tertised, nod great care will be taken to have the goods correct I v menu 11 red. m4 PAS8AOE~ KKOM URtAT BHITAIN AND IsSKLAND .siiit ^^TYTHE BLA< K BALL OlO>Ll? LINK Of LIVKKPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends an mike the nacmsary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in thi s su|>erior Line of Packets, Sailing !r itn Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also have a first rate claw of American trading ships, sailing every sit days, thereby affording weekly communication (rorn that j>ort. One of the firm (Mr. James 1). Hoc lie) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come ont, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Bull, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships .viz:? The OXFORD. fhe NEW YORK. CAMBUIDOE. COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. KNOLAND NO 11TH AMERICA. With ?uch superior and Qntqnilled &rr.\n laments. the subacribm coi)Ad<*ittly look forward for a continuance of that support which ha? b?ea axu-uded to tlitui to many years, for which th*v nrf grateful. '1 hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct ou the Jtoyul Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PUE8COTT, OKOTE, AMES & no. Rankers, London, which will he paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelanil Ki^nllaiid Hud W^lei. Apply, or addreii, (if bv letter, poit paid.) ROCH&TBROTHERS k.CO. 35 Knlton itreet New York, nnt door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?Th? Old Line of Liverpool Packets nil from thii port for LireriKiol on the I?t and 19th of each month. Partiw returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to lelect tliia favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to ?nv other. d27 r ^ ^ NEW YORK ANT) HAVHK PACKETS. Second Line?The Ship* of this line will hereafter leave New York on tlie lit, and ll&rr* on the lGth of e.-fh month, a* follow!, vii Fiiom Nitw Yoa*. Kb*m Havkk. New Ship ONEIDA, ( lit March. i 16th April. Captflin j lit July. < If.ih Ann?i?t. I.iib'i Kftnck. f lit November, f Drci?nber. Ship BALTIMORE, (lit April 118th M?y. Cnptnin < lit Aug'ist. < Kith September Edward F'ntick.f l-t December. f tr.fh January. Ship UTICA, I t?t M?r. (ir.rh.Inne, l^nptain < l?t September < IKtli October. hrrd'Tj'k llcwittf l?t Jant'try. f Ifilli February. NewshipSt. NICHOLAS i lit June. I If.ili July. CtPt&ia 1 l?t October. { 161 li November. J- B. Pell, f 1st February. ( 16th Marah. T Tlw. .if the,.- .1,,,., :,rn nnt mm, I ..?m bininK .ill that may b? retired for comfort. Tin- price of ca bin muif i? SIM. r*s??si|er* will b<- stippli-al with cv?ry r^ i|itiilte w uh the rsception of win** nml li luors. Hoods intended lor these vessels will be forwarded by tlie snb. scribcrx, fire from any otlirr than the expense* actually incurred oil them. Kor freight ov pussifr*, apply to IIOYI) fc llfVfKF.N, Aeenta. jpW No. 1. Tontine Building. cor. W'kII and Water ft ~ I'AS^AC.F T(>" AN I) VU OM TA VK KJPOOL, AND REMITTANCES TO UREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. ^ just ^^CUiilar Pnck?'ji, ilmg on the |?t,. th, 11th ISth^tToind ?3!h of each mouth. The subscriber continue* t? *ug*g* iai??ng*ri to and from (irest Britain a'ld Ireland at ihe lu.?rst r*te?, by the regular picket* tai'inc a* aborr. And tho*? wishing to temit money to their lri*nd* can have draft! payable on demand without aav lii*En?lMld-Me*"*. B?lt. Bun It t o banker*, l.ondfln; !M?ssrs .1. Barned (k Co. Kichang*and Discount Bank, Liverpool, which *re nayalde at all ihe principal baukf and branch** tliMtwliout Kii*I?nd ??d Wa|f?. In Jiro hiid? The hastcrn Dank of Scotland aud br.uic'n*. Qreenoclt Bulking Co. in Glasgow and Orecnock. Ireland?National and TroTiDC rl llsnk of Ireland ami branches?and in ill tlw- principal io?m throughout the kingdom. JOHN JIKBDMAN.fil South street, d7 ?*at Wall iilrert. aajp. I 'A i K KT KOK BKISTtlL?With immediate KfjMfV Despatch?'Tlie well known f?t sailing bark COS- \ ('apt. Outcibridge, will ineet witli immediate dftiwtcli for tit* above port. Hue ha* g >od accommodation* for cabin, second cabin anil teer*** paoenger*. Those alHint going to the old country : will find this a desirable oppoiiunuy. Application without delay should be made to VV. Ik J. T. 1" APSCOTT, I n?> r 13 Peck dip, corner South itreet. >RK 1 INING, DECEMBER 26, WINTER ARRANGEMENT. TOHN BRADKN, 73 C'Ual 'ire , would ie?peclfully in J lorm tlie public generall y rhat he is prepare(1 to aerre up, at hia spacious and inpular Saloon, (reaiua, iellie". Conn' OvntMi in ev?ry style. Ci.nfcclionaries pnriUjr, and in shoit all kiuds of Kefrrshmeiila usually found at similar ntabluhmeuts, ol tlii' tir*?. class. Families will be ?u|t|>lt><1 at short nolicr, wi'h Coufectiouaries i;rii-?rally ; alao Civama anil Jellies, at the mill ually low price of fix shillings i <*r <iuart. of ns good ami choice ma'rrial* as dn be found <l*?whcre Coufectionary af wholesale, and all kinds of pyramids manufactured to .,roer, for private or public |<ar'ies. A gene a I assortment ol Toys, aui'ahle for the holidays, forsale, extremely low [> u?All articles sent out irom ins est Diismuent are warranted equal Id arn thing of lore git manufacture. II ? amsis haie not hid tin? honor of serving foreign potentates. bat he plwlr->s hir..?ilf hij articltn shall or suitable fur lh?* gieafst magnate of 'he Unci <112 lin*in ~ RESIDENTS OK THE "WEST END." /"VTJR Koreliithe,? established, thn pr-cident i f opening ovr " h nisesaud >>eartson New Ve r's Diy. Tli^se who ixtrnd compl mi! wiih I hat komI old castrun, and will regal-_ iheir ritndt with Wine , Ci rdisls. Fruits, etc . nny be (applied to th ir eii'ie satisl'ai tiun by cal ing at Mo. 221) Bleerker st. where *1 nil limes mxy t>.' hid Wine*. Teis and liroceiira geuei illy, ol the best description* aud at very moderate prim. JAMES K. BALL., ('23 6ti?*rc Mh> in Test, Wines, ftC., W Hhveker at. 'Pile. ALHAMKA, Broadwny, btt.wi-en Spring and P'liic* -I- ?The propritorof the above establish" eut be^a to inform the fashionable public tlut. having engaged at great Miie *e ?ome of the ino<teelebrat d foreign arti*t*. who hire arnved at th greatest i>< in their several departinen , he is now prepared to furuiah tarties, Balls, Wvddiugl wiih any desrrip noil of C?nlectiouary, of a quality and iu a style lnt> eno una quilled in thiscitv. dl0 2w*?c PEARL ORAINT DKUTS0HES?CtRIE3MEHL, (in the German;) OH KAK1NE DE O.tUAU (ORUAU D'EPAUTHE.) (rtt the Vrenck Language.) AN entire uew a'fscle in tlii? mirke'. >tre?embles Sago, but i* mure nil trillions, and one pouud of it K'lJS iu u?agi* as fir as three pound i of ordinary wheit lluur Kmigiants from Europe, having looked for it in raiu unuv ye?rs, ewniUFf it a very delleate, wholesome and money saving food, in use for soup*, puddings, d impling*, &c. tee A small handful is sufficient to be b >i|e into two quirts of inilk The be t American physicians piescri e i t llieir recovering patieuts, and order it to he given to children ill the sh.i e of pip, ai alight and very healthy diet. To mannfirturers of Vermicelli and Macaroni, Pearl Grain, as ? vtry desirable requisite, >f tliey can get the right kind. The sale increases daily in a wonderful manner, shoeing tint wnsuevcr lamry rr??*? u. c^n naniy uo wunuiu it. The only Oeneral Depot f?r this article in the United Stnixj in at 37 Burling slip, loot ofJohn mnet, n-sr the East Hiver, New York City, where it can lie ha I 'or the w ho rsale tra(>e, l>acked in keg' of25 lbs. ea^h, in any qn'ntity, not h-s?, howevever, thin a package. Itha? found its way Irani 'he wholesale tores in the lower part nf this city to the retail grocers and consuming lauuliei, so as to facilitate it* acquisition to every body. OEO 1'EUSCHER, Sole Agent. New York. November 28th. 1811 d61iu*r Salt anDTish stork.inn nBLS SAL w4)N ; 3(10 do of Herriog, and 400 boxes 400 bbls of Mackerel; 200half lo 100 bbls. of Shad 2110 do of Codtish 6()0 tacks of Aihdon's Sal'; 450 Silina do 200 kits of Eonsed Salmon and Mackerel 100 do of Sounds ami Tongues 2000 bushels of Turks lslaud Salt COO qaiuials dried <;od. d6 im'ec NELSON. WELLS St CO. tl Dey street. watches and jbwelry. l\jfOELIC!l AND PACHTMANN, Watchmakers and .Manufacturing Jewellers, 90 Canal street, hare on hand a 1 <rge essoitmeut ol lislnonable Jewelry of all descriptions, suitable for the HOLIDAYS, at prices which can.ot fait to suit. Jewelry of every description made to order, and Watches, Jewelry and Silverware repaired in a work mm I ike manner, equally low. Old Oold and Silver taken in exchange. dlB lm*m WTATCHES.?The largest aou most splendid assortment of " Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? At he is constautly receiving alt descriptions of Oold and Silrer Watchse, of the newest style*, direct from the manufacturers, in England, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, than ay other house in the city. Oold watches as low as 820 to $35 each Watches mid jewellery exchanged or bought. All welches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repotted in the !>'st manner, aad warrinMd low 'r than at any other place in the city O. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, dT ln*r hnleaale and r?ta:1. 30 Wall ?tr*t. nr> stain. Al.yoV-Cheapest Jewelrv S'or" in the city?A. I.. would call the attention of the public to his store No. B0 Cha hunst, where tnty will find tin best. cheaiiest, and newpt Hvle of jewelry, of tup Ut-st fashion both I'orrigu and American m-nuficturc. salable for Ch'istmas anil >ew Year's pres-nis.atl of winch t-e is de.erinined 10 sell at such price* as cau int fnil o give xuinfic 'on Ladies and ge tlemi'ii about purchasing jewelry, will sate 85 p*r cent br cillms at the cheap j-welry ititto DO Chatham street. Di> not forget the number?DO Chuhatn street. Old gold or silfer bought or taken in exchange. The utmost value nivej for diamonds aad other precious s tones. d2i lm*rc (Jjlrtrt KKWAK.D?The joweJrv store No. 18 Howery. tJplVJVJ w.u entered on the night of the 17lh inst, and robbed of jewelry, onsisling of gold and silver guard and fob chains, HO'il seals and keys, and ladies' and gentlemen's broaches assorted, gold ear rings, lockels, finger tings silver spoons, specks mid humerons other articles, which are sold in jewelry shops. The above reward will be given for the recovery of the p'operty hy JOHN LOCK WOOD, d2n lin*rc 18 Bowery. tpilK ?UBSCl(lBERS are now prepared to s?ll Watche? ^ and Jewelry a? low, if not low?r, than any other house in the c'ty\ to wt:?Oolu Watches from #!S to $100 e?i:h; silver do. from Si to S5" each All watcti's war'antnd to keep Rood time or the money re'urued Wa>ch ?, Clicks, and vmsical B i\es repaired and warr o led, lower thiui an v other house in the cry Hccoud InnH watches and old cold and siver taken in exchange, or bought fjr TIIO Vu'-S1 ?N h- F1SHitR, lintorlersof Wa'cbes and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, >o. 331 Broadway. New York AMOS R THOMPSON, din lm*?e RICHARD HBHEH. U~ Nl'l'tU 8TATK8 DAUUKHRIAN" OALLKKV, 175 Rrondway. op stairs.? K. WHITE would reai^-Mfully ca'l the att>:']tiou of citirciis and strangers, visiting the city to his spleudul collection of Daguerreoty pel'ortraits,single or in groupi from two to fourteen sons on the same pi tie, wbuh lor beauty and accuracy of delineation cannot tw surpussed 1'or traits taken in all kinds of waather, either with or without colors. The American Institute at ita late erhibi ion awarded Mr Wh,?? thBiirat premium for the beat Daguerreotype likeness for grouping and g-ieral eff'ct, which is but Another proof of the superiority ofi is portraits Mr. White is su e agent iu New York for the Terv superior imported 'German Camaras .and at no oilier eslablishwent in ih>* city or State rail lh?y be obtained. N. B.?I reported (ieruian Camants; also, Krench and Amcri ran Instruuiei U of the vry best quality, with Plate Cases, t.liemiealt, t oii?inug .w#imau, xc., *c., always on nir.u. lor iile at 'he very lowest prices. n7 Jm?m PLUMBK. DAGUKK1UAN G* LLF.RY OK PATENT PREMIUM i.OLOKED PHOTOGRAPHS, No. 251 Broadway, (orer Mr. T> nney's Jewelry store, ?r>or? Alnmy street, and ur*t door to TeileV Mii'eum ) New York. The.e pictures hariuif been awarded tha Kirst Premiums and Ilighe't Honor, by the Ani*ri an and Kruiklin, as lh? moit henntiful colored D<*'erreity|*i evrr fxhib ted. and iheeita biUhtt.ent having b?en |t eatly an'arired and improved. por trail* will har-afier bi- taken here (in any wmtlier) at the reduced I rices chanted for ordiuary work ?t other places?con equflotly no one need now ait lor an inferior likeness. on the score of ecououiy. " A Photnjrrat'Vi of a lady, by Proteasor PHmb?, is the fineit thin* of the kind we ever witnessed."? lAdgtr Oct. I, 1811. Plumhe's Premium and tierman Camera*, Instructions, PI ilea, Caaea, kc ki\ forwarded t? any desired pjint. at lower rates than by auy other manufactory. d'2 lm*m PHILADELPHIA DAGTFE RR EOTYPK ESTABLISHMENT, KXCHAOE BUILP1NO, ROOMS 26 A.MJ V. 'T'HE Snbscriber has ree.eivnd a larse snppl / ol Voixtlanden' I celebrated Uagaerreotyp* Appartus. ."tre and small sires, with achromatic leasts raaidi accordir* to Trofeuor Petiral'a eaJcubtiou. Alto a new supply of be?* plate* and chemical*, which he warrants Hoed auo sella t reduced prices. The following Kent.emen hare agreed to act as agent*, rii? R. White, Ksq . 175 Broadway New York P. Haas, tag, Washingtor, 1). O. Dr A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. n BroadWi, Kaq, lor the South.* States. Wm. We?t, Ksq, Cin"innali, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly atteuded to, and should be Greeted to WILLIAM LAyOENHK. 1M, ui> jtot p.sehaiiKP nuilaiuift, GREAT RKDUCTION. TROUBLE ENTRY BOOIf-KKKHNO onlf Kife Dolltn, L' ?nd Kpiatolvy Penmanship only Two Dollars. THE FlRST PREMIUM awarded rliiTf convrwiw years for the h?*t specimens of Off-lie ml Penmanship exhibited at Uie ifreat K^i's of the American ln?Mnte (J()Ll)fMITH'S CHIROGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, for ho instruction of PENMANSHIP nd Book-Keeping, 1W Broadway. oppoait* John atreet, in sow o|?'ii during tlwday and evwiiug, for the reception of papila aud visiters, The gentlemen acqnift a bnld, free and expeditions style of Mercantile Penmanship in from ten to twenty lessens of one h?''r e icli. The Udira are taught a nnl Epistolary hand, a beautiful accomplishment to the ???. _ BOOK-KEEPING. Tli* an tern nf ine'rueM-vi imea-ed at hia Acedemy in this important stntly ia uot derived from any rrwteil work, but ia th* rtaalt of a thorough prsetical knowledge of the subject The es?rc ??"s Iwing ?o arranged as f> render funilisr '/> the atudcotevery il?pnrtm?nt of inrrnnfil" lm?in?ss, W HICIl CEK TAINI.Y CANNOT BE A< qcilltP BY SMirLY BALAN' INO ONE S?K.T OK BOOKS. I .miles' Writinp Clasa meets dailyi?t II o'clock. O?jitlemeo dnriug lhajtay and f.ening. ntrncli hours a* may best*nit their coiiTrni"'><*" fsep-inte parlors fnr private irs'mction. For ?,ile at the Acad-ny?A superior article of Mrtallic IVns. nOTlm*ec MV8I0 FOR PARTIES. MKSSHS O. WEISS ft KB. UHAMBBS, Proctors of M'.isic, renpec.tfWIy aniionnce (o their |ialrotia, the ladies indKCiitl-inen ol New York and ila vicinity, that their Cotillion P.out ia pr-p?rfil fn play the moat admired and f.uhiouable Si Maic for Private Parties, Sut'eea, (He. Order* thankfully r-ceived a'.d panctually attended fo at it 0rlaur>7 at, tlao at Mr.Millot's Music Se.loon, 339 Broadwty, or u VIr. Jollie's Music Storr. 385 Iroadwav. dl !na*r MUSIC. 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London, Dec. 2, 18-13 The Rtptal Question and Agitation m Ireland. < ''I'onaell has wholly and MKiially failed in his attempts Id obtain delay, and in niHeUoltHto postpone lo the " Ides of March " the decision which a jury mint at lust come to of-?(ruilty or not ('milty. InHtcud of hring anxious to meet Ins opponents?inkIhikI ill trvinir ir> ili-|V> ml In i ns<* 11 iilld his nroceetj ing before un Irish jury?instead of burning for the moment to arrive when he might ask of his fellow countrymen, whether Catholic <>r Protestant, whether Kepealers or non-Hepealers, h verdict of acquittal, on the ground of the alleged legality of his proceedings, nnd his boasted patriotism arid devotedness to Ireland?his great object has been and is, by every maniruvre in his power, to postpone the much dreaded trial, and to resort to every expedient to put off the decision both of the court and jury. Now, this line of proceeding must be the result ol one of two states of nnnd. Either O'Connell is convinced that he has acted illegally, or else lie dreads the punishment which will most assuredly be inflicted 011 him. I feel satisfied he desires much rather to b? a hero than to be a martyr, anil that he has no idea of suffering tor any cause he espouses. He thinks his career has been one of ceaseless triumph and progress. Friends, money partisans, all at iiis disposal. The whig* disturbed ! 11111 for a while, but the period was very short.? They yielded to his influence, as lie did to their overtures When one association has been put down by law, the objects for which it contended have been soon afterwards conceded. All his plans for rousing the people, exciting the people, and obtaining funds from the people to carry his views, his schemes, into effect nave succeeded abundantly for him, and the Roman Catholic ('lergy have backed him from the altar, and in the confessional. Now, this was easy sailing for Mr. O'Connell and his party. The gales were all favorable?and in spite of occasional difficulties the port has almost always been reached in safety. But now stormy weather has commenced ; they are called on " to rough itand they show neither courage nor satisfaction. They do not even conceal their chagrin : they do not so much as affect gaiety ; they - 1 - I I l??1.. .1... ? ui.... I IM' (() aOUSIIIi; llicir Olll IIK-Iiun UK 11U1IUOUI..V .. , they protest they would not wound the feelings of the Orangemen, not for any thing that this world could offer; they bid the Irish not so much as to fire off a rocket or burn a faggot on a hill side?and they implore the priests and the repeal wardens to denounce all ribbandmen to the Irish Magistrates! What means, of a sudden, all this wonderful lovw of legality 1 What means this aversion to old friends and acquaintances 1 IIow comes it to pass that whilst Mr O'ConneJl is establishing arbitration courts to beard the magistrates, to mock their authority, and to bring them into contempt, that he is entreating his friends and supporters to appeal to those very magistrates to put down bonfires nnd ribbandisml Tlie answer to tlwse inquiries is clearly this, that he is "at his wits ends"?that he wishes to produce, if possible, soine reaction in his favor on the minds of Dublin jurymen before his trial comes on?and that he earnestly hopes to satisfy them that he is only anxious to obtain repeal by perfectly legal and pacific means. But il Mr. O'Connell has a short memory, the Irish jurymen may not be similarly circumstanced, and when the trial shall come on the Attorney and Solicitor < ieneral will not fail in their addresses to bring before the jury extracts from the Dictator's speeches during the summer and autumn, showing from his own words that he has reneatedly defied the "Saxon" government to nut nim down, either bv law or by force, and that he has pledged himself to obtain repeal even "without the assent of the Houses of Parliament." The success of the government in the intermedi ate stages oi tins remarkable prosecution nasasionished those who believed the declarations of Mr. O'Gonnell and lus partisans, that by ffnetsc, affidavits. and repeated motions and special pleading, the trial would be postponed lor a year or two?and ! then that it would take years to try. These declarations were made hi; publicly by O'Con-l nell. his lawyers and bis friends that they coirid not fail of reaching: 'he ears of the Judges?and therefore, when they saw the trick of a plea in abatement, and the trick of moving lor various documents, extracts, and copies?of the trick of seeking time to plead, time to join in demurrer, time to urgue the demurrer?time to plead after the demurrer was beard?and time to join i.isue?and for a long delay, even until February, before the trial should come on?they could not help feeling as men, in spite of their ludicial character, that O'Connell's object was delay. The plea of abatement was one of the strongest proofs to the minds of the Judges that it was the real design of all the traversers to get time. It"wns essentially a dilatory plea, for what muttered it to the real question at issue, viz., guilty or not guilty, of being engaged in a conspiracy against the government of the country, whether the witnesses for the Crown, whose names were mentioned on the back of the indictment, were sworn in open Court, or sworn before the Grand Jury They were sworn. Tins was known to be the cise,- and that was all tint was sufficient. When the Attorney < ">?*iieral dcmurred'to the plea of abatement is in law, another attempt was made to create delay. The accused asked foi tune to join in demurrer. mit wny asa lor nine lor so simple a matter as that? It is nothing more than a mere legal form to join in demurrer, and therefore to ask for a four day rule in such a case wa!< additional evidence that delay was -II that was desired. However, the Court would not he trfled with, and the application was refused. TJut this defeat did not deter the traversers from a yet further application, arid that was for time to argue the demurrer. " We have not got our brief*," cried one. "We have not consulted together as to our argument," exclaimed a second. " We shall have to sit up all night," ejaculated a third. " Fiddle-dedee, M as practically the answer of the Judges, who paid no attention to such quibbling, and laughed in their sleeves at the boasted heroism of Mr. O'Conncll, who, the moment the time of danger draws near, and when his offer of being a martyr tor the repeal cause is to be tried and tested, does nothing but seek to delay the hour of his martyrdom. So the demurrer was argued?and Mr. O'Oonnell was defeated?for the Judges decided that the net on which he relied did not apply?that the witnesses had been properly sworn and that in law the indictment was good and could not be quashed. As the plea in abatement was thus decided to be bad, it became necessary for Mr. O'Connell to plead again: hut even this lie sought 10 delay, and applied again for time. The Court saw that this was an absurdity, since what could he plead hut guilty or not guilty, and it refused to listen to such a demurrer. " Not sruiltv." therefore, was the plea ot' O'Connell, arid so issue was joined. The Attorney General now applied to the Court to fix a day for the trial at bar of this memorably eause; and his application was met by a host ot hostile affidavits. The Attorney General now made a false move. Ir was not Because Mr. O'Connell had sought to delay the trial of the indictment by absurd pleas und pretexts, therefore that he und his coadjutors should be deprived of that necessary time lor preparation which is granted to even the meanest offender, on either a grave or a solemn eharsre. The Attorney General, therefore, failed in his attempt to bring on the trial in December, principally, nowever, on the ground that the jury list had not been revised, and that a legal jury could not, before the beginning of January, be properly selected. But when ' )'Connell applied to post|>one the trial until the first of February, the Court haw that such a demand was part and parrel of the " delay" system?anil it fixed the 15th of January. On that day, then, the trial will commence ; and no efforts on the part of Mr. O'Connell or the traversers, will avail them to postpone it further. The questions to be decided by the issue of that trial are really immense. They are? 1st. Whether reneal agitation is lesjal or illegal under the present laws, or whether it is necessary to apply to Parliament to suppress it by new acts of Parliament ' 2d. Whether the.Repeal Association can he put down by the existing legislation 1 ;$d. Whether the " monster meetings" can be held legally 1 lib Whether to mutate for reneal. is consmrinff against the government t And in then*- .mentions are involved the whole of the repeal cause. For most assuredly, if O'Connell shall he acquitted, the government will apply for special acts?and assuredly they will And if OVonnell shall he found guilty, then all the troop* of the United Kingdom will he sent to Ireland, if necessary to secure the execution of the sentence of imprisonment, whatever that sentence mcy he. In either case, then, nothing short of a chance of ministry can prevent the suppression of repeal agitation, unless that should occur which I really do I not anticipate, viz:?A rebellion in Ireland. Of j course the duration and the consequence of that * rebellion no one can anticipate, or predict; hut 1 .( do not see in Ireland nnv symptoms of such a state t of organization ns would lead me to infer that the s imprisonment of OVonnell would lead to insurrcc- c tion or rebellion. At the sum- time I must state ? that this opinion is not held by many: that there d are u large number of persons who believe that it i u only CTConuell who has hitherto prevented r?- i LD. Price Two Cents. hellion ; and thai should he (five the word of command, or raise his finger. " the fineht peasantry of the world," as he styles them, would all rise against the government. But then, muipoee they did rise? what would he the result 1 'I hey would destroy property, murder unpopular individuals, hurn Protestant churches, and commit other aets of a pre uaiory, or 01 even a sanguinary nmure. iiui wnai then i The government troopa would advance steadily, and would put down unarmed forces and mere iunurrecl ions by armed foreea and by disciplined troops This would doubtless take time, and much evil and misery would, in the space of a few weeks or months, occur. Yet there would be an en.J even to that, and then the repeal of the union would be rendered impossible: and all who spoke of or proposed it would legally be declared traitors. '1 think, then, that although the conviction and imprisonment of O'ConneU, may lead to temporary trouble and to some disorders, that the English government will not yield ; but the sentence of the court, whatever it may be, will be carried into full effect, and that the repeal question will be crushed before the end of March. I know there are many who will rejdy to this, that although O'ConneU may be imprisoned, he will he able to write from Ins jail; and that he can, by Ins letters, keep Ireland in a state of agitation. But the answer is this! that the government is now so resolved on preventing the continuance of repeal agitation, that it would not hesitate an inMtum to apply to Parliament for new laws to put down all new attempts to keep up the present excitement on that subject. Printer*, newspaper pro I'i icu/ie, null vuiiuia |iiiuii?iiiii^ ui |iiiuiiii? on; ? flammatory letters of O'Connell, would he prosecuted l>y trie Attorney General, and at length no one would he found sufficiently courageous to undertake the printing and circulation of his correspondence. I am aware that in France, or in Belgium, iltey could be printed, and afterwards distrihuted to the ttite of society in Ireland hy post ; but _ the poor, the peasant, the mass, the millions, could not thus be reached; and a* " monster meetings" are prohibited, the peoole on whom O'Connell alone relies, will be kepi in tlie (lark, and ut any rate will not he brought together to excite rach other to deeds of darkness, or to acts <>f insubordination and rebellion. I snt aware that the repeal wardens oil ihe one hand, and the Koiiiau Catholic clergy on the other hand, may piled a vast deal, if they resolve on so doing, towards raising a spirit of rebellion. Hut their efforts will no lonser be public should O'Connell be convictcd ; and should lie be acquitted, the House* of Parliament would, for the time, become tfcK; arena lor debate, strife, and uproar. It is said that O'Connell has the intention, in the event of his acquittal and of ministers applying for special acts, to proceed to London, to rally every Irish meir.ber, and to divide the House on every word of the bill, as well as on every sentpnee arid every clause, so that even a year should not be sufficient to carry it through Parliament. Hut the announcement of such an intention would defeat his purpose, sines should such an attempt be made to overawe the House of Commons, that House would most probably susnend its standing orders with regard to that particular measure,and would pass the bill in a hand gallop. Some of Mr. O'Connell's friends hnve declared that he has determined to prolong the trial a bar ol himself and his coadjutors toan immense length of time by means of calling thousands of - - i r.L ...i i..j winn-asm, i-uiiijh>??*u ui must' >vjh? (uicuucu uiv *%>pen I "monster meetings," and who will prove that he, O'Connell, never made use of any seditious language ; that he waa, on the contrary, always the friend of order and the procluimer of peace, submission to the laws, and oucdience, and that therefore he has committed no ofience. Hut the announcement of such intentions on the part of Mr. O'Connell and his friends prepares the Court for the course which it would pursue, and Mr. O'Connell ought to know that the Court and the Jury, when they have heard as many witnesses to one point an they think sufficient, and as shall have aatistied them relative thereto, have the power of refusing to hear any more. And tlren, ns the trial will be at l>ar, legal ob|e*tion? will he decided upon as the cause proceedH.and Mr. O'Connell can have no well grounded hope of disturbing the decision come to, by after ohjectionsnnd by legal quibbles. I feel, then, and that strongly, that if Pir Robert Peel's government shall continue in office?whether Mr. O'Connell be convicted on this indictment or not, the repeal agitation will b? repressed, and that the Knglish people anil the English press Hre prepared (generally speaking} to back the government in all measures proposed or carried into effect for that purpose.. Villi will nliservn ttwil t iln nnl iircue the aUf( tion of right or wrung : of repeal, or of no repeal s of O'Connell or his opponents. But as yon and your readers live a greut way ott, and may receive from our English journals, or from your own correspondents some erroneous ideas and impressions, I am anxious to correct these and to place before you the real .Mate of the case. That real state i* this?that either the existing laws, or new and special laws will suppress the repeal agitation, and that the people of Ireland will not make a successful rebellion against England. I do not think they will ever attempt it. I do not believe that they will venture on such a risk ; and I am convinced lhal CVConnell is satisfied that his unarmed peasantry would be crushed by the armed forces of England. Therefore, although much agitauoa may take place, and scencsof thrilling interest occur nnd transpire, that the end is certain, and thai end is, that the repeal question is lost. And I must here add that O'Conncll never anticipated any other result. He never really believed that he should carry repeal, but we also never believed that such hnndredsof thousands of his fellow countrymen would really and truly think and feel fully persu ided that repeal would be carried. He has been astonished by their credulity; he hasfound more apt believers than he expected. His secret plan was so to agitate for rej>eal as to drive the Government to propose measures in favor of Ireland, such as fixity of tenuje?the introduction of English capital into that country?the extension of the elective franchise?the great diminution of the revenue. of the Protestant church, established by law ?and a variety of other measures of a greater and lesser character. Mr. O'Connell believed that the only way to obtain these measures was by frightening thr Government?by alarming it j>n the question of Repeal. I'll is was his idea. The Government has not been alarmed; it has taken hup a prisoner in his own net andi snare; and he will now nrolmbly become the sufferer. But what will the hundreds of thousands of deluded Irish My when they eventually discover that t'ley li .ve been the dupes, and that the money they have raised in such vast sums ha* been refunded in rare and silly*'dupery." If O'Connell, instead of agitating for "repeal," had agitated for certain cardinal points, such as thoso I have referred to, he would have had the good sense and right feeling, not only of Ireland, but of England, Scotland and Wales "in his favour; and I feel assured he might likewise have raised a* much monev. 1 am aware that on this point there are differences of opinion, ami that many maintain lie would not have raised except for repeal, the enormous sums which have been senttoth?* Kepeal Association. But so great is the intluence of the Kornan Catholic Clergy over the minds of the mas* oHhe iteonlo in lrrlnnYf, that if they had supported (>'Connell in distinct and obvious plans ana measures, instead of deluding others with the absurd notion that the repeal of the union would be carried, they might have raised funds fully equal to those which have heenplaretl at the disposal of th? Krppiii Amciiliim. That "money" in Ireland in indeed "the sinews of wnr," I readily admit; and that O'Conne II knows how to obtain it, no one can deny?hut he could procure it for fixed, positive, clear, int??lliafif?l?* plan?, much better than for the vague and uncortani proposnl of obtaining legally the repeal of the I nion, without the consent of Lords or Commons. The signal firesjn the north of Ireland continue, hut O'Connell professes great indignation towards ail who are concerned in such proceedings. He s;iysthat no one shall be reckoned a repealer who is known to he engaged in them. Hut what do they really mean! They are intended to intimidate the lri"h (loverninent. They are designed to show that there is a regular and formidable combination between the various peasantries of the north, and they are lighted up on the most trivial occasions, not on the ground of any real importance in the events communicated, but simply to show that their authors are united as one man. The fund for O'Connell has been collected, and the Aeitafor is receiving the amount. It will exceed this year the enormous sum of ?90,01)0! This appears almost impossible, but such is the fact. What is done with this money! Is it applied to general patriotic purpose.*! Certainly not. It is applied exclusively to the use and advantage of the O'Connell family.? Hut is not this preposterousl Suppose the loss susained by Mr. O'Connell, through giving up hui iractice as n Barrister, and devotinp himself exclusively ro Irish affairs, is coual to tfi.OOO, or even ClO.iXK) per annum, does that loss bear anv proporions to the il:lo,ooo ? Mr. O'Connell ought not to Hitler the farthings of the Irish paupers thus to be ollecletl and applied bv himself in luxuries and upertluities. Hv sullerin;," such proceedings he will lo injury to himself?to the cause with which he is dentitied?and generally to that of liberty through lit th? world

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