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December 28, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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1st?That Congress pa*i a law aboliahing slavery and the ?Iave trade in the district of Columbia. id?That Congress refuse to admit Klorida or a ny Slave State into the Union. ?>i?That ( oner*-** take measure* to amend the C'luMtitution so an to cause the speedy abolition of slavery throughout the country. 4th?That Diplomatic Relations be forthwith established between this Government and that of Hayti?(laughter.) A Mkmbicb?What, and have a nigger ambassador at the White House?(laughter)?figuring at the levees ! Adam*?Now, Sir, those parts that do not come within the rule, 1 wish to have referred. Si'kakku?The petition cannot be received without receiving those parts that come within the rule; the Chair decides that the whole virtually comes within the rule, and tha' the petition cannot be received. A Mkmblh?(iood ! that's the true way to fix it. Adams?Well, Sir, then I appeal; and I call lor the yeas and nays. A Mumbkii?Oh, what do you want the yea* and nay* for. Don't got up. Only 2."> seconded the demand for them. Speaker?Not a Kutttcient number. Adams?Then, Sir, if this is persisted in, I shall move for a call of the House. Cave Johnson ? I hope not, sir; if there i* another count, then- will be enough for a second Adams?(Cooly)?Very well, Sir, then ; another count. There was another count and no quorum voted. Adams?I move a call of the House. t ries 01 "on, no, no." , , A Mf.mhi h?I move we adjourn, Sir. < ries of " No, no " Finally u Riorum v?ted?lift only ; aud then the Speaker's derision was sustained, 1(M to 40. Mr. Adams then sat down; but'apparently anything but satisfied with the result, as the yeas and nays were not ordered after all. On the reports from Committees being called, Mr. Fahmkntcb, (from the Naval Committee, Mr. Wise be'ng absent) rejwrted a bill to allow the Secretary of the Na\ y to transfer certain funds from one part of his dep*artmentto another, in order to finish repairs of ships, tic. in the various dock yards, complete other vessels, &c.' now on the stocks. The bill was re,id twice, and was ubout to bo made the special order for Thursday next.? Cavk Joii*?ox.?J hope this bill will not l>e passed in *iich a hurry, sir. We wanted to limit the appropriations, sir, last year. But the Secretary went on and employed workmen enough to increase the expenses over two millions. It will not do to leave this to the discretion of the Secretary. 1 move it be refeared to the Committee of the Whole' for a full investigation. PiHMEMUR.-And then it may not bo actcd upon for lour months. In the mean time'the workmen may starve. Cjhk Johnson.?Well, sir, it's too grave a subject to be hurried over. 11'we make a specific appropriation, and the Secretary goes on and spends more, lie must be held accountable to this House, sir, for so doing. MrJ Levy.?One fact i? sufficient to cause members to examine this matter. Out of 8 or $900,000 appropriated for improvements at Pensacola Navy Yard, one third of that sum has never been accounted Tor. Hale (of N. H.)?If any branch of the public service requires a searching investigation it is the Navy. In the days of Oen. Jackson the Appropriations were only 3 or $1,000,000?always inside that sum ; and this year the Kiim a?k?'d lor la the enormous one of nm? millions?more than our Navy i?ont during the'1 glorious deeds of the last War. Vou squander millions on n Navy that leavus no more trace of benefit than the keel of your vessels on the waters. Five millions can easily be deducted from this appropriation. Pakmknter?Not a ship can be repaired or a vessel get her outfit, or any thing tie done, till this bill passes. Johnson?I can't helpt it is all the fault of the Secretary who squandered two millions in one month last August. Tne bill was finally referred to Committee of the Whole. \yklltr?I move we adjourn. Cries of " no?no." A Memukr?Call the uy<>3 and noes on it. Cries ol " no ?no." Tellers were appointed : Ayes 61?Noes 63. Hhkakkr?The motion to adjourn is carried in the negative. (Laughter.) In* eh soli,*?I move we go into Committee of the Whole. (" No, no ") Only 110 votes. Cries of " No quorum"? "no quorum." Thompson?I move we adjourn, sir. A Member?Ayes and noes. Hero there was great laughter?it resulted ayes 48?noes 86. Cries of give it up." A Member?I move a call of the House. (Cries of " no no ") move we adjourn, sir. (Cries of " no quovum.") Well, we can adjourn without a nuorum." And so the House did adjourn amid great laughter and merriment, without a quorum. Post Office Rohbery.?William A. Bacon, a clerk in the Albany post office, was arrested yesterday upon a charge of mail robbery. Before his committal he ma'lea full confession to the "postmaster, restored what money he had in his ]<ossession, and informed Mr. as so 11 what use he had made of the balance. He commenced his career of crime about two weeks ago, and was in the habit of taking letters from the northern mail, that usually arrives while the other clerks are away to their dinners. He had taken from time to time, in money and drafts, something over a thousand dollars, pf whicli lie had e.\[>en<led about $K>0 for lottery tickets. Most of the letters, with the moneys re-enclosed, have been forwarded to their destinations. This unfortunate young man had previously borne a good character. Mr. Wasson, the post master, acted with promptness mid \igilance in ferretting out this robbery. He was seconded in the investigation by Mr. Ogden, the efficient post office agent, who had been detained about here following up some inijuiri s relating to the recent mail robbery at Hudson. Most of the letters opened were directed to proprietors of newspapers and magazines, and the sums abstracted varied in amount from $1 to $60.?Miami Err. Journal Dec 26. Oreoo*.?A postcript to a letter from a (jentlelnan in the Indian country, dated the 19th of October,received by n gentleman of this city savs?"Fort Hall, on the Oregon. ! ;?? been delivered up" to Lieut. Fremont, und it in hnlipvttil thnf JTnrf Vuncnnvpr snnn wiU How 'he report is reliable, wo have no means of knowing, neither do wo know the power* of Lieut. Fremont, except that he ami hi* parly are in the Oregon country by the authority and direction of the United States government.? St. Louis Republican, Dcc. 13. CO- The following nomination?, made by the President to the Senate some days ago, are understood to have l>een confirmed by the Senate yesterday :? Albert Davy, of Pennsylvania, Consul at Leeds, in England. Louis Marks, of New York, Consul at Bavaria and the Prussian Provinces of the Illune.? Nat. Intel., Dec 37. {)t>-The Hon. Albert Smith, of Portland, Me!, Commissioner on the part of the United States for running the northestern boundary line of the United States under the treaty of Washington, arrived in this city last evening, ond stopped at (iadsby's hotel.? Globe, Dec. 26. Sales of Stocks mt Philadelphia. Kikjt Board, Dec. '27.?$600 United States Bank notes, 79; 140 shares Girard Bank, 7j|; $5000 Cincinnati ti's Bonds 100; $iOO0 State a's, sSdsf, 66}; loO shares Wilmington RH, rasn, lit; 14 (to Met. 4c Malt., 1'ittsg. IS; 4 do Planter* B'k Tenn., ti'7j; M do Commercial B'k, Natchez, 3dsf 19; $400 Ktate a's, #0; Bft shares Kensington Bunk, c&.p, 2dsf, 7fi; 60 do Wilmingtou UK, cash, 17jj. Sti osn Boakd, Dec. '26.?$.5000 State 5'*, s4f, tki.1; $.i<>00 do do, M',- $;>00<) do do, titi}; f.'WKK) do do, ?#}: $1000 Heading HK Bonds, 7t)J; 6 shares Mechanics Bank, cash, 2/>. IjATKST SOVTIIKRN SHIP NEWS Philadelphia, Dm 17?Arr Bulla, Bus.-. Wm M Koeers Harding and Victor. Cook. Boston; loliu Jay. Uakt?, Providence. Below, Charlotte Ann (Br). Delight, Talma, and AuI? ta. Baltimore, Dec 26?Arr Sylvanus Jenkins, Kveleigb, New York fur Apalachicola, in distress; Jos B.ileh, Hallett; Mary Bsker, and ll'enxi, Bowley, Boston; Thoi Hoojwr, llall. Pro' vidence; K A Stevens. Brigiis and oaria. Hopkins, New York; Hurry 1 Hinckley, Saunders, Bangor; Kagle, Lowry, fortsmouth. Ctd Justina, Durkee, St Thomas ueneral Kct-ord Ship Svlvai?1'? Jenkins, Kveleigh, from New York lor * Apalarhicola, put into Baltimore in distr* ss. leaking I lOOstrokes per hour. She aided lieuce on the 5th inot and oil the 7th, lat :i8, Ion7', eiperiencfd ? severe gale I'rom the W, and a heavy tea running. strained and caused the vessel to leak very materially. On tile 9tli, the gale freshening, and having hauled round to the N W. a heavy se.? struck the vessel, which broke one of her knees, started the house rn deck, ai.d otherwise damaged her Hav ing been deVmed by sudden and adverse winds from putting hack to New York or gerting'into ( harleslon, eight days sue look a Baltimore pilot, and arrived there oil the night ol the 25th Inst. {fl^- TIIK. CROWDS OP VISITKRS WHICH DAILY attend Peale's Museum evince the propriety of the cheap method in the management of places of public amusement Notwithstanding the unparalleled attractions, such as the White Negroes, Madame Adolph, and splendid performant es, the price of admission remains at onlv One Shilling ! Where can the leisure hours of the holidays lie Kpcnt better than there 7 nr*- IRFI.ANn Win kohl ? Ireland?Dnhlln the Shannon. Limerick, Cork, and the Kilkenny Races, the Hound Towers, the Lakes of Killarney, the county of Wicklow, O'Connell and the llepeal Association, Belfast and the Giant's Causeway. Price one shilling. Kor sale ?)) BUROK88, STRINGER ?c CO., iti Broadway, corner Ann st. OXJ- F.AHT INDIA HAIR DYE, WARRANTED TO color the hair any shade, from u light brown to a jet black, and not stain the skin. To bo had only at -.11 Courttandt street. (IQF- IH'MBl'O.?Some out of envy, cry humbug; Home from jealousy, cry humbug ; some from sheer ignorance of the thing, cry humbug I I do not believe every thing is gold that shine!, nor do I believe every thing which is hastily denounced to be a humbug. Men should not be frightened by a mere outcry. Prove a thing and then judge of it I was led to the above remedy by a very sensible gent, saying to me this day, that Pease's llourhonud Candy was a Now I know better from actual experience, I find it one of the best things for the throat, (oice, hoarseness, and cough, that 1 have ex cr used. Let each one try it and know for himself. 11 KM AN BANGS, Pastor of the M. K. Church, Forsyth street. New York, Dec. 13, 1HJ.1. To Messrs. John Pease St Son, k> Division st. Remember confectioner* are not apj>ointe<i agents ami all you Ret from the fame is n counterfeit Keen package ol the genuine in signed Pease St Son. Sold at 45 Division street ; :) Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia ; 8 State street, Boston ; 110 llaltimore street, Baltimore ; ft7 State ftreet, Albany. ? ?ft: f- Oil. OK TANNIN.- \ composition lately disfOveii-J for pre?er\lug all kiridR of leather, and keeping boots and shoe* water jiroof. Water can no more penetrate than through India rubber. To he ha<l at 'JI CourtInndt street; 3 North Fifth itreet, Diiladi Iphia; 63 Corn hill, Boston. ' f- 1MCOUIVH PARISIAN ALTKRAT1VK MIX Tl'uK -fort ho cure of primary or secondary syphilis and nU complaint* arlimg from mercury?guaranteed to cure ?ingl<> buttle fl; in cases of halt do/.en >ft?packed and sent to all part* of the Union. Olllce of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy,97 Nassau street W. 5 ICHARDSON, Agent. Q&- PUBLISHED THIS l)AY, AT THE NEW World Office, 30 Ann street, the New World Pictorial Animal, illustrated with numerous splendid engravings,making one of the prettiest and cheapest gifts to country friend*. Price l"i4 cents, put up in wrappers?ten copies for $1. Now ready, a new supply of "Mexico as it was and as it is?by Brantz Mayer." Illustrated with 160 beautiful engravings. Price 60. Also, elegantly liound, Kroissart's Chronicles. Price $3. This work is illustrated with 1J0 handsome engravings, and will form a splendid present for the New Year. Purchasers and Iwoksellers can have copies this morning. Also, neatly bound, the Mysteries of Paris, translated by U. C. Deming. This is the only correct and unmutilated 1 copy of the most remarkable romance of the tin-sent century. The demand for it is enormous, and can hardly be supplied. Price $1 26?in numbers $1. Sent by mail at !>eriodical postage. Also, neatly bound, Matilda, or the Memoirs of a Voting Woman, translated by H. W. Herbert. Another remarkable romance of society, by Eugene Sue, author of the " Mysteries of Paris." Every body should read it. Price $1?in numbers 76 cents. Ale, oil iU ...? I V.I: ... it._ j?? wholesale and retail. Order* from bookseller* and agent* will be promptly attended to on liberal terms. J. WINCHESTER, Publisher. (&- TWO MONTHS ABROAD, or atrip to Europe, by a railroad director of Massachusetts?Price one shilling. For sale by BURGE88, STRINGER & CO., Broadway, corner Ann st. This little work ha* excited a great ileal attention in Boston, where the author resides; and it is really wonderful how much a man may see and learn in so *h?rt a space of time. The writer has made a valuable and interesting book?agreeable in its style and descriptions?11 lieral in its sentiments, and often philosophical and scientilic. The lash is seldom used, but is very justly applied to oppose rudeness, or custom house annoyances. It well pays the reader. (X/" THE FOLLOWING LETTER IS PUBLISHED to show the estimation in which the Metallic Strop is held in Kuropc:? Pi.ack L'Odkon, 5 Rue Racine, 25 Paris. W. L. Carter, Cutler to the King since 1824, and to the Royal Navy, late inspector of surgical instruments to the British forces. Mr. Gkokce Saunpkrs? Dkah Sir:? It is with pleasure I have to assure you of my entire satisfaction of the last consignment of the Metallic Tablet Razor 8trons, which I receivtd safe. I consider you have now brought them to the highest pitch of perfection, and, independent of their incontestible superiority over all other Razor Strops manufactured on the continent, 1 know of none in England possessing the same advantages. You know my sale of high priced razors is considerable. and j our strop is now the only one I recommcnd with my razors. I continue to receive the most flattering testimonial* of its merit, not only for razors, but for most kinds of surgical instruments. Believe me, dear sir, yours, truly, WM. L. CARTER. The original of the above can be seen, with certificates from Cutlers in England, and also from the first gentlemen in this country It is the same articlc that received first premiums, year after year, at the Fairs of the American Institute. G. SAUNDKRS, Inventor and Manufacturer, 163 Broadway. Or?- DR. FELIX OOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP.?This is the most astounding chemical discovery of modern times, for the cure of erysipelas, scrofula, pimples, blotches, morphe.w, tetter, barber's itch, piles, or all kinds of rough, dark, diseased skin. It is in the convenient form of a soap, and cures all who use it. Beware of counterfeits, and get the genuine only, at t>7 Walker street, one door from the corner of Broadway, 60 cents a cake, one will suffice, where maybe, hadfiourriud's Poudre Subtile, the only article that will positively eradicate superfluous hair, can be seen tested. per bottle. Gouraud's Blanc D'Espagne, or Spanish White, imparting a pure, life-like, alabaster smoothness and whiteness to tne complexion, free from the injurious ingredients of common chalk or flake white. For agents, see advertisement in another column. SOMETHING VALUABLE AND BKAUTIFUL BEYOND DESCRIPTION?A book for every body .high and low, rich and poor, old and young, which may be obtained by appropriating for that purpose only 121 cents per week. This day published No. 1 of Harper's Illuminated and New Pictorial Bible?Price '25 cents. Call and examine the work, and leave your names, and you will he served regularly with each number as they come out. Just think of it?what a beautiful holiday gift would be the subscrip tion to this magnificent work. Subscriptions received, and single copies for sale, wholesale and retail, at the publisher's prices, by BURGESS, STRINGER & CO., 232 Broadway, corner Ann st. nr?- MORE NEW BOOKS, for sale wholesale and re tailby Burgess, Stringer & Co., 222 Broadway, corner of Ann street. Strn aside, Eugene Sue, till we dispose of Tom Burke. Tnis dayfpublished, complete in one volume, with illustrations,*TOM BURKE OF OURS, by Chas. Lever, Esq., author of Charles O'Malley, Jack Hinton, &c.. Large type?price 50 cents. This work is also published with twelve illustrations, bound in boards, for $1. Also, a fine edition for|$l 25. Laugh and grow fat.? For sale wholesale and retail by BURGESS, STRINGER & CO. 222 Broadway, corner Ann St. {&- IS YOUR CHILD SICK ? AND HAVE YOU not mistaken the cause of its disease ? Such may be the case, and while you are trifling with it by using trashy articles for its relief, it may pine away and die. Recollect that worms kill thousands, and the cause is never suspected. The remedy is easy and sure. Watch the symptoms well, and if you suppose that worms are the cause, remember that Sherman's Worm Lozenges are a specific, and have obtained the name of th? celebrated Worm Destroyer, and may be had genuine at Dr. Sherman's Warehouse, 106 Nassau street, and of his agents, 110 Broadway, 10 Astor House, 227 Hudson street, 188 Bowery, 77 East Broadway, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. (ft?- IS IT SO ??No person can possibly use the Nerve and Bone Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir, from 21 Courtlandt street, for any rheumatic affection, without being cured. These articles have never yet, to our knowledge, failed to cure?and persons who have rheumatism or gout, and will allow their prejudices to prevent their using these articles, deserve to suffer until they prove by using these that all that is said of them nre fact*. Can be had also at 2 North Fifth street, Philadelphia, and 52 Cornhill, Boston. ftT- NEW ERA IN COLOGNE WATER.?A beauUna article can be had at 21 Courtlondt street, wholesale and retail, cheaper than ever before offered in this market. Splendid large quart bottles at .W cents is an example. (fijh CONSTITUTIONAL DKBILITV CURED.?The Tonic Mixture prepared hy tin- College of Medicine and i'harmacv of the city of New York is confidently mended lor all cases of debility produced hy sscret indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal-formation)?Single bottles $1 each; cases of half dozen, $5. packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office ol the College of Me-dicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau st. VV S. RICHARDSON, Agent, (fc?- HAYS' LINIMENT AND LIN'S BALM OF CHINA, is warranted to cure any case of Piles, or the money shall be refunded. To bu had at '21 Courtlandt street. . 0*7- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC TILLS? I" or the cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, fluor albus, and all diseases of the urethra. Thate pills are warranted to cure Price $ I per box. Office of the College of Medicine and rhnrmacv. 97 Nassau street W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. 0(7" trOOU M KDICINK.?We never learn a good tiling without feeling a disposition to acquaint on-reader* with the foct that they may be benefitted equally with ourselves thereby. The other day we felt somewhat bilious?a disordered stomach, loss of appetite, and a head which we were often on the point of knocking on the wall for its stupidity; in fact, n regular " swell-head"? ind were induced to try some of Peters' Vegetable Pills at .1 remedy. We took four on going to bed, and awoke the next morning with a head as clear as the tone of a bell in a frosty morning, spirits as light as a feather, and a disposition as contented and happy as ever philosopher enjoyed. Their effect was almost magical, and we strongly recommend their use to all who may be similarly afflicted 1'heir operation is remarkably mild; no griping attends their influence, which is as speedy as it is effectual. They will lose nothing in comparison with any articlo of the kind now in the market.?Boston Daily lite. Principal office Fulton street. MEDICAL AID?A CURB GUARANTEED? The members of the College of Modicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, are now successfully treating all diseases ol i private nature according to the new mode of treatment idopted by the medical professors of the different hospitals of Europe Primary or secondary syphilis, gonorrhoea, gleet and all diseases of the urethra permanently cured without mercury or injury to the constitution.? The consulting physician attends daily from 9 o'clock, A. VI. to 8 P. M. i arum?wi ivo mm mi iimiiciiicB rmjiiirtti, Important to Country Intalhh.?Patient* living at a listance by stating their complaints explicitly an?l enclosing $!>, (post-paid) will receive a chest containing all medicine* requisite to perform a cure, will full directions or use, by addressing W. S. 1HCHARDMON, Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau reet. SIONRY IVAKKKT. Wnlnesdny, Dcc. '47?(1 P. M. Stocks are rather on the downward tendency. The Hanks have stopped their usual supplies to the Brokers III in <1..?lin..,l 1 iu>r ??in? . Viii.Iik.Iiii 1 - Imllano I . n.l. ?... , .......v.; 3 , ....... B > ware mid Hudson J ; Illinois ] ; Pennsylvania ft's J ; Uni. teil State* (>'? J ; Reading Railroad 2 ; Karmere1 Loan j. Long Inland advanced 1} percent ; Molinwk 1 ; Harlem 'Anton } ; Norwich J; North American Trust 1. The tales were not very largo. The Brokers have very little onfidenco in an improvement until after the 1st proximo. I'he Banks are making another desperate push to declare food dividend*, and as tliey control the stock market, and i emulate prices of stocks, it is possible they may make ont o do so. The Boston and Kaatem Railroad has declared a divilend of 3J per rent, payable on the 31 pro*. The Bank of America has declared a semi-annual divilend of 3 per cent, payable on the lith of January. Foreign exchange is in moderate demand. Prime bill* in Loudon aw selling at:? percent. The supply of south* rn bills in this market ii very limited. On Paris I'..} 'J7|; Amsterdam 40 ; Hamburg j Bremen 7cj| a 70 cents. rr???^ The New Jeriey Insurance Company have declared a dividend of 13 per cent, payable on the 4th of January. The Button money market move* more regularly than our*. The quiet people of that part of the country do not get so excited as we do. They arc more cautioui in their operation*. More than half a million of dollar* has been added to the floating capital of Bostou. within a short period,by the dividends lately declared. An immense amount of all dividend paying stocks is held in New England, and the semi-annual dividend* amount to a large ?uni. It is estimate.! that more than a million of dollars will be thrown into that market from this source. Railroad and Manufacturing stocks were improving ; Lowell was firm at 30 per cent advance ; Concord $t>0 ottered, for $.<0; Fasten), advance. There were heavy operations ill Reading Railroad; 3!K) shares were sold at $'29 io a $30 'i!> for $60. Korthe 6 percent bonds,80 were oflered, including the interest. The new loan obtaiucd for this company is at 6 ik*?r n>nt T)ipr? u'urtt lonm cuUc rtf llm VuaKna \f unilfdi* taring Company at f.4tiOa $48.>, dividends of $30 oil'. Mcr. rimack sold at 2d advance ; Middlesex at 30 do. Niw Knui.aid Haiiroad Dividends fok the Past Six Months. Divi- Current Roails. Capital. tlrndt. %,'t mount. J'ricet. Lowell $1,800.0*0 St $7z,i'?h) $13) Worcester, 2.700,1)00 3 81,000 117 Kastero 2,200,000 3 mi,000 108 Providence 1,800,000 3 51.01111 108 Boiton and Maine I,200,000 3 36,000 107 Na'liua 400,000 4 16 000 130 New Bedford 400.000 3 12,000 107 Taunton Branch 230,000 5 12,100 120 (Jliarltstown Brancli- 250 000 3 7,500 78 $11,000,000 $357,000 Ten dollar bills on the Bunker Ilill Bank, Charlestowu, Mass., altered Ffrom one's, are in circulation. The alteration is exceedingly well done, and requires close examination before detected. The state of the cotton market both in this country and in Kurope, at present, is very peculiar: between the doubt1 reirflrdincr thp nf tli*? rwu- nrnn nnd l)in nrotinliln rv*. o o ? v,vr i" r sition of prices on the opening of the .season in Liverpool, operators both at home and abroad are undecided how to act. The various estimates published in all the Southern papers, and the speculations on the probable (juantlty produced the present year, come from sources whose interests are so diametrically opposed to each other, that the greatest caution should be exercised, in arriving at any result on which to act. The receipts of the new crop at the differs nt southern depots, fortius year compared with the same period last year, cannot be considered a correct criterion of the true extent of the crop, but it can be consi. dered good evidence that prices will advance. The banks at the south are loaniag money to the planters to enable them to hold their cotton. The effect of this fact depends entirely u|>on the conditions of the discounts. If the banks hive loaned the planters unconditionally?it the planters have not left it optional with themselves to dispose of their cotton at pleasure, the bulk of the crop will ultimately be controlled by the banks, or the planters compelled at a stated time to sell and submit to the current prices. This custom is good when carried to a certain extent. For years past a planter's cotton crop was mortgaged long before it reached maturity. They were compelled to let every pound of their cotton go, as soon as picked, at the rnlinrr nrlr.p. for vnlnp. (utpIvh nwivlana So long as that condition of the producers existed, so long prices were kept below a fair point. So long as the south ern country was cursed with thousands of miserable, swindling banks, the planters of that section were rode over rough shod, and their substance sucked out of them by these blood-thirsty leeches. The few that still exist in that section are so crippled that they arc almost harmless but they should be avoided as possible. The faci] lities afforded the cotton grower to keep his crop until prices are established, as a general thing, will have a very good effect. Thero has more cotton been received at New Orleans the present year on planter's account, in proportion to the crop,than ever !>efore, and the correct cause of the deficiency in the total receipts at all the southern ports, compared with last year, is the ability of the planter to hold his crop for further advices. Movements of Cotton at Mobile and New Orleans. Slock on hand Receipts Slock Sep. 1. 4' "" ihipbonrd. from Sep. t*f 1013. 1812. 1812. 1813. 1812 1843. Mobile, Dec. 12th, 1,128 422 G0.927 55.401 90,248 8l,lfi| N.Orl's,Dec.15th, 4,700 4,428 125,629 138,885 329,42G 2G8,12| Advices from New Orleans state that very little cotton is now bought for any European market. The stock on hand and on shipboard, as given above, at New Orleans, is somewhat larger this year than last. This is caused by the fact of tha stock in hand being larger than usual, while that on shipboard is quite small. Cotton is accumulating in that port, whereas last year, notwithstanding the stock on hand was smallerthan this, the reccints were about sixty thousand bales more, showing that the crop went forward more rapidly. From all the evidence we can gather, the new crop will not reach the estimate? made up. The yield will fall short of 1,800,000 bales ; at all events, we hazard the assertion that it will not exceed that quantity. Those who wish to purchase are interested in creating an impression uhroad that the crop this year will lie as large as that of last year, while on the other hand those who hold and wish to sell, are anxious that the most unfavorable advi' ces rcgaiding the crop should leave this country by every packet Between these two parties,it is difficult to draw a line, and those abroad who take a great interest iu this subject receive the most conflicting accounts, and for their individual safety are compelled to give the greatest latitude, and govern themselves accordingly. The consequence is that, at the departure of the Hibernia. speculators in the Liverpool market were operating on the strength of a probable crop of more than two millions bales. Movements or Cotton in the United States. Crop of the Taken by U. Stales, home Afanu- Exported. Value of Bale i. factureri. Bales. Export. 1(132-33 1,070,438 101,412 1,000,000 $31,724,682 1*3.1-34 1,205,391 196,413 897.000 3G,191,105 831-35 1,254,328 216,?88 1,007,000 4 9,448.402 1835-36 1,360,725 236,733 1,037,000 M,661,301 I83G-37 1,423,930 222,540 1,106,000 71,284,925 1837-38 1,801,497 246,063 1,160,000 63,240,102 1138-39 1,360,532 276,018 1,392.000 61.556,811 1839-40 2,177,835 295,193 1,105,000 61,238,982 i 840-11 1,634,945 297,288 1,599,000 63,870,317 841-42 1,683,574 267,850 1,381,000 51,330,341 This table exhibits a 'great regularity in the consumption in bales at home, anil in the exports to Europe, but thu increase of actual quantity does not appear visible.? The continual increase in the size of the bales, from year to year, shows the additional number of ponnds consumed. It will be seen on reference to the above table, that for only two years has the yield of cotton exceeded two millions of bales, in 1830?40, and in 1842?S. The past season has, without any very important exception, been very unfavorable in all parts of the country for a great crop ; it has not been propitious enough to produce an average yield. The season opened very late and closed very ear. ly, and the harvesting has been attended with many nn favorable circumstances. In several sections continual rains prevented the gathering of what little the previous weather suffered to mature, in some districts a fair a\crage quantity was raised, but we hare not heard "r ' 'vjv gle section where the crop was over abundant. The son that produced 1,378,875 bales of cotton in this conntV was early and late, and without a solitary unfavorable event to injure the plant from first to last. It w as one of those fortunate seasons, as regards .length and quality Of weather, that seldom occur in any country, and which mint again be experienced. in this before we can raise a like quantity of produce. There is very little cotton going forw ard from any port of thin country. Price* in Liverpool from lust accounts ranged considerably lower than the Quotations that rule in any market on this side. Prick* or Cotton in the Voi r Pni!?cir?t. Port*, 1813. hxiisinna N. York, Mobile. New Or'i, l.iverj>o"l, 4'.II aha ma Dec 27. Dec. 13. Dec. 16 Dec. I Inferior, 7)411 7*ic. ? ?c. 7J<? 7Xc, ? a -d. O.diuary, 8 a R* 8 a 8.'. (Wi ?d. *.ddliit?. 8><a 8?< 7*a8 8 V* 9 4K?4?,d. Midd'K fair, 9 a 9l* ?V - 9*u 9>? 5V<.'>'jd. Ka.r, 9Ka 9?i 9j2ili)0 Ifcaikil. - iood fair, I0>4alii>? 9 a? lOHalfl?* 5\?6VI. Fine, 11 ailH ? a ? 11 a ? 6 aT.^d. The prices in this and the New Orleans market vary hut slightly, while the difference between New Oilcans md Mobile is very great. This condition of prices must have a great influence on the movements of this importan staple. The stock of American cotton on hand in Liver pool the I st of December, was 4ftl ,000 bales against '.1:13,000 last year. Kor some time previous to the departure of the llibeniia on the flth inst., the daily sale* in Liverpool reached from 3 to 4000 balea, amounting to full 20,000 bales weekly, making the sales at that rate, from that data to /anuary 1st, HO,000 bales, which deducted from the stock >n linn,I unnM l..nvn .171 00(1 bnlne T1.U ...timil..,! without allowing for receipts, which,for that period, would bo 10 trifling that the result would vary but a fraction from that given. The manufacturer* of Great Britain have taken for consumption this year 203,760 hales more than they did last year. The whole aspect of the existing state of tho t'otton Market denotes the most favorable results, and the planters and those representing the great interests of the south will receive the full fruits ot their economy, industry and pei aerverance, under the evils irising from a long period of depression canted by the de preciated currency their banks have inflicted on them. The times have changed, and the daangers past, but the ume causes will again lead to the tame results. The pre <ent pioipect for the great staple of tho south is to en. couraging that we hope the proceeds of this year's crop will wipe out every connection between the planters and 'he Ixiuks, and that the experience of the pa?t will protect them for the future. MM mmmmm Old Stock RirhKiige. $io?(H) u s 6'?, fa niv jiFuTiui asX sow NY S 5*'., 'GO u,,u nn M> 4? JO IflflflO Ohio 6 >, *60 ?> g leo 50 tin >69 10 1(000 d? c?(h 100 17i do MVi I 1X10 do tofl 100 W 50 do bit JO*? 5M0 do 0|>ti ROi: 100 do 31 10000 do *60 100 250 do JI4 7000 Kentucky 6'? lot 200 do bOO 32 M00 do >10 I0.>4 7i do 3 X WOO do blS 104 K 4<i Canton Co 20 2000 J'> buw 101*4 20 do 29K 5000 do K4M 75 do 29V 5000 lllinou 8p? Dd< 4i.i? loo Harlrtn RH 40>, 3000 do (10 4414 300 da 40 \ IO0O <o 45 3'i0 do 41 WO , , do 45* 100 do 41* 5000 liididua >15 44 W 50 do ?60 41 ^ f00 do 4I>, 150 do 4I>, 5000 do b30 45 50 do (60 41|J I2(i00 do 4lJ^ 50 Long IkUud ?60 72 10000 Iruuayl'a i'a s60 fi?i 275 do 72^ 5000 do b30 ti7 50 do 72 50.10 do b30 66V 100 do 72 V 1000 do 66S 50 do bnw 7 '4 5"?<? _ do ib)i 50 Reading HR 56 M)00 I nil S't! Bds 35 y> 12 30 Nor it VVor Kit 29 2000 Ind 35 yw Bds 10)* 100 do 30 25 ftliiia N O City Bk 73 25 do 29Tj 25 do 72 50 1I0 30', 2i do 72>? 100 do b30 3Q)J 9 Mfr Ki a Inn ill 19S tin .10 30 25 M'uihii'tjin Ua? 92)W SO do blO 30*^ 50 North Itivcr Iik 106 US do 3fl'i 10 Del & Hud 111 25 (1(1 30>, 12 Uk oi Com luM 100V 26 do ?30 30 12) do scrip !Ci*I 25 do >30 30'i 15 Nor Aloe Tr Cs 'Jj 25 Mohawk lilt blO 52j< H5 do |0>2 50 do L* 10 53 156 do 10 Second Board. SI 304)0 U '62 114V 25 Canton Co 30 25000 Onio opt 100', 250 Nor Hi Wor hj 31 5000 Kentucky Bill |0|\ 50 do biiw 3|>, <000 do 10.4 50 llarlern Kit ?ttfl 11). WO Vannera' Loan 32 50 do 50 do 32U 50 do 42 50 do 3 <? 100 d. 42 200 do 32)2 50 do blO 42>? New Stock KichanK* $10000 Ohio 6'a, 'CO 100 75 Mohawk lilt blO 21) 1000 Keii'y 6'?, 30 ya 104? 25 do 29? 2000 do >3 104V 75 do 20V 1(00 llliiici,, *?0 4l? 50CautonCo l>G0 30>, 2000 Indiana Bds 44 50 do 29>? 1000 do 44^ 50 do l?0 30 1000 (1.) >15 44 50 do 30 2000 do *60 43} i 25 do btiO 30% 20(10 do 44% 50 do IrfiO 'JO', 1000 do 44j* Ml Long ltland h60 71 1000 do 44 100 do b3 72 50 Dry Dock Bank 48 50 do 72* 50 do i30 4 9 50 do b3 12 \ 150 Far Loan 31 50 do 72 50 d-> bio 31 300 Harlrm IIH *10 40 20 do 30*g 300 do 40 50 do 30M 100 do iGO 39*

25 do 30* 150 do 40* 100 Vickiburx 4* 200 do 40>* 50 do 4* 50 do >3 41 5 Nor Amn Trust 5* 50 do b30 42 12 Mohawk KU 53 25 d> 41 >4 25 do lit 29 50 do i3 41* State of Trade. There is very little doing in the way of business. Ashbs.?We still quote Pots at $4 50, and Pearls at $5 12J, with a very limited demand. I1ay.?There is very little doing in this article. The receipts huvc nearly ceased for the season. <iood qualities rule at 43 a 45 cents. Wiiukkv.?Drudge remains very dull at 23_cents. We quote barrels at 24J cents. Provisions.?The market is very dull. Prime Pork sells as wanted for 37} a 8 60 for Ohio ; Ohio Mess, f 10 26 a 10 50. We quote Beef, country prime, at $4 14} a 4 26; do Mew, 311 a h 43,'. Lard is very inactive. Flour a>u Orain.?In the present inactive state of this market it is hardly worth our while to quote prices.? They are the same as they have been for the last week. Cotton Market. The sales for the past two days have been about 4600 bales at full prices, mostly on speculation. We hear of some few manufacturers being in town, hut they purchase with nvtrc'im* nml nnlv far nct> U'p continue to receive from the south advices of advancing mt.'kets. Prices in New Orleans range higher than our quotations for this market. Married. At Darien, Conn., on the -jath inst., by the Kev. Mr. Kinney, Mr. Augustus Thomes, of New York, to Miss Ann Maria Hovt, daughter of Stephen Hoyt, Ksq., of Norwalk, Conn. tiled, On Wednesday morning, tho 'J7th inst., in the 1st year of his age, Samuel, son ol David H. Waterbury. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Thursday) afternoon at half-pest 3 o'clock from the residence ol his father, No. 60 Norfolk street, without further invitation. PuHngeri Sailed. Havrf.?Packet ship Ville de Lyon?M Ourant, Mrs Bout Mr Snvt?. Or Chas Hammond, Mr Bmiluget. of New York: Mr Morris, Charleston; Kmile Bairn, New Orleans; Wm H Clement, 1 hiladrlphia; Victor Plise, Panama. Fortl^n importationf. Ja?mkl? Sclir Magnet?COO baits coffee 71,000 lbs logwood De Pevster Si Whitman!). Domeatlc Import atlona Georgetown, SC?Brig Royal Sailor?41 bile* cotton a,,-.,.,.. II. . \. ....... k, .... ii ll.m. 'jji1 P.i.t *> PI..i. lipt?91 Smith. Mil k co?26 II Coit & co?5000 bushels rice T Bailey. MARITIME HERALD. Balling Uajri of th? Steam tihlpi mOM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMKRICi. Hibernia, Judkint .Inn. 1 Britannia, Hewitt Jan. 4 Feb. 1 Caledonia, Lott Feb. S March 1 Acadia, Hhannon Mar. 4 April 1 8Mp JUnatere and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vwli will givr to ComrnnJore Robebt Silvkv, of our News Fleet, a Ke port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vcssels Sj?ohcn on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and sny Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by tending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they nan obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankful It received. POUT OF RKW VOllK, DKCKMBKH ?8. If* RISKS "7 26 I MOOW SETS 12 0 MfK SETS 38 1 HlbH WAT 1 22 Cleared. Ships Wabash, Stanton, New Orleans, Stanton Sc Frost; May Flower, Weeks, do, JoIiikou St Lowden ? Brigs Neuvit.n, McFarland, Neuvitas, Holt St Owen; Falco, Carter, Mobile, H i : I j. v: 1 #u,i r .. .. i w. i..i V L' c.?i? v, a.. thony.?Helm Marietta Burr, Knaiip, Baltimore, Allen & Paxson; Santee. Rvd?r, Palein, Mass. Buck 8t Peters.?Sloop Ariou, Heath, Newport. Arrived. Prig Atlantic, Artmtrong, 20 tlavs from Trinidad, in ballast, to Trowbridge, Sons 8c Dwight. Left, Architect, of Bath, for NOrleanr. UritUh brig ("distant, (Jain, 17 days from Antigua via St. Kitls, with coprer, to A. Hubbard. BrUish brig Exile, Card, 12 days from Sydney, CB with coal, to H. Briggs Brig Amanda, Ames, 8 days from Sydney, via St. John, N3. with coal, to R. VV. Newman. Brig Royal Sailer, Young. II days from Georgetown, 8C. with cotton, to mnstt-r. Brig Hortensia, Jones, 17 davi from St. Marks, with cotton, to Neamith, Leeds St Co. Brig David Duffell, Williams, from Wilmington, XC. with cottou, &c. to E. 8. Powell. Brig Osceola, Park. 2 days from New Bedford, in ballast, to ve?mith, Leeds fc Co. Schr Magnet. Baker, 22 days from Jacmel, with coffee, to De Pevster & Whitmarsh. Schr Virginia, Small, from Darien, Ga. with rice and cotton, to Jotin Ogden. Schr Peter Ritter, Oerrickson, from Virginia, with mds<\ to master. Schr James Morris, Vau Name, from Virginia, with mdse, to master. Schr George Franklin, Soiner*, from Cherrystone, with oats, to muster. Schr F.dward A<*ams, Kemptoo, from Marblehead, with fish, 10 master. Schr Henry, Higgins, from Frankfort, Me. with potatoes, to master. I Sc\ir (}t>nl Scott. Doiiffhtv. from Boston, with> ib? I muter. fc, flchr Prances, Burt, 7 days froin Wry month, with mdie, to ^^Khr Cardinal, Barton, 8 (lays from Salem, with mdie, to P. HV^ofja. ^ yrehr A Ton, B-rry. 2 days from Stoninffton, in balHst, to the Mister. Srhr St. Pierre, Bryant, from Nrwport, III. in halUat, to the nuin Below. Twobugs, unkcown. 7"" Brig Speedwell, Smith,21 d?y? from Jacmel, with logwood, bonnd to Boston, came to anchor inside of Study Hoot, Tuesday ni?ht, on account of the s'ortn, and sailed ynt rd?y morning for her port of destination. Balled. 8hi|>? Siddoos, Cobb. Liwrpsol; Ville de Lyon. Stodiiird, Havre; Alabama. Bunker, NOrlrana: Edwina. Went, Mobile; Hudson, I'age, do; barque Kngenia, Biscoe, vera Crnt; brigs Tjm O'Shanter, Thomas, Curacoa; Kiact, Johnson, Savanuah. and other*. (General Kerord, R*Antf Ot.oiiK, Brar.i'r, 'rom Savannah for ForUaiouth, took a pilot off t npe Ann on Friday lut?had e*|ierieuced very licevy weather?had sails split, lie. Lat'PirH ?A ba que of a very neat model and finish, rating (bout two hundred and sixty tons burthen, will probably b<launched from Vogel's ship vard, at the foot of Almond street, at high tide ihiserening. She has been built under th? superintendence of Captain Remington, for the Havana trade, and is property of John K. Ohl.?[ I'hilad. Oaaette, Dec 27. (tot lets to Mariners. Hoik i* B*?vr. Ko?m?Nran AiD(*i?rv.-Tli?t i> * rock in the middle of Bnye Koala, called the half tide rock w hich i* e?tremcl>; dangerou* to *11 vrnel* comi; g info the toid*. being in a direct line in or ont of he harbor. Tart of the rock it only ftaiblt ht low water *pi inac tide* Strait* of Ba-.cs ?Clovemmi'nt Notice ? Colonial Oflic?, r*|>? of Oood Hop*, 3lat Aug , IRI3. Ilia r.icellertcy tha (torernor, It as been pieced to direct the under mentioned cominuni. cation, add eated to Wear Admiral Ih?- Hon Jocelin* I' rry. by the Lmt eowwwidlM II M bri| Alfaria*, to lie whliiM for neutral iiifoimati?n. By his Excellency'* command. Sinned J oh"* MoiT?n, Sec to (tovernmeur. H M brig Algerine, Simmon'* Hay. Auk '0, 1811.?H?r:?I Inve the kWM to acquaint you, your nfof"|tiM, and a* a cuidaiice for ?hn>* pa**itig through the Strait* of Banca tint tin wreck of a barque was paa*ed by her Majesty'* brig Algerine, an the morning of the JAth June, *nnk in *ix fathom* water, with lower mait* u d topmast* (landing. name unknown. The said wreck lay* with Lucepara laland, (at the entrance of the Strait*) hearing N '<i W, about siltern mile*, and i* immediately in the tiack of veuel* bound to or from the northward. I havathe honor, lie. S B. Doplijco. I.ieut. and Commander. Hear Admiral the Hon. J. Petcy, Commandrr-in Chiaf. Lmiit hi Tiir llisiTHOlM, North Weit ro.i*t of JotUiid ?On the nth Pec. this year, a reverberatory lentil light will b? placed on the llanstholm*, 011 the NW |>oint of Jutland. 111 lat (I 'ifl N, Ion 8 .16 ID. the lighthouse which contain the Mine I WMittir *?7 Im>( Ami tli?liirhf 211 fV*?'f thf Uv?l nf rlu> <>-% Thia light will aliow * timh of 14 aeconda' duration eaery hilf ininute mid will, therefore, ho eaailv diatingmahed from the Sraw I.mlit, wliich it * fuedioo*, ami the Norwegian Li|hr nn nlot, which ii rtrird hi tliahea e?ery foorth minute. Tlii? Imht will lie diac?rnib|e at thediatance of four or five milo l)(Mnh (16 or 20 Ki'icliah) and will lie III ao early every morning that it w ill In- liMriiiiiK from the vernal to tin- autumnal e<|uini>a | mm- hour, and from iIf autumnal to the vernal euutnoi half an | hour after iiinu t till nuiiriae ? [General Doard of (.'iiatoma ami j Commerce, Mov. II, 1*13 ] I Tn.t.a", Nn*. IS ? Th? larsr tea mirka of the llalT ami llic j 1 Hoaiine, a? alao tlie Mowenhakeii, are now removed, and m | thru atead the winter marka have been laid down Arson, I htv. of B< H<m. hrarr lot Ni if. Ik. |vr 14, lal ST II, Ion 71 It?hf ihr Mwo, al Ih p rt. Vandalia. ItiiladrlHua for Hmi , Vrr ?, .iff Paudy llook ?by ilia D.?id Dnffrll, M ihiaport Kore Iffn Port*. *T Thiimii, IW II?In pott (iailford. Hmnk, B? limnrr for NOrlrwi, dm; Timolmii, Bin an, for N\'nk u?r, IVrwvmnc?", L?*rli, Halnn, do. l'aaild?, I ribtrr^ unr; II, (irand*, Cobiim. for MlilrUi. do; Ada. Major, K?Y Wni iUr M.irtini'liir; I it|ir?i Sutra, luKr*lum. unc. Sid 6tn, l.iaWon, Moor?, Hi Cron lor Turks Klaud; < arpmtrr'i Hon, (iajloid, fur do; Mnrninif Sur t.'orniali. M I>omin?n. St I Doit, I)?c 2? Arr Cornelia, rrmch, NYork.aud vl?l for livwanl. An riura, no datr?In i oit, Dr?|>atcli, llu*. of N?w I lawn, only American vr?a?l. sr B?mi, |)rc II?In port, Miu, fur N?w \ on, toon, only Ainarican I I' ft l)er It-Ski I Itiluriw Fntrr, Curry. NYork. lu poll, Tar>|uina, of and fur Boatoa. lauti. Hoini Port* l'.*?Tro*T, Ore |J?( Id (dan. Kn-ur. Bar bailor*. I'tLiit, IIn II?Arr Only Daughter, l'urliit, NYork; ' atail I'ackrt, Krrnr, Wni Indin Our harhor it rlrnr of icr, aiH our or two vnaeli hair nut trmnl at thr w l?ar*r?. I'utlkh, Drc II? Arr t 'harlotte Ann, [ BrJ Si John. NB. for fliiladrlphia; 17th, Diailrm. [Br] Wiudior, NH. for Boaiou ? 8M Mill. < luilottr Ann; 1'Jth^ Diadem Kh?!?k?'o?t, Drc la?Arr rwmin, Kilman, Bnrkiiiort, lo I I'til fir I uha; (inrrllr, Slulib.. II < 11 imofr. Si.I Olford, Kou, M*udui; Tutcau, < "gems, Havana. , Win Hilt, Dm- 21? lil (ialiho, I.otnliard. Havana; Sterling, Ihph ) I.inroln. MjUhmi. Mi Oriika. Trinidad. I'"?n mu, Dwli-I M, Adu-, Trinidad; Mary, York, u(ia. Portsmouth, Dec 11? Arr Carpo. Murtm, Baltimore for 23d, Mary M.iiltou, IVikius. Boitou for N Vork, and remaired v? illi the ahote N? whiuvi'ih. i, |)rc 23?Below, Ark. Johnaon. Maim. Sal i M, Dec 21- \rr Mew llarrnittuii, Si Thomas, Africa, Oct 23. I 'ld 2):'., Oiiuda, Ilutchiuiou, Buenos A) ie? and a mkt. ISoiton, Dec 2fi?Arr Kracrrs Burr. Foster, Croustadt? 18lIt mat III II '.7 '.II ...... ,1 . 1...... Hi^. Mil t.xt London I'lil Sylph, I'ollarii. Pcnaaihurn and a mSt; Tecumaeli, Oreuit, MiUiilu; Mitjfiuc.Tiuf. I rtrikuaa;! Imi <'nrrii I, DfM. NOih'aua; 'I urk. Whitv. mil Sun, Kliiui, Philadelphia: Red Hover,Twiuiiik, Norfolk: < b?rlotte, Fuller, and Wofrott, Kyder, New York. Arr 25th, Loinpliaae*. l'atter*?n, Now York. Ku(ii*tow*, Dec 25?SIJ Margaret, WoifUm, Petersburg for Boston; A Lawrence, NYork fordo. lloi.MK* llnUK, Dm; 22?Arr < liami ion, Nantucket for New York; Dolpluu, [Br] New York for Yarmouth. NS. Sid jitli, Ann Marit, Dolphin. Kneigv. and Lucinda Snow Myitie, Churchill, from NYork for liotton, in coining into thin harbor, | touched upon Low Point?will uet off at high water Nkw IIavf.n. Dec 25? Arr Warren. Smith, and New York, Jor.e*, New York. Iteady lor sea, ()*a|e, and Potonuc, for the Wmt Indies. I'Hii.iuKt.rHiA. Dee 27?BeJow, Chailoue Ann, Vroom. fin St John, MB. < ld H (i kiug, Daly, Mobile; Margaret Aun, Godfrey. NYork. 0YSTK11S ? OYHTKHS-OYSTKHS. DOWNINQ'S Oyaler Saloon*, No* 3, 5 and 7 liro.ul it, and 215 Broadway Again, with heartfelt satislaction, aunouure* to the public and hi* uuinerou* customer*, the patronage he ha* r-reived for over oue quarter ol .1 rentury. the lenitth of hi* eiperience and the limny customers that daily villi my e*tahli*hmenli> and leave with iwrfect satufactioii, embolde.i me with redoubled energy to state that my oyater*. raw aud pickled, cauuot lie surpassed; AUo, in accordance with the many ilia lie* and delicaci-s served up hi the eaublishineuts. h.itniliei in New York. Brooklyn Jersey City, and oilier adjacent places, mpplied with large ai.d .mall ,if ..v.r^r. |V*m rtf nrtjv* h? .....I,... ,....,l.. , of the above eitabliahmeuta. P. S ?In addition to my well known e?tabliahuieuta, I have inide arrangement* tint on ami after 29th mat. I w ill ?erve up diuuer* mudiahea of ncry v?riMy, by au ?rtial that cannot be aurpuaed m the Kngliah or French atyle. dza :it m tfljO OOn HKWAHU.?ThrnThouund Dollari will If JP,-')"V/V/ pa id fur the recovery anil delivery of the content*, to tile underM/ued of a black learl er b ink trun?, about thirty inches Iiiiik and eight en in elm ide, with the edge* aharp It w.t? ir II bound, with VON. lUlill along tli top Ma bottom, alto, atrartel with iron. It i* believed to ha<ehe'u marked " Pom roy St Co.," or " P. <k Co.," on the. rnda The >aid trunk mppoaed to have lieen stolen from on board the steamboat Utica ou the 11th iuat. It cottoned a large amount of checks, bank notei, and dial'ii. encl<>a<d in packages in cirpe bagi a d directed to different brokers and banki in the city ol New Vork. 'I lie above reward will be paid in addition to all other inwards offered by ether persons interested. PO vlKrtOY k CO , 2 Wall ?t. N. V. New York, Dec. 16, 1813. The payment of theabove rewird ii guaranted by the parties inteieit-d in the recovery of taut Trunk auil in con enta; in addition to wlurh there ia als? the fol|owini{ reward of S3,MM) of fered by Pomirruy He Co. of Albany, and guaranteed bv the und'raigued, making the whol? a'nonnt of thvrewa d ottered (?KH) DOLLARS. Ai.hanv, Decembe' 15. 18(1. tht undersigned, having a deep interest in the recovery of the Trunk and Money lecently stolen from tl?<" < Utica, do hereby gmrantfe the'ull ane prompt paytneuJ of tli? Rewa?d of Three Thousand Dollirs offered by Pumeroy St Co. of this city, in the ratio of our respective interests WAsHBURN *. CO.. theodore olco tt, ''ashierof the Canal Bank. F.. F.. KENUHICK, Cashier ot' the Mechanics'and Farmeri'Ban k. john paine, Cashier of tlis Bank of Troy. WM.J FRvtR. dl? tfina rrc H'SHUA O. ' IX. ANNUALS FOR 1841 AT 11KDUCED PRICES. F tk. H. O LANOLEY, Booka-llets, 57 Chatham atr?et, " reiiectfolly inform til" purchasers of Annuals and the public fiat, having im|>oited a large supply of the choicest ? ngliah Annuals, and other rlegaut works lor holiday presents, they have determired to reduce the p-ice of the underwent ioned. They would further ktat- that tt.eir assortment of English Aunnala having been imported direct from the Loudon publiahera, pu'chaiers may rely up >u oolainiug euly impreaaiona, and not such aa are usually ijut up for the Americ-n marnet. Th" Keepsake??t ith l? beautiful embellishments elegantly bound iu crimson ailk, $'i. Bonk of Beauty?with at Undid po'trsin of noble aud diat>ngtnahed English ladies, hound n purple ailk, $V H?tth's Picturesque Anuual?The American in Paria: witii 18 flabomtely ti ecu ted engravings. Ote volume, 8vo, elegantly bound?%i The above will be fiund full twenty per reut below rrtail pricea. |n addition lo thoav m-utioaed, J. " II. U L. beg i? annoance that their esteiiai ve collection "f English and American Annuals ia ofTered for aale oil lieculiarly advantageous ermi. The Pror of a call is re-jiiMteif. il2ft 2tia rc ELKGANT CATHOLIC Pit A Villi HOOK ANI IHBLK, SUPERBLY BOUND. THE Subscriber ha< for sale a general .'usortmnil of f'aiholic and Mlace)lane >ui fcookn, in plain and line bindings suitable for the season. at the lowest price*. H? would particularly call attention to a beautiful llluitrat-d edition ol the Ursiiliue Manual l'ra\er Bojk, in var.ous bindings !r?m 75cta to $8 50. The Flowera of Piety?an elegant Pocket Prayer Bcok, from 37>] cents to $1 24. iinitivbibles?from Si to $12. The Following "f Christ? with practical relleptious and prayers at the end of e*i:h chapter. from 2'> cehts to $2 of Catholic Mtljdie*, liymns, Psalms, 4cc ., from $1 to 82 50. Juvenile Books in great r.iriety. Animals, Allium*, and Illustrated Boi.k?, in line bladings. KDWAKU DL'NIOAN, <'23 iti?*m lit Knlton street. KKMOVAL. HOWE'S HAT SALES ROOM, Removed from No. Hanover street, opposite the Exchange, to 40 WILLIAM ST., IN THK MK11CMANT8 EXCHANGE Adjoining* the Branih Post Office YITHEHE will i>e constantly ou hmiil an enlarced end handsom? assortment of the most fuhiouible Beaver, Cissiinereand French silk lints, together with a general assortment rf < ientlemen's Travelling ami other Caps. The subscribrr tikes leave to sta'e that every article from his establishment may he neprndeil upon as heinK of ih? first <)aality, the most fashionable au4 ilesirible shapes, nnd at the most reasonable pricts. HOWE, 40 William street, <128 tt is*in Merchants Kichsi ? . PACIFIC Hi)TEL, Iti? GREENWICH, NKAh COURTLaNDT STREET, NKW YOHK. rPHE cbove well known Hotel having recently irid-rtrone ei-I tecsive repairs and tefittiof, is oi>ened fir the reception of permanent aui trausi i"iit boarders. The subscribe.s having tensed the same for a term of 5 ears will eudeavor to merit tli: patronage of its former gu-sts and the unhlic. K. FIELD. <128 2iis*m <J. KAKN11AM. A sEIO^BTTK BllANUV?lu half pi pes. quarter casks' ** anu fiunia, i?i ?rry sujfriur q*'?iiiy, rrcniuy im|wjriru ni 'eel (rjm Rnchelle under t.ustom House lock, entitled to d?benture, ind for svo by 8. T. NICOlL, d!8 3tis m 69 Frist atre"t. HONKSTY THK BKHT POLICY. T OUIS ANRICH, No. <liath-m street, nu famed the confideuce of the j tiblic in New York; and tb? high t?rms Ilia custom"* ipeak of him lie had gamed by selling nood urticlei He ii satisfied with a smairprofit, (fire per ci nt ) W hen the c|uestiou in asked?where did yon buy this splendid bracelet ' or, this beautiful breast pin ' theaaswer is?"of Loma Aniich Chatham st " L. A. invite* ih* ladies and ivMillviiieu, from up and down town, to cill ?t li ? stare, prommnf them not to have t'ken such a long walk for nothing?for a good b.irgiiu it well worth coming after. ?I2R 3t i?*m CULAH LAMPS, and Antral altered to Solar, warranted ? O Hall Lumui Lanterns, New OI??s Oirandoles. French Porcelain. ?ilded and painted to pattern; cut and plain Olass, hr. A lull anortment "f the above ran lie obtained at very moderate prices, at 8TOUVKNEL fc BROTHKRS, Glass Cutters, No. 29 Gold, and No 3 John street, \ Near Broadway. (Mass rut to order, all article* matched to any patterns: Kane y Article* for New Year Presents, whole-ale and retail Oooda loaned for parties. (128 31 >W 'k MOHICAN KKPUBLKAN SUNOS I'Ml'-l he*e?/on~7l Million or rhla work i* n"W out, and 10'sale at J r. ,'1m" * *n., " '* L,' '? *'a Sur House corner of Barrow tnd McD .urall streets. Kerry member of (he Party should have oil* ( f these books. omposed and arra-ged by P. De L? lire for ihe mrtv. d:?? ti*n> IMPOHTANT TO THAVELLKR8 AND IIOURK' KKKPKR#?l.if' and Pro|n*rty Pmcrrrra?Patent SflfCocking IteioWiiiK l'l?tnl?, which c?n tie ili?ch,irgril mi tmici in ai many * . I. merely by s nllin? the triKicr Tin* rhamher and barrel in OM pie?-e. anil IMMMMM he blnwii niurt lik' nmr repealiuf putoli. Th? roMtruction very linipln? they can t e drtwn from the pocket and med wuli our, without the l"?? of it moment I Kor trufllrti, Immim and itore k>**i?r?. caplaim. pi oiteri. public oflicera.and tlhrri, they are mi ludiapatu tble article, n thi*y can protect their lire* and pr party if attacked by many Ml ni The pubic* are in?ite< to en mine the iim?, ?? their aimplicity. bem# wuniitrd not to ?et out of order, and theirJ?rf?ct I *afety. will certainly ?*coinm>*nd them nwi *11 other* Whole. I Mir and rem I. J. (). ROLEN. 101 Broadway. ilWTr'in bf'wm Wtllud Piariti. ? N<*w York, l*U. ) KV??I.|HH MA II.?Pott Offir*. V?w Vr rk. December, M'h ftl]?L*tier But ift Koval Mail H'eimar lliberui.i, which Invn Hoaton on Mnndty. ih?* lit tiium*n*?t, will be clo?*<! at the I Tpivr and l,ower P.? t lllll'f, in Ihli tilr, Ml flllHll' m*it, the *ith initant at ? m il 1IAI put J o'clo-k, P. M The iiiI .nd MWur of l?\ c nil on *?. h innfV letter mint be paid Thf r itmadrr 'eairei to call the att?ntioj of ? erchnn'a aid otherc lorwardu ( letten to Karnpe by tbia mail to the fact of oin* rumlrnl and nlty*fi*e I'tteri hat mil been w.t d by the ad nirilir utl, on brinl the it-iraer l-awn ?, on ?*er la?t trip from Boitnn. a*d retorn'd to tS* I'oit Offer, in conacqtteaee of the ml ?nd point* on taut lr:tei? not hem* pud to thr Putt Of The letters til were lanpotMl to h<* bn?f aent from thia fit*. JtillM LORIMKR OHAHAM, d*7 ttrc I'oat Maatcr. I IU NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 7S Chambers' street. ''Pill* Inafi mi n. ?-?t*liIiah?d to n-ni.t-r to the amicifd aound I and cirsriAr inrdieil and anrmetl (id, hu already l*cn in aiif-mlal o|*ratiou lor nmulv t il" yrara. AH form* ol dta??re arr irrnlrd hrn> ? M COM tnlh? Mat In, ion MW ih^ir caafi iavfatimlrd ui'l prarnlwd for. anl rrcriv thf ir n rilitinrilir'rtlv nawrlh* ?>' of th? attrndinK ?>h' sir inn; ard ill %r who Irom iudi*pu*iu?ii or otlif r eatiara *r r |ir*vrn(r<l I torn apnlymu prnonally, ar? mitr.l at th?ir midracr. 9?rgic< I Operation* i f rrrry <l*?cri|>tion w *l?o |*rfiirin?H hy a qailiftr j and i>i|*rwnrra >urf'on. In all raa?a clnrgaa air mod<?ril"\ and thoa? whmc in' ina r* limi"* I ar? r?(iain*d fo My for ih*ir medicine* only. Tli? poor will attnidrd to rrrry day b*tw*?i ] ami 4 oVmrk, wifhont ch<;?'. _ ItOMKR BO*TWl?JK. M D . Att iidiiit ^'irjron and rnyairnr. Thia Inat.tution la und*r th<> |v?tr?:n and comiurnda!io4 Ol ?h* following irnttrmrn:? y p UIOBtfK H?? Dr OtOIUJE POTT*. |l'?. Dr. Ii SPKINjj. dM icr*r K??. Dr. SCHROKDKK. _ ..... I Ave HON SALES. fHUJi/i." dKM. AnctiuaMt (S'?r? i\'i i .-!nn sit ret.) TM") 'AS I) *y. At 10^ o'c*o< k >i the ?al?? room, I.nrzc 8al? ol choice wi a, liouora ?e*?ri. icro'eriea. ?. 1'imiii H ort?a?Alao, i > l-nilid piauo l'nrt-?, inc'udioic oti* ol Birmora's rox-Wjod (latent loatruinenta, in Cur order Alio, an invoice of fine i aintin , ^ Alto, a fine aaaortinent ot goodt of all de cr ptiom, iiwjnM mim, lii|Uoia, har.ifare, reaa, | lodged go >d?, *? A|ao, 2U rraina ?ui erior '<>ol?rap p-fer. KKIUAY, At IB1* o'clock, at tueaal*? room. t'-iteuaire'aala ol valmb'e ilry gooda. cxiilia, ritumrrf, ?**linga, pilot, broad fe'r iud be. er cloina in n-maanU and lot*to anir, fancy and atjple dry good', mualina, calicoes, gins* n.iira, Imera. tlieeting*, Ii -li'ry. >c Alao, khirta, rolUra, lioaouia, See; watcher jewelry, trinketa. lutaeu'i, Uncy and pledged ?rti< I ?. Sic ?-\Tl ill'AV, Ai 10>? o'clock, nt the aalea loom, Valuable furniture of all cl.acnptinna, from a family ?omf outh. Alao, fceila, bedding, blanleta, <|nilti, kitchen uteoaila, Move* cliina, cut ulaaa, plated w ire, Uinpa, g.rindole*, fcc. I'allitlliita?Z7 apleiidtU p'.inti (i, I'iano h'ortea?2 anperb piano lortet. OiKUi?1 valuable line toned oru*i, c.oat t >00, Alto, toys, in the tipp.-.- aalea rouin or gallery, 10 cun beaatifiil toya, IU l?t< aaaorted to Hilt the Javeiulei and otiiera?will be in ally arnnxed N. B.?Kvenr facility will 1m? afforded for the diapoml of inerehandiae of all devriptioni. Uniwm will be rarriad or in a Imaiueaa like manner. S<l>? will be regular, md returns prompt, IU thia establishment niw a ider the charge ?ol?ly of TllOM?S IU LL. 31 Anu itreet IIKN I. .mOON'KV, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTM'K.? Watches, Jewelry, Kancy (Jooda, Toya. Ice.?B. MOONKV k CO ? ill a-I thia day st 1" o'clock, at No. 91 Maiden Kane, by order of the administrators, I'( gold watches, of auiierior makers and from the moat calibrated maaufactori a, with a line aaaoitmenl I' rirli diamonds and other piecioua atone*, breast and hair , i.m and hioarhes, nrck ornaments, jet hair pins. Sic. Also, ri li French lancy goods. ii. dressing cases, desks, work boxes, toilet and glove boiea ? AI to, (irrmtn Toy*. Sir. Kor further imriiruUrs iw advertisement in Courier Si Kn<|Utrrr. < atalogues are now ready, dJH It'rc AUCTION NuTICK?Kich and Klgaiii Kaicy floods, he , Sir?Amongst other rcli fancv articles and u efal home I'ii'iinliini; goods in Van Antwerp Si Hyde'a aale for thia day, at/No. 117 Uioadwa c rner of Liberty stieet.will be found one aet of eitra rich andeh g.iut candelebraa lor ten liglita; several pairs superb Krench <hina vaaes; oce bronxe chauiflier, richly mounted; and oue set ailver handle knivei and forka, fifty fire MM. <12# lt*m Site to coiriinrnre at III o'clock. See suction head of Courier. AI'i'TION NOTICK-KLKIIAN 1' ! UkS. Si-.-Tnu day, at 10 o'^ljck, at No. Ill Cnor Unit itreet, will be sold n iil"udid aaaortment of muffs, coinr ri?i tg anp-rh natural lyni. Siberian npiirrel firman, titah, genet, warti i, oumedian, ana ?rea*. enrietr of other ei'gaat mutt's, e II nuda to ordat; alao, iplenili j eitra ais.e il<ijh ttibea, carriage foot Mi?ae>' mulfi and hm.a, wattr j raof caps, elennt Hocky Mountain otter cipa witn a variey of otl-er eleijant aiticlea; also a |> anol irt?, rost I2'i0; ?'? ? au inoit jva! ol elegaat I?ruituir, tr >m r\ Uinilr givin" up liruifkefi)iui{, comp'l>ia( W* uaml v.iri-ty. W. Mct/ORMICK, Auctioneer. d?B It'm SITUATION VVANTKD-Bv* young and Mf? able woman, in a onalt and private family, a* cook or chambermaid; and ia willing to act in any other capaicity Hut ol city rtfcrci]ct- can be procured. Apply at 174 W?at Broadway. d2a lt*ec "IXTANTKD TO RENT? In Broadway, a more fronting on *? the slrett, between rhe Aator Home and Wall street. Ad dress. with, II * No. 757 Lower Post Orfice. dZ7 tfd WANTED.?A WATCHMAKER WANTED?To one who tlx roughly understands him business. ifooi salary and constant employment will he given. Apply to NEUSTADT 4i BARNETT, d27 3t*ec 42 Maiden Lane. 1JIANO FORTES CHEAP-The subscriber -e?pectfolly ' informs his friends >nd the public in general, that he has now on hand .in assortment of piano fortea very cheap. He would take thia opportunity 'to inform the public that he does not adopt the practice ol all the other makers in thia city, of enployiui; protestors to bring customers is hiaatore to recommend hia tnatrumeiita and charge 15 per cent more(for the inatrument. which ia paid to the professor for hia trouble. Persons who want instruments, by calling on him can therefore procure ihein without being obliged to pay $50 or $75 eitra for a professor to aay the iuatiunienr ia good. *ew and second hand 1'iauo r'ortea loaned on hire Apply at 517 Bnadway, 1'iauo Forte Wareroom, or et the factory J#t Mulberry at, between Houston in I Bleecker. <120 3t*r^ MOB EH OKELL. BOUQUETS" FLOWERS, Ike." FOR NEW Y>,AR'i.? L*" N1 oLO'S Conservatories and Seed Store?The subscriber having made eit< naive preparations to supply hia oln pa ro?a aud others who mav favor him with their ordari for Booqneta, Wreatha, Vaaea or Biaketa of Flowera, kc Sic,, for New Year presentation wonld respectfully tinform them that the above can be supplied to any intent, of a superior description, which cannot be surpassed for clegance, combined with neatneas aud natural form, composed of Camelh-s of every auperb variety, together wiih Ho>ea Heliotrops, Daphnes, and many other choice and fngrant Flowers It is d airab e for orJers to be left not later than neat Satnr day evening, to ensure pu-duality. Prices more moderate tlinn formerly, and of equal if not a superior article. william niblu, i76 Broadway, d28 3trc adjoining the Garden. ftouqukts for new YKAR.?Thoae gentlemen who '' intcii J favoring the subscriber v? itli orders for Bouquets for I-ew Year presentation, will be kind enough to leave their names as earl> at possible 10 prevent disappointment, aa waathe cane with some fifty gent emen last anmveraary. A splendid ttoiri|uet of while Camelia Japonicaf, luibrir.ata. Fimbriata, Kclipse, .Noblis.iim. Sic., $"> to (10; a medium deacriplion, but wnh choice flowers, S'J The Bouquets will lie made either on the round Parisian style or displayed oh a flat surface. of <ieraniuin and Myrtle, and will Ce fumi'hed from the collection at Astoria, which is not snriiaitd for rarity and eitent in the country, and ia loo well known to rtq 'lie any libored description of tl.e exotica cultivated the-e. I here are above 200 varietiea of Rosea and neaily aa ! many of Camel ia?, with numerous rare smaller Flowers, many of which an* from N?w Holland, so reUhrattd for ita unique flowering plants. Ut? 3t* re GEO" C. THORBUKN, li John at. Beautiful French and oerman toys and Holiday Preaenu?CHARLES S. ?MiTH will aell thia morning at hal> pmt 10 ?."clock, in the store 301 Briadway, com< r of Duane str-et, n large and Ibeautiful assortment ofae?sonible Toys and F->ucy xooda, including furnished Wiirk Boies ai;d Writing Desks Mechanical Toys, folished Funritrue, Bones of larg-< Ninepins, Villages. Railroads, I ilia*. Church's, Markets, Menageries Fortifications, Pnizlea.Gamea, sets of Graces, Woolley Hogs. Musical Toys Horsemen, Kitcljen Utensils Caniaffea. Cabriolets, Dolls,dressed and undref ?. d, Bon's ol' Building Blocks, Sic. in great vaiiaty?To b? sold hi loir, suitable for private t'mill's and small dealer*.? Sile pe-emf rv. ld28 lt*rre VTOT1CE.?'The firtt No. of Harper's Great Illuminated Bible, ia now to be seen on the advertiser's couuter, aud I am authorize.1 to say by the puh'i?hers that all who take the work from me will get the very West copies a? they are all selected and warranted. To my down town friends, who wish to subscribe to me, they can have their numbers left in any |>art of the city. N. B.?Also can be fouud at all times, all the cheap pob iic.mioim ot tne day, an-i all the daily and weekly paper*, .?nd all the monthlv periodicals, and all the American and English Ajiiiu.iI*. Alio, a tery Ur?( assortment of Juvenile Book* for the Holiday*; and binding neatly eiecuted. O. it. CROSBY, 10 Kxchang* Rooms, (128 lt*ec adjoining thr Branch Office. OFFICE Uni'RS. DR. H. BOSTWIGK i. forms the public, that in conseriaeue* of the i;rtat increase of hi* practice, hi* office hour* will hereafter lie a* follows:?Krcm 8 in the morning until 12; from 3 t i 4 in th? afternoon, which is principally devoted to the poor. Ar.d from 6 until it) o'clock in the eveninr. Daring th? ano?? named hour*, he can. without fail, b? consulted ?t hi*office.? The balance of the day he will atteud to out of door practice Abernethy'* Family fh>sician; or, Bead* Pre*ciib*r in all MMMlllNNM MClllItt VM rredii-al attendance i* not required orcannot be hail?revised i?nd enlarged by H Bostwick, >1. I) . c m lie had at his office, price 23 crut*. [ "T*Office?No. 7i chamber stieet H. BOSTWICK M. D., d28 SWW Surgeon and Physician. MEDICAL?I)R. HELL. Dot TOK IIKLL devotes hi* |>ersonal attention (daily until *J P. ,\1.) to the remuval | of privMl di?ea*es in every *tage. All sutleriiitf uuder protracted cases, aggravated or un*ncce**ully tnnted by inexiierienced or pret-ndel practit oner*?llio*? lab iritg under the drstrnctive effects of mercury or ouack no?trums, ami all who su*|>ect th' remain* of disease lurking in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee cf cure. Person* contemplating mairiage, who bare been th* i object* of delicat*- diseases, may consul' Dr. B*11 with honorable confidence. Postpaid l?ttrr*, describing the case of |<er*nus at a distance, hare hi* | rompt attention I)r. B's treatment never nposes to tusptcion, and is well kcown to be safe and per mam1 i Private oflicea 87 Cedar ltJert two doora from Broadway. <1*8 lt*m IN this r.*e of t^aarkery and Humbug it ii moat imp<>rt?at to cliooie an eiperienced I'liyaienn. DR. J. KVANS Una removed hit Old Oa'en'a Iliad Diapeuaary to No. 2<l Pearl ?treel, corner cf Bwkmin atreet, where he contiunva hia moat eatraordinary cum of all delicata ilivim, uo matter how complicated; he apprues the ci'izena and atnncera that ther* ia no other Dr. Kvant iu hia old atand, and that he haa do connection wlu'ever with any other office. Hia chargea are moderate, bia conaultaiiona atrictlv private. N B ?Ub-erve the uumber: miatakea are often dangerooa? 2M Pearl ?lwt. (?3^Medicinj? and direction! tent to any P'rt of 'he Lnioo, by lurtifnlnriy itatirit the c*?e, and eneloung fire dollara, <I*S lt?rc_ ___ Ph;KKT SHIP OCONKEfrom New Orleans, i> ducha fing at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall stree'. (.'omuoera will p'ente attend to the receipt of their goods inmediately. d!7x FOB HALK-The lease aud f. store* of that well known and liopnUr home "Crummir* Hall," No. 4 Broadway, nest i adjoin nig theOiyinpic Thea'r?,now doing a large and profitable basiness. The location ai it tatural advantages of thl* popnlar place are too well kmwn to need a single iemarl. Ktuaiu for a Hum and trrrfu mid? known by calling it the Hall. d^7 tfrc FI.Ol'H?1'<0 barief? lir.diug n ship O'- ne# from New Orfeini; forsal-by K. K COLLINS k CO.. i'?7ee M South ilmi. HOLIDAY PRESENTS. GEORGE It. CHOl.WELL, M*NUFA< TLiK" R ANII IMPORIF.R. 7r? It'itliam itrerf and Maidm Ixint, iiaa uow ia itore almost mmj description i f beautiful u well aj usefnl goods uirahI< for HOLIDAY (MKTS, V it:?Pearl Hil?er, T"ltoi?e Shell, Wory, Vehet a'.d Leather Ne-dl? Book*, Card (Jots, Pocket B ioka, Port Folios, W R I T I N (i I) E M K 8. Mi.v irg and Dressing Cases, Work bui? Music Bote*, Accirdiaus, ' hess and BrkUimnon Board*. T?a"th?r with an iui ueime varie'y of lud a and Pari* Fimr U?odf, wholesale wd retail I urclia-.eri of th? aboi e article* will 11- aw r?member U.BC. ,ManuIactares aa well aa Impor i d 24 7t ia re _________ FANCY BALL DBB8BBS TO LET, IN. PFNTEUX. ....... .or r l- rnr nvvt-a UArt. L>?.? ,?llt.u.r. i.uuui.nuo, <121 lm*ec J07 BROADWAY. 0 TI' A HT, T, \ m ?>" H A I K- Lt K KSSKR, No. 3 Murrsr k ' atrert rrtivrtl'illr Minouncea 'hut he > prepared to 0.1 laJi" -U Oirir reaiiU-ncea, hjkI lo <lrma hendi accord itf to the !< - ! IU/hi.iu faahioiu. Term* very moderate. n;?* im'rt" oluiil.a( kb? ok packet*packet ?h11> MILUMBUS, <a[-a'n Cole, will alflb'' ileniaiti-hed for Liverpool on th- lat i f lanuary her r . I*' iJiiv Th< ?e ? ishirK to ms: \te pa??g? wt'l r^ijuirs t? ' n, ike earlv ?)ipli??rion to JOHN HERDM4N, ?' South .trwt. V, B -Pumiif f'oin Oreat Britnin ,in<l Ireland e*? be aernred by th* first ?i>ri k ?h p? of the iin* at the lowfat rate, and drafts r>.i a? mnal be iu>iiiihed for any amount, |?\ able m all rh* principal towna without anv chirite, throughout Oreat Britain an I Ireland, on appl'ca'.'on aa ab >>r . i* S ? l he tplmdid new p-cketahi Yorkahire. Capt Bai'ey, vi.ill l-edM|iatchet on the i6fh fuirary, he: ra*ul?r<lay Ittrc ? PORTU(?UKSK FKMALE PILLiv 1 MKSK far-fame.l ami r?'ebrat.d IMla, from Portnesl, tr 1 Vff |*rcfivf, lo be c br ed in thujcoanti y. adrortiM n.?nt oq th# IaiC cola ran. lonrth |h?*p !

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